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WE” 1982 ADA HIGH SCHOOL Ada, Ohio Volume XLISeniors......7 Academics .. 25 Staff.........39 Activities....47 Clubs..........63 Sports........83 Classes......107 Ads 129Celebrate . . through the years at Ada High School. During the past century many advancements have taken place. Activities, styles, and even teachers have made many changes through the years. Right Brian Fields and Larry Moore model the latest fashions Below: Gail Persauk tries her hand at art. Lower left: Alan Simon concentrates intently. Lower right: Lisa Castle gives us her most charming smile Upper left Our own Mr Tom Dearth hard at work Above Football in its early stages At left: The Ada High School Band in its early years v. Upper left: Mr Norberg looks interested in his magazine Upper right: Mr Minto coaches Beth Wauben on her art project. Lower right: The geometry class hard at work. Above: Joey Bruskotter thinks about skipping schoolSteven J. Browne Cynthia L. Campbell William D. Chase Lisa R. Castle Michael T. Campbell Michael R. Cook 8Douglas T. Copus William R. Dodge II Stacey C. Dyer John E. Counts Linda A. Dodge Jamie M. Fall Jeffrey C. Davis Kelley D. Drake Blythe A. Fields 9Robert R. Gibson Mary C. Hall Janice S. Gossel Teresa K. Hassell Catherine A. Griesemer James W. Hood 10Gregory M. Lavan Donald R. Long Jeffrey A. Levi Olli T. Mattinen Laura S. Lile Lynn R McCurdy 1Thomas A. Minich Reba L. Oates Kathy A Patton Monna Jo Plaugher Cynthia K. Rayl Carrie L. Ream 12Thomas L. Sanders Jeanette A. Sanderson Marshall M Stuart Kristine R. Smith Camille R. Runser Kimberly S. Schroeder James P. Telles 13Rebecca J. Walls Not Pictured Damon K. Bickle Richard L. Boutwell Randall S. Burke William W. Bushong Jerry J. Fensler Rhonda R. Hopson Thomas M. Hopson Angela K. Hunsicker Debra A. Ousley Bradley A. Palte Melanie A. Van Atta Melissa J. Van Atta Patricia K. Whetsler Billie J. Wilcox Michael R. Woofter Ted A. Zachariah Kenneth D. Zimmerly 14Mary Hall is waiting for class to start. Senior Class Officers: President, Jan Gossel; Vice President, Teresa Hassell; Secretary. Reba Oates; and Treasurer, Laura Lile. 15Senior Favorites In every senior class there are those who stand out and will be remembered long after graduation for the qualities which they possess. In a small school like Ada, everyone knows everyone else and picking the senior favorites is a task easily accomplished. Steve Browne and Mary Hall were voted Teacher s Pet I Most Atheletic are Jay Hood and Jamie Fall. Marlene Woodruff and James Telles are the Jenise Johnson and Don Long are the shyest most studious. members of the class. 16 Senior Favorites Most Musical are Jeff Davis and Teresa Hassell. John Counts and Lisa Castle are the most talkative and Tom Minich and Lisa Castle are the biggest flirts. Laura Lile and Alan Risner are the cutest Most Likely to succeed are Jan Gossel and Steve Browne Kami Toland and Ted Zachariah are the class clowns. Senior Favorites 17 11111CLASS DAY ’82 The 1982 Class Day was held on May 27. Class history, wills and prophecies were read by various members of the class. Performing solos were Tom Sanders and Brad Palte. Kelley Drake and Jamie Fall sang a duet. As a finale, the senior class presented gifts to some of the teachers and administrators and sang "The Times of Your Life." Top left: Teresa Hassell reads the class will. Top right: Brad Palte does a solo. Bottom left: Jamie Fall and Kelley Drake do a duet. Bottom right: Tom Sanders does a solo. 18 CLASS DAY '82Top: Paul Khoury and John Counts do the McKenzie brothers. Middle: Correspondents for the A.H.S. News are Marshall Stuart. Steve Browne. Jeff Davis and Paul Khoury. Bottom: A look back with the class history. CLASS DAY '82 19GRADUATION 1982 On May 30, 1982 promptly at 2:00 p.m., twelve years of school came to an end for the 100th graduating class of Ada High School. The class chose maroon and gray as their colors, the red rose as their flower, and their class motto reads: We have seen the past, we are living the present, and within us we hold the future. The invocation was given by Rev. James W. Kerr of the First Presbyterian Church. The baccalaureate speaker was Dr. Michael S. Derry of the First Baptist Church and the benediction was given by Rev. Michael H. Mahoney at the First United Methodist Church. Chosen out of their class were Edie Rosen and Steve Browne as co-Valedictorians and Laura Lile as Saluta-torian. Special Music was provided by a senior flute and piano ensemble performing "I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together.” Also performing was the A.H.S. Choir who sang "Flying Free" and the senior members of the choir who sang "Sometimes." 20 Graduation '82Below: Edie Rosen delivers her Co-Valedictorian speech Top right: Dr. Michael S. Derry delivers the baccalaureate address Bottom right: Steve Browne delivers his Co-Valedictorian speech At left: Laura Lite delivers her Salutatorian speech Below: Marlene Woodrull played the flute while the A.H.S. Choir sang their final song, “Sometimes," at A.H.S. Graduation ‘82 21Top left. Stephanie McKinney receives her diploma from Mr William Robinson. President of the Board of Education. Top right: Teresa Hassell receives her diploma. At right: Jamie Fall receives her diploma. Opposite page The One-Hundredth Graduating Class of Ada High School. 22 Graduation 82Class of '82 23 g 9 g? ? g ®. ■ •g@©gvg-s© a Scholarship WinnersAcademicsBAND Jeff Davis Right, Ada’s percussion section showing off their skills at the Music Feast. Middle left, Amy Siekerman rests her lips before playing once again. Middle right, Jr. High band members learning key fingerings. Bottom left, Mindy West practicing contest music. Bottom right, Jeff Davis is showing off a portion of his musical talents. VOCATIONAL Vo. Ag. I — Doug Griffith Vo. Ag. II — Mike Campbell Home Ed. I — Carrie Ream Home Ec. II — Barb Hubbell Home Ec. Ill and IV — Kathy Binkley Marriage — Kim Rinaldi Singles — Vicki Wyss Top right, Senior bachelors are preparing a tasty meal. Middle left, Michelle Earl learning to sew a top on a sewing machine. Bottom right, Vicki Wyss is wondering whether she will ever get her dishes finished. Vocational 27ART Top right, Trina Nelson is cleaning her brushes before painting. Top left, Cicely works hard on her project as usual. Bottom left, Gavin McKinley is giving the finishing touches to his masterpiece. Bottom right, Billie Wilcox is making sure every line is as straight as possible. Gavin McKinley 28 ArtINDUSTRIAL ARTS Top left, Mechanical drawing members working diligently on their layouts. Top right, Mike Staley showing Ind. Arts — Mike Staley off his talents on the machine. Bottom left, Lee Fensler makes sure his wood is level. Bottom right, Don't saw Mechanical Drawing — David Stahl your fingers off Scott! Industrial Arts 29MATH CALCULUS — Eric Finney TRIGONOMETRY — Reba Oates MODERN GEOMETRY — Jeff Davis ALGEBRA II — Timbre Brown ALGEBRA I — Paul Saffell EIGHTH GRADE — Jean Baughman SEVENTH GRADE — Megan Shult PRACTICAL — Stephanie McKinney GENERAL — Duane Wireman Top right, Mark Browne and Andy Milks looking intelligently while solving a Trig, problem. Bottom left, A typical Algebra II class during spirit week. Bottom right, Bobby Game deeply concentrating on his notetaking. 30 MATHSCIENCE PHYSICS — Tom Minich PHYSICS — Greg Lavan CHEMISTRY I — LeAnn Moore CHEMISTRY I — Mark Browne CHEMISTRY II — Steve Browne CHEMISTRY II — Laura Lile BIOLOGY COLLEGE PREP. — Jeff Johnson BIOLOGY — Pat Simon PCB-GENERAL SCIENCE — Timbre Brown PCB-GENERAL SCIENCE — Amber Brown IIS-GENERAL SCIENCE — Doug Ellison IIS-GENERAL SCIENCE — Duane Wireman SEVENTH GRADE SCIENCE — Ted Griffith Top right, Young science members truly excited in their lectures on biology. Bottom left, Reba Oates and Laura Lile testing their chemicals before the lab experiment. Bottom right, Molly Coe and Vicki Chambers double checking lab mistakes. SCIENCE 31ENGLISH 9th Timbre Brown 10th Kara Dyer 11R Lori Young 11CP Mark Browne Amy Reitz 12R Monna Plaugher 12CP Blythe Fields Kris Smith 12AP Steve Brown 8th Lisa Smith 7th Corry Andrews 32 EnglishFOREIGN LANGUAGE French I — Kim Dyer, Amy Siekerman French II — Molly Coe Paul Khoury Spanish I — Amber Brown Timbre Brown Spanish II — Jenny Gordon Spanish III — Amy Reitz Upper right: Gail Perusek enjoys Spanish II Lower right: Spanish is fun! Upper left: French class is exciting Lower left: Find fulfillment in French! Foreign Language 33SOCIAL STUDIES Modern History I — Paul Khoury Modern History II — Steve McKinley Man and Society I — Lynn McCurdy Am. History — Kris Smith Am. History — A.P. — Trina Nelson Am. Government — Jamie Fall 7th grade Geography — David Keller 8th grade History — Brian Young Top right, Tom Hopson learning history. Middle left, Sophomore students learning interesting things. Middle right, Sam giving his undivided attention. Bottom right, Steve studying his test answers. 34 Social StudiesBUSINESS Personal Typing — LeAnn Moore General Business — Melissa Murphy Typing I — Chris Weihrauch Typing II — Michelle Rhoades Bookkeeping — Teresa Hassell Office Practice — Kim Rinaldi Business Math — Deb Ousley Upper right, Angela Stobbe at work. Bottom right, Deb Ousley becomes efficient. Upper left, Kim Klinger works on her skills. Bottom left, Roxanne Parshall in Typing II. Business 35O.W.A. O.W.E. Top left, Talking with friends Bottom left, Working on an assignment. O.W.A. O W EPhysical Education 9th — Timbre Brown Shelly Rohrer Brett Rodgers Todd Music 10th — Susan Berton Dan Evans 8th — Heather Satfell Jeff Anspach 7th — Pat Beck Dee Dee Wolber Upper left. Aerobic dancing. Middle left. A wrestling match. Bottom left, Ready for a flip? Right corner. Amber Brown gets into step. Phys Ed. 37Administration The major function of the Board of Education is to establish policies which guide the direction and operation of the Ada Exempted Village Schools. Our Board members are dedicated to providing the best possible educational program for Ada students. Top right: Mr Neil Allen. Superintendent of Ada Exempted Village Schools Right: Mr Thomas Coe, Principal, attended Ohio Northern University, Bowling Green State University, and the University of Dayton. Far right: Mr Eugene Fries, Assistant Principal, attended Findlay College and Miami University. Below right: Board of Education members; Mr. William Robinson. Dr. Oscar Darlington. Mr. Joe Saltzman, Mrs Ann Haight, and Mrs Joanne Kindle. Below: Mrs Haight looking over important statistics at the Board meeting 40 AdministrationTop right: Mrs Jackie Kent came to Ada High School in October of 1974 She previously worked for F.H. Bailey and Sons. Ada Top left: Mrs Marguaret Bozarth attended Ohio Northern University, and is involved with tutoring Center left Mr. Stephen Seagrave attended University of Toledo. He is the Junior High guidance counselor and teaches geography and Ohio History Center right: Ms Peggy Davis attended Ohio Northern University and is the High School guidance counselor Below right Mrs Mary VanAtta. Mrs Betty Quattrocchi. and Mrs Maxine McBride are the secretaries and clerks for the District. Below left: Mrs. Kent completing one of her many daily duties at the high school. Administration 41David Lusk — Science, Attended Ohio Northern University. Arthur Norberg — Biology, attended Youngstown State, Ohio Northern University, Ohio State University, Bowling Green State University and Toledo University. Keven Neff — Science, attended Ohio State University, Ohio Northern University, John Carroll University, and Toledo University. Joyce Busch — English, attended Kent State University, Ohio State University and Ohio Northern University. Lyn Davis — English, attended Findlay College, Ohio University and Universite d'Aix-en Provence, France. Jean Sleesman — English and Social Studies, attended Ohio Northern University, Bowling Green State University and University of Dayton. Karen Minto — English and Spanish, attended Findlay College. Ann Sale — Social Studies, attended Ohio Northern University, Bowling Green State University, Indiana University and Ohio Wesleyan University. 19? ? £ART 2 m .35 66 Dy 162.50 42 Faculty and StaffCarey Clum — Social Studies, attended Baldwin-Wallace College. Patricia Traster — French, attended Drake University. Robert Sperling — Math, attended Ohio State University. Gary Wagner — Math, attended Ohio Northern University. Carolyn Weiker — Math, attended Bowling Green State University. Regina Ward — Health and Physical Education, attended Mount Union College. Bruce McConnell — Health and Physical Education and Driver's Education, attended Ohio Northern University. Dean McDowell — Band, attended University of Michigan and Bowling Green State University. Faculty and Staff 43Lynn Knoble — Music, attended Ohio Northern University. Tom Dearth — Industrial Arts, attended Ohio Northern University. '.U- Ted Lee — Industrial Arts, attended Bowling Green State University. Jim Hay — OWE, attended Ohio Northern University. Charles Hawkins — OWA, attended Ohio State University. Bob Minto — Art, attended Findlay College. 44 Faculty and StaffMarsha Loebbaka — Business, attended Wright State University. Sharon Pitts — Reading and Social Studies, attended Ohio State University and Ohio Northern University. Myrna Neff — Home Economics, attended Ohio State University. Sue Lee — Special Education, attended Jacksonville State University. I Margaret Bowers — Librarian, attended Bowling Green State University. Mark Rohlig — Vocational Agriculture, attended Michigan State University, Bethany College and Ohio State University. Marian Johansen — School Nurse, attended Deaconess Hospital, New York and Ohio Northern University. Faculty and Staff 45ActivitiesHomecoming One of the biggest events of the fall season is homecoming week. This year the bonfire really psyched up the students and team as the homecoming court spoke and a Bearcat was burned in effigy. Friday, the fire department led a parade through town to add to the excitement. The crowning of the homecoming queen was the culmination of the week's events. Queen Laura Lite and her court looked radiant as they were escorted across the field by members of the team. The Bulldogs lost a close one to Spencerville but it was an exciting and well-played game. Saturday, to finish off the festivities, numerous couples swayed to the music of Sirrus at the dance sponsored by Student Council. All in all, homecoming week was a success and enjoyed by all. Above: The queen and court. From left to At right: Freshman attendant Kelly Austin right: Michele Runser, sophomore attendant; escorted by Brent Burris, Angela Stobbe, junior attendant; Laura Lile. queen; Becky Walls, senior attendant; Kelly Austin, freshman attendant. 48 HomecomingAt left The crowning of homecoming queen Laura Lite by senior escorts Tom Hopson and Stacy Dyer. At left: Sophomore attendant Michele Above: Cheers! Runser escorted by Bob Tarr. Above: Becky Walls enjoys the game Homecoming 49Music Feast The Music Feast has always been popular and successful and this year the fourth annual Music Feast, held on November 7, was no exception. As show choirs from Bluffton, Cory Rawson, as well as Ada's own Varsity Singers, the girls ensemble, and several other local groups displayed their talents, music patrons dined on steak and sandwiches. Later in the evening a dance was held in the multi-purpose room. A large number of people attended the Feast, and, as one patron said, “Everyone always has a great time. It's one of the most entertaining events of the year.” Above: The Ada Marching Band plays to an enthusiastic crowd. At right: Mr McDowell directs the Junior High Band 50 Music FeastAt left The high school choir provides an exciting show. Above: One of our great accompanists, LeAnn Moore At left: Another entertaining group. Below: Mrs. Knoble directs the high school choir. Music Feast 51Spirit Week V-l-C-T-O-R-Y, that's the Bulldog battle cry! And the Bulldogs were victorious with a 72-58 win over the Hardin Northern Polar Bears. The sophomores were also victorious, winning the Spirit Week competition. Spirit Week got off to a slow start because of the many days of school missed due to bad weather. Activities were postponed to the week of February 8-12. Students in grades 7-12 decorated the hallways and each class presented a skit at the pep rally on Friday. The different classes were judged on their decorations, skit, and spirit shown at the game. Though the freshmen won first prize in the spirit category, the sophomores won first prize in the decoration and skit categories and were the overall champions. 52 Spirit WeekAbove: The junior class presents a skit at Middle: The sophomores present their win-the pep rally. ning skit. Spirit Week 53Musical A lot of hard work and time go into the presentation of a musical, as the 50 member cast of "Hello Dolly” discovered. The chorus, orchestra, and stage crew directed by Mrs. Knoble, Mr. McDowell, and assistant director Jeff Bowman, worked for nearly three months on the delightful musical presented on March 26 and 27. "Hello Dolly" was a great success, drawing a full house and receiving a standing ovation. Cast of Characters (in order of appearance) Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi: Beth Wauben.Ernestina Sheri Matthew son, Ambrose Kemper: Greg Lavan, Horace Vandergelder: James Telles, Ermengarde: Kelley Drake. Cornelius Hackle Brad Palte. Barnaby Tucker: Bill Kent, Irene Malloy: Dawn Peltier. Minnie Fae: Le Ann Moore. Mrs Rose Jemse Johnson. Ruldolph: Jeff Gos-sel. Stanley: Kevin Plaugher. Waiters: Jeff Gossell. Kevin Plaugher. Kent Oliver. Mark Browne. Steve Browne. Tom Sanders. Reba Oates. Kelly Kindle. Jan Gossel. Vicki Chambers. Policemen: Kevin Plaugher. Mark Browne. Judge: Steve Browne. Court Clerk: Tom Sanders. Paper Hanger: John Telles. Chorus: Amber Brown.Beth Cassell. Martha Evans. Jenny Gordon. Elizabeth Graham. Melissa Hawbecker. Kelly Lavan. Amy Reitz. Lauren Theodore. Cindy Campbell. Sue Copus. Jamie Fall. Trina Nelson. Nancy Smith. Vicki Wyss. Paula Arlington. Timber Brown. Jane Davis. Vickie Downer. Michele Miller. Jane Napier. Carrie Ream. Marlene Woodruff, Cicely Laing, Laura Lite, Paul Saffell. Stan Guy. Karl Oliver. Thad Welch. Above right: Leading lady Beth Wauben entertains the audience. Right: Le Ann Moore is a charming Minnie Fae Far Right. A confused Horace Vandergelder-cleverly portrayed by James Telles. 54 MusicalLeft: We’re going to New York. Barnaby! Below: The terrific orchestra practiced many hours. Orchestra Members Teresa Hassell. Brad Stauffer. Megan Shult. Todd Klingler. Jeff Davis. Mr Dave Lusk. Lisa Wiley. Mike Meyer. Sue Berton. Mitzi Murphy. Teresa Mullins. Beth Eibling. Molly Coe. Peggy Deringer. Beth Roberson. Amy Siekerman. Dana Shult. Suzanne Long. Beth Vermillion. Brenda Deringer. Joe Wauben. Melanie Cole. Jim Barker Above: Dawn Peltier, as Irene Malloy, sings her way into the heart of Cornelius Hackle Musical 55Above: Our great accompanist. Teresa Hassell. Above left: The people behind the scenes, the stage crew, did a super job From left: Sandy Gangemi, Matt Cribler. Becky Walls. Kathy Binkley. Cathy Counts. Monna Plaugher Not pictured: Tom Minich. Joe Simmons. Becky Umphress Left: The orchestra did a wonderful job. Bottom left: The entire cast squeezes in for a picture 56 MusicalSadie Hawkins Dance On December 11th couples swayed to the music at the Sadie Hawkins dance. The Sadie Hawkins Dance, sponsored by the student council, gave the girls a chance to ask the guys out. Everyone that attended enjoyed themselves. Left: Amy Lewis, Tonya Welch, and Kelly Kindle had a lot of fun at the dance. Mrs. Lusk and John Counts boogey down Michele Smith and Alan Pitts having a good time. Sadie Hawkins 57April Fool’s Dance Loud music and crazy costumes were part of the scene at Ada High School on April 16. The April Fool's Dance, sponsored by the Varsity A, was a lot of fun for everyone. Joe Simmons and Brenda Umphress were chosen as King and Queen Fool. Top: These seniors seem to be having tun. Right: Queen and King Fool, Brenda Umphress and Joe Simmons Far Right: Dawn Peltier boogies down 58 April Fool's DanceInterclass The 76th annual Interclass competition was held April 23, 1982. Trina Nelson won the short story category, Gavin McKinley won the first place in the oration category, James Telles won the reading category, and Jenny Gordon won the essay category. The sophomore class won the skit and spirit competition and the senior class was the overall winner. Oration: Gavin Mckinley Amy Reitz Beth Cassell Reading: James Telles Cathy Counts LeAnn Moore Essay: Jenny Gordon Teresa Hassell Short Story: Trina Nelson Jamie Fall Elizabeth Graham Interclass 59Prom The Junior class honored the Seniors at the 1982 Prom. "The Best of Times." The dance was held in the ballroom of McIntosh Center, where couples danced to the sounds of Brandy from 8:00 to 11:30 p.m. After Prom activities, such as bowling, pool, and the movies, "Wait Until Dark” and "Superman", were held at McIntosh and enjoyed by all. 60 Prom62 PromOrganizationsAnnual Staff The Annual Staff is an organization of students with the same goal: to produce a quality yearbook. Every Thursday after school members gather in the business room and draw up layouts, write body and copy, choose snapshots and crop pictures to meet deadlines. Photographers can be seen around school and at most sports events and other assemblies taking pictures. The staff finances the yearbook by selling advertisements to area businesses, selling calendar, and working concession stands at basketball games. The Annual Staff is open to any student in grades 9-12 with an interest in preserving the memories of Ada High School in the pages of "We". Top: Lisa Wiley and Molly Coe discuss their pages for the annual. Above: Row 1: Nancy Smith, Jennifer Gordon, Peg Baderstcher, Brenda Fitzpatrick, Trina Nelson. Amber Brown. Shobhna Shah. Row 2: Kara Dyer. Molly Coe. Michele Miller, Thad Welch. Elizabeth Grahm, Advisor Marsha Loebbaka. Row 3: Jan Gossel. Marlene Woodruff, Advisor Lyn Davis. 64 Annual StaffTop: Photographers: Row 1: Roxanne Par-shall. Peg Baderstcher. Thad Welch. Brenda Fitzpatrick. Amber Brown Row 2: Shobhna Ghah. Lisa Wiley Bottom left Ms Loebbaka looks on as the professional photographer prepares his camera Bottom right: Amber Brown is hard at work on her pages Annual Staff 65Student Council The Student Council has been organized to develop and maintain the best possible relations within the school community and to promote the general welfare of the student body. Moreover, it is the goal of the Student Council to promote school spirit and to decide any questions pertaining to student activities. The Student Council sponsors several activities during the year. In October, all homecoming activities were planned by the council, and the First Annual Student Council car wash was held. Also the Sadie Hawkins dance was held in December and the annual Interclass contest was held in the spring. In addition two Jr. High dances and the basketball concessions were facilitated by Student Council. Top right: An enthusiastic Student Council member debates an important issue to our school. Top left: A heated discussion at a Student Council meeting. Bottom right Student Council Members: row 1: Ted Griffith row 2: Andrea Traster. Cam Nelson. Susan Stahl, row 3: Kurt Klingler, Timbre Brown. Kevin Plaugher. row 4 LeAnn Moore. Steve Nichols. Michele Runser. row 5: Kris Toland. Mark Browne. Joan Elliot, row 6: Steve Browne. James Telles row 7: Jemse Johnson. Jamie Fall. Marlene Woodruff. Above: Student Council Officers Le Ann Moore, correspondence Secretary; Jamie Fall. Trea surer. Joan Elliot. Secretary;Steve Browne. Vice President; Marlene Woodruff. President. 66 Student CouncilNational Honor Society Leadership, scholarship, character. and service are the four qualities needed to become a member of the National Honor Society. A junior or senior must meet these requir-ments; maintain a high grade point average and be active in school activities. This year sixteen juniors and six seniors were inducted. Top left: Dawn Peltier places her candle at the ceremony Above Peg Badertscher looks astounded that she was selected Middle left New members row 1: Jeff Gos-sel, Peg Badertscher. Lauren Theodore. Karla Wagner. LeAnn Moore. Gavin McKinley, row 2: Dawn Peltier. Joan Elliot. Nancy Smith. Wendy Klingler. Amy Reitz. Kelley Drake, row 3: Mark Browne. Brian Fields. Marshall Stuart. Paula Arlington. Joe Simmons. Jeff Davis. Absent: Thad Welch. Trina Nelson. Melanie Murphy. Bottom left: Old Members: row 1: Tom Mmich. Laura Lite. Reba Oates. Marlene Woodruff. Jemse Johnson, row 2: Steve Browne. Greg Lavan, Jan Gossel, Edie Rosen. Blythe Fields, row 3: Jay Hood. Paul Khoury, Eric Finney, Teresa Hassell. Carrie Ream. Jamie Fall. Jeanette Sanderson. Absent: Vicki Wyss National Honor Society 67Librarians The Library Aides are an important part of the library. Some of their duties include putting books away, dusting and straightening shelves, checking out materials and helping students find information. These students volunteer their time to work in the Library. Bottom left Elem. Librarians: Row 1: John Simon. David Guidebeck. Susan Inmon. Chris Binkley. Marcy Epley, Julie Cook. Row 2: Lori Young. Kathy Binkley, Beth Eibling, Michelle Leisure. Renee Williams. Dana Carmean. Row 3: Dena Dunn. Donna Campbell. Beth Young. Tammy Howard. Julie Woodruff. Kelly Lavan. Cindy Campbell. Marlene Woodruff. Row 4: Terry Follas. Pat Beck. Fran Chaney. Kim Rinaldi. Pat Simon. Row 5: Cindy Wilcox. Elaine Shields. John Telles. Jon Lissner. Bottom right: High School Librarians: Row 1: Dana Carmean. Christie Garver. Carrie Reiter. Starlene Wright. Kim Rinaldi. Fran Chaney. Row 2: Shelly Carmean. Cicely Laing. Karen Earl. Cindy Dye. Valerie Burris. Beth Young. Tammy Howard. Mona Plaugher. Darla Battles, Gina Rinaldi. Row 3: Beth Wau-ben. Trina Nelson. Nancy Smith, Terry Beck. Pat Simon, John Telles. Dorothy Hakin. Librarian Margaret Bowers Row 4 Jon Lissner, Elaine Shields. Renee Williams. Beth Eibling. Julie Woodruff. Kelly Lavan. Beth Vermillion. Michelle Leisure, Thad Welch. Top: Keith Vermillion answers a question from a student using the library. 68 Librarians Middle left: Olh Mattinen, one of the many students who use the library to study. Middle right: Peg Deringer relaxes while reading one of the many magazines available in the library for students.Office Workers Answering the telephone, writing passes, collecting pink slips and signing students in and out of school are a few responsibilities of the office workers. Office workers volunteer their time to help in the office by dropping study halls. Guidance Workers Hanging posters, running errands, filing papers, and helping students find information are all part of the job of being a guidance worker. Top: Office Workers: Row 1: Kathy Counts, Kelly Drake, Cathy Binkley, Peg Badertscher, Brenda Fitzpatrick, Secretary Jackie Kent, Jenise Johnson. Row 2: Reba Oates, Laura Lile, Beth Eibling, Gina Garver, Bill Dodge, Sherri Kindle, Becky Walls, Brenda Umphress, Bill Kent, Kris Smith, Thad Welch, Tom Sanders. Bottom: Guidance Workers: Steve Browne, John Counts, Guidance Counselor Peg Davis, Tom Sanders. Office Workers 69Language Club Language Club is devoted to those French and Spanish language students who want to increase and further their enjoyment of learning about foreign languages and cultures. Club activities range from having guest speakers, slide presentations, and filmstrips on French — or Spanish — speaking countries to actually traveling to Quebec or Mexico. Money-making projects include basketball concessions and candy sales whose proceeds go toward foreign travel. Top: Advisor Karen Minto looks busy at her desk. Middle left: Kenny Smith listens to a tape Middle right: Language Club officers. Front: President Cindy Campbell. Vice-President Amy Reitz, Secretary Vicki Downer. Treasurer Brenda Deringer. Bottom: Row 1: Teresa Mullins. Beth Ei-bling. Mary Jump. Shobhna Shah. Jane Davis. Martha Evans. Marlene Woodruff. Kelly Austin. Kelly Lavan. Row 2: Karl Oliver. Jon Lissner. Jeff Johnson. Michelle Leisure. Kim Staley. Julie Woodruff. Jamie Fall. Jane Napier, Jim Barker. Brenda Deringer Row 3: Cindy Campbell. Jenny Downer. Jenise Johnson. Amy Reitz. Vicki Downer. Dana Shult, Amber Brown. Angela Blackburn. Timbre Brown. Melissa Hawbecker, Advisor Karen Minto. 70 Language ClubScience Club Science Club members gain a knowledge of science through movies, experiments, and going on field trips. Members take an annual trip each Easter which includes camping and viewing the great sights. This year’s trip is to Chicago. Other small trips include canoeing and visiting science related museums such as C.O.S.I. At the end of the year a pizza party is held and members help clean up the patio. Top: Row 1: Beth Cassell. Dawn Peltier. Jenise Johnson. Alan Pitts. John Telles, Tom Minich Row 2: Cindy Campbell, Carrie Ream. Lisa Wiley. Jenny Downer. Marlene Woodruff. Vicki Downer, Jamie Fall, Olli Mattinen. Andy Milks. Darrin Peltier. Rick Cole. Row 3: Dave Stahl. Advisor Kevin Neff. Marshall Stewart. Mike Meyer. Wes Milks. Middle left: Kevin Wildman. Rick Cole, and Aaron Preston look busy at the meeting. Middle right: Science Club officers. President Tom Minich. Vice-President Cindy Campbell, Treasurer Jenise Johnson, and Advisor Kevin Neff. Middle left: President Tom Minich prepares an experiment. Middle right: Alan Pitts poses like a ham for the camera Science Club 71Secret Admirers The 1981 Secret Admirers Club was successful this year in promoting spirit and support for the Ada Bulldog football team. The 52 members of the 1981 Secret Admirers Club devoted many activities to the support and encouragement of the Ada Bulldog football team, including the Spaghetti Dinner with candlelight and checkered tablecloths. At the end of the season each Admirer presented her player with a scrapbook and received a necklace as a token of the team's appreciation. The Secret Admirers Club also sponsored the April Fool's Dance in the spring. Top: From point clockwise Tammy Cro-zier. Amy Corle. Amie Lewis. Lori Weihrach. Michelle Smith. Laurie Archer. Kris Toland. Dawn Peltier. Kim Klingler, Cathy Counts. Tina Lawrence. LeAnn Moore. Karla Wagner. Susan Minich, Jane Davis. Angela Blackburn, Melissa Hawbecker. Vicki Chambers. Michele Runser. LeAnn Klingler, Marlene Woodruff. Mary Hall. Lauren Theodore. Joan Elliott. Molly Coe. Becky Walls. Beth Wau-ben. Vicki Wyss. Sherry Kindle. Steph McKinney. Kathy Game. Cindy Long. Cindy Downer. Michelle Leisure. Connie Busch. Martha Evans. Carrie Ream. Missy Stier. Suzanne Copus. Lynn McCurdy. Reba Oates. Laura Lite, Lisa Castle. Edie Rosen. Blythe Fields, Tonya Welch. Denna Moore, Melanie Cole. Beth Roberson. Middle Edie Rosen. Advisor — Carey Clum. Blythe Fields. Bottom left: Steve Nichols receives a double dose from both his admirers Bottom right: Beth Wauber and Laurie Archer were one of the many secret admirers at the Fall Sports Banquet 72 Secret Admirers rTop: John Counts addresses the parents at the Fall Sports Banquet Middle: Row 1 Michele Runser. Tonya Welch. Steve Nichols. Bob Tarr. Mike Staley, Mick Bruskotter. Scott Archer, Jerry Hopson. Row 2: Wendy Klingler. Joe Simmons. Bill Archer. Andy Milks. Rick Cole. Brian Fields. Kevin Plaugher. Sam Khoury Row 3: Jennifer Conley. Eric Finney. Jay Hood. Jeff Davis. Paul Khoury. Brenda Umphress. Steve Browne, John Counts. Greg Hall. Joan Elliott. Gavin McKinley. Advisor — Carey Clum. Varsity “A” The Varsity "A” club is an organization whose purpose is to promote fellowship among the athletes at Ada High School. During the year they raise money for our sports programs in various ways; such as the Lift-a-thon and the April Fool’s Dance. Membership is open to anyone with a Varsity letter. Varsity ••A ’ 73F.H.A. The F.H.A. is an organization of young women whose goals are to provide for self-development, to prepare for family and community living, and to encourage individual and group involvement in achieving worldwide brotherhood. The F.H.A. also provides an opportunity for assuming responsibilities and developing interests in home economics and related careers. The F.H.A. is involved in many activities including: initiation, Halloween and Christmas parties, a Mother-Daughter Banquet and co-sponsoring Jr. High Dances with the F.F.A. Top: Row 1: Billie Wilcox, Lisa Qarver, Stephanie NcKinney, Vicki Wyss, Kathy Binkley Row 2: Advisor Myrna Neff. Angela Justice, Gina Garver, Carrie Ream. Trudi Dearth. Lula Robinson. Sheri Matthewson Row 3: Sandy Gangemi, Cindy Wilcox. Cindy Long. Cindy Downer, Fran Chaney Middle left: Angela Justice and guest receive many gifts at the Christmas party Middle right: Billie Wilcox poses in her initiation costume. Bottom: Officers: President Lisa Garver. Vice President Kathy Binkley, Secretary Stephanie McKinney Absent: Treasurer Donna Whitaker F.H.A 74At left Dan Wagner demonstrates his skills with the blow torch. Below: Officers: Row 1: Treasurer Don long. Secretary Tonya Welch, President Mike Campbell. Vice President Thad Welch, Sentinel Bill Dodge Row 2: Student Advisor Jim Henry, Reporter Dan Wagner Middle left: Tonya Welch sorts fruit. F.F.A. The F.F.A. is involved in different activities every week. They hold monthly meetings, Jr. High Dances, and also organize a bon fire for the Homecoming pep rally. Members work with the F.H.A. and Student Council on many school activities. Important annual F.F.A. events include Farm Science Review, State and National Conventions, National F.F.A. Week, Fruit Sale, judging contests and Parliamentary Procedure. F.F.A. is open to any person in grades 9-12 with interests in mechanical, technical, and professional careers in agriculture. Above Mike Campbell unloads fruit. Left: Kneeling: Doug Griffith Row 1: Advisor Mark Ruhlig, Rick Blevins. Don Long, John Saltz-man, Tim Dearth, Jon Pifer Row 2: Steve Nichols. Mike Campbell. Tonya Welch Row 3: Todd Wyss, Lee Fensler. Dan Evans. Thad Welch. Rob Gibson Row 4 Greg Hall, Dan Wagner. Kelly Spar. Bill Dodge. Jim Henry. 75 F.F.A.Chorus The Ada H.S. Concert choir con- sists of 108 singers and perform for all school musical events including Music Feast, the Christmas Concert, Spring Follies, District III Choral Competition and graduation ceremonies. Members of the group are chosen to participate in District Choir, County Chorus, Solo and Ensemble Competition and the Varsity Singers. Fifty-one members were chosen to the cast for this year’s muscial "Hello, Dolly." The Ada H.S. Varsity Singers is a group of 22 "singer-performers" chosen through auditions. They perform at all school concerts in the show Choir Concept as well as many special events. This year they performed at the O.N.U. Christmas Festival, the A.C.E. banquet, the Liberty National Bank Stockholders Banquet, the Lion's Club Sweetheart night, O.N.U. Chapel Service, and Bluffton Swing Choir Invitational. Top: District Choir members include: Row 1: Lauren Theodore, Jane Napier. Row 2: Greg Lavan, Beth Wauben, Brad Palte. Above: Accompanists Row 1: Jan Gossel, Row 2: LeAnn Moore, Vicki Downer. Row 3: Teresa Hassell Right: Barbershop Quartet Bill Kent, Mark Browne, Joe Simmons, Jett Gossel. 76 ChoursTop: Varsity Singers. Row 1: Dawn Peltier. Bill Kent Row 2: Beth Cassell, Kevin Plaugher. Melissa Hawbecker, Teresa Hassell. Jeff Davis. Director Lynn Knoble. Jane Napier. John Telles, LeAnn Moore. Row 3: Mark Browne, Joan Elliott. James Telles. Reba Oates. Greg Lavan, Beth Wauben, Steve Browne. Brad Palte. Becky Walls. Joe Simmons. Lauren Theodore. Tom Sanders. Kelley Drake. Jeff Gossel{1Jottom: Concert Choir Row 1: Reba Oates. Trina Nelson. Cathy Counts. Laura Lile, Mark Johansen. Thad Welch. John Telles. Kenny Smith. Michele Miller, Teresa Mullins. Judy Guentzler. Jane Davis. Dana Perkins. Row 2: Suzanne Copus. Kelly Kindle. Nancy Smith. Vicki Chambers. Joe Simmons. V. Pres. Greg La- van. Mike Meyer. Paul Saffell, Lauren Theodore. Elizabeth Graham, Kellie Austin, Jenny Gordon. Row 3: Marlene Woodruff. Jenise Johnson, Missy Stier, Treasurer Jan Gossel Doug Griffith. Kurt Klingler. Tina Lawrence. Julie Woodruff. Kim Klingler. Brenda Fitzpatrick. Beth Eibling. Kelley Drake. Suzanne Long. Row 4: Beth Cassell. Beth Vermillion. Renee Williams. Keith Vermillion. Bill Kent. Timbre Brown. Deena Moore. Beth Roberson. Melanie Cole. Martha Evans. LeAnn Moore. Karla Wagner Row 5: Edie Rosen. Jane Napier. Lynn McCurdy. Mark Stier. Jeff Gossel. Mark Browne. James Telles. Connie Busch, Amy Chandler. Susan Yost. Michelle Leisure. Brenda Deringer. Susan Minich. Row 6 Lori Weihrauch. Vicki Wyss. Steph McKin- ney. Lisa Wiley. Kevin Plaugher. Stan Guy. Mitzi Murphy. Cindy Campbell. Kelly Lavan, Angela Blackburn, Susan Berton, Roxanne Parshall. Row 7: Brenda Umphress. Paula Arlington. Secretary Joan Elliott. Becky Walls. Tom Sanders. Todd Music. V. Pres John Counts. Teresa Hassell. Wendy Klingler. Jenny Downer, Mindy West. Carrie Ream, Dawn Peltier Row 8: Director Lynn Knoble. Kathy Binkley. Sheri Matthewson. Dana Shult. Monna Plaugher. Pres Steve Browne. Brad Palte. Vicki Downer. Michele Rhoades. Beth Wauben. Jamie Fall. Amber Brown. Amy Reitz. Melissa Hawbecker. Chorus 77Marching Band The 1981-82 Marching Band had a very busy year starting off with the Allen County Fair Show and the Hardin County Fair Show. They performed at all home football games and at most of the away games. The band was invited back to the Ottawa Glandorf Band Spectacular to perform and competed at the West Jefferson Marching Band Competition where the percussion placed first in their class and third over-all. Drum Major Teresa Hassell also placed first in her class and third over-all. The band placed sixth in competition. At upper left: Lauren Theodore watches the drum major closely for the tempo. At upper right: Joan Elliott dances in "Sing. Sing, Sing". At right: The Ada Marching Band plays the big band number "Sing. Sing, Sing". Below: The Ada Marching Band. Row 1: Julie Woodruff. Becky Wells. Jenise Johnson Row 2: Jan Gossel, Jamie Fall. Dawn Peltier. Kelly Lavan, Jeff Gossel. Jeff Davis. Kevin Plaugher. Paul Saffell. Jim Barker Row 3: Teresa Hassell. Amy Chandler. Angela Blackburn. Mindy West. Jenny Gordon. Suzanne Copus. Susan Berton, Melissa Murphy. Lauren Theodore. Shobhna Shah. Beth Roberson, Nancy Smith. Jane Napier. Melissa Hawbecker. Lora Woods. Row 4 Mark Johansen. Bill Kent. Wendy Klingler. LeAnn Moore. Karla Wagner. Kelley Drake. Timbre Brown. Amber Brown. Dana Shult, Lisa Wiley. Mike Meyer. Michelle Massillo. Brad Palte. Judy Guentzler. Row 5: Beth Eibling, Molly Coe. Teresa Mullins. Martha Evans. Suzanne Long. Beth Cassell. Edie Rosen. Blythe Fields. Cindy Campbell Row 6: John Telles, Beth Vermillion. Kathy Binkley. James Telles. Karl Oliver, Stan Guy. Kent Oliver. Greg La-van. Brenda Deringer. Amy Reitz. Amy Corle, Marlene Woodruff. Mark Browne. Row 7: Amie Lewis. Elizabeth Graham. Lori Weih-rauch. Vicki Chambers. Jennifer Conley, Sherry Kindle, Joan Elliott. Beth Wauben. Brenda Umphress. Lisa Castle. Kris Toland, Stephanie McKinney. Kim Klingler, Melanie Cole, Kelly Kindle, Laurie Archer. Row 8 Carla Willeke. Andrea Traster, Cindy Scheff. Absent: Lisa Smith. 78 BandAda Swings The Jazz Band has been practicing hard this year before school to perform as a backup for the Varsity Singers. Performances include Music Feast, Bluffton Sing Choir Invitational, Spring Band Concert and the Ice Cream Social, as well as a few extra events. The Pep Band played for pep sessions and all home basketball games to keep the spirit going. At left: The Jazz Band. On blocks: Amy Reitz, Andrea Traster. Timbre Brown. Paula Arlington. Lisa Wiley, Paul Saffell, Stan Guy. Kent Oliver, Mike Meyer. Mindy West, Jan Gossel. Amber Brown, Tammy Dearth. Brenda Deringer Center: Director Dean McDowell. Jeff Davis Absent: Amy Siekerman. At left The Pep Band Row 1: Beth Vermillion. Kent Oliver. Mindy West. Kathy Binkley. Row 2: Stan Guy. James Telles Row 3: Nancy Smith, Beth Cassell. Brenda Deringer. Cindy Campbell. Row 4 Kelley Drake. Sherry Kindle. Michelle Massillo, Susan Berton, Kelly Lavan. Lisa Wiley. Beth Eibling, Jenise Johnson. Row 5: Greg Lavan, Teresa Hassell. Teresa Mullins. Brad Palte, Brenda Umphress. Jeff Davis. John Telles. Mike Meyer Row 6: Amber Brown. Paula Arlington. Jan Gossel.Jr. High Band The Jr. High Band consists of seventh and eighth graders who give up their study halls each week to practice. This year the band participated in the pre-game ceremonies at Homecoming and at Music Feast. They are also planning on competing in the Jr. High Contest. These students are being prepared to join the High School Band in their future years at Ada. Top: Scott Mullins practices on his instrument Middle Band Instructor Dean McDowell offers some pointers to a few students Bottom right: Laurie Epley practices on her clarinet. Bottom left: Row 1: Lisa Smith. Stephanie Shull. Vickie Campbell. Chris Minich. Theresa Nellis. DeAnn Turner. Kerri Reiter. Sue Stahl, Megan Shult. Row 2: Andrea Traster. Cindy Scheff. Starlene Wright. Stacia Fisher. Laurie Epley. Sherri Wince. Sandy Stahl, Carla Willeke. Jean Baughman. Row 3: Tammy Dearth. Scott Mullins. Joe Bruskotter. Jeff Vermillion, Ronald Bell. Heather Saffell. Row 4 Mike Willeke. Ted Griffith. Scott Eibling, Ronald Wildberger. Drew Hiester, Todd Klingler. Luke Johansen, Joe Wauben. Row 5: Dean McDowell. Cameron Nelson. Corry Andrews. 80 Jr. High BandY.A.C. The Youth Advisory Council to the School Lunch Program consists of five members. Throughout the year the Council samples new foods, names them and decides whether to add them to the menu. Members visit other schools and make comparisons of our program to the ones visited. Also, a survey is taken of the student body on our lunch program. This enables students to let us know their likes and dislikes and to make suggestions on how we can improve our lunch program. Top: Kathy Binkley samples some new items for the menu. Middle left Mrs. Fox. advisor and head cook displays an approving smile Middle right: Jamie Fall finishes her lunch and prepares to begin the meeting Bottom: The Y.A.C. consists of 5 members with each one representing their class in grades 9-12 and one Student Council representative. Row 1: Kathy Binkley. Mrs Fox, Missy Stier Row 2: Beth Eibling, Jamie Fall, Thad Welch. Y.A.C. 81Sports 9High School Football High School Football Scores Ada — 24 Kenton — 26 Ada — 36 Crestview — 0 Ada — 33 Perry — 6 Ada — 32 Allen East — 14 Ada — 16 Paulding — 7 Ada — 19 Spencerville — 20 Ada — 0 Delphos Jefferson — 50 Ada — 18 Columbus Grove — 18 Ada — 8 Bluffton — 7 Ada — 21 Upper Scioto Valley — 6 Above right: Number 18. Jay Hood, celebrates as Number 60. Paul Khoury, crawls from the bottom of the pile. Varsity. Front row: Paul Khoury, Tom Hopson, Jay Hood, Stacey Dyer, Richard Boutwell, John Counts, Gavin McKinley. Second row: Brian Fields, Jon Zimmerman, Joe Zsembik, Dave Boutwell, Rick Cole, Matt Criblez, Greg Hall, Jim Henry. Third row: Bruce Pederson, Dave Hopson, Joe Simmons, Dan Evans, Bob Tarr, Scott Archer, Steve Nichols, Mick Bruskotter. Fourth row: Doug Patton, Tim Dearth, Vonn Parsons, Brent Burris, Derek Brown, Bob Kipker, Todd Wyss, Alan Pitts. Fifth row: Coach Clum, Coach Hay, Kevin Wildman, Darren Peltier, Jim Loop, Coach Grimslid, Coach McConnell. Below: Spencerville Bearcat tackle causes defeat for Ada Bulldogs. The 1981 Ada High School Football Team had a successful season this year. This success was due to strong senior leadership, the fine coaching of head coach Carey Clum along with his assistants Bruce McConnell, Greg Grimslid, Jim Hay and Dan Mathie, and hard work and continual effort put forth by the entire team. The varsity team closed the season with a 6-3-1 record and ended up third in the Northwest Conference. Throughout the season the Bulldogs provided contagious excitement for fans by using a wide open offense that established several new records. Two of Ada's losses this year came by a combined total of three points.Junior High Football Jr. High. First row: Chuch Liebrecht, Todd Rainey, Pat Beck, Bobby Game, Derek Moore, Brent Meyer, Mark Rohrer, Kent Everhart, Joe Bruskotter. Second row: Mike Wil-leke, Gary Reese, Brian Young, Mike Stier, David Gonder, Bill Pitts, Doug Smith, Manager — John Reese, Coach Minto. Third row: Chuck Bitler, Haulie Marshall, Mike Runser, Andy Guidebeck, John Am-burgey, Robby Shields, Bill Keller, Marc Staley. Fourth row: Tim Lawrence, Scott Eibling, Todd Klingler, Joe Wauben, John Howard, Gary Park, Ryan Conley, Doug Miller, not pictured: Assistant Coach Mark Nichols. The 1981 Ada Bullpups finished their season with a very respectable five wins and one loss. The team of eighteen eighth graders and fifteen seventh graders had allowed only one team in five to score. While showing complete defensive dominance, the Pups' offense racked up a season total of 65 points. In their last game under the lights of the Bluffton High School football field, the Dogs went down to their only defeat, at the hands of an exceptionally big and fast Priate squad. The book has not closed for our gridiron hopefuls of the future. Junior High Football Scores Ada — 6 Kenton — Red Team — 0 Ada — 24 Kenton — White Team — 0 Ada — 24 Allen East — 0 Ada — 6 Perry — 0 Ada — 12 Upper Scioto Valley — 0 Ada — 0 Bluffton — 32 Upper right: Bullpup aggressiveness Below: Coach Minto and Coach Nichols look thoughtful as the Bullpups drive for another victory. Jr. High Football 85Golf After losing two seniors from last year’s team, the golf team, coached by Bob Sperling, had a growing and building season in 1981. All of the returning players showed improvement over the previous season. Everyone is looking forward to next season, with all but two team members returning, for what everyone hopes to be a terrific year. Bottom right: Freshman Wes Milks follows through with his swing. Below: MVP Pat Simon practices his stance. Below: Preparing to "tee off" is foreign-exchange student Olli Mattinen. 86 GolfGirls’ CC Team. Kneeling: Shobhna Shah. Cathy Counts. Kellie Austin, Cindy Long Kelly Lavan. Jamie Fall. Tina Lawrence. Man-Standing: Coach Hawkins, Cindy Downer. ager Brian Hartman. Boys’ CC Scores Celina Invitational 5 out of 10 Perrysburg Invitational 4 out of 18 Lima Invitational 4 out of 14 Ontario Invitaional 4 out of 11 Findlay Invitational 6 out of 17 Northwest Conference Meet 4 out of 8 Hardin County Meet 1 out of 4 Lima Sectional 5 out of 14 Cross Country Under the coaching of Bud Hawkins, the 1981 boys’ Cross Country team had a very successful season. Competing against 99 teams at various invitationals, dual and triangular meets, the team compiled a 66-33 win-loss record. Individually, the team was led by seniors Greg Lavan and Eric Finney, and junior Terry Williams. Greg became the first Ada CC runner in several years to advance to the State Meet, where he finished 31st. This was the second year for girls’ Cross Country as a team sport at Ada High School. The girls’ best finish this year was 4th place out of 10 teams at the Perrysburg Invitational. The team was led by senior Jamie Fall and sophomore Kelly Lavan, who both advanced to the district meet this year. At left: Greg Lavan rounds a marker on Ohio Northern's cross country course. Below: The Ada boys prepare to start a race as members of the girls team look on. Boys’CC Team Kneeling: Eric Finney. Ter- Hawkins. Manager Brian Hartman. Greg La-ry Williams. Aaron Preston. Mark Stier. Ben van. David Earl. Rick Blevins. John Magee. Stobbe. Steve McKinley. Standing: Coach Jeff Johnson. Cross Country 87Varsity Volleyball Under the coaching of Regina Ward, the 1981 Varsity volleyball team had a growing and building season with a record of 5 wins and 14 losses. The season was filled with fun, laughter, disappointing losses, and plenty of teamwork. The team is looking forward to next year as there are no seniors graduating and seven Varsity letter-men will be returning for what everyone hopes to be a super season. Varsity Volleyball Ada — W Cory Rawson — L Ada — L Arlington — W Ada — L Bath — W Ada — L Bluffton — W Ada — L Ridgemont — W Ada — W Allen East — L Ada — L Columbus Grove — W Ada — W Delphos Jefferson — L Ada — L Perry — W Ada — W U.S.V. — L Ada — L Paulding — W Ada — L Spencerville — W Ada — L Van Buren — W Ada — L Lincolnview — W Ada — L Kenton — W Ada — L Crestview — W Ada — W Waynesfield — L Ada — L Kalida — W Ada — L Hardin Northern — W Below: MVP Wendy Klingler gets set to serve the ball during Varsity action. Below: Sophomore Michelle Runser goes up for a block as the Dogs go on to defeat Allen East Varsity. Kneeling: Coach Ward, Vicki Downer. Wendy Klingler. LeAnn Moore. Jennifer Conley. Waterboy David Rhoades Standing: Line Judges Heather Saffell and Chris Minich. Missy Wolber, Susan Berton. Michele Rhoades. Michelle Runser. Manager Bill Kent. Vicki Chambers. Tonya Welch. Teresa Mullins. Mindy Wolber, Statisticians Carrie Ream and Michele Earl 88 VolleyballJ.V. Volleyball Below: Sophomore Vicki Chambers prepares to serve the ball in J.V. action against Allen East. The Junior Varsity volleyball team had a successful 1981 season with a record of 12-6. This was the first winning season for the Junior Dogs. Coach Ward is looking to the JV’s as exciting additions to the Varsity team in future years. At left: Vicki Downer gets set to bump the ball Junior Varsity. Kneeling: Elaine Shields. Missy Stier. Jane Davis. Michele Miller. Standing: Coach Ward. Missy Wolber. Julie Woodruff. Vicki Downer. Michele Rhoades. Vicki Chambers. Mindy Wolber. Susan Min ich. Ada — W J.V. Volleyball Cory Rawson — L Ada — W Arlington — L Ada — W Bath — L Ada — L Bluffton — W Ada — W Ridgemont — L Ada — W Allen East — L Ada — W Columbus Grove — L Ada — W Delphos Jefferson — L Ada — W Perry — L Ada — W U.S.V. — L Ada — W Paulding — L Ada — W Spencerville — L Ada — W Van Buren — L Ada — L Lincolnview — W Ada — L Kenton — W Ada — L Crestview — W Ada — W Waynesfield — L Ada — L Kalida — W Ada — L Hardin Northern — W Volleyball 89Cheerleaders The cheerleaders of the 1981-82 sports season feel that they have put forth their best effort in promoting school spirit throughout the year. Not only do they cheer at football and basketball games, but they also make signs, candy buttons, organize caravans and plan pep rallies. Mrs. Sleesman was the advisor for the Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman squads and Mrs. Cathi Kent was the Junior High advisor. These women have worked hard to make the squads successful. The cheerleaders would like to thank them for their efforts. Above: Lynn McCurdy. Beth Wauben and Laurie Archer warming up the tans for a Bulldog Victory. Above: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Timbre Brown. Judy Guentzler, Angela Blackburn, Dawn Peltier, Karla Wagner, and Amy Chandler. Above: Varsity Cheerleaders; top: Beth Wauben, Laurie Archer. Laura Lile; bottom: Suzanne Copus. Lynn McCurdy and Blythe Fields 90 CheerleadersAbove: Freshmen Cheerleaders; Melissa Hawbecker. Michelle Above: Junior High Cheerleaders; middle top to bottom: Lisa Smith, Smith, Dana Perkins, Jane Napier and Martha Evans. Kari Crozier. Cindy Scheff, Deeann Turner; left: Stacia Fisher, right Linda Counts Above: Ada Cheerleaders fire up the Bulldogs Above: Junior Varsity cheerleaders make good use of a timeout. Cheerleaders 91Varsity Boys’ Basketball The Varsity Boys’ Basketball Team had another fine year. The Bulldogs ended the season with a 20-3 record. They were Northwest Conference Champs for the seventh year in a row. The boys were Sectional Champs and advanced to the District for the sixth time in the last seven years. Varsity Bulldogs: Jay Hood. Mike Staley. Brian Fields. Jamie Lewis. Dave Boutwell. Richard Boutwell. Steve Browne. John Counts. Kevin Plaugher. Alan Risner. Dave Stahl. Mike Cramer. Coach Gene Fries Mangers. Statisticians. Film Crew Front row: Olli Mattinen. Mark Browne. Joe Simmons. Tom Minich. Back row: Aaron Pitts. Eric Finney. Paul Khoury. Andy Milks. Jeff Gossel. Ken Smith. Center right Alan Risner gets tough before a large Bulldog crowd . Bottom right: Coach Fries shows his determination during a time out. Varsity Boys' Basketball Ada 65 Crestview 61 Ada 48 Waynesfield 39 Ada 66 Bluffton 48 Ada 54 Ridgemont 40 Ada 45 Kenton 59 Ada 55 Allen East 51 Ada 78 Arlington 66 Ada 74 Van Buren 52 Ada 67 Columbus Grove 50 Ada 77 Delphos Jeffer son 60 Ada 65 Cory Rawson 52 Ada 68 Perry 35 Ada 75 McComb 39 Ada 37 US V 69 Ada 49 Paulding 39 Ada 59 New Knoxville 45 Ada 47 Spencerville 45 Ada 72 Hardin Northern 58 Ada 47 Lincolnview 41 Ada 45 Bath 44 Ada 43 Spencerville 40 Ada 60 Allen East 41 Ada 53 New Knoxville 61Boys’ J.V. Basketball J.V. Bulldogs: Jerry Beck. Doug Griffith. Jamie Lewis, Bill Kent. Todd Music. Dave Boutwell. Dan Evans. Mark Stier. Scott Archer. Bill Archer. Jerry Hopson, Coach Ted Lee The Ada J.V.’s ended another successful season at 14-6, playing behind the leadership of Dave Boutwell, Jamie Lewis, and Bill Archer. The team also placed second in the Northwest Conference with a record of 7-3. Composed mostly of sophomores and one freshman, the team provided many exciting moments for this year’s fans. J.V. Boys' Basketball Ada 41 Crestview 29 Ada 27 Waynesfield 33 Ada 30 Bluffton 14 Ada 50 Ridgemont 35 Ada 38 Kenton 35 Ada 38 Allen East 35 Ada 33 Arlington 43 Ada 49 Van Buren 39 Ada 32 Columbus Grove 37 Ada 36 Delphos 38 Ada 45 McComb 38 Ada 50 Perry 35 Ada 41 U.S.V. 37 Ada 41 Cory Rawson 34 Ada 49 Paulding 47 Ada 29 New Knoxville 33 Ada 27 Spencerville 40 Ada 44 Hardin Northern 43 Ada 51 Lincolnview 29 Ada 42 Bath 33 Center left: Jamie Lewis goes for the ball, while Dave Boutwell and Todd Music look on. Bottom left: Jerry Hopson and Dan Evans anticipate receiving the ball. Basketball 93Varsity Girls’ Basketball Once again Coach Pitts and the girls' basketball team had a season to be proud of. They had a 19-4 record for the year, were undefeated in the Northwest Conference, won the Sectional Championship, and advanced to the District Tournament. Co-Captains Mary Hall and Paula Arlington provided senior leadership and guidance for the team. Angie Stobbe and Michele Runser were named Co-MVP's for their excellent play throughout the season. Below: Wendy Klingler goes tor two during the game against Ridgemont Below: Sophomore Michelle Runser takes a shot over a defensive player 1 Varsity Girls' Scores Ada 48 Ridgemont 31 Ada 61 Hardin Northern 23 Ada 42 Lima Bath 68 Ada 57 Bluffton 43 Ada 33 Kalida 31 Ada 57 Allen East 31 Ada 46 Crestview 37 Ada 44 Delphos St. John's 65 Ada 57 Ottoville 53 Ada 67 Delphos Jefferson 56 Ada 50 Lima Perry 22 Ada 47 U.S.V. 30 Ada 56 Kenton 35 Ada 60 Paulding 37 Ada 49 Miller City 33 Ada 79 Spencerville 40 Ada 52 Anna 78 Ada 58 Lincolnview 46 Ada 58 Waynesfield 39 Above: Holding basketball: Coach Pitts. Standing: Teresa Mullins. Shelly Rohrer, Gail Perusek. Michelle Runser. Joan Elliott. Angie Stobbe, Paula Arlington, Wendy Klingler. Marlene Jump. Kim Staley, Mary Hall, Cindy Long. 94 Varsity Girls BasketballAt left: Coach Hall gives the J.V.'s some advice during a time out Below: Sophomore Kim Staley tips the ball as team members prepare to grab it. J.V. Girls’ Basketball Led by second-year coach Donna Hall, the J.V girls’ basketball team had a winning season, with a record of 10 wins and 9 losses. Leading scorers for the J.V. ’Dogs were junior Marlene Jump and sophomore Cindy Long. The J.V.’s all gained valuable experience while preparing for Varsity play in future years. Ada 36 Ridgemont 11 Ada 34 Hardin Northern 42 Ada 34 Bath 24 Ada 22 Bluffton 14 Ada 16 Kalida 43 Ada 38 Allen East 15 Ada 33 Crestview 24 Ada 10 Delphos St. John's 49 Ada 26 Ottoville 30 Ada 24 Columbus Grove 18 Ada 24 Delphos Jeffer- son 30 Ada 15 Perry 32 Ada 26 U.S.V. 15 Ada 20 Kenton 38 Ada 25 Miller City 15 Ada 28 Spencerville 26 Ada 25 Anna 36 Ada 21 Paulding 22 Ada 38 Lincolnview 24 Above With hands on ball: Managers David Rhoades and Matt Klingler. Standing Kellie Austin. Suzanne Long. Dana Shult. Elaine Shields. Su- san Yost, Susan Minich, Chris Downer. Michele Rhoades. Mary Jump. Lori Weihrauch. Vicki Chambers. Mindy Wolber. Amie Lewis J.V. Girls Basketball 95Jr. High Girls’ Basketball The eighth grade girls’ basketball team had a good season this year, finishing it off with a record of 7 wins and 7 losses. Coach Molly Thomas’ job is to prepare the girls for high school basketball. The seventh grade girls’ basketball team had a very successful season. Under the coaching of Pam Grims-lid, they lost only one game this year. Everyone hopes that next year will prove to be as exciting as the 1981 season. Upper right: Eighth grade girls' team, First row: Heather Saffell. Managers Angela Smith and Nicky Leisure, Stephanie Shull. Second row: Starlene Wright. Carla Willeke. Andrea Traster, Michelle Earl. Coach Thomas. Third row: statistician Shelly Carmean. Tammy Dearth. Vickie Campbell. Chris Minich. Cherie Oates. Statistician Tammy Howard. At right: Seventh grade girls’ team First row: Shelly Pitts. Jennifer Minich. Laurie Epley, Julie Dailey. Corry Andrews Second row: Manager Cindy Gossell, Tracy Weihrauch. Tammy Mumaugh. Valerie Burris. Kim Pederson, Manager Kerri Reiter. Third row: Beth Young. Sharon Gibson. Sandy Stahl. Susan Stahl, Dee Dee Wolber. Bottom right: Chris Minich prepares to pass the ball off to teammate Carla Willeke. Below: Seventh grader Dee Dee Wolber shoots a foul shot. 96 Jr. High Girls’ BasketballFreshmen — Jr. High Boys’ Basketball Coached by first-year coach Jim Hay, the freshmen boys’ basketball team had a successful season. They ended with a record of 8 wins and 7 losses. Brent Burris was the leading scorer. Under the coaching of Bud Hawkins, the eighth grade boys’ basketball team showed improvement this year, winning eleven games compared to last year’s three wins. They tied for first in the Eastern Division of the Northwest Conference. The seventh grade boys’ basketball team had a learning and building season this year. Bill Pitts was the leading scorer. Coach Wengard believes that this team will have a good season next year. Above left: Freshmen Boys' team. Kneeling: Statistician Jane Davis.Coach Hay, Statistician Amber Brown. Standing: Kurt Klingler. Todd Wyss. Brent Burris. Wes Milks. Junior Fry. Derek Brown. Vonn Parsons. Jim Loop. John Saltzman. Aaron Pitts. Middle left: Eighth grade boys' team First row: Statistician Karin Kindle. Mike Paugh, Brian Young, Mike Willeke, Marc Staley. Statistician Darla Battals. Second row: Manager Dick Reichenbach. Doug Smith. Jerry Saltzman. Brian Jarrell. Cam Nelson. Coach Hawkins. Third row: Mike Runser. Robby Shields. Joe Wauben. John Amburgey. John Howard. Gary Wells. At left: Seventh grade boys' team. First row: Joe Bruskotter. Alan Simon. Scott Mullins. Luke Johansen. David Keller. Pat Beck. Second row: Manager Jim Andrade. Statistician Karin Kindle. Derek Moore. Larry Castle. Kent Everhart. Statistician Darla Battals. Coach Wengerd Third row: Teddy Griffith. Matt Cole. Bill Pitts. Rodney Williams. Clint Rex. Brent Meyers Freshmen and Jr. High Boys' Basketball 97TENNIS The tennis team for 1982 had a record of 3-10. We played a very tough schedule and showed a great deal of improvement said Coach Byers. It took a great deal of hard work due to not having a tennis team for the past three years. Our only letterman was Bill Chase, a senior. In the A-AA Bill made it to round three in singles, and Kent and Karl Oliver, Paul Saffell and Jim Barker all made it to round two in doubles. With seven returning lettermen for next year the future looks great. ADA TENNIS Ada 4 Wapakoneta 1 Ada 1 Kenton 4 Ada 1 St Mary’s 4 Ada 1 Kenton 4 Ada 2 Paulding 3 Ada 0 L.C.C. 5 Ada 0 Bath 5 Ada 2 Paulding 3 Ada 0 Bath 5 Ada 4 Crestview 1 Ada 2 St. Mary's 3 Ada 4 Crestview 1 Ada 0 Elida 5 Paul Saffell gets set for the return of his serve Ada Tennis Team: Front row: Mark Johansen. Paul Saffell. Kent Oliver. Karl Oliver, Pat Simon. Back row: Jim Barker. Stan Guy. Oli Mattinen. Bill Chase. Coach Tim Byers Jim Barker prepares to serve the ball. 98 TennisVARSITY BASEBALL The 1982 Baseball season was a great disappointment in terms of wins and losses as we compiled a 2 and 15 final record. This record does not necessarily reflect the type of young men on the team but it better reflects their inexperience and youth. We in the baseball program are optimistic in looking at Ada’s future, as the 1982 team will graduate two seniors in Jay Hood and Alan Risner. We will be back in 1983 ready to move on and improve. Ada Baseball Team — Front row: Mike Willeke. Brett Rogers. Rod Archer. Jim Loop. Todd Wyss, Jerry Beck. Statistician Beth Wauben Second row: Statistician Paula Arlington, Vonn Parsons. Sam Khoury. Dave Burris. Brian Fields. Jay Hood. Statistician Joan Elliot Back row: Coach Jim Hay. Mike Staley. Dave Boutwell, Kevin Plaugher, Alan Risner. Jeff Gossell. Coach Carey Clum. VARSITY BASEBALL Ada 8 Arlington 7 Ada 4 Bath 15 Ada 8 Perry 12 Ada 10 Kalida 23 Ada 7 U.S.V 12 Ada 8 Waynesfield 12 Ada 7 Bluffton 8 Ada 2 Allen East 12 Ada 10 Kenton 13 Ada 6 Crestview 18 Ada 3 L.C.C. 12 Ada 3 Columbus Grove 5 Ada 8 Lincolnview 7 Ada 6 Delphos Jefferson 18 Ada 8 L.C.C. 9 Ada 0 Spencerville 7 Ada 9 Bath 28 Alan Risner takes his turn at bat Mike Staley ready to put a player out at first base Alan Risner pitches the ball to home plateVARSITY TRACK The spring of "82" provided many exciting times for 47 athletes involved in varsity track. The girls team had a season record of 79-4, being defeated only by AAA Elida, Worthington Christian and State Champion Minster twice. Big meet victories included N.W.C., Ada Invitational, Hardin County Meet, District and runner-ups at the Bath Relays and the Marysville Relay. The boys were not to be outdone as they were 2nd at Marysville and the Hardin County Meet and 4th at the regional meet. State qualifiers included Joe Zsembik, John Counts, Bob Tarr, the 3200 Relay team of Eric Finney-Jerry Hopson-Greg Lavan-Bob Tarr, Jennifer Conley and the 3200 Relay team of Susan Berton-Jennifer Conley-Blythe Fields-Ja-mie Fall who placed 4th at the State Meet. Captains were Jamie Fall, Blythe Fields, John Counts and Eric Finney with the MVP’s being Jamie Fall and Joe Zsembik. Nine school Varsity Track Team: First row: Teresa Mullins. Kelly Lavan. Susan Mlnich, Kris Toland, Lynn McCurdy. Kelly Austin, Michelle Leisure. Jennifer Conley. Jennifer Downer. Kim Klinger. Susan Berton. Shobhna Shaw Second row: Michelle Runser, Aaron Preston, Larry Moore. Dan Evans. Mick Bruskotter, Scott Archer, Kevin Wildman, Greg Lavan, Jamie Fall. Lisa Castle. Coach Thomas. Third row: Brenda Umphress. Steve McKinley, Darren Peltier. Brent Burris, John Magee. Mitch Stanslowski, Jerry Hopson, Eric Finney, Bob Kipker, Gail Perusik, Blythe Fields. Last row: Coach McConnell, Jeff Davis, Derek Brown, Rick Blevins, Bob Tarr, John Counts. Todd Music, Stacey Dyer, Joe Zsembik, Coach Grimslid, Coach Katzenstein. records were broken this past year with many returning lettermen. The future of Ada Track looks bright. Girls Varsity Track Ada Invitational Ada 1st place Marysville Relays Ada 2nd place Hardin County Meet Ada 1st place Bath Relays Ada 2nd place N.W.C. Meet Ada 1st place District Meet Ada 1st place Ada Columbus Grove Ottoville 67 43.5 31.5 Ada Allen East Arlington 91 35 13 Ada Minster Covington 24.5 97 15.5 Ada Bluffton Waynesfield 71 54 16 Ada Perry Van Buren 885 23.5 27 100 Varsity Track Brenda Umphress at the discus competition.Greg Lavan looks determined to win. Track Statisticians: Front row Suzanne Copus. Roxanne Parshall. Back row: Eddie Rosen. Vickie Chambers. Mark Browne. Tonya Welch. Kelly Lavan running the mile John Counts vaults over the bar Boys Varsity Track Ada Invitational Marysville Relays Hardin County Meet Bath Relays N.W.C Meet District Meet Ada Columbus Grove 87 37 Ada Allen East 72 5 67 5 Ada Minster 61 47 Ada Bluffton 32 69 Ada Perry 93 16 Ada 6th place Ada 2nd place Ada 2nd place Ada 9th place Ada 4th place Ada 3rd place Ottoville 43 Arlington 26 Covington 59 Waynesfield 66 Van Buren 54 Varsity Track 101BOY’S JR. HIGH TRACK The 7th and 8th grade boys put together a fine track team this year, finishing with a 3-2 season record. With the experience they have gained, these athletes will be an asset to the track program next year. Boy’s Jr. High Track Ada L Allen East W Ada W Waynesfield L Ada w Perry L Ada w Hardin Northern L Ada L Bluffton W Frist row: Ronnie Bell. Pat Beck. Derek Moore. Rodney Williams. David Keller. David Guide-beck. Haulie Marshall. John Amburgey. Second row: Luke Johansen. Matt Cole. Brian Young. Doug Miller. Mark Staley, Bobby Game, Larry Castle. Third row: Scott Mullins. Bill Keller. Robby Shields. Gary Park. Todd Klingler. Ron Wildberger. Jeff Vermillion. Top row: David Ward. Joe Wauben. Jeff Anspach. Bill Pitts. Joe Bruskotter demonstrates his pole vaulting ability. Bill Pitts concentrates on his form. 102 Jr. High TrackGIRL’S JR. HIGH TRACK Cindy Scheff makes it over the hurdles Row one: Corry Andrews. Carolyn Zehender. Cindy Scheff. Linda Counts. Row two: Starlene Wright. Sharon Gibson. April Harned. Heather Saffell. Chris Minich. Top row: Carla Willeke. Laurie Epley. Michelle Earl. Tammy Mumaugh. Stacia Fisher The Jr. High Girl’s Track Team combined a talented group of 7th and 8th graders who posted an impressive season record of 4-1. The team’s hard work was evident. The girls’ only loss was to a much larger Bluffton squad. Girls Jr. High Track Ada W Allen East L Ada W Waynesfield L Ada W Perry L Ada W Hardin Northern L Ada L Bluffton W Heather Saffell looks determined Jr High Track 103Seniors Below: Seniors leading the football team this season were Jay Hood, Tom Hopson. Gavin Receiving teams honors for the Bulldogs McKinley. Stacey Dyer. Richard Boutwell. were: Paul Khoury. Honorary Captain; Jay John Counts, and Paul Khoury. Hood and John Counts. Co-M.V.P. The senior members of the sports teams at Ada High School played important parts in the leadership of the teams. Not only did they have valuable experience gained only through years of hard work and dedication, but they also showed senior spirit and enthusiasm which helped lead the teams on to victory. All of this year's graduating seniors will be missed by coaches, teammates, and sports fans alike. At right: Olli Mattinen and Bill Chase were the seniors of both the golf and tennis teams Golf senior Mike Cook was absent Far right: Baseball seniors Jay Hood and Alan Risner led the team this season. At right: Senior members of the boys’ basketball team were Co-captain Jay Hood. Co-M.V P Alan Risner. Co-M.V.P. Steve Browne. John Counts Absent was Co-captain Richard Boutwell 104 SeniorsBelow: Co-captain Paula Arlington, was one of two seniors on the girls' basketball team this season Co-captain Mary Hall was absent for the pictures Below: Leaders of the 1981 cross country team were Greg Lavan, Jamie Fall, and Eric Finney. At left: Senior members of the boys' track team were Greg Lavan. Paul Khoury. John Counts, Jeff Davis, and Eric Finney. At left: Leading the girls' track team for the 1982 season were seniors Blythe Fields. Lynn McCurdy. Brenda Umphress. Jamie Fall. Lisa Castle, and Statistician Edie Rosen. Seniors 105ClassesJUNIORS Bill Archer Laurie Archer Peggy Badertscher Dave Boutwell Mark Browne Bambi Carroll Rick Cole Jennifer Conley Junior Class Officers left to right. Dawn Peltier, President; David Stahl, Vice President; Wendy Klingler, Secretary; and Laurie Archer, Treasurer. 108 JuniorsSuzanne Copus Matt Criblez Peggy Deringer Ron Downer Vicki Downer Dena Dunn Joan Elliott Abby Epley Brian Fields Brenda Fitzpatrick John Garver Jeff Gossel Stan Guy Greg Hall James Henry Barbara Hubbell Lelia Judy Marlene Jump Bill Kent Kim Klingler Juniors 109Wendy Klingler Jamie Lewis Andy Milks Larry Moore LeeAnn Moore Melanie Murphy Trina Nelson Jan Oestreich Dawn Peltier Aaron Preston Renee Rayl Amy Reitz Kim Rinaldi Joe Simmons Nancy Smith David Stahl 110 JuniorsSteve Stumbaugh Angela Stobbe Lisa Tarr Lauren Theodore Kaylene TenEyck Kris Toland Becky Umphress Debbie Van Atta Dan Vandeborne Karla Wagner Beth Wauben Chris Weirauch Thad Welch David West Donna Whitaker Terry Williams Absent: Laura Caudill Jeff Dearth Ed Downing Pam England Cathy Game Dale Rithchie P.J. Singer Juniors 111SOPHOMORES Scott Archer Jerry Beck Susan Berton Mick Bruskotter Connie Busch Beth Cassell Vicki Chambers Fran Chaney Molly Coe Melanie Cole Amy Corle Tammy Crozier Trudi Dearth Brenda Deringer Cindy Downer Kara Dyer 112 SophomoresDavid Earl Beth Elbling Dan Evans Lee Fensler Jenny Gordon Elizabeth Graham Jon Green Doug Griffith Judy Guentzler David Hopson Jerry Hopson Jeff Johnson Angela Justice Kelly Kindle Sherry Kindle Cicely Laing Kelly Lavan Michelle Leisure Sophomores 113Cindy Long Anna Lisa Mankey Michelle Massillo Sheri Mathewson Steve McKinley Deena Moore Teresa Mullins Steve Nichols Roxanne Parshall Alan Pitts Kevin Plaugher Tim Rayl Michelle Rhoades Tony Rinaldi Beth Robertson Lulu Robinson Michelle Runser Pat Simon Ken Smith Kelly Spar 114Kin Staley Mike Staley Mitch Stan8l08ki Mark Stier Ben Stobbe Bob Tarr Absent Cathy Counts Rick Dunbar Vince Henry Steve Myers Gail Perusic Sam Khoury Carl Nier Randy Wallin Sophomores 115FRESHMEN Rod Archer Kellie Austin Pandie Bailey Jimmie Barker Angela Blackburn Amber Brown Derek Brown Timbre Brown Brent Burris David Burris Dana Carmean James Carroll Amy Chandler Jane Davis Mike Dearth Tim Dearth Jennifer Downer Kim Dyer Karen Earl Doug Ellison 116 FreshmenMartha Evans Jr. Fry Sandy Gangemi Brian Hartman Melissa Hawbecker Mark Johansen Mary Jump Bob Kipker Kurt Klingler Lee Ann Klingler Tina Lawrence Amie Lewis Jon Lissner Suzanne Long James Loop John Magee Michael Meyer Wes Milks Michele Miller Susan Minich Freshmen 117Melissa Murphy Todd Music Jane Napier Karl Oliver Kent Oliver James Park Vonn Parsons Doug Patton Karen Patton Bruce Pedersen Darren Peltier Grant Peper Dana Perkins Jon Piter Aaron Pitts Brett Rogers Michelle Rohrer Paul Saffell 118 FreshmanJohn Saltzman Shobhna Shah Elaine Shields Dana Shult Amy Siekerman Michelle Smith Melissa Stier John Telles Matt Toland Lori Weihrauch Mindy West Kevin Wildman Renee Williams Jodi Wince Duane Wireman Melinda Wolber Melissa Wolber Todd Wyss Susan Yost David Zimmerly Freshman 1198TH GRADE David Adams John Amburgey Lester Amos Jeff Anspach Kenny Augsberger Jean Baughman Chuck Bitler Mindy Boop Sherri Brewer Vickie Campbell Shelly Carmean Ryan Conley Julie Cook Linda Counts Kari Crozier Jill Davis 120 8TH GradeTammy Dearth Michelle Derry Ronnie Dunbar Michelle Earl Scott Eibling Marcy Epley Stacia Fisher Bobby Game Christy Garver David Gonder Andrew Guidebeck Angela Hadding April Harned John Howard Tammy Howard Brian Jarrell Todd Klinger Tim Lawrence Haulie Marshall Doug Miller 8TH Grade 121Chris Minich Lisa Mullins Theresa Nellis Cam Nelson Cherie Oates Gary Park Mike Paugh Tracy Rayl Dick Reichenbach Michael Runser Heather Saffell Jerry Saltzman Cindy Scheff Robby Shields Stephanie Shull John Simon 8TH Grade Class Officers Left to Right. Chris Minich, Treasurer; Mike Runser, Vice President; Gary Park, President; Cindy Scheff, Secretary. 122 8TH GradeDoug Smith Lisa Smith Steven Sousley Marc Staley Steven Stansloski Andrea Traster Joe Wauben Gary Wells Ronald Wildberger Carla Willeke Mike Willeke Starlene Wright Brian Young Caroline Zehender 8TH Grade 1237TH GRADE Jimmy Andrade Corry Andrews Darla Battels Pat Beck Ronnie Bell Christine Binkley Joe Bruskotter Valerie Burris Larry Castle Leslie Castle Matt Cole Julie Dailey Lewis Doctor Todd Dunn Cindy Dye Laurie Epley 124 7th GradeKent Everhart Ted Everhart Terry Follas Sharon Gibson Teddy Griffith David Guidebook Dorothy Hakin Drew Heister Susan Inmon Luke Johansen Bill Keller David Keller Karin Kindle Charles Leibrecht Brent Meyer 7th Grade 125Jennifer Minich Derek Moore Scott Mullins Tammy Mumaugh Tommy Myers Kim Pedersen Billy Pitts Shelly Pitts Todd Rainey Gary Reese Kerri Reiter Clint Rex Gina Rinaldi Mark Rohrer Mark Ryan Chri88i Sanders 126 7th GradeMegan Shult Alan Simon Sandy Stahl Susan Stahl Michael Stier Misty Traucht Deeann Turner Jeff Vermillion David Ward Traci Weihrauch Patty Williams Rodney Williams Tammy Williams Sherri Wince 7th Grade 127SHARROCK BUS SALES AND SERVICE 1-75 and U.S. 30 Interchange BEAVERDAM, OHIO 45808 HIGHWAY OIL Complete line of Auto parts, tires, farm fuels, and oil 1304 North Main Street Kenton, Ohio 43326 675-3239 lij I| » COOMmOR 15 s -GIFTSHOP-il i- COAST TO COAST TOTAL HARDWARE Kenton Shopping Plaza Highway 67 East Kenton, Ohio 43326 419-674-4992 Len and Christy Johnson Owners TOUCH OF NOSTALGIA ADA CARDINAL St. Route 235 South Ada, Ohio THE VILLAGE HARDWARE 111 N. Main Ada “If we don't have it, you don’t want it.” Friendly Service Bakery — Delicatessen 132133EVERHART’S Union “76" 205 N. Main ADA, Ohio 634-8937 Everyday Low Prices and Good Service Owners — John Judy Everhart T I SM FURNITURE • CARPETS 1)1H. Main St. ftMWll » •. C j T I % The Ohio Farmer’s Grain Corporation Alger Terminal Office 201 S. Main Alger, Ohio 45812 419-757-2281 art place 221 n. main ada,ohio 45810 634-4501 134135SIMON’S SOHIO 132 S. Main Ada, Ohio 634-2816 Gas prices may be high but Evan gives you the best deal in town. MURPHY'S MOTOR SALES 3534 Co. Rd 20 Ada, Ohio Late model used cars Well Priced 634-8546 % - - - S? KORNER KUT 402 S. Main Ada, Ohio 634-6138 Super Cuts For Guys and Gals i —.— • . ai KATIE O’ROARKE Ladies Apparel 218 N. Main Ada, Ohio 634-5306 c— — IRVIN VANDEMARK Realtor and Insurance 208 N Main Ada 634-4851 " | Dorothy Zimmerly 634 2995 Clarice Henry 634-3111 Ernest Hopson, Jr. 634 3540 Norman Smith 634 5602 Larry Kindle 634 4360 136REICHERT’S 111-113 S. Main Ada, Ohio 634-2881 Ada: T-Shirts Jerseys Sweat Shirts Jackets Caps 137SAGA FOOD SERVICE Ohio Northern University McIntosh Center SPYKER’S TOWNE HOUSE 111 Central Ave. Ada, Ohio Fine Food Fast Service FINNEY GLASS AND PAINT 207 W. Franklin Kenton, Ohio 675-2127 William J. Furbush Owner BAUGHMAN’S Flowers and Gifts 610 S. Main Ada, Ohio A kind word, a gentle touch A flower means so much J 138 THE YANKEE PEDDLER 107 S. Main Ada, Ohio For the finest in Men’s clothing. GARDNERS DRUG STORE 125 S. Main Ada, Ohio THE STATION HOUSE 102-104 N. MainFIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN 202 S. Main BAKER’S HARDWARE §1 The friendly ones. 105 S. Main Ada, Ohio 6 3 B H ROAD GARAGE General repair and wrecker service. 115 E. North St. Ada, Ohio 634-5961 KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN “It’s finger licking good" 955 S. Main, Ada A.H. NORBERG "Houses painted at a reasonable price." 127 E. Montford Ada, Ohio 140HUMPHREY — SOUSLEY INSURANCE AGENCY 503 S. Main Ada, Ohio 141ADA AIRPORT Aircraft Rental Flight Instruction 646 Twp. Rd. 30, Ada, Ohio Phone 634-9838 % JERI’S HAIR PORT For the newest hair styles 108 E Buckeye Ada, Ohio Phone 634-2826 (1 — PEPER DRUGS "Your Ada Pharmacy” 210 N. Main Street Ada, Ohio 634-5881 TED E. PRUETER Business Men's Assurance Co. Life — Health — Accident — Sickness 61 N. Main Street Ada, Ohio 634-9691 142HANSON — NEELY FUNERAL HOME 311 E. Lima Ada, Ohio 634-2936 Complete funeral service with understanding and care. % PATRONS Dr. Mark Shull E.R. Rodabaugh, D.V.M. Main Dime Store David E. Houx, D.V.M. Dr. Robert Elliott Dr. William Shambarger Pryor Industries Dr. Kramer Ferguson Agency Binkley Body Shop 143144The sign of Better Banking. ( BANK ONE OF KENTON Kenton - Ada J 1451982 Staff Peg Badertscher Brenda Fitzpatrick Jan Gossel Marlene Woodruff Jan Gossel Kara Dyer Elizabeth Graham Shobhna Shah Jenny Gordon Trina Nelson Thad Welch Amber Brown Molly Coe Lisa Wiley Marlene Woodruff Michelle Miller Peg Deringer Nancy Smith Thad Welch Peg Badertscher Brenda Fitzpatrick Roxanne Parshall Shobhna Shah Amber Brown Co-editor Co-editor Seniors Editor Academic Editor Academic Editor Assistant Staff Editor Assistant Activities Editor Assistant Clubs Editor Assistant Sports Editor Assistant Classes Editor Assistant Co-editor Ads Co-editor Ads Head Photographer Photographer Photographer Photographer Photographer Photographer We would like to thank all the members of the 1982 "We" staff for their hard work and dedication. A special thanks goes to our advisors, Mrs. Davis and Miss Loebbaka, for their patience and time plus their help. We would like to thank Powell Studios and Herff Jones for helping us complete our book. Last of all a special thanks to the staff of Ada High School for all their cooperation. Brenda and Peg 146 Thank you As the years have gone by Since the first time we met, Times have changed, Places have changed, But people remain the same, Even as they were one hundred Thank you 147Senior Directory PAULA ARLINGTON — Class V. Pres 2; Annual Staff 2; Chorus 1.2,3. 4; Girl’s Ensemble 3; Vocal Competition 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3, 4; Jazz Band 4; Pep Band 4; Librarian 2; Student Council 1. 2; Musical 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 3; Volleyball 1, 2; GAA 1; Language Club 2; Secret Admirers 2, 3. 4 KATHY BINKLEY — Chorus 2. 3. 4. Band 3. 4; Pep Band 4; Librarian 1. 2, 3, 4; Office Worker 3. 4; Musical 4; Volleyball 3; Basketball 1; FHA 2. 3. 4; YAC 3. 4 RICH BLEVINS — Baseball 1; Cross Country 3. 4; Track 2. 3. 4; FFA 2. 3. 4 RICHARD BOUTWELL — Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Track 1. 2; FFA 1; Varsity A 2. 3. STEVE BROWNE — Class Pres 2. 3; Student Council V. Pres 4; NHS Pres 4; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; Vocal Ensemble 1. 2. 3. 4; Vocal Competition 1.2. 3. 4; Librarian 1,2. 3; Office Worker 3. 4; Student Council 3. 4; NHS 3. 4; Musical 2. 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 1, 2. 3; Chemistry Bowl 3. 4; Science Club 1; Varsity A 3, 4; Scholastic Bowl 4 BILL BUSHONG — FFA 1. CINDY CAMPBELL — Language Club Pres 4; Science Club V. Pres 4; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; Vocal Competition 1. 2, 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Band 4; Band Competition 1, 2, 3. 4; Librarian 4; Musical 4; Language Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Science Club 3. 4; Hardin Co. Band 2. MIKE CAMPBELL — Class V. Pres 1; FFA Treas 3; Industrial Arts Club Pres. 3; FFA 1, 2. 3. 4; Industrial Arts Club 2. 3. LISA CASTLE — Vocal Ensemble 2; Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Librarian 3; Track 2.4; Cheerleader 1, 2. 3; GAA 1; Pep Club 1; Secret Admirers 4 BILL CHASE — Librarian 1; Basketball 1; Golf 1. 3. 4; Tennis 1. 4 MIKE COOK — Basketball 1. 3; Golf 1. 2. 3; Track 1; FFA 1; Industrial Arts Club 2; Language Club 1. DOUG COPUS — Basketball 1; Industrial Arts Club 2. JOHN COUNTS — Chorus 1. 3. 4; Office Worker 3. 4; Student Council 1; Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4; Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Varsity A 3. 4; Guidance Worker 3. 4 JEFF DAVIS — Chorus 2; Vocal Ensemble 2. 3; Vocal Competition 2; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Jazz Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Pep Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Band Competition 1. 2. 3. 4; Interclass 2; Musical 2, 4; Track 1. 2, 3. 4; Varsity A 3, 4 BILL DODGE — Basketball 1; Track 2; FFA 2, 3; Office Worker 4 LINDA DODGE — Office Worker 4 KELLEY DRAKE — Chorus repres. 2; Basketball Secret Admirers Pres 4; Chorus 1. 2, 3. 4; Vocal Ensemble 1.2. 3. 4; Vocal Competition 2. 3. 4; Band 1.2. 3. 4; Jazz Band 2; Pep Band 2. 3. 4; Band Competition 1. 2. 3. 4; Office Worker 4; Musical 2, 4; Language Club 1. 2; Pep Club 4; Youth Symphony 2. 3. 4; Hardin Co. Choir 2, 3. 4; ONU Festival Band 2. 3. 4; Ohio State Youth Fair Choir 4 STACEY DYER — Athletic Manager 1; Football 1. 2. 3, 4; Track 3. 4; FFA 1. 2; Industrial Arts Club 2; Language Club 1; Varsity A 3, 4; VICA 3. JAMIE FALL — Class Sec. 2; Student Council Treas 4; Science Club Sec. — Treas 2. 3; Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4; Band 3. 4. Basketball 1. 2; Student Council 3. 4. Musical 4. NHS 3. 4; Cross Country 2. 3. 4; Track 1. 2. 3. 4. Language Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Science Club 2. 3. 4; Interclass 3. JERRY FENSLER BLYTHE FIELDS — Chorus 1. 2; Vocal Competition 1; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Band Competition 1. 3. 4; Student Council 1. 2; NHS 3. 4; Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Cheerleader 1. 2. 3. 4; GAA 1; Language Club 1. 2; Varsity A 3. 4; Secret Admirers 2. 3, 4 ERIC FINNEY — NHS 3. 4; Athletic Statisti- cian 1. 2. 3. 4; Cross Country 2. 3. 4; Football 1; Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Varsity A 2. 3. 4 GINA GARVER LISA GARVER — FHA V Pres 2; Pres 3; Office Worker 2, 3; FHA 2. 3. ROB GIBSON — FFA Assistant Treas 2; FFA 1. 2. 3. 4 JAN GOSSEL — CLass V. Pres 3; Pres 4; Pep Club Sec. 1; Language Club 2; Annual Staff 2. 3. 4; Chorus 1.2. 3. 4; Vocal Competition 1. 2. 3. 4. Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Jazz Band 4. Pep Band 3. 4. Band Competition 1. 2. 3. 4. Musical 2. 4; NHS 3. 4; Volleyball 1. 2. 3; Language Club 1. 2; Pep Club 1; Science Club 1. 2 CATHY GRIESMER — Chorus 1.2. Band 1. 2; Librarian 1. 2; Office Worker 3; Athletic Statistician 1. 2; Cheerleader 2. 3; Language Club 2; Library Club 1, 2; Secret Admirers 2. 3. 4 MARY HALL — Chorus 1.2. 3; Vocal Competition 1. 2; Interclass 2; Basketball 1. 2. 3; Cross Country 2. 3; Track 1, 2; Language Club 1. TERESA HASSELL — Class V Pres 4; Chorus 1.2. 3. 4; Vocal Ensemble 1. 2.3. 4; Vocal Competition 1, 2. 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Jazz Band 2; Pep Band 3. 4; Band Competition 1. 2, 3. 4; Office Worker 3; NHS 3. 4; Interclass 4; Basketball 1. 2. Musical 2, 4. Accompian-ist 1. 2. 3. 4 TOM HOPSON — Football 1. 2. 4; Track 3; Language Club 2; Pep Club 1. JAY HOOD — Librarian 1; NHS 3. 4; Basketball 1.2. 3. 4; Football 1.2. 3. 4; Track 1.2. 3; Varsity A 2. 3, 4 JENISE JOHNSON — Language Club Sec 2; Science Club Sec.-Treas 4; Pep Club V-Pres 4; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; Vocal Competition 1. 2, 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Band 4. Band Competition 1, 2. 3. 4. Office Worker 3, 4. Student Council 4; NHS 3. 4; Interclass 3; 148 Senior DirectoryMusical 4. Language Club 1.2. 3. 4; Pep Club 1, 4; Science Club 3. 4 PAUL KHOURY — Varsity A V Pres 3; Pres 4; NHS 3. 4. Athletic Statistician 3. 4; Football 2. 3. 4; Track 1.2. 3. 4; Language Club 1. 2; Varsity A 2. 3. 4 GREG LAVAN — Annual Staff 2; Chorus 1. 2. 3.4; Vocal Ensemble 1.2. 3. 4; Vocal Competition 1. 2. 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Jazz Band 1; Band Competition 1,2,3. 4; Librarian 1. Musical 2; NHS 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2; Cross Country 2. 3. 4, Football 2. Track 2.3, 4; Chemistry Bowl 3. 4 JEFF LEVI — Basketball 1. 2; Cross Country 1. 2. 3; Track 1. 2. 3; Varsity A 1. 2; OWE 4 LAURA LILE — Class Treas 2, 3; Annual Staff 2; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; Vocal Competition 1,2,3, 4. Band 1,2,3; Band Competition 1,2, 3; Athletic Statistician 2; Track 1; Cheerleader 1.2. 3. 4, Language Club 1.2; Science Club 1; Varsity A 1; Secret Admirers 2, 3; Flag Corps 2. 3. DON LONG — FFA 3. 4; Industrial Arts Club 1, 2; Science Club 1. 2. OLLI MATTINEN — Athletic Manager 4; Golf 4; Tennis 4. Science Club 4 LYNN McCURDY — Chorus 2; Vocal Competition 2, Office Worker 1; Track 1, 2; Cheerleader 1, 2. 3, 4; GAA 1; Language Club 1, 2; Science Club 1; Pep Club 1; Flag Corps 2. 3. GAVIN McKINLEY — Interclass 2. 3; Basketball 1; Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Varsity A 3. 4 STEPHANIE McKINNEY — Chorus 1. 2; Librarian 3; FHA 2. 3; Pep Club 1. JAMIE MILLER — Librarian 1. 2; Basketball 1. REBA OATES — Class Sec. 1; Annual Staff 2; Chorus 1.2.3. 4; Vocal Competition 1,2,3. 4. Band 1. 2. 3; Band Competition 1. 2. 3; Basketball 1; Track 1. 2. 3; Science Club 1; Flags 2. 3; Secret Admirers 2. 3. DEBBIE OUSLEY — Librarian 2. 3. BRAD PALTE — Chorus 4. Vocal Ensemble 1. 4; Vocal Competition 4. Band 1. 2. 4. Jazz 1; Pep Band 1; Band Competition 1. 2. 3; Language Club 1. KATHY PATTON — OWA Pres 2. MONNA PLAUGHER — Library Club Sec. 3; Chorus 4; Librarian 3, 4; Musical 4; Basketball 1, 2; Volleyball 1; Language Club 1. 2; Library Club 3. CINDY RAYL — OWA V. Pres 2. KIM A RAYL — OWE V. Pres 2; OWE Pres 3. CARRIE REAM — Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. Band Competition 1. 2; NHS 3. 4; Musical 4, Athletics Statistician 4, Secret Admirers 4; Track 3. 4; Volleyball 1; Industrial Arts Club 3; Language Club 1, 2. 3; Science Club 1. 2. 3. 4 ALAN RISNER — Baseball 1.2. 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4. Football 3; Varsity A 3, 4 EDIE ROSEN — Secret Admirers Pres 4. Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4 NHS 3. 4. Athletic Statistician 1, 2. 3. 4; Industrial Arts Club 1; Cheerleader 1; Secret Admirers 2. 3. 4 CAMILLE RUNSER — Annual Staff 2; Chorus 1,2; Band 1. 2. 3; Office Worker 2. 3; Student Council 1; Athletic Statistician 1.2, 3; Cheerleader 1. 2. 3; GAA 1; Language Club 1; Secret Admirers 2, 3. 4 TOM SANDERS — Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; Vocal Competition 3. 4; Librarian 2. 3. 4; Office Worker 4; Musical 2. 4; Vocal Ensemble 4, Hardin Co. Choir 3. 4; District III Choir 3; Guidance Worker 4. JEANETTE SANDERSON — Annual Staff 3; Chorus 1. 2. 3; NHS 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3; Cross Country 3; Language Club 2; Science Club 2. KIM S SCHROEDER KRIS SMITH — Class Treas 1; Annual Staff 2; Flag 1. 2; Librarian 2; Office Worker 2. 4; Track 1; Language Club 1. 2; Secret Admirers 1. 2. MARSHALL STUART — Athletic Statistician 2, 3; Science Club 1. 2. 3. 4 JAMES TELLES — Library Club Pres 2; V. Pres. 3; Language Club V Pres. 3; Annual Staff 2. 3; Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4; Vocal Ensemble 2, 3, 4; Vocal Competition 3. 4. Band 3. 4, Pep Band 4; Band Competition 4; Librarian 1. 2; Student Council 1, 3, 4; NHS 3. 4; Interclass 2. 3; Musical 2, 4; Chemistry Bowl 3; Language Club 1. 3; Library Club 2. 3. KAMI TOLAND — Chorus 1. 2; Cheerleader 2; Language Club 2; Pep Club 2. BRENDA UMPHRESS — Chorus 2. 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Band 2. 4; Library 4. Office Worker 4; Musical 4; Track 1. 2, 3. 4; Volleyball 1; Pep Club 1; Varsity A 4; Secret Admirers 4 BETH VERMILLION — Chorus 1.2, 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Band 2. 3. 4; Librarian 3. 4; Athletic Statistician 4; Track 1; Language Club 1. 2. 3; Pep Club 1. BECKY WALLS — Annual Staff 2; Chorus 2. 3. 4; Vocal Ensemble 4; Vocal Competition 4; Band 1. 2. 4; Office Worker 4; Track 1. 2; Volleyball 1. 2, 3; Musical 4 PATTY WHETSLER BILLIE WILCOX — Athletic Statistician 4; Volleyball 3; FHA 4; Industrial Arts Club 3. MARLENE WOODRUFF — Student Council Pres 4; Pep Club Pres. 1; Language Club Sec. 3; Annual Staff 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1.2, 3. 4; Vocal Competition 1. 2. 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Band Competition 1. 2, 3. 4; Student Council 2.3. 4; NHS 3. 4; Musical 4; Language Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Pep Club 1; Science Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Secret Admirers 4 VICKI WYSS — Chorus 3. 4; Librarian 3; Basketball 3; Cheerleader 1; Language Club 2. 3; Science Club 3; Musical 4; Secret Admirers 3. 4 TED ZACHARIAH — Athletic Manager 1 KEN ZIMMERLY — Class Treas 1; Basketball 1. 2. 9 Senior Directory 149I

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