Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI)

 - Class of 1979

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Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 223 of 232
Page 223 of 232

Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 222
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Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 224
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Page 223 text:

Abdo. Sheila A. I74 Abela, Grace A. I74 Abela. Lawrence J. IS4 Addy, David J. 47.lS4 Aguilar, Andrew L. IS4 Aguilar. Michael K. I74 Aiello, Mitchell F. 47,lI3,I5I.l4O. I48 Aiello, Peter V. 47.l74 Allan, Heather L. I74 Allen. Johanna I74 Althaus, Michael W. I74 Anderson, Mitzi C. 36,Il3.I34.I49 Anderson. Sherri G. I74 Andrews, Keith M. I74 Andrews. Ronald A. IS4 Angersbach. Jon K. IS4 Arnold. Aniel D. IIS Arnold. Tod R. 2,I74 Arscott. William L. II3 Asadoorian, Adam K. I74 Atkinson. Mary A. II3 Auer, Catherine A. I74 Austin. Bruce A. I74 Ayotte. Shavonne M. I74 ELUEI3 Blake. Randal D. I74 Blomquist. Kerry N. I74 Blomquist, Kevin S. 99 Bloomgren. Michelle A. l75 Blough, Brian P. l75 Bochenek, Steven P. IS4 Bogard. Mrs. 22 Bogard. Teresa B. I75 Boghosian. James N. IS4 Bolger, Lisa A. IS4 Bommarito, Paul M. I7S Bonnville. Craig J. IS4 Boot, Charles W. IIS Borck, Janice L. l7S Borck, Katherine,A. IS4 Borck, Mrs. 20 Borgne, Dennis J. IS4 Born, Lori J. IS4 Bougatsos, Dimitrios IIS Boyd, Beth A. l75 Boyle, Mrs. 28 Braden. Wendy A. II4.I39 Bradford. Larry M. IS4 Bradlee. David M. l7S Braxton, Jeffrey M. I7S Bregier, Amy A. IS4 Brickhouse. Aubrey L. IS4 Brickhouse. Gregory T. I7S Bridges, Lorrie IS4 Briggs, Carrie L. I54 Brisson, Daniel C. 98.I7S Britt. James E. II4 Bronder, Diane M. ISS Bailey, Laura K. 34.S8,l74 Ballo. Mr. 26 Baldwin, Lisa G. II3 Balian, Gary M. IS4 Balian, Michael J. Il3 Balis, Robin J. IS4,I69 Ban. David T. I74 Bandelean, Sue 98,IS4 Bardes, Ruth Ann I74 Barkeley, David D. I74 Barlow, Susan Il3 Barnaby, Brenda L. I74 Barnaby, Scott A. I4I Barnes, Karen D. Il3 Bartley. Karen D. IS4 Basinger, Lynda J. I74 Basso, Shawn E. IS4 Bathel, John I74 Beach. Marcia R. IS4 Beane, Suzanne M. 98.99,II3 Beattie. Barbara J. I74 Bechard, Theresa A. 86,87,lI3 Bedford. Karen M. IS4 Beerer, Cynthia L. I74 Belaney. Curtis F. II3 Belanger, Edward J. 52,lS4 Belanger, Kathleen A. I74 Belanger, Mark J. Il3.I38 Belevender, Craig P. IS4 Bronzo, Michael R. ISS Brooks, Nancy l75 Brooks Robert M. 52,Il4 Brown., Alan J. IO6,IIS Brown, Brown, Annette L. SO.lIS Cathleen A. I7S Brown, Cloletta Y. ISS Brown. Donald C. l75 Brown. Jeffrey A. IIS Brown. Jeffrey S. IIS Brown, Judith A. l75 Brown. Kenneth B. l75 Brown, Laurie L. II4 Brown, Mathilde C. 49,87.lS5 Brown, Matthew J. ISS Brown. Rosemarie A. ISS Brown. Brown. Tracey A. l75 William E. II4 Brubaker, Lisa K. II4 Brudzinski, Stephen M. l7S Bruenn. Amy L. l7S Brulez, Brulez, Denise P. l7S Michele M. ISS Brune. Donald C. ISS Brunk, Samuel D. l7S Brusstar. Charles R. II4 Brusstar, Mary B. S3,lSS Buchholz. Cynthia A. IIS Budry, Gary J. IIS Buhl, Martin C. l75 Buhl. Peter J. ISS Buiteweg. Judith M. II6 Belkoff. Stephen M. IS4 Benson. Ann E. Il3 Benson. Barbara A. I74 Benson, Gregory A. IIS Benson, Lynda D. II3 Benson, Molly M. l46 Benson. Sandra L. IS4 A Benson , Susan R. I74 Bergstrom, Glen P. IS4 Berbe. Mr. 28,99 Bettini, Audrey L. I74 Biallas, John E. S2.lS4 Birley. James I74 Birley, Susan M. IlS.l46 Bishop, Judith A. 87,II4,I5O Buiteweg, Richard J. 47,I7S Burch, Michael S. IIS Burgess, Daniel J. 47,II5,l48 Burgess, Steven A. 47,ISS Burke, Bradley D. II6 Burke, James F. 98.lI6,I33,l38 Burke, Timothy M. ISS Burkhart. Jon A. lI6,I44 Burley. Elizabeth A. l75 Burnard, Lori l75 Burns. Thomas G. II6 Burr, Cheryl M. II6 Burr, Sally L. 34 Busch, Charles H. I7S Buser. Gregory A. lI6,I38 ll-,ULU IEEE Buser. Steven D. l75 Buss, Christa A. II6 Button. Bill l75 Byers. Stephen W. ISS Cadieux. Scott C. ISS Cadieux. Todd A. II6 Calder. Philip T. l75 Callahan. Tyrone W. I75 Cameron. Kenneth N. l75 Cameron. Sheila M. II6 Cantrell, Craig E. I75 Canu. Joseph R. II6 Canzano. Matthew D. I7S Canzano. Roger S. ISS Cappo. Karen J. ISS Cardimen. Jeffrey S. l7S Carene, Cynthia C. II7 Carlson, Claudia L. I7S Carr, Kevin S. II7 Carr, Michael C. ISS Carr. Teresa I. l75 Carter, Kimberley M. 34,S8.lSS Carterson, Regina ISS Carvey, Leisa M. II7 Cary, Michelle R. 98,lI7.I38 Cassstevens. Margot L. ISS Castiglione, Annette ISS Castorina, Elena M. l75 Cavallero. Dawn ISS Chadburn. Christopher A. II7 Chadwick, Christopher S. I76 Champine. Jeannette M. ISS Chase, Lynn C. l76 Cheek, Elizabeth A. II7 Chirco, Jacquelin M. ISS Chirco, Josephine M. 98.ll7,I2O Christenson, Steven E. ISS Chu. Danny T. ISS Church, Christopher J. IO7,IS6 Churchill. Brenda L. 34,58,l76 Cianciolo, Jill M. IS6 Ciccone. Melanie M. IS6 Cieslik, David R. IS6 Cieslik, Judith A. II7 Cilva, Donna M. I76 Cischke, Sherri K. I76 Claerhout. Stephen R. I76 Claffey, Joan E. 86.ll7.l39 Claffey, Michael D. IS6 Clair, Michele E. 99,Il7,I2O Clark, Jeffry C. I76 Clark, Sheila M. IS6 Clatworthy. Jennifer A. S8,l76 Cleaveland, Scot B. IS6 Cleland, Brenda L. 34.S8,I76 Clemens, Robert V. l76 Clemens. William S. IO3.IS6 Clemo, John W. I06 Clevenger, Mr. 3 Clever, David M. ISO Clissold. Karin M. I76 Clissold. Lisa A. 49.87,I56 Cloutier. Patricia S. I76 Coad, Colleen G. IS6 Cobb, Matthew L. S3,I56 Cochran, Jackie M, 28.I76 Cole. Allison L. II7 Collin, Gisele M. IS6 Collins, Earl W. IS6 Collins, Steven D. I76 Colombo. Chris B. l76 Coltman, Deborah L. II7 Comment, Barbara J. II7 Comment, Joseph A. IS6 Comstock. Mr. I9 Connolly, Kevin M. 47,l56 Cooper. Anne E. IS6 Cooper, Thomas H. II7 Cote, Catherine B. 86,99.II8 Cote, Edward G. II8 Cottrell, Amy L. IS6 Covins, Kenneth G. IS6 Covins, Robert G. II8 Crabtree. Carolyn J. S8.II8 Cracknell, Lynn M. IS6 Cracknell, Paul S. 34.47,IO3,II8. I2S,l4O.I48 Craddock. Kelly J. IS6 Cram. Tracy E. IS6 Craven, Mrs. 40 Crawford, Rebecca R. IIS Crehan, Mrs. 29 Crombez. James R. I76 Crombez. Lisa A. I76 Crossley, Richard A, lI8 Crossman. Cathy L. 6.49.99.II8,l2l I3I,I39,I46 Crowell. Scott M. II8 Cupaiulo, Nicholas J. lI8 Cupples. Michael T. I76 Cupples. Robert P. IIS Curtiss, Sherry L. IS6 Czechowski, Michael D. IS6 Dabrowski, Julie A. l76 Dabrowski, Susanne M. II8 Dalgleish. Tina M. l76 Danek. Susan D. Il9.I49 Daniels, Andrew W. IS6 Daniels, Robert A. IS6 Davis, Angelina B. IS6 Davis. Jeffrey S. II9 Davis, Timothy R. I76 Dawson, Diane L. l76 Day. Melanie J. l76 Day, Nancy A. II9 Dean, Daniel K. IS6 Deaton. William J. II9 Debaene, Angela M. 6,7,ll9 Debolt, Laura L. I76 Debolt, Michael D. IS6 Debolt, Mrs. 20 Debrabant. Victoria L. Il9.I29 Declerco, Doreen II9 Deehr. Patricia A. IS6 Delaney, Daniel J. I76 Delaney, Douglas A. IO6,II9 Delauney, Monique M. IS6 Delehanty. Joan M. 98.II9 Delehanty. Patrick J. IS6 Delida. Kevin J. IS6 Demarco, Gwen T. IS6 Dement, Edward W. l76 Demerino. Cynthia A. IS6 Dennin, Tammy A. l76 Dettman, Elizabeth A. II9 Devereux, Kevin I76 Devoe. Lance D. IS6 Devoe. Nancy A. l76 Di Nardo. Deborah L. I76 Dickson, Steven A. IS7 Didawick, Damon T. IS7 Diebold, Janice M, I76 Dillon, Timothy J. 47.IO3,l2O.l3l Dimartino, Michael D. l2O Dixon, Kay S. I77 Dodson. Lisa A. I77 Donaldson, Todd A. S2,l2O

Page 222 text:

Pazevic. Jonpierre "What can I say Jackson the guns die hard." activities: soccer club IO-I2. N.H.S. IOI2, French club IOI2. chess club IOI2. rocket club IO-II. B.G. bowl cheerleader I2 Peck. Donald "Week days were made for Michelobll signed: DRUNK" Pedrotty. Deborah "I spent two great years at Adams. l'm really going to miss it. Good luck J. J.. Grover, Renee and all my other Junior friends." activities: basketball. I0-ll, volleyball IOII. softball manager Peters, Douglas "Hail to the devils! May they and our large group. be passed down generation to generation. Yours. Bosley. It's CharIie's devils, 3 chic fathers." activities: cross country. track. german club Peters. Linda "We're a little bit older and a lot less bolder then we used to be, but still everybody must get stoned," activities: concert band, art sale Pierson. Roxane "AIways look ahead never behind because the past may not always be good." activities: gold dusters IO-I2 Pineau. Nancy "You've got to wake up every morning with a smile on your face." Piontkowski. Timothy "I'm glad I had this experience. Remember in life. when in doubt "Go for itl" activities: concert band. physics club. set carpenter for "Anne of a Thousand Days." Randolph. Robert "May my harem live on-"All for us. and us for all." activities: cross country. track, concert choir, three chic fathers Regueiro, Marilys "Make new friends. but keep the old: those are silver, these are gold. new-made friendships. like new wine, age will mellow and refine." Joseph Parry. activities: mixed chorus, pep club. concert choir. swing chorus, honor club, international club. iunior and sophomore sexiest, cheerleading Rhoton, Kathy "To my little one's: I wuv youl QBri, silvery" activities: Varsity tennis team, varsity ski team IO, school newspaper I2 Richards, Scott "Never wait or hesitate. get in kid before it's too late. you may never get another chance." activities: marching band IO-II. Jazz band IO-I2. Parking lot B. Rickabus. Gail "To all my friends, I wish you the best of luck in the future. Keep in touch. l'll always love ya and will always cherish the memories of our group, I know I will and stay sweet." activities: drill team IOI2. concert choir I2. musical I2. yearbook I2 Rimarcik. Jeffrey "Go for the gusto in whatever you do and if not go for the beerllI" activities: intramural basketball. soccer and Spanish club. Rodge. Joyce "Such is life." activities: drill team II-I2. concert choir I2. concert band IOII. school musical Rozelle, Tanis . . you often learn more by being wrong for the right reasons, than youldo by being right for the wrong reasons." The Phantom Tollbooth. Sampson. Sharon "You can complain because Roses have thorns. or you can be grateful because thorn bushes have roses. Only the good die youngl" activities: junior and senior B.G. bowl Saxon, Janet "I can dig it, I knew that you could. I know that you can." ' activities: german club. J.V. volleyball Schell. Theresa "Keep on reaching for the stars. To curvy Carvy: Thanx for being you and always be my friend. activities: drill team IO-I2. golden wave timer Il-I2. german club IO Schneider. Gayle "I have andalways will have the memories." Love Porky. activities: swim team manager Schneider. Leslie "Nobody said it wasn'tl" activities: school musical ll, newspaper editor ll, B.G. bowl I2 ' , Schroeder. Christina "Open mouth-insert foot." activities: marching band I0-I2. track manager IO. basketball, pep band IO : Sickels, Heather 4 "Take a chance. dream a dream." Smardzewski, llohn . "Man does not live on school alone: he needs good friends and good food. Cwell one out of two is not badJ." activities: marching band IOI2. basketball manager IO. N.H.S. ll-I2 Stanko. Jeffrey "That's all I can stands. I can't stands no moreI" Stern, Jeffrey "Life is often cruel?" activities: swimming I0-Il. N.H.S. ll-I2. literary club Stevens. Linda "When the musician forgot his note. he made as though a crumb stuck in his throat. Mother oats. band trees, painting rocks and sir foreverl" activities: marching band IO-I2. assistant drum maior I2. pep band IO-I2. symphony band IOI2, W. ensemble II-I2. bottle band ll-I2. chess club ll Stoops. Patricia "We are born, we die. What lies between is but a moment to fill with what we wish. Cso try to make out of your life. the best you can. even when it turns out differently. from that you were dreaming about.J" activities: art and theatre Sych, Katherine "I guess when you find what you've always wanted. that's not where the beginning begins. that's where the end starts." activities: french club IOII, marching band IOII Taylor. Jeffrey "lf you don't believe in yourself. what is there to believe in?" activities: varsity swimming IOI2, varsity track IOI2, student tutoring. yearbook. Spanish un-club Tessier. Marie "The gull see's farthest who flies highest." activities: J,L.S. softball IO, lassies ll-I2. mat club I2. senior class officer Todd. Molly "lt's been quite an experience but now it's on to bigger and better things. Best of luck Jo - bear - Australia foreverl" Tomboulian. Mark "Do you have something more crispy. like peanuts? This is to abstract, I can't relate. No biggie." Tomlinson. Beth "Music adds sparkle to life!" Torner. Joann "The capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance. Thanks Deb. Molly Claterlj Pam. Sue. Annette. Lynn and especially Tess. and Gary." Trahan. Katheryn "Music adds sparkle to life." Troll, Peter "I finally made itl Keep D.J.T. from getting too egotistical. even though that may be impossible." activities: bowling club, intramural basketball Twomey. Lisa "I'm so confusedll" activities: J.V. cheerleading IO, student council IO-ll. N.H.S. I0-ll. concert choir IO-ll. International Thespian Vahrenhorst, Cindy "Ring toss. anyone? The only thing I'lI miss is my cherished moments with the drill team, see ya later bye. gold dusters." Veillette. Brian "To strive to achieve your most fulfilling goal. you've got to want it. CTennis. Tennis. TennisY' Walker, Laurie "Boy we were dumb Shelly!" activities: J.V. cheerleading. J.V. and Varsity basketball, statistician, B.G. bowl ll-I2 Waller, Lora "A new road is waiting. you touched my life . . . Journey." activities: Homecoming and Christmas skit. J.V. and Varsity cheerleader. track. B.G. bowl ll Weishaar. Jeanette "You know we're having good days, and we hope they're gonna last our future looks brighter than our past. CrushJ" activities: choir, deca. co-op Welch. Peri "Get an education, secure a job. love someone with your whole being and thank God for everything. activities: trainer for football team. french club model. B.G. bowl II Woudstra, John "For still there are so many things that I have never seen . . . . . . in every wood, in every spring there is a different green." activities: Spanish club, medieval wargaming society

Page 224 text:

Dover. Matthew H. I57 Dreim. Ellen M. I77 Drummond. Kimberly A. I77 Dubats. Gerald D. l2O Dubats. Sally J. l57 Duby. Annette L. 7.49.l57 Ducharme. Carol M. I77 Ducharme, Suzanne P. l2O Dulin, Roy D. I77 Dulkiewicz. James H. DO Dulkiewicz. Susan L. I77 Dunn. Mr. 34 Dupack. Laura A. I77 Durbin, Clair E. I57 Dwyer, Joseph E. I2O Dykins. Lynne S. DO Eckfeld. Karen S. D6.I77 Eckhout. Jeffrey D. I57 Edelen. Stephen C. I2O Edwards. Diane F. I77 Edwards. Jennifer L. I2O Eller. Lynda M. I77 Ellingson. Steven C. 86.DI.D8.I38 Elliott. Gary L. DI Ely. Lovan T. I77 Engelhardt. Sabine U. DI England. Thomas J. I77 Enright. Laura L. I77 Enright. Martha M. l2l Erkkila. Mrs. 2I.29 Eschrich. Susan G. DI Essenmacher. Joan I. 34.58.I57 Eubanks. John R. I77 Evans. Kellie J. 7.IO7.DI Evans. Lisa M. I77 Evans. Mrs. 58 Evans. Theresa M. I2I Even. Bernadett R. I77 Even. Mark A. IO7,DI Fabian. Elizabeth M. l2l Fabian. Therese A. I57 Fagan. David W. 6.7.99.Dl.I3l.I32 l4O Fagan. William J. I77 Fanelli. Guy J. I22 Farese. Mariesa E. 34.99.l2l.I38 Farese. Philip J. nv Farlin. Lisa E. I77 Farnan. Edward H. I2I Farrell. Amy K. l57 Farrell. Laura l57 Fedak. Sheryl K. 98.I57 Feeley. Brian E. 7.I57 Fender. Robert l57 Fisk. Mrs. 36 Fiteny, Gary M. l57 Fitzsimmons, Mark A. I57 Flater. Montrey D. I77 Fleming. Jeffrey A. I77 Fletcher. Natalie T. D2 Flosky. Denise L. D2 Flynn. James M. D2 Fogler. Brian l57 Fogler. Ronald M. I77 Fognini. Joanne M. I77 Foisy, Vincent B. I77 Forbush. Brett B. I77 Formold. Kevin L. I77 Forsyth, Richard A. I57 Fox. Carolyn T. 6.49,98.D2.D3. l38.l44 Fox. David J. I77 Fox. Linda M. I58 Frazer. Lynn E. I22.I46 Freeland. Kenneth S. I78 Freeland. Steven L. I78 Freeman. Mary E. I78 Freeman. Mr. I9 Freer. Darrell F. 34.D2.I38 French, Alan D. I22 Freyder. Suzanne V. I78 Friebe. John W. IO6.lO7,l58 Friedli. Robin L. 34.l39.I52 Furlong, Michael G. 53.l78 Gaden. Sandra K. D2 Galbraith. April A. I78 Galbraith. Joanne M. D3 Gallopoulos. Anne L. I58 Gara. Jennifer A. I69 Gay. Catherine S. 6.99.D3 Gayner. Beverly J. I58 Gendich. Michael I58 Gentry. Elizabeth S. I78 Gerada. Thomas A. I78 Gerber. Lisa M. D3 Gerber, Mary Jo I78 Gerke. Shane M. 47.D3 Gersdorff. Arnim S. D3 Gersdorff. Detlef S. D3 Gibbard. Heidi B. I58 Gibney. Christina L. I22 Gibney. Marybeth 6.l58 Gibson. Mrs. 29 Gierke. Mr. 53 Gigliotti. Annette 5I.86 Gilliland. Craig A. I22 Gingras. Joseph P. I58 Gingras. Theresa J. I78 Glaser. Thomas J. I58 Goetsch. Susan M. l23 Golding. Nancy R. 5O.D3 Goniwiecha. Craig E. 47.I23 Goniwiecha. Reid A. I58 Googasian. Karen A. 86.l58 Goran. Lynette M. 34.58.l78 Ferguson. Todd W. I77 Ferrari. Lisa M. 34.58.I57 Ferry. Grayce A. I77 Ferry. John D. I77 Fette. Dawn R. I77 Field. Jennifer J. I57 Fifield. Adam R. D2 Fifield. Daniel A. I57 Fifield. Eve A. D2 Fina. John C. I57 Finston. Terrie L. 34.58.D2 Fischer. Kurt F. lO7.l57 Fischer. William H. D2 Fish. Matthew J. I77 Fisher. Bill I57 Fisher. Kevin D. l57 Gordon. Kathy L. l23 Gordon. Kerry T. 47 Goudy. Gayl J. I78 Gowanlock. Mrs. 20 Graham. Laura J. I78 Grant. Brian S. I78 Grant. James M. D3 Grant. Timothy J. I58 Granthen. Gary C. I58 Gravelle. Douglas J. 4O.I58 Graves. Kirk M. 52.I58 Grech. David R. 47.I58.I69 Green. Cheryl L. I58 Green. Kimberly D. I78 Green. Mrs. 23 Green. Patti J. I78 Green, Ray C. 52.D4 Green, Renee A. 36.D4 Green. Terri L. I58 Gregory, Cheri B. D4 Griffen, Mr. I9 Groomes. Steven O. I58 Grossert. Katharina A. I78 Grube. Chris A. I58 Grylicki. Mark J. I58 Grylicki. Mary A. I78 Grylls. Sarah M. I58 Guindon. Alayna J. D4 Guindon, Kelly A. I78 Guzanek. Robert A. I78 Guzdial, Ann T. I78 Haas. Debra I58 Haas. Sandra I78 Haener. Kelli L. I78 Hagemeier, David R. I24 Hagenbuch, Peter B. D4 Haggberg. Jodi M. D4 Haines, Robin L. D4 Hale. Julie S. I78 Hallett. Mary H. I24 Halliday, Brian L. D4 Hammell. Mark D. I24 Hammond. Toniua D. I78 Hannemann. Heather A. I78 Hannemann. Pamela J. 87.D4.I38. I46 Hanson. Jacquelin M. I58 Hanson. Susan E. I78 Harbin. Donald D. I58 Hardwick. James E. 34.l5S Hardy. Clifton B. I58 Harlow. Charles J. I78 Harris. Dana L. I58 Harris. Mrs. 2 Harris. Scott A. D5 Harris. Stewart L. D5 Harrison. Paul J. I58 Harrison, Phil J. I58 Harrison. Steven A. I78 Harvey. Christopher K. I59 Harvey. Timothy S. I59 Haskell, Jeffrey W. I59 Haug. Dawn M. I59 Hauser. Celia L. I59 Hayes. Thomas J. lO3.D5 Hayes. William J. I79 Hays. Linda A. l25 Hazelwood. Maura B. I79 Hazelwood. Tara B. I59 Head. Terry L. I59 Heberling. Kenneth B. I59 Heberling. Kristopher S. 86.87.I25 Heck. Jeffrey A. I59 Hein. Carolyn A. I79 Heizer. Scott R. 52.D5 Heldreth. Laura C. I59 Hellebuyck. Paul A. I79 Hellebuyck. Robert R. 53.I59 Henad. Christina L. I79 Henderson. Scott A. I59 Hendrikson. Stacey A. I79 Henry. Mary C. I59 Hering, David A. I79 Heter. Bonnie L. I59 Heuerman. Karl F. I79 Hewit. Miss 3 Hickey. Beatrice A. 34.58,I79 Hickey. Colleen M. 34.58.I79 Hickey. Daniel J. I69 Hickey. Kathleen G. D5 Hietanen. Karrie S. D5 Hietanen. Sharrie K. D5 Higgins. Cindy L. I59 Higgins. Julie A. l25 Hilber. Joseph E. I59 Hilber. Katherine A. I79 Hilber. Patrick M. IO6 Hildum. David W. IO7.I59 Hill. Amy B. I79 Hill. Michael D. I79 Hill. Michael P. I69 Hill. Tami G. D5 Hill. Terrence A. l25 Hodson. Jay R. I79 Holaves. Mark T. I79 Holcomb, Elizabeth J. D6 Holcomb. Ira J. I69 Holland. Corey M. I79 Holland. Dale R. I59 Holland. Susan M. I26 Holzimmer. Julie L. I59 Holzschu, Ronald D. 47.I26.l46 Hopaluk. John A. I79 Hopkins. David B. I59 Hopkins, Raymond J. D6 Hopkins. Susan A. I79 Hopkins, Victoria L. I59 Hopp. Joanne M. 5l.l59 Horan. Lucy E. I79 Horan. Mary C. I59 Hord. Sheryl C. IO7,l79 Horsman. Ann P. I59 Houston. Paul N. I59 Howard. Lorrie A. I59 Howard. Susan L. I79 Howcroft. Michael l. I59 Howell. Brian G. I59 Howell. Charlene A. I59 Howell. Craig S. ISO Howell. Matthew P. I79 Howes. William A. I6O Howie. Bruce E. l6O Hubbard. Eric C. l26 Hubbard. Steven M. D6 Huber. Kathleen 53.98.I6O Huber. Michael G. 53.l8O Hudalla. Jeffery S. I6O Hulber. David S. I8O Hull. Robert F. ISO Hulten. Andrew J. D6.l38 Hulverson. Diane K. 98.l26.I46.I49 Hund. Diane M. ISO Hund. Frederick J. l26 Hunsanger. Dean P. l8O Hunsanger. Dolores E. l6O Hunt. Holly A. l6O Hunt. Teresa M. I26 Hunt. Mrs. 50 Hunter. Janet M. 34.58.I6O Hurlburt. Kerrie J. 86.l6O Huss. Victoria L. l8O Huyck. James D. lO7.l6O Huyck. Mary B. IBO Iamarino. Gina M. ISO llkka. Raymond A. D6 Isola, Michael E. D6 Isola. Sharon M. I6O Jack. Mitchel D. D6 Jackson, Deborah J. I8O Jackson. Lynne M. ISO . Jackson. Mark S. D6 Jackson. Mark S. I27 Jackson. Richard W. l6O

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