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Ada High SchoolSenior Portraits ... 5 Faculty ... 17 Activities ... 25 Clubs ... 41 Sports ... 59 Academics ... 89 Classes ... 99 Senior Section ... 121 3CLASS OF ’84 ■56 Senior PortraitsTamara Renee Crozier Senior Portraits 78 Senior PortraitsSenior Portraits 9Teresa Jane Mullins 10 Senior Portraits■I Steven D. Nichols Senior Portraits 11Kimberly Jo Staley 12 Senior PortraitsMichael Duane Staley Senior Portraits 1314 Senior PortraitsJulie Ann Woodruff Senior Portraits 15Jeff Dearth Daniel Ethan Evans Lee Alan Fensler Jennifer Ann Gordon Harlene Sue Hopson Cicely Robin Laing Carl Neier Roxanne Lynn Parshall Timothy A. Rayl Anthony Michael Rinaldi Phillip J. Singer Lora Ann Woods CLASS MOTTO Life awaits . .. a mystery Class officers: Kevin Plaugher. Vice Pres.. Teresa Mullins. Secretary, Beth Roberson. Treasurer, Scott Archer, President. 16ADMINISTRATION The Board of Education’s primary functions are to hire and release new teachers, to appropriate money for new equipment, and to approve new salaries. The Board s dedicated hours have insured the students and faculty a prosperous future. Top right: Board of Education members: Mr. Joe Saltzman. Mr. William Griffith. Mr. William Robinson. Mrs. Ann Haight, and Mrs. Joanne Kindle. Middle left: Mr. William Robinson. President of the Board of Education. Middle right: Mrs. Joanne Kindle. Vice President of the Board. Bottom right Mr. Saltzman and Mr. Griffith discuss important material brought before the Board. Below Mr Gene Fries. Superintendent of Ada Exempted Vilhage Schools. 18 AdministrationMs. Peggy Davis Mrs. Maxine McBride Mrs. Betty Quattrocchi Mrs. Mary Vanatta Administration 19FACULTY 20 FacultyFaculty 2122 FacultyFaculty 23Helping Hands Cooks The aromatic odors fill the halls letting the students know that lunch is not far away. Everyday from September to May our dedicated cooks are hard at work preparing meals for our 900 students each day. Top right: Top row: Margery Spar. Doris McBride. Janice Dearth. Front row: Bev Rogers. Mable Hathaway. Violetta Fox. and Evelyn Epley. Janitors Someone is always asking, "Where's Earl?" "Have you seen Arden?” "Was Bob just through?" "Harold, where are you?” "Is Jack still here?" This group of fine men make-up our dedicated janitorial staff. Earl Baughman Arden Crawford Bus Drivers Thanks goes to the superior job of our bus drivers who drive the same route twice a day. 180 days a year. Janice Dearth Vivian Richards Bev Spar Sam Tong Nancy Wagner Judy Williams Harold Music Bob Shields 24 Cooks. Janitors, and Bus DriversROBERSON CROWNED QUEEN Homecoming 1983 got off to a great start with the announcement of the Homecoming Court. Thursday night the bonfire psyched up everyone for the game. The Senior High Band led the parade, while the pre-game festivities included the crowning of the Queen. The game climaxed with a vicious battle between the Bulldogs and Spencerville. The activities came to a close Saturday night with the Homecoming Dance. Everyone had a terrific time as they danced to the music of Sound Wave. The 1983 Homecoming was a big success. Above: Haulie and Cheryl sway to the mu- Top right: Michelle boogies down sic Above: Amy and Matt are having a one wild and crazy time 26 HomecomingTop: The Homecoming Court: Caroline Ze-hender. Teresa Mullins. Beth Roberson. Susan Berton. Jane Davis. Deeann Turner Above: Deeann and Kurt flash their smiles for the camera Above: Cam and Amber make a cute couple Homecoming 27HOMETOWN HOEDOWN The Sadie Hawkins Dance took place January 6, 1984. It was held in the multipurpose room and sponsored by Student Council. The great music everyone danced to was provided by Soundwave. Marriage ceremonies were provided by Mr. and Mrs. Knoble. Everyone had a terrific time and all was a success. Above: April and Sonny in a clench Top right: Matt and Karen sway to the music At right: Lisa is having a high ole' time Far right: Mark and Cyndee tie the knot 28 Sadie Hawkins DanceLIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Elaborate costumes, excellent singing and acting, late practices, and lost of hard work went into the staging of the Ada High School production "MAME". "MAME" took place March 23 and 24 under the direction of Lynn Knoble and Dean McDowell with assistance from Jeff Bowman of Lima. The show tells the story of Marne Dennis and her philosophy of life, which is to “live"! She "inherits" her 10-year old nephew, Patrick, when his father suddenly passes away. We watch Patrick grow into a man, while Marne remains constant. Laughter, applause, and standing ovations topped off this production staged by the Music Department. Top: Andrea Traster goes through the rigors of make-up and styling. Left Miss Vogel helps recreate Clint Rex into the Oriental Ito. Above: Elizabeth Graham completes some necessary and last-minute behind-the scenes work. Musical 29MAME TAKES THE STAGE! The Cast: Patrick Dennis. Jim Neis-wander; Agnes Gooch. Jenny Gordon; Vera Charles. Andrea Traster; Mame Dennis. Jane Napier; Ralph Devine, Kent Oliver. Bishop. Mark Ryan; Lindsay Woolsey. Karl Oliver; Ito. Clint Rex; Doorman. Steve Nichols; Elevator boy. Dave Keller; Messenger. Mark Ryan; Dwight Babcock. John Telles; Artist, Dave Keller. Art Model. Dana Shult; Dance Teacher. Stephanie Shull: Dancers. Vicki Chambers. Shelly Pitts. DeeAnn Turner. Melissa Hawbecker; Bartender. Keith Vermillion; Firemen, Karl Oliver. Kent Oliver; Leading Man. Mark Stier; Stage Manager. Dave Keller Madame Branislowski. Kelly Kindle; Gregor, Ben Stobbe; Beauregard J.P. Burnside. Joe Wauben; Uncle Jeff. Bob Game; Cousin Fran. Melissa Hawbecker; Sally Cate. Stacia Fisher Mother Burnside. Starlene Wright; Plantation Dancers. Kelly Kindle. Stephanie Shull. DeeAnn Turner. Shelly Pitts, Cherie Oates. Jill Davis. Kent Oliver. Karl Oliver. Kevin Plaugher. Mark Ryan. Dave Keller. Ben Stobbe: Patrick Dennis (19-29). Kevin Plaugher; Junior Babcock. Dave Keller; Mr Upson. Ben Stobbe; Gloria Upson. Lisa Smith; Pe-geen Ryan. Jill Davis; Peter Dennis. Matt Heister; Chorus Extras. DeeAnn Turner. Sherie Oates. Shelly Pitts. Dana Shult. Susan Berton. Martha Evans.The Orchestra: Piano: Amy Siekerman; Saxophones: David Lusk. Ada Faculty; Lisa Wiley. Curt Mathewson. Bluffton H.S.; Clarinets: Mitzi Murphy. Tami Creps. Bluff-ton H.S.; Flute: Mindy West; Violin: Megan Shult; Cello: Wendy Chappell, Bluffton H.S.. Trumpets: Phil Wilson. Bluffton Faculty; David Dunbar. 0 N.U.. Sheri Mathewson; Trombones: Brenda Deringer. Jean Baughman. Eric Turner; Percussion: Jim Barker; Banjo Mandolm: Todd Klmgler. Opposite Page: Top — "MAME" cast and crew. Bottom left — Young Patrick Dennis and Agnes Gooch arrive in the big city. Bottom right — Joe Wauben and Kelly Kindle make a dazzling duo. Stage Crew: Gail Perusek. Teresa Nellis. Michele Rhoades. Elizabeth Graham. John Lissner. Dee Dee Wolber. Charles Simpson. Make-up: Design. Gwen Dunster; Crew: Julie Vogel. Beth Eiblmg. Cathy Counts. Amy Chandler. Sheri Wince. Roxanne Parshall. Hair design: Melanie Murphy. Lazarus Hair Design Top: Eric Turner. Jean Baughman and Brenda Deringer add their musical finesse. Middle left: Jane Napier and Andrea Tras-ter discuss friendship. Middle right: Members of the cast are carted off to jail. Bottom: Andrea and her entourage! Musical 31ADA FEASTS ON MUSIC Above: The Junior High Choir swings to the Top middle: Varsity Singers show their beat stuff Top right: Sherry concentrates as the flags perform Above: Drum major Jenny directs the band The seventh annual Music Feast was held November 12, 1983. A steak dinner was served while various music groups performed. The Ada Junior and Senior High Bands and Choirs performed along with the girls ensemble and several soloists. The big attraction was the swing choirs. The evening was topped off with our very own Varsity Singers. 32 Music FeastSENIORS CAPTURE INTERCLASS November 18. 1983 marked the date of the 78th annual Interclass Competition. Representatives from the Sophomore. Junior and Senior classes participated in the essay, short story, reading and oration categories. They were then judged and the winners were announced. The Seniors having won in the most categories took the overall prize. ESSAY Mitch Stansloski Michelle Miller Andrea Traster SHORT STORY Cathy Counts •Shobhna Shah Heather Saffell ORATION •Jeff Johnson John Telles Lisa Smith READING •Jenny Gordon Jill Davis •designates winners Above: Jill entertains with her reading Top left: The winners: Jeff Johnson. Shobhna Shah. Jenny Gordon. Mitch Stansloski Far right: Jenny captivates the audience At right: Andrea expresses her story Interclass 33GO, FIGHT, WIN Spirit Week 1984 arrived at AHS in a mad flurry of crepe paper, basketballs, quick brain-storming for skit ideas, and general chaos. During the week of January 16-20, each class competitively challenged each other in these categories: decorations, skit, and spirit. Having the highest combined score, Sophomores captured the trophy. The week came to an end as the Bulldogs battled with Columbus Grove. 34 Spirit WeekDECORATIONS: SENIORS SKIT: SEVENTH GRADE SPIRIT: SOPHOMORES Spirit Week 35Teachers The faculty-student council soft-ball game, held at the park May 22, was a defensive battle all the way. Try as they might, the council couldn't hold back the "Oldies but Goodies". Under the leadership of Coach Clum and the pitching prowess of Coach Ward, the faculty finished the game with a 4-1 victory over the council. Congratulations to both teams on a super job! At right: Members of the spirited faculty team break huddle. Top Defensive Duel! Top left: Steve Nichols is out as Coach Hay handles first base. Bottom left: Mrs. Davis shows great batting form when striking. Center: Cindy Gossel completes her swing but the ball is still there! - • Ca; Above: Coach Hawkins makes the play as Coach Clum backs him up. 36 Faculty Student Council SoftballJUNIORS IN ACTION The juniors sprung into action Saturday April 28th, decorating the ballroom. Spreading tablecloths, twisting streamers, and hanging stars are just a few of the things they did. All the hard work paid-off because the decorations were terrific! At left: Hard work gets the job done Bottom left: Dana helps with the tablecloths. Above: Amber has a sticky job. At left Missy sizes up the situation. Prom Set-up 37ALMOST PARADISE April 28th marked the date of the 1984 Ada High School Prom. The dance was held in the ballroom of McIntosh Center. In the midst of angel hair and balloons, couples swayed to the music of disc jockey Al Macre. From 1:00 to 4:00 P.M. people played pool, bowled, watched movies, and had a great time at after-prom. This year's prom was the "paradise'' that many will never forget. 38 PromSPECIAL Doug Griffith The 1983 Ohio FFA Convention held in April marked the election of Doug Griffith to West Sectional Vice President of the Ohio FFA Association. He joined 13 other people on a team representing nearly 20.000 FFA members in Ohio. This team attended a two-day officer training session held in May, and later participated in a National Leadership Conference which five state officer teams attended. Doug was a counselor at FFA Camp Muskingum and represented FFA at the Ohio State Fair and Farm Science Review. He also represented Ohio at the National FFA Convention held in Kansas City. Missouri. Doug visited 16 FFA chapters and spoke at over 20 banquets and other activities. The highlight of the year was the 1984 Ohio FFA Convention as he participated in many parts of the program. It was an unforgettable year! SENIORS Tonya Welch I left for Australia on January 22, 1984. I'm an exchange student with the Youth for Understanding Student Exchange program. It is a nonprofit international student exchange organization which fosters greater international understanding by enabling young people to have an overseas family living experience. I will be living with a host family for a year in Wentworth, New South Wales. Australia. I will be living on a sheep station that consists of 34.000 acres and is 40km from the nearest town. The station's name is Hazeldell Station. The family's names are Maxwell and Wilma Fol-lett. and my host brother's and sister's names are Murray and Helen Follett. I will live in Australia from January 24, 1984 until around December 20. 1984. 40 Doug and TonyaA.H.S. Council The Student Council is a governing body that organizes activities and initiates legislation to promote school spirit and facilitate relations between students and faculty. Among the activities sponsored by Student Council are Homecoming, the Sadie Hawkins Dance, basketball concessions for all home games. Carnation Day, Interclass, Senior Honor Awards Dessert, and the Student Council Faculty softball game in the spring. Council also sponsors all activities of the National Honor Society. Above left: Jenny Gordon presides over a council meeting. Above center: Linda Oates appears to be discussing a pressing issue. Bottom: Council members Row 1: Coleen Griffin, Linda Oates. Cindy Gossel. Shaun MacEachen. Row 2: Chris Mmich, Vicki Campbell. Timbre Brown. Kurt Klmgler. Amber Brown. Amy Siekerman. Megan Shult. Sue Stahl. Row 3: Cam Nelson. Kevin Plaugher. Jenny Gordon, Advisor Mr Lusk. Steve Nichols. Julie Woodruff. Ted Griffith. Top right: A look of contemplation passes over Ted Griffith. Center right: Council officers include. Mr Lusk, advisor. Amy Siekerman. Timbre Brown. Jenny Gordon, Kevin Plaugher. and Amber Brown Bottom right Megan Shult and Chris Mm-ich listen attentively. 42 Student CouncilHONORS! HONORS! The National Honor Society is an organization composed of students with a grade point average of 3.4 or higher. These students are also active in music, athletics, and various clubs and activities. At left: Senior Susan Berton lights her candle and prepares to honor an underclassman. Middle left: Newly inducted member Jane Davis takes her place on stage Middle right: Current members Row 1: Michelle Massillo. Kelly Kindle. Elizabeth Graham. Jenny Gordon. Row 2: Mr. Lusk. Mitch Stansloski. Lisa Wiley. Vicki Chambers. Susan Berton. Theresa Mullins. Jeff Johnson. Row 3: Mark Morrell. Beth Cassell. Molly Coe. Melanie Cole. Kevin Plaugher. Above Newly-inducted members Above: Mrs. Coe serves punch to members Row 1 Timbre Brown. Jane Napier. Shobbna Shah. Melissa Hawbecker. Jane Davis. and their parents. Michele Miller. Amber Brown. Row 2: John Telles. Mitzi Murphy. Mindy West. Kenny Smith. Amy Siekerman. Susan Mmich. National Honor Society 43Science Club The members of the 1983-84 Science Club enjoyed a wide variety of activities throughout the year. Projects consisted of basketball concessions, science demonstrations and hosting the Ada Science Fair. Field trips included a three-day excursion to Chicago and a visit to Kings Island. Top: Scientists Jon Lissner. Doug Griffith and Jeff Johnson share a moment of technological wisdom Middle left: Mr Neff serves as advisor for the science club Middle right: Officers Kevin Wildman. Amy Chandler, and Mitch Stansloski. Bottom right: Darren Peltier examines information about a field trip. Row 1: Carolyn Zehender. April Harned. John Magee. Brian Young. Amy Chandler. Kevin Wildman. Melissa Hawbecker. Kevin Plaugher. Jane Napier. Mitch Stansloski. Gail Peru-sek. Cam Nelson. Mike Meyer. Row 2: Brenda Dermger. Luke Johansen. Ted Griffith. Clint Rex. Jean Baughman. Dana Shult. David Zimmerly. Missy Stier. Matt Cole. Jenny Downer. Mary Jump. Brent M yer. Row 3: Angela Blackburn. Derek Moore. David Keller. Wes Milks. Jon Lissner. Mark Johansen. Darren Peltier.HOLA BONJOUR HOLA BONJOUR HOLA The Ballet Folklorico. famous dancers at Findlay College. Dinner from Bandito's typical Mexican menu. Individual T-shirts with combined French and Spanish logos. All of these treats were enjoyed by members of the Language Club under the supervision of Spanish instructor Karen Minto. Money for these and other projects was made through the paperback book sales available throughout the high school. Top: Evidently, two heads are better than one as Amy Siekerman and Shobhna Shah collaborate Center: Advisor. Mrs. Minto. Chris Minich. Kim Dyer, Trudy Dearth, Ruth Santa Cruz. Jean Baughman. Jennifer Minich. Megan Shult. Shobhna Shah. Mindy West. Amy Siekerman. Bottom: "Sounds like Greek to me!" is the expressi6n Mindy West portrays. Language Club 45SHH! Every year a large number of Ada’s students, grades 7 through 12. voluntarily give up study hall time to work in the libraries. Supervised by librarian Julie Vogel, these aides perform such tasks as checking materials in and out. shelving, maintaining the vertical file and helping to locate materials. Top: High School Library: (seated) Julie Cook. Andrea Campoli. (middle) Dick Reichenbach. LeAnn Plaugher. Coleen Griffin. Kim Heath. Erica Erickson. Leslie Allen. Miss Vogel, (back) Andy Guide-beck. Lisa Park. DeNita Wolfley. Jill Epley. Jim Ward. Center: Elementary Library: Dick Reichenbach. Andy Guidebeck. Deyonka Holbrook. Melinda Weller. Alissa Boedicker. LeAnn Plaugher reigns over the circulation desk. 46 LibrariansMay I Help You? Above Row 1: Traci Weihrauch, Stacia Fisher, Mrs. Kent, LeeAnn Klingler, Shari Mathewson, Sherry Kindle. Michelle Massillo, Roxanne Parshall. Cathy Counts, Vicki Chambers. Michele Runser. Row 2: Dan Evans. Beth Eibling. John Telles, Rob Counts. Top lett Guidance workers Darla Battels, Ms Davis, Deb Raw-don In addition to the organized and dedicated efforts of Jackie Kent, high school secretary, the offices are kept running smoothly by many well-trained office workers. These students, under the direction of Mrs. Kent and Peg Davis, guidance counselor, man the telephones, keep the mail moving, ease the load of paperwork and act as gofers. Their efforts and professional attitudes are appreciated by students, faculty, and administrators. Top right: Ms Davis and Beth Roberson. Middle left: Sherry Kindle signs in upperclassmen as they return from lunch. Bottom right: Michelle Massillo checks the attendance book.Shh! Secret Admirers Cakes and cookies. Balloons and posters. Roses and scrapbooks. All of these special surprises were the work of the Secret Admirers. To encourage the football team before each game, these ladies baked and decorated all week to prepare for Friday. The season’s finale was the traditional spaghetti supper. Top Bulldog coaches appear to enjoy the homemade pasta. Below: Advisor Carey Clum with officers Sherry Kindle and Vicki Chambers. Middle. Missy Stier stirs spaghetti — fun! Middle right: Susan Mmich and Lori Weih-rauch get to eat. too! Bottom Row 1: Sherry Kindle. Vicki Chambers. Row 2 Michelle Massillo. Kelly Kindle. Tonya Welch. Row 3: Tammy Crozier. Julie Woodruff. Beth Eibling. Michele Rhoades. Cathy Counts. Row 4 Michele Runser. Amy Lewis. Lori Weihrauch. Jane Davis. Susan Mmich. Missy Stier. Row 5: Stephanie Shull. Linda Counts. Chris Mm-ich. Tammy Howard. Kari Crozier. Martha Evans. Starlene Wright. Row 6: Shelly Pitts. Kim Pederson. DeeAnn Turner. Gina Rinaldi. Karin Kindle. Jodi Wince. Sherri Wince. Andrea Traster. Row 7: Beth Young. Traci Weirauch. Sharon Gibson. Traci Fish. Kerri Reiter. LeAnn Klmgler. Row 8: Dorothy Hakm. Tammi Mummaugh. Jennifer Mmich. Laurie Epley.Top: Julie Tyson. Holly Beckley and DeNita Wolfley raise hands and voices Above: The Girls' Ensemble Row 1: Coleen Griffin. Holly Fries, Amy Simmons. Geri Kipker. Row 2: Valerie Reissig. Kerrie Scheff. Ann Reitz. Julie Tyson. LeAnn Plaugher. Above Mixed Ensemble Row 1: Peggy Gordon, Holly Fries. Valerie Reissig. Kristine Hanratty. Row 2: LeAnn Compton. Brian Nell. Drew Peltier. Shawn Fisher, Ann Reitz Top right: Accompanists LeAnn Compton and Sarbon Bhattacharya. Bottom right: Chris Wire. Kevin Moser, and Ernie Daugherty get with the music. Makin’ Music The Junior High Chorus was formed this year with 65 students m grades 7 and 8 participating. They performed at Music Feast. Valentine's Day Concert, and their Spring Concert. They participated in various ensembles competitions with all receiving superior ratings. They also participated in the Junior High Choral Competition at New Bremen. The seventh graders were chosen as one of 40 groups to perform at the Ohio Music Educators' Conference out of 140 auditions. They traveled to Cincinnati and received "rave reviews". Jr. High Chorus 49SING, SING, SING The Ada High School Choir entered the 1983-84 school year with 101 voices. The Varsity Singers consists of 24 voices. The Music Department hosted the sixth annual Music Feast with the concert choir and many swing choirs from the area performing fine shows. The Concert Choir also performed at the Christmas Concert, District III Choir Competition, where they received a superior rating which qualified them for State Competition where they received an excellent rating, and the Spring Fever Follies. The Varsity Singers performed for many area organizations, churches, and high school invita-tionals. They also participated in two Ohio Swing Choir Competitions. 50 Concert ChoirTop: 1983-84 Varsity Singers: First row: Timbre Brown. Joe Wauben. Andrea Tras-ter. Mark Stier. Jenny Gordon; Second row: Vicki Chambers. Starlene Wright. Bob Game. Dee Dee Wolber. Mrs. Knoble. Stephanie Shull. Scott Mullins. John Telles. David Keller; Third row Mike Meyer. Kent Oliver. Jane Napier. Kurt Klmgler. Dana Shult. Kevin Plaugher. Ambre Brown. Jill Davis, and Karl Oliver Middle: Jenny and Ambre show a little razz-a-ma-tazz. Lower left: Melissa and Scott lead the processional. Lower middle: Joe dazzles the audience Below: Joe singing his solo. Varsity Singers 51The band continued their activities with performances at the Hardin Co. Fair. Feature Band at the Bluffton-O.N.U Football Game, O.N.U. Homecoming Parade and shows at all of Ada's football games. The marching band also competed at two O.M.E.A. sanctioned competitions. First at Lake H.S. and second at Sandusky Per- kins H.S. Receiving Excellent ratings at both competitions, the band returned home with trophies for drum majors Jenny Gordon and Elizabeth Graham, as well as placing high in percussion and flags. The band finished the year with a review of their music at music feast. 52 Marching Band Top: Drum majors: Elizabeth Graham and Jenny Gordon. Middle: The band plays a tune for the victory bound spectators. Above: Deeann Turner is ready to perform. Bottom — left: Amy Corle gets in rythum. Bottom — right: Amber Brown concentrates on doing her best. MUSICAL MARCH- ING BAND The Ada High School Marching Band started off the year with band camp in August to prepare for the F M Picnic and Allen County Fair shows. They celebrated the end of band camp with an awards picnic and swim party at the park.BAND RECEIVES SUPERIOR The band prepared for concert season with a combined band choir Christmas concert. Continuing its tradition of excellence, the band received a Superior rating at Band Contest. Ada was the only band to qualify from Hardin County. The year concluded with a concert and the band's participation at State Contest. Top: The Ada H.S. Concert Band is concert. Middle: The trumpet section hard at work Bottom — Right: Kerri Reiter creates a musical tune on her horn. Below. Cam Nelson and Gail Perusek provide percussion back-up. Concert Band 53JAZZ AND PEP The main task of the Ada High School Jazz Band is to provide back-up music for the Varsity Singers. This years performances include Music Feast and all the swing choir competitions. These musicians also performed in the musical "Marne. Top: Pep Band Row 1: Meagan Shult. Mr. McDowell. Paul Saffell. Row 2: Brian Nell. Ted Griffith. David Keller. Lauri Epley. Susan Stahl. Sheri Math-ewson. Starlene Wright. Amy Siekerman. Row 3: Mindy West. Cindy Gossel. Heather Saffell. Kerri Reiter. Sabori Bhattacharya. Karl Oliver. Row 4. Scott Mullins. Joe Bruskotter. Dee-Dee Wolber. Lisa Wiley. Sheri Wince. Sandy Stahl. Row 5 Becky Ramsey. Eric Turner. Clint Rex. Brenda Dermger. Kent Oliver. Jean Baughman. Middle left: Jazz Band members include Paul Saffell. Brenda Deringer. Amy Siekerman. Mr. McDowell. Megan Shult. Sheri Mathewson. Ted Griffith. Above: Paul Saffell concertrates on ' keeping the beat”. Middle right: Lisa Wiley and Karl Oliver represented Ada as District band members. Above: Sheri Mathewson demonstrates her musical talents. 54 Jazz Pep BandJr. High Band A Learning Experience This year’s Junior High band included a large number of 7th and 8th grade students, many of whom participated in solo and ensemble competition. All musicians received excellents and superiors. The band also performed concerts in February and May. Top left: Members of the woodwind section practice, practice, practice. Top right: Jodi Dearth appears to enjoy her musical experience. Below Row 1 Rachel Meyer. Jodi Dearth. Sarbori Bhattacharya. Row 2: LeAnn Compton. Amy Curtis. Amy Shroyer. Mindy Murphy. Shawn Fisher. Bridgett Sutherly. Virginia Reichenbach. Holly Fries. Julie Tyson. Kristine Hanratty. Row 3 Debbie West. Chris Long. Monica Chambers. Vickie Loop. Ann Reitz. Kevin Rex. Geri Kipker. David Ring. Angie Newland. Valerie Reissig. DeNita Wolfley. Brian Fletcher. Scott Gonder. Todd Robinson. Coleen Griffin. Row 4 Leslie Allen. Beth Bradertscher. Heather Price. LeeAnn Plaugher. Amy Simmons. Cindy Gossel. Brian Nell. Nichole Epley. Troy Thacker. Eric Robirds. David Anthony. Chad Brubaker. Karen Faulkner. Kevin Moser. Eric Turner. Matt Klingler. Ryan Simon. Becky Ramsey. Row 5: Mr McDowell. Peggy Gordon. Kalin Dyer. Brian Stull. Eric Rudisill. Chris Doner. Jay Wildman. Brent Dye. Chris Wire. Chris Barga. Daryl Neff. Chanda Fitzpatrick. Holly Beckley. Drew Peltier. Jr. High Band 55LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL Every Thursday after school hard working Annual Staffers can be found in Mrs. Davis's room creating a new yearbook. To make long deadlines seem shorter the staff "LETS THE GOOD TIMES ROLL" by having pizza parties every now and then. All of the members work hard to meet their deadlines, while learning layout and design. To finance the cost of the yearbook the staff sold ads to local businesses, worked concessions at the basketball games, and sold Christmas ornaments. Top: Cyndee. is that you behind all that pizza ? ? Above: Representative. Will Weprich. "Cuts Up." Middle left: Kara helps out by typing type sheets Middle right: Tammy crops pictures for the band page Bottom: First row: Amy Siekerman. Mrs. Davis. Beth Eibling: Second row: Susan In-mon. Tammy Mumaugh. John Telles. Charles Simpson. Kim Dyer. Karl Oliver. Cyndee Dye. Mark Ryan. Jenny Minich. Megan Shult: Third row: Lisa Wiley. Kent Oliver: Absent: Kara Dyer. Ben Stobbe. Thad Welch. 56 Annual StaffTop: Beth and Susan work on the layout for Homecoming. Middle left: Staff Photographers: First row: Beth Eiblmg. Lisa Wiley: Second row: John Telles. Ben Stobbe. Mark Ryan; Absent: Thad Welch. Kent Oliver, and Karl Oliver Middle right: Rud a dub. dub two editors in the tub! Amy Siekerman. Co-Editor. Beth Eibling. Editor. Bottom left: Mrs Davis looks confused. Bottom right: Thad helps Tammy with a difficult layout. Annual Staff 57Farming Fun and Profit In these days of technological agriculture. farming is a science as well as a business. Future Farmers of America is a club for persons interested in mechanical, technical or professional careers in agriculture. Ada High School’s FFA participates in many local, state, and national activities and also works to enhance the school and community through various projects. Top: Last year's queen. Marlene Jump, crowns the 1984 FFA queen. Martha Evans. Middle left: Dan Evans is congratulated as he receives another FFA award. Middle right: FFA officers include Dick Rei-chenbach. Doug Griffith, (kneeling). John Saltzman. Stacia Fisher. Tonya Welch. Dan Wagner. Dan Evans. Jerry Saltzman. (standing). At left: Dan Wagner prepares for an FFA basketball game against USV. Above: Row 1: Ted Griffith. Brian Jarrell. Jerry Saltzman. Dan Evans. Dan Wagner. Tonya Welch. Stacia Fisher. John Saltzman. Dick Reichenbach. Row 2: Gary Reese. Mike Paugh. Sam Khoary. Advisor Mr. Feeser. Kent Everhart. Lee Fensler. Derek Brown. Dave Hopson. Steve Sous-ley. Neal Lawrence. Row 3: Louis Docter. Paul Morrell. Jerry Hopson. Brent Burris. Matt Toland. Todd Wyss. 58 FFA ( ) CL o cr i— GODOGS SINK PIRATES! The Ada H.S. Bulldogs concluded the season with a three-game winning streak. The Ada squad sank the Bluffton Pirates in a come from behind rally to begin the blaze of wins. Down 14-0 in the first half, the Dogs scored two touchdowns in the last half to win the game 16-14. Next, the Bulldogs sheared the U.S.V. Rams 20-7 with two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. To round out the season, the squad sailed the field to post a 20-13 victory over Indian Lake. The Purple and Gold took command early and scored their points in the first three quarters. The A.H.S. football team finished the season with a record of 3-5-2. Varsity Football Ada — L Kenton — W Ada — T Perry — T Ada — L Allen East — W Ada — L Paulding — W Ada — L Spencerville — W Ada — T Delphos Jeff. — T Ada — I Col. Grove — W Ada — W Bluffton — L Ada — W U.S.V. — L Ada — W Indian Lake — L J.V. Football Ada — L Perry — W Ada — L Allen East — W Ada — L Spencerville — W Ada — L Delphos — W Ada — L Col. Grove — W Ada — L Bluffton — W Ada — W US.V. — L Top: Dogs sink the Pirate attack. Above: Coach Clum and Coach McConnell offer valuable advice. 60 Varsity J.V. FootballLeft: Ada Defense takes a time-out. Below — left: The Bulldog Offense carries the pigskin for yardage Below: Scott Archer charges with the ball as the offense blocks the oncoming Pirates Left: Two Pirates surround one lone Bull dog. Varsity J.V. Football 61The Bulldog Junior High football team had some rough times on the gridiron to end the 1983-84 season with a 1-4 record. The hard knocks may prove to be of valuable experience though as the players move on in their football careers. The highlight of the short season came with a decisive romp over the U.S.V. Rams as the Junior High Dogs blitzed them in an 18-0 victory. Tough Season For Jr. Dogs Ada — L Kenton —W Ada — L Allen East — W Ada — L Perry — W Ada — W U.S.V. — L Ada — L Bluffton — W Top left: Quarterback Gary Wright pitches the ball to Matt Klingler as Tommy Williams comes up for the block Top right: The offensive huddle receives instructions from quarterback Gary Wright. Above: The offense prepares to gain yardage. 62 Junior High FootballGO DOGS GO! Three squads of cheerleaders, Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Junior High, encouraged the Ada Bulldog football teams and fans throughout the football season. Advisors for this year were Kathy Kent (Var., J.V.) and Judy Smith (Jr. Hi.). Members of the Varsity squad: Timbre Brown. Amy Chandler. Lisa Smith. Stacie Fisher. Michelle Smith and Angela Blackburn huddle around the Ada Bulldog Mascot. (Top) In spite of wind and cold, the cheering goes on. (Center) Shari Wyss and Angie Newland keep in time as they get the fans ready for a Junior High game (Bottom left) Stacie Fisher takes a lollipop break! (Bottom right) The Junior High squad manages a mount during a pause in the play. At top is Shari Wyss. and Kerrie Scheff. Bottom row includes Angela Smith. Angie Newland. and Debbie West Fall Cheerleading 63"To accomplish great things — we must not only act, but also dream — not only plan, but have the DESIRE!" Our Varsity Volleyball team did just that. The Lady Bulldogs brought to Ada its first Varsity Northwest Conference Volleyball Championship. The team had their best overall record in our school's history with a 17-4 final and a 10-1 conference record. Special awards were lavished on the players with District Eight recognition going to Michele Runser, first team, Missy Wolber, honorable mention, and Teresa Mullins, District Eight game. All-league team honors for the Northwest Conference went to Mullins and Runser, first team, and Wolber, honorable mention. Michele was also named District Eight coaches' All-Ohio Class A player of the year. Individual school recognitions included captain awards to Susan Berton, and Teresa Mullins, Bulldog Playmaker awards to Shelly Rohrer and Mindy Wolber, and Michele Runser and Missy Wolber as Most Valuable Players. DESIRE '83 fop: Susan Berton stretches for the return. Bottom left: Coach Ward and the Lady Bulldogs get set. 64 Volleyball Bottom right: Michele Runser serves it up!Ada vs. Cory Rawson 3-13 8-15 Ada vs. Perry 16-14 15-12 Ada vs. Perry 15-11 15-9 Ada vs. Kalida 15-2 15-8 Ada vs. Ridgemont 15-3 15-2 Ada vs. Bluffton 15-3 7-15 15-7 Ada vs. Bluffton 15-2 15-3 Ada vs. Allen East 9-1515-9 15-8 Ada vs. Allen East 15-12 15-10 Ada vs. Col. Grove 15-10 9-15 15-11 Ada vs. Col. Grove 15-9 15-12 Ada vs. U.S.V. 12-15 15-10 11-15 Ada vs. Bath 15-9 8-15 15-2 Ada vs. L.C.C. 15-12 17-15 Ada vs. Hard. North. 6-15 12-15 Ada vs. Arlington 15-8 15-6 Ada vs. U.S.V. 15-1 17-15 Ada vs. Kenton 15-3 8-15 15-11 NORTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPS 10-1 Managers. Trainers and Statisticians. Top left: Missy Wolber sets up a return. Top right: Time Out! Michele Runser and Tonya Standing Marm Bruno. Kerri Reiter. Kim Welch exchange words of wisdom. Center: Another victory chalked up to the Lady Staley. Michele Miller. Becky Ramsey. Bulldogs. Kneeling: Vicki Chambers. Tonya Welch. Volleyball 65■ ■ ■ The Winning Continues The Junior Varsity edition of the Lady Bulldogs not only continued the varsity winning streak but maintained their own winning tradition as well. The Junior Varsity volleyball squad brought home its second conference title in two years with a final season record of 9-1 in the Northwest Conference and 13-1 overall. Top left: Wendy Morrell goes to the net Top right: Beth Young perfects the serving while her teammates back her up. form. Ada vs. Cory Rawson 15-0 15-5 Ada vs Perry 11-15 15-5 13-15 Ada vs Ridgemont 15-5 15-2 Ada vs. Bluffton 15-1 15-2 Ada vs. Allen East 15-7 14-16 15-12 Ada vs. Col. Grove 15-9 15-4 Ada vs U.S.V. 15-5 15-12 Ada vs Perry 15-3 15-6 Ada vs Kalida 15-9 15-9 Ada vs. Allen East 15-5 15-10 Ada vs. Bluffton 15-2 15-11 Ada vs Col. Grove 15-4 15-5 Ada vs. U.S.V. 15-1 15-11 Ada vs. Kenton 15-7 7-15 15-7 NORTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPS — 9-1 -3 Above: Chris Minich sets up the return while Jane Davis gets ready At right: DeeDee Wolber prepares the ball for a teammember spike! 66 J.V. VolleyballRUN! RUN! RUN! The 1983 Cross Country team was unable to compete in team events most of the year due to injuries and an insufficient number of team members. However. competing individually, the Bulldog runners worked hard and showed improvement throughout the season. The team was led by senior Steve McKinley who advanced to the District Meet. Celma Spencerville Invitational Ada-Alien East-Spencerville Lima Area Meet Ada-Lincolnview — Cory Rawson Leipsic Meet Riverdale Invitational Hardin County Meet “ .1 V . Vh ■ . t i Top left: Members of the Bulldog team brace the wind as they get set on the starting line. Middle left: Ben Stobbe catches up as his opponent glances back. Bottom left: Pat Simon passes! Above right: Steve McKinley passes through the finish gate Cross Country 67SENIORS SPARK SEASON Under the impressive leadership of three senior captains, Kevin Plaugher, Mark Stier, and Dan Evans. the 1983-84 Ada Bulldog Varsity basketball team completed a difficult season with a final 9-13 team record. This year's squad consisted of a dedicated group of hard-working young men. Although the win-loss record was not what they had hoped, the athletes gave 100% every game and were outstanding representatives of Ada High School. Highlights during the season included victories over Lima Perry and Bath and the tournament win over Ridge-mont. The MVP's for this year were Mark Stier and Kevin Plaugher. with Kevin also taking First Team AII-NWC and District "8" All-Star honors. Top: Mark Stier releases the shot while Kevin Plaugher blocks out for a rebound. Left: Coach Hawkins gives quick instructions while Dan Evans contemplates the advice. Center: Kevin Plaugher puts up a jump shot. Right: Todd Music neatly handles the lump ball. 68 Varsity BasketballTop left: Todd looks for the opening. Center The video-tape crew consists of Kevin Wildman and Wes Milks. Bottom left: Managers and statisticians include (standing) Tim Lawrence. James Andrade. Cam Nelson. Kenny Smith, and Dick Reichenbach. (Kneeling) Amber Brown. Jason Hawkins, and Jane Davis. Ada 52 Waynesfield 40 Ada 43 Col. Grove 54 Ada 54 Lmcolnview 69 Ada 67 McComb 66 OT Ada 52 Ridgemont 57 Ada 52 Kenton 63 Ada 50 Crestview 66 Ada 61 Delphos Jeff. 71 Ada 46 New Knoxville 49 Ada 67 Bath 60 Ada 49 Bluffton 43 Ada 62 Perry 54 Ada 67 Arlington 49 Ada 52 USV 57 Ada 40 Van Buren 50 Ada 57 Hardin Northern 43 Ada 60 Allen East 61 Ada 52 Paulding 60 Ada 56 Cory-Rawson 50 Ada 40 Spencerville 50 Tournament: Ada 50 Ridgemont 43 Ada 46 Perry 57 Top right: Dan Evans makes the move on a Bottom right: Kevin Plaugher looks for the defensive player. pass as Mark Stier tries to beat his man. Varsity Basketball 69J.V.’s — Well balanced team! The 1983-84 Junior Varsity basketball season ended with a 8-12 overall record and a 1-9 conference record. Mike Willeke lead all scoring with 216 points, an average of 10.8. Mike Runser and Joe Wauben were second in scoring with an 8.3 average. Joe Wauben led in rebounds while Marc Staley led in assists. Strong performances were turned in by John Amburgey and John and Jerry Saltzman. Top left: Jerry Saltzman takes the shot as injured team mate Mike Runser follows the ball. Ada 29 Waynesfield 26 Ada 42 Col. Grove 64 Ada 38 Lincolnview 46 Ada 43 McComb 35 Top right: John Amburgey defends against Ada 35 Ridgemont 26 Ada 60 Kenton 53 the in-bounds pass. Ada 23 Crestview 37 Ada 45 Delphos Jeff. 38 Ada 29 New Knoxville 33 Ada 52 Bath 45 Center left: Coach Hay with some last-min- Ada 34 Bluffton 37 Ada 42 Perry 43 ute instructions. Ada 48 Arlington 31 Ada 50 USV 43 Ada 42 Van Buren 57 Ada 31 Hardin Northern 41 Center: Kurt Klingler demonstrates a Ada 39 Allen East 55 Ada 38 Paulding 58 unique style of offense. Ada 42 Cory-Rawson 39 Ada 40 Spencerville 58 Center right: John Saltzman works his way inside for the lay-up. 70 J.V. BasketballFreshmen Falter The 1983-84 version of the Freshmen basketball team fell short of the mark as they finished the season with a 1-1 final record. The team members did put forth a great deal of effort and achieved valuable experience to put toward future basketball seasons. The highlight of the season was the exciting singlepoint victory over Allen East. Ada 23 Perry 56 Ada 38 Bluffton 57 Ada 37 Delphos Jeff. 39 Ada 32 Col. Grove 44 Ada 29 usv 41 Ada 36 Perry 56 Ada 32 Bluffton 43 Ada 22 Kalida 24 Ada 37 Allen East 52 Ada 38 Col. Grove 51 Top: Freshmen team members set up a defense for the in-bounds pass. Center left: J.V. team managers James Andrade. Tim Lawrence, and Dick Reichen-bach. Center right: Ted Griffith releases the foul shot. Bottom left: Scott Mullins looks for an open team mate. Bottom right: Freshmen team managers Kenny Williams and David Ward. Freshmen Basketball 71Varsity Girls Runner Up! The 1983-84 Varsity Girls basketball team ended their regular season play with a record of 13-7. After a slow start, the Lady Bulldogs went on to win eight of their last ten games. The girls tied with Paulding and USV for second place in the Northwest Conference. Under the direction of Coach Joyce Howell, the team finished the season in tournament play with a strong win over Ridge-mont 63-27 and a loss to USV 53-34. Ada 48 Ridgemont 34 Ada 55 Lincolnview 32 Ada 43 Hardin Northern 66 Ada 46 Crestview 60 Ada 45 Kalida 55 Ada 68 Bluffton 64 Ada 49 Spencerville 39 Ada 50 Delphos St. John 69 Ada 58 Anna 57 Ada 49 Ottoville 55 Ada 52 Allen East 45 Ada 42 Kenton 52 Ada 56 Columbus Grove 31 Ada 56 Delphos Jeff 40 Ada 57 Bath 55 Ada 71 Perry 26 Ada 63 Miller City 38 Ada 50 Arlington 46 Ada 47 USV 59 Ada 54 Paulding 48 Top: Shelly Rohrer hits a lay-up. Center: Who? Me? Above: Offense and defense search for the ball. 72 Varsity Girls BasketballTop: Coach Howell directs the Lady Bulldogs Middle left: Heather Saffell searches for an open team member. Middle right Michele Runser shoots for two! Above: Statisticians include Cathy Counts. Jean Baughman. Vicki Chambers. Chris Mm-ich. and Missy Stier. Varsity Girls Basketball 73J.V.’S CAPTURE 2ND IN LEAGUE The 1983-84 edition of the Junior Varsity Girls' basketball squad enjoyed a successful season, ending with a 16-4 overall record. Led by Coach Molly Hay. this year's team included a very talented group of girls who worked diligently to perform their best. Sue Stahl led the J.V. ladies in scoring and free-throw percentage. Sandy Stahl captured the highest rebounding and field goal percentage honors. The team finished with an 8-2 league record, placing them second in the Northwest Conference. Ada 35 Ridgemont 12 Ada 25 Lincolnview 29 Ada 35 Hard North ern 23 Ada 38 Crestview 26 Ada 15 Kalida 27 Ada 28 Bluffton 18 Ada 15 Spencerville 11 Ada 15 Delphos St John 41 Ada 25 Anna 17 Ada 22 Ottoville 14 Ada 34 Allen East 25 Ada 35 Kenton 27 Ada 38 Col. Grove 12 Ada 22 Delphos Jeff. 18 Ada 23 Bath 18 Ada 26 Perry 17 Ada 26 Miller City 14 Ada 34 Arlington 16 Ada 24 USV 16 Ada 22 Paulding 36 Top: Suzanne Long gets past her defender. Center: DeeDee Wolber releases the foul shot as her team mates enter the lane. Below: Coach Hay gives instructions while the Bulldogs catch their breath. 74 J.V. Girls BasketballWE’VE GOT SPIRIT The 1983-84 basketball season was enhanced by the spirit and enthusiasm of four cheerleading squads; Junior High. Freshmen. Junior Varsity, and Varsity. Nightly practices and several moneymaking projects continued from the fall into the basketball season. The hard work and dedication of the cheerleaders and their advisors was greatly appreciated. Top: The Varsity squad poses with one of their biggest fans, the Ada Bulldog mascot! Center left: The freshmen girls finish a cheer in style. Center right: Shari Wyss with spirit. Bottom left: Shelly Pitts. Deeann Turner. Melissa Hawbecker and Kari Crozier practice. practice, practice! Bottom right: The game seems to be heading in our direction? Winter Cheerleading 75The Junior High Bulldogs kept up an active pace as each team completed a 14-game schedule. The eighth grade, led by Coach Carey Clum. ran into some tough opposition as they finished the season with a 3-11 record. Several of their losses were by five points or less. The bright spot of the Junior High basketball season shone with the seventh grade team. Under the direction of Coach Jon Fields, these talented players ended the season with a 10-4 record and tied for first place in the NWC. •8th Ada 21, 20 Perry 41. 25 Ada 20. 18 Kalida 29. 41 Ada 34 Bluffton 55 Ada 27 Ridgemont 44 Ada 25. 24 Allen East 39. 38 Ada 26, 26 Col. Grove 27. 16 Ada 37. 24 USV 38. 23 Ada 27 Kenton 26 Ada 35 Hardin North ern 45 •7th Ada 28. 12 Perry 46. 30 Ada 20 Kalida 24 Ada 40, 30 Bluffton 21. 16 Ada 37 Ridgemont 17 Ada 21. 29 Allen East 14 22 Ada 38, 30 Col. Grove 9. 21 Ada 26. 36 USV 27 OT. 16 Ada 34 Kenton 32 Ada 26 Hardin North ern 25 OT 76 Jr. High Basketball GIVE Top left: Tom Williams goes up for the jump ball Top right: Drew Peltier sticks close to his man on defense. Far left: Tom Williams takes the shot. Above: Mark Music is called for the foul as Eric Turner looks on At right: Brian Lee gets set to guard against the in-bounds pass ITYOUR BEST SHOT! Both Lady Bulldogs teams from the Junior High found disappointment and frustration during the 1983-84 basketball season. However, experience was the key as the girls added up court time and practice on the basics of the game. The eighth grade team with Coach Pam Grimsled finished the season 2-11. The seventh grade team and Coach Lori Klingler recorded an 0-13 final tally. 7th 8th 1 Ada 6 Hard. North 20 Ada 21 Hard. North 28 I Ada 6. 12 Perry 22, 18 Ada 6. 13 Perry 48. 35 1 Ada 5. 1 Bluffton 9. 36 Ada 16. 17 Bluffton 37. 39 1 Ada 10 Ridgemont 23 Ada 14 Ridgemont 23 I Ada 3. 8 Allen East 23. 13 Ada 8. 5 Allen East 29. 29 1 Ada 11. 15 Col. Grove 14. 26 Ada 17. 18 Col. Grove 7. 10 I Ada 6. 10 USV 24. 40 Ada 26. 19 USV 21. 22 1 Ada 9 Kenton 50 Ada 9 Kenton 44 I At top: Cindy Gossel sets the offense with team members Linda Oates. Vickie Loop and Becky Ramsey. Lett: DeNita Wolfley tries to deny the pass. Center: Turning the corner is Becky Ramsey. Right: Andrea Campoli sets and looks for the pass. Jr. High Basketball 77ADA TRACK TRIUMPHS! Five State Qualifiers The Ada Varsity Tracksters demonstrated excellent athletic prowess in both track and field events as the teams completed a successful 1984 season. The boys' team was led by senior co-captains Bob Tarr and Steve McKinley. MVP honors went to Tarr and senior Scott Archer. Senior cocaptains for the girls' squad were Susan Berton and Teresa Mullins. Michele Runser, Shelly Rohrer and Heather Saffell received MVP recognition. Runser, Rohrer and Saffell shattered school records in shot, discus, 300LH and 3200 while Sue Stahl broke the 200 meter record. 1984 also produced five Ada state qualifiers. Congratulations to Bob Tarr (400), Sue Stahl (200), Susan Berton (800. 10th place), Heather Saffell (3200. 7th place), and Michele Runser (discus, 2nd place and shot put, 3rd place). This was a year of super performances by dedicated, hard-working athletes. Their efforts speak for themselves! Opposite page. Middle left: It's the landing the counts and Dan Evans gets it done! Middle right: Gail Perusek hits the tape ahead of the pack. Bottom: Scott Archer clears the bar and is on his way down with room to spare! Top: Michele Runser perfects her form on her way to state competition. Bottom left: Heather Saffell takes the baton and is off on her section of the relay Bottom right: Lunging to reach the finish line is Bob Tarr. 78 Varsity TrackGIRLS BOYS 2nd Minster Memorial — 16 teams 4th Minster Memorial — 16 teams 4th Bath Relays — 14 teams 8th Bath Relays — 14 teams 5th Toledo Blade Relays — 37 teams 5th Toledo Blade Re- lays — 42 teams 4th Ada Invitational — 16 teams 5th Ada Invitational — 16 teams 1st N.W.C. — 11 teams 5th N.W.C. 11 teams 1st District — 14 teams 6th District 4th Regional 10th STATE MEET TRACK Jr. High Style The 1984 edition of the Junior High boys and girls track teams combined for a season of super competition. Highlights for the boys included wins over USV and Perry and runner-up positions at the Hardin County meet and in the NWC. The girls team posted a strong win over Waynesfield and took fourth place at the Hardin County meet. Top: Angle Newland and Kerrie Scheff stretch out in preparation for the relays. BOYS Ada 73 USV 36 Ada 70 Perry 35 Ada 46.3 Delphos 62 3 Ada 53 Waynesfield 56 Ada 33 Kenton 75 Ada 60 Riverdale 60 Hardin County — runner-up N.W.C. — runner-up GIRLS Ada 31 USV 73 Ada 46 Perry 58 Ada 17 Delphos 89 Ada 81 Waynesfield 21 Ada 28 Kenton 72 Ada 35.5 Riverdale 69 5 Hardin County — 4th place NWC — 6th place Middle left: David Rhoades turns to release the shot. Middle right: Brad Pope and Ken Williams run neck and neck as they approach the finish line! Above: Clearing the cross-bar. Todd Robinson adds points to Ada's tally. 80 Jr. High TrackAbove: Traci Douce tries to pull ahead as a tight group approaches the finish. Above: Poised and ready to release the shot is Drew Peltier. Top left: Shaun MacEachen gives extra effort as he heads for the tape. Top right: Shawn Fisher shows excellent form over the hurdles. Below: A steady pace is needed for Kim Heath and distance running Jr. High Track 81WET SPRING DAMPENS SEASON ‘ Rain, rain, go away!" must have been the cry of the 1984 Bulldog baseball squad as 14 of their 18 games were rescheduled due to wet weather. The team had wins over LCC. Toledo Libbey. and a big victory over USV. but ended the season with a 3-15 final tally. Senior co-captains were Kevin Plaugher and Mark Morrell. Steve Nichols received MVP honors and All-League honorable mention. The leading hitter was Sam Khoury with a .393 average. Above: Coach Hay looks a bit upset. Top: Mark Morrell warms up while awaiting the next batter. Above: Mike Paugh hurls for the Ada Bull- dogs Above: Another easy out at first base is secured by Kevin Plaugher. 82 BaseballAt right Mark Morrell scoops one out of the dirt as the batter swings for a strike Middle left: Stats, and managers include Jeff Smith. Suzanne Long. Cathy Counts, and Andy Keller Middle right Brett Rogers completes his swing and Below: . steps across home plate for the score Ada 7 Perry 12 Ada 2 Allen East 5 Ada 7 Delphos Jeff. 12 Ada 1 Col. Grove 11 Ada 7 L.C.C. 6 Ada 3 Toledo Libby 2 Ada 4 Toledo LibbylO Ada 3 Perry 12 Ada 6 Allen East 15 Ada 5 New Knox- ville 6 Ada 16 USV 2 Ada 1 Bluffton 4 Ada 3 Col. Grove 19 Ada 5 USV 7 Ada 4 Bath 12 Baseball 83TENNIS VARSITY TENNIS The tennis ball wasn’t the only thing bouncing back and forth as the 1984 Ada tennis team's record showed similar movement. Under the coaching of Tim Byers, these hardworking Bulldogs finished the year with a 5-8 season. Paul Saffell was given the duties of team captain and Kent Oliver was named MVP. Highlights included shut-outs over Crestview, St. Mary’s, and Paulding. Kent and Karl Oliver also advanced to the sectionals in tournament action. Next year’s edition should show experience as there were no seniors lost to graduation from this year's team. 84 TennisTop left: Clint Rex poses for the camera. Top right: Coach Byers appears serious about his tennis team! Middle left: K. Oliver reaches down for a low ball. Middle right: Completing a return from deep m the back court is Shobhna Shah. Opposite page: Doubles partners Kent and Karl Oliver get set as their opponent sends the ball back! Ada 0 LCC 5 Ada 0 Bath 5 Ada 0 Kenton 5 Ada 3 St. Mary's 2 Ada 5 Crestview 0 Ada 1 Sydney 4 Ada 0 LCC 5 Ada 1 Kenton 4 Ada 5 St. Mary’s 0 Ada 3 Paulding 2 Ada 5 Paulding 0 Ada 0 Bath 5 Ada 0 Sydney 5 Tennis 85SENIORS IN SPORTS These pages are devoted to the seniors in various sports who have worked so hard to develop their teams’ skill to its highest potential. For the leadership, determination and teamwork displayed, congratulations for a job well done. Cross country seniors, left to right: Pat Simon. Ben Stobbe. Steve McKinley. SENIORS IN SPORTS Senior Football players, left to right: Kneeling: Mike Bruskotter. Dave Hopson. Steve Nichols. Jerry Hopson. Alan Pitts; Standing: Mike Staley. Dan Evans. Bob Tarr. Mark Morrell. Scott Archer. Seniors in Girls' Basketball, left to right: Kneeling: Cindy Long. Teresa Mullins; Standing: Kim Staley. Michele Rhoades. Michele Runser. 86 SeniorsSENIORS IN SPORTS Boys' Basketball seniors: Dan Evans. Kevin Plaugher. Mark Stier. Track seniors, left to right: Steve McKinley. Mark Stier. Bob Tarr. Dan Evans. Scott Archer. Michele Runser. Susan Berton. Teresa Mullins. Lisa Wiley. SENIORS IN SPORTS SENIORS IN SPORTS Senior Baseball players, left to right: Kevin Plaugher. Sam Khoury. Steve Nichols. Mark Morrell. SENIORS IN SPORTS Seniors 8788 Sports in ReviewA C A D E M I C SEnglish Reading English 7 English 8 English 9 English 10 English 11 English 12 Reading 7 Reading 8 Reading 9-12 Top: Academic English choices include Row 1: Ted Griffith. Amy Siekerman. Kristine Hanratty. Row 2: Timbre Brown. Jane Napier. Amber Brown. Row 3: Sandy Stahl. Sue Stahl. Cindy Gossel. Row 4 Molly Coe. Vicki Chambers. Andrea Traster. Row 5: Jodi Dearth. Kevin Moser. Jenny Gordon. Above left: Charles Simpson and Bruce Pederson enjoy nouns and verbs! Above: Reading Row 1: Sarbori Bhatta-charya. Tammy Crozier. Row 2: Laurie Epley. Virginia Reichenbach. 90 AcademicsForeign Language Social Studies Top: Social Studies students. Row 1: Kevin Moser. Coleen Griffin. Kristine Hanratty. Holly Fries. Sarbori Bhattacharya. Row 2: Virginia Reichenbach. Michele Miller. Jane Davis. Amber Brown. Shobhna Shah. Jenny Gordon. Row 3: Timbre Brown. Jane Napier. Kevin Wildman. Mark Stier. Amy Sie-kerman. Brian Young. Middle Foreign Language leaders. Row 1: Shelly Pitts. Lisa Smith. Kim Dyer. Michele Miller. Deena Moore. Row 2: Amy Sieker-man. Timbre Brown. Andrea Traster. Jill Davis. Amber Brown. Molly Coe. At left: Erica Erickson and fellows in history French I French II French III French IV Spanish I Spanish II Advanced Spanish Ohio History 8th History American History R American History AP Modern History Geography Government Sociology I Sociology II Above: Is this a confused French class? Academics 917th 8th Practical Math General Math Geometry Algebra I Algebra II Trigonometry Calculus 7th 8th IIS PCB Biology I Biology II Chemistry I Chemistry II Physics Math Science Top: Science leaders are Row 1 Kevin Moser. Jason Stavenger. Timbre Brown. Amber Brown. Kenny Smith. Sherri Wince. Kim Heath. Karen Faulkner. Row 2: Jeff Johnson. Mitch Stansloski. Brent Meyer. Ted Griffith. Mike Hartman. Amy Siekerman. Trudy Dearth. Andrea Traster. Above Math includes Row 1: Kim Heath. Chris Binkley. Sarbori Bhattacharya. Angela Above: Missy Wolber is intent on a scienti-Smith. Ronnie Bell. Patty Fleming. Jodi Dearth. Kevin Moser. Row 2: Jeff Vermillion. Cindy fjC experiment. Gossel. Timbre Brown. Kent Everhart. Jeff Johnson. Mitch Stansloski. Clint Rex. Kenny Smith. Shelly Carmean. 92 AcademicsBusiness Vo. Ag. Personal Typing Typing I Accounting Economics Business Math General Business Vo. Ag. I Vo. Ag. II Vo. Ag. Ill Vo. Ag. IV Home Economics Top: Business Row 1: Amber Brown, Tammy Crozier. Jenny Gordon. Karin Kindle. Kim Dyer. Row 2: Steve McKinley. Jim Barker. Mark Morrell. Kevin Plaugher. Amy Siekerman. Sandy Stahl. Middle: Vocational Agriculture: Dick Rei-chenbach. Doug Griffith. Ted Griffith. John Saltzman. At left: Beth Roberson is the academic choice for Home Economics. Above: Susan Berton concentrates on perfecting her typing skills. Academics 93Art lndustrial Arts Art — 7th Art — 8th Art I Art II Art III Art IV Mechanical Drawing Industrial Arts Crafts Top: Academic choices include Row 1: Cicely Laing. Kelly Kindle. Michelle Massillo. Angela Smith. Row 2: Timbre Brown. Michele Runser. Todd Klingler. Sherry Kindle Above: Alan Simon. David Ward and Kelly Spar try to work their way through the assignment. Above: Paul Morrell works with a project. 94 AcademicsMusic Band CHORUS 7th 8th Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior BAND 7th 8th Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Top. Academic band includes Row 1: Kristine Hanratty. Kevin Rex. Chad Brubaker. Brian Nell. Row 2: Lisa Wiley. Lisa Smith. Amy Siekerman. Karl Oliver. Ted Griffith. Middle: Chorus choices are Row 1: Peggy Gordon. Melissa Hawbecker. Brian Nell. Ann Reitz. Holly Fries. Coleen Griffin. Row 2: Shawn Fisher. Andrea Traster. Joe Wau-ben. Kevin Plaugher. John Telles. Jane Napier. David Keller. At left Mike Meyer is either concentrating very hard or he has no idea where he is! Above: Accompanists for the music department are Andrea Traster. Amy Siekerman. and Sarbori Bhattacharya. Academics 95OWA and OWE Top: David McCurdy helps Mabel Hathaway with the clean-up work in the kitchen. Bottom left: Lisa Mullins and Christy Garver appear to be enjoying the discussions in OWA class. Above: The academic choice for OWA is Shelly Carmean. Not pictured is Doris Thompson. OWE choice. 96 AcademicsACADEMIC WHIZZES! The 1983-84 Scholastic Bowl team had a successful year. They participated in the Hardin County Scholastic Tournament at Hardin Northern school and placed third. At right: Jenny Gordon, Amy Siekerman, Timbre Brown. Amber Brown. Jeff Johnson. Mitch Stansloski. At left: The Chemistry Bowl participated in competition at Bluffton this year. Members include Kenny Smith. Amy Siekerman, Timbre Brown. Amber Brown, Jeff Johnson. Mitch Stansloski. Scholastic Chemistry Bowl 97STUDENT COUNCIL ACADEMIC BANQUET Monday, May 14 marked the recognition dessert banquet for juniors and seniors. Hosted and served by members of the Student Council, the program was designed to honor new members of the National Honor Society and various academic honors for seniors. Special recognition was given to 1984 salutatorian Mitch Stans-loski and valedictorian Jeff Johnson. Top Mitch Stansloski and Jeff Johnson display their awards with Student Council Advisor Mr. Lusk. Middle left: Teresa Mullins receives a college scholarship from principal Tom Coe Middle right: Mr Sperling congratulates Ken Smith as one of three top math students. Bottom left: One of the recipients of an award for a 3.5 accum. was senior Jenny Gordon. Bottom right: Board member Joanne Kindle examines the art projects that were on display during the banquet. 98 Academic Banquet.99Class of ’85 Rod Archer Class Officers: President. Amber Brown; Vice-President. Timbre Brown; Secretary. Michelle Miller; Treasurer. Jodi Wince. Derek Brown Timbre Brown Mike Burns Brent Burris Dana Carmean Jane Davis Tim Dearth Jenny Downer Kim Dyer Doug Ellison Martha Evans Jr. Fry Karen Graber 100 Class of 85Brian Hartman Melissa Hawbecker Mark Johansen Mary Jump Bob Kipker Kurt Klingler Michele Miller Susan Mmich Mitzi Murphy Jim Loop Wes Milks I Paul Morrell Class of '85 101Karen Patton Bruce Pederson Brett Rogers Darren Peltier Shelly Roheer Grant Pepper Karen Poling Paul Saffell John Saltzman Ruth Santa Cruz Amy Siekerman 102 Class of 85Elaine Shields Charles Simpson Michelle Smith Renee Williams Missy Stier Mindy West John Telles Kevin Wildman Matt Toland Lori Weihrauch Class of '85 103Class Officers: President Andrea Traster: Vice-President. Linda Counts. Chuck Bitler Sherrie Brewer Vicki Campbell 104 Class of 86Class of '86 105Tim Lawrence Haulie Marshall Chris Mmich Lisa Mullins Cherie Oates Gary Park Mike Runser 106 Class of 86—- u » f v » Class of ’87 Jim Andrade Class Officers: President. Scott Mullins. Vice Deeann Turner. President. Megan Shult. and Secretary Darla Battles Christine Binkley Cyndee Dye Laurie Epley Kent Everhart Shane Floyd Terry Follis 108 Class of 87Class of '87 109Kim Pederson Shelly Pitts Tammy Mumaugh Gary Reese Tom Myers Kerri Reither Scott Mullins Derek Moore Wendy Morrell David Moser Clint Rex Gina Rinaldi Mark Rohrer Mark Ryan Chrissy Sanders 110 Class of'87Megan Shult r Tammy Williams Sherri Wince Diana Wireman DeeDee Wolber Beth Young Class of 87 111Class officers: President. Matt Klingler; Vice president. Kevin Rex; Secretary-Treasurer. Amy Curtis. Class of ’88 Shelly Clum LeAnn Compton i Rob Counts Amy Curtis Jennie Dearth Jodi Dearth Chris Doner George Downing Travis Douce it Kalin Dyer Jill Epley 112 Class of'88Erica Erickson John Fisher Peggy Gordon ‘v ' Cindy Gossel John Holman Rick Justice Tammy Lawrence Mike Hartman Brian Fletcher David Gonder Kim Heath Deyonka Holbrook Class of'88 113Rachel Meyer Robby Mosley Mindy Murphy Daran Neff Daryl Neff Brian Nell J. R. Neuensch- Linda Oates Drew Peltier Becky Ramsey Kevin Rex wander 114 Class of 88Tammy Sizemore Tommy Williams Shari Wyss Brian Robinson Todd Robinson Kelly Sexton Stephanie Staley Pat Stier Brian Stull Class of'88 115 Class officers: president. Angie Newland; vice president. Holly Beckley; secretary. Kenny Williams; treasurer. Nicky Prueter. David Bitler Class of ’89 Leslie Allen Hilda Andrade Beth Badertscher Holly Beckley Alissa Boedicker Chad Brubaker Buddy Bryant David Bryant Andrea Campoli Aaron Castle Todd Cockerall Michael Crouse i Melissa Donegon Traci Douce Tim Downing I Ernie Daughery 116 Class of'89» Mike Dunbar Jamie Dunn Stacy Dye Brent Dye Nicole Epley Jodi Farrington Karen Faukner Misty Fleming Holly Fries Coleen Griffin Bonnie Jones Georgia Kipker Jason Kipker Chanda Fitzpartick Kristine Hanratty Bryan Hayter J I © t £ John Kipker Don Lawrence Brain Lee Class of '89 117 LeAnn Plaugher 118 Class of'89Cindy Reigal • ■ I S - Al » David Ring Jason Stavenger Eric Robirds Amy Simmons Eric Rudisill Chris Simon V"" Kerri Scheff Shanda Strayer Class of 89 119IF THE SHOE FITS STUDIOUS . . . Jeff. Jenny CLASS CLOWN . . . Rick, Deena FRIENDLIEST . .. Kevin, Vicki FUNNIEST . . . Jerry. Gail CUTEST ... Mick. Beth ATHLETIC . .. Scott, Michele SHYEST... Doug. Kim LIKELY TO SUCCEED . .. Mitch. Molly TEACHERS PETS . . . Mick. Sherri BIGGEST FLIRTS . . . Mike, Kelly MUSICAL .. . Kevin. Brenda TALKATIVE ... Ken. Julie 122 Senior FavoritesSenior Favorites 123CLASS DAY 1984 On Monday May 21 the Class of 1984 held the traditional class day. Class wills, histories, and prophecies were read. Pat "Jack-son" Simon danced to Billie Jean and several talented (?!) senior guys performed a somewhat musical number. At the conclusion of this classic entertainment, seniors headed for the gym and graduation practice. Top: Pat "Jackson" dazzles the audience as he dances to Billie Jean. Above: Rick Huffer. Lee Fensler. and Scott Archer read the class histories. 124 Class DayTop left: Mr. Coe informs the seniors on graduation. Top right: Amy Corle looks amused. Bottom: Musical chairs, anyone?? Above: Sam Khoury and Kelly Kindle boogie out into the hall. Class Day 125GRADUATION AT LAST! Twelve years of hard work came to an end on May 27, 1984 for the 102nd graduating class of Ada High School. Wearing dark purple and lavendar, and carrying a pink rose, the seniors marched to the traditional processional, "Pomp and Circumstance”. The invocation was given by Rev. John Evans of St Mark Lutheran Church. The baccalaureate speaker was Rev. Stephen Gill, Chaplain at Ohio Northern University. The Saluta-torian address was presented by Mitchell Stansloski and Jeff Johnson gave the Valedictorian speech. Special music was provided by the A.H.S. Chorus, Senior band members, and by Kevin Plaugher. who performed two songs he composed. Principal Thomas E. Coe recognized the class of 1984 and the graduates received their diplomas from William L. Robinson. President of the Board of Education. Top: Jeff Johnson receives the Mabel Crawford Award from Mr. Lusk. Middle right: Rev. Stephen Gill offers advice to the graduates. Middle left: Mitch Stansloski addresses fellow classmates in the Salutatorian address. 126 GraduationOpposite page. Bottom left: Sue Hopson receives her diploma from Board President William Robinson. Bottom right: Senior band members perform "Climb Every Mountain". Top left: Michele Massillo and Kelly Kindle, friends forever! Receiving diplomas are Alan Pitts (top right) and Rick Huffer (bottom left). Bottom right: Kevin Plaugher and Molly Coe offer their rendition of Kevin's song "Special One ”. Graduation 127SCHOLARSHIPS Vicki Chambers — Ada Kiwanis Club Scholarship Jenny Gordon — Theatre Talent Scholarship Wright State University Elizabeth Graham — Cleveland Institute of Art Doug Griffith — Weinzenreid Memorial Scholarship Ohio State Alumni Jeff Johnson — Ohio State Alumni Scholarship Cicely Laing — Cleveland Institute of Art Sheri Mathewson — Dean's Music Award Ohio Northern University Teresa Mullins — Manchester College Scholarship Mitch Stansloski — Ohio Academic Scholarship Mark Morrell — University Student Award Michigan Technological University 130 Scholarshipsgo -o c= o ;o oCHORUS Row 1: S. Shull. T Brown. D. Wolber. A Traster. D. Keller. K. Oliver. B Game. A Brown. M Hawbecker. V. Chambers. J Gordon. Row 2: R Parshall. C. Counts. T. Welch. D. Turner. S. Mullins. J. Minich. T. Weirauch. K. Kindle. L. Mattevi. M Traucht. S. Long. Row 3: S. Shah. J. Davis. J Woodruff. C. Nelson. J. Bruskot-ter. T. Berger. S. Mathewson. S. Wince. S. Fisher. K. Reiter. M Cole Row 4: M. Miller. C Minich. T. Dearth. L. Smith. B. Eibling. J. Ward. K. Oliver. K. Smith. S. Pitts. K. Kindle. V. Campbell. L. Weirauch. E. Graham. B. Roberson. Row 5: M. Evans. T. Mullins. T Mumaugh. C. Willeke. T. Lawrence. K Vermillion. T. Griffith. M Cole. M Ryan. S. Berton. B. Young. R. Williams. A. Corle. B Deringer. Row 6 A. Chandler. M. Shult. M Stier. K Pederson. J. Telles. S Nichols. M Willeke. M Stier. L. Counts. S. Wright. L. Epley. J Napier. C. Dye. Row 7: S Minich, J. Baughman. H. Saffell. B. Stobbe. K Plaugher. K. Klingler. M Rhoades. A. Blackburn. C. Oates. J. Davis. D. Shult. Row 8: Mrs. Knoble. A Siekerman. J. Downer. M. Runser. M Runser. J. Wauben, M Meyer. D. Griffith. M Stier. JR HIGH CHOIR Row 1: S. Wyss. C. Man-ley. B. Sutherly. K. Scheff. E. Rudisill. C. Wire. N. Prueter. S MacEachen. K. Williams. K. Moser. K. Faulkner. A. Simmons, T Douce. S. Strayer. C. Griffin. Row 2: P. Gordon. A. Curtis. L. Compton. N Epley. J. Tyson. L. Oates. B Nell. M Crouse. R Counts. C. Brubaker. H. Fries. L. Allen. V. Reissig. G Kipker. K. Hanratty. J. Dearth. Row 3: C. Fitzpatrick. A Newland. B Ramsey. D. West. M Murphy. B Badertscher. H. Andrade. S. Fisher. J. Campoli. B Pope. L Brown. T. Thacker. E. Daugherty. A Boe-dicker. S. Bhattacharya. J. Dearth. L. Plaugher. C. Long. Row 4: Mrs. Knoble. P Fleming. H. Price. S. Dyer. R. Meyer. D. Rhoades. D. Peltier. E. Turner. T. Robinson. D. Ring. D. Lawrence. L. Park. D. Wol-fley. A Reitz. V. Reichenbach. H. Beckley. CONCERT BAND Row 1: M Coe. L. Smith. S. Shull. M West. Row 2: A. Traster. S. Berton. J. Napier. B. Eibling. S. Wright. S. Pitts. D. Turner. T. Nellis. V. Campbell. E. Graham. Row 3: S. Stahl. L. Epley, C. Willeke. K. Reiter. H Saffell. B. Howard. K. Oliver. M Meyer. L. Wiley. D. Wolber. S. Wince. T. Mullins. A. Corle. J. Telles. Row 4: T. Dearth. M Hawbecker. S. Mullins. J. Brus-kotter. J. Vermillion. S. Stahl. D Keller. T. Griffith. A. Brown. J. Gordon. D. Shult. S. Long. S. Mathewson. A Siekerman. L. Johansen. M Johansen. D. Heister. J. Wauben. C Rex. K Oliver. B Deringer. Row 5: S. Shah. V. Chambers. K. Plaugher. J. Barker. P. Saffell. C. Nelson. Mr McDowell. C. Dye. MARCHING BAND: See Concert Band Membership 132 GroupsVARSITY CHEERLEADERS Lisa Smith. Angela Blackburn, Stacia JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Bottom Row: Shelly Pitts Me-Fisher. Timbre Brown. Michelle Smith. Amy Chandler. lissa Hawbecker. Jane Napier, Top Row: Kan Crozier. Deeann Turner. FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS Bottom: Sherri Wince. Gina Rinaldi. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Shan Wyss. Angie Newland. An-Tammy Mumaugh. Standing: Darla Battels. Chrissi Sanders. gela Smith. Debbie West. Kerrie Scheff Groups 133VARSITY FOOTBALL Row 1: D. Hopson. A. Pitts. M Bruskotter. S. Nichols. D. Evans. B Tarr. S. Archer. M. Morrell. M. Staley. J. Hopson. Row 2: K. Everhart. T. Wyss. J. Loop. C. Rex. K. Wildman. D. Peltier. D. Brown. T. Klmgler. B. Kipker. V. Parsons. B. Burris. M. Staley. T. Lawrence. Row 3: J. Andrade. A. Simon. C. Bitler. B. Young. D. Guidebeck. B Meyer. R. Williams. R. Shields. A. Guidebeck. J. Amburgey. B Keller. M. Cole. M Ryan. M Rohrer. J Bruskotter. C. Leibrecht. JR HIGH FOOTBALL Row 1: R Simon. K Rex. G Wright. M Manley. J. Wildman. T. Williams. R Mosley. P. Stier. J. Patton. T. Weller. Row 2: G. Walls. T. Cockerell. T. Douce. J.R Neuenschwonder. D. Bitler. B. Stull. G. Downing. M Klingler. D. Anthony. S. Fisher. B Williams. Coach Mmto. Row 3: S. MacEachen. J. Stavenger. L. Brown. A Castle. J. Kipker. M Music. B Lee. E. Turner. J. Reese. T Marshall. K. Williams. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Row 1 M Runser. S. Berton. T Mullins. M Rhoades. Row 2: M Wolber. M Wolber. D. Wolber. S. Rohrer. S. Mimch. J. Davis. Coach Ward. J.V. VOLLEYBALL Row 1: C Mmich. J. Davis. S. Minich. L. Counts. Row 2: Coach Ward. C. Willeke. D. Wolber. S. Stahl. S. Stahl. B. Young. W Morrell. V. Campbell. 134 GroupsCROSS-COUNTRY Row 1: B. Stobbe. G. Wells. Row 2: P. Simon. S. McKinley. J. Saltzman VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL J. Saltzman. M Willeke M Staley. T Wyss. K Klmgler. T Music. J Wauben. K. Plaugher. M Runser. M Stier. J. Amburgey. J. Saltzman Kneeling Coach Hay and Coach Hawkins J.V. BOYS BASKETBALL J. Saltzman. J. Amburgey. M Staley. J. Wauben. M Runser. M Willeke. J. Saltzman. Kneeling: Coach Hay. FRESHMEN BOYS BASKETBALL S. Mullins. L Johansen. M. Cole. M Stier. T. Griffith. D. Guidebeck. L. Castle. D. Moore. Kneeling: Coach Bolen. Groups 135VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL A. Lewis. T. Mullins. S. Rohrer. K. Staley. M Runser. M Rhoades. J. Downer. D Wolber. M Wolber. M Wolber Kneeling: Coach Howell J.V. GIRLS BASKETBALL J. Mimch. S. Long. D. Shult. H. Saffell. S. Stahl. S. Gibson. S. Stahl. L. Epley. W Morrell. V. Campbell. C. Willeke. Coach Hay. 8TH GIRLS BASKETBALL Row 1: T. Sizemore. S. Clum. M Murphy. C. Long. K. Heath. Row 2: Coach Grimsled. L. Oates. B Ramsey. M Chambers. C. Gossel. S. Staley. P. Fleming. V. Loop. D. Lawrence. T. Lawrence. P Gordon. 7TH GIRLS BASKETBALL Row 1: A. Fish. H Fries. B Badertscher. N Epley. A. Boe-dicker. L. Allen. Row 2: K Faulkner. D. Wol-fley. L. Plaugher. H Price. B Jones. A Campoli. L. Park. H. Andrade. M. Donegan. Coach Klingler. 136 Groups8TH BOYS BASKETBALL Row 1: K Rex. S. Gonder. M Manley. J. Campoli. J. Neuenschwonder. C. Barga. T. Williams. Row 2 M Hartman. M Klingler. B. Fletcher. D Peltier. D Rhoades. B Stull. J Wild-man. T Robinson. G Wright. Coach Clum. 7TH BOYS BASKETBALL Row 1: B Williams. N Prueter. B Meyer. S. MacEachen. K. Williams. Row 2: S. Wright. E. Daugherty. T. Thacker. M Reed. J. Reese. B. Lee. M Music. E. Turner. D. Lawrence. A. Castle. B. Dye. Coach Fields. VARSITY BOYS TRACK Row 1: B Meyer. S. McKinley. R. Williams. D. Guidebeck. D. Ward. B Burris. M Staley. J. Saltzman. J. Loop. Row 2 B Keller. R Bell. M. Ryan. D. Zimmerly. M. Cole. J. Amburgey. A Simon. M Rohrer. C Bitler. Row 3: Coach McConnell. M Stier. P. Justice. M Stier. B. Tarr. S. Archer. D. Evans. J. Magee. T. Klingler. R Shields. VARSITY GIRLS TRACK Row 1: S. Mmich. J. Mimch. S. Rohrer. L. Counts. S. Berton. T. Mullins. C. Mmich. Row 2: Coach McConnell. W Morrell. S. Stahl. S. Stahl. M Runser. L. Epley. L. Wiley. H. Saffell. Coach Howell. Groups 137JR HIGH TRACK Row 1: Coach Hay. R. Simon. M. Crouse. E. Robirds. L. Plaugher. K. Heath. S. Bhattacharya. P. Fleming. N Prueter. S. MacEachen. B Williams, Coach Castle. Row 2: T. Douce. B Ramsey. H. Price. D. Wolfley. A. Newland. K. Scheff, A Smith. H Beckley. R Meyer. H. Andrade. Row 3: A. Castle. K. Williams. J. Kipker. M. Reed. B Pope. C. Brubaker. M. Dunbar. S. Fisher. T. Downing. T. Douce. Row 4: D. Bitler. J Kipker. D Robey. D Peltier. T. Robinson. M Music. T. Williams. G Wright. J. Wildman. P. Stier. D Ring. E. Daugherty. VARSITY BASEBALL Row 1: B Young. S. Eibling. C. Nelson. B Rogers. R Archer. S. Nichols. Row 2: Coach Hay. S. Khoury. M Morrell. K. Plaugher. M Runser. M Wil-leke. J.V. BASEBALL Row 1: C. Leibrecht. J. Bruskotter. D. Moore. D. Keller. Row 2: J. Lissner. T. Griffith. D. Miller. K. Everhart. J. Andrade. VARSITY TENNIS Row 1: S. Shah. B Young. T. Nellis. Row 2: K. Oliver, K. Oliver. M Johansen. L. Johansen. Row 3: C. Rex. P Morrell. P Saffell. J Barker. Coach Byers. 138 GroupsWHO? WHAT? WHEN? Scott Archer — Class Pres. 4; Chorus 1; Basketball 1.2. 3; Football 1.2. 3. 4; Track 1.2. 3. 4. Varsity "A” 1.2. 3; Homecoming Escort 4 Susan Berton — Choir 1,2.3.4. Band 1.2. 3, 4; Librarian 1. NHS 2. 3; Musical 2. 4; Track 1,2.3. 4 Volleyball 1.2. 3. 4; Varsity "A 3. Hardin Co Band 2. 3. Homecoming Attendant 4 Mick Bruskotter — Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Track 1. 2. 3. 4. Varsity “A" 1. 2. 3. Homecoming Escort 3 Connie Busch — Apollo 2. 3; Office Education Association 2. 3 Vicki Chambers — Class V. Pres 3: Secret Admirer 2. 3. 4; Pres 4; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Competition 4; Varsity Singers 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Competition 1. Office Worker 4; NHS 2. 3. Musical 2. 4; Athletic Statistician 1,2,3 4; Basketball 1.2; Volleyball 1.2.3; Homecoming Attendant 3. Fran Chaney — Librarian 1.3; Office Worker 3 Cheerleader 1; Secret Admirers 1; OWE 4 Molly Coe — Annual Staff 1. 2. 3; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Band Competition 1.2. 3: NHS 3. 4; Musical 2; Secret Admirers 2. Melanie Cole — Choir 1.2. 3. 4; Band 1.2. 3; NHS 3. 4. Musical 2; Athletic Statistician 1.2: Cheerleader 1; Secret Admirers 1. 2. 3 Amy Corle — 1. 2, 3, 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Secret Admirers 1. Cathy Counts — Annual Staff 3; Choir 1.2. 3. 4. Office Worker 2. 3. 4; Interclass 2. 3. 4 Athletic Manager 3. 4 Athletic Statistician 3. 4; Secret Admirers 1. 2. 3. 4; Campus Life 1. 2. 3. 4 Tammy Crozier — Choir 1; Band 1; Cheer- leader 1; Secret Admirers 1. 4 Jeff Dearth — Apollo 3. 4 Trudi Dearth — Librarian 1.2; Office Worker 3; FHA 1 2; Language Club 4; Campus Life 4 Brenda Dermger — Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Jazz Band 1. 2. 3. 4 Band 1. 2. 3. 4. County Band 1.2.3. 4. Musical 2. 4; Language Club 1.2. 3: Pep Band 1.2.3. 4; Science Club 1, 2. 3. 4 Kara Dyer — Annual Staff 2. 3. 4; Track 1; Apollo 3. 4 Office Education Association David Earl — Cross Country 1. 2. Beth Eibling — Annual Staff 3. 4; Editor 4; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4 Competition 3; Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Competition 3; Pep Band 1. 2. 3; Librarian 1. 2; Office Worker 2. 3. 4 Musical 2 4; Volleyball 1; Secret Admirers 2 3 4; Science Club 1; Language Club 1. 2; County Band 2. 3; County Choir 4; Youth Advisory Council 2. 3. Dan Evans — Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 1.2 3.4; Football 1. 2. 3. 4; FFA 1. 2. 3. 4; Varsity ‘•A” 1. 2. 3. Lee Fensler — FFA 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 1. Jennifer Gordon — Class Pres. 3; Student Council 4; Pres. 4; Annual Staff 1. 2. 3; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Competition 3; Varsity Singers 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Pep Band 1; Competition 3; NHS 3. 4; Interclass 2. 3. 4. Musical 2. 4; Language Club 1; Scholastic Bowl 3. 4; Science Club 3. Elizabeth Graham — Annual Staff 1. 2; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; NHS 3. 4; Secretary 3; Musical 4; Science Club 1. Jon Green — OWA 1. 2; OWE 3. 4. Doug Griffith — FFA 1,2.3. 4; Treasurer 3. 4; Choir 2. 3. 4; Student Council 4; NHS 3, 4; Interclass 3; Basketball 1; Science Club 2. 3. 4, TAG 1. 2. 3. 4; FFA State Officer 4 David Hopson — Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 2; FFA 3. 4; Varsity “A" 3; Homecoming Escort 1. Jerry Hopson — Football 1. 2. 3. 4 Beth Howard — Annual Staff 3. 4; Choir 1. 2. 3; Competition 1.2; Varsity Singers 1.2; Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Jazz Ensemble 1. 3; Pep Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Office Worker 3; NHS 3. 4; Interclass 2; Musical 2; Secret Admirers 2; Science Club 2. 3; County Band 1. 2, 3. 4. Rick Huffer — Librarian 4; Office Worker 2; Baseball 2; FFA 4 Jeff Johnson — NHS 3. 4; Interclass 4; Basketball 1; Cross Country 2. 3; Chemistry Bowl 4 Scholastic Bowl 4; Language Club 1. 2; Science Club 3. 4; Valedictorian 4 Angela Justice — Apollo 3.4; Office Education Association. Sam Khoury — Baseball 2. 3. 4; FFA 3. 4; Varsity “A 2. 3. Kelly Kindle — Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; NHS 3. 4; Musical 2. 4; Secret Admirers 2. 3. 4 Sherry Kindle — Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Band 2. 3; Office Worker 1,2.3. 4; Secret Admirers 1. 2. 3. 4. Cicely Lamg — Cindy Long — Apollo 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3; Secret Admirers 1. 2. 3; FHA 1.2; Track 1. 2; Volleyball 1; Cross Country. Michele Massillo — Band 1.2. 3; Pep Band 1. 2; Competition 1; Office Worker 3. 4; NHS 3. 4; Secret Admirers 3. 4 Senior Directory 139Sheri Mathewson — Choir 1. 2, 3. 4; Competition 2. 3; Band 3. 4; Jazz Ensemble 4: Pep Band 3. 4; Competition 3. 4; Librarian 1. 2: Office Worker 3. 4; Musical 2. 4. FHA 2. 3; Secret Admirers 3. 4; County Band 3. 4 Lora Mattevi — Choir 2, 3; Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Secret Admirers 3. 4; Science Club 3. Steve McKinley — Cross Country 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 2. 3. 4; Varsity “A" 1. 2. Deena Moore — Choir 1.2; Band 1; Cheerleader 1; Secret Admirers 2. 3. Mark Morrell — Student Council 1; Annual Staff 2. 3; Choir 1,2.3; Competition 1,2.3. Band 2. 3; NHS 3. 4; Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4 Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Science Club 3 Teresa Mullins — Class Treasurer 2; Class Secretary 3. 4; Choir 1, 2. 3. 4; Secretary 4; Competition 1; Band 1.2. 3. 4; Competition 1. 3; NHS 3. 4; Musical 2; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Volleyball 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 1.2. 3. 4 Language Club 2. 3; Science Club 3. 4. Homecoming Attendant 4; County Band 3. Carl Neier — OWE 2. 3. 4 Steve Nichols — Choir 4; Student Council 1. 2. 3. 4; Musical 4; Football 1, 2. 3. 4; Basketball 1; Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 1 Baseball 3. 4; FFA 1. 2; Varsity "A” 1.2,3 Roxanne Parshall — Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Athletic Statistician 1. 2. 3; Cheerleader 1 Gail Perusek — Band 4. NHS 3. 4; Musical 4; Basketball 2. 3; Track 2. 3. 4; Language Club 2; Secret Admirers 2; Science Club 3. 4; Varsity “A” 3. Alan Pitts — Cross Country 1; Football 2. 3.4. Track 3; Science Club 3; Varsity ‘ A" 1. 2. 3. Kevin Plaugher — Class Pres. 1.2; Class V 140 Senior Directory Pres. 4; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Competition 1. 2. 3; Varsity Singers 1. 2. 3. 4; Band 1.2. 3. 4; Student Council 1. 2. 3. 4; NHS 3. 4; Pres 3; Musical 2. 4; Baseball 1. 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4. Science Club 4; Varsity “A" 2. 3 Tim Rayl — Michele Rhoades — Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Competition 1; Librarian 2; Musical 4; Athletic Statistician 1. 2. 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Volleyball 1. 2. 3. 4; Secret Admirers 3. 4 Tony Rinaldi — Beth Roberson — Class Treas. 1. 4; Class Sec. 2; Class V. Pres. 3; Choir 1. 2, 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3; Competition 1; Musical 2; Track 1; Secret Admirers 2. 3; Homecoming Attendant 1; Queen 4 Lula Robinson — Apollo 3. 4; Office Education Association. Michele Runser — Choir 3. 4; Student Council 1. 2; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Volleyball 2. 3. 4; Secret Admirers 1. 2. 3. 4; Varsity A' 2. 3 Homecoming Attendant 2. Pat Simon — Choir 3: Basketball 1; Cross Country 4. Football 2; Golf 1 2. Ken Smith — Choir 1.2. 3. 4; NHS 4. Athletic Statistician 2. 3. 4; Chemistry Bowl 4; Language Club 1; Science Club 4; Golf 2. Kim Staley — Band 1; Athletic Statistician 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Volleyball 1; Language Club 2. 3. Mike Staley — Baseball 1. 2. 3; Basketball 1. 2. 3; Football 4; Varsity "A" 1. 2. 3. Mitch Stansloski — NHS 3. 4; Interclass 3. 4: Athletic Statistician 3; Basketball 1; Track 2; Mascot 4; Chemistry Bowl 3. 4; Scholastic Bowl 4. Science Club 3. 4; TAG 1; Salutatorian 4 Jay Stephenson — Basketball 3; FFA 3. 4. Mark Sier — Choir 2. 3. 4; Varsity Singers 4; Musical 4. Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Cross Country 2. 3; Tennis. Ben Stobbe — Annual Staff 4. Choir 3. 4. Musical 4; Athletic Manager 3; Cross Country 1. 2. 4 Bob Tarr — Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Varsity 'A” 2. 3; Homecoming Escort 2. Doris Thompson — OWA 1; OWE 2. 3. 4 Keith Vermillion — Choir 2, 3. 4; Librarian 2; Musical 4; Basketball 1: Language Club 1 Dan Wagner — Librarian 2; FFA 1, 2. 3. 4 Pres. 4 Jim Ward — Choir 4; Librarian 4. Track 1. 2. 3. Tonya Welch — Choir 3. 4; Secret Admirers; Volleyball 1.2. 3; Track 1; Basketball 1; Language Club 2. 3; FFA 1. 2. 3. 4; Sec 2; Reporter 3; V. Pres. 4; NHS 3. 4 V Pres. 3; State Farmer Degree 4 Cindy Wilcox — Apollo 3. 4. Lisa Wiley — Annual Staff 2. 3. 4; Choir 2. 3. Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Jazz Ensemble 1. 2. 3; Pep Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Competition 1.2. 3. 4; NHS 3. 4; Musical 2. 4; Cross Country 3; Track 3. 4; Secret Admirers 2; Science Club 2. 3. 4; County Band 1. 2. 3. 4 Julie Woodruff — Choir 1.2. 3. 4; Competi tion 3; Band 1.2; Office Worker 3; Student Council 1. 3. 4; Volleyball 2. 3; Language Club 1. 2; Secret Admirers 2. 4; Science Club 1. 2; County Band 2.ummnADA CARDINAL St. Route 235 South Ada, Ohio Friendly Service Bakery — Delicatessen KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN “It's finger licking good” 955 S. Main, Ada Custom grinding — grain — feeds — seeds — hardware — chemicals — fertilizers ADA FARMERS EXCHANGE 322 W. Lincoln Avenue Ada. Ohio JPJI.....r?EARL’S PLUMBING AND HEATING 504 W. North Ada, Ohio ‘‘Good luck Seniors” I '''» THE YANKEE PEDDLER 107 S. Main Ada. Ohio For the finest in men’s clothing KATIE O’ROARKE Ladies' Apparel 218 N. Main Ada. Ohio 634-5306 Gardner’s Drug Store, Inc. Featuring Hallmark Cards ‘‘When you care enough to send the very best." THE ADA HERALD 309 S. Main Ada, Ohio 634-6055 I §M I 1 FURNITURE • CARPETS 1 X 232 N Main St , Ada. Ohio 45810 X 144VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS POST 9381 Ads 145FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ADA BRANCH 202 South Main Ada, Ohio 45810 634-7715 Totally Free Checking Mastercard Visa ADA FAMILY PRIDE IGA Pass along the good feeling of IGA 945 S. Main 634-4881 Mon.-Sat. 8:00A.M.-9:00P.M. Sun. 10:00-6:00 146 AdsCompliments of PEPER DRUGS THE VILLAGE HARDWARE 111 N. Main Ada, Ohio “If we don't have it, you won’t want it.” COLE-HUMPHREY AGENCY General Insurance 115 N. Main Ada, Ohio 634-8010 THE STATION HOUSE 102-104 N. Main Ada, Ohio 634-1666 For hot pizzas and subs. Ads 147BANK ONE 1 The sign of Better Banking. 302 CARRY-OUT 302 S. Main Ada. Ohio 634-8671 Bank One of Kenton Kenton-Ada IRVIN VANDEMARK Realtor and Insurance 208 N. Main Ada 634-4851 Dorothy Zimmerly 634-2995 Ernest Hopson Jr. 634-3540 Norman Smith 634-5602 DYE’S PLUMBING HEATING P.O. Box 24 Ada. Ohio 45810 634-8615 COLUMBIA GAS of Ohio 216 N. Main St. C.T. Cassell area manager open every day from 8 A M.-12 midnight UHLMANS 116 W. Columbus St. Kenton. Ohio 673-0727 Pleasing You Pleases Us 148 AdsONU BOOKSTORE Books and school supplies available to all levels of education Located in McIntosh Student center McIntosh CENTER 525 S. Main Ada, Ohio 772-2400 McINTOSH CENTEB ill ll« i III 111 1 ,IW,rl« 4 ili iit THE SOMETHING SPECIAL SHOP All hand crafted home and gift items for the home, weddings, graduations, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or just for you — any day. "If it can be sawed or sewed, we'll make it." B H ROAD GARAGE General repair and wrecker service. 115 E. North St. Ada. Ohio 634-5961 Ads 149HANSON-NEELY FUNERAL HOME 311 E. Lima Ada, Ohio 701 N. Front Alger, Ohio Complete Funeral Service with care and understanding tANSON NEELY Funeral home A. H. NORBERG "Houses painted at a reasonable price." 127 E. Montford Ada, Ohio OPEN TUBS. THRU SAT. J Aa Jiair Care Center Specializing in Hair Cutting Phone (419 634-4096 % 112 WEST BUCKEYE ADA. Ohio 45010 BAKER’S HARDWARE The friendly ones. 105 S. Main Ada. Ohio 150WILSON SPORTING GOODS 217 N. Liberty Ada, Ohio PATRONS COLE MOTOR SALES Ada Animal Clinic 120 E. Buckeye Betty Brite Cleaners Dr. David Houx Ada, Ohio Dr. William Shambarger Dr. Mark B. Shull Dr. David Veit OHIO NORTHERN NORADA LANES FOOD SERVICE Snack Bar 1182 State Rt. 235 The Wishing Well The White Bear Ada, Ohio 634-5906 151FINNEY GLASS AND PAINT 207 W. Franklin St. Kenton, Ohio 675-6200 3175 West Elm Street Road - lima 991-3075 A Family Restaurant Dedicated to "Quality" and "Service" HOURS LUNCH Tues.-Fri. 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. DINNER Tues.-Sat. 5:00-9:00 p.m. Sunday Buffet 11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Sunday Menu 11:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Closed Monday — Reservations Now Being Accepted for Multi-Purpose Banquets and Holiday Parties — — Off Premises Catering Available — FRUIT DISTRIBUTORS, INC. n y Home of Til Breve" Fine Food Products 129 South Central Lima, Ohio Fresh-Canned-Fro»n Phone (419) 223-4075 Custom Cut Quality Meats BROTHERS FOUR Form Fresh Fruits And Vegetables COUNTRY STORE, INC. 3215 W. Elm St. Just West ot American Moll Ph. 991-8055 OPEN DAILY 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. SUNDAY 8 00 a.m. - 5 00 p.m. SIEKERMAN’S FLORIST 824 S. Simon 634-7010 Cheryl’s Style Salon 413 S. Main ADA ROSE SHOP Ada. Ohio 634-2961 530 S. Main 634-9945 152REICHERT’S 111-113 S. Main St. Ada, Ohio Your headquarters for Ada T-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, jackets, gym shorts, caps, gymbags. Also featuring Nike. Brooks. Converse and New Balance athletic shoes. REESE’S MARATHON 220 S. Main St. Ada, Ohio 634-3851 JERI’S HAIR PORT THE NORTHERN FREEZE 430 S. Main Ada. Ohio 634-2796 108 E. Buckeye Ada, Ohio For the newest hair style cuts or no set perms call Jeri's Hair Port 634-2826 153MIKE’S Two Locations to Serve You 205 N. Main 2988 State Rt. 309 634-8937 634-1130 men - women ■ Children Georgia s Beauty Shop D atfuj S }agan, zAl anaqe.x 701 E KIBBY STREET LIMA. OH 45804 227-0445 227 0699 Dr. Robert Elliott 302 N. Main Ada. Ohio 154OHIO NORTHERN “The Challenge of a Great University: the Intimacy of a Small College" Earn degrees in: Business Engineering Pharmacy 32 majors in Arts Sciences Law For information call: Office of Admissions (419) 772-2260 1551984 STAFF There were times we thought we wouldn’t But we finally got it done It took a lot of effort, But we had a lot of fun. Here it is — we hope you like it! Beth Eibling Editor Amy Siekerman Co-Editor Beth Eibling Senior Portraits Beth Howard Activities Editor Susan Inmon Activities John Telles Faculty Editor Cyndee Dye Faculty Lisa Wiley Academics Editor Megan Shult Academics Kara Dyer Classes Editor Kim Dyer Classes Mrs. Davis Sports Thad Welch Sports Amy Siekerman Sports Tammy Mumaugh Clubs Jennifer Minich Clubs Beth Eibling Senior Section Lisa Wiley Senior Section Amy Siekerman Ads Editor Charles Simpson Ads Lisa Wiley Photographer Mark Ryan Photographer John Telles Photographer Ben Stobbe Photographer Thad Welch Photographer Beth Eibling Photographer Karl Oliver Photographer Kent Oliver Photographer 156 Staff Listpie for mak-Thad Welch, for us. Your Represen-phersand up with our the 1984 ours. Good and Amy We would like ing WE ’84 a thank you! help is very Thank tative, their help Thank WE luck!! Thank You 157 1984 Ada High School —r • V. - vy 1 s fs ' v 4 . « v x« 1

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