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Adams Central Community Schools 222 West Washington Monroe, Indiana Volume 24 Why does a person go to school? Most would say to learn. Yet, what is it that students do learn? At Adams Central each of the 472 students learns at one time or another: 1. How to make paper airplanes in Comp. 2. Never try to outtalk Mrs. Grove. 3. To buy " Cliff ' s Notes " when a class has to read a novel. 4. How not to get caught using a squirt gun in school. 5. How to gawk properly into other rooms. 6. Not to mess around with " The Boys. " 7. How to steal reflectors. 8. How to use meaningless chatter. 9. Not to be rowdy when a Ball State representative is sitting in on a class in an adjacent lecture area. 10. How to do senior math during physics. Of course, none of the aforementioned are what students are supposed to learn, such as the Twenty-fifth Amendment, the Dred Scot case, or the correct way to conjugate irregular verbs in a foreign language. However, most students do learn what they are supposed to, but, unfortunately, the mind of a student is like a can of Coke, since the contents of both are good only as long as they remain in their containers. When a student takes a test, his mind is like a can of Coke that ' s been consumed. It’s empty. Through¬ out the year the student goes through the same process--learn, take the test, for¬ get, learn, take the test, forget. So just as that empty can can be used again, the student can also be recycled. Recycled 2 MmH TABLE OF CONTENTS Academics.4 High School.22 Middle School.58 Elementary School..70 Clubs.86 Sports . 118 Ads.138 Student Life.154 i, 3 4 5 English Adopts Phase Speaking to a large group, Mr. Markley makes an assign¬ ment to one of his nine week phase-elective classes. With the help of a consultant from the State Department of Education, the English department spent considerable time origi- nizing a new curriculum this year. The new program, called Phase-Elective English, allowed students to choose their classes on a nine week basis instead of the traditional English classes. The new classes, opened to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, were subject oriented and " phased " according to the level of difficulty. Some of the classes offered during the past year were " Mystery and Suspense, " " Creative Writing, " " Facing the Future, " and " The American Novel. " Elective Program Norman Sprunger does a commercial for his nine week course called !l Be- hind the Camera, 11 6 (LEFT) Concentrating on his Camp assignment, Bob Mutschler writes a narrative essay. (BELOW) Pretend¬ ing to play the drums, Renee Bebout and other Speech students do their mouthings of songs in the A-V Cen¬ ter. Becky Braden, Mrs. Grove, Karla Yost, and Joyce Geisel discuss different of the out¬ doors that can be used in a descriptive essay 7 Math Students Study Trig, Limits ' w (RIGHT) In senior math Ron Gremaux puts a problem concerning the Law of Cosines on the blackboard. (BELOW) Working at the board, Jon Kaehr and Gordon Gerber try to figure out a trigonometric problem. 8 (LEFT) Miss Beaver ' s geometry class listens as she explains some pos¬ tulates that pertain to triangles. (BELOW) Listening to one of the stu¬ dents explain a problem, Mark Zurcher tries to follow the line of thought. The grades that one receives in math varies directly to the time spent studying and inversely to the time spent not study¬ ing. A.C. ' s math courses, taught by Miss Beavers and Mr. Ransbottom, included general math, algebra I, geometry, algebra II, and senior math. Many students dis¬ covered that math does not take a genius to figure out the tricky problems as they once thought. Contemplating a problem, algebra II student works at the blackboard on sine ratios. 9 Nixon Wins Mock Election Trying to convince the students to vote for him, Scott Bassett (George McGovern) makes his cam¬ paign speech over ACTV. Social studies, offered only to sopho¬ mores, juniors, and seniors , is com¬ posed of US History, Sociology, Govern¬ ment, Economics, and World History. The senior government class held a mock election for President, Vice Presi¬ dent, Governor, and Lt. Governor. Senior students portrayed the different candidates and gave campaign speeches during the morning announcements. The outcome of the election was closely re¬ lated to the national and state elections. Activities of the other social studies courses included: speakers, movies, and field trips. Mr. McIntosh, Mr. Brown and Mr. Gibbs taught the students about the different aspects of social studies. ) j (ABOVE) Portraying Richard Nixon, Greg Childs tries to pull votes in the government class ' mock elec¬ tion. Nixon won in a landslide by pulling 61% of the vote. (LEFT) Going into the voting booth, James Rhodes gets ready to vote for the candidate of his choice. I 11 Comic Books Highlight Year for French II Translating from English to French, Myra Caudle tells the French III class the story of Mailman Mike. Although French humor is quite differ¬ ent from ours, the French II students en¬ joyed translating French comic books and putting on skits in French every week. The third year French class read and trans¬ lated " the Little Prince " , a book on phi¬ losophy. The Spanish classes, besides learning to speak and write Spanish, studied films on Mexico and made maps of that country. Sitting Spanish I, Cindy Longen- berger watches some film strips on Mexico. 12 (LEFT) Trying to decide which book to read, Sonja Poorman leafs through Sleeping Beauty during French class. (BELOW) Listening to Spanish via headsets, the Spanish I class works on understanding and pronouncing the language correctly. 13 Experiments, Tests Keep Science Students Busy After completing a test on a-c current, Mark Zurcher looks on as Mr. Allspaw grades it. The Science Department’s audio-tu- torial system again proved its usefull- ness as students completed assigned work at their own rate. Many were per¬ mitted to take part in disections, lab experiments, and research projects for an even greater learning experience Mr. Allspaw, teaching chemistry I II and physics, and Mr. Hubbard, teach¬ ing biology I II, guided many students throughout the year in the science studies. Getting ready to take two quizzes and a test on the final day of a physics deadline, Bob Mutschler listens to a tape on lenses. - J a Concentrating on an organic con¬ struction, Eric Cavanaugh works on his biochem test. Using the Audio-Tutorial system, Steve Miller listens to a tape on the structure of cells during a biology class. Brent Landis attempts to identify chemical compounds in a chemistry experiment. 15 Home Ec Featured in Magazine; Rackers Win PE Volleyball Championship Keith Steffen and Scott Kehne take a couple of laps during a P.E. class. " Welcome to Our World " ... a world that included semester courses in Consum¬ er Education, Interpersonal Relationships, Child Care and Development, Clothing and Textiles, Foods and Nutrition, Interior Design and Housing, Family Management, Marriage and Family Relationship, and many other studies. The junior Home economics girls in¬ vited all to " Come a Wassailing " during the Christmas season. More than 300 people, including faculty, custodians, and students wandered in as a tantalizing aroma spread through the halls. Highlighting the year was a special visit from Dr. Thomas Beggs, Curriculum Specialist for the Institute of Life Insurance in New York. Dr. Beggs viewed the results, of studies made by the home ec students. In the spring TEACHING TOPICS featured the A.C. home economics classes. Besides doing calisthentics, Adams Central physical education students com¬ peted against each other in games such as touch football, basketball, hockey, wres¬ tling, and softball. In P.E. volleyball the Rackers, consisting of John Soldner, Larry Steller, Denny Loyse, Kevin Rich¬ ards, and Colin Hirschy, were crowned champions. At the home ec party, Miss Grab- ner gets something to eat. 16 (LEFT) Dipping a marshmallow in some fondue, Becky Kaehr enjoys herself at the home ec party that was thrown at the end of the year. (BELOW) Joy Funk, Cindy Ogg, and Shari Arnold work on their reports during the last days of school. 17 Ag, Shop Students Learn Practical Arts Working in graphic arts, Dave Seitz prints up some programs for the Leo-Adams Central bas¬ ketball game. Having one of the best agricul¬ ture programs in the state, Mr. Watson set out to teach his students such things as how to judge soil and how to prune grape vines. Shop classes, consisting of woods, metals, building trades, mechanics, and graphic arts went on numerous field trips had several individual projects so that the stu¬ dents can more fully appreciate the practical arts. Talking with the ag class, Mr. Watson discusses the prices of beans. 18 (LEFT) Duane Klinger finishes up his project in woodworking. (BELOW) Working steadily, joe Baker completes his assignment in metals. Sanding a piece of wood, Neal Fuhrman starts to make a guillotine. 19 Art, Music Students Develop Talent Rehearsing extensively, the high school choir gets ready for its perfor¬ mance at the pops concert. Decorations for Christmas, for the Sun¬ shine Banquet, and for the Drama Club play were the major activities of the Art De¬ partment. Art students also worked on projects that were sometimes displayed in the showcase outside the art room. Meanwhile, the Music Department, under the leadership of Mr. Zoll and Mr. Potter, involved hundreds of students with various performances throughout the area. The high school choir, along with choirs from Norwell and Homestead, participated in the first annual music festival held this year at Norwell. Besides singing at the Christmas concert and the spring concert, the choir performed at the pops concert and the Easter morning sunrise service. Performing on WKJG TV and singing for a convention at the Sheraton Hotel proved to be the highlights for the swing choir. Along with the sextext, the swing choir bave numerous performances the area. (OPPOSITE PAGE) During art class, Denise Sprunger makes the finishing touches on her macrame. 21 Some changes were made in the busi¬ ness department this year, which included the Typing I and Typing II classes being moved into a room of their own. The Typ¬ ing II class, which was furnished with only electric typewriters, has added two new IBM selectric typewriters, which can be set up to do Keypunch. A new IBM Execu¬ tive Typewriter that types differently to give better looking copy has also been added. During a Typing I class, Lynne Rumschlag erases a mis¬ take she has just made. (RIGHT) Making sure that everything is balanced, Debbie Johnson and Sue Bellenbacher work on their bookkeeping. (BELOW) Being careful not to make any mistakes, Laura Edwards practices her typing. Business Gets New Typewriters 22 Listening to Mr. Huffman ' s lecture, Steve Bieberich relaxes in a large group bookkeeping class. High School Faculty Playing Santa Claus, Mr. Huffman listens to requests for Christmas presents. (ABOVE) Mr. Hakes looks over one of the ballots during the Government class ' mock election. (RIGHT) Taking it easy before school begins, Mr. Birch chats with Harold Schwartz. Administration School Boarci, SITTING L. to R., Earl Gerber, Howard Habegger, Harvey Jones , STANDING L. to R., Robert Mitchel, James Teeple, Larry Myers, and Floyd Engle The School Board members and Mr. Payne work in joint effort in budgeting and planning school expenditures, facul¬ ty and staff appointments, and the over¬ all guidance of the Adams Central Sch ool Corporation. Improvements visible for the school this past year include the new bridge leading to the football field, a new pub¬ lic address system for the gymnasium, new office machines to aid faculty and staff in their daily preparation, plus many other items essential to the func¬ tioning of a school system. The administration, coupled with faculty, staff, and students, strives to attain higher academic standards and achievement as goals for all concerned. KENNETH L. PAYNE, Superintendent FRANK HAYES, Principal ED BRYAN, Assistant Principal STU SCHNEPF, Guidance Counselor ART HABEGGER, Summer Driver ' s Education Supervisor Valedictorian - GREG CHILDS Salutatorian - CAROL REINHARD Mr. Blanchard gets the tip for the faculty against the Harlem Jokers. The faculty hung on through¬ out the game but lost by five points. MRS. EARLEEN STEFFEN Treasurer MRS. ROSALYN STRIKER Superintendant ' s Secretary MRS. FLO BRANDT High School Secretary MRS. SANDRA MUTSCHLER Guidance Secretary MISS SHERI AFFOLDER English MISS SANDRA BENZ Business MR. RICHARD ALLSPAW Science M ISS LUCILLE BEAVERS Math MR. KEN BIRCH A-V Coordinator MR. MICHAEL BLANCHARD English MR. ROBERT BROWN Social Studies MR. EDWIN BRYAN Business, Athl. Dir. Asst. Principal MRS. DORIS BURKHEAD Library Clerk MR. JO GIBBS Social Studies MISS SUSAN GRABNER Home Economics MRS. SHIRLEY FRUECHTE Teacher Aide MRS. JUNE GROVE English MR. TED HAKES Ind. Arts 28 MR. JAMES HAYWORTH Vo. Ag. f Farm Shop MR. FRED HILBERT Business. Ind. Arts MR. WILLIAM HUBBARD Science a m MR. DOUGLAS HUFFMAN Business MR. JEROME MARKLEY English MR. GALEN McINTOSH Social Studies I ' ' ■ rf. MR. ROBERT RANSBOTTOM Math MRS. ROWENA STUCKY Librarian MR. THOMAS WALSH Art MR. MARTIN WATSON Vo. Ag. MISS MARY WILLIAMSON Spanish MR. DAVID ZOLL Band 29 Bus Drivers: BACK ROW: Mr. Kershner, Mr. Rich, Mr. Engle, Mr. Merriman, Mr. Gerber, Mr. Andrews, Mr. Morrison. ROW 2: Mr. Stevens, Mr. Black, M. Habeggar, Mr. Byerly, Mr. Gerger, Mr. Johnson, Mr. A dler. FRONT ROW: Mr. Nussbaum, Mr. Barger, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Bebout, Mrs. Workinger, Mrs. Genth, Mr. Genth - u School Nurses: Mrs. Karen Kaehr and Mrs. Donna Hilbert. 30 Custodians: Mr. Bud Fisher, Mr. Phil Arnold, Mrs. Clara Thomas, Mrs. Loretta Mattax, Mrs. Ella Landis, Mr. Harold Schwartz, Mr. Rene Brandt, Mr. Ray Thomas, Mr. Harry Raudenbush, Mr. Gene Arnold, Mr. Wilbur Kirchner. Cooks: BACK ROW: Mrs. Mary Brewster, Mrs. Lela Arnold, Mrs. Pauline Dick, Mrs. Melba Scheiderer, Mrs. Aldine Moser, Mrs. Joan Zurcher, Mrs. Crystal Bailey, Mrs. Lavana Seitz, Mrs. Phyllis Reinhart, Mrs. Lillian Steiner, Mrs. Dortha Singleton. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Lucille Freels, Mrs. Jeneviene Parrish, Mrs. Thelma Arnold, Mrs. Sara Jane Barger, Mrs. Alice Henschen, Mrs. Jeanette Stucky. 31 KATHY ANN BARGER—Rifle Club 1234; Secretary 134j Treasurer 24; News Reporter 4; GAA 1234; Basketball 123; Softball 234; Track 12; SSS 234; Choir 234; V. President 4; Yearbook 4; Band 1234; Pep Band 234; Quill S Scroll 4; Secretary 4; Stage Band 234; Swing Choir 24; NHS 4; Pep Club 1234; Class President 3; Student Council 2; FFA Sweetheart 1; Tour Guide 4; Bat Girl 3; Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 4; Cadet Teacher 4. LILA N. BARGER--Pep Club 1234; French Club 1234; SSS 234; V. President 3; President 4; GAA 234; Rifle Club 1234; Secretary 3; V. President 4; NHS 34; Year¬ book 4; Band 1234; Drama Club 34; Class Treasurer 2; Quill Scroll 4; Homecoming Court 4 SCOTT BASSET—Wrestling 234; Captain 4; Football 123; Track 12; Student Council 4; President 4; Band 1234; Pep Band 234; Stage Band 1234; Choir 1234; Swing Choir 34; Cadet Teacher 4; Newspaper 34; In¬ tramural ' s 1; French Club 12; Art Club 12; Speech Club 4; Yearbook 4. JILL SUSAN BEERY—GAA 1234; Choir 12; Pep Club 12; S SSS 234; Girls Glee 12; Yearbook 4; Elementary Librar¬ ian 1. JOHN BERGMAN--FFA 234; Wrestling 2; Co-op 4. MARLENE DELL BIEBERICH--Choir 1234; Pep Club 123; SS SSS 234; Girls Glee 123. STEVE BIEBERICH--Volleyball 1; Cross Country 23; Basketball 12; Band 1; Letterman ' s Club 23; Class Secretary 3; Class V. President 4; Newspaper 4; Quill Scroll 4; NHS 4; Spanish Club 12; Intramural ' s 34; Drama Club 4; Speech Club 4; Coed Volleyball 34; Librarian 12. DONNA J. BIBERSTINE--Choir 12; Pep Club 34; SSS 234; Yearbook 4. 33 BLUHM--FFA 1234; Livestock Judging 1234; 4; Football 1; Intramural ' s 34; Band 12. RICHARD A. BOGGS BECKY BRADEN—GAA 1234; Softball 1234; Basketball 134; Volleyball 134; SSS 234; Pep Club 1234; Art Club 4; French Club 2; Drama Club 4; Ecology Club 2; Homecoming Court 34; Class President 4; Class Secre¬ tary 2; Class V. President 1; Coed Volleyball 34; GAA Secretary 2; Student Council 3; Tour Guide 4; Librarian MIKE A BRAUN--Basketball MGR. 2; Electronics Club 34. V. President 4. STEVE BRAUN--Wrestling 234; Track 2; Letterman s Club 34; Electronics Club 34; Secretary 4. PHIL BRODBECK--Co-op 4 MARTHA C. CAUDLE—French Club 1; SSS 234; NHS 34; Rifle Club 1 23. JOHN W. CHAPMAN- -FFA 1234. GREGORY RICHARD CHILDS--Football 1234; Co- Captain 4; All Conference Defensive Back 4; Baseball 1234; Basketball 1234; NHS 34; President 4; Quill Scroll 4; President 4; Newspaper 34; Assistant Editor 3; Editor 4; Drama Club 34; President 4; Photography Club 34; Band 12; French Club 12; Class V. President 2; Letterman ' s Club 24; Speech Club 34. CAROLYN CLARK--GAA 1234; Choir 2; Art Club 34; Glee Club 2; Yearbook 4; Gold Teens 3; Elementary Librarian 1; SSS 234. RUSSELL E. COOK—FFA 1234. DONALD DAILEY—FFA 1234. GARY DOUBLE--FFA 1234; Soil Judging 1; Livestock Judging 12; Poultry Judging 23; Intramural ' s 234. STEVEN DUANE ELZEY—Art Club 4; Intramural ' s 3. DAVE EYANSON—Band 1234; Pep Band 3; Stage Band 1234; Wrestling 23; Intramural ' s 4; Basketball 1; Span¬ ish Club 23; Football 12. 35 A STAN FIECHTER--Volleyball 1; Basketball 1; FFA 1234; Intramural ' s 234; Dairy Judging 23. CHARLIE FOOR--Intramural ' s 234; Drama Club 4 JIM FOREMAN--Football 1234; Track 1234; Letter- man ' s Club 1234; French Club 12; Drama Club 4; Year, book 4; Speech Club 34; Pep Club 1234; Intramural s 1234; Wright Lifting 1234. CONNIE JO FRUCHTE--Pep Club 1234; SSS 234; Year- book 4; Speech Club 4; Band 1234; Cadet Teacher 4. KIM FRUECHTE—Basketball 1234; Captain 4; Football 1234; Track 1234; Baseball 1; Letterman ' s Club 234; . Speech Club 4; Spanish Club 23; Band 1; Yearbook 4; Drama Club 4; Librarian 2; FFA 12; Homecoming Court 4; Student Council 4; Class President 2; Cadet Teacher JOYCE ANN GEISEL—SSS 234; Band 123; Pep Band 3; Choir 124; Girls Glee 12; Spanish Club 123; Drama Club 34; Pom Pom 4; GAA 4; Quill Scroll 4; Speech Club 4; Art Club 4; Yearbook 4; Pep Club 1234. MARALEE R. GILBERT--Choir 1; SSS 234; Art Club 34; GAA 123; Yearbook 4. DALE D. GIROD—Track 1; Co-op 4 MARY GARWOOD GIROD RONALD JOSEPH GREMAUX—Baseball 1234; Football 1234; Basketball 1; Wrestling 3; Spanish Club 12; Speech Club 34; Letterman ' s Club 234; Intramural ' s 24; Class Treasurer 1; Quill Scroll 4; Drama Club 34; Pep Club 3; Newspaper 34. BOB GROVE—Electronics Club 34; President 4 DEWAYNE HAINES—Cross Country 12; Volleyball 1 Basketball 123. JANET WORRINGER HAINES—Pep Club 1; SSS 234; GAA 123; Twirler 12; Cheerleader 123; Class Treasurer DONALD J. HARVEY—Rifle Club 1234; FFA 34; Fool ball 1; Track 1. JOANN M. HEIMANN—Band 1234; Choir 1234; Swing Choir 234; Pep Club 123; Girls Glee 1234; SSS 234; GAA 1; Tour Guide 4; NHS 4. GOLDIE L. HILL—SSS 234; Choir 1; Art Club 34; Re¬ porter 3; V. President 4; Gold Teens 3; GAA 23; Year book 4. WILLIAM A. HITCHCOCK--FFA 34; Football 2 JOELD. HOUK--Football 1234; Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Intermural ' s 234; Letterman ' s Club 234; Pep Club 1234; Homecoming Court 4. RICK E. HURST—Baseball 234; Football 1234; Pep Club 3; Homecoming Court 4; Basketball 12; Track la Intramural ' s 34; Letterman ' s Club 234; Speech Club 4; Drama Club 4; Spanish Club 12. DONALD LYNN INNIGER—Sppech Club 4; Drama Club 4; FFA 1234; District Officer 34; Tour Guide 4; Pep Club 1234. TIM JACKSON—FFA 12; Basketball 12; Football 1; Cross Country 23; Intramural ' s 34; Rifle Club 1; Golf 234. DAVE C. JESIONOWSKI—Football 1234; Class Presi¬ dent 1; Student Council 23; V. President 3; Wrestling 3; Track 124; Letterman ' s Club 34; NHS 4; Pep Club 3 CONNIE JOHNSON—Choir 12; Pep Club 123; Spanish Club 23; SSS 234; GAA 123; Yearbook 4; Band 123; Homecoming Queen 4; Homecoming Court 34; Speech Club 4; Pom Pom 1234; Cadet Teacher 4. JAMES A. JOHN SON--Basketball 1; Football 1234; FFA 1234; Intramural ' s 234; FFA Basketball 34; Dairy Judg¬ ing 1234. MARK KAEHR—Football 1234- Track 1234; Speech Club Club 34; French Club 1; Intramural ' s 234; Class Trea¬ surer 4; Tour Guide 34; Drama Club 4; Letterman ' s Club 234; Pep Club 2; Newspaper 34; FFA 12; Home¬ coming Court 4. REBECCA KAEHR—Pep Club 123; SSS 234; French Club 1; GAA 123; Band 123; Choir 23; Swing Choir 34; Speech Club 34; Tour Guide 4. DIANNE KELSEY—Art Club 3; r SS 234; Librarian 4. DANIEL S. KERSHNER—Basketball 1234; Football 1; Spanish Club 23; Letterman ' s Club 34. KAREN KING—Band 1; Choir 123; Girls Glee 12. VICKIE KGLTER — Spanish Club 2,3; Speech Club 2, 3,4; Yearbook 4; Drama Club 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Girls Glee 1,2,3; Swing Choir 2,3,4; Sextet 3,4; Librarian 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4; Pcm Pom 3,4; GAA 1, 2,3,4; Bat Girl 2,3,4; Cadet Teacher 4. GREG LANDIS—Golf 234; NHS 34; Quill Scroll 4; Yearbook 4; Letterman ' s Club 4. ROBIN JAY LANDIS—Football 1234; Basketball 12; Track 13; Letterman’s Club 234; Band 12; Pep Club 34; Intramural ' s 34. STEVE LANTZ--Golf 34; Football 3; Intramural ' s 234 TIMOTHY LIGHT—Intramurals 3; Basketball 4, JOHN LOSHE—FFA 1234; Co-op 4 DIANE LENGERICH MANLEY—Pep Club 12; French Club 1; SSS 234. MARILYN MANLEY—Choir 123; SSS 234; Girls Glee 12 SUSIE DELANE MATTAX— Choir 1234; Girls Glee 1234 Pep Club 123; Spanish Club 123; SSS 234; GAA 1; Band 1234; Elementary Librarian 4; Class V. President 3. ROZELLA M. MIHM— SSS 234; Pep Club 12 ANDY M. MILLER--Basketball 1234; Track 1234; NHS 4; Football 12; Spanish Club 23; French Club 1; Band 12; Letterman ' s Club 234. 4 1 (!1 JACALYN KAYE MILLER--Pep Club 1234; Band 123; SSS 234; Gold Teens 123; Co-op 4; Elementary Librar¬ ian 123. c JANET JEANNE MILLER—Pep Club 34; Choir 1234; SSS 234; Librarian 1234; French Club 234; GAA 4; Tour Guide 234; Cadet Teacher 4; Girls Glee 1234; Year¬ book 4; Drama Club 4; Speech Club 4. LYNN R. MILLER—SSS 234; Choir 23; Pep Club 1234; Spirit Booster 4; Spanish Club 23; Treasurer 3; Banner Carrier 4; GAA 234; Girls Glee 23; NHS 34; Ecology Club 2; Treasurer 2; Quill G Scroll 4; V. President 4; Yearbook 4; Gold Teens 234; Drama Club 34; Speech Club 4; Art Club 4. THERESE MARIE MILLER—Pep Club 1234; SSS 234; Gold Teens 1234; Drama Club 3; Yearbook 4; News¬ paper 34. TERESA A. MI NEAR--GAA 4. ANGELA L. MITCHEL—Pep Club 1234; Pep Band 23; Band 1234; Choir 1234; Girls Glee 1234; Swing Choir 4; Spanish Club 123; GAA 123; Softball 123; Elementary Librarian 1; Speech Club 34; Drama Club 4; SSS 234; Tour Guide 4; Yearbook 4; Quill £ Scroll 4; NHS 4; Sextet 34. BOB MUTSCHLER—Baseball 1234; Football 1234; FFA 1234; FFA President 4; Letterman ' s Club 234; Pep Club 1234; Spanish Club 12; Intramural ' s 34. JACKD. MYERS 41 REX A. MYERS--School Chess Champion 4; Track 12; Baseball 34; Cross Country 1; Pep Club 1234; Speech Club 4; Spanish Club 12; Quill £ Scroll 4; Yearbook 34; Business MGR. 4; Drama Club 4. SANDRA KAE NEAD STINE--Twirler 12; SSS 234; GAA 123; Cheerleader 13; Pep Club 2; Co-op 4; Elementary Librarian 3. MARLENE ANN NOLL--FFA 4; Pep Club 123; Choir 12 3; Girls Glee 123; Elementary Librarian 1; SSS 234. PAMELA KAY OGG—Pep Club 1234; SSS 234; Speech Club 4; Art Club 4; GAA 34; French Club 2; Drama Club 4; Yearbook 4. GLORIA J. PATRICK—Choir 12; Pep Club 34; SSS 234 Girls Glee 1; Yearbook 4; Art Club 34; Reporter 4; Secretary-Treasurer 3. JUDY ANN PRATT--COE 4 JIM RAUCH—Agriculture 123 MICHAEL RANDLE RAUDENBUSH--Basketball 13; Track 1; Volleyball 1; Cross Country 23; FFA 234; Choir 1; Intramural ' s 23; Pep Club 24; Co-op 4. 42 CAROL JEAN REINHARD--Choir 34; Girls Glee 34; Pep Club 34; SSS 234; NHS 34; V. President 4; French Club 34; Yearbook 4; Librarian 34: Sneech Club 4. RANDY E. REYNOLDS—Choir 2; Band 1; Spanish Club 12; Letterman ' s Club 234; Tour Guide 4; Football 34; Track 3; Wrestling 234; C peech Club 3; Pep Club 234. MARCIA K. RILEY—FFA 4. KEDRIC D. RINGGER--Basketball 12; FFA 1234; Cross Country 12; Intramural ' s 34; FFA Basketball 34; Dairy Judging 3; Volleyball 1. SHELLEY EVERETT RINGGER—SSS 234; Pep Club 123; Rifle Club 12; Yearbook 3. SANDY RHODES—Choir 1; Pep Club 12; SSS 234; GAA 12 . 1 GWEN EVERETT ROE—Choir 23; SSS 23; GAA 1. PATTY SAUERS—GAA 1234; Secretary-Treasurer 3; President 4; Basketball 1234; Volleyball 1234; Softball 234; Track 34; Co-ed Volleyball 34; NHS 34; Quill Scroll 4; SSS 234; Pep Club 1234; Spirit Booster 34; Drama Club 34; Speech Club 4; Spanish Club 123; Yearbook 34; Band 123; Choir 1; Girls Glee 1. DAVID KURT SCHOENHERR--Spanish Club 3; Wrest ling 23; Golf 23; Intramural ' s 34; FFA 2; Pep Club 3; Co-op 4. DAVID WAYNE SEITZ--Choir 1234; Swing Choir 34; Track 1234; Speech Club 4; Vocational Mechanics 4; Graphic Arts 4. JAMES LEE SLUSHER--Band 1234; Stage Band 134; Pep Band 34; Choir 1234; President 4; Swing Choir 34; State Choir 4; Art Club 234; V. President 3; President 4; Speech Club 4; Librarian 34; Drama Club 4; Newspaper 4; Yearbook 4; Lay-out Editor 4; Basketball MGR. 1; Van Wert HS 2. BECKY SPRUNGER—Pep Club 1234; French Club 12 SSS 234; GAA 4; Band 1234; Secretary 34; NHS 4. DENISE RAE SPRUNGER--Band 1234; Spanish Club 123; NHS 34; Pep Club 1234; Secretary 4; Choir 14; GAA 1234; Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Volleyball 4; SSS 234; Intramuarl Gymnastics 4; Student Council 34; Drama Club 234; Speech Club 4; Pom Pom 34; Year¬ book 4; Homecoming Court 4; Newspaper 4; Coed Volleyball 34; Cadet Teaching 4. KENT STEFFEN--Football 1234; Wrestling 23; Choir 1234; Swing Choir 23; Baseball 23; Track 12; Band 12 34; Intramural ' s 4; Rifle Club 14; Basketball 1. JACK STEPLER--Cross Country 2; Basketball 134; Golf 234; Letterman ' s Club 234; Intramural ' s 2; Spanish Club 12 . JOYCE ANN THATCHER—Pep Club 123; SSS 234 1 NANCY WAG LEY--Pep Club 1234; Spirit Booster 4; SSS 234; French Club 1234; President 3; Ecology Club 1; Gaa 1234; NHS 34. ELAINE ANN WATKINS--Pep Club 1234; SSS 234; Band 1234; GAA 34; Yearbook 4; Quill Scroll 4; Gold Teens 23; Ecology Club 1. JEFFREY A. WEI SMAN--Wrest ling 2; Golf 1234; Co-op 4; Yearbook 12; Intramural ' s 34; Newspaper 34; Librar¬ ian 123; Football 1; Pep Club 2. JOHN WILLIAM WITTWER--Band 1; Football 1234; Golf 12; Letterman ' s Club 1234. KARLA YOST—Secretary 4; Pep Club 14; GAA 1; SSS 234; Quill Scroll 4; Newspaper 4; Drama Club 4; Ecology Club 2; Cheerleader 23; Homecoming Court 3; Art Club 4; Speech Club 4; Yearbook 4; Spanish Club 23. REX YOUNG--Yearbook 34; Assistant Editor 3; Editor 4; NHS 34; Quill Scroll 4; French Club 1; Golf 23; Letterman ' s Club 4; Drama Club 4. KENN W. ZIMMERMAN--Golf 12; Newspaper 34; Band 1234; Football 12; Wrestling 2; Spanish Club 12. MARK A. ZURCHER--Band 12; Spanish Club 123; NHS 34; Letterman ' s Club 234; Yearbook 4; Football 12; Bas¬ ketball 1; Baseball 1234; Speech Club 3; Quill Scroll 4; Drama Club 4. 45 gfl Beth Baker Nan Bassett Renee Bebout Barb Bergman Sue Bellenbacher Kevin Bowman Jeanette Braun Jack Brewster Eric Cavanaugh Debbie Christman • ! Cindy Cole Carol Cook Ron Dague Margie Dailey James Dennison Mike Eckrote Laura Edwards Duane Ehlerding Keith Ehrman Linda Ehrsam Janice Ellenberger Nyla Engle G len Everett Tom Feasel Don Fiechter Sharon Fuelling Joy Funk Bruce Garwood Bob Gerber Gordon Gerber Keith Gerber Mike Gerber Suzie Gerber Jean Gilbert Mike Gilbert . vim : Gene Gilgen Sherry Girod Todd Gladhill Dan Gremaux John Hack Julie Hammond Bryce Hoffman Rick Hoffman Julie Houk Debbie Johnson Myles Johnson Kim Jones John Kaehr Scott Kaehr David Kelsey Brent Landis Randy Landis Laura Larkin Becky Lichtenberger Steve Longenberger Dwight Longs worth Ken Macklin Dianna Mankey Carolyn Manley Roger Manley Leslie Marckel Joan McAhren Debbie Miller Ken Miller Loretta Miller Mike Miller Steve Miller Carla Mitchel Doug Moser Arlene Nussbaum 48 S!!atr . pig® umi fM Sonja Peerman Angie Raudenbush Pam Rhodes Dave Rich John Riff ' Dave Roe Janice Ross Lester Ross Kathy Rumschlag Debbie Rupert Ed Scheiner Sue Schlickman Don Schultz Cindy Schwartz Karen Sheehan Debbie Simon Emily Smith Norman Sprunger Jim Straub Lynn Stucky Paul Swygert Terry Tinkham Cindy Tricker Richard Watkins Mindy Weisman Craig Welker Zurcher Sophomores Sophomore Class Officers: Bev Braden, Secretary; Cindy Parrish, Trea¬ surer; Steve Bailey, President; Mike Bertsch, Vice President. Cathy Adair Theresa Adler Mary Amstutz Larry Arnold Ned Arnold Steve Bailey Joe Baker Kevin Barger Robert Beer Jan Beery Dave Bertsch Mike Bertsch Sue Bertsch Sandy Borne 50 Dave Bowers Bev Braden Greg Braun Jackie Braun Jerry Braun Pam Bryan Bill Burkhart Lisa Burkhead Jayne Byerly Cand y Cavanaugh Cindy Cavanaugh Roland Conrad Teresa Cooper Frank Coppess Karen Coyne Eric Dick Marvin Double Kendra Ehrman Julie Engle Junior Everett Cindy Eyanson Red Fenning Rick Fiechter Ed Fisher Myma Gallogly Steve Garner Dan Garwood John Genth Debbie Gerber Darryl Gerber Jackie Gerber Duane Gerig Diana Gilgen Rodney Gledhill John Gremaux Jane Grove Debbie Habegger Jerry Harvey Ron Heiser Colin Hirschy Dean Hirschy Lori Jackson Tom Jesionowski Ron Johnson Clara Roe Jordon Jerine Kauffman Doug Klinger Scott Kohne Joe Krist Gary Krugh Jill Lehman Denny Leyse Tom Leichte Bob Loshe Dave Lyons Gerald Manley Tony McCullough Randy McKean Rex Mihm Brad Miller Nancy Morrisey Debbie Noll Kip Nussbaum Merlin Nussbaum Teresa D. Nussbaum Teresa K. Nussbaum Linda Patrick Carlos Pierce Jill Pierce Donald Pratt ‘A fc V I i Rex Rauch Janet Rich Kevin Richards Holly Ringger Dan Ross Ron Ross Lynne Rumschlag David Scheiner Karen Seitz Kevin Sipe Tony Slusher John Soldner Brent Sprunger Ed Steffen Janice Steffen Keith Steffen Larry Stoller Louise Stucky Darla Teeple Janice Thatcher Janie Tinkham Arlan Tonner Kevin Watkins Sharon Weaver Diane Wiesman Kevin Werst Pam Wilks Linda Winans Bruce Wolfe Byron Wolfe Cathy Wolfe Theresa Wolfe Dan Workinger Nan Yost Colleen Zurcher 53 ' I Freshmen Freshmen Class Officers: Brian Ehrsam, Vice President; Jim Grem- aux, President; Tina Ratcliff, Secretary; Vicki Mitchel Treasurer. Scott Abbott Mike Amstutz Janis Arnold Mike Barger Diana Bauman Ron Becher Charles Beer Danny Beer Phillip Beer Jane Bentz David Bellingei Jim Bowen Dan Braun Greg Braun 54 John Busse Connie Chapman Debbie Christianer Cheryl Clark Carol Clouse Nick Colchin Julie Cook Kristy Coyne Rose Dailey Kim Dick Kevin Ehrman Brian Ehrsam Gene Eicher Fred Evans Coni Everett Ron Everett Rose Fairchild Walter Fairchild Gary Fiechter Gretchen Garwood Candy Gerber Darrell Gerber Sandy Gerber Tim Gerber Malcolm Gilbert Jim Gremaux Cindy Hart Bill Haugk Gary Hill Stanley Hill Ned Hirschy Mona Hurst N ancy Hurst Natallie Hurst Jeff Isch 55 f i 1 Mike Jesionowski Susie Johnson Ruth Jordan Jeff Johnston Tim Kirchner Tom Kirchner Duane Klinger Tim Lichtenberger Cindy Longenberger Joey Mailer Barbara Manley Janet Marbach Neil Martin Rhonda Matt ax Robert McKean Jenni Mies Calvin Mihm Doug Miller Elaine Miller Rosie Miller Steve Miller John Minear Mark Mitchel Mike Mitchel Vickie Mitchel Janet Morrissey Lynn Myers Gregg Noll Brad Nussbaum Denver Nussbaum Joni Nussbaum Mike Ogg Susan Parrish Sonja Pierce Tina Ratcliff i 56 Ann Rauch Red Rehm Patti Reinhart Rex Reynolds James Rhodes Kendall Ringger Valerie Ringger Ronette Roe Tammie Roe Rick Rumple Carol Schemer Neal Schug Cynthia Schwaller David Schwartz Gerald Schwartz Terry Sheets Debbie Sprunger Allen Steffen Karen Steffen Robert Steffen Carla Steiner Darrell Stout Cuffy Swygart Julie Tennelier Brent Trexel Karen Watkins Denise Welker William White Steve Wilder Dan Winans Connie Wolfe Tina Wolfe Amy Wulliman Trudi Young Rick Zimmerman 57 Middle School Faculty MR. DARRELL GERIG Guidance Counselor MR. THOMAS ADLER Math MR. DOUGLAS CARR Science MRS. TERESA CARR Phys. Ed. MRS. MARY ANN CHASE Reading MR. EUGENE CHRONISTER Science 60 MR. RICHARD DUBACH Math MRS. MARY EGLY Language Arts MR. NORMAN GLASS Social Studies MR. FRANK GREEN Science MR. WALTER HENKEL Music MR. BARRY HUMBLE Phys. Ed. MISS LINDA HUNTEMAN Home Economics MR. JAY JOHNDON Math MRS. JANICE PHIPPS French, Social Studies MR. NEIL POTTER Vocal Music MR. DONALD SPRUNGER English MRS. CARMEN WILKS English Middle School Sports Middle School Football: FRONT ROW: Ed Hack, Rick Bauman, John Jesionowski, Ron Gerber, Kelly Raudenbush, Kevin Rehm, Mark Waltmeyer, Gary Edwards. ROW 4: Tim McCullough, Randy Bordbeck, Randy Geyer, Mark Slusher, Duane Gerber, Kenny Hawkins, Kevin Raudenbush, Rodney Hirschy, Jay Dailey, Bob Ricketts. ROW 3: Doug Lehman, Dennis Wolfe, Brad Childs, David Soldner, Steve Hill, Rodney Pierce, Dennis Call, Art Weisman, Jimmy Genth, Gene Gerber. ROW 2: Rex Hamilton, Tom Lambert, Gary Hoffman, Mike Mies, Barry Ratcliff, John Myers, Randy Hirschy, Dave Tonnellier, David Bertsch, Jeff Amstutz. FRONT ROW: Mr. Smith, Mark Rich, Randy Mutschler, Jack Bertsch, Tony Landis, Doug Dailey, Randy Rumple, Doug Yoder, Randy McCullough, Mr. Hubbard. Eighth Grade Basketball: BACK ROW: Dean Arnold, Mark Slus¬ her, Tony Landis, David Hirs¬ chy, Randy Nutschler, Rodney Ross, Doug Yoder, Scott Ger¬ ber. FRONT ROW: Steve Hill, Jim Engle, Bob Hurst, Von Ringger, Randy Geyer, Rod¬ ney Pierce, Brad Childs, Mark Rich, Tim McCullough. 62 Seventh Grade Basketball: BACK ROW: Jack Girod, David Soldner, Randy Taylor, Lyle Tenner, Donald Adkinson, Leon Tonner, Dana Bowman, Kevin Dick, Gary Hoff¬ man, FRONT ROW: Randy Brodbeck, Brad Bebout, Gene Gerber, Randy Hirschy, Doug Lehman, Rod Hirschy, David Bertsch, Jimmy Genth, John Jesionowski. (ABOVE) Eighth Grade Cheerleaders: Becky Sheets, Melanie Bowen, (TOP), Pam Arnold, Melinda Caudle. (LEFT) Seventh Grade Cheer¬ leaders: Jennifer Fruechte, Jodi Isch (TOP), Ann Fiechter, Lisa Longen- berger. 8-A Theresa Bailey Rick Bauxnan Gail Bixler Trina Bluhm Melonie Bowen Lori Breck Brad Childs Doug Dailey Brenda Engle Teresa Eyanson Kim Fuelling Scott Gerber Rex Hamilton Steve Hill Jeff Kaehr Brenda Lyons Linda Mailloux Diane Myers Duane Noll Valerie Nussbaum Von Ringger Steve Roe Randall Rumple Brenda Sprunger Kent Ulman Debra Watkins Duane Wilder Penny Zurcher Pam Arnold Jane Bluhm Theresa Bovine Phyllis Cole Romona Dague Brian Dick Jim Fiechter Alan Gerber Marietta Gilbert Jodi Hakes Kris Johnston Tony Landis Randy McCullough Kim Orme Barry Ratcliff Greg Rawley Mark Rich Jim Rumschlag Rhonda Rutledge Becky Sheets Sue Soldner Nedra Sprunger Robin Stout Kathy Atrahm Kerry Werst Brad Wilks Tamara Williamson Doug Yoder Jennifer Zoll 64 8-C Dean Arnold Alice Barkley Jack Bertsch Timothy Brodbeck Melinda Caudle Danny Eckelbarger James Engle Randy Geyer Teresa Girod Donna Hart Beth Hawkins Kelly Hawkins Belinda Heiser Gail Jesionowski Darla Kelsey Ronald Manley Timothy McCullough Randy Mutschler Rodney Pierce Rodney Ross Mark Slusher Bobby Studebaker Susan Taylor Dennis Wolfe 8-D Jeff Amstutz Marcia Bailey Becky Braun Christy Butler Kay Debolt Sheri Dick Gary Elzey Eric Gamer John Garwood Judy Hawkins Gerald Heimann David Hirschy Robert Hurst Randy Johnson John Lichtle Larry Miller John Myers Mark Parrish Susan Poling Annamae Riley Gary Seitz Keely Sheaf Cindy Speakman James Teeple Joy Taylor 65 7- A David Bertsch Mark Canter Nancy Christianer Lori Clark Darlene Cook Jay Dailey Vickie Dynes Gary Edwards Annette Feasel Neil Fuhrman Jimmy Genth Joni Gerber Dawn Habegger Edward Hack Tam era Harmon Anita Hirschy Vicki Isch John Jesionowski Mike Mies Julie Nelson John Parrish David Soldner David Tonnellier Lyle Tonner Mark Waltmire Art Wiesman Dee Ann Wood Debbie Amstutz Michele Barger Brad Bebout Susan Braun Dennis Call David Eicher Brenda Frey Ann Fiechter Jennifer Fruechte Peggy Garwood Carla Geisel Ronald Gerber Dawn Gerig Diane Girod Randy Girschy Debra Hurst Jodi Isch Mark Lichtenberger Lisa Longenberger Sheila Mattax Kevin Rehm Robert Ricketts Julie Speakman William Sum an Randy Taylor Verona Troxel Donna Weaver Mark Wilson 66 7-C ■ Donald Adkison Penny Baumgartner Randy Brodbeck Larry Brunner Bradley Byerly Denise Cowans Chris Egley Edward Evans Dwayne Gerber Kelly Gibbs Kenny Hawkins Jim Hitchcock Lori Hurst Darlene Isch Keith Kaehr Tom Lambert Doug Lehman Vickie Lichtle Becky McAhren Kevin Raudenbush Shelley Ringger John Schwaller Alan Simon Debbie Studebaker Lean Tonner Gina Wilson 7-D Sally Adkison Sheryl Bailey Kevin Bauman Dana Bowman Timothy Bryan Dawn Cavanaugh Kevin Dick Kevin Engle Teresa Garwood Gene Gerber Jack Girod Dale Haines Rodney Hirschy Susan Johnson JoAnn Kahlert Billy Kahn Mark McKean Melanie Noll Kelley Raudenbush Julie Ringger Kevin Seitz Nancy Tinkham David Winnans Tamara Wolfe i i 67 Jill Andrews Perry Barkley Linn Burkhart Mark Caudle Bruce Dick Kim Elzey Danny Engle Tina Fairchild Rodney Fuelling Rita Fuhrman Cathy Gilgen Denise Johnson Michael Kahlert Joleen Kipfer Steve Manley Jim McCullough David Moses Jody Nussbaum John Parrish Jaculin Rhodes Kelly Richards Ward Sheets Freddi Smith Michael Steury Teresa Stout Susan Sum an Jana T ay lor Nancy Wolfe Tracy Zimmerman Cindy Amstutz Richard Andrews Melinda Bauman Todd Bebout John Belisle Ernie Bieberich Deborah Bluhm Lisa Bryan Scott Dick Trina Foor Cheryl Gerber Kristine Hakes Jim Hatten Kelly Hilbert Kevin Hirschy Jennifer Isch Larry Kahn Jeffrey Landis Lisa Morningstar Lisa Nussbaum Tammy Phifer Yvonne Priser Kevin Rich Tim Roe John Schmitt Brad Snyder Tim Spade Cynthia Ulman Scott Wilkins 68 6-C Pam Burkhart Karen Coppess James Ellenberger Dennis Engle Jeff Eyanson Jeff Ford Teresa Gamer Fonda Geisel Greg Harvey Duane Johnson James Jones Tammy Kable Mike Kipfer Dee Dee Lehman Leesa Luginbill Brent Noll Lora Rich Robin Riley Jodi Ringger Randall Roe Beth Slusher Shelly Steiner Susan Wolfe Tonya Wolfe 6-D Tracy Ainsworth Laurinda Andrews Laura Aschliman Rodney Aeer Deborah Bixler Charlotte Cook Jane Cook Kathy Dynes Tony Genth Vicki Gerber Kenny Gilgen Stanley Fremaux Dianne Heimann Brent Ivins Sandy Kaehr Brian Kershner Hal Lehman Todd Lehman Rita McCullough Lee Ann Mitchel Scott Mitchel David Nelson Suzanne Nussbaum Tim Pierce Lynn Rich Cheryl Rumple Dean Sprunger Rae Lynn Steffen Mike Stuckey 69 Special Education Steven Andrews Charles Bertsch Jeff Butler Stuart Cowans Tanya Dague Keith Fruchte James Roth Linda Sum an Jackie Tinkham James Tinkham Joyce Clark 70 Elementary School Faculty MR. DAVID GORRELL Principal MRS. CYNTHIA MITCHEL Elementary School Secretary MRS. LINDA LIECHTY Teacher Aide MRS. ELOISE NUSSBAUM Teacher Aide MRS. JOYCE SPEARMAN Teacher Aide MISS RITA ROBBINS Librarian 71 MISS GERDA MAZELIN Art MRS. DONNA CURRIE Special Education MISS JANICE SOLDNER K-A MRS. MAURINE REED K-B MRS. MARTHA HABEGGAR 1-A MRS. MARGARET SPRUNGER 1-B MRS. MARY NICHOLS 1-C MRS. REBECCA McCLURE 1- D MRS. DAWN SMITH 2- A MRS. JILLMARKLEY 2-B MISS MARCIA KNAPP 2 C MRS. SHEILA AUGUST 2-D 72 MRS. DOLORES MITCHEL 4-C MRS. PHYLLIS JOHNSON 4-D MRS. VERA TEETER 5 A MRS. RACHEL SCHAADT 5-B MR. JOSEPH SPRUNGER 5.C MRS. JO ANNE BLANN 5-D MISS GRETCHEN YOST 3-C MRS. DIANA HUMBLE 3-D MISS HELEN JANE MAYER 4-A MRS. DOLORES BYERLY 4-B MRS. BERTHA ANDERSON 3-B MRS. HELEN INNIGER 3 A II 5-A Ldu Aschliman Timmy Bertsch Irene Bollinger Diana Bosch Nikki Brock Sara Campbell Steven Craft Ronald Evans Pamela Frey Rodney Gerber Kari Hakes Brian Hill David James Douglas Kaehr Donald Loshe Robert Mailer Kem Martin Andrea Orme Kip Reidenbach Sharon Rutledge Matthew Schwartz Michael Slusher Jeffrey Speakman Teresa Taylor Kae Troxel Dean Vanhorn Melissa Wilson Kerry Arnold Sandra Beer Chad Bluhm Lori Braun Joy Brewster Betty Byerly Mike Cooper Beth Coyne Roxann Eckrote Gregory Engle Dan Feasel Donna Hack Leo nark Hirschy Mark Johnson Terry Kipfer Simona Lambert Tracy Longenberger John Marbach Pamela Miller 5-B James Oliver Marvin Reinhard Stephen Ross Guy Sheets Lori So vine Lori Troutner Jeffery Yoder 5-C Jacqualine Archer Anthony Bixler Linda Braun Brett Brunner Melinda Engle Karen Garwood Karen Gerber Elizabeth Gingerrich Victor Kable Nancy Kahn Carrie Liby Adam Miller Susan Myers Lee Sheehan Joyce Weber Brenda Zeigler 5-D Not Pictured: Danny Baker Timothy Busse Eric Childs Thomas Eads Brian Farber William Hart Larry Hawkins Jan Mitchel Randal Ringger Larry Strahm Cathy Andrews Kim Bailey Ephraim Bird Marlin Bowman Douglas Call Melinda Dailey Rhonda Elzey Cameron Erekson Thomas Gallogly Maureen Gilbert Lee Jesionowski Shari Kaehr Jill Landis Curt Main Gregory Mies Steven Myers Kenneth Peterson Cynthia Pierce Dale Ringger Jennifer Sauers Craig Seitz Michele Slusher LaNae Smitley Marlene Steffen Barry Williamson Troy Zimmerman 75 Scott Wittwer LeAnn Wolfe Greg Bailey James Bauman Brian Cavanaugh Susan Chapman Laura Elzey Lynn Fiechter Kelli Fox Bruce Gagle lisa Garwood Billy Hatten Cindy Heiser Jodi Holtsberry James Huser Jerry Isch Kevin Ivins Jill Johnson Victoria Kahlert Beth Kipfer Laura Middendorf Michele Noll Linda Orme James Parrish Stanley Ringger Scott Smith Dudley V anhorn Troy Wilkins Steven Winans Kathy Abbott Tony Arnold Ted Barger Stanley Bebout Cheryl Bluhm Nancy Braun Pamela Christianer Mark Ellenberger Debra Erickson Marlon Geisel Nathan Gerber Laurissa Hawkins Lori Hirschy Jack Kahn John Lambert Vickie Li by David Loshe Ken Neadstine Shari Noll Marvni Nussbaum Peggy Parrish Rena Reidenbach Tonya Simpkins lisa Smith Elinor Spmnger Tod Striker Stephen Sutherland Penny Vanhorn Lynette Welker 76 Penny Adkison Timothy Braun Lisa Clark Donna Clark Brian Fennig Clifford Garwood George Gehrett Lynne Hilbert Greg Johnston Chris Kelly Ronald King Kent Klopfleisch Daniel Lambert Ken McCullough Darla Nussbaum Kristi Rumschlag Jeff Schadt Mildred Schwartz Debbie Smith Jed Speakman Julia Thatcher Lynn Waltimire Joan Winans Jani Wulliman Lisa Zimmerman Farrel Zurcher 4-C Matthew Ford Twila Gerger Marion Gilgen Rex Harris Clifford Hill Keith Hirschy Juli Isch Dean Lehman Debra Loshe Lori Luginbill Gary Manley Deanna Moeschberger Rick Ogg Zheryl Rich Karla Rich Amy Jo Ross Tom Schwaller Irene Schwartz Rose Steffen Daniel Weber J. T. Andrews Cheryl Bailey Anita Braun Margaret Caudle Carl Evans Kurt Farber Patricia Fawbush (J 77 Leana Andrews Jerry Barkley Lori Becher Peggy Beer Chad Bryan Rodney Cook lisa Edwards Audrey Fuelling Neal Hart Brian Jacobs Deborah Kahlert Jeff Lengerich Rhoda Longenberger Tonya McCullough Gary Mitchel Suzzane Rhodes Dean Saunders Jeffery Smitley Keith Stoller Dallas Studabaker Tracy Troutner Jerry Watts Vincent Simpkins Jay Wood 3-B John Barger Pam Belisle Ronda Byerly Bradley Edgell Tina Eicher Alan Foreman Julia Frey June Gerber Stephen Heimann Kathy Hurst Daren James Jim Jesionowski Greg Kable Gregory Kaehr Scott Kershner Jonathan Iichtenberger Sara Longenberger David Marbach Lisa Miller Gary Nussbaum Robbie Pierce Peter Schultz David Smith Kimberyl Snyder Kathy Suman Lori Workinger 78 Christopher Bauman Timothy Bixler Trudi Colter Lori Dick John Eizenmann Sherri Frauhiger Cynthia Gerber Richard Gerber Anthony Henkle Jennifer Kaehr Sue Kipfer Brent Lehman Deanne Lehman Eric Lehman Rebecca Leichty Tina Luginbill Troy Mitchel Linda Myers Nick Ringger Barbara Schwaller Jodi Smith Brian Stout Jeffrey Teeple Joy Williamson Scott Yoder Karen Bergman Doris Bosch Lisa Conrad Dean Dubach Todd Fellers Craig Foot Carey Free Joe Fuelling Christine Girod Diana Hindenlang Teresa Jones Sammy Kaehr Debby Lambert Tandy Lehman Julie Litmer LeAnn Manley Timothy McKean Kent Richards Jaci Ringger Nathan Roe Dale Sprunger Marilyn Strayer Leroy Striker Philip Sutherland Yvonda Tinkham Susan Walters John Zoll 79 2-A Rebecca Archer Chris Beery Debra Bosch Deborah Brown Sallie Craft Gerald Ehlerding Todd Elzey Scott Garner Angela Gerber Dary Hirschy Kim Ivins Teresa Kable James Landis Kelli Moser Timm Ross Ronald Slusher Ked Snyder Amy Striker Twyla Wolfe lisa Bailey Deborah Bluhm Randy Bluhm Craig Brodbeck Christopher Cook Leondia Dubach Edward Everett Doyle Fuhrmann Jodi Gerber Lisa Gerber Karen Girod Jacqueline Hawkins Jill Isch Troy Kipfer Scott Millington Linda Schwartz Sherri Sprunger Robert Tinkham Gregory Vanhorn Ronald Wilks 80 , Randy Andrews Jodi Black Troy Butler feannell Ellenberger Sandra Fuelling Mary Gingerich Mark Hamilton Tom Hill Jack Huppert Charles Kahn Tammy Litmer Scot Moses Shaun Nussbaum Peggy Orme Brenda Schwartz Laura Smith Lori Sprunger Ann Tonnellier Marsha Williams A1 Zeigler 2-D Jill Arnold John Biberstine Kenneth Brodbeck Melody DeArmond Don Elzey Keith Fiechter nradley Gerber Tammi Gillion Bradley Hackenjos John Heller Paul Kahlert Stacy Lautzenheiser Monica Myers lisa Oliver Helen Pyle Jacqueline Saldivar Darla Sprunger Teresa Miller Todd Swygart Julie Urick Doveanna Vanhorn 81 Beth Adkison Brian Amstutz Stanley Becher Paula Black Scott Bluhm Nathaniel Bryan Stacey Butler Daniel Craft James Death Larry Free Sonya Gehrett Jay C. Grube Kevin Girod Sharon Haines Brent Ho die Janean Isch Darin liter Coleen Loshe Mike Minear Darin McIntosh Janalee Middendorf Ernie Pyle Jenny Saunders Raymond Schwartz Tracy Zurcher Jacalyn Allen Allen Ashley Jeffery Belisle lisa Bowen Timothy Braun Brian Byerly Craig Erekson Terry Fawcett John Fuelling Kelli Gerber Ana Gonzales William Griffiths Janice Heimann Scott Inniger Rhonda Jauregui Hal Kipfer Kari Lutes Greg Mitchel Benjamin Parrish Scott Rauch Todd Riley Lila Ringger Dina Smith Terry Thieme 82 1-C Philip A chleman Mark Bauman Todd Birch Trudi Brown Jeffrey Brunner Kevin Cook Todd Dague Mark DeArmond Roger Fox Joan Frauhiger Sidney Gerber Tammy Girod Lance Lehman Tammy Lehman Carla Meyer Lonny Moser Denise Roth Dari an Schug Roger Schwartz Gary Strait Christine Watts Stella Jo Wilson Jack Wulliman Troy Heyerly 1-D Robert Barger Rebecca Bauman Jeffery Bertsch Mark Brodbeck Timothy Clouse Charles Dailey Barry Fairchild Danny Farber Douglas Gerber Shell! Gerber Bradley Hackman Cathy Hoffman Delin Johnson Thomas Kelley Gregory Klenk Tamara Landrum Daniel Aaron Lehman Shawn Main Jimmy Moeschberger Penny Ringger Barry Roe Tommy Smith Gary Steffen Sharon Strayer Kimberly Zeser Laverne Schwartz 83 i K-1 A.M. K-1 P.M. Jeffrey Bowers Robert Busse Kimberly Eads Kristi Ehrman Daniel Elzey Shannon Everett Nancy Ford Jill Frauhiger Jami Gerber Carol Heimann Scott Hodle Perry Hughes Michelle Inniger Burt Isch Simeon Kipfer Roseann Miller Kim Moser Lowell Priser Debra Rauch Gregory Saunders Todd Schmitt Kimberly Schumtz Kent Steffen Brent Tonner Robert Walters III Lyne Weiland Todd Wilkins Mark Ashley Amy Colter Jeffery Cook Lori Death Kimberly Douglas Monica Dubach Robert Everett Scott Fuelling Beverly Garwood Brent Hackenjos Christine Hilbert Nancy Hitchcock Kim Hurst Shari Hurst Troy Jackson Tina Jacobs Scott Lautzenheiser Barbra McKean Rex McMillen Ann Nussbaum Daniel Pyle Joe Schwartz Mark Wagner Gregory Little 84 K-2 A.M. K-2 P.M. Tammy Arnold Jeannette Bauman Penny Beer Kathy Bluhm Kent Brown Mark Burry Scott Busse Todd Clark Nicole Faurote Julie Fawcett Patrick Feasel Lisa Fiechter Greggory Ford LeAnn Gerber Rodney Hamilton Greta King Lori Kohne Barton Lehman Jennifer Liby Linda Loshe Paulanna Reidenbach Danielle Ross Rodney Shoaf James Smith Farley Thornsberry Jr. Julie Walters Timothy Yoder Jack Bebout Paul Bluhm Deanna Braun Chad Brunner Tina Butler Jean Byer Ronald Deming Amy Dick Tamara Elzey Norman Fuchs Treva Hart Tonya Hirschy Amy Hower Christopher Jacobs Dana Klenk Colette Meyer Matthew Myers Stacy Myers Jodi Newcomer Sharon Nussbaum Chad Reynolds Robin Roe Michelle Tricker Craig Thieme 85 i 87 I Yearbook Staff Strives for Best Yearbook Staff: BACK ROW: Carla Mitchel, Jim Slusher, Mark Zurcher, Mike Gerber, Rod Bryan, Tom Jesionow- ski, Rex Myers, Gordon Gerber. ROW 4: Connie Johnson, Goldie Hill, Vickie Kolter, Patty Sauers, Carol Reinhard, Debbie Christman, Donna Biberstine, Carolyn Clark, Beth Arnold. ROW 3: Debbie Simon, Karla Yost, Denise Sprunger, Greg Landis, Angie Mitchel, Joyce Geisel, Pam Ogg, Theresa Miller, Myra Caudle. ROW 2: Jill Beery, Elaine Watkins, Kathy Barger, Renee Bebout, Gloria Patrick, Sue Schlickman, Lila Barger. FRONT ROW: Mr. Birch, Lynn Miller, Rex Young, Suzie Gerber, Jon Kaehr, Scott Bassett. Working long hours, the A.C. yearbook staff attempted to make the 1973 edition the best ever. With the help of the photo¬ graphy club, the staff put together the largest yearbook in the twenty-four year history. Because of the extra pages, the price of the book rose, causing a slight drop in sales. However, Mr. Birch and the editors feel that the quality of this book will cause sales to go up in 1974. Sports editor of the Cen-Trails, Mark Zurcher works on copy for the football. 88 (LEFT) Working in the library, class editor Connie Fruechte identifies grade school stu¬ dents. (BELOW) Layout editor Jim Slusher listens to editor Rex Young as they discuss some artwork that will go on a division page. Preparing copy for the yearbook, copy editor Angie Mitchel writes an article on the FFA. 89 SSS Occupied By Banquet, Box Social Throughout the year, the Sunshine girls have spread sunshine and good deeds for others under the leadership of their sponsors, Mrs. Stucky and Miss Grabner. The annual candy sales, Granny Night, Daddy Date Night, and the Sunshine Ban¬ quet kept the girls busy, as did a new event this year, the Box Social. A project that each of the girls enjoyed was the sending of gifts to their adopted sisters living in New Mexico and Hong Kong. SSS: BACK ROW: Jan Beery, Sharon Weaver, Louise Stucky, Debbie Noll, Jill Pierce, Jill Beery, Cindy Schwartz, Donna Wilson, Cheryl Nussbaum, Clara Roe. ROW 6: Candy Cavanaugh, Karen Sheehan, Joy Funk, Cindy Tricker, Amee Steury, Joan McAhren, Sonja Poorman, Jeanette Braun, Barb Bergman, Nan Bassett. ROW 5: Sue Bertsch, Nyla Engle, Kathy Bar¬ ger, Karla Yost, Pam Ogg, Pam Rhodes, Sheryl King, Gloria Patrick, Pam Bryan, Jackie Miller. ROW 4: Joann Heimann, Jill Lehman, Pam Wilks, Janice Steffen, Theresa Miller, Julie Engle, MaryAmstutz, Jerine Kauffman, Carolyn Clark, Cindy Parrish. ROW 3: Nancy Wag ley, Sue Bellenbacher, Julie Houk, Susie Matt ax, Vickie Kolter, Cindy Cole, Donna Biberstine, Angie Raudenbush, Beth Arnold. ROW 2: Diana Rumple, Debbie Gerber, Bev Braden, Patty Sauers, Kathy Rumschlag, Kim Jones, Deb Johnson, Angie Geyer, Janice Ross. FRONT ROW: Miss Grabner, Sharon Fuelling, Jean Gil¬ bert, Carla Mitchel, Linda Peterson, Marilyn Manley, Sandy Borne, Sue Schlickman, Lila Barger. 90 I Waiting to be served, Lynn Miller sits with her date, Darrel Gerig, at the Sunshine Banquet. BACK ROW: Janice Thatcher, Lynn Miller, Carol Cook, Teresa K. Nussbaum, Karen Coyne, Lori Jackson, Larraine Lar¬ kin, Nan Yost, Lisa Burkhead, Joan Redding. ROW 6: Cathy Adair, Margie Dailey, Cindy Eyanson, Teresa D. Nussbaum Laura Larkin, Linda Ehrsam, Debbie Simon, Jackie Braun, Cindy Cavanaugh, Deb Feasel. ROW 5: Elaine Watkins Becky Sprunger, Colleen Zurcher, Jane Grove, Myra Caudle, Shari Arnold, Teresa Wolfe, Janice Ellenberger, Cathy Wolfe Darla Teeple, Holly Ringger. ROW 4: Linda Winans, Diane Gilgen, Lynn Rumschlag, Jane Tinkham, Debbie Habeggar, Kathy Wulliman, Jane Byerly, Myrna Gallogly, Connie Freuchte, Joyce Geisel. ROW 3: Angie Mitchel, Goldie Hill, Theresa Adler, Kendra Ehrman, Teresa Cooper, Julie Hammond, Debbie Miller, Emily Smith, Mindy Weisman, Sherry Girod, Betty Heimann. ROW 2: Renee Bebout, Debbie Christman, Cindy Ogg, Connie Johnson, Teresa Minear, Debbie Rupert, Loretta Miller, Nancy Morrissey, Karen Seitz, Carol Reinhard, Linda Winans. FRONT ROW: Kim Nussbaum, Denise Sprunger, Jackie Gerber, Beth Baker, Laura Edwards, Dianna Mankey, Bev Gerber, Diane Weisman Suzie Gerber Becky Braden, Mrs. Stucky. ’ " a !w ||| ] 1 " ' m ■ : I ? Sj 4 jL £§1 1 JLi Jfe v ' Jt M n ' A ML Mr A JB L " jRW W ™ flj i m a jf ■ B. % I " ■£ ' 1 I Jm v - ■ 91 A-V Center Becomes Integral Part of School Electronics Club: BACK ROW: Mr. Birch, Duane Gerig, Eric Dick, Dave Bertsch,. Dean Lehman, Gordon Gerber, Kevin Bowman, Lynn Stucky, Randy Landis, Tom Jesionowski, Doug Wilks, Kevin Sipe, Kent Steffen, Ned Arnold Mrs. Fruechte. FRONT ROW: Steve Braun, Mike Braun, Bob Grove, Les Marckel, Richard Watkins, John Hack. Mr. Birch tal ks to Bob Grove just before the center broadcasts the morning an¬ nouncements to all the home rooms. 92 Electronics Club: BACK ROW: Tom Iiechty, Randy Nussbaum, Joe Baker, Mike Miller, Mike Nussbaum, Keith Ehrman. FRONT ROW: Dave Kelsey, Ken Miller, Roland Conrad, Darryl Aschliman, Don Heimann. " Helping teachers and students " be¬ came the motto fo the electronics club. Mr. Birch taught the essentials of elec¬ tronics and aided the teachers with pro¬ grams that were put on television. The boys learned how to set up movie equip¬ ment and learned basically how to fix TV’s and set up microphone systems. Staying busy all the time, the electronics club members tape a commercial for the speech club TV program. Newspaper Staff Forms Photography Club Trying to meet a deadline, features editor Dave Eyanson works on the final draft of his story. Adams Central’s newspaper, the Jet Stream, was published every two weeks throughout the year. Generally, a four page edition - special issues sometimes ran as high as sixteen pages - was printed. The staff was composed of an editor in chief, assistant editor, feature editor, sports edi¬ tor and photographer. The business arrange¬ ments of the paper were handled by a busi¬ ness manager and his staff and an exchange editor. The paper was free to all students from grade one through twelve. Ads were sold at the beginning of the year to help defray the cost. Newspaper Staff: BACK ROW: Sonja Poorman, Tom Jesionowski, Doug Wilks, Jeff Weisman, Mark Zurcher, Richard Watkins, Vickie Kolter. ROW 3: Steve Bailey, Mark Kaehr, Denise Sprunger, Connie Johnson, Jim Slusher, Kenn Simmerman, Theresa Miller. ROW 2: Cindy Eyanson, Karen Coyne, Sue Schlickman, Angie Raudenbush, Debbie Rupert, Suzie Gerber, Renee Bebout, Cindy Tricker. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Grove, Steve Bieberich, Les Marckel, Greg Childs, Ron Gremaux, Davy Eyanson, Scott Bassett. 94 N V (LEFT) Laying out the newspaper, editor Greg Childs and Mrs. Grove make final preparations on the senior edition. (BELOW) Working on their last assignment, Scott Bassett and Kenn Zimmerman get the " for sale " section of the senior edition ready to be printed. v .jmJt Photography Club: Dave Eyanson, Duane Gerig. Les Marckel, Doug Wilks, Mrs. Grove, Greg Childs, 95 Gold Teens, Tour Guides, Librarians Many volunteer high school girls gave some of their time to the patients at the State School in Ft. Wayne. Along with girls from South Adams and Bellmont, the Gold Teens entertained the patients every third Saturday of each month by talking with them and by making favors. The two main pro¬ jects of the Gold Teens were the planning of a Christmas party and the collecting of stuffed animals and old jewelry. Taking hundreds of visitors through Adams Central proved to be not only edu¬ cational for the groups taking the tour, but for the tour guides as well. Tour groups included students from Manchester College, Ball State, and other various Institutions. Assisting Mrs. Stucky and Mrs. Burk- head, the student librarians handled many of the odd jobs around the library. Besides keeping track of overdue books and fines, the student librarians helped take inven¬ tory at the end of the year. Librarians- BACK ROW: Mrs. Stucky, Tim Lichtenberger, Pam Bryan, ss Redehammel, Candy Gerber, Mrs. Burkhead. FRONT ROW: Jim Slusher, Carol Reinhard, Karla Yost, Rodney Bryan. Dave Rich, Loretta Miller, Janet Miller, Becky Braden, 96 (LEFT) Replacing the card in the back of a book, Rodney Bryan works his shift in the library. (BE¬ LOW) Tour Guides: STANDING: Angie Mitchel, Mar tha Caudle, Janet Miller, Lynn Miller, Becky Braden, Vickie Kolter, Beth Arnold, Becky Kaehr, Kathy Barger, JoAnn Heimann, Mrs. Stucky. SITTIGN: Ron Gremaux, Mark Kaehr, Randy Reynolds, Bob Gerber, Jim Foreman, Jim Arnold, Donlnniger. Gold Teens: Lynn Miller, Sharon Fuelling, Loretta Miller, Theresa Miller. Honor Groups Initiate New Members N.H. S.: BACK ROW: Dale Adler, Mike Nussbaum, Mark Zurcher, Dave Jesionowski, Andy Miller, Randy Reynolds, Brent Landis, Gordon Gerber. ROW 3: Sue Sch- lickman, Suzie Gerber, Becky Lichtenberger, Debbie Rupert, Kim Nussbaum, Martha Caudle, Nancy Wagley, Angie Mitchel, Patty Sauers. ROW 2: JoAnn Heimann, Lynn Miller, Denise Sprunger, Becky Sprunger, Amee Steury, Li la Barger, Sonja Poerman, Kathy Barger. FRONT ROW: Miss Beavers, Jon Kaehr, Rex Young, Beth Ar¬ nold, Greg Childs, Carol Reinhard, Steve Bieborich, Greg Landis. During the year of 1973, the Adams Central National Honor Society, consisting of juniors and seniors, gained many new members. To determine who is eligible for N.H.S., the faculty rates the students of the junior and senior classes, who must be in the top 10% to 25% of their classes, respectively. Initiation of new members was held on May 3. An international honorary society, Quill and Scroll recognizes the writing ability of junior and senior high school journalists. Each member, who must be in the top third of his class, received a membership card and pin along with a sub scription to " Quill and Scroll, " a periodical published one a bi-monthly basis. During the N.H. S. initiation ceremonies, Lynn Miller gives her speech t o the new members on one of the five virtues of a member. 98 I (LEFT) After the National Honor Society initiation had con¬ cluded, Mike Nussbaum puts on his N.H. S. pin. (BELOW) Doug Wilks and the rest of the Quill and Scroll members watch Mrs. Grove and Mr. Birch conduct the initiation. Quill and Scroll: BACK ROW: Ron Gremaux, Mark Zurcher, Rod Bryan, Doug Wilks, Rex Myers, Jim Slusher, Gordon Gerber. ROW 2: Elaine Watkins Lila Barger, Sonja Poerman, Sue Schlickman, Suzie Gerber, Debbie Rupert, Angie Mitchel, Beth Arnold, Karla Yost, Patty Sauers. FRONT ROW: Rex Young, Kathy Barger, Lynn Miller, Greg Childs, Mrs. Grove, Mr. Birch, Greg Landis, Steve Bieberich. 6 ’ ■ Featured speaker at the N.H. S. initiation, Mrs. Grove dares the members to do their best. 99 100 Speech Club Produ ces TV Program; Art Club Travels to Chicago Finally reunited, Nurse Nancy (Nancy Wagley) and her long lost husband, Carl Courageous (Rex Myers), talk of their first meeting. Under the direction of Mr. Markley, the Speech Club became active in several projects such as the reading of the morning announcements and the help¬ ing of elementary school teachers. Other special club activities included sponsoring a float for the Home¬ coming parade, making a television program for the Sunshine Society ' s Tea, and participating in a speech con test. Besides visiting the Chicago Art Institute, the art club students studies art works at the Museum of Science Industry, Ball State University, and the Fort Wayne Art Museum. Speech Club: BACK ROW: Tom Jesionowski, Bob Gerber, Jim Arnold, Mike Gerber, Jon Kaehr, Rodney Bryan Mark Kaehr, Ron Gremaux, Mr. Markley. ROW 4: Dave Seitz, Don hunger, Rick Hurst, Kim Fruechte, Greg Childs, Jim Foreman, Scott BasseH, Steve Bieberich, Larry Stoeller Mindy Weisman ROW 3: Debbie Johnson, Kim Nussbaum, Laura Larkin, Julie Hammond, Kathy Wulliman, Sonja Poer- man, Debbie Christman, Renee Bebout, Suzie Gerber, Laura Edwards Barb Bergman, Debbie Rupert, ROW 2: Jeanette Braun, Jean Gilbert, Emily Smith, Julie Houk, ue S chlickm an Lynn Miller Cindy Tricker, Angie Raudenbush, Diane Weisman, Linda Ehrsam, Sue Bellenbacher. FRONT RO . o Y Ringger, Denise Sprunger, Patty Sauers, Connie Johnson, Pam Ogg, Karla Yost, Carol Remhard, J Miller, Connie Fruechte, Beth Arnold, Becky Kaehr, Angie Mitchel, Amee Steury. Art c l ub: B A CK ROW; Jvlr. Walsh, Roland Conrad, Karen Seitz, Nancy Merrissey, Mary Amstutz, Kendra Ehrman, Julie Engle, Loretta Miller, Jim Slusher, Becky Braden. ROW 2: Bev Braden, Karen Steffen, Joyce Geisel, Teresa Cooper, Janice Ross,Karla Yost, Sherry Girod, Janice Ellenberger, Debbie Simon. FRONT ROW: Goldie Hill Carolyn Clark, Lynn Miler, Pam Ogg, Gloria Patrick, Jane Grove, Tina Wolfe, Cheryl Clark. Arriving at the scene of the crime, the police ( Rex Young) questions Dr. Strangelove (Dan Inniger) about the murder of Carl Courageous. Dr. Strangelove, who arranged the murder, later died of a heart attack. 101 Drama Club Presents ' Take Me to Your President ' Drama Club: BACK ROW: Charlie Foor, Debbie Johnson, Laura Edwards, Denise Sprunger, Patty Sauers, Karla Yost, Doug Wilks, ROW 6: Gordon Gerber, Steve Bieberich, Ron Gremaux, Mark Kaehr, Rick Hurst, Don Inniger, Rex Myers. ROW 5: Les Marckel, Angie Mitchel, Mark Zurcher Mindy Weisman, Sue Bollenbacher, Linda Ehrsam, Angie Raudenbush. ROW 4: Janet Miller, Becky Braden, Debbie Miller, Lila Barger, Pam Ogg, Beth Arnold, Vickie Kolter. ROW 3: Myra Caudle, Kim Nuss- baum, Debbie Christman, Renee Bebout, Suzie Gerber. ROW 2: Jim Foreman, Jean Gilbert, Emily Smith, Julie Houk, Sue Schlick- man, Lynn Miller, Cindy Trieker. FRONT ROW: Kim Fruechte, Scott Bassett, Sonja Poorman, Dave Eyanson, Mrs. Grove, Greg Childs, Kenn Zimmerman. At the Paiute Indian Reservation, Sam Big Hat (Bob Mutschler), A-l (Greg Childs), and Mr. Somers (Ed Fisher) wait for a message from the President concerning A-l ' s arrival from Mars. 102 ■ . . ■ Guarding the rocket at Lake Ruby, Sam Big Hat (Bob Mutschler) tries to keep Mr. Thorn¬ ton (Scott Bassett) from gaining entrance. The Drama Club, under the direction of Mrs. Grove, gave the play " Take Me To Your President " April 12 and 14. Greg Childs and Lila Barger played the lead characters with many other seniors, juniors and sopho¬ mores having outstanding lines. A pizza party was held after the last night of the play at Mark Kaehr ' s. The Scotland Yard Inspector (Mark Kaehr) listens to Clive Greene ' s (Kenn Zimmerman) story of a man called A-l who was missing from a small Yorkshire village called " Mars. " At the peace conference, the British Prime Minister (Ron Gremaux), the American President (Mark Zurcher), the Soviet Premier (Dave Eyanson), and A-l (Greg Childs) discuss nuclear disarmament. 103 FFA Participates in National Convention F.F.A.: BACK ROW: Marvin Double, Jan Bluhm, Jim Johnson, John Chapman, Dan Dailey, Daniel Winans, Lester Ross. ROW 7: John Bergman, Marlene Noll, John Leshe, Marcia Riley, Barb Bergman, Ron Becher, Charlie Beer, Tim Kirchner, Don Harvey, Gary Double, Neal Schug, Gary Hill. ROW 6: Rex Rauch, Arlan Tonner, Doug Klinger, Jerry Harvey, Rod Fenning, Merlin Nussbaum, Mark Sauers, Bob Gerber, Keith Gerber, Ron Myers, Eric Tonner. ROW 5: Brent Sprunger, Dan Dorkinger, Bill Burk¬ hart, Terry Sheets, Rod Rehm, Kevin Sipe, Joe Mailer, Gary Andrews, Steve Bauman, Gerald Andrews, ROW 4: John Hack, Bob Ioshe, Robert Beer, John Genth, Mike Marbach, Ron Johnson, Dan Carwood, Kevin Watkins, Rex Mihm, Eric Dick, Duane Klinger. ROW 3: John Riff, Kevin Worst, Dave Roe, Glen Everett, Dwight Longsworth, Bryce Hoffman, Tom Feasel, Bill Hitchcock, Joe Baker, Calvin Mihm. ROW 2: Bill White, Steve Wilder, Lynn Myers, Steve Miller, Walter Fairchilds, Mark Mitchel, Denver Nussbaum, Rick Zimmerman, Kevin Ehrman, Fred Evans, Mike Ogg, Mike Mitchel. FRONT ROW: Mr. Watson, Roger Manley, Tom Liechty, Bob Mutschler, Doug Moser, Scott Kaehr, Steve Longenberger, Dale Adler, Mr. Hayworth. 104 Under the leadership of Mr. Watson and Mr. Hayworth, the Future Farmers of America became the most noted organi¬ zation at Adams Central. The 96 members took part in the Sunshines Society ' s Box Social, the rat control program, the State Fair, the F.F.A. State Convention, and the F.F.A. National Convention. Activities sponsored by the F.F.A. included the annual Thanksgiving program, the Sweetheart Contest, and the chicken barbecue. The judging teams have become " famous " throughout the surrounding area by their consistently high records. At the F.F.A Banquet, Mr. Bultemeir, manager of the Adams County Farm Bureau, presents Roger Manley an award. Head of the vocational agriculture department at Purdue University, Dr. Clouse congratulates Tom Liechty on his contribution to Adams Central F.F.A. 105 I Concert Band Clarinets: BACK ROW: Jerine Kauffman, Theresa Adler, Jan Beery, Debbie Gerber, Louise Stucky, Bev Gerber. ROW 3: Carol Sue Clouse, Jane Bentz, Mona Hurst, Rh onda Mattax, Karen Watkins, Dianna Bauman, Sue Schlickman. ROW 2: Kathy Rumschlag, Arlene Nussbaum, Renee Bebout, Suzie Gerber, Connie Fruechte, Angie Mitchel. FRONT ROW: Becky Sprunger, Lila Barger, Elaine Watkins, Vickie Kolter, Susie Mattax, Joann Heimann. Saxophones: BACK ROW: Joni Nussbaum, Amy Wulliman, Sue Bollenbacher, Kathy Wulliman, Linda Ehrsam. FRONT ROW: Ed Steffen, Jim Slusher, Scott Abbott. Percussion: BACK ROW: Dave Bertsch, Mr. Zoll. ROW 2: Diane Weisman, Cuffy Swygart, Darrell Gerber, Keith Steffen. FRONT ROW: Allen Steffen, Rodney Bryan, Pam Wilks, Beth Arnold. 106 mm Tubas, Trombones, Baritones, French Horns: BACK ROW: Ken Zimmerman, Kent Steffen. ROW 2: Neil Martin, Bob Stef¬ fen, Jeff Isch, Frank Coppess, Darryl Gerber, Duane Gerig, FRONT ROW: Tim Lichten- berger, Joyce Geisel, Gregg Noll. Flutes: BACK ROW: Debbie Sprunger, Julie Tonnellier, Janis Arnold, Val Ringger, Vicki Mitchel, Cindy Longenberger. ROW 2: Emily Smith, Jackie Gerber, Connie Zurcher, Sharon Weaver, Teresa D. Nuss- baum. FRONT ROW: Sonja Poorman, Becky Lichtenberger, Julie Hammond, Carla Mitchel, Denise Sprunger. Trumpets: BACK ROW: Ned Arnold, Scott Bassett, Mike Gilbert, Mike Amstutz. FRONT ROW: Kathy Barger, Dave Eyanson, Debbie Miller. 107 Marching Band Attends IU Band Day Dave Eyanson and Kent Steffen warm up their tubas after the band ' s arrival at the Indiana University campus. 108 As he gets off the bus, Kenn Zimmer¬ man stares at where he will be marching, the I.U. football stadium. Pom Pom Corps: Linda Ehrsam, Denise Sprunger, Natalie Hurst, Mindy Weisman, Sue Bollenbacher, Jean Gilbert, Vickie Kolter, Connie Johnson, Darla Teeple, Jane Bentz, Vicki Mitchel. Leaving at three o’clock in the morning of September 23, the Adams Central Marching Band made a six hour journey to Indiana University, where they participated in Band Day with forty-two other other high school, bands in the pre-game activities. After watching Texas A M defeat Indiana 31-27 and after returning to the school at nine o’clock in the evening, the A. C. Marching Band ended the biggest --and longest--day in its short history. Waiting patiently, Vickie Kolter Drum Major Ed Staffen. stands in her position as the A. C. Marching Band prepares to join the other bands in a two hour practice. 109 (OPPOSITE PAGE) Mr. Potter conducts the high school choir through a practice in preparation for the choir ' s performance at the graduation ceremonies. Swing Choir: BACK ROW: Jim Slusher, Rod Bryan, Brad Miller, Scott Bassett, Dave Seitz, Neil Martin. ROW 2: Debbie Christman, Cindy Cole, Carla, Vicki Kolter, Angie Mitchel, Joni Nussbaum, Becky Kaehr, Mr. Potter. FRONT ROW: Sonja Poorman, Sue Schlickman, Joann Heimann, Myra Caudle, Kathy Barger, Dave Bertsch. : Choir: BACK ROW: Brad Miller, John Minear, Allen Steffen, Dan Beer, Larry Arnold, Robert Steffen, Malcolm Gilbert, Dave Seitz, Jim Slusher, Eric Cavanaugh, Neil Martin, Rod Bryan, Brad Nussbaum, Dan Winans, Rex Reynolds, Doug Miller. ROW 3: Bev Gerber, Debbie Rupert, Debbie Christman, Carla Steiner, Carol Reinhard, Debbie Miller, Rosie Fairchild, Sandy Gerber, Rose Dailey, Kim Dick, Linda Winans, Cathy Adair, Julie Houk, Carla Nitchel, Loretta Miller, Cindy Cole, Candy Gerber, Debbie Simon, Janice Ross, Janis Arnold, Joni Nuss¬ baum, Jane Bentz, Betty Heimann. ROW 2: Debbie Gerber, Debbie Sprunger, Amy Wulliman, Julie Tonnellier, Barbara Manley, Jerine Kauffman, Theresa Adler, Jan Beery, Lynne Rumschlag, Diane Gilgen, Connie Chapman, Sonja Pierce, Rhonda Mattax, Angie Mitchel, Natalie Hurst, Valerie Ringger, Cindy Longenberger, Sherri Girod, Laura Edwards, Kim Nussbaum, Colleen Zurcher. FRONT ROW: Becky Lichtenberger, Suzie Gerber, Tina Ratcliff, Sue Schlickman, Shari Arnold, Laura Larkin, Jeanette Braun, Lisa Burkhead, Jackie Gerber, Tammy Roe, Vicki Bienz, Sonja Poorman, Joyce Geisel, Vickie Kolter, Kathy Barger, Joann Heimann, Denise Sprunger, Susie Mattax, Myra Caudle, Janice Ellenberger. Girl ' s Glee Club: BACK ROW: Karen Steffen, Becky Lichtenberger, Bev Gerber, Debbie Christman, Carol Reinhard, Kim Dick, Myrna Gallogly, Rosie Fairchild, Carla Mitchel, Loretta Miller, Cindy Cole, Joyce Geisel, Vicki Kolter, Betty Heimann, Kim Nussbaum. ROW 3: Debbie Gerber, Debbie Sprunger, Debbie Rupert, Carla Steiner, Debbie Miller, Sandy Gerber, Rose Dailey, Linda Winans, Cathy Adair, Julie Houk, Candy Gerber, Debbie Simon, Janice Ross, Janis Arnold, Joni Nussbaum, Jane Bentz, Colleen Zurcher. ROW 2: Amy Wulliman, Julie Tonnellier, Barbara Manley, Jerine Kauffman, Theresa Adler, Jan Beery, Lynne Rumschlag, Diane Gilgen, Connie Chapman, Sonja Pierce, Rhonda Mattax, Angie Mitchel, Natalie Hurst, Valarie Ringger, Cindy Longenberger, Sherri Girod, Laura Edwards. FRONT ROW: Tina Ratcliff, Suzie Gerber, Sue Schlickman, Shari Arnold, Laura Larkin, Jeanette Braun, Lisa Burkhead, Jackie Gerber, Tammy Roe, Vicki Bienz, Sonja Poorman, Kathy Barger, Joann Heimann, Denise Sprunger, Susie Mattax, Myra Caudle, Janice Ellenberser. Stage Band: BACK ROW: Carla Mitchel, Greg Noll, Kenn Zimmerman, Kathy Barger, Dave Eyanson, Beth Arnold. ROW 2: Darryl Gerber, Frank Coppess, Neil Martin, Robert Steffen, Dave Bertsch. FRONT ROW: Joni Nussbaum, Scott Abbott, Jim Slusher, Ed Steffen, Sue Schlickman, Bev Gerber. Pep Band: BACK ROW: Greg Noll, Allen Steffen, Dave Bertsch, Darrell Gerber, Rod Bryan, Mike Gilbert, Kathy Barger, Jim Slusher, Scott Bassett. ROW 2: Jeff Isch, Frank Coppess, Robert Steffen, Neil Martin, Darryl Gerber. FRONT ROW: Scott Ab¬ bott, Theresa Adler, Jerine Kauffman, Sonja Poorman, Diane Weisman, Ed Steffen. French Club Dines at Cafe Johnell ' s; Spanish Club Goes to Don Pedro ' s Spanish Club: BACK ROW: Scott Kohne, Tony Slusher, Dave Lyons, Jerry Braun, Larry Stoller, Julie Houk, Emily Smith, Jean Gilbert, Coni Everett, Janis Arnold, Kim Dick, Denise Welker, Tina Wolfe, Keith Steffen, Denny Leyse, Rod Gledhill. ROW 5: Tom Jesionowski, Brad Nussbaum, Renee Bebout, Debbie Christman, Kathy Wulliman, Julie Hammond, Natalie Hurst, Rhonda Mattax, Joni Nussbaum Nancy Hurst, Bev Braden, Nan Yost, Deb Feasel, Linda Winans, Jane Bentz. ROW 4: Dave Bollinger, Greg Nell, Angie Raudenbush, Sue Bollenbacher, Mindy Weisman, Karen Steffen, Carla Steiner, Vicki Mitchel, Valerie Ringger, Tina Ratcliff, Cindy Longenberger, Kristy Coyne, Debbie Sprunger, Amy Wulliman. ROW 3: Neil Martin, Scott Abbott, Jane Grove, Teresa Cooper, Kendra Ehrman, Nancy Morrissey, Colleen Zurcher, Jill Lehman, Rosie Miller, Sue Parris, Janet Morrissey, Cindy Sch- waller, Julie Engle, Connie Wolfe. ROW 2: Brent Trexel, Ned Hirschy, Teresa Wolfe, Karen Sheehan, Kim Jones, Loretta Miller, Janice Ellenberger, Debbie Simon, Becky Lichtenberger, Snoja Pierce, Con¬ nie Chapman, Karen Coyne, Holly Ringger. FRONT ROW: Brian Ehrsam, Joy Mailer, Duane Gerig, Darryl Gerber, Larry Arnold, Kevin Sipe, Ed Steffen, Kevin Richards, Carla Mitchel, Jackie Braun, Candy C avanaugh, Kathy Mann, Teresa Nussbaum, Miss Williamson. 114 French Club. BACK ROW: Nancy Wagley, Debbie Habeggar, Jane Byerly, Pam Wilks, Lisa Burkhead, ROW 3: Laura Edwards, Debbie Christman, Renee Bebout, Suzie Gerber, Sue Schlickman. ROW 2: Eric Cavanaugh, Angie Rauden- bush, Cindy Tricker, Debbie Mil¬ ler, Carol Reinhard. FRONT ROW: Lila Barger, Sonja Poerman, Mrs. Phipps, Myra Candle, Janet Miller, During a Spanish I class, Debbie Sprunger tries a tor¬ tilla with hot sauce. Within seconds, almost the entire class requested a drink of water. Consisting of five major groups - - cooking, crafts, sports, band, and chorus - - the Spanish Club met several times throughout the year to enjoy diverse acti¬ vities. During theyear the cooling group visited Spanish restaurants at Don Pedro ' s and El Cid ' s while the chorus and band groups learned of Spanish and Mexican songs. Competing in soccer games and making pottery highlighted the year for the sports and crafts groups, respective¬ ly. The entire Spanish club topped off the year by having a large party at which the members enjoyed Spanish food, music, and games. Many French club members spent a pleasant evening learning about French cuisine when they dined at Cafe Johnell’s in Fort Wayne. The members also enjoyed themselves at the French club picnic, which was held in the spring. 115 Pep Club Gets Involved Pep Club: BACK ROW: Janie Bentz, Valerie Ringger, Janis Arnold, Karen Steffen, Cindy Hart, Patti Reinhart, Elaine Miller, Karen Watkins, Kim Dick, Nancy Hurst, Debbie Christianer, Susie Johnson, Tina Ratcliff, Kristy Coyne, Vicki Mitchel, Sandy Gerber, Julie Cook, Coni Everett, Rosie Fairchild. ROW 7: Natalie Hurst, Connie Wolfe, Tina Wolfe, Connie Chapman, Sonja Pierce, Carol Scheiner, Rosie Miller, Janet Morrissey, Cindy Schwaller, Rhonda Mattax, Joni Nussbaum, Amy Wulliman, Debbie Sprunger, Julie Tonnelier, Janet Marbach, Mona Hurst, Candy Gerber, Jenny Mies, Cindy Longenberger. ROW 6: Sharon Weaver, Louise Stucky, Debbie Gerber, Laurraine Larkin, Teresa Wolfe, Janice Steffen, Bev Braden, Teresa Nussbaum, Diane Weisman, Bev Gerber, Jane Byerly, Pam Wilks, Holly Ringger, Darla Teeple, Debbie Johnson, Sue Bertsch, Cindy Parrish. ROW 5: Theresa Adler, Jerine Kauffman, Lisa Burkhead, Jill Pierce, Jane Grove, Teresa Cooper, Nancy Morrissey, Jackie Gerber, Myrna Gallogly, Jill Lehman, Mary Amstutz, Jan Beery, John Redding, Angie Raud- enbush, Cindy Tricker, Colleen Zurcher. ROW 4: Sue Schlickman, Jean Gilbert, Emily Smith, Julie Houk, Julie Hammond, Renee Bebout, Suzie Gerber, Sherri Girod, Sharon Fuelling, Debbie Simon, Janice Ellenberger, Nyla Engle, Sonja Poorman, Laura Larkin, Debbie Miller, Becky Lichtenberger, Loretta Miller. ROW 3: Carol Reinhard, Joy Funk, Shari Arnold, Sue Bollenbacher, Mindy Weisman, Linda Ehrsam, Becky Braden, Janet Miller, Kathy Barger, Jackie Miller, Myra Caudle, Joan Mcahren, Debbie Rupert, Kim Jones, Laura Edwards, ROW 2: Pam Ogg, Denise Sprunger, Vickie Kolter, Angie Mitchel, Patty Sauers, Donna Biberstine, Gloria Patrick, Theresa Miller, Nancy Wagley, Becky Sprunger, Elaine Watkins, Lynn Miller, Lila Barger. FRONT ROW: Debbie Christman, Debbie Habeggar, Kathy Williman, Lori Jackson, Kim Nussbaum, Amee Steury, Karen Coyne, Beth Arnold. " Be Involved " became the motto of thig year ' s pep club. Forming a tunnel for the foot¬ ball players not only showed the pep club’s enthusiam and spirit but proved their interest in the players. Scrapbooks, carefully, prepared for the football players and coaches, held memories of glorious victories and agonizing de¬ feats. Surrounding the basketball team with spirit boosting chants became a favorite of the players as well as the fans. New outfits, caravans parties were just a few of the ideas that the energetic members came up with during the 1972- 73 sports season. On the final home basket¬ ball game of the season, the pep club presented the tradi¬ tional flowers to the mothers of the players and the cheer¬ leaders. Reserve Cheerleaders: Lori Jackson, Karen Coyne, Debbie Habeggar. Varsity Cheerleaders: Amee Steury, Debbie Christman, Beth Arnold, Kim Nussbaum, Kathy Wulliman. Freshmen Cheerleaders: Jenny Mies, Kristy Coyne (TOP), Cindy Longenberger, Rosie Fairchild. 117 1 J ■ i ’■ A Football Team Goes 6-3 The 1972 edition of the Flying Jets football recorded an impressive 6-3 season, including a 26-6 Homecoming victory over Eastside an a 17-14 win against county rival South Adams. Jim Johnson, who along with Robin Landis and Greg Childs represented A.C.H.S. on the ACAC all-conference team, was elected the team ' s Most Valuable Player. The team also chose Greg Childs and Randy Reynolds as honorary captains. Coach Hilbert summed up the season in the following quote: " Only once in the short history of Adams Central football has a team bettered the record of the 1972 Jets. It was truly a team effort and a most satisfying year, even though the Jets were beaten by Homestead in overtime and by only 3 points by Bellmont. We had a fine group of seniors and they are to be congratulated on a job well done. " BACK ROW: Coach Ransbottom, Coach Carr, Coach Huffman, Robin Landis, Joel Houk, Bob Gerber,. Dean Leh¬ man, Randy Landis, Rick Hurst, Kim Fruechte, Neal Poling, Randy Nussbaum, Bill Haugk, Coach Hilbert. ROW 3: Tom Jesionowski, Bob Mutschler, Ron Myers, Dan Workinger, Scott Kohne, Greg Childs, Randy Reynolds, Dave Jesionowski, Jim Arnold, Doug Moser, Steve Longenberger, Bruce Garwood. ROW 2: Scott, Ron Gremaux, Jim Foreman, Carey Zurcher, Rod Gledhill, Gene Gilgen, Kent Steffen, Mark Kaehr, Brad Miller, John Soldner, John Wittwer, Scott Bassett. FRONT ROW: Kip Nussbaum, Norman Sprunger, Lynn Stucky, John Gremaux, Les Marckel, James Dennison, Mike Marbach, Jerry Braun, Dave Lyons, Darryl Aschliman, Dan Gremaux, Larry Stoller. 120 All-conference defensive halfback Greg Childs chases down the Eastside runner after a fake punt. Greg pushed him out of bounds at the Eastside 40 yard line where A.C. went on to win that game 26-6. BACK ROW: Tim Lichtenburger, Jeffrey Johnston, Rick Rumple, Ned Hirschy, Steve Ricketts, Stan Hill, James Rhodes, Bob McKean. ROW 2: Brian Ehrsam, Steve Miller, Terry Sheets, Mike Barger, Mike Jesion- owski, Jim Bowen, Neil Martin, Mark Mitchel. FRONT ROW: Gerald Schwartz, Jim Gremaux, Dan Winans, Darrell Stout, John Minear, Mike °gg- Coach Hilbert shakes hands with former A. C. assistant coach and East- side head coach John Fallis after A. C. ' s Homecoming victory. Jim Foreman, who along with Randy Reynolds accounted for all of A. C. ' s total yardage, sweeps the left end for a twelve yard gain against Southern Wells, in a game won by A. C. 36-14. 121 Barger Girls Pace Rifle Team to 10-1 Record; Cross Country Team Experiences Rebuilding Year Cross Country: Coach Humble, Don Fiechter, Ned Arnold, Dan Ross, Denver Nussbaum, Keith Steffen, Doug Wilks. A.C. ' s number one runner, Dan Ross strives to gain ground in the sectional. Ross finished eighth overall in the conference standing at the end of the season. 123 Led by Cousins Lila and Kathy Barger, the Adams Central rifle team won ten matches while losing one. The Concordia ROTC, a team which A. C. defeated twice during the season, accounted for the sole loss by best¬ ing A. C. by one point, 1084-1083. However, the cross country team, made up of only underclassmen, could not match the im¬ pressive record of the rifle team. The harriers could manage just a 10- 19 record, but one run¬ ner, Dan Ross, did finish eighth in the Allen Coun¬ ty Athletic Conference. Coach Humble expects that next year ' s team will have more depth and should be much improved. Rifle: BACK ROW: Karen Seitz, Eric Cavanaugh, Kevin Bowman, Gary Andrews, Linda Peterson, Sharon Fuelling. ROW 2: Dave Bowers, Roland Conrad, Kevin Barger, Ron Heiser, Carlos Pierce. FRONT ROW: John Busse, Kathy Barger, Greg Braun, Lila Barger, Mr. Blanchard. Prior to the start of the sectional, Denver Nussbaum confers with Coach Humble. Nussbaum finished second for Adams Central behind Dan Ross. ! GAA Softball Team Records 8-1 Season; Volleyball Team Advances to State Finals Losing only the final game of the sea¬ son to Bellmont, the Adams Central G.A. A. softball team had one of the finest seasons in its history as the team won eight of nine games. However, the season the G.A.A. volleyball had completely overshadowed the one of the softball team. Ending a sensational 22-7 season, the A.C. volley¬ ball team emerged as one of the top teams in the state. Besides being the runner-up in the con¬ ference tourney, the team had the honor of bringing to A.C. the first sectional trophy ever won by a G. A. A. team. A. C. took the Portland sectional by defeating Portland 15-6 and 15-2 in the final match. After defeating Connersville and Pendleton Heights in the New Castle re¬ gional, the girls advanced to the state finals in Indianapolis. Although they won the first game from Taylor 15-5, they lost the next two 19-17 and 15-13. By reaching the state finals, the G.A. A. volleyball team went farther in a state tournament than any other athletic or¬ ganization in Adams Central’s history. Bev Braden sets the ball against Portland in sectional competition. 1L GAA Softball: BACK ROW: Coach Carr, Janice Ross, Diane We ism an, Becky Braden, Bev Braden, Patty Sauers, Karen Coyne. ROW 2: Coni Everett, Cheryl Clark, Janis Arnold, Janet Marbach, Carolyn Clark, Cathy Wolfe. FRONT ROW: Kristy Coyne, Jill Beery, Kathy Bar¬ ger, Lori Jackson, Debbie Noll, Teresa Nussbaum. 124 GAA Volleyballj BACK ROW: Janice Ross, Sue Bollenbacher, Coach Carr, Diane Weisman, Bev Braden, Tina Ratcliff, Cathy Wolfe, Kristy Coyne. FRONT ROW: Becky Braden, Jill Beery, Patty Sauers, Carolyn Clark. Denise Sprunger. Illlllllllll m :§§ s In the second game of the sectional finals, Janice Ross serves against Portland. A.C. won that game 15-2 after winning the first game by a score of 15-6. Holding the sectional championship trophy high, Patty Sauers happily accepts it from the tournament director. 125 Poor Start Results in 7-14 Record Jack Stepler Jim Arnold Randy Nussbaum Dan Kershner Andy Miller Tim Light C oach Gibbs After the first eleven games, the bas¬ ketball team had a mediocre 1-10 record. However, with the return of Jack Stepler from an injury, the Jets jelled and won six of their last ten games, and of the four losses, all were by close scores. Leading the team in scoring was Kim Fruechte with a 13. 8 average while Andy Miller and Randy Landis lead the squad in rebounding. The A.C. cheering section mobs the players after the team won its first conference tourney game ever. 1 126 (LEFT) During the A. C . A. C. tourney, Kim Fruechts, leading scorer for the Jets, fires up a shot against Chumbusce. A.C. won that game 58-57 but lost to eventual champion Southern Wells 72-65, (BELOW) Freshmen Basketball: BACK ROW: Terry Sheets, Daniel Beer,Brent Trexel, Jim Bowen, Jim Rhodes, Bill Haugk, Mark Mitchel, Brad Nussbaum, Stan Hill, Coach McIntosh, FRONT ROW: Kendall Ringger, Kevin Ehrman, Mike Barger, Gary Fiechter, Brian Ehrsam, Doug Miller. 127 Reserve Basketball: John Seldner, Joe Baker, Jerry Braun, Dan Workinger, Ned Hirschy, Bill Burkhart, Dan Ross, Scott Kohne, Ed Fisher, John Genth, Coach Hubbard, Keith Steffen. Rick Fiechter Qualifies for Regional Wrestling: BACK ROW: Derryl Aschliman, Steve Braun, Randy Reynolds, Mark Sauers, Keith Gerber. FRONT ROW: Doug Moser, Dan Gremaux, Scott Bassett, Dave Rich. Not Pictured: Jon Kaehr, Rick Fiechter, John Gremaux, Tom Jesionowski, Jesionowski replaced Reynolds because of an injury and Fiechter beat out Rich for a position on the varsity. In posting a 7-4 slate for the second straight year, theA.C. wrestling team set school and state records when it des¬ troyed Winchester 78-0 Sophomore Rick Fiechter, who wres¬ tled at the 98 pound weight class, became the first A. C. grappler to advance to re¬ gional competition when he finished run¬ ner-up in the Bellmont Sectional. Although the team will lose senior co-captains Scott Bassett and Steve Braun, it will retain eleven lettermen, making next year ' s outlook for Coach Humble the most promising since the wrestling pro¬ gram began three years ago. Wrestling at 105 pounds, Jon Kaehr drives his Win¬ chester opponent down to the mat. A.C. defeated Winchester 78-0. 128 Trying to get down to 112 pounds, Scott Bassett sits in the sweat room. 129 GAA Cagers Win 4-Way Tourney; Coyne, Nussbaum Qualify for Track Regional G.A.A. Basketball: BACK ROW: Patty Sauers, Bev Braden, Janice Ross, Kim Jones, Coach Carr, Becky Braden, Diane Weisman. ROW 2: Valerie Ringger, Vicki Mitchel, Sue Bertsch, Karen Coyne. FRONT ROW: Teresa Nussbaum, Sue Schlickman, Holly Ringger, Lori Jackson, Bev Gerber, Pam Wilks, Janis Ar¬ nold. Although the G.A.A. basketball ended up the season with a 4-5 record, all was not lost as the dynamic A. C. team brought home honors by winning the 4-way tourney at Adams Central. The team defeated Bell- mont in the first game 41-36 and downed Norwell in the finals 46-39. Likewise, the G.A.A. track team, despite having a 4-7 record, had many team members gain recognition at the dis¬ trict track meet. Many school records were broken, and two girls - - Karen Coyne and Teresa Nussbaum - - qualified for the track regional by placing in the top three of their events. With the team being dominated by underclassmen, the pro¬ spects for next year look very favorable. 130 f it G.A.A. Track: BACK ROW: Kathy Wulliman, Julie Tonnelier, Debbie Christman, Amy Wulliman, Karen Seitz, Janis Arnold, Diane Weis- man, Coach Carr. ROW 2: Kim Dick, Jane Bentz, Janet Marbach, Cathy Wolfe, Beth Arnold, Amee Steury. FRONT ROW: Tina Rat¬ cliff, Cindy Longenberger, Valerie Ringger, Kristy Coyne, Lori Jack- son, Karen Coyne, Teresa Nuss- baum. Foreman Makes All-Conference; Stepler Golf Medalist (RIGHT) Straining for every inch, Dave Seitz leaps 17 feet, 4 inches against Bellmont to get third place in a meet won by Bellmont 100-27. (BELOW) Golf: John Hack, Frank Coppess, Dave Rich, Brent Landis, Jack Stepler, Eric Dick, Greg Landis, Duane Gerig, Coach Habeggar. Nor pictured: Jeff Weisman. Despite a dismal season, Adams Central ' s track team did place one individual - - Jim Foreman - -on the all-Allen County Athletic Conference team. A sprinter and pole vaulter, Foreman, who cleared 13 feet, inch last year, had a top vault of 12 feet, 6 inches during 1973. Even though A. C. ’s golf team won very few matches during, several school records were broken by the linksmen. Jack Stepler, the golf team ' s medalist, broke Steve Rich ' s two year old record for nine holes by firing a two over par 38 against Concordia at the Decatur courses Stepler also broke the school record for eigh¬ teen holes, set by Greg Landis last year with a ten over par 82, two for the year of 1973. His best effort was a seven over par 79 in the conference meet at which Stepler placed ninth. Driving for the finish line, Andy Miller finishes second be¬ tween two Norwell runners in the high hurdles. Miller also finished third in the low hurdle, but the team lost 102-25. 132 133 (LEFT) Playing against Beilinont, Jack Step- ler, medalist for the year, prepares to hit a wood shot. Stepler shot a round of 43, but Bellmont won the match by the score of 153-186. (BELOW) Running in lane four, Jim Foreman sprints for the tape in the 100 yard dash. Foreman finished second in that event but won the pole vault by clearing 12 feet, 6 inches. Track: BACK ROW: Paul Swygart, Ed Steffen, Tony Slusher, Gene Gilgen, Kip Nus sbaum, John Gremaux, Dave Lyons, John Genth, Keith Steffen. ROW 2: Coach Huffman, Rex Reynolds, Jim Dennison, Jeff Johnston, Scott Kohne, John Minear, Jim Bowen, Dan Ross, Ron Myers, Coach Gibbs. FRONT ROW: Carey Zurcher, Denver Nussbaum, Dave Seitz, Jim Foreman, Andy Miller, Kim Fruechte, Ed Fisher, Randy Landis. Summer Team Cops ACAC Championship (RIGHT) Playing against Pennville, shortstop waits for a ground ball. A.C. easily won the game 16-0. (BE¬ LOW) Batting against Homestead, Ron Gremaux lashes at a pitch. Gremaux had two hits, scored two runs, and batted in two runs in the game won by Adam Central By the score of 11-9. Baseball: BACK ROW: Coach Du- bach, Ron Ross, John Soldner, Kevin Richards, Greg Childs, Rick Hurst, Mark Zurcher, Richard Brock, Bob Mutschler, Coach Mc¬ Intosh. FRONT ROW: Dave Lyons, Carey Zuercher, John Gremaux, Brian Ehrsam, Lynn Stucky, Ron Gremaux, Ed Fisher, Bill Haugk. 134 In a game played against Chumbusco, Mark Zurcher scores a run. Zurcher went two for four, and Adams Central won the game 7-2. During recent years, Adams Central has managed to develop many fine baseball teams. Last summer ' s team turned out to be no ex¬ ception, as in post-season play-off action, the underdog A. C. team put everything together to bring home the A.C.A.C. championship trophy for the second straight year. With five seniors and two all-conference members, Dale Adler and Mark Zurcher, re¬ turning, Coach McIntosh and Coach Dubach had high hopes for the spring season. At the time of printing, inclement weather had washed out four days of the baseball sectional. A.C. had defeated Bellmont in the first game and was to play Winchester in one of the semi-final games. The other semi-final game was South Adams versus Heritage. Bob Mutschler warms up the pitcher before the start of the game against Pennville. 135 All-Sports Scoreboard Varsity Football (6-3) Jamboree. 34-22 (A.C.-Winchester vs. South Adams-Bellmont) A. C.-Portland.16-0 A. C.-Heritage.13-8 A. C .-Homestead (o.t. ) . . 0-7 A. C .-South Adams.17-14 A.C .-Bellmont.18-21 A. C .-Southern Wells . . . .36-14 A. C .-Churubusco.13-9 A.C.-Eastside.26-6 A.C. Nerwell.5-20 Reserve Football (2-4) A.C.-Homestead .... 6-7 A.C. -Woodlan. 6-12 A. C .-Union City . . . . 35-14 A.C .-South Adams . . . 18-12 A.C .-Bellmont. 12-25 A.C .-Churubusco . . . . 0-7 G.A.A. Softball (3-1) A. C .-Bishop Luers . . . . , . 14-5 A.C .-Southern Wells . . . . 22-6 A.C.-Lee . . . 8-1 A.C .-Bellmont. . . 2-11 Wrestling (7-4) A.C.-Eastside.54-17 A.C.-Carroll.33-34 A. C .-Northfield ...... .56-11 A.C. Blackford.32-33 A.C.-Homestead.36-34 A.C.-Wayne.26-35 A.C.-Woodlan.18-31 A.C.-South Adams.54-16 A.C. Norwell.41-15 A.C.-Monroe Central . . . 45-21 A. C.-Winchester.78-0 Bellmont tourney.8th of 8 A.C.A.C. tourney.5th of 10 State record Regional qualifier-Rick Fiechter Varsity Basketball (7-14) A. C.-Blackford.59-66 A.C.-Pennville.62-46 A,C.-Southern Wells . . 61-67 A.C.-Norwell. 58-77 A.C.-Woodlan.45-47 A.C. South Adams . . . 61-68 A.C.-Carroll.56-73 A.C.-Churubusco .... 77-81 A.C .-Winchester .... 68-89 A ,C .-Union City .... 53-70 A. C .-Portland.58-60 A.C.-Eastside.73-54 A.C.-Churubusco .... 58-57 A. C .-Southern Wells . . 65-72 A.C .-Homestead .... 68-59 A.C.-Bluffton. 58-69 A.C.-Lee.57-51 A.C.-Bellmont.52-54 A.C. Bryant.76-58 A.C. - Heritage .... 55-48 A.C.-Newell.51-60 A.C.A.C. tourney Sectional Reserve Basketball (4-16) A.C .-Blackford. 25-60 A.C.-Pennville. 54-52 A. C.-Southern Wells . . . 34-28 A.C.-Norwell.34-68 A.C.-Woodlan.40-45 A.C.-South Adams .... 41-62 A.C.-Carroll.43-47 A.C .-Churubusco.33-48 A .C .-Winchester.35-60 A. C .-Union City.26-36 A .C .-Portland. 34-48 A.C.-Eastside.37-36 A.C .-Southern Wells . . . 42-36 A .C .-Churubusco.33-50 A ,C .-Homestead.26-50 A.C.-Bluffton.40-58 A.C . -Lee.18-26 A. C .-Bellmont.36-40 A.C.-Bryant.38-47 A.C.-Heritage. 29-43 G.A.A. Volleyball (22-7) A.C .-Huntington . . . A.C.-Norwell .... A. C . - S outhern Wells • A.C, A. C, A, A. C.-Homestead.1-15 A.C.-Union City .. A.C.-Southern Wells.15-13 A.C.-Winchester. A.C.-Connersville. A.C.-Pendleton Heights . . . A.C.-Taylor ......... A.C.A.C. double elimination tourney Sectional ' Regional " State 15-10, 15-1 6-15, 15-3, 15- 10 14-16, 15-4, 15- -7 12-15, 9-15 15-9, 12-15, 15 -11 7-15, 15-4, 8-15 12-15, 12-15 15-3, 15-11 15-12, 15-7 10-15, 8-15 1-15, 15-7, 15- 11 15-13, , 14-16, 15-4 15-1, 9-15, 15- ■ 7 8-15, 11-15 15-7, 15-13 9-15, 15-8, 15- . 9 7-15, 15-8, 15- • 8 15-12 , 15-12 15-13 , 15-10 1-15, 8-15 15-0, 15-10 15-4, 15-4 15-5, 15-4 15-6, 9-15, 15- OO 15-13 , 15-12 15-6, 15-2 15-5, 15- -3 ' .15-4, 0-15, 17. -15 ' 17-19 , 13-15 Varsity Track ( 0 - 8 ) A.C.-Bellmont.27-100 A. C.-Homestead.34-92 A.C.-South Adams-Portland.38y-64y-56 A.C.-Heritage.29-98 . C . -Norwell.25-102 A.C. -Bluffton.26-100 A.C .-Southern Wells.53-74 A.C.A.C. meet.7th of 10 South Adams relays. 6 th of 6 Bi-county meet.5th of 6 G.A.A. Track (4-7) A.C.-Bellmont.44-65 A.C.-Heritage-Homestead.50y-22y-66 A. C .-Lee-Bellmont. 35 . 53 48 A.C.-Norwell-Homestead. 59 .33 52 A.C.-Carroil-Bishop Luers. 32 -76 -25 A. C .-Concordia.. 28-81 A.C.-Southern Wells.56-53 G.A.A. Basketball (4-5) A.C.-Heritage.. . 20-27 A. C .-Eastside. 14-29 A.C.-New Haven . . . . .33-39 A.C.-Bellmont. . 41-36 A.C.-Norwell. 46-39 A. C.-Homestead .... . 43-33 A. C .-Huntington .... . 37-56 A. C . -Bluffton. .43-29 A.C.-Lee. A.C. invitation tourney .31-38 Varsity Baseball (6-5) A. C.-Homestead . . .11-9 A.C.-Bluffton .... 7-8 A. C .-Heritage .... 10-2 A.C.-Pennville . . . .16-0 A.C.-Lee.0-10, 2-13 A.C.-Norwell. . . . .1-2 A.C .-Chumbusco . . . 7-2 A.C.-Union City . . .2-3 A. C . -C arrell.9-6 A.C.-Bellmont . . . .6-5 Sectional At the time of printing, rain forced a four day delay in the baseball se ' ctional. 137 Ken Zimmerman works at BROOKS CLOTHING ALWAYS FIRST WITH THE LATEST FASHION THAT MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD 138 FLEURDALE DON ' S AUTO SALES MOBILE HOMES FLEURDALE MOBILE HOMES INC. US 27 Decatur, Ind. Phone--724-9876 CUSTOM BUILD YOUR OWN HOME WE SELL TO SELL AGAIN Extra Nice Late Model Cars 7th Monroe Strs. Decatur, Indiana DON SHIFFERLY Owner ADAMS COUNTY MOTORS INC. 305 N. 13th St. Decatur, Indiana Pho 724-9138 Les Marckel tries out a GREMLIN for size, while Rex Young looks over a CUTLASS S. OLDS CADILLAC AMC BOB’S SEWING SERVICE CENTER 116 W. Monroe Street Decatur, Indiana NEUENSCHWANDER, INC. Complete Insurance Service Berne, Indiana Phone--589-2211 JOHN-ANN BEAUTY SALON Berne, Indiana Phone--692-6221 EDGAR P. SPRUNGER, D.D.S Berne, Indiana f : i ■ 11 ! PHIL L. MACKLIN CO. Chrysler--Dodge--Dodge Truck Decatur, Indiana RAWLINSON’S WESTERN AUTO 152 and 154 N. 2nd Decatur, Indiana HI-WAY SERVICE Body Work and General Auto Repair 1013 N. 2nd--Phone 724-2928 DAS BLUMENHAUS 1009 E. Main Berne, Indiana WTVX X 5 GIFFORD ' S I.G.A. SUPERMARKET, INC. U.S. 27 North Berne, Indiana ZURCHER ' S TIRE INC. Monroe, Indiana Phone 692-6171 ADAMS BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. 309 South 13th Street Decatur, Indiana Phone 724-9127 141 COLONIAL COLONIAL COLONIAL COLONIAL " COLONIAL IS GOOD BREAD " Compliments of Bob Mitchel, Colonial Bread Salesman Scott Bassett tries out a chair at STUCKY FURNITURE CO. Monroe, Indiana Jeff Weisman shelves shoes at HAFLICH- MORRISSEY ZEIGLER ' S BARBER SHOP Monroe, Indiana Phone--692-6642 142 YAGER FURNITURE STORE Down - town - in -Bern Featuring 3 Big Floors Berne Furniture mem . §§? LENGERICH ' S CUSTOM BUTCHERING AND COUNTRY MEAT MARKET 1 I i ' I « nmi i ' fW t m A Connie Johnson works in the Bakery in HAMMOND ' S MARKET 240 N. 13th Street Decatur, Indiana Have your clothes cleaned at KELLY DRY CLEANING Decatur, Indiana Phone--724-9181 WILLIAM ' S 66 SERVICE STATION Pleasant Mills, Indiana YAGER FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service--589-3101 Berne, Indiana " Since 1910” 143 HABEGGER-SCHAFER ' S Gifts and Appliances " Where old-Fashioned Courtesy Prevails " 112-114 N. 2nd Street Decatur, Indiana Phone--724-3200 MOSER MOTOR SALES, INC. 218 W. Main Berne, Indiana - c mossft- , n°pf SR - fes Dave Eyanson looks over a Vette at MORNINGSTAR CHEV. - BUICK in Decatur BIXLER INSURANCE 179 W. Main Berne, Indiana Phone--589-2142 BERNE AUTO SUPPLY, INC. Berne, Ind. Phone 589-2866 Jim Foreman takes a break at the PALMER HOUSE, 118 W. Main, YQ$y Berne, Indiana COMPANIES, INC. General Construction Phone--724-7117 SHEETS FURNITURE, INC. 152 S. Second Street Decatur, Indiana Prestressed Concrete P. O. Box 470 Decatur, Indiana 144 ADLER BROTHER ' S GARAGE R. R. 4 Decatur, Indiana Craigville - -565 -3258 Monroe --692-6225 Les Marckel delivers some pictures to the DECATUR DAILY DEMOCRAT Phone 724-2121 145 RINCGER SOFT WATER Route 4 Bluffton, Indiana The A. C. basketball team dines at RICHARD’S RESTAURANT located in Decatur TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SALON Monroe, Indiana Phone--692-2621 BEN FRANKLIN 5-10 Berne, Indiana U sllbhiUv MONROE BANK Branch of Bank of Geneva Monroe, Indiana Phone--692-6125 GERBER FEED MILL SUPERSWEET FEEDS 500 S. Indiana St. Bluffton, Indiana PENQUIN POINT INC. 222 N. 13th St. Chicken, Sandwiches, Shakes Inside Service Drive-Thru Window PENGUIN POINT 147 DECATUR BURGER CHEF, INC. The Family Restaurants 644 North 13th St. Decatur, Indiana ’’Put a Tiger in Your Tank " BERNE OIL COMPANY Berne, Indiana FIRST BANK OF BERNE Continuous Service Member of F. D. I. C. and Federal Reserve System Berne, Indiana 148 I ' £ % ■ ,u, » at DECATUR GOLF COURSE U.S. 224 West Decatur, Indiana £. , LEEMAN HEATING PLUMBING CO 164 N. Jefferson Street Berne, Indiana Kill T l .. Flares and Stripes in Double Knits for girls and guys at LEE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE le hmak AIR wiiomhg if f h. 1 ] Herr. Itllrs w mL VILLA NORTH AUTO CENTER 1045 Ft. Wayne Road Bluffton, Ind. -- Phone 824-1987 Jf Ken Zimmerman reads the BERNE WITNESS, published in Berne, Indiana j " r y ' 4 ! r: BK ' .. •- ■ ■■■ COPPESS MARATHON SERVICE Jet. 27 124 Monroe, Indiana LEHMAN FEED MILL R.R. 1--Berne, Indiana Phone--589-2451 STAN ' S MEN ' S WEAR 168 West Main Berne, Indiana UNITED TELEPHONE Decatur, Ind. DUTCH MILL RESTAURANT Bluffton, Indiana WHITE MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE Wm. Steffen and Son 756 Ft. Wayne Road--Bluffton, Ind. ADAMS COUNTY TRAILER SALES Highways 27 33 Decatur, Indiana--Ph. 724-9134 T?.r 1 iii t 1 W- % ItuM nil j U BERNE LUMBER, INC. haugk plumbing heating co., Berne, Indiana INC. Phone--589-2268 209 N. 13th Street--Decatur, Indiana PETERSON GRAIN COMPANY R.R. 2 Decatur, Indiana LUTES FLOWERS MESHBERGER BROS. STONE CORP. South Winchester Street Phon6 334-5311 Li nil CirOVC Decatur, Ind. Phone — 724-7126 Flowers for All Occasions Phone 592-7211 --Pleasant Mills 152 GRABER INSURANCE, INC. U.S. 27--Berne, Indiana GERBER FURNITURE 1157 F. Wayne Road Bluffton, Indiana ocIa Y o) 3 i ' -’ K J • ADAMS COUNTY CO-OP Farm Building Plans and Erection Monroe, Indiana DECATUR FAIRWAY MARATHON Decatur, Indiana Phone--7 24-4424 153 mrross AC Sets up New IS System For the year of 1972-73, Adams Cen¬ tral modified its Independent Study Pro¬ gram so the students could make more efficient use of their time when on Inde¬ pendent Study (I.S.) The new rules are as follows. 1. The library becomes a no-talk area. Students may use the com¬ mons area and rooms which are not in use for talking. 2. Students are not allowed to spend more than forty minutes a day in the commons area. 3. Students are not allowed to use profanity, to talk back to teachers over a disagreement, or to play cards. If a student does any of the aforementioned, his I.S. privileges will be suspended for two weeks. Students are allowed to play chess or checkers on their I.S. time. After experimenting with the I.S. Pro¬ gram for three years, the administration now thinks it will work. Student Council: BACK ROW: Mr. Schnepf, Larry Stoller, Renee Bebout, Dan Workinger, Randy Landis, Kim Fruechte, Denise Sprunger, Mr. Hayes. FRONT ROW: Coni Everett, Secretary Ed Fisher, Vice President Amee Steury, President Scott Bassett, Treasurer Tina Ratcliff, Debbie Sprunger. 156 Every day the Supervised Study Hall contains many students of I. S. Sitting in her first module home room class, Connie Fruechte reads her in¬ vitation to the prom. Since the library became a no-talk area, the senior boys use their former sanctuary only in the morning before school begins. 157 Connie Johnson Crowned Homecoming Queen Working at Mark Zurcher ' s house, Don Inniger, Jim Foreman, and some other seniors make a few final day prepara¬ tions on the class float. On October 20 the Adams Central football field became the sight of the fourth annual Homecoming festival. The senior football players escorted the queen candidates and class representatives from the west end zone to midfield, where Bob Mutschler and Jim Foreman crowned Connie Johnson Homecoming Queen. The court consisted of senior candidates Lila Barger, Becky Braden, and Denise Sprunger and class representatives Deb Johnson, Bev Braden, and Vicki Mitchel. Capturing float honors was the sopho¬ more class with the junior class placing second and the senior class third. Home¬ coming was a complete success with the parade of floats, the queen and her court, and a Jet victory over the Eastside Blazers! Bob Mutschler gives Connie Johnson, the newly crown¬ ed Homecoming Quee n, the traditional kiss. 158 Homecoming Court: Bev Braden, Lila Barger, Becky Braden, Queen Connie Johnson, Denise Spmnger, Deb Johnson, Vicki Mitchel. Capturing first place, the sophomore class float displays the Homecom¬ ing theme, " Try It, You ' ll Like It. " Homecoming Queen Connie Johnson. 159 Assemblies Break Routine (RIGHT) Speaking with the junior and senior classes, United States Senator Birch Bayh discusses the difference one vote can make. (BELOW) In an effort to get the basketball team fired up for the A. C. A. C. tourney, Rex Myers Don Inniger, Mark Kaehr, Rick Hurst, and Charlie Foot ask Mr. Biggs to ’ help them sweep to a victory. Preparing to block a potential shot, Jim Foreman tries out the game of spaceball. 160 During the year the Adams Central student body saw assemblies that ranged from a speech by Senator Birch Bayh to pep rallies to a presentation of spaceball by the Iowa state champion. The administration arranged these assemblies in an attempt to entertain the students and inform them of the prob¬ lems they will be facing in and out of school. (ABOVE) Spaceball champion of the state of Iowa, Greg Jacobs performs some stunts on the trampoline. (RIGHT) Proclaimed by the audience as the most talented boy, Bill Burkhart sings the chorus of " Rollin ' on the River " . 161 I Sprunger, Fruechte Named Prom Queen, King (RIGHT, BELOW, LOWER RIGHT) Along with Madison Zane, which played at the dance held in the gym, the Norwell swing choir provided entertainment at the prom. 162 I Queen and King of the prom, Denise Sprunger and Kim Fruechte take the traditional first dance. On the evening of May 5, the junior class sponsored an all-night prom, which featured a banquet, a dance, a movie, and some bowling. After enjoying the banquet in the school cafeteria, the couples pro¬ ceeded to the gym for the dance, featuring Zane Madison. At that time Kim Fruechte and Denise Sprunger were crowned King and Queen of the festivities. The next was Bluffton, where everyone traveled to see the movie " Shenandoah. " After the movie ended, the couples moved on to Decatur, where they finished off the evening with a few hours of bowling at Villa Lanes. In the A. C. cafeteria, the students chat at the b anquet. Senior Breakfast | (RIGHT) Waiting in line, Kim Fruechte talks with Ron Gremaux and Andy Miller at the senior breakfast. (BE¬ LOW) After the breakfast had ended, the seniors and the faculty gathered for a singfest. — 164 (LEFT) After waiting in line, Don Inniger and Rick Hurst get some waffles at the senior breakfast. (BELOW) Meeting together for one last times, the seniors enjoy a breakfast of pancakes and waffles. Angie Mitchel, Steve Bieberich, and Mark Zurcher prepare to eat at the senior breakfast. 165 Seniors Visit King ' s Island (RIGHT) Moving to the next ride, Lynn Miller, Elaine Watkins, and Becky Sprunger tour King ' s Island. (BELOW) Bob Mutschler and Steve Bieberich try out one of the many rides that are featured at King ' s Island. After getting off the buses at King ' s Island, the senior class waits to get in. Many seniors awoke early Saturday morning, May 12, to board busses that would motor them to their destination near Cincinnati, Ohio. Bus drivers Charles Morrison and Harold Barger, along with Mr. Huffman, Mr. Hilbert, Mrs. Grove, and Miss Grabner accompanied the seniors on a very enjoyable day at King ' s Island. 167 168 No year was ever like 1972-73, which is why yearbooks are made. At Adams Central, there were many firsts, such as an athletic group--the G.A.A. volleyball team--making the state tournament and the wrestling team recording a state record win. However, not everything that happened for the first time was good as mari¬ juana was found in the school building. On the nation scene the year was quite unique. The tragedy of the 1972 Sum¬ mer Olympia and the scandal of the Watergate incident were just two events that highlighted school year. In closing I would like to thank everyone who helped make this book possible - - Mr. Birch, all the staffs, and Mrs. Grove and the photography club. Rex Young, editor-in-chief

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