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.V Af? -f ':'5 ' 1' ff! N. v-'f,,? N FXWV ,ww 1 Qlffif QJ, 'gp wiv-P X039 c,J' e,7' x n fjbw Y-QQL f ,,,g-'QP' Yag J ,f 41 ctJcwML , sotbs A 'Q'5vw gl, -?'f'yf, L6re,v.Qv'?rQ3.YJcur 57 'fyj,, '9.f-1 foqf' hw-7 ef' CQ:vxcof'tb 'B fa, oe ' 35aM.w1mpL1JwQ,5mm J' if 5-fbf' vzbfqr wfHxkjuo Yi Jig JP!-9',4o 195' oh' y JAR 'HN Az. .M of UM wwfff-'H fm? Us ,. wi-QHQ1 j.-vw r,9 5 Pb .I'm 0, maui off Qffify N20 f-WU' X vga! x 1 .K is Eg Q5 ix X ff' 3' WK 9 M' M VW JL rv yo QMW? Wffff . A 'Y C19 2 3,42 49 .ra 2 .oc ,AP va 2 3,6 rg Jz- 'P 1 v 42- 1 'P 4 6' cr ' 9' 0 O-4 0 ?v 'Y Q 'f A A .5 75' '25 gg Q Q '12 -2-gh 4, My JW W W WM' UJI ff ijZ,.,wmffV9 WZ 925 r WWJNRJWWMWW Q 5 Q Wlzkfwlb 'P Eifzvq-1 T9 QM givkwa f s, 2' E 5 X Q iigfff f if , iff gb 7 - n 235' f , M4159 WML? Mya! M155 mm M wl7W1fQ'fZ?' 74,4 K, fu, fd 7?ZM5w!Zf?4NM'nf fW 'f' my ff ' WW! Zwf fwf fi WI f Af6l1ZC.?' HMI! WM W See W faW' 72W My WWW. M W W if fh hid! X Q xx 'A 1 . 2093? 557 VQSOXEJ ' fx iwwi XJ -Qafxgqfix Qkgfovox X992 Q'oQ6,Q2f:i gp XC mv FX vw diy Qmiffiff T6 203 Q ,io ' 0 QWQQQ wx W QX Nay ,qqxgx Kxgx NX Q00 YMYBOM xoxww JW xx 9 ig XG 'F 0 Q SXQN WQO 9 gm W 9 N55-QW S A.. ' Q PM QK A kg jf 22. A . le' ' X5 XX 7! 72 ff QV' '27 X QF Xlfffqihb M JV Dfw ?cf 6m 4pCLO:-wZETlCQ9!2'N x U .J 'Q Q C F' Cx A , U X' ff ' gf' - WY. f M G0 ' ' WN vff .S yy Q '40 at V jg x GOO ff KG X Q. emo f. W XOWQJ MAD Qy dx fjfxw fix 1 2670 f Y 41 QW Qcihjf Cf? 1 u pm 7 f W Agffyj, M mo C54 Qi Wi? TNS dl W I A 50 99700 G' CU' fyff QM AW A S NL L 0 x D SU A . J Q 55X QCA QA Q? 5 Q Q ' .,+ fv N gf sv fl x ,C 0 'L X- sq R4 5' 19977 SAT :WWW QQ gh, qu, '7 95 KY L L' ff- Xzgrl- 6 -X:?c WO Sfv-NC uf 5519! OXFBD .w', 'Nw 332 rcs' ml' XJQJQ Filip .. M., r .- , ,Q ' adams high school 3200 hw. tienken rochester, michigan KT ' 'Jw L 1 be .. if ui N55 In M 0 x X 'IP L.. faculty . . . I6-5I f , V T01 .Z activities . . . 52-77 Q ' - iv: :A-N , ! 1 1 . 14 W 1' S 4 Q f 9 - L 5 HI 'J' W Q N' I 13 . H- t Mr' ' 1 X55 :ju V -r-H! mi '3' ' H, 5 L V w w n N . 'I A' K l 1 1 vfii y14,A 5 N . V- '.'lx A 5: n ' ,,,g ,- i lr A Wil! f -it 'api' 'Il 'WE Y 'lx A' ' ' i ez . 1 w . . ' ,MK 1 I 6 organizations . . 78-IO5 . . sports . . . IO6-I49 I W , K. . C N E 9 V N ' 10 PM 0 fe A X f f I7!Ak ,mfg m?V'm, Q , W 'WQWWYQQZ ,, pam , 3gi. 1,9 A A Q f' my Wggjy,:,1,...,l gM - x , ,. gm an We , Wdffjif Mp., ,tm ' Q . J 12325. A W ' 5 W p,,V, is -W w.ufa!.i.,g,,N'R'q:frzw-l- A grgilfk , . . 'Q,v!1g,W'f,fQ' MfwQ.:,C1,1v '.fl1,y 'f4.rf Y WL y,V- ...a..,- ' ' - .f L- - , X var vf' Srl 1 fl w 4 H L :J .N-1-KX 1- ' -856.4 W Hmm f 'A 9 .. . 1,44 L , N - 4 W X?- I 1' ' , 2, ' La--fa' , M, -,'3- ,V , I . -A Q W '.m.v'1FU21:' ' new -'fluff , , V , I , up vt' , , , , W an ' J- 3, 1' , , . ,.,.,... MA . , r I ,L . A -YW .......... f 1 I A M V Q j11iN'V !Y l'H f ' ' in A Y I , - 11 X TN H . --....,J....4. -7-1 '5i j'f 'TW . A Y V , , , Am- , - ' ' . uw .W U M, ,w,,,,,,...M,,, ,,A, ,. ,,:lA:,T'JL-k N Z A Minh. Is M H- f ' A xg: underclassmen . . l82-2I9 . . W i 3 'Y' ., ., ,, - -54 Jlrw ..J Q! .mari I i ' A . . Q K .J WWE I -I ,X I III 4 If-1, VI , - I A , I., I ' I' n 'I' N - I ,N up 'if J' . ' me ' I V I v -QE: 8 'I-new ' I I , lx-'b-S-I.,,I If' I pf? ,,--- IPQQI xi ' lr 'Y' TNT ML., Jw.: .fl-7 .A E 'A .4 -, , .,I,,Iw Ww2'f3'1II.IJ fm, w. , ,I Mm' II N i if-m2I.I.u.a. ,I ' - . ,0- I 3 I I I I . I I I I ..I I I I I II 'I I I . I I I I.. .I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I.. I I I I I - I I I I I 'I II I I I I I 'I I I I I I 2 community . K. Q 220-257 . . . . 1765 'Q 1 1 .' . ul-. . ,, A - ig 1 :QE I- . X W, .. 11 1 an 0 , W f Ax Q lf X 4, in-.Zxxxx Q2 I ?.g X fx. 5 X n YR pf HN 1- , '..-.- xlfdjx , NW X .X X J fx ff. KX maintaining high quality educati on at a.h.s. One of the largest problems facing the Board of Education this year was maintaining a quality of educational program in view of the escalating costs and limited financial means. Another concern involved balancing enrollments in our schools, The board was not in the process of implementing any major new programs this year. There were refinements on a continuing basis in many existing programs. The Board of Education consisted of seven members. The only new member was Mr. Wesley Kar, who replaced Dr. John Solverson after his term expired. Dr. Solverson. having served eight years. chose not to seek reelection. This year has been one that we will remember for years to come thanks to their hard work. ,U5 ..... Q- .... A . ,.?:.,.. K . . i .. . .L K, ,i:.., ig new faces, brin changing times There have been many changes in the administration this year. For one, we have added two new assistant principals, Mr. Keith Griffin and Dr. Camille Carlson. ln addition to the new staff members there has been a revised attendance step and detention policy issued to the school this year. Mr. Cleaveland. in his first full year as our new principal. found the new atten- dance policy a challenge. The new system seemed to have worked smoothly. Adams had also lost a very important member of its staff, Mr. Piasecki. who left to work at West Bloomfield High School. We will remember him for many years to come. Best Wishes to our new administration. 5 .iz YA , so ' counselors counsel council The strength of the Guidance and Counseling Department at Adams High lied in the experience and background of the personnel. Mrs. White, Mrs. Borck, and Mrs. Weinzierl were well-prepared and friendly receptionists. There was excellent background experience on the part of all four counselors. Mrs. Ryan. Mr. Parks. Mrs. Bogard. and Mr. Kemp were usually available to all students who needed help with schedules and other problems. We could not begin to tell all the areas they were involved in. They helped set the students on the upward course for the future. Obviously. the student body at Adams High could not do without these fine, hard working receptionists and counselors. After all, where would we have been without them? '29 6- .41- Y' s nh S 232-. l A. 1. 1u look what's cookin' Preparing meals, cleaning class- rooms, stacking chairs and washing dishes were iust a few of the many duties of Adams efficient maintenance staff. Even before the official school day begins. and long after it ends, the cooks and custodians could be seen busily at work. The cooks put much thought and hard work into planning and preparing wholesome and nutritious meals. The custodians saw to it that the entire school is spic and span at the beginning of each school day. It was also their responsibility to keep all of the utilities and sanitary facilities in good working order. Without their help heaven only knows where we would have been. Thank you for a well done job. 3 fijr vis 1 NNN DIS?- 2 VEGETAB1 FRUITDE IBREADI1 Ill? women in The main office continued to be an important aspect to the smooth operation of Adams. Much work was accomplished by the three women who worked in the main office. Mrs. Gowanlock, who served as Mr. Griffin's secretary. also took charge of informa- tion regarding the buses and driver's ed. Mrs. Moore handled the switchboard. while Ms. Debolt replaced Mrs. Garcia as Mr. Cleaveland's secretary. Once again. the busy attendance office was run by Mrs. Borck. Along with some student assistants. she kept the attendance records of Adam's students in order. Her hard work kept the attendance office running smoothly. And she was the person who published the weekly detention lists. main office tackle 'iuqlkx-wx. J c . .,r J ' kwa xi. 'pr' M V, ' e fx f rflf ' I I-.. f'. f .K '. i '-k' 1 I f-.'fi1i.fg'Iflff' ' 'iff ' K- M' is . . f . 1 p quiet, please One of the quietest places in this school was the Library. It was run by Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Green. These two ladies worked hard at keeping the thousands of books in order for us, along with pamphlets. magazines, and newspapers. To make things somewhat easier for them they have invented a new filing system. This made finding things quicker and easier. At the back of the library was the Audio Visual room. Once again Mrs. Sharp was in charge of the A.V. Near the end of last year new equipment such as record players, screens. carts, and proiectors were bought. Adams was proud to have such a fine library and A.V. in its building. f 'f- K ....,,q8 Once upon a time. . . sz, ing, smile and a kind word. fundamentals, and more. . . The English Department at Adams had much more to offer its students than just English Grammar. ln courses such as Shakespeare. Drama. and Poetry. students learned to further their education in these specific areas. This year a new addition to the English Department was the Project Advance course. This class is comparable to the freshman English class at Syracuse University. lt was worth 6 credits at universities and colleges nationwide. and was taught by Mrs. Mallon. Besides the new class at Adams. there were two new English teachers this year. They were Mrs. O'Connor, the energetic sophomore sponsor. and Mr. Freeman, the coach of the Debate Team and the Literary Club sponsor. - A V y , ill ff si gi s. 45 is is 53. lff . I- 0 I i it 4 'Nou 1Wif?iiMW's -as eglr 3 . . . So's your face. Bembe. 1 Og. 'ff in-YL' Q I, 4 ' T1 . .M , b 'sl-Q. 'L s , Q' iiiz' frl' 'llii Camera shy sovholhores stud!! hard :S . 'iff X-Ni' 53 J Mystery and crime is so exerting! Jwa :Q-.2 ' . A gi- Comp. The stepping stone to expos. S Goody. the Fonz is onl -f ' X v, Xxx no 4 ba, 1 Everybody passed the tes! is an unacceptable topac for your expos paper! english dept. goes on w W3lflf5 you! aux 'N to write l ey ? WX fwx 1 they're a good fraction ahead The Math Department had one new thing happen this year, a new teacher joined the staff. Mrs. Delauney came from Van Hoosen Junior High and took Mrs. Scafuri's place on the Adams Math staff. There were also seven other teachers that made up the Math Department- Mr. Cicciarelli, Mr. Guerrieri. Mrs. Krull, Mr. Lentz, Mr. Pasbjerg. the head of the department. Mr. Thompson. and Mr. Treat. There were math classes every hour of the day for any kind of math student, whether you were a math whiz or not. The math classes ranged from Human Math to Calculus and from computer to Business Math and Problem Solving. 'il' Treat 'i I, up. 'NI -fr mf L. N bonjour, hola, guten tag Foreign Language was a real challange for the kids at Adams High School. They had four different languages to choose from: Spanish, French, German. and Russian. The department here improved in the last three years. The students said it was because of the great teaching staff, which was Mrs. Nash, Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Lintz. and Mr. Pazevic. They have helped the students a great deal. The students not only learned to speak a different language but also learned the culture of the countries. They also kept themselves busy by dancing, singing, playing soccer, and cooking. The students advised everyone to join in the enthusiasm that the Foreign language students had this year in their'cIasses. F' 'EFJQ 'T-,o,2 'f EE -,v- ji: X ,f 'Z WW l-uv---X.. ,A NX past, present, and future The Social Science Department at Adams offered something for everyone. The purpose of social studies was to provide students with knowledge of past and present civilizations and their role in maintaining and developing civilization. There was one new teacher in the Department this year, Mr. Bailo who taught government. A new class. American History 3. was required for Juniors. It was designed to provide more information about our history after WWI. The Social Studies credit requirement for graduation was raised. The Seniors again held their annual Convention to see first hand how the electoral process works. The Department was in the process of evaluating its entire program. 1 .ff 'Nh V xl ffl I. wi . Q ss, sffhf-ksvfsifhw f 31521.34 cr,-ffzrftss 2139211212 4. ., . N if ' -Z ,l Y 'fi'-fm' in vggfg ' .Q Note notable Ms.-ilflewittinoting liifsllbfii. ' hun... . -6 T ' -. ,- K A ,T-f.+x .v g 'i v , A . ,ygf'Gieex:y'q Q 4As Clif' K ss '.r- 'rr' ' , A 'X 34 I 41 Ni 5: 'L - X- igisftvgg ,. L K augi Mr. Millet' tifins on the charm. I don'I believe it. How do I spell rellef? . I :SX W-. 7-E: o 1 . shows he knows his fi X X 3 ff' lag How to be lndustrious- Part I lf' . Our mad scientists were back at work again this year in the Natural Science Department. With Mr. White and Mr. Dunn, the chemistry students made all precise calculations in centimeters and grams. There was a little soil and water analyzing which swung us into a new course called, Conservation Study. Mr. Glenn was right into the soil of the matter with the students. Certainly there were many more courses for those interested in science including Biology. one of our required subiects. Two other popular courses were Pathology and Astromony, which were taught by Mr. Mikula. Of course we all knew when Mrs. Talley's class was busy at work: there was a distinct odor lingering in the halls. With all these scientists at work how could we not have the best Natural Science Department here at Adams. .Alvin scientists at work , 1 -1 xl' 1 t ,' fr ,,, . wg, ti X.. x . J. -. x I' . xx v Alf + :f nlllu' 1 .LIS ' si as . . 9 fri? ff 6' , . ,1'l '!O' . '- '4 'P ll - L vi, rj, I C 44 ,flflf , MII! v' 1 -P , Q, business is booming Surviving in the business world takes great knowledge of its problems. More students took business classes than ever before. The reasons varied- some wished to get on the co-op program. while others took the classes to enrich their understanding of the business world. The Business Department prepared students for jobs. upon graduation. New courses this year included speedwriting and refresher typing. The speedwriting course enabled students to take notes faster, while refresher typing was mainly a review. The new equipment used by the Business Department included a correcting selective typewriter. and calculators used in accounting. If you were looking for an interesting field to get into, it was business. With Mrs. Schmitz. Mrs. Swoyer. Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Harris. we had a department that meant business. 001 . y What.: P'f.. :'s si Wir 'Vi x i 'C' f f Xf . I n V' Af f ' Who did what to whom?l! .i., W.- l0ll lfll., Ill l g f. 'A smile isxthe key h P a word! no 5. mqangr' , Go ahead, rip It up! low on supplies, high on talent There were many new changes in the Art Department. The main change was the addition of Mrs. Cecile Jensen, who took the place of Mrs. Nelson. Mrs. Jensen came to Adams from Eaton Rapids. where she taught for five years. Another change was the re-instatement of Art History, taught by Mrs. Montgomery, and the addition of Color Photography. taught by Mrs. Jensen. New changes were also incorporated into the art curriculum. Basic Art was made a prerequisite for all other art classes. The teachers also tried stressing art appreciation more than in the previous years. The art teachers, as well as the students had to work with fewer materials this year. The class that really was in need was the Photography class. Other popular classes taught by Mr. Spitzer are Jewelry, and Commercial Art. 14 X-N-M K. K. K L. 1. .l,,k,m.5qsi,,.,.W Nag, jgiivgwsg ,M-1p.w,fLtP..li7 fi,-is-rf X as . . -- X - if- fwfffsfsv -if w.:3.1,3- ,a X-sw. Y -' -.N -Q-rags.--il: .fi-W 4. ..:,,,.e J. , VQQQ-if pg, nt- mx . Q 5. 5 Q 13115211 cy , ' l I ll.. lil? '3h'i m u Q this ' T! QC 4' ' -:qv A , I -., .,,...,...,...,,,,..-.Ani-W , V Wm - -f W.-Aff V ww-ww,:-L-v---r 'f : 'K 1 : ' This lbdliii enough fo bit 1 'Q S. . ' .x..,.., k audi' ' ' 'S 1 rd N 5 xg-.gwXsff913NQ.-.wgzzr-1 - '-',- if .. -. 1 X, A : QW , K K : - . 1 x .- .- .. x K ,f: .,g 1 .Ex-1, 3,, f-,A , . Dr. MacDonald opgfgggq hammering away When drills drilled and hammers hammered you could be sure you were in one of the various Industrial Arts classes. The Industrial Arts Department had another successful year as was expected. At the controls were Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Orchard and Mr. Rosenthal. Under the watchful eyes of these teachers. students learned to develop an insight and understanding of industry in our society. as well as machine safety. and craftsmanship. In the Spring. the Architectural Drafting class visited Toronto to study architectural contrast in the city. An interesting and valuable Department. Industrial Arts will thrive at Adams for years to come. Why can't we just buy a new T.V.1 Let's get comfortable gb hey good lookin', whatcha got cookin'? The Home Ec Department contin- ued to tantalize our sense of smell with delicious aromas of such things as breads and pastries from this year's Bake Shoppe. Other popular Home Ec courses offered this year included Needlework. Interior Design and Exploring Foods. Child Development expanded to a one semester two hour block and Survival expanded to a full semester. Highland House was a bigger success this year than ever. New items were added to the restaurant that made it a very nice looking place to have lunch. Mrs. Fisk was extremely imnressed with the efficiencv nf in student staff. Both Mrs. Fisk and Mrs. Long aimed to help the students meet the practical demands in their everyday lives. .X Y xc 1 SlNGER kes M im- , if mr. irish, we salute you! The Adams High School Vocal Music Department was definitely something for the student body, staff, and parents to be proud of. Among the choirs activities this year were the annual Christmas concert. where the Messiah was expertly performed by our concert choir. Other activities include the Spring Concert, and of course our annual musical which was enjoyed by all those who attended the show. As a special addition of the vocal music department, and also an addition to the city of Rochester, this year marked the twenty-fifth year of teaching for our fearless and faithful director, Mr. Frank Irish. His accomplishments in Rochester are closer to a million than one, and he had twenty-five years of alumni to prove it! There is more to Adams High than our great choir. but not much that is as rewarding. fulfilling. or as entertaining for all those who listen! Oh I were an Oscar Wiener! viva la music The students in the Music Department at Adams were given an opportunity to participate in a group music activity and to develop a technique on an instrument. This year, because of their diligent practice in, and out of class they performed many good concerts. These included Bantasia Qin which all three bands plus the Marching Band played wellj. the Winter Concert and the Spring Concert. Also the Symphony band and the Wind Ensemble combined at the end of the year to form the Graduation Band. which added to the commencement. ln addition to the concert bands. directed by Mr. Simmons, there were two classes taught by Mr. Goldsworthy. The new expanded Music Appreciation Course helped students to listen to music with a keen sense for musical quality. The .lazz Band had many talented students this year and performed with a good solid sound. .- - musician. eh? ' wx, ss -M wx shaping up! The Physical Education Department had many new changes this year. Two new teachers joined the staff- Mr. Bailo and Mr. Seman. A new course was also offered that physically conditioned students through water exercises. Taught by Mrs. Sicora, Aqua Dynamics, proved to be a good class to take. Even though the majority of gym classes were smaller this year than ever before, they were led by a strong field of teachers. Besides Mr. Bailo. Mr. Seman and Mrs. Sicora, the remaining Physical Education staff included Miss Guillaume and Mr. Niedzwiecki. The gym teachers have done some wonderful things to make physical education more fun. -a aa -, J . -M ,, .. s .. wwf, .N ., wage -1. ww, f L s -1' - Y - rf- -- Y Q X me ,X Q N is W i . e , A 0-N., nf N Q 1: g s, 5, da QYSSQ, Z' . ' i' -1, i - T . . naw swag E see my muscles l can'I believe he lifted the wlldlellhlnglu j ,595 'VJ .UNCW 40 45 Qlullvt tackle all about.. W l l L - ll's no! Chanmn. S .-bf' sshd. ' 99 my l fi 'Ti' ofgyjt- ' 2 gs.. A 3 X 'S W? 'N K A , .1..,. Af 'NN 'V .l ' 6 1 , z 1 pw Q, BAK IMHO. aewnwfx nav' 1-was 5 wh fu. C ,-.,a,- fm. ., Q- l ,JF -F t, f .-WN-V ' Fx ' 1 ui. l. fi .aan- C I 4 M . .. .Md '5ifs'kxX iii. A. Q ,-Q XN vw-K god? quite a swift program The main goal of the vocational adjustment program was to teach it's students survival skills and train them for jobs. This year's classes included career education, consumer math, and the basic academics. Juniors could attend NEOVEC where they learned a skill of their own choice. A student involved in Work Study must have worked on a job for four months before he could graduate. Fifteen students were involved this year. They went on field trips such as bowling and visiting various places of employment. They were also involved in the Special Olympics in the spring. J, rm if if workers to gain pride for adams The Work Study program was very successful this year at Adams. lt was headed by Mr. Summerhays and designed to give students who are potential dropouts the opportunity to hold jobs while attending school. Thirty one students attended the program this year. They spent four hours in class every morning studying Math. Social Studies, English. and Phys. Ed. Seniors took Government too. They held part time jobs the rest of the day. Work Study, also known as alternative education. tries to meet the needs of those students who would rather work than go to classes. Mr. Summerhays and the staff of Adams have worked hard to make this a successful plan for all involved. if 4 What do 7 'Q ' f' ff X A . r bw v, .M .- . ,Jj::. ., Q. ,H I VL., , yf, UH-.,.,' ,, ,,..L--V . ' ,Q -4,, . .'.f.' , n ..w-' ,'. 1 Stacy straighlens her halo .,,A- - -Q I f f 4 is co-ed ew. Q. Nd. , 3 ww ,A A. -1.-rf' an ff V lx 1 5. Q -' S1 'db .6 -7.9- 'Qs F sz ' 1 :- 1 A av . . 1 Give me that class or I'll'LLfugi Sl:rEhm! Homework is belief il, r -. sz. , X. no This whole ' I , 'L- 15 F ,L 4 V M - 'J ,, ., ...qi L , at U. - F., .Q!.'LQZ3 . , x , ' .w.f-H 5 ' ' ' - ' '-- ' i . lt' lx 4' ' 'Jak xhfll X , I JL M4 I A .. . --A -4- ff tw 1 .na-. fix A . 9 ' .... . I Y 'E ..,., rw-, ' redo a many is W A .-A -N il C. 'l ,QQ A.: 1 S iv! uf' g .WY .A , Rod does the Gig! saturday night fever For many students a dance at the end of a school-week was welcomed. as well as enjoyed. The good sound from the bands that played, and the good company which was always present made it easy to get down'. The dance rules of past years were in effect again this year. Tickets were sold up to a half an hour after the dance started for students who came late. This year a coat rack was provided. which was greatly ap- preciated by all. The informal dances gave each class or organization a chance to raise money for their treasuries and they had a good time. too. l wonder what she's doing later? 4 .wx sf P 1 I ,ff U - P5 img ff: .N Q f if 'N X' . a.. i, . P. wa sv v .alt v ,, X f , nig h iii: fy I Qgggyf ky -52 t' f LJ 3 V , 3 , . 5 , 5' B , ' 0 Y . 'N 'V 4 - , YI ,,. .4-5. C ' A sh' Q4 8.5.80 S K ff SX, if '79 played fine but '78 is still great The annual B.G. Bowl game between the Senior and .lunior girls was one of the more exciting activities of the '77 Homecoming events. Although the Seniors lost, I6-I4. the game was still a thrill-packed battle for the spectators and for all involved. Head coaches for the seniors were Dave Wattles and Pat Conley, who did an outstanding job in preparing the girls for a trying battle against the juniors. Steve O'Donnell and Shane Gerke. the head coaches for the 79ers. conditioned the team for an all-out attack against the 78ers. Theresa Bechard quarter-backed for the juniors and did an excellent job manuevering the team through Cindy Rybarz's Crunch Bunch. The loss was an upset for the Seniors, but everyone had a good time. Remember girls. '79 played fine, but '78 is still great! 1 R hr' YL , L ' fi 540. 4 YL. '52 Ta' K f: ' QMS' Q ' W 4- ' '-. ,L F . . A . levi X? Si x X . if 1'' . 0 1' 3 .Y - dk A JV 1 L 'L , if ' r. - ' X -'X A K Y 'S L 6 U x SLK' .524 wr F P 5 X , -H 1. X 'N ' X Q I 5 ' ' ,P lg A2531 . P 1 4. 4 ,,. 1' ' f V 'UA w Q W ffqg , t . 1 F fn,....i,,..m k all Q EJ K . AQ. LQ ..-aiu. 'W'-.1i53+ , i ,,,,,.0x F ug , 5. pw. ., -PQ ' - , 1 . V- . qi V' A ' M i. 45 e 19 X 'Vw 1 , .. 51.-ff l X Q m ,. sl ,v 1 ' km '56 g xex AJ'-'ffgwm aff uf?-L , Ax 151145 ,Q -4: 'ii 2 0 H f ... li f 5-I ' f . A V rf tx . 'qx ,X I , . yvxb :Q N xxx Q yk. K n. In I .X XX ik rf' 1 Xi,-fg .X 15 ': iwA.1'i X R X Y r.. homecoming '77 . . . This year. it was impossible not to notice Homecoming. Many activities celebrated this annual event. They all started Homecoming Week, otherwise known as Spirit-Week. On Monday, students dressed in their class colors. lt was also the day of the B.G. Bowl game. Although the Juniors won, the Seniors showed how to play the game while keeping the fun in it. The Jazz Band played in the cafeteria during lunch on Tuesday. Wednesday was cartoon dress-up day. Scott Cleaveland. as Charlie Brown, won the contest for the best costume. On Thursday, cartoons were shown during the lunch hours in the cafeteria. There were also contests held during lunch, such as pie-eating. picnic-basket eating, and spinach-eating. That afternoon was the Homecoming assembly. The Junior's skit won first place. The sophomores were then announced as the winners of the Spirit-Week , after they accumulated the most points. Friday was Brown and Gold Day. On Saturday, our football team was defeated by Bloomfield Hills Lahser. During half-time ceremonies. Jackie Beckers and Kelly Rigney were crowned as Homecoming Queen and King. The Senior's float took first place. Later, the annual Homecoming Dance was held. The band Westwood , made the dance a success. This was truly a memorable Homecoming. W mM - Ax We're number one! GI -,w..y, . y 7-H - 2 ,jr 'if'C: X.M-li' W ' 'Tf7,-,, ' 'A -'M A - - 'W Q 4-nn 0 1 AX- ' 1, S ' '- w MW r' WN W A Gold dusten-march on KmmA, , 'Q A L 3 A . 1 ' f .. K ,g,Q,if,5f,gi- X, .,4g.g-gfaxe..wfv..,mmssa1iaQ.a.,a1,Q:,... ,1L.,1xg.,,,,..A.-x-k.m ,A Q4 Y v 1 sl. rw '4 fm! rw? 11? 70 u -xii -M ' v M I : L ,il X , if-T Q :gf-.pb ,f-X44 X .v Q ' F A . ,WM A 'vii' ,is f, 'k . N .KL XX Lf: 1.23 1' I u ' - N 4' .-Nm' X U , ix s .. ' X x 5 W 2 K at ..,. .. ' I ' ' ' W RX? Q .,. H 'S Q . ,nsigjf , , , ryf 'i .A W , K. .- f ,-,.,, JV M . :iff fgsi m X my fa 1' X X X if g . wwf- Q A ,yr N My assemblies at their best The assemblies of '77-78 proved to be exciting entertainment for those who attended them. Among this year's assemblies included one celebrating our homecom- ing week. a Christmas assembly with all the packages. numerous pep assemblies. and assemblies starring our own vocal music department. Special interest assemblies included a hypnotist with special performances by twenty Seniors. Students also spent an entertaining hour with Earth Opera . a band from St. Petersburg. Florida. The student council and other organizations arranged the assemblies for us. HHf'1l.U N - .5 Fwugwi ff...-,YQ :Eng rl, . J' figxj ,553 A Lx ,vw .1 N - Az- fl ' .R+ ga 1 ,. X 4 L. 6 , ' .1 - 'N-M ,if A E .1 L 'in' vi 1 ' . f. ' .gf s 1 I I xv I ,my 1 J -. ,,.,.u 4? if ,, , R-,L as , -.......W,..,, r v ax ww-113 uf -4 .xy . W'-x.zQf --r f 7 ., -W' Y. A 'P . ,H fx 5 ' , , A A . y 'N' ' Q4 V. V '-f 1 ',-YJ lxf E 5 'x 1-'1 ' .3g'5'igB L? z, ,fggjxlr 7-Q-'. ., 54: ' -gjtvqgigf Figff A -mf' - A, wg my QQ'-A ,L ,SPTQ ,X ,l,...M ' f- f .,. '4-1 m ' Zim' -?1fa':ff'Xff' 2.1 . F WS: :jf EVN' X -j V -.225 , .-393 LS-- 4' A ig ' ,pi Magi LQ Nr ' 'W '- . E! fi-H - US4.. - Q ., .535-Q-mffifff-: f, Ezf' if 2 i5'31 ii'?ZQ ' - - ng:Y',',x'f ,i5l-3','x ,, . . sph: Tg2?.giLz,j,'k I k X 2 an - '-,3 '1! '-:f A ..,.A .I , .,,v ,m3x,,, .sk 3:1 . .:1'5iE.x Wxej 0 -ia- 4-7, mfr- ff ', 'Y - ' 'M' 261 zivgeii' 1-NX ,ev '.g5tQf',ag.v .,g.f...,5f , 1, f 1 X 'v 4. bf,fg..,1fq,'--.ifw 5 X,,, .b,53, ,rw Q Q . L , L X. . f. xy- ,13','!,L5 ' ' -gm. .,Q5,:.C ?',,l,A L, .- U R, ,x.i.Ail ,. A K V, .-,K ,ff 2:3 . J, A Q I ,Q W A W Re, ..v- ,. XXX U ,I R .'?'sv ., -. ' .,x1- m :w4,,+ gm .ww.f- 1' Q, . ,.,, visitors discover a new world There were five foreign exchange students this year. They were: Geert DePeuter from Belgium: Lars Heubler from Denmark. Anders Leth from Sweden: Alejandro Pino from Columbia and Tuija Toikka from Finland. For them to become foreign exchange students they had to have a 3.0 grade point average. They also had to know two to three different languages. The exchange students were involved in many of the activities here at Adams. Geert DePeuter was in soccer club. Alejandro was in Spanish club, Tuija was on the girls swim team. Highlander Lassies and the Varsity Volleyball team. The foreign exchange students got homesick just like anybody who was away from home for a year. Other than that the learning experience was interesting, valuable and will be remembered by these students for years to come. from the ridiculous . . . Q Y ffl 'Why am I to die? f .,,.f Q g. Nan, I tried my best . . . to the sublime . . . The Thespian Society presented two plays this year. The first was Woody Allen's zany comedy Don't Drink the Water . It was preceded by a delicious Dessert Buffet prepared by the German Club. The story centered around the Hollanders, an American family vacationing in a Communist country. They are accused of spying, and take refuge in the U.S. Embassy. which they eventually drove crazy. Mr. Hollander was portrayed by Rob Jones, Kim Werkman was his hilarious wife, and their romantic daughter was Kathy Shuert. The second play was a drama called Anne of the Thousand Days by Maxwell Anderson. The play was a historical account of King Henry Vlll, performed nobly by Stewart Harris, and his courtship, marriage and eventual execution of Anne Boleyn, portrayed by Teri Walsh. The cast and the crew of both plays did an excellent iob. and together with Director Miss Gibson and Producer Mr. Lentz, both plays were a big success. .i.-.........,.. 1 awe I can t give him the son he wants -x,.4 fa it's all show biz unsinkable molly This year's musical depicted a girl with a dream of riches who matures enough to realize that happiness is more important than money. On April 20. 2I, and 22 Meredith WilIson's The Unsinkable Molly Brown appeared at the Rochester High School Auditorium. It starred Stacy White as Molly and Stewart Harris as Johnny Brown. the man who Molly loved so much that she changed her morals from love of money to love of life. Certain teachers helped the Choir members in the production of the musical. Vocal direction was given by Mr. Irish, Mr. Simmons rehearsed with the pit orchestra, and Mrs. Montgomery provided dramatical instruction. Mrs. Sicora and Mrs. Craven were in charge of choreography. When all of this experience combined with the natural talent among the choir members. it produced one of the best musicals in Adams history. Everyone involved with this year's musical deserves a Tony Award . What a doll! Watch your step bu W X. i lt. YQ: 22. Ki L .J wud, .W, 4' .f X IRQ 'Cllr 'QF uw! .1 ' ' 'Z' I Q Q 'x 'R is v'. -A r 3 1 5 3 . D- Q ,ILA .K. Wg A4325 . RL, '- I 1 .nw f W Uv 'Q MQ ,M is PY 1 5 J 4 in S J 1 4 K I I my ,,,, .,4. 'fs 1 1 - Aww -y rf.. X X I sv ' 'fi yr iii not a cidwd Mfg' X Not wilh Y px . px ti ' . f' L 5: FS 5 NN-J,ff,X. .xx WK 'Q-ff.- Q X .- -A ' Q-A W A , A g,f-ivy: Q .N , X ' ' K, .?4XffQeX'emxQi1fMH. I .Yu 1 'QM A jvf H, .A Nr wk . Wf- X an 3' 'F if U Sl N Q ,Q Q ox.-if QL? N PQ V W 1' beating the boredom blues? , 2 V Q . I M! 77 24 6 my . X 25.4 2 ' ' -'UI x Q gn - X X f gf X .......,, u L! 'x Q 1. N A i Z . I 4 mei . 1 Q '1 M Q U EW Ii I I. ,, if hard work led to success The success of this year's Student Council was due to the hard work and effort of each member. The CounciI's main obiective this past year was to incorporate better communication between the administration and the students. This was achieved in part by the new Representative to the School Board position established this year and held by senior Betsy Spencer. Student Council officers included Pat Twomey, President: Barb Johannessen. Vice President, Tom Johnson. Treasurer: Mary Jane Natale, Recording Secretary, and Carol Strayer, Corresponding Secretary. Though many people didn't know it. it was the Council that provided us with the many activities that broke up the classroom routine. They were responsible for the Homecoming, Christmas and hypnotist assemblies and organized the Earth Opera concert, the annual talent show and the Red Cross blood drive. Our second annual Muscular Dystrophy Dance Marathon was a big success too. Besides providing us with some occasional entertainment, this dedicated group continued to improve various school policies and procedures with the help of their advisor Mrs. Lintz. Overall, our Student Council did another fine job and helped to make our long months at Adams seem to go by a little more quickly. W' Simi .QM 3 :ls ff- A in 'iw iiii 4 'TQ ll 5' X BSN 9- ' 5: ' the SI3I'S 'Nurse are born This year's Astronomy and Physics club worked extremely hard to raise money to go to Toronto. To afford the trip to Canada they had sales which included popcorn sales, T-shirt sales. and calculator sales. The students went to Oakland for math card games also. The sponsor was Mr. Gibson who. with help from president Lisa Stasak and treasurer Heidi Quitmeyer, always had the group doing something. They met on Mondays and usually met from a half hour to two hours. The students involved clearly learned a great deal from these clubs. The experiences enabled those interest- ed to become better prepared for a college maior in science. my book, yer' book The I977-78 Yearbook Staff worked hard to put together another fine yearbook. Under the watchful eyes of Mr. Berube. the staff accomplished many things. For two years the students missed the captions under every picture. That was changed this year with the unanimous decision of Editor-in-Chief Shelly Kamrath, Layout editor Terri Stevens. and Literary editor Mary Johnston, as well as the rest of the class. Another change was the addition of forty pages to the traditional 220 page book. Although this raised the cost. we felt that it was to your advantage. Business editor Lynn Huzzard. Photography editor .lohn Boot, and Sectional editors Kim Fleming and Alyssa Gaggino, also worked hard throughout the year. We hoped that the book has brought back memories for all to cherish. if .JA - .. N ' ' fu A K . Y: - e .1 X f X I XZ! 64. X 9 ' smu- 1 f . - -efr 2 H up Htlffli-- Q'1I3q' Front Rowtltok D Hulverson C Sorenson C Fox A. Whitcher A Row: M J Natale T Pedrotty R Jacobsen Mrs Mastovicligl. l. Marcoff .I Evans Third Row: M Cary B Cary T Dillon. M. extra! extra! read all about it! The school newspaper, Under the Kilt . upheld its reputation of being informative and interesting for the ninth consecutive year. Mrs. Mastovich sponsored the twenty-three students. Tom Johnson took on the responsibility of being Editor-in-Chief and did a fine job. News editor Carol Strayer. Feature editor Ann Glaser, Editorial editor Lisa Marcoff, and This and That editor Sue Miertl, put a lot of time and effort into each edition. Subscriptions were sold in the beginning of the year in order to give the paper a working budget and to let them know exactly how many copies they had to have printed each time. This proved to be a much easier system to work with. The students had the satisfaction that they put together their own works for the whole student body to enjoy. y No comment. . keep on writing This was the second year that we had the Literary Magazine at Adams. They were hard workers and picked topics from scratch and pulled together to form some interesting literature. This was an after school activity consisting of seven dedicated students. They were Libby Geist, Sue DeMent, Kelly King, Kevin King, Diane Cavallero, Beth Ringle. and Kelly Evans. Mr. Freeman sponsored this club. Hopefully, in the future, more students will want to write and publish works in the Literary Magazine. As Mr. Freeman said, It's a creative reIease. all the world's a stage . . . The Thespian Society was hard at work again this year presenting dramatic productions for all to enjoy. With Miss Gibson and Mr. Lentz, the students learned the secrets behind the dramatic arts. The dessert theatre comedy. Don't Drink the Water , would have made original writer, Woody Allen, proud. The second production, Anne of a Thousand Days , was successfully presented in February. Since the Thespian Society began at Adams in I975, it has become a popular and active club. in n.h.s. - active people, active club Do you remember being lurred by the tempting aromas of hot bagels? This was just one of the many projects in which the National Honor Society succeeded in raising money throughout the year to buy pins. cords and other paraphanalia for members of the club. Mr. Gibson, who sponsored the N.H.S. again this year. was assisted by President Tim Shrodera Vice President Heidi Whitfield: W Secretary Terri Pedrotty: and Treasurer Anne McGarry. . A large number of students were admitted into the N.H.S. despite the stiff qualifications. Sophomores had to have a 3.5 GPA while Juniors and Seniors needed a 3.0 GPA. But students were not accepted entirely on their academic excellence alone. They also had to have taken part in school activities such as sports. plays, other clubs, and student government. To some, it was an honor to be involved in this club. -1: Qi .z n, H -M ,xv ra, .r.f T? D. Harrig.gL..Meyer. M,'G6Qgaslan. D. Bradford.?Kgs.Rosenbusch..S:sDiiiilc5i.:B'rI T . P. M A T ai'RgfPtff bg P-are A t A 1 1 H.f1oh11-messes. AfKsaQm..,5gM. Mmm.-.ns iffigiisay.,a'f,af:w.l ?liff.i.,n1'2TYbl3fll'f2?' '.4,g .g,. 5 gtg' Q, Lg k kk . R .lgvg . gi , HQ lgy llgjrh X. T F' ro,R1 L- Kviifiiisi Si White- K- Buifeivivslef-Qifvdifsraff. causal. 'ScliererfJ4P.3jPazevic. J. Hau1wtrtliQ,AgEJohnson3siStifiiiiiiiiisiiiiifskiJ b fi 7.'CLlfF QC. N Tk g11: iit. E, , 2- M'l53'5ii W'lSli15icllidfisibivve t'e-was psbdiriiiaitfilfffielhltltleie 1 sill? 3. . - , 1- . ' .. . , LH'-1 L, if -' ' -- -,-'lf . Vt. fflf,,.,1-.151ze..-Q.:-?'i,.q,L59, , L, . Y' 5-I . 0 v o f 7 .. Q' i. 51 fi . if wr- ag Gul T-igullf . ij L ' '-f P' :Pk-5' Z.. : L in ' V ey L , Y L fy' i ' V- if .Lfi,ijgii5l,k:3Tu'.L51:fi':.w.. . ' ' ' - L 75' Z.l-if'Ziffkgi5i35'qQi3:i'.Ei5Q5fH-fK57lL.5lUsl I fl ', in . : L E :f Psfiifrzkcigfwiglf L L L V r .J 'L -5' jij 1 ,. L L , -L V- ' ' :L :ff i'-K:-ff? gi is Li' . K - sf. rw ' - - xi. . ,,. so .- ,- -1. . ', .. '- ..-my..--,+ sf..-I .- .- , fs . . Q, -..- - ,, - -- . - ,..,,..M,g, yt, ,. ..,s.,g5s . - ,- --f V. - - 4 X- A f ' -f - f- -,:, of - ,- , A.. cy.f,:...:,fff,:t1,..:-w-.ef-.f if .- f -V - . --,.. ,V f, ' 4' -' K . -- .- , K... .- , . i . . . A .. -1 ?i:tfe.'.:g- .- ,t -. -f - :x,.s.-...f-. i c ff-.---fs.-we-s,.f...-, 11--.Q . ,, ,- ..:e..,..,.,..,,,..,,, ,.f.,,,k ,. K, , i K . i ,, .i -- , . t -I ., A . ..... . i, , g . --Q' ---- ' -K 2 - -- -' I 1 fi- v g 1. K. - - - ' 1 K, 'j L' . ' f mg , ,,... . - ,. . , ., A , K K ,V ,, ,.,k . ,YIM .L scholars and rotarians The National Merit Scholarship Program consisted of students who received exceptionally high scores on the PSATXNMSQT test. The students who qualified represented one half of one percent of all students in their state. Adams had seven qualified semifinalists that competed for the Merit Scholarships this year. Seven other Commended students scored high but did not qualify. These kids deserve special recognition. The Rotary Club consisted of students from the school who have been invited by the businessmen of the community to join them at the rotary luncheons. These students are selected according to citizenship and good character. hola! quetel? The Spanish Club had two main purposes this year. One of which was to promote the culture of the Spanish speaking nations in the community. The Club also had to raise money for their foster child in Mexico. They raised money through such projects as ice-cream sales. a Spanish Dinner that was served to the public and stationery sales. The Club participated in many non-money making projects too. For Homecoming they made a float which won first place. The name of their float was Speedy Go Adams and near the end of the year the Club panicipated in the Language Day Competition held at Oakland University. Out of the three categories they were in, they won two first places and one second place. Under the supervision of Mrs. Nash. the sponsor, the club met this year only when there was something important to discuss. Overall. the Club had a very productive year. .wry ff fx 4' L if 'rc N iff 44 ku french with us The French Club got together every Tuesday to raise money for scholarships that were given to outstanding Seniors. Some of the activities the club had to raise money in, were: apple picking. their annual fashion show, and the French dinner. The club also took part in activities that did not raise money. They made a float for homecoming which won them a third place. At Christmas time they went caroling. They also had their end-of-the-year picnic for all the french club members. The officers this year were: Patty Arscott-president, Libby Geist-vice- president. Anne McGarry-secretary, and Mary Johnston-treasurer. The French Club was definitely an active and worthwhile activity for many people. hail snow! Mrs. Snow sponsored the German Club again, and Stewart Harris aided as president. This year the German club participated in folk dancing competition at Oakland University, and at Central Michigan University. The German Club was also involved in the dessert theater in conjunction with the Thespian Society. The German club also took part in the annual Maifest. Other officers of the German Club were, Steve Christman as vice president, Karla Rosenbusch as secretary, and Pete Hagenbuch as treasurer. l . K wks. . v. x ' .-p?7if W' lfl.ff7fff.fffffffffflfflvif x C Q 'Y fpruvvip. 'ly , or ,M ' F' C Y AM,l 3 7 9 Q vi fe ,zz I A V: if N., S-mv. is-.ik Z. , X . russians rushin' The Russian Club was sponsored by Mr. Pazevic, with Robin Church as president. During the year the club participated in bagel sales. Russian pastry sales. and two Russian dinners. The Russian club also went to Russian folk dance festivals, and operas. The main purpose of the Russian Club was to raise money for scholarships. a party at the end of the year. and to introduce Russian culture to the members. Other officers of the Russian Club were, vice president Heidi Mulso. and secretary Bea Brusstar. - 'Zi V 'Yf35 !Q7--.-::, do it with deca! Deca stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America , and was a National Organization. Deca promoted Developing future leaders for marketing and distribution. The Distributive Education Co-op class worked on Deca competitive activities for Regional, State, and National competitions. Adams has been very successful the past four years, with numerous trophy winners. The past two years, Adams sent three students to National competition in Chicago and Los Angeles. This year's National was in Washington, D.C. As Mr. Rosenberg put it, They're a great bunch of kids who deserve a little recognition. that's debatable The main purpose of the Debate team was to promote clear thinking, analyze public speaking techniques and provide the opportunity to work cooperatively with the other serious students. The squad participated in three debate leagues and the state tour- naments. These tournaments were against The Middle Macomb League. The South Eastern Michigan Novice League, and the MSAA. With the help of sponsor Mr. Freeman, the squad proved that debate was something to talk about. l 4 gold dusters - full of spirit There was a change this year for the Gold Dusters. Instead of performing during halftime at basketball games they were seen at our football games. The team practiced on Monday. Wednesday and Thursday for two hours each day after school. The sponsor of the Gold Dusters was Mrs. Allison. Captain Cyndi Buchholz, First Lieutenant Theresa Schell and Second Lieutenant Jeanette Meuller helped with the planning of each show that was performed. The Gold Dusters went to competition at Rochester High and also participated in the national contest, Miss Halftime U.S.A. in Ohio. A1 01171 G Watchfilriiiwsffradio city here'thcy5 Qsssis' t v 4: -- .....-.--... We 1 --ny., ,,,.,., ,se -HQ Q I ve got the whole Nxxxxs Steve concentrates on a strike, You mean I only got a 48 average7?! bowlers strike at adams A new organization was fornted this year that had striking success- the Bowling club. Mrs. Harris sponsored the club this year, and saw to it that all the kids participating worked hard and had fun at the same time. This year's officers were: President Steve Veillette. Secretary Laurie White. and Treasurer Bill Even. These students as well as the remaining competitiors. met every Tuesday after school at the North Hill Lanes. A bowling tournament was held at Birmingham Bowl on March I4. The top five boys and the top five girls in the club made a good showing there. Oh no. my fingers are stuck' follow the bouncing ball This was evident in the club's fine performance at this year's MSAA tour The club met on Monday and Wednesday in the cafeteria They were le returning coach, Mr. Treat, and their elected officers. These included Presid Veillette. Vice President Rob Nani, Secretary Mark Tomboulian and Treas Dover. All the students involved enjoyed themselves thoroughly in this club. The table tennis team was back for their fifth season with plenty of goc l ' . 1 I u I I X I peles of the future A sport that grew in popularity at Adams, as well as across the country this year was Soccer. Participation was good as the Soccer Club had nearly thirty regular members. Mr. Pazevic, the sponsor had help from President, Jeff Tombouliam Vice President, Randy Scherer: Treasurer, Aram Kabodian: and Secretary. Alan Jackson. The club practiced two and a half hours after school, three days a week. This time was spent drilling old and new fundamentals, and using what was learned by splitting up into two teams and playing a game. They also played well against neighboring schools in non-league scrimmages. It is the hope of Mr. Pazevic, the club members and the administration that in the I978-79 school year these scrimmages be halted, and Soccer become the next varsity sport at Adams. el' 'Q' service with a smile This year Highland House wrapped up its sixth successful year with a few changes. The restaurant was totally redecorated. Patti King and Judy Cieslik initiated the whole project. A coat rack was added to the decor, so the customers had a place to hang their coats instead of hanging them on the back of their chairs. The serving schedule also differed this year. Inst-ead of serving on Tuesdays and Thursdays and having Soup Day on Wednesdays, Soup Day was omitted and they served on all three days. Besides serving the students and adminis- trators, Highland House also served anyone who wanted a good meal at the reasonable price of ninety cents. The hours they served were from eleven to twelve-thirty. Mrs. Fisk taught her students good management, how to prepare the food and the importance of serving it in a friendly manner. 1 xo Welcome r . .. 1 to 4, Z5 l ,-Q li 'ls' gx 'g .. J ' Sill!-of 'f .ICf'15, 5 J ,553 t :. I U' .I -Ill: ', . d Hlghliiilouse Rutland nom- wn , ' ' gf ,' wewenf having frog legs today? ggrs T Ear- f ':::gy af-ff-' sw P' open for business Many schools don't have their own store, yet Adams did. The Amble Inn is just the place to go if you need school supplies, or if you just want to buy a record. They also sell candy. gum. jerseys. and jackets. The Amble Inn was sponsored by Mr. Rosenberg. and run by six seniors and two juniors. These students experienced first hand how a Store operated. Their customers consisted of the students of Adams. The Amble Inn was open five days a week during the lunch hours. After Christmas, the Amble lnn was robbed. Much of their merchandise was taken unfortunately, none was recovered. NNT 'X crazy camp counselors The sixth grade students from Meadow Brook. University Hills, Baldwin. North Hill. and Long Meadow elementary schools were counseled by selected Adams Students. The kids and camp counselors were full of energy and enthusiasm when they went out to the wild wilderness of Camp Tamarack. Each counselor had five to eight kids to keep track of for the week. Everyone participated in the activities such as ice fishing, map and compass. and nature walks. The highlights of the week were the drop off, square dancing and the team skits. Overall, the counselors and the kids experienced a fun-filled week at camp. 5-Q e sandy 'smiles lor the camera! A ' highlander lassies time swimmers to success Cheerleaders at a swim meet? That may seem a little odd. but the boys' swim team had their own specialized squad, the Highlander Lassies. These girls performed a number of functions such as timing. scoring. hostessing. helping judges, and cheering the swimmers to numerous victories. Besides timing at all the swim meets the Highlander Lassies had other responsibilities. Every morning after the boys came from a rigorous practice the Lassies had breakfast ready and waiting for them to eat. A lot of time and effort was given by these girls to support the I97 7-78 boys swim team. Although they were not publicized, they were deeply appreciated. Carter. J. Hunter. Back Rowt V. v got what time? I.. Carvey. T. Rogers. P. Price. J. Joyce, P. Arscott. K. L. Kuczasda. T. Schell, B. Johannessen, M. Tessier. K. Cleveland. S. Manning. I.. Kenney. What a stretch!! chess nuts The chess club was sponsored again this year by Mr. Treat. He received help from President Hal Jolley. Vice President Kevin Cappo. Treasurer Bob Shankin. Secretary Lori Laney, and Assistant Treasurer Mark Googasian. These officers purchased new equipment for the team and made the team more organized. The competitors played well against other schools in several chess meets arranged by the officers. Chess is a game of immense concentration, forethought and practice. Our chess club combined these and a competitive attitude to perform well and enioy themselves too. Mr. Trealg hoping he made the right move' . . . ii' QP' -M, U Qs fri- Yfy e 'W' fit- ,g,2xT:,' ski in style! This year's cross country ski club did not compete. they were more of just a touring team. They plan on being a racing team next year. This year they extended their touring sites to Oakland University. The instructor of the cross country ski club was Mr. Pazevic, who did a great job. The captain was Alan Jackson, and Bill Brown helped him when needed. They did a good job leading the club activities. In the future, they hope to do really well when they become a racing team. V -i-' ua ,-'BF 1 f 9 0 kb! my -' r.A'::'x':x,f3.ff2J'i'f41: 0 if F'-'i 3W ai ' 2 --- ' A rg ' , 5 1 fh- V 1- f f ,.f - gg N. v 67 ' ' 'T .V 'f -' . I . ' - 4 - V ., .lf ' .- I J . D v...Q,.. ,. , rv ,G ,aww f, ' . : ' M F Q '-'4 7B , X Q 2 414. Q ff A ' M, -.I Q QI J ' , 3 X -f .- ,wg Wg QA 2 F A N 'IV ' wi f . , vs , 9 . , ' 'X - 1 1 Q. 4 . :gg V all Lf - 7 f 'Qs' 'Z 3 3 x , ' I I J : 1 wi 1 A l 1 I I :F kk - w f , f , . Q' f, tv' A V. , mf , X . 12 ' '- 'V ' 'f , .rx :Yi J.: , , N3 1 11 IA K- f ' E ' . l. 'Q' .iffy S - f' '.-5 'v u'f -- ' ' , 'v X N- ff ,. ,rif-mg fy, . wks, v ll., -.a1,..z, - . 1 E L ,- 1 , K ' UG' fi x-QJKA Q 1 Y -. ---- -.. ,f w 1 . ,,'-. f :., 0 I - Y g N0 , I I I I is W . o ,A ,ws k. ,. ski 'Yf'f.3niuh-I Wd nl, .r gk W Q ..Qalm .1 , - students get it together l f-xx z we fi' L Q if . 'Swv lk X . 4 'ull s-r 2' f',- ', ,.. N, 'ix ,....a ,uf- , 5y,' F H w r L rx., Z 1 '-Q-.-..,,,, K' 4-gin My 3 '--ww 4 n. 4... WV 4 x-. 'U w. nv... MM M., ,,,-.--in-. A W suit? s 5. gx 4 , A-X, ' X L . A,.. N Q 5, . h V-.4 E . ' 4 4 1 ' 1 f x 'Wt '. N. I 0 lv. ' w Q ,- . Q A' 'Q A . rv , pw H A f' y ., Y ff r - f., '- My-xf.l,V . , ' 4. A 1? .. my , HN 4 4 W ft 4 7 ' P L, . 1,' . s ' 5 , V ' . K f 'S Q V , . J' 1' - ' i ' H E ,., '- '., . , HQ 1 4-'V 'v 4 ' F- J M N v 1 Y , ' - . A 3 Q W Af ? E Y ' .ww J , ,mf , ' Lu , . ' ,, 5 1 ,wb . fi? 1 X F3 . , W , M 1+ ,A J, ,, Q an ld' ' Q My V S , , . CW yr K' m ' 2 .V ,. , A ' ,. , h ' K s af - - ' A l 9' r - . UQ 3 , I 1 I f '. Q if H' ,WLVLJ W W, , W .K , r-nga A.. .Vl' I X .X Y' A-' A f ' -,- ' . w1'Jf ,f' , Q - , K ' v- Q. V ' ,' Q -lv' ' , , v y . . W 1 ' V ' ' I ' . 4 4 u f , Q 1 ' a A' ' Q 0 4 1 E A F4020 9 V. K, J , 5 - y 1 Q' 'Hr Vg A 3' ?,e'1'fN , J pw 11- N ' 1 'al H V A ' n,,' ,N K .. 7? L' ?!w?k 'Neff ' ' J V ' K Q tx up i if ,gy h, v ,pq X V in 1 .1 ,, M , W l MA 4 'U f 9 4 4 1 A, QQ L ,re ,WA , Q ' if Q LkL,., 1 'Q k 4 QM 3.tV,5,, , Xjkg47v'jw 3, 3 in Ji VM Qi A' XT' . U gp.. x' -5 G, Q FK '. ' ' v L, , 7' 'iiffw W? ' V . 52, 25359 'V X V lm x., , J, ,, A it f 'irq i iw , X Q4 V, .rf ,L BW ,ll , V3.5 ,ob,1i,Ird5Ap 'W - 'Q '41t,lf8y11 ,W M 3 . 3 s Y' l Q Q, 4-Q A' ,, ,f C , x' V , , . , ' . J, , - ' ' 1' , ' M VQ 1 fv 4' it 5 Q K ' . n J gg' 2 'V 'I '.J 1 Z' X' Q 4'-24 ?' ,s2 f I 'V ,, ' ,v1. ,VN A 5 - 9 . ' I U , V K ' ' f . , ,,. A' ' '- A1 Q A 'R 1 fl2f9V 54.3i'1f ' ff' f 'J kr , , ,, , . , 1 af , ,, , . , Q, 4 f. 1. 1 E f-A YA, ,, V ' ,, 4 , gi a P 14 ,Irv , ' x f Vw, 'K ,V , Q . 4 ' Q w, , , W- Q 4 V ,,, A wi. H ul---,fmt 7-di i I I i E AN ' X' J 01,4 ., , '-- s. Q W I 9, ..- in-wx' al 41111 1 0 I ww ? x A .ffgfxgwfq 1 1 E Q95 lg 4 l'lll1 OI1. . . Cross Country did well this season as a team. They were ambitious and ready to win with our school backing them all the way. Mr. Gierke, their coach pulled them through a season of an overall four and three record. Adam's senior Gary Sutherland emerged as a leader on the Cross Country team. He had put much effort in to his running along with the other members of the team. We must also give recognition to Paul Newton and Steve Viellette who have also been a great addition to the team. Mark Mueller, a junior, and Greg Weist, a sophomore. look like they will be next year's prospects for the team. We must thank every member on the team for investing their time and pride in our school team. Of course, next year's team will do just as well and we hope they keep running on for their goals. -1--. J my 4 H' M 1, putt on. . . This year the Boys Golf Team did exceptionally well in their regular season and league matches. They were undefeated in their league, and finished off the season by winning the league meet. Their only loss in the regular season was a non-league meet with Brother Rice. However, later in the season they came back for revenge. and beat them at Great Gaks Country Club. The only disappointment of the season was their performance at the regionals, in which they took sixth place and did not qualify for state competition. The team. coached by Mr. Pasbjerg was headed by six returning varsity lettermen. including captain Bob Klanow and a good job was done by all. 2, ,I an ,, lrpici F me ...A,......:,.:..:......4L..g..g4.L.1.1.,..,,4..i...:.Cg,,g.,,-,..........,,--, ' -. Front Row-l.. to R.-G. Graves. T. Fox. li. Green. B. lilanow. P. Solverson. K. Graves. Back Row-Coach Pasbjerg. T. Donaldson. J. Biallas. S. Helzer. G. Manning. B. Lawless. J. Liddle. G. Zdral. . l'm not on the hall today. ....... ... ..a...s..............,.c...... ..... ,ws .A w-sg.,,,...X-ss Scott! some swinger! 'L ..., Q What form! Decisions. Decisions! varsity football oh well The Varsity football team had a tough year. They had their ups and downs. but always stuck together. Their team spirit was great. If they had lost a game the next time they would try harder. A large number of injuries affected the team. They had .lim Cupples out for the season with a broken ankle, and Dave Nelson's broken wrist and many more smaller injuries. The team showed a lot of effort towards every game: they put everything they had into every game. They never gave up. Without Coach Nedzwiecki the team wouIdn't have been as good. He was a great coach in that he always got the team emotionally, and physically ready for each game. When the team went out on the field, Coach Ned's determination was just as strong as the players' themselves. Even though the record doesn't show it, with the spirit that the I977 football team had it made them tops. At season's end, Chris Whitfield was voted to the all league team. 14 N 3 CS wait till next year! L 'llli x v. Man. K. Cochran. S. CleavelanE'K. Sloniker. D. GravelTeTl:'Devoe. D. Addy. S. Miller. K. Masters Second Row- J. Heck. K. Kaye. M. Gendick. D. Grech.sC. Masters. D. Jankovich. K. Connolly. R. Goniwiecha Third Row-A. Brickhouse. D. Harbin. S. Burgess. A. Daniels. D. Butler. R. Thompson. J. Gill. D. Borgne. Coach Berube. go out on their way up This year's Junior Varsity football team had its ups and downs. While the coaches initially felt that the team had some personnel dificiencies. the team started with two straight victories over non-league opponents. Then, injuries to key players and realignment of positions created some major problems. The record for the rest of the season was a mere I-6. But this doesn't tell the whole story. The team pushed Troy Athens up and down the field, had two touchdowns called back. were penalized at inopportune times and lost 8-O. In the Rochester game Adams dominated the game both physically and statistically but ended up losing fagain penalties played the key rolej I4-8. There were some very talented sophomores on this year's team and they were sure to be a big help on the varsity next year. 'Qin 1nnuw -nm , fm f v ww. -Q'l' gq 3. ,B gg ef Q Sl ,L ' 1 ' 4? mann 'W-v--um llnltuusqgg ' lk .f va-S 1 af ' ,, E Q, ' x .f XI Xl! .Y ug '31, ill f Q --Q as-1 KA 'Varff' QA ' QA if ZA li: .W X. ' - 1 39 W-x xN Y M 1 , X W x xx v Q x L4 . M give us the spirit! The Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders deserved a great amount of credit for their dedication and spirit throughout the year. For our football season, the senior varsity cheerleaders were Jackie Beckers, Mary Jane Natale, Betsy Spencer. Lisa Marcoff. Linda Brainer. and captain Ann Glaser. Junior members included Lisa Gerber, and Robin Moncrieff. Sophomores Beth Hammerski, Kim Acton. Lynn Cracknell, Annette Duby. Lisa Clissold, Mathilda Brown, Lisa Manzi, and Kerrie Hulbert. formed the J.V. squad. These girls fought the cold to fire-up the crowd. Through the process of more tryouts and tribulations, sixteen more cheerleaders were chosen for the basketball season. Captain Betsy Spencer and the rest of the Varsity and J.V. squads showed plenty of spirit as they cheered on both the teams and the crowds. Mrs. Swoyer and Mrs. Long were the sponsors this year. girls varsity basketball- on top again This year's Varsity Girl's Basketball team went in fighting and came out winning, The girls suffered through coach Jenny Sicora's tough practices from early August to late November. The team was held together by Seniors: Linda Ban. Michele Bell. Lin Mondt. Cookie Novitsky. and Terri Pedrotty. All of these girls had been playing for Adams since their sophomore year, They deserved a lot of credit for their hard work and outstanding playing ability throughout the years. Working hard for the team during the season were Juniors: Sue Danek, Cathy Gay, Annette Gigliotti. Kathy Gordon, Debbi Pedrotty. and Molly Todd. They were always hustling to do the best job possible. Captains Lin Mondt and Cookie Novitsky had reason to be proud of the varsity team. Coach Sicora had put forth a lot of her time and effort to make the l977-78 GirI's Varsity Basketball team the best. The girls won their first two games against Utica Eisenhower and Romeo in the districts. Then they met up with cross-town rival Rochester and solidly beat them for the district title. Adams was proud of the girl's winning efforts. -..., b . . ' 5' f P B ' . gy ,Q gills Q kv? 3 Ms ,V ' IA fi' I 1 Fx ? Mr xxx,-My zs 35 W u V I Y 7, mug ,nuff 1 , 1 if 'S' I ' 1. ' i Ti 'gli 3,5 A 1 '58 A5 Nvx-N gf? fx' f X . 'idwli ow' wi ' x ' V. . ' Gif ' - fa 1 v IYW1, , .35 1 .. ll 1 MY' A ,Q ,mf 'A U 1 ' 1 ff if Y X. 2 J Xx Q i ,z -1 ' L 'N K S1 ?'!' i 'nur girls j.v. b-ball numero uno The '77 Girls .l.V. Basketball team had a most outstanding season to have ever hit Adams. These I4 sophomore girls put great pride and determination into every game they played. This faith the girls had. helped them on to a fantastic I6-3 overall record and a 9-I league record. Coach Cicciarelli spoke highly of his team, They never complained and never lost faith. They are the best all around squad l've had. Center Jo Anne Hopp led her team in highest number of points and rebounds. The entire team won I4 awards for participation as well as J.V. awards. 1 goggles are a girl The girls swim team smashed its way into its best season ever. They compiled an impressive I2-I record. Their only loss came at the hands of MSAA champion Birmingham Groves. The Golden Wave. with captains Lisa Stridde, Patti Aucott. and Pat Arscott, also did very well in their league meet. They were runners-up for the second straight year. The team's performance was sparked by sophomore Kathy Krull. who collected two first places. 's best friend! The girls owed much of their success to coaches Mrs. Mallon and Ms. Lusk. Not only did C.B. and Adrienne instruct. they provided moral support as well. Eight girls travelled to Kalamazoo December third for the state swim meet. The eight included seniors Carol Strayer. Pat Aucott, Kryston Peterson, and Kim Fleming. and sophomores Kathy Krull. Cathy Schmitz. Jenni Aucott. and Kim Fedak. X all 1 wif. I : 112-Mr ll w ill kiilsfs X Us 'leo ld' --of ,, xii T ,M ,, .Ang .gy Q.-l- Tf tf'7r ' N-at 5 JN , MNT,-f-, . ns... Oo .1 V. . 3 fs 21,-,n,, 'NYS-mfr: -1 . K 6.7 ' ' :.1T':35f,,w, .shy-'B' '. ' if vt' -1' 2.-.!'1 '4'-' - Y - - pr -.- .-5.5. -f - f if .Q 5' 'T' . 1 -5-gfj 'X' ? ,. K gx -9' 'Q .W f ' Q' - at ' -4 my TS ' M L G- Q, m , . + W' -. A. U we , . - , -'N' w- f-,-'iw- - ' -1: 'Q 'L Q - , .. QNWT9 . Wtiwiiz-r 4 u ,- V' -4 1ev?5?', ' - 1' ' 5 '35 - -f A . in Q' uw' I ' ,,.x x,'. - 1' NM 'Q' ' . ,, N .. . -gh ,.,,- sw '-, ' Mx. - M , ' 'G' 'ft ,Za .su Q w wi: 'R' NP L K -9. . ' .... -' 7 'A 1- '- 4- Q --. Q, A, ijyf N ' v ,E PQ Q , x L-D7 . Qs. 4 Ls .xx 4, . x ,' I . 'f a . VJQ: WF ru, W pf' -f' ,V .-A 145' A ' lpn N-v A ..-. . , - - Qy- 1 Lg--....1. xid., --- wr!! V if-fs K A.-V -v b .Q , Q ,.a life in the fast lane Life in the Fast Lane was a perfect motto for the l977- I 978 boy's swim team. Swimming isn't a sport for everyone. but the guys showed it was the sport for them. They worked hard. practicing twice a day. They had another successful season too. easily defeating opponents Royal Oak Dondero. and Crosstown rival Rochester. The Golden Wave also showed that they could take more coaching changes and keep on winning. The two new coaches this year were Mr. Dennis Seman and Ms. Adrienne Lusk. Mr. Seman was Assistant Coach at Michigan State. The boy's swim team was backed by senior co-captains Chuck Hunter and Scott Phillips. and junior co-captain Rick Cozad. Qther senior team members included swimmers Dan Cook, and Tim Romano, and diver Bill Bardes. B! i. 'Q . 1' X lj. ' Zad salutes his fans. A 0 no 0 B Colluns M Stem J Cook. S. Phillips. C. Belaney. N. Cupalullo. S. Hubbard. K. O Connor. Coach Lusk. . Nix Z gf ..fkx3g...w.,....!i.- ..,, -,-,,.,, .. , . What more can I say? L girls ou The girl's volleyball team was at their best again this year. They practiced hard every day to win or at least put up a tough battle. The girl's varsity team was led by captains Linda Ban and Donna Harris. They also had a new coach this year who was officer Ben Decker. This was his first year as a coach and he seemed to do real well. He coached both Varsity and .l.V. The captains for J.V. were Rita Snow and Renee Logsdon. The junior varsity was not set up for spiking but they hustled every team they played. The varsity team had the height and the spikers. they always played tough. Both teams never gave up and always put everything they had into it. t for a piece of the action' . fda fy, f sa ssss Mr?.isHrsl3ygisTd13i7 aeBfsf eng Saxon T' ' ' u Z' w 1 .. U --- V wrest This year's wrestlers started out on top and stayed on top. They finished first in the league, and acquired three league champions: Keith Masters at II2 lbs.: Dave Walsh at I38 lbs.: and Paul Cracknellat I9I lbs. The team setastate record for the most dual meet wins in a season - 24. What really held the team together was the great sportsmanship shown by Coach Bailo. Team captains were Chris Whitfield. Dan Greco. and Dan Wiest. This year's team had five district placers who qualified for regionals. They were: Keith Masters C3rdj: Dave Walsh f3rdj: Chris Whitfield Qndjz Dan Burgess Q3rdj: Paul Cracknell Grdj. This year's wrestling team was by far one of the best teams we've ever had at Adams. Good iob guys! NX N---.... X-... , 'p x '4 ' Let go of me! ' , i gi, 41 viivk3'i6f'f' X -xxx ,AAN 1 W ' 'H+- gn .f ' - --, V 4, ,BaiIo's bunch takes a break! H ff ,ydllr Shouldenl ..,.,.,.......,.,....,. The persistent snow proved to be very profitable for Adams skiers this year. In dual competition, the girls fared very well with an 8-I record, while the boys followed with a 6-3 record. Divisional standings show the girls as Ist out of 9, and the boys as 4th out of IO. The league meet this year put the girls at I0 out of I2. and the boys as I2 out of I4. Regional competition is the decisive factor upon which Ist and 2nd placements earn a place at the state finals. The results put Adams girls lOth in the entire state of Michigan, separating the girls from the boys, showing the girls as 2nd out of I7 places while qualifying them for the state finals at the same time. The coach of the ski team for this year was again Mr. Carl Pasbjerg, a math teacher at Adams. Mr. Pasbjerg must regretfully bid adieu to some seniors who have contributed a lot of time and effort to the team. They include: Chris Rosalik. Patty Cotcamp. Shari Cloutier, David Hunstad, and .lay McGee. their side of the mountain Scott glidesitofvlctory . Eisais., I m coming mom! 'sf Xing.. 4' ' x ' cxsyv' f., :E Ek Q Sq wks It , Gig 4 1 i 3, if K J , g'7f?,fgLih j 1 , - . 1 P varsity basketball - just cruisin' along . . . Adams' varsity basketball team had a rather unusual season this year. One of the highlights of the season was the game against Rochester. Adams won 57-55. with Dan Kruse scoring 35 points and 20 rebounds. Two disappointments of the season were an overtime loss to Lahser 55-57, and a 3 point loss to Seaholm, 37-40, in the district tournaments. Dan Kruse was named most valuable player. Unfortunately, Kruse was in an accident in January. and was out for the rest of the season. Kruse led the individual season average with I8.lLX,. Tim Dillion led in free throw percentage with 80'X1. Kruse led the season rebound average with I4'Vo. The team's free throws percentage at the end of the season was 6723. They ended the season with an 8-I2 record. This year. Mr. Orchard took over as the varsity coach. At the end of the season he said, The team members have worked very hard to have a successful year. S . . f-:wx XJ .5--4 ilu:-ms.rmri v f iwrii-heiuaaflihefiaalifgwfeef i . .mx A 2 3 ,K 14, ,. K.. k......,.,,.. N WMM. mv--W Bums. D. Freer. J. Kogenfl. Lawless. P. Madden.'M.MbNdm3rh .,. ,,f.,,.,,..,f-,M H - - . . . -. A 1 W.f11.!xg.fwf.g,9Efg.,9 14. . w 2 .-:-:,,.i-We f Q .. ,V M, .ff V -fm . -, A ...wr . ,...f ,xx K. A 5 it 4.3 1 M , ns vs, Q. R. Jacobson. T. Dillon. From Row: Coach Orchard. D. Knjse. 'D' then crash! x X' .5 A' vr egfgizeif Nil um, maj N , .W la Q 'Q UI I . . . N '42-Q Q ,X J 31 5- up 5 i 11 Qx RQ X C . 'ikljuy . 4 5K H4, ,bf 'S vi V s 5 ff' 1 f A . Ab ,ig um. fb 'L-L45 1' 4' ef LX I f 1 tennis Smashing the ball into the opponent's court to win a crucial point wasn't the most difficult part of playing tennis. but it was part of what made the Girl's Tennis team play successfully. Hard work and determination were their key words. Coach Aucott and the team captain. Barb Boghosian, led the ten players to be strong and enthusiastic during each minute of competition. The single's players were Nancy Golding. Barb Boghosian, Beth Gordon. and Sandy Lawless. The double's players were Kathy Rhoton and Annette Brown. Jean Klees and Tracey Dietz, Karen Jones and Liz Sutherland. The girls led the l977 tennis team to a fourth place finish in the league. They also were lst place in the Regionals for the third consecutive year. is a smashing success! 45. - L H ,X K ff' . ff ,A- ql 15 . 5 g 1 U Q... 'N A N . y, gg X 5 ' H if 1 Ar Q . ,Tl A Q 1 L A iw , E .4 i L' f-lf, X - fl' ' 49:55 Q X .J A as Lk A 'Q' x 5 'r wa Y V A Q11 3' Q. lib U 'mm W, , , Q41 pacing their way Practice was a daily grind, but success made it all worthwhile. The co-ed method of track seemed the best way to go. Head coach this year was Mr. Bud Cicciarelli. This year. the track team really got it together having a variety of sophomores, juniors and seniors. All these students worked hard to bring their team to the top. As the weather got warmer, the practices were moved outdoors. Coach Cicciarelli was pleased with the effort put forth by the team. The track team had a big turn out this year. The seniors, with all their talent, will be missed next year. With this year's experience the sophomores and juniors will hopefully have another successful season. BILL G'lLL 4 if--i Marathon Man X 'ff D lilly. J. Holzimmer. T. Cram. T. Toikka. K. Second Row. Coach B. Heater, l.. Hayes. l.. Keyte. B. Brusstar. C. Nlckechnle. D Curtin. S. Valentine. l.. Smith. B. lewis. L. Birley. I.. Parker. Coach Clcclarellilhird D. Chu. J. Taylor. B. Feeley. R. Helenbach. B. Ziegler. J. Sharp. J. Burke. T. C . arr. B. Fleck. D. Kwut. B. Ernst, K. Miller. D. Dean. G. Waist. B. Howell .K. P. Hilber.Fifth Row: J. Spitbergen. S. Locke. G. Sutherland. D. Ragland. G. Peters. S. Manchesky. E. Macan. G. Zamka. E. Thompson. R. lilly. J. Moran. COIIIQ. .dv I 1 it NRA ig... yn. go. lisa concentrates on her start. I39 11 U! 1 Miha. elf cut' lr 4? Wag' Q MX, 5 f W, 1, if ff ,Q GILL fiw Q. .F .anew V, ' .,,Q:'+l.K' v' .1 1.4, '- Q. -.Q . 'Sq F - 1953.1 ...N-nuns i-...L la ' 0' f s 4 Q 3: f gf 4 I 8: 'Li H312 'A V f :5 5 U gg.-:mapa , Q A 5 5 1 H 4 . I l . VI e rQ ...nuunabnl ,P dh i , A 4--is f mf'isQ1Ps ' I iv pr . 3 'W Q. if' A4 , mf: 4 Q x Q ,f'fM' gg -ffx A ., 3' ew dx 3 1 v 1 gt, 4 M 3 N S 'B +- W ' 5?-Ji-El L -11 'W-,Q v-v-fr-N 3, 'X 'Q Q .,k 5- .f, uw.. , .,,. .,. , , 'N ,M - - A.v.,....-,.. .1 ...,.... ,4 I X ' vw-Q-F . -'E +---.... K fl maui-i ,r f : 1 E Q x 3 3 il 1 C ,A 4 vi ,,u,a' ,1.,,.. i 2 1 I , ,vi . I nf .Ag, ,.. ,gg ,, 1 , 4 1 . swinging their bats to victory Led by coach Berube, the softball team was anticipating a good season this year. The team started practicing in February and the season ended in June. The season consisted of twenty games including a twi-night doubleheader. The varsity team consisted of both juniors and seniors. There were many seniors on the team this year including: Linda Ban, Lin Mondt, Sandy Harbin. Mary Johnston, Donna Harris. Kris Sands, Kathy Stuart. Sue Lenart and Ann Lenart. The team also received some new shirts and socks this year to replace the worn ones from years past. Although the end of February sounded early to many for softball to start, it really wasn't when the first game was scheduled for the end of March. f-sem Q . -.. 34...-u -Q,-,,..-1 4 ...V 1 4 n n N A ,x '- 'gw w I 'SE' E 1 ..b 5 1 l i 1. X X gg L I if U ,,.H NJ- ' , . ...W uslipsliding away Even though the season didn't officially start until March, the boy's varsity baseball team started practice in January. Mr. Guerrieri coached the team again this year. Jim Cupples and Dave Kleino were the captains for this year's team. Returning members from last year were Seniors Jim Cupples, Dave Kleino. Keith Kuhn. Bill Pitts, and Paul Kleindl, along with Junior Tom Scally. The majority of the varsity team was made up of last year's JV team, which ended with a I5-O record. Mr. Guerrieri has hopes that his team will make the league and state meets this year. According to him it will depend on three words, the team's attitude, want, and work . The team is anticipating a good season, which will hopefully end June IO at the state championships. hank aaron - watch out! Occasionally this spring. you may have looked out into the field and seen the J.V. baseball team hard at work practicing their batting, catching, and fielding. They started practicing indoors at the end of February. and as the weather warmed up, moved outside. Games were held about twice a week and lasted until June. These talented young athletes had a new coach again this year. He was Mr. Zaleski, who was the athletic director at Reuther Jr. High. Under his direction. the team hoped to be the best J.V. baseball team Adams has ever had. These boys will make valuable additions to next year's Varsity team. Baseball at Adams never had it so good! V4 N1-J-4,5 PK, e N.V:'L,-- getting fit for the future The Marine Fitness team is not talked about very often among the student body. but its members deserve some recognition for their achievements. They are students interested in developing their bodies to near perfect physical condition through the Marine Fitness Training program. Under the supervision of Mr. Niedzwiecki, the members endured rigorous training activities, including jogging. sprinting, and various calesthentics in order to reach their goal. Near the end of the year, the team participated in a district contest with other schools. They were tested by the Marines, and the finalists went on to state and national competitions. This year the Adams team hoped to maintain their good standings in the previous year's competition. Keep up the good work guys! f N fs, Qxa . 2 K 5.-fs: 4 I if s-a W A I . Q 1 151: f i Rf M N' 7 is V , f E X x I I Q X .Q g Z4 xgh w 17- 'I .- 6113, , ,- 4 Qi X .r'. . , X 6 X .,.9. ,'-.- - . N : : N ' ,Q 5. , v , ., , , . . Vg rg -.j A U z, 1. iv ,nv , ,J-. yv.,-4 p .' .,, . ., . J . . 'I-,.'f 'Q . . y., 1 .4-me looks like we made it The class of '78 has finally made it! During their time at Adams they went through millage defeats. which cut out spring sports in l976. They have seen the opening of the pool, and the beginning of the smoking area for the use of the students. The class of '78 experienced many administrative changes in their three year stay at A.l-l.S. as well. They also had to make the adjustment to a disciplined attendance policy this year. The Seniors were involved in many activities. Whether they were trying to raise money for graduation by selling MSM's or sponsoring dances, the '78ers always seemed to put their heart into it. Led by class sponsor. Mrs. Talley, and the competent class officers, President Rod Poffenberger. Vice President Lisa Marcoff. Secretary Lynn l-luzzard, and Treasurer Liz Birley. the Senior class showed much spirit and enthusiasm. The Seniors actively participated during Homecoming, where they took first place for their float. Being the largest class ever to graduate from Adams. with over 500 Seniors, they excelled both academically and athletically. Two Seniors placed in the top H0 in the state in the Michigan Math Prize competition. Both the Varsity Swim teams and the Varsity Wrestling team finished well in the league. Seventy students had a chance to take advantage of a Senior trip to the Bahamas where all thoughts of schoolwork melted in the heat of the noonday sun. ' Although the Seniors left the hallowed- halls of Adams behind, they took with them memories of good times and friends. The class of '78 went out into the world. each in their own direction, and faced whatever the future had in store. my ,yi -gf lt- xj X , L. to Fi.: L. Birley, R. Poffenberger, L. Marcofl. L. Huzzard super seniors super seniors, super seniors ln past years it was customary to find one large picture on this page and maybe a group shot of some seniors who had managed to compile an average of 3.5 or better. This year, obviously, things were different. The yearbook staff was informed that this year would mark a new era in that the school had decided to recognize not only the top grade point average senior but also that person who had the second highest average. Well. the selection of the valedictorian was not too difficult. Patrick Twomey had managed to compile the highest grade point average. Not only had Pat been a superior worker in the academic areas but he also was a tireless worker on projects initiated by the student council. As its president. Pat worked for many long hours outside of school to make sure that everything went according to plan. Pat had plans to put all of his talents to work as he hoped to begin studies for the priesthood after graduation. The selection of the Salutatorian was much more difficult. There were three students whose grade point averages were so close fwithin thousandths of a pointj to each other that it was felt that the only fair thing to do was to make all three co-salutatorians. On behalf of the Adams student body and staff, congratulations to these four super seniors. Yflffq. M Ygrrirl yywmwww-wqwvmwwwwmgxiwfe ww mam-ff. MW -W W 2 Q S 'S ffi ew'-1' N . I iames albertson barbara allen 6 rv f'1 s 'Qi 'hw' patricia aucott carol auer -.A .fix , IIN. ,-, Q . , . . 7? if ,Z K V f 1 xr W 'W if 9 ag , be kevin barlow randall barnaby i0l1l1 b8I'l12S peter angersbach i' I W A f , :A ' ' I is 1 LE. ' fr ff'-' 1 richard aus! alison baker linda ban if judy barnes v '7 patricia arscott f ri Er 4 I laura bailey ' 1' , ,Fw A., -ff - W f 1' , ...A K 'S , . A mark ballantyne .n v ' ,W I . robert barkham ronald barnetl coleen bartley gwen basl L f- fax lawrence bauss nancy beach vt .,,f L 'nv' ,-P if-Q .-,QQ ' . .Nr 4 -e --. his 4. b l . 4. , L kathy bechard 'YITT Ns denise becker X nigh catherine bell chris bechen - 'F' . xl I 'A Nine, X- iacalyn beckers 'Ds 'Q-X BX x 'V micheie bell elizabeth birley seniors- stiIl the one 'N -rag? catherine blackshear 'Vi ,- k 77: V X barbara boghosian working toward future goals fd if ' U 'Y H ,V-,fr I t I5 louise bolday jonathan bolton fglf h' J i i 2 -,N ' ff lisa born L ix' .qxfvw 'X IS ..... dawn bradford X, 9 Ai 'k I ffm Q ' - .x f ,, ,v st Q H' I 'Qffly' V Q ,u , 1 4 JX5 at W david brooks karen brown X lauren bonville ,J X ,I -. 1 ., A ' 'L l sl., C' rr A robert brown 112.1 john boot timothy boyd 'Q X- f Fit linda brainer rodney brown -I 1 k,', 1, , V5 17' iq-47 A W ,Ju ps -- f r f 1 ,f-N joni borden J I -. 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A christopher chadburn julie champine kilt cleaveland Ybffiir 5 Q23 daniel cloutier 'X T? sandra coad xt susan corwin ,,, , ,,,,,, ,, ,As ,. stephen christman 5 . 'wr' 'M' 5 N ,- .. .fs -A a 5 'x paul clemo I ss. Ki iv V sharon cloutier sandra comps patricia cotcamp kenneth church 'I 5' . ,Q 'IAS B Msn! christopher ciccone fs , s an wg Hz . ' if nf' ' L ' 'B' ' 5. V '. w .f X1 patrick conley susanne connors daniel cook JW - -gs N fr. any - . . Q ,ass hass f i.aa ,Q M- .far-L5-, s- , Nw 59091 fa, X -i pf- 1 1-'ef5i.,f.. MJ charles counts cynthia creguer sharon crombez X senior year- 1' K ,N Vittoria cupaiuolo JW' -sf , L matthew davies nf . xr james cupples michael davies thrills and excitement! Ai ,,,r jeffrey curtis 'db elizabeth dawe .sg X ronald dehart 'U Us 1 ,sg 3 susan dement A IYX candice curtiss william deaton michael delehanty .V v' N julie demski abigail daniels thomas deehr ff! julie delong 14 Yi '7 'X... nancy deright twit glasses don't shade senior splrlt' mary devanney . -...M H vw. 'N' 'g1,fW ' , ??w.v.,.,.gwSi' iQ.,,,,w : therese dielz I - fx A. K brian donaldson I marylyn dunford V .,-4-O' X s shane devoe A Q 7 f 3' .ef si fa-f deborah dimoff mark drinkard 1-ps Q Rf' Afw, john dwyer Q mark drogowski brett ernst :Qi Eiga .K-gg au.:-.. james einbanks Aedward llarhood R rf,.,f-4' gary felflberg william even lalmara, ifdlflidn X . ,.a ': xspsv- wendy fe nnlQll5f l l K.- ii 11, af, f',r,S,.f1Q1g:g,1 fx:-1 Ak ' K1 ' 'Y 1- I'1'?:Y ffiif 9555. ff' 1-1:5 - W f A5 I -4 fif-wa-:iff-lgii VgQ. fimx z.,,gfffiz,, , 5, K .-.Q Xx XXXV-V g XxxXix6N YN TXXJ xt QA wi N13 I.. -. 5 .... 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A' KQV - . kelly hurd jennifer hurlburt catherine huyck lynn huzzard x , ., X-- r'f' 5 l Q' lars hybler janice ilkka 'V ,vw sl- mary johnslon julie jones gary isaacson 'fn jane! jacobsen N -vw has carol james ff ' laura johnson ,Sis ..f--v U 4 , russel justick .....Q 3 .-- ,- .1 .. Q .991 'VX fe, X , li sfo' l ,JV ur! X X 5- 1 pamela jablinsky 1 ,if -... - -v 'IN T. V .,. E . , A -. ,X ' I l 'Lx richard jacobson barb johannessen, steve johnson ,Q 1' 'fa K. , aram kabodian f rvfg: ff,-'- 42 , vj. 'EL w-..., Q? X l alan jackson ,vu michele jahns vny,. 312' 11, off? Y ...-1' l ffl alan johnson thomas johnson f ' .ff .Il 'ru MJ a Q shelly kamralh X . 'fu rv .1-2' S - P. I I Nt....,, - W - , 3 I f' Q . A connie kaphengst philip kelly john karbowski ' X mark kemler FW' l , Q. , 'Ek . A J' . kelly killaine laura killinger ',4:. 15 -, . .,, , 31 N' t . p Ax 5 ' kimberly kirwan robert klanow or K ai 1 , Ax L- 0 vw ' CQ' 1,23 r 'v- ' Mg. . ,g I X- Y? Q- . ,aa V jean klees paul kleindl I 'K W 'A is fl iii ,-, X - K - .5 l , my At tv, ted kashmerick lffk lisa kidle f' a JL' f X iaok king ff' Q...-1 f' a 4 john kellogg 1 , aft no yn-n UW 'sr-ffl' v A' .zk raymond kiefer kelly king 1295, X wry' B V: 1' beth kelly timothy kilbride lisa king K I as fix ' ' L x ' class of ' 8 hams it up i . i i X x, i t Q , XJ N J ' 2 I -.ff-v g p david fkleino daniel klepp scott knitter margaret knust patricia knust 3- M margaret korth MTV mary beth kovalick 4. ' W ,J A daniel kruse kathy kuelske keith kuhn Ioretto kunesh richard kurmas 5 A Yi is VKVA L W E: , .. we '-'P robert lang , i ir homecoming brings out the senior spirit . 'Eve , ,Q wx david latimer 1 .-J , 'la , i susan leeser Q. s. anne lenart Q- ff'-H . 11 x, L I' tomas Iennox f I ' ' fr 'Ixi wwf. Y 'v T ,7 Ji Q. Z? .ff a , ,,. .5 N 1 al X fl A keith lally 1 x q U , ,, J! sondra lawless william lawless belinda lazar william lalich U 1 I Q 1 V ' A L A Q .1 f . 5 Ki f' Q 7 x 'T'! anders Ieth charles lewis nicholas lewis Ni is ,,, ,H a Kiwi' me ,J diane lemke sa 1.55 fi 5 Q -. 3 . . susan Ienart p ps '-' . . .ix . . i 'I T 4 XX iames Iiddle . ' ,Q ' jeffrell lyzen lynda macdonald S xi ffgga- AX . X Alien michael malinowski sharron manning A XL, patricia amartinec 4 as Q J' J linda mayer paul lilly Ol' A-,,. I .1 david lomaka fa is Q N S XX U, A scott macdonald maria manzi 5 l linda lindberg in ' james long - A .5 Q ix 4. -V Aix philip madden .ir Q- ' h' . In fu tr 2'r M'h'l:. .fl IN lisa marcoft' EN' 'N - Y X IX anthony lipuma I I Za Q .ik ' I fx l steven lutes 'N 'B ' x . ,I N X. ftrw. '. -.J tx -ugs ' .,ni, Q l robert maginity 'V IP . A A-'B annalee marlette kirti mathura -x.. .pw- fv 9 'ru R james mcatamney QW? Cxm. N fl 2 .,... All xS, - william mccalden Qtr! 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H . s. .' .- .. - . -5 1' ' fx, wah? A -,K -' . david pearson the serious side of seniors Sl janet nielsen karla olson E E K leslie parker A is ' -1.4,1 0 2' teresa pedrotty david nissen ann oswald AF, SIEVCII Pall' f 'u I A ,vw -rv L., 1 louann pellerito vw -T7 mary beth novilsky erin odonnell , sssb , N ' 'Q K C'- steven owen kurt ozinga 25 X Z' LA we' ewes -. i . 1 1-fx N. W 3' Nl x , ' me ' f 5 .I K 4' . james pennington richard peters kevin peterson kyrston peterson f-'TN' fs ,Q peter phelps EEK wp- , - x, - fr -law- ' , . - , 1 laurell pike .1 1. X . .' , xy rw Tse? X X g 1 l -, -. K - f , ' K -NW R34 K N I - 'K .' Q Iaurence phillips scott phillips william piche sandra pinder . V 3. n l ' l' A Wifi N 'NPG A '1-x ll fx in A f,., A .,, J D A- 7 ' an a 1:-gg,'.L'f' ' Yh'r f' , N f' ' . ' ' xxx lynn pililaosian mark pobur rodney poffenberger kimberlee potere 3 1 lx. I' 'L david phillips 5'-. aleiandro pino W -W -K-m vi, -5 V' an 3, . fn 3, 1-1.1 in Y 34 5. T .,-' 2 fl.. A . l mi jeffrey Prange 04, x fain it YI ,Q I x E A is michael prange mary price ,gf sandra props! V mary pruente K ,N as- .Q ga -.r :S Q , A s e I lance pruet! dan rathka 0 U - k ', X 491352 kelly rigney sara prudden 'YN 5 i ,wif me '- dawn ratlie Claudia richardson paul prudholme heidi quitmeyer eric racette S.- QL 'Q '72 K? S X james ray steven redding lance reinhardl 3 Q--ff I, ronald richmond jeanne rizzo raymond roantree W7 Si S Q , 5 , he , w-in ax fvfs - ,rpg -. 3 5 jf 'Ma-W - J, .M- senior b.g. bowl, defeated but the pride of S lives on! rt WQX TTT? md gk f ,G carol roberts wendy rodish timothy romano christie rosalik karla rosenbusch sz ef' cynthizi rybarz NR 4 I daniel sak gwen rosinski , . N K 1 : K- New carrie roxburgh N. 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The Junior class was sponsored by Mrs. Mastovich who has high hopes for the future graduates. Though the '79ers tasted defeat as well as victory, they never seemed to lose their spirit and pride. For l979's future graduates. next year will prove to be a meaningful one for they will face decisions that may decide their future. Aiello. Mitch Anderson, Mitzi Armstrong, Cindi Arnold, Anjel Arscott. Bill Atkinson, Mary Baldwin. Lisa Balian, Mike Ballantyne, Robin Barlow. Sue Barnaby, Scott Barnes, Karen Barlett. Lisa Bartley. Mary Bates. Debbi Bechard. Theresa Bedford. Cheryl Belaney. Curt Belanger. Mark Benson. Greg Benson. Lynda Birley. Sue Bishop. Judy Bloomquisl. Kevin l84 L. to R: G. Benson, J. Bishop, J. Robertson. M. Aiello. for if 415 . 'K u h ,V A , rw- ff-1-if 'f , X t 'T s i y Q- ,.., Q A LLZ. .i f v L if ' J 2 QQ :X f 1. J! .Hr Q-1 N. 1 1 an 'Xu' . .',......- M if A' in Q , 7 V . EQ K . fs. Q B Q JS' y - 3 'Y ll Q 'Y - X In Q A X . X S i 4 i- .fr .. 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I .5 J' Q I X rg , ,M ,J 1, fl, Li 'N g K 6 Q .V V iw K V 5' ,Q K .y f ig- fr. ix ki .xxjqasxf 'ey is KA . -. u y Q3 'Y K A V88 AAN 1 'ki V, .5 . ' N ' ai' .wqff , LX! xiivgvyx lx. W C' I K Y K ' 'xxfif . 1 1 .,V 41 y fx A ,. 5 .:' lk' Q1 y 'ff if 1 --f e ll'N, C -A ,X 'Nn'- .L fxt 'N 5'.'T'... 1 --md 4 fr, J te! , avg L, f Q--r .fll I 3 C ' Yfv 1 x K Xu 1 cal 2 I' 1 'F Nw I lx 1' 'Gil Q lf' ll '- lu Q' if A S f 'S f K, 16' 411' i I X ,Q X' i y 41- wi vf fi 1 ,ss-if 'W'- Cooper. Tom Cote. Cathy Cote. Ed Covins, Robert Cracknell. Paul Crossley. Richard Crossman, Cathy Crowell, Scott Cupaiuolo, Nick Cupples. Bob Dabrowski. Suzanne Danek. Sue Davis. Jeff Day, Nancy Dellaene, Angie Debrabant. Vicki Declerca. Doreen Delaney, Doug Delehanty. Joan Dettman, Liz Dillon, Tim Dimartino, Mike Dolecki, Donna Donaldson. Todd Q X Dubats. Gerald Dupack. Ken Dykins, Lynne Edelen. Steve Ellingson. Steve Elliott. Gary Engelhardt. Sabina Eschrich, Susan Escott, linda Evans, Janis Evans. Kellie Evans. Theresa Even. Mark Fagan. Dave Farese. Mariesa Farnan. Ed Fifield. Adam Fifield. Eve Finston. Terrie Fleck. Bill Fletcher, Natalie Flosky, Denise Flynn. Jim Fox. Carolyn Frazer, lynn E et,X fl I ,mn 1 111 5 5 ' k, ' ir A , I se - ' K A 49- S AD 0 N 4 8 3.x f -4 , 5 Xxx. SJ., Q1 f , ' kv , 19-vg'.Y ' 91 .f A .f -Hx.. .- 'vs .J . 4 ' I I K f fm Q 5 f.. ' x I V 1 . .J I P Qi 'Q Q-v X X ,G is a E X WH 9? 1 ,ad a fx? W I - w an g ' A ,kk i P1 LN , 3 Q v.x5XIff , - -' ff -- arf L' ...XV ef ,, AX ,I .. ,afl .. It , -- 'A ,fuf Q19 Q, f. f 'S 'ff' ffm 'libs juniors show their spirit at homecoming xgf 41 2,52 jk . af C . 'M gg. Su A C Elem 'fm ,V-. gl '--' f-uv' I W .5 in-V A Msg ll www -. .- ., ,r. - 'ii .Lf Ji' six A A .. 349 L - T 'Tv , I , .1 ,1 it M rx 'Q A ff B .- K , -A K W, . c. V' S: R yr e A A f 6- 3 - 455, 5.2 y Q, C A Q X - -. f ga -4 ,f ' , w , 7 I f 1 -y , P- C2 fi, 14' A 'J f . 'C Q: W NXQJWQ 12' 2' K, I ,as .. y Q4 1 I' I Friedli, Robin Gable, Bart Gaden. Sandy Galbraith, Joanne Gamester, Gordon Gauthier. Sue Gay. Cathy Gerber. Lisa Gerke, Shane Gersdorff. Arnim Gersdorff. Detlef Gibney. Chris Gigliotti, Annette Goetsch. Susan Golding. Nancy Goniwiecha. Craig Gordon. Kathy Green, Ray Green. Renee Gregory, Cheri Guindon. Alayna Hagan. Frank Hagemeier. Dave Hagenbuch. Peter Haggberg. Jodi Hahn. John Haines. Robin Hallet, Mary Halliday, Brian Hammell. Mark Hannemann, Pam Harris, Scott Harris, Stewart Hauswirth. Jeff Hayes. Tom Hays. Linda Heareth. Rick Heberling. Kris Heizer. Scott Higgins. Julie Hickey. Kathy Hietanen. Karrie Hietanen. Sharrie Hill. Tami Hiller, David Holcomb. Liz '79ers on the move -ek r ' ll yd' ng.. ci-. ws Jw if l X I X A X 5 Vi.. , G ill I Tm rl I ggfx X I A n..-wif' M ,:K i .i.. S elif? J-eff? . 'Q 5 - 5 C' Q- i - Q V i .4-' U ' x ' X if '-,fi E?-J i 'M N f , ,.. C' , vi-1' V-'Y .I '46 in ' . yi N' f n iw' in 'Y . - - W A, lf' - ' U f M X l mink 'V 'N Holland, Susan Holzschu. Ron Hopkins. Ray Hoyle. Katherine Hubbard, Eric Hubbard. Sieve Hullon. Andy Hulverson. Diane Hund, Fred Hunt. Theresa Ilkka. Ray Isola. Mike Jackson. Mark Jackson, Mark Jacob. led Jamrog, Pele Jasinski. Don Jenkins. Jim Jenkins. Kevin Joachim. Belh Jones. Greg Jones. Ralph Jones. Rob Jones. Ruth Joswick. Harry Joyce, Julie Kablak, Elizabeth axis, 1 , we-e Q 'Y Kabodian. Armen M Kane. Mike ' X lu q Kanehl. Sue V ing! ei 'iillxgull -'Nl l ' s l if i 5 f i iw l Kareus. Pete A X' 4. A me - my A as .N Karos, Van . 6 y l 'V A .N I Kaszubinski. Terri 'f sv' . M , .,,, .UL Q-1 Keller. Kurt M ' ' gy 1' . Kellogg. Linda , V H - X: A , A N3 ,W 1 4, A' Kelly. Brian b A hqn is f A 7 , j Q-Q4 -'z'l.x, I A fm V !'Z 's' Q o , .I ep, r K - -Q SSR igzaailh- ,asc :ng ' !:' ' f. ' ' -. X ' . ef flu ... M .naw a X y Kelly. Curt -X .vga Kenney, Linda .iii nl , Kibbe. Jack .a 'W Kilbride. Kevin King. Laura Klein, Doris Klemmer. Linda Knappe, Rick Koch, Kathy Kochan, Cheryl Korte. Kitty Kosik. Ted Kotchoun, Jeff Kozak. Tatiana Krause. Tom XC. ' x ' ' 5 c 1, ee 14. 9-wr fi ,nr si x f' g. kq, K 3 H ,?f,.'M:'? Smxwl Gy -. 5 4 X . 'K If.. 6 K in ,, .Z .I XXV!!! K Q. - xl ' A XX x j llzffl ivy' 'I -Q me ll. 'ill A f v . . ' A ' 'aae P HN- :1-- f 'fe w i ., .xl K class of '79-energy to burn Y Y' , .qua- rm,- -'m IYVI N 4:3 U 3- fs! V 5.-. f KQ ' Q-1 I I f fl I if vw af Q,-x, vs gf, X ef 1.-K MFL' 4 fi ' Alf 9+ 5 5 , -Q r - Lg. J' iii fi'-,M N., wig XQLDA ?ffg 4 4A , 'iz' 1 .. 5, L, Q I 60- , 3, it l , r .- : 1 . L, 1 A . Xi s. lm f f ' X Q L ' . N. .. .fa 4 -- xii Q 4' il . 1 - N , 'SX . .nn 1' ' sf I jgrwgai 'Ill' N ,ax N fs- ... Jw, as , In X,,j .,.V, fx .EM , x - - J, 1 A , f Q 1' f of E FL- ALMA K .fnluninii Krebs. Kun Kresmery. Peter Krug. Dan Kruger. Fred Krzeski. Renee Kuczajda. Leslie Kuh. Kris Kwil. Dan LaFave. Chip Lambert. Wendy Laney. Lori Langford, Karen Lanser. Diane Lanza. AI Larsen. Mike Lawler, Dave Lawless. Jack Lebow, Jerry Lemons. Rick Lenhard. Dan Leonard. Lois LePage. Dale Leshley, Tina Lilly, Ron Loney. Carol Lovett, Cindy Luca. John lules. Tim Lynas. Dianne Mabery. Kim Macan. Ed Maes. Randy Mahnick. Ken Mancour. Jane Mancuso, Frank Markell. Barb Marsom. Malt Marth. Joe Mason, Lisa Maurer. Jeff May, Tony Mazzara, Chris McCaffrey, Dan McCurdy. Kathy McGarry, Tracy McGraw. David McGregor, Mike McKee, Jill McKewan. Sue McNamara. Mike McQuaid. Mark Meyer. Karen Miles, Don Miskee, Shawn 1111.-11 ip: . cf ':::.. e.:::4,-.' I, .,, 1 . ' :- , 7 6 Q' .f X . rs hfxx 1 'T y r Q Juv 1 ' 1 xx! striving for the future ax ,i ,.. S V' ' - 'S-vo .L Q-I-v Q11112333313?13zEif-if '.'.:1'f ,.... x x . .- . i. g 'T fx I an , K Q l A of Q KF? 5' 'X , e. .355 , , M, ,Q fx BS F . C5 ..a, an W J ,. 4 , -cg V' -'A-M ' 'gf' fn, kin Y ., Q, af. I x ff 1 I ' - ' ,Q XV? ' ' - nn M f 5 Q' X N , . Y . aw T 4 n is, ' .:.'s Q v f. T 'N w. 8 - .W I 1, X f ,1- 'kv' 1439 1.4 I J I 1 ' I. '-A X . 4, Y...g.v N. .f 'x f 2 7 xx Q., 1- J 4- KT? ,ax fs. 'N , if A l' J ' Sgsaw - J K i i- -Us - iff 1 -J '- n . 1,5 -,- get . w ffv ' ua yy, I F 7 J .AA J, is Q Y IQ, f Q M 4, ' f Q M N I z-: L, f gm r A M ' 'Z x 1 X. K ,ff K A , L- 'v t l mmf' Q Moncrieff. Robin Moorfoot. Jeff Moran. Mike Mounts. Kevin Mueller. Jeanette Mueller. Mark Muir, Steve Murasky. Doreen Murphy, Brian Murray. Jeff Myers. Dave Nani. Rob Neal. Dave Nicholas. Kathy Nosewicz, Elizabeth Oberheu. Paul Oberstadt. James O'DonneII. Steve Oleski. Ruthanne Omans. Jeff Oniu. Rosemary Overall. Carter Ozinga, Karen Padilla, Steve Parker. John Parker. Julie Parker, Mark Patrico. Joe Pazevic. Jonpierre Peck. Don Pedrotty, Debbi Peltier. Dwight Pence. Robert Peters. Doug Peters, Linda Peterson. Bill Pickering, Robert Pierson. Roxane Piligian. Joanna Pineau, Nancy Pinkerton. Cathy Piontkowski. Tim Pitt, Sue Plopa, Lynn Polk. Doug Ouintus. Paul Rampson, Chris Regan. Chris Reinhardt. Ronda Renius. David Rhoton, Kathy Richards. Scott Rickabus, Gail Riley. Bill Rimarcik. Jeff Ritchie. Carol Roach. James Roberts. Sue Robertson. Julie Rochow. Robert Rodge. Joyce Rodish. Lauriann Rosenbusch. Otto ,. ' as - f 'J y Y. . Q ' ..- v' t M. Ib! t N -' . t WN ' .4 if v Ji. f 4 it ' . I Q , . X- . r.. ' gl J'4!V' f'?1 'S . fi' 'K x. f .C ,aux is 3' 5 .nt -v. ny xr 5 J' 1' K' Z Q' A 4? 1-1 K Q I .M4 :QCD X g V Q my , QM ,.,- EN Wi-'xg ' fr f in J Y J N31 C 9 s P f I E 4 , .X . xx. X ft F - Q, fl 2 a M3 J fn D F- v e -9 'S at ' f . t,, 1 g I J Q -f s 7 f D 4 i , J - X t 5 , ' '-- -X' . QC ' it ' . ri 1 J' L .Q jf C . 1 A ag F J' C . -x s ,QM . , 'af' Y h . ,., ,ev , J xcf e .g.,. Zh MA WN f- 4 ,.....1 R if , Q 1: X cz: 'i 'x. Q-...Z f ' -f' C' fx -N J , , . x J J -ul QI? junior class boogie down .q-' ,eb 4 3. -es 'Z f- 1 on I , 1 -in N in cz fu 1-.' L l ' --1 r 'Y .g-an .- ' ,xy ,f L 5 lr K G 2 V T 1-x Q A It-'ll at Il, A - J mv , K M - , , R f 1 IQ , in lgix I do VV rj, - ! j lihgk if fa fx K ' '- I ' X , f A - ' 5 r ' x , , 5-Q. .:.A .1 vu' . '-f 'l fflxx-., .,,,,,' A 4 f- K 'jx V f -N 4751, ,. X f WW -' +f40'T fo? R any -fi? fi' y lx , f m A 'ax . 4 N . VII . M T e a .Ji - L . . 'ft' ' I D Q S, I M 1 xi er M-C ' A of-ff' - Ross. James Rossio. Mark Rowley. Kim Roxburgh. Kathryn Rozelle. Tanis Russo. Susan Saddler. Chris Sampson. Sharon Saville. Bill Savino, Michele Saxon. Janet Scally. Tom Scherer, Randy Schell. Theresa Schlunz, Mark Schmidt. Brad Schmitt. Tom Schmitz. Pam Schneider, Gayle Schneider. Leslie Schneider. Loren Shroeder, Christine Shafer. Mark Sharp. Doug Sharp. Jeff Shick. Jay Sickels. Heather Smardzewski, John Simmons. Steve Siffring. Jenny Smith, Karen Smith. Shaun Smith. Wendy Smilha. Carl Sole. Michelle Sorensen. Charmagne Spencer, Don Spilsbergen. John Stanley. Bill Steele. John Stern. Jeff Stevenson. Mark Stevens, Linda 'E' 43 35:1- Q ,J l ,.-av' .Alf T HK' '. v t , f ' 1 T fa 1 N ,465 V.-a 43. Q4 -ug Q . ,...- 1 .f Ni, 'Ti' ,.,w,,a-- X 117 I V: Xt X 9. I fir l A , . who!-..f .,.'15 -,.f.. .. ,. 'W j I 9 'xr ff' 1, 'if . . ,X : . O, ill: 'Har .I K Q 1 . 5 I we ' l . 5 ' ' ' A 5 ' 3 ' lx ,,,, , , ,cg-,.. ,. 5 Tfu 'T-11 5 J ll K ,K 1 ., L4 . Alffx T01 Lt, V C 1 . 'wr ,O s. F 'X T K x5 ' V in fx ...I I Rv, -V , x f A u 'f ' . ' ' , ff 5fii k ' ' 'A' f mm :J X Stoops, Pat Sugg. Jeff Sullivan, Danette Sullivan. Mary Summers. Kerry Susskind, Judy Sych, Kathy Tallman. Brian Taylor. Don Temple. Chris Tessier. Marie Thomas, Chris Thomas. Curt Thompson, Dean Thompson, Sue Timmerman. Paul Tipler. Ruth Todd, Molly Toepler. Rick Tomboulian, Mark Tomlinson. Beth Toohey, Denise Torner. Joann Trahan. Kathy Troll, Peter Twomey. Lisa Uhrynowski. Karie Ulrich. Michelle Vahrenhorst, Cindy Valentine. Steve Veillette. Brian Vernia. Ben Verrier, Mary Vukovich. Jim Waatli, Chris Walker. Laurie Waller, Lora Wallin. Dave Wallin. Jack Walsh. Dave Walsh. Terri Wanamaker. Val Wardzinski. Linda Warnica, Michelle Watson, Dave Weatherly, Curt molding a future for themselves P -.I X Nw k L 5, iq ' in fits wp, ,lx l A W 1 ' 1 -f I' , - ,. , .W ,. W 'Y 4 , f si :, ' ., .- , ,f 4.54. . , ., ,. ge., . Ai . T . ll! a'lg3.l ' . ,Q ,fJ.,,:w ,Er ug ii 'JZ' lm: S s Q rim X ,l'fflf'lf,X Q ,, W if '-BA - . . rw, fi ' ? ' A X We Q V xx gi A My . N ,. 4. ,. 'j '- T' I- xg' V K V if! iiizeifiw . -4 2' , 'qv ' , 1 . v 'i' as Nl 'exft I X , . - ax xii' Y-, 1 YH X - 94 ,nfs ,CA AV , x l4 'f.t 4323! 41 Q J, F 4 y R A , -'Ei 'isii : L ,I if yt. 1 Q 'sei .fl 77.5 vs. ,L 1 if ff S A L4 vii X,, Brian Marsland I96I-I977 sly' .nfl like' s . . A 1. l l if ' 1 in memoriam A Little While A little while when l am gone My life will live in music after me, As spun foam lifted and borne on After the wave is lost in the full sea. Sara Teasdale Weitschat, Jeff Welch. Peri Werkman. Wendi Westervelt. Brad Whitcher. Amara White. Cindy White, Laurie Williams, Mark Williams. Patricia Wines, Patricia Wisner. Bernie Wolcott, linda Woudstra. John Yoskovich. Ed Zdral. Gary Zibell, Denise Zukowski. Sue Zurgable, Mike , o class of 80 The Sophomore class of I980 settled into life at Adams with ease. They took their change of scenery and pace all in stride and made themselves right at home. The Sophs first Homecoming Week was a big success. They took first place in the spirit yell proving that sophomore guy's voices have changed already. Other firsts for the Sophs included the eating contest and Cartoon Dress Up Day. Their skit took second place and their float came in third. All together this made for a landslide win for the Sophomores who ran away with first place in Spirit Week. This year Sophomore Student Council positions were held by President Kevin O'Connor. Vice President Dan Hickey. Secretary Matilda Brown and Treasurer Laura Korte. They worked diligently on such things as class activities and unification. Mrs. O'Connor. their class sponsor, helped them out whenever they had any problems. New graduating requirements were put into effect this year and are as follows: three english credits and one credit each of applied art. industrial art, social science. natural science and math. However, the class of '80 should have no trouble meeting these demands if they continue to be the energetic class they were this year. Abela, Lawrence Abraham. Bret Acton. Kimberly Addy. David Aguilar. Andrew Angersbach. Jon Aucott. Jennifer Balian, Gary Balis. Robin Bandelean. Sue Bartley, Karen Basso. Shawn Bates, Steven Beach. Marcia Belanger. Edward Bedford. Karen Belkoff. Stephan Benson. Sandra Bergstrom. Glen Biallas, John Bochenck, Steve Boghosian, James Bolger. Lisa ff Bonnville. Craig 202 X 'K rx L I D -.t jj ' . ge ya- an ij, . 'f I ,- Q Q- V X A -5 l 'ff l , :Q i . f: r , X .Ea .f:: 4 'a k nity- i.. K x L K - x if B, .3 at i .. 0. Ai I m O i. A ,4 ggi.-fgnfgfigfiia E2 K N . ag, D !K Q iii K L X Qtr f ,, 1 TY ns 'fir XJ 5 4 N i H l . f ' ti z 'V ' -H. -: 2? mn' Q -,L 51:3 'CDL gfl 5 , Q xxx it J ' , 5 B-eg. y Www-i 9 ' sg ' 3 sb I xx, 1 5345- Q ' 5-. it K 7 1 ur 4' X ' e A .N ' il, Q 'fa l' X. X 'Y K . A 4 g I-:gf L . Q .--. 5 'ff' F ...e , K ia.. 'D 1 r .N .11 rl, 3 it 7 ff ' wa . ,. . Hx. K 5 'X ' s '1i. ' wx,-V 1 -K N 'y ,- A KF I wllig, 4 f,L, '. E i',x 'lr 'D 'STA . My 1 l ' ' -- X ' n 1 4 . 'X Q-it-:J tgllllzaldi iki flglfgf. '76 i ' 11, v Y-- X Borck, Katherine Borgne. Dennis Born. Lori Boynes. David Bradford. Larry Bregier. Amy Bregier, Andrew Brickhouse, Aubrey Briggs. Carrie Bronder. Diane Bronze. Michael Brown. Matilda Brown. Matthew Brown, Rose Marie Brune. Donald Brusstar, Mary Bryant. Lisa Buhl. Peter Burgess, Steven Burke. Timothy Butler. Daniel Byers. Stephen Cadieux. Scott Canzano. Roger Cappo. Karen Caputo, John Carr. Michael Cantevens. Marot Cavallen, Dawn Champine, Jeannette Chirco. Jacquelin Christenson. Steven Chu, Danny Church, Christopher Cianciolo, Jill Ciccone, Melanie Cieslik, David Claffey. Michael Clark, Sheila 'fC,le4YJ9, iQ?3g9,lh Clemens, William Clemo. John Clever, David Clisscld, Lisa Coad. Colleen Cobb, Matthew Cochran, Frank Collin, Gisele Collins. Earl Comment, Joseph Condon. Catherine Connery. Kathryn Connolly, Kevin Cooper, Anne Cottrell, Amy Covins, Kenneth Cracknell, Lisa Cram. Tracy Crucigar. David Curtis, Karen Curtiss. Sherry Czechowski. Michael Daniels. Andrew Dara, Henry Davis, Angelina nv ,. ,N I FM vw fi Q -...A Q . 1 6 ' 9',:.h.a-'Y C- W, . -af ' .4-. Q lf3 wx SHT' X u , X ,L , x R? . ' Q la 441 it ' if JH' f J ' K I I ll! y ll! . Qi WS' - Qtr, yy lx N ff! Tr Q , N J.. ggi 4 ef.-a . . ,i'f f' K 5: I . . m - - ,-4 1 if 1 Lrlsxf -'Sf N M Xi, 2-iff-f fx- A L...-. ,t,.,,,,,....e,. liftfvi fda ' I , A C it ' ... -:wi A V Q 5- A Q ,A Q t P, -I ' ki J fs ,,., J S 4 . f ' Q 'Q- .9 . ..., W- - , .1 4 Q19 l l ,Q 'E 5:3 1 K' A l y 9' l f ,, M . my ge. r' - 'W e. Davis Kevin Dean Daniel Debolt. Michael Deehr. Patricia Deesen. Paul Delauney. Monique sophomores experience their first homecoming A Q 1 gg I V .l 4 I li q X i la X ll: , A . f: I V . 1' fi , N. QPF slew '1.. H ' D D A A fb? ' X 'x.! -,- 2 4 . Q , 2 ,L K , 4.. 5 4.1 f.iwX N ' f is W' f V 4 f if I 1 Q y 'fill' M if if 'x fi .4 H'-'L' Q 1 ai -, , , .' .Q Q Y' - vlzgw. D, . 2' - 12717 Gi 'Y V lei i X 1 f ' iv, 'W Q-7' I f l J Q fq ,vga ,- fx l Y :lf i K A x 1 Y -Q . Delahanty. Patrick Delida, Kevin Demarco. Gwen Demerino. Cynthia DePeuter. Greg Devoe. Lance Dickson. Steven Didawick. Damon Dover. Matthew Dubats, Sally Duby. Annette Eckhout. Jeffrey Essenmacher. Joan Evans. Richard Farrell. Amy Fedak. Sheryl Feeley. Brian Ferguson. Paul Ferrari. Lisa Field. Jennifer Fifield. Daniel Fina. John Fischer, Kurt Fiteny. Gary Fitzsimmons, Mark Fogler. Brian Fordree. Paul Fox. linda Friebe, John Gallopoulas, Anne Gara, Jennifer Gayner. Beverly Gendich. Michael Gettings, Eugenia Gibbard. Heidi Gibney, Mary Beth Gill. James Glaser. Thomas Goldsmith. Janice Goniwecha, Reid Googasian, Karen Grant. Timothy Granlhen. Gary Gravelle. Douglas Graves. Kirk Grech. David Green. Cheryl c ass of '80 shows talent L, .M G . Qi, .X 1,x . tjwhgl i f 5' Q 3 5 w ,Q I ,ff ty 'fir N, j' fpff , 'I . .ix if , J ff 3 1X 1 ,Q -R 5 gm ll 1 x-', IN -' 1 px L N- . ... I kr' f-- ' ny Iv SY ef. fr f C3 iff, S VM . jax' 5 K fi fx lb if li , Rvws. F- 'hh A, ,W ..l. A, ' f' QQ ,366 G 4 g.:. - :ti- i:.'::X . Ii: --1 f Wi?-1l2A?fif2TSae2ieqg3g fl fx fal- bj I 'kii yl.. . in X V is . . '-595 Nw 1 1 Af' f l 'L' 1- s. .- ,,.-. . . is yi, 1 6 4 l , ' . 1 1 X , iii ,W 1 W - ji eff CIT' lf' X M: , ' J .1 i vw A, 1-33.5. 'snr' ay lo - lik, 5 s 1 K . ll4 Q - ,. . WU i- X , 51- x A-.. y w -:,x A xy L-, I R E X57 Qs.. ws Xa EMM rl S v f' 1' , 5 'FHS Q .-a, if gc., Q I, S s it 'J ,K A , fa -X :iz SXN 5 ..-- an r 'sq' 1 Wlfifa ' F gi J .ff p J, ,. P f i I t V ,Aft 1 R k , :fl '1- K 1 93 .5 ' , g . . f tv- . . S Q . .. 1 5 ' X 47 ,5:,gf7f:Q. Q, U ., X lljffihffllfl, yy 6 Green, Terri Grube, Chris Grylicki. Mark Grooms. Steven Grylls. Sarah Haddad. Robert Hamerski. Elizabeth Hanson. Jacquelin Harbin. Donald Hardwick, Jamie Hardy. Clifton Harris. Dana Ha rrison, Paul Harvey, Christopher Harvey. Timothy Haskell, Jeffrey Hang. Dawn Hauser. Celia Hazelwood, Tara Head, Terry Heberling, Kenneth Heck. Jim Heilig. Melinda Heldreth. Laura Hellebuyck, Robert Henderson, Scott Hendrickson. Bryan Hendrickson. David Henry. Mary Heter. Bonnie Hickey, Daniel Higgins. Cindy Hilbur. Patrick A Hildum. David K Hiller. Jeffrey Hills, David Holcomb. lra Holland, Dale f . K 'Diff' Ni-'I ,. E si .zigx Esi tgki .xkA:. lighsyxy W Q fag . if 1 'ff .z-fr 41.1 I' Holland. sue Q ' Holzimmer, Julie Hopkins. David :awp xl J i iv. VK1:':r j Jk lim E H - . 'PJ ,ei 35 ,. .U I, X Hopkins, Victoria ' A s 5' Hopp, Joanne .-gif' ,.Mjj-Q. Horan. Mary A ' ' A' K I' ' Y, K I' sksjx, N .1 Horsman, Ann A fa V. A Houston. Paul , lx ,Q Howard. Lorrie N4 ' k ilt .:'n .0 0, my , F 'Q Howcroft, Michael - -. . Howell. Brian 5 3.. Howie. Bruce A ' N' it 'Q bits , . Q ., L Q ,Q , Y K , lffgf , .' n X' x . 9 Aheqilk Huber. Kathleen - Hunsanger. Dolores 4 ,.. , cum, ,,. lys vs Hunt, Holly f 5 A Hunter. Janet X . , Q Q-3X Hurlburt. Kerrie l -- Isola. Sharon 1 Q' 'l x Jackson. Richard Jackson, Sarah my ,. el -, Jacobsen, Andrew 5. ' , Jahnke. Kelly -- fl Jahns. Mark X ' Jasinski. Debra , X, ,T- C. .fs I ex.. KVA!! X WEEELZ Y'-aa in E5 11' sql 'L Wnv x ,, l X' 'X Q 'Q any ,., J ,. 1QM'7 'J y goo 'N , 'K 53' f 1 if 1 4 f s . X ff f fr rf' -ai f t:Q-----1xxWEM gmllf as. ' Johnson, Rebecca E 3 Johnson. Susan y , . Johnston. Jolayne 'M' 'F' ' we 5, ,ex Il 01 r'- Jones. Karen i Q H . . V I-13,5 f N Jones. Scott f ' A if-f -J A DWL' ' Kamp. James Xi' , J 19 8 x ' Af ,513 M ' K 'f J .X K Q if ' L is sophomores full of enthusiasm ag 4 sz, 5, I 1' ' 5 J 1. - 11- :ti - :uni - V! Q ! ,to u ,u . ,ls 64 7' T3 r- 5 M, 4-ff W' N s , T it 1 fm, . -U f if Nxffffl' NW Kanehl, Sandra Kastner. Gale Katona, Mike Kaye, Curtis Keller, Thomas Kelly Jr., Thomas Kenney. Laura Keyte. Suzanne Kibbe. Jeffrey Kiefer. Irene Kiefuik. Timothy King, Kevin King. Kevin Kinville, Jackie Kirk. Jennifer Kirwan. Karen Kittel. Louise Klausen. Mychelle Klees. John Klein, Patrick Klein, Ruth Kleopfer. Kathleen Klepp. Joseph Kleppert, Judith Knust, Susan Kobus. Jill Korte. Laura Korth. Robert Kosa. Joe Kruckeberg. Martina c ass of '80 show great competltlon Krull. Kathryn Krusel, Kathryn Krzeski. Stephen Kuhr. Suzanne Lafferty, Anthony Lafferty, David Lagrou. Dwayne Lindsay. Scott Landis, Raymond Larsen, Kimberly Law. Brian Learmont, Caroline Lease, Mary Lebow, Kathy Lee. Joseph Lenk. Kathleen Lesauskey, Deborah Lehman. Robin Lester, Henry Lewis. Elizabeth Liddle. Janet Lilly. Dorothy if M it U55 , 1 I! Q ' Ba gf ,, r l l, Q it J x' N55 'U A 9 ig, 1 A . , '91, f fi 5' Q Y EX 3 14 ff' Qefzff ,bfi . x A X N-....-13 f d,.r.' 1 A X 11 I af'-2 L , ' ' .A ,'0.,,f ttf!-3, , 45 rg to ' '.' -5 ' ' .1 at-N f' 'T B ,. Viiuvfra , . .AS S6552 ' e H It l l ,next -- X, a-'4'?' fbi I gx 1 rd. 'N 5. S' xx 'I ' . X 5 . h I N t 7 lk wi! 3 X5 N IV: x 3 it t i t J . ' ' . , X 9 .. l' , 7 1 5: N -4 I 405 'vs 4.4 - - '- . , -- . vw f v, 4 I A-. -my 7' Eqcxgfig . M X-ks , . N ' -' 1 at . ,Q arsufl wx? -if 1. is-.rl ' ,x Q ytgzj I X' :U 41 . Vi xy E?f, 5 ,y g 'alll 5 55321554 :gg J 5 y L , wi.. 'PK' ln. gi iff . 'gl 1 ell! Sf : g rf- 2 .K 4 - 1 f' Q 54 y A, y k 3 v- 4 I. ,I X--f Fv , 4-' X . y X,i1, li . f: I In V 'I J X4 I . - , X ,I ' 2 X pm x . 5 X ' ,, I 1 l if.. v, . if 'A . vs -'A 'P - f W- Q WX rl C... X N. f A f 'T N I , ,, sf 1 yllllf -il X M U f I ' 1 il lj' L'-A ...L - .M ...ff , a - 1 tm L . M , T ,X f f A N - :X , i 4' -I , 'O r- N , 5 ' . K ll 1 V1 f ' ' -, it .' Linigton. Susan Lilly, Philip Logsdon. Renee Lyons. Holly Lyzen. Richard Maas. Terry Mackin. Elaine Macomis. Matthew Madla, Cathy Malcolm, Lynn Malkin, Louise Mancour. Carol Mancuso. Edwin Mandalari. Lori Manning. Gregory Manning. Maureen Manschesky. Scott Manschesky. Teresa Manzi, Lisa Marlette. Kelly Marrin. Blaine Marshall. Claudia Marshall. Jon Marvin. Elizabeth Marvin. Francis Masters. Christopher Masters, Keith Maurer. Andrea sophomores look ahead to the future May. John McCaffrey, Mary McClure. Karen McCullough. Evelyn McComas. Matthew McCuIly. Alicia McDonald, John McGarry. Marilyn McMahon, James Medla. Carin Meils. lisa Meirow. Michael Mercado. Matthew Meyer. Kristi Meyer. Laura Miles. Martha Miller. Janene Miller, Lauretta Miller. Stephen Mittra. Rita Monica. John Moore. Kevin Moore. Lisa Morello. Natalie Morr. Rodney Morency. Lori Morse. Christopher Moy. Howard Moyer. Jon Mroz. Karen do ...- 0 A, J'-1 . X , 4' i 'I K , J 1 'J D Q..-:Ll llll ', V lli K H Q9 ' ' g,.. A 1 'xr Ni V145 .L A 401 f' S K i 44 f,-1 A Q?- Ll A.,-J-' i-11.-J.,-A. tx! at bu-1 WX J, 5 'TSE B sf 0 E 55:5 f 1 x 5 V T W Pb Qi, 5 T 1' I N f rw ui cf- li ' 1 D K ' or G. cr, X A X HJ W5:::.'51:5 'A- ,1 '.- P7 ,M ' 1 L Q-Tx I XT' ,- 'Y .ps W'of:.-,:5-i-- 4 , . 0 'fs nf 'Q ., - I t -x , ss f an an , 4 - Q 6 f f J .. , 7 L ' x ai ,ga -I ,, 1 T 4- N QT? .f P i' Mulso. Barry Murphy, Noel Murphy. Susan Murray. Jan Nani. Dianne Neff. Clarence Newton. George Nofs. Ronald Nosewicz, Roseanne Nothelfer. Tom Nothelfer. Timothy Novak, Brenda Obear, Jeffrey O'Connor. Kevin Odowd. John Omans. Thomas Oniu, Dianne Otto, Barry Palmer. Michael Parrott, Martin Patterson. Kevin Persells. Lori Peters. Keith Peterson. Mark Pfister. Lisa Phillips. Gwen Pierron. Lawrence Pierson. Tracy 4 Pilibosian. Gary Piligian. Ellen Polere. Monica Powell. Thomas Prenosil. Daniel Propson. Scot! Propst, Michael Prusinowski, Jeffrey Puchalla. Renee Raglin, David Rampson, Nancy Rapoon. Gwen Rauschendorfer. Karl Rawa, Joseph Rawlings, Teresae Raymond. Lisa Regan. Chris Reidinger, Pamela Rende, Christopher Reppuhn. Gwenlyn Rhodes, Mike i eyye, ,je ax ' . K Qi? lkkal gif' lg , .mn is ll 'C' V! 1 kfg K 'I V .. , w 1.4 Q1 Y, ia, fi- i A 1227 , y y Q. Z' ll SEK. 4+ U s iffy H Q7 ,Im 'S-I I I I Q. - 'z , .4 f iff' Y,5' E be J: , fe.. .aim 1-'L-, gz- N A L XMI 'S ..Wk . .y ff-vwsq. - 11 A .4 I A' '17 ,U class of '80 have spirit .1 fs. X i x- ., gi' 3 ' 1 -A dia .?,'w vnj'y'l- xx 6 ,QI Qtfbw -4 V ' Q S 2 ., 4 ' Q' ' f -'R an 'f A 'Q 1 -W ff J I 1 1 5 I X a X 1 l an 1 111511 I 'I ' as T . rv f ' N JA . J -S A ig lllii C if '. 5 .A-t ut-,va V , my . w R xo' elm fl ' W Y +V , f 1 l . 01, Q, l I l . 5'-'J-, X ! 'XIQN Sf 'VN Q-.4 il 15- K , ' .ff C a - he s ve, Richardson. Caryn V V Rickabus. Ted Riddell. Lynn 'i Rimarcik. Cynthia ' Ringl, Rebecca L' gizrggk Rizzo. Cynthia X 3 1 ' Roberts. Leanna 'I A Robinson, Ann ,L . ' A 6 Robinson. Bart J x-9 Rodge, Nancy I . F Q' Rogers, Roberi Rogers. Teresa ls -42 V A Rosalik, Linda QLD' Rosinski. Karen y K R, .. of Rossio. Ronald Rourke. Timolhy Rouse. James Rowe. Kasey R'-'BS' PYBSY Russell. Darryl Russell. Edward .- Russell. James , W Russo. Charles ' I Sallee. Rhonda ,a -. Santel. Julie Scarpelli. James sophomores ave varied interests Schaenzle, Fred Schmehl. Kathleen Schmidt. Lori Schmitz. Cathy Schroder. Gwyn Schroeder. Dawid Serota, Kern Shabal. Patrick Shafer, Julie Sheach, Pamela Shepard, Jill Shick. Yvonne Shin. David Short. Robert Shrock. Paul Shuert. Kathleen Silverman. Noreen Simmons. Jennifer Skiff, David Sloneker. Kenneth Smith, Jackie Smith, Lynn W L it i s its.: J? V 1 ...t 2+ I ,..-. - . Y. 11, x .F Q Ji , . f I .1 , -. . ni 1-'ypyig 1 vlsgfyt. - '-J lla' 1 . 1!'JQ' J - H--IF.: 1 ltzzffl . sv gx kwa 'ar , I Y.. y Bi ' fm, I ,. PM Y I I 'cn' , , ' ,,., 1. af T 4 11 ., w ' - , K xv I 5 5 v- ,M Qs' , ' ' f f r 1 4, , y Q V fm, V X Ls X 1 F 1 - 1 Q? , If f 5 ' ' , u y vwlf' v f 1 QL X s I 'fl yi .tri T f sw 14 i ,giigy AL- . st slim. ti: 1' c: 1, Q 4.- ,r .. ., fav'- ,nn -Q gg-v f ,, 'L ' X l E5-' '-.' 5 .A T, , ll yy x . Q t 3 4vs,,, 1 1' r tx wax . , W N is ' ' in--I ff it X354- rf Z 6 ' ,X Qg x 1 WW ,. X51 l fx. fx fA fag, ,- pv- J fill ,ia 1 'J 4 l 1' ff? 1 5 19' 'tw 'sa J T Smith. Ronald Snow, Rita Snyder. Brian Sobosky. Lisa Sokoloski. David Solverson, Donald Sottile, Steve Sourbier. Jeffrey Sowter. Steven Spitsbergen. Claire Stallard. Steven Steinwart. Todd Stevens, Michael Stewart, James Stewart. Scot Stine, Mark Stolaruk. Ann Mar Stowell. Tracy Strelchuk. Paul Strong. Thomas Stubenvoll. Lori Studer, Ron Stuner, Rob Susewitt, Kevin Sutherland, David Sutherland. Elizabe Swien, Cynthia Tapner. Susan Taylor, Chris Taylor. Debra Taylor. James Temple. Chris Tessmer, James ie th Thompson, Angela Thompson, Richard Tischler. Janie Tompor, Loren Torrens, Debra Tranzow. Sue Trombka. Jerard Trublowski. Karen Tucker. Karen Ulrich. Shelli Updegraff. Karen Valentine. Sandra Vanlleers. Christopher VanderVeeken, Kerri Vandewater, Mark VanSteelandt. Sue Viviano, Mary Vlaich, Jacquelin Wagner, Robert Walch, Michael Waldorf. Lynn Walsh. Kelly Walston. Michael Warack. Peter Wardzinski. Stephanie Warstler. Mary i' Nan' . lv Q1- QI. W., C57 if ,Bu 5 , A if X09 X I 1 '.t ir' ,. .. ,X 1 . Rt '1 qv- rv if 1 ,lr h A KA ' L Q 4 9 ' Eg 27 2 fd, P' Q rQ an - A' , I Ki vu v. .ff 7: gg . 3, xi mv , I' A E Rf M an J -A .- ' ggQ' l lu . fl 1 - ' T . '-.L 'wi K' ffm! Q 3 - bi lt N. I, are ,K ,V 45 an C, ir! I N N 4, y si ' Q 9 In' I hx ! sophomores learn a lot In first year Waters, Kindara Weber. Marion Weekley. Marietta Wegman. Karen Weng. David Wenger, Denise Wharff. Jeffrey Whitsitt. Jeffrey Whitllesey, Cheryl Wiegand. Michael Wiest, Gregory Wild, lan Willson, Bob Wood, Stephen Woudstra. Thomas Yahrling. Jane Yax. Alan Yeszin, Kevin Youness, Gary Zandi. Veronica Zellmer, Karen Ziskie, Robert Zobl, Susan yn, 1 I 5? X A X E Mi' , if E: i 5 S55 ...... C529 -w 'f ' N ,- x . I ' ' . Ax. 5 , -1, ,- i N . -' 'ifsf -, Jf'f7 ' -. .-.,' Q...- - f ' 'Q x Y. fx. -W..-',. fit' ' '5x73,.e?-'.f,.i.. . , ,Y , ,..h,'.':A: ,thi -, -,c,, ..A.,fN,,,,1.,, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I I I I Z ' Turning Specialists Congratulations to the C ss of ' S and Jennifer From Warren Smith and Mickey Bushman IZI3 South Street o Rochester, Michigan 48063 o 3l3-65l-2036 DR. STUART A. KARMANN Optometrist ROCHESTER OPTICAL CENTER 333 Main Street Rochester. Michigan 48063 GSI-3800 HELLERS JEWELRY Watch Clock and Jewelry Repair 409 Main Street Rochester, Michigan 48063 65I-5520 MR. SCOTT'S SALON For a complete line of leather goods unisex Hair Styling also featuring 31375514551 Contemporary fashions in silver jewelry I I I East Fourth Street Rochester, Michigan 48063 116 E. 4th 652-9210 Congratulations Class of '78 M., Auto sum Cf ie? g5g? iEEe Congratulates I The Class of '78 Quee 4 im MAIN AUTO EERE? SUPPLY Dairy Queen of Rochester, Inc. 743 N. Main 651-9588 138 scum street Henry Kraus Rochester, Mich. ...'.....'.- xssskkk'-Rx 689-8822 852-7722 STEAMWAY OF TROY Carpet S Upholstery QDry or Wetj Cleaners Soil Extracted By The Jet Method Residential S Commercial I Free Estimates 35 Years AI Krymalski Cleaning Experience FOR THE DISCERNING MAN Bc WOMAN M ' , ' 'S' . . vw li or tint E t tnnini If X 406 MAIN ST. ROCHESTER. MICHIGAN 48063 IRENE B. TWOMEY FACIALS Bi HAIR CARE OWNER PHONE 3l3 651-2555 The Rochester Clarion, Inc. Your Hometown Newspaper In Our 79th Year 313 Main Street Rochester, Mich. ARCHITECTURAL AND SECURITY HARDWARE BUILDERS SUPPLIES METAL DOORS 6: FRAMES p Gamalski Building Specialties, Inc. 4, all ,5 M, ,ce, A ,ax I. X COMMERCIAL Ann RESIDENTIAL HARDWARE WORLD BAZAAR EXCITING IMPORTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD MEADOWBROOK VILLAGE MALL ADAMS Q WALTON noci-eEs'rEn, Mic:-t. nose carat 375-9295 LUCILLE GREEN 2301 STAR COURT AUBURN HGTS-. MICHIGAN 48057 B52-7050 Bob Zoufal's Rochester Colonial Standard 100 W. University at Main Phone: 651-1901 Complete Car Care ' W. Wickes Lumber Q3 A Division ofThe Wickes Corporation Congratulates The Class of '78 xxxxxxsxxxxsxxxmsscxe. T4 ' , . OCEANIA llflll Cbinexe - Polynexian 8: Ameriran RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE Meadowbrook Village Mall 68 North Adams Roches H' T . 3 I3 - 375-9200 'S - I f5EEE5 'I K' ' :- s ter, Michigan 48063 Area Code 3l3 Rochester b5l-5560 b5l-556l B K I I' If 'SI 4 4 ROCHE 'fxeij 4 - R INC. SNAFTS AN ' 'J' ' L' LL PURPOSES if X LIPUMA'S CGNEY ISLAND s '55 B IFX N l I , I I Precision 'X gif- MACMINING ,444 X ew' ,..... X 4483 O R d Roch le Mchg Congralulatcs Tony Lipuma BURRSHOES qmum North Hill Plaza Class of 1485 Rochester Rd. Rochester, Mich. 48063 Telephone: 651-1022 7 8 Compliments Of CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES PINKERTCN PHARMACY if Drive-In Rx Window xi? 126 W. University 651-4044 . . . AND BEST WISHES FOR 1 S NYDER, congrawiaiions CQNTINUING SUCCESS INNEY 8 to ENNETT, INC. the Class REALTORS of '77 . Iooo w. UNIVERSITY DR., SUITE 1o1 P ROCHESTER. MICHIGAN aeoe:-I 'i ' QMW41 Mobil PROPRIETOR 322 W. University Mcmbcr By Invilzztion National Sclcctcd CAMPUS CORNER MOBIL Mort llcill ns CUSTOMER SATISFACTION may 652-seas - ssi-5424 IS oun GOAL .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. xxx-.,s....,.-... He C5 She HAIR FORUM 'Where Hair Styling is an Art 1432Walton Blvd. Rochester, Michigan 48063 Q313i 651-9290 Congratulates the class of '78 BOOKCBQTEK Rochester Hills Plaza I4I0 University Drive Rochester. Mich. 48063 74e'z.?oa677ea,ele 65'-0 '9 IOOO W. University Dr. Rochester. Mich. 48063 65I-8850 The Nation's Leading Manufacturer of Metal Cutting Tools ' LEAR SIEGLER, INC. 9 NATIONAL TWIST DRILL Sz TOOL DIVISION WINTER BROTHERS ROCHESTER, MICHIGAN 48063 .c.......,...s.I..N..xx Dillman S Upton Best Wishes to the Class of '78 Best Wishes From DEATON'S TEXACO I 'I 119 , E Wallpaper 8 so much more I Q E ? Olde Colonie Place In a u S 870 S. Rochester Rd. . ' Rochester, Mich. 48063 lnte rl Q rs may 652-4880 , rnnmsns , IIISURIIIICE A 93.09912- FV ' Q GUS. A. FROUMIS AUTO - FIRE - LIFE - COMMERCIAL TRUCK - LIABILITY - BOAT B 651 4490 2054 S. ROCHESTER RD R G51 B720 ROCHESTER MICHIGAN 48063 'Qs CDIDI: jliine ,Shoppe 438 gfliuin ,Street giuchre-ter, Cmich. -i8UG3 551-7775 Furniture Restoration and Repair Insurance Claims THE RENOVATION SHOP 137 Romeo RdfRochester, Mich. 48063 313-652-0608 Appointments: 652-4I44' TOWNE BARBER SHCP Men's Hairstyling' R.K. and Image Products 5I9 N. MainfRochester, Mich. 48063 Qtexxxexexxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxsxxxx THE VILLAGE OUTLET 401-415 Walnut Name Brands Always 25 to 60W off Ladies, 1!2 sizes, mens, Juniors and Children's clothing Ladies and children's shoes Linens, Lingerie and Bedspreads 28 hop B3 1533 Pay Come in. Browse around. Have a snack, play a little pin-ball. Look over a few records maybe a new book or magazine. Get a new outfit. . . or try one on. Have a time of it. Winchester Mall. Open for you Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sunday noon to 5:00 p.m. NNI ESl'ER Rochester 81 Avon Rds. Q23 milel Albert 0 Breslers 0 Burger Chef o Cheese Pleez o Comfort Station 0 Farmer Jack 0 Fireside Book Shop o 5-Star Draperies o Gifts Galore o The Globe o L.G. Haig o Irvin Hirsh Jewelers o Kitchen 8. Bath Alamode o K-Mart o Koney Island Inn o LaVerns Beauty Salon o Lawlers Hallmark o Manufacturers Bank 0 Pearle Vision Center o Ponderosa 0 Record Market o Scarborough Square o Stag Shop o Standard Federal o Tonys Shoe Repair o Towne 84 Country Interiors o The Trend o Willows Plants o Winchester TV o Winkelmans o Tivoli Square: Beads 'N' Fashions o Filling Depot 0 Flipper McGee o Hair Today 0 Smokey Mountain 0 Somerset Galleries o Shirt Place o Tiffany Park o A Touch of Venus 0 Tanner's Hide 0 FUTURE OPENINGS: Big Boy o Marilyn Turners 0 Nate 8. Al's DelilBakery 0 Newlife Natural Foods o Time and Chain o Main Office Romeo Office 651-8533 752-9647 Livernois Office Shelby office 651-8522 254-1400 The Bank to M Serve You Better Saturday NATIONAL BANK Banking OFROCHESTER Member FDIC Member Northern States Bancorporation tix? .V I XX H I. .b 13131651-1121 ROCHESTER qf . BOYLE MACHINE af xml A . i,. vi, POP STOP QEQLSJQL-. Ir' !!i1!1I,Aa,1 ,I 651-1206 369 soum STREET o RocHEs1'ER. MICHIGAN aeoss 7 1 .L Mon. - Sat. 11a.m. - 7p.m. vi CHRISTOPHER BOYLE WWE The Sherwin-Williams C pa y 417 M Street R h t Michiga 48063 651 4060 Q Gulf v Rochester Gulf Service 235 MAIN STREET DAVE illg1FFMAN 651352816 BILL HOWELL 651-9557 7lce Stone Sleep, Ing, Fine Cut Stones For All Building Purposes Office IO Auburn Rd. East 852-4700 Rochester, Mich. .essex-x xxxxxxnegxnxxxy- mx Compliments of BECKWITH EVANS CARPETING 511 N. Main !Bochester, Mich. 652-6444 XNNNXNXXXXXXNSXXXXNXNXNXXSNNNXXXXXXXXXXXXXNXXXXXXXXXXNXXNXXXNXXXXNXNXXXNXXXXNXXNXXNXNNN N Spartan MWQWW Motel Diannndg Custom DBSIQIIBU Watches JGWGIN 309 Main Street ' L- BADDER f:2sr:m.g uno . Mamsr. KEG BEER - PARTY TRAY8 - BEER Q WINE FOOD IRAY C3131 651-81oo 105 E. SECOND ST. ROCHIBTER, MICHIGAN Q 651-1755 ASK Fon RAY on TIM BRINKER .M 0 Continental Breakfast DRESCHER TOOL, mc- o Direct Dial Phones musxAsL: cAnauor: :urrma Toon. ssnvlc: MANurAu'rumNn-Aurznmu-nzcuuorrlDuma . ...,'JZ5..'?,'.2T.'?.?l'L'i'.i1N o ir Conditioned Au.ll:l'r A. annum-um -ssoss - - HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION IS: JUST GETTING OFF THE GROUND I I 'QL I. Hhints Qllnsurzmze Qgencg IICB N- MAIN BT. ROCHESTER' MICHIGAN 651-7321 REGARDLESS OF YOUR METHOD OF ACHIEVING A SUMMIT, WE'LL BE THERE. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ' rel. 651-6789 ACORN TOOL 81 DIE DIES, TOOLS,-IIGS, FIXTURES SPECIAL MACHINERY ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINING Robert E. Dodgi Mlghqgl L, Smnh 232 South Street wilson L. Gun., Rochester, Michigan TIARA EXCLUSIVES Hand Blown and Hand Pressed Glass Appointments for GIFT ARAMA'S Counselor ' 9 Helen Rodney 651-1903 STORES FOR MEN Rochester Tube Products, Ltd 1004 I 229 SOUTH STREET ROCHESTER. MICHIGAN 48063 B, D. FISCHER ' PRODUCTION TUBE CUTTING OWNER at PRESIDENT 1116 'HRU 7!8 DIAMETER :ff VE se ef 56 if Q A IIS ROCHESTER ' LIKE URIUII 0 STERLING HTS' BEACHAM SUNOCO the salon of Main at Romeo Rd. I A fu. i XJ 651-6623 93.'fc'F.'2,'I.2,M.vTf 4333' I313I 652-1661 XNXXXXNXXXXXXXNXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXNXXXXXXXXXNXXXXXXXXXXNXXXXXXXXXNXXXXNXNXNNXXXNXXXX R UCHES TER MAN UFA C TURIN G C 0. C ON GRA TULA TES THE CLA SS OF '78 R MI S R Congratulations Graduates Higbie Manufacturing Company REBUILDERS OF GASOLINE PUMPS RoNAu.n A. mn-rgnsou AVUN PRINTING COMPANY LYON GEAR AND MACHINE, INC. 4371 TERRITORIAL ROAD LAKE ORION, MICHIGAN 48035 3I3f65I-1751 GREAT LAKES TITLE Nucl-IAEI. K. o'DoNNEl.1. ousrmcr Repnesemnmve 652 0300 202 WALNUT BLVD 965 9660 ROCHESTER MICHIGAN 48063 4 651-7142 Free Parking ARNoLD's SALON ' ' 403 University Drive VONCROFT I 2 Unisex Scissor Styling 852-4840 AUTO PARTS 7 ff- , OPGH M0'1daY lhfl' 5a'UfdBY PAINT SHOP SUPPLIES Z1 7 R Custom Colors SERVING THE PUBLIC SINCE 1912 I , Candy Apples ' .f f 0 4 Metal Flakes Pearls COLONY EAST BAR8iq'RlLLE BEAFHNG PRESS SERVICE Detroit Rochester Roseville 1233 Morang Dr. 327 Main St. 28970 Hayes VALVE GRINDING 372-1720 652-9400 276-3500 DRUMS 8t ROTORS TURNED Homes in the Heart of the Hills sPEED EQUIPMENT-HI PERFORMANCE CAL CUSTOM CYCLONE HURST MALLORY 745 SHEPARD zoom THuRsT OF HOMES HOOKER CAMS LIFTERS GALLERY OF HOMES VOLKSWAGEN PARTS 94 N. Auburn Rd. 3320 Auburn Rd. Rochester Auburn Heights 439 Main Ph 651 ssss 852-4840 852-5566 Rochester - Printer Capitol of the World PRINTER PRODUCTS DIVISION OF COMPUTER G 9 PERIPHERALS, INC. I480 N. Rochester Road Rochester, Michigan 48063 Equal Opportunity Employer CRUMP ELECTRIC Congratulates The Class of '78 Higidaire Mclgonalds On The Hill Meadowbrook Mall 528 Main St' 3465 Auburn Rd. 808 Rochester Rd. 2985 Walton Rochester Auburn Heights 652-9700 852-3000 H ,lt .C tl PHARMACY XIII E P!! ff e 1 UH FO0Ds A KELLER AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE CENTER QUILT General Repair Rochester 81 Auburn 852-8010 7 .gaazialo cf Wocfeakz an MAIN smear ROCHESTER, Mncr-HGAN 651-1287 651-1303 Spsciafizing in gaigion auf: E ICZQREDIQENI LABORATORIES, INC. V1 -I I I ITE' ' 1 tp - 9 NATURAL FOODS 0 DIETETIC FOODS 0 VITAMINS 0 MINERALS 0 DIET PROGRAMS oAn.v 1o:oo - s PM. was - mun - rm 'nu 1 sunoAv 12 Noon - s E E- 651-1600 M' gg 878 S. ROCHESTER RD. - ROCHESTER WE ACCEPT MASTER CHARGE L F000 STAMPS 1977-78 Student Council Congratulations to the Class of '78 TCJWNE AUTO WASH Ride Thru Automatic CARS - VANS - v t X ta new 'I 266 Phone: 651-4007 PICKU PS - ,, . ,, Greenf1e1d a clean car rides better 520 woodward - Across From Ball Park T gz Rochester, Mich. 651-0514 CO. The 1977-78 Adams High Student Council wishes to express its appreciation to the following for their support of council activities EARL KEIM . . . the HELPFUL PEOPLE! , i f tf , . oven :soo sALEs AS ocunzs gi El Q - num-u nausea mv ww e , B -ouuumvss us n E-in 4 .-:- -,- P - nnnouwuos n - me ' 155551 Msnsensmv HEL N u ll -- 1,,c, sc, L. ns ocne Auvw en: Q ' ' T ' ' ' Rochuw R N TV-RADIO A 0 R E I N R I GRAMS N IN K-Mart Mrs. Carol Lintz O mmmmm' Reynolds Hardware 4-tu' Rochester-Greenhouses PHONEUS 'fifty Harwood Randolph, Inc 6 .... REALTQRS9 ...M Etpf aw., AUTO BERNELLA'S BEAUTY BOUTIQUE 329 Main St. Rochester, Mich. 651-6450 Hundhull Puddlebull GUY thull S 2?-x ERSITY DRIVE ROCHESTER, MICHIGAN 48063 Good Luck Avro PARTS Egg s CQass of 1978 Rik NORTH HILL AUTO WASH RAYS AUTO WASH 190 W. Tienken Rd. Rochester D 8- K MOTOR 0 SALES Il I FASHIONS UNIQUELY YOU 335 Lllh Sl. ROCHESTER 651-0450 9I2 Main St. Rochester, Mich. Phone: 65I-5664 THE DOWN LOFT 139 Walnut 652 0455 Rochester, Mich. GOOD LUCK FFOITI The Rochester K-MART National Bank Of Detroit Rochester Area Offices For every banking need the bank to see is Member FDIC Congratulations Graduates class rings M if i -Hrs ' s le , Ms' rsxiggvlwa ly. l'-.1 :Q . R or if X M Tl ' ff! . zltw' x 0 5- ig X ' if I-r7'i x ' if 0 it r v fl 2 Y issue. 3 JW . , A - x A 1 ln Men's And Women's Sizes You decide which leatures are lor you 0 Many slyl 81 s O 4 Hells D I I I2 Bnrhstmu- Cnlofs llours: Mon.-Sat. 9:30-6, Thurs. 8. Fri. 'til 9 Family Jewelers Since 1908 We Honor Master Charge, Banlmmericard, Diners Club, and American Express. Layaway, and Store Accounts Available. 3 3 6 Main 65 2- 2400 Rochester ROBERT R. ROSE flfl ,hkwelers Young Men's Shop and Shop For Juniors 313l651-5515 Dochester Al'tiSt M3t9fi8lS9 'IIC- 114 East Fourth Street 0 Rochester, Michigan 0 48063 ff Q Rosamonds UPHOLSTER Y 62 SEWING SER VICE Specializing In: Upholstery For Your Home 62 Office and Leather Garment Repair and Alterations 139 ROMEO Rd. ROCHESTER, MICHIGAN 48063 652-4662 - BX!!XXXSSXXXXXXSSXXSXXXXXSXXKXXXX! - 0 313i 652-2820 0 ' Supplies and Lessons in: Macrame O Weaving A Painting 0 Unique gifts , ROUND Tole Painting QVC TUX? cnilare-ns Art EA 3. ,Sty Custom Orders si W2 swf 2 eb' ' ' 1 ' ' . , I - sxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxssxxxxuxv I SXXKXXXSXSXXSX! SXXXSXXSXXSXSSS 415 walnut Blvd. - wiqm Rochester Ml 48063 , .R Xing? 7 1' Eff .www M 5 slloffancld FLORAL. 8: GIFTS 4 V , 1 ' S 'w , aoa MAIN sr. 'yd nocriesren. MICH. aaoea ,, 'a I, S . . m. ice PHONE 651 A510 W EAI Holla d J MACHINES PRECISION MERRY OLDSMOBILE GMC TRUCKS Celebrating our I Oth Anniversary of serving Rochester area residents fairly and honestly. tools GRINDING FIXTURE ro.-o.o. DETAILS SURFACE FAB MACH. 8 TOOL II9 SOUTH STREET Rocuesmz. MICHIGAN 48063 ROCHESTER RD. at M59 852-7200 AL FIFIELD prions es i-4oso OWNER ' Steve's Sports Connection For'aII your sporting needs . . . Wilson, Head,,FiawIings, Davis, Converse, Nike, Fiaquet Restringing, Team Sales. Call 375-9737 Steve's Footlocker Exclusively Adidas Featuring one of the area's most complete line of adidas footwear and sportswear. Call 375-0668 Both located in Meadow Brook Village Mall, Adams 81 Walton, Rochester, Mich. Under same ownership Mon.-Sat. 10:00-9:00!Sun. 12:00-5:30 24 42 Best of Luck Graduates V! A A From X! -ami:- . Q i QjF!! The Alibi Lounge T r r as T fy 6720 S. Rochester Rd. 879-OOI4 X I L. N4 .f T1-IE COOPER'S A W n T x T A ARMS T iw V Lx XLT XTX Congratulates wx A ig The Class of '78 bf A xx 306 Main st. 651-2266 E lusive Wedding Gowns 6:'After Five Fa h A oowNTowN ROCHESTER ,, K .H HOME BAKERY Mnulpuarh f COMPLETE LINE or BAKED Gooos , 1, - Q PASTRIES Q DouGHNurs Q BREADS 0 PIES Bfihgl 52111111 Specializing in . . . 'F DECORATED CAKES smmmci-iAM QFQOAEPTIEZTEF: .H BI d. am tree 'I OPEN 6 Dm MM ' SPM zvziijwafzlnlf 14: M I D lDownto I zoo MAIN ROCHEST WE SERVE To SERVE AGAIN Call 65 I -4830 642.4110 651-3636 WEAVER REAL ESTATE REALTOR' WEKVE5 Congratulations and Good Luck Class of 78 The 1977 - 78 Yearbook Staff would like to Congratulate and wish the Best of Luck to The Class of '78 Good Luck Class of '78 From fic 'M A V . 1 I Mr. B's Bar A . 5'i' 'HA'57U I U Gmatgaks CAMPUS INTERNATIONAL Countw TRAVEL CGRPORQTIQN I VEIIY SPECIAL IIIIIB Fllll VEIIY SPECIAL I'EIlI'lE. If e Herff Jones Your official class rung company. D d E II ication to xce ence Congratulates 1 The KENDAL GREEN Class of '78 Featuring the Finest Traditional and Early American Home Accessories Main St. 652-6668 R chester, MI Moncweg atulations Class of U1 9 Please Support Gur Advertisers Without Their Patronage This Book Would Not X Be Possible will lllllll ' A 1 ,. , N t l n A X uh at 5 K F k GOLD PATRONS Ruth and Bill Bardes D S C Dime Store Rochester Cbstetrics and Gynecology, P.C. SILVER PARONS Beaver Stair Company Le Petit Salon Briggs Sporting Goods McCoy Floor Coverings Dr. Edward I. Brown D.D.S., P.C. Mr. S Mrs. W. James Piercey J.C. Burrs Bootery Ray's Barbershop Cinderella's Castle Rochester Battery Co. Dennis C. Real Estate, Inc. Dr. Raymond Tremblay, M.D. E.B.'s CB Center Janet Varner's Marvin E. Larson D.D.S. Dr. Marvin Weisman Congratulations Gary, Greg, S Classmates - Judy S Ed Sutherland skoNzE PA1RoNs Another World of Glass - PO! Bound Avon Fire Department P0lS'N'PHl1S Beyond The Fringe Rochester Packing Company Mr. and Mrs. John F. Boomer Rochester Plumbing S Heating Cap's Tele-Tec Service Soule Appliance Culligan Soft Water Sales 8 Service of Rochester Swoboda Photographer Dr. Joel Smiler John Terry D.D.S. Fenner, Melstrom S Dooling . Village Upholstering Joe's Barbershop Wayne Heating Company Knit n' Chain Yarn Shop Your House Plant Shop Mr. 8 Mrs. Everett Allen Mr. 8 Mrs. Aucott Mr. 8 Mrs. James C. Baker Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert D. Balias Mr. 8 Mrs. Dr. 8 Mrs. Stephen J. Ban Bradley T. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Verner Barnes Barbara 8 Auther Bartley Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs Albert Basl Richard L. Bates Mr. 8 Mrs. Charles Bauss Mr. 8 Mrs Wilford Belanger Mr. 8 Mrs. William L. Belany Mr. 8 Mrs Mark L. Belkoff Mr. 8 Mrs Ronald H. Benson Mr. 8 Mrs James Boyd Mr. 8 Mrs M.J. Brooks Mr. 8 Mrs William J. Bryant Mr. 8 Mrs James F. Burke Mr. 8 Mrs Gerald S. Burr Mr. 8 Mrs Jack Byers Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert Caldwell Mr. 8 Mrs T.W. Casstevens Mr. 8 Mrs Hubert L. Champine Mr. 8 Mrs Raymond Comment Mr. 8 Mrs Charles Comps Mr. 8 Mrs Hugh Cotcamp Dr. 8 Mrs. Robert Counts Mr. 8 Mrs. R. L. Danek Mr. 8 Mrs. Lawerance Dean Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph W. Dement George Demski Donald Devoe George F. Dewalt Robert Dillion The Don Dolecki Family Dr. 8 Mrs. E.J. Drogowski PARENT BOOSTERS Mr. 8 Mrs. James Halliday Mr. 8 Mrs. James Hannemann Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert Harrison Lyn 8 Dolores Hart Mr. 8 Mrs. R.C. Haug Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert R. Hellebuyck Mr. 8 Mrs. J.C. Hill Bill 8 Sue Holman Mr. 8 Mrs. Norman A. Hunstad Mr. 8 Mrs. Paul Huzzard Mr. 8 Mrs. J.B. Jackson Mr. 8 Mrs. Peggy Jahns Mr. 8 Mrs. Bernard A. Johnson Mr. 8 Mrs. Convin Johnson Dr. 8 Eric B. Johnston . Mr. 8 Mrs. Zorob Kabodian Mr. 8 Mrs. T.A. Kamrath Mr. 8 Mrs. T.E. KashMerick Mr. 8 Mrs. Tom Keller Mr. 8 Mrs. William Kellogg Mr. 8 Mrs. David Kelly Mr. 8 Mrs. John J. Killinger Mr. 8 Mrs. Jack H. King Mr. and Mrs. James Kinville Mr. 8 Mrs. Ivan Kittel Mr. 8 Mrs. George W. Kleopfer Mr. 8 Mrs. David M. Klepp Mr. 8 Mrs. Harry Knitter Mr. 8 Mrs. Jerald L. Knust John 8 Dora Kovalick Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert Kunesh Mr. 8 Mrs. Norman P. Lally Mr. 8 Mrs. Richard Larson Mr. 8 Mrs. John M. Law Mr. 8 Mrs. William S. Lazich Mr. 8 Mrs. Richard Lenington Mr. 8 Mrs. Chas Long Mr. 8 Mrs. Lee Fifield Mr. 8 Mrs. Carl Fifield Virgina 8 Denton Fitzgerld Sr. Mr. 8 Mrs. Glenn Gardener Mr. 8 Mrs. P.E. Gauthier Wood 8 Rosmary Geist Mr. 8 Mrs. Mike Gendich Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank Geraci Much Success Mr. 8 Mrs. Bernard G. Gerke Earl 8 Gladys Mabery Mr. 8 Mrs. Thomas F. Macan Don 8 Mary K. Macdonald Kenneth 8 Barbara Mahnick Mr. 8 Mrs. James Manning Mr. 8 Mrs. Andrew Manzi Dorothy Marcoff Jack 8 Rose Marsom Mr. 8 Mrs. Donald Martinec Thomas E. Gettings Mr. 8 Mrs. Jay Gibney Congratulations Mark Googasian . . . Mr. and Mrs. Googasian Mr. 8 Mrs. Gordon Mr. 8 Mrs. LLoyd Graves Mr. 8 Mrs. Fran Greco Mr. 8 Mrs. Peter Grylls Harry 8 Linda Hahn Mr. 8 Mrs R.A. Mazzara Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert J. McGarey Mr. 8 Mrs Richard K. Meils Mr. 8 Mrs. Stewart Meyer Mr. 8 Mrs. Sid Mittra Mr. 8 Mrs. John A. Mollica Mr. 8 Mrs Bruce Monica Mr. 8 Mrs. Douglas Moran Mr. 8 Mrs. ' Mr. 8 Mrs. Daniel E. Morris James Murphy Love To M.J. Natale . . . Mom 8 Dad Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 8 Mrs Dr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 8 Mrs Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Clarence W. Neff Sr. Donald Nutter Fred Obear Allan Oberstadt Donald D. Odowd William Olanger George Oniu James R. Ozinga David J. Padilla John Papsdorf Len Parker Raphael Peters Kevin R. Peterson Robert F. Potere Kenneth Price Verle Propst Paul Quintus Sieg Quitmeyer Richard A. Rampson R.A. Rathka Mr. and Mrs. Alan Reidinger The Riddell Family Mr. 8 Mrs. William Schmehl Mr. 8 Mrs. Schmitt Mr. 8 Mrs. Lowell Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Donald V. Schultz Congratulations Seniors . . . Mr. Mrs. F. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. James Short Barton K. Snell N.G. Sorensen Don J. Smith Robert Stebbins Donald Steele D. Susewitt Sutherland A.J. Swiecicki Vern Tessier Bill Todd Steve Vukovich James Walsh Ted Wanamaker Harold Wattles D.E. Webster Kenneth West Harry D. White Jr. Wesley' J. White Russell L. Whitfield Authur W. Wild Wilde and Family Agnes l. Wisner David W. Wolff Fred Yahrling Raymond J. Zak Russell J. Ziegler 77Zecwe!! LUNG L-nf? baggy 09,47-OAQ Agdwfuo CAN Sdwpwzl 'X wda rlnlfiwfaad i A i I ongratulations to the graduating class of 78 X V x Q 'Y is- r 5 A, N WH 1, -E.. . suu'runu.n ummuv A 5 Z lax' Q 6x A 6 Q, fm it 01' f '? 5 QW. . . -, 5. - 1 ' 'C ,,,. 4 AMS Q- ,..x. x,,,.,,.p in A I 3 ? 3 Q .,-.wmwsrq Q. va 1.5, W A .Q ,, 1 t lfd 'W X 1' ,4 4f' I .X is Q uf' ' I A I ' : 'A K A' 1 sa rfvwez fg3 Q W' K an ,N . .. - .x - ,W S fi 112 fl ' J ,fa 'K 'mfg' 4' ' ww-ku 1 M .Wuvqw .X i .WWW MN., 'H r W- ... ' I S 4 ' S. '1 , :Q X 4. .Li ,gnu . h., jlat ,, K. -,..- I i 4 5. ,f ' 5 X Allen. Barbara. Hey Berube. your shirt is on fire! activities: J.V. volleyball. spanish club, BG Bowl Aucott. Patty. Time. like a snowflake. disappears while we're trying to decide what to do with it. activities: Swimming I0-I2. gymnastics ll. Golf team capt. II-I2. National Honor Society II-I2. SMYC Auer. Carol. So long. Aust. Richard. We came. we hated it. we made the best of it. we Ieftll activities: Formed petition to change hall music. Bailey. Laura. Life is like a sandwich. it's one bite after the other. that's why everybody must get stoned. For the people who listened, thanx. fBunsJ Baker. Alison. Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply. to enjoy simply. to think freely. to risk life. to be needed. activities: Volleyball I0-I I. wind ensemble I0-I I, symphony band IO. Ballantyne. Mark. The seniors are the greatest. chathams Atl. good luck varsity basketball. Ban. Linda. Make the most of your senior year, it only comes once in a lifetime. Remember. D.B.. l'll be around. you haven't gotten rid of mel activities: Berube's favorite. I I- I 2. basketball I0-I2. volleyball IO-I2. softball ll-I2. concert choir I0-l I. National Honor Society. I0-I2. BG Bowl I2. Barnaby. Randall. It's been hell. but I finally made it to the big time. Barnes. Judy. lf it is to be. it's up to me. activities: French club IO. Bauss. Larry. lf life is a bowl of cherries. then this is the pitsII activities: National Honor Society I0-I2. student council I2. BG bowl coach, newspaper IO-l I. Beach. Nancy. lf you have faith as a grain of mustard seed . . . nothing shall be impossible unto you. We had faith and we made it. activities: National Honor Society I I-I2. marching band I0-I I. band council II. Deo. band ll-I2 Bechard. Kathy. To snagglepuss: Oh my. I smell a fly. Bechen. Christine. To all Crosby. Stills. Nash. and Young lovers. you know where l'm coming from. Don't let it get you down. if anything does. smell some roses. Beckers. Jackie. AIlegan . . . this . . . Allegan that . . activities: Student council IO. National Honor Society II-I2. cheerleading I0-I2. pep club I0-I2. spanish club IO. BG bowl I I- I 2 Bell. Michele. To Cookie: I am so happy you came to Adams-thanks for making my senior year. You are the greatest! activities: Track ll-I2. basketball I0-I2. volleyball I0 Birley. Liz. To find your handsome prince. you've got to kiss a lot of toads. activities: Spanish club IO. National Honor Society II-I2. DECA. track Il-I2. tennis I0. ski club Il-I2. senior class treasurer. Blackshear. Catherine. People think 20 shillings and 20 years can scarce ever be spent fBen Franklinj activities: Soccer club, cross-country ski club Bolton. Jonathan. Nie Adams, now can you? Thanks. goodbye. activities: French. german. and soccer clubs I2 Bonnville. Lauren. lf you want something very badly. let it go free: if it colnes back it is yours forever. if it doesn't. it was never meant to be. activities: Cheerleader II-I2. BG Bowl Boot. John. Thank God it's over. activities: Track II-I2. cross-country I2 Brown. Robert. I always have been. l always will be. Life is time without dimension. Adams was merely a blink of the eye. activities: Cross-country skiing. National Honor Society, math league. russian club Brune. Steve. You can get anything you want at Boris's restaurant? To all my friends in all 3 high schools. good luck in years to come. activities: Stagecrew. t.v. service award. National Honor Society. Brusiloff. Sonja. A message to all the juniors. hang in there. it's not as tough as it seems. activities: French club fashion show Brusstar. Daniel, My goal is to beat Rochester High and go to Washington. activities: French club, Marine Corp Physical Fitness. tennis. J.V. football. National Honor Society Buiteweg. Katherine, Do not walk in front of me for I may not follow. do not walk behind me for I may not lead. just walk beside me and be my friend. Butcher. Linda. 'Deputy Dog.' Live life to the fullest. Enjoy the beauty. solitude. Caldwell. Don. activities: Softball IO, newspaper I2. student council Il. BG Bowl coach II. chess club I0-I2. soccer club I0-I2. astronomyfphysics club I0-I2 Cappo, Kevin. When writing an essay or any of the rest. tell yourself it's intuitively obvious then fudge through the test. Casey. Michele. Being a senior is the best part of High School-I'm glad l'm leaving! Casto, Greg. Hey Whitfield did you see the smile that she had? activities: JV Basketball. varsity basketball, cross country. National Honor Society Christman. Steve. Go I8. go Blue fgo SD activities: German club I I-I2. chess club I I. soccer I I. thespians I2. cross-country skiing Church. Ken. Forget your school. it may always be with you. activities: Wrestling I0. amble inn. co-op Church. Robin. This is ill activities: Marching band IO- I 2. french club IO- I 2. russian club I2. National Honor Society I2 Ciccone. Chris. l feel that the accumulation of extra-curricular activities in reference to myself leaves a severe amount to be desired. Cleaveland. Kitt. There is nothing more delightful than being crazy. activities: Track. softball. field hockey. drama club. band. chorus. volleyball. camp counselor. Iassie. Afs. Coad. Sandra. To all my classmates: Best wishes to all now and in your future. activities: Spanish club IO. gold dusters Comps. Sandy. Oh man . . . what are you doing? . . . Hey kidl activities: Marching band I0-II Conley. Pat. All the luck to Bob Harrison and Dan Sak who are social divots. activities: Football stats I0-I I. basketball manager I0. BG Bowl coach I2 Connors. Susanne. Life is a fatal adventure. Why not explore its possibilities to the fullest? activities: Tennis I0-I I. student council I0-I I. ski club I0-I I. track I0-I I Cook. Dan. Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today. because if you like it today you can do it again tomorrow. activities: Swim team I0-I2. camp counselor. l977 Wolverine boys state Corwin. Susan. To Sandy Coad: After we graduate. you can use your fly-swatter and raid on Terry and CoIIeen. activities: Spanish club I2. concert choir I I-I2 Cotcamp. Patty. activities: Softball 2 years. ski team. marching band 3 years Creguer. Cynthia. Your school days are the happiest days of your life. Crombez, Sharon. The best of luck to all the seniors who have made it. activities: Tennis. volleyball, softball Cupaiuolo. Vittoria. lt's useless to worry but it's dangerous to give up. activities: swim team Cupples. James. Cathy. as time goes on I realize just what you mean to me. And now. now that you're near . . . Daniels. Abigail. Spare me the trauma. activities: German and russian clubs Dellight. Nancy. I'm gonna do all the things I never have done. activities: BG Bowl. marching band DeWalt, Elyse. activities: French club I0- I 2. physics club I2. cross-country ski club Drogowski. Mark. AIways work hard. be determined and disciplined. think and go for the one: right now meaning Washington D.C. activities: Marine Corp Physical Fitness. french club. National .Honor Society. soccer club Fina. Christine. Thank God I passed. thank God l'm done. thank God for Gordon. Finston. Jeff. You get out of life what you put into it. activities: Soccer I0-I2 Flattery, Sean. I just want to celebrate. activities: Student council I0-I l.National Honor Society I I-I2. thespians II. Little Mary Sunshine. Music Man Fleming. Kim. Looks like we made itI activities: BG Bowl I2. mat club IO. swimming I0-I2. yearbook I I-I2. lassie I I- I 2, track I I. french club IO. surviving fur-face for 2 years. softball I2. Flosky. Jeff. lf we were all as smart as we think we are. we wouIdn't have had to put up with this-for I3 years. But we aren't. and we did. - Fox. Tim. I don't get it. activities: Thespians I I-I2. National Honor Society. Golf team I1 Fraser. Eric. Activities: l978 delegate for A Presidential Classroom for Young Americans. Washington. D.C. Gaggino. Alyssa. And its goodbye. goodbye easy street when we say goodbye it is goodbye. Immortal words of the great Jerry Jeff Walker. activities: BG Bowl I I-I2. yearbook I0-I2 Gibney, Jeff. My 3 years at Adams were the party years and I expect everyone who follows my class to do the same. Glaser. Ann. l'm not as dumb as I act but I act a lot smarter than I am. activities: choir. cheerleader I0-I2. student council I I. National Honor Society I I-I2. thespians I I-I2. newspaper I2 Googasian. Mark. Da Svedanya Gaspodin Pazevicf' activities: Chess club I0-I2. soccer club I0-I1. National Honor Society I2. marching band Gordon. Beth. It's all a big question. activities: Varsity tennis l0'l2. JV volleyball IO. varsity volleyball I I-I2 Granthen. Julie. Ask and it shall be given you. seek and you will find. knock and it shall be given you. activities: french club I0-I2. german club IO. marching band I0-l I. National Honor Society I0-I2 Graves. Greg. Best of luck to the '78 golf team. should be the best ever at Adams. activities: Ski team I0. golf I0-I2 Green. Gayle. Hey B.F. a room for each of usl activities: Business co-op Greig. Sheila. Life is a big-sandwich and every day is another bite. Harrison. Carol. activities: Track manager. BG Bowl Harris. Donna. Harris' rule of phudging in physics: If at first you don't succeed. fudge. that way. at least it looks like you did the experiment right. activities: Basketball I0. volleyball l I-I2. softball I I-I2. german I I-I1. physics club I2. National Honor Society I I-I1. scenes crew for Don't Drink the Water' Hewson. Mark. The world is a chess game and I'm only a pawn. At least I'm a piece of the game. activities: Baseball I I-I2 Hills. Jay. activities: Marine Corp Phys. Fitness Houghton. Susan. To experience is to learn: consider life a learning experience. and learn to Iive. activities: yearbook I I. BG Bowl I2 House. Martha. activities: Homecoming Court IO. french club IO-I I Holman. Jim. I hope that within the next few years Adams will get an attitude change to make it the friendliest school around. Good luck to Steve fHerbleJ Holman SS , activities: DECA Junior year Ind place national winner. Senior year? Hull. Sue. Always remember. live while you have life to live. love while you have love to give. activities: Spanish club IO-II, ski team IO. chamber choir I2 Hurd. Kelly, Personal studies have shown that weebles will fall down if wobbled hard enough. Huzzard. Lynn For all the knowledge and memories I take with me. I leave a small part of it all behind me. activities: cheerleading IO-I I, Hybler. Lars I liked Adams High School because the school is very friendly, Jablinskey. Pamela After helping Weeb with her extensive study. I agree weebles do fall when wobbled hard enough. Right Weeb? activities: Lassies IO-I2. Jackson. Alan Je vous en souhaite de Ia merdef' activities: tennis I I-I2, Soccer Club I I-l2. French Club I0-I2. National Honor Society II-I2. cross country skiing. Jacobsen. Janet Short people got every reason to live-they're cuddly! Jacobson, Richard CMU here I come! activities: student council I2. newspaper I I-IJ. cross country IO. basketball IO-I2. tennis IJ, National Honor Society I0-ll. Rotary Club I2. James. Carol Life is full of surprises, and especially when you go to this schooI. activities: yearbook ll. Johannessen, Barbara . , . And I think l'll miss you for a long. long time. activities: cheerleader, swimming Iassie 3 yrs.. German Club IO. Mat Club I2. student council ll-Il. National Honor Society I I- I 2. Johnson. Alan Fear not: the worst is yet to come. activities: National Honor Society I0-IJ. marching band IO-I2. German Club IO-I2. Johnson, Laura After I3 years of learning how to read. write and do arithmetic . . . Well what else do those teachers know how to do? Johnson. Steve Highschoolers are like Pavlovs dogs: iump for the points boyl But iust keep iumping. Rule Ill. No PooftersI activities: track I I. Physics and Astronomy Club II. Johnson. Tom We talked about some old times and drank ourselves some beers, still crazy after all these years. activities: swimming IO-ll. student council IO-ll. National Honor Society IJ. Newspaper Editor in Chief I2. Johnston. Mary Que Sera Sera . . . MSU here I comeI actlvlties: National Honor Society II-Il. swimming IO-I1. softball II, French Club I0-I2. yearbook II-I2. Mat Club IO. BG Bowl ll. survlving fur-face Il-I2. Kabodian, Aram Happiness ls being Hye. activities: Soccer Club I I-II, marching band ll-ll, National Honor Society I2. yearbook I2. Kamrath. Shelly From here, It's on to palm trees and cactus! activities: track I I. National Honor Society ll, yearbook editor IJ. yearbook Il. math tutor IJ. surviving fur-face Il-I2. Kashmerick, Ted How about a date. Honey? Kidle. Lisa Hubba Hubba. ding-ding. baby you've got everything. activities: Thespians I0-I I. Spanish Club IO. BG Bowl Il-Il softball IO. King. Lisa lnterestlng. Klelndl. Paul Through the front door I came. out the front door I'II go. activities: basketball. baseball. Klelno. Dave activities: basketball IO. football ll-I2. baseball Il,captain ll. Klepp. Danlel ln the future I hope I remember most of the pfople I've met. And I hope I can forget a few. activities: football IOAII. Bowling Club. store supervisor. Knitter. Scott High school-one way to make 3 years seem like SOI activities: National Honor Society. marching band. wind ensemble. concert choir. maifest, Music Man, Knust. Margaret Thank God I'm out. Korth. Margaret life is like a piano: what you get out of it depends on how well you play it. Kovalik. Mary Beth What a drag! activities: gymnastics. BG Bowl I I-II. Kruse. Dan Anybody for some drinking? activities: JV and Varsity Basketball. captain II. National Honor Society. Kuelske. Kathy I iust moved here this summer. but I think Adams is a nice school, too bad we have so many home rooms! Kuhn. Keith I would not have made it through this year without good old C.S., Kelly QBAHA-BRJ activities: varsity baseball I I-II. Kunesh. loretto High on a hill in Eldorado. activities: Spanish Club IO-II, National Honor Society II. Literary magazine I I. Thespian Society II-I2. Lally. Keith What is. is not. activities: music. art. leeser, Susan Va Hool activities: BG Bowl I I-IJ. Ski Team I I-I2. Lennox. Thomas lt's cheaper at Trackside. Leth, Anders l want to thank everybody for making this year possible for me. activities: Intramural Basketball. Lewis, Charles No two people can stipple exactly alike. activities: Thespians I I-I2. Liddle. Jim Go GreenI activities: R.A.. jazz Il-ll. Golf team IO-IJ. Lindberg, Linda He who attempts the ridiculous. achieves the impossible. or something like thatI activities: BG Bowl Il-I2 Lomaka, Dave Mrs. Green, I'll miss you. activities: newspaper II-IJ. Co-op II. Long. James Some things are sacrificed. some things remain. some things bring pleasure, some things bring pain. When the whole world is changing, why should people stay the same? activities: football IO-II, Marine Corp Physical Fitness l I. BG Bowl coach I2. Lutes. Steven activities: drama IO-ll, football IO. choir IO-ll. honors choir ll-I2. musical IO-IJ. Thespians IO-I2. band IO. MacDonald. Scott SO days in the hole. activities: German Club IO, cross country ll. track ll-ll. Marine Corp Physical Fitness I2. Maginity. Robert activities: Debate team I0-I1. Manning. Sharon One does not love a place the less for having suffered in it. Uane Austinj activities: BG Bowl I I-ll. French Club II. gymnastics IO-I2. Marcoff, Lisa . . . But the times that we were happy were the times we never tried. activities: BG Bowl. cheerleading. gymnastics. track. student council, concert choir. National Honor Society. Thespian Society. symphony band. chamber choir. Marlette, Annalee My ambition is to live an independent life and enioy it to the fuIlest. Martinec. Patty Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out. activities: newspaper. BG Bowl. Mathura. Kirti The ultimate experience: meeting a live cuban cockroach. activities: French Club. Mat Club. cross country skiing. Mauara. Peter I've been dazed and confused for so long it's not true, activities: Thespians I I-IJ. student council II. National Honor Society I I-IJ. school musical I I. McClain. Jeanne Live life to its fullest today. you may not be around tomorrow. activities: marching band IO-I I. German Club IO, concert choir II. chamber choir l2, symphony band IO, wind ensemble I I-ll. McGarry. Anne Before you can learn to fly you have to learn to faIl. activities: French club IO-II. National Honor Society Il-II, Swim team IO-ll. varsity cheerleader ll-IJ. Meyer. Karen We are free to go where we wish and to be what we are. activities: French flub IO. BG Bowl I I-II. Co:op II. Mondt. Linda lt's what you learn after you know it all that counts. activities: basketball IO-IJ, volleyball IO. softball I I-I2. National Honor Society IO-Il. marching band Il, Moradian, Julie Gypsy Rose here we come. Moran. Jack Senior togetherness is on the hill. activities: Football. track. Mounts. Natalie Anarchy is the backbone of a free society, activities: Russian club, physics club, chess club. DCD club. Mullins. Susan Barb B. cheats at hangmanI activities: lassie IO. softball IO. Mulso. Heidi Misery is a year without sIeep. activities: BG Bowl I I-II. russian club I I-I2. german club IO, National Honor Society ll-I2. marching band IO-I I. Natale. Maryjane I listen tothe wind of my soul. Where I'II end up. well. I think only God really knows. activities: Newspaper II-II. cheerleader II-ll, pep club ski club. student council lO:I2. Nissen. David Leave it alone for a year or two. Till the stories go hazy. the legends come true, then do it again. Some things never end. Novitsky, MaryBeth lt seems that everyone can't wait for their senior year. but just enjoy every day at high school. because before you realise it. the year is over. activities: National Honor Society II-IJ. newspaper IJ. varsity basketball Il-II. track Il. volleyball Il. O'DonnelI. Erin You must experience a touch of madness to appreciate rationality. activities: Varsity ski team IO. Olson. Karla l'll drink to that. activities: Marching band IO- I 2, National Honor Society IO-II. Jazz Band IO-l2. Golf I I, Pit orchestra I I. Owens. Steven activities: Little Mary Sunshine. Music Man. Unsinkable Molly Brown. Ozinga. Kurt Adams stinks. Parker. Leslie Ce que Tai appris dans le passe est mon espoire Ia plus' forte pour l'avenir. activities: Track. orchestra. pit orchestra for Little Mary Sunshine. Pearson, John Allison Baker you know I'II love you forever. even if you do marry Tony. Pedrotty. Teresa GFI Seniors and Good Luck M.A.T.. Penguin and D. Pea. activities: Basketball IO-ll. volleyball IO-II, National Honor Society II-I2. Pellerito. Louann Wherever you go. that's where you are. Peterson. Kevin My high school years were the most enjoyable. but to all those who are still in school. good luck. you'lI need ill activities: attendance committee. Peterson. Kyrston Each of us is in truth an idea of the Great Gulf. and unlimited idea of freedom. activities: gymnastics IO. cheerleading IO. swim team I0 II water polo IO. Phillips. David lo Mr. Orchard: The one that always says moving on arm it sounds Ilke a broken rn-ont Phillips. Laurence Eric's Chevelle will never beat my VegaI Pino. John Mr. Glenn was an intense teacher. activities: conservation club l2. wrestling I2. Pitts. Bill This place is no educational institution. it's a mental institution. activities: Baseball. Poffenberger. Rod Mt pithy maxim: I am ready. All that lies ahead is the future. Seriously. those who don't use it. lose it. RMAEI PlHTAI activities: National Honor Society I I- I 2. Senior class President. german club I I-I2. basketball statistics. cross country IO. Potere. Kim The high school years have been the best years of my Iife. activities: Band. Price. Betsy lf only I were as sure as the birds . . . activities: Lassies I2. Yearbook I2. Prudden. Sara These days I seem to think a lot about the things that I forgot to do and all the times I had the chance to. Pruente. Mary Julie. while you're away. write. call. be a good girl. and don't do anything I wouIdn't do. Quitmeyer. Heidi Life is just what you make it to be. activitles: Physics and Astronomy club. french club. Thespians. cross country ski club. Reinhardt. Lance l never cheat Ll play by my own rulesj activities: Marching Band I0-IJ. Richardson. Claudia The one thing I enioyed about going to Adams is that my teachers gave me so much that books couldn't. Rigney. Kelly My car this . . . my car that . . . QBI-Ha Ha Keith, Rodish. Wendy There's a touch of madness in every genius. activities: symphony band. marching band. wind ensemble. Rosalik. Christie Nillie illegilimi carburundom. activities: Ski tearr: I0-I2. Rosenbusch. Karla Frankly my dear. I don't give a damn. activities: National Honor Society. German club I0-I2. Thespians. Mlghtier Than the Sword. Rosinski. Gwen Pete Manara is a twit. activities: JV cheerleader I I. Baseball statistician. Ross. James l don't believe itl I'm donel Mel Rothery. Susan What was I going to say? activities: marching band I0-I I. National Honor Society. Russell. Gregory Beat the system. activities: formed petition to change hall music. Rybarz. Cynthia Sak. I can look at what l've got. wonder what l'm not and be happy with what I am. Dan Rodger. Harry. Stan. Stick. and Slob: Remember baboon forest. throwing peanuts. bazooms. and going tot it. My lite has changed for the better Remember moldy Dave. activities: Debate team 2 yrs.. Baseball team. Sands. Kristla lt was fun. l'm glad it's all over. Saranen. Nancy To all sophomores and Juniors: hang in there. even when things get rough. it's all worth It in your senior yearl Schneider. Irene lives are like balloons: you must put something in them to see any resuIts. Schroder. Timothy Success is getting what you want: happiness is wanting what you get. activities: swim team I0-I I. marching band Il-I2. Thespians I0-I2. National Honor Society I0-I2. Schurrer. Jeff Good-bye to good 'ol Adams High. activities. track ll-I2. cross country manager l2. basketball statistician I2. Short. Lisa La Vida es sueno. activities: Spanish club I I-I2. Short. Thomas Veni. vidi. vinci. and then I left. activities: Ski club. ski team. soccer team. tennis team. cross country team. newspaper. student council. latin club. Snell. Julie lf I had the chance to do it all over again. I wouldn't. activities: Varsity golf. Sokolowski. Angella Nothing is sweeter than having a friend to talk to. Solverson. Paul Finally after three years of hard labor and lectures. we have been released from this country club. activities. Golf I0-I2. Soule. lisa You have not seen the last soul . . Spencer. Betsy Every minute you're angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness. activities. cheerleading I0- I 2. student council IO- I 2. school board representative I2. pep club vice president I2. track I I- I 2. Staniter. Gary Rock'n Roll I'm free. activities. Wilderness trip to South Carolina. Stasak. l.isa Whips. chains. leather. I love leather. activities: Astronomy and physics club President. Stebbins. Cathy Jim. promise your love. that l've waited to share. and dreams of our moments together. Colour my world. with hope . . . of loving you. Stenroos. Ruth I!2Mott. '!JAdams . . . Thanx Adams for a super year and a half. Stern. Elizabeth Looking at the world through a rose colored record . . . Isn't it groovy? activities. gymnastics team. french club. literary magazine. Thespians. student council I2. Stevens. Terri Great things come in small packages. activities: gymnastics I0. BG Bowl II-I2. yearbook ll-I2. surviving fur-face for 2 years. Stosio. Ann Truth is Beauty-Beauty truth. that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know. Hal Got you there Ferdinand and Mi Mi. Straus.Eric When all is one. and one is all. To be a rock and not to roll. Strayer. Carol l'm free as a bird. activities: Swimming I0-ll. National Honor Society II-I2. newspaper Il-I2. student council secretary I2. BG Bowl I2. Stridde. lisa I finally made it. l'm living proof that it can be done. activities: Swimming. lassies captain. golf team. Sutherland. Gary In all the time l've been at Adams High. l've never once bought or eaten one of its lousy lunches! activities: Cross country. track. cross country skiing. art booster. Taylor. Amy Glad l'm out. activities. Sophomore Vice-President. JV cheerleader. Taylor. Pat lt's been real. Temple. Patty Worrying today will iust make twice as many worries tomorrow. activities: Marching band II-I2. volleyball I I. Thomas. Jeffrey Not bad. activities: Soccer IO- I 2. Toikka. Tuiia This school has so rnany activities to take part and it's really nice activities: Swimming. french club. track. volleyball. Lassies. Tomlinson. Steve I accredit my success at Adams to not eating school lunches. activities: french club I0-l2. Marching band I0-I1. National Honor Society. Updegraff. Tracy Don't rush high school. years go fast enough. activities: Cadillacan. wind ensemble. marching band. National Honor Society. Bookstore employee. Vanovermeer. Jill Every day I wake up just the same. waiting for something new. Every night I have myself to blame for the dreams that haven't come ture. activities: DECA Vansteelandt. Beth Phor all Phuture Physics students: May the Phorce be with youl activities: Chess club. medieval wargaming society. anarchy now. Wallner. Bryan I would like to thank President Carter for allowing me back in the United States . . . Torontol Walsh. Marie ArtllI activities: Chess club I2. Wattles. Dave activities: Basketball I0-l2. BG Bowl coach I2. Werkman. Kim My experiences at A.H.S. have been almost as exciting as puberty. activities: Literary magazine Il. Thespians. White. Stacy l've got places to go. people to see. autographs to sign. and babies to kiss. activities: Thespians I I-II. National Honor Society I I-I2. choir l2. yearbook I2. newspaper II-I2. Whitfield. Chris Hey Casto. look at the walk away movement on that one. activities: Football I0-I2. wrestling I0-I2. Whitfield. Heidi Plan your life as if you would live forever. but live your life as if you were to die tomorrow. activities: Thespians I I. Iassies IO. National Honor Society I0-I2. spanish club I0-I l. french club I0-I I. cross country skiing ll. Wiest. Dan Time it was. and what a time it was. It was a time of innocence. a time of confidence. preserve your memories. they're all that's left you. fPaul Simonj activities: Marching band I0- I 2. wind ensemble IO- I 2. wrestling I0-I2 Wild. Amy Cheerio. pip pip. and all that rotI activities: BG Bowl I I. curriculum committee I I. yearbook ll. Willis. Kimberly Graduation is dividing the us into me and into you. activities: BG Bowl ll-I2. german club Il. Wolff. Rhoda Life is a gas! activities: Swimming IO- I 2. Woll. Bonnie A stranger is a friend you haven't met yet. activities: Ski club. art club. AFS club. V-teen club. Youness, Andrea l will hold precious memories of the past experience lifes givings during the present. and look toward great horizons in the future. Good-bye A.H.S. Zablocki. Scott A man Is nothing more than he makes himself. activities: french club. Zak. Christopher Remember when you're scheduling: Patience is the companion of wisdom. activities: Wind ensemble I I-II. symphony band IO. marching band Il-l2. pit orchestra II-I2. pep band It-I2. Zellmer. Gretchen People come and go: some are noticed. others are not. As for me. I don't care. l'm just glad l'm going. activities: Backstage crew for Don't Drink the Water and Anne of a Thousand Days. Ziegenmeyer. Edward activities: Wind ensemble I0-ll. Symphony band I0-I2. RA Jazz. Seniors Albertson, James I54 Allen. Barbara I54 Angersbach. George I54 Arscott. Patricia 9,77,89. IO I , IO4. I 22. I23.l54 Aucott, Patricia 86.I0l.l22.l54 Auer. Carol l54 Aust. Richard IS4 Bailey. Laura l54 I Baker. Alison I54 Ballantyne. Mark I54 Ban. Linda 59.62,l04,l I8,l I9. I26,I54.248 ' Bardes, William l24.l25 Barkham. Robert I54 , Barlow. Kevin l54 Barnaby. Randall l54 Barnes. John I54 Barnes, Judy I54 Barnett, Ronald l54 Bartley. Colleen I55 Basl. Gwen I55 Bauss. Lawrence 60.80. IO4. I 55. IGI ,248 Beach, Nancy 86,95.ISS Bechard. Kathy I55 Bechen. Christine I55 Becker, Denise ISS Beckers. Jacalyn 4.6 I .63, I 55.248 Bell. Catherine I55 Bell. Michele 62.I I8.I I9.I55.I73 Birley. Elizabeth 86.I55 Blackshear. Catherine 69.97, I 55 Boghosian. Barbara 62. I 36. I 55.248 Bolday, Louise I56 Bolton. Jonathan I56 Bonnville. Lauren 59.63.l I7,I56.I74 Boot. John 77,I I0.I56.2f-18.260 Borden. Joni I56 Born. Lisa I56 Boyd. Timothy 56.62.76.I05.I I2.I56 Bozynski. Jeffrey I56 Bradford. Dawn 86.I56 Brainer. Linda 6I,I I6,l56 Braxton, Scott I56 Brooks. David I56 Brown. Karen ll,l2l,I56 Brown. Robert 86,87,l03.I56 Brown, Rodney I56 Brune. Steven I56 Bruner. Christopher IS7 Brunk, Charles l57 Brusiloff. Sonia I57 Brusstar. Daniel 86.87.I57.I64 Bryant. Angela l57 Buchanan, Bradford I57 Buchanan. Brian I57 Buiteweg. Katherine 86.l57 IBurns. Ann 62.I57 Burns. William I57 Bushman, Jennifer 92.I57 Buss. Stephen 86.I57 Butcher. Linda I57 - Butler. Kathleen I57 Byers. Connie I57 'Caldwell, Donald 56.80.83.l04.I57. I60,248 Cappo, Kevin 8I,I02,I57 Cary. Brian 83.I57.249 Casey. Michele I57 Canto, Gregory 86.l57.248 Chadburn. Christopher I57 Champine. Julie 89.I58.I82.260 Christman. Stephen 86.90. I03. I Sl Church. Kenneth 92,I58 Church. Robin 56.86.9I . I Sl Ciccone. Christopher l5l Cleaveland. Kitt IOI,I5l Clemo. Paul ISS Cloutier. Daniel ISS Cloutier. Sharon l30.I58 Coed. Sandra l8.l58 Comps. Sandra I58 Conley. ramen l0.I04.I58 Connors. Susanne ISO Cook. Daniel I25.l5S Corwin. Susan I58 Cotcamp, Patricia I 30. I 58 Counts. Charles I58 Creguer. Cynthia I58 Crombez. Sharon I58 Cupaiuolo. Vittoria 87.I22.l24,I59 Cupples. James Il2.l59 Curtis. Jeffrey l59 Curtiss, Candy 56.62.I59 Daniels. Abigail l59 Davies. Matt l59 Davies. Michael l59 Dawe. Elizabeth I59 Deaton, William I59 Deehr, Thomas IS9 Dehart. Ronald I59 Delehanty. Michael I59 Delong. Julie I59.I8I Dement. Susan 84.86.96. I 22. I 59 Demski, Julie 92,I59 Depeuter. Geerte 6 I ,67.97 Deright, Nancy I59 Devanney. Mary 62,I60,249 Devoe. Shane 86.l60 Dewalt. Elyse 8I.I6O Dietz. Therese I36.l60 Dimoff. Deborah I60 Disbrow, Cynthia I60 Donaldson, Brian I l2.l l4.l3l.I60 Drinkard, Mark I60 Drogowski. Mark 86.I60 Dunford. Marylynn I60 Dwyer. John I60 Ernst. Brett IIO.l60 Eubanks. James I6l Even. William l6I Evens. Dawn l6l Farhood. Edward l6l Farnan, Tamara I6I Farrell, Julie l6I Fehlberg. Gary I6I Fennell. Wendy I6I Ferguson. David I6I Ferguson. Janet I6I Ferrari. Brian IGI Fina. Christine I6I Finston. Jeffrey 97.l6l Fish. Melinda l6I Fitzgerald, Denton Jr. I6I Flattery. Sean 86. I 6 I .248 Fleming. Kimberly 6.I0.82.IO4.I22,l6l. 260 Flosky. Jeffrey I62 Fox. Timothy 8.62,69,70,86,l I l,l62 Fraser. Eric I62 Frazer, Jeanette I62 Gadwa, Gregory I62 Gaggino. Alyssa 82. I04. I62 Gardner. Kendra I62 Geist. Elizabeth 84.86.89.I62 Geraci, Joseph 92,l62 Gerber. David I62 Gerke. Shanda 6I , I62.249 Gibney. Jeffery I62 Glaser. Ann 7,60.83.I04.I I6.I62. ISO Googasian, Mark 8l.86.l02.l62 Gordon. Beth I26.I36.I62,249 Graham. Mark I62 Granthen, Julie 86.l53.I62 Graves, Gregory 8.I I I.I62 Greco. Daniel l62 Green. Gayle I62 Greig. Sheila I62 Hall. David I63 Hand. David l63 Harbin, Sandra 62,l63,248 Harris. Donna l6,87.90.I26, l63 Harrison. Carol I63 Harrison, laura IGS Harrison, Robert I63.248 Hart. Kimberly l63 Hauser, Jan l63 Hayes. Denise I63 Hedstrom. Todd I63 Henry. Joseph 69.70.85.I63 Hewson. Mark I63 Hills. Jay 55 Hoffman. William I63 Holderness, Peter I63 Holman, James 64,92.l63 Houghton, Susan I63 House. Martha I63 Howell, J. Scott 63.I I2.I l4.I63.I73 Howes. Barbara 65.l36,I63 Hubbard. George I64 Hubbard. Lorna I64 Hull. Susan 63.I64 Hullinger, Cynthia I64 Humphreys, Amy I64 Hund. Patrick I64 Hunsanger. Joel I64 Hunsanger. Mark 76.I64 Hunstad. David I64 Hunter. Charles I24.l25.l64 Hurd. Kelly I64 Hurlburt. Jennifer I64 Huyck. Catherine I64 Huzzard, lynn 86.I56.I64,260 Hybler, lars 60.66.I65 llkka, Janice I65 Isaacson. Gary I65 Jablinskey. Pamela I65 Jackson, Alan 62,80,86.IO3.I65 Jacobsen. Janet 82.l65.260 Jacobson. Richard 7.27.80,83.86,lO4.I33. I5I,I57.l65.I68.249 Jahns. Michele I65 James, Carol 82.I65,26O Johannessen, Barbara 80.86,IOI.I I7. I65.248 Johnson. Alan 90.I65 Johnson, Laura I65 Johnson. Steven 86.l65 Johnson. Thomas 7.B0.83,86,lO4.I65. l7l,l73 Johnston. Mary 7,I0.20.62.77,82.86, I08.I22,I65,260 Jolley, Harold 96 Jones, Julie 68.I65 Justick, Russell I65 Kabodian. Aram 82,36,I65.l67. I79,248.26O Kamrath. Shelly 7.l0.62.82.86. I04,I6l,I65,26O Kaphengst. Connie l66 Karbowski, John l66 Kashmerick. Ted l66 Kellogg. John I66 Kelly. Beth I66 Kelly. Philip I66 Kemler. Mark I66 Kidle. lisa I66.I74 Kiefer. Raymond I64.I66 Kilbride, Timothy I66 Killiane. Kelly l66 Killinger, Laura I66 King, Jack 87,I66 King. Kelly 84,I66 King, Lisa l66 Kirwan, Kimberly l66 Klanow, Robert 8,57,l I I,I64.l66 Klees. Jean I36.I66 Kleindl, Paul l66 Kleino. Dave lI2,l5I.I67.I68.248 Klepp. Daniel 39.I l2,I I4,I67 Knitter. Scott 86.87. I 67 Knust. Margaret I67 Knust. Patricia I67 Korth. Margaret I67 Kovalick, Mary Beth I67 Kruse, Daniel 76,86.87,I33.I34. I67.249 Kuelske. Kathy I67 Kuhn, Keith I58.l65,I67 Kunesh. Loretto 54.S6.I67 Kurmas. Richard I67 Lally. Keith l68 Lang, Roben I68 Latimer. David I68 Lawless. Sondra I36,I68 Lawless. William 8.I I l,l68 Lazar. Belinda 62.l68.248 Lazich, William 56.l04,l I2,l6B. 248.249 Leeser. Susan I68 Lemke. Diane I22,I68 Lenan. Anne 59.l68 Lenart. Susan I68 Lennox, Thomas IGS l.eth. Anders 60.66,I68 Lewis. Charles l68 Lewis, Nicholas I68 Liddle, James 8.62.l I I.l68 Lilly, Paul I69 Lindberg, Linda 59.I69,248 lipuma, Anthony 62.I69.l72 Lomaka. David I69 Long. James IO4,I I2.I69,l78 Lutes, Steven 68.I69 Lyzen. Jeffrey I69 MacDonald. Donald 4l.l69 MacDonald. Lynda I69 Madden. Phillip 8.62,I33.I34.I69. 248 Maginity. Robert I69 Malinowski. Michael 87,l69 Manning. Sharon I0l,I2I,I69 Manzi. Maria 82.I69.26O Marcoff, Lisa 56,6O,65.B3.l IG. l2l.I69 Marlette. Annalee I69 Martinec, Patricia 59,62,l69.248 Mathura. Kirti I03. I 70,249 Mayer, Linda 62.I70 Mazzara, Peter 58,76,80,86.I5I.l7O, I75.248 McAtamney. James 89.I70 McCaffrey, Eugene I70 McCalden. William I70 McClain. Jeanne I70 McConnell. Jon I70.24S McDonald, Timothy 56.l70 McFadyen. Lynn I70 McGarry, Anne 89,I22,l23.I70 McGarry, Michael l70.l3I McGee. Jay l3I McGlone. Robert I70 McGregor. Sally I70 McKechnie. Carol II.56,I70 McMahon, Diane I70 McManus, John I70 Meyer. Karen l7I Meyer. Lance I7I Miertl. Susan I7I Miller. Kristin 63.86. I 7 I , I 73 Miller, Terry I7l Mollica, Philip I7I Mondt. Linda 86.I I8,l l9,l7I.I73 Moore. Timothy I7l Moradian. Julie l7I Moran. John 89.I I2.I I3.I7I.I73.249 Morris, Craig I7I,249 Mounts. Natalie 8I.9l.I02.l7I Mullins. Susan 63.I7I,248 Mulso. Heidi 62.86.9l.I7I Naren, David I7I Natale, MaryJane I7I.248.249 Nelson. David I I2.I7I Newton. Paul 57.l I0.I72 Nielsen. Janet I72 Nissen, David I72 Novitsky. Mary Beth 9,56.59.33. 86,l04.I I9,I72.I73 O'DonnelI, Erin I72 Olanger. Jeffrey I72 Olson. Karla 86.I72 Oswald, Anne S9.I72 Owens. Steven I72 Ozinga, Kurt I72 Papsdorf. Gregory I72 Parker. Leslie 62.I72 Parr. Steven I72 255 Pearson. John lI2.l72 Pedrotty. Teresa 62.S3.S6. I04.I l9.I26.I 72.248 Pellerito. Louann I72 Pennington. James I73 Peters. Richard I73 Peterson. Kevin I73 Peterson. Kyrston I04. I 22. I 73 Phelps. Peter I73 Phillips. David I73 Phillips. Laurence l73 Phillips. Scott I24.l25.I73 Piche. Anthony I73 Piche. William I73 Pike. Laurell l73 Pilibosian. Lynn S9.92.I73 Pinder. Sandra I73 Pino. Alejandro 67.I73 Pitts. William 95 Pobur. Mark S9.l73 Poffenber er. Rodne 57.6l. S Y 90.I60.24S Potere. Kimberlee I73 Prange. Jeffrey l73 Prange. Michael I74 Price. Mary 77.S2.l0I.I74.260 Propst. Sandra I74 Prudden. Sara I74 Prudhomme. Paul I74 Pruente. Mary I74 Pruett. Lance I74 Quitmeyer. Heidi S I . I 74 Racette. Eric SI.I74 Rathka. Dan I74 Rattie. Dawn I74 Ray. James I I2.I74 Redding. Steven I74 Reinhardt. Lance I74 Richardson. Claudia I74 Richmond. Ronald I74 Rigney. Kelly 4.SS.6I.62.I74. 248 Rizzo. Jeanne 59.I74 Roantree. Raymond I74 Roberts. Carol I75 Rodish. Wendy l75 Romano. Timothy l75 Rosalik. Christie IO. I 30. I 75 Rosenbusch. Karla S0.S6.I75 Rosinski. Gwen l75 Ross. James I75 Rothery. Susan 7.I75 Roxburgh. Carrie l75 Rumohr. Ronda I75 Russell. Gregory I75 Rybarz. Cynthia l75 Sak. Daniel 93.I75.249 Sampson. Thomas I75 Sands. Kristia I75 Sanislow. Timothy I75 Santos. Delfin I76 Santos. Maria I76 Saranen. Nancy I76 Saville. Mary I76 Sawdon. Craig I76 Schick. Charlene I76 Schlunz. Donna I76 Schneider. Irene I76 Schnettler. Deborah I76 Schoenherr. Michael I I2.I I4.I76 Schornak. James I76 Schroder. Timothy 3.70.S6. I 53. I 59. I76 Schulert. Daniel I76 Schultz. Susan 92.I76 Schurrer. Jeffrey 97.I I0.l76 Scott. Kim I76 Shankin. Bob 97.I02.I5S.l76 Shara. Kathryn I76 Shipp. Sharyl I76 Short. Lisa I77 Short. Thomas SS.97.I65.I75.I77. 24S Si-nith. William 92.I77 Snell. Julie I77 Socks. Kenric I77 Sokolowski. Angella I77 Solverson. Paul S.I I I.I77 Solwold. Jamie I77 Soule. Lisa I77 Spear. Connie I77 Spencer. Elizabeth 6l.I05.I I7.I70. I77.24S Stanifer. Gary I77 Stasak. Lisa Sl Stebbins. Catherine 6 I . l05. I62 Steckler. Mark I77 Stenroos. Ruth I77 Stern. Elizabeth S0.I77 Stevens. Terri 7.I0.S0.S2.I77. 248.260 Stewart. Thad I77 Stosio. Ann I7S Straus. Eric I7S Strayer. Carol 7.S0.S3.l22.I59 I78 Stridde. Lisa I23.I7S Stuart. Kathleen I7S Susewitt. Karen I7S Sutherland. Gary 9.I I0.l7S Sutherland. Gregory I l0.I7S Sweda. Scott I78 Swiecicki. Judith I78 Swien. Robert I78 Taylor. Amy I78 Taylor. Pattyann I7S Temple. Patricia S2. I 78.260 Thiede. Kimberly I7S Thomas. Jeffrey 97.l79 Thompson. Daniel I79 Thompson. Eric I79 Thompson. Glenn I79 Thomson. Glenn I79 Tock. Michelle I7S.I79 Toikka. Tuija 60.6l.66.I04. I22.I79 Tomboulian. Jeffrey l0.54.S7.I79 Tomezak. Michael I79 Tomlinson. Steven S6.l79 Toohey. Carolyn I79 Trevethan. Allyson I I.I2I Twomey, Patrick Updegraff. Tracy 54.86. I 79 Vanderhoff. Candy I79 Vandewater. Greg I79 Vanovermeer. Jill I79 Vansteelandt. Beth 82. I02. I 79 Veillette. Steven 95.96.I l0.I79 Vernia. Caroline 5.S0.S7.I79.249 Waatti. John I79 Wallner. Bryan ISO Walsh. Marie I02.ISO Wasserberge. Robert 54 Wattles. David 59.76.I 32.l 33. I34.I80.249 Watts. Stephen ISO Weatherly. Keith ISO Webster. Sally ISO Welch. Susan ISO Weller. Timothy I32.I33.I76. I80 Werkman. Kimberlee 6.62.6S.70.S5. I66.ISO West. Douglas I80 West. Irving ISO White. Stacy 57.82.S6.ISO Whitfield. Christopher I l2.l l4.lS0.249 Whitfield. Heidi 86. I 53. I S0 Whitsitt. Steven ISO Wiest. Daniel S6.ISO Wilcox. Rachel 62.ISO Wild. Amy 62.S2.ISO Wilde. Les ISI Wilkins. Michael S5.I I2.lSI Williams. Terri ISI Willis. Kimberly 62.ISI Wilson. Robert ISI Winsauer. Jeffrey ISI Wolf. Judith ISI Wolff. Rhoda 6I.l22.I23.I8I.248 Woll. Bonnie ISI Yahrling. Greg ISI Yeager. Kim 5S.I7I.ISI Youness. Andrea ISI Zablocki. Scott ISI Zak. Christopher ISI Zandi. William ISI Zellmer. Gretchen ISI Ziegenmeyer. Edward ISI Ziegler. Robert ISI Ziskie. James ISI Juniors Aiello. Mitchell S3.I04.I I2.I33. IS4 Anderson. Mitzi 5S.IS4 Anderson. Wesley 77 Armstrong. Cindilee IS4 Arnold. Aniel 6I.62.l84.ISS Arscott. William IS4 Atkinson. Mary IS4 Baldwin. Lisa IS4 Balian. Michael IS4 Ballantyne. Robin IS4 Barlow. Susan IS4 Barnaby. Scott l33.IS4 Barnes. Karen IS4 Bartlett. Lisa IS4 Bartley. Mary IS4 Bates. Deborah IS4 Beane. Suzanne 95 Bechard. Theresa IS4.25I Bedford. Cheryl IS4 Belaney. Curtis IS4 Belanger. Mark I84 Benson. Gregory GI .63.S0. I S4. I SS Benson. Lynda IS4 Birley. Susan IS4 Bishop. Judith 80. I 84.25 I Blomquist. Kevin I84 Bochenek. David IS5 Boot. Charles IS5 Braden. Wendy I22.I85 Britt. James IS5 Brooks. Robert IS5 Brown. Alan IS5 Brown. Annette I36.IS5 Brown. Jeffrey IS5 Brown. Laurie ISS Brown. William I03.IS5 Brubaker. Lisa 94.IS5 Brusstar. Charles IS5 Buchholz. Cynthia 62.94.l0l.l24.lS5 Budry. Gary IS5 Buiteweg. Judith IS5 Burch. Michael IS5 Burgess. Daniel I I2.l l4.IS5 Burke. Bradley 63.IS5 Burke. James S3.l85 Burkhart. Jon IS5 Burns. Thomas I33.lS5.250 Burr. Cheryl IS5 Burr. Sally IS5 Buser. Gregory IS6 Buss. Christa IS6 Campbell. Peggy IS6 Canu. Joseph IS6 Carene. Cynthia IS6 Carr. Kevin IS6 Carty. Michael IS6 Carvey. leisa IOI.I22.IS6 Cary. Michelle S3.IS6 Cheek. Elizabeth IS6 Chirco. Josephine S3.lS6 Cieslik. Judith IS6 Claffey. Joan I22.IS6 Clair. Michele S2.IS6.250.25I Cole. Allison IS6 Coltman. Deborah IS6 Comment. Barbara IS6 Cooper. Thomas IS7 Cote. Catherine IS7 Cote. Edward IS7 Covins. Robert IS7 Cozad. Richard l25 Cracknell. Paul II2.I87 ' Crossley. Richard IS7 cwssman. Cathy sz.: i7.us1,2eo 'A Crowell. Scott IS7 I Cupaiuolo. Nicholas l24.l25.IS7 I Cupples. Robert I S7 Dabrowski. Susanne S I . I S7 Danek. Susan II9.IS7 Davis. Jeffrey IS7 Day. Nancy IS7 Debaene. Angela IS7 Debrabant. Victoria IS7 Declercq. Doreen IS7 Delaney. Douglas IS7 Delehanty. Joan l22.IS7 Dettman. Elizabeth 90. I S7 Dillon. Timothy 63.S3.I l2.l I3. 5 I32.I33.I34.IS5.IS7.I9I.I93 I Dimartino. Michael S9. I S7 Dolecki. Donna IS7 Donaldson. Todd I I I.IS7 Dubats. Gerald IS7 Dupack. Kenneth 92.IS7 Dykins. Lynne IS7 Edelen. Stephen ISS Ellingson. Steven 58.80. I SS Elliott. Gary ISS Engelhardt. Sabine 77.l22.I24.ISS Eschrich. Susan ISS Escott. Linda ISS Evans. Janis s3.94.iss ' Evans. Kellie 84.ISS Evans. Theresa ISS Even. Mark ISS I Fagan. David ISS Farese, Mariesa 77.S2.I05.lS6. ISS Farnan. Edward ISS , Fifield. Adam ll2.lSS Fifield. Eve ISS Finston. Terrie I0l.l22.l24.lSS Fischer. William ISS Fleck. William ISS ' Fletcher. Natalie ISS 1 Flosky. Denise ISS I Flynn. James ISS 1 Fox. Carolyn S3.l04.ISS.I9I I Frazer. Lynn ISS I Freer. Darrell I33 4 Friedli. Robin 90.IS9 ' I f. I Gable. Bart I S9 Gaden. Sandra IS9.25I Galbraith. Joanne IS9 I Gamester. Gordon IS9 Gauthier. Susan IS9 I Gay. Catherine IS9 Gerber. Lisa 60.62.65,I I6.lS5. I IS9 I Gerke. Shane ll2.lS9 ' Gersdorff. Arnim IS9 Gersdorff. Detlef IS9 Gibney. Christina IS9 Gigliotti. Annette 57.lS9 Goetsch. Susan IS9 Golding. Nancy I36.IS9 Goniwiecha. Craig IS9 Gordon. Kathy II9.IS9 Green. Ray S.I I I.IS9 Green. Renee I90 Gregory. Cheri I90 Guindon. Alayna I90 I i Hagan. Frank I90 Hagemeier. David IS7.I90 Hagenbuch. Peter 90.I90 Haggberg. Jodi 90.I90 Hahn! John I90 Haines. Robin I90.2S0 Hallett. Mary I90 Halliday. Brian I90 Hammell. Mark l90.25l Hannemann. Pamela I90 Harris. Scott 6l.l90 Wanam Schmitz. Pamela I22,I97 Harris, Stewart 6.62.69,70,85. 9O.I90 Hauswirth. Jeffrey l24.I25.l90 Hayes. Thomas I90 Hays. Linda I90 Heareth, Richard I90 Heberling. Kristopher I90 Heizer. Scott lll.I3l.I90 Hickey. Kathleen I90 Hietanen. Karrie I90 Hietanen, Sharrie I90 Higgins. Julie I90 Hill. Tami I90 Hiller. David 97,I90 Holcomb, Elizabeth I90 Holland, Susan l9l Holzschu. Ronald 6l,I l2.l9I. I92 Hopkins. Raymond l9l -loyle. Katherine 90.I03.I22, I9I.25I iubbard. Eric l9l iubbard. Steven l25.l9l Hulten. Andrew ll2,l9l Hulverson. Diane I83.l9l Hund. Frederick l9l Hunt. Theresa I9I llkka. Raymond I9I Isola. Michael I9I lackson. Mark I88.I9I Jackson. Mark 60,97.I9l lacob, Thedore I I2.I9I.I98 'amrog. Peter I3I.I9I vankovich. David I I5 lasinski, Donald 90,I9I Jenkins, James l3l.I9I lenkins. Kevin 83.I3I.I9I oachim. Beth II7.I9I ones. Gregory I9I ones. Ralph l9I ones. Robert 70.85,I9l.25I OIIES. Ruth l9l loswick. Harry I92 loyce. Julia IOI.l22.l92 Iablak. Elizabeth I92 labodian. Armen 97,l92 Kane. Michael I92 Kareus. Peter I92 Karos. Van I92 Kaszubinski. Tracy I92 teller. Kurt I92 iellogg. Linda I92 ielly. Brian I92 Kelly. Christopher I92 Kenney, Linda I92 Kilbride. Kevin I92 .King. Laura l26,I92 Klein. Doris 56.l92 -flemmer. Linda I92 Knappe. Richard I92 Lemons. Richard l93 Lenhard, Daniel 77.I I2.I93 Leonard. Lois I93 Lepage. Dale l93 Leshley. Christina I93 Lilly. Ronald I93 Loney, Carol 62.96.l94 Lovett. Cynthia l94 Luca. John I94 Lutes, Timothy II2.I94 Lynas. Dianne ll7.I94 Mabery. Kimberly I94 Macan, Edward I94 Maes. Randal l94 Mahnick, Kenneth I I2,I I4,I94 Mancour, Jane l04.l22.l23.I94 Mancuso, Frank I94 Markell, Barbara I94 Marsland, Bryan 85.20l Marsom. Matthew 57.83.l33.l94 Marth. Joseph l94 Mason. lisa I94 Maurer. Jeffrey I I2.l l4,I94 May. Anthony I94 Mazzara. Christopher I94 McCaffrey. Daniel I94 McCurdy. Kathryn I94 McGarry. Tracy l22.l94 McGraw. David I94 McGregor, Michael I94 McKee. Jill l30.l94 McKewan, Susan l94 McNamara, Michael S. I 32. I 33.I94 McQuaid. Mark 82.I l2.l94 Meyer. Karen 8I.I94 Miles. Donald I94 Miskee. Shawn I94 Moncrieff. Robin 6l,I I6.I90.I95 Moorfoot. Jeffrey I95 Moran. Michael I95 Mounts. Kevin 8I,I9S Mueller. Jeanette 94, I 95 Mueller. Mark ll0,I95 Muir. Stephen I95 Murasky. Doreen 76.80.I9S Murphy. Brian II2,I95 Murray. Jeffrey I95 Myers. David I95 Nani. Robert 96.I l0.I95 Neal. David I95 Nicholas. Kathryn I95 Nosewicz, Elizabeth I95 'Oberheu. Paul 82.l95 Oberstadt. James I95 O'Donnell. Stephen 58.65.76,80.I I2. I85.I95 Oleski. Ruthanne I30,I95 Omans. Jeffrey I95 Oniu. Rosemary I95 Overall. Carter I95 Ozinga. Karen I95 Reinhardt. Ronda I96 Renius, David I96 Rhoton, Kathy I36.l96 Richards, Scott 'l7.l96 Richmond. Crystal I96 Rickabus. Gail 94.I96 Riley, William I96 Rimarcik. Jeffrey I96 Ritchie. Carol I96 Roach. James I96 Roberts. Susan I96 Robertson, Julie I84.l96 Rochow, Robert I96 Rodge, Joyce 94,l96 Rodish. Lauriann I96 Ross. James I97 Rossio. Mark I97 Rowley. Kimberly I97 Roxburgh. Kathryn 94.I97 Rozelle. Tanis I97 Russo. Susan I97 Sampson. Sharon I97 Saville, William l25.I97 Savino. Michele I97 Saxon. Janet I26,l97 Scally. Thomas I97 Schell. Theresa 94,IOI.I97 Scherer. Randall I24,l25.l97 Schlunz. Mark I97 Schmidt. Bradley lI2.I97 Schmitt, Thomas I I2.l l4.I97 Vahrenhorst. Cindy 94,l99 Valentine. Steven lI2,I99 Veillette, Brian 200 Vernia. Benjamin 67.68.7O.85.200 25l Verrier, Mary 200 Vukovich. James 200 Waatti. Chris 200 Walker. Laurie l85.l88,200 Waller. Lora 60.63.200 Wallin, David 200 Wallin, John 200 Walsh. David 200 Walsh, Teri 69.70.200 aker. Valerie 200 Schneider . Charles I97 Schneider, Gayle I 97 Schneider Schneider . Leslie I97 . Loren I97 Schroeder. Christine I97 Koch. Kathleen S8,I85.I92,250 Kochan. Cheryl I92 Koger. Joseph I 32.l 33.l 34 Korte. Kathleen I2I.l85.l92 Kosik. Theodore I3I.I92 Kotchoun. Jeffrey I 86. I 92 Kovak, Tatiana I92 Krause. Thomas I92 Krebs. Kurt l93 Kresmery. Peter l93 Kruger. Fredric I93 Krzeski, Renee I93 Kuczaida. Leslie I93 Kuhn, Kris 65.l l2.l93 Kwit. Daniel ll2.I93 afave. Philip I93 ambert. Wendy I93 aney. Lori l02.l93 angford. Karen I93 anser. Diane I93 anza. Matthew I93 arsen, Michael I93 awler. David l93 awless. John I I2.I I4.I33.I93 ebow. Jerry I93 Padilla. Stephen I95 Parker. John I95 Parker, Julie I95 Patrico, Joseph 82,I9S Pazevic. Jonpierre 97.I02.I95 Peck. Donald I95 Peltier. Dwight I95 Pence. Robert I95 Peters, Douglas I96 Peters, Linda I96 Peterson. William l3l.l96 Pickering. Robert I96 Pierson. Roxane 94.I96 Piligian. Joanna I96 Pineau. Nancy I96 Pinkerton. Catherine 80.l l7.l96 Piontkowski, Timothy 8 I . I 96 Pitt. Suzanne 93.l96 Plopa. Lynn I96 Polk. Douglas I96 Quintus. Paul I96 Rampson. Christopher I96 Shafer. Mark I97 Sharp. Douglas I97 Sharp, Jeffrey I97 Shick. Jay I97 Sickels. Heather I98 Siffring. Jenny l30,I98 Simmons. Stephen I3I.I98 Smardzewski, John l98 Smith. Karen I98 Smith, Shaun l33,l98 Smith, Wendy l98 Smitha. Carl I98 Sole, Michelle I98 Sorensen. Charmagne 83.I98 Spencer, Donald I98 Spitsbergen, John l98 Stanley. William I98 Steele, John 90.I89,I98 Stern. Jeffrey I24.I25.I98 Stevens. Linda I02.l98 Stevenson, Mark I98 Stoner. David 77 Stoops. Patricia I99 Sugg. Jeff I99 Sullivan. Danette I99 Sullivan. Mary I99 Summers, Kerry I99 Susskind. Judith I99 Sych. Katherine I99 Tallman. Brian I99 Taylor. Donald I99 Tessier. Marie l0I.I24.I99 Thomas. Christopher I99 Thomas. Curt I99 Thompson. Dean I99 Thompson. Susan I99 Timmerman. Paul I99 Tipler. Ruth I99 Todd. Molly I3,I I9.I26.I99 Toepler. Richard I99 Tomboulian. Mark 54,96,I99 Tomlinson. Elizabeth I99 Toohey, Denise I99 Torner. Joann I99 Trahan, Kathryn I99 Troll. Peter I99 Twomey. Lisa 6O.80,I99 Uhrynowski. Karie I30. I99 Ulrich. Michelle I99 Wardzinski. Linda 200 Warnica. Michelle 200 Watson. David II4.200 Weatherly. Curtis 200 Weitschat. Jeffrey 20I Welch. Peri 20I Werkman. Wendi 76 Westervelt. Bradley 20I Whitcher. Amara 83.20I White. Cynthia 20I White. Laurie 95.l89.20l Williams. Mark 20I Williams. Patricia 20I Wines. Patricia 20l Wisner. Bernard 20l Wolcott, Linda 20l Woudstra. John 8l.20l Yoskovich. Edward 20I Zdral. Gary 20I Zibell, Denise 201 Zukowski. Suzanne I22.20I Zurgable, Michael 20l Sophomores Abela. Lawrence 202 Abraham. Bret 202 Acton, Kimberly 6I,80,I I6,I26, 202 Addy. David I2.60.9I.I I5. 202 Aguilar. Andrew I96,202 Angersbach. Jon 202 Aucott. Jennifer I 22. I 27,202 Balian. Gary 202 Balis. Robin 202 Bandelean. Sue 202 Bartley. Karen 202 Basso. Shawn 202 Bates. Stephen 202 Beach. Marcia 93.202 Bedford, Karen 202 Belanger. Edward l35.202 Belkoff. Stephen 9l,97,202 Benson. Sandra ll7.202 Bergstrom. Glen 202 Biallas. John I I l.I35,202 Bochenek. Steven 202 Boghosian. James 202 Bolger. Lisa 202 Bonnville. Craig 202 Borck. Katherine 203 Borgne. Dennis lI5.203 Born, Lori 203 Boynes. David 203 Bradford. Larry 203 Bregier. Amy 203 Bregier. Andrew 203 Brickhouse. Aubrey lI5.203 Briggs. Carrie 90.203 Bronder. Diane 203 Bronzo. Michael 97.203 Brown. Mathilde 60,I l6.202.203 Brown, Matthew I35.203 Brown. Rosemarie l84 Brune. Donald 203 Brusstar, Mary 90.9I . I 36.203 Bryant. Lisa 203 Buhl. Peter 97.203 Burgess. Steven I I5.203 Burke. Timothy 96.203 Butler. Daniel ll5.203 Byers. Stephen 203 Cadieux. Scott 96.203 Canzano. Roger 203 Cappo. Karen 203 Caputo. John 203 Carr. Michael 204 Casstevens. Margot 204 Cavallero. Dawn 84.204 Champine. Jeannette 204 Chirco. Jacquelin 204 Christenson. Steven 204 Chu. Danny 96.204 Church. Christopher 204 Cianciolo. Jill 204 Ciccone. Melanie 204 Cieslik. David 204 Claffey. Michael 204 Clark. Sheila 204 . Cleaveland. Scot ll3.204 Clemens. William 97.204 Clemo. John II5.204 Clever. David I35.204 Clissold. Lisa ll'l.204 Coad. Colleen 204 Cobb. Matthew 204 Cochran. Frank ll5.204 Collin. Gisele 204 Collins. Earl 204 Comment. Joseph I35.204 Condon. Catherine l36.204 Connery, Kathryn 204 Connolly. Kevin II5.204 Cooper. Anne I22.204 Cottrell. Amy 204 Covins. Kenneth 204 Cracknell. Lynn 60.204 Cram. Tracy I36.204 Cruciger. David 204 Curtis. Karen 204 Curtiss. Sherry I20.I27.204 Czechowski. Michael 204 Daniels. Andrew II5.I35.204 Dara. Henry 204 Davis. Angelina 204 Davis. Kevin 205 Dean. Daniel 205 Debolt. Michael 205 Deehr. Patricia 205 Deesen. Paul 205 Delauney. Monique 205 Delehanty. Patrick 205 Delida. Kevin 205 Demarco. Gwen 205 Demerino. Cynthia 205 Devoe. Lance II5.I35 Dickson. Steven 205 Didawick. Damon 205 Dover. Matthew 205 Dubats. Sally 205 Duby. Annette 60.94.205 Eckhout. Jeffrey 205 Essenmacher. Joan I22.I23 Evans. Richard 205 Farrell. Amy II7.205 Fedak. Sheryl l22.205 Feeley. Brian 205 Ferguson. Paul 205 Ferrari. Lisa l22.205 Field. Jennifer I27.205 Fifield. Daniel 205 Fina. John 90.206 Fischer. Kurt 206 Fiteny, Gary 206 Fitzsimmons. Mark 9l,206 Fogler. Brian 206 Fordree. Paul 206 Fox. Linda 206 Friebe. John 206 Gallopoulos. Anne 206 Gara. Jennifer I2I.206 Gayner. Beverly 206 Gendich. Michael ll5.206 Gettings. Eugenia 206 Gibbard. Heidi I2,60.6I,206 Gibney. Marybeth 206 Gill. James I I5.206 Glaser. Thomas Goldsmith. Janice 206 Goniwiecha. Reid ll5.206 Googasian. Karen 206 Grant. Timothy 206 Granthen. Gary 206 Gravelle. Douglas ll5.206 Graves. Kirk 8.I I I.206 Grech. David ll5.206 Green. Cheryl 206 Green. Terri 207 Grube. Chris 207 Grylicki. Mark 207 Grylls. Sarah 207 Haddad. Robert 9 I .207 Hamerski. Elizabeth I2.60.6I.I I6.I2I. 207 Hanson. Jacquelin 207 Harbin. Donald I I5.I28.207 Hardwick. James I2.60.6l.I35. 207 Hardy. Clifton 207 Harris. Dana 207 Harrison. Paul 207 Harvey. Christopher 207 Harvey. Timothy 207 Haskell. Jeffrey I3 I .207 Haug. Dawn 207 Hauser. Celia 207 Hazelwood. Tara 207 Head. Terry 207 Heberling. Kenneth 207 Hick. Jeffrey lI5.207 Heilig. Melinda 207 Heldreth. Laura 207 Hellebuyck. Robert 207 Henderson. Scott 207 Hendrickson. Bryon 207 Hendrickson. David 207 Henry, Mary 207 Heter. Bonnie 207 Hickey. Daniel 202,207 Higgins. Cindy 207 Hilber. Patrick 208 Hildum. David 80.208 Hiller. Jeffrey 97.208 Hills. David 208 Holcomb, Ira 208 Holland. Dale 9I.208 Holzimmer. Julie 208 Hopkins. David 80.208 Hopkins. Victoria I20.208 Hopp. Joanne l20.l27.208 Horan. Mary 208 Horsman. Ann 208 Houston. Paul 208 Howard. Lorrie 208 Howcroft. Michael 208 Howell. Brian I35.208 Howie. Bruce I35.208 Huber. Kathleen 208 Hunsanger. Dolores 208 Hunt. Holly 208 Hunter. Janet I22.208 Hurlburt. Kerrie 208 Isola. Sharon I 22.208 Jackson. Richard 208 Jackson. Sarah 208 Jacobsen. Andrew 208 Jahnke. Kelly 208 Jahns. Mark 208 Jasinski. Debra 208 Johnson. Rebecca I22.208 Johnson. Susan 208 Johnston. Jolayne l20.l27.208 Jones. Karen 208 Jones. Scott 208 Kamp. James 208 Kanehl, Sandra 209 Kastner. Gale I2I,209 Katona. Michael 209 Kaye. Curtis I I5.209 Keller. Thomas 209 Kelly. Thomas Jr. 209 Kenney. Laura I22,209 Keyte. Suzanne 209 Kibbe. Jeffrey 209 Kiefer. Irene 209 Kiefiuk. Timothy 209 King. Kevin R. 209 King. Kevin M. 209 Kinville. Jackie 209 Kirk. Jennifer 209 Kirwan. Karen 209 Kittel. Louise 6I.209 Klausen. Mychelle 209 Klees. John 96.209 Klein. Patrick 209 Klein. Ruth 209 Kleopfer. Kathleen 209 Klepp. Joseph 209 Kleppert. Judith 209 Knust. Susan 209 Kobus. Jill Il7.209 Korte. Laura 202.209 Korth. Robert 209 Kosa. Joseph 209 Kruckeberg. Martina I2 I ,209 Krull. Kathryn I22.I23.2I0 Krusel. Kathryn 2I0 Krzeski. Stephen 2I0 Kuhr. Suzanne 2I0 Lafferty. Anthony 2I0 Lafferty. David 2I0 Lagrou. Dwayne 2I0 Landis. Raymond 2I0 Larsen, Kimberly 93.2I0 Law. Brian 2l0 Learmont, Caroline 90.2I0 Lease. Mary 2I0 Lebow. Kathy 2I0 Lee. Joseph 2I0 Lehmann. Robin 2I0 Lenk. Kathleen II7.2I0 Lesausky. Deborah 2I0 Lester, Henry 2I0 Lewis. Elizabeth 2I0 Liddle. Janet 2I0 Lilly. Dorothy I2I.2I0 Lilly. Philip 2l I Lindsay. Scott 2I0 Linington. Susan 2I I Logsdon. Renee I2O.2Il Lyons. Holly l22.I23.2II Lyzen. Richard 2II Maas. Terry 2II Mackin. Elaine 2I I Malkin. Louise 2I I Mancour. Carol 2II Mancuso, Edwin 2II Mandalari. Lori 9I.2II Manning. Gregory 8.I I I.l 33.I 35. 2ll Manning. Maureen I22.2II Manschesky. Scott 2l I Manschesky. Teresa 2II Manzi, Lisa 6I.2I I Marlette. Kelly 2I I Marrin. Blaine 2I I Marshall. Claudia 68.70.2II Marshall. Jon 2I I Marvin. Elizabeth 2II Marvin. Francis 2II Masters. Christopher I I5.2I I Masters. Keith I I5,2I I Maurer. Andrea 2II May. John 2I2 McCaffrey. Mary 2I2 McClure. Karen 2I2 McColIough. Evelyn 2l2 McComas. Matthew 2l2 McCulIy. Alicia 2I2 McDonald. John 2l2 McGarry. Marilyn II7.2I2 McMahon. James 2I2 Medla. Carin 2I2 Meils. Lisa 2I2 Meirow. Michael 2l2 Mercado. Matthew 2I2 Meyer. Kristi l9I.2l2 Meyer. Laura I20.2I2 Miles. Martha 90.2I2 Miller. Janene 2I2 Miller. Lauretta 2I2 Miller. Stephen II5.2l2 Mittra. Rita 2I2 Monica John 2I2 Moore. Kevin 2I2 Moore. Lisa 2I2 Morello. Natalie 2I2 Morr. Rodney 2I2 Morse. Christopher 2l2 Moy. Howard 2I2 Moyer. Jon 2I2 Mroz. Karen I22.I23.2I2 Mulso. Arthur 90.2I 3 Murphy. Noel 2l3 Murphy, Susan 2I3 Nani. Dianne 2I3 Neff. Clarence 2l 3 Newton. George 2I 3 Nofs. Ronald 2I3 Nosewicz. Roseanne 2I3 Nothhelfer. Timothy 2I3 Novak. Brenda 93,2I3 O'Bear. Jeffrey I3I.2I3 O'Connor. Kevin 80,202.2 I 3 O'Dowd. John I3I.2I3 Omans. Thomas 2l3 Oniu. Dianne 2I3 Otto. Barry 2I3 Palmer. Michael 2I3 Parrott. Martin 2I3 Persells. Lori 2I3 Peters. Keith 2I3 Peterson. Joren 2I3 Pfister. Lisa 2I3 Phillips. Gwenn IOI.I22.2I3 Pierson. Tracy 94 Pilibosian. Gary 2I4 Piligian. Ellen 2I4 Potere. Monica 2I4 Powell. Thomas 2I4 Propson, Scott 2I4 Propst. Michael 2I4 Prusinowski. Jeffrey 2I4 Puchalla. Renee I22.2I4 Raglin, David 2I4 Rauschendorfer. Karl 2I4 Rawa. Joseph 2I4 Rawlings. Teresae 2!4 Raymond. Lisa I20.2I4 Reidinger. Pamela 2I4 Rende. Christopher I2I.2I4 Reppuhn. Gwenlyn 9I.2I4 Richardson. Caryn 2I5 Rickabus. Ted 96.2I5 Riddell. Lynn I 20. I 30.2 I 5 Rimarcik. Cynthia ll7.I20.2 Ringl. Rebecca 84,93.2l5 Rizzo. Cynthia 2I5 Roberts. Leanna 80. I 20.2 I 5 Robinson, Ann I20.I 30.2 I 5 Robinson. Bart 2l5 Rodge. Nancy 2I5 Rogers. Robert 2I5 Rogers. Teresa I22.2I5 Rosalik. Linda I30.2I5 Rosinski. Karen 2I5 Rossio. Ronald 2I5 Rourke. Timothy 2l5 Rouse. James 2I5 Rowe. Kasey I2I.2l5 Rugg, Peggy 2I4 Russell. Darryl 2I5 Russell. Edward 2I5 Russell. James 2I5 Russo. Charles 2I5 Sallee. Rhonda 2I5 Santel. Julie 2I5 Scarpelli. James 96.2I5 Schaenzle. Fred 97.I 3 I .2 I6 I5 Schmehl. Kathleen II6 Schmidt, Lori II6 Schmitz. Cathy III.II6 Schroder. Gwyn 90.II6 Schroeder, David II6 Serota. Kern IIS Shabal. Patrick II6 Shafer, Julie Il6 Sheach. Pamela III,II6 Shepard. Jill ll7,II6 Shick, Yvonne II6 Shin, David l0I,II6 Short. Robert II6 Shrock, Paul IIG Shuert. Kathleen 6S,II6 Silverman, Noreen II6 Simmons. Jennifer Il6 Skiff. David II6 Sloneker, Kenneth I I5.Il6 Smith. Kirsten I I 6 Smith Lisa II6 Smith. Lynn II6 Smith, Ronald II7 Snow, Rita 96.lI7.Il7 Snyder. Brian II7 Sobosky, Lisa II7 Sokolowski. David II7 Solverson. Donald II7 Sourbier, Jeffrey II7 Sowter. Steven II7 Spitsbergen, Claire II7 Stallard, Steven II7 Steinwart. Todd 9O.Il7 Stevens. Michael II7 Stewart, James 96,Il7 Stewart. Scot II7 Stine. Mark II7 Stolaruk. Ann Marie II7 Stowell, Tracy 97.II7 Strelchuk, Paul II7 Strong, Thomas II7 Stubenvoll. Lori II7 Susewitt. Kevin II7 Sutherland, David II7 Sutherland, Elizabeth II7, Swanson, Andrew II7 Swien, Cynthia II7 Tapner, Susan II7 Taylor, Chris II7 Taylor, Debra II7 Taylor. James Il 7 Temple. C. I35,Il7 Tessmer, James II7 l36,II7 Thompson. Angela IIS Thompson, Richard ll5.IlS Tischler. Janie lI0.IIS Tompor. Loren lIl.III,l9I.IIS Torrens, Debra IIS Tranzow. Sue l36.IlS Trombka, Jerard IIS Trublowski. Karen IIS Tucker, Karen IIS Ulrich. Shelli IIS Updegraff, Karen III,IIS Valentine. Sandra III,IIS Vanbeers, Christopher IIS Vandervreken, Kerri IIS Vandewater, Mark 96.IlS Vansteelandt, Sue IIS Viviano. Mary IIO,II7.IIS Vlaich. Jacquelin IIS Wagner. Robert IIS Walch. Michael IIS Waldorf, Lynn IIS Walsh. Kelly IIS Walston. Michael IIS Warack. Peter IIS Wardzinski, Stephanie IIS Warstler, Mary IIS Waters, Kindara II9 Weber. Marion II9 Weekley. Marietta II9 Wegman, Karen II9 Weng. David II9 Wenger. Denise 90.II9 Wharff. Jeffrey II9 Whitsitt, Jeffrey II9 Whittlesey, Cheryl II9 Wiegand, Michael II9 Wiest, Gregory II9 Wild, Ian II9 Wood. Stephen II9 Woudstra, Thomas II9 Yahrling, Jane II9 Yax, Alan II9 Yeszin. Kevin II9 Youness. Gary II9 Zandi. Veronica II9 Zellmer. Karen 90.II9 Ziskie, Robert II9 Zobl. Susan III,II9 the highlander staff advisor mr. david berube editor-in-chief shelly kamrath layout editor literary editor terri stevens mary johnston A business editor photography editor lynn huzzard john boot sectional editors kim fleming alyssa gaggino staff julie champine michelle clair 'cathy crossman mariesa farese janet jacobsen maria manzi mark mcquaid paul oberheu joe patrico betsy price Call carol james pat temple aram kabodian stacy white john kellogg amy wild HQHO Tram! - - XQNX SVYXQH Theo YN Ml ost xivagr Jff 'm 5 UGA nx1SX 5 x'JM5 Qxino Icnw ,NSN Nrlxlf sw! He SWL Tmq,'QSt1r all Ms. qevwf Wh!!! I muoJX -Pkg soma lmtlm Will an ccvvfl Yodif qllwmfi BC my RE PMT! , WC If-M5 Some M JIJM we? 01' 7200 In im 'I 0 mbcnlqqb - somone fewdfni +165 M +0-kt 'fluxlf wrong-N 300311, Fovogm M Cheap TWIN. Comq +0 Hxfnk of if Yomlf O. XTCMYX BJSDQ- WWCX' MJX5 be 411.1400 Wrong 1-ao, Kula M5 roll ..1i+ln E.L.0. 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Suggestions in the Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) collection:

Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 9

1978, pg 9

Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 40

1978, pg 40

Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 87

1978, pg 87

Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 84

1978, pg 84

Adams High School - Highlander Yearbook (Rochester Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 183

1978, pg 183

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