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% I Replays of a Sectional Victory f r - sii y ty (Ld r jO Ju fMJZy y (x thyutjL , u«L jl»rt. a- JuJH 4 - At ' l “ ' g " ' l ' “■ ' - 4m4 dck d yJ,M te ' d « ■ jdsASL. , xjjM 0Jy du y- jraL MJ r ' ■ ail J,SUAJ tyCA yl Jlftk i - ' ’ ' ouxte x rfiL “j . n . rs Z n . . , 4 s f (’’XjKiJb As li yOOt M H - e, cr X X X 4 " " ' l y ' 0 ' Li n rtrX (liXcyX .s?n XU . PqfU Hms. ' .A . ' - -- WX) X P Xf S; , -c. I t ' 7 4b . v i f JUf My t ot ' L ' ye l-X U Mu A Sr. j A u. if S ' . K . I CEN-T gffpVW Adams Central Community School Monroe, Indiana Volume 17 1966 Adams Central on Route ' 66 Another year well-traveled by students of Central High--Route ’66! It ' s been a lively time full of activities, organiza¬ tions, study and friends . Centralites moved in from all directions to spend a worthwhile year of school life. People passing from class to class to class on their daily routes, exchanging gossip and comparing notes, added happiness and friendships as they traveled. At twelve o’clock they dashed to the cafete¬ ria for a nourishing lunch that gave them energy to rush to the gym to hear the " noon-time-latest, " and to participate in recreation. The out-going spirit of the cheerleaders and fans, and the en¬ thusiasm everyone put into the school day served as " road-maps " for a won¬ derful year-- ROUTE ' 66 TABLE OF CONTENTS School Life 4 Academics 18 Organizations 32 Sports 48 Friends 64 Advertising no 3 Past School Year Being Dismissed, Looking for someone, Girls? !? High school band marches on to victory at Auburn parade. Our Summer Activities Began Diana Roudebush can ' t figure out why everyone ' s going to bed before her--and why so early?? The FFA displaying their talents in home econom¬ ics? ! ? 5 The Summer Was Over, So . . . As the days went by, the three month vacation had ended, and the new school year began. The summer activities in¬ cluded such things as swimming, sum¬ mer jobs, slumber parties, fairs, band trips, and many other activities that made the summer a very busy time. Then started the routine of class work, lunch lines, and crowded halls. Day after day we followed the routine, but with hardly a dull moment. " Well, the beginning of another year, " sighs J. Patrick. Let ' s wake up Ron Reynolds, vacations over. Jim Miller starts the year off right by being sent out into the hall. Mary Edgell now displays her great effort of work. 6 Back for Another School Year This is what you call togetherness. A new addition was added to the school building this year?? The SSS girls start the year with the annual sale of sweatshirts. Hey ! Is this the way to start the school year?? 7 Eat ' em up or talk ' em up? What ' s this, a new dance or just intramurals?? Steve Landis, are you showing your personality?? A Recess from Classes When the noon hour came, the Cen- trailites rushed to the cafeteria for a nourishing lunch. They gulped their food, and hurried to the gym to hear the latest gossip and to participate in the noontime activities. What ' s his name, Barb? 8 Tired already?? to the Noon Activities Who ' s been throwing their weight around? Could it pos¬ sibly be Jim Everett? These little children have a hard time selecting their candy bar. The hardest time of the day--giving up your money. 9 Myles Anderson tries to make his way through by shutting his eyes, but his plan doesn ' t seem to work too well?! All Part of the Daily Routine Someone found another use for his book. Students journey home after a hard day ' s work by bus. 10 Janice, what ' s going on back stage?? Students and Professionals Show Their Ability A scene from the musical " Mr. Scrooge. " This year we were honored with a couple from Hawaii. Mr. Roush and one of his speakers talked to the stu¬ dent body and the government classes. The New ’66 King and Queen Q ' ■nMH m y W K 4Hr ' - ' $ ' HH1 4 ; r P ' 9 $$$?■. - i Jjf - Sv ' l ,a M| r wm ■i IT SBHBt m ' if T r jf 1 Jj Steve Smith and Lou Ann Tonner, Jerry Momingstar and Kathy Mc¬ Kean, crown bearer Mark Rich and flower girl Debbie Byerly, Queen Kathalee Ehrsam and King Roger Schnepp, John Geimer and Judy Workinger, Steve Smith and Cheryl Isch. Cen-Trails Queen, Kathalee Ehrsam. On February 5, the A.C .--Geneva game was highlighted with the crowning of Cen-Trail ' s queen and king. Cameras flashed as each of the five couples walked through the arch to the stage which was beautifully decorated around the theme--The King and Queen of Hearts . Queen Kathalee and King Roger were chosen by a vote of the student body. This activity was sponsored by the yearbook staff. 12 The Honorable King and Queen Court Kathalee Ehrsam was escorted by Steve Smith. Cheryl Isch ' s escort was Steve Stucky. Flower girl was Debbie Byerly and ring bearer was Kathy McKeen was excorted by Jerry Morningster. Mark Rich. Roger Schnepp escorted Lou Ann Tonner. Judy Workinger ' s escort was John Geimer. 13 T ongue tied or just bashful, Mr Zurcher? OLE Pride, Loyalty, and Togetherness One of our loyal cheerleaders displays her hidden talent--Lou Anne Tonner. One of our patrol boys on the job. 14 Judy Butler tries to do the " hula " on skates? FFA and special speaker, Rev. Elam, presented the annual Thanksgiving program. " Hey, how do you do this one? " asks Kenda Huntley. Go Hand in Hand Jan Nussbaum plays hockey the " hard " wav. 15 The student body makes good use of the new drink¬ ing fountain. The " Real” Centralites Darlene, what are you going to do?--poor Linda. Bonnie ' s forever blowing bubbles. Allen recommends his way of studying. ;S Y If AM | ii i ■Mm V i ’ . % % l ’SI % if 1 - 1 1 ' ' 1 m || Students waited " patiently " to have their pictures taken. Is this a study hall, or a rest period? 16 IN MEMORIAM OF MRS. WANDA ARCHBOLD So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalm 90 IN MEMORIAM OF RONNIE HIGH That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. I Corinthians 2:5 17 All students and teachers worked to¬ gether to understand one another and accomplish their academic needs . The wide variety of subjects offered at Cen¬ tral enabled the Centralites to choose the subjects that interested them. Stu¬ dents chose their subjects according to the goals in which they intended to reach. Academics on Route ’66 I M. Hamrick displays his special talent by giving a motionless speech. As a part of the educational advancement of Adams Central, the English and Speech Departments were strengthened by Miss Starns and Mrs . Kellogg. They brought many new ideas about English. Mrs. Kellogg is preparing the seniors for college by assigning many essays and themes. Also, she is preparing the freshman for further study in English. Miss Starns and Mr. Sprunger are also teaching the underclassmen the funda¬ mentals of English. Also the students in Speech Class are gaining confidence in public speaking from Mrs. Linder. We Express Ourselves Mrs. Kellogg Mr. Sprunger The Centrailites use the library to prepare themes, book reports, and general information. Mrs. Linder in Different Languages, Challenging Communication J. Franz points out one of the thrilling events in Spain--a bull fight--to J. Burkhead and L. Beavers. S. Sommers, P. Schaffer, J. Christman, and P. Arnold demonstrate the proper way to form a foreign vowel. Mrs . Stucky ' s Latin students learned that our English language is derived from Latin. During the year the Latin II students are required to write a term paper on a Roman activity and a bookreport. The Latin I student give reports on Roman gods and goddesses. Tapes, records, and exchange students from South America helped the Spanish students to further their knowledge of the Spanish language . Miss Williamson also sponsors the Spanish club which plans various parties using Spanish customs . Mrs. Stucky Miss Williamson 21 A. Ringger and J. Workinger take time out to poise for a Latin picture. We Discover New Routes Ed Daniels can hardly bear to stop the discussion of government long enough to pose for a picture. (Row 3, seat 6) Mr. Shoup The students had the opportunity to read about one of our recent world events—the war in Viet Nam. Social studies is one faze of education that is intently studied by A.C. stu¬ dents. World history, taught by Mr. Hoffman, shows sophomores the com¬ parison of historical events with events of today. The juniors are taught United States history by Miss Starns. As seniors, the students learn about American government and the problems of our democracy. They are taught by Mr. Shoup. Mr. Hoffman 22 Through People and Places Psychology is offered as a one se¬ mester course here at Adams Central. It is taught by Mr. Hindenlang, and it helps the students to understand the strange action of people. Miss Starns exercises the importance of panel discussion Miss Stams Larry Rich displays his talent of hypnotism . . . 23 Science Provides the Key to Many Ways Besides teaching math, Mr. Allspaw heads the science department. Included in this is chemistry and physics. The many students who enrolled in these courses have gained knowledge through classroom discussion and laboratory experiments. Mr. Adler Mr. Allspaw K. Ehrsam explains the correct method of weigh¬ ing elements to J. Kaehr and Mr. Allspaw. the Miss Williamson shows B. Genth and L. Nussbaum correct way to make a leaf collection. 24 Equations and Formulas Strengthen Knowledge Diana Roudebush tries to convince Chuck McCullough and Miss Beavers that she knows her trig. Jim Miller finds chemistry rather confusing. The new program, modern math, has introduced many new words and sym¬ bols . This new program was instructed by Miss Beavers, Mrs. Moller, and Mr. Allspaw. The math department was aided by Mr. Rahn, a student teacher from Taylor University. Miss Beavers Steve Sommer and Mike Burke find the slide rule very useful. Mrs. Moller Mr. Habegger takes time to help one of his students with a " business " problem. The typing class displays their technique of typing. We Prepare Ourselves 26 This year Adams Central has again kept its advanced business curriculum. Bookkeeping and General Business give the students the basic fundamentals of keeping books and math. Typing I and II are also offered in this curriculum. Shorthand taxes the girls ' minds with the brief forms and basic principles of dictation. Office clerical work is offered in the Secretarial Training course. Business Law teaches the stu¬ dents the use of law in business. With this foundation students can graduate and find life in the world of business easier. D. Rich didn ' t know that studying shorthand could be so much fun. for the Business World 27 Developing Physically and Mentally Is M. Sauers going to let P. Harvey show him .up?-- Yup This years physical fitness education program has helped our freshmen and sophomores to become more coordinated both mentally and physically . Teamwork and sportsmanship were greatly stressed. Our health teachers, Mrs . Slodner and Mr. Zurcher, stressed the need for physical fitness, good health habits, and wholesome living. Students taking Driver ' s Education learn to handle and to operate the automobile cor¬ rectly, as well as to learn the basic funda¬ mentals of safety. 28 To lengthen or shorten, that is the question. Preparing for the Everyday Duties Home Economics prepares the younger girls for high school, and the older girls for their future homes . Taught by Mrs . Nielsen, the classes learn not only cooking and sewing, but money management, improving their personal appearances, child care, and many more units . As the girls grow older, they will put into use the many lessons they have learned in these few short years . Mrs. Nielson L. Tonner and B. Hirschy try desperately to find the needed utensils in their neatly arranged cupboards. 29 Mr. Henkel points the students errors, to prevent future mistakes. What ' s A. Baumgartner trying to hide? The Journey of Creation Mr. Henkel Mr. Gerig The art students developed the scenery for the " Sweetheart Banquet " . Mr. Kirchofer Pupils of all grades learn to appreciate music through the teaching of Mrs . Fuhrman, Mr . Henkle, and Mr. Gerig. Art is taught to grades one through twelve by Mrs . Fuhrman and Mr. Kirch- hofer. 30 Mr. Watson helped the agriculture stu¬ dents plan their future by teaching them the latest methods of farming and farm management. He was assisted by Mr. Paxson, who taught here as a student. In industrial arts, Mr. Striker and Mr. Burkhalter taught the uses of electricity, proper welding methods, woodworking, and mechanical drawing, to a large number of interested boys . Helps Broaden Our Scopes J. Hamrick and J. Butler demonstrate some work done in shop class. ’ 0 k m i f 1 1 ; I 1 1 1 1 . V • i • ; Mr. Paxson points out the description of different cattle. Organizations on Route ’66 School life does not occupy all of the Centralites time. Students always find time to join a club and participate with their fellow students. Through organi¬ zations the Centralites learned to co¬ operate with others, and develop leader¬ ship. The Girl ' s Athletic Association is a new organization in the athletic department. G.A.A. OFFICERS: Mrs. Soldner, sponsor, P. Isch, V. Pres., D. Roudebush, Pres., M. Kaehr, Treasurer. HIGH SCHOOL BAND MR. GERIG--DIRECTOR The Marching Band of Route ’66 Below Mr. Henkel is writing a pass for a number of students to " help " eliminate some of the confusion. 34 The Accents of the Band The Adams Central band consists of approximately 110 members. This past year the band has made several good showings at concerts and marching parades . The band received firsts at Auburn and Decatur, seconds at Harlan and Ball State Band Day, which was a new event, and fifth at Bluff ton. The band also performed at home ball- games to entertain the fans . The band has also improved its appearance by purchasing three new sousaphones . DRUM MAJOR: Jim Gilbert FEATURE TWIRLER: Donna Roudebush TWIRLERS: J. Inniger, D. Geyer; D. Rich, R. Tonner, B. Tonner, M. Stucky. 35 i n j ii’ i m nil 11IV11»11 idfeiTuii High School Choir Select Groups Provide Entertainment Pep Band, FRONT ROW: Mr. Gerig, P. Isch, L. Genth, J. Workinger, SECOND ROW: L. Zurcher, K. Steiner, R. Reynolds, K. McKean, L. Nussbaum, B. Mann. THIRD ROW: C. Gerber, J. Smith, K. Engle, J. Soldner, D. Huntley, J. Fiff. FOURTH ROW: S. Ploughe, M. Engle, D. Stetler, J. Hamrick, R. King, J. Wulliman. FIFTH ROW: S. Sommer, R. Gerber, B. Borne, T. Wulliman, C. Gerger, J. Geimer, D. Moeschberger. 36 JUNIOR BAND. ROW 1; Left to Right: C. Steiner; J. Shoaf; M. Gilbert; M. Jackson; E. Gerber; A. Engle; S. Stucky; C. Martin; M. Gerber; C. Eyanson; R. Yost; S. Webb. ROW 2: D. Zurcher; S. Geimer; C. Germann; D. Borne; B. Sheets; R. Stucky; L. Schwartz; D. Nussbaum; K. Fruchte; L. Gerger; M. Childs; K. Webb; K. Nussbaum; K. Moeschberger; M. Nussbaum; J. Merriman; L. Mattox; D. Hack; B. Stoller. ROW 3: D. Heyerly; W. Johnson; S. Tullis; N. Adler; D. Allen; G. Tullis; D. Everett; G. Hart; S. Birch; B. Slusher; D. Gerig; S. Zurcher; M. Liechty; R. Minnich; A. Stoller; J. Rich; K. Rich; G. Schmitt; P. Elam; J. Johnson; L. Reed; K. Steury; A. Arnold; R. Morrison; L. Zurcher. ROW 4: Mr. Hinkle; D. Smith; T. Soldner; S. Smith; R. Arnold; L. Balsinger; J. Brunner; P. Tonnellier; D. Eyanson. Jr. High Displays Their Musical Talent JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR: M. Cauble; J. Brunner; S. Kaehr; K. Gerber; S. Geimer; S. Smith; S. Fiechter; J. Rich; A. Hamilton; R. Geyer; S. Birch; S. Zurcher; A. Stbller; K. Nussbaum; D. Eyanson. ROW 2: Mr. Hinkle; D. Hey¬ erly; L. Schwartz; K. Steury; B. Yost; C. Germann; M. Gerber; J. Becker; B. Colter; B. Stoller; A. Riley; M. Kaehr; D. Gerig; M. Childs; J. Rich; L. Mattax; C. Martin. ROW 3: L. Reed; S. Webb; M. Nussbaum; C. Cook; B. Sheets; S. Stucky; K. Webb; R. Stucky; V. Gordon; D. Reinhard; A. Nussbaum; T. Steffen; V. Bowers; S. Forman; B. Slusher; T. Soldnerr, P. Hill. ROW 4: K. Shaffer, L. Wulliman; C. Steiner; K. Moeschberger; J. Mil¬ ler; E. Kipfer; D. Kult; L. Balsinger; J. Reading; G. Striker; R. Smith; P. Shoaf; S. Smith; L. Fairchild; J. Wull¬ iman. ROW 5: L. Gerber; J. Sjoaf; R. Arnold; V. Schrock; D. Borne; M. Jackson; A. Engle; D. Barger; C. Ring- ger; S. Christman; R. Ream; P. Kershner; B. Genth; C. Hamilton; R. Morrison; J. Nussbaum; L. Zurcher; B. Nussbaum; D. Zurcher; K. Martin. ROW 6: A. Mich; D. Huffman; J. Riley; A. Shifferly; B. Nuenchwander; D. Nussbaum; L. Ashliman; C. Noal; N. Beer; R. Minnich; C. Lawson; S. Oliver; S. Workinger; J. Brooster; J. Mer¬ rima n; D. Hack; K. Muchler; M. Gilbert; K. Fruchte. INTERMEDIATE BAND. ROW 1; Left to Right: K. Hirschy; B. Mailer; P. Isch; J. Funk; C. Byerly; C. Stoller. ROW 2: J. Harvey; S. Kaehr; M. Amstutz; L. Adler; R. Borne; B. Sommer. ROW 3: C. Girod; L. Heyerly; C. Slusher; T. Momingstar; S. Rich; J. Rich; S. Nussbaum; K. Steiner; R. Tullis; G. Hack; J. Soldner; D. Leyse; A. Mitchell; V. Steiner; A. Heyerly. ROW 4: Mr. Gerig; R. Owens. Beginner, Intermediate Bands Trod on BEGINNER BAND: ROW 1; Left to Right: S. Mattax; C. Fruchte; C. Bebout; N. Wagley; S. Shock; C. Johnson; M. Gilbert; P. Sauers. ROW 2: M. Mankey; R. Sprunger; R. Kaehr; V. Kolter; S. Serna; S. Habegger; C. Rhodes; D. Eckelbarger; D. Walker; S. Rhodes; D. Eyanson; J. Bluhm; R. Landis; K. Steffen. ROW 3: L. Barger; S. Rash; K. King; A. Mitchel; D. Longenberger; G. Everett; D. Bailey; K. Barger; J. Houk; R. Reynolds; M. Zurcher; J. Wittwer; K. Zimmerman; S. Basett; K. Fruchte; S. Bieberich; M. Zurcher; J. Slusher; J. Williams; M. Klinger; G. Childs; B. Miller. ROW 4: R. Bryan; J. Wiesman; B. Arnold; Mr. Henkle. 38 Soil Judging: M. Beer, R. Adler, Dairy Judging: M. Beer, L. Vegetable Judging: R. Adler, N. B. Brown, V. Heyerly. McAlhaney, S. Amstutz, G. Brown, B. Brown, Marckel. Future Farmers of America FFA, FIRST ROW: G. Marcket, P. Isch, J. Whrsam, S. Amstutz, R. Adler, M. Beer, Mr. Watson, SECOND ROW: S. Sommer, J. Ripple, R. Aschliman, W. Kirshner, L. McAlhaney, V. Heyerly, D. Heyerly, M. Fennig, D. Hill, B. Brown, A. Birch, J. Butler. THIRD ROW: R. Oliver, E. Garwood, R. Bollenbacher, J. Lantz, L. Mitchel, R. Hill, T. Patrick, J. Nussbaum, G. Wable, D. Shifferly, D. Hitchcock, P. Sheenan. FOURTH ROW: M. Riley, D. Roe, R. Reinhart, D. Striker, B. Tinkham, A. Baumgartner, S. Stump, R. Roe, A. Shoaf, D. Eckelbarger, R. Buettner. FIFTH ROW: N. Gerber, B. Genth, R. Fennig, H. Brown, D. Fairchild, R. Kelly, R. Arnold, R. Collins, D. Sovine, M. Mihm, D. Harmon. SIXTH ROW: M. Cook, M. Isch, J. Sipe, B. Striker, J. Garwood, B. Adler, S. Hurst, S. Steury, L. Harvey, D. Aschliman, H. McDermoth. Officers: G. Marckel, S. Amstutz, R. Adler, Mr. Watson, M. Beer, J. Ehrsam, P. Isch. Poultry Judging: R. Bollenbacher, P. Isch, E. Garwood. Centralites Grow Spiritually Through YFC YFC. ROW 1: J. Merriman, T. Nussbaum, T. Wulliman, E. Mankey, G. Wulliman, H. Bercot, J. Soldner, Mrs. Moller, A. Sprunger, R. Merriman, J. Hakes, L. Rich, K. McKean. ROW 2: J. Eyanson, M. Couble, D. Everett, B. Nussbaum, C. Dick, K. Sprunger, S. Wagley, J. Smith, L. Genth, P. Schaffer, L. Bieberich, L. McCullough, G. Gerber. ROW 3: D. Gaunt, B. Zimmerman, S. Schwartz, J. Riff, L. Henschen, J. Christman, D. Dennison, C. Hildebrand, J. Inniger, A. Dennison, C. Connelley, R. King, J. Hamrick. ROW 4: J. Riley, S. Geimer, L. Mat- tax, M. Nussbaum, J. Stucky, L. Soldner, J. Wulliman, C. Borne, C. Elam, D. Rich, J. Nussbaum, V. Zurcher, L. Nussbaum. ROW 5= A. Shifferly, K. Steury, J. Bunner, S. Tumbleson, L. Balsiger, M. Stucky, G. Hart, P. Isch, S. Shaffer, L. Steury, K. Huntley, J. Mankey. ROW 6: R. Reynolds, S. Tumbleson, J. Welsh, C. McCullough, T. Rash, R. Gerber, J. Giemer, D. Roudebush, K. Ehrsam. The purpose of the Youth for Christ Club is to reach the lives of teen-agers through the actions and attitudes of others . The club is continuing to grow both in size and spiritually. This year the club had the opportunity of enjoying many interesting films, and guest speakers. 40 Officers: T. Wulliman, pres.; T. Nussbaum, J. Sold¬ ner, V. pres.; R. Reynolds, E. Mankey, H. Bercot, G. Wulliman, Corresponding officers. NHS Prospers in Knowledge This year the National Honor Society pinned approximately seventeen new members making the total count of twenty-six. The society is a national organization to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership and to encourage develop¬ ment of character. This year the soci¬ ety sponsored the weekly sale of candy to the students. NHS OFFICERS: C. Gerber, Pres.; Miss Beavers, sponsor; C. Isch, Sec.; R. Kipfer, V. Pres. BOTTOM ROW: J. Soldner, A. Borne, M. Gerber, C. Gerber, R. Kipfer, C. Isch, C. Hildebrand, S. Ploughe, Miss Beavers. ROW 2: J. Geimer, K. Ehrsam, D. Roudebush, L. Stevens, R. King, D. Steffen, R. Kipfer, K. Gerber, G. Yost, C. Macy, S. Amstutz. ROW 3: T. Rash, D. Raudenbush, E. Bentz, R. Adler, B. Brown, P. Isch, A. Ringger. 41 Cen-Trails Staff Presents Route ’66 ROW 1: L. Roe, K. Watkins, G. Longsworth, J. Soldner, L. Tonner, C. Isch, K. McKean, Mr. Shoup, J. Workinger, D. Raudenbush, R. Adler, A. Ringger, B. Hirschy, L. Rich, R. Merriman, J. Hakes, L. Osterman, C. Cauble. ROW 2: E. Schwartz, A. Dennison, J. Inniger, R. Engle, C. Arnold, A. Borne, D. Rich, L. McCullough, L. Sauers, R. Kipfer, E. Mankey, H. Bercot, D. Miller, C. Macy, G. Yost, S. Ploughe, P. Shaffer. ROW 3: M. Gerber, C. Hurst, C. Hildebrand, W. Adler, K. Engle, V. McClain, G. Gerber, A. Sprunger, J. Bryan, L. Balsinger, D. Steffen, K. Gerber, P. Zimmerman, C. Tonner, D. Moser, L. Tonner, D. Roudenbush, K. Ehrsam. ROW 4: L. Genth, J. Smith, S. Wagley, C. Connelly, C. Anderson, G. Striker, T. Wulliman, B. Schwartz, T. Nussbaum, B. Brown, D. Harvey, J. Ehrsam, R. Gerber, G. Marckel, C. McCullough. ROW 5: T. Rash, J. Kaehr, M. Beer, S. Amstutz, S. Landis, J. Welch, R. Kipfer, C. Gerber. ROW 6: P. Isch, A. Birch, S. Stucky, R. Schnepp, S. Smith, J. Morningstar, J. Gilbert, D. Green. Much hard work and many hours were spent taking pictures, writing copy, soliciting ads, and finally preparing the final copy. Editor Judy Workinger and assistant Alan Ringger spent two weeks at Indiana Univer¬ sity preparing for the work ahead. ANNUAL OFFICERS: Mr. Shoup, advisor; Ray Adler, Ass ' t business manager; Linda Genth, Photographer; Don Raudenbush, Business Manager; Judy Workinger, Editor; Alan Ringger, Ass ' t Editor; James Welch, Photographer. 42 Janice Soldner, editor, and Rita King, assistant editor have kept the newspaper staff hopping this year. The Jet Journal, which is the by-weekly paper, keeps Adams Centrail ' s students well informed about school activities. Many hours were spent getting each issue ready for distribution. After articles were written, layouts completed, typing finished, artwork drawn, and mimeographing and stapling done, the Jet Journal was finally put into the hands of the students. NEWSPAPER OFFICERS: Mrs. Archbold, Advisor; Janice Soldner, Editor; Rita King, Ass ' t Editor. Jet Journal Keeps Route ’66 Paved with News ROW 1: L. Stevens, J. Soldner, Mrs. Archbold, R. King, L, Genth, J. Riff. ROW 2: C. Anderson, W. Adler, K. Engle, L. Balsiger, E. Mankey, P. Isch, L. Soldner, J. Hammond, J. Hamrick, C. High. ROW 3: M. Beer, S. Amstutz, R. Adler, S. Sommer, D. Harvey, M. Anderson. 43 SSS Considers " Others” ROW 1: L. Roe, S. Smith, B. Engle, C. Arnold, C. Connelley, A. Dennision, J. Hakes, M. Kaehr, J. Butler, C. Isch, K. McKean, A. Sprunger, S. Wagley, J. Smith, M. Riofas, S. Plough, L. Osterman, C. Biberstein, K. Ham¬ mond, P. Harvey, R. Merriman, J. Workinger. ROW 2: M. Edgell, A. Borne, C. Couble, P. Schaffer, C. Hurst, K. Watkins, G. Longsworth, L. Stevens, E. Schwartz, V. McClain, K. Engle, M. Gerver, C. Anderson, W. Adler, C. Hildebrand, J. Inniger, E. Bollenbacher, N. Cook, J. Soldner, L. Tonner, B. Hirschy, Mrs. Stucky. ROW 3: G. Gerber, L. Hodle, J. Irwin, D. Rich, L. McCullough, R. Kipfer, L. Squers, L. Bieberich, J. Hill, B. Martin, G. Wulliman, H. Bercot, E. Mankey, J. Bryan, L. Balsinger, D. Moser, C. Tonner, C. Macy, C. Gerber, P. Zimmer¬ man, L. Tonner, G. Yost. ROW 4: B. Cook, M. Engle, D. Stettler, M. Kipfer, J. Hoffman, K. Myers, P. Sapp, C. Dick, B. Garwood, J. Double, J. Gerber, K. Sprunger, K. Hammond, M. Helsel, R. King, J. Hamrick, D. Miller. ROW 5: S. Kirschner, L. Longsworth, C. Watkins, A. Teeple, V. Suman, J. Riff, D. Geyer, C. Borne, I. Cauble, C. Elam, A. Houghk, S. Buettener, L. Nussbaum, D. Roudebush, K. Ehrsam, L. Rich, A. Girod, J. Dague. ROW 6: L. Tonner, B. Tonner, R. Tonner, D. Roudebush, P. Isch, C. Cook, I. Hindinlang, C. High, J. Hammond, D. Rich, N. Edgell, V. Burkhead, B. Miller, C. McClain, S. Raudenbush, P. Nussbaum, P. Fiechter. ROW 7: J. Stucky, R. Stavenik, J. Summers, L. Soldner, J. Wulliman, M. Stucky, G. Hart, J. Christman, D. Jennison, L. Henschen, J. Beer. The Sunshine Society ' s motto is " others " . The help of all the girls and their sponsors, Mrs. Stucky and Mrs. Neilson, made it possible to hold the annual District Convention in which 500 girls attended. The parents were honored at a Ma, Pa, and Me potluck, and the boys enjoyed the Sweetheart Banquet with the theme " Twas the Night Before Christmas " . The peanut pal week was another special occasion. OFFICERS: Mrs. Stucky, Mrs. Nielson, sponsors; J. But¬ ler, V. Pres.; K. McKean, Treas.; M. Kaehr, Cor. Sec.; A. Sprunger, Cor. Recorder. 44 P«« tt.v ' vttxt l K$0w w ffi aftfSL ■ $fe|§ lint ■aiWwaOfl Dramatics Display Hidden Talents BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right; R. Adler, B. Brown, R. Currie, C. Striker, B. Cook, R. Schnepp, J. Gilbert, D. Green, A. Birch, D. Raudenbush. ROW 2: C. Cauble, R. Kipfer, L. Sauers, G. Yost, C. Macy, P. Zimmerman, C. Gerber, M. Helsel, L. McCullough, J. Smith, B. Garwood, C. Dick, D. Sprunger, R. Allspaw. ROW 3: J. Soldner, C. Isch, L. Rich, K. McKean, D. Moser, P. Schaffer, D. Rich, L. Genth, L. Stevens, C. Tonner, L. Tonner, D. Miller, S. Wagley, S. Ploughe, L. Osterman. This year the Adams Central Dramatics Club has taken a big step in play pro¬ ductions. With the combination of musical talent and acting ability, a great musical production of " Mr. Scrooge " from DICKEN’S CHRISTMAS CAROLE was performed. Even though there were last minute memorization of lines plus shaky knees, with the help of stage crews, bright lights, prompt¬ ers, and the directors, the musical was a great success. DRAMATICS OFFICERS: R. Schnepp, Vice-presi¬ dent; G. Yost, Secretary; Don Raudenbush, Presi¬ dent; Cathy Gerber, Treasurer. PRONE POSITION: C. McCullough, B. Garwood, K. Ehrsam, D. Roudebush. BOTTOM ROW: T. Be bout, S. Lyons, D. Bailey, V. Bowers, A. Hamilton; T. Bebout, J. Haugk, J. Sipe, L. Rich, B. Birch, B. Brunner, D. Roudebush. ROW 2: R. Smith, J. Miller, K. Myers, R. Kelly, M. Hamrick, D. Shifferly, J. Myers, D. Reinhart, D. Moesch- berger, M. Royer, S. Smith, Mr. Hinderlang. ROW 3: J. Double, T. Steury, R. Aschliman, R. Smith, S. Work- inger, J. Brunner, D. Eyanson. Shooting Matches Challenge Rifle Club OFFICERS: C. McCullough, Pres.; D. Roudebush, Re¬ porter; D. Roudebush, Treasurer; K. Ehrsam, Sec.; D. Andrews, V. Pres. The Adams Central Rifle Club has been organized for three years. The best marksmen have displayed their skill by competing in many contests. A number of the members attended a rifle camp this past year. The Spanish Club has been active for three years. Their purpose is to help create a better relationship with Cen¬ tral and South America, by learning more about them. The Art Club is a very helpful organi¬ zation. It has helped make Central decorative and interesting. BOTTOM ROW: R. Stavenick, C. High, D. Roudebush, S. Wagley, S. Ploughe, J. Hamrick, Miss Williamson. ROW 2: D. Rich, L. Sauers, M. Riojas, J. Smith, L. McCullough, P. Shaffer, C. Macy, G. Yost. ROW 3: J. Som¬ mers, J. Stucky, L. Soldner, G. Hart, P. Isch, R. King, D. Stetler. ROW 4: D. Roudebush, B. Mann, D. Roudebush, K. Dhrsam, A. Haugk. ROW 5: A. Mailand, J. Riojas, C. Striker, J. Geimer, T. Rash, C. McCullough, C. Gerber. ROW 6: D. Harvey, E. Schwartz, D. Green, P. Bentz, D. Striker. SPANISH CLUB Spanish and Art Club Are Continued BOTTOM ROW: R. Bittner, L. Stevens, J. Riff, Mr. Kirchhofer. ROW 2: A. Mailand, J. Welch, J. Hamrick, E. Daniels, A. Shoaf, P. Isch, M. Sauers, M. Fennig. ART CLUB 47 Sports on Route 66 Central displayed their athletic ability very well this year. The hardwood quintet ended the year with very few losses--a great year. From baseball and cross country in the fall until track was completed in the spring, our athletes were keeping themselves mov¬ ing. The important role that sports played in the school activities was the ever growing spirit of competition that was created as the athletes strived for unity and sportsmanship. Baseball, Golf Ball Sluggers BASEBALL: ROW 1: D. Striker, L. Ellenberger. ROW 2: T. Schmitt, D. Ogan, D. Harvey, D. Green, R. Borne, B. Brown. ROW 3: S. Smith, S. Stucky, B. Schwartz, R. Schnepp, C. Striker, J. Morningstar, Mr. Zurcher. Adams Central ' s baseball team, coached by Mr. Zurcher, was one of the main ath¬ letic activities offered to A.C. ' s high school athletes this past summer. The team participated in the 15-team Eastern Indiana League where they played with 7 other teams in the Northern division. The team won 8 out of 15 games and finished third in their division. GOLF AC--1 2 AC--2 AC--2 1 2 AC--10 AC--4 1 2 AC--4 AC--3 1 2 SECTIONAL J. Morningstar--92 M. Rose--99 J. Ehrsam--103 SCORES Decatur--9 1 2 Geneva--8 Bluffton--7 1 2 Monmouth--0 Winchester--5 1 2 Geneva--6 Leo--6 1 2 SCORES GOLF. T Schmitt, T. Rash, B. Stucky, J. Ehrsam, Mr. Strahm, J. Morningstar. Jet Harriers Jell CROSS COUNTRY. FRONT: D. Striker, A. Birch, A. Jasso, B. Brown, P. Isch, R. Currie. BACK: R. Kipfer, D. Green, B. Stucky, S. Smith, M. Isch, D. Everett, J. Gilbert, D. Harvey, Coach Bryan. The Adams Central cross country team finished a very successful season by winning the EWVC and the Adams County champion¬ ship meets. Although this was their first year in the ACAC they finished third in the 9 team conference meet. Led by coach Ed Bryan, the harriers defeated 14 teams while losing only 2 during the regular sea¬ son. Displaying amazing team balance, the Jets placed at least five runners in the top ten in 7 meets. Jasso flew to a new school record of 9:48 over the Decatur golf course which broke the old record of 9:54. The Conference squad was composed of Angel Jasso, Allen Birch, B. Brown, Roger, Currie, Denny Striker, Denny Harvey, and Phil Isch. Only Jasso and Isch will be lost by graduation. 30 AC Bryant 34 Decatur Catholic 124 50 AC Leo 21 Monroeville 62 41 AC Bluffton 21 21 AC Decatur 81 33 Decatur Catholic 122 21 AC Lancaster 45 Berne 67 33 AC Churubusco 40 Huntertown 48 15 AC Lancaster 47 23 AC Woodlan 44 Areola 57 23 AC Geneva (EWVC) 37 Lancaster 81 Berne 95 Monmouth 120 COUNTY SCORES 29 AC Geneva 59 20 AC Hoagland 37 Ossian 63 62 AC Churubusco (ACAC) 49 Leo 59 Decatur 71 Decatur Catholic 71 Berne 132 Monmouth 141 51 Jets Fly High! ROW 1, L.-R.: Cheer¬ leaders: L. Tonner, K. Ehrsam, B. Hirschy, D. Moser. ROW 2: D. Borne, S. Smith, R. Cur¬ rie, D. Ringger, L. Rat¬ cliff. ROW 3: S. Tumbelson, J. Gilbert, B. Brown, S. Stucky, Coach Zurcher. ROW 4: D. Green, B. Cook, R. Schnepp, A. Birch, B. Stuckey, J. Morningstar. The 1965-66 version of the Adams Central Jets is certain to be remembered as one of the best shooting clubs that the school has ever had. This year’s shooting percentage averaged approximately 42 percent from the field, and 70 percent from the foul line. Jets roared to victory in 13 of the first 14 games. The Jets then went into a four game tail-spin, and finished the season by regaining their early season form, and remained in their high altitude flight through the sectional. The Jets ended the season with a respectable 15-5 record. The following is the fighting Jet prayer. This is what was said before starting to play each game: A JET PRAYER FOR TODAY This is a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can WASTE IT or USE IT FOR GOOD. What I do today is important, because I am exchanging a Day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in its place something that I have traded for it, I want it to be GAIN, not loss; GOOD, not evil, SUC¬ CESS, not failure; in order that I shall not regret the price I paid for it. Father gives us strength and power to give our BEST! 57--A.C. Leo 55 70--A.C. Lancaster 59 52--A.C. Decatur Cath. 41 87--A.C. Dunkirk 66 65--A.C. Ossian 76 84--A.C. Woodlan 58 70--A.C. Berne 61 84--A.C. Monmouth 53 74--A.C. Lancaster 56 64--A.C. Decatur 52 80--A .C. Monmouth 53 59--A.C. Portland 53 69--A.C. Hoagland 61 85--A.C. Pennville 52 52--A.C. Monroeville 75 58--A.C. Geneva 70 59--A.C. Union City 71 46--A.C. Bluffton 59 71--A.C. Warren 66 69--A.C. Bishop Dwenger 66 58--A.C. Dunkirk© 47 4-way tourney °sectional 52 Good Prospects for Future " Jets’’ Second Team. ROW 1: Cheerleaders: B. Tonner, M. Stucky, D. Roudebush. ROW 2: B. Zurcher, L. Shoaf, D. Ringger, W. Ross. ROW 3: T. Schmitt, D. Sanders, B. Brown, B. Miller, D. Bieberich, L. Mitchel, Coach Bryan. The 1965-66 second team finished the season with 14 wins, and 6 losses. The season was highlighted with the winning of the 4-way tourney. The team started out a little slow, losing 4 out of their first 6 games and finished the season by winning 12 of their last 14 games. The freshman squad ended their season with 9 wins and 3 losses. They were runner-ups in their tourney. The young Jets showed great promise in several " Jet qualifications " . These included such characteristics as--HUSTLE, DESIRE, HARD WORK, NEVER QUITTING, PRIDE, SPORTSMANSHIP, and BALANCE. The season might be summed up as follows-- " what they lacked in size, they overcame by hard work " . FRESHMAN TEAM. ROW 1: Cheerleaders: B. Brunner, B. Harmon, B. Birch, G. Leyse. ROW 2: Coach Ha- begger, P. Arnold, M. Schmitt, J. Franz, G. Hirschy, B. Borne. ROW 3: S. Stump, S. Steury, J. Sipe, K. Som- mersett, M. Royer, J. Burkhead. Junior, Cinder Jets Pace on Jr. High Basketball Team: Cheerleaders: D. Zurcher, J. Brunner, C. Munchler, K. Nussbaum. ROW 1: R. Smith, E. Geyer, A. Arnold, P. Kershner, J. Rich, C. Hamilton, D. Gerig, M. Childs, Mr. Hoffman, E. Girod, G. Tullis, P. Shoaf, J. McClain, C. Kauffman, D. Fisher, A. Hamilton, S. Tullis, R. Geyer, D. Stoller, P. Elam. ROW 3: J. Vidall, S. Lions, A. Stoller, S. Zurcher, B. Colter, R. Minnich, M. Liechty, T. Soldner, R. Moser, G. Schmitt, C. Simmons. The 1965-66 Jr. High basketball team had a season record of 16 wins and 0 losses. They concluded their perfect season, under the direction of Mr. Hoffman, by winning the four -way tourney held at Adams Central. This season has shown what hard work, desire, and team work can do on the basketball floor. Con¬ gratulations boys for a job well done. The 1966 year was an excellent cinder season for the Jets. The team worked hard during practices and gave their very best during the meets. The height of the season was marked by winning the E.W.V.C. The Jets competing with 10 teams in the Berne relays scored 31 points to take 4th place. Hard work and determination paid off for four boys that set school records. Art Ringger blasted a 47 ' 8 1 2 " shot put, Phil Isch roared around the 440 yd. dash in 54.1 seconds. Roger Schnepp flew over the high jump at 6 " 1 2 " , and Jerry Morningstar buzzed the low hurdles in 21.1 seconds. Track. D. Borne, B. Schwartz, R. Reynolds, D. Striker, L. Mitchel, W. Ross, S. Stucky, K. Heyerly. ROW 2: Mr. Bryan, Mr. Habeggar, C. Striker, B. Zurcher, D. Sanders, B. Miller, R. Kipfer, W. Miller, D. Ringger, K. Habeggar, Mr. Zurcher. ROW 3: J. Morningstar, A. Ringger, A. Birch, R. Schnepp, D. Sanders, B. Brown, S. Landis, P. Isch, W. Macy, S. Green, T. Ehrsam. 54 New Sports Begin Journey GAA. ROW 1: L. Tonner, K. Ehrsam, B. Hirschy, D. Moser, J. Hoffman, M. Kaehr, P. Isch, D. Roudebush, L. Rich, L. Genth, A. Borne, Mrs. Soldner. ROW 2: C. Tonner, C. Borne, I. Cauble, L. Bieberich, M. Kipfer, J. Hirschy, L. Roe, S. Smith, C. Arnold, C. Cauble, S. Wagley, K. McKean. ROW 3: J. Chrisman, D. Dennison, L. Henschen, L. Sauers, M. Gerber, E. Schwartz, V. McClain, C. Anderson, S. Leyse, M. Lantz, L. Steury, A. Girod. ROW 4: L. Tonner, D. Rich, J. Connelley, J. Bryan, B. Miller, R. Kipger, E. Mankey, G. Wulliman, H. Bercot, J. Kaehr, C. Elam. ROW 5: V. Zurcher, S. Schwartz, B. Harmon, A. Haugk, J. Inniger, C. Connelley, A. Dennison, W. Adler, G. Leyse, J. Dague. ROW 6: J. Nussbaum, B. Brunner, B. Birch, K. Brodbeck, R. Ton¬ ner, B. Tonner, B. Mann, K. Huntley, C. McClain. ROW 7: S. Raudenbush, J. Raudenbush, J. Hammond, D. Rich, P. Nussbaum, R. Schwartz, C. Isch, J. Workinger, P. Fiechter, B. Kipfer. G.A.A. members participated weekly in bowling league, volleyball and basketball tournaments, softball, track and tennis. It was especially fun for the girls to com - pete with G.A.A. teams of other schools. The first and second teams won all of their games with other schools. They also competed with four teams in a basketball tourney at Leo High School, in a Spring Sports Day March 19, where awards were given to the winners. G.A.A. award and trophies will be presented in the spring to girls who have earned them. Volleyball was started as an inter- scholastic sport at Adams Central for the first time this year. This year’s team, under the direction of Mr. Habeggar, started very slowly, but as the season progressed, the wins started to come. The team finished in a tie for 4th place in the ACAC . In the league tourney, the team was defeated by Monroeville in a hotly contested game to finish the season. VOLLEYBALL: S. Stucky, B. Cook, R. Schnepp, J. Morningstar, D. Biberich, L. Mitchel, D. Sanders. ROW 2: Mr. Habegger, S. Steury, J. Sipe, W. Ross, K. Summersett, B. Zurcher, D. Borne, B. Schwartz. 55 PEP CLUB Jets Are Boosted by Cheerleaders and Pep Club Enthusiasm spread through the halls of Central as basketball season got under¬ way. The pep club and cheerleaders showed great loyalty and spirit as they cheered their Jets on. As sectional time approached, posters and decorations adorned the halls to boost the spirit of all students and the team . PEP CLUB OFFICERS. Sr. Rep., L. Osterman; Soph. Rep., B. Mann; Fresh. Rep., J. Funk; V.P., W. Adler, Jr. Rep., G. Wulliman; Pres., K. McKean; Sec., L. Tonner. 56 Varsity Cheerleaders Lou Ann Tonner Bonnie Hirschy Second Team Cheerleaders Kathalee Ehrsam Dianne Moser I f A- j f 1 j % 4 1 K : IM - TOURNEY CHAMPS. ROW 1: S. Steury, J. Sipe, K. Summersett, L. Shoaf, D. Ringger, T. Schmitt. ROW 2: B. Zurcher, L. Mitchell, D. Sanders, B. Miller, D. Bieberich, B. Brown, W. Ross, Mr. Bryan. The Second Team Tourney Champs Deryll Ringger stuns the opposing team members as he displays his shooting ability. 58 Jr. High Champs. ROW 1: S. Tullis, E. Geyer, D. Fisher, A. Hamilton, P. Shoaf, ROW 2: Mr. Hoffman, S. Lions, B. Colter, R. Minnich, S. Zurcher, A. Stoller, T. Soldner, M. Liechty. The Junior High Tourney Champs The second team went all the way this season by winning their tourney. By winning the tourney, the team finished the season with 0 losses. GOOD WORK BOYS! Mel Liechty takes a shot to help lead the team on to victory. 59 " I tell ya I didn ' t do it, ref! " 60 i I can ' t bear to watch! Smitty takes time out to do his exercises?? Jerry takes his graceful position to make his shot? ! ? Get in their ball! 61 High Men in Cross Country The First Five Place Winners. Angel Jasso, 1st; Allen Birch, 2nd; Blair Brown, 3rd; Dan Green, 4th; Roger Cur¬ rie, 5th. The After Effects of a Sectional Victory " The line-up " Flo Brandt learns never to make promises; she may have to keep them! " The three stooges " --Beth Mann, Rose Tonner, and Pat Isch. The team displays their reward for a victory. The " 3 Adlers " , put on a skit for the student body. 63 Friends on Route ’66 Those priceless people who share our laughter, sorrows, hopes, and dreams are our friends. They are by our side while we are cheering the basketball team to victory or dispairing over a heartbreaking loss. Being together at parties, proms, noon-hours, and class, seems only to bring classmates into closer friendships. No matter what the age, friends help us travel over life ' s rough pathway. For the students of Central, the friends make their Route ' 66 smoother and more enjoyable. PRINCIPAL, Mr. Honaker SECRETARY to principal, Mrs. Brandt The Dedicated Leaders of Central GRADE PRINCIPAL, Mr. Rush SECRETARY to grade principal, Mrs. Colter 66 SUPERINTENDENT, Mr. Allen SECRETARY to superintendent, Mrs. Steffen Administration Provides for Our Education GUIDANCE COUNSELOR, Mr. Engle School Board. Howard Hagegger; Harvey Jones, Sec.; Harry Raudenbush, Pres.; Richard Borne, Treas.; Carl Fiechter, Vice-Pres.; Martin Steiner. Not Pictured, Clark Smith. M 67 STUDENT COUNCIL: S. Stucky, Mrs. Linders, D. Moser, P. Bentz, L. Beavers, V. Schrock, D. Allen, R.Kipfer,B. Zurcher, B. Brown, L. Zurcher. JANITOR: Mr. Crownover. JANITORS: Mr. Riley, Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Landis, Mr. Rupert. BUS DRIVERS: ROW 1: J. Genth, J. Genth, C. Carver, P. Nussbaum, J. Riff, J. Nussbaum, H. Kershner, H. Bar¬ ger, J. Fair, ROW 2: J. Johnson, L. Rich, L. Adler, C. Workinger, J. Andrews, C. Morrison, J. Stevens, G. Strahm, M. Hart, C. Black. Not pictured: B. Fisher, E. Arnold. COOKS: ROW 1: L. Haines, M. Scheiderer, A. Henschen, L. Freels, A. Riley, L. Arnold, E. Nussbaum, J. Zurcher. PATROL BOYS. FRONT: R. Geyer, B. Slusher, BACK: G. Tullis, E. Geyer, Mr. Strahm, R. Owens, J. Haggard. 69 Teachers Set Pace ( Jfjgjf Mi»I 86 f ' i Mh - DORIS WATSON teaches kindergarten. MRS. PIPER teaches kindergarten at Pleasant Mills. MISS BRINKSNEADER teaches first grade. MARTHA HABEGGER teaches first grade. NAOMI GRIFFITHS teaches first grade. SUZANNE L. SMALLEY is a second grade teacher. MARY JOHNSON is a second grade teacher. MYRTLE CLEMENTS teaches first grade at Pleasant Mills. FRANCES M. BEATY is a second grade teacher. DOROTHY ADLER teaches grades 2-3 at Pleasant Mills. 70 for Education DOLORES MITCHEL teaches grades 3-4 at Pleasant Mills. MRS. SHEETS is a third grade teacher. VEDA HAGGARD teaches third grade. HELEN INNIGER teaches third grade. MARGARET O. KUHN is a fourth grade teacher. SALLY REYNOLDS teaches fourth grade. DELORES BEYERLY teaches fourth grade. MARY EGLEY is a fifth grade teacher. VERA TEETER teaches the fifth grade. JOE SPRUNGER teaches the fifth grade. 71 Teachers Keep Pupils MRS. JOHSON teaches at Pleasant Mills. MR. HUFFIN teaches fifth and sixth grade at Pleasant Mills. MR. STRAHM teaches sixth grade. MR. JOHNSON teaches sixth grade. MR. EHRSAM teaches sixth grade. MR. SPRUNGER teaches Jr. High. MR. GREEN teaches Jr. High. MRS. HOFFMAN was a substitute teacher, and now is the elementary librarian. MRS. FURHMAN is the elementary art and music teacher. MR. BROWN is a Jr. High teacher. 72 y-: Abreast of the Times Grade school students enjoy the opportunity of using art. The kindergarten sits quietly while waiting their turn to get their wraps. Wow ! Look at this. The " thinkers " . 73 Seniors Finish the High School Journey l " That ' s all right Mr. Roush, it could happen to anyone, " explains Ted Rash. OFFICERS: Mr. Allspaw, sponsor; K. Engle, sec; A. Borne, treas; C. Gerber, pres.; V. McClain, V. pres.; Mrs. Kellogg, sponsor; Mr. Kirchhofer, sponsor. 74 on to New Routes Wanda Adler--Choir 2,3,4; GAA 4; SSS 2,3,4; Annual 3,4; Newspaper 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3,4; YFC 3; PE assistant 3; Librarian 4. Steve Amstutz--FFA 1,2,3,4; Annual 3,4; FFA secretary 4; Newspaper 4; Dairy judging 3; Boy ' s State 3; Intra¬ murals 2,3,4. Candace Anderson--GAA 4; P.E. ass ' t.; SSS 2,3,4; News¬ paper 4; Annual 4; Glee Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; YFC 2. Connie Arnold--GAA 4; P.E. ass ' t; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Annual 3,4; YFC 1,2; Glee Club 3,4. Ron Arnold—FFA 4; Choir 3,4. Allen Baumgartner--Art Club 2,3,4; Newspaper 2,3; Choir 4; FFA 4. Tom Bebout—Track 1; Art Club 2,3; Rifle Club 3. Max Beer--Intramurals 2; FFA 1,2,3,4; Dairy Team 1,2,3; Newspaper 4. 75 III After Receiving Diplomas, Ed Bentz—Basketball 1,2; Football 1; Rifle Club 1; Latin Club 1; Choir 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; NHS 4. Colleen Biberstine--SSS Club 2,3,4; YFC 1; Choir 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Berne 1. Eldana Bollenbacher--Cheerleader 1; SSS 4; YFC 1; Choir 1; Pleasant Mills 1. Arlene Borne--Treasurer 4; Pep Club Rep. 3; Intramurals 1,2; SSS 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Annual 3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Honor Band 1; YFC 2; NHS 4. Roger Buettner—Bowling 1; Art Club 3,4; Rifle Club 3,4; FFA 3,4; Pleasant Mills 1. Jim Butler—V. Pres. 1; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1; Track 1; FFA 3,4; Pleasant Mills 1. Jim Byer—Treasurer 1; Basketball 1; FFA 4; Pleasant Mills 1. 76 Seniors Face Future Cathy Cauble--SSS 2,3,4; Choir 3; Dramatics 4; YFC 3,4; Annual 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 2,3,4; GAA 4; Bowling 4. Ron Collins--Track 1; Intramurals 2,3,4; FFA 4; Indus¬ trial Arts 1,2,3,4; Choir 3,4. Carol Connelly--GAA 4; SSS 2,3,4; 4-H 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; YFC 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4. Delane Cook--Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1; Track 1; FFA 4; 4-H 1,2,3. Nancy Lee Cook Nancy M. Cook--Cheerleader 1; Choir 1; Band 1; YFC 1; 4-H 2; SSS 4. Ray Currie--Basketball 1; Bowling 1; Baseball 1; Rifle Club 1; 4-H 1,2,3; Pep Club 1. Past 12 Years Ed Daniels--Bowling 1; Basketball 1, Baseball 1; Rifle Club 1; 4-H 2,3; Pep Club 1; Art Club 1. Arlene Dennison--GAA 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Sunshine So¬ ciety 2,3,4; YFC 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,3,4. Mary Edgell--News Reporter 1; SSS 3,4; 4-H 1,2,3,4; Band 1; Twirler 1; Cheerleader 1. Jim Ehrsam--FFA Reporter 4; Golf 2,3,4; Basketball Mgr. 2,3; Cross Country Mgr. 3; Track Mgr. 2; FFA 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 2; Band 1,2,3; YFC 1,2; Annual Staff 3,4; Choir 1,2,3; 4-H 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. Kathalee Ehrsam--Class Representative 2; Class Trea¬ surer 3; Treas. of Rifle Club 3; Sec of Rifle Club 4; V. Pres. Bowling Club 3; Cheerleader 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Rifle Club 2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Bowling Club 3,4; GAA 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; YFC 1,2,3,4; 4-H 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 3,4; Queen ' s Court 4. Roger Ellenberger--FFA 1,2,3,4. Karen Engle--Band Representative 3; Secretary 4; GAA 4; SSS 2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3, Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 4; Annual Staff 3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 3,4; YFC 3. Rebecca Engle--Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4. 78 Never Forgotten James Everett--Basketball 1; Track 1; Baseball 1; Pep Club 1; FFA 1. Mike Fennig--FFA 1,2,3; Art Club 3,4; Livestock Judg¬ ing 3; Forestry 2. John Geimer—Vice-president 2; President 3; Track 1; Intramurals 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Band President 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; YFC 1,2,3,4; YFC Vice-president 3; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2,3; Trumpet trio 1,2,3; NHS 4; King ' s Court 4. Linda Genth--Intramurals 1,2; GAA 4; SSS 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 2,3,4; YFC 1,2,3; Annual Staff 3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 4; Rifle Club 2; School Photographer 4; NISBOVA 3. Cary Gerber--President 2,4; Sec.-Treas. 1; Secretary 3; Spanish Club 2,3; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Newspaper 3, Annual Staff 3,4; NHS Vice-president 4; Band Vice-president 3. Marcene Gerber--Treasurer 2; GAA 4; SSS 2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 3,4; Choir 2,3,4; SSS Corresponding-secretary 2. Richard Gerber--Track 2; Pep Band 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Rifle Club 2; Vegetable Judging 1,2; Live¬ stock Judging 1,2. Judy Hakes--Cheerleader 1; Intramurals 1,2; YFC 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Vocal Trio 1; Quartet 2,3,4; Honor Band 1; Pep Club 2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2,3,4; Annual 4. 79 Friends Depart Kathie Hammon—SSS 4; Pep Club 1,2,4; YFC 2; Choir 1,2,4. Jerry Wayne Hamrick--Band 1; Rifle Club 4; YFC 1; Art Club 4; Pleasant Mills 1. Melvin Hamrick--Basketball 1; Track 1; Bowling 1; Rifle Club 4; YFC 1. Sharon Harmon--Bowling 3,4. Patty Harvey--Intramurals 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,4; SSS 2,3,4; Dramatics 2. Carolyn Hildebrand--Pep Club 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Newspaper 3; Annual 3,4; YFC 3. David Hill—Track 1,2; FFA 1,2,3,4. 80 Memorys Remain Bonnie Hirschy--Bowling Treasurer 3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; GAA 4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 1; Rifle Club 2; YFC 1,2; Choir 2,3,4; Band 3,4; Pep Club 1; SSS 2,3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Annual 3,4. JoAnn Hirschy—GAA 4; Pep Club 1,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; An¬ nual 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Twirler 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3,4. Cynthia Hurst--SSS 4; Intramurals 2; Rifle Club 3; Pep Club 1; Choir 1; YFC 3; Annual 3,4; Jane Inniger--Band 1,2,3,4; State Contest 2,3; NISBOVA 3; Choir 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 3; An¬ nual 3,4; Glee Club 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Recording Sec. 3; YFC 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 3,4. Cheryl Isch—Intramurals 1,2,3,4; GAA 4; Bowling 3; NHS 3,4; NHS Sec. 4; SSS 2,3,4; SSS V. Pres. 3; SSS Pres. 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Rifle 2; Glee Club 3,4; Dramatics 1,3,4; DAR Good Citizen 4; Annual 3,4; Newspaper 2,3; FFA Typist 3,4; NISBOVA 1,2,3,4; Queen ' s Court 4. Phil Isch--V. Pres. 3; Track 1,2,3,4; C.C. 2,3,4; Basket¬ ball 1; Football 1; Intramurals 2,3,4; FFA Treasurer 4; FFA Reporter 3; FFA 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Rifle Club 1; Soil Judging 1,2,3; Newspaper 3; Annual 4; Poultry Judg¬ ing 2,3; Livestock Judging 1; Vegetable Judging 1,2,3; Art Club 3,4. Tom Isch--Bowling 1,2; Intramurals 3,4; Basketball 1; Art Club 1; Pep Club 1. 81 Seniors Step Forward James Kaehr--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Annual 4; Rifle Club 2,3; Pep Club 2,3. Ron Kelley--Basketball 1; Rifle Club 2,4; Pep Club 1; YFC 1. Ron Kipfer--Sec. 2; Student Council 4; C.C. 2,4; Track 2,3,4; Newspaper 2,3; Annual 3,4; NHS. Duane Landis--FFA 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Poultry Judging 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2. Steve Landis--Track 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Intramurals 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,3,4; Annual 3,4. Gloria Longsworth--SSS 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Dramatics 2; YFC 1,2; Annual 3,4. Allen Mailand—Bowling 1; Rifle Club 3,4; Spanish Club 4; Art Club 3,4; YFC 1; Band 1,2; Pleasant Mills 1. Rod Mailer--Intramurals 1,2; Rifle Club 1,2,3; Indus¬ trial Arts 1,2,3,4. 82 to Higher Goals Glen Marckel—Basketball 1,2; Track 2,3; C.C. 3; Intr- murals 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; District VI Sentinel 4; An¬ nual 4; Pep Club 1; Dairy Judging 1,2,3,4; Soil Judging 2,3,4; Livestock Judging 3. Vicki McClain--V. Pres. 4; GAA 4; SSS 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 2; Annual 3,4. Chuck McCullough — Spanish Club 3,4; Annual 3,4; Rifle Club 2,3,4; Rifle Club Pres. 3,4; YFC 4; Quiz Team 4. Kathy McKean—Intramurals 1,2,3; GAA 4; Dramatics 1,3,4; YFC 1,2,3,4; SSS 2,3,4; SSS Treas. 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,3,4; Pep Club Pres. 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2; Rifle Club 2; Glee Club 3,4; Annual 3,4; Girl ' s Quartet 2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,2,3,4; YFC Sec-Treas. 3; Queen ' s Court 4. Romona Merriman--Intramurals 1,2,3; YFC 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Quartet 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Annual 1,2; SSS 2,3,4; NISBOVA 1,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4. Alan Miller--Track 1; Basketball 1,2; C.C. 1. Wayne Miller--Intramurals 4; Golf 1,2; Track 2,3,4; C.C. 3; Industrial Arts 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 2,3; Annual 3,4; Dramatics 1,2,3,4. Jerry Morningstar--Track 1,2,3,4; C.C. 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 4; Annual 3,4; Choir 3,4; Rifle Club 2; King ' s Court 4. 83 Seniors Realize That Ted Nussbaum--Basketball 1; Intramurals 2,3,4; YFC 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Annual 3,4; Choir 1,3,4; YFC V. Pres. 2,3,4. Linda Osterman--SSS 2,3,4; Twirler 1; Annual 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Choir 3; Intramurals 1; Dramatics 4; Pep Club Representative 4. Sara Ploughe—SSS 2,3,4; YFC 2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Spanish Club 4; Annual 3,4; Dramatics 4; NISBOVA 3; Spanish Club Treasurer 4; NHS 4. Ted Rash--Pres. 1; Student Council 2; Track Manager 3; C.C. Manager 3; Basketball Manager 3,4; Golf 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; NHS 3,4; Annual 3,4; Newspaper 2,3; Math. Contest 1; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Chemistry Con¬ test 3. Don Raudenbush--Track 1; Basketball 1,2; C.C. 3; Base¬ ball 4; Intramurals 3; FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Reporter 2; Dra¬ matics 2,3,4; Annual Business Manager 4; NHS 4. Linda Rich--Intramurals 1,2,3; GAA 4; Rifle Club 2,3,4; YFC 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Annual 3,4; Dramatics 1,4. Johnny Riojas—Basketball 1; Spanish Club 3. 84 The World Rushes on” Mary Riojas--Bowling 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; SSS 2,3,4. Linda Roe—Intramurals 1,2,3,4; GAA 4; P.E. ass ' t 4; Pep Club 1,2; YFC 1; SSS 2,3,4; Choir 4; Rifle Club 2; Annual 4; Glee Club 4. Diana Roudebush—V. Pres. 1; GAA 4; GAA Pres. 4; In¬ tramurals 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Bowling 3; Rifle Club 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club Sec. 3; Rifle Club Treas. 4; YFC 1,2,3,4; YFC Quiz Team 3,4; Dramatics 1; Annual 3,4; Newspaper 2; SSS 2,3,4; Band Representative 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; NISBOVA 2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4. Mike Sauers--Football 1; Baseball 1; Rifle Club 1,2; Art Club 2,3,4; Dramatics 2; Newspaper 2,3; Annual 3,4; Beme 1. Roger Schnepp--Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; C.C. 2; Golf 1; Volleyball 4; Dramatics 2,3,4; Annual 3,4; King ' s Court. Brial Schwartz--Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Volley¬ ball 4; Track 1,2,3; C.C. 2; Intramurals 3,4; FFA 1,2; Annual 4; Dramatics 1,2,3; Newspaper 1,2,3; Dairy Judging 1,2; State 1,2; Rifle Club 2,3. Etta Schwartz--GAA 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Annual 4; Glee Club 3,4. 85 School-Days End, Pat Schaffer--Pep Club 1,2,3,4; YFC 1,2,3,4; Annual 3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 4; Glee Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; NISBOVA 3. Duane Shifferly--Bowling 1; Rifle Club 2,3,4; YFC 1,2,3; FFA 3,4; Pleasant Mills 1. Allen Shoaf--Ag. 1; Shop 1,2,3,4; Art Club 4. Janet Smith--SSS 2,3,4; YFC 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Spanish Club 1,3,4; Annual 3,4; Dramatics 1,3,4. Sharon Smith--Intramurals 1; GAA 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Librarian 3,4; YFC 1; Glee Club 3,4. Steve Smith--C.C. 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Annual 3,4; Poultry Judging 2; King ' s Court. Janice Soldner--Intramurals 1,3,4; Dramatics 3,4; News¬ paper editor 4; SSS 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; NHS 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Spanish Club Treas. 3; YFC 1,2,3,4; YFC V. Pres. 4; Annual 3,4; Girl ' s State 4. Linda Stevens--SSS 2,3,4; Band 1,2; Dramatics 1,4; YFC 1,2; Art Club 4; Annual 3,4; Newspaper 1,3,4; Math Con¬ test 1; YFC Treas. 2; NHS 4. 86 Futures—Begin Camiel Striker--Basketball 1,2; C.C. 2,3; Track 1,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Spanish 4; FFA 1; Annual 3,4; Pep Club 1; Dramatics 3,4; County Delegate to Indiana Teen Democrat State Convention. Steve Stucky—Student Council 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,3,4; Track 1,2,3; C.C. 3; Volleyball 4; Indus¬ trial Arts 1,2,3,4; Annual 3,4; King ' s Court 4. Lou Ann Tonner--Student Council 3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; GAA 4; Bowling 3; Cheerleader 2,3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; Dramatics 1; Pep Club 1; Choir 2,3,4; Annual 3,4; Rifle Club 2; Glee Club 3,4; Queen ' s Court 4. Susan Wagley--GAA 4; YFC 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 3,4; An¬ nual 3,4; Newspaper Reporter 3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; SSS 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,4; Librarian 4. Kathy Watkins--Intramurals 1; SSS 2,3,4; Choir 4; YFC 1; Annual 4; Glee Club 4. James Welch--Intramurals 1; Art Club 1,2,3,4; Annual Photographer 4; YFC 1,2,3,4; Annual 3,4. Judy Workinger--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; GAA 4; GAA rep¬ resentative 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1; Choir 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Annual 3,4; Annual Editor 4; SSS 2,3,4; YFC 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Band 1; Rifle Club 2; Bowling 3; Dramatics 3; Queen ' s Court 4. Tad Wulliman--Student Council 1; Basketball 1; Intra¬ murals 2,3,4; YFC 1,2,3,4; YFC Pres. 3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Annual 3,4; Choir 1,3,4; NISBOVA 2,3,4; YFC Trumpet Trio 1,2,3. 87 Raymond Adler Ralph Aschliman Linda Balsiger Harriet Bercot Allen Birch Richard Borne Blair Brown Jane Bryan John Bunner Mike Burke Judy Butler Bob Cook Bonnie Cook Roger Currie Cheryl Dick Judy Double Marsha Engle Richard Everett Barbara Garwood Gloria Gerber Cathy Gerber Janet Gerber Jim Gilbert Danny Green Kinly Gunder Karen Hammond Myron Hamrick Janet Hamrick Dennis Harvey Darrell Heyerly Von Heyerly Janet Hill David Hitchcock Linda Hodle Judy Hoffman Jayne Irwin Lyle Kaehr Leon Kauffman Steve Kershner Ruth Kipfer Melissa Kipfer CLASS OFFICERS: Miss Williamson, sponsor; Mrs. Soldner, sponsor; Ray Adler, treasurer; Carol Macy, secretary; Mr. Watson, sponsor; Allen Birch, president; Alan Ringger, vice-president. 88 Juniors Follow ’66 to Junction ’67 Wayne Kirchner Carol Macy Eva Mankey Beverly Martin Leland McAlhaney Alan Miller Donna Miller Jim Miller Leon Morgan Dianne Moser Gregg Neiford Roger Noll Lynn Ratcliff Darlene Rich Alan Ringger Deryll Ringger Jerry Ripple Rex Roe Bob Ross Phyllis Sapp Linda Sauers Eddie Schwartz Pat Sheehan Steve Sommer David Sovine Karen Sprunger Dianne Steffen Diana Stetler Bill Stucky Carol Tonner Linda Tonner Steve Tumbleson Gretta Wulliman Gretchen Yost Panxy Zimmerman • 89 Judy Beer Phil Bentz Dennis Bieberich Roger Bollenbacher Carol Borne Sheila Buettner Vickie Burkhead CLASS OFFICERS: Mr. Habegger, Mr. Bryan, Miss Beavers, sponsors; Dennis Bie¬ berich, Secretary, Wayne Ross, Treasurer; Danny Sanders, Vice-president; JoEllen Wulliman, President; Miss Starns, sponsor. Myles Anderson Tim Bebout David Carver Iris Cauble Jaynie Christman Connie Cook Jane Dague Diane Dennison David Eckelbarger Nancy Edgell Charlotte Elam Larry Ellenberger Mike Eyanson Patty Fiechter Edward Garwood Darlene Geyer Anita Girod Jane Hammond Darrel Harmon Bob Harris Gladys Hart Jack Harvey Linda Henschen Connie High Ricky Hill Irene Hindenlang Dewain Hirschy Susie Hitchcock Patti Isch Janice Jones Sheila Kirchner Jim Lantz Linda Longsworth Beth Mann Olga Mauricio Cheri McClain Becky Miller Two More Miles for the Sophomores Bob Miller Leon Mitchel Karen Myers Jan Nussbaum Lalah Nussbaum Pam Nussbaum Rex Oliver t Tom Patrick Sheryl Raudenbush Raymond Reinhart Ron Reynolds Diane Rich Larry Rich JoAnn Riff Gloria Ripple Dennis Roe Leon Roe Wayne Ross Donna Roudebush Danny Sanders Tim Schmitt Alan Schug Leland Shoaf Linda Soldner Janice Sommers Dennis Striker Joan Stucky Marlene Stucky Vickie Suman Anita Teeple Rose Tonner John Wagley Connie Watkins Jo Ellen Wulliman Brian Zurcher Gary Wable Ann Haugk Mary Kaehr Roxann Stavenik Becky Tonner Bradford Adler Dennis Aller Gary Archer Phil Arnold David Aschliman Diane Aschliman Rita Bailey Lois Beavers Barbara Birch Bill Borne Bonnie Bowers Catherine Brodbeck Neil Brown Barbara Brunner Joe Burkhead Janet Connelley Cheryl Cook Mike Cook Ronnie Cook Ronald Eckelbarger Susan Everett Dennis Fairchild Randal l Fennig James Franz Judy Funk Jerry Garwood Bob Genth Neil Gerber Dwight Haines Cheryl Hamrick Beth Harmon Carolyn Harvey Larry Harvey Mike He are Anne Hilty Gary Hirschy Kenda Huntley Steve Hurst Mike Isch CLASS OFFICERS: Mr. Shoup, Mrs. Archbold, sponsors; Sally Leyse, treasurer; Jackie Nussbaum, vice-president; Stanley Steury, president; Joy Kaehr, secretary; Mrs. Nielsen, Mrs. Moller, Mr. Zurcher, sponsors. 92 Freshman Begin theJourney to Success Joy Kaehr Rita Kaehr Beverly Kipfer Lois Kipfer Mary Lantz Gretchen Leyse Sally Leyse Dennis Light Rita Longsworth David Lug inbill Janice Mankey Lillian Mauricio Harry Mc Dermott Marvin Mihm Donald Moeschberger Cynthia Moser Ryan Neuenschwander Jackie Nussbaum Linda Nussbaum June Raudenbush Debbie Ray Harry Reed Kathy Rhodes Gloria Riojas Max Royer Duane Scheiderer Mike Schmitt Margery Schwartz Ruth Schwartz Sherry Schwartz Sandy Shaffer Melvin Shetler Darlene Shoaf John Sipe Rodney Smith Vickie Zurcher Karen King Mike Riley Michael Sommer Doug Tumbleson Marvin Helsel Linda Springer Kerry Steiner Linda Stetler Linda Steury Stanley Steury Bill Striker Steve Stump Kip Summersett Bill Tinkham Bob Tommelier Lavern Troyer Joyce Wable Cheryll Williamson Barbara Zimmerman ROW 1: (Front to Back): K. Martin, L. Dishong, G. Hart, D. Jones, T. Reinhart, T. Steffen. ROW 2: S. Gerber, M. Edgell, A. Hirschy, P. Vidal, S. Roe, B. Slusher, P. Wickey. ROW 3: J. Johnson, A. Hilty, D. Haines, T. Bebout, K. Shaffer, R. Wickey. ROW 4: C. Martin, M. Miller, C. Reinhart, P. Shoaf, J. Suman, V. Reinhart. ROW 5: E. Geyer, A. Nussbaum, J. Patrick, D. Tinkham, C. Springer. Mr. Don Sprunger--Grade 8A Mrs. Moller--Grade 8B ROW 1: (Front to Back): J. Williams, R. Stucky, T. Stevens, K. Mutschler, T. Steury, S. Geimer. ROW 2: J. Becker, S. Stucky, S. Neiford, D. Hack, W. Johnson, S. Smith, D. Bailey. ROW 3: S. Zurcher, M. Childs, K. Nussbaum, K. Webb, K. Gerber, S. Bertsch. ROW 4: S. Tullis, C. Balsiger, L. Zurcher, B. Hilty, M. Liechty, D. Eyanson. ROW 5: D. Fisher, T. Longenberger, C. Ringger, T. Soldner, M. Gerber, S. Foreman. ROW 6: C. Larson, A. Stoller, S. Martin, K. Rich, D. Gaunt. ROW 1: (Front to Back): K. Riff, D. Andrews, S. Fiechter, K. Fruchte, J. Riley, A. Shifferly. ROW 2: P. Hill, S. Baumgartner, J. Redding, A. Mitch, D. Ecklelbarger, J. Brewster, R. Minnich. ROW 3: B. Bryan, J. Myers, J. Double, L. Hilty, M. Kaehr, L. Mattax, P. Elam. ROW 4: S. Oliver, D. Hoffman, R. Aschliman, J. McClain, D. Reinhart, A. Hamilton, B. Kolter. ROW 5: V. Bowers, D. Heyerly, R. Reinhart, S. Lyons, R. Huntly, L. Feirchild, S. Smith. STANDING: L. Teeple, P. Zimmerman. Mr. Hoffman--Grade 8C Mr. Zurcher--Grade 7A ROW 1: (Front to Back): R. Bollenbacher, D. Borne, J. Brewster, J. Connelley, M. Ellenberger, R. Everett. ROW 2: R. Geyer, C. Hamilton, P. Hisschy, P. Kerschner, D. Longsworth, J. Miller, C. Simmons. ROW 3: J. Nussbaum, J. Patrick, B. Genth, R. Rehm, J. Rich, A. Riley, A. Riojos, C. Tinkham. ROW 4: J. Sch¬ wartz, D. Shetler, V. Shoaf, D. Thomas, R. Smith, P. Strait. ROW 5: G. Striker, M. Shaffer, P. Tonnelier, J. Vidal, G. Watkins, L. Wulliman. NOT PICTURED: D. Tinkham, A. Mauricio. ROW 1: (Front to Back): N. Adler, D. Allen, B. Yost, B. Nussbaum, B. Neuenschwander, M. Jackson. ROW 2: G. Tullis, B. Liechty, D. Barger, M. Nussbaum, D. Zurcher, K. Steury, J. Merriman. ROW 3: T. Rupert, R. Garwood, R. Morrison, G. Schmit, C. German, L. Schwartz, B. Teeple. ROW 4: M. Thatcher, A. Aschli- man, D. Everett, A. Arnold, C. Wickey, S. Workinger, D. Needstine. ROW 5: L. Aschliman, J. Brunner, S. Kaehr, C. Goldner, B. Sheets, C. Noll. ROW 6: C. Huffine, L. Reed, S. Webb, C. Cook, K. Kraft, N. Beer. Mr. Brown--Grade 7B Mr. Green--Grade 7C ROW 1: (Front to Back): J. Shoaf, P. Shoaf, E. Kipfer, K. Moeschberger, L. Gerber, J. Wickey, K. Kaufman. ROW 2: R. Crownover, S. Christman, C. Steiner, M. Cauble, F. Hammond, R. Moser, B. Patch. ROW 3: E. Gerber, C. Pierce, V. Schrock, R. Arnold, V. Jordon, B. Schug, E. Girod. ROW 4: K. Evanson, J. Zurcher, D. Nussbaum, A. Engle, J. Rich, L. Shetler, C. Bollenbocher. ROW 5: W. Stoller, D. Gerig, D. Smith, T. Garner, M. Schwartz, S. Mailer. ROW 1: (Back to Front): C. Byerly, R. Borne, T. Biberstine, M. Amstutz, L. Adler. ROW 2: E. Hilty, L. Heyerly, G. Hack, D. Garwood, K. Fisher, N. Fiechter. ROW 3: S. Nussbaum, S. Myers, R. Miller, S. Kiser, W. Hirschy, K. Hirschy. ROW 4: C. Slusher, D. Eckelbarger, D. Roe, R. Rich, C. Rich, V. Peterson. ROW 5: J. Soldner, R. Tullis, R. Tharp. Mr. Strahm--Grade 6 Mr. Johnson--Grade 6 ROW 1: (Back to Front): L, Gaunt, T. Morningstar, M. Hilty, R. Gerber, K. King. ROW 2: B. Mailer, S. Bertsch, G. Gerber, S. Fawbush, A. Yost, R. Martin. ROW 3: C. Stoller, T. Garwood, G. Hodle, D. Longer- berger, K. Steiner. ROW 4: R. Mailoux, K. Arnold, R. Garwood, A. Mitchel, M. Zimmerman, T. Sprunger. ROW 5: J. Gilbert, D. Welch, R. Osterman, C. Simmons, R. Andrews, L. Clark. mm 1 m- ' 1 , T ROW 1: (Front to Back): V. Steiner, L. Wickey, K. Ehrman, R. Engle. ROW 2: A. Heyerly, J. Harvey, J. Haggard, C. Girod, L. Garner, J. Funk. ROW 3: J. Hilty, P. Isoh, I. Kaehr, S. Kaehr, D. Kelsey, M. Klinger, D. Leyse. ROW 4: R. Sommer, D. Roe, J. Rich, S. Rich, C. Rhodes, R. Owens, S. Mankey. NOT PIC¬ TURED: M. Steury, D. Studdbaker, J. Hilty. Mr. Ehrsam--Grade 6 Mr. Huffine--Grades 5,6 ROW 1: (Left to Right): G. Hindenlang, G. Roe, T. Moser, R. Sheeham, M. Morrisson, M. Lyons, D. Johnson, S. Everett, P. Broadbeck, Mr. Hiffine. ROW 2: D. Fairchild, D. McCollough, J. Irwin, T. Everett, S. Wolfe, J. Springer, R. Light, R. Mihm, C. Foor, S. Elzey, B. Stetler, D. Funk. ROW 3: M. Noll, S. Ever¬ ett, J. Johnson, B. Hitchcock, J. Chapman, D. Girod, E. Watkins, J. Thatcher, J. Workinger, M. Riley, L. Miller, R. Cook, D. Huffine. ROW 1: (Front to Back): L. Barger, R. Myers, P. Swaygart, K. King. ROW 2: K. Barger, M. Roudenbush, C. Reinhard, J. Bluhm, J. Slusher. ROW 3: N. Wagley, S. Mattax, J. Weisman, D. Hilty, C. Bebout, S. Rash. ROW 4: G. Patrick, R. Sprunger, R. Bryan, P. Reed, D. Biberstine, C. Fruchte. ROW 5: K. Ringger, C. Hodle, S. Lantz, S. Serna, M. Zurcher. ROW 6: J. Houk, R. Lantis, L. Schwartz, M. Bieberich, G. Childs. Mrs. Egley--Grade 5 Mrs. Teeter--Grade 5 ROW 1: (Front to Back): M. Gilbert, K. King, S. Feichter, T. Becker, S. Rhodes, D. Harvey. ROW 2: K. Zimmerman, D. Wable, J. Beery, J. Miller, B. Miller, K. Fruechte. ROW 3: J. Myers, S. Bieberich, J. Williams, R. Hurst, ML Zurcher, C. Clark. ROW 4: V. Kolter, J. Bergman, J. Geisel, M. Hilty, P. Sauers, D. Haines, R. Reynolds. ROW 5: L. Yost, R. Kaehr, D. Eyanson, S. Neadstine, L. Shetler, R. Vidal. ROW 1: (Front to Back): C. Johnson, L. Schwartz, G. Hill, D. Walker, A. Mitchel, T. Jackson. ROW 2: D. Seitz, M. Garwood, G. Landis, S. Patch, D. Inniger, B. Bailey. ROW 3: B. Arnold, J. Wittwer, M. Manley, D. Dailey, G. Everett, G. Double. ROW 4: S. Habbegger, M. Kaehr, J. Foreman, L. Schwartz, D. Kershner, B. Mutschler, M. Hilty. ROW 5: S. Schrock, S. Bassett, S. Schwartz, E. Hilty, D. Steury, R. Young. NOT PICTURED: E. Miller, K. Steffen. Mr. Joe Sprung er--Grade 5 Mrs. Byerly--Grade 4 ROW 1: (Front to Back): C. Mankey, E. Cavanaugh, J. Ellenberger, S. Keahr, S. Arnold. ROW 2: D. Adler, S. Gerber, K. Bowman, L. Marckel, L. Carter, J. Kaehr. ROW 3: R. Wickey, R. Nussbaum, J. Funk, D. Moser, S. Schlickman, K. Gerber. ROW 4: M. Hilty, J. Miller, D. Longsworth, J. Hack, P. Rhodes. ROW 5: D. Rupert, K. Ehrman, M. Weisman, N. Sprunger, L. Peterson. ROW 1: (Front to Back): R. Myers, A. Raudenbush, E. Smith, C. Nussbaum, B. Garwood. ROW 2: S. Fuelling, L. Stucky, B. Gerber, D. Fiechter, J. Dennison, J. Houk. ROW 3: R. Jordan, D. Lehman, N. Poling, G. Gerber, J. Serna, S. King. ROW 4: R. Manley, A. Steury, G. Andrews, J. Brewster, A. Nussbaum. ROW 5: D. Mankey, M. Gilbert, D. Roe, E. Tonner, E. Troyer. Mrs. Reynolds--Grade 4 Mrs. Kuhn--Grade 4 ROW 1: (Back to Front): M. Nussbaum, C. Wulliman, K. Nussbaum, Nyla Engle. ROW 2: D. Rich, D. Pierce, R. Brock, K. Callow, Jean Gilbert. ROW 3: B. Hoffman, S. Longenberger, B. Bergman, D. Carr, D. Aschliman. ROW 4: B. Landis, D. Tinkham, R. Hodle, D. Simon, R. Landis. ROW 5: D. Kelsey, N. Basset, M. Schwartz, D. Miller, D. Christman, C. Mitchel, C. Zurcher, M. Sauers. STANDING: Mrs. Kuhn, D. Ehlerding, Mrs. Johnson. ROW 1: (Left to Right): R. Elzey, D. Workinger, D. Lyons, S. Bailey, J. Brodbeck, B. Wolfe, R. Mihm, B. Sprunger, Mrs. Mitchel. ROW 2: M. Gallogly, L, Edwards, L. Ehrsam, D. Edgell, R. Lichtenberger, K. Shee¬ han, D. Noll, L Wolfe, M. Hurst, R. Dague, T. Tinkham. ROW 3: G. Morrison, R. Hoffman, G. Everett, D. Johnson, K. Jones, C. Cook, S. Girod, J. Ross, C. Tricker, S. Bollenbacher, R. Bebout. Mrs. Mitchel--Grades 3,4 Mrs. Sheets--Grade 3 ROW 1: (Front to Back): R. Heiser, P. Bryan, J. Byerly, S. Garner, M. Schwartz. ROW 2: E. Fisher, A. Tonner, A. G yer, D. Klinger, M. Amstutz. ROW 3: K. Barger, J. Gerber, B. Ostermeyer, J. Reed, C. Cavanaugh, D. Ross. ROW 4: F. Coppess, D. Rumple, D. Hirschy, L. Patrick, J. Engel. ROW 5: D. Teeple, D. Leyee, D. Gerber, J. Soldner, C. Eyanson, C. Roe. ROW 6: C. Hirschy, Mrs. Sheets, T. Schrock, R. Zurcher, C. Cavanaugh, K. Steffen. ROW 1: (Front to Back): R. Feichter, D. Weisman, D. Bertsch, L. Arnold. ROW 2: T. Sheets, D. Callow, W. Shetler, E. Dick, D. Hilty. ROW 3: S. Eckelbarger, T. Nussbaum, D. Habegger, M Bertsch, M. Webb. ROW 4: J. Beery, L. Burkhead, H. Ringger, D. Gerig, R. Fennig. ROW 5: J. Mora, K. Richards, C. Vidal, N. Arnold, ROW 6: J. Pierce, D. Garwood, S. Borne, M. Nussbaum. STANDING: P. Reinhart, Mrs. Haggard, A. Sell. Mrs. Haggard--Grade 3 Mrs. Inniger—Grade 3 ROW 1: (Right to Left): G. Manley, L. Jackson, L. Stoller, J. Rich, B. Burkhart. ROW 2: M. Double, K. King, R. Patch, J. Redding, J. Harvey. ROW 3: D. Allen, T. Liechty, R. Beer, J. Genth, K. Seitz, K. Ehr- man. ROW 4: R. Everett, R. Johnson, E. Steffen, L Steury, L. Hilty, J. Lehman. ROW 5: T. Nussbaum, T. Slusher, C. Zurcher, K. Nussbaum, J. Steffen, T. Adler. ROW 6: M. Honaker, S. Weaver, D. Gerber, L. Stucky, R. Schwartz. ROW 1: (Left to Right): K. Dick, J. Cook, S. Johnson, C. Everett, N. Morrison, C. Wolfe, E. Miller, Mrs. Adler. ROW 2: T. Brodbeck, C. Mihm, D. Winans, T. Lichtenberger, P. Huffine, J. Fairchild, T. Edgell, G. Noll, T. Wolfe, C. Wolfe. ROW 3: B. Ehrsam, J. Watcher, S. Morrison, J. Tinkham, L. Winans, D. Fea- sel, T. Girod, J. Everett, B. Wolfe, K. Watkins, R. Rehm. NOT PICTURED: C. Wolfe. Mrs. Adler--Grades 2,3 Mrs. Beaty--Grade 2 ROW 1: (Back to Front): M. Schwartz, N. Martin, N. Hurst, J. Mora. ROW 2: J. Mailer, M. Hirschy, D. Schwartz, B. Manley, L. Myers, N. Hurst. ROW 3: A. Wulliman, T. Young, T. Gerber, C. Hilty, B. Troxel, S. Abbott. ROW 4: M. Webb, C. Clouse, R. Schwartz, S. Gerber, Gary Fiechter, L. Schwartz. ROW 5: B. Haugh, R. Rumple, R. Roe, R. Becher. ROW 1: (Front to Back): C. Beer, D. Klinger, N. Hirschy, D. Beer, T. Roe. ROW 2: G. Hill, K. Ehrman, R. Reynolds, S. Bauman, G. Graber, R. Zimmerman. ROW 3: S. Martin, J. Taylor, J. Rhodes, M. Gilbert, R. Mattox, T. Kirchner, B. Nussbaum. ROW 4: C. Longenberger, P. Beer, V. Ringger, M. Barger, J. Bentz, J. Tonnellier. ROW 5: K. Ringger, G. Hirschy, M. Parrish, S. Byerly, N. Schug. NOT PICTURED: C. Hart, M. Mitchel. Miss Johnson--Grade 2 Miss Smalley--Grade 2 ROW 1: (Front to Back): C. Steiner, K. Steffen, R. Steffen. ROW 2: L. Hilty, A. Steffen, T. Patch, L. Carter, M. Walker. ROW 3: S. Hilty, M. Mitchel, D. Bollinger, D. Stout, M. Amstutz. ROW 4: D. Gerber, J. Sell, B. Ostermeyer, J. Wickey, B. Steller. ROW 5: F. Evans, D. Reed, D. Nussbaum, C. Gerber, T. Kirchner. ROW 6: J. Nussbaum, V. Mitchel, J. Isch, C. Clark. ROW 1: (Left to Right): D. Noll, B. Sheets, J. Clevenger, C. Butler, J. Girod, S. Dick, Miss Clements. ROW 2: B. Hurst, D. Winans, R. Johnson, G. Elzey, D. Wolfe, J. Hitchcock, A. Barkley, C. Speakman, A. Riley, M. Bowmen. ROW 3: B. Lyons, M. Bailey, R. Dague, J. Tinkham, T. McCullough, S. Roe, G. Raw- ley, B. Sprunger, L. Barkley. Miss Clements--Grades 1,2 Mrs. Griffiths--Grade 1 ROW 1: (L shape in front): K. King, J. Teeple, K. Shoaf, J. Christman, S. Poling, M. Slusher, D. Arnold. ROW 2: (Center): J. Garwood, R. Stout, R. Hamilton, L, Tonner, S. Boothby. ROW 3: D. Strait, R. Mut- schler, B. Childs, T. Williams, H. Hilty, H. Schwartz. ROW 4: T. Bovine, D. Stout, L. Mailloux, P. Arnold, R. Manley, J. Kaehr. NEXT TO WINDOWS: K. Engle, G. Seitz, B. Vidol, L. Hilty, M. Hilty. ‘ Jj v (f ' mjw ' - yti C " S”- Wt ... §L ' ROW 1: (Front to Back): K. Ulman, J. Bluhm, D. Byerly, T. Landis, ML. Graber, J. Amstutz, G. Bixler, J. Patch, D. Carr. ROW 2: S. Soldner, B. Dick, M. Miller, R. Geyer, J. Hamrick, R. Rumole, B. Hawkins, L. Brock, J. Fiechter. ROW 3: T. Eyanson, S. Gerber, K. Strahm, V. Nussbaum, R. Goldner, E. Wickey, R. Pierce. ROW 4: E. Garner, E. Evans, R. Liechty, C. Martin. Miss Brinksneader--Grade 1 Mrs. Habegger--Grade 1 ROW 1: (Left to Right): R. Garwood, N. Sprunger, D. Kelsey, R. Bollinger, D. Eckelbarger, L. Tonner. ROW 2: V. Ringger, J. Mack, J. Ehlerding, D. Carr, R. Ross, M. Parrish, T. Bluhm. ROW 3: B. Heiser, M. Rich, T . Geisel, D. Hirschy, P. Zurcher, T. Engle, M. Noll, B. Hirschy. ROW 4: C. Hilty, B. Honaker, B. Engle, A. Gerber, M. Gilbert, D. Dailey, D. Hilty. TABLE 1, Left to Right: BACK: David Lee, Eddie Heack, Debbie Studabaker, Jodi Isch, FRONT: Kevin Seitz, Susan Braun, Carla Geisel. TABLE 2, Dwayne Gerber, Miss Nelson, David Soldner, Artie Weisman, Ronnie Ger¬ ber. FRONT: David Tonnellier, Steve Harvey, Denise Cowans, Vicki Isch. TABLE 3, Daniel Engle, Alan Siman, Dennis Engle, Randy Brodbeck, John Parrish, Debbie Bixler. FRONT: Shelley Ringger, Ann Fiechter, Roxanne Wilder. TABLE 4, John Schwaller, Keith Kaehr, Michele Barger, Lori Hurst, Gene Gerber. FRONT: Joni Gerber, Darlene Isch. NOT PICTURED: Melody Egly and Ward Sheets. Mrs. Nelson--Kindergarten Mrs. Piper--Kindergarten ROW 1: Kenny Hawkins, Timmy Meyers, Stanley Goemaux, Larry Brunner, Gary Edwards, Timmy Bryan, Randy Braun, Linn Burkhart. ROW 2: Brad Bobout, Kevin Rehm, Kevin Raudenbush, Kelly Raudenbush, Gary Hoffman, Fred Morrisen, Steve Edgell, Ronnie Dailey, Tamara Wolfe, Nancy Tinkham. ROW 3: Larry Tumbleson, Kevin Ruble, Julie Speakman, Billy Suman, Mike Holloway, Darlene Cook, Patty Grove, Debbie Hurst, Mary Jo Rauch, Brenda Frey, Susan Johnson. TABLE ONE: Dawn Cavanaugh, Verona Troxel, Julie Ringger, Murilene Austin, Anita Hirschy, Bradley Byerly, Diane Girod. TABLE TWO: Vickie Dynes, Todd Bebout, Tamera Harmon, Sheila Mattax, Lisa Longenberger, Jennifer Fruechte, Peggy Garwood, Jennifer Yoder, Dennis Call. TABLE THREE: Kevin Dick, Dona Bowman, Douglas Lehman, Randall Taylor, Rodney Hirschy, Dale Haines, Tracy Zimmerman. TABLE FOUR: Patty Patch, Dawn Habegger, Sandra Bailey, Scott Mitchel, Penny Baumgartner, JoAnn Kahlert, Christine Elzey, Donna Weaver, Dawn Gerig. Mrs. Watson--Kindergarten The children take a break after a busy day ' s work. Advertising on Route ’66 Dealers of many surrounding towns help support A dams Central in many ways . Without their advertising, our annual would not be possible. Cen-Trails wishes to thank everyone who obliged. MILK PHONE 2-2162 " ■ ’ SERVICE YOU CAN DEPEND ON QUALITY AND AT YOUR DOOR OR AT THE STORE Save and Bank at THE FIRST STATE BANK Established 1883 Decatur, Indiana Cen-Trails Boosters BERNE Berne Hi-Way Hatchery Berne Locker Storage Clauser Furniture Dr. Edgar P. Sprunger Dr. M. A. Lehman Faith and Life Book Store G . C. Moser Insurance Gulf Super Service Hendrick ' s Electric Larry ' s Barber Shop Poplar Drive Inn Rich ' s Barber Shop Schwartz Gift Shop and Food Center The Fashion The Habit Cleaners BLUFFTON Shafer Tractor Sales CRAIGVILLE Gerber Locker DECATUR Compliments of E. F. Gass F. McConnell and Sons Kelly ' s Dry Cleaning Kenny ' s OK Barber Shop Mazelin ' s Coin Laundry Dry-Cleaning Norval S. Rich, M.D. Rentz Florist Shaffer ' s Restaurant Uhrick Brothers Village Beauty Salon Wertzbergers Western Auto Downtown Texaco Decatur Dry Cleaners Culligan Water Cond. Sales Services G EN EVA Hanni Furniture, Home Furnishings Kozy Korner Restaurant Naas Foods, Inc. MONROE K K Rabbi try PLEASANT MILLS Adams County Farm Bureau VERA CRUZ Croy ' s Machine Shop Rouch ' s Barber Shop Liechty Heating Plumbing ADAMS BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. 309 South 13 St. Phone 3-3104 Decatur, Indiana 46733 U.S. Highway 27, South ADAMS COUNTY TRAILER SALES Hi-Ways 27-33 Decatur, Ind. If Your Weld Is Broken, We Well ' em at ADLER BROTHER ' S GARAGE Craigville 565-3258 Decatur, Indiana Add Color to Your Life with Hooker Paints ANDERSON INDUSTRY Decatur, Indiana If Your Car Isn ' t " Oil " Right Take it to BEAVERS OIL SERVICE 168 S. Second St., Decatur, Indiana See a Good " Singer " at BOB ' S SEWING AND SERVICE CENTER 116 W. Monroe St., Decatur, Indiana Kings ! Take Your Subjects to DAIRY QUEEN-- " Brazier " -- Decatur, Indiana If You Don ' t Hear Enough News On Your Party-line, Order The DECATUR DEMOCRAT Decatur, Indiana mobile-showroom Wt WruTzer ECATUR MUSIC HOUSE SERVING THE MUSICAL ll TEPES7S OF THE COMMUNITY AMES C WEBB EDWARD J HEIMANM Looking for a Place to Take Your Date? Why Not Go to the DECATUR GOLF COURSE U.S. 224 West, Decatur, Indiana " Have Music--Will Travel " DECATUR MUSIC HOUSE Decatur, Indiana DECATUR PIANO CENTER Piano Is Our Middle Name. Highway Trailer Court Decatur, Indiana If You Don ' t Enjoy Mixing-- Concrete That Is--Order from DECATUR READY MIX Phone 3-2561 Decatur, Indiana I I DECATUR SUPPLY HOUSE, INC. Office Supplies Equipment, Office Gifts, Cleaning Supplies, Advertising Specialties Fred E. Kolter Phone 3-3363 140 W. Monroe St., Decatur, Indiana FERRIS BOWER JEWELER Decatur, Indiana Get Traction with Action DIERKES IMPLEMENT SALES Phone 3-3860 Decatur, Indiana Gerber ' s Carry Superb Products GERBER ' S SUPER MARKET Hi-W ay 27 Decatur, Indiana Phone 3-2712 Does Your Faucet " Drip-Drip-Drip " ? If So,--See HAUGKS for PLUMBING AND HEATING Decatur, Indiana If You ' re Feeling " Run-Down " Call HI-WAY SERVICE Phone 3-2928 Decatur, Indiana I Can You Expect to Lead an " IDEAL Life " Without an " IDEAL SUBURBAN HOME? " IDEAL SUBURBAN HOMES INC. 830 North 13th Street Decatur, Indiana Pick Up Your " Mum " at Lute ' s LUTES FLOWER SHOP " Flowers for Every Occasion " Phone 3-5126 Decatur, Indiana Ml o (- ' Jntf.u, . Don ' t " Dodge " a Chrysler Buy Them Both at PHIL L. MACKLIN CO. 107 South First Street Decatur, Indiana Buy Your " Sun " a Car at " Stars " MORNINGS TAR AUTO SALES (Better Cars for Less Money) U.S. 27 North Decatur, Indiana Before You Buy a Bed, See " Sheets " SHEETS FURNITURE Carpet Furniture Westinghouse Appliances Interior Decorating Services Available 150-158 South Second St. Phone 3-2602 Decatur, Indiana Wee Wise Wives Will Weceive " Wackets " and " Wousers " at Weis ' TOM WEIS MEN ' S WEAR This Area ' s Leading Clothier 101 N. Second Street Decatur, Indiana I I If Your Gas Doesn ' t Burn, See BLUFFTON BLUE FLAME: Their ' s Does. SOFT WATER SERVICE ISCH HARDWARE GIFTS Bluffton, Indiana Bank with the Farmers and the Merchants. FARMER AND MERCHANT ' S BANK Bluffton, Indiana If You Enjoy Going " Dutch " , Eat at the DUTCH MILL. On the Banks of the Wabash Bluffton, Indiana The " Cream of the Crop. " GERBER ' S CENTRAL DAIRY Bluffton, Indiana Phone 824-0610 Let Gerbers Grind Your Grain. If Your Farm Equipment Is " Shot " See GERBER FEED MILL WILLIAM STEFFEN SON " Your Honegger Dealer " Bluffton, Indiana Custom Grinding Grain Buying Bluffton, Indiana HERMAN J. BIXLER Insurance Geneva If Your Grains Are Low, " Elevate " Them at CRAIGVILLE ELEVATOR CRAIGVILLE ELEVATOR " Service with a Smile " Craigville, Indiana " Pick a PECK of Picks at PECKS. " Robert M. Kolter PECK HARDWARE Preble Phone 7-4522 If You Don ' t Have Any " Gas " See STUCKY ' S in Geneva STUCKY ' S GAS APPLIANCES Anhydrous Ammonia 82% Nitrogen Phone 368-7228 Geneva, Indiana " Fill Up with Groceries and Buy Some Gas at Lister ' s " LISTER ' S STORE Groceries--Drugs--Post Office Mobilgas Preble, Indiana If You Have Some " EQUITY " EXCHANGE at PREBLE. PREBLE EQUITY EXCHANGE INC. Preble, Indiana Fill Up With Gas Groceries R. H EVERETT General Merchandise " We Serve to Sell Again " Phone 7-7430 Pleasant Mills, Indiana The Only Way to Win the " Marathon " Is to Fill Up at WILLIAMSON MARATHON. Pleasant Mills, Indiana " If You Need More Rocks Than You Already Got " --Go to MESHBERGER BROS. STONE CORP. Crushed Stone Truck Delivery Linn Grove Pleasant Mills 334-5311 582-7211 Would You Like Some Wood? If You Would Like Some Wood, Come See Our Wood. We Would Like to Sell You Some Wood. ADAMS COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP Monroe, Indiana Need a Shower? Go to AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER Corporation of America Monroe, Indiana Get Your " WINGS " and Your " KEY " to Heaven from DALES. See DALES in Monroe for Your Red Wing Shoes Key Clothes. Phone Monroe 2-6465 Have Your " Rats Nested? " Get Them Untangled at FRIEDA ' S BEAUTY SHOP Frieda, Karla, Nancy Phone 2-6512 Monroe, Indiana If You Have an Hour, Take Your Babe to the " Jet Grill " for a Coke. Carry Out Banquet Room We Specialized in Satisfied Customers Charles Thais Stonestreet KleenYour ' Jamas at Kleen ' Jama Canter K J Coin Laundry Monroe, Indiana Open 7 Days a Week 6 A.M.-10 P.M. Weekdays 7 A.M.-7 P.M. 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Sipe Phone 7-7530 Monroe, Indiana Insurance RAY MILLER (vit “8-300 ' i w S-370 TOPS ON SMALL FARMS ■ BIO IN CAGES TOO! Go to MODEL HATCHERY INC. " Approved Babcock Baby Chicks " Monroe, Indiana STUCKY FURNITURE CO. Where your $ Buys More Monroe, Indiana " Kill Them Before They Multiply with Hobby ' s Rat Bait. " MONROE GRAIN AND SUPPLY CO. Grains, Feeds, Rat Bait Phone 692-6176 Monroe, Indiana Professional Care Is Best for Hair THE FRENCH ROOM BEAUTY SALON 107 E. Jackson, Monroe, Indiana Phone 692-6300 Sharon Kessler, Connie Woodruff ZEIGLER ' S BARBER SHOP We ' ll Give You a Real " Square " Haircuts—Shampoos--Tonics Deal on a Real " Round " Tire. Monroe, Indiana ZURCHER ' S FIRESTONE, INC. Monroe, Indiana Congratulations and Success to the Senior Class of 1966. Spend your Nickels and Dimes at the BERNE 5 ? to $1 STORE Berne, Indiana CTS of Berne, Inc. 406 Parr Road Berne, Indiana We " Witness " All the News BERNE WITNESS Published Every Mon., Wed., Fri. 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Phone 824-0300 Bluffton, Indiana To Everyone: The editor wishes to thank those who have contributed their time., effort and money for the annual. Without the well-given advice from the advisor, the co-operation from the faculty and parents, and the wonderful co-operation and time given from the staff and certain special workers, Cen-Trails ROUTE ' 66, would not have been possible. Sincerely, Judy Workinger 128 c y y ' J 5 V x " v y ■ £ - y yyy ., ' yy? ■ " ■ p- y , j j ef V

Suggestions in the Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) collection:

Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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