Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI)

 - Class of 1978

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Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 258 of 270
Page 258 of 270

Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 257
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Page 258 text:

Phillips. Laurence "Eric's Chevelle will never beat my VegaI" Pino. John "Mr. Glenn was an "intense" teacher." activities: conservation club l2. wrestling I2. Pitts. Bill "This place is no educational institution. it's a mental institution." activities: Baseball. Poffenberger. Rod "Mt pithy maxim: I am ready. All that lies ahead is the future. Seriously. those who don't use it. lose it. RMAEI PlHTAI" activities: National Honor Society I I- I 2. Senior class President. german club I I-I2. basketball statistics. cross country IO. Potere. Kim "The high school years have been the best years of my Iife." activities: Band. Price. Betsy "lf only I were as sure as the birds . . . activities: Lassies I2. Yearbook I2. Prudden. Sara "These days I seem to think a lot about the things that I forgot to do and all the times I had the chance to." Pruente. Mary "Julie. while you're away. write. call. be a "good" girl. and don't do anything I wouIdn't do." Quitmeyer. Heidi "Life is just what you make it to be." activitles: Physics and Astronomy club. french club. Thespians. cross country ski club. Reinhardt. Lance "l never cheat Ll play by my own rulesj" activities: Marching Band I0-IJ. Richardson. Claudia "The one thing I enioyed about going to Adams is that my teachers gave me so much that books couldn't." Rigney. Kelly "My car this . . . my car that . . . QBI-Ha Ha Keith," Rodish. Wendy "There's a touch of madness in every genius." activities: symphony band. marching band. wind ensemble. Rosalik. Christie "Nillie illegilimi carburundom." activities: Ski tearr: I0-I2. Rosenbusch. Karla "Frankly my dear. I don't give a damn." activities: National Honor Society. German club I0-I2. Thespians. Mlghtier Than the Sword. Rosinski. Gwen "Pete Manara is a twit." activities: JV cheerleader I I. Baseball statistician. Ross. James "l don't believe itl I'm donel Mel" Rothery. Susan "What was I going to say?" activities: marching band I0-I I. National Honor Society. Russell. Gregory "Beat the system." activities: formed petition to change hall music. Rybarz. Cynthia Sak. "I can look at what l've got. wonder what l'm not and be happy with what I am." Dan "Rodger. Harry. Stan. Stick. and Slob: Remember baboon forest. throwing peanuts. bazooms. and going tot it. My lite has changed for the better Remember moldy Dave." activities: Debate team 2 yrs.. Baseball team. Sands. Kristla "lt was fun. l'm glad it's all over." Saranen. Nancy "To all sophomores and Juniors: hang in there. even when things get rough. it's all worth It in your senior yearl" Schneider. Irene "lives are like balloons: you must put something in them to see any resuIts." Schroder. Timothy "Success is getting what you want: happiness is wanting what you get." activities: swim team I0-I I. marching band Il-I2. Thespians I0-I2. National Honor Society I0-I2. Schurrer. Jeff "Good-bye to good 'ol Adams High." activities. track ll-I2. cross country manager l2. basketball statistician I2. Short. Lisa "La Vida es sueno." activities: Spanish club I I-I2. Short. Thomas "Veni. vidi. vinci. and then I left." activities: Ski club. ski team. soccer team. tennis team. cross country team. newspaper. student council. latin club. Snell. Julie "lf I had the chance to do it all over again. I wouldn't." activities: Varsity golf. Sokolowski. Angella "Nothing is sweeter than having a friend to talk to." Solverson. Paul "Finally after three years of hard labor and lectures. we have been released from this country club." activities. Golf I0-I2. Soule. lisa "You have not seen the last soul . . Spencer. Betsy "Every minute you're angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness." activities. cheerleading I0- I 2. student council IO- I 2. school board representative I2. pep club vice president I2. track I I- I 2. Staniter. Gary "Rock'n Roll I'm free." activities. Wilderness trip to South Carolina. Stasak. l.isa "Whips. chains. leather. I love leather." activities: Astronomy and physics club President. Stebbins. Cathy "Jim. promise your love. that l've waited to share. and dreams of our moments together. Colour my world. with hope . . . of loving you." Stenroos. Ruth "I!2Mott. '!JAdams . . . Thanx Adams for a super year and a half." Stern. Elizabeth "Looking at the world through a rose colored record . . . Isn't it groovy?" activities. gymnastics team. french club. literary magazine. Thespians. student council I2. Stevens. Terri "Great things come in small packages." activities: gymnastics I0. BG Bowl II-I2. yearbook ll-I2. surviving fur-face for 2 years. Stosio. Ann "Truth is Beauty-Beauty truth. that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know. Hal Got you there Ferdinand and Mi Mi." Straus.Eric "When all is one. and one is all. To be a rock and not to roll." Strayer. Carol "l'm free as a bird." activities: Swimming I0-ll. National Honor Society II-I2. newspaper Il-I2. student council secretary I2. BG Bowl I2. Stridde. lisa "I finally made it. l'm living proof that it can be done." activities: Swimming. lassies captain. golf team. Sutherland. Gary "In all the time l've been at Adams High. l've never once bought or eaten one of its lousy lunches!" activities: Cross country. track. cross country skiing. art booster. Taylor. Amy "Glad l'm out." activities. Sophomore Vice-President. JV cheerleader. Taylor. Pat "lt's been real." Temple. Patty "Worrying today will iust make twice as many worries tomorrow." activities: Marching band II-I2. volleyball I I. Thomas. Jeffrey "Not bad." activities: Soccer IO- I 2. Toikka. Tuiia "This school has so rnany activities to take part and it's really nice" activities: Swimming. french club. track. volleyball. Lassies. Tomlinson. Steve "I accredit my success at Adams to not eating school lunches." activities: french club I0-l2. Marching band I0-I1. National Honor Society. Updegraff. Tracy "Don't rush high school. years go fast enough." activities: Cadillacan. wind ensemble. marching band. National Honor Society. Bookstore employee. Vanovermeer. Jill "Every day I wake up just the same. waiting for something new. Every night I have myself to blame for the dreams that haven't come ture. activities: DECA Vansteelandt. Beth "Phor all Phuture Physics students: May the Phorce be with youl" activities: Chess club. medieval wargaming society. anarchy now. Wallner. Bryan "I would like to thank President Carter for allowing me back in the United States . . . Torontol" Walsh. Marie "ArtllI" activities: Chess club I2. Wattles. Dave activities: Basketball I0-l2. BG Bowl coach I2. Werkman. Kim "My experiences at A.H.S. have been almost as exciting as puberty." activities: Literary magazine Il. Thespians. White. Stacy "l've got places to go. people to see. autographs to sign. and babies to kiss." activities: Thespians I I-II. National Honor Society I I-I2. choir l2. yearbook I2. newspaper II-I2. Whitfield. Chris "Hey Casto. look at the walk away movement on that one." activities: Football I0-I2. wrestling I0-I2. Whitfield. Heidi "Plan your life as if you would live forever. but live your life as if you were to die tomorrow." activities: Thespians I I. Iassies IO. National Honor Society I0-I2. spanish club I0-I l. french club I0-I I. cross country skiing ll. Wiest. Dan "Time it was. and what a time it was. It was a time of innocence. a time of confidence. preserve your memories. they're all that's left you." fPaul Simonj activities: Marching band I0- I 2. wind ensemble IO- I 2. wrestling I0-I2 Wild. Amy "Cheerio. pip pip. and all that rotI" activities: BG Bowl I I. curriculum committee I I. yearbook ll. Willis. Kimberly "Graduation is dividing the us into me and into you." activities: BG Bowl ll-I2. german club Il. Wolff. Rhoda "Life is a gas!" activities: Swimming IO- I 2. Woll. Bonnie "A stranger is a friend you haven't met yet." activities: Ski club. art club. AFS club. V-teen club. Youness, Andrea "l will hold precious memories of the past experience lifes givings during the present. and look toward great horizons in the future." Good-bye A.H.S. Zablocki. Scott "A man Is nothing more than he makes himself." activities: french club. Zak. Christopher "Remember when you're scheduling: Patience is the companion of wisdom." activities: Wind ensemble I I-II. symphony band IO. marching band Il-l2. pit orchestra II-I2. pep band It-I2. Zellmer. Gretchen "People come and go: some are noticed. others are not. As for me. I don't care. l'm just glad l'm going." activities: Backstage crew for Don't Drink the Water and Anne of a Thousand Days. Ziegenmeyer. Edward activities: Wind ensemble I0-ll. Symphony band I0-I2. RA Jazz.

Page 257 text:

House. Martha. activities: Homecoming Court IO. french club IO-I I Holman. Jim. "I hope that within the next few years Adams will get an attitude change to make it the friendliest school around. Good luck to Steve fHerbleJ Holman "SS", activities: DECA Junior year Ind place national winner. Senior year? Hull. Sue. "Always remember. live while you have life to live. love while you have love to give." activities: Spanish club IO-II, ski team IO. chamber choir I2 Hurd. Kelly, "Personal studies have shown that weebles will fall down if wobbled hard enough. Huzzard. Lynn "For all the knowledge and memories I take with me. I leave a small part of it all behind me. activities: cheerleading IO-I I, Hybler. Lars "I liked Adams High School because the school is very friendly," Jablinskey. Pamela "After helping Weeb with her extensive study. I agree weebles do fall when wobbled hard enough. Right Weeb?" activities: Lassies IO-I2. Jackson. Alan "Je vous en souhaite de Ia merdef' activities: tennis I I-I2, Soccer Club I I-l2. French Club I0-I2. National Honor Society II-I2. cross country skiing. Jacobsen. Janet "Short people got every reason to live-they're cuddly!" Jacobson, Richard "CMU here I come!" activities: student council I2. newspaper I I-IJ. cross country IO. basketball IO-I2. tennis IJ, National Honor Society I0-ll. Rotary Club I2. James. Carol "Life is full of surprises, and especially when you go to this schooI." activities: yearbook ll. Johannessen, Barbara ". , . And I think l'll miss you for a long. long time." activities: cheerleader, swimming Iassie 3 yrs.. German Club IO. Mat Club I2. student council ll-Il. National Honor Society I I- I 2. Johnson. Alan "Fear not: the worst is yet to come." activities: National Honor Society I0-IJ. marching band IO-I2. German Club IO-I2. Johnson, Laura "After I3 years of learning how to read. write and do arithmetic . . . Well what else do those teachers know how to do?" Johnson. Steve "Highschoolers are like Pavlovs dogs: iump for the points boyl But iust keep iumping. Rule Ill. No PooftersI" activities: track I I. Physics and Astronomy Club II. Johnson. Tom "We talked about some old times and drank ourselves some beers, still crazy after all these years." activities: swimming IO-ll. student council IO-ll. National Honor Society IJ. Newspaper Editor in Chief I2. Johnston. Mary "Que Sera Sera . . . MSU here I comeI" actlvlties: National Honor Society II-Il. swimming IO-I1. softball II, French Club I0-I2. yearbook II-I2. Mat Club IO. BG Bowl ll. survlving fur-face Il-I2. Kabodian, Aram "Happiness ls being Hye." activities: Soccer Club I I-II, marching band ll-ll, National Honor Society I2. yearbook I2. Kamrath. Shelly "From here, It's on to palm trees and cactus!" activities: track I I. National Honor Society ll, yearbook editor IJ. yearbook Il. math tutor IJ. surviving fur-face Il-I2. Kashmerick, Ted "How about a date. Honey?" Kidle. Lisa "Hubba Hubba. ding-ding. baby you've got everything." activities: Thespians I0-I I. Spanish Club IO. BG Bowl Il-Il softball IO. King. Lisa "lnterestlng." Klelndl. Paul "Through the front door I came. out the front door I'II go." activities: basketball. baseball. Klelno. Dave activities: basketball IO. football ll-I2. baseball Il,captain ll. Klepp. Danlel "ln the future I hope I remember most of the pfople I've met. And I hope I can forget a few." activities: football IOAII. Bowling Club. store supervisor. Knitter. Scott "High school-one way to make 3 years seem like SOI" activities: National Honor Society. marching band. wind ensemble. concert choir. maifest, Music Man, Knust. Margaret "Thank God I'm out." Korth. Margaret "life is like a piano: what you get out of it depends on how well you play it." Kovalik. Mary Beth "What a drag!" activities: gymnastics. BG Bowl I I-II. Kruse. Dan "Anybody for some drinking?" activities: JV and Varsity Basketball. captain II. National Honor Society. Kuelske. Kathy "I iust moved here this summer. but I think Adams is a nice school, too bad we have so many home rooms!" Kuhn. Keith "I would not have made it through this year without good old C.S., Kelly QBAHA-BRJ activities: varsity baseball I I-II. Kunesh. loretto "High on a hill in Eldorado." activities: Spanish Club IO-II, National Honor Society II. Literary magazine I I. Thespian Society II-I2. Lally. Keith "What is. is not." activities: music. art. leeser, Susan "Va Hool" activities: BG Bowl I I-IJ. Ski Team I I-I2. Lennox. Thomas "lt's cheaper at Trackside." Leth, Anders "l want to thank everybody for making this year possible for me. activities: Intramural Basketball. Lewis, Charles "No two people can stipple exactly alike." activities: Thespians I I-I2. Liddle. Jim "Go GreenI" activities: R.A.. jazz Il-ll. Golf team IO-IJ. Lindberg, Linda "He who attempts the ridiculous. achieves the impossible. or something like thatI" activities: BG Bowl Il-I2 Lomaka, Dave "Mrs. Green, I'll miss you." activities: newspaper II-IJ. Co-op II. Long. James "Some things are sacrificed. some things remain. some things bring pleasure, some things bring pain. When the whole world is changing, why should people stay the same?" activities: football IO-II, Marine Corp Physical Fitness l I. BG Bowl coach I2. Lutes. Steven activities: drama IO-ll, football IO. choir IO-ll. honors choir ll-I2. musical IO-IJ. Thespians IO-I2. band IO. MacDonald. Scott "SO days in the hole." activities: German Club IO, cross country ll. track ll-ll. Marine Corp Physical Fitness I2. Maginity. Robert activities: Debate team I0-I1. Manning. Sharon "One does not love a place the less for having suffered in it." Uane Austinj activities: BG Bowl I I-ll. French Club II. gymnastics IO-I2. Marcoff, Lisa ". . . But the times that we were happy were the times we never tried." activities: BG Bowl. cheerleading. gymnastics. track. student council, concert choir. National Honor Society. Thespian Society. symphony band. chamber choir. Marlette, Annalee "My ambition is to live an independent life and enioy it to the fuIlest." Martinec. Patty "Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out." activities: newspaper. BG Bowl. Mathura. Kirti "The ultimate experience: meeting a live cuban cockroach." activities: French Club. Mat Club. cross country skiing. Mauara. Peter "I've been dazed and confused for so long it's not true," activities: Thespians I I-IJ. student council II. National Honor Society I I-IJ. school musical I I. McClain. Jeanne "Live life to its fullest today. you may not be around tomorrow." activities: marching band IO-I I. German Club IO, concert choir II. chamber choir l2, symphony band IO, wind ensemble I I-ll. McGarry. Anne "Before you can learn to fly you have to learn to faIl." activities: French club IO-II. National Honor Society Il-II, Swim team IO-ll. varsity cheerleader ll-IJ. Meyer. Karen "We are free to go where we wish and to be what we are." activities: French flub IO. BG Bowl I I-II. Co:op II. Mondt. Linda "lt's what you learn after you know it all that counts." activities: basketball IO-IJ, volleyball IO. softball I I-I2. National Honor Society IO-Il. marching band Il, Moradian, Julie "Gypsy Rose here we come." Moran. Jack "Senior togetherness is on the hill." activities: Football. track. Mounts. Natalie "Anarchy is the backbone of a free society," activities: Russian club, physics club, chess club. DCD club. Mullins. Susan "Barb B. cheats at hangmanI" activities: lassie IO. softball IO. Mulso. Heidi "Misery is a year without sIeep." activities: BG Bowl I I-II. russian club I I-I2. german club IO, National Honor Society ll-I2. marching band IO-I I. Natale. Maryjane "I listen tothe wind of my soul. Where I'II end up. well. I think only God really knows." activities: Newspaper II-II. cheerleader II-ll, pep club ski club. student council lO:I2. Nissen. David "Leave it alone for a year or two. Till the stories go hazy. the legends come true, then do it again. Some things never end. Novitsky, MaryBeth "lt seems that everyone can't wait for their senior year. but just enjoy every day at high school. because before you realise it. the year is over." activities: National Honor Society II-IJ. newspaper IJ. varsity basketball Il-II. track Il. volleyball Il. O'DonnelI. Erin "You must experience a touch of madness to appreciate rationality." activities: Varsity ski team IO. Olson. Karla "l'll drink to that." activities: Marching band IO- I 2, National Honor Society IO-II. Jazz Band IO-l2. Golf I I, Pit orchestra I I. Owens. Steven activities: Little Mary Sunshine. Music Man. Unsinkable Molly Brown. Ozinga. Kurt "Adams stinks." Parker. Leslie "Ce que Tai appris dans le passe est mon espoire Ia plus' forte pour l'avenir." activities: Track. orchestra. pit orchestra for Little Mary Sunshine. Pearson, John "Allison Baker you know I'II love you forever. even if you do marry Tony." Pedrotty. Teresa "GFI Seniors and Good Luck M.A.T.. Penguin and D. Pea." activities: Basketball IO-ll. volleyball IO-II, National Honor Society II-I2. Pellerito. Louann "Wherever you go. that's where you are." Peterson. Kevin "My high school years were the most enjoyable. but to all those who are still in school. good luck. you'lI need ill" activities: attendance committee. Peterson. Kyrston "Each of us is in truth an idea of the Great Gulf. and unlimited idea of freedom." activities: gymnastics IO. cheerleading IO. swim team I0 II water polo IO. Phillips. David "lo Mr. Orchard: The one that always says moving on arm it sounds Ilke a broken rn-ont "

Page 259 text:

Seniors Albertson, James I54 Allen. Barbara I54 Angersbach. George I54 Arscott. Patricia 9,77,89. IO I , IO4. I 22. I23.l54 Aucott, Patricia 86.I0l.l22.l54 Auer. Carol l54 Aust. Richard IS4 Bailey. Laura l54 I Baker. Alison I54 Ballantyne. Mark I54 Ban. Linda 59.62,l04,l I8,l I9. I26,I54.248 ' Bardes, William l24.l25 Barkham. Robert I54 , Barlow. Kevin l54 Barnaby. Randall l54 Barnes. John I54 Barnes, Judy I54 Barnett, Ronald l54 Bartley. Colleen I55 Basl. Gwen I55 Bauss. Lawrence 60.80. IO4. I 55. IGI ,248 Beach, Nancy 86,95.ISS Bechard. Kathy I55 Bechen. Christine I55 Becker, Denise ISS Beckers. Jacalyn 4.6 I .63, I 55.248 Bell. Catherine I55 Bell. Michele 62.I I8.I I9.I55.I73 Birley. Elizabeth 86.I55 Blackshear. Catherine 69.97, I 55 Boghosian. Barbara 62. I 36. I 55.248 Bolday, Louise I56 Bolton. Jonathan I56 Bonnville. Lauren 59.63.l I7,I56.I74 Boot. John 77,I I0.I56.2f-18.260 Borden. Joni I56 Born. Lisa I56 Boyd. Timothy 56.62.76.I05.I I2.I56 Bozynski. Jeffrey I56 Bradford. Dawn 86.I56 Brainer. Linda 6I,I I6,l56 Braxton, Scott I56 Brooks. David I56 Brown. Karen ll,l2l,I56 Brown. Robert 86,87,l03.I56 Brown, Rodney I56 Brune. Steven I56 Bruner. Christopher IS7 Brunk, Charles l57 Brusiloff. Sonia I57 Brusstar. Daniel 86.87.I57.I64 Bryant. Angela l57 Buchanan, Bradford I57 Buchanan. Brian I57 Buiteweg. Katherine 86.l57 IBurns. Ann 62.I57 Burns. William I57 Bushman, Jennifer 92.I57 Buss. Stephen 86.I57 Butcher. Linda I57 - Butler. Kathleen I57 Byers. Connie I57 'Caldwell, Donald 56.80.83.l04.I57. I60,248 Cappo, Kevin 8I,I02,I57 Cary. Brian 83.I57.249 Casey. Michele I57 Canto, Gregory 86.l57.248 Chadburn. Christopher I57 Champine. Julie 89.I58.I82.260 Christman. Stephen 86.90. I03. I Sl Church. Kenneth 92,I58 Church. Robin 56.86.9I . I Sl Ciccone. Christopher l5l Cleaveland. Kitt IOI,I5l Clemo. Paul ISS Cloutier. Daniel ISS Cloutier. Sharon l30.I58 Coed. Sandra l8.l58 Comps. Sandra I58 Conley. ramen l0.I04.I58 Connors. Susanne ISO Cook. Daniel I25.l5S Corwin. Susan I58 Cotcamp, Patricia I 30. I 58 Counts. Charles I58 Creguer. Cynthia I58 Crombez. Sharon I58 Cupaiuolo. Vittoria 87.I22.l24,I59 Cupples. James Il2.l59 Curtis. Jeffrey l59 Curtiss, Candy 56.62.I59 Daniels. Abigail l59 Davies. Matt l59 Davies. Michael l59 Dawe. Elizabeth I59 Deaton, William I59 Deehr, Thomas IS9 Dehart. Ronald I59 Delehanty. Michael I59 Delong. Julie I59.I8I Dement. Susan 84.86.96. I 22. I 59 Demski, Julie 92,I59 Depeuter. Geerte 6 I ,67.97 Deright, Nancy I59 Devanney. Mary 62,I60,249 Devoe. Shane 86.l60 Dewalt. Elyse 8I.I6O Dietz. Therese I36.l60 Dimoff. Deborah I60 Disbrow, Cynthia I60 Donaldson, Brian I l2.l l4.l3l.I60 Drinkard, Mark I60 Drogowski. Mark 86.I60 Dunford. Marylynn I60 Dwyer. John I60 Ernst. Brett IIO.l60 Eubanks. James I6l Even. William l6I Evens. Dawn l6l Farhood. Edward l6l Farnan, Tamara I6I Farrell, Julie l6I Fehlberg. Gary I6I Fennell. Wendy I6I Ferguson. David I6I Ferguson. Janet I6I Ferrari. Brian IGI Fina. Christine I6I Finston. Jeffrey 97.l6l Fish. Melinda l6I Fitzgerald, Denton Jr. I6I Flattery. Sean 86. I 6 I .248 Fleming. Kimberly 6.I0.82.IO4.I22,l6l. 260 Flosky. Jeffrey I62 Fox. Timothy 8.62,69,70,86,l I l,l62 Fraser. Eric I62 Frazer, Jeanette I62 Gadwa, Gregory I62 Gaggino. Alyssa 82. I04. I62 Gardner. Kendra I62 Geist. Elizabeth 84.86.89.I62 Geraci, Joseph 92,l62 Gerber. David I62 Gerke. Shanda 6I , I62.249 Gibney. Jeffery I62 Glaser. Ann 7,60.83.I04.I I6.I62. ISO Googasian, Mark 8l.86.l02.l62 Gordon. Beth I26.I36.I62,249 Graham. Mark I62 Granthen, Julie 86.l53.I62 Graves, Gregory 8.I I I.I62 Greco. Daniel l62 Green. Gayle I62 Greig. Sheila I62 Hall. David I63 Hand. David l63 Harbin, Sandra 62,l63,248 Harris. Donna l6,87.90.I26, l63 Harrison. Carol I63 Harrison, laura IGS Harrison, Robert I63.248 Hart. Kimberly l63 Hauser, Jan l63 Hayes. Denise I63 Hedstrom. Todd I63 Henry. Joseph 69.70.85.I63 Hewson. Mark I63 Hills. Jay 55 Hoffman. William I63 Holderness, Peter I63 Holman, James 64,92.l63 Houghton, Susan I63 House. Martha I63 Howell, J. Scott 63.I I2.I l4.I63.I73 Howes. Barbara 65.l36,I63 Hubbard. George I64 Hubbard. Lorna I64 Hull. Susan 63.I64 Hullinger, Cynthia I64 Humphreys, Amy I64 Hund. Patrick I64 Hunsanger. Joel I64 Hunsanger. Mark 76.I64 Hunstad. David I64 Hunter. Charles I24.l25.l64 Hurd. Kelly I64 Hurlburt. Jennifer I64 Huyck. Catherine I64 Huzzard, lynn 86.I56.I64,260 Hybler, lars 60.66.I65 llkka, Janice I65 Isaacson. Gary I65 Jablinskey. Pamela I65 Jackson, Alan 62,80,86.IO3.I65 Jacobsen. Janet 82.l65.260 Jacobson. Richard 7.27.80,83.86,lO4.I33. I5I,I57.l65.I68.249 Jahns. Michele I65 James, Carol 82.I65,26O Johannessen, Barbara 80.86,IOI.I I7. I65.248 Johnson. Alan 90.I65 Johnson, Laura I65 Johnson. Steven 86.l65 Johnson. Thomas 7.B0.83,86,lO4.I65. l7l,l73 Johnston. Mary 7,I0.20.62.77,82.86, I08.I22,I65,260 Jolley, Harold 96 Jones, Julie 68.I65 Justick, Russell I65 Kabodian. Aram 82,36,I65.l67. I79,248.26O Kamrath. Shelly 7.l0.62.82.86. I04,I6l,I65,26O Kaphengst. Connie l66 Karbowski, John l66 Kashmerick. Ted l66 Kellogg. John I66 Kelly. Beth I66 Kelly. Philip I66 Kemler. Mark I66 Kidle. lisa I66.I74 Kiefer. Raymond I64.I66 Kilbride, Timothy I66 Killiane. Kelly l66 Killinger, Laura I66 King, Jack 87,I66 King. Kelly 84,I66 King, Lisa l66 Kirwan, Kimberly l66 Klanow, Robert 8,57,l I I,I64.l66 Klees. Jean I36.I66 Kleindl, Paul l66 Kleino. Dave lI2,l5I.I67.I68.248 Klepp. Daniel 39.I l2,I I4,I67 Knitter. Scott 86.87. I 67 Knust. Margaret I67 Knust. Patricia I67 Korth. Margaret I67 Kovalick, Mary Beth I67 Kruse, Daniel 76,86.87,I33.I34. I67.249 Kuelske. Kathy I67 Kuhn, Keith I58.l65,I67 Kunesh. Loretto 54.S6.I67 Kurmas. Richard I67 Lally. Keith l68 Lang, Roben I68 Latimer. David I68 Lawless. Sondra I36,I68 Lawless. William 8.I I l,l68 Lazar. Belinda 62.l68.248 Lazich, William 56.l04,l I2,l6B. 248.249 Leeser. Susan I68 Lemke. Diane I22,I68 Lenan. Anne 59.l68 Lenart. Susan I68 Lennox, Thomas IGS l.eth. Anders 60.66,I68 Lewis. Charles l68 Lewis, Nicholas I68 Liddle, James 8.62.l I I.l68 Lilly, Paul I69 Lindberg, Linda 59.I69,248 lipuma, Anthony 62.I69.l72 Lomaka. David I69 Long. James IO4,I I2.I69,l78 Lutes, Steven 68.I69 Lyzen. Jeffrey I69 MacDonald. Donald 4l.l69 MacDonald. Lynda I69 Madden. Phillip 8.62,I33.I34.I69. 248 Maginity. Robert I69 Malinowski. Michael 87,l69 Manning. Sharon I0l,I2I,I69 Manzi. Maria 82.I69.26O Marcoff, Lisa 56,6O,65.B3.l IG. l2l.I69 Marlette. Annalee I69 Martinec, Patricia 59,62,l69.248 Mathura. Kirti I03. I 70,249 Mayer, Linda 62.I70 Mazzara, Peter 58,76,80,86.I5I.l7O, I75.248 McAtamney. James 89.I70 McCaffrey, Eugene I70 McCalden. William I70 McClain. Jeanne I70 McConnell. Jon I70.24S McDonald, Timothy 56.l70 McFadyen. Lynn I70 McGarry, Anne 89,I22,l23.I70 McGarry, Michael l70.l3I McGee. Jay l3I McGlone. Robert I70 McGregor. Sally I70 McKechnie. Carol II.56,I70 McMahon, Diane I70 McManus, John I70 Meyer. Karen l7I Meyer. Lance I7I Miertl. Susan I7I Miller. Kristin 63.86. I 7 I , I 73 Miller, Terry I7l Mollica, Philip I7I Mondt. Linda 86.I I8,l l9,l7I.I73 Moore. Timothy I7l Moradian. Julie l7I Moran. John 89.I I2.I I3.I7I.I73.249 Morris, Craig I7I,249 Mounts. Natalie 8I.9l.I02.l7I Mullins. Susan 63.I7I,248 Mulso. Heidi 62.86.9l.I7I Naren, David I7I Natale, MaryJane I7I.248.249 Nelson. David I I2.I7I Newton. Paul 57.l I0.I72 Nielsen. Janet I72 Nissen, David I72 Novitsky. Mary Beth 9,56.59.33. 86,l04.I I9,I72.I73 O'DonnelI, Erin I72 Olanger. Jeffrey I72 Olson. Karla 86.I72 Oswald, Anne S9.I72 Owens. Steven I72 Ozinga, Kurt I72 Papsdorf. Gregory I72 Parker. Leslie 62.I72 Parr. Steven I72 255

Suggestions in the Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) collection:

Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 95

1978, pg 95

Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 222

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Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 59

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Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 242

1978, pg 242

Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 116

1978, pg 116

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