Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1923

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Adamson High School - Oak Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 139 of 152
Page 139 of 152

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Page 139 text:

U! im U llj Page One Hundred Twenty-F ive

Page 138 text:

4 4 I g J - l CALENDAR-Continued December 12-Senior Play Practice. Joe's favorite plea is "Miss Aduddell Iet's do the last act over again" Why the last act Joe? Naughty! Naughty! December 13-Miss Pringle announces that she knows every word in the dictionary. Her class believes GJ her! Toreador! December 14-Earl Lindberg is about the worst kisser our stage director has ever met with. Too much classic, Earl, and not enough jazz, makes better Hamlets than Romeos. December 15-The Four Horsemen has a record run at the Melba-Hair-oil prices go up! December I8-Pat Weekly appears in tan corduroys with exquisite pink buttons and inserts-Lo! How the mighty have fallen! December 1,9-Buster Hollanquist wept because some one swiped his stacomb. He's afraid Jack Patton will get another model! December 20-Miss Bell arrives at school late for the first Ol time this year. At that she beat three other women and five of the men teachers here! December 21-Dixie sat on the cage ball in the gym. It busted! Help! Acorn Staff party at Isora Shutt's home. Lots of fun. December 22-If anybody in O. C. worked today except Miss Griffin-we'd like to know who it was. She only did it to be contrary. . December 25-Parties, Beaux, Dances, Presents. December 26-Shows, Girls, Rides, Dinners. December 27-Clothes, Fun, Rest, Dances. December 28-Parties, Shows, Girls, Beaux. December 29-Sweet Mamas, Dances, Shows, Fun. 1923 January l-Dance ..... ............... A larm Clock. January 2-More than the usual number of tardies and absences. Mr. Leftwich forgot his alarm clock and was late to school. We favor a 201 for teachers. January 37Captain Day calls an oflicers' meeting at 8 o'clock in the morning. Wouldn't that make a lovely title for a dolefiil dirge? January 4-Esma's watch is much admired by all beholders. We wonder who gave it to her? January 5-Marie announces that the Senior4playAis going to be a scream. She ought to know-she is in it! January 6-Senior Play! Joe made a grand rich Yankee but the cook's biscuit? Least said soonest repaired because some repairs come high. January B-Day by day in every way we're getting more and more nervous-exams loom over us. January 9--For once in his life W. J. Bryan is taking things seriously-so are the rest of the Seniors! Januaig 10- The O. C. Hi orchestra plays at the Rotary lub luncheon. For once we are sorry our tastes run to Ford automobile horns instead of iiddles. January 11-No one having complained at the Rotary luncheon our orchestra was emboldened to try to spread its noise around the world. It nearly succeeded. After their concert at W. F. A. A. notices came in from many stations commending the performance. Bill Grace says by Radio is the safest way for a flutist to flute. They haven't learned to send lemons by wireless yet. January 12-Senior Day-Merciful Caesar, did you ever hear such a noise? We are reliably informed that the Senior Class banqueted at the Oriental that night and some of them even danced! January 15-Lion Tamers organize. The odor of cheeses called out the Board of Health. O-owah! Long may the cheeses cheese! January 16-City Rifle meet. O. C. lost. We privately think that if Captain Wolcott hadn't been out the night before with the Lion Tamers he wouldn't have felt the cold so much. The fact that he was our first man indicates that he is pretty good even if he is chilly. January 17-Girls Rilie Club meets. Ruby Blanton and Martha Hirsh made the highest score and were to receive two theatre tickets as a prize. The rest of the club insisted on examining the target and discovered the holes to have been made with an ice pick. Since Martha had the pick all bets were declared off and the Majestic kept its tickets. January 18-Elizabeth Mansfield develops a new giggle and has her bob trimmed a la militaire. January 19-Commercial Club holds Senior banquet at the Jefferson. Those Seniors are becoming positively swollen with pride and fancy food. January 20-Another Saturday. The Mother's Club entertains Seniors at a Majestic party. We hope people let up on the Senior stulf soon for some of our older brethern are near the bursting C?l point now. January 22-Exams are upon us. It is a new system- just four times as bad as the old. You have one exam in each subject, each day for four successive days-It sounds like a Doctor's prescription "one before each mealgnd one before retiring." They are not sugared- Coate . January 23-Exams going strong in the second round! Mr. Henry evolves the bright idea of letting one of his pupils grade the papers-only to find Mr. Kenley beat him to the idea. January 24-Exams still leading on points, student body weakening in the third round. Miss Baker beats the men out with a new idea-she lets each student grade his own paper. January 25-Exams win the decision-Student body knocked out entirely. The faculty ran out of sensible questions and these are part of the results: "Was the Renaissance a lady?" CWe should say decidedly not.l "Is Latin a chemical change?" KNO-Just suspended animation.l January 26-No school until twelve-thirty, but who could sleep and not be haunted by the Helen-Pink atrocities known as report cards? January 29-Six new chicken coops-two hundred new fish. Won't somebody please tell Dallas that we need an aquarium here? January- 30-Juniors and Seniors register-much consternation on 'part of Sowden 8: Co. when they discover one of Miss Baker's classes has been given to P. M. January 31-About half of the students found their classes-The other half didn't look! February l-Gordon Marsh is selected to keep a study hall. It's time to laugh. February 2-Boy's team of debaters journeyed to Okla. City to debate. They got lots of experience but lost the decision of the judges. February 5-Musical assembly for violiniste. . We all enjoyed it even though the lady wouldn't play jazz. February 6-New Seniors consider ordering commence- ment invitations. If it takes them as long as it did to decide on their rings they will not receive them before Christmas. Mr. Wolcott suggests they might combine business with pleasure and send out some wedding in- vitations at the same time. February 7-Girls' Reserve has ua Jinx program-no! that doesn't mean the faculty did it. February B-Basket ball game. As in football, the papers announce that Forest has the best team. Of course O. C. always wins without a team. O.C.16Forest14 February Q-Assembly to give the basket ball boys a little training in public speaking. We noticed only nine errors in Grammar-Parks made eight. Page One Hundred T wenty-F our

Page 140 text:

U El CALENDAR October 18-Girls' Reserve has something about "Echoes from Worry Gone. " Too deep for us. "Worry's Here" would be more appropriate for us in our present state. October 19-Girls' Rifle Club has its first meet. So far no casualties have been reported from the neighbor- hood. The instructor said his nerves and sense of humor were both shell shocked. October 20-Football: Oak Cliff 14, McKinney 0. The only trouble with this game was that it was played out of town. Dallas sport writers still hear the Lion roar and feed sugar to the North Dallas Bull-dogs. October 23-Pat Weekley stubbed his toe, skinned his shin, and dented the top step. The resulting pain kept him awake all day even in journalism class where most of us sleep any way. October 24-Music Assembly-Some Carusos in our midst even if they didn't all keep time. Mr. Adamson had to tell the faculty they must attend assemblies even if they were bored! October 25-Mr. Chalk is sick. His substitute returns our note books. Seniors are sick too. .g October 26-Mr. L.-and Miss A- amuse the faculty and set a good example to the students at fourth period lunch until Mr. C-interrupts and makes the situation triangular. We're betting on "Frankie"that'swhat we heard E. A. call him one day! October 27-One of our best looking Senior girls faints and the gallant Mr. Henry holds her for some time while various people try to find key to the rest room. October 28-We don't usually include Saturdays--we merely pause to state: Football: O. C. 46, Sherman 6. October 30-Miss Alexander returns after a week's absence. R. Ross and C. King begin to look happy again. They had a tough time during her week at Austin. October 31-Report Cards! Watermelon pink is being worn this season by the best report cards. Decora- tions of red and black are favored by the best models. November I-Mr. Veach loses his heart to a pair of coal black eyes. He lost all his common sense some time ago. November 2-Sadie Jackson and Evelyn Morton came to school without using any cosmetics. Great concern felt for their health. The reform did not last long. November 3-Football: O. C. 41, Denton Hi 26. Dallas sport writers say that O. C. has been lucky in her season but that at the opening of the city series the Forest Lions are displaying better team work and that O. C. misses Peno and Jim. November 6-First edition of Hi School Weekly out- It's the only free thing we have received so far this year! - November 7-Anne Herndon receives prize for obtain- ing the most4Acorn subscriptions. We are not jealous because We didn't compete. November 8-We havekfoundout about that 4 A's secret-It's a pennant with a life-sized Leopard. We don't see how that many people kept such a big secret. November 9-Football: O. C. 34, Bryan St. Hi 0! Our Leopard says that wolves never did bother him and that he is now expecting to overthrow the ancient idea that the Lion is king of beasts. It's a Leopard! Mr. McCoy states that Oak Cliff played in her usual luck but that Bryan was slightly off form. How unusual! November 10-Bea McCarty holds a private dance. The punch was delicious even if it did make Holly Baillio act funny-He's funny anyway. November 13-Oak Campaign starts-expects to have the whole thing over in ten days-great expectations! November 14-Mary finallyC?j consents to give Webb a date for the purpose of discussing the Acorn. Curtain! November 15-We wish we had two dollars-We would -Continued buy an Oak. As it is we have to dodge solicitors every minute. One even called up at home last night. November 16-The Librarian votes for Dixie in the popularity contest. She admires heavy weights-look at her best friend! November 17-Mr. Whittlesey discovers Pegues chewing tobacco so he stands between him and the con- veniently opened window-Pegues swallows convul- sively, turns pale, absent next day! Cruel james! November 20-Football: O. C. 53, N. D. 6. The baby bull-dog bit us once and then we had to teach him how to bow down to King Leopard. Journal sport title "North Dallas Bull Dogs Score on Oak Cliff." One and one quarter columns of dope on the Viking Spirit- less than half a column on Oak Cliff's part in the game. But we were there! New song by sport Writers entitled, "Watch the Forest Lion kill the Oak Cliff Leopard." November 21-Baby girl lost-so cadets and gym girls organize themselves into a hunting posse and search the surrounding hills and dales. The child was found across the street from her home but three of our cadets were not seen until the next day. -November 22-Well the day got a good start with a sing-song assembly but ended up with ninety-two people in Sing-sing No. 201. November 23-4 B's measure for rings after Mr. Adam- Geo A son has been called in to arbitrate the trouble. suggests wearing them on the thumb while Kitty Yarrell says he only wears size IM. Dainty little thing-We bet his hat is the same size as the ring minus the 1. November 24-Oak Staff Meeting. Miss G-in un- usually good voice, tells us we were not selected for our good looks and bawls us out generally. Bring on the smelling salts! November 25-junior Senior Prom. attended mostly by freshmen and Clarence Calloway. November 27-Hi-Y meets. O. P. resigns-'tis rumored Miss G-insisted upon it. W. C. Miller elected to this honorable position. Hee-haw! November 28-3 A Wienie Roast. O-owah! Fellow Cheeses! Cadet inspection by the Colonel-Boys un- usually clean and tidy. November 29-Football: O. C. 20, Forest Hi 7. Mr. McCoy is forced to admit most reluctantly, that O. C. has a real team. We are all afraid that next year the journal will offer the gold football awards with a proviso attached that they will be allowed to select the winner regardless of scores-let the Leopard Roar! November 30-Thanksgiving-no school, . December 1-Medical attention-no school. Majestic party for members of football team and their ladies- joe and Dorothy were both there. Very strange! December 4-Seniors changed their rings for the last time. Gordon Marsh develops a streak of oratory that ought to make him great. Miss Holiday gives a terrible history test. Q December 5-Clean speech campaign started-Use Ivory Soap-99 44-100 pure! First loving cup of the year presented. Football men presented with boxes of candy-all tied up in blue ribbon. Hurrah for O. C. ! December 6-Miss Rogers has lost her voice. She had to phone 163 people yesterday about absences and it was too much! December 7-A new excuse has been found for failure to prepare a lesson-Alma Carson couldn't study on account of a sore elbow-That elbow has been chronic for some time. December 8-The last Basset has gone from the library. The Seniors are not suspected because it is commonly believed that they are all supplied. December 11-June class meets again. Elizabeth Blaylock announces that she will receive donations in the form of engraving payments from all Seniors-Maybe she will! Page One Hundred Twenty-Two

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