Adams High School - Argo Yearbook (Adams, MN)

 - Class of 1955

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Adams High School - Argo Yearbook (Adams, MN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 24 of 68
Page 24 of 68

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Page 24 text:

Following the play we enjo ec a little ni ht life W w on to the the rich man s friend Charlie's in the banking business But the hlgh point of the'evening was the bachelor party of the continental plavboy Tom HCool ' Pederson He met her while she was a cosmetic demonstrator V1ve la Lipstic ' k Our attentlon swung to the band Paul nSmiley Schmitz and Drooping Dave D ll ra e were playlng a trombone and tuba duet It wasn't good but it w s noisy' Ttey're bllled as the 'Melancholv Moo es we order our meal and are informed that the well known chef, Ron nSwede's Suzetten Ulven, was to make 1 His reputation asserts nHe can g e ent nClub Paree where we encountered nGood Time Charlieu Schneider, I lan chi sel The following dav he was to marry LaDonna Pete, 1 About that tlme we were visited by the bartender, Don Lewlson He sent us over a round of his new, world famous drink, 'D n s Double Dynamic Then the floor show began and our interest was again averted Gert Frickson ard Catherine Wllliams did a terrific dance routine They are led with the band as nTwo hutie Kids from Kokomol' To end the evening, we took a walk in the streets of Paris The Arc de Frlomphe was aglow and we walked along the Seine River There on the bank we encountered our artist, Janice, she was painting the city at night At least she didn't want any llghts, so I guess she wanted it more authentic But I wouldn't be a bit surprised if an Air Force uniform got mixed up in the skyline! And so the busy day ended and my client paid me And now I have de cided to leave Paris, the city of my birth To say good the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Seine, the Rue de la Paix, to the romantic gardens and sidewalk cafes, to my homeland, and to all the beautiful Mamselles. To the cathedrals and fountains, to the soft lights and soft nights, to music and gaietyl Why? Because if this crazy Senior Class decides to stay here, the only safe place for me is America! And so I say, Good bye, Good bye! Vive la Francel Vive la girls! V ve la America! and most of all, VIVE LA SENIORS amor: J 1 gg Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1955, being in somewhat sound and questionable state of mind Kas is possiblel, and acting under fraud, blackmail, and menace of the faculty, do not wish to leave anything to anybody, but since we possess so much importance, brains, privileges, good looks, self confidence, and being the teachers little idols, do feel from necessity and not generosity, that we should share these coveted characteristics Though we have such enviable qualities and think it is not fair to be selfish with them Kas you must agreel and also since we know the pupils and teachers of this institution will mourn upon our graduation, we bequeath the following to comfort their poor innocent souls. To Mr. Palm, our superintendent, we will a safe safe and the capture of the lucky thieves. To Hr. Hansen, our principal, we will all of our weapons, including rubber bands and water pistols, that we voluntarily gave to his cherished collection. To Mr. Froiland we will all of this years dead flies to be disected in next years biology class. To Mr. Young we will some nerves of iron for more efficient use when teaching driver training class. To Mr. Ostergaard we will a shiny new car that will always start so you can get to school on time. Not saying the car you have isn't 0.K. To Hr. Kershaw we will more blackboard space for next years book- keeping class. To Hr. McDonald we will two detectives to solve the murder of the 10 n 3,4 ' 'ai S S D A n " ' n 1 A . e H I . a . A ' 1 S . . ll I t' ' cook up anythingl' Needless to say, I did not inquire furtter. V O I I . ' II 511 A ' ' X 1 - 5 - " , i va , 'P QI' ' "'e

Page 23 text:

We hmd to contlnue then, much to my regret and whlle l avinp I was unacnguntably drawn to the perfume counter The salesllrl was Joanne B ser t e "de dottled nlng also Going a ce la raix over boy seldel and Darlene HHed' Hanson Just and I a ked my cllent 'I o1dn't know Amerlcan men prod c was demon trated' Ooooo la la' Tre nerfame it elf Bomhn was cremted and sold by larvin Elllngson and Lawrence o a melly Bus nes famous street, the Rue flourishes, sat Lar one thing pu vled me wore llp tick' known as the ' g an nlt e Q IDKGPS ain lnto the streets, we walked up that lhere ln a sidewalk cafe, where love lalghed oh, Pell Vive la love' lhe POUHt8lDS of '8PlS are an object of great interest, and tte e fllllnl hls super Jet water pistol was bill Nalder It' Dart of h1 ac at the Opera HThe ouncinv f Ba l spent tne afternoon at the races a d e saw at once tdat the s d bOOKl6 wa none other than Roger Roll it inn hithe e made a few investments on the side V1ve la nonev' saw on tte P8ulHU sheet that the favorlte for t1at day was the U S8 Ol"SE' rldden by Conrle Palver on, that famous horse lover The name of her was HThe 1ar'ne's Hymn Don't ask me why' We heard by the grapevine that Jackle McGee has started a fabulous Glitter Palace You all know that Jackie has recently gone 1nto the Jewelry business V1ve la Diamonds! A policeman stopped our taxi it turned out to be nArchie Mullenbach He used to be commissioner but now he's directing traffic, due to a sllgnt scandal concerning bribery by Jean Staebler, head of an internatlonal smuggling rin , nThe Redheads Ring Purely circumstantial evldence con v cted nArchie you see, he's a redhead too Also high in the civic improvements in Parls is Bob btzke He lures the sewer rats 1nto the river with his trumpet it drives them mad' His professional name9 'The Pied Piper of Pa is Vive la rats' At the customs office we ran into Milo he's been trying to convince officlals to import LeRoy as a permanent suburb of Parls iis campaign slogan? You guessed it nLeRoy for Lewison and vice versa Anot er worried customer was Lorralne Retterath, she's been trving to get offlcials to lmport her husband to go with her ring Fhere's a silly law barring army personnel' We then hurried to an uptown address On the way, under the Arc de Triomphe, Harlan Bergene showed us his terriflc buslness a hamburger stand which caters to girls. His product Bergene's Burgers for Boundlng Babes It started to rain and we ducked into a doorway We were yanked in side and introduced to a new bu lro s Gert Weydert is a famous halr stylist 'Weydert's Wavies are internationally famous Next door, Ed Winkels, the famed toupee maker also has a thriving business, owed chiefly to the development of a new product, 'Edd1e's Eraser If you're not bald when you enter, you are when you leave' Gert throws a lot of business his way, too! At the cocktail party we met Philomena Winkels, famed novelist and lecturer Her latest book is nHow to Win Boys and Influence Professors She's an 'An student at The University of Paris Vive la brains' Wayne Mullenbach, the famed Olympic Runner, was another of the guests He claims his greatest acheivement as a runner is staying a bachelor Tom Steichen, famed hunter and trapper, has journeyed to Paris for more vicious game. He may find more than he bargained for! Vive la women! We left the party early and went to see the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, then traveled on to the Lourve, where we had heard Janice Anderson's art showing was being honored. We didn't see Janice, but we did see Elene Loecher, voted the most brilliant woman in Paris. Elene is also running for Premier of France! I'm for it! Vive la politics! She invited us to the theatre that evening and we accepted. The Grand Opera and Theatre of Paris was buzzing with celebritles. Roger nThe Sheikn Voigt, known for his rugged profile, was among the first nighters. His date for the evening was that nLittle Breath of Irelandn, Betty Jo Hurley. They arrived in her Kelly Green Cadillac Convertible. The curtain went up and the play began. Joyce Valoer, nThe Helen Hayes of Parisn, portrays the tragic sweetheart in that ever best seller, nGone with the Garlic.n The rave notices were t6PP1fiC! 19 z ' ' ' ' S , a v I Iv lla . nach Liu S o "' Q L -1 MT- S '- l:A1l j L E ' ix' ' J , , , . - - u , 1 si d tl ct- f s 1 S. g' ' ' ' ., .' o RJ I . , , m - ' - J - PY . Y HL' -h ,YI rv A . O K qw. , . .. - Q ll - . ,-S, oo' 1 A . .-3 ' the ,J ,,,, I anon n "' ' ' ,, ,l I' , .. .43 . J , . S i M S t If . " I1 . one A 1 J .1917 O .l. St, .: Q X ' we A H W k :- I' , - . . l.1..':lSYlll:.' CPC' se S Q, H , - I-3 rv. Of f:'X!1'Yl'r1, 1, I 4, I .1 U" 0 A ' , . . . . 1 V -6 ., L " U L fl I' . L .a S .. . . . , f '1 ll n , ' n I. . . . . O . . ' 0 ooo ' Q - v L . ll - Q 5 Q - i noun' g . , . I - v - ann o - r W n - - a o neo . . - . - . I . A U 'Y 3 - noon . h. n ' N , ' J I o . . ' co'se I1 . .lf D H o . - S 1,5 . Y H 0 o f.. I fl 0 0 ' 0 . . I 0 o o 1 0

Page 25 text:

King's guards in Macbeth We hope you have success To Mr Peterson we will some earplugs so he can have complete silence during history class To Mrs Hanson we will some unbreakable sewing machine needles and S O S scouring pads to use for burnt pans back shop year kids furnace for her Mrs Smith we will some library books that can find their own way the library when they get lost Mr Hoberg we will all of the left over shavings and chips from our donation to be used for the building of a new addition the cooks, Mrs Watros and Mrs Walker, we will a senior class next that doesn't have such an enormous appetite Maybe now the last lucky line will get something to eat Joe we will a big heaping carload of warm coal to be put in the in generous amounts Mrs Dubinsky we will several efficient messengers to run errands Now you won't have to work so hard the school board we will a bill to be passed that will permit more and later school parties As individuals we bequeath the following Now you can draw pretty pictures of all your girls Richard Battey, will my height to Carol Weydert How do you like it down here, Carolo We, Harlan Bergene and Larry Seidel, will our curly looks to Mary Catherine Dvorak. No need for any 'Klnki Kurl permanents now I, Joanne Blaser, will my late hours at night to Theresa Landherr You won't need any sleeping pills now, Theresa David Dralle, will my big booming b I, David Dralle, will my big bomming voice to LaDonna Hueman Careful now, or the teachers will hear you. , Marvin Ellingson and Terry Huemann, will our quietness and shyness to Jen Theobald. Kind of hard not to talkso much, isn't it? We, Gertrude Erickson and Catherine Williams, will our extra extra curricular activities at Rose Creek to Paul Reinhartz Lug, it really is a nice town We, Connie Halverson and Lorraine Retterath, will our love for licking stamps for special delivery to certain places to Sharon Wead You really won't mind the taste when you know its going to someone special I, Rosella Fasbender, will my jolly disposition to Arvid Neus Don't wear it out We, Darlene Hanson and LaDonna Pederson, will our special interest in Egrgain senior boys to Louise Rauen Take it easy on them next year, u se I, Mary Ann Huemann, will my long study hours during the night to Bette Schissel Cheer up Bette, now you can get straight A's We, LaVonne Hueman and Jackie McGee, will our sparkling diamonds to Lucille Krlz Sorry to say, but the men don't come with them You'll have to get busy and hook your own I, Jim Hunt, will my skill for playing the piano to Chuck Watros New Chuck, don't put Liberaee out of business I, Betty Jo Hurley, will my liking of figures to Steve Ulwelling Incidentally, I mean bookkeeping I, Mary Jax, will my special interest in Groucho Marx's program, 'You Bet Your Life' to Loren Nelson. By the way, it's sponsored by the friendly DeSota and Plymouth dealers I, Lawrence King, being a genius, will this ability to Warren Bee Don't get discouraged if you are not as smart as I am Dorothy Landherr, will my corny giggle to Allan Monson Use it wisely, as I have done , Donald Lewison, will every one of my cute little freckles to Nancy Dralle There is always room for one more We, Roger Voigt and Milo Lewison, will our romantic evenings at LeRoy to Nadine McGee They're very enjoyable, aren't they? We, Elene Loecher and Juanita Voigt, will our strong dislike for 21 4 o .io . to 0 To . as - To e l I in 0 To To . 0 To. I, Janice N. Anderson, will my artistic ability to Virgil Sorenson. I, . I! O I, C We 0 O O U e O I, . 0 I D

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