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 Assistant Manager JIM FISHER Advisor MRS. REED Editor ARDOLA PARRISH The staff and I are proud to present to you our As editor of the annual I wish to thank the annual staff for their willingness to co-operate in making our annual a success. We have had many pleasant ex- periences and also a few difficulties to overcome. On behalf of the annual staff I wish to express our appreciation to Mrs. Reed, our advisor, and the facul- ty for the support which they have given us in present- ing to you the Cen-Trails of 1955. 1955 Cen-Trails. We have tried to bring in all phases of life at ole A.C.H.S. so that in years to come the activities of this school year will not fade from memory. It has been a pleasure to work with this year’s staff. With no free time during the day a great deal of the respon- sibility was on our editor, Ardola Parrish. I especially appreciated the fine job you did Ardola. Compliment» of BOB HELLER INSURANCE. Decaturs4 utcozC Editor .............. Assistant Editor .. . Manager Assistant Manager . Sports Editor Asst. Sports Editor , Literary Editor Organization Editor Circulation Editor ARDOLA PARRISH LOWELL MICHAELS JOHN RIPLEY JIM FISHER ....... FRED FOX JERRY SPRUNGER .... ELAINE STULTZ KAY ANN WITTE JOHN BLUHM Sales Manager DAVID LI BY Prophecy KAREN SNYDER Class Will ALLEN LEHMAN Calendar JANET SHADY Alumni.................. RUTH WEBER Typists FLORINE HIRSCHY JOHN ROWDON Compliments of WERTZBERGER’S CONFECTIONERY and ADAMS COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. Decaturs4 uucat Elaine Stultz, Literary Editor, and Kay Witte, Or- ganization Editor, have been busy planning and proofreading the annual. Fred Fox, Sports Manager, and Jerry Sprunger, his assistant, have done much to make our annual a success. Much responsibility lies on our editor, Ardola Parrish, who with the assistance of Lowell Michaels has done a fine job. Sales Manager. David Liby, and Circulation Man- ager. John Bluhm. who are in charge of the sale of annuals have done a fine job. John Ripley, Business Manager, and Jim Fisher, his assistant, have the responsibility of selling ads and annuals. Compliments of GASS READY-TO-WEAR and MAZELIN’S HEATING DecaturNot always do we need to look to those in high office or in history for example and inspiration. Sometimes right beside us in our daily lives is a “very remarkable fellow” such as our Joe. By this small gesture, the dedication of the 1955 Cen-Trails, we the senior class, wish to express our appreciation of a real friend, Joe Baumgartner. He acquired many friends during his years of service as custodian at Kirkland and Adams Central High School.County Central Schools ams John 0. Reed, Principal To the Students and Staff of Adams Central: Congratulations on the accomplishments of the 1954 1955 school year. Adams Central can he proud of its development in the past three years, and with its certification of a lirsl class commission this year, takes its place as a leading educational institution of this area. Adams Central has reached this position through the diligent work of staff and students striving for a common goal. Let us keep the torch of learning high and seek continual improvement in the skills that lead to better leaders and citizens of tomorrow. Sincerely,s466c4ta ct SccftencMte tde tt @QU ttef SufiesU tte tde tt MR. TATE MR. CRABILL School oancC First row. left to right: Floyd Mitchel. William Linn. Evan Yake. Second row: Daniel Lantz, Au- gust Schlichman. Silvan Sprunger. and Harold Schwartz. (ZlenA Secnetany fo “PrutcifraC MISS RUTH BUSSE Compliments of LEE HARDWARE and ARNOLD LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO., DecaturDON ARNOLD teaches Health 10. Commerce 11-12. Physical Education 10. B.S., Manchester; Tenth Grade Sponsor. LUCILLE BEAVERS teaches Math 9-10-12 and English 9-11. A.B.. Indiana; Class Play Ad- visor. ScAocC tcuiCcf Compliments of KENT REALTY AND AUCTION CO.. Decatur, IMOGENE BEIHOLD teaches English 9-10-11 and Library. B.S.. Bob Jones; Class Play Ad- visor. Newspaper Advisor. Twelfth Grade Sponsor. Senior Trip. DOYLE COLLIER teaches In- dustrial Arts 8 to 12. B.S.. Ball State; Twelfth Grade Sponsor. Senior Trip.JOHN FRUTH teaches Health 10, Commerce 11-12, and Physi- cal Education 9. B.S., Manches- ter; Tenth Grade Sponsor. HARVEY HAGGARD teaches History 11 and General Busi- ness 10. A.B., Manchester and Indiana; Ninth Grade Sponsor. School Finance Officer. 'ytyupA, Sc oot 'pacctCty Compliments of SMITH SCRAP IRON, Decatur EARL MONTAGUE teaches Chemistry 12, Science 8 and Bio- logy 9. B.S., Ohio State; Ninth Grade Sponsor, Street Patrol Advisor. JANE REED teaches Home Ec. 7-9-10-11-12 and Physical Educa- tion 9-10. B.S., Ball State; An- nual Advisor, Home Ec. Club. Pep Club Director.MARTIN WATSON letches Vo- cstional Agriculture 8 to 12. Tenth Grade Sponsor, B.S., and A.B.. Kentucky; FFA Advisor. 'ttycy i ScAooC ?acoc(t t Compliments of HAMMOND’S FRUIT MARKET and RIVERSIDE GARAGE Decatur JOHN REED. Principal, 7-12. Government 12, World History 10, B.S., Ohio Northern and M.A., Ball State. Supervisor lunch room. Sponsor Student Council.tyiade NAOMI GRIFFITHS teaches First Grade. Ball State and Man- chester B.S. MARTHA HABEGGER teaches First Grade. B.S., Ohio Capitol. MARY EG LEY teaches Second Grade. Manchester. FRANCES BEATY teaches Sec- ond Grade. Manchester. NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY. HONDURAS AND PETERSON GRAIN. Peterson VEDA CRIST teaches Third Grade. Tri State and St. Francis. HARRIET MILLS teaches Third Grade. DePauw, Ball State and St. Francis. DOLORES BYERLY teaches Fourth Grade. Manchester, Ball State and St. Francis. HELEN INNIGER teaches Fourth Grade. Ball State. KENNTH WATKINS teaches fifth grade B.S., Anderson ELMER EHRSAM teaches fifth grade Indiana State, Ball State THOMAS ADLER teaches sixth grade B.S.. Huntington, Indiana LEO STRAHM teaches sixth grade Manchester LISTER’S STORE and PECK HARDWARE. Preble EZRA SNYDER teaches 7-8 math Tri State, Manchester ROBERT BROWN teaches 7-8 History B.S., Huntington, Manchester. Indiana U. THELMA HENDRICKS teaches Eng., Home Ec. Phy. Ed. 7-8 A.B. Ball State LEROY CABLE teaches Science 7 Phy. Ed. 7-8 Drivers Training H.S. Vernon Riley and Floyd Morrison Gordon Adamson, Veterans Agriculture. B.S.. University of Illinois. SW 0D'Uven Left to right: Lillie Rich. Alta Byerly, Lela Arnold. Flo Brandt, and Lucille Haines. First row: C. Reber. E. VonGunten. F. Sprunger, L. Rich. J. Macy. J. Hazelwood. Second row: P. Nussbaum. J. Nussbaum, W. Nussbaum. Not pictured: E. Arnold, H. Barger. R. Bucher, E. Converse, B. Fisher. N. Steffen. Compliments of CRAIGVILLE ELEVATOR CO. and GERBER’S LOCKER, CraigrilleJohn Ripley Personality plus Pleasant Mills 1, 2; Class Vice Presi- dent 3, 4; Play 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Pep Club 4. Secretary-Treasurer Pep Club 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Chorus 3. 4; Band 4. Student Manager 3; Base- ball 4; Track 4; United Nations Contest 3. Larry Schwartz Mother always said I’d be president Class President 1, 2, 3, 4; Play 4; Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Chorus 2. 3. 4; Li- brarian 2. 3, 4; FFA 1, 2. 3. 4; FFA President 3; FFA Section President I 4; State Algebra Test 1; State Crops Judging Champs 4; Student Council 2, 3; Student Council President 3; Central-Aires 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 3. 4. Elaine Stultz Sweet and hard to beat Class Secretary 2, 4; Play 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Reka- memoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Librarian 2; News- paper 2, 4; Office Help 3, 4; Chorus 1. 2; Queen 4. Allen Lehman Don’t fence me in Class Treasurer 2, 3. 4; Class Secretary 3; Play 3, 4; Newspaper 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Bas- ketball 2, 3; Baseball 3. 4; Track 2. 4; Student Manager 4; State Algebra Contest 1; United Nations Contest 3; Librarian 2. 3; Central-Aires 2, 3, 4; Brass Ensemble 2; Annual Staff 4. Compliments of STUCKY AND COMPANY. Monroe "Watch that stuff, fellas"Donald Barger Hard to convince Play 3. 4; Photo Club 2; Student Council 4; Student Council President 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Pep Club President 4; Librarian 2; Office Help 2. James Bauman Don’t rush me Track 2, 3, 4. Roderick Beer Give me basketball then girls Student Council 3. 4; Newspaper 2, 3, 4; Office Help 2; Chorus 1, 2; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 2. 3. 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Most Popular 3. John Bluhm He can meet any occasion Class Vice President 1; Photo Club 2; Pep Club 2, 3; Yell Leader 4; FFA 3. 4; Newspaper 2, 3, 4; Second Team 2; Annual Staff 4. Frederick Fox My heart belongs to the farm Play 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; News- paper 2, 3; Chorus 2. 3. 4; Band 3, 4; Central-Aires 3. 4; Yell Leader 4. Hey fellas, get a load of this" Compliments of TOCSIN LUMBER AND GRAIN CO.. Tocsin and R. S. M. STUDIO, BlufftonCompliments of ADLER BROS. GARAGE Decatur R. R. 4 Florine Hirschy A heart of gold Play 4; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Newspaper 2. 4; Rekame- moh 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4; Queen’s Court 3, 4. b .' Goldie May Hollopeter have no fears Play 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Newspaper 3; Chorus 3, 4; Band 3, 4; Reka- memoh 3, 4. David Helmrich Energetic when pushed Play 3; FFA 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Photo Club 2; Chorus 3, 4. Dorothy Lambert Laughing and carefree Monmouth 1, 2. 3; Chorus 4; Pep Club 4; Rekamemoh 4. David Li by An all around guy Annual Staff 4; FFA Assistant Treas- urer 3; FFA Sentinel 4; Newspaper 2; Chorus 1, 2. 4; Basketball 2; Pep Club 3. 4; Photo Club 2; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4.James Lobsicer Howard Michaels My taste in women changes Little man with big ideas Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2; Band 1, 2; Office Help 2. Newspaper 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3; Yell Leader 4; Librarian 2; Play 4; Track 3; Brass Ensemble 2. Ardola Parrish Ambitious gal with a winning way Class Secretary 1; Play 3, 4; Annual Staff 3; Annual Editor 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Rekamemoh 1, 3, 4; Reka- memoh Program Chairman 4; Librar- ian 2; Newspaper 2, 4; Office Help 2; Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4; Queen’s Court 4. Vernon Ratcliff The world would be dull without him FFA 1. 2. 3, 4; Track 3; Pep Club 3, 4; Librarian 2; Photo Club 2. John Rowdon Real Romeo Annual Staff 4; Librarian 1, 2; News- paper 2, 3. 4; Chorus 1, 2; Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Track 3. 4. “A rose among thorns” Compliments of ROSE HILL DAIRY, Bluffton and NEUENSCHWANDER INSURANCE, BerneBernd Van Ruschen A guy we’ll never forget German Exchange Student. Pep Club 4. Janet Shady Her friendship is worth having Pleasant Mills 1. 2; Band 3, 4; Reka- memoh 3. 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Librarian 4; Annual Staff 4; Play 3. 4; Chorus 4. Dick Rumple Cool kid Marion 1, 2; Chorus 4; Student Man- ager 3; Basketball 4; Baseball 4; Track 4. Mary Jane Shaw Ready to lend a helping hand Play 4; Reka memoh 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Librarian 2; Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4. Gordon Singleton Quiet and shy FFA 1, 2. 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2. 3; Pep Club 3. 4; Photo Club 2. Compliments of “Open the door, Richard” GERBER’S FURNITURE AND UPHOLSTERY BlufftonPatsy Joan Urick Small but mighty Chorus 1. 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Re- kamemoh 1, 2, 3, 4; Play 3, 4. Ruth Mae Weber A modest girl in words and ways Play 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Rekamemoh 1, 2, 3, 4. Ronald Wacley Slow and easy going Geneva 3; FFA 1, 2, 4. Kay Ann Witte He’s out of sight but not out of mind Play 4; Annual Staff 4; Rekamemoh 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Librar- ian 4; Newspaper 2. 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2. Miles Zimmerman What would typing class be without him? Pep Club 4; Librarian 1; Newspaper 2. “Baby! It’s cold outside” Compliments of CENTRAL DAIRY Bluffton and BERNE OIL CO. BerneSettion, 'Pwft tecfy Picking up the Monroe Gazette one early morning in the year of 1972, I glanced, as usual, at the headlines. It seems that some people would have a little consideration for John Rowdon. He was caught a few weeks ago trying to bum a ride on a train. When asked what he was trying to do, his only answer was “Huh.” What more could he say when he saw a gun being pointed at him by none other than the most deadly shot in all the United States. Sheriff Goldie Hollopeter. After John regained his senses, he asked to see his lawyer. Today is the day of his trial. His lawyer. Miles Zimmerman, is quoted: “I aim to save this bum (oops, I mean man) from this incriminating offense.” Reading down a bit farther I saw where the President. Patsy Urick. was going before the House to overrule the sale of bubble gum. A complaint was sent to President Urick from the new teenage rave, Dorothy Lambert, who has taken the place of Terry Moore. The other night at the premiere of Miss Lambert’s new picture, there was a riot between Vernon Ratcliff and Dave Helmrich, the two top bubble salesmen. Miss Lambert tried to stop the fight and in doing so got bubble gum in her hair. She cannot be seen in public for she had all her hair extracted. In reading the foreign news. I saw where Germany’s prime minister, Bernd Van Ruschen, was traveling to Lon- don, England, to spend a few days with the Duke of Wind- sor. the former Ronald Wagley of Monroe, Indiana. They are planning to attend the polo game which features the greatest polo player in Europe. Jim Lobsiger and his won- der horse, Rover. Mr. Lobsiger has played against all the polo players in the United States and Europe and has never been defeated. “Oil has been struck in Texas.” Yes. that’s what it said. “After all these years of trying. Mr. Roderick Beer and Mr. Richard Rumple finally became rich.” It seems only a few years ago that they started to drill for oil in hopes of getting enough money for the two mer. to buy themselves the goat ranch they have always wanted. They always did go for goat's milk. Well, what do you know? Ringley Brothers got them a new lion tamer. You couldn’t find me in a cage with one of those animals. I sure hope Miss Shaw knows what she is doing. It says here, “Miss Mary Jane Shaw will show the world her excellent control over her favorite cat. Chin- go. tonight at the fair grounds. Be sure to attend.” “Young whirl-wind discovers Rabies cure.” Young How- ard Michaels, who has been studying Science for only several years, floors Professor Albert Einstein and others by coming up with an amazing discovery for Dog Rabies. “If your dog has rabies,” says Dr. Michaels, “douse him in this special rabi solution. He will come out spotless and rabiless. Try it and see.” “Soap king sells out. Planning to retire.” Allen (Pee Wee) Lehman is planning to sell out his large soap plant located on the outskirts of Monroe to Gordon Singleton. The two men met yesterday to discuss terms of the sale. While discussing the sale, Mr. Lehman broke down in a flood of tears. “This was my life,” sobbed Mr. Lehman. “Please take care of the plant and all the employees, they have been so nice to me. Why last year they gave me a year’s supply of our nice soap for Christmas.” Mr. Single- ton, hearing the crying man tell of some of his saddest moments with the plant, also began to sob. Both men clung to each other and since the office was beginning to fill up with tears, Mr. Lehman’s secretary. Kay Ann Witte, called the doctor and the janitor to clean up the mess. Upon the doctor’s arrival, he found both men lying on the floor, exhausted from the cry. “Mrs. John Smith, alias Ardola Parrish, mourns loss of fifth husband.” Today Mrs. John Smith lost her fifth husband, the wealthy John Smith. Undertaker Jim Bau- man, who has investigated the mysterious death of all five men. says there is no trace of poison or any other illegal doings. Of course no one thinks innocent Mrs. Smith did anything, although she did inherit all of the wealthy men’s money. Upon finishing school. Johnny Bluhm took up tap dancing lessons with Arthur Murray’s assistant, Fred Fox. The two men became so attached to each other that Arthur had to fire Mr. Fox. That was the worst thing he could have done, for now the two of them are appearing to- gether on their own TV program. Everyone watch your screens and tubes. Fred has big feet. “Flying Saucer seen in Mountain area.” Oh, don’t be alarmed folks, just keep your seats. It is just John Rip- ley. following in his father’s footsteps, teaching his fif- teen children to yodel and sing “Hilly Billy Music.” Playing tonight at Carnegie Hall will be the great violin- ist, Ruth Mae Weber. On the program of entertaining music for the evening will be Beethoven’s “MIDNIGHT RIDE.” (I think it is Beethoven’s.) Attending this con- cert will be Larry Schwartz and his swinging five, who are known throughout the United States as the hottest com pickers around. “It will do these boys some good to listen to some cool music for a change,” says Mr. Schwartz. Reading the Society page. I noticed a new article called, “Your Love Problems.” The title sounded interesting so I began reading. “If you are tied down, don’t fret. I’m tied too says Don Barger, writer of the article. “Don’t let trifle things get you down, join the rest of us guys who are spending our nights in the gutter because of heartbreak. Whatever you do, never let your wife know how you feel. If she knew she would probably send you to bed without any supper and that would be drastic. So men. if you have problems, let me help. Just send your cards and letters to me, Donald Barger, 1234 North Second Street. Monroe, Indiana, and I will answer them as soon as possible.” Also on the Society page, was a brief article on Elaine Stultz. She got herself a man. She always did go for the dark and handsome and here she shows up with Liberace’s nephew. Whew! Some people have all the luck. Say, now, shouldn’t I recognize that woman. Of course, that is Florine Hirschy. Where did she get all those brats, er . . . I mean children. They have even got their pictures in the paper. It says here, “Youngest mother in the United States to have four sets of twins. During a cen- sus taken last year it was discovered that 28 year old Florine Hirschy is the youngest mother of the most child- ren.” Just think, eight kids in a little less than seven years. Help wanted. Some one to hold glue bottle while glue is being applied. If you are interested, see the manager, Mr. David Liby between now and Friday. Must have long, strong fingers. If the manager isn’t in. consult the nearest drugstore. You will probably find him there buying more glue. Compliments of DUTCH MILL, BlufftonOcm Stony As we look back into the pages of time we find that when the class of 1955 entered high school, there were 32 eager, green freshmen who started their first year with Larry Schwartz as President; John Bluhm as Vice President; Ardola Parrish as Secretary; Alvin Schwartz as Treasurer; and Miss Beavers as Class Sponsor. We held a class party in the fall of that year and ended the year with an- other one. Oh! were those seniors ever hard on us . . . When we came back the following fall as sopho- mores, we had one thing that we didn’t have to worry about—no more initiation. We started out by electing Larry Schwartz, President; Shirley Ru- pert, Vice President; Elaine Stultz, Secretary; and Allen Lehman, Treasurer. There were only 28 of us back for our second year of high school and our first class party. We started two new things in the school this year. The selling of sweaters and a carnival, which proved to be more fun for us than the visitors. We held our second class party and were out for a fun filled summer vacation. We entered our Junior year 28 strong and elected the officers; Larry Schwartz, President; John Rip- ley, Vice President; Allen Lehman, Secretary- Treasurer. We started out by giving the seniors a good race in the magazine sales only to be edged out on the last day. We then thrilled the public with the play of the year, “Stranger in the Night.” We also spon- sored a bake sale and a scrap drive to raise money. Between semesters we moved to the new build- ing. What a change! In the spring we sponsored a skating party up at Bell’s. Everyone attending had a good time. We didn’t do much the rest of the year, just waited for it to end. At last our senior year, ah! and in the new build- ing for the whole year. The first graduating class to spend a whole year in the new structure. We elected officers again: Larry Schwartz, President (he’s had a 4 year term); John Ripley, Vice President (he’s repeating too); Elaine Stultz, Secretary (back from the sophomore year); and Allen Lehman, (old money bags) Treasurer. The magazine sales were our first money making venture of the election. We came in second again (No Fuller Brush suspects in our class.) After the magazine sales were over we started to practice for what was the best attended play in the county (we think,) “New Fires.” Everyone enjoyed it but the director . . . she aged ten years at the prac- tices. In October we journeyed west . . . just to Bluffton, to have our pictures taken. After the hectic basketball season we left for the trip. We saw the capital building in Washington and most of the other federal buildings. Several other popular places were visited and then the trip home. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Baccalaureate, Commencement, and good-bye Adams Central. Compliments of BERNE ICE CREAM and MOSER MOTOR SALES, INC., BerneSection, 7{ M We. the Graduating class of 1955, being ot perfect physi- cal health and with sound and now brilliant minds, con- trary to the opinion of others, do hereby publish our last will and testament, rendering null and void all other state- ments which may have been made during a brief period of sanity, while attending the Adams Central High School. To Mr. Reed, our beloved principal, we will a page in the annals of time recording all the endurance records which he has established while supervising us. To Mr. Collier and Miss Beihold. our everpresent spon- sors, we will five years of rest before having to sponsor another group. To the rest of the faculty we will peace and quiet for future years, as well as all the notes, paper airplanes, squirt guns, and other outlawed articles which have been found in our possession. We also will them a class that will, like us, never tire of their work. To the Juniors, we will our quiet dispositions and our shoes which we so capably have filled during the past year with hopes that all the joys that have been ours will be theirs in their Senior year. To the Sophomores, we will a booth in the back of Kirk’s Place, the one that we were kicked out of. for the next two years and hope that they will use it in the correct manner. To the Freshmen, we will our sense of humor, without which we would have found school life painful indeed; and which will do much to make it endurable for them. I, Donald Barger, will my innocent manner when accused of something to Arlen Mitchell. I. James Bauman, will my track ability to Jerry Sprunger, and wish him the best of luck. I, Roderick Beer, will to Gary McMillen my four years of basketball on the varsity team. I, John Bluhm, will the handling of the school projector to Paul Germann and hope that he finds as helpful an assistant as he has been to me. I, Frederick Fox, will my deep bass voice to Dickie Landis and my cheerleading ability to Bob Fosnaugh. I. David Helmrich, will my ability to get along with any down-hearted person at any time to Karen Snyder be- lieving that she will capably do the job. I, Florine Hirschy, will to Carolyn Christener. my ability to go with a graduate of the class of ’S3. I, Goldie Hollopeter. will my ability to go with a boy in my class to Sue Roop. I, Dorothy Lambert, will my empty locker to whomever can learn the combination. I, Allen Lehman, will my ability to be seen with the right girl at the right time to Jerry Mitchel, and my scholas- tic ability to Harold Dick. I, James Lobsiger, will my knowledge of when and where to run out of gas to Kenny Baumgartner. I, Howard Michaels, will my whole library of “Mechanics Illustrated” and “Over-rated” to Gene .McKean, after I am through with them—especially the worn out ones. I. Ardola Parrish will my petite stature and social stand- ing to Nancy Parrish, and my annual editorialship to Lowell Michaels. I, Vernon Ratcliff, will my knack to get into trouble at the most inconvenient times to Kay Heare and Diane Liechty, who seem to know pretty well how to do it anyway. I, John Ripley, will my dreamy eyes and stylish haircut to Dick Rowdon and my school offices to Jim Fisher. I, Jack Rowdon. will my quiet and intelligent ways to Winston Lister. I, Dick Rumple, will my height and basketball ability to Palmer Inniger. I, Bcrnd Van Ruschen, will my whistling ability to enter- tain myself when idle to Richard Kaehr. I, Larry Schwartz, will my FFA standings to Dee Byerly and hope that he will attain the standings that I have. I, Janet Shady, will to Sonja Schug my height so that she may see what the people look like from above. I, Mary Jane Shaw, will everything I have received from school these last four years to Carol Egley with hopes that she enjoys it as much as I have. I, Gordon Singleton, will my pleasing smile to Marjorie Bee her. I, Elaine Stultz, will my ability to stay away from boys until my senior year to my sister, Linda Ann. I. Patsy Crick, will my quiet ways to Costa Hike and my friendly smile to Mary Haugk. I, Ruth Mae Weber, will to Marvin Zurcher my studious manners and hope that he will use them. I. Ronnie Wagley, will to Gary Ringger my broken chemis- try test tubes. I. Kay Ann Witte, will to Marilyn Arnold my ability to go steady with a boy in the class of 56. Warning! All girls stay away from my Kenny.” I, Miles Zimmerman, will to Larry Myers my path on the Peterson Road. In witness, herewith, we the undersigned have set our hand and seal on this first day of February, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Five. (Signed) Allen Lehman (Witness) Karen SnyderSento 'PCcUf, Out Director—MISS BEAVERS The Senior Class presented “NEW FIRES,” a three act comedy, on Friday night, October 29, 1954. The play, di- rected by Miss Beavers, was the story of an author who visited his inherited farm in an effort to regain his writing muse and to teach his sophisticated family the true values of life. This was accomplished after many serious and amusing events. We THE CAST They’re wailing for us, dear. Compliments of GLOBE HATCHERY and NAGEL’S FLOWERS, BerneCompliment of WALL’S BAKERY and IDEAL DAIRY BAR Decatur flcou i O icer President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Sponsors JERRY SPRUNGER JIM FISHER KAREN SNYDER MARILYN ARNOLD MISS BEAVERS MR. WATSON Sofido M rie OUic tA President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Sponsors MARCUS RIPLEY GRETCHEN SCHNEPP CYNTHIA LEHMAN CHARLES HEARE MR. ARNOLD MR. FRUTH President---------------------------------PAT LIECHTY Vice President MAE CHRISTENER Secretary-Treasurer BETTE ROYER Sponsors MR. MONTAGUE MR. HAGGARD Compliments of D. W. FIREOVED, Veterinarian BerneFirst row, left to right: M. Ar- nold, K. Baumgartner. M. Bech- er, D. Byerly, C. Christner, H. Dick. Second row: C. Egley, J. Fisher, B. Fosnaugh, P. Germann, M. Habegger, R. Habeggcr. Third row: M. Haugh, K. Heare, C Hike, S. Hirschy, T. Hoff- man, P. Inniger. Fourth row: R. Kaehr, B. Kersh- ner, R. Landis, L. Lautzenheiser, D. Liechty, G. McKean. Fifth row: L. Michaels, A. Mil- ler, A. Mitchel, L. Meyer, J. Mitchel, N. Parrish. Sixth row: M. Rice, P. Riley, G. Ringger, M. Roop, R. Row- don, S. Schug. Seventh row: N. Shoaf, K. Sny- der, J. Sprunger, J. Taylor, J. Weaver, M. Zurcher. Compliments of ZWICKS’ FUNERAL HOME and MONUMENTS GERBER’S MARKET. DecaturCompliment BERNE LOCKER STORAGE and FOOD TOWN BerneSofeAcrtuvie First row, left to right: J, Baumgartner. W. Byerly, D. Cauble. Second row: R. Corson. S. Cramer, M. Ehrsam. B. Fiechter, A. Freels, E. Gerber. R. Gerber. Third row: L Gorb. M. Griffiths. V. Hamilton. B. Hartman. C. Heare, C. Heller, E. Hirschy. Fourth row: S. Hirschy, T. Hoffman, C. Kaehr. C. Kershner. M. Knittle, C Lehman. M. Lehman. Fifth row: L. McKean. P. Moser, M. Nusabaum, L. Ploughe. K. Reed. M. Ripley, C Roe. Sixth row: D. Ross. L. Schug, C. Schnepp, F. Schwartz, P. Singleton. D. Smith. M. Sprunger. Seventh row: V. Steffen. J. Steiner, B. Steury, L Stultz. D. Turner, B. Wechter, S. Yoder. Compliments of BOWER’S JEWELRY STORE and HELLER COAL, FEED. SUPPLY CO. DecaturCompliment» of FIRST STATE BANK, Decatur Second row: A. Beer, D. Bluhm. J. Bovine. D. Cauble, M. Christ- ener. S. Edwards. Third row: B. Eicher, C Feld, S. Habeggar, M. Hamrick, R. Hawkins, A. Hilty. Fourth row: R. Hirschy, J. Hoi- lopeter, M. Juarequi, N. Juare- qui, T. Lambert, R. Lantz. Fifth row: C. Lehman, P. Liech- ty, W. Lister, G. McMillen, D. Mendoza. M. Merriman. Sixth row: R. Myers, C. Mitchel. C Neuenschwander, B. Royer, D. Sauders, J. Simon. Seventh row: R. Sipe, G. Snyder, J. Snyder. B. Sommers. B. Stei- ner, D. Stout. Eighth row: N. Stucky. M. Wicky, J. Wheeler, J. Worth- man. M. Yoder, R. Zimmerman. First row. left to right: J. Agler, J. Bailey. P. Barger. J. Beard Compliments of JEFFERSON GARAGE BERNE MASTER FEED STORE. INC.. R. H. MESHBERGER. BerneCompliments of BERNE LUMBER INC. AND HARDEN IMPLEMENT SALES Bernetfacute First row, left to right: K. Adler. C. Anderson. A. Andrew, B. Arnold. W. Bailey. Second row: S. Bollenbocker, R. Brown. M. Dick, M. Egley, G. Essex, P. Frank. Third row: L. Gerber, J. Gerber, D. Geyer, E. Griffiths, A. Habeg- gar, L. Habbegar. Fourth row: C. Haggard, G. Haines, N. Hart. D. Hartman, J. Hartman, G Helmrich. Fifth row: T. Heyerly, T. Hike, J. Hoffman, C. Inniger, D. Isch, J. Lambert. Sixth row: J. Lantz, F. Mann, E. McKean, 0. Meshberger, W. Neuenschwander, D. Nussbaum. Seventh row: S. Osterman, D. Ray, L. Reber, R. Schlickman, R. Schwartz, B. Shoaf. Eighth row: K. Singleton, J. Smith, L. Springer, J. Sprunger, M. Steffan, K. Stultz. Ninth row: A. Thomas, T. Witte, L. Wittwer, B. Yager, E. Yoder, A. Zimmerman. Not pictured: G. Baumgartner, P. Neuenschwander, C. Quinones, E. Schwartz. M. Schwartz. N. Schwartz, A. Shetler, M. Shetler. and A. Wickey. Compliments of KAYES’ SHOE STORE and SCHAFER STORE. DecaturSeventh Second row: B. Baumgartner, C. Bebout, G. Bluhm. L. Bollen- bocher, M. Bower», J. Brown, S. Collins. Third row: L. Decker. C. Ehr- sam. L. Foreman, A. Freels, D. Fuelling. J. Funk. L. Funk. Fourth row: J. Gerber. P. Ger- ber, K. Griffith». A. Habeggar. L. Habeggar, C. Hamilton. B. Hart. Fifth row: M. Hedington. T. Helmrick. J. Heyerly, R. Hilly. D. Hirschy, J. Hoffman. J. Hoi- linger. Sixth row: D. Hauck. J. Inniger, R. Jauregui. J. Kaehr, B. Lam- bert. J. Longsworth. K. McBride. Seventh row: P. McBride. C. McKean. S. McKean. R. Maine», D. Mendoza. D. Mertz. C. Miller. Eighth row: D. Mishler. C. Myers. G. Pyle. T. Ringger. J. Rupert. S. Sanders, J. Schwartz. Ninth row: J. Schwartz, S. Sch- wartz. A. Sharp. R. Simon. D. Smith. J. Smith. J. Sommer. Tenth row: D. Steiner, L. Steury. J. Stout, P. Urick. G. Yoder. J. Yoder. M. Zimmerman. Not pictured: F. Eicher, D. Sch- wartz. M. Schwartz, N. Wickey. Compliments of THE DECATUR MUSIC HOUSE and HARRY H. HEBBLE. Optometrist. Decatur BerneSeated—Front row. left to right: K. Nuvhaum. K. Brandt. J. Beer. J. Yoder. I). Baumgartner, R. Mishler. C. Ratcliff. D. Germann. R. Shoaf. M. Moser. T. Adler. Middle row: K. Cauble. I). Arnold. R. Cerl er. M. Zimmerman. B. Christ ner. J. Hirechy, R. Roth. D. Moser. R. Mazelin. L. Cable. Back row: M. Stavenick. S. Hike. I). Lamlwrt. R. Brown. I). Michaels. T. Schnepp. G. Wolf. I). Ray. J. Isch. J. Richer. Not pictured: E. Brehm, B. Schwartz. D. Schwartz, L. Schwartz. M. Schwartz. R. Schwartz. R. Schwartz. E. Troyer. E. Wickey. Compliments of YOST GRAVEL AND READY-MIX. Decatur Seated—Front row. left to right: H. Hirschy. J. Liechty. I . Smith. J. Yoder. N. Steury, R. Schlickman. C. Yake. D. Kershner. E. Knittle. J. Heyerly. Mr. Strahm. Middle row: C Andrews, N. Christener. L. Hoffman. G. Schnepp. K. Gerber. D. Kohli. C. Striker. V. Huth. R. Hartman. J. Landis. Back row: J. Lanlz. J. Hurst. J. Cramer. L. Parrish. D. Haggard. M. Drake. R. Beard. K. Reed. A. Gerber. S. Schwartz. Not pictured: E. Troyer. L. Hilly. L. Schwartz. E. Girod, L. Girod. E. Schmidt. S. Wickey.First row. left to right: K Stavenfle, S. Frank. T. Ruppert. D. Maine . J. Ringger. R. Gerber, S. Mattax. J. Haggard. M. Stueky. Mr. Watkins. Second row: A. Smith. A. Johnson. E. Heare, G. Lehman. J. Vore. I). Lister. I). Hamilton. M. Hedington. M. Parrish. D. McMillen. Third row: R. Kohli. E. Miller. K. Hollo|»eter, P. Sommer. L. Knittle. L. Urick. N. Mitchel, S. F.hrsam, R. Parrish. R. Zimmerman. Not pictured: C. Schwartz. J. Schwartz, R. Schwartz, R. Girod, S. Schmidt, M. Schwartz. R. Schwartz. First row. left to right: J. Arnold, S. Longsworth. J. Royer. K. Bailey, N. Simon, H. Hollopcter, J. Sanders. B. Baumgartner, E. Ehrsam. Second row: R. Owens, R. Schwartz. R. Kaehr, D. Stout. B. McKean. R. Habeggar, M. Hawkins, S. Heyerly, R. Dick. M. Fasnaugh. Third row: S. Yoder. K. Caublc. J. Rowdon. R. Yoder, R. Heyefly, C. Hartnet, D. Hendricks, M. Worthman, L. Hoffman. V. McBride. Not pictured: A. Steiner, P. Johnson, R. Wickey, J. Girod, M. Wickey, E. Schwartz. A. Schwartz. Compliments of GRABER TIN AND PLUMBING CO. and LIECHTY MOTOR SERVICE. BerneSeated—First row. Irfl to right: S. Mattox. I). Patrick. K. Kick N. Halims. J. McCullough. I). Grrbfr. I). Sommer. M. Turing. J. Shoaf. S-c«»n«l row: . Singleton. S. agley. A. Mowr. J. Jenning». C Hart. T. McKean. D. Heyerly. S. Schlickman. I). Arnold. Mrs. Inniger. Third row: C. Feller. J. Knittle. A. Schwartz. N. Vongunlrn. K. Polling, C. Barger. C. Schwartz. I„ Ehrsam. J. Christener. Al»senl: N. Schwartz. E. Schmidt. J. Trover. A. Wickey. J. Qu«inw. Compliments of BOB’S MARATHON SERVICE. Decatur Seated—First row. left to right: J. Roth. E. Wickey. M. Schwartz. J. Brown. K. Lautzenheiser, M. Baumgartner. L. Hilly. B. Collins. B. Engle. J. Koss. J. Bertsch. Second row: S. Helmrich, I). Brown. B. Wolff. I). Hoagland. I). Johnston. L. Bauman. S. Hill. I). Sharp. E. Eicher. Mrs. Byerly. Third row: J. Schwartz. I). Cerhrr. M. Mann. M. Frauhiger. M. Mann. C. lonner. M. Fuelling. M. Bussc. Absent: K. .Schwartz. A. Schwartz, H. Schwartz.First row: L. Shaffer, G. Zimmerman, B. Schnepp, J. Beard, J. Bailey, M. Yager, S. Schnepp, K. Reed, J. Miller, S. Cook, K. Michaels. Second row: J. Drake, S. Teeter, A. Inniger, E. Denni- son, J. Steffen, G. Rupert, C. Schwartz, B. McCullough, L. Mailer, D. Egley, P. Hirschy, Mrs. Mills. Third row: B. Mann, B. McBride, D. Decker, R. Ray, B. Tonner, R. Habegger, M. Hilty, E. Beer, J. Cauble, L. Johnson, O. Neuenschwandcr. First row: B. Bluhm, K. Ralph, D. Fellers, E. Schwartz, E. Schwartz, E. Wickey, J. Kaehr, D. Hirschy, P. Bowers, B. Schwartz, N. Aschliman, I. Schwartz. Second row: M. Kaehr, C. Hoag- land, N. Bertsch, D. Smith, I. Steffen, L. Conrad. J. Beitler, M. Anderson, M. Girod, E. Schwartz, N. Habegger, Mrs. Crist. Third row: J. Vore, S. Hartman, D. Ray, S. Miller, S. Hazelwood, J. Smith, S. Lehman, C. Wickey, R. Haines, B. Hirschy, A. Bender. Not pictured: S. Hartman, M. Leyse, R. Aschliman, M. Johnston, J. Troyer. Compliments of FRED CORAH INSURANCE AGENT and LUTES FLOWERS, DecaturFirst row: VI'. Hilly, N. Brokow. P. Ehrsam. I). Harman. S. Hildebrand. E. Schwartz. I). Troycr. J. Steffen. C. Straub. Second row: A. Ringger. S. Farling. M. Kaehr. K. Mattax. L Summerette, J. Hirschy. C. Steffen. C. Cable. S. Boss. I). Asrhlinian. K. Aschliman. N. Ixmgsworth. I). Agler, R. Stucky. Third row: S. Maine». L. Lauzenhciser, A. Parrish. B. Houk, B. Williams. J. Clark. C. Teeple. M. Moeschbergcr. V. Hcdington. G. McKinny, R. Kershnrr. Mrs. Beaty. Fourth row: K. Miller. K. Habeggar, E. Hutcherson. E. Mankey. R. Smith. I). Arnold. E. Wickey. M. Ro»s. J. Hill. W. Macy. T. Steffen. A. Baumgartner. Not pictured: R. Steury. I). Mendoza. Compliments of MORRISON FARM STORE. Decatur First row. left to right: M. Ehrsam. S. Cable. A. Zook. S. Eicher. K. Plye, R. Cliffton. T. Oliver. S. Zurcher. Second row: C. Ray. M. Rowdon. K. Witte. C. Everett. A. Girod. L. Schwartz, R. Schwartz. M. Schwartz. P. Gerber. L. Lehman. Third row: P. Nidlinger. G. Engle. V. Adler. E. Morrison. J. Gilbert. S.' Hoffman, D. Bieberich. J. Ringger. S. Worthman, M. Myrick. Mrs. Egley. Fourth row: J. Yoder. C. Teeter. 1). Poling. T. Engle. F. Yoder. K. Heyerly. R. Sommer, S. Won Gunten. S. Keahr, C. Rcinhard. Not pictured: L. Wickey. J. Riohas. E. Nussbaum. R. Converse. D. Moser. N. Brehm. L. Geyer.First row: R. Arnold, M. Brer. R. Cable. J. Thompson. A. Hilly, D. Griffiths. E. Yoder. R. Singleton. Second row: J. Smith. L. Stevens, M. Johnson. Ii. Maine , E. Hazelwood, C. Cauble, R. Hilly. D. Roudebush, C. Connelley, W. Adler. K. Engle. Third row: D. Hendricks. S. Smith. S: Wagley, A. Borne, T. August. K. McKean. C. Hildebrand. L. Osterman. A. Schwartz, K. Watkins. K. Ehrsam, Mrs. Habegger. Fourth row . S. Amstutz, E. Worden, D. Schwartz, R. Schepp. L. Tonner, S. Harmon. R. Engle. Not pictured: N. Hartman. L. Rich. B. Girod, B. Schwartz. First row: P. Mankey. R. Schwartz, D. Hartman. N. Troyer. J. Wickey. A. Knittle, L. Fellers. Second row: C Gerber. G. Longsworth, C. Anderson. T. Lengerich, C. Arnold. C. Teeple, P. Shaffer, N. Ward. S. Plough, J. Cox. Third row: M. Gerber, J. Inniger. J. Drake. S. Stucky. J. Kaehr. R. Mailer, J. Stepler. J. Morningstar, G. Busse, K. Lutes, T. Tussing, Mrs. Griffiths. Fourth row: K. Gunder, D. Landis, S. Landis. D. Gerber. T. Nussbaum. J. W'ickey. B. Schwartz. J. Sprunger, J. Ehrsam. ROY S. JOHNSON AND SON AUCTIONEER—REAL ESTATE and DECATUR HATCHERY, DecaturUJl.k.UIUI.UWHUl ■m — n n nijpi a l.° J LJ 1— .1- Go cent-ral grey-hounds show them how we play. t:—; r ;— T r t f — ip n n P 1 4 4- r crl M cJ Vt t j 1 1 fight, fight for the hon-or of the scar-let and the —i —1 1— hr P 34 J li. r r rl Q l.g J i grey you Rah! Rah! Go Cent-ral grey-hounds fight for 'Ii 7TT -p-r n P r P A 1 o rl 1 T 1 H' u r t r d r o 4—h 1 ' - J vic-to-ry spread forth the fame of our dear name, go J I T=-P P=— r I f t t r f you grey-hounds win this game!!! gw What a year for our band, trying to earn money for new uniforms and being host for the county music festival. All the county took part in this festival and there were approximately 175 members in the band and 282 in the chorus. They have partici- pated in all the home games. The band made formations and gave halftime floor shows. The band marched in the Berne Fall Festival in the early fall. The music department is planning a spring concert for the month of April. Good Luck to the Band next year.Our Director—MR. RAY Tttcxect @ tonu There are 53 members in the Adams Central Mixed Chorus. There are a Girls’ Chorus of 30 members and a Boys’ Chorus of 23 members. The activities of the Chorus this year were the county music festival and a public concert was presented in the spring. Aside from the Chorus as a group was a male quartet composed of Mr. Ray, Allen Lehman, Fred Fox, and Larry Schwartz; also a girls’ trio composed of Cynthia Lehman, Carol Kaehr, and Betty Stuery. These two groups sang for chapel and other assembly programs. C. «'»«■ Bs£. „ C. Roop. c Hi ', N. ArnoW- - a row: R uhm. , fir»t xo ■ 1 Snyder. Se c Lehman. ■ j ! pian» - § Schu . D nibert. f,ct. c- R. Gerber. F. — D s. %-our.h TO- v. t -H». r- c- NfU R o «. VTf« • s: “ST‘f—»ro;, f- ££ . m R’p" oW. r Roe. M. j. Lob»1 ' Mitch »- C. • V Vox. A. ‘n 0. Romplc- A- p. Uhy- v- • Compliments of CENTRAL MARKET and ZURCHER’S MOBILE SERVICE, Monroe ?cuinie This year Adams Central chose five twirlers to lead the band and perform at home games. Those chosen were Marilyn Arnold, Carol Eg ley. Sue Roop, and Arlene Freels as our majorettes. Gretchen Schnepp, back for her second year as our drum majorette. The twirlers performed at our home games and marched with the band at The Berne Fall Festival. They led the band in making formations at some of our home games. Everyone has enjoyed your fine per- formances and are wishing you luck for the coming year. Marilyn Arnold. Sue Roop. Gretchen Schnepp. Carol Egley, Arlene Freels Compliments of FIRST BANK OF BERNE, BerneHT First row. left to right: J. Shady. M. Shaw, C. Hollopeter. M. Ehrsam. V. Hamilton. A. Freels, S. Yoder. M. Sprunger. C. Lehman. M. Griffiths. E. Hirschy. F. Schwartz. M. Arnold. Second row: P. Urick, D. Lambert, L. McKean. L. Stultz. D. Cauble, K. Reed. B. Fiechter, M. Nussbaum. G. Schnepp. C. Roe. B. Steury. C. Kaehr, C. Heller. Third row: R. Weber. N. Parrish. M. Rice. D. Liechty, K. Heare. S. Cramer. S. Hirschy. C. Kershner. N. Frank. A. Beer. J. Hollopeter, I). Cauble. B. Sommers. Fourth row: E. Stultz. F. Hirschy. K. Witte. M. Becher, K. Christener, S. Schug. C. Hike. M. Haugk. P. Liechty. M. Christener. V. Steffen, P. Singleton. A. Parrish. Fifth row: K. Snyder. C. Egley. S. Roop. N. Shoaf. S. Hirschy. C. Lehman. B. Royer. I). Bluhm. J. Snyder. C. Mitchel. S. Habeggar. J. Agler. M. Jauregui. Sixth row: Mrs. Reed. D. Sauders. M. Merriman. M. Hamrick. S. Edwards, J. Worthman. R. Sipe. C. Neuenschwander. B. Steiner, J. Bailey. R. Lantz. N. Jauregui. Compliments of BEAVER’S OIL SERVICE Sitting: President. M. Arnold; Sponsor, Mrs. Reed; Vice President. M. Becher; Secretary. B. Steury. Standing: Program Chairman. A. Parrish; News Reporter. S. Hirschy; Treasurer. C. Lehman. Another year for the Rekamemoh homemaker backwards) club, this is our fifth year, and Mrs. Reed is again our sponsor. A semi-formal basketball banquet was given to the basketball players, coaches, yell leaders, and student managers on November 2. After the banquet a movie and a talk was given by Dike Eddleman. More pretty formals! We had a Christmas party and exchanged gifts in the Home Ec. room at the high school. Before the party the club went caroling. More fun! The FFA boys and Rekamemoh girls had a com- bined party in March at the gym. A movie was shown and the best dressed farmer and his wife was chosen. For a money making project the club sold press- ing cloths. A trip to Fort Wayne for the Rekamemoh mem- bers and their guests was planned for the month of April. A farewell party for the seniors was given by the club at the home of Mrs. Reed in the month of May.Yell leaders—Fred Fox, John Bluhm. Sonja Shug, and Jim Lobsigcr. fyeCC deadest Compliments of I.G.A. STORE, Berne Top left—SONJA SC HUG Bottom left—JOHN BLUHM Center bottom—JIM LOBSIGER Right 6ofrom—FRED FOX Pefr O cce President—DON BARGER Secretary-Treasurer—JOHN RIPLEY 'Pefr Our Pep Club was formed four years ago by Mrs. Reed. The Pep Club has increased considerably since it was formed. The purpose of the club is to boost the team and raise school spirit. Our club this year has 120 members. They all wear red and white outfits. They are really helping the school spirit. In years to come they will prob- ably increase greatly, because of the enrollment. Compliments of BANK OF GENEVA and COPPESS CORNER, Monroe0?citccie Our Future Farmers Chapter has been participating in many activities the past year. We have taken part in crops, livestock, dairy, and poultry contests in and out of the county. The crops team won the state contest. Our chapter held a safety contest in the school and gave prizes to the top winners. We observed National FFA Week by placing a window display in Stucky's Hardware at Monroe. We also held our first father and son banquet. A Thanksgiving program was held in which 12 large baskets of food were given to selected families of this area. A crops judging team won the Pfiester Regional Corn Judging Contest which includes nine counties in Indiana and Ohio. One member of our chapter was elected Sectional FFA President and another member was elected Sectional Reporter, which includes 100 chapters. Our chapter was awarded the Silver Em- blem FFA State Award for being one of the outstanding chapters in the state. We have made much progress in the last year. We strive to always remember our Motto and that is learning to do. doing to learn, earning v.,- '«• n jW ot.r Advisor . President ..... Vice President Secretary Treasurer ..... Sentinel Reporter ... MARTIN WATSON DEE MYRON BYERLY RICHARD KAEHR JIM TAYLOR PHILIP MOSER DAVID LIB? JIM FISHER to live, and living to serve. First row, left to right: D. Mendoza, A. Miller, R. Myers, R. Hirschy, C. Fell, D. Landis, P. In- niger, B. Kershner, J. Sprunger, Mr. Watson. Second row: P. Barger. F. Fox. J. Bluhm, J. Taylor, R. Howkins. P. Moser. J. Myers, J. Fisher. T. Lambert. Third row: B. Hartman. R. Kaehr. L. I.autzenheiscr, M. Lehman. R. Habeggar. V. Ratcliff, D. Liby, G. Singleton. Fourth row: D. Byerly, P. Germann, D. Helmrich. T. Hoffman. J. Mitchell, and A. Mitchel. Compliments of YAGER FURNITURE CO. FUNERAL HOME, Berne Greyhound f' 11 A 7 E VOL 3:5 SOPHOMORES H—- H n i n Cl; Pa£ son s sent cons to to MEMBER P3IS54 Festival •t 7:30 p mi y •Dcconbcr 9 Vdams Central iooI Gym the direct » ■•-morel Beights -t Wayne cho- ctor, the g "The Lori '’Joshua Fit " "Doaf Old oly Night" th "This Is it , under tion of Walters- :nown con- os or,and od sixnum- „ -iuing the over popular conpo-. sitions: " .rmbol wore back, music , Arnold and, record Mr. Don Mr. John the class oenwartz John Ripley Ardola Parrish Allen Lehman Juniors of honor. "Laure- sponsors also attend edi Richard Koonr Palmer Innitor to," " .inter Wond- erland," "Cachuca," "T. o C- ristmas Suite." the band closed with «. w‘l n Philip Sousaf s mat i!.)tars and CLOTHING Jim Fisher • Paul Riley Soohonores COSTA HIKF. PHYLLIS SINGLETON CYNTHIA LEHMAN JOHN BLUHM MICHAEL LEHMAN Advertising Manager JAMES LOBSIGER BARBARA FIECHTER RODERICK BEER PAUL RILEY MARILYN ROOP. DEE MYRON BYERLY MARILYN ARNOLD. KAREN REED CAROL EGLEY. JOHN RIPLEY ALLEN LEHMAN. VIRGINIA STEFFEN JAMES STEINER RICHARD ROWDON JAMES FISHER ARDOLA PARRISH JOHN ROWDON, FLORINE HIRSCHY KAY ANN WITTE. ELAINE STULTZ ::tri.)os orever.v : . w 'Wi i -y whrist- i o 'a™ | December 23-January 3--Christmas Vaca- tionStudent ( ouucit Senior Representatives x RARGERan d RODD BEER arlen lonrAST Ri'tr'sen,ali s CHEL and KENNY BAUMGARTNER Through the year it has arranged for Fresh- man Initiation. Cleaning Campaign, arrangement for films, Special Christ- mas Program. Award Day, and many other ac- tivities. The year 1954-55 has proven very successful for the Student Council. The Student Council is composed of two mem- bers from each high school class and one from each of the two Junior high classes. It is based on the same principle as the govern- ment of our country. It is designed to ease prob- lems that arise between faculty and students. President DON BARGER Secretary CAROLYN MITCH EL Sponsor MR. REED KLY "d C-'ROL KAEHR Compliment» of BLACK S FUNERAL HOME and DIERKE’S IMPLEMENT SALES. Decatur7 . 7. 4. O ccena President REV. JOHN MISHLER First Vice President MRS. DOYLE HOFFMAN Second Vice President MR. JOHN REED Secretary MISS IMOCENE BEIHOLD Treasurer MRS. DORPHUS SCHLICKMAN The Adams Central PTA stands staunchly behind the school program, serving to unite the home and the school. During the 1953-54 year the PTA purchased the beautiful front curtains of the stage and the cyclorama. The group also sponsored the summer work shop training of the school newspaper editor. This year the fund raising projects, the November auction and the catering of banquets, were purposed to raise money to buy band uniforms. The school patrol, also sponsored by the PTA, was equipped with slickers, and safety signals were purchased. Left to right: L. Stultr, Mi » Beihold. P. Inniger. K. Witte. J. Shady. B. Fiechter. M. Arnold. Although Adam Central doe not employ a full time librarian, the school library functions throughout the day with the help of student librarians. Giving generously of their time and effort, these student have contributed much to school life this year. Compliment of SPRUNGER IMPLEMENT CO. and KROCERS. Decatur zt SEPTEMBER 7— School days are here again, back to the old routine kids! 8— Band was organized. Get those horns oiled up. First baseball game. Berne won 5 1. Better luck next time. 9— Juniors received their class rings. We noticed that some did not keep them very long, how about it? Where were all the strange sounds coming from, could it have been chorus tryouts? 13—Baseball game with Decatur Catholic. They won 3-4, come on boys! 15— Election Day! Did everyone get the office they wanted? Presidents were: Senior, Larry Schwartz; Junior, Jerry Sprunger; Sophomore, Mark Ripley; b reshman, Pat Liechty. Seniors choose their class play “New Fires.” Don Barger elected as Student Council President. 16— Juniors and Seniors started magazine sale. Goal was $1600. 20— Robert's Studio came to see the Seniors about pictures. Seniors sold refresh- ments at first P.T.A. meeting to raise money. 21— RS M Studio came to see the Seniors about pictures. This is the studio we decided upon. 23—Jefferson Studio came to see the Seniors about pictures. The day Seniors won’t forget! Baseball game with Hartford. We won. Keep it up boys. 27— F.F.A. boys spoke on Jay Gould's program. Baseball game with Monmouth. We won 19-16. Good work boys. Senior class play practice starts! 28— Why were all the freshmen hiding from the seniors? Could it have been initiation day? 29— The Rekamemoh Club was organized with Marilyn Arnold elected President. 30— Annual staff was announced. Ardola Parrish as Editor. OCTOBER 2—Band marched at Berne Festival. 4— End of magazine sale. Juniors Won! 5— Annual Staff sold annual advertisements. Another day out for the staff. Oh! Boy! 7—Annual Staff sold annual advertisements. Put on your best business manners. 13—First chapel service by Rev. A. B. McKean from U. B. Geneva. 15—F.F.A. initiation. 18— Second P.T.A. meeting. Juniors served. Cheerleaders were voted on with John Bluhm, Fred Fox, Jim Lobsiger, and Sonja Schug winning. 19— Open House and Dedication of the school building. Mr. Wagner from Ball State Teachers College gave the address. 20— Senior Play tickets go on sale. Cards go on sale. Seniors get proofs of pictures. 21— Teachers Institute. 22— Teachers Institute. 25—Seniors ordered pictures. Why were some of the classes laughing? Could it have been that the teachers were telling jokes from Teachers’ Institute? iy itty ct at s4 S. OCTOBER 26— Fire drill. 27— Second chapel service by Rev. Virgil Saxton from the Methodist Church in Decatur. 28— Intramural starts with Jack and Rod’s teams play- ing; John Ripley and Dee Byerly’s teams playing. Class play dress rehearsal. 29— Senior Class presents “New Fires” with Ardola Parrish and Larry Schwartz with the leading parts. NOVEMBER 2— Magazine Sale Program with Jim Fisher the highest. 3— Rekamemoh had a semi-formal banquet for all the basketball boys, coaches and principal with the Senior girls serving. Seasons tickets on sale for students. 4— Grades and underclassmen pictures were taken. School sweaters came. Season tickets on sale for adults. Seniors sell Christmas cards. 5— First basketball game with Geneva, we lost 48-57. Better luck next time. 10— Rev. Settlege from the Magley Reformed was our chapel speaker. End of Senior card sale. 11— Armistice Day. At 11:00 a. m. everybody faced the East while taps were played and a poem was read. 12— Seniors chose their invitations from Herff Jones. 13— Played Monmouth, got heat 59-57. Good game boys! 16—The Seniors started sale of pop corn (10 lb. cans). 17—Junior Class skating party at Bells. 19—Rev. T. H. Gaddis and three assistants brought the whole school a message in song. 23— Chose President and Secretary for Pep Club. Don Barger President and John Ripley Secretary. The Club is to wear red shirts or slacks with white blouses or shirts. Received our Pep Club hats. Twirlers twirled at ball game with two new ones added this year. Sue Roop and Arleen Freels. Got beat by Pleasant Mill, 65-57. 24— FFA boys had Thanksgiving program. The trio and quartet sang. Rev. Klotzbach was the speaker. 25— Thanksgiving vacation. Hurrah! 29— Seniors received information on their trip in the spring. Can you wait, Seniors? 30— Game with Hartford, won 84-49. Good work boys! DECEMBER 2— Group pictures of organizations, clubs, teachers, janitors, and cook pictures were taken. 3— Played Lancaster, won 81-48. We’re with you, team! 8— Chorus practice for the “Music Festival” directed by Mr. Beights from North Side High School. 9— Band practice for the “Music Festival” under the direction of Harold Walters, a band composer. “Music Festival” at Adams Central. 10— Why were the Seniors going around carrying packages? Could it have been their pictures? We beat the Commodores 59-55. The second team lost their first game. Tough luck boys! 11— Six of the Seniors went to take scholarship tests at Decatur. 14— Played Huntington Township, got beat 61-50. 15— Sophomores had a class party. Hey boys! who brought all that mistletoe? 17—Beat Jefferson. Keep it up boys. 20— Seniors name cards came. PTA Meeting. 21— V I C T O R Y! We beat Ossian 62-58. 22— Annual Deadline to meet! Hurry up staff. 23— Some of the students gave a Christmas play with the help of Miss Beavers. 24— Christmas vacation. Have a swell time everyone. JANUARY 3— Back to school again. 4— Nice game boys! We beat Monroeville 58-56. 5— Chapel service. Compliment» of HAROLD WORTHMAN AND BOYD RAYER BARBER SHOP and LELAND SMITH INSURANCE. DecaturJANUARY 6—Rekamcmoh started selling pressing cloths. Group pictures were taken. 10—Second team tourney started. 13— Pep Club and Pep Band met to work yells out for the tourney. Tourney starts. 14— Played Jefferson, won. Good work boys. 15— Played Monmouth. Monmouth won in an over- time game. Monmouth then went on and took the tourney. 18— Played Jefferson, Won! Good yrork boys. 19— Chapel service led by Rev. Roger Lautzcnheiser from Geneva Methodist Church. 21—Played Bryant, got beat 81-70. 25—The whole high school and junior high met in the gym for a film on Congress. The girls’ volleyball tourney started. Freshmen beat the Seniors. 16-21. 28—Beat Hartford. High School chose King and Queen Courts. Those of the queen's court are Florine Hirschy, Elaine Stultz, Ardola Parrish. Karen Snyder, and Sue Roop. King's court, Rod- dy Beer. John Rowdon. Don Barger, John Ripley, Bcrnd van Ruschen. 29—Band had tag day for uniforms. 31—Finished voting for King and Queen. We’ll all have to wait until February 11 to hear the results. FEBRUARY 2—Chapel by Rev. Magary from West Missionary Church Berne. 4—High and Junior High Schools had a movie in the gym on New York. Played Pleasant Mills, lost 5549. 8—Played Decatur Commodores, we lost. 10— Juniors and Seniors went to Decatur for TB chest X-Ray. 11— Played Monmouth, we won 57-72, good work boys! Crowned the queen, who was Elaine Stultz, and King was Bernd van Ruschen. The grade school twirlers twirled. 14—First in District FFA parliamentary procedure contest. State Chapter Contest (First) in scrap book. 15— Played Chester Center, we won 72-74 in a double overtime. Keep it up boys! 16— Chapel service was held over the intercom by Rev. Gibcns of the United Brethren Church of Berne. 17— Farmer’s Institute was held in the gym with many students entering and winning prizes. Sectional drawing. Adams Central vs Pleasant Mills. Min- strel was held with students in it. Juniors look at Class rings. 18— Played Petroleum, won, keep it up boys! 21—Sectional tickets go on sale. 23— No school! Sectional starts with Berne winning over Hartford. Monmouth over Decatur, and De- catur Catholic over Berne. 24— Adams Central won over Pleasant Mills, Good work boys. Geneva won over Jefferson. 25— What was the long line? Could it have been that the Sectional Saturday Session tickets were on sale? 26— The Greyhounds closed the basketball season with a very exciting game against Geneva with a double overtime. Decatur Catholic lost to Mon- mouth. Geneva lost to Monmouth in an overtime. 28—Seniors had a final gym and hall clean up from sectional. MARCH 1— FFA won sectional parliamentary procedure. FFA and Rekomemoh had a party and chose farmer and wife, Cynthia Lehman and Arlen Mitchell. Saw film on “Jackie Robinson.” 2— Chapel service with Rev. C. E. Lykins from the Nazarene Church, Decatur. Class tourney starts. 3— Tryouts for Junior Play. 4— FFA went to hockey game. Annual Deadline! Senior Skating Party. APRIL 1— Junior Class Play. 2— Regional Parliamentary Procedure Contest. 8— No school Good Friday. Girls’ and Boys’ volley- ball tourney at Berne. 6—Senior Class Party. Rekamemoh Party at Mrs. Reed’s, a farewell party for the senior girls. 9— Quiet at school! No wonder the Seniors left for Washington. 13—Seniors returned from trip. What does a bed look like? 15—Baccalaureate Service. 18—The night the Seniors have been looking for. Commencement. 22—The day the underclassmen have been waiting for, School’s Out!!!Student Season Ticket 1954 - ADAMS CENTRAL - 1955 — HOME GAMES — Date Opponent □ Nov. 23—Pleasant Mills □ Dec. 3—Lancaster □ Dec. 14—Huntington Twp. □ Dec. 17—Jefferson □ Jan. 4—Monroeville □ Jan. 28—Hartford □ Feb. 8—Decatur Catholic □ Feb. 11—Monmouth Student Admission V 173 $1.75 Nam SjLtpC - - -ROD BEER Center and Forward Compliments of DICK MANSFIELD MOTOR SALES. DECATUR READY MIX. Decatur DICK RUMPLE Forward JERRY MITCHEL Center and Forward JOHN ROWDON GuardKENNY BAUMGARTNER Forward and Guard JERRY SPRUNCER Guard HAROLD DICK Forward TOM HOFFMAN Center JIM STEINER Guard Compliments of SPRUNCER LEHMAN CO. Berne 7ea t Student Managers DICK ROW DON ALLEN LEHMAN Coach MR. ARNOLD I wish to thank the team for their fine cooperation, spirit, and sports- manship shown throughout the haskethall season. In victory and defeat, they conducted themselves as true athletes. Three seniors will be lost from the 1954-55 basketball squad. Rowden will be missed at the guard position with his ability to hit those long shots and Beer and Rumple will be missed at the forward positions where they proved themselves in rebounding and scoring ability. Trophys were won this year by Beer for greatest number of rebounds (289), Rowdon for greatest number of assists (791. Mitchell for best field goal percentage (42 per cent), and Sprunger for best foul shooting per- centage (78 per cent). Compliment of MONROE GRAIN SUPPLY MATTAX AUTO PAINT SHOP Monroe Student Managers: D. Rowdon. A. Lehman. Coach: Mr. Arnold, standing, left to right: J. Sprunger. R. Corson. J. Steiner. R. Beer. D. Rumple. T. Hoffman. J. Mitchel, H. Dick. K. Baumgartner, J. Rowdon.First row. left to right: Mr. Fruth. Coach; M. Ripley. F. Moser. R. Gerber. W. Byerly, D. Smith. D. Ross. Second row: B. Krrshner, M. Yoder, and W. Lister. Student Managers; R. Hawkins. M. Lehman. T. Hoffman. G. McMillen. P. Barger. SecottcC The second team was composed of 10 Sophomore and 4 Freshmen. The following individual awards were given: W. Byerly for the most rebounds; R. Corson for the most assists; R. Hawkins highest free throw percentage. 63 per cent; and G. McMillen. highest field goal percentage. 36 per cent. The team won 15 and lost 5 for the season. Four “C" Team games were also played. The score of these games were: A.C. 39. Bluffton 35; A.C 43. Decatur Catholic 30; Bluffton 33, A.C. 31; Decatur Catholic 32. A.C. 28. SECOND TEAM SCORES A.C 32 Geneva 25 35 Monmouth 24 37 P. Mills 33 27 Hartford 23 40 I-nnraster 24 24 Dec. Cath. 28 35 Hunt. Twp. 36 42 Jefferson 27 23 29 41 Monroeville County Tourney 36 28 Dec. Cath. „ 26 19 Monmouth 26 48 Jefferson 29 37 Bryant 30 45 Hartford 30 39 P. Mill» 40 4-4 Dec. Cath. 31 32 Monmouth 27 40 Chester 37 43 Petroleum 42 MR. FRUTH. Coach Compliments of ASHBAUCHER’S TIN SHOP. DecaturCompliments of HI WAY SERV ICE STATION. FRITZ ELLSWORTH. Decatur and FARM BUREAU INSURANCE. LELAND A. RIPLEY. General Agent. MonroeSeated—First row: A. Lehman, D. Landis. Second row: A. Miller, J. Sprunger, R. Beer, D. Rumple, D. Rowdon, K. Baumgartner. Third row: M. Ripley, J. Ripley, J. Mitchel, J. Steiner, D. Byerly, D. Ross. Fourth row: Mr. Fruth. D. Smith. G. McMillen, P. Barger, R. Corson, H. Dick, Mr. Arnold. The baseball team of Adams Central was composed of 21 members. The boys played teams only in this county. They lost to three and won three. Four of our team members will be lost by graduation. Good luck to the team next year. •tch WON They They They We We Wc AC vs. Berne ........... AC vs. Decatur Catholic AC vs. Geneva AC vs. Hartford ——— AC vs. Monmouth -------- AC vs. Jefferson-------- qu 'c PHIL MACKLIN CO. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH, Decatur----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 First row. left to right: R. Simon. R. Schlickman. M. Egley. A. Habeggar. J. Brown. L. Foreman. I). Isch. F. Mann. Second row: O. Meshberger. Student Manager; S. Andrews, T. Heyerly. J. Hartman. Mr. Cable. G. Baumgartner. J. Gerber. T. Hike, and D. Hartman. Student Managers. The Adams Central Junior High had a very successful season, winning 18 and losing 4. They were defeated by a good Hartford team in the finals of the county tourney 28-25. The team showed scoring balance throughout the 1954-55 season. The first ten scored as follows: Baumgartner 166. Heyerly 160. Egley 133, Hartman 103. Habeggar 67. Brown 38, Schlickman 27. Cerber 27. Foreman 19. and Isch 15. Hartman won the field goal percentage trophy with a .360 shooting percentage. Habeggar won the free throw percentage trophy with a .500 shooting per- centage. A.C. 30 21 30 32 36 P. Grove 22 63 Monmouth 22 37 21 53 Bluffton 20 28 Wiltshire 16 57 P. Mills 17 29 23 33 Jefferson 18 4 Way Tourney 40 Berne 11 22 Hartford 25 31 Bluffton 18 29 27 48 Geneva 31 33 P. Mills 18 36 29 23 Hartford 37 37 P. Grove 36 County Tourney 58 Monmouth 16 45 St. Joe 26 25 Hartford 28Compliment of ZINTSMASTER MOTORS and EDWARDS STUDIO. Decatur. SMITH BROTHERS FURNITURE CO.. Berne.TTtcct "Pcfrulcn "TTfcct idelef tc Succeed ARDOLA PARRISH DONALD BARGER FLORINE HIRSCHY RODDY BEER'partner and Partner- '20t£e On March first the farmers grabbed their wives, hitched up their buckboards and came a trotting for the crowning of the farmer and his wife. Cynthia Lehman and Arlen Mitchel were chosen for this honor and they were crowned by Mr. Reed. They were judged on who looked the most like a typical farmer and his wife. The entertainment for the evening was a movie on the "Jackie Robinson Story.” Compliments of HOOSIER FETE, GAS AND OIL and ANDERSON INDUSTRIES, Decatur tde tZueea February 11 was a day filled with excitement for the queen and her attendants. The formal crowning of the Cen-Trail queen took place at the Monmouth and Adams Central ball game. While the band played “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi,” the girls were es- corted by the boys court to the stage where the queen was crowned. The queen, Elaine Stultz, was crowned by the king. Bernd van Ruschen. The court was Florine Hirschy escorted by John Rowdon. Ardola Parrish escorted by Donald Barger, Ka- ren Snyder escorted by John Ripley, and Marilyn Roop es- corted by Roddy Beer. The elec- tion of the Cen-Trail queen, her attendants and the king and his court was chosen by the student body.Left: Karen Snyder es- corted by John Ripley. Right: Marylin Roop es- corted by Roddy Beer.Jim Arnold s4Cu k U 1950 Decatur. Ind. Teaching at Monmouth Jane Baltwl Cullrr South Bend. Ind. Housewife Dirk Baumgartner Kirkland Twp. .McMillen Alice Beineke Zintsmastcr Decatur, Ind. Schafer Warehouse Audrey Burkliead Nrhra»ka Teacher Coreita Cha nines Sipe Berne. Ind. Dunbar Rolwrt Dirk Kirkland. Twp. Franklin Files!ric Kolwrt Fhrvam Monroe. Ind. Army Grace Fisher Nu« liaum W'a hington Twp. Housewife Virgil (!erlrr Over»ea» Army Doyle Haines Decatur. Ind. General Electric Roller! Heller Kirkland Twp. Ft. Wayne Penn. Railway Office Dixie Hill l.andi» Kirkland Twp. Housewife Brure llirschy Monroe Twp. U. S. Ruldter Roger Kuhn Jefferson Twp. Farming William Lehman Decatur. Ind. McMillen Neva Mellonee Hendrick Monroe Twp. Housewife Virgil Miner Oversea Army Curti» Ku»»baum Washington Twp. F'arming Howard Rich Blufflon. Ind. Jahn Funeral Home (den Rowdon Franklin. Ind. F'ranklin College Donald Ru|ierl New Haven. Ind. Sear Brure Schnepp W isconsin Army Glen Slrahm Ft. Leonard Wood. Mi»»ouri Army Allwr! Tocple Japan Army lio al n Wagner Kuhn Jefferson Twp. Housewife Kllxria Worthman Hoffman Maunee, Ohio Housewife Darleen Yoder lndiana| oli . Ind. Methodist Hospital Nurses Training Audrey Andrew» Baumgartner 1951 Tocsin. Ind. Housewife Mary Baumgartner Iaindi» Huntington. Ind. Housewife Norma Bradford Fort Wayne. Ind. Beauty School Donna Burlier Byerly Kirkland Twp. Housewife June Caudle Rhoade Decatur. Ind. Housewife Diana Cri»l Marion. Ind. Nurse at General Hospital Carolyn FIgly Nu baum Berne. Ind. Berne Witness Bernila F.hlrrding Hainc» Preble Twp. Fort Wayne W ire Die Marilyn Fox Monroe Twp. Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Norma Funk Meyer Decatur. Ind. Housewife George Geyer Decatur. Ind. Saylor’s Delore Crabrr Moser Monroe Twp. Housewife Marie Helx-ggar Slrahm W estville. Ind. Working at Motel Donald Haine Preble Twp. McMillen Dmitri Hendrick Boston, Massachusetts Navy Charle Hoffman Decatur. Ind. Yost l-eroy Kolier Kirkland Twp. F'armer BeveHy ljil»»igrr Monroe, Ind. Dr. Bow’s Nurse Loren Miner French Twp. F'armer Gerald Nu—-haunt Monroe Twp. F'armer Pauline Rupert Kolter Kirkland Twp. Housewife Andrew Schrock Dayton. Ohio Carpenter for Construction Co. Irene Schwart Watkins Decatur. Ind. Courthouse Wendell Soward Korea Army Edith Strury Arnold Kirkland Twp. Housewife Mary Jane Strury W’ellcr Berne, Ind. Housewife l-avonnr Slrahm Cro»» Monroe. Ind. Teeple’ Truck I.incs Virginia Taylor Washington Twp. StrJckler’s Trailer Court Patricia Teeple Fort Wayne. Ind. Telephone FIxchangc. F'ort Wavne Mary Jane Troxel Sprunger Blufflon. Ind. Housewife Raymond Warden Kirkland Twp. IVcatur Telephone Co. Carl Yoder Georgia Army . Doyle Arnold 1952 Kirkland, Twp. Fuller Brush Salesman Mary Byerly Arnold Decatur, Ind. Housewife Norman Cook Kirkland, New Mexico Air F'orce Gloria Crownover Muncie, Ind. Ball State Teachers College Japan Marines Fort Wayne, Ind. F'ann Bureau Millard Haliegger Lafayette, Ind. Purdue Jean Haine» Bauman Monroe. Ind. Farm Bureau Office Blufflon, Ind. Blufflon Clinic Clifford Hir»chy Monroe Twp. McMillan» Texas United States Air F'orcc Cadet School Kirkland Twp. Housewife Kirkland Twp. F'armer and Craigvillc Eleyator Kli alx-lh John»ton Slrahm Monroe, Ind. Housewife Phylli» Kohli Monroe, Ind. Central Market Kirkland Twp. F'armer Roe Ix-hman Washington Twp. Fanner Rolx-rt Mitrhrl Washington Twp. F'rurhauf Trailer David Nu—-haum Berne. Ind. Berne F'umiture■3JS-3 Jim Riley Sally Rosa Schwartz Mary Ellen Schnepp Kai»er Le ter Schindler Eno» Schrock Letter Schwartz Pauline Schwartz Robert Shaw Paul Sowards David Sprunger Stanley Sprunger Henry Wagley Donald Walter» Dale Worthman Earl Yoder Raymond Zurcher Pat Barger Milchel Wendell Beer Gene Bluhm Jim Brodbeck Leroy Chamness Don Dick Marilyn Durr Lnngenberger Frederick Ehlerding Kenneth Ehrman Elaine Freels Bluhm Eileen Funk Hoffman Lyle Gerber Arlene Habegger Coleen Hirschy Sipe Luther Hedington Don Holloway Hubert Isch Earl Johnson Ernest Liechty Roger Longerberger Mary Michaels Virginia Mitchel Nusshaum Edward Nusshaum Willis Nusshaum Walter Oslerman Kay Ratcliff William Rowdon Marvin Taylor Eugene Weber Sherman Arnold Raymond Brcher, Jr. Carl Bluhm Norma Conrod Lester Egly Ruth Busse Kenneth Frank Danny Gerber Donald Graher Nolan Griffiths Alex Curb Leon Habegger Faye Haines Barbara Haugk Roliert Heare Paul Hill Gene Hinderlang Carolyn Hirschy Sigrun Karsunky Richard Longenberger Phyllis Mattax Harry Mazelin Philip Nusshaum. Jr. Shirley Ploughe David Ringger William Ross Robert Steury Velma Strahm Ronald Stuckey Carol Yoder Nusshaum Jean W'eaver s4Cu k U Marion. Ind. Berne. Ind. Union Twp. Monroe Twp. Decatur. Ind. Berne. Ind. Monroe Twp. Biloxi. Mississippi Waynedale. Ind. (.afayette. Ind. Monroe Twp. I.afayette. Ind. Lafayette. Ind. Kirkland Twp. Berne, Ind. Oklahoma 1953 Washington Twp. Washington Twp. Monroe Twp. Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri Howe, Indiana Kirkland Twp. Washington Twp. Kirkland Twp. Deceased Monroe Twp. Decatur, Ind. Monroe Twp. Monroe Twp. Monroe Twp. Monroe Twp. Chicago. Illinois Washington Twp. Monroe. Ind. Ft. Huston. Virginia Washington Twp. Florida Washington Twp. Washington Twp. Monroe Twp. Washington Twp. Washington Twp. Alaska Korea Kirkland Twp. 1954 Bloomington, Ind. Washington Twp. Washington Twp. Kirkland Twp. Berne. Ind. Washington Twp. Washington Twp. Monroe Twp. Monroe Twp. Kirkland Twp. Fort Wayne. Ind. Fort Wayne. Ind. Monroe Twp. Monroe Twp. Lafayette. Ind. Tampa. Fla. Bloomington, Ind. Monroe Twp. Gluscnberg, Germany Kirkland Twp. Monroe, Ind. Monroe Twp. Monroe. Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Monroe Twp. Kirkland Twp. Monroe Twp. Monroe Twp. Monroe. Ind. Berne. Ind. Huntington. Ind. R.C.A. Housewife Housewife Berne Furniture Carpenter Filling Station Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Air Force Plymouth Dodge Garage Purdue Farmer Purdue Purdue Franklin Electric Mechanic Army Housewife Stickler's Fruit Market Novelty Army- Farmer Farmer and (.andis Ditching Housewife Farmer Stucky's Dr. Parrish's Secretary I.G.A. Store Berne Overall Office Housewife Farmer De Forest Trading School Working for G unly Farmer Army Gerber’s Furniture and Upholstery Restaurant Stucky's Berne Furniture Farmer International Business College McMillen Air Force Army Farmer Indiana University Farmer Farmer Lincoln Life Meshlwrger» Office Adam» Central Secretary Novelty and Lords Decatur Telephone Co. Farmer Farmer Indiana University Extension J. C. Thomas Tool Die Housework Haugh's Purdue University Air Force Indiana University Winter House Going to school Farmer Farm Bureau Office Farmer Farm Bureau Lumber Co. Indiana Central Baumgartner’s Hatchery A. P. Farmer Berne Overall Purdue Extension Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Huntington College Compliments of HARMAN’S DRIVE-IN MARKET, Decatur 7 Tfo, et' 76e K Wr appreciate the support of our patrons in Decatur. Preble. Craigville. Tocsin. Berne. Monroe. Bluffton and Geneva, whose financial support made this annual possible. DECATUR Bob Heller Insurance Decatur Daily Democrat Kent Realty and Auction Smith's Scrap Iron Haught's Adler Bros. Garage First State Bank Beaver’s Oil Service Ashbucher’s Tin Shop Phil L Macklin Co. Butler’s Garage Harman’s Garage Morrison Farm Store Bob’s Marathon Service Yost Gravel Wertzberger's Adams County Abstract Gass Ready to Wear Mazelin's Heating I-ee Hardware Edwards Studio Arnold Lumber Co. Hammond’s Market Riverside Garage Walls Bakery Zwick’s Ideal Dairy Bar Gerber’s Market Fred Corah. Ins. Bowe’s Jewelry Heller Supply Co. Roy Johnson Son Lutes Flowers Decatur Hatchery The Decatur Music Harry Hebble Kaye’s Shoe Store Schefer Store Wylie Furniture Co. Gillig and Doan Black’s Funeral Home Dierks Implements Petrie Oil Company Decatur Equipment Reinking Garage Sprunger Implement Holthouse Schulte Kroger Company Leland Smith. Inc. H. Wortham B. Rayer Dick Mansfield Decatur Ready Mix Hi Way Service Station Fairway Restaurant M W Auto Sales Maier Hide Fur Teeple Truck Lines Hoosier Pete Gas Oil Anderson Industries Zintsmaster Motors BERNE D. W. Fireoved. Veterinarian Berne LG.A. Store First Bank of Berne Sprunger Lehman Co. Inland Homes. Habeggar Berne Ice Cream Newenschwander Ins. Berne Oil Co. Moser Motor Sales, Inc. I hman Heating and Plumbing Berne Electric Globe Hatchery Nagel’s Quality Flowers Berne Locker Storage Food Town Jefferson Garage Berne Master Feed Store. Inc. R. H. Meshberger Berne lumber Inc. Inlaid Homes. Habbegar Berne Equity Harden Implement Sales Berne Hardware Co. Graber Tin and Plumbing Co. Liechty Motor Service HONDURAS Neighborhood Grocery PETERSON Peterson Grain xz xz PREBLE Lister’s Store Peck Hardware TOCSIN Tocsin Lumber and Grain Co. CRAIGVILLE Craigville Elevator Co. Gerber’s Locker GENEVA Bank of Geneva MONROE Central Market Zurcher’s Mobile Service Monroe Grain and Supply Coppess Corner Mattax Auto Paint Shop Farm Bureau Insurance BLUFFTON Gerber’s Furniture and Upholstery Dutch Mill R. S. and M. Studio Rose Hill Dairy Central Dairy Old First National Bank Jahn Funeral Home Roy L Price and Sons Stultz Cigar Store Rosei Stultz Mr. and Mrs. Harvery Rupert Martz Barber Shop Sudduth Meat Market Mr. and Mrs. Otto Longenberger Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Fuelling Kirk's Place Leland A. Ripley and Sons Jack’s Shell Service Craigville Barber Shop Berne Witness Fern’s Dress Shoppe Dr. H. B. Lehman. M. D. Clauser Furniture Dr. Robert L. Boze, M. D. The Fair Store Stucky’s Dept. Store Smith Brothers’ Furniture Horace D. Lehman Feed Mill Liechty Jewelry Cliff Nussbaum Store Schlinder Electric Co. Dick Heller. Jr. Gay’s Service Station West End Restaurant Peterson’s Clothing Robert Mutschler Don Koos Holthouse Drug Store Halterman's Moser Sunoco Service Dr. J. R. Campbell Parr’s Tire and Implement Decatur Dry Cleaners Habeggar Hardware Niblick Company Bill Shady Dr. H. R. Prey Dr. N. A. Bicler Dr. J. G. Morris Kohne Drug Store Mary Welch’s Beauty Shop line’s Shoe Store Roop’s Home Store R. E. Allison Franklin Oliver Trucking Geneva Milling Co. Preble Welding and Repair Wasson’s Grocery Gerber’s Store Steury Bottling Co. The Habit Gilliom Lumber Co. Rentz’s Florist Baber Jewelry Store Sutton’s Jewelry Store Harman’s Market Erie Grocery South End Grocery Carter’s Dept. Store Corson’s Durocleaners Hanni Furniture Pure Oil Co. Dorsey Bisel Station Community Oil and Gas Cable’s Root Beer The Stop Back Western Auto Lester Adler Charles Habeggar 4 t tucd Stefa “DONE AT LAST. WAS IT WORTH IT?”A LITHOGRAPHED---- YEARBOOK DALLAS • TEXAS

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