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,Fry 4--1 K JL, J'--L f0?M f pi . li it '3 fpfvvLJb,"X W 4, , .A.R , fQ 3 Q1 WWW V Qi' D J , W7 M12 WK J X5 My 2? by 5 5 gg QYQLA HJLQQ MWWW . w, x ' 'f 413' 'ff fy S I WAX M 2754 -ff fy X K g , fbLL'1L fC LLM A R J ' u v Cd 9? Q s ip QQ W? ? , 4 , Q, ww 3 WIA f P 3 il gf V K .L jj fi A 5 FT E M125 Mff WWI' 3 'Zn M- y QQ Z 4 A y Wqgggx xxmuun nnuuvfzvamww AxX',-'UM ,S'N"9f, 9-Qflx mg QMIIIIIIIFUW Q Y THE UAK 1927 PUBLISHED BY X Ol3.KC F A , UF fl 5, HIGH SCHOOL f 0 ' i , he The Little Tin Soldier The little toy dog is eofoered with dust, But sturdy and stauneh he stands 5 And the little toy soldier is red with rust, And his musket moulds in his hands. Time was when the little toy dog was new, And the soldier was passing fair, And that was the time when our Little Boy Blue Kissed them and placed them there. "Now don't you go tilt I come," he said, "And don't you make any noise."' So toddling off to his trundle hed, He drempt of the pretty toys, Xlnd as he was dreaming, an angel song .rlwahened our Little Boy Blue. Oh! the years are manly, the years are long, But the little toy friends are true! Ay, faithful to Little Boy Blue they stand, -Each in the same old place- Awaiting the toueh of a little hand, The smile of a little faee, And they wonder as waiting the long years through In the dust of that little chair VVhat has heeome of our Little Boy Blue Since he hissed them and placed them there. -EUGENE FIELD I Fore word F in years to come this volume brings back to you pleasant memories of the best and fullest period of your youth- your high school days, with its joys, hopes, ambi- tions, friends: if it serves to remind you of the little absurdities masquerading in the shape of failure and disappointment in a season of happinessg then the Oak of 1927 will have achieved its purpose. DEDICATED to 'THE CRACK COMPANY ami I0 lfzeir CAPTAIN, DREW DORSEX' XVim1ers of the State IIlfCI'1l21fiOI12l1 Drill Tournament 1926 ROSTER STATE CRACK COMPANY Caplnin - Firsl I1it'llft'lIiU1f - Srcorzif l,i.e14lnmf1! QJAK Cmlfiv Hirzn SCllO0l.'clC'l'1lISl-IR, I 926 DREW Donsiav - LAWRFXQE B1.Ax'rnN - - Col.i.1Eu WARREN Sworn! I.ivzm'nm1! link.-wr: I.. Brwsnsz JR. Ffrsf Sergwauf 'lfuglrr - Sergeant: Roy Tennison Conroy Davenport Stanley Silvns Teri Garvin Ck07'Ap071lj.S' Edward Bridges Joe Johnson Cordell Simmons Louis Mcllhz-ran Clyrle Cosby Tom Bonner 717. lfrafff liarka-l', Calvin liethzinconrt. lirzinvis llcthanconrt, Rzionl Cain, Tom Clark, Vivien Chapman, Dick Chappell, Maxwell Crawford, Carl Churchill. VVinston Danshy, XVill Davis, Jack Dickson, VY. T. Douglas, Erlwin Doyle, Finley - llmuw Tom llifwiwzu Gee. Jack llzillilanrton, Dick llaiislmmiigli. lhwons llensun, Ffrnost llc-rring. Clarcnce Jackson, WYill Jones, Thomas l,zinicr, C. E. Lewis. Bzirfielcl Longniire. George McCord. D. C. Mchlains, D. BI. Melton, Jesse Monroe, Granville FRANK Kmn Ockels, Lluyrl Pcinlvr. Roy l'rinnn, Jznncs Russey. E. K. Riithvrford, Clayton Shelton, Robert Smith. Jim Sprague, Howard Tennison, T. J. Yann, George Williams, Finis VVoodlief, John Vilright, lfrl. Young, Robert , I L,-, . '14 -T- Ixfl 'T' ,Q Q Lg I O EES ' Egg N-f FI? , . , V EEE ggi 'T' 'T' ,?, jg: - .,-. - . If Z- BooK BDDK ,BOOK I' in J Q rn 4?- 28 Q5 Q3 BUDK 3F,2 BuuK uIA' gil "Each in the mme old Place" Qdmlhlkffdflbfl . . .,.. . mv.. .,.,..1-nu., ., ., M... ,.,. .. OAK CLIFF HIGH SCHOOI "..'fL llf' "Q, .g'A.Qfl.mI"4' Hfilfl. 'idffx' -gx N H... ,,,..-,. ,.V.. .., ,, v i A i - . K YW' df if X. . 1 ' X . Egg--.,mJ,g, .1 fl 5 U Sa ffm?- Qfw-'ff ' fzgvufwf-HJ Board of Education DR. N. R. CROZIEII, Superizzfeuderzf of Dalfas Sflmffff E. B. CAUTHORN, ,lffirfazzl SllPEI'illf67llf8llf of Daffaf Sfh00fJ L. V. STOCKARD, SllfEl'f'fJ0l' of High Sfhool 11I.VfI'Ilfff0ll BOARD MEM BERS Boum S'roR1aY, Trefidezzt ALEX W. SPENCE, Vice-Trexidefzl F N. NOYFS NIRS. VV. P. ZL'MwA1.'1' Rs. H. L. P1-Qormis DR. DfXX'ID VV. CAR'FER, .IR XV. C. l':VFRli'I"I' COMMl'I'TliIiS c'Thz1il'lIl8Il I MR. W. C. EVlCRIi'I'T,. ,,,,Fi1111IIfE MRS. YV. P. ZL'MXYAI.T, ,,,, , ,, ,,,,,,,.. Szrpplief MR. ALEX W. SPENCE , , ,,,.,,,,,..,,.,,. ,,Rufes MR. E, N. Now-is ,,,,, ,,,, , W ,,,,,, , Yiuifffilzgf am! Sire: MRS. H. L. PEOPLI-is ,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,., , Lllllfh Room DR. DAVID W. CAR'I'ER, JR. ,,,, ,W ,... ,,,..,, I Velfare MR. Amex W. SPENCE ,, ,,,,,, Special Commiftee 'XD ..,, k .fm ,, , .,D....Ng-.,...-,.. xxkig E V, ,fr-Y ,ffa?f3f""! V sxfff-f rf N'---'-'-W -'- 'W ' ' T 1 f ,. X-RX., ,f ' T:g "'- N. R. Cymru 12 XIIUICN L. V. S'l'Llk'K.-KRD Tarmt-Teacher Jssociation 'I're.viJfrzI - - First Vice-'I're,vi.lmzl Sf-com! Vice-4Pn',mz'rr1f Thin! View-'Pnxvidezll Fourth Vifu-'frrfiderlf Fiftfz Vicz'-'Ffwiffenf Sixth Vice-'l"rvJi.!w1I St'i'L'7Iff7 Vin'-'1'r1'si1fur1f Racorflfrzg Sefnlflry Trcaxzzrfr - - '1'ar1iawer1furiar1 Ilixtorian - 'l'n-fx Reporler OFFICERS - - MRS. S1-LTTLE - MRS. A. G. WRmuT - MRS. C. R. RHRW - MRS, S. II. PRICKI-:TT - MRS. D. R. CRUW - MRS. VV. M. RoBr1R'1's MRS. Al.BER'1' WILKINSON MRS. N4JRBl5L7RNP1 SMITH - MRS. N. B. L.-KCKI..-XNIJ - MRS. C. H. FREASIRR - MRS. G. A. SPRAGUE MIQS. AI. A. GARVIN MRS. C. R. HI'I4L'H . HJ AH A M f f i Xt Q-Y--'HM A fa . ,. ., 'f-iii? .g,gg.i::gj:'.g t 7 F2 f U sl- ls if ' ' were 5' sf--llffi . 4 I---W-1 N S:-'T--:s1l:ff37 m' "mm'm'N""'m" ll l. 2 E f 5 l v i it r iv ri it ii The Tarent-Teacher Association l ii HE Allkl of this organization during the current year has been to study condi- if tions affecting student life with a view to creating a better understanding between 2 parents and teachersg that our principal and teachers may know that they have p the fullest support of the parents in the program of the schoolg and that the students l, may know that they have the sympathetic co-operation of both parents and teachers in g their many activities. The growing interest in this association is evidenced by a mem- ll bership in excess of two hundred and fifty. l Outstanding speakers were secured who addressed us on the subject, f'The Adol- Q escent Age,'l the study suggested by the Dallas Council of Parents and Teachers. We 1 have also had interesting and instructive drills in Parliamentary Law. Upon request, several departments of the school were aided by appropriations and by equipment. Q Drapes were secured for lylr. Adamson's office and for the Teachers' Council E Room. 2 The outstanding feature of this year's work was the creation of the Adamson Loan Fund. This fund is used to help needy pupils through High School. E The association furnished the Scholarship Club a membership in the National Organization and provided for them a bulletin board in the hall of the school. The individual members were furnished with buttons, the object being to give this club 5 and its members the prominence among the school organizations which it rightfully l deserves. The Student Loan Fund for Girls has now between fifteen hundred and two thousand dollars. Nine girls are borrowing from this fund for their higher education, " and are making excellent records. l The January graduates were entertained with a progressive dinner party, and 57 plans are formulated for entertaining the June class. .-Xt the beginning of this year the outgoing officers entertained the incoming of- ! ficers, and in February, the lfxecutive Committee entertained the members and friends of the association with a reception at the home of the President, Mrs. H. M. Settle. ' During the meeting of the N. lf. A., homes were provided for fifty of the Na- ll tional Orchestra. We also provided transporation, served at Information Booths, and on the Hospitality Committee, and served coffee and cake to those who visited Oak 1' Cliff High School. U Our teachers gave a Stunt Program for the benefit of the Student Loan Fund for Girls and the Adamson Loan Fund, and a picture show was given at the High School for the benefit of the Adamson Loan Fund. Q! ln March we entertained the Fathers' Division with an old-fashioned box supper li and spelling match. We want to express our appreciation for the hearty co-operation of the teachers and the kindly counsel of our Principal, Mr. Adamson. '1 I. 1, g. l l l 1 L .,.. A is or cw. rn iii' as is Lhewv .... Q.-..i.l QQ.. .... Lg.-l.f..'ifTQf,fffffQ,... ,lfQ1:-.ffff N' ,, .jj"'I.ff' ., QQ Ti 'Z-'::f":'i x l ,. ,,,,,, mmmiwds LQ-..7.-.Y..-. ..... V f. cf.. Y li," L, - 'aff-6 .. ..,' f P- . Y' gg - i x-A T f s- -. I -.,.w,,f 5-5' sv l M R. A D,-XNISON ,gg The QQA K E meg 9 The :Adamson Loan F und HAT greater or better gift can we offer our nation than the edu- cation and guidance of our youthl This idea is the cardinal principle of Mr. Adamson's philosophy as he moves among his students advising where interest had flagged, and commending when boys and girls were measuring up to their opportunities like men and women. Often is he heard to say, "Education makes a people easy to lead, but diilicult to driveg easy to govern, but impossible to enslave." At every turn he displays that unselfish interest and consideration for others which is the first requisite of a gentleman. Honoring this heroic character who has been the inspiration of Oak Cliff spirit in its finest and highest expression, the Parent-Teacher,s Asso- ciation this year sponsored the creation of the Adamson Loan Fund. The initial contribution for the fund was the gift of the splendid boys and girls of the IQ27 January graduation class, who realized the supreme value of an educated heart and head and who labored that others might achieve. Other donations were quickly added through the interest and work of the Parent-Teachers' Association. The fund is available to any boy or girl who needs it to finish his course in the Oak Cliff High School. A committee consisting of Mr. Adamson, a faculty and a Parent-Teach- ers' representative, have charge of the loans. 3 Y if: , 'it f A' -sd .. - 5b Z Y , W 4, , Y ,M in-N T W Y ,V W W HW T 'T ,T 2 A 'T W W TY Tn O , Y' sv ,, Y ' ' -Y nv, " " " A "W if ' - in ' I tl - K Y - ff I Tc- '0- .manm- 'vs fnp milk' .N'n'm14f Rui: J Tryffwf Rfficx' Hoilrwi Ruff: NTISS 'I'x1.l Y NIR. Cans-lzrrl Mm Au rixfxxm- R M ISS RAM rc Miss Il:-.RRxxc. Nllss Cnmmiu M R. Mmpr X Mm Cxxuxxf- NTRS. Ll X'll'KIN Nllss 1'1.'U.!r fvfras. C1111 x1 ENT? NIR. Hravryn 'Niles KriI.I.1-,R MISS ElSr.Nl.onu NIR. KFVLEY NIISS PIURNBEAK Mk. Col'u'x'u1mx'1 Mus Cm'r.TTr, Twp rnf, . NIRNYI1.-XXIUR Nllfr R. Bl-LL M us. BR.-XA1l.If'I"I'l4, M sz. Cu. M1cN'1's CAl"1k.-XIX NI xxx Blur. Guxx M155 HARRIS Ml:-f N1c'I,AR1u' Srfurzff Ruff: lf1J 'mi Rn':L'.' NIR. HAx1ll,'1'LN Mus LANmfoRn Miss lIA:rx.'1'1xr MIN Ad.-XIKIZPYRIKX' WIR. 1,51-'rxxxcra Hollow Row: NIR. GH wsru. Miss A.Br.1.1, Miss IIIGGIXBOTHAKI Mus. Hmm NIHF HAx11L'1'uN Tin memoriam N I rcs 1-'r.o1usxuf IIOI,l..XlJA-XX Dual ilum' 21. 11336 MAJ ou W H 1'1'1 XG UMJ Nmuulwx' 20. 11,920 "Oh the years are many, the years are long But the little toy friends are true." 1 fesses J- -un.n.rf- 4-unnr--'-.a..nm..u- ' - . llf L Q 5 M fm ir, M 'rr 3 Sf. I 1 5 X T2 u gviji 5215? 5 im! llzcy ZCOHILQI' as iwlfliflg the long ywns Ih1OMcgfL Qgefzzbrs Senior Clary of 1927: The prime duty of mankind is to love his neighbor. If your work in the Oak Cliff High School is an indication of what your future life will be, then I am content, for all along you have shown good home training and have developed ine school manners. As I see it, you have given as much of the good and as little of the bad as any class We have had. Our best Wishes go out to you individ- ually and collectively. May the God of love direct you through a successful, Well spent life is my sincere Wish for you. Sincerely, W. H. ADAMSON. 'Arr----F r ,, ffm i .J .5-,FN ra-f. lr' K i gin? e c TQ LTjCm:4::111iTii3: mee.:-J? :Q on X I xl NJ .,..i........ . 'T , u 'T' 5. 1, 5' -. itz' "':.4..?O . .ft ,. QQ ,ix 5,5 rfiT.iiiifT::::i:.,'.15 i dtk' WIXIQ. ..., ,4..,., 4 ,,,., 5..M..-.. ..N,, -...--4....,.44:1fi,fl ' DW' s- . W- .V-v..v..--.... W.- ,.V, W.. ,., ...Y MISS COOPER RANCFS Al.Bl'lR'l',-X COOPER, known to her friends as "Bertal', is one of the best loved instructors in the Oak Clit? High School. For 11 number of years she has been the Senior sponsor, and with smiling pa- tience has guided the graduating class through the floods of oratory, the sighs and the joys of decisions about "rings", 'twhite dresses", Utuxedosll, invitations, baccalaureate exercises, graduation exercises, and all the other "iinportant', and agonizing "troubles" of a Senior Class. She has proved herself thoroughly worthy and easily the master of such tasks. Nliss Cooper, as a Senior Class Sponsor, is truly an Oak Cliff institution. Nlontaigne in his essays, surely was describing her when he said: A'The inost manifest sign of wisdom is a continual cheerfulnessg her state is like that of things in the regions above the inoon, always clear and serenef, Q23 V A 4,5 sg- U , ...Q ff """"""'r" - -'-- - -'--s--- rw., - ' Je- re...,-. ,.., .,.. , ,-.. . . .. ot 1 YW Y Fi, .fs ,- "jg"f V . ff f?ff'f.fff47--., """"""""f M " 'H ' ,ff -sxej CHN, VV,xI,1 1-.R Dfw SXXI I'll'l'L'll l'2NI1N.1aX1-I URI: - AIININIIIQ HICSLJIXS Rum-1R'1' L:.XRYl'.R Loulixl-3 Hvrl-is YIRKJIIC Gmanxlik ,I E 4 Class O NI x as Com' I-LR, Spwzm CC' TS I. 1P1'r.vfffx11f - Vfft'-'P7'c'.-'f1fr'I1f - Sffreffzry - Tl'FclJ'!ll'FI' Jmrfl Rfporfer Sofia! Ch.If2'lII41II f"rogru111L cThr1fl'7IlzUl I AUSTIN GRIFFITII Entered from lVl:1ypL':lrl, '2q. lfrmtlmll, '25, '26 B:lslcetbI1ll, '26, sL'lllUI' lllzly, '27. ANNIE JACK BAIALIQY' . ,, .k I I Entered from CE!lll'2ll,!,li3- Spanirulg Club, ggi, E' ,263 Scholarship Club, '23, '24, .'25,'Lli26g C6111--.V mercc Club, '26. '1' vf V VERLIII HRAY ' I Entered from Cemlxu' Hill, yll. M:uy',Festlx'z1l, L '23, '24- l 1 FRANK HIGGINS 'V Entered from Reagan, '2:. Fuotlmll, lzq, '26, X Basketball '25, '26, Baseball, fig, '265fScl1ulaI'- Q ship Club, lzg. X ' IiAI.1f1I IlllANDE,NllURY ,Q f I 5 Iinteretl , Gala, Clllf, -High, fllzgrjv 'Lil LLit'utenVal1t on St:lll',,'16.r, Znfl LlC,llEl'll1l'llL, '25, Cdillillill on ' " Stall ctkkijllwllltl, '26.' l lf . I JAcKIPRQQgQ1g,,, Z I ,vlfv-" fairy!! , 1 , g ,E f lffolhf,LRi-zIgI1n,W,Q'l2,f li blQlJ,'Vl:15,a '26 n1Iflq,ff.Iq1f1-31211 Sitzlll, V325 55' 2535f?7v'5C1sss'L1.mI1e1-, '14, 'is '5QPi6?'iPf57f'ls2'7-ll 1' ljll lx , ' IILANCIILZIIRIQENLEIQS ,Q Intefed from B1-xvl:.ff,,'l22. Music Club, '23, '24, l25gl' AeC3l'll Rcpu1'tu!',fj'26. -' lwwjlx nl, CECIL SHELTON , Enteretl. Reagan, '24. lli-Y, '25, Presi- dent Hi-Y, '26, Military Staff, '24, lzg, 26, Oak Slfllfyllg, -ly4'll'.l.t'1lLl6l', ,265 CmnmcrCe'Club, l26, I I l l l NVAI.'Tl2R VV. DOSS Entcn-Ll frmn Cvxitixxl Iligli, '1q. Hi-X, '25 '26. President 4A ,'27, Pu-sidvnt 4B Class, '36 Football, '26, Nlaiiagvr of Svniwr Plzlv, '27 - ELIZABli'1'H RODDY Enterrd from lirmiv, 'Z2. Min' Festival, '23 Fr:-nth Club, '::, '16, Music Club, '13, '14, 'za Senior Pla' 'Z ' l-'murine Sunioi' Gi Dv 7: l:l.lZ.Xlili'l'H IIAGIN lfiltciwfl frnin S.lll Antonin, '14, svrxr, '16, l"rvncli l'l.ay, '26, Srniui' TED GARVIN rl. Gixl Rr- Plny, ':j. Q E11lL'lCxl from Central, '13. President uf flnss, '13, City Cmnpeririu- Drill, ':q, '36, pvtitive Drill, ':q, '36, XVUZPllCl'.lfl Ritiv Tcnm, 727. SLIM' Cum- - Drill, '16, A ........,-..,- , . . ,.... -A VVELDON ROBBINS Entcrvd frum VV1icu High Stlwul, 216. DOROTHY VIVION Entered from Ccnrrnl, '13, Vice-l'y'f-sidc-nl :A Class, Pcfp Squad, '22, Mary Fenival, '12, '1.l.a English Club, ':'..i.. NIXURINIC KIRK Eurmm-d fi-mn Rn-agan, ':4. Pep Squad, '13, i '16, Music Club, 24, '12, Girl R:'5c'rvr-, ' ,, Xluj' Fvitixzil, 'IL 526. S.-XNlL'liL ll. llI'l'L'll EllU'l'L'Ll from Xurrli Dalllgix, '34, lli-Y, '15, 16, '17, 1-'i-cncli Club, '34, '35, '26, '17, Vico- l I 3 lrcsidcnt .pl Clnss, Suniui' llzxy, 274 Scholar- ship Club, '14, 'z5. .ki ROBE RT CARVER Entered from San Autuniu, ,2I. Football, ,24, '25, '26, Basketball, '25, '26, Track, '26, Hi-Y Club, Busincss Manager Acorn, '25, Crack Com- pany. VERA GOODMAN Entered Thrift Chairman, '26, Invitation Committvv, 27. from Sulphur Springs, Texas, '2g. ! KATHERINE MCGAVIC Entered frum Central, '23. Scholarslxip Club, '24, l2S, '26, lZ7, May lfcstiml, '23, '24, Lnriu Club, '2q, '26, SL-nior Play, ':7. HOWARD L. SMITH Entercd from Rvugan, '23. OI'Clli'SI1'H, '2g, '26, Band in Chznnpiunship Year, '24. HOWELL HOPKINS 1 . Entered from Soutlnavcstcrn Military Cullcgc, ' ll ' , ' 6, l2I. Glen' Club, l24,, 25, Foutlm , 2', Frmtbxlll Play, '24, DELMER HUNLEY Entered from Trinity Heights, 'z3. Mny rival, ,24- LOLA B. CURRY Entvrud from Crzmd Sulinc, 223. Vollry '24, '25, Nluy Festival, '23, '2.t. EDWARD S. BRIDGES Entered frcm CL-ntrzxl, '22. lVIeml1er Ili-Y '26, Captain Military, Member City Crack pany, '23, 724, '26, lvlcmbvr State Crack pany, '24, '25, '26, Fes- Ball, Club, Com- Com- l jon s. TURLEY HUGH M. CRAIG, JR. Entered from Reagan, 'z:. Fuutbull, '24, '25 Entered from Rn-xrgan, '23. Baud, '23, '14, '25, ' -,L '26 R. o, r. C., '23, '1 . MARGARET PA LM LORELLE SULLIVAN Entvrvd from Carrigu Springs, '25. Latin Club, I P ,zss Gm RCSNWS, 26' inytered from Bryan High, '25, Spanish Club, 26, Commercu Club, '16, Senior Play, 'z7. ENIO lEN O R K E R JEYVEL COKER ' 'ul fw lug. . S' ul: sl'w lb, 'ln , Enff' , 'lm lmjlu Ll' 'r,".' UU , Entered fr-un Hucknf-r's Arzxdunw. Pep Squad, 24, 23, 26, Lamn luurnamvnt, :,a ,lAl'1vb1- MH- H.. ,V C , l, , C , C1 h H6 dent, ,LX Class Srfxx-talryg Prusillvnt Music Club, NU" 'mug' 'S' "mm"'u U ' " ' ':5. S:X'NlU.liL VV.-XLTON ALEXANDER NIORRIS ROBERTSON luxtcxm-nl from Reagan, '22. Hi-Y, '24, '25, Entered frum Hogg, "2 Sclwlarshlp Club, Vicv-I'r4-sidcnt, '26, '27, Spuken English Club, 26, Golf Club, '26. MARTIN KIQLSEY Entered from Bowic. V NANNIE NEAL PRESTON Entered.-from Bqvsin-,,',23. Sclmlnrslmip Club, '23, ,24, 226, Spanish Club, '14, 'zqg Girl Rv- ' serves,-'23, '24, 'zq, '26, Ac-,rn Sruff,.'z6 junior - l jdixriial -'Sb:1l'f',5' 26. 3- . 1' M.-XRGARIYI' RLESOY Course' not cmnpli-tl-il. CLAYTON RUTI l ERFORD ' liutcredl from Reagan, '22. I5l,SL'l'g'l'IlIlf in R. O. T. C., Stat: Cmfk Cunipniny'?Drills, '24, '25, '26, City Crack Company Drills, '22, '23, 24, ,255 Received Sclmlursliip to Qnmp Dallas in ,265 Frmtbrill, ,z6. V k FRANKLIN KENNEDY Entcrcd fwm Cuntral, lzg. State Crack Crim- pzmy, '26'5 Svnior Play, IZ7. MARY LOUISE PHILLIPS Emi-red from Buwie, '23. May Festival, '23, '2+3 Pfpbsquild, '215 Spanish Club, ,245 Program Cl1aim1anmConxme1-cf Club, '26, Oak Staff, 'z6. VIRGIE GARDNER ,Entered fruni Bowie, '2:. Sclmlarsliip, '24, 125, '26, Cljklllilllllll Social Cummittcc, 413, Program Chairmaiii, 4A3 Pep Squad, '2.4,. JIMMIE HIGGINS Entered from Reagan, 'zz. lfmnbull, '23, '24, '2', ,26j Pri-siilent Iiznv Class '26, Senior Pla' J . 5 '27, Acorn Staff, 725, 26, Fzumile Scniur Buy. SID VVINTERS LORE i 1 i I Q NE BATES Entered from Hogg, '13 Enncrc-Ll frmn Reagan, '2+. Scholarship Club, '14, lli, '16, ':75 Fiw Minute Talk Contest l xvlllllkfi EXtlAlllIWkll'2ll1L' wus SPL'11l'illl:Q' XVlnner5 Vica- Prvsidvnt 4B Clnssg Svnif-r Play, '27. GLQXDYS C'.XRR.XGllER , CAR I D I S W. BRYAN Entered from Fnrwt, '23. Valley Ball, '245 PW SQUQJ, 34, lfnterell from KR-nu VVOOIJROW AClilCllNl.XN TIIONIAS E. KlilIl7E HO Nl E R li:Xl.C0 'NI NOLL SEYVIQLL al '::. f 'f' , ci 2 ix V! V ' Y F Y If E J.. NH, ,, -YM . , ,f, MISS MCL.-XRRY ISS AGATHA Nlcln-XRRY, always charming and approachable, was - elected sponsor for the 4B class of IQZ7. Although coinparntively new in the faculty, she soon revealed nn unmistakable interest and under- standing of the boys anal girls. lt was her task to sponsor the activities of the class, advising where advice was necessary, and entering into the class activities with n genuine sympathy and unselhshness which will be one of the pleasant memories of Senior days. Qi sm Q ' 1' . . , . - Q -JV, ab!! 3 4B Class Ojjicers BVU PRATIHCR - IVIARIAN' D-umm' FRANK Kmn - Tom BONNER - CZLAIJYS Hvmik lCl,o1s1c H.-KR'fXIfKN ICLDA YO1'lI,KEl, - - - Y' 'Prffidenl - Ivf!'t"LPf'f.ViI!fflf - St?fl'Ff4II':K' - T I'l'11fIll'FV vz'1'fff'f1 Rfjvorler S01-i.1f Cxhdffllhlll l'0KQ7'aIlN fb41irz1111z1 BUD PRATIIER Entcrvd from Reagan, ':.3. President 4,-X ninl 4B Class, Baseball, '26, '27, Cheer Lcadvr, '26, '275 Track, '24, 'zq, '26, 'z7. MARION DABNEY Entcrc-d from Reagan, '23. Girls' Vollcy Ball Team, '23, '24, '25, Girls' Rifle Team, '13, '24, '25, Oak Stuff, '26, '27, "ViC?-Pwsiclurit Senior Class '26, '27, Sponsor Companya C, '16, 'z7. JULIA BONNER Entered from Hogg, '23, Orchestra, '2:, '24, '25, Oak Stnlf, '27, Stllolzlrsliip Clulw, '24, '25, '26, '27, Junior klournnl Stall, '26, Acorn RL'- portcr, French Club, '26. DREVV A. DORSHY Crack Company, State, '24, '25, '26, Truck '25, '26, Rillc Tvznn, '26, '27, Hi-Y, '27, Gill: Stuff, 727. FAY I Entered from Cent Lcttvr Track, '26, '27, HLLIARD ral High, l'luuston, '24 President Hi-Y, '27, Svc- retary Spanish Club, '26, Acorn Staff, '26, Busi- ness Mzlnzigcr of Acorn, '26, '27. GERTRU DE HELMLE Entered from Brmiv, '23. May Festival, '24, '15, Art Club, '26, '27, Girl Reserves, '16, '27, Acorn Staff, '27, Schu '27, ELOISE lnrship Club, '24, '25, '26, Il.XR'l'MAN Enturvsd frum Buwie, '21. I'rcsicli'nt of 1Bs, '23, Rifle team, '23, '24, '2i, Tunnis Lcznn, '24, '25, '26, Acorn Staff, '26, '17. Cln-L-r Lczulcr, '26, '27 ,HNINIIE Entcri'd frnm llngg. YVILKINSON Rand, two yvars. V N H 7 N 1 STELLA QUILLIN DWIGHI WII'I'IA'15 Enteniil from Hogg, '23, May Fvstixzll, '24, 7-Q: Entrrvd from Hogg, '2q. Lutervd frfmi Cvutml, '::. French Chin, '2-1. Girl Rcsvrxcs, '17, Girls' Ulm Club, '16, May Festixnl, 'I-1, Sclwolnrsliip Club, '23, '24, -lE.fXNNlC'l"l'E OLIVER Nl.-XRGKI-lIlI'l"l'E PIIQRSON A LLAN M I LLE R l'Intcrcil from VVc'st Wvllfxl, Fzlstlzmd, Texas, lla. , Stzitc Champion Crack Cwnxpany, '24, Pep Squad, '24, State' Crack f4'l1'lPJIIll', '25, 2nd Lieutenant W R. 0. 'I'. C., za: Blllhl-ll1'llI11 Major, '26, ,27. BERNICII ll.XLCO'Xl .lintwml liI'Ull1 Sunset Clrxulv Scliiml, ':z. Class l'i11lm'rm-rl frum Cmntrzlly ,IL Girl llc'4c'ru'S, -ws Lpmhita V363 -'xC""" Smffv llc' i:6v 'l72 clllil Rl" '26, '17, 'l'vimis, ':4. '16, ':71 Pep Squzirl, 327 SVVV'-'Fi 55. '27s 0VfhF5U'il1 ,26- Onk Stzllli, '36, 'zjz Mll.DRl'IlJ TINNIQY yyILLIA'g1 HQXVARI3 lintcrrd from Rvzigun, '::. Girl Rcscrws, '26, '17, Pup Stillllkl, '25, Lzllin Club, Nlny Festival, Glu' Club, 16, '27, R. O. T. C. '11, ,L+ 314. '25, F i XNINSTON CHURCHILL Second Lieutenant R. O. T. C.' Crack Com- ROY FAULKNER Entcrvd from Corvallis High, Oregon. Truck, Y pany, '25, '26, 327. ':6,'27g Baslu-tb:1l1,'16. SYBIL STA RLING Entered from Bryan, '23, Spanish Club, '25, 'z6. JANE MARIE I'AXNl'lI.L Entered from Reagan, '23. Frvnclx Club, '24, '25, May Festival, 'Zig Class I,uudn'1', '26, Acorn -1UAN1'r,x EPPS Entered from Bowie, '23. May Fcstix al, '34, '25, '26, Vollcy bull Team, '244 Sclmlnrship Club, '24, 'z5, '26, '27, Spanish Club, QVZ7. V ' MARY l4'R.'XNCliS llOl.I,lNGSWORTll Ilntvrc-d frnm Rczlgan, 'ZL Girl Rrservvs, '21, Stuff, '16, '27. '14, 'zq, 7173 May lfl-ativnl, '23, ,245 Fu-nch Club, '26, 727. ARTHUR JORDAN VIVIEN CLARK Entered from Reagan in '23. Gulf tc-am, '24, Captain of Gulf tl-xml in '26, ,275 Lcttcred in Enlcrvd frmn Rl'ilg2lll, '33, Q,-Mk Cumpgmy, Baseball, '16, ,275 Hi-Y, '16, 727. '24, '15, '26, Latin Club, '16, Rim- Tcnm, ':6. TOM BONNER JACK 'ITRNER Entcrcd frmn Hogg, '23, Sclwlarsliip Club, '12, Entvrcd frum Reagan, '23. Crack Cmnpnny, '24, '25, '26, Treasurer Hi-Y, '26, '27, Riilu '25, '16, Art Editor Annual, '26, '27, Pm-sidcnt Tram, '26, '27, City Crack Company, '26, Stat? uf junior Class, '25, '26, Hi-Y, '26, '27. Crack Company, '24, 'z6. 'FRANCES M'A"""5 N.-l.'l'ALlli wxA1'rrmws E"f"'C", from Bimini. m fl' Gln Rllwrzviis' Elltvrvml from Cm-ntml, '1-5. Schulqwship Club, szi, 26, 275 Sclxulnrsliip Llub, Pep Squad, lj, H+ ,V ,26 ,VM ,,n,qiA,mt of Orchesrm ,ZW '14, May Festival '24, '15, Winner of silvcr pin 6rghL,T,:.', ,214 -ff. 1,6 - .. 01k .md lxmgrl . . . 5 la v -m - i lf? - - I m Qpcwntmg 27' Staff, '16, 'lfa Spunsur L-Y' Bunll, '26, 'lj'. Iil.D.X VOELKEL Elll!'l'4'kl frum Rvagnn, '23. Ao-rn Stall, '25, MAXRT-H,x SLQJXXJ '26, '27, Oak Stull, '26, '27, l'rc'Sid::nt SPlllllSll Club, '16, '27, Spfmsur of Stull in R. 0. 'll C-, Fnu-vcd '2q. Svhulzirsliip Club, '26, '2', Girl '25, '16, '17, Scliulzlrslilp Club, '23, '24, 'IL Rl'sUrN'cs, '.Z6. MRRCE I,.-XCKL.-XNIJ JOHN CRXXVSON Entcrvnl fftlill Huston ACH-.lvlny Nlubilc, ,Xl:l. 'l4,. Ili-Y, '26, '27. Entvrvd frrun Cursifxlnzl '2'. Q' 1, Entcrud Entered Entered Entered ,275 Girl Pep Squad, EUGIQNIA NICKS from Reagan. ELIOT H ER M AN from Bowic, 'z4. Spanish Club, ,27 lCCNlCE DEAN from l"o1'cst, '24. Antique Club, 'J VIOLA WEAVER from Bowie, lzg. Sclmlzirship Club Rc-serve-s, 226, '27, Latiu Club, '26, ,253 May Fcstiwul, '24, 215. GEORGE VANN MAM IE HUNTER Entered in ':2. Girl Reserves, ,225 Bvlmont High in California, '16, Rc-entered O. C4 H. S., 'z6. MOZl'll.I,E ELLISON Entered from Cvutral, '23. Nlzly Fustixal, '24, YVILFRED B. l'RlCKlf'l'T Ente-red from Central High, Oklaliuma City, 'L 5. Sclwl:nrsl1ip Club. ...Q,....,,...i,4.,..,, .....,,,.4,, ,.....-.n .... . W. ,, . if.. fs' HOMER SUMNERS GUSTIN BAIRD Entered from Ferris High, 'z5. Entered from Sherman High, 'z4. Oak Staff, ,27. ANNA M.-XY BATSON GLADYS HUBER EMM ,-,,,,,, Bimii-. ,in Club, 126, un ,2,E'lff"d,ff""',,ffmQQ'fl1,f,fff,i 5333534 f1'fh'fl"af Spanish Club, '26, E75 Sclwlarship Club, '24, ". A4' 7' " l ' i P ' J' '7' ,ZS 726, ,273 Aww Sum, ,ln Oak sms' ,:7' ijiicxallilkflgzs A011-n Rcpmtl-rv '26, 5275 junio, . 3 ' NIARY LI0 Nlcl'l.lfl.l.."KNlJ XYINUNA llUl3l3S Q lixm-rod frunm XVinnctka, 'ly Pvp Sqiiiul, '14, Lnulu' 'Wt U'ml'l"t"d' '24, ,265 Girl Rl-SL'l'YeS4 lnxitzltiv-ii Q'fw11ii11itIl'L'. Vl'lfl,l,S VVADE BUllNlil,,L R, BROYVN ' Entered funn Buxxic, '12, R. O- T. C-5 lintvrul from Rvzlgam, lzg. Schvlzuship Club. F-3--.---.',--Q -- -v-- - - - - WILLIAM E. UNDERYVOOD JR. Entered from Ay:-r, Mass., Ill. ANNA MAE DUDLEY Enturcd from Sunset Grammar, 'z3. Pep Squad, '24, May Festival, '26. MARY LOUISE PIERCE Entered from llugg, IZ3. Clmirmzln of Pro- gram Cmnnuittm- uf French Club, 3264 Girl Rc- scrws, ,2:, I24, '25, '26, ,l7. FINIS WILLIAMS Entered from Hereford High, 'z4. R. O. 'I'. C. State Crack Cumpznly, '26, One Act Play Con- test, '27. HERBERT EVANS Entered from Central, ,22. Football, Basketball, '25, '26. MARY EVANS Ente-red from Curlington High, 5.4. Cir serves, 'Zig Girls, Glu- Club, '25, '26, FLORA EVELYN BLAND Entvred from Plzmu. Sclnvlzxrship Club, l 5 AL STEBBINS Ili'Y, '26, '27, R. O. T. C., '23, '24, IRC , .,,w.i,,..,.-..-Q,-W 'MW'-"f A ' ' LESLIE IIOI11' IAUK McCORD Hi-Y, '26, '17a Ox'cl1vstr:l. '11, '24, '25, '16, Entered frnm Frusr, 'IH-xus. I-'uotbgall ': , ':,, 4- '26 MARY li.X'I'I-If, Q Q DORIS CARY I'nt:'rm-J I!'1'I1l :Xr'Iingt1f11 Huh. A Iiutervd frunz H.:mmwnd High, 'l5. May , 1 Frstivfxl, '265 P1-p Squ.4.l, '255 Snqiul Commit- rw, ':,. ELIX,XI3II'I'H RILII Irmtmw-LI I.n1u.urx, '16. SclmI.u1'QI1ip Club, '16, y I-ILI,.X ROBINSON IJOROTIIY fNI.Xl'I,liS IiS'I'HIiR LIT!-I HARRIS rxtvlx-If frum Hwgg Sclmul. SrImln1'sI1ip Club, 'l-L 'IL 'I51 'l"s Chl RvwI'Nf'S, 'liz vlulliwl' Iirxulwd frmn Rx'll3J.llI, '12, UIVIQ' Gln' Cluhg I Iwuxnnl, 26. Vullvy H.xlI Tram: I"I'L'IIxIl Club. Al IM M115 WA'l"l' Glu- Klub, '2i, '26, '27, Basket Ball, '24, '25, '26, '27, Opurn-tta, '273 l'I'f'SlLlL'IlI of Glue Club, s,.. -,. ALVIS FINCHICR linterml frnni Reagan, '21. Linz Award, 72.4, 'zq, '26, '27, Ac-n'n Staff, '26, '27, Oak Staff, i '26, 27, SL-niur Play, '17, Om: Aft Play Con- test, '17. Fl.lZ.bXBl'I'l'l'l ERVVIN Hiitrlwil frrun Central, '2:. Girl Rvsvrvcs, '2,, '24, '25, '26, 'l'l'UIlSlll'K'l' in '24 and Service Cliair- man, '2q, Sclnilarsliip Club, '21, '24, '16, Ring Cmnniittcl-, '26, Oni- Act Play, '37. IELMO NICDANIICL I-Intvrcil funn Reagan, ':3. Crack Company, '2:, '24, '25, Ring Cununitu-P, Inwilation Coni- mirtvv. l IARC LD li. VVRIGHT Entcrml from Hogg, 'ly Golf VFCHITI, '25, '26, Hi-Y, '26, '26, '27, Acwrii Staff, '27, Oak Stall, '27, Linz Aviard, '14, '15, '26, ':7. RL"l'H FOSTER Entered f'rm'n Hogg Sclwuul, '23. Scholarsliip Club, '26, '27, Spring lfvstival, '24, '?.5. DOROTHY LINDIEICRG lC11tc1'i'll from Rmvic, '2:. May Festival, '24, '29, Art Club, '26, '27, Ifrunclm Club, '26, Schul- arship Clulw, '14, '25, '26, '27, Girl Rrsvsiwvs '26, '27. OUID.-X WALSTON Iiritvrml frmn Denison lligli, '24. Commerce Clulw, '.Z7. BILLY ALLEN lixutmx-d from Hogg School. Golf 'l'u:xm, '17 ' FRANCES FREASIER Entered from Ccnrral, '13, Acorn Staff, '36, ,275 All City Orchestra, '16, '27, W'innc-r Girls' Oak Subscription Contrit, '16, Sclmlzlrslmip Club, '25, '26, 7275 Prcsidem Sqholnrslxip Club, '26, '27. DAISYLOU LAMB Entered from Control, '23. Girls' Chorus, '11, '24, '2q, '16, Girl Rmerves, '::, '14, '15, '16, '27, Art Club, '27, N. li. A. Stull, junior journal, '2j'. CHARLES S'l'R.-XLSS Band, '24, ':q, '26, '17, Camp Dallas, '24, 'Zig Om' ACL Play Contest, '17, l'Ixtumpo1':lnrous Spcnking Contest. w MARION BROYVN Entered from Hogg, 'z3. Spanish Scholarship Club, '26, Junior journal Club, '23, Suzi, ':6. LILAURINA HERNANDEZ EMMA B.-XIRD Exxlrrvd from Sherman High, '24, Stllolzlrsllip Club, '14, '15, '16, '17, Unk Stull, ':7. GICORG li LIQYHF FRICIJ HARRIS Clem' Club, '25, '26, '27, Basket Bull, 326, '2, Baseball, '26, '275 Football, '16, Senior Play, ':,, Band, '23, '14, '25, 'z6. NEILL HARRIS Entered from 'I'r:nvis, 'z3. Girl Reserves, '21, Latin Club, '26, N. E. A. Stall, Sclmlnrslnip Cluhg Program and Siwixrl Clxzrirman nf Art Club. BLAN Cl I li HARPIQ R Entered from Central, '2g. Girl Reserves, '23, '2 g B Invitation Cunnnittee, 'z", Latin Club, 4 4 f , '25, '16, Pep Squad, '13, '24, :Xrt Club, '2:. TIM KIRBY Entered from Bowie, '2z. Linz Pin, '23, '26, Pep Squad, '13, '14, Rifle 'lk-nm, '15, H165 Attend- ance Pin. RAOUI, llE'l'HANCOUR'l' Entered from Central, '23, City Crack Unn 9 1 pany, 25, 265 State Crack Company, '25, '26, Rifle Team, '26, lZ7. LEONA CASTLE BERRY Entered from Reagan, 'zz SARAH MALONIS Entered fmni lluwic, '23. lixrwlwll '11-zum, '24, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves. WALLACE AUTRY Band, IZ3, '24, Czlmp Dallas, '2 . 3 ,- Y' HORACE L. BENSON, JR. FRED BAKER Entvrtd from Main Au-111m High, Suu Antunio, Ifml-1-all fy-nm Rm-gan, '33, Boys' Clap uh 'I+ Aww Stuff, 26, l27s Unk Stud, yli, '16, '16, ,273 Spnpisll Club, '16, ,273 Class Lu er, Stage Crack Company, ':g, '16, Callct Mnjmf, 736, H175 N. Ii, A. NL-xvsp:1pm'Stnif. '26, 32.7. 1 . ' ALPINE ROBERTSON IHLNIA LEE LElG.H'1'ON ' ' Enu-red from Hogg, ':3. Scholarship Club. Enrnriwcl f1'un1'Crnlr.zl, ,2.1. Scholarship Club '24, '25, 26, '27, Girl Rl-fl-nes, '24, '15, l:6, '25, '14, lzg, '16, '27, Gym Fesriml, '23, '17, Latin 'I'uurxm1m-nr, '16, Claris Vicc-l"rcsi- Spanish Play, ':6, Spanish Club. - flfht, ,245 Svnlor Orcluwtrn, '14, '25, ,26. I DORO'I'llY MAE llILlll'RN VWRA VONROE Entwml fmxn XVl1vvlc1' High Sclul--I. VVISC Old 1':'lU3fl"i YKVUYN fvlllffll. 'lI- May l7L'4tix':ll 14 Owl Club, '2q, Sclwlnrsllip Club, '26, ,ITE '5' CLAUDE VVILLI.-XNISOX ATR. ROE IRWIN Entered from Lungfclluw, Enid, Oklzxlmmnzx, 125. Ozlk Staff, '17, Ili-Y, '27, EllIL'l'IIllllll1L'llf Clcc Ulllb, '26, '27, Buys' MUSEC Qlllll'tl't Committee: uf Typvwritiug Claw, ,ZTQ Social - R. O. 'I'. V., '2:, ,l.l,, 'Zig Crack Company Cunmmittce, ,2.7. A ,255 Acorn Rvgwrtul' of C1mnu::rCc'. ,i. , J.-xciq Luci: L JACK CHANDLER , Entvrcd- from Iowa Pzirkklligii, '2+. Ente-red frmu Bowie, 13. EDITH HAMILTON . Ente-rcdy frnm- Rubbrts, 'zi ASch9liu-siiip Qiub '23, '24, 625, '26, ,215 Sginniah C1ub,"1q, '16, 'Q7 OgiqL',S,g11H, '26, ,l731f3il'1 2Rcsqiv0s,'Ljg5, '26, ,27 'I'11fift,"Si'1gfg'gu1'y, 'zj. if . I . ,, 2 ' 6' f BESSIE SCOTT , . : I I Entered Nfrmn Hogg Sfhcfiil, '23. Girl Reel-rvcs fain' yrflrsg Pep Silllllui,4,25, 33.63 M1ly:iFn's!ix'al ,26. A 'lf' ' ' ' 'AERNEST MA'1'lI'IIEVSfg ' Entered from Hogg, 'z3. lin-fi1fe"1'carn, '26 , S F VXYALTON GALLAGHER Si-cond Lieutenant, Cadet Corps.,-' '27, Qak Stuff, 1 ' 6 '26, Acorn Stuff, '27, Camp Dnll11s,"2'q,' 124, '25 ,V 4 ' gosh: ELIZABETH WALTHER- ,K-. , . .- 5 if! BI1fl'l'tIf.ix from LiL'Y1.fl'5lI, '12., INIay Fustivfllj '24, 5 . Q Gini,-Qlesiiifvgs, Sdmlqrship fC1iih,'W255 Score 'f if f f5ii'f'ijinf'Tie5Slxi:i' L. N. Clubs - f 'V 5 ,ff . , i - .qw gg i 1. VADA SLIGER r ,K ,. - n N Iliiiiwrui frmn Ilmiiu Scliiml, 'gy Spring Frs b Q X X X X U Q tiY21,YANQ4, '25, Psp Squad, 324.3 Schrvlniship Clu ' H+, 1465 H17 .. - X - . f'. 1 m .f . . i 1i11tc1'cdi11frmi1 Bryan, '3.:. R. 0. T. C., '25, '26 FRANK KIDD Entered from Reagan, 223. Crack Cumpnny, '24, 525, ,165 Must Effmcim-nt First Licutcnant, '26, Captain R. O, T. C., Adjutant Secretary, 4B, 4A Classes, Oak Staff, '26, '27. DOROTHY VVILSON Course not cumph-ted, IiI,IZ.'XlEE'1'lI LAVERNI-I KILGO Entrrvd fr-mm XY:v:o. 'll-ms. MERRILL PERKINS Scholarship Club, '24, ,25, '26, ,27. 1 1 ,,,...... JOE FRED CASON ALLIE ANGELI. Trznck, '2q, '26, '27. Czxptniu lixcciitixv Otii- lintvrcd frmn Reagan, '23. Captain School Vol- Ccr, '26, Camp Dallas, ,2l, yzg, '15, Crack Com- lvy lizull 'I'vmn, '24, Ofliccr in Girl Ri's1:rvus, '24, pany, '24, '25, 326, Rilli- '11-zum, bg, '26. '1:, '26, Sclwlursliip Cluh, llg, ,243 Editor Acorn, '26, ,275 llumvrzxry Mujur, '26. VVILLI.-XM NICCRJXY HALSEY SliT'l'l.E Enti-red from Suusvt High, 327. Hi-Y, '26, ,275 Entered from llugg, ':2. Si-nior play, Band Crack Company, '2+. leadvr, Business Mzuiagcr uf Oak, Operctta, Hi- Yg Svrgcant-at-:1i'ms. SHANAIIAN YOUNG Ili-Y, '24, '26, ,275 Spanish Club, 'z5. REID CROW' Latin Cluhl . ,Q :E SU7lfUl'J icfm www frm HYUIIUXZ fo fmfvfz pifiizrzw' mfzzff HILL hucxsox Ifntwul t'x'rnn l'l'!lIl'.ll. Stun- '14 ' 1Y!11l'Q1l'lf', Q uk L1 k '16-Ut Click K4 ' .. , 5' A: ' rmpzmy. 2.4, 'lgg Spanish Club. IJOROTHY LICIC luntvrvd irrvm Ilwgg '24, Girl RL'Sc1'u's, 7 5, '16, xlfi Sclwlgnxxlxip Klub, N14, '11, '16, " C.-YI'IIl-IRIX!-1 f.XR'I'l'IR I':I!fk'1'L,l'I frmn l'n'nt1':nl. 'l:. 'Nlziy l"u'stix,zI, 'I+ !1i, CrwIl1l11c'l'fc fluff, '1' IJXYI-Q RHLI. HONIIQR SL"NI'XIICRS HXRYIQY k'H.XNIlHiRI,.XIX '1'. XY. L'RYS'l',XI, Iil.I,IO'I"I' -IAVKSCJX NI.Xli SXIITH SHIRLICY 'l'I-ILAHXI-QR CL.-XR.X I'l'l,XRL NHI,I.IiR XKQXYNI2 NI:fLL'SKI-IY . . . . 4 I I li l l I I . ! I a l 1 I l l 5 Q I 5 l l l l u l 2 w r I A i i I . 4 E I I J SALLIE FRANCES STEELE: attending Texas. JOSEPHINE SIVIITH: with Oak Clilf Paint Co. MAIDA WOODMAN: Pianist at O. C. Christian Church. FERN SIMPSON: now Mrs. Howard Napier. MARY ZITA IVICHALEZ attending S. M. U. VIRGINIA OLIVER: with U. S. Ruhher Co. CAROLYN HOWELL: attending Sullins College. JOHN CRIST: attending State University. HAZEL CUSTIS: with Southern Life Insurance Co. EVA IVEY: at home. OTHA DOUGLAS: now Mrs. Alves Cook. J. B. KEMP: taking Business Course. EVELYN SHACKLEFORD: attending N. T. A. C. BILLY TENNISON: attending S. NI. U. FRANCES STUCKERT: now Mrs. Roy IVIahry. MILDRED DOYLEZ attending T. C. U. FLORENCE EDWARDS: attending Oklahoma U. JOIINNIE LEE FARRIS: attending S. M. U. RENALDA BURCESS: teaching music at home. ROSA MAE DILLIONZ attending S. IVI. U. JIMMIE QUICK: attending Texas. CHARLIE RAYE STARLING: with Western Union. THELMA COATES: with Insurance Co. BILLY BARTLETT: attending A. and M. CLARA RUTH: attending State U. CLEO KATHERYN WILLIAMS: attending Art School at Arlington. HALLEY BALLEW: with I. Reinhart and Sons, Insurance Co. ROSE MARY BROVVN: with Sanger Bros. ROBERT ARMSTRONG: attending Rice. FRANK BRISTER: with Federal Reserve Bank. LOYD ANDREWS: working. WEST BROWN: attending S. M. U. D. K. FARRIS: working. EVELYNNE COOK: attending State University. DOROTHY CHASE: now Mrs. Adolph Burger. DALLAS CLEMENTS: attending' Oklahoma Uni- versity. SARAH LEMBURG: attending S. M. U. GERALDINE GARVIN: in with Trinity Fire ln- surance Co. Zumni rv., . CATHERINE GRIFFITHZ at home. LOYD NELSON: attending Abilene Christian College. ROGER MORRIS: attending A. and M. VERA MILLARD: at home. DRAKE MCGEE: attending S. M. U. EDWARD MACE: with Magnolia Co. MORELLE MATHEWS: now Mrs. Lewis Moore. JOE ROACH: attending S. M. U. KATHLEEN SMITH: with Fidelity Union Bldg. MARJORIE OSWALD: attending S. M. U. EMILY CHITWOOD: attending San Marcos. FRANK CHAPPELL: civil engineering. ELWOOD JONES: with Trinity Fire Insurance Co HARMON WATKINS: working. REGINALD ROBINSON: with Dallas Insurance Co. CLEO VVILLIAIVIS: attending N. T. A. C. HAZEL HORN: attending S. M. U. ALICE HARGREAVES: attending Southvvestern U. HELEN HALL: attending C. I. A. FRANCES STRICKLAND: attending husiness college. WILMA SPRAGUE: attending S. M. U. DOYLE WILLIS: attending Dallas U. WILLIE LANCASTER: attending C. I. A. LOIS GODWIN: attending C. I. A. MARGARET BARRY: attending Oklahoma U. DOROTHY GREEN: attending C. I. A. HUNTER SMITH: attending A. and M. RUBY LEE WAYLAND: at home. NIARY LEWIS BAIRD: at home. MARTHA WILSON: attending Baylor U. PAYSON MORELAND: with Western Inspec- tion Bureau. CREOLA MAXEY: with Sanger Bros. MAURIN MARTIN: with Board of Education. FRED PETERSON: attending State U. ANNIE LAURA WALKER: attending S. M. U. MARJORIE SIMPSON: attending Teachers Col- lege at Denton. DOROTHY SINZ: attending Oklahoma U. , R -.-15?-. 'lv""Ij.jfQIQ1fQI1LL.Q....QlL-,' cg. -. s-eQuf.e : L, 3 . , :Ness-X, ' lf ' '-.-...V Q . 3 - if V . 0 , 4 , tu X K 1 V .. Y ' y A F 4 A I ri., Xt I-109765 E 5 I V 1 RX ' W UI' O , hi I'-L" A WJ-Q -. fv A 'S if EMJQV y 'f5+".f Q' tavdrigwnl - ., ' -'F 04K Cflfff Bvjutm I . ' Qld pp tf c"'+m Kaz lf z iggy 01 , Si wh-1 min? ' ,1 Whf? , v N I ' fl x -fi K i ffaw javy-wf?i7LfQm ' ' 1 Yi - cfpwn unfit Firm! ' ' ,f A ' 'DMX M F' t U i X flfl Lgguq-bend Wh .': 'f"f L The Threc fly,-5,,.,,M., ' v H51 ' , . .. , 3 ' :gg J, A 275 . 1 L N . - , , 'F 5- , . A , w fl ng!- ' 1'mj'Ki!F Quai ib '.-3 "M L 2' N Q 1 I " "- 'rn I X .. , Wan flu, ' Thus rut nu fnysy,gg Y L Q1 "f-f ' if 3 5539? i. i m g r v-. Q ,, 1 F Q ' i 2 X ' Y fg pi rw y K Q. 1 4 b ' er, e"T"'f F :if 5 ' 4 1 ' ' t-1-1 k ,, MT! mm: 5. ' 1d1zi.J:,,,,T!V X" ' J 1 .42 fu-Ls 1:11510 NW, M- W .A,,A ,. ,,A, , ,.A,.. E "N s 4 W ! xg, L fm xii V, Q51 9 X ' '.-- , 1' f 1 Y 1 ,L xi Q! . ilf I J,- ,? . 'H V ,Z 451 5 'Q "H .- V, , V2 S G "N, x 1 22.3- . A vi- , L , .A ,,. , k f Q1 ,,"':3l11. i Q - 'df 'f 'L"1a-'M W - Y. DEAR!-f,,,, 24- -f A -l l-1145 11 Hu H 1fi'86Ii .li nm! of the lIJl'E!!y Joys." Zl77Z07'.S' 1 N , IRL. e' 1 e ft, V-X i"l"" f,L,QglQ-,,LfL-, 57 ds. f sis - I E ,,..1.....-. . 3A Ci. xss Orfrierins t 'I'1r,t1'ft'f1f - Dot irnrs Bitowv lrtw-'l'r't'.mIt'f1l - - fNI.xfm11-1 LH N1eCAx'I's .N'rr1t'fi1ry - - - - QittI.I'I'.-K Li-ii' 'Tmamwr - - Ermwr Biuvsox L-If-ffrfz Rrpwfrf Nulumx Nlsxseiru Sw-grtlfzf-af-trruff - Rm-i1R'r G iw HN C1-JIlL'3td Class lil' us imagine that the gl Class is a fiootliall and the fiaeulty and upper elassmen are the players. They are, f'Knowledge" and the "The Time Wvastersn. The fioohall was sent out from the XVard Sehool lvldlllll-L1Cll1I'll1g Com- pany in january, IQZ4. 'llhe game was startedg the hall was ltielied oft' tn "Knowledge", whose captain, VV. ll. ,'Xd.uuson, gained more than forty yards. By the second down, howexer, the "Time Wvastersm had started their work. Soon the game was no longer just beginning-- it was Ll real fjght. During the first quarter fwhieh represents the freshman yearj xery few gains were made, lweeause of' the stiffness and newness of the hall. It would bounce and jump all over the field. The whistle hlew for the end of' the quarter, and the hall took a vacation. The players tried to plan different ways of getting possession of' the hall and of running for touch- downs. The whistle hlew for the second quarter. :Ks the hall was aeeustouied to the tough manner in which the players handled it, it didn't jump and lwounee around so much. During the entire quarter the lead went first from "Knowledge" to the Wllime VVasters", hut when the first half' ended, the "Time W'asters" were slightly in the lead. The players and hall both took a much needed yaeation. VVhen at last the whistle hlew for the third quarter to hegin, hoth teams were out to winfpoor halll 'I'he'ba11 see-sawed hack and forth, and when the quarter ended the uillilllll VVasters" were still in the lead. Only time and the last quarter of the game, which is yet to come, will determine the yietors. i sg ,,,,.j51,- me ' t -:ff - rs- it " Y pf ,N " y 1-.. 1 omg X A ,,, . J ,M Alkire, Billie Barnett, Nlelanee Chiles, Nziunearle Cole, Florence Cole, Gertrude Palmer, Dolly Proctor, Dorotlry Pursley, Myrtle Adkisson, Ben Andres, Hinton Basliam, William Bronson, Eugene Brown, Dolplius Da ven po rt, Conroy Du Pre, Flint Essary, Delmorc Godfrey, Ralph Green, Rupert 3A GIRLS Waggoner, Gertrude Corley, Louise Faulkner, Mable Harris, Mildred Haswell, Julia llawkins, Mattyc Headington, Doris llollouay, Maxine Lansford, Edna Mae 3ix Boys Harding, Fenton Hart, Hicks Hunter, Harry Tom Stallworth, Carl Thompson, John West, Nat Young, Robert Zacharey, Ellis jackson, Frank Johnson, joe Keith, Joe M. 49672-i ' ' 5 Ilrb- V X Lavender, Aileen Lee, Colita Lee, Corinne Lewis, Ardanellc McCants, Maggie Mascho, Norma Mosshart, Viola O'Neal, Marie Lively, VVilliam Maxwell, Don Nlelton, Jesse Moore, Percy Nelms, john Preston, Wendell Sanford, Lawrence ShiPPv Billie Spurgin, Ben Lumpkin, Roy Lee gr I l. E 5 s S ii . i l 1 E l l l X l ji 4 l l 1 4 v i l Z i i l l ll 1 I 3 5 ji i. 'i l i 5 I 2 1 1 i l l a l 4 l 5 s 1 2 l E x 2 . Z E , , ,W ,---ee-,f,g:' ,. ,.,...,-. .- .. tb. w - t ,-X g. 2' . x T UJ F ' i ,. I . if ls, me ---vs-ss-ew - M, 'l'n'.vidvnt - Vin'-'I'r65frff'11t IHB CLASS OFFICERS J. C. ZIRiMllRM.-KN HARRIET Ronawrs Scrrrmry - BILIJE Goiaaxiau 7r'ftYlfl1ff'l' ' DICK'XI.KY Ufcarn Ruporlvr Cheer LQIJMJ Ir' F 'NIH 'row , . . ss DoRo'1'nY lloRToN mm' I,.-YI'H.-X51 Lmzns Chairmmz uf Tmgravz Cfwmzilfrt- - - - lflvuiwx :XRMSIARONG The 313 Class ITHOLWI' doubt the juniors have made an impression on the school this term. They' have been well represented in everj' Yield of school activityg on the football, baseball, and basket ball teams. A junior boy won ll place on the debating team and there were juniorhboys and girls on the Oak and Acorn stalls. ln fact, the whole junior class responded whole-henrtedly and enthusiastically when the seniors appealed to them to support the annual and aid them wih the hnnnces. "1 'va-., N 7 e.....e-- .......4...,..,Q,......,ge.A. . ,.,,.,,., -A...,..,,....G..,....- f M . , - f , , .. ,, .. .. sw. WM .- -..A..M...--f.---- --H --M-s Nu- -----.m-m..4-- -..-- V Y. .J - , , . K .-..M..., , A er, 1 f -F A'-.fn ---.Q . . fi ,--' .if-1 - --V -s sv -A...-MLM. My ,-- -- K X. V ... ...,, . . ..., . e,,,.. .V . 1 7,4-W ' " ff'13',,,v' v xe.QSg,.-. -X v K of Hz' . N ,Q 'Q t wrt ' I-so - r MQ, ,..,. - 1 . . .vs 2 'I lg , 'f , .,-Y. If Y' f , W1 .ifQ1ff1ff..',.".f.VK ?....,,,.,, ,,.. if A- yiii ' 1, 1. . if fl' ,-f' .11 Alvlwtt, Glzuilys .'xlVCl'S41ll, Vi1'g'ini:1 .'X1nnS, .llL'llIl .'X1ulu1'sn11, U1-11.'xiu1 .'xl'!l1Sfl'IIIlg', Ifxclyn .-Xtkinswn, Lvnxl Nlxln' llL'Illlt'lf, Cu-il llliiClil7lll'Il, xllllf' 00141 lllzlckvmml, .'Xl11'l'llZl lll11ckxum1l, Xvlllllll llflHl1l', .Icssiu lluyll, Nlxxrixan B11111111111, Nl111'jnr11- BlAt'Qlk', Nlilfll' ll11ttc1'li1'ld, Cl1:11'l11ttc' Cites, lixclyn C111-1-ws, P1-:url QllL'I'IlL'IllS, lNl111'g:11'1't Cnopc'1', Iona' Cnrlcy, Limisv .X1ln1ns, R. B. Boggs, llmizulll L'111'sn11, Gnimlml CilVt'!1tlL'l', Ruger fliilppvll, 'Nl:1xx1'1'll Qll7HHK'll, l'liIl'1:1'1l Cusliy, Clyllv Crcnsllznw, Russ llzlyis, ,luck Durill, .lininiic l'f1n1nu11s, Dw11gl:1S lfitzgcraxld, Chestvr Ulmris, Cl1:11'l1.-s Cl1:11'iS, Hxlrry 511 cs11a1.s fI'ilNKlilIl'Ll, lNI:11'y Agiics llzly, Lula lla-YVIIQ, Lllflllllk' Durst, K2lll1l'y'Il lithcriilgc, xlzlnc l'ilIlMlIlli, Vixinn l"itzg1'1':1lil, lilizzllu-tl1 ll:1ll:1l1a-1', l':1!l1r1'i111- Uzirrutt, lVl:1111'inc- Cmuly, slvxxcll Uriflitll, B1-lxzl Uutliriu, FVIIIICCS llZlDSZL'Il, lJ1rruIl1y llLlTgl'v.'llYOS, llvlun ll1ll'll'SS, Louise llz11'tyu-ll, lVl2lXlI1L' ,. .. llutclivl, Y lflillllll llinsun, Noll llnlt, l-i1'z111ki1' Luv llupki11su11, lllllll 3B Gill, Urilyilnn llnrniltnii, VV11l1l1'41n Hull, kltbllll ll:11'vill1', llzuycs llcnsim, Ermfft llL'l'I112lIHl, Rwlunrl llcrring, Clnrcixci- llill, Rulpli .l1lCkSOIl, XViIl Allun juucs, Dnxiil Kclly, ELlNX2ll'L'l K4-lly, NV. C. lxccls, l,:1tl1:11n l.111n11ki11, l.:1n1'ic l lortmi, DlJl'1Jtll,' llowzunl, Nzulinu Hurst, .IOI111 Islmm, Mary Alicl ,Iul111s1111, 'llllk'lll'l1l Rzmtl, lgL'IllI'lC4' l.L'lDl1lUl1, Ailulaliilc Nlnjnrs, rxllllll lVlZlI'IlYl, All-nv NlCDn1111lal, C1110- Muucl, Glmlys Nlelton, 1711111905 Mizcll, GL'l'l!'llLlL' l,1lttt'l'SOIl, l'lllgL'Illl l'uz11'c1-, Dorntliy Potter, S:11':1l1 R1-icli, l3er11iu- Rlirw, Ly1lz1 Rulicrts, ll111'1'i1'Y Rmw, M1111 BOYS Nliculll, Dulplills NlCIllIUl'1I!l, Louis xlfwlilllli, D. Nl. Nlillllllllg, .lumcs Nlillcr, .'xI'IlllIl' Millvr, Grvrilnn NllllS, RUSQUL' Nizvll, WYZlllllC9 NL'NXbQ'l'1'y', Billy Ochcls, Llnyil l'z1r1', Il:1rnld Pipes, Ruluvrt Pope, Virgil l,UltL'I', Roy V 4- Slum, Crzncu E. Sl1c'pl1l'1'1l, Virginia Slim-ppzlixl, Nlixrinn Sizvr, Agncs Skillurn, lidngi Nlzulgc Slnzm, liL'l70Cf1l 51111115 Nzmnii Spl-ncc1', Nlury Stclwluim, gklclv SIIIUIIILTS, Bella' Sxximlull, lVln1'c1-llc Tnylnr, IINOQCIIL' Vining, Rubyc VVilllii'I', R1-nn Mae VV:11t1-1's, Nlznxy Wvlwlw, Luis xVl'l'1l7, l.u11is1' Wl1i1l', Corn YVilli:nns, lidnn Klin- Wlyliu, Flxai Rnlli Rml1li11g, lVl1lI'l0ll Rolmwts, xvllllillll Rcmv, Nlvlxin Rust, E. I. Sta1llx1n1'Il1, Vl'lll7ll1JlS Stunns, l-Edward Sffllllgjllilll, Lloyd Stiricklgxml, Hurulii Suxltcclc, .luck Tittlc, ,Fl'1lXlS WHl'!'l'll, Collivr XVcz1v1-1', Xvlllllllll Womlzlll, Leslie Wm, G. 11. 'WN J Q F cbgpohx ,ohm 5. char' 1-l W J au If ggvxfi 1 ' J ,x s 'Q f K , " cmoowffsfef Offloff-Y , 4 i Us EN 11,45 7 .N Q J Q5 mn, S Ffgyw, uf! How ! X x ,gi ' W lui!! oi 43: 4 Q-' ff ,Q f f K Flmify fn FH: Jfrln rn '12, qi? ' Q2 '11, AQ, C0 , 012 1 .A Q-ng NJ Kei llsm 5 5-rv 4S? ""fb f ,'l 5 o 5' U fuel lm.: !!z'z'Ulllr' of our fifffw Hoy Bfu Qgopfzomores r QA Criss CJFFICERS I'nxri.fm1l - L'oNs'rAXer ST. QQLAIR Vit f f'1'rt .f.ilt'r1f - - NIo7rl.1.r, Cieoxx .N'r'n!:'ftI!j' .mil Tff.1.rn1u1 CARI. Cimisl-oiuw The 2A Class N Septemher, gi hortie ot' 2.-Ys poured through the Gates of Leirning and sturnhied down the Road of linowletige. They had iiied happily through their first year and were willing to do nil they could to make the fish feel :lt "home". Since they have gone through the long evolution of their Freshman year :ind the first term of their Sophomore year, they are frilly aieqtlniriteti with their duties 115 true Citizens of Unk Clitf. Not only hnie they respontied readily to their Work but they have had their socinls and Class entertztinments. Up to the present their achievements have heen hrilligmt and Color!-uig the future promises to he likewise. - . ' 2-I ' 1 . 513.51 X , ., Y -,,,. ., . ,. ..,,,,,. ,,,,. , 1 B:111g11, 1'11L'1l11Il1' I1iy1141111, 111-ssiv L1111 Cxxrrcll, M111111-11 C:1ss:11.1y, X,Ll1L'1'1Ll Qx111lIH13t'l'S, S1'1X11l C11il1lL11t'l', KIl11Il','I1 C11:1su, Luuisa' Clark, V11'g'1111:1 CVUW, N111lL'111' D111'11:111t, EYi'1y1l Do11g'11ty, Nl:1r11:11'c't Dysurt, 5111111111 IJUHIUXI, VVil1ic V. Bll1iL,1', C11JlI'1L'S B1-ck, 111111131111 Bycr, 51111111 L1111l1U1UZlH, Dick C111111reSs, Lnytun Cux, Ro1u'rt C1'm1f1'o1'd, Carl D:111ic1, 1511111111111 Dzmsby, VVi11 'l'. F1z11141gn11, K. Grcc11, 11:11 11:111s1Jorm1l1g11, IDUYUIIS IIA GIRLS Gray, N1:1ry 1i11z:1111't11 c1I'111WbF, Mary 1i1ifa11wt11 111ll'c', Nuxlyu Iludgv, N1iIl'j' 11u11cyC11tt, N1il111'1-11 11lllltL'I', Victurizl KL'll11L'j', 'l'11a-111111 K1-1t11, 1511101 K1rkp.1t1'1c1:, 11y1'11 1N1c1lct11,1C:11'11111- x1KC1,l1'1I1llC1C, V:11c1'.1 1V1CCll11c'y, Ft11U1 1111 BC JYS 111ll'pCI', 1111111- 11:11't11L-ss, Jziyk 11k'l'111l!111k'Z, 11111111111 1141111011, GSn11'gv x1r111L'S, 711110111118 K111g,'1'1111111:ls Lzlsa-11, 1i11W111 L1-wie, 13111111-111 1V1v1'1'1tt, Wv11111llX1 Cvcil N14111r11c', G1'1l11X1111' P41ttm111, Victnr P1'csto11, R1111n-rt '91 - -.1 ,T 4. ,X K x , M111-11-y, N111rr1ss1' 11.l1I11t'l', 1':1 1'1u'1', Rl11'5U1'I4, D111'11t11y y, 1,41111sL' Ek1I11l N1Jl1'1111l'l'11k' R11111' St. L 11111, l'm111stq111u Stc'xc11s, '1'1-rrill, '1'111L11i', XV11it14-11 VV11s1111 xVl'1g11I VV1-ig11l, 1111111111 N1-111v 1541114-11 ll -11' c, 111'1c11 111111111111 L1111111 N1iI1'C11 , A1111111's 1l1tC111u, 17r:111k1y11 S11c'1t1111, R111w1't S1111111111, 1. 11. S1111m1111s, 011111111 SP1'Jlg1IL', Ilmszard Squier, 1111111 St11x:111, Eugvuc Tcrrill, llarry '1'111111111s, VV:11'11 . .. Y. K I ,, , ,,.-.,- ff'-A AQ" "" Q'-AA' ' -""""' A"'l-g"'s - ij-,'1'tZ'1'1' " ,iTQ"LT'Z,f. 5:1 'T' ' :TSX -. 7 . - .. , , , ll I V 15 'X ix ,,.,., ...., V 1 J X .,..-..,..Y,., .... We , 'N'Q...--4,,.-...- -,, 4. .Ti .,.4 V 1 i QB CLASS OFFICERS 'I'mxfiilm11 - - NIABH. BLNNHTT I'irt'-'l'n.viiIu1l - - Faux CARIl'liI-iLI, Nfrrzlmy ml! Tm'i1,r1fn'r - - Enrru MAxw r l The I I B Class N the yegir 'zo the Sophomores, untlnuntecl by the preceeding yegtr of ' teasing, crime brick to Unk Clifll, bringing others with them. Among the members one coultl find ll fighting, il fiezlrless Dziyitl, ll poetic Virgil, at crafty Cleopatra, tt fiery Wvebsterg gi golf'-playing llgtrcling, :1 I sleepy Yun Wvinlxle, gtntl many LI simple Simon. With such material, the Sophomores hoped to accomplish wonclerful things. :Xt the first meeting they tried to decide upon something to do, but as the Plllllllllll Cttnzll had been dug, the Hull of Fume started, Peztry lizttl been to the North Pole, tmel the 04114 gone to press, they tlecitletl to just "w:1it". So, Lis the days pzlssetl, the Sophomores were on their "Pls" qtntl "QF", trying to lceep from getting invitations to the tlztily afternoon "texts" held in ZOI, or being point to with Il long florefinger and told, "l.ittle buy, l i you won't do it gtg.1in, vtill you? " As the year passed they "waited" and "watched" for the time to come when they would be kluniors. .-X11 of the social ztflittirs given by the Sophomore class were sponsoreel by hlisses Keller :md Cnbiness. . t 1 A,,,, M ,.,,W, W-mlffiizsj - Vtf- f,,,':'f9""3"'J-J Y-, W.. ,,,,.,., --.M -, i ' ' :sv --jig,-'f''Lf"'rX7 ''sf-:fTi1"H""'-A V?,,,ff -, X -X i ff' " .?s. wi ,. -Q, .,,v,,,-.,., Hn-- .,.. -.,.--..,-... ,.--..... I I., 4, ,, gi XL IK I: 44 .Jr i - M,.r-291 4. , aw -- '.a"'i-Haw Allrn, Elnuric Amyt-tt, Iit-lun Antlt-rson, WYZIIIAIII Brll, Bonnie Bcnnt-tt, lNl:1I1cI Blnnkcnsliip, NIIIVIIIII Bmiltlun, Virginia Brziy, Mona Brc'tlt', Lytlizl Brynnt, Mzlxint BLIIILIIILI, Iirzinccs Brzltlslizm, Bwbluyt' Csnnpbull, Iiillit' Czmnuck, Iilna Carnes, -Icztrit-ttt' Czlry, Doris fliiltlcrs, 'llllt'lIlIll Aslilvy, llaixitl Blair, Grzilizim Brzn'kccii, Lvslic' Brzitlfurtl, YVt't'kly Brnuii, llunglzls Bryzin, Frrtl Bnrtlinc, Niurrrll Calder, ,Iznncs Clmitxstmd, Nliltwn Colc, Lt-nnzlrd Conk, I2vt'rt'tt Cux, Taylor Dt' Vorc, Hzinslt-y Downs, Leon Fonts, Etlgztr Fox, Rnlpli Fmlgc, Jznnvs Cliitxxtmtl, Nliltlrrtl Clvnny, Nlaurgaiwt Cuzttcs, Clutil Cult-, Estelle Crmntlnitt, ,luscpliinc Cnrxin'i', Iszilwllc Cwnnvr, Imnisc' Czirlstun, junt- llsrlslmw, Ulurizl Ilzlx is, Fziyt' Diarl, Kutlivryn Dunglaxs, II1izcI Fitzlnigli, Nzmnit' lfinlgc, Diixcllal Gxirx in, Lurint' Gaston, Ruth Knzixt-S, Iiulnrt-S fiilI'xlIHCI', Clcnn GLIIIILIIII, ,luck Crt-, .lurk GiImm,Utm1'g't- Groves, Gmrgc Ilzullilvurtun, Dick llzirrison, Ban Ilxlwvs, John Jr. Hxirp, Bnrnul Hill, Plltrll llillpot, Ifrzlnk Hinton, Iran Iinlwliy, CIHIYIBS Hoylt-, Alttwn jasper, LIINXFEIICC Jnlinson, lfrzxzier Julinson, John W, '94 "'-,J "r , IIB GIRLS Ilzirtiy, Iklzirgnrct Ilnskcll, lVI11ry Ift-r Mnskins, Zilpliat Ht-ntlricks, Atlcll Iiutlgt-s, :Xnnic I.ct' llmmilrtl, llnrutliy livitli, Atlvlint' Kvitli, 'IlIIL'lI'Il1l Kr-lly, Nlzlxis KL-ntlrick, Nzitlczni Kvrlwy, litln-I Kinst-r, Iiurutliy Lzlry, Etlnzi lVl:lt' Lung, Nvll Mullin ir, NI1lI'gIlI'k'I Mt'Kinnt'y, I.uCiIlt- Munn, Iiditli 2B BUYS ,InIinson, Ilricc JUIIUS, Clinton Jmics, Maury Krlscy, Lcxxis Kvntlrick, Ilzirmun Kt-plit-, Nornizln Kinst-r, Bziily Knight, Robcrt Kirkliam, Adcrnn Langston, Roy Le' Van, Clifton Lindsay, Joe Linnc, Austin Lnndny, Carroll Mcfrfiimfl, Robin McCord, D. C. McGill, llvnnis at . N, -. .3 Nlzurrvll, Ifltvwxitt' Marys, Urxlcc Nlillt-r, Cliristint' Mtmtly, Louisa Rt-ith Nlcirgxlil, Iixkclyn Ninsslizxrtl, I.t-nnzi NI-mir, Iiulzr Neill, Rvlml Pzurtlur, Iflwix-iict' Piukncy, Rusvinaury I,l42lIIICI', lVIiltIrctl Rzintlulpli, NIZll'gIlI'I'f Rzlnls, Rutll Rnlsinsun, Luuist' Slit-plicrtl, .-Xnnv II. Silxius, Nliltlrvtl Sininnan, Lynn Nirirsliall, Ifitzlingli May, VVilli:lm Nlurm-tlitli, .lnlin Niill, Lu' IVIUUYG, D. C. Ustliur, Iilnirr IH-t-It-r, XVinston Pmwl, JUL' Rznint-5, Currxltl Rvcxcs, Embruy Rziynolds, Cuorgt' Ridnirdsrm, Fit-Itlnn Ridley, Tlmmns Sclit-II, lidwzird Scln-II, Laurence Smith, Horace Smith, Jim R. ,. . . , df, .xxi fr Q ,W , ,, ' " inf N' XX. Lf'--X ,L ,d4"' ir X i Q45 ' -N' Siiowtluii, Gladys Springer, NNilum1i Sutton, Ilurotliy 'll1lIlIIt'I', I'lI'1lI1Cl'S 'l':iylur, Iifrn Iklzut' rlilljllif, jfrlninit' Mae 'l'ln'alII, Cxirlus 'l'ncItt'r, Kzltyc Stit- Vining, Bt-lm VV:rItIwr, Luis VVa'stIw1'ocmk, Elruuist' XVIiitt', kllillll listrll YVillizimson, Mary VVilsnn, Alma NViIsun, liurotliy IVy:ltt, VVzintiu Zarrkgiry, Iburis Sniitli, XVIn'clt'r Stritklnml, -Inlin 'l't-lfurd, I.:mrvntt 'lllHrl'tvt1gIIgmwLI Tinnin, Curl XVIIIIIICY, .Xllrn VW-zatliemll, Wt-Itlwn Wcstlirook, Iloniur YViIIiztms, Bt-11 Yvoutl, S. VV. VVuutt'n, Wziylzlntl YVrig'lit, Delbert VVliipkcr, Grovvr Wilson, VV. L. VVm-ks, Cliztrles Wt-cks, Curtis K ,fs-""' fWF if 'lm gb I' J iw ' gp aq 1 1 .. Y'-: ,. , I R . Q V 1 h EF? E - JW Q ' N Swesf "'7"1 v4f"'4 1 BLQQS 11 .4 A1501 g gf g A. QHLDA ,N 4 x V " f a46E7Hd6fU .4 '25 Q, f A mn , Q C , -l A' 441454. "A"9 4'V V EE, H if E. Ty Ji 1 PM xl 1-me E L1 file lzeetf CNS' fxw " C Psfvsivf Ee ,Q if 0K5 ' G R Bac :Q A A shoe H gf i N E EEE 5 Wlllll MMIII fn f 2 V W an ,M lr? oem W lien "Y" ' ' ff' flza fifffc soldier was nf Cvfresivmefe M is i - 4 sz at 5-R p ' LM-W x Miiin QQ 53' f ' A ill?" i l l l l a l l IA CLASS OFFICIQRQ i 'I'f'i-.tiiiuzl - - jour: W. jo:-ixsox I'im'-tl'1'r.riiiv11l - L.u'ii.a Arusox S:'t'V'e'l41l'y - - Eimix SHUI L 5 The IJ Class l HIC lpX's are as peppj' a group of students as is in Oak Cliff High 1 ' School. VVhen the l.-Ks lirst assembled in the auditoriuin of Oak Clitl' in Seplemlaer they appeared to lae a group of lwalwy Leopards, not yet admitted to the great Leopard throng. They had all come to enroll in a Ktfreat training camp ol' the United States armv of lfducation. VVhat a 5 life the upper classmen led theml The freshmen were afraid to ask ques- l . : . . 1 tions for tear they would be golwlvled up in one mouthful. Nlany were 5 the days that the freshmen walked down the halls with their knees shak- 2 ing, limit in the long rim they were triumphant. They showed the faculty and student body that they had the true Oak Cliff spirit in themfj List undeveloped. l They have a good membership on the scholarship club, attend class meetings well, and take a very great interest in outside activities. Mr. Clement makes an excellent sponsor and the I.-X class feels indebted to him for the interest he has taken in their activities. He has faithfullv at- , tended class meetings and endeavored to promote the "Oak Cliff spiritu which the LYS are showing. The IA officers are upholding the standards OHS. Y l of the class and make each meeting more interesting than the preceding r S - , X. ,eg -- - s ' sr , , -"CLE-ie was If esac:-Ng s f- t , iff -.. Q . ,f e , 4, -,. , - ' "" "W-.1 A -..,,- v,.. ..,.-,.,,.. .l 1 ,,,-. .. --,.,..........,-...,.- ..... ...-.. W. .Y , X , est 1- ' Q ' ,E H f - ""-- -'M f--AA --r+N--------if ,lr ,f if k R il lp. .A 4 .,r,.,.-,..,,,.L..-,... - , ,V In I x l L. L... , W, , .tt,,,L........., J Allison, Laura Allen, Marie Louise Baker,Dorothy Barron, Nell Bjerring, Violet Boone, Dorothea Bray, jeraldinc llufkley, Louise Burchette, Viola Butterfield, jane llyer, Betty Christal, Elizabeth Conilwear, Katlieryn Conner, Genexa Cook, Loma Cunningham, Lena Nl Denton, Beatrice Dillard, Maxine Atteherry, NI. D. Austin, Thomas Barr, Doc Barron, Thomas Baxter, Lamont Beachum, Horace lligham, Sam llirmiugham, Allen Broster, Thurman Brouue, Howard Burke, Dick Burleson, Lonnie Carter, Douglas Chase, V. F. Colbert, Harry Cole, Gillon Coley, Jack Daley, Charles 21 L' I Dohse, Charlotte Dees, Alherta East, Eva Gartman, Alma Gentry, lista Goodman, llalel Crm-enlees, Josie Ilaggard, Carmelita llall, ji-tl' lylay llall, Marie llandly, Mary llarris, Faye llaslitt, Beulah Hernandez, lilidea A GIRLS KL-11y, ruin, Kennedy, Lucille Iilflilllllll, lixelyn Laekland, Nlalda Lanier, lrene Layne, Gertrude LeVilloux, Pearl Nleilllister, Lucret lVIcDouald, Alynn McDonald, lixelyu Merritt, Iluna Nlosley, Ida Ruth Nlurray, Florence Oswald, l3arl'uar:l lletherington, Nlarianna Ottenheinn'r, Mar Hill, juanita Petty, Lillian Faye lruin, Ruth Quillan, ,Ioeanna Kearley, Ifleanur Reece, Aluanita I.-X BOYS Deere, john Kepke, llilmar Depere, Leslie Kirby, Norman Dickson, WV. 'I'. -lr. Kirhy, Robert Douglas, lidxxiu Lamb, Charles Douglas, 'l'ruman Lanier, Clifford Doyle, Finley Longmire, George Epps, Earnest Luury, Clelma Foster, Leo McCain, Jack Garxin, lloustun MCRoherts, Sidney llale, Ace! Marshall, Tom Haskell, LeRoy Melton, Murray llill, Dee Morgan, Leu Holland, Leuis Norton, Tommy Hendrickson, joe Peery, Hugh jones, George Pirtle, Theron Kendrick, ll. W. Roddy, Jim Fred Kelley, Arthur Russey, E. K. jr. Kennedy, Sydney Sealey, Olin ,Y---ij, V VJ?,i 3 ,. ,.,,,.L .....,.. - Tlx!---5. ,,,, ,Y ,V - -,,.,-.,L.,... 7? t,,u.,., J W,-.,. ,Y--M" ,f - ,. 1, ian Richardson, Vixiau Robinson, Anna Sanders, Mae Shipley, Maxine Sedman, lVIildred Simmons, Pauline Sloan, Jane Smith, Cathron Tannery, Christine Tennison, Lucille Terry, Elizalweth VVilliams, True YVindsor, Mason YVootl, Virginia NValton, Frances Shull, Edwin Smith, james Smith, Malcolm Sperry, Walter Stinson, Leland Taylor, VVade Thurman, Phil Tinkle, Ralph Turner, Gordon Underwood, S. VVebb, William VVest, Jack VVideman, Robert Williams, Harry Woodlief, john Wright, Morris DSQSQ-X-lil, ffifff M'-""""'-m""""W' ' l . fa' -MK'---, , V V, 45.1 -fbi, f f,.,,,gZ.,,I ,..,.,...e............-......,,g:..f.f .. xg ----Me e ff's'Ws""'ii?"g'W"T""rrT"s"""r'-3w,:--.----,-.ew-H---S .I1fQTjm...ff..,j li 7 fl, Q .ii ii 3? ., ,'Tr""'m'MiiT xx Quan-M .dl-u--Mk--Mum--,M ,I ,L,.,ee.., .....,,.-...,.,.I., ..i. if IB CLASS OFFICERS Trcsidcnl - - WILLIAM WEBs1'l-gi-L Vice-Trcsidcnl - LILLIAN SMITH Secrelafy-Treasurer MARCUS KELLY The IB Class HEN the present IBls entered Oak Cliff High School, they were a slight shade greener and the scent of fresh water "fishes" pre- dominated everywhere. It was with a thrill that they entered their first assembly. One mem- ber was asked to represent the class in a speech, and sixteen members popped up like verdant iohnnie jump-ups. And so it was, amid the cheers of the upper classmen that they pledged their fidelity to the Blue and White. In the third week of school, the I.-Ys held their First meeting. Spon- sored by n feeling of rivalry' fresh from grammar school, the classmen elected their oflicers, They were Bill Webster, Ben Collins, and James Cole. The same ollicers were kept this year except Alvis Dees filled the xacancy When Ben Collins left. The social activities of the class have been few. But one which the class will long remember is Bill Websterys party. Mrs. Webster fur- nished her home3 the class furnished the refreshments, and as Freshmen will do, the amusements. Far more did the class shine at a ball game. Twenty-eight girls joined the Pep Squad from the IA Class. The rest of the class turned out to valiently support the school in victory and defeat. ln the Scholarship Club twenty-two Freshmen measured up and be- came Wearers of the class pins. This was, perhaps a small per cent, but my! what a difference when in Grammar School. The Class has lived, as a Whole, up to its motto. "We canlt do every- thing, but what we can, by the Grace of God, we will do." Four years ahead, the present Freshmen will be leaving, feeling that the school was better because they had been here. The class aspires to do something to bless the name of Oak Cliff, knowing that the members are blessed them- selves in attending such a school with such a Principal and splendid student body. f fem-i'??7-' " ,,....-, ..- ,.. ...--......,,..lT? 'X-X " F , , "C .11-1' ""'W"mm"" """""'+'k"' 4 l en. . MA, WI- ..... ,,..,,..-..M..,. 1 V ,,. rg., -,M...-,,,,w,.,,,l,,.r,MM We...-...-.... W......MMA-1LM,,?tiZ6,,igj,T.5-1'-'s"'.fS:...,f''E .MN ...e.. .. ,,...,,..-,.,,.,,..,,.,, Q Q-I-ff few V -P.-as-R -W f ,-'ya .-L' Q-wsewxx, "1 ' :if -ees' es 4 I ,. -. ,V v 'X 1- 'ISS-saga: t f it ll I. 2 26 4 .4 , i 1 i l. it X, I. fl rf' ,i 51 ,. 5. E5 , ii is l K! li ,z ,. 5, Sf -1 i, II ,. 5 :I it ti li 'I xl I ,. ii El , i l . , , i, if l, i...,,, , if V ' ik x ' kv f 11.1 ,f 1 X ,Y . ....,....,..,., 1 s . 1, ,vwfz ,.Yc.....,.-..,-..-....vv......,.k, ,,.Y ,. , , ,,.- Amos, Frances M. Hailey, Nancy Ilarron, Hester Hell, Catherine lloren, Evelyn lloyd. Roberta Bozeman, Marie lirackeen, lfdna Bridges, Pauline lirock, Ethelberta Brown, Dorothy 'I'. Buford, lllary liurrough, lfloise Hurt, Juanita Burleson, Emma Brown, Dorothy L. Campbell, Nellie Chance, Lillian Childress. Mary G. Churnbly, Margaret Clay, Dorothy Coleman, Agnes Collins, Violet Cooper, Aim Katherine Corley, Mazie Curtis, Blay Charly Abercrombie. llilton Adkisson, Morrell Albright, YYalter Barnes, XY. C. Baxter, Granville Howling, Robert llrown, Finis Oneal Burleson, lien llyer, Irriin.1' Caldclough, Owen Carlson, VYilliam Carnes, Sam Carson, X. Cason, Alex Charske, Johnson Chew, XYilliam Cleveland, Tom Cole, James Cotton, Seldon Crabb, Sam Crenshaw, Roy Daxis, Irene Davis, Lea lftta Denham, listher Dinkins, Leta Mae Dransfleld, Adelyne ye, Helen ,llis. Elizabeth lfllison. Bernice Iidwards, Myrtle Mae Faulkner, Agatha Freeman, Leota Gentry, Yiola Graham. 'l'hyra Green, Mary Grigsby, Faira llamilton, Roe llall, Louise llart, Mildred Ilays, Faye Hearn, Inez lleflin, Mildred Henderson, Anna llinton, Mildred Holden, llazel Iloorer, Alice Evelyn Howard. lflizabeth ll I: Criner, Robert Jr. Crossett, Harold Carr. John Collins, lien Davis, Floyd Davis, Hassel Dees, Ashley Denning, Robert Downs, George Dunn, Bill Lltrich, Clarence lfssary, Loris litheridge, Clark lit-rn, George Folsom, Jack Fox. Eugene Foy. VYillard liranklin, J. VV. Franks, VVendell Fogh, John Gatford, lien IB GIRLS I lowland. Laura Hoyle. Anita llunter, Dorothy Jackson, Aleene Keahey, Louise Rilgo, Mary Nell King, Yivian Kinnamon. xxilllllii Lambert, Grace Leeper, Katheryn Lemon, Doris Lu Yan, Lois Ligon, Modene Lindsey, Grace Linne, lietty'LO11 McClellan, Mary lXlcCrary, Louise McCulloch, lfrelyn McGinn. Katherine McKinney, Louise Massey, Lucille Maxwell, lfllen Medford, lfunice Merrifield, Suda Nas Michael, Christine Miller, Mildred IB BOYS Gordon, 'l'homas Gulledgc. Raymonn Harding, Robert Horn, Curtis llosek, VValter lloward, Morris llnrst, James Irwin. Jesse Jenkeins, Pleasant Johnson, R. L. Johnson, Yineent Kinsey, Ralph Kirkville. Philip Kelly, Marcus Lacy. James La Foy, Joe Langly. XVilliam Lee, YVeldon Leslie, lidward Lindsay, Francis Lowe, Buford .Q-1 K ey. w , ,.-ff' i , ' . , rv?-, My . Moore. Roberta Moughon, Lyra Milks, Mildred Nelson, Florence Nelson, Helen Norton, Eunice Norton, Marguerite O'Xeal, Georgia Parks, Josephine Parks, Margaret Philbrick, Alice Pierce, Genevieve Pippitt, Pauline Pirtle. Helena Pitchford, Ilernice Potter, Marie Puckett, Evelyn Rawlings, Juanita Redwine, Mabel Renfrow, Elizabeth Rice, Lela Robinson, Gladys Scott, Margaret Fay Scott, Tylene Seelye, Elsie Pearl Shanks, Dorothy Lucas, Robert Lumpkin, VV, C. MacDonald, Chester McDowell, George Mello 'ell, NVinHeld Porter . X yy McGee, Martin, Frank Martin, NVillis Mays, Howard Miller, John Miller, John Robert Moore, Harold Morgan, Richard Ogden, Charles Ormsby, Marcus Parchman, Jack Parker, Stephen Perkins, Bernard Pipes, Dean Pipes, Eugene Rees, Evans Smith, Lillian Spencer, Mary Louise Starling, Eileene Stevens, Pat Henry Strickland, Elizabeth Thacker, Margaret Thomas, Beulah Thomason, Phyllis Thornton, Josephine Thurmonrl, Joleta Vest, Leona Vernon, Frances Verb, Leona XYade. Geraldine XYare, Mary Blanch NYebster, Jane VVhitten, Ruth VVilson, Hallie May VK'ood, Juanita XVright, Bonnie M. VYrigl1t, Byrnla VVl'ijIl1t, Phama XVright, Virdie VVoorly, Dorothy Zimmerman, Mary I Rambo, La Fern Sellers, Dick Semones. Herbert Shaw, VVilliam Sliger, Frank Spinks, Alvah Stockton, Sidney Stogner, VVill Storey, Boude Starly, James VValker, James VVeatherby, Pace Webster, William VVesson, Edward VVest, Ed XY4-st, John A. XYilliams, Eugene V - M- WW 1 f. ,IJ 1--,......,....,..,.. ... ,JA .' X" 'K In lI wx L A ,- . , 5 Q. V an 'J. X--2--4 ----- ,----f- .vi---.-... .Y,., .-,,..--,, .. fffz Wd! f- 1 -ef 441.414 far! 5,1 ,ffv M715 bv. Bcfo L cK H ff 'J f W Z Algb V + 1 1 L m ,, " j if M ,3-, T 4 2 A iw '47, ff' ,-rbi? " HCMVPSS ?w.7T14fJ Q, K 3 H W ,. 5 1 P , 35 - KMHL TZ b ,mfs EM V A KA D ,Q ' muff ' . ' A W X25 , U A K 3 K kr ,' 'hwwsnqzrwf 5 Ni Y ' li " , lvlsmmzxxef f'f'!Y! , W. , 4 ...Q..,,,,5,f, 6417211 Wfffy 1 l3udJli'iS57 D, IZZCSC' 4' i V yplpplqzdef. N 'b M U Gr-WMU 'ffl 'i w Q4-fi? iw 'H In A 10.577 Rfxoa uf SmC',4,0 :ff 7404 5"N'mfq E MNJSE: K x...,,, ff And the soldier was passing fai Rf, GOL To C., X-,.....,4..........- 2. .N ,. ., .X.w ,. V' ri! CAPTAIN MANN 1 r ' L l I Nhjuu Ilolucrz L. Brxsux, ju. MAJOR ALLH-1 xxNGl'1I.l lm ill? 'Ill All i ,...v-bf 4+-N COLORS 4 , . ifTwQ ,KK 3 J 1 I A , w J 4 if f v Y if 'f U I K L l . l u I 4 E r . L, S e E i n 5 I B 1 , f 5 E ll 1 Z i 1 5 5 5 I 2 5 s I 5 i I 2 Z L I. E x i 5 ! g,.,.. U, ., X -1' -v .. J! vi! 4 3 X! 53 Iii'-T--..,. . xN'5E:,,.,, -,, 1 ' 'x2,...,..wM, ,..g,--.X, .,... M.. ,..,..,, . ,.,. K.- , , uw, ,y IAIORACIC BENSON IDR!-QXV IJORSI-LY - FRANK KIIDD - Dov M.-xxwE1.1, - xvYII,I,IAM lCI,Lxsox .,X1,1,HN IWll,l,14:R - Cmwhml. SIMMONS 5? 11 L- A-L+-H-AWA- ,W 1 Stay? - - - - - ,flfaj nr - - - - 1 U1 fmiu - - - ---- Cfzffailz - - - - Firxt ljazzfefmfzf - Fifi! Lifllfnfllkllll - - - - S.f'l'U1llf I,ft'lLfl?llc1lll - Ciflffli' Sffrgmuf ' . . j - :,, " a ' 1 K -M ff -' ,M ..,...,, , . . SAW-.. ,. , I vig: ' k i .,,. .rfww . , , JS I ,,-- gw-iff? k"'J"2 , . ,N , -f ' ' :3f,'f"' F ' 7' ..,., X 4 ,.- -2 1 r RtQX-ANR ' ' """""' """" ' 11:74 ,iw Q R ,+,,...,..,.Tx.,.,.,. ..... .-., .ff ,fg- s.,' ,, 'L -Mm .,V,:. .,..-.-...,.-. ,G 3-V N M ,- Y .Y -.-Y W.Yf,,YY.,,, Mm... ,. . ,v ,. I U i is 'll . . H if " fs f-'-----' -v---------I HALSEX' SETTLE Captain Scttlc, Halsey First Lieulenanls Sevcly, William Harding, Fenton Secaml Lfsulrrzanfx Bell, David Gharis, Harry llillput, Frank lllllTl1ll1L'S, Rolwrt Knight, Rohn-rt Mays, llowaril Kltllmmld, Cllcstvx' Lil The Band Ffrxl Scrgrant Childress, Layton Svrgeanlx Calder, James Nuvrling, Robcrt Underwood, J. P. Wright, Ramsuy PRIVATES Ruddy, jim Fred Tinklc, Ralph WVilkinsun, jimmii Eason, Cunmpcri NATA 1. 1 1-3 M ATT H riws Corporals Harding, Robert Williams, Harry Brown, Finis Jmws, George Rrwlwrts, Langford Brogdcn, jack Cllllltlllgll, Owen Daniels, Edmund llatrliull, Austin I. f-. rv Y , -LS rf-. 7,2 wfd--dr--H , V .-,, , Y--,i..'1 , 2,7 "1" ,Z liiifyf K A -,h.w..-.,W,.,.qw-wd ,,-.,,,,Y 7, , - 'Yangf'7'TT"'M""""Z"V""' ' N EX-wi K i 2 E l i F Q I L i E F r I I l X r i i I a i I i i E l i,d.--.-,- .d.d,,,.V,,-,iM, . --- ,ff Captain Drew Dorsey First I,ieulenau I fPI.'lT.".I"""" N"" 'h"""""""""""""'L"""" ll L3 K i 'xx ,, Lawrence Blanton Second f,ienIe'nnuf.t Collier VVarren Horace L. Benson, Jr. First Sergeant Harry Tom Hunter Bngler Frank Kidd Barker, Calvin Bethancourt, Franci Bethancourt, Raoul Cain, Tom Clark, Vivien Chapman, Dick Chappell, Maxwell Crawford, Carl Churchill, VVinston rf ROSTER ST S OAK CLIFF Dansby, Will Davis, Jack Dickson, W. T. Douglas, Edwin Doule, Finley Gee, Jack Halliburton, Dick Hanshorongh, Devous Hensen, Ernest PAt'i.1xr: Snuxoi-ms ATE CRACK COMPANY HIKDII SlTllOlJl.L'OClUb81', 1926 PRIVATES Herring, Clarence Jackson, Will Jones, Thomas Lanier, C. E. Lewis, Barfield Longmire, George McCord, D. C. McMains, D. M. Jeton, jesse Monroe, Granville Ockels, Lloyd Pender, Roy Primm, james Russey, E. K. Rutherford, Claytm Shelton, Robert Smith, Jim Sprague, Howard I Sergeanlx Roy Tennison Conroy Davenport Stanley Silvns Ted Garxin Carponzls Edward Bridges Joe Johnson Cordell Simmons Louis Mcllherznn Clyde Cosby Tom Bonner Tennison, T. Vann, George Williams, Finis Wzrf1dliL'f, Jolln Wright, Ed. in Young, Robert L i i Q Q ... A, , X . ,,...'-jr.-f-' . Y ,,,.,,-wfei-f we , '--16-l,f""' ,ff-" ........,...,.......,-.....,....,..-.... , .A -Lef- , Mi? .K ' ax- "Ci fffz- ikwNM,.., Y' f -eQ'1fe 1 Rifle Team Nlajor Horace L. Benson fCfzpfai11Q Captain Drew Dorsey Lieutenant Ted Garvin Lieutenant WVinston Churchill Lieutenant Raoul Bethancourt Lieutenant. Toni Cain Captain Frank Kidd Captain Tom Bonner Sergeant Haynes Hanvill Captain Calvin Barker Captain Halsey Settle Sergeant lid Wright Lieutenant Roy Tennison Captain Collier VVarren Lieutenant xvlllllllll Lively l " ' 1 ,J vga. ,Li , . , ,A 1,1 ., 5 , -x xx go, C.4l"I'.4lN llamzx' Tom llrN'1'r:u RQSTER CONIPANY "A" DL-Vous llZlIlSllUI'0Llgll Capfafrz Sammi Licnlwzmzlx Sergmnls Harry Tom Hunter .lack Davis Ed Vvrlght Roy Pender Firsl Lfr'ZLff'7I1I7lf . D' C' Nicclird Fll'.Yf Sz'rgf'a11f T. I. 'l.L'IlIXlSUI! Raoul Betlmzxncuurt 'l'wm Cain Will Danslwy VV. C. Barnes Sam Carnes Tom Clevelglnll Gillon Cole George Down Houston Garxin Ben GaH'orrl Joe Hendericksnn Price jnlmnswn Lewis Kelsey Frank Martin Howard Nlays PRIVATES ,Iwhn Merideth George Nlcllowell Stevens Parker Evan Reese Malvin Rowe VVilliam Shaw Frank Sliger Horace Smith Nlark Sanders Leland Stinton Harry Tcrrill Jack West LILLIAN SINIITH Cnrporals Dick Halliluurton jack Harkness Ralph Godfrey Gurdon Turner julm West Pace WVeatl'1erl1y Urmer VVl1ipker Curtiss Weeks Clxarles XVeekS f '. " ll 'X lx J. .,,, .. LLA' " :M Com. 1 L R XV.-XR mix ROSTER COMPANY "B" Cupluin Srcoml Lil'Ill6'7IL1lIf Svrgnznls IsjliillluijiZNXSX-N1 Conroy Davnnpurt Dick Chapman Tum Bnmwl. Firfl Ssrgrarzt Maxwell Chappell 'llwl Gxnwin Curdcll Simmnns VVinston Clxurclmill PRIVATES ,lxlnws Czlldul' Lllillli Etlmwlllgn- Bvrt Kltcllrn V. F. Cl1IlSL' Rnlplx l-Nm Tyla-x' Kniglmln ll:l1'1'y Cnllwwt ,-Xltwn llnylc joe l.:l Fwy ,lnck Cwlry l'xI'.l7ll'I' 'lwvlmswn VVclllun Luv lillmumi Dzinlvls Kvmp ,lnlxnsnn l, Lumls Edwin Douglas Tlnvmas King Bnllivld Lvwis f li ', , L !E:a..............--4? 1'AL'1.1w1a Suumxs Curparalx Clara-nce Ilcrring I-'rzmcis Be-tlmncl ml WVill jackson -Iwhn Byrrs 'lllmrnas jcmcs llznrmun Kvndl Erncst llcnson .luck Slnlll l"lIZllLl41Lll Nl1ll'Sll1lll klulm Strlfklzlnll Cmnxillv Nlnnrm- NlIlI'fUS Ormslwy hlzlnws llllllllll lfrzznklyn Riruhil- Rnlwcrt Shcltvvn Cllqlrlcs 'l'l1m'ngnnl Xvlllllllll NVQ-lwstcl' Drlhvrr XVrlgl1t Xlnrris Xlliglxt Flnis VVilli:nns . , Ei!!! . 11 'X ' J lff' T f fx ,xiwgx L l, 'X' Xxyliw ,RRS x , gx -YY. SQ? T A, L v--A-M-r--1.-.- 1 ,. .,.,.v.V .,..,,,,, MNNW--1,,,f WWW ,M M -f' ff if 41 x ri ' 'L.:.L:.::gg.1lT ZLL1 "' 5.-.iw . C.u.v1w BANNER NIARI.-KN B-xwmzu RGSTER CONIPANY "C" Ctlflfllfn Fffzrt Sfrgrallt Surgvanfx C11rj20n1f.v Cznlxin Rzxrkrr Clayton Rutlwrfurd Bill Burm-tt Horace Bcnclinm Surrnzrl 1,it'Ilfc'7I1HIfX Roy Tcnnisnn D. M. McM41ins Lonnc Bnrlvsrun Johnson Clmrski Leon Downs Floyd Dzlxis WV. '1'. Dicl-:man ,Iinnnie llorff Clyde Cosby Curl Crowfnrll -Icssc' Nlultnn Lloyd Ocklvs PRIVATES jack Folsom Ll2ll'l'Illl Lundzly Dick Scllurs Burnull Hays john E. Nlillrr lln'l'lw1't Svmnna-S Sidncy Kvnnuiy john R. Nlillvr Edwin Slxull VVL'ld4n1 Knight Lvn iWmn'g:xn JIIVIICS Slnitli XVillinn1 Lzungll-y Marion Redding Wzlltcr Sperry Austin Linnic Svldnn Cottnn Howard Sprague Ben Harrison L0 Roy Hzlskul W. C. Nlcrrit E. K. Russl-y jznnvs Stzlrlcy Ronde Stnrcy Bob Siler Frank VVilsnn Gefrond VVundrl l --V-W X 2, ,,,-,,,..., NAU., L yy ' .,6'- gy.-1' 'rf--4, all " V. , . .,....,. -r',AV,..,-Hsin -X.. ,gr - M Y..--M........,,.,..,,,,, .ff -ix.. Nr" Elvxxmzu liulnmk Ni.-XGGIE LEE McCAN'1's ROSTER CONIPANX "D" Capfafrl Sccnmf I.ivnI1'rza11I.v Swrgnzrzlx Corporalx Edward Bridgvs Vixiam Clark Luthvr Gamble Gustin Baird in b Im, Iohnwn Goo. LOI!11Il'liI'L' -lack Gee 1'1"-ff I"""'f"""1l N A 'lim Smith IIZIYHUS I"I1ll'NX'iH F1':111k Kidd Ffvfff S"f"L"I7 Allcn xvllllllti' 1:11111 VVuodling Erm-st Mzxthvws Ruhvrt Young Roy I.1u1gstm1 Fi11I1-1' Duylv I'RIV.'Yl'ES NI. O. .'Xttcbv1'y Lwmzxrd 0114- U1-u1'gr Gr-nn-s Rub!-1i11 'NIcC++1111c1l Rohm-rt NVi1ic111:1u Duc Bllfl' Rubvrt Crux .IUI111 Hxlxxvs Ruscm' Mills F1'z111lq VVilsun G1'.lI1:1m Blair' C'h1l1'lc'slJ:1lvy L'l1:11'lL-S Ilalhiy A111111 Nclms Hzmfld Stricklzmi IJUUQIJIS R1'mx11 Gvorgv Fv1'11 15.11111 1:11111 Iilrvwr Oster lick Burkv UL-1+1'gu CIHHQU11 LI E. l.:11111-1' G1-m'gv Rvyxwlds P. ll. L'1'z1xx1k-slxl H411 f11'L'1'll lhlffrni Lmu XV4-IJ1111 XVu:n!I1vr:1ll hxlvy. S-X 'A 1 "But sturdy and staunch he stands flzlefzbs i fs 5 1 1. nf . J Q I -51 Y' . I , 'Q' gp K as hi:-1 W TE ' I " 1 .1 '36 Q4 1. in -- ' o P - , .g , X " -Wx 5+ fi:-5 f' K Z- , - . 5151 jx , 7 'Y ' my ' 'ff-1:1 251 .-.,... , A Z ff-,gg ' '::1jf.1:gQ fp, Q- f -2-f-P'H'!- :- Z5 'ig-?1 'Q if , Qfoofggff QMM LQ. L-.. . I ,fee-'-"N"-"j"+"'r"'-"'T"""'t'-.i -------W --We 7 A' 7 .........-.,...,.- .,.... 4 , A , . -V-------4---T rf- ' , ,Q fy , ,tg I I H X is i 'Sf N in i -V, , ,f Our Coaches AK CLIFF has been very fortunate in her selection of coaches. While the other schools of the city, with one exception, have been changing coaches every year or two, Oak Cliff has held on to the old ones and profited by do- ing so. Howard Allen, football, basketball, and baseball coach, is one of the best known high school coaches in the South- west. He has led the Oak Clit? football men to one state championship and to two runner up positions. He has led the Leopard cagers to two state interscholastic champion- ships and to innumerable state A. A. U. titles. His baseball teams have also made enviable records. R. N. Smith, tennis coach, has coached his netters into six state championships in the last four years. Oak Cliff has won the boy's title four straight years and the girl's title during the last two years. The tournaments have not yet been held this year. L. E. Campbell, track coach, has led the Oak Cliff "thinly cladsv through several city championships. Coach Camp- bell seems to get the utmost out of his track men. HAROLD B. VVRIGHT. L ..... - - -,Qf.,.iiwssL l f e'ee e ' Hkfvdff . r tfwygw f --4' 'Q - I. -,,.- 'Q IMMIE HIGGINS Roy I UMPKIN C 11 frlfflj KFNNQ O L RCIHHL up one of thL pong ROX, bukildd Clpfllll, hd T111 M1111 Ll of thy IQ26 Leopards X br1H1111t untgr 1 booxtu for victorv, out111tt111v 111 Nh! I X LL 1111 111, 11111 was cur f1XOI 1 3,5 m 1 1112. 'V r K w JOHN HALL Uefgm Emu AUSTIN GRIFFITH fLeft Halfj - - ugnusi 'U wa: one f th "'to -n1--if- Hall can grab passes from any direction L ,',gL X O QL 5 P L and is n hard tighter. In fact, at thc end position he is everything we could wish for. you-can football play ers. He held his ground and was ll powerful driver. Hard will it be to hll his position next year. ROBER1' CARVER fQlldI'fE7'j URedl'1 played a good clean game. He puts his all into it and tights to the hitter end. He gained many yards for the Blues with his Ufast fectf' 1- , 0 1 'X ii r gf ,qi . 4 2 iw l V V TlL'fffZ1f1'.,Lg,,,l'.L..T'ML' ' WAYNE NICCLUSKEY fflfzff-Lizcij "Chicken" was here and there and ev- P erywhere, just where he was needed. small, but scrappy and quick. HowARD SPRAGUIQ fRigh! Gmzrflj To be a good guard, one must have strength to hold the line, speed to get the opposing player, and might to open holes. Howard possessed all of these qualities, hence the player he was. He will indeed be a valuable man for O. C. next year. FRANK HICIGINS fllrzffj " inlcv played his second and last sue- eessful year with the l,eopa1'ds. Ile is the I last of the famous Higgins boys. '4Pink" was quick and a good runner. He was a hard worker and filled his position to per- fection. 4 W i V r f If I, . ,E XM. , gs -V-, A-Y-f---U ,MN . .,,, ,..,,x HiJXX'EI,I, I-IoPK1Ns fRig6r 7211-X'!ej HERBERT EVANS fLe?ff Tizfkfej "Splivens" was a hard worl-Ler. He lfvans was a hard fighter. To he a good yed his position well-fin fact, so well tackle, one must he quick, heavy, and tough, t he was chosen on the all-city team. lfvans was all of these and then some. He Xt year's team will miss him. played a clean, fair, lighting game. ,, df ..,.., . -.,f,..,.,.... ' w ,U ,. 'Z ELMO N1BI,o fLeff llznzrifyj "lVIoe" was one of these quiet players, hut regardless of the fact he filled his posi- tion. Because of his ability, he was chosen as captain for 727. V uf If f:. '14, 11-1 - - V 11 ' ,- K3 ry le H ,,,,, ,,..r,. e ,gx . WN - 1 , ,A f .-7 l ' l 'X "w"lQ.-1.71 ,,,. wi' " Q'-".'w.'."'fffIf'ffINil"f,Q1ff! l 1 ' E E 4'1 31' ,. 1 5 1 4 11 1 g I 1x 1 1 i'5 11? :iz E ll :ll :ll ... 1" i'l ll: 1 I l 1 i 1 1 5 1 1 , 1 1 IJAVVRENCF BLANTON FRED HARIQIS i fL1'fI Ellrfl Itvf F i I Blanton plzlyml :l fine gznne :lt enil. He Could K "1 fm 'J 1 5 catch passes and run. lfm-unnzute is O. C. to lmve Fred was ll hard xmrkvr. VVl1vn he mice got l I Q him for next yL'Ill'. lxlllfll is expected uf liim. tlie bull his feet started up and on lie nent. llc 5 uns zu good lmrd player. 1 1 1 1 F l 1 1 PERRY SPENCE VVAIIIER Doss L : fRighl Haflfj fCf'rzI1'rj 1 I Spence didn't carry the bull muclw, but he was Doss XV2lSlllt a fluslxy player, nm' zi brilliant une, , good on defence and played :1 good gmne. His but was a l'l2ll'd worker and played n good gimme l being in O. C. next year will mezm one more at center. Sud to say this uns Duss, first and last l strong man. year tu play. L ' 1' -,.,.,,. -Yr , -Fixx.. lufldml fi l "' " ' ' ' - . J ' gg Af n! If , X ,5 '1 ix A QL K V 4 " - I l x . ff ff. O, ,Yr gm-.3 arg .Q O O :G -1 ...m f - ' . ' .5 6 ' 4' , f O O ,O , ' 2 1 - 5 an 1' '- ' -1 VO ' .H 1' X -v"",",'7fJ, Sgg 'LL ra- Oak Cliff OO O Oak Cliff Oak Cliff Oak Cliff OO Oak Clit? O Oak Clit? Oak Clit? OO Oak Clif OO Oak Clif? Oak Clit? OO Scores O18 North Dallas OO O I4 O26 Forest OO O O O 48 Sunset O O 28 Bryan O O O 6 Central-lit. YYorth 6 48 North Side OO O O O44 Polytechnic OO OO O O18 Cleburne O 14 O25 Ranger O 7 O 7 VVaco O O 20 L 7 , Q , L L f, Q - KQKIEW- f 5 if 5 5 , M -A k i ff-Q Qazskefba!! .SAV ' G .3 Q 5 rw 5 I FRED HARRIS-Le-ff I"Ul'ifl'l1l'1f Al 'S'1"x GR1l'1'V1'H "Red" played ll fast game. He could 'SNW'!lWg' Gmini get by most any guard, :md lind ll vvaj' of "5.1L1s41ge" :md his guzlrdiiig could ail- etting the lull into Ilie lizxsliet. He was ll Ways lie depended uprm. He could take lliishy player and always kept his emliusiusm lM1llS fmiii the opprmeiit with e.1Sc. "Suu- iiring the gimme, sage" nlwiys fouglit lo tlie end for Oak Clillqs glory. His loss will lie felt keenly Rox' LL'NII'KINiClHllfBl' I Capfainj Roy played Ll good, Clean, flashy game. lie could llirow lwgiskets iiroiu any angle of Llie Court. His passing always kept his op pcmenis puzzled. Unk Cliff has sustained few losses coinpnrnble to our prince of play- ers-Lumpkin. ,,,, 1 'Id it N K 3 V2 K ,E:E,j,,T:, .. ,.,,.-... V 5 f-b f- ---- ,-f...iik 1 1 ' ' ' A I 5 H JL xx ,..,, W , ,,,.,- . ,, ,,,, ,,,.,.,,,..,-,,w, ,,-H, YN- --f------W ----- U -A ----H-f- -f-:Tv RUPER1' GREEN-Guan! H14:R1sER'1' Ifvlxxs-Rumzifzg Cilfillflf Rupert was not ll rough player, hut still Herbert was always on the juh. He he held his own. He will he one more coulrl lurenk up rllOIS,1ll1kl1lC1lTlf'lllVY1lf'Sllllel spoke in il perfect Wheel for Oak Cliff next his eye on the lull. He was last, and also year. sure. ,ex K X AUTHOR JORDON-I'l07'lZY!l'LZ W'hen "Monk" got into n game he played and fought like ll true defender of the I Blue and VVhlte. He plnnved :1 sparkling l game always. ,ex A t .fin r X-- ' l' - 4 v I - ,,,-,,,,. .Y v.......V, ,,,.. V, .. ,. ....,..e..,. .,, ax gn .. V -.e V lf ,A --X 1 XM ' 1 JIMMIIE YVlx'1"1'--Rigfzf I"oric11nZ IJANVRENCE BLAN'1'oN'-I-'oriccmi klimmic plg1j'c1l il good g11111c 119 forwnrtl. Lg1wru11cu was Ll clugm plg11'13r and had Q illVVlllS played ll clc1111 llgllllllg gxlllw. vurv fuw fouls cnllctl 4111 him tlurlng tht Hu 11315 ll fast. l111t 41ct'11r41tu plnycr. sunson. Hu will lm lmuk next sunsmm, :md Clak Clak Clak Clak C3ak flak flak Clak Cliff Clif? Clif- Clif? Cliff- Clif- Clill Cliff- 1l hc showf up 11s well LIS hc tlltl llllq hc 1 S00 rcs North Dallas l l North Dallas 7 , Sunset ll Sunset , Forest tl Forest ll Bryan ll Bryan ,, L Q -, 'till bc ll top-11otcl1 play l13 35 l ,to l 25 l 26 Q4- 34 124, J- ,, ,Z , rp- YLJLII' E 0 'I , V ,Q x mmm ijlmallgful f MJ ,ww f ,f f H .1 ,f , ' -1 ' .'- - -Q. 1' 1 L 2-Q 1873-I A. ff." L HAI, f. 1 7- 1 rg I PM K l L31 r' 1 . L 1 -11 , .wig 7 2 ra. M-I3.L'J'1 Hyip 1 fffffi WJ' 3' 1 X N X Q Q Q ' A Q 1 ff 111 I Il ,nf f , N ff' 'ff 7 . .f 1-.4 lhvl: I-14,1 -119 'ng TR 'Pi' lu ,A Q.--df X539 ,Cv :L 11 , ,,.',.v a .J 1 ,rw - 4 L1 llffl Ill f .WVLVIM f iff' lfWf ' lffylwf I V 41M7f7Z'li'l!Lf7ZWWHf!lf'1fWvK ffLLf"'W Q ' .17 Vi' if'-3:2 xr:-vw f-za:-v .sim " 1. 6 1 ,jg -'f , 1, ' , -.' ,,. M-r,'w Q ' J" -' Pf' Qfdff V5 Q x 'ax lc ex . . W..- ...,,,,,,, ,Y.,,-,,Y.,,,,.,., ,,--..., Track HE Leopards of Oak Clin' High won second place in the annual city high school track meet which was held April 2 at Ownhy oval. Howard Sprague, Leopard Weight man, hroke the city record for the shot put with a 4.1, feet 6551 inches heave. The former record Was held hy Homer Balcom of Oak Cliff. Ray Hilliard Won the only other first place for the Blue in the half-mile run. Oak Clit? Won many second, third, and fourth places to bring her total up to 46M points. Those Who placed in other events ZIFCI ,lan-lin: Cain, st-cmitl, Sprague, third. 110 Yard Dash: Griffin, third. Pole Vault: Hardy, st-toml, Harper fourth. Milt' Rim: Nltllride, sutond. High plump: Casoii, tied for first. Broad jump: VVatt, fourth. Discus: Sprague, thirds Cain. fourth. 220 Lou Hurdles: Exams and McBride, tied 4,40 Yard Dash: I'ratht-r, second, Ridley, Shot Put: 5prag'l1t', tlrstq Lam, sm-mini X80 Yard Rim: Hilliard, tiista Smith r..,,.,i., -,-,..,.. ., F1 14 tourtli. svtmiiti. 2 for fourth. Mile Relay: Oak Clitl, second. fllritlin, Smith, Hilliard, l'rather.l ,.....,. . t..., 1 QA. 4 r QE? V . 2,,-- f f gy- egg' X, 4- ,HW X152 ,a ' ' "Xie, . .ve X Y., ,f -Q., . - YQQQV t , ff l......- ..-.1n,.:.lT,,. 1 1,-ff.:.Tl.:,,..v....,,i-Qig2.5k -WMM VN.V ...-,M.W.. 1::11+-A-W -W--siA-.:e.s,wM,,,,.,,,,sW,Wto -me-ve--if tl 1, rf ci x, it iii-mn --,, ww--W .- .W -1 il .t ,. t . -TTT-Q TWTWT' Xi ""1-."'...""'1g.'H."' :':Zt:i:..' 'L."T,gL,3:Q 1'1'?"T"w""""""g' ' L' Y l 1 mpg, in The Leopards in Track THE Oak. Clit? Relay Team distinguished itself with several excellent races during the current year. At the Stock Show Meet in Fort VVorth, the team composed of Griffin, Smith, Hil- liard, and Prather won second place in the mile relay. Fay Hil- liard won the half-mile relay. ln the Burleson Meet at Greenville, the Blue won a cup for first place in the medley relay, with Hilliard, Prather, Cayton, and Grifhn running. A team composed of Hilliard, Prather, Griflin and Smith also took second place in the mile relay and 44.0 yard relay. Fay Hilliard again won the half mile run. In the Texas Relays at Austin, the same team won second place in the medley. At Houston in the Rice Relays, this team won first place in the medley and third in the 880 yard relay. The medley record was lowered by four seconds. The Denton and Austin Meets have not yet been held, but the Leopard followers are looking forward to some more wins from these fast fellows. Nil? fi' ' " Y, qgf 'VT Y L- ,, ,, x J ...-.-- .....f,.. .., Wm, ..,.. A..,.,.. ,.,A,.,, ,, . ,, ' - 'ff . ....... ,W W- l s An.. ,- - -- 7-2 , ' "if fiat' ,lg'x X ' Y ,,,,, ,H,,,,Y, ,YAA LAWAAVVH 2W W ,..f-' l,-P' 1? - . .K-iv - ,ff gs. 3 i X-sf . xg.-c W. 9? golf THE golf team of Oak Clill High School ended the City series on March 19th when they defeated Forest with a score of IO to 8. The golf team Was handicapped at the beginning of the year by the lack of experienced players3 but under the leadership of Nlr. L. C. Leftwich, sponsor, and Author Jordan, captain, they progressed rapidly. After the team had lost the' City Championship, they showed their grit by continuing their playing up to the last play. Oak Clif won third place in the city contest which was some improvement over their Work of last year. The team is Composed of: Nlr. L. C. Leftwich, sponsor3 Au- thor llordan, captain5 D. Sidman, Sidney Stockton, Nat VVest, Billy Allen, Chester Fitzgerald, XVilliam Beck, Everett Cook, Allen Meckleiiburg, and Harold B. VVright. l 1 is lt tg 3 N .J . ,QQ . - le i , fe... l Tennis Doe HAM: HARVM' CHAMHI-. LTHOU not find her entirely bereft of material, Doe Barr, who played doubles last GH Oak Cliff! two state ehampions lefit last year, this season did year with klimmie Quick, readily stepped into the position' of Oak Cliff's star player. His experience and general tennis ability make him a valuable man. Harvey Chamberlain, doubles player, is a fast steady player whose invincible spirit will mean much toward tennis laurels. lflloise Hartman, having had the valuable experience of previous years stands Out not only as Captain of the girl's team but as one of its best players. Nlar- gueritte Pierson is an are in serving, with a good firm return. She is indeed a valuable asset and Oak Cliff need not worry for its victories with this steady player in view. Rose Nlary Piekney, a former student of Denver Alunior High School is indeed a pleasant discovery for Oak Cliff. lt is unusual, indeed, for such a little girl to wield sueh a wicked racket. Although the tennis season is hardly begun, victory has already perched on our banners. Oak Cliff girls have defeated Bryanls doubles, while our boys, doubles team defeated the Forest players. Doc Barr has begun the season by winning his first mateh against Charles lflwell, the fast Sunset player. VVith such a beginning Uak Cliff eagerly looks forward to a brilliant season. lil.AI 1 N Akolw-.Rl'1"1'r: Plilitsox Rosle lxf1ARY PICKS!!-:Y Exams!-L l'lARTAi.-KN L x J i v ff' 9-ivan.-...f 1 .sa Cheer Lcfzzie rs AK Cl,lFl" was indeed5 fortunate this year in having a xery' capahle yell leader, Bud Prather. Throuvhout the Year he gave his hest elliorts for the U . x good of the team and tried to develop the hest of sportsmanship in the school. .Ks a yell leader, a gentleman, and a good fellow, Bud is unsurpassed. For the lirst time in the history of the Oak Cliff cheering squad a girl was elected. This was a decided improvement, for lfloise Hartman added much to the yelling stall. She is splendid in leading yells and seems to fairly radiate pep. The assistant yell leaders did excellent work and worked in perfect har- mony with their leaders. George Holden, klames Cole, Cecil Shelton, Alec Ca- son, and Barney' Parlser all had a part in instilling pep into the student hody. The "Rabi Rahl Teaml' will rin ' in our ears lon' after our hi 'li school dass c Es t . are passed, and it will luring hack glorious memories of Oak Cliff spirit. Qcfzbzfzles y V- - --'-' -- -- - 'T I1 0 O A K Q I 1 HEADQUARTERS EGPHH CORPS AREA FORTSAMI4OUSTON,TEXAS October29th,l926 Dr.W.IL Adamson,Principal, OakCliffHighSchool, Dallas, Texas. My dear Dr. Adamson:- I desire to express to you, and through you to Captain Mann, your oommandant, and the members of the Oak Cliff company participating in the State Competition for R.O.T.C. units at Dallas on October 22nd, l926, my sincere congratulations for winning the competition confined to the Dallas Schools and for winning the Grand Trophy over all the entrants. The success of your company in the face of the strong competition they encountered is an event in the history of your school to which all concerned can look back with pride. The outstanding performance of the company showed that all the members had worked hard and faithfully to accomplish.the results they attained. Very'sincerely, ERNEST HINDS, Major General, U. S. Army, Commanding Eighth Corps Area. l 1 ff W 1 Y nn- ., . 'JY BT: r' -ff -. in ,I . Q D MeGavic, Cath'rinc t95J Urr, Emogenc t95J llatsnn, Anna May 4931 llamiltou, lfdith C951 llelnie. Gertrude t957 lfreasier, Frances C957 Maples, llnmtliy E959 Matthews, Natalie 495i l'hillip:2. Faustine i953 XYrigrht. Harold 4953 Chiles, Naunearele C953 Lee. Colita t95l lftheridge, Jane 1955 Gueruer, llillie Q95l Guthrie. Frances 1957 Reeves. lfmlvery 1951 Slcillern. l'.dna M. 1957 Alverscnl, Yirginia l'restnn, Robert C955 jaenlvs, Henry llennett. Malile 1955 Mtmrly, Louise K. Q95 lltmver. Alice 1952 Mann. Edith 1953 llrede. Lydia Campbell. Billie Fern Cormack, Elna Sloan, :lane 1959 Allison, Laura Sellers, Dick i955 McClellan, Mary C951 Vvright, Bonnie f95,l Chance, Lillian Chew, XVilliam Coleman, Agnes I Scholarship Club Bailey, Annie Jack llates. l,tn'i-ne LUSI llriwwn, Mariuvn Gardner, Yirgie 4R CLASS Angell. Allie llaird. lfnnna llfunner. Alulia Bonner, Toni Fincher. .Xlx ie lla-rnanilez. Lillian lluluer. Gladys Kirlvy, Tim Cueke, lfstelle Leighttni. lhlnia Lee lfpps. ,luanita Lee. Dnrrwtliy Erwin. lflizalveth l.indlm-rg. lltnuttliy Eulmank, lflfvise Mcjdanis. Frances 3.-X CLASS Masclm, Nnrma 1953 Q Arnistrrnnl. Evelyn Boggs, llunald llrannun. Marjorie Clements. Margaret Condruitte. Josephine Cooper, lune Nelms. Iuhn 1933 . B CLASS Grittith. llelra Curley. Louise llanszan, llnrntliy llargreares, llelen llupkinson. Ruth Lu-dS. Latham ZA CLASS Kirkpatrick. Byrd Mclieth, Earlene McCormack, Yalera Muni-ne. Granville 2 ll CLASS Chitwund. Mildred Cork, lfrerette Dial. Catherine Fitzhugli. Nanuie Hardly. Mary Harrison, Ben Harville. Haynes IA Boone. james lll Corley, Mazie Curtis, Charlie Mae Etheridge. Clark Harding. Robert Henderson. Anna Howland, Laura ,lane llawes. John llendrieks, Adele l,nng. Nell McGill. Dennis M nshart. Lenra Parker. Florence Peeler, M'instm1 CLASS Hairgarrl. Carmelita CLASS Hurst, James Le Vaux, Lois Lindsey, Grace Linne. Bettie Lou Massey. Lucille Moore, Roberta w Q E r I i i i 4 w Graves, NVillic Mae Preston, Nannic Neal Nicks, lfugcnia Perkins. Merrill Pritchett. Vl'iliretl Rnlwertsim, Alena Rice. lflizalreth Sliger, Yada Teulrner. Shirley Brown. llulplius Mead, Gladys Rhew. Lyda VValker, Rena Mae Parr. llarold Lindsay, joe St. Clair, Ctniatance Rawls. Ruth Smith, Horace 'l'aylor, juhnnie Mac VValther, Lois Xvyatt, Xvauda Layne. Gertrude Starling. liileeue Scott. Margaret Strickland Katherine Thomas, Beulah Hiarle. Geraldine Vl'right, Phama N l K ni' , M sr ,Q is Q 0 iw 1. Ei YY ' N 71 he bcfzolarslzzp C lub I I HE Srllulusllilw Clulw llllilllg its tlciinitc form :ls xl slvllultu slluuul UI'g1ll1ll1lllOIl unly lust yczu' llils pl'f-gxwswtl rzlpltlly aluring its slmrr lifv. Iixvryum' in tlw sclwul is cllgilwlv fm' xuumlwrslmlp, :ls tllr l'a'qul1'4'n1t'11tS nrt- Illl zlxcxtlgt' ul' nlucty xxltlx nu grqult' lwluxx viglny. 'l'lu- mniu ulvjvut ut tlxt- urgzluilntlun is to :nfl :ls 11 stimulus tw tlmfm- stmlvuts l s nu vow :mtl In L'm'm11'1zuc tlw lmuur 1 x "' L-lr 11vt'r:lua'. llus u ls :1 CllilNlL'1' ul tlw Nntluuzll lluuul' ,wcwtv X ltll :Ill its 'l'lXlll'll'5. Ilmc mln-yslnp l1:1S mm :llmusl mluulvlul xt smut' last wsu' :mal tht- Cluln ms un :ls nut' 111 tlw mutt xxultllullllx' QIOUIW IN stlmul. Nllw ll.xmm,ult, Nlln lltll, Mus un .mtl Nlls. llmmlmtn lmxt, lu lluu untnmg tllmts, flkklllflpllblltd much rmmxwl malaiug' it ilu' l.11'g'0st nl gLlIll7llIlUl1 lu sflmul. 'lille' ufllu-rs fur 19:6-lj' Nwrt' :S ful lmu: X ' - xvcl-is I' 1111511-' I: l'r'w1,fnf1l A I'I'H ll.-U1 1 1.'1'uN - .M'ur'l'fm'y ij- I luvll LNUUIWK - - Ring Smfrlllry l fx K l L S iq IR' L 'fb The Fir! Reserves W 0 find and ive the hestn swirituallv, nientallv, and vhvsieallv is the 3 l . . l . . true meaning ol the Girl Reserve Cluh, a junior order ol the H. YV. C. A. livery girl wishes to have friends and hawv' times while in . t l l. high school, and there is no laetter place than in the Oak Clilli G. R. Clulw. lhe girls are -lllsf huhhling over with lun. Because of the interest of all the ineinhers the club has had a yerv sue- eesslul year. ltaeh W ednesday afternoon round a group ol girls in the auditorium ready for a good meeting. How would you like to have inter- X iews with famous women, hear from foreign countries, learn how to havt a good personality, go on hikes and ahove all to he of servieef 'llhese are a few of the activities which the eluh has sponsored during the year. Besides the regular meetings there have been two other .ietivities whieh the Girl Reserves have especially enjoyed-Club suppers and Cfllllp. Cluh suppers where girls from all the schools assenihle and learn through fel- lowship with each other the real joy of living. 'llhen camp--there is no lretter place in the world to have good times than at the Y. VV. Camp at BLICl'1IllllDlF Dam. Girl Reserves really get something besides common- place things out there, 'lihat is why they may give something worth while to others. VVith the help ol' their sponsor, Nliss Roherta King, they have found a deeper unelerstanding lor their Nlaster, and through the? Coming years are going to pass on to others the love and friendship which they have gained. -'riff -f'i1fs- . .ff ., Oak Cliff Hi-IP Has SLlCL'6?5SfZ4I Tear The Oak Cliff Hi-Y Club has had an unusually' successful year. Never before has such a friendly and co-operative spirit prevailed: in the club. Although Oak Cliff failed to Win the Hi-Y cup during the first half, the second half winner has not been announced, and Oak Cliff is "very much' in the running. An unusual number of social events have been held including an ice- sltating party, a theatre party, a hay-ride, a picnic, and several banquets. The club this year has had as its sponsor Mr. G. G. Cunyus, instructor in Chemistry in the Oak Cliff High School. Mr. Cunyus has set an enviable record for future sponsors and his leadership has given him a place in the hearts of all the Hi-Y boys. Cecil Shelton held the oliice of President during the first half. Wal- ton Alexander was vice-president, while Harold B. Wright and Tom Bonner filled the ofiices of secretary and treasurer respectively. For the second semester, Fay Hilliard was elected President. jack Turner became vice-president, while Harold B. Wright and Tom Bonner ht-ld their ofiices of secretary and treasurer. Bettyjs Last Bart Kill:-Y1',,xlz Cl. ws Pl. W CNHI' Ol-' CH.XR.-XCl'l-fRS P11-fummlul m llmu .XLIJIIOTIUHI FI In-.ltur kl.lHL1lH'f' 14, Iijlf 'fJ1'm'f'fmf 55' 31188 1xlC1ilCI,V.'XlN Clif' ID.x1'Ii11g I'1H7.ll'L'Ill Ruddy 1vLl1c1'iuQ llnrliug ,I,m'cnu Bute NT41rg.11wL D.1r'Iiug Ifliwxlm-th Hxgin Ilomllmy IJ.lI'Hllg1 Nqumig Xml Prwrrm NTP. lllflillg I,mm-Hr SL1Ilix.m I'xiL'l1.lIXi XVu11lwo1'Il1 Rulwrl C.11'x'c1 In-rr'x xXYL'NUX'lJl'lll , vl.1vL l'mcwr Iwk Xfm hmm klilllmic Higgin Hgzmillmm NIOI'i.lI'ilf' .Xuflin Griifilh I Jgm' lllrling, Sam Hitch Nl uid Clllmcrim- jXIL'fi1lYik Austin Bevans ,,,,, David lVIncKcnZie qt i C The QAK 3 Charm School IUNE CLASS PLAY CAST OF CHARACTERS Presented May' 15, 1927 'Directed by Miss MCKELVAIN Fred Harris Horace L. Benson, Jr. Frank Kidd George Boyd ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,-,, , ,,,,,,, jim Simkins ,,,,,. Tim Simpkins Homer Johns ,,..,., ,W Ernest Mathews YYYY.Ti111 Kirby Flsie Benedatti ,.,,,. . Miss Hays, ,..,,,,,, lkliss Curtis .,,, Sally Boyd ,,,.,,.,. Muriel .,,,,,, lithel ,,.. ,, Alix .,,,, Lillian ,,,v, Madge ,,,. ,,,,,H:1rold B. Wright , ,,,, Natalie Nlntthews ,,,,,,,..,,l'fstelle Cocke .,l,,.l'lliznlweth lfrwin .,,,,,,,.,,,l'llda Yoelliel ,,,,,,,Frnnees lVIeAdams , uw., liner-Mx, 'zjz-. 7 ff ,,,,,,,,,,Glndys Huber ,,,,,.,..lVlnric Pannell ,o.,,,,,,,,Alvis Fincher ,,,,,,,Blanche Harper f it ii gh O , W ,W . X oft it is ee y ---..-...-.v---A-lf--- --W --4: , The Jntigue Club THE idea of anything so rare as an antique is seldom found outside the walls of the palace or the mansion of those who have filled their coffers to the brim. 'Twas a novel idea-rather a test of t'he bravado to rob the palace and' the mansion of that which "separates the aristocrat from the pleb," as the Second Es- tate argues. But Oak C.lilT daringly trod upon the fumish arrogance of that airy Estate and dragged the coveted talisman to her won lair. It was not, however, a Napoleonic bed, a Marie Antoinette Mir- ror, a MayHower chest, or a treasured daguerrotype. No, none of these heirlooms. just simply hair, unloomed, uncropped, un- dressed-long flowing hair gently mantling the shoulders of the demurer maiden, or pinned with invisible hair pins snugging the Wispy locks into effective coiffures. 'Twas these relics of by-gone days that served as the inspiration for the novel Antique Club of Oak Cliff High. The purpose of the Club is to support every school activity one hundred per cent, and also to revive, if possible, woman's crowning glory--her hair. Included in its activities have been club meetings, parties, and picnics. The club presented Mr. Adamson with a dinner bell in Antique design. The assemblies during the year have been made more interesting from time to time by contributions from the members of the organization. lVliss Margaret Harris is the faculty sponsor, and George Holden the boy sponsor. The officers of the year were: 7'reri1fm1f - Viom D'lQLY Vice-?1'efia'e1zf H - - CoI.1'rA LEE SEfI'Efz1l'y W - VIRGINIA SHEPHERD Trerzfzzrer ATAXIN12 I'IOI.I.OXVAY A "fit: - 4 f-'fi' .C....,,,,,, . W . cm-, .,,, ., Y r - T. - -C. f-Q3 ,, ,,.,,,..,,l.,M.,.....,.- ....,.--,.a, --J , r, , ,,,, ..,,,..-,..--, X mr.. ma., ,Ju ,jfs r, .- gig .lxflee x:,,,,d,M,,-..a.. ss' i gif ss.. s A' .e f ,Z 'fa' 1 , "'A"f'iTff'f,1f' N 'f-M7 2 ,IQ 3 'F i Q ' 'X Qgg '1,,,,,,, A,,,g, ,,,,,,, ,WL ...,fYlY,lY,W. ...,..,. ..Y . :yi The Spanish Club lC1,nA Yo1ci.K1al. - - 'l'1'efMmzf N,x'11A1.li5 N'I,x'i"i'iiiaxxs - Vin?-Prefiffezzt Rl'Pl'fR'l' Gnriiwihz - - Sefrfnzry CUI,I'l'.-X Luis - - ,from R6'f0I'ff?l' FL CLUB DH HSPANOL has been one of the outstanding J organization of Oak Cliff High this year. It has been their aim to promote better Spanish as Well as to introduce social diversity. They have had fiestas, banquets, and meetings at which those who spoke other than the language of their neighbors were made to pay a forfeit. One of the outstanding events Was the poetry contest in which Flda Voelkel represented our "alma madren. Another was the all city Spanish banquet. To Miss Roberta King is due much praise and appreciation for her eilort and inspiration toward making the club a success. .., .. .-., 1,-V f JY ,. .,. , Y Y W, ,,,,, Y , ,W lb: , ' "'i 5'f f "' - 'ix'-3 Aa.. .,,.. ,. YW, ,, .,.'.l2 " ', --,fig--'f" e-fYexxE,:f A f, .'Z S H . W 1 F The O rclzvsmz I.'l'HOl7fill the orfhcstrzl is smztllcr this yczu' it has made much pmgrcss under thc lczulcrship uf Xliss Huy Huscltine. 'llhc mcmhcrs of the m'cl1cstrz1 are vcry iutcrcstctl in their work, due tu thc enthusiasm and untiring chcurts of the director. The orchcstrzl has hccn zxctiw in making vzzriuus schuol :md lucnl lWI'UgI'21Il1S successful. Much work has lvccn done with the .Xll-City Orchestra which is Composed of studcnts from thc diljfcrcut high schools. During the N. li. A. Week 21 group from this o1'thcstra enjoyed playing for scvcml hzmquets, lunchcuns, :mtl uthcr cutertzuumcuts. 's , yi, 2, X ,XI Gym Classes HH Physical Training department is one of the largest in school. Although there are for the most part hrst and second year girls in the departments a few upper classmen still enjoy the combined work and play in the gymnasium. Calisthenic exer- cises, the regular health of the girls taking the courses, While games, folk dances, and clogging afford diversion. Baseball and volley hall, two hranches of athletics for girls, are also taught in the regular class period. livery year a Spring Festival is given by this department. It is at this time that Miss Keller, the instructor of Gymnastics, presents not only special dances and stunts hut exhibitions of their regular class work. . 2 Winners in Oak Subscription onteyt I , QHUOTU6 QZZZJZZYZWZ is Y "k?f'4'ffK fx -1f.kf,,W.,gi-5-i4I"5?Q?55'?3?Qlx,few. gv s V z. 2 , ...,, 5. , 5 , E' 5 xc YQJQZL 5 , we iw-.-" 'Y' -' vs, , 81,1z.x1sE'1'H Rcmm Swziw' Ffz'U01'ffc 1 - N, Amgdgg, 'SW' 4 ms-, JL- , Q .. W-QT N ix S? .V .psf r -,+M'i fl , Wa QLILLIE UINGELL S cnior Beauty wel -ww f.w,fs,m -4- jf . A if,- -il-, I ,f 5. , hm JIMMIE HIGGINS Senior F fworitc 8s'1'E1 ,LE COCKE QYWUJZ Vczzffzfilc ir! ,.v.,,.,.,., , .., : Y-4 M ROBERT CARVER 3405! Vermtile Boy JSM-'sw 5 1, .Q Q, 5 'ii c 5311 'fgkzl wg. ish ggggiw. ,. X V, ...-,.W,fwA-N.'as T.-XULINE SAUNDERS U1zdc1'clz1fs 'Beauty 1 5 , , .. . .-. - W, wh- Q i HOWVARD SPRAGUE F afuorite Underclrm 'Boy xv r 10147, ,if , , X., .f H JAMES COLE FdTJO1'jZ6 Fl'8J'!l771ll7l 33' Q-- H OUT Somcr ne a Q V003 e 9+ 3-K" -45 51 1 fZ'35,,. Y, P O S as W ,, Ifk, fwfr?-NISE 7 ' 9CUHn Qgrzkzcfs men Aug GLU B Olvitua ry Died in iufzmcy, thc school spirit of those who do not Subscribe for the Oak and who do not laugh :lt our jokes. I1 Jireff KIIHOYIKZ' 111111'111l1f1111 i:11y.v, .Vid .fp1'111g.f of 1Z111'k 1f125p1111', AI ,vpirif llffbfllll -111111 11111111 10 p1'11i512, g1111l 1'1f1'y fair fo 1'111'11. .I Ifflfllffkfjflff 111 11 ffflllj' 1f1'ff, Illllf f1i1f1f1111 f1'11111 fllt' 1'y1', jxlfjlff 11.1 61 f111111fy SI111' H1111 fvff T11 1f111'ff1 'ffflill tl 111111'1fy' MQY. If f11'1e1f 11111411111-:C11 111111 fr-:Q 1'o11f1! A1110-ic. IIJIFN .ffJ1:i'1f 1'c'11581f I0 LK, H111 if if 111 iff g1'111'11, 11111! O!1.' The 1lij1f1'1'11111'12 fo flfflj 'By CDJXK S'1'.1xifF. Qt irhsofxx page Extelle: "When I read about some of these wonderful inventions in electricity it makes me think a Iittlef, Illr. Hamilton: "Yes, isn't it remarkable what electricity can doin lggi MEMORIES Last Night while I was looking Through An old trunk Some letters Tied with Blue ribbon I found A dozen Thoughts flashed Through my mind And I was Worried. Not because Of any sweet Meniories Or guilty conscience But because For the life of me. I couldn't remember Who signed Those letters ug An e . I . Q ..,,,,,., . "This letter won't go for two eents,', ex- plained the postmaster. "It's too heavy. You'll have to put another stamp on it." "G'wanl,' grinned Jack. 'cIt's kiddin' me you are. Another stamp would make it heavier." 3'---it e, , Come Little Bo Blue come blow Vour sax 1 Y. , 1 ' For flappers in Hivvers or Cadillacsg O' where is the sheik that looks after the uchicksiv He's "petting" or speeding 'way out in the Usticksv. ,i 0 L... 9.0 Bud: "Something seems to be wrong with this engine, it-U Illariafz: "Don,t talk foolish, wait until we get OH' this main roadf, .A.:,,. Cwmmer fon Sunday morningj: "Give me change for a dime, pleasef, Hezlfey: '5Sure, and I hope you enjoy the sermon.', 0 ,g,.,,, A maid entered a suburban bus, And firmly grasped a strap, And every time they hit a hole She sat in a different lap. The holes grew deeper, the jerking worse Till at last she gasped with a smile, HWill someone kindly tell me, please, How many laps to a milefn o .., ...xi For folk: to lie about Meir frierzflf Is mzrfy dll!! zuzmulhg Aillf ye!-if might be len timer 'zvorse If they thou!! fel! the trufh. mm , 4.4, 'KOh, what a cute little dolly! Does she say llVIammay when you squeeze herfn "Nawl My dolly's a modern doll. When you squeeze her, she says, 'Oh, boyl' " 1,,:,.i AUM: M: "Where did you learn to be- come such a good knight, Sir Lancelot?" Earl' S: 'cAt knight school, of coursef, Tse ei My Q t sssjc s if I es J 195 LP-X "MI I f W- bw .M,..,..1 -Wmgwwmum AM-Mmm , r7e:.4p,':.1.....'Q-".+..'-'1".-....Z..-.,1-'--.....X:X :W Jw-WYYW W Y ' 1 ' t i ft Y' t "' M' A telephone pole never hits an auto except in self defense. g..,:,T A NOCTURNAL MESSENGER Lindsay had been listening for half-an-hour to a lecture from his father on the evils of late nights and late risings in the morning. c'Youyll never amount to anythingfl said his father, "unless you turn over a new leaf." Wagging his forelinger, he concluded, "Remember, it's the early bird that catches the Worm!" "Yes," agreed Lindsay, "but how about the worm? What did he get for turning out so early?" "My son,', replied the father, "that worm hadn't been to bedg he was on h is way." +,:,1 Shade of Haectlzorne: "Your old clock on the staizts is rather a back num- ber.', Shade of Longfellow: "So's your old Mansef' ,491 Bill: "I saw a man yesterday that weighed two tonsf' Roy: "Yer crazyf' Bill: "No, he was weighing lead pipef' f i 0,0 DON'TS T0 llllrr Bell: 'tChildren, don't study for this test, its easy." To Dave B.: "Don't dream so much. You're beginning to look pale." T0 Gladyf H.: "Don,t play popular music. You know we hate it." To Efierybofly: "Don't forget to laugh at this. ltls supposed to be funnyf, o ...iii Marian D.: "Bud, what's your favorite wild game?" Bud: "Footba1l." tg... "Oh, stayf' the young man said, "and rest Thy lovely head upon this vestll' "I wonlt replied the maiden proud, "Your Waterbury ticks too loudf' .,,:,-.. Mr. Cunyur: "I am going to speak on liars today. How many of you have read the twenty-fifth chapter of the textfw Nearly every student raised his hand. Mr. Czmyun uGoodl You are the very group to whom l Wish to speak. There is no twenty-fifth Chapterln el elk, x -4 - :K 2:4-hz gk- AV -,....a-- Df' N., .,,,,, W V W V 'Q:3'1"2 Y Y Y " " ' Y A- fe- J!!-2. , '-Yvff-W is . l Q- 7 , V W ,V ..-,,..--.-...,...--. -.. - I ,QF -,,...,-,...,ef,....I-..,-t X xg lx 'lbw ,fc I r YW H V VV 1, ..., -,,,..,,.,-.. ,. "Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a jailf' but, Oh, my gosh, how they can help!" Aleene: "Did you Hunk Chemistry?" Frank K.: "I'll say I did. I got zero on the hnalf, Alcene: "I see you're one of those fel- lows who stops at nothing." Teaflzer: "John, what are the Army and Navy for?" John Hall: "For? Oh, the Army and Navy forever." 'ff ,, E '4 in I 1 a 1 i 1 i 1 i 1 i I i , WE HAVE YET TO DISCOVER i A pump for the well of Knowledge, A blanket for the cradle of the deep, 5 l Food for Meditation, i i 1 New gloves for the hand of time, Q A razor to shave the face of the earth, V A shoe for the foot of a mountain, 5 A link for the chain of evidence, , Fillings for the teeth of the Wind, 5 I A key to unlock the door of success, l A rung for the ladder of ambition, E Glasses for the eyes of the law, l A new lining in the coat of paint. g x -H 5 i THE AWFUL FACULTY Q I i Some are awful fat, 1 i Some are awful lean, I Some are awful. sweet, Some are awful mean. fi I - 3 Some are awful cross, V Some are awful kind, Some are awful shrewd, , Some are awful blind. 3 Q Q Some are awful jolly, Some are awful sticks, Some are awful patient, , Some make awful kicks. Some are awful stately, A Some make awful clatter, f All are awful good to us, 4 But that's another matter. i, - , 2 i i 1 E I felt her breath upon my cheek, I I ' fHer lips were ruby redj. 3 i I felt her breath upon my cheek, Olercome with bliss I couldn't speak, l r I hoped that it would last a week. 1 i yu And then she spoke. "You great big geek, ' Get off my foot,' she said. Q E Q l ll I il , I ,. 11" 'fx p , 4 ,,,,,,, , 3 , Mm-Mwwwmi M'm"'iN ""'Ai' mm 'MYMW "i' "Mf'jf,,ffQ1iM Q ,,,, K, , ,,MW,, iilf'Ii3l73'lT.'g35 if 1 gifs' , "ff I "-f7Aff'ff"""A'n""'f" 'O""'A' "" 'H 'TWO' ,,AAi , 1 fxxxuh h jr l 1 1 H V The Blind Toefs Rhapsody 5 Q The 4A class on a summerls day, t From Oak Cliff High will go awayg 5 Now let us pause, ere they leave And see that they due praise receive. W, Now therels the president of this good bunch, l He certainly does have plenty of punch, l if li 5 . i His name is Prather and they call him Bud, i And l've heard tell that he lives by the rood. Forsooth, there's one who is always right, Because you see 'tis Harold Wright. Then there's the Kidd whose first name's Frank, Ah! hels an oflicer of very high rank. Oftentimes his voice does swell, But letls leave him for David Bell, Who really does deserve a yell. Charlie Strauss' is we know a very nice boy, So petite, fetching, and coy. Elliott Jackson is quite the stuff, , Verily, that is quite enough. Jackie Turner is quite a treat , And' as an artist he can't be beat. 3 Harvey Chamberlain wields the racket r l J I As for the ball, he certainlv whacks it. i Of Bill Jackson and of Fred Baker I i One should say that they are Quakers, y Because they really know their oats. i 1 , And then there's Hilliard who can have our votes. . , Bernell Brown's of world renown, 1 And VValton Gallagher's the man about town. 5 Halsey Settle toots his own horn, J 4 Q i A 1 5 And we believe he knows his corn. , I Horace Benson's such a major 5 The best in town-that's what we'll wager. i l Arthur Jordan's a Monkey you know, i 6 And lkey McDaniel sure holds to his dough. 2 i Tiny Tim Kirby is a very smart lad, i , And so is his classmate Tom Bonner, by Gad! Jimmie Wilkinson's a ladies man, l Drew Dorsey's the one who rides in the can. l Frederick Cason's our second Poe, 5 And Wayne McClusky makes the pigskin go. Fred Harris is forever a hero- 5 gg Why, he's so sweet he must eat karo. 5 lfarl Sealey has such winning ways, A Q George Leyhe says, "'Tis the man who paysf' Q i Merce Lackland is so ultra modern, qi, Claude Williamson says his hopes are totterin'. i Kid Mathews is heap big fierce debater, 31 And Austin Griflith's quite a rater. l e l 2 l ffr, M HHH Q, Lg.f..w:..Q.,,..mQsQ.gfl,-n..-................,. Y ?3"'f X T " ' H ,,,,,,.,..,..,,,.,.,m,,,,. , -jf? K Yugi-in V 1 X ., , t 121421 2 :W W e i it Now there are some who have the gout, And then there are others who never pout, But this poor poet's all tuckered out. Let the waning sex be what they may, For now the superior must have her day. And now when I think of the pretty girls, It makes my head go in dizzy whirls. There are so many and they are all so sweet, Let us say here, they canyt be beat. Some are smart and some are pretty, Others are cute and others are witty. lfach and all have their feature redeeming, When in a bunch they with pep are teeming. Well, we will stop here and bid you adieu, When you read this please dorft say aphewu. ELDA V. Want olds Wanzed.' An automatic theme writer of unlimited capacity. Apply to Freshman class. Lost: My Latin book. Finder please keep same, as I don't need it. Re- ward. Aleene Robertson. Wan!ed.- By desirable parties someone to furnish pins. Apply Labi ref- erences required. Chemistry Students. Lost, Strayed or Stolen: "Say, Mr. Cunyus, what is proteins?" Wanze1l.- Jokes. No invitations-Oak Stall. Found: Two cuff buttons. Not mates. F. K. VVamled: Someone to keep count of the girls Earl S. has "crushes" on. Lost: My dog, a full blooded cur, one eye gone, left ear half chewed oil, limps slightly. On his neck is a handsome card engraved with his name, "Seldom Fedn. Reward offered for his return. Natalie Matthews. Wlzat'5 In cz Name? .e .er tgdt - A vi, ,:?VYjgYg3. Aww i " 'cts' . 'fi if ...i"i- , ..,... - -M-.,.,..L,g.-..gifQ.. V 'l , 1 ii 12 ii 3 gi F l i l l: P G 4 l i. l li l l s N i l ,N 4 : lb F i E n I I I l l l l i li l i i i F l , 'I i, i P Y P E i ..43ig1ifeg g1igfj,K ,.fre W -1 ...f.e.-. i X sf I.,,,,, .,, WF, f, ,. ,, ,xx g , ,r I i, X gk 1 I, .f - 7, ni, f' ' ,1 a, MI fs. . , ,,,, ,, , 4, ' We' 1 . ,--47-2.17 . ..Y... .,.W..,-..--.... .. -.- N... WT., 'g..?... 7, WY, ASK.. Burns, the coal man. Freeze, the ice man. Dyatt, the restaurant man. Spoiks the lireman. Steel, the policeman. Walker, the mail man. Leeks, the plumber. Tou, the cab driver. There have been several instances of policemen's names beginning with other than KMC!! KCO!.D 7 F amom Sayings There's a fool born every minute .Barnum On with the dance .,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,7l,,r, St. Vitus Well! Well! ,,,,..,,,,...,.l Y l,,,,.,,,, ,,,,Rebecca Hope everything comes out all rightnjonah Gosh all hemlock! ,,v,,,.,,,,,,,,, , ,..,,,,., Socrates l'l1 bite ..,,..,,,,..,,,-,,. , .,,, , ...r,,r,,,,,,,,,r,,r,, Eve S0 this is Paris t,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Helen of Troy l'm sorry I have no more lives to give for my country ,,..,,,,,,........,,... A .,.,..,,,. Plutarch The bigger they are the harder they fall ,s-.-...-A.-.,,..-.,,.,v-,,----.-.,,,,.-.,,,,mm David Two of a kind ,,v......,.....,,. , ...,.,,,,s,,.,,,, Noah I guess I brought the house d0wn,.Sarnpson Stung again .,..,....... , ....,,,,,l,,.,,,,.. Cleopatra Satin Time Slarve with U: MENU CHILI Chili gc ln bowl IOC With bean IIC With beans ISC With bread ljc At table zoc Water 8: Crackers 21, 22 Roy SANDWICH ES Fresh bread gc Stale bread 2C With filling 8c With butter loc ln wrapper Igc Service zoc DEVILISD EGGS Eggs cooked gc Hulled 7c With filling IOC With salt I2C With hunk of lettuce ISC CFLERY M stalk 4C Washed gc With coating of dirt 6c VVith flower top jc Dis-heartened Qc On dish lOc OLIVES Olive IC With stems 2C Seed 3C Wrinkled 4c In plate gc PIE Pie gc Gooey 4c With crust 6c With foam 7C In saucer IOC At table IIC Jn , Y 1' , Jf' , f 377, V n.f W, ' .,r"f 'K7 ,5 - .151 X-W, xv x V, - A -J 1 Z lj 'C 'lf U Y- Y f-'va NX 'W .K , I X -fL'f,.f'k ii Y Af 'Ji Li, fl The. . O h give me an idea and I'll try to Write something. "Snookie" A h I canit do any Writing if I'm art editor. Jack K ey Where is it? Mrs. Taylor S end that material to the engraver. Eloise E. T he typing is finished. hlarguerite A m I supposed to Write up track, too? Eloise H. If illers is Where I shine. Evelyn A. F ixing up athletic notes is no easy job. Estelle Favorite Sayings Senior: "Have you ordered your invitations yet?" Aflom.voii: "Are you on the scholarship club this month?" Eloise UI have to go to the printer's this afternoon." A llie A.: "All Acorn material must be in by .... " Aleeiie R.: "Mr, Cunyus, what's that purple stuff in that jarfn Bill .MeC: f'Es im are . . . ,Mia Ciiiiyus: "Forever and anon." Snookie: "I can't live." Eloise "I must get a tennis game? Morg'uei'ile.' "Give me that Oak material to type." .. 1 ' V ra ' ,,.-if YJ, ' 1gj2'25'W gf A Q A it 3 We-1f1fef,ue 5 111 N ..., ui.,.m1Qf YDO0 Dad 5 LIFE'S LITTLE JOKE She passed. X I saw i And smiled. She turned And smiled An answer to my smile. I wonder If she too could know Her npetticoatv Hung down a mile. 191 f 0.0 l've quit the hold up gang, Illl hang around the joint no more. With a little sigh and a little cry The garter stretched out upon the floor. fffemoredj 11,:,1-- INSPIRATION A maiden passed with silken hose, Well suited for display, A spinster puckerecl up her nose, And turned her head away. The maiden went her way content, I The men all stopped to stare, And then the spinster up and went 7 "Life is just one damp thing after an other," said the Clothcsline to the Under shirt. Q 11 ,311 S1mol'ie: "Oh, llm losing my equili briumf, Jack: "I'll turn my headf' 11.:.11 The fireman's song, "Roll up your hose.' fCem0redj If all chauffeurs who snooze and sit Would use their time and sew or knit, They could supply all refugees With sweaters, sock and . . . Pear's Soap 1.91 Janet: "How was your new slip-on? U Janine: "It went over bigf, -Brouvz Jug. 1.31. You may not lllllzjdllffdllrf our joker, They miglzf mem old ami dead, But ilzey do, if: juxt Lemuxe V And bought herself a pair. T fwy'f'e 'fray above your head. 1 +'I"- 5 1 Cop: "What's the matter with youl Why don't you blow your horn at l crossings? " ,i Fay: "Sorry sir, but every time I do, all the girls step out to the curbfl I . . E 114:911- ll -1 , Dreamy music, Q Balmy air, , Teasing eyes, t Wavy hair, A seat on the porch I Just built for twog , Cherry lips, X What else could I do? "., . :Tix- , A-,gf L,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,,,..,,...-,,.1,-.s,1...,1.n--11 my iiii 1:1 1 ,. .A Yfffff , ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,, Tie 'J' ' i '-T-1--A-4-MNTAM-'-I V qi T Ti-., p i Q K The oak it 'M M Mr. Cunyus: "There is a man in town who has such a wonderful power of concentration that you can see the blood rush to his head. Most of you Juniors' blood is in your feet." lqgi A PUNCTUATED PUN Music comma voluptuous music comma was wafted leisurely through the am- bient aii' period The melancholy sweetness of the soporific night comma the alluring aroma of a Turkish cigarette comma the mellow radiance of the celestial orb comma begat a sensuality unparalleled in the annals of annuals period A de- gage assemblage of June iilles were yielding to their own artistic desires period Here and there across the dreamy moonlit pathway comma in and out among the milky moon Vines comma amid theiscarlet poppies comma and the lotus comma the sylphlike Terpisichoreans glide period In brighter corners of the garden comma billet doux with signs were written period Among the flowers there was one whose mien bespoke the thinking mind period Often times she tore her hair and in a frenzy relapsed period Her sister nymphs had left her quite alone ex- cept when mischief claimed them for her own comma for she was busy and her mind severe period Long did she labor with musty volumes pressed conjunction glancing about at her lithesome sorores triumphantly she cries comma and quota- tion marks Here comma is just one more crazy story for the annual period and quotation marks upside down. .-..:,,.. FIRE DRILL RULFS FOR OAK CLIFF HIGH SCHOOL I. When fire alarms are given, students should depart on a dog trot, leaving teachers to their fate. 2. Students are requested not to stop to get their books, as they are not worth the trouble. 3. Donlt allow other people to step on you-unless they are bigger than you. 4. If the stairway assigned to your section of the building happens to be in flames, do not s oil the system of rocedure bv usin anotherg 'um from l P . 1 . .P. . 8 n J P the window or stay inside the building. They may put it out, anyway. 5. Anyone smelling smoke is requested to report same to principal's ol'I'ice. Failing to lind him in ollice, it is necessary for one to sit down and wait until he comes. Upon returning to recitation room he must present a tardy card duly signed. 6. Any person catching tire will be immediately put out. Us .,," Z' ima QQ, .. as1..gggiseifeieiegigggagsgggi?Xu lhhu A pr I y I 1 I ,. . '. . ff. ffffif .ro J' . 4' ' ' ...,.,..n......m....W....,a l 5 fm "---A--A fr----W'--M---V--H f'f-' I df! Q 5 NLE?"Z''E?:ijf:::::1,..,... g.i.-...-m..if" I I ll l I I 5 I l . I f PAGING MR. WEBSTER l To Elia, VVlzo Bemmex lmupportable That you are hypcrthermicd' is excusable. 1 I even might forgive your hyperphasiafl' l Some traits of yours are very nicely usable, Q i Yet you are growing crazier and crazier. 2 Produits de Coty, Tussy, Houbigant, I , 3 In moderation are most laudable. I f But now I cease to be the confidantg L My protest shall be open, audible, I, since the days of early infancy, I Have never overlooked hypertely.Q I I Wanton, avauntl Your lures are not for me. -Excluwge. "Having an excess of heat. 'fMorbid volubility. QAn extreme degree of initiative coloration or ornamentation, not explainable upon the grounds of utility. o M...-1 I know the reason the lion rages: He thinks the zoo's outside the cages. I i ......g:.M l Who, these days, is happier than The chronic, malignant baseball fan? I -eo- E l ' if Speakzng of Teachers Poe Had. . I Miss SMITH 7 was the one I had four years. Very precise and exacting. You wouldnlt think 5 3: of not getting your lesson. Rather tall and stately. Also kind and patient. MISS MCDONAL 5 Very young, ultra modern. Type you would call by first name. Had fa- ? vorite football boys. However, very good teacher and quite broad-minded. Q 5 MR. COX ' E Original wise-cracker. Amusing and droll. Very, yes very lenient. What . 5 you learn under him you learn from the sweat of your own brow. MISS HAWKINS 1 Type who never assigned lesson until bell rang and was constantly saying, X "Let me have your attention pleasel' or "Class you seem unusually noisy today." g if Asked few questions and occasionally popped a test when it was least expected. r i MISS YOUNG l was the one who handed out detention cards indiscriminately but the joke was that she knew not to whom she had given them. r 4 I I 5 i I MISS MILLER was the one with the uncontrollable tem er, who u braided a u il before his .I X, Vg 1 P I P P P 3 classmates and sent him to the oflice to waste a period. f MRS. TAYLOR 5 i was my favorite. She had pep and understood the younger generation. She I 5 knew what it was all about. 5 E 1 : ! 1 Q l q 1 up gn -VCX,-, ft 'IAN l i'Wfif"Wm'm 'QQ ,,', .QQ ' .QQ . .N . iii ,," "11'fQQn""T.. ' W' l "Ruin M X , v.,w,,,,qmW-Mm 7? S- 11--134 YDJV' M A -if-Ii 4' WWMMA aff.-Rf' rfesxwng T' ' . , r ,,,:g,f Rf 's-efseggcsj 1 if L .Ar ' ew emi, Tfmoak Q "Oh, Rose, your husband tried to stab himself, but praise be to God, he's still alivel" ' "Poor John! He must have used the wrong knife againf' Mir.r Beff: "How do you know Evangeline was the first wicked poem in America?" Vivien C.: "Why, doesn't Longfellow say, 'This is the forest prime evil?, " Bill: "The next time you bid no trump, Ilm going to take you outf' Alvif fwith a titterj: "Oh, Bill, and therels such a heavenly moon, too.', -Sianforrl Clmparml. "Gosh, I,d hate to be a tishll' "Zatso? Why?" "Why, then Ild have to live in schools all my lifef, ..,,:,1.. She: "How long can a man live on his nerve?" He: "How old is your father?" ...,:,1.. Teaclzer: "Where is Berlin?" Little Junkie: "In New York, writing a new song hitf' .g,:,,.. "Hear about the Scotchman who just went insane?,' "No, what was the matter? "He bought a score card at the game and neither team scoredf' -4.54. 77 Uly.frc:: 'Q-Xvast there, matel What art thou chuckling at?,' Seffyfzz: I'Oh, I just feel Scyllaln lag..- Hattie: "Alice sold her love." Cafty: "How terriblel" Harrie: "You don't understand, the dog got the mangef' ..,:,.,. YIC DAILY HUNT "Did you do as we planned? U spoke an imperial voice from the musty gloom of the dark little room. The girl to whom the words were addressed rose wearily placing some heavy dark objects under her arm. She slowly walks to- ward the door with downcast eyes and with the pensive air of one who is trying to remember something. Suddenly she turned and through the shadows the imperial person sees her face turn pale. Her eyes grow wide, she pauses, asks a question in a tense voice. The person jumps from her chair, fear and frenzy hasten her flight. She rushes about turning over musty volumes and mumuring, "Lost again, every day it happens, this is killing me." The girl drops her pack- ages and feverishly joins in the search. All is a scene of confusion while the girl and the little person rumage and upturn, both of them moaning at inter- vals, "What ever will we do, lost again, it is the bane of our existence." "I can't live a minute,'l sighs the girl and drops into a chair worn and fatigued, while the small peqson twists a tiny lock of hair and seems on the verge of a fit of frenzy. She pauses, thinks, walks to her purse with a dqter- mined air. Triumphantly she screams, with joy beaming from her countenance: 'Tfloisel Here's the key.', CRI, ,tier .K ,...,..,..,................,............ pk r . , Y , Muzi.. i"6Z"u'1 fi " T iff, if I Wifi f ..'-f --N.. . Y . ffl l Q I , fit: , giigg, A,.. C, Q Nag, V7, g C W M 5,V, ,.m-........ -J--2-0-rrrwnw 'swf A-"my WITHIN THE OAK ROOM Jack take a pencil and paper and take these down. They've got to be in tomorrow. Snookie, I'm going to throw you in the waste basket if you donlt shut up. Oh, I know, for the Hi-Y picture draw a Y high. I love Jack's soxs. These are tricky soxs. Wear like this and they are plaid, turn the top down and they are blue. We've got to have something. We're going to have a little Doo Dad section. Come on don't be negligent. We'll have a negligee section! That's spontaneous combustion! You got that right now. She's going to be a mad Spanish girl. Got after a little Spanish boy, etc. Oh, we got to have an Art Club section. For the French dooey have a French girl carrying a dog under her arms. Aw! they don't have dogs. Why they do I guess I carried dogs like that when I was in France. Listen you work on the Doo Dad section tonight. Oh! it'll be censored. I'll be a doo dad tonight. The Firemen's song, "Roll Up Your Hose." Cuter! How was the hunting? fReads from other annual., Rotten! How's that? Everytime I aimed at one duck another swam in front of it. That's too good. What is that, Jack? Let,s tell 'em some of those jokes we heard at the Melba. One time there wuz a traveling salesman stopped at a farmcr's house- Listen kids, I gotta go. I've gotta go to the engravers, then to the photo- graphers, to the kodakist. All depart and silence reigns supreme. Q MV..- "Dearest, I always think of you-alwaysf' "You do think of the most wonderful things." o ,-gf., TO MR. CUNYUS We, the undersigned, petition the Chemistry Department to keep the doors and transoms closed while the young experimenters are compounding hydrogen- sulphide, aloes and rue! Hemlock and Hades! Snakes and nightshades, Satan and Sauerkraut. In the name of all, close the doors, stop the scent. JACK PROCTOR, Pfuafiflezzt of Affanlif Oman. ERNEST MATTHEWS, Ojjicial Kicker. ROBERT PIPES, Chief AnJZ'i.YUf of Hiriory Club. JACK PROCTOR, Librarian Chief. T 4? will 'iliililili he fc' o 2511.3 toor"j-j,jf.jjQjgjj,ggQj,,.H r M3 . V, -..R -C . . A ,., Ugg. 1 I k !s,.'1lg5dH T -xx! T71 6 U , , . -e,.,.-,.,....1i 32, e l 1 l r l i , l 'J I 5 f i i , i. Y li r it rl u E li 1 1 i L I l E i I v ti Eloise Eubanks, .,,,,, Allie Angel ..,,,., ., Halsey Settle,-.,,, Frank Kidd, ,,...,., Miss Tilley ,.,,,.....,, Frances Frazier ., ,,,, . Allene Robertsonum- Snookie. ...,.,,...,v..,,,, Joe Fred Cason, ,,..,.., LES INSEPARABLFS and-.. .. ,...,. ,.,.- .,--....a1zrZ--,....,, ...-,..,and--,,.,,., -.-UW and..-..,,, , ,..-,,,,anfi--..,,,,. .-.,,. and.--,.,,.. ..,.s.a7z1Z,,-,., her "crowd" ,,r,,,.,,,,her smile ,,rl-,,,his business -.,. ..... his mirth .,.,,her red ink ,,,,,,.-.....,,her reveries her presence of mind -.,,,,-,-.-..-.--,,..her silence , ..r,,, his seriousness Dorothy SPI'0lC. .....,..,., ......,, iz nd., .,,, --,-....., h er coolness Miss RUHHH .....,,..,,,,,,,,,.. . .r.,,, and .r,, . ,.,, ,, ,...,.... her sauciness Maggie LCC MCCQIHIS , ,..,,,. .,.,, , ,and ..,. . ...., .,..... . h er demureness Elda VOCllCCl ,,.,,..,..,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, and ,s,Y---,Y -Y,YY,-,,,,-, h er giggle Maxine Bryant ,,,..s,,,,,. ,,rr ,,,,, 11 n ,Z ,,,, . ,,,,, ,,,,,,w,,w, h e r "Uke,' Mr. AdaII1S011,--.. .... ,r,,,, 4 nd ,,,, . ,, ,.,- ,,,, , YiYYA,, , Whig Pointer Mr- A116117 f-.ff.. ,,,,.. . and ,...,,,.. ....,. h is beautiful eyes Drew Dorsey ss..,, ,,,... , ami s,., 4 ss,., .ssss.sssss,ssssss h is spurs Virgil Pope ......,,, ...,., a nd .... . ...., ,,.,,,, h i s conscience lone Cooper-. ..,,..,.,... ...and .... . ...,, ,.,,.......,...,, h e r shyness Edith Hamilton ,,,,,, . ...., ,ami .... .,., ,,.-,..,her love of work MCYCC L ..........,,,.A. , ,,,,, am! ,.,, ...,.,.....,, his red hair Jimmie HlgglHS ,,,, ,,,,,, a mln -, ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , his pompadour MiSS GraV6S f--.ff-fvff.. ...s ,and ..,,,.. A ,..,,... ,her thoughtfulness Raoul Bethancourt. ,.,.,,, .,,r,, , and ,,,, . ,,,,, ,,i,,wB,ii,,,,,,,Y , uhis Sii-'5 WHAT I AM GOING TO BE The Whole cheese ,,,,,,s,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,..,,.,., ..-,,A,,...,,.,,,,,.,,,,..,,r,,, ,,iir, , , H OIQCC Benson A red hot tin horn .,,.,.....,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, F rank Kidd Happy ....,......,,.s,.......,,,,..,,,,,.,,,,v Sunday School superintendent ..,. An angel with gilded wings ,,,.., Member of Congress ,,,,,,.,,.,,,,. Farmer ,...., . ,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,..r,,r,,,,,,,.,, , A Prof. of general information , ,,,,, Reporter ,,,,,,,.r.,,,,, ,,.,,,,,..,,,,..,,r,,, A slave of labor ,,,,.,,,......,,,,,,,,, , A poet ,,..,.,,...,,,,,,. - r,,.,,.,,, . A captain of industry ,,,,,,, A soldier of fortune ,..,,,, A wandering Willie ,,,. A high diver .......,..,.,... Marathon winner, ,,,,,..,,,, A board of education .,,r..,,, VVee Willie Wvinkie ,...,,,, Father of my country An authority ..,.,,,.,-,,,,,,,,,, The speed limit chauffeur.. A public speaker ,,,s..,,.,..,, President of U. S., ,,,,,,. , Scmebody's sweetheart- ,,,-,,,Fay Hilliard ,,.,.,,,,Bill Burnett -.,..-,.,.,.Calvin Barker .,...-,..Henry Robinson ..,.,,,,,,,,Jack Turner ,....,.Joe Fred Cason Proctor ,,,.,,,,Ernest Matthews ,,,...,,,,,.Roy Lumpkin ,..,,,Harry Sutherland ,,,.-,, ,.--.James Cole .,.,,.Clinton Jones .,....r,..Eloise Hartman -,,,,..,,Pleasant Ienkins Staff ,,,.-,,,,,..Weldon Lee , .-,Mr. Courtright .--.-.Miss Alexander ,..-.----..,,Virgil Pope ,,,.,,,-Flliot Herman ,,,.,.George Holden Clyctte V , fit .M up! aaa,-.,.g..Y ...S,.....q.i.,. ..,,:.,..i ,.s.d.......,..-...-... 1 X Xi? 33, Mixqpv Y , ,, u.-- We. mm., , ij? Nsslxgi if r-f iz: e ai ' S " "P, f., -, , , ,, , ' MMM AV-4 HMM X . ,,. Y ,,,.,,,wN Y Tilllfffm S f.,sml.lE.i,,, U A l E 5 il E i lf Mr. Adamson, our worthy "Supe,', 4 X Should try to learn to "loop the loopl' E As has been done by many a dupe, 1 Wouldnit 1 it 1 ' be i Q funny? i X If Mr. Leftwich, grave and stern, I Should take this plan, his wage to earn, And try to do a trapeze turn, Wouldn't it be funny? If Mr. Gillespie should try to be As silly as some girls you see, And quote the slang "you can search me,' Wouldn't ir be funny? lf Miss Eisenloher should weep and wail At all the essays old and stale, And then forget her class to fail, Wouldnlt it be funny? If Mr. Hamilton, on some date, Should happen in a little late, But mark himself ten after eight, Wouldn't it be funny? If Mr. Smith should try to do The problems hels sent classes thru, And find he had no likely clue, Wouldn't it be N funny? If Miss Falls tried to cook i As she has read it from a book, 1 And never at the oven look, Q X Wouldn't 1 if Q be i funny? 1 gr A ,nw YQLX ,S A--all iz: lp?- Clfff A f 7 , CTT ' A - v gp I 11 ag O A ig, g NEGATION "Please, now, honey, just one more." UNO ,I "Why not? Don't hold off just to be meanf' Cl-NO ,Y "It means so much to me, dearest. Please now, just one more and then I'll prom- ise-l' ccNo!n "Most girls would be flattered to death to have me urging them like this-know that?U Still she shakes her head. "Don't you want me to even like you any more?" K'Ye-esf, 'fWell, then, you might be a little more agreeable about such a small matter, dear." UNO ,Y "Come on now be a ood s ort dear. 9 J P 3 just shut your eyes and-U ALNOUJ "Open those red lips, just a tiny bit- "Nol,' Silly, isn't itf But just how do you get that last spoonful of cereal inside your own little girl? 5-9.- TWICE-TOLD TALES Once upon a time there was a king who had twelve snappy-looking daughters. They slept in twelve beds all in one room, and when they went to bed their door was locked, but every morning their shoes were worn through, as though they had been dancing all night, their pocket flasks and cigarette cases were empty. Nobody could find out how it all happened. The king got disgusted trying to solve this mystery, it took away too much time from his golf and crap-shooting, so he broadcasted our B-L-A-W that whoever got to the bottom of the affair could have his cellar and the crown when he died. Who- V 5' ever failed, after three trials would be forced to crank the king,s Hivver the ICSI of his life. After about six princes threw away their lives in the reckless manner an old pugilist came to court. He had been told by an old Gypsy fortune teller that if he'd wear a derby she gave him he'd be invisible, and if he wouldn't drink the king's home brew the Happers offered him heid be O. K. Well, he followed the instructions and as soon as he started snoring the Happers hopped out of bed and into their glad rags. And then the worthy pugilist learned one of the eight great truthsqit isnit the dress- ing that takes the time, it's the application of war paint. The war paint applied, the fiapper with the shortest skirt and longest ear rings blew six smoke rings under the bed and knocked three times on her Hask and a trap door opened in a wardrobe trunk. They all descended, the ex-pugilist acquired his derby and followed. At the bottom they found twelve princes, twelve canoes, and twelve ukeleles. After a sere- nade of '4Bye Bye Blackbird" they proceed- ed across a lake and Charlestoned and drank and smoked till the orchestra wore out and they ran out of booze and weeds. Where- upon they returned home. The pugilist had a red hot time, so he decided to hold out on the king and go again. Everything went off fine until, when stooped over to pick up some dice the Happer with the shortest skirt had dropped his derby fell off. The twelve sheiks mobbed him, bound him with ukelele strings and gagged him with their neckties and tossed him in the lake. After that the flappers got conscientious and told their ole' man all about it. Where- upon he sighed, gave them all a new Pack- ard roadster and the Princes all a wife, and went down to see about his latest batch of wine. Moral: Derbies should be treated with carel --fg-ff5?'9pjx X -ea, . , ,. ,, 1 , , iw md, V' I -JY--,,,ww , A A V 52 4' 1, es. ...-, W . - -Y - N 8, - ,,...a,.,......,.-....,....,-.:...-............-....... li' V- N is ..... - r , 1 1 Xe, 1 I L, 1 j . ii x x -an ' i ' - ' " in si sa., . ff' ,: Y 1-, Sepfomber c aber ovsmbw- December Cznnunry J.T Qggirtzlp .- Aa i I X 6 ' 1 ,Sf 2 W6 V, ' it I l F Ji l' ' jv tt e tr O 1 IV Stfffflllbffi A month of red hot weatherg thermometer riding the moon. All present at roll call Sept. 20. L-O-C-K-lf-R-Sl Oh such fung 'l'IiACHIiRS! which shall it be? Be just as we vvish. All ready for work. S-li-N-l-O-R-S Oh! how important. Offnber: Polls opened and closed. livery class pleased with its oflicers, sponsors, teach- ers+l mean maybe. Assemblies galore-Crack Company VVinner, .-Xeorn and Ualq sltrimmishing' for subscriptions'-Still hot. Antique elulw springN into laeing. Av0f't3l1lL."l'.' Football in the airl Turkey on the tahle-Leopards panting to go to top. Acorn outl .-Xllie happy. Report Cards in for another six weelqsl l'lverj'hodj' happy. lJrfr111L.f'1'.' Oak Cliff spirit red as a cranherryl Holidays npproachingl .-Xsseinlwlv? Scholarship Club presiding. Parties to celebrate the Christmas spirit- Snoxv our guest, Santa Clause comes and goes-lflda watching for Santie. Jcllllltlfy : New Year dawnsfgood resolutions, class spirit high. lVIr. Adamson happy. Basket hall above the horizonflfxaminations at hand-Crain! Craml Craml Bill and Sztphioma and all their kind in tears for their failures, FELi'llr1I':V : 4B's meeting still. 4.-Vs quit meetingfgo out. One-Act Play contest. Girl Reserves and Hi-Y still meeting. Faculty stunt the inonth's surprise. Girl Reserve stunt-a success. That Never-lfnding .-Xtlair the lf. A. with us. 4 l S 3 l i 3 5 i l 2 a E I 2 i . i 3 ! 1 . i I i 5 1 i i i 1 i X. h. l i i l W.. , .,, 7' ., .7 W, . X e . x . J, t f y x -W ... .. .....-.. Y....,....Y,.. ......,, ..K., ,. - ' 1, . i 5 'E 1 w 'Z . I ,-.Wy--9.---zlxibxr f V Y V ir Yip V wi j 4-.,.......-.-...... v. i Ai 3 l i e l Q i X i i i i x i 4 l l Y l T i i I l, 1 I I I i r t 5 , i 1 2 e-,-... .-. . 1' .1 .1 Jllarclz .' Fire drill+fall out! ll Lou Forbes and her new idea orchestra. Operetta try out. Senior play try out. Scholarship Assembly-Oak Cliff Broadcasting. Dallas Power 8: Light sparking. 4A meeting-"Pastels or White?" A pri! .- Spring meetings-picnics. Spring Acorn out. Seniors waxing sentimental. Senior play practice. Tennis quibblings. Mr. Stoekard visits lfnglish Teachers. Reports out. Oak gone to press-sponsor a rag and a bone and hank of hair. Editor a wreck. Business manager flying light in finances. May: Reports in. Students studying. Final Fxams at hand. "Snookiel' 22:23 down der. at Hutchins. The last Acorn falls from the years tree. Jun: .- The Oak-a buster. Hooray! Freedom and recreation forever! Adieu Adieu Adieu. A :ii . 1 A -1 is ' . .. p , -pc.,p. ffvv xiii L - farm... March H' 9,111 ' Nw Jw ... M71 - X . K . ' ff,-F" l FAQ, Q F Q 'YN wg ' -Ll' x . .. iiTq,1L - ' 3 JT ., ...,, em--. Q. .QT,-,,,.-L.I"N'.L.'"A'I1if.M"'i"m""' ,fs iii..-4' 'rx fr.- ,.... fa .- M - 1 -W'-we-we---'--ever .K pXX if if K fs if N x ,. q A 'r"w"'fA"' 5 ' J A , As You Uleref . 'G , , S 2 ' . .- ' . V X 4 . QGQK' MGI' . if ?06V-IA 1 -I Oq:"'w'ol Ht DH! Kzhken ?5lie.e. k11e-4f29fQ51fnM2iQL1LMv-ww-QL. , 3 wi i 7 y f il F3-1 enrlbj Zvxeywes., GNL 2 Qraeff, es Cn: Look W f, WY-, V , Q, HT' ' . 7 y ' Q5 ff ew-wx t All these dull pages are just about ended, All our reniarhs have been eoniprehended, Modesty forbids us to call thena bright, But if you don't think so, you're dense as night. VV e trust we have walked on no tender toes, But some people are sensitive, goodness hnoftosl For wounded feelings, we suffer reinorse Please don't feel hurt, but consider the source ...s - -'rx , ,--Q X, V P, o K lwygf-1' e -' s V --X QJYUTOGRAPHS Qur Cl CH vc-:rtisers .-Xll thc llu: "The Shop fcifb 41 Surf" ic uwcl :ln Oak Clif? High this yen came from E. C. COUNCIL Hugh Tcmplc "Thr -'llmif' fll.111" 2-3804 ll'fze1'e M0 you buy hyrzuliv? T ll lu. '1'11 . ll wg q Cl T Gozng to t e CD0gs l U yr. ,V 14 ' l, XXL . T ,T l h-1 fi" 9' T, XV' Jgigf, . . . . J " Yl x 'hw' wlll he thc ultlmzzte destmzmon of all mat- lff g4ffl . ' . . . l sf Q w,Qf'1'Sl Wg, l ,ll trcsscs that arc not rcpzurcd m t1mc. Reg LC.. 1 , V j I l " 1 'mx A ', 4 T' "' mf" mcmlvcr the adage about the mme stltches amd X ' "1 Ziff' -Y M, , f, Xxxkf-, X allow us to show you how wc Cam make Z1 food , X . E Ai ffl" fqgmi QM jolv out of zz lmdly dumzxgccl mattress. l .lllllflmfffl ,ll'FlQ5'fllfflllfl'l'll lllllllllllllllll fl 'll""' " " lCJDyQf6nrl,f7,,QQf,5Qp ' 4, 7 D W A , y 1- I Our U zllow and ffafmttuzfz I systwz the most sanitary and DIREC 1420 N,Z1mgs Blvd clwznsing 7l1f?Ill0IIl . T MATTRESS CO. ff-rm: 'lliz-nz IIQM , 6-5 1 5 1 .o. f'f,ll1,"f.'111ff1Xf of Iilmnie Powers QI Ymre ln U.1lQ Clif? f!1t?i'f?H ... Y, LX, UI4en's VVM r-TD ry goods-Shoes ICHULS - E:LLIS 0- "DI'II'FNDABI,E MICRCHANDISICI' Phone 9-87 I I Bishop at 7th H uh Furniture Co. Ou! of the fligfz Rent Diilrizft Beckley and Jefferson Qfqlfzwoyr zz Good Sfzofw at The R1aItO Un I3iShop Between Sevenlh S1 Ifghth 7 s' W Jane 5 Beauty Shoppe FOR PERM.'XNI'fN'I' XVAVES AND IVIARCELS 'I'IIA'I' S.-XTISFY We offer you Better Beauty Service CHAS. OTT 9-9240 404 N. Bishop I NO DOUBT I-xBoL1'1' IT 'T.e1mi,v RmfAfez,f 4BjI'jII'!B,f Pfzulizze: 'ILn:1t night I clrenmed I was Y in heaven." J. C.: "Did you see me there?" l'oufi1zf2: "Yes, that! when I Itnew I 2-C097 IOO7 I'IIl11 Sf, was CII'Cil1IlIl1g.U BISHOINS PHARMACY "IVfze1'c Oak Clif Trader" GRADUATE PHARMACISTS 6-2131 6-2131 CD0n,t get Fresh .... - but keep your clothes that Way! Call ARRETTS "NVE KNOW' HONVU LLFANING DYJCING 'IKXILORING nc ' ' ' ' wx l1f Cffalll life flung 6 f ff C H Phone 6-23923 6-8931 602 IC. Jefferson ust real good clothes at of real low price -for the young man who knows and Wants the newest and best VICTORY WILSON Upstair at 1613 Main St. KIAS. K. WII.SON, Trefiflefzt. Sidney A. Matthews Insmfomue of OU! Kimlx II I WV. xIcI'I'crson O-8956 U 5 EVERYTHING MUSICAL E 1215 GLM S11 Q DALLAS. TSX1 Oak Cliff Printing Co. f'o11m1enio! om! Job Y91'infi11g ENGRAYING 6-0-00 623 13. -IcfTcr SO Complimefztf of RAINBOW CIJEANING Qc Webb Candy Co. Candy ffm! SfzZi.fj54'.r RICTAIL 606 1Oth Street OAK CLIFF RENTAL LIBRARY COMPANY and BOOKSHOP 9:1 VV. Jefferson 6-2883 SCHOOL BOOKS "LUKE Talk LZl7716!?l',, Geo. VV. Owens Lumber Eg? Loan Co. IfSTABLISHI'fD 1886 WIC M.-XKII BUILDING LOANS Tlzree Yards "IO CYJITIITICI' 126 3 A S. Lancaster IIZ6 Hampton Road I 7-54,215 7-51:1 6-027-1g 6-1081 9-88109 6-4904 n I i I l 4 . l , lPlf!llL74'l'J' of 3 ' 1 The Best Cleaning, Dyeing ancl Laundrying in Dallas QUEEN CLEANING COMPANY Opposite Lake Clif? Park Phone 6-5I3I fmzllzwlifzzfwzls of IOI-IN G. FL-EMING CSL SONS OAK CLIFF PAPER MILLS IJALIAS, rIlIiXAS The Inzprowd SAFETY S'l'll'l'Z l STUTZ NORTH TEXAS Co. 1914 N II'1IVNOOClSt1CCf LILL Y I J ll Marmello Vanity Shoppe , Nor BR1oH'1' 1, tj- M117l07l. How is fOL1I loxcr getting 5,101 Q Let us suggest il nice along? " M-il K . P" 4 ' VV: '- , 'Z ' ffyrl Eglfdmtijlli Cfaf!y,f.' "He is tlie tlumlwest l have emi C X14 ' - seen. The other night tlie lights went out K V7 rw rv 777 :Intl he Spent all evening trying to lind out what was the matter." f II4, VV. Alefferson 6-T230 The btzfmfifui cofuei' enclosing this book was niznlc by THE AAMERICAN BEAUTY COVER COMPANY EDITION BINDERS Cover Makers for Smitlifrn Schools flli1f1'z iii Yirzffrzf idwizy Theater .lefllcrson nt lleeliley The Best in Pictures and Music Iii This 'Distinctive Bottle K A , ,f 1' Reg. U.S Pnr.Ol'f. lMlTATioN GRAPE- Nor GRAPE Juice A HAVOR V00 G4lVff'-URGZT ' g ' 'f Y -J? A i If, I Ula X W., W 'N I lm llgpwililgqwxwpl X wifi Qfu W-1aTtiil" Qs , ,za , 'H 'tl 'ff , ff lflll, W5 355553. . iw 1, sais atb.. is E .e fix f' SEZ- f'o3fi My 'J Qs? Z.-,-.N-'..., . Q- 55. Wars 5 " I Wim is - KX X, "'- X, 0 A ostles gvKlIlgS l V n no s fl X . dbh N o Home is Complete Withoitt a Telep hone TODAY 1 1 castles are rather passe, and kings are in the discard, but even in their heyday they could boast of no such things as you take for granted. No king could command the services which are at your beck and call. No castle contained the comfort and conveniences which are intrinsic features of even the smallest apartment or the modest bungalow. Few even had a clock. Yet some people today dwell in medieval incon- venience. There are hundreds of homes without a telephone! Is your "castle" upftofdate, or do you have to run over to your neighbor's to telephone? You will find that the cost of telephone servion is much less than it is worth, so valuable that you'll Wonder hovv you ever got along without 'ii Better apply for a telephone today. SOUTHWESTERN BELL: TELEPHONE COMPANY' :L-1:"A:D-1:'i'-'A' -4 A""" ' '-:1iffrf-- tt" --' M 'T?7""f2'32 "h'EA:4T?Eil1 ci Q 51' 4: , ua, ti 3 VM7hIYlUff4:t Q fm? 'N A f.v 'ti'- QW QM , pew , , W, iii, M ,W C, CYEETTEE Et TE EY so - O C or . ,fwni "IT'S THE CUT OF YOUR CLOTHES THAT COUNTS" On every American Campus you'llf1nc1 Society U M fy' Q: Brand Clothes worn by men who know. Kahn " Aff yogi: shows them in their typically comprehensive I manner. f E M KAHN st co A V ,, o o Q main and elm at lamar I Drink Bottled A . C ,r N I 5 9 COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. 1 D A L L A S Sears Roebuck 8 Co. RETAIL DEPARTMENT STORE Tozill incl it for y less at Sfars L. G. BALF OUR COMPANY MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS O jficial Jewelers The Senior Class of Oak Cliff High School Daffa: Ojfife: Iool Athletic Bldg. J. R. JONES 2-5390 More Students eat A GOOD DEFINITION A sport is any kind of work you retene no pay for. Q .Q . ee ood Hum0y,, WILLING TO HICLP than any other ICE CREAM in Dallas An old lady saw some boys bathing in the water reservoir. The Off! Lady: "lsn't it against the law to swim in here naked?" Joe Turley: "Yes, hut my father is the Police Commissioner, if you want to come in l'll get you out of it." APPRFCI.-XTION Fmflix "VVhat did Nlarion say when you turned oil' the light and kissed her?" Buff: 'lShe said she never wanted to see my face again." Q 3 FAIR ENOUGH The Dofforf "I will examine you for live dollars." Batter Buy generals ow Than Buy and Buy- HAGNER TIRE .-Mia Smzzm: "'I'hat's line, if you iind it l'll split it with vou.'l N ' Lommerce at Preston Phone 7-5050 FPZCUW Ff'flf'1ff2.2 Groves-Barnes PHOTO FRAMES VVe Install Auto-Glass WINDOW' GL.-XSS MIRRORS RESILVERED ,ATLAS ART GLASS tx MIRROR COMPANY 6-6840 1424 N. Zangs Lumber Co. Lumber, Hardware, Paints, Etc. Your B7li!1Zi77kQ' Slow 6-2 I 7 I POLAR ICE DELIVERY COMPANY QUALITY SERVICE SATISFACTION COURTESY 1433 N. Zangs Blvd. Phone 6-9336 More Than a Store I Texas I restitution! SANGER BROTHERS DALLAS WACO FORT WORTH Forfnzrfl with Taxa: Sizzfe 1.958 H ILLP OT Bicyclex and Sporlivzg Qoodx KEY FITTING AND REPAIRINC 708-IO It. Jefferson Ave. 'l1T,HE'GOET'f c GERCO Q53 'Ulu Shopping Center jifDaflaxZ Sincere Effort and Cheerful Service . . . LIFE demands the two together .... un- ceasing, tireless .... in payment for the things that mean to us 'fSuccess". Life demands so much from the student, just turning from school to the broad high- way of our Everyday VVorld .... how much more it requires of an Institution with the responsibility of service that is vested in our own store. Our Customers are persons whose ability to spend varies greatly. lVlany shop on limited incomes .... neces- sity counsels the greatest prudence. Others spend lavishly .... only their tastes and pref- erences to consider. Both classes shop here with equal satisfac- tion. Titche-Goettinger hopes to serve you as carefully, cheerfully and satisfactorily in the future as she has done in the past. JWandel5tam'5 EDI ENQQIB jj O fi ff M 8Xl'!IlJ'i'Z'8 lmzfliefl Sfore N- M Ready I0 .ear fWIilIine1'y HOW Lmgm SELLERS RADIO sHoP Q21 W, sl ff ron W ff 9-3511 9-9618 Phones 9 3303 Street cars Build Cities DALLAS RAILWAY AND TERNIINAL CO. J. D. Van Winkle Co. The SOZlZfIf,.S' Best BOOK STORE 1609-161 I Elm Street D A L L A S HE Tenth Street Chevrolet Co. will take the same interest in your automobile that the teacher takes in your boy or girl. Come to fee ur 607-9 E. ioth St. 6-6280 6-9977 6-1486 SHINE BATH GEORGES TAILOR SHOP "Let George D0 It" "Still the Sami' for it fx Still Ihr Tiff!" TENTH STREET BARBER SHOP Six good harbors that have plenty of time to give the whole family the very best service 622 lf. Tenth St., nt Lancaster St. CLEANING-PRESSING-ALTERATIONS 633 E. jcHvrson DALLAS THAT GOES FOR ALL OF THICM IV111. L.: 'lWhere do all the old auto- mobiles gofl' littgefte: mllhcy tlon't gof' Boys- We are glad for you to make our store your head- qU2l1'fC1'S. The only Complete Stock of JVlifitary 8Yllif77lEllf in Datfas wif! be found af "CARROLL'S" A .-.. I X A azrqfzzl mm' Qepefzdabfe LAKESIDE LAUNDRY 853 CLEANING COMPANY Zangs and Nlarsalis Phone 6-5161 MCDANIEL DRUG CO. :J plum' 'Zi'!1l'l'U rm! xw"uic'f f ' 1171 rzflzml fact. Give us a chance to please you FREE NIOTORCYCLE DELIVERY Call 6-5141 Davis and Edgeficld l - - W N, E l Jllzllmers Supply Co. DODGE BROTHERS i MfXR'I'IX VVIQISS, Tzurfffellf i l W 1 i f 01' l 'XVHOLIRSALH 411111 RETAIL BEAUTY-COMFORT i Vl lzy 'Pay Jllore. fDEPENDABILITY l i LOST FOR FAIR "What are you crying about, little boy? " "l'm lostf' X "VVhere do you live?" "I don't know we moved this morning." "W'hat's your nnne' UI don't know in imma got married ngzlin M R C O' l yesterday. 2 I QI Padgc f i i l X , CHEMICAL ELEMENT 61 l i 1 , Pzrst to be born i on 114 merzcan 5011 l UT of 400 pounds of gas light mantle material donated by a gas light inanufacturer, the University of Illinois chemists found that rare earth element Number 61, named lllinium. The gas industry has been co-operating in the worldls scientific research since 1808, when William Nlurdoch first piped his gas into the Soho engine works. It was the sticky mess left over in condensers at I1 coal-gas manufacturing plant that developed coul- tar dyes. I he Dallas Gas Company p fDi:pemer.r of .Natural Ga: to more 1111111 i 65,000 ffl tower: in Dallaf ami fix suburbr GOOD REASON Joe F.: "See here, I never parade n1y virtuesf' Vieiiw C.'hz1'h.' ul guess not-you have- n't enough to make a paradef' Q at TOO MUCH Teafher: "What do you know about Caesar and Ponipeyfv Lzzmphizz: "They both looked very much alike, especially Poinpeyfl O-511546-511616-5117 Red Cross Pharmacy "We Know flow" BLAINE BROS. Beckley om! Jefferson Ave. DALLAS, TEXAS Baker Flower o. INCORPORATED "'lJt1fft1.f' Szzzisrtefr Flora! fllarfl' -IOHN M.-XRLOWWQ, -fllgr. Nationally kiioun for Artistic Floral and Wedding lJt'co1':1tio11s. 2-2112 2-5131 Ofhfaxt flizcv 11 Slogan jfllfi w, H. FRY co. 7J8!i'L'8l'5 Ihe Qooris FiI'L'pI'U0f Wz11'eho11se FL'RNlTL'Rl'i and H.-XRDVVARF Phone O-2.165 BUSINESS COLLEGE DALLAS, TEXAS "The School U'ifh 11 Rtpllfzlfiblln The Metropolitan has made good for 40 years. Its cominodious buildings and excellent equipment, its able faculty, its standard courses of study, its strong Financial backing, its long career of useful service, its high standing in business circles, its wide reputation and influence, its busness-like man- agement, and its location in Dallas, the great coin. mercial center of the Southwest, all combine to give the fullest assurance of satisfaction and suc- cess. VVe teaclt Gregg Shorthand and 20th Cen- tury Bookkeeping, the systems that business men recognize and appreciate. Come to see us or phone 2-4509 for catalogue. KINDHICARTFD M1'. llzzher: "VVhat are you doing there, young man, I forbid you to hold hands with 1ny daughter." Dwarf B.: "Yes, sir, l ani holding her hands so she wonlt play the piano and an- noy the canariesf' Satisfaction' VVS know a pleased c11sto111e1' is our hcst llLlY?l'llSC'Il1L'Hl so our fIl'l'11It'SI dr- sire is to please you i11 ex'e1'y respect. "School Supplies If Uihero U17 e Shine" Beckley Variety Store 207 S. Beckley Ave. F. Doyle, Prop. Mz'r. I!Vifkl'lI50lL fupon entrance of son at 2 a. 1n.j: "Late again as usual." Jimzzlie: "No Illllllllllil a little later 1 Y than usualf, HE NEWS is Dallas' oldest, largest and most influen- tial newspaper. It is read in practically all of the sub- stantial, progressive homes of Dallas and the territory that is tributary to the city. No other paper approaches it in Coverage of the homes of its field. Ellie Ballers warning Numa .o. ... AMPLE CAUSE F. Zimmerman 8C Son's Ernerl: K'Mnke our ence bozo 1,111 Y P v out to shoot youf, Tim: HHOW come? U 'llyve always said l'd shoot anyone that oked like me.' , , , "Tell the ll orlfl :wth Szgzzf' "Do l look like voufn "Yes.D , 2126 Young Street --5479 'kfhen go ahead and shoot!" I OUR SPORT DEPARTMENT Here, one will find a Complete line of sporting goods-items that will meet every need. Highest Quality Merchandise PRICES IN KEEPING HUEY 81 PHILP HDWE. CO. NOW' YOU TELL UNF A mule and a Ford are said to have met on the liighwajx 'H-Xnd what might you he?" asked the mule. "An automobile," answered the Ford, "and youf' "lan a horse," replied the mule. .-Xnd they holh laughed. Cuff. McilIll.' 'lllid you receive my tele- gram telling you that I missed the six thirty train and had to spend the night in the - ' as Cllvf ZVIH. Ma1111.' HYes, hut I ani wondering why you wired me at three ten that you missed the six thirty train." HICK-GASTON CQ. Yjrizzfem am! 73ubli5lze1'5 D. E. BOWERS 'Press Uiork for Nye Truffle ISOIJ Main Dallas, Texas Fred A. Kelly Furniture Co. "Thru 'Prrffy I,ir1I.- Nfyfw' 300 NV. Davis Sr. at Madison On Fort VVorth Pike Phone Q-1800 DALIAS illllllllIIIIIIHIIHIHIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHIIIIHIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIllllllIllIllHlliHlllHIIlllllllllllllllllIIIIHIIHHIHIIIIIIIE Gun Q11 'Qoihe H 2172246 aff 2468 Jfyfe ffzaf ozmg men QJZZZJZLQQ Q , E Qi4fffffcf,vffQ ofammsmmwnfy E glllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllIIHHHIlllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllIIIHHE l l l l l l 1 I OAK CLIFF PHARMACY CO. L. O. DoNA1.1J, Ph. G., Prof. Four Ram!! Store.: in Oak CZ!-if No. I. IOth and Lancaster No. 2. Tyler and kletlerson No. 3. Bishop and Seventh No. 4. Beckley and jefferson Phones 6-5121 6-5122 6-3700 Phones 6-2116 6-2117 6-0007 Phones 6-5126 6-5127 6-3074 Phones 6-8171 6-S172 "I want to he proerastinated at the nex' eorner," said the colored passenger. "You want to he what?" demanded the conductor. 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