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fa Memory of „ Adams High SchoolMR. GORDON 'Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1963, dedicate our Senior Annual Memories MRS. HOWARD Advisor to Mr. Gordon, Whose genial smile And helpful ways Will often be recalled In future days. FIRST ROW: C. Park, A. Whitney, Mrs. Howard, B. Cushing, K. Belloff. SECOND ROW: R. Harris, B. Smith, R. Burton, F. Crast, M. White, V. Bates. Absent: P. Overton. 2Ministration MR. RICE Board of Education SEATED: Mr. Flanders, Mrs. Bonney, Mr. Videtto, Mrs. Brown. STANDING: Mr. Wilson, President, Mr. Richmond, Mr. Chisamore, Supt. Mr. Trowbridge, Mr. Hallet, Mr. Cool. 3 mr. McDonald Grade Supervisorr=Jr=Jr=Jr=ir= LI 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 E I 1 I 1 1 E 1 m a 0 E 0 0 il SENIORS 0 E 1 E 0 RICHARD BURTON Rick Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 4 Yearbook Staff National Honor Society Quiz Team Student Council 1, 3 Jr. Play. Sr. Play V. Football 3, 4 J.V. Basketball 1, 2 V. Basketball 3 V. Baseball I Debating Team Prize Speaking All County Band 4 Bowling 4 Golf 2. 3, 4 Intramurals 1. 2, 3 Student of the month Bachelor Club FRANK CRAST Crasty Senior Play V. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 V. Track 1, 2. 3, 4 J.V. Basketball 1 V. Basketball 3 Wrestling 4 S. Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4 W. Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 4 Intermurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Boy’s Chorus 4 Honor Society 1, 2, 3. 4 President Honor Society 4 Yearbook Staff Bachelor’s Club 4 Debating Team 4 Vice-President Class 2 ANN WHITNEY Ann-A-Banana” Senior Band 1, 2, 4 Dance Band 1, 2 Future Nurses Yearbook Editor Newsreel Editor Honor Society 1, 2, 3. 4 Exchange Student 3 Saxophone Quartet 1, 2 Bowling 1 Student Council 4 Debating Team 5RONALD NEWTON Owen’ V. Baseball 2, 4 J.V. Baseball 1 Bowling 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 Honor Society 1 Yearbook Staff Debating Team Bachelors Club S. Carnival GAIL BROWN Gail Band 1, 2, 3. 4 Chorus 4 Basketball 2 Soccer 2 Cheerleading 1, 2 S. Carnival 2 County Band 1, 2 MOLLY BROWN Chorus 4 Band 1 Future Nurses Intramurals 4 Newspaper 3 Bowling 3 Science Club 2 Spanish Club 2 ROBERT BURNS Boli Intramural Rep. 1, 2. 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4 Junior Play J.V. Basketball 1. 2 J.V. Football 2, 3 Baseball 1 Boys Chorus S. Carnival 1, 2, 3 W. Carnival 1, 2, 3 Track 2 Newspaper Staff Bachelor ClubROCHELLE LENNOX Rocky” Chorus 1 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Softball 3 Library Club 4 DAN HINES 20 Skins” S. Carnival 2, 3 W. Carnival 3 Boys Chorus 4 Jr. Play Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4 Bachelors Club 4 Debating Team MILTON DAVIS Milt Plum V. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 J.V. Football 1 Track 1, 2, 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 Boys Chorus S. Carnival 2 W. Carnival 3 Bachelors Club 4 Debating Team 4 SHIRLEY MACKLEN Shirl Debating Team Senior Play Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4 County Band 1, 2, 3, 4 All-State Band 2, 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramural Rep. 2 W. Carnival 2, 3 Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 4 Sec. of Honor Society 4 Future Nurses Newsreel Staff Horn Quartet 2 7KATHLEEN BELLOFF Kanobby” Chorus 1, 2, 3 4 County Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 State Sec. Chorus 4 Cheerlcading 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4 Softball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Yearbook Staff Senior Play Winter Carnival 1,2, 3, 4 Majorette 1, 2, 3 Future Nurses Honor Society 3, 4 Triple Trio 1 Citizenship Day 3, 4 Debate Team 4 TERRY EASTON •Terry'• Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Spring Carnival 3 Boy's Chorus 4 Newsreel 4 Senior Band 1 Senior Play ALLAN BATES Al Intramurals 1, 2, 3 W. Carnival 1, 2, 3 S. Carnival 1, 2, 3 PATRICIA OVERTON Pat Chorus 1, 2, 4 Band 1, 2 County Band 1, 2 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 1, 2 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Softball 1. 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Newsreel 1, 2. 3 Yearbook Staff Winter Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4 Triple Trio 1, 2 French Horn Quartet 2 Soccer Class President 1 Student G uncil 1 G.A A. Secretary 4 Debate Team 4 8VEST A BATES Vesta Baby Chorus 1, 4 Intramurals 1, 2 Newsreel 4 Basketball 1. 2 Softball I. 2 Soccer 1, 2 Yearbook Staff 4 Jr., Sr. Play Bowling 1, 4 Secretary Chorus 4 Debating Team 4 DENNIS TAYLOR Frog” J.V. Basketball V. Basketball 3, 4 J.V. Baseball 2 V. Track 1 Student Council 2 Spring Carnival 2, 3 Bachelor Club Debating 'learn Jr., Sr. Play Intramurals ROGER HARRIS Roger Sr. Play Yearbook Staff Newspaper t, 2, 3. 4 Basketball Mgr. Boy's Chorus 4 Intramurals 10 Bachelor Club 4 Bowling 2 Debating Team I TERI LARKIN Chorus 1. 2, 4 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3 Banner Carrier 1 Color Guard 2 Soccer 1 Basketball 1 Intramurals 1 Octette 1 Softball i; 2 Bowling 1, 2 Newsreel 1, 2, 3 Winter Carnival 2 Volleyball 1 Debate Team 4 9WILLIAM SMITH Smiling Bill Vice-President 3, 4 Treasurer 1, 2. Band 1, 2, 3. 4 Vice-President of Band -I Brass Sextet 3 All County Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 4 V. Football 1, 2. 3, 4 Baseball 1 Basketball 1. 2, 3 Basketball Mgr. 4 Boy's Chorus 4 Jr., Sr. Play News Reel Staff Yearbook Staff Dance Band 4 Prize Speaking 4 Debating Team 4 Bachelors Club Intramurals Student of Month CAROLYN DRAPER Carol Chorus 2 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 CAROL POOLER Carol” Chorus 1, 2 Intramurals 2, 3 HAROLD GAMBLE Oaty V. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1 Track 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 4 Boy’s Chorus 4 Debate Team 4 W. Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4 S. Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4HOWARD KALK Howie” Jr. Play Intramurals 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. 4 Boy’s Chorus 4 Bachelor's Club BARBARA CUSHING Barb” Chorus 1, 2, 4 Student Council 2, 3 President 2 Secretary 1, 3, 4 Jr., Sr. Play Yearbook Staff JOYCE BOWMAN Luke” Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Softball 2 Sr. Play WILLIAM F. FAIRCHILD Bill- Football 2 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Spring Carnival 2, 3, 4 Sr. Play Boy’s Chorus 4 Bachelor’s Club IDONALD HOLMAN Kraut Band 1, 2, 3, 4 County Band 3 Dance Band 2, 3, 4 Brass Sextet 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Boy's Chorus 4 Student Council V. Football 3 Basketball 1, 2 Wrestling 3, 4 Senior Play Debating Team 4 Sports Carnival 3, 4 BEVERLY POOLER Jeanie Jr. Play Softball 2, 3 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Pr. Honor Society Intramurals PEGGY SCOFIELD Peggy” G.A.A. Officer 1, 2, 3 Softball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 S. Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4 W. Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Honor Society Junior Play Senior Play Secretary 2 MICHAEL WHITE Colonel J.V. Basketball 1, 2 V. Basketball 3, 4 V. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Football Co-captain 4 J.V. Baseball 1 Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Pres. 4 Dance Band 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Jr., Sr. Plays Class President 3, 4 Class Vice-President 1 Student Council Pres. 4 Student Council Vice-President 3 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Newsreel Yearbook Staff Bachelors Club 4 Prize Speaking 4 Debating Team 4 Boy's Chorus 4CHARLEN PARK Charlen” Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Dance Band 3, 4 Secretary Senior Band Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 4 Clarinet Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 1 County Band 1, 2, 3, 4 State Band 2, 3, 4 Sr., Jr. Play Clarinet Trio 3, 4 Student Council 1 Yearbook Staff GARY PEYTON Fatboy” Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Dance Band 3, 4 Football 2 Basketball 1 Baseball 1 Brass Sextet 3, 4 Pep Band 1 Senior Play Treasurer 3, 4 Boys Chorus Honor Society 1 Intramurals Jr. Play Staff Bachelor's Club ROBERT COREY Turtle” Boy’s Chorus Baseball 3, 4 Intramurals Sp. Carnival 3 Sr., Jr. Play Newsreel 4 Honor Society 1 Bachelors Club 4 Debating Club 4 BERNICE VANEPPS Green Giant Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Prize Speaking 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Softball 1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 1, 3, 4 Newsreel 4 Future Nurses 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 W. Sp. Carnival 2, 3, 4 Debate Team 4 Library Club 4SHARON BECKSTEAD Sharie Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramurals Honor Society Basketball 2 Volleyball 2 Softball 2, 4 Track 3, 4 Archery' 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, Library Club 4 Newsreel 1, 2, 3, 4 Sp. Carnival 1, 4 Cafeteria Staff 2, 3 LORRAINE MULLIN Rainy Chorus 3, 4 Volleyball 3 Softball 3 Fowling 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 3 Track 3. 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 KATHLEEN MATHEWS Kathy Chorus 2. 3, 4 Volleyball 3 Softball 3 Bowling 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3 Track 3, 4 Honor Society' Intramurals GLORIA SWITZER Woody Bowling 2, 3 Chorus 3Class History In the year 1959-1960, the Class of '63 entered High School with a population of 43 students. In that, our Freshman year, our president was Patricia Overton, vice-president was ’'Colonel” Mike White; secretary was Barbara Cushing; treasurer was William Smith and our class advisor was Mrs. Dobbs. During this year, gained Vicky Millard, Richard Hockey, Kenneth Barrett, and Kathy Mathews. With the fall of I960, we entered our Sophomore year of high school. Our class officers of this year were; president Barbara Cushing; vice-president Frank Crast; Bill Smith, still holding strong as treasurer; secretary Peggy Scofield, and our class advisor was Mr. Dayger. In this year, we gained Lorraine Mullin, and lost Marvin Fargo, Vicky Millard, Joyce Dickinson, Richard Dorgan, Leroy Backus, Kenneth Barrett, and Richard Hockey. In the spring, the ordering of our class rings climaxed our sophomore year. At the end of that year our population had declined to 38 students. In our Junior year, our class officers were: president, having gained the top, Colonel” White, and his side-kick. Bill Smith, right next to him as Vice- president; secretary Barbara Cushing; treasurer Gary Peyton; and our advisor was Mr. Theodore Rice. During this year we gained Toni ODette, and Terry Easton, and we lost Sue Shelmidine, and Wilma Flarety. What climaxed the Junior year were our very successful Junior Play, A Ready-Made Family”, and our Junior Prom, Evening in Paris. At the end of that Junior year, our class had decreased to 36 students. But of course, our Senior year was the most exciting and the one that went the fastest. In this final year, Colonel” White and Bill Smith still led our class as president and vice-president, respectively. While again, our secretary was Barbara; and treasurer was Gary Peyton , and our class advisor was Mrs. Howard. In this year we gained Howard Kalk, Molly Brown, and Gail Brown, and lost Toni O Dette. This last year the class has been busy raising money to put out this yearbook, by having dances and successfully selling new A.C.A.C.S. Spartan sweatshirts. In the Fall of the year the class had their Senior Play, Sweetheart of U-Baka-Pie,” and of course, the climax of this year will be the graduation of 39 (we hope) students. 15Cast Will and Zest ament We the Class of 1963 of A.C.A.C.S. Adams Branch in the county of Jefferson, in the state of New York being of sane (?) mind and sound body do make, publish and declare this our last will and testament, as such: First—We the class of '63 direct our just debts to be paid by one tired Mrs. Howard. Second—We bequeath the following assets do herein set forth: Pat Overton wills her flexible leg muscles to Pam Rhodes: See if it helps any. Gary Peyton wills his patience with his one and only to Larry Bockman. Bob Burns leaves his Southern swaggle to Rochelle Reardon. Rochelle Lennox and Gloria Switzer will their quiet ways to Gerri Kellar and Marilyn Genga. Barbara Cushing wills her resistance to breaking-up to Andrea Arute. Harold Gamble wills one pound of strong muscle to Wayne Smithers. Allan Bates wills his way with the Lorraine women to his cousin Ron Bates, (keep it in the family). Teri Larkin wills her wild and exotic week-ends to Billy Guyette. Peggy Scofield wills her ability for sports to Chloe Dealing and Sheila Sherman. Denny Taylor leaves ten frog leaps to Johnny Lantier. Dan Hines and Milton Davis leave one tractor and a set of chains to any girl who gets stuck in Rati and. Kathy Belloff leaves her ability to get along with Mrs. Dobbs to Albert Hyde. Bev Pooler leaves her height to Sallie Lennox. Shirley Macklen leaves her resistance to smoking and other habits to Ed Burns. Gail Brown leaves her ability to stay out of fights to Kathy Cushing. Mike White leaves his commission as a Colonel” to Rod Greenly. Charlen Park leaves her week-day paper route to Susan Snyder. 16Bob Corey leaves his turtle shell to Roger Dennison. Don Holman wills one Kraut” to Mr. Gordon. Sharon Beckstead wills her life membership card to the Meadowbrook to Shirley Groves. Mary Ann Brown wills her incriminating tapes to the bravest Junior who will hold yearbook meetings next year. Frank Crast wills his masculinity to Billy Preseau. Ann Whitney leaves a one way ticket to Panama to Bob Simpson. Roger Harris wills his ability to get along with Mrs. Bechtel to Marilyn Genga and Gerry Kellar. Terry Easton leaves his ability to get along with people to Richard Fish. Ronnie Newton leaves one left front fender from a ‘29 Chevy to Ron Reardon. Carol Pooler leaves her ability to get along with Mrs. Crumb to Mary Sul- livin. Howard Kalk leaves his ability to get high marks in Ag. to Ed Scofield. Lorraine Mullin leaves her English ability to any one who will take it. Joyce Bowman leaves her ability to trap her certain Rebel” to Diane White- head. Kathleen Mathews leaves her slim, trim, figure to Virgina Plantz. Vesta Bates leaves her position as Coach Kanes right hand to Flossie Plantz. Bill Fairchild leaves his ability to be absent from school the longest to Mrs. Hamblin. Bernice VanEpps leaves her ability to get and to hold on to a man to Jo Ann Corey. Carolyn Draper leaves her place in the cafeteria to Maxine Robarge. Five Senior girls mentioned within do leave to one kind Mrs. Howard 3 gals, of gasoline, one new set of shock absorbers and many thanks for the rides to and from school. To the Junior Class we will, all the rights- and privileges as Big Deals” and all the luck in the world. In witness thereof we have here unto subscribed our names and affixed our seal, the Twenty Fourth Day of June in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty three. 17Prophecy Rick Burton is one of President Kennedy’s new Brain Trusts. Dan Hines and Milton Davis now own a tow-away truck company in Rat Land. Seems that there are many parked cars on the road at night. Bernice VanEpps is helping Tom cut meat at Smith’s meat market. Bob Corey now owns a turtle farm in the West Indies. Some say he will own a small hotel soon. They say Harold Gamble is making a lot of money now. He is a vegetable salesman, known as the Green Giant, on television. Gary Peyton and his one time assistant, Charlen Park, are now owners of the Watertown Daily Times. Kathy Mathews and Lorraine Mullin are now running a clothing store for mother and daughter outfits. Molly Brown is the girl at the door of the mortuary selling wet handker- chiefs to those who are there out of curiosity. We hear Vesta Bates is now the star of a tag team wrestling at Madison Square Gardens. Gloria Switzer and Rochelle Lennox now have their names in lights all over the world. They changed their names to EXIT. We see Carol Pooler and Carol Draper are now mechanics at a well known garage working on bodies only. We hear Bill Fairchild is now head of the play class at a new nursery school. He specializes in cutting out paper dolls. We hear Colonel White has been court martialed for disorderly conduct by General Smith. Frank Crast now owns a girls gymnasium for the underdeveloped. How’s the figures coming, Frank ? Kathy Belloff, owner of the undertaking business, just fired her chief assistant, Bob Sheley, for negligence. Pat Overton and Teri Larkin, now fortune hunters, are stranded on a sand bar in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. We hear Barbara Cushing has been fired at the Hotel Adams for putting cigarettes in the Rotary men’s coffee. Roger Harris is now in charge of the spinach section at the Grand Union. How’s the muscles, Rog ? Dennis Taylor, alias Frog”, now lives in Cobbville. How's your magic twonger, Froggy? Donald Holman runs a sauerkraut factory in Russia. We hear Khruschev enjoys his krauts very much.Prophecy (cent.) Ron Newton won the racing cup at Indianapolis Speedway with his 1902 four banger Ford. Bob Burns, now a millionaire playboy, made his fortune by discovering a new collapsible screen door for our submarines to keep the flys out. Peggy Scofield is now head coach for the Harlem Globe Trotters. Gail Brown is now working as a hair stylist for Yul Brynner. We hear she has a bit of trouble keeping the rollers in his hair. Shirley Macklen has been flying around the world and finally caught her certain Bird.” We hear Terry Easton has taken over the knit shop and specializes in Snuggies.” Howard Kalk is now owner of a health farm for women over sixty. His wheat germ is a miracle. Joyce Bowman is now the only woman in the United States who pays alimony. Sharon Beckstead is now the new owner of the Meadowbrook but has changed it to the Green Field. Bev Pooler is now head of the United States Olympic disc throwing team. Allan Bates is now a thriving New York bachelor who runs a nursery. Ann Whitney is keeping on her toes while trying to discover new ways to package medicine. 19faculty FIRST ROW: Mrs. Otis, Mrs. Preseau, Mrs. Bechtel, Mrs. Hamblen, Mrs. Harmon, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Howard. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Crumb, Mr. A. Rice, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Bon- nanno, Mr. Dayger, Mr. Morgia, Mr. Hannon, Mr. Miller, Mr. T. Rice, Mrs. Dobbs. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Fee, Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Harrington, Mrs. Rawlings, Mrs. Titus, Mrs. La Lone. SECOND ROW: Miss Spaman, Mrs. Greenley, Mrs. Case, Mrs. Whiteman, Mr. Bovee, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Pecukonis, Mr. Rice, Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Widrig, Mrs. Sinclair, Mrs. Kane. 20P. Z.A- Officers FIRST ROW: Mr. Hanon, Mrs. Greenwood, Mrs. Rhodes, Mrs. Patchen. Mothers ’ Club Officers 21 Mrs. Wratten, Mrs. Spry, Mrs. Hoagland. Absent Mrs. Clark.Cafeteria Custodian Administration 22 Mr. Phillips, Mr. Dobbins, Mrs. Dobbins, Mr. Staley, Mr. Bates, Mr. Overton, Mr. Moreton.Jr=Jr=Jp=Jr=Jr=Jp=Jr=Jf=Jf=Jr=Jr=if=Jp=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jf=Jf=Jr=Jf=Jf=i jj F F J Jr=Jr=Jr=iJr lr=Jr=Jr=Jp=Jf=Jr=Jr=Jr=ir=Jf=Jf= P ISeniors L.R., FIRST ROW: B. Cushing, S. Madden, K. Mathews, M. Brown, T. Larkin. SECOND ROW: C. Pooler, L. Mullin, K. Belloff, C. Draper, J. Bowman, B. Van Epps, S. Beckstead. THIRD ROW: G. Switzer, B. Pooler, G. Brown, A. Whitney, D. Hines, B. Faiehild, P. Scofield, V. Bates, C. Park, R. Lennox, Mrs. Howard, Advisor. FOURTH ROW: R. Harris, B. Smith, R. Corey, R. Burton, F. Crast, D. Taylor H. Gamble, M. White, G. Peyton, T. Easton, A. Bates, H. Kalk, D. Holman, R. Newton. Absent: P. Overton, Milton Davis, B. Burns. L. R., FIRST ROW: P. Greenley, R. Gregory, G. Kellar, M. Woodw'ard. C. Kotlowski, J. Backus. SECOND ROW: K. Wratten, R. Dennison, J. Lantier, S. Waite, J. Minor, J. Corey, R. Rusho. THIRD ROW: M Harris, M. Genia. C. Mason, A. OShaunessy, S. Jones, W. Rusho, L. Seaman, S. Kanady, R. Timmerman, D. Widrick, S. Groves, R. Smith, Mrs. Hamblin, Advisor. FOURTH ROW: D. Sinclair, F. Plantz, D. McAnulty, F. Waldon, R. Scofield, J. Sullivan, D. Hallett, B. Nichols, G. Stinson, C. Berry', R. Fish, G. Hungerford, R. Reardon, N. Giovo. 24Sophomores FIRST ROW: O. Widrick, S. Snyder, B. Ball. L. Brown, B. Bates, S. Bangs, M. Pooler, M. Pitcher. SECOND ROW: B Wilson, C. Dealing, R. Denny, B. Hayes, F. Miner, R. Snyder, R. Timmerman, R. Greenwood. THIRD ROW: T. Lantier, B. Taylor, B. Beckstead, M. Robarge, A. Arute, V. Plantz, G. McIntosh. C. Stoker, R. Jacobs, M. Beach, J. Kilburn, K. Lines, S. Sherman, B. Russel. FOURTH ROW: C. Park, F. Weal. G. Kellogg. J. Tiller. D. Bowman, E. Scofield, L. Bockman, H. McNett, R. Simpson, V. Datouch, D. Whitehead, D. Hyde, J. Gibbs, M. Richmond, D. Reynolds, M. Pooler, Mr. Morgia, advisor. FIRST ROW: B. Wilson, M. Sullivan, L. Timmerman, S. Richmond, B. Wilcox, M. Whitford, D. Washburn. V. Barker. SECOND ROW: L. Misczuk, R. Barker, R. Reardon, A. Patten, R. Murphy, K. Whitehead, D. Freeman, G. Overton. THIRD ROW: B Moore, K. Larkin, B. Preseau, J. Dennison, M. Chereshnoski, J. Murdock, D. McNulty, R. Bates, T. Chever, G. TaJlant, D. Whitney, D. Burns, P. McIntosh, V. Pearson, M. Gamble, K. Elliott, W. Smithers, M. Rusho, Mr. Hannon FOURTH ROW: R Wilson, J. Phillips. F. Wratten, L. Berry, B. Smith, P. Rhodes, W. Guyette, J. Gamble, S. Lenox, W. Whitehead, K. Shutts, K. Sischo, R. Murphy, B. Munro, M. Hyde, R. Taylor. 25Eighth FIRST ROW: V. Overton, C. Whitehead, L. Liscomb, J. Marti, M. Macklen. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hannon. L. Sedgemore, S. Barney, N. Newton. C. Alden, S. Brown. P. Gregor)'. Mrs. Harmon. THIRD ROW: D. Reynolds, A. Burton. D. Pitkin, M. Lantier, J. Greenwood, R. Wood. G. Smithers, J. Briggs, J. Greenwood, D. Curtiss, N. Datoush, L. Moore, D Taylor. M. Kotlowski, C. Monnet. FOURTH ROW: S. Lennox, B. Taylor, T. Plantz, M. Shelmidine. M. Heinrich, N. Berup, L. Hirschy, A. Jones, A. Fuller, B. Beach, N. Datouch. B. Chrisman. M. Barrett, K. Cushing. FIFTH ROW: E. Draper. F. Sinclair, D. Woodward, G. Nichols, L. Steele. M. Cascanet, S. Tiller, G. Hyde, G. Kellar, D. Belloff, G. Mac- Donald, R. Overton, P. Hungerford, P. Leepy, K. Shutts, F. Whitehead, N. Fairchild. Seventh FIRST ROW: T. Wheeler, P. Sinclair, C. Jones. S. Claflin. G. Taylor, J. Welsh. SECOND ROW: Mr. Lephart, Mr. Aulctta. S. Denny, A. Phillips, G. Sullivan, B. Hayes, R. Widrick, Mrs. Williams. THIRD ROW: J. Overton. C. Fairchild. S. Burdick. D. Bacon, T. Crandell. K. Corey, J. Nowak, W. Moreton, F. Kucik, R. Burns, G. Kellar, C. Givio, A. Wagner, J. Widrick, J McAnulty, P. Niewieroski, E. Pitcher, P. Church, R. Shelmidine, R. Whitehead, J. Denny. T. Claflin. T. Tallant. E. Linnox. L. Remington. P. Cascanet, M. Hoagland, W. Bice. D. Ebdon, D. Munro, G. Lavere, M. Rice, J. Pooler, M. Thompson. 26Sixth L.R., FIRST ROW: M. Whiting. M. Patchen, B. Liscomb. L. Draper. M. Sanford. L. Jones. B. Smitchers. SECOND ROW: R. Pitkin, K. Barker, V. Wood, C. Oakes, S. Hirshey. S. Fonc, G. Roberts. L. Thomas, T. Lee. P. Shelmidinc. THIRD ROW: Mr. Johnson, H. Rusho, W. Misczuk, R. Monaghan, R. Williams, D. Hough, R. Ludlow. L. Liscumb, R. Kucik. Sixth L. R., FIRST ROW: L. Spry, R Reardon. B. Sinclair, A. Church. J. Poorman. A. Hyde. J. Heinrich. SECOND ROW: B. Johnson. B. Elliott, B. Rice. M. Duley. D. Price. G. Dewey M. Larkin, S. Sassaman, B. Peck, B. Edwards. T. Moore. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Simpson, M. Otis, M. Richards, F. Larkin, R. Van Epps, P. Brown, A. Ebdon, J. Wratten, C. McAnulty. 27L-R. FIRST ROW B Beckstead. D Gibbs. B Littlefield. M Taylor. E Murdock. B Barker, P. Niewieroski. SECOND ROW’: F. Rusho. D. Barney. T. Illingworth. T. Lennox. N. Draper, T Henry. G Peterson. B Beach, T. Larkin. R Groff. C W idrkk THIRD ROW Mr Bovee, B. Mullin. P. Castanet. M O'Connor. S. Ov-ette. L McNctt K. Spaulding. J. Henry. Absent: D. Shutts. C Bedor. L-R FIRST ROW : D. Denn son. J. McIntosh. J. Poonrun. J. Poorman. B. Discrin J. Hosaner. D Finley. M Pitkin SECOND ROW C Fernandes. J Macklen. P Gleasco. $ Taylor. B Dunham. C Bn» s. C Whitney. T. Franklin. THIRD ROW Mrs Fee. D Brown. J Schofield. R Whiteman. C Nichols. C Freeman. B Joy. R O'Connor. B. D ruson. Miss Bennett, cadet teacher. Absent M. Moonat. D Crast. L Baker. 28fourth FIRST ROW: P. Wratten. B. Patchen, M. Fuller, N. Cean, N. Paape, K. Cascanet, B. Sprague. SECOND ROW: B. Sullivan, M. Draper, J. Genga, L. Spaulding, K. Dewey, T. Maxson, J. Brown, D. Beattie, D. Simmons, B. Fillhart. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Moreton, B. Rhodes. M. Whitehead, F. Berry, M. Wheeler, W. Shelmedine. B. Widrig, R. West, J. Whitford, Miss DeFillipo. Absent: C. Heinrich, S. Groff. FIRST ROW: J. Hyde, B. Town, N. Bearup, J. Joy, S. Littlefield, P. Nieweroski. SECOND ROW: L. Church. C. Spry, S. Richards, P. Pooler, S. Green. A. Miller, L. Russell. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Greenley, J. VanEpps, D. Roberts, R. Fargo, H. Jackson, R. Hoagland, D. Naklick, T. Ring, B. West. Absent: J. Smith. 29fourth FIRST ROW: H. Berry, C. Kulesza, B. Haller, V. Abbey. S. Lee, E. Gregory. SECOND ROW. R. Palmer, T. Cushing. S. Nichols, B. Wagner, T. Thomas. A. LaLone, D. Price, K. Berry, M. Dewey. T. Fillhart, B. Whiting. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Case. D. MacDonald, R. Myers, N. Vroman, R. Cross, J. Crast, M. Moore, O. McConnell, G. Peterson. Absent: C. Marra. Zhird FIRST ROW: J. Larkin, M. Timmerman, M. Plaatje, F. Overton, D. Cronk. SECOND ROW: D. Sprague, L. Crandall. S. Brown, T. Littlefield, J. Poorman, M. Herse, D. Palmer, N. Goslin. THIRD ROW: R. Woodward, D. O'Connor, D. Filson, K. Larkin, A. Hayes, L. Wilder, J. Sullivan. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Hammond, J. McConnell, D. Whitton, O. Lawrence, S. Sassaman, C. Dealing, J. Misezuk, J. Welsh. 30Zhird FIRST ROW: D. McAnulty, T. Gibbs, G. Lantier, B. Brown, D. Scofield. SECOND ROW: J. Smithers, S. Church, S. Snyder, D. Parry, R. Finley, E. Wilder, G. Gregory. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Rawlings, L. Smith, J. Hough, C. Fernandes, E. Vroman, D. Dobbins, E. Nichols, C. Bacon. FOURTH ROW: B. Seaver, B. Bates, T. Cascanet, J. Kucik, D. White, B. La Lone, R. Sprague. Second FIRST ROW: M. Niewieroski, C. Rusho, H. Misczuk, K. Dewey, J. Town, C. Brown, S. Brown. SECOND ROW: W. Denny, M. Ring, K. Burns, T. Briggs, D. Simmons, R. Filson. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Titus, D. Ritcher, D. Bacon, A. Brown, V. Beckstead, B. Palmer.Second L.-R., FIRST ROW: T. McAnulty, S. Fedora. J. Naklick, C. Johnson, D. Whiting. SECOND ROW: M. Moore, B. Widrick, K. MacDonald, J. Crast, S. Vroman, S. Bedour, G. Bates, D Ramsey, THIRD ROW: Mrs. Whitney. R Draper. S. Nichols, S. Franklin, P. Baker, P O'Connor, C. Babcock. K. Brown. FOURTH ROW: M. Booth, V. Murdock, C. Monnat, C. Hirschey, D. Hoagland, M. Denny, T. Mullen, M. Smith. B. Edwards. L.-R., FIRST ROW: C. Diefendorf. D. Hannon, S. Barker, J. Wood, T. Cean. SECOND ROW: E. Come. K. Ramsey, R. Clark, D. Pitkin, J. Parry, R. Sidman, D. Greenley. E. Holder. THIRD ROW: E. Palmer, J. Illingworth, R. Oviette, K. Crast, W. Murphy, R LaVere, J. Dack, M. Whiting. L. Joy, FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Whiteman, D. Cronk, C. Chaufty, T. Plantz, P. Pratt, R. Sanford, A. Berry, J. Lasswell. R. Palmer, S. Tait. Absent: R. Maxon. 32L. R., FIRST ROW: D. Littlefield, G. Overton, G. Shippee. T. Searer, J. Hyde, H. Gregory. R. Russell. SECOND ROW: L. Winter, D. Henry, S. Taylor. K. LaBarge, S. Fargo, V. Fowler, D. Baker, R. Wilder. THIRD ROW: C. Brow, R. Booth, S. Titus, C. Briggs, B Peyton, C. Filson, M. Acker, C. Crast, L. Genga, R. Fernandes. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Sinclair, M. Chrisman, M. Pooler, E. Greenley, B. Harringer, D. Kulesza, L. Tait, J. Briggs, R. Montressor. Absent: K. Woodward, E. Molnar. L. R., FIRST ROW: E. Cronk, R. Bacon. B. Peterson, D. Lee, D. Barker, M. Fuller, T. Knobiock. SECOND ROW: K. Whiting, D. Filley, L. Illingworth, K. Greenley, C. Mullin. W. Sprague, J. Fuller. L. Gaslin, J. VanEpps. THIRD ROW: R. Draper, S. Fowler, T. Tyo. S. Rice, J. Patten. M. Thompson, D. Pearson, C. Myers, W. Widrick. L. Gillette. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Widrig, R. Nichols. D. Hough, R. Larkin, M. Shelmidine, T. Bockman, E. Crumb, K. Cascanet, D. Haller. 33Kindergarten Mining FIRST ROW: M. Sullivan, D. Whitton, K. Barrett, J. Beckstcad, T. O'Conner, R. Gregor)' SECOND ROW: M. Peebles, J. Come. D. Rusho, B. Tillotson, D. Diefendorf, M. Molnar, W. Pitken. S. Oviette. C. Myers, D. Wilder, B. Hughes. THIRD ROW: D. Simmons, J. Finley, D. Beattie, K. Lasswell, B. Gould, P. Castor, D. Drake, D. Lennox, R. Wilder. FOL’RTH ROW: Mrs. Kame, D. Dobbins, A. Scofield, J. Abbey, D. LaVere, R. Fillhart, G. Denny, Miss Bell. Kindergarten Afternoon FIRST ROW: J. LaLone, C. Paape, J. Groff, J. Houghton, J. Wagner, H. White. SECOND ROW: L. Vroman, L. Towles, S. Larkin, D. Brown, L. Elliot, M. Card, N. Ring, L. Cascanet, J. Gibbs. J. Maguire. D. Hough. M. Baown. C. Cean, M. Hannon. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Kane, B. Berry, K. Herse, C. Washburn, J. McLntosh, R. Crawford, D. Cushing. J. Baker, V. Farmer, Miss Bell. 341 1! a i i 1 0 I I 1 a ACTIVITIES li i a a a 0 r Jf=Jr=ir==Jr=Jf=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jf=Jr=Ji=Jr=Jr=Jr=lr=Jr=Jr=JF=Jr=Jr=Jf=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=i Percussion FIRST ROW: S. Kanaley, R. Burton, B. Simpson, R. Timmerman, J. Greenwood. Woodwinds FIRST ROW: A. Burton, S. Richmond. L. Sedgemore, R. Greenwood, K. Lines, S. Bangs. J. Kilburn. SECOND ROW: K Larkin. C. Alcfen, V. Sinclair, G. Brown, P. Grecnley, B. Smith. S. Waite, S. Barney, T. Cheever. THIRD ROW: D. Reynolds, D. Whitehead, C. Sischo, V. Datouch, N. Giovo, A. Whitney, J. Dennison, W. Whitehead, M. Kotlowski. 36FIRST ROW: F. Whitehead. B Wilcox. M. Richmond. D. Belloff. SECOND ROW: M Whitford, C. Whitehead. K. Whitehead. S. Macklen, K. Richmond. THIRD ROW: B Smith. R. Overton, D Reynolds, G. Peyton, M. White, D. Ebdon. FIRST ROW: R. Rusho, K. Bdloff, N. Newton. SECOND ROW: S. Snyder. T. Plantz. C. Fyderek, C. Kotlowski, L. Brown, Mrs. Vincent. 37FIRST ROW: Mrs. Vincent, A. Burton, M. Dudley, S. Sassaman, S. Barney. D. Price. P. Sin- clair, C. Alden, C. Oakes, B. Edwards, B. Sinclair. SECOND ROW: N. Newton, C. Sischo, R. Peck, C. Whitehead. N. Datouch, K. Richmond, S. Overton, S. Brown, L. Sedgemore. THIRD ROW: A. Phillips, D. Reynolds. M. Kotlowski, B. Rice, F. Whitehead, D. Belloff, B. Moro, S. Lennox, D. Ebdon, J. Greenwood. FIRST ROW, L. R.: V. Datoush. N. Giovo, A. Whitney, SECOND ROW: C. Whitehead, Mrs. Vincent, R. Simpson, W. Smith. D. Holman, M. White, G. Peyton, B. Wilcox, M. Richmond.Ciris ’ Chorus FIRST ROW: Mrs. Vroman. M. Pooler, S. Bangs, D. Beckstead, B. Ball. C. Kotlowski. K. Lines, S. Snyder, O. Widrick, A. Arute. B Bates, R. Rusho, C. Whitehead. SECOND ROW: G. Brown, J. Kilburn, B. Wilcox, T. Larkin. M. Genga, L. Dabson, M. Gamble. M. Beach, J. Corey, G. Macintosh. G. Kellar, V. Sinclair. D. Washburn. THIRD ROW: L. Timmer- man, V. Bates, P. Overton. M. Harris, M. Chernoskia, V. Plantz, B. VanEpps. B. Smith, C. Sischo, M. Richmond. C. Stoker, S. Groves. K. Elliott, S. Richmond. FOURTH ROW’: M. Woodward, S. Jones, S. Kanaley, J. Gibbs, P. Rhodes, F. Plautz, D. Sinclair, J. Bowman, S. Denney, K. Belloff, B. Cushing, S. Sherman. FIRST ROW: R. Harris, A. O'Shaugnesy, R. Burns, C. Whitehead, W. Rusho, L. Seaman, W. Smith. SECOND ROW: J. Sullivan, R. Simpson, H. Kalk, Mrs. Vroman, R. Fish. R. Burton, R. Corey, D. Hines. THIRD ROW: R. Greer ley, F. Crast, G. Peyton, H. Gamble, M. White, T. Easton, D. Hallett. 39‘Junior High Chorus iiiiiiiimii i ii min him 111111111111111 him m ii i ii 111 linn FIRST ROW: Mrs. Vroman, D. Reynolds, J. Welsh, A. Burton, S. Burdick, G. Pooler, D. Curtes, R. Whitehead, M. Rice, R. Burns, A. Wagner. B. Hayes, R. Widrick, A. Phillips. D. McAnulty. SECOND ROW: C. Givo, M. Katlouski, S. Brown, E. Steele, D. Bacon, L. Sedgemore. N. Newton, T. Wheeler. T. Crandeli, J. Denny, C. Whitehead. G. LeVere, D. Munroe. THIRD ROW: C. Alden, T. Tallent, K. Richmond, P. Sinclare, S. Claflin, D. Belloff, G. Taylor, C. Jones, E. Lennox, D. Ebdon. K. Cushing. Sixth (Jrade Chorus FIRST ROW: A Pikkin, B. Smithers, R. Kuchik, P. Shelmidine, J. Wratten, L. Liscumb, P. Liscumb. B. Elliott, J. Heinrich. L. Jones. M. Patchen, L. Spry, M. Whiting, T. Moore, Mrs. Vroman. SECOND ROW: M. Sanford, R. Reardon. B. Sinclair, B. Johnson, M. Otis, A. Church. B Peck. M. Richards, V. Woon, L. Draper, A. Hyde, T. Lee, B. Ewards. THIRD ROW: S. Sassaman. A. Ebdon, C. Oaks. R. Williams, G. Roberts, M. Dudley, S. Hirshey, L. Thomas, R Monagham, B. Rice. FOURTH ROW: R. Ludlow. D. Price, S. Fone, G. Dewey, R. VanEpps, D. Hough, F. Larkin, M. Larkin. 40FIRST ROW: P Wratten, J. Alden, T. Cushing, P. Palmer, M. Dewey, C. Kulesza. J. Hyde, K. Cascanet, B. Patchen, H. Berry, S. Lee, B. Whiting, E. Gregory, B. Sullivan, P. Nieweroski. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Vroman, B. Wagner, T. Ring, B. Town. S. Richards, J. VanEpps, M. Fuller, N. Cean, B. Fillhart, N. Paape, V. Abbey, D. Simmons. P. Pooler, S. Green, J. Joy, C. Spry, A. Miller. THIRD ROW: D. MacDonald, R Cross, R. Myers, B Wagner. M Draper, S. Nichols, M. Moore, T. Maxson, B. Widrich, D. Beattie, T. Thomas, D. McConnell, M Whitehead. FOURTH ROW: K. Berry, G. Peterson. J. Brown. A. LaLone, N. Paape, K. Dewey, L. Spaulding, J. Crast, J. Genga, R. Farg, N. Vroman. B. Haller. Jiftk Grade Chorus FIRST ROW: D. Dennison. M. Pitkin. J. Poorman. D .... C. Whitney. B. Barker. L. Larkin, P. Nieweroski, C. Widrick. J. Poorman, J. McIntosh. SECOND ROW: J. Macklen, B. Becksread, D. Gibbs. J. Henry, J- Schofield, B. Joy, C. Dedore, T. Henry, B. Denison, J. Hosmer, D. Finley, Mrs. Vroman. THIRD ROW: C. Freeman, C. Whitney, C. Briggs, B. Littlefield, M. Tayor. B. Dunham, S. Taylor, E. Murdock, B. Whiteman. 41FIRST ROW: S. Waite. J. Miner. P. Greenley, M. Woodward. D. Sinclair, K. Mathews. K. Belloff, S. Machlen, B. VanEpps, A. Whitney. C. Park, Mrs. Hamblin (Adv.). SECOND ROW: F. Crast. R. Burton. R. Scofield, L. Seaman. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Hamblin (Adv), C. Dealing. D. Whitehead, B. Wilcox, K. Elliot, J. Dennison, K. Sischo, B. Smith, S. Denny, S. Lennox, S. Richmond. R. Reardon, D. Washburn, S. Bangs. SECOND ROW: W. Presseau, B. Hayes, K. Whitehead. F. Wratten. T. Cheever, B. Monroe, F. Weal, A. Hyde. L. Bockman. Probationary Manor SocietyStudent Council FIRST ROW: A. Whitney, S. Denny. A. Jones. L. Sedgemore. SECOND ROW: G. Tailant. M. White, J. Miner, L. Bockman. THIRD ROW: D. Holman. A. Hyde. R. Greenwood, J. Lantier. D. Munro, R. Whitehead, B. Moore, Mr. Rice. FIRST ROW: B. Smith, M. White, G. Peyton. Absent: B Cushing. SECOND ROW: W. Rusho, N. Giovo. J. Corey, J. Miner. THIRD ROW: G. Tailant, S. Richmond, K. Whitehead, D. Washburn, F. Miner, B. Hayes, D. Whitehead, L. Bockman. 43FIRST ROW: S. Maclden. B. VanEpps, C. Park, K. Belloff, W. Smith. Mrs. Howard. B. Cushing, V. Bates. A Whitney. P. Scofield. J. Bowman. SECOND ROW: M. White, D. Taylor, G. Peyton. F. Crast. T. Easton, R. Burton. B. Corey, D. Holman, R. Newton, R. Harris. Absent: P. Overton junior Play 44 FIRST ROW: V. Bates. Mrs. Harmon. SECOND ROW: C. Park, A. Whitney, B. Cushing, P Scofield, B. Pooler. THIRD ROW: M. White. R. Burton. B. SmithFIRST ROW: S. Beckstead, S. Denny. L. Timmerman, R. Rusho, S. Groves. M. Harris. SECOND ROW: R. Harris, S. Macklen, A. Whitney. B. Van Epps. THIRD ROW: A Patten. M. Gamble. W. Prescau, L. Mischzuk, A. O'Shaunessy, R. Corey, T. Easton. H. McNett, O. Widrig, M. Woodward. M. White, J. Sullivan, B. Smith. D. Widrig, D. Whitney. S. Lennox. V. Bates, Mr. Rice (Adv.). 45 FIRST ROW: Mr. Bonanno (Adv.), A. Hyde, D. Sinclair. R. Burton, R. Greenley.FIRST ROW: A. Whitney. S. Machlin, K. Belloff. SECOND ROW: Mrs. LaLone (Adv.), B. VanEpps, M. Brown, D. Sinclair. FIRST ROW: O. Widrich, D. Beckstead, F Plantz, M. Cheresowski, E. Beckstead. SECOND ROW: M. Sullivan. R. Lennox. B. Taylor, B. Bates, V. Plantz. THIRD ROW: W. Preseau, L. Misczuk, K. Shutts, Mrs. Presseau (Adv.), T. Chever, D. Freeman, B. Moore.yearbook Staff at Work! Prize Speaking 47 L.-R., R. Burton, W. Smith, G. Kellar, R. Risho, M. Woodward, M. Genga, S. Groves, B. VanEpps, K. Belloff, R. Timmerman, M. White, Mrs. Howard, advisor. Absent: M. Harris.Debating Zeam FIRST ROW, L.R.: P. Overton, V. Bates, D. Sinclair, S. Macklen, K. Belloff B. VanEpps, A. Whitney. G. Brown, S. Waite. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Howard, advisor, R. Greenley, M. Davis, W. Smith. D. Holman. R. Harris, A. Hyde, D. Hines, R. Timmerman. THIRD ROW: R. Corey, R. Burton, D. Taylor. M. White, F. Crast, G. Peyton, H. Kalk, J. Sullivan, R. Newton. FIRST ROW: R Burton. W. Smith, G. Peyton. R. Harris. SECOND ROW: D. Taylor M. White, M. Davis, F. Crast, Mrs. Crumb, advisor. THIRD ROW: R. Bums R. Corev. D Hines, H. Kalk. 48r=Jf=Jr=Jf=Jr=Jf=Jr=ir=Jr=Jf=Jf=Jr=ir=Jr=Jr=Jr=JF=Jf=Jr=Jr=Jf=Jr=Jt=Jr=Jf j 1 1 0 E 1 1 m r=Jr=Jf=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jf=Jr=ir=Jf=Jr=Jr=ii=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr Jt=-»r=Jr=Jr=ir=Jr=Jr=JF=a ATHLETICSeniors football FIRST ROW: from left: B. Lefever, C. Hobbs, B. Bums, B. Smith, B. Barker. M. Davis, R. Burton. SECOND ROW from left: B. Slate, F. Crast, B. Harring- ton, M. White, H. Gamble, D. Tremont. F. Tremont, A. Parks. Varsity Cheerleaders FIRST ROW: from left: S. Bangs, P. Greenly, D. Whitehead, C. Kotlowski, S. Klock. SECOND ROW from left: K. Merrill, K. Belloff, P. Overton. 50L.R.: M. White, D. Taylor, L. Bezner, R. Slate, L. Seaman, R. Dennison. J. Lantier. R. Lefevre, R. Schlemmer, L. Gilmore, C. Williams, D. Pooler. KNEELING: B. Hayes, Coach Lephart. Varsity basketball {Junior Varsity basketball FIRST ROW. L.-R.: B. Hayes, T. Bowman, N. Waltz, D Reynolds, F. Miner, T. Hamilton, Coach Arthur. SECOND ROW: J. Barrows, J. Chapman, A Hyde, D. Curtis, L. Bockman, E. Stinson, S. Riordan, M. Townson. SIFIRST ROW: W. Smith. F. Weal, B. Hayes, C. Carroll, P. Kiely, E. Burns, C. Kavanaugh. SECOND ROW: Armstrong (Mgr.), R. Burton, R. Harrington, A. Lavin, J. Jerome. E. Stinson, A. Park, D. Keely (Mgr.). THIRD ROW: M. Davin, H. Gamble, F. Tremont, D. Trcmont, F. Crast, R. Damon. FOURTH ROW: R. Burns. C. Hobbs, A. O'Shaughnessy, R. Lcfevre, D. Cameron, S. Harrington. FIFTH ROW: Coach Kane, J. Overton, R. Schlemmer, R. Slate. W. Rusho. T. Burns, R. Barker, Coach Hassler. IV. football FIRST ROW: F. Chrisman, B. Munro, %G. Tallant, J. Carroll, T. Bowman, D. Reynolds. D. Burns, J. Barrows, P. Bell. P. Vout, L. Misczuk. SECOND ROW: Coach Jackowski, Mgr.. M. Rice, F. Karnas. E. McCord, C. LaClair, G. Kellogg, C. Kcmpner, J. Gamble, R. Belcher, L. Bockman, V. Datoush, D. Bowman, J. Stedman, N. Waltz, M. Sorenson, B. Monroe, Coach Morgia. 52IV. Cheerleaders L.-R.: C. Eiss, S. Richmond, J. Fassett, D. Whitehead, N. Dodge, M. Putman, C. Painter, S. Waltz. Jreshmaii basketball FIRST ROW: M. Rice Mgr., R. Bell, R. Murphy, D. Whitney, G. Tallant, D. Burns, B. Monroe, K. Whitehead, (A. Phillipps, G. Lavfre, Mgrs.). SECOND ROW: Mr. Hannon Coach, T. Cheever, A. Parker, B. Baderman, G. Kellogge, D. Bartholomew, C. Kepner, C. Cousins, J. Stoker, M. Sorensen. 53Eighth Grade basketball FIRST ROW: D. Belloff, G. McDonnell, R. Greenwood, D. Dodge, S. Overton, B. Abrahams, G. Hyde. SECOND ROW: D. Munroe, G. Kellar, J. Peck, G. Armstrong, C. Williams, H. Caffeen, D. Dwyre, D. Bums, Mr. Miller Coach. Wrestling FIRST ROW: R. Tremont, R. William, P. Vout, J. Carol, S. Tubolino, P. Kelly, O. Tremont, C. Carol, C. Molton, F. Tremont, J. Jerone, B. Nichols. SECOND ROW: Mr. Jackowski, B. Russel, B. Williams, T. Bowman, N. Kellog, K. Shutts, F. Weal, S. Harrington, S. Robinson, K. Wratten, F. Crast, A. Lavin, D. Holman, J. Hughes, H. Gamble. 54FIRST ROW: M. Richmond, C. Kotlowski, P. Greenly, S. Waite, S. Bangs, L. Timmer- man, S. Jones, B. Wilcox. SECOND ROW: N. Giovo, S. Kanaley, B. VanEpps, V. Bates, Mrs. Miller, R. Overton, V. Sinclair, B. Smith. THIRD ROW: S. Richmond, S. Denny, K. Eliott, C. Stoker, J. Gibbs, S. Snyder, A. Arute, R. Reardon, K. Belloff. FOURTH ROW: B. Smith, J. Sullivan, R. Greenley, R. Newton, R. Reardon, T. Burns, R. Burton, R. Rusho. Top: B. Smith, M. Richmond, P. Cady, K. Townson, P. Overton, E. Martel!, J. Corey. Absent: B. Townson.FIRST ROW: C Cook, E. Woolworth, A. Arute, SECOND ROW: L. Hulbert, J. Downs, C. Carley, Van Epps, J. Jerome. THIRD ROW: O. Widrig, Martell, C. Stoker, V. Sinclair, B. Pooler. M. Genga, P. Cady, B. Townsend. P. Scofield, J. Walts, M. Hyde, B. P. Walts, K. McCabe, M. Bird, E. 0irls Soccer FIRST ROW: C. Cook, E. Woolworth, A. Arute, M. Ellingworth, P. Cady. SECOND ROW: J. Carrol, L. Hulbert, J. Downs, P. Scofield, M. Hyde, B. Van Epps, M. Richmond. THIRD ROW: P. Watts, S. Lennox, K. McCabe, M. Bird, E. Martell, B. Pooler, Mrs. Williams. 56 Name Age Acts Likes Dislikes Hobby Favorite Saying Ambition Outcome A Bates 17 65 A Certain Junior Girl Work Sports Wanna A Bet Owner of Car- ling Brewing Co. Bar Tender V. Bates 18 14 New York and Paris Smoky Places Playing Cards Don't worry about it, Honey IBM Operator Card Cheat S. Bechstead 16 14 Friday nights at the Brook Self-Centered People Boys Hey Hon! Guess What! Beautician Owner of the Meadowbrook K. Belloff 17 11 Alfred French Class C-nsored Did I get a letter Physical Therapist Physical Wreck J. Bowman 18 21 Rebels cut-down Cars Doing Homework Son of a Bee Raise little Rebels General of a Yankee Army M. Brown 17 5 Long summer Nights Tandem Bicycles Doing Nothing That So? Nurse executioner G. Brown 17 19 German Chocolate Cake Homework Photography Oh Really! Nurse Mother of Twins R Burton 17 18 Collecting from Mrs. Howard Shoveling Mrs. Howard's Walk Avoiding Homework Oh My Gosh Doctor Educated Bum R. Burns 18 21 Booze Prohibition Censored Hello Ignorant Owner of a Play Boy Magazine Bachelor but Father B. Corey 17 2 Small Hotels Ballrooms Coon Hunting For the Love of O'Reilly Owner of A Turtle Farm Owner of A Small Hotel F. Crast 17 18 Blondes Preferably Work, Physical and Mental Blondes Bull Doctor Married B. Cushing 17 19 Going Steady Doing things when I'm not in the mood Doing Nothing Oh Rats Secretary Farm Employee M. Davis 17 14 Young Red Heads History’ Woodchuck Hunting Match Electronics expert Farm EmployeeName Age Acts Likes Dislikes Hobby Favorite Saying Ambition a IO Outcome C. Draper 17 4 Vi Lowville Late Writers Waiting Sh-h-h Get Married Khruschev 2nd Wife C. Easton 18 — 1 Girls History Driving Censored Bachelor Father of 20 W. Fairchild U —19 Connie Classes that I can t sleep in Having fun in the back seat You Krout Navy Admiral Army Private H. Gamble 17 20 Football Basketball Hunting You’re Crazy Heavy equipment Operator Harold’s club owner D. Hines 18 19 Money A Certain Librarian Welding Won’t work Truck Driver Monkey Wrench D. HoLman 17 9 New Years Eve Parties with drunks Females Farming Censored Veterinarian Farmer T. Larkin 17 113 4 Weekends Cobbville exploration attempts at Pete Jones’ record eat your heart out air lines hostess Member of Overtons concen- tration camp S. Macklin 16 17 Sunday afternoons being snowed in collect records Censored School Nurse Mgr. of a nursing home for bachelors K. Mathews 18 2 Men in their 20's quiet, shy (?) Men walking to Lorrain’s House you dumb snake confirmed bachelor Bachelor with 12 kids L. MuIIin 18 A certain Male Two-faced people meeting Kathy when she walks to-my house How’s that grab you catch that man world's most eligible female bachelor R. Newton 18 —2 Eight Bangers Four Bangers Laying in bed Ya know what I mean Auto Mechanic Little old wine maker P. Overton 17 15 Boys who wrestle parties at her house records censored Elementary teacher Organizer of a concentration camp C. Park 18 20 Artichokes Incompetent teachers Horses Oh! Burton!! Laboratory Technician Owner of a ranchName Age Acts Likes Dislikes Hobby Favorite Saying Ambition Outcome G. Peyton 17 iO Food Financial Problems Girlie Models? Godfrey Industrial Chemist Foreman of A ranch B. Pooler 18 15 Meadowbrook Having to do homework dancing Humorous wasn’t it beautician first communist of U. S. C. Pooler 17 5 cooking Bookkeeping swimming WHAT!! Dietician Vegetarian P. Scofield 18 2 Stock-car races bottles that won’t open all sports might as well— can’t dance beautician milk maid W. Smith 18 10 Engl ish class Fran’s weather Hi Military career Major G. Switzer 17 12 Oswego Adams music You don’t say nurse professional giggler D. Taylor 18 5 Girlie-shows Car Accidents Reading Playboy Eat the Birdie its only a Swallow Beatnik Owner of a Girlie-Show M. White 18 13 Hillbilly Music Girls in general Relaxing The South shall Rise Again Career Officer Professional Soldier of Fortune A. Whitney 17 m Panamanian boys Cooties Killing Cooties Kill that Cootie! Pharmacist Official Cootie Killer R. Lennox 19 9 Lip reading by other people School Collecting new records to Mrs. Howard: I have forgotten my book member of a lip reading club be an old maid H. Kalk 19 20 Girls working getting my car started Do you think it’s work? farming owning a big farm B. VanEpps 17 18 Tom Being stopped for reasons unknown More bottles Whatcha thinking Teacher and Mrs. Smith Little Tom-Toms R. Harris 18 20 Girls Drinking and Smoking Stamps and Coins That will go over like a lead balloon V. I. P. of Grand Union Traveling Casanova sr=Jr=Jp=ir=Jf=Jf=Jf=Jf=Jf=Jf=Jr=Jr=ir=Jf=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=ir=Jr=J m a a ai a 1 ADVERTISERS 1! a a a a a r=Jr=Jf=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr= r=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=Jr=J INVESTIGATE COMPLETE Banking Service THE NORTHERN NEW YORK TRUST COMPANY Adams, New York Members of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. All-Ways a Better Deal at GIBBS MAC ILLVENNIE, INC. 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