Adams Junior High School - Yearbook (Richmond, CA)

 - Class of 1986

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Adams Junior High School - Yearbook (Richmond, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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, '21 2.6? 2 2 k; 1 g ice: . Ha V e L W x L , CK gig, Ix . x XKYX C va , . ,5 1.3.23 0 6W U . , . y N41 C, E W W MW? muziM 3 bpk i : kW J m a i ' 4 L :T t ; P .C u m m 81A Q L YL 9 xCK M MC, U Q, ; th' LIA A f l, A .L SW W1 L59: u hcwfm Cg r. Y E, '" . J ,R I , L . V W q R $ EM W Hex cuwcgri 13$ MJM N'K-mer m; JNJ 9 : -. ,. w L i ' X - 53 fyL L fQACl 9 L. . L ! , SAILD 1 . N ix , USE: Ck V K C53 1 6 4 :9 V ' KL O1 ' Lx ' N Ki Q9; L .r J V K , f . :1; X: R X p LDSJLL a A L m CV C ? L C LKR VQLYL K Q- r; cy1 1 L? f. 10ny KA L 00 k I R . '..X :1 e C w W N 15C C; 18. UCM K HO O k mxl . 0...... - w --h-- x x; ijo Q ' . f r. , . ff ocdn. Wz: 9W5 42$? 3 . i S L Q 7E . '66; C:L, ; KN . x H? z: . ' k y 13 KB V'XECXN : w W U gm Ly i V9 m W06 5MMW Ha a' . M d0 WW W WW 9 HM Mgmm x gag Mama: M, szff 1 W x x X $$ x xwx $Q Q kX v V VW V w x k X NM 3 qmwk xxx $ x x k , Ww Il w xxx $ x $ H E 3" 31 PrincipaPs Message . Dedication . . . . . Eighth Grade . . . . Hall ofFame . . . . Faculty 8L Staff . . Electives. . . . . . . Seventh Grade . . . Clubs 8LActiVities . . . Closing............ --H...,.-...-... .Mm..'h4 aw-.- ..,$... ., PRINCIPALIS MESSAGE Adams Junior High School has once again outdone itself for school year 1985- 86. We are at the top academically, in student government and student ac- tivities. All one has to do is look through our yearbook to see the finest all around students in the Richmond Unified School District. It is a real pleasure to be associated with the Adams Student Body. Even though this is our last year as a school, the spirit and caring feeling that our students possess will now be moved to other schools. WW ?XXXX , These schools wnll all be bet- ter because of the good citizens and fine students that Adams has always had. ' I f Mr. Storer The 1985-86 Adams Aristocrat Yearbook is the twenty-sixth and final edi- MrS. Galhoun tion. The closure of Adams represents the end of twenty-six years of educa- tional excellence. This ex- cellence has been .ac- complished and maintained through the team efforts of receptive studentls , suppor- tive parents and dedicated faculty and staff. As members of the final seventh and eighth grade classes, your academic, extra-curricular, and in- terpersonal ac- complishments are representative of the ex- cellence that has charateriz- ed our twenty-six year history. I commend you for being such fine students. Because you are such fine students, I am sure you will be a welcomed addition and an asset to your new schools. My best wishes are extended to you for hap- piness and success in the future. Our yearbook staff has done an outstanding job recording this important year in our history and I commen them for their efforts. I am sure that this yearbook will serve to remind you of plea- sant experiences at Adams. Mrs.Cthoun 2 g i aw Mrs. Davi. Spring Co 1. , Era 1! M ' 0 , ? , , Q fur w ; . iuawaamwg' Vim mm?! MRS. jOAN DA VIES When Mrs. Davies came to Adams in September of 1979, she brought with her a certain style and a wonderful personality. She tried hard to keep the quali- ty and high standards of the music department up to par. Her predecessor, Mr. Kirth, had been at Adams since its opening and had built Adams a solid founda- tion in music. In addition to teaching her music classes, Mrs. Davies also taught drama and held chorus after school. In 1984-85, Mrs. Davies started a wind ensem- ble before school which performed for the first time at the Sprin Concert. Sadly, rs. Davies passed away in June of 1985 but her spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of all of the students who were touched by her warm and vibrant personality. Jennifer S. lkuta 1 4-16 WMMWMW Mrs. Davies pictured with Mr. Storer at Mrs. Davies and her family in 1958. From Left to Right - Mrs. Davies, he Spring Concert 85. Bonnie, and husba d Marvin H; W xxx xxxka$ xwst 7i 2 W th.A 4.. A ' .w. vW-....,-.A -ZMA -V-,.. 7 NW" N .- Nw-dw"W-Whm. A$ Suzanne Adams Kassandra Allen Jennifer Argento Ali Aman Traci Anderson : A Alishia Armstrong A ?w David Armstrong a ..m. r r A .w n o t n A b d u a. r a M ym mw hs Mm C Av e n ...u S u g A x Tamara Baba s b e U n a B e r d e D S e n r a B V: n O h t n A d m mf e U .me nCB aa Bv a D Ehren Becker Tameesha Bell Pascual Benito Sheila Blake Thomas Blankenship Z 2 z ,, MM AVA m. .Ih v wB .mw mh do A 7W??? WJ, , LeAsha Bowman Yvette Braswell ?gg A, Charmaine Braziel ,? W; V Zerrel Bfeedlove VA V y 7A 2 ? ,7 Tony Bridges Jerrel Briggs Christy Brock Johnie Brown Joseph Brown Nancy Brown Ernesto Browne Gerardo Browne 9 .m n w 0 r B O S n 0 cl: A ' $$w xuwNAthx us. A A .1- ' dw'wg-msm-MWEM V ' , 7 WM. Erick Bryant Michael Burton Donald Cain Antonio Calhoun Larry Calhoun Jewel Campbell , w, F. Calloway Eugene Carlisle i" Jaquita Carter ? 0 ,, M y, ,7 , Jesse Carter Latlce Carter David Cayton Byron Chambers Kevin Chung Edmond Clare W X Karen Clark Rand Clark Ronnie Cole Harold Collins Erica Comer mm nm 00 ca .wd "w WF a h C S e V. A am. mMm 0 a can CW8 LR W W x? 4 74? . .C . 9k." h K.nsme E.Pv3r Naw JD Jamal Cunningham Aaron Davis .0 r o f w a r C .n e t a K Roberto Cruz Wendy Cruz Mm Z .W Am K hs o R a .1. a N Day. Henry Davis Kurt Davis Ronald Davis Mary Dawson Danielle Dickerson W Lamarah Dillon Washawnda Dorsey Charles Douglas Yolanda Dowdell Timothy Duck Angela Durr Jonathan Dury Matthew Easton Angelina Edejer Haruka endo Ax mmxx; Ella Eng 3 Hershel English Charles Estill Leticia Estrada Felicia Farr Raymond Fisher Rashida Foster Robert Frisbie James Furey Tanisha Gainer Shenita Gaines Ramon Garcia-Musson Lisa Gary Reggie Gibson Ty Gilliam x' L- ,wford Kendrick Go '? M ,- , V ' " , , a Erika Godfrey , . - ' , ' ., K lruz 5 A uz Niesha Gooden 4; z nningham Jason Gooselaw vis Depresha Gordon vis Dav-Yell Grant 5 Natasha Gray avis Kumani Green ' ISO" Roshanda Green 3? 3icker50" Zoltan Grose Z M : Wm. . , k- V ,a ... ; .. a -- .....e V,, V V 7 ' r , , x -v-IIMA-w ..a; John Guggemos Miguel Gutierrez Robert Gutierrez Jennifer Hamilton Kenyetta Hammond Noah Han Marcus Harper Atara Harris Margo Hattin LaTonia Hayes Anita Heredia Denisha Hill Kenyon Hill Jason Hilliard Zachary Hilliard Terra Holmes Sean Hoskin Roger Hukom Shane. Humphreys Malaika Hunt Huey Hyland Jennifer lkuta Marvice Ireland Marcel Jack Maurice Jack Antonia Jackson Jeremy Jackson Jynelle Sheila Jackson Mario Akil Jefferson - MarIin Jeffreys Danielle Johnson Johnny Johnson Stacy Johnson Carm Anissa Jones Marcelles Jordan Julie Kahane Marc Katayanagi Rejinder Kaur Yolanda Keaton Senait Kifle Cozetta King Korey Kirk Wendy Krause Larry LaTour Darrell Lee Kimberly Lee Kyong Kon Lee Myeisha Lee Thomas Lee Patricia Lee Tracey Leggett Izell Levias Julique Lewis Angelina Liu Myron Lo Rochelle Logan Robert Maher John Mahley Magdalena Martinez Marco Martinez JaCKSO" Jynelle Matthews JacksOn Mario McCarthy ackson Tioni McCoy ferson Brian McDonald Ieffreys Tamara McFarland a Johnson Sharnay McIntosh Johnson Carmen McNeil ohnson Ligsa Mejia Jones Aaron Miller as Jordan Asha Milsap MICh; Del 2?, ., V? , :3: -......... -M, Rhonda Pierce Michael Pilkington Joseph Pitcavage David Polete James Ratliff Conrad Raymond Kwane Reed Rosanne Reyes S .m. mm eI Dre mm rC a.' 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Victoria Swartz hllllps Tina Smith .uerpe Charles Taylor .uklngton Samuel Taylor tcavage Ronald Thierry at e Michael Thompson ltliff Donna Tims aymond Demonte Tinsley W 36 d Marina gWWWWW Tolou-Shams W Re es . W WW y Kevm Torn g; WN-WW -xN-NWWu.M.H; . ZZ, 7 key WilIiams Leah Wilson Julia Winfield Ranaye Woods Jean Marie Ric , 77;, W7 , ?? lliams Emmet Williams .n e w W a S s e T w k C .n r e D Kristen Williams Latrice Williams ZZZ Valerie Whetzel Johanna White Mashari i White Sacha Wierenga Marcella Wusen Michad Jake Weatherhead Laura Ward Wasilchin Karis Wells Tina WelIs Timothy White B anTu Uzuncan Ini AI James Valentine Cynthia Trevino Jarred Tsuki ira WI A w ,, x4632 1 M zQ W55 w K e C n a D S P. e L 9 ":ka? y? A A w m X - ?y v , V W : W X m WW WWW y W W X VWWW K nyXX W W , V , W wyww WWM WWWW VWMWW MVM WXW mxwxw , A H W A mea W N$XN N Rx W W X gg X 5x m x xx ZZZZZQQ 555555555 Q55555555 555$ $5 Q55 ZZZxx5555 Z 555! 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Mr. G. Karas Mr. T. Kloski Mr. M. LeFebvre Ms. J. Lockard Chr. Sp. Educa on Miss S. Matsubara Chr. English 81 GA Mrs. M. McGrady No $$ij JMrs. C. Ostrow Mrs. C. Steedman b , Mr. D. Steinberg Chr. Soc. Sci. Mr. T. Blount Chr. Music Mrs. J. Lenstrom Mrs. A. Finn Chr. Math Mr. N. Silverstein "W ...LM- -V- W X XX 56 22 incbh WW l'f Wgww W 04me li w WWW WWW W W W WWW W , W ZZWMW WWVMW , Wm M, MyMnW 5 lg WWW XW WW n W W W WW Wif m , W W MZM WWW W W . W WW W W . WW , W4 WW , w xW xxx $ XWNW WWXW x W 1 W WWWWWW ZWWWM W W WWWWM; W W? WWWMMWM WWWWWWWZWZQMWWZ W YWWWWWZ; ,WWWWWWWM V m VWVWWWWMW W I MWW M a WWWMWj , memw, WWWWW, gW- W2 A, r'RePPen $: , XXW V 7W4 w 'W , Mrs. Killian .' AHI .' W i n U 0 C n 6 Hu 9 B s r M w. 86" Mrs. Duncan Ms. Gerald . Hall Mr anJGman MLngm w? wm yw .Knox Mr Mrs. Nitcher mrs. Lewellen MS- pereira Mrs. Pennebaker , Oller Mrs g ? .Rogers MFS 2 Mrs. Randal. 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Edmond Clare, Jake Weatherhea Melvin Smith, Ryan Olson, Kenyon Hill. Ricky Williams, Akil Jefferson. Giunen Waits. Akin Henderson. , e h ; Top - Marlon Penn. Robert Frisby. Mark Plummer, Sacha Wierenga, Anita TOp - Kenyon Hill. Harold Collins. Jon Dury, Edmond Clare. Raymond Fisht Heredia. Mr. Blount. Nicole Hon . Bottom - Preston Gordon, Naomi Yamamoto Jason Hilliard Alisha Calhoun Matthew E n Jennifer "Ma Nata? SE SI? 33:13:39 5,9. Kane Scott. Alisha Calhoun. James Ratcliff. Paris Roberts, Erik Gray, Dav-Yell Grant, GuineQere;3?iesle:ggtgr. Naomi Muratawa. 2 g , a arman. Dawson, Ola inka Aikens, Adonica Blevins. Altonette Hagen, Mr. Blount. F'W', Michael Wasulchin, Daniel Berger, Nori Matsumoto, Kevin Chung, ZaCharY H'H'a ; i Kawame Reed. Rand Clark, Robert Mayer, Anita Heredia. . L 13-2.: JIJiva-Awww , a- . X rmwv. : 5,: .; . . on. Q f ,Ik :1 K 1, . :.':.3- ' .. ' '3 ll v, Altoneue Hag Easton, Debo Danielle Dicker: 1 Lambert! Val! JQ'aS. Karis We ;' Zaehary Hmn BSt BrOWne, Hot 1 DOWdeII, Mich ake Weatherhe fferson, Giunen ' ' KXOWKMMW MM?WMWWWW M-awwyw. MWMAWW W; mwvmw wwwww y, MMMMM WWWWMNMWMWW M S $ 3 l S x skMWWW WaMka-wx - mammawhgwwmwwwww . Ix; . W MW; amigo Ix MX m 7W6; I Ws 15. 1 - TA's - Ms. Lockard. Kenyon Hill, Tioni McCoy. Shane Humphreys. 2 - TA's - Ms. Dornan. Row 1 - Standing - Stacy Stump. Jennifer Argento. Ms. Dornan, John Mahley, Tanisha Gainer. Row 2 - Seared - Angela Durr, Dannielle Johnson, Kimani Green. Linda McCaulie, Marquelle Ashly. 3. - Business Office. Slanding - Depresha Gordon. Mrss Rogers, Jaquita Carter, Rashida Foster, Mrs. Sheffer, Anita Heredia. Seated - Jennifer Ikuta. Angelina Edejer. 30 --. ----M ,. ,.....- .- .O-H, -.-.- -' , ww..- . -. ,.., ,-- 7....--1... .h-w anwpmw Attendance Office Assistants -WW$ --...W ..,.W M.'W.NM W$... .. Row 1 - Alicia Armstrong, Kassandra Allen, Mary Dawson, Latice Carter, Shantese Smith, Niesha Gooden. Row 2 - Kurt Davis, Asa Smith, Jennifer Argenteno, Malaika Hunt, JyNell Mathews, Robyn Washington, Mrs. Kovacich. ya. Row 1 - Rochelle Logan, Yvette Braswell, Lisa Moffet, June Skillman, Padro Banuelos, Julie Kahane. Row 2 - Nancy Brown, Shanala Robertson, Julia Win- field, Maria Moore, Lori Van Hook, David Polete, Rokella Sullivan, Ms. Gerald, . ;1 w ,, m , ar Id Back Row - Tracy Anderson, Sheila Jackson, Linda McCaulie, t" . ' ' ' Zoli Grose. Front Row - Maggie Martinez, Wendy Cruz, Matt Peterson, Timothy Duck, Steven Lune, Mrs. Emerson. 31 mmw mewmwmmm Nx L RX g QLWV x s ; Xx KM ,R xx Kgxxk - W; W Wm, m ,, W Wm, . ' W 020M WW m V-M v .1 - . -An-- SCIENCE FAIR WINNER g 1 Wm: M x l V 7. agafbg I 1 ' V1 1 Top, Left to Right 1 Keefe San Augustin, Joseph Pitcavage, Laurie Ryan Olson, Mrs. Davis. Foster. Bottom - Kevin Tom, Mann Huyn, Marina Tola-Shams, Angelina Liug, Helen Chen. Top - Joel Rentner, Mike San- chez, Brian Tu, Jerry Brown. Middle - Luma Cortez, Mashariki White, Roberto Cruiz, Ella Eng, Emile Sahoria, Wendy Morgan. Bpttom - Katie Scott. Carlene Tom, Chrystle Nie, Kit McGee. x g k 1 Jennifer Wilson. Mathew Eastan, Kwame Reed, Mathew Stark Weather, Mellisa Briggs. 34 .-.- .. w M-1-vaw1rcw1 ; 'tez, Drmz, 'endy Soon, L Kn xx? , . 244. x L 9? ,. X??? ; a , . g g0 W Nohzwwl xx . wa MW f . W Q J? ? W?! xng xxMxMxX k i :7? g? g 4W ,v WKH m mm J -..;.,u 36 ;---- '5 b, g . . g... a g. -.T 2:, f a KX V x $$x X xxxxxxxxNxxX x 3 xx x xxx EUUEEU , .......,-. . . .......,,.-v............ quWq-Aw-w-W MW$-WMWHWHW. f..- .. Jason Agnitsch Olayinka Aikens Angela Anderson Mar-Lin Anderson Keysha Andrews Seonjuan Andris Jessica Baird Ketina Barrett Shakira Bates Tiffany Bell Daniel Berger Charles Bishop Daniel Blankenship Reginald Bolden Amy Bonifacio 0 $ Arla Bowles ' g; Steven Boykins A ,J Melissa Briggs $jx ,y x W $ t Sonya Britt . Martin Brown Tamy Brown Theresa Buckley Marlin Burton Cory Butler Alisha Calhoun Chandra Calhoun Fernando Camilli Eric Carvajal Antisha Chaney Betty Chea Helen Chen Jim Chen Ira Christian Omar Chyou Earl Claiborne Marvin Clark Matthew Clark April Clemente , Jason Cole LaTanya Coleman T. Colman Eddie Cooley 39 kau-W-NW' .mW.4H-7Aai QNW A ' ' v ' ' ,, - 7W A . "1;. - Gregory COOper Samanthi Rosemarie Co DeYoung I Cl.arence Corbfgper 1 Mi; MIphelle COUrtade ' H WIIIIe Cox Tamara L Conja Crawford Man N9h Jason Crawford Eric Crum Todd Crum ? Marco Cruz ' Leodis Daniel Jose Delgado Nicole Demonue l1 Leanna J1 Myla Donnelly Martin w Jelani Dotson 5 Richard J1 Tino Dozier ; Manue Stephanie Elliot Michae Jene Elzie , Michelle Ethan Fafarman Desha Featherstone Peter Fernandes Carrie Fernandez Elaina Fok Radiah Fort 'xm m .m Benny Foster Laurie Foster Jame Shana Lee Fruehan . Bonal Elden Gandy .Rlphar Melanie Gary TIffany L Saif Ghaleb Tenisha Glass D. Goforth Gregory Golitzen g Kenneth Gonzales : Sharleen Green Tibor Grose Barbara Harris Krystyna Har'ris Monroe Harrison Akim Henderson Irvin Anderson Bianca Hicks Alyse -Wh.H.--,v Wad A " m,--WWW ,..-.,., . .AN.. - .---..-.... ..... ..-.,.--. -. -rvH .. . M. P F Samantha Hollins DeYoung Hollman Nicole Hong Mark Hsu Tamara Husbands Man Nghi Huynh Jaquel Jackson Cody Jaffe William Jefferson Christopher Johnson Derek Johnson Julian Johnson Fmontte Leanna Johnson x Innelly ' MartinJohnson x "F50" RichardJohnson " 'Z'el Manuel Jones M Elliot Michael Jones lzie Michelle Jones xFQRNI Roosevelt Jones Ericka Jordan Megen Kelleher Ceasare Kennedy Karen Lambert Jabari Lawrence VFOW James Lewis SFOW hn Ronald Lewis aLeeFruea Richard Lopez : IGagdrYy Tiffa'ny Louisville nie a shaleb i 3 Mariecelle Lowery Don Luckey Georgette Lyles Darrell Lynch Akil Mahsin Shauntrell Malbrough . Ingrid Mandel ara Ham? Victor Mapp Harris tyna , n Ana Marquez Harrlso N ' roe on on Matsumoto IHendersn Sunny McClain Anderso Alyse McCree ca Hicks 41 Chenga McDon . ald Melko MCDQnald E?mes McElroy vatus Mclnnis Christopher McKee Len Deanna McKinney Tasha McMorris Makita McNeally Ericka Meadows Sherry Miller Scott Mitchell Wendy Morgan Sonia Mota Wayne Munson Naomi Murakawa Ryan Nash Blair Newman Shantel Norman Janelle Olsen Ryan Olson Simone Oni Shannon Paden Roderick Patao ' Dale Potts Guajana Ramierz Latasha Reed Ke Joel Rentner Ten Rolando Reyes Brian Richardson Esther Robbins J: Gerald Robinson Parris Rollins Latahsa Ross Tiwonnia Rougeau Bret Rowland Xavier Russell Emile Sahouria Omar Sanders Na0m Brandon Schmurr JUi Catherine 500tt Milton SCOVt I Melissa Seals Dedan Smith Delphine Smith Randi Spears Lenishea Stanton Matthew Starkweather Gregory Steadman ' LaTricesa Stenson Emil Stevenson Howard Tan Kenya Taylor Matthew Taylor Kisha Tinsley k aMota we Munson ' Carlene Tom iMurakawa Teryie Townsend Nash Shayleen Turner Newman Charles Tyes tel Norman . James Urlbe Nicole Vanhook Surya Voinar Guenevere Waits Jennifer Ward Nichol Washington Ronald Webster Catherine Wightman ina Ramierl Kebebe Wilbert ;haHeed Tenicia Williams Renmer Walter Willis N wdo Reyes D. Williams Richardson Jennifer Wilson er Robbins Randy Wilson Sanders Winfield Emily Wong William Wong Lucia Woolbert Ndikho Woods Davis Octavia Woods Naomi Yamamoto 53mg: Juanito Ybarra Sand h mu" Darrell Yen :Onscwn Richard Yen rineS , Kyong Yi 5oot1 Sue Young . ...... .s. .q A.....-,A.r..-- ........m..- WWW ,5 2,257 . M ; i yxz WV g, g1? Z, , 15 w WXWg , , Z? , ., WZ x 2247 z, , C, , J , , , , ,f 9?, 2V ;;nytee ,, , , V, , , ayggg , Z ggzziyxxjvygdyxxg m'z'vufrir ' ', Mashariki - Working hard or hardly working? Natasha Gray - Gosh that's ugly! V ZIMMMMWWWW W x V W . I $ Student Council, Back Row - L-R - Kimani Green, Charmaine Braziel, Rwame Reed, LaTonia Haues, Leah Middle Row - L-R - Tessa Wilbert, NaOmi Murakawa, Yvette Braswell, Latice Carter, Ericka Godfrey, Manuel M . 46 Front Flow- - L-R Carrie Fernandez, Natasha Gray, Sue Young, Melissa Seals, Kassandra Allen. Seated - Rand: P Ikuta, Janine Beachum. Wilson, Mr. Stginberg. ark Hsu, Radnah Fort. eterson, Jennifer b4 M115!a yon m nad'jgnnw v-.... . wa... ;w.u..--... .-hw -g--dw-H-v w.,w..a.o..w , -m.. . ,7 W . 7;. .h,....-.,-- , 7 -,, .- WM WWW: wmlm Benito, Pascual Bosch, Chad Browne, Ernesto Browne, Gerardo Chung, Kevin Clark, Rand Cortez, Luma Dawson, Mary Dea, Marc Dowdell, Yolanda Easton, Matthew Eng, Ella Estill, Charles Estrada, Leticia Go, Kendrick Grant, Dav-Yell Gray, Natasha Han, Noah Ikuta, Jennifer Isabelle, Deborah Jackson, Antonia Lee, Thomas Lewis, Julique Liu, Angelia Lo, Myron McCoy, Tioni Paysinger, Estelle Sagli, Erik San Agustine, Keefe Sanchez, Michael Shipp, Gabriel Spieth, Kara Tolou-Shams, Marina Tu, Brian White, Mashariki Wilbert, Tessa Wilson, Leah WMIW WWW: 51mm . GRADE 7 Baird, Jennifer Berger, Daniel Briggs, Melissa Brown, Tamy Buckley, Theresa Calhoun, Alisha Chea, Betty Chen, Helen Chen, Jim Clark, Matthew Cruz, Marco Dozier, Tino Elzie, Jene Fok, Elaina Foster, Laurie Fruehan, Shana Gonzalez, Kenneth Grose, Tibor Hong, Nicole Hsu, Mark Huynh, Man Jaffe, Cody Jamison, Denneal Johnson, Derek Mandel, Ingrid Matsumoto, Nori McDonald, Meiko Morgan, Wendy Mota, Sonia Murakawa, Naomi Nortey, Keiba Olson, Ryan Sahouria, Emile Scott, Catherine Starkweather, Matthe Wilson, Jennifer Wong, Emily Yamamoto, Naomi Yi, Kyong GRADE 8 Allen, Kassandra Argento, Jennifer Beachum, Janine Becker, Ehren Browne, Ernesto Carter, Jaquita Cayton, David Chung, Kevin Clark, Rand Davis, Kurt Easton, Matthew Eng, Ella Estrada, Leticia Grant Dav-Yell Gray, Natasha Han, Noah Hukom, Roger Humphre s,Shane Isabelle, eborah Jackson, Antonia Kaur, Rejinder Liu, Angelina Lo, Myron McCoy,Tioni Nie,CrystaI Okazaki, Yutaka Paysinger, Estelle San Agustin, Keefe Sanchez, Michael Tolou-Shams, Marina Tu, Brian White, Mashariki Wilbert, Tessa Wilson, Leah FALL 1985 - GRADE 8 HONOR SOCIETY 47 SPRING 1986 - GRADE 7 AND 8 HONOR SOCIETY -" - .. H 4...--. --...,h;,ud..x.. , , V .. -- .gwm. EMMA. ,,.,-; iam, To y ick Roberts, David Polete, Willie iver, Tekeb a , Ty Gill ZvazMz el English, Ayesha . Duval lnS ick Williams, Mr. Collins. Bryon McDonald, Davi , Derion OI HerSch xx? x? , Derr Iams Brown ,1? ,1 ,, Harold Coll ,, ;?; Ashley, , g 24 xx. rklns Derr Ie Ken Gonzales, Mrs 7Xf wff X Mfmiww Jr WMMM .17 , Richy wm ham , Johnn Marquell Zerell BreedIove. is Aaron Davis, RoChelIe Logan, Tenisha Glass, James Anderson ing iard ill Clark Beauford, NicoIe Sims, Row 3 - IzeH Levias, ing - Tony Pe Jamal Cunn Karen Mwanza Parker Bridges Cooper, Denisha Hill, Henry Dav Richards. Cox Row 2 - Jason H d n m S . 1 W 0 Dn i7 f 7.; . ??uriy? r. Oats. Ty Giiliamic' m Hams, Mr Co ': m DING DONG ale Logm, Tanishaelzsz s Dam osivemeketii MATH GAMES Row 1 - Standing Ernesto Browne, Jerry Browne, Brian Tu, Myron Lo, Ramona Garcia. Chris Oni, Ronald Davis, Michelle Courtage, Kyong Yi, Mr. Barnes. Row 2 - Roberto Cruz, Rafael Orellana, Tom Lee, Steve Lee, Harold Collins. Roger Hukom, Steve Lorie, William Wong, Mark Hsu, Kevin Tom. Row 3 - Akil Jefferson, Marco Cruz, Jlmm Chen, Rosanne Reyes, Relondo gayes, Howard Tan. Mary awson, Maggie Martinez, Eddie ooley. Row 1 - Standing - Keefe San Augustin. Ernest Browne, Gerry Browne, Zoli Grose, Myron Lo, Ramon Garcia. Jon Dury, Ehren Becker, Michael Sanchez, Thomas Lee, Kenneth Gon- zalez, Brian Tu. Row 2 - Shane Humphries. Ella Eng, Jim Chen, Mike Wasilchin, Monroe Harrison, Maggie Martinez, Matthew Starkweather, Emile Sahouria, Steve Lee, Rafael Orellana, Ali Aman. Row 3 - Deborah Isabelle, Namoi Murakawa, Sue Young, Jason Agnitsch, Yutaka Okazaki. Esam Sahouria, Tibur Grove, Matthew Clark, John Parker. Row 4 - Helen Chen. Surya Viohar, Nori Matsumoto, Kevin Chung, Kenyon Hill, Ryan Olsen, Charles Estill. Bottom Row-Left to Taylor, Steve Leg, Z Kevin Chung, Mike Hilliard, Romeile Sant thy, Jarred Tsukaha Henry Davis. Middle Tom, David Beaufor Front Row - Left to Right - Mike Wasilchin, Daniel Berger, Nori Matusmoto, Kevin Chung, Zach Hilliard, Kwame Reed, Rand Clark, Robert Maher, Anita Heredia. Middle Row - Jennifer lkuta, Natasha Gray, Dav-YelI Grant, Guinevere Waits, ingham, Demote .Y Laurie Foster, Naomi Murahawa, Mary Dawson, Olayinka Aikens, Adonica Blevins, Altonette Hagen, Mr. Blount. Back Row Johnson, Gabe Shlpp - Kenyon Hill, Harold Collins, Jon Dury, Ed Clave, Ray Fisher, Jason Hilliard, Alisha Calhoun, Matt Easton. Roberto Cruz, Jason . Bosch,Charles Dougl K Harold. Top How - Jamal Muhammad, E Chris Williams, Jon Du V V v v v V V v Mike Sanchez, Ramon Lee, Myron Lo, John F o . MikeWasilchin,ChrisO WWW' x ,. e? e 12m? ' B - - . . Rgaoi'fzzto $323331; W'g'am ang, Va" Le, Howard Tan. Rolando ReyeS, Rosanne Reyes, Eddie Cooley. Middle Mary Dawson, Mark Hsu Maarggie wigggzcieen,-R0Tberto Cruz, Akil Jefferson, Harold Collins, Roger Hukom, Steve Lurie, Michelle Courtade, KYong,Yi, Mr. Barnes. ' vun om. Top How Joel Rentner, Myron' Lo, Ramon Garcia, Chris Oni, . WV-..- . - mw......... ...- -....- V 4-A.... -.-V-....., 1 W'w--Wt w-- LITTLE DRAGONS THE LAKERS Left to Right - Front Row -- Jesse Carter, Jim Chen, Derek Johnson, Left to Right - FrontRow - Jesse Carter, Marquelle Ashley, Alfonso Scott Mitchell, Howard Tan. Top How - Ali Aman, Jerry Browne, Chad Browning, Roger Hukom. Top How - Tino Dozier, Joel Rentner, Ron Musgrove, Robert Gutierrez, Mark Hsu, Akil Jefferson. Davis, Akil Jefferson. I 1" ' XKXX .. Q31". . , 7352 V V. ,. Bottom Row - Left to Right - Matthew Taylor, Steve Lee, Zerrel Breedlove, Kevin Chung, Mike Schaeffer, Zack Hilliard, Romelle Santos, Mario McCar- thy, Jarred Tsukahara, Sam Taylor, Henry Davis. Middle Row - Kevin Tom, David Beauford, Jamal Cunn- ingham, Demote Yensley, Johnny Johnson, Gabe Shipp, Kwame Reed, Roberto Cruz, Jason Hilliard, Chad Bosch, Charles Douglas, Marlon Penn, Harold. Top How - Bret Rowland, Jamal Muhammad, Derek Williams, Chris Williams, Jon Dury, Rand Clark, Mike Sanchez, Ramon Garcia, Thomas Lee, Myron Lo, John Parks, Brian Tu, Mike Wasilchin, Chris Oni, Erik Sagli. "JEANS MACHINE DUDES 8c DUDETTES I Left to Right - Front Row - Jesse Carter, Huey Hyland, Greg Left to Right - Front Row - Jesse Carter, Alisha Calhoun, Jen: Cooper, Markieth Mason. Top Row- Eric Bryant, Dereno Gallon, nifer lkuta, Jeni Olsen. Top How - Peter Fernandez, Reggl W Blair Newman, Akil Jefferson. Bolden, Kinyon Hill, Akil Jefferson. 51 ' V m.....,--. 5.. ,, Wv HNLI' .. mm .., -...a-w....wwan... , 7 , , , W x J'" M .1. mm mm .41 ?' 7W w'xip v wjgiwgagw W v a wa ,40; ;WwW mmmw X' M v imww m MM w , , wWVWMyZM VZXQQW XQXMWW m WW; wmw , WWW WWW y! ' Via407 wwwkwmya mam X, mzwm . 'ml'" Mr, V w, W M x mm wwww. WWW a mwma A W MW m STUDENT FACUIETXLL - ET BASK W WW , ,1 11 ,1 J, .. . , ' zsz ,w 'ZZW am w w . 14$ Staff, Top How - Left to Right Jennifer Ikuta, Natasha Gray, Leah Wilson, Ernesto Browne, Olayinka Aikens, Akil Jefferson. Middle From - Left to Right - Mr. Storer, Alin Uzuncan, Mashariki White, Nicole Patterson, Charmaine Braziel, Shantese Smith, Marina Tolou-Shams, Julique Lewis. Front Row - Left to Right - Mary Dawson, Guinevere Waits, Dav-Yell Grant, Jerry Browne, Alisha Calhoun, Jene Elzie. Not Pictured Randi Peterson. WWW Wm Editors Top to Bottom - Mary Dawson, Natasha Gray, Jennifer Ikuta. WWWMK WK 2? W W .X W W WW W7??? w WW K W W MMx xWxW W W! WQW M723; W i W , WW. WWWWW WWW W W . av-nghva , . IAJ , gggawh VJ, M . . . Q Q Q a .. ., L. . ,. . , . Q . V W 7 z 5 M9 aw an Qm WA. waQ; ,3 Q ,m QQXQQ LQ QLQQL Q QQQQ Q Q .,QVA,7, QQV oAQQ; meAQQQz . ?Q AQNO , Q Xxm ?Q ,4 QQQQAQy x S n v mixwwnyoo 4 Ogrw40d WWRN, -95. m, 1+ was ream?I graft +0 gm +0 Know 9011 M 4m W k50mg a by good -Prianl- AM i W y a gmm wmwr 463000 .W LUCK m Mae 81W I : t Lag my. e X V -l W, sec w mi m. N , ?. r?h?5 IIIJ ali; ALT, .5 .. . g . w .thohwav:

Suggestions in the Adams Junior High School - Yearbook (Richmond, CA) collection:

Adams Junior High School - Yearbook (Richmond, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 52

1986, pg 52

Adams Junior High School - Yearbook (Richmond, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 14

1986, pg 14

Adams Junior High School - Yearbook (Richmond, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 10

1986, pg 10

Adams Junior High School - Yearbook (Richmond, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 43

1986, pg 43

Adams Junior High School - Yearbook (Richmond, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 14

1986, pg 14

Adams Junior High School - Yearbook (Richmond, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 58

1986, pg 58

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