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i, i III " IMIn p — ' " 77jlhp,I ..rati mm : ' i MWBft-Jjr . i CEN S 3 r R R f C 5 s4 utual Sta S -o- Don H. and Gene H. were the Business and Assistant Business Managers, respec- tively. The sports section was ably taken care of by Gene B. and Lester E., Sports and As- sistant Sports Editors. Mary M. and Arlene H. were the Literary and Organization ed- itors, respectively. Compliments of FRIEDAS BEAUTY SHOPPE, Monroe and MONROE WASHER REPAIR Virginia M., the editor, and her able assistant, Ruth B., did a swell job. Eddie N. and Walt O. were the Sales and Circulation Managers, respectively. r K O U UT V - • ; ' PtwcifrcU ' t Ttteteaye I do appreciate and thank you for the opportunity to write a few words for your 1953 Cen-Trails. In this, my first year at Adams Central, I have been impressed with the fine spirit of co-operative enter- prise. The staff and the board of education have the youth of this community foremost in providing the best in educational measures. With this splendid co-operation, the past year has found many innovations that have directed the learning of the individual to the basic needs of becoming an outstanding citizen in the community and the nation. We are continually seeking new ways and means to improve our school curriculum and administrative policy of making Adams Central the leading and outstanding institution of this area. Much has been accomplished in improving the need for wholesome activities of the student. The most im- portant being the addition of two extra-curricular clubs and a student government association. The government association gives the student an active part in school affairs and decisions. This school is based on a firm foundation of interest through the active participation of the Parent Teacher Association. We cannot fail the youth of this generation with the continued support of such groups. We, the staff of Adams Central dedicate ourselves to the promotion of formulating a policy that will develop in the student a well rounded personality based on a strong mental and spiritual foundation. I salute the class of " 53. " Their responsibilities are heavy. They have proven their ability to cope with school problems and I am confident they will continue to do so as they face the com- plexities of an adult world. Compliments of DECATUR DAILY DEMOCRAT Left to right: William Linn, Harold Schwartz, Evan Yake, Noah Neuen- schwander, Lester Adler, President; Glen Workinger, Secretary; Floyd Mitchell, Treasurer. GLEN CUSTER Superintendent of Schools RIEHLE TRACTOR SALES and URICK BROTHERS, Decatur, Indiana LUCILLE BEAVERS B.S., Indiana L ' niversity North Manchester Wisconsin L ' niversity HARVEY HAGGARD B.S., Manchester Tri State PAUL ERDEL A.B., Taylor M.S., Indiana L ' niversity Th.B., Fort Wayne Bible College MAX STANLEY B.S., M.S., Indiana State Teachers College - fr ' r ' . " | y| Compliments of PREBLH WELDING and REPAIR SHOP and LISTERS STORE Preble JANE REED B.S., Ball State Teachers ' College DOYLE COLLIER B.S., Ball State Teachers ' College ROBERT RAY B.M., Indiana University MARTIN WATSON A.B., Morehead State Teachers College B.S., University of Kentucky Graduate Study — Purdue University Compliments of ECONOMY DEPARTMENT STORE and HIGHWAY SERVICE STATION, Decatur it £ LEROY HEDGES B.S., Ball State Teachers College Our Cooks LELA ARNOLD and ALTA BYERLY J. E. THACKER B.S., Illinois University Hartford Seminary JOE BAUMGARTNER The cleaning man Compliments of ISCH HARDWARE and GIFTS and BLUFFTON RUBBER WORKS Bluffton School ? acuity HUGH TATE Assistant Superintendent of Schools and Monroe Principal Left to right: Leo Strahm, 6th grade; Veda Crist, 3rd grade; Ellwyn Hartzler, 5th grade. Robert Brown 7th and 8th grades; Thelma Hendricks, 7th and 8th grades; Naomi Griffiths, 1st grade; Delores Byerly, 4th grade. Leroy Cable, 7th and 8th grades; Mary Egley, 2nd grade; Ezra Snyder, 7th and 8th grades; Hugh Tate, 7th and 8th grades. Compliments of GEELS JEWELRY STORE and THE SURGE STORE, Bluffton Sing! Boys, Sing I Future Office Managers Compliments of DECATUR GIFT CENTER and NIBLICK COMPANY Decatur m J a e ' bottomless ptl Filling tne Studying is hard on the brain, boys! Central ' s bookworms 5 • " Jfc •»« Bf 044tceM DON HOLLOWAY President KAY RATCLIFF Vice President WALTER OSTERMAN Secretary GENE BLUHM Treasurer @tcu f¥t4t ncf After the consolidation of the three townships, our class had the privilege of being the first Freshman class. We started out with forty-five enrolled. One of the first things we did was to elect officers: President, Don Holloway; Vice President, Marilyn Durr; Secretary, Mary Michaels; and Treasurer, Pat Barger. Mr. Collier was our class sponsor. We enjoyed two class parties, one at the gym and one at the Reinker School. Once again we entered A. C. H. S. as Sophomores. At our first class meeting, we elected Roger Longenber- ger as President, Marilyn Durr as Vice President, Shir- ley Steury as Secretary and Virginia Mitchel as Treas- urer. We had a quiet year, although we had a hay ride and a party on October 20. Howard Brandyberry was the class sponsor. As Juniors, we came back feeling very energetic. At the beginning of the year we presented for the en- joyment of all students a skating party at Bells Rink. We also sold magazines and Christmas cards, trying to make money for the class. Our officers for this year were: President, Walter Osterman; Vice President, Gene Bluhm; Secretary, Eileen Funk; Treasurer, Don Hollo- way. Mrs. Reed was our class sponsor. We are finally seniors and the class officers are as follows: President, Don Holloway; Vice President, Kay Ratcliff; Secretary, Walter Osterman; Treasurer, Gene Bluhm. Our class sponsors were Mr. Haggard and Mr. Hedges. To make money for our senior trip we had bake sales, scrap drives, concessions at ball games. On October 28 we gave our senior play, " Finders Creepers, " which was a very good success. October 24 and 25 we smiled our best for our senior pictures, but on December 16 we were all shocked at the results. As our class flower we chose the red carnation, and our colors are scarlet and white. Our class motto was chosen as " We build the ladder by which we rise. " We, the seniors of " 53 " are looking forward to May 9, when we leave on our trip to Washington, D. C, and New York. The baccalaureate service is to be held May 17 and Commencement on May 19. Now that we are coming to the end of our school life, we say " so long " and " Good luck to the seniors of tomorrow. " Compliments of R. S. M. STUDIO and CENTRAL DAIRY Bluffton eetc tt4 £ I t Don Holloway Don is always on the go, But it lakes so much dough! Class President 1, 4; Class Treasurer 3; Track 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Student Council 4; Photography Club 4; Soft- ball 4; C-Men ' s Club 3, 4; FFA 3, 4. Walter Osterman " Wall " always combines work and play, He has fun but doesn ' t worry on test day. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Class Play 4; Annual Staff 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA Officer 1, .2, 4; Class President 3; Class Secre- tary 4. Kay Ratcliff Kay thinks classes are a bore, But to say a joke is never a chore. C-Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Photography Club 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA, Vice President 3; Student Council 4; Class Vice Presi- dent 4; Chorus 3; Softball 4. Gene Bluhm Gene says Elaine ' s his one and only, And without her he would be lonely. FFA 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Class Play 4; Annual Staff 3. 4; Chorus 3; C-Men ' s Club 2. 3, 4; Class Treasurer 4; Class Vice President 3. Virginia Mitchel Virginia can cook, sew, and she ' s a baker, For Eddie she ' ll be a homemaker. Chorus 1, 2. 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Class Play 4; Rekamemoh 2, 3. 4; Class Treasurer 2; Pep Club President 4; Library 1; Annual Staff 3, 4; Reka- memoh Secretary 3; Band Vice Presi- dent 4. » wK h -. Compliments of FIRST STATE BANK Decatur J Eddie someday wants to be a farmer; And wants to take Virginia as his book- keeper. Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3; Track 2, 3, 4; FFA 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; C-Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Photography Club Vice President 4. Coleen so happy and gay; Will make a man a good wife some day. Rekamemoh Club 2, o, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Twirler 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Cho- rus 2; Class Play 4. 5»? ze boys would have to hustle To meet up with Don ' s muscle. Basketball 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3; Softball 2, 3, 4; C-Men ' s 2, 3, 4. Compliments of FOOD TOWN, Berne Marvin has changed his mind about girls; and has chosen Kae with her short pretty curls. FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Photography Club Treasurer 4. Eileen likes several men at once; some at home and one in the service. Class Secretary 3; Pep Club 3, 4; Class Play 4; Rekamemoh 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Cheerleader 1; Queen Court 3, 4; Rekamemoh Vice President 4. Ro,C jvyij- basketball is his favorite sport: and a lot of time is spent on the ball court. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Class President 2; C- Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Ernie used to be the bashful beau in our diss, but now he ' s chosen a freshman lass. Mathematics Achievement Program 1; Class Play 4. Arlene is always hard at work, someday some famous person to be. Chorus 1; IU Geometry Test 2; Reko- memoh 2, 3, 4; Rekomemoh Program Chairman 3; Annual Staff 3; Library 3; Pep Club 3, 4; Class Play 4; Office 4. Lyle seems to hate a way to aggravate some teacher every day. Class Play 4; Basketball 1, 2, Compliments of HELLER COAL, FEED and SUPPLY, Decatur Earl gives an impression rare; He never seems to show a care. Jefferson 1; Basketball 1, 2; Track 1, 2. Marilyn ' s last name is Durr, But she hopes to change it if she can Rog ' s affections allure. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Twirling 2; Pep Club 3, 4; Class Vice President 1, 2; Library 3; Rekamemoh 3, 4; Rekame- moh Program Committee 3, 4; Class Play 4; Pep Club Vice President 4. Leroy, quiet and shy, never lets a day go by but what he pulls a joke on some- one and makes them laugh a lot. IU Achievement Algebra Test. .» I ft Hubert was the life of the bookkeep- ing class; Without him the hour would never puss. C-Men ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Man- ager 3, 4; Basketball 1; Track 2, 3, 4. Mary is determined to catch a man; And trying she may, she will if she can. Library 1, 2, 3; Class Secretary 1; Reka- memoh 2, 4; Band 2; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Reka- memoh News Reporter 4; Class Play 4. Luther has the rare ability To talk aloud in class and still get by. FFA 3, 4. GERBER FURNITURE and UPHOLSTERY, Bluffton, Indiana Fred has no particular car; Would rather have several so he can go near or far. Class Play 4; Photography Club 4. Elaine so light and gay Doesn ' t worry about the problems for another day. Twirler 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Class Play 4; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Rekamemoh Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3. Eugene has time for everything; Hurry he says, never won anything. FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Manager 2, 3; C-Men ' s Club 2, 3, 4; Photography Club 4. " Wendy ' s " pretty quiet around the girls so maybe, that ' s why he has joined the Navy. C-Men ' s Club 3, 4; FFA 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Photography Club 4; Chorus 1. " Pat ' s " a friend to all But she can ' t seem to resist Bob ' s call. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Rekamemoh Club 3, 4; Re- kamemoh Club President 3, 4; Class Treasurer 1; Hoosier Girl ' s State Del- egate; Class Play 4; Annual Staff 4; Queen Court 3, 4. Kenny ' s so quiet but happy and gay Will be glad to see that twenty-second of May. FFA 3, 4. Compliments of SMITH ' S SCRAP IRON, Decatur Willy ' s quiet and tall, Didn ' t take after his brother in ability to play basketball. Basketball 1, 2; FFA 3, 4. Bill who is always on the go, gets by his with more in school than what we know. Softball 2; FFA 1; Class Play 4; Bas- ketball 3. Jim may seem little around the rest of the boys, But he ' s a champ at furnishing the jokes and noise. Assistant Manager 1, 2, 3; FFA 3; Man- ager 4. @( U4. O ftceM JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS LESTER EGLEY President JACK HENDRICKS Vice President RUTH BUSSE Secretary JUNIOR NUSSBAUM Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS LARRY SCHWARTZ President SHIRLEY RUPERT Vice President ELAINE STULTZ Secretary ALLEN LEHMAN Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS DEE MYRON BYERLY President MARILYN ROOP Vice President KAREN SNYDER Secretary RICHARD KAEHR Treasurer Compliments of GAY ' S MOBIL SERVICE STATION Decatur Compliments of DECATUR SUPER SERVICE Decatur GAY ' S MOBIL SERVICE Fm ' sL row: Fayc Haines, Harry Maz- e!in, Kenneth Frank. Carl Bluhm, Carolyn Hirsdiy. Second row: Lester Egly, Juanita Sapp, Nolan Griffiths, Phyllis Mat- tax, Richard Longenberger. Third row: Bill Ross. Boh Steury, Caro Moser, David Ringger, Albert Thompson. Fourth rovv: Danny Gc-rber, Shirley Plouiihe. jiHiiU-Uh oj M W MOTOR SALES and STULT ' S CIGAR STORE Decatur. Indiana fcatcetd First row: Gene Hindenlang, Har- old Arnold, Carol Yoder, Raymond Bechcr, Fat Beitler. Second row: Ruth Busse, Ronny Stucky, Leon Habcgger, Bob Heare, Velma Strahm. Third row: Junior Nussbaum, Jean Weaver, Sherman Arnold, Barbara Haugk, Jack Hendricks. Fourth row: Norma Conrad, Flos- sie Baumgarfher, Donald Graber, Alex Gorb, Paul Hill. President Lester Egley Vice President Jack Hendricks Secretary Ruth Busse Treasurer Junior Nussbaum Sponsors Mr. Ray and Mr. Erdel Geared to the steady hum of Adams Central activi- ties, we juniors moved easily through the increasing tempo of class responsibility. The school skating party; the magazine sales contest (we won!); the class play, The Hoosier Schoolmaster, bacelet and emblem sales; and two class parties have been achieved. Bring on the senior year! Compliments of DR. EDGAR SPRUNGER, Dentist DR. E. D. BIXLER and JAMES A. BIXLER, Optometrists, Berne SVu 1 ' first »° - Go idon StoP , tfebet, M ' BVdbio- | en Bauman- ?Vo ,- Compliments of BLACK ' S FUNERAL HOME, Decatur and BEAVERS OIL SERVICE, Decatur First row: Fred Fox, Roddy Beer, Marinel Striker, Bob Harmon, Tom Hoffman. Second row: Jim Lobsiger, Patsy Urick; David Liby, John Rowdon, Elaine Stultz. Third row: Mary Jane Shaw, David Helmrich, Larry Schwartz, Kay Ann Witte, Connie Strickler, Don Bar- ger. ) M i M 1 I r S fe (WL M S t fi4 t Last September we Sophomores journeyed back to school to learn more at good old A.C. H. S. After greeting our friends we elected class officers and had our first class party at C.C.C. Camp. In November we sold Adams Central T- shirts and sweatshirts to the rest of the school. In March we staged a carnival for the enjoy- ment of everyone. We then enjoyed our last class party and dreamed of our Junior year. Compliments of ZWICK ' S FUNERAL HOME and FURNITURE and HOLTHOUSE-SCHULTE CO. First row: Kenne th Baumgartner, Marjorie Becher, Jim Fisher, Marylin Roop, Bob Fosnaugh, Marilyn Arnold. Second row: Karen Snyder, Rich- ard Kaehr, Merlin Habegger, Kay Heare, Jerry Michel, Dee Myron Byerly. Third row: Harold Dick, Sonja Schug, Bob Hurst, Arlen Mitchel, Mary Haugk, Lowell Michaels. Fourth row: Nancy Shoaf, Albert Egly, Paul Germann, Carol Eg- ley, Junior Liechty, Bill Kersch- ner. Fifth row: Larry Lautzenheiser, Ben Eicher, Dianne Liechty, Car- olyn Christener, Lee Sprunger, Roger Habegger. Sixth row: Geraldine Teeple, Richard Rowdon, Alan Miller, Sharon Hirschy, Jerry Sprunger, Marvin Zurcher. Seventh row: Paul Gerber, Gene McKean, Pauline Gerber, Jim Taylor. Paul Riley, Mary Jane Rice. Eighth row: Nancy Parrish, Rich- ard Landis, Jim Weaver, Louise Simon, Palmer Inniger, Catherine Habegger. Ninth row: Gary Ringger, Hugh Davis, Costa Hike. Not pictured are: Joe Girod, Lydia Graber, Edward Hilty, David Schmidt, Mary Ann Schwartz and Valentine Shetler. Compliments of GERBER ' S MEAT MARKET, Decatur and KOHNE DRUG STORE, Decatur fkksi i ?L fc f$ There were about 57 freshmen, about two-thirds of whom were boys, to form the foundation of the class to be known as the Adams Central class of " 56. " Late in the fall a party was held in the gym. Mr. Watson and Miss Beavers were appointed sponsors. Three of our girls were chosen second team yell leaders and before the year was finished, they were varsity yell leaders. We form a high percent of the members of the chorus and the band. We, the graduating class of 1953, being of perfect physical and mental health, (we hope) and of very, very, unusual intelli- gence do hereby publish our last will and testament and hope that everyone will survive their next year of having to be lonely without us at Adams Central. We are sure that each heir will make good usage of our many talents and precious possessions. To the faculty, we will that in the future years they will have a quieter, more dignified, group of seniors than we were this year of 1953. To Mr. Reed, our well-liked principal, we do hereby will a pair of roller skates to make his last minute announcements to all future classes. To Miss Beavers, we will a smaller first period study hall and a class of quiet senior boys. To Mrs. Reed, we will a more quiet and intelligent bookkeeping class. To Mr. Collier, we will a new bright red raincoat, so that he will have it when his green-gray one wears out. To Mr. Stanley, we will an automatic paper grader, so that he will quit griping about grading papers. To Mr. Hedges, we will a new filing system to keep an accurate record for him of all activities and a new desk with 20 different drawers to keep everything together. To Mr. Watson, we will a Hoosier accent so that we can under- stand what he is trying to say. To Mr. Haggard, we will a book of new jokes. To Mr. Erdel, we will a class who ' will laugh as his jokes. To Mr. Ray, we will a band class who will be able to play their music the first time they look at it. To Joe Baumgartner, our faithful janitor, we will a new bed so that he can sleep during his free time at school. This is tc be in the furnace room. I, Virginia Mitchel, will to Shirley Ploughe and Danny Gerber the ability to play the piano, the baritone and to sing a pretty tune, hoping that they will follow in my footsteps their last year in school. I, Arlene Habeggar, will to Nolan Griffiths my quiet ways and to be able to get along with all my teachers. I, Coleen Hirschy, will to Leon Habegger, my very small fea- tures. I, Don Dick, will to Junior Nussbaum, my ability to play bas- ketball; and to Carl Bluhm the ability to attract any girl ' s attention. I, Don Holloway, will to Ronnie Stuckey, the ability to yell through the corridors all during my 4 years of high school. I, Bill Rowdon, will to Bill Ross my curly hair so that he won ' t have to get a " Toni " to make it curly. I, Pat Barger, will my ability to be out of my seat two-thirds of my time in study hall to Ruth Busse, who should use my excess active energy. I, Eileen Funk, will to Phyllis Mattax, my ways with boys. I have such a way with them that they are " mad at me one minute and the next minute they are not. " I, Elaine Freels, will to Jean Weaver and Velma Strahm my ability to wear a certain " senior boy ' s " class ring during my high school years. I, Marilyn Durr, will to Barbara Haugk the right to go with any Senior boy, except one, and also my study hall seat during my senior year. I, Mary Michaels, will my dark eyes and friendly smile to Lester Egly and Carol Yoder. I, Jim Brodbeck, will my height and my freckles to Paul Hill. I, Leroy Chamness, will my quiet ways to David Ringger. I, Walt Osterman, will to Norma Conrad my handsome crew- cut and my intelligence. I, Earl Johnson, will to Don Graber my ability to have a friendly smile, and my " jokes " to Faye Haines. I, Ernie Liechty, will my shyness, until I met that freshman girl, to Bob Steury. I, Fred Ehlerding, will to Jack Hendricks my ability to flirt with any girl, and get a dirty look in return. I, Hubert Isch, will to Patty Beitler my ability to aggravate every teacher Eve ever had; and my trying to boss the girls around to Caro Moser. I, Kenny Ehrman, will to Harry Mazelin my perfect posture and those girls from his class who are always chasing me around. I, Wendel Beer, will my ability to play with my pencils dur- ing study hall, and to day-dream in my classes, to Dick Long- enberger. I, Gene Bluhm, will my good nature and my silly laugh to Sherman Arnold. I, Willis Nussbaum, will to Juanita Sapp my ability to have my mind 50 miles away, when asked a question in class. I, Luther Heddington, will my ability to whisper aloud to Flos- sie Baumgartner and to anyone else who wants it. I, Lyle Gerber, will my whispering in study hall to Harold Arnold. I, Marvin Taylor, will to Gene Hindenlang the ability to have a freshman girl to wear my class ring. I, Eugene Weber, will my dark hair and eyes to Carolyn Hirs- chy; and also my silly answers to teachers ' questions to Bob Heare. I, Kay Ratcliff, will my pretty blond hair, and my physique to Alex Gorb. I, Roger Longenberger, will to Albert Thompson my ability to be a good basketball player. I, Eddie Nussbaum, will to Raymond Becker my ability to go steady with the same girl for a long period of time. Compliments of ADAMS COUNTY TRAILER SALES, Decatur Isn ' t he cute?? p%afi iectt Let ' s take a forward glimpse and see what could become of our classmates of 1953. Well . . . here goes . . . The year is 1964 and here we are at Monroe, Indiana. Mon- roe now has a population of 7,000 and the mayor of our fair city is none other than the honorable Jim Brodbeck, who is doing a fine job of keeping order. Why only last night he arrested Freddie Ehlerding for driving twenty-two miles an hour in a twenty mile speed zone. WARNING — BE CARE- FUL WHILE DRIVING THROUGH MONROE! Freddie now has his own garage and designs his own cars. His motto is . . . " If you don ' t like our design . . . design your own. " It is election time once more and as I glance at my ballot whose name do I see but Don Holloway ' s! Don is running for president on the Democratic ticket. He must have gotten the ambition in " 53 " when he was president of the senior class. And look who is his opponent on the Republican ticket . It is Marvin Taylor, Don ' s former classmate. If he is elected, he say his cabinet will be composed of women only because he thinks women have been neglected for generations. As we leave the town hall we see Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bluhm who now own a 500 acre farm near Monroe. Mrs. Bluhm, who ■was the former Elaine Freels, is now managing a ten-room home and caring for their four children. We stopped to ask them about Lyle Gerber, who has just had a very serious operation performed by Dr. Hubert Isch. Hubert was assisted by Miss Pat Barger, now a graduate nurse. Pat and Hubert got along so well in high school that they decided to combine their talents, and now they are one of America ' s greatest surgical teams. They tell us that Lyle is doing fine and will soon be back at his job as a shoe designer. They also tell us that Virginia Mitchel and Eddie Nuss- baum, who were recently married, are building a new ranch style home in Florida. It is being built by the famous con- struction company owned by their former classmates — Luther Hedington and Leroy Chamness. If you wish to have your house designed by these great architects, you can reach them at the Empire State Building in New York City. As we leave the Bluhm ' s and continue down the street we meet Wendell Beer, who is home on leave. He tells us that he has been with the Marines for eight years and is now a 3-Star General. Wendell says that while he was on an inspec- tion tour of his troops in Japan, they were entertained by Bill Rowdon and Ernest Liechty, two of the top actors of Holly- wood. It so happened that one of Hollywood ' s Talent Scouts saw their senior class play and offered them a contract. Further down the street we see Arlene Habegger, the math teacher at Adams Central. During the summer she assists Walt Osterman, a famous scientist who recently discovered a new perfume the girls are all raving about. He is now trying to find a new way to kiss without spreading germs. We finally reach our car and what ' s this we hear on the radio? That was a joke? . . . It ' s comedian Don Dick who re- cently replaced Arthur Godfrey. After Arthur heard Don ' s pro- gram he decied he might as well retire while he still could. Oh, look out! That girl ... we almost hit her! Why it ' s Eileen Funk and she ' s dressed all in black. When we top to see if she is all right she tells us that four days ago her third husband passed away so she is very sad. But she says that her good friend The Reverend Willis Nussbaum was a great com- fort to her because he officiated at the funeral and made all the arrangements with Earl Johnson, " the friendly undertaker. " I hear Earl is building up quite a business for himself. We express our deepest sympathy to Eileen and continue on our journey home. Well, we finally reach home. Boy, what a day! Who would have thought so many things could happen in less than twelve hours! Now for some good music- on the radio and we ' ll be ready to settle down with the evening paper. But wait . . . what ' s this?! It says here that the coach of Notre Dame, after twelve losses and no victories, has just resigned. And guess who it was? Yes, it was Eugene Weber, another classmate of " 53. " He states that he might have been able to accept the losses and the misfortune of losing a player with a broken leg, but when Roger Longenberger, his star player, decided to quit the team and marry Marilyn Durr, the famous model, well — that was just too much for him to take, so he decided to resign. Marilyn, who became a model soon after graduation, is plan- ning to leave for a tour through Europe in a few days so she and Rog decided that this would be a grand place to spend their honeymoon. Boy, wouldn ' t it though ! We also read that Mary Michaels, who recently won the Miss America contest, has just completed her tour through South America and will give a lecture at the Community Build- ing in Monroe tomorrow night on " How to Get and Get Rid of Boys. " That we ' ll have to hear! Listen!! Flash suddenly bursts forth from the radio . . . " We interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin from England. Coleen Hirschy, America ' s swimming star, has just completed her swim of the English Channel in the record- breaking time of three hours, two minutes, and four seconds. What next?!!!. Well I guess that just about takes care of the class of " 1953. " Oh, wait, we almost forget two of the most important guys. The other day when we were in town I saw a notice posted on the town hall. It said that in a few weeks the city of Monroe will be entertained by the great Ehrman Circus owned by Kenny Ehrman. One of the main attractions will be Kay Ratdiff and his six ferocious lions which he captured himself in the Australian jungle. They tell me Kenny has quite a show and that it is rapidly putting Ringling Brothers out of business. HMM-M-M ! I ' m sure we ' ll all enjoy that! Well, this has been quite a day, hasn ' t it? I hope you have enjoyed visiting the class of " 53 " as much as we have. Now it is time to say " So long until next year when it will then be the class of " 54. " Compliments of IDEAL DAIRY BAR Decatur Seafoi ) fr£o?wt€itta t NAME WHAT I LIKE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE MY MOST FOOD EXPRESSION COLOR AMBITION Pat Barger Bob Tomato Juice Oh! For Goodness Sakes Red Housewife Wendell Beer Women Hot Ham Bite Me Green Farmer Gene Bluhm Elaine Baked Beans Boulderdash Hunter Green Farmer Jim Brodbeck Eat Cake Howdy Sam Gray Hunting Leroy Chamness Girls Milk Ha! Blue A friend to all Don Dick Girls Meat Never go with the same one twice Gray Girls Marilyn Durr Rog Potato Salad Oh! Yeah? Navy Housewife Fred Ehlerding Girls Hamburger You Don ' t Say Green Farmer Kenny Ehrman Honey Sauerkraut Give Me Girls or Give Me Death Red Sleep Elaine Freels Gene Date Loaf Oh! Nuts Mint Green Housewife Eileen Funk Eats Chili Nope Royal Blue Housewife Lyle Gerber Money Hot dogs Oh! You ' re Nuts Blonde Drive a Cadillac Arlene Habegger Traveling Baked Alaska For Lands Sakes Ice Blue Home Economist Coleen Hirschy Music Chili Oh, My Stars Rose Housewife Luther Hedington Girls Beef Steak Move it or Park Red 50,000 Acre Ranch Don Holloway Girls Banana Splits Hi! Son Yellow Go with Girls Hubert Isch Money Pineapple Pie and Milk That ' s Beside the Point Blonde Have all the money Earl Johnson Girls Cherry Pie You Bet Your Booties Red Be a Well Adapted Person Ernie Liechty Girls Cherry Flip Nuts Red Own a Car Roger Longenberger Marilyn Ham Sandwiches I Don ' t Know Navy Farmer Mary Michaels Men!! Strawberry Pie Ohhhhhhh! Charcoal Gray Green Housewife Virginia Mitchel Eddie Sweet Potatoes Oh! Corn Housewife Edward Nussbaum Ginny Doughnuts Oh! Nuts Yellow Farmer Willis Nussbaum Girls Crab Apples Better Luck Next Time Move it or Park it Red Own a Ranch Walter Osterman Girls Swiss Steak Blonde Millionaire Kay Ratcliff Girls Shrimp Cocktail Heck with You Red State Trooper Bill Rowden Sports Tapioca Pudding Holy Cow Blue Business Manager Marvin Taylor Eating Fried Ham Gee Zum Yellow Farmer Eugene Weber Girls Hamburger Hey You Birds Red Farmer Compliments of MILLERS GROCERY, Decatur and GOODINS MARKET, Decatur CTlV T1SS X : PAT BARGER President EILEEN FUNK Vice President RUTH BUSSE Secretary JUANITA SAPP Treasurer MARY MICHAELS News Reporter MARILYN DURR Program Chairman PHYLLIS ' MATTAX Assistant Chairman MRS. REED Sponsor etcd This is the third year for the Rekamemoh Club with Mrs. Reed as our sponsor. A hayride to Hanna Nutman Park and a weiner roast was shared with the FFA boys, and Elaine Freels and Gene Bluhm were crowned best dressed farmer and his wife. This year we entered a float in the Halloween Parade. We also went Christmas Caroling and ended up at Mrs. Reed ' s for a Christmas party. A skating party was enjoyed by the girls and their guests on Jan- uary 2. This year we. entertained the FHA girls from Decatur with a Valentine Party and the basketball boys with a supper. We also helped with style show. Some of our money making projects were selling cookies, bake sale, and selling napkins. Top row:. Elaine F., Virginia M., Mary M., Katherine H., Norma C, Shirley P., Mrs. Reed, Eileen F., Pat B., and Arlene H. Second row: Geraldine T., Marilyn D., Pat B., Marinel S., Ruth W., Shirley R., Phyllis M., Juanita S„ and Ruth B. Third row: Sharon H., Pauline G., Mary H., Costa H., Kay C, Carol E., Marjorie B., Carolyn H., Marilyn R., and Kay W. Fourth row: Kay H., Nancy S., Coleer. H., Karen S., Flo- rine H., Carol Y., Elaine S., Velma S., Elaine S., Sonja S., Marilyn A., and Pat-.y U. Compliments of DR. FIREOVED Berne ? ' ?• • FFA OFFICERS Left to right: Secretary DON DICK Sentinel BOB HEARE Vice President MR. WATSON Advisor HARRY MAZELIN ED NUSSBAUM treasurer BOB STEURY Reporter WALTER OSTERMAN President This is the third year for the Adams Central Chap- ter of Future Farmers of America. This year the chapter has increased in enrollment and now has fifty-three members. The first thing the chapter did was to order various FFA equipment. The chapter sold subscriptions for the magazine " The Farm. " The chapter was in charge of the Thanksgiving pro- gram where baskets of food were on display. After the meeting the food baskets were delivered by mem- bers of the FFA to various needy families. The Chapter has organized a basketball team which has been very successful. The chapter also plans to enter various district contests. hirst row: Dick Landis, Amos Liechty, Palmer Inniger, Lee Sprunger, Carl Bluhm, Paul Gerber, Arlen Mitchel, Jim Fisher, Bill Kirschner, and Mr. Watson. Second row: Roger Habegger, Jerry Sprunger, Hugh Davis, Jim Taylor, Gordon Snigleton, Fred Ehlerding, Earl John- son, Richard Kaehr, Alan Miller, and Gene Bluhm. Walter Osterman, Larry Lautzenheiser, and Roger Longen- berger. Fourth row: Don Dick, Kenny Ehrman, Jack Hendricks, Marvin Taylor, Luther Hedington, Willis Nussbaum, Leon Habegger, Wendell Beer, and Dee Myron Byerly. Third row: Harry Mazelin, Bob Sturdy, Jerry Mitchel, Paul Germann, Nolan Griffiths, Bob Heare, Harold Arnold, Fifth row: David Ringger, Ed Nussbaum, Gene Hinden- lang, Don Holloway, Kay Ratcliff, Eugene Weber, Danny Gerber, Ronnie Wagley, and Vernon Ratcliff. Compliments of MORRISON FARM MACHINERY Decatur This year is the second year for the Pep Club and Mrs. Reed again sponsored it. The girls wore either red or gray skirts, white blouses, and gray hats at all the home games and the tourneys. The club with its forty members used motions with some of the yells. They gave the team their whole-hearted support whether they lost or won. They have had many compliments on their yells and their appearance. Not pictured are: Barbara H., Shirley P., Eileen F., Velma S., Marinel S., Karen S., Mary M., Marilyn D. Pefi Bjck row Geraldine T. Sharon H. Kay H. Mary H. Nancy S. Marjorie B. Carolyn C. Third row Ruth Mae W. Patsy U. ' Connie S. Kay Ann W. Elaine S. Ardola P. Carol E. Second row Carol Y. Juanita S. Ruth B. Norma C. Phyllis M. Patty B. First row Coleen H. Arlene H. Virginia M. Elaine F. Pat B. Shirley R. Compliments of HAUGK ' S, Decatur and KENT REALTY, Decatur W (?Ccd Front row: Mr. Reed, Ruth Busse, Shirley P., Nancy P., Dianne L. Back row: Mary R., Ken- neth F., Alex G., Paul H., Valentime S., Rich- ard L„ David S. ▼ « ■ A I m J One of the new clubs organized this year to enrich the extra curricular activi- ties at Adams Central was the art club. Fundamental drawing of landscapes, con- struction, and still life were phases of art studied in the past year. It is the hope of the members that the art club will continue next year, and that more of the student body will become interested in this worthwhile project. 1 The Photography Club was organized on December 3, 1952. The following officers were elected: J President Don Holloway W Vice President Edward Nussbaum Secretary Harry Mazelin Treasurer Marvin Taylor Mr. Collier is our faculty sponsor. The purpose of our cluo is to learn how to take better pictures and later on how to develop film and print pictures. We have learned how a camera works and also how the film is made. The Photography Club has erected bulletin boards on which some of the pictures taken by the members have been mounted. Members: Donald B.. John B.. Merlin H., Harry M., Don H.. Eugene W., Raymond B., Roger H., Frederick E., David H., Wendell B., Kay R.. Edward N„ Marvin T., Mr. Col- lier and Mr. Erdel. Bob S. Compliments of KELLY DRY CLEANERS and SCHAFERS Decatur Tteevtyafien Sta££ Extra. ' £ xt , " S i Bk- graph tools r ' " « year - " W fc- K»Ka«esr-- Ru P e « and R, " tS ed,t or- FJor F ° . netv s ed ,f f) Sc ' d7 ' n annd Sicker A r ? tUre iters ' - X , V s ooI soon ° lyn H " sch ' r f H s, If r C ' de scnoo Our twirlers Elaine Freels, Coleen Hirschy, Marilyn Arnold. Nancy Shoaf and Geraldine Teeple have entertained the audience between games at our home games. Compliments of HANNIE S GROCERY, Magley and TOCSIN LUMBER and GRAIN CO. UA MHM|a| n nw«PMa CHORUS There are fifty-eight members in the Adams Central Mixed Chorus. There is a Girls ' Chorus of thirty-two members and a Boys ' Chorus of twenty-five members. The Girls ' Chorus furnished music for the Senior Play. The entire group gave a program for the Farmers Institute and vari- ous other programs throughout the year and took part in the county music festival. 4, e n a Compliments of JAHN ' S FUNERAL HOME, Bluffton and BLUFFTON FLORIST Our Director 4 « c ft I TKCted 6 vicu . f: I , toW ' . ? a e Mien W - PlU H l« tv , fLoiiV B , t Ma J V , «, Connie - tV Ki 10 ary R „ Diatvn L " ill Vf Ken neth rat o vn H " Costa » ' ? oUl t v e U % ?at B- s Patsy ft., S., Ma V " " E aitie »-. BAND OFFICERS LARRY SCHWARTZ President VIRGINIA MITCHEL Vice President DEE MYRON BYERLY Secretary-Treasurer MR. RAY Director Compliments of LELAND SMITH INS. AGENCY and ADAMS COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. This year, under the direction of Bob Ray, the band played at six home games, and marched in formation of the school letters. They gave a concert, will be in the county musical festival, and they also had entries in the district music contest at Fort Wayne, and were fortunate for the brass choir to win a superior rating, which enabled them to compete in the state contest. First row: Lowell M., Albert E., Danny G., Larry S., Paul R.. Virginia M. Sec- ond row: Carl B., Allen L., Jerry M., Gary M., Donnie B., Ronnie G. Third row: Arlen M., Alan M., Don G.. Larry L.. Jim L., Howard M. DRUM SECTION— Betty S., Gretchen S., Carolyn C, Pat B., Marinel S., Costa H. First row: Carolyn M„ Marjorie N., Ronnie S., DeeMyron B., Cynthia L. Second row: Son- ja S.. Dons B., Cecelia L., Bette R.. Judy W. Third row: Karen S., Flossie S., Paul G., Marilyn C, Linda S. Compliments of OLD FIRST NATIONAL BANK and WM. STEFFEN SON MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE, Bluffton Seaiox pUtf Compliments of STUCKY FURNITURE CO Monroe Stay off that bed ! A I ' . i J Gee, you boys are really heroes ! Get in lin e ! Finders Creepers — SENIOR CLASS Five hundred people watched Finders Creepers, presented by the Adams Central Senior Class at the Berne Auditorium, October 28 at 8 P.M. The play was a mystery comedy by Donald Payton. Bill Rowden and Ernest Liechty, carrying the leads and portraying thirteen year old boys, did excellent work, according to Miss Beavers, the director. They were well supported by Arlene Ha begger and Mari- lyn Durr, as well as Coleen Hirschy, who was delightful as a detective story fan. Fun and sprithmas was added by Walter Osterman and Pat Barger, who played the older gen- eration. The stabilizers of the play were partialized by the middle aged Don Holloway and Virginia Mitchel, rustic humor was added by Freddy Ehlerding and Eileen Funk. Mystery and surprise were added by Mary Michaels, Lyle Gerber, Gene Bluhm and Elaine Freels. Earl Johnson had a minor part, but did it well. Compliments of BERNE ICE CREAM and BERNE ELECTRIC tyu«U n @bu4 ' Play Ralph Hartsook, likely young school teacher, is welcomed to the unruly Flat Creek District school by the prophecy he won ' t last a week. Turning two practical jokes aimed at him upon the mischievious students themselves, the young schoolmaster wins the respect of his pupils. The community remains doubtful of a schoolmaster who doesn ' t lick his scholars, however, especially when he lost a spelling contest to Hannah Thomson, Mrs. Means ' bound girl. Urged on by Dr. Small, an early companion of Ralph ' s, local prejudice fastens the suspicion of robbery upon him. An unexpected testimony at Ralph ' s trial releases him and proves Dr. Small to be the thief, leaving him free to marry Hannah. Twenty-five juniors presented The Hoosier Schoolmaster, adapted by Pauline Phelps from Egleston ' s classic, at the Berne Auditorium April 10. Members of the cast follow: Ralph Hartsook Lester Egly Hannah Thomson Juanita Sapp Airs. Means Shirley Ploughe Miranda Means Caro Moser Bud Means Jack Hendricks Squire Hawkins Ronald Stuckey Hank Ban a Bob Heare Dr. Small Gene Hindenlang Martha Hawkins Ruth Busse Shocky Sherman Arnold Betsy Short Phyllis Mattox Jimmy Pearson Harold Arnold Hetty Andres Pat Beitler Ellen Schneider Norma Conrad Extras for spelling bee and courtroom — Bob Stuery, Junior Nussbaum, Donald Graber, Barbara Haugk, Carl Bluhm, Faye Haines, Leon Habegger, Carolyn Hirschy, Jean Weaver, Carol Yoder, Velma Strahm Director — Mr. Paul Erdel Compliments of NAGEL ' S QUALITY FLOWERS and SPRUNGER LEHMAN CO., Berne Student ( accKCii The Student Council of Adams Central High School was formed and officers were chosen on September 18, 1952. This is the first attempt of student government of this kind made in this school. The purpose of the student council is to act as an intermediate between the student body and faculty. Some of the activities of the student council were: To operate the store at the lunch hour. The profits were used to pay for the rental of films. These films were selected by the student council. Rules were set up by the student council in regard to Freshmen and also FFA initiation. The student council set up and carried out the " mock " election for the President and Vice President of the United States on November 4, 1952. The stu- dent council also made suggestions in regard to improvement of the curriculum and the physical plant. We hope that this form of student government will become a tradition in Adams Central in years to come. Compliments of FIRST STATE BANK Decatur MR. REED DON HOLLOW AY MARYLIN ROOP . ....Sponsor ..President ..Secretary Back row: Lester Egley, Jack Hendricks, Don Holloway, Kay Ratcliff. Front row: Dee Myron Byerly, Marvlin Roop, Mr. Reed, Shirley RuDert. (Zatendai og Sventa September September September September they got September 2 — Here we are, ready to start our first day of school. 4 — No work, get out of school for State Fair. 8 — Election of class officers. Don Holloway ' s senior president. 9 — What ' s the juniors flashing their hands around for? Oh, I see, their class rings. RS M gets privilege of taking senior pictures. 10 — Won softbail game with Lancaster. That ' s the way boys! September 11 — Some of the students get field trip to Soya Bean Plant. September 12 — Won Softball game with Petroleum. Boy, are we September 15 — Seniors choose class play, " Finders Creep- ers. " September 6 — Juniors and Seniors start magazine sale. September 17 — Rekamemoh Club elects officers. September 18 — Student Council formation. September 23 — Gee, who ' s that? Freshmen initiation. September 25 — Won so ft ball game with Monmouth. September 29 — Sophomores have class party at CCC Camp. September 30— OOps! What happened b oys? Lost Softball game to Monmouth. October 1 — Students went to see Ground Breaking Ceremony for new school. Annual Staff chosen. October 2 — Teachers and Trustee party at Geneva. October 3— O.K. Kids, get to work. Annual staff sells ads at Decatur. Rekamemoh Club has hayride with FFA as their guests. Crowned Gene and Elaine as King and Queen. October 7 — FFA meeting at Bluffton. October 10— Yah Rah! Chose Pat Beitler, Eileen Funk. Don Holloway and Kay Ratcliff for first team cheerleaders. Sonja Schug, Marylin Roop and Costa Hike for second team. October 14 — Annual staff sells ads at Bluffton and Berne. October 17 — Start taking senior pictures. October 18— High School Day at I.LI. October 23-24 — Teachers Institute. Means no school for us. October 27 — Dress rehearsal for Senior Play. October 28 — You ' re on ! Senior Play was given. October 31 — Uh ! Run. Oh, never mind, it ' s only the senior proofs. November 1 — Had first basketball game with Bryant. Lost!!! November 7 — Got beat by Geneva 55-53. November 10 — Had film for whole school. Very good ! November 11 — Got beat by Monmouth. You have to do better than that, boys. November 13 — Smile pretty. Take pictures of underclassmen. November 14 — Seniors start scrap drive. Compliments of THE FAIR STORE and THE CLOTHES SHOP, Berne, Indiana November 18 — 36 more days till Christmas. November 19 — Freshmen have class party. November 21 — Got beat by Jefferson. November 26 — Basketball game with Pleasant Mills. Lost. This is getting to be a habit. November 27 — Thanksgiving vacation. November 28 — Beat Chester Center 63-44. Yeh ! Rah! Team! December 2 — Seniors order name cards and announcements. December 3 — Won ball game with Hartford. December 4 — P. T. A. game at Monmouth. December 5 — Juniors have class party. December 8 — Juniors have skating party. Oh, my aching feet. December 11 — Underclassmen get pictures. Hey, not bad. December 12— Here we go again. Got beat by Commodores. What happened to your hair Donnie? December 16 — Seniors get pictures. December 17 — We beat Rockcreek. k December 24 — Speech class gave a fine play " Good Will ■l Toward Women. " School out for Christmas vacation, k " Merry Christmas, everyone. " January 7 — RS M takes activity pictures. Lost game to Monroe- ville. January 8 — No school because of ice. January 9 — Still too much ice. Cancelled game with Jeffer- January 15 — Basketball tourney opens. We lost to Geneva. January 19 — Geneva came over to celebrate the tourney. January 27 — Farmers Institute. No school. January 10 — Drew Geneva for tourney. January 28 — Voted for Cen-Trail Queen. Won ballgame with Jackson. January 30 — Beat Hartford. Keep it up boys. February 3 — Home Ec girls go to Fort Wayne on Field Trip. Did you see that diamond on Pat ' s finger? WOW February 4 — Geneva beat us 68-63. February 5 — Juniors and Seniors went to Decatur for T.B. Tests. , February 6 — Virginia is Cen-Trail Queen. Lost our ballgame to Pleasant Mills. February 7— Paul Riley, Allen Lehman. Virginia Mitchel, Larry Schwartz, Jim Lobsiger, Lowell Michaels and Carl Bluhm all received Superior rating in the music contest at Fort Wayne. Congratulations ! ! ! February 11 — Commodores defeated us 60-50. February 13 — Ballgame with Monmouth. Lost again. February 16 — Annual Staff works at Mrs. Reed ' s house on annual. February 19 — We drew Monmouth for the Sectional. Compliments of ARNOLD LUMBER and SUPPLY CO. FERRIS BOWERS JEWELRY, Decatur February 20 — Won ballgame with Jefferson. February 21 — We defeat Petroleum. February 23 — Basketball boys went to Decatur to practice for the Sectional. February 24 — Sectional starts. Monmouth beat us. March 16 — P.T.A. entertains basketball boys with a supper. March 19 — Rekamemoh entertains basketball boys with a banquet. After the dinner a movie was shown to the boys, Decatur F.F.A., and Rekamemoh members. March 27 — Donkey Basketball Game. April 10 — Junior Play was given. You did wonderful, kids April 1-4 — F.F.A. Contest at Purdue. April 7 — F.F.A. Father and Son Banquet. April 20 — Home Ec girls give style show at P.T.A. April 25 — District Poultry and Crop judging. May 9 — Seniors leave on Everyone ' s all excited. May 16 — Seniors return home again. May 17 — Baccalaureate Service. May 19 — Commencement. May 22 — This is it. So Long, Everybody ! ! Compliments of LEHMAN ' S HEATING and PLUMBING and STENGEL and CRAIG STORE, Berne SPO RT ROGER LONGENBERGER— 3 year varsity, Senior Forward, " Co-Captain, " Dependable for getting his share of points, feared for his deadly set shots and drives on the basket. EDWARD NUSSBAUM— 1 year var- sity. Senior Forward; a good shifty hard working player; an effective offensive or defensive replacement. GENE BLUHM — 1 year varsity, Senior Center; a worthy substitute in the pivot position; aggressive in play and deter- mined at shooting. WALTER OSTERMAN— 1 year varsity player, Senior Guard; very efficient in the art of guarding with the personal- ity and attitude of a player you like to have around. Compliments of KENNY HUNYON Decatur ROBERT HEARE— 1 year varsity, Jun- ior Guard; a vastly improved fireball on offense and defense; after being elevated from the reserve team he is developing into a very versatile player. DON DICK— 2 year varsity. Senior Forward; a steady improved player who has developed into a rugged rebounder and a good shooting artist. JUNIOR NUSSBAUM— 1 year varsity, Junior Guard, " Co-Captain; " a good ball handler and quick thinking play- maker; has shown a fine display in leadership of team play. RODDY BEER— 1 year varsity, Soph- omore Forward; has progressed rapidly and effectively in rebounding and follow up shooting; needs a shot of nerve ser- um occasionally. HAROLD ARNOLD— 1 year varsity, Junior Guard; shifty versatile dribbler, drives hard on the basket, shoots a very effective set shot. BILL ROSS — Displayed some good tal- ent plaving on the reserve team. He was carried as a reserve on the varsity, but failed to see action. We expect to see him rise to the varsity for next year. Compliments of INTERNATIONAL FARM EQUIPMENT and SALES, Berne •M «N mm. TOM HOFFMAN— He participated ad- equately in part of reserve games; has been hampered by illness and injury frequently this season. We expect to see him in varsity action next year. JACK HENDERICKS— 1 year varsity. Junior Center, aggressive at rebound- ing; quite adept at the jump shot; very effecti ve in protecting the defensive bas- ket. 4 V t l t Left to right: J. Nussbaum, H. Arnold, B. Heare, G. Bluhm, R. Beer, T. Hoffman, Coach Stanley, D. Dick, J. Hendricks, E. Nussbaum, R. Longenberger, W. Osterman, B. Ross, Student Managers, H. Isch, J. Brodbeck. The Greyhound varsity basketball team came through the season with a relatively smaller percent of wins than last year, winning seven and losing twelve. The team began the season with themselves always on the short end of the game. But in the latter part of the season the Greyhounds began showing much improvement and the number of wins increased. With Roger Longenberger being the only regular back this year, lack of experience proved to be one of our defeating factors. But next year with Jack Hendricks, Harold Arnold, Junior Nussbaum, Bob Heare, Roddy Beer, Bill Ross and Tom Hoffman our team should win lots of respect. We think that our boys did a swell job this year under the direction of our coach, Max Stanley, who did his job very well as coach. Good luck from the Senior Class. Compliments of KAYE ' S SHOE STORE and CAL E. PETERSON, Clothing, Decatur, Indiana Compliments of RIVERSIDE GARAGE Decatur, and KNAPPS SERVICE Decatur Ml.kklL, it,, i One-Two-Three Hit ' ?; Top row left to right: John Bluhm, Allen Lehman, Larry Lautzenheiser, Coach Stanley, Kenneth Baumgartner, Jim Taylor. Bottom row: Jim Brodbeck, Jerry Sprunger, Albert Egly. Bill Ross, Tom Hoffman, David Liby, Dee Myron Byerly and John Rowdon. The second team this year had a fair regular season record, winning 10 games and losing 8. They also were defeated in 2 tourney games. The regulars were Bill Ross, John Rowdon, Albert Egly, Dee Myron Byerly and Tom Hoffman. This year ' s squad carried five freshmen who should be valuable to the varsity team in future years. fi UHt l ' ZtfA, The junior high enjoyed a successful season win- ning 12 out of their 16 games played. The county junior high tourney remains to be played. The team played in an invitational tourney at Berne on January 24. They defeated Hartford 29 to 14 in the afternoon but lost a hard fought champion- ship game to Berne 26-23. Games won by the junior high team: Monmouth 32-18; Jefferson 52-25; Popular Grove 48-19; Pleas- ant Mills 38-24; Berne 24-17; Pleasant Mills 57-22; Hartford 46-39; Monmouth 28-22; Geneva 45-23; St. Joe 34-21; Popular Grove 42-19 and Hartford 29-14 in the invitational tourney. Games lost by the junior high team: Geneva 29-16; Hartford 32-30 (overtime); Berne 32-30 (overtime); and Berne 26-23 in the invitational tourney. The season shooting percentage is .279 and the foul shooting percentage is .381. Linda Schug d MarV E !l 4tXlTH Compliments of SERV-US STORE, Berne, and GASS READY TO WEAR, Decatur Compliments of BUTLERS GARAGE and REINKING GARAGE Decatur Front row: Leon H., Edward N., Roddy B., Tom H., Gene B., Don H., Kay R„ Jack H, Bill R., and Albert E. Back row: Hubert I, Manager; Walter O.. Harold A., Don D., Coach Max Stanley, Roger L., Sherman A., Robert H„ Dee Myron B., Junior N., Jim B., Manager. Our Softball team retained their high percentage of wins this year; winning six of the eight games played. The team was awarded the county trophy. It will be kept perma- nently by the high school, due to the fact that the Adams County Softball League has been dissolved and we were the last school to have possession of the trophy upon disso- lution of the League. SOFTBALL RECORD for 1952-53 Season Won 6 Central 19 Central 18 Central 2 Central 19 Central 9 Central 20 Central 9 Central 13 Lost 2 Lancaster 8 Petroleum 3 Hoagland 6 Lancaster 12 Monmouth 2 Petroleum 5 Monmouth 10 Alumni 9 Compliments of CENTRAL MARKET, Monroe and DALE ' S SHOE REPAIR, Monroe A, 7 r ev o t — ♦ - «— | %uew VIRGINIA MITCHEL IZueettb @otvit S» PAT BARGER EILEEN FUNK £ X ,h M MARILYN DURR ELAINE FREELS Compliments of ZURCHFR ACCORDION SHOP and BERNE EQUITY MEAT MARKET, Berne The election of the Cen-Trail queen and attendants is done by the student oody firs choosing five girls from the Junior and Senior classes and from this group of five another election was held to determine which girl would reign as queen. February 6 the student body met in the gym for a special program, consisting of music and a movie ' during the program Eddie Nussbaum representing the basketball boys crowned Virginia Mitchel as the Cen-Trail Queen of 1953. A Cen-Trail will be given to her as a gift The attendants were: Pat Barger, Eileen Funk, Marilyn Durr and Elaine Freels On Oct. 3 the Rekamcmoh Club entertaine F.F.A. with a hayride and wiener roast. During the evening the judges chose Gene Bluhm and Elaine Freels as farmer and wife. The couple was judged on who looked the most like a farmer and his wife. Compliments of STEFFEN IMPLEMENT COMPANY and TEEPLE TRUCK LINES, Decatur Tttott PopuUi Compliments of L. ANSPAUGH STUDIOS WEMHOFF MONUMENT Decatur %?o dtfe£ foa e HALTERMAN ' S CENTER ICE CREAM DECATUR AUTO SUPPLY DECATUR DRY CLEANERS HABEGGER HARDWARE DECATUR MUSIC HOUSE MAZELIN ' S HEATING SERVICE TREON POULTRY MARKET LEE HARDWARE CO. HOLTHOUSE DRUG STORE H. P. SCHMIDT PACKING CO. STYLE SHOP SUTTON ' S IEWELRY STORE STEFFEN MOTOR SALES BURKE ' S STANDARD SERVICE R. E. ALLISON SUDDUTH MEAT MARKET COMMUNITY OIL AND SERVICE HABEGGER FURNITURE LIECHTY TEWELRY RICH LIECHTY BARBER SHOP CLIFF NUSSBAUM BICYCLE SHOP FERN ' S DRESS SHOP MENNONITE BOOK CONCERN DIERKES IMPLEMENT SALES SAM NUSSBAUM BEN SPRUNGER SHOES I. G. A. STORE MADGES HOME LUNCH KAEHR HINMAN MILKER SALES LIECHTY BROS. STUCKY DEPARTMENT STORE CITY LUNCH BAHNER ' S BARBER SHOP DUTCH MILL SNUG CAFE BERTSCH JEWELER GEORGE GERBER WORTHMAN ' S LUNCH LOCKER STORAGE MONROE METHODIST CHURCH DR. BIXLER HUGH TATE MR. and MRS. MR. and MRS. MR. and MRS. MR. and MRS. MR. and MRS. MR. and MRS. MR. and MRS. RUSSEL MITCHEL RALPH FREELS ROGER BLUHM HAROLD SCHWARTZ FLOYD REED LESTER ADLER DAN STRIKER MR. and MRS. PAUL LOBSIGER and MRS. DANIEL C. LANTZ and MRS. RAYMOND CRIST and MRS. OTTO LONGENBERGER and MRS. JOHN REED DOYLE COLLIER KARL RAY ROBERT RAY RENE BRANDT MELVIN LIECHTY HAROLD BARGER GENE HIKE FLOYD ARNOLD HOMER W. ARNOLD JIM MICHAELS MR MR MR MR MR MR MR MR MR MR MR. and MRS MR. and MRS MR. and MRS MR. and MRS and MRS. and MRS. and MRS. and MRS. and MRS. and MRS. MR. and MRS. AMOS HABEGGER f w ii F- — r r .:- v i r?ft: n — ur»M» r . j " ' L " jlj ittiC. i •% : 5 V " 6 " i } A M , . i C ' - . " - j- -- f Ju - ' S A LITHOGRAPHED — YEARBOOK DALLAS • TEXAS -ru» .ft f " SC

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Adams Central High School - Cen Trails Yearbook (Monroe, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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