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- jjjlliUAI»[ uiiJiB a;i «. xvvx «, .%xv ».x w mill; in i n I. s , r - „ — A CO © CM CM -J O o ■• CO ■ .a i£ -3 " " r - „c s -° OJ « - - O 3 c ' ::: T, c - . - = c - o ' : - Te« gW Sta$ i 2L Editor Ruth Busse mBk FT. . » r I Assistant Editor Ardola Parrish Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Gene Hindenlang John Ripley Sports Editor Lester Egly Literary Editor Organization Editor Shiiley Rupert Barbara Haugk Circulation Manager Sales Manager Harry Mazelin Junior Nussbaum Compliments of; Cal E. Peterson and Kaye ' s Shoe Store, Decatur Assistant Sports Editor Fred Fox r f f f r S- " r-JT . Seated left to right: John Ripley, Shirley Rupett, ArdolaParrish, Ruth Busse, Barbara Haugk. Stand- ing: Junior Nussbaum, Gene Hindinlang, Lester Egly, Mrs. Reed. The annual staff of 1954 has enjoyed working dili- gently to make this a book that you will always cher- ish. We will remember al- ways the obstacles and laughs we shared in putting together this annual. We appreciate the sup- port given to us by the fac- ulty and student body in presenting your 1954 Cen- Trails. Standing left to right: Faye Haines, Phyllis Mattax, Sherman Arnold, Carol Yoder. Seat- ed: Carolyn Hirschy, Elaine Stultz. Compliments of Bluffton Florist and Jahn Funeral Home. ? " -•• :v SXKTO = »sss a uvw v x A great responsibility lies on our Editor, Ruth Busse, who did a very fine job carrying out her dutieswith the assistance of Ardola Parrish, Assistant Editor. Harry Mazelin.the Circu- lation manager, who is in charge of the sale of our annuals, and Fred Fox, Assistant Sports Editor, who helps Lester, have done a fine job. The responsibilities of the business manager, Gene Hindenlang and his assist- ant John Ripley lie mostly in selling ads and annuals. Junior Nussbaum, Sales Manager, and Lester Egly, Sports Manager, have done much to make our annual a success. Barbara Haugk, Organiza- tion Editor, and Shirley Rupert, Literary Editor, have been busy in helping plan and proofread the annual. «C t X Compliments of: First State Bank, Decatur i fr -r. t a ntt ■ i k in .v t - WV .w v v XViK- ovx vwy n c it i. tfii i us ■ I do appreciate and thank you for the opportunity to write a few words for your 1954 Cen- tralis. Almost two years have passed since I came to Adams Central. During that time it has been my good fortune to become acquainted with many of the parents and students in our public school system. I ' m happy to report on the growth in education in our school. This has progressed through the continued interest of the Staff to give the best possible educational leader- ship for our young people. The student personnel have impressed me with their ap- preciation of good learning habits. The school system can only be successful when the student population realizes and takes advantage of instruction that is molded to bring forth their growth and development. This in the function of edu- cation that gives this charge to the 1954 class--What have you done--What can youdo--that is the test. Barbara Haugk, Shir- ley Phoughe, Don Bar- ger, Elaine Stultz, Ruth Busse, Shirley Rupert, Norma Conrod Old First National Bank and Central Dairy, Bluffton ■ J P JUJ ■»! ■» U -» « L«mH « « A ' il i ' »V ' " ' ' . ' " " ■WWfHIII ' v ' Ui-.JLU ,. ScJuwl o id Noah Neuenschwander, Daniel Lantz, Harold Schwartz, Evan Yake, William Linn, Floyd Mitchell. We the student-body and faculty wish to thank the school board for their time and untiring efforts given in support of our new school. f 4 Lester Adler-President of School Hugh Tate -Assistant Superin- Board. tendent. Gail Grabill -Superintendent of Schools. Compliments of RS M Studio and Dutch Mill, Bluffton « zrfr r 3i?. vw -w- w i I 1 1 r 1 n ' i - x i» «v Lucille Beavers Math, English, Biology, B. S. Indiana Uni- versity, Wisconsin University. Imogene Beihold English, Library, B. S. Bob Jones University. V i acuity Compliments of Ashbaucher ' s Tin Shop, Decatur Doyle Collier Ind. Arts; B. S. Ball State Teachers Col- lege. Don Arnold Coach, Commerce Phy. Ed., B. S.Man- Chester College. John Fruth Ass ' t Coach, Phy. Ed., Commerce; B. S. Manchester College. » ■ ' " ■ ' ' ' - — - -Tvr»-rrrrrr StCMwrTifwi " Martin Watson Voc. Agri.; A. B. Moorhead State Teachers College; B. S. University of Ken- tucky. Harvey Haggard Soc. Studies, Gen. Bus. B. S. Manchester Col- lege; Tri-State. Compliments of Berne Oil Company Robert Ray Chorus, Band; B. M. Indiana University. gMBk Mr. Hedges Jane Reed HomeEc.Phy.Ed.; B. S.Ball State Teachers College. A IMWW £ W %. " W ' 7 y. J. E. Thacker, B. S., Illinois Uni- versity, Hartford Seminary, teaches farm training to veterans The judges at the F. F. A. and Home Ec. party Co O CO AJ O) The teachers party at Bluffton C. C. C. camp The teachers feed their faces M. and W. Auto Sales and Western Auto, Decatur 10 kW l%.W Y« uttVMV =i»fc ' ,M0SS ' .«!« ,,.,,,, Y ' .-r — ■f ilUlHIiV IIH U H " J I I I i l tfocute Hugh Tate Principal Robert Brown Soc. St. 7-8 LeRoy Cable Science, Phy. Ed. Ezra Snyder Math 7-8 Compliments of Hoosier Pete and Wylie Furniture Co., Decatur Thelma Hendricks Eng., Home Ec, Phy. Ed. 7-8 Leo Strahm Grade 6 Kenneth Watkins Grade 5 Delores Byerly Grade 4 Veda Crist Grade 3 Mary Egley Grade 2 t ' r ifitiu iu iiii iwiii« (f j Naomi Griffiths Thomas Adler Brandyberry School Grades 5-6 Elmer Ehrsam Muensterberg School Grades 4-5-6 Grade 1 Alice Johnson Grades 1-2 Alice Michaels Debolt School Grades 1-2 Harriet Mills Reineker School Grades 3-4 Compliments of Maier Hide Fur, Decatur Helen Inniger Sackett School Grades 1-2-3-4 Prances Beaty Muensterberg School Grades 1-2-3 Janitor: Vernon Riley Monroe Cooks: Mrs. Mitchel Mrs. Haines Mrs. Rich. n M sranwn«umiivK!4a ' jfniiiiiiu. vui viv vu in n irAi . xs.Ajf. yLy y b xsycrr Se U e uo Sherman Arnold President Junior Nussbaum Vice-President Ruth Busse Secretary Carol Yoder Treasurer U 4 " WtaCotefi We began our freshman year with 42 students enrolled. Officers were elected at the beginning of the year They were: President, Harold Arnold; Vice-President, Pearl Huser; Secretary, Patty Beitler; Treasurer, Lester ' Egly Our sponsor was J. E. Thacker. We enjoyed our first high school class party at the gymnasium in April. Back again as sophomores. The name of " green freshmen " could no longer be pinned on us. The officers of that year were: President, Junior Nussbaum; Vice-President, Sherman Arnold; Secretary Juanita Sapp- Treasurer Patty Beitler; and Wilbert Lightle was the sponsor. To give our class treasury a boost, we collected class dues from each member. We had one party at the Bluffton C. C. C. Camp. As juniors we participated in many activities: the magazine, bracelet, and emblem sales and we sponsored the skating party. We also gave our class play entitled " The Hoosier Schoolmaster " . The Junior class officers were: President, Lester Egly; Vice-President, Jack Hendricks; Secretary Ruth Busse- Treasurer, Junior Nussbaum, and the sponsors were Mr. Ray and Mr. Erdel. At last the big day arrived. We are seniors! But we are minus six of our class members. Patty Beitler married a classmate, Harold Arnold; Juanita Sapp married a graduate, Paul Sowards; Jack Hendricks joined the U S Marines- Caro Moser transferred to Berne, and Albert Thompson moved. Senior officers are: President, Sherman Arnold; Vice-President, Junior Nussbaum; Secretary Ruth Busse- Treasurer, Carol Yoder; Sponsors, Mr. Haggard and Mr. Hedges. For our class colors we chose lavender and white. Our class flower is the red rose and our motto is " Our past failures will be guideposts for our future success. " To make money for our senior trip we have had the concessions at ball games, competed in the magazine sales (we won), had bake sales, and sold Christmas Cards. On May 10 we are to make a trip to Washington D. C. and everyone is looking forward to it. The Baccalaureate service is to be held May 16 and Commencement exercises on May 19. With our high school days coming to a close, we the " seniors of 54 " feel very happy and fortunate to be the first class to graduate from the new building of the Adams Central High School. 14 Sherman Arnold Sherman is one of our yell leaders, A rough time he gives all the teachers. President 4, Vice-President 2; An- nual Staff 3, 4; Newspaper 3, 4; Central -Airs 3, 4; Softball 3; Chorus 3, 4; Class Play 3; Cheer Leader 4. Raymond Beefier, Jr. Raymond is really a swell guy. Would like to hear N. C. ' s reply. Basketball 1; Photography Club 3; Pep Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Newspaper 3. Carl Bluhm Carl always sleeps in Hedge ' s class, He thinks the hour will never pass. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Asst. Reporter 4; Pep Club 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 3, 4. e tto i Compliments of: H. P. Schmitt Packing Co. Locker Decatur Industries, Decatur Norma Conrad Norma is a Senior gal, To all of us she is a pal. Rekamemoh Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Rekamemoh Vice-President 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3; Office 4. Lester Egly Lester is a basketball star.Theda can be found in his car. Class Treasurer 1; Annual Staff 3, 4, President 3; Student Council 3, 4; C-men ' s Club 3, 4; Class Play 3; Base- ball 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Track 3; Newspaper 3. Ruth Busse Ruth is always in a hurry. She never seems to have a worry. Decatur 1, 2nd. Team Yell Leader 2; Chorus 2; Class Secretary 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, Annual Staff Editor 4; Art Club 3; Rekamemoh Club Secretary 3; Pep Club 3, 4; Reka- memoh Club President 4; Class Play 3; Queens Court 4; Office 4. OMMMM 4 11! ■■ ... ; t -L ' . . cr. c .- Kenneth Frank Sonny has a hand for art, Without him our class would fall apart. Art Club 3; Pep Club 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Newspapers 4. Danny J. Gerber Danny is a tall lad, Always seems gay instead of sad. F. F. A. 3; Pep Club 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 3; Library 3. Donald Graber Donald seems quiet shy, He is really a nice guy. Class Play 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3; Pep Club 4; Library 3, 4. Se Uo V Nolan Griffiths Nolan drives a ' 49 Ford, And in allclasseshe seems to be bored. Band 1,2, F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. Newspaper 3, Class Play 3. Compliments of Haugk ' s Plumbing, Heating Ap- pliances, Decatur. Faye Eileen Haines Faye is the quiet, studious type, She never seems to have a gripe. Jefferson 1, Annual Staff 4, Rekamemoh Club 4, Class Play 3, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Newspaper 3,4, Pep Club 4. 16 M jf.AltUI jU I I ' I l ■ I l J I i I I I ' ' Mill Barbara Haugk Barbara plays the piano very well Leroy thinks she ' s just swell. Annual Staff 4; Rekamemoh Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Class Play 3; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Rekamemoh News Reporter 4; Newspaper 3,4; Office 4. 6 44 Carolyn Hirschy Carolyn is always full of fun But won ' t admit who is the special one. Annual Staff 4; Rekamemoh Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 3,4; Class Play 3. Leon Habegger Leon is the red -head in our class And is always found with a Berne lass. Basketball 1; Baseball 2,3, 4; Chorus 4; Class Play 3, Pep Club 4; F.F. A. 1,2,3, 4; Track 2; C-Mens Club 2.3,4. Bob He are Bob is the blond -haired lad on the team Always has a girl in his car, so it seems. F.F. A. 2,3,4; Vice-Presi- dent 3; C-Mens Club 3,4; Class Play 3; Baseball 4; Softball 3; Basketball 1,2, 3,4. Sigrun Karsunky Sigrun is a German lass And does very well in the class. Exchange Student, Reka- memoh Club 4; Pep Club 4; Queen 4; Newspaper 4. Compliments of Heller Decatur Insurance Agen- cies, Kenneth Runyon-Bob Heller, Decatur. 17 XVXtWVXN hLVV ; Alex Gorb Alex is from another land And would like to hold Sigrun ' s hand. Art Club 3; Pep Club 4. Phyllis Mattax Phyllis is determined to catch a man That won ' t be hard, we know she can. Annual Staff 4, Rekamemoh Club 1,2,3,4, Asst. Program Chairman of Rekamemoh 3, Class Play 3, Office 4. Paul Hill Paul is always seen in his car To get to Goldie isn ' t far. Band 1,2, Chorus 1,2,3, Art Club 3, Pep Club 3, Library 3,4, Newspaper 4. e uo K Richard Longenberger Dick can really get off the floor When he opens his mouth out comes a roar. Cheerleader 4; Band 1; Basketball 1,2. Gene Hinderlang Gene is a farm lad He ' s always good never bad. F. F. A. 1,2,3,4; Reporter 2-3; F. F. A. Crops Judging Team 2,3; Newspaper 3,4; Class Play 3; Annual 3,4; Business Manager 4; Office 3; Pep Club 4; Track 3; C- Men ' s Club 4. Compliments of Gerber ' s Furniture Upholstery, Bluff ton. 18 ,li lltl ll I III II Philip James Nussbaum, Jr. Junior is Connies ' beau She think he ' s quite the romeo. President 2, Vice President 4, Class Treas- urer 3, Annual Staff 4, Student Council 3, C-Men ' sClub 3,4, Class Play 3, Baseball 4, Softball 2,3, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Track 2,3, 4, Newspaper 3. (?t d4 William Joseph Ross Bill is always teasing the girls He uses toni ' s to get his curls. C -Men ' s Club 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Softball 3; Baseball 4; Basketball 1,3.4. Harry Mazelin Harry is a farmer ' s son Alwaysgets his work done. F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Annual Staff 4, Photography Club 3, Chorus 1, Class Play 3. Shirley Ploughe Shirley is always on the honor roll How she does it we all know. ArtClub 3; Rekamemohl, 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Class Play 3; Chorus 1; Newspaper Editor 3,4. Robert Steury Bob always has a smile on his face You always find him in some good place. Photography Club 3; F. F. A. 1,2,3,4; F. F. A. Report- er 3; F. F. A. Vice Presi- dent 4; C-Men ' s Club 3; Class Play 3; Chorus 1; Track 3; Basketball 1. Compliments of C e n tr a 1 Market, Monroe. 19 ■i u nil iM wr iiff, . (V ' «V».VW . ' iWC C v.X Velma Strahm Velma with Jim is going steady And for her date she is al- ways ready. Rekamemoh Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Class Play 3; Newspaper 4. Ronald Stuckey Ronnie is the tall one of our class And would like to be seen with a Monroe lass. Class Play3; PepClub 4; Bandl, 2,3,4; State Math. Contest 2; Newspaper 4. David Ringger David is a quiet boy Tohis teachers he is a joy. F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Library 3. e tand Jean Weaver Jean is always nice and neat Her smile is always pleasant and sweet. Jefferson 1, Rekamemoh 4, Pep Club 4, Class Play 3, Chorus 2. Carol Yoder Carol never seems to be sad or lonely Since she has chosen Leroy as her one and only. Class Treasurer 4, Annual Staff 4, Rekamemoh Club 1.2.3,4, Pep Club 2.3, Class Play 3, Queens Court 4, Newspaper 4. Compliments of Berne I. G. A. Store, Berne. Vi 20 , ' jz. . i= i N » s?o Swrsjooi Se u i @tcte ' PtofiJteccf Well, here we are, the year of 1970, having a reunion of the 1954 class. Our reunion is being held at the Great National Park in Monroe, Indiana, don- ated by Jean Weaver who now owns 40 parks over the United States. My, it certainly seems good to talk to all of our class mates once more. Of course, you know that Shirley Ploughe is President of the United States now. Hurrah! Just what we need, a woman president. She tells us that Carl Bluhm is now her private secretary and he is doing a very fine job. Sigrun Karsunky and Alexander Gorb who were married in Germany, have flown back to our reunion and seem very pleased to see us all once more. Gee Whiz! ! What next? ! Robert Heare tells us that he has taken over channel 33, Station WKJG, TV. He has a 30 minute program called " Women Are Funny. " One of his top actresses is Ruth Busse. Mr. Heare says (quote) She is slowly but certainly running Marilyn Monroe out of business. (Unquote) Sherman Arnold and Kenneth Frank are now taking over the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis program. What a team! Lester Egly is now coach of the Chicago Cubs and says that Phillip " Junior " Nussbaum, his star player is in bed with the measles. Junior ' s doctor, Nolan Griffiths, says he will have to stay in bed a week at the least. We ' re sorry that Junior couldn ' t attend the reunion. William Ross is now in the " Gene Hindenlang Memorial Hospital " with a broken leg, the results of refereeing a wrestling bout between Phyllis Mattax and Norma Conrad. Ross says he will never referee a women ' s wrestling match again. Richard Longenberger won the 500 mile race at Indianapolis this year. Raymond Becher placed second in the race. He was driving an Oldsmobile Special, but he just couldn ' t catch Longenberger ' s " zooped up Ford, " Velma Strahm, the Hollywood movie actress, greeted the winner as he finished the last lap of the race. Harry Mazelin is now supervising an atomic plant at Magley, Indiana. Carolyn Hirschy, his assistant, says she is afraid it will blow up and Harry will be blown apart. Listen! What ' s that roar over head? A jet plane has landed and look who ' s climbing out: Paul Hill, the pilot and Danny Gerber, the co-pilot. They are employed at Baer Field. Here is Lt. Donald Graber and Gen. Robert Steury. They say they are glad they enlisted in the army after they graduated. Both are now enjoying their career. Ronald Stuckey is now the professor of the Ball State College. He says that Faye Haines and Barbara Haugk are very efficient teachers. We always knew they would be a success. What ' s this? ! Leon Habegger is now a minister of the large Methodist Church in Washington D. C. He tells us the President attends his church. Carol Yoder, a beautician, now owns and operates her ownshoppe, in New York. She says business is lousy. Why, here is another of our classmates, David Ringger. As you know, David is now the champion hog caller of Indiana. This has been a very exciting day for all of us. Now it is time to say good-bye until our next reunion. Compliments of Adams County Trailer Sales- Decatur. 21 ■■ ■i Hrvw i : " v vw— v,-yi rin i i 1 1 1 i m i i i i i n ■ ' n ' i i n i i ' i 1 ■ ' ' " i ' u m hiM ' Tin r■ 5«SGW JHlUllUfl l A Ul y i ' S a " =sc3= V ' i ?«K « i Senear (?£aA6 TVttC We the graduating class of 54 are proud to publish our will. We will the following treasures to the fortunate faculty and pupils. To Mr. Reed we will a loud speaker so he won ' t have to holler so loud in the assembly. To Miss Beavers we will a more intelligent group of seniors next year. To Mrs. Reed we will a smart group of Home Ec. girls who know all about handy craft. To Mr. Collier we will a good group of architects who will put their thinking ability to work and design enormous skyscrapers. To Mr. Arnold we will an intelligent typing class so he won ' t have to give so many timed- writings. To Mr. Fruth we will a law class composed of students who will develope into famous lawyers. To Mr. Watson we will a class of hard-working farmers who will not give him such a hard time in class time. To Mr. Hedges we will a quiet and well-behaved group of seniors so he won ' t have to over-use his belt. To Mr. Haggard we will a tape recorder with his favorite speeches on it; we want him to save his voice. To Miss Beihold we will a library full of new books to satisfy the wants of everyone. I.Sherman Arnold, will to Jim Bauman my ability to aggravate the teachers and still get excel- lent grades. I, Carl Bluhm, will to Donald Barger my ability to sleep in government class. I, Ruth Busse, will to Elaine Stultz my ability to get along with all the teachers, and to go with the same guy for a long time. I, Norma Conrad, will to Janet Shady my natural curly hair and my pretty blue eyes. I, Lester Egley, will to Roddy Beer my ability to be a basketball star, and to go with a girl from another school. I, Raymond Becher, will to John Ripley my fast car so he can keep out of reach of the Indiana State Police as I have done. I, Kenneth Frank, will to Fred Fox my habit of teasing all the girls around school which makes them very disgusted with me. I, Alex Gorb, will to John Bluhm my height and curly hair so if he should go to another country he will make many friends as I have done in this country. I, Faye Haines, will to Mary Jane Shaw my quiet ways and nice personality in hopes that she will use them to her advantage. I, Barbara Haugk.will to Goldie Hollopeter my ability to be a good musician and my ability to go with a tall guy. I, Carolyn Hirschy, will to Patsy Urick my singing ability in hopes that she will be able to carry a tune during her senior year. I, Paul Hill, will to Howard Michaels, my " 42 " Ford so he won ' t have to drive his red and grey " hot rod " everywhere he goes. I, Gene Hindenlang, will my ability to have faith of becoming a great scientist some day to Miles Zimmerman, in hopes that he will learn more about flying saucers. I, Bob Heare, will my " crew cut " to John Rowdon so he won ' t have to take time to comb his hair; and also my ability to be a basketball player for the Greyhounds. I, Leon Habeggar, will to Vernon Ratcliff my ability to drive from Fort Wayne just to come to A. C. H. S. I, Danny Gerber, will to David Liby my ability to work at Coppess to earn loads of money while still in school. We, Donald Graber and Harry Mazlin, will our quiet ways to Jim hopes that he will make use of them. I, Dick Longenberger, will to David Helmrich my ability to be a cheerleader, in hopes that he can boost the basketball team during his senior year. I, Phyllis Mattax, will to Marinel Striker my ability to drive my dad ' s car to Decatur on Sun- day afternoons. I, Junior Nussbaum, will my ability to be a good ball player and my ability to go with a certain freshman girl to Allen Lehman. I, Shirley Ploughe, will my intelligence and my ability to be the editor of the Greyhound Ga- zette to Kay Ann Witte. I, David Ringger, will to the Senior Class of 55 my ability to get good grades so the teachers will have a smart group of seniors next year. I, Bill Ross, will to Gordon Singleton my ability to flirt with all the girls in hopes that this will help him to find THE ONE. 1, Bob Steury, will my ability to be a friend to all girls in all classes to Dick Rumple. I, Velma Strahm, will to Florine Hirschy my good sense of humor around school. We, Ronnie Stucky and Nolan Griffiths, will to Larry Schwartz, our ability to tease all the girls but we hope they won ' t get mad at him like they do at us. I, Sigrun Karsunky, will my ability to be chosen queen of Adams Central High School to Shirley Rupert. I, Jean Weaver, will to Ruth Mae Weber my ability to sleep in government class and get away with it. I, Carol Yoder, will to Ardola Parrish my ability to go steady during my senior year. Compliment of Food Town- Berne. 22 Compliments of Beaver ' s Oil Service, Decatur s;« v« o iSfiK« ir !k ; « ? k s v uyAi i i ittinmrs CMccen pcoUon Office Larry Schwartz, President; John Ripley, Vice President; Allen Lehman, Secretary and Treas- urer. Jim Fisher, President; Jerry Sprung- er, Vice President; Diane Liechty, Secretary and Treasurer. ' pietAmet Office Carol Kaehr, President; Sam Girod, Vice President; Tom Hoffman, Secretary and treasurer. Compliments of Stucky and Company, Monroe S7 it S CSJ iA?! - ' Js SSv2 S£. 1 ] U, i in | h.i : Donald Barger Goldie Hollopeter James Bauman Allen Lehman David Liby flcc U n John Riply John Rowdon Dick Rumple Shirley Rupert Larry Schwartz Janet Shady Mary Jane Shaw Gordon Singleton Marinel Striker Elaine Stultz Patsy Uricks Ruth Mae Weber Kay Ann Witte Miles Zimmerman ■ " " A W I ' i9C»«OT iiftuiiunu™Ltii yCT »f: . ■.v.x. . - - :■■:%■, jcv- w Viiiiir in inters flu Uo t S t€tft Last September we Jun- iors came back to Adams Cen- tral looking forward to two more years of high school at good old A. C. H. S. In the fall we thrilled the public by- presenting the play " Stranger in the Night. " We also spon- sored a bake sale and scrap drive to raise money. During the year we enjoyed two class parties. Compliments of Smith ' s Scrap Iron Co. - Decatur. 26 g s c s e ' 5 a o»a s i ai— m» " " " Sofc6omo%e Marilyn Arnold, Kenneth Baumgartner, Marjorie Becher, Dee Myron Byerly. Carolyn Chris tener, Harold Dick, Carol Egley, Albert Egly, Jim Fisher, Bob Fos- naugh. Paul Gerber, Pauline Ger- ber, Paul Germann, Cather- ine Habegger, Merlin Habegger, Roger Habegger. Mary Haugh, Kay Heare, Costa Hike, Sharon Hir- schy, Palmer Inniger, Richard Kachr. Bill Kershner, Richard Landis, Larry Lautzenheis- er, Diane Liechty, Gene McKean, Lowell Micheals. Alan Miller, Arlen Mit- chel, Jerry Mitchel, Nancy Parrish, Mary Jane Rice, Paul Riley. Gary Ringger, Marilyn Roop, Richard Row don, Sonja Schug, Nancy Shoaf, Louise Simon. Karen Snyder, Jerry Sprunger, James Taylor, GeraldineTeeple, James Weaver, Marvin Zurcher. Compliments of Heller Coal, Feed and Supply, Decatur llVXT X- Xl - V. ' V-« J«r SZ»£ i k7 " «Si« V ' Nr VVT.-VV 1 ' Yvxttrmm: Z£SSs$a -SS 85S! i?o s« svMssjcH:« ' Ai i ■ unfir irjt Last September we returned to A. C. H. S. as Sophomores. We entered the old building in Kirk- land township and anticipated en- tering the new one. In January our dream came true. Our class activities thus far have been limited to one class party. But we have hopes of hav- ing another party, of ordering our class rings, and of sponsoring some money making events for a boost to our treasury. Compliments of First State Bank of Berne. 28 -■o - v- o -» v.-o o i»C J- ll ll fli Jin iniiiyrrsfsr. First Row; Emil Baumgartner, James Baumgartner, Wayne Byerly. Second Row: Ronald Corson, Sandra Cramer, Doris Cauble, Mary Lou Ehrsam, Clarence Eicher, Barbara Fiechter, Arlene Freels, Ronald Gerber. Third Row: Emanuel Gerber, Ludmila Gorb, Margaret Griffiths, Patricia Grim, William Hartman, Charles Heare, Carol Hel- ler, Edith Hirschy. Fourth Row: Shirley Hirschy, Tommy Hoffman, John Isch, Carol Kaehr, Carole Kershner, Mary Knittle, Michael Lehman, Cynthia Lehman. Fifth Row: Linda McKean, Richard Knittle, Philip Moser, Mar- jorie Nussbaum, Leslie Ploughe, Karen Reed, Marcus Ripley, Connie Roe. Sixth Row: Danny Ross, Linda Schug, Gretchen Schnepp, Flossie Schwartz, Phyllis Singleton, David Smith, Marjorie Sprunger, Jimmy Steiner. Seventh Row; Virginia Steffen, Betty Steury, Linda Stultz, Danny Stout, Bobby Wechter, Melvin Wolfe, Sonja Yoder, Menas Wickey. Not Pictured: Solomon Wickey, Barbara Schwartz, Ernest Schwartz, Samuel Girod. Compliments of - Cecile ' s Beauty Shoppe Haines Garage, Monroe. 29 w wmi rVA " A " i-l " AV 2 xweyj imi o«s SlS iSlc s 5 J »«c , ' All lll iuhi ' .-7j ?%e46me t S tcLft We Freshmen started this year with high spirits. We entered the old Kirkland High School in September, and finished the first semester there. January 18, we moved into the new Adams Central School. We enjoyed a class party, De- cember 23, at the Kirkland gym. Mr. Fruth and Mr. Arnold were appointed our sponsors. sx X VWMilftWMlMi i t4KMcrMHtiu iun it. irsJWXB » v cvs c -vis is ? ! » 5s «c , «i ' . » l iimfv y e6cune Ho6 (?let ?y$ ' 0$cce i4 Top Row: Sharon Hirschy, Treasurer; Cynthia Lehman, Program Chairman; Shirley Rupert, Secretary; Mrs. Reed, Sponsor; Ruth Busse, President; Norman Conrad, Vice-President; Barbara Haugk, News Reporter. The Rekamemoh Club com- pleted its fourth year. Mrs. Reed was again our sponsor. This year we had a hayride a weiner roast at Hanna Nutman Park with the F. F. A. boys. Florine Hirschy Richard Kaehr were chosen as the best dressed farmer his wife. We had a combined party with the Decatur Home Ec. Club at Deca- tur. This year our Christmas party was held at Diane Liechty ' s house. Before we had our party we went Christmas caroling. A Valentine party with each girl bringing a guest, was enjoyed by everyone. A field trip to Ft. Wayne planned. The projects to make money were selling vanilla serving at the Farmers Insti- tute. S.Yoder, R. Busse, N.Conrad, S. Hirschy, S. Ploughe, J. Shady, D. Liechty, C. Habegger, M. Nussbaum, G. Teeple, P. Gerber, M. Roop. 2nd Row: C. Hirschy, C. Kaehr, L. McKean, K. Witte, F. Haines, B. Haugk, P. Singleton, G. Hollopeter, C. Roe, F.Schwartz, C. Egley, M. Becher. 3rd. Row: M. Ehrsam, M. Griffiths, S. Hirschy, C. Leh- man, C. Hike, G. Schnepp, S. Bell, S. Rupert, P. Mattax, C. Christener, C. Heller, J. Weaver. 4th. Row: S. Cauble, B. Steury, K. Heare, N. Shoaf, B. Fiechter, M. Sprunger, R. Weber, E. Stultz, A. Parrish, M. Haugk, K.Snyder. Bottom Row: C. Ktrschner, F. Hirschy, C. Yoder, V. Strahm, L. Stultz, V. Steffen, A. Freels, M. Arnold, S. Schug, L. Schug, P. Urick. Compliment of First State Bank, Decatur. 32 Pefi- Top Row: S. Smith, J. Steiner, J. Baum- gar t ne r . Second Row: C. Roe, S. Yoder, D. Ross, R. Corson, J. Spunger, W. Byerly, C. Heare.T. Hoffman, M. Lehman. Third Row: G. Schnepp, M. Nussbaum, M. Spunger, V . Steffen, P. Singleton, S. Hirschy, C. Christ - ener, B. Steury, F. Schwartz. Fourth Row: C. Heller. M. Ehrsam, L. Schug, A. Freels, L.Stultz, B. Feichter, S. Lehman , L. Mc- Kean, M. Griffiths. Fifth Row: F. Fox, M. Schwartz , J. Bluhm, A. Miller, J. Mitchel, L. Mich- aels, A. Mitchel, C. Egly, C. Hike. Sixth Row: K. Heare, M. Haugk, M. Arnold, S. Roop, S. Schug, M. Bec- ker, S. Hirschy, C. Christner.N. Shoaf. Seventh Row: P . Urick.R. Weber, A. Parrish, J. Shady, G. Halopeter, E. Stultz, K. Witte, F. Hirschy, M . Shaw. Bottom Row: G . Weaver, S. Ploughe, C. Hirschy, B. Haugk, R. Busse, P. Mattax, N. Conrad, R. Stucky, C. Bluhm. »ill i urn i H lw|M " jMWWM im|||rthM| I ■■■■§ . This year the Pep Club was again organized by Mrs, Reed. This will make the third year for the Pep Club. This year, the boys were allowed to join the Pep Club. It was composed of 80 members. We wore red skirts and slacks with hocking caps. The Pep Club went to Huntington to watch the Viking Pep Club having practice session. We learned many new yells this year with motions. The Club received many compliments on its appearance and support of the team. Compliment of Wemhoff Monument, Arnold Lumber Supply Co., Decatur Hatchery; Decatur. 33 « Wi»==i. ' " ' »S . " " W V W1 VU " VSCS ' . " W Mill miK WA- AV X - SS.- » = « -?»S X Vl ; . »2 .-« VSJJ ' J ' fMll . Ml 1 1 II 111! PaI.H I J - -. .v.v. ' v.-: . • «» v%« fcr a x 3sx ' H-i v. ii 11 1! t i t nrsjrj Student @ooc tct£ Two members were chosen by each class to represent the class at student council meetings. The council set up a hand book which is to govern and control the activities of the students at school, and extra curricular activities. They set the rules for initiation of Freshmen. They operated a school store to make money to pay for films that are shown to the student body. The council is constantly improving each year in its abilities to handle problems that arise. 0({tcex President, Larry Schwartz; Secretary, Carol Kaehr; Spon- sor, Mr. Reed. I Standing, Albert Egly, Gene Hindenlang, Larry Schwartz. Sitting, Roddy Beer, Carol Kaehr, Mr. Reed, Gretchen Schnepp. Lester Egly, Jim Fisher. Compliments of Monroe Washer Repair Service, Monroe Sudduth ' s Meat Market, and Shaffers, Decatur 34 Standing-Dee Myron Byerly, Donald Graber, Paul Hill, Larry Schwartz. Sitting-Allen Lehman, Miss Beihold, Albert Egly. tfai€irUcUt Because Adams Central does not employ a full-time school librarian, stu- dent-librarians have been placed in charge of the library during different periods of the day. You have seen these student-librarians at work checking returned books, helping other students select books, straightening the maga- zine racks and doing all the other tasks necessary to a smooth running library. We appreciate the fine contribution our student librarians have made to our school life this year. Compliments of Stult ' s Cigar Store, Gerber ' s Meat Market, and Black ' s Funeral Home, Decatur. Our staff members for the year have been as follows: Co-editors, Shirley Ploughe, Sherman Arnold; Business Manager, John Bluhm; Art Editor and Assistant, Kenneth Frank and Michael Lehman; Adv ' t. Manager, Jim Lobsiger; News and Sports Editors, Paul Hill and Roderick Beer; Feature Writers, Carol Egly, Leslie Ploughe, Lowell Michaels; News and Sports Reporters, Marjorie Becher, Emanuel Gerber, Pauline Gerber, Mary Haugk, Kay Heare, Costa Hike, Sharon Hirschy, Danny Ross, Carol Yoder, Bobby Wector, Phyllis Singleton, Virginia Steffen, Paul Riley, Cynthia Lehman, Karen Reed, Kay Christener, Kay Witte, Velma Strahm, Sigrum Karsunky, Gollie Hollopeter, Barbara Fiechter, Dick Rowden, Gary Ringger.and Jimmy Steiner; Agriculture Reporter, Gene Hindenlang; Typists, Barbara Haugk, Ronald Stuckey, John Rowden, and Carolyn Hirschy. " JtetvAfeafret Sta J. Bluhm, S. Arnold, J. Lobsiger, R.Beer, M. Lehman, P. Hill. K. Frank, seated Miss Beihold, S. Ploughe. Extra, extra, read all about it! That is, read all about the Greyhound Gazette which is doing even better this year than last year, when the school news- paper was still in the experimental stage. Starting with our October issue we have published a newspaper monthly. It has been filled with the activities of our school, besides the interesting fea- tures, " Personality of the Month, " " Right Around School, There Ought to be a Rule, " " Inquiring Re- porter, " the editorial with its accompaning cartoon, and occasional " From the Principal ' s Desk, " and " Coach ' s Comments " features. The Greyhound Gazette has a circulation of ap- proximately 150 with a copy of each issue sent to the county schools, the county Superintendent ' s office and the city Superintendent of schools of Danville, Illinois. Expanding our activities we sponsored a coat checking service at the home games during the second semester and have done a little custom work for some of the teachers. Our work this year could not have been accomp- lished without the fine co-operation of each staff member who is exercising his interest in journalism plus the splendid supervising of our Greyhound Gazette advisor. Miss Beihold. We were also aided by a larger staff and by having our own mimeographing machine. Compliment of Coppess Corner and Mattax Auto Paint Shop, Monroe. fcrs. " xs w» Thetwirlers of A. C. H. S. were elected September 30, at the Kirk- land Gym. Five members of the faculty voted after six girls tried out. After a hard decision, Marilyn Arnold, and Carol Egly were cnosen as our majorettes and Gretchen Schnepp as our drum majorette. On October 28, at the Piston game was the band and twirlers first time of performing in the new gym, making the formations of Beverage Time. Everyone said it was very color - full to have a band lead by twirlers at our high school basketball games. So it was, and it did show some talent and hard work. Our congrat- ulations to you, twirlers, it was well done, and enjoyed by everyone. Keep the good work up and we ' ll expect more of you next year. Compliments of Wall ' s Bakery, Ideal Dairy Products, Dick Mansfield; Decatur. 37 cxv-v w- a iiiuhtos ' m f i ? ; i i iiv T vi N x " c »ac =»2sN xvv.v; i i?j ss v Don ' t they make cute couples! Sylvia, you and I will thrill the public with our writing. atvnttbeW . l0 tug. ht - 2 eprig «p.foi, s Sfe P He Slffi ; ' , Compliments of Decatur Dry Cleaner, Rentz Florist, Decatur. 38 r jr ar r w SJT S -r r- - VXYl. V T W VA li W Xy Brj J MffAJM M JlliM M M J J IWC» Bottom Row: C. Kaehr.L. McKean.M. Nussbaum.F. Haines, B. Haugk, M. Griffiths, C. Heller, B. Steury, S. Bell, M. Arnold, C. Egly. 2nd Row: C. Lehman, F. Schwartz, 5. Schug, F. Hirschy, G. Hollopeter, C. Hirschy, A. Parrish, M. Shaw, C. Habegger, K. Snyder, S. Roop. 3rd Row: J. Lobsiger, C. Bluhm, L. Michaels, M. Lehman, P. Riley, M. Ripley, J. Sprunger, L. Habegger, A. Egly, D. Byerly. Top Row: Bob Ray, Director, S. Arnold, A Lehman, P. Moser, L. Schwartz, R. Kaehr, F. Fox, D. Smith, D. Helmerich, J. Ripley. THcxed (? io iu4, 4 tct 2.u ntet There are forty -one members in the Adams Central Mixed Chorus along with our director, Mr. Ray. The entire chorus furnished music at the Commodore -Adams Central basketball game on December 18 by forming a Christmas tree and singing " Carol of the Bells " . They also part- icipated in the county music festival and var- ious other programs. The Adams Central boys ' quartet better known as the Central -aires is composed of Sherman Arnold, Allen Lehman, Larry Schwartz, and Fred Fox. They started their career in the fall of 1952. The Central -aire ' s record of performances has been rather extensive especially in many churches. Adams Central is very proud of the boys and the fine work they have done. Standing, L. to R.: Sherman Arnold, Lehman, Larry Schwartz, and Fred Fox. Allen Compliments of Berne Lumber Co. and Habit; Berne Preble Welding and Repair. The 39 CWW V W 1M « VVS ' 7 r HI M MlkVOVlWNiWKVSS S« V« H Vim b SSISJWTOWWKWNn f ' rjJZMMttli. IH1IU immiiW: r vw»XYVJV-v« £-si»» i2 V ' N . »r ». CS»OM» ' - A 11 II I IIHl l-ys ' ' S ' SV S 1st row (seated) L. to R.: P. Germann, L. Schug, S. Schug.K. Baumgartner, F. Schwartz, D. Bluhm, M. Christener, B. Royer.K. Snyder, D. Byerly.R. Stuckey.C. Mitchel.C. Lehman. 2nd row: J. Mitchel.G. McMillen.J. Lobsiger, L. Lautzenheiser, A. Miller, A. Mitchel, B. Wechter, J. Shady, D. Graber, R. Gerber, C. Lehman. 3rd Row: A. Lehman, C. Bluhm, L. Michaels, L. Schwartz, P. Riley, F. Fox, M. Lehman. Back Row: G. Hollopeter, C. Hike, C. Heller, B. Steury, N. Shoaf, S. Roop, C. Christener, Bob Ray, Director. ' @a tct This year under the direction of Mr. Robert J. Ray the band played at all home games. Four of these performances were groups of forma- tions on the floor and on two oc- casions the twirlers performed while the band played. The band also participated in the county music festival, the district music contest, furnished special numbers for the farmers institute and are now plan- ning for the Baccalaureate and Commencement. We also hope to have a Band Parents Association started before the end of the year. DRUM SI W- SYioaf Roop. ChiWen et - Compliments of Wertzberger ' s Confectionery Gillig Doan Funeral Home, Decatur. and 40 ».j»n a J.n-g miihh Standing: M. Christener, D. Byerly, R. Stucky, P.Germann, K. Baungartner, S. Lehman, C. Mitchel. Seated: B. Royer, S. Schug, K. Snyder, S. Lehman, D. Bluhm , L. Schug, F. Schwartz. Gun 72tnecton Mr. Ray Standing: D.Graber.L. Lauten- heizer, G. McMillen, J. Mitchel, F. Fox, M. Lehman, L. Schwartz, P. Riley, A. Miller, A. Mitchel. Seated: J. Shady, R. Gerber.B. Wecter, L. Mich- aels, C. Bluhm, J. Lobsiger, A. Lehman. Compliments of Holthouse Schulte Co., Harman ' s Mar ket, Decatur. s v " v v xwvwnw I I JBr2W JwfUtin i in%iv irsjr tr4iz iN -l ' .l V FABLIiHEITUT PBOCEDnBE STATE CniTEST 19 r - First Row: P. Inniger, H. Mazelin, L. Schwartz, R. Kaehr, Mr. Watson, R. Steury, A. Miller, G. Hindenlang, R. Landis. 2nd Row: M. Wolfe, D. Stout, B. Kershner, D. Ringger, A. Mitchel, J. Fisher, L. Habegger, C. Bluhm, L. Lautzenheiser, F.. Fox, P. Moser, W. Hartman, R. Habegger, M. Lehman. Top Row: D. Byerly, J. Mitchell, V. Ratcliff, R. Heare, P. Germann, N. Griffiths, D. Liby, J. Taylor, G. Singleton, J. Sprunger, J. Bluhm. Our FFA Chapter has been very active this past year. We entered the crops, poultry and egg, livestock, and dairy contests in the county. We succeeded in sending a team to the district in crops, poultry and egg, and live- stock contests. The crops team went on to the State. We placed a very interesting window display in Decatur to celebrate the National FFA 25th anniversary. Our FFA sponsored a Thanksgiving program by having a speaker and collecting food. Eight baskets of food were collected. The FFA boys delivered them to eight selected families. Our parliamentary procedure team won the district contest and went to the State. The judging of the State contests was held at Purdue during the State FFA convention. We won the State over 11 other entries. We also had two delegates and five band members be- sides the team at the convention. Our FFA was also very active in sports during the year. We played softball games throughout the summer and played basketball games during the winter. This has been one of the most progressive seasons in the history of our FFA. The officers of the FFA for this year are: Harry Mazelin, Secretary; Larry Schwartz, President; Richard Kaehr, Tre as- urer; Mr. Watson, Adviser; Robert Steury, Vice-President; Alan Miller, Sentinel; Gene Hindenlang, Reporter. Compliments of Berne Equity Exchange Co., and D. W. Fireoved, Veterinarian, Berne; Lister ' s Grocery, Preble. 42 ■ ww f .tnuf.11 t imtrtmrr jgjM gjji— mm ?. ?. s4. SttafiA Compliments of Kirsch Drug Store, Cliff, Nussbaum Store, Berne; and Mazelins Heating Service, Decatur. :? ' ji -3 ii " S£SS! CV TV V }YU X K SSS r il r 1 T 1 li™v »n TOi v - - (2 £e tdcm, o£ Sve tt August 31- September 7- September 9- Septembet 10- September 12--: September 15- September 16- September 18- September 21--. September 22- September 23- September 24- September 25- September 28- School days, school days, dear ole Golden Rule days. Jefferson Studio came to talk to Seniors about pictures. Band and Chorus were organized. Anspaugh Studio came to talk to Seniors about pictures. R. S. M . Studio talk to Seniors about pictures. The Seniors decided to have them. The class officers were chosen. Senior Pres., Sherman Arnold; Junior Pres., Larry Schwartz; Sophomore Pres., Jim Fisher; Freshman Pres., Carol Kaehr. Baseball game at Jefferson. The Junior and Senior Magazine Cam- paign started. Their goal was $1200. juniors were all surprised when they were informed that their class rings had arrived! How long will they keep them? A tuberculosis test was offered free to the Freshman and Sophomores. Adams Central had its first P. T. A. Meeting. The Senior Class sponsored an ice- cream social after the meeting. Received information on insurance. Freshman had their initiation! Who ' s who? The Annual Staff was chosen by Mrs. Reed and several other teachers. Baseball season came to a close. The Greyhounds won 3 and lost 2 games. We heard an interesting sermon by Rev . Berman Smith from Dayton, Ohio. He spoke brieflv about Japan, as he had been a Missionary there for two years. Magazine campaign ended, the Junior class sales total $850.10, the Seniors sold a total of $910.90. The Adams Central faculty, janitor and cooks en- joyed a carry -in -supper at the Wells County State Forrest. The first Reka- memoh Meeting was held, electing officers and discussing coming activi- ties for the year. Compliments of Zurcher Mobil Service (Monroe) September 30--Twirlers were chosen: Gretchen Schnepp, Drum Majorette; Carol Egley, and Marilyn Arnold, twirlers. October 2--We were entertained in chapel services held in the gym. Rev. Mishler, spon- sored a group of visiting ministers, who lead in group singing, and brought the sermon. October 7--The second Rekamemoh Meeting was held, making plans for a hayride. October 9--F. F. A. initiated seven new members into the chapter. October 10- -A hayride was given by the Rekamemoh Club and the F.F. A. boys. The crown- ing of the farmer and farmer ' s wife was given to Richard Kaehr and Florine Hirschy. -A Senior Skating Party was held at Bells Rink. The Rink was fairly crowd- ed with about 190 people. -Our cheerleaders were chosen during Activity period. They are: Shirley Rupert, Karen Snyder, Dick Longen- berger, and Sherman Arnold. -The Jr. High Cheerleaders were chosen: Mae Christner, Betty Royer were the ones chosen from three groups. -The Adams Central P. T. A. held their second regular meeting at the High School gymnasium. -The intramural football season closed, the Sing Sing 7, winning the league. -The season tickets for the 1953-54 Adams Central home basketball games went on sale. 27--Jr. Class Play " Stranger in the Night, " directed by Miss Beavers. TheGovern- ment Students were addressed by our district representatives, E. Ross Adair, at the Decatur High School gym. October 28 --Our first newspaper went on sale. October 29--Pep Club, sponsored by Mrs. Reed, had its first meeting. They decided to wear red skirts or slacks with white blouses. For the first time since the beginning of the Pep Club, boys will be allowed October 12 October 14 October 16 October 19 October 21 October 26 October cUe tct i o£ Svcite November November November November November November November November November November to participate in the club. 3 --Mr. Watson and Gene Hindenlang went to Marion to a special F. F. A. Meet- ing to discuss the progress of the work on the " Program of Work, " and plans for officers training school and ban- quet. Rev. Tucker from the Berne Nazarene Church talked to us about the Ten Commandments. 4- -We enjoyed an interesting sermon by Rev. Robert Tinksy from the Church of Christ in Decatur .who preached on the subject of Armistice Day. 6--A ballgame Geneva and Adam Cen- tral, Geneva won 62-52. 10 --The High School selected by vote five girls from the Junior and Senior classes to compete for Cen -Trail Queen: Ruth Busse -Senior. Sigrun Karsunky -Senior . Carol Yoder -Senior . Shirley Rupert-Junior, and Florine Hirschy -Junior. Where were all the boys this Morning? ! A note from the parents, gave them the privilege of hunting, provided that they returned to school by 10 A. M. A ballgame Mommouth and Adams Central, Adams Central won 54-49. ll--In the final voting, Sigrun Karsunky, was chosen as queen. 12--The Pep Club accompanied by Mrs. Reed and Pauline Kolter went to Hunt- ington in two buses to observe the Viking Pep Club, a well organized cheering group, to gain some new ideas for cheering. 13 --We enjoyed a film during Activity Period today. 15--In memory of Kenneth Ehrman a gradu - ate of 1953. 16--The Adams Central P.T. A. held its Monthly meeting in the old gym. 17 --Pictures were taken of Freshman, Sophomores, and Junior Classes for the Annual. November 18 November 20 November 21 November 23 November 24 November 25 December 1 December 2 December 4 December 8 December 10 December 14 December 15 December 16 December 18 December 22 December 23 December 23 January 4 January -The Sr. girls were flower girls for Kenny Ehrman ' s funeral. -Jefferson ballgame Adams Central 58, Jefferson 46. -Rekamemoh Meeting to make plans for party Monday. -Rekamemoh girls and Decatur FHA girls had a combined party; our girls showed alot of talent. •-Pleasant Mills game, Pleasant Mills 65, Adams Central 62. •-Grade Cards came out. Thanksgiving Program by F. F. A. ■-Hartford Ballgame, Hartford 48, Adams Central 65. -Freshmen class held a party at Kirk- land gym. •-Lancaster ball game, we lost by 3 points, 43 to 40. •-Basketball boys went to see the hockey game at the Ft. Wayne coliseum. ■-Music festival at Mommouth, H. S. ■-Christmas tree was decorated by the student council. •-We won a ball game beat Rockcreek 66 to 37 nice goin. ■-Chapel. ■-We won another game from Decatur Catholic this time was it ever a close one, 54-53. ■-Rekamemoh girls went caroling by buses then had their Christmas ex- change and refreshments at Diana Liechty ' s what a swell time we had. ■ -Christmas program and film was shown, " Greatest Gift " . The speech class gave a Christmas play which was on the humorous side. •-Schools out for Xmas vacation, " Merry Christmas, everyone " . •-Whats happened??? Nothinggoes right after a vacation, too much new year parties I guess. •-Better luck next time boys. Lost in basketball to Monroeville 56-44. r iJC-v y y z jriuniiiiiiinu iK w svil :w u I ■ sy ss tm v (2 Ce td i o£ Sv tfo January January January January January January January January January January February February February February February 6 --The chapel speaker, Rev. Lautzen- February heiser from the Methodist church in Geneva. February 14- -Basketball tourney opens. Congratu- lation fellows, beat Berne 50-46. February 16--Got beat by the Commodores 52-50, what a heart breaker. Albert Egley was awarded the individual sports- manship trophy. Thats really swell Albert we are all proud of you. 18 --Geneva came over to celebrate the February tourney... Wonder what it would be like to win a tourney. Approximately 600 members of the P. T. A. gathered in February the new gym for its first meeting. 19 - -Yea, Rah, We beat Jefferson Warriors in basketball 65-50. February 21--Start packing for our move to the new school. What a mess 22--Moving day. Several students helped the teachers move to our new school. February Operation big switch bossed by our BELOVED principal. 26--Don ' t make it ahabit boys we lost our ballgame to Jackson. March 27--TheF.F. A. attended thedistrict meet- March ing at Monmouth. 29--We beat Hartford 66-57. Yeh! Rah! Team! 4 --The Juniors and Seniors went to Decatur March and had a T. B. X-ray. 5 --An inspiring sermon was given by Rev. April H. J. Welty, pastor of the Missionary Church of Decatur. Keep it up boys! ! We beat Pleasant Mills in an over- May time. 9--The Jr. Sr. Home Ec. girls went on a field trip to Decatur to see how ce- May ramies, are made. We heard it was May interesting. May 10--V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! ! We beat Commo- dores 62-56. May 12--Monmouth defeated us 65-50. Let ' s do better next game. Compliments of Berne Master Feed Store, R. H. Meshberger and Petrie Oil Co., Decatur. 16--Good game, fellow ' s! Too, bad we lost. Chester Center beat us 76-71. 18--Guess what?! We drew Jefferson in the sectional. 19- -Congratulations boys! We beat Petro- leum in the last game of the season 55-48. Sigrum was crowned Cen-tral queen between the game. Nice going Sigrum! Snap! Snap! Pictures were also taken of the pep club team. 20--Didyou hear any groans! The Seniors had a bake sale. $40 was added to our treasury. 24--Hah! Rah! Sectional started. Decatur Monmouth are the victors. Hartford, Berne, and Geneva the losers. 25--WELL DONE! We defeated Jefferson 68 -55 in the first game of the section- al. Good start boys, keep your chins up!! 27--It ' s a sad day for the Greyhounds! Pleasant Mills defeated us 54-45. We were very proud of our team, pepclub and all the A. C. school body. ?--Rekamemoh club party, each girl in- vited a guest, more fun. l--Honk, Honk, that was Mommouth cel- ebrating t heir sectional victory. Good luck in the Regional. Zuercher ' s ac- cordion band entertain assembly. 2 --The senior has 67 days left until their trip. 9-- " The Perfect Idiot " , given by the Senior class, directed by Miss Beihold. A job well done. IO--B00! Hoo! We know how the under- classmen feel, the seniors leave on their trip. Fare Well everyone. 14 --The seniors return home. 16 --Baccalaureate service in the new gym. 18 --Commencement service in the new gym. 22 --So we have completed another year, so long, pardner. T ■LS. ' V . " lOs-V. ■!■ C-E-N-T-R-A-L Pep Club C r± r c } - , r r r A o o r o r o Time out for a rest Tocsin Lumber and Grain Co., Millers Gro- cery, Tocsin. - v t v ' e -A 1 1 1 1 1 u ViVVWV " w v .w 5 y y , x v vs-=«2«sxv . v iWiv v4Mv m Tm. I ►. pats. ' " % 2 - JJM| f l . s Lester Egly 1 year Varsity Senior Forward Roddy Beer 2 years Varsity Junior Center V t4lttf Junior Nussbaum 2 years Varsity Senior Guard THE TEAM Four Seniors will be lost from the squad by graduation this year. Lester Egly and Bill Ross wil] be missed as alert rebounders; Junior Nussbaum as an excellent guard, and Bob Heare for his ability to get in the game and scrap. Returning next year will oe three Junior boys and three Sophomore boys, all who have had con- siderable experience. The boys played together very well this year. All were constant threats from a scoring stand- point. The attitude of the team was excellent, re- gardless of whether they won or lost. The senior boys of 1953-54 will be missed but we look forward to the group of future Sopho- more, Junior, and Senior boys who will be fight- ing hard to replace them. Compliments of Dierke ' s Implement Sales and Holthouse Drug Store, Decatur Allen Lehman 1 year Varsity Junior Guard Dee Myron Byerly 1 year Varsity Sophomore Forward 50 nasumm ' ? £ Robert Heare 2 years Varsity Senior Forward at etfaM 7eam John Rowdon 1 year Varsity Junior Guard NAME AGE WEIGHT HEIGHT CLASS POSITIC Lester Egly 17 135 5 ' 10 1 2 ' 12 Forward Robert Heare 18 140 5 ' 7 " 12 Forward Bill Ross 17 140 5 ' 10 " 12 Center Junior Nussbaum 17 135 5 ' 7 " 12 Guard Dee Myron Byerly 15 153 5 ' 8 1 2 " 10 Forward Roddy Beer 16 158 6 ' 1 " 11 Center Allen Lehman 15 130 5 ' 7 " 11 Guard John Rowdon 16 135 5 ' 6 1 2 " 11 Guard Albert Egly 15 153 5 8 1 2 " 10 Forward Kenneth Baumgartner 15 144 5 ' 8 1 2 " 10 Forward Compliments of Gass Ready to Wear Clothes and Gay ' s Mobil Service, Decatur. Kenneth Baumgartner 1 year Varsity Sophomore Guard Albert Egley 1 year Varsity Sophomore Forward Bill Ross 1 year Varsity Senior Center , ' Ywm 51 , ' inUl Y WX . x-sx ?»»=v - x ' V -» ' " f ' , Compliments of Knapp ' s Service; Harry H. Hebble, Optometrist and Teeple Truck Lines, Decatur. S u6etfaM Sn fe4 k Harold Worthman and Boyd Royet ' s Barber Shop, Bluffton; Zwick Funeral Home and Furniture, and Niblick Company. Decatur. lUIHI I W ' fwT ' ,7 1111) IWIYV ' W AWv ' WV .: Top Row: D. Byerly, A. Egly, R. Beer, L. Egly, B. Ross, Coach Arnold. Bottom Row: J. Rowdon, A. Lehman, Jr. Nussbaum, B. Heare, K. Baumgartner Sa46et$a£l Sqcccut The 1953-54 Adams Central basketball team have had a number of inexperienced players as only three of the boys played on the varsity team last year. These boys are Bob Heare, Junior Nussbaum, and Roddy Beer. Another handicap the Greyhounds were confronted with is the lack of height, Roddy Beer being the only player who stands 6 feet. The 1954-55 season will be minus four players, Bob Heare, Junior Nussbaum, Bill Ross, and Lester Egly. Grad- uation takes these boys from the team. There were three Juniors, Roddy Beer, John Rowdon, and Allen Lehman on the varsity this year and three Sopho- mores, Kenneth Baumgartner, Albert Egly, and Dee Myron Byerly. We wish Don Arnold, the new coach, good luck as he works with the boys. Compliments of Phil Macklin and Steffen Implement Company, Decatur rj0 fMJS sv z ? 2iS?Si VSSS ' S ' ? i z jr rS S r J!JrS ir SiI l II liSSi£ ? . » v:V «v !v Top Row: D. Byerly, K. Baumgartner, H. Dick, G. McKean, J. Mitchel, L. Lautzenheiser, Coach Fruth. Bot- tom Row: D. Rowdon, J. Sprunger, L. Michaels. A. Mitchel, B. Kerschner, A. Miller, J. Taylor. Second 7ecu t The second team was composed of eleven members. The first consisted of Jerry Mitchel, Jerry Sprunger, Richard Rowdon, Allan Miller, and Larry Lautzenheiser. The team had an 18 game schedule and competed in the county tourney. It was composed of sophomores who showed fine sportsmanship and good teamwork. The freshman team started their season very well. They have eleven members on the team the first five were Wayne Byerly, Ronald Corson, Ronald Gerber, David Smith, and Jim Steiner. These boys were on the team that won the County Junior High Tourney. p C4 u KCU€ ?CCUPt Compliments of Decatur Daily Democrat Top Row: J. Steiner. W. Byerly, T. Hoffman, Coach Fruth, D. Smith, D. Ross, R. Corson. Bottom Row: B. Wechter, C. Heare, J. Baumgartner, M. Ripley, R. Gerber, P. Moser. ' WTWrNTOV Front Row-Terry Hike, Merle Yoder, Max Egley, Philip Barger, Tommy Hyerly, Allen Habegger, Ned Stuckey. Back Row -Gene Baumgartner, Roger Hawkins, John Hartman, Mr. Cable, Gary McMillen, Gorden Snyder, Winston Lister. The Adams Central Jr. High enjoyed another successful season, winning 15, and dropping 3 decisions. The county Jr. High tourney remains to be played. The team is a sharp shooting club ripping the nets at a .312 clip for the season. They show promise of a fine team for the future. The Jr. High won the traveling trophy in the annual 4-way tourney. They defeated Hartford in the afternoon and Berne in the championship game. Bluffton 28 29 Adams Central Poplar Grove 20 35 Hartford 13 29 Geneva 14 37 Pleasant Mills 27 44 Monmouth 16 41 Decatur Catholic 39 28 Ossian (overtime) 35 32 Berne 15 29 Jefferson 19 41 Hartford 19 26 Decatur Catholic 32 17 4-way tourney Hartford Berne Pleasant Mills Bluffton Berne Poplar Grove 21 20 13 32 15 21 31 22 52 41 37 53 In the Junior High Tourney we defeated Monmouth 44-14. In the second game we were defeated by Decatur Commodores46- 36. Betty Royer and Mae Christener. amm H v ' " " ■ B 1 E JMT ». ' 1 C lLjl 1 II 1 ( $ VYfV am ■Is K ■S ■ A Compliments of Smith Auto Wrecking, Bluffton, Reinking Garage, and Decatur Equipment, Inc., Decatur. 56 • Sjrsss- sz z ix ?avi s xs sjji 2rs7s irsjr AiirxS!Z f T TtZ. - - kJN. ?V V K T w i v . v . iij i.,.m i Compliments of William Steffen Son, Minneapolis Moline, Geel ' s Jewelry, Bluffton; and City Lunch, Berne. . V. V a v- -o ' II ! U I M TW VV WV V«V k SN V» X W N •4 A- Jj Top Row: Coach Fruth, L. Egly, B. Ross, K. Baumgartner, R. Beer, L. Habegger, J. Mitchel, A. Egly, Coach Arnold. Center Row: Student Manager, D. Helmrich, J. Nussbaum, D. Smith, J Steiner, J. Sprunger, D. Byerly, R. Corson, J. Rowdon Bottom Row: B. Heare. D. Rowdon, A Lehman, A. Miller, R. Gerber, D. Ross. SW s 7e The Adams Central baseball team this year played its first season of baseball. Baseball seemed quite different from Softball to the boys, but still they finished the regularly sched- uled season games with a fair record by winning 3 games out of 5. They then lost to Ossion to end the baseball season with a .500 percentage record, winning 3 games and losing 3. Albert Egly led the team in batting with a .316 percent- age as many of the boys found it more difficult to hit a base- ball than a softball. Next years team should find a number of capable players as only 5 players will be lost from the team by graduation. Are you safe, Junior? Pit, ch ■ i U in Compliments of The Kent Realty Auction Co. C. W. Kent Gearld Strickler, Decatur 58 Her kid ! i xw uv. w !rjirj ' SiK ' jrj7S vs fJiiiiK? : -■— - . — -0- — Wv: .NkV On February 19 at the Petroleum and Adams Central ball game, we crowned our queen. The queen was Sigrun Karsunky, and the attendants were Ruth Busse, Carol Yoder, Florine Hirschy and Shirley Rupert. The band played tribute to our royal court as the queen and her attendants took their places on the stage. The election of the Centralis queen and her at- tendants was done by the student body, first choosing five girls from the Senior and Junior classes and from this group of five, another election was held to determine which girl would reign as queen. The boy to crown the queen was chosen by the basketball team. Roddy Beer was chosen to do this. On October 10th, the annual hayride was given bytheRekamemohClubandFFA. The big event of the evening was the crowning of the Farmer and Farmer ' s Wife. Richard Kaehr and Florine Hirschy were crowned by Mr. Reed. The couple was judged on who looked the most like a farmer and his wife. Compliments of Hoosier Condensed Milk Co., Bluffton; The Fair Store and Liechiy ' s Jewelry, Berne. s x®Axs n v?££= s jfwss yvsj ' iiiiix! i£s; -■E. - -- - fo Succeed Ruth Busse Lester Egly ' PofiuCan, Shirley Rupert Roddy Beer ,. w " . i " Mwr Compliments of Lehman Heating Plumbing Co., Berne, Adams County Abstract Co., Custer Smith, Decatur. st n-vcw?kxsv k y vev vi. ' Gr trWW S zz z z?z? ss!$ssmssmsxsxiz At. w27 jnmmam Florine Hirschy Carol Yoder tZuee t gaunt Shirley Rupert Compliments of Butler ' s Garage Ruth Busse ,—,„,, ™. ,., h l. i j » j » i inn mumk , k rgs rv?c vv r;T ' = N - S S 1 ' r arstP-sfJFIjrMIlt IU1IU mi : if ,if. . ?V £i £S 2 £ £ S!S ? Z C li AWIV lUtft AI ' T ZtZstT. s4Cu K u f953 ?95? Pat Barger Mitchel Wendell Beer Gene Bluhm Lim Brodbeck eroy Chamness Don Dick Marilyn Durr Longenberger Fred Ehlerding Elaine Freels Eileen Funk Lyle Gerber Arlene Habegger Coleen Hirschy Luther Hedington Don Holloway Hubert Isch Earl Johnson Ernest Liechty Roger Longenberger Mary Michaels Virginia Mitchel Edward Nussbaum Willis Nussbaum Walter Osterman Kae Ratcliff William Rowdon Marvin Taylor Eugene Weber Washington Twp. Washington Twp. Monroe Twp. Monroe, Indiana Howe, Indiana Kirkland Twp. Washington Twp. Kirkland Twp. Kirkland Twp. Decatur, Indiana Monroe Twp. Monroe Twp. Decatur, Indiana Monroe Twp. Chicago, Illinois Decatur, Indiana Monroe, Indiana Missouri Washington Twp. Jacksonville, Illinois Washington Twp. Monroe Twp. Monroe Twp. Washington Twp. Washington Twp. Texas Washington Twp. Kirkland Twp. Housewife Kroger s Novelty Yost Farmer Farmer Housewife Farmer Stucky ' s Dr. Parrish Secretary Milk Condensery Overall Factory Sherman- White Farmer De Forest Trading School Krick-Tyndall Co. Smith Bros. Army Decatur Industries MacMurry College Stucky ' s Farmer Farmer McMillens McMillens Air Force McMillens Farmer Audrey Andrews Baumgartner Mary Baumgartner Landis Norma Bradford Donna Bucher Byerly June Caudle Rhoades Diana Crist Carolyn Egly Nussbaum Bernita Ehlerding Haines Marilyn Fox Norma Funk Meyers George Geyer Delores Graber Moser Marie Habegger Donald Haines Dmitri Hendricks Charles Hoffman Leroy Kolter Beverly Lobsiger Loren Moser Gerald Nussbaum Pauline Rupert Kolter Andrew Schrock Irene Schwartz Watkins Wendell Sowards Edith Steury Arnold Mary Jane Steury Weller Lavonne Strahm Virginia Taylor Patricia Teeple Mary Troxel Raymond Worden Carl Yoder Tocsin Andrews, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Kirkland Twp. Decatur, Indiana Fort Wayne Monroe Twp. Kirkland Twp. Monroe Twp. Decatur, Indiana Decatur, Indiana Monroe Twp. Monroe Twp. Kirkland Twp. Washington California Kirkland Twp. Fort Wayne Monroe Twp. Monroe Twp. Kirkland Twp. Dayton, Ohio Decatur, Indiana California Kirkland Twp. St. Johns, Newfoundland Monroe, Indiana Washington Twp. Kirkland Twp. Kirkland Twp. Kirkland Twp. Berne, Indiana Housewife Housewife At home Housewife Magnavox Nurse Housewife Housewife Stenographer Housewife Saylor ' s Housewife Novelty Farmer Navy Navy Farmer Nurse Farmer Farmer Housewife Carpenter Courthouse Army Housewife Housewife Teeple ' s Stickler ' s Trailer Court Telephone Ex- change, Ft. Wayne Franklin Electric Telephone Co. McMillens ?952 r ?50 Doyle Arnold Kirkland Twp. Fanner Jim Arnold Pennville, Indiana Ball State Mary Byerly Arnold Pennville, Indiana Bluffton Clinic Teachers Norman Cook Overseas Air Force Jane Baltzel Culler Elpaso, Texas Housewife Gloria Crownover Muncie Ball State Dick Baumgartner Korea Army Teachers College Alice Beineke Kirkland Twp. Schafers Herman Dick North Carolina Marines Warehouse Fannie Habegger Fort Wayne Stenographer Audrey Burkhead Nebraska Teacher Millard Habegger Lafayette Purdue University Coretta Chamness Sipe Berne, Ind. Dunbar J ean Haines Monroe, Indiana Farm Bureau Robert Dick Korea Army Mary Lou Hanni Clifford Hirschy Monroe, Indiana Bluffton Clinic Robert Ehrsam Korea Army Monroe Twp. McMillens Grace Fisher Nussbaum Monroe Twp. Housewife Dale Hirschy Monroe Twp. U. S. Rubber Virgil Gerber Korea Army Anna Inniger Liby Fort Wavne Housewife Doyle Haines Robert Heller Monroe, Indiana Army Elizabeth Johnston Strahm Monroe, Indiana Housewife Kirkland Twp. Ft. Wayne Penn Phyllis Kohli Monroe, Indiana Clerk Railway Office Cleo Landis Kirkland Twp, Farmer Dixie Hill Landis Kirkland Twp. Housewife Roe Lehman Washington Twp. Farmer Bruce Hirschy Monroe Twp. U. S. Rubber Robert Mitchel Washington Twp. Farmer Roger Kuhn California Navy David Nussbaum Monroe Twp. Marion, Indiana Farmer William Lehman Korea Army Jim Riley R. C. A. Neva Mallonee Hendricks Monroe Twp. Housewife Sally Ross Schwartz Decatur, Indiana Housewife Virgil Moser Berne, Indiana Farmer Mary Schnepp Roth Decatur, Indiana Housewife Curtis Nussbaum Monroe Twp, Farmer Lester Schindler Berne Dunbar Howard Rich Virginia Army Enos Schrock Decatur Carpenter Glen Rowdon Korea Army Lester Schwartz Decatur, Indiana General Electric Donald Rupert New Haven, Indiana P urdue Pauline Schwartz Monroe Twp. Brotherhood Extension Mutual insurance Bruce Schnepp Korea Army Robert Shaw Texas Air Force Glen Strahm Monroe Twp. Farmer Paul Sowards Decatur Paint Shop Albert Teeple Army David Sprunger Lafayette Purdue Rosalyn Wagner K nhn J efferson Twp. Housewife Stanley Sprunger Monroe Twp. F arm er Elberta Worthman loffman Michigan Housewife Henry Wagley Lafayette Purdue Darleen Yoder Berne, Indiana Nurse Donald Walters Fort Wayne Purdue Center Dale Worth man Kirkland Twp. Franklin Electric Earl Yoder Berne Mechanic Raymond Zurcher Monroe Twp. Farmer oo4te Liechty Bros. Win-Rae Drive-in Harold Steffen Fritz Electric Co. Aeschliman Appliance, Bluffton Gretchen ' s Fashions Carrier ' s Department Store H. Thoma Son Treon Poultry Market Haflich Morrissey Shoe Store Habegger Hardware Haltermans Worthmans Lunch Fern ' s Dress Shoppe Serv Us Store, Inc. Robert L. Boze, M. D. Sutton ' s Jewelry Store Kenneth Runyon Bob Heller Community Oil Service Burkes Standard Service Banner ' s Barber Shop Mr. Mrs. Paul Banner Rich Liechty Barber Shop Stucky ' s Dept. Store Moser ' s Sunoco Service, Berne Kane ' s Paint Wallpaper Albert Harlowe Decatur Dry Cleaners Rentz ' s Flowers R. E. Allison Economy Store Decatur Auto Supply Fred Corah Carder ' s Department Stort Robert L. Boze, M. D. 64 £ K? s?»i ? i ; ' UUJleJJ-ySjrsCsU = ' J ■ . lvijinun.. uu .- i % u 1 i s s. rvoCWW yVN ' ' ■ , -vxvsxvc xvax n :■.. o o -

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