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. ADAMS CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL MONROE, INDIANA VOLUME 14 Through These Halls 2 School Life . 4 Academics . 12 People . 24 Organisations . 62 Sports . 76 Advertising . 86 Index . 105 Many hours are spent each day at lock¬ ers, bulletin boards, drinking fountains or just standing in the halls talking. If you should walk down the corridor before school takes up in the morn ing or during the noon hour, you would hear conversa¬ tions about clothes, exams, teachers, and coming events. All of these are of interest to Centralites. Of Central 3 Pleasure Is Gained Through Activities of everyday occurrence sped the days of Centralites in 1962-63. Vol¬ untary tasks, prize winnings, and per¬ sonal amusements affected students many times during the year. The taking of annual pictures brought smiles several days of the first semester. WHAT WOULD OUR ANNUAL BE without pictures? Most of our pictures were taken by Jim Reeves from RSM in Bluffton. AMBITIOUS TODAY MERV? Or perhaps this student, Mervin Mann, cleans his locker grudgingly. 4 CHANGING THE PROGRAM board is a task taken on by our National Honor Society. Here John Ross performs his duty. 1111111111 Daily Routine WHILE THE GIRLS LOOK ON Mr. Gerig places a prize, won by the four twirlers, into the trophy case with others there, already in position. BUS LOADS of students arrived each morning at ACHS. Here Don Egley steps out--and with a smile on his face, too! 5 A SENIOR AT WORK is Annie Singleton; but this is work she enjoys. Annie gathers absentee slips from classroom doors during last period each day. A MAKE-UP COMMITTEE helps members of the play cast apply their make-up before the acting. Drama Club Presents Play At Christmas the Dramatics Club pre¬ sented a play to the student body. Mr. Sprunger and Mr. Allspaw directed the printing of programs, costume and make¬ up divisions, and props committee and instructed the cast in acting techniques. This was the first play to be witnessed by Centralites for a number of years. KATHY MICHAELS as a news reporter, recites lines with cast member Sydonna Carnall. Johnny Sprun¬ ger, Maris Moeschberger, and Ed Hirschy retain positions on the stage. CAST MEMBERS Sydonna Camall and Kathy Michaels apply finishing touches to their appear¬ ances. 6 UNIDENTIFIABLE FRESHMEN take their assigned tasks to be initiated into the FFA chapter. PAST MEMBERS watch as those being initiated fullfil their obligations. BECKY SOLDNER, Carmie Steffen, and Candy Teeter try their hand at blowing balloons during their sophomore party. SOPHOMORES PARTICIPATED in various games planned for their class party. 7 MIKE FUELLING and Dave Heyerly pop com for a DRINKING FOUNTAINS seem to be a good place basketball game. to discuss the day ' s activities. Concessions Part of Routine SELLING POP to obtain money for the senior trip is Delbert Fuchs. SENIORS MARVIN, Jack, Dave, and Karen all help in the raising of funds. 8 STUDENT CAFETERIA workers fill milk glasses at lunch¬ time. Cafeteria Life A jfects A ll GLORIA RUPERT collects lunch money from students as they enter the cafeteria. TEACHERS AND STUDENTS wait in line in front of the cooks for their plates. 9 CEN-TRAILS KING AND QUEEN were crowned on January 18, this year. Left to right on the stage are Mike Rip¬ ley, Carolyn Hart, Steve Schlickman, Althea Wulliman, Angela Raudenbush, Becky Collins, Don Sharp, Lynn Stucky, Annie Singleton, Gary Workinger, Karen Rich, and Ed Hirschy. CHS Royalty Reign Supreme QUEEN CANDIDATE Karen Rich was es¬ corted by Ed Hirschy. ANNIE SINGLETON was escorted to the stage by Gary Workinger. 10 ANGELA RAUDENBUSH carried two dozen red roses for the queen; Lynn Stucky carried the crown. QUEEN BECKY COLLINS was crowned by Don Sharp after it was announced that he would reign as king. CAROLYN HART ' S escort for the crown¬ ing was Mike Ripley. COURT MEMBER Althea Wulliman was escorted on the arm of Steve Schlickman. 11 Through Halls These Academics Study is, of course, the bulk of a day at Central. Exams and daily assignments touch each and every student. The wide variety of courses offered enables Centralites to choose the subjects which interest them most. For the first time this year Spanish and Psychology were available, besides the full schedule of last year ' s courses. of Study Centralites are now offered a new sub¬ ject, Spanish. The students memorized nouns, verb endings, and idioms. The sub¬ ject was taught by Miss Williamson who resides in Bluffton. She has traveled to Mexico and is qualified to tell her class of the Spanish customs and places . MARY RIOJAS AND Marilyn Vizard study a daily Spanish lesson together. Here Marilyn is pronouncing a foreign word aloud. CHS Improves with Spanish MISS WILLIAMSON watches as students Mary Riojas, Marilyn Vizard, Jim Rash, Carol DeVine, and Johnny Riojas trans¬ late a sentence on the blackboard. 14 SENIOR ENGLISH teacher, Mr. Sprunger, looks at a class problem worked by Diane Patrick for the daily assignment. English — Our Native Tongue READING HER literature book during class study time is Diane Raudenbush. Classmate Bev Osterman prepares to begin her work. English courses continued to be stressed through the ' 62- ' 63 year. Mrs. Stucky, Mr. Sprunger, and Mr. Shoup taught junior high and high school students the language. Cen- tralites studied written works through lit¬ erature during the second semester. 15 SIX-WEEKS ' EXAMS are an expected part of learn¬ ing. Miss Beavers conducts a geometry test for her class. This year more students than ever enrol¬ led in mathematics. These courses included Geometry, Algebra I and Algebra II. Next year Trigonometry will again be available. They were all taught by Miss Beavers. Those who preferred general math to Algebra I were taught by Mr. Honaker. Geometry students were taught the funda¬ mentals of triangles and circles; algebra students, equations and slide rule uses. SLIDE RULES are not really as tough as they appear say Jane Kaehr, Sydonna Camall, Wilfred Morrison and Don Stucky. 16 TAKING AND RECORDING the accurate weight for physics class are Sandra Teeter, Delbert Fuchs, and Harris Halvorsen, as Mr. Allspaw looks on. MISS WILLIAMSON, Don Raudenbush, Roger Schnepp, and Marcene Gerber admire a piece of fungus brought in by Don. The science department had a busy year at Adams Central. The freshman biology class, taught by Miss Williamson, collected insects and leaves the first semester for individual credit. Later on, they collected flowers; disected fish, frogs and starfish; and had many extra special projects. The science depart¬ ment consisted of chemistry and physics. These classes were taught by Mr. All¬ spaw. Of the things the juniors learned in chemistry, the most important was the proper procedure for chemical analysis. In the physics class, the seniors learned the revolution of forces, stresses and strains, and many other items with technical application. 17 Psychology Enters Central Psychology and speech were offered as one semester courses at Central. First semester, psychology was taught by Mr. Haggard. Students studied the reasons lying beneath the strange actions of people. Mr. Souder taught techniques of public speaking to many sophomores and seniors. SPEECHES BECAME an everyday thing for students like Shariene Wagley. BRENDA HAMRICK asks help from her psychology teacher for an extra-tough problem from her book. 18 DON SHARP uses the World Almanac to find answers for gov¬ ernment class. Good Citizenship Promoted A WORLD HISTORY class used a film as part of their study on this particular day. — sontti; MAP STUDY was a part of class- work to Karen Shoaf, Jack Shoaf, and Karen Rich. 19 Timed Writings Keep Us Busy MIMEOGRAPH MACHINES PRESENT no problems to secretarial training stu¬ dents Ann Moser, Annie Singleton, Susan Frank, and Saundra Mattax. TYPING LETTERS is only one of the many things learned by students in this class. Adams Central offers profitable com¬ mercial courses to those students plan¬ ning to enter commercial occupations as well as those going to college. Those courses offered this year were shorthand, bookkeeping, secretarial training, and typing. The instructors and courses taught by each were as follows: Mrs. Archbold, shorthand and secretarial training; Mr. Bryan, typing and book¬ keeping; and Mr. Hoopingarner, typing. 20 Vocational Subs A id Future FUTURE HOMEMAKERS get their basic training in home economics. Here Althea Wulliman, Janelle Roth, and Diane Gerber stir their next dish. During the 62-63 school year Mrs. Nielsen taught 122 girls in home economics, cooking, sewing, child care, and home and wedding planning. Mr. Watson taught the better farming methods to 51 boys enrolled in vocational agriculture. In industrial arts, 85 boys learned from Mr. Collier mechanical drawing, woodworking, and welding. CONSTRUCTING INDUSTRIAL ARTS pieces are Jim Hill, Vernon Hedington, and David Arnold. 21 EIGHTH GRADE girls make decorations from balloons during their art class. Fine Arts Arouse Interest JUNIOR HIGH boys exercise their vocal cords lead by Mr. Henkel in music class. 22 CHECKING THE OIL is Carl Meyers while Mr. Bryan, Priscilla Bowers, and Johnny Feliz observe him. Health, Safety Are Stressed Physical education exercises helped training seventh graders through soph¬ omores in physical fitness. On alternate week days a health class was offered to sophomores. Mrs. Archbold taught girls; Mr. Honaker, the boys. Safety was also a major part of school¬ ing for many high school pupils. Mr. Bryan again instructed pupils in safe methods of driving technique. BOYS IN AN afternoon physical educational class participate in rhythm exercises. 23 Through These Halls People Whether they be of the administration, a teacher, janitor, bus driver, or student --all are Centralites. All deserve credit for the existence of Adams Central. It takes students to be taught, teachers to supply the knowledge, cooks to provide nourishment, janitors to keep our building clean, and bus drivers to transport each child to school. of Friends PRINCIPAL, Mr. Philip E. Souder and his secretary, Mrs. Rene Brandt. 26 CentraFs Dedicated Leaders GUIDANCE COUNSELOR, Mr. Robert Light. BOARD OF EDUCATION, Elisha Merriman, Fred Kaehr, Edwin E. Coil, Secretary; Clark W. Smith, President; Dan Habegger, Elmer Isch, Martin Steiner, Treasurer. 27 Trained Leaders Guide Us THOMAS ADLER--Huntington College, B.S.; Indi¬ ana Central, Indiana University Extension, Ball State; Mathematics, English. RICHARD ALLSPAW --Taylor University, B.S.; Ball State Teachers Col¬ lege, M.A.; Physics, Chemistry, Science, Arithmetic. WANDA ARCHBOLD--Ball State Teachers College, B.S.; Shorthand, Secretarial Training, Physical Edu¬ cation. FRANCES BEATY--Madam Blaker College, Butler College, Ball State Teachers College, B.S.; Second Grade. LUCILLE BEAVERS—North Manchester, Ball State Teachers College, Wisconsin University, Indiana University, A.B.; Mathematics. ROBERT BROWN--Manchester College, Indi¬ ana University, Huntington College, B.S.; Ball State Teachers College, M.A.; History, Literature. 28 EDWIN BRYAN--University of Delaware, Man¬ chester College, B.S.; Bookkeeping, Typing, Health, Driver Ed. DOLORES BYERLY—St. Francis College, Manchester College, Indiana University, Ball State Teachers College, B.S.; Fourth Grade. C. DOYLE COLLIER--Ball State Teachers Col¬ lege, B.S.; Air Corps Technical Training A E, U.S. Navy A.O. School, Florida; Industrial Arts. MARY EG LEY--Manchester College, Huntington College, Indiana University, B.S.; Fifth Grade. ELMER EHRSAM--Indiana Teachers College, Ball State Teachers College, B.S.; Sixth Grade. DOROTHY FUHRMAN—Ball State Teachers College, B.S.; Grade Music and Art. 29 DARRELL GERIG—Fort Wayne Bible College, Indiana University, M.S.; Music. FRANK GREEN--Sam Houston State Teachers College, B.S. Ball State Teachers College, M.A.; Northern Illinois University; Science, Social Studies. NAOMI GRIFFITHS—Ball State Teachers College, Indiana University, Purdue University, North Man¬ chester College, B.S.; First Grade. MARTHA HA- BEGGER—Ball State Teachers College , Purdue, Ext., Capital University, B.S.; Second Grade. HARVEY HAGGARD—Indiana State Normal, Tri State College, Manchester College, B.S.; History, Psychology, Health. VEDA HAGGARD—Tri State College, Indiana University, Ext., Ball State, Ext., St. Francis College, B.S.; Third Grade. WALTER HENKEL—Wayne State University, A.B., Ball State Teachers College, M.A.; Music. CARL HONAKER—Taylor University, B.S.; Ball State Teachers College, M.S.; Arithmetic, General Math. Physical Education, Health. 30 They Bring Us Knowledge LEE HOOPINGARNER—Western Michigan College, Ball State Teachers College, B.S.; Typing, General Business, Arithmetic. HELEN INNIGER—Ball State Teachers College, Ft. Wayne Bible College, B.S.; Third Grade. JAY JOHNSON--Canterbury College, B.S.; Central Normal College; Sixth Grade. THOMAS KIRCH- HOFER--Miami University, Bluffton College, B.A.; Art. MARGARET KUHN--Alma College, B.A.; Ball State Teachers College, M.A.; Fourth Grade. HARRIET MILLS--Ball State Teachers College, Indiana Uni¬ versity, Ext., Third Grade. 31 Learning Begins with Them WANDA MUNSON--Manchester College, B.S.; Ball State Teachers College, M.A.; Second Grade. JOYCE NIELSEN—Purdue University, B.S.; Home Economics. SALLY REYNOLDS--Manchester College, B.S.j St. Francis College; Fourth Grade. JOHN ROSIER-- University of Notre Dame, Ball State Teachers Col¬ lege; U.S. History, American Government. ROBERT SHOUP--Defiance College, A.B.; Ball State; English. DONALD SPRUNGER—Taylor Uni¬ versity, B.A.; Ball State, M.A.; Western Michigan University; English. 32 RUTH STAHLY--Ball State Teachers College, B.S.; Second Grade. LEO STRAHM—Central Normal, Manchester College, Ball State Teachers College; Sixth Grade. ROWENA STUCKY—Taylor University, A.B.; Indi¬ ana University, M.S.; Ball State Teachers College, Purdue University; English, Latin. VERA TEETER — Ball State Teachers College, B.S.; Fifth Grade. KENNETH WATKINS—Wofford College, Indiana University, Ext., Purdue, Ext., Anderson College, Ball State Teachers College, B.S.; Fifth Grade. MARTIN WATSON—Morehead State College, A.B.; University of Kentucky, B.S.; Ball State Teachers College, M.A.; Vocational Agriculture. MARY WILLIAMSON—Western College, A.B.; Uni¬ versity of Michigan, A.B.; Huntington College, A.B.; Spanish, Biology. NORMA JEAN WILSON--Purdue University, Indiana University, St. Francis College, B.S.; First Grade. 33 Select Persons Help Run COOKS: Mrs. Byerly, Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Henschen, Mrs. Haines, Mrs. Armold, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Riley. JANITORS: Mr. Rupert, Mr. Landis, Mr. Riley. BUS DRIVERS: FRONT ROW: E. Von Gunten, J. Genth, E. Arnold, F. Sprunger, B. Fisher, P. Nussbaum, H. Barger, substitute for M. Kreps. SECOND ROW: J. Nuss- baum, C. Morrison, L. Lehman, L. Rich, R. Brandt, C. Workinger, L. Adler. 34 Our School Systematically PATROL BOYS: Ralph Haggard, Tim Bebout, Don Moeschberger, Dick Everett, Mr. Strahm, Bill Stucky, Jimmy Frantz, Ryan Neuenschwander, Joe Burkhead. LIBRARIANS: Saundra Mattax, Karen Rich, Ann Moser, Mrs. Stucky, Barbara Wolff. STUDENT COUNCIL: SEATED: Sylvia Miller, Judy Workinger, Art Ringger, Maris Moeschberger, Gary Barger. STANDING: Cy Shadt, Don Stucky, Bill Hirschy, Mr. Souder, Tad Wulliman, Blair Brown. 35 CLASS OFFICERS: James Bertsch, treasurer; Mr. Allspaw, sponsor, Delbert Fuchs, vice-president; Steve Schlickman, president; Mr. Rosier, sponsor, Barbara Wolff, secretary. As twelve years of fun and work drew to a close, the seniors realized that this had been by far their busiest year. In the early fall they sponsored a skating party to which they invited the junior high and high school. Selling magazines, conces¬ sions at ball games, and Christmas cards were a part of their salesmanship activ¬ ities. But the climax of the year came when the seniors ordered their caps and gowns to end their reign at A. C. H. S. Seniors End Their Reign DENNY ARNOLD Band 123; Choir 123; Cross Country 234; Pep Band 23; Intramurals 1234; Basketball 1; Pep Club 1. GARY WAYNE BARGER Class President 3; Student Council 4; Annual Photographer 34; Newspaper Staff 4; Art Club 4; Vice President 2; Intramurals 1. JUDY BERCOT Sunshine 1234; Pep Club 1234; Youth For Christ 23; Annual Staff 34. JAMES LAVERNE BERTSCH National Honor Society 34; President 4; Track 34; Cross Country 34; Band 1234; Newspaper Staff 3; Class Treasurer 4; Vice President 3; Intramurals 1234. 36 STANLEY BIBERSTEIN FFA 1234; Crop Judging Team 123; Intramurals 1234; Choir 234. DIANNA BROWN Sunshine 234; Pep Club 1234. JOAN BROWN Choir 1234; Band 1234; Sunshine 234; YFC 12 34; Annual Staff 34; Newspaper Staff 234; Girls ' Ensemble 2; Pep Club 1234. MICHAEL BUSSE FFA 1234; Band 1234; Baseball 234; Cross Country 4; Second Team 23; Intramurals 1234. REBECCA COLLINS Choir 1234; Band 123; Sunshine 1234; Pep Club 1; Cheerleader 234; Intramurals 124; Clarinet Quartet 2. BARBARA ENGLE National Honor Society 34; Sunshine 234; Annual Staff 34; Newspaper Staff 3; Editor 4; Regional Math Contest 2; Dramatics Club 4; Pep Club 34. CLARENCE FELLERS Intramurals 1234; Pep Club 1; Basketball 1. 37 MARK A. FRAUHIGER Intramurals 1234; Annual Staff 34; Newspaper Staff 4; Track 34; Golf 34; Class Treasurer 3; Regional Science Fair 1; Choir 2. DELBERT FUCHS Student Council 23; Intramurals 123; Basketball 1; Vice President 4. MICHAEL FUELLING Pep Club 1; Intramurals 1234. DIANN GERBER Sunshine 1234; Newspaper Staff 34; Pep Club 123; National Honor Society 4. HARRIS HALVORSEN, JR. Golf 34; Intramurals 1234; Bowling 3; Math Contest 3; Tottenville of N.Y.C. 1. CAROLYN HART Sunshine 1234; Student Council 2; Pep Club 14; Cheerleader 3; Dramatics Club 4; Intramurals 1234. SUSAN HELMRICH Band 1234; Choir 1234; Pep Band 1234; Sunshine 1234; Pep Club 1234; Dramatics Club 4; Intra¬ murals 1234; Art Club 4. DAVID HEYERLY Cross Country 234; Track 234; FFA 1234; Par¬ liamentarian 34; Intramurals 1234. 38 JUNE HILL Librarian 1; Sunshine 234; Annual Staff 34; Newspaper Staff 4; Dramatics Club 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Choir 4. STANLEY HILL Boys ' Glee Club 1; Track 234; Cross Country 2; Choir 34; Intramurals 34; Basketball 23; Rifle Club 2; Bowling 3. EDWARD L. HIRSCHY Pep Club 1; Rifle 1; Annual Staff 34; Varsity First Five 34; Baseball 1234; Track 234; Cross Country 34; County Volley Ball Team 34; Dra¬ matics Team 4; Intramurals 1. DON HOAG LAND Boys ' Glee Club 1; Pep Club 1; Dramatics 4; Intramurals 1234; Cross Country 23; Track 234; Baseball 12; Annual Staff 34. DAVID JOHNSTON Band 1234; Pep Club 1; Cross Country 34; Basketball 123; Pep Band 13; Intramurals 1234; Brass Quartet 1. ROSE LAUTZENHEISER Pep Club 1234; Band 4; Choir 1234; Sunshine 1234; Intramurals 1234; Dramatics Club 4. MARVIN L. MANN Band 1234; Choir 1234; Rifle Club 2; Pep Band 2 . MERVIN LEON MANN Band 1234; Choir 1234; Baseball 234; Varsity Basketball 4; Annual Staff 34; Dramatics 4; Pep Band 23. 39 MARILYN SUE MARTIN Lancaster 12; Sunshine 4; Dramatics Club 4. SAUNDRA MATT AX National Honor Society 4; Band 1234; Choir 1234; Pep Band 1234; Pep Club 1234; Dramatics Club President 4; Annual Staff 34; Newspaper Staff 34; Sunshine 1234; Girls ' Trio 12. jocelyn McCullough Choir 123; Band 12; Pep Club 123; Sunshine 1234; Annual Staff 34; YFC 3. De LIGHT MICHEL Sunshine 234; Pep Club Intramurals 3; YFC 2; Decatur 1. SYLVIA MILLER National Honor Society 34; Sunshine 1234; Pep Club 1234; Annual Staff 34; Editor 4; News¬ paper Staff 34; Class Secretary 2; Student Council 34; State Math Contest 1; Journalism Institute 34. ANNE MARIE MOSER Choir 1234; Honor Choir 3; Mixed Quartet 3; Band 1234; Honor Band 2; Pep Band 23; Pep Club; Dramatics Club 4; Annual Staff 34; Sun¬ shine 1234. RONALD MYERS Intramurals 1234; Pep Club 1; Annual Staff 34. DIANNE PATRICK Sunshine 1234; Youth For Christ 234; News¬ paper Staff 34; Pep Club 4. 40 KAREN RICH Band 1234; Choir Secretary 4; Sunshine 1234; Corresponding Secretary 2; Treasurer 4; YFC 1234; Secretary-Treasurer 3; President 4; Annual Staff 34; DAR Award 4. MIKE RIPLEY Class President 1; Rifle Club 1; Boys ' Glee Club 2; Intramurals 12; FFA 1; Cross Country 234; Varsity Basketball 34; Track 1234; Dramatics Club 4; Annual Staff 34. DERYLL ROE Pep Club 12; Intramurals 12. JOHN R. ROSS National H onor Society 34; Vice President 4; Class Secretary 1; Band 12; Intramurals 123; Cross Country 23; Annual Staff 34; Choir 12; Pep Band 2; Basketball 12. MARGARET JANELLE ROTH Band 1234; Choir 1234; Sunshine 1234; Pep Club 1234; YFC 234; Annual Staff 34; Pep Band 3; Dramatics Club 4; Intramurals 1234. STEVE SCHLICKMAN Student Council 1; Class President 24; Cross Country 23; Varsity Basketball 34; National Honor Society 4; Regional Math Contest 1; Pep Club 1; Intramurals 1. RONALD SCHWARTZ Band 1234; Choir 1234; FFA 1234; Reporter 4; Baseball 1234; Intramurals 1234; Pep Band 123; Track 123; Basketball 12; Land Judging Team 34. DONALD DUANE SHARP Dairy Judging Team 2; Highest at Central 2; FFA 12; Varsity Basketball 234; First Five 34; Intramurals 1; FFA Basketball 1. 41 JACK SHOAF Basketball 2; Baseball 234; Track 34; Cross Country 4; Band 1234; Intramurals 1234; FFA 4; Pep Club 1. KAREN SUE SHOAF Sunshine 1234; Pep Club 1234; Annual Staff 34; Dramatics Club 4; YFC 34; Choir 24; Intra¬ murals 1234; Girls ' Glee Club 3. ANNIE SINGLETON National Honor Society 4; Majorette 1234; Choir President 4; Class President 1; Cheer¬ leader 2; Sunshine 1234; Annual Staff 34; Girls ' Trio 12; Newspaper Staff 4; Dramatics Club 4. DAVID SOMMER Band 1234; President 4; Choir 234; Secretary 3; Honor Band 2; Honor Choir 3; FFA 1234; Secre¬ tary 3; President 4; Intramurals 1234. GERALD TONNER FFA 1234; Intramurals 1234; Livestock Judging Team 123. MARILYN VIZARD Class Treasurer 1; Band 123; Choir 123; News¬ paper Staff 1234; Annual Staff 34; Hoosier Girls ' State 3; Pep Club 1234; YFC 123; Sunshine 1234; Spanish Club 4. NEILL VON GUNTEN Band 1234; Choir 234; FFA 1234; Treasurer 3; Vice President 4; Honor Band 4; Pep Band 1234; Varsity Basketball 3; YFC 24; Intramurals 1234. SHARLENE WAG LEY National Honor Society 34; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Regional Math Contest 23; State Math Con¬ test 3; Sunshine 1234; Pep Club 1234; Annual Staff 34; Newspaper Staff 34; Band 12; YFC 34. 42 EACH YEAR the senior class sponsors a skating party to which the student body is invited. From A CHS to Higher Goals BARBARA WOLFF Student Council 1; Class Treasurer 2; Secretary 34; Lntramurals 1234; Twirler 123; Cheerleader 2; Pep Club 12; Sunshine 1234; YFC 24; Annual Staff 34. GARY WORKINGER FFA 1234; Band 1234; Choir 1; Track 1; Base¬ ball 1; Basketball 1234; First Five 4; Pep Band 12; Crop Judging Team 123; Livestock 123; Judging Team 12. ALTHEA WULLIMAN Sunshine 1234; Vice President 3; President 4; YFC 1234; President 3; Pep Club 1234; Honor Band 2; Pep Band 1234; Annual Staff 34; Girls ' Ensemble 23. SHARON YOUNG Sunshine 234; Pep Club 4. 43 CLASS OFFICERS: Judy Hirschy, president; Ben Bluhm, treasurer; Miss Beavers and Mr. Collier, sponsors; Don Weber, vice president; and Paul Hirschy, Secretary. Mabel Anderson Nancy Aschliman Eddie Beer Nancy Bertsch Ben Bluhm Priscilla Bowers Sydonna Camall Jerry Cauble Linda Conrad Susan Cook Larry Dague Edith Dennison Carol DeVine Donald Egley Carey Ellenberger Darlene Fellers Anita Fennig Nancy Habegger Ronald Habegger Bill Hirschy Diana Hirschy Judy Hirschy Paul Hirschy Carol Hoagland Ann Inniger Larry Johnson Mike Johnston Jane Kaehr Mary Jo Kaehr Steve Lehman 44 Juniors We the Juniors, led by our sponsors, Miss Beavers and Mr. Collier, started working toward our senior trip. In addition to the dues paid in the freshman and sophomore years we had the magazine sales and the skating party profit to add to the treasury. During the year two class parties were sponsored also. Mike Leyse Larry Mailer Bruce Mann Brian McCullough Kathy Michaels Eva Miller Nancy Miller Steve Miller Olin Neuenschwander Beverly Osterman Roland Poling Roger Pyle Billie Mae Rash Diane Raudenbush Kristine Reed Gloria Rupert Carol Schwartz Linda Shaffer Janet Shoaf Leonard Shug Debbie Smith Sharon Smith Larry Springer Imogene Steffen Judy Steffen Bill Strait Don Stucky Sandra Teeter Bill Tonner Donald Weber Pat Workinger Miriam Yager Gloria Zimmerman 45 CLASS OFFICERS: Carmie Steffen, vice-president; Mr. Shoup and Mr. Watson, sponsors; Steve Kaehr, president; Mr. Hoopingamer, Tony Ehrsam, treasurer; Judy Ringger, secretary. Verna Adler David Arnold Delila Aschliman Kay Aschliman Sharon Bercot Marilyn Biberstein Karen Bieberich Norman Brokaw Kathy Christman Ronnie Christner Jeanne Clark Reginald Converse Paul Ehrsam Tony Ehrsam Norman Ellenberger Gloria Engle Connie Everett Peggy Gerber Janis Gilbert Steve Green Kenneth Habegger Ronald Habegger Brenda Hamrick Dean Harmon Elaine Harvey Vernon Hedington Kenneth Heyerly Steve Hilderbrand Jim Hill Marie Kaehr Steve Kaehr Bob Kershner Linda Lautzenheiser Nancy Longsworth Warren Macy Dale Mankey 46 Sophomores Rita Mattax Steve Minnich Maris Moeschberger Danny Moser Carl Myers Kermit Myers Eric Nussbaum Richard Painter Arlene Parrish Donald Poling Kenny Pyle Jim Rash Art Ringger Judy Ringger Pauline Ripley Brenda Roe Mike Ross Margaret Rowden Elizabeth Sapp Irma Serna Larry Sipe Ronald Smith Becky Soldner Roger Sommer Charlene Steed Carmie Steffen John Steffen Terry Steffen Ron Steury Gale Straub Rick Stucky Libby Summersett Candace Tetter Stanley VonGunten Marvene Wechter Rick Welch Kent Whitacre Jaon Yoder Jerry Young Stuart Zurcher 47 Freshmen Wanda Adler Steven Amstutz Candace Anderson Connie Arnold Ronald Arnold Allen Baumgartner Thomas Bebout Max Beer Carol Begley Arleen Borne Carolyn Carver Cathy Cauble Ronald Collins Carol Connelley Arlene Dennison James Ehrsam Kathlee Ehrsam Roger Ellenberger Karen Engle Rebecca Engle Lester Fellers Michael Fennig John Geimer Linda Genth Cary Gerber Marcene Gerber Richard Gerber David Griffiths Judy Hakes Sharon Harmon Patty Harvey Carolyn Hildebrand David Hill Bonnie Hirschy Jo Ann Hirschy Jane Inniger Cheryl Isch Angel Jasso James Kaehr Ronald Kipfer Duane Landis Steven Landis Gloria Longsworth Rodney Mailer Glen Marckel Vickie McClain Kathy McKean Romona Merriman 48 CLASS OFFICERS: Mrs. Archbold, sponsor; Diana Roudenbush, vice- president; Miss Williamson, Mr. Sprunger, sponsors; Cary Gerber, Sec- Treas.; Ted Rash, president. Wayne Miller Ted Nussbaum Linda Osterman Carol Painter Sara Ploughe Ted Rash Donald Raudenbush Linda Rich John Riojas Mary Riojas Linda Roe Diana Roudenbush Roger Schnepp Brian Schwartz Etta Schwartz Pattie Shaffer Allen Shoaf Janet Smith Sharon Smith Steve Smith Janice Soldner Linda Stevens Camiel Striker Steve Stucky Lou Ann Tonner George Valez Susan Wagley Kathy Watkins James Welch Judy Workinger Tad Wulliman Eddie Yoder 49 FRONT ROW: P. Zimmerman, C. Tonner, L. Tonner, D. Rich, K. Sprunger, P. Sapp, G. Yost. SECOND ROW: Mr. Green, A. Ringger, A. Sprunger, E. Schwartz, M. Schwartz, E. Schwartz. THIRD ROW: J. Riojas, J. Ripple, W. Stucky, D. Strayer, S. Rich, S. Sommer. Grade 8 FRONT ROW: C. Macy, E. Mankey, D. Miller, J. Hoffman, M. Kipfer, B. Martin, J. Hill, C. Hilty. SECOND ROW: D. Heyerly, L. Kaehr, L. Kauffman, L. McCullough, A. Hilty, D. Harvey, V. Heyerly, Mr. Bryan. THIRD ROW: J. Miller, L. Morgan, J. Gilbert, D. Green, W. Kirchner, S. Kershner, L. Ratcliff. 50 FRONT ROW: Mr. Adler, C. Dick, B. Garwood, J. Double, M. Engle, H. Bercot, J. Gerber, L. Bieberich. SEC¬ OND ROW: B. Brown, B. Cook, D. Andrews, C. Gerber, P. Begley, G. Gerber, J. Bryan, N. Fox. THIRD ROW: D. Begley, R. Everett, A. Birch, R. Adler, R. Borne, R. Clark, R. Aschliman. Grades 7 8 FRONT ROW: A. Haugk, C. High, J. Dague, I. Cauble, V. Burkhead, D. Geyer, J. Christner, J. Beer, P. Fiechter. SECOND ROW: D. Bieberich, S. Brehm, D. Dennison, G. Hart, C. Borne, L. Henschen, D. Eckelbarger, J. Harvey, L. Ellenburger. THIRD ROW: R. Haggard, M. Eyanson, D. Luginbill, D. Harmon, M. Anderson, D. Carver, T. Bebout, R. Bollenbacker, E. Garwood, B. Harris. 51 FRONT ROW: P. Isch, R. Miller, M. Kaehr, P. Nussbaum, S. Kirchner, B. Mann, C. Longsworth, K. Myers. SECOND ROW: J. Nussbaum, L. Mitchel, L. Nussbaum, J. Jones, J. Lantz, R. Oliver, Mr. Haggard. THIRD ROW: T. Patrick, R. Hill, D. Hirschy, R. Reynolds, B. Miller, A. Knittle, T. Liechty. Grade 7 FRONT ROW: R. Tonner, J. Sommer, J. Stucky, D. Rich, M. Stucky, R. Stavenik, M. Jasso, G. Ripple, J. Wulliman. SECOND ROW: T. Schmitt, E. Wickey, D. Strayer, L. Soldner, D. Roudenbush, B. Tonner, A. Teeple, L. Roe, Mr. Brown. THIRD ROW: J. Wagley, C. Schaadt, D. Roe, B. Zurcher, A. Schug, T. Swygart, G. Wable, D. Sanders, D. Striker, L. Rich. 52 FRONT ROW: M. Schmitt, S. Smith, R. Eckelbarger, R. N. Brown, M. Sommer, G. Yoder, T. Bebout, M. Shetler. SECOND ROW: C. Fox, D. Aschliman, M. Lantz, B. Kipfer, J. Kaehr, L. Steury, R. Longsworth, S. Schwartz. THIRD ROW: W. Borne, S. Stump, B. Bowers, A. Hilty, R. Schwartz, Mr. Ehrsam, M. Schwartz, D. Ray, M. Griffiths, M. Heare. Grade 6 FRONT ROW: G. Hirschy, P. Arnold, B. Striker, M. Cook, N. Gerber, H. Reed, R. Tonnellier, K. Sommersett, R. Fennig. SECOND ROW: G. Leyse, J. Mankey, D. Begley, J. Raudenbush, S. Shaffer, R. Kaehr, B. Harmon. THIRD ROW: D. Aschliman, W. Steury, B. Birch, L. Schaffer, C. Moser, Mr. Strahm, N. Reed, V. Zurcher, S. Leyse, D. Moeschberger, J. Burkhead. 53 FRONT ROW: S. Stuery, R. Neuenschwander, K. Steiner, J. Sipe, R. Smith, B. Genth, J. Garwood, D. Haines. SECOND ROW: L. Beavers, L. Kipfer, C. Harvey, D. Shoaf, J. Wable, J. Connelley, L. Nussbaum, J. Funk. THIRD ROW: B. Adler, L. Harvey, J. Nussbaum, B. Zimmerman, Mr. Johnson, G. Riojas, M. Royer, J. Frantz, L. Troyer. Grades 5 6 FRONT ROW: D. Jesso, M. Kaehr, T. Steffen, S. Foreman, T. Stevens, J. Patrick, J. Double, D. Fisher, D. Leh¬ man. SECOND ROW: M. Gilbert, J. Ripley, D. Jones, C. Lawson, K. Webb, K. Martin, L. Mattax, S. Baum¬ gartner, S. Smith. THIRD ROW: A. Stroller, R. Minnich, M. Liechty, C. Reinhart, M. Carnall, P. Ballard, Mrs. Teeter, J. Borchers, D. Hoffman, C. Moser, T. Reinhart, K. Rich, P. Wickey. 54 FRONT ROW: B. Slusher, B. Kolter, D. Tinkham, T. Longenberger, J. Haugk, S. Bertsch, D. Haines, S. Gerber, T. Steury. SECOND ROW: G. Hart, S. Fiechter, S. Oliver, K. Gerber, S. Geimer, K. Riff, J. Redding, S. Roe, S. Stucky, P. Shoaf. THIRD ROW: J. McClain, D. Andrews, D. Gaunt, K. Nussbaum, K. Fruechte, Mr. Watkins, B. Bryan, C. Martin, V. Reinhart, R. Aschliman, M. Terhune. Grade 5 FRONT ROW: D. Clark, A. Hirschy, M. Edgell, T. Steury, J. Myers, A. Nussbaum, L. Zurchur, V. Bowers, A. Hamilton. SECOND ROW: P. Zimmerman, D. Eckelbarger, K. Shaffer, D. Hack, D. Eyanson, R. Stucky, A. Mitch, D. Heyerly, S. Tullis. THIRD ROW: E. Geyer, W. Johnson, M. Gerber, J. Becher, P. Hill, Mrs. Egley, B. Hilty, C. Martin, K. Mutchler, L. Teeple, T. Soldner. 55 FRONT ROW: C. Hamilton, M. Shaffer, G. Schmitt, T. Rupert, P. Kershner, R. Bollenbacher, R. Geyer, R. Smith, J. Nussbaum. SECOND ROW: M. J. Nussbaum, M. Cauble, B. Teeple, G. Garwood, P. Shoaf, L. Aschli- man, E. Kipfer, S. Kaehr, L. A. Reed, C. Steiner. THIRD ROW: B. Stoller, D. Thomas, K. Moeschberger, J. Patrick, Mrs. Kuhn, D. Barger, V. Schrock, N. Liechty, D. Shetler. Grade 4 FRONT ROW: R. High, J. U. Schwartz, D. Longsworth, B. Liechty, N. Adler, K. Kauffman, B. Schug, S. Mailer. SECOND ROW: D. Nussbaum, T. Gerber, C. Pierce, K. Steury, J. Zurcher, P. Tonnelier, M. Jackson, N. Hag¬ gard, M. Jasso, D. Everett. THIRD ROW: R. Fox, G. Tullis, D. Zurcher, R. Yost, D. Borne, J. Merriman, J. Miller, C. Germann, C. Goldner, P. Strait, E. Girod. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Byerly. 56 . FRONTROW: G. Striker, D. Smith, J. Rich, G. Liechty, A. Arnold, G. Watkins, M. Ellenberger, L. Schwartz, B. Genth. SECOND ROW: S. Webb, E. Gerber, C. Eyanson, S. Christman, A. Aschliman, A. Engle, R. Garwood, V. Baxter, L. Schwartz, V. Shoaf. THIRD ROW: T. Garner, B. Neuenschwander, M. Schwartz, L. Gerber, P. Hirschy, Mrs. Reynolds, D. Neadstine, B. Nussbaum, R. Arnold, N. Beer, J. Connelley. Grades 3 4 FRONT ROW: V. Peterson, J. Vance, J. Soldner, K. Fisher, G. Gerber, T. Garwood, R. Martin. SECOND ROW: N. Sprunger, N. Fiechter, K. Arnold, C. Rich, J. Funk, M. Amstutz, K. Hirschy, L. Gaunt, D. Roe, G. Hack. THIRD ROW: M. Klinger, R. Gerber, R. Miller, R. Owens, C. Byerly, P. Terhune, R. Tharp, R. Mailloux, J. Andrews, Mrs. Inniger, J. Rich. 57 FRONT ROW: R. Osterman, R. Engle, M. Steury, P. Jasso, R. Andrews, T. Sprunger, K. Steiner, A. Mitchel. SECOND ROW: M. Vance, S. Myers, C. Slusher, D. Longenberger, S. Kaehr, C. Stroller, K. Ehrman, J. Harvey, A. Yost. THIRD ROW: D. Garwood, R. Troyer, D. Roe, J. Haggard, P. Isch, Mrs. Haggard, L. Heyerly, C. Girod, D. Leyse, J. Gilbert, S. Nussbaum. Grade 3 FRONT ROW: J. Shetler, L. Garner, K. Begley, S. Rich, M. Zimmerman, R. Tullis. SECOND ROW: T. Morningstar, B. Mailer, L. Adler, W. Hirshy, S. Mankey, I. Kaehr, C. Vance, D. Kelsey, D. Eckelbarger, R. Sommer. THIRD ROW: R. Rich, G. Roe, S. Kiser, R. Borne, G. Borchers, Mrs. Mills, D. Welch, A. Heyerly, T. Hockleberry, R. Garwood, J. Gerber, V. Steiner. 58 FRONT ROW: T. Becher, J. Houk, G. Landis, S. Bieberich, D. Longsworth, G. Double, M.Kaehr, P. Reed, D. Girod, T. Jackson, B. Miller, L. Schwartz. SECOND ROW: L. Schwartz, D. Wable, B. Steury, C. Bebout, S. Burk¬ hart, B. Arnold, G. Patrick, J. Geisel, B. Griffiths, S. Mattax. THIRD ROW: K. Bowman, S. Hoopingarner, C. Lamar, V. Schwartz, L. Schwartz, Mrs. Stahly, C. Reinhard, R. Landis, C. Johnson, M. Manley, T. Steed. Grade 2 FRONT ROW: B. Garwood, R. Young, T. Carnall, D. Hilty, J. Wittwer, K. Zimmerman, M. Raudenbush. SEC¬ OND ROW: N. Wagley, J. Miller, M. Bieberich, K. Barger, S. Neadstine, J. Baxter, P. Liechty, R. Kaehr, G. G. Jasso, S. Rash, P. Swygart. THIRD ROW: D. Steury, D. Haines, L. Shetler, J. Harvey, J. Weisman, M. Gil¬ bert, A. Mitchel, Mrs. Munson, R. Sprunger, S. Serna, M. Zurcher, S. Lantz, D. Tinkham, D. Inninger, J. Groff, R. Myers. 59 FRONT ROW: S. Bassett, R. Hurst, S. Fiechter, D. Eyanson, E. Cavanaugh, E. Hilty, J. Slusher, K. Steffen, D. Roe. SECOND ROW: C. Fruchte, K. Olalde, L. Yost, G. Everett, V. Kolter, M. Garwood, L. Barger, S. Habegger, B. Vance, R. Reichert. THIRD ROW: K. Elder, D. Kershner, R. Bryan, R. Reynolds, M. Hilty, G. Hill, Mrs. Beaty, S. Schrock, K. King, S. Schwartz, K. Fruechte, J. Bergman, B. Mutschler. Grades 1 2 FIRST ROW: D. Kelsey, K. Gerber, D. Rich, R. Begley, J. Miller, J. Kaehr, D. Thompson, C. Zurcher, K. Ehr- man. SECOND ROW: B. Bergman, A. Nussbaum, S. Echelbarger, J. Mora, R. Roe, C. Manley, A. Steury, J. Funk, E. Smith. THIRD ROW: G. Andrews, N. Poling, B. Landis, R. Nussbaum, N. Schwartz, Mrs. Griffiths, L. Peterson, D. Mankey, C. Mitchel, I. Groff, J. Gilbert. 60 FRONT ROW: R. Gaskill, M. Double, R. Manley, L. Marckel, G. Gerber, D. Fiechter. SECOND ROW: K. Nussbaum, S. Poorman, M. Weisman, N. Engle, S. Schlickman, P. Reinhart, K. Terhune, S. Girod, D. Strayer. THIRD ROW: M. Hilty, E. Tonner, S. Longenberger, B. Hoffman, B. Gerber, S. Fuelling, E. Troyer, R. Myers, D. Adler, D. Aschliman. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Wilson. Grade 1 FRONT ROW: K. Barger, J. Harvey, J. Serna, J. Hack, D. Neuenschwander, T. Lehman, J. Dennison, R. Vance, B. Groff. SECOND ROW: A. Sell, C. Nussbaum, D. Pierce, S. Gerber, K. Wulliman, S. King, J. Ellenberger, J. Houk, A. Raudenbush. THIRD ROW: N. Bassett, R. Landis, D. Carr, L. Stucky, M. Nussbaum, S. Kaehr, M. Gilbert, D. Rupert, D. Christman, D. Miller, M. Schwartz. FOURTH ROW: Luanne Adams, Mrs. Habegger. 61 Through These Halls Organizations Clubs and organizations offer a vari¬ ety of outside activity for all Centralites Music organizations include choirs, bands, and special ensembles and groups . Clubs for girls and boys, staffs for publishers . YFC and NHS were rep¬ resented by a great number of the school’s students . of Activity Progress Made by FFA in ’62 FFA OFFICERS: Dave Heyerly, Ron Schwartz, Neill Von Gunten, Mr. Watson, Advisor, Dave Sommer, Gerald Tonner, Gary Workinger, Steve Kaehr. BUSY AT WORK are Ron Habegger and Eddie Beer during an FFA meeting over which Mr. Watson is presiding. We are proud of our FFA chapter which has been active for ten years. It meets regularly once a month and has special meetings . Over twenty of Mr . Watson ' s boys have earned state farmers ' degrees, and six are apply¬ ing this year. FFA: FRONT ROW: S. Von Gunten, K. Whitacre, G. Tonner, G. Workinger, N. Von Gunten, Mr. Watson, D. Sommer, President, R. Schwartz, S. Kaehr, D. Heyerly. SECOND ROW: D. Mankey, S. Minnich, K. Myers, A. Ringger, P. Ehrsam, J. Steffen, D. Moser, T. Steffen, B. Tonner, R. Pyle. THIRD ROW: E. Beer, P. Hirschy, B. Bluhm, R. Habegger, M. Busse, L. Mailer, S. Biberstein, J. Young. FOURTH ROW: M. Fennig, G. Marckel, B. Schwartz, S. Smith, D. Raudenbush, C. Striker, K. Pyle, L. Sipe, R. Painter, R. Kershner, N. Brokaw. FIFTH ROW: D. Hill, R. Ellenbarger, J. Ehrsam, R. Gerber, D. Landis, D. Griffiths, S. Amstutz. |pP3H|| —4 11. MV ! f.J F ] vj . j v iS f! j L ' i. 4 L f i X S rf y M fr l y pr ' Blip. ' A fL -. ■ p[ ' htR KL rmm? W ' Sm ilggggijSL Jgm. B3» I a J! Adams Central ' s FFA has been organized for thirteen years. Mr. Watson has been our advisor for the last eleven years. There are forty-six active members in the chapter. Some of the activities participated in this year included the following: county and district--crop, land, poultry, live¬ stock, dairy, entomology, and parlia¬ mentary judging contests. The tenth annual Thanksgiving program was also a big event in the chapter ' s activities. DAIRY JUDGING TEAM members, Dave Sommer, Neill Von Gunten, Art Ringger, and Dan Moser examine a Holstein. BOB KERSHNER, John Steffen, Bill Tonner, and Gerald Tonner look over a swine for Livestock Judging. AN EAR OF CORN is of concern to Ron Schwartz, Paul Hirschy, Gary Workinger, and Steve Kaehr of the Crop Judging team. OBSERVING TYPES OF soil are Land Judging boys, Richard Painter, Dan Moser, Ron Schwartz, and Steve Kaehr. 65 NHS Prospers in Knowledge NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. SEATED: Mr. Souder, sponsor; Annie Singleton, Diann Gerber, Sylvia Miller, Sharlene Wagley, Miss Beavers, sponsor. STANDING: Sandra Teeter, Barbara Engle, Kathy Michaels, Steve Schlickman, Edith Dennison, Imogene Steffen, John Ross, Jane Kaehr, Paul Hirschy, Saundra Mattax. The National Honor Society this year has been very active. It announced new mem¬ bers in the Thanksgiving Day program on November 21, 1962. On December 22, 1962, the annual Christmas party was held at their sponsor ' s, Miss Beavers, house. The formal initiation to which parents were invited was held in the beginning of the new year. p NHS OFFICERS: Sharlene Wagley, secretary- treasurer; James Bertsch, president; John Ross, vice-president. YFC Group Grows Spiritually Reaching teen-agers on campus through the action of other Christian lives is the purpose of the Youth for Christ Club. The club, associated with Youth for Christ International, meets weekly with its spon¬ sor, Mr. Henkel. Each YFC Club has a quiz team that competes with other clubs starting in the county and advancing to state and national contests. YFC OFFICERS: Mr. Henkel, sponsor; Kathy Michaels, secretary-treasurer; Karen Rich, pres¬ ident; and Ron Habegger, vice-president. SONG LEADER, Richard Welch, leads singing at a YFC meeting held after school on Tuesday. f (§ i© t U JhK R♦ Hr iBL A ■ 1 ' ' S ' Mf ’ ’ Wm i it r MP » jf S ' w mo Jm m 9 i ' 67 ANNUAL OFFICERS: Gary Barger, photographer; Mr. TAKING ANNUAL subscriptions are Carol Schwartz Shoup, sponsor; Sylvia Miller, editor; Don Stucky, and Gloria Zimmerman, assistant editor; John Ross, business manager. Deadlines and Headaches ANNUAL STAFF. FRONT ROW: S. Wagley, B. Engle, A. Singleton, Mr. Shoup, S. Miller, J. Ross, D. Stucky, G. Barger, J. Bercot, B. Wolff, J. McCullough, K. Rich. SECOND ROW: E. Dennison, I. Steffen, M. Yager, S. Camall, C. Schwartz, G. Zimmerman, D. Smith, M. Kaehr, S. Cook, P. Workiner, E. Miller, C. DeVine, B. Osterman. THIRD ROW: L. Shaffer, A. Inniger, D. Hirschy, J. Kaehr, J. Hirschy, N. Bertsch, N. Habegger, B. Rash, C. Hoagland, A. Fennig, J. Steffen, L. Conrad, J. Hill. FOURTH ROW: M. Frauhiger, M. Mann, D. Hoagland, R. Meyers, M. Ripley, E. Hirschy, B. Hirschy, S. Lehman, D. Egley, S. Miller, L. Johnson, L. Springer. 68 NEWSPAPER STAFF. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Archbold, J. Clark, G. Engle, S. Teeter, B. Engle, D. Patrick, D. Ger¬ ber, J. Ringger. SECOND ROW: K. Michaels, A. Fennig, J. Steffen, C. Teeter, C. Steffen, J. Hill, E. Dennison, I. Steffen. THIRD ROW: S. Wagley, S. Miller, S. Mattax, A. Singleton, M. Kaehr, M. Vizard, K. Rich, J. Brown. FOURTH ROW: G. Barger, B. Mann, M. Leyse, M. Frauhiger, P. Hirschy, J. Hirschy, D. Hirschy, A. Inniger. Face News, Annual Staffs LOOKING OVER news stensils are Barbara Engle, editor; Mrs. Archbold, sponsor; Sandra Teeter, assistant editor. Meeting deadlines is the greatest trial of members on annual and newspaper staffs. Mr. Shoup again sponsors the annual staff; Sylvia Miller edits the ' 63 Cen-trails. RSM took group and individual pictures at several dates during 1962. School life pictures were taken by Gary Barger throughout the school term. Mrs. Archbold supervises the news staff of which Barbara Engle is editor. This year the Greyhound Gazet te is published every two weeks. 69 SUNSHINE SOCIETY. FRONT ROW: J. Brown, S. Miller, S. Wagley, M. Vizard, K. Rich, A. Wulliman, Mrs. Stucky, Mrs. Neilsen, B. Osterman, K. Michaels, M. Moeschberger. SECOND ROW:D. Michel, D. Patrick, D. Brown, B. Collins, C. Hart, R. Lautzenheiser, J. Bercot, D. Gerber, S. Helmrich, J. Roth, K. Shoaf. THIRD ROW: P. Ripley, D. Hirschy, C. Schwartz, A. Moser, S. Frank, A. Singleton, S. Mattax, B. Engle, J. Hill, M. Martin, J. McCullough, B. Wolff. FOURTH ROW: D. Raudenbush, J. Hirschy, N. Miller, B. Rash, A. Fennig, N. Bertsch, N. Habegger, A. Inniger, L. Conrad, P. Bowers, M. Kaehr, S. Cook. FIFTH ROW: B. Hamrick, D. Aschliman, J. Steffen, L. Shaffer, K. Reed, M. Anderson, E. Miller, C. DeVine, J. Shoaf, D. Smith, G. Zimmerman, P. Work- inger. SIXTH ROW: C. Teeter, L. Summersett, J. Gilbert, J. Ringger, C. Steed, N. Longsworth, L. Lautzenheiser, A. Parrish, J. Clark, C. Steffen, V. Adler, E. Harvey. SEVENTH ROW: J. Yoder, B. Soldner, J. Kaehr, M. Yager, I. Steffen, E. Dennison, S. Camall, C. Hoagland, S. Teeter, M. Rowdon, S. Bercot, K. Bieberich. EIGHTH ROW: G. Engle, K. Christman, N. Brehm, E. Sapp, P. Gerber, M. Wechter, M. Biberstein, K. Aschliman, B. Roe, M. Kaehr, R. Mattax, C. Everett. SUNSHINE OFFICERS: SEATED: Kathy Michaels, vice- president; Mrs. Neilsen, sponsor; Althea Wulliman, president; STANDING: Maris Moeschberger, correspond¬ ing secretary; Mrs. Stucky, sponsor; Beverly Osterman, secretary; Karen Rich, treasurer. WAI FONG--our adopted sister 70 SSS Continues Dramatics Club Is Organized Mrs. Stucky and Mrs. Nielsen again sponsor the Adams Central Chapter of Sunshine Girls. Members of the club--sophomores, juniors, and seniors--sold candy to support Wong Wai Fong--adopted sister in Hong Kong--for the second year. Other money raised during the year is sent for use in the Riley children ' s hospital. Mr. Springer and Mr. Allspaw sponsor the new dramatic club this year. It is open for any high school student. The club ' s first play, Christmas Angel was presented to the student body in December. DRAMATICS OFFICERS: SEATED: Mr. Allspaw, sponsor; Saundra Mattax, president; Mr. Sprunger, sponsor; STANDING: Kathy Michaels, sec¬ retary; Paul Hirschy, treasurer; Imogene Steffen, vice-president. DRAMATICS CLUB. FRONT ROW: Mr. Sprunger, S. Helmrich, J. Roth, K. Shoaf, S. Frank, A. Moser, D. Hirschy, J. Hirschy, A. Singleton, S. Mattax, B. Engle, C. Hart, R. Lautzenheiser, Mr. Allspaw. SECOND ROW: S. Wagley, J. Brown, J. Hill, M. Yager, D. Raudenbush, N. Miller, B. Rash, A. Fennig, M. Kaehr, S. Cook, G. Zimmerman, A. Inniger, L. Conrad. THIRD ROW: M. Vizard, N. Longsworth, J. Yoder, C. Teeter, M. Wech- ter, K. Reed, M. Bowers, E. Miller, C. DeVone, N. Bertsch, N. Habegger, M. Martin. FOURTH ROW: L. Stevens, J. Smith, M. Moeschberger, V. Adler, J. Ringger, L. Genth, L. Rich, C. Isch, K. McKean, J. Workinger, D. Raudenbush, L. Tonner, B. Hirschy, S. Bercot. FIFTH ROW: G. Longsworth, P. Harvey, I. Steffen, E. Dennison, S. Camall, P. Workinger, C. Schwartz, S. Teeter, K. Micheals, C. Everett, M. Rowden, R. Mattax. SIXTH ROW: S. Green, K. Habegger, E. Nussbaum, R. Converse, J. Sprunger, B. Schwartz, P. Hirschy, M. Ripley, E. Hirschy, M. Mann, L. Shugg. 71 JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR. FRONT ROW: J. Stucky, I. Cauble, D. Dennison, J. Fiechter, L. Henschen, K. Myers, J. Beer, J. Sommer, S. McClain, D. Rich, E. Schwartz, J. Nassbaum, B. Mann, J. Riff, L. Longsworth, Mr. Henkel. SECOND ROW: P. Nussbaum, A. Sprunger, G. Gerber, L. Soldner, V. Burkhead, A. Haugk, M. Kipfer, S. Brehm, R. Hill, S. Sommer, T. Schmitt, D. Sanders, R. Clark, T. Liechty, C. Shadt, M. Kaehr, R. Stavenik, P. Isch. THIRD ROW: L. Nussbaum, G. Hart, J. Christman, D. Geyer, D. Strayer, C. Borne, J. Dague, L. Kaehr, L. Rat¬ cliff, D. Bieberich, B. Zurcher, T. Patrick, L. Mitchell, D. Everett, B. Miller, G. Yost, M. Engle, C. Macy. FOURTH ROW: A. Teeple, E. Mankey, D. Miller, C. High, D. Steffen, D. Heyerly, L. Rich, R. Miller, A. Bertsch, R. Reynolds, R. Adler, D. Green, J. Gilbert, J. Miller, D. Raudenbush, M. Stucky, J. Wulliman, H. Bercot, C. Gerber. PEP BAND. FRONT ROW: S. Helmrich, P. Ehrsam, N. VonGuten, M. Moeschberger, S. Mattax. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gerig, J. Workinger, L. Genth, L. Johnson, D. Sommer. THIRD ROW: I. Steffen, J. Kaehr, K. Rich, A. Wulliman. FOURTH ROW: T. Wulliman, J. Geimer, C. Gerber, M. Yager. FIFTH ROW: D. Stucky, R. Converse, C. Everett. 72 Select Groups Entertain Us SENIOR CHOIR. FRONT ROW: Mr. Gerig, L. Sumxnersett, G. Zimmerman, P. Shaffer, N. Habegger, M. Kaehr, L. Genth, L. Shaffer, E. Yoder, T. Nussbaum, J. Ehrsam, D. Landis, P. Hirschy, E. Beer, D. Stucky, J. Geimer, N. Miller, J. Workinger, J. Yoder, C. Everett, A. Dennison, J. Inniger, S. Mattax. SECOND ROW: C. Carver, K. Engle, A. Borne, R. Engle, R. Lautzenheiser, D. Raudenbush, C. Schwartz, W. Morrison, T. Wulliman, C. Gerber, R. Converse, G. Marckel, J. Welch, B. Schwartz, K. Habegger, N. Brokaw, S. Helmrich, K. Michaels, A. Wulli¬ man, R. Mattax, S. Carnall, J. Roth, A. Moser. THIRD ROW: C. Connelly, B. Rash, D. Raudenbush, J. Hill, N. Bertsch, E. Dennison, M. Moeschberger, J. Brown, S. Miller, R. Gerber, R. Habegger, S. Landis, S. Hill, R. Schwartz, S. Biberstein, K. Bieberich, K. Shoaf, K. Rich, M. Kaehr, M. Rowden, R. Merriman, S. Frank, A. Inni¬ ger. FOURTH ROW: L. Rich, J. Kaehr, D. Hirschy, J. Hirschy, K. Christman, I. Steffen, A. Singleton, M. Yager, R. Steury, M. Mann, P. Ehrsam, M. Mann, D. Egley, N. VonGunton, D. Sommer, P. Ripley, B. Soldner, J. Gil¬ bert, C. Isch, J. Soldner, J. Hakes, K. McKean, V. Adler, C. Hoagland, G. Engle. 73 ACHS Band Members Develop FRONT ROW: J. Kaehr, L. Stevens, J. Yoder, I. Steffen, M. Kaehr, C. Isch, C. Connelley, J. Soldner, K. McKean. SECOND ROW: D. Roudebush, K. Rich, M. Rowden, N. Habegger, R. Mattax, K. Habegger, B. Schwartz, J. Hirschy, G. Engle, J. Shoaf, D. Sommer, C. Schwartz, A. Moser, A. Borne, D. Hirschy. THIRD ROW: L. Conrad, A. Wulliman, J. Gilbert, K. Beiberich, N. Bertsch, K. Engle, S. Landis, J. Ehrsam, S. Kaehr, T. Nuss- baum, J. Geimer, D. Johnston, M. Yager, C. Everett, G. Workinger, M. Moeschberger, J. Hakes, D. Landis, L. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: J. Smith, A. Dennison, B. Engle, A. Parrish, S. Ploughe, B. Soldner, L. Lautzenheiser, A tingle of excitement stirs the crowd as the Adams Central High School Band marches past. Under the direction of Darrell Gerig, the band took first place in many contests this year. The or¬ ganization performed marching routines at several home basketball games and held special music festivals. Marching in front of the band this year were Debby Smith, drum majorette, and Arthur Ringger, drum major. 74 Musical Talents and A bility A. Inniger, C. Arnold, S. VonGunten, R. Gerber, B. Kershner, S. Lehman, T. Wulliman, C. Gerber, R. Converse, J. Roth, N. VonGunten, P. Ehrsam, J. Bertsch, V. Hedington, V. Adler, M. Mann, L. Summersett, S. Mattax, S. Miller. FIFTH ROW: J. Inniger, G. Zimmerman, C. Hoagland, D. Smith, A. Singleton, J. Hirschy, L. Osterman, A. Ringger, Mr. Gerig, E. Yoder, M. Mann, J. Hill, D. Stucky, R. Schwartz, N. Brokaw, M. Busse, J. Workinger, L. Genth, E. Dennison, S. Helmrich, W. Morrison, R. Lautzenheiser, S. Cook, P. Workin¬ ger, J. Brown, M. Kaehr, R. Merriman, K. Ehrsam. OPPOSITE PAGE. Drum Major, Art Ringger and Drum Majorette, Debbie Smith. TWIRLERS: Jane Inniger, Carol Hoagland, Linda Osterman, Annie Singleton, Joan Hirschy, and Gloria Zimmerman. 75 Pupils Begin Musical Climb Students begin their climb to senior band by first studying music with at least three primary band groups . Mr . Henkel instructs the first class of Beginners, Mr. Gerig leads the Intermediate Band, and Mr. Henkel, the Junior Band. These steps are considered important and nec¬ essary to both pupils and leaders . In¬ struments are provided by the school for students who do not wish to purchase their own; however, arrangements can be made for anyone to buy his equipment. JUNIOR BAND. FIRST ROW: J. Stucky, J. Sommer, P. Fiechter, M. Kaehr, D. Rich, C. Macy, L. Soldner. SEC¬ OND ROW: J. Christman, P. Nussbaum, A. Teeple, D. Sanders, D. Bieberich, C. Schaadt, A. Sprunger, G. Ger¬ ber, L. Nussbaum, R. Stavenick, D. Strayer, B. Mann, B. Stucky. THIRD ROW: J. Double, M. Engle, C. Gerber, L. McCullough, J. Wulliman, S. Brehm, S. Sommer, S. Rich, J. Gilbert, D. Heyerly, L. Ratcliff, R. Clark, L. Kaufmann, L. Mitchel, R. Borne, V. Heyerly. FOURTH ROW: D. Geyer, B. Tonner, D. Rich, M. Stucky, D. Dennison, D. Roudebush, R. Adler, P. Isch, S. Kerschner, B. Zurcher, R. Hill. 76 INTERMEDIATE BAND. FRONT ROW: L. Nussbaum, B. Harmon, D. Ray, R. Kaehr, B. Kipfer, S. Shaffer. SEC¬ OND ROW: L. Beavers, B. Birch, S. Schwartz, W. Borne, N. Brown, S. Stump, J. Kaehr, J. Frantz, M. Schwartz, L. Steury. THIRD ROW: N. Reed, B. Bowers, J. Nussbaum, C. Moser, Mr. Gerig, K. Summersett, D. Moeschber- ger, R. Smith, M. Royer, J. Funk, P. Arnold, G. Yoder, S. Steury, K. Steiner. BEGINNER ' S BAND. FRONT ROW: S. Geimer, K. Fruchte, L. Mattax, M. Gerber, K. Nussbaum, S. Stucky. SEC¬ OND ROW: K. Riff, D. Eckelbarger, K. Rich, M. Liechty, B. Slusher, A. Stoller, T. Stevens, R. Minnick, D. Fischer, S. Tullis. THIRD ROW: M. Gilvert, R. Stucky, K. Webb, C. Moser, W. Johnson, D. Heyerly, T. Sold- ner, J. Double, D. Huffman, R. Reinhard, L. Zurcher. 77 Through These Halls Centralites participate in a variety of sports throughout the seasons. Fall brings with it the cross country season. Winter brings out the basketball boys; spring, track participants; summer, baseball. In the early months of school a pep club is organized and cheerleaders are chosen to support out different events. of Teamwork VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW: S. Schlickman, M. Mann, B. Hirschy, D. Egley, E. Hirschy. SEC OND ROW: R. Stucky, D. Sharp, B. Bluhm, G. Workinger, Mr. Honaker, S. Lehman, M. Leyse, M. Ripley, S. Miller. STUDENT MANAGERS Bruce Mann, Steve Miller, and Rick Stucky attend a varsity basketball game. Student teacher, Bob Larson (third from right) watches the plays also. 80 VARSITY SCOREBOARD OPPONENT AND SCORE AC OPPONENT AND SCORE AC 63. . . . Monmouth. . . 51 51 . . . Pennville. 53 73 . . . Leo.•. . 71 52 . . . Monroeville. 54 38 . . . Lancaster. . .40 65 . . . Geneva . .85 63 . . . Decatur. . . 50 74 . . . Auburn . .39 46 . . . Decatur Catholic. . .42 67 . . . Bluffton. 55 47 . . . Rockcreek . 57 . . . Warren . 68 45 . . . Pleasant Mills. . . 61 52 . . . Ossian. . 55 COUNTY TOURNEY 59 . . . Berne . . 53 52 . . . Geneva . 59 56 . . . Churubusco . . . 59 56 . . . Monmouth. 54 58 . . . Hartford. . . 61 57 . . . Hartford (consolation) .... 69 54 . . . Hoagland. . 58 Central’s Varsity Strives for Teamwork and Fair Play PLEASANT MILLS was the opposing team that Steve Lehman was trying to help defeat by shooting in this picture. WHAT DO THEY say? Time-outs are a mystery to many spectators who can ' t figure out what they talk about in the huddle . I Enthusiasm was the secret of the Pep Club this year. Two hundred members raised the rafters at the Central home- games. The Pep Club members wore outfits of white blouses or shirts, red skirts or trousers, and white gloves. The first team cheerleaders--Becky Collins, Carol Schwartz, and Judy Hirschy-- dressed in all white outfits; the second team cheerleaders--Margaret Rowden and Judy Hakes--dressed in red skirts and white sweaters. SECOND TEAM Cheerleaders: Margaret Rowden and Judy Hakes. FIRST TEAM Cheerleader: Becky Collins. 82 Cheerleaders and Pep Club Boost Teams MEMBERS OF the Pep Club talk over the score between halves of the game. PEP CLUB. 83 B-Team Trains OPPONENT AND SCORE AC 24 . . . Monmouth. 34 37 ... Leo.32 49 . . . Lancaster.26 59 . . . Decatur.45 29 . . . Decatur Catholic.37 26 . . . Rockcreek.40 29 . . . Pleasant Mills.63 30 . . . Ossian. 33 25 . . . Berne.31 38 . . . Churubusco.42 16 . . . Hartford. 46 39 . . . Hoagland.51 15 . . . Pennville.47 32 . . . Monroeville.44 27 . . . Geneva.32 40 . . . Auburn.35 32 . . . Bluffton.41 37 . . . Warren.26 for Future B TEAM BASKETBALL PLAYERS. FRONT ROW: S. Kaehr, S. Green, J. Hill, T. Ehrsam. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bryan, M. Ross, N. Brokaw, A. Ringger, S. Minnick, W. Macy, B. Mann. 84 FRESHMAN TEAM. CHEERLEADERS: Judy Hirschy and Kathy McKean. FRONT ROW: T. Nussbaum, S. Smith, J. Sprunger, S. Stucky, T. Wulliman, D. Raudenbush. SECOND ROW: G. Marckel, J. Morningstar, R. Schnepp, Mr. Hoopingamer, C. Striker, B. Schwartz, S. Landis. Frosh , Jr. Hi Exhibit Power JUNI OR HIGH TEAM. CHEERLEADERS: C. Macy, D. Raudenbush, P. Zimmerman. FRONT ROW: A. Ringger, D. Striker, J. Nussbaum, T. Liechty, D. Bieberich, D. Sanders, L. Rich, R. Oliver, L. Ellenberger, J. Harvey, R. Haggard, T. Schmitt. SECOND ROW: L. Mitchell, B. Stucky, S. Rich, B. Cook, R. Reynolds, R. Adler, D. Green, J. Gilbert, D. Harvey, D. Strayer, Mr. Hoopingamer. 85 Hot Scores Made by Baseball Monmouth .... Decatur Catholic . Pleasant Mills . . Decatur Catholic . Pleasant Mills . . Monmouth .... 2 . Adams Central 16 . Adams Central 2 . Adams Central 14 . Adams Central 2 . Adams Central 7 . Adams Central 0 6 4 1 6 BASEBALL TEAM. FIRST ROW: T. Erhsam, B. Mann, D. Moser, T. Rash, S. Smith, J. Shoaf. SECOND ROW: W. Macy, R. Welch, S. Green, P. Erhsam, M. Busse, J. Momingstar, J. Hill, S. Miller. THIRD ROW: A. Ringger, S. Lehman, G. Workiner, R. Schwartz, D. Egley, M. Mann, E. Hirschy, R. Stucky. 86 And Cross Country Boys £V V.v HAMpS i - JBWL ' m .1 y i: ; . n •• s M s t , SliTrC rj 1-- CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. FRONT ROW: R. Stucky, T. Ehrsam, J. Bertsch, J. Cauble, M. Ripley, Mr. Brayn, D. Heyerly, E. Hirschy, P. Hirschy, J. Shoaf, B. Mann. SECOND ROW:M. Ross, D. Arnold, D. Johnston, M. Busse, B. Bluhm, M. Leyse, S. Green, J. Momingstar, S. Smith, J. Spmnger. Winners and Runners-up for Season 9 7 62 Adams Central 20 Decatur Catholic 59 9 11 62 Adams Central 41 Geneva 41 9 14 62 Adams Central 51 Monmouth 71 9 18 62 Bluffton 34 Adams Central 31 9 21 62 Adams Central 25 Hartford 40 9 25 62 Portland 17 Adams Central 45 9 27 62 E.W.V.C. Adams Central 34 Berne 48 10 4 62 County Meet Hartford 45 Adams Central 49 The Adams Central Greyhounds set cross country records in the 1962 season. Coach Ed Bryan ' s harriers again became E.W.V. Conference Champions ending the season with a record of six wins and two defeats. During the entire season The Grey¬ hounds defeated 26 teams and lost to two. Dave Heyerly ended his 3-year cross country career by placing first in both the country and conference meet he set a new record of 9:56. In the country Dave set a new school record of 9:54. 87 Through Our Town A dvertising Dealers of many surrounding towns each year support students of our school through the sale of their goods and ware and buying of ads to make our annual possible. of Merchants MILK PRODUCTS s ICE CREAM ) frozen FOODS PHONE 2-2162 ■.Ay a,- s»} f . • s-jr-AW v • . PI ' iy-i ' K ' st- PI Cred Bank Id Eq Bu pment Corporation of Ameri ease ng ca Save and Bank at THE FIRST ST A TE BANK Decatur Established 1883 Indiana Cen-Trails Boosters DECATUR Mrs. Lloyd Miller, Fashion Frocks Kenny ' s OK Barber Shop Shaffer ' s Restaurant Decatur Equipment Inc. Norval S. Rich, MD Kelly Dry Cleaners Western Auto Decatur Auto Supply Chic Dry Cleaners and Laundry Decatur Supply House Inc. Wertzberger ' s Confectionery Commercial Printing Shop Downtown Texaco Decatur Dry Cleaners Teen Togs Donut Shop F. McConnell and Sons Mazelin ' s Coin Operated Laundry Zesto Soft Ice Cream Rentz Florist Uhrick Brothers Adams County Trailer Sales, Inc. Ideal Dairy Products Ferris Bower Jewelry BLUFFTON Croy Machine Shop Rauch ' s Barber Shop GENEVA Hanni Furniture Nass Foods, Inc. Geneva Lumber Supply Co. BERNE The Habit Cleaners Dr. Max A. Lehman, Veterinarian Leichty Bros. Plmg. Heating Norman E. Beavers, MD Horace Lehman Feed Mill City Lunch (Walbert ' s Cafe) Dr. Fredrick F. Sprunger, Opt. Clauser Furniture Serv-us Store Inc. Larry ' s Barber Shop G. C. Moser Insurance Hendricks Electric Dr. Edgar P. Sprunger Dr. Robert L. Boze Berne Locker Storage Schwartz Gift Shop and Food Center Dr. Howard M. Luginbill Mennonite Book Concern Gilliom Lumber Co., Inc. Poplar Drive Inn Rich ' s Barber Shop ADAMS COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP LUMBER COMPANY Phone 6-6701 Monroe STUCKY CO. Where Your $ Buys More Monroe, Indiana Free Delivery Phone 6-6866 DALE ' S STORE Phone 6-6575 Monroe Indiana MODEL HATCHERY Approved Hy-Line Baby Chicks Monroe Indiana ZURCHER ' S MOBIL SERVICE Your Firestone Distributor Phone 6-6551 Monroe Indiana COLONIAL BAKING CO. 3200 Kilgore Muncie Indiana ficatio BAHNER ' S BARBER SHOP Haircuts—Shampoos—Tonics Phone 6-6690 Monroe K K MARKET INC. Monroe Indiana JOHN-ANN BEAUTY SALON John Ann U.S. 27 South of Coppess Corner Phone 6-5360 Working for You MONROE GRAIN SUPPLY COMPANY Grains, Feeds, Coal, Fertilizer Monroe Phone 6-6541 Indiana COPPESS CORNER SERVICE Good Food at Reasonable Prices Marathon Gas and Goodrich Tires BOA ' S GRILL The Home of the Backward 9 Monroe Indiana M MONRQE GRAIN E, SUPPLY ic . for Vuu ill I UHWRitt; 0«S gC ' CS , 5«,V L. LANDRUM AND SONS Paint and Body Shop Monroe Indiana OWENS BUILDING AND MILLWORK, INC. Home Farm Building Manufacturer Phone 6-5217 or 6-5295 Monroe Indiana CTS OF BERNE, INC. 406 Parr Road E. D. SCHROCK, GENERAL CONTRACTOR Builder of Fine Homes Monroe, Ind. Phone 6-5195 FRIEDA ' S BEAUTY SHOP Frieda Sharon Monroe Phone 6-6025 Indiana AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER CORPORATION of America Berne Phone 2-2107 Indiana Monroe Indiana (IBS 1 Congratulations and Success to the Senior Class of 1963 BERNE 5 : to $1 The Paint and Wallpaper Spot RIESEN SHUG MOTORS Chrysler—Plymouth—Valiant Body and Fender Work Phone 2-2615 Berne, Ind. STAN ' S MEN ' S WEAR The Best Dressed Man Depends on Stan Berne Phone 2-2907 Indiana ZURCHER MUSIC STORE Everything for the Musician P.O. Box 272, U.S. Hi-Way 27 S. Berne Indiana We Specialize in FRIENDLY COMPLETE Service FORD MERCURY NEUENSCHWANDER INC. Complete Insurance Service Anxious to Please Phone 2-2211 Berne, Ind. MOSER MOTOR SALES Ford Mercury Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2171 GLOBE HATCHERIES Bobcock Chickens American Real Business Hen Berne and Ossian Indiana FLICK ' S BODY SHOP Berne Indiana FIRST BANK OF BERNE Member: F.R.S. and F.D.I.C. Established 1891 Berne Indiana LOREN L. LIECHTY Building Contractor Complete Building Service R.R. 1 Berne, Ind. Ph. 2-8424 BERNE WITNESS Published Every Mon ., Wed., Fri. Carries More Adams County News Than Any Other Newspaper BERNE HI-WAY HATCHERY Honegger Layers, Chicks and Pullets Ready-Built Buildings U.S. 27 N. Ph. 2-2607 Berne, Ind. BERNE MASTER FEED STORE The Garden Spot of the World Phone 2-2303 Berne, Ind. BERNE LUMBER COMPANY Quality Building Material Most Complete Mill Room in Adams County BERNE OIL COMPANY The Finest in Petroleum Products Berne Indiana NAGEL ' S QUALITY FLOWERS Since 1910 Berne Indiana GRABER INSURANCE INC. Insurance and Bonds U.S. 27 N. P.O. Box 84 Ph. 2-2904 Berne, Indiana CLIFF NUSSBAUM Norge and Gibson Appliances Schwinn Sales and Service Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2232 YAGER FUNERAL HOME Air-Conditioned Funeral Home Oxygen-Equipped Ambulance Phone 2-2303 Berne, Ind. D. W. FIREOVED, VETERINARIAN Phone 2-2460 Berne Indiana Go Krogering And Live Better For Less KROGER STORE W. Fenstermaker, Mgr. Berne Indiana FOOD TOWN MARKET Quality Meats and Grocery We Specialize in Swiss Cheese Berne Indiana EMICK ' S BOWL US 27 North Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2927 Featuring AMF ' s New Sparemaker SPRUNGER LEHMAN CO. The Department Store to Serve You Better Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2175 LELAND SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. First and Monroe Street Telephone 3-3111 PHIL L. MACKLIN CO. Chrysler, Dodge, Dodge Trucks 107 South First Street Decatur Indiana SHEETS FURNITURE CO. 150-152 S. Second Street Decatur Indiana Quality Home Furnishings ADAMS BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. 309 South 13th Street Phone 3-3104 Decatur, Ind. Your Massey-Ferguson Dealer DIERKE IMPLEMENT SALES Phone 3-3860 Decatur, Ind. JOHN BRECHT JEWELRY Keepsake Diamonds 226 N. Second St., Decatur, Ind. Phone 3-3906 THE DUTCH MILL On the Banks of the Wabash Bluffton, Ind. A Good Variety of Good Food GERBER ' S SUPER MARKET Phone 3-2712 Hi way 27 Decatur, Indiana STUCKY ' S GAS AND APPLIANCES Anhydrous Ammonia Phone 368-7228 Geneva, Ind. E. C. Stucky, Mgr. GERBER FEED STORE Your Honegger Dealer Custom Grinding Bluffton, Indiana Phone 315 GENERAL INSURANCE Your Independent Insurance Agent Service Beyond the Contract 435 E. Line, Geneva. 386-7529 HERMAN BIXLER INSURANCE AGENCY HIGH QUALITY FURNITURE HABEGGER-SCHAFER STORE Phone 3-3200 Decatur Indiana Geneva Indiana For a Better Used Car See Morningstar MORNINGSTAR AUTO SALES Decatur, Indiana Phone 3-2046 HI-WAY SERVICE 1013 North Second Street Phone 3-2928 Decatur, Indiana ANDERSON INDUSTRY HOOKER PAINTS ;M3£S? BLASS ' • HARDWARE ANDERSON INDUSTRY Hooker Paints Decatur Indiana PRICE MEN ' S WEAR Quality Clothes for Men and Boys 101 N. Second St. Decatur, Indiana Your JOHN DEERE Dealer Paul W. Reidenbach Equipment R.R. 4, Decatur, Ind. Phone 3-2519 ADLER BROTHERS ' GARAGE Auto and Tractor Repair Welding Craig. 2 on 8 6-6230 BEAVERS OIL SERVICE Friendliness Lives Here Decatur Indiana Pete Reynolds—Basketball Editor DECATUR DAILY DEMOCRAT Complete—Sports School Coverage Adams County ' s Only Daily Newspaper DECATUR READY MIX Ready Mix to Meet Your Specification Phone 3-2561 Decatur, Indiana Flowers for Every Occasion LUTES FLOWERS Ph . 3-3304 Decatur, Indiana HAUGKS Plumbing—Heating—Appl iances 209 N. 13th Ph. 3-3316 Decatur, Indiana DECATUR MUSIC HOUSE Home of Wurlitzer Pianos, Organs Decatur Indiana FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK Bluffton Indiana GOODWIN FUNERAL HOME Bluffton Indiana RSM STUDIO Portraits and Commercial Photography in Full Color. Phone 313 Bluffton, Indiana BANK OF GENEVA Geneva Indiana Member, Federal Deposit Insurance Co. MESHBERGER BROS. STONE CORP. Linn Grove 5-5311, Pleasant Mills 7-7211 Crushed Stone Truck Delivery CRAIGVILLE GARAGE Appliances and Gifts Lawn Mowers—Weed Sprayers—Tires Phone 66 Craigville, Ind. GERBER LOCKER Custom Slaughtering and Curing Quality Beef Phone 48 Craigville, Indiana LISTER ' S STORE Groceries—Meats—Frozen Foods Ice Cream—Drugs—Post Office—Mobilgas Preble, Indiana CRAIGVILLE ELEVATOR CO. Service with a Smile Phone 35 Craigville, Indiana PREBLE EQUITY EXCHANGE INC. Grain, Feeds, Seeds, Fence, Coal Grinding and Mixing William Lister Preble, Indiana THE MAIER HIDE AND FUR CO. PECK HARDWARE Edward Imel, Owner Dealer in All Scrap Metals Standard Service Paints and Electrical Supplies Phone 12 on 27 Preble, Indiana Phone 3-4419 710 W. Monroe Street Decatur Indiana lANYUmi BIGJO? CONSU LT US Index Academics.12 Administration and faculty.26 Advertising. 88 Freshmen.48 Grades.50 Juniors.44 Organizations.62 Seniors.36 School Life.4 Sophomores.46 Sports.78 To Everyone, As editor of the 1963 Cen-trails, I would like to express my gratitude to all who helped make this yearbook possible. I would like to thank Mr. Shoup for his advice and leadership, the faculty for allow¬ ing such things as picture-taking to interrupt their classes, and the entire annual staff for the help they provided without complaint. Sincerely, Sylvia Miller 105 A utographs 106 A utograph 107 Autographs 108

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