Adams High School - Argo Yearbook (Adams, MN)

 - Class of 1956

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Adams High School - Argo Yearbook (Adams, MN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 52 of 72
Page 52 of 72

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Page 52 text:

Class Will h th JPHLOF Class of ll as vers d as we are 1W the del1cate and somewhat maudlln art of beau at1ng all of our ewrthlv and un 1rth1v rossessxons to an awed noster1tv, do take trls oyyortunxtx to unsf1f1shlx and wxth as much good sr1r1t as we can summon up on th1s sad Orca 1Jn of YUTW nc n nt to V111 our f0ll0WlhQ cher1shed FOSSPSSIOUS and env1able qual1t1es to whom lt mav con ern To Hr Palm ou suvermt nden wr- V111 a br1l11ant 1-nV11S well Sfflnkled 'nth dlrt nrar 5, so he wor L hwwe to ex latn what ho' explaxnlne Io Hr Han n our yrxnclyal, we V111 all the lost make ur sl1rs, un xcused absences, and if Lnqu nt students 11V1UU or de d To Hr lyle Ost rgaard we V111 an undefeat d basketball squad, flus 255 and the r1ght to purchase a new rul r V1thout f9TmlSS10h from the school board To Hr Ral h Kershaw we V111 som: new Rovals and a V1nn1ng B squad How would you 11ke a class that could fav for th1s lrgo, kersh? lo Hrs ldel Jmxth we V111 some Lat1n lov1ng students and study halls mlnus loud Vh1spers and gum CFdCh1DP To Mr James McDonald Ve V111 a few students who understand coordlnate conJumct1ons and d1agram1ng A neV vers1on of UHam1etN would Iso help To Mrs helm we V111 some new unburned yams and a few tralvnt seams To Mr hordsl tt1n Ve V111 u brok n test tub s and an CHQTZVEO plague to nM1SS Dove ron h1s devoted students U To Mr Pet rson we V111 another Sen1or Class who volunteers as much as Ve d1d and who Lked m11k as lxttl To Mr Hoberg we V111 a flower not of sand for so11 research To Mr 132105 we V111 a sound proof room for h1s Wf1V8tS verformances To Joe, our 1an1tor V111 warmer V1nter davs nd more snace to clean Better ge some new brooms, Joe To our cooks w V111 a dumb Va1ter, esculator teacher's d1nette a d1sh wash1ng robot and beans f1ve t1mes a weel To Mrs Und rdahl, our secretary, we V111 an extra 81BCtf1C typewrxter for Argo Vr1ters and an aUt0m3t1C hand slanper for car owners who want the1r kevs before the bell f1RgS I, Jan1ce Anderson, V111 my n1ce d1SfOS1t10H to Albert Sm1th Use lt to the best of your ablllty Warren Boe, V111 my qulet persona11ty to John Koen1gs Nancv Dralle, V111 hr1ght chatter to V1ola W1nke1s No more dull moments, V1' Mary Catherlne Dvorak, V111 my love for the mus1c room and all that goes w1th 1+ to Norma Battey Bette Sch1sse1, V111 my vocabulary to Betty Ann Brewer Now you can throw away the d1ct1onary, Bettv Ann I, Jerome Shurson, V111 my fast take offs from LeRov to Paul W1nkels The 11fe you save may be your cwn I, Ed Harter, V111 my b1ke to C11ff he1fer Good excuse for gett1ng home late I, B111 Kellner, V111 my green C0mpl8X10h to Mary Ann StB1h8S Green's more becom1ng than re , Mary Ann , Arvxd Neus, V111 my ab1l1ty to read 11brary books dur1ng classes to Albert Mullenbach B careful that vou don't get caught I, Mort Kellogg, V111 my hours at home to Lou1se Retterath Don't get h0Me81Ck, Lou1se , Steve UlVe111ng, V111 my banged fenders to Jim Theobald You'11 have to start dr1v1ng down dark alleys now, J1m , Ronn1e Goergen, V111 my curly blond ha1r to Gerald Osmundson Conf1dent1al1y, the g1r1s really go for 1t. I, Raphael'Freund, V111 my he1ght to Larry Hanson. No more Valk1ng on a1r now, Larry. I, Nad1ne McGee, V111 my Vr1t1ng ab111ties Kletters and 0th8fW1S8, to Denny Sandberg. It's sure to br1ng you luck soon, Denny. I, Bob Hueman, V111 my string of football v1ctor1es to Lynn Webber Keep it g01Dg, D1nk. I, Chuck Watros, V111 my s1l1y g1ggle and great ab111ty 1h bookkeer1ng to Jur1ne Mull enbach. Get set for some stra1ght nA'sN, Jurine. I, Barbara Mullenbach, V111 my long good nlghts to Mary Ann K1ng. Don't try to beat my record' I, Loren Nelson, V111 nhosen to Barb U1we1l1ng. That car has wonderful vent1lat1ons and tremendous f0SS1b11lti6S. Barb. 48 O 'e, Q ', ' .' 'SS5, 'e , . A H , . I Q1 , A l I. 11 . 'V 2 L. ' I 4 s 1 "..e -e.e ., A , - w ' ' c : , - Q - ' ' ' ' 2 11. a ' , ' ' V ' 3- Q ,. L, , 1 , .:. ,,,-14-, , , , T1 , in 1 .2 ,V .14 .. I . na N ' ' s ' , ' . Q.. , - , ,- , , 9 1. . . . Q 1,1 . -- L 3 - - 5 ,ZZ . . . , e , - e ' I ,, 1 a .5 . . . , , , . , . I 'r '. ' 1 ' ' ' , . 1 .. v . , ' 1 J .Y, . I X. . 4 - . '. : 3 . - . . , ' Q. . 1 x ' . . . I, I 1 U. 's . , 'X S ,J . . 7 5 e e e f , , , . . . . e ,. . . .L . 53. . 1 . . 1 e ' I . Q , we - , a . t ' 9 y v 7 L ' 2 . . . . ., W , . I, , I, , . . I . . . . . , . . I, . , . 4 - .4 l . . . . . d . I , e . . . . . . I . . . I . ... . , , , , . H . . . .

Page 51 text:

fr 'TN' ' 0 0 o .xg new weasel f"u,Rfe-ess Q , I if 'H ,JH s . V 7 ' II fill! '-fi'l P"5 rf' Q1-x Q Feng, Q , .- as es 1555 WMEMORIES ARE MADE OF THISN Take one glass of Freshie green, Add one class of Seniors mean, One girl, one boy, Some grief, some joy, Memories are made of this. Don't forget ou Sophomore year, Fold in lightly with a cheer, Their team, our team, We had the cream, Memories are made of this. Pou in studies one by one, Sprinkle with a lot of fun, Some 'A's', some 'B's', Some nC's', some 'D'sW, Memories are made of this. Mix in next our Junior days, Add a few more crazy ways, Class rings, more mon, Class plays, more fu , Memories are made of this. Sift in now ou Senior year, Color with these things so dear. Yearbooks, class play, Banquet, Skip Day, Memories are made of this. f, Then of our Graduation, One dash of high elation, Some fond farewells for the flavorg Stir in diplomas blue, Frost it with silver too These are the things you will savor, These are the dreams you will save us With the thought of days gone by, Serve it, it will satisfy, Four years, some tears, Some joys, some fears, Memories are made of this .... MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS. '1 A.

Page 53 text:

Sharon Head, V111 my 11k1ng for strong men to Therma Cornwell Keep up the good work Theresa Landherr, V111 my good taste 1h clothes to Herbert Merten Paul Re1nartz, w1ll my tremendous control of Heads to Duane W1gham Mow 'em down, Duane Jerome K1rtz, V111 m ab1lity for mak1ng baskets to Paul Steichen Now please make them for the rxght team' I, Kate Hurley, V111 my brown eyes and becom1ng blushes to Dean He1nzer11ng Just don't let them show up at the wrong t1me Clilushes, I mean Q I, Allan Lew1son, V111 my frequent tr1ps to LeRoy to Bonn1e Gordon The arms open there are terr1f1c Carol Heydert, V111 my frequent dances to Gen Schm1tz and Luc1l1e Hass Now you'd better learn to dance, g1r1s Peggy Vo1gt, V111 my fr1endly sm11e to E1a1ne SchVer1n I've found lt works wonders Alan Monson, V111 my ab1l1ty to dr1ve a car to Dav1d Sm1th D1tches always were softer than br1dges, Dave I, LaDonna Hueman, V111 my qu1et ways to Neal Hardecopf I don't suppose anyth1ng as de mure as that could ever be, could 1t, Neal? I, Sharon Madson, V111 my work at the drug store to Jerry Wold No more naps after school now, Jerry I, H8r11S Underdahl, V111 my drums to Duane Bustad Don't be afra1d to make a l1tt1e no1se I, Magg1e Ste1nes, V111 m knowledge of the A1r Force to Fred K1rtz It's really 1nterest1ng I, Jen Theobald, V111 my ab1l1ty to hang unto a r1ng to Sharon F1sk It gust m1ght come hand Sharon I, Virg1l Sorenson, will my stra1ght 'A's' to Sh1rley H1mebaugh Now lets see a better report card I, Lou1se Rauen, V111 my talent of argu1ng to Allan Schaefer Use any methods and you never lose I, Barbara K1ng, V111 my pleas1ng personal1ty to Robert Ste1chen That can't be measured 1h 1nches, Bob Class Prophecy One day 1D the year 1966 I pulled up a n1ce comfortable cha1r and dec1ded to watch T V On that day a new net Vork was be1ng 1htf0dQC8d The owner of th1s network was B111 Kellner He got h1s start brush1ng the horses' ta11s on Alan Monson's ranch on Taop1 I say 'on' because h1s m1111ons took over the whole area lHe d1dn't need too many J The first program that I saw was the Ed Harter Show It came d1rect1y from New York Th1s show was sponsored by a new beverage 1nvented by Virg1l Sorenson When asked where he got h1s :Sea he :xpla1ned, 'They have 7 Up and 6 Up', so I added a l1ttle alcohol and called lt 1C up On the program Ed presented a few acts The f1rst was Lou1se Rauen and her 'hoola' dance Ronn1e Goergen acts as her manager Lou1se's favor1te dance 18 'Ronn1e's Rumble ' He thought it up try1ng to get to sleep one morn1ng Next on the program was Carol Heydert and her 'Wh1te D1rt H1gglers', a new k1ng of worms wh1ch she tra1ned to do many outstand1ng th1ngs They are outstand1ng because they won't per form unless they are standing 0ut81d8 It was now time for a view of the audience The only ones I could make out were Theresa Landherr, Mary Cather1ne Dvorak, and Barbara Mullenbach, and as lt turned out Ed has a short conversat1on w1th each of them Theresa was 1D town plugg1ng her new novel 'A Little Scoop from the Chicken Coop ' Mary Cather1ne was in a dither because she had gust become secretary for the well known tru pet player Harrv James Barbara had Just returned from a tour 1h Par1s 1ntroducing her new eat1ng sensat1on, the 'Johnsburger ' She reports that the French reallv go for it The Mar11s Marchetters then performed under the d1rect1on of Marl1s Underdahl They featured Sharon Madsen and her 'Bulson Baton ' The three flops, Jan1ce Anderson, Kate Hurley, and Nadine McGee sung the1r new h1t the C 0 D ballad, 'Chain of Dreams ' The1r accompanist was Chuck Hatros who had a solo on the fl1p s1de Could that be the reason for the flop"7?9 LaDonna Hueman xntroduced a new type o luggage created by Allan Lewison, nL8W1SOB'S Loos 1n1te Luggage ' H1s report 1s, 'You don't have to look 11ke a bum to be a bum ' The next program I tuned 1h was 'A little BS from BS,' starring Bette Sch1sse1 It was a program conta1n1ng a 11ttle of evervth1ng and a lot of noth1ng Her f1rst great guest was the famous mov1e actress, Mona Mac fMadel1ne StQ1D83, wh Just completed her latest l0V10, 'AIR FORCE BLUES ' Appear1ng 1n the f11m ylth has arg :Zi seventeen children 49 I, . I . . i . . I, . 1, . . I, . . 3 I, , . . . . . I, . .... v . I, . . . . . . . . . . . . - : . . . . , in , . . . . ' ,ll . . . . . . . ' o . . . D ' ' ' n - n n , -' - , . , V . . , I I I 3 - . .

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