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Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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IBS: Editor . LOWELL MICHAELS Assistant Editors .. . CAROL KAEHR LINDA ANN STULTZ Organization Editor ... KAREN SNYDER Manager ......... JIM FISHER Assistant Manager .• .. CYNTHIA LEHMAN Literary Editor DIANA LIECHTY Assistant Literary Editor .... RICHARD KAEHR Sports Editor .... JERRY SPRUNGER Assistant Sports Editor . MARK RIPLEY Circulation Manager .... LARRY MEYER Sales Manager . ARLEN MITCHEL Prophecy . MARGARET GRIFFITHS Class Will .. DEE MYRON BYERLY Typist . PALMER INNIGER Alumni ... GARY RINGGER Calendar ..... NANCY SHOAF Photographers .. MERLIN HABEGGER MIKE LEHMAN Compliments of FIRST STATE BANK OF DECATUR Decatur 4tt uceiC Advisor —EARL J. MONTAGUE s4kkucU Sia Manager JIM FISHER Compliments of DECATUR DAILY DEMOCRAT Decatur As editor of the 1956 Cen-Trails I wish to thank the annual staff for their coopera¬ tion in making this annual a success. On behalf of the annual staff I wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Montague, our advisor, the faculty, and to all who helped make this annual possible. LOWELL MICHAELS Editor Editor LOWELL MICHAELS Organization Editor KAREN SNYDER Sales Manager ARLEN MITC HEL Literary Editor DIANA LIECHTY Sports Editor JERRY SPRUNGER Co-Assistant Editors CAROL KAEHR LINDA ANN STULTZ ‘TftemoxicUK “Life ' s race well run, Life ' s work well done, Life ' s victory won, Now cometh rest. " Central—and most of all, his pupils—will not soon forget Mis¬ ter Snyder... Remembering him is to recall the very spirit of sincere teach¬ ing, for each of his pupils had an equal chance in his classes. Entering high school, they could feel well-prepared with a pro¬ per foundation for the " higher learning. " That sincere teaching, based upon his spirit of integrity, is a true landmark of school life. This is why Cen-trails of ' 56, a memory-book of a year of school life, is itself dedicated to the memory of Ezra Snyder. JOHN 0. REED B.S., Ohio Northern and M.A., Ball State The class of 1956 will find many memories within the pages of this fine yearbook. May the years you have spent in pursuing the goals of academic and social learning always be the basis of your service rendered to mankind. The hope of the nation lies in the acceptance of leadership from today’s youth. The importance of learning can never mean more than it does in this rapidly changing world of today. This is the challenge that lies before “the class of ’56.” Compliments of LISTER’S STORE and PECK’S HARDWARE Preble Assistant Superintendent County Superintendent MR. HUGH TATE MR. GAIL GRABILL SCHOOL BOARD Seated from left to right: Evan Yake, Floyd Mitchell, William Linn, August Slickman. Standing: Harold Schwartz, Silvan Sprunger. Clerk MRS. MARY BAHNER Compliments of CENTRAL MARKET and COPPESS CORNER Monroe Secretary to Principal MISS RUTH BUSSE School pacaity DON ARNOLD Teaches Commerce 11-12. B.S., Manchester; Tenth Grade Sponsor, Varsity Coach. LUCILLE BEAVERS Teaches Math 9-10-12 and English 9-11. A.B., Indi¬ ana; Class Play Advisor, Math Club Advisor, Twelfth Grade Sponsor. IMOGENE BEIHOLD Teaches English 9-10-11 and Library. B.S., Bob Jones; Class Play Advisor, Newspaper Advisor, Ninth Grade Sponsor. DOYLE COLLIER Teaches Industrial Arts 8 to 12. B.S., Ball State; Photography Club Advisor, Tenth Grade Sponsor. Compliments of ZURCHER’S MOBIL SERVICE Monroe il HARVEY HAGGARD Teaches History 11 and General Business 10. A.B., Manchester and Indiana; School Finance Officer. JOHN FRUTH Teaches Health 10, Com¬ merce 11, and Physical Ed¬ ucation 8-9-10, Intramurals. B.S., Manchester; Baseball Coach, Freshman Basket¬ ball, Junior Sponsor. MARTIN WATSON Teaches Vocational Agri¬ culture 8 to 12, Biology 9. B.S. and A. B., Kentucky; F.F.A. Advisor, Senior Sponsor, Senior Trip. EARL MONTAGUE Teaches Physics 11-12, Sci ence 8 and Biology 9. B.S. Ohio State; Annual Advi Compliments of THE DECATUR MUSIC HOUSE and KROGER CO Decatur ■ MARCIA RUDDICK teaches Art 1 to 12. B.S. Ball State; Art Club Ad visor, Pep Club Advisor. DON GERIG teaches Music B.S., Taylor. I GORDON NEUENSCHWANDER teaches English 9-10-11, History 10, Government 12. B.A., Bethel; Patrol Boy Advisor, Eleventh Grade Sponsor. Compliments of ADLER BROS. GARAGE Decatur MARY ELLIS teaches Home Economics 7-12. B.S., Ball State; Rekamemoh Advisor. MARTHA HABEGGER Teaches First Grade B. S., Ohio Capitol NAOMI GRIFFITHS Teaches First Grade Ball State and Manchester, B.S. FRANCIS BEATY Teaches Second Grade Manchester MARY EGLEY Teaches Second Grade Manchester A, Compliments of H. WORTHMAN B. RAYER BARBER SHOP Decatur and NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY Honduras VEDA CRIST Teaches Third Grade, Tri- State and St. Francis HARRIET MILLS Teaches Third Grade, De- Pauw, Ball State, and St. Francis DOLORES BYERLY Teaches Fourth Grade, Manchester, Ball State, and St. Francis PHYLLIS WELCHES Teaches Fourth Grade, Manchester tyiacte 7eac£e ' i ELMER EHRSAM Teaches Fifth Grade. Indi¬ ana State, Ball State. KENNETH WATKINS Teaches Fifth Grade. B.S., Anderson. LEO STRAHM Teaches Sixth Grade. Man¬ chester. JAY JOHNSON Teaches Sixth Grade. Ce darville. Compliments of CRAIGVILLE GARAGE APPLIANCE and CRAIGVILLE ELEVATOR CO. Craigville ROBERT BROW N Teaches 7-8 History. B.S., Hunt¬ ington, Manchester, Indiana U. THOMAS ADLER Teaches 7-8 Math. Tri-State, Man¬ chester. LEROY CABLE Teaches Science 7, Phy. Ed. 7-8. A.B., BM1 State. THELMA HENDRICKS Teaches English, Phy. Ed. A.B., Ball State. JL ' jlA — h f] n 2B 1 « v W ' 1 f» It- -7 .. [j i) j it t ?? 1 it 1 tar ' ■ 1 1 War • immmi Hr 1 ■. p r 1 ■ A i jTj| 4a j i ' . •If f T ■ :: VK. : S ' . ...» .1 . ’kmI HhR r jnll P 1 U j ( First row: Paul Nussbaum, Weldon Nussbaum, Loris Rich, Ellis Converse. Second row: Eugene Arnold, Brice Fisher, Bob Bucher, Forest Sprunger, Leroy Lehman. Third row: Lester Adler, James Nussbaum, Edward VonGunten, Harold Barger, Chalmer Reber. @0064- Left to right: Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Haines, Mrs Byerly, Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Brandt. Compliments of BEAVER’S OIL SERVICE and DECATUR READY MIX Decatur @U4todi4Ut4 Vernon Riley and Floyd Morrison Mjg g gW Mj Jim Fisher FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA Reporter 3; Newspaper 3; Student Council 2; Class President 2; Class Vice President 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Photography Club 4; Photography Club Vice President 4. Arlen Mitchel B and 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; FFA Secretary 3, 4; Student Council 3; Class Secretary 4; Annual Staff 4. Karen Snyder Cheerleader 2, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 3, 4; Rekamemoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 3; Annual Staff 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Band President 4; Newspaper 3. Jerry Sprunger Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Cross Country 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4;. FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA President 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Class Vice President 2; Class Presi dent 3, 4; Pep Club 2. 1 Marilyn Arnold Librarian 3; Twirler 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2; Rekamemoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary 3; Reka¬ memoh President 3; Newspaper 2, 3; Class Play 3. Kenneth Baumgartner Band 2; Student Council 3; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Archery Club 4. Marjorie Becher Chorus 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Reka¬ memoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Rekamemoh Vice President 3, 4; Newspaper 3; Office Help 3, 4. Dee Myron Byerly Class President 1; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA President 3; Student Council 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Band Treasurer 2; Annual Staff 4; Track 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2; Class Play 3, 4. Carolyn Kae Christener Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Pep Club 1, 2; Rekamemoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Newspaper 1, 2; Class Play 3; Band Secretary 4. Harold Dick Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Cross Country 4; Chorus 1, 4; FFA 4; Archery 4; Art Club 4. Carol Egley Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Rekamemoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Twirler 2, 3; Newspaper 3. Robert Fosnaugh Photography Club 4; Pep Club 3, 4. Paul Germann FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Photography Club 4; Band 1, 2. . , fel 044 Compliments of PETERSON GRAIN Peterson Kaye Heare Chorus 1; Rekamemoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Newspaper 1, 2. Mary Haugk 3, 4; Chorus 1; Rekamemoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Newspaper 1, 2. Costa Hike Band 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2; Cheerleader 1; Rekamemoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Class Play 4; Newspaper 1, 2. Merlin Habegger Roger Habegger Pep Club 3, 4; Photography Club 1, Pep Club 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 4; Annual Staff 4. Photography Club 1, 4. Sharon Hirschy Chorus 1, 4; Rekamemoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. I Thomas Hoffman Chorus 1; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 4; Basketball 3. Palmer Inniger FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; State Math Contest 2; Chorus 1; Photography Club 4; Newspaper 4; Librarian 3; Annual Staff 4. Richard Kaehr FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA Vice President 3; FFA Treasurer 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Club 4; Class Play 3 , 4; Class Treasurer 1; Annual Staff 4; Newspaper 4. William Kershner FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA Vice President 4; Track 2; Student Manager 3, 4; Newspaper 3, 4. ( Compliments of JACK’S SHELL and ARNOLD LUMBER SUPPLY CO. Decatur ( 21044 . Larry Lautzenheiser Band 1, 2; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Pep Club 2, 3; Cross Country 3; Archery 4. Dianne Liechty Chorus 1, 4; Rekamemoh 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Class Secretary 2; Art Club 1, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Secretary Art Club 4; Annual Staff 4. Gene McKean Pep Club 3, 4; Math Club 4. Larry Meyer Richard Landis FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; County Ping-Pong Co-Champ 3; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 4; Baseball 4; Art Club 1. Basketball 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA Reporter 4; Geneva 1, 2; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3, 4. Lowell Michaels Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Newspaper 2; FFA 4; Photography Club 4; Photography Club Treasurer 4; Class Play 3; An¬ nual Staff 3, 4; Annual Staff Editor 4. Jerry Mitchel Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; County Ping-Pong Co-Champs 3; Student Council 4; Student Council President 4; Band 1, 2; Class Play 3, 4. Alan Miller Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3» 4; Track 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Art Club 1; Newspaper 2, 3, 4. Nancy Parrish Rekamemoh 3; Class Play 4. Mary Jane Rice Rekamemoh 3; Chorus 1. Compliments of BOB HELLER INSURANCE Decatur Compliments of ZINTSMASTER MOTORS and IDEAL DAIRY BAR Decatur Paul Riley Class Play 4; Newspaper 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4; Math Club 4. Gary Ringger Class Play 3, 4; Newspaper 2; Track 3; Photography Club 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. Richard Rowden Student Manager 1; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1; Newspaper 2, 3. SONJA SCHUG Cheerleader 1, 3, 4; Rekamemoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Nancy Shoaf Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 4; Stud ent Council 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Reka¬ memoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. James Taylor FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA Secretary 3. Joyce Tharp Ridgeville 1, 2, 3. James Weaver Patsy Zimmerman Pleasant Mills 1, 2; Camden-Frou- tier 3. Marvin Zurcher Newspaper 2, 4; Photography Club 4; Class Play 3. 3S! Compliments of ENGLE AND IRWIN MOTORS Packard and Studebaker Sales Decatur FI SetUox TVitC We, the graduating class of 1956, being of perfect physical health and of highly trained and intelligent minds (we hope) do hereby publish our last will and testament. It is our sincere desire that our heirs will make good use of (although we know this will be diffi¬ cult) our many possessions and talents that we have. To the faculty and students of A.C.H.S. we will our strong minds and brave hearts for we know the shock of not seeing our pleasant faces around Dear Old C.H.S. will be a great strain on their emotions. To Mr. Reed, our devoted principal, we will another co-operating senior class such as we have been. To Mr. Montague we will an annual staff that will work unceasingly at the task of preparing another “Cen- Trails.” To Mr. Arnold we will a 6’ 10” basketball player so that he might have a championship team. To Mr. Watson we will a group of friendly senior agricultural boys, who can act like one large happy family. To Miss Beavers we will a pair of crepe sole shoes so that she can slip up on her students. To Mr. Collier we will a giant electric sweeper so that he can clean his shop by throwing a switch instead of chasing the “clean-up” boys all over the school. To Mr. Neuenschwander we will a TV camera and receiving set so that he can watch his study hall from the corridors. To Mrs. Ellis we will a new fangled gadget whereby she can control her weight by turning knobs instead of dieting. To Miss Beihold we will a great big room for the newspaper work so all the staff will have plenty of room. I, Marilyn Arnold, will my ability to be unfriendly to all Senior Class Romeos to Gretchen Schnepp and Vivian Hamilton. I, Kenneth Baumgartner, will to Leslie Plough my ability to attract any girl’s attention. I, Marjorie Becher, will to Linda McKean my ability to stay away from the boys until after I graduate. I, Dee Byerly, will my ability to innocently knock over chairs in study hall to Ronald Gerber. I, Carolyn Christener, will to Flossie Schwartz my quiet and shy ways while in and out of school. I, Harold Dick, will my muscles and track ability to Don Bailey in hopes that he will maintain track records as well as I have. I, Carol Egley, will my ability to be an excellent hostess and also the use of my house for Senior parties to Mar¬ jorie Sprunger. I, Jim Fisher, will my knowledge and know how of Studebaker automobiles to Jim Baumgartner in hopes that they will be of some value to him. I, Robert Fosnaugh, will my ability to flirt with any girl and get a dirty look in return to Dan Ross. I, Paul Germann, will my mechanical knowledge of Chevrolet automobiles to Mike Lehman. I, Merlin Habegger, will my light complexion and blond hair to Joyce Irwin. I, Roger Habegger, will my ’49 convertible to Jane Uhrick in hopes that she will use it to catch some hand¬ some fellow. I, Mary Haugk, will my ability to say the wrong thing at the right time to Margaret Griffiths. I, Kaye Heare, will my ability to laugh at anything whether funny or not to Doris Cauble. I, Costa Hike, will my ability to be a cut-up in class and also to be the life of the party to Barbara Fiechter. I, Sharon Hirschy, will my ability to go with a fellow in the Army to Shirley Hirschy. I, Tom Hoffman, will to Bob Wechter my height in hopes that he will develop into an outstanding basketball player. I, Palmer Inniger, will my scholastic standings to Lud- milia Gorb. I, Richard Kaehr, will my FFA achievements to Philip Moser and hope that he will reach the achievements that I have. I, Bill Kershner, will my ability to go steady with a Junior girl during my Senior year to Dave Smith. I, Richard Landis, will my excellent typing speed to Sonja Yoder. I, Larry Lautzenheiser, will my innocent manner when being accused of something to Cynthia Lehman. I, Diane Liechty, will two more successful years of high school to my sister Pat. I, Gene McKean, will my height to Carole Kershner, so she can find out for herself how the weather is up here. I, Larry Meyer, will to Carol Heller a smoother Peter¬ son Road. I, Jerry Mitchel, will to Mark Ripley my position as center on the varsity team in hopes that he will do as good (?) work as I have. I, Arlen Mitchel, will to Arleen Freels my ability to go steady with one person for a long period of time. I, Alan Miller, will Ron Corson my dancing ability and also my popularity at the Decatur Youth Center. I, Lowell Michaels, will to Linda Stultz and Carol Kaehr my ability to be editor of “Cen-Trails.” I, Nancy Parrish, will my Ford convertible to Phyllis Singleton and my ability to be an excellent “hot-rod” driver to Wayne Byerly. I, Mary Jane Rice, will to Connie Roe my ability to tie up the Monroe telephone line. I, Paul Riley, will my position on the newspaper staff to Karen Reed and my ability to be an “A” student to Sandra Cramer. I, Gary Ringger, will my curly hair to Terry Shoaf. I, Dick Rowden, will to Gary McMillen another cham¬ pionship intramural basketball team. I, Sonja Schug, will my cheerleading ability to my sister Linda. I, Nancy Shoaf, will my ability to be absent from Law class two-thirds of the time to Edith Hirschy. I, Jerry Sprunger, will to Jim Steiner my all around athletic ability. I, Karen Snyder, will my cheerleading ability to Mary Lou Ehrsam and my ability to go with a college student to Betty Steury. I, James Taylor, will to Rollie Zimmerman a faster Chevrolet so that he can keep up with my ’56 Ford. I, Joyce Tharp, will my ability to go steady during my Senior year to Nancy Frank. I, Janies Weaver, will my physical build and curly hair to Charles Heare. I, Marvin Zurcher, will my quiet ways in the corridors of A.C.H.S. to Emanuel Gerber. I, Patsy Zimmerman, will to Marjorie Nussbaum my ability to walk gracefully through the halls. In witness, herewith, we the undersigned have set our hand and seal on this twenty-first day of February, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Six. SENIOR CLASS Compliments of MORRISON FARM STORE and BOB WORKINGER’S TEXACO SERVICE Decatur I 1 Senior Cei44, ‘Profifectf With spring, 1966, comes the great, fascinating news! Central’s class of ’56 has completed plans to establish the first city on the moon. As we all know, several months ago, dauntless rocket pilot Alan Miller, was the first man to land on the earth’s satellite, paving the way for Centralville. He will also conduct the second expedition. On tack for this voyage are valuable members of the crew. Scientist, Marvin Zurcher, is interested in the scientific study of prehistoric people and wants to prove the new theory in evolution. Bill Kershner, plumber, has turned explorer and will assist flatfoot, Arlen Mitchel, in keeping peace and quiet on the moon. Arlen will be well armed with his little brother’s guns. “Centralville will grow and flourish under a specially designed transparent dome,” reveals Roger Habegger, chief engineer. This dome is to be made of the new Fos-Germann material, which is now manufactured on a large scale in the Chicago factory owned jointly by Bob Fosnaugh and Paul Germann, financiers. Nancy Shoaf, an up-and-coming technologist discovered the synthetic material. To enhance the beauty of this city, Kaye Heare, wealthy heiress, plans to build a Solar radio city. Architect, Jerry Mitchel, has the contract for the golden structure. In the entertainment field will be that dynamic women’s wrestling team, Patsy Zimmerman and Joyce Tharp. Flash! We interrupt for a bulletin: From Daytona Beach comes an anxious request. Another famed female team, Hot Rod racers Nancy Parrish and Mary Jane Rice want to know if there’s a chance to establish a race track there soon. “We are making this voyage for the good of posterity,” report Dr. Gary Ringger and chiro¬ practor Lowell Michaels (of the Richard Rowden Memorial Hospital, named after the famous surgeon Richard Rowden). They are all set to establish two new Moon clinics to take care of the aches and pains of the pioneers. Sonja Schug has received the required amount of training in America and England to teach moon-pupils. Sonja thinks she will start with the kindergarten “darlings.” In order that the new city will have its legal problems taken care of, Larry LaUtzenheiser is prepared to establish a branch law office of the firm of Lautzenheiser, Lautzenheiser, and Lautzenheiser there. Renowned scientist-editor Paul Riley (founder of the Monroe Howl, first newspaper established in the Class’s alma mater city) will publish the first edition of the Solar Snooper in June. Likely to make front page news then is the wedding of Costa Hike and Dick Landis, who plan to spoon while living on the moon. TV expert Merlin Habegger has arranged publicity plans for the event, and the Rev. Larry Meyer will officiate. First clothing manufacturers on the moon will no doubt be Sharon Hirschy and Marjorie Becher, designers of Non-Ravel Playsuits. Also traveling with the idea of selling staple goods on the new frontier i s Harold Dick, ex-muscleman, who is taking along his Ready-Mix Manufacturing tub, which has taken him far in the Ready-Mix Foods business. While we’re on the subject of food, we would do well to mention Marilyn Arnold, famed cook, who has packed several of her pickle recipes. She solemnly says she will take only the best. Of course there will be need for doughnut dunkers such as Carolyn Christener and Tom Hoffman—if Gene McKean, baker, and Dianne Liechty, chief doughnut counter move their successful machine to this new city. And here’s good news: They will supply the Jims’ Restau¬ rant with fresh-baked delicacies. The co-owners of the place, Jim Fisher and Jim Weaver, prom¬ ise good eating at any phase of the moon. Additional features of Centralville will be Carol Egley and Kenneth Baumgartner’s beauty salon—and the successful Haugk’s Super Service. A greasy business, Haugk’s is run by Mary Haugk, a tricky greafee gun operator. Both establishments should go far. Agricultural advisors will be a necessity on the moon because of the limited amount of fertile ground. Dee Myron Byerly and Richard Kaehr, who have both received many honors in the United States for their knowledge in the field, have volunteered to shoulder this tremendous task. At the moment they are packing and examining different types of soil testing kits to see which kind will be most suitable. Already signed up for the journey are several persons who really believe that variety is the spice of life: Karen Snyder says she craves adventure and wants to look for strange birds. She has a huge feather collection and is tickled pink at this opportunity. Mountain climber Palmer Inniger is hunting special picks and ropes to withstand the tremendous heat of the moon’s day. His desire is to explore the moon’s North and South Poles. Jerry Sprunger, famous hypnotist, feels a need to be carried away, so he has paid in advance for a first class ticket. So plans are completed and the Class of ’56 is ready to take off. We wish them well on their new adventure—and wonder what Centralville will be like twenty years from 1966!! Compliments of RIVERSIDE GARAGE and ZWICK FUNERAL HOME Decatur Antics of girl crazy dudes and Eastern gals on a real “Wild West ranch literally had the audience roll¬ ing in the aisles the night of Oc¬ tober 21. Orchids go to the whole cast and their director, Miss Imogene Bei- hold, for their smash hit, “Girl Crazy. THE CAST Director —MISS IMOGENE BEIHOLD Compliments of HI-WAY SERVICE, FRITZ ELLSWORTH and WERTZBERGER’S CONFECTIONERY Decatur ' VfVWVW Sponsors Compliments of DICK MANSFIELD MOTOR SALES and HOLTHOUSE SCHULTE CO. Decatur President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sponsors RONALD CORSON .. WAYNE BYERLY BETTY STEURY CAROL KAEHR MR. FRUTH MR. NEUENSCHWANDER James Baumgartner Wayne Byerly Doris Cauble Ronald Corson Sandra Cramer Mary Lou Ehrsam Barbara Fiechter Nancy Frank Arleen Freels Emanuel Gerber Ronald Gerber Ludmilia Gorb Margaret Griffiths Vivian Hamilton Charles Heare Compliments of R. S. M. STUDIO Bluffton Donald Bailey ■Mi mmmmm Compliments of MONROE MOTOR SERVICE and BAHNER’S BARBER SHOP Monroe Danny Ross Gretchen Schnepp Linda Lou Schug Flossie Schwartz Terry Shoaf Phyllis Singleton David Smith Marjorie Sprunger Virginia Steffen Jim Steiner Betty Steury Linda Stultz Bob Wechter Jane Uhrick Sonja Yoder Carol Heller Edith Hirschy Shirley Hirschy Joyce Irwin Carol Kaehr Carol Kershner Cynthia Lehman Michael Lehman Linda McKean Philip Moser Marjorie Nussbaum Leslie Ploughe Karen Reed Mark Ripley Connie Roe Quttion- Compliments of M. W. AUTO SALES and BLACK FUNERAL HOME Decatur President Vice President Secretary Treasurer . Sponsors GARY McMILLEN . MURL YODER WINSTON LISTER PHILIP BARGER .... MR. COLLIER MR. ARNOLD Janet Agler Janice Bailey Jerry Beard Philip Barger Alice Beer Jerry Bovine Doris Bluhm Donna Cauble Mae Christener Suzanne Edwards Charles Fell Sara Habegger Mary Hamrick Roger Hawkins Richard Hirschy Compliments of GERBER’S FURNITURE AND UPHOLSTERY Bluffton ( 58 ® ?; Compliments of DECATUR EQUIPMENT and HOOSIER PETE Decatur Mariana Jauregui Nancy Jauregui Tom Lambert Rose Lantz Cecilia Lehman Pat Liechty Winston Lister Danny Mendoza Marcia Merriman Gary McMillen Carolyn Mitchel Richard Myers Chloe Neuenschwander Bette Royer Delores Sauder Wilma Simon Ruth Sipe David Solano Barbara Sommer Barbara Steiner Ned Stucky Gorden Snyder Jackie Snyder Jerry Tharp Marilou Ldirick Judy Worthman Murl Yoder Floyd Zimmerman Lloyd Zimmerman Rolland Zimmerman 92 Compliments of LUTES FLOWERS and SMITH SCRAP IRON Decatur S ; ' 1 urn 1 i JK f ' ZSZ. " J §§ ; l M I President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sponsors Wilbur Bailey Gene Baumgartner Robert Brown Mary Dick Max Egley Georgianna Essex Patty Frank Jerry Gerber Lois Gerber Dorothy Geyer Evelyn Griffiths Alan Habegger Larry Habegger Carol Haggard Norman Hart John Hartman Carol Helmrich Tom Heyerly Terry Hike Bill Hoffman TOM HEYERLY ROGER SCHLICKMAN WANDA NEUENSCHWANDER CAROL HAGGARD MRS. ELLIS MISS BEIHOLD Kathleen Adler Albert Andrews Barbara Arnold James Hoffman Clare Inniger David Isch Joe Lambert John Lantz Fred Mann Evelyn McKean Irene Merriman Olin Moeschberger Wanda Neuenschwander Doveanna Nussbaum Shirley Osterman Donald Ray Linda Reber Roger Schlickman Compliments of BANK OF GENEVA, Geneva and VIM SPORTING GOODS, Fort Wayne Carol Shoaf Kay Singleton Jan Smith Joe Sprunger Mabel Steffen Karen Stultz Annette Thomas Jay Venable Delores Weber Terry Witte Larry Wittwer Bernice Yager Evan Yoder Arlene Zimmerman Steve Zimmerman Robert Schwartz Bernard Shoaf Compliments of BERNE MASTER FEED STORE, INC and GRABER TIN PLUMBING CO. 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Decatur v if WTi t iff III SI If kmJftii Sh ' gif?. iW’WfjR mfP C £-. . $• • » v f s?r Ms-sj «mK :-. s ,X 8Slk-- illpiggt First row: S. Ehrsam, R. Heyerly, R. Kaehr, A. Steiner, T. Rupert, K. Cauble, R. Zimmerman, J, Rowden, K. Stavenik, S. Yoder. Second row: Mr. Johnson, J. Ringger, J. Royer, S. Mattax, D. Maines, E. Heare, A. Johnson, B. Kolhi, J. Eicher, M. Worthman. Third row: R. Dick, J. Vore, L. Knittle, R. Habegger, R. Gerber, B. McKean, M. Hedington, J. Sanders, B. Baumgartner. i SixC l Compliments of CENTRAL DAIRY Bluffton First row: M. Stuckey, S. Longsworth, G. Lehman, J. Haggard, M. Solano, A. Smith, D. Cable, J. Arnold. Second row: B. McMillen, V. McBride, R. Owens, L. Hoffman, R. Yoder, R. Parrish, B. Tharp, D. Lister. Third row: D. Hamilton, M. Fosnaugh, M. Hawkins, E. Miller, P. Johnson, R. Schwartz, N. Mitchel, S. Heyerly. Fourth row: P. Meyer, K. Bailey, S. Strickler, Mr. Strahm, N. Simon, P. Sommer, L. Urich, M. Parrish. First row: S. Frank, A. Singleton, J. Brown, K. Shoaf, J. Ross, J. Christener, K. Rich, S. Mattox, J. Roth. Second row: Mr. Ehrsam, M. Busse, A. Moser, S. Hill, C. Fellers, S. Wagley, D. Johnston, J. McCullough, R. Lautzenheiser. Third row: R. Schwartz, N. VonGunten, M. Mann, M. Mann, M. Fuelling, M. Frauhiger, R. Collins, M. Baumgartner. Not pictured: J. Knittle, H. Schwartz, C. Schwartz, M. Schwartz, E. Wickey, E. Schmidt. Compliments of GILLIG DOAN FUNERAL HOME and BLACKWELL’S DEPARTMENT STORE Decatur tyveuCe First row: D. Heyerly, D. Sharp, L. Bauman, D. Gerber, F. Strickler, D. Arnold, M. Vizard, S. Helmrich, J. Bertsch. Second row: Mr. Watkins, D. Gerber, C. Hart, D. Patrick, D. Hoagland, J. Shoaf, D. Sommer, E. Eicher. Third row: S. Schlickman, A. Schwartz, G. Tonner, G. Barger, B. Wolff, ' J. Jennings, B. Engle, M. Tussing. First row: D. Hirschy, M. Kaehr, N. Aschliman, B. McBride, B. Mann, D. Fellers, S. Teeter, L. Schaffer. Second row: K. Uhrick, K. Reed, M. Anderson, N. Habegger, N. Bertsch, C. Hoag- land, P. Hirschy, G. Zimmerman. Third row: L. Conrad, S. Hartman, S. Lehman, S. Miller, B. McCullough, A. Inniger, C. Schwartz, I. Steffen. Fourth row: B. Schnepf, R. Poling, S. Hazelwood, Mrs. Byerly, R. Habegger, R. Ray, R. Pyle, C. Lambert. 0 pount i f tcicCe Compliments of BERNE EQUITY EXCHANGE CQ. and GLOBE HATCHERY Berne D. Smith, E. Schwartz, P. Bowers, O. Neuenschwander, K. Michaels, J. Shoaf, R. Suman, J. Vore, J. Drake. Second row: S. Cook, J. Miller, B. Bluhm, G. Zimmerman, E. Beer, M. Leyse, L. Johnson, L. Mailer. Third row: W. Tonner, J. Beard, S. Bailey, D. Egley, G. Cauble, E. Dennison, J. Kaehr, M. Johnston. Fourth row: R. Aschliman, B. Osterman, J. Bailey, Mrs. Welches, J. Steffen, D. Decker, S. Schnepf, G. Rupert. Not pictured: M. Yager, R. Haines, E. Sell, B. Hirschy. First row: T. Steffen, C. Steffen, J. Yoder, S. Worthman, T. Engle, J. Elkin, R. Mattax, M. Kaehr, D. Aschliman, M. Rowdon. Second row: M. Ehrsam, L. Geyer, B. Houk, C. Everett, M. Ross, R. Smith, E. Hutcherson, K. Aschliman, R. Sommer, F. Yoder. Third row: D. Mendoza, R. Steury, J. Williams, L. Lautzenheiser, J. Hill, E. Morrison, K. Bieberich, J. Clark, C. Teeter, P. Nidlinger. Fourth row: K. Pyle, D. Moser, M. Moeschberger, V. Adler, Mrs. Mills, D. Harmon, L. Ringger, P. Ehrsam. Compliments of HARDEN IMPLEMENT SALES and POPLAR DRIVE IN Berne First row: B. Williams, N. Brehm, K. Heyerly, K. Witte, G. Engle, K. Habegger, J. Ringger, N. Longsworth, D. Poling, R. Converse. Second row: S. Maines, D. Agler, L. Lehman, E. Mankey, D. Arnold, L. Summerset, J. Riojas, J. Fritz, S. Eicher, S. Kaehr. Third row: J. Irwin, P. Gerber, J. Gilbert, C. Teeple, A. Parrish, S. Sprunger, R. Kershner, S. Von Gunten, E. Nussbaum, T. Oliver. Fourth row: J. Steffen, V. Hedington, N. Brokaw, S. Zurcher, Mrs. Crist, R. Stucky, G. Straub, R. Clifton, S. Cable, S. Hildebrand. 9 First row: M. Johnson, J. Drake, K. Engle, N. Ward, A. Dennison, C. Arnold, G. Cable, J. Smith, L. Genth, E. Burkholder. Second row: W. Adler, S. Smith, P. Mankey, J. Sprunger, A. Shoaf, E. Yoder, S. Smith, N. Hartman, K. Ehrsam, D. Maines. Third row: J. Kaehr, T. Nussbaum, S. Amstutz, J. Hirschy, C. Connelley, P. Shaffer, R. Mailer, K. Miller, J. Riojas, M. Beer. Fourth row: S. Wagley, L. Tonner, K. McKean, A. Baumgartner, Mrs. Egley, T. August, L. Osterman, L. Rich, S. Stucky. Not pictured: R. Schwartz, A. Hilty, D. Schwartz, B. Schwartz, R. Hilty. Compliments of MATTAX AUTO PAINT SHOP and MONROE WASHING MACHINE REPAIR Monroe Seco uC tytcuCe First row: G. Busse, K. Gunder, L. Feller, E. Worden, K. Watkins, R. Arnold, C. Gerber, J. Inniger, D. Griffiths, G. Longsworth. Second row: M. Riojas, E. Hazelwood, L. Stevens, J. Morningstar, J. Suman, K. Lutes, R. Cable, C. Anderson, C. Hildebrand. Third row: C. Cable, J. Gerber, L. Morrison, R. Engle, S. Plough, D. Landis, R. Collins, J. Ehrsam, D. Roudebush. Fourth row: S. Harmon, D. Gerber, R. Schnepp, J. Stepler, Mrs. Beaty, A. Borne, S. Landis, T. Ogg, C. Teeple, B. Schwartz. First row: Mrs. Habegger, V. Burkhead, G. Gerber, P. Zimmerman, B. Cable, E. Mankey, C. Dick, L. Sowards, K. Sprunger, L. Oliver, M. Lengerich. Second row: S. Wickey, T. Tussing, S. Sommers, L. Ratcliff, L. Tonner, L. Bieberich, L. Williams, G. McBride, R. Aschliman, D. Evans. Third row: D. Goelz, B. Brown, L. Eicher, G. Hendricks, L. Kauffman, D. Harmon, J. Gilbert, R. Adler, S. Keishner, W. Stout. Compliments of DUTCH MILL Bluffton I ■ First row: Mrs. Griffiths, A. Miller, D. Mankey, R. Ogg, C. Suman, A. Ringger, C. Teeple, T. Hutcherson, J. Double. Second row: M. Engle, C. Gerber, T. Atkinson, A. Troyer, A. Birch, L. Kaehr, D. Heyerly, N. Fox, L. Brokaw. Third row: G. Agler, V. Heyerly, L. Werling, B. Stuckey, R. Borne, D. Sprunger, C. Taylor, M. Habegger, L. McCullough. Fourth row: S. Shetler, M. Schwartz, L. Zook, J. Yore, R. Schwartz, E. Schwartz, S. Schwartz, R. Clark. ; • Compliments of FRED CORAH INSURANCE AGENT and SPRUNGER IMPLEMENT CO Decatur gjMjE] nl ¥• i Compliments of FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK Bluffton If you heard some good tootin’ and fast heatin’ at the Adams Central basketball games, you probably knew it was the thirty-seven lively brass, woodwind, and bass horn blowers; and five drummers of our band, directed by Don Gerig. The band looked sharp (and probably felt sharp) in their new uniforms purchased by the P.T.A. u«tcon- cuteC Arlene Zimmerman, Arleen Freels, Janice Yoder, Jean Smith, Shirley Osterman, and Gretchen Schnepp. 7cvinlen Compliments of YAGER FURNITURE CO., INC s. V ’ A and YAGER FUNERAL HOME First row: C. Heller, B. Steiner, S. Habegger, R. Sipe, C. Neuenschwander, D. Cauble, M. Merriman, J. Snyder, K. Snyder, B. Arnold, K. Adler, D. Bluhm, C. Mitchel, A. Freels, W. Neuenschwander. Second row: E. Hirschy, B. Steury, M. Sprunger, D. Cauble, C. Haggard, C. Helmrich, L. Reber, P. Frank, C. Lehman, D. Liechty, S. Hirschy, C. Kaehr, I. Merriman. Third row: G. Schnepp, P. Liechty, B. Royer, D. Nussbaum, C. Egley, M. Griffith, J. Irwin, L. McKean, F. Schwartz, M. Nussbaum, C. Roe, C. Lehman, N. Shoaf. Fourth row: C. Inniger, P. Riley, J. Steiner, B. Wechter, G. McMillen, J. Hoffman, M. Ripley, L. Michaels, A. Mitchel, A. Miller. Fifth row: M. Egley, P. Moser, R. Gerber, D. Landis, J. Sprunger, H. Dick, M. Lehman, R. Kaehr, D. Ross, D. Byerly, D. Smith. Music ringing through the Central gym at the County Sunday School Convention, chapel programs, the County Music Festival, and at Christmastime featured the sixty-three voices of the mixed chorus. Special selections sung at their appearances included “Climbing Up the Mountain,” “Stout-Hearted Men,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and. at Christmas, “Carol of the Bells.” For directing the pupils in producing these inspiring melo¬ dies, credit and honor go to Don Gerig. Director —MR. DON GERIG OFFICERS—Carol Heller, Carol Egley, Betty Steury, David Smith, Doris Bluhm, Betty Royer. Compliments of LEE HARDWARE CO., INC. and HOOKER PAINT Decatur Rakish red knit tarns topped with tiny bills and white pom-pons completed the traditional outfits of white tops, scarlet skirts, or slacks, and crimson neckties. Brand new yells appeared—one with an Indian beat and another boasting a rock and roll theme. These were dreamed up as a result of the trip made last fall to Indiana University by the cheerleaders and sponsor Mar¬ cia Ruddick. First row: S. Schug, A. Freels, L. Schug, C. Egley, C. Hike, M. Arnold, M. Becker, D. Liechty, K. Christener, M. Haugk, K. Heare, S. Hirschy. Second row: C. Lehman, P. Liechty, E. Hirschy, C. Heller, D. Cauble, A. Beer, M. Uhrick, W. Simons, B. Sommers, M. Nussbaum, S. Yoder, C. Roe. Third row: L. Reber, K. Singleton, A. Zimmerman, M. Steffen, M. Dick, C. Kershner, S. Hirschy, S. Cramer, N. Frank, B. Yager, D. Nussbaum, G. Schnepp. Fourth row: B. Royer, D. Bluhm, J. Worthman, I. Merriman, E. Griffiths, C. Kaehr, M. Griffiths, B. Fiechter, J. Bailey, K. Adler, P. Frank, B. Arnold. Fifth row: J. Snyder, S. Edwards, C. Neuenschwander, D. Cauble, M. Ehrsam, E. McKean, D. Weber, G. Essex, C. Haggard, C. Helmrick, K. Stultz. Sixth row: M. Christener, C. Mitchel, R. Sipe, M. Merriman, R. Lantz, N. Jaurequi, D. Sauder, M. Jauregui, B. Steiner, J. Agler, M. Hamrick, S. Habegger. Seventh row: J. Uhrick, J. Irwin, F. Schwartz, M. Sprunger, B. Steury, L. Stultz, A. Thomas, S. Osterman, P. fingleton, K. Reed, V. Steffen. e 6U te n 6. Seventy-nine strong in its sixth year, the Rekame- moh Club, sponsored by Mrs. Mary Ellis, started their doins’ with the annual home economics-F.F.A. hay- ride in October. Two busloads of girls sang Christ¬ mas carols in Decatur before returning to Central for their traditional gift exchange—complete with Santa Claus. A demonstration on pie baking by one of the members introduced 1956’s activities. (There’s no need now to ask, “Can a Rekamemoh girl bake a cherry pie?”) ’Twas leap year—and April found the girls primp¬ ing and preening for “Date Nite,” when the gals turned tables to ask the guys on an evening out. For a last farewell after a pleasant year, the graduating members were feted at a senior breakfast in May. Vice President Sponsor President ... . Secretary Reporter Treasurer ... MARJORIE BECKER .. MARY ELLIS SUZANNE EDWARDS ARLENE ZIMMERMAN NANCY FRANKS ..... MARILOU UHRICK Compliments of HAUGK HEATING APPLIANCES Decatur pc ' ' pufrcie 0 ?asi He ' i4. First row: Jerry Sprunger, Mr. Wat¬ son, Bill Kershner. Second row: Philip Moser, Larry Lautzenheiser, Mike Leh¬ man, Larry Meyer, Arlen Mitchel. Compliments of CLIFF NUSSBAUM STORE and FELBER IMPLEMENT Berne “Learning to do—doing to learn—learning to live—living to serve . . The Future Farmers of America motto was well supported during the ’55-’56 year by Central’s chapter. While entering various judging contests such as last October’s soils judging meet—in which the boys went to the state—Future Farmers community service work stands as evidence of this. Besides the traditional Thanksgiving good will baskets, chapter members declared war on pests, teaming with other district chapters to rid Hoosierland of thousands of harmful “varmints.” Parliamentary procedure boys demonstrated their prize¬ winning work to three county organizations. Though it was an off year for Martin Watson’s team (ineligible for competition after reaping state-wide honors last year) they have groomed themselves for the next season, while helping others learn. First row: J. Sprunger, L. Meyer, L. Lautzenheiser, J. Fisher, P. Barger, D. Byerly, A. Mitchel, T. Lambert, D. Bailey, T. Shoaf, D. Mendoza. Second row: P. Germann, J. Mitchel, M. Lehman, J. Hartman, T. Hoffman, D. Ray, R. Kaehr, R. Hawkins, B. Hoffman, W. Byerly, H. Dick, J. Lambert, B. Shoaf, R. Habegger, L. Michaels, M. Watson, R. Brown. Third row: J. Smith, R. Hirschy, C. Fell, C. Inniger, D. Landis, J. Taylor, A. Miller, P. Inniger, T. Heyerly, A. Habegger, R. Meyers, E. Gerber, J. Gerber, P. Moser. » STOCKY ft CO KOKUttTOfSJ rr WINNER CROPS JUDGING T 1953 1954 STATE CONTEST D ° Y LE COTt ivi£r Ut % L 5 ec W r° T u sh, B p Hab e AT. £S l - . c 6,pe c 7v’ G ' cAfi « Ha rici ; fi f eA n f le chter. Compliments of MENNONITE BOOK CONCERN and BERNE OIL CO. Berne 4 cli visor beavers • IgBk Co-Editors —PAUL RILEY and BARBARA FIECHTER m jp -.1 1 m ! m m Advisor —MISS IMOGENE BEIHOLD Co-Editors PAUL RILEY BARBARA FIECHTER Page Editors KAREN REED, CAROL KAEHR, CYNTHIA LEHMAN, MARGARET GRIFFITHS. Writers BETTE ROYER, SHIRLEY HIRSCHY, ALAN MILLER, CAROLE KERSH- NER, GARY McMILLEN, ALICE BEER, PHYL¬ LIS SINGLETON, RICHARD KAEHR, MAR¬ VIN ZURCHER. Production DORIS CAUBLE, VIRGINIA STEFFEN, CECILIA LEHMAN Compliments of DR. FIREOVED, VETERINARIAN Berne Sponsor —MR. REED President —JERRY MITCHEL Secretary —CYNTHIA LEHMAN first row: M. Ripley, N. Shoaf, B. Royer, S. Oster- man, C. Lehman, C. Hamilton, J. Mitchel. Second row: A. Sharp, G. Baumgartner, N. Stucky, L. Cable. Compliments of TEEPLE TRUCK LINES and ASHBAUCHERS’ TIN SHOP Decatur Leo Parrish, Dickey Steiner, Ruben Sabano, Steven Hike, Dennis Feulling. MR. NEUENSCHWANDER Sponsor bJTM ■ jU — i V---] Hifv; pc. ' • - 7.- ' ’ ' V; “ Bk V ? •I k K . ' 11; ' ;- - | mi ' r ■ I p.i. - Compliments of AIRPLANE STATION and ROSE HILL DAIRY Bluffton Ler °y Cablfty j ° bn Reed r Fie chrer, Linda Stute Nancy Parish, Barbara zt AUGUST 30—Went back to school and got our book list. Here we go again! SEPTEMBER 1—Start back to school (To Study!) 5— No school (Vacation already!) 6— Christinas card sale started. 7— Band organized. 9—Juniors got class rings. Band got new uniforms. 12—Annual staff started selling advertisements. Chorus organized. 17—Band marched at Berne Festival (First time to wear new uniforms). 20— Election of class officers. Seniors chose class play. 21— Juniors and Seniors start magazine sale. 22— Student council held first, meeting. 23— Art and Photography Clubs were organized. 26— Senior class play tryouts. (There are some Clark Gables and Grace Kellys) 27— Freshman Initiation (Many broken backs). 28— Play practice began (More work). 29— Student Council meeting, elected Jerry Mitchel president. 30— Sophomore class party. Rekamemoh club organized. OCTOBER 4— Senior skating party (we-e-e). 5— End of magazine sale. (Carol Heller winner) 6— Chose cheerleaders, Karen Snyder, Sonja Schug, Bette Royer, and Mary Lou Ehrsam. 7— Math Club organized. (Brains meet!) 10— Seniors get pictures taken. (Watch the birdie!) 11— F.F.A. Initiation. (You green hands and flour faces) 14— Pep club organized. (Miss Ruddick sponsor) 17—P.T.A. Auction. 19—Sophomores got school sweaters. 21— Senior class play (Very fine performance by all). 24— Junior class party. 25— Rekamemoh and F.F.A. Hay Ride. (Man was it crowded!) 27— Teachers’ Institute. 28— Teachers’ Institute. (What a welcome vacation!) 29— Band marched at Berne Halloween Parade. 31— Band marched again, this time at the Decatur Halloween Parade. Twirlers got first prize. Congratulations! NOVEMBER 1—Art Club Halloween Party. (Boo! Eeek! Spooks!) 4—First basketball game with Geneva. We won 55-54. Nice going, boys! 7—Chorus sang at Sunday School Banquet. 10— High school boys went hunting. (Bang! Bang!) 11— Got pep club hats. Basketball game with Monmouth. Monmouth won 60-53. (Ugh!) 15— Freshman class party. 17— Seniors choose class color and flower. (Colors—Blue and White, Flower— Carnation.) 18— Basketball game with Jefferson. They won 64-63. (What Happened?) 22— Basketball game with Pleasant Mills. They won 66-62. R.S. M. took activities pictures. 23— Thanksgiving program. (Rev. Schmidt, speaker) 24— Thanksgiving vacation. (Hurrah!) Compliments of BERNE 5c to $1 STORE and NEUENSCHWANDER INC. INSURANCE Berne pJSt 1111 Mill DECEMBER 2—Basketball game with Lancaster. They won by two points 60-58. 6— Basketball game with Huntington Twp. We won 65-64. (Nice going, boys!) 7— Chorus went to Geneva to practice for county music festival. 8— County music festival. (Very impressive!) 9— Basketball game with the Commodores. They won 69-62. 13— Seniors measured for caps and gowns. 14— Seniors received pictures. 16— Basketball game with Chester Center. They won by one point 54-53. 17— Basketball game wit h Berne. They won 60-45. 19— P.T.A. grade school operetta. Gave it for the benefit of the whole school in the afternoon. 20— Basketball game with Ossian. We won 57-46. (Nice game, boys!) 22— Rekamemoh party. (Went Christmas caroling.) 23— Started Christmas vacation. JANUARY 2—Back to school. (Oh! No!) 4—Basketball game with Monroeville. We won 56-45. 6— Tickets for county tourney went on sale. 11— Pep rally. (Yea! Rah! Central!) 12— Adams Central vs Monmouth in county tourney. Monmouth won 55-48 after a close battle all the way. 14—Monmouth won county tourney beating the Commodores 79-45. 20—Basketball game with Bryant. We won 69-50. 25— Seniors ordered name cards. 26— Juniors and Seniors went to Decatur to get T-B X-ray. 27— Basketball game with Hartford. They won 77-55. Voted for most popular and most likely to succeed. Sonja Schug and Jerry Sprunger were voted most popular, and Karen Snyder and Paul Riley were voted most likely to succeed. 28— Vocal contest in Fort Wayne. (Stretch those vocal cords!) 30— Juniors chose class play. 31— Played Union Center. They won 69-55. FEBRUARY 1— Juniors went on field trip to Fort Wayne. (Picked up some fresh bread in the process.) 2— Farmers’ Institute. 3— Played Pleasant Mills. We won 63-55. 7— High school basketball teams went to see hockey game. 8— Voted for “Cen-Trails” King and Queen. (Who is it?) 10—Played Monmouth. They won 84-83. (A heart breaker!) 14—Played Commodores. We won 80-68. 17—Played Petroleum, the Wells county champions. We won 63-44. Crowning of queen, Karen Snyder. (Very lovely queen.) 22-25—Sectional. (Come on, Greyhounds!) MARCH 5—Junior skating party. 30—Good Friday. APRIL 2—Volleyball tournament at Berne. 19— Geneva County track meet. 20— Junior High skating party. (Oh my aching back!) 21— Mathematics regional contest. (All brains alert!) 24—Ping-pong tourney. 27—Spring concert. MAY 7—Seniors leave on trip to Washington. 11—Seniors get back from trip. (Man are we tired!) 13—Baccalaureate. 15—Commencement. (A sad day (?) ) 18—Last day of school. (So long until next year.) Compliments of BERNE OVERALL CO., INC. and BERNE LOCKER STORAGE Berne ■ V S ••• . i Guard LARRY MEYER III Forward JIM STEINER Guard GARY McMILLEN Center JERRY MITCHEL Compliments of HERFF-JONES CO. -Fort Wayne Forward DAVE SMITH JERRY SPRUNGER Forward KENNETH BAUMGARTNER T I $ 1 : Guard RONALD CORSON Center HAROLD DICK Compliments of HARMAN ' S MARKET and GERBER’S MEAT MARKET Decatur First row: Kenneth Baumgartner, Larry Meyer, Jerry Sprunger, Harold Dick, Ron Corson, Dave Smith. Second row: James Steiner, Gary McMillen, Jerry Mitchel, Tom Hoffman, Mark Ripley, Danny Ross. l cvt4cty z4 et zlC The 1955-56 basketball season was one of ups and downs. The team did finally snap together for the last four season games as they won 3 of those 4 and lost only by one point to Monmouth. With the Sectional yet to play Jerry Mitchel is leading in field goal percentage with a fine 44%. He is being pushed by Jim Steiner with 43%. Jerry is also leading for the rebound trophy with 332 rebounds and is leading in assists with 75. Kenny Baumgartner is leading the foul shooting with a 68% accuracy. These percentages may change yet with the playing of the Sectional. Coach DON ARNOLD Managers MIKE LEHMAN BILL KERSHNER Compliments of YOST GRAVEL READY MIX Decatur M3 ■j: -H First row: Gene Baumgartner, Philip Barger, Ronald Gerber, Tom Heyerly, Max Egley. Second row: Winston Lister, Danny Ross; Mark Ripley, John Hartman, Mike Lehman, Wayne Byerly, Coach Don Arnold. Compliments of BUTLER GARAGE and HELLER COAL AND FEED SUPPLY Decatur Second ‘Scui et zCC First row: Max Egley, Tom Heyerly, Terry Hike, Norman Hart, Alan Habegger. Second row: David Isch, Bill Hoffman, Jerry Gerber, Coach John Fruth. First row: Jerry Sprunger, Ron Corson, Dee Myron Byerly, Jerry Mitchel, Jim Steiner, Alan Miller. Second row: Ronald Gerber, Philip Barger, Harold Dick, David Isch, Gary McMillen, Terry Hike. Third row: Richard Rowden, Max Egly, Gene Baumgartner, Kenny Baumgartner, Mark Ripley, Richard Landis. Fourth row: Bill Kershner, Alan Habegger, John Hartman. Tom Heyerly. ■ The varsity baseball nine recorded a five won and two lost season this year. In the County Conference they ranked second, and in the Eastern Indiana Conference they finished in third position. The reserve team played four games—winning three of them. Dee Myron Byerly won the pitcher’s trophy with a 1.95 E.R.A. Harold Dick finished the year with a 2.70 E.R.A. Ron Corson won the batter’s trophy with a .727 average. The varsity members were D. Byerly, H. Dick, J. Sprunger, A. Miller, K. Baumgartner, J. Mitchell, R. Rowdon, R. Landis, R. Corson, J. Steiner, M. Ripley, R. Gerber, and G. McMillen. Coach JOHN FRUTH Student Manager BILL KERSHNER Compliments of PHIL L. MACKLIN CO. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Decatur Compliments of EDWARDS STUDIO and SCHAFER STORE Decatur fu Uo% ' Sa4e £C First row: Richard Hirschy, Danny Mendoza, James Hoffman, Alan Habegger, Philip Barger. Second row: Jerry Sprunger, Jim Steiner, Coach Don Arnold, Danny Ross, Harold Dick. First row: Loren Habegger, Leroy Cable, James Brown, Larry Foreman, Don Agler, Ronnie Maines, Denny Mertz, Sidney Schwartz. Second row: Clayton Strickler, Jerry Funk, Claude Strieker, John Inniger, Coach Leroy Cable, Robert Hart, Jerry Hirschy, Larry Funk, Garry Bluhm. First row: Gary Bluhm, Leroy Cable, Jerry Funk, Larry Funk, Deuane Arnold. Second row: David Haugk, John Inniger, Jim Brown, Palmer Uhrick, Larry Foreman, Claude Striker, Coach Leroy Cable. Third row: Dick Steiner, Denny Mertz, Ronnie Maines, Don Agler, Bob Hart, Sidney Schwartz, John Sommer. i The Adams Central Junior High bas¬ ketball team enjoyed another success¬ ful season, winning 12 and losing 4 de¬ cisions. The County Junior High Bas¬ ketball Tourney remains to be played. The team showed good balance and strong scoring power. They were sparked by Larry Foreman and Jim Brown in winning the Four-Way Tour¬ ney the second time in three years. In the finals they beat Jefferson 42 to 10. One more win on their part will bring the trophy to Adams Central per¬ manently. Compliments of BERNE ICE CREAM and BERNE LUMBER CO. Berne Carol Hamilton and Marcia Zimmerman t si Compliments of BERNE HARDWARE CO and E. P. SPRUNGER, D.D.S. Berne l f ■F i|yy V ■: i r J ■■l r jyi gf ’v: . K i jj-iV » ' - ' V- ' I ISHHpE ' H ■ ; e t- Marjorie Becher escorted by Larry Lautzenheiser i Schug escorted by Jerry Sprunger Betty Steury escorted by Dee Myron Byerly Carolyn Kae Christener escorted by Jim Fisher SONJA SCHUG JERRY SPRUNGER fo Succeed KAREN SNYDER PAUL RILEY Compliments of DR. N. E. BEAVERS and EDWARD AFFOLDER SONS Berne i wfe s4Ccum U Audrey Andrews Baumgartner .. Mary Baumgartner Landis Norma Bradford Donna Bucher Byerly June Caudle Rhoades Diana Crist Maryan Carolyn Egly Nussbaum ... Bernita Ehlerding Haines Marilyn Fox Norman Funk Meyers George Geyer Delores Graber Moser Marie Habegger Strahm Donald Haines Dmitri Hendricks Charles Hoffman Leroy Kolter Beverly Lobsiger Rich Loren Moser Gerald Nussbaum Pauline Rupert Kolter Andrew Schrock Irene Schwartz Watkins Wendell Sowards Edith Steury Arnold Mary Jane Steury Weller ...... Lavonne Strahm Cross Doyle Arnold Mary Byerly Arnold Norman Cook Gloria Crownover Herman Dick Fannie Habegger Millard Habegger Jean Haines Bauman Mary Lou Hanni Converse Clifford Hirschy Dale Hirschy Anna Inniger Liby John Liby Elizabeth Johnston Strahm .. Phyllis Kohli Cleo Landis Roe Lehman Robert Mitchel David Nussbaum Jim Riley Sally Ross Schwartz Mary Ellen Schnepp Kaiser Lester Schindler Enos Schrock ., Lester Schwartz Pauline Schwartz Robert Shaw ... Paul Sowards David Sprunger Stanley Sprunger Henry Wagley Donald Walters Dale Worthman Earl Yoder . Raymond Zurcher Pat Barger Mitchel Wendell Beer Gene Bluhm J im Brodbeck Leroy Chamness Don Dick Marilyn Durr Longenberger Fredrick Ehlerding Kenneth Ehrman Elain Freels Bluhm Eileen Funk Hoffman . Lyle Gerber Luther Hedington Don Holloway 1951 1952 1953 - Toxin, Ind., Housewife Huntington, Ind., Housewife Ft. Wayne, Ind., Beauty Shoppe Kirkland Twp., Housewife Decatur, Ind., Housewife Ft. Wayne, Ind., Nurse Berne, Ind., Housewife Preble, Ind., Ft. Wayne Wire Die Monroe Twp., Ft. Wayne Bible College Decatur, Ind., Housewife Decatur, Ind., Saylors Monroe Twp., Housewife Goshen, Ind., Proof Company Kirkland Twp., Farming Monroe, Ind., College Kirkland Twp., Purdue Extension Kirkland Twp., Farming Bluffton, Ind., Housewife French Twp., Farming Army Kirkland Twp., Housewife Dayton, Ohio, Construction Co. Decatur, Ind., Courthouse Arkansas, Mechanic Kirkland Twp., Housewife Berne, Ind., Housewife Monroe, Ind., Teeple Truck Lines ... Kirkland Twp., Fuller Brush Salesman Decatur, Ind., Housewife ... Kirkland Twp., Air Force Muncie, Ind., Ball State Teachers College Japan, Marines Ft. Wayne, Ind., Farm Bureau Lafayette, Ind., Purdue University Monroe, Ind., Housewife Bluffton, Ind., Calor Clinic Monroe Twp., Central Soya Berne, Ind., Berne Furniture Berne, Ind., Housewife Berne, Ind., U. S. Rubber Monroe, Ind., Housewife Monroe, Ind., Central Market Washington Twp., Farming Monroe, Ind., Farming . Washington Twp., Freuhauf Trailer Berne, Ind., Berne Furniture Marion, Ind., R.C.A. Berne, Ind., Housewife Union Twp., Housewife .. Monroe Twp., Berne Furniture Monroe Twp., Carpenter Berne, Ind., Mobil Service Station Monroe Twp., Farm Bureau Biloxi, Miss., Air Force Decatur, Ind., Ft. Wayne Car Dealer Lafayette, Ind., Purdue University Monroe Twp., Farming Lafayette, Ind., Purdue University Lafayette, Ind., Purdue University Kirkland Twp., Franklin Electric Berne, Ind., A. J. Moser Oklahoma, Army Kirkland Twp., Housewife Decatur, Ind., Sinclair Filling Station, Berne Monroe, Ind., Berne Furniture Korea, Army Howe, Ind., Farming Decatur R. R. No. 4, Decatur General Electric Washington Twp., Housewife Kirkland Twp., Farming Deceased Monroe, Ind., Housewife Kirkland Twp., Housewife Monroe Twp., IGA Store Monroe Twp., Farmer Monroe Twp., Freuhauf Compliments of KENT REALTY AUCTION CO. C. W. Kent, Sales Mgr. Gerald Strickler, Auctioneer Decatur s4£u k u Arlene Habegger Mast- Monroe Twp., Secretary at Berne Overall Coleen Hirschey Sipe --- Decatur, Ind., Housewife Hubert Isch - Decatur, Ind., Employed by County Earl Johnson - Monroe Twp., Fanning Ernest Liechty -...- Monroe Twp., Berne Furniture Roger Longenberger --- Washington Twp., Berbers Furniture Co. Mary Michaels --- Fort Wayne, Ind., Hobby House Virginia Mitchel Nussbaufn Monroe, Ind., Housewife Edward Nussbaum Monroe, Ind., Berne Furniture Willis Nussbaum Monroe, Ind., Farming Walter Osterman - Fort Wayne, Ind., Central Soya Kay Ratcliff - Washington Twp., Central Soya William Rowdon - Alaska, Air Force Marvin Taylor Fort Sill, Okla., Army Eugene Weber .... Kirkland Twp., Farmer 1954 Sherman Arnold Bloomington, Ind., Indiana University Raymond Becker, Jr Washington Twp., Farmer Carl Bluhm --- Washington Twp., Monroe Grain and Supply Ruth Busse Washington Twp., Secretary Adams Central H. S. Norma Conrad Kirkland Twp., Lincoln Life Lester Egly - Berne, Ind., Meshbergers Office Kenneth Frank ........ Washington Twp., Berne Furniture Danny Gerber Decatur, Ind., Art Lengrich Donald Graber Monroe Twp., Farmer Nolan Griffiths Kirkland Twp., Farmer Alex Gorb Fort Wayne, Indiana University Extension Leon Habegger Fort Wayne, Tool and Die Shop Faye Haines Monroe Twp., Berne Winner House Barbara Haugk Monroe Twp., Haugk Heating Appliances Robert Heare Lafayette, Ind., Purdue University Paul Hill Tampa, Florida, Air Force Gene Hindenlang Bloomington, Ind., Indiana University Carolyn Hirschy Monroe Twp., Winner House, Berne Sigrun Karsunky Glusenberg, Germany, Attending School Richard Longenberger Kirkland Twp., Farmer Phyllis Mattax Monroe, Ind., Farm Bureau Office Harry Mazelin . Monroe Twp., Farmer Philip Nussbaum, Jr. Fort Wayne, Ind., Business College Shirley Plough Indianapolis, Ind., Indiana Central David Ringger Monroe Twp., Baumgartners Hatcheries William Ross - Korea, Army Robert Steury Monroe Twp., Berne Furniture Velma Strahm Monroe Twp., Berne Overall, Inc. Ronald Stucky Lafayette, Ind., Purdue University Carol Yoder Nussbaum . Monroe Twp., Housewife Jean Weaver Huntington, Ind., Huntington College 1955 Donald Barger Monroe Twp., Purdue Extension James Bauman Monroe Twp., Stoners Roderick Beer Rhode Island, Navy John Bluhm Monroe Twp., Berne Furniture Fred Fox Monroe Twp., Berne Furniture Florine Hirschy Ratcliff Monroe Twp., Berne Winnerhouse Goldie Hollopeter Decatur, Ind., Standard Food Store David Holmrick Decatur, Ind., Parrot Packing Co., Ft. Wayne Dorthy Lambert Washington Twp., Housework Allen Lehman Bloomington, Ind., Indiana University David Liby Kirkland Twp., International Harvester James Lobsiger Monroe Twp., Ft. Wayne Tent and Awning Howard Michaels Washington Twp., Farming Ardola Parrish Washington Twp., Stucky Co. Vernon Ratcliff Washington Twp., International Harvester John Ripley - Urbana, Illinois, Illinois University John Rowdon ..... New York, Navy Bernd Van Ruschen Germany, Attending School Dick Rumple Decatur, Ind., Johns-Mansville, Ft. Wayne Larry Schwartz Monroe Township, Farming Janet Shady N. Manchester, Ind., North Manchester College Mary Jane Shaw Marion, Ind., Marion College Gorden Singleton California, U. S. Marines Elaine Stultz Kirkland Twp., National Bank, Bluffton Patsy Urick Washington Twp., Schaffer’s Restaurant Ruth Weber Kirkland Twp., Concordia College Ronald Wagely Lafayette, Ind., Purdue University Kay Witte Van Wert, Ohio, City Power Miles Zimmerman Kirkland Twp., Fuller Brush Salesman Compliments of DR. HARRY H. HEBBLE, Decatur and THE BERNE WITNESS, Berne T atxotufe ‘ZCi, « £et ' " Patnottife We appreciate the support of our patrons in Decatur, Preble, Craigville, Tocsin, Berne, Monroe, Bluffton and Geneva, whose financial support made this annual possible. DECATUR Hooker Paint Begun’s Clothing Store Fred Corah Insurance Agent Sprunger Implement Co. Lee Hardware Schafer Store Engle Irwin Motors Gerber’s Meat Market Smith Scrap Iron Blackwell’s Dept. Store First State Bank of Decatur Adams County .Abstract Office Decatur Daily Democrat Reinking Garage Uhrick Brothers Petrie Oil Co. Gillig Doan Funeral Home Dierkes Implement Sales Hoosier Pete Gas Oil Beaver’s Oil Service Decatur Ready Mix Arnold Lumber Supply Co. Zintsmaster Motors Riverside Garage Ideal Dairy Bar Hi-way Service, Fritz Elsworth Morrison Farm Store Bob Workinger’s Texaco Service Dick Mansfield Motors The Kent Realty Auction Co. Holthouse-Schulte Co. Adler Brothers Garage Decatur Music House Harold Worthman Boyd Rayer Barber Shop Yost Gravel Ready Mix Phil Macklin, Chrysler Plymouth ' Wertzberger’s Confectionery M W Motor Sales Zwick Funeral Home Decatur Equipment Kroger Co. Jack’s Shell Lute’s Flowers Black Funeral Home Edward’s Studio Heller Coal, Feed Supply Haugk’s Plumbing Heating Butler’s Garage Ashbacher’s Tin Shop Bob Heller Insurance Teeple Truck Lines Harmon’s Market Mazelin’s Heating Appliance Dr. Harry H. Hebble BERNE Sprunger Lehman Co. Berne Lumber Company Berne Ice Cream Food Town Berne Oil Company Mennonite Book Concern Berne Locker Storage Berne Overall Co., Inc. Berne Hardware Dr. Howard Luginbill E. A. Affolder Sons Berne Master Feed Store Graber Tin Plumbing Co. Poplar Drive-In First Bank of Berne Moser Motor Sales Schindler Electric Cliff Nussbaum Store Liechty Motor Service Hi-way Hatchery Berne Equity Exchange Nagel’s Flowers Globe ' Hatchery Harden Implement Sales Berne Witness Berne 5c to $1.00 Store Yager Furniture Funeral Home Neuenschwander Insurance, Inc. BLUFFTON R. S. M. Studio Gerber’s Furniture Upholstery Dutch Mill Central Dairy Old First National Bank Farmer’s Merchant Bank Jahn Funeral Home Rose Hill Dairy Airplane Station MONROE Mattox Auto Paint Shop Monroe Washing Machine Repair Zurcher’s Mobile Service Monroe Grain Supply Coppess Corner Monroe Motor Service Bahner’s Barber Shop Central Market CRAIGVILLE Craigville Elevator Co. Craigville Garage Appliance Gerber’s Locker GENEVA Bank of Geneva Stucky’s Dri-Gas MAGLEY Dot’s Lunch PREBLE Lister’s Store Peck’s Hardware PETERSON Peterson Grain TOCSIN Tocsin Lumber Grain HONDURAS Neighborhood Grocery FORT WAYNE Vim’s Sporting Goods s4tuutaC Baber Jewelry Holthouse Drug Store Stucky Dept. Store Gilliom Lumber Co. Dr. H. B. Lehman Clauser Furniture Friedas Beauty Shop Horace Lehman Feed Mill Schwartz Gift Shop Cecil’s Beauty Shop Sutton’s Jewelry Kaye’s Shoe Store Goodin’s IGA Decatur Hatchery Bill’s Corner Decatur Dry Cleaners L. A. Ripley, Farm Bureau Insurance The Stop Back The Commercial Print Shop R. E. Allison Gay’s Mobile Service Erie Grocery South End Grocery Wasson Grocery Habegger Hardware Dale’s Shoe Repair Mr. and Mrs. Russel Mitchel Mr. and Mrs. George Stultz Mr. and Mrs. Otto Longenberge Hofstetter Motor Sales Geneva Lumber and Supply Co. Rentz Florist Community Oil Gas Western Auto Carter’s Store Steury Bottling Co. Isch Hardware Fern’s Dress Shop Dr. R. L. Boze Mel’s Realty Auction Co. Smith Brothers Walbert’s Cafe Larry’s Barber Shop W. M. Lehman Appliances Rich Barber Shop Dr. J. E. Morris Liechty Jewelry The Fair Store Dorsey Bisel Station Dr. J. 0. R. Campbell Hart’s Standard Service The Cardinal Inn Kozy Korner Restaurant Geneva Milling Co. Hanni Furniture Dr. Bixler, Optometrist Tht Beil Yearbook. Are TAYLOR MADE TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS. TEXAS

Suggestions in the Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) collection:

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