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 - Class of 1957

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My ?f55L' f?,gyf GJ, VME! M W, 5' 4, W wi Www if My rj jaw W? , J V Wv R ki W fm H H W 3: 1 . f lop! I 1 , 1 S? f L - A N . , N W A MW L M I 'Fl V' 55 V :V Y, xr. ' W 53 rqv . I A " I .HD fffpiy JM 1 ',QVH.'x. 00' x ,lXV X V .M jc I .1-if XC xxxY MED' OXJ Q, J fb h - 'DU Q ff . V F' i ,wha xv? ,gb - Q A. A 5, , T , 5, ff, QQLJ v fig Fil 5.1 . f O' W 5 X f jikwf fffflc A ff Jqfn ff ff Xt CcntC4 jcgzfi, lqqf 7 MV VQHM ff UW fl I A ff Wi Y wwf' Mfg Wfw bl UK!! 4ZjM,, W ,LL n EMM LM U fp fnm P XLL5 vfbaviwl 1 LX f X ff' M f CL u Aj W LT Vg ' 'GLW X -kg, Qi f'X.',f 'k. G . , I XL pj VJ, y J, X W 4 , JYV U' ' 1 uf J! 4fyg,fWb , ' f 1 X 5' ' Dwi ,ff ,- ' , , L My ' M ' f A Lv VN V , L 2-4,,, 1 JK L 4 M My ff .ff 1 ,Q f jk C L0 ui? C? Vnff fin .rf A ' J Q , . A if f KS xi Q' JW M jf? 4 '!'j -, If I in-,. 5, LXPL Mn col , 1 j , 'f"" 'T ' 4 M V l 4 N Q7 M f W " , if -I 7 L zfffffi k .V wg' I I 'N rj . 1 ' ', . f :VB-,, X , flfuil TM V N If XUQYQLQJ' LLL yy' . U ' kj M QQLW kj , vi I'-AW! fini buf A ,MIM f Ilflfipi t fx, f' 1 fx 'If' ' lx, EPD ,"l Q 64 i , X a ff ft J . f! ,GJ N! IJ , j, L' 1 M Lg, yy C. ' I 1 7- ' KJV' n , J' L , wid. ,W ,, 6' ,UW gf MN' np 'W' iw 3 mfg I I f E 356.-ni4ll.,,ja 5 If Lzigzfulflf :exam I I Ill my M MAY' l saga Y ..,L,, I? X Memories of school days at A-F High ..... ADAMS . . . FRIENDSHIP UNION FREE HIGH SCHOOL ADAMS . . . WISCONSIN 1 9 7 CONTENTS School HISUOTY School Board Faculty Malntenance Classes Freshmen Sophomores JUHIOFS Sen1ors Sen1or Notables MUSIC ACt1V1C16S Sports OFQHHIZHCIODS Snaps Senior Officers l'1"11 '11 HISTORY 0F . The city of Adams and the village of Friendship were a number of years in agreeing to join, but they finally organized a joint high school in 1928. Thishighschool,whichincluded Friend- ship, Adans, and parts of the towns of Adams muiPreston, operated in the pre- sent Friendship Grade School building. On September 13, 1929, the new building Cwhich is now part of the present buildingl was dedicated. The fall term began on September 16, 1929, the first year as a joint high school in the new building. The 1929 enroll- ment was about 160. It operated as a joint high school until 1946 with pupils in the outlying area paying tuition, and the enrollment had in- creased to about 260 or 270. iss: lx 104.1 704.1 104.1 X . A-F HIGH In 1926, a union high school dis- trict was formed, comprising all the area being served by the joint high school district. From 1946 to the present time, we have operated as a union high school district with prac- tically no tuition students. Quonsets in which the agriculture shop and garage are located were added in 1946. The music department was located in the east end of the agri- culture shop quonset until the new addition was built. The new addition was built in 1952 and 1953, covering an area of more than twice the floor space of the old building. Robert Roseberry Leona,-d pi cus Rober t Hetrio t is rlgfw, Harry Spindler George Rvmell SCHOOL BOARD . . . The approval of school improvements, the administration and approval of school policies, employment of the maintenance staff and the high school faculty are a few of the duties of the school board. Theschool board represents the people of the high school district and the members of the board are elect- ed by the people of this district at an annual meeting each spring. During the year, the board holds regular meetings to approve the expenditures of the school and to discuss any pertinent school business and policies. Harry Spindler, George Romell, Rober Herriot, and Robert Roseberry at of the regular school board meetings wif, FACULTY 65W ' '- CHARLES BINGNER, B.S. Wisconsin State College at Platteville Physical Education, World History, Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach, Sophomore Class Advisor, Letter Club Advisor MARGERY BUCKERIDGE, B.S. University of Wisconsin American His tory, 'Social Problems junior Class Advisor ROSE MARIE DUCHAHME, B.A. Mount Mary College, Milwaukee English, 'Sophomore Class Advisor ELTON R. DAVIS, B. ED. Wisconsin State College at Stevens Point Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Radio, junior Clms Advisor, Radio Club Advisor ogy' sis -1 2? MARGARET HEDING, B.s. Wisconsin State College at Milwaukee Engl ish , Choral , Sen ior Cl ass Advisor GENE LEE, B.S. Wisconsin State College at LaCrosse General Science, Biology, Football Coach, Track Coach, Sophomore Class Advisor, Letter Club Advisor ff og .1'Zf'qf -f ,A,, Q-ii vo fE?!fC V ff ' -MAXINE LOKEN, B.E., M.A. Wisconsin State College at Milwau- kee, Northwestern University World History, Librarian, Senior Class Advisor, Library Club'Advisor, Pep Club Advisor HELEN D. HOLMES, B.A. Carroll College English, Dramatics, Freshman Class Advisor, Dramatics Club Advisor ps A. H. LOKEN, B.A., M.A. Wisconsin State College at Eau Claire, University of Wisconsin, Northwestern University Bookkeeping, Senior Class Advisor, Principal ROLAND W. LUCHSINGER, B.S. State Teachers College at Platte- ville, Stout Institute, Washington University at St. Louis, Missouri Indus trial Arts, General Business, junior Class Advisor u 1.7 sw' qw ,Q x,. 0' J L. 'X qv rx, fV . - 'J' may f f . 'X - A J 1' L F, I v -A I ROYAL R. KOTT, B.S. AUDBEY MC MAHON, B.E. University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin WiSCOnSin State College at White- State College at Stevens Point water Algebra, Geometry, Sophomore Class Typewriting, Shorthand, junior Advisor Class Advisor, Yearbook Advisor FREDA SEYBOLD Wisconsin State College at Stevens Point, University of Wisconsin Home Economics, Freshman Class Advisor, F. H. A. ROBERT P. WHITTY, B.S. University of Wisconsin Agriculture, junior Class Advisor, F. F. A. Advisor, Student Council Advisor BEHNADETTE WOLF, B.S. Wisconsin State College at LaCrosse Physical Education, Sopho- more Class Advisor, AFGA Advisor, Cheerleaders Ad- Advisor, Student Council Advisor Cecil -.dx 'Q' in - L CV , n - .Lf . visor, Pep Club Advisor Q yi , I ,,,V fi h11D' ' at A x -1' -6' J. Roberts, P. McFarland, W. Lamphear, L. Rezabek, 0. Sipla and I. Neugart are the bus drivers. Irve Caves, Arnold Fritz and Bud Rieber are the school janitors. W My -5 EMPLOYEES. Mrs. Ruth Brewer is the office secretary. qs Q . me x , ,L Minnie Neugart and Berneece Neugart are the school cooks. If CLASSES Fi' ,Q --of X -mi' Qu NJ' ' ' A 'X ,'QXfA- .43 W , fp 5 F R E S H M E N . . Second prize on Homecoming Float. . dance after basketball game. the spirit we brought with us. . ROW1 S Lowe I Kurth D Hmmond C Huss J Galbralth J Klrsenlohr R Golden IDW2 Mrs Holmes E Mlotke A Olson V Holllday M Solchenberg er C Relchardt A Robxnson Hrs Seybold IDW3 R Howland j Koehn L Holden C Feldman V Jensen C Kujawa M Klrchner C Hex tman D Huron Row 1: James El linger, R. Colby joan Ellinger, S Mderson, R. Dye E. Andersm, B. Eastmm. IOW 2: N. Baumel, R. Baker, C. Bandt, S. Duckworth, T. Dokken, P. EI- liott, H. Davis. L. Ashwor th . ROW 3: E. Day, D. Baron, S. Baggs, R. Collins, H. Edwards, j. Bur- rows, T. Della- muth, j. Allen, T. lhchanan. ROW 1: F. Starl- ing, D. Volken- ing, M. Robinson M. Zentner, J. Stavlo, T. Ziel- inski. IUW 2: R. Whitty, G. Sorensen, A. Stormoen, J. Reichhoff, L. Wi tt, T. Robert- son , Mr. Bingzer. IDW 3: F. Robin- son, R. Vondrak, F. Sindelar, D. Talley, S. Vana, R. Wilda. HFKESHMEN N V X J! JJ gf. , S Mderson vice president L 1 MW 1: J. Mar- shall, D. Morgm K. Nielsen, D. Payne, S. McCly- msn, D. Pollex. ROW 2: F. Peder- sen, A. Osborn, C. Hiller, J. Olson, P. Murphy J. Lobenstein, J Moore. IDW 3: Hr. LaValle, J. Lecy, R. Maynard E. Horgm, R. Lanphear, R. HcChesney, E. Olson. .ff-.6 - 'K 1"?'r.. 5 'Lx if ROW 1: G. Hall, D. Fenner, E. Eastermm, K. Harrmond, J. Hall, C. Barker, K. Greeley. ROW 2: Mr. Lee, J. lixd-nanan, K. Cardo, S. Campbell, B. joerres, K. Ezlert, S. Heden, L. Dvorak, M. johnson, Mr. Kott. IDW3: D. Ellinger, P. Babcock, S. Frolik, D. Hays, E. Cole, j. Gerard, C. Decorah, G. Banovec, P. Guenther. First 'Sock Hop' to be held at A-F .... Skating party ..... Cookie and candy sales. . . . 'Follies of '57'. . . . . . SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS K. Pavelec, vice-president: R. Kulmatycki, secre- tary, J.Roseberry, president: D. Moran, treasurer. ,JJ ill 11 , l , ..4--4' ,Z .wjff HH Om tiifiibir. 90049 Q weinbwmqqqq D :r f""" 'V' ROW1 F Easterman C Holmes A Brchanm B Bork B Bold J Johnson F H1ller K Babcock W Anderson ROW2 J Golden G Cekm C Ashworth M Hanmond F Bldgood J Hedlng E fohnson R Bonnett L Ehlert IDW 3 Jade Elllnger P El llnger G Hazel R Bartley R Jensen M Colburn L Alexander A Boland A Gerard G Ellxott J UNIORS ROW 1: P. Weber, J. Winneshiek, P. Rasch, B. Radtke, J. Swetlik, J. Waldo, D. Smith Dorothy Reichhoff. IDW 2: Hr. Whitty, C. Tipton, I. Rosgard, R. Tipf-'GYM H- Rifhef Dale Reichhoff, E. Roseberry, C. Theisen. HJW3: E. Schieber, W. Vondrak. G- RiP1eY J. Smi th, A. Wilson, D. Zink, E. Winneshiek, C. Tuttle, R. Robb. ,., Ill. ' fx 'ii HX, ' "ig, ii Q, in-5 " MWTUX if AV I, ii L: 'A X ' ' We ' if' ,.' ' yr YI J K f Q I 3' W A ROW If J- Morley, 5. Mink, P. Linn, J. Nichols, L. Payne, S. Kouba, N. Nepscha, A. Leach, F. Miotke. ROW 2: Mr. Luchsinger, Miss Buckeridge, K. Kleven, R. Polivka, C. Primus, M. Murray, L. Olson, A. Nultemeier, D. McGowan. ROW 3: Mr. Davis, C. Kearney, G. Nash, F. Kierstyn, L. Parr, D. Kleven, R. McClyman, R. Pietrzak. . JUNIORS ar, . Q 4- ,1 I - 7 1 F i ROGER JENSEN I 539 D ' Badger Boys State -, 5-, fir CLASS OFFICERS M. Hanmond, treasurer: J. Nichols, secretaryg F. Eastermm, vice-president: R. Jensen, president. First prize on Homecoming Float ..... Candy sale ..... Sadie Hawkin's Dance ..... Sold autograph books ..... Student activity ticket was proposed by the class ..... Decorating JUDITN MAE NICHOLS for the prom ..... Junior Prom. Badger Girls 'State Ya 'S- 013. f'??'ff M, JOHN HANCOCK ASHWORTH Always willing, obliging, and kind. Here's a lad you can't always find. Student Council 4, Pres. 45 Class President 3, Band l,2,3,4g Pep Band l,2,3,4g All Star Band 3,4g All School Play 13Hall Monitor 3,4g Letter Club 3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,4, Pres.4gPTom King3,Football 3,45 Base- ball 3,4. Avi' Xul' RAYMOND LEROY BUCK He argues things wrong, he argues things right, if you'd let him alone, he'd argue all night. Boys' G1ee Club 1. 1 if V -s..v- F if no .Q X' 4 WILLIAM HOWARD ASHWORTH Strolls to the bandroom, picks uphis horn, and goes off on a toot. Band 1,2,3,4g Pep Band l, 2,3,4g Orchestra3,4gEbys' Glee Club l,2,HallMonitor 3, F. F. A. l,2,3,4g F. F. A. Quartette 4. DALE DONALD BAKER Next tomy head I like curly hair best. Transferred from East High, Madison. E MARIE BUCHANAN SU A girl wi th aheart of gold, carefree, happy, yet never bold. Student Council 2,3,4g Class Pres. 43 All School Play lg Forensics 4, Dra- matics lg Librarian 3,4g Hall Monitor 2,3,4g A. F. G. A. 1, Pep Club 4. GERALD A. CARDO 'Always smiling, never sad, plenty of good and not much bad. F. F. A. 1,2,3,4, F. F. A. Basketball 2,43 Track 3,45 HAROLD ELSWORTH BABCOCK Silence is one of the great arts of conversation. Track 2,3,4. ..SEN '96 in P lime 'fl A if M' lf Xff 'M Xjtvbgfy Nvjjg J lli11lL1Ali HAR1lFsy',fp CHRISTOFFERSO X Q A right good chap i 51 1 ball lg Basketball , F. F. A. l,2,3,4, F . Basketball l,2,3,4g k Egg? Baseball l,2. Baseball l,2,1, X . I 1, vw rv" . QQ- u.E? 'off I L V f fn, X N Q 9 t.. 5 R "" Q Q-'f We 'L Q A ygsf fri? MW lwglf LOUISE FRANCES CISZEi4vZ3Zij' CYNTHIA CAROLYN CRANE To know her is to like her. , As brimful of mischief and Forensics 1,25 Hall Moni- tor 25 F. H. A. 1,45 A. F. G. A. I. glee mever a soul can be. All School Play 25 Fo- rensics 3,45 Dramatics 35 Librarian 2,35 F. H. A. 45 At F. '. A. 4.AL4n zxjyz Jrr Dyjbwf ,lmwwu wifi fwfjfpgf 10115. WWVVBMM, Q Cm TOM EDWARD DOYLE You can't keep a good man down--not even in height. F.I2 A. L Basketball 1,25 Track 2,3,4. CURTIS LEE ELLIOTT Like a scissors--always cutting up. Boys' Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 All School Play 15 Hall Moni- tor 45 Letter Club 3,45 Pep Club 1,2, ,45 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 1, 'Q-H" Mp 103:85 Track l,2,3,4. N lalglltliillyliililijiiygllv BARBARA LOUISE ESSEX in disguise. All School Play 15 Contest She looks like an angelmlilbi fl Q M BEVERLY JEAN DAY Good marks in everything she attains: we hand Bev- erly credit for her brains. Student Council 15 Class Sec. 45 Band l,2,3,4g Pep Band l,2,3,45Adl Star Band 2,35 Girls'GleeCHub 1,2, 3,45 Choral Accompanist 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,25 3,45 All School Play 1,35 Sandbur Staff l,2,3,45 F. H. A. 4, Vice-pres. 45 Pep Club 4. Play 1, Dramatic. 1,25 UO' BETTY JEAN GEBAHD 'ia Sandbur 45 Hall Monitor 3, 4, A. F. G. A. 1,2,3,4, V. Pres. 3, Treas. 45 Pep Club 3,4. DONNA JEAN FULLER Sweet and quiet, no one can deny it. Fu Ho Ae Aa Fa Gs Ao 1.0 ff Winning in her way, pleas- ant is her smile. F. H. A. 45 A. F. G. A. 1,2,3,4. -47 -env fx, AUDREY LARENE HALL Many friends Audrey will win, with the show of her impish grin. ' . f 'le A ,bg 5 5 A , ' 5 j I -. 5, M ,, wk V, " tai 5155 J'-Wivflg if ia,-gs. ,'-, A ffsiifff '55 PATRICIA RAE 'HOLM A contagious giggle and a sunny smile. Girls' Glea,Club l,2,3,45 All Schoo 5Play 35 Dra- matics.1,25 Hall Monitor 3,45 Pep Club 3,4. L fi. ARNOLD H. HANSEN Some think the world is made for fun and frolic-- and so do I. F. F. A. 1,2,3,4, F. F. A. Basketball 1,25 Football 35 Track l,2. HARD N BEN KELLEY I I'm aSenior, but I like sophanores too. Student Council l5 Class V. Pres. 2,3, 45 Letter Club 2,3,4, V. Pres. 4, Sec. 35 Pep Club 2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,4. DONALD RUSSELL HENNINGSEN A popular fellowwi tha greatbigheart, always ready to do his part. Letter Club 3,4, Sec. 3,4, Treas. 45 Pep Club 45 Football 2,3,45 Basket ball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,4. JOHN PHILLIP HOLMES By wit he speaks, by mind he rules, in sport he wins, in class he fools. Student Council 2,3,45 X Class Treas. 45 Adl School Playxl5 Sandbur Staff 45 Letter Club 3,45 Pep Club ,l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 1 Basketball 25 Track 1,2,3, 45 Contest Play l. U v ,A A 3 . Sl l ,A-W f f 'X 'l 'Q A I' GLENN ARDEN HANSEN Like Lincoln, he burns the midnight oil, but not for the same purpose. Class Treas.15 Band l,2,3, 45 Orchestra 45 Boys' Glee Club 25 F. F. A. 1,2,3,45 F. F. A. Quartette 3,45 F. F. A. Basketball 1,25 Pep Club 4. . SEN 7, L' 1 , f . A Mi Vw? W QV J JERRY JOHN JOCHIMS A jolly lad, so full of fun, and always nice. Boys' Glee Club 15 F. F. A. 35 Basketball 1,25 Baseball l,2. 'x r' , Vf LJ , Xt, 4 1 v X R .J DENNIS BURKE KAYE I'm not going to worry over life and girls. Band 1,2g Pep Band l,2g Orchestra l,2g Radio Club 4. IORS . 'J 23" JOYCE MARIE LOBENSTEIN To all she'll lend a help- ing hand: as a friend, we think she's grand. Class Pres. lg Band 1,2,3, 45 Pep Band l,2,3,4g F. H. A. 4, Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Majorette 4. 7 1'v',,,' 1.,1.'X" 1-ffftjl uf-4 iff." 1-v iv Ai fJ7V" l df 14. I-rf' ,114 MMP ' K '. , I I X 'fllii N -arg N A ARA JEAN KETCHUM'i"'- Willing and eager to the end, always ready to serve a friend. Student Council 43 Band 1,2,3,4g Pep Band 1,2,3,4g Girls' Glee Club 2,4g All School Play43llall Monitor 3' F H A 4' A F G A ' ig Pep.C1ubi,3:4.. ' BEVERLY ANN KNITTER Always friendly, always neat, there are not many girls that have her beat. Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Sandbur Staff 4, F. H. A. l,4, Sec. 4. EDWARD LEE KNUPP All great men die young, I don' t so good myself. F. F. A. 4, F. F. A. Basketball 4g Football 2gBasketball h Track 1,2,3,4. feel , ff lt,d! AZN Pres. 4, Mixed Octette 4g . A A K 2 if i .uf ' .L -." AKJLJ' JEAN LOUISE MATTESON jf Sincere in all her work.,,,M7 Librarian 3,4. 0L'J'J exe' ROBERT WALTER KIELTYKA He's always game and full of fun, a loyal frimd to everyone. Class V. Pres. lg Boys' Glee Club lg F. F. A. l,2, 3,4g F. F. A. Basketball lg Letter Club 2,3,4g Pep Club 4g Football Homecom- ing King 45 Football l,2, 3,4g Basketball 1,2,3g Baseball 1,2,3,4. g. MARY ANN MCCONNELL Here's a gal who's full of fun. She has a smile for everyone. Student Cbuncil 3,45 Class Sec. 1g Band l,2,33 Pep Band l,2,3g Girls' Glee ,Club l,2,3,4g V. Pres. 3, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g All School Play 3, Forensics 3, Sandbur 2,3,4, Editor 45 Pep Club 2,3,4g Foot- ball Homecoming Queen 4, Cheerleader 2,3,4. Q' l . g s X. ,N I iff. f RICHARD WARREN MENGER A little mischief now and then, is relished by the best of men. Double Quartette 2,3343 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,43 All Star Chorus l,2,3,4. CHARLES WILLARD PABR He would take part in any sport: but was most fond of the basketball court. Class Treas.23 Badger Boys State 33 Letter Club 2,3, 4, Pres. 43 Pep Club 1,23 3,43 Basketball Homecoming King 43 Football l,2,3,4Q Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Track 1,23 Baseball 2,3,4. -fM,1 CABOLE RUTH MORAN To be liked by all is the highest compliment we owe her. Class Sec. 33 Hall Monitor 43 F. H. A. 43 A. F. G. A, 13 Pep Club 4, Sec. 43 Prom Queen 3. BETTY ANN OSBORN Softly speaks and sweetly smiles. F. H. A. 3,43 A. F. G. A. 3,4. KAREN F. PARKER The tall, thin lass with shining hair, has always been rated among the most fair. Band l,2,3,43 PepBand l,2,3,4Q Orches- tra 43 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4Q Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Triple Trio 3,43 Mixed Octette 43 All School Play 2,33 Sand- bur Staff 43 F. H. A. 13 Pep Club l,2, 3,43 Drum Majorette 3,4. ALDEN BERNARD PEDERSEN Pleasant and shy, but one grand guy. Student Council 23 Boys' Glee Club l,2,43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 F. F. A. l,2, 3,43 Basketball l,2,4, Cmartette 43LetterClub 2, 3,4, Pep Club 3,43 Base- ball l,2,3,4. X, 3 D. NICHOLS JUDITH Flirt and the world flirts with you. Love and you love one alone. Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 43 Adl School Play 23 Dramatics l,23 Sandbur Staff 43 Hall Monitor 43 F. H. A. 43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4. ..SEN 'W 1 ju fc 3, fl THOMAS EDWARE PETRUSKA I come not to school for its book and its rule. Class Treas. 33 Boys' Glee Club 1,23 F. F. A. 1,2,3, 4, Basketball l,2,3,43 Football 1,2333 Basketball 13 Track l,2. 'sg' fe!! W 'QED RAMUNA ESTHER REICHHOFF A jolly, peppy, friendly gal, just the sort you'd like for a pal. Band l,2,3,45 Pep Band L 2,3,45 All Star Band 35 Hall Monitor 45 F. H. A. 2,45 A. F. G. A. 2,3,4, V. Pres. 4, Sec. 25 Pep Club 3,4. IORS . L film ,fl lm if ABLENE Lou1sE STORMOEN One of those poeple who .Kill ALFRED C. ROBINSON Men of few words are hes t. Student Council 35 Band 15 F. F. A. l,2,3,4, Sec. 45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Letter Club 45 Basketball l,2,35 Track l,2,3,4. GERALD JOHN SOBCZAK Quiet people think a lot. Glee Club l5 F. F. A. 1,2,3,45 Baseball l,2. SUSAN VERONICA STOEBERL Wi th her kindly ways many friends she's won. She's full of mischief and full of fun. Student Council 45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Sandbur Staff 3,45 F. H. A. 1,45 A. F. G. A. l5 Pep Club l,2,3,4. I' I , bu . i:z..:f.5,ff. ,,:1f'1.f::fi':,. U MPONALD DEAN pf 33 Pgp'C1ub 4. lialzlfajrif lf Napoleon was a small guy pep Club 1 2 3 4 Basket fk Midi IJ! too- ball Homecoming Cheen 4 Mf r It 'Uh ls CARLTON FREDHICK WAITE Don't look at me girls, Bob and his mL ROBERT H. WALDERS -na Nx.4f HAROLD LOUIS WILSON car will never Full of fun and mischief it makes me nervous. Paffi 3 F931 good friend too- Transferred from Oxford 7 wA:25h 8 gfeaf big heart- Band 1,2g Pep Band 1,2g High School. r!! Boys' Glee Club 2g Mixed . l f ' Chorus 2g F. F. A. l,2,3, f 5.1 4, Qhartette 4, Basketball 0 CL tg, p 4g Football 2, Basketball 319, 6h' I X 0LAT7pff - f ., lg Baseball 4. !UL4AfXFAj ' KX 313 ' 1 f P I fX l I l' V U f a A ,sZl' J I -ig wfsf .V h p JANICE MARIE WILSON BEVERLY WITT As a student you shine, as a friend you are fine. Band 1,2,3,4g Pep Band l, 2,3,4g Orchestra 1,45 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4, Sec. 45 Mixed Chorus 45 All School Play 3g Sandbur Staff 3,4g F. H. A. lg Pep Club l,2,3,4g Majorette 1 , .lf 'Lyn' PATRICIA MCGARVEY .,m I A transfer student from 455 Almond High School at the L- l second semester of the A senior year. 24 .nll Quiet, until you know her. PATRICIA PRESTON Attended A-F High School during her first three yearsg she is now attend- ing Washington High School, Phoenix, Arizona. fx fi qrav x 4 BEVERLY DAY Be tty Crocker' s Homemakers Award, Val edi c tori an ALICE WAGNER DAR Award SENIOR NOTABLES I 'ilfdfc M xy 11 fi n IV' A ,, yn iw Q' ' .JAQVHLVI QJJV1 ',1' 2?A wig T A A ? 5,1-tvrfiiog F GERALD cARDo 313-J., 'vit' iw Farmer's Union Senior f V Q i 78 fi Boy Award 'Q' IQ SUE BUCHANAN Salu ta torian JOHN ASHWORTH Past Matrons Award "-F'-Hamm " , .Wh DONALD HENNINGSEN V. F. W. Award -xx! SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS B Hardin v1cepres1dent S Buchanan pres.: dent B Day secretary J Holmes treasurer Sponsored dance after a basketball game Thrill anddisappoint- ment of senior graduation pictures proof of what we arel Ordered graduation announcements Measurements for cap and gown Vocational talks frmncollege repre- sentatives and armed service re- cruiters. . . Guests at thedunior Prom Practiced hours for Processional and Recessional for graduation Inspiring Bac- calaureate Services Gradua- tion Big Moment--Diploma Open House after Graduation in gym for friends and relatives ..... June 1, last day at Adams-Friend- ship High School, Class Day. . 'TODAY WE FOLLOW, TOMORROW WE LEAD.' Class Colors . Class Flower . . . Rose, Silver 4 l Rose 'tr xx., MUSIC BMD ROW 1: C. Ashworth, B. Day, J. Lobenstein, j. Olson, E. Lewis, J. Tarvid, G. Hansen, K. Park er, L. Ashworth, M. McChesney, E. Easterman, j. Swetlik. ROW 2: M. johnson, E. McAleavey, J Sharapata, J. Murphy, S. Vana, R. Howlmd, M. Solchenberger, G. Cekm, R. Reichhoff, I. Wilson S. Anderson. IDW 3: J. Morley, H. Harmond, R. Wilda, E. johnson, S. McClyman, R. Jensen, G Kaye, T. Robertson, A. Nulterneier, H. Rither, V. Jensen, B. Ketchum, D. Hays, j. Stavlo, R. Clymm, K. Greeley, W. Ashworth, P. Weber, F. Bidgood. IDW 4: P. Murphy, Mr. LaValle Davis, W. Anderson, j. Ashworth, j. Galbrai th, j. Kurth, j. Heding, T. Dokken, D. Smith Olson, C. Hei tmm. BAND . . . fl WE! Z 6252 Q , Christmas Concert .... Midwinter Concert. . .W , E523 4 fi R Spring Concert. . . Band Clinic at the Dells. . L W, f 6q?r7ji2jZA5?!ZZ6Q2Q5,Spring Festivals. . . Football Games. . Basketball Games .... Birth of the Blues. . ,yn . p fy! all 'Z .fff"Rhythm Capers. . . Rock and Roll ..... Home- coming Parade. . . . . Candy sales to raise money for participation in Band Contest at Union Grove. 28 Nc H E . L.-f - ,W if f "Wren- S is v 'V 's ,iz XI, r ' .Q :rl dl 'N , F' , Y, v Q L N gf KA., w f 'X X MQW 1 'SL N f - I K 'pw' fe, 'I f ' - ,- L, I jf! ' ff zf"N X , 1 ft '. 'X J 31 - .gvv I' :Q ' .3 W, Q . 4 3K 3,5 Y 1 A J: 4 :mb f ,.,"- 74 R jg Ji' , xfamguw -2-al 'Ia 1 M Q f 'i 1 1 a. 5 'Q -QPF . Nfl ' nw ' . 'S 'Q sxgif was 4' ' QQ 4? H .2 Il if ' mm' ff?-?iA,.-. . Siam. , 'QD 'S K A R E R N P A R K E R J O Y C E L O B E N S T E I N ' Q-ffilff IVF, viuxw MARCHING BAND 4..--.- R 3, N-1. 44 ,-,-.-.,.-..- s-:w v.,........., H 1 51125 5 Q 5 W" S J 3 .fm X 1- , gm., W.--. xzgirig 5 ii 5ix fs ,fl.1? fi 11 ri ,,. x. U ,Q JJ Q li' , A -- 'a.G.gmb" xg! gl xg, X V I K gf V .ga A5 vt W if Vi ,1- Q 9 3 54 M gg 5 T fv 'Q' 5' 4 ,Q U! Il 9'14- E: W .r un . 5, jj Fujii? 2 X ll' ,ll lk! C MIXED CHORUS KJW1 j Olson S Lowe L Ashworth L Roberts M Solchenberger F H1ller -I Parker Moore N Moore C Mlller D Fenner C Ashworth M1ssHed1ng ROW2 S Canpbell j Galbra1th F Pedersen J Wxnneshlek S Anderson C Heltman F Bzdgood J Murphy A Robmson C Re1chardt S Mxnk M McConnell Stavlo IDW 3 A Pedersen F Sxndelar B Sawyer B Kn1tter Judy Mae Nlchols K Parker Wood E McAleavey janet Lobenstexn B Day f Nlchols j Hed1ng A Nultemexer R Baker ROW4 M Murray H Dav1s R Menger R Pollvka C Elllott M Colburn Parr josephLobenste1n L Ehlert J Tarvld T Robertson K Ehlert T Dokken HORAL BOYS' GLEE CLUB ROW 1: J. Stavlo, R. Baker, T. Robertson, K. Ehlert, T. Dokken, j. Tarvid, A. Nultemeier. ROW 2: S. Campbell, F. Sindelar, R. Polivka, C. Elliott, j. Loben- stein, L. Parr, L. Ehlert, R. Vondrak, R. Menger, H. Davis. 2 C i , C' GIRL S' GLEE CLUB ROW 1: J. Parker, F. Pedersen, S. Anderson, N. Nepscha, J. Koehn, R. Golden, J. Wil- son, L. Roberts, R. Kulmatycki, C. Miller, S. Lowe, J. Murphy, L. Morgan, D. Polivka D. Fenner, R. Dye, J. Veeder, C. Ashworth. IWW 2: M. Solchenberger, F. Hiller, J Winneshiek, B. Sawyer, I. Ottosen, C. Kujawa, J. Olson, N. Wood, P. Kronemann, N Moore, J. Moore, L. Ashworth, F. Bidgood, P. Rasch, B. Radtke, B. Day, A. Robinson C. Reichardt, M. McConnell. ROW 3: Judi th Mae Nichols, K. Parker, B. Knitter, C Heitman, J. Lobenstein, E. McA1eavey, R. Howland, P. Linn, P. Holm, J. Johnson, S Mink, J. Heding, B. Ketchum, J. Nichols, M. Hammond, J. Buchanan, D. Reichhoff. C H R a ' I Christmas Concert . . Christmas Concert 5 at Veterans Hospital .... Caroling. . Z Music Clinic at Westfield .... Spring A A S Festivals ..... Memorial Day. . Play Intermission Entertainment .... S Entertainment at Banquets, American N i C Legion Meeting, etc ..... Mary Ann Mc E Connell, president, Judith Heding, vice- fi presidentg Janice Wilson, secretary, Judith Nichols, treasurer ..... ,J 7 lx: lil 'rs-N Working on choral float--- Letterman m1 t1at1an--- - w Y , r if ll H A . , Assembly program ---- h,..f1.a.'z :z ,M f 'm Baske tbal 1 gane ---- fx if G1em1s try--- X! ky 3 yt E23 Chris tmas progr an-- - ii 1 i- 1 Y Pep rally '--- Hot lunch- -- ACTIVITIES ALL SCHOGL PLAY '1 1, X o- ! ff 1 l Mr. Morlock . Mrs. Morlock Mary .... Jessica . . Mildred . . . Joe Lanconi . Luigi Lanconi Martha . . . Lucifer . . Miss Akers . George Plew . Mrs. Schmaltz Mr. Black . . Dr. Brown . . Mrs. Frink . Prompters: . ' ectors: . 2 91 luke 791 W1 any! J f C A S T , Janes Tarvid , , Nancy Moore , jean Swetlik , , Sharon Lowe , , , Ruth Dye . Terry Dokken , . Harry Davis . Nina Nespcha , , Tom Robertson . . . . ,Ioan Hall , Floyd Eastermm , Barbara Ketchum Alfred Nul temeier , Michael Murray . . Iudy johnson . , . joan Murphy , Darlene Polivka Mrs. Helen Holires , Mr. Eltm Davrs Sue Buchanan AM A SENIOR Mrs. Helen Holmes Mr. Elton Davis Alfred Robinson "Mister C0-Edu L A 1 fi CLASS g, A PLAY Karen Park er Bm Hardin CAST Jmice Wilson Mary Ann l!cCbnne l l 'LQ Patrici a HcGarvey Bernice Bramberry . . Carol Wood ..... Ruby Nolan ...... Miss Eustacia Hayworth . Homer Qiackenbush . . . Miss Pauline Pooley . Miss Geraldine Carr . . Mr. Oliver Lee Oliver . . Fmily Manning ..... Lotus Smith . Cobina Colgate-Brewster . Gilbert Glyer ...... Extras . . . U I Di rec tors . . John Holmes ' ' Mary Mn Mcconnell Joyce Lobenstein . , , Judy Nichols , , Karen Parker . , Janice Wilson , , , John Holmes , Patricia McGarvey , . , Beverly Day , . John Ashworth . Joyce Lobenstein , , , , Ben Hardin , . , , , . . , Sue Buchanan , , , , , , Alfred Robinson Barbara Essex, Jean Matteson Arlene Stormoen, Beverly Witt , , , Mrs. Holmes, Mr. Davis Judy Nichols John Ashworth Beverly Day 14-1 livgn p-1.2 Circ lf- Aslm or th uh 'X uho N-.7 cg HONQECOMING """'--.. Queen Alice Wagner, King Charles Parr U , 4 , so ' 1 Q - 4 BASKETBALL HOMECOMING King and Court are chosen by Letter Club ..... King reveals identity of queen at pep assembly ..... Basket- ball game with Tri-County ..... Dance following the game ..... Grand March led by King and Queen ..... 1916 P RON1 P'-Hug john Aslmor th ffllf vu t. wro 'or 'ln 57 JUNIOR PROM . . . Qleen jean S etlxk Klllg Roger Jensen W WYL MJ M 1957 JUHIOF Prom May 18 1957 Ct fYLL4LQ Roger Jensen and Jean SW6C11k MUSIC b St Ness and h1s Orchestra Theme Three COIHS 1n a Foun w ,fx W 1 annul I JI' fy ' R g . a u a ' 4 - 4 o D ' 0 N . . . . . 1 . 4 . . ., . . . , n 'Ir up ll SPORTS .... '-If 5 -' w,'v"' J, S' Q. ..v. 5, 'nu . Mr Q 75353. - f' 1' 1: nv? Q f 3 f 5 QL fl ff, 5 A- TEAM BASKETBALL G. Woodruff, R. Robb, C. Lecy, C. Tuttle, J. Roseberry, J. Lobenstein, E. Winneshiek, E. Roseberry, D. Henningsen, C. Parr, L. Parr, Coach Bingner. BASKETBALL . , f? , ff' Aff Aff' W ' f B- TEAM BASKETBAU. j' 61, ff" IDW 1: j. Marshall, D. Morgan, H. Edwards, R. Collins, J. Lecy, D. McGowan, R. Whit ty, J. Stavlo. ROW 2: L. Alexander, R. Bamett, G. Lingk, W. Meek, C. Ransey, T Dellanuth, S. Baggs, G. Matanic, Coach Lee. ROW 3: F. Sindelar, W. Nash, P. Guen- ther, R. Jensen, K. Pavelec, L. Marshall, R. McClyman, R. Bartley. Www '47k'44'A' Z46f'4Em25 7x!!EgQ1X,.'5 'A M x. ' R 4 f HV2 K, ' I. 5. 5 me BASEBALL ROW 1: W. Christofferson, C. Lecy, J. Marshall. ROW 2: S. Duckworth, J. Ashworth, A. Stormoen ROW 3: C. Parr, L. Marshall, R. McClyma1, H. Wilson. SCHEDULE April 23 Adams at Wautoma April 30 Westfield at Adams May 6 Adams at Port Edwards May 14 Montello at Adams May 21 Tri-County at Adams Coach Bingn er ROW 1: D. Morgan, K. Ehlert, J. Roseberry, G. Woodruff. RJW 2: R. Whi tty, H. Edwards, R. Bonnett, F. Sindelar. IDW 3: R. Bartley, A. Wilson, T. Novak, W. Vondrdc. 8 S C H E D U L E April 12 Track Meet at Port Edwards April 26 Track Meet at Adams with Westfield lay 3 Track Meet at Adams with Wisconsin Dells May 10 Conference Track Meet at Wautoma Hay 18 Sectional Track Meet Hay 25 State Track Meet Coach Lee TRACK ROW 1: R. Robb, T. Robertson. ROW 2: G. Hatanic, J. Roseberry, R. Collins. IDW 3: W. Nash, F. Kierstyn, A. Robinson. ROY 1: R. Leach, J. Lecy, C. Lecy. ROW 2: H. Davis, G. Cardo, R. llc Chesney, 'S. Baggs. ROW 3: P. Guen ther, J. jochims, R. Jensen. Homecoming Pep Rally Sophomore Sock Hop , 5 ld .1 e"" S S s 5 9 3, l- l W -q -' "'gTfe'ee'2e lo x - me Fw- 'S -. -:.. .gf 7" V' Mr. Kott, Mr. Lee and Mr. Dunbar--band practice f.35,,B Port Edwards Basketball cane Foo tball Game Hal f- time Chem is try Experx men t 1 fff i DRGANIZATIUNS ROW 1: T. Novak, E. Roseberry, C. Elliott, R. Robb, A. Pedersen, C. Primus, A. Robinson. ROW 2: Mr. Bingrer, C. Lecy, J. Ashworth, E. Winneshiek, B. Hardin, F. Kierstyn, C. Theisen, j. Roseberry, G. Woodruff, Mr. Lee. ROW 3: C. Tuttle, R.- Kieltyka, J. Lobens tein, C. Parr, L. Parr, D. Henningsen, f. Holmes, L. Alexander. ' or W- .rx Q P O L I O A U C T LET TER CLUB Letter winners are eli- gible ..... Letters awardedforparticipation in'Track, Football, Base- ball, Basketball .... Sponsor March of Dimes Auction ..... Sell services of lettermen to students .... Sponsor Basketball Homecoming. . Banquetandlnitiation. . Charles Parr, president, Ben Hardin, vice-presi- dentg Donald Henningsen, secretary-treasurer. . ROW 1: R. Reichhoff, J. 'Galbrai th, L. Roberts, E. Easterman, J. Veeder, D. Reich hoff, E. Lewis. ROW 2: Miss McMahon, L. Morgan, M. McGzesney, N. Baumel, N Moore, B. Sawyer, F. Bidgood, J. Reichhoff, Miss Wolf. ROW 3: A. Osborn, C Miller, P. Murphy, B. Gerard, V. Jensen, J. Morley, B. Essex, f. Heding, S Frolik, C. Craze. A.F.G.A. Meetings every Thesday after school .... Basket- ball ..... Bowling ..... Tumbling .... Soccer. . . Trampoline. . . Volleyball. . . . Baseball ..... Archery ..... Points awarded for attendance ..... Win letter, chevrons, and star .... Sweaters purchased by members ..... Evonne Lewis, president, Ramona Reichhoff, vice- presidentg Faith Bidgood, secretary, Barbara Essex, treasurer ..... Si ROW 1: J. Ellinger, R. Colby, R. Whitty, E. Anderson, D. Morgan, A. Stormoen, E. Olson. IDW 2: G. Hansen, R. Leadi, D. McGowan,L. Olson, F. Steffan, C. Primus, P. Ellinger, j. Zentner, W. Christofferson, G. Ripley. ROW 3: R. Koehler, W. Ash- worth, A. Robinson, S. Baggs,E.Morgan, E. Knupp, A. Pedersen, R. Bonnett, G. Cardo. F.F.A. . . . RGV 1: D. Huron, C. Holmes, M. Murrary, D. Reichhoff, D. Zink. IDW 2: G. Elliott, K. Pavelec, A. Hansen, C. Ramsey, G. Sobczak, Mr. Whi tty. ROW 3: R. Kieltyka, F. Kierstyn, 'A. Wilson, R. Jensen, M. Colburn. 54 Meat Judging Contests. . Seed Sale Campaign. . . Annual Father-Son Ban- quet ..... Francis Kierstyn, president, RogerJensen,vice-presi- dent, Alfred Robinson, secretary, Dale Reich- hoff, treasurerg Ed Knupp, sergeant at arms, Merle Colburn, reporter. rms ROW 1: C. Rhinehart, S. Lowe, E. Miotke, J. Ellinger, j. Galbraith, B. Eastman, C. Payne, V. Holliday, D. Payne., IDW 2: R. Reichhoff, C. Moraz, D. Radtke, K. Cardo, M. McChesney, P. Murphy, L. Holden, D. Ellinger, J. Lobens tein, B. Day, Mrs. Seybold. ROW 3: L. Morgan, A. Wagner, B. Knitter, P. Babcock, L. Ciszek, C. Crane, 'S. Stoeberl, E. Lewis, L. 'Sayre, B. Gerard, J. Nichols. . . F.H.A. Float in Homecoming parade. . ,MmnwW.....wW Sale ofcards, hand-made jewelry and corsages at Christmas. . . Candy sales. . . Annual Jw, . , home economics banquet. . Alice Wagner, president, Bev- yx A wif' erly Day, vice-presidentg Bev- ,fel erly Knitter, secretary, Susan 4?- 'Nr Stoeberl, treasurer. . Hrs. 'Seybold giving a foods preparation danon- stra tion to one of her home economics classes. ROW 1: C. Rhinehart, C. Morm, D. Sipla, R. Robb, R. Reichhoff, J. Nichols, N. Moore. IDW 2: S. Bwhman, G. Elliott, A. Nultemeier, P. Babcock, B. Essex, C. Elliott, J. Ashworth, T. Novak. IUW 3: P. Holm, A. Boland, L. Sayre, E. Rose- berry, C. Parr, D. Henningsen, J. Holmes, F. Kiers tyn. ' FORENSICS . . . HALL MONITORS Hall Monitors chosen by Student Council Monitor the halls for loiterers. . Check the student passes .... ROW 1: H. llcConnell, J. Veeder, R. Golden, J. Galbraith. ROW 21 Heding, J. Hall, C. Barker. F. Eastermm, j. Tarvid, C. Lecy, R. jensen,A.Nul temeier, L. Ehlert. 57 :af CHEERLEADERS Center: F. Easterman. Right to Left: J. Veeder, S. Mink, N. Moore, j. Heding, M. McConnell, E. Easterman. RADIO CLUB RGY 1: L. Olsm, lr. Davis. RW 2: 1. Tarvid, C. Keamey, A. Gerard, L. Ehlert I '1 .gs i-QM' STUDENT COUNCIL . . . ROW 1: R. Jensen, R. Robb C. Ashworth, J. Ashworth ROW 2: Hrs. Seybold, S Ktah, A. Wag1er, N. Wood, B Ketchum, F. Bidgood, Mt. Whitty. S TATE CDN VEN TI ON DPIEGATES S. Krah,j.Nichols, N. Wood, C. Ashworth, Irs. Holmes. ,ar-.--f ..u,,'. lg ..,.. RCM' 1: D. Smi th, I. Nichols, S. Stoeberl, M. McConnell. Row 2: C. Lecy, S. Hzchanan, F. Kierstyn, G. Sobczak, J. Holmes Student Government Body ..... vention in New Mexico ...... One representative from each Christmas Play .... John Ash- organization and class ..... worth, presidentg Ralph Robb, Delegates attend State Conven- vice-presidentg Roger Jensen, tion .... Delegate, Francis treasurer, Carole Ashworth, Kierstyn, sent to National Con- secretary, . . . 60 ROW 1: S. Lowe, M. McConnell, J. Heding. E. Eas terinan, 'S. Stoeberl. ROV 2: L. Ashworth, B. Day, I. Nichols, S. Buchanm, Judy lac Nichols, C. Ashworth, j. Wilson. ROW 3: A. Wagner, B. Knitter, K. Parker, J. Holmes, R. Jensen, J. Ziegelbauer, B. Essex, Miss Mclahon. For our readers .... Memories of your high days ...... Through the pages of the SANIBUR. For the sta ..... Memories ' Co-Editor . . . 'N Business Manager M H . E Editor . . . . H X Assistants . A .J Copy Wri ters Q gqfcopy Editor . Q X Photographers A S Typists . . X ETyping Editor . A L gk - A SANDBUR STAFF of many hours of typing, picture- taking, copy and layout worries. Now ..... This our finished 1956-57 SANDBUR. A f E MARY ANN MCCONNELL - ' JUDITH MAE NICHOLS . . . . JANICE WILSON . . CAPOLE AsRwoRTR L . EBNELLE EASTERMAN . . . . BEVERLY DAY M 'hu - X . SUSAN s1woEBERL I . . BEVERLY KNITTER . JOAN ZIEGELBAUER . N . LUCILLE ASHWORTH - ,Q A . . . JUDITH REDING S 1 ' Y . . . SHARON LowE A . . ROGER JENSEN X3 . . BARBARA EssEx xx f i 2 . . JOHN HOLMES JA . ALICE WAGNER N5 ' . SUSAN BUCHANAN Xi- V Q so . KAREN PARKER . JUDITH NICHOLS REMEMBER ln. Ralph Robb MFE J A.. "K 1 'il xv Barbara Ketchum Edmond Roseberry 4' jan1ce W11son Carole Morm Karen Parker on left Mary Mn McCbnne11 Beverly Bold Charles Tuttle jaruce W1 Ison x M ,P VM!! fzyfyf ff 17 N if M Jfnif, ww AW' M N if X ef A N ' 5' M ft ,ff W' fi W" 1 75' Vw P ff' v X if W 1 ' 7 M ,WU l fn " X A f f H " 0' Q J f ' lr-7 V ,Q fj 1 L f ,2 .If Ulf A ,P A LW LL V Lf K , 1- If I A6 1 , LY v Jr, , Q, LV? ,VVL7 Vg fy I X A I' 1 KA' - v , X t ,. L ff , ' .1 I ,y7'7!V Z 4, C,f,,VfZ 07: 7,r'7LV I VV, ,WV vi! I je! V77 fd!! f' A I , V ,. 411, , , I ,jf i FV xv y l Xfff I i L y f ,UV f 7' ' f 7 J - ' f'7p'N ,. ' i X M my ip' s Fav n .1711 if ILA' I N L - 4 lj' ,Il ' , V yf'f!k' XJ . f ' I ll!! xyff , V T , W A I f ,. .Y 'Q I X N , A ,x Q Ji ,V IL- A Lf ax ' N K Q, - fb .,f 07' , 'wi . V ' ,415 'KT gl I x. , 1 ' ' 'Q CX, 'Q QIB , -' A , ' l . . 'Lau W Q Xin' t 'N LLL CLD A A 3-HX C if Xia, law .AN-VD ri x NUM Lufx vu A u 4, M 1 f V Q? 4 fl' L 1 , nl LJ 1 ,Q V Q lg' X 1 fx s 1' 1 My f I L K ff' V -L L L V X 1 f 'DJ J QL xx ' V - ff fy f-e 'V V, I if L I, ' "" L KJ W 1 -' ' Nj M LLL! LT-hi' 71 V ll H e up I-x g 55" J' V 1 vL ,L Jug, UPY 1 Lb 'jf X in gf, if yilf -, ' r if ,, ff 4 ff Y fu llixix I I x xxx I 4. X. ! - ,' if ,J xl , 1 Y K 4 , ' ' U ,f .V ' ' 'HN k Y xg' M 7 X if ' K XX xx xx ' ' f x ' Q ' ' 1 ' X 'I ff. f 5 2 . "R . X' N?,g5?'ii Fi - W - -X 5 ,fp N, , .S 'YJ rp A Mui, Ms if V X LM fy W Bm JLQ.L!Cbl1IL ,yt-E'6L?ZJX A f7'L,LQ' JJ Jf UML W JY ffy gk 5 A if Wipxyfsfyj REX F , wk ' KY . Nz J JM? Q bi- X X jvlx I' M1919 1? IW E 2 if .sqm N ' :Vw 'X 415' , Usb rvfij KJIUJI fb ,ef if ff UR U' ,NJ 1 , f 'Q if U' buf 1-I . LX ,x 1, 1 - - l WH + ' ' , f' V + 2 ' Af! JU! VM, f 4,40 JL' Y MW ,f LM JMS ff f I 'I N 1,-fi I On x x ,7WV 554.19 My VA' , 'Mg M V l c ' fjdf, , 4 , L4, I ac 2? Rf f ,N fx ,ef td Q V N xx

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Adams Friendship High School - Sandbur Yearbook (Adams, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Adams Friendship High School - Sandbur Yearbook (Adams, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 8

1957, pg 8

Adams Friendship High School - Sandbur Yearbook (Adams, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 69

1957, pg 69

Adams Friendship High School - Sandbur Yearbook (Adams, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 7

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Adams Friendship High School - Sandbur Yearbook (Adams, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 64

1957, pg 64

Adams Friendship High School - Sandbur Yearbook (Adams, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 46

1957, pg 46

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