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7fze Mudge rw W.. W S .WX Alf X Vxlg If fr ,f N 1 ' 'TL X R 11, ff'7fLMX4,l ,X ll "',, 'A-"jf'v 9 ii A ,f x A A , f X A' ,fir S w, W! f A ? A 5 2 A mfrfiw V mn , ,, I xx Lgjijjzh H 7537! aiirfvf ff PRESENTED by the ADAMS HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISTS Sidman, Pennsylvania THE H ILIII UF THE SHIP Adams High School Library PUHEWIJHH HBuild me straight, O Worthy Masters! Staunch and strong, a goodly Vessel." -H. W. Longfellow Here presented in this, the MIRAGE, To seniors, faculty and other students, The journalists give their recorded days Ot years they spent in Adams' walls, Building youth, as ships of strength, To sail the stormy seas of lite, To onward go in future days, With Worthwhile aims to guide their ways. POETRY IN THIS BOOK WAS ADAPTED FROM HENRY W. LONGFELLOW'S POEM "THE BUILDING OF THE SHIP" "l""f- ,.1 f ,f . f - Table nf Ennlenls '- 4-Z?" L: V f 1. THE SHIPYARD fl L L ,, 4 , 351' 7, , VF? Builders of Ships 'U' N, THE MASTERS 5' "1 -f BASE BUILDERS Wf ff M Q wx". L,Wl L Hu i I Nx' , XX, X , Ships Being Built XY L gk" I FULL FLIGHT ff' H5 L ff, 1. ' J1 X 'xl Mx xm 192213 Wxvhw 'fx' - YN 1' ports lps L 5 ,X -JL Sh Lf ix-lx awp- Ow BOM Wf ffwlw X .Q RECREATIONS Q . E L L WX? MIRAGE STAFF Editor-in-chief-MARTHA MUSILEK Managing Editor-SADIE OHLER Copy Editors-IO ANN IONES EUGENIA MARAVALLI Proofrecrder-BETTY WOLFORD Adviser-MRS. HILDA B. SMITH f - 12, X L. 2.7 XX my -. Outside the Walls of AHS STOOD THE MASTERS IN THE SHIPYARD THE VESSEL WITH THE MODEL OF 'iix V- . .MM f W , . xx. , -1 43. 1 l , W f yM!k ' 511 I HI I ,. ' T N ,V uw" I ,jf -3 , 'f . I .QA if Ji iiil, H . V Q .,AT 1 , yff' J-4S:Ei' f ,f f -I W 'Tx 'Q' 4 5 g..M'. " ,,,!'7',f 1,1 xlrfgf ' ., 7:4- g9,'l1Hf" W , ' 4-Zffz 'f 'i:ij,,, ECW :Eff- -C5 LX 'H gf fm IW lg . Jf l is ix 'X f'fx 354711, ,M ff!! XS J!! ff M f 6 -?x Q13wf.5S'9Zi25NfT 'FU H , JW T if 2 I w , 1 Q , nf H . any , 0, 1 ff, 1 , 1. ,I ff my ff Wv va fm If ry HV 5: Yiwu: lxuq X? XX H 2727, 'X V E 1' WR Sf! if ' HHH- -.4 ff Sgxx :,31 N al 'E Q ' H ff? E f I ff! -Sfgiiifii' S L f , ii A fjf ff , wif! I J : V 'f' 1 fv Wfff 'WML Ygfgfiiiii ' ' M TY "THUS" SAID HE "WILL WE BUILD THIS SHIP! LAY SQUARE THE BLOCKS UPON THE SLIP AND FOLLOW WELL THIS PLAN OF MINE" MR. ROY CLEAVER Supervising Principal Six HE ANSWERED "ERE LONG WE WILL LAUNCH A VESSEL AS GOODLY AND STRONG AND STAUNCH AS EVER WEATHERED A WINTRY SEAM MR. HARRY E. ICKES High School Principal Seven MR. HARRY C. IOHNSTON Acting Principal THE AIM OF ADAMS HIGH SCHOOL BY MR. H. C. IoHNs'roN Our high school says "good-bye" to the seniors with the hope that some of its purposes will be reflected in their lives. We hope that our school has not only prepared them for some future work, but that it has also taught them the values of such things as good-sportsmanship, lair play, tolerance, and friend- ly relationships with others. We should always remember that the basic aim of true education is to help people to lead lives that are personally happy and socially useful. Eight DUTY AT DR. E. POPE DICKINSON School Doctor THE HELM FACULTY FIRST ROW, lelt to right- Mlss LAURA MAE DIMOND-home economics, science. MISS IANE CLARK-home economcs, biology. MRS. DOROTHY STINEMAN-algebra, geometry, trigonometry. MRS. DoRo'rI-IY LA'rsHAw-sophomore, senior English. MISS SARA MARIE HONADLE-civics, Pennsylvania history, Latin l, ll. MRs. MARGARET RHoADs-sophomore, junior history. SECOND ROW- MR. HARRY ICKES-Problems of Democracy, high school principal. MR. ROY CLEAVER-supervising principal. MR. SAM PLUMMER-physical education, general science. MR. STEVE KROUSE-shop, algebra, athletics. MR. H. C. IOHNSTON-high school principal, aeronautics, physics, algebra. MR. MILLER C. HOOD-general science, chemistry. THIRD ROW- MRS. HILDA B. SMITH-journalism, biology, junior English. MRS. KATHRYN IoHNs'roN-freshman, junior English, P. O. D., senior science Mrss OLIVE KLINK-commercial. MIss MARY Fousr-library. MRS. RUTH ROBINE-physical education, health. Nine SEEHETAHIE5 MISS MARY BELLE YARNELL MISS TWILA PATTERSON Secretary to the Supervising Principal Secretary to the High School Principal SCHOOL BOARD Serving on the Adams Township School Board are: MR. IAMES PATTERSON of St. Michael, President MR. HENRY A. FOX oi Dunlo, Vice-President MR. ROY RHOADS of Sidmczn. Secretary MR. IOHN TIBBENS of Dunlo, Treasurer MR. C. D. COSTLOW of sidmqn ' A A MR. ALEX FARLEY of Dunlo MR. MICHAEL I. MIHALICK oi Dunlo ' Ten TE EHEHS I- THE ARMED EUHEE5 LT. ij. g.J GEORGE ALLISON LT. COL. L. CLAUDE AMPS LT. GLENN SHAFFER Navy Army Army CPL. THOMAS L. SMITH C. SP. NICK URAM Army Navy I Eleven BUS DRIVERS Left to right-Mr. Rusty Pro- bert, Mr. Harry Thomas, Mr. Charles A. Auer and Mr. D. P.f Luther. Bus Drivers CUSTODIANS Custodicxns cxt the high school are Mr. Phillip Burtnett, Mr. Robert Costlow and Mr. Edward Topper. my s f R X I f ig I-I:mQii,g. I:..: 1 1:- 72 'E EQ E X 5 il--1 7 P' Q-is s i- - 4 - IZA, L l Twelve SE IDRS I THE VY ROBERT GRACE ' EMIL KESTERMONT STEVE KONOROSKY v MICHAEL SHUGATS Thirteen ALMA MATER Adams High School, dear old God cmd Blue To Our Alma Mater, we'll be ever true When We've parted, as the years go by None will forsake you, Adams Hi. Wintertime HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR OCTOBER MARCH Iuniors held their Halloween party for the freshmen. Anna Melek, dressed as a man, was given the prize forthe funniest costume. Anna Mucko carried the prettiest costume honors. Martin Kaufman's ghost clothes were considered most original. The library was enlarged in two days, beginning on October 10. The annex han- dles 24 students bringing the total to 72. DECEMBER ' The play Letty's Christmas Prodigal was presented by the journalists at their annual Christmas party. Additional entertainment was supplied by the Girls' Chorus. The jeep prepared by home room 207 won the annual prize. IANUARY Under the direction of Mrs. Hilda B. Smith, ll seniors presented the comedy Brother Goose. Seniors entertained the sophs at the annual Valentine party held early because of the number ot boys leaving in February. FEBRUARY Latin I and II students celebrated Latin week with a display of posters, dressed dolls and ct Roman camp. Miss Sara Marie Honadle directed the activity. The operetta The Dress Rehearsal was produced by the Girls' Chorus under Miss lla Trotter, supervisor. APRIL The junior class presented Girl Shy un- der the direction of Miss Laura Mae Dimond. Blue Hornets was chosen as the official name for the newly formed Swing band. The name was submitted by Bob Ryan. MAY With Miss lla Trotter to direct them the musical department gave a concert. The girls' gym classes with help from the boys presented a gym exhibition. Mr. Sam Plummer and Mrs. Ruth Robine directed them. The senior banquet was held at Von Lunens. They were served a roast turkey dinner and those who wished to do so danced after dinner. Iuniors entertained the seniors at the prom on May 25. This year only was the prom semi-open. Baccalaureate services were held on May 27 in the high school auditorium. Seniors were given their dinplomas alter presenting a program at commencement exercises on May 29. Fourteen BESIDE THE MASTER, WHEN HE SPOKE, A YOUTH, AGAINST AN ANCHOR LEANING LISTENED T0 CATCH HIS SLICHTEST MEANING ff Ex - X ,J , ,N H N" I Z! A -xx XX ,f, 1n f lb IX R If um' 'Fi In S5wQJmWww ,' hu u"'f' 'f"'L"l 1'm,,1f ffm,-+1 A Q K mf Q ,Wx X id,ql1lf!W ,, , M Af wil- ff?- Q N f- A -A ,, ,,,,,, I I N f W .-v- I ,H tag 4 m!LmKf'.vf,,,v?S- I K I 1'I AW. W ximvj If I A i SE S - P " " f 1-Q Q 5 , S ' in A575 4 1, A I EL SSES III. S5 UF 19115 BOB FREEBERG IOE LAZOR President Vice-President MR. MILLER C. HOOD RUTH NANCOLLAS ALBERT SRACIC Adviser Secretary Treasurer BOB BAKALE IOHN BEREZNAK BILL BROUGH NANCY BUCK Dum..o S'r. Mic!-mm. ST. MICHAEL Dunno EILEEN BURKE ROMAULD CAROFF ITALO CAROSI MILDRED CLIFFORD SIDMAN Dum.o ST. Micl-mm. Sou'rH Foxx, R. D. Sixteen EI. SS UF 1945 DICK CORNELL LAWRENCE COSTLOW FRED DUNMIRE MARGIE FELIX SIDMAN SOUTH Foxx, R. D. SALIX SIDMAN MARTHA FELIX 'f WILMA FOLMER MARGARET GDULA OLIVE GEARHART SALIE S'I'. MICHAEL DUNI.o ELTON ELMO GILPATRICK LOIS GRAMLING WESLEY GRAMLING ROBERT HANEY SOUTH Foxx, R. D. SOUTH Foxx, R. D. SOUTH Foxx, R. D. Sou'rH Foxx, R. D. IANET HINEBAUGH FRANCES HUTSKY MARYWEOU HUTSKY ELEANOR HUTZELL S'r. MICHAEL ST. MICHAEL ST. MICHAEL SOUTH Foxx, R. D. EL!-X55 UF 1945 IIM IOHNSON NIMA KAUFMAN ELEANOR KCLACSKOVSKI LYDIA BELLE KRING SIDMAN Snux DuNr.o Snux BEATRICE KRISE IULIE KRAIESKI SYLVIA LADIKA IAKIE LESTER EL'roN SOUTH Fonx, R. D. DuN1.o SOUTH Foxx, R. D. CHARLES LEVENTRY BETTY MAKINS IIM MARGO MARGARET MARTYAK ELTON SOUTH Foxx, R. D. S'r. MICHAEL Sou'rH Foxx, R. D. ANN MIHALICK IAY MILLER REGINA MORIARITY MARGARET MURIN Duuw Scum Fonx, R. D. S'r. MICHAEL Scum Foxx, R. D. CLASS UP 1945 RUTH MYERS SADIE OHLER DOROTHY OSHABEN I. EDWARD PANCHISIN ST. MICHAEL DuNI.o S1'. MICHAEL ST. MICHAEL LORRAINE PAVLAK CLAIR PEBLEY FRANK PEKALA LUCILLE PERACCHINO DUNI-0 SALIX Wlnvnsn, R. D. ST. MICHAEL MARY IANE PINE HENRY PROGAR IOE PROGAR DOROTHY PUCHKO SALIX Sr. MICHAEL ST. MICHAEL SOUTH Foxx, R. D. IANE REAM CATHERINE RICE DON RICHARDS FRANCIS RICHNAVSKY SIDMAN Soum Foxx, R. D. Wmnnzn, R. D. Dunno EI. S5 Ill? 1945 ETHEL ROBERTS IO ANN ROBERTS KEITH ROBERTS TOM RYAN Bnnvsannu: SALIX SOUTH Foxx, R. D. ST. MICHAEL - lf NAOMI SCI-IREIBER DOLORES SEESE VIRGINIA SHAFFER BARBARA IEAN SHERBINE SALIX SAz.rx S1-sux Smzvum MARION SHERBINE DAN SKONER MARGARET STRIDINGER ANNA MAE SUSKO Soun-I Foxx, R. D. DUNLO Sfxux SOUTH Foxx, R. D. CECILIA USNIK DOLORES WILLS DOROTHY WINGARD FLORENCE WISSINGER DUNLO Sou'rH Foxx, R. D. ELTON SALIX SE IIJH C 55 HISTUHY In 1941, one hundred forty-one freshmen entered Adams High. The declaration of war in December made many activities impos- sible but they didn't miss the Halloween party given for them by the juniors. As sophs they were not given the tradi- tional Valentine party by the seniors. Upperclassmen now. Only 90 students reached this position. It was their turn to treat the Frosh to a Witch party and en- tertain the seniors at the prom. They pre- sented the play Adam's Evening. By the middle of their senior year twen- ty-three of the enrolled seventy-eight had left to join various branches of the service and to enter college. They celebrated Valen- tine Day in Ianuary because of those who were to leave soon. Mr. Miller C. Hood ad- vised these seniors. In February they pre- sented the play Brother Goose under the di- rection of Mrs. Hilda B. Smith. ffl X Behold at last ,A f"' Each tall and tapering mast X ls swung into its placeg I X EA , X - Shrouds and stays ,,, vqffdfl. H, w,,. L -- -as .H-is 1-2-as ' stef' Holding it firm and fast! v. 'fg - - :- ,555 321, -rsegben .4114 -' J ,. ' Twenty One UNIUH EL S5 UFFIIIEHS 2 It ii. fla w. .V :': - fists'-2 if51fg1zi.gggf . 1 : I - ::, .:., " Z 1. "" " rsi. IOLA BURIANI BILL VARNER ROSE MATULA RAY STOMBAUGH President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY For their first activity as upperclassmen the juniors sponsored a Hallo- ween party for the freshmen. Under the supervision of Miss Laura Mae Dimond they presented the play Girl Shy. During the year a few of the boys left school to go into the Armed Forces. Their last act as juniors was to entertain the seniors at the prom. 1' "Qg..L1.-ii' "JV . We-. 7 - ,-.,,,nf Till after many a week, at length 4 SY q f- f ,,' 'Pa ., . Q ' e- Wonderful for form and strength, 3 law -V Ve.-er, ,n ikki 5 1 Sublime in its enormous bulk fesgfixlk IW ' X , fi 'ff . ,. A, Thi? . g y ghfvh Loomed aloft the shadowy hulk! S- ff 11- s N rg ,H .qty - V Twenty Two Snphnmnre lllass Histnry Of the 123 freshmen that began the high school trek last year, 27 dropped out along the way but two came in as sopho- mores. Again this year Mr. Sam Plummer advised this group. To help them choose and prepare for their careers, the sophs took prefer- ence tests. The seniors treated them on Ianuary 19 to a Valentine party with the added spice of farewells, to the boys leaving for the services. Freshman Class Histnry Outnumbering every other class this year is the freshmen class which has one hundred and one members, many of whom will well remember those first few day in high school. The time when a she freshman, very much disgusted with the many halls and doors, asked an upper classman the route to the band room and following directions found herself in the boy's shower room or the time when a he freshman was directed to the home ec room instead of the shop. Remember the snake dance in which all freshies, feeling foolish, took part. In October these freshmen attended the Halloween party given for them by their fellow classmen, the juniors. Freshman class adviser is Mrs. Ruth Robine, girls' gym teacher, ,G X -.- fxfxx .- iv? " " W" 'f-' --V-Y-- :- , -f Q . " by ggff 'C f,,1 , -4 i n i .-.QC vivifx-Nj . .. if ,N . W-A Day by day the vessel grew, With timbers fashioned strong and true Stemson and keelson and sternson knee Till framed with perfect symmetry, A skeleton ship rose up to view. , f 1 Rx i g-1 . Ak V V NW x .,, -- -xx x - ,aux .- 7 - The keel of oak for a noble ship, Scarfed and bolted, straight and strong, Was lying ready, and stretched along. Twenty Three ,. UNIUH ROOM 202 FIRST ROW, left to right-Frances Pekala, Marie Wissinger, Rose Matula, Shirley Iennings, Eileen Gearhart, Kathryn Bostock, Sara Black, Naomi Osewalt, Grace Smay. SECOND ROW-Keith Black, Helen Louise Baumgardner, Anna Mucko, Pauline Stiltler, Alice Hunter, Eva Iane Susko, Margaret Verotsky, Mary Diamond, Robert Brewer. THIRD ROW-Mrs. Margaret Rhoads, Andy Progar, Martin Gabany, lohn Kooney, Mike Perensovich, Raymond Myers, Kenneth Louder, Byron Thomas, Nick Debias, George Sabol. ROOM 203 FIRST ROW, left to right-Frances Kestermont, Erma Allison, Dolores Facciani, Mary lane Moriarity, Dorothy Kitt, Dorothy Blozevich, Agnes Pechulla, Zita Barrett. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Hilda Smith, Betty Singer, Anna Bartko, Agnes Plasay, Frances White, Martha Musilek, Rose Marie Sracic, Iola Buriani. THIRD ROW-Iim Eichenser, Wayne Finet, Iohn Gabany, Dave Lewis, Ward McAnulty, Paul Pallas, Ray Stombaugh, Ronald Stinebiser. ABSENT-Geno Neri. Twenty Four V V 3. EL S5 ROOM 209 FIRST ROW, left to right-Pete Korch, Phyllis Smith, Sarah Agnes Iones, Agnes Peda, Pat Norris, Marian Berkebile, Velma Sterno, Lois Kehn, Charlotte Penrod, Elaine Ellen- berger, Iim Moore. SECOND ROW-Ioe Bunt, Evelyn Holbink, Alice Kranyc, Margaret Kozell, Dorothy Mihalich, Marian Smith, Margaret Bakale, Catherine Weaver, Dorothy Box, Yale Harr. THIRD ROW-Mrs. Dorothy Latshaw, Iohn Ripper, William Varner, Iulius Gmeiner, Iim Ripper, Ioe Single, Don Snyder, Sam George, Cletus Smith. ABSENT-lack Kensinger. During her junior year Esther Pat- .. ., terson died ol a heart ailment. The en- tire junior class paid their respects at her home. Esther Patterson Twenty Five SUPHU HBE ROOM 100 FIRST ROW, left to right-Mrs. Ruth Robine, Vaughn Dunn, Dolores Carpenter, Agnes Fraikor, Roberta Richards, Dorothy Weaver, Nora LuRue Kring, Ina Belle Reighard. SECOND ROW-Nick Farkas, Ioe Bourdess, Dean Berkebile, Irene Krestar, Dorothy Roberts, Thelma Patterson, Arlene Knavel, Frank Bailey, Ioe Kanavich. THIRD ROW-Charles Wissinger, William Rogosky, Paul Croyle, Richard Mock, Robert Ross, Robert Burnett, Harry Houghton, Iames Hodge. ABSENT-Donald Miller. ROOM 101 FIRST ROW, left to right-William Panchisin, Richard Gramling, Iohn Ladika, Guy Genovesee, Luke Chulick, Robert George, Robert Ryan, Alex Stolitza, William Colosimo, George Brewer. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Dorothy Stineman, Melvin Stornbaugh, Albert Helsel, June Osewalt, Ann Iohnson, Ellen Kudrik, Sue Mihalacki, Richard Oshaben, Albert Lozar, Iim Leamer. THIRD ROW-Dale Murvine, Veronica Gdula, Barbara Mihacevich, Catherine Single, Catherine Zaluski, Helen Kapitcm, Iosephine Perens, Ramona Iackopin, Robert Lazorchak. Twenty Six III. 55 ROOM 107 g FIRST ROW, left to right-Miss lane Clark, Shirley Penrod, Garnett Holtman, Phyllis Frye, Kathryn Kisela, Agnes Haney, Kathryn Krise, Naomi Roberts, Iva Berkey, Audrey Bloom. SECOND ROW-Betty Freeberg, Wanda Barto, Beryl Marsh, Donna Cummings, Margaret Houghton, Ioyce Rhoads, Iris Myers, Regina Fievez, Margaret Evacko, Nancy Wilkinson. ROOM 204 FIRST ROW, lett to right-Mrs. Kathryn Iohnston, Clair Yeager, Byron Folmer, Milford Batdorf, William McCrory, Garnet Hillegas, Louis Gibson, Eugene Lester, Shirley Eichenser. SECOND ROW-Vernon Patterson, Robert Cornell, Henry Elersic, Andy Single, Wil- liam Hoffman, Robert Smith, Roy Seese, Paul Hlatky, Charles Kern. THIRD ROW-Twila Grace Hildebrand, Io Ann Iones, Eugenia Maravalli, Betty Wolford, Marie Progar, Essie Roxby, Eleanora Bakale, Agnes Konorosky, Theresa Caroil. Twenty Seven FHESHMAN ROOM 102 FIRST ROW, left to right-Pete Matsko, Byron Myers, Iohn Kestermont, Shirley Costlow, Gladys Margo, Iean Gdula, Ethel Mae Keselak, Marcene Carney, Nancy Ratchlord, Wil- liam Patterson, Ray Matula. SECOND ROW-Steve Gregorich, William Caroff, Dorothy Molton, Rae Navatsyk, Agnes Mae Ondesko, Betty McAnulty, Fae Gramling, Mary Russ, Caroline Bakale, Evelyn Susko, Mike Pechulla. THIRD ROW-Mr. Sam Plummer, Robert Oshaben, Kathryn Kentes, Helen Iohns, Iames Freeberg, Andy Kozar, Russel Fern, Mary Pavlik, Shirley Tibbens, Louis Tschachler. ROOM 103 FIRST ROW, left to right-Edward Progar, Icme Myers, Anna Melik, Evelyn Smith, Iamesetta Fox, Gene Singer, Amelia Zolar, Kathleen Waddel, Iames Peracchino. SECOND ROW-Mr. Steve Krouse, Richard Bosic, Lorraine Fern, Elsie Utzman, Catherine Schuster, Phyllis Moyer, Glenore Makins, Dorothy Richnavsky, Richard Gardner. THIRD ROW-Robert Weyandt, Icunes Mihalick, Iohn Keselak, Thomas Trunck, Robert Pierce, Iames Varner, Tom Slanoc, Willard Hicks. Twenty Eight EI. 55 ROOM 104 FIRST ROW, lett to right-Martin Kaufman, Arthur Mader, Margaret Harrison, Anna Kisela, Betty Mihalko, Mae Costlow, Esther Penrod, Dean George, Harold Rice. SECOND ROW-Caroline Herter, Ruby Mucko, Carol Trotter, Sally Baumgardner, Dorothy Repine, Margie Moore, Charlotte Hoffman, Dorothy Bernheimer, Betty Noon. THIRD ROW-Miss Sara Marie Honadle, Elwood Walters, Ioe Young, Byron Lowery, Don Varner, Meade Douglas, Harold Thomas, LeRoy Costlow, Walter Hilton. ABSENT-Phoebe Miller. ROOM 106 FIRST ROW, left to right-Delrose Cruse, Lillian Yakich, Margaret Palyocsik, Mary Sracic, Olive Rice, Shirley Douglas, Phyllis Fyock, Eleanor Helsel. SECOND ROW-Miss Laura Mae Dimond, Dick Trotter, Richard Berkebile, Ioe Richards, Ralph Layman, Owen Wingard, Henry Holsopple, Zane Varner. ABSENT-Ruth Kehn. Twenty Nina Views of Adamsites Highlights in the '44-'45 fashions tound a sate harbor at Adams. To keep the cold Winter weather out-stadium boots . . . bunny gloves . . . sheep-lined aviator coats . . . Navy Peacoats . . . head scarves imoth- er's tablecloths had nothing on them eitherl were worn by the girls. Pads kept in tempo with the Armed Forces with emblems . . . insignias . . . wings . . . bars . . . khaki shirts and trousers . . . identiiication bracelets . . . ankle chains . . . dog tags belonging to someone in the serv- ice . . . novelty pins . . . Navy and khaki slacks. Again mother's kitchen was robbed. This time for teaspoons so that fashionable teen- agers could have bracelets. BRACELETS- the more on at one time the better! The Thirty lassies' lovely hair were adorned with bar- retts of all kinds-personality and floral. Ioes and lanes got together on the long shirt idea. Some of the couples around the school had sport shirts alike. Really groovy! Slick-chicks turned to the bare-legs policy --no anklets . . . paint . . . play shoes. But bobby socks still had their niche in the world of fashions. Dresses for spring and summer had the motto "the brieter the better." They featured cap sleeves . . . sweetheart necklines . . . drawstring tops . . . abbreviated skirts . . . square necklines. Smooth sweaters, peasant blouses and drindl skirts were by no means neglected .... Boys wore loaiers as well as girls. Shoes Wore a more polished look than usual. EVER LEVEL AND EVER TRUE TO THE TOIL AND TASK WE HAVE T0 D0 n 1 A , E1E3,tgi? 5 V -ff ,QT ,f , , 'Lf ,, E EAEA ff 1' H ' I, 4 ' f' E 1 A 'T7' A ff' N A ffl 21 if-A M, A A Q 1 ,mf 1, 3 I LY , 2 ! 'V WL' W w w w! 'T 1 'f ff ' Q" L - 4? " :sau f,,1..,. W' f , ..kx. N1 4-gm? J T fy X I Y! -El "I "" I 'Y Y Q f R .. A -A1421 , ,Q V x fzli 1 , 1 I LA W ,X u,u ull' 2 -ir Y 4,-Wm T, . , ,E,E K ix W A A .A A ,ii A -W , TE, H - A ' uf ' V---Q-an ,,,,, .,,,, - -.,,,,, Y 7,,4,:,,.,: if? : R gV1 4 Y ,Y , i? .- A A 5J?T?ff'T f?QffN,g SPIJHTS FIJUTB LL SU All FIRST ROW, left to right-Mike Perensovich, Dick Cornell, Bill Varner, Dave Lewis, Charles Leventry, Ronald Stinebiser, Henry Progar. SECOND ROW-Iulius Gmeiner. THIRD ROW-lim Moore, Andy Kozar, Bill Brough. SOUTH FORK First game in the season and another feather in the Hornets' cap. The Falcons couldn't even break through for one touch- down. PORTAGE After nine years of defeat the Adams' team came back from Portage with a vic- tory of 41-U. ALTOONA CATHOLIC First defeat of the season came at the hands of Altoona Catholic. The opposing teamsters scored two points for a safety in Adams end zone, then with but a minute and a half to go scored a touchdown. CONEMAUGH Through the loads of mud at the point the stingers plunged for a 13-6 victory over Conemaugh's Iron Horses. Utz broke away for a long run to a touchdown. Then Don Miller kicked for an extra point and later ran 52 yards for another six points. WINDBER Windber's eleven scored over the Adams Teamsters for the second lose of the season. The Hornets made the first score but a touch- down and an intercepted pass for the oppo- nents spelled defeat. IOHNSTOWN CATHOLIC The Blue Hornets pinned an 18-7 defeat on the Crimson Crushers for the second Win at the Point. An extra point put the oppo- nents ahead but Utz ran around end 30 yards for a goal. Then late in the fourth frame Miller plunged for another six points. PORTAGE TOWNSHIP Undefeated Portage Townshipers stayed on top when they turned the Hornets back for a second defeat in a row. FRANKLIN Even with a completely different starting line-up Adams overran the Franklin Blue- Iays. Touchdowns were made as a re- sult of the Iay's penalties. LILLY First downs and lengthy marches brought a victorious end to the Armistice Day game against Lilly. Lewis and Bill Varner sat in the sidelines with injuries. WINS South Fork ............................ ...... 3 9-U Portage ........................ ...... 4 1-U Conemaugh ,....,,,.,......... ...... l 3-6 Iohnstown Catholic ..... ...... l 8-7 Franklin ...................... ...... 2 5-7 Lilly .......................... ...... 2 7-0 5 games ,.............................. ........ 1 54-2U LOSSES Altoona Catholic .................... ........ 9 -U Windber ......................... ........ 1 3-7 Portage Township ....... .............. ........ 1 3 -U 3 games .............................................. 3 5-7 Total Points-Adams 1715 Opponents 55 Thirty Two x ef wa xx we 9 Q -wx? -2-Q. L ,off-Q I K f r , ., , x-.- 'Fil T" l" , A if -'?1f' - ' :RQ 7 V ' - . ' ' , -. -H ,.-W V M. ....., . in . f TT W MQ F W ,, X i , , ,. 4 X , X ,.,.,, iff. ,-1 if . r X ww y ,Q ,, . fwffllfifllr.- " 'M' X s 1' ..g.. S ' 'WWZW K r , r Bef' ee W5 McNutt handles that ball as though the pig were still in it! FUUTB LI. PI. YEHS FIRST ROW, left to right-Mike Perensovich, Dick Cornell, William Varner, David Lewis, Charles Leventry, Ronald Stinebiser, Henry Progar, William Brough, Albert Sracic, Fred Dunmire. V SECOND ROW-Iohn Gabany, Ian-ies Moore, Iulius Gmeiner, Andy Progar, Melvin Stombaugh, Owen Wingard, Robert Ryan, Robert Cornell, Robert George, William Panchisin, Willard Hicks, William Colosimo. THIRD ROW-Zane Varner, Byron Folrner, Robert Lazorchak, Keith Black, Raymond Stombaugh, Paul Pallas, Don Varner, Robert Pierce, Iames Varner, Andy Kozar, Tom Slonac. FOURTH ROW-Mr. Steve Krouse, Mr. Sam Plummer, Mr. Harry Iohnston, Qames Peracchino, Ioe Lazor, Iohn Ripper. Thirty Three Summarizing the basketball season-a total of 21 games was played. Ot these 1U were won and ll, lost. The wins were against the alumni, two, Beaverdale, two, Portage, Nanty-Glo, two, and Richland, two. The losses were received at the hands of Windber, two, South Fork, two, Catholic, two, Franklin, two, Conemaugh, two and Portage, one. From these games 607 points were scored against the Hornets and they in turn made 581. In the scoring range Dave Lewis was high scorer with a total of 152 points, sec- ond place was taken by Ray Stombaugh, who had 106 points. Besides the regular season a game was played between the Walkers and Riders to officially open the paper drive. The Walkers were victorious. B SHETB LI. PLAYERS FIRST ROW, left to right-Iulius Gmeiner, Iames Moore, Albert Sracic, Fred Dun- mire, Richard Cornell, Dave Lewis, Ronald Stinebiser, Ray Stombaugh, Ioe Lazor, Henry Progar. SECOND ROW-Robert Ryan, Byron Folmer, Robert Cornell, Robert Burnett, Robert Lazorchak, Andy Kozar, Melvin Stombaugh, Robert George, William Colosimo. THIRD ROW-Iohn Ripper, Louis Tschachler, Iarnes Freeberg, Andy Progar, Willard Hicks, Tom Slonac, Mr. Steve Krouse, Mr. Sam Plummer. Thirty F our V!-XHSITY III. B KNEELING, left to tight-Iohn Ripper, Charles Leventry, Henry Progar, Bill Brough Iames Moore, Bill Varner, Ronald Stinebiser. STANDING-Mr. Steve Krouse, Ioe Lazor, Iulius Gmeiner, Albert Sracic, Fred Dun mire, Dave Lewis, Mike Perensovich, Dick Cornell, Mr. Sam Plummer. Organized by Mr. Steve Krouse and Mr. Sam Plummer, the Varsity Club en- tered it's second year of existence. Of the fourteen members who make up the club-six are seniors, seven are juniors and one is a sophomore. At their meetings the boys discuss previous games and those to come. 'Q E , V I rw , f ,. r 1 -L. ii S1 I' 1 f v K, 3 J ri g-jg!! 7 i rl' V eemooaeoaiaeomaj E -wtf-To C . . ,-.s-,- 130 1 ,...,. V Thirty Five ST DE T MAN!-RISERS Lelt to right-Ioe Lazor, Iohn Ripper, Iim Percrcchino. '72 , , V' .. Mr. H. C. Iohnston has chcrrge of sell- 'i' ' I x i g z ing the tickets for the sports events at 1 Adams. Mr. Iohnston is helped in his busi- VQV' .. ness n1ancrger's job by members of the 'N student body. Thirty Six AH! WHAT A WONDEROUS THING IT IS NOTE HOW MANY WHEELS OF TOIL TO ONE THOUGHT, ONE WORD, CAN SET IN MOTION! I I IIE' ' 9VTig6Q ,II1 IOI. X K A V q e-:5:i.q..,.,. -- A ,q3.:g7 i.:? ii 'fi fHif-:wx-.II- f .. ' 1 ,E i H V VI, HOW li I51,714L Q i ' l -if WJ, ,wi QL :ii YAQH -,:"- Ti 1igii i--:iii-'iigii I S- ' 'IV I ' - 54-, ik 'X---Y- E -w x, Q A X V X T, HEEHE TIU 5 LIBH HIAN FIRST ROW, left to right-Anna Bartko, Agnes Plasay, Margaret Kozell, Phyllis Smith, Naomi Osewalt. SECOND ROW-Margie Felix, Dorothy Wingard, Olive Gearhari, Beatrice Krise, Iane Ream. THIRD ROW-Dorothy Oshaben, Lucille Peracchino, Anna Mucko. Adams' clubs and activities include the Librarians, Dramatics Club, Cheerleaders, Swing Band, Orchestra, Band, Chorus and Iournalists. Letters are given to the members who qualify for them. Each of the Clubs has different qualifications for awards. Thirty Eight IIHEUVII-XTIIIS EL B FIRST ROW, left to right-Dick Trotter, Delrose Cruse, Iane Myers, Nancy Ratchford, Elaine Ellenberger, Phyllis Frye, Agnes Haney, Kathryn Kisela, Evelyn Susko, Ramona Iackopin, Eleanora Bakale, Theresa Carott, Carol Trotter, Sylvia Ladika, Ioe Bourdess. SECOND ROW-Ward MacAnulty, Catherine Single, Ellen Kudrik, Twila Hildebrand, Phyllis Moyer, Roberta Richards, Agnes Fraikor, Kathryn Krise, Vaughn Dunn, Anna Kisela, Elecmor Helsel, Ioyce Rhoads, Owen Wingard. THIRD ROW-Don Snyder, Margaret Stridinger, Dorothy Rep-ine, Betty Mihalko, Kath- ryn Kentes, Dorothy Kitt, Agnes Peda, Naomi Roberts, Iva Berkey, Sara Black, Alice Hunter, Helen Iohns, Vernon Patterson. FOURTH ROW-Keith Black, Margie Moore, Sally Baumgardner, Ann Melik, Sara Agnes Iones, Dorothy Puchko, Ann Mihalick, Alice Kranyc, Mary Iane Moriarity, Betty Singer. Ruby Mucko, Richard Bosic. FIFTH ROW-Miss lane Clark, Miss Laura Mae Dimond, Beryl Marsh, Iarnesetta Fox, Iosephine Perens, Regina Fievez, Grace Smay, Rose Marie Sracic, Ann Mihalick, Dolores Wills, Marie Proyar, Betty Makins, Richard Gardner. IIHEEHLE DEH5 Lett to right-Garnett Hoffman, Shirley Penrod, Phyllis Smith, Margaret Palyocsik, Marian Berkebile, Margaret Kozell, Eileen Gear-hart, Naomi Osewalt, Dolores Facciani, Gene Singer. Thirty Nine Miss ILA TROTTER Music Inslructot I FIRST ROW, left io right-Charles Wissinger, Dolores Facciani, Richard Cornell, Florence Wissinger, Patricia Norris. SECOND ROW-Regina Fievez, Marie Wissinger, Fred Dunrnire. Margaret Stridinger, at the piano. ABSENT-Ioe Bunt. IJHIIHESTH AT THE PIANO-Erma Allison, FIRST ROW AT LEFT, front to back-Roberta Richards, Bill Rogosky, Ioe Kanavich. SECOND ROW-Agnes Konorosky, Keith Black, Agnes Fraikor, Regina Fievez, Marie Wissinger. THIRD ROW-Bob Cornell, Lydia Belle Kring, Albert Helsel, Florence Wissinger. FOURTH ROW-Dick Oshaben, Dolores Facciani, Charles Wissinger. DRUMS, left to right-Dale Murvine, Eleanora Bakale, Ramona Iackopin. Forty AN FIRST ROW, left to right-Charles Wissinger, Richard Oshaben, Robert Cornell, Lydia Belle Kring, Florence Wissinger, Pat Norris, Albert Helsel, Carol Trotter, Dolores Facciani, Richard Cornell. SECOND ROW-Robert Smith, Phyllis Frye, Richard Trotter, Roberta Richards, Charles Kern, Eugene Lester, Marie Wissinger, Agnes Fraikor, Vernon Patterson. THIRD ROW-Ice Kanavich, Bill Rogosky, Betty Singer, Keith Black, Regina Fievez, Robert Brewer, Arthur Mader, Nora LaRue Kring. FOURTH ROW-Martin Kaufman, Ramona Iackopin, Dale Murvine, Eleanora Bakale, Ice Bourdess. GIRLS IIHIJH S FIRST ROW, left to right-Virginia Shaffer, Dolores Carpenter, Ann Iohnson, Phyllis Frye, Elaine Ellenberger, Agnes Haney, Kathryn Kisela, Catherine Zaluski, Veronica, Gdula, Agnes Konorosky, Erma Allison. SECOND ROW-Sarah Agnes Iones, Phyllis Moyer, Shirley Tibbens, Betty Noon, Eleanor Kolacskovski, Cecilia Usnik, Beryl Marsh, Ioyce Rhoads, Arlene Knavel, Theresa Caroff, Margaret Kozell. THIRD ROW-Gladys Margo, Iane Ream, Beatrice Krise, Margaret Stridinger, Nima Kaufman, Ruby Mucko, Dolores Wills, Iamesetta Fox, Barbara Mihacevich, Iris Myers, Shirley Iennings. Forty One HBHUTHEH GUIJSEH TOP ROW, left to right-Wilma Folmer, Charles Leventry, Frances Hutsky, Bob Freeberg, Ianet Hinebaugh. BOTTOM ROW, left to right-Ann Mihalick, Iane Ream, Lorraine Pavlak, Don Richards, "I-X AMS EVENING" TOP ROW, left to right-Iohn Bereznak, Martha Felix, Mary Lou Huisky, Clair Pebley. BOTTOM ROW-Bill Brough, Dorothy Puchko, Naomi Schreiber, Dolores See-se, Iakie Lester. ABSENT-Bob Grace Un the Navyl. Forty Two V V ill, 1 -. Y,,,- '-,-s L,,,,,,,,L....- - "Saddle Sc1m's just getting pre- pared to ride one of those sea- horses he's been hearing so much about." "liIHI. SHY" TOP ROW, left to right-Keith Black, Dorothy Blozevich, Kathryn Bostock, Robert Brewer Iulius Gmeiner, Dave Lewis. BOTTOM ROW-Pat Norris, Agnes Plcrscxy, Phyllis Smith, Don Snyder, Bill Vcxrner Frunces White. Forty Three 1 1 .IUUHN LISTS FIRST ROW, TOP-left to right-Eugenia Maravalli, Editorial Editor: Io Ann Iones News Editor: Martha Musilek, Editor-in-Chief: Betty Wolford, Feature Editor: Iim Leamer Sports Editor. SECOND ROW-Helen Louise Baumgardner: Sadie Ohler, Business Manager. THIRD ROW-Byron Myers, Dorothy Bernheimer, Mary Sracic. FOURTH ROW-Iohn Keslak, Nancy Wilkinson, Pete Matsko, Thelma Patterson. Wanda Barto ipicture not shownl. Drawing for the journalists is only one of Henry Progar's extra curricular activities. He is also on the basketball, football and baseball teams. Forty Four 1 1 IJ EHTISEME TS For helping to make this book possible we extend our mcmy thanks to the Printer Engrczver, Photographer, Subscribers and Ad- vertisers. Forty Five 1 6 Q as 5 Qc Q Q E 52 Q Q Q Q Q 2 2 2 E2 Q 2 J 3 s s Q C ongratula- tions Graduates of the Adams E Township G Highschool l k:9'Q:fJF0 oxefoxevfaz-20,1622 A Wa gt i 5462554 Jig Class 995cDsQJ5QQ'3x0VQ:J5Qx07Qe'9gDk9'Fix5'fiQ3Q5Qk9FiQ3:QJ5QsrDVQk0ViG Forty S ix S Sb DBE COMPLIMENTS to the CLA OF 45 WIN R PA SQA? .5 3 if, Q5 Q J Q Q Q 5 Q Q Q1 Q Q Q Q1 QQ Q 2 J Q Q Q J C, Q 3 K, Q5 Q Q Q Q Q Q QM K' 52 K 'Q Q3 'Q Q16 K' 2 '52 Q' Q2 if 2 'Q K 'D K' SN C12 I C2 SF Q2 K Q K 'Q K C2 T E9 QMGN VQXDG Q' 'Q 5 Q Q Y 5 K P4 I U1 9? KQQ un D2 F' P114 Pd ru: I-E Di H EF! U5 D2 Z D1 GASQA QQ 5 E5 E SALIX, PENNA. 2 Q C12 5 T Q 2 Q 2 5 Safety Deposit Boxes For Rent 2 2 J E RJDKE' OOO GQCNGQ Q 2 9 3 Sa Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatio K7 52 5 Q Q LD 5 S ij DEPOSIT GUARANTEED UP TO 55,000 3 S Q3 GREG? J Q J Q Q Q 9 Q 9 Q Q Q Q2 Q ,B Q Q Q Q Q 2 9 Q 9 Q Q Q 2 i3 GS. Fourty Eight QS4631Q:-affEz?Qv1?4b-cfNS63'S.1?'bcC?rfbc?fQ7cG63fba?Ez?S?'SFLn6A'LzG C9 ll it li T H E Q SF ST. MICHAEL NATIONAL BANK 2 li sf. Michael, Pa. ow DEPOSITS GUARANTEED S by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 52 9D3QkQ'40s:D"'45x954ix:9FiwJVik093QaJ'g09Fix:D54b:J4Qe5':bx05'Qx:93e5Qe5QC9 iiQ,-1?Q,-c?NQi?YQ71?K'b4?fQzfbfE:c6z4kx62bc?4bcG:?fbc?QQ7:?f9?5Lz?Qm62f9GG CONGRATULATIONS HONORED STUDENTS . . Glosser Bros. extend hearty congratulations to the 1945 Class Qi of the Adams Township Highschool and may you achieve similar success in seeking a higher education. Q Visit this popular priced store when in Iohnstown. It is our aim to serve you with bigger and better values at all times, OSSERBRO l ,K :onus-rowvq PA , 1 Vg. ' EVERYIODYS STORE 5 Q T il 99"Q:J"i::95'Q rJ5Q:J9VirJ"QaJ34ie5'Qk97Q:JVik9K3sJ3k0,QxJViGJ Forty Nine G 3 in 5 if E 2 5 f 2 3 if E Q K 2 E K' 'E SEEK COMPETENT ADVICE IN FUNERAL MATTERS K The faith and courage of our people shall not falter on our destined 5 course. America's indomitable will expresses the unconquerable CQ 3 human spirit, Conscience shall continue to be our ruler. Our Bill of K Rights shall remain each Americans protecting birthright. Sb We serve as we would be served, all who call us regardless of D religion or resources, rendering at all times the considerate service E one neighbor has the right to expect of another. K . .5 K7 DIMOND FUNERAL HOME Q., 2 SOUTH FORK-3162 WINDBER-84 T J 5 K, . 5 Compliments of g K, 0 AUER FUNERAL HOME SALIX, PA. o+o 2 AMBULANCE SERVICE Q 0 5 Phone 5-R-5 Sf' QGQMGX fl Q 2 5 K, 5 3 i 2 Q J Q 3 2 2 2 E a Fifty 52: J 'Q S S E MARAVALLPS STORE ' K 5 GENERAL MERCHANDISE J 2 .5 CE K O40 J 5 Q E 2 Dunlo, Pa. 9 'Q E Phone 9024 Q Q J Q QQ if .E E E S S MIHALICK'S STORES E E S E 3 Q40 g E CF Q GENERAL MERCHANDISE E 9 S Q o+o 2 2 Q DUNLO LLOYDELL E 9 Q 3 Phone-Dunlo 34 E S Fifty One Q 2 5 SKATE! LQ K, 2 at S i SKATE-A-WAY 2 Q Q 3 M S E Sc' 3 ? 3 Route 53 Q E IOHNSTOWN, PA. S K T J '12 3 0RAVECZ'S TAVERN f 5 SIDMAN and sT. MICHAEL Q Phone 9025-R-5 S M 2 3 Sandwiches Lunches S 5 ALL WELCOME THANK YOU g K Fifty Two if T sf 55 5 3 T - T O T 5 fn E P1 5 aw F T O Q3 'Q E F' 5 :ca 5' T cn U 9 H CJ! 'D 5 Q T Q CD 3 5 T 5 T i?J5Q3525gDl7W.k53QCr3 S1624 XJIGDQJ' G-6254? XSDKD O+O E ST. MICHAEL, PA. 9 5 Phone South Fork-9731 T 95'Q:J3:DQ5'QQ54izJ5Qx:9VQk054i:J7ADa:93k:9'i2 J E United Mine Workers E UNITED Q T of S 31 JEWELERS Q 3 A. z1oN S 3 Ameflca S 410 MAIN STREET Q K, 3 LOCAL UNION 830 Q S IOHNSTOWN' PA' 2 K, T 3 Q , J T 9 M Q E KN gg Diamonds 2 S 2 Watclles gg Q DuNLo, PA. E Q Jewelry Fifty Three - S Z cv U1 4 C5 In gf so 5 91 H E is E1 m as 2 as rn Q: I-4 cr: E Good Insurance is Not Cheap - Cheap Insurance Is Not Good We Represent the Oldest and Best Companies E ST, MICHAEL, PA, 'Q I 5 3 Swimming LIBERTY PARK Refreshments GyeaQKaMosesNoeekaemwfokaaemkafmkoyessofemsaemkaewsaieokofemkpeegsafae EQvSfNQ6N9f4l-z,?9,FQj?Qy,FQzg gsefaesejoeseefseffswfswfsufseeqg S Mr. D. J. Shank Mrs. Lucy Cignetto E DUNLO. PA. Dealer ln Q MEATS 52 3 5 and S j +044 GROCERIES S Q G K, is 9 3? 5 52 Q f 5 K, J Plumbing, Heating, 5 Cafpenfefing and ig SAINT MICHAEL, PA. , . f Q K' 2 General Repaxrs Phone 9714 52 gewwwokavwssomkofeakavwwemsafmg gfaseneuwveakofokamknfsosgnfqkgrgni Fifty Four 62 IE C9 2 S 5 ff' QQ 2 2 2 C75 T Q 3 2 Z2 5 T QQ Li 5 S f 5 L2 aJ'fQ.,x:9Qk9 'FD Skating Rink 5 5 3 8 S 2 I 54' on i. 9V'T.v::97'4Dk05':b QQ PHONE 10 DUNLO, PA. 6540 :TQQ5Qe5Q:J?QbJ5QQf3 QFizJ5Qk07'QsrD5QeDVi:Q95Qk0"Q::054DC23

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