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1957 CEN-TRAILS ADAMS CENTRAL Monroe, Indiana Compliments of KENNETH HOFFMAN ' S GARAGE Monroe The school year has drawn to a close and we invite you to take a walk with us down Central Way: What ' s my locker combination? Do we have his¬ tory or English next? Is this test day? These questions and many others were heard constantly around the halls of A.C.H.S. From the minute one got on the bus at dawn, and yelled at the bus driver to turn on the heater, till that " welcome bell " rang to tell us that school was out, work and fun were exper¬ ienced by the faculty and students. But studying wasn ' t all we did. Photography, art, rifle, math, pep, archery, FFA, and Rekamemoh were the clubs that broadened special interests. " Where ' s thos e grey¬ hounds! " could be heard from that roaring pep club. Bi-monthly chapel programs brought us good talks from ministers of surrounding churches. The sound of happy voices, the spirit of good sports, our assembly programs, clubs, studies, and the molding of our ideals and inspirations, all blend¬ ed into high school experiences that we remember as " THE CENTRAL WAY. " GRADES - ■ SPORTS V ' — CONTENTS School Life.pp. 1-17 Activities Section.pp. 18-43 Sports Section.pp. 44-57 Faculty and Classes Section . . . pp. 58-88 7 cieveCafi . . . Who knows? Perhaps it ' s an unusual verb that has captured the imaginations of Miss Beihold ' s English 9-A pupils! It ' s an alto sax lesson engrossing beginner band member Judy Yoder and bandmaster, Mr. Gerig. Junior high art pupils—Bob Christener, Steve Yoder, Larry Hoffman, Ned Mitchel, Billy McMillen, Steve Ehrsam, and Dave Hamilton— discover brush and paint with the aid of instructor Mr. Feasel. Compliments of VIM SPORTING GOODS Ft. Wayne and COPPESS CORNER Monroe 4 4 Mrs. Gallivan provides time each week for the Senior Gov¬ ernment class to keep up on current events. Mr. Haggard points out to the U.S. History class, the location of the Suez Crisis. z«tct cfasiacten, . . . Compliments of SPRUNGER LEHMAN and BERNE LOCKER STORAGE Berne To mold us into what we should be is the task of these subjects—the ones that form our way of developing personality and character. Weekly sessions with " Our Times " helped social studies pupils keep pace with the history being made today in the Near East and Europe. We learned we needed to become skilled in writing, reading, and spelling, in order to measure up to a more demand¬ ing world; thus English still grew in importance. Great literature, a " bonus " of the English-literature course, rounded out our appreciation of the arts, which was furthered by the music and art depart¬ ments, while some embarked on the language of Latin,- cutting yet another facet in the Central way of learning. Several pupils know the meaning of Ego amo te in Mrs. Stucky ' s Latin class. 5 Practicing what we learned in class was our method of carrying out good citizenship. Four social studies p upils collaborated on Citizenship Day speeches for the PTA, and seven more became " public servants " for Central ' s own mock national election. Thanksgiving traditions were again ob¬ served with the FFA ' s eleven " good will " baskets and assembly, plus the posters made by grade pupils. Mid-December saw the Home Ec. depart¬ ment launch a week-long campaign for better breakfasts, completing this segment of the Cen¬ tral " Good Citizenship " cycle. Speech pupils Jane Uhrick, Mark Ripley, Karen Reed, and Ron Gerber chose Citizenship for their topics when they spoke at the November PTA meeting. 2 facotttuty fatten,. ,, Eleven pupils from Mrs. Mills ' third grade room pose with the bulletin board located in the second primary wing. Left to right: Brian Schwartz, Duane Landis, Rebecca Engle, David Griffiths, Jerry Morningstar, Susan Wagley, Elena Hazelwood. Standing: Sharon Harmon, Steven Landis, Arlene Borne, Carol Teeple. 6 Compliments of BERNE EQUITY EXCHANGE and POPLAR DRIVE-IN Berne Enos Schwartz emerges from the junior high voting booth in Mr. Brown ' s room, after casting his ballot. ■ Election time with Mark Ripley casting his ballot. The Election board consisted of Ron Gerber Wayne Byerly, Richard Hirschy, Murl Yoder Virginia Steffen, Bernice Yager, Bill Hoffman and Marilou Uhrick Rekamemoh committee plans for a busy year; they are Linda Reber, Suzanne Pageler, Brenda Sommer, Joyce Irwin, and Shirley Osterman. F FA Thanksgiving program. I ! Centrals ' farm boys have the opportunity to learn and practice many new and modern farming techniques. Mr. Watson, instructor, teaches them how to test soils, judge livestock, cull poultry, and other general farm practices. Jerry Gerber and Donald Ray are candling eggs at a contest. The boys won first place. Compliments of GERBER FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY DUTCH MILL Bluffton 7 Cecvut t£e Mr. Watson ' s freshmen Ag class are working on their record books, another one of their many projects. Bob Schwartz, Max Egley, and Norman Hart watch closely, as Mr. Collier demonstrates how to use the table saw. 8 Kathleen Adler, Linda Reber, Evelyn McKean, Kay Singleton and Inez Merriman busily prepare the foods assigned to each one by Mrs. Ellis. Miss Beavers explains the ratio of exterior to interior angles on the triangle to Kathleen Adler and Linda Reber of the Sophomore Math Class. frv cCcd ' • • Industrial Art classes have the convenience of many new machines and devices in our well equipped work shop. Mr. Collier instructs the boys how to work with different kinds of wood and metals, and also, how to operate the machines safely. Industrial Arts Sophomore boys are very absorbed in their wood work. RIGHT FRONT: Terry Hike and Terry Witte are assembling their projects. MODEL HATCHERY STUCKY FURNITURE Monroe 9 7 7 £a t a £utu e Who knows what profession will branch off from taking a subject in com¬ merce? It may be anything from secre¬ tarial or accountant work to journalism, especially for those racers who do their hotrodding on typewriters! This department opens to Centralites when they become juniors, taking at least an hour of most upperclassmen ' s time with typing or bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is another of the essential com¬ mercial subjects. Miss Cornett instructs this 11-12 grade class. Mr. Fruth gives pointers to Richard Hirschy for improving his typing speed and accuracy. In typing I class, Lloyd Zimmerman receives instructions from Miss Cornett. 10 asieen Typical frosh science projects such as leaf and insect collecting, interest many pupils enough to take physics and chemistry when they become juniors and seniors. This year was " chemistry year, " for physics took its turn in ' 55- ' 56 as an alternate course. Science is a good foundation for many types of careers, and attracted over 250 pupils this year. Larry Foreman names part of his biology insect collec tion to Mabel Bowers and Bob Brown. Instructor Mr. LeMaster asks a question in 9-A biology. Mr. LeMaster demonstrates the distillation of water for chemistry pupils Arlene Freels, Ludmila Gorb, Leslie Ploughe, and Bob Wechter. Compliments of SMITH SCRAP IRON CO. and CORSON DURACLEANERS Decatur 11 Compliments of MORRISON FARM STORE " Give a man an idea that burns inside him, and he will express himself well " was one self-made man ' s viewpoint of promoting initiative and self-reliance. But learning how by practicing is still the best way. In speech, a pupil develops an easy speaking manner and poise by practicing the " real thing " weekly before his critical classmates. Drivers ' education turns out capable drivers from pupils who might not have had the time to spend studying technique. The Home Ec. department adds to a girl ' s homemaking ability by concentrating on the new ways of preparing food and making a good home. First semester Driver ' s Ed. group looks on as instructor Mr. Cable, explains the location of the air breather. Pictured left to right: Jerry Gerber, Donald Ray, Jane Grim, Dave Isch, Bob Schwartz, Larry Andrews, Terry Witte, Ned Stucky, Mabel Steffen, Evelyn Griffiths. and 4ety-ietuA«ce 0 0 Home Ec. instructor, Mrs. Ellis, shows the result of a " jam session " to her senior pupils. Compliments of NAGEL ' S QUALITY FLOWERS and GRABER TIN PLUMBING CO. Berne ...and here are the men and women who guide us in learning " the Central way " taking time out for lunch. il 13 The two steady couples from A.C. attending Youth T . lowship at the Monroe Methodist Churcn are David Smith, Marilyn Christener, Carolyn Mitchel, and Phil Barger. Jim Hoffman and Barbara Fiechter are head of the Coat Check at all of our home games. , , .futile, frue tcCCt te4 cutcC One of the things school does is simply bring us together; we find new friends, join outside activities, and shape much of our social life by just coming to Central. These snaps picture the Central Way of develop¬ ing friendliness and sociability. It results in a feeling of " togetherness " that lasts long after Graduation Day. At Central social life centers around the junior and senior skating parties and those get-togethers each class holds every semester. At Marilou Uhrick ' s New Year ' s Eve party—Midnight—Winston Lister wishes all a " Happy New Year! " Compliments of DECATUR IMPLEMENT and WORTHMAN AND RAYER BARBER Decatur Which suitor will succeed? At the Junior Class party Jerry Beard and Winston Lister were assigned a conse¬ quence of asking some girl (which turned out to be Pat Liechty) to marry them—all in fun of course. 14 Linda Stultz, Carol Heller, Virginia Steffen, Karen Reed, and More of A.C. ' s students attending church are Terry Hike, who is open- Ooris Cauble enjoy cookies at 3:00 A.M. while trying to stay ing the door for Joan Ruppert, Dixie Smith, and Dick Steiner, awake at a slumber party. dacccUUCtty Going to church where one betters himself for adulthood and the future, is a must for most Centralites. Many Remember. . . Slumber parties where everyone fell asleep earlier than expected, with a Pat Boone record playing all night as a re¬ sult. Or the " special " dates—that would never have come about without Central ' s way of helping us to gain poise, and develop friendliness and sociability. Compliments of ROSE HILL DAIRY and PETERSON GRAIN Peterson Housekeeping is to be their career. The gals sporting a sparkle on their left hand are Joyce Irwin, Flossie Schwartz, Marjorie Sprunger, Cynthia Lehman, and, not pictured, Mariana Jauregui. Cynthia also earned the title " Homemaker of Tomor¬ row " by getting the highest score in a Home Economics state examination. Seeing who can imitate a rooster ' s crow best, at the Junior Class party, are Richards Myers and Murl Yoder. 15 . Our new track field, which was started in September, 1956, and finished this spring, is one-fourth mile long with a 220 straight away. Part of the equipment for use on the track was made by the Industrial Art classes. Jim Steiner tries his leg strength on the horizontal ,,, efc ctevetofe ' Mr. Fruth instructs the 9th grade Phys. Ed. boys, on good basketball playing techniques. 16 McMillen makes a quick, sure, pass to Ripley. Miss Cornett, girls Phys. Ed. instructor, shows Carol Haggard a good stance for getting the ball through the net. huuC cutcC foctceA There must be four parts to every ideal of fitness that is " The Central Way " : mental, spiritual, social, and physical. Yes, sports are an important part, and can con¬ tribute much to Central if everyone participates. Both freshman and sophomore boys and girls were re¬ quired to take physical education, while upperclass¬ men participated by way of intramurals and varsity sports. Track as a spring sport is beginning to shine as a pepper-upper during the home stretch of the school year. The new track field thus benefited not just the varsity teammates in practice, but the whole physical education program. Compliments of STUCKY ' S GAS APPLIANCE E. C. STUCKY SOIL SERVICE Geneva Competing in the county high jump, Dave Smith tries to beat his own record. 17 ACTIVITIES Extra-curricular activities lend extra spark to school life and so prompt us to become helpful in community activities and to mingle with the groups interested in a common topic. The PTA is active in helping parents, teachers, and pupils to work together so the Central way can be improved even more. Student groups help assure the safety of the school pupils getting on and off the busses and coming to the school from town,- promote student government; and assist in remodeling and expanding the library to accommodate a growing school. There are the three bands, the chorus and its auxiliary ensemble groups to develop musical interests and provide more than a passing interest in the arts. Also there are seven clubs, which meet on Club Day, a half hour period each Friday, to find one ' s own special hobby interests. Student t ooenument PROVIDE ENJOYMENT OF SCHOOL LIFE I ■ AC ' s HIGHSTEPPERS-IEFT TO RIGHT: Arleen Osterman, Jean Smith, and Arleen Zimmerman. Freels, Janice Yoder, Gretchen Schnepp, Shirley s4 t added atfoactco t SITTING PRETTY-LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Freels, J. Yoder, G. Schnepp, S. Osterman, J. Smith, and A. Zim¬ merman. Compliments of KROGER COMPANY and PHIL MACKLIN Decatur Adding a special sparkle to all band formations and marching, were the six pert, highstepping majorettes. These brisk performers exhibited their techniques at every band appearance. Entering a twirlin g contest at Ft. Wayne NISBOVA they placed 1st and 2nd. The majorettes also attended a one day twirling school at Muncie. LEFT: Gretchen Schnepp, Drum Majorette and senior twirler, brought to Central many honors. She has done a fine job instructing beginning twirlers of Adams Central and surrounding schools. Upon entering the contest at Ft. Wayne NISBOVA and placing 1st, Gretchen won 2nd at state. 21 SENIOR BAND—FRONT ROW: D. Bluhm; M. Christner; F. Schwartz; D. Arnold; R. Owens,- R, Slickman,- T. Arnold; G. Pyle. SECOND ROW: R. Sipe; B. Steiner; S. Sanders; L. Schug; G. Yager; R. Roth; D. Michaels; C. Haggard; D. Baumgartner; K. Brandt; C. Mitchel; M. Nussbaum; S. Yoder; C. Lehman. THIRD ROW: R. Mishler; M. Sprunger; J. Worthman; L. Foreman; R. Mazelin; J. Sprunger; B. Sommer; M. Hedington; B. Wechter; R. Gerber; M. Lehman; D. Moser; E. Yoder; D. Mishler; C. Yoke; S. Schwartz; L. Habegger; C. Striker; J. Hoffman. STANDING: P. Moser; C. Lehman,- C. Helmrick C. Heller; B. Steury; B. Arnold; Mr. Gerig, director. 20e fuvuuCe utd frhztf Marching into its second year, the three-band system has resulted in the prize-winning Marching Sixty-one, a junior band of Forty-five preparing to " graduate " into senior group, and Thirty-five beginning musicians preparing for marching. First appearances for the junior band came in November. The senior Sixty-one filed out an active schedule by plac¬ ing in five out of six contests and by playing at all home games, plus some extra performances at the November PTA meeting, the County Music Festival, Monore Community Days,- and the coronation of the Cen-Trails Kina and Queen. Librarians keep band and cho¬ rus music in order. LEFT to RIGHT: Arleen Freels, Betty Steury, Jim Steiner, Doris Cau- ble. MUSIC COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: Linda Schug—Chorus treasurer,- Ron Gerber—Band president; Dave Smith—Chorus president Sonja Yoder—Band vice-presi¬ dent; Joyce Irwin—Chorus vice- president; BACK ROW: Don Gerig — director; Phil Moser — Band treasurer; Gretchen Schnepp —Band secretary; Bar¬ bara Fiechter—Chorus secretary. 22 tncUbe KU4ic JUNIOR BAND-FRONT ROW: J. Arnold, E. Heare, A. Steiner, J. Shoaf, J. Yoder, B. Schnepp. SECOND ROW: K. Rich, R. Schwartz, N. Mitchel, M. Worthman, G. Wolf, D. Hamilton, J. Yoder, K. Stavenick, A. Johnson, K. Nussbaum, M. Stucky, J. Frantz. THIRD ROW: K. Cauble, D. Johnston, M. Moser, J. Liechty, S. Mattox, J. Rowdon, D. Sommer, B. Kohli, B. McMillen, M. Parrish, R. Kaehr, J. Roth, J. Royer, S. Yoder, M. Mann, M. Mann, R. Parrish, L. VonGunten. STANDING: J. Morris, G. Schnepp, D. Arnold, L. Steury, J. Ross, D. Moser, B. Collins, A. Smith, S. Mattox, T. Rupert, B. Wolf, J. Brown, M. Vizard, R. Lautzenhieser, A. Singleton, S. Frank. Compliments of LELAND SMITH INSURANCE Decatur BEGINNERS BAND—FRONT ROW: J. McCullough, S. Hazlewood, N. Steury, S. Schnepp, B. Schnepp. SECOND ROW: A. Inniger, J. Haggard, G. Lehman, C. Schwartz, S. Hartman, N. Habegger, L. Conrad, J. Cauble, C. Michaels. THIRD ROW: R. Wilson, B. Hirschy, S. Miller, S. Bailey, K. Uhrick, S. Lehman, B. McCullough, D. Egley, L. Johnson, A. Freels, C. Fellers, R. Habegger, M. Frauhiger, D. Haggard. STANDING: E. Dennison, S. Cook, D. Smith, G. Zimmerman, D. Fellers, B. Engle. 23 CHORUS—FRONT ROW: P. Frank, B. Fiechter, C. Heller, R. Sipe, A. Beer, D. Cauble, C. Neuenschwander, B. Steury, L. Schug, G. Schnepp, C. Roe, S. Yoder, M. Nussbaum. SECOND ROW: W. Neuenschwander, B. Yager, L. Reber, C. Helmrick, D. Nussbaum, D. Cauble, M. Sprunger, J. Irwin, F. Schwartz, K. Adler, B. Arnold, A. Freels. THIRD ROW: C. Miller, J. Rupert, T. Arnold, L. Steury, L. McBride, D. Sauder, M. Merriman, B. Steiner, C. McKean, M. Zimmerman, D. Mishler. FOURTH ROW: J. Snyder, D. Bluhm, P. Liechty, C. Lehman, T. Ringger, F. Mann, R. Hirschy, D. Mendoza, C. Mitchel, C. Lehman, I. Merriman, C. Kaehr. FIFTH ROW: J. Hoffman, M. Egley, C. Inniger, L. Decker, P. Moser, B. Wechter, M. Yoder, D. Smith, R. Gerber, M. Ripley, J. Steiner. NOT PICTURED: E. Hirschy, L. McKean. TTtel dcf i ou 6ecf tote PICTURED RIGHT: AC ' s girl ' s trio, Cynthia Lehman, Betty Steury, and Carol Kaehr, offered their talent in special school programs, at PTA programs, at neighboring churches, and for school chapel services. Compliments of GERBER ' S LOCKER Craigville Melody flowing through the corridors during the " first hour " indicated practice for the 61-voice mixed chorus was in session. Debut time came with the County Music Festival, as they pre¬ sented " Jacob ' s Ladder " and the inspirational " One God " and " Where In The World " . Girl ' s voices blended for the classic " Good- Bye, My Lover " . The chorusters were again heard in school chapel services, at various neighboring churches, and in the Spring Concert which is held each year. REKAMEMOH CLUB—FRONT ROW: N. Frank, S. Yoder, M. Nussbaum, C. Lehman, L. Schug, M Ehrsam, E. Hirschy, L. McKean, M. Sprunger, F. Schwartz, J. Irwin. SECOND ROW: S. Osterman, L. Reber, B. Arnold, B Yager, M. Dick, J. Boggess, S. Pageler, M. Steffen, A. Zimmerman, S. Hirschy, C. Kershner. THIRD ROW: A. Thomas, K. Singleton, D. Geyer, D: Nussbaum, W. Neuenschwander, M. Zim¬ merman, C. Hamilton, M. Bowers, L. Steury, J. Yoder. FOURTH ROW: K. Stultz, I. Merriman, E. Griffiths, C. Haggard, C. Helmrick, G. Essex, J. Smith, D. Smith, C. McKean. FIFTH ROW: E. McKean, D. Weber, C. Shoaf, B. Sommer, P. Frank, K. Adler, T. Arnold, J. Ru¬ pert, D. Mishler. NOT PICTURED: C. Kaehr. Rekamemoh Club this year consisted of fifty- one members from the Home Eo classes. Commit¬ tees chosen at the beginning of the year plannee a pre-Christmas bake sale and a White Elephanl sale to expand the club treasury for mid-year social activities. Other activities included making Christmas candles, gift wrapping, and inviting guests for date night and Valentine Tea. Compliments of BANK OF GENEVA Geneva REKAMEMOH OFFICERS: Sponsor—Mary Ellis, Vice-Pres.—Wanda Neuenschwander, President—Joyce Irwin, Treasurer—Sue Pageler, Sec¬ retary—Carol Haggard. V.JiUt £■ IV. What is it? Wayne Byerly stands beside the " homemade mailbox ' at his home. It is made of an antiquated cream separator, three boiling pots, a crosscut saw blade, a plough cutter, an antenna, a cow bell, a horse harness, and other contraptions. FRESHMEN GREENHAND INITIATION: FIRST ROW: J. Inniger, J. Funk, G. Bluhm, L. Funk, J. Hoffman. SECOND ROW: R. Hilty, L. Habegger, P. Gerber, T. Ripley, A. Sharp, G. Yager. THIRD ROW: P. Uhrick, L. Foreman, J. Brown, J. Schwartz, B. Hart. Anthony Sharp inspects the corn he helped his father put out. FFA boys learn to adjust and study farm implements. LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Hirschy, T. Lambert, P. Moser. David Haggard (Center) accepts well-earned safety award pre¬ sented to him by the FFA Safety Program Committee, E. Gerber, T. Shoaf, W. Byerly, and D. Bailey. Applying their code, " Learning to do; doing to learn,- learning to live,- living to serve, the Central Chapter of the Future Farmers of Amer¬ ica have completed another well-balanced year. The 28 enrolled members participated in judging contests, demon¬ strations, a TV and radio show, and general practice class work. Winning a bronze emblem at the State Chapter contest, the chap¬ ter entered the National contest and there received a superior rating— good proof of their ability to translate learning into doing. FFA ' s social activity provided " learning to live " and " living to serve " . Greenhand initiation, the Farmers ' and Farmers Wives ' party, and a trip to the International Livestock Exposition were a part; but more important, they fulfilled their fourth goal by ridding the area of destructive animals in their pest contest, and again they sponsored the Fifth Annual Thanksgiving Program. 26 FFA CHAPTER—FIRST ROW: J. Smith, J. Brown, B. Hart, A. Sharp, L. Funk, G. Bluhm, J. Funk, R. Hilty, J. Inniger, D. Bailey, T. Shoaf. SECOND ROW; C. Inniger, J. Lantz, P. Gerber, E. Gerber, R. Hirschy, A. Habegger, T. Ripley, T. Ringger, L. Habegger, G. Yager, R. Brown. THIRD ROW: Martin Watson, R. Myers, J. Hoffman, B. Hoffman, M. Lehman, J. Gerber, D. Ray, L. Foreman, b. Shoaf, J. Lam¬ bert, J. Schwartz, W. Byerly, P. Moser, J. Tharp. £ectfutttup fo cO%; cCot up fo Ce zr t . Complimnts of FRIEDA ' S BEAUTY SHOP and MONROE GRAIN SUPPLY Monroe FFA OFFICERS—Philip Moser—President; Richard Hirschy—Vice Pres.; Martin Watson—Advisor; Don¬ ald Ray—Secretary,- Emanuel Gerber—Treasurer,- Wayne Byerly—Reporter; Jerry Gerber—Sentinel. 27 ART CLUB OFFICERS: President—Danny Mendoza, Secretary—Rose Lantz. Sponsor— Mr. Feasel, Vice Pres.—Jane Uhrick, Treasurer—Marilou Uhrick. Delores Sauder, Marcia Merriman, Danny Men¬ doza, Barbara Steiner, and Judy Worthman work on their art proiects. Central ' s artists enjoy the extras that have added color to our halls: making Christmas and other Hol¬ iday decorations, and working in several different art mediums. The club arranged parties, had demonstrations from artists in related fields and took a trip to Ball State Galleries. Compliments of IDEAL DAIRY BAR AND DICK MANSFIELD MOTOR SALES Decatur im cutyCe ART CLUB—FRONT ROW: R. Sipe, M. Uhrick, B. Steiner, M. Merriman, R. Lantz, D. Sauder, I. Merriman, A. Zimmerman, J. Worthman. SECOND ROW: B. Sommer, J. Uhrick, C. Neuenschwander, D. Mendoza, S. Collins, B. Lambert. 28 " Math can be fun, " said Miss Beavers, sponsor of the Math Club, at its opening meeting. This statement was proven, because of the enjoy¬ ment obtained in solving many difficult problems and making constructions and mobiles. To be eligible to join the Math Club, a freshman Barbara Fiechter shows Leslie Ploughe, Jim Hoffman, and Virginia Steffen, an optical illusion. must have carried an A average for the first semester. The other members must complete one year of math¬ ematics successfully before being accepted. The accomplishments of the Math Whizzers have proved to be a great deal of work, but they have supplied much enjoyment for those interested in Math. MATH CLUB OFFICERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary McMillen- President, Jane Grimm—Secretary-treasurer, and Winston Lister—Vice President. NOT PICTURED: Miss Beavers—Sponsor. MATH CLUB—KNEELING: B. Wechter, M. Egley, W. Lister, N. Stucky, O. Moeshberger, J. Hoffman. STANDING: V. Steffen, C. Lehman, B. Hoffman, D. Isch, L. Ploughe, G. McMillen, J. Grimm, and B. Fiechter. ' ptyfacKty COttA PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB OFFICERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: Phyllis Single- ton—President, Mr. LeMaster—Sponsor, Marcia Merriman—Vice Pres., Michael Lehman—Treasurer, Marilou Uhrick—Reporter, Mr. Collier— Sponsor, Carol Heller—Secretary. Our shutterbugs learn how to enlarge and deve¬ lop pictures, use filters, and do contact printing. The elements of good picture taking were shown through films concerning photography. Progress is encouraged by the awarding of monthly prizes for the best pictures the members submit. Murl Yoder, Brooks Arnold, Donna Cauble, and Linda Stultz try developing pictures in the darkened gym. Compliments of MOSER MOTOR SALES AND THE FAIR STORE Berne Ctyuwia cltc6 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB—FRONT ROW: D. Cauble, A. Beer, L. Stultz, D. Cauble, P. Singleton, C. Heller, R. Sipe, M. Uhrick, J. Worthman. SECOND ROW: M. Yoder, B. Arnold, J. Uhrick, B. Sommer, B. Steiner, R. Lantz, M. Merriman. THIRD ROW: D. Houck, M. Lehman, W. Byerly, E. Gerber, R. Gerber, E. Yoder, J. Venable. 30 Compliments of MENNONITE BOOK CONCERN and BERNE OVERALL CO., INC. Berne Student Council members busy themselves with planning for more improvement in the school pro¬ gram. Each one ' s job is to provide his class with fair representation in all school events. SEATED: Murl Yoder, Cecilia Lehman, Cynthia Lehman—Secretary-treas., Mark Ripley—President, Carol Hag¬ gard, and Tom Heyerly. STANDING: Sandy Strickler, Janice Ringger, Jeanne Kaehr, and An¬ thony Sharp. Student youenumeut o£ve frfio Ceute zluuuj 6eefr uey Central ' s librarians have many jobs to do. A few of them are repairing book covers, filing index cards, checking out books, and collecting for overdue books. LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Cauble, Cyn¬ thia Lehman, Carol Kershner, Annette Thomas, Kay Singleton, Alice Beer, Doveanna Nussbaum, Linda Reber, Inez Merriman, and Judy Worthman. 31 Cen-trails staff worked hard this year meeting scheduled dead¬ lines, taking pictures, writing copy, soliciting ads, and laying out pages Editor Carol Kaehr, and Ass ' t. Editor Ned Stucky, with ideas they gathered during their two week summer schooling at Indiana Univer¬ sity Journalism Institute, used a new style of yearbook layout with a stated theme, which has not been used before in Cen-trails. Working closely with them was Organization Editor, Linda Stultz; and always ready to give advice, sponsor, Mrs. Mary Gallivan. Editor Carol Ned Stucky, layout idea. Kaehr Ass ' t. CEN-TRAILS STAFF-SEATED: Mike Lehman, Linda Stultz, Mrs. Mary Gallivan, Carol Kaehr, Cynthia Lehman, Ned Stucky. asks Mrs. Gallivan, sponsor, and Editor, for comments on a new Linda Stultz, Organization Ed., shows Winston Lister, Ass ' t. Business Mgr., Cynthia Lehman, Business Mgr., and Cecilia Lehman, Ass ' t Or¬ ganization Ed. the pages which are yet to be completed. Compliments of FARMERS MERCHANTS BANK Bluffton 1 2 3 4 S 6 8 9 10 II 12 13 „ 15 16 17 IS 19 20 kV 2122 23 24 2S 26 27 28 29 30 31 Colon ini 32 Compliments of HAUGK ' S HEATING Decatur TOP: Mike Lehman, senior Photographer, explains to his assistants, Evan Yoder and Murl Yoder the com¬ plicated settings of the camera. BOTTOM: Busily at work is Virginia Steffen, Typist. Mark Ripley, Sports Mgr., is figuring out his sports layout as Phil Moser, Typist, Shirley Hirschy, Copy¬ writer, and Ass ' t. Sports Ed. Richard Hirschy, look on. STANDING: Barbara Fiechter, Richard Hirschy, Mark Ripley, Ron Corson, Cecilia Lehman, Winston Lister, Evan Yoder, Murl. Yoder, Phil Moser, Ron Gerber, Marcia Merriman, Virginia Steffen. NOT PICTURED: Shirley Hirschy. 10 n 12 13 , it AtefCe 9 A 1314151 17 ' 11222324 ' 30 Ronald Gerber, Sales Mgr., Barbara Fiechter, Literary Ed., Ron Corson, Circulation Mgr., and Marcia Merriman Ass ' t Literary Ed. enjoy looking through an " All American " yearbook, the kind for which they are striving. Marking the GREYHOUND GAZETTE ' S fifth year of high school journalism for Central, Gazetteers met 39 deadlines for their 1956-57 volume. An " infant journal " in 1952, the GAZETTE was a monthly, usually numbering 10 pages. Changes in format have graduated the GAZETTE from last year ' s grey newssheet to a white one with a streamlined make-up. Work in the newsroom this year kept on at a lively tempo, the four-page weekly being published entirely on the staff members ' free time. Barbara Fiechter, Miss Beihold, and Gary McMillen check over stories handed in by reporters. The busy GAZETTE STAFF takes time out for a picture.. .FRONT ROW: SPONSOR — Miss Beihold; EDITOR — Barbara Fiechter; ASS ' T ED. Gary McMillen; PAGE ED. Alice Beer, Mary L. Uhrick; NEWS ED.—Phyllis Singleton; COPY Compliments of LEE ' S HARDWARE SCHAFFER STORE Decatur Phyllis Singleton searches hard for " just the right work " as Judy Worthman, Carole Kershner, Karen Reed, and Karen Stultz offer their advice. 34 li READER—Ruth Sipe; COLUMNIST-Karen Reed. SECOND ROW: REPORTER- Judy Worthman; ARTISTS—Arleen Zimmerman, Jackie Snyder, Cecilia Lehman, Doris Cauble, Jane Uhrick; BUSINESS and PRODUCTION—Virginia Steffen, Bar¬ bara Sommer, Cynthia Lehman, Carol Kaehr. THIRD ROW: REPORTERS— Dovanna Nussbaum, Wanda Neuenschwander, Shirley Osterman, Karen Stultz, Ned Stucky, David Isch, Jim Hoffman. Compliments of ZINTSMASTER MOTORS DECATUR READY MIX Virginia StefFen, Doris Cauble, and Jane Uhrick are carefully preparing the stencils. As Jim Hoffman operates the mimeograph, Arlene Zimmerman slipsheets to prevent smearing. Off t£e “PietA On their way to distribute the papers are David Isch, Alice Beer, Barbara Sommer, Wanda Neuenschwander, and Dovanna Nussbaum. 35 ■ SEATED: Mrs. Menno Nussbaum, Vice-president; Orval Neuenschwander, President; Mrs. Wm. Secretary. STANDING: Harold Moser, Treasurer. Stavenick, P. T. A, OFFICERS PATROL BOYS KNEELING: Steve Ehrsam; Mervin Mann; Marvin Mann. STANDING: Jack Shoaf; Bill McMillen; Don Hoagland; Mr. Strahm, Sponsor; Ronnie Owens; Steve Hike; Michael Fuelling; and Bill Kohli. Compliments of CITY CLEANERS ZWICK MONUMENT CO. Decatur 36 Compliments of BAHNER BARBER SHOP CENTRAL MARKET Monroe SENIOR PLAY CAST. . .SEATED: C. Roe; R. Corson; C. Heller; S. Yoder; P. Moser; M. Lehman; J. Uhrick. STANDING: R. Gerber; D. Cauble; V. Steffen; DIRECTOR, Miss Beavers; A. Freels; D. Ross; M. Nussbaum; J. Steiner; L. Ploughe; D. Smith; J. Irwin; M. Sprunger; W. Byerly. PRESENTING “QUIET SUMMER” Sonny (R. Corson) informs his bewildered Unc ' (P. Moser) as to who is boss. " Say, Unc, ya haven ' t got much of a grip. " And so lawyer James Clark met his teenager niece and nephew. " Quiet Summer " audience al¬ ternately laughed and gasped at Pam and Son¬ ny as they taught their " Unc " how to relax. They nearly wrecked James ' hopes for being re¬ elected president of his country club, and Helen Jameson, his understanding secretary-girl-friend, tipped off by Sonny, watched amusedly. It all en ded in an election victory, nevertheless, and that ' s the Central seniors ' way of producing a hit play! , »! ' n 7 3 7 Pamela (C. Heller) and Harriet (C. Roe) squabble for the " ownership " of Bill (D. Smith) King Ron Corson crowned the Cen-Trails queen Carol Kaehr. Compliments of FOOD TOWN and BERNE LUMBER CO. Berne Queen Carol poses after receiving the crown and roses. Saturday, December 15, at the Berne-A.C. basketball game, was held the coronation of Cen-Trails ' king and queen. An evening of deep, dark secrets, curiosities labored overtime, for not even the court knew just who the king and queen would be. As the procession began be¬ tween halves of the second team ' s battle, the junior attendants, bearing the crown and roses, preceeded the five couples across the gym floor and onto the stage. It was decorated with a stone wall backing, a rose arbor with pine boughs and paper roses entwined on it, and a Cen-Trails King and Queen sign above the arbor. In the new way of announcing the names, the crownbearer, Linda Rich, presented the crown to the king, who in turn led the queen to her place, surrounded by the court. The queen then re¬ ceived a bouquet of roses from the junior attend¬ ant, Ronnie Steury. LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Schug, Arleen Freels, Betty Steury, Gretchen Schnepp, King Ronald Corson, Queen Carol Kaehr, Mark Ripley, Jim Steiner, Dave Smith, and Ronald Gerber. Escorts, Linda Rich and Ronnie Steury. Gretchen Schnepp and Mark Ripley Arleen Freels and Jim Steiner Here is the " hayseed attired " group that competed. ' P utt i ta6e a coc e Compliments of AIRPLANE SERVICE STATION and NATIONAL OIL GAS, INC. BlufFton I Clubs from two of Central ' s vocational depart¬ ments, the FFA and Rekamemoh groups, blossomed in " hayseed " attire November 16, in the gymnasium for their annual joint party. Choosing the farmer and farmer ' s wife couple was the topic of the hour, for each girl was dressed as an oldtime farm wife, and each boy as a farmer, complete with sun bonnets and battered straw hats. Miss Phyllis Woods and Miss Madge Cornett chose the couple,- though it was Date Night for the clubs, the costumed clubers were judged separately. Mrs. Ellis and Mr. Watson, respectively, are Rekamemoh and FFA sponsors. Mabel Steffen, and Richard Hirschy are crowned " Farmer and Farmer ' s Wife " by Miss Madge Cor¬ nett and Miss Phyllis Wood. Mable received a steel skillet and Richard, a 2-gallon bucket. The group paraded around the gym for judging. Pictured are Lois Steury, Larry Funk, and Phil ip Gerber. The Farmer and his Wife help themselves to refreshments. 40 I MOST ATHLETIC MOST FRIENDLY Mar|orie Nussbaum and Jim Steiner Ron. Corson and Carol Kaehr Something new for Cen-Trails this year are these four special titles honoring outstanding Centralites. Last year ' s " Most Popular " and " Most Likely to Succeed " have been replaced with the ones pictured here. The " Most Friendly " and " Most Athletic " boy and girl were chosen by student body vote, while the " Most Dependable " and the " Most Out¬ standing Citizen " were named by the faculty. Honoring these eight upper¬ classmen capped off Coronation Night, after the ballots had been cast December 3. THEY’RE THE “MOST” Compliments of ZURCHER ' S MOBIL SERVICE MOST DEPENDABLE Mike Lehman and Carol Kaehr MOST OUTSTANDING CITIZEN Barbara Fiechter and Ned Stucky 41 FRONT ROW—FIRST GRADE: Jerry Hoffman, Steven Shady, Linda Kay Henschen, Linda Schoaf, Patti Isch, Jack Harvey, Lyle Hartman. SECOND GRADE: David Goelz, Stephen Kershner, Lynda Olliver, Harriett Bercot. THIRD GRADE: Patty Harvey, Linda Genth. FOURTH GRADE: Vernon Hedington, Solomon Eicher, Elaine Harvey, Sharon Bercot. FIFTH GRADE: Linda Lou Schaffer. SIXTH GRADE: Judy Bercot, Jane Jennings. SEVENTH GRADE: Carol Shoaf. GRADE STUDENTS ABSENT ON “PICTURE DAY” s4. £ 956-5 7 AUGUST Aug. 24— First full day of school—What a mixed up rush! Every¬ one going somewhere, but—oh-which way to go?. . .and as¬ signments already? SEPTEMBER Sept. 15— Entering the Berne Harvest Jubilee along with seven other bands, we placed first, and received $75 as the award. Sept. 28— Work on the new cafeteria was qettinq a start. OCTOBER Oct. 3— Student council met to decide the " green freshmen ' s " ini¬ tiation. (Poor Kids!) Oct. 10— The day finally arrived for the expectant freshmen. Laden with jewels, hair ribbons, odd shoes, and onions around their necks, their initiation was in progress. Oct. 12— E.I.C. cross country meet was held at the Decatur Golf Course, with seven of A.C. ' s students participating. Oct. 19— " Quiet Summer, " the Senior class play, turned out to be anything but quiet. Oct. 25— Vacation for us—Hurrah!—It was Teachers Institute. NOVEMBER Nov. 6— The " Mock " school election for president was held. . . Eisen¬ hower won by quite a majority. Nov. 12— Round and round and down you go! About 200 pupils attended the Senior skating party at Bells Rink. Nov. 21— FFA put on our annual Thanksgiving program and distri¬ buted food baskets. Nov. 22— Get out the Pepto Bismal! Thanksgiving vacation. Nov. 24— Guys and gals came dressed as farmers and their wives, for the Rekamemoh and FFA party in the gym. Nov. 29— The county music festival consisting of about 200 blend¬ ing choral voices and 200 band members from five of the county schools, was performed here in the evening after an all-day practice together. 42 DECEMBER Dec. 15— A big night! The Greyhounds were defeated in a hard fought battle by the Berne Bears. It also was the eve of the Cen-trails King and Queen Coronation. Dec. 17— An operetta, " Merry Christmas, Mr. Snowman, " was pre¬ sented by grades 1-6 for the entire school in the afternoon and for the PTA meeting at night. Dec. 21— " Glory To God " was presented by the Speech ciass for our Christmas program. And also—Christmas vacation began— a time to remove our noses from the grindstone. JANUARY Jan. 2— Back to school again in the New Year. We " resolved " to study hard for finals. Jan. 3— The new chairs came at last, for the English and History rooms. FEBRUARY Feb. 1— " Don Arnold Day " came to a close with about $1500 contri¬ buted by the Adams Central community and friends of our former coach, Don Arnold, whose wife was stricken with polio in August, 1956. Feb. 27-28-30— Adams Central played host to all the county teams in the annual Sectional tourney event. MARCH Mar. 10— About 38 FFA boys participated in the county crops and poultry judging contest. APRIL Apr. 5— With many weeks of busy preparation, finally t ' was time for the opening of the curtain on the Junior Class play. Apr. 18— The new track field open for the county track meet. Apr. 18— Spring vacation at last—Now came time for those af¬ flicted with " spring fever " to recuperate. Apr. 1 9— With a guest speaker present, the FFA began their fifth annual award banquet. Winning the Dekalb award was Phil Moser, and to Wayne Byerly was presented the Chapter State Farmer ' s award. MAY May 3— Open House gave all the grades a chance to show their accomplishments of the year. May 5— Forty-two happy Seniors traveled to Washington D.C. for their trip. May 12 —Reverend Geirhart addressed the Seniors at Baccalaureate. May 14— Commencement for the Seniors—The book is closed upon four years of great change and adjustment. " Good luck ' 58 " — as we march out the door. . .alumni. May 17 —With books stacked on our arms and pencils and paper dropping here and there, we ran to our busses or to our home, for it was the end of the 1956-57 memorable school year. Jan. 3 iw-j i 43 ( MtfreCctcoc 7« lCUtUClClt Good sportsmanship and school spirit were en¬ couraged by sports. In sports we acquired physical fitness. Enthusiasm ran high as the cheering bloc boosted Adams Central to victory. For the pupil, Central ' s major sport was basketball. Centralites also supported baseball, track, and cross-country. Intramural gave other pupils the chance to participate in sports and helped them learn to associate with others. Girls, as well as boys, could take part in intramural basketball, volleyball, bad¬ minton, and table tennis. £ct. — DEVELOP TEAMWORK AND FAIRPLAY VARSITY TEAM—KNEELING: Ron Corson, Gene Baumgartner, Wayne Byerly, Tom Heyerly, Alan Habegger, Ron Gerber. STANDING: Phil Barger, Dave Smith, Gary McMillen, Dave Isch, Mark Ripley, Jim Steiner. WAYNE BYERLY Senior MARK RIPLEY Senior Oun, facupfa fo ctu t RON CORSON Senior RON GERBER Senior Coach Leroy Cable works out a play that will bring some points. Our four student managers did a good job of keeping charts at the games, cleaning equipment, and doing other required duties. 7 we oun. d uzne oventc ne Adams Central . . .55 Genevu . 56 Adams Central .61 Bryant .. . 63 Adams Central . . .56 Hoagland . 63 Adams Central .60 Decatur Catholic . 80 Adams Central . . .54 Monmouth . , 38 Adams Central .52 Hartford. . 73 Adams Central . . .56 Pleasant Mills . . . . 54 Adams Central .51 Union Center . . . . 49 Adams Central . . .65 Lancaster ....... . 67 Adams Central .54 Pennville . 58 Adams Central . . .65 Huntington Twp. . . 54 Adams Central . — Monroeville . . . . . — Adams Central . . .61 Decatur Catholic . 76 Adams Central — Petroleum . — Adams Central . . .63 Chester Center . . . 67 Adams Central . - Bluffton . — Adams Central . . .51 Berne . . 58 County Tournament Game Adams Central . . .79 Ossian . , 72 Adams Central .57 Berne . . 65 Eastern Indiana Conference Games DAVID SMITH JIM STEINER PHIL BARGER GARY McMILLEN Senior Senior Junior Junior Dave Smith and Mark Ripley show their rebounding power, while taking the ball off the boards against Decatur Catho¬ lics. In the Hartford game Ron Corson demonstrates his deadly jump shot. Phil Barger gets into the air to score two points against Berne mg 1 1 fjf M ' ■ W ; v S. ■£ Im J WM fSa f ' M f. ' mk By; Bn V - r 1 ' ■ j|||f||j|| ' z u{ defeat . Preparing for the opening of the basketball season. Coach " Red " Cable, drilled twelve boys for the first team. The Red and Grey played an 18 game schedule plus the county and sectional tournaments. During the middle of the season, J. M. Steiner broke the school ' s record by collecting 30 points. In their first game, the Greyhounds dropped a hard fought duel to Geneva, in a " sudden death " double¬ overtime. The Greyhounds defeathered the Monmouth Eagles, 54—38, for their first victory of the season. Central ' s fourth tilt turned out to be a thrill-packed double-overtime victory, downing Pleasant Mills 56—54, another double-overtime against Lancaster made three double-overtimes in five games. Entering the county tournament against Berne, Cen¬ tral was defeated 65—57. Near the end of the season. Union Center fell to the Greyhounds, breaking Central ' s four game slump. GENE BAUMGARTNER ALAN HABEGGER TOM HEYERLY DAVID ISCH Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore SECOND TEAM—KNEELING: John Inniger, Tom Heyerly, Alan Habegger, Max Egley, Roger Schlickman, Jim Brown, Ronnie Maines. STANDING: Norman Hart, Gene Baumgartner, Larry Foreman, Bill Hoffman, David Isch, Don Ray, Palmer Urick, Fred Mann. Se£o tct tetun fc ' uMtc e FRESHMAN TEAM—KNEELING: Jerry Gerber, Sidney Schwartz, Gary Bluhm, Ronnie Maines, Dick Steiner, Larry Funk, Jerry Funk, Glen Yager. STANDING: David Houck, Ted Helmrick, Jim Brown, Larry Foreman, Coach John Fruth, Palmer Urick, John Inniger, Bob Hart, Phil Gerber. 49 . Compliments of ED AFFOLDER SON and BERNE 5c TO $1.00 STORE Berne S-C-O-R-El Score team scorel Linda Schug, Arleen Freels, Mary Lou Ehrsam, and Jean Smith—our cheerleaders. tyeM CetutcnA CKcacctfiye cfaent ? i i ' I This year Central tried a new way of choosing cheer¬ leaders, by having each girl try out separately. These four were chosen from fifteen girls. They have done a grand job keeping the cheering in the Pep Club at a high pitch, and helping boost the team ' s spirit. Outfits of the cheerleaders consisted of bright red wool bermuda skirts, white woo! sweaters with a yell emblem on the back and a C on the front, touched off with a flashing red dickie. Their favorite positions., (top) A. Freels; J .Smith, M. Ehrsam, L. Schug. 50 E PEP CLUB: FRONT ROW: P. Moser, C. Heare, C. Lehman, C. Heller, F. Schwartz, B. Steury, M. Sprunger, B. Wechter, M. Nussbaum, S. Yoder, G. Schnepp, C. Roe, E. Hirschy, L. McKean, P. Singleton, K. Reed, J. Irwin, D. Cauble, L. Stultz. SECOND ROW: J. Worth- man, C. Lehman, D. Bluhm, C. Mitchel, M. Christener, G. Snyder, D. Solano, B. Sommers, A. Beer, D. Cauble, M. Uhrick, R. Sipe, M. Hamrick, R. Lantz, M. Merriman, B. Steiner, C. Neuenschwander, V. Steffen, B. Fiechter. THIRD ROW: S. Osterman, A. Zimmerman, J. Snyder, J. Grimm, P. Liechty, R. Zimmerman, D. Mendoza, R. Hirschy, J. Beard, T. Witte, J. Sprunger, J. Smith, R. Rath, J. Funk, R. Brown, D. Kershner, C. Andrews, J. Uhrick. FOURTH ROW: B. Arnold, C. Haggard, S. Pageler, J. Boggess, M. Dick, K. Singleton, L. Reber, B. Yager, D. Geyer, J. Arnold, J. Haggard, M. Moser, G. Tonner, D. Moser, C. Strickler, C. Striker, R. Owens, L. Ploughe. FIFTH ROW: A. Thomas, K. Stultz, I. Merriman, M. Steffen, C. Shoaf, D. Weber, E. McKean, W. Neuenschwander, D. Nussbaum, D. Haggard, A. Freels, K. Brandt, M. Zimmerman, O. Barkley, R. Schlickman, S. Strickler, C. Yoke, J. Beer. SIXTH ROW: B. Sommers, P. Frank, K. Adler, C. McKean, L. Steury, J. Liechty, P. Smith, K. Cauble, D. Arnold, R. Mishler, D. Baumgartner, D. Schnepp, J. Yoder, K. Nussbaum, B. McMillen, B. Kohli, J. Heyerly, E. Brehme. SEVENTH ROW: J. Yoder, D. Mishler, D. Arnold, J. Rupert, D. Smith, M. Bowers, M. Zimmerman, C. Hamilton, B. Arnold, B. McKean, B. Baumgartner, S. Strickler, G. Lehman, K. Stavenick, E. Heare, N. Boggess, R. Christener. EIGHTH ROW: G. Yager, S. Schwartz, G. Bluhm, R. Brown, D. Mertz, A. Habegger, J. Heyerly, R. Jauregui, J. Gerber, P. Meyer, M. Solano, S. Mattax, J. Roye r , A. Steiner, M. Stucky, T. Rupert, A. Smith, S. Ehrsam. ' Pefutf tA t£e tecufc " Go get ' em Greyhounds! " swelled the gym as the Cheering Bloc provided pep and leadership for boosters at Central ' s eight home games. Pepsters ' rules for this season, drawn up by the cheerleaders and sponsor, were strict, setting the right goal for good sportsmanship and game attend¬ ance. The 150 members were decked out in snappy red and white checked hats and Central wing emblems attached to their white blouses and shirts. Compliments of BERNE ICE CREAM Miss Cornett sponsored the Pep Club, and GLOBE HATCHERY HI—The club spells in letter bloc formation. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM watches Captain Jim Steiner ' s syle of bunting. KNEELING: M. Egley; R. Gerber; R. Corson,- M. Ripley; L. Foreman. STANDING: Coach John Fruth; D. Isch; G. Baumgartner; R. Maines; P. Barger,- A. Habegger; G. McMillen. OUR GREY’S HIT ’EM IN Through the coaching of John Fruth the Varsity Baseball squad slugged their way through a 2 win, 5 loss season. They won over Lancaster and Pleasant Mills. This year the team will be losing four lettermen. They are Ron Corson, Jim Steiner, Ron Gerber, and Mark Ripley. Phil Barger, ' 56 batting champion at 47.1, gets ready to make another hit. Catcher David Isch says, " Pitch if here. Boy! " Pitchers Gary McMillen, Gene Baumgartner, and Larry Foreman are ready to line one in. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. .. KNEELING: Allen Habegger, Richard Hirschy, Roger Schlickman, Ron Corson. STANDING: Jim Steiner, Joe Lambert, COACH Leroy Cable, Phil Barger, Bill Hoffman. Central ' s hill-and-dale runners ex¬ perienced a successful season placing third in the county and EIC meets, and tenth in the sectional, with Leroy Cable as their coach. Setting a school record, Phil Barger paced the two miles in 9.55 minutes. He captured second place in the county and sixth in the Sectional. Compliments of MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE IMPLEMENT JAHN, GOODWIN, REED FUNERAL HOME BlufFton THINCLADS SET A FAST PACE JR. HIGH NINE WIN TWO-THIRDS OF GAMES JR. HIGH BASEBALL TEAM... FIRST ROW: Bill McMillen, Roger Dick, Max Moser, Rene Brown, Joe Morris, Clayton Strickler, Arlen Gerber, Danny Michaels, Duane Arnold, Mervin Parrish, Dave Hamilton. SECOND ROW: Don German, Claude Strieker, Roger Roth, Dwight Moser, COACH Douglas LeMaster, Jerry Hirschy, Dale Hirschy, Lloyd Knittle, Leroy Cable, David Hag¬ gard. SITTING FRONT: Jerry Rowden. 53 JR. HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM—KNEELING: Arlen Gerber, Rene Brown, Danny Michaels, Clayton Strickler, Joe Morris, Roger Roth, Duane Arnold. STANDING: David Haggard, Leroy Cable, Jr., Claude Striker, Dale Hirschy, Coach Douglas LeMaster, Jerry Hirschy, Dwight Moser, Don Germann. yicat JR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS—KNEELING: Moron Zimmerman, Karen Brandt. STANDING: Rosemary Schlickman, Sandy Strickler. Adams Central ' s Junior High Greypups enjoyed a successful season. Along with their regular 15 game season, they com¬ peted in two tournaments — a four-way in¬ vitational tourney at Geneva, to whom they lost 33—30 and the county tourney played March 4th and 5th. This was the first year for Douglas LeMaster at the helm of the Greypups. 54 Freshman girls play a close match in a volleyball game. provide kockCuhc activity i To work up that competitive spirit through Intramurals during noon hour was " The Central Way " of extending physical education benefits to every Centralite. Intramural Basketball for girls was introduced this year. Volleyball, badminton, and ping pong tournaments were held in the spring for both boys and girls. High school and junior high boys, each playing two days a week, continued with their basketball battle. Top ranking teams boasted such formidable names as Clodhoppers, the Hot¬ shots, and the Slippery Six. Eighth grade Phys. Ed. girls practice passing the ball. Richard Hirschy hopes he can make the foul shot, as the Chowhounds battle with the Humbugs. Karen Stultz shoots from the foul line in a Sophomore Phys. Ed. basketball tilt. Compliments of STEURY BOTTLING COMPANY GAL-HAM CORPORATION CLAUSER FURNITURE Bluffton 55 ■ RIFLE CLUB OFFICERS—KNEELING: Anthony Sharp—Treasurer; Ron Corson—Secretary. STAND¬ ING: Mr. Frantz and Mr. Collier—Sponsors; Gary McMillen—President; Larry Foreman—Vice Pres.; Wayne Byerly—Executive Officer. Jack Hurst, County Game Warden, instructs the club members on how to handle a gun. He is present at each meeting to offer all advice pos¬ sible. Newest of the seven clubs, the Rifle Club, with sixty members, became a junior organization affiliated with the National Rifle Association early in its first season. Four ob¬ jectives of the club are: to develop recreational skill; to in¬ struct on all phases of rifle work; to teach the basic prin¬ ciples of marksmanship; and, above all, to emphasize safety. Safety cd C tec ' i aittt f f i i RIFLE CLUB—FIRST ROW: R. Brown, R. Gerber, W. Byerly, P. Moser, E. Gerber, J. Beard, D. Solano, G. Snyder, M. Ripley, B. Schwartz. SECOND ROW: D. Steiner, B. Arnold, D. Houck, B. Wechter, L. Ploughe, C. Heare, D. Mertz, P. Gerber, J. Lambert. THIRD ROW: R. Jauregui, J. Heyerly, J. Gerber, W. Lister, R. Corson, G. McMillen, L. Habegger, G. Bluhm, G. Yager, S. Schwartz. FOURTH ROW: K. Griffiths, B. Hart, T. Helmrick, J. Inniger, J. Funk, J. Longsworth, L. Funk, R. Maines, P. McBride, D. Fuelling, L. Foreman. FIFTH ROW: J. Venable, J. Sommer, J. Schwartz, J. Hollinger, L. Habegger, L. Decker, T. Ripley, T. Ringger, A. Sharp. NOT PICTURED: D. Bailey, M. Egley, N. Hart, T. Heyerly, T. Lambert, D. Mendoza, R. Myers, R. Schlickman, B. Shoaf, T. Shoaf, P. Urick. I r £ . ARCHERY CLUB OFFICERS-KNEELING: Ned Stucky-Activity Mgr., Murl Yoder—Equipment Mgr., Rolland Zimmerman—Ass ' t Act. Mgr. STANDING: David Smith—President, P. Barger—Vice Pres., Mr. Wat¬ kins—Sponsor, Sonja Yoder—Sec.-Treas., Jeanne Kaehr—Recorder. Mr. Affolder, County Sheriff, demonstrates to club members, how to hold the bow. ' ftyoocU, 4ee t£e u£l eye Second youngest of the Central Clubs, Archery, though limited to a maximum membership of twenty last year, expanded to 28 this fall. After teams were chosen, the " Robin Hoods " held intra-club meets just for fun—and some practice too, with good ex¬ ercise thrown in. Shooting rounds with some pretty sharp aiming was accomplished in the 4-H Dairy Barn. ARCHERY CLUB-FRONT ROW: M. Yoder, M. Nussbaum, J. Grimm, M. Zimmerman, J. Steiner. SECOND ROW: V. Steffen, C. Lehman, B. Sfeury, J. Snyder, J. Kaehr, D. Bluhm, S. Yoder, P. Liechty, M. Christner, C. Hamilton, M. Bowers, M. Steffan. THIRD ROW: F. Mann, D. Smith, P. Barger, N. Stucky, D. Bailey, T. Shoaf, J. Larvfz, R. Zimmerman. NOT PICTURED: D. McBride. Compliments of RIESEN SCHUG MOTORS, INC. and SCHLINDLER ELECTRIC Berne rzm. ‘PufUtb pacuity What makes a school: a group that organizes to learn, play, and work together? This is Central—the people who made up " The Central Way " and decided its course. So let ' s just say: " May we introduce ourselves? " Here are the faces of the growing Central Eight Hundred. The enrollment stands at 200 high school pupils, 154 junior high, and 458 grade pupils. Here are the men and women who guided us into the proper application of our ' ' Central Way. " Here are the custodians, cooks, and bus drivers, who helped to keep Central a beautiful school, serve the delicious meals that kept us going through the afternoons and provided the transportation so we could come to Central trom Monroe, Kirkland, and Washington townships. Thanks to everyone who helped to make " The Central Way " possible! FACULTY AND PUPILS WORK TOGETHER SCHOOL BOARD SEATED: August Schlickman, Evan Yake, Floyd Mitchel, William Linn. STANDING: Harold Schwartz, Sylvan Sprunger, Daniel Lantz. ADMINISTRATION ASS’T SUPERINTENDENT COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT Mr. HUGH TATE Compliments of BAHNER ' S BARBER SHOP CENTRAL MARKET Monroe CLERK Mrs. MARY BAHNER SECRETARY to PRINCIPAL Mrs. FLO BRANDT Mr. GAIL GRABILL 60 S kea i . . , HERMAN FRANTZ Colorado University, AB Manchester College, Indiana University This yearbook is a tribute to the class of 1957 and its sponsor; and also to what the youth of America can do today. I hope the many years that you have spent in school have prepared you for a life of service and therefore a life of happiness. You must be prepared for a life of service because today ' s youth is the hope of the world. Your goal must be the " good life " and finally—peace throughout the universe. Compliments of ZURCHER ' S MOBIL SERVICE Monroe 61 MARTHA HABEGGER Capital University; Purdue Extension; Ball State; BS. Teaches first grade. NAOMI GRIFFITHS Ball State; Indiana University; Purdue University; Man¬ chester College; BS. Teaches first grade. MARY EGLEY Huntington College; Manchester College. Teaches second grade. FRANCIS BEATY Manchester College; Madam Blaker; Ball State. Teaches second grade. 7Aeef cv la tcacA HARRIET MILLS Teacher ' s College Indianapolis; I.U. Extension; St. Francis; Ball State. Teaches third grade PHYLLIS WOODS Morehead State College; AB. Teaches third and fourth grade. ELOISE C. LEISTNER Indiana Central College; Bowling Green University; Ball State. Teaches first and second grades. VEDA CRIST Tri State College; St. Francis College. Teaches third grade. DELORES BYERLY Manchester; Indiana University Ex.; St. Francis. BS. Teaches fourth grade. MARGARET O. KUHN Alma College; Indiana University; Ball State. AB. Teaches fourth grade. ELMER EHRSAM Indiana State; Ball State. Teaches fifth grade. KENNETH WATKINS Wofford College; Anderson College. BS. Teaches fifth grade, sponsors Archery Club. . . , t e fraictcUH tfrll 7Rd JAY JOHNSON Central Normal; Cedarville College. BS. Teaches sixth grade. LEO STRAHM Central Normal College; Manchester. Teaches sixth grade, sponsors Safety Patrol. ROWENA STUCKY Taylor University; Ball State, Purdue University Indiana Uni¬ versity; A.B., M.S. Teaches English 7,8; Latin I. LEROY CABLE Ball State; B.S. Teaches Math 7, Phys. Ed. 7,8, Drivers Ed.; Varsity basketball coach; sponsors Cross Country. DON GERIG Dodge City Jr. College; Ft. Wayne Bible College; Taylor University; Indiana University; Ball State; B.S. Teaches H.S. and Grade music, instrumental and vocal; sponsors band and chorus. HUBERT FEASEL Ft. Wayne Art School G.F.A.: Ball State; B.S., M.A. Teaches art 1-12. Sponsors Art Club. Oufi puccte4. MADGE CORNETT Morehead State College; A.B. Teaches girls Phys. Ed., Book¬ keeping, Typing; sponsors Pep Club, Sophomore Class. Compliments of YOST GRAVEL AND READY MIX Decatur DOUGLAS F. LeMASTER Purdue University; B.S. Teaches Chemistry, Biology and Sci¬ ence. Sponsors Jr. High; Coach. JOHN FRUTH Ball State; Manchester; I.U. Extension. Teaches Phys. Ed. 10, Health 10, Typing I and II, Intramural Director. Sponsors Senior Class, Baseball, Track; Freshman Basketball Coach. MARY ELLIS Ball State; BS. Teaches Home Ec. 9-10-12. Sponsors Re- kamemoh Club and Sophomore Class. i MARTIN WATSON University of Kentucky, Moorehead State College; Purdue University. Teaches Vocational Agriculture 8-12. Sponsors FFA and Junior Class. IMOGENE BEIHOLD Bob Janes University; St. Francis,- Indiana University,- BS. Teaches English 9,11; Speech; Library. Sponsors newspaper. Sophomore class. HARVEY HAGGARD Indiana State Normal; Tri State College,- Manchester College,- BS. Teaches U.S. History 11; World History 10; General Business. School Treasurer. frzcte, frvUHA, Z uC fautt Z4teA. LUCILLE BEAVERS Wisconsin University,- Manchester College,- Indiana University; AB. Teaches English 10; Math 9-12. Sponsors Freshman class and Math Club. Compliments of INDIANA-MICHIGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY DOYLE COLLIER Ball State,- BS. Teaches Industrial Arts 8-12. Sponsors Pho¬ tography Club and Rifle Club. MARY GALLIVAN Oberlin College; Ball State; Indiana University,- BS. Teaches World History 10, English 10,11; Government 12. Sponsors Senior class and annual. Compliments of FARM BUREAU INSURANCES LELAND RIPLEY; GEN. MGR: 1 Monroe SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-SEATED: Sponsor-Mrs. Mary Gallivan; Secretary-Sonja Yoder; Treasurer—Gretchen Schnepp STANDING: Mr. John Fruth; Vice Pres.—David Smith; Presi¬ dent—Ron Corson. Se u ym ncucilef recall. . , September 1953. .. Fifty-two eager freshmen be¬ gan their journey down the Central Way. President, Carol Kaehr; Vice-Pres., Sam Girod; and Sec.-Treas., Tom Hoffman elected as our offi¬ cers, we approached the highlight of our freshman year. Initiation!! We donned pigtails and shoe pol¬ ish to pass the crucial test set up by the Student Council. With this memorable date behind us we began the long tedious days until the time when we would reign as the seniors of ACHS. In our sophomore year, under the direction of our worthy officers. . .Mark Ripley, President,- Gret¬ chen Schnepp, Vice-Pres.; Cynthia Lehman, Sec.; and Charlie Heare, Treas.—we sold engraved sta¬ tionary to the friends and members of our class. This year a spooky Halloween party roused us from the daily work of class lessons. YOU CANT KISS CAROLINE was staged in our junior year, and a few weeks later the class had an evening on the town when we traveled to Fort Wayne to enjoy a supper and movie. The leaders of our class were Ron Corson, President; Wayne Byer- ly. Vice Pres.; Betty Steury, Sec.; and Carol Kaehr, Treas. They had a busy time conducting the maga¬ zine sales campaign. John Fruth and Mrs. Mary Gallivan were our sponsors during the senior year and chosen as offi¬ cers were Ron Corson, President; Dave Smith, Vice Pres,; Sonja Yoder, Sec.; and Gretchen Schnepp, Treas. With a whirlwind pace set up for us, we began our Senior year selling magazines and cards, fol¬ lowing close behing was the senior play QUIET SUMMER, the senior skating party, and the busy job of managing concessions at all home basketball games. The last two weeks of our school years climaxed everything we had worked for when we finally left on our trip to Washington, D. C. and then re¬ turned to Central for the Baccalaureate. Our final footsteps on the Central Way took place when we received our diplomas at the impressive Commence¬ ment exercises. DON BAILEY Intramural 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2 Archery 3,4 Monmouth 1,2. JIM BAUMGARTNER Pep Club 1,2,3; Archery 3,4; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1. WAYNE BYERLY FFA 3,4; Intramural 1,2; Basketball 4; Student Council 2; Class Vice Pres. 3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Rifle Club Executive Officer 4; Photography 4; FFA Reporter 4. DORIS CAUBLE News Staff Artist 2,3,4; Rekamemoh 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Chorus Librarian 4; Class Play 4; Photography 4; Chorus 3,4; Intramural 1,2,3; Art Club 3. RON CORSON Basketball 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Class Pres. 3,4; Art Club Pres. 3; Rifle Club Sec. 4; Class Play 4; Pep Club 1; Cross Country 4; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 4; Annual Staff 4. MARY LOU EHRSAM Pep Club 1,2; Art Club 3; Rekamemoh 1,2,3,4; Yell Leader 3,4; Intramural 1,2,3,4. Compliments of LIECHTY MOTOR SERVICE and CLIFF NUSSBAUM STORE Berne . ., even y tnctcatcoK .. . BARBARA FIECHTER Rekamemoh 1,2,3; News Staff 1,2,3,4; Math Club 3,4; Pep Club 4; Chorus 4; Intramura l 2,3,4; Math Club Pres. 3; News Staff editor 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Geometry contest 3; English contest 4; Chorus sec. 4; Librarian 2,3; Adams Central School Reporter 3,4. ARLEEN FREELS Art Club 3; Majorette 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Yell Leader 4; Rekamemoh 1,2; Chorus 3,4; Intramural 1.2,3,4; Band Librarian 4; Class Play 4. NANCY FRANK Pleasant Mills 1; Rekamemoh 2,3,4; Rekamemoh News Reporter 3; Art Club 3; Intramural 2,3. EMANUAL GERBER FFA 3,4; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Photography 3,4; Rifle Club 4; Chorus 1; News Staff 1,2. r RONALD GENE GERBER Band 1,2,3,4, Chorus 2,3,4; Boys ' Quartet 3; Band Pres. 4; Basketball 4; Baseball 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Art Club 3; Pho- II tography 4; Rifle Club 4; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3,4; Annual Staff 4. LUDMILA GORB Rekamemoh 2; Art Club 4; Math Club 4. CHARLES HEARE Intramural 1,2,3,4; Art Club 3; Rifle Club 4; Photography 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4 ; Class Trees. 2. CAROL JANE HELLER Chorus 1,2,3,4; Chorus Trees. 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Photography 3,4; Photography Sec. 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Intramural 1,2,4. . . . ( x 4tueUe6 z td bvtcC ev vi6 . . . Compliments of GERBER ' S CENTRAL DAIRY Bluffton EDITH HIRSCHY Intramural 1,2,3,4; Rekamemoh 1,2,3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Art Club 3; Vice-Pres. Art Club 3. SHIRLEY HIRSCHY Rekamemoh 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Newspaper Staff 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Librarian 3; Intramural 2,3. JOYCE IRWIN Decatur High School 1,2; Chorus 3,4,- Pep Club 3,4; Rekamemoh 3,4; Class Play 4; Rekamemoh Pres. 4; Chorus Vice-Pres .4; Intramural 4. CAROL KAEHR Annual Staff 3,4; Editor, Annual 4; Rekamemoh 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Class Pres. 1; Student Council Sec. 2; Class Treas. 3; Newspaper Staff 3,4; Archery Club 3; Algebra Contest 1; Girls Trio 1,2,3,4. - . ' CAROLE KERSHNER Rekamemoh 1,2,3,4; Nnewspaper Staff 3,4; Librarian 3,4; Pep Club 1; Intramural 2,3. CYNTHIA LEHMAN Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Rekamemoh 1,2,3,4; Rekamemoh Treas. 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3; Class Sec. 2; Student Council 3,4; Student Council Sec. 3,4; Girls Trio 1,2,3,4; Archery Club 4; Newspaper Staff 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4; Pep Band 4; Newspaper Business Ed. 2,3; Intramural 1,2,3,4. LINDA LOU McKEAN Intramural 1,2,3,4; Rekamemoh 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4. PHILIP MOSER Class Play 3,4; Band 4; Pep Band 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; FfA 1,2,3, 4; FFA Treas. 2,3; FFA Pres. 4; Rifle Club 4; Pep Club 2,4; In¬ tramural 1,2,3,4; Band Treas. 4; Annual Staff 4. MARJORIE NUSSBAUM Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Rekamemoh 1,2,3,4; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Archery Club 4; Class Play 4; Pep Band 3,4. LESLIE PLOUGHE Math Club 4; Photography 3; Rifle Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4. KAREN REED Newspaper 1,2,3,4; Rekamemoh 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; In¬ tramurals 2,3,4. MICHAEL LEHMAN Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Student Mgr. 3,4; FFA 2,3; FFA Reporter 2; Class Play 4; Photography Club 3,4; Art Club 3; Annual Staff 3,4. Compliments of LEHMAN HEATING PLUMBING Berne MARK RIPLEY Basketball 4; Baseball 3,4; Cross Country 2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Class Pres. 2; Clcss Play 3; Student Council 3,4; Pep Club 2; Rifle Club 4; Intramural 1,2,3,4. CONNIE ROE Class Play 3,4; Rekamemoh 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Chorus 2, 3,4. GRETCHEN SCHNEPP Rekamemoh 1,2,3; Student Council 1; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club Sec. 3; Drum Majorette 1,2,3,4; Chorus 3,4; Band Treas. 4; Sec. 3; Class Treas. 4; Class Vice-Pres. 2. LINDA SCHUG Pep Club 1,2,3; Pep Band 2; Pep Band Director 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 4; Chorus Treas. 4; Art Club 3; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Cheer¬ leader 4; Class Play 3; Rekamemoh 1,2,3,4. Compliments of DIERKES IMPLEMENT Decatur FLOSSIE SCHWARTZ Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Photography 3; Rekamemoh 1,2,3,4; Intramural 1,2,3,4. TERRY LEE SHOAF Intramural 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Asst. Reporter 4; Archery 3,4; Monmouth 1,2. ; 1 i PHYLLIS SINGLETON Gazette 1,2,3,4; Rekamemoh 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Photogra¬ phy Club 3,4; Class Play 3; Photography Pres. 4; Intra¬ murals 2,3,4. DAVID SMITH Basketball 3,4 Track 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Chorus Pres. 4; Vice-Pres. 3; Archery 3,4; Archery Pres. 4; Class Play 3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Class Vice-Pres. 4. MARJORIE SPRUNGER Rekamemoh 1,2,3,4; Band 3,4 ; Chorus 3,4; Class Play 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Intramural 1,2,3,4. VIRGINIA STEFFEN Gazette 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4.- Rekamemoh 1,2,3; Archery Club 3,4; Math Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 4; Intramural 2,3,4; Office Help 4. JIM STEINER Gazette 1; Art Club 3; Archery Club 4; Class Play 4; Basket¬ ball 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Cross Country 3,4; Pep Club 1; Chorus 2,3,4; Intramural 1,2,3,4. BETTY STEURY Intramural 1,2,3,4; Rekamemoh 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus Librarian 3; Band Librarian 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3; Class Sec. 3; Archery Club 3,4; Chorus Sec. 3; Rekamemoh Sec. 2; Queens Court 3,4; Trio 1,2,3,4. Compliments of SPRUNGER IMPLEMENT and HOOKER PAINT Decatur , , , W faittClef ptfutuattaK. LINDA ANN STULTZ Annual Staff 3,4 Ass ' t Editor 3; Organization Editor 4; Reka¬ memoh 1,2,3; Photography Club 3,4; Photography Club Pres. 3; Office Help 3; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Librarian 2,3; Library Treas. 3. JANE UHRICK Decatur 1,2; Art Club 3,4; Rekamemoh 3; Chorus 3,4; Photog¬ raphy 4; Pep Club 3,4; Art Club Vice-Pres. 4; Intramural 4; Class Play 4; English Contest 3; Gazette 3,4. SONJA YODER Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 4; Rekamemoh 1,2,3,4; Class Sec. 4; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Archery Club 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Band Vice-Pres. 4; Archery Club Sec. 4; Pep Band 3,4. BOB WECHTER Intramural 1,2,3,4; Math Club 4; Rifle Club 4; Photography 3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Class Play 3; Pep Band 2,4; Gazette 1. ■ The Juniors started this year with a big magazine campaign by outselling the Seniors. Other money¬ making projects were a class play and a skating party. Two class parties were held, one in the fall and one in the spring. The ' 58 class was proud to have one of the county ' s top track stars, Phil Barger, to represent them, and also, Ned Stucky received the title of Most Outstanding Citizen. Compliments of MATTOX AUTO PAINT SHOP and MONROE MOTOR SERVICE Monroe LEFT TO RIGHT Mr. Collier—Sponsor Pat Liechty—Treasurer Marilou Uhrick—Vice-President Ned Stucky—President Winston Lister—Secretary Mr. Watson—Sponsor Coo frvuvtvicC to Coot %ou ut j Jerry Beard Marilyn Christener Richard Hirschy Philip Barger Suzanne Edwards Nancy Jauregui Doris Bluhm Jane Grimm Mariana Jauregui Jerry Bovine Mary Hamrick Tom Lambert Rose Lantz Danny Mendoza Compliments of JOY ' S B K ROOT BEER STAND and HOLTHOUSE SCHULTE CO.. Decatur. Cecilia Lehman Marcia Merriman Pat Liechty Carolyn Mitchel Winston Lister Richard Myers Gary McMillen Chloe Neuenschwander Delores Sauders Ruth Sipe Jacie Snyder Gordon Snyder David Solano Barbara Steiner Judy Worthman Barbara Sommers Murl Yoder Ned Stucky Floyd Zimmerman Jerry Tharp Lloyd Zimmerman Marilou Uhrick Roll and Zimmerman 55 Sophmores led by sponsors Miss Beihold and Mrs. Ellis made big plans for the year. For fun they had a party in April and for work they sold stationery and napkins to build up their treasury. Compliments of MONROE WASHING MACHINE REPAIR Monroe and BERNE LOCKER STORAGE Berne LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Hoffman . Treasurer Barbara Arnold . Secretary Roger Schlickman . President Bill Hoffman . Vice President Mrs. Ellis . Sponsor cififiexdcMA actcvctcea Kathleen Adler Albert Andrews Larry Andrews Barbara Arnold Gene Baumgartner Mary Dick Judy Boggess Max Egley Georgianna Essex Patty Frank Jerry Gerber Dorothy Geyer Evelyn Griffiths Alan Habegger Larry Habegger Norman Hart Carol Haggard Carol Helmrich Tom Heyerly Terry Hike Not pictured: Barbara Ray Bill Hoffman Jim Hoffman Clair Inniger David Isch Joe Lambert John Lantz Fred Mann Evelyn McKean Inez Merriman Olin Moeschberger Wanda Neuenschwander Doveanna Nussbaum Shirley Osterman Suzanne Pageler Compliments of SCHWARTZ STANDARD SERVICE, Berne and CHRISTENER PLUMBING AND HEATING, Monroe Donald Ray Linda Reber Roger Schlickman Robert Schwartz Bernard Shoaf Carol Shoaf Kay Singleton Jan Smith Joe Sprunge ' r Mabel Steffen Compliments of INDIANA-MICHIGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY Berne LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. LeMaster . Sponsor Larry Foreman . President Miss Beavers . Sponsor Lois Steury . Sec.-Treasurer Delores Mishler .... Vice-President This year ' s Freshmen Class began their high school days with 60 strong. Although the Greenies had no projects, they did have a party the second semester. In addition to a new General Math class, the Frosh enrolled in Biology, Algebra, Shop, Agriculture, English, and Physical Education. Brooks Arnold Twila Arnold Gary Bluhm Mabel Bowers James Brown Robert Brown Sandra Collins Larry Decker Flossie Eicher Larry Foreman Dennis Fuelling Jarry Funk Larry Funk Jerry Gerber Philip Gerber ' piedAtHCK t z e fivutf dtcfr John Heyerly Ted Helmrieh Roman Hilty Bill Hollinger David Hauck John Inniger Russell Jaurequi Jeanne Kaehr Beverly Lambert Joe Longsworth Ronnie Maines Dewayne BcBride Lana BcBride Philip McBride Carol McKean David Mendoza Denny Mertz Carole Miller Delora Mishler Caroline Myers Compliments of R. S. M. STUDIO Bluffton f - , Doris Myers Gretchen Pyle Tim Ringger Thomas Ripley Joan Rupert Sandra Sanders Jerry Schwartz Melvin Schwartz Sidney Schwartz Anthony Sharp Dixie Smith Jeanne Smith John Sommer Lois Steury Dick Steiner Jerry Stout Palmer Urick ?n Yager Janis Yoder Marcia Zimmerman EIGHTH GRADE Compliments of TOCSON LUMBER GRAIN UHRICK BROTHERS Decatur FRONT ROW: D. Lantz; A. Habegger; S. Hike; J. Beer; R. Shoaf; G. Ratcliff; H. Hirschy; S. Schwartz. SECOND ROW: P. Shoaf; R. Ger¬ ber; L. Hoffman; N. Christner; R. Solano; E. Brehm; D. Kershner; C. Andrews; J. Eicher. THIRD ROW: P. Smith; J. Landis; R. Beard; K. Gerber; T. Schnepp; D. Kohli; J. Heyerly; N. Wickey. FRONT ROW: D. Michaels; J. Yoder; G. Schnepp; K. Nussbaum; N. Steury; J. Liechty; D. Baumgartner; R. Mishler; K. Cauble; D. Arnold. SECOND ROW: J. Franz; C. Strickler; J. Isch; R. Roth; R. Brown; A. Freels; A. Gerber; D. Arnold; B. Bell; M. Moser. THIRD ROW: K. Reed; J. Cramer; C. Yoke; J. Yoder; R. Schlickman; S. Strickler; M. Zimmerman; A. Barkley; K. Brandt; D. Germann. FOURTH ROW: C. Striker; D. Moser,- D. Lambert; D. Hirschy; D. Haggard; J. Hirschy; R. Mazelin; G. Wolfe; L. Cable; J. Morris. FRONT ROW: J. Arnold; A. Steiner; K. Stavenik; T. Rupert; A. Smith; D. Cable; K. Cauble; L. Hoffman; S. Yoder. SECOND ROW: R. Par¬ rish; J. Rowden; B. McMi llen; R. Kaehr; J. Eicher; N. Mitchel; R. Owens; R. Dick; S. Ehrsam. THIRD ROW: A. Johnson; N. Boggess, R. Schwartz; R. Zimmerman, M. Worthman; B. Kohli; J. Haggard; E. Heare; M. Parrish. FOURTH ROW: S. Mattax; M. Stucky; L. Pageler; G. Lehman; B. Baumgartner; B. Christener,- M. Heddington; J. Royer; D. Hamilton. Compliments of GILLIG DOAN FUNERAL HOME PETRIE OIL CO. Decatur FRONT ROW: S. Longsworth; M. Salano; E. Knittle; J. Hurst; V. McBride; D. Lister; B. Tharp; R. Heyerly. SECOND ROW: D. Maines; S. Heyerly; D. Stout; B. McKean; V. Huth; M. Hawkins; R. Gerber; M. Fosnaugh; D. Le Master; J. Ringger. THIRD ROW: P. Sommer; J. Sanders; L. Knittle; S. Strickler; R. Habegger; P. Meyer; L. Urick; L. Parrish. SEVENTH GRADE FRONT ROW: M. Fuelling; D. Sommer; N. VonGunten; L. Bauman; M. Mann; M. Mann. SECOND ROW: K. Rich; A. Singleton; S. Frank; S. Mattax; R. Lautzenheiser; M. Vizard; K. Shoa’f; S. Wagley. THIRD ROW: D. Sharp; D. Heyerly; J. Brown; B. Wolff; Mr. Johnson, teacher; J. McCallough; D. Brawn; D. Hoagland; J. Shoaf. NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY Honduras LISTER ' S STORE Preble FRONT ROW: C. Feller; D. Arnold; J. Ross; M. Ripley; D. Johnston; F. Strickler; J. Bertsch. SECOND ROW: M. Frauigher; S. Schlickman; M. Baumgartner; C. Hart; R. Collins; A. Moser; B. Engle; J. Roth; S. Helmrich; M. Busse; D. Gerber. THIRD ROW: D. Gerber; J. Christener; J. Knittle; G. Barger; R. Schwartz; Mr. Strahm, teacher; G. Tonner; S. Hill; M. Stavenik; A. Schwartz; D. Patrick. SIXTH GRADE F-i .» k’t L " AJkmlXd f {■ rMm ' At p r§ ! - y . 1 ' v m ' ' ■wSr - w iK Wj FRONT ROW: D. Egley; S. Lehman; B. Mann; M. Johnston; L. Mailer; N. Boggess; E. Sell. SECOND ROW: L. Johnson; R. Ray; M. Kaehr; D. Smith; C. Hoagland; K. Michaels; N. Habegger; J. Shoaf; G. Zimmerman; J. Steffen; R. Wilson.- S. Hazelwood. THIRD ROW: K. Reed; B. Schnepf; C. Lambert; G. Rupert; Mr. Watkins, teacher; J. Beard; S. Hartman; L. Pyle,- M. Yager. FOURTH ROW: J. Cauble; B. Hirschy; I. Steffen; S. Schnepf; M. Anderson; D. Hirschy; E. Beer; B. Bluhm. Compliments of PREBLE EQUITY EXCHANGE PECK HARDWARE Preble FIFTH GRADE FRONT ROW: R. Pyle; R. Habegger; B. McCullough; O. Neuenschwander; P. Hirschy; S. Miller; S. Bailey; R. Aschliman. SECOND ROW: W. Tonner; R. Bowers; S. Teeter; N. Aschliman; N. Bertsch; D. Fellers; C. Schwartz; E. Dennison; S. Cook; R. Polling. THIRD ROW: K. Uhrick; D. Decker; A. Inniger; L. Conrad; Mr. Ehrsam, teacher; B. Osterman; J. Kaehr; M. Leyse; B. McBride. FRONT ROW: D. Poling; J. Yoder; J. Ringger; K. Witte; M. Rowden; B. Houck; R. Converse. SECOND ROW: S. Hildebrand; J. R iojas; D. Monkey; R. Kershner; B. Wechter; B. Williams; G. Engle; E. Nussbaum; L. Lehman; L. Summerset; M. Ehrsam. THIRD ROW: D. Arnold; G. Straub; J. Gilbert; D. Harmon; P. Ripley; Mrs. Byerly, teacher; R. Soldner; M. Moeschberger; S. Cable; J. Steffen; K. Aschliman. Compliments of HELLER COAL FEED SUPPLY BLACK ' S FUNERAL HOME Decatur FRONT ROW: S. Minnich; T. Steffen; R. Clifton; S. Kaehr; L. Pyle; P. Ehrsam; J. Smith. SECOND ROW: S. Zurcher; L. Wickey; N. Longs- worth; L. Lautzenheiser; P. Nidlinger; S. Maines,- S. Worthman; C. Everett; M. Kaehr ; D. Aschliman,- R. Stucky. THIRD ROW: J. Hill; R. Smith; C. Teeple; J. Irwin; V. Adler; Mrs. Kuhn, teacher; A. Parrish; P. Gerber; J. Clark; S. Von Gunten; K. Habegger. FOURTH GRADE •f Compliments of DECATUR MUSIC HOUSE BUTLER ' S GARAGE Decatur THIRD GRADE FRONT ROW: R. Collins; D. Griffiths,- A. Bumgartner; L. Fellers; R. Cable; S. Smith; B. Schwartz; E. Worden; S. Landis; D. Landis. SEC¬ OND ROW: J. Mornignstar; M. Gerber; K. Engle; J. Inniger; G. Cable; L. Stevens; E. Hazelwood; N. Ward; R. Mailer; E. Yoder; R. Kipfer. THIRD ROW: B. Engle; C. Teeple; S. Harmon, C. Connelley; J. Stepler; Mrs. Mills, teacher, A. Borne,- S. Wagley; M. Riojos,- L. Rich; A. Dennison; K. Lutes. FRONT ROW: J. Riojas; D. Maines; C. Arnold; R. Arnold; J. Sprunger,- K. Ehrsam; R. Shaffer,- G. Longsworth; J. Smith. SECOND ROW: W. Adler,- N. Hartman, J. Ehrsam,- C. Anderson,- D. Roudebush; S. Amstutz; S. Smith; A. Shoaf; J. Hirschy. THIRD ROW: J. Fritz,- T. Nussbaum, S. Stucky,- D. Mendoza,- J. Soldner; Mrs. Crist, teacher,- R. Schnepp, L. Tonner; T. August; C. Hildebrand. % A FRONT ROW: C. Gerber; L. Osterman; D. Gerber; K. Watkins; K. McKean; S. Ploughe; M. Beer; C. Cauble. SECOND ROW: T. Ogg ; J. Kaehr; G. Busse; C. Steffen; R. Sommer; T. Engle; M. Ross; E. Hutcherson; R. Mattax. THIRD ROW: A. Ringger; K. Pyle; R. Steury; N Brehm ; K. Heyerly; Miss Woods, teacher,- C. Teeter; T. Oliver; D. Moser,- K. Bieberick; N. Brokaw. THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE Compliments of DECATUR DAILY DEMOCRAT Decatur SECOND GRADE FRONT ROW: S. Wickey; G. Hendricks; A. Ringger,- S. Harmon; K. Sprunger; T. Hutcherson; G. McBride,- R. Aschliman; S. Shetler. SEC¬ OND ROW: M. Schwartz; C. Gerber; D. Steffen; C. Dick; G. Gerber; P. Zimmerman; E. Schwartz; J. Double,- R. Schwartz,- A. Knittle. THIRD ROW: D. Harmon; D. Heyerly,- V. Heyerly,- M. Habegger; L. Tonner; A. Birch; B. Brown,- C. Hilty,- J. Girod,- B. Stuckey. Mrs. Egley, teacher. FRONT ROW: B. Cable; E. Mankey; D. Wilson; L. Brokaw; E. Burkholder; N. Fox; S, Sommer; L. Kaehr. SECOND ROW: L. Bieberich; S. Schwartz; D. Rich; D. Evans; R. Everette; K. Barkley; J. Gilbert; J. Hoffman. THIRD ROW: M. Engle; T. Teeple; L. Kauffman; J. Hilty; G. Harmon; R. Borne Jr.; C. Taylor; L. McCullough. Mrs. Beaty, teacher. Compliments of LUTE ' S FLOWERS WORTHMAN RAYER, BARBER Decatur SECOND GRADE FIRST AND SECOND GRADE FRONT ROW: T. Partick; B. Zurcher; D. Aschnman; R. Golez,- R. Hill. SECOND ROW: S. Ross; P. Nussbaum; V. Burkhead; J. Beer; J. Stucky,- M. Kaehr; I. Cauble. THIRD ROW: L. Werling,- L. Ratcliff; E. Schwartz; J. Gerber,- R. Adler; W . Stout; R. Clark,- R. Ogg; D. Arnold; C. Teeple. Mrs. Leistner, teacher. FRONT ROW: G. Berry; J. Nussbaum; M. Cable; D. Evans; D. Eckelbarger; R. Genth; J. Lantz; S. Girod. SECOND ROW: J. Sommer; D. Shoaf; M. Hilly; L. Longsworth; L. Soldner; L. Nussbaum; L. Affolder; K. DeWeese. THIRD ROW: D. Roudebush; L. Mitchel; M. Hilty; G. Clifton; Mrs. Habegger, teacher; C. High; N. Irwin; D. Bieberich; B. Mann. FIRST GRADE Compliments of PREBLE ROOFING SPOUTING CRAIGVILLE ELEVATOR CO. FRONT ROW: J. Wagley; D. Sanders; L. Ellenberger; R. Neuenschwander; R. Oliver- J. Reinick. SECOND ROW: S. Brehm; G. Riojas; S. Shaffer,- D. Dennison; J. Smith; R. Harrell; L. Bell; C. Houk; K. Baxter. THIRD ROW: D. Klotzbach; R. Tonner; G. Eyanson; D. Williams; M. Anderson,- L. Eicher; R. Stavenik; C. Borne; R. Havens; L. Rich; R. Miller,- Mrs. Griffiths, teacher. A A jbujjj 1 1m f - [ L ' M m S 1 Hr - ' v • " iwf i OUR BUSDRIVERS... FRONT ROW: Bob Bucher; Eugene Arnold; Forest Sprunger; James Nussbaum; Paul Nussbaum; Ellis Converse. «;FrnKin ROW: Lester Adler; Harold Barger,- Chalmer Reber; Leroy Lehman; Loris Rich; Eddie VonGunton; Brice Fisher; Weldon Nussbaum. HELPFUL FOLK AROUND CENTRAL OUR CUSTODIANS... Vernon Riley and Floyd Ruppert. Compliments of RIVER SIDE GARAGE HI WAY SERVICE Decatur OUR COOKS...Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Haines, Mrs. McKean, Mrs. Byerly, Mrs. Arnold; Hostess: Mrs. Riley. WE THANK YOU BOOSTERS Dale ' s Shoe Shop Baber Jeweler Wasson Grocery Community Oil and Gas Goodin ' s I G A Kimpel ' s Cigar Store South End Grocery Mr. Mrs. Russ el Mitchell Mr. Mrs. Hubert Fuelling Geneva Milling Co. Bixler Insurance Agency Nelson Standard Service Dr. Robert L. Boze Stucky Department Store Schwartz Gift Shop Habegger Hardware Rentz Florist Bill’s Corner Thoma Funeral Home First Bank of Berne Linn Grove Hardware Preble Restaurant Reinking Garage Kay’s Shoe Store Larry’s Barber Shop Sutton’s Jewelry Mr. Mrs. Erwin Stucky Mr. Mrs. Wilbert Lehman Mr. Mrs. Warren Lehman Kozy Korner Restaurant The Cardinal Inn Hanni Furniture W. M. Lehman Appliances The Habit Horace Lehman Feed Mill Wertzberger Confectionery Mel Liechty Realty Murl Norman Studio Liechty Jewelry Berne Hi Way Hatchery 88

Suggestions in the Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) collection:

Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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