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A book about our school during a unique period of time; the people, the building—inside and out. 1970-1971 CEN-TRAILS ADAMS CENTRAL COMMUNITY SCHOOLS Monroe, Indiana Volume 22 Proving studies aren’t always a chore, Bill Patch re-activates a World War I uniform A TIME FOR ACADEMICS Page 22 It s a time for living, cheering, choosing, and taking our own medicine; for protecing, sacrificing, and caring. Elections, tests, I.S. time, football games, electronic education, misplaced modules, put-downs, work to be done, new insights, and thoughts of our friends flood our minds . It’s a time for reach¬ ing out, making mistakes, and learning to stay with it; to finish a term paper, to really know a person. Grasping at a knowledge of ourselves, we search for what we are and what we want to be; growing with and into school and com¬ munity . We maybe hoping and preparing for the future, but we ' re living now. It’s a time for us . Homecoming Queen Becky Teeple is flanked by Joy Hammond and Connie Stoller. A TIME FOR Page 4 STUDENT LIFE ■ A TIME FOR Page 46 ORGANIZATIONS Quill Scroll initiation includes candle ceremony. A TIME FOR SPORTS Page 70 (Top) B-Team tourney winners pose. (Left) Roger (CJ) Geyer chips towards the green. (Right) Dave Smith as winner. A TIME FOR FRIENDS Page 88 What ' s more friendly than a P.E. tumble ? 3 I ? Diane Zurcher escorted by Rick Rehm. Joy Hammond escorted by Dick Bol- Debi Barger escorted by Alan Arnold, lenbacher. Karol Hakes and Connie Stoller es¬ corted by Roger Geyer. Patti Yost escorted by Greg Jesionow- ski. Cherly Byerly escorted by Pat Miller. I I PSll AQr Homecoming Queen, Becky Teeple, and her court L-R: Diane Zurcher, Debi Barger, Joy Hammond, Connie Stoller, Cheryl Byerly, and Patti Yost. BECKY TEEPLE WINS CROWN, RULES COURT While strato-cumulous clouds threat¬ ened to saturate the gay festival air of homecoming, Queen Becky Teeple and her court courageously circled the track leading a parade of floats which various classes had painstakingly assembled in the previous weeks. Although the Jets took it on the chin in both the featured football game and an exciting half-time cross-country duel, there was still plenty to cheer about at the October 9 event. Pretty girls, hard-nosed competition, and the reunion of old friends and class¬ mates all put homecoming right on top. Connie Stoller approvingly looks on as Becky Teeple graciously accepts the traditional kiss from Marty Shaffer. SCHOLARSHIP AND AWARD WINNERS (L-R): Adams County Medical Society Nursing Scholarship--Pattiann Yost; Spanish Club Award--Rebecca Yost; P.T.A. Education Scholarship--Mary Jo Nussbaum; Sterling Silver Award--Loretta Aschliman. (ROW 2): Choral Award--Darrell Gerig; Freshman Merit Scholarship atHuntington College and Lions Mental Attitude Award in Athletics--Alan Arnold; Chauncey Rose Honor Scholarship at Rose-Hulman Institute--Gary Tullis; J. B. Hershman Scholarship at Valparaiso Technical Institute--Pat Miller Piano Award--Robert Morrison; John Philip Sousa Award--Dave Smith. (Right) Valedictorian Darrell Gerig delivers a per¬ sonal reflection on life and a challenge for his class¬ mates entitled " Meaning in Life " . (Below) Mr. Payne offers his congratulations and a trophy to Salutatorian Diane Zurcher. TOP TEN (ROW 1, L-R) Sharon Kaehr (9); Diane Zurcher (2); Carol Germann(3); Monica Jackson (10), Joan Merriman (4). (ROW 2): Becky Host (5); Darrell Gerig (1); Gary Tullis (6); Barry Liechty (8); Ann Eng e ( ). Twelve years of a way of life comes to an end with the turning of the tassel. 7 (Below) Exciting Seniors Greg Jesionowski and Randy Moser don ' t seem too choked up with the traditional sadness of Com¬ mencement. (Right) Graduation is a special time for special friends Dave Wilder and Debbie Everett. (Center) During Commencement Debi Barger re¬ ceives the token folder and handshake from School Board member Floyd Engle while (Left) Tyler Ru¬ pert, Vic Jordan, and Ed Girod await the official di¬ ploma in the office afterward. (Above) " Turn it just a little " Marilyn Thatcher helps Carla Cook look just right for the big moment. 8 (Above) Commencement speaker and President of North Central College, Dr. Arlo Schilling presents " The Possible Dream " . (Corner) As a part of the Commencement program, Robert Morrison performs " The Russian Concerto " . (Right) Heartily digging in at the Sunshine Society ' s Senior Breakfast, these girls look cheerful enough; but it ' s almost cty ' n time again. (Corner) Always handy, Flo Brandt helps Roger Everett with his carnation. (Below) Being measured for a cap and gown, Phil Miller must be wondering if he has the " big head. " 9 d SENIORS BLITZ MAMMOTH CAVE, LOUISVILLE Overcome with relief, Becky Yost exits Mammoth Cave. (Below) Sharon Kaehr, Becky Yost, Jo Brun¬ ner, and Margie Cauble soak up a little warm Kentuckian sun. (Center) These Seniors on the steps of Lincoln ' s Birthplace Memorial practice being " big-time " sight-seers. (Above Left) Members of A.C. ' s Nature Lovers Club (just organized) stop to rest on a steep slope. (Above Right) Becky Teeple seems completely resigned to boredom while Barry (Shades) Liechty tries to create a little excitement with his squirt gun. 16 hours in a school bus is a long time. M 10 (Above) Mike Lyons does a little of what you ' re supposed to do in the library, studying, and that ' s worth a picture! (Right) Even for the most bored guy, there ' s always something to contemplate in the library. (Below) Within hours after the class of ' 71 split, the Juniors occupied that old senior stronghold, the conference room. LIFE IN THE LIBRARY (Left) The intellectual, social, political, and com¬ pletely carpeted heart of A.C.; the Library. (Above) Going into business for himself, Roger Os- terman rolls out those crisp, new $100 Rogie Geyer bills. d (Above) While you ' re trying to decide which is the real Connie Stoller, ask yourself if it really matters. (Upper Right) Sporting the popular Charlie Brown shoes is Joan Merriman while Patty Tonnellier favors " tennies " . (Right) Patti Yost enjoys her own style of " air-conditioned " footwear. JUNIOR- SENIOR PROM THEME ‘SOUND OF SILENCE’’ To begin a great Prom evening, 1970 A.C. grad Paul Jesionowski and junior Cheryl Byerly pose for a keepsake pic¬ ture. (BELOW) FASHIONS SCENE BIG AT A.C. (Above) Lacking stars only, Cindy Hoffman goes maxie in, of course, red, white, and blue. (Center) Beth Neuenschwander chooses a happy midi medium. (Top Right) Just a little embarrassed, Pris Patton sports a mini dress. (Right) Lisa Dull models at a Modern Homemakers Fashion Show. (Corner) Pants are in for Karen Steury, Joan Heiman, Rita Garwood, Jean Gilbert, and Gwen Everett. (Below) Carol LaFontaine dubiously examines Kathy Hirschy ' s " Free Look. " ODDS AND ENDS In a symbolistic double exposure, the pep block is really behind our team with minutes to go at sec¬ tional. (Above) Kenneth Brodbeck and Jody Black learn about joy. (Right) The Class with class! (Below) Lots of this going around in the fall of ' 70! (Above) " It worked for my chrysanthemums, maybe it ' ll help this kid. " Diane Sprunger administers a dose of plant food to Kathy Barger. 14 (Left) Mr. Hilbert is Santa Claus. (Below) Kim Fisher, enjoying the whirlpool, is an athlete who takes ad¬ vantage of all his breaks. (Below Left) Ned Arnold " ain ' t got no neck " or head, either. (Below Right) Mr. Hindenlang ' s got the " push " to make you " think " . (Right Center) Phil Miller and Daryl Allen are " framed " in the Electronics Center. (Above) " This class is being hijacked to Pine Lake. " No sweat, though, it ' s only water. (Left) Steve Mailer power brakes in Speech. 15 IN THE HALLS OF A.C. Even though it may not look like it , Rodney Bryan is all there: it ' s just a matter of addition. Caught in the act. The name (John Hack) has been printed to incriminate the guilty. Aesthetic? Distinctive? Sexy? Well maybe, but we can be glad that Tyler Rupert ' s " Neat Feet " (cen¬ ter) are most often behind shoes and socks. (above) All Arms? Diane Zurcher and Mary Jo Nuss- baum manage to pose gracefully anyway. Copping out on his busy schedule, Rod Owens bones up on " The New Book of Knowledge " . Looks like he needs a little help. 16 o ' STHE Gyp Hats became the rule as Centralites support their team. Inspired by a friendly Lion, the Jets J.V. have got to be the best. Coach Art Habbegar does his best to fire up A.C. ' s team and fans in a Thursday night pep session. Freshmen Sue Bollenbacker and Cheryl Nussbaum becomes artists in the effort to win sectional hall. FLOATS SUFFER WIND DAMAGE, DAMPNESS Even though floats came in all shapes and sizes (above), the Seniors stuck to something a little more conventional, " Happiness is Reaching Our Goal " to se¬ cure third place. Nearly getting a chance to swim is the first place soph float " A Whale of a Victory " . The juniors landed second with " Happiness is a Warrior Roast " . The Art Club ' s craft (below) graphically represents a " Well rounded team " . f4 r} 4 Uik ' h U.S. horseshoe pitching champion Danny Kuchcinaki carefully studies his distant target. Masters of ball control, the Harlem Satellites slipped to a 61--42 win over the A.C. faculty. Flanked by 27 brimming bas¬ kets, FFA President Dave Wilder calls the Thanksgiving Day as¬ sembly to order. Centered between Lynette Wild¬ er and Janet Zurcher (left) is the senior ' s third place " Horn of Plenty " . " Little acorns make big oaks, little thanks make Thanksgiv¬ ing " . . . Janis Aronld accepts second prize for Mr. Ehrsam ' s 7-B class while standing beside the first-place senior ' s Pilgrim Hat. 19 SUNSHINE SCENES (Top) The theme of the 1971 Sunshine Banquet, as can be seen by the realistic setting, was " A Mexican Fiesta " . (Center) Touching up the decorations are Mary Jo Nussbaum, Becky Kaehr, and Becky Yost. (Above) Charming Vicki Meyer, Pres, of the Norwell Sunshine Society, provided entertainment. (Right) Besides being a great date, the Sunshine Banquet means good food to the guys. Hans (Bill Miller) kept the time. Being cooped up in that box for three hours would make anybody scream. A bird? A plane? No, just Eddie (Dave Smith) whip¬ ping those weights around. H vhov 21 -?? • b s! W Cl asses (Right) Science Fair (Below Right) Tyler Rupert and Pat Miller (Below) Kathy and Lila Barger 22 (Above) Gary Tullis (Right) Barry Liechtyand Joe Rich dust off an old toy. It ' s a much used maxim that what a person learns in school, if he learns anything, is not the particulars of this subject or that, but the exercise of studying itself. In the freedom of Independent Study at Adams Central this is certainly true. And in a deeper sense it is not in knowing the isomers of pen¬ tane or the political system of Inner Zanzibar that true im¬ portance lies, but in knowing how to live. Because this is all apart of the world of academ¬ ics, It’s a Time for Classes SO OUftT ELSE. X5 TUE.RE. TO HO ASDUMt) SCHOOL BOARD (L-R) ROW 1: Howard Habegger, Vice President; Harvey Mr. Allen Jones, President; Earl Gerber, Secretary. ROW 2: Harry Raudenbush, Floyd Superintendent Engle, James Teeple, Robert Mitchel. 24 (above left) Mr. Shoup, Mid¬ dle School Principal (above) Mr. Gerig, Middle School Guidance Counselor (left) Mr. Gorrell, Elementary Principal Mrs. Kathy Liechty, Guidance Secretary (left) Mrs. Flo Brandt, High School Secretary Mrs. Rosa Jackson, Middle School Secretary 25 (above) Mrs. Sandy Mutschler, Elementary Office (above right) Mrs. Earleen Steffen, Superin¬ tendent ' s Office (right) Mrs. Rosalyn Striker, Superinten¬ dent ' s Office Mrs. Doris Burkhead Library Clerk Mrs. Cynthia Mitchel Teacher ' s Aid Mrs. Eloise Nussbaum Mrs. Donna Hilbert Teacher ' s Aid School Nurse . COOKS (L-R) ROW 1: Jeanette Stucky, Lucille Freels, Sara Barger, Lillian Steiner, Genevieve Par¬ rish. ROW 2: Thelma Aronld, Aldine Bebout, Mary Brewsrer, Alice Henschen, Lela Aronld, Lavana Seitz, Joan Zurcher, Melba Scheiderer, Pauline Dick, Dortha Singleton. Not Pictured: Ester Klinger, Phylis Rienhart. BUS DRIVERS (L-R) ROW 1: Joyce Genth, no. 20; Johnny Genth, no. 1; Harold Barger, no. 8; Obed Gerber, no. 18; Charles Workinger, no. 14; Austin Merriman, no. 9; Clarence Black, no. 7; John Johnson, no. 5; Jim Nussbaum, no. 10; ROW 2; Doris Fisher, no. 16; Joe Stevens, no. 17; Wayne Byerly, no. 11; Jerry Gerber, no. 3; Harry Kershner, no. 13; Lester Adler, no. 4; Luther Engle, no. 15; Dan Habegger, no. 12; Jack An¬ drews, no. 2; Charles Morrison, no. 21; Not pictured, Loris Rich, no. 6. CUSTODIANS (L-R) ROW 1: Mrs. Landis, Mr. Harold Schwartz, Mr. Louis Mattax, Mrs. Mattax, Mrs. Thomas. ROW 2: Mr. Bud Fish¬ er, Mr. Hugh Landis, Mr. Willie Schwaller, Mr. Rene Brandt, Mr. Raymond Thomas, Mr. Harry Kershner. 27 PEOPLE AROUND SCHOOL Welcoming Mr. Payne into the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools is Frank Endicott, Pro¬ fessor of Education at Northwestern Univer¬ sity. Adams Central underwent a week of intense scrutiny in December as well as much paper-work and self-evaluation throughout the year. AC EVALUATED, ACCEPTED BY NORTH CENTRAL (Above)Miss Phipps demonstrates the operation of the various electronic media in the resource center to a Member of the North Central evaluation team. (Left) Directing a group of visiting Wapahani students, Mar¬ gie Cauble explains the master scheduling board in the principal ' s office. 28 (Above)Botany students Kathy Barger and Lynn Mil¬ ler lovingly transfer their " pet " plants. (Above Right) Researching the level of pollution in various area water sources, Debbie Everett prepares a culture in Biochem. (Right) Mindy Weisman assists Amee Steury with herBiology project, a terrarium, in the artificial environment of the science storage room. (Below) Finding a strong resemblance between this work and farming, Dean Lehman and Norman Sprunger help replant the patios. 29 Patti Yost makes an emphatic point as members of the senior lit class, portraying 17th century authors, go on TV. (Right) With not quite twelve, and certainly not all men, this soph lineup is reading through " Twelve Angry Men " . A.C. might not have the facilities, but the spirit is there as Dean Leyse demonstrates water skiing in Speech class. 30 (Left) Books, books everywhere as the English Dept, sponsored a fund¬ raising book fair. (Below) Kathy Bieberich seems to be enjoying herself just a little to much as she " creams " Denny McCullough in an advertise¬ ment being taped for the " Jet Stream " . Mrs. June Grove, Composition, Senior Literature, Journalism; Mr. Jerome Markley, Speech, Junior English; Mrs. Carmen Wilks, Sophomore English; Miss Elline Rimmell,-Freshman English. An integral part of any school system is the English department. Since it ' s prime objective is furthering the abili¬ ties for communication, both oral and written, success here can parallel suc¬ cess within other departmental areas . Four English teachers serve on the Adams Central faculty, teaching litera¬ ture and English in all four grades along with speech, journalism, and composi¬ tion. Emphasis on composition and criti¬ cal thinking has been a goal throughout the year. With the aid of the electronics center, new approaches to subject mat¬ ter have been initiated. A trend toward elective English courses can be seen in the future which will bring exciting innovations into a once, sometimes unimaginative conven¬ tional classroom atmosphere. 31 ART AND MUSIC MEAN EXPRESSION Senior Band member Darrell Gerig takes the stand. Could it be " like father, like son " ? (Above)Mr. Dav id Zoll ,Mus ic and Band. Mr. Thomas Walsh, Art. Near the beginning of the creative proc¬ ess, Tom Garner cuts and forms the moist clay. (Be¬ low Left) Tim Light, like every artist, splashes paint in his own style. (Below) Mr. Henkel directs members of the middle school Stage Band in practice, striving for perfection. 32 Mr. Pat Nelson, Electronics Engi¬ neer. Involved in Exploratory Teaching, Alan Arnold correlates a little basic geometry with his Algebra I lesson. Joe Rich and Arlene Heyerly provide a service for the basketball team by helping tape the play-by-play. On duty in the electronics center, Ross Andrews and Jon Rich handle any com¬ munications or program¬ ming problems that might arise. Lounging in those chairs sure makes a guy feel important, right fel¬ lows ? INSTRUCTORS: Mrs. Rowena Stuckey, High School Librarian. Miss Sandra Benz, Typing and Business. (Top): Definitely a center of attention, Joy Hammond helps as an assistant librarian in the elementary. (Above): In¬ tently studying her transcript, Cathy Eyanson adds an elec¬ tric clatter to the general hum emerging from the typing room. (Right): Trained to be courteous and helpful, like all student librarians, Sharon Mankey chats with Cindy Rich. 34 (Left) Benching 125, Mark Kaehr engages in a little free physical enterprise. The weight room was always open. (Right) Steve Garner negotiates the parallel bars while Dave Lyons awaits his turn. (Below) The fresh-soph girl ' s phys-ed class gets a big kick out of folk dancing. (Above) Dean " Bones " Arnold bites dust in the middle school wrestling tourney. (Left) Getting ready to clobber the ball, Gorden Gerber toes the plate with Ken Zim¬ merman on deck. 35 (Above) Among the things these French II students learn is how to conjugate the Superlative and Passe ' Simple tenses. They probably even know a French derivation for " headphone " . Miss Mary Williamson Mrs. Janice Phipps Spanish and Botany French (Right) With a solid French name like Gremaux, Ron has a good excuse when he can ' t quite hack his Spanish lesson. 36 (Left) With a 50-yard lead over his Spanish Club competitor, Doug Wilks nears the finish line in the last leg of the two-mile relay. (Below) Many critical decisions (such as who is going to ride which bike and which way to go around the track) as well as a few minor adjustments are made in the pits just before the race. FRENCH VERSES SPANISH: LA VICTOIRE EST FRAN AISE! (Below Left) With the Spanish Club in an early lead, Rog Osterman is off on his one lap share as the French team (foreground) reach the hand- (BelovOIn the Funny-Bike (tricycle) eliminations, the French again were victors as Jon Kaehr, in his 37 linear inch, super-oiled Huffy, took out Dean Lehman in a smaller model. 37 4 (Above) Amie Riley and Roger Geyer examine the condition of a torn down " six " block. (Right) Mr. Martin Watson, Vocational Agriculture; Mr. Ted Hakes, Industrial Arts; Mr. Bill Kipfer, Industrial Arts, Shop and Ag. VOCATIONS COURSES OFFER WIDE RANGE (Right) Assuring an accurate cut with the use of a table saw in Woodwork¬ ing class are Eric Tonner, Keith Ehr- man, and John Riff. (Center) John Chapman and Greg Gerber concen¬ trate on adjusting an old tractor. (Above) In Metals II, Gary Hindenlang inspects Vic Jordans work. (Above Right) Roger Smith, in Me¬ chanics, Checks the manual. (Right) The Ag class helps care for the school grounds. (Below Right) Op¬ erating the large letter press are Chuck Ham and Don Thomas while (Below) Marty Shaffer services the off¬ set, all in Graphic Arts. 39 SENIORS GRAPH SUPPLY CURVES; JUNIORS GATHER U S. KNOWLEDGE (Right) Student teacher Mr. Whitright supervises a World His¬ tory small group. These sessions provide a great opportunity to rap, with subjects ranging from religion to contemporary cloth¬ ing. (Below) Mr. Smith, used to turning his blackboard over to find facts, finds figures on April Fool ' s Day. Dave Smith as well as the whole class finds the situation humorous. -i B ■ (Above)Mr. Mike Koehn, a professional coin collec¬ tor, explains the history of currency to Economics class. (Left) A group of " convicts " from Chain-O- Lakes Youth Camp give a little hard-earned advice to the juniors in U.S. History. 40 u (L-R): Mr. Robert Brown, U.S. History, World History; Mr. Wayne Smith, Government, Economics, Problems of Gov¬ ernment; Mr. Fred Hilbert, World History. (Left) V isiting a U.S. History large group, Mr. Childs advises the juniors on the types and availability of employment at Central Soya. (Below Left) Although the electronic revolu¬ tion is useful, Mr. Glass finds that good ' ole word of mouth is foolproof. (Below) Attempt¬ ing to trace the process of co-ordination, 1 Barb Nussbaum draws a star with the help of a mir¬ ror. It turns out reversed. 41 SEWING, BAKING UNDERTAKEN IN HOME-EC A little bit of art-work and a lot of patience goes into this piece of embroidery by Nancy Beer. Mrs. Pat Stuckey, Home Economics (Below) Colleen Zurcher and Louise Stucky confer on a sewing problem in Mrs. Zerkel ' s class. (Above) Decorating a " speciality " cake they have just pre¬ pared, Diane Hoffman and Pam Shoaf enjoy themselves. (Right) Stopping to chat with Carol Noll, Patty Tonnellier shows off the " Mickey Mouse " she is making in Home Ec. Unloading a tractor for Case Implement at Craigville, Jim Connelly participates in the new Ag Co-op pro¬ gram. (Right): Mr. Edwin Bryan, Business Education; Mr. Doug Hoffman, Business Education. (Above): With varying degrees of success, these Book¬ keeping students attempt to balance the figures. (Right): Taking a break from her secretarial duties at Decatur Band Trust is Arlene Aschliman, a member of Business Co-op. 43 CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, MATH ATTRACT “BRAINS’’ Using just a little of the knowledge that they have acquired in Physics, Bill Patch and Pat Miller solve a weight-vector prob¬ lem. (Left) Determining the physical limitations of rats, J. Haggard records the length of time that individuals can swim. The champ was good for 35 minutes. An¬ other Biochem student (Above Left), Alvin Mitchel, sends his rat through a maze to compare intelligence. (Above) Finding the mechanical advantage of dif¬ ferent combinations of pulleys, Greg Jesionowski care¬ fully adds weight. 44 (Left) In Chemistry, Joy Arnold and Sharon Ehrsam test an unknown material in an attempt to discover its content. (Below Left) Geometry student Leo Hei- man copies an angle using only a straightedge and compass. (Below) The results must have been alto¬ gether unexpected as Roger Tullis and Jim Bowers work with an equilateral triangle. (Bottom) Seniors Rhonda Arnold, Carol Germann, Bob Morrison, and Lynette Wilder pool their brain-power to tackle " analysis " . (Right) Sunshine Initiates (Below Right) Spanish Club meets (Below) Band and Choir combine A ' S VOCXG- cujl6 PR£SX.T £AJr LtT Kt ©££ TXXMGr- Pt re.on.v cutpe.., U£ UiXLL HAOe. WAfOV PR£TT£S UMtce X Arv XIO 46 (Above) Dave Wilder (Right) Judy Gremaux Joe and or Jane Central rolls out at the crack of 4 o ' clock, downs a quick glass of plasma to physc for Drama, hums the latest Choir tune on the way out to slop his and or her FFA project, hogs, and slips back into the house to get two solid hours of clarinet practice in before a busy day at school. So goes the life of Joe and or Jane Central (sometimes known as Joe and or Jane Well-Rounded) who is not likely to see stardust till A.M. But, after all, It ' s a Time for Clubs . . . (Right) Exemplifying their motto " service " , the Na¬ tional Honor Society sponsored a fund-raising car wipe. (Below Right) While there weren ' t always cars to wipe, there was usually someone getting smeared (Diane Sprunger by Irene Kaehr). (Below) In an ex¬ citing moment, Virgene Lengerich is tagged by Gary Tullis to be in N.H.S. ROW 1, L-R: Patti Yost, Mary Jo Nussbaum, Diane Zurcher, Debbie Everett, Becky Yost, Carol Germann, Barbara Zoll, Diane Sprunger, Debbie Neadstine, Joan Merriman. ROW 2: Rhonda Aronld, V.P.; Ann Engle, Sec.-Treas.; Miss Beavers, Sponsor. Stairs ROW 1: Barbara Sheets, Cherly Byerly, Marjorie Amstutz, Kathie Klopfleisch, Connie Stoller, Judy Gremaux, Irene Kaehr, Sharon Kaehr, Virgene Lengerich, Karen Moeschberger, Lynnette Wilder. Stairs ROW 2: Gary Tullis, Jeff Soldner, Joe Rich, Daryl Allen, J. Haggard, Gary Hack, Robert Morrison, Pat Miller, Darrell Gerig, Barry Liechty, President; Alan Aronld. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY QUILL SCROLL ROWl, L-R: Becky Yost, Secretary-Treasurer; Gary Tullis, President; Virgene Lengerich, Vice President; Mrs. Grove, Sponsor. ROW 2: Dixie Eckrote, Karen Moeschberger, Robert Morrison, Judy Gremaux, Carol Germann. ROW 3: Daryl Allen, Kathy Bieberich, Darrell Gerig, Majorie Amstutz. Quill Scroll Society was founded at the University of Iowa, April 10, .1926, as a non-secret honorary high school society. It was organized to recognize and reward ability and achievement in writing and other phases of journalistic work in high school. The purpose of Quill Scroll is to in¬ still in students the ideal of scholarship; to advance the standards of the profes¬ sion of journalism by developing better journalists and by inculcating a higher code of ethics; to promote exact and dis¬ passionate thinking, as well as clear and forceful writing. Members must be juniors or seniors in the upper third of their class in gen¬ eral scholastic standing who must have done superior work in some phase of journalism or school publication work. Though a charter was applied for in 1956, the Adams Central chapter didn ' t become active until the 1970-1971 school Quill Scroll Members Virgene Lengerich and Darrell Gerig work to get the " Jet Stream " out on time, a chore that takes skill and experience. year. 49 STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED: (L-R), Debi Barger; Kathy Barger, Secretary; Mike McKean, President; John Hammond, Vice Presi¬ dent; Amee Steury, Treasurer; Debbie Johnson. STANDING: Cherly Byerly, Dave Jesionowski, Andy Miller, Randy Landis, Kim Fisher, Bill Stoller. This is Moser Country and these are the guys that you don ' t want to mess around with--the Boy ' s Pep Club. Cheerleader Karol Hakes exhibits a little real Jet spirit and is amplified by a whole bleacher full of special Red White backers. 50 CK r j jl. lljfh rJ| ! 11? f M3 lllllll % i m r— f!-— ; tj| f ii i V h 1 1 jlj| A 4 aft It f ? h h m « ih i i m . | t ti A w A l| r?iu 1 1 am [Mil t M J ir,M X X itS A 5 f ' ID1 itLO HIGH SCHOOL PEP CLUB Supporting their team as only loyal pep blocks can, A. C. fans helped their teams through a strenuous season. The girl’s pep club was under the leadership of six dedicated cheerleaders, while two dedicated boys attempted to guide the boy ' s pep club. Bydyeing some T-shirts for use as uniforms, the girls aided the boy ' s pep club. ROW 1: R. Geyer, M. Shaffer, A. Riley, P. Miller, D. Wilder, P. Kershner, G. Schmitt, G. Jesionowski. ROW 2: T. Sprunger, S. Rich, D. Smith, S. Mailer, M. McKean, P. Miller, N. Adler, D. Gerig. ROW 3: J. Weisman, D. Eyenson, R. Owens, A. Heyerly, R. Tharp, C. Hotle, K. Zimmerman, J. Witwer. ROW 4: D. Jesionowski, M. Kaehr, R. Gremaux, J. Foreman, S. Bassett, K. Scho enherr, S. Kaehr, D. Gremaux. ROW 5: D. Rich, J. Kaehr, R. Watkins, J. Hack, L. Marckel, D. Moser, D. Aschliman, S. Miller. ROW 6: D. Wilks, R. Landis, B. Gerber, J. Arnold, R. Brock, T. Feasel. I i 51 NEWSPAPER STAFF SITTING: Dixie Eckrote, Karen Moeschberger, Don Welsh, Kathy Bieberich, Darrell Gerig, Virgene Lengerich, Becky Sommers, Cindy Rich, Cindy Hoffman. STANDING: Barb Zoll, Marjorie Amstutz, Jeff Soldner, Mrs. Grove, Dennis McCullough, Becky Sheehan. STAFFERS BIND FREEDOM, INITIATIVE The high-school newspaper has five obligations to its readers; to inform, to interpret, to instruct, to influence and to entertain. A newspaper staff must be able to view and report news without bias and with good taste. The staff of the Jet Stream is divided into three sections, news, features, and sports. Editors of these sections are responsible to the Editor-in-Chief, who, in turn, sees that the machinery of the organization is kept running efficiently. Students in Journal¬ ism class learn the art of writing, copy reading and headlining stories in addition to making up the paper. The Jet Stream is distributed every two weeks, a product of the many people who comprise the staff. With its unique facilities, the Journalism room has a little of everything for everybody. 52 YEARBOOK STRIVES TO CAPTURE TRUE PICTURE A primary goal of the ' 71 editor of the Centrails staff was to get more pic¬ tures and good pictures. With the help of a dizzy little electronic gadget called, appropriately enough, a light meter, a complicated looking gray box called a Yashica 44, and truly unkillable opti¬ mism, nearly 500 exposures were at¬ tempted . The yearbook organization this year joined the ranks of journalism students (as well as a few friendly cockroaches), in the very nerve center of publication activity--behind the blue door. The editor and his assistants faced four grueling deadlines, roughly a month apart, from March to June, and hope they put together a good book. Practicing the " soft sell " , Linda Gerber solicits an ad from Gary Ringger at the Berne Feed Mill. YEARBOOK STAFF ROW 1 (L-R): D. Allen, C. Germann, B. Miller, G. Tullis, J. Gremaux, J. Weisman, B. Morrison, Mr. Shoup, Sponsor. ROW 2: E. Kipfer, S. Christman, L. Aschliman, K. Steury, J. Brunner, B. Patch, C. Baker, A. Aschliman, P. Shoaf, J. Shoaf, N. Beer. ROW 3: E. Gerber, B. Nussbaum, S. Workinger, M. Nuss- baum, K. Bieberich, R. Geyer, D. Everett, D. Zurcher, J. Hammond, C. Noll, C. Cook. ROW 4: B. Sommer, V. Lengerich, C. Hoffman, J. Merriman, B. Teeple, R. Arnold, M. Jackson, E. Eckrote, D. Hoffman, V. Shoaf, E. Eckhart. ROW 5: D. Neadstine, R. Garwood, P. Kershner, G. Schmitt, M. McKean, G. Jesionowski, G. Ger¬ ber, M. Cauble, D. Borne, P. Tonnelier. 53 ' WLM V- m. w w p u mm i ROW 1 (L-R): C. Germann, B. Sheets, L. Gerber, L. Barger, B. Sprunger, E. Watkins, J. Heimann. ROW 2: M. Jackson, D. Borne, C. Steiner, C. Christman, D. Eckrote, P. Isch, J. Funk, C. Fruchte, K. Shee¬ han, A. Engle. ROW 3: B. Kaehr, V. Kolter, S. Mat- tax . Gerber, S. Schlickman, A. Nussbaum, S. Ar¬ nold, D. Johnson, R. Bebout, D. Gerig, J. Rich, D. Everett. ROW 4: J. Merriman, C. Slusher, K. Wulli- man, L. Ehrsam, S. Bollenbacher, B. Bergman, K. Moeschburger, J. Slusher, M. Weisman, B. Sommer, G. Tullis, D. Allen, D. Leyse, A. Heyerly. ROW 5: D. Mankey, D. Christman, D. Smith, R. Bryan. Band students must practice, and for Barb Zoll, that means triple-time; she plays oboe, flute, and pic¬ colo. 54 ROW 1 (L-R): D. Sprunger, P. Sauers, C. Johnson, D. Sprunger, R. Arnold, S. Kaehr. ROW 2: A. Mitch- el, S. Fuelling, B. Zoll, S. King, E. Smith, J. Ham¬ mond, C. Mitchel,J. Miller, B. Lichtenberger. ROW 3: K. Barger, D. Eyanson, S. Bassett, K. Steffen, M. Zurcher, L. Stucky, M. Nussbaum, R. Nussbaum, N. Sprunger, M. Gilbert, D. Miller. ROW 4: K. Zim¬ merman, R. Tullis, J. Geisel, J. Dennison, G. Gil- gen, S. Nussbaum, D. Barger, G. Gerber, D. Wilks, G. Childs, J. Soldner, A. Arnold, B. Morrison. ROW 5: T. Morningstar, B. Arnold, K. Jones, Mr. Zoll, Director. On an initial ' ’note” of relaxation the Band journeyed to Cedar Point in July for a sandy march and some fun in the hot sun. Activity crescendoing, the or¬ ganization appeared in several parades, marching to a fourth-place tie at the Bluffton Fair. The 100-yard field be¬ came home until the " Marching Band” changed to " Concert Band " and the Pep Band reigned upon the stage. Grooving on three tunes, the Stage Band scored a first at contest. As a finale, the Band swapped environs with Celina ' s Band for an Exchange Concert. With their own purple outfits, the Swing Choir earned a paycheck at the Dutch Mill, an excellent at Contest and an appearance on T.V. The High School Choir sang at the Winter and Spring Concerts as well as on Eas¬ ter ' s Sunrise. Demonstrating their talent at both seasonal concerts was the Girl ' s Glee Club which was joined by the Choir in serenading the audience at the Pops Concert. POM-POM CORPS (L-R): Cathy Eyanson, Debi Nussbaum, Patty Tonnellier, Connie John¬ son, Carolyn Steiner, Debbie Christman, Mon¬ ica Jackson, Margie Cauble. STAGE BAND ROW 1, L-R: Christi Slusher, Jim Slusher, Nan Bassett, Barb Berg¬ man, Joan Merriman, Sue Schlick- man, Karen Moeschberger. ROW 2: Sonja Poorman, Carla Mitchel, Beth Arnold, Dean Leyse, Arlin Heyerly, Daryl Allen, Bob Mor¬ rison, Jeff Soldner. ROW 3: Teri Morningstar, Gary Tullis, Dave Eyanson, Debbie Everett, Kathy Barger, Scott Bassett, Ken Zim¬ merman, Dave Smith. TWIRLERS: Nan Bassett, Kathy Arnold, Sandy Neadstine, Sharon Mankey, Janet Work- singer, Carolyn Manley, Rhonda Arnold, Jean Gilbert. 56 (ROW 1, L-R): Sue Schlickman, Sue Gerber, Angie Mitchel, Janis Funk, Carol Germann, Linda Gerber, Joan Merriman, Karen Moeschberger. (ROW 2): Sara Kaehr, Barbara Zoll, Steve Nuss- baum, Gene Gilgen, Bob Morrison, Doug Wilks, Gorden Gerber, 1 Dean Lehman. (ROW 3): Becky Sommer, Gary Tullis, Debbie Everett, Kathy Barger, Scott Bassett, Norman Sprunger, Mi k| j Gilbert, Arlin Heyerlv.Pam Isch, Teri Morningstar, Dave Smhtffl The Pops Concert provided a great opportunity for A.C. ' s more contemporary ensembles to perform. The Stage Band concen¬ trated on lively jazz and " beat " tunes (Left), while the Swing Choir produced a more restrained and melodic sound. (Below). ADAMS CENTRAL H.S. MARCHING BAND In a successful attempt to raise money, the Music Loyalty Club spon¬ sored a fish fry. Pom Pom corp member Patty Tonnel lier " does her thing " at the Heritage game. Girl ' s Glee Club works hard with Mrs. Lee before an upcoming engagement. HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR Among the five numbers the choir performed at the Winter Concert was " Oh Happy Day " in which Kathy Barger soloed. ROW 1: J. Merriman, K. Moeschberger, W. Hirschy, N. Beer, L. Miller, J. Hammond, B. Kaehr, C. Schwartz, J. Beery, S. Mattax, A. Mitchel, B. Morrison, pianist. ROW 2: S. Poorman, M. Noll, S. Christman, B. Mailer, L. Gerber, G. Everett, P. Rhodes, A. Nussbaum, C. Nussbaum, ROW 3: B. Zoll, S. Schlickman, S. Gerber, D. Miller, M. Bieberich, J. Geisel, D. Borne, V. Kolter, K. Nussbaum, S. Girod, K. Wulliman, J. Houk, D. Barger, G. Patrick, K. Barger, T. Morningstar. ROW 4: P. Isch, S. Burkhart, B. Sheets, M. Manley, K. King, M. Cauble, D. Allen, D. Seitz, K. Steffen, S. Mailer, G. Hill, B. Lichtenberger, C. Manley, L. Edwards, M. Caudle, D. Everett. ROW 5: C. Mitchel, S. Kaehr, J. Miller, C. Clark, D. Wable, C. Noll, C. Eyanson, M. Gilbert, J. Slusher, R. Reynolds, R. Bryan, D. Gerig, D. Biberstine, J. Gilbert, M. Nussbaum, R. Arnold, D. Christman, C. Steiner, J. Heimann. 59 ROW 1 (L-R): E. Kipfer, S. Schlickman, S. Poorman, J. Heimann, A. Mitchel, L. Miller. ROW 2: N. Beer, S. Gerber, J. Miller, D. Everett, B. Mailer. ROW 3: C. Clark, C. Manley, J. Merriman, M. Cauble, V. Kolter, J. Geisel. ROW 4: D. Christman, C. Noll, S. Kaehr, T. Morningstar, C. Mitchel. ROW 1 (L-R): T. Morning- star, B. Morrison, D. Smith, G. Tullis. ROW 2: S. Poor- man, D. Barger, S. Mailer, D. Allen, K. Barger, J. Hei¬ mann. ROW 3: B. Sheets, L. Wulliman, D. Gerig, R. Arn¬ old, C. Steiner. ROW 4: V. Kolter, R. Owens, K. Steffen, R. Bryan, M. Nussbaum. 60 SPEECH CLUB ROW 1 (L-R): B. Stoller, S. Workinger. ROW 2: C. Rich, S. Ehrsam, N. Beer, K. Arnold. ROW 3: D. Everett, K. Bieberich, B. Sheets, B. Nussbaum, D. Nussbaum. ROW 4: M. Lyons, J. Hammond, A. Arnold, D. Leyse, J. Sodner, D. Allen, S. Rich. ROW 5: M. Nussbaum, D. Zurcher, S. Mailer, P. Yost, S. Kaehr, B. Zoll, B. Liechty. ROW 6: L. Wilder, K. Moeschberger, V. Lengerich, C. Germann, T. Morningstar, S. Kaehr, L. Schwartz, K. Steury, G. Schmett. Sponsor: Mr. Markley ART CLUB: ROW 1 (L-R) Vicky Shoaf, V.P., Pam Shoaf, Sec.-Treas., Karen Moeschberger, Pres., DaveEyan- son. ROW2: Dave Sommers, Janean Brewster, Mike Gerber, Lynnette Wilder, Jim Slusher, Bruce Garwood, Ken Zimmerman, Elaine Echkart, Scott Bassett. Sponsor, Mr. Walsh. 61 F.F.A. YIELDS EXPERIENCE OFFICERS (L-R): Jim Connelly, Treasurer; Dave Wilder, President; Vic Steiner, Vice President; Arnie Riley, Sentinel. (STANDING): Ted Biber- stine, Reporter; Don Johnson, Secretary; Mr. Kipfer, Sponsor. (Above Right) The FFA Soil Judging Team of Greg Gerber, Ted Biberstine, Mike Klinger, Dan Fairchild, and Sponsor Mr. Kipfer placed first in the County, third in the District, and 16th at State. (Above Sophomore Future Farmers Kim Fruechte and Jan Bluhm care for the school orchard by pruning and fertilizing the young trees. (Right) Checking out several of Dan Fairchild ' s (on the right) young brood sows is student teacher Richard Paxton. 62 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA x TI Qv- r, u h|rn jr - J Mr t ' ' jab.. ' - ..0 9 r VlP 7 F.F.A. boys Mike Klinger, Dale Adler, Dwight Longsworth, and Vic Steiner learn to judge cattle by the form of various " points " . (ROW 1, L-R): D. Wilder, V. Steiner, T. Biberstine, C. Stol- ler (FFA Sweetheart), D. John¬ son, J. Connelly, A. Riley. (ROW 2): Mr. Watson (Advisor), D. Allen, G. Everett, D. Moser, S. Patch, J. Riff, G. Double, S. Kaehr, D. Roe, Mr. Kipfer (Ad¬ visor). (ROW 3): L. Ross, R. Dague, T. Tinkham,- M. Zim¬ merman, R. Bollenbacher, V. Peterson, S. Fiechter, E. Girod, D. Longsworth, G. Andrews. (ROW4): D. Engle, D. Fairchild, S. Lantz, J. Chapman, T. Jack- son, K. Steiner, J. Bluhm, S. Longenberger, R. Cook, M. Klinger, M. Eckrote, B. Hoff¬ man. (ROW 5):J. Loshe, J. John¬ son, N. Poling, B. Mutschler, B. Gerber, D. Adler, M. Sauers, M. Kaehr, D. Tinkham, T. Becher, J. Rauch. (ROW 6): T. Moser, E. Tonner, J. Bergman, D. Haines, J. Houk, K. Fruechte, R. Rehm, D. Inniger, P. Kersh- ner, R. Geyer, G. Gerber, R. Myers, J. Arnold. (ROW 7): R. Manley, F. Hammond, D. Rauch, J. Straub, R. Moser, R. Smith, D. Funk, K. Kauffman, J. Nussbaum, D. Thomas, R. Loshe, D. Longsworth, D. Dailey. 63 (Above) SUNSHINE OFFICERS (ROW 1, L-R): Mrs. Pat Stucky, Sponsor; Judy Gremaux, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Rowena Stucky, Sponsor. (ROW 2): Barbara Nussbaum, Treasurer; Deb¬ bie Barger, President; Kathie Klopfleisch, Vice President; Con¬ nie Johnson, Corresponding Secretary. (Above Right) Ideal Ladies ' and Mother ' s Tea hostess Barb Zoll serves punch to Pattie Sauers while, (Right), the ladies and Sunshine girls enjoy fellowship at the GOLD TEENS (ROW 1, L-R): Cindy Hoffman, Kathy Bieber- ich, Sharon Fuelling, Sandy Fawbush, Loretta Miller, Diane Hoffman, Chairman. (ROW 2): Cindy Baker, Loretta Aschliman, Debbie Schoenherr, Margie Dailey, Judy Gremaux. (ROW 3): Lynn Miller, Elaine Watkins, Terese Miller, Arlene Aschli¬ man, Jackie Miller. SUNSHINE SOCIETY [ ‘J 9 | « " 1 iV |r m 7 %f - m m m )T m I a , m , tB k J| The year was a busy one for the Sunshine Chapter. It all began with the District Con¬ vention, a first for Adams Central, and a great success. The next event was the annual candy sales. Benefiting from the profits were the Riley Hospital and local charities. Adop- tionfees were also paid for the society ' s foster girls. Sunshiners and their grandmothers were entertained with games at a new activity, Granny Night. Dads were not forgotten either, when their turn came on Daddy Date Night. Many girls were embarrassed as their fathers continuously returned to the main attraction, the kissing booth. In Mexican attire, the cafe¬ teria was the scene for the Sunshine Banquet: " A Mexican Fiesta”. A very special honor was bestowed Kathie Klopfleisch at the State Con¬ vention, that of being named State Recording Secretary. Before retiring as State Dean, Mrs. Stucky was able to officiate at the installation of State officers. No year would be complete without honoring the seniors, the mothers and the Ideal Ladies. And this event was The Mother ' s and Ideal Ladies ' Tea where Mr. Markley and the Speech Club presented " Let ' s Make a Deal”. Saying good-bye was a little hard for the seniors at the Senior Breakfast after such a busy and rewarding year. mk t ' " jH f VI | J (Above) At initiation, the soph girls light a symbolic candle. The lecture area was stuffed with over 500 girls at District Convention. 65 ECOLOGY, ELECTRONICS CLUBS NEW ROW 1 (L-R): Don Heimann, Scott Bassett, Elaine Watkins, Lynn Miller, Dave Sommers, Karla Yost. ROW 2: Nancy Wagley, Lisa Yost, Dave Eyanson, Karen Moeschberger, Delores Heimann, Barb Mailer. ROW 3: Becky Braden, Lynnette Wilder, Cindy Hoffman, Carol Germann. ROW 4: Bill Miller, Tyler Rupert, Neal Adler, Pat Miller, Phil Miller, Bill Patch, Mr. Smith. mm Pk ' W ' JP m IP 1 W Electronics Club: ROW 1 (L-R): R. Mailloux, P. Miller, B. Liecty, D. Wilder, B. Morrison, J. Rich, Mr. Nel- son--Sponsor. ROW 2: Mr. Chronister--Sponsor, P. Miller, N. Adler, T. Rupert, B. Miller, J. Gilbert, R. An¬ drews, A. Heyerly, J. Rich, T. Garwood, G. Schmitt, Not Pictured, M. Shaeffer. 66 DRAMA CLUB Spring means many things to different people, but to the Drama Club, it means trying out for the play which is given in the spring of each year. This year the play, BOYS AND GHOULS TO¬ GETHER, required a lot of help from other de¬ partments within the school in order to have a sinister looking castle, flying black capes, and numerous screams and howls. Beside theefforts of the AC thespians to memorize their parts, the art department, the home economics department, the electronics department and the graphic arts department loaned their knowledge and aid to the drama club. The makeup committee, stage crew, and properties committee were also invaluable to the success of the show. ROW 1: (L-R), S. Workinger, Treas., B. Nussbaum, Sec., A. Engle, Pres., D. Allen, V.P., Mrs. Grove, T. Morningstar. ROW 2: C. Baker, L. Aschliman, D. Sprunger, C. LaFontain, D. Nussbaum, K. Steury, L. Wulliman, S. Christman, A. Aschliman, N. Beer, ROW 3: K. Hakes, L. Gaunt, K. Arnold, L. Schwartz, B. Yost, B. Mailer, N. Fiechter, J. Gremaux, S. Kaehr, K. Hirschy, S. Ehrsam, S. Bertsch. ROW 4: D. Heimann, B. Zoll, J. Funk, V. Lengerich, C. Hoff¬ man, D. Smith, C. Germann, S. Mankey, K. Klop- fleisch, S. Kaehr, P. Isch, D. Sprunger. ROW 5: G. Schmitt, B. Morrison, D. McCullough, C. Eyanson, D. Borne, E. Gerber, D. Neadstine, R. Garwood, M. Nussbaum, R. Arnold, J. Rich, S. Mailer, D. Eyan¬ son. ROW 6: B. Arnold, A. Mitchel, D. Barger, P. Yost, C. Stoller, D. Eckrote, C. Rich, D. Longen- berger, A. Yost, J. Hammond, D. Zurcher, L. Braun, C. Slusher, C. Noll. ROW 7: J. Arnold, B. Sheets, C. Byerly, K. Fisher, B. Stoller, M. McKean, D. Welch, A. Arnold, R. Andrews, D. Leyse, R. Bryan, K. Bieberich, V. Kolter, J. Merriman, L. Gerber. 67 (Right) Petting his favorite owl is Count Dracula himself. The Count (Daryl Allen) was forced to move from his boyhood home because he was caught digging up his " roots " . (Below) Beginning the transformation to Granny, Debbie Everett must " get keyed " as well as avoid mirrors. Mrs. Grove handled make-up. (Above) With Model S (Mike McKean) on the blink, a g ain , granny (Debbie Everett) rushes off to begin the preparation of a secret potion. (Left) Members of the touring group Eddie (Dave Smith), Mary (Debi Barger), and Nancy (Dixie Eckrote) discuss the strange family they are " stuck " with. 68 ‘BOYS AND GHOULS TOGETHER” COMBINES GHASTLY SETTING, SUPERB PERFORMANCES (Left) This is all that any cold-blooded Transylvanian ghoul could hope for: a wife, Letha (Becky Yost), who is really " down in the earth " . (Below Left) Dirga (Barb Zoll) finally finds the man of her dreams, the Magnificent Mar- velini (Gary Schmitt). (Below Center) Although she is a fine actor, Sharon Kaehr as " Barbara " gets carried away at several points in the play--and every time by Model S (Mike McKean) the butler. (Below Right) A couple of young lovers, Dirga (Barb Zoll) and Buddy (Alan Arnold) prove they know something about " the vultures and the tsetse flys " . (Left) Emotionally involved in a game of euchre at the cast party are actors Sharon Kaehr, Becky Yost, and Daryl Allen. (Above) The Count (Daryl Allen) and his wife Letha (Becky Yost) welcome Buddy (Alan Arnold) into the Dracula family. 69 5 C2 C=7 i I (Above): Roger Geyer (Right): John Gilbert Talk about involvement. Talk about physical involve¬ ment, mental involvement, emotional involvement. If you are in high school ath¬ letics people will talk about you. It ' s a long grind; it ' s a big blast; it’s like life. It’s something to submerge your soul in, to set a goal in, to achieve your best in--no excuses offered or ac¬ cepted. It ' s a time for sports . . . ft RIFLE CLUB (KNEEL¬ ING) Kathy Barger, Jim Bowers, Lila Bar¬ ger. (ROW 1, L-R): Greg Braun, Kevin Bar¬ ger, Ross Andrews, Neil Martin, John Hack. ROW 2: Shelley Ever¬ ett, Myra Caudle, Deb¬ bie Schoenherr, Karen Seitz, Tony Braun, Martha Caudle, Darla Teeple. ROW 3: Linda Peterson, Sharon Fuel¬ ling, Robby Rich, J. Haggard, Phil Miller, Donald Harvey, Mr. Hindenlang, Sponsor. GOLF TEAM (KNEELING) Coach Habegger. (L-fy) John Wittwer, Daryl Allen, Roger Geyer, Gary Hack, Ken Zim¬ merman, Tyler Rupert, Jeff Weisman, Jack Stepler ' ;, Bob Gerber, Rick Hoffman, Kurt Schoenherr, Tim Jackson, Mike Nussbaum, Rex Young, John Hack. (Right) Putting in an evening of practice in Mr. Hindenlang ' s barn, Gary Hodle, Phil Miller, Ross Andrews, and Don Harvey set their sights on winning the next match. The Rifle Club had a fine year, undefeated in local competition and setting several new school records. GAA (ROW 1, L-R): Sharon Mankey, Sue Slickman, Shari Arnold, Elaine Watkins, Lynn Miller, Shelly Everett, Becky Kaehr, Jill Beery, Leslie Swartz, Lila Barger, Debbie Everett--President. (ROW 2): Caro¬ lyn Clark, Marcia Riley, Denise Sprunger, Kathy Barger, Dixie Eckrote,Barb Mailer, Dolores Heiman, (Left) A.C. golfer Tyler Rupert, a member of a school-record breaking five-some, approaches the green. (Below Left) Strain¬ ing to stay in the air, Cindy Rhodes scores for the GAA in the Long Jump. (Below Right) Amee Steury, in perfect form, sets in preparation to heave the eight pound shot. Kathy Hirschy, Joy Funk, Nancy Fiechter, Irene Kaehr, Beth Arnold, Cindy Rhodes--Vice Pres. (ROW 3): Becky Braden--Sec.-Treas., Emily Smith, Julie Houk, Sandy Neadstine, Janet Workinger, Sandy Rhodes, Vickie Kolter, Pam Isch, Diane Sprunger, Patti Sauers, Christi Slusher.(ROW 4): Miss Young-- Sponsor, Maralee Gilbert, Goldie Hill, Janice Ross, Nancy Wagley, Sue Bollenbacher, Angie Mitchel, Sara Kaehr, Connie Johnson, Cheryl Byerly, Carla Mitchel, Jean Gilbert, Teri Morningstar, Becky Som¬ mer, Barb Zoll, Patti Yost. I (ROW 1, L-R): Scott Bassett, Cary Zurcher, Jim Foreman, Richard Watkins, Roger Tullis. (ROW 2): Mark Kaehr, manager; Steve Braun, Kent Steffen, Leslie Marckel, Dave Seitz, Neal Poling, Mike Lyons, Rick Hurst, Manager. (ROW 3): Mr. Hoffman, Assistant Coach; Gary Tullis, Kim Fruechte, Dean Leyse, Andy Miller, Randy Landis, Kim Fisher, Don Welch, Manager; Mr. DeTurk, Head Coach. (Above) Andy Miller, whose best jump of the year was 5 ' 10 " , attacks 5 ' 0 " . Believe it or not, he cleared it. (Above Right) Freshman Randy Landis edges an Eastside opponent. (Right) Leaping with streamlined speed, Kim Fisher, clears the first high hurdle in the course. A.C. tracksters who this year had efforts good enough to qualify for sectional were Kim Fisher, pole vault; Jim Foreman, pole vault; Mike Lyons, 100 yd. dash; Andy Mil¬ ler, high jump; and Gary Tullis, two-mile, School records were set by Jim Foreman and Kim Fisher at 12 ' 0 " and Gary Tullis at 10:32.8. 74 Sandwiched between two Norwell runners, Bill Stoller strives to gain ground a half-mile before the ACAC finish. Phil Jasso shares the lead at the front of the entire ACAC at the quarter-mile mark of the 10-team classic. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM ROW 1 (L-R): D. Adler, T. Sprunger, D. Haines, B. Patch, D. Rich, R. Tullis. ROW 2: B. Stoller, R. Moser, G. Tullis, D. Wilder, R. Osterman. ROW 3: Coach Humble, S. Bieberich, J. Stepler, B. Miller, R. Borne, K. Ringger, T. Jackson, P. Miller, Not Pictured--M. Raudenbush. C.C. lived at A.C. in ’70. The har¬ rier squad boasted six returning letter - men, anew coach, a dozen or so anxious understudies, and a will to win. In tough duel and tri-angular competition the Jets forged a 9--4 record, highlighted by a 21--35 defeat of South Adams at half¬ time of the annual football clash. The A.C. team depended on depth, but also appreciated fine performances from Phil Jasso, who captured the school record at 9:45.8 and Bill Stoller, Most Valuable Runner, who also broke 10:00 at 9:52. 75 f HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM ■ i W J HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL ROW l(LtoR), Coach Ransbottom, Coach Hoffman, Coach Fallis, John j Hammond, Mike Lyons, Bruce Garwood, Rex Tharp, Leo Heimann, Mark Kaehr, Coach Hilbert, Coach Green. ROW 2, Jan Bluhm, John Wittwer, Scott Bassett, Alvin Mitchel, Jim Foreman, Jim Bowers, Jim Johnson, Ron Gremaux, Kent Steffen, Ken Zimmerman, Robin Landis, Dick Bollenbacher, Roger Geyer, Dave Eyanson, Greg Childs, Mark j Zurcher, Bill Hitchcock, Rick Rehm, Joel Houk, Kim Fisher, Bob Mutchler, Don Johnson, Leo Feasel, Rick Hurst, Richard Engle. ROW 4, Marty Shaffer, Dave Jesionowski, Kim Friechte, Robby Rich, Corky Girod, Greg Jesionowski, Andy Miller, Dean Leyse, Steve Rich, John Gilbert, Jeff Soldner, Den¬ nis McCullough, Alan Arnold. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL ROW 1 (L to R), C. Zur- cher, K. Miller, S. Kaehr, T. Feasel, D. Gremaux, J. Dennison, Mr. Green, Coach. ROW 2, Doug Moser, M. Nussbaum, G. Gilgen, R. Watkins, N. Sprunger, D. Aschliman. ROW 3, L. Stucky, S. ! Longenberger, N. Poling, Bob Gerber, R. Hoffman, D. Carr, B. Garwood, R. Nussbaum, ROW 4, E. Tonner, J. Arnold, D. Lehman, S. Mansfield, R. Landis, D. Wilks, M. Sauers, R. Myers. The reserve squad, comprised mainly of freshmen, sweats through a hard practice, (below) Andy Miller, Ken Miller and Bruce Garwood concentrate on an imminent reserve game. (top) Greg Jesionowski lunges for extra yardage, taking the defense along, (left) Spider Lyons races around end while John Gilbert gets out to block, (right) As Dick Bollenbacher awaits his turn, Coach Hilbert saturates QB Kim Fisher with directions for an upcoming play. (top, L to R) Dick Bollen¬ bacher, center; def. tackle; Marty Shaffer, off. and def. tackle; Greg Jesionowski, fullback, def. end. (ROW 2) Pat Miller, Man.; Roger Geyer, Man.; Alan Arnold, off. and def. halfback; Rick Rehm, off. guard. FOOTBALL SENIORS VARSITY WRESTLERS LO in ' S cr tn - (M U O S o pd bO 1 3 P o P -73 w 0) 3 o« H T3 « l , - 8 g 8 3 S3 g -h u et a) - Q c 0) o 2 Shu bO - O c } c o pE .5 g -p 4? U 01 +-» c d 0) oo aJ 01 Uh 8 o H Pi I h-J aJ £ t! 2 8 rt rG « G i5 rt - 8 G Id ° o g J W £ O Pi I-C U Q r « ►c OJ . m u S .B £1 ■§ ° 5 X O rG 0 o o in c £ w 3 - g oJ 8 . d - s 75 u w 8 Wrestling--a sport which takes a great amount of personal discipline, will power and a Brutally Aggressive Guy Uninhibited By Adversity, or BAGUBA for short. In Adams Central ' s first year of wrestling, Dave Smith and Dave Wilder shared the honors for BAGUGA of the year and team co-captains. They helped lead their team to an even 4--4 season. Dan Gremaux registered the season ' s fastest pin as he defeated his opponent in 33 seconds during the Mon¬ roe Central match, which ended as the entire teams most successful encounter of the year. Scott Bassett won the 120 pound weight division title during the Homestead Invitational meet in January, and was one of four wrestlers from A.C. to advance beyond the first round of sec¬ tional competition. 78 (above) Steve Rich tests the " Old Master " and finds him¬ self tangled with holds he ' s never heard of. (above right) It takes the whole team to win a wrestling match. Second round sectional contestants: (L-R) Dave Rich via bye, Dave Smith, decision; Tom Sprunger, pin; and Scott Bassett, decision. (below right) Before bowing to his first loss, Tom Sprunger dominates his S.A. opponent. " Feedbaggers " Steve Rich, Tom Sprunger and Ken Zim¬ merman agree: food sure tastes good when you ' ve been hungry for three months. 79 (Front to Back) Bill Stoller Randy Moser Kim Fisher Jeff Sftldner John Gilbert • . . • (Front to Back) John Hammond Alan Arnold Ron Borne Roger Osterman Dean Leyse Junior guard Kim Fisher delicately toes the line as he releases a foul shot. The Jet ' s season free throw average was .612. Success is a hard quantity to measure; a label like 2--18 stamped onto a season doesn ' t account for all the effort, the desire, and the getting beat and coming back. After a slow start, the Jets found their range against Southern Wells in an exciting home game, winning 67--62. Climaxing a series of close contests was a 76--78 loss to Eastside and in the final stretch the A.C. club took out Homestead on the foreign floor 63--59. Psyched to play inspired ball, the Flying Jets nearly made it at sectional, turning ice-cold against South Adams after a third quarter lead. Veteran Bill Stoller, season high point man, represented A.C. on the ACAC Honorable Mention team. Varsity Basketball Straining for every possible inch, John Gil¬ bert jumps center as a tensed Adams Cen¬ tral team faces Heritage. In the B-team contest, as Mike Lyons fires, his team-mates Greg Childs, Andy Miller, and DeWayne Haines converge on the bas¬ ket. 81 Reserve Basketball ROW 1 (L-R): Greg Childs, Tim Jackson, Mike Raudenbush, Steve Bieberich. ROW 2: Mike Braun, Dwayne Haines, Rick Hurst, Robin Landis, Mark Zurcher, Kedrick Ringger. ROW 3: Coach Bryan, Rod Bryan, Dan Kerschner, Andy Miller, Kim Fruechte, Charlie Foor, Jim Slusher. As Ron Borne gets around his man, Andy Miller moves into rebound position. Only a sophomore, Kim Fruechte adds a little steam to the Jet effort by out-jumping his man. 82 ROW 1 (L-R): Don Fiech- ter, Lynn Stucky, Dale Adler, Dave Carr, Randy Nussbaum, Mike Nuss- baum. ROW 2; Carey Zurcher, Doug Wilks, Eric Tonner, Rick Hoffman, Richard Brock, Bob Ger¬ ber. ROW 3: James Den¬ nison--manager, James Arnold, Ron Myers, Randy Landis, Dean Lehman, Mike Gilbert--manager. An important customer, Mr. Payne picks up his Jet cushion, the sale of which raised money for the Let- terman ' s Club. ROW 1 (L-R): Mr. Huffman, Steve Bieberich, Gary Hack, Dave Eyanson, John Hammond, Roger Geyer, Jim Foreman, Tony Braun, Tom Spruger, John Witt- wer. ROW 2: Roger Tullis, Leo Heimann, Dave Wilder, Ron Gremaux, Mike Raudenbush, Darrell Gerig, Jim Bowers, Steve Kiser, Mike Lyons. ROW 3: Phil Miller, Jeff Soldner, Gary Tullis, Rex Tharp, Kim Fisher, Bill Stoller, Marty Shaffer, Alvin Mit- chel, Pat Miller, Mark Zurcher. ROW 4: Randy Moser, Ross Andrews, Don Welch, John Gilbert, Dean Leyse, Greg Jesionowski, Steve Rich, Roger Osterman, Corky Girod, Jay Haggard, Alan Arnold. Letterman’s Club 83 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS (TOP TO BOTTOM) Patti Yost, Cheryl By- erly, Karol Hakes, Connie Stoller, Joy Ham¬ mond, Diane Zurcher. (Above) Piling up in two stories, the Varsity Cheerleaders strain to extract every ounce of cheerpower from the pep block. (Right) By adding the B -Tearn Cheerleaders, an even more complex formation can be arranged. 84 B-TEAM CHEER¬ LEADERS (L-R) Janet Workinger, Karla Yost, Beth Arnold. (ROW 1, L-R): Lynn Stucky, Randy Nussbaum, Mike Lyons, Ron Gremaux, John Hammond, Chuck Hodle. (ROW 2) Greg Childs, Jim Arnold, Ron Myers, Alan Arnold, Alvin Mitchel, Bob Mutschler, Dale Adler, Mark Zur- cher. (ROW 3) Mr. McIntosh, Assistant Coach; Kent Steffen, Manager; Rick Hurst, Ron Borne, Jeff Soldner,Kim Fisher, Richard Watkins, Manager; Mr. Fallis, Head Coach. Leaping towards the bag, John Hammond tries to beat the ball back to third base from a long lead-off. He made it. 85 GLOVEMEN BECOME SURPRISE SECTIONAL CHAMPS! vstzf i r W M % r " v ■ w ' ■ 4 ■ ' ■ ,1 (Above) As the opposing catcher baubles the ball, Kim Fisher chalks up another run. (Corner) With the aid of his teammates, Ron Borne makes the play at first. (Left) Alvin Mitchel heads for home on Ron Borne ' s hit. (Below Left) Backed by a stand full of A.C. fans, Jeff Soldner takes a solid cut. (Below) The ball beats Dale Adler and the innings over. Alvin Mitchel heads to first with a hit. Better stand back! 86 ALL-SPORTS SCOREBOARD CROSS COUNTRY (9—4) TRACK (1 — 10) A.C. 27, Churubusco 28; A.C. 18, S. Wells Bluffton 36, Bellmont 41 A.C. 28, Leo 88; A.C. 23, Woodlan 97 A.C. 34, 55 A.C. 61, Southern Wells 57 A.C. 48, Carroll 15, A.C. 47, Norwell 16 A.C. 14, Portland 76, Bluffton 58 A.C. 26, Heritage 29; A.C. 15, Eastside 45 A.C. 13, Heritage 101; A.C. 27, Homestead 90 A.C. 21, South Adams 35 (Football Game) A.C. 14, Norwell 104; A.C. 15, Churubusco 85 A.C. 24, Homestead 35; A.C. 24, Leo 33 A.C. 33, Bellmont 85 A.C. 32, Woodlan 23 A.C. 47, Eastside 69; A.C. 16, Carroll 102 A.C. 28, Woodlan 27 (Football Game) A.C.A.C. Meet A.C. 10th of 10 Churubusco Inv. A.C. 9th of 24 Adams-Wells Meet A.C. 5th of 6 Limberlost Inv. A.C. 3rd of 10 M.V.P.— Kim Fisher A.C.A.C. Meet A.C. 5th of 10 Sectional A.C. 16 of 21 M.V.P.—Bill Stoller SUMMER BASEBALL (10—19) GOLF (5--14) A.C. 254 Bluffton 243 A.C. 254 Norwell 241 A.C. 254 Homestead 217 A.C. 229 Bluffton 211 A.C. 234 Churubusco 212 A.C. 234 S. Wells 254 A.C. 234 Carroll 211 A.C. 234 Portland 219 A.C. 246 Bellmont 219 A.C. 225 Woodlan 229 A.C. 225 Leo 222 A.C. 245 Bellmont 219 A.C. 245 South Adams 200 A.C. 223 S. Wells 262 A.C. 230 Heritage 232 A.C. 230 Eastside 245 A.C. 229 Churubusco 225 A.C. 235 South Adams 226 A.C. 451 Norwell 421 Central Noble Invitational A.C. 16th of 19 A.C.A.C. Meet A.C. 8th of 10 Sectional A.C. 20th of 21 School Record Medalist--Roger Geyer FOOTBALL (1--8) A.C. 6 Blackford 34 A.C. 6 Heritage 38 A.C. 0 Churubusco 13 A.C. 6 South Adams 24 A.C. 0 Norwell 14 A.C. 0 Carroll 8 A.C. 6 Woodlan 26 A.C. 7 Leo 13 A.C. 26 Eastside 7 M.V.P.- -Greg Jesionowski All-Conference--Corky Girod and Greg Jesionowski BASKETBALL (2--18) A.C. 67 Blackford 96 A.C. 60 Pennville 63 A.C. 40 Bishop Luers 79 A.C. 53 Norwell 82 A.C. 60 Woodlan 91 A.C. 45 South Adams 69 A.C. 32 Carroll 77 A.C. 68 Churubusco 73 A.C. 47 Bellmont 70 A.C. 67 S. Wells 62 A.C. 57 Portland 64 A.C. 49 Heritage 64 A.C. 76 Eastside 78 A.C. 56 Eastbrook 57 A.C. 63 Homestead 59 A.C. 47 Bluffton 68 A.C. 52 Leo 93 A.C. 71 Bryant 93 A.C. 48 Heritage 85 A.C. 46 South Adams 50 Sectional Captain—Bill Stoller SPRING BASEBALL (8—6) A.C. 15 Homestead 7 A.C. 23 Homestead 4 A.C. 8 Heritage 7 A.C. 8 Bluffton 9 A.C. 4 S. Wells 5 A.C. 5 Leo 16 A.C. 8 Winchester 5 A.C. 2 Winchester 12 A.C. 3 Norwell 5 A.C. 18 Penville 1 A.C. 8 Heritage 4 A.C. 11 Bryant 0 A.C. 5 Bellmont 1 A.C. 2 Yorktown 6 Sectional Regional A.C. 1 Heritage 2 A.C. 10 Portland 1 A.C. 10 S. Wells 3 A.C. 15 Pennville 0 A.C. 14 Pennville 5 A.C. 0 Leo 3 A.C. 0 Norwell 16 A.C. 3 Heritage 4 A.C. 7 Penniville 0 A.C. 2 South Adams 9 A.C. 2 Eastside 3 A.C. 8 Bryant 11 A.C. 6 Dunkirk 16 A.C. 12 Woodlan 17 A.C. 5 Crestview 1 A.C. 3 Crestview 8 A.C. 0 Leo 14 A.C. 6 Pennville 5 A.C. 0 Parkway 8 A.C. 6 Parkway 7 A.C. 0 Churubusco 9 A.C. 4 Carroll 10 A.C. 8 Dunkirk 25 A.C. 6 Norwell 0 A.C. 6 Pennville 4 A.C. 7 Heritage 11 A.C. 8 Heritage 9 A.C. 0 S. Wells 4 A.C. 17 S. Wells 2 M.V.P.S. --Mike Lyons and Mark Zurcher WRESTLING (4—4) A.C. 25 Carroll 33 A.C. 38 Woodlan 18 A.C. 35 Monroe Central 23 A.C. 28 Homestead 26 A.C. 15 Blackford 40 A.C. 25 South Adams 27 A.C. 12 Norwell 43 A.C. 40 Monroe Central 18 Homestead Inv. A.C. 4th of 4 BAGUBA of year tie--Dave Smith and Dave Wilder 87 Friends HI JOHKl... HI JOE... VJKATIS NEIO, K.R1HV... HO J VA ' ' DoxiO , ' Ba«0? HI DAU6. „. HE.V.LO TUtflE. 6ILU, UJIfiT ' S Meu? hi. LI Mb A. crwbV! nou va " MAM XW ' , klb?. . . HI S A mui-! They ' re all around. They’re in class, helping, and in the hallway, chatter¬ ing and ambling; and in the lab. They ' re in the library around that special table, at lunch and in the confer¬ ence room and in the Jour¬ nalism room. Friends sur¬ round you after school, flooding every corner of your life. They get on your nerves. They get inside of you. You have more of them now than at any other time of your life. It ' s a time for friends . . . ' ■-} r.S ' i rnmmm mMm smm -t IN OURSELVES OUR FUTURE LIES Senior Class officers (L-R), Rhonda Arnold, Secretary; Gary Schmitt, President; Dave Wilder, Vice-President; Sharon Workinger, Treasurer. With the formalities of electing offi - cers, choosing the class motto (above), and the class colors, red and white, and ordering their graduation announcements, personal cards, and thank-you cards, the Big Men on Campus (Seniors) carried out the traditional pranks. Even though the annual Washington’s Birthday T.P. festi¬ val had to be postponed to Good Friday, the several private parties made it on schedule. The 12th grade guys sucked ' em up in 70-71 and starred in several indi¬ vidual as well as team sports. As their twelfth long year slipped by the class of 71 began to look forward to jobs, college, and marriage but undoubtedly faced grad¬ uation with a little sadness. Neal O. Adler Daryl R. Allen Alan D. Arnold Rhonda S. Arnold Arlene S. Aschliman Loretta K. Aschliman 90 Saa Cynthia M. Baker Debra L. Barger Nancy J. Beer Kathy L. Bieberich Charles R. Bollenbacher Ricky A. Bollenbacher Debora h L. Borne Janean L. Brewster ss 11 Jo E. Brunner Marge D. Cauble Sherrie C. Christman James A. Connelley Carla J. Cook Elaine J. Eckhart Merle L. Ellenberger Ann M. Engle Deborah K. Everett Rogar L. Everett Catherine J. Eyanson Tom L. Garner Rita E. Garwood Elaine A. Gerber Linda L. Gerber Darrell L. Gerig II 92 Carol E. Germann Rogar A. Geyer Eddie A. Girod James E. Grove Charles L. Hamilton Fred W. Hammond Joy E. Hammond Phyllis J. Hirschy Diane S. Hoffman Monica D. Jackson Greg B. Jesionowski Victor A. Jordan Sharon M. Kaehr Kerry D. Kauffman Phil G. Kershner Elaine K. Kipfer Barry H. Liechty Dennis H. Longsworth Rick A. Loshe Stephen A. Mailer Michael C. McKean Joan E. Merriman Patrick L. Miller Phillip J. Miller 94 William J. Miller Karen S. Moeschberger Robert E. Morrison Randall D. Moser Debra A. Neadstine Beth E. Neuenschwander Carol L. Noll Barbara J. Nussbaum Debra S. Nussbaum Jed A. Nussbaum Mary Jo Nussbaum William W. Patch 95 Judith D. Patrick Cheryl A. Pierce Dan Rauch Ricky L. Rehm Joseph S. Rich Arnold L. Riley Tyler K. Rupert Gary R. Schmitt Bruce E. Schug Leslie J. Schwartz Marty G. Shaffer Barbara A. Sheets 96 Marilyn Jane Shoaf Pamela Shoaf Victoria L. Shoaf David J. Smith Roger W. Smith Carolyn S. Steiner Karen S. Steury William D. Stoller Becky M. Teeple Marilyn J. Thatcher Donald R. Thomas Charles H. Tinkham 97 Vernon D. Tinkhan Patricia K. Tonnellier Gary W. Tullis Gary Watkins David E. Wilder Lynnette J. Wilder Sharon K. Workinger Linda M. Wulliman Rebecca A. Yost Pattiann Yost Diane M. Zurcher Janet L. Zurcher 98 1. Seniors always have time for a chat, and occasionally time for the Jet Stream. 2. Ann Engle just can ' t keep a straight face sometimes. 3. Although they weren ' t designed for total relaxation, Kathy Bieberich proves those lecture seats are adequate. 4. Ask any Senior. 5. It ' s Christmas and Patti Yost, Cindy Baker, Karen Steury, Debi Nussbaum and Debi Barger can ' t resist a party. 6. A fine prospect for " Best Chest " , Steve Mailer proves " a healthy person is a happy person " . 7. Debi Barger and Barb Nussbaum concentrate on comp. 8. SENIORS Mary Jo Nussbaum and Rhonda Aronld take one last plunge into childhood. 9. Jim Grove, registering no shock, and Rick Loshe pick up their semester report cards. 99 NEAL ALDER--Boy ' s Pep Club 4; Ecology Club 4, Pres. 4; Ele. Club 3, 4, Sec. 4; Band 1,2,3; NISBOVA 1,2; Pep Band 1,2. DARYL ALLEN--Speech Club 4; NHS 3,4; Quill Scroll 4; Yearbook 3,4; Drama 2,3,4, V.P. 4; Student Librar- ian3; Golf 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; State FFA Band 1,2,3; National FFA Band 4; Dairy Team 1; Band 1,2,3,4; NIS¬ BOVA 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 4; Swing Choir 3,4; Wrestling 4. ALAN ARNOLD--Spanish Club 2,3; Speech Club 4; NHS 3,4; Letterman ' s Club 2,3,4, V.P. 4; Yearbook4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Class Pres. 2; Track 1,3; Exp. Teaching 4; Band 1,2,3,4; NIS¬ BOVA 1; Summer Baseball 1,2,3,4; Spring Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain4. RHONDA ARNOLD--Spanish Club 2.3, Sec. 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; NHS 3.4, V.P. 4; Newspaper 3; Yearbook 4; Drama 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Class Pres. 1; Class Sec. 4; Band 1,2,3,4; NIS¬ BOVA 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,3; Swing Choir 3,4; Twirier 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3. ARLENE ASHCHLIMAN--French Club 1; Gold Teens 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Yearbook 4; Drama 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Student Librarian 1,2,3; Business Co¬ op 4; Choir 3; Girl ' s Glee Club 3. LORETTA ASCHLI MAN--French Club 1; Spanish Club 3; Gold Teens 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Drama 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Class V.P. 3; Student Librarian 3; Exp. Teach¬ ing 4. CINDY BAKER--Spanish Club 2,3; Gold Teens 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Drama 4; SSS 2,3,4; Student Librar¬ ian 4. DEBRA BARGER--French Club 3; Gold Teens 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 3; Yearbook 4; Drama 3,4; Rifle Club 2,3; SSS 2,3,4, V.P. 3, Pres. 4; Homecoming Court 4; Student Council 4; Exp. Teaching 4; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; PepBand 2; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2,3; Swing Choir 3,4; GAA 1,2. NANCY BEER--Speech Club 4, Treas. 4; Gold Teens 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Drama 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Student Librarian 1,2,3; Exp. Teach- ing4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1.4. KATHY BIEBERICH--Spanish Club 2,3; Speech Club 4; Gold Teens 2,3,4; Quill Scroll 4; Newspaper 3,4, Fea¬ ture Editor 4; Yearbook 4; Drama 4; SSS 2,3,4; Exp. Teaching 4; Choir 1,2,3; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2,3; Banner Carrier 1,2; Pom-Pom 3; GAA 2,3. DICK BOLLENBACHER—Football 1, 2.3.4. RICK BOLLEN B AC HE R- - FF A 4. DEBBIE BORNE--Gold Teens 2; Pep Club 1,2,4; Yearbook 4; Drama 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3, 4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2. JANEAN BREWS TER--Art Club 1; SSS 4. JO BRUNNER--Gold Teens 1; Pep Club 1; Yearbook 4; Rifle Club 1; SSS 2,3,4; Student Librarian 2; Busi¬ ness Co-op 4; Twirler 1,2; Cheer¬ leader 2,3. MARGE CAUBLE--French Club 1; Speech Club 4; Art Club 1,2; Gold Teens 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Year¬ book 4; Rifle Club 1,2,3; Drama 4; Student Librarian 2; Choir 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Pom-Pom Girl 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4. SHERI CHRISTMAN--Gold Teens 2; Pep Club 1,2,4; Yearbook 4; Drama 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Exp. Teaching 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Swing Choir 4. JIM CONNELLEY- - Ag Co-op 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Livestock Team 3,4. CARLA COOK--French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; SSS 2,3,4; Business Co-op 4. ELAIN ECKHART—French Club 1; Art Club 3,4; Gold Teens 1,2,3; Year¬ book 4; SSS 2,3,4. MERLE ELLENBERGER- - Art Club 1,2; FFA 1. ANN ENGLE--Spanish Club 2,3; Speech Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4, V.P. 3; NHS 3,4, Sec-Treas. 4; Drama 3,4, Pres. 4; SSS 2,3,4, Sec. 3; Exp. Teaching 4; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2; Choir 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,3; Campus Life 1,3. DEBBIE EVERETT--Spanish Club 2,3; Speech Club 4; Art Club 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Sec. 2; NHS 4; Yearbook 4; SSS 2,3,4; Class Sec. 3; Student Li¬ brarian 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3,4; Drama 4. ROGER EVERETT CATHY EYANSON--Spanish Club 2,3; Gold Teens 2; Pep Club 1,2,4; Yearbook 4; Drama 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2; Choir 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2,3; Pom- Pom Girl 1,3,4; Twirler 2; GAA 1,2. TOM GARNER--Newspaper Staff 2. RITA GARWOOD--Pep Clu b 4; Year¬ book 4; SSS 2,3,4; Business Co-op 4. ELAINE GERBER--Pep Club 1,2,3; Yearbook 4; Drama 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Elem. Librarian2,3; Band 1,2,3; Choir 1,2,3; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,3. LINDA GERBER--Spanish Club 2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Drama 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1; Choir 1,2,3,4; PepBand 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,3. DARRELL GERIG--Spanish Club 2,3; Speech Club 3; Boy ' s Pep Club 4; NHS 3,4; Quill Scroll 4; Letterman ' s Club 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 3,4, Asst. Editor 3, Editor4; Student Coun¬ cil; Volleyball 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2,3; Choir 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3; Swing Choir 3,4. CAROL GERMANN--Spanish Club 2, 3; Speech Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Quill Scroll 4; Ecology 4; Yearbook 4,Photographer 4; SSS 2,3,4; Band 1, 2,3,4, Sec. 2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,3; Girl ' s State Delegate 4; Purdue Band Camp 4. ROGER GEYER—Boy ' s Pep Club 2,4; Letterman ' s Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Golf 1,2,3,4; FFA 4; Summer Base¬ ball 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1 , 2 . ED GIROD--Track 1,2,3; Ag Co-op 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Vegtable team 3; Basketball 1,2. JIM GROVE CHUCK HAMILTON—Art Club 1; Rifle Club 1; Football 1. FRED HAMMOND--French Club 1; Ag Co-op 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Football 1. JOY HAMMOND--FrenchClub 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2; Yearbook 4; Drama 3, 4; SSS 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 4; Choir 1; GAA 2; Cheerleader 3,4. PHYLLIS HIRSCHY--Pep Club 1,2,3; Yearbook 4; Choir 1,2; Girl ' s Glee Club 1. DIANE HOFFMAN--French Club 1; Art Club2,3,4, Reporter 3; GoldTeens 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 3; Yearbook 4; SSS 2,3,4; Business Co-op 4. MONICA JACKSON--Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; Yearbook 4; Drama 2,3; SSS 2, 3,4; Student Council 2; Student Li¬ brarian 2,4; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2; Choir 3; Girl ' s Glee Club 3; Pom- Pom Girl 2,3,4; GAA 1,2. GREG JESIONOUSKI--Spanish Club 2,3; Letterman ' s Club 2,3,4, Pres. 4; Drama 4; Class V.P. 1; Yearbook 4; Student Librarian 2; Summer Baseball 1; Spring Baseball 1; Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4; Basketball 1,2,3. VIC JORDAN—Art Club 1; Track 1; Choir 2; Football 1. SHARON KAEHR—French Club 1,2, 3, V.P. 3; Speech Club 3,4, Pres. 3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Drama 4; SSS 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 3; Stu¬ dent Council 1; Choir 1; Girl ' s Glee Club 1; GAA 1. KERRY KAUFFMAN--Ag Co-op 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Livestock Team 2; Soil Team 3; Dairy Team 1; Basketball 2. PHIL KERSHNER—Art Club 1,2; Boy ' s Pep Club 2,4; Yearbook 4; Rifle Club 1; FHA 4; Choir 1,2; Football 1. ELAINE KIPFER--Spanish Club 2,3; Gold Teens 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Year¬ book 4; SSS 2,3,4; Student Librarian 2; Exp. Teaching 4; Choir 4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,4. BARRY LIECHTY--French Club 1; Speech Club 4; NHS 3,4, Pres. 4; Electronics 3,4, V.P. 4. DENNY LONGSWORTH—Ag Co-op 4; FFA 1,3,4. RICK LOSHE--Class Treasurer 1; Ag Co-op 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. STEVE MALLER—French Club 2,3; Boy ' sPepClub 2,4; Letterman ' s Club 4; Yearbook 4; Drama 4; Class Treas¬ urer 2; Exp. Teaching 4; Choir 1,2,3, 4; Swing Choir 4; Wrestling 4. MIKE McKEAN--Spanish Club 2,3; Boy ' s Pep Club 2,4, V.P. 2; Letter- man ' s Club 4; Yearbook 4; Drama 3, 4; Student Council 4, Pres.; Track 2; Golf 1; Football 2; Basketball 1; Wrestling 4. JOAN MERRIMAN--Spanish Club 2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; NHS 4; Year¬ book 4; Drama 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 3; Choir 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,3,4. PAT MILLER--Spanish Club 2,3; Boy ' s Pep Club 2,4; NHS 4; Ecology 4; Electronics 3,4; FFA 1,2; Football Manager 3,4. PHIL MILLER--Spanish Club 2,3; Boy ' s Pep Club 2,4; Ecology 4; Elec¬ tronics 3,4; Letterman ' s Club 2,3,4; Rifle Club 1,2,3,4; Cross Country Manager 3,4. WILLIAM MILLER--Spanish Club 2,3; Boy ' s Pep Club 2; Quill Scroll 4; Electronics 4; Yearbook 4; Cross Country 4; Wrestling 4. KAREN MOESCHBERGER--French Club 1,2,3; Speech Club 4; Art Club 1,2,3,4; NHS 4; Quill Scroll 4; Ecology 4; Newspaper 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,4; Choir 1, 2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,3. BOB MORRISON--FrenchClub 1,2,3, Treas. 2, Pres. 3; NHS 3,4; Quill Scroll4; Electronics 4, Treas.; News¬ paper 4; Yearbook 4; Drama 2,3,4; Student Council 3, V.P.; Track 1; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Purdue Band Camp 2; Stage Band 3,4; Swing Choir 4. RANDY MOSER--Letterman ' s Club 2,3,4; Volleyball 2,3; Ag. Co-op 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Livestock team 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2, 3.4. DEBBIE NEADSTINE--SpanishClub 2, 3.4. reporter 4; Art Club 2; Gold Teens 2; NHS 4; Yearbook 4; Drama Club 4; SSS 2,3,4. BETH NEUENSCHWANDER--Spanish Club 2,3; Gold Teens 2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; SSS 2,3,4. CAROL NOLL--Art Club 2; Gold Teens 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Year¬ book 4; Drama Club 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Elem. Librarian 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3, 4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,3,4. BARBARA NUSSBUAM--Spanish Club 2,3; Speech Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; Yearbook 4; Drama Club 3,4, Sec. 4; SSS 2,3,4, Treas. 4; Class Sec. 1; Homecoming Court 3; Band 1,2,3; Choir 1; Girl ' s Glee Club 1; GAA 1,2,3; Cheerleader 2. DEBBIE NUSSBAUM--French Club 1, 2,3; Speech Club 3,4, Sec. 3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Drama Club 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Exp. Teaching 4; Band 1,2; NISBOVA 1,2; Choir 1,2; Girl ' s Glee Club 1; Pom-Pom corps 3,4; GAA 1,2. JED NUSSBAUM--Ag Co-op 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Livestock team 2. MARY JO NUSSBAUM--French Club 1,2,3; Speech Club 4; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; NHS 4; Yearbook 4; Drama Club 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Exp. Teaching 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,3; Swing Choir 3,4. BILL PATCH—French Club 2,3; Ecol¬ ogy Club 4; Newspaper 4; Yearbook 4; Drama Club 4; Volleyball 3; Cross Country 3,4; Boy ' s Pep Club 2,4. JUDY PATRICK--Art Club 2; Pep Club 2,3; SSS 2,3,4; Choir 2,3; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2,3. CHERYL PIERCE--French Club 1; Spanish Club 2,3; Art Club 1; Pep Club 1,2,3; SSS 2,3,4; Exp. Teaching 4. DAN RAUSH--Ag Co-op 4; FFA 1,2, 3.4. RICK REHM--Art Club 1; Boy ' s Pep Club 2; Rifle Club 1; FFA 1,2,3,4; Livestock team 1,2,3,4; Vegetable team 1,2,3,4; Choir 1; Baseball 1,2; Football 1,4. JOE RICH--SpanishClub 2,3; NHS 3, 4; Electronics 3,4, Pres. 4; Newspaper 3; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3. ARNOLD RILEY—Boy ' sPep Club 2,4; Rifle Club 1,2; Track 1,2; Volleyball 3; Ag Co-op 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Livestock team 1,2,3,4; Soil Team 3; Vegetable team 1,2,3; Choir 1; Basketball 1,2; Cross Country 1,2. TYLER RUPERT--Spanish Club 2,3; Boy ' s Pep Club 2,4; Ecology Club 4, V.P.; Electronics, reporter 4; Letter¬ man ' s Club 2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4. GARY SCHMITT — Spanish Club 2,3; Speech Club 3,4; Boy ' s Pep Club 4; Electronics 4; Yearbook 4; Drama Club 4; Class Pres. 4; Football 4; Basketball 2. BRUCE SC HUG--Volleyball 3; Bas¬ ketball 1,2. LESLIE SCHWARTZ—French Club 1, 2; Speech Club 2,4; Gold Teens 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Drama Club 4; SSS 2,4; Exp. Teaching 4; Band 1,2; NISBOVA 1,2; Choir 1,2; GAA 1,2,4; Exchange Student 3. MARTY SHAFFER--Boy ' s Pep Club 2,4; Letterman ' s Club 3,4; Home¬ coming Court 4; Student Librarian 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4. BARB SHEETS--French Club 1; Speech Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; NHS 4; Drama Club 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2, 3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2,3; Swing Choir 3,4. JANE SHOAF--Spanish Club 2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; SSS 2,3,4; Business Co-op 4; Band 1,2,3; NIS¬ BOVA 2,3; Choir 1,2,3; Pep Band 3; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2,3; Swing Choir 3; GAA 1,2,3. PAM SHOAF—Art Club, Sec.-Treas. 4; Gold Teens 1,2,3; Yearbook 4; SSS 2,3,4. VICKY SHOAF—Art Club 2,3,4, Sec- Treas. 3, V.P. 4; Gold Teens 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; SSS 2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2,3. DAVID SMITH--Spanish Club 2,3, Pres. 3; Boy ' s Pep Club 4; Yearbook 4; Drama Club 3,4; Class Pres. 3; Track 1. Continued on page 136. Junior Class Officers (L-R), Dianne Sprunger, Secre¬ tary; Nancy Fiechter, Vice-President; Jeff Soldner, President; Dean Leyse, Treasurer. JUNIORS FACE MARKLEY, NUMEROUS DECISIONS The class of ' 72 found it hard to realize that they were finally Juniors, especially after losing the annual magazine sales to the sophs. Their pride, however, was soon boosted by Richard Engle ' s feat of devouring eighteen ice cream sandwiches while working the concessions, and by the successful move started by Junior girls, that allowed slacks to be worn at school. There was work, SATs, term papers, History, and increasing lead¬ ership responsibilities. And there was fun; the Patterson Field of which Rod Owens and Teri Morningstar are members, performed at the Junior dance on Jan. 2, and then there was the Prom, going steady, and driving in¬ stead of walking. Lora Adler Marjorie Amstutz Ross Andrews Joy Arnold Kathy Arnold Shirley Bertsch Ted Biberstine Ron Borne Jim Bowers Lois Braun Tony Braun Cheryl Byerly Paula Campbell Dixie Eckrote Kay Ehrman Sharon Ehrsam Richard Engle Theresa Everett Dan Fairchild Sandy Fawbush 102 Leo Feasel Nancy Fiechter Kim Fisher Dan Funk Janis Funk Lynn Garner Dwayne Garwood Rockie Garwood Tom Garwood Linda Gaunt Greg Gerber Rex Gerber John Gilbert Corky Girod Judy Gremaux Gary Hack J. Haggard Karol Hakes John Hammond Dolores Heimann Leo Heimann Arlin Heyerly Lois Heyerly Garry Hindenlang Kathy Hirschy Wanda Hirschy Gary Hodle Cindy Hoffman Jackie Irwin Pam Isch At the concessions during a frantic half-time, Nancy Fiechter takes a hurried glance around before it ' s back to work helping fill the Junior tre asury. f Phillip Jasso Don Johnson Irene Kaehr Sara Kaehr Steve Kiser Mike Klinger Kathie Klopfleisch Carol LaFontaine Loretta Larkin Virgene Lengerich Dean Leyse Debbie Longenberger Mike Lyons Randy Mailloux Barb Mailer Sharon Mankey Dennis McCullough Alvin Mitchel Teri Morningstar Terry Moser Sherrill Myers Steve Nussbaum Roger Osterman Rod Owens Priscilla Patton Vern Peterson Cindy Rhodes Cindy Rich Jon Rich Robby Rich Steve Rich Lynn Roe Debbie Roe Beccy Sheehan Christi Slusher 104 A Harlem Satellite takes time out to chat with Lora Adler Priscilla Patton, and a smiling Kay Ehrman. In a speech demonstration, Jeff Soldner lets the world know that just because he plays ball doesn ' t mean he couldn ' t lead cheers. Dianne Sprunger Tom Sprunger Wanda Sprunger Kent Steiner Vic Steiner Connie Stoller Cindy Tee pie Rex Tharp Roger Tullis Bill Vore Don Welch Sheila Wolfe Amy Yost Marshal Zimmerman Barbara Zoll 105 Beth Arnold Kathy Barger Lila Barger Scott Bassett Carolyn Bebout Tim Becher Jill Beery John Bergman Donna Biberstine Marlene Bieberich SOPHOMORES WIN Steve Bieberich Jan Bluhm Becky Braden Mike Braun Steve Braun Phil Brodbeck MAGAZINE RACE Kirkland Kut-ups Beth Aronld, Vickie Kolter and Julie Houkfind that passing a cheerio can be quite a problem. Rodney Bryan Susan Burkhart Martha Caudle John Chapman Greg Childs Carolyn Clark Russell Cook Don Dailey Gary Double Steve Elzey 106 Gwen Everett Shelly Everett Dave Eyanson Stan Fiechter Charles Foor Jim Foreman Connie Fruchte Kim Fruechte Susie Garwood Joyce Geisel 5 Sophomore Class Officers (L-R), Lila Bar¬ ger, Treasurer; Kim Fruechte, President; Greg Childs, Vice-President; Becky Braden, Secretary. Maralee Gilbert Dale Girod Ron Gremaux Bob Grove De Wayne Haines Don Harvey JoAnn Heimann Goldie Hill Bill Hitchcock Chuck Hodle Joel Houk Rick Hurst Don Inniger Tim Jackson Dave Jesionowski 107 p Connie Johnson Jim Johnson Mark Kaehr Becky Kaehr Deanne Kelsey Dan Kershner Karen King Vickie Kolter Greg Landis Robin Landis Steve Lantz Diane Lengerich Tim Light John Loshe Marilyn Manley Susie Mattax Rozella Mihm Andy Miller Jackie Miller Janet Miller Lynn Miller Therese Miller Angela Mitchell Jack Myers Rex Myers Sandy Neadstine Marlene Noll Pam Ogg Stan Patch Gloria Patrick Judy Pratt Jim Rauch Mike Raudenbush Carol Reinhard Randy Reynolds 108 Sandy Rhodes Marcia Riley Red Ringger Patty Sauers Debbie Schoenherr Kurt Schoenherr David Seitz Jim Slusher Doug Smitley Becky Sprunger Denise Sprunger Kent Steffen Jack Stepler Joyce Thatcher Diane Wable Nancy Wagley Elaine Satkins Jeff Weisman John Wittwer Janet Workinger Karla Yost Lisa Yost Rex Young Ken Zimmerman Mark Ziircher Not Pictured: Bob Mutschler Gloria Jasso Lisa Yost grins from the thick of a sophomore con¬ ference; wonder what the topic is? Clarinetists Elaine Watkins, Lila Barger and Becky Sprunger tune-up in a dress rehearsal, A.C. ' s recital, before the NISBOVA contest. 109 f 118 FRESHMEN START RACE FOR DIPLOMA, HIGH SCHOOL HONORS Freshman Class Officers: Amee Steury, Treasurer; Ron Myers, Vice-President; Kim Nussbaum, Secretary; Jon Kaehr, President. The 1970-71 school year was quite event¬ ful for the freshmen. In October we worked diligently on our class homecoming float only to be defeated by the sophomores. On Jan¬ uary 8th, after the Portland basketball game, the freshmen sponsored a swinging record hop. As for sports, our freshman football team had a rather dismal season, but the basketball team made up for that by complet¬ ing the season with one of the best records in the school, 7 wins and 6 losses. During sectional week we decorated a hall in jet- style to inspire our mighty Jets. To finish up the year we had a skating party in Fort Wayne. Dale Adler Gary Andrews James Arnold Shari Arnold Derryl Aschliman Nan Bassett Renee Bebout Barb Bergman Sue Bollenbacher Kevin Bowman Jeanette Braun Jack Brewster Richard Brock Dave Carr Myra Caudle Eric Cavanaugh Debbie Christman Carol Cook Ron Daugue 110 Margie Dailey James Dennison Tim Eckhart Mike Eckrote Laura Edwards Duane Ehlerding Keith Ehrman Linda Ehrsam Janice Ellenberger Nyla Engle Glen Everett Tom Feasel Don Fiechter Sharon Fuelling Joy Funk Bruce Garwood Bob Gerber Gorden Gerber Keith Gerber Mike Gerber Suzie Gerber Jean Gilbert Mike Gilbert Gene Gilgen, Jr. Sherry Girwod Todd Gledhill Dan Gremaux John Hack Julie Hammond Don Heimann Roger Hodle Bryce Hoffman Rick Hoffman Julie Houk Debbie Johnson Kim Jones Jon Kaehr Scott Kaehr David Kelsey Sheryl King 111 Brent Landis Randy Landis Laura Larkin Dean Lehman Becky Lichtenberger Steve Longenberger Dwight Longsworth Dianna Mankey Carolyn Manley Roger Manley Scott Mansfield Leslie Markel Debbie Miller Ken Miller Loretta Miller Steven Miller Carla Mitchel Doug Moser Ron Myers Arlene Nussbaum Cheryl Nussbaum Kim Nussbaum Mike Nussbaum Randy Nussbaum Cindy Ogg Linda Peterson Neal Poling Sonja Poorman Angie Raudenbush Pam Rhodes Dave Rich John Riff David Roe Janice Ross Lester Ross Kathy Rumschlag Debbie Rupert Mark Sauers Ed Scheiner Sue Schlickman 112 Don Schultz Cindy Schwartz Karen Sheehan Debbie Siman Emily Smith Dave Somers Norman Sprunger Amee Steury Jim Straub Lynn Stucky David Tinkham Terry Tinkham Eric Tonner Cindy Tricker Richard Watkins Mindy Weisman Doug Wilks Kathy Wulliman Carey Zurcher not pictured: Mike Miller Randy McKean In classifying a leaf, Amee Steury, Jean Gilbert and Angie Raudenbush use the committee system. Two yes votes and the problem ' s solved. Freshman Debbie Christman finds that there ' s more to cheer- leading than crowds and excitement. 113 MIDDLE SCHOOL FACULTY Mr. Tom Adler Mrs. Mary Chase Mr. Eugene Chronister Mr. Lee DeTurk Math Remedial Reading Science and Audio Phy. Ed and Coach Visual Mrs. Mary Egley Mr. Elmer Ehrsam Mr. Norman Glass Mr. Frank Green Soc. Studies and Lan. Language Arts Social Studies Science and Coach Arts Mr. Walter Henkle Mr. Barry Humble Mr. Jay Johnson Mrs. Betty Lee Music Science, Health and Math Vocal Music Coach 114 Mr. Galen McIntosh Social Studies Mr. Robert Ransbottem Math and Coach Mr. Donald Sprunger Language Arts Miss Judy Young Phy. Ed and Health f ! in Mrs. Mary Zerkel Home Economics Special Ed T. Baumgartner V. Baumgartner C. Bertsch S. Boothby E. Gingerich J. Gingerich R. Jordan L. Kahn D. Pierce D. Robinson R. Roe S. Studabaker J. Taylor J. Tinkham D. Young 115 Adjusting a simplified digital computer, her Science Fair proj¬ ect, is Diane Weisman who, in a different project, won the Middle School spelling bee. Mr. Gerig (below) explores job opportunities with several Middle School guys. Theresa Adler Mary Amstutz Ned Arnold Steve Bailey Mike Bertsch Lisa Burkhead Jayne Byerly Frank Coppess Rick Fiechter Ed Fisher Myrna Gallogly Beverly Gerber Darryl Gerber Jacqueline Gerber Duane Gerig Debra Habegger Lori Jackson Jill Lehman Dennis Leyse David Lyons Merlin Nussbaum Randy Patch Janet Rich Holly Ringger John Soldner Keith Steffen Louise Stucky Sharon Weaver Diane Weisman Pam Wilks Colleen Zurcher Janalee Beery David Bertsch Sandra Borne Greg Braun Eric Dick Cindy Eyanson Steve Gamer Debra Gerber Diane Gilgen Rodney Gledhill Colin Hirschy Dean Hirschy Tom Jesionowski Ronald Johnson Jerine Kauffman Doug Klinger Lorraine Larkin Tom Leichty Mike Marbach Eighth grade math students boost their understanding of geometry by creating intricate string drawings. 116 1 4 . Lynne Rumschlag Diane Rumple Kevin Richard Joan Redding Teresa K. Nussbaum Teresa D. Nussbaum Kip Nussbaum David Allen Jacqueline Braun Gabriel Brock Jon Brodbeck Pamela Bryan Kendra Ehrman Randall Elzey Julie Engle Clyde Everett Ronnie Heiser Robert Loshe Gerald Manley Frank Mata Rex Mihm Debra Noll Linda Patrich Donald Pratt Daniel Ross Jane Tinkham Kevin Werst Bruce Wolfe Janice Thatcher Mike Trevino Larry Arnold Kevin Barger Robert Beer Susan Bertsch Bill Burkhart Candy Cavanaugh Cindy C.avanaugh Marvin Double Roland Conrad Deborah Feasel Rodney Fenning Daniel Garwood Johnnie Genth Angela Geyer Jerry Harvey Betty Heimann Bradley Miller Jim Patton Carlos Pierce Jill Pierce Clara Roe Ronald Ross David Scheiner Karen Seitz The properties of static and current electricity are explored by Mr. Green ' s science class. Nan Yost Teresa Wolfe Larry Stoller Janice Steffen Edwin Steffen Brent Sprunger Tony Slusher Darla Teeple Arlan Tonner Kevin Watkins Linda Winans Byron Wolfe Cathy Wolfe Daniel Workinger Not Pictured: David Gingerich 117 Science students (clockwise) Coni Everett, Rhonda Mattax, Carla Steiner, and Debbie Christianer conduct an experiment designed to measure the strength of a copper sulfate battery. Scott Abbott Michael Amstutz Ronnie Becher Philip Beer Jane Bentz Debbie Christianer Coni Everett Gary Fiechter Tim Gerber Malcolm Gilbert Cheryl Hoffman Jeff Isch Mike Jesionowski Mark Mansfield Neil Martin Rhonda Mattax Mark Mitchel Gregg Noll Bradley Nussbaum Tammy Patch Cynthia Schwaller Debra Sprunger Carla Steiner Julie Tonnellier Connie Wolfe Amy Wulliman Trudi Young Janis Arnold Mike Barger Daniel Beer Vickie Bienz Carol Clouse Kim Dick Brian Ehrsam Darrell Gerber Dianne Bauman Ned Hirschy Mona Hurst | Nancy Hurst Natalie Hurst Tim Lichtenberger Cynthia Longenberger Barbara Manley Douglas Miller Vicki Mitchel Denver Nussbaum Joni Nussbaum Rodney Rehm Valarie Ringger Tammy Roe Allen Steffen Robert Steffen Brent Troxel Karen Watkins Steve Bauman Charles Beer Julie Cook Rose Dailey Ronald Everett Rose Fairchild Walter Fairchild 118 WRESTLING MATCH, SPELLING BEE MAKE 7th SCENE Sandy Gerber Cynthia Hart William Haugk Ramie Jasso Jeff Johnston Tim Kirchner Tom Kirchner Joel Mailer Janet Marbach Ofelia Mata Steven Miller Lynn Myers Pat Patton Sonja Pierce Tina Ratcliff Rex Reynolds Jim Rhodes Steve Ricketts Ricky Rumple Darrell Stout Steve Wilder Ricky Zimmerman David Bollinger Jack Campbell Connie Chapman Cheryl Clark Kevin Ehrman Fred Evans Candy Gerber Gary Hill Susan Johnson Duane Klinger Jennifer Mies Calvin Mihm Elaine Miller Michael Mitchel Mike Parrish Michael Ogg Ann Rauch Patti Reinhart Kendall Ringger Neal Schug David Schwartz Gerald Schwartz Terry Sheets Karen Steffen Eugene Tovar Daniel Winans Tina Wolfe Not Pictured: Elmer Schwartz Leroy Schwartz Robert McKean Examining Greg Noll ' s Science Fair project, an electric motor, are Pat Patton, Charles Beer, and Rick Rumple. Jack Bertsch Lovette Barkley Diane Carr Jayne Ehlerding Gary Elzey Brenda Engle Ricky Garwood Scott Gerber Randy Geyer Teresa Girod Kelly Hawkins Gerald Heimann Gail Jesionowski Kris Johnston Darla Kelsey Ronald Manley Joe Patch Vincent Patton Rodney Pierce Suzan Poling Annamae Riley Randall Rumple Gary Seitz Keely Shoaf Becky Simmons Cindy Speakman Robin Stout James Teeple Pam Arnold Alice Barkley Rick Bauman Jane Bluhm Theresa Bovine Becky Braun Debbie Carr Melinda Caudle Julie Christman Brian Dick Jim Fiechter Alan Gerber Jodi Hakes Elizabeth Hawkins Belinda Heiser Robert Hurst Tony Landis Brenda Lyons Randy Mutschler Diane Myers Valerie Nussbaum Greg Rawley Von Ringger Jim Rumschlag Sue Soldner Nedra Sprunger Kathy Strahm Kent Ulman Brad Wilks Doug Yoder Penny Zurcher Jeffery Amstutz 120 A A teacher ' s view of social studies ' kids; why couldn ' t every class be this much fun? Dean Arnold Rebecca Bollinger Timothy Brodbeck Christine Butler Norman Eckhart Eric Garner John Garwood Donna Hart Randy Johnson Jeff Kaehr William Kahn Rick Liechty Larry Miller John Myers Mark Parrish Barry Ratcliff Diana Robinson Rodney Ross Bobby Studebaker Dennis Wolfe Marcia Bailey Theresa Bailey Gail Bixler Trina Bluhm Melonie Bowen Lori Brock Brad Childs Ramona Dague Doug Dailey Sheri Dick James Engle Teresa Eyanson Kim Fuelling Marietta Gilbert Rex Hamilton David Hiischy Laura Knarr Linda Mailloux Timothy McCullough Duane Noll Kimberly Orme Mark Rich Steve Roe Becky Sheets Mark Slusher Brenda Sprunger Susan Taylor Debra Watkins Kerry Werst Tamara Williamson Jennifer Zoll 121 (ROW 1, L-R): Miss Mary Jane Baker, Grade 1; Mrs. Martha Habeg- ger, Grade 1; Mrs. Re¬ becca McClure, Grade 1; Mrs. Margaret Sprunger, Grade 1. (ROW 2): Mrs. Sheila August, Grade 2: Mrs. Sheryl Frahm, Grade 2; Miss Marcia Knapp, Grade 2; Mrs. Dawn Smith, Grade 2. (ROW 3): Mrs. Bertha Ander¬ son, Grade 3; Mrs. Di¬ ane Humble, Grade 3; Mrs. Helen Inniger, Grade 3. (ROW 4): Mrs. Dolores Mitchel, Grade 3; Mrs. Maurine Reed, Kindergarten; Miss Janice Soldner, Kindergarten. 122 (ROW 1, L-R): Mrs. Dolores Byerly, Grade 4; Mrs. Veda Haggard, Grade 4; Mrs. Phyllis Johnson, Grade 4; Miss Helen Mayer, Grade 4. (ROW 2): Mrs. Esther Dellinger, Grade 5; Mrs. Rachael Schaadt, Grade 5; Mr. Joe Sprunger, Grade 5; Mrs. Vera Teeter, Grade 5. (ROW 3): Mrs. Sharon Allspaw, Elem. Li¬ brarian; Mrs. Mary Amstutz, Elem. Music; Mrs. Frances Beaty, Special Education. (ROW 4): Mr. Art Ha- begger, Elem. Phys-ed.; Miss Gerda Mazelin, Elem. Art; Mrs. Joyce Speakman, Teacher ' s Aid. 123 i Diane Girod, Denise Cowans, Patty Patch, Donna Weaver, and Ann Fiechter display their puppets. D. Bowman R. Brodback D. Cavanaugh D. Cowens K. Engle A. Fiechter C. Geisel G. Gerber D. Girod J. Girod K. Hawkins R. Hirschy K. Kaehr T. Lambert S. Mattax S. Mitchell P. Patch J. Schwaller K. Seitz B. Simmons D. Soldner J. Speakman L. Tonner D. Weaver D. Winans T. Wolfe S. Bailey P. Baumgartner D. Bertsch B. Byerly N. Christianer V. Dynes R. Eckhart B. Frey R. Gerber C. Gilgen P. Garwood D. Haines T. Harmon J. Hitchcock J. Isch D. Jackson J. Jesionowski M. Licht enberger T. Meyers M. Noll K. Raudenbush K. Rehm B. Ricketts R. Schoenherr R. Taylor L. Tonner V. Troxel B. Bebout D. Bixler S. Braun D. Call D. Cook G. Edwards C. Elzey E. Evans T. Garwood J. Genth K. Gilgen E. Hack 124 k A. Hirschy L. Hurst S. Johnson J. Kahlert L. Longenberger J. Rena W. Rena S. Rendon J. Ringger S. Ringger N. Tinkham D. Tonellier N. Velasquz R. Villarreal M. Waltmire A. Weisman M. Wilson D. Amstutz M. Barger L. Brunner T. Bryan L. Clark J. Baily K. Dick A. Feasel J. Fruechte J. Gerber D. Gerig D. Ha begger R. Hirschy G. Hoffman Mrs. Dellinger5-A Mrs. Schaadt 5-B Mr. Sprunger5-C Mrs. Teeter 5-D Doing something a little different at recess, Dawn Cavanaugh con¬ centrates on her own special project. Finding that studying together is more fun than study¬ ing alone are Debbie Hurst and Barbara Schwartz. D. Hurst D. Isch V. Isch D. Lehman L. Miles J. Nelson K. Raudenbush A. Simon D. Studebaker W. Suman P. Trevino V. Villarreal D. A. Wood 125 C. Amstutz S. Amstutz L. Andrews E. Bieberich S. Bieberstine J. Cook K. Dynes K. Elzey D. Engle J. Ford T. Genth G. Harvey J. Isch B. Ivins J. Kiser T. Lehman L. Luginbill J. McCullough C. Meyers J. Parish Y. Priser K. Rich R. Roe T. Spade R. Steffen E. Trivino C. Ulman S. Wilkins W. Wolfe L. Aschliman M. Bauman D. Bluhm P. Burkhart R. Dailey B. Dick J. Ellenberger D. Engle T. Fairchild T. Gamer K. Grose M. Jasso J. Jones S. Kaehr H. Legman S. Manley J. Rhodes L. Rich R. Riley T. Roe W. Sheets F. Smith D. Sprunger S. Steiner E. Trevino R. Trevino C. Vargus T. Wolfe C. Barkley T. Bebout R. Beer 126 Relaxing from class during an afternoon recess in Mrs. Byerly ' s room are Ray Steffen, Randy Roe, and Kevin Rich. L. Bryan L. Burkhart M. Caudle J. Eyanson T. Foor R. Fuelling Mrs. Byerly 4-A Mrs. Haggard 4-B Mrs. Johnson 4-C Miss Mayer 4-D C. Gerber K. Hakes T. Kable M. Kahlert B. Kershner E. Mata T. Miller D. Moses D. Nelson B. Noll T. Pierce L. Rich K. Richards C. Rumple B. Slusher M. Steury S. Wolfe T. Zimmerman T. Ainsworth P. Barkley J. Belisle C. Cook K. Coppess S. Dick F. Geisel V. Gerber K. Hilbert S. Hindenlang D. Heimann K. Hirschy J. Kipfer M. Kipfer J. Knarr J. Landis D. Lehman L. Mitchel L. Momingstar J. Nussbaum L. Nussbaum L. Raudenbush J. Ringger M. Ruiz J. Schmitt B. Snyder T. Stout M. Stuckey S. Sum an J. Taylor 127 Shari Kaehr (FRONT ROW, far right) portrays the Lost Doll in the operetta of that title. S. Beer T. Bertsch E. J. Bird C. Bluhm T. Brunner S. Campbell G. Engle D. Feasel P. Frey K. Hakes L. Jesionowski D. Kaehr T. Kipfer J. Landis S. Meyers R. Patch K. Peterson K. Reidenbach M. Reinhard R. Reymo R. Ringger M. Slusher L. Smitley O. Touar K. Trovel J. Weber J. Yoder B. Zeigler K. Arnold M. Bowman L. Braun B. Brunner M. Dailey R. Eckrote M. Engle K. Gerber R. Gerber M. Gonzales L. Hirschy R. Jackson C. Kelly S. Lambert T. Longenberger S. Meyers J. Mitchell M. Mosibaiz C. Pierce D. Ringger S. Ross C. Seitz M. Slusher M. Steffen T. Taylor D. Vanhorn M. Wilson M. Aquiloz J. Archer L. Aschliman T. Bixler J. Brewster D. Call E. Childs S. Craft R. Elzey T. Gallogly 128 L. Strahm E. Trevino L. Troutner I. Veya B. Williamson T. Zimmerman Mrs. Anderson—3A Mrs. Humble—3B Mrs. Inniger—3C This pile of guys from Mrs. Mitchel ' s class agrees that recess can be just as much fun in¬ side as out. Mrs. Mitchel—3D K. Garwood M. Gilbert K. Grose S. Kaehr V. Koble C. Liby C. Main J. Marbach P. Miller J. Oliver F. Rodriquez G. Rosales J. Sauers M. Schwartz L. Sheehan G. Sheets L. Sovine A. Vargas E. Vega J. Yoder D. Baker K. Bailey I. Bollinger J. Boothby N. Brock B. Byerly C. Erekson P. Eckhart R. Evans R. Gonzoles D. Hack B. Hart L. Hawkins D. James N. Kahr J. Lee R. Mailer K. Martin R. Mata 129 T. Barger J. Bauman B. Baumgartner J. Butler A. Clark P. Clark D. Edgell B. Fenning L. Fiechter M. Geisel T. Gerber T. Henkle L. Hilbert L. Hirschy J. Kahn A. Lehman K. McCullough D. McKenzib D. Moeschberger D. Nussbaum M. Nussbaum R- Ogg L. Rodriguez A. Ross W. Sanchez T. Simpkins S. Taylor R. Tovar T. Walker L. Waltmire D. Weber J. Winans K. Abbott J. Andrews G. Bailey T. Boothby P. Christianei L. Elzey B. Fiechter K. Fox C. Garwood L. Gay R. Harris K. Hiischy J. Huser G. Johnston B. Kipfer K. Klopfleisch -L. Meyers A. Monsibaiz M. Noll S. Noll M. Renndon C. Rich K. Rich K. Rumschlag T. Schwaller B. Simmons R. Steffen K. Stoller T. Striker P. Tovar D. Vanhorn T. Wilkins S. Bebout 130 C. Bluhm N. Braun L. Clark G. Dillman P. Fawbush B. Gagle E. Garcia N. Gerber M. Gilgen C. Heiser C. Hill J. Holtsberry Well bundled Scott Taylor zooms by on a bright, early spring day. Mrs. Caston 2-A Mrs. Frahm 2-B B. Jacobs Miss Knapp 2-C J. Johnson A L J. Lambert Mrs. Smith 2-D V. Liby M. Ludwick G. Manley K. Neadstine L. Orme J. Parrish S. Ringger A. Rodrequiz D. Smith J. S. Smith J. Tinkham P. Vanhorn L. Wolfe L. Zimmerman T. Arnold C. Bailey M. Blanco T. Braun M. Caudle B. Cavanaugh S. Chapman M. Ellenberger B. Estella C. Evans J. Fueling L. Garwood C. Girod L. Hawkins J. Isch Juli Isch K. Ivins V. Kahlert L. Luginbill K. Mailloux E. Mata P. Parrish R. Reidenbach R. King A. Rodriquez J. Shaadt B. Schaller I. Schwartz J. Speakman E. Sprunger J. Thatcher S. Wittwer J. Wulliman T. Zurcher I P. Belisle M. Boothby C. Bryan G. Ehleroing T. Fellers A. Fueling W. Gilliom N. Hart J. Isch G. Kaehr D. Kahlert C. Kahn D. Lehman E. Lehman M. Luginbill L. Manley M. Mansfield T. McCullough K. Meyers R. Pierce K. Richards D. Saunders B. Stout S. Studabaker Y. Tinkham J. Vega T. Walker J. Wood T. Wolfe R. Amstutz J. Barkley K. Bergman L. Conrad L. Edwards J. Eisenmann C. Foor A. Foreman J. Gerber D. Gonzales D. Hindenlang J. Jesionowski S. Kaehr S. Kipfer J. Lengerich B. Liechty T. Luginbill D. Marbach A. Mata L. Miller T. Mitchel M. Rendon S. Fthodes J. Ringger S. Rosales P. Schultz V. Simpkins J. Smitley K. Snyder T. Troutner S. Walters L. Workinger J. Zoll P. Beer T. Bixler R. Byerly 132 k 1-D K. Hurst K. Ivins D. James J. Litmer G. Mitchel D. Nussbaum T. Dillman B. Edgell D. Elzey J. Frey R. Garcia R. Gerber J. Grose S. Heimann T. Henkle T. Jackson G. Kable J. Kaehr J. Lee B. Lehman T. Lehman R. Longenberger S. Longenberger L. Myers G. Nussbaum R. Quakenbush R. Roe K. Snyder D. Sprunger J. Teeple J. Tinkham P. Tovar L. Uargas M. Williams M. Barger C. Bauman L. Becher D. Biberstine T. Colter R. Cook L. Dick D. Dubach S. Frauhiger C. Free C. Gerber S. Kershner D. Lambert J. Lichtenberger H. Perez N. Ringger S. Simmons Miss Baker helps Debbie Lambert make a jack-o-lantern dur¬ ing the first grade Halloween party. B. Smith M. Strayer L. Striker T. Tovar J. Williamson S. Yoder Not pictured: T. McKean Miss Baker 1-A Mrs. Habegger 1-B Mrs. McClure 1-C Mrs. Sprunger 1-D I I i I K-l By designing their own booklets, Sherri Sprunger and Keith Feichter learn about " The Life of Lincoln " . M. Bauman C. Beery R. Bluhm R. Clark T. Faucett M. Faurote A. Gerber B. Gerber J. Grose L. Gerber T. Gillion M. Hamilton J. Heimann S. Huffine T. Kable H. Kipfer P. Kohn L. Miller S. Moses D. Nelson L. Oliver L. Rauch S. Schultz A. Tonnellier D. Vanhorn K. Wyss R. Andrews L. Bailey B. Baumgartner J. Biberstine C. Brodbeck S. Cowans J. Ellenberger K. Fiechter L. Gagle J. Gerber M. Gerber R. Gibson K. Girod J. Grube F. Heimann J. Heller T. Kipfer D. Liter R. Ludwick K. Moser T. Ross J. Roth J. Saunders S. Sprunger T. Swygert R. Wilks R. Archer P. Bailer J. Black K. Brodbeck M. Brodbeck C. Cook L. Dubach T. Elzey B. Fuelling T. Hill G. Jackson P. Kahlert 134 K-4 Mrs. Reed A.M. K-l Mrs. Soldner A.M. K-2 Mrs. Reed P.M. K-3 Mrs. Soldner P.M. K-4 D. LaFontaine S. Lautzengeiser C. McKenzie S. Millington M. Myers P. Orme V. Simmons R. Slusher D. Hirschy J. Landis R. Litmer A. Fellers B. Hackenjos J. Hawkins M. Luginbill S. Nussbaum H. Pyle J. Saldivar D. Schug D. Sprunger L. Sprunger B. Tinkham J. White C. Wilder K. Zeser A. Ziegler not pictured: J. Isch A student teacher, Miss Coroll, tutors kindergarteners Greg Vanhorn and Julie Urick in drawing with crayons. R. Stride J. Urick G. Weil M. Wroblewski L. Yager K. Ziser G. Amstutz J. Arnold B. Baugman T. Butler S. Craft M. DeArmord M. Dick E. Everett As Pattie Eckhart looks on, Karen Wyss and Terry Fawcett dis¬ cover that school bus romances start even in kindergarten. DAVID SMITH (cont.) Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 2; Pep Band 3,4; Stage Band 3, 4; Swing Choir 3,4; Football 1,2; Bas¬ ketball 1; Wrestling 4. ROGER SMITH--Rifle Club 1,2; Track 1; Ag Co-op 4; FFA 4; Football 1 . CAROLYN STEINER--Spanish Club 2,3; Speech Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Drama Club 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Exp. Teaching 4; Band 1, 2,3,4; Nisbova 1,2; Choir 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2,3; Swing Choir 3,4; Pom-Pom corps 3,4; GAA 1. KAREN STEURY--French Club 1,2; Speech Club 3,4; Gold Teens 3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Drama Club 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Class Secretary 2; Student Council 3; Student Librar¬ ian 3; GAA 1,2,3. BILL STOLLER--Spanish Club 2,3; Speech Club 3, V.P. 4; Letterman ' s Club 2,3,4; Drama Club 4; Student Council 3,4; Golf 1; Exp. Teaching 4; Band 1,2; Nisbova 1; Choir 1; Bas¬ ketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4. BECKY TEEPLE--Spanish Club 1,2,3; Art Club 2; Gold Teens 2; Pep Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Drama Club 4; SSS 2,3,4; Class Treas. 3; Homecom¬ ing Queen 4; Business Co-op 4. MARILYN THATCHER--Gold Teens 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; SSS 2,3,4. Is not Knowledge a light flickering in Life ' s long, long, hallway? We stop, and stare in fascination; We stop, and smile; But time catches us in our respite and bordeom blinds our imaginations. We turn, and the light is gone. DONALD THOMAS--Ag Co-op 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2. CHARLES TINKHAM DANNY TINKHAM PATTI TONNELLIER--Gold Teens 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Drama Club 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Student Librarian 2; Choir 4; Pom-Pom Corps 3,4; Band 3,4; GAA 1,2,3. GARY TULLIS--French Club 1,2; NHS 3,4; Quill Scroll, Pres. 4; Letter- man ' s Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff, assist. Editor 3, Editor 4; Track 1,2,3, 4; Volleyball 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; Nis¬ bova 1,3; Pep Band 1,3,4; Stage Band 4; Swing Choir 4; Basketball 2,3; Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Boy ' s State 4. GARY WATKINS DAVE WILDER--Spanish Club 2,3; Electronics 4; Letterman ' s Club 2,3,4; Class V.P. 4; Track 1; Volleyball 2; 3; FFA 1,2, V.P. 3, Pres. 4; Livestock Team 2,3; Dairy Team 3,4; Basket¬ ball 1,2; Cross Country 2,3,4; Wres¬ tling 4. LYNNETTE WILDER--Spanish Club 2,3; Speech Club 4; Art Club 1,2, V.P. 3,4; NHS 4; Ecology Club 4; SSS 2,3,4. SHARON WORKINGER--French Club 1,2,3; Speech Club 3, Pres. 4; Gold Teens 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Drama Club 3, Treas. 4; Rifle Club 1; SSS 2,3,4; Class Treas. 4; Student Librarian 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 1; GAA 1,3. LINDA WULLIMAN--Speech Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Drama Club 2,3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Student Librarian 2,4; Choir2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 2,3; Swing Choir 3,4; GAA 2,3. BECKY YOST--Spanish Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Quill Scroll 4; Newspaper Staff 3,4; Year¬ book Staff 4; Drama Club 3,4; SSS 2, 3,4; Student Council 1,2; Band 1,2; Nisbova 1,2; Choir 1,2; Girl ' s Glee Club 1,2. PATTI YOST--Spanish Club 1,2,3; Speech Club 4; Pep Club 1,2; NHS 4; Newspaper Staff 3; Drama Club 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 4; Stu¬ dent Librarian 4; Band 1,2; GAA 2,3, 4; Cheerleader 1,3,4. DIANE ZURCHER--French Club 1,2, 3; Speech Club 4; Pep Club 1; NHS 3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Drama Club 3, 4; SSS 2,3,4; Homecoming Court 3,4; Exp. Teaching 4; Choir 1,2; Girl ' s Glee Club 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4. JANET ZURCHER--French Club 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Student Librarian 4; Choir 3; Girl ' s Glee Club 3. 136 I From the businessman ' s point of view the community school is a concen¬ trated and important market. It ' s the school kids who have money to burn on clothes, cars, fads and foods. And these’’kids” will surprisingly soon have their diplomas and be hunting their places in the business world. This puts the local retailers, as well as the en¬ tire business community, in a pretty important position. As for the Central students, it’s a time for buying . . . STUCKY FURNITURE COMPANY Monroe, Indiana ZEIGLER ' S BARBER SHOP Monroe, Indiana Phone 692-6642 hTirttfonti rifew l Wj 1 -Tl L ■ . ' 11 tH ZUCHER’S TIRE INC. Monroe, Indiana Phone 692-6171 TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SALON Monroe, Indiana—692-6212 138 GERBER GROCERIES AND MEATS Monroe, Indiana—692-6515 COPPESS MARATHON SERVICE Jet. 27 124—Monroe, Indiana JOHN-ANN BEAUTY SALON Berne, Indiana—692-6221 Serving Agricultural Needs of the Area ADAMS COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP Monroe, Indiana ADAMS COUNTY CO-OP LUMBER YARD Farm Building Plans and Erection Monroe, Indiana BANK OF GENEVA Geneva, Indiana Phone 589-2847 Member of F. D. I .C . MONROE BANK Branch of Bank of Geneva Monroe, Indiana Phone 692-6125 MONROE BAM- LENGERICH ' S CUSTOM BUTCHERING AND COUNTRY MEAT MARKET LEHMAN FEED MILL R.R. 1, Berne, Indiana Phone 589-2451 STAN ' S MEN ' S WEAR 168 West Main Berne, Indiana BERNE LUMBER INC. Berne, Indiana Phone 589-2268 BERNE FURNITURE CO. INC. 140 ft MESHBERGER BROS. STONE CORP. Phone 334-5311 — Linn Grove Phone 592-721T—Pleasant Mills AFFOLDER IMPLEMENT SALES U.S. 27 South—Berne, Indiana Phone 589-2964 EDGAR P. SPRUNGER, D.D.S. 159 N. Jefferson St. Berne, Indiana LEHMAN HEATING PLUMBING CO. INC. 164 N. Jefferson Street Berne, Indiana FIRST BANK OF BERNE Berne, Indiana Continuous Service Since 1891 Member of F . D. I .C . and Federal Reserve System 141 HOME DAIRY PRODUCTS Box 309--Berne, Indiana Phone 589-3141 POPLAR DRIVE INN P.O. Box 145 Berne, Indiana Put a Tiger in Your Tank BERNE OIL COMPANY Berne, Indiana PALMER HOUSE RESTAURANT Berne, Indiana 142 BEN FRANKLIN 5-10 Berne, Indiana YAGER FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service—589-3101 Berne, Indiana — " Since 1910 " YAGER FURNITURE STORE Down-town-i n-Berne Featuring 3 Big Floors Berne Furniture GIFFORD’S I.G.A. SUPERMARKET, INC. U .S . 27 North Berne, Indiana BERNE AUTO SUPPLY, INC. Berne, Ind.—Phone 589-2866 143 NAGEL ' S QUALITY FLOWERS 1009 E. Main—Berne, Indiana HEYERLY’S MARKET 728 South Main Bluffton, Indiana CTS OF BERNE, INC. 406 Parr Road Berne, Indiana MOSER MOTOR SALES, INC. 218 W. Main Berne, Indiana GRABER INSURANCE, INC. U.S. 27--Berne, Indiana 144 STUCKEY ' S SHELL SERVICE Berne, Indiana—Phone 589-2216 FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK 101 S. Main Street Bluffton, Indiana BERNE MASTER FEED STORE Berne, Indiana Phone 589-2303 LEE ' S DEPARTMENT STORE, INC. Flares Stripes for Young Girls Young Men On the Go TREES DRIVE INN R.R. 1, Berne, Indiana, 589-3434 145 BERNE WITNESS Berne, Indiana—Phone 589-2101 HERMAN J. BIXLER INSURANCE 179 W. Main—Berne, Indiana Phone 589-2142—Res. 368-7879 NEUENSCHWANDER, INC. Complete Insurance Service Berne, Indiana—Phone 589-2211 GERBER FEED MILL— SUPERSWEET FEEDS 500 S . Indiana Street Bluffton, Indiana MNGCtft SOFT WATER j .mxusarr mlu CLAUSER FURNITURE Highway 27 North—Berne, Ind. RINGGER SOFT WATER R.R. 4, Bluffton, Indi ana 146 DUTCH MILL RESTAURANT Bluffton, Indiana WHITE MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE Wm. Steffen and Son 756 Ft. Wayne Road--Bluffton, Ind. HAMMONDS MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 240 N . 13th Street Decatur, Indiana GERBER FURNITURE 1157 Ft. Wayne Road Bluffton, Ind. 147 WILLIAMSON ' S 66 SERVICE Pleasant Mills, Indiana MORNINGSTAR AUTO SALES Decatur, Indiana Phone 724-2046 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 152 N. 2nd Decatur, Indiana DECATUR GOLF COURSE Box 343 Decatur, Indiana SHEETS FURNITURE, INC. 152 S. Second Street Decatur, Indiana GERBER’S SUPER DOLLAR, INC. 230 E. Monroe Street Decatur, Indiana 148 DECATUR SUPPLY HOUSE, INC. 140 W. Monroe Street Decatur, Indiana LUTES FLOWERS South Winchester Street Decatur, Ind.—Ph. 724-7126 Flowers for All Occasions HAUGK PLUMBING HEATING CO., INC. 209 N. 13th Street--Decatur, Ind. PHIL L. MACKLIN CO. Decatur, Ind. ADAMS BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. 309 South 13th Street Phone 724-9127 Decatur, Indiana U.S. Highway 27, South Serving the Area in All Types of Building Needs 149 BOB ' S SEWING SERVICE CENTER 116 W. Monroe Street Decatur, Ind. ADLER BROTHERS ' GARAGE R.R. 4—Decatur, Indiana Craigvi I le—565-3258 Monroe—692-6225 DECATUR READY MIX CORP. Decatur, Indiana—Ph. 724-7169 ECKROTE BODY SHOP R.R. 4 Telephone 547-4302 Decatur, Indiana 46733 BARKLEY FARM STORE AND AUCTION R.R. 3, Decatur, Indiana PETERSON GRAIN COMPANY R.R. 2—Decatur, Indiana 150 ADAMS COUNTY TRAILER SALES Highways 27 33 Decatur, Indiana — Ph . 724-9134 YOST COMPANIES, INC. General Construction Prestressed Concrete Phone (219) 724-7117 P.O. Box 470 Decatur, Indiana HI-WAY SERVICE Body Work and General Auto Repair 1013 N. 2nd—Phone 724-2928 Decatur, Indiana CUSTOM DESIGN BUILDERS, INC. 352 N. 16th Street Decatur, Indiana 46733 HABEGGER-SCHAFER ' S Gifts and Appliances " Where Old-Fashioned Courtesy Prevails " 112-114 N . 2nd Street Decatur, Indiana Phone 724-3200 DECATUR DAILY DEMOCRAT Adams County ' s Only Daily Paper Phone 724-2121 151 DECATUR WAREHOUSING Decatur, Indiana Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors, on Whom So Much Depends U T 5 UNITED TELEPHONE COMPANY OF INDIANA A Member of United Telephone System REYNOLD ' S ELECTRIC RR 4 Decatur, Indiana Omaha Badger Bodies Win Power Alternators Harsh Hoists DANIEL LANTZ AND SONS R.R. Decatur, Indiana Phone 565-3328 PATRONS Berne Hi-Way Hatchery Culligan Sales Service The Habit Cl eaners Kel ly Dry Cleaning Max Lehman D.V.M. Rich ' s Barber Shop West End Restaurant The White Cottage Dale ' s Store and Shoe Repair F. McConnell Sons, Inc. Faith and Life Book Store Kenny ' s O.K. Barber Shop Lehman Auction and Real Estate Mazelin ' s Coin-op Laundry Schwartz Gift Shop and Food Center Wertzberger ' s Confectionery mam . A- ■ ■ r - ' - £? 1;. n- x ■ ' ' ■ : W ■ ' - £ . ■ ..??• , A- - ; - ' V .; !■•: . . J " : ' £■ ?y ' v-cv-s 5 ? v V - , , i • V p f ; ■ . A ,, f ; • ..... A.f ' , f v ' ■«. 1 x M i-fA f : if’ , .• 4 f v • i ' yr . • ••. ? 1 ■ - ' r .• ' . a?; , ;• J ■ ; ■ r ’ . - - . v v. . V , » ■ ' ■ ' ' . f ■■ . ■ ' 4 ' ,?f ■30 ' jf ■ ' ' f (t ' -v ' f ' ' -V • - S .V V fj v ' . ,v.v •: •• - «r . ,- .fa k ' . ■ " ' ' • y 3 • ' f - v ' - . . . ■ ••• ■ 1 . •: , . - it - • - ■ 4T V .t V ... • ..v? " V. 1 v ■ v , jf ' iv J, , :r . .. , » ' • f ,J: •tv: ' «? 4 ji. ' •■» - ; a,. v ‘ r , y ' M V f y. ■ ■ .y ' ' ' v : : W ■ -5 X i - . • • ' ••■ . ' - V. ; y A r. i ' -‘ ' 4, ’ V " . r : . V: - N ... ,% v y r-

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