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t: i m- t ' - .X } : • ■• ■-TV - ' of Hansel Foley finite Right: Do the Juniors study ? ? Left: What ' s cooking? Below: Robert ' s popped a corny! Below: a -one, a -two, and three, blow! Compliments of GERBER FURNITURE, Bluffton Left: Ready! Set! Go! Right: Some- thing inter- esting? Vivian knows. " " ' " ' --mes, Be ° -- ° ' ' toa ' stet -to ' ...edSt ' ' ' Below: Making something ? ? Below: Farmhands ! ! Compliments of KNAPS SERVICE and URICK BROS. Decatur The Library: Our librarians are very busy. They are ? Standing from left to right: Pat Reed, Pat Barger, Vivian Baumgartner, Shirley Rupert, and Mary Michaels. Sitting are: Mar- ilyn Durr and Miss Engle, our head librarian. She has done a very good job of keep- ing the library in order. Girls Phys. Ed. This is where they get their daily exercise. Girls Phys. Ed. is under the direction of Mrs. Reed. They are the freshman and sophomore girls. Boys Phys. Ed. They learn to play basket- ball better! ? Mr. Stanley leads them in their physical education. Drivers Training Class They try to learn how to drive a car better in this class. But, please kids, don ' t dent too many fenders or run over anybody. ! Compliments of ADAMS and CORT THEATERS and MOLLENKOPF FITING INC. Decatur upenntendent J- nnclpal Willis Roberts Glen Custer Front row: Noah Neuenschwander, Glen Workinger, Homer Arnold, Dave Schwartz. Back Row: Floyd Mitchel, W. L. Linn, Lester Adler. Compliments of (Beavers) OIL SERVICE, DECATUR AND SPRUNGER LEHMAN CO., Berne | LISTER ' S STORE and PREBLE WELDING and REPAIR SHOP, Preble Lucile Beavers B.S., Indiana University, North Manchester College, Wisconsin University English, Biology Helen Engle B.S., Indiana State Teachers College, Graduate Study Colorado University English, Library Wilbert Lightle B.S., Ball State Commerce Muriel Goble M.S., Tri-State Music Max Stanley B.S., M.S., Indiana State Teachers College Coach, Physical Ed., Drivers Training Edward J. Heiman B.S., M.S., Notre Dame University, St. Joseph ' s College, Purdue University, Post. Graduate. Physics, Mathematics Jane Heed B.S., Ball State Home Economics Physical Ed. Harvey Haggard B.S., Manchester Tri-State General Business, Social Science J. E. Thacker B.S., Illinois University, Hartford Seminary Vet. Agriculture Compliments of HIGHWAY SERVICE STATION, Decatur rfe. F Left: Invent- or! Right: See some- thing ? ? i Compliments of BLUFFTON FLORIS1 Bluffton .- Left: She runs the library. if EM 1 u. mtit B € H . Right: Oh! not another ■ ? ■■ " ' p test. r— i Id ; He ' s the band director Left: Our Coach. Right: He teaches the boys how to farm. Compliments of FIRST BANK of BERNE, Berne, Indiana Joe, our janitor. Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Byerly, Our Cooks. Monroe Cooks: Mrs. Branat, Mrs. Haines, Mrs. Rich Monroe Janitor: James Kessler Compliments of BERNE LCXIKER STORAGE and ZURCHER ACCORDIAN SHOP, Berne " «k k " s. eniord Anna Innige Anna - " - " 1. Chorus I, •5 ' Monroe 1, 4; Se - Sf ' rvass Play 3,4-, Ce " : ?9 3 Annual Band ,i ' , ' Staif 4. David Nussbaum Monroe 1; President 1,2,4; Vice-President 3; Softball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,3,4; Class Play 3; Baseball 1; C-Men ' s 2,3,4. ' " y iien B,e„3, P ' iand J- Oh Senior Chr Jr. ' r s 2 Cen ' ' " ' ' " e ' Senior Th ' " orus 2 " i a Proc J - " Orus 4- T7. ' • ' ' 4; CJass Pia ' % and 3- ■fc-ditor 4. traii , Annual Editor 3 rt 4 Doyle Arnold Kirkland 1; Pres. 1; Vice-Pres. 2; Treas. 3; Chorus 1,2,3; Softball 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; C-Mans Club. Gloria Crownover Monroe 1; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Senior Chorus 4; Class Play 3,4; Annual Staff, Organization Editor 4. Norman Cook Monroe 1; Student Manager 1,2,3; Chorus 2,3; Track 3. Herman Dick Kirkland 1; Track 3,4; Basketball 4; Softball 3,4. Compliments of FIRST STATE BANK, Decatur Monroe V, C tN c Sott P - reSAv erSe-g ana.e. 4, s ' - Fannie Habegger Monroe 1; Chorus 1,2,3; Senior Chorus 4; Class Play 3,4; Treas. ' 4; Annual Staff, Literary Ed. 4. 4 • ean Haines Monroe )• nu Senior cw° ' ' " ' ; ' Annual Staff 4 Mary Lou Hannie Monroe 1; Second Team Cheerleader 1; Chorus 1,2; Senior Chorus 4; Class Play 4; An- nual Staff 4; Singles Ping Pong Champion 4. Dale Hirschy Monroe 1; Soft- ball 2; Basket- ball 1; Track 1; F.F.A. 2. Clifford Hirschy F.F.A. 3,4; Band 3,4; Chorus 3 ' ,4; Monroe 1. Elizabeth Johnston Monroe 1; Senior Chorus 4; Chorus 1, 2,3; Class Play 4; Second Team Cheer- leader 1; Cheerleadei 2,3; Annual Staff 4. Compliments of FffiST STATE BANK, Decatur Vis 1 0 ' pep C Cleo Landis Kirkland 1. John Liby Kirkland 1; Class Plays 3,4. Jim Riley Fairmount 1; Soft- ball 3,4; Track 1, 3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Chorus 3; C -Men ' s Club 3,4. Robert Mitchel Pleasant Mills 1; Chorus 1,2,3; Soft- ball 1,2,3; Basket- ball 3,4; Rebound Trophy 3; C -Men ' s Club 3,4. Sally Ross Kirkland 1; Chorus 2,3; Senior Chorus 4; Class Play 4; C en -trail Queen Court 4; Annual Staff 4. Compliments of KNAPS SERVICE and SUTTON JEWELERS, Decatur ster ScWi ° Mary Ellen Schnepp Monroe 1; Chorus 1,3- Senior Chorus 4; Class Play 3,4; Annual Staff 4 4- f - " F ' 4. focfe onroe 4n- Lester Schwartz Monroe 1; Class Vice-President 1; F.F.A. 3,4; Soft- ball 1,2,3,4; Stu- dent Manager 3; Class Play 3,4; F.F.A. President 4; F.F.A. 3,4; Track 1,4; Baseball 1; C-Men ' s Club 2,3,4. Robert Shaw Sheridan 1,2,3; Chorus 2,3; Quar- tet 3; Octet 3. Pauline Schwartz Monroe 1; Chorus 1,2,3; Senior Chorus 4; Class Play 3,4; Annual Staff 4. Paul Sowards Kirkland 1; Class Play 4; Chorus 2; F.F.A. 3; Annual Staff (Assistant sports). Compliments of BERNE HARDWARE and THE HABIT, Berne Monroe 1; Class Play 4. Donald Walters Decatur 1; Class Play 3,4; Annual Staff; Sales Man- ager 4. Earl Yoder Monroe 1; Chorus 1,2,4; Band 3; Class Play 3,4; F.F.A. 4. Dale Warthman Kirkland 1; Chorus 3; Class Play 3,4. Raymond Zurcher Monroe 1. Compliments of JEFFERSON GARAGE and SERV-US, Berne C iadJ LJffi icerd President - David Nussbaum Vice-President - Mary E. Byerly Secretary - Anna Inniger Treasurer - Fannie Habegger Class Sponsor - Harvey Haggard C-eaJd J idtoti As freshmen, there were 30 students enrolled in Monroe and 16 enrolled in Kirkland. That was the year they got the idea of - ' consol- idating " into one school. When we came back to " Adams Central " as sophomores, we felt really proud because we were no longer green freshmen. One of the first things we did was to hold the election of officers. The following officers were elected: President, Dave Nussbaum; Vice-President, Doyle Arnold; Secy, and Treas., Millard Habegger. To give our class treasury a boost, we decided to sell pop at noons during the first semester. vVe enjoyed a class party which was held at the C.C.C. Camp at Bluffton. Now recognized as juniors, we came back to try our luck for another year. Roe Lehman was elected as President, Dave Nussbaum as Vice-President, Millard Habegger as Secretary, and Doyle Arnold as Treasurer. Mrs. Reed was our class sponsor. To raise money for our class treasury, we sold magazines, all- occasion cards and Christmas cards, and sponsored the Dixie Four. All the projects were very successful. During the year, we enjoyed two class parties and also spon- sored a school skating party at Ft. Wayne. In March, Miss Preston directed our class play, " Off the Track. " We re-entered school as " Big Seniors " and looked forward to achieve our goal. Thirty -five students were enrolled in this senior class. We chose the following class officers: Dave Nussbaum, Presi- dent; Mary Ellen Byerly, Vice-President; Anna Inniger, Secretary; Fannie Habegger, Treasurer. The class chose Harve Haggard as our class sponsor. To make money for our senior trip, we again sold magazines and sponsored the Dixie Four. These proved to be a big success. We also sold concessions at ballgames. On November 2 we presented the senior play, " Love Your Neighbor. " The senior class chose the red rose as its class flower. The class colors chosen were maroon and silver and the class motto chosen was " Backward never, forward ever. " We plan to leave on our senio r trip May 10. The baccalaureate service is to be held May 18 and Commencement on May 20. And now as we say " GOOD -BY " to our school days we realize we are saying " HELLO " to the world and going to see what we can achieve. Compliments of CENTRAL DAIRY, Grade A Dairy Products, 230 W. Market St., Phone 120 Bluffton, Indiana ( iadd lAJiU The other day as I was walking through the hall I saw a sheet of paper on the floor. I went over and picked it up and opening it I read: " As Seniors of the Adams Central High School, we are obligated to leave behind certain treasures that were willed to us. To the fortunate students and faculty we leave the following: To the Juniors, we will the opportunity to be such well behaved and well -liked Seniors as we have been. To th e Sophomores, we will two more wonderful nine month school years during which they can study long and hard. To the Freshmen, we will the privilege --when they are seniors--to initiate freshmen as we have done. To Mr. Roberts, we will a whole student body that will never cause him any trouble at any time and will never sit on top of desks. To Mrs. Reed, we will some girls that will know how to sew and cook. To Miss Beavers, we will a play cast that will always be on time and will learn their lines in a short length of time. To Miss Engle, we will a more co-operating and quieter study hall. To Mr. Collier, we will a secretary who will do all his typing for him. To Mr. Heiman, we will a new and modern laboratory. To Mr. Goble, we will a new chair for him to stand on so that he can lead the band better. To Mr. Stanley, we will a big, new and modern gymnasium. To Mr. Lightle, we will some new mouse traps in hopes that he won ' t have to use them. To Mr. Haggard, we will some salesmen who will not cause him to mutter to him- self at ballgames. To Mr. Bailey, we will a new and larger F.F.A. Club and some more pretty bright shirts. Lester Schwartz leaves his ability to take his girl to class play practice every night to Luther Hedington. Phyllis Kohli and Gloria Crownover leave their singing ability to Kay Ratcliff. Roe Allen Lehman leaves his G.L haircut and his basketball ability to Edward Nussbaum. Jean Haines leaves her shy ways to Walter Hicks. Henry Wagley leaves his ability to give the wrong answers to the right questions to Don Holloway. Sally Ross leaves her ability to go steady to Ernest Liechty. Bob Mitchel leaves his ability to play " center " on the basketball team to Bill Rowdon. Enos Schrock leaves his height and ability to stick to one girl to Jim Brodbeck. Mary Ellen Schnepp leaves her long hair to Barbara Walters. Doyle Arnold leaves his noisy ability of always having the wrong thing to say to Leroy Chammess. Pauline Schwartz leaves her ability to be good in class plays to Kenneth Ehrman. Earl Yoder leaves his blonde, wavy hair and cute smile to Marvin Taylor. Clifford Hirschy leaves his big ' ' Haw! Haw! " laugh to Lyle Gerber. Mary Ellen Byerly leaves her driving ability to Mary Michaels in hopes that she will make good use of it. Bob Shaw leaves his short steps and slow gait to Virginia Mitchel. Don Walters leaves his trombone to Pat Reed. Fannie Habegger and Anna Inniger leave their ability to get into mischief to Willis Nussbaum. Dale Warthman leaves the black Chevrolet he uses to go to see his girl friends in Decatur, to Earl Johnson in hopes that he can go up and see them. Raymond Zurcher leaves his quiet ways to Marva Strahm. Mary Lou Hannie leaves the cushion that she sits on when she drives the car to Gene Bluhm. Norman Cook leaves his ability to sleep in government class and his drawing ability to Freddy Ehlerding. Lester Schindler leaves his " hot rod " Plymouth to Eileen Funk in hopes she won ' t drive it so far, so fast. Paul Sowards leaves his ability to run out of gas late at night to Elaine Freels. Cleo Landis leaves his ability to drive Fords to Decatur to Hubert Isch. Elizabeth Johnston leaves her ability to drive her boy-friend ' s car to Marilyn Durr. Jim Riley leaves all his books to Wendell Beer in hopes that Wendell will use them more than he did. David Sprunger leaves his freckles to Pat Barger. Dale Hirschy leaves his ability to skip school and argue with all the teachers to Arlene Habegger. Stanley Sprunger leaves his ability to sing ' ' I ' ve Been Working On The Railroad " to Donald Dick in hopes that he won ' t sing it so loudly. John Liby leaves his ability to be slow, no matter what happens, to Roger Longenberger. Herman Dick leaves his wavy hair and all his brothers to Walter Osterman. David Nussbaum leaves his tan jacket to Coleen Hirschy in hopes that she will take better care of it than he did. Millard Habegger leaves his ability and will to study to Eugene Weber. p. rophecu TIME MARCHES ON!! Time marches on and as we travel across the nation and the world, we find that people also march on! ! We find the graduated class of 1952 scattered all over the globe! In order to glimpse the activities of our illustrious Seniors, let ' s go on a trip. The year is 1970. As we drive through the city of Decatur, we stop to " chat " with Doctor Roe Lehman who has become the leading psychiatrist in Adams County. He surely has a swank office. As we come out of his office we run into Bob Mitchel who has just had his first novel printed. He remarks that it ' s the best thing since The Egg and I, and is already on the best seller list. He is making his home on his farm near Decatur for a few weeks; however his offices are in Chicago. We ask him to direct us to a good eating place and he advises us to dine at Bob ' s Hash House. After finishing our meal we are introduced to the head chef and we find that it is none other than our own Bob Shaw. Continuing our trip we pass through the large city of Rainsville, Indiana, which has a population of 400. Here we meet the ' ' World ' s Champion Knitter of 1970 " --Lester Schindler. Lester tells us that he is now employing his knitting skills to make articles for his own store here. Leaving Rainsville, we make our next stop at Indianapolis. Here we visit a radio show, Miss Pauline Schwartz ' s, " Getting Married and Staying That Way. " She tells us that her advice to all the lovelorn reaches millions of listeners daily. Leaving the studio, we drive to the outskirts of Indianapolis and we see signs advertising the " best " honey and honey bees. We inquired and found that it was no one but Earl Yoder who is doing a thriving business raising honeybees. Yep! They helped him win his bride too! We were quite tired after our stay in Indianapolis and found the " wide open spaces " of Texas much to our liking. You see, we are being entertained as guests on a two-thousand- acre ranch owned by Lester Schwartz and Sally Ross, now Lester ' s wife. They comment that ranch life is very healthful for their five children. Then in order to get a touch of sunny California, we journey lo Santa Cruz where we drop in at the neat beauty salon owned by Mary Ellen Schnepp, who is responsible for a new hairdo known as the " ringlet cut. " Her favorite pastime, of all things, is flying her privately owned sabre jet airplane. From Miss Schnepp ' s fashionable shop we make a phone call to Hollywood. Our call is answered by Actor John Liby, now playing the role of an Arab Chief in his latest movie, " The Great Sheik. " Driving up the coast we stop at the University of Southern California in Berkeley, where we visit with P rofessor David Nussbaum. He ' s the mathematics and science instructor here. But he still finds time for an occasional ride on his " bicycle built for two. " Cutting across from Berkeley on our way back to Chicago we retire for the night at a hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here we meet salesman Don Walters who is really a success selling " get thin " tablets and blond, curly wigs for the men with shiny foreheads. After leaving Don we arrive in Chicago to be greeted by a new innovation of Bud Cook ' s -- the mural decorations on the first floor of the Merchandise Mart. The rumor that this original piece of art has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize is ascertained by Bud himself. 1 We had lunch with Bud at a Chicago restaurant and on our way out we see Clifford Hirschy with his fourth bride. Clif tells us that marriage is wonderful; the only trouble is that his wives don ' t think so. During the evening we go to see the latest performance of " South Pacific. " We are pleas- antly surprised to find that Phyllis Kohli is one of the top performers of the show. Before train time we go to the Chicago Institute of Science where our own " Einstien " , Millard Habegger, is a student. Millard has just won the Nobel prize in science for his new theory on energy. While waiting for our train, we read the latest news in the newspaper. What ' s this? ELIZA- BETH JOHNSTON IS NEW ATTRACTION FOR MILLER AND JONES CIRCUS NOW PLAYING IN PEORIA, ILLINOIS. We read on and find that Elizabeth is a tight wire walker and is really a success. Leaving Chicago we travel through the lake region and the Michigan fruit lands over to Detroit, , one of the largest cities in the nation. We are met at our train by Dale Hirschy, who takes us on a tour through Detroit in his own manufactured car, the Dalesmobile. The Dales - mobile is the best thing yet and already has many times outnumoered the sales of any other vehicle. From Detroit we hurry to Fort Wayne to do some needed shopping. As we speed past Cal- houn and Berry streets we hear a loud whistle. We stop and Policeman Raymond Zurcher writes our first traffic ticket since we started on our long trip. Since Cleveland, Ohio, is on our route to New York, we find it convenient to consult Gloria Crownover about the latest women ' s fashions. Gloria has been named one of the ten best dressed women in the United States during 1970. No wonder! ! They ' re her own creations! We were surprised, as we rolled into Grand Central Station, to be welcomed to New York City by the recently elected governor of New York State--Doyle Arnold. He wanted, in spite of everything else, to have us hear Crooner Henry Wagley, as he was cutting some new recordings for R.C.A. Victor. Henry is the latest rave among the girls, and why not? He really has a voice! After leaving Henry we see some of the great sights of New York, and then we go on to the John Robert Powers modeling studio where we find Jean Haines. Miss Haines is doing a tremendous job modeling bathing suits for Sack ' s 5th. Avenue Department Store. Our evening in New York is spent attending a United Nations meeting where we talk with Anna Inniger, who is the chairman of the Human Relations Department of the U.N. When asked why she chose this job she tells us that she couldn ' t make up her mind which suitor she should marry so she took the first opportunity to escape that came her way. We check at the Customs Offices for our tickets, passports, etc. for our trip abroad. Our ship, the Queen Mary, sails from New York Harbor the following morning. Since we know that Mary Lou Hannie is in London, we wire her to meet our ship, as we want to see her swim the English Channel. Mary Lou not only swims the Channel from London to Dover, but also establishes a new speed record. We are in London for two days and then we are off to Paris where we will see " the model home of 1970. " The interior decorator himself, James Riley, guides us on a tour through this model home. Jim is responsible for the many newly decorated homes all over the world. Knowing that David Sprunger is to appear in the Olymphics at Amsterdam, Holland, we make a special effort to go see him. It is quite a thrill to see David come out on top in these famous races. After our pleasant stay in Holland, we are off to Spain. In Barcelona, we learn that Fannie Habegger is a handmaid to Queen Isabella the 4th. She tells us that she got her start back in 1951 when she payed this role in their class play. In this same city of Barcelona we find Stanley Sprunger who is doing evangelistic work among the Spaniards. Since this is Fannie ' s night off we go to hear Mr. Sprunger speak. He certainly is a talented and inspiring speaker! We had decided to spend a few days in Spain but we received word from Mary Ellen Byerly inviting us for a tour of her domain in Hong Kong, China. Here in the spacious sur- roundings of the Orient, we are entertained by the first lady president of China. Miss Byerly has acquired the Oriental mode of life and loves it. Miss Byerly shows us a pamphlet which she received from Gainsville, Florida. This pamphlet is written by the teachers of Gainsville. Among the persons listed we find Herman Dick ' s name. Herman is now an intelligent but strict teacher in a little one room schoolhouse. We surely see that time and people have marched on! ! You would never have thought that a class could be so scattered, would you? But to make matters worse, when we arrive back in Decatur we find that Enos Schrock has gone off in a space ship to Mars. According to Drew Pearson ' s column he is going to marry a fair lady from the Moon! Also the inseparable Paulcleodale Trio, composed of Paul Sowards, Cleo Landis, and Dale Warthman, are spending the summer at the North Pole serenading the lady penquins! What will happen next ? ? ? ! uniors President - Walter Osterman Vice President - Gene Bluhm Secretary - Eileen Funk Treasurer - Don HoUoway Class Sponsor - Mrs. Reed Last September we juniors journeyed back to school to learn a little more from good old A. C. H. S. After greeting our friends we elected class of- ficers as follows: President, Walter Osterman; Vice-President, Gene Bluhm; Eileen Funk, Secre- tary; Don HoUoway, Treasurer. At the beginning of the year we presented for the enjoyment of all students a skating party at Bells Rink. We also sold magazines and Christmas cards, and presented a variety show, trying to make money for the class. During the year we also enjoyed two class parties. Left to right: Patricia Barger, Wendell Beer, Gene Bluhm, Jimmy Brodbeck, Leroy Chamness, Donald Dick. Marilyn Durr, Frederick Ehlerding, Kenneth Ehr- man, Elaine Freels, Eileen Funk, Lyle Gerber. Arlene Habegger, Luther j Hedington, Walter Hicks, ;»•. Coleen Hirschy, Donald 1 HoUoway, Hubert Isch, Earl Johnson. Ernest Liechty, Roger Longenberger , Mary Michaels, Virginia Mitchel, Edward Nuss- ' l baum, Willis Nussbaum, Walter Osterman. Kay Ratcliff, Patricia Reed, Bill Rowdon, Marva Strahm, Marvin Taylor, Barbara Walters, Eugene Weber. Sponsored by ZWICK FUNERAL HOME ARNOLD LUMBER CO., Decatur opk President Vice-Pres, omoreA ■ Junior Nussbaum Secretary - Juanita Sapp - Sherman Arnold Treasurer - Patty Beitler Class Sponsor - Wilbert Lightle This year we went sparingly on our class treasury because we must save our money for our last year. We collected class dues from each member to give the treasury a boost. One party was all we planned for our social activities. vVe chose our class rings to adorn our fingers. Left to right: Harold Arnold, Sher- man Arnold, Flossie Baumgartner. Raymond Becker, Jr., Patty Beitler, Carl Bluhm, Rex Bovine, Ruth Busse, Norma Conrad, Lester Egly. Kenneth Parrish, Shir- ley Ploughe, Billy Ross, David Ringger, Juanita Sapp, Roger Saunders, Floyd Simon Faye Haines, Barbara Haugk, Robert Heare, Jack Hendricks, Paul Hill, Carolyn Hirschy, Gene Hindenlang. Pearl Huser, Bob John- ston, Dick Longen- berger, Harry Mazelin, Care Moser, Phyllis Mattax, Junior Nuss- baum. Kenneth Franks, Les- ter Gerber, Danny Gerber, Don Graber, Nolan Griffiths, Ken- neth Grim, Leon Ha- begger. Bob Steury, Darrell Stout, Velma Strahm, Ronald Stuckey, Hat- tie Thomas, Jean Weaver, Carol Yoder Compliments of ZURCHERS MOBIL SERVICE, Monroe resh men President - Larry Schwartz Vice-President - John Bluhm Secretary - Ardola Parrish Treasurer - Alvin Schwartz Class Sponsor - Miss Beavers The Freshman Class started their first year of high school with great enthusiasm. There were 32 members which chose Miss Beavers as their class sponsor. On November 21 they enjoyed their first Freshman Class Party in the gymnasium. As Freshmen we are looking forward to three more pleasure filled years of high school. Left to right: Donald Barger, James Bauman, Gerald Beer, Roderick Beer, John Bluhm. Frederick Fox, David Helmrich, Florine Hirschy, Thomas Hoffman, Allen Lehman. David Liby, James Lobsiger, Howard Michaels, Ardola Parrish, Vernon Ratcliff. John Rowdon, Shirley Ann Rupert, Alvin Schwartz, Larry Schwartz, Mary Jane Shaw. • Gordon Singleton, Constance Strickler, Marinel Striker, Elaine Stulz, Patsy Urick. Ronnie Wagley, Ruth Mae Weber, Kay Ann Witte, Virginia Wolfe, Miles Zimmerman. Compliments ot WEMHOFF MONUMENTAL WORKS PETERSON and HELLER CLOTHIERS, Perfect balance ! Let ' s work him over! Compliments of BURK ELEVATOR CO., BAHNERS BARBER SHOP, and CONNIES MARKET, Monroe RP % mm . •j j«r- ' JL» FIRST GRADE ?o-,v 1: Rex Aschlieman, Gary Jarger, Jack Shoaf, Dale Jerfcsr, Donald Hoagland. ,?ov, ' 2: Pat Reid, Barbara 5ayne, Carolyn Liby, Mar- taret Roth, Saundra Mattax, L-eorje Johnston, Jerry j:aublo, Joe Vore, Dennis L-nold, Susan Helmrich. Row 3: Karen Rich, Linda Vker, Barbara Wolff, Carole 3rown, Jocelyn McCullough, Jstelle Canales, Elizabeth 3ondarenko, Dianne Patrick, Rose Luutzenheiser, Shar- ene Wagley, Marilyn Baura- ;artner, Elsita Canales, Constance Lehman. Row 4: bon Osborne, Jerry Knittle, horsey Roth, Ronnie Schwar- z, Marvin Mann, Stanley nil, Don Sharpe, Lester Chrsam, John Ross, Steven Jchlickman, Mervin Mann. SECOND GRADE Row 1: David Lister, Roger Dick, Ronald Owens, Robert Heyerly, Steven Ehrsam, Kenneth Cauble. Row 2: Karlo Stavenik, Alice Steiner, Arvilla Smith, Ron- riie Zimmerman, Joyce Su- man, Shirley Null, Toni Ru- oert. Norma Simon, Clara Payne, Sandra Osborne, . ow 3: Karen Stuckey, Ar- ene Johnson, Sharon Mattax, Janice Ringger, Judith Vore, Marilyn Stucky, Rose Ger- 3er, Julie Sanders, Emma Seare, Joyce Haggard, Phyllis Meyer, Bernice Baumgartner. THIRD GRADE Row 1: Rene Brown, Max Moser, Danny Michaels, Robert Osborne, Gary iVerst, John Suman, Virgil Payne, Junior Lantz, Stephen Hike, Row 2: Emily Knittle, Saren Cauble, Rosalyn Mish- er, Phyllis Smith, Rosetta jerber, Dian Arnold, Helen iirschey, Karen Brandt, iCaren Nussbaum. Row 3: Diane Kohli, Charlene Fea- el, Diana Baumgartner, Rosemary Schlickman, Anna 3ondarenko, Janet Beer, Fanice Liechty, Jane Hey- ;rly, Carolyn Yake. Compliments of DECATUR DAILY DEMOCRAT Second grade contmued. Row 4: Gerald Rowden, Billy Kohli, Richard Habegger, Lloyd Knittle, Merlin Hedington, Mervin Parrish, Gerald Feasel, Leroy Cable, Paul Sommer, Larry Bauman, David Johnston, Mrs. Egley. • « i«5 Third grade continued. Row 4: Michael Stavenik, Roger Roth, Claude Striker, Leo Parrish, Harry Essex, David Haggard, Robert Christener, Kath- leen Gerber, Maran Zimmerman, Donald Germann, Julian Cramer. Fourth grade continued. Row 3: Keith Griffiths, Larry Funk Philip Gerber, Jerry Funk, Madeline Hedington, Sonja Stuckey, Joan Rupert Carol McKean Mabie Bowers, Jeanne Kaehr, Marcia Zimmerman, Sandra Saunders. Row 4: Carol Ehrsam Maxine Wable, Carole Miller, Delora Mishler, Peggy Suman, Russel Jauregui, Ted Helmrich, Allen Freels, John Sommers, Richard Sterner, Loren Habegger, Alvin Habegger, Mrs. Byerly. Fifth grade continued. Row 4: Berniece Yager, Maralyn Wable, Dorthy Geyer, Arlene Zimmerman, Mary Dick, Lois Gerber, Carol Helmrich, Barbara Ar- nold, Karen Stultz, Doveanna Nussbaum. Row 1: Doris Bluhm, Donna Cauble, Nancy Jauregui, Rose Lantz, Delores Sauder, Barbara Steiner, Wilma Simon, Rosa Canales. Row 2: Sarabelle Habegger, Mariana Jauregui, Winston Lister, Patty Liechty, Mae Christner, Alice Beer, Anna Hilty, Mr. Strahm. Row 3: RoUand Zimmerman, Barbara Sommer, Philip Barger, Ned Stucky, Jerry Bovine, Murl Yoder, Richard Hirschy. FOURTH GRADE Row 1: Jerry Schw- artz, Jerry Hoffman John Inniger, Roger Simon, Preston Payne, 5lobert Baurngartner, Larrj Foreman, Dale Hir- schy. Flow 2: Jim- mie Brown, Philip McBride, Timmy Ringger, Jerry Ger- ber, Glen Yager, Brooks Arnold, David Houck, Rom- an Hilty, Anthony Sharp, Junior Hol- linger, Gary Bluhm, | Sidney Schwartz. FIFTH GRADE if- • IrOIin Moesch- berger, Roger Schl- ickman, Max Egley, Alan Habegger, Ron ' aid Osborne, John Lantz, Glen Haines Clair Inniger, Lar-i ry Wittwer, Row 2: Donald Ray, Willian Hoffman, Rober Sch wartz.Tom Heyerly- Gene Baumgartner, Richard Canales, Jerry Gerber, Ray: mond Payne, Ralph I Osborne, Terry Hik Row 3: Larry Ha- begger, Carol Hag- gard, Doris Brott, Georgianna Essex, i Evelyn Griffith, Ged rgia Payne, Kath- leen Adler, Linda Schott, Fred Mann, Jan Smith, Mr. Hartzler. SIXTH GRADE, 1 Not pictured: Leroy Schwartz, Peter Schwartz, Carl Schwartz, Daniel Schwartz, Elmer Schwartz, David Girod, Jerome Schwartz, Josephine Schwart; Laverne Schwartz,; Lydia Schwartz. Compliments of Essex Realty Co., Decatur SEVENTH GRADE Row 1: Jim Baum- gartner, Glen Strickler, Donald Bailey, Ronald Corson, Danny Ross, Danny Staut, Ronnie Gerber, Feddie Schott. Row 2: Rose Null, Carol Kachr, Mary Kiiittle, Gloria Harman, Linda McKean, Marjory Sprunger, Gretcher Schnepp, Sondra Cramer. Row 1: Linda Shug, Jane Michels, Lin- da Stutz, Dores Cauble, Mary Lou Ehrsman, Jimmy Steiner, Emanuel Gerber, Lynn Lehman, John Isch, jCharles Heare. Row 2: Margaret Griffiths, Flossie .Schwartz, Donna feroth, Shirley Hirschy, Pat Grimn, Karen Reed, Sonja Yoder, Marjory Nussbaum Tommy Hoffman. EIGHTH GRADE Row 1: Palmer nniger, Mervin iabegger, Gary Ringger, , Roger iabegger, Albert igly, Alan Miller, )ick Rowdon, )ick Landis, Ben Schwartz. Row 2: Aarvin Zucher, Jene McKean, Dee vlyron Byerly, larold Dick, Alan )sborn, James Tay or, Kenneth Baum- artner. Row 3: larilyn Arnold, larjorie Becker, juella Schwartz, vouise Siman, ' auline Gerber, ' arolyn Christner, lay Heare, Sharon [irschy, Mary ;augk. Compliments of Butlers Garage Decatur Seventh grade continued. Row 3: Betty Steury, Cynthia Lehman, Connie Roe, Barbara Schwartz, Phyllis Singleton, Edith Hirschey, Carol Kirschner. Seventh grade continued. Row 3: Arlene Freels, Rosita Osborn, Ludmila Garb, Barbara Feichter, Lorraine Walters, Carol Heller, Ellen Harman, Mary Brott, Richard Knittle, Leslie Plaugh, Wayne Byerly, Clarance Eicher. Third Row: Lowell Michaels, Sonja Schug, Larry Myers, Paul Gerber, Paul Riley, Geraldine Teeple, Costa Hike, Carol Egley, James Fisher. Not Pictured: Joe Girod, Edward Hilty, Lydia Graber, Leah Gra- ber, Mary Ann Schwartz, Toby Swartzentruber, David Schmidtt, William Kerschner, Valentine Shetler, Ben Eicher, Sandra May, Nancy Parrish. Third Row: Lois Steury, Gretchen Sprunger, Johnny Schwartz, Susan McKean, Janis Yoder, Flossie Eicher. Teacher: Frances Beaty. Below: Teacher Elmer E. Ehrsam. First Row: Judson Sprunger, Sheldon Bixler, William Lehman, Evan Yoder, Sylvan Schwartz. 8th Grade First Row: Kathrine Habegger, Nancy Shoaf, Lee Sprunger, Richard Kaehr, Robert Fos- naugh, Amos Leichty Jerry Sprunger, Rob- ert Hurst. Second Row: Larry Lautzenheiser Jerry Mitchel, Mary Jane Rice, James vVeaver, Dianne Liechty, Carol Hicks, Paul Germann, Ar- len Mitchel. 1st 2nd 4th Grade First Row: David Sommer, John ; Eicher, Steven Yoder, : Harvey Sprunger, Amos Schwartz, Second Row: Nira Jo Nussbaum, Tommy McKean, Elmer Eicher, Neill Von Gunton, Emma Schaffter, Frank- lin Lehman, Richard Yoder. 3rd 5th Grade Second Row: Joye Yoder, Ronda Nussbaum, Emma Troyer, Kay Jones, Glori Yoder, Nancy Steury, An ita Yoder. Third Row: Jacob Eicher, Leonel Bixler, Roy Mazelin, Glenda Jones, Margery Moser, Esther Brehm, Judy Yoder, Mary Lou Sprunger. Not Pictured: Leah Schwartz, Rosa Schwartz. Compliments of Butler ' s Garage Decatur 1 2 fTeacher: Mrs. Michaels. (Back Row: L. to R.: Rex Sti-ickler, Larry Urick, JEmanuel Miller, Dianne ' stout, Judy Royer, Susan jLongsworth, Barbara Engle, llean Wolfe, Michael Basse, ' Ralph Parrish. •Second Row: Kathy Walters, Susan Frank, Judith Arnold, Annie Singleton, Verlyn Trimble, Dianna Brown, Shirley Cummings, Janelle Shoe, Barbara McKean, Kay Harmon, Laura Schwartz. 5 6 op Row, L. to R.: Tom Adler, Ronnie Hurst, iDaniel Null, Janet Agler, Robert Brown, Robert ' Trimble, Linda Reber, Bette Royer, Cecilia Lehman, Evelyn Reber, Wesley Shoe, Middle Row: Annette Thomas, Jacqueline I ' Snyder, Carolyn Mitchrl, Joyce Harmon, Judith Warthman, Joe Sprunger, Marvin Zimmerman, Kay Singleton, Patty Frank. 3 4 Back Row, L. to R.: Denny Mertz, Roy Stewart, Don Aglar, Palmer Urick, Judith Trimble, Mrs. Mills, Gyneth Schnepp, Michael Drake, Richard Beard, LaMar Null, Vin- jcent Huth. Middle Row: Jerry Hurst, Pamela (Walters, Sandra Stepler, iMyrna Shoe, Dianna Kershner, Nancy Christ- |ner, Mike Hokes, Gene |Wolfe, Gene Ratcliff. |Front Row: Joe Harman, John Landis, Joe Longs - worth, Tom Shoe, Law- rence Isch, Roger Shoaf, Kenneth Reed, Jerry Hirschey, Dick Ray. Not Pictured: Jerry Stout, Larry Uhrick, Rob- ert Fields, Henry Burwell. Compliments of Black Funeral Home Decatur Front Row: John Snyder, Ned Mitchel, Edward Miller, Billy McMillen, Rolland Poling, Michael Worthman, Max Hawkms, Marvin Fosnaugh, Jerry Christener. , ■ Not Pictured: Raymond Fields, Rose Ann Lautzenheiser, Robert Burwell. Front Row: Gary McMillen, Roger Hawkins, Clarence May, Merlin Wolf, Bernard Shoaf, Dale Stout, Roger Snyder, David Isch, Terry Witte. Not Pictured: Betty Jane Burwell, Jerry Wilson, Chloe Neuenschwander, Wanda Neuenschwander, Charles Uhrick, Jerry Beard. Principal Hugh Tate, 7th and 8th grades aculti f The grades of Adams Central are located in the Monroe, Brandberry, Reneker, Debolt, Meuemsteberg, and Sackett Buildings. Pictured upon this page are the teachers teaching the first eight grades in the Monroe Building and Mr. Hugh Tate, the prin- cipal of the Adams Central Grades. The other faculty members are found on the following pages along with their pupils. Robert Brown 7th and 8th grades Ezra Snyder 7th and 8th grades Thelma Hendricks 7th and 8th grades Leroy Cable 7th and 8th grades Leo Strahm 6th grade EUwyn Hartzler 5th grade Delores Byerly 4th grade Veda Crist 3rd grade Mary Egley 2nd grade Maomi Griliiths 1st grade Compliments of MAIN STREET FILLING STATION and DR. E. D. BIXLER, BERNE and REKEWAY GROCERY, Magley hn j . seats j: Take them to their seats Know all the parts of the car, boys ? VJa ter Compliments of BERNE HI-WAY HATCHERY GRABER PRODUCE, Berne ,.t it interesting, boys No, not them ! Coolest Compliments of FI LBER MACHINE WELDING SHOP, Massey Harris Parts --Sales Service, Berne All seniors girls set to work. Ha! Aw for, Aw for goodness sakes, Ref ! You already have a mouthful, Doyle. Compliments of FERRIS BOWERS JEWELERS, Decatur and BERNE EQUITY EXCHANGE, Berne ENOS SCHROCK Forward In this third year at varsity, all fear the accuracy of that one hand- ed push shot. A level headed player, a little weak at footwork, can shoot with either hand, is always a threat on the offensive with his hot streaks. He has shown a great deal of con- sistency at the free throw line. HERMAN DICK Center Quiet, determined, playing his first year on the varsity, he is just a good reliable player. Always sparks the team by his aggressiveness on offensive and defensive. Gets his share of rebounds, has a good set shot, and is a worthy replacement at the center or forward position. DOYLE ARNOLD Guard Working in his second year as a varsity player, he is a cool, collective fellow; has an ef- fective set shot, handles the ball well, drives on the basket at the proper time, footwork is well balanced, shoots predomit- antly with his left hand although he can use the right, and is al- ways on the alert defensively. ROGER LONGENBERGER Forward Small but carries a mighty punch on offensive and defensive situations in his second year on the varsity. An accident kept him out of our lineup for several games but he came back with the determination to over- come any handicap. A serious, hard worker, he is a well balanced player, can guard, dribble, shoot, jump, and handle the ball very skillfully. He keeps the team fired up by his ag- ressiveness. JIM RILEY Small in stature, he is an ag- ressive ball of fire. This is his first year on the varsity squad. Possessor of the ability to fake, drive, and dribble, he keeps the defensive team on the alert. When the defensive can ' t tower over him, he has a very effective set shot. Compliments of Heller Coal, Feed Supply Co.; Decatur. BOB MITCHEL Center Still the master rebounder in his second year of varsity playing, has showed great improvement in his work around the keyhole. At the pivot post, he can either pa- ss off or shoot very offectively. He has become a threat at tipping under the basket and can hold his own in that area. A good founda- tion (size 13), he is hard to move, but possesses a world of endurance. ROE LEHMAN Forward Setting his third year on the varsity launch. Gets off once in a while and plays a credit- able game. Keeps team moral high with his razor sharp wit. Has a good effective left hand shot when he looks at the basket. A very dependable guard and re- bound man. Possesses the abi- lity to fake and drive onto the basket. KAY RATCLIFF Forward His playing lies first year on the varsity, he possesses a good left hand push shot, has the size and aptitude for devel- oping into a worthy player. He works hard, is sincere in his efforts, needs a little more experience and agressiveness. DAVE NUSSBAUM Guard This is his second year at varsity levels. He can qual- ify with the best in guarding ability, shoots good balanced set shots, potent defensive rebounder, and is well ground- ed in the fundamentals of basketball. DON DICK Guard In his first year at varsity basketball, he is showing much improvement. Big and rugged, plays a little rough, can hold his own on either offense or defense. Very aggressive player, has the ability to inter- cept passes, and a good driver on offense. He should develop into a good player by next year. Compliments of FARMERS and MERCHANTS BANK, Bluffton Ljetl cJLeaderA Left: Patricia Beitler, Sophomore Shirley Ruppert, Freshman Left - Go! Fight! Win! yells the Pep Club Compliments of STEFFEN MOTOR SALES, Decatur m Mm 1 - WW Wns3 ■ v ■! ff -T ' J% f T j 0 - 4 ' y i Wv r Ci i 1 1 IT ■■ ■■■■■■■■■Mi • ' ■■■■■■- Back row: Jim Riley, Doyle Arnold, Roger Longenberger, Roe Lehman, Herman Dick, David Nussbaum. Front row: Kay Ratcllff, Donald Dick, Enos Schrock, Bob Mitchell, Student Managers: Hubert Isch, Eugene Weber. Coach: Max Stanley. When the basketball season opened this year we had 7 players from last year ' s var sity squad. The following players made up the 7: Doyle Arnold, Enos Schrock, Dave Nussbaum, Bob Mitchel, Jim Riley, Roe Lehman, and Roger Longenberger. The Greyhounds had a fair season winning 10 and losing 13 games. The highlight of the year was the outstanding offense and defensive games played at the county tourney. The first game in which the Greyhounds played in the county tourney, was against the Commodores in which we won by one point, 48 to 47. Sat. afternoon we beat Monmouth 45 to 32. The greatest excitement came Saturday evening during the final game when the Central Greyhounds met with the Hartford Gorillas and the Greyhounds came within one point of tieing the score with two minutes of playing time left in the game. The Central fans went home sad but proud ! The greatest disappointment of the season came to the Central fans during the sectional tourney. Central had great hopes but they fell Saturday afternoon when the Greyhounds were on the losing end of a 73 to 52 score against the Pleasant Mills Spartans. The Greyhounds had won their first game easily by defeating the Jefferson Warriors 60 to 48. We think that all the members of the team did a fine job this year under the expert leadership of our coach Max Stanley, who is serving his first year at A.C.H.S. The remaining members of the varsity squad are: Roger Longenberger, .Tack Hendricks, Junior Nussbaum, and Donald Pick. Good-luck to these boys and to all the rest of the boys who will be playing on The Central team next year. Compliments of GAY ' S MOBIL SERVICE, 13th Monroe and LEE HARDWARE CO., Decatur liSaskewali ' 9 ' Top Row, left to right: Jack Hendricks, Eddie Nussbaum, Robert Heare, Lester Egley, Tom Hoffman, Junior Nussbaum, Walter Osterman, Harold Arnold, Roddy Beer. Bottom Row, left to right: Eugene Weber, Coach Stanley and Hubert Isch. The second team came up with an excellent record this season, winning 16 and losing 2. Jack Hendricks, Lester Egly, Roddy Beer, Eddie Nussbaum and Junior Nussbaum were regulars. Jack Hendricks --Jack will make himself known on the varsity as a center in the coming years. Eddie Nussbaum --Eddie is a fast all around man. He played the speedy position as guard most of the time. Bob Heare --Bot was a handy reserve at the first of the season but moved himself up to a starting regular. Lester Egly --Lester was our sensational forward who possessed the ability to pivot beautifully. Tom Hoffman --Tom will have many good games to look forward to; he being only a freshman. Junior Nussbaum --Junior has now been elevated to the varsity to obtain experience. He will see plenty of action in the coming year. Walter Osterman--Walter is one of our " lightning " guards. He started as a regular by the close of the season. Harold Arnold- -Harold was the man who played the both forward and guard well. He will see plenty of action next year . Roddy Beer --Roddy became handicapped with an ankle injury this season just as he was at the point of going places. He will see plenty of action in the coming three years. Eugene eber and Hubert Isch--They both did a splendid job of being our student managers. Max Stanley --Last but not least is our coach who successfully guided the boys to their excellent record this season. SECOND TEAM YELL LEADERS Our second team yell leaders, Ruth Busse and Juanita Sapp, did a splendid job of supporting the team this year. Compliments of MENNONITE BOOK CONCERN and the PALMER HOUSE, Berne, and COPPESS CORNERS, Monroe. J« amor J iah Back row, 1. to r.: Tommy Hoffman, Albert Egly, Alton Miller, Kenneth Baumgartner, Lowell Michaels, Danny Ross. Middle row, 1. to r.: Jerry Sprunger, Jerry Mitchel, Dee Myron Byerly, Coach Leroy Cable, James Weaver, Larry Lautzenhieser, Wayne Byerly. Front row, 1. to r.: Jimmy Stiener, Dick Rowdon, Ronald Gerber, Dick Landis, Rich- ard Kaehr. Cs The Adams Central Jr. Hi. team had a record of 5 wins and 10 defeats for the season. They lost several close ball games. The team played in an invitational tourney at Geneva, but were not very suc- cessful. The Games and Scores Follow: Opponents Us Jefferson 32 28 Lancaster 20 43 Hartford 29 27 Berne 22 23 Popular Grove 30 33 Monmouth 23 21 Geneva 22 15 Jefferson 13 18 Geneva 36 34 ( Hartford 21 24 Berne 35 13 Popular Grove 25 21 Commo dores 43 25 Invitational Tourney Berne 21 13 Consolation Tourney Geneva 35 21 Season shooting percentage .214 Fowl shooting percentage .335 (double overtime) YELL LEADERS Left to right: Sonja Schug, Shirley Hirschy Compliments of SMITH SCRAP IRON and VIZARD MOTORS, Decatu and JAHN FUNERAL HOME, Bluffton Right: Is it gonna go in??? Compliments of STUCKY ' S FURNITURE, Monroe ' m ssm- i -i ji I »;» an . " ».»; r« i!: «i.=t ' Back Row left to right: Eugene Veber, Lester Schindler, Tommy Hoffman, Edward Nussbaum, fu ntr ' Nussbaum, c ' ene BluL, Sherman Arnold, David Nussbaum, Max Stanley coach. Front Row: Leon Habegger, Roger Longenberger, James Riley, Doyle Arnold, Herman Dick, Walter Osterman, Donald Dick. fl AFTI 1) » I I ISUHdALL The Softball team had an exceptionally good season; winning 5 games and losing 1. The team also won the county Softball championship and was presented with two trophies. One trophy will be kept permanently by the school and the second trophy must be won by the same school three times before it becomes a permanent possession of the school. The highlight of the season was when Dave Nussbaum, our pitcher, threw a no -hitter at Jefferson and the rest of the team gave brilliant support. On September 28, the softball team played the Alumni in a close game won by the Alumni 15-10. Only three home runs were made during the season and two of these were made by Longenberger; the other one was made by Schrock. Following is a record of the runs made by each player during the season: Riley (C) 6 H. Dick (C.F.) 6 Schrock (2b) 5 Schwartz (SS) 6 Habegger (lb) 2 Longenberger (3b) 8 D. Dick (RF) 3 D. Arnold (LF) 3 Schindler (P) D. Nussbaum E. Nussbaum HoUoway Bluhm Osterman S. Arnold Jr. Nussbaum (P) (LF) 1 3 2 Compliments of BERNE ELECTRIC YAGER FURNITURE STORE YAGER FUNERAL HOME, Berne Home Run? Come on Roger Run for home, Enos. SOFTBALL SCHEDULE iC6 Adams Central 5 Monmouth 6 Adams Central 6 Monmouth 4 Adams Central 9 Hartford 3 Adams Central 13 Jefferson 2 Adams Central 11 Alumni 15 Adams Central 5 Hartford 1 Adams Central 8 Jefferson curve iave. Compliments of STEFFEN IMPLEMENT CO. RIVERSIDE GARAGE. Decatur Tommy Hoffman, Freddy Ehlerding, Walter Osterman, Roger Longenberger, Dale Hirschy, Henry Wagley, Jr., Jim Brodbeck, Luther Hedingtion, Bob Johnston, Vernon Ratcliff , Roger Sauders, Don HoUoway, Eddie Nussbaum, Wendell Beer, Leon Habegger, Donald Dick, Jack Hendricks, Harold Arnold, Carl Bluhm, Earl Johnston, Larry Schwartz, Robert Steury, Ronnie Wagley, David Ringger, Robert Heare, Harry Mazelin, Gordon Singleton, Kenneth Grim, Nolan Griffiths, Gene Hindenlang, Lester Schindler, Marvin Taylor, Kay Ratcliff, Earl Yoder, Lester Schwartz, Willis Nussbaum, Mr. Bailey. j . , -x r. This is the second year for the Adams Central Future Farmers Chapter. The Adams Central F.F.A. Chapter was the 299th chapter chartered in Indiana. The F.F.A. has forty -two members. Mr. Bailey, vocational agriculture teacher, is the sponsor. The F.F.A. was invited on a hayride and weiner roast by the Rekamemoh club earlier in the year. We have a basketball team and organizing a softball team. For money making projects the F.F.A. sold The Farm Quarterly Magazine and tested milk. Meetings were held the first Monday in every month. President - Lester Schwartz Vice-President - Kay Ratcliff Secretary - Marvin Taylor Treasurer - Lester Schindler Reporter - Gene Hindenlang Advisor - Mr. Harold Bailey Compliments of TEEPLE TRUCK LINES and GERBERS GROCERY STORE, Decatur Patsy Urick, Elaine Stultz, Kay Ann Witte, Ardola Parrish, Ruth Weber, Phyllis Kohli, Shirley Ploughe, Eileen Funk, Virginia Mitchel, Arlene Habegger, CoUen Hirschy, Pat Barger, Marilyn Durr, Barbara Walters, Elaine Freels, Marva Strahm, Connie Strickler, Velma Strahm, Phyllis Mattox, Mrs. Reed, Norma Conrad, Pearl Huser, Juanita Sapp, Shirley Rupert, Marinell Strieker, Carol Yoder. Not Pictured: . ' Pat Beitler. J ome C c L lub This is the second year for the Rekamemoh Club. Our sponsor is Mrs. Reed, the orginator of the club. A hayride to Hanna Nutman Park and a weiner roast was given by the club for the F.F.A. boys. The Decatur F.H.A. club entertained the Rekamemoh girls at the Decatur High School on November 19th. The club went Christmas caroling and afterward had a party on Decem- ber 18th. January 15th is the annual banquet for the basketball boys. On February 12th was the Valentine party. Among their other activities were a skating party in March, a style show in May, bake sales throughout the year and other money making projects. The club now has twenty- seven members. The pep club, which originated through the Rekamemoh Club, turn out at every ball game in their red and gray. President - Pat Barger Vice President - Phyllis Kohli Secretary - Virginia Mitchel Treasurer - Elaine Freels News Reporter - Eileen Funk Program Chairman - Arlene Habegger Assistant Program Chairman - Marilyn Durr Advisor - Mrs. Reed Compliments of ADAMS COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. and D. BURDETTE CUSTER ROBERT SMITH Decatur CLl 5th roWj 1. to r.: Connie Strikler, Ardola Parrish, Kay Ann Witte, Elaine Stultz, Florine Hirschy. 4th row: Ruth Weber, Barbara Haugk, Carolyn , Hirschy, Flossie Baumgartner, ' Marinel Striker. 3rd row: Mary Michaels, Velma i Strahm, Phyllis Mattox, Pearl Huser, Norma j Conrad. j 2nd row: Mar- ilyn Durr, Pat Barger, Elaine Freels, Virginia Mitchel, Barbara Walters. 1st row: Phyllis Kohli, Gloria Crownover, Arler Habegger, Coleen Hirschy , Marva Strahm, Eileen Funk. This year in order to back our team a little more Mrs. Reed started a Pep Club. The Pep Club appeared at each ball game with their white T shirts, red skirts, and red and gray hats. Before the basketball season opened the Pep Club worked hard to be ready for the first game. They held practice sessions over in the gym and learned motions for a few yells. The Pep Club played the school song on their Kazoos. They appeared faithfully at each ball game and backed the team all the way. Not pictured: Patsy Urick, Virginia V olfe, Shirley Ploughe, Carol Yoder, and Pat Reed. Compliments of EQUITY MEAT MARKET BERNE HARDWARE COMPANY, Berne. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR by Albert Johnson A three act farce comedy The cast follows: Wingy, son: David Sprunger Dora, daug hter: Phyllis Kohli Flora, daughter: Mary E. Byerly Emil, father: Lester Schwartz Anna, mother: Pauline Schwartz Biuuv, neighbor: Fannie Habegger Mrs. Jones, neighbor: Jean Haines Tossy, daughter: Anna Inniger Luke, farmer: Stanley Sprunger Oswald, Tessy ' s fiance: Don Walters Johnny, beekeeper: Earl Yoder Mrs. Frederick, Ozzy ' s mom: Gloria Crownover Mrs. Bixby, Ozzy ' s aunt: Elizabeth Johnston Maxey, chauffeur: John Liby Judge Patrick, J. P.: Paul towards Mrs. Ping, piano tuner: Dale Warthman Grandma Vashki: Mary Ellen Schnepp Billy L., a cousin: Henry agley Zuvabelle, a cousin: Mary L. Hannie Dixie Jones, Southern gal: Sally Rose THE CAST! etiLor n ■ Left: Bees broke out! ! ! Right: Hampshires are such nice clean pigs ! ! Compliments of Chat Chew and Decatur Super Service Engaged ? o ■ -K o .f v» O. : A %. GOOD LUCK TEAM! !! ' . S Xv Nj O ' J e- . • A % O Vv - - ■7 V. . ? -ir o- f Central Greyhounds Chant! You Gotta F-I-G-H-T! Compliments of the FAIR STORE and BERNE LUMBER COMPANY, Berne Ju lrier6 Left to right: Elaine Freels, Coleen Hirschy, and Barbara Walters. Our twirlers Elaine, Coleen and Barbara have entertained the audience between games at our home games. Besides twirling at home games, they went down to Indiana Univer- sity at Bloomington with the band to perform at the football game on Student Day. We are sorry to say that Bar- bara had to leave us and go to Decatur. I ' m sure that we will all miss her this year and next. ■ H K " WS l l P H Hl l w H B v l l b lH H Vi H Sisters perform. Arlene and Elaine. Compliments of D. D. JONES, M.D., LIECHTY MOTOR SERVICE, BERNE GEELS JEWELRY STORE, Bluffton tM Left to right: Mr. Goble, director; Virginia Mitchel, Pat Barger, Elaine Freels. Back row, seated: Marinell Striker, Danny Gerber, Nolan Griffiths, Larry Schwartz, Donald Graber, Clifford Hirschy, Howard Michaels. Front row: (seated), Ronald Stuckey, Carl Bluhm, James Lobsiger, Allen Lehman. Top row, left to right: Donald Bailey, Phillip Gerber, Richard Hershey, Jerry Hoff- man, John Inniger, Tommy Heyerly, Larry Ferguson, Max Egley, Ronald Gerber, Kathlene Adler, Carol Haggard, Marilyn Christner, Doris Bluhm, Sonja Schug, Flossie Schwartz, Linda Schug. Second row: Arlen Mitchell, Kenny Baumgartner, Paul Ger- mann, Allen Miller, Dee Myron Byerly, Larry Lautzenheiser, Jerry Sprunger, Roger Habegger, Lee Michaels, Marjorie Nussbaum, Ellen Harmon, Rose Null, Marjorie Sprunger, Edith Hirschy. Third row: Jerry Mitchel, Paul Riley, Costa Hike, Betty Steury, Gretchen Schnepp, Carol Heller, Sandra Cramer, Kay Christner, Cynthia Leh- man, Gloria Harmon. Fourth row: Connie Roe, Geraldine Teeple, Marilyn Arnold Arleen Freels, Margaret Griffiths, Shirley Hirschy. Compliments of REINKING GARAGE on U. S. 27 North and SUTTONS JEWELERS, Decatur Top row: Kenneth Parrish, Robert Steury, Kenneth Frank, Carolyn Hirsch y, Barbara Haugk, Mary Jane Shaw, Mary Ellen Schnepp, BarbaraWalters,GIoris Crownover, Mary Ellen Byerly, Shirley Rupert, Marinell Striker, Virginia Mitchel, Harry Mazelin, Gordon Singleton, Allen Lehman. Middle row: Howard Michaels, John Rowdon, Patsy Urick, Mary Lou Hannie, Jean Weaver, Faye Haines, Elaine Freels, Elaine Stults, Florine Hirschy, Elizabeth John- ston, Pauline Schwartz, Ardola Parrish, Connie Strickler, Kay Ann Whitte, Pat Barger, Marilyn Durr, Jim Lobsiger, Mr. Goble, Director. Bottom row: Paul Hill, Earl Yoder, Ruth Busse, Mary Michaels, Fannie Habegger, Phyllis Kohli, Sally Ross, Shirley Ploughe, Hattie Thomas, Jean Haines, Roddy Beer, Tom Hoffman. m J Ck oruS There are forty-five members in the Adams Central Mixed Chorus. The chorus consists of a Senior Girls ' Chorus, a Boys ' Chorus, and a mixed chorus. Groups of the chorus furnished music for the Christmas program, different programs throughout the year, and took part in the county music festival. dSancl o.nA The second year of the Adams Central band, directed by Merle Goble, has proved quite successful. There are eighty -five members; five high school twirlers, ten grade school twirlers, seventeen high school band members, and fifty -three grade school band members. On October 6th, the entire band went to Bloomington for the band day at Indiana University. They played for all the home basketball games, and among their other activities for the year were, the county festival, a concert and the commencement. Compliments of FOOD TOWN, where quality meats and staple groceries are sold, Berne. Phone 2-2178 Mary Ellen and Virginia were the Editor and Assistant Editor respec- tively. This kept the girls busy but they admit they have enjoyed every moment that they have worked on the Cen -trail Staff. This was Mary Ellen ' s second year of staff work, being assistant editor in her junior year. The staff members hope that Virginia will enjoy whatever work she has on the staff next year! Onnual 5lj»|P Don and Millard kept the Business end of our annual going. Millard being the Business Editor with Don as his able assistant. This has been Millard ' s second year of Staff work also as he was assistant business editor last year. May Don have the best of luck in what- ever position he will hold next year. Pictured below: Mary Ellen was one of our busy typist. Whatever anyone on the Staff wanted typed they took it to the typists and it was soon done. Enos Schrock was ap- pointed as the Sports Editor of the annual this year. Gene, Don and Dave were busy learning the tasks of Staff work and getting their jobs done at the same time. Gene was the assistant Sports Editor, Don the Sales Manager and Dave Sprunger was our Cir- culation Manager. The work of the boys came mostly at the be- ginning of the year and they all did a fine job. This was the first year of staff work for both Gloria and Fannie. Gloria was the Organ- ization Editor and it was her job to see that the pages were all in correct order. Fannie ' s job was to serve as the Literary Editor, so she was kept busy proof reading all the print. Compliments of Leland Smith Insurance Agency and Schafer ' s, Decatur standing, left to right: Millard Habegger, Don HoUoway, Donald Walters, David Sprunger, Gene Bluhm. Sitting, left to right: Virginia Mitchel, Mrs. Reed, Gloria Crownover, Mary Ellen Byerly, Fannie M. Habegger. nnucLt taff Honestly Seniors are my pet peeve ! They run all over the place look- ing for something, what I don ' t know. You ask them what they ' re looking for and all you get is a " none of your business " look and a feeble mumble " Lay- out sheets. " " LAYOUT! " Gosh wonder who they are going to lay out? ?? They must want the sheet to cover the poor fellow up after they lay him out. You don ' t suppose they are after me, do you? They don ' t act too friendly. Golly I ' m scared, maybe I had better hide. Oops! There they are again. Now if I stay real quiet there may be a chance of them not seeing me and I might be lucky enough to overhear something that they ' re saying. Well here goes. Gee, they sure talk low, it must really be a secret. WHAT ' S THAT? ?? Someone said d-d-d-dead--l-deadline? A MURDER! ! ! Right here in good old Adams Central, I ' m going to tell Mr. Roberts. " Hey, Mr. Roberts, quick do something! See that group of seniors, they are planning a murder I know. I heard them say something about lay- ing some fellow out on a sheet and just now they are talking about getting it done by a certain deadline. Mr. Roberts, please, stop laughing, do something! " " I wouldn ' t worry kid if I were you. That is just the semors on the annual staff getting the 1952 edition of the CEN-TRAILS ready for press. " Left to right: Arlene Habegger - Prophecy. Phyllis Kohli - School Calendar Sally Ross - Photograph Collector Anna Inniger - Class History Pauline Schwartz - Typist Mary Lou Hannie - Class Will Jean Haines - Photograph Collector Elizabeth Johnston - Class Will Not Pictured: Mary Ellen Schnepp - Typist Compliments of ADAMS COUNTY TRAILER SALES, Decatur HOME EC SNAPSHOTS Basketball Banquet BoV s at e nouet. Some of the gang enjoying B.B- B " themselves at the Christmas Party. -Ife ostes, ses Decatur F.H.A. Club entertains Adams Central Rekamemoh Club. They leave the party. Compliments of BERNE ICE CREAM and D. W. FIREOVED, Veternarian, Berne. Sept. 5 --Here we are in full swing and lesson assignments already, have a heart teachers. Sept. 7--Classes choose class officers. Senior Pres., David Nussbaum; Junior Pres., Walter Osterman; Sophomore Pres., Junior Nussbaum; Freshman Pres. Larry Schwartz. Sept. 10--Juniors ' flash class rings. Yeh! Navy! Yeh! Army! Juniors ' and Seniors ' start magazine campaign. Sept. ll--Lost our Softball game with Monmouth 6-5. Come on boys! Sept. 13--R.S. M. will take Senior pictures. (Broken camera?) Sept. 17 --One less girl in the Senior class. Patty Arnold is now Mrs. Robert Roth. Sept. 18 --Juniors start Christmas card sales. Only 97 days till Christmas! Won our softball game with Hartford. Sept. 19--Rekamemoh Club meet activ- ity period to elect officers. Pat Bar- ger new pres. Congratulations Pat. Sept. 20--Keep it up boys! Won soft- ball game with Jefferson. Sept. 21--N0, they aren ' t walking back- wards, Freshman girls initiation. Sept. 25 --Lester, did you have sweet dreams in government class ? Next up for a shoe shine! Senior boys initiate freshman. Signed contract with K. C. Press to make 1952 Cen-Trails. Sept. 27 --Freshman and sophomore take T. B. tests. Why are all the boys whis- tling?! Oh! Jeanie got a permanent! Sept. 28--Seniors chose class play " Love Your Neighbor " . L alendar Oct. day. 1- -Dixie Four tickets go on sale to- Oct. 2--Rekamemoh Club have their hay- ride tonight with F.F.A. as their guests. Oct. 4- -The Senior class play cast is chosen. Oct. 9- -Juniors ' have party at Virginia Michael ' s. Oct. 10--R.S. M. take underclassman pictures. Seniors attended court session and jail. I guess we all got out, even Mr. Roberts. Oct. ll--Fight! Team! Fight! Pat and Shirley are first team cheerleaders. Ruth Busse and Juanita Sapp second team cheerleaders. Congratulations girls. Seniors sponsor the Dixie Four. Oct. 18 --Teachers and trustee party. Seniors sell ads at Berne. Oct. 19- -Start taking senior pictures at Blufftoi . Oct 22--Juniors ' sponsor skating party at Bells Rink. How many times did you fall down Pat? Oct. 23--Anything can happen at Senior play practice and it usually does. What was that - ' Just Married " sign doing on the back of Lester Schwartz and Sally Ross ' s car? ? ? ? Oct. 25-26--Teachers Institute, now the teachers can find out how much they don t know! Oct. 29--Seniors get proofs back, Oh! Brother! Nov. 1--Dress Rehearsal for class play. Everything goes wrong. Nov. 2 --Senior play was given. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. Nice job kids. Nov. 5 --Whose class ring does Sally have on today?? Oh yes, Lester ' s. Another class play romance! Compliments of GILLIG and DOAN FUNERAL HOME and KELLEYS DRY CLEANERS, Decatur Nov. 6 --Greyhounds open their Basketball season with Monmouth. Lost 37-47. You ' ll have to do better than that. Nov. 8--R. S. M. take activity pictures for our annual. Seniors order graduation pictures. Nov. 9--Ee-t Geneva 43-29. Yeh! Rah! Team ! Nov. 12 --Did you notice that diamond on Pat Reed ' s finger this morning " Gee! Nov. 14 --Annual Staff sell ads. Seniors discuss class trip. Where were all the Senior boys today? (I wonder ' ; ) Nov. 16--Ballgams with Jefferson. We won. Nov. 19--Barger, who ' s class ring are you wearing today ? ? Bob ' s maybe ? ? ? Nov. 21--Er-Si:etball game with Pleasant Mills. Lost 43-45. Nice going anyway fellows. Nov. 23--Thanksgiving vacation. Nov. 300--Ballgame with Hartford. Lost again. Cen-Trail annual queen chosen to- day, v ill be announced at the Christmas dinner. Dec. 1--Game with Chester Center tonight. Lost. Dec. 4--Beat Jefferson in basketball 42-31. Nice game boys! Dec. 5 --Have a heart Mr. Lightle, we ' re up to our necks in bookkeeping assignments now! Dec. 10 --Seniors order name cards and announcements today. Dec. 14 --Seniors get their graduation pic- tures today. Oh my goodness ! Dec. 18--Our snow vacation started today. Dec. 21--Still too much snow. No school. Cancelled our game with Redkey. Jan. 2 --School resumed. Well what do you know, Mr. Roberts came back to school to- day with a mustache. Lost our game with Monroeville 40-41. Better luck for the tourney boys. Jan. 4 --Congratulations Anna! Anna is our Cen-Trail Queen. R. S. M. took pictures today. Jan. 7 — We drew Decatur Commodores for the tourney on Friday night. Jan. 10 — County basketball tourney opens. Monmouth and Hartford win. Mary Lou Hannie wins ping-pong tournament. Jan. 11 --We played the Commodores and won. Swell game boys! Jan. 12 --In the afternoon we played Mon- mouth and won. We played Hartford in the finals, but lost by six points. You played some swell games boys and we ' re proud of you. Jan. 14--Hartford came over to celebrate the tourney. Jan. 15--Rekamemoh Club honor basket- ball players at a banquet at Pat Barger ' s. Semester exams today. We wonder if we ' ll graduate now. Jan. 18--We beat Geneva. Keep it up boys. Jan. 23--Lost our game with Jackson. Jan. 25 --Hartford beat us by eight points. Jan. 26--We defeated Petroleum. Jan. 28 --Doubles of ping pong start today. Jan. 29--NO school, farmers institute. Jan. 30--Harve came to school with his face all scratched up today. What hap- pened Harve ? ? Feb. 1- -Seniors get name cards and memory books. Pleasant Mills beat us in basketball. Feb. 5--Girls volleyball teams chosen to- day. No principal today! Feb. 6 --Mary Lou and Flizabeth are ping pong champions in the doubles. Boy can those gals play ping-pong. Feb. 7 --Juniors and seniors go to Decatur for T. B. tests. Gloria did you fall hard in the assembly today? ? Feb. 9 --Music contest at Fort Wayne. Carl Bluhn, Jim Lobsiger, Allen Lehman, Clif- ford Hirschey, Virginia Mitchel, Gloria Crownover, Mary Lou Hannie, and Phyllis Kohli received excellent raitings in the contest. Congratulations. Feb. 11 --Girls volley ball tourney starts today. No mustache Mr. Roberts ? ? Feb. 12 --Ball game with Monmouth. Lost. Feb. 13 --Whole school goes over to school hearing. There was plenty of fire flew. Feb. 14--Defeated the Decatur Commodores. Congratulations Anna! Anna won the speech contest, a very good speech Anna! Feb. 20--Drawing for Sectional announced today. Adams Central will play Jefferson Thursday night. Feb. 21 --Anna entered the Speech contest at Decatur and received second prize. A job well done Anna! Feb. 22 --Basketball players practice at Decatur for Sectional. Compliments of FRIEDA ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE and CENTRAL MARKET, MATTOX AUTO PAINT SHOP Monroe .Hill 1111111111 4 A]Ai-.,, LTtf VC March 7--P.T.A. game at Monmouth, Eileen Funk ' s volleyball team won the tourney. March 10- -Class tourney, Senior Boys won the basketball. March ll--Rekamemoh Club party, entertain guest with movie. March 13--Senior class girls beat the Junior girls in the volleyball class tourney. March 14--Gideon ' s pass out Bibles to the entire school, bus drivers and teachers VS parents game at Adams Central. March 17--P.T.A. entertains basketball boys with a potluck dinner. March 18 --Conservation program. March 23 --Sophomore H. E. girls go on a field trip to Fort Wayne. Z " " 3 --Chorus rehearses at Geneva March 27-Band rehearses at Geneva March 28 --County music festival April 12 --Annual sale starts. April- -Good Friday, no school, goody for our side April--Rekememoh skating party April--Freshman party. f or tR-?!!. ' - ' " " P " ° " y h ' May 10 --Seniors leave on trip, do we h ve to leave so early ? May 16 --Seniors return, gee am I tired. May 18--Baccalaureate. May 19--Gave out annuals to students May 20--Commencement. May 22 --Final day, So -long pardner ' Compliments of MYERS GUN SHOP, R-S-M STUDIOS, i- ' l ' iM W ics ueen 6 .y ttendcLntd Eileen Funk Q Patricia Barger Ueen Inniger This year a new custom has been added and we hope it will grow and continue to be one of the high- lights of the school year. That is the election of the Cen-trail Queen and Attendants. The student body first had an election to choose five girls from the Junior Senior Classes and from this group of five, another election was held to determine which girl would reign as Queen. January 5th, the student body met in the gym and a special program was given, during the program Roe Allen Lehman representing the basketball boys crowned Anna Inniger as the Cen-trail Queen of 1952. The attendants were: Sally Ross, Mary Ellen Byerly, Pat Barger, and Eileen Funk. Compliments of SCHDSfDLER ELECTRIC and STENGEL CRAIG DRUG STORE, Berne. Mary Ellen never wants to be a nurse, Wonder which guy will catch her first. Roe likes to tease the girls Twist their arms and pull their curls. Paul is always prompt and ready For he just loves to go steady. Fannie never likes to fight She always tries to do what ' s right! Stanley is always bouncing around A jollier guy can not be found. Gloria, a career girl, she ' s going to be. Whether she is, we ' ll wait and see. Schindler laughs the live-long while, When you ' re with him you ' ll always smile. Jean is alv ays nice and neat, Her smile is always pleasant and sweet. Doyle ' s the guy the girls admire. Even when his car ' s on fire. Enos is very tall and dark. And with Pearl he likes to park. Bob is the guy that is really tall His favorite sport is basketball. Herman likes to work on a farm. To be his friend would be no harm. Anna likes to have plenty of dates. Wonder what John uses for bait? Ray is quiet and shy The reason for this we don ' t know why. Bud likes to make us laugh. His favorite subject is not math. Clifford likes to drive his car, But our main worry, " does it go very far? " Dale ' s always skipping school. Wonder what girl he ' s trying to fool? If you hear a rattle, crash, and bang. You ' ll know M. E. is in the gang. Don has a heart of gold His friendship can not be sold. Earl has pretty blond curls And likes to flirt with all the girls. Liz, is a gal that is hard to beat. To be her friend is really a treat. Henry likes to have lots of fun From all day long to the setting sun. Cleo is always quiet and shy But he always seems to get by. Dave ' s the guy that is always laughing And in his subject he is always passing. John never seems to hurry. Always laughs and never worries. Millard has nothing to say, But he always seem ' s happy and gay. Dave wears his Dad ' s car tires thin, Wonder whose daughter he will win. Pauline is always combing her hair, And worrying about what she ' s going to wear. Sally is our tall, thin, blonde. And of Lester she is very fond. Lester is a basketball fan He thinks Sally is just grand! Dales giggle has a winning charm He ' s a quiet guy and does no harm. Phyllis likes to dance and sing. Her voice is really a wonderful thing. Jim has been the life of our class Without him the years would have never passed. Mary Lou ' s the life of the gang. Whatever she does she does with a " bang! " Bob decided he was not scientific Wonder which girl he ' ll decide is terrific. Compliments of WYLIES FURNITURE STORE and DECATUR INSURANCE AGENCY Decatur M veir, ti iSina Decatur Auto Harry ' s Sunoco Service Decatur Dry Cleaners Rentz Florists Mr. Mrs. Daniel C. Lantz Mr. Mrs. Dan Striker Mr. Mrs. Luther Arnold Mr. Mrs. Floyd Arnold Gilliom Lumber Co. Niblick Company Holthouse Drug Store Mr. Mrs. Willis Roberts Mr. h Mrs. A. D. Crist Mr. Mrs. Loyd Byerly Mr. Mrs. Harry S. Crownover Mr. Mrs. Paul Lobsiger Burkes Standard Service Mr. Mrs. Doyle Collier Mr. Mrs. Harold Schwartz Ben Sprunger Shoes W. M. Lehman Appliances Rich ' s Barber Shop Gottschalk Supply Co. The Fashion Cities News Mr. Mrs. Melvin Liechty Mr. Mrs. Harvey Haggard Mr. Mrs. Floyd Mitchel Mr. Hugh Tate Mr. Mrs. Homer W. j rnold Mr. Mrs. Raymond Crist Liechty Jewelry Store The Fair Store Habegger Hardware Martz Grocery West End Texaco Dierkes Implement Sales Western Auto V ssociate Store Mies Recreation Alleys Harvey Ginter Barber Shop Craigville Elevator Co. Fern ' s Dress Shoppe Dr. Amos Reusser Zurcher ' s Accordian Shop Tonner Body Works Antioch United Missionary Church Dr. Edwin Nyffler Surge Dairy Equipment Store William Steffen Son M-M Dealer Owens Cabinet Shop, Monroe Bertsch Jeweler Watchmaker Venis Office Supply Co. Suddeth Auto Wrecking Co. Craigville Garage Snug Restaurant Law ' s Time Shop H. Thomas Son Ware Baker Co.

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