Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI)

 - Class of 1979

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Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 220 of 232
Page 220 of 232

Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 219
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Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 221
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Page 220 text:

Anderson. Mitzi "The more you know. the more you know you don't know. activities: J.V. cheerleading. B.G. bowl. J.V. and varsity stats for baseball. Barnes. Karen "There'll be sleeping enough in the grave". activities: ski team. marching band. N.H.S., pianist for musicals. Beane. Suzanne "l hope that I make as many good friends in the future as I have made here at Adams." activities: Business editor of yearbook. Cllthj. newspaper staff. fllth and llthj. play productions fllthj. bowling club CIOJ. marathon llth and I2thJ. Belaney, Curtis "White collared conservative flashing down the street pointing their plastic finger at me. They're hoping soon my kind will drop and die. but l'm gonna wave my freak flag HIGH. HIGH. HIGH. Benson. Ann "Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness". Benson, Lynda "Never stop learning and never stop growing- that's the key to a rich and fascinating life". activities: Adams drill team CIOth and Ilthj. Benson. Molly "Live for today-lt will be great!" activities: N.H.S.. Thespian society. B.G. bowl. wrestling mat club. senior float. Bishop. Judith "Live without thinking about living . . . believe without seeking proof - feel a sense of kinship with every living thing." activities: musical, N.H.S.. student council fvice president of senior classj. B.G. bowl. Blomquist. Kevin "To Chip and Ed: "Thank you for being a friend." activities: Head staff photographer for the yearbook. filthy Brown, Alan "Remember "sticks" says not to forget your takadimi's" activities: Symphony band. tennis team. soccer. wind ensemble. marching band. concert band. Brown. Annette "Ya know what I mean?" activities: Varsity Tennis. N.H.S. Brown. Jeffrey "AIways live life to its fullest." activities: Basketball Manager IO-Il. Track IO. Physical Fitness N.H.S. Il-lJth Brown. Laurie "l want to stick around till I can't see straight!" Good Luck everybody! And remember Lisa TGTOMB-SDGH. Brown. William "Nothing is certain. Hens will crow and cocks will lay. You are here and l am there. or maybe not. Nothing. nothing is certain. Around and around the little ball goes. and where it stops nobody knows. Chaos is king and magic is loose in the world." activities: Cross Country Ski Club. Brubaker. Lisa "I go to parties sometimes until 4. lt's hard to leave when you can't find the door." SDGH Good Luck Brown and Terrie. activities: Drill Team IO-llth. Lieutenant llth. Brusstar. Charles "L'homme c'est rien-l'oeuvre c'est tout." activities: Varsity Tennis lOl2th. Buchholz. Cynthia "Education is like the yellow brick road. after the I3 year hike. yer in the land of oz. so weep. ruuh. and go for itl activities: Gold Dusters, Adams Lassies. Adams Angels fmat clubl Budry. Gary "Like a guest who's stayed too long. now it's finally time to leave." activities: Science Club l2th Burke. Bradley "lf a man does not keep pace with his companion. perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the beat in which he hears however measured or faraway. choir. theatre arts. youth theatre. activities: Manager Football. Summer Music Theatre 76-77. Devoted football fan. Burke. Brian "Dreams never die. Just the dreamer." Burke. James "Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision . . . but today well-lived. makes yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. activities: Track Team IO-llth. N.H.S. IO-I2th. Marine Corp Fitness Team II.I2th. Student Council Treasurer llth. Under the Kilt ll.l2th. Jazz Band lO,llth. Burr. Cheryl "Don't let the past remind us of what we are. not now. Crosby, Stills. Nash S Young." Hey Peggy ettttttl Buser. Gregory "The wise man learns by the tribulation of the fool." activities: President of Senior Class. Buss. Christa "He has achieved success who has lived well. laughed often, and loved much." activities: Marching Band IO-I2th, N.H.S. llth. Thespian. Band Council llth. Solo and Ensemble Festival IO-llth. Campbell. Peggy "For long you live and high you fly, and smiles you give. and tears you cry - - lt's all your life will ever be - - Cheryl: 4 wheels. stoney. slow down by the seaside. "E-t-t-t-t-t-t Carvey. Leisa "I'Il miss ya Adams all the fun friends. games and dances. but I'm sure glad I'm getting out! "79 is mighty fine"!l Cp.s. shapely Schell always keep in touch friendly activities: Swim team Adams Lassies IO-llth. Track. B.G. Bowl. Concert Choir. Musical. Cary, Michelle "Boy. we were dumb . . .ldon't believe we did thatl" activities: B.G. Bowl ll-llth. Newspaper lOl2th. JV and Varsity Baseball Statistician. Chirco. Josephine "lf you want to live to ve Iw"Fatti" l cazzi! ffor transportation consult your nearest ltalianj activities: managing editor and Ad. manager of under the kilt. Clair. Michele "Life is a mystery to be lived. not a problem to be solved." activities: girls basketball IO. B.G. bowl ll-ll. co-editor of yearbook Cote. Catherine "For the fearsome fivesome only the good die young. Thanx for all the good times. K.T.. K.C.. Sharon. Tot. Karen. Diane and all the others." activities: yearbook II. parties IO-I2 Cracknell. Paul "l will always love you Karen. take care next year. The marines will be lonely without you." activities: wrestling ll-IJ. Varsity football ll-I2. baseball trainer. P.W. I2 Crossman. Cathy . .sooner or later l'm going to figure out that there's nothing to worry about. and that there's plenty to be thankful for . . ." activities: J.V. basketball, J.V. volleyball. Varsity cheerleader. co-editor of the yearbook. B.G. bowl I2. Olympic fP.P.P.'erl Danek. Susan "Too many possibilities. too little time." activities: J.V. and Varsity basketball. N.H.S. secretary. co-op club. boys basketball statistician ll-II. B.G. bowl Debaene. Angela "Thanks for the times you have given me. the memories are all in my mind. And now that we've come to the end of the rainbow . . activities: J.V. basketball IO-ll. Varsity track IO. Under The Kilt IO-ll. concert choir. pep club. B.G. bowl ll-I2 . student council representative IO DeClercq. Doreen "Today is the tomorrow you looked forward to yesterday." ' Dettman. Elizabeth "The main thing in life is not to be afraid to be human." Pablo Casals activities: N.H.S. IOD. German club IO-I2 fsecretary and Presidentj. symphony band and wind ensemble Dillon. Timothy "High school is the best time of your life. make the best of it." activities: Varsity football Il-I2. Varsity basketball Il-II, Varsity baseball ll-II, newspaper Il-I2. Amble Inn Dolecki, Donna "At Adams, play it safe and to be safe. don't get caught. But if you get caught there's always the great gig in the sky." activities: school store II. co-op ll-IJ. Deca Ducharme. Suzanne "Never trust a man whose horn isn't straight" and "Thank you Mom and Dad for your love and support." activities: marching band IO-I2. solo and ensemble IOII. honors band IOII. N.H.S. ll-I2 Edwards. Jennifer "Keep climbing till your dreams come true." activities: drama IOII. Forensics IOII Ellingson. Steven "To fully enjoy school. one must party and study. and those who can do them both will have got it made." activities: tennis IO. basketball stat ll. student council representative IOII. student council pres. ll. camp counselor Il-I2, concert choir I2 Evans. Kellie "Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." Robert Frost activities: choir. marching band. Thespian Society. French club. wind ensemble. literary club. musicals. jazz band. Charlie's Devils! Fagan, David "I believe it's time for me to fIyl" activities: J.V. football. Varsity wrestling IO-ll. yearbook staff Farese. Mariesa "My years at Adams have come to an end and now college begins. But where l'd rather be is by his side. I guess that will be in l985." activities: worked on plays IO. yearbook staff Il-II. 3rd hour delegate Finston. Terrie "But now that it's over-Remember the future is yours. See ya at Steve Bru and Buc take care of "The Zip." activities: Varsity diving IO-ll. lassie Il-I2 Fletcher. Natalie "Stakes are high and so am l it's in the air tonight. it's a free for all. Pretty Bah-Foe!!! See ya Adams." activities: swim team IO Fox. Carolyn "Just look for me on the cover of Time! l wonder if they'll still be calling me "Cowy" by then?!" activities: class secretary IO. girls ski team IOIJ. cheerleader lO.I2. Under The Kilt Il-IJ. B.G. bowl ll-IJ. N.H.S. IO-IJ. The Unsinkable Molly Brown fcrew Ill. crew ll-I2. Munch's pal IOI2. space cowgirl forever Frazer. Lynn "They are free who do not fear to go to the end of their thought." activities: choir. "MoIIy Brown" Freer. Darrell "What can I say. I'm unreal!" activities: basketball IO-ll. baseball IOII. French club. B.G. bowl coach ll-I2 Friedli. Robin :. "Nothing is sweeter than having a friend to talk and share with." activities: German club IOIJ. marching band I2 Gay. Catherine H .. "To Beaner. Crossman and Cindy White:

Page 219 text:

ClUUUUUC1ClUClClUCIDDDDUUElClCICJUUUUCJDUDCJUUDUUUUDCJDUDDDUUElDEIDCICIDDDCJDIIJCJDDUDDCJDUDCJCJDUEI TROY AREA ROCHESTER Auburn AREA at Adams Crooks DDUUCIUD EIDUCIUEI 852-2820 D Cl lj 1 Serving Oakland and Macomb County since 1945 E S OTHER SERVICES E U Alterations Tailoring D S NORTH WOODWARD AREA - 2927 N. Woodward 549-0970 E 3 ROYAL OAK A-REA - 1407 E. Eleven Mile LI 1-1503 3 DIIIEICJCID EIEIDDU EIDDUDUUUDUU I3 Buy Your 1980 Yearbook Dooom W ro vs 0 3 ro o : ro vs 'O ro Q m. S Z: 5+ eq oooooo D I T N D S MICHIGAN CHR 5 IA FIREPLACES D Q COLLEGE IIMMIES RUSTICS sfsiaezzeaaissssaofasss E, U Cl U -tn: 'IM ,n U 3 Belinda Lazar, a 1978 Rochester Adams 0mf'lll'Qg2f?795'-N., qi ! Haalizgg El - , , , , W 3 -.Sea .. i e. 00 war S graduate, IFIVIFES you to jorn her fellow .1523 .5 Blmgxam E1 S students in an atmosphere where one-to- if 522 9 E Q one relationships are important, Call i,0lgg 'llliI2 QS. 29500-6 E U 651-5800 to find out more 'M':TfIZI.l?,'5i' D E1 lx nImIgm.iIrnz.v.Iu rf fr--tru -v we Livonia E1 Cl IIICIEJD EICJUCI FRAME Cl ' C1 5 CSWEEDN CENTER Weir, Manuel, Snyder 8' Ranke 3 LL . E AND INC, The Real Estate People REALTOR E S 1205 West University Drive f Rochester I 651-3500 U S Mgl Edwards 298 S. Woodward Avenue ! Birmingham I 644-6300 El U 4700 Rochester Road f my f ess-7300 S El N D S AVON RD- 7285 Orchard Lake Road I West Bloomfield ! 851-5500 U U W k U D - N, U S S 5 E INDUSTRIAL DRAVON K Q ' Qt E E mfr, COLUSION 5 ' If -27 ,f" tj c . 5-'Q ' I" ' - 5 ' -- ae-fx -if - S .59 N YA... 1, f JS-4 El M 12 if E D T '75 ' , Q El E gif' E 3 .l g ' I fc .. El S "QUALITY WORK - NO HASSLE SERVICE" 'Q El U l . I WY '57 ,Qf,'!3gjg5i:-1-.',::-idrw f-.1-,' g'-' - ' , ' ,um U o 'Complete Collision and Frame Repair E'l-- In 3 111.1 i It ' I ' S E 'Ask About Our Senior Citizen's Rates ' Q El k I S E ' F- .V E 'T'f. ,..' 'SA L Q' ' tb . . ,.- 5 D M-59 and Crooks Road Phone. 852-5777 . Tm I A V , A gamma W D E 2275 Star Court, Auburn Heights 1480571 ' i""7' 'R ' " ' "' E D UDDDDCIDUCIUUDUDDUElUUDEIDUDCIDDDUDEDDEIElDDCIDDUDCIDCICIEJCIElDDUUUEIIJDDEIUUDDDUUDDDDCJDDU

Page 221 text:

Thanks a lotll" activities: basketball l0,Il, softball ll. cheerleading lO.I2. yearbook I2. B.G. bowl I2 C231 Gerber, Lisa "To my friends: Try to hear what I'm not saying for what I say is so little or of what is really me." activities: cheerleading IO-Il, Varsity chorale IO, concert choir II. student council I2. Rep. to school board I2. Honor Society ll-I2 Gigliotti. Annette "Thanks Jill for being so understanding about the folks. Michelle you're the best partier. Ruthanne. my buddy. I'm gonna need ya at WMU." activities: basketball IO-II. B.G. bowl II-I2. softball IOI2 Gilliland, Craig "l've gotten a lot out of school in the last I2 years. but l've received alot more from Jesus Christ in the last three." activities: wrestling, swimming, malibu club. Canada. Gordon, Kathy "We brought nothing into the world and it is certain we can carry nothing out." activities: basketball IO-I2. co-op ll Grimes. Gary "l leave with mixed feelings, glad to leave school, sorry to leave friends." The Mad Hobbit. Alias Gary Grimes. activities: soccer club Hagemeier. David "All good things must come to an end . . .How come it took so long?" activities: physics club ll-I2. International Thespian Society IOI2. debate I2. three chickatees Hagenbuch, Peter "Aufwiedersehen meine liebe schule." activities: German club, International Thespian Society. N.H.S. Harris, Stewart "Julie Robertson and Lisa Twomey are the prettiest girls in the worIdI" activities: Thespian Society. German club, N.H.S.. musicals, concert choir, J.V. football Heberling. Kristorpher "Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today." activities: football IO. wrestling IO-I2. N.H.S.. steering committee Il-I2 Holland, Susan "I'm only here for the beer." Hulverson. Diane "l can't find my keyslll Does anybody have a hanger?ll" activities: newspaper IO-I2. J.V. and Varsity baseball statistician Jackson. Mark "Hello Willie, your going to get a bald and fat one. Mine is going to be beautiful." activities: football Il:I2, baseball IO-I2 Jackson. Mark "I can't give it away on 7th avenue." activities: tennis IO-I2. soccer IOI2. intramural basketball IO-I2. R.P. pep club Joachim. Beth "Oh, end this day. Set me in motion. l've got to be on my way." activities: B.G. bowl II-I2. Varsity cheerleading II-I2 and school paper Il-I2 Jones, Gregory "Remember Rochester Adams Jazz, you need to count always but you can't count without your takadimi's." activities: wind ensemble IOI2. symphony band, spanish club. solo ensemble. R.A. Jazz IOI2. jazz ensemble, pep band. marching band. pit or orchestra. band festivals Jones, Robert "What is a senior? A senior is: To be led by the nose as asses are. Wm. Shakespeare. P.S. Boyle what the hell was Expos?" activities: Thespian Society IO-I2. "Mightier Than Th Sword" IO, concert choir ll-I2. Jazz band IO-I2 ,loc-wick. Harry "R.A. Jazz put out three years of the best audiophysiopsychic music or in other words. Jazz that Adams ever heard. Remember your ta- kadimi's." activities: R.A. Jazz IO-I2. Adams Jazz IO-I2. marching band IO-I2. symphony band. wind ensemble. pep band. Kabodian, Armen "Who ordered this roast beef?" activities: student council I2. Thespians. coneheads. bottle band Kaszubinski, Tracy "Wilderness survival is the real thing. Thanks Mr. Flissl Be rowdy and spastic-it makes life more fun!" Spaz Kaz Keener, Diane "Moving to Adams in my senior year wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The kids here are really great!" activities: track IO-II, plays IO. student council representative IO King. Laura "Hey Tone. M E: M all the way!! Hey C. you haven't gotten rid of me yet. but should get rid of that car!I" activities: basketball IO, volleyball IO-I2, track IOI2, B.G. bowl II-I2 King, Patti "Friend, keep our friendship for its contribu- tions to my life is immeasurable: allow me to dream so I may grow, and save me my future so I may make my dreams life." activities: softball IO-I2. soccer, B.G. bowl, drama crew Kinsella. David "Let the good times roll." activities: ski club IOII, J.V. tennis IO. intramural basketball ll-I2. baseball manager Klein. Doris "If at first you don't succeed your running about average." activities: softball IO, track II, B.G. bowl I2 Klemmer, Linda "HalIelujahllI" Kozak. Tatiana "Only the good die young." Love is not in our choice, but in our fate." activities: track manager IO. Jr. and Senior B.G. bowl Krebs, Kurt "The squonk is of a very retiring disposition and due to its ugliness weeps constantly." activities: I-6 hours Krzeski. Renee "I'm glade eye kame too thiss skool? and learnt soe much. . . . Ain't no hair off my chest . . activities: German club. concert shoir, Evelyn Wood head sped wreding coruse Kubinski, Lynette "The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn." activities: N.H.S., science club Kuczaida. Leslie "Getting to know yourself is the definition of change. fHugh Pratherb . . . standing around the trash can." activities: concert choir, show choir. Iassies - Adams Angels - Charlie's Devils. 78 8 79 musicals Kwit. Daniel "Don't go changing to try and please me . . activities: football IOI2. yearbook I2. B.G. bowl cheerleader, N.H.S. Laney, Lori "As you believe, so shall it be fif you're luckyJ." activities: marching band IOI2. chess club IOII. N.H.S. I2 Lanza, Matthew "To Pam: Thanks for introducing me to Gwen she's the greatest. To my sister: Good Luck." you're going to need it." activities: J.V. football, track IO. Varsity football. wrestling Il-I2 Lenhard, Daniel "Through thick and thin I stayed in despite of my doubts I got out." Leshley. Christina "Anything that takes time is worth the time it takes." activities: Diving IO, Varsity softball IOII, concert choir Mabery. Kimberly "Delightful things are all around just waiting to be found." activities: Track IO Mahnick, Kenneth activities: J.V. football IO, Varsity football Il. Wrestling I2, 3rd hour delegate Marsom, Matthew "Life is too short to be taken seriously." activities: Newspaper II-I2, yearbook I2. J.V. and Varsity basketball tnanager IOII. Track IO, N.H.S. IO-I2. Basketball announcer ll-I2. intramural basketball. Maurer, Jeffrey "We must preserve our precious bodily fluids." Mazzara, Cristopher "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." activities: Cross country IO. German club IO, N.H.S. and steering committee Il-I2 McCurdy. Kathryn "Sometimes the perfect gift to give someone is a smile. Good luck to all the up and coming seniors - you're gonna need it!" Bye Adams. activities: volleyball IO-I2. drill team. B.G. bowl II McGarry. Tracy "Do not follow where the path leads. Rather-go where there is no path and leave a trail." activities: Swim team IOII McOuaid, Mark "We are catching up Eric and George so you better get better. activities: Football IOII. Baseball II. Conservation and Wilderness trip. yearbook I2 Miles. Donald "I have nothing to say." activities: band, band. band etc . . . Miskee, Shawn "Throughout all my years of school. undoubta- bly high school was the best!" activities: Student council I2 Mounts, Kevin "l think I am. therefore I am il thinkJ." activities: Physics club. computer club, chess club. wargaming club Mullin, Sarah "Sometimes I can laugh and cry. and I can't remember why, but I still love those good times gone by." James Taylor activities: plays. "Los Vend idos." Spanish club Murasky, Doreen "You damn fool!" activities: student council. soccer. N.H.S.. international Thespian society. varsity softball. german club Nani, Robert "The A.B.C.'s of my life. . .A. Always be cool S calm b. stay wise c. do whatever you do with Iogic!" activities: cross country. swimming and diving. track. spanish club. table tennis club Oberstadt. James "Ye fools. what profiteth a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul. He who has ears. let him hear." Oleski, Ruthanne "Hey Annette-buns up! Look out WMU here come two crazy roommates!" activities: ski team IOII. B.G. bowl ll-I2 Ozinga. Karen "Heaps of thanks to the west gang and my "only the good die young." Buddies take care! To Kel-" . . . cause it never looked so good! . . activities: Girls basketball manager IO. German club IO. B.G. bowl II-I2. yearbook I2, Band IO-I2 Patrico. Joseph "To all the upcoming sophomores. juniors and seniors enioy school while you can, because before you realize it . . . it's all over." activities: football I2. marine phitness II-I2. track II-I2. B.G. bowl coach I2. wrestling I2

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