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ADAMS HIGH SCHOOL ALMA MATER Dear Adams High School, Our own Alma Mater So high and so fine in the making of men We love you, dear, dear High School, we love and revere you. As great in the training of soul as of pen. Your place on the hilltop portrays well your value In the lives and the aims of the towns all around. Your strong red brick building, imposing and handsome, Resembles your teachings and precepts so sound. May Adams High School, Our own Alma Mater, Ever continue to do her good work. To encourage good sportsmen as well as good scholars And never one part of her fine creed to shirk.MRS. HARMON DEDICATION The class of 1959 dedicates its yearbook to Mrs. Harmon. For it is a person like her, one who loves her profession, who offers her services not only as a teacher but also as a friend, that makes our Alma Mater one of which we all are very proud. YEARBOOK STAFF MR. SCHOLTZ Principal FIRST ROW: Stanley Shelmidine, Linda Herman, Carol Switzer, Hollis Flaherty. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Van Epps. Mrs. Howard, Lyle Seaman, Stuart Ring. THIRD ROW: Jim Elliott, George Hallett, Calvin O’Brien, Leonard Cool, Bonnie Sheley, Earl Remington, Glyn Brown, Dorothy Berry,MOTTO “No man can rise above that at which he aims.” COLORS Black and Silver FLOWER Red Carnation VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN STUART RING “Stu” Basketball 1 Quiz Team 3, 4 Vice President 3 Student Council 1 Junior Play Senior Play Co-Editor Yearbook Baseball 4 Sports Carnival Boys’ State ’58 LEONARD COOL “Wimp” Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 President 2, 4 Sports Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4 All-County Band Junior Play Senior Play Yearbook Staff Track 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1 DOROTHY BERRY “Dor” Vice President 4 Yearbook Staff Bowling 4 Chorus 1, 2 Student Council 3 Soccer 3 Junior Play Senior Play Newsreel 3CLYN BROWN “Glyn” Football 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Sports Carnival 1, 2, 3 Band 1 Newsreel RICHARD BROWN “Dick” FFA 1, 2 Vice President 1 President 2 Newsreel BRUCE DOBBINS “Bruce” Yearbook Staff Sports Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2 4JAMES ELLIOTT “Jim” Basketball 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1 Student Council 3 Intramural Leader 4 Sports Carnival 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 2 Newsreel Yearbook Staff HOLLIS FLAHERTY “Hollis” Football 3, 4 Sports Carnival 3, 4 Yearbook Staff Newsreel GEORGE HALLETT . “George” Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 3, 4 Newsreel Student Council 2 Senior Play Band L 2, 3, 4 Sports Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 5LINDA HERMAN “Sheila” Chorus 1 Prize Speaking 2 Soccer 1, 2 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3 Bowling 1, 2 Student Council 2, 4 Intramural Leader 1 Basketball 1 Sports Carnival 1, 2 Class Secretary 1, 2, 3 Newsreel Yearbook Staff CALVIN O’BRIEN “Cal” Yearbook Staff Newsreel Sports Carnival 3, 4 Track 2, 4 EARL REMINpTON “Earl” Sports Carnival 3 Junior Play Baseball 3 Yearbook Staff Newsreel 6LYLE SEAMAN “Lyle” Basketball 1, 2, 3 Football 3, 4 Quiz Team 3, 4 Student Council 4 Sports Carnival 3 Newsreel Co-Editor Yearbook Junior Play Senior Play Citizenship Day 3, 4 BONNIE SHELEY “Chip” Newsreel Yearbook Staff Junior Play GAA Treasurer 3 GAA Secretary 4 Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Softball 1, 2, 3, 4 Hockey 2, 3, 4 Sports Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Archery Team 3 STANLEY SHELMIDINE “Stan” Sports Carnival 4 Yearbook Staff Newsreel Track 4 7CAROL SWITZER “Carol” Hockey 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Bowling 3, 4 Intramural Leader 3 Junior Play Senior Play Class Secretary 4 Vice President 2 GAA Vice President 3 CAA President 4 Yearbook Staff Newsreel BONNIE VAN EPPS “Bo” Girls State ’58 Student Council 2 Class Treasurer 1, 3, 4 Editor Newsreel 2, 3, 4 Prize Speaking 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Sextet-Octet Adv. Editor Yearbook Quiz Team 4 Junior Play Senior Play Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2. 3 Bowling 1, 2, 3 Soccer 2, 3 County Chorus 4 Sports Carnival 3 Citizenship Day 3, 4 RICHARD WALDEN “Dick” Yearbook Staff NewsreelNAME AGE AGE ACTS LIKES DISLIKES Dorothy Berfy 16 35 Boys High-heels Glyn Brown 17 11 Writing Letters School Richard Brown 18 22 Sleep A P Leonard Cool 18 5 y2 Girls Girls Chasing Him Bruce Dobbin 19 3 Days Sophomore Girls Snow Banks James Elliott 17 4 His Congressman School Hollis Flaherty 17 80 Pooler Girls Lab. George Hallett 18 2 hrs. Speeding Tickets Linda Herman 18 20 Wild Parties Constant Talking Earl Remington 17 1 Warm Weather Working Stuart Ring 17 26 Airplanes Homework Lyle Seaman 18 5 Cars People Bonnie Sheley 17 -1 Pretzles Tacks Stanley Shelmidine 17 2y2 Jenny Climbing Hills Carol Switzer 17 8 P. J. Parties Coke and Mint Patties Calvin O’Brien 18 6 Grove Street Driving Home Bonnie Van Epps 17 25 Food Diets Richard Walden 17 150 Food Work 'O PASTIMES FAVORITE SAYING AMBITION OUTCOME Working Oh. Bruce! Secretary Nursery Attendan Calling Girls What do ya mean? Construction worker Mr. America Sleeping Pm tired Fanner 2nd Rip Van Winkle Sports Fool West Point Graduate Farm School Graduate Fixing Car Well Doesn’t care Nothing Girls Censored Gov. of Alaska Eskimo Thinking Duhh Industrial Chemist Knitting Camp Telling Jokes You Know Shop Teacher Game Warden Psychoanalysis Oh. hush Actress Chorus Girl Paper Planes Assorted noises Architect Janitor Hi Fi I don’t Know Engineer Pickpocket Skiing Got a koke Engineer Slave Trader Sitting in snowbank Shing Dental Hygienist Miss Tooth Decay Protecting Himself Let me alone. Lorraine Mayor Dogcatcher Bothering People Really Wife Husband Driving Hoo Hoo Mechanic Junk Dealer Juvenile Delinquent Don’t jump down my throat English Teacher Warden of Sing Sing Sleeping Uhhh Mechanic MonkeyIn 1946 we started school. Successfully passing through the first eight grades, we soon ound ourselves awaiting high school with great anticipation. Our freshman class consisted of 34 students. Steven Nichols was elected President, Stuart Ring was elected Vice President, Linda Herman was elected Secretary, and Bonnie Van Epps was Treasurer. We gained Francis Overton, Lawrence Remington, Ruth Reming- ton, Lewis Draper, and Stanley Shelmidine, Nancy Bovay. We lost Lawrence Remington, Nelson Butler, David Tamblin, and Carl Moffett. Upon entering our sophomore year our class consisted of 38 students. Jim Groff was President, Carol Switzer was Vice President, Linda Herman was Secretary, Jim Elliott was Treasurer. One of the most thrilling moments of our sophomore year was ordering our class rings. At the end of the year we lost Donald Lennox, Francis Overton, Steve Nichols, Jim Groff, Charles McGrath, Ruth Remington, Marlene Stone, Jackie and Joan Halleck. Lewis Draper, Madeline Block. Lyn Simmons, Henry Pitcher and Billy Pratt. In our Junior year we presented our play “Abigail Goes Haywire” under the direction of Mr. Jack Roberts, which proved to be very successful. We held one of the most suc- cessful Junior Proms in the history of Adams High School. That year we elected Leonard Cool as President, Stuart Ring was Vice President. Linda Herman, Secretary; and Bonnie Van Epps, Treasurer. We gained Glyn Brown and Richard Brown to our class and lost Truman Gleason, and Pat Henry. Starting our senior year we found we had dwindled to only 18 students, all eager for graduation. In October we presented “Her Kissin’ Cousin” which proved to be very profitable. We put on a Christmas Ball with the Junior class. In the Spring we had a tea dance, ham raffle and a food sale. 10PROPHECY Last week. I attended a private reunion of the class of 1959. And as could be expected, I canie upon some rather surprising facts about my former classmates. Calvin O’Brien holds controlling interest in the Berry Lumber Company. It still goes under the name of “Berry,” however. We understand that Ruth makes him toe the line. Carol Switzer won first prize recently in a “Miss Giggles” contest. She received a laughing hyena to keep her company during her laughing spells. Hollis Flaherty couldn’t make the reunion either. He is a top scientist in Russia and wasn’t allowed out of the country. His name has been changed to Hollinski Flaher- vitch. Stuart Ring has written a book on “Practical Jokes.” It is reported that Stu has the most extensive collection of humorous devices in the United States. The industrial arts department is now headed by George Hallett. He has Mr. Scholtz beaten—George has lost five fingers. Glyn Brown wasn’t there but someone had a picture of him and his family. It was very nice except for his 2-year old daughter whose engineer’s boots were slightly large for her. Dorothy Berry is private secretary to the President of the Pineapple Growers of Hawaii. Like most secretaries, she is married to her boss. However, instead of a salary she gets 5 cases of canned pineapple a week. The Shelmidines, under the leadership of Stanley, have staged a revolution. What used to be Lorraine is now called Shelmidinia and is a limited monarchy. The hopped-up car bug of our class, Lyle Seaman, is truly at home in his occupation. He sweeps the track at Indianapolis. Earl Remington is still trying to work his way up from the janitor’s job at the drug store. In the meantime he is making posters to earn some extra money. Bruce Dobbins holds the title of champion stock-car racer. Evidently his long locks impaired his vision when he was trying to take the inside curve because he now has a brush-cut. Richard Brown has been arrested by local authorities upon complaint from the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It seems that he was kicked by a cow and was observed chasing it around the barnyard with a pitchfork. Bonnie Van Epps was head of the English department in one of the larger New York City schools. Through her efforts a law was passed that raised teachers’ salaries in the state. It didn’t do her much good, though. She was fired. Leonard Cool has combined his basketball, musical and West Point backgrounds into one. He plays lead trumpet in the pep band at West Point basketball games. Jim Elliott, who went to Alaska after graduation, spends the majority of his time building additions onto his igloo in order to house his growing family. Bonnie Sheley, now a full-fledged dental hygienist, has married “Mr. Tooth Decay.” She has the science world completely stumped, though. Her children cut their teeth complete with silver fillings. Richard Walden has left his old shy self behind in favor of being an aggressive business man. He is running a rest home for those between the ages of 2 and 40. IILAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the class of 1958 of Adams High School in the county of Jefferson in the state of New York, being of sane mind and sound body, do make, publish and declare this our last will and testament, in the manner following we do say: FIRST—We direct that our just debts be paid by the class of 1960. SECOND—We bequeath the following assets as herein set forth. 1. Dorothy Berry—wills her commercial brain to Nina Nye. 2. Leonard Cool—wills his Senior Play kissing to Daryl Graves. 3. Bruce Dobbin—wills his way with girls to George Flaherty. 4. Glyn Brown—leaves his build to Donald Smithers. 5. Richard Brown—wills a large bag of groceries to Linda LaCette. 6. Jim Elliott—wills his ability to get along with teachers to Jack Jones. 7. Hollis Flaherty—wills his ability to be a guinea pig to Ronald Sloan. 8. George Hallett—wills his collection of thumb tacks and water for chairs to Cliff Wid- rick. 9. Linda Herman—wills her way with men to Pat Bechtel. 10. Galvin O’Brien—wills his ability to square dance to Coach Kane. 11. Stanley Shelmidine—wills his own book on how to pass Miss Reed’s history exams to Jenny. 12. Bonnie Van Epps—wills her English ability to A1 Foster. 13. Earl Remington—wills his ability to make posters to Francis Dealing. 14. Stuart Ring—leaves his knowledge of high explosives to Jerry Cool. 15. Dick Walden—leaves his talents for not getting his homework done to Marie Berry. 16. Carol Switzer—leaves her ability to bother people to Dolores Piddock. 17. Bonnie Sheley—wills her creepy stories, caskets and tombstones to Monica Vorce. 18. Lyle Seaman—leaves 1 pound of burned rubber to Keith Weal. As a whole the class leaves to Mrs. Howard: 1. 1 gallon jug of water 2. 1 bottle of prune juice 3. 2 dozen stale sandwiches We also will to the Junior class, back assignments, rights and privileges as Seniors and all the luck in the world. In witness thereof we have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seal, the twenty- second day of June in the year of our Lord, One thousand nine hundred and fifty-nine.FIRST ROW: Miss Berry, Mrs. Carapany, Mrs. Montague, Mrs. Harmon, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Fleming, Miss Reed, Mrs. Crumb. SECOND ROW: Miss Dobbs, Mrs. Vespa, Mr. Sacci, Mr. Scholtz, Mr. Gordon, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Bechtel. THIRD ROW: Mr. Kane, Mr. Claus, Mr. Titus, Mr. Andrews, Mr. Caulkins. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Fee, Mrs. Case, Mrs. Hammond, Mr. Scholtz, Mrs. McCracken, Mrs. Scholtz, Mrs. Lephart. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Greenley, Mrs. Rawlings, Mrs. Hall, Mr. Lephart Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Widrick, Mrs. Sinclair, Mrs. Lalone. GRADE FACULTYBOARD OF EDUCATION SFrnTNn RnwMrrgTcVa,n S?p9’ A?,n BelIoff' Edna Berry. Rosemary Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Frank Steele, Thomas Hallett, Harold Harmer, Donald Cool. BUS DRIVERS Dayton Van Epps, Wellington Dobbins, Gladys Dobbin, Lester Overton, Henry Moreton. 15 P.T.A Left to right: Mr. Leigh Andrews, President; Mrs. Mildred Carter, Treasurer; Mrs. Mary Hirschey, Secretary; Mr. Charles Jones, Vice President. MOTHERS’ CLUB Left to right: Mrs. Marie Gibbs, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Juanita Jones, President; Mrs. Evelyn Sinclair, Vice President. CAFETERIA STAFF Left to right: Pat Cushing, Monica Vorce, Beverly McNett, Penny Genga, Mrs. Shay, Dorothy Berry, Mrs. Cook, Rose Moffett.FIRST ROW: Bonnie Sheley, Carol Switzer, Mrs. Howard, Linda Herman, Dorothy Berry, Bonnie Van Epps. SECOND ROW: Lyle Seaman, Cqjvin O’Brien, Earl Remington, Richard Brown, Jim Elliott, Stuart Ring, Richard Walden, Stanley Shelmidine. THIRD ROW: Hollis Flaherty. Leonard Cool, Glyn Brown, George Hallett, Bruce Dobbins. FIRST ROW: Anna Mae Pitkin, Joan Pooler, Ruth Berry, Monica Vorcc, Pat Poller, Kcitha Smith, June Pitcher, Julie Draper. SECOND ROW: Penny Genga, Hazel Wilson, Beverly Larrison, Julie Parker, Dolores Piddock, Kathy Lantier, Judy Jones, Carole Overton, Pat Cushing, Barbara Waite, Daryl Graves, Brenda DeLano. THIRD ROW: Pam Holley, Jim Marti, Henry Busier, Phillip Maitland, Albert Peyton, Miss Reed, Bruce Thomas, Stuart McAnulty, Francis Dealing. Truman Gleason, Eddie Smithler, Joanne DeMarse. FOl- R TH ROW: Alan Foster, Bill Babcock, David Hatcliff, Donald Bockman, Ronald Sooan, Keith W’eal, Ronald Widrick, Jerry Cool. Absent: Phyllis Martzloff. JUNIORSFIRST ROW: Brenda Whitford, Sharon Rusho. Betty Fowler, Linda Draper, Georgianna Ludlow, Janet Hodder, Claudea Tamblin, Cynthia Stone. Nina Nye, Diane DeLano, Jean Boulay. SECOND ROW: Abby Hewitt, Susan Dorgan, Linda Crast, Georgia Graves, Linda LaCette, Joan Overton, Kathryn Barker, Pat Bechtel, Marcia Jones, Pam Webb, Nancy Scofield, Joyce Corey, Susan Stevens. THIRD ROW: Rose Moffet, Sandra Dillenbeck, Marion Fredcnburg, John Illingworth, David LaLone, Clifford Widrick, Norman Thomas, Bradford Lee, John Trainor, Jack Jones, John Scofield, Dick Waters, Charles Wilcox, David Gibbs, Linda Taylor, Marie Berry, Mrs. LaLone. FOURTH ROW: George Flaherty, Dennis Kellogg, Robert Mathews, Francis Overton, Bill Martz- loff, Dan Whitehead, Stanley Hamilton, Craig Wagner. F RST ROW: Margaret Steele, Sharon Sherman, Rochelle Lennox, Carolyn Pooler, Sally Bumash, Linda Snyder, Jean Gillespie, Maxine Vrooman, Nancy Rhodes, Nancy Thomas, Sandra Bice. SECOND ROW: Beverly Macklcn, Yvonne Becksted, Dorothy Nowak, Donna Ball, Beverly McNett, Cynthia Jantzi, Judy Richmond, Linda Holley, Carole Lanticr, Jenny Cheresknoske, Judy Sisco, Charlene Bangs. THIRD ROW: Donald Smithers, Bob Sheley, Bill Berry. Kenneth Conway, Peter Jones, Douglas Ebdon, Jim Edwards, Mr. Kane, David Weal, Gene Ludlow, Andrew Bates, John Smith, Eddie McGrath, John Burns, Bob Widrick. FOURTH ROW: John Steele, Eddie Remington, Gary Barr, Gary Hallett, Duffy Hamilton, Ronald Sanford, Bruce Whitehead, Tom Waite.EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Nancy Chrisman. Roberta Reilly, Joyce Bowman. Carol Larkin, Joyce Backus, Anne Steele. SECOND ROW: Milton Davis, Art O’Shaughnessy, Bob Burns, Richard Hockey, Mrs. Fleming, Donald Holman, Bob Farran. Alan Bates, Jim Thompson. THIRD ROW: William Craves, William Sanford, Leroy Backus, John Parker, Dennis Taylor, Kenneth Barrett, Marvin Fargo, Fred W'alden. FIRST ROW: Beverly Pooler, Sue Shelmidine, Patricia Overton, Vespa Bates, Gloria Switzer, Nancy Boulay, Sharon Beckstead. SECOND ROW’: Peggy Scofield. Teri Larkin, Kathy Belloff, Joyce Dickinson, Carolyn Draper, Phyllis LaCette, Barbara Cushing. Bernice Van Epps, Shirley Macklen. THIRD ROW': Wilmo Flaherty, Ann Whitney. John Lantier. Roger Harris, Richard Burton, Mrs. Harmon, Lyndon Vrooman, Billy Fairchild, Daniel Hines, Carol Pooler, Charlene Park. FOURTH ROW: Robert Corey, Ronald Newton. Gary Peyton, Frank Crast, Michael White, Patrick O’Neil, Richard Dorgan, Billy Smith. Absent: Ruth Larrisom, Harold Gamble.SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Susan Kanaley, Geraldine Kellar. Judy Miner. Alice Patten, Susan Seymour, Ann Hatcliff, Sheila Sherman, Mary Russell, Susan Alden. . , . SECOND ROW: Charles Fairchild. John Sullivan. John Giovo, Brian Lee, Mr. Andrews, I imotny McConnell, Rodney Greenley. Randy Smith, Wayne Rusho. , THIRD ROW: James Tiller, George Larkin, David Hallett. Brent Nichols, Tommy Burns, Ronald Reardon, Carl Bern’. FIRST ROW: Joanne Corey, Susan Jones, Barbara Taylor, Nancy Giovo, Marilyn Genga, Marcia Harris, Shirley Groves. SECOND ROW: Patricia Greenley, Susan Waite, Barbara Jantzi, Candy Kotlowski, Mrs. Williams, Roselyn Rusho, Bob Scofield, Kenneth Wratten, David McAnulty. THIRD ROW: Larry Seaman, William Draper, Stanley Edwards, James Loomis, Jerry Holman, Glen Hungerford, John Bowman.SIXTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Mary Pooler, Dolores Beckstead. Maxine Kobarge, Patsy Rhodes, Linda Brown, Bonnie Bates. SECOND ROW: Gladys Duval, Cheryl Stoker, Faye Dealing, Mary Richmond, Mona Beach, Betty Wilson, Linda Dobson. THIRD ROW’: David Reynolds, Robert Murphy, Chloc Dealing, Bonita Ball, Mr. Lephart, Susan Bangs, Grace McIntosh, Carlton Park, Tommy Lantier. FOURTH ROW: Fred Chrisman, Edward Scofield, Gary Kellog, Howard McNett, Larry Beckman, David Pooler, Jim Fowler. FIRST ROW: Peggy McIntosh, Susan Snyder, Mary Pitcher, Karen Lines, Ortha Widrick, Joan Kilburn. SECOND ROW: Valerie Sinclair, Nancy Hamilton, Beverly Van Epps, Vicki Hill, Diane White- head, Gertie Vrooman. Janet Gibbs. THIRD ROW: Billy Russell, Fred Miner, Francis Weal, Ronald Barker, Mrs. McCracken, Barrett Hayes, Russell Greenwood, Leon Steele, Bob Snyder. FOURTH ROW: Richard Goutermunt, David Bowman, Robert Simpson, Vernon Datoush, John Dorgan, John Fredenburg. Robert Denney. Absent: Cheryl McConnell, Gordon Therrian. Mary Jane Pooler.FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Cathy Sischo, Blanche Beach, Janet Denison, Sally Lennox, Betty Smith, Audrey Jones, Barbara Patten. c , SECOND ROW: Morland Rusho. Vickie Barker, Sara Richmond, Patricia Kraemer, Sandra Cobb, Mrs. Fee, Susan Denny, Valinda Pearson, Linda Giovo, Jerry Briggs, Donald Whitney. THIRD ROW: Frederick Wratten. Edwin Draper, Lee Berry, Tracey Cheever, Jeffrey Peck, Kevin Shutts, Gilbert Weaver, Daniel Freeman, Leonard Misczuk. FIRST ROW: Manna Whit ford, Marcia Gamble, Joanne Phillips, Betty Wilcox, Pamela Rhodes, Linda Kraemer. Kay Elliott, Beverly Chrisman, Linda Liscomb. SECOND ROW: Ray Murphy, Kevin Larkin, Kim Whitehead, Dennis McAnulty, Miss Aubert, Mrs. Hall, Donny Burns, Dick Taylor, Norman Fairchild, Mary Sullivan, Rochelle Reardon. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Misercola. George Kellar, Wayne Jones, John Gamble, Jim Stoker, Bruce Munro, Lawill Jantzi.FOURTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Sue Brown. Jean Marti. Kathleen Cushing, Carolyn Alden, Louise Hirschey, Carol Waugh. Rose Marie Rogers. SECOND ROW': Mary Kotlowski, Linda Sedgemore, Nancy Newton, Mrs. Case, Denise Taylor, Diane Bacon, Debbie Reynolds. THIRD ROW': Raymond Whitehead, James Shutts, Cole Filson, Ralph Overton, John Greenwood, Paul Church. Absent: Paul Hungerford. Michael Cascanet. FIRST ROW: Connie Whithead, Nancy Datoush, Judy Lennox, Mary Heinrich, Patricia Gregory, Sharon Barney. Marcia Shelmidine. SECOND ROW: Anne Burton, Margaret Lantier, Stephen Denny, Kenneth Corey, Mrs. Greenley, Fred Kucik. David Curtiss. Donna Pitkin. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Greenwood, Robert Steele, Frederick Sinclair, James Fredenburg, Samuel Tiller, David Belloff, Ricky Wood.THIRD GRADE FIRST ROW: Gloria Taylor, Arlys Wagner, Jean Welsh, Linda Darling, Cynthia Giovo, Susan LaCette. SECOND ROW: Gary Sullivan. Ronnie Bums, Dannie Cohb, Randy Reilley, Tommy Weaver, Mrs. Hammond, Lonnie Liscomb, Gary LaVere. James Denney, Gary Kellar, Peter Nicwieroski. THIRD ROW: Clifford Loomis, Ronnie Van Epps, David Ebdon, Timothy Claflin, Paul Cascanet, Earl Lennox, Raymond Shelmidinc, Wayne Ostrowski. Absent: Jerry Pooler, Carol Jones. FIRST ROW: Joanne McAnuIty, Lydia Draper, John Moore, Marcia Munk, Yvonne W'idrick. SECOND ROW: Emily Steele, Susan Burdick, Sandra Fone, Kathy Richmond, Tamara Wheeler, Carolyn Fairchild, Connie Oakes. THIRD ROW: Harold Rusho, Martin Thompson, Rupert Monoghan, Mrs. Rawlings, Brian Hayes, Ernest Pitcher. Arthur Phillips, Rodney W’idrick, Gary Rhodes. FOURTH ROW: Michael Rice, Robert Kraemer, Michael Hoagland, Bobby Groff, Donald Jantzi, Lyman Renington, Dean Munro, John Nowak.SECOND GRADE FIRST ROW: Billy Beach, Peggy Whiting, Jimmy Alden, Terry Lee, Richard Kucik. SECOND ROW: Marlee Larkin, Susan Cobb, Gail Roberts, Virginia Dewey, Susan Hirschey, Della Groff, Mary Taylor. 1HIRD ROW: Ann Church. Jeanne Heinrich, Leiana Thomas, Miss Sullivan, Mrs. Titus, Rebecca Peck, Beverly Liscomb. Jane Ostrowski. FOURTH ROW: Ted Fredenburg, Billy Elliott, Dennis Hough, Mike Otis, Cris Peck. FIRST ROW: Lindy Spry, Bonita Edwards. Brenda Sinclair, Renee Reardon. Gaye Rhodes. Linda Jones. SECOND ROW: Dawn Shelmidine, Nancy Darling. Denise Price, Dee Ann O'Brien, Melanie Dudley, Mary Elizabeth Rice, Sandra Sassamon. THIRD ROW: Kevin Barker. Barry Lee, W illiam Misczuk, James Wratten, Mrs. Whitney, Michael Lieto. Charles McAnulty, Ricke Greenier. Dale Hotchkiss. FOURTH ROW: Michael Richards, Arnold Ebdon, Frederick Larkin, Virgil Davis, Robert W illiams, Ronald Waugh.FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW: Joyce McIntosh, Leo Russell, Bobby Shelmidine, Richard Kraemer, Francine Rusho. SECOiND ROW: Joan Smith, Jeam Hosmer, Connie Briggs, Sharon Taylor, Donna Rogers, Carol Whitney, Debora Finley. THIRD ROW: Charles Fernandes, Richard West, Jerry Moore, Mrs. Widrig, Billy Denison, Bobby Fradenburg, Ricky O’Conner. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Widrick, Barry Joy, Carl Freeman, Patrick Cascanet, Tommy Franklin, Tommy Dorgan. Absent: Jimmie Scofield, Bobby Whiteman. FIRST ROW: Billy Whiting, Dale Roberts, Tommy Larkin, Jeffre Greenier, Tommy Fillhart. SECOND ROW: Dianne Barney, Pam Niewieroski, Denise Gibbs, Doreen Shutts, Kathy Hamilton, Beverly Barker, Cynthia Widrick. THIRD ROW: Frank Sacci, Tommy Lennox, Tony Illingworth, Vernon Loomis, Mrs. Sinclair, Dennis Brown, Danny McConnell, Ricky Groff, Jimmy Misczuk. FOURTH ROW: Norman Draper, Billy Mullin, Louis McNett, Glenn Peterson, Jerry Henry, Terry Henry.KINDER- GARTEN FIRST ROW: Kathie Casca net, Patti Davis, Mark Dewey, Cathy Maitland, Patti Wrattan. SECOND ROW: Joanne Brown, Priscilla Pooler, Kathy Berry, Debbie Price, Barbara Haller, Teri Thomas, Sue Richards. THIRD ROW: Debbie O’Conner, Ellena Vrooman, Mary Jane Atherton, Nina Dack, Mrs. Scholtz, Helen Ann Berry, Janna Joy. Mary Draper, Sue Lee. FOURTH ROW: Michael Plaatje, Bobby Fillhart, Randy Fargo, David Ostrowski, Gary Peterson, Warren Shelmidine, Scott Nichols, David Simmons. Absent: Joey McConnell, Floyd Bern', Jack Crast. h IRST ROW : Patti Niewieroski, Ann Miller, Cheryl Kulesza, Wendy Bloch, Susan Greene, Brenda Groff. SECOND ROW': Barbara Town, Martina Barden, Tina Maxson, Kate Dewey, Bonnie Wagner, Joanne Genga, Catherine Marra. Cindy Lou Spry'. THIRD ROW: John Van Epps, Tommy Cushing, Barry West, Jon Whitford, Mrs. Scholtz, Billie Guyette, Billie Sullivan, Louis Church. Richard Palmer. FOURTH ROWr: Tommy Ring. Mark Moore. David Naklick. Moreau Wheeler, Richard Hoagland, Richard Briggs. Jackie Kucik. Neil Vroman. Absent: Bruce Peck.. ft ■ STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED: Thomas Waite, Keith Weal. Leonard Cool, Mr. Scholtz, George Flaherty. STANDING: Marilyn Genga. Brenda Delano. John Giovo, Henry Busier, Lyle Seaman, Linda Herman, Gary Barr. Marcia Jones, Jack Jones, Richard Dorgan, Dorothy Nowak, Carol Larkin. Left to right: Ronnie Van Epps, Keith Weal. Lyle Seaman. Stuart Ring.SENIOR FIRST ROW: Linda Herman, Bonnie Van Epps, Carol Switzer. SECOND ROW: George Hallett, Lyle Seaman, Mrs. Howard, Dorothy Berry. THIRD ROW: Leonard Cool, Stuart Ring. FIRST ROW: Lyle Seaman, Stuart Ring. Bonnie Sheley, Bonnie V an Epps, Carol Switzer, Dorothy Berry. THIRD ROW: Earl Remington, Leonard Cool. JUNIOR PLAYPRIZE SPEAKING Left to right: Kathy Lantier, Bonnie Van Epps, Joanne DeMarse, Penny Genga, Marie Berry, Mrs. Howard. Diane Delano, Julie Parker, Abby Hewitt, Susie Stevens, Barbara Waite, Carole Overton. CENTER ROW: Sue Stevens, Linda Crast, Brenda Delano, Marie Berry, Maxine Vrooman, Pamela Holley. SECOND ROW: Marion Fredenburg. Sally Bumash, Bruce Whitehead, Julie Parker, Carole Overton, Thomas Waite, Gerald Cool, Bruce Thomas, Joanne DeMarse, Keith Weal. THIRD ROW: Linda Holley, Carole Lantier, Charlene Parks, Pat Greenly, Ruth Berry, Bob Wade, Frank Crast, Cary Peyton, Mike White, john Burns, Donald Holman, Dan Whitehead, Norman Thomas, James Marti, Leonard Cool. BACK: Mr. Sacci, Janet Hodder, Robert Sheley, Henry' Busier, George Hallett, Diane Delano. SENIOR BANDJUNIOR CENTER ROW: Joanne Corey, Bonnie Ball, John Fredenburg, Ann Whitney, Verpon Datoush, Karen Lines, Susan Bangs. SECOND ROW: Susan Waite, Betty Smith. Janet Dennison, Shirley Macklen, David Reynolds, John Dorgan, Don Bums, Russell Greenwood, Gertie Vrooman. THIRD ROW: Geraldine Kellar, Joanne Phillips, Kay Elliott, Tracey Cherrer, Mr. Sacci, Susan Denny, Robert Simpson, Lynden Vrooman, William Smith, Frederick Walden, Edward Remington, Robert Burns, Betty Wilcox. FIRST ROW: Susan Stevens, Marie Berry, Robert Wade. SECOND ROW: Henry Busier, Mr. Sacci, Jerry Cool, Keith Weal, Leonard Cool, Bruce Thomas. DANCE BANDLeft to right: June Pitcher, Barbara Waite, Roselyn Rusho. FIRST ROW: Nancy Thomas, Brenda Whitford, Lynda Snyder, Linda LaCett, Susan Stevens, Linda Holley, Kathryn Barker, Carole Overton, Beverly Macklen, Beverly Larrison, Janet Hodder, Mrs. Vespa. SECOND ROW: Dianne DeLano, Charlene Bangs, Joyce Corey, Cynthia Jaqtzi, Linda Crast, Marcia Jones, Abby Hewitt, Susan Dorgan, Judy Richmond, Sally Burnash, Judy Sischo. SENIOR CHORUSJUNIOR CHORUS FIRST ROW: Susan Waite, Patricia Creenley, Terry Larkin, Marilyn Cenga, Kathy Belloff, Charlene Parks, Roselyn Rusho. SECOND ROW: Susan Kanaley, Joanne Corey, Shirley Groves, Mrs. Vespa, Susan Jones, Patty Overton, Candy Kotlowski, Barbara Yantzi. THIRD ROW: Susan Seymore, Phyllis LaCette, Joyce Dickens, Barbara Cushing, Nancy Giovo. FIRST ROW: Carol Lantier, Marcia Jones, Beverly Larrison, Sally Burnash, Beverly Macklen. SECOND ROW: Carole Overton, Nancy Thomas, Janet Hodder.TRIPLE Left to right: Susan Kanaley, Shirley Groves, Marilyn Genga, Nancy Giovo, Kathy Belloff, Patty Overton, Joanne Corey, Susan Waite. FRONT ROW: Bonnie Sheley, Coach Claus, Carol Switzer. SECOND ROW: Pam Holley, Nancy Scofield, Linda Holley, Barbara Waite. OFFICERSFIRST ROW: Pamela Holley, Bonnie Van Epps, James Elliott, Coach Kane, Bruce Thonas. SECOND ROW: Nancy Scofield, Clifford Widrick, Nancy Rhodes, Douglas Ebdon. FIRST ROW: Coach Kane. Lyle Seaman, Thurston Brown, Gary Barr, Stanley Hamilton, Jack Jones, Thomas Waite, David Weal, Coach Lephart. SECOND ROW: John Bums, Charles Wilcox, Gary Hallett, Duffy Hamilton, George Hallctt, Dan Whitehead, Bruce Whitehead, David Gibbs, Peter Jones. THIRD ROW: Bob Sheley, John Illingworth, Craig Wagner, Hollis Flaherty, Bob Mathews, Keith Weal, Jim Elliott, Henry Busier, Eddie Smithler. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Cool, Ronald Sloan, Glyn Brown, Leonard Cool.SOCCER FIRST ROW: Pamela Holley, Joanne DeMarse, Linda Holley, Nancy Scofield, Carole Lantier, Kathy Lantier, Janet Hodder, Judy Jones. SECOND ROW: Carole Overton, Bonnie Sheley. Daryl Craves, Barbara Waite, Kathryn Barker, Abbv Hewitt, Susan Dorgan, Linda Crast, Marion Fredenburg. THIRD ROW: Carol Switzer. Charlene Bangs, Sally Bumash, Sharon Rusho, Keitha Smith, Anna Mae Pitkin, Coach Claus. FOURTH ROW: Penny Genga. Georgianna Ludlow, Pat Pooler, Joan Overton, Linda Taylor, Nina Nye, Georgia Graves. FIRST ROW: Thomas Waite, Clifford Widrick, Thurston Brown, Jack Jones, Bruce Whitehead, Peter Jones, Robert Farran. SECOND ROW: Coach Lephart, George Flaherty, Stanley Hamilton, Dennis Kellogg, Gary Hallett, Duffy Hamilton, Gary Barr, John Bowman, George Larkin.J.V. CHEER LEADERS Nancy Thomas. Diane DeLano, Sally Bumash, Linda Taylor, Marion Fredenburg, Georgia Graves, Susan Dorgan, Carole Overton. ROW: Eddie Smithler, Henry Busier, Craig Wagner, George Hallett, James Marti. SECOND ROW: Bob Wade, Bruce Thomas, Jim Elliott, Leonard Cool, Dan Whitehead, Keith weal. Jerry Cool, Coach Kane. VARSITY BASKETBALLVARSITY CHEER LEADERS Left to right: Bonnie Sheley, Bonnie Van Epps, Linda Crast, Barbara Waite, Abby Hewitt, Joanne Demarse, Janet Hodder. Absent: Phyllis Martzloff. VARSITY BASKETBALL PLAYERS AND CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bonnie Sheley, Eddie Smithler, Bonnie Ban Epps, Jerry Cool, Linda Crast, Craig Wagner, Phyllis Martzloff. Henry Bustler, Coach Kane, Barbara Waite, Keith Weal, Abby Hewitt, Dan Whitehead, Joanne De Marse, James Elliott, Janet Hodder, Lenard Cool. CENTER: Bruce Thomas, George Hallett, James Marti.FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Robert Burns. Tom Burns, Larry Seaman. John Sullivan, Brent Nichols, Wayne Rusho, John Giovo. SECOND ROW: John Burns, Richard Dorgan, Frank Crast, David Weal, Fred Walden, Robert W'idrick, Richard Burton. THIRD ROW : Nancy Boulay, Patty Overton, Terry Larkin, Barbara Cushing, Coach Lephart, Kathy Belloff, Joanne Corey, Candy Kotlowski, Bob Farran. FIRST ROW: John Giovo, Larry Seaman. David Hallett, Robert Farran, Wayne Rusho, Timothy McConnell. SECOND ROW: Tom Burns, Brent Nichols, Stanley Edwards, Richard Hockey, Donald Holman, John Bowman. George Larkins, John Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Billy Russell, Tom Lantier, David Reynolds, Richard Guotermont, John Lantier, Barrett Hayes, Francis Weal. Fred Miner, Robert Snyder. FOURTH ROW: Coach Claus, David Bowman, John Dorgan, Howard McNett, Larry Bockman, Vernon Datoush, Eddie Scofield, John Fredenhurg. IN- DEPENDENCE BASKETBALLKNEELING: Georgia Graves, Nancy Scofield. FIRST ROW: Carol Switzer. Bonnie Sheley, Sally Bumash, Charlene Bangs, Linda Taylor, Kathryn Barker, Abby Hewitt, Sharon Rusho. SECOND ROW: Coach Claus, Penny Genga. Janet Hodder, Judy Jones, Carole Lantier, Kathy Lantier, Marion Fredenburg. THIRD ROW: Linda Holley, Daryl Graves, Barbara Waite, Carole Overton, Pamela Holley, Joanne De Marse, Nina Nye. FIRST ROW: Bonnie Sheley, Nancy Scofield, Linda Holley, Susan Dorgan, Penny Genga, Pamela Holley. SECOND ROW: Marie Berry, Dorothy Berry, Carol Switzer, Judy Jones, Kathryn Barker, Barbara Waite, Joanne De Marse, Carole Overton, Daryl Graves. THIRD ROW: Nancy Thomas, Sharon Rusho, Carolyn Pooler, Linda Snyder, Beverly McNett, Coach Claus, Janet Hodder, Diane Delano, Charlene Bangs, Jean Gillespie, Nancy Rhodes. FOURTH ROW: Sally Burnash, Judy Richmond, Marion Fredenburg, George Graves, Linda Crast, Abby Hewitt. 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