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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1956 volume:

THE BELL HELLO! You probably don't know me, so I’ll introduce myself. I’m a school bell, and right now I reside on top of the Adams High School right over the eighth grade room. I have been there since 1939, alter I was bought back from the contractors. How did I get in the hands of the contractors? It was this way. When the old school building was torn down. I was given to the contractors as everything else was that they wanted. It seems that in the contract, everything that was torn from the old building belonged to the contrac tors. From 193 to few years ago I was rung as a victory bell. Ellis is the way all the towns people knew when Adams won. Before my home in the new building, I was perched in a bell tower on top of the three story school and rung by the janitor by a rope extended from me to the principal's office on the second floor. In the old building. I was rung for school to start, classes to pass, and all the things that the bells are rung for, by the clock now. in school. In 1925 I was pretty much of a wreck so the graduates of that class had so much sentiment for learning and leaching that they took what money they had left in the bank and restored me, for which I thank them very much. Both before and after I was repaired I had been cracked, although as many times as I was cracked I was again patched. I have been in Adams since January 1. 1885. I was on top of the building, but then the school was a private boarding school. I came from Troy, New York, for the school. I surely was proud. Many times the school went down, once in a fire, another time by lack of money, but the people were so hungry for the art of learning they always managed to do something to keep going until the state look the school over. I have been very happy in Adams and hope to continue to live here. I sometimes wish that I could once again be rung. Maybe someday this will happen. I hope so. Thank you for listening to my story. 1 have had fun during my life. I once even lived with a skeleton, and always with students who arc most eager to learn. An engraving of my home has been put on the class rings. I hope that you liked my story and now understand more about me. I know that many people didn’t even know that I existed and maybe some people will re- member me when I rang out. for all different kinds of occasions. Maybe someday I’ll ring out for something special for you. Bye for now. [ 1 1DEDICATION We, the Senior Class in appreciation of, and grateful for her kindness and help, dedicate this year book to: MRS. HOWARD Alma Mater Dear Adams High School. Our oum Alma Mater, So high and so fine in the making of men, MV love you. dear High School, we love and revere you, As great in the training of soul as of pen. Your place on the hilltop, portrays well your value In the lives and the aims of the towns all around Your strong red brick buildings, imposing and handsome, Resembles your teachings and precepts so sound. May Adams High School, Our own Alma Mater. Ever continue to do her good work. To encourage good sportsmen as well as good scholars, And never one part of her fine creed to shirk. Lynda Park [ 2 ]YEARBOOK STAFF Frederick M. Scholtz Principal V KARHOOK ST A FF Sitting: Suzanne Williams. I vnda Park. Thomas Sargent, Kditor. Mrs. Howard. Ad- viser, Janice Compo, Camilla Hewitt. Standing: Charles Sinclair, Mona Morrow, Charles Sweetland. [ 3 ]SENIORS Sinclair “Charlie” Student Council I. 8: ()iii . team 2. 3, I; Senior play 4; Yearbook Staff 4. Barbara Wktteriiaiin "" Band I. 2; Quiz Team 2. 3. 4;, Senior Pla 4; Vice-Pres. I. I: Student Council 3: Intramural Leader 2: Pres. GAA 4: Yeailxxik Stall 4; (.ills’ Plavdav I, 2, 3. 4. Thomas Sargf.nt “Tom' Band I. 2. 3. 4; Class President 2. 3. 4; Class treasurer I; Student Council Sccv. 2; Student Council Vice Pres. 3; Stu- dent Council Pres. 4; Sen- ior Play 4; Yearbook Kd- itor 4; Prize speaking 3, Sandra Birnash “Sandy” Cheerleading 3. 4; News reel Staff 3; Bowling 3. 4 Senior Play 4; Soccer 2 3; Basketball 2. 3. 4 Girls’ plavday I. 2. 3. 4 Band 1, 2, 3. 4. [ 4 ]Cam 11.1. a Hewitt "Connie" Cheer'leading I, 2. 3, 4; Senior Play 4; Prize speaking 2. 4; Sex lei 3. 4; Secretary 2; Bowling I, 2, 3: VearlxK)k Staff 4: Bas- ketball 1, 2. 3. 4; Soccer I. 2. 3. 4: Ciris’ Playdav I, 2. 3, 4. I a nice Com i o "Jan” (heeileading I, 2, 3, 4; Senior Play 4: Prize speaking 3; Treasurer 2; Bowling I. 2. 3; Yearbook Staff I; Basketball 1. 2. 3. I; Soccer I. 2. 3. 4; Girls’ Playday I. 2. 3, 4. r Bkihvie Hi nt “Beth” Cheerleading I. 2. 3. 4: Secretary GAA 4; Prize Speaking 3; Student Council 2: Soccer I. 2, 3. 4; Girls’ Playdav 1. 2. 3, 4; Bowling I. 2, 3, 4. Betty Porter 7 in" Band 1. 2: Cheerleading 3, 4; Intramural Leader 3; Senior Play 4: G i r 1 s ’ Plavdav 1. 2, 3. 4; Soccer 2. 3. 4. Donna "Donnie” Chorus I. 4; Band 4; (.iris’ Basketball 4; Girls’ Playdav 1. 2. 3. 4. [ 5 ]Linda Moore "Hugs ' Chorus I. 2. 3, 4; Ciris’ Flavday 3; I II club I. 2. 3, 4. Groves “Jenny” Band I. 2. 3. 4; Bowling I. 2. 3. 4; Chorus 3. 4; Soloist 3, 4; C,iris' IMavdav I. 2. 3. 4. Sow a Nichols Wick” Band I. 2; Chorus 1, 2: Bowling I. 2. 3; Frize speaking 2. 3, 4; Soccer 2: Yearbook Staff 4. Nancy ‘Wan" Chorus I. 2. 3; Soccer 2; Junior Flay 3; (.iris’ Flavdav 2, 3; Newsreel Staff 3. Marcarf.t Miller “Marge" Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4; Soccer 1. 2. C 6 ]('.IIARLFS SWKKTI.ANI) “Charlie” Senior Pla 4; Newsreel Staff 4; Class Pres. I; In tramnral Leader 3: Bach- elor' s club 4; Baseball manager I; Football man- ager 2: Yearbook Staff 4; Bowling 2. 3; Baseball 2. 3, 4. Ron ai d I KowHRiixn “Ronnie” Chorus I; Basketball 2. Joan Larkin “Stnokey” Band 1: ; Cheerleader 1: Prize Speaking 2. 3: Chorus 1; Bowling 1. 2; Soccer 1. » Mona Morrow “liurky” Prize Speaking 2. 3: Sen- ior Play 4; Class Treas- urer 3. 4: Bowling I. 2: Newsreel I. 2: (.iri s Plav clay I. 2. 3. Joan Iaylor "Joanie” Soccer 2. 3, 4; Yol lev ball 3; Girls Playday 2. 3; Bowling 1. 2. 3. 4; Chorus 1. [ 7 ] Norma Kki.i.ogc "Normie” Band I: Chorus I. 2. 3. 4; I II Leader 4. Michael Larkin “Mike” Senior Play 4; Bachelor’s Club 4; Boys Playdav I, 2, 4; Track 4. ■ I III ODORI Ml’RRAI “Ted” Senior Play 4; Bachelor’s Club 4; Intramural Lead- er 4; Boys Playday I. 2. 3, 4; Newsreel Staff 4. Patricia Easton “Pat” LaFargevillc I. 2; Band 3; Student Council 4; Newsreel Stall 4. Marie Howard “Toots” Chorus I; Junior Pla 3. it [ 8 ]Virginia Cork “Ginny” (.iris Basketball 4; Chor- us I. 2. 4; Prize speaking 3. 4; junior Play 3. Lynda Park “Lyn" Band I. 2. 3. 4: Senior Play 4; Cheerleading 2. 3. 4; Prize Speaking 3; In- tramural leader I; Stu- dent Council I: Soccer I. 2. 3; Plavdas 4; Bowling I. 2. 3. 4. Joan Robakli “Joatiie" Senior Play 4; Prize Speaking 3. 4; Cheerlead- ing I. 2, 3; Intramural Leader 4; Soccer I. 2. 3. 4: Soccor I. 2. 3, 4; Girls’ Playday 1. 2. 3. 4. a St’ZANNF. Williams “$ wue” Spelling Team 3: Secre- tary I. 3. 4; Newsreel Kditor 4: Yearbook Staff 4; Sextet 3. 4. Ralph Owf.ns “Rebel" Massena High I; Student Council 2. 4; Vice Pres. 3; Spelling Team 3; Sen- ior Play 4; Bachelor’s Club 4; Basketball 3. [ 9 ]ADMINISTRATION HO KI OF FIX TIO Rosemary Rhodes, Donald Cool, Kdna Berry, elerk: Aaron BellotT. president; Frank Steele, John Jones. A. H. S. FACI I.TV Front Row: Mrs. Sinclair. Mrs. Montague. Mrs. Scholtz. Miss Kerper. Mrs. Crumb. Miss Farrel, Mrs. Mahan. Miss Berry. Mrs. Whitney. Mrs. Wldrlft. Mrs. Case. Mrs. Fee. Second Row: Mrs. Budlon . Mrs. Fleming, Mrs. Howard. Miss Reed. Mrs. Campany, Mrs. Greenley, Miss Wheeler, Mr. Scholtz, Mrs. Harmon, Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Jlmerson, Mrs. Rawlings, Mrs. Washburn. Mrs. Dobbs. Third Row: Mr. Gordon. Mr. Clancy. Mr. Pate, Mr. Smith. Mr. Caulkins. [ 10]I». T. A. OFFK KRS Coach Fate. Mrs. Whitney. Kev. Burton, Mrs. Klliott. MOTHKIi'S CM It Mrs. Seaman, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Phillips, President. Mrs. Switzer. : ii;CLASS HISTORY ■y E entered our first year of high school in 1952. Norrita Taylor, Holly Phillips, Howard Hamilton, Nancy and Norma Fargo, and Kenneth McGregor left our class. Marie Howard, Janice Compo, Mar- garet Reed. Jerry Reed, Linda Moore. Kay Davis. Barbara Wetterhahn, Norma Kellogg, and Charles Peters joined the class. For our class of- ficers. we elected: President—Charles Sweetland; Vice-president—Bar- bara Wetterhahn: Secretary—Suzanne Williams: Treasurer—Tom Sar- gent. Our advisor was Miss Sutter. Two of our big projects for the vear were a havride and a Sadie Hawkins Day dance. In 1953, we entered the Sophomore class. We lost Margaret and Jerry Reed. Kay Davis, Maybell Young and Rose Molnar. The following officers were elected: President—Tom Sargent: Vice-president—Charles Peters: Secretary—Camilla Hewitt; Treasurer—Janice Compo. Our ad- visor was Coach Pate. We had a havride and sold candy at games to earn money. Our class rings were ordered for our Junior year. We entered the Junior class in 1954. That year we lost Sandra Smith. Marion Palmer, Catherine Molnar. and Anna Cooley. Pat Easton and Ralph Owens joined us that year. We chose the following officers: President—Tom Sargent; Vice-president—Ralph Owens; Secretary —Suz- anne Williams; Treasurer—Mona Morrow. Our advisor was Miss Reed. Some of our projects were: a food sale, and a sale of autograph books. We also put on a Junior Play and the Junior Prom. We entered our last year in Adams High as Seniors in September. 1955. We entered anil graduated with 29 members. The following officers were elected: President—Tom Sargent; Vice-president—Barbara Wetterhahn: Secretary—Suzanne Williams; Treasurer—Mona Morrow. Our advisor was Mrs. Howard. We had two food sales, two dances and planned a Talent Show. Everyone on the yearbook staff, and the Senior class, worked hard to put out the yearbook. In June, we left our alma mater, and entered the world on our own with this motto: “Do your best, and leave the rest to God.” f 12 |LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the class of 1956 of Adams High School, of the Village of Adams in the County of Jefferson in the state of New York, being of sane mind and sound body, do make, pub- lish and declare this our last will and testament, in the manner following we do say: FIRST — We direct that our just debts be paid by the Class of 1957. SECOND — We bequeath the following assets as herein set forth: We the class of 1956. leave to the Board of Education, Mr. Scholtz and the faculty our deepest thanks for making our four years in high school so profitable. Mona Morrow leaves her bottle of peroxide to Barbara Young. Virginia Corey leaves her strings on Syracuse University to Helen Nowak. Marie Howard leaves her great love for the Air Force to Nina Belloff. Charles Swcetland leaves one muscle to Jimmy Groff. Donna Zehr leaves her driving permit to Charles Drake. You'd better use it, Charlie. Camilla Hewitt leaves her spare time to anyone who can find it. Janice Compo leaves her love for Watertown to Virginia Sprague. Jenny Groves leaves her singing ability to Coralyn Scofield. Sonya Nichols leaves her secret of “how to get engaged” to Miss Kerper. I, Mike Larkin, leave one lock of my hair to Mr. Gordon. Ronny Trowbridge leaves his ability of being a lover to Bob Lalone. Joan Robarge leaves her ability to get along with people to Kathy Parker. Tom Sargent wills his leadership ability to Wayne Pooler. 1. Norma Kellogg, will one big smile to Sharon Widrig. Lynda Park leaves her ability to go steady to Kay Wright. Ted Murray leaves 2” of his height to Billy Pratt. Pat Easton leaves her sophisticated manner to Millie Sidmore. Barbara Wettcrhahn leaves her ability to hook a man and keep him to Susan Sullivan. Suzanne Williams wills her quiet and gentle manner to Richard Flaherty. Joan Taylor leaves her position in the cafeteria as "hamburg grinder” to Donna Robarge. Nancy Tamblin leaves her athletic ability to Ruth Remington. Charles Sinclair leaves his soda bicarbonate anti sulfuric acid to anvone who likes to fill fire extinguishers. I. Margaret Miller, leave ray ability to pass history to Wilson Rttsho. Linda Moore wills her graceful walk and pleasing voice to Bonnie VanEpps. Bcthvl Hunt leaves her ability to get along with teachers to Nancy Bovav. Joan Larkin leaves her ability to get to school, once a year, on time, to Marjorie Badgley. Betty Porter leaves her driving ability to George Smithler. Ralph Owens wills his way with the women to Jim Sinclair. To Coach Pate we leave one package of gum to replace what some senior girls took. We the Class of 1956, leave our best wishes to the football and basketball team and cheerleaders for a gootl season next vear. We, the C.lass ol 1956, leave to the Senior (Mass of 1957 our good class advisor, Mrs. Howard, and also our rights and privileges as Seniors. In witness thereof we have hereunto mbscribed our names and affixed our seal, the twenty-fifth day ol June in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Six. f It ICLASS PROPHECY Through sources, that of necessity must remain forever secret, we un- veiled the following facts about the graduates of 195f , five years later: Mona Morrow has graduated from John Power’s Modeling School and is the famous Wheaties girl. Suzanne Williams, following Mona’s example of eating Wheaties, has grown to »’ 4”. and plays basketball with the “Texas Cowgirls”. Xorma Kellogg and Walter Young are now happily married and have several hundred little mink. The famous mountain climber, Charles Sinclair, is on top of North Main hill and doesn’t dare come down. Sandra Burnash has at last become old enough to take that long desired Driver Training course in A.H.S. Nancy Tamblin Corbin is now head nurse at the House of the Good Samaritan, and has a few little Corbins to practice on in her spare time. Margaret Miller is running a beauty parlor for French poodles called “Maggie’s Stylish Tails". [oan Taylor (we don’t know who her lucky man is) is a successful banker in Virginia, and has little twin piggy bankers. Ralph Owens is the chief soda JERK in the Drug store. Camilla Hewitt is still trying to work her way through Yale University. Mrs. Richard Heald, the former Bcthyle Hunt, is the mother of four little ‘‘leathernecks’’, with the idea that they are cheaper by the dozen. The ’5 Brothers, Mike Larkin and Ronnie Trowbridge, are star vocalists on “People Are Funny”. Joan Larkin is still waiting for Roy Foley to pay off his debts so they can get married. Genevieve Groves and Joan Robarge are joint partners in a successful hair-dveing factory. They manufacture a product called “Tu-tone.” 'Led Murray is swimming instructor for the “Bathing Beauty Swimming Class” (all girls, natch!) Virginia Corey and Donna Zehr make special 13" (or is it 13') hot dogs for their diner on the campus of Syracuse University. Marie Howard is waiting for Leslie Sprague to get out of the service so the can be married. Charles Sweetland is emcee on the radio-television show “Bread of the City’ , (formerly “Toast of the Town”). Tommy Sargent, after taking history the second half of his senior year decided he liked it after all. He is now the cadet teacher of history under Miss Reed. Pat Easton is taking a cruise through the South Pacific to “get away from it all.’’ Lynda Park has now joined the Air Force, after learning so much about it during school hours. Linda Moore is a waitress, married to Virgil Aikey, who is headwaiter at Stella’s Inn. Janice Compo is living in “Little Italy” with hubby, Fred Lava. Betty Porter has joined the Royal Mounted Police, and has accepted their motto, “We always get our man”. Barb Wetterhahn and Bob Smith are married and have a motorcycle shop with lots of little “hot-rods”. Sonya Nichols is married to Vince Farmer, who is a 5-star general in the Army. They also have five little stars at home. [ H 1 Nick Age They Name Name Age Act Mona Morrow "Mona” 17 35 Virginia Corey .... “Ginny” 17 12 Marie Howard . .... “Marie” 17 10 Charles Sweetland .... “Chuck” 18 Donna Zehr “Donnie” 17 20 Camilla Hewitt .... “Millie” 17 2 or 30 |oan Robarge “ Joanic” 18 4 Linda Moore "Buggs” l(i 14 Charles Sinclair "Charlie” 17 3 Sonya Nichols .... “Nick” 17 9 Genevieve Groves .... “Jenny” 18 99 Michael Larkin “Mike” 17 2 Patricia Easton .... “Pat” 17 b Joan Taylor “Joan” 18 21 Barbara ettcrhahn “Barb” 18 8 Bcthylc 1 lunt . .- “Beth” 17 3 mo. Ronald Trowbridge “Ronnie” 18 Joan Larkin “Smokie” 18 1 Ralph Owens .... “Rebel” 18 29 Sandra Burnash ... “Sandy” 15 18 Nancy Tamblin .... “Nan” 17 25 Tommy Sargent “ Tom” 18 10 or 10 Nonna Kellogg ... “Norm” 17 1 1 Ted Murray “Teddy” 4 18 45 Betty Porter “Bet” lb 1 Su anne Williams . . “Suzie” 18 15 Lynda Park “Lyn” 18 10 mo. Margaret Miller ... “Marg” 18 82 Janice Compo “Jan” 17 13 Mrs. Howard .. “ Teach” ??? How They Spend Their Time In the Office With Earl Skipping School Bowling Working Chasing Boys Dyeing her Hair Sackets 11 arbor Bragging Proposing Square Dante Ranch With Anne With Pete Working Riding Motorcycles Writing Letters Dodging the Draft Skipping School Meadowbrook Trying to Act Older Nurses Aid With Rita With her Mink Dodging Cops Studs ing 11istory Straightening (Hass Records Many’s Waiting In Watertown Eating What They Intend To Do Secretary Teach School Old Maid Bowling Champion Find a Man College Beauty School Get Married Mountain Climbing Get Married Beauty School Bachelor Go to Florida Get Rich Travel Get Married Keep on Dodging Nothing Go to College Beauty School l ull Time Nurse Go to College Raise Mink Keep Out of Jail Catch a Man Go to Florida Go to College Get Married Go to (loliege Go on a Diet What They Will Do Miss America Teach Her Kids Married Pin Boy Keep on Looking Still Chasing Boys Join the WACs Baby-Sitting Window-washing Keep Proposing Raise Kids Married Go to Stony Point Many a Millionaire Racing Motorcycles Keep Writing Enlist Truant Officer Street Cleaning Trying to Look Younger Hospital Manager Get Married Raise Kids Eating Bread and Water Teach History Go to Ston Point Join the Air Force Old Maid Find a Man Keep on EatingCLASSES SKMUII II, ASS Fr°nt How: Marie Howard. Lynda Park. Camilla Hewitt, Donna Zehr. ,Ra8i?n' Bett Porter. Margaret Miller. Joan Larkin. Linda Moore. J.enevieve Grove». Janice Compo, Suzanne Williams Vi,rRln1?, (,,orey, JoaM Baylor. Mona Morrow. Mrs. Howard. Norma Kellogg, Beth le Hunt. Joan Robarge. Barbara Wetterhahn l' rk.ln‘ Thomas Sargent. Ralph Owens. Theodore Murray. Charles Sweetland, Ronald Trowbridge. Charles Sinclair. • M .MO It CLASS Front Row: Barrett. Second Row Smith, Kaye Third Row Ellen Dorgan, Virginia Sprague. Helen Nowak, Barbara Shean. Meredith : Carol Chalmers. Susan Sullivan. Mildred Sidmore. Sharon Widrig. Patricia Sampson, Coralyn Scofield. Barbara Young. Nina BellofY Prouty, Th 3ma8° Vinlalmii George V ett rhahn . Sln0"“r- ,tUhiml K,i herl • [ Hi JCLASSES SOPHO WOK 12 CLASS Front Row: Kay Lalx ne. Bonnie Barrett. Nancy Bovay. Lana Graves. Second Row: Faustina Vrooman, Ann Holley. Anna Scofield. Patricia Trainor, Joanne Flaherty, Eleanor Mine, Ann Jones. Sharon Smith. Third Row: Wayne Pooler. Bernard Snyder. David Widrlg, Nancy Belloff, Coach Pate, Donna Robarge, Charles McGrath. Peter Larkin. Walter Jackson. Fourth Row: Patrick Henry, Myron Palmer. Kuj?ene Murray. FHKSHMAV CLASS Front Row: William Pratt, Lewis Draper. Truman Gleason, Calvin O’Brian, Carl Moffett, Stanley Shelmindine. Second Row: Bonnie Sheley. Joan Halleck, Bonnie Van Epps, Madeleine Block, Dorothv Berry . Linda Herman. Marlene Stone. Jacqueline Halleck. Ruth Remington. Third Row: Karl Remington. James Groff, David Tamblin, Stuart Ring. Lynn Simmons, Mr. Smith, Carol Switzer. Nelson Butler. Leonard Cool. Lawrence Remington. Richard Walden. Fourth Row: Henry Pitcher. James Elliott. Hollis Flaherty, Bruce Dobbin. Francis Overton, Steve Nichols, Donald Lennox. George Hallett, Lyle Seaman. ( 17]CLASSES kighth Front How: Patrick Wilder, William Babcock, Robert Wade. Albert Peyton. Thomas De- Mido, James Marti. Second Row: June Pitcher. Dolores Piddock, Joanne DeMarse, Carol Overton, Mrs. Flem- ing, Branda DeLano, Claudia Tamblin, Patricia Pooler. Ruth Berry. Third Ito v: Edward Smithler, Julia Parker. Pamela Holley, Patricia Cushing. Judith Hones. Joan Overton. Daryl Graves. Barbara Waite. Phyllis Martzloff, Francis Dealing:. Fourth Row: Gerald Cool. Henry Busier. Keith Weal. Melvin Williams. Brute Thomas. Alan Foster, James Hbdon. MltS. HARMON: SKVKNTH GRADE First Row: left to right: Jesse Porter. Charles Pratt, Thurston Brown, Raymond Barrett, Kenneth Barrett. John Illingworth. Second Row: Susan Dorgan. Shona Sherman. Betty Fowler. Marion Fredenburg, Mrs. Harmon, Linda Taylor. Grace Remington, Sharon Rusho. Marie Berry. Third Row: Norman Thomas. Jack Jones. Bradford Lee. Michael Wilder. John Scofield. Billy Martzloff, Kathryn Barker. Janet Hodder. Nancy Scofield. Linda Crast. Flea nor Coit. Susie Stevens. Fourth Row: Paul Brown. Craig Wagner. Eddie Mullin. George Rendleman, Charles Binge, Dennis Kellogg. Stanley Hamilton. f 18 JCLASSES SKVKNTH CiHAI)K— 111. ( LANH Front Row: David La Done. Kdward McGrath. James Butler, Terry Faston, Charles Wil- cox. David Gibbs. Second Row: Abigail Hewitt, Sally Simpson. Georgia Graves, Joyce Corey, Norma Wagner, Linda I aCete, Marcia Jones. Annabelle Looker. Sandra Dillenbeck. Third Row: Fred Russell. George Flaherty. John Tralnor, Ronald Ransear, Mr. Clancy, Beverly McNett, Nina Nye. Rosetta Goodrich. Diane DeLano. Fourth Row: Michael Kirkpatrick. Robert Mathews. COM III NATION — lltS. KKK Front Row: Gary Flagg, Richard Burton, Billy Berry. David Weal. John Giovo. Second Row: Candy Kotlowskl. Susan Jones. Jean Gillespie. Peggy Scofield. Ann Whitney, Kathy Belloff. Patty Overton. Joanne Corey. Third Row: Gary Peyton, Richard Dorgan, Michael White. Mrs. Fee, Charlene Bangs, Tanna Wilder. Nancv Giovo. Fourth Row: Robert Shelev. Frank Crast, Peter Jones. Absent—Beverly M cklen, Kenneth Wratten. f 19]CLASSES MISS WHERLKR — SIXTH (ilHI)K Front Row: Joseph Zientek, Alwin Pooler, Douglas Ehdon. William Sanford. Frederick Walden, John Burns. Second Bow: Nancy Thomas. Sharon Sherman, Betty McGrath, Lynda Snyder. Carol Larkin. Cynthia Jantzi, Margaret Steele. Carol Porter. Dorothy Nowak. Lorraine Mullin. Third Row: Richard Hockey, Kenneth Conwav, John Smith. Gary Hallett. John Steele. Miss Wheeler, Linda Holley. Judith Richmond. Carol Laemmermann. Judith Slscho, Maxine Vrooman, Sally Rurnash. Hack Row: Edward Remington, Thomas Waite. Douglas Chrixman, Ronnie Sanford, Gary Harr, Stanton Hamilton. Absent—Carole I antier, Rochelle Lennox, Carolyn Pooler. MRS. SINCLAIR — FIFTH GRADK First Row: left to right: Lyndon Vrooman, George I arktn, Larry Shaffner. Thomas Compo, Billy Swlnt. Roger Harris. Second Row: Bernice Van Epps, Teri Larkin. Ann Steele, Patty Pratt, Gloria Switzer, Barbara Easton, Wilma Flaherty, Charlen Park. Carol Pooler. Nancy Christman. Third Row: Robert Burns, Allvn Wagner, Ronald Newton, Milton Davis. Billy Smith, Mrs. Sinclair, Phyllis La Cette. Barbara Cushing. Marie Kendleman, Joyce Bowman. Fourth Row: John Bowman. Dennis Taylor, Donald Holman. John Parker. William Graves. Robert Corey. Absent—Billy Fairchild, Harold Gamble, Glenn Hungerford, John Lantfer. r 201CLASSES KOI'RTH GRADK — MRS. MAHAN Front Row: Russell Pate. Charles Fairchild, Bobby Scofield, Freddie Chrisman. Wayne Rusho. Bradford Gailbrailh, Randy Smith. Second Row: Mary Russell, Sheila Sherman. Barbara Jantzi. Judy Miner. Pamela Binice, Roselyn Rusho. Susan Alden, Geraldine Kellar, Patricia Greenley. Third Row: Johnny Sullivan, Ronald Reardon. Rodney Greenley. Susan Kanalev Alice Patten. Marcia Harris. Mrs. Mahan. Miss Farrell. Larry Seaman, Rand Timmerman. James Tiller. Carl Berry, Brian Lee. I tst Row: Thomas Burns, Howard McXett. Jerry Holmam, Andv Looker. Barbara Taylor Marjorie Kersey Marlene Phillips. Dave Hallett, Timmv McConnell. Absent: Susan Waite. THIRD GRADK — MRS. HAMMOND Front Row: Frederick Miner. Russell Greenwood, Robert Denney, Barrett Hayes, Carleton Park. Robert Snyder. Second Row: Patricia Rhodes. Joanne Switzer. Pesr y McIntosh. Nancy Hamilton. Janet Gibbs. Phylinda Shaffner, Susan Snyder, Karen Lines, Linda Brown, Marv Sullivan Third Row: Gary Lennox, Gary Kellogg. Larry Bookman, Thomas Medlicott. ‘.Mrs. Ham- mond. Marilyn Rendleman. Darcy Wagner, Beverly VanKpps, Trudv Chamberlain Back Row: John Frcdenburtf. James Fowler. Vernon Datoush. Robert Simpson f 21 ]CLASSES MRS. (iKKF.NLK1 — THIRD (iRADIO First Row: left to right: David Reynolds, Leon Steele. Francis Weal. Tommy Lantler, Tommy Bovee, Billy Russell. Second Row: Cheryl McConnell. Susan Bangs, Bonnie Pickett, Betty Looker. (Irace McIntosh, Cheryl Stoker, Mary Pitcher, Chloe Dealing. Linda Crumb, Mary Pooler. Third Row: Joy LaPatra, Mary Richmond. Gertie Vrooman, Mona Beach. Valerie Sinclair, Vicki Hill. Mrs. Greenley, John Dorgan, Kddle Scofield. David Bowman, Ronnie Tim- merman, Tommy Zientek. MRS. RAWLINGS — SKCON'D GRAUR First Row: left to right: Norman Fairchild, Donald Burns, Lowell Jantzl, Terry LaClair, Kevin Larkin,, Norman Yerdon. Second Row: Lynda Timmerman, Beverly Chrisman, Betty Wilcox, Janet Denison, Betty Smith. Mary Heinrich. Valinda Pearson. Nancy Sampson. Rochelle Reardon. Third Row:’ Linda Llscomb. Sandra Cobb. Sally Lennox. Pamela Rhodes, Mrs. Rawlings, Bruce Munro, Tracy Cheever. Lee Berry. Tommy Bowman. Absent: Marcia Gamble. Jimmy Stoker. Ramona Barrett. r 221CLASSES MIIS. CASK — SKCOM) GKADK Front Row: Deborah Crumb, Connie Stewart, Eleanor Butler. Joanne Phillips, Sara Seco nd Hro wV ciu h y 'Si sc ho, Barbara Patten, Audrey Jones. Cheryl Clague. Mrs. t’ase, Kathleen Hogoboo'm, Blanche Beach, Kay Elliott, Beverly Prouty. . . Back Row: Morland Rusho, William Galbraith, Donald Whitney, Jeffrey Peck. Richard Taylor, George Kellar. Leonard Mlscxuk. Absent: Paul Hungerford. John Gamble. Frederick W ratten. MIIS. WHITNK1 — FIRST (JRADK pront Row: Gary Kellar. Ernest Pitcher. James Greenwood. John Greenwood. Richard Se ond llow 'f'omia 'stewart. Sue Brown. Nancy Patoush. Carol W auch• Ca rol yn Alden Mrs. Whitney. Amelia Ackley. Patricia Gregory. Jean Marti, Plane Williams. Margaret ThlrdeRow: Jimmy Denney, Robert Groff. Frederick .Sinclair. Robert Steele. Michael Cas- canet. David Belloff. Ralph Overton. Kenneth Corev. Fourth Row: Floyd Ellis. Earl Lennox. Cole Filson Absent David Cobb. Judy Lennox, John Moore, Marilee Rendle man [ 23 ]CLASSES r I If ST mitn. RrrmondOWWhDuShne8ad“0paKuh.' R'CkV "'Ood' Dav,d C,,rtla- « »"«'« V» Second Row: Mary Kotlowski. Marllou Lennox, Emily Steele Cushing. Mrs. Wldrlg. Esther Cahoon. Patricia Appleby, Anne Deborah Reynolds. Third Row: Nancy Newton. Suzanne Serow. Denise Taylor Hlrschey, Sandra Claflin, Gloria Taylor, Judv Flagg Linda Whitehead. Fourth Row: Lyman Remington. James Fredenburg and Samuel Absent: Sharon Barney. Diane Bacon, Kathleen Burton. Janet Yerdon, Janet Phillips, Louise Sedgemore. Constance Tiller. kimm:h(; i«ti: llts. S( ||01.17 Fn nt Row: Dale Colwell. Billy Misczuk, Martin Thompson. Brian Hayes, Ronald Burns Rupert Monagahan, Art Phillips. Peter Niewieroski Second Row: Gaye Rhodes. Gary Rhodes. Linda Prouty, Cynthia Giovo. Connie Oakes. SVHfc MrHi Schftltz’ Sand™ fone. Jean Welsh. Susan Burdic k. Carolyn Fairchild. Donna Colvin. Arlys Wagner. Vicki Chrlsman. Third Row: Lonnie Llscomb, John Nowak. Michael Rice. Donald Ackley. Paul Cascanet Linda Darling. ( arol Anne Jones. Kathy Richmond. Susan LaCette, Jerry Beutel Fourth Row: David Smith. Dean Munro. Timothy Claflin. Donald Jantzl, David Kbdon Gary Sullivan. [ 24 JActivitiesACTIVITIES President, Ann Jones, STI l)K T COI 'CIL Front Row: Leonard Cool, Richard Flaherty, Thomas Sargent, .Mr. Scholtz. Second Row: Sharon Rusho, Norma Wagner, Joan Halleck. Patricia Tralnor. Patricia Easton, Nina I Jell off, Edward Smithler. Third Row: Stuart Ring, Ralph Owens, George Wetterhahn, Myron Palmer. «(I Vi. TEAM Left to right: Richard Flaherty, Alan Wagner, Charles Sinclair, Barbara Wetterhahn. I 26 ]ACTIVITIES m: vs Iti:HI. STAFF Front How: Charles Drake, Charles Sweetland. Suzanne Williams, Editor, Patricia I'aston, Mrs. Howard, Advisor Second How: Sally Simpson. Marlene Stone. Eleanor Mine, Henry Hosier, Theodore Murray. Alan Wagner, (leorge Hallctt, Bernard Snyder. Pit I . MS PM A KI (■ Front How: Helen Nowak. Joan Roharre. Nina Bello''' Second How: Carol Chalmers. Ann Jones. Sonya Nichols. Camilla Hewitt, Virginia Corey, Nancy BellofT, Ellen Dorgan. [27]ACTIVITIES .11 MOK PI. A V CAST Sitting: Sandra Burnash, Marie Howard, Mona Morrow, Miss Kerper, Advisor, Janice Compo, Camilla Hewitt. Standing: Virginia Corey. Thomas Sargent, Charles Sinclair, Michael Larkin, Ralph Owens, Nancy Tamblln. Joan Taylor. SKMOR PI.A V CAST Sitting: Joan Koharge, Sandra Burnash, Lynda Park, Mona Morrow, Janice Compo, Camilla Hewitt, Mrs. Howard, Advisor. Standing: Michael I.arkin, Ronald Trowbridge, Charles Sinclair. Ralph Owens, Betty Porter, Charles Sweetland. Thomas Sargent. Theodore Murray. [ ‘28 ]ACTIVITIES BACHELOR'S CLl'B Left to right: Ralph Owens, Charles Sinclair, Mrs. Crumb, Michael Larkin, Charles Sweetland. I 5W Im s niti i:i s T.e:t to Right—Dayton VanKpps, 'Wellington Dobbin, Gladys Dobbin, Lester Overton, Hen.- Moreton. [30]f si 1MUSIC DEPARTMENT ADAMS HIGH SCHOOL BAND Easton, John Burn,. Ka.f ahtitS' enoff7H enrryJa|5"e?. Bruce Marion Sharon George Weal. Front How: Left to Right: Milton Davis. Thurston Brown, Kenneth Conway. Gary Burns. Second Row: Kathurn Barker. Lyndon Beverly McNett. John Parker. Marlene Richard Hockey, Billy Smith. Freddie Walden. Peyton. Donald Holman. John Burns, Thomas McConnell, Third'B '"''Vi"' J"h" ''ark,‘r. Marlene PhUn™."’M«!™Ber jiine HolJder— R r RHrrr”° M« W burr'"1 LaI'°"e' "ayne , 0,,ler' Bobby Burn,. I 32 1MUSIC DEPARTMENT si:moi( mom s Jacqueline Halleck, Helen Nowak, Bonnie Barrett, Camilla Hewitt. Ruth Front Row: SMond Row: Joan Halleck. Barbara Shean. Lynda Park, Donna Zehr, Coralyn Mildred Sidmore. Dorothy Berry. Marlene Stone. Nancy Bocay, Third Row: Mrs. Washburn. Madeleine Block. Susan Sullivan. Linda Moore. Corey, Carol Switzer. Patricia Smith. Norma Kellogg. Kaye Sampson. Genevieve Groves. Janice Compo, Suzanne Williams. Back Row: Carl Moffett. Nelson Butler. Wayne Pooler. Sharon Scofield, Virginia W id rig. ji ioit mom s Front Row: Diane DeLano, Sharon Rusho, June Pitcher, Betty Fowler, slecHon f URow: DUnda ’ Taylor. Annabelle Looker. PatHcia Po er. Simpson. Stevens, Nina Nye, Joanne DeMarse, Marcia Jones. Claudia Tamblin. Dolores Piddock, Georgia Graves, Brenda DeLano. ,, D „1, .. Third Row: Grace Remington. Ruth Berry. Carol Overton. Julia Parker. Janet Hodder. Kathryn Barker. Norma Wagner. Nancy Scofield. Eleanor Colt, Sandra Dillenbeck. Abigail Hewitt. Shona Sherman. Fourth Row: Phyllis Martzloff. Joyce Corey. Beverly McNett. Jones. Joan Overton. Daryl Graves. Pamela Holley. Rosetta Good- Susie Linda LaCette, Marlon Fredenburg, Mrs. Washburn. Patricia Cushing. Judith [ 33 ]MUSIC DEPARTMENT SEXTET Front How: Suzanne Williams. Nina BellofT. Second How: Camilla Hewitt, Nancy BellofT. Ellen Doncan. Janice Compo. MAJOHKTTKS Front How: Sandra Burnash. Genevieve Groves. Ann Jones Back Row: Nancy BellofT, Barbara Waite. Eleanor Hlne. [34]MUSIC DEPARTMENT SCHOOL ORCHKSTR A Left to right: George Wetterhahn, George Smithler, David Widrig. Thomas Sargent, Leonard Cool, Charles Drake, Mrs. Washburn. [35]AUTOGRAPHS [36][ 57 ]SPORTS INTKAMI KAI. COMMITTKK First Row : Coach Pate, Patricia Trainor. Joan Robarge, Theodore Murray. Second Row: Barbara Young. James Groff, Robert LaLone, Patrick Henry, Linda Herman. ;ihi s ahiiii'm association Front Row: Coralyn Scofield. Coach Pate. Barbara Wetterhahn, Bethyle Hunt Second Row: Fllen Oorgan, Marlene Stone, Ann Jones. r 38 ]SPORTS FOOTIl LL Front How: George Smithler, Donald Lennox. Williams. Charles Drake. Larry Groff. Second How: Coach Pate. Henry Pitcher. James James Klliott. Mgr. Keith Hockey, Alan Wagner. Groff. Myron Palmer. George Thomas Hallett, I W ISPORTS FOOTBALL Games played and scores Adams 43 Lyons Falls 12 Adams 7 Beaver River 21 Adams 90 Belleville 28 Adams 12 Brownvillc 38 Adams 7 Copenhagen 43 Adams 7 Adams Center 25 SQUAI) MEMBERS The following boys made up the 1955 Football Squad. Those whose names are in bold face type received Varsity l.ettcrs. John Lyons Alan Wagner Keith Hockey George Smithler Don Lennox Tom Williams Charles Drake Larry Groff Pete Pitcher Jim Grofr Myron Palmer George Ha licit Leonard Cool Jim Elliot, Manager TRACK REPORT-1955 1 he Adams High School I rack Team of 1955 is to be congratulated on their winning of the league championship. The following boys participated. 1 hose whose names are in bold face type were given Varsity Letters. Nelson Howard, Captain George Grimshaw William LaComb Ralph Cook Clifford Cool John Lyons George Smithler Alan Wagner Merritt Reynolds Ken Sloan Bernard I arkin Larry Groff Robert Sischo Section III Relay Carnival A sprint relay team of Nelson Howard, John Lyons, Ralph Cook, and William LaComb placed First in the 410 yard relay of Class "C", and placed third in the 880 yard relay for Class “C”. Rufus Chalmers competed in the Novice Mile. Oswego-Jefferson League Meet The team again won the League track meet held at the new Watertown High School track. They scored 31 points for first place, Adams Center was second, Sackets Harlxir third. Nelson Howard set a new record in the broad jump with 19' 10". Watertown High School Varsity Club Meet The team placed third behind Oriskany and Watertown f.V. Section III Track Meet-Romc T he team placed sixth in a field of 13 Class “C” sc hools. George Grimshaw won the pole vault. Nelson Howard placed second in both the Broad lump and 100, John Lyons placed fourth in the 220. and Clifford Ccxil placed 4th in the 440. 1 1 40]SPORTS VARSITY BAMKKTBALL Front Row: Alan Wagner, Thomas Williams, Robert LaLone, Co-Capt.. David Smith, I arry Groff. „ Second Row: Coach Pate, Charles Drake. Eugene Murray. Keith Ray Green ley, George Wetterhahn, Gerald Cool, Mgr. Co-Capt. John Lyons, Hockey, Steve Nichols, Jl MOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Douglas Murray. Rae Greenley. James Sinclair. Steve Nichols. Eugene Murray, SeconddRow ' Gerald Cool. Mgr.. William Pratt. Bernard Snyder. Lyle Seaman James Groff, Francis Overton, Melvin Williams, George Hallett, Stuart Ring. Coach Pate. [ 41 ]SPORTS BASKETBALL Our boys had a fairly good season this year. They won 7 games and lost 12 games. GAMES AM) SCORES Adams 43 Glams 40 Adams 67 Adams (H Adams 57 Adams SI Adams 01 Adams 69 Adams 47 Adams 49 Adams 60 Adams 34 Adams 58 Adams 72 Adams 70 Adams 60 Adams 51 The following boys participated: type received Varsity Letters. Keith Hockey Larry Groff John Lyons, Co-Captain George WeUcrhahn Rae Green ley Sieve Millard Charles Drake James Sinclair Doug Murrav Alan Wagner Robert LaLone, Co-Captain Tom Williams Dave Smith Ben Snyder Dexter 61 A. C. »6 Belleville 51 Sackets Harbor 55 Sandy Creek 55 Mannsville 13 Brownville 31 Henderson 52 Dexter 62 Adams Center 51 Belleville 61 Sackets Harbor 68 Brownv illc 63 Henderson 74 Henderson 54 Sandy Creek 56 Belleville 59 Those whose names are in Irold face Eugene Murray George Hallctt Stuart Ring Lyle Seaman Nelson Butler Melvin Williams Chuck Pratt Pete Pitcher Don Lennox Steve Nichols Jim Groir Leonard Cool Francis Overton Managers: Keith Weal and Jerry Cool [42]SPORTS ('ll KBR I.BADKH S Left to right: Sandra Burnash, Camilla Hewitt. Janice Compo. Nancy Belloff. Bethyle Hunt. Lynda Park. Kathy Parker. Betty Porter. Front Row: Susan Second Row: Nina Jl Molt %R.SIT CHKKRLKADKRS Sullivan. Carol Chalmers. Linda Herman. Bonnie Van Belloff. Ann Jones. Eleanor Hine. Kaye Sampson. Epps. [43]SPORTS GIRI S SOCCER TEAM Front How: Nancy Belloff, Ann Jones, Susan Sullivan. Coralyn Scofield. Camilla Hewitt Barbara etterhahn, Nina Belloff. Betty Porter. Joan Bobarie. Marjorie Badgely, Kaye Sampson. Second How: Coach Pate, Janice Compo, Patricia Trainor. Anna Scofield. Ellen Dorir n. Patricia Smith. Mildred Sidmore, Carol Switzer. CilHL’S HOVVI.IXi Front How: Lynda Park, Susan Sullivan, Ann Holley, Ann Jones, Genevieve Groves, Bonnie an Epps. Back Row: Patricia Trainor, Joan Taylor. Nancy Belloff. Bethyle Hunt. Joanne Flaherty. Sandra Burnash. r 44 jSPORTS GIRLS WINTER SPORTS CARNIVAL Congratulations to the Adams High School Girls for placing 1st in the Sports Carnival held at Belleville on March 26, 1956. We led the Carnival with a total of 37 points. Belleville placed second with 26 points. Badminton Singles: Janice Compo Badminton Doubles: Camilla Hewitt and Betty Porter Table Tennis Doubles: Janice Compo and Camilla Hewitt SbufflelHtard Doubles: Bethylc Hunt and Lynda Park First in Tumbling F.xhibition: Nancy BellofT Our Volleyball Team placed First. Members included the following girls: Ann Jones Nina BellofT Nancy BellofT Camilla Hewitt Kaye Sampson Coralyn Scofield Anna Scofield Bethylc Hunt Lynda Park Betty Porter WINNERS OF THE 1955-1956 INTRAMURAL PROGRAM Boys Table Tennis: Singles John Lyons Girls Table Tennis: Singles Betty Porter Soccer Boys: Juniors Girls: Seniors Basketball Boys: Junior A Girls: Senior A Badminton Boys: Charles Drake Girls: Janice Compo Badminton Doubles Boys: John Lyons and Larry Groff. Girls: Janice Compo and Camilla Hewitt Quoits Singles: David Smith Doubles: Charles Sweetland and Dave Smith Shufflelmard Singles Boys: I.arry Groff Girls: Janice Compo Doubles: Lynda Park and Bethyle Hum Table Tennis Doubles Bovs: John Lyons and Larry Groff (.iris: Camilla Hewitt and Janice Compo Mixed: Camilla Hewitt and John Lyons Badminton Mixed Doubles Camilla Hewitt and John Lyons Volleyball Boys: Juniors Girls: Senior Bowling Boys: Charles Sweetland Girls: Joan Taylor Junior High Table Tennis Boys: Jesse Porter Girls: Carol Overton [ 45]SPORTS BOVS WINTER SPORTS ( RNIVAL Badminton Singles Charles Drake, winner of the League Championship, the Watertown Area Champion, and the Runner-up in Section 3. Table Tennis Doubles John Lyons tarry Groff Winners of the League Championship, the Watertown area championship and Runners-up in Section 3. Quoits Singles David Smith. League Champion. Tumbling Eugene Murray. 2nd place. These boys who look part in the Bovs' Winter Sports Carnival held at Sackcts Harbor. . V. won first place with a total of 18 points. Congratulations to these boys who did a very fine job. BASERALL The following students participated on the 1955 Adams High School Baseball Squad. Those whose names are in bold face type were awarded Varsity Letters. All others received J. V. Awards. C lifford Cool, Co Captain Nelson Howard, Co-Captain George Grimshaw Robert Sischo Alan Wagner William Lacnmh Bernard Snyder Walter Jackson Mvron Palmer George Smithler tarry (.roll Ralph Cook Donald Larkin, Manager Thomas Williams Charles Sweet land Eugene Murrey Richard Flahcrtv I he Following Gaines were played: W n 7 — Lest 4 Adams 4 Belleville 2 dams 7 Henderson 0 Adams 5 .... Adams Center 1 Adams r Sackets Harbor ll dams 22 Mannsvillc 3 lams (i Brown villc 3 dams 3 Dexter 4 dams 7 • Carthage 8 Adams Sandy Creek 4 Adams 18 •• Belleville 13 Adams 4 •• Brownville 6 • Non-League •• League Playoffs The team ended regular season in Second Place, and were playoffs. Brown ville won both league and playoff championship. second in I 46 JSPORTS HAMBIlUli IfKMI Front Row: Robert Wade. Mgr. Bernard Snyder. Charles Sweetland. Leonard Cool. BuKene Murray. Larry Groff. Alan Wagner, Coach Fate. Second Row: Nelson Butler. Ronald Trowbridge. David Smith. George smithler. Richard Flaherty. John Lyons. Donald Lennox. James Groff.COMPLIMENTS of ADAMS ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY All-ways a Better Deal at GIBBS and MAC ILVENNIE MOTORS CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service Phone 2-5651 Adams, New YorkADAMS MEAT CO. Wholesale Meat CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING COMPLETE MEAT PROCESSING CUTTING AND WRAPPING B E L L O F F'S Phone 2-5941 Adams, New York FURNITURE - RUGS - LINOLEUM WALLPAPER - PAINT CLOTHING We fill the bill for— YOU - YOUR FAMILY - YOUR HOME S H Green Stamps with all purchases C49J MARTY'S Compliments of Adams, N. Y. - Dial 2-6041 Ford — Mercury BEST WISHES TO Ford Truck Dealer CLASS OF 1956 BEST WISHES BIGGEST AND BEST to the SUNDAES ANYWHERE CLASS OF 1956 HOT LUNCHES DAILY K-B Motor Co., Inc. Doris and Phil Martzloff "Al” and "Herb” KOLBE STUDIO 240 Kinne Street East Syracuse, N. Y. 16 MM FILM RENTAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER Phone 77 - 5265 Bastian Bros. Co. Rochester, N. Y. Designers and Producers of EXCLUSIVE CLASS JEWELRY Genuine Engraved COMMENCEMENT, ANNOUNCEMENT, and PERSONAL CARDS MR. JAMES F. MASON 90 Rock Island Street Gouvemeur, N. Y. [50] O. D. Greene Lumber Company MILL WORK BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 2-1121 Adams, N. Y. Phone Adams 2-2221 AMBULANCE SERVICE Piddock Funeral Home VROMAN AND SHELEY E. Ross Vroman - Clarence T. Sheley 7 North Park Street Adams, New York POULTS BREEDERS Go Places With the Broadbreasted White Hollands TOPS IN SHOES River Valley Turkey Farm from Frederick H. Phinney. Owner MANNSVILLE, N. V. PARK-ELITH ARP, INC LIVE - FROZEN SMOKED Phone 221 and DRESSED BIRDS 30-32 Public Square Watertown, N. Y. Phone 2420 Phinney's River Valley Inn (Open All Year) LOAFER TYPES AND CASUALS Specializing in ( aiding to TURKEY DINNERS BANQUETS BARBEQUED TURKEY and BROILERS PRIVATE Legal Beverages Served PARTIES Headquarters for GIRL SCOUT SHOES and Those Famous Route II Box 11(1 Phone 171 Mannsville, N. Y. B. F. GOODRICH SNEAKS 151 ] Citizens Farmers Office A. E. TOLEMAN The HARDWARE Northern New York Trust Co. PAINT - GLASS ADAMS, N. Y. PLUMBING - HEATING COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Adams, New York Member of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Phone 2-2101 Congratulations anil Best Wishes Greenley Fuel Co. To Class of ’." ( ADAMS, NEW YORK BRADLEY HARDWARE Phone 2-5421 Arsenal Street - Court Street Watertown, New York For WAITE COAL - FUEL OIL MOTOR SALES, INC. KEROSENE STI'DEBAKKK SALES SERVICE si ml gasoline Phone Adams 2-2DUI Adams - Adams Center Rond [ 52 1  ADAMS Compliments of COMMISSION SALES TAYLOR-STONE DAIRY Sale Every Monday and Thursday 1:30 P. M. Phone 2-5091 ( LA HK Ac B08TWICK, Owners HAMILTON BROS., Auetioneers MOORE FUNERAL HOME Compliments of Richard W. Moore EMPSALL'S 47 E. Church St. Adams, N. Y. Phone 2-0921 MEN'S STORE, INC. Watertown, New York HERMAN LUGGAGE ISOS 1950 A full line of BEST WISHES TO OSHKOSH LUGGAGE and other prominent brands CLASS OF 1950 Also LADIES HANDBAGS SMALL LEATHER GOODS JAMES R. MILLER CO. Phone 3124 Watertown, New York Miller Bldjr. Watertown, N. Y. RING'S JONES SPORT SHOP Year-round Headquarters for Watertown, New York SCHOOL SUPPLIES Adams, New Y'ork (53 1Compliments of Compliments of A. R. Thompson H. B. GEROW H. J. Polubinski GENERAL INSURANCE FLORIST - CARO SHOP Phone 2«5t71 Adams, N. Y. 2 Alain Street, Adams, New York Phone 2-6082 Compliments of Compliments of Vrooman Sales Service DICK ENNIS Yrour Pontiae and G. M. C. Truck Healer Cockshut —John Deere— Oliver Body — Fender — General Repair New Holland — Caterpiller Phone Adams 2-5881 Burville, New Y ork Compliments of Compliments of TRIANGLE GARDENS Miller's Dry Cleaners FLOWERS AMI FEASTS PICK-UP and DELIVERY Phone 2-8711 14 North Main Street Phone 2-2681 Adams, New Y ork C N. SNYDER SONS Compliments of WHIRLPOOL YVASHERS AND DRYERS BARRETT'S GROCERY YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS Open Evenings and Sundays RCA Gas and Electric Ranges 89 YV. Church Street Adams, N. Y. Phone 2-50« 1 ADAMS, NEYV YORK [54]GIBSON'S Compliments of DRY CLEAMNG anil LAUNDRY John Sinclair Son WATERTOWN, NEW YORK GENERAL INSURANCE Pea: Van Epps • Agent Cleveland Block Adams, New York RALPH'S RESTAURANT JACK LUNMAN APPLIANCE CENTER Main Street Adams, New York Television • Gas and Electric Appliances Mobil-tiame Bottled Gas Sales anti Service Phone 2-5741 Adams, N. Y. ONTARIO Compliments of Cheese Factory Assn. Smithville, N. Y. Carl B. Alden, M. D. AMERICAN TYPE CHEESE OF ALL SIZES Phone 2-0100 ROE FEEDS 1. R. POOLE, INC Feeds - Seeds - Fertilizers METERED OR TANK SERVICE We Give S H Green Stamps 36 Spring Street Adams, New York Phone Rlvl. 4-225« Phone 2-6011 [ 55 ]The Corse Press, Inc. Sandy Creek, N. Y. 0 0 Commercial Printing and Publishers of "The Sandy Creek News" Lewis J. Harwood GENERAL TRUCKING Phone 2-7211 Compliments of DR. JOHN PRICE ADAMS, NEW YORK Compliments and Best Wishes Northern Milk Corporation■ Compliments of LOVELAND Be LINES FRIENDLY MOBIL GAS DEALER Adams New York Congratulations to SENIORS OF 1956 ADAMS BOWLING CLUB Compliments of ED FRAPPIER ('ALSO SERVICE Phone 231 Mannsvillc, N.Y. Compliments of - CARP’S DINER - 24 HOUR SERVICE Phone 2-6604 Adams, New York C'ompliments of - LILL’S GRILL - Pierrcponl Manor New York ROBERT L. MEADE GUILD OPTICIANS LET US MAKE YOUR NEXT GLASSES 110 Washington Street 129 Clinton Street Phone 41 Phone 2893 WATERTOWN NEW YORK VALLEY’S MOTEL 1 MILE NORTH OF ADAMS R.VALLEY Phone 2 5050 Compliments of E. C. TABER Compliments of DUMONT’S BARBER SHOP Compliments of RUSHO’S APPLIANCES Adams New York GLAZIER KINNEY PHARMAC Y, INC . THE REXALL STORE Phone 2 1841 17 Main Street Adams, New York Compliments of ADAMS MUSIC COMPANY 28 MAIN STREET ADAMS Pianos Band Instruments Compliments of BRICK TAVERN ALL LEGAL BEVERAGES MEALS AND LODGING Phone 2 9861 W. Church St. Adams, N. Y. Compliments of THE MEADOWBROOK Phone 4-2175 Ellishurg, N. Y. Compliments of LYMAN’S MARKET ALL WESTERN MEATS Compliments of COOK’S PLUMBING AND HEATING f 57 ] Phone 2-5721 Adams, New York• Congratulation Seniors THOMAS SALES 8c SERVICE Compliment of FEED STORE AND GARAGE Adams New York O. N. HEATH 8C SONS Compliment of SERVIS ROAD STAND ONE AND ONE-HALF MILES NORTH OF ADAMS Phone 2-1221 Compliment of ALBERT E. SMITHLER ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW Adams New York BEEHIVE STORE We Specialize in Compliment of RED 8C WHITE STORE STYLE AND GIFT MERCHANDISE L. M. OVERTON 144-150 Court Street Watertown, New York Lorraine New York Compliments of Compliments of ROGER WILLIAMS GENERAL INSURANCE MAX ALPERT’S INC. Cleveland Block Adams, N. Y. 162 Court Street Watertown, New York Compliment of Compliments of ADAMS MARKET MARY H. DOUGLASS Adam New York Compliment of Compliment of THE JEFFERSON COUNTY JOURNAL The Home Paper TICE’S ATLANTIC SERVICE Phone 2-5742 Adams, New York Compliments of Compliments of STELLA’S INN WILSON G. CURTIS Lorraine New York LEGAL BEVERAGES AND FOOD Compliments of PORTER FARM SUPPLY FASSETT’S FOOD STORE YOUR ALLIS - CHALMERS DEALER ADAMS CENTER Adams, N. Y. Phone 2-6236 [58 J WE SELL - RENT - REPAIR Typewriters - Adding Machines Duplicators Supplies See Us For Your Office Needs JOHN J. STOCKER CO. Phone 232 Watertown 22 Arcade Balcony Compliments of THE WOMEN’S SHOP EMMA W. HITCHCOCK Phone 2-1254 8 Main St. CURTIS-HOLMES MUSIC, INC. 119 Stone St., Watertown Everything In Music For The Musician FREDERICKS DRY CLEANERS Watertown New York PEC VAN EPPS, agt. Adams, N. Y. Compliments of BOB’S RESTAURANT AND SNACK BAR CHAPMAN’S WALLPAPER AND PAINT Belleville, N. Y. Phone 4-2861 KAY’S RED RESTAURANT AND CABINS AIR CONDITIONED Route 11, Adams Center, N. Y. CARL J. HENRY AND SON FARM SUPPLIES Belleville Phone 4-2621 Compliments of DE HART’S SUNOCO SERVICE MOTOR COURT Route 11 Adams Center GOLDING’S GROCERIES MEATS DRY GOODS DRUGS Phone 4-2882 Belleville, N. Y. HARVEY N. VAN WALDICK LUMBER - MILLWORK Adams Center, N. Y. BELLEVILLE GAS CO., INC. METERED AND TANK GAS SERVICE PROPANE GAS AND EQUIPMENT FOR DOMESTIC USE Phone 4-2691 (.onipliiiienls of KNOTTY PINE RESTAURANT Compliments of OTTO E. COMSTOCK WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER 3 North Main St., over Marly’s Adams New York Compliments FREDENBURG’S BASEBALL AND TENNIS EQUIPMENT HARDWARE PAINTS Phone 2-5191 Adams, New York Compliments of WHEELER’S ATLANTIC STATION Main Street Adams, N. Y. [59]Compliments of DR. MARGULIES GILLETTE’S SERVICE STATION TIRES - BALLOONS - ACCESSORIES Cars Washed and Serviced Tires Traction ized Adams New York Compliments of SHELL STATION WADE BUICK CO. BUICK SALES AND SERVICE AND USED CARS Phone 2-2171 Adams, N. Y. MAPLE GROVE RESTAURANT GLEN BOVEE - Prop. Phone 2-6546 Adams Compliments of THOMAS OIL CO. Compliments of MOORE’S FRIENDLY STORE Phone 2-6581 LORRAINE NEW YORK NEVA COLWELL BEAUTY SHOP Bundy Block, over Marty’s Phone 2-2373 Compliments of WANDA BATES LORRAINE NEW YORK ADAMS ZERO FOOD SERVICE LOCKERS - FROZEN FOODS PROCESSING WHOLESALE MEATS Ben Appelby, Operator Phone 2-1801 ADAMS G. L F. FEED - SEED - FERTILIZER FARM SUPPLIES Phone 2-1911 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS [60]- .X ■ - ■ - vi'- V. 3 • .v '■ ■ ,V . - - SfC: - . • y yv- V- '■ l - 2

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