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1974 Chieftain Adair County High School Columbia Kentucky 42728 Volume XXITo outsiders, Adair County High School may be just another typical small school with nothing happening and without any changes. Bui people inside know that A.C.H.S. has changed and that the school is unique with unique ways of our own. The dismissal of five untenured teachers because of lack of funds to support them, the privilege granted to certain honor stu- dents that permits them to complete their high school education in three years, and the new rules issued by club sponsors all add to the variation of Adair County High. The prom, homecoming, and bas- ketball season highlight the school year. To outsiders, there doesn’t seem to be anything going on except these events. But the nerve-wrecking ex- periences of transforming the gym into a “Love Story” of its own for prom night, the anxiety before the an- nouncement of Carol Merritt as the new homecoming queen, and the frus- tration shared by basketball players who ride the bench are all intimate parts of A.C.H.S. To the outside, may- be nothing seems to be happening, but we students know ... Basketball games always brought mixed emotions to enthusiastic sports fans. Joyce Hendrickson shows hopefulness at the S.K.A.C. tournament for an Indian victory. We’ve really got something going at Adair County High School 2Breakfast consisted of Mountain Dews and candy bars from the store for Paula Johnson and Terrie Royse each morning as they waited for the tardy bell. Jo Ann Miller tackles a huge bite of those ever famous A.C.H.S. hot dogs for lunch. The hall phone meant a way of sharing good news with that friend outside school for Paula Lemmon. 3Belinda Brickcr gets a reassuring pat on the head from Glenna Beard as the girls track team prepares to defeat Russell County. Homecoming brought eager expressions as nervous contestants watched the last minutes of the ballgamc while awaiting homecoming activities. 4The lunchroom became a place to study a few minutes before that fifth period speech test for J Moseley, Carol Sanders, and Glenna Beard. Along with the year came excite- ment for all classes. Although Christ- mas activities for the student body were canceled because of snow, clubs still held their annual Christmas par- ties. Sports and academics were as ex- citing as ever. Special days, such as when the Herff Jones representative came to get ring orders or when se- niors received their class keys, all added to the fun of the school year. An anxious moment came for the juniors when they ordered their senior class rings. Home Ec. girls, Rhonda Compton, Melinda Pyles, and Charlotte Wellington, help to prepare for the big IFA-FHA Christmas Party. 5Table of Contents Playing . . . Learning . . . . . .24 Competing . . . . .60 Sharing . . . . . . .78 Financing . . . . .150 Index .... . . .170 Closing . . . . . .173Prom and Homecoming highlighted the school year. As usual, initiation brought roars of laughter. Something new came to entertain the students this year—a rock concert by a top band-Chase. 7 PlayingGym is transformed into a ‘Love Story’ for prom night Through 45 man hours, a lot of patience and skill, and a whole lot of fun, juniors brought a genuine “Love Story” of their own to the Adair County High gym on prom night. Rolls and rolls of “clouds design” crepe paper gave the gym a tranquil sky effect and hundreds of roses added to its beauty. A small gazebo in the center of the floor provided a special romantic place for some couples and a fountain in the corner brought out the charm of elegant wall murals. The hot night combined with the unfortunate matter of running out of cold punch seemed to distrub no- body’s good time. Boys merely loosen- ed their ties, girls took off their gloves, and they glided on to the music of Iron Horse. Linda Hatcher walks into the dance through a heart-shaped door, decorated by the junior class. Greg Wells, his date, and Ann Waggener find a place to sit while waiting for Ronnie Rogers to bring refreshments. 89 One of the greatest thrills of the prom is being able to help decorate. Paula Johnson finds a solution for hanging the paper overhead.Doug Antic and Glcnna Beard show their danc- ing abilities for Mr. Campbell's Trig class. The pavement was the scene of this race as these Tine Arts Club members crawl to the other side of the school build- ing. 10At Johnny Nell’s request, Cathy Hoots and Luanna Kellner waltz in the hall to show they are worthy of becoming Beta Club members. Initiation Day tests endurance of perspective club members There were less students tardy for school on Initiation Day than any other school day of the year. People rushed to get to school early so they could meet in the gym and decide what to do to their new members. An annual event at Adair County High, Initiation Day serves both to test new members’ endurance and to welcome them as official members of their respec- tive club. The highlight for older members was being able to tell new members what to do. The halls were lined with people sing- ing. dancing, and even crawling. Senior members wished every day could be Initiation Day, but junior members were glad when the day was finally over. Everything from races to shoot outs were held in the gym during break. These new Key Club members crawl around the gym. 11Sheila Cheatham. Charles Willis ESCORT; Paula Johnson, Bruce Conover ESCORT; Terrie Royse, Gary Lane - ESCORT; Glcnna Beard, John Wooldridge ESCORT; Phyllis Winfrey, Edward Curry ESCORT; Robin Curry, Jerome Burbridge — ESCORT; Donna Banks, David Eubank ESCORT; Janet Picrcy, Jeff Wilkerson - ESCORT. 12 Riding in this car in the Lindsey Wilson Homecoming Parade and representing the Career Club is Janet Dunbar.Sixteen candidates compete for homecoming queen... One of the main attractions for all home- coming candidates was being able to participate in the Lindsey Wilson Homecoming Parade held on November 10. But the big moment came on December 14, 1973, when sixteen excited can- didates waited anxiously to hear the name of the 1973 homecoming queen. Carol Merritt, Danny Waggener - ESCORT; Janet Dunbar, Greg Wells - ESCORT; Dency Turner, Barney Jones ESCORT; Karen Corbin, Dean Adams - ESCORT; Shirley Wethington, Wilbert Branham ESCORT; Patty Smith, Robert Walker ESCORT; Loretta Martin, Bruce Akin - ESCORT; Debra Gayle Loy, Ricky Smith ESCORT. 13Carol Merritt is announced winner of the Crown Sixteen anxious candidates sat in suspense as Master of Ceremonies, Joseph Flowers, an- nounced that Carol Merritt had been voted Adair County High School’s 1973-74 Home- coming Queen. Carol was crowned by the school principal, Mr. A1 Sullivan, and was pre- sented with flowers by Jamie Shirley, last year’s homecoming queen. As Key Club Sweetheart, Carol was their representative in homecoming activities. Carol is also a cheerleader, a member of the Career Club, and is a clarinet player for the Adair County High School Band. Carol was escorted by Danny Waggener. Carol Merritt gasps with disbelief after the announcement that she had been voted the 1973-74 Homecoming Queen. 14After being presented with the traditional flowers, Carol reigns as the new Homecoming Queen. 15 Carol receives a kiss from Mr. Sullivan after being crowned by him.Student Body Selects Mr. and Miss A.C.H.S. It is tradition at Adair County High School to select two students from the Senior class to represent the school as the two most outstand- ing students of the school. They are given the title of Mr. and Miss ACHS. This year Debbie Keltner and Doug Antle received those honors. Both Doug and Debbie have an A average. Doug is president of the Beta Club and editor of the school newspaper. Debbie is captain of the cheerleading squad and is a member of the Career Club. She also works on the newspaper and yearbook staff. Debbie and Doug partici- pated in the Lindsey Wilson homecoming activi- ties and in Adair County High homecoming activities. Mr. and Miss ACHS Debbie Keltner Douglas Antle 16Girls’ State Delegates Janet Dunbar, Angie Phillips, Terrie Royse. Paula Johnson, Sheila Cheatham, Carol Merritt, Tammy Scott, Dency Turner. Janet Dunbar, Terrie Royse, Paula Johnson, and Sheila Cheatham enjoy the atmosphere of their room at Morehcad State University during a break from sessions. 18DAR Good Citizen Dency Turner Eight delegates attend annual Kentucky Girls’ State During the summer eight delegates from Adair County High School attended the annual Girls’ State government pro- gram held at Morehead State University. Designed to help create good citizen- ship among youth. Girls’ State helps its delegates learn more about how govern- ment officials are elected and how young girls may serve their community. There were various elections held, the main ones being the election of the governor, lieu- tenant governor, and all state officials. Carol Merritt ran for the office of lieu- tenant governor but was defeated. Sheila Cheatham was elected mayor of her city, and the remainder of the girls partici- pated in the senate sessions or served as pages to the senate during their visit to the State Capitol at Frankfort. In order to promote good citizenship, the Jane Lampton Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution gives an award to a student at Adair County High that the teachers have selected as a good citi- zen. This award was given to Dency Turner. Girls’ State delegates found that the sessions at Morehead weren’t so bad as long as they had time for fun. 19Before going on stage. Bill Chase and another trumpet player of the band take time to tune their horns. Students flooded the gym to be able to see one of the lead- ing rock groups in America perform. 20Adair County High holds its first rock concert One of the highlights of the school year was a concert by Chase, one of the leading rock groups in the country. Not only did Chase perform for the entire student body, but Bill Chase, the leader of the group, held a clinic for band members to help them with their playing. The concert, sponsored by the Adair County High School Band, last- ed slightly over an hour. Over 2400 students from Adair County and sur- rounding counties attended. The gym at Adair County High was the scene of all the excitement and the gym was practically full. The arrangements to get Chase was made by Bill Chinn, the band director. This was the first rock concert that has been held in Adair County and every- one was thrilled about having a top band such as Chase to perform. As well as being entertainment for the student body, this concert helped the band to raise money to purchase new uniforms. Hill Chase, the leading trumpet player of the group, and another member of the rock band perform for Adair County High stu- dents. I 21The college representative from Cumberland College talks with Ruth Ann Coffey about her col- lege plans. Becky Selby discusses admission re- quirements for Eastern Kentucky Uni- versity with Eastern’s representative. f illing out information slips on Camp- bellsville College is Robert Abell, Tim Compton and Paula Lemmon. 22Junior and Senior students participate in College Day One of the new programs that Mrs. Webb, the guidance counselor, organized for the students was a college day for junior and senior students. The purpose of College Day was to help these students choose the college they wanted to attend. Representatives from eight col- leges in Kentucky, one in Tennes- see, and one in Missouri assembled in the Adair County High School library. Students were allowed to go into the library during study halls and talk with the representa- tive from the college they were most interested in. That particular college representative informed the students of expenses, requirements for admission and the social activi- ties of the school. Students then filled out cards to be sent to the college so they could receive more information concerning that school. A former ACHS student, Mike Rowe, tells of his reasons for attending Western Kentucky University to Judy Petty and Linda Curry. 23Seventy per cent of the student body belong to some type of club or organization. Some of these clubs are open only to those students taking a certain class and some are open only to those who have a certain grade av- erage. But regardless of the types of individuals, there is some club at Adair County High School that appeals to all its students. LearningPrevious band members return; the Indian Band excels once again The Marching Indian Band has proved that quality, not quantity, is all it takes to have a good band. Com- posed of only 36 members, the band has placed first in two marching con- tests and placed in the top three in seven contests. They were also asked to participate in Western Kentucky University’s Homecoming, Campbells- ville College’s Homecoming, and were hosts at Lindsey Wilson’s Homecoming Parade. Their new Director, Bill Chinn, helped to get members that had pre- viously quit band back into the band and helped to get younger students in the rural schools interested. Thus, the band has improved and has been wide- ly recognized. Leslie Jones and Marietta Merritt carry the ACHS flag during Western’s Homecoming. The Marching Indian Band steps high during competition in Western Kentucky University’s Homecoming Parade. 26Band Members I RON I ROW. Patty Bardin, Joseph Flowers, Tommy Corbin, Joe Myers, Bobby Loy. SECOND ROW': Paula Johnson, Terrie Royse, ( aria Lemmon, Ann Waggoner. Debbie Bryant, Teresa I eese. Janet Dunbar, Jeanie Morgan, Cindy Patterson, Rena Wilkcrson, Janie Wilson, Mr. Bill Chinn, Director. THIRD ROW: Carol Merritt, Roger McKinney, Dennis Crump, Mike Roy, Greg Wells, David Royse, Roger Cundiff, Danny Waggener, Johnny Bingham, Wendell Grant, Barbara Wethington. FOURTH ROW: Glen ITankum, David Hutchison. Angela Phillips, Travis Coomer, Pat Morrison, Barry Jones, Jerry Quinn. Paula Johnson Drum Majorette Before performing in a parade, Terrie Royse. Paula Johnson, Janet Dunbar, and Patty Bardin enjoy a joke together. 27f Pep Club Dale Curry, President; Joyce Hendrickson, Vice President; Marsha Corbin, Secretary; Dickie Smith, Treasurer. Honorary Members, Cindy Akin, Glcnna Beard, Pam Collins, Teresa Feese, Debbie Keltner, Carol Merritt, and Phyllis Winfrey. Abby Abell, Dean Adams, Tracy Allen, Peggy Arnold, Donna Banks, Steve Bardin, Doug Beard, Teresa Beard, Barbara Bennett, Raymond Bennett, Rose Bjalabok, Dale Blackwell, Rannie Blackwell, Ronnie Blackwell, Jerry Blair, Cathy Bridgewater, Eyvonne Bridgewater, Sheila Brock, Beverly Bryant, Carol Bryant, Debbie Bryant, Elaine Bryant, Karen Bryant, Jerome Burbridge, Raymond Burbridge, Debbie Burton, Sharon Burton, Priscella Carter, Joyce Cave, Lana Cave, Ronnie Cheatham, Shirley Cheatham, Karen Cole, Ricky Collins, Betty Sue Conover, Rolan Coomer, Julie Corbin, Karen Corbin, Kenny Corbin, Cathy Curry, Ed Curry, Mary Curry, Robin Curry, Billy Day, Terry Fair, Beverly Foster, Glenn Frankum, Paula Gentry, Lynn Giles, Ronnie Giles, Gary Graves, Henry Graves, Mitzi Graves, Ray Graves, Terrie Gudgcr, Scotty Hawkins, Tim Hawkins, Patricia Holladay, Cathy Hoots, Jan Howell, Pat Ingram, Angela Irvin, Janet Jessie, Jerry Jones, Terry Jones, Linda Lay, J Moseley, Loretta Martin, James Miller, Davie Miller, Maury Moran, Becky Moseley, Bonnie Morrison, Jo Ann Miller, Denise McGaha, David McLean, Teresa McLean. Paul McWhorter, Pat Morris, Ivan Overton, Cindy Patterson, Linda Perkins, Angie Phillips, Janet Piercy, Sheila Radford, Jean Roberts, Nancy Salato, Carol Sanders, Steve Sanders, Gus Shelton, Toni Shelton, Sherrie Jo Smith, Teresa Sneed, Jane Sparks, Marlene Staton, Anita Stotts, Bonda Taylor, Rhonda Taylor, Sherree Taylor, Ramona Thompson, Suzanne Wells, Nancy West, Barbara Welling- ton, Charlotte Wethington, Charles Willis, Andy Withers, Sandy Withers. Dance Band FRONT ROW: Joseph I lowers, Dennis Crump, Greg Wells, Roger McKinney, Mike Roy. SECOND ROW: Glen Frankum, Barry Jones, Jerry Quinn, David Hutchison. THIRD ROW: David Royse. Roger Cundiff, Danny Waggener, Joe Myers, Patty Bardin, Janet Dunbar. Pat Morrison. Playing drums for the Indian Dance Band is Joe I'lowcrs.Mr. Chinn directs the dance band during half time performance at the Adair County-Alan County ball game. Dance Band and Pep Club boost Indians' Spirit Providing music between varsity and junior varsity games and at half time during the varsity game is the Indian Dance Band. The band also pro- vides music for the drill team and for routines the cheerleaders do. The Pep Club, along with the Dance Band helps to boost the Indians to victory. Composed of members of the student body, the Pep Club is suppos- ed to attend all home ball games and as many games away as possible. Senior Band Members FRONT ROW: Terric Roysc, Carol Merritt, Angie Phillips, Janet Dunbar. Patty Bardin. SECOND ROW: Glen Frankum, Danny Waggencr, Wendell Grant. Joseph Flowers, Greg Wells, Paula Johnson. 29Drill Team adds attraction to ball games An added attraction to home ball games is the performance of the Adair County High Drill Team. Marching to the music of the Pep Band, the Drill Team performed during half time at basketball and football games. They also participated in the Lindsey Wilson Homecoming Parade, the Miss Adair County 4-H Parade, and the Campbellsville College Homecoming Parade. After the resignation of Carla Lemmon as Captain, the Drill Team members voted Linda Royse as their new Captain and Vickie Akin as their Co-Captain. One of the main attractions of the Drill Team is their pom pon routine. 30F RONT: Linda Royse, Captain; Carla Lemmon, Shirley Wcthington, Angela Phillips. Thelma Lewis, Edwina Perkins, Cathy Hoots, Priscella ('arter, Inctte Brockman. Linda Hatcher, Cindy Patterson, Cheryl Scott, Karen Bryant, Judy Goodin, Abbie Abell, Charlotte Wethington, Vickie Akin, Co-Captain; Patricia Holladay, Elaine Bryant, Marsha Bryant, Teresa Coffey, Beverly Bryant. Pam Phillips, Sharon Burton, Cathy Bryant, (NOT PICTURED) Luanna Keltner. Performing at home basketball games was one of the major activities of the Drill Team. Marching onto the floor to start their routine is Patricia Holladay and Cathy Bryant. 31Five English courses are offered Besides grammar and literature, special English classes are offered at Adair County High. These include Speech, Jour- nalism, and Honors English. Two foreign languages, German and Latin, are also offered. Activities of the Speech class range from debating to mimicking television commercials. Mrs. Depp’s Honors English class consists of only those English stu- dents who have above an average of 90 in English. If one visits the German or Latin classes at Christmas time, he can usually hear “Silent Night” and “O Christmas Tree” being sung in German and “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” in Latin. Mrs. Depp administers an English IV test to her fifth period class. Tommy Corbin takes over Mrs. Alley’s desk as she speaks to her Freshman English class. 32Singing in German is one of the activities of Mrs. Woody’s German class as these students sing and demonstrate a song. Lula Asberry and Valerie Morrison work on ques- tions for their English IV class. Taping speeches is one of the activities of Speech class. Here Debbie McClister is having her speech taped. 33Newspaper and Yearbook staffs make up the Journalism Class Adair County High School’s Journal- ism Class is composed of the newspaper and yearbook staffs. These eleven mem- bers, along with their Sponsor, Mrs. Vaughan, are responsible for publishing a monthly newspaper and editing a year- book for the student body. The class also sponsors Who’s Who, Mr. and Miss elec- tions, and they are in charge of the home- coming activities. SMOKE SIGNALS Editor, Doug Antle, and CHIEFTAIN Editor. Dency Turner, attended a workshop at Ball State University to prepare for their jobs. They then briefed the entire staff on how a newspaper and a yearbook are created so that the entire staff works both on the newspaper and yearbook. Doug Antic and Suzanne Rogers return from John Adair Elementary School where they sold newspapers. Newspaper Editor, Doug Antle. makes finishing corrections on a page layout before the paper goes to the press. 34Newspaper and Yearbook Staff I RON! ROW: Terrie Royse, Donna Banks, Glcnna Beard. Debbie Keltncr, Dale Curry. SECOND ROW: Janet Piercy. Angela Phillips, Anita Stotts, Suzanne Rogers. THIRD ROW: Dency Turner, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief; Patricia Vaughan, Sponsor; Doug Antle, Newspaper Editor-in-Chief. Working on yearbook layouts are Donna Banks and Dency Turner. During a summer workshop at Ball State Univer- sity, Dency Turner and Doug Antle talk with Joe Glowacki, photography instructor at the work- shop. 35Library Club members assist Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. McLean Perhaps the most used room in Adair County High School is the library for it is seldom empty. People from study halls charge to the library to get research material, or books, or just to read the paper or look at a magazine. So that they might devote more time to ordering books and assisting students. Li- brarians Mrs. McLean and Mrs. Arnold or- ganized a Library Club to help students with checking out books. These library assistants meet on separate days from other clubs. Mr. Scott finds the library a place to relax and catch up on the news. 36 Library assistant, Cathy Vincent, dates a book for Billie Slavcn.Library Club Members FRONT ROW: Debbie Bennett, Treasurer; Judy Petty, Secretary; Loretta Martin, Vice President; Sandy Withers, President; Mrs. Jean McLean, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Teresa Sneed, Robin Blankenship, Debbie Kerns, Rhonda Compton, Kim Tiller, Gayle lA y, Jane Sparks, Ramona Thompson, Louella Mullins. THIRD ROW: Vickie Burton, Cathy Burton, Ann McClendon, Theresa McLean, Debbie Burchett, Tracy Allen, Reda Harmon. Cathy Vincent, Carol Bryant, Ann Walker, Jo Ann Willis. FOURTH ROW: lammy Scott, Mildred Redmon. Mary Ann Turner. Melinda Pyles, Rannie Blackwell, Pam Harmon. Karen Vincent, Patty Smith, Jean Cooley, Sherrie Montgomery, Theresa Tutt. NOT PICTURED: Debbie Bryant, Linda Curry, Sam Harmon, Frances Kelsay, Dorothy Pendleton, Mrs. Arnold, Sponsor. Mrs. McLean assists Cathy Hoots in se- lecting a book for a history report. Library workers help to reduce the load of Mrs. McLean and Mrs. Arnold. 37Beta Gub FRONT ROW: Marsha Walker. Sponsor; Doug Antle, President; Sharon Turner, Secretary; Robin Curry, Treasurer; Dency Turner, Vice President; Doris Depp, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Taylor, Janet Piercy, Angela Phillips, Patricia Holladay, Beverly Bryant. Priscilla Carter. Peggy Arnold, Jan Howell, Glenna Beard, Marsha Corbin. THIRD ROW: Debbie Lewis, Linda Fudge, Edwina Perkins, Linda Hatcher, Barbara Bennett, Cathy Hoots, Cheryl Scott, Patricia Burton, Judy Petty, Mary Curry. FOURTH ROW: Inette Brockman, Judy Goodin. Patty Corbin, Vickie Richards, Leslie Campbell, Carla Lemmon. Linda Royse, Martha Blankenship. Elaine Epperson. FIFTH ROW: Johnny Nell, Gordon Fecsc, Danny Miller, Andy Whisman, Mark Royse, Barney Jones. 1 During induction ceremonies for new members, Sharon Turner places the Beta pin on Phyllis Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan relax during meeting breaks at the annual State Beta Convention. 38Mr. and Miss Beta Sharon Turner Andy Whisman Twenty-one Betas attend state Beta Convention Service is the main objective of the Beta Club. In order to become a Beta, one must have and maintain an overall academic average of 93 or above. These members have helped beautify the county by selling shrubbery, have set up road blocks for the heart fund, and have donated to the crippled chil- dren’s home in Louisville. Every year junior and senior Beta members are permitted to attend the state Beta Convention held in Louis- ville, Kentucky. Twenty-one members attended this convention from Novem- ber 30-Deeember 2. Besides attending the meetings with state officers, stu- dents had time for shopping and fun. Mr. Al Sullivan, Adair County High School Principal, was elected to the State Beta Council for three years. Ann Campbell, Sharon Turner, and Patricia Burton also received recogni- tion for their talent presentation during the talent show at Convention Center. Beta members take time for fun during the State Beta Convention. 39Fine Arts Club presents annual talent show Art and Chorus are among the fine arts offered at Adair County High School. Some talented painters from Mrs. Scott’s Art II Class have had their work on dis- play at the public library. Any person taking chorus or art is eligible to join the Fine Arts Club. Every year this club presents a talent show for the student body. Singing during the Fine Arts Club Talent Show is Phyllis Bragg. Mrs. Campbell accompanied her on the piano. Mr. Sullivan and Mrs. Reece join in the fun of the music provided by the Fine Arts Club. 40Fine Arts Club FRONT ROW: Mrs. Mary Campbell, Sponsor; Gayle Loy, President; Sharon Turner, Vice-President; Steve Sanders, Treasurer; Lance Bean, Sergeant at Arms; Mrs. Henrietta Scott, Sponsor. SECOND ROW': Josephine Corbin, Paula Lemmon, Etta Melson, Annette Grider, Teresa Sneed. Robin Blankenship, Ruth Smith, Jean Cooley, Wilbert Branham. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Morrison, lliomas Coffey, Larry Dabney, Johnnietta England, Debbie Kerns, Lou Ann Russell, Janie Blankenship, Vickie Buchanan. Patty Smith. FOURTH ROW: Paul McWhorter, Becky Moseley, Debbie Giles, Joyce Hendrickson. Edwina Arnold. Kim Bryant. Neva Jean Gabehart, Kim Tiller. FIFTH ROW: Larry Radford, Robert Kelly, Debbie Kelly, Sheila Munday, Marilyn Loy, Debbie Fecsc, Sandra Quinn, Pam redder, Jackie Wilcoxson, Helen McClister, Mary Jo Perkins, Rocky Yarberry. Patricia Burton, Sharon Turner, and Patty Smith perform during the annual Fine Arts Club Talent Show. Fine Arts Club meets in the band room during regular club meetings.Career Club Members FRONT ROW: Tcrric Royse, Reporter; Debbie McClister, Parliamentarian; Carol Sanders, Treasurer; Paula Johnson, Secretary; Patty Hardin, Vice President; Janet Dunbar, President. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Jeanctta Webb, Sponsor; Brynda Crawhom, Becky Selby, Tcrric Gudger, Bonnie Morrison, Carol Merritt, Debbie Bryant, Linda Royse, Janie Wilson, Lisa Harper, Betty Sue Conover, Joyce Cave, Donna Brockman, Bridget Keltner, Debbie Curry, Glcnna Beard. THIRD ROW: Melinda Lloyd, Vickie Janes, Lois Renfro, Tammy NickJcy, Janet Walker, Carla Lemmon, Jan Howell, Cathy Curry, Jeanie Morgan, Valerie Murrell, Lou Ann Breeding, Vickie Withers, Cathy Hodges, Donna Banks, Tammy Scott, Angela Phillips, Debbie Keltner. FOURTH ROW: Adelia Griffith Rena Wilkerson, Jane Rogers, Karen Keltner, Barbara Bennett, Beverly Bryant, Lee Ann Rice, Susan Hayes, Tammy Rowe, Sherrie Green. FIFTH ROW: Rose Bjolabok. Debbie Rogers, Teresa Beard, Debbie Downey, Nan Whitney, Ann Waggcncr, Holly Spicer, Sherrie Montgomery, Patricia Holladay, Cindy Akin, Suzanne Wells, Teresa I'ecse, Thelma Lewis, Debbie Hayes, Audrey Tayse, Nancy Salato, Becky Moseley. Gub members speak out during a recent meet- ing of the Career Club. Sponsor Jcanetta Webb meets with the Career Gub to hear their ideas for fund raising projects. Career Club officers, Debbie McClistcr, Patty Bardin, and Janet Dunbar, meet with the Career Club to discuss plans for trips. Career Club visits colleges and vocational schools By visiting Somerset Community Col- lege, Western Kentucky University, and Vocational Schools in Kentucky, Career Club girls get an idea of what school they want to attend. The main purpose of the Adair County Career Club is to help each girl decide on a career that would suit her best. During their monthly meetings, mem- bers are taught how to apply for jobs and are informed about job opportunities. Composed of 67 members, the 1974 Career Club is larger than it has ever been and is the second largest club at Adair County High School. Terrie Royse and Debbie McC'lister meet with Career Club Sponsor, Mrs. Jeanctta Webb, to discuss plans for a Christmas Dance. 43New sponsor helps Key Club continue its service With the help of their new sponsor, Gaylon Yarberry, the Adair County High School Key Club is continuing their work for Adair County High and Columbia. Their projects for the year included a drive for the Heart Fund and a project to help clean up the school grounds. A youth division of the Columbia Kiwanis Club, the Key Club’s goal is to help and serve. The Adair County High School branch, consisting of 28 members, holds that same goal. The Key Club is a tradition at Adair County High School and is open to all boys who have and maintain a high C average. Driving the car for the Key Club Sweetheart, Carol Merritt, is J Moseley. This picture was taken during their participation in the Lindsey Wilson Homecoming Parade. Key Club Sponsor, Gaylon Yarberry, shares a few jokes with his members before starting the meeting. 44Key Club Members FRONT ROW: Joe Myers, Secretary; David Eubank, Vice President; Greg Wells, Parliamentarian; Joe Flowers, Chairman, Board of Directors; J Moseley, Treasurer; Carol Merritt, Sweetheart; Danny Waggener, President. SECOND ROW: Gaylon Yarberry, Sponsor; Mitchell Rice, Sergeant at Arms; Ricky Collins, John Bingham, Bruce Akin, Dean Adams, Gordon Feese, Johnny Nell. THIRD ROW: David Roysc, Andy Whisman, Kerry Collins, Barney Jones, Barry Corbin, David Jones, Mark Royse. NOT PICTURED: Tommy Corbin, Bernie Bricker, Barry Jones, Bobby Loy, Greg Jones, David Keltner, David Hutchison. President Danny Waggener calls the Key Club to Bruce Akin and Barney Jones, along with other Key Club members order during their monthly meeting while J Mosc- pose for a picture, ley prepares to make his treasurer’s report. 45Home Economics, F.H.A. strive to strengthen bonds within family The goal of the home economics classes and the F.H.A. Club is to strengthen bonds within the family and community and to help youth comprehend the problems of society and contribute to their solutions. Adair County High School recommends that all girls who plan to marry and to rear families take at least one course in home economics. These courses are taught by Mrs. Shively and Mrs. Roach. Adair County High’s F.H.A. Chapter sends delegates to both regional and state organizations. They also participated in a community drive for dolls for needy chil- dren and a state scholarship drive. Putting a lining into a cape is Edwina Arnold. Home economics girls have time to do most of their sewing during class period. Ann Campbell and the other F.H.A. officers take charge of this meeting of the Club. 46F.H.A. Club FRONT ROW: Debbie Edwards. Recreation Leader; Clara Caldwell. Treasurer; Inette Brockman, Reporter; Leslie Campbell, Secretary; Linda Hatcher. Second Vice President; Patricia Burton, President; Elaine Epperson, First Vice President; Melinda Pyles, Parliamentarian; Edwina Perkins. Song Leader; Priscilla Carter, Recreation Leader; Mary Curry, Song Leader; Mrs. Ruby Roach, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Peggy Thacker, Susan Giles, Donna Corbin, Debbie Bennett. Kathy Coffey, Pam Phillips, Rhonda Compton, Cheryl Scott, Cathy Bryant. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Frances Shively, Sponsor; Janice Sneed, Ann Parnell, Patty Corbin, Debra Young, Judy Jones, Cathy Curry. Marilyn Caldwell, Robin Curry, Shirley Wethington, Charlotte Wethington. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Burton, Dorinda Burton, Judy Burris, Wendy Jones, Debbie Burton, Pat Ingram, Donna Graves, Beverly England, Cathy Hoots, Barbara Wethington. Abbie Abell. FIFTH ROW: Patricia Coffey. Minnie Denton, Kathy Hadley, Ann Conover, Kim McQuaidc, Shirley Cheatham. Marilyn Blackwell, Karen Cole, Lou Ann Russell, Linda Lay, Sandra Cheatham, Pat Crawhorn, Connie Page. SIXTH ROW: Cindy Butler. Melinda Moore, Diane Gadberry, Linda Bell. Charlene Gadberry, Paula Grant, Janet Piercy, Anita Stotts, Teresa Tutt, Judy Hamlett, Judy Petty, Denise McGaha. SEVENTH ROW: Luanna Keltner. Carolyn Cooksie, Joyce Hendrickson. NOT PICTURED: Terrie Thornton. Peggy Allen, Kathy Moore. Proposing a solution to their dis- cussion problem during a F.H.A. meeting is Abbie Abell. 47F.F.A. Members FRONT ROW: Mike Hatcher, Robert Kimbler, Jim Kemp, Darrell Loy, Calvin Firkin, Doyle Burton, Doug Gabehart, Mike Irvin. Bobby Pelly, Brett Shepherd, Gary Cox, John Wooldridge, President. SFCOND ROW: Gary Burton, Kerry Radford, Gary Smith, Bruce Harrison, Kenny Downey, Don Pyle, Randolph Lewis, Billy Corbin, Ricky Druin, Tim Compton. Jimmy Pyles, Mark McKinley, Mike Parnell, Larry Irvin, Jeralyn Spires, Jimmy Huddleston, Kelly Ellis. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Eastridge, Donnie Coffey, Randall Cundiff, Coy Neat, Walter Adamson, Greg Coomer, Charles McKinney, Danny Harvey, Edwin Cheatham, Gary Graves, Billy Willis, Bobby Janes. FOURTH ROW: Steve Burris, Danny Bailey, Keith Hancock. Steve Beard, Danny Brockman, Joseph Rogers, Jeff Tweedy, Travis Coomer, Fred Spoon, Jimmy Harmon, Larry Conover, David Hardin, Donnie Burris, Ronnie Hancock, Jeff Thomas. FIFTH ROW: Roger Samuel. Dean Hayes, Ricky Gadberry, Jerry Watson, Mike Collins, Dennis Bailey, J. D. Thomas, Dwayne Hargis, Mitchell Bragg, Billy Andrew, Archie Burton, Ronnie Vanarsdale, Fugene Janes. SIXTH ROW' Claude Morrison, Vince Grider, David Hale, Davis Burton, Raymond Jackson. Ronald Parnell, Floren Morrison, Howard Dickson, Danny Burris, Paul Dixon. NOT PICTURED: David Willis, Sentinel; Mike Jones, Secretary; Dwayne Loy, Vice President; Marvin Smith, Treasurer; Mike Roy, Reporter. A member of the Adair County High F.F.A. Chapter, John Wooldridge, was elected as Dis- trict Secretary. 48F.F.A. Sweetheart, Debbie Keltner. attends this meeting of F.F.A. mem- bers. The members presented Debbie with a special F.F.A. jacket. Agriculture Class, F.F.A. Chapter promotes farming for Adair County Agriculture classes taught by Mr. Baker and Mr. Grant are open to all boys who are thinking of farming as a career. All boys taking agriculture are eligible to join the Adair County F.F.A. Chapter. Among the events that the F.F.A. Club has participated in are the District Cattle Show. Adair County Fair, Ken- tucky State Fair, Green River Beef Show and both District and National Officers Convention. Junior F.F.A. members are also permitted to attend F.F.A. Camp for one week in the summer. 49Science Club results from interested science students The Science Department at Adair County High School is broad enough to meet any individual’s preference, be it earth science, general science, biology, or chemistry. Whether a student likes to study rocks, find the percentage composition of salt, or dis- sect a frog might determine the courses he wants to take. Any student taking a science course is permitted to join the Science Club. One of the most recent clubs at Adair County High School, the Science Club is growing to be a major club. One of their most interesting activities of the year took place when three club members demonstrated how rockets were launched. This demonstration took place on the football field and proved to be both educational and exciting. Johnny Nell and Linda Hatcher observe as students explain problems on the board. These physical science students work problems on volume and temperature during class period. 50Science Club FRONT ROW: Judy C.oodin, Donnie Wall, Dwayne Wilson, Mike Vitrano, Mickey Loy, Sheila Cheatham. Secretary-Treasurer; Alice Hadley, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Roper Lacy, Dennis Crump, Daniel Burris, Clayton Moore, Mike Jones, Michael Cheatham, President. NOT PICTURED: Robert Cundiff, Vice-President. Throwing up his hands is Mike Vitrano, who just can’t figure out why one rocket did not go off. 51Traffic Safety, Health and Physical Education add to the variety of A.C.H.S. In order to produce better and safer drivers, it is recommended that all stu- dents of driving age take the Traffic Safe- ty course offered at Adair County High. Students practice good driving habits approximately thirty minutes a week under the supervision of Mr. McQueary, Traffic Safety instructor. Health and Physical Education stu- dents spend half their time studying about the human body and the other half exercising. Trampoline stunts, tumbling, and working on parallel bars serve to strengthen students and keep them more mentally alert. This student watches Danny Downey as he does a complete forward flip on the trampoline. 52'DRIVER EDUt To avoid getting an error, Steven White makes sure he checks the outside of the car before starting to drive. Mr. McQueary instructs Basil Dabney on the correct hand position for driving. 53Social Studies department includes three new teachers Joining the social studies department at school this year was Mr. Gaylon Yar- berry. Mrs. Cleo Shively, and Mr. T. P. Scott who teach World Geography and Consumer Education. Mr. Yarberry also teaches Ancient and Medieval History. His students sketch their own maps and make individual reports. Also, American History, a required course for graduation, is taught by Mr. Parnell and Mr. Jeffrey Scott. Psychology and Sociology is taught by Mr. T. P. Scott. World History, Civics, Bible His- tory-, and Black History are also offered. Glen Mclntecr observes as Mr. Yarberry tells the assignment for World Geography. During this geography class, Cathy Hoots and Kelly Ellis listen to their instructor. 54Mr. Parnell explains work- book procedures to his American History class. 55Students choose from various math courses General Math, two courses in Algebra, Plane Geometry, and Solid Geometry and Analytics are all offered to Adair County High students. Physics also is offered to senior students and is taught by Mr. Campbell. Therefore, students have a vari- ety of math courses from which to choose to complete their two courses in math required for graduation. Debbie Kerns and Robin Blankenship work on math problems assigned by Mrs. Walker. These students in Mrs. Walker’s General Math class work on equations. 56During his Algebra II class, Mr. Feese ex- plains variables and how to work equations. Working on her math assignment for Mr. Campbell is Martina Bailey. These students in Mr. CampbclFs General Math class work with fractions. 57Business department offers co-op program Because of the superior business de- partment at Adair County High School, many girls can obtain secretarial jobs upon graduation from high school. Busi- ness Law, General Business, Bookkeeping, and Shorthand are all taught in addition to Typing I and Typing II. Eleven girls participate in Co-Op. A relatively new activity at Adair County High, Co-Op offers 1 Vi credits per year. Students gain experience and at the same time earn a small salary for working three hours per day. Speaking to Mrs. Durham’s Office Practice class is Jacob Haffner, from the Columbia division of Osh Kosh B’Gosh. Sheila Cheatham and James Cundiff practice their typing during Mrs. Barbee’s class. 58A typewriter messing up in the last minutes of a timed writing is not a pleasant experience as Billy Day shows by his disgust. These girls, Anita Stotts, Phyllis Taylor, Linda Fudge, Donna Banks, Beverly George, Wanda Burris, Janet Picrcy, Debbie Curry, and Barbara Bennett, participate in the Co-Op program. 59Enthusiastic basketball players tried to surpass last year’s team and unskill- ed cheerleaders developed into per- spective captains. The Indian cross country team came in fifth in the state tournament, and the golf team won the S.K.A.C. tournament. Be it basket- ball, cheerleading, golf, cross country, or any type of sport, at A.C.H.S., we’ve all got something going. CompetingGolf Team J Moseley, Greg Wells, Danny Waggcner, Shane Rice. J Moseley and Greg Wells, two senior members of the golf team, present Mr. Al Sullivan with their S.K.A.C. first-place trophy. 62Practicing at Pincwood Country Club is Danny Waggoner. Four member golf team claims S.K.A.C. title Adair County High's golf team has consistently won over seventy per cent of their matches. In the past two years the golf team has won the S.K.A.C. championship once and has been runner up once. Last year the four-member golf team won the S.K.A.C. golf tourna- ment and finished fifth in the re- gional tournament. Returning this year were seniors J Moseley, Danny Waggener, and Greg Wells, along with sophomore Shane Rice. Joseph Flowers also joined the team this year. Although golf matches aren’t attended by many students yet, golf is growing to be a major sport at Adair County High School. J Moseley, Greg Wells, and Danny Wag- gener pose with their S.K.A.C. trophy. 63Indian Baseball team defeats surrounding county rivals Leading the Indian Baseball Team to a season record of 13-12 were Daryl McGaha, Mike Rich, and Terry Ted- der. Coached by Mr. Wayne Smith, the Indians played some very good games as they defeated surrounding county rivals by large margins. Adair County played their last game of the season in the final game of the district tourna- ment when they lost to the Campbells- ville Eagles. FRONT ROW: Dennis Reeves, Billy Wellington, Wayne Kellner, Gordon Fecse, Steve Corbin. Marshall Wheeler. SECOND ROW: Bruce Akin, Mitchell Rice, Brad Morrison. Mike McKinney, Darrell Keen, Phil Bailey. 64 Daryl McGaha waits for the ball in this game with Somerset.Getting ready to pitch for the Indians is Marshall Wheeler in this game with Somer- set. Coach Smith poses with his two captains, Mitchell Rice and Steve Corbin. Team manager. David Moss, stands waiting for the Indians to bat. Marshall Wheeler prepares to bat for the Indians in this game with Cumberland County. 65Boys' and girls’ track teams participate in tournaments Both girl’s and boys’ track teams did well in all their meets. Participants in the girls’ 440 relay race and hurdles placed in the regional match and they received runner-up in both the regional and S.K.A.C. tournament. Boys’ track record stood at a highly respected 49-1. The boys won the re- gional tournament for the first time. Gary Lane, Ray Graves, Ronnie Black- well, Tommy Smith, and Allen McWhorter all participated in the state meet. Boys’ Track Team PRONT ROW: Scotty Hawkins, Manager; Terry Jones, Henry Coffey, Ronnie Cheatham, Wayne Keith, Kenny Downey, Ernie Rogers. SECOND ROW: Gary Lane, Charles Willis, James Miller, Jeff Burton, Paul McWhorter, Ronnie Giles, Jerry McAllister, Ray Graves, Dale Blackwell, Coach Glynn Nixon. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Hendrickson, Dickie Smith, Ronnie Blackwell. Donnie Cowan, Bobby Kellner. 66 Gliding over the pole vault with inches to spare is Terry England.Girls’ Track I RONT ROW: Nancy Compton, Linda Coffey, Pat Ingram. Davie Miller, Evonne Bridgewater, Lynn Giles, Brenda Kinnett, Joyce Cave, Ramona Thompson. Pat Coffey, Shelia Radford, Ruth Coffey, Rebecca Selby, Brenda Crawhorn. Mit i Graves. SECOND ROW: Becky Jasper, Debbie Kellner, Terrie Gudger, Lana Cave. Judy Jones, Sherree Taylor, Bonda Taylor, Marlene Staton, Shirley Cheatham, Sherrie Smith, Rannic Blackwell, Tracy Allen. Joyce Hendrickson, Linda Perkins, Mary Curry. Participating in the long jump for Adair County track girls is Becky Jasper. Jumping hurdles for the track girls is Debbie Burton and Becky Jasper in this meet with Russell County. Ray Graves makes this high jump for the Indians. 67Varsity Cross Country % %j Dickie Smith, Manager, Jerry McAllister, Ronnie Blackwell, lirnie Rogers, Terry Jones, Ronnie Giles, James Miller, Scotty Hawkins, Manager. 68Cross Country Team goes undefeated in regular season Adair County’s Cross Country Team made history this year when they were undefeated during the regular season and placed fifth in the State Meet. Coach Glynn Nixon’s Indians won the SKAC as well as the regional meet. Fifth place in the state was the best an Adair County team had placed in the history of the school. Ronnie Blackwell ran undefeated Ronnie Giles and Mr. Nixon admire three of the team’s trophies. until the State Meet. Junior Varsity Cross Country Jeff Burton. Ricky Taylor, Kenneth Hendrickson, Ricky Bohannon, Dale Blackwell, Anthony Ballou, Ronnie Cheatham, Kenneth Downey, Greg Caldwell, Henry Coffey, Wayne Keith. 69Cheerleaders receive spirit stick at summer camp History was made for Adair County High School cheerleaders this summer during cheerleader camp at the University of Kentucky. They received a spirit stick designating them as one of the best squads out of 200 squads. They also re- ceived 2 ribbons for excellence and three ribbons for superiority. The seven members of the cheerlead- ing squad are responsible for promoting school spirit. By doing this, they also serve to inspire the basketball team to play better. Cheerleaders also have the responsibility of keeping the fans under control and discouraging rude yells against the opposing team. FRONT ROW: Cindy Akin. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Winfrey, Debbie Kellner. Captain; Carol Merritt, Co-Captain. THIRD ROW: Glcnna Beard, Teresa Fecsc, Pain Collins. 70Cheerleaders Glcnna Beard and Carol Merritt found a new friend during half time at this football game. During a pep rally, Mr. Sullivan shows rib- bons the cheerleaders brought back from summer camp at Lexington. Teresa Fecsc and Debbie Keltncr lead cheers during this basketball game with Allen County. 71Homecoming game highlights Indians' basketball season Adair County Indians had trouble at the beginning of the basketball sea- son as they were unable to put togeth- er a big winning streak. Even though this year’s team was small and inexpe- rienced, it gave most of the teams in the fifth region a good game. Probably the most exciting game of the season came at homecoming. With three minutes left in the Adair County-Cavema game, the Indians came from ten points behind to defeat Caverna 78 to 76. Varsity Players FRONT ROW: Chris Cole. I d Curry, James Miller. SECOND ROW: Tim Hawkins, Charles Willis, Jerome Burbridge. THIRD ROW: Dennis Reeves, Ronnie Giles. Lance Grider. FOURTH ROW: Paul McWhorter, Donnie Cowan. Stewart Franklin. FIFTH ROW: David Webb, Ivan Overton, Shane Rice. Junior Varsity F RONT ROW: Ricky Page, Alfred Ellis, Ricky Taylor, Kevin Spires, Michael Thorton. Micky Loy, Jimmy England, Greg Riddle, David Roy. SECOND ROW: Robert Taylor, Ricky Murray, Michael Bragg, Kenneth Hendrickson, Marlin Ramagc, Sam Harmon, Mitchell Bault. Randy Parnell. Ricky Neat. 72Adair County basketball coaches, George Critz and Glynn Nixon, pose for this pie ture. Freshmen F RONT ROW: Charles Sanders. Alfred Corbin, Jerry Jones, Dale Burton, Danny Upchurch, Jeff Hancock, Anthony Ballou, Greg Caldwell. SECOND ROW: Wallace Richard, L. V. Turner, Jerry Giles, Henry Graves, Jerry Blair, Id win Bailey. Raymond Burbridge, Wayne Keltncr, Mike Finn. Cheerleader Teresa Feesc looks on as the Indians take the ball down court during this game with Allen County. Rebounding the ball for the Indians is Jerome Bur- bridge. Adair County squeaked by Caverna in this spectacular homecoming game. 73Indians stomp Russell County in final game of season Fans saw the Indian Football Team come very close to winning a lot of games this season, but a late rally by opponents usually resulted in another loss for the Indians. The season record stood at 3-8. This was only the second season that Adair County High School has participated in football competition. The season’s highlight was a 26-14 vic- tory over Adair County’s biggest rival, Russell County, in the Indians final game. The Indians, coached by Don Smith, were also victorious over Metcalfe County and Taylor County. Varsity FRONT ROW: Jerry Watson, Darrell Ollery, David Moss, Steve Corbin, David Hale, Chris Cole, Steve Curry. SECOND ROW: Assistant Coach Fred Tate. Henry Graves, Calvin Furkin, Freddie Sneed, Charles Sanders, Raymond Burbridgc, David Sandusky, Johnny Jones, Coach Don Smith. THIRD ROW: Assistant Coach Travis Scott. Mitchell Rice, Gary Lane. Mike McKinney, Brad Morrison, Joe Fecsc, Gary Smith. Roger Cowan. Larry Anderson. Freshmen FRONT ROW: Gary Graves, Jimmy England, Steve Curry, Andy Withers, Dwayne Wilson, Tim Compton. SECOND ROW: Ricky Neat, Justin Claywell, Joe Rogers, Ricky Thompson. THIRD ROW: Henry Graves, Charles Sanders, Raymond Burbridgc, Ricky Murray, David Sandusky. 74After being injured by the team from War- ren East, Calvin Eurkins is helped off the field by Coach Smith. Team football captains, Gary Lane and Mitchell Rice, prepare to have their team warm up. Junior varsity I RONT ROW: Gary Graves, Jimmy England, Steve Curry, Andy Withers, Dwayne Wilson, Tim Compton, Wayne Keltner. SECOND ROW’: Ricky Neat, Justin Claywcll, Joe Rogers, Ricky Thompson. Robert Kimbler. THIRD ROW': Jerry Watson, Darrell Ollery, Henry Graves, Gary Burton, Charles Sanders, David Hale, Raymond Burbridgc, Ricky Murray, David Sandusky, Chris Cole, Johnny Jones. 75 Glasgow’s tough defense stops an Indian runner.JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS Sandra Cheatham, Peggy Curry, Sharon Turner Tammy Scott practices during sixth peri- od for a tennis match with a neighboring school. 76VARSITY TENNIS Debbie Curry, Tammy Scott Girls take interest to form Junior Varsity Tennis Although they haven’t played in many matches this year, the tennis team has worked to make tennis an important sport at Adiar County High School. There was more inter- est taken in tennis as was shown by the number of girls trying out for the team. A junior varsity team was formed for the first time. Tennis along with golf and track is growing in importance each year. There is hope that next year there will be a boys’ team as well as a girls’ team. 7778A.C.H.S. you see people, people, people. Some are familiar faces and some are those of the freshmen or seniors that you don’t quite know yet. But all these faces have something in common—they all come to A.C.H.S. for a purpose. Some of these attend school just because they aren’t old enough to quit yet, but there are some who come for a special purpose—to share their knowledge. SharingBoard of Education, Principals A1 Sullivan Principal, Adair County High School Yy. State Beta Council Member Irene Reece Assistant Principal Adair County Board of Education SEATED: Wallace Coomer, Superintendent of Adair County School System. STANDING: J. C. Sexton, Albert Gibson, ( hester llumphress, Elbert Goodin, Raymond Lacy. 80help high school students Beulah Bennett, Director of Pupil Per- Ann Brummett, Secretary to Title I sonncl Director Brooks Coomer, Title I Director Mary Ann Dunbar, Supervisor Martha Dunbar, Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Jones, Administrative Aide to Title I Director 81Six new teachers Six new teachers joined the fac- ulty at Adair County High School this year, thus bringing new spon- sors to some clubs and changing the atmosphere of Adair County High somewhat. All teachers contributed to making the 1973-74 year at Adair County High a memorable one. The Adair County High faculty consists of 45 teachers and two principals. The trained staff work to help the students as much as possible, and because Adair County High is a small school, the students get a lot of individual help from the faculty members. Judy Alley English I, Drill Team Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor Berenice Arnold Librarian, Library Club Sponsor Carl Arnold Chemistry, Earth Science, Introduction to Chemistry and Physics, Ereshman Class Sponsor Sammy Baker Agriculture I, II, F.E.A. Sponsor Ramona Barbee Accounting, Typing 1, Ereshman Class Sponsor 82added to faculty Fred Blair English II, Sophomore Class Sponsor Carl Breeding English IV, Athletic Director, Sophomore Class Sponsor John Burr General Math I, Advanced Arithmetic, Golf Coach Mary Campbell Chorus I, II, Fine Arts Club Sponsor Mike Campbell General Math II, Solid Geometry Analytics, Physics, Senior Gass Sponsor Steve Cheatham - General Science. Earth Science, Junior Class Sponsor 83Faculty consists George A. Critz - Health Physical Fducation, Basketball Coach Doris Depp - Fnglish II, IV, Beta Club Sponsor, Freshman Class Sponsor Lulu Dudley Fnglish I, Speech and Dramatics, Sophomore Hass Sponsor Joyce Durham - Co-op Director, Typing II, Office Practice, Senior Class Sponsor Terry Farris - Girls' Track Coach. Girls Health Physical Fxlucation. Girls Physical Ivducation II 84of 45 members William Feesc Algebra 1, Senior Class Sponsor Norman Grant Agriculture II, III, IV, F.F.A. Sponsor Alice Hadley - Biology, Anatomy Physiology, Cheerleader Sponsor, Sci- ence Club Sponsor, Freshman Class Sponsor Phillip Hadley Biology, Advanced Bi- ology, Senior Class Sponsor Shirley Harris General Math II, Alge- bra II, Junior Class Sponsor Lewis Haynes Ancient (Bible) History, Civics, Sophomore Class Sponsor 85Students challenge teacher Hazel Kerbow - Latin I and II These senior students find that they can defeat Mr. Yarberry in a game of chess if they all work together. Sympathetic Danny Waggener helps Mr. Yarberry. Jean McLean Librarian, Library Club Sponsor Ralph McQucary Drivers Education Betty Moseley English III, Junior Class Sponsor 86to Chess game Glynn Nixon Boys and Girls’ Health and Physical Education, Cross Country, Track, and Assistant Basketball Coach Joseph Parnell American History, Sophomore Class Sponsor Willie Rosenbaum - English III Henrietta Scott Art I, Sophomore Gass Sponsor, Fine Arts Club Sponsor Ruby Roach Home Economics I, 11, Special Interest Home Economics, F.H.A. Sponsor Jeffrey Scott American History. Junior Class Sponsor 87Travis Paul Scott - Government, Psychology Sociology, Economics, Consumer Education, Assistant Football Coach, Freshman Class Sponsor Don Smith General Science, Football Coach, Freshman Class Sponsor Men’s lounge provides a Cleo Shively World Geography, Fresh- man Class Sponsor Wayne Smith Boys Physical Educa- tion, Business Law, General Business, Baseball Coach Frances Shively Home Economics I, 11, F.H.A. Sponsor Pat Vaughan Journalism, Shorthand, Typing I, Yearbook and Newspaper Sponsor 88place to work Mr. Breeding and Mr. Smith find the solitude of the men’s lounge a place to work or read the paper. Marsha Walker General Math I, Plane Geometry, Preshman Class Sponsor Elizabeth Webb English III. Reading, Junior Class Sponsor Jeanetta Webb Counselor, Career Club Sponsor Warren Webb Biology. Sophomore Class Sponsor 89Faculty, Emma Woody English I, German I, II, 1-rcshman Class Sponsor Patsy Toms Secretary 90 secretaries, cooks, janitors Gaylon Yarberry World History, Peggy Rice Secretary World Geography, Ancient Medieval History, Key Club Sponsor Office workers, Angie Irvin and Phyllis Taylor, assist Mrs. Rice.complete school staff Janitors Tommy Flowers, til Rowe, Reed Curry School secretaries, Peggy Rice and Patsy Toms, play an important part in the function of Adair County High School. Keeping books and selling office supplies are only a few of their duties. Cooks and janitors complete the school staff. They, too, have a large job, for cooking and cleaning for over 800 teenagers is certainly no trivial job. Cooks FRONT ROW: Breatice Scott. Edna Keltner. Alta Akin, Alma Garmon. Verncll Stotts. SECOND ROW: Eva Adamson, Juanita Warren, Claudie Bragg. 91Senior Class chooses their Mr. and Miss Representing the Senior class as Mr. and Miss Senior were Dale Curry and Carol Sanders. In order to be nominated for Mr. or Miss of any class, one must have above 90 average and less than 3 demerits. Both Dale and Carol fulfill these requirements. A member of the Beta Club, Carol maintains an overall academic average of above 93. Dale also is a past member of the Beta Club and he has a B average. C arol Sanders Dale C urry Dale Curry is shown doing his bookkeeping during Mrs. Barbee’s class. 92Talking with the representa- tive from Campbellsville Col- lege is Miss Senior, Carol San- ders. 93 Mr. and Miss Senior, Dale Curry and Carol Sanders are shown riding in the Lindsey Wilson Homecoming Parade.Males invade The Class of 1974 is one not likely to be forgotten at Adair County High School, for 1973-74 was a year of excite- ment and changes for them. For the first time in its history, the Class of ’74 had some male class officers. For the previous three years, women’s lib had triumphed with all class officers being girls. But 1974 was different. After much campaigning by both boys and girls and after one of the most enthusiastic and publicized class elections, the Class of 1974 had a male president and treasurer. The results of this election not only boosted the morale of the males but also inspired the girls to become more enthus- ed about school activities, thus making the class work together as they had never done before. Seniors really had a lot go- ing in 1974. Senior Class Officers President Greg Wells Secretary Brenda Crawliorn Vice President Janet Piercy Treasurer Danny Waggoner Robert Abell Lmdell Dean Adams Key, Pep. and Basketball Bruce Mantle Akin IT. A., Key, Baseball. Basketball Peggy Allen Library, l-'.H.A. Tracy Lynn Allen Pep. P.K., I .11.A., Library, Chorus, Drill Team Douglas Antic Pep, Beta, iootball 94class offices Billy Arnold l-.l-.A.. VIC A Dennis Bailey l-.l-.A. Donna Marie Banks Pep. Career, F.H.A., Drill Team. Journalism Patty Ann Bardin F.H.A., Band. Career. Track. P.F., Pep, Cheerleader Lance D. Bean F.F.A.. Fine Arts. Football Glenna Marlene Beard I .11.A., Career, Pep. Beta. Cheerleader, Track, Drill Team. Journalism F.rnie Bennett Rannie Jane Blackwell Pep. P.F., F.H.A., Library 95Seniors elect Ronnie Wayne Blackwell Pep, Track. Cross Country Larry Blakley Wilbert Edward Branham 4-H. Line Arts, Pep. Chorus Donna Joyce Brockman F.H.A., Career. Pep, Track, 4-H Jerome Burbridge - Basketball, F.F.A., Pep Sara Jean Shive Burris - F.H.A., G.A.A., Track, German Club, Chorus, Inter-Club Council Wanda Gale Burris - E.H.A., P.E., Pep Debbie Burton - 4-H, F.H.A., Pep, Track MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED J Moseley Dency Turner 96Who’s Who Davis Burton Archie Burton Gara Etta Caldwell - F.H.A. Marilyn Jean Cape Michael A. Cheatham Football, Science Club Shelia Lorraine Cheatham 4-H, Science, F.H.A. Michael Collins Ricky Collins 97Graduation Announcements Nancy Jane Compton - F.H.A.. Library, P.E., Track. Fine Arts Bruce Conover Glen Edward Corbin Judith Dianne Corbin - Career, Fine Arts Karen Joan Corbin - F.H.A., Pep, P.E. Marsha Gayle Corbin Band, Beta, Pep, P.E. Steve Corbin - Baseball, Basketball, Football Donnie Cowan - F.F.A., Basketball, Track. Cross Country Sandy Withers Cowan - Pep, Library Brenda Gail Crawhorn - Library, F.H.A., P.E., Pep, Track James Miller Cundiff Robert Russell Cundiff - Pep, Basketball, Science, Baseball 98ordered early J Moseley assists Angie Phillips in filling out her cap and gown order while Herff Jones repre- sentative, Ken Keltner mea- sures Debbie Vaughn for her cap. Cathy Lee Curry - Cheerleader, Pep, Science, Career Dale Curry - Beta. Pep, Journalism Debra Lee Curry - P.E., Track, Tennis, Career, Pep, F.H.A. Robin Marie Curry - Beta, F.H.A., Pep Howard Dickson - F.F.A. Barbara Jean Dixon - F.H.A., Fine Arts 9918 seniors Paul Wayne Dixon - F.F.A. Janet Marie Dunbar - F.H.A., Pep, Career, Drill Team, Pep Band Kathy Marie Estes Band Joseph E. Feese - Football, Track, Letterman Tony Fletcher Joseph Wesley Flowers - Key, Beta, Band, Pep, Football, Pep Band Glen Frankum - Pep, Pep Band, Band, Football Linda Fudge - Beta 100graduate midterm Kenneth D. Gaskins Beverly Jane George Ronnie Howard Giles - Basketball, Cross Country. Track, Pep Barbara Lynn Goodin - F.H.A., Library Wendell Grant Joyce Hadley - F.H.A. Ricky Michael Hadley - Football Ricky Lee Hamlett - F.F.A. 101Class enrollment Bemadine Hardwick - F.H.A., Pep. P.K., Track. Fine Arts, Library, Chorus Wanda Carol Hatfield F.H.A. Mary Betty Burton Helm - F.H.A. Joyce Rena Hendrickson - F.H.A., P.E., Pep. Fine Arts. Drill Team. Track Nevis Hitch - F.H.A. Jean Holt - F.H.A., Fine Arts, T rack Angela R. Irvin F.H.A., Pep, Library Barbara Jeffries - Fine Arts, P.E., Science Janet Sue Jessie - Pep, Fine Arts, Science, Cheerleader, Chorus Paula Johnson - Pep. Career, F.H.A., Band Robert R. Kelly - F.F.A., Fine Arts Debra Dean Keltner — Pep, Cheerleader. Career, Track, F.H.A., Band, Journalism 102totals 150 Daryl Kinnett Roger Lee Lacy - Band, Key, Science Gary Lane Football, Pep, Lettcrman, Track, F.F.A. Paula J. Lemmon - F.H.A., Fine Arts Deborah Lynne Lewis - Beta Dennis Loy Football. Pep Debra Gayle Loy - F.H.A., 4-H, Library, Fine Arts, Chorus Loretta Jane Martin - F.H.A., Library, Pep Ann Willis McClendon - F.H.A., Library Debbie McClister - Drill Team, Career Theresa Marie McLean - F.H.A., Career, Library, Pep Brenda S. Melson Pep, F.H.A. 103New acetate gowns will Carol Ann Merritt F.H.A., Pep, Career, Beta, Cheerleader, Band Valerie Gail Morrison J Moseley - Pep. Beta, Golf, Key David Eugene Moss - Pep, Football James Mark Parrish - F.F.A. Angela Jo Phillips - Pep, Journalism, Drill Team, Band, Beta, Career, Library Janet Lavone Picrcy - Pep, Beta, F.H.A. David Allen Pyles 104be worn for graduation Sandra Kay Quinn - F.H.A., Pep, Library, Fine Arts, Drill Team Larry Radford Fine Arts, Pep Mitchell Rice - Basketball. Baseball, Football, Pep, Letterman, Key Rebecca Jean Roberts F.H.A., P.E., Pep Suzanne Miller Rogers - Track, Cheerleader, Journalism, Band, Tennis, F.H.A., Pep. Drill Team Barry Lee Rose - Chorus David Roy - Pine Arts Linda Sue Royse - F.H.A., Beta, Library, Career, Drill Team, Pep Teresa Karen Royse - Band, Journalism, F.H.A., Career, Pep, Beta Seniors observe as Debbie Keltner and Patty Bardin model both the regular type of gown and the new acetate gown which seniors would keep. The students voted to wear the new acetate gown. 105Seniors think of everything These students share the last licks of a sugar daddy before going to fifth period class. Lou Ann Russell Carol Jean Sanders - F.H.A., Pep, Career, Beta, Drill Team, 4-H Ronnie Scott Tamera Scott Career, 4-H, Pep, Library, P.E., Tennis, Track Rebecca Lynne Selby - F.H.A., P.E., Pep Patty Smith - F.H.A., Fine Arts, 4-H, Library 106Ricky Smith to prolong lunch period Donnie Sneed Freddie Lee Sneed - Football, Track, Letterman, Fine Arts, Pep Ike Sneed Ronald Sneed Jane Page Sparks F.H.A., Pep, Library Marlene Staton - F.H.A., P.E., Pep, Track Anita Ann Stotts - F.H.A., Journalism. Pep Ernie Dean Streeval - F.F.A. Bonda Dean Taylor - Pep, P.E., F.H.A. Phyllis Ann Taylor - Beta Rhonda Taylor - Pep 107Impatience develops Georgina Tucker Connie L. Turner - Library, F.H.A., Pep Dency Turner - Library, Beta, Band, Journalism Sharon Turner - Beta, Chorus Debbie Vaughn - F.H.A. Danny Waggener - Golf, Beta, Key, Band Robert Walker - Fine Arts Lucinda Lea Weddle - Pep, F.H.A., Library William Gregory Wells - Band, Pep Band, Library, Key, Beta, Football Shirley Wcthington - Chorus, Drill Team. P.E., Library, F.H.A. Andy Whisman - Key, Beta Jacqueline Lee Wilcoxson - Fine Arts 108as graduation nears Jeff Wilkerson Charles Maurice Willis - Pep, Basketball, Football, Track Mark Wade Willis - Fine Arts Steve Willis - VICA Phyllis Winfrey - Pep, F.H.A., Cheerleader John Wooldridge - F.F.A. Seniors with no picture available: Lula Asbcrry, Raymond Bennett, Ricky Bennett, Sheryl Brennom, Cathy Bryant, Donnie Burris, Ricky Burton, Tim Compton, Ricky Coomcr, Glen T. Corbin, Lynda Hayes, Anna Helm, Osby Karnes, Douglas Kerns, Daryl Kinnctt, Robert Montgomery, Terry Patton, Don Pyle, Dana Rogers, Kathy Sandusky. Dennis Selby, Benny Smith, Ricky Smith, Lorcnc Troutt. 109Junior Class selects Mr. and Miss The Junior class chose as Mr. and Miss Junior Gordon Feese and Rene Melson. These students held the title for the 1973-74 school year and represented the Junior class in home- coming activities. Gordon plays baseball and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Feese. Rene is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Melson. Mr. and Miss Junior Gordon Feese Rene Melson During Home Ec. class, Rene fixes a buffet table for visitors from various colleges. 110Ill Gordon and Rene participate in the Lindsey Wilson Homecoming Parade.Juniors strive to Various teachers and students have said that this junior class is the most efficient of all the classes. Their plans for the prom of 1974 were under way by October of 1973. Juniors planned everything well in advance; therefore, there would be no last minute changes to make for this prompt class. Juniors also had a lot going with school spirit and enthusiasm. Winning the Spirit Stick at the first pep rally of the year helped to drive juniors to yell their loudest at other pep rallies and ball games. This junior class certainly was a major part of Adair County High School, 1974. Junior Class Officers PRESIDENT Terry I air SECRETARY Vickie Akin VICE PRESIDENT - Gordon I eese TREASURER David Eubank Vickie Akin Ronald Allen Jack Antic Peggy Arnold Theresa Ashbrook Phillip Bailey Tena Baker Doug Beard Michael Bell Barbara Bennett Daniel Black Martha Mae Blankenship 112be efficient Karen Bledsoe Linda Bledsoe Mitchell Brag » Belinda Bricker Inette Brockman Sharon Brown Voiccl Marie Brown Carol Llaine Bryant Danny Lee Bryant Karen Bryant Kathy Jo Bryant Phyllis Bryson Danny Burris Judy Ann Burris Dye Lynn Burton Patricia Burton Marlene Burton Connie Callahan 113Prom plans Junior class officers meet to form committees for work on the prom. Ann Leslie Campbell Lana Cave Sandra Cheatham Shirley Cheatham Larry Clark Dorothy Coffey Judy Coffey Linda Coffey Ruth Coffey Greg Collins Kerry Collins Mark Compton Tommy Cook Judy Coomcr Rolan Coomer Steve Coomer 114begin early Travis Coomcr Jimmy Ray C orbin Alvin Lee Cravens Patricia Crawhorn Dennis (Tump Roger Cundiff Randall Cundift Id ward C urry Linda Curry Billy Day Roy David Dean Richard Mark Doss Terry Lee Dudley Bonnie Ldmonds Debbie Edwards Charlotte England Joining juniors, Mitzi Graves and Dickie Smith, is Mr. Sullivan, dancing to the entertainment of l ine Arts Club members. 115St uret tu Maine l.pperson David Fubank Terry Michael l air D. J. Fcesc Gordon Feese Stewart Alan I ranklin Brenda I ay Fudge Calvin Furkin Neva Jean Gabehart Janet George Debbie Giles Keith Giles Judy Goodin Kennie Grant Mitzi Graves Ray Graves Gordon Keith Greer Lance Grider Six couples elected 116as Junior Who’s Who Keith Hancock Terry Harvey Linda Carol Hatcher Scotty Hawkins Dean Hayes Patricia Holladay Janet Rebecca Howell Rosemary Irvin Gcorjie Raymond Jackson Vickie Lee Janes Becky Lynn Jasper David Jones Michael Ray Jones Robert Darrell Keen Bobby Keltner Debbie Sue Keltner Denise Lynn Keltner Rhonda Lynn Keltner 117175 students enrolled Billy Ra Kmfley Dclphus Ray Lee Glenn Douglas Lee C aria Nell Lemmon Glenda Lloyd llindmen Dwayne Loy Marilyn Loy Jerry McAllister Bradley Lynn McCiister Helen MeClistcr Denise McGaha Michael I d ward McKinney Ralph McWhorter I tta Mae Melson Rene Melson Danny Miller James Lewis Miller Pat Miller 118in Junior Class Brad Morrison Florcn Morrison Sheila Elaine Munday Tommy Lynn Murray Joe Myers Johnny Nell Connie Lou Page Randall Keith Parnell Richard Parnell Terry Wayne Pelston Dorthy Pendleton Ldwina Perkins Mary Jo Perkins Judy Lynn Petty Jerry Huston Quinn Sheila Gale Radford Perry Wayne Reeder Wallace Richard 119Juniors win first Steven Roberts Ernie Lee Rogers Jane Rogers Mike Roy Mark Roy sc Roger Samuell Stephan Sanders Joyce Scott Ralph Shelton Toni Shelton Harold Shirley Billie Ann Slaven Dickie Arnold Smith Gary Smith Marvin Smith Ruth Smith Maylenc Spencer Jeralyn Spires 120Spirit Stick of the year Juniors captured the spirit stick from seniors by show- ing the most spirit at this pep rally, the first of the year. I red Spoon Sheeree Taylor Pam Tedder Vickie Lynn Tiller Margaret Turner Mary Ann Turner Paul Turner Janet Lee Walker Gary Wall David Paul Webb Billy Joe Wethington John Steven White 121Dennis Reeves, Cathy Hoots voted Mr. and Miss Sophomore Elected as Mr. and Miss Sophomore were Dennis Reeves and Cathy Hoots. Both Dennis and Cathy were chosen by the Sophomore class as the most qualified for these titles. Cathy is a member of the Beta Club and the Drill Team. Dennis is on the basketball team and a member of the baseball team. Both Dennis and Cathy participated in the Lindsey Wilson Homecoming Parade and in Adair County High’s homecoming festivities. Mr. and Miss Sophomore Cathy Hoots Dennis Reeves Cathy is shown during her Typing 1 class under Mrs. Barbee. 122Riding in the Lindsey Wilson Homecoming Parade is Mr. and Miss Sophomore, Dennis Reeves and Cathy Hoots. L A Dennis works on his biology during class with Mrs. Hadley. Dennis and Cathy enjoy a few laughs before having their picture made for homecoming fes- tivities.Sophomores are shown One’s sophomore year at Adair County High is an in-between year. Upperclassmen classify sophomores as being less dignified than the juniors, yet they are certainly more dignified than when they were freshmen. The Class of ’76 has proved to be a class not to be looked down upon by seniors, for they are well represented in activities at Adair County High. There is one sophomore on the Varsity Cheerleading Squad, three sophomores play Basketball, six sophomores are on the Cross Country Team, and most sophomores belong to some club or organi- zation. Sophomores, too. certainly had a lot going in 1974. Sophomore Class Officers PRESIDENT Barry Corbin SECRETARY Chris Cole VICE PRESIDENT Dennis Reeves TREASURER Shane Rice Annette Aaron Abbie Abell Darrell Travis Adams Jerry Lane Adamson Cindy Akin Junior Alexander Kathy Anderson Connie Andrew James Arnold Danny Bailey Edward Bailey Martina Bailey 124respect by upperclassmen Stephen Beard Darrell Ollery Debbie Bennett Johnny Bingham Marilyn Blackwell Janie Blankenship Perry Dean Bledsoe Ricky Bohannon Brenda Bottoms Sandra Lee Bottoms Phyllis Sue Bragg Robin Brennom Eyvonne Bridgewater Danny Brockman Joyce Lynne Brockman Beverly Ann Bryant Cathy Jane Bryant Garry Wayne Bryant 125Sophomore enrollment Kimberly Bryant Nevada Carol Bryant Darcll Glen Burris Stephen Burris Alan Dale Burton Doyle Wayne Burton Gary Wade Burton Gregory Joseph Burton Mollie Karen Burton Sandra Burton Sharon Marie Burton Marilyn Caldwell Priscilla Mae Carter Joyce Elaine Cave Edwin Breeding Cheatham Brenda Sue Coffey Donnie Glenn Coffey Kathy Ann Coffey Barry Corbin Becky Moseley 126Teresa Ann Coffey drops to 200 Virgil Henry Coffey Christopher Wayne Cole Rhonda Jean Compton Carolyn Beatrice Cooksic Doris Jean Cooley Gregory Coomcr Anita Karen Corbin Barry Lynn Corbin Josephine Corbin Julia Ann Corbin Patty Carol Corbin William Kenneth Corbin Gary David Cox Kathy Sue Curry Mary Elizabeth Curry Paula Ann Curry Peggy Lynn Curry 127Who’s Who Basil Garry Dabney Charles Larry Dabney John Marshall Dalton Martha Joyce Dial Danny Wayne Downey Shelia Denise Dunbar Kelly Ellis Johnnietta England Beverly Jane Eostcr Rhonda 1-ranklin Kathy Jean Gabehart Diane Gadberry James Giles Lynn Giles Donna Carol Graves Tammy Gisel Greer Terric Gudger Kathy Ann Hadley 128is recognized Ruby Hadley David Lee Hale Deborah Hale Gregory Allen Handy Anthony Nell Harden Danny Harvey Linda Kay Harvey Mike Hatcher Timothy Hawkins Cathy Ann Hoots Marsha Ann Hovious Jimmy Huddleston Patricia Ann Ingram Mike Irvin Ruth Marie Jackson Sherry Lynn Janes Lois Jean Jeffries Barney Willis Jones 129The year begins Johnnie Lee Jones Robert Wayne Keith Debbie Kelly Luanna Keltner Sandra Keltner Wayne Keltner James E. Kemp Trudy Jane Kemp Robert Glenn Kunbler Brenda Sue Kinnett Rodney Keith Knifley Linda Lee Lay Thelma Renee Lewis James Darrell Loy Lola Jean Loy Karen Rae Luttrell Kelly Lewis McCloud David Lynn McLean 130with magazine sales Sophomores Nan Whitney and Holly Spicer and senior Linda Royse. find the lounge a good place to relax and talk. Kim Carmon McQuaide Celia Miller Davie Jean Miller Jo Ann Miller Sherri Maine Montgomery Cathy Ann Moore Marty Lane Morgan David Patrick Morris Bonnie Morrison Rebekah Lllen Moseley Ruth Ann Murray Coy Wendell Neat Larry Edgar Neal Ivan Andrew Overton Cathy Marlene Page Teresa Darlene Page 131Jerry Wade Parnell Cindy Patterson Bobby Pelly Rita Petty Pamela Kaye Phillips Ricky Pickett Virginia Pike William Polston Dimple Powell Melinda Pyles Kerry Radford Dennis Reeves Sheila Reynolds Shane Rice Vickie Richards Terry Roberts Sue Russell Cheryl Scott Edwin Scott Robert Brett Shephard Ronnie Lynn Slaven Deborah Brock Smith Larry Gene Smith Sherrie Jo Smith Sophomores anticipate 132Steve Smith Peggy Sneed Teresa Sneed Vickie Lane Sneed Holly Spicer Greg Tabor Kenneth Dale Tarter Scott Thomas Junior year Ramona Jean Thompson Sheila Anne Tucker Cathy Jean Vincent Lana Marketha Warren Jerry Thomas Watson Barbara Sue Wethington Charlotte Kay Wethington Dottie Carol Wheeler Nanette Whitney Melanie Rena Wilkerson Jo Ann Willis Kathy Ann Wilson Sophomores with no picture available. Marsha Bryant. Ronnie Callahan. Pam Cheatham. Thomas Coffey. Donna Corbin. Ronnie I astridge. Michael I inn. Doug Gabehart. Ricky Gadberry. James Terry Grider. Jeff Hancock. Peggy Hardwick. David Hovious. Mike Jones. Kendrell Morrison. Mickey Murphy. Darrell OUery. Myrtie Pelston, Carolyn Rooks. Anthony Scott. Lewis Smith. Pamela Smith. Marshall Wheeler. Kenny Wilson. 133Teresa Feese, Charles Sanders chosen as Mr. and Miss Freshman Selected by the Freshman class as Mr. and Miss Freshman were Teresa Feese and Charles Sanders. Teresa and Charles represented the Freshman class in homecoming activities and in all activities of the Freshman class. Teresa is a member of the Pep Club, Career Club, and is a varsity cheerleader. Charles plays basketball and football. Mr. and Miss Freshman Teresa Feese Charles Sanders 134135 Charles and Teresa participate in the Lindsey Wilson Homecoming Parade on November 10, 1973.Freshmen endure The Freshman Class is the largest class at Adair County High School, but upperclass- men tend to give Freshmen a hard time those first few weeks of school. All kinds of initiation procedures are introduced to them, but this class has endured all the jokes. One could see a great change in this class at the end of the school year, for Freshmen matured as the months went by. By the time they had gotten accustomed to being con- sidered the least important part of the school by students older than they, they had gained respect from those students. Fresh- men proved to be just as important as any class for they, along with the other classes, had a lot going at Adair County High School. Freshman Class Officers PRESIDENT Charles Sanders SECRETARY George Payne VICE PRESIDENT David Sandusky TREASURER Valeric Murrell Sharon Aaron Dean Archie Absher Walter Adamson William Hubert Allen Billy Andrew Edwina Gale Arnold Clinton Asberry John Baker Anthony Ballou Mitchell Bault Dennis Beard Teresa Beard 136Jokes from Upperclassmen Mary Linda Bell William Ronald Bell Irene Bennett Rose Bjalobok Dale Blackwell Jerry Blair Robin Lou Blankenship Terry Blaydes Donna Jean Bohannon Mike Bottoms Michael Bragg Paul David Bragg Lou Anne Breeding Bernard Ross Bricker Kathy Lu Bridgewater Sheila Brock Debra Lynn Brockman Virginia Ruth Brown 137Freshmen select Debbie Jean Bryant Deborah Kay Bryant Jeffrey Dale Bryant Vicky Evalee Buchanan Beverly Burbridge Raymond Burbridge Debra Lynn Burchett Ronnie Burchett Danny Burris Reed Travis Burris April Dawn Burton Benny Burton Cathy Burton Deborah Burton Dorinda Burton Jeffrey Burton Lois Ann Burton Marsha Burton 138Who’s Who Vickie Marie Burton Bobby Butler Cindy Butler Lee Jarell Cape Ronald Neal Cheatham Sheila Cheatham Justin Dean Claywell Patricia Coffey Ricky Coffey Karen Cole Clifton Collins Pamela Jane Collins Daniel Lee Compton Betty Sue Conover Larry Conover Mary Conover Randy Dell Coomer Alfred B. Corbin 139Class enrollment Freshmen found that var- ious dues had to be paid the first of school. Billy Corbin Sharon Mac Corbin Susan Ann Corbin Tommy Corbin Cathy Costello Kenneth Cowan Jackie Cravens Mitchell Wayne Cundiff Raymond Douglas Curry Steve Curry Sammy Dean Minnie Lee Denton Kenneth Warren Downey Alfred Lee Ellis Beverly England James England 140reaches 230 Larry Ervin Debbie Lynn Fair Teresa Feese Betty Ford Charlene Gadberry Paula Gentry Elizabeth Giles Jerry Ray Giles Susan Kay Giles Sharon Gilpin Cynthia Ann Goodin Paula Kay Grant Bobby Graves Gary Graves Henry Allen Graves Sherry Green Purchasing their own books was one of the ad- justments these freshmen had to make. 141Freshmen quickly adjust Ricky Greer Annette Grider Dee Griffitt Judy Hamlett David Harden Dwayne Hargis Samuel Ray Harman Garry Harmon Jimmy Harmon Pam Harmon Rcda Harmon Lisa Harper Darla Harvey Debbie Hayes Susan Hayes Kenneth Hendrickson Kathy Hodges Jackie Holt 142Ronnie Holt to high school routine MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Steve Curry Sharon Gilpin Hank Horstman Dale Hurt David Hutchison James Irwin Bobby Janes Eugena Janes Barry W. Jones Bobby Jones Gregary Jones Jerry Jones Judy Jones Wendy Jones Marquerite Keen David Lynn Keith Phillip Keith Vernon Keith, Jr. Frances D. Kelsay 143Lunch appears to be David Kcltncr Karen Kcltncr Libbye Kcltncr Melissa Kcltncr Deborah Kay Kerns Phyllis Ann Lee Randolph Lewis Melinda Lloyd Ronald Long Bobby Loy Micky Loy Darrell Manning Rebecca Mass Brenda McClistcr Gerald McGowan Glenn Mclnteer Mark McKinley Anne Leslie McKinney CUTEST David Sandusky Teresa Feese 144favorite period of the day These freshmen find a secluded place to talk during their free time after lunch. Charles Ldward McKinney Roger Dale McKinney Phillip McLean Douglas Lugcnc Mclson Clayton Ernest Moore Debbie Moore Kathy Lee Moore Melinda Moore Maury Moran Jeanie Morgan William L. Moss Donnie Wayne Murphy Maggie Murphy Brenda Murray Ricky Eugene Murray Valerie Murrell 145Freshmen fill halls Mysterious looks were given as freshman Pam Collins noticed a camera. I Ricky Neat Tammy Nickley Annette Parnell Mike Parnell Rosemary Patton Michael George Payne Linda Sue Perkins Teresa Petty Bobby Joe Powell Jimmy Douglas Pyles Mildred Jean Redmon Richard Redmon Lois Ann Renfro Lee Ann Rice Greg Riddle Debbie Rogers 146with unusual sights Donna Rogers Tammy Rowe David Royse Nancy Salato Charles Sanders David Sandusky Trances Scott Augusta Shelton Rachel Shirley Debra Sinclair Steve Sinclair Carol Smith Dennis Smith Patricia Smith Sandra Smith Janice Sneed Those five minutes be- tween classes served as a time to meet special friends. 147Preparation for Deamon Spencer Leon Spencer Keven Spires Wilard Jackson Stapleton Sheila Stotts Pamela Lynn Strceval Harold Douglas Taylor Ricky Taylor Robert Taylor Audrey Tayse Peggy Thacker James D. Thomas Jeffrey Thomas Kim Tiller Amelia Ann Tucker Darrell Tucker Glenn Turner Jackie Turner L. V. Turner Theresa Tutt Jeffery Wayne Tweedy Daniel Upchurch Ronald Vanarsdale Lewis Tony Vaughn 148Sophomore year begins Karen Dclinc Vincent Mike Vitrano Tommy Wade Ann Waggcncr Ann Walker Donnie Wall Shelby Wayne Warren William Timothy Warren Suzanne Wells Nancy West Larry Ldward White Susan Willis William Willis Dwayne W'ilson Janie Wilson Tamra Lynn Wilson I reshmen with no picture available: Jerry Blair, Benny Burton. Gary Burton. Marilyn Burton, Pink Burton, Greg Caldwell, Juanita Callahan. Gary Cook, Ricky Druin, Terry Gabehart. Naomi Gaskins, Charles Giles, Ronnie Hancock, Bruce Harrison. John Kessenger, Marty Lee, Martha Morgan, Brenda Murrell, Dwight Overstreet, Ricky Page. Randy Parnell, Marlin Ramage, Joseph Rogers. Ricky Thompson, Virginia Vance, David Willis. 149Rice Edition Columbia, Kentucky Compliments of JERRY'S RESTAURANT Compliments of KENTUCKY UTILITIES Columbia KentuckyHOUCHENS BurkesviUe Street Columbia, Kentucky Lots of Parking Space ORVIS GRIDER Manager 384-3106 Compliments of HOLMES BEND Route 1 Columbia, Kentucky Compliments of R. B. CAMPBELL FEED SEED Business places in Columbia and surrounding towns have contributed much to the making of the Chieftain, as 95 places have supported the Chieftain with their advertising. The main source of income for the Chieftain comes from advertising and the Chieftain staff is grateful to business men and women for their support. FINANCING Columbia, KentuckyG G MOTORS Jamestown Street Columbia, Kentucky 207 Merchant Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-2173 BURTON AUTO PARTS FAMOUS RECIPE “FAST CARRY OUT SKRVICE” Sit in or Carry out A Family Treat Tha Can’t Be Beat 384-4414 Columbia, Kentucky 152B. G. OIL COMPANY 800 E. Highway 80 Columbia, Kentucky 384-2318 H. M. Bottom LAWHORN FORD SALES FORD AND MERCURY Russell Springs, Kentucky SMITH-FLOWERS FORD Burkesville Street 153 866-3391 Columbia, KentuckyG G MOTORS, INC. 704 Jamestown Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-2017 H S FARM EQUIPMENT Columbia Kentucky LATE MODEL WRECKS OUR SPECIALTY We Buy Rebuildable Cars Trucks “HOT LINE” SANDUSKY AUTO SALVAGE Recore Repair Radiators All Sizes Campbellsville St. Columbia, Ky. Phone 384-4716 LOWE'S DRUG ‘Modern as Tomorrow — Friendly as Yesterday” Columbia, Kentucky 384-2041 154V K BUS LINE, INC. Route 3 Columbia, Kentucky Compliments of JESSEE'S FRUIT MARKET Columbia, Kentucky TERRY SHIVELY SALES SERVICE Commercial Refrigeration - Air Conditioning — Heating Columbia, Kentucky 384-3877 W. C. LOY DEPT. STORES, INC. Columbia’s Singer Dealer Columbia, Kentucky 155LANY BRAY CO. 306 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky 384-2496 WALKER FLORIST GIFT SHOP 409 Burkesville Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-2431 156NU ART STUDIO Joseph Allison Proprietor Louise Nobles Assistant 212 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky Phone 384-2037 STONE'S INDEPENDENT STATION Greensburg Road Columbia, Kentucky Compliments of MORRIS CARPETS Campbellsville Kentucky FIRESTONE “Your Farm Tire Headquarters” 200 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky 384-4706 157M W MILLING CO. 301 Hudson Street Columbia, Kentucky It Pays To Figure Feed Cost CORNER DRUG LTD., INC. In Business For Your Health 328 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky 384-2133 A R STONE E. Hwy. 80 Columbia Kentucky 384-2451 158REED BROTHERS Insurance Since 1912 130 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky J. L. Vaughn, Jr. Johnny M. Vaughn Jimmy Lawrence YOUNG WILSON Garnett Young, Sam Wilson 100 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky 384-2115 Compliments of COOMER'S CAFE 308 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky JUDD BLOCK PLANT Greensburg Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-2902 159COLUMBIA LAUNDRY 8c LINEN 112 N. Monroe Columbia, Kentucky 384-2118 CHRIS' DRESS SHOP Public Square Columbia, Kentucky HOUSE OF FASHION Jamestown Street Columbia, Kentucky TOMMY'S STANDARD E. 80 55 Columbia, Kentucky 384-9108 Where Service Comes First BEN FRANKLIN STORE 362 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky 384-2071 160NELL'S VARIETY DON YATES' School Supplies - Household Equipment Sewing Supplies Garden Seeds DRILLING CO. Mr. Mrs. Willie Nell Owners Operators 222 E. Public Square 384-2336 Columbia, Kentucky Sano Route Columbia, Kentucky Compliments of K F MARSHALL'S KENTUCKY FOOD SHOE STORE STORE Our Motto Is: Shoes For The Entire Family Compare J. C. Marshall - Owner 104 W. Public Square 384-2437 Highway 55 Columbia, Kentucky Columbia, Kentucky DAVE'S ASHLAND Burkesville Street Columbia, Kentucky L BIG K DEPARTMENT STORE Campbellsville Kentucky ROYSE VENDING Columbia’s Largest Vending Company Columbia Kentucky 161BURTON HARDWARE 114 North Monroe Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-2996 BANK OF COLUMBIA Public Square 384-2125 Columbia, Kentucky THE FABRIC SHOP 318 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky 384-4051 HADLEY'S FURNITURE STORE 700 Russell Road Columbia, Kentucky 384-3496 ADAIR FLORIST 106 Campbellsville Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-2541 DAY OR NIGHT 162STOTTS = PHELPS = McQUEARY FUNERAL HOME, INC. FIRST NATIONAL BANK 224 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky Air-Conditioned Ambulance Service Columbia, Kentucky 384-2145 384-2361 384-3814 Compliments of GRISSOM-MAUPIN- HESKAMP FUNERAL HOME J.C. MONTGOMERY USED CARS Campbellsville Street Columbia, Kentucky Columbia, Kentucky 384-2149 mm BARGER INSURANCE AGENCY 414 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky 384-2457 TWYMAN STEPHENS Plumbing and Heating 305 Harvey Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-2982 OSHKOSH B'GOSH, INC. Columbia Kentucky 163WEST SIDE Compliments of STANDARD ANTLE HARDWARE Columbia Kentucky Russell Springs, Kentucky | Chevron 866-3945 "p". ■ JOYCE'S FABRICS - Campbellsville Street |% Columbia, Kentucky 384-4042 THE STYLE SHOP Shop at the Style Shop for Style and Quality 322 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky 384-2717 416 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky WESTERN AUTO 164Compliments of COLUMBIA LOCKER LAKE WAY MOTEL MARKET E. Highway 80 308 Campbelisville Street Columbia, Kentucky Columbia, Kentucky 384-2507 384-2161 FOOD CHECK Compliments of MARKET CIRCLE R Open Seven Days A Week RESTAURANT Columbia, Kentucky 712 Russell Road Columbia, Kentucky DIXIE CASH CARRY Greensburg Road Columbia, Kentucky 384-2507 GRIMSLEY'S JEWELRY Quality Jewelers Public Square Columbia, Kentucky SNEED LEE GROCERY 309 Hudson Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-2217 165ED'S KENTUCKY AUTO STORE 134 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky GLAMORETTE BEAUTY SALON NELDA TAYLOR - OWNER Lois White, Frances Compton, Mary Lou Taylor, and Nancy McKinley Operators 103 Campbellsville Street 384-3028 Columbia, Kentucky DAIRY CHICK 710 Russell Road Columbia, Kentucky Phone 384-4214 BARNES' MILLING CO. “YOUR LOCAL PURINA CHOW DEALER” Columbia, Kentucky PRUITT AUTO PARTS 109 Jamestown Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-4701 166 For Best Deals In Mobile Homes RUSSELL COMPANY Visit The Family Store Pay Cash — Pay Less ROLLING HOMES 144 Public Square Columbia, Kentucky Campbellsville Street 384-2376 Columbia, Kentucky THOMAS M. WATSON PHELPS' MOTORS REAL ESTATE INC. Richard Walker — Broker Auctioneer 411 Greensburg Street Opal Watson — Salesman Columbia, Kentucky Route 1 Campbellsville Road 384-2291 384-2121 Columbia, Kentucky COLUMBIA TIRE RECAP 410 Campbellsville Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-3107 O K. MOBILE HOMES 900 Russell Road Columbia, Kentucky Phone 384-5081 FASHION SHACK INC. Highway East 80 Columbia, Kentucky 384-5052 167Compliments of ADAIR CHEESE COMPANY Columbia, Kentucky JEFFRIES HARDWARE Headquarters for Electrical Plumbing Supplies Columbia, Kentucky ACE SPORTING GOODS 102 Campbellsville Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-4923 Compliments of UNION UNDERWEAR Campbellsville, Kentucky DOWNS PRINTING COMPANY Letterpress - Offset 102 Frazier Avenue Columbia, Kentucky Phone 384-4412 End Your “Wash Day Blues” at the WISHY WASHY Burkesville Street Columbia, Kentucky 168CITY SUPPLY 307 Hudson Street Columbia, Kentucky CURRY'S FLOOR COVERING 102 Fairground Street Columbia, Kentucky ADAIR FARMERS SERVICE, INC. 210 Merchant Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-2372 VAUGHN'S Children’s and Ladies’ Smart Apparel 102 Burkesville Street Columbia, Kentucky 384-2837 PHILLIPS 66 Campbellsville, Kentucky 169 INDEX Aaron. Annette 124 Bridgewater, Eyvonne 125.67 CofTey. Judy 114 Aaron. Sharon 136 Bridgewater. Tony 109 Coffey. Kathy Ann 47,126 AbeU. Abbie Brock. Sheila 38.137 Coffey. Linda Abell. Robert 101.22 Brockman. Danny 48.125 Coffey. Patricia 47.139.67 Abshcr, l)ean Archie 136 Brockman. Debra Lynn 137 Coffey. Ricky 138.139 Adams. UarreU Travis 124 Brockman. Donna Joyce 42,96 Coffey. Ruth 114.67.22 Adams. Lindell l ean Brockman. Incite Coffey. Icrcsa Ann 31,127 Adamson, Eva 91 Brockman. Joyce Lynne 125 Coffey. Thomas 4 1.128 Adamson. Jerry l anc 124 Broun. Sharon 113 Coffey. Virgil Henry 127,66 Adamson. Walter 48.136 Brown. Vuginta Ruth 137 Cole. Christopher Wayne Akin. Alta 91 Broun. Voicel Marie 113 Cole. Karen 28.47.139 Akin. Bruce Mantle Bryant. Beverly Ann Colltns. (lifton 139 Akin, ( indy Bryant. Carol Elaine 28.31.37,113 Collins. Greg 114 Akin. Vickie Bryant. Cathy Jane 31.47.125 Collins. Kerry 45.114 Alexander. Junior 124 Bryant. Cathy Jean 109 Collars. Michael 48.97 Allen. Peggy 94 Bryant. Danny Lee 113 Collins, Pamela Jane 28.139.146,70 Alien. Ronald 112 Bryant. Debbie Jean Colltns. Ricky 28.45.97 Alien. Tracy Lynn Bryant. Deborah Kay 138 Compton. Clayton Timothy 48,75.74.22 Alien. William 136 Bryant, (iarry Wayne 125 Compton. Daniel 1 39 Alley. Judy 82.32 Bryant. Jeffrey Dale 138 Compton. Mark 114 Anderson. Kathy 124 Bryant. Karen 28.31.113 Compton. Nancy Jane 98.67 Anderson. Larry 74 Bryant. Kathy Jo 113 Compton. Rhonda Jean Andrew. Billy 48.136 Bryant. Kimberly 41.126 Conover. Betty Sue 28.42.139 Andrew. Connie 124 Bryant, Marsha 31 Conover, Bruce 98.12 An tie. Douglas Bryant. Nevada Carol 126 Conover, lorry (iene48.139 Antic. Jack 112 Bryson. Phyllis 113 Conover. Mary 47.139 Arnold. Berenice 36.37.82 Buchanan. Colby lawrence 121 Cook, (.ary 121 Arnold. Billy 95 Buchanan. Vicky Tva!ec41.l38 Cook. Tommy 114 Arnold. Carl 82 Burhridge. Beverly 1 38 Cooksie. Carolyn Beatrice 125.127 Arnold, hdwina (.ale 41.46.47,136 Burbrtdgc. Jerome Cooley. Doris Jean 37.41.127 Arnold. Peggy 28,38,112 Burbridgc. Raymond 28, Coomer, Gregory 48.127 Arnold. James 1 24 Burchett. Debra Lynn 37.138 Coomer. Judy 114 Asberry. Clinton 136 Burchett. Ronnie 1 38 Coomer. Randy Dell 139 Asberry. Lula 33 Burr. John 83 Coomer. Ricky 109 Ash brook. Theresa 112 Burro. Daniel 51 Coomer. Rolan 28,114 Burro. Danny 113,138 Coomer. Steve 114 Bailey. D-anny 48.124 Burns. Danoy Wayne 48 Coomer. Travis 27.48.1 15 Bailey. Dennis48.95 Burns. Darcll (den 126 Coomer. Wallace 80 Bailey. Edward 124.73 Burns. Donnie 109 Corbin. Alfred B 139.73 Bailey. Martina 124.57 Burns. Judy Ann 47.113 Corbin. Amu Karen 127 Bailey. PhiUip 112.64 Burns. Reed Travis 1 38 Corbin. Barry Lynn Baker. John 1 36 Burns. Sara Jean Shive 96 Corbin. Billy 48.140 Baker. Sammy 49.82 Burro. Stephen 48,126 Corbin, (larencc Steve Baker. Tena 112 Burro. Wanda (ale 96,59 Corbin. Donna 1 aye 47 Ballou. Anthony 136.73 Burton. Alan Dale 126.73 Corbin, (ilen Edward 98 Barbee. Ramona 82,58 Burton. April Dawn 1 38 Corbin. Glen I bonus 109 Banks. Donna Mar»e Burton. Archie 48.97 Corbin. Jimmy Kay 115 Bardin. Patty Ann Burton. Benny 138 Corbin. Josephine 41,127 Bardin. Steve 28 Burton. Cathy 37.138 Corbin. Judith Dunne 98 Bault. Mitchell 136.72 Burton. Davis 48.97 Corbin. Julia Ann 28.127 Bean, lance D. 4 1.95 Burton. Debbie 28.47.96 Corbin. Karen Joan 28.98.73 Beard. Dennis 136 Burton. Deborah 138 Corbin. Kenny 28 Beard. Doug 28.112 Burton. Dorinda 47.1 38 Corbin. Marsha Gayle Beard, Glenn Marlene Burton. Doyle Wayne 48.126 Corbin. Patty Carol 47.127.38 Burton. Dye Lynn 113 Corbin. Sharon Mac 140 Beard. Stephen 48.125 Burton. Cary Dale 48.75 Corbin. Susan Ann 140 Beard. Teresa 42.136 Burton. Cary Wade 126 Corbin. Tommy Becker. Marcus Edward 125 Button, Gregory Joseph 1 26 Corbin. W ilium Kenneth 127 Bell. Mary Linda 47.137 Burton. Jeffrey 1 38.66 Costello. Cathy 140 BeU. Michael 112 Burton. Lois Ann 138 Cowan. Donnie 98.66.72,1 BeU. William Ronald 137 Burton. Marilyn 47 Cowan. Kenneth 140 Bennett. Barbara Burton. Marlene 113 Cowan. Roger Lynn 74 Bennett. Debbie 37.47.125 Burton. Marsha 138 Cowan. Sandy Withers 28.37.98 Bennett, hmic 95 Burton. Mollic Karen 126 Cox, Gary David 48.127 Bennett. Irene 137 Burton. Patricia 41.47.1 13.39.38 Cravens. Alvin lee 1 15 Bennett. Raymond 28 Burton. Pink 149 ( ravens. Jackie 140 Bennett, Ricky 109 Burton. Ricky 121 Crawhorn. Brenda Gale 42.94,98.67 Bingham. Johnny 27.45.125 Burton, Sandra 126 ( rawhorn. Patncu Lynn 47.1 IS Bjalobok. Rose 28.42.137 Burton. Sharon Marie 28.31.126 Criti. George A 84.73 Black. Daniel 112 Burton. Vickie Marie 37.139 ( rump. Dennis Blackwell, Dale 28.137.66 Butler. Bobby 139 ( mdiff. James Miller 98.58 Blackwell. Marilyn 47.125 Butler. Cindy 47.139 Cundiff. Mitchell Wayne 140 Blackwell. Rannie Jane 28.37.95,67 Cundiff. Randall 48.115 Blackwell. Ronnie Wayne 28.96.66 Caldwell. (Tara Etta 47.97 Cundiff. Robert Russell 98 Blau. Fred 83 Caldwell. Gregory 73 Cundifr. Roger 27.28.115 Blau. Jerry 28.137.73 Caldwell. Marilyn 47.126 Curry. Cathy Lee 28.42.99 Blankenship. Janie 41,125 Caldwell. Sheila Ann 121 Curry. Dak Blankenship. Martha Mae 112.38 Callahan. Connie 113 Curry. Debbie Lee 42.99,59.77 Blankenship. Robin Lou Callahan. Juanita Lynn 149 Curry. Edward Blakley. Larry 96 Callahan. Ronnie 133 Curry. Kathy Sue 47.127 Blaydes. Terry Dean 137 Campbell. Ann Leslie 46.4 Curry, Linda 115.23 Bledsoe. Linda 113 Campbell. Mary Anna 40.41.83 Curry. Mary Elizabeth 28.4 Bledsoe. Karen 113 Campbell. Michael ('urry. Paula Ann 127 Bledsoe. Perry Dean 125.127 Cape. Lee JereU 139 Curry. Peggy Lynn 127.76.77 Bhnkhorn. Julu Belle 121 Cape. Marilyn Jean 97 Curry. Raymond Douglas 140 Bohannon. Donna Jean 137 Carter. PrisciUa Mae Curry. Reed 91 Bohannon. Ricky 125 Cave. Joyce Elaine Curry. Robin Mane Bottoms. Brenda 125 Cave. Lana 28.114.67 ( urry. Steve Bottoms. Mike Cheatham. Edwm Breeding 48.126 Bottoms. Sandra Lee 125 Cheatham. Michael A. 51,97 Dabney. Basil Garry 128.53 Bragg. Claudie 91 Cheatham. Pamela Sue 133 Dabney, (harlcs Larry 41.128 Bragg. James Mitchell 48 Cheatham. Ronald Neal 28.139.66 Dalton. John Marshall 128 Bragg. Michael 113.137.72 Cheatham. Sandra 47.114,76 Day. Bdly 28.115.59 Bragg. Paul David 137 (hcatham. Sheila 139,12 Dean. Roy David 115 Bragg. Phyllis Sue 40.125.127 Cheatham. Shclu Lorraine Dean. Sammy 140 Branham. Wilbert ETbert 41.96.13 (hcatham. Shirley Denton, Minnie Lee 47.140 Breeding. Carl 83.89 Cheatham. Steve 83 Depp. Dons Breeding. Lou Anne 42.137 Chinn. William 27.28.84 Dial. Martha Joyce 128 Brennom. Robin 125 (lark. Larry 114 Dtckvin. Howard 48.99 Brenno run, Sheryl 109 (Taywell. Justin Dean 139.75.74 Dixon. Barbara Jean 99 Bnckcr. Belinda 113.4 Coffey, Brenda Sue 126 Dixon. Paul Wayne 48,100 Bncker. Bernard Ross 137 Coffey. Donnie Glenn 48.1 26 Doss. Richard Mark 115 Bridgewater. Kathy Lu 28.137 Coffey. Dorothy 114 Downey. Danny Wayne 128.52 170 Downey. Debbie 42 Downey. Kenneth Warren 48.140.66 Druin. Ricky 48 Dudley, I ub 84 Dudley. Terry Lee I IS Dunbar. Janet Mane 27.28.29, 18.19 Dunbar. Shelu Denise 128 Durham. Joyce 84.58 Kastridgr. Ronnie Mitchell 48 Edmonds. Bonnie IIS Edwards. Debbie 47.1 IS Ml». Allred Lee 140.72 Ml». Kelly 48.128 England. Beverly 47,140 England. Charlotte I IS I reland, James England. Johnmetta 41,128 England. Terry lee 66 Epperson. Sturetta Maine 47,116.38 Imn. I-airy 48,141 Eatet. Kathy Mane 100 Eubank. David I-air. Debbie Lynn 141 l air. Terry Michael harm. Terry 84 Tecsr. Deborah Jane 41 I «te (iordon I eesc. Joicph 100.74 l-ccae. lereu Fceac. WUliam 85.57 I inn. Michael Lee 73 Metcher. Tony 100 llowert. Joseph Wedey flowers. Tommy 91 l ord. Betty 141 l-'otter. Beverly Jane 28.128 franklin. Rhonda 128 I ranklin. Stewart .Man 116.72 I rankum. Gknn David 27,28.29.100 fudge. Brenda I ay 116 fudge. Linda IOO.38.S9 lurktn.Calvm48.H6.7S.74 Ggbehart. Douglas lee 48 Gabehart. Kathy Jean 128 Gabehart. Neva Jean 41.116 Gabchart. Terry Lee 149 Gad berry. Charlene 47.141 Gadberry. Dune 47.128 Gad berry. Ricky Darryl 48 Garmon. Alma 91 Gaskin . Kenneth D. 101 Gaskins, Naomi Ruth 149 Gentry. Paula 28.141 George. Beverly Jane 101,59 George. Janet 116 Gibson. Albert 80 Gdes. Charles 149 («des. Connie Sue 121 Giles. Debbie 41.116 ('.lies. Elizabeth 141 Giles. James 128 («des. Jerry Ray 141.73 (•lies. Keith 116 (ides. Lynn 28.128.67 (•tics. Ronnie Howard (ides. Susan Kay 47.141 (idpin. Sharon 141,143 Goodin. Barbara Lynn 101 Goodin. Cynthu Ann 141 Goodin. Judy Grant. Kennie 116 Grant. Norman 49.85 Grant. Paula Kay 47.141 Grant. Wendell 27.28.101 Graves. Bobby 141 Graves. Donna Carol 47.128 Graves. Gary 74 Graves. Henry Allen Graves. Mitzi Lee 28.115,116.67 Graves. Ray Green. Sherry 42.141 Greer. Gordon Keith 116 (ireer. Ricky 142 Greer, Tammy Gtsel 128 Grider. Annette 41,142 Gridci. James Terry 133 Grider, lance 48.116.72 Cinder, Vinal Allen 121 GnfTitt. Dee 42.142 (iudger. Ternc 28.42,128.67 Hadley. Alice 85.123 Hadley. Joyce 101 Hadley. Kathy Ann 47.128 Hadley. Phillip 85 Hadley. Ricky Michael 101 Hadley. Ruby 129 Hale. David Lee Hale. Deborah 129 INDEX llamletl. Judy 47.142 Hamlett. Ricky lee 101 Hancock. Jeffrey 73 Hancock, Keith 48,117 Hancock. Ron rue 48 Handy, (iregory Allen 129 Harden. Anthony Nell 129 Harden. David 48.142 Hardwick. Bernadinc 102 Hardwick. Peggy Allen 133 Hargis. Dwayne 48.142 Harman. Samuel Ray 142.72 Harmon. Garry 142 Harmon. Jimmy 48.142 Harmon. Pam 37,142 Harmon. Reda 37.142 Harper. Usa 41.142 Harr». Shirley 85 Harrison. Bruce 48 Harvey. Danny 48.129 Harvey. Darla 142 Harvey. Linda Kay 129 Harvey. Terry 117 Hatcher. Linda Carol Hatcher. Mike 48.129 Hatfield. Wanda Carol 101 Hawkins. Scotty 28.117.66 Hawkins. Timothy 28.129.72 Hayes. Dean 48.117 Hayes, Debbie 42.142 Hayes, Lynda 109 Hayes. Susan 42.142 Haynes. Lew» 85 Helm. Anna 109 Helm. Gary Wayne 121 Helm. Mary Betty Burton 102 Hendrickson. Joyce Rena Hendrickson. Kenneth 142.66,72 Hitch. Nevis 101 Hodges. Kathy 42.142 HoUaday. Patricia Holt. Jackie 142 Holt. Jean 102 Holt. Ronnie 143 Hoots. Cathy Ann 122.123 Horstman. Hank 143 Hovious. David 133 lloviout. Marsha Ann 129 Howell, Janet Rebecca Huddleston. Jimmy 48.129 Humphress, Chester 80 Hurt. Dak 143 Hutchison. David 27.28.143 Ingram. Patricia Ann 28.47,1 29.67 Irvin. Angela R 28.90.101 Irvin. Mike 48.129 Irvin. Rosemary 117 Irvin. James 143 Jackson. George Raymond 48,117 Jackson. Ruth Marie 129 Janes. Bobby 48.143 Janes, tugena 48.143 Janes. Sherry Lynn 129 Janes. Vickie Lee 42.117 Jasper. Becky Lynn Jeffries. Barbara 102 JefTries. Lois Jean I 29 Jessce. Janet Sue 28.102 Johnson. Paula Jones. Barney Willis Jones. Barry W. 28.143 Jones. Bobby 143 Jones. David 45.117 Jones. Elizabeth I lowers 121 Jones. Gregary 139.143 Jones. Jerry 28.143.72 Jones. Johnnie Lee 130.75.74 Jones. Judith Ann 121 Jones. Judy 47.143.67 Jones. Michael Lee 133 Jones. Michael Ray 51.117 Jones, Terry Sewell 28.66 Jones. Wendy 47,143 Karnes. Osby 109 Keen. Marquerite 143 Keen. Robert Darrell 117.64 Keith, David Lynn 143 Keith. Phillip 143 Keith. Robert Wayne 130.66 Keith. Vernon. Jr. 143 Kelly. Debbie 41.130.71 Kelly. Robert R 41.102 Kelsay. Trances D. 143 Kellner. Bobby 117.66 Kellner. Bridget 42 Kellner. David 144 Kellner. Debbie Sue 117 Kellner. Debra Dean 70.16.17 Kellner. Denise Lynn 117 Krltner. Edna 91 Kellner. Irving D. 121 Kellner. Karen 42.144 Kellner. Libbye 144 Keltner. Luanna 130.11 Kellner. Melissa 144 Keltner. Rhonda Lynn 117 Keltner. Sandra 130 Keltner. Wayne Kemp. James E. 48.130 Kemp. Trudy Jane I 30 Kerbow. Hazel 86 Kerns. Deborah Kay 37.41,144.56 Kerns. Douglas 109 Kessenger. John Gilbert 149 Kimbkr. Robert Gknn 48.130.75 Kinnett. Brenda Sue 130.67 Kmnett. Daryl 103 Krufky. Billy Ray 118 Knifley. Rodney Keith 130 Lacy. Raymond 80 Lacy. Roger Lee 51.103 Lane. Gary 103.66.1 2.75.74 Lay. Linda Lee 28.47,130 Lee. Delphus Ray 118 Lee. Gknn DmgJas 118 Lee. Marty 149 Lee. Phyllis Ann 144 Lemmon. Carla Nell Lemmon. Paula 41,103.22,3 Lewis. Deborah Lynne 103.38 Lewis. Randolph 48,144 Lewis. Thelma Renee 31.42.130 LJoyd. Gknda 118 Lloyd. Melinda 42.144 Long. Ronald 144 Loy. Bobby 27.144 Loy. Debra Gayle Loy. Dennis 103 Loy. Hindman Dwayne 118 Loy. James Darrell 48.130 Loy. Lola Jean 130 Loy. Marilyn 41.118 Loy. Micky 51.144.72 Luttrell. Karen Rae 130 Manning. Darrell 144 Martin. Loretta Jane Mass. Rebecca 144 McAllister. Jerry Lynn 66 McClendon. Ann Willis 37.103 McClistcr. Bradley Lynn 121 McClister. Brenda 144 McClistcr. Debbie Mc Uster. Helen 41.118 McCloud. Kelly Lewis 130 McGaha. Denise McGowan. Gerald 144 McGowan, Jeffery Allen 121 Melnteer. Gknn 144 McKinney. Anne Leslie 142.144 McKinney. Charks Edward 48.145 McKinney. Michael Edward 118,74.64 McKinney. Roger Dak 27.28.145 McKinley. Mark 48.144 McLean. David Lynn 28.1 30 McLean. Jean 37.86 McLean. Phillip 145 McLean. Theresa Marie 28.37,103 McQuaide. Kim Carmon 47.131 McQucary. Ralph 86.53 McWhorter. Ralph Melson. Brenda 103 Me Ison. Douglas Eugene 145 Melson. Etta Mae 41.118 Melson. Rene 118.110,111 Merritt.Carol Ann Miller. Celia 131 Milkr. Danny 118.38 Miller. Davie Jean 28.131.67 Milkr. James Lewis Milkr. Jo Ann 28.131.3 Miller. Pat 118 Montgomery . Robert 109 Montgomery. Sherri T.lainc Moore. Cathy Ann 131 Moore. Clayton Ernest 145 Moore. Debbie 145 Moore. Kathy Lee 145 Moore. Melinda 47.145 Moran. Maury 28.145 Morgan. Jeanie 27.42.147 Morgan. Martha 149 Morgan. Marty 131 Morris, David Patrick Morrison. Bonnie Morrison. Brad 119.74.64 Morrison. Oaude 48 Morrison. TToren 48.119 Mornson. Kcndrcll 133 171INDEX Momson. Valeric Gail 104.33 Moseley. Belly 86 Mosele , J. Lew» Moseley. Rebekah Ellen 26.131 Moss. David Eugene 104.65.74 Moss. VS illum 145 Mullins. LouelU 37 Munday. Sheila Maine 4|.||9 Murphy. Donnie VSaync 145 Murphy. Maggie 145 Murphy. Mickey 133 Murray. Brenda 145 Murray. Ricky Eugene Murray. Rulh Ann 131 Murray. Tommy Lynn 119 Murrell. Brenda 149 Murrell. Valerie 42.1 36.1 38.145 Myers. Joe Neal. Coy Wendell 48.131 Neal. Larry Edgar 131 Neal. Ricky Nell. Johnny Nickley. Tammy 42.145 Nixon. Glynn Otlcry. Wayne Darrell 75.74 Overstreet. Dwight Howard 149 Overton. Ivan Andrew 28,131.72 Page. Cathy Marlene 131 Page. Connie Lou 47.119 Page. Ricky Dean 72 Page. Teresa 131 Parnell. Annette 47.146 Parnell, Jerry Wade 132 Parndl. Joseph 87.55 Parnell. Mike 48.146 Parnell. Randall Keith 119 Parnell. Kandy Lee 149 Parnell. Richard 119 Parnell. Ronald 48 Parrish. James Mark 104 Patterson. Cindy Patton. Rosemary 145 Patton. Terry 121 Payne. Michael George 1 36.146 PeUy. Bobby 48.132 Pelston. Myrtie 133 Pelston. Terry Wayne 119 Pendleton. Dorthy 119 Perkins. Edwina 31.47,119.38 Perkins. Linda Sue 28.146.67 Perkins. Mary Jo 41.119 Petty. Judy Lynn Petty. Rita 132 Petty. Teresa 146 Phillips. Angela Jo 104.38.18 Phillips. Pamela Kaye 31.47.132 Pickett. Ricky 132 Piercy. Janet Lavone Pike. Virginu 131 Polston. William 132 Powell. Bobby Joe 146 Powell. Dimple 1 32 Pyles. David Allen 104 Pyles. Don Grady 48 Py les. Jimmy Douglas 48.146 Pyles. Melinda Quinn. Jerry Huston 27.28.1 13.1 19 Quinn, Sandra Kay 41,105 Radford. Kerry 48.132 Radford. Larry 41,105 Radford. Sheda Gale 28.67 Ramage, Marlin Dean 72.149 Reagan, Eddie 121 Redmon. Mildred Jean 37.146 Redmon. Richard 146 Reece. Irene 40.80 Reeder. Perry Wayne 119.55 Reeves. Dennis Rcliford. Larry Glenn 121 Renfro. Lois Ann 42.146 Reynolds. Sheila 132 Rice. Lee Ann 42.146 Rice. Mitchell,64 Rice. Peggy 90 Rice. Shane Richard. Wallace 119.73 Richards. Vickie 132.38 Riddle. Greg 146.72 Roach. Ruby 47.87 Roberts. Rebecca Jean 28,105 Roberts. Steven 120 Roberts. Terry 132 Rogers, Dana Glenn 109 Rogers. Debbie 42.146 Rogers. Donna 147 Rogrrs, Ernie Lee 120,66 Rogers. Jane 42.1 20 Rogers. Joseph 48.75.74 Rogers, Suzanne Miller 34,35.101.105 Rooks. Carolyn I 33 Rose. Barry Lee 105 Rosenbaum. Willie 87 Rowe,Ed 91 Rowe. Tammy 42.147 Roy. David Roy. Mike 27.28,120 Roy sc. Mark 45.120.38 Roysc. David Royse. Linda Sue,131.38 Royse. Teresa Karen 18.19.3 Russell. Lou Ann 41.47.106 Russell. Sue I 32 Salalo. Nancy Samuell. Roger 48.120 Sanders. Carol Jean,5 Sanders. Charles I,1 34.1 35 Sanders. Stephen 28.41.1 20 Sandusky. David Scott. Anthony Mitchell I 33 Scott. Breatice 91 Scott. Cheryl Scott. Edwin I 32 Scott. I-ranees 147 Scott. Henrietta 41.87 Scott. Jeffrey 87 Scott. Joyce 120 Scott. Ronnie 106 Scott. Tamera Scott. T P 88.74 Selby. Dennis 121 Selby. Rebecca Lynne Sexton. J. C. 80 Shelton. Augusta 28.147 Shelton. Ralph 120 Shelton. Toni 28.120 Shephard. Robert Brett 48.132 Shirley. Charles 121 Shirley. Harold 120 Shirley. Rachel 147 Shively. Cleo 88.55 Shively. I ranees 47.88 Sinclair, Debra 147 Sinclair, Steve 147 Slavcn. Billie Ann 36.120 Slavcn, Ronnie Lynn 132 Smith. Benny Huston 109 Smith. Carol 147 Smith. Deborah Brock 132 Smith. Dennis 147 Smith. Dickie Arnold 28.115.1 20.66 Smith. Don 88.65.74 Smith. Gary 48.120.74 Smith. Larry Gene 132 Smith. Lewis 133 Smith. Marvin 120 Smith. Pamela I 33 Smith. Patricia 147 Smith. Patty 37,41.106.13 Smith. Kicky 107.73 Smith. Ruth 41.120 Smith. Sandra 147 Smith. Sherrie Jo 28.132.67 Smith. Steve I 33 Smith. Wayne 88. 64 Sneed. Donnie 107 Sneed. I reddie Lee 107.74 Sneed.Ike 107 Sneed. Janice 47.147 Sneed. Peggy 133 Sneed. Ronald 109 Sneed. Teresa Sneed. Vickie Lane 133 Sparks. Jane Page 28.37.107 Spencer. Deamon 148 Spencer. Leon 148 Spencer. Maytene 120 Spicer. Holly 42.131.133 Spires. Jeralyn 48.1 20 Spires. Keven 148.72 Spoon. I red 48,121 Stapleton. Wilard Jackson 148 Staton. Marlene 28.107.67 Stotts. Anita Ann Stotts. Sheda 148 Stotts. Verne 11 91 Streeval. Ernie Dean 107 Streeval. Pamela Lynn 148 Sullivan. AI Tabor. Greg 133 Tarter. Kenneth Dale 133 Taylor. Bonda Dean 28,107.67 Taylor. Harold Douglas 148 Taylor. Phyllis Ann Taylor. Rhonda 28.107 Taylor. Ricky 148.72 Taylor. Robert 148,72 Taylor. Shecree 121.67 Tayse. Audrey 42.148 Tedder. Pam 121 Thacker. Peggy 47.148 Thomas. James D. 48.148 Thomas, Jeffrey 148 Thomas. Scott 133 Diompson. Ramona Jean 28.37,133.67 Thompson. Ricky 75.74 Thornton. Terri 121 Thorton. Micheal 72 TUlcr. Kim 37.41,148 Tiller. Vickie Lynn 121 Toms. Patsy 90 Troutt. Lorene 109 Tucker. Amelia Ann 148 Tucker. Darrell 148 Tucker, Georgina 108 Tucker. Neal W 121 Tucker. Sheila Anne I 33 Turner. Connie 108 Turner. Dency Turner. Glenn 148 Turner, Jackie 148 Turner. L. V. 148.73 Turner, Margaret 121 Turner. Mary Ann 37.121 Turner, Paul 121 Turner. Sharon Rose 41,39.38,76 Tutt. Theresa 37.47.148 Tweedy. Jeffery Wayne 48.148 Upchurch. Daniel 148.73 Vanarsdale. Ronald 48.148 Vance. Virginia Ann 149 Vaughan. Pat 35.88 Vaughn. Debra 99.108 Vaughn. Lewis Tony 148 Vincent. Cathy Jean 36.37.133 Vincent. Karen Deline 37,149 Vitrano. Mike 51.149 Wade. Tommy 149 Waggener. Ann 27.142,149.10.8 Waggener. Danny 63.14 Walker, Ann 27.149 Walker. Janet Lee 42,121 Walker. Marsha 89.38.56 Walker. Robert 108.73 Wall. Donnie 51,149 Wall. Gary 121 Warren. Juanita 91 Warren. Lana Marketha 133 Warren. Shelby Wayne 149 Warren. William Timothy 149 Watson, Jerry Thomas 48.1 33.75.74 Webb. David Paul 121.72 Webb. Elizabeth 89 Webb. Jcanetta Webb. Warren 89 Weddle. Lucinda Lea 108 Wells. William Gregory 108.8.62. 63,73.1 Wells. Suzanne 28.42.149 West. Nancy 28.149 Wethington. Barbara Sue Wethington, Billy Joe 121.64 Wethington. Charlotte Kay Wethington. Shirley Wheeler. Dottle Carol 133 Wheeler. Marshall 65.64 Whisman. Andy 45.108.38 White. John Steven 121.53 White. Larry Eduard 149 Whitney. Nanette 42.131.133 Wilcoxson. Jacqueline Lee 41.108 Wilkerson. Jeff 109.12 Wilkerson. Melanie Rena Willis, Charles Maurice 28.66.1 2.72 Willis. David 121 Willis. David Lee 149 W'iIIis, Jo Ann 37.133 Willis. Mark Wade 109 Willis. Steve 109 W illis. Susan 149 Willis. William 48.149 Wdson. Dwayne Wilson. Janie Wilson. Kathy Ann 133 Wilson. Kenny Dale 133 Wilson. Tamra Lynn 149 Winfrey. Phyllis Withers. Andy Withers. Vickie 42.149 Woody. Emma 90.33 Yarberry. Gaylon 44.45.90 Yarberry. Marilyn Pearl 121 Yarberry. Rocky 41.109 Young. Debra Elaine 47.149 172Flu epidemic, not energy crisis, causes school closings The energy crisis didn’t hinder many individual students from driv- ing their cars to school each morn- ing as usual. The student body as a whole suffered, however, because the gas allotment for the Pep Buses going to away ball games was cut drastically. Therefore student at- tendance at ballgames dropped. But school never had to be canceled due to the energy crisis, even though the inside temperature was cooler than what most students were ac- customed to. Surprisingly, then, school wasn’t canceled due to the gas shortage or very little even due to bad weather. But a rare source caused the closing of school for three days. This was the flu epidemic. Since almost one- fourth of the student body missed school because of illness, school was closed to keep the epidemic from spreading. As a result ill stu- dents were given a chance to re- cuperate and healthy students got a chance to enjoy a beautiful three day vacation the last week of Jan- uary. The crowded student parking lot showed that students still drove their cars to school. Some classrooms seemed rather vacant in January due to the vast number of stu- dents absent because of the flu epidemic. 173A.C.H.S. prepares seniors for the business world Freshmen have now shed the inferior feeling that they once seemed to get from upperclassmen when they met in the halls. Sophomores are both anxiously and eagerly awaiting their junior year which everyone says is so difficult yet so much fun at Adair County High. Juniors have already gotten that superior look about them. For seniors, however, it is a dif- ferent story because Adair County High has been a big part of their life for four years. But A.C.H.S. has sufficiently pre- pared them for the outer world. Many seniors will work at summer jobs that the county school system has provided while awaiting college in the fall. Some students that don’t plan to attend college have already been prepared for jobs by taking part in the vocational program offered by the school. Working to make grades high enough to join the Beta Club was the goal of some students. Here Sharon Turner inducts Glenna Beard while sophomores wait their turn to be inducted. All kinds of fashions were seen on both boys and girls since there was no strict code of dress at Adair County High. 174Getting all the free popcorn one could eat was reward enough for these students who worked at the popcorn machine during ballgames. Freddie Sneed shows Ricky Collins where to put the crepe paper while Mr. Feese helps the Class of 74 work on their prom. 175There was a very distinct bond be- tween student and teacher and even be- tween student and the school. This bond had been more apparent than it had ever been. Being a small school in a small town, students at Adair County High might not have had all the social excite- ment or all the opportunities that stu- dents in a larger school have, but we had something much more important. We had individuality. We were treated as indi- viduals; we weren’t just a number on a card. Outside viewers might have referred to Adair County High as an unexciting school with nothing happening, but we inside students knew that ... We really had something going To some students, classes didn’t seem so bad as long as they had break and lunch to spend with their special friends. Cupcake sales had been very common sights during the year. Here Tommy Corbin tries to sell Debbie Keltner some of the Key Club’s "special” cupcakes. 176

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