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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1957 volume:

DEDICATION We the class of ’57, in the great- est of appreciation fot her fine work and kindness, wish to dedi- cate this YEARBOOK to — Mrs. Campany Alina Mater Dear hiatus High School, Our own Alma Mulct So high anil so fine in llte making of men, lt love you dear High School, we love and revere you. Is great in llte training of soul as of f en. Your fslace on the liilltof) portrays well your value In the lives and the aims of the towns all around. Your strong red brick buildings, imposing and handsome, liesemble your teachings and precepts so sound. May Adams High School. Our own Alma Mater, Ever continue to do her good work. To encourage good sportsmen as well as good scholars And never one part of her fine creed to shirk. We the class of ’57, also wish to thank, for her endless help on this YEARBOOK, our advisor — Mrs. Howard [ l ]YEARBOOK STAEF Frederick M. Scholl Principal YEARBOOK STAFF Ni na1 Bell off MP ’ Howard Patr cla Smith, George Wetterhahn (editor) Charles Drake, Second Row: Helen Nowak, Richard Flaherty. Alan Wagner, Ellen Dorgan. r 2 ]SENIORS kUIIARI) Fl.AHKRn “Dick Baseball 2. 3; Student (Council 1. 3; President 3: Vice President 4; Senior Play. Junior Play; Quiz Team 2. 3. 4; Year Book Stair: N e wsreel Stall: Bachelor’s Club 4. Alan Waonf.r Hag Quiz Team 2. 3. 4; Jun- ior Play 3; Senior Play 4: Newsreel 3. 4: Year- I) ok 4; Bowling 2; Stu- dent Council 2; Football 3. 4; Basketball 3. 4. VALEDICTORIAN Class Motto We have crossed the bay, the ocean lies Class Colors Pink and Black Class Flower White rose. Ei.i.fn Dor .an El Band I. 2. 3. 4; Senior Play 4: Student Council 1. I; Class President I. 4: N ice President 3; Sextet 2. 3. 4; Prize Speaking 3. 4; Junior Play 3; News- reel 2: |. V. Cheerlcading 2. Stf.hifn Millard “Dear Bachelor's Club 4: Junior Play; Senior Play: Treas- urer 3. 4; Chorus 1. 2: Basketball 3. SALUTATORI AN before us [ 3 ](• i km Chico” I rack 2; Baseball !. 2. 3. I; Football I, 2. 3. 4; Basketball I. 2; Nice Pres- ident 2; Band I, 2, 3: Dance Band 3: Senior Play I; Bachelor’s Club 4; Bowling 2. Susan Si i.i.ivan “Sullic” ( heirleading 2. 3. I: Bas- ketball 2. 3. 4; Soft ball 2. 3. 4: Soccer 2. 3. 4: ( horns I. 3: Junior Play: Senior Play: Newsreel Stall 4; Bowling I. 2, 3. Ciiaki.f.s |. Drake Chuck” Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4: I rack I. 2: Year- book Stall 4: Newsreel Stalf 3. 4: Football 3, 4; Basketball 3. 4; Band I. 2. 3. 4; Orchestra 3: Bachelor’s Club 4; Prize speaking I. 3. Giori.i Wf.itkriiaiin Wet” Senior Plav I: Basketball 3; Band I. 2. 3; Orches ira I. 3: Bachelor Club I: Student Council 3. 4: Newsreel F.ditor 4; Neat book F.ditor 4: Junior Plav 3: Baseball I. I I »'ll I II Pol Chorus I. 2. 3: Bowli I. 2. 4: Basketball Soccer 3. I: Sextet I: So hall I. 2. 3. 4: Juni Play; Senior Play: Yolh ball: Newsreel Stall 4. [ 4 ]Larky Groff “Ace Baseball I. 2. 3. 4; Bas- ketball I. 2. 3. 4: Foot ball I. 2. 3. 4; I rack I. 2. 3: Bachelor's Club 4: Junior Play. Katiiryn Wriout Kay Band I. 2. 3: Chorus I. 3: Junior Play: Bowling I. 2: Newsreel 4: Prize Speaking 4. Wll.SON Rt SIIO “Willie l-ooiball I; Junior Play: Bowling 2: Sports Carni- val. Siiaron idrh. “Sharon Band I. 2. 3. 4: Chorus I. 2. 3. 4: Son let I. 2. 4: Bowling 4: Intermural Bowling. Mi ki mm Barrett “Meredx” [ 5 ]Davi» Smith “Sir hr Baseball 2. 3; Basketball I. 2. 3. 4: Student Coun- cil 2. 3; Class Treasurer 2; Class Secretary I; Play Day I. 2. 3. 4; howling 2; Newsreel 4. Marjorie Badoi.fy “Marjie” Cheerleading I. 2. 4; Bas- ketball 2. 3. 4; Soccer 3. 4; Student Council I. 4; Chorus I. 3: Junior Play; Senior Play; Prize Speak- ing 4; Newsreel 4; Field Hockey 3. 4. A. Raf. Grffni.f.y “Dutch Basketball I. 2. 3; Foot- ball 2: Junior Play; Bowl- in ; 2. Carol Chai.mfrs “Jor Band 1. 2: Newsreel 4: Prize Speaking 3. 4; Jun- ior Play; Senior Play; Cheerleading I. 2. 3. 4: Bowling 4; Basketball 4; .Soccer 4. CORAI.VN SCOFIFI.O “Corky Chorus 1. 3; Bowling 1. 2. 4; Basketball 2. 3. 4; G. A. A. Vice President 3: (». A. A. President 4; Play l)av 2. 3. 4; Junior Play. [ 6 ]Richard Prouty “Dirk” Intramural Sports; Play Day I. Mirray “Chirr Junior Play; Bachelor Clui» I: Newsreel 4; Foot hall 4; Basketball 3: Track 3; Bowling 3. [ 7 ]Barbara Siikw “Bobbie” |. V. Cheer leading 4: Soccer I. 2. 3. I: Chorus I. 2. 3: Field IIocUcn 3. I: Voiles hall I. 2. 3. I; Newsreel I: Softball 1. 2. 3. I; I rack I. 2. 3. 4. Hhia Nowak “Wacky” Chorus I. 2. 3. 4; Soccer 2. 4: Basketball 4; Bowl- ing 4; Prize Speaking 2. 3. 4: Student Council 2; Newsreel Stall 4; Junior Play 3; Yearbook Stall 4. Nina Rfjxoff Hubbles” Cheerleading I. 2. 3. 4: Senior Play 4: Junior Plav 3: Prize Speaking I. 2. 3, 4; Band I. 2. 3. 4: Sextet 2. 3. 4; Student Council I. 3; Yearlx ok Stall I: Newsreel Stall 4; Basketball I. 2. 3. 4. [ 8 ]ADMINISTRATION IIO l(l OF EIM C ATION Rosemary Rhodes, Donald Cool. Edna Berry, clerk; Aaron BellofT. president; Frank Steele, John Jones. FACI' I.TV. IvIMIKIU. AltTHN TO SIX OKADE Reft to Right: Mrs. Greenley, Mrs. Sinclair, Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Wldrig, Mrs. Fee, Mrs. Mahan, Mrs. Whitney. Second Row; Mrs. Budlong, Mrs. Rawlings, Mr. Pierce, Mr. Scholtz, Principal; Mr. Eddy, Dr. Alden, Mrs. Scholtz, Mrs. Case. [ 9 ]11 M ■ II SCHOOL FACI LT1 First Row: Mrs. Dobbs, Mrs. Washburn, Mrs. Harmon, Mrs. Montague, Mrs. Crumb Mrs Campany. 1 Second Row: Miss Reed, Mrs. Howard. Mrs. Fleming:, Mr. Scholtz, Mrs. Bechtel, Mrs. Jimerson, Miss Berry. Third Row: Mr. Gordon, Mr. Clancy, Mr. Andrews, Mr. Pate, Mr. Smith, Mr. Caulkins. ioTiii:irs i.i it officious Mrs. Edith T h o in p s o n , Treasurer; Mrs. Norma Peck. Vice President: Mrs. Margaret VanEpps, Presi- dent; Mrs. Evelyn Sinclair, Secretary.CLASS HISTORY The year 1945, we as a class began our study for the future. In 1953 we could hardly wait to be promoted to high school. Now, we are impatiently waiting to leave our Alma Mater and to capture what the future is holding in store for us. In our freshman year we chose Ellen Dorgan as our President. Our Vice- President was Nina Belloff; Secretary, Kathy Parker and Treasurer, Alan Wagner. Our student council representatives were Ellen Dorgan, Richard Flaherty and Marjorie Badglcy. Under the leadership ol Mrs. I)unn we had a successful food sale and a 1h x social. Larry Blair. Phyllis Frappier, Marion Reeves and David Brown left us in this year. We entered our sophomore year, consisting of 31 happy students, by having Alan Wagner, President; George Smithlcr, Vice-President: Patricia Smith. Secretary and Richard Flaherty, Treasurer. Mrs. Crumb was our class advisor. Our student council members were Alan Wagner, Helen Nowak and Charles Drake. We ordered our class rings and had a food sale. Aside from this we did a lot of planning, but nothing materialized. Steve Millard joined us in 1954. When we became juniors in September 1955. our class advisor was Miss Reed. We obtained our class rings in October. Our class projects were a food sale, Junior Play and Junior Prom. We chose the following officers: President, Richard Flaherty: Vice-President, Ellen Dorgan; Secretary. Kathy Parker: and Treasurer, Steve Millard. Our student council representatives were George Wetterhahn, Richard Flaherty and Nina Belloff. In our senior and most important year at A. H. S. we lost Kathy Parker. Kaye Sampson, Mildred Sidmore, Barbara Young and Keith Hockey. We elected Ellen Dorgan. President: Richard Flaherty. Vice-President; Patricia Smith, Secretary; and Steve Millard, Treasurer. Our student council repre- sentatives were Ellen Dorgan, George Wetterhahn and Marjorie Baelgley. Mrs. Howard was our class advisor. Our senior play Out ol the Frying Pan was a smash hit. We had The North Country Ramblers and The Knights of Rhythm play for the dances we gave. Graduating in June 1957 with 27 members, we will leave our Alma Mater and enter the world on our own with this motto: WE HAVE CROSSED THE BAY, THE OCEAN IS BEFORE I S. i [ II 1LAST WILL and TESTAMENT We, the class of 1957 of Adams High School, of the Village of Adams in the County of Jefferson in the state of New York, being of sane mind and sound body, do make, publish and declare this our last will and testament, in the manner following we do sav: FIRST—We direct that our just debts be paid by the Class of 1958 SECOND—We bequeath the following assets as herein set forth: We the class of 1957, leave to the Board of Education, Mr. Scholtz and the faculty our deepest thanks for making our four years in high school so profitable. Marjorie Badgely wills her ability of high scoring bowling to Beverly Larrison. Meredith Barrett wills I of her height to Shanks Overton. Ellen Dorgan leaves her ability to keep one man to Anna Scofield. Richard Flaherty wills his cunning in making love in the Junior and the Senior plays to Walter Barden. Nina Bellofi leaves her ability to collect boy friends to Ann Holley. Carol Chalmers leaves one free dance lesson to Mr. Gordon. Charles Drake wills his bottle of peroxide tot Tommy Williams. Use it well. Rac Greenley leaves his bowling ball, and lots of luck to Pete Larkin. Stephen Millard wills his electrical ability to Wayne Pooler. Helen Nowak wills one GREAT BIG smile to Marlene Stone. Jimmy Sinclair leaves all of his height to Billy Pratt. You need it ail. Richard Prouty wills his artistry in keeping out of trouble to Benny Snyder and Kay La Lone. Virginia Sprague leaves her quiet ways and sweet manner to Linda Herman. George Smithler wills all of his long curly hair to J’immy Ebdon. Kay Wright leaves her technique in skipping school to Ann Jones. George Wetterhahn wills his wolfishness to Dick Walden. Alan Wagner wills his way with the teachers to Jimmy Groff. Sharon Widrig wills her music ability to the Junior Band. Coralyn Scofield leaves her sports of all kinds to Mrs. Dobbs. David Smith wills his copied English assignments to George Hallctt. Pat Smith leaves her grandmother’s house to Bonnie Sheley. Susan Sullivan wills her ability to get to school on time once a year to Bonnie Van Epps. Wilson Rusho leaves his traps to Daryl Graves. Make sure you get up early in the morning. Doug Murray wills his wild ways to Stuart Ring. Larry Groff leaves his baseball pitching to Eugene Murray. Bob La Lone wills his parking sjxn at Thomas’ to his brother, Dave. Barbara Shcan leaves all of her Belleville boy friends to Linda I.aCettc. The Senior class wills to Mrs. Howard one GREEN dress to be worn only on Thursday. 1 he Senior Class of 57 wills to the Senior Class of 58; back assignments, rights and privileges as Seniors, and all the good luck in the world, also one slightly worn out Mrs. Howard. In witness thereof we have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seal, the twenty fifth day of June in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Seven. [ Li jCLASS PROPHECY Tonight I sal down to watch the T. V. program, Memories of the Class.” Every Saturday night now for the last ten years this program has featured dif- ferent high school groups. I have dreamed that our class would Ik on someday. Maybe tonight is the night. The announcer l egan talking. Charles Drake — there’s a classmate who finally won a battle with himself. During high school. Charles look Chemistry and he always wanted to try his luck at putting Sodium in Water. Well, he finally did and we haven't heard from him since. I wonder what kind of a reaction he got. |im Sinclair has gone to Antarctica to establish a million dollar fur Hading company. Jim is still a bachelor but he is keeping his eyes open. Virginia Sprague has obtained a Nobel Literature prize for revising the book Written on the Wind.” It is now called “Scribbled on the Breeze. Ginny has also written a three act play which the class of 70 will present at the old High School. Larry Groff and Doug Murray arc the Martin and Lewis” of 1970. They have their own television show loo. I’m sure some of their classmates have seen them. They always did like to fool around in school. The foreman of the Elevated Shoe Co. Inc.” lo- cated on the corner of Bond and Wardwell streets, is Meredith Barrett. By the way. she uses these products that her company manufactures. Richard Flaherty also had big plans for his future in Mathematics. We see that he did carry them out to some extent. He is now working on the statistics ol how many miles the average tramp walks in 71.97 hours. Kay Wright finally married Jerry Quencer. Dur- ing her senior year she did keep us busy guessing though. She and Jerry are living in Brownville. They have quite a large house but then with their six children they need a good big one. You have the honor of having one clergyman from our class. He is Richard Prouty, Chaplain of the United Stales Senate. Right after he graduated from high school he started in on his climb to success. Carol Chalmers is still called the Renowned Traveler of the Class of ’57.” She is not married but is engaged to Jimmy Pratt. They expect to l e married on December 32. 20000. Carol never did believe in rushing things and she still holds to this idea. We see the Navy has (hedged out Sandy Creek so that Admiral Wilson Rusho can sail his ship up Spring Street instead of walking three times a day. Wilson was very interested in the Navy hack in high school. Nina Belloff has a love lorn column in the Jeffer- son (jtounty Journal. Askt 4 what was the surest way to get a man, Nina replied Write letters. This is what Nina did all through high school. By the way she is still looking for a husband. Coach Alan Wagner has the winning croquet and (crochet) teams at Podunk High School in Alaska. We hear they are all very fine sportswomen. A1 was al- ways very interested in all kinds of sports. “Miss America of 1960.” Yes. you have the honoi f having a classmate who became quite a popular [ gal. Pat Smith won her contest after starting as a private secretary to a well known architect. A tall, blonde haired, blue eyed girl does make a nice Miss merica. Pat. You all remember Rae Greenley as having an extreme interest in sport’s articles. He has now climbed to world fame in the sports world. He refei- ees women wrestling matches in Madison Square Car- den. I hear he has quite a rough time. Barbara Shean is incorporated in the K.F.A. of Belleville with Bob and all the Little Bobs. Bath always kept us wondering back in high school. David Smith was always very quiet except for the times when he had his father’s car. He is now a test driver for Roquette Inc. in Utah. I hear he is pretty good too, for he got a lot of experience driving around Adams. You also have a famous spoits star in your class. Coralyn Corky” Scofield now holds the title of scor- ing the most baskets for the United Stales team. I hose games you played at old A.H.S. did help, didn't they? During his high school days. Steve Millard's two ambitions were to stay single and to continue his study in Electronics. We see he has accomplished both for he now lives in seclusion on the planet Mats, where he owns and operates a Hi-Fi station. Susan Sullivan is now private secretary at the Ford garage in Adams. There she can Ik with Ted Murray all day. Back in school Sue was always busy with her studies so she didn’t get a chance to see him verv often. I guess she's making up for lost time now. George Smithlcr has Finally completed a four year course at Syracuse University in the last ten years. He now manages the C.B-C.-Cobbville Broadcasting Company. Our Houghton college graduate. Sharon Widrig. is now conductor of the Air Force Symphony at Thule. Sharon has lost her shyness by working with all ol her Air Force musicians. Our perfect couple in high school was Ellen Dor- gan and Robert I .a Lone. Bob is now head of the (.rand Union chain while Ellen takes care of her own little union. Marjorie Badgley Taylor now a fashion consultant for Christian Dior has a little trouble keeping up with the fashion she creates. If the hemline g K s up any farther she will Ik able to wear her old A.H.S. cheer- leading uniform. I he late Helen Nowak went to Africa to educate (lie cannibals on the art of Nursing. They tried the scalding procedure on her. This seemed appropriate as she was always in “hot water” in high school. We had a very difficult time finding George Wet- terhahn. He is now a newspaper correspondent foi United Press to Russia. That is, he was the last we knew; for now he is in a concentration camp in Si- beria. I wonder if he works as hard now as he did hack in old A.H.S:? All the waiting and watching and finally my dream came true. Tonight was the Memories of the Adams High School Class of 1957.” What a program!Name Nick Name Favorite Saying Mr. Gordon Flash l ake a walk Mrs. Howard 1 rene O Pshaw Mr. Stholt Prof. Where it is. Edna? Mrs. Montague Hey Do you want to lie Communist Mr. Smith (Censored) Watch Out Mr. Pate (loach (luprintable) Miss Berry Edna Yes, Mr. Scholtz Alan Wagner Waggie line Richard Flaherty Chandalier Darn it Helen Nowak Wackie Yes. But Wilson Rusho Cheese Achtung Nina Bclloff Bubbles Blubber (tilts George Wetterhahn “Wet” Gosh us Rae Green lev 4 Dutch Holv Cow 4 Pal Smith Smithy 4 oil Sugar Dave Smith Stine 1 don't lie lie vc you James Sinclair Muskrat To heck with it George Smitiller Chico What arc vou doin? 4 Steve Millard Deac on Arab Susan Sullivan Sul lie No. Really Barbara Shcan Bobbie Shut your head Virginia Sprague Ginny Gee Whiz Sharon Widrig Sharon My Word Charles Drake Chuck Tough Snap Larry GrolF Ace Meat head Marjorie Badgley Beatrice Wha-at Meredith Barrett Meredv Yeah Carol Chalmers Jorgi Chat’s the Breaks Ellen Dorgan El Bing Robert I.a Bob Ellen Douglas Murray Chief How IkhiI that Richard Prout Dick Shoot Coralyn Scofield Corky Shingles Kathryn Wright Kay Gripes How they spend their time leaching Physics Fating Playing Golf leaching Math Chewing Fingernails Coaching Waiting on Mr. Scholz W'ate hing I . V. Talking Bothering teachers With Daryl Writing Letters Bakery Bowling Alley Milking Cows Fating Boloney Trapping Broadcasting Running from (.iris In a blue Ford Belleville Fish and Game Club Practicing At the I.ocsa Club House Watertown In Chevy Convertible Fating t aking Baths Shopping at the Grand t’nion Working at the Grand I n ion Watertown Studying Farming t Brow mille What they Want to do Be a Play boy Fat Retire Peach Math. Retire from Drivers’ Ed. Win Say No Coach (.iris Engineer Nurse Join Navy- Nurse Engineer Join Navy Sec retan Electrician Draftsman College Navy t elephone Operator Gel Married Author Music Teacher Navy- Airforce Mam the Chevy Secretary Nothing Nurse Get married Go to Florida Minister I ravel Get Married What they will do • Milk Cows Eat Be A.H.S. Principle until 1990 leach Math. Xenons Breakdown Lose Say Yes Join the Dodgers Digging Ditches Join WAGS Swab Decks Marry a Doctor Bakery Get a Dishonorable Discharge Get Married Bum Trap Alcatraz Get married Mechanic k. B. Motors Get Divorced Write Bed I ime Stories Refinish Pianos Admiral Iratnp Raise a lot of Little Chevy’s Be an Old Maid Nothing Raise more Bob’s “Who knows? Bum around Adams Convert A.H.S. Sinners join Navy Working at t elephone Co.CLASSES si:moh n. ss Seated. Left to Right: Marjorie Badgley. Coralyn Scofield, Patricia Smith. Advisor, Mrs. Howard. Sharon Widrig. Kay Wright. Ellen Dorgan. Second Row. Left to Right : Carol Chalmers. Mina Helloff. irginia Sprague. Larry Lrofr. David Smith, Robert LaLone. Alan Wagner, deorge Smithler. Helen Nowak. Barbara Shean, Susan Sullivan. Meredith Barrett. . Third Row, left to right: Charles Drake. Wilson Rusho, Richard Prouty, Richard Flah- erty, Jimmy Sinclair. Steve Millard. Rae Oreenley, deorge Wetterhahn. Douglas Murray. .11 MOH CL SS Front Row: Left to right—Ann Holley. Ellie Hines. Joanne Flaherty. Trainor, Anna Scofield. Ann Jones. Second Row: Left to Right -Lana Graves, Sharon Hines, Faustina Smith, Nancy BellofT. Shirley Larrlson, Donna Robarge. Louise Babcock. Charlotte Zehr, Kay LaLone. , . . Third Row: Left to Right—Walter Barden. Pete Larkin. Dave W idrig, Tom Williams, dene Murray. Ben Snyder. Wayne Pooler. Miss Reed. Pat rooman. Sharon Bonnie Barrett. Myron Palmer, [ 15 ]CLASSES SOPHOMOItK CLASS Left to Right: I-yle Seaman, Henry Pitcher. Stanley Shelmedine, Bill Pratt. DonhIy B,'rry !jmla Kn?™ Hallerk. Lyn Sin,.,,.,ns. Mrs Mon.aB„e, Carol Switzer. f® Groflri laJLv n O’Brian, Charles McGrath, Ruth Remington, Marlene Vp0nri 'K Jackline Halleck, Bonnie Sheley. Truman Gleason. Lewis Draper. Fourth Row. Lari Remington, James Klliott. Donald Lennox. George Hallett. Bruce Stuar R nk IO ch a rd VaId e tn N,Ch K Hn,,,B F,aher '—« Coo'S. i- it. ii June Pitcher, Mary Jane Britton, Dolores Piddock, Claudia Tamblin, Joan First Row Pooler. on Hazel 'i 'sVynl IteveHy Lar Hson. ra or’ ‘Hcla Cushing. Judith Jones, Joan Over- Third Row: Barbara Hines, Brenda DeLano, Penelope Genga, Barbara Waite Pamela Fourth Row atRern«Sie gv rton J«raves. Joanne DeMarse. Julie Parker, Ruth Berry! Busier cirnid w ? Vi!??l oh rt luU]' Albert Peyton. William Babcock. Henry Po H lr ill ea ■ Ronald Sloan, Bruce Thomas, Alan Foster. Edward Smithler, Patrick Wilder. Francis Dealing, James Marti. Phfillip lafuandBa 1 er ,i6tty Pecor, Patricia Pooler. James Ebdon, Stewart McAnulty, t 10 JCLASSES MRS. FI.KMING — KKiHTU Git ADK 0 ,, First Row: John Illingworth. Fred Russel. Norman Thomas. Bradford Ia»e, John Scofield. Bili Martzloff. Bruce Baum. Charles Binge, Michael Wilder. Clifford idrick. Terry Fasten, Secmid kow:' David, Gibbs. Betty Fowler, Sandra Dillenbeck. Kdna Butler. Abby Hewitt. I’amela Webb. Georgia Graves. Susie Stevens, Rinda Draper. Richard at.eJ s- Third Row: Rindn Crast. Linda RaCette, Beverly McNett, Mrs. Fleming. Kathryn Marcia Jones, Kleanor Colt. Biirker, MRS. IIAIOION — HIGH Til Git ADK First Row: Charles Pratt, Charles Wilcox. Kddle McGrath. David RaRone. Second Row: Susan Dorgan. Joyce Corey, Nancy Scofield, Mrs. Harmon. Janet Hodder, ThTnl'Kow : U 'samlni ' Bice. Brenda Whltford, Grace Remington, Marie Berry. Annabelle Rooker. Diane Delano. Sharon Rusho, Rose Ann Moffett, Bonnie con Trainor Fourth Row: Raymond Barrett. James Bice, Paul Brow n. J ralg ag Dennis Kellogg, Ronald Ransear, Stanley Hamilton. George Flaherty, Robert Ackley, JacK Jones. Absent — Cynthia Stone, Robert Mathews. [ 17 ]CLASSES 1R. CLAXCV — SKVKXTII GRADE a h rine i'hVreslinoMkV Yvr nnt 1 PaU'H L ’ ,a Mo,ley' J,,dy S1»ch°- v?(°h!kwn0pi .Jean Bllapie, Betty McGrath, Nancy Rhodes. Tanna Wilder, Carol I,arkin Bate fKenne ! h W Hsonf Hobe r t °Sheley? as f:n,don' Kenneth Conwy. David Weal. Andy Third Row: Peter Jones, Jim Thompson, Edward Remington. Stanton Hamilton Charles SmlVher R°nn,e Sanford' John Steele, John Smith. Wayne Dealing:. Robert Widrick, Donald A A I III I . S OK III', Judith Richmond, Beverly First Row: Carolyn Pooler, Dorothy Nowak, Cynthia Jantzl, Macklin, Rochelle Lennox, Rynda Snyder. «.? Snxt Jl0AV:.Nancy,?,honii :s' rsharon Sherman. Margaret Steele, Carole Rantier, Sally Bur- zfentelcr Andrewp Kenneth Barrett, Richard Hockey. John Burns, William Berry, Joseph To mm y f V a i t eV I11 am Sanford’ Gar ’ Hallett, Gary Barr, Ronald Dilks, Douglas Chrisman, [ 18 ]CLASSES MRS. FKK — Combination •» A (( Grade Bottom Row: Left to Right: Robert Scofield. John Giovo, Richard Burton, Lyndon Vroo- Seco’ncV Ro ig Left to Right: Bernice VanEpps, Kathy Belloff. Nancy Giovo. Mrs. Fee. Overton, Joanne Corey. Susan Jones. Judy Miner. TopaRowfeTomno- Burns. Cary Peyton. Michael White, Richard Dorgan. Frank Crast. Absent: Kenneth Wratten, Gary Flagg. MR. PIERCE — SIXTH GRADE ec nd°Rowf Joyt Bow tan!' IBs I nC®t?e,KViVfa Ba'tesf iUl i rrlBon eMary Kendall, Thfr U. itonal Newtonf Gfenn Huiutertord. j thn Bowrnarn t er' Absent: Barbara Easton, Bob frarran, Teri Larkin. [ 19 ]CLASSES s2« R nS « 1 V’ I)aY,dMcAnulty. Charlea Fairchild. Larry Seaman. i' i h25a» £ te' ,{arhara -lantzi. Pamela Binpre. Alice Patten Marcia H irris £analy’,JShe la Sherman. Geraldine Kellar. Mary Uusaell. “ Harrt8i Tav or Vr’ nn£k’ i°hn Sl,l!ivan' Koaelyn Kuaho. Susan Seymour. Barbara 'hrisman r Ldd’ ‘ L nda D,lk8, Marilyn Oenga. Patricia Greenley. Carl Berry, Frederick l}y'y' Timothy McConnell. Rodney Greenley, James Tiller. David Hallett. Andrew Bonnte’ Keardon. Wayite Kiisho. ° man’ Herman Pe°°r’ ««ndy Timmerman. William Pecor, [ 20 ]CLASSES nts. maii w — roi HTH f.inm: First Row: Betty Looker. Chloe Dealing. Cheryl Stoker. Bonnie Pickette, Susan Bang's. Second Row: Valerie Sinclair. Grace McIntosh. Mona Beach. Mrs. Mahan. Joy L Patra. Mary Richmond. Gertie Vrooman. . , .. . Third Row: Mary Pitcher, Billy Russell, David Reynolds. Ronald Williams, Tommy Lan- tier. Ronald Pecor. Donald Williams. Cheryl McConnell. Fourth Row: Leon Steele, Francis Weal. David Bowman, John Dorgan, Eddie Scofield, Ronnie Timmerman. Tommy Zientek. Absent: Vicki Hill, Mary Pooler. 1 Its. GREKMiKl — FOl RT11 GRADE First Row: Mary Sullivan. Patsy Rhodes. Ortha W id rick. Joanne Switzer. Linda Brown. Second Row: Karen Lines, Nancy Hamilton, Phyllnda Shaffner. Mrs. Greenley, Beverly Van Epps, Trudy Chamberlain, Janet Gibbs. , Third Row: Freddy Miner. Tommy Bovee. Carleton Park. Hobby Demig. Susan Snyder, Peggy McIntosh. Barrett Hayes, Russell Greenwood, James Williams, Bobby Snyder. Fourth Row: John Fredenburgh. Vernon Datousgh, Gary Kellog, Larry Bookman. Gary Lennox, Bobby Simpson, James Fowler. [ 21 1CLASSES mks. ii i ioni) — riintn lhadi: First Row: Terry LaClair. Donald Burns, Kevin Larkin. Second How: Murcia Gamble, Lynda Timmerman. Betty Smith, Pamela Rhodes, Mrs. Hammond, Sallie Lennox. Betty Wilcox, Janet Denison, Ramona Barrett. Third Row: Sandra Cobb, Diane Washburn, Patricia Kraemer, Vallnda Pearson, Linda Liscomb, Linda Kraemer. Mary Heinrich, Susan Denny, Beverly Chrisman, Rochelle Rear- don. Marsha Whijford. Fourth Row: Lee Berry, Lowell Jantzi, Bruce Munro, Wayne Jones, Tracey Cheever, James Stoker, Thomas Bowman. M US. UAWI.INCS — THIKI) (iR.VI)K First Row: Sarah Richmond, Kay Elliott, Joanne Phillips, Linda Giovo. Second Row: Barbara Patten. Cheryll Olague, Audrey Jones, Mrs. Rawlingrs, Katie llogo- boom, Blanche Beach, Cathy Sischo. Third Row: Morland Rusho, Donald Whitney, Leonard Misczuk, John Gamble, Dick Taylor, Dennis McAnulty, Norman Fairchild. Fourth Row: George Kellar, Paul Hungerford, Jeffrey Peck. [ 22 ]CLASSES IKS. WHITNEY — SECOND GRADE Front Row: Left to Right—Richard Kellar, James Bovee, Ernest Pitcher. Paul Church Second RourP Left to Right—Denise Taylor. Kathrine Cushing, Louise Hlrshey, Mrs. ThlrdnRyowUZaLenft «55S[' Diane Bacon. Linda Sedgemore. Wood. Lyman Remington. Jimmy Fredenburg, Sammy Tlllar, Bobby Groff. David Curtis. SECOND GRADE — MRS. CASE Pi-0 row Harold Rusho, Gary Kellar. James Denny. Daniel Cobb, John Moore. SecondTow-Jean MarVi NanJy Datoush. Patricia Gregory. Mrs. Case. Carolyn Alden. Third row- o tlnc Sue Ann Brown. Margaret I-antler. Frederick Kuclk. FouAlP tw—Fretterkfl ncfa'lr Hoher St eRt Ccde Filson. Farl Lennox. Michael Cascanet, David Belloff, Ralph Overton. [ 23 ]CLASSES MRS. SINTI.A III — FIRST GRADE Hirst Row: Jerry Beutel Rupert Monaghan, Wayne Ostrowski, Mrs. Sinclair, Liscomb, Ronny Burns, Billy Misczuk. Second Row: Connie Oakes. Sandra Pone, Unda Darling. Cynthia Giovo Jean Back Row: John Nowak .Michael Hoagland. Timothy Clafiin, David Smith,’David Paul Cascanet. Randy Reilly. Absent: Martin Thompson. Lonnie Welsh. Ebdon, MRS. WIDRIG — FIRST GRADE First Row: Peter Niewleroski Art Phillips. Brian Hayes. Rodney Widrick. Gary Rhodes. Second Row: Marcia Munk. Susan Burdick, Carol Jones. Mrs. Widritc. Susan LaCette Kathy Richmond, Marilon Lennox. Third Row: Yvonne Widrick. Arlys Wagner, Carolyn Fairchild. Donna Colvin. Joann .McAnulty, Gaye Rhodes. Fourth Row: Ronnie VanEpps. Bobby Kraemer. Michael Rice. Donald Jantzi. Dennis JlouKh. Billy Welsh. Dean Munro. Absent: Gary Sullivan. [ 24 ]CLASSES First How: I Ku Row l l IH'.HI. HT Nicky Bright. I-: . MOIlM (i Harry Moore, Cl. SS Jimmy Alden, Jimmy Miscsuk. Barry Lee. kpepKyBrenda Sinclair, Barbara Turner. Susan Cobb, Mrs. Scholtz. Heinrich. I.eiana eanne illiams. Martin O’Connor, Arnold Ebdon, Michael Richards. p. M. KIN DBROARTKN — MBS. SC IIOI 1 . I.eft to right: Front row—Vicki Chrisman. Kenne' Reardon. Nancy Darling:. icky Wood. SecondSRo w:JU,faman Vvheeler, Susan Hirschey. Virginia Dewey, Mrs. Scholtz. Dee Ann TMrlfnRo v-kV)Vhra ’p kette Phyllis Switzer, Denise Price. Bruce Britton. Danny Me Con- iTell Dennis Brown. Michael Kellar. Sandra Appleby, Rebecca Peck. Charlene Gregory. Fourth Row: Teddy Fredenburg. Jimmy Cahoen. Donald Colvin. Freddy Harkln. Bobby Williams. Cris Peek', Billie Elliott. Absent: Jimmie Wratten. [ 25 ]AUTOGRAPHS I 26 ]ACTIVITIESACTIVITIES STl DK.MT COI NC'IL ‘ jone Badgley. Mr. Scholtz. Ellen Dorpan. N k I tow . Billy Berry, James Ebdon, Brute Thomas ('ra ;en°HTe V:e teJhabn ? trlcla Tralnor. James Groff. Carol Ov« Linda Crast, Joanne Demarse. Belloff. agner. George Ilallett, Bonnie Jean Van Epps, 11 IZ TEAM Eeft to right: Patricia Trainor, Alan Wagner, Richard Flaherty, Nancy Bclloff. [ 28 ]ACTIVITIES m: staff Front Row: Barbara Shewn. Sharon Smith. Ann Jones. Kay Halone. Second How: Mr . Howard. Alan Warner. George Wetterhahn (Kdltor). Charles Brake, Douglas Murray, Carol Chalmers. Third How: Marjorie Badgely, Susan Sullivan. Sharon Wldrig. Richard Flaherty. l avld Smith. Kay Wright. Nina BellofT, Virginia Sprague. Fourth How: Donna Roharge, Nancy BellofT. Patricia Smith, Shirley Harrison, Patricia Trainor. Hleanor Mine. I'll 17.I ' SPKAKIN Center: Bonnie Van Kppa. Heft to right: Kllen Dor- gan. Hinda Herman. Helen Nowak, Mrs. Howard, Nina BellofT, Carol Chalmers. Mar- jorie Badgely. Top: Nancy BellofT, Kay Wright.ACTIVITIES Jl MOR PLAY Front How: Alan Wagner, George Wetterhahn, Charles Drake, Helen Nowak, Nina Belloff. Second How: Patricia Smith, Kathryn Wright, Ellen Dorgan, Marjorie Badgley, Susan Sullivan, Carol Chalmers. Third Row: Coralyn Scofield, Steve Millard, Tom Williams, Richard Flaherty, Hae Greenly, Wilson Husho, Douglas Murray. SENIOR PLAY CAST Seated: Left to Right—Alan Wagner, George Wetterhahn, George Smlthler, Mrs. Howard Director. Standing: Left to right: Susan Sullivan. Marjorie Radgley, Pat Smith. Richard Flaherty, Steve Millard, Charles Drake, Doug Murray, Larry Groff, Nina Belloff. Ellen Dorgan, Carol Chalmers. [ 30 ]ACTIVITIES BAC'IIKLOK'S 1.1 II I eft to right: George Smithler, Charles Drake, Robert La Lone, Richard Flaherty, Mrn. Crumb, Stephen Millard. George Wetterhahn, Larry GrnfT. Douglas Murray. BUS DRIVERS Left to righ: Dayon VanEpps, Wellington Dobbin, Gladys Dobbin, Lester Overton. Henry Moreton. [ 31 ]AUTOGRAPHS C 32 ][ 33 ]MUSIC Front llow SKMOH HAND .11 MOH HAM) wk i... r J !l« i»' RU8 ® 1 Pate, Bobby Simpson, Howard McNett, Roger Harris Beverlv Mnf-k. n, John I ark or. Robert Burns. Lydon Vrooman, Kandy Timmerman. Mrs. Washburn. [ 34 ]MUSIC SKMOH CHORUS First Row: Jacqueline Halleck. Joanne Demarse. Joan Halleck. Carol Switzer. Dorothy St cond How tlelen Nowak? Bev Hy Thh'V, Uh,!wCV SeShilf Barbara Watte. Carole Over- nil!. Phyllis Martzloff. Pamela Holley. Madeline Block. Charlotte .ehr. .11 MOH CHORUS Front Row: Shona Sherman. Margaret Steele. Rochelle Lennox, Carol Pooler, Marie Iierry Sharon Rusho. Hetty Fowler. Rose Moffitt, Nancy Thomas . Second Row Dorothv Nowak, Ronnie Bacon. Carole Lantier, Sally Burnash. Kath ' ” Richardson. Nancy Scofield. Kathryn Barker. Kleanor Colte, Carol I arkin, Marcia Jones, TMrd Row 1'JeVn Gillispie. Betty McGrath, Lynda Snyder, Tanna Wilder. Paula Bartlett. Maxine Vrooman Yvonne Beckstead. KMna Butler. Linda Taylor. Marion Fredenbur . Sidy SiachS? eorKia Graves. Susie Stevens. Sandra Dillenbeck. Linda Draper. Beverly Foufthn R wCy Giice6 Remington. Pamela Webb. Linda Holley. Beverly McNett. Janet Hodder Abbey Hewitt. Linda Crast, Diane DeLano Judy Richmond. Joyce Core . Linda LaCette, Cynthia Jantzl. Catherine Chereshnoski. Annabelle Looker. C 35 ]MUSIC Front How: Hack Row: SKMOK SKXTKT Front Row: Third Row: Diane Janet I elano, Modder, J1MOR SKXTKT Susan Dorian; Second Row: .Marsha Jones, Linda Crast. A hhy Hewitt, Georgia Graves; t 36 ]MUSIC M AJOIIKTTKS ('enter: Roselyn Kusho. Left to right: Nancy Belloff, Marlene Stone. Kleanor Hint . June Pitcher. Barbara Waite. SCHOOL Ollt'HKHTltA Left to right: Jerry Cool. George Smithler. Robert Wade, Julie Parker, Carol Overton. Jimmy Marti, Keith Weal. Bruce Thomas. Henry Busier. Standing: Soloist Nina Belloff, Accompanist Mrs. Washburn. [ 37 ]AUTOGRAPHS [ 38 ][ 39 ]SPORTS I TH 11 RAI. I.KADKKS su»»rfi nLeri Vt VKhV . Marlene Stone. Coralyn Scofleld. Anna Scofield. Pamela Holley. jfen diTurrayfl l° hl’ James Kbdwn. Robert latLone. Coach Pate. I onald Lennox. K Front Kow: Back Row: GIRL!» ATIILHTIC' ! OCI T10N Marlene St. ne. Coralyn Scofield. Ann Jone . Kllen Barbara Waite. Coach Pate. Nancy Belloff. Dorgan. [ 40 ]SPORTS F OOTH AI.I, Front Row: James Elliott, Charles Drake. Alan Wagner, George Smithler. John Lyons. nd Ko w: Coa ?-h Pa tc. Pa u l Brow n (Mur.). Henry Pitcher, Douglas Murray. George Hal let t, Henry Busier. Bruce Thomas. Edward Smithler. Leonard Cool (Mgr.) Absent: Thomas Williams. FOOTBALL Games played and scores: Adams 40 Beaver River 20 Adams 45 General Martin 26 Adams 45 Belleville 50 Adams 57 Lyons Falls 20 Adams 56 Sackets Harbor 30 Adams 32 Copenhagen 24 This year the bovs on the football scjuad presented us with the first six-man football championship we have ever had at Adams High School. Congratulations to the following boys who made up the 1956 football scjuad. Those whose names are in bold face type received Varsity Letters. [ 41 ]SPORTS FOOTBALL SQUAD MEMBERS Larry Groff, Co-Capt. George Smithler, Co-Capt. Alan Wagner Tom Williams John Lyons Charles Drake Jim Elliott Leonard Brnrc Thomas George Hallcti Pete Pitcher Ed Smithler Bill Baum Henry Busier Keith Weal iool. Mgr. BOVS WINTER SPORTS CARNIVAL Badminton Singles: Charles Drake—winner ol league championship Ouoits Singles: Bruce Dobbin — winner of league championship Quoits Doubles: Dave Smith and Eugene Murrey—winner ol league championship. Shuffleboard Singles: Wilson Rusho—winner ol league championship Table Tennis Doubles: Leonard Cool and Jim Elliott-lost in the finals in a close match. Badminton Doubles: Larrv Groff and Alan Wagner — lost in a close match to last year’s sectional champs. Table Tennis Singles: Pat Henry - lost in a close match against last year's sectional champ. Volleyball: Jerry Cool, Keith Weal, Henry Busier, Bruce 'Thomas and Billy Pratt. 1 hesc boys, who took part iu the Boys’ Winter Sports Carnival held at Adams Center, N. Y. won first place for the second year in a row with 2‘1 points. [ 42 ]SPORTS | WvO S 0 AMs VARSITY IIASKKTB.VLL TEAM Kneeling: Left to rieht—Tommy' Williams Robert LaLone, Larry Groff. Captain David Standing: nLe ft t oC rig oach° Pa16 ,°Cha rde s D r te. Patriek Henry. Eugene Murrey. Jimmy Elliott, Edward Smithler, Manager Robert Wade. J. V. BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling: Left to right—Billy Pratt, Jerry Cool. Keith Weal, Captain Jimmy EMliot, itSndlnK:hL ft ®oWrXht 5ian«er Paul Brown. Lyle Seaman. Bruce Thomas. Henry Bus- ler, Alan Foster, Patrick Henry, Coach Pierce. [ 43 ]SPORTS BASKETBALL '56-’57 I his year our icain won six games and lost eleven. Games played and Mores Adams 82 Mannsville 58 Adams 69 Belleville 72 Adams 55 Adams Center 41 Adams 59 Brownville 73 Adams 5-1 Sackets Harbor 64 Adams 78 Adams Center 63 Adams 60 Pulaski 72 Adams ( .'5 Sandy Creek 66 .Adams 54 Henderson 65 Adams 64 Belleville 89 Adams 55 Adams Center 47 Adams 61 Mannsville 62 Adams .SI Brownville 71 Adams 48 Sackets Harbor 64 Adams 68 . Sandy Creek 52 Adams 66 Henderson 61 Adams 6!) Mannsville 73 owing boys participated. Varsity Letters. I hose whose names are ii Dave Smith - Gapt. Steve Nichols Larry Groff Ed Smithler Alan Wagner Jerry Cool Robert LaLone Francis Overton Charles Drake Bill Pratt Tom Williams Keith Weal Eugene Murrey Henry Busier Leonard Cool Lyle Seaman Don Lennox Alan Foster Jint Elliott Bruce Thomas Pal Henry Bob Wade - Mgr. Paul Brown ■JV Mgr. [ 44 ]SPORTS A UNITY (HKKIiUlAUKHS Left to right: Bonnie VanKpps, Ann Jones. Linda Herman, Nancy BellofT, Kleanor Hines, Marjorie Badgley, Nina BellofT. .11 MOII ltsm ( IIKKIII.KADKHS Front How: Left to right—Carol Chalmers, Kay laila ne, Bonnie Sheley, Barbara Shean. Back How: Barbara Waite, Susan Sullivan, Jo Demarse, Daryl Graves. [ 45 ]SPORTS Cilli I.S’ SOC 'KK TEAM Front Row: Coralyn Scofield, Anna Scofield, Kleanor Nine», Susan Sullivan. Nancy Beloff Ann Jones (Capt.). Patricia Trainor. Nina BelofT, Kllen Dorian. Patricia Smith. Kathy Lantler. Second Row: Marjorie BadgJey, Joanne Flaherty, Judith Jones, Phyllis MartzlofT, Carol Overton, Barbara Waite. Joanne DeMarse, Pamela Holley. Penny (icnga, Donna Robarge Linda Herman. Barbara Shean, Daryl Graves, Bonnie Shelev. Lana Graves. Third Row: Coach Pate. Carol Switzer, Patricia Cushing. Brenda DeLano, Ruth Berry, Bonnie Van Kpps. Absent: Helen Nowak. CilllLS HOWLING Front Row: Ann Jones, Carol Chalmers, Linda Herman, Joanne Dcmarse, Darvl Graves, Marjorie Badgley. Second Row: Bonnie VanKpps, Phyllis MartzlofT, Barbara Waite. Helen Nowak. Coralyn Scofield. Pamela Holley, Bonnie Sheley, Nina Belloff. Top Row: Ann Holley, Beverly Larrison, Carole Overton, Donna Roharge, Anna Scofield, Sharon Widrig, Pat Trainer, Pat Smith, Joanne Flaherty, Nancy BellofL [ 46 ]SPORTS WINNERS OF THE 1956-1957 SOCCER Boys: Seniors Girls: Seniors FOOTBALL Seniors FIELD HOCKEY BASKETBALL Boys: Senior A Girls: Junior A BOYS TABLE TENNIS Singles: Charles Drake Doubles: Larry Groff and Charles Drake BOYS BADMINTON Singles: Charles Drake Doubles: Larry Groff and Charles Drake BOYS SHUFFLEBOARD Singles: Wilson Rusho Doubles: Larry Groff and George Smith lei INTRAMURAL PROGRAM GIRLS TABLE TENNIS Singles: Nancy Bel loll Doubles: Nancy Belloll and Ellen Dorgan GIRLS BADMINTON Singles: Nancy Belloll Doubles: Nina Belloff and Corahn Scofield GIRLS SHUFFLEBOARD Singles: Doubles: Marjorie Badglcy and Joan Hallctk Mixed Doubles TABLE TENNIS Mixed Doubles BADMINTON BOYS QUOITS Singles: Bruce Dobbin Doubles: Bruce Dobbin and Alan Wagner KIKLS IIASKKTBALL. TEA 1 Front Row: Left to right—Kathy Lantler. Patricia Trainor. Ann Jones. Susan Sullivan, Kllen Dorgan, Nina BellofT. Nancy Belloff, Coralyn Scofield. Anna Scofield. Second Row: Left to right—Coach Pate. Bonnie Sheley. Linda Herman. Carol Chalmers, Helen Nowak. Daryl Graves. Joanne DeMarse. Marjorie Badgley. Third Row: Left to right—Bonnie VanKpps. Barbara Waite, Carol Overton. Phyllis Martzloff. Judy Jones, Patricia Smith. Carol Switzer. Joanne Flaherty. Pamela Holley. Penny Genga. [ 47 ]SPORTS BASEBALL - 1956 I lie lolloping students participated on the 1955 Adams High School Base- ball Squad. I hose whose names are in hold lace type were awarded Varsity Letters. All others received J. V. Awards. Charles Swcctland. Capt. George Smit filer Mail Wagner Leonard Cool William Baum F.ugcnc Muncy Lain Groff Don Lennox James (.roll James K.lliott Richard Flaherty Bernard Snyder Nelson Butler Boh Made Mgr. The following games were played: Won 7 — Adams 7 Adams 11 Adams 0 Adams LI Adams 0 Adams 2 Adams 0 Adams 7 Adams 2 Adams 2 Adams 8 Adams I I Adams 8 Adams 3 •Adams 13 •Second Division Playoff Lost 8 Lyme Central Sandy Cieek Belleville Henderson dams Center Sackcts Harbor Copenhagen Mannsvillc Lafargcv ille Browux ille Dextei Lyme Central Lafargcvillc Sandy Creek .Sackcts Harbor Championship Game. 12 12 $ • 9 6 : 6 7 9 3 3 9 o 12 [ 48 ]SPORTS HASKBAM. 1 57 Front row: Left to right: David Wtdrlg. Manager; Jerry Cool; Edward Smithler- Barden; Alan Foster; Robert Wade; Paul Brown Manager. Back row: Coach Pate; Leonard Cool; Keith Weal; Alan Wagner; Larry .roff, Smlthler; Patrick Henry; Eugene Murray; James Groff. Walter George % [ 49 jAll-ways a Better Deal at GIBBS and MACILVENNIE MOTORS CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service Phone 2-5651 Adams, New York BELLOFF'S Phone 2-5941 Adams, New York FURNITURE - RUGS - LINOLEUM WALLPAPER - PAINT CLOTHING We (ill the bill for — YOU - YOUR FAMILY - YOUR HOME S H Green Stamps with all purchases t 50 ]Citizens Farmers Office The NORTHERN NEW YORK TRUST CO. Adams, N. Y. Complete Banking Service Member of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY ADAMS ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY [ 31 ] Bastian Bros. Co. William S. Rice Inc. Rochester, N. Y. 1886 Designers and Producers of EXCLUSIVE CLASS JEWELRY TRUSSES CORSETS Genuine Engraved COMMENCEMENT BRASSIERES ANNOUNCEMENT and PERSONAL CARD MR. JAMES F. MASON Elastic Hose Aero - Pulse Legging 55 West Barney St. Gouverneur, N. Y. Adams New York 2-2501 KOLBE STUDIO ADAMS MEAT CO. 240 Kinne Street WHOLESALE MEATS East Syracuse, N. Y. CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING COMPLETE MEAT PROCESSING 16 MM FILM RENTAL CUTTING and YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS WRAPPING Phone 77 - 5265 South of Adams [ 52 ] K-B MOTOR CO. A. E. TOLEMAN YOUR HARDWARE FORD-MERCURY DEALER Best wishes to the Class of '57 PAINT-GLASS May there be more Fords PLUMBING - HEATING in your future Adams, New York HERB AL Phone 2-6561 Phone 2-2101 Phone Adams 2-2221 AMBULANCE SERVICE O. D. Greene Piddock Lumber Company Funeral Home MILL WORK VROMAN AND SHELEY E. Ross Vroman - Clarence T. Sheley BUILDING MATERIAL 7 North Park Street Adams, New York Phone 2-1121 Adams, N. Y. [ 53.]Compliments of ROE FEEDS DR. MARK L HERMAN FEEDS - SEEDS - FERTILIZERS HEALTH IS We sive S II Green Stumps WEALTH Phone BIvl. 4-227 6 Compliments of MOORE FUNERAL HOME DICK ENNIS RICHARD W. MOORE JOHN - DEERE NEW HOLLND - CATERPILLAR 47 E. Church St. Adams, N. Y. Burrville, New York Phone 2-6921 Donald G. Illingworth Compliments of GENERAL CONTRACTOR Dr. J. E. Richmond A BUILDER and Adams, N. Y. Phone 2-6093 Dr. H. L. Richmond Compliments of AUTO - INSURANCE PUFF'S PAY-AS-YOU-DRIVE .Small Down - Payments ICE CREAM STAND Small Monthly - Payments Outer Washington St. C. H. Kenyon Son 2.» Grange Ave. Adams, New York Watertown New York Phone 2-1051 [ 54 ]GREENLEY FUEL CO. Coin]iliinents of COAL - FUEL OIL - GASOLINE A. E. SMITH GENERAL DELIVERY Adimis, N. Y. Main St. GROCERIES - MEATS VEGETABLES Avon mid Vint Greenley Phone 2-1474 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS New York Florist j Andrews Phones 3276 - 57D! 10S Court St. Watertown, N. V. Compliments of ROGER L MILLER Agent GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 3-3631 Adorns Center, N. Y. Jack Lunman Appliance W. S. WELDON Center REAL ESTATE FRIGIDAIRE DEALER Grant Damon Television Gas and Electric Appliances and MOIIIL-FLAME BOTTLED GAS Molile L. Ranas Sales Service Phone 2-5741 Adams, N. Y. Brokers WAITE RING'S MOTOR SALES INC. Year-round Headquarters STCDEBAKER- PACKARD of Sales and Service Phone Adams 2-2991 Adams - Adams Center Road SCHOOL SUPPLIES Adams, N. Y. [ 55 ]Compliments of Ralph's Restaurant Main Street Attains, New York (Compliments of Triangle Gardens FLOWERS PLANTS Phone 2 5711 Compliments of Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ’57 DR. JOHN PRICE BRADLEY HARDWARE Arsenal Street - Court Street Adams New York Watertown, New Yrork Compliments of Lewis J. Harwood GENERAL TRUCKING Phone 2 7211 Compliments of TAYLOR-STONE DAIRY BILL BARRETT Adams Distributor Phone 2-til71 Compliments of ADAMS H. R. Thompson COMMISSION SALES Sale Every Monday and Thursday FLORIST - CARD SHOP 1:30 P. M. Phone 2-5091 CLARKE BOSTWICK, Owners 2 Main Street Adams, N. Y. HAMILTON BROS., Auctioneers [ 56 ]  C. N. SNYDER SONS Compliments of INTERNATION A L HA R V ESTER Trucks Tractors Whirlpool Washers and Dryers Youngstown Kitchens RCA Has and Electric Ranges Adams, N. Y. I’hone 2-5001 NORTHERN MILK CORPORATION 1868 1957 ADAMS G. L F. Best Wishes to Class of 1957 FEED - SEED - FERTILIZER JAMES R. MILLER CO. FARM SUPPLIES Miller Bldg. Watertown, N. Y. Phone 2-1911 Compliments of Compliments of MILLER'S DRY CLEANERS Pickup and Delivery 14 North Main Street CARL B. ALDEN M. D. Phone 2-20S1 Adams, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of VROOMAN SALES SERVICE YOUR PONTIAC AND G.M.C. TRUCK DEALER Body • Fender - General Repair Phone Adams 2-5SS1 HOWARD 1. LEDDEN ATTORNEY AT LAW Compliments of ADAMS DAIRY [ 57 ] HARVEY N. VAN WALDICK LUMBER • MILLWORK Adams Center, New York Compliments of Compliments of BRISBIN'S BARBER SHOP DE HART'S SUNOCO SERVICE MOTOR C»URT Route II Adams Center, N. Y. Compliments of CAHILLS Watertown New York Compliments of ADAMS MARKET Adams, New York Compliments of RICHARD'S CLOTHES SHOP 168 Court St. Watertown, N. Y. Compliments of FASSETT'S FOOD MARKET Adams Center, N. V. Compliments of THE HILLCREST NURSING HOME EDNA TRAINOR Phone 2-1761 Compliments of SHELL STATION JEFFERSON COUNTY JOURNAL The Home Town Weekly” COMMERCIAL PRINTING 5 N. Main .St. Adams, New York Compliments of DUMONT'S BARBER SHOP WE SELL - RENT - REPAIR Typewriters - Adding Machines Duplicators fc Supplies See us for your office needs JOHN J. STOCKER CO. Phone 232, Watertown, 22 Arcade Balcony C-ompliments of MAX ALPERT'S INC. 162 Court Street, Watertown, New York Compliments of JOHN SINCLAIR SON GENERAL INSURANCE Adams, New York Compliments of WAUGH'S GULF SERVICE Outer Main St. Adams, N. Y. C ompliments of BOB'S RESTAURANT AND SNACK BAR [ 58 ]CONGRATULATIONS to Seniors of 1957 ADAMS BOWLING CLUB Compliments of OTTO E. COMSTOCK WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER SA Main St., over Rings Adams New York Compliments of Compliments of COOK'S ROY'S PLUMBING HEATING MUSIC - FURNITURE 28 Main Street Phone 2-5721 Adams, New York Adams PIANOS BAND INSTRUMENTS Compliments of PORTER FARM SUPPLY TICE'S ATLANTIC SERVICE YOUR ALLIS-CHALMERS DEALER Phone 2-5742 Adams, New York Adams, New York Phone 2-6236 Congratulations Seniors Compliments of THOMAS SALES SERVICE ADAMS PASTRY SHOP FEED STORE ft GARAGE Adams New York Adams New York Compliments of Compliments of ROGER WILLIAMS GENERAL INSURANCE O. N. HEATH SONS Cleveland Block Adams, New York Compliments of 1. R. POOLE INC. E. C. TABER METERED OR TANK SERVICE 36 Spring Street Adams, New York Phone 2-6011 Compliments of Compliments of MARY H. DOUGLAS CARP'S DINER PHONE 2-6604 ADAMS, NEW YORK Compliments of Compliments of HERBERT GEROW THE WOMAN'S SHOP GENERAL INSURANCE EMMA W. HITCHCOCK Adams, New York Phone 2-1254 8 Main St. t 59 ]Compliments of FOLINO'S SNACK BAR Compliments of One Mile North of Adams A FRIEND Compliments of Compliments of RUSHO'S APPLIANCES JIM GUIDA ADAMS NEW YORK SHOES REPAIRED ADAMS NEW YORK Compliments of Compliments of GRAND UNION TERRY E. JONES HOUSE OF CHARM HAIR SPECIALISTS CHIROPRACTOR Compliments of Gertrude M. Stores, Prop. 9 South Main St. Adams, New York SMITH VARIETY STORE Phone 2-1322 ADAMS CENTER R. M. CEAN HERB VANEPPS PHOTOGRAPHY WHOLESALE ADAMS, NEW YORK CONFECTIONER Compliments of ALBERT E. SMITHLER Compliments of ATTORENY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW ADAMS, NEW YORK ED GROVES FRED L. COOPER Compliments of JACK'S QUALITY FOOTWEAR FOR HARLEY DAVIDSON SALES THE FAMILY Bradley Street Road ADAMS, NEW YORK Watertown, N. V. Phone 4-749MI GOULD'S RESTAURANT Compliments of FREDERICK’S DRY CLEANING Watetrown New York ADAMS NEW YORK PEG VANEPPS, AGENT Adams, N. V. Phone 2-7274 [ 60 ]BUY KYANIZE PAINT AT WHOLESALE BEE HIVE STORE BLACK RIVER PAPER CO. ALMOST EVERYTHING IN ►'««•lory Kqnarr Watertown, N. Y. Phone IS STAPLE AND GIFT MERCHANDISE FOR T.V. - SEE ME DAVIS ELECTRIC ROBERT L. MEADE til II.1» OPTICIANS Television Service X: Appliances 9j E. Church St. Adams, N. Y. Phone 2 2181 NO Washington St. 129 Clinton St. Phone 41 Phone 2893 Watertown New York Congratulations From PINE VIEW GUERNSEYS Compliments of Route 11 Mr. X: Mrs. Cordon Richard Brown, Herdsman THE PINE DINER Compliments of WADE BUICK CO. WHEELER'S BUICK SALES X SERVICE ATLANTIC STATION And Used Cars Main Street Adams, N. Y. Phone 2-2171 Adams, N. Y. Compliments of DORIS' BEAUTY SHOPPE BARRETT’S GROCERY 39 W. Church St. Allendale Road ADAMS NEW YORK Phone 2-6231 Adams, N. Y. ADAMS ZERO FOOD SERVICE GLAZIER KINNEY PHARMACY, LOCKERS FROZEN FOODS Processing Wholesale Meats Ben Appleby, Operator Phone 2-1801 INC. THE REXALL STORE Phone 2-1841 17 MAIN ST. ADAMS, N. Y. (Compliments of FREDENBURG'S BASEBALL Xr TENNIS EQUIMENT Compliments of LYMAN'S MARKET HARDWARE - PAINTS Phone 2-5191 Adams, N. Y. ALL WESTERN MEATS CURTIS-HOLMES MUSIC INC. VALLEY'S MOTEL 119 Stone St. Watertown 1 Mile North of Adams R. VALLEY Everything in Music for the Musician Phone 2-5050 [ 01 ]L. J. CHELLIS OPTICIANS INC. Compliments of OPHTHALMIC DISPENSERS The Arcade THOMAS OIL Waterlown, N. Y. Phone 5187 ADAMS NEW YORK Compliments of Compliments of ED FRAPPIER SERVIS ROAD STAND CALSO SERVICE One and one-half miles north of Adams Generator A Voltage Regulator Repair and Tune up ADAMS Plume 231 Mannsville, N. Y. Phone 2-1221 Compliments of RIVER VALLEY INN Compliments of SPECIALIZING IN TURKEY DINNERS also Steaks • Chops • Sea Food All Legal Beverages WILSON G. CURTIS Phone 171 For Reservations Lydia Stul l s. Prop. Compliments of GOLDING STELLA'S INN GROCERIES - MEATS LORRAINE NEW YORK DRY GOODS - DRUGS LEGAL BEVERAGES AND FCX)I) Phone 4-2882 Belleville, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of MOORE'S FRIENDLY STORE THE MEADOWBROOK Phone 2-6581 LORRAINE NEW YORK Phone 4-2175 EUisliurg, N. Y. Compliments of DON WHITNEY RED WHITE STORE ELEC. APPLIANCE C. M. OVERTON PLUMBING A- HEATING LORRAINE NEW YORK 2-7343 ADAMS MAPLE GROVE RESTAURANT Compliments of THE KIDDIE KORNER GLEN BOVEE - Prop. Northern New York’s Largest Infants’ - Childrens’ • Pre-Teen Shop Phone 2-6516 Adams, N. Y. I’honr 1133 Hit r « iml St. WATERTOWN, N. Y. Compliments of WHALEN'S SHADY REST Compliments of North of Adams on Ruote II ALL LEGAL BEVERAGES For Reservations CIRCLE HOTEL Phone 2-6911 [ 62 ]MANOR FARM PUREBRED HOLSTEINS Clean Raw Milk Sold at the Bam WILLIAM J. BECHTEL Route 11 R. D. 2 Adams, N. Y. OUR ADVERTISERS HELPED US PRODUCE THIS EDITION OF MEMORIES WE APPRECIATE THEIR SUPPORT AND URGE YOU TO PATRONIZE THEM The Corse Press, Inc. Sandy Creek, N. Y. 0 0 Commercial Printing and Publishers of The Sandy Creek News'7 [ 63 ]FRIENDS OE THE SENIORS Mrs. Emma C. Fee Mrs. Gertrude I). Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sinclair Mrs. Marian W. Greenley Mrs. Don Whitney Mr. Merle C. Eddy Mrs. Katharine L. Scholtz Edna S. Widrig Glen Wagoner Hazel Berry Glen Robinson Mr. Frederick N. Scholtz Miss Mary Reed Mrs. Dorothy Dobbs Mrs. I). J. Smith Mr. Chandler Flaherty Elizabeth Wright Mrs. Almond Drake Mrs. Edith Badglev Mr. Albert Smitiller Mr. Arnold Greenley Mr. Reginald Shean Mr. Wilson Kttsho Mr. Richard Dorgan Mr. Earl LaLone Mr. John Nowack Mr. J. Sherman Widrig Mr. A. E. Smith Mrs. Clara Groff Mrs. Walter Murray Mr. Robert Smith Sr. Mr. I). Waite Mrs. Eugene Howard Mr. Crandall Smith M iss Edna Berry I 04 ]

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