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 - Class of 1957

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1957 volume:

J! W A Mijn df I-L5f"!9 j 'VJ .53 'rr -I , .Q of , 4 F P Q! ' 439W fig M ,,,1'x5lQg5iiw61f2ZfMfffpffLQ1 W if ff if 'WAX 2 my f 9 , F Ny X x .,,,af1fw- fff pffggpywwgyfu 'MQW f fy U V ,Swag ig , fc N T MBV, 496,154-fra" mi fb N W' KM? A Q5 if WW' f ?Lyj7 Q Dwi H59 fwfa if iififi 5 Qs 'ff V Q Q03 .01 O0'f,.z.44,f,cf 4e":""1f-f'-wb-Q,4,e,6-619 ?7,,!' moi ,Ky f'Gffd-Jem 'xjfdf-v1..Lf f'57'f Lu v girly fy ,. ' A 'Z' ff M S' W. , fx if A YF W f M f Jw sf W fdwf 4 ' '0 wbgiy ' Qi af V LV, ' ,, '7 f " 'JG W , fm ' KP Qs. RY , , ,,,,, .,. 1 , L.. - xx ji I . A .4 4 K . I7 Q4 17 , ni ' . I D I, I L ' 521 1: L 1 U A V 7 111-1.L,Qf, cg 'N K5 , VNU' Ulf - K 5 3 K5 My L , ' ' ' , 4 ' ' STAY: ff Q K . L - V , lv Qi 3 -. I , T ' ' J 1- 1 K , f ' ' f . . ,Nj W " .417 ' t , g g Y A A K' 1 A. qv J 1 M . l ' f 3 - L 2 ' J ' 6 2 ' - 43? - ' HK J KW' U7 ,I 'I ig ' fx NSW? T 4' ff! 51, QM 1 A . ,S h - , Qgu Q if - , ,,, ' ,cc rg 5 W 19 K .ff 4 x " ' , L l A A if v f I. 5 xx? T b V J. AJ! vi I f", X l - I 63- V sg! I Z ,n KM, H 'mf lx W.: 1 x r A to X7 ' 036 fl O' R f ,A' X g gf! , W f""f"' fl X' X mr '7 , ', 1 , ' wad! ' 444, -9 QQfGf JXMLCMLMLU ,Aww 92,0 4 2 E-rhis XM SN SY N55 5 XT mv NX Xwixizx NX EN NN N XX -xxw Wi? ?QY Mf4N N NQP3ii 3 NMR Q S533 ix 3 5 limi? Q wg 3 ECE Y dx Xfxo Xxg QA ix vhsxlg M Xxgb 3 Ni ix 3 YN? Xi. Zxs wxwxfiwlilpweq WN f E QXQK E xx Xflfefl Sigel? glgki Q wx xi Q-Q f M 1 Q6 5fMQ5?yi.b wi 9 SSN X5 SQ NR Y' X 3 R N Q X 5 wi XXWX Q'Ef7! W X . EY? XQNQX N Q ij' A 3 N Q e X .Q W T! -3 lx N NX. Q- X S3 T Tl S Q x N isxf If E B W H - Q 5 3 S is I " --f. X43 i Z E! XY 9 i Qi X' B ll .JA X :..f .5 N. Q ,, , . Q P . f Y i A Q' , N A if N S .2 .X f Q Q 23 +5 Q Sq X W R g Q gr Q, M 'Y gg X, X Q gh 3 Q ' 1 Q 9 fgiiy QNQf YiNQgQs Q51 Q 2K WX wwwx W 5RMQ E Q . Lf" 3 v E 1 :2 W YQ 'gfggf Q35m Qyp5 x iss, b Q iiwid gsik' Q55iIiigiNiXi'QPQ0 2 Q vs 5vk ,X fw x-1 wii ,V-'3 "e wgkiiigswx .Sf S 3 3 s Qi WAV RFQU Sgzigiksi 3 ?i-' 3 '?3f3,x'ggQQgv3. lx Swxmi si fi Wi RALPI! KPPSHAW ' In the 9 n1or flass of 1057 do H d1cate th1s Yparbool fhp Xrvo to Hr Wal h Kershaw beraus w wlsh to FUb11fL1X than! hlm for +he manv ways 1n wh1ch he has hel Pd us mn our 5 nxor H1 h pchool days Thls vear, as 1U formnr wears, hh lb the Xrgo advlsor Durxnq our sophomore vear he ddvxsed and gu1ded us and lS helplng 10 th1s LOS1t1OH aga1n dur1ng th1s, our SPn10F year Durlng the past three years, he has dutlfully drllled Gregg, typ1ng and the bOOkk6Cp1Hg equat1on lnto our emptw chasm 11k m1nds :ol mnly, yet with 4 touch of Tumor V rsh, we salute you . rf I I ff mf school Board GORDON HANSVN V1r 11 Pergene, Paul lnkels Mart1n Prescott SUPT Vance Torpersor Hvrb Csmundson, Nordeen G11der hus, Cordor"ansPn CRANT PFTERSON l'l'lLl'LL5tl'd fl0l'l I J PQINCIPAI LYLE OS TERGAA RD MATH RALPH KERSHAW MCDONALD W nv J If f ' ' . 4 W COMMERCIAL , Y - . mcusn I 'A 1 K Jun, I x ' fiifx VT ' Q W 'JX5 fN N x 1 ' X, J 1 , . L 2 3 V- ' 4 V' U X KIM ,Q Ky-f ' N. , I Q NICK LAc1os MMM 'N' - Q' MUSIC U, 2 x ' ANTOINLTTE K1-:IM I y P nom: EC CQ l lafwfffbff 4f1'z'.'f b'5y?f'07 DAN CARRY AGRICULTURE SHOP Y vxkjf 4,,4f-nw-.,,....., RICHARD SMITH RICHARD HANLIN SCIENCE LATIN PNCLISH X n l-5+ K DON JOHNSON BERNARD LEP .' COACH SOCIAI STUDIES SUCIAL STUDIES L' f x .f C X5 ,LC Jan1tor Secretary Pooks Clara Uatros Amber Walker Joe Adam Vuth Uetgx JTNIOR CIASS OFFICFRS C T IFFOQD KTEFI' R TREASURFR P I AINF SCFHERIN PRVSIDFNT MTULRT bb ITN VICI PRESIDENT eniorzi 1 J . . . . .L . ff. NIL U" ...,,,, L, 1 -TURTN7 mn LFPFPACH . . . . SFCRFWYY ' 4 l :Q V 1AY LIANE BISTAD ootball 2 Q v w A Plass Tlav Q THERMA CORNWLLL Iettermen 2 Q 4 N155 In1at on 1 Mlxed Chorus l,2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2 A lst L1brary ASS1Sf8Df 4 Class Play 3 CTransfer from Yalelocl Iona NORMA BATTEY Cheerleader 2, Band l 2 M1xed Chorus l 2, Glee Club 1,2 Fovernment Day A 2 , F H A Off1CeP Class Play 3 Pen Club 2 H0mECOm1n Attend Vaworette 1 2 T 1w1e Tr1o 2 TPaff1C delegate I1brarv Ass1stant Argo Staff 4 3 ent 4 2 4 ELIZABETH BREWER F H A F H A l,2,3,4 0ff1C8F 2,3,4 Class Off1cer 2 Lat1n Club 3,4 Iatln Club Offlcer 3 4 Class Play 3 Ilbrarv Ass1stant 1 2 Q 4 Ass1stant Ar o Fd 4 Newsvaner 3 Newswaper RUSIDGSS Manager Q Student Counc1l 2 -ab SHARON FISK A 2 F H A 0ff1CeF Class Play 3 Mlxed Chorus 1, Glee Club 1 2 3 Cheerleader 2,3,4 L1brarv Ass1stant 2,3 4 BONWIF CORDON btudent Counc11 3 Student Counc11 Off1cer 3 A Class Pres1dent 3 Mlxed Ch01'11S '3 Newspaper 2,3 L1brary Asslstant 2,3,4 Government Day 3 C198 Club 3 Argo Staff 4 Pep Club 2 pep Club 2 Argo Staff 4 H0UHCOm1Hg Attendant 4 IARRY HANSON Class 0ff1cer 1 Footbal 3 4 Basketball 1 F F A 1, ,3, Lettermen 3,4 NEA! HARD? COPF Band 1 2 3 Class Plav 2 F 1 2 3 4 Per Club 2 Pep Band 1 2 R Fxre squad 3 F1re Dlrector 3 IUCILTP HAS5 Class Offmrex 1 Stud rt Counc11 1 Class Plav 3 Rand 1 2 3 4 Rand Cff1cer 4 flee Club 1 2 V1X d Fhorus 1 P U A Offmcer Coxnrnment Dav vewspa Dr NSS't hdltor 3 DEAN HITNIPRLING P 1 Flu? 2 Argo Pdlt0T 4 F F A 2' ' Chefrl ader 2 Cctet 4 Troubadors 3 Clrls btate 3 nxbrary ASS1Stant 3 UOMPCOMIDQ Nttendant 4 SHIRLEY HIMFRAUGH B nd l,2,3 4 Band Cff1cer blxed Chorus 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 Iat1n Club 3 4 A Class Play 3 Ilbrary 1ss1stant 2,3 4 Cctet 4 Troubadors 3 Clarlnet Tr1o 1 C1ar1nei Solo 2,3 CTTFFOWD VTFFFP A Class Off1cer 3 4 Class Plav 3 TOHN KOFNTGS A Basketball Class Play Government Day 3 WL RPL 'YI' VFQTPNI W A Football 3 4 Basaball 1 'X 4 Iettermen '2 x u Forum- ,4, L Ofmhf Hu mm C' P141 AIBERT HULLENRACH Football Q Basketball 2 A Lettermen 3 4 Covernment Dav fTransfer from Mount Carmel Iowa 25 GER-A1 D OSMUNDSON LOUISF RE.TT1z'?A'Ili Basketball 1,2,3,4 Class Offlcer 2 Government Day 3 H A 1,2, Argo Staff 4 V1X6d Chorus 1,2,3 Clee Club 1,2 Student CouncJl 4 Student POUUCII Presldent 4 Government Dav 3 Pep Club 2 Argo Staff 4 JURINE MULLENFACH Pep Club 2 A Class Cfficer 3,4 Argo Staff 4 Covernment Day 9 Homecominn Queen 4 DFNNIS SAVDBIRG Class Play 2 CTransfer fron Aarroad P1nn J Band l KIALAIN bCHA LTER A Mixed Chorus 1 Speech Club 2 Football l Basketball 1,2 Band l,2,3,4 Student Council 4 Class Play 3 Lat1n Club 3 Assistant Fire Chief 4 GENEVIPVE SCHMIT7 PIFINV SCHUFRIN M1xed Chorus 1 2,3, Pand l,2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2 V1xed Chorus l 2 2 4 A 1 , Clee Club 1 2 Band 1,2,3,4 Latin Club 3 4 Class Play 3 Iat1n Club Cff1cer Latln Club 3,4 Class Cfflrer 4 F H A Offxcer 3 wewsrarer 1 Newspaper 3 Government Dav 3 Octet 4 Student Counc11 4 pep Club 2 btudent POHUCII Cff1cer FOMGCOMIDP Attendent 4 I1brary PSS1StaDt 2,3,4 Class Play 3 Octet 4 In1at1on Hlnner l Pep Club P PAU1 STFICHFR A 1 Latln Club 3 4 RORhRf 5TPlCHFk Band 1'2,g 2 zsgzzams 1 24 Mixed Chorus Class fff1C6T 1 Iettermen 4 H9 Nav 5 Uaskr-tball 1 2 Q 4 Wewsia er 1 xowsra er Assxstint 1 2 Flre CP1ef 4 F re bqu d 2 2 4 C ALBERT SMITH Student COUHC11 2 Faseball 1 2 Class 0ff1C6T 4 F V A ,2,3 F F A 0ff1CeT M1xod Chorus 3 Covnrnment Paw Argo Staff 4 Class Plax 3 DAVID SMITH Football 2 3 4 Uaseball 1 2 4 Ietterwpn Q 4 If 'I F T A 0ff1CPT Q Class fff1cer 2 fov rnm nt Dax 3 F otmall Cc C taln Fra TIL L MARY ANN STEINES M1xed Chorus 3, Iatln Club 3,4 A 1 , Band l,2,3,4 Class Play 3 Newspaper 3 Pep Club 2 Glee Club 1,2 BARBARA UIWWILINC A l 2, , F H A Offlcer 3, Mlxed Chorus 1,2, Glee Club 1,2 Llbrary Asslstant 2, Newspaper 3 JAMES DXPOBAID Football 4 Basketball l 2 A l,2, F F A Offic r Student Counc1l 3 Class Play 3 Letternen 4 Government Day 3 IYNN MLBBIR Football 1,2,3, Basketball 1, , Haseball 2,3,4 let'ermen 2,3, Class Play 3 ootball 0 Captaln HOMSCOMIHQ h1ng 4 PUANV WIFHAV Rasketlall 1 A VICYA WTNKFTS flee Club 1 ? M1xed Chorus 3 Iatlr Club J, F H A 2 3 F H A Cff1cer I1brary ASS1Stant 4 JLRRY HOLD Basketball 1 A Class Play 2 Argo Uus1ness Manager 4 CTransfer from Ievov 13 N1XEd Chorus 1 Rov's Cleo Club 1 Fvofhall Q 4 PAUL wmfms Lettermen 3 4 F A 1,2, F F A 0ff1cer 3 4 Football 2 I ,'h5i: n. ,. It was early in September of 1953 when we. the present seniors, enrol ed in hi school After gh . a few weeks the dreaded iniation day arrived. The 42 of us were dressed to portray comic strip char- acters and to amuse the upper-classman with our greennes. The best dressed characters were Elaine Schwerin as Robin of Batman and Duane Bustad asnhy Friend Irma.' The year was completed with a class picnic. Now that the first year had passed, and the fear of upperclassmen, teachers and such had disappear- ed, we vigorously set out for our goal. After numerous attempts for having a school party, we finally ended the year with a roller-skating party and later a picnicg however, we knew our stuff and weren't called wise fools for nothing. The Junior year brought forth the enormous prob- lem of money. Homecoming proved an opport ne time to make some, so we monopolized every possible 4 dia ggi 5-Lf HOBBY-liking scheme. Midyear rolled around and we received our class rings. Later, we funveiledj our dramatic talent by producing our play, Spring Journey. Immediately we began working on the Prom and Banquet in honor of the seniors. The theme, which was Moonlight and Roses, symbolized an even- ing in Hollywood. The banquet was held at the Little Cedar Chu ch and the Prom in the school gym. The music was provised by the Dixielanders. This, our last year, got off to a riotous start with iniation. It was a mess fthe freshmen, that is! As our class motto, we chose, 'We will do ou best and God will do the rest.' For a class flower, we took a blue carnation while midnight blue and silver are our colors. In the spring came our second class play, the exquisite banquet and our delightful skip- dey. Now we proudly depart from this school in the shadow of the new building. Class History E X fx ,Ag,j- ... ,p A x r ' eil, ,.., ,., ,Lsef',' I ' ' UMQ x0'x. Class Prophecy As I was driving throudm Adams one day, April 19, 1970, to be exact, I happened to run into Norma Battey She was teaching some of the students the fundamentals of drivang, but was paymg very little attention to it, and the students accidentally ran into ne Norma insisted that it was Q' fault so we decided to bring the case before the Juvenile court When I appeared in court, I found that Davad Smith was the Judge As I looked around I saw several '57 students before me Behind ne was Lynn Webber who was running for the office of governor His attorney was Miss Shirley Bile beugh, who is well noted for her defense of guilty criminals To my left I saw Thermo Cornwell, who 18 a model at Larry Hanson's 'Beauty Deb " From her I learned that Duane Bustad was taking up where Elvis Presley left off on station HAR, owned by Mary Ann King Neal Hardecopf was playing opposite Cen Schmitz in the famous Broadway play, "Diapers, and More Daapers " I overheard two people talking about Fred Kirtz and Barbara Ulwellzng who were living on a deserted island in the Black Sea They were talking about Hary Ann Steines, Louise Retterath, and Viola Winkels, the famous Yan Drew Sisters, who are now appearing at the exquisite night club 'lhe Higham owned by Duane Higham buying cattle for his ranch near Iloldsville which was named after Jerry Wold the noted rustler I looked down and saw a book on the floor written by Paul Steichen and illustrated by his cousin Bob Steichen The title was The Little Chickens in honor of Sharon Fask and her brood of twelve She believes that they are 'Cheaper ly thfiosen 5 Eldently Lucille Hass believes 10 this too, because she is teaching 12 children in a country school for very small wages It seems that Clifford Kiefer, head of the school board, will not gave her any more Gerald Osmnmdson as coaching football with Jurine Hullenbach as manager Dennis Sandburg is on a coast to coast television show sponsored by Zing-0, the famous pepper upper, :mu factured by Dean lleinzerling and Company His secretary, Betty Ann Brewer, noted for her famous sayings, in vented the name Bmmig Gordon and John Koenigs have made a hat as a dance team, the 'Krinkle Toes " I looked up as I heard a voice, seemingly coning from a Texan. It was Paul Winkels. It seems he is up here Jim 'lbeobald and Albert Sm1th made a great success of their garbage d1sposal company in Lyle Albert Hullenbach has become famous as a disc Jockey on the T V statxon MERT owned and operated by Herbert Merton, the multa millionaare Miss Elaane Schwerin has just been named 'Hass Doughnut of 19700 Last of all I heard that Allen Schaefer is 1n LeRoy Allen 18 last, and very f1tt1ngly so, because as an undertaker he deals with the last th1ng As I heard these final things, the court came to order and I was called to testify, but I had ngyster iously dasappeared Why? Because I am the ghost of the class of 1957 Class Wall He, as members of the graduating class of 1957, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not acting under fraud, duress, menace, or the undue influence of any person whatsoever, do hereby make, publish and declare this our last Will and Testament, :ln the manner following, that is to say: FIRST: As a class we bequeath the following: HI' Hr To To senior B 00 To Hansen we will another ring of keys for his pocket, so we can hear him coming further away Peterson we will a dozen make-up slips and a more co-operative senior class Hml Kershaw we will a full-paid life insurance policy for his Drivers Training hours McDonald we will four new tires for his bicycle No more need to walk, Jim Lagios we will Elvis Pres1ey's guitar You don't get the hound dog, Nick Smith we will just one more study hall Ostergaard we will an extra yard stick in case he breaks one while leaning on it Johnson we will a full time secretary to type his tests, so he won't have to pay these yet learning girls for doing it Lee we will a bigger brief case for his papers Hanley we will a shipment of new books for the library Maybe one more shelf would help, too Cooks we will a years supply of nutritious, Vitamin balanced menus we will a winters supply of milk cartons for the furnace Ruth we will an extra large waste basket for all the lost and found items - . - . , Q , e To Mr: 0 To Mr. , . To Mrs. Keim we will a home in Adams, so -she won't have to drive so far. To Hr. , , To Mr. - . To Mr. , T0 Hrs - Q 10 Hrs ' To Hr. - ' To th ' To J . SECOND Ind1v1dually we bequeath the following Norma Battey, w11l all my good times, almost anywhere, to Lloyd Lnecher Betty Ann Brewer, w1ll my p1cture taking abmlity to Agnes Barter It's rather tr1cky, Agnes Duane Bustad, will my lovely blonde hair to Janet Osmundson Throw away the rinse, Janet Themma Cornwell, will my pep, my pals, and memories to Donald Winkels Sharon Fisk, will my interest in Johnsburg to Donald H Smith There's some n1ce people there, Don Bonnie Gordon, will m interest in Rose Creek to DuWayne M1ckelson Larry Hanson, will my flattering smile to Dianne Goergen Bow about teachlng you somet1me, Dianne Neal Hardecopf, will all my due make up slips to Esther Hyland Lucille Hass, will my position as 'Argo' editor to David Lewison You don't know what you're getting into' Dean Heinzerl1ng, will my joy rides to Taopi to Karen Brandt Sharley Himebaugh, will alI'iy time spent in studying to Kenneth Christiansen No excuse for flumk1ng now' Cl1fford Ke1fer, will my yet weekly trlps to Mclntire to Duwayne Rauen Mary Ann Kang, will sy Satiday n1tes in Racine to Sharon Reimer , Fred Kirtz and Dennis Sandberg, will our ambitious stud habits to Karen Lu de It's really nothing, Karen John Koenigs, will my w1se cracks to Mary J Dvorak You can be sure of gettxng through that way' ?7?? Herbert Morten will my ability of squ1rrel hunting to Dor1s WestE5fT Trapping 18 rather interesting, Doris Jurine Mullenbach, w1ll my time spent w1th a person from Meyer to Marcella Merten There's nothing l1ke th1s thing called, brotherly mnterests, Sally Gerald Osmumdson, will my love for night air to Barbara Ulwelling It's healthy for you, try 1t Louise Retterath, wall my knowledge of Johnsburg to R1chard Goergen Now you won't be able to get lost in the big c1ty Allen Schaefer, will m alertness 1n class to Michael Schmltz I Gen Schmltz, will my long, daily walks to school to Carl Arvold E1a1ne Schwer1n, w1l1 my sisterly love to Elmer Schwerin Albert Smath, will all my he1ghth to Margaret Hodson David Smith, w1ll my art of careful driving to Janice Kellner, Better move all the bridges first, Jan1ce Paul Steichen, will my stilts to Marvin Sm1th You won't have to stand on you tip toes any more, Muffy Robert Steichen, will my lengthliness to Wayne Voight It's time you grew up, so1l boy Mary Ann Ste1nes, will my love for the navy to Paul Gerber Sail boy, sa1l Jim Theobald, will my reserved back seat at movies to Carmen Wilson It's more comfortable Barbara Ulwelling, will my old saying, 'I never talk,' to Wayne Pederson Don't worry about the teachers reminding you, Wayne Lynn Webber, will my hab1t of going to bed the night before a game, but only nights before games, to Mary Ann Reinarts Viola Wankels, will my loudness around school to Kenneth Gilbenbach Paul Winkels, will my good farming methods to Eugene Kloeckner Better crops Gene DuWayne Wigham, will my ability to talk myself out of tough situations to Kenneth Freund I, Jerry Wold, will my ab1lity to argue and present facts clearly to Harlan Smith Use it, Harlie I, ' . I, . . - . . . , I, . . I, . I, . . ' . I, ' . I, . ' ' . I, - . I, . . I, ' . I, ' . ' . I, ' ' ' . I, ' ' . We , , I, ' - . . ' .... . . I, , ' ' . ' I, Albert Mullenbach, will my much practiced art of sleeping in class to Don M. Smith. It's really very easy.. I, . ' . . . . I, . . ' ' ... I, . ' . I, . ' ' . I, ' ' ' . . I, ' - I, ' ' . 1, ' . - . Ig s . " Q I, A ' . ' . I, . . I, . I, ' Ig . 0 I, . , . I, . . rf W L u 'N A JU JV A W 1 jj ww X 4f.xf'XQ"lilAMU Xu MLM Jrbf NC U NJ Qybg W Nz, J X 4 4 1 J sf 5 YQXWA l 1" In r I 'CAM W ' x JA r Q IJ .-JJ fl xg , 11, s , .AW-f ,f N -X y ,A,-- XL 17 VVS fx , gl sg JL J V Ui- JL-J-ifzf cube" 35" LGICLAJ, G NJ Q Vpf U xv Y ' ' I ALCQV C! V' lun yxfvf X? W X3 X VJ! 1 www :J L 4 ' J Q 'A N J' X v f M , 5 f MQ' f V ' X Kin A If L X Ty, A ' 'X X . my W ' A cf E3 , N J ,Nu ' Nu Y hx I, R. 4 In AJ TN A 'Xxx bf NN, Q X U . HCR KL XX Y J Q7 Q v J px f . Xi ff JE :N , Q1 ,m My 5 U' R " ... 'PIL P b uf . r gf , .L ma. A 'li SE: 5'-.SV , P. '-f'2!?w 'Eb l?Q'.'l IZI4, I4 ,fi ,MII Sm' FIRST ROW: Wayne Voight, Marvin Slith, Agnes Barter, Sharon Reiner, Karen Lunde, Marcella Merton, Doris Westcott, Carmen Wilson, Mary Ann Reinartz, Esther Hyland, Barbara Ulvelling, Janice Kellner, Hr Ostergaard SECOND R011 Michael Schmitz, Harlan Smith, Donald H Smith, David Lelrison Eugene Kloeckner, Dianne Goergen, Bhrgaret Hudson, Mary J Dvorak, Karen Brandt, Kenneth Gilgenbach, Janet Osnundson THIRD RDI: Donald H. Smith, layne Pederson, Paul Gerber, Carl Arvold Kenneth Christiansen, Richard Goergon, Elmer Schverin, Donald linkels, Lloyd Loecher, Kenneth Freund, Dulayne Rnuen Juniors OFFICERS Karen Lunde President Agnes Harter Treasurer Sharon Reiner Vice Pres Janet Osnnndson Secretary FIRST RW! SEXZQJD RG!! THIRD ROW: Ronald Mickelson, Doris Heinzerling, Louise Schneider, Heridee Larson, Rose Ann Wold, Darlene Hullenbach, Jean Kenyon, Angels Freund, Rita Bissen, Joann Gilgenbach, Helen Rettersth, Jo Amy Madsen, Charles Kiefer, Robert Thompson, Sheldon Gee Edvard Walker, Michael Seidel, Betty Lon Jax Jean Jnlifs Mi s Snith Kay Prevost Jack Wood Roger Lemlson, Mark K 'T B in S. Sk! 1 s nappy .try , ou, Eu ene Domino Jeanette W ert Patricia n-vm, Betty Schaefer, Kimora winxln 'yd ' Richard Jax, David Monson, Lanny Huennn, Peter Schneider, Roger Schaefer, Marvin Winkels, David Steichen, Frederick Koenigs, Ronald Leia, Dean Julifs, Lyle Dunn, Robert Weness, Wayne Wescott Sophomores OFFICERS Eugene Domino - President Ronald Lezln 'treasurer Rita Bissen V President Patricia Irvin Secretary if-Q-'ar - ' 0 , - . HE I X 1, ' Ni ' K x FRONT ROW SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: Hr Hanley, Jud1th Schombu g Mary Freu d, Evelyn K1ng Virgin1a Rauen, Carol Smith Joyce Gerhart, Doris Smith Rex Donmno, Raymond K1rtz, Wayne Underdahl Paul Higham Charles Prescott, Robert Osmundson, Donald Wood Bernard Merten Jud1th Cornwell, Jack1e Caquelin Theresa Retterath Judith Hinebaugh, Ann Sch1ssel, Klfh8f1h8 Ke1m, Sharon M1l1enacler Donna Faust, Carol Lee Osmumdson, Jeanette McGee, Mary Dralle, Jeanette G1lgenbach, Bonn1e Haehn, Tin Brennan Lyle W11118l8, Bruce Lunde, Luvern Hanson, Gary Underdahl Darrel Osmundson, Thonas Schaefer, Bill Schxssel, Lester Goergen, Norman Starks, James Stern, Clenence Hamann, Ckh Charles Thompson, Arlen Pedersen Freshmen OFFICERS Rex Domino Pres1dent Carol Osmundson Vxce President Mary Dralle Secretary Bruce Lunde Treasurer Beverly 'lhonpaon Nylene Larson Diane Sa thre Vice President Eighth Grade OFFICERS President Secretary Sarah Kei: Treasurer FHJNT ROW: Barry Shaw, Janes Oammdaon, David Boym, Paul Knapp, David Weness, Shirley Shane SECOND ROW: Jack Brechtel, David Hatle, Robert Underdahl, Gene Weibrand, Herbert Kiefer, Vivian Chapman, Hr Lee THIRD ROW: Robert Ihune, Erlin Weneas, Donalee Wood, Sharon Hodson, Diane Osnnndaon Sheryl Seidel Eli" , Sixth Grade PRINT Ml: Robert Irvin, David Prescott laoni Young, Hrs. Brennan, Ellen Starke, Rebecca Schonberg, Daryl Dnbinaky BACK IGI: Arden Ilene, Loren Underdahl, David Boo, Terry Allen, Keith Knight, Roger Ueneee Karen Wenese, Betty Ann Histo, Kay Watroa, John Shaw, Dennis Hood, Lavonne Smith i FRONT ROI: Dianne Lmde, Nancy Thompson, Ure Brennan, Karen Levieon, Diane Prescott BACK IDU: Michael Johnston Ronald Carter Curtis Hatle, Donald Jnlifa, Terry Hood, Conrad Nelson Fifth Grade FRONT RDF: Lynn Sathre Shirl Huseby, Linda Osnundaonz Sandra? Bergene Linda I Curtis enter 9999, 910111 Hatle, BACK ROW: Hrs. Lewison, Paul Yeung, Donald Craco, Richard Skou, Richard Boy-um, Roger Gordon, Benny Starks, Ted Lange, Kevin Underdahl. Fourth Grade is Q . ,S , , ' i f .. Q: li Z? if is Q Q? i ' N 2 ,Q L 114, 'Q ' a dp, Y 9 Yi .v,' I i n f A 1 I ,' nf' . . W ' ' I G,A: k A V Ni' 6 1 4' ' S S S H ., 2 X A fy A '-1 - v .d 1' , I , :?xTs2:,: Third Grade PUNT IDU: Darrel Staebler, Connie llanilten, Herle KHIPP, Glen Rice, Kent Bergene, Joyce Fisk, Sally Os- nundson, Indy Larson SNOND Ni: Karla Brechtel, Sandra Olson, Donald Irvin, Sandra Shaw, Susan Osnmdsen, Susan Kinder, Donald Pr scott, Bennie lestcett THIRD RW: Jerry nate, Laiern Bauer Coral Larson, Dale linebaugh, Stuart Tergersen, Heritt Bergene, Glenda Allen, Archie Starks, Hrs. Anlt FH NT EDU: Lynette Caqnelin, Susan Esen, Judy Halver, Jan- elle Lu de, Sarah Thompson, Margaret Shaw, Danny Starks SECOND ROW: Gary Skou, Steven Hee, Jfnet Sue Lange, Barbara Thompson, Roger Hamilton, Shirley Weness, Janet Kay Heness THIRD ROW: Barbara Olson, Bonnie Inderimf Dennis Underdahl, Gloria Husehy, John Sathre, Gail Knapp, Myrna Nelson, Joy Osmnnd- son, Hrs. Koster Second Grade 1 , 1 Y ff" g i 1 M, 1, sp , ss. -A 1 5 s DD D ' Q he ,,,,. an nrrm S s"1 n-.,.j'Q First Grade FRDNT ROW Karen Hansen, Carol use5y, Sheryl Crace, Valerie Christiansen, Wayne Chapman, Braan Torgerson SECOND RCW Ch8f10tf8 severson, Richard Bauer, Jolene Lu de, Denn1s Boyum, Douglas Hill, Douglas Hanson,John Witte, Hrs. Dempsey ffl If ' 'HWFUV 7 J : ,fi ff? 7' , KA J V X l I m v ,Y I," If A M E Ilmlgzgf I If E fx- i A A V 4 I .ikoo K oak Student Council Latin Club FRQIT ROW: Trams., J. Gilgenbnch, Pros., L. Rotterath, Vice Pros., E. Schwerin See., H. Smith, Advisor, Hr. McDonald BACK ROW: J. Osmvmdaon, B. Schisaol, A. Schaefer, H. Knapp, F. Kooniga, H. Horton, S. Bodom, D. Sathre, J. Higham. PRINT POW: J. Osmundaon, Program Co-chairman, B. Brewer, Proaidentg A. Harte:-, Treasurer: E. Schnrin, Program Co-chainnn. swam gm, H. Dvorak, S. Himobaugh, Y. Winkols, 14, suing, M.l!erten, S. Reimer, G. Schmitz, K. Lando, H. Smith, Hr. Hanley. BACK IDI: U. Pederson, P. Stoichon, C. Arvold, A. Schaefer. FRONT ROW: BACK ROW ABSBIT3 Cornwell, Typist, S Fiakg An't Editor, B Brewer, Editor, Hass Bu in 3 s oss Manager, J Wold, Typista, G Osmndson, Hullenbach Schmitz, S Hinobaugh, N Battoy, B Gordon L Retterath, Stoichon, H Stoinoa, E Schvorin, B Ulwelling, H King Yearbook Staff , 1 Y I 2? . o 1 ,ii E fl T L o o o 5 k .. 4 Q Y' v 1 1 ' f - K K ' Q A 0 1 , V K 5. I T U O l Il' C O J. . 2 G 0 0 0 o Q u PI O O C I I F.H. . FRONT ROW: Betty Ann Brewer, Pres Viola Winkels, Vice-Pres., Kath- erine Kein, Sec., Dianne Goergen, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: J. Schomburg, E. King J. Kenyon, C. Smith, J. Mullen- bach, T. Cornwell, D. Heinzerling B. Rayne. THIRD ROV: Mrs. Keim, Advisor, FIRST mi' P391 Winkehn Pfelidelif, Albert L. Schneider, J. Cornwell, H. Retterath, A. Freund, B. L. S'if"' 'ic' pred-dent' Ji' 11110 Jax, R. Bissen, D. Mullenbach, B. Ulvelling, M. A. King, FIRST ROW: Paul Winkels, President, Albert Smith. Vice-President. Jin Thevbald. Tren- romrm now: J. Julifa, 'r. netteratn, A. schissu, P. Irv. David Smith. Secretary- Irvin, M. nodson, K. Brandt, B. Gordon, N. Bartey, B. SECOND ROW: Mr. Garry, Advisor. B. Morten, Ulyglling, L, Rane,-gth, C. Prescott, L. Hanson, A. Pederson, Gene Kloeckner, T. Brennan, C. Keifer, R. Thomp- son, S. Gee, M. Smith, R. Kirtz, L. Williams THIRD ROW: A . Hullenbsch , J. Beinzerling, R. Jax, L. Han- son, D. Bustad, ll. Herten, R. Mickelson, E. Walker, D. Monson, J. Wood, H. Westcott, K. ilinkels. BACK ROW: N. Hardecopf, D. Snith, L. Hnenn, F. Koenigs, ll. Seidel, R. coergen, L. Loecher, D. Higham, R. lioness D. Julifs, K. Gelgenbach, L. Goergen, J. Koenigs. F.F. . Stern, D. is Q 2 . CLARJ'NErS S. Hiaebaqgh Ao G. Schmitz J. Gilgenbach J. Gilgenbach H. J. Dvorak J. Julifa C. Arvold M. A. leinlrtz A. Peterson S q 2 s 4 Q : gf Lg S fx 'Q J onon mss cuummm TUBA AUOHSAX H. Sdhlifl J' ommum J' Hi-ebmgh :In gzrarson comms runs S. Hillonacker BAIITCNIS B. JI-I nnncron ft' mag , Staines H. Drallo ' ' H J. Weydvrf P. Irvin lr. Lagioo 7' haw PERCUSSIIN S. Boiler B. Schaefer B. Lando H. Merton bIF5"L'1 fs fl E Qi? 2 5 ss r 5 preund Schianl CLARINEHS Hudson Lew1son Osmundson Arvold Hartley Schm1tz Gerber Lew1son Huseby Sm1th M ax D Wood D Sathre E Heness J Osmundson W1ste S Last1ne A Osmundson Prescott D Dub1nsky TRQMBONE Schomberg Starks DIRECTOR L Skow Mr L3g10S B Band S PERCUSSION FRENCH HORNS BARLTONB SAX ALTO SAX FLUTES TUBA N D' LUHQS v. ' . J , . . . . N. Weyderf K. B. . . - l D. D. D. i . 5. - K- 1. K. R. U R L' . 1-3. . - B. . J. ' ' A. K! if CORONBTS Larson Weness Se1de1 Starks Thune FRONT ROW: SECOND ROW: BACK ROW: 44 Majorettes A MAJORETTES B MAJORETTES H. Retterath N, Heydert D. Faust S. Last1ne S. Lastine D' Sathre D. Heinzerling D. Sathre J. Madson Mixed Chorus Haehn, M. Freund, C. Smith, C. Osmundson, V. Rauen, W. Underdahl, Lunde, T. Brennan, J. Himebaugh, D. Faust, G. Schmitz, M. Reinartz Lunde, Mr. Lagios. Keim, J. Caquelin, T. Cornwell, M. Larson, J. Madsonw R. Lewison, Ulwelling, K. Brandt, S. Millenacker, J. Weydert, J. Gilgenbach, Dralle, L. Hass. Schissel, B. Ulwelling, S. Himebauph, M. Staines, M. Schmitz, Arvold, D. Steichen, D. Goergen, M. Hodson, M. J. Dvorak, Gordon. V. Winkels, J. Osmundson, F. Schwerin. Larry Hanson Jim Theobald FRUIT ROW! SEND ROW: BACK ROW! Duane Ingham Duane Busfad Herb Hertea A1 Hullenbech Rauen, D Levieom, H Wimkell, D Smith, H Smith, G Kloecimer, Schneider, D Busted Hullenbach, L Hanson, H Smith, K Gilgenbmch, K Freund, Koenige, G. Domino, D. Higham. Smith, J. Theobeld, R. lioness, G. Osmsmdeon, R. Schaefer, Goergen, P. Steichen, H. Ilinkels, L. Webber, E. Schwerin, Winkele, L. Loecher, C. Arvald. Hr. Oetergnmrd. Lettermen FRONT ROW R Weness, R Schaefer, B Sch1sse1, D W1nke1a, C Arvold, E Schwer1n, Schne1der, F K06H1gS, Coach Nr. Ostergaard Basketball BACK ROW: Manager, R. Domino, D. Rauen, L. Webber, P. Steichen, G. Osmundson, P. P. Steichen Forward G Osmundson Guard FRONT ROW: R. Schaefer, R. Lien, M. B. Schissel, BACK RUN: Coach, Mr. Johnson, F. Higham, R. Lewison, R. Hanson, T. Schaefer, D. Mickelson, I, Hanson, 5- 590, 5. Underdahl. ve' X99 we SHARQJ HILLDJACKER JO ANN MADSON KARDI LUNDE SHARON HEIHR SHARW FISK NORMA BATTEY I 1 Freshmen Scenes 3 'S' G SJ X Homecoming King Queen cum JURJNEH LYNN WEBBER JURINE HULT Y-I WWW Nom BATTEY ELAINE SCHHFRIN IUCILI E HASS -,P A RON FISK THFTR ROYAL HIGHNESSES b THE 'ROYALTY OCTOBER S, 1956 10th GRAD? WINNINC' FLOAT KING DINK "ADAMS TOWERS OVER IFROY" Jumor Class Play QIIIT Y0llR KIDIIING NOVEMBER 9 CAST Mrs Mary Buford a wldow Evelyn Buford her daughter Winston Buford one of the twins Bmne Buford the other twin James Horton Travis Jean Owen a fmend of Evelyn Betty Anderson a friend of Evelyn ..,... Dr. Mel Shannon. Jeans fiance ..,....... Thomas Patton, Bettys fiance ...,...... JANET OSMUNDSON SHARON IEIMER HARLAN SMITH KAREN LUNDE PAUL GERBER CARMEN WIISON . . . AGNES HARTER . . . . CARL ARVOLD . . . . DON WINKELS David Spivey Whitten Winnies friend ,..,. MARVIN SMITH Mis Sophronia Buford .. ...,.. MARGARET HODSON Camilla Dusenberry the maid .,,... MARCELLA MERTEN ' 4 'l'L 5 UI' 7 L 'V X---...P fi iii au.h,gly-riv11g'al- yew 11:11 5? 'funn'-if Y wgifgf H iv A W A . NA lag is I f V7 M ' A .l X. . S . , -A fx K .. 4, ,, ? 8 I .. .M A.. v ' EW ,Q ns, ' H, . 35 A 4 ' f A , ' 2 " ' ' ' , E , L ,K Q - I if 4 NM . JA, X K , my IIAQ J . K s in , ff 1 i l g 1- f ' ' f J . A: ,,.,, 1 ,.vk ' 1 f 4, N 4- xJ,! 3 F! Qin? 0 ' 9 - ., A 4- Q: S51 - ,Q ar' K- . O- 'Y 5 in 'Q f e. K . Ll- b,, ' X ' 5 1 K 5 ' Fi L' M, 3 i . . Y. .- ' K Q' , , Ae A iw-A' 'Q xx sy LT si qu J 9 , i.." 'fe M 'l'Y?'3"' . ?"'-lf-fjijg . -Q'sf,fm-.1 . , fi' 1 -, ,-.. M .w' Advertisers EACH STAR REPRIESENTS A ss CONTRIBUTION SUPPORT THESE WHO SUPPORTED US 'ki' QCHIS EL BROTHERS ERCKEN RACK'S DRUG STORE ADAMS FA RMLRS ST 1 PE BANK HOCK ETTS ADAMS CO OP CREAMERY ADAMS FURNITURE STORF ADAMS ADAMS STANDARD SERVICE ADAMS THEATRE ANDERSON HARDWARE STORE B J HUSEBY DR B E MONSON, VETERINARIAN 9 XIEW DR R L BOLTON, DENTIST FASBENDER PLUMBING 8: HEATING WOLFF TYPEWRITER CO OTHERS CONTRIBUTING ADAMS 'ZARBFR SHOP ADX 45 LO-OP LOCKERS DUBINSKY SALVAGE GINE'S CLEANERS HALVER NURS!-RY Rf GREHIHOUSE FRFUND'S GARAGE HERMAN KLAPPERICH HUSEBY DAIRY MILLENACKER IMPLEMENT CO MOWER CO OP SERVICE STATION OSMUNDSON BROTHERS IMPLEMENT OSMUNDSON OIL COMPANY PETERS' D X SERVICE 'IHOMPSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE WAGNER'S SUPER VALU JOE'S SHOE 8: CANVAS REPAIR U0 D WOYUM MFURFR HEVROLFT CO PHllI.Y'S GARAGE WISTE'S CAFE DR. P: J: SCHNEIDER, M. D. SCHMITZ ELECTRIC R25 5' M 2 "Y .M .-'Sd N iii' 0,6 K'llf 'gn-an gh- if! fxl ,FJ-f-fi w" f' ' ri ,. , , 9: . ,KK qv in rf' ll L in .' 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