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 - Class of 1942

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Text from Pages 1 - 110 of the 1942 volume:

A .af . 4 3 1 'Q 5 1 1 N I X 5 1 4 f 5 1 'Vvx if 3? .3 5 253 -- "Nd-'Nl--' Jwfvvf-1-vw,-v'4fL"'YNA0f"A"-I ff' . M.. . N 3: in J' f,f rhx L7 f fi- - , ... - 1:- :1 K7 I X H I f. .7, K!! k ""'LQ'L R if X ..-. ..,..,.,. b X rv, , ,ff " 'Q . ,g.,fgI f"f:',-1-.EW . I 3 " 72.1" - -4 - live., ' 1 ' , X 1 eehn K X Eij:7ff ' ig? f6CffEff 0f'f 1 gg? 1 W ' ""':::i L f " ' . '-----"Q, -fv T , ! L, X ,le Q e I h XX fx X' A i' ee - , ff M m -"' WU Q cf 3 . Xlxr' Cm -N ' .fx ""X."' J ,Q .7 ,X-ZWXK ix YJ .IL-4:1-I --'xx-.HN Mhxgf F fe-ff X X-'Y f' f 'r f--ef ef-14 X J ,fz,..,,, .-N X ,,, xi x 'f ff? X f ef f Xe.e.,..h K 1- 4 J' N' . ,NX .21 f, K J,,,,Qb, ff '!,,,!ZN-rd!, NM!xj' 'N...1" jgkgi-,-,,,-' f? -,,'Xw,2f,ffx... -..,.f ,Z '-. lx, ., -,-.4'xsw.J,f,. Published by the Senior Class of' Adams High School Adams, Minnesota In this year 1942 .,2:'.5:f:j , 4. f. . .-.3 .,.g. . .v 3, Ig:-15 5:': :-' 15 .-: . :QE-:ak . 4.3.- ,... .-.3 , 59. .n. , .'.'1' -f '3 gs 1' - x '.-.0 -.,-tb. -'-f-Du Tv. ,,. Q...- .F -' - 15 .ug w .v .-,Z iieifis 'N-S' fi :iii E? ff' Xf' JR wk ff? X :-. . 4. ,-' "' 'vs 55.1 Q' ,.., Rf 3 M,,,..s...,, 1 , X 'wk -"J f ' 1 x 'X X rf ff kr X HL ff ' X -'J 5 Q N - ,f N 1 STX I rl j ' JI 4 L " DEDICATION rc: '5 -:4.-:-, , The Senlor Class of 1942 dedicates this Argo to the boys from Adams High School, now in the armed service of the United States of America. if 1? J gl' YYQ Ida-fy . I B i K ' H . -, . in-"'3" "" ,-ws., -' as .p. - . :+1.:115'51:,:5g-::-.-.-z.,. 23653153.9931-f'?fi.. f' - -, . , .. QPR f.vfQs.: " 5-:-. .issifzi L--Q' f '- . 1 pe. 2 ff'-'iff' " ' "f"+f'i" ' P14-Fit-alia -' -ff H+. 3 - ' ,Y , - at - . Y 1 , 41'- Editor in Chief. Assistant Editor .Art-Editor. ... ARGO STAFF .......Snirley Nagel ..... ...Kathleen Karsburg Natalie Erckenbrack Assistant Art sdiibfgl.. .......Marjorie Duggan Business Manager Advertising Managezli f . Circulating Manager. ..... Florence Knutson ......Edgar Meister ...Herbert Schaefer .....John Schneider Circulating Assistants... ...., Robert Klapperick Literary Editor. Club Editor.,.,. Sports Editor... Typists.isL:... Mimeographers... Carleton Johnson ....Genevieve Barthelme ......Robert Bartnelme ....William Nelson . ..... Urban Heimer Glen Peterson Benjamin Winkels Gerald Landnerr Raphael King Andrew Smith ........Arde11e Anderson Dolores Ewald Ardis Larson , Paul Erie Gerald Krebsback Advisors... .............Mr. Sorknes . Miss Homan :'?3'7f'TF13'?f:x-.lflxxff.-. fFI35.f1"5".-,i"" 1' .2-zl'-' I X -, fn-:':-es...'5-',rf. .:4-7-5.. -. '-' r 1-:fx 1 2isashaiii55i3m5sE5sl?iiiiiiifssiiiigr' " FniriliiiaaiiiikngaamQtixiflfikQlaffzf M You are.oomp1eting your High School training at a time when our country will need the contributions that each one of iyou can make towards the pres- ervation of a nationp what ever your work may be, what ever 'tasks 'you may pccept or be assigned,may your contributions be great in pree iserving that rich heritage hich has been handed to you y the toil, sacrifices, and i ives of those Amerifane, who 'n the past placed freedom zbove slavery,sacrifices above omplacency, justice above in- ustice and love above hatred. Our greetings and best fishes are extended to you all. . siwwo sii'H9i s, t' .fit i i ef+Nr alma 1 .- 14.3. :':' . ,g . .L j'J f-"ff , ' ,351 w Q: 1 5 - :Q we 5 H safe Q .a nw, " 15255 3123. 32.4 5335: 1' 555. I 255:-21' -'9'- zzfz- .fzfltf 32:1-2:2 241: :'-'-ff:-:-: 'f:::-f 1:12 .f:'2' -' x ' 4 A1 :':f:3":7:'3''1:2'2:"l:",'2'1" .15-Ez-1s:'i-'f:1rS1E"" :fiS1f2:2:1-2-25"-:N-.'.:'.' .' 'Z2?-21E'- 1523. 'm5'ff5!f':'AT.A :a'fi1:.-. 'Z' 2525321 -rf? gig,-,-W -'-', :-vt-.-zv.-1N1."p 1-1-15:3 :-I-gif!-,f 7.515-:-.f-' gm.. AJ- - -'--3 9' '-:J'-- r f H - . ' - - YP I s ADMINISTRATION I CLASSES A EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS A FEATURES ELEMENTARY GRADES I-S I 'ALUMNI ADVERTISEMENTS AUTOGRAPHS i I I --l , I -1 A .I ,. "N" cf" Q : .... ,. L 5'-A: Wir' -45:1 i Ai. V' P- f I"'lr SmfTh Qgncuhuve Mass STouT Enghsh Mus 7-fn and B UI .n Z., -:' ' I 'mu , 1- 2.2 - fi : 4,-4 A f f Ziff i1jp'fi5: ' .,4. Jig. :ggi a 1ff"'1r ' 5 -' :' 15, Eff: IUC' Y -xy 32: 35952 Huff Hg: ra .,f x 5. 12515: 21:1--S ,.v,i:1: , 31525 '- -51',jQ:: .:',:4.3 5:3-.5 125-ii ' F21-' ,igfz .'- ':-6 .1Z2i?1:' 7251 . 215' Q-'PE ' ' .4- Brgi If 51 ' -22,4 I A' VL. :,.v3 K -f . 1 .1 'E -gv' ' 333 12,3 42? 13515 -4:3 ii.-1 M: -rf' - .-gf: 'Eff .wi 5,5-'s I'-1:1 ' 13 .'2:f ,..:.5 :ai 'fc-5 .952 'E ':: ,T ' . IEE if ', 1-23 3. 1, .YZ - 71235 5 ' '14 1 5. I. . z J 2:4 'Qi 413- Vyzf gif: 33" ,.Q,g'., if 3.-4 .-f-1 -!.E ' -Y" .1 3.1 ' --4 1 31155 1 55:4 gif.:- -:-. -.-w : vs-' fr,-1. 17.4, iii: -gr-11 iff, Sic, 3:3 E355 gg . Q :. . 52152 -3 ,L-55. 51 . 4-.ff . -v 14-.-,. .4'- -: .QQ-1' "Ei 'W .- 525711 . -f -' Q- : .I fig! -' :- s ga? fi 53 I: . .- L' v x w 'f N W K I , 1' - 'J ',c M, If - ' A F ' -'5ifz.f 'f. -' Ll.. .l, , YVif.Jf , '?" ' Ei eg. W :.:l:.g::, ggi . tl . 32- I1 f 1 x' f4..' 'A -'-- T? L-g' 'Q 5 ' ' 3251- 573 1 , . if-Q-E, as L- '44 ' .j'v'.5:' ,f f , . .V '- -rf. f , Y I c I V 7 IQCIZ Seniors ICIFIE 'Pvesr Wiliam Nelson - Vn'ceT'ves.N Hafalie Evckenbrack Sec. ' Genevieve Bavihelme "lTfeas.- Gavleibn dahnson Chess Adviser- H. J. Sovkness Avdella Anderson RobevT Baffhclme Natalie Evchenbracla Delores Ewald CarleTon Johnson Genevieve BarThe!me Vlarjorie Duggan Paul Erie Kafhleen Karsbulg R apheal Kin-Q Roberl Klapperick Greralcl l.anc.ll1err- Shirley Hagel Wllliam Nelson llerberl' Schealer Qncl rew Sm'.+h Urban Helmev - Florence K nulson Flrclis Larson Edgar P'lics'l'er Glenn Pe'l'erson John Schneider ' l Benjamin Wfnkles. wlfhoul' PicTuvC. 2 .' x , L. . X , - gil, . .,4,.'-1'-.. , ., , ,.,,.s- .:f,,.:-+g,:,.., " E ,. .4 - . , ., . -. sw . -. . W.----M 2- -'-- . Nxxig- N X "'?--'?---"-.v.-!'fy-'-i- . -.M sweep. .....,,...,. Q.. .,.,..,,.aeS.-.-.-, .....-c .N .....,-Q 1 L-1-'j4-.:-.:wi'5-.-.- fe x-:.:.-.'-gwzeeg.-at-21.-.-.-Ig,.1 :4-fr 1.2-tfi-Z-Nj banish g-:5g:u5+x5 mQ:5-SgAg55jg,.1i.g:5g::'gtaggg-gtg:ggi-:,gE:+,:-,.g:gj...g:g.,.5:1f.:,,,:.:QxgyE.:,. ,-.5.::ig' SENIOR CLASS HISTORY On the Spd of September in '58 1 S5 pupils became classmates, Into the assembly trooped one and all To face Mr. Glesne, big and tall. Then one day at the Senior's request we agreed that we would change our dress. The boys as girls with shortest skirts With the boys began to flirt. The girls, they came in boys old breeches And some looked like they had been diggln ditches. X In the afternoon we were put to test And washed our feet in an awful mess, But the day soon ended with a bang At a party at night where the rooms just rang. Our Sophomore year was another great step And b0yi were we full of pep. To join the navy and see the world Went Leo and Orion, mighty and bold. And then we took another great pace Which put us in our Junior place. This year we went our great way, with NTwo Many Husbandsu as our class play. The Junior-Senior Banquet was a gayla affair For which the Church parlors took on a naval n air. We're now all Seniors, some not with A's But we do hear some very high praise. And Lillian Smith, whose giggles we missedg Is now a Mrs. instead of a Miss. We know that all good things must come to an end, nGood luck to all of you,n is the wish that we send. Kathleen Karsburg :- 4,af? 7. 1-L52 -twig ,Eve -.....'....,..V4Fw,L:z,...,., .. ..,. f.. Wm .,.,-.--,i5.5i:jEm,,. , :f-1--Q-is-f:--' -me 54:15 -X, If 21-1 .'--.fiiaz-wi:--2fs'+ -'saiwiafiffnsz-1122421141-fa-.1' -1'f--1.11ia.aa-..-at -.n..a- ' .2 - " - -r----: -'5'4- -' A -g vt -' ,. ..1-.-r - biz'-"4 svf.-.-1:-fb -.-" -:-:- -' '- cf'244'-5,:'.--at-.'.-: wc- r ga! Qgv L 4 .. ,. .. f--6.-:-., ., .f-- - rf- .. ...-. - , ...- . I V1-3,4-I-'-f-II-,L+-?2:I'f31--'rf-'-353:-g.:.:.:.:.i-.:.f.,.,,,g:gg:g3'Z:g:g:g:1:g:f:gQ:E-.47 .11-:4-'-141:-:-2-:-'2:::f:5'5:-:Qual-'ff SENIOR ONE-ACT PLAY Th ne-act play uNot Quite Such a Goose,n was pre- e o sented by the Senior iclass. Albert, Jerry Aresback,was ' Knut- always teasing his sister Silvia, played by Florence uson, about her sissified boy friend, played by Edgar Meister. Albert's mother was disgusted with him because he played with such an unruly boy, but he did not :hangs until he met Hazel Henderson, played by Genevieve Barthel- me. The part of Albert's mother was played by Shirley Nagel.' G8n1eten:J6hnson. Jw ::agg::,f: H .. - . W. nhnn.-VJ. W 515.-2355 'iz rr:-" .241-.1-:-1' -'."S:ff -is-If'-F-f"'l' -.11-'-za - - 1-1-. : - l"'H,, -,1 , .. , ., , ,. V. , , -- 'pr i ., IIZEH55lEHsss5fM5EHeeed33eseiiggggiigsssssaaaismssaesaeeeeeasss hasssf I i 4 i r SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Class of '42 chose as their class play,HThe High School Mystery, nThis a play-within-a-playg a mystery comedy drama in three acts. As the play opens, WThe House of Terror,? which is the play-within-the-play,is being rehearsed in the high school auditorium the night before the performance. The Hactors come in dressed for, and acting their parts in, HThe House of Terror.u Herbert Mason is played by John Butler,who,in turn is played by Glenn Peterson. Throughout the rehearsal of WThe House fof Terror,n he worries about his daughter, Lita3who,as Florence Crowder in UThe High- School Mystery' is played by Florence Knutson, Kathleen Karsburg plays the part of Kathleen Russel in UThe High School Mystery,n and she also plays the part of Jenny, the maid, who is afraid of spooks. Shirley Nagel plays the part of Shirley Lee in WThe High School Mysteryngand Emma Mason, Herberts sister, in nThe House of Terror.n As the play opens, Herbert Mason, his daughter Lita, Jenny,and Emma come to the country house they have rented They have some trouble getting the lights to work rand Jenny is frightened when she sees the ghost-like dust 4:i Q- ' ' ' -7 ' ' 5-F ,:1:'. ,-'H'-255:-:-:-:,44--ny,-.,y., -:sw .--' eg.-g -v.,.55.,g.:., f.,,,,,.'...--. -' , 1' Wzggzggsg.'4-g-WIFE.:-:3:2'-: 452: 'zsgegzff-r'l:m:5:1::.g:s:S:I:1:gzgzftglglfi-1:-5:-:g:g2i1.-:-:1:2:22:5:g:-:g:g:5EE2pj:2:'q: 'f' .. -s fuggsas, tg:des5s:2:::tf5EeiEasi'hia:a:z:z??:Msss:sss:f:1::r1f:z:1s:e:2:1:-:eafA':z-.sf4s:::aas: Y f.. 1 ' 1. ' - - V V - ' ' .,,,,,, 'in 45:33. -J! .. ' I 1- . , .. . -- -K--.-Q... ,r-uv, . H.-:-5-if-: ., -:-:,'-rgF7t:wg-:z'5-.- ,- , Viz. 14523135 ,',fi':'-6'-1-, ...--gp3i"'if-,-521-VT:-:-rf :X--7:-A-:7:1:f 5-:-"5:!:-729 - as 2-1.3 . .111:fessrL:f'f '-1' ff' 2f5f1f'ma5Pff'f-10 covers on the furniture. When the other members leave the room, a person known as Paul enters from behind a screen. Robert Barthelme plays this part Reed in 1nThe High School Mystery short time,and their conversation for Herbert's money. The play suddenly faints.- This brings on coaeh,who is Natalie Erckenbrack, Jeffries, assisstant drama coach. real mystery. Miss Fielding calls and also the part of Bob W He and Emma talk a reveals them as plotters moves along until Lita Miss Fielding, the drama and Ardis Larson as Miss This is the start of the for Bill, the stage man- agert This part is played by William Nelson. He comes from behind the scenes and gets a cross-examination from Miss Fielding as to the cause of Lita fainting. Miss Fielding calls everyone up from the dressing room and brings forth Bob Reed and Carl Sayles. Carleton Johnson takes .this part. No explanation is found. This finishes the first act of nThe House of Terror.u Before the rehearsal of the second act starts, Mrs. Reed, Bob's mother, comes in and causes trouble because Miss Fielding put Florence in the part her daughter was supposed to play. She tries to take Bob home but he doesn't go. is interrupted by the of uThc House of Ter- ror.u Glenn Peterson plays this part. After he leaves,they carries Florence away The rehearsal of the second act appearance of Jack Howard,the author resume their rehearsal until someone during a blackout caused by a fuse blowing out. They call the sheriff out to hunt for Florence and, while they are worrying over her,the sliding bookcase opens and the author falls out. Bill looks him over and says he is dead. When Miss Fielding looks Jack over, she finds he is only unconscious.Just as he regains censciousness,F1crence comes in with Sheriff Shaw,who is Edgar Meister. She tells the sheriff to arrest Mr. Howard as he is causing all the trouble. The sheriff, in his attempt to be brave, turns a trying moment into a comical one. Mr. Howard explains that it is not he who is causing all the treuble,but that it is a maniac who is out trying to murder him. Just then, the maniac runs outside from the back of the auditorium and Mr. Howard and the boys pursue and capture him. The play ends ha nil . The sheriff has his prisoner P- Y . l- , Florence and Carl are engaged,the mystery is solveu,every- body is tired of excitementg and,as the curtain goes down, the actors leave to go home for a much-needed rest. 5,6 Glenn Petersen gag 'rf ' . -'..... .-. .- .-' V. - .- -1- r - ,. , :ami-rw.Q-:-:fs-qwixp-rpzrcmrrezf-4--Q-,-If-g.,,f,:,-pg-515' . 25:5-5-r 'grew Qggzg-as -.:'1rp.1f:rrQr+r-.-1411--'--1:'l-'atfigff-G' .'s+ -- q-:- - ' fb.H x-:-A5131-:Q-2-l?4i6'E3z1a'xs-R-1-v?2-.-Hifi-1. " ' fx Zw gimvtmlfsswz-aww:-wr:cc-7.75:-ff. JJYSQJ. --. ya:.Zf-fe jf r o -2 1 '. 9'- ,ui '-.. .ul ,F I f"iE: 13' 'R-f N .N M : 3 754 aiu is . :: ,ngrwmt 1: jj ,Y 1 ffm- gifs -3 QQ, :SSID :I 1 , snags' ssiisgi 5g::::5-g: '-JZJZI' - C114 ,Q ulfllr Y'-1 V ':::J..'E '51 " . ! + 7 we-D vla I .t-nnn- X . 3 . A- - r' S'- T :q-.3 - , Q Q 1' ' 11 ,9 - k Q -5: ' --5: ' 1 ,M I. : -.::: :gf 'I , Q w- - 65' I ll . 'Z-I-5' - -I .I ' A 1- :-,: - 1 I Il I E - M, ' W -:---. ' -- ' -:-' .. 'Q .: - I , IP V? ' f , + f fx- 41. ' ' 1. N ' 'L1?7::? 511: .-ff: 75:31 ' 5' V ' I 1325 5355? -8- I' ggr .gg ' L 71252222 23521: - 5:2155 - ueagiszzz 1 fain, gifs 55259: . l,:EE::'5,- , ' .I D, 2: f--11525352 11132 . ' ik f 'ii 1 , N 3233, -. 1 , 'Eeisag 55315 L.. ' '- , 'LW .. 72? 13,4 , Viziiia -Fife, . ' 525211 , """Q 'ft-' .ll 2 ,i r "'Q , " I Y '35-lx " L..-f - . I . A .,-as-'2""' .-ri N A' N' , Q QGQ ' ve NPN. ' 1 ' - 5.21-:cl .' : A :Z--.,. r. ...,f,.'.'::f4 f '-11,-1 - .. 'A ' 'NRM-. ....,.M . .-. 1. wMnDaa-F.:'5f?!.?3"n5SY-wg.-MM.s..-w-- N3,Q-Neff..31-'S'.4424,5i',b:QsiQ:2va.b'9.QQ lf- ' M A - f'5'72.'4...z.....,.,-2 Y 3.-if V- -N- JUNIORS SECOND ROW-Willard Anderson, Hazel Bell, Donald Bissen, Frederick Bolton, Carrie Jane Ghricton, Vernon Gosha, Arlene Hagen, Archie Hanson, Wilma Har- decopf. FIRST BOW--Lorraine Levasseur,Harold Mandler, Maurice Sev- THIRD now..- I SECOND ROW- FIRST ROW-- '-1--v-:'Q:-:-1-5Lil:-1-:4:-:-:.:-:-:-:-:-g.g.,-,. -. . -. EES:5?-fE5:?5:f:Q:2:gQ:Q5:I:1:1:2:5:9:1S:1:1:1:2:I 35:222,rgIE'fi.':fgZ:5:21321-:2:1:1:2:1:1':a '1:41:G5?f:f?fi:5!51'l - Q.: A .:g-f.:.f.f.:-::-:.:4.-,.g.1.5.g.g.g.g.g., f,::f:f:,:,-,h::gg,g,1.:.,,g.5g:, erson, Nordeen Snortum, Marion Smith, Wilfred Theme, Shirley Tolstead, Florian Wagner, Elsie Wood. SOPHOMORES Eugene Finkelson, Adrian Gerber,Florence Gerher Raymond Hagen,Donald Johnson, Le Henna Johnson, Luverne Johnson, Catherine Keifer, Wilfred King Donald Krebsback, Donald Landherr, Donald Lar- son,Leris Larson, Byron Lewison, Lorraine Meye- rs, Beatrice Mullenback, Bernice Mullenback, John Nagel. FRESHMEN -Lillie Berg, Ruth Berg, Donald Boe,ShirlhyVBoe SECOND ROW- . Vincent Bolton, Patrichia Erckenbraok, gbeone Fasbender, Doris Hansen, Raymond Klapperick. -Leone Krammer, Jerome Landherr, Roy Meister, Evangeline Mullenback,Carl Nelson, Denis Osmu- ndson, Dorothy Torgerson. ' A f . , J: -'P ' ' . 1.54. - :-xx,-.v . . - -113 f ' ' , ,. 1' ' -f' . -5 e,-fs .-.few 1, . -' .- E 5 - .ff f. 1 g"5f'c -5 .-1 ., Juniors 51:0 Fl Sophomore -Freshmen :- S- g. g:' J I 'Q sf ,g ... 6 .--r -- .. --. ff "- 3-if 4 A ..7.-f .. - .... .-T'-Y .... A -1, .. --- A . .- ,. '- FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY Eighteen frosh began in the fall Eleven girls, seven boys in allg But admidst all of our debates, We lost two of our classmates. For our class officers we chose- To help us along es on the year goes- Pet, Dorothy, and Donis hoping that they would help plan fun along the way. Of our subjects we hed no ohoiceg In other words, we had no voice, We all do readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmeticg And out of school, we get o big kick. In worn clothing we were clad, Every less and every led. Lithesome Donis was chosen as oueeng King Vincent's garb--better days had seen. In a orogrem, we took pert, Amusing from the very start. Climaxing this big dey, Was a party, oomolete in every way. In the snowy month of J.nuery, We hed a sleigh ride party so merry. After an hour or so, To the school-house we did go. Games were played and lunch was sorvedg Then homewerd bound we were observed- Ye hope our other years will be As full of joy and as care-free. Patricia Erokenbrack "- .. I ' nf-,..,' ,, -- Q--f f 49 i ., ,f--- - . - -- . -.-.4-Yi-Fffiiwf-F! .'.'T-r-fr--In-. ,-::-.- , . .---rr:-3.-.5.-:-,.-.-:-:.-:e.:'.53!L:, ..--fe--f!1112"".':"Z':g5"'73?'Q'-""-"2-1"EY - ' - FRESHMEN ONE-ACT PLAY nElmeru was the hilarious comedy that was chosen by the Freshmen for their One-Act play. Elmer,a fourteen :year old boy that played the hero,was portrayed by Eugene Stern, Our heroine was Patricia Erckenbrack who played the part of Susan, the little sixteen-year old s1ster,whowwas picked on by her seventeen-year old twin sisters: Jeanie, Donis Osmundson and Janie, Dorothy Torgerson. Janie had a sissi- fled frlghtened boy friend, Hubert Brown, which was played by Vincent Bolton. The old-fashioned seamstress, Miss Pinney, was played by Evangline Mullenback. The mother of the family, Mrs, Collins, was played by Shirley Boe. Other characters were:Russ James, friend of Hubert Brown, Donald Boeg Fannie Bell, the negro maid, Leone Eramerg and Pansy, the dog, Penny Glesne. The play was a mystery comedy. Susan always had to wear the cast-off clothes of the twins. Then for her birth- day, she got a fur evening coat from her father. Mrs. Collins was going to let Janie wear it, so Elmer hid the coat. The family thought burglars had stolen it, and one exciting thing after another happens. I We wish to thank our supervisor,Mrs. Stout, who helped very much with our play, Donis Osmundson - f . . . .,,' J - . . . .. " .- "" 'Y 'r"?+."g.'. "'sg:g:, if? kv-kg 11i is + ' C244 .vi V' .if ,, f 4' k - ' ..,,,, '::-s.--- -" --51 Q , , .4 SO?HOMORE CLASS HISTORY I know you've read lots of history and such But here's the Sophomore life with a poetic J We all entered as In 1940, oh! what There were thirty Twenty-three lei We knew we were To e class like The first event touch. Freshmen for our High School career a year! six mengers in the class, and thirteen were l ss, s there, for eight years we tried, 5315, SQQQ lee' coalCn't Je denie was Initation Day Hobo lads and less, in comic array. d In front of the assembly--The fresh class trots And Ralph Otto and Jean Ross were consieered tops. me ate onions, nnf rolled coal with our nose, For the photographer, th: class together tnen posed. The next thing, was the four-not-plays Of which Fl ffL."C-E1Cr1l'.'Cl" cert '-'orhed for TEFLYIE' days. The title was U3y Spreial Ieouestn The Freshmen by the judies Her: oonsiuered ' the best. So much for that year and on He go Our Sophomore year is next you know fe lost seven members ani gainet only one But in our coming events, re know He'1l have fun. Tell here'rc our aecomplishmqnts up until now, Ano we'll come back as Juniors, if life will allow. Lorraine neyers gh :1i"f5zll:.:: " ' 'i"--- - .1-f,r--W1-A gr '-1-fan. , - ' ' zz - ...-.e:.g- 1 nv "P7'.-1'11G".1.:1:l': '::-v:-' ' ww- '55, 'Q x -: 'I'- QQ? ew A! - 5 -1- I 'X' fa QIEFEQQL a' VT M -- , -Qc-R.. ,yer .,, , ,...f-a ..... ... w -:-:.1:-.--rw-:rs:afaf2'f-'-' rf' '.'.1-vfevfff '1--:team-f:rs.a' '-'sw-::.1.-.f.:-113215: .-:+I-I Z- .'-.-:-.'-..1-I-1' -':':"'-.-Z-1:2-P112-.Z-I"-f'Z'I.'f'I' 2"'Z'I-2.1-.r"' 1 I- ,-', '-'IQZ'-.6-' ,-' 'I Z ,.'.'Z"'Z'-'11-, """." .' ' 4'J"43-'-'.,Z2g71 ,'v-,- ' '-2'2- -1- ' f ..'....-'I'l'.-4' " - 'Z-: .. .'. Z'3-.':Z"1'-14-I-I-' WZ-L-Z Zh '':"':3f31?131:f2f3f:f:19f5f:FS4-I-'eff-Pl-1-'E'z'r122:1135-f,-25,-f',1',1:2:2:1?M+Qigi5P,Z'3-S352-?ffb579'5 -Q, -MyY'-2-:ga-:zz1591:fir:rgflizggri:-ggfizpafe.-.-.-::+:::-:-15231:.1:f3'2:f-'- xg Q 1 SOPHOMORE ONE-ACT PLAY The Sophomores chose WThe District Contestn as their contribution to the OneiAct Plays to be given as a means of adding to the Athletic Fund, The setting of the play was in the home of Dr, Henry Stevens. Dr. Stevens, the victim of the family argument, is portrayed by Carl Heinzerling, His wife, Mrs. Marie Stevens, is a laughable character,with her affected dress and manner and her extreme concern over her daughter's supposed talent, The comedy part was furnished by David Schneider, who acted the part of Reggie, a typical boy.The part of the egotistical daughter,Jean,is enacted by Maxine Peterson. Oh yes! We cane! forget the Scandinavian maid, Hulda, played by Shirley Moews,She is an interesting char- acter in this household, The central theme of the play is Jean's preparation for a declamatory contest, Reg5ie's antics during the en- tire rehearsal of her reading are climaxed when he Kills one of his mother's guppies, The play ends with the dis- covery, just before the contest,that Jean has the measles. Carl Heinzerling. A , ':q'.g.-:-:Sri 5.322 . . - ':-1'-I-13-..-. - .f 4 V ,I sigh M, 1 ..- aw , frrf . -., 45f1"::P " .L,2?f4:A-::::sggg3-- f:::i:.7.i':--1-:-nie:--'1"4'f:EeZ'lf'ff:-...s-.1-..."-' "" , THE 3UNIGH.ELASS HESTURY?'.. Look backwards, Junior Class, Look back to days of yore, When in the fall of '59 we soared To the pdrtals of Adams High. We looked about us far and wide At things so strange and new, Our guides and teachers all we saw, Who would show us what to do. We watched with envy and with pride, The upperclassmen so dignified, We nFreshmen,u so puny and so small Were promptly ordered about by all.- Our first year faded into the past, And then the state boards came, But altogether we saw it through, We had not worked in vain. Then we were proud and happy To4enter our next big year, As having oroved to the others Our right to be uSophomoresW here. Away we sped in our second year, On wings of fleeting time, Into the past went those old nstate boards,u Our thoughts on vacation supreme. From old Adams High came a beckoning cry, The doors opened broad and wide, Into the hallways and classrooms we strode, And now by the title of nJuniorsH abide. Our class marches on with quiokened step Forward to our ultimate goal, Losing and gaining old and new members, While our flag hangs high on its pole. Next year, our big year of pomp and of dreams, All to be fulfilled when next we draw nigh Old Adams High School, Oh see how it beams, With its arms outstreched and banner held high. may Vernon Gosha . W j a -"'v 1'-'--:. .- , - ... ' ....,.2-Q1 -v------ I-2. "-' : -ff -Q---1--.F-----------1-r--- ..--.,-... .,-. 3 .- 41- "5" - - - - 5- -.-.+I .2:-:,a4332"'1g'i-s12'1g:-2:"5:"'-Page-:-ff'-1 4' :.- ---g-1-ff A lv: ,- -1-rl-. - -:-"':!":-'- Z2 ': '-7-1-T"g'g'zZS" 'ZQN51-3'1"'v:-'73-1'GZ': '-tefgirvizl'-.e -21492-"' Agfa? x .- Z -I g., - .,. .--.' 4 'Ig I' " ,,,-, ,. . , ' '-16. 4 . H .ml . T 1 JUNIOR ONE ACT PLAY nThe Great Joanne,N a one-act play'presented by the Junior class of U42n, was directed by Mr. Smith. The play was a comedy, with Archie Hanson as Jerry Jones and Shirley Tolstead as Sally Young: two young "kids" in love. Lucy Burroughs CMarion Smith? gives a house party, inviting the actress, Joanne Cartwright fLorraine Levasseurl and Susie Gardner QElsie Woodl her country cousin as guests. Lucy's wealthy boy friend Thornton Miles-Gorman fVernon Goshal is thoroughly con- vinced that Joanls coming to the party is all a ngagn just to get him there. Joanne sends a message saying that she will be delayed, which is misinterpreted, and things begin to happen. Ted Grant KBob Hanson! Joanne's old flame dis- covers that Joanne still loves him, so all in all ever thing comes to a happy ending. Janie Wilma iliardicophg' acts as maid for the house party. Elsie Wood '1'1-1'f!'---'-'-'-'-:1'ff":-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-:-:-:'-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-.:-'-:-'-' :-'-'+:':-'f:"'-:-:4:- VFR. Tk. - '34 .:.g.g . - -. 54:43,-gf .f:f'.g.g.g.g.-1 -.3 ,-- E'-H vs -:-2-:s -.4-.-r-, il . , K V 3? fl? ' " -. if I 4. f. . , -,, -.. ..' ,,.,f,:i: ., .' ' ,' A ,57,g2FW""s .-qls 1 ' ASQ' -. 1. '1 ?5f5?!'?fi5'iY1if:E:21C5??i5EEf??if4v.?.4'5R9: I .-.,g4. '.s- -'fhiz-ik 'T' P 4' 5 ""' mf Y' -Y - ' 7- , f:.ll...,..YW 7 .-2, , f I I I I l a, ,-a, Junior Class Play The Junior Class presented their class playg nAnne of Green Gables,u on Thursday evening, December llth. WAnne of Green Gablesn is one of those beloved old novels that was transformed into a play. The opening scene finds Nancy Spencer. fHazel Belli. the personal representative of Marilla Cuthbert fMar1on Smithl, and her brother Matthew Cuthbert CFreder1ck Boltonl at the orphanage at Hopeton conversing with Florence Remsen fwllma Hardecopfb, the head of the orphanage, and Minnie Stearn CFlor1an Wagnerl, an attendant at the orphanage. Her errand was to see about adopting a boy for Marilla and Mat- thew, ends up by her mistake of asking for a girls Anne Shirley CEls1e Wood? is sent in place of the boy to the despair and anger of Marilla, but to somewhat of a feeling of pity and friendship on the part of Matthew. Anne is the type who has an inmense imagination that is always leading her into trouble. , N40 . .- . na -.. ' . N ' ' Y v-nr-Z., -1- esktwwwwifiii ?W?WQa3WfQaa Hseaaaaaasaaaaaaaasaaaans . VN i 5 'LIB E .-'-Y -- ,.- Y '.-:-:-?!3'!".g..fC--:1:-.1f:Y:-:TI-:e:1Hr--'.-:-V5"'4.--.'.-:-:ii'f:7:?'-.-:-'-:f51f:2:I:2'5:Z-?g:S:f:I1'-2f:-T.S?E1:--3121:-"f5iiwz5k5tLI"1-..-.-.-'xF"" There is nothing for Cuthberts to do but to allow her to remain, at least over night. But from the instant that Anne and Matthew meet, a strong feeling of friendship grows between them. Anne's refreshing simplicity and vivid imagination touch Matthew's heart so he manages to persuade Marilla to let Anne remain for a few months. During the 'course of her experiences, Anne meets the minister's wife, Mrs. Allan KArlene Hagenjg the town gossip Rachel Lynde lDorothy Winkelbg her bosom friend, .Diana Barry CLorraine Levasseurbg her mother, Mrs. Barry CCarrie Jane Crichtonbg a giggly schoolgirl, Josie Pye CShirley Tolsteadb, a schoolmate, Moody Spurgeon CArchie Hanson D3 and her spurned boyfriend, Gilbert Blythe, Cwillard Andersonl. Anne's unforgiving hate of Gilbert Blythe is ealways causing her to say that she will commit suicide or some other dreadful thing. During their friendship, Matthews and Anne form a joint account in a savings bank. Upon word of the failure of this bank the neighbors around and about Green Gables are heartybroken, especially Matthew and Marilla. But Anne tells of her dislike of the bank president and of her act of transferring the money to a safer bank. Through this act Anne becomes a friend of Marilla. The play is brought to a dramatic conclusion by the appearance of Marilla's long-lost boy-friend, Ira Mills CVernon Goshai. Together they elope and are married. Anne forgives Gilbert and everyone is happy. Vernon Gosha "5".:"'1rg.,:" :'-:"-.1-rwl:-92.4-' swf- -. ,,.' - .... , . .. ,. 1-q.-1. .- --.:--pq.-..2:E:. '- WWWMW-we WW' Gww mmiwwwmi gg? CEMHHQEMWHHM EHQQH -1-, s 1- -:-:- 'xref L..-.Q .' 1 g .. A n er-'Q 0 I , , , "n 2 I-F' ,, ., X rr.: -:-:Y:3:'5 v.1::.4,: g A gj- 5 za WW. , . 4 1.1 ..l,. , .. Q:-:br :-:-. '-i 2133: zlzlftlfl :Zz-'avg '- u -32-"Z-2 . .s ? sl 'Eff 1 5:5 ' ' '. 'l 2-vfsf .- -.,,., ,. . .W - 3:1431 :f:-: '-:-: .-4.5.4. ,l :- -. .- v. I 4.21:-:" -. '72-5-:av ff z :-:-:- 4' -, ,f-. .J 11, 'P 1: w f 1 ..,l , ,S .gg '-'1 1 ,Z ,, lc- Es iffffi -4 .-.-253. .V 311, u aa- ,5. . ,1":-551 ' ' . Ifzgr' -:-:A x f, '- -'32 ':2:2:f. '1:3:5fi, .3 ., 341 1 ':l:-.-: . 1 I: .':2:7: , kl:f::.' 2513: , .,,, X Lb., FT TQ: fill? V'-'JH 5.13:-C-' Q. gg -.g. .7 t: .-: 1-. :-:-:..-1' 57353231 ,I-'-.-,-: :I-12:2 -135:35 Z-.-'Z-: 1 egftgzy ' rf 'EEG 31257 ' '-93-' ' , L"'n ' 'ff' :J , :gf 1- -xi- .- -: 4 3:5-4' . - sr- , , . .-x: iii, 56525 .3 3 X 3:-115.11 ':-f'igaf- -21:5 5335.2 my: 1 :':4 555123: if ., 5 .,. .4 ETSFSJ:-1 . ft . . '-cg:-z-:-: ?Zzi'Er' msg:-1-.zz Wif- :-Ly: , :gift-2 '.v.' 'Z . -:-: :r I-my v' 'ligig E 1 :'ff3c'? 511:55 gg. .-: i 2 fil' 4 :1i5"' A . X gg, , f ..-....... I I. xl 1 I' 34 1 .. ..-1, SV :J N. N A I I I s 1354. 1 X I ' I X X All X .'--, ,- f MLM Xfxx f ,f""X if fl f' N, 1 .- W I C, .f f l -.r : If .--EJ I f' -. ff ll! 4 '1 2 I X I. I I xy Q- 1 -...- - t . 5- X -I --. no ,C -'- gl .Q - E31 -'ff C :" "" A ia F .' fs: . f 1 35? 'eggiq aw f FL? . , !,.- V U . I, , ri, I , WHA Av, 1 ..- T FIRST BOWL-Shirley'Tolstead, Kathleen Karsburg, Patrichia Erckenbrack, Edythe-Stern, Joyce Boyum, Lorra- ine Triplett, Marion Smith, Le Donnaf Johnson SECOND ROWsNatalie Erckenbrack, Luverne Johnson, Dorothy Torgerson, Robert Klapoerick,Roger Bech, Robert . Freid, Neil Slindee,Vcrnon Gosha, John Sjobakk- en, Joyce Anderson, John Nagel, Bernard Hukcc, Florence Gerber, Donis Osmundson, Delores Lew- ison, Willard Anderson, Lorraine Moyers. THIRD ROW--Frederick Bolton, Dolores Ewald, Mr4.Stogcmann, director, Eugene Finkcleon, Donald Larson, Vin- , ,cent Bolton,Wilma-Hardocopf,Ward Bcrgonc, Lorr- aine Lcvassour. ' .- . " FOURTH ROWfKathlcon Lowison, Patrichia Wollwcbor, Arvella Johnson. , ' '.-v THE emi' Good evening, Mr. and Miss Adams High student. This is your ace reporter bringing you up-to-date information on the 1941-'42 activities of that flashy snappy school organ- ization--the Adams High Band. A - - Beginning the year we had forty members,but our number gas somewhat increased by the addition of several newr mem- ers. gf' -'f-,, if 'Ya 54 Q. "" ' ' -' , - - ,. .. -.3 , -. ' . l , , 7. '. .. . . - .- - f- 'n'1!c11--'M cf. - , garage i if uwhfmm wmmmamwH?WWmajwQ33n Fredrick Bolton sawn V L 'haw SN L .An Nfbqj-..Q,5,,5 ' ,4'-7:'--- .,. -. -Q. ,-. ' , K, -.'r,,,. . .,A,'!'g., Av. is t-.-wg, ,, .v-f--,Sify , . .. V l. - -AM ., - 1 - -,-.:x.' ,Aw a-.f.'ff5-v,.45w.y,1,pfg.goc.5,5g.g,5g. :X .-,...u 2,1-,agq.,.,.5E.g.g.f,gqy-, ,. f s ., .,yc,..f- - 1-42.922515 Under the loyal direction of Mr. Stegeman, the band hae given two concerts this year. Both concerts featured the band's best instrumentals and the progress .included solos, sextets, quartets, and duets. We have played for all the home basketball games, most of the football games, and provided entertainment for other school activities. Last summer, for the first t1me,the band began march ing. Lead by their two majorettes, Genevieve Barthelme and Lorraine Levasseur, the band represented Adams in an American Legion Parade at Spring Valley. I We have had several additions to the band, including three new twirlers, Arvella Johnson, ,Kathleen Lewison, and Patricia Wollweber, And that,ladies and gentlemen, winds up another band journey until this same time next year. Shirley Tolstead Luvurne Johnson Marion Smith Harold Wiste Dorothy Torgerson Edythe Stern Wilma Hardecoph Cordelia Whitney Vernon Gosha Bernard Hudee Roger Beck Arvella Johnson Eugene Finkelson Delores Ewald ---.1--Dani CLARINETS Kathleen Karsburg Le Donna Johnson Delores Lewison Florence Gerber SAXOPHONES Robert Klapperich . ALTO Lorraine Triplett Shirley Bos BARITONE Ward Bergene TROMBONES Vincent Bolton Eugene Stern CORNETS John Sjobakken John Nagel Robert Freid Neil Slindee Raymond Olson FLUTE Patricia Erckenbr BASS DRUMS Natalie Erckenbrack Lorraine Meyers Donis Osmundson Willard Anderson Ruth Walker Joyce Boyum Lorraine Levassuer Ruth Larson Joyce Anderson James Bergene David Wiste Norman Olson ack Donald Larson L CBy Lorraine Levassuerb ll ' .- .... , .W Peg'-5'"'--'f'32i2.s-rfz.,.:M-:?f?FCM3:-'5Q,"-:2fr2:P,4-:-:-?"5-'sf-:-ziiziirirerfbwz . if ' " Q-. .- .f-X - ' ,.-,-V---ar-.-W qs., , A v " 'T' '7'-"N 'AS-rf'-V-31. . sv-JLQL' -. ra. . X s -. .ff-so -. pf- . '- .. ,,: -If JA.-..--.-J?:+-ga, .,.. 'xr'?F'N -f .- X -1 to 7 'Z -V -gm-gr-2--4.-L: w. f :S --s 1-i -' 1r'?,i"k'..ex 'fi' fri-55 Eve- - Q, 'lr' MLQQSNZQI' v .fsN3 'f '., Q-v 'es Q' ' ' ' """'f ' :fy -' B' ' 'ka' NJ' bb' ' es. 7 ..? 1 '1 ------w4..-uivm-ii.i.. ie,es ccciiii,,,ui,,i A 9 ,V 3 x Y Q 1 w 4, W FIRST ROW JQElsie Wood, Kathleen Karsburg, auth Bergifdythe ' Stern, Doris Hanson, Florence Gerber. SECOND ROWLMarjorie Duggan,Shirley Tolstead, Luverne John- f son, Natalie Erckenhrack, Evangeline Mullenback Hazel Bell, Lillie Berg. ' THIRD ROWL-Mrs. Stout, Marion Smith, Bernice Mullenback, ' Jeanne Boss, Wilma Hardecopf, Catherine Keifer, Leonna Fasbender. u-q-A.-Q--n-nn-Q-n GIRLS GLEE CLUB The Girls Glee Club was organizedfE5uying2-1941ijwifh Mrs. Stout as the director. N 'We started with twenty-five members. During February we welcomed Shirley Moews to our group. There are ten first sopranos,nine second sopranos,and five altos, with We sang for the band concert dressed in white Some of the NBluebird of My Natalie Erckenbrack as pianist. special occasions during the year,such as in November. The girls were guntfcrmly blouses and white skirts. selections we sang during the year are: eartu nCalm as the Nightn uCountry Gard- ensf, nGreen Cathedrala, and nThe Bells of St. Mary's. - Shirley Tolstead. - 4 N43 11 .-ft'--::1-4.-was-x-ef-vf-nv.-wq,,-q:,, -Qsg,1--1-1sz-.--:gig-w:w-wv-a--1rv1vHf::11'f1 ' - "i53',3'1S- S-5.-""f:'ifQ71534-:1if"":R'tbNe9S?f?S'K'f'ff""W'-Nw' ' ' U 5:4- " 2 -r f: EQKQPSL-a :s+a:e.2.-f::af-:Nu L-wr--:.Q.:1.-fs f4+.-H ..,..v,4.Ji1.f,m Ci 'r , . , Phe . .... -.-. l"-'..,'rg7,j,,Q, 4... , "-""5,-:iff-5' v:"F"" IK- ' 'I :-'-f-f. --N:-'fret'-z2e':e'4..di-1-'-'-'f'1-2:-'.-f-Wilf::. " . . 4- '-:R--'l"i',p,""!,', 41, uf' .6 ,, " - .. ' ' -,'.g'1.,,.g,g:,g5-3711, -W -1, ":-'fwfufy-Y -'-1 fa. AM-X 4 1.1. 1 .' 5 ' ' 1. 'War - .-A . ' 1'? ""'Z . J F- ' "'::' . , I ff 'J -.-'5f.!l':':5i:7"'- . E 5 ' .M 1 3 ..4I', ' Z '., ' A , '. .' I I .. ' "'. -5" 'Q:,1'!f5:!:g"".FFi'5f-.- '-- ' ' ' '51-'W3'f53f"'f'- '-Q-.Sz-1:q:.,:s.. - A 1 - -..em-:::. .fl-e-as-a.-.:.a-.- , ........i....--.... . .-..... - s -., .- ..l SECOND BOWL-Willard Anderson, John Schneider,Vernon Gosha, Fredrick Bolton. FIRST BOWL-Mrs. Stout, Raymond Hagen, Donald Krebsback, David Schneider, Loris Larson. 1-4----.pp-n1. THE BOYS GLEE CLUB The Boys Glee Club was organized in the fall of 1941 and is under the direction of Mrs. Stout. At the begin- ning of the year there were eleven boys 'mn the Boy's Glee Club, but, after a few weeks of practice, four drop- ped out. Of the seven remaining, there are three tenors and four bases. The Boys Glee Club gave several performances this year. They sang for the local and sub-district declama- tion contests, and at the band concert given in the fall. They also contributed to the entertainment at one of the P-T-PM programs. 4 John Schneider I , .---...., 1. , '-4 " ,. 1 ew:-I. .-'-ma: gt 1 - ': Lf- 2-222' 'Pr . . . - M ..- F x l -- . -.'-. . .1 'X 'X , .,, .. f v r ,.-34:-1-ii:-.y..'..-:-A-:-'-. -za- e.- frsfk- f- ax? .- .drsgx-.-. , W-gif-vs' 1222215139 - - 5, 55-2 -- ..f'.. 5 'Z -:,-:Q:f:x...,.,....-::::::5:3:,g,-. -:1:5::g:-:'r-Sevier.-21:1-Vzgfzi "3 ..'Z5'w?"-QM fff21f14f2f'-21-5111-rf? 'if'--Z.4.,.f5i?f4'1'5Em1:1 ' VEyes-:zuare-:-:-e.fh:1ssf,BE1:52fvs?5:5529if-,5,,'-2-,Er:Q:r I ! ! I 1 Q f I ,, L-,-,mr-,.nhmMugwwwwumwmw-M,0,M,wm,mu0MduhuFJ THIRD ROW--Marion Smith, Shirley Nagel,John Schneider,Ver- non Goshe, Jean Ross, Wilma Hardecopf, Lorraine Meyers. SECOND ROW--Bernice Mullenback, Leone Kramer, Natalie Er- ckenbrack, Florence Knutson, Fredrick Bolton, Hazel Bell, Evangeline Mullenback, Elsie Wood. FIRST ROW-Kathleen Karsburg, Catherine Keifer, Florence Gerber, Mrs. Stout, Shirley Tolstesd, Luverne Johnson, Edyth Stern. --5-1-1-gn-utnlsll MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus was organized in the fall of 1941 and is under the capable direction of Mrs. Stout. We have twenty-two members. There are ten Sopranos, six altos,and six baritone including tenor and bass. Some of the songs we have learned mis year are: YI am An Americanu, UGod Bless America,u and several classical selections. Bernice Mullenback lg, 15' . . .... . ' ,.,. .,.. I . ., .. .,.,: . 3, x ., . I ,- rr cm, . ..,::.F. r.. R Q ,Q . , , I 1 5 ERSSQHEQSE gig.55 JZ-' YH ,,...f7f ,. News SMC - ..-. A. 1.1---lv: ' , 1, - " , U ,.,, ,, , . ., . H.-3: , LJf.a.Aa.w-rf MW -'-- . -P ' - :num Y - - -Q fk. Lorraine Meyers, Wilma Hardecopf, Harold.Mandler, Maxine Peterscn,'and BlenfPeterson. - DECLAMATION The following took part in the annual declamatory con- test this year: Original Oratory, Lorraine Meyers and Dorothy Winkely Learned Oratory, Wilma Hardecopf and Carl Heinzerlingy and Interpretative Reading from a Manuscript, Harold Mandler and Shirley Boe. Those who took part in the Memorized Interpretative Reading were: Elsie Wood,Lorraine Levasseur, Ruth Berg,L1ll1e Berg, Jean Ross,Leone Krammer, Maxine Peterson, and Cordelia Whitney. The extemporaneous division had just one ccntestant,Glenn Peterson. Those who won first places were: Lorraine Meyers, Wilma Hardecop , Harold Mandler, Maxine Peterson,and Glen Peterson.Lorraine Meyerswon first place at the Sub-district contest and second place at the District Contest. Harold Mandler 1 -.-1517!-!fZf77'71''5'5L:f'T"'F''T'5??f?3T'3'P' '5Z'C5Z!f?'".'!'7f":i'3:bl4i' 'f'5:7:-:?:f: :PW-T 'TRN-1-' 'D-. . 1 fn-"N 'q , 1"- -4-f.vv..:q.::..,.,., ' -. -:ff--f-'v1q,-9,5-yy. -1 -f. -, .-.1::f-ea'-':: tg.:-1:-1:-: Q:- A - '-X'.4a4.z.::1-1.'s:1--1-'rm-SES-ll: 1-:rzr-2:11. ' . a.aEf5kzQf:sm2:3u, g,a.,,.' -'- -fnfkvfsaxmirhwymz 54-fftlfq Kj- I .,- 4 'UW "-L.,-' ' Wsnmennems.msnssdesQRsmmemgQeEnQQ5EmmsmemwssegenmnMMEEEEEEEMQ We ' I ' b Y Y i.-.., ,- . 3 i I 5? h I FIRST ROW--Raphael King, Wilfred Thome, Gerald Krebsbeck, Herbert Schaefer, Byron Lewison, Lorie Larson SECOND ROW-Maurice Severson, Gerald Landherr, Donald John-. son, Raymond Hagen, THIRD ROW-HRobert Klspperick,i Harold Mandler, Mr. Smith, Edgar Meister, Glenn Peterson, Donald Bissen, Donald Larson. -HH. THE FUTURE,FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmer Chapter was reorganized on Se tem- ber 15, 1941 under the leadership of Mr. Smith, the Rgri- culture teacher.' Roll oall found 15 members and all in good standing. ' , The officers for the coming year who were elected are as follows: president, Edgar Meisterg vice president Raph eal King, secretary, Harold Mandlerg treasurer, Robert Klapperichg lreporter,Donsld Larsong watchdog, ' .-bdnald Johnson and advisor, Mr. Smith The F.F.A.hold its regular meetings twice a month on the second and fourth Mondays. I-Ni V 'f"" "-3 E 45 4' 'k E.lw-a-,-f.1-.Q-1--,-af:.rfrs1, P11226 -7 -. .A -......-.J--sf x. .. .fe-ww - --vf-M .1-.qs-, ., 7. . .,,..,,, , :':2:2-'12112:1:1:-zi:-1-'I'-vii:-:-'-:-'I -- ""1:'f5f1-f-f:1'f:-:f.?f-:-:-:4.55,.'X:Y?I1'l?:f:-:fi:'.35o'.--r-. 1r'1-'1f':'-2-'- ""'J-6:13 -.KW A --252421:-21'-:P'!2'.1f.2z':f'2i:f:2:-'-5:-'-111:-2'-:-1:-:1:'g'11':-'2:+-'SR-S' milf'?f'i719'f:?aE:-I::A1-.xifRf""' - . 'S 593-, EW .- - . -, , sw f:9'B. :-.,..2r-g.Q1'fYs,:ffc-. - 24 -54. " ':5,:tk1.'.-:- 2. c .exe -... The Adams Chapter sent three delegates to the Dis- trict V rally on November 26,at Mankato.The delegates were Donald Bissen, Harold Mandler, and Donald Larson. The F.F.A. Chapter and the Agriculture classes put on the corn show this fall. There were about 105 samples en tered,and many yields ran well over 80 bushels per acre.We sent the samples to the University of Minnesota to be mois ture tested this year. Bill Smith won first place with a yield of 88.7 bushels per acre. It was from a field of De Kalb .240 corn. Mr. Danders from the University farm,was principal speaker for the meeting. At the next meeting the boys gave an oyster stew to the business men who drove when the corn samples for the show were collected. The stew was prepared by the home- economics girls. Immediately follow1ng,a liars contest was conducted,and Jake Muerer won first prize. Thenzfollewedua game of truth and consequences. Everybody enjoyed a good t me. ' The F.F.A. plans to hold a Father-Son Banquet this en.. spring. Edgar Meister competed in the Public Speaking Con- , test held at Faribault this .Q5N year. The District Banquet ' ' - itil and the Chapter conducting mf 74g,2 Contest were all held on ig! ' It Q the same date this yeah in- f'fga+59 3 t stead of having each on a f XQQ-fii I separate day. vrr?W' 1 1i2if2f i The Chapter is being Vfftfjj E financed by the sales from XLJQfj 1 the corn show,paper collect- 1 Q I ions, and dues. We plan to 1 I 1 have a chapter prize this I E 3 spring. Z '-. V: Donald Larson M , ' . A 4. 4 . -. -f. ,-. , . , . . w ' 'xx .-.f-4. -W my-ffm' - - --.9 f .154-2254, ,-,f . 1-mf-w:ff:?S -,, . safari-.gsgffaliiysp-'-'-af:-z,.4555 . ,.,. ,,v.fzxz 4Spm,.-Q 'A vs 2 - 4'- -' fu--A W V, , ..- ,,v, lr Q' I I 1 , . FIRST ROW--Mary Jane Finbraaten,Ruth Larson, Norman Olson Raymond Olson, Dean Lane, Bernard Hukee, Loris Larson, Arvella Johnson SECOND ROWLJohn Wood,Kathleen Lewison,Merna Barkee,Deloris Lewlson, Patrichia E rckenbrack, Dorothy Torg- erson, Leonard Johnson THIRD BOWL-Byron Lewiscn, Elsie Wood,Donis Osmundson, Lu- erne Johnson, Lorraine Meyers Neil Slindee FOURTH ROW.Mr.Smith, instructor, Donald D1ssen,Edgar Mei- ster, Ward Bergene, Donald Johnson, Donald La- rson, Archie Hanson :-1 - ADAMS FULL O' PEP QKH CLUB The Adams Full O' Pep 4-H Club got off to another good start this year with an enrollment of about forty members, all of whom are not shown in the picture. This year they are cooperating with the United States Government in the Food for Defense program. And many mem- bers are carrying out Poultry, Dairy, Swine and Beef pro- -A I. . ' V V QQWBVR K my f zA7v,vv,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . --U-. f l1'3'-"TL '-Sf'-1:-re'-rwvw- wr.-qfr.,qs.-mr.-111103,-1-sr-W-.,y.w-q-,.-f..,- .F fc- ,V 9. h . ,N-.yang-M ,. . . 'W 4-,'n-vf1's-exq...-5?'Z2'J.'!2v:.'4-gf' v. -. ' my 45.5-4...p-., 49 '+I wyg.-,fa '-r:-r-114--fq4:,.. -' ,- wt' A1 -'17 -:e-,.- . Q r .+c,.,+,,, 1 lf. .M-1, -,fy.b- - '. J.-1'-.5 WE' '-43'-'-"'-'-1-.-ff?2,2-rf--Z" "' 'D ' ' fl'-'fi '2'Y3?: J ' '1 14' ' 'Sv ' I- fi"'f'-'-'firm' ' .. ,.t,v,,- - ' ' "' 'f' 7572 nz' -- -I '?f1ZsZi2:a':wv-Q-.v.,.1a1:g:s: . fS:e:frm-s:+.5m-f:-if-sew'.. y x K - x '7 - .., QIg':P'f:1:1 EIf1-1:2:k2:2:2:2:!:1f1:5fI:2:-E?3?5'223Q4i'1:1:-'1:g:g:g1:2:1:SBSH-14-.1:2:i:1:1'5bE1f ' 5:57-.1g.g5,?7:g:g:3.7'g.5C:f:': '2. .-.-:-1-gf g.g'f.,f.2. : S3:1:1:-:l:f:-:l'-.-.-.-':2:-:-:.- lZl:'3.'.'.'.-Y -154-:f:T.1.-' :-:-.-:2:2:1 -.?'f:1:21: .:-: :iz-:-z--'-'ff-:-1-1-rv.'.-,1-:.:.:-.:.:- -gf.:-2:-:-: :-:-2:-:-:-:-:-.-.-:1:4-S.-.-.-.-.-.-.5143-,-:4.g-4q4,:g-:?:g:g.,g:g:-gk, .-fm:-15.4014-:r',.y:g:::,:::gg,:.g.g:g.g.g.-.g.gtfx-:5,:gggg,g,g:g.g.,:wr-:Q.g:,:-:gzgz-:--z.:4.1.5-:gg:::,zgzfzfzc-:-ze-:-:+:-14-1+:-:-'1-5-7--'-'-'--1.-.:.--:fzrrf--43'C-2-Q1'.-f-:-g:g:-:-q'-.- -:-:':-:-:-:-:-:t-:-:-:-:- Jects to help meet the quota Uncle Sam has set. We also have many,members enrolled in health, thus cooperating in the goal for healthier boys and girls to make future good Americans. Girls are helping in the government program for in- creasing food supplies by carrying out canning, cooking, and sewing projects, and by helping with the gardens at home. , We had,a club tour instead of,the July meeting. After the tour we went to Wild Wood Park, at LeRoy for a weiner roast. Everyone had a good time. Two carloads and a bus transported the members participating. First place was awarded to the club on their booth . Vincent Bolton was one of the County Health Champions, He also represented the club at the State Fair. Lorraine Meyers attended the Junior Livestock Show at St. Paul. Vincent Bolton received a blue ribbon for his chickens. The officers of the club are as follows: Edgar Meister, presidentg Lorraine Meyers, vice presidentg Bob Hansen, secretary, Elsie Wood, treasurerg Marjorie Duggan, song leader. Neil Slindee Bb 41. 51,4 Q f A y si ' EXC! WQS5 V X H x-l. Isl ' iq I Okxrx. i,fi9?W P I p .If' 'J , are-E.,-,.. l..,I h-jbyu,-P Cvkxuw CS Q5 N Linz sv, I L-N D--M--uw Q -i-?,,iwm .,.-Q1... ,... --.- F! , .zu- . .. .g. ':7: 242519 -.-.X .1 A . .-'P ..... .. . ' , ,,,sss . -1:If5f:5:1:5'1:2f:f:3:2'f'2'5:2:2:2:1:f5:E:2:2:13 :Z:2:1r5:f:1:1:-:335:f:5:5:5-2:5:1Si,:Tq1.11i-Ftffisl'-Q.:-5545--.17-1g5i'5: 3-.-:gf5:x.:.g.f.g.1.?-R.:-':-:--ggagggg, 431.5Q5.-.1..3.f-11.-3.f,...q-,-,42.1.-.l.LQ.fl. g:..1g.g.g.g.-.:.3.2q.g-.,.:.1.1 W':.3:- fx' , As Y? ' ! , 'Y X xxx f..' a 3 Al,-QS 5,13 . ' ' if .. ,, ,ix-' ,.,.f :,17g,'.,:,:, . . ' -.3 SZ"-A-.-J.. 1 , A Q . .- 1 'I N v,-,.,,T ,S6fS7E.,,'Z...-..,3Z-.f'!.,g: ,E ,. V..-.4533 -. "!?3:-.,5-5rl,...g4.'-.-.,:.y-2f- .,s-73"- V .:1." JUNIOR AND SENIOR BANQUET Qn May 3, 1941 the Juniors and Seniors anchored and Xeached their port at the Sacred Heart Church basement at d8.mS 0 . After a delicious meal the ship crew was entertained.. by the captain, Mr. Sorknes,by the Helmsman, Henry Bevney, and by other members of .the crew. Byron Huseby read the Class H1story3Kerm1t Keifer read the Class Willgand Thelma Kalland read the Class Prophecy. Next came a Clarinet Trio by Shirley Tolstead,Kathleen Karsburg, and Natalie Ercken- brack. Then Mr. Hatle gave an interesting speech titled, UVis1ting the Ports.n As the sailors had to set sail again before long,Vire ginia Bonnallie gave a speech titled, WSailors Farewell.n The last farewell was given by the Junior boys who sang WAnchors Away.W As the theme of the banquet was the Navy,the rnomswas decorated in red, white, and blue. The Navy theme was care ried out in the table decorations, which consisted,of p1aoecards,flags, and nut cups.Each person found his place by his name written on a small sailor made out of paper. H ,W - , Www H . -.', +1-eaaaef' . -1 1:11:11 -15" . 1-wg Tv - K + . . , W, f? .-2 1' ,I W 54-sz-.E'??z53f4'5i93':3E2g::-oz-:-35511-'-4'-11.54:.-:-:1":::1q1'1-ca1'-' gr, .1.'..f'N:'.-- 1-f 5541-. --af-:-"2-1''-f-.2:l:2:-:fp-:A ':-1-'4-:-:-2-:-.P-'-:fl::11"'2gi'-.-.f:-m-QW' '-4. .-'g:1-zgqzg.,.3--'-.,.,Vc-z-:-111:-1-14.1-1-111':-15:11-'giiglz-1-25.121-1-13.5.11-13:11-g-1-: ..f.'f . -'y . p:-:-:fn-'-.-.,-24:3 eg 4,.g'g.:::-:-.'.-4.Q9-14-A.-.-.-.4g.-.,t- ge: -- .'.:".1.-..,.-.,-.g-q1.- ..-,5.3.-1-.3.grg.5.:.3.,.-,,.5.:.3f,,1-,-fu-,-...-1-f .-44.1, .5gf3.g.5.,.-.-.g.4,..ry. 3.1. 14,5,1,.5g'?5g5ggg3:g2f?231:,.1?3'-:Wat-:-:g.f:gg,-g5:g:5:2:5-ugzgzg'-5-gkqglfgif-,gg,. 13:3Q,.,.. -:Gag-:4i.2'-.-3:34-:z-: pfrisggig:-:a.3:ff.,.-f +4 '34-5:-:.: :4 1- .:.-.-.-:--. '- 1-t'- - A FIELD DAY The second annual Field Day was held on May 15, 1941. The school was divided into two sides, The'Purple and The Gold. The all school captains for The Purple were Kermit Kiefer and Genevieve Barthelme, and, for, the Gold, Byron Huseby and Marvel Madsen. Individual class captains for The Purple were! sen- iors, Richard Nelson and Ruth Anderson, Juniors, Carleton Johnson and June Otto, sophomores,Archie Hanson and Marian Smith, and freshmen, Donald Larson and Catherine Kiefer. Individual class captains for The Gold were, seniors, Virgil Bergene and Mary Gerberg juniors, John Schnieder Natalie Erckenbrackgl sophomores, Williard Anderson and Ha zel Belly freshmen, Byron Lewison and Jean Ross. ' ' Many records were set and blue ribbons were given to winners. The awards were as follows: tennis, John Schn- eider, broad jump, Virgil Bergeneg shot put, Carleton John song football punting, Carleton Johnsong football pass1ng,f Paul Erieg pole vault, Edwin Schumacher, high jump, Eugene Boyumg 100 yard dash,Carleton Johnson, and cook fight,Eug- ene Knutson. p The girls were also awarded blue ' ribbons, namely? basketball throw, Hazel Belly kittenball throw, Natalie Erckenbrackg 50 yard dash, June Otto: tennis, 'Shirley Nagel: standing broad jump, June Otto, and running broad jump, Beatrice Mullenback. Kittenball games were also played by both the boys and girls. To finish up the day, the boys had a tugo'war in which The Purple were victorious. The Purples were ahead until Miss Anderson saved the, day when she turned in her score. That brought the final score to 401 points for The Gold and 401 points for The Purple. A picnic dinner and a good sunburn was had by all. Marian Smith . .g. .- " .. . ' . 'f ":- "" ag-..-'gp' - ,-.-:-,-lzuzf---'-.mglia -' - - V. . .a. , ,ll-. ,. -v'-"+z7'- lx, -' .f-:f221.:f:5:f:.f :f.:..: -4,:22121Erf:f: :J-arse: ..,. g:3:::g:,:, git.-:-1-. -.-44. -41.5.1 R-:gg FH is? :IEEE Pai . 5-' F' :-. . -P -2 . bf, 'wc A Q I if 2 . 'Ro .- if ii -. .,.,.,.74 . . ,.,, 51? fi' QQ. :YZ-. gg '-: -, S' SSP: X575 if! 45' VX. . w. N 1 an 17 'Ep .hwnvwwvw Jim-f 5 -.2 ,K fi f f"f'f'x'1 -'r ""' x,.VL. Q an F 1' 5 fx' 4 Q ,-', 1 'I' an v Q 0 A 5 r' 4- 0, .X ,' -X . t ' f 1"'4' bfi? f f " x , w .525 V 1 .1 X ..... . X ,fm-1. lv. x N ryfi '46 " Q A x " "A X ff f 2' 5 J- ." Nl if 'U-'fy . N . R. n A - 1 xl g. a 1 Q, , ' I , , h-If W C31 wx 4'- . f ---9' f 1 N X Nm Aff I l Q.. '1 . Imax ' x'2 K -"'M"T' if .J 3-1,g, Juan :ffl 57' ' - ' f 'M . . ,1- ' N . , Sw 'Q --1.-im. " 'ist 'Y , MQ 7 1 -. Q-Lg 1,4 . ,.-.,. , ' .14 x ' Q. . 5 f .-1473... .L -- 3 , SL A K fi Q , e 245 ' -sv ' 2 vb 'Q vs! f in wr' 5? 'V I ia.: an s ' 41 is W. B -Z9 F if I , D, 1. Q X4 5 f, 13 is V I 45 L 2-2 F93 524 va 1 ,,,, 2? -41", , ' 5, '- PF. :QQ N V: - ,gi 4. , 3515? S1 52 1.7 - 1, A Y v V Q .- Q ,Zz N ff .?j:5'f ' if 41, - . " ' :fa N ij. r 1 N K K ww I .Af .:t':i:Ti:':b, :Z 3:5-.-'ZZ' V E 1 1 53' X 1 ' X. .W-o fx5.f1'1.,,l V mf ' Q3 r 1 4326 Q ' ' f -- Yrff - L F5311 115- 1::"' 5:3 .5323-. 27155 Lg:-T :gg , . 'Q "if gi: fzw 75, ':2:i. -4:1 ' 345 N - Zi 33' 14" , ,- AMY 3.4 if ' x I ' Q 23, ,.,.,,, fr "S f 41 S 'fl :1- - ' - P+- 1:..i:g1?!SZ1 ' . 757 ""' ' :"' :f - --r . 1- .4 few:-,H ' - -Za, N .....-.l,- -,.s or , S , 1 ,L ,M ik' l ll 15 1 L 4 i 1 QI ., . ,, ,AMA 4777 E First row, left to right-Willard anderson, Harold Mandler, Byron Lewison, David Schneider, and Wilfred King. Second row-Benjamin Winkle, Paul Erie, Carleton Johnson, John Sohnelder,Donald Sass, Eugene Finkleson, C08-Ch G1SS1'19 FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Willard Anderson Paul Erie Eugene Finkelson Carleton ?ohnson Wilfred King Gerald Krebsbach Byron Lewison Harold Mandler Donald Sass John Schneider Benjamin Winkel . ..' - ,- v . .. . -uf. , , . , . heemmwmmmmksenmggfgykw wwf fhimkwwnawWWHMwHMM5'?a:gg 7 '. .vw l ."'ffQ:-G35PS3??f::fS5'23E-E?:1i22:25.EZr:1E2515E'22'-1138455-'2'FW sf 's'fs:.wL1:321:23-s5e,' :sf-'.f,-11-,'-,',-2-' :fr . 11-, At the beginning of the football season, Coach Glesne was faced with the task of building a six-man football team out of a group of boys,all of whom were inexperienced in the six-man game. Out of seven games,Adams won three and tied one. Rose Creek seemed to be the stumbling block this year. The Oct- ober 5l game with the Creekers was the year's most sloppy and muddy football dey. The rain was pouring down all through the game. The Adams line was lighter, and, as a result,was pushed around some. The October 4 game with St. Ansgar was the only night game. The score was a tie, being 6-6. The last game, our traditional November ll game with LeRoy, was played on the LeRoy gridiron. The first half of the game was played with nine men, and the last half with six men: because LeRoy played eleven-man football. The co-captains were Benjamin Winkels and Carleton Johnson. Those graduating this year are: Benjamin Winkeld Carleton Johnson, Gerald Krebsback, John Schneider,and Paul Erie 9 The homecoming game was played on October 24, with Emmons. There were quite a few alumni there to support the players. For their first year of this new kind of football,the squad did commendable work. Coach Glesne deserves a vote of praise in working the team up to the degree of success that they had. Next year, we hope that the experience of the team, added to their determination, will better our re cord. September 19 September 26 October 4 October 15 October 24 October 51 November ll SCORES. Adams 6 Adams 29 Adams 6 Adams 59 Adams 54 Adams 2 Adams 19 Rose Creek 24 Elkton 6 St..Ansgar 6 Elkton I 6 Emmons ' O Rose Creek 54 Le Roy 58 , : !.' 61 ,',' 31 '. ' .- 41"-' ..- '- - -1-nf -- ' - '-.f. .. pq---, 'A' . , . - ' " gl Maurloe Severson,N1llard Anderson,Harold Handler Carleton Johnson, John Sonnelder, Mr. Glesne, Donald Sass,Eugene Flnkelson, Paul Erle, Archie Hanson, Byron Lewlson. BASKETBALL LETTERMUN Willard Anderson Paul Erie Eugene Finkelson Archie Hanson Carleton Johnson Byron Lewlson Harold Mandler Donald Sass John Schneider Maurice Severson X' do 7? ""'!'f-M S,"k, !',,"" ' .::::::u:::':.:::::.. ff W? fy f X' LW , ,HL 1 FH TH, ssl 'L ft L , A ,, in L 2Iiilfizfk'"'512'3'1if551E-e .f51fI:'.'. '45 1255?"PF"-'fzjj1E:?:f:E21.3i3f1: ' f , sssxem sau.. ' A Last November, only one regular and two others who were lettermen returned to take up the purple and gold. During the season, we found several underclassmen achiev- ing recognition on the first team. On December fifth, Coach Glesne and his team went to Hayfield for the opening game of the season.The first half was made very exciting by the fact that the lead kept hands. By the end of the same, however, the 'Fieldersn had run up 36 points to AdamsY3O. December ninth, we witnessed the first home game a- gainst Lyle, only tc be defeated 28 to 40. The next game was played at LeRoy. Our boys got off to a good start,but were forced to give up the lead in the second quarter. The ending score was 19 to 58 in favor of the opponents. On December sixteenth, the Adams squad ventured to Rose Creek, to be overcome by a score of 56 to 15, after putting a stiff fight. On January ninth, after a three week's vacation, the team metered to Spring Valley. The Adams squad played a hard fought game,hold1ng the Valley team to 23 points, and scoring 19. January sixteenth found Elkton coming here, to be de- feated to the tune of 40-26. Our team took the offensive during the entire game. The Adams squad'y1e1tcd'Grand Meadow on Januaryytwenty- third. Grand Meadow found Adams a stiff opponent, but were able to defeat us 51 to 46. The next game on the 1ist,in my opinion, was the most exciting one of the season. It was a dark outlook, with three regularsn expelled, to be facing the strong Rose Creek squad. It was thrilling to find Adams holding the lead all the way,until the last quarter,when the opponents gained a one point lead, ending the game. The next game was played with Ellendale,there on Jan- uary thirtieth. It was a hard fought game, but our squad we so as raise -me -filliz-If-115.51-z -1-ifzgrzzzga 9:-'g :g.g45', arf'-'TT If .yf,:,.-.. V. -:'iz-- ' - - T? ,- ,- 14'-Q.--" N, ki fa -755',342'3'f35'-1-'I-:"-'52-Ipgwfkft-45,f-rc-'pu - -I--23f4f.'--1--'-for-,fi rffivvfIPI?-,PIP2:-Qii?-Z:-.dfifzizi12:22:55:faftfz-5'b1??i?1ZEY."2:f',1F5I"5:'-:'-:,'E', iZ:'Qian2:g:?3:?f:-'F22E5rg5'fg5ff-fi-57,53 found a smooth compete'with and lost to Ellendale. We hope there were no hard feelings between Coach G.Glesne of Ellendale and Coach M. Glesne of Adams. February sixth marks the date of Adams over-powering the Spring Valley team by the score of 28 to 21 in a hard fought game. The next game was played here with LeRoy on February tenth. After a hard close-played game, the Adams team was forced to yield to a score of 24 to 50. Grand Meadow vs. Adams, here, was the next game on schedule. This game was another thriller. It was an un- lucky Friday the thirteenth for our. team. At the end, we were on the short end of the score, 41-45. February seventeenth is the date Lyle was Adams' host. In a hard fought game Adams scored only 28 points to 58 for Lyle. On February twentieth, Elkton was again our guest. Adams rolled up 56 points, while Elkton picked up only 55 points. The Sub-district Tournament was held at LeRoy. The first night, Adams drew a bye. The second night of the tournament,Adams tangled with Spring Valley. Both teams were out to seek a trip to the District Tournament at Albert Lea. That being an Hoff nightu for Adams, Spring Valley emerged with a three point margin, 27-50. The third night Adams played with LeRoy for Consola- tion honors. Our squad, however, was unable to outplay the LeRoy squad and were defeated 26-56. Grand Meadow took the Sub-district title. This year our team was unfortunate in winning only a few games, but when the game was over the opponents always knew that they had been in a basketball game. K.. - 1' 'X 6'-gZf'3f5Zf2t':'5-4'-.'3:5i:T:7:f5.g:?5Z-372.-2a17?7l'g5'3:5!5E72-f?Qf2?'E:S:.,''Mk ,,.A:.,',,gqg-5:-:-rtrfqz, tc -min -ff .,5'i.fg:f::fEi,'Q2:z-f12:,. .-:.--.z,zg-:E::1E2:,:,-g:gE5:f33gf5-3..-.-c-z3:g:, sk2sg4aq4g3u51.sW.,fsefqf ,Even though our first team has had stiff competition this year, we can boast of the fine record of the Second Team. Out of 15 games played, they bowed to ppponents only tWiCG. From this record we are looking forward to an out- standing basketball season next year. JUNQOR-HIGH TEAM The Junior High team was outstanding in getting to the finals in their tournament here at Adams. IE as doing they defeated Elkton and Hayfield. They lost to the win- ner of the championship, LeRoy, by a score of 26-16. 3 LLL L E mv me vf-X5 ,eg G1-Noela JJ Kan 5 Qian-ks eg texas, J-9'1" mam s -gfad Ja' 'M K' ,yx ns., 2' - Jw' '9 'X x my UH W yn , r11 S .,..e 4:11:1- r:-:--Im.: .::-::-f::lPvF'F :: -.5- g--...-- -- r..42. . . " ' ' ,:1,,k--- - - ' -H ff Gg55,'!','rf!5:.E:i::-:-,:i255555'5:SEN-':4Af:!!rNifii'3'.I'finF55Fq5?i5:::g:5:5iEfWi5:gfE7P:2'?f5:. ' -. ""' - ' " --.,...f-.:v.4-..,.. w,..,. -:ffm:q-5r:,:::f5! ggiygfgfHum15:-ig!-,h5i:5:555f5::E55::y:E:i!r-:i-wir - r.. .. - , V lm.. .. ., ........ -4. --,--. , .,, I i-,,,-, ..... ,..,,.,, ,, .w4q,,,,,N,,::., FH. f?L , 1 41' nffi. 5 - - n,',p ll 4 I.. .A ' I mmwmwmwmmmmmhmmwmmmmmmmwwwMWQEE QEQEQWQQE WEHWQMMWQWWMEXMKEQ xr' V ' LV' 'V 'gig g 1 L 1 v v FIRST ROW4-Kathleen Karsburg, Doris Hansen,Florian Wagner, Lorraine Levasseur, Ruth Berg, Dorothy Torger- son, Patrica Erokenbrack. SECOND ROW-Elsie Wood, Cordelia Whitney, Shirley Tolstead, Arlene Hagen, Luverne Johnson, Genevieve Bar- . thelme, Edythe Stern. THIRD ROW--Marion Smith, Marjorie Duggan, Lorraine Meyers, Maxine Peterson, Jean Ross, Donnis Osmundson, Berg s -nq-nnnn1u--1-s- PEP CLUB Rah! Rah! Rah! Adams High Sohool!Th1s is the theme of the Adams Pep Club, which held its first meeting in Sep- tember 1941. Officers were namely: Marion Smith, lpresil dentg Lorraine Meyers, vice-presidentgF1orian Wagner, seo- retaryg and Luverne Johnson, treasurer: Every Wednesday at 1:45, we held our meeting in the home economics room. The Pep Club's aim is to lead a cheering section which backs up the football and basketball boys at the games,es- peoially the ones that are played in our home gymnasium. A bus has been taken several times this year in order to show our support at out of town games, also. Q9 We .f , s., . fa, . -- :Yr evmwmihmwSQEQWMQHQEWMQasmmmmgmgmmw EQSSLL fy The income of the Pep 13 Club is obtained from candy 7 JJ! sold at home games. g?1g1?eQ About the middle of the E' E5 gg season we ordered pennants, Sgr EH which we wore to games. Some L Q, of the girls made purple Njgggx beanies with gold pigtails. Since the weather wasn't in our favor for a sleigh riding party, we are now looking forward to a weiner Aggk ggkg roast in the spring. There were five cheer leaders representing Adams this year. They were as follows: Genevieve Barthelme,a Senior 3 Lorraine Levasseur, Florian Wagner, both Juniorsg LeDonna Johnson, a Sophomoreg and Dorothy Torgerson, a Freshman. All of the cheer leaders,except the two Junior girls, had purple slacks and gold blouses. Lorraine and Florian had purple dresses with gold lined skirts. The cheerlead- ers worked up many new yells and had very good cooperation from the student group The Pep Club fin- anced an American Song Bag Program,consisting of a violinist,p1anist and singer. Scheurer, violinist in the Minn- eapolis Symphony Or- chestra and .a member of the faculty of the University of Minneso- ta, and Williams,Harp- ist in the Minneapolis Symphony HQrbhostra , will entertain here in the spring. These pro- grams are highly rec- ommended for all per- sons, both young and old, by the University of Minnesota. Florian Wagner 55 fl IA ' ,Q n f ' Y? .1 if. fi K lr cf X-. Kgs-.n ,-:Z:1"V"l'gS2i:3PQ-'7,i:: , 3,4 'Pg-:,g53agtg'-.g:g.gayg575Iq-6-i.FE13L+:95' Q'-':g.g':5-:5"""'-' HF: , ,. .- '-..r":,55'55a:.:.f.1- :mal .Va swf-51 za ., .... '..:.:::--. .. .: 4 ' e c .. . ., ,... .. . , ., .... ..,,,, 1 I My '. a 1: 4 ' 'K . . '- ' ,. .' 'I ' Q 1 'I . 4 A - .,., AGL-T-.,,iE.E...,4n' . , A . .. . -'- .. ffm W., ' -. 9 ' -. -rf., -5:25 43 '-. . .-,ri::fa:f2:':::1:f:Q:Q1Qfgcfg'-'-'11:':7:2:f'f.':':g.gj-g:?1E:22Sf5?I?:"': :2:f:1.1g1S:i:1'Q:::g:p 'f "2:P"2:'r Him " H , '-ateifsmtff-Af::r:1:S:2:3:?S39ii.?:QS'5es5:zs: 1 f----fiff'f'f'1'ff1'1"1"'f1211'- MANS Aww ATHLETIC BANQUET The annual Athletic Banquet was held at the Bacred Heart Church Parlors on April 3. A large crowd attended, and a splendid program had been planned for the evening. The Parlors were beautifully decorated with purple and gold streamers which are the Adams school colors. The girls who served wore aprons made of purple and gold crepe PHPGP- The place cards, cut in the shape of a football hel met were attractively designed.Purple and gold tstreamers extended the length of the tables, and the centerpieces of beautiful flower bouquets completed the table decorations. At 6230 the banquet began. A delicious menu was ser- ved consisting of baked ham, scalloped potatoes, buttered peas, vegetable salad, celery, rolls, cherry pie, ice cre- am, and coffee. Following the dinner, Mr. John Wagner Jr., toastmaster, took over for the remainder of the evening's program. D A H Short talks were given by Mr. R. L. Bolton, Mayor of Adams, Mr. A. J. Karsburg, secretary of the Civic Associa- tion, Mr. B. J. Huseby, president of the School Boardg Mr. Glesne, coach of Adams High Schoolg Warren Plunkett, grad- uate of the University of Minnesota and a football star of the Golden Gophersg John Schneider,captain of the football teamg and Carleton Johnson,captain of the basketball team. The honored guest of the evening was Mr. Dieg,coach at the College of St. Thomas at Minneapolis, who gave a very in- teresting speech. Included in the program were musical selections given by the pupils of Adams High School. The Pep Band played during the earlier part of the evening, Dorothy Torgerscn and Lorraine LeVasseur Played a saxaphone duet, accompan- ied by Shirley Tolstead on the piano. Vernon Gosha and Shirley Tolstead sang two duets, namely: UI'm Breathlessn and UMarine Song.nThayywere accompanied by Natalie Ercken- brack on the piano. At the close of the program, the High School Octette sang several pep songs. Lorraine Meyers 'Q EEK .m wwwmw MMWWMHMMQEEQ W5 gg? mmm - . E ..s:1.' g .'.- 62.5. , . A-z Zz 4? ,' W :- .5. ,t .3 G 5 :59 X v 1 : X X xA 1 , v' N -. w..- for F35 me ASQ. X a ,- 9 mg Y 'Sf 'fn as H Q 'N 3 x r Q' P. -. rf X ., + X X I f- .4 f. v' .-Q ,We f RVN 1 v 2 N J 1? x' + J 5. 54 5 Q E X ll f if if? 14' E2 A 5 5 - Y -2.9: I-fl . fs: fi, L.,,,. .,g- -'IF-z 5:2 X 2- ,., ' ' iii? K . 5 Q V 4. pn. 152' EQ: A 55.1 .-1-5-se :wa E573 23135 'fiigai 913' -YZ-:P EW: f:25'? :sax sgfa: A 225:55 422552 j?5E5EE,i5 Fgiig , 252235 , 32922152 5,225 55225 iii 22:52 , 155252: ii? 232- Ziffb' ?C1:i., Q- 3-1232 'S' Fifi. in 5515? gif, I ESQ ' , NN, -.-.-:- ,X Y P53-3,3 ,lr ?fE:"5 .-: ggi: E213 f' sigf- .5 E111 gli E325 - 125. E" g-9 .-1 ":?' V if .3 1:93 ic- ,eff P E5 X X r w x. "1-P"---. ' as-v-0 -.Av-F. rf, 4 A, + ff f 2 ZA -1 Q ' :: -- -12 f Y- .' I 5 f 5 I " 5 f .Q 551 f ' W' Q cjklgtqiggihf ' h r'-:E:23ib 'jf , ' 3:33 . if fxf, , . - .qv Q -,,,1, AQ W R it g, .,., . - . , K- , , , v q Y Y v V fkzcl K-Zi 'E tv XX 4' 1 ' 'I-'!,. ,Z r ,Lv 'Y rw ' . 4: ,. ,- ,ld-,.A3:.k.,., . A-..-v,.:,5,,,,,,- v 9 f w J an 445 o- 4 f . .. . . . . . 4:.- .-J... - - .. V.-'-'-zdffb,-Za?2i'. . 4 ' "'fqiziffgtfzfz-:-:4-zip:-:-:-2-:-wif--2:2:1:-ze-4-:4-:-'-V. Q-"' f 'iiggf . rg-:-:-:-.-.-: .-.9.g,-,3.g39"A-ez'-' .,.-.--.-1-:4-:fi-SZ.. ----.+ -.-:-'-'---t-,-.-:-:--:-"'t:.,y:-'--.:rw.-.- .,5,.:.g.-. - . . ny- -1.':::-,gn-if, -gem -X, ' 6-'QM ... f.1.-.gqz-.4-:53:g:,.g:,.'5.5.3-up 'zk ug . .95-.., 11:3-51:-2:13 2W'ff?'ff'v..g H+ Ame s.w?.22?"sf'szW:,.e isis., W' if P We wire s . - 1 - - fi :,"'z"-3-'f'-rsfp-5QgZf.Q.,j3E5i55zg55i?5ig'gag5g231'22535,.5-1'3253S:E:f,-:Zgf:g,f3',:55i:i5ff--.2-4' .s-s.L ..-- 3... . - 11 -1 WHAT WILL YOU MISS MOST AFTER GRADUATIGN? Ardelle Anderson - - - Book Reports In English Class. Genevieve Barthleme- - - sasketsbeii Games. Robert Barthelme - - - uDropping down in the office.u Marjorie Duggan - - - Not anything, not even Elsie. Natalie Erckenbrsck - - - Our ujamu sessions between numbers in band. Paul Erie - - - Listening to Hr. Sorkness talk about Crime, and his short stories pertaining to it. Dolores Ewald - - - Hr. Sorkness WJust one Announcement.n Carlton Johnson - - - nShorty.u Kathleen Karsburg - - - Mr. Sorkness WShort Qnizes.u Raphael King - - - Field Trips in Agriculture. Robert Klapperick - - - The great suspense while Hr. Glesne is passing out report cards. Florence Knutson Gerald Landherr Ardis Larson - - Edgar Meister - Shirley Nagel - - - Billy Nelson - - tant any more. Glenn Peterson - Herbert Schafer John Schneider - Andrew Smith - - Benjamin Winkels - - The fun I had in High School. - The 4 o'clook bell. The study periods in the Assembly. Going down town at noon. Steps to second floor. 4:00 o'clock because it won't be impor- - Flat tires on field trips. - English Class. - Arguing with Mrs. Stout. Chemistry Class. - - Staying home from school. Glenn Peterson ,N -it 'em ..,. .. ' . -rg f ' .- -V Y . -:1:i-I'2-2!'Z"-:-:-:f:--.-'-:Z.'-:AM-'-.-L4f1.i.2'?1-2' " x:2"1'T"",--.1x.-.'-'JPL--5:41-:Qs-.e:f---,'T'-.-.'-1:-" ' . -.rr ...- . . V . ...- --.---- . -.-:-:-:-:-:-:2g.g.' :-.-.-..3.72-.g.g.g.--.f--:-N.NW, 'z-5:32-I,-,4..,Z,:'-: sw- - w.-. -'E :'..1. ff' .- z-4.4.-g. -f .-.-.-.-.-. '-.-q.g.'--:- ' WP'-" b. 'V geese-wr-2-,,.-evf',f.-:eerie:Qassie1'l sQfs:::5ea3-,sffraitsashtrbmsr-fgz? , -ati::fi::?::?:?ffr11'-M:f etizszfensaifsh- ff s 2' 4' - 4ts2:fssn -an . .fr---: . . .. . -.-2. v :.:.:91:f!'ff-as:-I-. 'V ..... vw- .:r9.. . '- K .5 -.f '- gsff egl f.. . 1 CAPTIQNS 1. Box -look at the ribbons. 2. Touchdown 3. Don't let it fall down Leone. 4. Big plans for the future. 5. Don't step on the legs, girls! 6. Bookworms, 7. Studious- 8. The beautiful queen and her attendents. 9. Hair looks pretty, doesn't it 10. Formations. 11. Interested?????? 12. Back to work 15. Woo! Woo! 14. Hi ya, Monkey 15. Come and get it 16. Gettin' hungry waitin' 17. Dontt the flowers smell pretty? 18. Haul it away boys 19. What a form 20. Interesting speech, Mr. Smith 21. Kenny 22. Paste it on the right side, Gen 25. Slim, at ease. 24. Better luck next time. 25. Efficient librarians. 26. It 1sn't that bad 27. Look out John! 28. S-t-r-1-k-e 29. Oh-Harold 50. Home run, Squeaky! W ikga . ,. . . Q . f .... . ,, x 1 1-I -sw 1. f-y-.5-:y . L.:-mv Q55 ii ' '- ff-1 . w. V -.'-Q., A-.. - K,,,,,,, , . ' --,. . jf.. -"3I:V'i .....3.-.-.4.Q,.'g.g1-- ,I -,:.,f.--f.- P .rx .Q. , v ... - . . .- 'f -. - .Mr-cg: NE- 54-xi-"QW ' ..: '4-'iwz - '12 'L-"W - ,. 'fzl:14w"fr1-Q-:iS14" ' .-: ..3?5'v.'-N22-15 - . ,-2"2-: EQ K emaesfhaaabesaa-aasaaasaaa-eeaaaaa CLASS PROPHECY ' Today, January 20, l949,is the day that John Schneider was innagurated as president. This evening he has asked 'the class of '42 to come to the White House. The first one we meet as we come in is Paul Erie. . HGabbyH is now coaching the famous basketball team at Adams They won the state championship at Adams. Who are the two girls that have just come ina No one else but those two nurses from St. Mary's -Hospital at Rochester, Natalie Erckenbrack and Shirley Nagel. After talking to them, we find that they have assisted at some very serious cases. Who is that man shaking hands, with the Presidentifit is none other than the famous orchestra leader Robert Klap- perich, HKing of the Sax.U He and his WSwaying Swingstersn are new playing a weeks engagement at the Stork Blub. Also present tonight is the Ambassador to Great Brit? ian, Robert Barthelme. He is surrounded by photographers, and his picture will aepear in all the papers tommorrow morning. Mr. and Mrs. William Nelson are being received by the President. Mrs. Nelson is the former Florence fKnutson. Before her marriage she was Shirley Temple's private teac- her. Billy is now in partnership with his father in the Creamery at Wadena. Who's that drawing all the attention of the girls? THEY seem to be attracted by his red hair and his uniform. Urban says, by the year 2400, he ought to be a corporal in the U.S. Army. I We've just been talking to Delores Ewald of the Adams Business College, who is teaching the younger generation the fundamentals of Shorthand and Typing. The man now speaking to the first lady is Carleton Johnson, Minnesota football player who has just been elect- ed the All-American. Also present here is Ardis Larson, who is a lynotype operator on the UTeapi Gazette. W As we understand Taopi has grown to be quite a town. as :MM f x meme .9 1? sf ' A 5 in - -Q H -' S2235 -.- 'K -f.-Pl' - . - - - . mer-Nw:-vwocf-:-J -'--'-e'f-rv'-wrsrv:-:-:zfszx-:.1r'v--'ff.g- , sa "V A - 'Qf 0 Nw. fA'M39M """"""' 'f'fK5's?"C ,- '-14-:fa-.--. .--2-al l Q. ' ww' . 4. ., .sz-W H 'Wir-. 4,-+11 fwe?i1?4f1??,mafia-eflsfffkf . 434112 .2 4-'I--' 1 Al?fZ':f:rfz-r.- -'- " 5'- '-'-arsevqfzesezwa-xS,f.'-A--ft-GW-'+.-.s . -- sf f-f4d"'- ' N 'X ' "' 'Marjorie Duggan is now an air-plane stewardess, on an airplane, which flies between Laramie and Adams. On her, trip to washington, she enjoyed chatting with the-pilot Andrew Smith. Hormel's private secretary is Kathleen Karsburg. She says business is better than over. Even though the Armis- tice has been signed, the boys in the army ond navy are still eating plenty. I Gerald Krebsbeok is doubling for Arthur Murray inWThc Steps of the Yeeru. Being around the movie stars helps to keep your eyes open, doosn't it Jerry? The warner Brothers are now having n.big increase in the demand for movies. Geneveive Barthelme, their .litest find is always signing peoples autograph books these days. Herbie Scheafer is the manager of a Uhook-shopUin.N6w York City. He says he has quite a collection of used ti- res. A man who has been doing plenty in helping to keep the Japs from revolting in this country is Edgar Meister. We've even noticed a slight Japanese accent in his speeohhtonight Rapheal King is now a prosperous farmer at Rattlesnake Gulch. This is Quite a town from what Rapheal says. The famous author, Glenn Peterson, who has just com- pleted nStardomP which will soon be put into a movie, is here. He told us that most of the credit should be given to his secretary, Ardclle Anderson, who has been assisting him in his work. Benjamin Winkcls and Gerald Landhcrr are working on the ranch of Body Lamaer. They seem to be enjoying their work very much, or is it the work that they are all smiles about. We have all enjoyed a very pleasant evening, and we- wish John all the success in the world, in his new carrer . Kathleen Karsburg and Genevieve Barthelme 21,1-t::, ..,., E +-+,f:,,.,,i . X W.. w min, - . l .M Jie: ...Mg-.,. i.. ..:.:' 1- 1 ,. . ey f..f.e.. ee. V43 , ,.:.-:-1--., 5::f:5:c-up-.g:::,:1:2:f:i-1: ' figlgzffgf.-f .-,-.-.511 '- . . - -2-' .-ztlrklzwrsyrguf - We, the Senior Class, being of questionable mind and doubtful intellect, without malice toward anyone, but with no feeling of generosity,dd ordain and establish this dow- gent to be our last will and testament of our high school ays. To Mr. Sorknes, we bequeath all our long themes and expect that he will burn much umidnight oilu in reading them. We also will all our Observers and notes we took in class which have become worn out from such hard usage. To Mr. Glesne, we bequeath our unexcused absences and hope they can think up better reasons next year. To Miss Homan, we bequeath a new mimiograph machine with automatic devices for such things as drop sheets and removing ink spots. To Mrs. Stout, we bequeath our knowledge of English literature and grammar. To Joe Adams, we bequeath a new mowing machine. We thought you'd like one with a little less noise, Joe! To Mr. Stegeman, we will all the extra copies of the UHut-Sut Songin We know it's your favorite song. To Mr. Smith,we bequeath a book on UChild Care,n pro- viding he doesn't wear tt out. To Mrs. Gronfor,we will much success and happiness in her married life. To Miss Christiansen, we will a pair of stilts so she can see what's going on in the back of the assembly. To Miss Toft, we will our good behavior and conduct during our school days. To Miss Bhend, we will our ngift of gabn so she can make nice long speeches to her classes. To Miss Neilson, we will all of our dramatic ability. .V ' a- W M WRQWX sera ' .- .. ...- 3. .. ..,.. .... W . . . . .. . n. .. .pl ..a? 'j'g -' 'f ,' 'Z'-C'-34512-':':"1: gk--5' -. ,.'f:2'i-'i, '-ig E-:WS '-1"2:f:'-A "i2:3'-:t2m2g2?'g:2:E:f:1'f:'I-F:g15':1:"f-' 4-:g:"f ,''fzf'-:ftfzizizfzlgrgz-:1:1. ar' . EZ? 3' . - .. -V l - - xzg.-5?Qe-QQRK-..,a--r..,,3s,f . -6- . f , , 1 . ., -. .. . .-.. if -1 -' -:1:f:3'2'-ff-Ti . V ,. . -Q... ,,,, . 3,55 ag.,-3 R U -:- , , Q-lfiga. - X -1 -4.x,:.3.-.- .-.- - .,.,:.'. .. . 5.-4 I . . ge 'vz-:sen .-. -Nw. . v. . . - - '-' 1- K - ' .A To Miss Paulson, we will our self importance and dig- nity. Individually we bequeath the following: Florence Knutson wills her limpid brown eyes to Hazel Bell. They seem to bring good results, eh Florence! Gerald Landherr wills his nspecsn to Shirley Tolstead for better vision the day after the night before. William Nelson wills hisnforeign jallopyuto Frederick Bolton for the beautiful summer evenings that are soon to come. Ardelle Anderson wills her Nshynessu to Elsie Wood. John Schneider wills his nUrban Odsonn figure to Florian Wagner. Maybe you can play football next year? Kathleen Karsburg wills her long tedious hours or band practice to Wilma Hardecog . Andrew Smith wills hisnsweet smilento Dorothy Winkel. He hates to give it away but thought you could make better use of it. Genevieve Barthleme wills her ucute dimplesuto Donald Bisson. Carleton Johnson wills his future plans to Lorraine Levasseur. Hope they work out, Shorty? Paul Erie wills his speedy walk to Carrie Jane Crichton. Robert Barthleme wills his dark hair and complexion to Maurice Severson. You know nvariety is the spice of life,u Sever. Natalie Erckenbrack wills her UCorny jokesu to Archie Hope you get more laughs Archie. Urban Heimer wills his mannish voice to Harold Mandler. It might quit changing some day Harry! 7, i - .':c1''-zgfzzgf.,,:g:g:gag.:1.1.11-55-rv:-s-.-:-:.- '--:-:-: -:5,,, A..-.,,.1. 4,-g.--,.-1-S:-:-:-e-: " -.Vi .. -- T ..... - -... - -.-1--ff .- ., 4 . -,.- .- -.'-. ' , . .'-"-'- -' -1-,-. ft-. -rg .-.79-.-.f.-.gggp-. , - -. .,e: - 'f 29:5 -.:.--f-:-'-:- '.' 447'-:"4::-'-"Wife, ' .. -', Jr: .E-fb 13 regex X 'Cl . . .-5' -. V . :. 2344535-:zw-ml-vfafi: .ep-. ...-. , ,...,, .. 1, M.-.41sw,.,. W... - .. . .-:-Q' . .:-:-:5,,,.- .mf-42" 'Q.E.gvf.fx-:J.?f:7'f:2.""W4'3""'-M . , ag,-'4.'w+ -we--gf... ,-eZ:v5e,:,:,-5:2-' if ,.-zfffcfig. -,-,,.'f?:5EfC!7'.'ff'?P5Rg' ' ' 'R .451 1 ,.g'-' ,. .,-pigfgi' MN,,,V.V.g?',ifi'-:-'f'2-.3-:g:-:-:kff1::t::-:-:-473' 3'-ziwzfk.-:5 Gerald Krebsback wills his love for dancing to Arlene Hagen. Robert Klapperiok wills. his talent to getting along with the girls to Bob Hanson. Marjorie Duggan wills her UBig Benn to Wilfred providing he takes good care of it. Thome, Shirley Nagel wills her Englishman's way of catching on to jokes to Williard Anderson. Ardis Larson wills her ability to talk to Ulriok. Benjamin Winkels wills his ngigglesn to Marion We thought you would need it Smitty. Edgar Meister wills his singing ability to Gosha. You Delores for further Herbert Bissen. Raphael Snortum. need it Vernon! Ewaid wills her math ability no Bob U.Seo Schaefer wills his oute little size to George Smithl Vernon Hanson Donald King wills his jolly nature to Nordeen Glen Peterson wills his love of reading books to Shirley Tolstead. The Senior Class 4: of '42 Ehsiaggiaaaeaggrmaansaaaagm wwf . E5ggFawsar3Qane.g,f-'egaaegaii . . Q. . .. .... . ...... . V .-M.-,..-. ..... Q .Sb5w..:,e, :ZMQ3 I '-"H 1 .' '2,, . fl--'51 ' 1 ,fx pain , . :a,.5QJ3-MMA.. . ,QE 1... .-eg-ss, -:5-fx ,- ...Lf ,faq . . . 'firlf-1-'4 .S5:'f'f51:--5:21-ffi.-'t.:riF'ff:f 'irffx "T7'V5"'1.91'f:-1-at--. l. Noon hour 2. Argo Staff at work . 3. Looking nice for the girls 4. Some gentleman 5. How are they doing, Mr. Smith? 6. Victorious ZQQ team 7. Any stamps today? 8. Don't put it on too thick 9. What's cooking? 10. Majorettes Pull, Bisseni Two hopeless seniors Good old Joe A stich in time saves nine 15. Future housewives Time out on Field Day Ii wonder what they look like from the front? Waseca Judging team 11. 12. 13. 14. 16. 17. 18. 19. Go on! 20. Vernon---the ladies man 21. Look pretty--smile 22. Isn't she cute? 25. Who are you dreaming of? Oops, I got caught Tall, light and handsome 26. Swing 'em high 27. What a mess! 24, 25 . 6-11 iff-.-xv ...L V -.. . MW--- , ... fr ..... 1-:vm 5- . .. .-. - - :-'--1-:-'-251'+x44f1:f-gE",':1-Sisvfwfzg -ZW: -1.-..'-'24 91 . - fl:-f---1'-:1:r'f'r-151741, " " If '.'-'E Q .:- '. 4 i'.Q. Ui.: N .- yu I' qu .., . N. 5 'AZ .J -1 .- i rf ,.-.. .ht 5 -5 -.4 fav- 4. fs.. Q 1 fzicz' ".'.Q,: " s.:-.rx sf-151. ffffilf? 1552: :i:1j5g' Q 'ggi' .'.. . 'E-'4 ' . '57t3:5' 35553 ,525 Kg, , 'EIEEI '12..' 5921: .ggi fy wifi , 5 1-""'x, - I 4' ,N .-if ,-:':"- ,- ." ' , - . ,., X " fn I Q L5 Ta. "' gavig 1 W. , -,zz 0 . . H .Q SA j U . F X 'big 1 4 , ,.-'E' 0' X ia ' P- ,J XS X iz: "W I fx 61 - X ,J "1 1'5f K, 3 N N ff. 5.35 :ff 'X 0 - ' " f 1'f?':'-is iz I Y L' K N fy :RH ff: ' ' Hs 'nf x NS- gg' ' H-l I - I V hx-L V iafger , X - fx- vgj 'I Q' ' '75, iilffi 155215 fsafi' is , :qs ---- 4 px., ,NA aw 'fziil ,-"13f':Av rt-'3 1 Qu. X iff is-f C ' 3522. iff' 'iv 5:1 53133 '37' "ex fiii-I' Jw. :egg '24 11.1 A ,gf 7:3 :fry "W 5. 51:1 ' rs-:Sus-1 -:+Xl's':,5'Df' ,HY .f..-Lf A 35.25 f --Q ,ef-V31 -511.51 X N- -4 ?"?I K I:-ll ""95!"'G. lf lv-'Q-WE". 'iSz,:, .,':-:g:- z. - . - K -45-1 . -f: ,- - ,3:3-:- s 5: - 1' . rf ' A-A Z- , Y 5531- -uv "'+ J., 5- J'--P -' ' ' "-,H W' x-1 -'L 55, E: y.y .-. - gi?" 255325 If 2:24 17.217-,Z f Q':::,.' -. W. 532512 1 f .-. ,,. L-. w f 'STMTQH . , 'fa . .f I . , ,x I , f? ., GX -Q s.,.5:g:s .' - . , ....... . .- , H- r"!'4:.-P s . -. 32.3.-Q:-ga . .l vm....,,.5.g.,.,.,.,.,,-- 1. . ..-.-:c-'34 .ms . , ,- ,, 7 , ,q44.g.-.g.-. ., .,.-..,.5.-.X--,W W-4: gan-3.3.3,-45.1 . : S.:S.,i.::, ,-5,.s,...,:.x ., ag , I . . , , 1253 L.,-,A l A -ax: .53:::E:g:::,,.:f.,4'4.w . D., ,-., -.,., ' --2'-A F- --,- - - 'ss-fee- o:,Q.:g,eb.Q . H alf:-sm5s4:J:,zssQsi4 " ' '3 0 Vg.- . " FWF GRADES I AND II 1 A FIRST ROW--Ethel Bergene, Charles Barkee, Norbert Hamilt- on, 'Vern Meister,' Paul Anderson, Almon Sere- nson, Jerry Watros, MarthaaGilderhus, SECOND ROW-Billy Wigham, Robert Larson, Shirley Sksgeboe, Cathryn Schoemaker,Mnry Lou Krumm, Rachel Parm- enter, Daryl Finkelson, Jackie Frost. THIRD ROW-iba Vonne Otto, Patriohia Gute,Lois Osmindson , FIRST ROW-- SECOND ROW- THIRD ROW-- FIRST ROW-- THIRD ROW-- FOURTH ROW- FIRST BOW-- SECOND ROW- THIRD BDW-- FOURTH ROW- James Edgeten, Mrs. Gronfor, Grace Slindee, El- nathan Anderson, Ann Marie Bonnallie. l GRADES III AND IV Jean Ann Watros, Elaine Jensen, Marian Nelson, Howard Staebler, Maynard Lewison, Maureen Reb- ne, Ilona Sorenson, Shirley Asper. David Osmundson, Earl Hamilton, Harold Steub- ler, Paul Qualey,W1llard Larson, Russel Trip- lett, Kermit Iverson, Arnold Snortum, Richa- rd Jensen. Donna Lou watros, Robert Krumm, Robert Paramen- ter, Pearl Hardecopf,Lois Meister, Arthur Johnv son, Miss Toft, Dorothy Sorknes, Darlene Lewi- son, Don Nelson, Shirley Hanson. GRADES v AND VI Lee Roy Hamilton, Joyce Boyum, Dorothy Hardeoo- pf, Dorothy Bonnallie, Dean Meister. SECOND RCWIDwayne Wilkey, Dennis Uglum, Sylvester Jensen, Harold Wiste, Owen Anderson, Milo Sorenson. Llyod Osmundson, Richard Stegemann, Mary Jane Finbraaten, Ruby Walker, on, Betty Harding, Earlyn Knutson, son. Leonard Johnson, Harold Osmundson, Dorothy Knutson, James Bergene, Phebe Robert Freid, Byron Lewison, Miss Bhend. Ruth person Verla Lars- Donald Han- Roger Book, Tviste, GRADES VII AND VIII Joyce Anderson, Arvella Johnson, Jean Elaine Snortum, Robert Nelson. Norman Olson,A Raymond Olson, Marcella Avis Anderson, Lorraine Triplett, Delores Gra- Qdquist, Donna Hagen, Kathleen Lewison, John ood. Dorothy Wimmer, Merna Barkee, Romona Anderson Helen Winkle, Esther Hardecopf,Adeline Hanson, David Gilderhus, Dean Lane, Richard Triplett. Idore Lewison, Ronald Johnson, Ruth Walker , Donald Teigen, Ward Bergene, Miss Neilson, Neal Wighgmy Jensen, Slindee, Edwin Meister, Deloris Lewison, Frank- lin Schumaker. , .,,, .... . ..,.. .,.,....-, , ,. A -ii2'65?2'f7I3Z5'Nt- '-:. ---. ..'.-- - v.-:-a-1-.- .--.-.--.-Z.-.-:.:-5-.-'-sf-' '15 -' - 'f-f+"1i. A - 15- y5f1:+?e2s:f, ::es-:As-:ra-frihfxe 1 ISI. and End. Grade .51-h and bu' Grade Svd. and 4U Grade 1 F, H 5 .. ,R,,dRm, .. ' ' ,,, . ,., ' ' Q' - f'-:- -. . .. ., , , , ,, . --1, ,. ...N -2- - .-.-az,,.a,,..1-...wa -1.?.Nt3'r"25-3'q?-'-'w-'3S.t..t-'4YJ:- -L7f2'3f2'-Tkgf.-S.. .1-9.-.a+s.,e,:32':u-:Q-:QQ mfrafq. I , I ,.l 7 . Y .... . ..,. Grades 1 and 2 The school year started out with twenty peppy little girls and boys in the first and second grades. School was their main interest and they like being busy. ' The first 'grade started to read from the new Story Book and Picture Book, about Mac and Muff. They completed nine pre-primers during the first part of the year. Social studies held the greater interest and we stu- died about the Indians, Pilgrims, Eskimos,our Helpers the Early People, and the Dutch. Parties were-enjoyed for Halloween, Christmas, Valen- tines Day, Easter, and for many birthdays. Our room organized a Rhythm Band and we learned to play many pieces during the year. Our room partook in a Christmas operetta,U The Magic Christmas Bell.N We enjoyed the songs and thought it was fun to be dolls, Christmas trees, jack-in-the boxes etc. p g g We contributed our hc1pTtodUn-H cle Sam by buying defense stamps . ,5 We were proud of our books and 'the ' 4nQ',. stamps we had in them. egg' I Kd? We had a reading chart which , showed the number of library books bmi? .iris 5- wo read during the year. Elnathan '01 of Anderson read the most books fin U 9 ,Z our room. Q'9 Sm pmumn I - LQLDOK We had other charts for Clean ,Qqj?, Fingernails, Clean Teeth etc. We ' all tried hard to get a star each 5!J day on these. ' 'N The second grade had an air- T port for a spelling chart, If they received 100 their planes 1 could -. 5i"'3' - ' J A - 7-R-:1'3f!'3-if -1-.3-.-... by .. . . .-5'!. . . .f . . , "" sift' -,.f'-'-I--rf' -Ht, 13 'QI-If-'-I-f g"'-.'-.4 -:-1-"'.g.,. 6" ,fda ,- '.'- - .Es 7-EPP? 'ft' . '..n.w:-1:0 -1-.-.--.Wav -- f- F-A 5 t I . X . ,K I . 1 V ., , M- - ., . , ,-:':-.., '---'-vw.--., g fl--.QPU-u-nqllivs. aMdsawf?Ws5gEEdaaahaaa wkdwwhwmawewf V p, Grades 5 and 4 The call of the school bell on the morning of Sep- tember Srd brought twenty-eight happy, third Hand fourth graders back to the Adams School after a pleasant summer vacation. Very shortly everyone was busy planning the work and play for the coming year. New geographies and histories were passed out to the fourth grade. While the fourth grade were busy be- coming acquainted with their new studies and review, the third grade were becoming acquainted with their new books and room. ' Since the beginning of the year, we welcomed the the following pupils to our roomg Eugene and Russell Triplett, Robert Krumm, Billy hanson, and Janet Stern. We are sorry that nine pupils have moved away. They are Lawrence Berg, Robert Weber, Eugene and Russell Triplett, Elaine and Richard Jensen, Don Nelson, Arthur Johnson, and Kermit Iverson. The third and fourth grade organized a club, HThe Little Citizen's Club.n Their aim was to learn how to conduct and carry on a club. Officers and committees 4- were elected to plan the programs, parties, and other activities. Fingers of six of the girls have been busy exercis- ing on the piano key board. Maureen Rebne, Isabelle Hukee, Darlene Lewison, Marion Nelson, Shirley Asper, and Dorothy Sorknes, have been taking piano lessons. All of the pupils, dressed in their gayly colored costumes, took part in the Christmas operatta, HThe Magic Christmas Bell,U This operatta was presented by the lower six grades at the annual Christmas program. Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine parties have been enjoyed during the year. Programs for Columbus day, Thanksgiving, George Washington's and Abraham Lincolns birthday, were shared by the group. .1 -:'- ' V Y 'V' ' ' . . , 1:2'1:g.1:g:-:1:- , fgfliiyivw - " "" ' ' , ' aims' . A. V:-. .. fg'f.2q""i Ya2Mdtkiv ti : ilk' -' cz ' -. If f-", . 34 ' ref! .1... "S "'.'. ' - ra. ,, , - 1 K vp. .- - .' . wi' . 5551- --:f:':f"""..--:SP-:-.2 'Q:':'7f"3"'7f"5"33:MIf 1E1:i?fE15:41:11Q:2:1:tf:':s..sirktzii-5 3,3fa dlilzfz-:f:3f5-1fsm!g?gg533i.-::f:g5:f:42:-:fi.f:-:aa:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:f:-:--f:-:-af-2: - 'bm' - -A " " WW Grades 5 and 6 September third brought the fifth graders to aa: rup- stairs room for the first time, and sixth graders hhur- ried bac to claim the places they had chosen in the spring. Another year of work and play had begun. Since school started in September, Sidney Berg, Jean Weber, Dorothy Bonallie, Sylvester Jensen, and Ruby Walker have gone to other schools. Phebe Viste attended school here for the first time,and during the year,Jamcs Bergene, Ruth Stern, Beverly Ehlo, and Hazel Fletchall joined the ranks. Everyone took part in the operetta,HThe Magic Christ- mas Bellnwhich was presented tn the gymnasium the week be- fore Christmas. Lloyd Osmundson was Santa Claus and Joyce Boyum his helper. Others were Chinamen, Balloons, Cowboys Scotch lassies, Indians, and Swedish boys and girls. A Lincoln program was presented to the third and fourt grades on February twelfth. The girls, with .the upper grade girls sang patriotic songs at the February P.T.A. Parties were enjoyed on Ha1loween,Christmas, and Vale ntines Day. Other short parties were given for people who moved away. Owen Anderson, Dennis Uglum,Roger BecK,Robert Freid, Joyce Boyum, Ruth Larson, Harold Wiste, and James 5Bergnne take instrumental lessons, from Mr. Stegemann. Harold Joyce, Roger, Robert, Ruth,and James are already wmembers of the band.Mary Jane Finbraaten,Dorothy Knutson,Joyce Bo- yum, Dennis Hukge, and Hazel Fletchall take piano lessons and Phebe Viste takes guitar lessons. 'Football and basketball have Kept the boys very busy. Much interest was aroused over the basketball games betw- een the fourth and fifth,and fifth and sixth grade boys. Harold Osmundson dressed for football and6a0Gompanied,both the football and basketball teams on trips. Fifth and sixth graders sold more Red 'Guess Christ- mas seals than any other room, almost fifteen dollars worth. ' 52. . 4' f ' . -sss W Tia-..: vial its W 4' :- e ---'-'- . . . . .. GW ' - V' A ,. - i'-'1:f-- u ,Grades,Zfan B Thirty--nine eager and enthusiastic seventh wand eighth grade pupils arrived promptly on the morning of September 2, to begin the l94.l-1942, school year. Regular school work began immediately with a review Of the Previous year's subject matter. As the year advanced much new material was presented and studied in all subject fields. On Friday of each week, the Social Studies classes gave reports and held discussions on the present day events. The Junior Review was used as a basis for the study. Interesting book reports were given throughout the year. Some fine illustrations, were made of the lit- erature read. Other art work included free hand cut- tings, pencil drawings, soft crayon chalk drawings and the making of friezes. The pupils presented the nLitt1d Shepherd Who Was Left Behindn at the Christmas program for the P. T. A, Bernard Hukee took the part of the Shepherd Boy. The girls together with the fifth and sixth grade girls sang two numbers, Uwe Are All Amsricansn and HI Am An Americann at the Auxiliary and Legion Program. The seventh and eighth grade boys participated in the Junior High basketball tournament which was held February 28, at Adams. The girls, with Miss Christensen as A instructor, had home economics three hours each week.With Mr. Smith as teaoher,the boys had Industrial Education three hours each week. - A contest for selling the most tickets ffor the Junior Class Play, nAnne of Green Gablesn,was won by Romona Anderson and John Wood. The pupils are to be cem- mended for their efforts. ' To vary the work of the year the pupils enjoyed. a party on October 5l,the Friday before the Ghrismmas Holidays and St. Vanentine's Day.' .g 31:-.4-1-'2 5'-I-'3.7:-:fre-1:'.-.-:. .L-523.-3-f1:2'-'-":-"'v'-1'11'v'L" we-' -.- -.- -- - . '55:7:51:g., H- .Y .. V1 f , , , 1.5 -.g "-:-.-cv.--1,4Z7Q.4g6'g2-fffqwgyxg? 59434-'3,.-.. ,iv 4 - '-.g.g.-.:.g.,. -' .::g.'.1.g-:.:f::3:5-:::3.g.g.1-g'-:1:5:g:gz3.-.--f3.--1-.-'-'-'--130,145 wg-.4-"'.13k"- z.g. fzgf.-4 A . .. ,mnisesstaw Tsseaessseeeeaeeeemseaamas "f . has-:vi f' cg 25225. 4 'F , ' f'? I l-2:1 . 3? x ,x , EK gg. SK- 57' 36 42 -'J 'N .IS vs- . -5- 'J " x K .Q f Q , 5 .24 Q L -3 '25 5 F3 c .. 4' f f R 3 f ,f f -:r if , .. .-' . 3 'V ,f -4. . 3-9 .- f 1- :5: f -ia , .f 1' 'Z 'iz'- 4: 'go , fc 54 . '5 . Q, 'is f 5? gf . fl- -ik C '-2 -2354 'xii N? L. r . N- W1 X ii .-. f S 5 I 1: , ,fc F V4 fi? af , d - We iff-S23 -kg 1:-532' f.-:,,- 55:ff?"f1 25:3 ' 35 :,i:5:9 .,... ,. . .354 " Sf 4:1551 :S-42, vp: 53:15:74 ,A J- ' 9252525 I 532: 252255 ..l . ' "T -922-:-'33 tlzkl' , 9,-' -....... N , J' -I ' +- ' 4 of 2. "1"' fa.. 1- . sf. .f fa- - 6 .1 -fs -:ig::::" 52255 :rg '-: 'g .44 . ' . 5" f y '.2:7:f:'. 5: - Q'-23 :fy . :' ' 3- Q' 7- ' 425:13 , ' ' -4 3 95:-' ."! 5 ' . ' If :1::1."' .f-:- . iii?" :+I "-' '- 34 i 5:4 113155 . --jg'?f'1J- -5 ""-"' ? 'X ' 21:52 ' 5:1 . f' .- .. , YQ 94.5.35 dbg: 'f ,nf 5 " -:.g. f dc 7 -' . SEQ? 65.2.3 L . -. A la., x, .,.,'.' 55: ay- :W QQ"-' - . '54 ' 'W' 49' PI5iS-:4'V'5'ff""- " ...R W.. I V b ' Y Y , . - y ' 1 E2 . - .-.W :-':-3 dw: .'f.- .g:,::g: firdg .-5: If-'fgf ,jf SQ: IAS M. " ' 'WEP 'ii'- f. gg.-. .I ug.-.4 ., 523233: . 9.- 3?-:5 'fzfff 1.3.1. -n .3 '-.lziii 3. - -151559 :f .5,. ,: :f .- .2535 '9 1: . 55:54:11 'bgzifr , ..-.-.'.. - . ifffi ' 1 f Q i X,- I , 5,--j f I I .-:-1-1-fzaglifizg1:-:g:S73'?E""'71Sr5.Q ":3'1E-1L--f't'f7:71'it" .""'.i:5:39???ft1:':3:5'7':'QgQ:f:2t37f2f'7-f"7ff:i2-ki: 3'i'Tf54Z5t1523!E-233':ff45" fP5'9',.,,,gu....u-A-'5""""""""5'f'f'f'f3-n a" ' sr--:--'-r:-.-:P ,Li 4- :kgs ...--a -- u.-u-l-- - ' -V Class of 1958 Virginia Barthelme is married to Mr. Denver Daily. LaRay Beck is working in Daytons store in Minneapolis Urusla Bissen is at home. ' - Arn Canney works in the Austin Clinic. Helen Gerber is working in Woblworth's Store in Austin. Augustin Ewald works in a store in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Leo Gilligan is working in California. Aaron Huseby is married and works at home. Carol Johnson is teaching school near Blooming Prairie. Roman Kaeal is in the Army. Evas Knutson joined the Naval Officers Reserve. LaVerne Keifer is working in the Chevrolet garage at Adams. Vivian Kresback is married to Mr. Alois Wolfe. Dorothy Larson is married to Mr. Roy Rogers. Odeen Olson is working in California. Muriel Sass is working in Daytons store in Minneapolis. Delbert Smith is in the Army. Paul Wiste is at home. Class of l959 Frieda Amble is married to Mr. Martin Prescott. Ruby Anderson is working at Hormels. Roberta Barthelme is working in St. Maryfs Hospital. Terry Canney joined the Marines. James Erchenbrack is attending the University of Minnesota. Eugene Gosha is driving a school bus. Cleo Heimer is married ttnMr. Howard Thompson. Florence Iverson is working in California. Alton Johnson is working in Austin. Madonna Keifer is married to Mr. Norman Hovde. Pearl Knutson is married to Mr. Norman Erie. Willard Knutson is working at Hormels. Wilbur Kolen is in the Army. James Krebsback is working in the office in Hormels. Lorraine Quale is working in a bank in Lakefield. Kevin Sass is working in the office at Hormels. Vernon Sorflaton is working at Hormels. Vernon Schafer is working at Hormels.- Howard Thompson is working at Hormels. Eunice Torgerson is married to Mr. Aaron Huseby. I .,, ,. 1.. -. ,.., . - . .. . V . . .. . ,..--, ga - gr -' "al: -'-sg, N:-.3 " l:"?1E1'.'1"'l1: QwaawaawawwaggQEHSESEEEMHQ Eg? Awwawwmaawwmwigg mwmgwigwad .... f' ......,..5122E15231515:11?Sriiifzrkzzrsfss'-:-:.:1:5xfrH'1'5'F-'azM-esc1:I?'35551Qmt25., '.rsszurs:S-asEm:2:1i2Esf.51,S5,v51-f2g?,353fR-TrSf?z-g5-.-iitfiv4235+?1',,,.,d,.?F:r-1f-1-3''?f2?35'f'k?r2?...,...-1-2-A-2''FSimi-2-1-2-ff-'-'f-1-""-'M"Matt-2'f'fx??3?wJ Juletta Winkels is working at St. Mary's Hospital. Roman Winkles is at home. William Wiste is at home. Isabel Wolhers is working at Wagner's Department Store. Class of l94O Joel Anderson works for George Mandler. Margaret Duggan is doing Civil Service work. Evelyn Harrington is at home. Herbert Jasperson is working in Minneapolis. Herman Klapperick is attending school in Milwaukee. Robert Finbraaten is at home. Joseph Jax is at home. Alice Johnson is working in Albert Lea. Shirley Larson is teaching school in District 87. Warren Matteson is working on a farm. Bernette Mandler is working in the Review Office. . Frederick Schafer is working for Schmitz Electric Co. Jean Teigen is married to Sig Osmundson. Celestine Vogt is now Sister Mary Jostine. Mae Meister is working in Austin. Sig Osmundson works at Hormels. Bertha Severson is doing Civil Service Work. Roy Torgerson is working in the Bank in Adams. Marie Winkles is at home. Vernon Winkles is at home. Class of l94l Ruth Anderson is attending Minneapolis Business College. Virginia Beck is attending Austin Junior College. Virgil Bergene is at home. Virginia Bonnallie is attending Minneapolis Business College. Eugene Boyum is working at Hormels. Dixie Elliot is working at the Lake Park News Office, gt Lake Park, Iowa. Raymond Finkelson is at home. Mary Gerber is at home. Elizabeth Giligenback is working in Austin. Doris Hanson is working in Austin. EV 46 gliizfiz-'K ,gHisslH,gmm,il ,.,, ,.l.wmaw..wsiw.': sr - sv1vm:MmQwm seem -mt,--1 Q... I 1' X H K --Q fl . . .. . -. . . .-6 . A ' -. .... .. -' . C' Class of 1941 Orvan Hanson works at the Woolworth Store in Austin. Lucille Heffern is at home. Dorothy Heimer is working at the Jack Sprat store in Adams. Erie Heimer is working in the office in St. Mary's Hospital at Rochester. Byron Huseby is working in the office at Hormels. Richard Johnson is working on a farm, Kathleen Johnson is at home. ' Sadie King is at home. Thelma Kalland is now Mrs. Theodore Maage. Kermit Keifer is working at Woo1worth's store in Al- bert.Lea, Minnesota. Kathryn Krebsback is at home. Paul Larson is working at Hayes Lucas in Adams. Norman Lavasseur is attending the National School of Aeronautics in Kansas City, Missouri. Eugene Knutson is attending the National School of Aeronautics in Kansas City, Missouri. Marvel Madson is attending Austin Junior College. Daisy Meister is at home. Marcella Peterson is working at the Locker in Adams. Neva Quale is working in the Bakery in LeRoy. Marjorie Tucker is working in Austin. Ardis Larson and Delores Ewald 1 'lfvfczv-f. -H mv to . . . -. .. . . . . 1 .. in v -' 'S' 4: "'1'755'Y'25'l5?'1?:"""''ei-5P5"57li5"'5'3' - gy '-' sz- ,Z ',j,,., ' - 1 :-.557 'dir 2' 4- -1 QQ? in H Q 05 W ifg Q C' ,- A X! J f H . Q h 1 A-'xxaffxr' ff 'X..-f"w-""'f-Y'X.fx1""'nxY-f-rx., ff KEXXJ K , XXX 5, . "I - X' .Z 1 T, 1 .f 'K X x .,.. A U JV I HANNEMAN' S STANDARD SERVICE Q FILL 'ER UP? f Q "N WASHING, GREASING, I TIRES, AND BATTERIES Bibs 'J STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS ' f I5 ERNEST RANNEMAN ADAMS, MINNESOTA I I H ILL I --LL,I L- , CRESCO PRODUCE OF ADAMS BUYERS OF POULTRY AND EGGS THE ADAMSPREVIEW p 1' , Q -' jg, Your home town newspaper advertising and ,job printing ff ,f " BEN FAZENDIN EDITOR MEURER 8a TILLMAN CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE ADAMS, MINNESOTA PHONE 9 Karsburg 5 Nagel Barber work that satisfies the public we aim to please Agent for Waterloo Laundry Blonigan Meat Market Fresh meats and vegetables Ea. Blonigani' 5 Proprietor' I. V. Brewer Local and long distant hauling. Our truck makes weekly trips to the Twin Cities. A See or call me for des finite schedule. LIME Fon SALE S. M. Klapperiqh General Blacksmith - Electric and Acetylene Welding l 23 'A . ADAMS "'iZ FURNITURE STORE X K ' Q u Armstrong Linoleum N Beds-Landonod Mattresses-Studios Complete Home Furnishings " ' W so-Phone-so Congratulations to the Class of 1942 When you are in need of A fire, tornado, autoaccident or Life Insurance See B. J. Huseby - Adans, Minnesota ...' "VL A---- Drink more milk for ' Health, Vitality and e" H ' Nutrition Huseby Dairy Q Phone 19 COME WHAT MAX.- the man with e fund of ready cash is prepared. Nc matter whether it's a pressing emergency or the chance of a lifetime, he hasxe financial backing that will see him through. Anyone can build such a backing, with regular deposits in a Savings Account here. Why not start building yours, by coming in and opening your account now?' F A R M E R S S T A T E BSA N K MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION K I nFresh meat year around regardless of climate oondit1ons.u D A Y L I G H T S T O R E Meat smoking and curing service- A complete line of Groceries - and Dry Goods ADAMS COOPERATIVE LOCKER'S ,.,.f'w,N fl-C., X LEO ,WALKER - MANAGER gb H' 1 , fill! ' X A X Q FAM, Q I, Q1 Q "J X ' - f P . ASE A A 41V if H X 1 ' l,Q,,,f Phone 4 We Deliver 9 Mowsn - COOPERATIVE SERVICE co. FARM BUREAU HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS TELEPHONE SO--FOR TRUCK SERVICE STATIONS IN MOWER CO. ADAMS ' SARGEANT L.H. ANDERSON MGR. RENOVA WALTHAM BUY FROM YOURSELF AND SAVE OSMUNDSON BROS. LIME, CRUSHED ROCK, AND GRAVEL. 5 1 ,A N D E RMS O N 1 Z S Tir ,dads ,JEf":' I .. , O: A My A YQZQN f Ns f I I-1OrDwavS ywx I ' Y A -1 UA 14 x 1' R , gf!!! MJq mJJ MILLENACKER IMP. CO. DR. L. A. HUSEBY CASE, NEW IDEA, MINNESOTA VETERINARIAN ,' , , FARM MACHINERY, TWINE AND 1 ADAMS, MINN. PARTS. PHONE ve SALES AND SERVICE ED. MILLENACKER PROP. , ,V,f .-.J CONGRATULATIONS N Da. P. J. SCHNEIDER TO THE CLASS OF '42 PHYSICAN A SURCEDN MODERN BEAUTY SHOP . ADAMS, MINN- "styles to Suit your personal PHONE 52 J PHONE 7 ADAMS, MINN. I R E E N M I L L C A E E R. L. BOLTON MEALS LUNCHES Q REFRESHMENTS 'ART JOHNSON PROPRIETORSHIP 7 'hu-L ' DENTIST ADAMS, MINN. Jn, lu-an-ui ' , mil I-IS lhllf 1 A L Aki Congratulations To the Senior Class of 1942 We wish you success and happiness throughout the coming years. We recommend D-X Gasoline and Diamond 760 Motor O11 for better motoring. Firestone Tires Adams, LeRoy, and Elkton . ADAMS OIL COMPANY Phone 25 ERCKENBRACK DRUG STORE Drugs and Sundries, LMnsisal Instruments,toi1et articles, Jewelry, fountain service, E To WAGNERS Congratulations the Class of '42 DEPARTMENT STORE Wallpaper. Quality Meet your Avx7 friends an " ff' here. X61 GK XKXDD , rf 1 Y 7CWfos.f-,IT I Creams 57593535974 A f' , - Dwi Fancy Q Staple Groceries D 1,- r Q, 'I u is V' 7 Dry Goods """ ' Y - ll ,' Q14 A SCHISSEL BROTHERS Dealers in Grain Coal Phone 40 '11 'll 1 1 B C JJ'ooaKKQY1 , A f""" , SGH - L" j Pontiac W I A ..'..b. M:u ..': Sale Service Q as C515 Sutomatic - Accessories Electrical a Mechanical Radio Electric V A ll a V! Af Service A 5 ' 'Af Wiring ig B 'Q X , ,f " Appliances UC , X , A ,,',p41L' 6 9 J I Q v X f' rf 6 xl! Motors H X , N ' 11 W ,' . ,.- f U ia J-P' , Kg, ij Automatic Q, . ,J 6 ' Water Fw N e Nzlx System ,ff ,' Hq?gx1gjf7:'rT'1 L' Our sincere thanks to all those who made the publication of this annual possible The Senior Class -ur - - mExX MX Ffxffwml K W - -un. ' HAYESuLUCAS LUMBER COMPANY Building Experts M Materials Fuel, Hardware 6 Parts Fence, Barb Wire 6 Steel Post Hog Feeders R Round Chicken Brooders. Minnesota Twine. EAT MORE BUTTER ! I Auf-fe.w Since the beginning of civilazation prosperity has been inseparably linked with dairying and so today a thriv ing dairy industry means a fi nancially progressive commu- nity. Business interests are directly affected by the buy- ing power of the farmer. By using more butter we are helping the farmer and helping ourselves. Adams Co-operative Creamery Assn, nry Sass Manager Adams, Minn, X, RX THOMSON'S 2 DELICTOUS Sas! ICE-CREAM Manufactured by Thomson's Dairy Inc. -. ' fi Albert Lea - H Q Minn. SOLD AT ERCKENBRACK DRUG STORE HALVERSON'S Fresh Meat-Groceries-Fruits-Vegetables to keep these athletes in good condition they must have good food which contains essential vitamins. -. ee CMS LV " 5? ' T 0 Th Q C I a 5 5 L, I 7421 'ifiiLffkifdzriiiizfzlzbaf ' ' 'r :TFA s. 1 - , 'V' ., ,, . 5.3: .lf f.s2?:1.':1'-""'-M31-fffv.:? sv 'T.g.3:55?-:E-.7 f ' I5 f'sk"r11' 4 '5g.gff?.1Sf'-'Q 6: . ft :QR xx l 7 L- ..4-, Q A f 5. :iii Wig? 65721 Wy' if fx Lx ? Q -:. 'F-' . 355-Aff gy uf- 'fi -:- a-':.-r ' lib? I-?-531:-, -' . I 3- 'f..':f 1:-I A in f - V .- '-1s.1sfeL3.wy - -z1':n.:3 H -4' .' 1, ,QV ' :2'2:,. i kay m-MMYFAMTH' ,,.,1msf' , 'pf' rf hi- fi- ,A an - 1 ,z--J-v'-. ,af -' f-.W . lv: mg, gf , 215 ,bv . 'X Tilg "' - 32'-52155, XX f -.Vg f ' ' 3-' 5' I' ., 535.5 -. 3 :- Awcjc-3 V5oN"5 Si M310 Ph aio va PYNEY5 A uw W f X., ,l' 1, xg Q My cf all ff JWMM 1614344 4 g A ,, 1 if ' fdwjfwu Cn. 4, Z?-21, Wffhhwfjyaljlwihlml 'QM , 'M.2f'AJ ,V , QLLWW , ,. A' 'L' 'Q 'W Q Q4 , x ffm X g 1j Q9 X31 1 K . Q V X, QDIJLLLQ l'iiill,-f,,4 " ,I K . A ff-'6c,14!4..4J Q . V . , -v"Q

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