Adams Township High School - Mirage Yearbook (St Michael, PA)

 - Class of 1958

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Adams Township High School - Mirage Yearbook (St Michael, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 66 of 80
Page 66 of 80

Adams Township High School - Mirage Yearbook (St Michael, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 65
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Adams Township High School - Mirage Yearbook (St Michael, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 67
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Page 66 text:

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I, Darlene Bakale, will to Delores Richnavsky my ability to get to Beaverdale every night; and to Vicki Yonkoski, Steve Berzansky ' s brother Joe. I, George Bakale , will my size 13 football shoes to Ron ' Curp ' Rjpper. I, Phyllis Beann, being of sound and fit mind, will to Linda Anderson, my ability to borrow the family car, ifsheever gets her license; also my knack for find- ing excuses when returning late. I, Arthur Gaunt, will all my books to the furnace. I, Dorothy Gillman, will to Eleanor Murin one box of bubble gum. I, Clara G 1 o v a n y , will to Sally Caldwell and Betty Bernat, two mufflers. I, Mary Jo Haberl, will to Julie Nalepa the ability to get along with Mr. Corle. I, W e s Berkibile, being of sound mind and body, do will to ' Slouch ' Haberl, George Bakale ' s height and weight. I, Rebecca Bowden, do hereby w- i 1 1 and bequeath to Bonnie Respet the good times I had in Washington, D. C, my fantastic ability to make lemon pudding; and to h e r brother, Pat, the dreadful task of eating it. I, Judith Burkey, will my empty ink bottle to Joni Miller. I, Gina Caldwell, will my sister Sally and her friends my special powder room he re at school; to Dot Hocevar , I will two apples for her extra nourishment. I, Mary Hannan, will to my brother David the ability to study math. I, Regina Hartshorn, will my position of head nnajor- ette to the most deserving junior majorette. I also will my place in the health room bed to anyone who wants a refreshing bed bath. I, Robert Hocevar, will to Dave Louder my mothers old worn out combat boots and her great ability to wrestle . I, Janet Hodge, will to Linda Anderson my ability to keep quiet in Mr. Kozar ' s room; and to any future Chemistry student my newly found ability to pour sulphuric acid into a beaker. I.Barbara Coutts.willmy bookkeeping ability to anyone who is interested enough to take it. I, Joanne DeFrank, will that certain item m Nancy Smith ' s house to Pat Zubal. I, William DiMuzio, will my Office Practice book to any Junior boy who plans to take it next year. I, Alice Dusack, while in a good state of mind, will to Bonnie Respet my ability to work out personal problems, keep out of trouble, get along with boys and cause an explosion in Chemistry. I, Margaret Faher, will to Adeline Trovato the right to watch over that certain boy who drives a blue Mercury from Windber. I, Carol Fessler, will to Dolly and Vicki, the ton- sillitis kid {Darlene Bakale); and to Marjorie John- son, the ability to get along with Paul Ressler. I, Marilyn Fuller, will to a nice Sophonnore girl a certain Senior boy. I, Ron Garanich, will my broken pencils to the Broken Pencil Club. I, Carole Hoffman, will to my cousin, Lynn, my seat in Room 208; to Connie Berkibile will go my short- hand book; and to Leona Meir my seat m band and nny band locker. I, Dennis Houghton, will to Carl Blough my Honest John to take care of when I go to the Air Force. I, EileenHudak, will to Jackie and Joanie a thumb so they can get to Portage . I will my seats in Mr. Baldacchino ' s classes to Ginny and to Mr. Corle a dishwasher. I, Sandy Hynds, will to a certain sophomore girl my buddy Bob Hocevar. I, Judy Johnson, will to my brother David my ability to have leaking apparatus in every Chennistry ex- pe riment. I, Sandra Kinley, will to the Honne Ec class a cow so they don ' thave to use dry milk and have hamburgers all the time. I, Carole Layman, will to Bev Horner nny chair in band. 62

Page 65 text:

SENIOR STATISTICS SANDRA KINI.EY - Commercial Clerical, May Day Participant 1,2,3,4, Senior Play 4. CAROLE LAYMAN - Commercial, Band 1,2,3,4, May Day Participant 1,2, Spring Concert 1,2,3,4, Swing Band 4, Usherette 3,4, Play Personnel 4. GENEVA MANGES - Academic, May Day Participant 1 , Mirage 3. JOANNE MILCHAK - Commercial, May Day Partici- pant 1,3,2,4, Chorus 2,3,4, Play Personnel 4, Usherette 3, Spring Concert 2,3,4. EVELYN MILLER - Commercial Sec retarial, May Court 2,4, Cheerleader 2.3,4, Usherette 2,3. RAYFORD MILLER - Commercial, Football 1,2, May Court 1,2, Senior Play Cast 4. LAWRENCE MUCHINSKY - Academic, N.H.S. 3,4. JOSEPH MUCKER - General MICHAEL MYDA - General JOHN O ' CILKA - Academic, Football 1, Mirage Staff 2, 3,4, Mirage Sports Editor 4, Junior Play Cast 3, Senior Play Cast 4. MARY ANN ORSARGOS - Commercial, May Court 1,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Spring Concert 1,2,4, Band Officer 3, Play Personnel 3, Senior Play Cast 4, Mirage Staff 3, May Day Participant 2,3. KAREN O ' SHERSKY - Commercial, Play cast 4, N.H.S. 4, Spring Concert 2, May Day 2,4. BARBARA OWENS - Commercial, Secretarial Course, Band 1,2,3,4, Band Librarian 1,2,3,4, Band Officer 4, Student Director 4, County Band 4, District Band 3,4, Student Council 1 ,3,4, Student Council Officer 4, Mirage Staff 3,4, Journalism Staff 4, Class Officer 1,2,3,4, N.H.S. 3,4, May Day Participant 1,2, Play Personnel 3, 4, Spring Concert 1 ,2,3,4. BOB PATRICK - General Course . Band 1,2, 3, 4, Spring Concert 1 ,2,3. CHARLES PURELLI - General Course, Football 1,2, Baseball 1, Basketball 2. WANDA REIGHARD - Commercial Clerical , Chorus 1,2,3,4, Chorus Officer 4, County Chorus 3,4, District Chorus 4, Spring Concert 1,2,3,4, Mirage 2,3,4. Photo- graphy editor 4, Cheerleader 2,3,4, Usherette 3, May Day Participant 1,2,4, Prompter 4. JOE RICHNAV3KY- General Course, Stage crew 2,3,4, Football 1,3,4, Varsity Club 4. JAMES RINGLER- General Course, Band 1,2, Play 3,4, EDDIE RIPPER - Commercial Course, Football 1,3,4, Adamsonian Staff 2, May Day Escort 1, Varsity CluD 4. LIZ RODGERS - Commercial Course, Majorette 2,3,4, Spring Concert 2,3,4, May Court 3, Maid of Honor 4, Play Cast 3, Play Personnel 4, May Day Personnel 1,2. CLARENCE ROSE - Academic, Football 4. RICHARD ROSMAN - General Course, Varsity Club 2, 3,4, Football 2,3,4, Baseball 3,4, Track 2,3,4, Student Director of Play 4, Officer of Varsity Club 4. VIRGINIA SEPP - Commercial Sec, Band 1,2, Chorus 3, May Day 1,2,4, Spring Concert 1,2,3, Usherette 3,4. HENRI SERRE - General Course MILDRED SCHRIFT - Commercial, May Day Partici- pant 1,2,3,4. JANET SOLAR - Commercial, Student Council 1,2,4, May Day Participant 1,2,4, Chorus 1,2, Spring Concert 1,2, Play Personnel 3,4, Mirage Staff 3,4, Adamsonian Staff 3,4. CHRISTI STINEBISER - Commercial Sec, Band 1,2,3, County Band 3, May Court 2, May Day Participant 1,2, 3, Chorus 4, Play Personnel 3, Usherette 4, Mirage Staff 2,3,4, Spring Concert 1,2,3,4. EUGENE SWANSBORO - Academic, Football 1, Student Council 3,4. RICHARD SWELFER - General Course DONNA THOMAS - Academic, Class Officer 1,2,3, Mirage Staff 3,4, Student Council 3,4, Student Council Officer 4. N.H.S. 3,4, N.H.S. Officer 4. Play Cast 3,4, N.H.S. Play Cast 3, May Day Participant 1,2,3. JUDY TULLY - Commercial, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Mirage Staff 2,3,4, May Day Participant 2,3,4, Play Personnel 3,4, County Chorus 4, Spring Concert 1,2,3,4. ROSE TURGEON - Academic, Junior Play Cast 3, SemorPlay Cast 4, N.H.S. 4, May Day Participant 1 ,2. BEVERLY VARNER - Commercial, May Day Partici- pant 1,2,4, Play Personnel 4. CAROLYN VEROTSKY - Band 1,2,3,4, Spring Concert 1,2,3,4, Swing Band 1,2,3,4, May Day Participant 1,2, 3,4, Student Council 1,2, Class Officer 2,3, Band Officer 3, N.H.S. 4, Librarian 2, Play Personnel 3. JEANNE WINDER - Academic, May Day Participant 1,2, Cheerleader 1,2,3,4, Adamsonian Staff 2, Chorus I, Spring Concert 1 , Mirage Staff 3. BEVERLY WISE - Commercial, band 1 ,2,3,4, Swing Band 1,2,3,4, Spring Concert 1 ,2,3,4, May Day Per- sonnel 1 ,2,3,4, County Band 4, Band Officer 4, District Band 4. NANCY WISSINGER- Academic, Chorus 1,2.3,4, Sprmg Concert 1,2,3,4, May Day Participant 1,3, Play Per- sonnel 3, Chorus Officer 4. MARIE WONYETYE - Academic, Mirage Staff 2,3, Librarian 3, Senior Play Student Director 4. RUTH McCLOSKEY - Academic, Chorus 4, Band 1,2, 3, Spring Concert 1,2,3,4, Usherette 3.4. 61 r333G»;» V5 r ' r!Sr«r5W» , ' VT2r3«r3?i£¥ ' XS- . -:7v-ac- - i - y i?vM«

Page 67 text:

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I, Joanne Milchak, will to Jeanne Kovach, my ability to get along with Clarence Rose; and to my sister Marilyn, the ability to have as much fun as I did on the Senior trip without Arch. I, Lucki Miller, will to my sister, my car to get to school a nd a certain senior boy. I also will to any Junior, my seat in Room 208. I will to Leroy and Allen the ability to stop fighting with that cute sopho- more girl. I, John O ' Cilka, bequeath to Alf Silk my seat in Trig class . I, Mary Ann Osargos.will to Dave Louder all nny brains to replace those which he never had. I, Karen O ' shersky, will all my thanks and gratitude to Mr. Krajnak for his kind and generous advice. I, Barbara Ov- ' ens, will my broken locker and my corner in the band room to Barbara Layman. I also will Dorothy Hocevar the ability to get along with Mr, Krajnak. I, Bob Patrick, will my bass drum, to Rodger Hough- ton. I, Wanda Reighard, will to " Romeo " Mike Drobnick, who thinks he can handle any girl, the right to take out 3 seniors at one time, - Faher, Milchack, and Reighard. I, James Ringler, will my ability to get people con- fused to anyone who wants it. I, Eddie Ripper, will to my brother ' Curp ' nny fast movennent. I, L i z Rodgers, will Glenda Reighard my ability to get along with Mr. Corle in P.O.D. I, Virginia Sepp. will to Adeline Trovato, a certain boy that drives a new Chevrolet. Good luck with him! I, Henri Serre, will my special eating place at noon hour to the Dunlo boys. I, Henry Smith, will to my brother, Gerald, my seat on the bus , and my new spark plug goes to Connie Berkibile. I, Janet Solar, will to the Honorable David Hentz one chocolate covered sardine. I, Christi Stinebiser, will a certain senior girl all the boys she can get her claws in - except one. I, Donna Thomas, will to Merrily Kodis nny seat m Mr. Tu r c h e tta s World History Class; and to Carolyn Mihalick nay seat in back of the Chemistry Class. I, Judy Tully, will to every Junior student the ability to have the fun I had on the senior trip and also the ability to get alone with Mr. Corle in P.O.D. I, Carolyn Verotsky. will to Adeline Trovato the ability to follow the crazy jitterbug steps of the Johnstown boys. I, Jeanne Winder, will to Cookie and Eddie all the happiness, luck, and success which C. Gmeiner and I have shared; 1 also will my cheerleading ability to Cookie Canonnie. I, Beverly Ann Wise, will to Merrily Kodis nny ability to keep calm when things go wrong in band. I, Nancy Wissmger, will good luck to all the Seniors next year. 1, Mane Wonyetye, will all the wonderful times Jeanne and I had to any underclassman with a sense of humor and a close friend. 1, Michael Barelich, will Raymond Single the ability to pass bookkeeping. I.Martha Bartko, will my niajorette boots and baton to any Freshman who is willing to freeze at the football gannes, and to Vivian Yonkoski my first pe riod band. I, Geneva Manges, will to my sister Judy, the courage that it took for me to go to classes without my home- work. I, Susan Buchosky. will to Barb Ressler the privi - lege of u s i n g the cage in the cellar of the Eureka store in Windber. I, Ruth McCloskey. will my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Michael Krajnak who has been the most helpful, and understanding person. I, Marlene Brough, will to Mary Ann Korenoski my hair brush which I have had the pleasure of using the past year for it was willed to me by Bill Wolford in 1957, 63 : 3 K ? SC-Pi C3:

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