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2KnA,fQ1I5MAkM. ig Qffzy K 57 0 J fi A ! J DWL .Www Q kfb 5 Q Sw SWF Qf A fam! 9 My W9 J 6 if vm V X' Mfg Q ,Vw 5xCJwLf9 XE: 2-ff I gf 7 4 X X W K X x3N 3 X K !L,f,Z'.. if fha? ,1 N ,L ,,, 2- , I -ff 12 A - J x -Ti' U fn ,jgfL!!j I Zzfg ' ' 4 4' ' f V 1 fff X K X X fm J AM,mMM4JfffJ ffzfb. Q 'pf V' ' ,-, 7' 4, f 'ff , f U1 eg Q !'.-ckGCJI , V, '4"4Q?6gf.f,,fj CgXflOLff A L11 6,1 h 677 Tj 'AVV Z- ffx Q71 X A 1 ff, ff fi' A ,A 'f Ly' T? 17 -- , ' 51 215, A f Q Q b f'w? A AKKMCAL 'g'g?LyJ! 'fffx fi 2 f - f ii 8,1 N , M 47' -.7 Q K . ,7 !, fivf- " ,- 4 f ' " 4 f 'L "T 4 ' fTf7'gM ' Ulf! -five!--fzffv gr J ' Ll, Ef1f ,29'Q7 I , 'fy 4 I, , I I ' If f -A-'gg ' 3 141z7f -H ,fx ,NX ,I If LJ' X,-YL wut, Q53 ,,,, vt-59, 1 XML ,f " ' I X K7 ' ,., f., X V Rf WWA' A ' 'f- Q-.,. -4 LZ fflfifef, " . i?1?4.:A X 41 ' ! , gfwcgf J f .ffl 4,,.ig , ' f 3" 5 h Q I 3 .J ff LAL! .., ,j 'lgixfijlf 5444 Qri- l, ' ' +V mmf JW, - J , . , Iv' - , . 'VI X' V, X x,Li H N547 .V -1 7, Af, I gg sipzdkdggzkalfsfz-, !?f,,'L,L,4-mf Qfm' Lk V N' akin 73 hifi' Q-3 v I KD " 4 I I N JI" ,57 U, fi LL A 17924, L-QQ I U ' A Q f" 'Q ww -ff 0 wwf H, f QC, f ' ff I 121,11 1,4 4, R5 .flpi ,.,f 6.w J X' , V4 f Gygax 1 . ' W 61 J Q1fV'l-x A I ,Lf MVLMJ, d,P,, fyM, 404, ' fl - HR XY Q . Q . S f ' f W ' . fb kr: -. f-V V :J .. H gh vi L 4,4411 Q K-L , f u-1 LQ, JJ f f'f' ,' C 1, ' 1 ff' N ' .1 ,xv , I ,' 1 -A VX' ki f' ' 'LJ . X ,J X w f nbv Q'wf H HQwQww .A ,I f' ' 1 Aff I, L Q ' W ff , ' f1. f mf 'x mfg Aj X uf ,LY , ' if , 1 'XL ,, ' - ' ' ,,f. C-Q Q, f C C K ' 4' I 1 . Ury' Cf f 'Q gf ' Q , Q 'I . 1 Rf -V f X, . ,L . C ,. Q i ci! I 5' ' 3 , A E Q C Q NQ 1' 4 ,C X . , A E f A , 0 '. Q is V 1 Q C C, K Lck 1,4 . . D f V LI 7, T, . X1 - 4 W 5 fi x.- ,inc k . LQQZLK fx 4 'Cc i Q if C 1 2 'Q-. , gum? if-2?2,1 '12 2522? Qcm T M W KV 259 6 if My WMQWMWM Six ,ww KJV LMWSP 'Q WW My fwz M41 MWWWWJ 'ff XE ,X xg M W X tn HMM fy pfWM! diy yu 'D E672 W2 W QNX-Eiwfljfqzgkgk EJ MQ M f ,J iff! 3 ,ww fwy,jZjW wxxww iiifwffffg Mr QW? M WJWWW Mnwwiggjw I My M fmwwffwfw 6 ' M 'Q O-x jj zz, 5' " A :K 1: Ap an x Oprw MVA! 5 ' Q 97 h A. ,Ng 5 nf 'Q W7 I Q . Mwwqfmipfff . XXX X? Zcffj " ' L 2 if H X -' W ,y L , XL V YWTJ w'D32Zff'M' f5XW X Exik ky My 'ff g j J 0 n M yy yy U YI ll xx N Nd Mfg! V QA W! X MIL 1 , X , I fu . X f f if M, ' C 'X' ' 2i f 'V7QLMfqQfTx Q , 43, . J . 1' ' I ,MU xx ix . f , f Xgxxxbiiak N M , . rg , f Mn . w f ' f'7-1 ff!!! i MM 'M M . wh' cuba, ' ' ,4.9,Awn,4! 4 W, up - N 1 . QQ! A - l AW ' 4 J -- TIM. 252- "fa QM - M! V .1 .X I f . 1 Q L ' x - 4 I x -'x .xx ,J .L X' ' 7 1 iw Q' I ' S. 1 4. , , fx I lf I If 4 .J "J I fi I' ,fd .1 P , F- 1 9 V' 'V Y f v F- bl. 1 , - v 1, I ' fin A M I H I 1 52511012 Cmss 2 fa 5 5 PROUDLV TDRESENTS THIS VE H525 -6 O V I X5 3 Mbssaca TO 1955 GRADUATh.b OF ADAMb HIGH SCHOOL By Supt. John F Palm Recurrently we come to that time in a school year when teachers grade and accredit, promote and otherwise appraise the academic accomplishment of high school youth, and they forever leave the high school room graduate and leave teachers, campus, " and cherished associates and go out into a busy world Despite all displays of exhuberance and all ex pressions of relief, it is a sober time for you young people Variously equipped for life, you leave your time of preparation to go out into a world that expects performance, that expects you to assume your share of responsibilities and troubles, expects you to contribute to the needs of the day and to the preservation of your heritage all of which makes it exceedingly important that you take with you a reliable sense of values, that you sift the facts from the fallacies, the truths from the theories and falsehoods, the essentials from the non essentials As a safeguard to you seniors leaving school to face the realities of life, you must, in fairness, be reminded that some things you have learned with great effort will soon be forgotten, that some of the mem orized data may prove excess baggage, that many theories will change, that new truths will be discovered But if you have learned to value qualities of high character above mere intellectual sharpness, if you have learned to avoid intolerant dog matism, and have learned to guard against assuming that your education is complete, you will be better prepared to meet the shocks of life, the in evitable changes, and the many adjustments that are sure to come As high school doors are left behind, and you are graduated with academic finish and flourish, you should remind yourselves to always keep an open mind for truth, never smugly close your books and say: 'That's thatl It is in you that we place our hopes, our COnf1d6DC6 and our aspir- ations. Spend yourself for God and country. Be one who puts something into the world rather than takes from it. With congratulations and best wishes for the future, I wish you good luck, Godspeed, and goodby! 2 - : ,Q 'ff ,K+ '?7?i3f . ' o. X "'"""""Q""""""'f"""""""""" 5 WX ' a ' .Kxs X n , M This This Thls when This Thls ole ole ole the ole ole Over at last is the initial year for some, the final year for others Whether we were wide eyed sophomores, experienced juniors, or all knowing seniors, we had fun from the first assembly right down to Award Day. some will soon close the double doors behind them for the last time, while others have a year or two in which some ambitious dreams will be fulfilled. Here we hold the memories of 1955 specially cherished Ewxi UQ 3 ik fi. " I ,yfgx wx ' N' nr TYI Wzh This ole school once knew us children, once knew our strife was home and comfort As we fouvht the storms of li e This ole school once rang with laughter This ole school heard many shouts, Now it trembles in the daylight, when the students walk about. This ole scnool This ole school A1n't gonna need this school no longer, Ain't gonna need this school no more, There's no need to fix the furnace There's no need to heat the floor, ihene's no need to oil the hinves Nor to mend the wlndow panes, H1n't gonna need this school no longer, We're gettin' ready to meet the world school is afraid of thund r, school is afrald of storms school groans and night winds fling school is gettin' school is needin' like us it's tuckered And it just won't warm our Just trembles its arms feeble, heat, out, feet. This This Thls This ole ole ole ole school is gettin' shaky, school is gettin' old. school lets in the rain, school lets in the cold. All the walls are gettin' chilly, But it feels no fear or pain, Cause it sees angels peeking, Through those broken window panes We, the Senior Class of 1955 spectfully dedicate this Argo to Gordon A Hansen, who came here in the year 19L4,8 and has been our principal for the past four years 4 Left to right are: Vance Torgerson, Paul Winkels, Virgil Bergene, Supt. J, F. Palm, Martin Prescott, H. E, Osmundson, and Nordeen Gilderhus. To be a member of a board of education in a local community is one of the greatest responsibilities any citizen can receive. It offers an op- portunity for outstanding and constructive public service. It requires unselfish and intelligent devotion for the common good of all, A local school board is almost the last bulwark marking community control over its own affairs. These days are of unusual significance to schools and therefore to their policy makers---school boards. The increasing number of young people who want and need formal education, and the constantly expanding program of the school, make it more difficult to find money for plants, personnel, and equipment. These considerations make the work of the school board more difficult and of the utmost importance. Some one has aptly said of the qualities school board members need: 'Knowledge alone is not enough. In addition the public expects of him the wisdom of Solomon, the patience of Job, the meekness of Moses, the hu- mility of a burned out electric bulb, the sagacity of Henry Ford, the initiative of a jet propelled plane, and the common sense of Lincoln!n To participate effectively in school policy-making also requires understanding judicial competence, vision, courage, sincerity, unselfish- ness, common sense and teamwork. The business of education is one of the largest in many communities, More actual funds are involved, much of the tax money is expended, and more of the public's interest is, or should be, concentrated upon this important nindustryn. In order that the best educational conditions mioht be attained board members have laid aside personal feelings and opinions and have worked with a vision of what their positions really mean in the success of the school and the future of the children. And the results have been com- mendable and without doubt worthy of public recognition. They generally sacrifice valuable time and personal comforts without compensation in order to be of service. Indeed often the are obli ed to see their best Y S most conscientious efforts criticized adversely, harshly and unjustly by the unthinking public whom they so faithfully serve! But they have become sworn servants of that same public and often expect such remuneration! In short, school board members have evolved a wholesome, intelligent manner of administration, commensurate with the inherent responsibilities of their positions. Our debt to them is great: let us be thankful that it is. They also serve, worthy of recognition! S Q 5 ' Mr. Hanson, Prf"""'l .mi Winona State Teachers Phy- Ed. 7,8,9,10 Social Studies 7 I ! f ,Si 4 X q.'A3'+ X , B Mr. Ostergaard St. Cloud Teachers Solid Geometry ""Q""'-Civics 9 Coach J0hn F. Palm, fgupt. Gustavus Adolphus Commercial Law 1'-rs rem, M, Q .gulf Mr. McDonald Ste John's n X Sr. High English ,Q Trigonometry Plain Geometry Geography 8 Physics Algebra A Ass't Coach X f 'Q fn X11 1 7, Q ek., fffflcs -S ' I ,-, C!.x. -'v,s, . Z 1 A V f rx I., , . H, Alf ,ff GJ, V4 yy l A f X XA. ' ' jf " 4 X xl' XL ' I .ig A X ' IJ X., gf ul T ' V ' i Speech S op 7 8 ' 8 x X -1 K at Hlst if ' 4 , .X Jr H giIk6QiYihg OPY lO,l1,12 Agriculture 9,IO,1x,12 ' , n ish- SF N 1 5 , I I ' Gustavus Adolphus ffouth Dakota State gr a g 6 Shorthaigd xI,I1 Y , X Q o ' Mr. Peterson XY Mr. Hoberpx fzlyse Smith Xnona Miiaiixrziachers I ' aw 1 , 'mmcml f .xqx If Pj -, U LR 3, e,Y ,,,,.w:Qe 1 , . ' A yA',,, W' N ff" ' 1!s fx Ayfbk r ,, I 1 Qgwv 'i,JDiIaZif"f! r 1-. an s ,sax Mr. Young University of Minnesota Mr H Mr. Froiland S' anson Drivers Training St. Ol f South Dakota Qtate a Girls Glee blub Coach Home Ee. 7,8,9,1O Mixed Chorus Apt 7,8 Science 7,3,9, Biology Band Phy. Ed. Math 7 Mach 8 A Q ,V U, 1, f -' giww I Mrs. Walker Mrs. Watros M509 Adams MT3- Dubiflsvff' I . I lxfirs. Thissen J it Cooks an or Secretary x J Miss Goodlisfong Bde 2 ' x XMiss Huemoeller, Grades Sao Jgyggg 1 QxJJf X Mrsl Jensen, Grades 3ah 7'. QQTX9 4 C HL 5gQ'Y165mer X0 gy 39691 Vie .X Xnymgbk Oct xjx X39N98eS 6 436 CJYSOG A 1 L yl S e CJ 5 Zoqioy 17' 953 Sclkcooog O Hg ces Za Q P e I' Vifl Je 1. 7' 8 es e 053- 95' Q XX EQ Di- Cmaei YXWX eq e C Zu '6aeY-6509x3529 17 6015 6943 Lex O Lyyle G 15 Elsie 2' fvflftoy Ire oo 7' IJ I ff hob C I-I 81,0 11 v-at' XHGBOWQ ae? of Grand eadovi Q P-iX'5i1,9-1' xr R09 CTG Feb 21, vga 6 4 Pu 2 :Ek Oi Ill 51.1708 Xe k QW 1 GP to Q27 Sn D 25 fog Ad T H-goes Us a F161 ef' d P-pr V5 C Cala oeum Bgceum Urea fe 'rkax' ob T gcegm U en o 6172 s H 8 ,f 'X 9 .x" CKX Bfmi 0 9 'Tl Q XX ls Zu., X e960 9:. 2 I' f?O ", 6, 42: I C Qsxrax. A Nj51V A7 If I ' ,Q H, QD' ' A 27 CJ' e 1,8 'O 1 -Y S0400 50 nn 9 ,O xii? . 5 Y ' N 8 D ,Q . YK 0 uw YX ls 15341. S 6 14 ,hs P If lop ' J 34 d 'S C al Qu 'S I 0 'Het 3am K3 Q 6 ,M .5 me-'gave e 1-f W Q X ,.5b. , xy., e GV-'Y 8 -, I e YY- NSI Q Q50 Y 'N ' by 23" Ss- 8 Y . :Shia . 1, Me 0 'ad Q Qlnheg ow If PZ' if H 4 L1 15-- .ya 52- J' 9Q:L, 249--,Q J' 2,5 U S Cqmm E President Larry beidel Vice FPGSIQBHL Joyce Valder secretary Llene Loecher Treasurer Lois Nalker br, Class Officers September 1951, We, tne present seniors oi Adams lgh School, started out as freshmen All 53 of us were awed and just a little frlphtened at the idea of high school, new teachers, and upper classmen rresnm n inia tion made us brave enouvh to continue the year. Jackie Mceee and Mllo Lewison carri d off the prizes for:Jdt1ation costuming we started our sophomore year much wiser Helen Cain came in ben tember and left after Christmas Prank Hueman, 'oyd nardecopf, and we carr'ed off first prize on our homecoming float. Chosen for se vers for the Junior Senior Banquet were Connie Halver son, Jean etaebler, Darlene Hanson, hlene Loecher, Betty Jo Hurley, Mary Jax, Lavonne hueman, Labonna Pederson, Tom ecnissel, uonald Lewison, Larry aeldel, Ronald Ulven, Conrad ochaefer, Roger Voigt, Milo Lewison, and Charles bchneider. And then our junior year dawned We really had progressed Our f1r t major production took place, uPan1c on a Pullman Incidentally we out on a supper banqlet in honor of the seniors The theme was spanish P1 st Our class rings made us feel even more important sharon hhlo tame and left us that year, Others to leave us were Anne Miller and Jerry Meister Bill and Joyce Valder joined our class that year. Then we were seniors! Ah, mighty people David Dralle started the ear with us Our plav 'Mind Over Matter was the first item. Tnen the Argon began to pi k up momentum, hverything piled up and we barely had tlne to catch Our breath Finally BaccalmuvatB on 4ay 29 and tommencement on June 2 ended a chain of events that made tur days in Adams High bchor' happy and beneficial 9 shirley Ballhagen left this year also. It must be m neatly mentioned that . . ' S ll I . A lo- 1-n,n i- ll . A I- . - R 'I O sky! 1 ix 1-as ,g 0 A., I , QNICE NDERSON ICHHRD QRTTEY 12 '1n'1 Q- ac? 'if 4 1 I 55? A X JZHNNE Llrsel? Take nothing scriouslyg enjoy H9 Stops yawning 10n8 enough Plenty of laughter, plenty yourself mi htily, to tell a funny story. Band l,2,3,h Glee Club 2,3,Q Chorus 2,3,h Newspaper 3,h Argo A Class Play 3 C1853 Officer 1 Cheerleader 1 Library Ass't 3 Speech Club A Pep Club L Trumpet Trio 2,3 Sextet 3 State Chorus H Band l,2,3,h F-F-A- 1,2,3,M Baseball 3,h of fun, for, after all, life Lettermen 3,u has just begun. Baseball M Al C1 b 1 2 Football 3,h U ee u ' ,3'u Chorus 2,3,M get -xl r X261 as 6 Football l,2,h F 'EK VW Band l,2,3,M K Chorus 3,h State Chorus M Class Play 3,h F.F.A. Officer A Basketball 3 Lettermer M Basketball M He is not merely 3 Chip off Talk to him of Jacob's ladder, He is never less at leisure the Old blggk, but the block and he would ask the number then when at leisure. itself. of steps. HHRLQN gene-ene Dumb Pl-ILLE MHRvlNELLlNcsoN ipsum- Q K' Af A Vx. 9 A i" Gil 64 . M vu-4--f' levy 1 li 1511, 'fll In .. ,343 .Na 1 Lv -f w ' fu k g ' I . s-Ahnotlv' K ' ,A Q i tx N L tar 5RTRuDE RIQKSON There's never a dull momen in Gert's life Band l,2,3 M Chorus 3 M lee Club 3 M Library Club 2,M Library Ass't 2,3 M Argo M Newspaper 3 M Class Play M Stud Band Dir lee Club 3 M Chords M Class Oflicer 3 Class Play 3 Student Council Sec Pep Club Pres M Argo M Her pleasant face revels her personality. KDHPLENE!4HNSON ??',,, of 'Q' I S lib' me-iff oseLLF4 Hs BEIYDEE My idea o an a reeable per son ls a person was agrees with me lee Club l,? 3 M lass Play 3 127 True love is like a ghost ONNIE HLVERSON Our cla s equestriel Cl is Officer 1,2 Chorus 3 3 M lee Club ,3,+ lagoretre 2,3 M Pep Club M Class Plav 3 Argo M tate Chorus M Homecoming Queen Glee Club l,2,3 M which everybody tells about Life is not so short but tDHt and few have seen. I-F7 VONNE HuEMDN there is tlme for courtesy. RRY NNN HIAEMHNN ff ' 'M'i9'. ?fZQi? ! , 4' h H712 2 'I yr!! 'Q " , I ' I. V ,Q ' in f . . K ,Q 'su , zjx ' . W sx 3, I M M QP 7 I 1 ' fzi ' 1 it "' 3 , .v . -4 N ,,,.,,., . A ,: lg 3 959 M? I 1 1,4 I f 33? 1 2. 3 M E p 4- fu F ' - , - o , 1 ' I .w l!.8. ' - C 'zu M ' L , J a. ' 3 --9 2 ' H 1 F tq " ' -3 2 , L! , 'J :Il v I , ! , S O O 1+ , - I J 9 - LL I ' n r ala '::: Alu aww- o 5 ,4 X 'l,A A ,f fgr il tc RMES HuHT E-fry IoHuRLEY lx7FH'?Y RX Th apsaigihiggnwigrs out more She's always lively, spirited,A1ways smiling, always happy, 6 man' gay--laughing through life always giggling! F'F'A' l,2,3 in her light-hearted Way. Glee Club 1,2,3,u Qewspiper A student Council 3 Chorus Q C1250 A Library Club 2,u Orus 3' Library Ass't 3,h Newspaper M Stud. Dir. Play 3 If A 5 N X55 h y ls h' Baseball 1,2,3,h Football I+ Lettermen 3,!l Class Play 3,14 F.F.A. 1,2,3,h It is not every question that deserves an answer. LNHWRENCE ING EV? " I , ' - , l lil Glee Club l 2 Class Play 5 ,3,u "Thank heavens the sun has gone in, and I don't have to go out and enjoy it." F.F.A. 1,2,3,h Behold! The man who thinks women are as dangerous as nitro-glycerine. fN OROTHY L""D"'f'?'? leRRYHurmmvN TZ ! -ana 1 Y t 'ni X It Q-lg' Q 1 Qi? 5' 'aff ' 2 't , ,,f' ,v V 1 , ' ' :law . rf . X Qgwfkdfd? V ,,,, ,, l Y, We Q 0 + 3 s 'J L K 2 DONHLD L-EWISDN Nuo LEWISON Wgyng f?u.l.LElv8HQH Four be the tnlnfa l'd have A S0021 many thinfs eo HPOUHG Inn nct a politician, but my been better without: love, in the dark besides Santa other habits are good. gggiosity, freckles, and gagezall 1,2,h Football 2,3,u 0 0 0 c B 2 Q M Basketball l,2,3,h Lafiball l'2f3'u Football ,,. F tb 11 2 e ermen 3,4 mul. 1 Lggtejmen 5351 Ig-M. 1,2,3,u Lettgpmgn 3,u 9 ' P.F.A. Officer 3,h Basketball l,2,M Homecoming King Baseball 1,213 C1855 Play 3: ,f-S Glee Club 1,2,3,u W tae, Student Council 2 Class Officer 2,3,h griple Triou3 'TT a horus 2 3 ' Sand 2,3:hg ewspaper Girls Quartet 2 Class Play L F.F.A- 1,2,3,M Homecoming Attendant h Pep Club Officer M Band Officer Q Library Club 2,h Newspaper 3,u speech Club A Library ASS't H Basketball M Argo Q Newspaper 3 B8S6bB11 U State Chorus h APEC M Debate 3,U Office Asf't 2 d t Quiet, dependable, quite Better know nothing than half- ggfgeffgiegglagjgitiggggnit recommendable. VUOW many things- Sells itself. RQK,E MQGEE QLLENBHCH W ta fZ3'5' war x 1 il: cific!!! I ff' ,, ,.! 5 , ,Me ,vm-f XJQEM L9 DONNA EDERSON LORRHJNE El-TER-HTH Some trouble the dannerous I'm ,,t seas with oars, others rush I'm to arms. Majorette 2,3,u Class Play 3 Elee Club M nc arguing with you, telling you, Class Play 3 Library Agslt 3 Glee Club 1,2,3,h Chorus M Newspaper M Argo u Fep Club M Football l,2,3,u Lettermen l,2,3,u Baseball 2,3,u Basketball 1,2 Newspaper U Class Play 3 Chorus 2,3,u Argo M F.F.A. 1,2 Class Officer l Student Council l I have never seen a ureater Football 3,u Baseball 3,u Band l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Lettermem Mixed Chorus Officer M F-F-A- l,2,3,h F.F.A, Officer M F.F.A. Judging Team 3,h Band Officer M NRHD Do you know C HIWEVTEWQ that sation is one of est pleasures in it wants leisure. Chorus 3,u Football Manager l,2,3,u Basketball 1,2 Baseball l,2,3,u Letterman 3,u Speech Club A conver- the great life, but Argo Q Newspaper 3 F.F.A. 1,2 Debate A Baseball 1,21 3,lL Football l,3,M Basketball 2,3,u Lettermen 2,3,u FIFCAQ 1 Second thoughts are even monster or miracle in the everyone likes Paul, UFor N. world than myself. he's a jolly good fellow.n lser' Z3 lggmgs SCPHSSEL DALLL ,SQHNH-rl CHNRLES SLHNEKDEQ are 0, he ' , are, W: ',s, ,A X "' r C- f ',,. . ,. V1 M 151' 11 'W-' ': M K f ,. fy .gJw7M 2v1" Q, 1, ff C 'gf ' ' I , ghllp .QQHI ' Y anna, - M "f , ss ' tf::2i flue' V ,::Il Glln 4 ,,' 'QPX 'ii ? . , it Nhr' Aa?Wf Elf' . I 32, --agp' if i M, gi ' gtagxh M2 K b 1 '5 t N 4-, has I envy Q"v-f-"'Y' give way to, whatever my business is. Football 2,3,u Baseball l,2,3,h Basketball l,h Class Officer 3,h Student Council Student Council Officer M Band l,2,3,h Chorus l,2,3,u F.F.A. 1,2,3,M F.F.A. Officer 3,h State F.F.A. Band 3,h State Chorus M Lettermen M Debate 3,h Class Play 3,M Speech Club h Glee Club 2,3,h Chorus A L-ibrary Ass ' t 3 F.H.H. 3,h In school she's quiet and demureg of her good will we are all sure, DELOPES STEPHONI 2 f if X ll "UM Llql?l?5' ESEVIDEL. gygvili fE5Tl EY3LlfR fgongfgs f51fggQf4E,V Music and women, I cannot but Regardless of the question,Turn up the lightgg I donvt Jean always has an answer. want to go home in the dark Cheerleader l,2,3,h Majorette l,2,3,h Glee Club l,h Chorus 2,14 Class Play 3 Class Officer 1,3 Pep Club M Homecoming Attendant Argo U Student Council 3,b Student Council Officer M Football 3 Basketball 2 Baseball 2,3,h Lettermen 3,M Don't let Ronnie fool you with that solemn faceg he hides a very nay nature be F.F.A. 1,2 Basketball 2 Football 3,h Baseball 2,3,M Letterman 3,h 2 Band 1,2,3,h Chorus 2,3,h F.F,A. 1,2,3,+ hind it. Handsome is as handsome does ONHLDULVEN oesm' Unk: ,a s,x3x l ,vvnq "' fpdfxk 'Q ,ilk .' 1 'Al Q as ' fi , !- .rp I 'N X 5 A visas sird i 1:::' 3 ,. Q 3,1-f glnxy WIN pr 1L.AlV 1' my M N40 310 :W OYQE VHLDER ,jumvarn V0iGT Lsffnmnln VHLDFP H+r stronw determinati0H lt is a rouyn road that leads .hi , E N, C h, Fill 1 will enable her to accom- to the heiehts of freatness. W MZ' an2'5 pgs ' S plish what she sets out to Clee 'lub l,2,3, Clee Club Cf icer u Hand 2 3 A Chorus library Ass Homecoming Atterdent bextet 2 ch l,2, Leba+e 3 A Newspaper 2,3,u Class Officer 2,h Class Play 3 M Pep Club M peevh Club A Mixed Chorus M Glee Club 4 Class Play U Class Officer A Library Club 2 icity lS F d to be student Council Glee Club 3 M Library Ass't Y Newspaper 3 Chorus A Chorus Cfficer Class Play 3 M speech Club M Argo M Student Council l Basketball 1,2 Football 2 3 A Class Play 3 Mixed Chorus 3 M Speech Club M Lettermen 3 M F A l, , Nh t t ' 'h t 1 il a c when found wlth n a irl d 8 lme I 8 V SO DG8t 5 ization! oss WALKER OGER 'GT 33" gallon Z .Q Ju-t come and gone' E seball l,2,3 Football 2,3' Lettermen 3 A Ba ketball l 2 Glee Club l,2,3,h Chorus A A F H A Of icer Class Play 3 Lg Homecoming Attendant Library Club 2 Newspaper A Pep Club A Honor lies ln honest toil ERTRU DE Wsroem 2 O do. , av in , , A 3 L4 1 ., A 7 ' K F.F. . U 2 ! U 31M ' A U' ' J 't 1 , A A A A G SDS? C 3,lL . 4 , F.H.A. 3 'L I I 9 3 F.H. . :Ji , s o o 1 3,1-L ' J I F. . . 2 3 1 Simp' ' lar at F . , D L Vo 'V ,Avg "M MA , .ef 4? ' i . ,Z L I j Q Q'.' W 1 X. . C A J I . JV ,X 9 3 4 ,Li I l ' law! C ' 1 'V f 'ff -. lx A K X1 A ff Th 0lfEfillf'f"'T"EY CnmERuvEWu.z.mms Eownreol4!,NKsLg ous a P 9 510W in Under her quiet er lit E . Elasies, mighty fast with lies a subtle wig. Sona Y ddies motto. Slow but SURE e asses- Band 2,3,u F-F-A- 1,2.3.u Football 1,2,3,u Library Club 2,24 glass Play is Basketball Mgr. 1,2 Pep Club u ev Club U Baseball 1,2,h Class Play 3,h Lettermen 1,2,3,h N Wx If MLN VX fy wx ' --fi W Wmwv iaqfp igiw Glee Club 2,3,u Chorus M F.F.A. 1,2,3 Library Ass't 3 F.H.A. 3,M O Bed! O Bed! O delicious . bed! That heaven upon earth Behind that 3511111933: Pm-1 to the weary head. conceals a sparkling personality, UGENE WINKELS Pl-HLOMENH WaNKELs Class Prophecy This is a very confused story, and I must admit that I too, am verv confused But I must begin at the beginning it all started in that gay, wonderful city of Paris My name is Pierre and I am a guide in the cltv One day I was contacted by an Amerlcan to act as special guide The American was a girl and well being French well, anyway, I took the job! It seemed that she was a detective and on the trall of a mlssing group, a Senior Class of l955, I believe She wanted me to take her to places in f8PlS where she might f1nd some of the members I sug gested we go to the beautiful Gardens of Tuilliers, Kto find the class, of course J Oooooo la la! To travel to the Gardens we took a cab, and when we got into the vehicle, my lady gave a cry of great joy nBugsl I look about but could see no sign of insects It then became evident that she was addre sing the drlver, a Richard Battey She asked him why he had come to Paris ar1 he said that he had become so expert at driving on the left side of t road that officials had sent him to Paris, where it was legal' While driving to the Gardens at breakneck speed, down a winding street our cab was blocked by an excited group We investigated and f d th oun e cause to be none other than Dorothy Landherr She was jumping up and do h ti wn s ou ng, Down with France Johnsburg for World Capital Vive la Johnsburgl' This created quite a scene Soon we saw someone trying to drag Dorothy away, my lady recognized her it was Rosella Fasbender cheif I executions at the Guillitolne' It seems that Roselle gets commissions for extra executions so friend or not Dorothy was next! They call Rosella W sbender the Fearlessln Finally we arrived at the Gardens we were sure we would find some of the members there But of coursel Immediately we found Eugene nRipu Winkels sleeplng peacefully under a tree The guard told us that Gene had been there for ten years, so we didn't disturb him' not only escorting one girl, he'd stay with one for five minutes, go on to another, a d so n Now I know what you Americans mean when you say HDemocracy It's wonderful' I'm French but he could el We left the Gardens then and began our sightseeing tour We found another member toothpick model pretty glrl h beautiful girls by the Eiffel Tower Terry Huemann He was making a of the Tower He has one difficulty every time he sees a knocks it over trying to t1p his hat' Paris is full Of so Terry's been working on it for ten years now I don't says the work is very interesting' Vive la Toothpicks' On the way, we decided to go back to ner hotel to see about any mes saves We dld so, and there she was very pleased to see a new doorman Delores Stephoni It seems that slnce the hotel Ritz had hlred her, busi ness had doubled No great puzzle' Vive la girls! An American maid had been contacted for my client It happened to be lary Ann Huemann, traveling in disguise Mary Ann lS usually known as nHe man the Lady Terror She wrestles at some of the classiest arenas A really fatal female! Vive la glrls' We then went shopping and ran into Mary Jax and LaVonne Hueman They told my lady that their husbands had started a French branch of a famous implement business' I think the name was Desota I don't know for sure' Then we decided to stop at some of the famous Paris women's shops The first person we encountered was Juanita Voigt, director of the House of Fash ion Juanlta has been using quite a few of the deslgns of that dashing creator, Vive la love' Top fashion know why but he Jim Hunt The rumor is that they work a lot overtime' nPetite darl np fellow, I didn't model at the salon was Lois walker recently voted the I of Paxee She has a new campaign manager, some blond catch his name' I8 K I -. I l IOCII ' -, I UI ' 3 I I 00000 QCII IIOII Ill! L . . . I I I O Q ' , -- ll A I . s- , . ' if '-fe. .M :m 0 I ooo 5 III ... O . II 2 . III III Fa CIO I . 1 . V 5 Continuing we met..or rather followed...Connie Schaefer. Connie was n o . ' .H . ... --- b O . W V UIIOOI 4 I I v I II V' e ' . - 1 I .' . 0 o 3 o ' . oo . . . . - I I Y - I 4 . O ... ' II - III I u Q I I I . ... . I ' . . . - 0 Q I b IC - 1 J " ,H 'r . I We hmd to contlnue then, much to my regret and whlle l avinp I was unacnguntably drawn to the perfume counter The salesllrl was Joanne B ser t e "de dottled nlng also Going a ce la raix over boy seldel and Darlene HHed' Hanson Just and I a ked my cllent 'I o1dn't know Amerlcan men prod c was demon trated' Ooooo la la' Tre nerfame it elf Bomhn was cremted and sold by larvin Elllngson and Lawrence o a melly Bus nes famous street, the Rue flourishes, sat Lar one thing pu vled me wore llp tick' known as the ' g an nlt e Q IDKGPS ain lnto the streets, we walked up that lhere ln a sidewalk cafe, where love lalghed oh, Pell Vive la love' lhe POUHt8lDS of '8PlS are an object of great interest, and tte e fllllnl hls super Jet water pistol was bill Nalder It' Dart of h1 ac at the Opera HThe ouncinv f Ba l spent tne afternoon at the races a d e saw at once tdat the s d bOOKl6 wa none other than Roger Roll it inn hithe e made a few investments on the side V1ve la nonev' saw on tte P8ulHU sheet that the favorlte for t1at day was the U S8 Ol"SE' rldden by Conrle Palver on, that famous horse lover The name of her was HThe 1ar'ne's Hymn Don't ask me why' We heard by the grapevine that Jackle McGee has started a fabulous Glitter Palace You all know that Jackie has recently gone 1nto the Jewelry business V1ve la Diamonds! A policeman stopped our taxi it turned out to be nArchie Mullenbach He used to be commissioner but now he's directing traffic, due to a sllgnt scandal concerning bribery by Jean Staebler, head of an internatlonal smuggling rin , nThe Redheads Ring Purely circumstantial evldence con v cted nArchie you see, he's a redhead too Also high in the civic improvements in Parls is Bob btzke He lures the sewer rats 1nto the river with his trumpet it drives them mad' His professional name9 'The Pied Piper of Pa is Vive la rats' At the customs office we ran into Milo he's been trying to convince officlals to import LeRoy as a permanent suburb of Parls iis campaign slogan? You guessed it nLeRoy for Lewison and vice versa Anot er worried customer was Lorralne Retterath, she's been trving to get offlcials to lmport her husband to go with her ring Fhere's a silly law barring army personnel' We then hurried to an uptown address On the way, under the Arc de Triomphe, Harlan Bergene showed us his terriflc buslness a hamburger stand which caters to girls. His product Bergene's Burgers for Boundlng Babes It started to rain and we ducked into a doorway We were yanked in side and introduced to a new bu lro s Gert Weydert is a famous halr stylist 'Weydert's Wavies are internationally famous Next door, Ed Winkels, the famed toupee maker also has a thriving business, owed chiefly to the development of a new product, 'Edd1e's Eraser If you're not bald when you enter, you are when you leave' Gert throws a lot of business his way, too! At the cocktail party we met Philomena Winkels, famed novelist and lecturer Her latest book is nHow to Win Boys and Influence Professors She's an 'An student at The University of Paris Vive la brains' Wayne Mullenbach, the famed Olympic Runner, was another of the guests He claims his greatest acheivement as a runner is staying a bachelor Tom Steichen, famed hunter and trapper, has journeyed to Paris for more vicious game. He may find more than he bargained for! Vive la women! We left the party early and went to see the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, then traveled on to the Lourve, where we had heard Janice Anderson's art showing was being honored. We didn't see Janice, but we did see Elene Loecher, voted the most brilliant woman in Paris. Elene is also running for Premier of France! I'm for it! Vive la politics! She invited us to the theatre that evening and we accepted. The Grand Opera and Theatre of Paris was buzzing with celebritles. Roger nThe Sheikn Voigt, known for his rugged profile, was among the first nighters. His date for the evening was that nLittle Breath of Irelandn, Betty Jo Hurley. They arrived in her Kelly Green Cadillac Convertible. The curtain went up and the play began. Joyce Valoer, nThe Helen Hayes of Parisn, portrays the tragic sweetheart in that ever best seller, nGone with the Garlic.n The rave notices were t6PP1fiC! 19 z ' ' ' ' S , a v I Iv lla . nach Liu S o "' Q L -1 MT- S '- l:A1l j L E ' ix' ' J , , , . - - u , 1 si d tl ct- f s 1 S. g' ' ' ' ., .' o RJ I . , , m - ' - J - PY . Y HL' -h ,YI rv A . O K qw. , . .. - Q ll - . ,-S, oo' 1 A . .-3 ' the ,J ,,,, I anon n "' ' ' ,, ,l I' , .. .43 . J , . S i M S t If . " I1 . one A 1 J .1917 O .l. St, .: Q X ' we A H W k :- I' , - . . l.1..':lSYlll:.' CPC' se S Q, H , - I-3 rv. Of f:'X!1'Yl'r1, 1, I 4, I .1 U" 0 A ' , . . . . 1 V -6 ., L " U L fl I' . L .a S .. . . . , f '1 ll n , ' n I. . . . . O . . ' 0 ooo ' Q - v L . ll - Q 5 Q - i noun' g . , . I - v - ann o - r W n - - a o neo . . - . - . I . A U 'Y 3 - noon . h. n ' N , ' J I o . . ' co'se I1 . .lf D H o . - S 1,5 . Y H 0 o f.. I fl 0 0 ' 0 . . I 0 o o 1 0 Following the play we enjo ec a little ni ht life W w on to the the rich man s friend Charlie's in the banking business But the hlgh point of the'evening was the bachelor party of the continental plavboy Tom HCool ' Pederson He met her while she was a cosmetic demonstrator V1ve la Lipstic ' k Our attentlon swung to the band Paul nSmiley Schmitz and Drooping Dave D ll ra e were playlng a trombone and tuba duet It wasn't good but it w s noisy' Ttey're bllled as the 'Melancholv Moo es we order our meal and are informed that the well known chef, Ron nSwede's Suzetten Ulven, was to make 1 His reputation asserts nHe can g e ent nClub Paree where we encountered nGood Time Charlieu Schneider, I lan chi sel The following dav he was to marry LaDonna Pete, 1 About that tlme we were visited by the bartender, Don Lewlson He sent us over a round of his new, world famous drink, 'D n s Double Dynamic Then the floor show began and our interest was again averted Gert Frickson ard Catherine Wllliams did a terrific dance routine They are led with the band as nTwo hutie Kids from Kokomol' To end the evening, we took a walk in the streets of Paris The Arc de Frlomphe was aglow and we walked along the Seine River There on the bank we encountered our artist, Janice, she was painting the city at night At least she didn't want any llghts, so I guess she wanted it more authentic But I wouldn't be a bit surprised if an Air Force uniform got mixed up in the skyline! And so the busy day ended and my client paid me And now I have de cided to leave Paris, the city of my birth To say good the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Seine, the Rue de la Paix, to the romantic gardens and sidewalk cafes, to my homeland, and to all the beautiful Mamselles. To the cathedrals and fountains, to the soft lights and soft nights, to music and gaietyl Why? Because if this crazy Senior Class decides to stay here, the only safe place for me is America! And so I say, Good bye, Good bye! Vive la Francel Vive la girls! V ve la America! and most of all, VIVE LA SENIORS amor: J 1 gg Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1955, being in somewhat sound and questionable state of mind Kas is possiblel, and acting under fraud, blackmail, and menace of the faculty, do not wish to leave anything to anybody, but since we possess so much importance, brains, privileges, good looks, self confidence, and being the teachers little idols, do feel from necessity and not generosity, that we should share these coveted characteristics Though we have such enviable qualities and think it is not fair to be selfish with them Kas you must agreel and also since we know the pupils and teachers of this institution will mourn upon our graduation, we bequeath the following to comfort their poor innocent souls. To Mr. Palm, our superintendent, we will a safe safe and the capture of the lucky thieves. To Hr. Hansen, our principal, we will all of our weapons, including rubber bands and water pistols, that we voluntarily gave to his cherished collection. To Mr. Froiland we will all of this years dead flies to be disected in next years biology class. To Mr. Young we will some nerves of iron for more efficient use when teaching driver training class. To Mr. Ostergaard we will a shiny new car that will always start so you can get to school on time. Not saying the car you have isn't 0.K. To Hr. Kershaw we will more blackboard space for next years book- keeping class. To Hr. McDonald we will two detectives to solve the murder of the 10 n 3,4 ' 'ai S S D A n " ' n 1 A . e H I . a . A ' 1 S . . ll I t' ' cook up anythingl' Needless to say, I did not inquire furtter. V O I I . ' II 511 A ' ' X 1 - 5 - " , i va , 'P QI' ' "'e King's guards in Macbeth We hope you have success To Mr Peterson we will some earplugs so he can have complete silence during history class To Mrs Hanson we will some unbreakable sewing machine needles and S O S scouring pads to use for burnt pans back shop year kids furnace for her Mrs Smith we will some library books that can find their own way the library when they get lost Mr Hoberg we will all of the left over shavings and chips from our donation to be used for the building of a new addition the cooks, Mrs Watros and Mrs Walker, we will a senior class next that doesn't have such an enormous appetite Maybe now the last lucky line will get something to eat Joe we will a big heaping carload of warm coal to be put in the in generous amounts Mrs Dubinsky we will several efficient messengers to run errands Now you won't have to work so hard the school board we will a bill to be passed that will permit more and later school parties As individuals we bequeath the following Now you can draw pretty pictures of all your girls Richard Battey, will my height to Carol Weydert How do you like it down here, Carolo We, Harlan Bergene and Larry Seidel, will our curly looks to Mary Catherine Dvorak. No need for any 'Klnki Kurl permanents now I, Joanne Blaser, will my late hours at night to Theresa Landherr You won't need any sleeping pills now, Theresa David Dralle, will my big booming b I, David Dralle, will my big bomming voice to LaDonna Hueman Careful now, or the teachers will hear you. , Marvin Ellingson and Terry Huemann, will our quietness and shyness to Jen Theobald. Kind of hard not to talkso much, isn't it? We, Gertrude Erickson and Catherine Williams, will our extra extra curricular activities at Rose Creek to Paul Reinhartz Lug, it really is a nice town We, Connie Halverson and Lorraine Retterath, will our love for licking stamps for special delivery to certain places to Sharon Wead You really won't mind the taste when you know its going to someone special I, Rosella Fasbender, will my jolly disposition to Arvid Neus Don't wear it out We, Darlene Hanson and LaDonna Pederson, will our special interest in Egrgain senior boys to Louise Rauen Take it easy on them next year, u se I, Mary Ann Huemann, will my long study hours during the night to Bette Schissel Cheer up Bette, now you can get straight A's We, LaVonne Hueman and Jackie McGee, will our sparkling diamonds to Lucille Krlz Sorry to say, but the men don't come with them You'll have to get busy and hook your own I, Jim Hunt, will my skill for playing the piano to Chuck Watros New Chuck, don't put Liberaee out of business I, Betty Jo Hurley, will my liking of figures to Steve Ulwelling Incidentally, I mean bookkeeping I, Mary Jax, will my special interest in Groucho Marx's program, 'You Bet Your Life' to Loren Nelson. By the way, it's sponsored by the friendly DeSota and Plymouth dealers I, Lawrence King, being a genius, will this ability to Warren Bee Don't get discouraged if you are not as smart as I am Dorothy Landherr, will my corny giggle to Allan Monson Use it wisely, as I have done , Donald Lewison, will every one of my cute little freckles to Nancy Dralle There is always room for one more We, Roger Voigt and Milo Lewison, will our romantic evenings at LeRoy to Nadine McGee They're very enjoyable, aren't they? We, Elene Loecher and Juanita Voigt, will our strong dislike for 21 4 o .io . to 0 To . as - To e l I in 0 To To . 0 To. I, Janice N. Anderson, will my artistic ability to Virgil Sorenson. I, . I! O I, C We 0 O O U e O I, . 0 I D school to Robert Hueman. It's just Egg much work, isn't lt? MarliI,URSchard Mullenbach, will all my rubber bands and spit balls to s n erdahl. A word from the wise, Shoot them only when the teacher's back is turned." I. Wayne Mullenbach, will my love for playing football to Allan Low- lson. Make Sure YOU don't end up at the bottom of the pile or you might get squashed. I, Conrad Schaefer, will my famous undefeated Tiger football team to Edward Harter. Be especially careful so you don't strain yourself. I, Thomas Schissel, will my snazzy convertible to William Kellner It really dazzles the girls, Bill ' I, Paul Schmitz, will m nickname 'Smiley' to Jerome Kirtz You'll ave to live up to my motto, Just grin and bear 1t"' We, Ronald Ulven and Charles Schneider, will our exceptionally grace ful dancing to Janice L Anderson You are guaranteed no more embarrassing moments stepping on your partners toes I, Jean Staebler, will my zip and ever ready pep to Bob Valder Now you can make a touch down in nothing flat We, Edward Winkels and Thomas Steichen, will our bashfulness to Bar bara King Now, down girl' I, Delores Stephonl, will my shiny black hair to Cleo Smith The boys don't like blond hair anyway I Philomena Winkels, will my sweet personality to Rapheal Freund always wins success I, Robert Utzke, will my trumpet to Ronald Goergen Now you can ser enade the girls, Ronnie I, Joyce Valder, will my debating ability to Madeline Steins Now don't argue with me because I'm always right I, Roger whitney, will my real gone stories, jokes, and habit of bet ting to Sharon Madson I hope I don't meet you at the pen I, Lois walker, will my liking for going up north to Morton Kellogg If you're going my way, I'll give you a lift some night I Gertrude Weydert, will my long long hair to Barbara Mullenbach You'll have to hire a halr dresser now, Barb I william Valder, will my excellent report card to Peggy Voigt will really make your folks happy I, Eugene Winkels, w ll my beauty naps in class to Kathleen Hurley It's a good way to catch up on your beauty rest W witnessed thereof this Z day of if-5'-9fA D XX X37 'W X k 22 . I 1 h Y ' I O Q - I , . It O , - C l , I , - ' . It I i o ' J l I Xxx:-':. fi- , 1 as f 7' . y ' Q x ' , f N .ul?" ff X f 0 "S"P" X. 'QT 'QF of 1 45, 4' N ,, Juniors 'bf 4'sx. Hub s '1"' .aug q 2' ff nden on r on Roe Nancy jra le ary C Dvorak Raphael Freund Ronald Goergen Edward Hart LaDonna Hueman Wooert Uueman Yathleen HurleJ Iorton Kellogg Barbara hinv J rome Birtz Lucille Kriz Thersa Landherr plan Lerison G, Sharon Nadson 'I 23 'W N dine PcGee Alan 'oneon Barbara Mullenbach Loren Nelson Arvid Deus Paul Olson O I . a , L ,Gu I 3 L V' "' 1 4, . "' ' ' Janice S. K g X 'Vg P. . o n F X V, N A . esmtp, 7 3 4' 5' H ga la' -Q Jf ,,. i ' V, xx. . Q 4 , X - Jfxbx W L 1 f- J -.- - ' V X I Qlfzl , . er V ' ff " --, o o . . ,JI 4 l 1 f f l 3 X, 1 4 :r 'K ,r 3 N 1 ,. Q 9 ' ... " 7 Fry X 1 v , Q f-5 William Kellner ,' , 1 -n 5 x a 1 f 13 I " ' 2 4 6 ' C ' ef' QQ- I ' e ' , , 'f xx ,X 1 , x o l it x M A I H fn l -Q 1' A f X1 qlfg 1 . 9- L.. Ly ' . K , , , lv X. y NQs" Ke' 2 I l I A! 'I A .xt t-A ,1. !' ! o sr , 7 -1 " 6 - -76? Y ,.. ,. . - 4 , ' ' n ef :gf rf A '- i : Loulse Rauen Q at Paul Reinartz if Bette Schissel Jerome Shurson lx... I 'D' 'V -e Cleo Smith 1 V' Virgil Sorenson 'UU' Madeline Steines Jen Theobald Steve Ulmelling x Marlis Underdahl Q- lf' YQ W 6 J ,f X K 'WK J , 90 J WW gp-f Robert Valder J Charles Watros Sharon Wead Carol Weydert m g ,QF is 'Q President warren Boe Vice President Bob Valder Secretary Nadine McGee Treasurer Janice L Anderson 24 7 I ! a - f Q- Q , a I W . A, c , S ' . 5 - 1 f fa Q ' Ll . N 1 fn V K ' - ' V 75 .rl ' A, " M if 4 5 , as '. 9 ' f S A S ft ,g Q . 2 ' 9 'fr ' 'X S S, ' ' 2 if ,gan Tv 5 F in X' F Peggy Voigt 4 V l I, .w -2YEE:2i22?E2::"'1'i',. K if , ".,fix' Q4 1 115 X hx X , 'Tr 'fffkaa mfi' 'N..g':a1 7 5 y MIDP F fx 0,1 Q,' . xx fm 1 1 w'Mu1.f" K V 0 y X -'qi 5 I . 7 5 2 Sophomores C of Q eq 3 4.. ...- fxxjkx, 9 ' S 'nf' M. 3 X , 1- -X 4' I as Javid Anderson I' ary Badker . . 57 1 Xxx Norma Battey I I .4 'V' I-v5 X ea, rigir M2 f ' v 4 ' xgxx 6 ' H Betty Ann Brewer c Duane Bus tad I Bruce Coleman Charlotte Erickson Sharon Fisk M 3 6 hary Freund -y -f Bonnie Gordon Larry Hansen Neal Hardecopf ucille Hass .Q Dean Heinzerling 'af' Shirley Himebaugh Mary Ann king .1 3 f 4, 5,5 Fredrick niirtz LM Herbert I erten N Albert bullenbach Y Jurine bulls-nbach Gerald Osmundson L- w 4X 5 Louise Retterath Genevieve Schmitz Elaine Schwerin 25 kt 7-A K- 7' 9 21 F 1 ' 2L. 1:55 :tip A .v'W 7 MIVIA V VVIA K - V. I Qc' S i jf N' f Q .4 :K ax U '- L5 'S ' 'Q 'ji K S' . Xi - L , .gf 5 : 3, L 4 X f 'Z "' A fl-Q 4. - I- " A L'-511 1 Wugf sjpafv 9 I x " ,,.e.1- A S S L - 1 1 5 f lx 1 x 2 3 K Q , . K .Jx 'L ', ,sf x x .1 S ' 1 1 ' ' , . A ff- , , - ! - x - 'Q R as ' at f ' Q 9 A 3' ' , 'K ' r, 'j s 1:5 ,g' 3 A . xx ff - X- TL K I ' .gk .gawk v 1 I L E y A "Q, X ' I Q YNWF1' A 4 i ll Albert Srrith " David Srrith ,yr ...ll..ll-1.1.- Robert Stelchen bary Steines James Theobald 1? 8 ' Barbara Ulwelling Q Lynn Webber Duane Xl am Vlola Wxnkels Absent Clifford Kiefer John Koenigs .+A Dennis Sandberg Allen Schaefer Paul Steichen Paul Winkels Jerry Wold J President Betty Ann Brewer Vice President Gerald Osmundson Qecretary Louise Retterath Treasurer David Smith f W ff ,Q Z! ,A '-a"' 11 f xx -va" 26 l . an eff A Q, , ,t " K un I l I .4 Lv- -4' Y Qx :Q ,wo - K A' J. T, - x ' " V , . Q vi ? Q 4 D - , y 4. + -if KH D f , f it ' ASQ. fs. f- if t .4 - ' , x 2 We X- ,ffff Y F rf j n. dal ,.f'-""' . . ' 'K' -ff Qf ' ,' 1' "' '3Q:.1fk5a3. .V 9' .4-ef Freshmen ,115 Carl Arvold ,, Geraldine Battin Karen Brandt Kenneth Christian e :Q R Q, 'Q 'F Mary J Dvorak Evelyn Erickson S .NN Kenneth Freund Paul Gerber f Kenneth Gilgenbach 'Af Dianne oergen Richard Goergen Agnes Harter Rose Heimer " Sharon Heimer Esther Hyland Janice Kellner ni Eugene Kloeckner 4? David Lewison Lloyd Loecher Karen Lunde L' Marcella Merten n ff Duwayne Mickelson -.I Duane Mullenbach Tanet Osmundson 27 wayne Pederson Absent Margaret Hodson .4 l.i"f I ki K any Duwayne Rauen Mary Reinartz Michael Schmitz Elmer Schwerin 4 ,gli President Michael Valder Vice President Kenneth Gilgenbach Secretary. .Margaret Hodson Treasurer. Mike Schmitz 28 Donald H Smith Donald M Smith Harlan Smith Marvin Smith Barbara A Ulwelling James Ulwelling Michael Valder Lester Voigt wayne Voigt Carmen Wilson Donald Winkels fr' -awake n'N S -..g 4. . i 'Q' ' Ly., Y' ' , , he ,' e , HF? ,Q - Q H , J K H' 1: Kiln' H1 .S v 5, A , X -ff. E V , f Q ,D .4 5,4 S , 1 5 -gg-Q l r Q 35 1 '3 . :, . K' ! A T fi X' '-N K il - Tj 3ig?gf? V ff V.-wx ' A wwf Wifzfbfx rj .yy M -Q Y 'Sf' -1 EOXAWJI ':. z", , 5 5 .4 X! J lllrf, . . ' I 5 ' WM,'l ',l' D ' 1 I me +--M Off. I.. v 1 Liiififin ,S :" z . ,J , ef I , I "I, X. .-Q?'7a. , L S ' +-1 ' - ig. g F' -A ' ' X -. I' 4 I ,4 A 'td 4. ' X I I r, 9 I ' -f 1- X3 J ' Q P133 SEVENTH GRADE Back row: James Stern, Esther Erickson, Arlen Pederson, Darrell Osmundson, Gary Underdahl, Luvern Hanson, Neal Jacobson, Jackie Caquelin. Second row: Mr. McDonald, Judy Himebaugh, Duane Wigham, Jerry Fisk, Orville Scheffal, Donna K. Faust, Wayne Underdahl. First row: Bruce Lunde, Lyle Williams, Robert Osmundson, Donald Wood, Chuck Prescott, Karen Ruben. w' r.J N A , Jan EW A ' rw' 4 MZQ U1 I EIGHTH GRADE Back row: Mr. Young, Michael Seidel, David Monson, Mark Knapp, Robert weness, Dean Juliffs, Carl Battey, Janice Smith. Second row: Jean Juliffs, JoAnn Madsen, Lenore Coleman, Rose Ann Wold, Doris Heinzerling, Avis Smith, Jean Kenyon, Robert Thompson, Norma Badker. First row: Ronald Mickelson, Charles Kiefer, Robert Hanson, Sheldon Gee, Jack Wood, Meridee Larson. 1-. 1 1 IPI I .,,,Q , .f- ,,-5 -..':- ,. s V ll ,5 ULN L. 1 1 , T. THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES V M Row one: James Brandau, Curtis Hatle, Ronald Carter, Loren Unaerdahl. Row two: Loyola Rubin, Kay Watros, Jon Shaw, David Boe, Betty Ann Wiste, Paulette Knutson. Row three: LaVonne Smith, David Prescott, Naomi Young, Daryl Dubinsky, Connie Nelson, Roger Weness, Dennis Wood, Arden Neus. Row four: Terry Wood, Keith Knight, Karen Weness, Diane Prescott, Terry Allen, Do"ld Julifs, Karen Lewison, Dianne Lunde, Mrs. Jensen. f was f'v ..,.',,fm2i QF 'rx Q , S X Q ,Fifi A CSQCJ: , Q . . x ,,5r2,3f-'YE'--1 - 1 ' lv 1, , JG S' AT, " as dl 4 F A Q PJ Ez" M.. Q5 fp FIFTH AND SIXTH CRADES Standing: Beverly Thompson, Nylene Larson, Diane Sathre, Joyce Wigham, Maxine Heinzerling, Mardel Knight, Janes Allen, Harold Osmundson, Allen Huseby, Darrel Gordon, Charles wead, Miss Row one: Paul Knapp, Diane Osmundson, Robert Underdahl, Row two: David Hatle, Sharon Hodson, Donalee wood, Row three: Erlin weness, Jack Brechtel, Harry Shaw, Row four: David Eoyu , James Osmundson, David Weness. Hanson, Arthur Huemoeller. Bobby Hamilton. Sheryol Seidel. 30 xx , Y i m v -. Ercnt new-,wnald rrefcott, Veritt Eercene, ieniy Lanf r, 'erle Vnapo, Jerry Pte, Dale Tif9MEh'h, fznn ireniet, Tent :er-ene. lack row-fwwee Vn.1s1n, Jeri L Pteeoler, Stuart 'wr-erron, 'xean .P11LcSUn, Lerla nrecnial, waixra 'new, Since ILQK, 'nnnie rafilton, Sienna -Tlen. ,oral Murs'n, Irv. Tr seek. meant-'ally S0UidS7fn . M VQ, W ' 1 ,fagrl - , L .1 Q , . 17X,,,' o, 6 Q 6 'I' ' 'Rx l X4 ' 1 '- Y pm A ll i ' ' ,gnu We SETUHD SHALE Standing-Shirley Huseby, Richard 'boyum, Paul Yoqng, Refer Gordon, nevin Uno-rdanl, Linda heness, Sandra Herqene, diss Gooe '.-.' Lnson. Sitting-Curtis garter, Karen Coleman, Janice Eendricxson, Linda Csmund son, maven Fcneffel, Donald Grace, Gloria Hatie, Imogene Hanson, Racheel icnroeder, o,nn Eatnre. K I ll a' ea . ,TV .q WHY!! 1 gy! ' S X X MIXED CHORUS Back Row: David Dralle, Roger Voigt, Loren Nelson, Edward Harter, Steve Ulwelling, Robert Utzke, James Hunt, Carl Arvold, Michael Valder, Conrad Schaefer, Larry Seidel, Warren Boe, Mike Schmitz, Paul Steichen, Gerald Osmundson, Allan Schaefer. Third Row: Morton Kellogg, Arvid Neus, Paul Schmitz, Bob Valder, Joanne Blaser, Delores Stephoni, Mary C. Dvorak, Louise Rauen, Norma Battey, Elaine Schwerin, Janet Osmundson, Carol Weydert, Allan Lewison. Second Row: Mary Jax, Nancy Dralle, Shirley Himebaunh, Lucille Kriz, Sharon Wead, Gertrude Weydert, Joyce Valder, Janice N. Anderson, Janice L. Anderson, Gertrude Erickson, Darlene Hanson, LaDonna Pederson, Connie Halverson, Elene Loecher, Mideline Steines, Mary Reinartz. Front Row: Mr. Young, Karen Lunde, Sharon Heimer, Juanita Voiqy, Jean Staebler, Lois Walker, Barbara Ulwelling, Philomena Winkels, Charlotte Erickson, Sharon Fisk, Mary Ann King, Genevieve Schritz, Lucille Hass, Agnes Harter, Margaret Hodson, Mary J. Dvorak. ff Officers f X ZZZ3i2Z?3::::3i:1Hi:2mm f e if '- Treasurer....Nita Voigt A ' g.l'lll'lllll' all I-Q. - 'H-N - 4...-nf 4 lgrlfidfx 2-1-545' 32 W L GLEE CLUB Back row: Elene Loecher, Connie Halverson, Delores Stephoni, Carol Weydert, Janet Osmundson, Elaine Schwerin, Madeline Steines, Gertrude Weydert, Dor- othy Landherr, Janice N. Anderson, Philomena Winkels. Third row: Lorraine Retterath, Roselle Fasbender, Mary J. Dvorak, Mary Ann Reinartz, Genevieve Schmitz, Mary Ann Steines, Viola Winkels, Barbara Ulwelling, Margaret Hodson, Shirley Himebaugh, Lucille Kriz, Janice L. Anderson. Second row: Lucille Hass, LaDonna Pederson, Darlene Hanson, Charlotte Erickson, Norma Battey, Gertrude Erickson, Joanne Blaser, Mary Ann Huemann. Mary C. Dvorak, Juanita Voigt, Sharon Heimer, Sharon Wead. First row: Mr. Young, Louise Rauen, Sharon Fisk, Agnes Harter, Mary Ann King, Joyce Valder, Lois Walker, Jean Staebler, Nancy Dralle, Mary Jax. Officers Preeident....Joyce Velder Vice President....Jean Staebler Secretary-Treaeurer.... Madeline Staines wtf WU i g , A Hmmm V 9' g ow j-'N v i W ff t 33 Clarinets Shirley Himebaugh Bette Schissel Catherine Williams Barbara King Genevieve Schmitz David Lewison Sharon Madson Genevieve Theobald Mary J. Dvorak Agnes Harter Flutes Karen Lunde Mary C. Dvorak Meridee Larson ! Z' E W Mr. Young, Director Trumgets Trombones Alto Saxophones Janice N. Anderson Paul Steichen Bob Utzke Steve Ulwelling 32322 gggiigon Harlan Bergene Norma Battey Margaret Hodson Mary Ann Steines Oboe Janet Osmundson Horns Janice L. Anderson Gertrude Erickson Nadine McGee Elaine Schwerin Paul Schmitz Larry Seidel Baritones Sharon Wead Louise Rauen Lucille Hass Allan Schaefer Arvid Neus Basses Warren Boe Mike Schmitz David Dralle Baritone Saxophone Elene Loecher 2222235222 Tenor Saxoghones Neal Hardecopf Madeline Steines Joyce Valder Lyle Williams Marlis Underdahl Q , ff' :2f.AQ,:F:g S L Officers Pres1dent...Elene Loecher Secretary...Pau1 Sch itz Treasurer...Janice N, Anderson Quill' 0 X A 0 1 Q' Clarinets Mary J. Dvorak Agnes Harter Elmer Schwerin Carl Arvold Kenneth Christiansen Bruce Lunde Jean Juliffs Beverly Thompson Arlen Pederson Mary Ann Reinartz , f oss' fa' 5 -31219 YW, ecto 1. Percussion Sharon Heimer Jackie Caquelin Esther Erickson Judy Himebaugh lLyreJ Baritone Orville Scheffel Trumpets Hike Valder Neal Jacobson David Ueness Trombones Lenore Coleman Laverne Hansen W X Bass Hike Schmitz Saxoghones Diane Sathre Jean Kenyon nb 3 W 'R Cin! 3 SENIOR MAJORETTEQ Sharon Madson JoAnn Yadson Jen Theobald Connie Halverson Jean Staebler LaDonna Pederson JUNIOR MAJORETTES Donna Faust Beverly Thampson Diane Sathre X. 2 H - X 6. Wu Qi' M M :W '!, JN -ml .WW v ' n MQ W3 n QMW JW E Student Council Z x X N F' mf' il I Back row Mike Valder, Donald M Smith, Albert Smith, Warren Boe, Robert Weness, Mark Knapp, Carol Lee Osmundson, Betty Ann Brewer Front row Edward Barter, Jack Wood, Darlene Hanson, Larry Seidel, Jean Staebler, Mr Froiland, Advisor Officers Larry Seidel, President, Jean Staebler, Vice President, Darlene Hanson, Secretary, Edward Harter, Treasurer French Horn Trio Saxophone Quartet Arif Jertrude Erickson, Nadine McGee, Elene Loecher, Madeline Steines, Janlce L Anderson Arvid Neus, Nancy Dralle Triple Trio Double Quartet Charlotte Erickson, Norma Battey, Elene Loecher, GOPtPUd0 Ericksvnf Dave Drslle, Steve U'wel1ing, Gert Erickson. Jean Staebler, Nancy Drill-0: Elong Loecher, Janice L. Anderson, mtg Voigt, Janice L. Anderson. Shag on Wead, Larry Seidel, Warrdn BOC' 37 . 53 " Dx W Vg, +V' ' '. at f'n ' n , A I lr -J 7 f ' ' A 'Q' W. 2 ' ' -U I ff ,fl .........-..- ............. y V .1 4.4, .4 ,f'w,.? . I I O 2 I Q . . ' e re J J N V V V 1 xx V I , J I I In 9, If x , ' e O O ' hwy' ' . .nr ,414 1 . ,f-I' A 4.x9 0 l Y? J' cd, ' 7 T s' J' ,fl h A F. H. A. Back row: Delores Steohoni, Nancy Dralle. Sharon Madsen, Carol Weydertv Janet Osmundson, Margaret Hudson, Evelyn Erickson, Mary J. Dvorak Char- I lotte Erickson, Viola Winkels, Barbara Ulwelling, Bonnie Gordon. Third row: Lucille Kriz, Theresa Landherr, Barbara Mullenbach, Mary C. Dvorak, Betty Ann Brewer, Karen Lunde, Marcella Merten, Mary Ann King, Carmen Wilson, Janice Kellner, Mary Badker. Second row: Nadine McGee, Barbara King. Philomena Winkels. Sharon Weed, Sharon Heimer, Agnes Harter, Mary Ann Reinartz, Genevieve Schmitz, Mary Ann Steines, Lucille Hass, Norma Battey. First row: Mrs. Hanson, Advisor, Gertrude Weydert, Jen Theobald, Sharon Fisk, Madeline Staines. Officers President, Gertrude Veydertg Vice President, Jen Theobaldg Secretary, Sharon Fiskg Treasurer, Madeline Staines. saxwullkmx . :M ' Q 2 . e,""'N F, . 1 -' Officers A President, Larry Seidel, Vice President, Wayne Mullenbachg Secretary, , Mort Kellogg, Reporter, Paul Schmitz, F. F. A. Back row: Richard Goergen, Donald H. Smith, Terry Huemann, Paul Reinartz, Kenneth Gilgenbach, Lloyd Loecher, Jerome Shurson, David Anderson, Dean Heinzerling, Steve Ulwelling. Third row: Arvid Neus, Paul Winkels, Larry Hanson, Herbert Merten, David Smith, Bob Utzke, Virgil Sorenson. Second row: James Ulwelling, Marvin Smith, Harlan Smith, Eugene Kloeckner, Delbert Voigt, John Koenigs, Albert Smith, Bud King, Ronald Goergen. First row: Mr. Hoberg, Advisor, Paul Schmitz, Jim Theobald, Richard Mullen- bach, Larry Seidel, Wayne Mullenbach, Morton Kellogg. Richard Mullenbachg Treasurer Sentinel, Jim Theobald. Speech Clllb Back row: Carl Arvold, Alan Schaefer, Warren Boe, Ronnie Ulven, Paul Steichen, Larry Seidel, Steve Ulwelling, Mr. Peterson, Advisor, Nadine Mc- Gee, Nancy Dralle, Joyce Valder, Elena Loecher, Bette Schissel, Sharon Wead. Front row: Nita Voigt, Janice N. Anderson, Mike Valder, Betty Ann Brewer, Madeline Staines, Louise Rauen. Officers - Nancy d 5 E1 L cher' Vice President Sharon Weed, S9CP0t9PYn g?Ziie?nTreas32Zr,o3en Tneobaldi Parliamentarian. Steve Ulwelling' ,,, 'alIiiiEgQ? Debate J Valder Larry Seidel, Mr. P6t8PS0nn Advisor' Betty Ann Brewer' Mike oyce 1 Valder, Alan Schaefer. Library C'ub Standing Cleo Smith, Mrs Smith, Advisor, Jackie McGee, Sharon Fisk, Mary C Dvorak, Mary Badker, Theresa Landherr, uharlotte Erickson, Betty Ann Brewer, Barbara Ulwelling, Bonnie Gordon Sitting Gertrude Erickson, Barbara Mullenbach 9 1550? wr Q EJ'uILloR 61,1333 FRIDDWH Pep Club fpl' O 471 ,pm Fffanlff' Z' 516.9 H1240 ffl HNyoNE7? .S'gvg,11v!"f9E14ll'f'll 7"Lm7' .?a?ffahLo1?e' f'1.Q4'f' Ao J I W , , In Q R.. J D rt K , 97 B - Q ' ails M- f - Q, ' , , 2 9 . f 'i I A X ' X 1 vf' 2? B , ..,5',x,,a f M ' nt., 5'1" 4 B 5 L I ds7 L QL gf: ,, M .H w Q36 31 ' 1 Newspaper Standing: Mr. McDonald, Advlsor, Richard Mullenbach, Jim Hunt, Joyce Val der, Sharon Head, Janice N. Anderson, Paul Steichen, Sitting: Bette Schissel. gm ,fir Eg Advisor...Mr. Kershaw Editor....E1ene Loecher Assistant Ed1tor...Gert Erickson Art Ed1tor...Jan1ce N. Anderson LaDonna Pederson Darlene Henson Subscription Ed1tor...Jackie McGee Sports Editor...Conn1e Schaefer Advertis1ng....Tom Schissel Jim Hunt Ed Hinkele Yearbook Staff 1659 Homecomlng yum J an-16' hlaylve' 'Ye October 8 is a day we will remember long for two reasons It was our Homecoming and it rained The latter ruled the occasion The evening preceding homecoming was ruined when rain forced the postponement of the bonfire, pep fest, and snake dance Up to this evening the names of Homecoming Royalty had been kept sec ret When the announcement was made, we found out that Connie Halverson was our queen and Wayne Mullenbach our king Attendants to the queen were Jean Staeb er, Elene Loecher, Gertrude Weydert, and Joyce Valder Friday evening began with a parade from school to the athletic field Music, floats, and all the color of a parade was watched by a responsive crowd And then the game with LeRoy began There was mud everywhere, but we won 7 0 Saturday evening the Homecoming party and Coronation was held Then it was over, and we were left with many memories 4 Nl GERTIE Conmfi QLENE ...A I yci' Jefyfy 42 F a Ei'-1. , " in cj N f ff' ,.:' f -.I ' 4 V '47 E 1 0 xv H x 5 T A, ' 1 0 I E I Q C C C U 44 I U O U ' e e ,gang V Qi ?2?L Lag QQI ' 'QY ' 4 V 1 Y 4 .1 4 if t'. 'hy 1 Al .X I -o-an is ' X, 13 a 1 f' K a O INITIATION cr'- On September 10 the seniors initiated the frosh We put them through a day they havn't forgotten yet They were notified in advance of the horrors to come They showed up early in the morning We all looked for them cou1dn't miss them, they looked a fright All day long they carried books and felt abused Seventh period ended the day of odd looking people We planned an assembly program which in eluded raw eggs, chile powder, instant shave, molasses, and a real mess They trooped home tired and with a renewed bad opinion of seniors To create a better impression of high school and upper classmen we gave a party in honor of the freshmen the next evening The costu h, me c amps were Lester Voigt, as Queen Victoria, and Marcella Marten, as George Wash in ton If g everyone is honest, they will tell you it was a lot of fun and very educational Ls' 1 9. ni I 43 u - Af- lv . 'f' 'u ' ' A I I Q . -- 0 l . - O I I O C Q, I , ,Fixx J I :Wm'5 I Q . ' f, -,., 1, 1 A 7- 1. Q Y ff" K-M.. I. f-XE. , N ' ' 'Q V n . f , X V' I Q, ' " A ' - Y' I-c 19,1 2. N df" J. ag' . sq it ,' , f L so 'T e 1 ff: - '1- S F if F Y K " Y . T gh? -f-. H 5 ff ips, 5 . 52 r f if e h ., S L s up Senior Class Play The Cast Julie Hellborn, the mother Joyce Valder Tom Wellborn, her son Edward Winkels Charley Wellborn, her other son .Lawrence King Myron Ashton, an actor Donald Lewison Cookie Merrit, a truck driver Gertrude Erickson Marge Nelson, a roomer Elene Loecher Mickey Barrett, Charley's helper Lois Walker Uncle Seymour, an outdoorsman Mr Tatum, a real estate agent Louise Tatum, his daughter Mrs Crowe, another roomer Cyril, a robot Director. Student Director David Dralle Roger Whitney Gertrude Weydert Juanita Voigt . Larry Seidel Mr McDonald Gert Erickson 0-wb' A N I 44 EQ 5? .. ' l 1? 3 I 'N 5 , , 31. XS. N x sink N Cfkfffl ,ffwfff W Bette Schissel, Sharon Wead, Sharon Madsen, Jean Staebler Sharon Fisk, Norma Battey, Mary Badker, Lucille Hass 45 ffl Letfermen Back row: David Dralle, Lynn Webber, Bob Valder, Paul Schmitz, Paul Rein- artz, Loren Nelson, Bill Valder, Charles Watros, Warren Boe, Duane Bustad, Roger Voigt. Third row: Allen Monson, Jerome Kirtz, Milo Lewison, Bob Hueman, Larry Seidel, Richard Battey, Ronnie Ulven, Conrad Schaefer, Edward Harter. Second row: Raphael Freund, Morton Kellogg, Paul Winkels, Lawrence King, Donald Lewison, Wayne Mullenbach, Ronald Goergen. First row: Tom Schissel, Charles Schneider. NV 525' A9 ,. . ev The only team in the state of Minnesota to 1 comp ete a nine game schedule unbeaten. 195k-55 Football Season They We Ellendale 7 7 W, Hawkeye 0 M0 Lyle O 37 LeRoy O 7 Elkton C 3h St. Ansgar 20 31 Riceville 0 29 Calmar 2 26 We Grand Meadow 0 no Letterman Returning in 1955. Warren Boe, Lynn Webber, Jerome Kirtz, Bob Hueman, Bob Valder, Raphael Freund, Chuck Watros, Paul Reinartz, Edward Harter, Allen Monson, Paul Uinkels, Duane Busted, Ronald Goergen, Mort Kellogg. 46 Bob B111 Football Don ORB? Tom Larry Chuck Milo .5 Lug Paul Bud wayne Dick Dave I, Hort y TOII 47 I b ' I lm' 1 ' J 0 L53 59 K xi L 552, ii A, ,I Back row Coach, Mr Froiland, Jerome Kirtz, Chuck Watros, Steve Ulwellin Back row Coach, Mr Froiland, Jerome Kirtz, Chuck Watros, Steve Ulwelling, Raphael Freund, Larry Seidel, Allan Lewison, Carl Arvold, Manager. Front row: Bob Valder, Loren Nelson, Milo Lewison, Chuck Schneider, Paul Reinartz, Don Lewison. Basketball Back row: Wayne Pederson, David Lewison, Allen Schaefer, Lynn Webber, Donald Winkels, Michael Schmitz, Robert Steichen, Carl Arvold, Larry Han- son, Coach, Mr. Ostergaard. Front row: Elmer Schwerin, Michael Valder, John Koenigs, Jim Theobald, Paul Steichen, Gerald Osmundson, Donald M. Smith. XJR gf. m ,J gs mix Z3 . E51 x Riceville Hayfield Alumni Lyle Loren r',, R 3 56 I if U2 IU H' 5 Cf 31 U KD CQ D Q e Hayfield zx...-'U' 2 Lug but R They KW Basketball Don Bob EEE? if .5 61 1--S M110 52' LeRoy Elkton Grand Meadow Sainf Ansgar Rose Creek Lyle LeRoy nlkton Grand Meadow Tournament They Ros e Creek 35 LeRoy Lyle I 49 X we e ee if 23 M2 57 A f .f 58 38 T ' V' 'a a X4 dwg' .Q i x , ff d d 16' fl f f' 3 N 5 1 1 Q Ng o I, f ., 3 rl b ' Sri n ,Z v I 33242 - 4 KKK .aa is , 67 ue y, 5 Rose Creek Q9 62 ,Z 35 Q 1 'V ,fr Al,,'T X C " 1 d N 1 Q xy f ' N ' , ee us . EU 1' 1 39 , .Q '. A j us eu ' . .. 14,8 52 Lf ' so ' ZZ gt W"EEF.' if .M EK di 34 38 hfg gj 2'K ' 1 Y H M2 52 214' I - my 3 5 P r , X K f 'U We S6 , ' 39 37 .. K5 F9 52 Q9 is "" -4 . ' xo 3 x ix' I ina 1 Baseball 19511 Baseball Season Fifth Little Six Conference Ch8mP10n3h1P Saint Ansgar Grand Meadow Saint Ansgar Elkton Lyle We They 9 6 April 2? April 29 May 6 May 13 May 20 Adams Adams Adams Adams Adams Grand M68dOWl H Elkton H Lyle ITD LeRoylTD 'io e CPGCKKHJ ,Liv Paul WED Chuck Raphael Harlan Larry Mr Hanson WHYDG Loren Steve I ai in W JQA 1 6 3 2 1 6 O 5 2 'J , , c l ' . ' , M1 'L :Z Q Yfggf J' 1 5-Ll' f 7 ' H rjEx',, ,ff' ,',isar 1, , ,,, 50 HHS. DIENITFI FH ES W .5 A-4 10 x 29 51 43? Q 'fmlz rl? 6' , gf X g h as gg ,N U Q Y ! vt 9' f nlfvy aaiWw' fa- ,QZYW QFD Mmm msc My Q4 mfs HU-Y suv I f77e.f-f WJ: 9 DN!-719 40 1' in 7114 11.111 Q0 if-f' iw III 7 'sr 1' 1 1' Q X -L 09 ,f ll! 1 Q I , ,gy 1 52 , - l v f iff - f . U . ,, ,, , j HLLJ, fi - ' V K ft 3, ,, A , '54 ' I ' - 1 4 :A' Q ffiiiks pw ' 9 '. '," .Q , 5,941 G. . 01.1. y , 4 4 A' QA 'M it ,i. N I fy . . 1' Tfsgx VA ' HW ,M . T 4 ' 2 , A- r xf l Q 4 I2 S' 2? ?. 61 .1 S 1' Q , K 4 1 A , V ' - s ff if V .r 4. ,l ,, - W ei, A 7 s 5 ,bu yi . 4 , ' 1 -wif i 19 22 L, QV? ' A. 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Suggestions in the Adams High School - Argo Yearbook (Adams, MN) collection:

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