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1959 CEN-TRAILS Adams Central School Monroe, Ind. Volume 11 A LIFE AT OPENING LIFE OF CLASSES LIFE OF SPORTS ■ Him , ■■■■ ■ % W: j- i % K . r: ■ ■ m Jjpgj£i£ PC ' ::W- I Tfc • I % «. i $«W • Hip LIFE OF ACTIVITIES LIFE OF PEOPLE LIFE OF BUSINESS MHi CENTRAL This is our life at Central--a life of interesting classes and competent teachers, lasting friendships and gay activities. It is a life of little things that hold our life apart from all others; fighting traffic jams in the hallways, walking to class with that someone special, and cheering our teams with all our hearts at every game. Ours is a life of club meetings, class projects, and impressive assemblies. It is a life we know, love, and support. Here it is we live many of the rewarding experiences of youth. Educational, social, individua¬ listic, enthusiastic--Central is all this and more. The Cen-Trails staff has attempted to put into words and pictures what it really is to have--A LIFE AT CENTRAL. 3 9 SCHOOL TRANSPORTA¬ TION On one of the school ' s fourteen busses starts the day for many of Central ' s stud¬ ents. Summer NEWS TRAVELS fast as Centralites huddle around lockers to let slip the lat¬ est secrets or discuss last nights ball game. APPETITES GROW as students line up for a hot lunch. The long walk to the modern cafeteria will arouse hunger if not the morning classwork. CROWDED INTERSECT¬ IONS and the water foun¬ tain lineup are becoming traditional at Central as students change classes during the three minute intermission after fifty- seven minutes of class. 4 ASSEMBLY SESSIONS are often a welcome relief from the monotony of class rooms. Pep sessions, semi-weekly chapel programs, and talented performances were the subject of assemblies. Leisure Ended As Old R 4 ter Hours Are Filled with The turning of the calendar to September meant the end of another three months of fun and frolicking in the lazy summer silence; another school year had begun. Then started the routine of class work, lunch lines, and crowded halls. Day after day we followed the regular routine, but with hardly a dull moment. Our spare time was taken up by club projects, assemblies, and chats around a locker cluttered with last week ' s homework, an overdue book, and pic¬ tures of Ricky and Elvis. PART-TIME JOB for Diane Baumgartner and Sharon Mattax is found at the Family Inn Restaurant. Many students are earning their own money for clothes, school expense, and maybe college. SENIOR HOMEROOM was the scene of many and varied topics of ball games, dates, or home work. CANDY BARS gave students needed energy before start¬ ing in on the afternoon classes. The candy counter was operated by the students. 6 Jobs, Fads, Parties, and Youth Groups Fads of pegged slacks, knee high bobby socks, or poodle haircuts were often the topic of discussion. A busy day didn ' t always end with the 3:26 bell. There were part time jobs to earn a little spending money for a dress, a new muffler for the hot rod, or a Friday night date. 4-H clubs, local church youth fellowship groups, )r a party after a ball game gave teenagers a chance o make new friends or be with old friends. SOMETHING MYSTERIOUS seems ta be in the air at Jean Smith ' s party, judging from the faces of these party goers. KEEPING SCORE will be done accurately by the junior sponsors with so many watchful eyes on them. A bowling party was something new in the way of class parties for the juniors. STRENUOUS EXCERCISE at the bowling party left Phil Shoaf and Steve Hike in the need of a rest. 7 C EN-TRftkS Wp TI A Life of Royalty It ' s Tuesday night, December 8, during the half of the preliminary game between Chester and Adams Central; the night of the crowning of the Cen-Trails King and Queen. The curtains to the star-studded stage have been opened and the candidates, wearing white corsages, have taken their places. The audi¬ torium grows tense and quiet waiting for the an¬ nouncement. Well, come on, who is it? The 1960 Cen-Trails King and Queen are Larry Foreman and Lois Steury. Then, amid loud and happy cheers, Lois received a dozen long stem roses from the flower girl and kneeled as Larry crowned her Cen-Trails Queen. The Freshman Girls ' Trio ended the grand ceremony singing The Sweetheart of Central High. 8 The King and Queen’s | Court Dixie Smith escorted by Jerry Funk. Jeannie Smith escorted by Bob Hart. Flower Girl and Crownbearer Debie Nussbaum and Craig Bark¬ ley. Twila Arnold escorted by Loren Habegger. 9 Jeanne Kaehr escorted by Jim Brown. Math and Science Courses Prepare Freshman biology classes, taught by Mr. Stork, studied the lives of plants, animals, and human beings. Collecting leaves and insects, and also disecting fish and grasshoppers helped these fresh¬ men learn more about the structure and various habitats of life. Physics class dealt with matter, energy, and the physical changes which matter undergoes. These students delved into mechanics, heat, sound, light, electricity, and nuclear physics. This class, which was taught by Mr. Allspaw, was used by many junior and senior boys as a preparatory course for college. COLLECTING INSECTS in freshman biology proves to be interesting for Ed¬ die Hirschy, Steve Schlickman and Marilyn Vizard. PHYSICS PRINCIPLES on ropes and pulleys is demonstrated to Jack Wulliman, Sidney Schwartz, Denny Mertz, and Tony Sharp, by Junior Hollinger. 10 - Students for a World of Sputniks” The ' Rithmetic of the three R ' s in high school brings important changes by helping some freshmen learn to work equations in algebra, while others study general mathematics. A greater challenge of proving theroms and angles is the elective choice of many sophomores. The math majors in junior and senior classes are busy learning the basic fundamentals of trigonometry in preparation for further mathematics study or for their careers. Miss Lucile Beavers is guiding the efforts of all math classes except general mathematics, which is under the direction of Mr. Miller. SLIDE RULES help solve a trig problem for Larry Foreman, Roy Mazelin, Leon Gerber, Larry Decker, and Regie Welch. ORIGINAL DRAWINGS being compared, challenged the creative ability of students in the sophomore geometry class. FRESHMAN ALGEBRA problem on the blackboard was explained to Sylvia Miller and Karen Shoaf by Gary Workinger. ft ' Languages and Social Studies A large per cent of Centralites were enrolled in languages this year. English, Latin I, and Central ' s first year of Latin II made up the language department. Latin students, under the instruction of Mrs. Stucky, enjoyed many interesting discussions on ancient Rome and its customs. Learning new words and the sources of many English words held new interests for each member of the classes. Translating Latin into English occupied most of the class period; however, each Friday a report about a Latin god or goddess was given by a different pupil. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors were en¬ rolled in English with Mrs. Stucky, Mr. Shoup, Miss Beavers, and Mr. Sprunger, respectively, as teachers. They studied sentence structure, types of sentences, read books, gave speeches, and expressed themselves by writing. WRITING ABILITIES are important for communication in a modern world. Delora Mishler, Ted Helmerich, Dick Stiener, and Carol Hamilton compare their English themes. FOREIGN LANGUAGE is gaining re¬ cognition on A.C. ' s curriculum. Sandy Strickler puts Latin words on the board for Lana McBride and Twila Arnold to translate. 12 Produce Better Americans A DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT needs in¬ formed citizens. Doris Myers, Jim Brown, and Phil McBride study how our government is operated. History is the narration of facts and events of the past. It is a survey of man ' s life, as revealed by documents and archeological relics. History is divided into two groups, World history taught by Mr. Haggard and studied by sophomores, and Ameri¬ can history taught by Mr. Haggard and Mr. Sprunger, studied by juniors. One day a week the history classes have a newspaper which they study for that day, namely The American Ob¬ server. This weekly paper has news and issues with pros and cons on world affairs. Government and sociology, the administration of public affairs which is an established state of legal authority, is taught by Mr. Shoup and studied by the seniors. AMERICAN HISTORY is the topic of Karen Cauble, Max Moser, Kenny Reed and Gyneth Schnepp. 13 ■vrr 4 i- 1 . tml. SCHLJJ v.. r ■. , itliiililfe lll»lll$ll ....:;— v v. 5ft vm m ' i ? ; • «Ji Vgftff A •;• V i • % £ v : “Sfc MWR » ?$• • f,n V : r • % v OFFICE PRACTICE students, Sandy Collins, Mabel Bowers, Carole Miller, and Nancy Bercot learn how to mimeograph copy. KEEPING ACCOUNTS straight in bookkeeping is being learned by Janet Beer, Bob Hart, and Sandy Sanders. Minds Focus on the Future As Students BUSINESS COURSES The doors to many profitable positions in the business world are opened by business education courses. These courses start in the sophomore year with general business and continue in the junior and senior years with bookkeep¬ ing, typing, commercial arithmetic, shorthand, and office practice. Mr. Miller, Mrs. Archbold, Mr. Fruth, and Mr. Frantz teach these courses. TYPEWRITER SETTINGS are being showed to Carolyn Onalee Barkley in typing class. 14 mm I ... w. , NEW CLASSROOM and farm shop for the ag boys is where the cafeteria used to be. HOME EC. class is giving Mary Jo Kaehr, Susan Cook, and Jane Kaehr lessons in sewing. Enter Business and Vocational For those not planning on attending college Adam Central’s vocational courses prepare students for their life work. Practical training in home economics is given by Mrs. Neilson in grade eight through twelve. Eighth grade boys receive one semester of shop under Mr. Collier and one semester of vocational agriculture under Mr. Watson. All freshmen and sophomores take one of the vocational courses and may continue in the junior and senior year if they choose. Senior agriculture and home economics students gained unusual experience when they exchanged courses for a two week period. INDUSTRIAL ART students, Gene Ratcliff and John hun¬ ger, are using the shop ' s new modern saw. Courses 15 Art and Music Courses Develop Raw Talent Pupils in grades one to six are developing new interests through art and music. These are the every day talents brought out to grow through culture. The art pupils find many different ways to enjoy art. Examples include drawing, painting, paper sculpture, and experimenting with materials. The creative works in art are encouraged by Mr. Hubert Feasel. Music department pupils also have active schedules. Mr. Leon Gerig is the director of vocal music while Mr. Don Gerig teaches instrumental study to these grade students. The varied routine of a music class includes singing, listening to records, watching films, marching to songs, and talent con¬ tests. ARTISTIC TALENT of Sandra Teeter, Miriam Yager, Gloria Rupert, and Kathy Michaels can be seen in the eighth grade art class. GROUP SINGING is an enjoyable period for these seventh grade girls. LUNG POWER is displayed by Carrie Gerber, Brian Schwartz, and Tad Wulliman on their trumpets. Drivers Training and Physical Education The ability to know how to drive right, when you drive, is taught in our drivers training class. Sopho¬ more boys and girls are enrolled in the drivers train¬ ing class and instructed by Mr. Ron Stork. Our 1959 drivers training car was purchased by the Moser Motor Sales of Berne and is used daily as a practical example for driving safely under experienced guid¬ ance. Freshmen and sophomores are required to take physical education taught by Mrs. Archbold and Mr. Miller. Upperclassmen take part in intramural sports which are played at the noon hour and officiated by high school boys. LADY DRIVERS, Barbara Brandenburg and Juanita Stout, receive a few tips from Mr. Stork before driving. BASKETBALL FUNDAMENTALS is just a part of the training taught by Mr. Miller to these seventh grade boys in physical education. A LIFE SPORTS Central teams have always played hard and clean with a competitive spirit to win and put their school on top. In every sport, these teams have a successful record of enjoyment and sat¬ isfaction derived, and characters built. FOUR CHEERS for the varsity says the Grey¬ hound cheerleaders Sandy Strickler, Marcia Zimmerman, Rosemary Schlickman, and Dixie Smith. A ' s KEEN COMPETITION against larger schools than previous years kept the varsity jumping. Larry Foreman and Jim Brown were first and second place scorers, respectively, Larry also placed third in the county scoring column. ABOVE--JUMPING CENTER started another fast--moving game. Except for tourney games, the Greyhounds were undefeated on the home floor. LEFT--TIMEOUT HUDDLE gave the team a short time to catch their breath and discuss the strategy. 20 KNEELING: Bob Hart, Sidney Schwartz, Glen Yager, Clayton Strickler, Dick Steiner, and Duane Arnold. STANDING: Amzie Miller, Coach, Jerry Hirschy, Jim Brown, Larry Foreman, Jerry Funk, Larry Funk and Claude Striker. Greyhounds Turn in 16 Win—6 Loss Record A record of 16 wins and 6 losses represents one of the best records of an Adams Central varsity and placed them second in county standings. A four and one record in Eastern Wabash Valley Conference competition put Central in a tie with Berne and Geneva for the conference basketball championship. Not including sectional competition, Larry Foreman led the team in scoring with 313 points while Jerry Funk set the pace percentage wise with a .531 percentage from the field. A .737 average won the free throw award for Jerry Hirschy. Foreman pulled down the most rebounds, 300, and Claude Striker fed the most assists, 101. Jerry Hirschy made the fewest mistakes. STUDENT MANAGERS, Jerry Schwartz, Dave Houck, Roger Roth, and Garry Bluhm, perform jobs ranging from keeping charts at ball games to cleaning basketballs. Go, You Fighting Greyhounds! A PEP PARADE of decorated float: from various clubs, the band, and the basketball team riding the local fire truck put the team and fans in high spirits for the season opener. Go, you fighting Greyhounds!” yelled the over-anxious team boosters donned in the traditional red and white. Central ' s spirited cheerleaders and Pep Club backed their Greyhounds through rain or shine with pep rallies, new yells, and the new school song written by Mr. Leon Gerig, Donna Shoaf, and Ron Owens to the tune of The Victors. SECOND-TEAM CHEER¬ LEADERS: Sharon Mattax, Judy Royer, Tony Rupert, and Judy Arnold. I Marcia Dixie Zimmerman Smith THE PEP CLUB cheers the Greyhounds to victory. Varsity Cheerleaders Rosemary Schlickman Sandy Strickler mmm . . . % - . i % Second and Frosh Teams The second team average was above par with a record of 9 wins and 7 loses. In the County Tourney they walloped Decatur Catholic, but went on to lose to Berne by a 47-27 score. Top in scoring was Lloyd Knittles with a 14 plus average. The freshman team had their troubles with a record of 0 wins and 7 loses. The team ' s main troubles were lack of size and poor outside shooting. LEFT: McMillen grabs rebound. )r i : % nIP !■ ' 3 r f fef SECOND TEAM--FRONT ROW: R. Owens, R. Dick, R. Brown, K. Kauble, J. Rowden, M. Harris, A. Miller, Coach. BACK ROW: B. Heyerly, D. Maitlen, M. Parrish, S. Ehrsam, M. Hedington, D. Hamilton, L. Knittles, L. Urick. 24 FRESHMAN TEAM--FIRST ROW: D. Hoagland, D. Arnold, M. Busse, M. Mann, D. Fox, M. Ripley, J. Ross, E. Hirschy. SECOND ROW: Coach, Mr. Fruth, N. Von Gunten, S. Schlickman, G. Workinger. Junior High and Freshman Basketball JUNIOR HIGH TEAM—FIRST ROW: CHEERLEADERS; R. Mattax, M. Kaehr, S. Bercot, J. Irwin, M. Rowden, SECOND ROW: D. Egley, L. Lehman, K. Heyerly, M. Ross, W. Macy, J. Hill, T. Ehrsam, O. Neuenschwander, THIRD ROW: B. Bluh S. Minnich, S. Lehman, Coach, Mr. Stork, D. Decker, R. Warner, J. Steffen, N. Brokaw. 25 BASEBALL TEAM. FIRST ROW: Jerry Hirschy, Rene Brown, Mervin Parrish, Sidney Schwartz, Clayton Strickler, Jerry Rowden, Mike Busse, Eddie Hirschy, Don Hoagland, Stan Hill. SECOND ROW: Bob Hart, Steve Ehrsam, Claude Striker, Larry Foreman, Lloyd Knittle, Jim Brown, Ron Schwartz, Mark Frauh iger, Coach Amzie Miller. Sluggers Initiate Improved Field The A.C. sluggers, with a team that was lacking in experience, finished with an average season of four wins and four losses. Clayton Strickler led the pitching squad with four wins and two losses while Lloyd Knittle paced the offensive effort with a .316 batting average. The team was the first to initiate the adequate new backstop and dugouts which made the playing field more desirable. WARMING UP in the batter ' s circle, Larry Foreman awaits his chance for a swing at the ball. 26 TRACK TEAM--FRONT ROW: R. Owens, J. Wulliman, G. Yager, S. Schwartz, C. Strickler, L. Habegger, R. Parrish. BACK ROW: Coach, Mr. Miller, D. Arnold, D. Steiner, L. Foreman, J. Hirschy, J. Brown. Cindermen Set Fast Pace CROSS COUNTRY TEAM—FRONT ROW: D. Steiner, M. Ripley, J. Wulliman, R. Brown, D. Arnold, S. Hill, C. Strickler, BACK ROW: Coach, Mr. Fruth, L. Habegger, C. Strieker, J. Hirschy, J. Funk, L. Funk, G. Yager, J. Brown. 27 GIRLS INTRAMURAL provided fun and excerise for the more energetic girls. BELOW—BOYS INTRAMURAL gave boys who were not on the basketball team a chance to play basketball. Many games were almost as tense and exciting as a varsity game. Noon-Hour Sports Larry Funk ' s Jokers won the boys ' intramural tourney. The members are as follows: Tony Sharp, Tim Ringger, Ron Owens, Mike Ripley, Allen Freels, Dave Lister, Delbert Fox. and Bob Christner. The Rockettes won the girls ' intramural tourney. The members are as follows: Gyneth Schneep, captain, Judy Arnold, Barbra Wolff, Rose Gerber, Sue Strickler, Jayne Jennings, Susie Frank, and Alice Steiner. Following the close of the basketball season, noon- hour sports focused on intramural volleyball, a foul¬ shooting tournament, and tourneys in pi ng-pong of boys, girls, boys doubles, girls doubles, and mixed doubles. SIXTH GRADE boys showed much promise as future ball players in games against sixth graders from neighboring schools. 28 Varsity Basketball Seconds Basketball Frosh Basketball AC 63 . . Monmouth.29 AC 62 . . Churubusco.76 AC 62 . . Hoagland . 68 AC 72 . . Decatur. 47 AC 59 . . Lancaster.58 AC 72 . . Decatur Catholic . . 53 AC 47 . . Chester Center .... 42 AC 67 . . Pleasant Mills .... 41 AC 72 . . Ossian.71 AC 42 . . Berne.71 AC 47 . . Geneva.41 AC 67 . . Bryant.50 AC 66 . . Hartford.48 AC 54 . . Union (Wells Co.) . . 43 AC 49 . . Pennville.48 AC 60 . . Monroeville. 50 AC 57 . . Warren.44 AC 51 . . Bluffton.61 AC 42 . . Geneva 45 (Tourney) AC 62 . . Geneva 45 (Sectional) AC 47 . . Hartford 34 (Sectional) AC 62 . . Berne 64 (Sectional) AC 38 . . Monmouth.20 AC 48 . . Churubusco.51 AC 35 . . Hoagland.31 AC 33 . . Decatur.20 AC 32 . . Lancaster.46 AC 33 . . Decatur Catholic . . 34 AC 41 . . Chester Center .... 33 AC 43 . . Pleasant Mills .... 37 AC 35 . . Ossian.57 AC 31 . . Berne.48 AC 26 . . Geneva. 36 AC 42 . . Bryant.28 AC 41 . . Hartford.30 AC 35 . . Union (Wells Co.) . . 21 AC 37 . . Pennville. 19 AC 39 . . Monroeville. 50 AC 40 . . Warren. 25 AC 25 . . Bluffton.47 TOURNEY AC 43 . . Decatur Catholic . . 21 AC 27 . . Berne. 47 AC 20 . . Berne . 39 AC 33 • . Decatur. 49 AC 34 . . Ossian. 38 AC 28 . . Portland. 38 AC 17 . . Bluffton. 38 AC 17 . . Lancaster. 57 AC 22 . . Decatur.47 AC 22 . . Bluffton.43 AC 18 . . Hoagland.26 AC 17 . . Bluffton.31 AC 19 . . Hoagland.21 Sixth Basketball AC 32 . . Jefferson.16 AC 18 . . Pleasant Mills.17 AC 32 . . Pleasant Mills .... 18 AC 30 . . Poplar Grove.30 AC 28 . . Poplar Grove.28 Jr. Hi Basketball Varsity Baseball AC 27 . . Lancaster. . 21 AC AC 24 . . Geneva . . 21 AC AC 29 . . Decatur Catholic . . 44 AC AC 26 . . Decatur. . 52 AC AC 36 . . Pleasant Mills . . . . 32 AC AC 26 . . Portland. . . 29 AC AC 24 . . Liberty Center . . . . 23 AC AC 26 . . Poplar Grove . . . . . 31 AC AC 38 . . Bluffton. . 18 AC 24 . . Ossian. . 21 AC 27 . . Poplar Grove . . . . . 25 AC 25 . . Lancaster. . 21 AC AC 16 . . Decatur. . 27 AC AC 39 . . Bluffton. . 34 AC AC 7 . . Portland. . . 36 AC AC 25 . . Decatur Catholic . . 49 AC AC 20 . . Hoagland. . 33 AC AC 18 . . Bluffton. , . 28 AC 16 . . Ossian. , . 24 AC AC 34 . . Berne. . 23 AC 3 6 Monmouth. 14 Ossian. 2 Berne.12 Geneva. 14 Pleasant Mills .... 0 Lancaster. 8 Decatur Catholic ... 3 Hartford. 2 Cross-Country North Side 54, Ft. W. Central 41, Ft. W. Central Catholic 125. 29 A LIFE OF ACTIVITIES A well-rounded day at Adams Central consists of some work and play, use of the mind and muscles; some solitude and companionship. While school does not occupy all of the Cen- tralite ' s life. This year a new club has been added-- Youth for Christ. In addition to clubs are class¬ room and after school activities and sports. FUTURE BAND MEMBERS are taught some of the fundamentals of band playing by Mr. Gerig. Performances Require Teamwork for Senior FIRST ROW: J. Royer, J. Yoder, N. Sterry, S. Helmerich, G. Schnepp, A. Singleton, J. Yoder, B. Wolf, S. Mat- tax, T. Rupert, A. Smith, D. Arnold, J. Ross, T. Arnold, S. Wagley, M. Busse. SECOND ROW: K. Stavenik, M. Stucky, M. Vizard, K. Cauble, A. Johnson, S. Sanders, B. Brandenburg, R. Mishler, E. Heare, J. Arnold, J. Smith, D. Shoaf, A. Moser, A. Wulliman, K. Rich, J. McCullough, D. Schwartz, A. Steiner, J. Franz. THIRD ROW: Don Gerig, Director, D. Baumgartner, O. Barkley, R. Owens, S. Mattax, B. Kohli, R. Roth, G. Wolf, M. Parrish, D. Johnson, D. Reed, M. Moser, D. Arnold, D. Sommer, M. Hedingron, J. Shoaf, K. Nussbaum, J. Yoder. FOURTH ROW: G. Yager, J. Roth, S. Yoder, D. Mishler, C. Yake, L. Habegger, R. Schwartz, R. Parrish, M. Mann, M. Mann, N. VonGunten, S. Schwartz, J. Bertsch, G. Workinger, J. Kaehr, D. Moser. i TWIRLERS: Toni Rupert, Arvilla Smith, Barbara Wolf, Jeannie Smith, Janis Yoder, Sharon Mattax, and Annie Singleton. 32 The Adams Central sixty-eight piece Senior Band, under the direction of Don Gerig, participate in many fall and summer parades. A new attraction this year is the Terri¬ fic Twenty and the former County Band. The members of these two organizations are chosen by their musical ability. Adams Central was well represented this year by the Senior, Junior, Intermediate, Beginner, Fluteophone, and Rhythm bands who gave a combined final performance. Pictured in the Saxophone Quartet are Gary Workinger, Jerry Franz, Karen Nuss- baum, and Judy Yoder; the Brass Sextet, Duane Arnold, Max Moser, Dwight Mosey, Delora Mishler, Carolyn Yake, and not pictured, Onalee Barkley. Band and Instrumental Ensemble Members The Clarinet Trio, mixed Clarinet and Saxophone quartets, and Brass Sextet entered the district music con¬ test in Fort Wayne. Rosalyn Mishler, Alice Steiner, Althea Wulliman, and Judy Arnold compose the Clarinet Quartet. Vocal Talents Are Displayed in Choir FIRST ROW: Mr, Leon Gerig, director, T. Rupert, A. Johnson, T. Arnold, D. Shoaf, M. Vizard, J. Arnold, N. Steury, H. Hirschy, S. Mattax, J. Roth, K. Rich, S. Helmerich. SECOND ROW: A. Singleton, L. Steury, J. Beer, J. McCullough, J. Brown, D. Mishler, C. Yake, N. Raudenbash, K. Nussbaum, B. Carver, N. Boggess, A. Wulliman. THIRD ROW: S. Wagley, O. Barkley, L. McBride, J. Yoder, S. Miller, B. Brandenburg, E. Brehm, L. Hirschy, R. Gerber, K. Shoaf, A. Moser. FOURTH ROW: Merv. Mann, Marv. Mann, R. Kaehr, M. Moser, J. Rupert, R. Mishler, D. Kohle, J. Yoder, L. Hoffman, S. Schwartz, J. Ross, D. Arnold. FIFTH ROW: R. Owens, D. Reed, R. Schwartz, J. Brown, R. Welch, D. Moser, B. Hart, G. Yager, J. Wulliman, D. Michaels, L. Decker, T. Ringger, L. Habegger. GIRLS ' ENSEMBLE: Accompanist, D. Mishler, H. Hirschy, N. Steury, J. Rupert, D. Smith, R. Mishler, E. Brehm, R. Gerber, R. Rupert, L. McBride, T. Arnold. The vocal groups, directed by Mr. Leon Gerig, followed a very active schedule this year. The concert choir participated in various contests, in the spring and fall concert, and at church and P.T.A. programs. Scarlet robes with white stoles, purchased this year by the Music Loyalty Club, added to the ap¬ pearance of the concert choir. The smaller groups such as the junior girls quartet, the senior and freshman trios, the girls ' ensemble, and the newly organized boys ' glee club sang at contests, in churches, and at choir presentations. Along with special rehearsals, the choir met the first period on Mondays and Tuesdays, and the smaller groups as¬ sembled at noon hours. The junior choir sang at chapel ser¬ vices, at the spring concert, and at P.T.A. programs. 34 Glee Clubs, and Special Groups FRESHMAN TRIO: Accompanist, J. McCullough, S. Mattax, A. Singleton, K. Rich. SENIOR TRIO: Accompanist, M. Hedington, D. Mishler, C. McKean, L. Steury. BOYS ' ENSEMBLE--FIRST ROW: K. Reed, T. Ringger, P. Gerber, R. Owens, M. Moser, A. Habegger, Leon Gerig, Di¬ rector. SECOND ROW: J. Heyerly, D. Moser, L. Foreman, J. Gerber, R. Welch, D. Mi¬ chaels. GIRLS ' QUARTET: Accompanist, R. Mish¬ ler, O. Barkley, N. Raudenbush, K. Nuss- baum, C. Yake. FIRST ROW: J. Kaehr, L. Conrad, C. Schwartz, J. Gilbert, R. Mattax, K. Bieberich, J. Yoder, M. Rowden. SECOND ROW: D. Hirschy, N. Habegger, A. Inniger, V. Adler, R. Soldner, L. Lautzenhieser, L. Sunnerset, M Yager, B. McCullough, K. Habegger, S. Kaehr, W. Macy, M. Kaehr. THIRD ROW: S. Hartman, N. Bertsch, J. Hirschy, J. Irwin, G. Engle, C. Everett, R. Converse, A. Ringger, S. Lehman, B. Hirschy, R. Wilson, R. Kershner, K. Uhrich, K.Myers, M. Moeschberger, B. Houck, K. Wide, L. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: A. Par¬ rish, P. Ripley, S. Worthman, M. Ross, J. Brown, J. Bercot, D. Smith, S. Maines, S. Bercot, G. Zimmerman, D. Fellers, C. Hoagland, J. Hill, R. Welch, D. Stucky, Mr. Gerig, E. Dennison, M. Wechter, S. Minnich, D. Moser, R. Smith, S. Von Gunten, R. Steury, S. Miller, S. Zuercher, N. Brokaw, V. Hedington, P. Ehrsam. Junior and Intermediate Bands FIRST ROW: D. Roudebush, K. Engle, R. Engle, C. Connelly, L. Stevens, K. McKean, J. Soldner. SECOND ROW: A. Borne, A. Dennison, J. Smith, J. Sprunger, S. Stucky, T. Nussbaum, T. Ogg, T. Bout; J. Inniger, K. Lutes, D. Landis. THIRD ROW: S. Plough, C. Anderson, C. Arnold, L. Rich, N. Hartman, B. Schwartz, C. Gerber, T. Wulliman, J. Riojas, S. Landis, D. Gerber, J. Ehrsam, E. Yoder, G. Busse. FOURTH ROW: R. Schnepp, J. Workinger, J. Kaehr, Mr. Gerig. 36 FIRST ROW: Mr. Gerig, M. Rowden, K. Witte, K. Michaels, J. Yoder, K. Christman, C. Everett, M. Biber- stein, R. Mattax, K. Aschliman. SECOND ROW: G. Zimmerman, M. Wechter, C. Teeter, A. Inniger, L. Lautzenheiser, A. Parrish, B. Houck, L. Sommerset, P. Nidlinger, J. Ringger, B. Hamrick. THIRD ROW: M. Kaehr, C. Schwartz, J. Gilbert, V. Adler, N. Habegger, E. Dennison, K. Bieberich, E. Harvey, G. Engle, S. Bercot, M. Kaehr. FOURTH ROW: D. Hirschy, P. Workinger, J. Kaehr, E. Miller, M. Yager, J. Steffen, G. Rupert, P. Ripley, I. Steffen, B. Soldner, M. Moeschburger, J. Irwin, S. Teeter. FIFTH ROW: R. Converse, T. Bebout, N. Boggess, M. Ross, D. Moser, R. Welch, T. Steffen, D. Mankey, S. Zurcher, S. Von Gunten, J. Hill, K. Habegger. SIXTH ROW: K. Urich, D. Egley, D. Stucky, A. Ringger, P. Ehrsam, S. Lehman, D. Decker, E. Beer, P. Hirschy, R. Wilson, S. Miller, R. Steury. Junior Chorus and Beginners Band FIRST ROW: K. Barkley, C. Macy, D. Wilson, B. Warner. SECOND ROW: A. Birch, J. Double, M. Engle, C. Gerber, B. Stucky, G. Gerber, L. Kaufman. THIRD ROW: J. Gilbert, D. Sprunger, S. Sommer, D. Evans, D. Heyerly, D. Everett, R. Borne, G. Marckel, R. Adler. FOURTH ROW: S. Kershner, L. Genth, Mr. Gerig. 37 National Society Recognizes Honor Students FRONT ROW: J. Kaehr, O. Barkley, C. Yake, J. Yoder, J. Smith, D. Mishler, R. Mishler. BACK ROW: Mr. Frantz, Adviser, D. Arnold, L. Habegger, J. Brown, L. Foreman, D. Smith, S. Strickler, Miss Beavers, Adviser. Character, Service, Leadership, and Scholarship are the qualities represented in the National Honor Society ' s em¬ blem. The society, in its third year of active participation at Central, is an organization to create enthusiasm for worthy leadership and scholarship in secondary schools. Elected members must maintain a B average, and are eligible for probation at any time. The formal induction of six new members was witnessed by the student body in the fall. HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS: L. Foreman, treas., J. Smith, pres., J. Brown, v. pres. 38 Youth Living Christ on Campus The Bible Club, with its sponsor, Mr. Leon Gerig, met bi-weekly after school in this, its first year at Adams Central. The purpose of this organiza¬ tion, associated with the National Youth for Christ, is to bind students in Christian fellowship at school for living Christ on campus. Each Bible Club has a Bible quiz team that competes with other clubs starting in the county leagues and advancing to state contests. President Lois Steury and Secretary Treasurer, Carolyn Yake plan£or the next Bible Club meeting. Onalee Barkley, Vice President, is not pic¬ tured. BACK ROW: J. Schwartz, R. Mazelin, R. Mishler, D. Mishler, T. Arnold, J. Yoder, T. Rupert, J. Smith, A. Habegger, P. Geber, J. Brown. THIRD ROW: L. Pageler, N. Stuery, J. Yoder, L. Hoffman, M. Hedington, C. Myers, G. Pyle, D. Myers, S. Wagley, A. Singleton. SECOND ROW: B. Wolfe, J. Beer, N. Boggess, A. Johnson, J. Brown, M. Vizard, D. Patrick, A. Wulliman, J. McCullough, K. Rich, J. Yoder. FIRST ROW: J. Bercot, S. Mattax, M. Suddeth, D. Shoaf, C. Yake, L. Steury, O. Barkley, H. Hirschy, K. Nussbaum, Mr. Leon Gerig. 39 GREYHOUND GAZETTE STAFF. FIRST ROW: Mr. Sprunger, D. Meyers, C. Meyers, H. Hirschy, E. Brehm, D. Kohli, M. Zimmerman, C. Yake. SECOND ROW: C. Miller, M. Hedington, S. Collins, M. Bowers, C. McKean, D. Smith, R. Schlickman. THIRD ROW: K. Bucher, J. Ringger, B. Carver, B. Tinkham, M. Vizard, D. Brandt, S. Strickier, M. Zimmerman. FOURTH ROW: R. Owens, D. Germann, D. Haggard, C. Strickler, R. Welch. Gazette Reports Activities and Sports Extra, Extra, read all about it! That is, read all about it in the Greyhound Gazette, Central’s bi-weekly, four page newspaper. At sectional time, a tourney issue was provided for readers, featuring the team, coach, and pep club. The Greyhound Gazette is a member of the Quill and Scroll, an Indiana High School Press Associa¬ tion. Gazette helped send Rosemary Schlick¬ man and Sandra Strickler to Indiana Journalism Institute for two weeks during summer. Work this year could not have been accomplished without the co-operation from each staff member who is exercising his interest in journalism, plus the able supervising of the Greyhound Gazette advisor, Mr. Sprunger. GAZETTE EDITORS. SITTING: C. Yake, M. Zimmerman, Editor, S. Strickler, K. Brandt. STANDING: D. Haggard, Mr. Sprunger, Sponsor, D. Germann, M. Zimmerman. 40 Wk W HK tiff ’ ■ - ■ p i W ' •jrrm | B ' . ANNUAL STAFF—FRONT ROW: Mr. Shoup, Sponsor, L. Habegger, R. Mishler, K. Cauble, D. Sanders, G. Pyle, C. Myers, SECOND ROW: J. Kaehr, J. Yoder, G. Schnepp, N. Raudenbush, L. Hirschy, K. Nussbaum, E. Brehm, L. Hoffman. THIRD ROW: J. Heyerly, L. Steury, T. Arnold, D. Kershner, C. Hamilton, L. McBride, N. Steury, J. Yoder, FOURTH ROW: L. Decker, R. Brown, C. Strickler, D. Haggard, D. Mertz, D. Houck, M. Moser. Annual Brings School Life into the Home The purpose of an annual is to bring about a greater degree of understanding between the home and school. This is done by showing in pictures and short stories what happens in classes andextra- curicular activities. Much hard work was spent soliciting ads, writing and rewriting copy, taking pictures, and finally, preparing the dummy sheets. Editor Loren Habegger and assistant editor Rosalyn Mishler, along with the sponsor, Mr. Shoup, led the other thirty-two members of the annual staff through four deadlines. Loren and Rosalyn brought many new ideas from two weeks summer schooling at Indiana University. REVIEWING THE PLAN BOOK are Loren Habeg¬ ger, Editor; Mr. Shoup, Sponsor; Rosalyn Mishler, Assistant Editor; and David Houck, Photographer. Sunshine Society Pledges to Make The ninety-five Sunshine Society girls under the sponsorship of Mrs. Stucky and Mrs. Neilson pledged to make our community a better place in which to live. Each girl selected an ideal lady with whom she exchanged gifts on various occasions throughout the year. The girl remained a secret to the lady until the Spring Tea. A formal initiation of new members was held at the Monroe Methodist Church. Other social events included a Daddy Date Night, Hawaiian Holiday, Best Beau Banquet, and monthly meetings. District and state conventions were attended by many girls in the fall and spring. Delora Mishler and Onalee Barkley brought new ideas home from Summer Camp to make this a very interesting year. SUNSHINE OFFICERS: Julie Sanders, Corresponding secretary; Dixie Smith, Treasurer (Jean Smith pictured); Mrs. Stucky, sponsor; Delora Mishler, president; Mrs. John Mishler, speaker of initiation banquet; Onalee Barkley, vice president; and Karen Brandt, Record¬ ing secretary. FIRST ROW: C. McKean, J. Smith, M. Bowers, J. Rupert, Mrs. Joyce Neilson, sponsor, O. Barkley, D. Mishler, D. Smith, J. Sanders, K. Brandt, Mrs. Rowena Stucky, sponsor, C. Hamilton, J. Kaehr, M. Zimmerman. SECOND ROW: L. Hoffman, R. Gerber, E. Brehm, R. Mishler, D. Kershner, C. Andrews, L. Steury, T. Arnold, J. Yoder, L. McBride, C. Miller, S. Sanders, M. Hedington, N. Bercot. THIRD ROW: K. Bucher, J. Heyerly, N. Christner, K. Cauble, N. Steury, J. Yoder, C. Yake, H. Hirschy, J. Beer, D. Arnold, D. Baumgartner, K. Nussbaum, G. Schnepp, J. Yoder. FOURTH ROW: H. Hirschy, N. Raudenbush, S. Strickler, R. Schlickman, M. Zimmerman, D. Kohli, J. Haggard, J. Royer, S. Mattax, A. Steiner, K. Stavenik, D. Shoaf, D. Stout, B. McKean. FIFTH ROW: B. Tink- man, L. McClain, N. Boggess, A. Johnson, B. Brandenburg, D. Gable, R. Gerber, A. Smith, J. Arnold, E. Heare, S. Strickler, D. Maines, S. Longsworth, T. Rupert, L. Pagelar. SIXTH ROW: R. Lautzenheiser, M. Vizard, J. Brown, S. Mattax, A. Singleton, M. Stucky, J. Ringger, B. Carver, J. Jennings, J. Roth, S. Helmerich, S. Miller, J. Bercot, D. Gerber. SEVENTH ROW: S. Frank, A. Moser, D. Wagley, K. Shoaf, B. Wolf, J. McCullough, A. Wulliman, K. Rich, C. Hart, B. Collins. 42 Community Better Place to Live LEFT—TAGDAY POSTER Shown to Deiora Mishler by Joye Yoder shows students what will be done at the Riley Children ' s Hospital with the money donated on annual tagday. RIGHT—FORMAL INITIATION of new members was held at the Monroe Methodist Church. President Deiora Mishler watches as Sylvia Miller lights her candle. RIGHT—GRASS SKIRTS and a hula dance added to the fun of the Hawaiian party. Carol Hamilton and Sue Strickler give a little demonstration. That helped them win the hula dance contest LEFT--HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY party was a new party idea enjoyed by the Sunshine girls. Sandy Strickler, Karen Brandt, Maran Zimmerman, and Rose Schlick- man display their Hawaiian costumes. 43 FIRST ROW: G. Yager, R. Brown, A. Gerber, J. Funk, Mr. Watson, Sponsor, C. Striker, T. Ripley, R. Mazelin, D. Moser, J. Schwartz. SECOND ROW: L. Fund, G. Bluhm, A. Habegger, R. Shoaf, A. Freels, L. Gerber, T. Ringger, J. D. Gerber, L. Hoffman, D. Maiden. THIRD ROW: D. Sharp, M. Busse, M. Ripley, J. Longsworth, D. Sommers, R. Schwartz, L. Urick, J. Brown, P. Gerber, B. Tharp. FOURTH ROW: G. Tonner, D. Roe, G. Workinger, N. Von Gunten, S. Heyerly, R. Kaehr, R. Habegger, D. Schwartz, B. Christner, A. Sharp, J. Inniger. Adams Central F. F. A. Chapter Is Successful Adams Central has been very active the past eight years in F.F.A. work and supervised farm program work. The chapter had five boys who made the State Chapter Degree in 1959, John Inniger, Clair Inniger, Jerry Schwartz, John Lantz, and Jerry Gerber. The soils judging team of Loren Habegger, Roy Mazelin, Phil Gerber, and Clair Inniger placed third in the national contest in Oklahoma. Roy Mazelin, Jerry Schwartz, Tony Sharp, and Larry Funk ' s team placed high in the state fair dairy judging contest in September, 1959. The chapter placed well in many other county and district contests. The chapter is one of the thirty-six out of 354 chapters rated as a First Class Department, and it was awarded the Silver Emblem in the State Chapter Con¬ test at Purdue in April, 1959. Basketball, Softball, and swimming provide recreation. Forty-seven students are in the Chapter. ER I r uEiiiT Tm. f§ [jrapP j 4 y |8h« fit 1 j (df 1 j jpr : Bt- vy ; Sentinel . . . Reporter . . . . Adviser .... President . . . Secretary . . . Vice President Treasurer . . . OFFICERS Glen Y ager Gary Bluhm Mr. Watson Tim Ringger Larry Funk Dwight Moser Jerry Funk LEFT--CHAPTER ROOM, built new in 1959, is well stocked with literature, judging aids, and awards won in contests. I BELOW--FARM PROJECTS give F.F.A. mem¬ bers actual experience in farm management. Junior Lantz is inspecting his sow and litter project. ABOVE—COMMUNITY PROJECTS such as preparing the school yard for grass seed, were an aid to the community. LEFT—SPORTS COMPETITION against neighboring chapters provided fun and exercise for members. The chapter was undefeated in basketball competition. in Contests 45 RIFLE CLUB. KNEELING: Arlene Gerber, Danny Michaels, David Houck, Dennis Fuelling, Dick Steiner, and John Inniger. STANDING: Mr. Collier, Sponsor, and Allen Freels. Photo and Rifle Clubs Develop Hobbies In its fourth year at Adams Central, the Rifle Club participated in several shooting matches against other clubs. The sharpshooters practiced during evenings on the fifty foot shooting range in the shop. Safety and care of the gun was stressed along with marksmanship. The club, sponsored by Mr. Collier, is a member of the National Rifle Association. By experimenting with different types of printing papers, length of time exposures, and developing and enlarging techniques, the Photography Club members gained experience in their photography hobby. Organized the second semester, the club met on Monday evenings after school to use the darkroom. Mr. Feasal sponsored the club. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB. FIRST ROW: Don Germann, John Landis, Linda McClain, and Nan Boggess. SECOND ROW: Larry Foreman, John Heyerly, Dave Haggard, Loren Habegger, and Mr. Feasal, sponsor. 46 CHILI SUPPER was the PTA ' s largest project to earn money to carry out its active program. P. T. A. and Music Loyalty Club Aid School With its monthly meetings, chili supper, panel discussions, Christmas Program, and pre-school round-up, the Parent-Teacher Association carries out its objective: to bring closer relationship between the home and the school that parents and teachers may co-operate intelligently in the training of the child. 1959- ' 60 officers were: Earl Harmon, president; first and second vice president respectively, Chalmer Barkley and Herman Frantz; Secretary, Mrs. Leroy Kolter; Treasurer, Laurel Mattax; and historian, Mrs. Paul Nussbaum. Helping to support both music departments at AC is our Music Loyalty Club. This parental booster club is in its first complete year after being started in the spring of ' 59 and is made up of the parents with stu¬ dents involved ' in these departments. Projects supported by this organization included birthday calendars and a smorgasborg, the proceeds going to purchase choir robes, additional band uniforms, and band instruments. CHOIR ROBES being inspected by several Music Loyalty Club members, were paid in part by the sale of the pictured birthday calendars and other club projects. 47 A LIFE OF PEOPLE In the complex society of today man must be able to live with his fellow man. A freshman in a school is just another fish in the pond. He has to learn to accept discipline and he learns the true meaning of friendship. A sophomore is learning to step out and make decisions for himself. A junior learns the value of being a good leader. A senior has the ruling hand over his underclassmen, but he must learn not to abuse his authority. EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES such as the pep rally teaches students how to get along socially with their classmates. Adams Central’s High Education Standards SCHOOL BOARD--Silvan Sprunger, Evan Yake; Treasurer, Clark Smith; Secretary, Harold Schwartz; President, Robert Gay, Theodore Heller, and G. Verl Lautzenheiser. County Superintendent Left--Gail Grabill Assistant Superintendent Right—Hugh Tate Secretary to Superintendent Left--Mary Bahner Secretary to Principal Right--Flo Brandt Are a Tribute to Its Administrators To the Seniors: This book will preserve many wonderful memo¬ ries that will be cherished more as the years go by. It is my hope that you have learned many things in the art of living. I hope you have learned your daily lessons, but just as important are such things as: kindness, thoughtfulness of others, cheerfulness, and that the only way to receive happiness is to divide it with others. Perhaps you have learned that good friends are the greatest of treasures and that courtesy ranks with courage in the heart of a real gentleman. If you have learned these things even in a small measure the school has played its roll in the build¬ ing of moral and spiritual values in youth. Herman E. Frantz OUR PRINCIPAL, Mr. Frantz, has many duties to perform in order to keep Adams Central ' s standards high. He also teaches bookkeeping. He has re¬ ceived an A.B. degree from Manchester College, an M.A. degree from Indiana University, and has studied at Colorado University. Students Voice Their Opinions STUDENT COUNCIL. FIRST ROW: Duane Arnold, Larry Decker, Mr. Frantz; Adviser, Junior Hollinger, Clayton Strickler. SECOND ROW: Connie Everett, Sharon Mattax, Don Decker, Steve Schlickman, Bill McMillen, Barbra Wolff. Mr. THOMAS ADLER Eighth Grade science and math Huntington College, B.S. Mr. RICHARD ALLSPAW Science and Mathematics Junior Class Sponsor Taylor University, B.S. Graduate Work, Ball State Teachers Endow Their Knowledge and Mrs. WANDA ARCHBOLD Secretarial Training Physical Education Bookkeeping Junior Class Sponsor Ball State College, B.S. Miss LUCILLE C. BEAVERS Mathematics and English National Honor Society Senior Class Sponsor Wisconsin University Ball State College Indiana University, A.B. Mr. ROBERT L. BROWN Social Studies Huntington College, B.S. Manchester College I. U. Extension Ball State College Mr. C. DOYLE COLLIER Industrial Arts Rifle Club Sponsor Freshman Class Sponsor Army Air Corps Tech. Training School, A and E Ball State College, B.S. Mr. HUBERT L. FEASEL Art 1-12 Fort Wayne Art School, G.F.A. Ball State College, B.S., M.A. Mr. JOHN FRUTH General Business, Typing Arithmetic Cross-Country Coach Freshman Basketball Coach Manchester College, B.S. Ball State College, M.A. I.U. Extension Abilities to Students Mr. DON AVON J. GERIG Instrumental Music Bands Fort Wayne Bible College Ball State College Indiana University Taylor University, B.S. Mr. AMZIE MILLER, Jr. Varsity Coach Physical Education Mathematics Sophomore Class Sponsor Ball State College, M.A. Manchester College, B.S. Mr. LEON K. GERIG Ft. Wayne Bible, B.S., A.B. Arizona State University Indiana University Vocal Department Pep Club Sponsor Bible Club Sponsor 53 i Mr. HARVEY HAGGARD Social Studies General Business School Activities Treasurer Indiana State Normal Tri State College Manchester College, B.S. Mrs. JOYCE NIELSON Home Economics Sunshine Society Co-Sponsor Freshman Girls ' Sponsor Purdue University, B.S. Mrs. DOROTHY J. SCHNEPF English History Indiana University St. Francis College Good Teachers Are Mr. ROBERT SHOUP English Social Studies Yearbook Adviser Ball State Defiance College, A.B. Mr. DONALD SPRUNGER English Social Studies Newspaper Sponsor Western Michigan Taylor University, A.B. Ball State College Mr. RONALD STORK Jr. High Science, Health Biology Driver ' s Training Jr. High Coach Manchester College, B.S. Ball State College 54 Mrs. ROWENA STUCKY English, Latin librarian Sunshine Society Co-Sponsor Taylor University, A.B. Ball State College Purdue University Indiana University, M.S. Mr. MARTIN WATSON Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor Morehead State, A.B. University of Kentucky, B.S. Purdue University Ball State College Mr. JAY JOHNSON Sixth Grade Central Normal Cedarville College, B.S. Rewarded with Satisfaction r Mr. LEO STRAHM Sixth Grade Safety Patrol Sponsor Central Normal College Mr. RICHARD G. MILLER Fifth and Sixth Grade Temple University, B.S. Pennsylvania Teachers College Ball State College University of Arizona Mr. ELMER EHRSAM Fifth Grade Indiana Teacher ' s College Ball State College, B.S. « ife tmtw Mr. KENNETH WATKINS Fifth Grade Wofford College Anderson College, B.S. Ball State College Mrs. DOLORES BYERLY Fourth Grade Manchester College Ball State College Purdue University St. Francis College, B.S. I.U. Extension Mrs. MARGARET KUHN Fourth Grade Alma College, A.B. Ball State College Modern Elementary Teaching Miss SALLY BEER Third and Fourth Grade Manchester College, B.A. Mrs. VEDA HAGGARD Third Grade Tri-State College Inidiana University Ball State College, B.S. St. Francis College Mrs. HARRIET MILLS Third Grade Ball State College St. Francis College I.U. Extension 56 Mrs. FRANCES M. BEATY Second Grade Manchester College Madam Blaker--Indianapolis Ball State College Mrs. MARY EG LEY Second Grade Indiana University, B.S. Manchester College Huntington College Mrs. WANDA MUNSON Second Grade Manchester College, B.S. Goes Beyond the Three R’s Mrs. NAOMI GRIFFITHS First Grade I.U. Extension Ball State College Purdue University Manchester College, B.S. Mrs. MARTHA HABEGGER First Grade Ball State College Purdue Extension Capital University, B.S. Mrs. ELOISE LEISTNER First Grade Indiana Central College Bowling Green University Ball State College, B.S. SENIOR OFFICERS Treas. — Sidney Schwartz Pres.--Loren Habegger Co-sponsors--Mr. Watson Miss Beavers V. Pres.--Jeanne Kaehr Sec.--Lois Steury Nineteen Hundred and Sixty . . . Our Year at Central Ahem--Seniors! With eleven years of school behind us, we couldn ' t help but feel just a mite proud as we entered Adams Central for the last time. We remembered the fun and work we had in our three previous years of high school. There were class parties, roller skating parties, the drive on magazines sales, and presenting The Perfect Circle Singing Sec¬ retaries from Haggerstown. And how can we forget freshman initiation! But the senior year was the year of years. We for¬ got some of our pride as our time was taken up with magazine sales, Christmas card sales, concessions at all home games and tourney games, senior pictures, name cards, ordering caps and gowns, and sending invitations to graduation ceremonies. Payment for our efforts on class projects came by way of a class trip by bus to Washington D.C. in the spring. As our Class of fifty-four seniors receive our di¬ plomas we realize that any success that comes our way will in part be a tribute to Adams Central and its teachers. BROOKS ARNOLD—Photo Club 1,2,3; Intra¬ murals 1,2; Rifle Club 1,2; Pep Club 1. TWILA ARNOLD--Band 1,2,3,4; Honor Band 3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Sec. 4; En¬ semble 2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3; Intra¬ murals 1,2,3,4; Annual staff 3,4; Re- kamemoh club 1,2; Sunshine Society 2,3,4; Pep club 1,2, 3; Bible club 4; Queen ' s court 4. 59 WASHINGTON OR BURST. LanaMcBride, Junior Hollinger, Ted Helmerich, and Marcia Zimmerman plot the course for the senior trip in the spring. A Grand Finale to Four High School Years NANCY BERCOT--Sunshine Society 2,3,4; Annual staff 3,4; Pep club 3,4; Newspaper staff. JAMES ARTHUR BROWN—F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Basket¬ ball 2,3,4; Cross-Country 3,4; Honor So¬ ciety 3,4; V. Pres. 4; Chorus 4; Track 4; King ' s court 4. GARRY BLUHM--F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Reporter 4; Intra¬ murals 1,2,3,4; Athletic office 2,3,4; Student man¬ ager 2,3,4; Photo club 3,4, Sec., Treas. 3; News¬ paper staff 2, Business manager; Rifle club 1; Pep club 1. MABEL BOWERS—Intramurals 1,2,3; Pep club 1,2,3; Sunshine Society 2,3,4; Rekamemoh club 1,2; Arch¬ ery club 1; Newspaper staff 4. 60 SANDRA COLLINS--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Art Club 1,2,3; Newspaper staff 4; Pep Club 4; Sunshine So¬ ciety 2. LARRY C. DECKER--Chorus 1,2,3,4; Librarian 3,4; Boys ' Quartet 2,3; Student Council 2,4; Cross-Country 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Art Club 2; Rifle Club 3. LARRY FUNK--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4, Asst. Treasurer 3; Pep Club 2; Basketball 4. JERRY D. GERBER--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Rifle Club 1,2; F.F.A. 2,3,4, Asst. Sentinel and V. Pres. Judging Contests 2,3,4; Magazine Sales Captain 4. PHILIP RAY GERBER--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Bible Club 4; Boys ' Glee Club 4; Photog¬ raphy Club 1,4; Rifle Club 1,2. HAROLD GODSEY--Cincinnati Central High School 1,2; F.F.A. 3. DENNIS FUELLING--Rifle Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 1. LARRY WAYNE FOREMAN--Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Intra- murals 2,3,4; Class Pres. 1, V. Pres. 2; Student Council 3; Honor Society 3,4, Pres. 3, Treas. 4; Band 1; Chorus 2,3; Boys ' Quartet 2,3; Rifle Club 1; F.F.A. 1,2; Cen-Trails King 4, Court 3. JERRY FUNK--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 1,2, 3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Asst. Reporter 3; Basketball 4; Pep Club 2; King ' s Court 4. TED HELMERICH--Intramurals 1,2,3,4. LOREN HABEGGER--Band 1,2,3,4, V. Pres. 4; Cho¬ rus 3,4, Treas. 3; Track 2,3,4; Cross-Country 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4, Editor 4; Honor Society 3,4; Rifle Club 1; F.F.A. 1,2,3, Treas. 2, National Land Judging 3; Class Pres. 2,3,4; King ' s Court 4. CAROL HAMILTON--Sunshine Society 2,3,4; An¬ nual Staff 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Rekamemoh Club 1,2; Archery 1. BOB HART--Chorus 3,4, V. Pres. 4; Basketball 3,4; Cross-Country 2; Rifle Club 1,2; F.F.A. 1; King ' s Court 4. MADELINE HEDINGTON--Sunshine So¬ ciety 2,3,4; Hoosier Girls ' State 3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Chorus 2. ■ ' V JUNIOR HOLLINGER--Student Council 4; Chemis¬ try Contest 3; Intramurals 1; Rifle Club 1. JOHN HEYERLY--Annual Staff 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Chorus 2,3; Intramurals 1,3; Photography Club 3, Pres.--V. Pres.; Rifle Club 1,2. DAVID HOUCK—Rifle Club 1,2,3,4, Sec. 3; An¬ nual Staff 2,3,4; Student Manager 2,3,4; Photog¬ raphy Club 1,2; Intramurals 1. JOHN INNIGER--F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Asst. V. Pres. 2, V. Pres. 3, State Farmer ' s Degree 3, Dist., State Essay Contest 2,3; Rifle Club 1,2,3,4, V. Pres. 3; Intramurals 3,4; Track 1; Baseball 1. 62 CLEAN-UP DETAIL is an unromantic but essential part of selling concessions at ball games. Four Years of Work on Projects and Studies RUSSEL JAUREGUI--Intramurals 1,2,3; Rifle Club 2,3; Pep Club 1. JEANNE KAEHR--Annual Staff 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3, Sec., Treas. 3; Sunshine Society 2,3,4; Honor Society. 3,4, Treas. 3; Rekamemoh Club 1,2; Archery Club 1, Recorder; Math Contest 1; Class V. Pres. 4; Queen ' s Court 4. JOSEPH LONGSWORTH--F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Rifle Club 1. RONALD L. MAINES--Baseball 1,2; Intramurals 3; Newspaper Staff 1; Rifle Club 1. UNUSUAL SCENES were common during the two weeks that the ag boys and home ec girls switched classes. Four Years of Fun and Memorable Experiences LANA OPAL McBRIDE--Chorus 1,2,3,4; Girls ' En¬ semble 3,4, Dist., State Contest 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Sun¬ shine Society 2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Archery Club 3; Art Club 1,2; Rekamemoh 1,2; Librarian 4; Photography Club 2. DENNIS MERTZ--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; An¬ nual Staff 3,4; Baseball 2; Rifle Club 2. PHILIP McBRIDE--Rifle Club 1,2,3,4. CAROL McKEAN--Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,4; Sunshine Society 2,3,4; Art Club 1; Chorus 1; Ensemble 2,3, Dist., State Contest 3; Trio 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Rekamemoh 1. GRETCHEN PYLE—Annual Staff 3,4; Bible Club 4; Photography Club 4; Librarian 3; Band 1. in mmniii CAROLE MILLER--Librarian 2,3,4; Sunshine So¬ ciety 2,3,4; Cho rus 1,2; Glee Club 2; Intramurals 2,3; Newspaper Staff 4; Pep Club 4. DELORA MISHLER—Band 1,2,3,4; Brass Quartet 2,3, Dist. 2,3, State 2; Brass Sextet 3, Dist. 3; Honor Band 3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Accp.; Ensemble 2, Dist., State Contest; Glee Club 2,3; Trio 3,4, Dist., State 3; Sunshine Society 2,3,4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Honor Society 3,4; Newspaper Staff 2,3; Rekamemoh Club 1,2; Bible Club 4. DORIS MYERS—Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Bible Club 4; Photography Club 4; Newspaper Staff 4. CAROLINE MYERS--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Bible Club 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Photography 4. TIM RINGGER--Chorus 1,2,3,4; Boys ' Quartet 2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; County Ping-Pong Doubles Champ 3; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Reporter 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Class Sec. 3; Rifle Club 2,3. THOMAS RIPLEY--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 1,2; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Dairy and Livestock Judging; Sales Manager 4. JOAN RUPERT--Chorus 1,2,3; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Girls ' Ensemble 3,4, Dist., State Contest 3; Intra- murals 1,2,3,4; Sunshine Society 2,3,4, Sec. 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 2,3; Rekamemoh Club 1,2. SANDY SANDERS—Band 1,2,3,4; Clarinet Trio 3, State Contest; Honor Band 3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Sunshine Society 4; Pep Club 2,3; Math Club 2; Math Contest 3; Librarian 2. ANTHONY SHARP--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Photography Club 4; Rifle Club 1,2, Treas. 1. DIXIE JUNE SMITH--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Sunshine Society 2,3,4, Treas. 4; Annual Staff 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Cheerleader 4; Chorus 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Ensemble 4; Newspaper Staff 2,4; Honor Society 3,4; Art Club 1; Rekamemoh Club 1,2; Queen ' s Court 4. SIDNEY SCHWARTZ--Band 1,2,3,4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Chorus 3,4; Basketball 4; Baseball 3,4; Track 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 3; Art Club 1; Rifle Club 1; Archery Club 2; Class Treas. 2,4; F.F.A. Judging 1,2; School County Doubles Ping-Pong Doubles Champ. JERRY SCHWARTZ--F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Asst. Treas. 4; Student Manager 3,4; Bible Club 4; Track 1,2; Intramurals 1,2; Rifle Club 1,2. JEANNIE SMITH--Band 1,2,3,4; Drum Majorette 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4, Pres. 4; Sunshine Society 2,3,4, Sec. 3; Class Treas. 3; Cheerleader 1,2; Math Club 2; Rekamemoh Club 1,2; Queen ' s Court 3,4. DICK STEINER--Rifle Club 1,2,3,4, Treas. 2, Pres. 3; Track 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Cross-Country 3,4; Intramurals 1,3,4. JOHN SOMMER--Rifle Club 1,2,3,4; In¬ tramurals 1,3. LOIS STEURY--Chorus 1,2,3,4, Librarian 3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Trio 3; Ensemble 2; Annual Staff 3,4; Sunshine Society 2,3,4; Rekamemoh Club 1,2; Class Sec. 2,4, V. Pres. 3; Cen-Trails Queen 4. PALMER URICK--Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 1,2,3; F.F.A. 1,2,3, State Crops Judging 1,2. 66 ■■I EVERYONE HELPED as Mr. Watson and his son help Phil Gerber and Ted Helmerich clean the gym after the end of a home basketball game. And Friends . Who Will Not Be Forgotten JACK WULIIMAN--Track 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,4; Cross-Country 4; Berne High School 1. GLEN WILIIAM YAGER--Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 3, Pres. 4; Basketball 4; Track 3,4; Cross-Country 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 4; Archery Club 1,2,3; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Sentinel 4; Pep Club 1. ■ JANIS YODER--Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Rekamemoh Club 1,2; Sunshine Society 3,4; Archery Club 2,3; Band Twirler 1,2,3,4, Dist. Contest 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4. MARCIA ZIMMERMAN--Chorus 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 2,3,4, Editor 4; Rekame¬ moh Club 1,2; Sunshine Society 2,3,4; Archery Club 2; Glee Club 2; Cheerleader 2,3,4, Head Cheerleader 4; School Reporter 4. 67 k CLASS OFFICERS Sandy Strickler--President Rose Schlickman--Vice President Mr. Allspaw--Sponsor Mrs. Archbold--Sponsor Jerry Franz--Secretary Dwight Moser--Treasurer 1 Juniors—Three Down, One to Go Dian Arnold Duane Arnold Carolyn Andrews Onalee Barkley Diana Baumgartneer Richard Beard Janer Beer James Bilderback Esther Brehm Karen Brandt Rene Brown Karen Bucher Karen Cauble Nancy Christener Julian Cramer Jerry Franz Allen Freels Arlen Gerber Leon Gerber Rosetta Gerber 68 — Donald Germann Alvin Habegger David Haggard Louetta Hamrick Jane Heyerly Steven Hike Helen Hirschy Jerry Hirschy Linda Hirschy Luanne Hoffman Diana Kershner Diane Kohli John Landis Daniel Lantz Roy Mazelin Danny Michaels Rosalyn Mishler Dwight Moser Max Moser Karen Nussbaum Gene Ratcliff Nancy Raudenbush Kenneth Reed Robert Rodich Roger Roth Rosemary Schlickman Gyneth Schnepp Philip Shoaf Roger Shoaf Nancy Steury Clayton Strickler Sandy Strickler Claude Striker Reginald Welch Gene Wolfe Carolyn Yake Joye Yoder Judy Yoder Maran Zimmerman 69 CLASS OFFICERS Bill Kohli--Secretary Bob Heyerly--President Joyce Haggard--Vice President Suse Strickler--Treasurer Mr. F ruth--Sponsor Mr. Miller--Sponsor Sophomores—Two Down, Two to Go Judy Arnold Nan Boggess Barbra Brandenburg Diane Cable Barbra Carver Kenneth Cauble Robert Christner Roger Dick Steve Ehrsam Marvin Fosnaugh Rose Gerber Richard Gabegger Joyce Haggard Mike Harris Dave Hamilton Max Hawkins Wmma He are Merlin Hedington Robert Heyerly Samuel Heyerly 70 Larry Hoffman Vincent Huth Arlene Johnson Ronald Kaehr Lloyd Rnittle William Kohli David Lister Susan Longsworth Dianna Maines Darrell Maitlen Sharon Mattax Linda McClain Barbra McKean Bill McMillen Phyllis Meyers Ned Mitchel Marilyn Myers Ronald Owens Linda Pageler Leo Parrish Mervin Parrish Ralph Parrish Janice Ringger Jerr y Rowdon Judy Royer Toni Rupert Julie Sanders Richard Schwartz Donna Shoaf Arvilla Smith Paul Sommer Karlo Stavenik Alice Steiner Juanita Stout Sue Strickler Marilyn Stucky Bill Tharp Barbra Tinkham Larry Urick Marie Von Gunten Michael Worthman Steven Yoder Ronald Zimmerman 71 CLASS OFFICERS John Ross--Secretary Mr. Collier--Sponsor Marilyn Vizard—Treasurer Michael Ripley--President Mr. Shoup--Sponsor Annie Singleton--Vice President Freshmen—One Down, Three to Go Denny Arnold Diana Brown Joan Brown Gary Barger Marilyn Baumgartner Judy Bercot James Bertsch Stanley Biberstien Mike Busse Becky Collins Elmer Eicher Barbra Engle Clarence Fellers Suss an Frank Mark Frauhiger Michael Fuelling Delbert Fuehs Dale Gerber Diann Gerber Carolyn Hart 72 r f i I Susan Helmerich David Heyerly Charlotte Hill Stanley Hill Edward Hirschy Danald Hoagland Jane Jennings David Johnston Jerry Knittle Roseann Lautzenheisei Marvin Mann Mervin Mann Saundra Matt ax Jocelyn McCullough Sylvia Miller Ann Moser Ronald Myers Georgia Patrick Donald Quinones Karen Rich Darrel Roe John Ross Michael Ripley Janelle Roth Steve Schlickman Ronald Schwartz Donald Sharp Karen Shoaf Jack Shoaf Annie Singleton David Sommer Gerald Tonner Marilyn Vizard Niell Von Gunten Sharlene Wagley Barbra Wolff Gary Workinger Althea Wulliman Sharon Young 73 FIRST ROW: Mr. Stork, S. Teeter, B. Osterman, J. Steffen, I. Steffen, M. Yager, P. Workinger, C. Schwartz, G. Zimmerman, E. Miller, K. Michaels. SECOND ROW: D. Stucky, K. Uhrick, R. Pyle, L. Shaffer, E. Schwartz, G. Rupert, K. Reed, D. Smith, J. Shoaf. THIRD ROW: R. Warner, B. Tonner, R. Wilson, L. Mai¬ ler, R. Poling, B. McCullough, S. Miller, O. Neuenschwander, L. Schug, B. Mann. Grade 8 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Stucky, A. Inniger, N. Bertsch, C. Hoagland, J. Hirschy, J. Kaehr, D. Hirschy, S. Cook, M. Kaehr, A. Fennig. SECOND ROW: J. Christener, M. Johnson, J. Cauble, L. Johnson, M. Leyse, L. Bauman, D. Decker, L. Conrad, N. Aschliman. THIRD ROW: F. Beitler, P. Hirschy, E. Beer, B. Bluhm, M. Hilty, R. Habegger, S. Lehman, D. Egley. FOURTH ROW: B. Hirschy, E. Dennison, N. Habegger, P. Bowers, S. Hart¬ man, J. Beard, M. Anderson, D. Fellers, N. Boggess. NOT PICTURED: M. Girod. J 74 FIRST ROW: Mr. Adler, C. Teeter, B. Soldner, J. Yoder, K. Witte, L. Summersett, L. Wickey, M. Wechter. SECOND ROW: R. Welch, J. Young, R. Sommer, R. Steury, S. Worthman, C. Steffen, E. Sapp, R. Aschli- man, S. Von Gunten. THIRD ROW: S. Zurcher, K. Whitacre, R. Stucky, R. Smith, G. Straub, J. Steffen, T. Steffen. NOT PICTURED: E. Schwartz, L. Schwartz, M. Schwartz, R. Schwartz, D. Troyer, E. Wickey. Grade 7 FIRST ROW: N. Longsworth, R. Mattax, M. Rowden, J. Irwin, M. Kaehr, M. Moeschberger, S. Maines, L. Lautzenheiser, A. Parrish, Mr. Brown. SECOND ROW: L. Roe, E. Nussbaum, P. Nidlinger, P. Ripley, J. Ringger, B. Roe, S. Minnich, D. Mankey, R. Kerschner. THIRD ROW: K. Meyers, D. Poling, G. Martin, M. Ross, L. Lehman, W. Macy, S. Kaehr, K. Pyle, D. Moser, A. Ringger. 75 FIRST ROW: B. Houk, V. Adler, P. Gerber, B. Hamrick, J. Gilbert, K. Bieberich, E. Harvey, M. Biberstein, K. Aschliman, D. Aschliman, Mrs. Schnepf. SECOND ROW: K. Heyerly, S. Hilderbrand, N. Brehm, K. Christman, J. Clark, S. Bercot, C. Eve rett, G. Engle, N. Brokaw, B. Doolin, S. Eicher. THIRD ROW: R. Converse, R. Clifton, J. Hill, T. Ehrsam, D. Hammond, D. Harmon, V. Hedington, K. Habegger, T. Bebout, D. Arnold, P. Ehrasm. Grade 7 Grade 6 FIRST ROW: G. Busse, K. Lutes, R. Cable, M. Beer, J. Kaehr, J. Ehrsam, S. Stucky, R. Raudenbush, M. Fennig. SECOND ROW: T. August, L. Rich, J. Smith, K. Ehrsam, P. Shaffer, V. McClain, S. Smith, C. Con- nelley, S. Nickles, L. Stevens, M. Riojas. THIRD ROW: Mr. Strahm, J. Momingstar, G. Hammond, T. Ogg, C. Hildebrand, J. Soldner, D. Raudebush, B. Schwartz, S. Landis, D. Hill, R. Collins. NOT PICTURED: J. Wickey, R. Hilty, R. Schwartz, B. Schwartz. 76 FIRST ROW: T. Nussbaum, J. Welch, E. Worden, A. Shoaf, A. Jasso, R. Mailer, J. Riojas, L. Fellers, A. Baumgartner. SECOND ROW: J. Workinger, N. Hartman, R. Merriman, K. Engle, M. Gerber, B. Hirschy, G. Longsworth, C. Cauble, G. Cable, A. Dennison, J. Inniger. THIRD ROW: S. Amstutz, Mr. Johnson, T. Wulli- man, L. Roe, L. Tonner, K. McKean, S. Ploughe, C. Carver, L. Osterman, D. Maines, N. Ward. NOT PICTURED: B. Girod, J. Wickey, A. Hilty, A. Zook, N. Troyer. Grade 6 Grade 5 and 6 FIRST ROW: L. Kauffman, D. Strayer, G. Marckel, J. Beitler, R. Schnepp, J. Sprunger, D. Landis, R. Gerber, C. Gerber. SECOND ROW: C. Dick, L. Genth, C. Arnold, H. Bercot, D. Steffen, B. Garwood, P. Harvey, K. Sprunger, J. Double, C. Anderson. THIRD ROW: E. Yoder, D. Harvey, J. Hirschy, S. Harman, K. Watkins, S. Wagley, R. Engle, A. Borne, W. Adler, R. Arnold, D. Griffiths, Mr. R. G. Miller. 77 11 FIRST ROW: A. Ringger, V. Heyerly, J. Quinones, J. Riojas, L. Kaehr, R. Aschliman, A. Knittle. SECOND ROW: D. Rich, B. Cable, K. Barkley, R. Ogg, D. Miller, B. Warner, E. Mankey, D. Wilson, E. Burkholder, G. Gerber, J. Bryan. THIRD ROW: J. Gilbert, G. Hendricks, R. Borne, S. Kershner, Mr. Ehrsam, W. Kirchner, A. Birch, B. Stuckey, D. Sprunger, D. Manley. NOT PICTURED: M. Schwartz, J. S chwartz, A. Schwartz, J. Hilty, J. Hoffman, R. Roe. Grade 5 FIRST ROW: R. Adler, R. Clark, D. Evans, D. Heyerly, L. Ratcliff, S. Sommer, T. Nussbaum, S. Martin. SECOND ROW: G. Yost, M. Kipfer, C. Macy, D. Bays, P. Zimmerman, M. Engle, L. Brokaw, N. Fox, P. Sapp, L. Bieberich. THIRD ROW: Mr. Watkins, B. Brown, J. Cerber, J. Hill, L. Tonner, M. Habegger, C. Gerber, L. McCullough, S. Rich. NOT PICTURED: E. Schwartz, C. Hilty, E. Schwartz, J. Girod, R. Schwartz, A. Troyer, D. Schwartz, S. Shetler, S. Wickey. 78 FIRST ROW: T. Liechty, D. Evans, J. Reineck, L. Hartman, J. Lantz, T. Patrick, R. Harris, D. Sanders, D. Carver, J. Wagley. SECOND ROW: J. Nussbaum, K. Beitler, V. Burkhead, L. Longsworth, J. Christman, D. Dennison, S. Brehm, M. Hilty, R. Harrell, B. Mann, D. Hirschy, G. Clifton. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Kuhn, D. Harmon, L. Mitchell, C. McClain, L. Nussbaum, D. Strayer, C. High, R. Stavenik, P. Nussbaum, L. Soldner, D. Geyer, D. Bieberick. NOT PICTURED: J. Schwartz, M. Hilty, S. Troyer. Grade 4 FIRST ROW: T. Bebout, D. Eckelbarger, L. Ellenberger, R. Oliver, L. Beitler, L. Rich, C. Schaadt, G. Wable, D. Roe, E. Garwood. SECOND ROW: N. Irwin, J. Sommer, I. Cauble, D. Rich, J. Beer, M. Stucky, M. Kaehr, J. Wulliman, C. Houk, K. Myers, L. Henschen, L. Roe. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Byerly, R. Miller, H. Jasso, L. Affolder, C. Borne, G. Ball, K. Baxter, D. Roudebush, M. Anderson, R. Hill. 79 SEsas® FIRST ROW: G. Colter, R. Smith, N. Brown, P. Arnold, J. Sipe, R. Fennig, H. Reed, B. Lutes, J. Franz. SECOND ROW: R. Miller, L. Shoaf, J. Stucky, M. Lantz, C. Ladd, D. Beitler, J. Reineck, G. Nash, L. Beavers, J. Wable. THIRD ROW: Miss Beer, J. Harvey, B. Zurcher, W. Stout, S. Kirschner, P. Isch, D. Ray, B. Zimmerman, R. Tonner, M. Griffiths, C. Holsapple. NOT PICTURED: P. Schwartz, S. Girod, L. Troyer, J. Schwartz, M. Shetler. Grade 3 and 4 Grade 3 m FIRST ROW: N. Gerber, M. Heare, M. Royer, K. Steiner, L. Harvey, L. Cavinder, D. Aschliman, M. Cook, R. Tonnellier, T. Bebout, G. Yoder, W. Steury. SECOND ROW: S. Schwartz, N. Sprunger, B. Bowers, R. Longs- worth, D. Aschliman, J. Mankey, L. Steury, B. McBride, D. Snyder, D. Shoaf, C. Harvey, S. Stump. THIRD ROW: L. Nussbaum, S. Feasel, S. Leyse, K. Black, N. Reed, C. Moser, F. Ball, D. Smitley, M. Schwartz, R. Kaehr, J. Funk, J. Nussbaum, B. Birch, Mrs. Haggard. 80 r FIRST ROW: R. Eckelbarger, B. Campbell, M. Burkholder, B. Adler, R. Neuenschwander, J. Garwood, R. Genth, N. Ogg, L. Janes, M. Sommer, S. Ross. SECOND ROW: N. Eicher, G. Leyse, J. Kaehr, C. Schaffer, M. Warner, G. Riojos, L. Schaffer, B. Harmon, V. Zurcher, J. Connelley, C. Fox, Mrs. Mills. THIRD ROW: S. Smith, G. Hirschy, J. Burkheard, B. Ball, B. Borne, S. Steury, G. Uhrick, K. Summersett, G. Eyanson, D. Moeschberger, M. Hoffman, D. Hamrick. NOT PICTURED: A. Shetler, A. Hilty, E. Girod. Grade 3 Grade 2 FIRST ROW: M. Kaehr, E. Geyer, D. Affolder, W. Schwartz, L. Hilty, N. Schwartz, T. Longenberger, J. Double, R. Reinhard, T. Steury, A. Hirschy. SECOND ROW: A. Mitch, R. Quinones, R. Hirschy, J. Riley, C. Moser, V. Vannette, L. Nash, S. Baumgardner, C. Lawson, R. Stucky, D. Eckelbarger. THIRD ROW: K. Nussbaum, A. Hamilton, P. Wickey, T. Wickey, A. Arnold, R. Aschliman, T. Reinhart, J. Borchers, D. Andrews, V. Reinhart, J. Schwartz, V. Bowers, S. Gerber, N. Baxter, Mrs. Munson. NOT PICTURED: R. Schwartz, A. Hilty. 81 FIRST ROW: T. Soldner, D. Liechty, S. Foreman, D. Jesso, T. Steury, A. Nussbaum, T. Stevens, L. Zurcher, M. Liechty, S. Bertsch, S. Tullis. SECOND ROW: W. Johnson, D. Lehman, D. Fisher, B. Miller, D. Evans, S. Oliver, L. Mattax, K. Webb, K. Gerber, S. Stucky, C. Bays, D. Clark, A. Stoller, M. Childs. THIRD ROW: J. Mishler, D. Heyerly, J. Redding, K. Mutschler, D. Hoffman, E. Witte, D. Sheets, J. Borchers, K. Holsapple, R. Harrell, C. Martin, B. Pageler, M. Gerber, K. Rich, Mrs. Egley. Grade 2 FIRST ROW: D. Shoaf, C. Colter, P. Shoaf, J. McClain, B. Kolter, T. Steffen, E. Girod, A. Burkholder. SEC¬ OND ROW: J. Bird, M. Gilbert, D. Hamrick, S. Roe, P. Hill, K. Shaffer, C. Reinhart, P. Eicher. THIRD ROW: P. Nickels, N. Brokaw, R. Bryan, K. Fruchte, D. Tinkham, S. Prater, Jr., A. Riojas, R. Minnich, B. Slusher, P. Zimmerman, Mrs. Beaty. NOT PICTURED: J. Patrick, R. Schwartz, F. Zook. 82 iltLI ■ FIRST ROW: R. Burkholder, P. Kershner, D. Shetler, J. Nussbaum, B. Genth, T. Hill, R. Smith, L. Schwartz, E. Beitler, J. Schwartz, R. Geyer. SECOND ROW: J. Fosnaugh, A. Aschliman, S. Kaehr, V. Shrock, D. Evertt, C. Steiner, T. Gerber, D. Nussbaum, M. Cauble, N. Beer, D. Zurcher, P. Nickles. THIRD ROW: B. Liechty, D. Barger, G. Watkins, R. Hammond, D. Neadstine, J. Rich, R. Cavinder, J. Girod, A. Arnold, N. Liechty, S. Webb, K. Steury, P. Shoaf, Mrs. Hoabegger. Grade 1 FIRST ROW: S. Mailer, D. Roe, B. Stoller, D. Essex, F. Jasso, K. Ward, R. Fox, J. Uhrick, J. Connelley, J. Beitler. SECOND ROW: C. Pierce, M. Beard, E. Gerber, P. Tonnellier, D. Feasel, C. Goldner, M. Jasso, K. Bird, L. Schwartz, W. Hirschy, R. Garwood, K. Zigler. THIRD ROW: C. Hamilton, M. Shaffer, D. Black, M, Schwartz, J. Patrick, C. Wickey, M. Dull, P. Hirschy, V. Shoaf, D. Hoffman, D. Longsworth, R. Ladd, R. Tharp, Mrs. Griffths. NOT PICTURED: A. Schwartz. 83 FIRST ROW: J. Schwartz, B. Campbell, M. Stucky, G. Roe, A. Hirschy, N. Adler, J. Wickey, K. Kauffman, M. Wengerd, R. High. SECOND ROW: R. Yost, T. Rupert, C. Barkley, M. Jackson, K. Moeschberger, D. Smith, E. Wickey, D. Borne, G. Tullis, B. Neuenschwander, G. Liechty. THIRD ROW: L. Reed, L. Aschli- man, M. Nussbaum, R. Arnold, L. Gerber, J. Merriman, B. Nussbaum, C. Germann, A. Engle, L. Schwartz, S. Christman, J. Zurcher. Grade 1 We Need Them to Keep Our RAIN OR SHINE, these seventh and eighth graders, under the direction of Mr. Strahm, safeguard A.C. ' s students as they go to and from school each day. KNEELING: Bruce Mann, Ken¬ neth Habegger, Tony Ehrsam, Olin Neuenschwander. STANDING: Richard Welch, Warren Macy, Richard Stucky, Mr. Strahm, Mike Johnson, Stuart Zurcher, and Brian McCullough. { 84 T NOON-HOUR NOURISHMENT for a school of hungry youngsters is prepared with good taste and efficiency by Mrs. Haines, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Byerly, and Mrs. Riley. School Safe and Efficient BUS DRIVERS. KNEELING: B. Nussbaum, J. Nussbaum, F. Sprunger, B. Fisher, J. Genth, E. Arnold. STANDING: Rev. Wilson E. Von Gunten, L. Rich, L. Leh¬ man, H. Kershner, C. Workinger, R. Brandt, B. Mitchell. JANITOR ' S WORK at school usually ranges from mowing lawns to recovering ping-pong balls behind bleachers. Keeping Central clean and in good order is the job of Hugh Landis, Rev. Vernon Riley, and Floyd Rupert. ROTH ELECTRIC BAHNER’S BARBER SHOP Qual ity and Service Is Our Business Haircuts Shampoos Tonics Monroe Indiana Phone 6-6690 Monroe Indiana ZURCHER ' S MOBIL SERVICE Your Firestone Distributor Phone 6-6551 Monroe Indiana CHRISTNER PLUMBING HEATING Box 84 Monroe, Indiana ADAMS COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP “Everything in Farm Supplies’’ Monroe-Berne-Pleasant Mi I Is-Williams-Geneva MATTAX AUTO PAINT SHOP Louis Mattax Vaughn Mattax Telephone 6-6461 Indiana Monroe MODEL HATCHERY “Approved Hy-Line Baby Chicks” Monroe Indiana FARM BUREAU INSURANCE “Raymond G. Miller” Agency Manager Monroe Indiana KEN HOFFMAN GARAGE “General Repair” Phone 6-6000 Monroe, Ind. DALES’ SHOE SHOP Phone 6-6575 Monroe Indiana FRIEDA’S BEAUTY SHOP Frieda Phone 6-6025 Gelaine Monroe, Indiana CENTRAL MARKET P. B. Kohli, Mgr. Phone 6-6561 Monroe, Ind. STUCKY CO. “Where Your $ Buys More” Monroe, Indiana Free Delivery Phone 6-6866 Decatur DECATUR MUSIC HOUSE 136 North Second Street Phone 3-3353 Indiana “Working for You” MONROE GRAIN SUPPLY, INC. Grain, Feeds, Coal, Fertilizer Phone 6-6541 Monroe, Indiana Save at the FIRST STATE BANK Decatur Indiana “Established 1883” COPPESS CORNER SERVICE Good Food at Reasonable Prices Marathon Gas and Goodrich Tires Monroe Indiana DECATUR READY MIX “Ready Mix To Meet Your Specifications” Phone 3-2561 Decatur, Indiana II McBride welding AND ENGINEERING Decatur Indiana HI WAY TRAILER COURT 521 South 13th Street Decatur Indiana ZINTSMASTER MOTORS 108 W. Monroe Street Telephone 3-2003 Decatur Indiana PRICE MEN’S WEAR Quality Clothes for Men and Boys 101 N. Second St. Decatur, Ind. Indiana Decatur Decatur BEAVERS OIL SERVICE “Friendliness Lives Here” JOHN BRECHT JEWELRY Keepsake Diamonds Indiana PHIL. L. MACKLIN CO. . “Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge 107 South First Street Decatur Indiana Enjoy ZESTO It’s Good 336 N. 13th Decatur HAUGKS PI umbinq —Heating—Appl 209 N. 13th Decatur iances Ph. 3-3316 Indiana Decatur UHRICK BROTHERS Phone 3-419 Indiana GILLIG DOAN FUNERAL HOME Embalming and Ambulance Service Phone 3-3314 Decatur, Indiana THE MAIER HIDE AND FUR CO. EDWARD IMEL, OWNER Dealers in All Scrap Metals Fence, Wire, and Tin Phone 3-4419 710 West Monroe St. Decatur, Ind. COMMUNITY GAS and OIL 710 Adams Street Phone 3-2909 Decatur Indiana LELANDSMITH INSURANCE AGENCY Glen Hill Leland Smith Dial 3-3111 Decatur Indiana THE SCHAFER STORE Phone 3-3200 Decatur Indiana ZWICK FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 3-3603 Decatur Indiana GERBERS SUPER MARKET Decatur Indiana QUALITY CHEVROLET-BUICK INC. Chevrolet-Corvair-Buick-Opel Decatur’s Newest Dealer Highway 27 Decatur, Indiana 92 B M AUTO SALES The Finest In New and Used Cars Berne Indiana FAMILY INN RESTAURANT “Come Try Our Pizza” U.S. 27—Decatur, Indiana ANDERSON INDUSTRY hooker paints { £ ; ‘ . A r For a Better Used Car ANDERSON INDUSTRY See Morningstar MORNINGSTAR AUTO SALES Lumber—Hardware —Bui Iding Material—Hooker Paint Decatur, Indiana Ph. 3-2046 Decatur (U.S. 27) Indiana Pete Reynolds —BasketbalI Editor DECATUR DAILY DEMOCRAT Complete—Sports School Coverage Adams County’s Only Daily Newspaper BUTLER’S GARAGE Skilled Mechanics Day Night Wrecker Service 126-28 South First Street Decatur Indiana 93 ? HARVEY LANDIS AND SONS Route 4 Decatur, Indiana Ditching, Concrete and Tile LISTER’S STORE “Groceries, Meats, Frozen Foods, Ice Cream, Drugs, Post Office ” Preble, Indiana Mobilga s Honduras NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY Operated by Lydia Geyer Indi lana PECK HARDWARE “Standard Service” “Paints, Electrical Supplies” Phone 12 on 27 Preble, Ind. ADLER BROTHERS GARAGE Auto and Tractor Repair Rural Route 4 Decatur, Indiana PREBLE EQUITY EXCHANGE, INC. Grain, Feeds, Seeds, F ence, Coal Grinding and Mixing Preble Indiana PETERSON GRAIN COMPANY Peterson Indiana Craigville 10 on 31, Decatur 3-9456 GERBER LOCKER Custom Slaughtering and Curing Quality Beef Phone 48 Craigville, Indiana Decatur HUWAY SERVICE 1013 North Second Street Phone 3-2928 Indiana CRAIGVILLE GARAGE Appliances and Gifts Lawn Mowers —Weed Sprayers Phone 66 Craigville, Indiana » sn CHOWS CuffDUt ELEVATOR Cft CRAIGVILLE ELEVATOR CO. “Service with a Smile” Phone 35 Craigville Indiana “At Your Massey-Ferguson Dealer” DIERKES IMPLEMENT SALES Phone 3-3311 13th Street Decatur, Indiana II D. W. FIREOVED Veterinarian Phone 2-2460 Berne Indiana NAGEL’S QUALITY FLOWERS Since 1910 Berne Indiana SPRUNGER, LEHMAN CO. “The Department Store To Serve You Better” Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2175 BERNE EQUITY EXCHANGE COMPANY Linn Grove Berne Chattanooga, Ohio Grain, Seed, Feed Coaland Fence Get It at GILLIOM LUMBER CO. INC. 518 East Main Street Berne, Indiana ECONOMY PRINTING CONCERN, INC. Letter, Offset, and Binding Phone 2-2175 Berne Indiana NEUENSCHWANDER INC. Complete Insurance Service “Anxious To Please” Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2211 ZUERCHER MUSIC STORE Everything for the Musician U.S. Hi-Way 27 Berne Indiana YAGER FUNERAL HOME Air-Conditioned Funeral Home Oxygen-Equipped Ambulance Phone 2-2158 Berne, Indiana KROGER STORE Go Krogering Live Better for Less W. Fenstermaker, Mgr. Berne, Ind. HUBft BERNE LUMBER CO. “Quality Building Material” “Most Complete Mill Room in Ad ams County” Make sure you get our deal . . . Before you buy your car. MOSER MOTOR SALES, INC. OF BERNE Ford — Fal con—Mercury-Thunderbird BUICK, PONTIAC, CHEVROLET Sales and Service Phone 2-2805 Berne, Indiana HABEGGER BUILDERS’ SUPPLY Swiss Manufacturing Corp. Berne Indiana BERNE OIL COMPANY “The Finest in Petroleum Products” Berne Indiana HOME DAIRY PRODUCTS INC. “Quality and Service You Can Depend On” Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2307 Indiana STAN’S MEN’S WEAR Specialists in Young Men ' s Wear 110 West Main Berne, Indiana “The Best Man Relies on Stan” Berne EMICK’S BOWL U.S. 27 North Phone 2-2927 LOREN L. LIECHTY Building Contractor Complete Building Service Fu11y Insured AII Work Guaranteed Custom-Made Cabinets Wood and Metals Commercial and Residential Construction and Repairs “No Job Too Large or Too Small’’ For Free Estimates Dial: Berne 2-8424 Route 1 Berne, Indiana Berne FLICK’S BODY SHOP Phone 2-2333 Indiana FOOD TOWN MARKET Quality Meats and Groceries We Specialize in Swiss Cheese Berne Indiana Berne CITY LUNCH “Come Try Our Homemade Food and Pastries’’ Indi ana BERNE MASTER FEED STORE CORP. “Working for You’’ Berne, Indiana FIRST BANK OF BERNE Member: F.R.S. and F.D.I.C. Established 1891. Phone 2-2303 Berne Indiana CLIFF NUSSBAUM “Norge and Gibson Appliances” Schwinn Sales and Service Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2232 RIESEN SHUG MOTORS, INC. Chrysler—Plymouth Sales, Service Body and Fender Work Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2615 THE FAIR STORE Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2160 ‘A gift for every occasion BERNE HI-WAY HATCHERY Finer Baby Chicks Feeds—Supplies Ready-Built Buildings North on U.S. 27 — Phone 2-2607 — Berne ; |jf iff sSHMlMlj GRABER INSURANCE Eli and Ked Phone 2-2863 PARKWAY RESTAURANT “Delicious Home-Cooked Foods” Phone 2-2316 Highway 27 Berne Indiana Berne, Indiana BANK OF GENEVA Geneva, Indiana Member Federal Deposit Insurance Company G. C. MOSER INSURANCE AGENCY Insure with Jiggs Phone 2-2142 Berne, Indiana THE BERNE WITNESS Published Every Mon., Wed., and Fri. Carries More Adams County News Than Any Other Newspaper GLOBE HATCHERIES “Babcock Bessie” “America’s Real Business Hen” Berne and Ossian, Indiana Compliments °f STUCKY’S GAS APPLIANCES Home of Leading Lines Distributors of Anhydrous Ammonia 82 % Nitrogen E. C. Stucky — Phone 156 Geneva, Indiana GIFFORD’S I.G.A. SUPER MARKET “Groc., Meat, Produce” “Swiss Cheese Our Specialty” Berne, Indiana Highway 27 Portraits and Commercial Photography in Full Color RSM STUDIO FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK Bluffton Indiana GOODWIN FUNERAL HOME Bluffton Indiana HERMAN J. BIXLER INSURANCE AGENCY Service Beyond the Contract Geneva Indiana OLD FIRST NATIONAL BANK “A Complete Banking Service” ‘ ‘Member F.D. I.C. ” Indi ana MESHBERGER BROS. STONE CORP. Linn Grove Phone 5-5311 Pleasant Mills Phone 7-7211 Crushed Stone-Truck Delivery Bluffton Cen-Trails Boosters MONROE: Cecile’s Beauty Shop Madge’s Lunch DECATUR: Donut Shop Harman’s Market Kenny’s Barber Shop Jim’s Auto Service Ralph’s Sunoco Service Chic Dry Cleaners Laundry Floyd McBride Welding Converse Tractor Sales Decatur Used Furniture Decatur Auto Supply Dr. Norval Rich, M.D. Shaffer’s Restaurant Bower Jewelry Store Dr. R. E. Allison, Vet. Adams County Trailer Sales, Inc. Kaye’s Shoe Store Habegger Hardware Commercial Print Shop Decatur Dry Cleaners Dr. Harry H. Hebble, Opt. Goddin’s IGA Wertzberger’s Confectionery Teen Togs Gordon’s Western Auto Holthouse Drug Co. Don’s Texaco Service Mazelin Heating Appliance Decatur Equipment, Inc. Kel ly Dry Cleaners Downtown Texaco Rentz Florist Ideal Dairy Bar The Pioneer Drive-In Walter Wiegmann—Auctioneer Swygart Wrecking Yard Sprunger Implement Co. Gene’s Mobil Service Dr. John B. Spaulding Burke’s Standard Service BERNE: Dr. Howard M. Luginbill Rich’s Barber Shop Berne Locker Storage E. D. and J. A. Bixler Liechty Brothers Plumbing and Heating Norman E. Beaver, M.D. Liechty Jewelry Poplar Drive-In Berne Ready Mix Berne Electric Edgar P. Sprunger, D.D.S. Mrs. Abnet —Piano Teacher Dr. Robert L. Boze Larry’s Barber Shop Swan Beauty Shop Daniel Morand Grocery Berne Furniture Co. Berne Ice Cream Schwartz Gift Shop Fern’s Dress Shoppe Hendrick’s Electric Cla user Furniture Mennonite Book Concern Horace Lehman Feed Mill The Habit Cleaners GENEVA: Hanni Furniture Kozy Korner Geneva Lumber and Supply Co. Linn Grove Hardware BLUFFTON: Dutch Mill on the Banks of The Wabash GERBER’S CENTRAL DAIRY Grade “A” Dairy Products 230 W. Market Phone 120 Bluffton Indiana NATIONAL OIL GAS, INC. Phillips 66 Petroleum Products Phone 53 Bluffton, Indiana Phone 6-6191 Monroe, Indiana General Index Custodians, 85 Physics, 10 Drivers Training, 17 Principal, 51 Elementary Grades, 78-84 PTA,47 English, 12 Quartet, Girls, 35 Ensemble, Boys ' 35 Queen and King, 8 Ensemble, Girls ' 34 Queen ' s Court, 9 FFA 44,45 Rifle Club, 46 Freshmen, 72,73 Saxophone Quartet, 33 Geometry, 11 Secretary to Principal, 50 Government, 13 Secretary to Superintendent, 50 History, 13 Seniors, 58-67 Home Economics, 15 Sociology, 13 Honor Society, 38 Sophomores, 70,71 Instrumental Lessons, 16 Sunshine Society, 42,43 Intramurals, 28 Superintendent, County, 50 Juniors, 68,69 Superintendent, Assistant, 50 Junior High Grades, 74-76 Teachers, 52-57 Latin, 12 Track 27,29 Librarians, 85 Trigonometry, 11 Music Loyalty Club, 45 Trio, Freshman, 35 Newspaper Staff, 40 Trio, Senior, 35 Office Practice, 14 Twilers, 32 Patrol Boys, 84 Typing, 14 Pep Club, 22,23 Photography Club, 46 Physical Education, 17 Vocal Classes, 16 Yearbook Staff, 41 Picture Ad Index Agriculture, 15 Algebra, 11 Art, 16 Band, Beginners, 37 Band, Intermediate, 36 Band, Junior, 36 Band, Senior, 32 Baseball, 26,29 Basketball, Freshman, 25,29 Basketball, Junior High, 25,29 Basketball, Seconds, 24,29 Basketball, Varsity 20,21,29 Bible Club, 39 Biology, 10 Board of School, 50 Bookkeeping, 14 Brass Sextet, 33 Busdrivers, 85 Cheerleaders, Junior High, 25 Cheerleaders, Seconds, 22 Cheerleaders, Varsity 18,19,23 Choir, Junior, 37 Choir, Senior, 34 Clarinet Quartet, 33 Cooks, 85 Cross-Country, 27,29 MONROE: Adams County Farm Bureau Co-op, 87 Bahner ' s Barber Shop, 87 Central Market, 88 Christner Plumbing Heating, 87 Coppess Corner, 89 Dale ' s Shoe Shop, 88 Farm Bureau Insurance, 88 Ken Hoffman Garage, 88 Mattax Auto Paint Shop, 87 Model Hatchery, 88 Montoe Grain Supply, Inc. 89 Roth Electric, 87 Stucky Company, 89 Zurcher ' s Mobil Service, 87 DECATUR: Adler Brothers Garage, 94 Anderson Industry, 93 Beavers Oil Service, 90 Brecht Jewelry, 90 Butler ' s Garage, 93 Community Gas Oil, 92 Craigville Elevator Company, 95 Craigville Garage, 95 Decatur Daily Democrat, 93 Decatur Music House, 89 Decatur Ready Mix, 89 Dierke ' s Implement Sales, 95 Family Inn Restaurant, 94 First State Bank, 89 Gerber Locker, 95 Gerber ' s Super Market, 92 Gillig Doan Funeral Home, 91 Harvey Landis Sons, 94 Haugks, 91 Heller Nursery, 93 Hi-Way Service, 95 Hi-Way Trailer Court, 90 Leland Smith Insurance, 92 Lister ' s Store, 94 Mair Hide Fur. Co., 91 McBride Welding Engineering, 90 Morningstar Sales, 93 Neighborhood Grocery, 94 Peck Hardware, 94 Peterson Grain Company, 95 Phil L. Macklin Co., 91 Preble Equity Exchange, Inc., 94 Price Men ' s Wear, 90 Quality Chevrolet-Buick, Inc., 92 Schafer Store, 92 Uhrick Brothers, 91 Zesto, 91 Zintsmaster Motors, 90 Zwick Funeral Home, 92 BERNE: Berne Equity Exchange Co,, 96 Berne Hi-Way Hatchery, 100 Berne Lumber Company, 97 Berne Master Feed Store, 97 Berne Oil Company, 98 Berne Witness, 101 Buick, Pontiac, Chevrolet, 98 City Lunch, 99 Cliff Nussbaum, 100 Economy Printing Concern, Inc., 96 Emick ' s Bowl, 98 Fair Store, 100 Fireoved, Dr. D.W., Vet., 96 First Band of Berne, 49 Food Town Market, 99 Gifford ' s IGA Super Market, 101 Gilliom Lumber Company, Inc. 96 Globe Hatchery, 101 Graber Insurance, 100 Habegger Builders ' Supply, 98 Home Dairy Products, Inc., 98 Kroger Store, 97 Liechty, Loren L., Construction, 99 Moser Insurance Agency, 101 Moser Motor Sales, Inc ., 97 Nagel ' s Quality Flowers, 96 Neuenschwander, Inc., 97 Parkway Restaurant, 100 Riesen Shug Motors, Inc., 100 Sprunger, Lehman Co., 96 Stan ' s Men ' s Wear, 98 Yager Funeral Home, 97 Zuercher Music Store, 97 GENEVA: Herman Bixler Insurance Agency, 102 Meshberger Bros. Stone Corp., 102 Stucky and Company, 101 BLUFFTON: Farmers and Merchants Bank, 102 Goodwin Funeral Home, 102 National Oil Gas, Inc., 103 R.S. M Studio, 102 104 MBK9 . MM

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