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9 +itn,adudn f CEN -TRAILS 1950 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS ADAMS CENTRAL SCHOOL LOOKING TO THE FUTURE We, the first graduating class of Adams Central, are happy to present this first edition of CEN-TRAILS. At the present time the high school students of Monroe, Washington, and Kirkland townships are being taught in the former Kirkland building. The grade children are together in the former Monroe building. There are three country schools located in Wash- ington township and three in Monroe township. This arrangement is to be continued only until the new building is built. The proposed site for this school is pictured above. It is just west of Monroe on Highway 124. The site starts at the corner post on the north side of the road. It is our sincere wish that in the near future this new school building will be erected and its rules and ideals established. SCHOOL BOARD HANSEL FOLEY Superintendent Homer Arnold President H. H. High John B. Stoneburner Treasurer Gordon Liechty Howard Gilliom Glenn Workinger Floyd Mitchel Secretary Three " Ag " movie . . . Sing, canary, sing . . . Romeos . . . That Pepsodent smile . . . Guys and gals . . . Caught by the camera . . . Amateur program . . . Junior Don Juans . . . Our principal . . . Grace poses . . . Schoolmarms . . . Back to class . . . Schoolmasters . . . Mary Ellen and admirers. Four GATEWAY HIGH SCHOOL Knight of Education DALE DECKER Principal A.B. DePauw University M.S. Indiana University Social Studies, Commerce, English CASTLE OF KNOWLEDGE ••-icfc: Six DUKES AND DUCHESSES OF LEARNING HARVEY BASTIN B. S. Indiana University Physical Education, Health and Safety, Zoology, Coach HARRIET J. PRESTON A.B. Ball State Teachers College English, French HARVEY HAGGARD B.S. Manchester College Tri-State College U.S. History, Government, Sociology, General Busi- ness HARRIET SCHERTZ B.S. Bluffton College Illinois State Normal University Home Economics, Physical Education J. E. THACKER B.S. Illinois University Hartford Seminary Agriculture LUCILE C. BEAVERS A.B. Indiana University North Manchester College Wisconsin University Mathematics, English DOYLE COLLIER B.S. Ball State Teachers College Industrial Arts BETTY FORTNER B.S. Indiana University Music, Business WILBERT C. LIGHTLE B.S. Ball State Teachers College Commerce BARBARA SPRUNGER A.B. Bluffton College Science, Social Science NUTRITION GUARDS AND IOE Lela Arnold, Alta Byerly, Martha Liby Joe Baumgartner (Janitor) TRANSPORTATION EXPERTS Ora Ratcliff Calvin McKean William Griffiths Harold Barger Harold Schwartz Loris Ricn Rollie Wable Rachel Forrest Eddie Eicher Sprunger Von Gunten Not Pictured: James Hubbleston, Norman Steffen, Brice Fisher Eight THE SOPHISTICATES CLASS OFFICERS President Howard Rich Vice President Albert Teeple Secretary Virgil Moser Treasurer Grace Fisher Last fall, we, the class of 1950 having the honor of being the first class to graduate from Adams Central, entered the school to begin our final year. Our class sponsors were Miss Barbara Sprunger and Mr. Harvey Bastin. During the year we held various class activities in order to increase our funds. These included a bake sale at Gerber ' s Market in Decatur and concessions at home ball games and at the county tourney. " Tattletale, " our class play was presented in October. This and the publishing of our annual were the two major events of the year. Our class chose as our class colors, maroon and white; our class flower, the red rose; and our class motto, " Not for Ourselves, but Others. " We feel that our high school experiences and hard work have helped prepare us to face the future with smiles on our faces. Nine JIM ARNOLD Kirkland High School 1, 2, 3; President 2; Class Play 2, 4; Boys ' Chorus 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President of C-Men ' s Club 4; Sentinel F. F. A. 4; Annual Staff 4 ALICE ANN BEINEKE Kirkland High School 1, 2, 3; President 3; Class Play 4; Music 3; Physical Ed 1, 2 ROGER KUHN " Rog, " Kirkland High School 1, 2, 3; Music 2, 4; Class Play 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Soft- ball 2, 3; C-Men ' s Club 4 DOYLE HAINES Hartford High School 1; Mon- roe High School 2, 3 DIXIE HILL Decatur High School 1, 2; Kirkland High School 3: Class Vice President 3; Pep Champs 1, 2; Music 3; Class Play 4 DARLEEN YODER Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class Secretary 1, 2; Class President 3; Class Play 3, 4; Band 2, 3; Choir 2; Girls ' Chorus 1, 2; Annual Editor 4 VIRGIL GERBER " Virg, " Kirkland High School 1, 2; Monroe High School 3; Class Treasurer 1; Class Play 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer of C-Men ' s Club 4; Annual Staff 4 GLEN STRAHM Pleasant Mills High School 1, 2; Monroe High School 3; Basketball 2 ROSALYN WAGNER " Rosie, " Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class Play 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Chorus 1; Annual Staff 4 BRUCE HIRSCHY Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class Vice President 1; Class Play 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Boys ' Chorus 2, 3: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3; Baseball 1; Softball 1, 4. HOWARD RICH " Pete, " Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class President 4; Class Vice President 3; Class Play 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Annual Staff 4 CORETTA CHAMNESS Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class Play 3, 4: Annual Staff 4 WILLIAM LEHMAN " Bill, " Kirkland High School 1, 2, 3; Student Manager 1, 2; Cheerleader 3 NEVA MALLONEE Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class Play 3, 4; Annual Staff 4 CURTIS NUSSBAUM " Curt, " Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class Treasurer. 2; Class Play 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Boys ' Chorus 2, 3: Basket- ball 1, 2 ELBERTA WARTHMAN " Bert, " Kirkland High School 1, 2, 3: Class Treasurer 1; Choir 1, 2; Class Play 4; Physical Ed. 1, 2; Annual Staff 4 VIRGIL MOSER " Virg, " Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class Secretary 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Basketball 2 GLENN ROWDON " Spike, " Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class Play 3, 4; Boys ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3 ROBERT EHRSAM " Jim, " Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class Play 3, 4; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3; Presi- dent of C-Men ' s Club 4 GRACE FISHER Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class President 1; Class Trea- surer 3, 4: Girls ' Chorus 2; Choir 2; Class Play 3, 4 BOBBY HELLER Kirkland High School 1, 2, 3; Class Play 4; Choir 1 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; C-Men ' s Club 4; President F. F. A. 4 JANE BALTZELL Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class Play 3, 4 DONALD RUPERT " Don, " Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Choir 3: Boys ' Chorus 2, 3; Class Play 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3 BRUCE SCHNEPP Monroe High School 1, 2, Class Play 3 3; JOE LAUGHERY ALBERT TEEPLE, Jr. , Kirkland High School 1, 2, 3; Class Vice President 4; Class Play 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Boys ' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 ROBERT DICK " Bob, " Kirkland High School 1. 2, 3; Softball 3, 4; Cheer- leader 3; C-Men ' s Club 4 AUDREY BURKHEAD Monroe High School 1, 2, 3; Class Play 3, 4; Annual Staff 4 RICHARD BAUMGARTNER " Bummy, " Kirkland High School 1, 2, 3; Vice President 2; Boys ' Chorus 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; C-Men ' s Club 4 Pfc. ROBERT B. BURROUGHS IN MEMORY We wish to remember our classmate, Reuben Zimmerman, who was fatally injured in an automobile accident on September 25, 1949. Reuben, a tall, thin lad with red hair, was active in school athletics, participating in softball and basketball. Although he did not have a regu- lar position on the softball starting nine, he could be relied upon as a pinch hitter or fielder. " Reub, " as he was known to his friends, played good re- lief basketball. He came through in especial ly fine style in last year ' s sectional. Reuben is missed greatly by his classmates and all who knew him. Thirteen SENIOR WILL Class of 1950 Having learned all that there is to know, we, the SENIOR CLASS of Adams Central High School, being of sound mind do hereby publish this, our final will and testament, rendering null and void all other wills which may have been made during a period of temporary sanity. To the " green " freshmen, we will three two month school years, many vacations, and " easy " teachers. Knowing these are impossible, we will our good humor which will prove a great help in getting them over some of the rough spots dur- ing their educational adventure. To the sophomores, we will our unfailing pa- tience, courage, optimism, and complete blindness which they will find necessary as the only means by which they can endure the juniors. To the juniors, we will our favorite lot in the Memorial Cemetery in hopes that they will keep it in the best tradition possible, since it is the most treasured of all our gifts. To Mr. Decker, our devoted friend and prin- cipal, from whom a goodly share of our knowledge came, we return to him, intact, everything he has taught us, as we have no further use for it and we also hope that he may put his supurb intelli- gence to work on lesser minds. To Mr. Lightle, we will an album of " Mule Train " records in hopes that he may some day have enough money to buy a phonograph and thus be able to play them. To Miss Beavers, we will another pair of bright red shoes. Her first pair brought such favorable comments from all the students that we are sure she will appreciate another pair. To Mr. Bastin, we will the courage he will need to attempt to teach another Zoology class next year. To Mr. Haggard, we will a new vocabulary and a subscription to the magazine " A Thousand and One New Jokes. " To Miss Fortner, we will a new head— for the broken drum. To Miss Schertz, we will an eggbeater and any other useful gadget she may need to make her future husband happy. To Mr. Thacker, we will a solid 14 carat gold, imitation, mustache cup to be used to help pre- serve that masculine mustache so admired by all the " would-be " men in school. To Miss Preston, we will a bright red hair rib- bon to be worn during all her future days at Adams Central. To Mr. Collier, we will the absence of all the 1950 senior boys from 1951 shop classes. To Miss Sprunger, we will a three and one-half months ' vacation with peace and quiet. I, Howard Rich, do will and bequeath my girlish figure to June Caudle. I, Darleen Yoder, do will and bequeath a little of my intelligence to Raymond Worden to add to his. I, Jim Arnold, do will and bequeath some of my good looks to Mary Jane Troxel and my ability to talk convincingly to teachers especially about something I know nothing about to George Geyer. I, Elberta Warthman, do will and bequeath my ability to talk fast to Myona Hicks and also my manner of flirting with good looking boys. I, Bruce Schnepp, do will and bequeath to Rex Ehrsam my ability to keep my hair neatly combed and in place at all times. I, Curtis Nussbaum, do will and bequeath my Fourteen silly giggle and my curly hair to Wendell Sowards. I, Virgil Moser, do will and bequeath some of my radiant personality and my vocabulary to Mary Jane Steury. I, Roger Kuhn, do will and bequeath my beau- tiful necktie to Carolyn Egly and also my size 16 shoes. I, Grace Fisher, do will and bequeath my " come hither " look to Edith Steury and my big blue eyes to Don Haines. I, Dixie Hill, do will and bequeath my refusal to talk about some one behind their back to Donna Bucher. I, Glen Strahm, do will and bequeath a few of my quieter ways, which she really doesn ' t need, to Patsy Teeple, hoping she will be able to pass them on to some needy person next year. I, Alice Ann Beineke, do will and bequeath what little musical ability I possess to Nolan Ginter, knowing full well that it will improve his tremen- dously. I, Jane Baltzell, do will and bequeath to Norma Funk my bright array of male admirers provided that I can attach myself to one satisfactory to all parties involved. Otherwise, I ' ll still have use for them. I, Doyle Haines, do will and bequeath my quiet ways to Bernita Elherding, also the ability to know when to use them. I, Don Rupert, do will and bequeath my many and varied comments to Helen Brandyberry and my flirtatious mannerisms to Loren Moser. I, Bobby Heller, do will and bequeath my good luck to Irene Schwartz as she will probably need it. I, Virgil Gerber, do will and bequeath my bas- ketball abilities to Charlie Hoffman in hopes that he will make better use of them than I did. I. Bob Dick, do will and bequeath a little of my common sense to Andy Schrock so that he may improve himself as I have done. I, Albert Teeple, do will and bequeath my position as assistant coach to Diana Crist and also my best wishes. I. Neva Mallonee, do will and bequeath my ability to gracefully and subtly pursue a man to Beverly Lobsiger. I, Bill Lehman, do will and bequeath some of my extreme height to Marilyn Fox and my ability to brag convincingly to Norma Bradford. I, Coretta Chamness, do will and bequeath a lot of my shyness to Pauline Rupert and my bashfulness to Audrey Andrews. I, Rosalyn Wagner, do will and bequeath my happy disposition to Marie Habegger and my near " crew cut " hair to Lavonne Strahm. I, Dick Baumgartner, do will and bequeath my graceful and feminine walk to Leroy Kolter and some of my Don Juan characteristics to Carl Yo- der. I, Bruce Hirschy, do will and bequeath my beau- tiful new " Toni " to Virginia Taylor and also my brand new set of hair pins which I use to keep it so curly. I, Glenn Rowdon, do will and bequeath my large- ly overstuffed imagination to Delores Graber, and also my many excuses. I, Audrey Burkhead, do will and bequeath my vast collection of trinkets, including my pet SHMOO named Rex, to Gerald Nussbaum. I, Jim Ehrsam, do will and bequeath my ability to " love ' em and leave ' em " to Duke Hendricks and my rare cooking abilities to Mary Baumgartner. PROPHECY Our weekly paper, THE BUGLE, has decided to cover the wedding of Grace Fisher and John D. Rockefeller III in the Blue Ridge Mountains where they are going to make their home. As we leave our car and stroll through the barnyard to the barn, now the church, we find Howard Rich, the famous photographer, leading a donkey from what is to be used as the pulpit. He says he is doing fine snapping pictures. Walking up the path to the church, we see Curtis Nussbaum, Grace ' s old ex. He has a shovel over his shoulder. When we asked what he ' d been using it for, he replied, " I had to do something to occupy my mind. So, I decided to dig graves and care for the local cemetery. " As we look over the large audience now seated, we see the official street cleaner, Dixie Hill, sitting with Darleen Yoder, who is an old maid and spends her time over the wash- board making a living. Remember how quiet Doyle Haines andCoretta Chamness were in school? They ' ve changed quite a bit since 1950. Coretta is a famous Hollywood Gossip Columnist and Doyle is a movie producer. Now we discover Neva Mallonee looking very serious, but she always looks that way since she became the first lady president of the U. S. Now the soloist arises to sing. We find it is our own Rosie Wagner. She ' s no longer known as Rosie Wagner, but as Yum-Yum Chandell. You see, she ' s a famous John Robert Powers model. She ' s wearing a tight fitting ice blue satin gown with white accessories. It is styled with a sweetheart neckline and short puffed sleeves. She really looks adorable. Now she is singing " Because. " Her next number will be " Feudin ' and Fightin ' . " The wedding march begins and from the cowstable on the left comes the groom, John, Fifteen the best man, Mr. Rich, and the Rev. Virgil Moser, who is going to read the obituary, (pardon us, we mean the marriage vows) . Virgil has changed his ways and looks very nice in white tie and tails. All heads are turned to the rear of the barn (I mean the church) where the brides- maid Miss Elberta Warthman is entering. She owns a dress shop in New York. The gowns f or this wedding were purchased there. Following her comes the matron of honor, Jane Baltzell, who was the fastest female entry to the Olympic Track Meet in London this year. They are gowned in rayon tafetta dresses of fire-engine red with purple velvet headbands and mitts. They are carrying bouquets of dandelions. Every eye is glued to the back of the room where Grace Fisher, the bride, is enter- ing. She is gowned in a satin dress of green. She wanted a colorful wedding and one that was different, and, brother, this one sure is. We take notice of her gown and find that it is styled with an off-the-shoulder effect and long sleeves, coming to points at her elbows. The tight skirt was adorned with large patch pockets in front and a frilly bustle in the rear. Her full length dress ended in a foot and a half long train. The ceremony is now over and we leave for their reception which will be held in their two-room log home. Here we find Audrey Burkhead, who writes advice for the lovelorn in many newspapers, and Alice Bieneke, who is teaching school in the Home Economics Department of South Side High School in Fort Wayne. She decided that all men are cruel and is going to be an old maid. They are serving the bridal cake and punch to all guests. Looking across the room, we see the group of the greatest sportsmen of the year. They are from the great game of professional basketball. Coach Jim Arnold of the Min- neapolis Lakers and Glenn Rowdon, coach of the Zollner Pistons are conferring with their ace stars, Jim Ehrsam, guard for the Lakers, and Bill Lehman, six foot eleven center of the Pistons. Bill liked basketball and took thirty bottles of vitamin pills and " grow tall tablets " and grew. Dick Baumgartner strolls over to meet us with a big smile on his face. When asked what he is doing in life, he replied, " I am a jewel salesman. I ' m carrying some of the most expensive and heaviest jewels in the country. " Tagging along behind is Albert Teeple, Junior, who is now called " Big Al. " After having played the part of detective in the senior class play, he decided to take the job of being Dick ' s bodyguard. Bob Heller has a surprise for us. He takes us to the door and says, " Look! " Sitting in front of all the other cars, we see a new 1956 Ford. Some of our dear fellow classmates are now coming toward us. Bruce Schnepp, the owner of the real wild west rodeo, has a large bandage on one eye. When asked what happened, Bruce, in western boots and git up, said he was trying to rope a calf. The calf turned around and glared. The light in the calf ' s eye killed the horse and tem- porarily blinded Bruce in one eye. Looking through the group we find Virgil Gerber and Glen Strahm. When asked how life is treating them, they replied, " Pretty well. Although after six years of trying, Oscar is still hiding from us. " They started hunting for Oscar, the Beast of Busco, after graduating and they ' re still hunting. What are they using for bait? It ' s a female turtle weighing twenty pounds. Of the class of 1950 there are members we can ' t seem to find at all. We inquire and are told they are out on the lawn. Leaving the house we find the two hard at work. They are Roger Kuhn and Robert Dick, practicing their exercises. Roger decided that there are not enough graceful people in the world, opened n ballet school and has been giving lessons to some of the most prominent society in India na. Bob, whose physique looked like a(i hour glass with all of the sand in the mid- dle, is taking lessons to develop his muscles and get rid of the unbecoming flabby stuff. Well, the reception is over and we must depart! It ' s certainly been nice seeing all of the old friends we used to know. It just goes to show what drastic changes can come about after six years. Sixteen ENTIRELY UNREHEARSED JOLLY JUNIORS At last we obtained the honor of being called " jun- iors. " Miss Harriet Schertz and Mr. Wilbert Lightle were appointed as our class sponsors. During the year we worked hard trying to make money for the class. At the beginning of the season, we sold magazines, with Mary Baumgartner selling the largest amount. At noon hours we sold candy. We also sold Christmas and everyday greeting cards. The main event of the year was the presentation of our class play, " The Brain Storm " in March. In February we enjoyed a class party at the C. C. Camp. Dennis Norman was the game leader. We are looking forward with great anticipation to the time when we will make history as seniors at A. C. H. S. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rex Ehrsam Duke Hendricks Mary Jane Troxel Diana Crist Audrey Andrews, Mary Baum- gartner, Norma Bradford, Helen Brandyberry, Donna Bucher, June Caudle Diana Crist, Carolyn Egly, Ber- nita Ehlerding, Rex Ehrsam, Marilyn Fox, Norma Jean Funk George Geyer, Nolan Ginter, Delores Graber, Marie Habeg- ger, Don Haines, Duke Hen- dricks Myona Hicks, Charlie Hoffman, Leroy Kolter, Beverly Lob- siger, Loren Moser, Gerald Nussbaumi Pauline Rupert, Andy Schrock, Irene Schwarz, Wendell Sow- ards, Edith Steury, Mary Jane Steury - Lavonne Strahm, Virginia Tay- lor, Patricia Teeple, Mary Jane Troxel, Raymond Worden, Carl Yoder Eighteen CLASS OFFICERS President - - David Nussbaum V. President - Doyle Arnold Sec.-Treas. - Millard Habegger Doyle Arnold Pat Arnold, Mary Ellen By- erly, Bud Cook, Gloria Crownover, Herman Dick, Carroll Gerber, Eldonna Habegger Fannie Margaret Habegger, Millard Habegger, Jean Haines, Mary Lou Hannie, Charles Hawkins, Clifford Lee Hirschy, Dale Hirschy Anna Inniger, Dick Irwin, Elizabeth Johnston, Phyllis Kohli, Cleo Landis, Roe Allen Lehman, John Liby Doris McKean, Robert Mitchel, David Nussbaum, James Riley, Sally Ross. Marie Rowdon, Mary Ellen Schnepp Lester Schindler, Enos Schrock, Lester Schwartz, Pauline Schwartz, Paul Sowards. David Sprunger, Stanley Sprunger Berneice Strahm, Henry Wag- ley, Donald Walters, Dale Warthman, Alice Yoder, Earl Yoder, Raymond Zurcher SOCIABLE SOPHOMORES In the fall of ' 49, forty-three students enrolled in Adams Central as sophomores. Our class officers served on various committees and attended the class officers ' meetings of the high school to solve some of the problems which arose in a newly formed school. Our class sponsors were Miss Har- riet Preston and Mr. Harvey Haggard. To give our class treasury a boost, we sold pop at noons during the first semester. A class party was held at the Wells County State Forest Game Reserve. We are now excitedly imagining ourselves as juniors and " upper classmen. " Nineteen FUN LOVING FROSH § Excitedly stepping on an Adams Central bus, we, the forty-five members of the freshman class, started to school ready to begin a high school career. In our first class meeting, we chose our officers. To guide us during the year, we had as class sponsors, Miss Betty Fortner and Mr. Doyle Collier. Our first class party was held in the gym. It is our desire to have many more good times as we keep edging forward until we graduate in 1953. President V. Pres. Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS Don Holloway Marilyn Durr Mary Michaels - - Pat Barger n Patricia Barger, Vivian Baum- gartner, Betty Brown Gene Bluhm, Jim Brodbeck. Leroy Chamness. Donald Dick, Marilyn Durr, Fred- erick Ehlerding Kenneth Ehrman. Lowell Engle. Elaine Freels, Eileen Funk, Carolyn Gerber, Lyle Gerber Arlene Habegger, Vera Harv- ey, Luther Hedington, Wal- ter Hicks, Coleen Hirschy, Donald Holloway Gene Hurst, Hubert Isch, Ernest Liechty, Roger Long- enberger, Mary Michaels. Virginia Mitchel Edward Nussbaum, Willis Nussbaum, Walter Oster- man, Kay Ratcliff, Patricia Reed, Bill Rowdon Martha Siders, Shirley Steury, Marva Strahm, Marvin Tay- lor, Barbara Walters, Eu- gene Weber Not Pictured — Wendell Beer, Chester Beer, Margaret Schwartz, John Schmidt. Joe Hilty, Sam Shetler GATEWAY GRADE SCHOOL Preliminary Units SPRUNGER SCHOOL Mrs. Sally Scherry, Teacher Indiana Central College MEUENSTERBERG SCHOOL Elmer Ehrsam, Teacher Indiana State Teachers College Ball State Teachers College SACKETT SCHOOL Harry Johnson, Teacher Ball State Teachers College Manchester College SPRUNGER SCHOOL First Grade: Sheldon Bixler, Esther Brehm, Janet Danner, Marjorie Liechty, Gregg Liechty, Amos Schwartz, Daniel Schwartz First Grade: Rosa Schwartz, Jud- son Sprunger, Ronnie Yoder: Second Grade: Larry Foreman, Wanda Lehman, Anthony Sharp, Gretchen Sprunger Third Grade: Leonel Bixler, Mary Eicher, Dale Hirschy, Curtis Liechty, Johnny Schwartz; Fourth Grade: Donna Lehman, Joan Meyer Fourth Grade: Amy Eicher, Jylain Ryf, Alice Sprunger; Fifth Grade: Agnes Sprunger, Stanley Lehman, Barbara Liechty, Doris Liechty, Barbara Schwartz, Mar- jorie Sprunger Not Pictured: David Graber, Leah Schwartz, Christian Graber, Peter Schwartz, Solomon Wickey MEUENSTERBERG SCHOOL First Grade: Jacob Eicher, Glenda Jones, Roy Mazelin, Ronda Nuss- baum, Nancy Steury, Anita Yo- der, Joye Yoder First Grade: Judy Yoder; Second Grade: Flossie Eicher, Waneta Lehman, Lois Steury, Janis Yo- der; Third Grade: Kay Jones, Marilyn Lehman Third Grade: William Lehman, Mar- gery Moser, Mary Sprunger, Evan Yoder, Gloria Yoder; Fourth Grade: Alice Beer, Barbara Eich- er Fourth Grade: Murl Yoder: Fifth Grade: Clarence Eicher, Eugene Lehman, Lynn Lehman, Flossie Schwartz, Sonja Yoder Not Pictured: Sylvan Schwartz, Em- ma Troyer, LaVerne Schwartz, Joe Schwartz, Betty Steury — withdrew due to illness SACKETT SCHOOL Twenty-three BRANDYBERRY SCHOOL Third Grade: Bobby Brown, Pat Finan, Patty Frank, Joyce Har- mon, David Isch, Evelyn McKean, Arthur Osborn Third Grade: Linda Reber, Kay Singleton, Roger Snyder, Joe Sprunger, Annette Thomas, Terry Witte, Marvin Zimmerman Fourth Grade: Jerry Beard, Doris Ann Bluhm, Emmitt Hawkins, Roger Hawkins, Ronnie Hurst, Cecilia Lehman, Carolyn Mitchel Fourth Grade: Dannie Null, Gor- don Snyder, Jacqueline Snyder, David Stewart Not Pictured: Carol Shoaf, Bernard Shoaf, Martha Shoaf DEBOLT SCHOOL First Grade: Richard Beard, Mich- ael Drake. Marvin Fosnaugh, Michael Hakes, Joe Harmon, Jer- ry Hirschy, Jerry Hurst Fdsst Grade: Lawrence Isch, Dian- na Kershner, Emily Knittle, John Landis, Judy Martinez, Gene Rat- cliff, Richard Ray First Grade: Kenneth Reed, Gyneth Schnepp, Mary Helen Schwaller, Roger Shoaf, Gene Wolfe; Second Grade: Deny Mertz, Carole Mc- Kean Second Grade: LaMar Null, Sandra Sanders, Terry Schnepp, Sandra Stepler, Roy Steward, Palmer Uhrick Not Pictured: Joe Longsworth, Mary Jane Shaw, Pamela Walters REINEKER SCHOOL Fifth Grade: Donald Baily, Ronald Corson, Nancy Frank, Patricia Grim, Ellen Harmon, Gloria Harmon, Shirley Hirschy Fifth Grade: Helen Irwin, John Isch, Carol Kershner. Mary Knit- tle, Cynthia Lehman, Linda Mc- Kean, Rose Null Fifth Grade: Karen Reed, Connie Roe, Gretchen Schnepp, Phyllis Singleton, Glen Strickler, Lor- raine Walters; Sixth Grade: Mar- jorie Becher Sixth Grade: John Finan, Jim Fish- er, Robert Fosnaugh, Carol Hicks, William Kershner, Larry Lautzen- heiser, Gene McKean Sixth Grade: Arlen Mitchel, Jerry Mitchel, Karen Snider, James Taylor Not Pictured: Richard Knittle A,; i .Ji 1 1 111 Preliminary Units (Continued) BRAND YBERRY SCHOOL Mrs. Harriett Mills Indiana State Teachers College DePauw University fr « DEBOLT SCHOOL Mrs. Alice Michaels Valparaiso Washington State 3utler University • REINEKER SCHOOL Mrs. Delores Byerly Manchester College Ball State- Extension Master of Learning HAROLD F. REASONER Principal B.S. Ball State Teachers College M.A. Northwestern University HOUSE OF LEARNING Twenty-six MIND AND MENU SPECIALISTS GRADE SCHOOL TEACHERS NAOMI GRIFFITHS MRS. WALTER EGLEY MRS. VEDA CRIST MRS. NELLIE PRICE KENNETH W WATKINS 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade Ball State Teachers Manchester College Tri-State College Ball State Teachers Anderson College B S College College LEO STRAHM 6th Grade Central Normal College Manchester College, Ball State ROBERT L. BROWN 7th and 8th Grades Manchester College, Indiana University EZRA SNYDER 7th and 8th Grades Tri-State College, Manchester College THOMAS ADLER 8th Grade Indiana Central, Indiana University- Ball State Cooks and Janitor MARY LAUGHERY ELSIE HAINES MADGE JOHNSTON ALMIE ESSEX CLIFFORD ESSEX Twenty-seven EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW Harold Arnold, Sherman Arnold, Shirley Bailey, Flossie Baumgartner, Raymond Beeher. Patty Beitler, Carl Bluhm, Rex Bovine, Norma Jean Conrad. Lester Egly. SECOND ROW Carolyn Hirshey, Nancy Eicher, Kenneth Frank. Danny Gerber, Lester Gerber, Donnie Graber, Nolan Griffiths, Kenneth Grim, Leon Habegger, Barbara Haugk. THIRD ROW Robert Heare, Jack Hendricks, Paul Hill, Gene Hindenlang, Marlene Hirshey, Pearl Huser, Joyce Lehman, Marinell Lehman. Ruth Ann Liechty. Dick Longenberger. FOURTH ROW Phyllis Mattax. Harry Mazelin, Caro Moser, Junior Nussbaum, Betty Osborn, Ken- neth Parrish, Shirley Plough, Judy Reef, David Ringger, Billy Joe Ross. FIFTH ROW Juanita Sapp, Roger Sauder, Menno Schwartz, Floyd Simons. Gary Simons. Neva Sprunger, Phyllis Sprunger, Velma Strahm, Ronnie Stucky, Bobby Steury. SIXTH ROW Mary Thomas, Carol Yoder. SEVENTH GRADE Row 1. Donald Barger, Jimmy Bauman, Gerald Beer, Sally Beer, Roddy Beer, John Bluhm, Fredrick Fox, Shirley Gillum, Bob Harman. David Helmrich. Row 2. Florine Hirschy, Tom Hoffman, Mary Lou Irwin, Shirley Jones, Allen Lehman, Marie Lehman, David Liby, Jimmy Lobsiger, Ardola Parrish, Vernon Ratcliff. Row 3. John Rowdon, Shirley Rupert, Larry Schwartz, Gordon Singleton, Connie Strickler, Marinel Striker, Elaine Stultz, Patsy Uhrick, Ronnie Wagley, Kaye Ann Witte. Row 4. Howard Michaels. SIXTH GRADE Marilyn Arnold, Kenneth Baum- gartner, Dee Myron Byerly, Car- olyn Christener, Harold Dick, Al- bert Egly, Carolyn Egly Ben Eicher, Pauline Gerber, Paul Gerber, Paul Gehman. Merlin Habegger, Catherine Habegger, Roger Habegger Mary Haugk, Kay Heare, Costa Hike, Sharon Hirschy, Palmer Inniger, Junior Liechty, Nancy Liechty Joe Mason, Larry Meyer, Lowell Michaels. Dickie Landis, Guenlin Ohven, Joan Ann Osborn, Mary Jane Rice Paul Riley, Gary Rigger, Richard Rowdon, Luella Schwartz, Nancy Ann Shoaf. Sonja Sue Schug. Louise Simon Jerry Sprunger. Lee Sprunger, Rita Sprunger, Geraldine Teeple, Rex Werst, Marvin Zurcher FIFTH GRADE Dick Bradford, Wayne Byerly, Dor- is Cauble, Sandra Cramer, Mary Lou Ehrsam, Barbara Fiechter, Arlene Freels Emanuall Lee Gerber. Ronald Ger- ber, Margaret Griffiths, Charles Heare. Carol Heller. Edith Hirschy. Thomas Hoffman Carol Ann Kaehr. Jane Michaels. Marjorie Nussbaum, Carolvn Ol- wen, Janet Osborn, Leslie Plough, Danny Ross Freddy Schott, Linda Lou Schug. Jimmy Steiner, Linda Ann Stultz, Olivia Valdez FOURTH GRADE Philip Barger. Jerry Bovine. Donna Cauble, Marilyn Mae Christner, Sherry Germain, Lois K. Gillum, Sara Belle Habegger Richard Hirschy, Nancy Jean Jau- regui, Myra Joan Kuhn. Rose Lantz. Winston Lister, Wilma Simon. Barbara Sommer Barbara Steiner, Ned Stucky, Rob- ert Lee Trimble, Gregorio Val- dez Not Pictured: Carl Schwartz, Jer- ome Schwartz, Elmer Schwartz, Daniel Schwartz, David Girod. Lydia Ann Schwartz. Rosa Can- ales, Delores Sauder, Anna Hilty, Leroy Schwanz ■Ix ifl Jl Mil THIRD GRADE Kathleen Adler, Barbara Arnold, Gene Baumgartner, Richard Canales, Mary- Dick, Max Egley, Georgianna Essex, Jerry Gerber Lois Ann Gerber, Dorothy Geyer, Eve- lyn Griffiths, Alan Habegger, Larry Habegger, Carol Haggard, Trula Hammons, Carol Helmrich Tommy Heyerly, Terry Hike, Billy Hoffman, John Lantz, Freddie Mann, DeWayne McBride, Olin Moeschber- ger, Doveanna Nussbaum Pauline Osborn, Donald Ray, Linda Schott, Bobby Schwartz, Karen Sue Stultz, Maralyn Wable, Larry Witt- wer, Arlene Zimmerman SECOND GRADE Colleen Adler, Brooks Arnold, Twila Arnold, Bobby Baumgartner, Garry Bluhm, Mabel Bowers, James Brown, Robert Christener Allen Freels, Jerry Funk, Larry Funk, Jerry Gerber, Philip Gerber, Keith Griffiths, Alvin Habegger, Loren Ha- begger David Haggard, Carl Hammons, Made- line Hedington, Teddy Helmrich, Jerry Hoffman, David Haugk, Jun- ior Hollinger, John Inniger Russel Jauregui. Jeanne Kaehr, Philip McBride, Joan Rupert, Jerry Schwartz, John Sommers, Richard Steiner, Sonja Stucky Domingo Valdez, Maxine Wable, Glen Yager, Sidney Schwartz, Marcia Zimmerman Not Pictured: Roger Simon, Timmy Ringger FIRST GRADE Duane Arnold, Dian Arnold. Bernice Baumgartner, Diana Baumgartner, Janet Beer, Karen Brandt, Rene Brown, Karen Cauble Julian Cramer, Harry Essex, Rosetta Gerber, Donnie Germann, Roger Hall, Patsy Hammons, Barbara Har- len, Jane Heyerly Stephen Hike, Helen Hirschy, Diane Kohli, Junior Lantz, Danny Mich- aels, Max Moser, Karen Nussbaum, Nancy Olwen Leo Parrish, Roger Roth, Michael Stavenik, Claude Striker, Judith Trembil, Gary Werst, Maran Zim- merman Not Pictured: Kathleen Gerber, Car- olyn Yake Thirty GATEWAY ACTIVITIES CENTRAL ' S Charlie Hoffman, a fel- low with lots of fight, was out for awhile during the season but rejoined the team. He is best known for his passing ability. Roger Kuhn joined the team after Christmas. He brought us added height and saw action in several games. Roger drives his folks ' Ford unless his broth- er lets him use his " 49. " Roger is well noted for his leisurely walk. Dick Baumgartner does not shoot much but usually makes them count when he does. If any jokes are be- ing told, you can bet Dick is in the middle of them with a big laugh. Gerald Nussbaum, better known as " Poof " (where that came from I ' ll never know), played some very good ball and proved to be a great asset to the team. When he isn ' t playing bas- ketball he can usually be found driving a new Ponti- ac around. Jim Ehrsam, who uses that tricky shot of his to tally his share of points, al- so uses his winning smile to gain his share of lady followers. He probably has left a string of broken hearts since he visits the vicinity of Fort Wayne. What is the attraction, Jim? GREYHOUNDS Enos Shrock, a tall sopho- more boy, is coming right along and will be of great help to the team in years to come. He has a great pers onality and is usually good for a joke at any time. Virgil Gerber, our blond boy, has seen some action and was a very deliberate ball player. Virgil ' s shy manner and " woody " jokes seem to keep happiness around the school, or any place else. Glenn Rowdon, small though he is, kept them in the game with those " long " shots of his. When he isn ' t playing basketball he is us- ually seen hanging around with a junior girl. Jim Arnold, our big man who knows how to throw his weight around on the basketball floor, also uses it to feed the " 49 " Ford when he heads it south toward Inniger ' s house. Bobby Heller, who al- ways came in for a good tussle, is best known for his ability to " rough things up. " He can usually be seen driving his Model A anywhere he goes. Leroy Kolter, a junior squad member, played sev- eral good games this year; but his neat appearance is what he is more noted for — never a hair out of place seems to be his aim. THE DATA o TS a ►a w o 3 ID 3 CO 3 o EA 0 3 -+- s SB wSt?jw oc:ffi oGo ffi a w r a g g w r g a - w h a 2 to so P Q co W co w tjd CJl 4 . 4 01 -3 4 CO 4- co -a -3 to 4 -a 4 CD CO -J 2 C ►ii ffi r d 5 h f $ 2 S a Q w 2 W 4 3 4 CJl 4 tO CJl O cn Ol -J co tO co o co i- 1 U p (O Ol I — » CO O -J CJl I— CD 4 . CO 4 t— » I — II— cn 4 oo I— » I — l oo to o I — I to O) O) -a co CD tO I— CO 4 O 4 CJl CO Ol 4 Ol 4 45. 4 CO CJl o 4- to 4 Ol 4- oo 4 O CD O o o o o o o o CD CD to to to O O I— ' l— • CO Ol I — I CD CJl 4 . 00 -J CJl I — i — 1 I— o to oo 1—1 I — » o co to CO CD Ol I — ' l—- CO CJl 4i to O 4 to 4 CO J CD CO CD o CO CD tO CO 4 CD I— to o to VI CD l— to O ai o co -j cji co oo O H " ffl CJl l-» 00 CJl CO I— ' CO CJl CO CD CO o oooto4 to-acji 1— ' CD O O CD Ol 4 . 4 O 4 tO -J CJl oi co CD CD CD Ol CD -J h- ' to to co co CO Ol CD i- " CD CD CO to O Ol CD O to to 4 !-■ CJl Willshire Geneva Jefferson Pleasant Mills Hartford Ossian Rockcreek Commodores Monmouth Pleasant Mills Monroeville Monmouth— County Tourney Jefferson— County Tourney Chester Center Geneva Hartford Petroleum Jackson Monmouth Commodores Decatur— Sectional Tourney Total Thirty-four C-E-N-T-R-A-L Eileen Funk, Elizabeth Johnston, Donna Bucher The Coach Says RICHARD BAUMGARTNER (better known as Dick) Dick played guard and was the key man on our passing attack. He was a good set shot. Dick was a good defensive player and could be expected to hold his man. He is a senior and will be missed in the next few years. — H. E. B. ROGER KUHN Rog was ineligible the first half of the year and didn ' t have much chance to play on the varsity. Rog played in the reserve role and played center position when needed. — H. E. B. VIRGIL GERBER Virg played in a reserve role behind our larger and more experienced players. His chances of playing were limited. Virg is a senior and us- ually played the guard position. — H. E. B. BOBBY HELLER Bobby also played in a reserve role behind our more experienced players. His chances of playing were limited but he came through in the pinches. Bobby is a senior and usually played the guard position. — H. E. B. ROBERT EHRSAM ( better known as Jim) Jim was also one of the leading scorers on this year ' s team He was an excellent defensive play- er and was depended upon to hold the leading scorers of the opponents. Jim also did good work on the rebounds at both ends of the floor. Jim is a senior and will be missed greatly. — H. E. B. JIM ARNOLD Jim was the leading scorer on the team this year. He had an average of about 14 points a game and was always used at center. Being the largest boy on the team, he was depended upon to rebound and to hold the opponents ' tall boys. Jim is a senior and will be missed in years to come. — H. E. B. GLENN ROWDON Glenn was the smallest player on the team. He was very alert at all times and was also a long shot artist. He was a very good defensive player as well as offensive. Glenn is a senior and will be missed greatly. — H. E. B. GERALD NUSSBAUM (better known as " Poof " ) " Poof " didn ' t show up so well at the first of the season, but he came through in many games at the end of the season. " Poof " is a junior, plays forward, and will be depended upon next year for many fine performances. — H. E. B. LEROY KOLTER Leroy started off the year with a bang but his experience was lacking. He turned in many good performances this year. Leroy is a junior and will be depended upon greatly next season.— H. E. B. CHARLES HOFFMAN Charlie played some very good games and was a good feeder. He is a junior and a very good one hand shot from the sides. He will be de- pended to lead the team to many victories next year.— H. E. B. ENOS SCHROCK Enos was our only sophomore on the varsity and came through with many good performances. He can shoot with either hand and is a very good rebound man. Enos played a forward position and should develop into one of the best in the county his next two years. — H. E. B. Thirty-five LET ' S GO FELLOWS Row 1: Jim Brodbeck (Manager) Row 2: Willis Nussbaum, Walter Osterman, Bill Rowdon, Gene Bluhm, Hubert Isch Row 3: Mr. Bast in Coach; Roger Longen- berger, Kay Ratcliff, Kenneth Ehrman, Don Holloway, Edward Nussbaum, Lyle Ger- ber FRESHMAN TEAM The freshman team played three games this year losing all three of them. The team, a group of young enthusiastic players, played three of the better teams around. They played Bluffton, Decatur Commodores, and Pleasant Mills. Roiv 1: James Riley, Doyle Arnold, Dale Hirschy, David Nussbaum, Lester Schindler Row 2: Mr. Bastin (Coach) ; Roger Longenberger, Lester Schwartz, Duke Hendricks, Bob Mitchel, An- dy Schrock, Roe Lehman, Bud Cook (Manager) SECOND TEAM The Adams Central second team made a good showing this year winning ten out of their 18 games. The team composed of mostly sophomores will be tough in the coming years. The team was paced by Roe Lehman, high scoring forward, who at the end of the season played some on the first team. Thirty-six OUR FUTURES JR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS Patty Beitler Marinell Lehman Phyllis Sprunger The junior high team, a well balanced club, won nine out of their .thirteen games played. The team also went to the finals in the grade school tourney. They were defeated by Monmouth in the finals after beat- ing St. Joe. The sportsmanship trophy in the tourney was given to Harold Arnold, Central ' s five foot eight inch forward. We are proud of our junior high and their coach, Mr. Reasoner. JUNIOR HIGH TEAM Row 1: John Row- don, Bill Ross, Roddy Beer, Les- ter Egly, Bob Johnston Roiv 2: Junior Nuss- baum, Harold Ar- nold, Jack Hen- dricks, Bob Heare, Dick Longenber- ger, Mr. Reasoner (Coach) Thirty-seven SOFTBALL TEAM Row 1 — Bud Cook (Manager) , Jim Ehrsam, Enos Schrock, Raymond Wor- den, Rex Ehrsam Row 2 — Glenn Rowdon, Roger Longenberger, Doyle Arnold, Dale Hirschy, Lester Schwartz, David Nussbaum, Jim Arnold, Dick Baumgartner Row 3 — Bruce Hirschy, Gerald Nussbaum, Andy Schrock, Robert Dick, Charlie Hoffman, Leroy Kolter, Mr. Bastin (Coach) The Adams Central Softball team finished a fair season winning two and losing four. Here are the scores: Monmouth 6 Jefferson 5 Hartford 12 Monmouth 2 Jefferson 7 Hartford 6 Central 5 Central 14 Central , 10 Central ! " . ' 5 Central 6 Central 4 Thirty-eight OLD MACDONALD ' S F. F. A. Row 1 — Jim Arnold, sentinel; Charlie Hoffman, vice president; Bruce Schnepp, secretary; Bobby Heller, president; Glen Strahm, treasurer; Walter Osterman, news reporter Row 2 — Mr. Thacker, Gene Hurst, Marvin Taylor, Eugene Weber, Kay Ratcliff, Wendell Beer, Bill Rowdon Our agriculture students have organized and affiliated themselves with the Future Farmers of America. This is a national organization of high school agriculture students. It has many purposes and goals of which Some of the outstanding ones are as follows: To promote vocational education in agriculture among the boys in our school district. To create more prestige and dignity of farming as an occupation and strengthen the confidence of the farm boy in himself and his work. To promote scholarship and worthy achievement among students in vocational agriculture. To promote thrift and otherwise encourage wise use of earnings. To develop character, train for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism. Thirty-nine The bell summons . . . Guess who . . . Hungry . . . We help Joe . . . Working hard . . . Glamour boy . . . Cooking can be fun . . . Our banker . . . Basketball practice? . . . MISS CRIST . . . Brother Thacker . . . Cooks and Collier. Forty Harve and pals . . . We have a test . . . nice Ford convertible Elizabeth laughs . . . Lunch line . . . Don ' t fall, Pete . . . Tall man . . Galley slaves . . . Don ' t get hurt, Harve. Forty-one THE GANG ' S ALL HERE " Tattletale ' Patty Elberta Warthman Mrs. Blaine Darleen Yoder Mr. Blaine Roger Kuhn Isabel Audrey Burkhead Artie Don Rupert Ida May Neva Mallonee Tod Glenn Rowdon Paul Cummings Howard Rich Mr. Nixon Virgil Gerber Mrs. Nixon Rosalyn Wagner Miss Wiggam Dixie Hill Walt Kennedy Albert Teeple Luella Grace Fisher Monica Jane Baltzell Barney Jim Arnold Mr. Whittaker Bruce Hirschy Mr. Bixley Virgil Moser Mrs. Lorimer Alice Beineke Hetty Heaton Betty McKean Quiz Coretta Chamness Students Jim Ehrsam, Bobby Heller, Curtis Nussbaum As the curtain rises the Blaine ' s vivacious young daughter, Patty, is typing her novel on a " borrowed " typewriter. Complications arise when a detective is called in by the school principal to solve the mystery of his missing typewriter. In his efforts to return the " borrowed " machine Patty ' s friend, Tod, ruins it. In order to pay for the typewriter Patty decides to sell her novel, by Ermintrude deLacey, to the local paper. In reality she sells her treasured diary. The personal but true items hidden in the diary cause an uproar in the small town. Trouble comes to Isabel, Patty ' s older sister, and to her boy friend, Paul Cummings. Throughout, Ida May, Patty ' s bosom pal, tries to " pour oil on the troubled waters. " In the final act, Patty reveals herself as Ermintrude deLacey and being a sweet unspoiled girl, the town forgives her for everything. Forty-two AS THE SCENE OPENS " The Brain Storm ' Willoughby Adams Carl Yoder Inner Willy Loren Moser Chuck Martin Andy Schrock Johnny Newton Duke Hendricks Harvey Downs Don Haines Ralph Jones Leroy Kolter Sally Bishop Beverly Lobsiger Aunt Louise Carolyn Egly Aunt Olea Delores Graber Aunt Hester Pauline Rupert Marybelle Turner Mary Baumgartner Coach Lloyd Gerald Nussbaum Hank Johnson George Geyer Lottie Edith Steury Marion Marie Habegger Anna Bernita Ehlerding Kay Patsy Teeple Dorothy Diana Crist Shy, reticent Willoughby Adams, who has become a spineless creature in the hands of his three maiden aunts, is a slave to his roommates ' desires. At the college dorm this small-town boy is the pawn in the hands of the other fellows until inegmatic Inner Willy, part conscience, part childhood ambitions and inhibitions, materializes to goad this jellyfish — gradually and painfully — into a man. Willoughby has the makings of an athlete but is convinced of the dangers involved in playing football. His aunts almost have him talked into returning to Middletown where he can settle down with the home-town girl, Marybelle, " the blight in the gar- den of life, " according to invisible Inner Willy. But impish Inner Willy sticks around until the conversion of Willoughby is complete. Through the influence of pert Sally Bishop and petitions of school-spirited students, he agrees to play football for Clinton College. Forty-three LET ' S SING Chorus Row 1 — Pat Arnold, Patricia Teeple, Bernita Ehlerding, Mary Jane Steury, Irene Schwartz, Marilyn Durr, Virginia Mitchel, Arlene Habegger Row 2 — Elaine Freels, Mary Ellen Byerly, Fannie Margaret Habegger, Audrey Andrews, Pauline Rupert, Mary Jane Troxel, Pat Barger, Car- olyn Egly Row 3 — Beverly Lobsiger, Virginia Taylor, Edith Steury, Diana Crist, Sally Ross, Marie Rowdon, Gloria Crownover, June Caudle Here ' s To Dear Central Tune: Here ' s to De Pauw Here ' s to dear Central, here ' s to our school Here ' s to the place where good feelings rule We will sing praises to our dear school Dear Central High, here ' s to you. Then we will fight, fight on down the floor Shouting for victory Fight, fellows, fight and we will win this game. We ' ll give a long shout for Central ' s men, We ' re here to win again, Fight, fight until the end, For Central High. Forty-four BUSY BEES Sitting: Elberta Warthman, advertising manager; Darleen Yoder, editor; Virgil Gerber, business manager; Miss Sprunger, faculty advisor Standing: Rosalyn Wagner, circulation manager; Coretta Chamness, typist; Howard Rich, photography editor; Jim Arnold, sports editor; Audrey Burkhead, Neva Mallonee, literary editors. Not Pictured: Roger Kuhn Gee, I sure wish I knew what all the rustle and bustle around school is about. I won- der why all the seniors are rushing around trying to get out of class. Just a minute ago I saw Bobby Heller go whizzing by yelling, " My father won ' t let me go on Saturdays! " — Elberta dashed after him shouting, " But you have to! We can ' t get out of school for that. " Go where? Gee, I wish some people would let me in on some of these things. What ' s all the jabbering between Darleen and Miss Sprunger? Is Darleen working for an " A " or is something actually up? Wait, here comes Rosie. I ' ll ask her what ' s going on around here. — " Hey, Rosie, what ' s cooking among the seniors? " — " I haven ' t time to gos- sip now I have to see Virgil about orders. " — Orders? You mean Virgil can order her around now? — What ' s this about Neva and dates? You mean she is actually asking other people for dates? — Audrey seems to be about as loco as Neva because she goes around talking about wills. I ' m beginning to wonder if she is expecting to die or is that some guy ' s name? — Did I hear Pete say he wanted to get a shot at someone? Shot? You mean he is actually going to murder someone? — Miss Sprunger must not be able to write anymore. She keeps running to Coretta asking her to type mysterious things for her. Besides that she goes around asking the seniors to identify someone. Does she mean at the Morgue? ? ? ? — Here comes Darleen, she should give us the low down on what ' s going on around here. " Why sure I will! We are putting out an an- nual called CEN-TRAILS and are rushing to meet deadlines with the publishers. " Forty-five Calendar Giant Jim . . . Fiosh Ag Class . . . Fisher Mail man Sept. 1 Enrollment day for all the inmates, I mean students, of Adams Central. Sept. 6 We ' re here for eight and one half months, so we might as well make the best of it. Sept. 15 Seniors to have pictures taken at Cron ' s Studio. We win Softball game from Jefferson. Sur- prise! Sept. 27 Reuben Zimmerman ' s funeral. Sept. 30 Dismissed part of day for Bluffton fair. Pigs, cows, and horses, here we come! Oct. 5 Seniors decide on class commencement announcements. I hope we graduate! RAH! SCARLET! RAH! GREY! We pick school colors. Oct. 12 Out one half day for the Decatur fair — all except seniors who have play practice. Rich takes fourteen home in his Model A. Were we crowded?!?!? Oct. 19 Fight, Team, Fight! Eileen, Elizabeth, and Donna are elected cheerleaders. Con- gratulations, kids. School skating party at Bell ' s. " Did you find the floor hard when you met? " Oct. 20 Report cards already? Oct. 21 Rev. Chambers is chapel speaker. Sophomore class party at C.C.C. Oct. 24 Seniors have dress rehearsal, or was it practice? Oct. 25-26 Seniors present " TATTLETALE. " Will Broadway give us a six or twelve month contract? Oct. 27-28 If beauty is there— they take it! If not — they make it! Let ' s see how much they make on our graduation pictures we had tak- en today! Nov. 2 " GO! YOU! GREYHOUNDS! " We nick- name the team as " Greyhounds. " Nov. 4 First basketball game. Willshire wins. Nov. 8 Hot lunches, finally. Hunting season opens, too. Is that where the 23 absent stu- dents are? Nov. 9 Special singing by the Bacons. Nov. 10 First movie. Nov. 11 Rev. Hammond speaks in morning chapel. We come from behind a ten point lead with three minutes to go to beat Geneva by three points. Nov. 17 First home game — got beat by Jeffer- son. Nov. 18 Rev. Null speaks in morning service — wonder how he does that little trick of magic???? Nov. 22 Won two, lost two. Back to .500% by taking a game away from Pleasant Mills. Nov. 23 Thanksgiving vacation begins — watch that waistline. HA! HA! Nov. 30 What again? Report cards. Dec. 1 Get beat by Hartford. Better luck next time. (I hope.) Dec. 10 Beat again, this time by Ossian. Is that Bluffton floor jinx? Forty-six Basketball heroes . . . Janitor Joe . . . Mary ' s music box . . . Shop work Dec. 14 Well. I guess that Bluffton floor isn ' t jinx, beacuse we walked over Rockcreek. They ' re here! Our sweaters, that is. Dec. 16 Rev. Parsley gives chapel message this morning. Back in " L " column again, Commodores beat us. Dec. 21 " Got another card? " Seniors pass out — name cards. Dec. 22 Busy day. Seniors get pictures from Cron. Chorus sings Christmas Carols at Old People ' s Home, and we get our Christmas treat in form of a full length movie, named " Home Sweet Homicide. " Dec. 23 last day of school this year. Don ' t feel sad, 1950 is just around the corner. Dec. 23 Th e high school presents lamps to the Adams County Memorial Hospital in morn- ing program. Dr. Gerald Jones is speaker. Monmouth beat us by one point. Jan. 3 On this first dav of school this year, Miss Schertz heard bells. She hears wedding bells since she got a diamond for Christm as. We win again. Guess we showed Pleasant Mills. Jan. 4 No school — high water. Jan. 6 Semester tests — hot water! We got a T-E-A-M on the B-E-A-M— We beat the highly respected Monroeville Cubs. Nice work, boys. Jan. 9 More tests, ugh. Conversation over- heard in hall: Nit: I should have studied harder. Wit: Studied harder nothing, should have stu- died period. Jan. 10 Another day vacation. Jan. 12 EXTRA! EXTRA! CRASH IN LUNCH ROOM. BENCH BREAKS, SOPHOMORE GIRLS FALL TO FLOOR. Jan. 12-13-14 — County tourney. Lost to Mon- mouth in Thursday night cap. Win consolation game from Jefferson. Commodores beat Monmouth in finals. Jan. 13 Rev. Gehman brought guest speaker, Rev. Pike. Jan. 17 Beat Chester Center in a close one. Jan. 20 Our chapel speaker is Rev. Krehbiel. Jan. 30 Beat ' em once, Beat ' em twice — Ge- neva that is. Jan. 24 Alcoholics Anonymous Association film and lecture. Jan. 25 Report cards BY MAIL TO PARENTS. Jan. 27 Rev. Schmid speaks in chapel. Hartford bows to us on their hardwood. Jan. 28 We come from behind in the final min- utes to beat Petroleum. The second team wins a thrilling double over- time in one of their best games of the season. Nice work boys. Jan. 31 Full length movie " Captain Fury. " Feb. 1 Farmers ' Institute — Edith Steury — a prize in every entry. Congratulations! Feb. 3 Sit down, smile, snap, next. Sit down, smile, snap, next. All the students, faculty, cooks, janitor, bus drivers, and board mem- bers have individual pictures taken. I hope the camera can stand it. Forty-seven We play Monmouth . . . Telephone numbers??? Miss Schertz dir ects . . . Majorette . . . Smile . . . Wise guys Forty-eight Feb. 4 We want a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y— and get it by sending Jackson home defeated in a close battle on the Bluffton hardwood. Feb. 7 The annual will be known as Cen- Trails, since Carl Yoder submitted the best entry in the contest. Feb. 8 Eight scholarly seniors try for scholar- ships. Monmouth breaks our winning streak. Feb. 9 Cron takes activity pictures for annual. Juniors and Seniors journey to Decatur for chest X-ray. Feb. 10 In morning chapel, Rev. Shadowens speaks. Feb. 13-14-15 " Mid-winter " vacation. If we all owned boats we would have school. Am I glad we don ' t. Feb. 16 Rickety Rackety Russ We ' re not allowed to cuss But nevertheless we must confess, The Commodores beat us. Feb. 23-24-25 Sectional Tourney— Lost to the defending ' 49 champs, the Yellow Jackets, in the Thursday night cap. But — " They did fine. They did swell, Let ' s give them A great big yell! RAH! YEA! GREYHOUNDS! The Jackets went on to win the tourney. Feb. 28 Report cards. Will we graduate? Mar. 7 Film on Guadalcanal. Mar. 21 Film on Africa. Senior class party. Mar. 22 Don ' t get stage fright now. — Juniors have dress rehearsal. Mar. 23, 24 The Juniors present " THE BRAIN STORM. " The critics say it was a success. Congratulations, Juniors!!! Mar. 30 Miss Beavers giving Geometry as- signment: " Tomorrow we will go in circles. " Apr. 1 Four students enter Regional math con- est at Bluffton. Four winners, natch! Apr. 3 Merrily we roll along — Senior skating party at Bells. Apr. 13 Senior rummage sale. If you don ' t want what you bought bring it back and sell it next year. Doyle Arnold and Marilyn Durr winners of King and Queen contest. Apr. 17 " In your Easter bonnet, " style show climaxing P.TA. pot-luck honoring Central ' s basketball teams. Apr. 21 Junior-Senior field trip to Internation- al Harvester and Lincoln Life Insurance Com- pany. Junior-Senior party in gym. Apr. 29 State final math contest at Blooming- ton. May 1-5 Senior trip to Detroit, Canada, Ni- agara, and Cleveland. May 7 Baccalaureate. May 8 Seniors receive sheepskins at gradua- tion exercises held at the Monroe Methodist Church — Dr. Emens, speaker. May 9 School ' s out, school ' s out, teacher let the fools out. Gerber Furniture and Upholstery Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers of QUALITY FURNITURE EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME Custom Built Furniture Re-Upholstering Floor Covering — all Kinds Custom Built Cabinets Bendix Radios and Television Venetian Blinds Custom Made Drapes Complete Window Decorations Ad miral Appl lances 1 mile North of BLUFFTON, INDIANA PHONE 524 Open Tuesday and Saturday evening t-- — Forty-nine STEFFEN HOME APPLIANCES Your Frigidaire Dealer Phone 1070 115 North Main Street BLUFFTON, INDIANA - FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK Bluffton, Indiana General Banking Safety - Service - Courtesy Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ROSE HILL DAIRY PRODUCTS Grade " A " Pasteurized - Homogenized - Vitamin D HOOSIER BRAND Tele. 564 Rose Hill Dairy, Inc. Bluffton, Indiana Ware Baker Co. 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Scott St. BLUFFTON Phone 297 Fifiy-one PURE BRED BERKSHIRE HOGS Breeding Stock for Sale DEKALB HYBRID SEED CORN 64 Varieties to Select From Seed for Replanting Furnished Free of Charge DEKALB HYBRID CHICKS Bred the Same as Hybrid Corn Hybrids Outlay Standard Birds From 2 to 6 doz. per bird Chris A. Inniger Monroe, Ind., R. 1 Phone 66345 Compliments of FRIEDA ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE PHONE 66628 MONROE, INDIANA ' i COPPESS CORNER RESTAURANT GROCERIES MARATHON GASOLINE SEIBERLING and MILLER TIRES One Mile West of Monroe Corner Highways 27-1 24 PHONE MONROE 66431 I Fifty-two 1 • ZURCHER ' S MOBIL SERVICE Mobil Gas Lubrication Mobil Oil Batteries TIRES Firestone U. S. 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