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 An effective yeerbook tries to present the story of the school year in one of two ways. It can be organized by an artistic design or by a theme that is carried throughout the book. We chose to follow the theme approach by using movies and movie titles to represent the different sections of the annual. But just a theme can't make a yearbook lasting. . .it takes a lot of hard work from many people. First and foremost, thanks go to the 1978Annual Staff who contributed both their time and talents to create this book. Also, thanks go to the staff photographers: Linda Bischoff, David Woodruff, Kory Krofft, and Stephanie Pitts. A very special thank you to Mrs. Lindabury, our advisor, whose efforts were "above and beyond the call of duty." Her creativity added a great deal to the "spice" of our book. Brett Vottero was our Head Photographer and Business Manager, he deserves a special thanks also. The Staff's gratitude goes out to Mrs. Arlington and the Ada Herald, Steve White and Tom Keis, our Taylor Representatives, Powell Studios, Paul Weimer and Cathi Naylor for their artwork, Bruce Elliott for his assistance in almost every aspect of the production of this yearbook, and thanks to all the businesses who bought Ads. But most of all, thanks to YOU. We hope you enjoy your yearbook I — Paula Hines Editor91cu The Graduate n Produced by Tracy Forsythe“The Graduate” was chosen for the Senior section for obvious reasons. To many Seniors, their last year is a bittersweet time spent planning for their future. To others, parties, celebrations, and fun play a big part in their final year. But above all, graduation is a day when we move on ... out of friendships and security. It is an ending, and yet a beginning of new relationships, new experiences, and new responsibilities.AMY ALLEN...Loves Cheerleading, Gymnastics, and sitting on her front porch...Likes the tunes of Steve Miller, Eagles, and Boston. NEIL ALLEN. Back from Upper Sandusky...ran track...thinks the group Boston is great. APRIL ARLINGTON...Hobbies are biking, horses, sports...Loves Robert Redford, Barbara Streisand and Blue. DAVE BADERTSCHER... generally quiet when not punching out “Crash” Davis...card shark of Ada High... Daytona Beach Bum. GREGG BALLARD... “Billiards" ...Scuba dives, plays ball and dreams about Jaclyn Smith. 18 SANDY ANSPACH . “Red”.. Thinks Miss Sale is super ..Star Wars captured his imagination. BRAD BAKER ..“Muscles’ .Plays Tennis and Queen of. Clint Eastwood and Richard Pryor. BOB BASS...Likes Early Dismissal, Elton John, and Ellen Cummings...a card shark.RAY BAUGHMAN... “Earl" ..Favorites are John Wayne, and Miss Sale . Runs off at the Voice. MONA BINKLEY...Flips over Frampton, Mark Hamill, and Mrs. Sleesman...enjoys swimming and ceramics. CHRIS BISCHOFF...Prefers Early Dismissal, hunting, and cruising—in his yellow Montego. DAVE BERTON.'Hey You" ...Favors Savalas and Sperling...runs cross country, track and band LORA BEGLEY . Parties, Canoes, swims and watches Paul Newman and Robert Redford flicks. MARK BLEVINS...“Harold”...first loves are Dawn, Miss Sale, and Cheryl Ladd...enjoys hunting and fishing. DEB BOCTWELL ..Apollo student in Cosmotology . busy with horseback riding, and bowling, a regular partier. JEFF BISCHOFF “Bish".. Delights in ping pong, motorcycling, baseball and Jacquilyn Bisset...unwinds to Cat Stevens.GREG BRIMMETT Pedro” ..Apollo student...passions are' automobiles and traveling. TAMMY CAMPBELL... “Red”... idolizes Eastwood. Seger, and Red-ford...a dancing queen and partier. KATHY BOUTWELL ..“Rosebud” ...always smiling, hiking, swimming, and chewing CATHY CASTLE...always seen scouting the streets with Connie, watching T V., and hooking rugs. LON CHANEY...‘‘Chud” an avid fan of Rocky, Go-Karting, Beer Can collecting, and Football. MARK BURTON...Star Wars and R2D2 nut...often seen on tennis court ...stereo enthusiast. DAVID CARMEAN...“Brillo Pad I”...drummer, prefers Chevy Chase. Barry Manilow, and anything green •. 1MERLE CHENEY...heroes are Burt Reynolds, Alice Cooper, and Mr. Dyer ..collects stamps, coins, and matches. LYNNE COE... “Tex”...weekend cruiser, basketball player, and E.H.C. fan. CATHY COLE...cherishes Eastwood, Frampton, and Mrs. Sleesman relishes Star Wars, swimming and blue. RHONDA COMBS . “Rhoda ...would probably enjoy being stranded in a canoe with Bob Hope, and, of course, Rick. ANNETTE CONLEY... “Chester” nuts about Lace and Whiskey (Alice Cooper) and writing short stories BARB CONLEY...stays up late watching Vincent Price reruns...sewing and cycling are hobbies. 21JEFF fond of acting crazy, driving and Sandy...listens to Left Overture by Kansas. DAVE DEARTH entertained by Charlie Daniels and Bob Seger...-thought “Star Wars” was out of this world! KATHY DECKER alias ‘‘Klutz Decker I’’...her talent lies on the basketball floor...relaxes with a good book. LORI COOK...always seen cruising in hert)lue Maverick and at the Colonel’s! GREGG DAVIS... worships football, baseball, and Digger Phelps...thinks blue and collects coins. GARY CRIBLEY ..“Star Rider". When he’s not blowing his horn he’s “driving” his truck. CRYSTAL DEARTH bewitched by the Jr. Class Play, Robert Redford and Miss Stanley...likes partying and having a good time. 22i JOYCE DERINGER.Joycie-poo"...partial to singing, playing piano, sewing, and kidnapping . . .fan of Neil Diamond and Mrs. Cummings. DEAN DEVIER, “Bun-head”...leads a boring life of cruising around in his blue Cutlass and girl watching...the BeeGees and Bad Company are his favorite groups BRUCE ELLIOTT, “Waldo” favors weird teachers, esp. Pitts and Lin-dabury...attracted to Fozie Bear and Fird...just a Crazy Guy. KEVIN ELLISON . “Jap”...Lover of Foosball and women...easy to spot in his army jacket. JEAN of Starsky and Hutch, Robert Redford, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Mrs. Burton...turned on by partying and listening to Rod Stewart. CINDY E V ANS... “Cindy "... f ond of-horsing around, water skiing, and playing basketball...loves of her life are John Wayne, John Denver and Mrs. Cummings. 23DARYL FENSLER. "Butch’ ...always seen playing foosball, and Fink Floyd... a companion of Kevin and Dave. TRACY FORSYTHE comes first in her life...a hard-working annual Senior Editor, who manages to find time for biking and enjoying the great outdoors. BILL GARVER. ..Active in going home for lunch...loves “Happy Days” with R. Howard and H. Winkler...also is starry-eyed when he looks at Summer Magee and Mr. Lee. SHELLY GIBSON. “Francie” ...Listens to the Eagles’ Hotel California and Mrs. Cummings... swims and runs track. JANET FISHER, "Brigit”...another "star is bom’’...loves bowling and shooting especially with Mr. Honegger JACQUE GAHMAN, “Jock” ...specializes in kidnapping...loves people like Marty Feldman, and Mrs. Cummings...involved in Band, Track, C.I.S.V. and the Gass Plays. KEVIN FITZPATRICK, “Fitz” ..Apollo Student...loves camping and sight seeing...Kate Jackson... watches Baretta, and Eastwood movies. 24DONNA HALL... play maker in Girls’ Basketball favors Newman. Martin. Coach Pitts, and thrills to the sensational voice of Cathi Naylor. MARGIE GONZALEZ .Likes cruising. Elvis, Eastwood, Miller, Seager, and Mr. Honegger...hobby is shooting and thinks blue JOYCE HALL...“Ricky’ ... comics favored are Carol Burnett, Joyce Busch, and Ann Sale Always Voicing her opinion. MIKE HALL. “Ned”... hunting and fishing with Farrah and D. Dyer are Mike’s dreams...Thinks Frampton and Rumors are sensational. JENNIFER HANSON, “Jenny”...She’s “Gone with the Wind,” with Gark Gable...turns on to the tunes of Boston, R. Stewart, and Mrs. Sleesman. GRETCHEN HERRINGTON, “Crunch”...moves to the sweet sounds of the Eagles, Carly Simon, and Ann Sale...interested in G.A.A., Science Club, and Track. DAVID GOSSMAN, “Goose’’. Hobbies include Racquel Welch-watching, farming, and cruising...unwinds to Elton John and Foreigner 25PAULA HINES...occasionally known to run a certain pick-up into a ditch... loves of her life include dancing and music...a SUPER annual Editor. LEE HOOD...knows all the angles whether it’s on the basketball court, in Mr. Sperling’s class or watching Chuck Barris’ witty comedy...a unique soul. JULI LAWRENCE...Hobbies are Stan and T.V...loves to cook when not cheerleading or practicing. LARRY LILE, “Trainer Boy” of Star Wars, Miss Sale, and Mr. Sperling...Hasn’t time for hobbies, but does watch the “Duke. 26 ANITA HOPSON, “Niter’’...First on her lists are A Star is Born, and Jean Sleesman...unwinds by skiing and listening to Fleetwood Mac. TERESA JENKINS, “Jinx”.. A Star is Born was her favorite movie...also watches westerns and other movies with C. Eastwood . enioys O W E. and orange.PAM LISSNER one of the two Senior redheads , liked One on One and James Brolin in Marcus Welby re-runs. CONNIE McKEE...First class cruiser with Cathy in the Continental...spends enjoyable hours in front of the T V. and in Mrs. C.’s classes. MARK LOESCHNER, “Lurch” ...Rocks to the beat of Aero Smith and Helen Reddy...Likes pool, Snowskiing, Ping-pong, water-skiing, Ellen Cummings and Kate Jackson ROGER McKINLEY...The Six Million Dollar Man. The Bionic Woman. John Wayne, and Mr. Sperling are on the top of his list... enjoys singing along with Burt Cummings and the Beach Boys. JEFF McBRIDE, “Twink”...enjoys life and studying9...Thought Star Wars, Cross Country, Tennis and Mr Sperling were all great TY MICHAEL, “Round Legs ’.. Saving money, basketball, and soccer are his favorite sports...generally seen with a certain blonde...classes Clint East-wood and Mr. Lee as his favorite tough-guys LAYNE MOORE, “The Man with the Pads “ James Garner and Robert Blake ..loves motorcycling and model rockets. MARCUS NASCIMENTO, “Maraco”...Foreign exchange student from of Steve McQueen. Commodores. Leo Sawyer, Baretta. and Mr. Minto . Ham Radio operator. 27CATHI NAYLOR, “Teddy Bear” a Star Wars, C-3P0, and R2D2 nut...-cruising, partying, and tennis are her hobbies...loves the melodies of Streisand and Carly Simon. MARK OLIVER loves listening to Barry Manilow, and Mrs. Busch...Is often seen on the tennis courts and at Paul Newman and Alan Alda movies. STAN PARSHALL, "Taitum" greased lightning on the track..-basketball and football round out his athletic talents. ..considers school an extracurricular activity. PENNY PATTON, “RoseBud”...would be happy drawing, bowling, and watching Elvis Presley movies...enjoys Parker Stevenson on the Hardy Boys and listens to Boston. MIKE PETERSON, “Pete”...spends most of his time hunting, fishing, and practicing his back hand...Our own Archie Bunker. MARK PRESTON, “Tyrone”...enjoys outdoor sports and Miss Sale’s classes...never at a loss for an opinion on ANY topic. 28BRUCE PRICE, “Bunzo"...cruisin' around and Girls are Bunzo’s hobbies ..likes watching Ron Howard. Barb Benton, and Mrs Cummings. KEVIN outdoorsman who is often found hunting and Elton John and Charles Bronson nut. ROCK RAYL, “Rocky”...idolizes Burt Reynolds and Mr. Lee...collects Bottles and Arrowheads... loves Undercover Angel and Fleetwood Mac. JOLENE REAM, “Jock ...extracurricular activities include skateboarding, Elvis, Rocky, John Wayne, and Mr. Minto-watching...generally seen talking. MARK REICHERT, “Rutt”...“Big Mark ’ on our basketball court... watches Bronson flicks and thinks Miss Sale is great...often caught hanging around the Office. CHERI ROGERS, “Pocahantas”... an Apollo student who is a dedicated fan of Michael Landon and Lavern and Shirley...spends most of her free time horseback riding. 29GREG, hunting, and vo-ag. are Greg’s interests... likes Rocky, Farrah, Elton John, and Hal Honegger DAN SCHUMACHER, “Shoe” ...hobbies include cars, sleeping, eating, and running Jaqueline Bissett, Jaqueline Smith and Mrs. Busch are definite favorites of Dan’s! CHRIS SCHWICKERT, “Teenie” . ..likes working in the library with Mrs. L. .fan of Presley, Seiger, Bedford...enjoys working at the L.K. in Bluffton and taking care of Jim. ROBIN SHEPHERD, “Bird Dog ” a partier . free time is spent swimming, riding and dancing...especially to the sounds of Peter Frampton. RICHARD SHROYER fan of early dismissal, Qint Eastwood, Star Wars, and The Enforcer...motorcycling and hunting are Richard’s spare time activities. 30SHERI SHULL...important events in school are graduating and getting art projects in on time...enjoys James Taylor and makes a great Mae West. MIKE SIMON, “Dutch”...Swoons over Girls, especially Kate Jackson and Jaqueline Smith...often patterns his antics after his favorite funny man, Jerry Lewis. RANDY SIMON, “Hutch”...(Ada s answer to David Soul?)...Knows how to party . . .likes the Duke, the King and the Fawcett...relaxes to the Allman Brothers and Bob Seiger GEORGE SLEESMAN, “C.B.”.. fun-loving par tier who is most often seen working at the Ada Cardinal...gets down to the music of Steve Miller. SYLVIA SMITH, “Dinkle”...has been found wiping out on the ski slopes, and partying at Jerry’s...goes APE’s over Guys that look like Chewabacca, (From Star Wars). 31TERI STAHL, “Teri T.”...Shoots a mean set shot...often caught cruising, listening to Rumors or working on pages for the annual... a real individual. ROWDY SUMNEY ..Thought Star Wars was super...A Clint Eastwood movie addict...enjoys backyard football and most things blue. SHARON THEODORE...swimming, tennis and cruising take up most of Sharon’s free time... 1978 Homecoming Queen and fan of Robert Redford and Mr. Norberg. LAURA UMPHRESS. ..Parties down to the music of Foreigner and Bob Seiger. Horseback rider...tope in her book are Mrs. Sleesman, Henry Winkler, and Barbra Streisand. KRIS SPAR, “Sparky "...the Twinkle Toes of the square dance in track, 4-H...also known to kidnap on occasion. 32VICKI VAN ATT A. loves gymnastics, parties, Silver Streak. Fleetwood Mac, Clint Eastwood, Robert Bedford, and Norla Strasbaugh. SANDY WAGNER musically inclined... when not seen driving around or cheerleading, Sandy is seen with her most important hobby, Jeff. PAUL WEI.WER A real character both on stage and off . Voice(d) his opinion every other week, a fan of C-3PO and Mrs. Cummings. BOB WHITAKER. ..idolizes Clint Eastwood, Alice Cooper, and Mrs. Cummings...hobbies are working on cars...listens to Queen of the night at the Opera. ERIC WOLBER, “E.J.”...a collector and composer...athletic talents are channeled onto the baseball diamond ...into Steve McQueen movies and Miss Sale classes. KEVEN YOUNG...passions are Pep Band and Jazz Band...would go bonkers over a Saturday Night Live rendition of “Albert Einstein meets the Coneheads.” 33Class Day - June 2,1978 “Celebration in ‘71’ " was the theme of Gass Day on June 2. The traditional Gass History was read by Gndy Evans, Teri Stahl and Jenny Hanson. Gary Cribley, Juli Lawrence and Jeff Criblei presented the Gass Will. Predictions on class members’ future was read by Sharon Theodore, Lynne Coe and Cathi Naylor. Performances of original songs by Eric Wolber and Mark Oliver added a serious touch to an otherwise humorous Gass Day.Six Seniors Receive Top Honors Out of a class of 101 students, six seniors were given special honors. Lynne Coe was awarded an appointment to the U S. Naval Academy The Ohio Tests of Scholastic Achievement in Science award was given to Layne Moore, while Math Award recipients were Flay Baughman and Larry Lite. Larry also received National Merit Commendation. The Judge Kaylor Memorial went to Roger McKinley for Christian and Scholastic leadership and Joyce Deringer was awarded the Kiwanis Scholarship.No one knows how hard class officers work. up, we managed to make it through Thanks Cathi, Ty, Mark and Vic for the fine graduation. job. Due to your efforts we worked together on The “78” Senior Class officers were: Spirit Week, Interclass, and Class Day. We President-Cathi Naylor; Vice-President-Ty made it to Kings' Island for our Senior Trip Michael; Secret ary-Vicki VanAtta; and because of your work in rounding us all Treasurer-Mark Preston.Seniors End High School Career Twelve years of hard work had come to an end on June 4,1978 at 2:00 for the 96th class to graduate from Ada High School. This class was unique because it was the largest class ever to graduate... 101 strong. In robes of contrasting maroon and white, the class marched to the traditional processional, “Pomp and Circumstance.” Inspirational remarks were addressed to the seniors by both Supt. Neil Allen and Rev. Doyll H. Andrews. Both men spoke idealistically of setting goals and striving to fulfill dreams. Jeff Bischoff and Mark Oliver were chosen top in their class and highly honored as Co-Valedictorians. Jeff also was given the Senior Scholar and Athlete Award by Ada Herald, the Mabel Crawford Award and Ohio Merit Scholarship recognition. Beside being Co-Valedictorian, Mark also received the Mabel Crawford Award presented by Supt. Allen. Salutatorian, Barb Conley, was also recipient of the Senior Scholar and Athlete Award, the Hancock-Wood Award, and Ohio Merit Scholarship recognition. The class motto spoke appropriately of the senior's feelings of their last days of high school: "As the doors close behind us, We smile and walk forward. Knowing we've left a little bit of us behind.”INI EHF»I€II Produced by ...................................................... .April ArlingtonAs Mr. Honegger shows us, the teachers and administration “enforce” the rules at A.H.S., many times to our objection, but fortunately not to this extent. As they enforce these rules, they reinforce the atmosphere we need to create, to learn, and to explore.(1) ROBERT MINTO: Findlay College ... B.A. ... Enjoys horses, running, motorcycles ... Wife-KAREN MINTO: Findlay College ... B.A. ... Enjoys raising and training quarter horses. (2) WILLIAM ANDERSON: Malone College ... B.S. in Ed. ... Enjoys playing piano, all types of sports ... Wife-Kathy. (3) TED LEE: B.G.S.U. ... B.S. in Ed. ... Enjoys electronics, photography, camping ... Wife-Mary ... Children-Brian, Jeff. 44(1) ELLEN CUMMINGS: Glenville State College ... B.A. ... Husband-Norman ... Enjoys reading, cooking, tennis, traveling, living happily in general. (2) DOUG DYER: O.S.U. ... B.S. in Agriculture Ed. ... Enjoys football of any kind, following Ada High and OSU basketball teams. (3) WILLIAM ANSLEY: O.S.U. ... B.S. in Ed. ... Wife-Josephine ... Children-Genny, Bill, Lynne ... Enjoys fishing, music, sports. (4) KAREN WEIDNER: Ohio University, University of Touraine, Kent St. ... B.S. in Ed. ... Husband-Nolan ... Enjoys plants, sewing, knitting, hiking, ice skating. Watch out I’m coming through! 45Gee, don't these brussel sprouts look yummy! “Now Mike, just hold the cat, don’t strangle it! (1) THOMAS COE: O.N.U., B.G.S.U., University of Dayton ... B.A., M. Ed., Post Grad. Wife-Ann ... Children-Lynne, Michael, Molly ... Enjoys reading, fishing. (2) CAROL PAHL: B.G.S.U. ... B.S. in Ed. Husband-Donald ... Enjoys reading, sewing, cooking. (3) REBECCA LUCE: B.G.S.U. ... B.S. in Ed. ... Soon to be husband, Leland ... Children-Michael ... Enjoys sewing, music, out-of-doors. (4) CAREY CLUM: Baldwin-Wallace ... B.A.... Enjoys sports of all kinds, golf, and girl watching. 46(1) MARGARET BOZARTH: O.N.U. ... B A Enjoys reading, growing flowers and plants ... Husband-John ... Children-Johnny, Sue, Cherie (2) KEVEN NEFF: O.S.U., John Carroll, O.N.U.... B.S. in Agriculture ... Enjoys nature, geology, science fiction movies, life ... Wife-MYRNA NEFF: O.S.U. ... B.S. in Ed. Enjoys sewing, macrame, crafts ... Children-Daran. Daryl (3) NORLA STRASBAUGH: O.N.U. ... B.A. in Health Phys. Ed. ... Will be finished with Master’s in Guidance and Counseling this summer Enjoys reading, traveling, golfing, swimming. 47(1) JEFF BIXLER: Eastern Michigan University ... B.S. Phys. Ed., Minor Health, Drivers Ed. Certificate ... Enjoys golf, cards ... Wife-Brenda. (2) ARTHUR NORBERG: Youngstown University, O.N.U., O.S.U.... B.S. in Ed., M.S. in ZOO.... Enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, stamps . .. Wife-Delores Jean ... Children-David, Pamela, Daniel. (3) JACKIE KENT: Our H.S. Sec. ... She graduated from Lafayette-Jackson H.S. ... Enjoys flowers, collects bells and toothpick holders, enjoys crocheting. (4) ELIZABETH BURTON: Ohio University, University of Colorado, B.G.S.U. ... A.B., M. Personnel Service, Certificate in Guidance... Enjoys reading non-fiction, playing guitar and piano ... Husband-Bruce ... Children-Caroline, Mark, Cathy. Let’s play clean your gun, Mr. Norberg. Is Jeff Bixler really bluffing with that poker face? 48(1) ANN SALE: O.N.U. ... B.S. in Ed. ... Enjoys music, travel, reading (2) THOMAS E. DEARTH: O.N.U. ... B.S. in Ed. Wife-Janice ... Children-Trudi, Tammi, Amber ... Enjoys being with his family and doing family-oriented activities (3) JEAN SLEESMAN: O.N.U., B.G.S.U., University of Dayton ... B.S. in Ed , M S. in Counseling ... Enjoys reading, crocheting, traveling, macrame, refinishing antique furniture, sewing, painting ... Husband-Carl ... Children-Carla, Jane, George. 49(1) CAROLYN SHl'IRR: O.N.U. ... B.A. in Math Husband-Andy ... Children-Mathew Enjoys reading, crocheting, plants, sewing. (2) CINDY STANLEY: Bluffton College B.A in Comprehensive Science ... Enjoys oil painting, knitting, stitchery, drawing, training and showing dogs and horses. (3) KATHY LINDABL'RY: O.N.U., B.G.S.U. ... B A in English, Media Specialist Certification ... Husband-Fred ... Pets-Rasputin (a Lab ), Napoleon (Cat) ... Enjoys singing, playing guitar, piano, crocheting, reading, swimming, walking, cooking. Mommy, mommy, is it pie yet? 50What diabolical play is forming in the mind of Coach Fries? (1) JEFF WISE: Wooster College, Toledo University ... B A., M Ed ... Wife-Mindy ... Enjoys golfing, skiing, reading (2) GARY WAGNER: O.N.U. ... B S. in Ed. ... Wife-Nancy ... Children-Jason. Laura Enjoys woodworking, guns. (3) JOYCE BUSCH: Kent St., O.S.U., O.N.U.... Husband-Larry ... Children-Jon, Chuck, Connie ... Enjoys needlepoint, Larry, Chuck, Jon, Connie, riding a bike, walking, Shakespeare. (4) GENE FRIES: Findlay College, Miami University ... A.B., M Ed. ... Wife-Velma ... Children-Peggy. Jeffrey. Doug. Holly ... Enjoys golf, watching sports and Detective shows on T.V., music of different kinds 51“...and this is the one we won at the District Tournament...” When I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it! (1) SHARON PITTS: O.S.U., O.N.U.... B.S. in Ed. ... Enjoys cards, motorcycling, reading, golf, basketball... Children-Stephanie, Todd, Carol, Aaron, William. (2) HAL HONEGGER: Miami University, B.G.S.U. ... B.S. in Ed., 2-3 of Masters ... Enjoys hunting, gun collecting ... Wife-Cindy ... Children-David. (3) ROBERT SPERLING: O.S.U.... B.S. in Ed.... Enjoys golf, table tennis, soft-ball, free time. t 52531) BETTY SPITZER: Ohio University ... B.S. in Home Economics .. Enjoys gardening, embroidery, knitting, sewing, reading, crafts .. Husband-Norman ... Children-John. 54’IADMINISTRATION (1) Superintendent, Mr. Neil Allen returns to Ada Schools from Upper Sandusky this year. (2) New 1978 President of the board, Charles Conley. (3) New member of the board, Ann Haight, fills the gap left by Dr. Elliott. (4) Ada Board of Education: Oscar Darlington, Ann Haight, Charles Conley, Joe Saltzman, William Robinson. (5) Maxine McBride-Secretary and Betty Quattrocchi-Clerk of the Board are two very important parts of the Ada School system. Where would we be without their hard work? 56CAFETERIA Where would the Ada Schools be without the hard work and daily dedication of the cooks? These ladies use their talents an average of 8 hours to prepare the meals for 1,070 students each day. This is not an easy task and we appreciate them. (1) Head cook, Viola Fox, enjoys showing off her new oven. (2) Cooks: Elwanda Casper, Dorthy Fleming, Doris Weihrauch, Mable Hathaway, Evelyn Epley. (3) Cashiers, Doris McBride and Marie Wolgamot have the hectic job of ringing up the lunch money. (4) The lunch room...a familiar place to all students.MAINTENANCE (1) Judd Shadley’s whistling is a familiar sound around the school. (2) Harold Badertscher saves the school some money with his mechanical skills. (3) Doug Thompson helps conserve energy. (4) Head custodian, Qarence Weihrauch.TRANSPORTATION (1) Bernard Epley—ready to roll. (2) Earl Baughman, head of transportation, fulfills part of his daily duties by filling up a bus. (3) Dean Moore relaxes after another hectic day. (4) Bus Drivers: Vivian Richards. Nancy Wagner, Sam Tong and Cloyce Hauenstein. Other bus drivers not pictured are: Judy Williams. Ted Prueter. Bernard Epley and Dean Moore. 59THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT roducedBy™™™« Dances, ball games, concerts, plays— That’s Entertainment! These activities are among the usual forms of entertainment at most high schools, but here at Ada, we also have the unusual—Interclass, a literary competition between Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes has been a tradition since 1906. Spirit Week, a newer tradition, reveals the class which supports basketball with the most spirit and greatest enthusiasm. Together they make the best entertainment—a combination of academics and athletics.Homecoming 62 The Homecoming game with Perry was played on September 30 this year. The Bulldogs were defeated. Although they played a fine game, the luck just wasn't running their way. Sharon Theodore reigned as queen Escorting Sharon were Jeff Criblez and Lon Chaney. Her court included Lynne Coe as Senior attendant, Valerie Rex as Junior attendant, Tammy Musselman as Sophomore attendant and Carol Pitts as Freshman attendant Lynne was escorted by Gregg Ballard and Valerie was accompanied by Ken Fleming.(1) The photographer captures the essence of Homecoming with this picture of Valerie Rex on her way to the football field. (2) Lon hands Sharon the game ball. (3) Carol Pitts smiles as Fred Wolber escorts her down the field. (4) Sharon Theodore is surrounded by her crown-bearer, LeAnn Plaugher and her ball boy, Tony Boutwell. (5) The Queen and her court. (6) Tammy Musselman and Jon Busch and (7) Lynne Coe at the Homecoming game. 63The band F. J. Boerog provided some really fine music for the homecoming dance this year on October 1st. Queen, Sharon Theodore, and her court presided over the dance with everyone having a great time. 64(1) Rowdy Sumney and Jacque Gahman (2) Pam Zachariah and Don Anspach boogie down (3) Smile big for the camera, Anna! (and for Rod too!) (4) A dashing couple: Deb Rayl and Don Stobbe (5) Tammy Musselman and Kenny Dysert take a break (6) Snuggle up close, Cindy. We know you love it, Chuck! (7) Mickey Dye and Kelly King 5 1 65Junior Class Play The title of the Junior Class play was “They Run In Our Family." Advisor, Miss Stanley had a large cast composed of Pam Norberg, Scott Walls, Lynn Stansloski, Patty Bowden, Lori Simmons, Dave Woodruff, Brett Vottero, Doug Fries, Judy Long, Walter Bettinger, Carma Long, Pam Boutwell, Nancy Henry, Wilma Fancher, Rachel Hall, Eric Farrington, Neal Dornbusch. Linda Bischoff, Chris Binkley, Pam Zachariah, Cathy Miller, and Tina Brummet. Picture Identification: (1) Look at the eyes on that woman. (2) “This is my daughter, Josie." (3) Chris Binkley poses as Seymore. (4) “Boy, am I hungry!” 66Senior Class Play The director of the play, “Boys and Ghouls Together” was Miss Cindy Stanley. Included in the cast were Gregg Ballard. Sheri Shull, Juli Lawrence, Kathy Boutwell, Dan Schumacher, Tracy Forsythe, Cathi Naylor, Roger McKinley, Sharon Theodore, Layne Moore, Sylvia Smith, Annette Conley, Amy Allen, Jenny Hanson, Mark Oliver, Jeff Criblez, Jolene Ream, and Dave Badertscher 1) I’m always like this before my morning cup of coffee. 2) Gary looks like he’s seen a ghost. 3) I want to suck your blood! 4) Kathy Boutwell seen looking her best. 67SPIRIT WEEK ’78 Spirit Week was headed by the Junior Class’s nonstop spirit taking first place in the spirit category and second place in decorations. Held during the week of January 9-14, and missing several days because of snow, the classes showed that spirit could not be snowed in at Ada High School. Decorations Skit Spirit Sophomores Juniors Freshmen Juniors Freshmen Eighth Eighth Freshmen Seventh 68(1) Sophomores are busy putting up one of their crazy, winning decorations. (2) The winning Junior class shows it is Number One! (3) A scene from the Freshmen class’s winning skit. (4) Super Sammy saves the day! (5) “When the camera zooms in, I like to have my teeth their whitest.” (6) The seventh graders make one of their last minute signs (7) Chris Binkley alias “the cat.” 69Sadie Hawkins Ada's traditional girl ask boy dance—The 1978 Sadie Hawkins Dance was held on February 24. Records were played and Don Spar called a variety of square dances. Couples could be married by Mr. Clum alias Marrin' Sam. Kathy Decker reigned as queen while her court was Senior, Cindy Evans, Junior. Lori Simon, Sophomore. Denise Hawbecker. and Freshman. Diane Long. 70 (1) Donna Smith and Kory Krofft promenade through another exciting square dance. (2) Russ Gibson and Cindy Smith wait anxiously for the marriage ceremony. (3) Sue Badertscher and Mark McBride (4) The kissing couple: Juli and Stan. (5) Jeff Criblez is really getting into this Swinging Square dance. (6) Paul and Sheri are having a "laughing-’ time. (7) Gary Cribley plays his imaginary guitar. 71Fiesta-Fete Fiesta-Fete was held on April 2. There were games and much scrumptious food. Beef burgandy, the main dish for the evening, was prepared by the French. The Spanish part of the meal was Peruvian shrimp chowder served over flounder The traditional pinata was strung over the study hall and lasted its usual three seconds. There was a play put on by the Spanish and the French sang folk songs I 721) A study in ugly 2) Your weight in fortune for a small price 3) Hey, that’s not candy, that’s my tennis shoe. 4) Strike one, strike two, strike three, You’re out! 5) Blushing Patty Bowden peeks out from behind a fiesta flower 6) Annette Conley screams at the top of her lungs. 7) Everybody at Fiesta-Fete jumps at the chance to get some tasty treats from the pinata. 73INTERCLASS 1978 The Junior class almost made a clean sweep of all the Interclass awards. They took firsts in Essay, Short Story, Reading and Skit. The only other lone winner was Bryan Moore of the Sophomore class taking a first in Oration. Contestants in respective categories: Essay Neal Dornbusch (winner) Joyce Hall Rod Beck Short Story Joyce Deringer Diane Hinderliter Rachele Hall (winner) Oration Bryan Moore (winner) Cindy Evans Patty Bowden Reading Jolene Johnson Linda Bischoff (winner) Jeff Bischoff 74(1) Barry Musselman, Junior class president, proudly receives the trophy. (2) Essay contestants Neal, Joyce and Rod competed in the Essay category. (3) Cindy speaks out strongly on Capital Punishment in her oration. (4) Bill, April and Chris were hits in the skits. (S) Bryan, Cindy and Patty, Oration contestants, anxiously wait their turn. (6) The winners include Bryan Moore of the Sophomore class and Linda Bischoff, Neal Dornbusch and Rachele Hall of the Junior class. (7) “Well, on the other hand..."PROM “You Light Up My Life” was certainly an appropriate theme for the junior-senior prom. As couples entered, they saw a hundred tiny lights floating in the brandy snifters which were later given as favors. Music was provided by Sir Thomas Johnstone who performed the theme song at various times throughout the evening of April 22, 1978. Prom was held again this year at the McIntosh Center ballroom.1) Mark Blevins asks his date, "How deep is your love?” 2) Nita Sperrow and Chris Binkley only believe in “Slow dancin' Swayin’ to the music.” 3) Kelli Toland and Eric Wolber enjoy their “Night at the opera.” 4) “Looks like we (Cathi Naylor and Brian Willeke) made it” to the prom. 5) Jeff Criblez and Sandy Wagner wonder “Do you feel like we do?” 6) Larry Lile looks like, “You make me feel like dancin' ” 7) “Nobody does it better” than Randy...Dance, that is. 77AFTERPROM 1) Rack ’em up, Dusty. It’s time for another game. 2) Dave Berton takes careful aim. Notice he never takes his eyes off the pool table, not even for the picture. 3) Lori Simmons looks very, very tired at after prom... “It must be at least four in the morning.” 78SNAPS 1) Jeff found a new “girlfriend.” 2) Freshman girls pose for a picture. 3) Bird Bischoff hams it up, and Who is that in the background? 4) Butch, are you eating in Study Hall, again? 79The Magnificent Produced by.... Assistan roducer ■ Seven! ■Lori Simmons ....Mimi Awad No better movie could be selected to depict our seven school sports than “The Magnificent Seven.” And again this year they certainly proved that they were magnificent! Ada not only gained area honors but also we earned the ultimate award and realized the American Dream; we became State Class A Girl’s Basketball Champs. Although each sport requires different physical and mental abilities, ail sports demand of the participant dedication and self-discipline. Through dedication and self-discipline, athletics gives the competitor a feeling of self-esteem and accomplishment. And for no other reason than this, sports are magnificent.Senior Cheerleaders Reminisce 1) (left to right) from top—Juli Lawrence, Amy Allen, Sandy Wagner, Anita Hopson, Lori Simon, LuAnn Wyss 2) Sandy Wagner, cheerleader for five years. “I can remember camp my senior year...having water fights when we were so hot...'Swimming' at Juli’s house (wearing our “birthday-suits”) at 2:00 in the morning, playing ‘I dare you.’ The lights suddenly flashed on and there stood Juli’s mother! ...She never did find out what was going on. Surprise, Mrs. Lawrence!...being with my friends on the squad and cheering for the “Mighty Bulldogs” (especially Jeff), were the reasons why I enjoyed cheering.” 3) Amy Allen, a cheerleader for six years. “...Spending time with each other, meeting new people, slumber parties were my most memorable moments in cheerleading— especially cheering at the Regionals. There were so many people there—I got such a good feeling just being a part of it...I am proud to say I was a cheerleader for Ada." 4) Juli Lawrence, cheerleader for six years. “...Tryouts, mounts, and swimming at 2:00 a.m. were my favorite moments while cheerleading.. .Cheerleading is a lot of work, but a lot of fun...It teaches how to get up in front of a crowd, being able to communicate and get along with others...It’s the best way to go through school.” 5) Anita Hopson—“I’ve been a cheerleader for as long as I can remember! Going to camp and riding on the fire engines were so much fun. I enjoyed cheering because I'm representing something special...I’m really going to miss it...” 6) Captain Amy Allen and advisor Norla Strasbaugh. Junior High Squads Mindy Berger and Camille Runser were chosen by their fellow cheerleaders to be captains of their respective squads during the 77-78 school year. Each squad followed very successful teams with the JV’s cheering faithfully for football and basketball teams and the Jr. High squad supported championship football and basketball teams. 1) The JV squad—(from top-left to right) Teresa Kipker, Rhonda Hopson. Mindy Berger, Gina Hopson. Nancy Quattrocchi. 2) The Junior High cheerleaders—(from top-left to right) Laura Lile, Peggy Badertscher, Camille Runser, Paula Arlington, Blythe Fields. Berger, Runser Lead J V,Gridders End Season 7-2- The Bulldogs ended their season with a fantastic 7-2-1 record under the direction of new head coach, Jeff Wise. In the conference, they ended with a 6-1-1 record, the only team able to defeat the conference champion, Paulding Coach Wise, previously a coach at the College of Wooster and the University of Toledo, quotes on the past season: “Looking back over our progress, I sincerely feel that we came a long, long way ... The players worked hard and accepted changes with an eager attitude. They conditioned hard, improved their skills, and came together as a football family. All of these things added together, plus our lack of key injuries, and outstanding play by a large number of players, resulted in our very successful season." In the NWC, five players were selected to the first team, one to the second team, and five gained honorable mention. Overall, the season was very successful and everyone at Ada High can be proud of both a fine team and fine coaches. 1) Coach Jeff Wise 2) The 1977 Bulldog team: Row 1—Dennis Tabor, Gary Hall, Greg Campbell, Jim Montgomery, Mike Stahl, Jon Fields, Dwight McBride, Kurt Massillo, Bob Zimmerman, Tom Simmons, Jeff Acheson Row 2—Scott Walls, Jeff Long, Jon Busch, David Allen, Tony Castle, Jeff Hood, Steve Castle, Mark McBride, Chuck Castle, Bryan Moore, Dan Norberg, Doug Elliott, Greg Criblez Row 3—Don Stobbe, Ken Fleming, Lane Chaney, Layne Moore, Barry Musselman, Dan Tabor, Chris Binkley, Craig Roberson, Bruce Price, Gregg Davis, Jeff Bischoff Row 4—Stuart Brown, Mark Reichert, Mark Blevins, Jeff Criblez, Stan Parshall, Mike Simon, Lon Chaney, Gregg Ballard, Gary Smith, Tim Hubbell, Eric Wolber.(1) “I told you the field was THAT way!! (2) Behind every great team, there is a greater team of managers and trainers! Here are trainers, Larry Lile and Alan Hubbell and managers, Steve Browne and Bob Gonzalez. (3) “...After the game I’m having a pizza party and you’re ALL invited, and...” (4) The backbone of the coaching staff—assistant coaches (from left) Jeff Bixler, Carey Clum, and Hal Honegger Coach Bixler, a coach of defensive backs and wide receivers, is in his second year at Ada, also teaching health and phys. ed A native of Findlay and a graduate of Eastern Michigan, Jeff played defensive back in college Coach Clum, a coach of defensive tackles and middle guards, is in his first year at Ada He is a 72 graduate of Ada, being honored as “Northwest District Defensive Player of the Year" and was named to the AP 1971 Class A All-Ohio football team. A 76 graduate of Baldwin-Wallace, he teaches history and is also head coach of baseball. Coach Honegger directs offensive guards and centers as well as linebackers In his sixth year at Ada. Coach Honegger graduated from Miami University in 71 where he played guard and linebacker Besides coaching, he also instructs O W E. classes at Ada1) Jeff Criblez (No. 78). tackle, has been a member of the team for four years. Jeff was selected to the NWC first team and received the "Junkyard Dog" award, given to an outstanding lineman. Perhaps his most honorable award was being selected by his teammates to be the 77-78 team captain 2) Lon Chaney No. 68). linebacker, is also a four year member. For his outstanding efforts, Lon was awarded the MVP award, and the "Big Stick” award, given to the “hardest hitter,” along with being selected to the NWC first team. 3) Stan Parshall (No. 19). quarterback, was also selected to the NWC first team. He gained over 1000 yards this season, trailing close behind junior Craig Roberson's record. Stan was a co-recipient of the “Second Effort" award, given to a player putting out 110 percent. 4) (from left) Layne Moore (No. 63), guard, has been a member of the team for three years. Bruce Price (No. 70), tackle, has played on the squad for four years. Both were a great asset to the football program at Ada High. S) Mike Simon (No. 54), tackle, has played on the varsity team for three years. He received the "Most Improved Player" award and gained Honorable Mention on the NWC selections.NWC Awards Eleven Bulldogs NWC All-Star Selections First Team Jeff Criblez (12) °ff Tackle —Def. Tackle Lon Chaney (12) —Linebacker Stan Parshall (12) —Quarterback Eric Wolber (12) —Def. End Craig Roberson!ID-Running Back Second Team Gary Smith (11) —Def. Tackle Honorable Mention Mark Reichert (12) —Off. End Mike Simon (12) —Def. Tackle. Jon Busch (10) —Linebacker Jeff Hood (10) —Def. Back Chuck Castle (10) —Def. Back Captain —Jeff Criblez MVP —Lon Chaney 1) Gregg Ballard. Gregg “Crash" Davis. Mark Reichert Gregg Ballard (No 26) a defensive back and receiver, was a member of the team for three years, lettering two years Labeled by Coach Wise as a "fantastic receiver." Gregg gained over 190 yards. Gregg Davis (No. 75). a tackle, was a member of the team for four years and lettered two Mark Reichert (No. 25), a member for three years, lettered one year. He gained Honorable Mention on the NWC team Mark, as a defensive back and a wide receiver, gained 197 yards, mostly from his outstanding receiving efforts. 2) Mark Blevins, Eric Wolber. Jeff Bischoff Mark Blevins, a member for two years, got off to a late start, but lettered this past year for his fine efforts. Eric Wolber (No. 82). a defensive end. lettered both years that he played Honored by gaining a first-team position on the NWC team. Eric also received the "Junkyard Dog" award, given to an outstanding lineman. Jeff Bischoff (No. 28). a first year member and letterman. also got a late start but still pulled through and proved himself.Pups Rocket to Success Under the sound advice of coaches Bob Minto and Mike Snow, the Junior High Football Team completed the season with a 2-1-1 finish. Accepting only one loss from their opponents, the Bullpups again launched a successful campaign. (1) What s happening, team? (2) Coaches Bob Minto and newcomer, Mike Snow. (3) Bullpups in action! (4) The Junior High Football Team: Kneeling: Gavin McKinley, Mike Campbell, Jay Hood, Brian Fields, Tom Hopson, Joey Simmons, David Boutwell, Jim Henry, Terry Williams, Jimmy Pinks, and Bruce McCormick. Row Two: Greg Hall, Ricky Cole, Billy Chase, Jamie Lewis and manager, Mark Browne Row Three: Ray Harber, Matthew Criblez, David Stahl, Jon Zimmerly, Joe Zsembik, Stacy Dyer, Richard Boutwell and Alan Risner 90Golfers “Putt-out” 100% Although golf isn’t as demanding physically as football or cross country, it takes as much patience, confidence, and talent as in any other sport. This year was a “rebuilding year” for the golf team Even though our golfers didn’t win the conference title, they gained much valuable experience. They also broke Bluffton’s 33 match win string and one player. Dan Umphress. held second place in the NWC tournament Since all of these players are returning, unlike most of the other teams in the N WC. the chances of regaining the conference title are excellent. 1) How one—Todd Schmidt. Scott Baker. Walt Bettinger How two—Rob Agin. Joe Crider. Dan Umphress. Coach Sperling 2) Coach Robert Sperling 3) Walt Bettinger, Golf MVP. Walt, a v junior, tied the school record twice by shooting 38. two over par 91Berton Heads CC Seniors Dave Berton was chosen by the cross country team to be their 1977 CC captain. Dave was honored at the fall sports banquet held in October by members of the team. 1) Kevin Fitzpatrick, manager of the team, had been with the team for four years. He remembered the State CC meet that Ada ran in 75 and winning the NWC trophy the same year He also recalls putting away all of the uniforms at the end of the season and at the same time readying for basketball. Amid all of the hectic events, Kevin feels that it was worth it. 2) Displaying their natural ability to clown around are, from the left, Jeff “Twink” McBride and Dan Schumacher. They can recall times such as the “James Gang” years, playing football after practice, and the bus trips which included things such as playing cards and “doing things" to passing cars. (Which can be left to the imagination!) 3) Captain, Dave, enjoyed his years running CC—not necessarily running, but having a good time while keeping in shape. Dave recalls decorating the opposing teams’ buses with left-over doughnuts and shopping in Columbus after the state meet. (Especially at the sporting goods store!) “We didn’t always have fun...there was a lot of hard work and preparation for every meet...I really enjoyed being a part of the team.”CC Still County’s Best At Ada High, Cross Country was another sport that remained successful. Under the direction of new coach. Ted Prueter, the team finished out the season with an 8-3 record. Among their accomplishments, the team repeated last year’s efforts by winning the Hardin County title. They gained second place in the NWC race, losing to Spencerville by five points, and again won second place in the Sectionals. In district. Ada failed to qualify for State, but junior, Neal Dombusch, “almost made it,” failing to qualify to run at State by one place. After losing many runners to basketball conditioning, these boys pulled through and made the cross country program a great asset to our school and town. (1) The 1977 CC Team: kneeling—Dave Haight. Neal Dornbusch, Bob Mathewson, Steve Staley. Rod Beck, Mgr. Kevin Fitzpatrick; standing— Keith Delp, John Denton, Dan Schumacher, Jeff McBride, Dave Berton, Kyle Wilhelm, Coach Prueter (2) Coach Ted Prueter (3) Dan, Bob, Kyle, and Keith anxiously await the announcement of the winners—which eventually would be them! (4) Ada’s MVR—"Most Valuable Runner’’—junior, Neal Dornbusch (5) Dave Haight and Bob Mathewson take a stroll before running. 93 5Boys End Fine Season With NWC, Sectional Wins Athletes who gave Ada more championships in basketball than ever before were a special part of the winter and early spring scenes at Ada High. Among these were the athletes on the boys’ varsity basketball team. Coach Fries quotes: “The Boys Varsity Basketball Team had another fine year, losing only three games by a total of five points. The Bulldogs had an over-all record of 18-3 and were Northwest Conference Champs for the third straight year. They were rated number 1 by both the Lima News and the Brookville Star at the end of the regular season in their area ratings. In addition, the ’Dogs were rated tenth in the state in the final UPI poll. The Bulldogs also won the Sectional title with wins over Waynesfield and Spen-cerville but lost a very close game to New Bremen in the District tournaments.’’ At the winter sports banquet, honors went to the basketball teams. All of the Bulldog teams won championships or were runners-up in the league, including the seventh, eighth, ninth, boys JV and Varsity, and girls JV and Varsity. The boys varsity was awarded a trophy by the Brookv ille Star for its No. 1 rating. Since the team will be rebuilding next year after losing six seniors, Coach Fries commented: “...with a good summer’s work the ’Dogs should be stronger than ever ...Three years ago we had one starter back, Jeff Fries, and we made it to the Regionals...” 1) The Team: from left—Lee Hood, Jeff Hood, Kyle Wilhelm, John Stahl, Mike Hall, Mark Reichert, Gregg Ballard, Ken Dysert, Stan Parshall, Ty Michael, Doug Fries. 2) from left— Varsity coach, Gene Fries and J.V. coach, Ted Lee.JayVees Boast 15-3 Record The 1978 JayVee team, consisting of two juniors, eight sophomores, and one freshman, compiled an outstanding 15-3 season record. They defeated the conference leaders and were the NWC runners-up. 1) The JV team: (from left) kneeling—Jeff Acheson, Chuck Castle, Rob Agin, Jeff Hood, Dave Haight, standing—John Stahl, Steve Castle, John Elliott, Greg Criblez, Tony Castle, Kyle Wilhelm. 2) Fourth year letterman, trainer Larry Lile. 3) Kevin Fitzpatrick, manager, another fourth year letterman. 4) Alan Hubbell, a first year letterwinner as a trainer.Coach Comments on Senior Roundballers 1) l-ee Hood, fourth year letterman. ‘is without a doubt one of the best players I have ever coached, helping us win three straight NWC championships Lee set a new career scoring record here at Ada High 11205 points). He was All NWC and All District 8 two years in a row. Lee received state recognition and played in the District 8 All-Star game. Probably the greatest individual honor Lee received was being selected by the coaches to play in the North-South Class A-AA All-Star game at Canton. This is one of the greatest individual honors a class A player can receive. Lee was Captain and Co-MVP for the team this year, sharing the MVP award with junior Doug Fries. Lee was also MVP his junior year...When it comes to basketball. Lee Hood has certainly made his mark." 2) Mark Reichert, third year letterman. “had a very fine career at Ada High School. Mark played regular on three straight NWC championship teams. Mark did a great job for us inside. He was honored when selected to play in the District 8 All-Star game ” 3) Tv Michael, first year letterman. “came back this year after missing last year. Ty played as a starter and as a backup guard. Ty did an outstanding job for us as a guard on both offense and defense.” 961) Mike Hall, two year letterman, “played as a backup post man and as a starter Mike had some very fine games and helped us enjoy another good year. Mike’s best game was against Spencerville when we won the NWC championship." 2) Gregg Ballard, first year letterman, “was a backup post man. Gregg came in off the bench and did a good job for us. Gregg improved a great deal the last two years after not playing his sophomore year." 3) Stan Parshall, second year letterman, “played as a starter and as a backup guard. While Stan missed out some by not playing his sophomore year, he came around a great deal this year. Stan had good speed and was a real competitor."Dream Comes 51-39 Win over Buckeye Trail Gives Ada State Title "The season was SUPER. We reached the pinnacle that every coach and team dreams of and works for—the Class “A" State Championship!!” says Sharon Pitts, coach of the 1978 Girls Class A State Champions Coach Pitts quotes on the highlights of the season: “It was a well-earned trip to Columbus. These girls worked for four years to make this all possible. That is why winning the tournament was so special to us. It was a relaxing and fun-filled trip that we will always remember.. .1 think we had lots of fun, learned together, and achieved the ultimate...winning the 1978 Regional tournament by one point was a fantastic moment. At that point I KNEW we had achieved our goal—we were headed for Columbus and the state tournament. The greatest moment, though, had to be during the championship game at Columbus. With two minutes remaining. Lynne Coe rebounded a missed Buckeye Trail foul shot and threw a full court pass to Teri Stahl, who then scored and was fouled. I was extremely proud of this particular play and at that point knew that we were going to become No. 1 in the State of OHIO!...The example has been set Goals are achieved through hours and hours of work. It’s up to the underclassmen now. It can be done again!!” 1) Posing with the J.V. NWC, Sectional. District, State, Regional, and Varsity NWC Championship trophies are the 1978 Girls Class "A" State Champions: Sitting—Teri Stahl, Donna Hall, Lynne Coe, Coach Sharon Pitts, Judy Long, and Kathy Decker. Kneeling—Anna Wright, Vicki Oates, Linda Bischoff, Stephanie Pitts, Jodi Kindle, Lori Klingler, Carol Pitts. Standing—Richard Williamson, Mgr Jeff Lawrence, Mike Simon, Stat. Bruce "Waldo” Elliott, Photographer Brett Vottero, Chris Binkley. 2) Coach Pitts displays the well-earned State trophy.True for Girls SNAPS i) Coe, Decker, and Coach relax after upsetting Arcanum at Columbus 43-37. 2) Demonstrating their fine muscles the Girls (and boys) pose for the camera. 3) “The Walker,” our good-luck charm. 4) Showing we’re number one after the District game. 5) Our own Coach Fries and WIMA reporter. Mike Mullins broadcasting the State game. 6) Ada Herald reporter, Dick Chambers. 7) Joy, relief show on the faces of seniors Kathy Decker and Lynne Coe after four years of hard work...and being rewarded for it. 8) The team upon their arrival after the Championship game. 9) Getting psyched. tmCoe Named “Player of the Year...” Pitts Salutes Seniors Above: Kathy Decker (No. 50)—“Kathy’s most outstanding asset was her enthusiasm and leadership. She was a very good scorer and rebounder...” she was honored by being All-Ohio Honorable Mention 1978... accredited with 12 points in the State tournament games. Below. Teri Stahl (No. 20)—“Teri was the team’s best foul shooter and was an outstanding set shooter from the outside ...she averaged 14 points per game and was the second leading scorer in school history with over 800 career points...also named All-Ohio Honorable Mention...’’ Teri was second leading Ada scorer in State games with 13 points. Above: Lynne Coe (No. 54)—“Lynne is a great team player, scorer and rebounder. She is top scorer in Ada girls basketball history with over 1300 points...” She was awarded the following: UPI All-Ohio First Team 1977, UPI All-Ohio First Team 1978, AP All-Ohio First Team 1978, AP Player of the Year 1978, District Northwest Ohio Player of the Year 1978, State Tournament All-Star Team, NWC All-Star team, Ada MVP Award 1977-78, and Gass A State Tournament Player of the Year. Lynne totaled up 40 points in the State tournament, scoring higher than any other girl in the tourney. Below Donna Hall (No. 30)—“A great team leader, super ball handler, and outstanding shooter, averaging 10 points per game. She was selected Team Captain 1978 and to the NWC All-Star Team.” She gained 11 points in the State tourney games....and more highlights The NWC J.V. Champs 1978: Lynne Ansley, Tammy Musselman, Margie Stahl, Carol Conley, Diane Long, Leisa Miller, Karen Spallinger, Amy Loeschner, Diane Binkley r IS A »!• OF urcFreshmen finish on top Following the typical basketball pace at Ada High, the frosh maintained an outstanding 10-3 record. They also did well in Northwest Conference action. (1) Members of the freshman squad include Kneeling: Sam Awad, Fred Wolber, Steve Harris, Chuck Busch, Joel Pifer and Ed Wyss. Standing: Greg Garver, Dave Evans, Jon Fields, Jim Montgomery, Scott Dunn, Jeff Laman, and Mike Stahl. (2) Basketball at its best under Coach Ted Prueter. (3) Tip-off action!! (4) Make those points! 102 4Teams combine for 24-1 finish Boasting an impressive season record, the athletic kings of the Junior High are again reigning victors. (1) Seated are members of the 7th grade team. Row one: Mark Browne, Steve Gark, David West, Jim Henry, Todd Pitts, Eddy Downing, Rick Cole and Joey Simmons. Row two: David Boutwell, Greg Hall, Jon Zimmerman, Jeff Gossel, Bill Archer, Brian Fields and Robby Carmean. Row three: manager. Bill Kent, Jamie Lewis, David Stahl, Tim Boutwell, Joe Zsembik, Matt Criblez, Larry Moore and manager Steve Stumbaugh (2) Proud of their respective teams, coaches Jeff Bixler and Jim Bowden flash a big smile for the camera. (3) Members of the 8th grade team seated are Row one: Gavin McKinley, Richard Boutwell, Billy Dodge, Steve Browne, Jay Hood and Alan Risner. Row two: Bill Chase, Bruce McCormick, Greg La van. Tom Hopson, Jamey Miller and Mike Cook. Row three: managers. Ken Zimmerly and Robby Gibson. Stacy Dyer, Eric Finney, and managers, Carl MarlettandTed Zachariah. (4) Ada defense on the ball!!! 103Girl Junior Highers shoot, too! In its first year of establishment, the girls junior high roundballers developed a strong program, while showing prospect for future teams. The 7th graders finished with a 4-0 mark, while the 8th graders concluded just opposite with an 0-4 season record. (1) Members of the 7th grade include Kneeling: Kim Klingler, Trina Nelson, Lori Young, LeAnn Moore and Marlene Jump. Row two: Jennifer Conley, Wendy Klingler, Joan Elliott, Diane Johnson, Ange Stobbe, Trudy Forsythe, Beth Delp, Cris Weihrauch and Barb Hubbell. (2) All right girls, let’s play basketball! (3) Members of the 8th grade team include Kneeling: Jamie Smith, Kelly Drake, Mary Hall, Reba Oates, Laura Lile, Marlene Woodruff, Lisa Castle, Lori Hoffman, Jenise Johnson, and Terry Stocker. Row two: Lisa Gar-ver, Teresa Hassel, Brenda Umphress, Vicki Wyss, Carrie Ream, Lynn McCurdy, Paula Arlington, Blythe Fields, Edie Rosen, and Cathy Greismer. (4) Jump high and get that ball!!!Hood Advances to District Le Hood, a senior member of the tennis team, continued to dominate his opponents as he advanced in the ranks of the tournaments. Leading his team to a lb-7 season, Lee finished with an excellent 15-5 record. Brooks Compton, head coach, considered the team record to be an excellent one, for Ada played only “AA" and “AAA" schools. 1) The 1978 Tennis Team: Row l—Mark Burton, Vimal Shah, Neal "Dick” Dom-busch, Brian Sheumaker, David Johanson, Sam Awad, Jim Sanderson. Row 2—Coach Brooks Compton, Lee Hood, Kyle Wilhelm, Jeff McBride, Gregg Ballard, Joe Crider, Ass t. coach Bill Adams. 2) Mark Burton, 1978 Tennis Honorary Captain, three year member of the team, two-year letterman. 3) Gregg Ballard, three-year member of the team, three-year letterman. 4) Jeff McBride, three-year member, lettered two years. 5) Lee Hood, 1978 Tennis Most Valuable Player...record 15-5...four-year member, lettering four years. tParshall, 880 Relay Advance to State Meet Superstar, Stan Parshall, breezed his way to the State Track and Field meet held in May, accompanied by 880 relay team member Barry Musselman, Brian WiUeke, and Mark McBride. Stan was also a member of thi relay squad and led them to their fastest time of 1:33.2. tsu' Anoerson, head coacn, commented on the relay team, saying, “I’m as proud as I can be They’re four fantastic guys that deserved everything they got... The team on the whole is a great group of athletes that were a lot of fun to work with... As for next year, we’re gonna be good!” Ada placed second at the Ada Invitational, fifth in the conference, second at the sectional meet, and fifth at, the district meet. All in all, this track team continued to be a sign of teamwork and determination at Ada High. 1) Row l—Bob Mathewson, Mark McBride, Chris Binkley, Dan Norberg, John Carmean, Eric Farrington, Jeff Long, Kurt Massillo Row 2—Jerry Crates, Jeff Hood, Rod Beck, Jeff Lawrence, Brian Willeke, Dave Berton, Tom Farrington, Jon Fields, Barry Musselman, Peter Berton Row 3—Ass’t. coach Jeff Wise, Doug Elliott, Dan Schumacher, Bob Rayl, Stan Parshall, Mark Reichert, John Denton, Gary Smith, Scott Walls, Tim Telles, Coach Bill Anderson 2) Jon Fields skillfully crosses the high jump bar 3) Brian Willeke. warming up before the 880 relay race.Berton, Reichert and Parshali Awarded Dave Berton, Mark Reichert and Stan Parshali were honored by the 1978 track team, receiving the Honorary Captains and Track MVP awards. Dave, a versatile tradesman, participating in events such as pole vaulting, running the 2-mile event, and others, received his MVP award for his fine performance as well as his outstanding leadership. Stan Parshali, a super sprinter, will be missed greatly by the team. 1) Stan Parshali, speeding his way to a victory in the 880 relay. 2) Showing his academic, as well as his athletic achievements, is Mark Reichert. 3) Dave Berton, Co-Captain of the 1978 Track Team. 4) Dan Schumacher, a fine high jumper and leaderGirls Pace Their Way To Victory The Varsity girl striders composed of freshmen through seniors completed the season earning top honors at various track meets during the spring season. Concluding the season, some individual members of the squad competed in district competition. (1) Track Members Exercising: Tonya Musser, Cindy Smith, Lori Simon and Amy Allen. Row One: Elizabeth Reiter, Tammy Mussel man. Carolyn Theodore, Denise Hawbecker, Judy Long and Linda Willeke. Row Two: LeeEllen Miller, Lynne Ansley, Jolene Johnson, Leisa Miller, and Diane Long. Row Three: Jana Stewart, Amy Loeschner, Karen Spallinger, Diane Cotsamire, Melody Madden and Laura Brace. Row Four: Kathy Decker, Lynne Coe, Cathi Naylor, Lisa Evans, Jolene Ream. Barb Conley and Kris Spar. (2) Frosh Diane Long has got the curves! (3) Senior, Amy Allen. (4) Pull it out, Lisa!!! (5) Unidentified observers root the team on.(1) Seniors and Coach: Lynne Coe, Cathi Naylor, Jolene Ream, Coach Karen Minto, Amy Allen, Barb Conley, Kathy Decker, Lisa Evans and Kris Spar. (2) Cathi is determined to win this one! (S) Senior girls take a break to relax. (4) Hurry up, Diane! She’s catching 109Runners-up in NWC... Coach Clum Leads Baseballers to Winning Season For once, in almost a decade of play, the 1978 baseball team, under the direction of head coach Carey Clum, seemed to pull itself out of the lottom of the standings to new heights. In contention for first place in the league, the twenty-two players, consisting of seniors, juniors, iophomores, and freshmen journeyed near and far and the rain or cold could not dampen their spirit or performance. Finishing the season vith a 10-9-1 record and a 7-3 league record, the team compiled a great many wins and a few heartbreaking losses. ) Row 1—Billy Pitts, Mark McKinley, Ken Fleming, Don Stobbe, Doug Fries, Dave Allen, Chuck Busch, Stat. Paula Hines. Row 2—Jon Busch, Jryan Moore, Tom Hoffman, John Stahl, Dan Umphress, Tom Evans, Eric Wolber, Fred Wolber, Stat. Deb Rogers. Row 3—Coach Clum, Jeff lischoff, Bill Ansley, Don Anspach, Mark Blevins, Dave Evans, Rob Agin, Jeff Oestreich, Steve Castle, Stat. Jane Johnson. 2) " inew that was a fair ball!!!” exclaims Coach Clum. Coach Clum comments: “I’m really pleased about our number of wins, but I'm sorry to tay that we lost a very important game that could have turned our whole season around.. .I'd have to say that the Crestview game, which was lery important, had to be our best, and most exciting game. We came back from a deficit, and in nine innings, we had won. Next year we have [even starters back and there is no reason why we shouldn't be league champs. This group in this past year was a fine group of young gen-lemen. I really enjoyed working with them and I’m looking forward to next season ”Wolber, Bischoff Receive Awards "These boys are great players...they showed outstanding leadership; it’s really going to be hard to replace them...," quotes Coach Clum about the senior players on the baseball team. “Their spirit and the determination to win sure was an inspiration to the rest of the team.” 1) Eric Wolber, pitcher, was one of the most outstanding players on the team. He had pitched shut-outs and one no-hitter game. For his fabulous efforts, Eric received the 1978 MVP award for baseball and was selected First Team All-Conference, along with junior, Doug Fries. 2) Jeff Bischoff, first baseman, was also honored by receiving the Honorary Captain title for Baseball. Jeff recdved Honorable Mention All-Conference, along with John Stahl, junior, for his efforts. 3) Mark Blevins, a catcher, a member of the team for two years, lettered one year for his fine performance.J unior High Tracksters Both male and female runners paced their way to many victories during the spring season. Overall they boasted a 12-4 record. (1) I’ve got to get over that pole! (2) Heading the thinclads are Mike Snow and Bob Minto. (3) On your mark, get set, go! (4) Members of the team include: Row One: Tom Hopson, Laurie Archer, Jon Zimmerman, Dave Boutwell, Todd Pitts, Brian Fields, Joe Zsembik, Tim Boutwell, Billy Archer, Joey Simmons, Aaron Preston, David Boutwell and Larry Moore. Standing: Suzanne Copus, Jenny Conley, Reba Oates, Laura Lile, Lisa Castle, Edie Rosen, Mike Campbell, Eric Finney, Jay Hood, Greg Lavan, Gavin McKinley and Robbie Carmean. Seated: Becky Umphress, Jamie Smith, Mary Hall, Steve Browne, Paula Arlington, Lynne McCurdy, Blythe Fields, Alan Risner, Richard Boutwell, Bruce McCormick, Paul Khoury and Stacy Dyer.Boys Varsity Football 7-2-1 Bluffton Minster Crestview 6 Perry 31 Alien East 14 Paulding 7 Spencerville 6 Ddphos Jeff. 16 umbus Grove . Henry 22 Ada 6 12 48 14 21 20 36 40 14 0 S3 Girls Basketball 22-2 Varsity Baseball 10-9-1 Ada 6 Minster 6 11 Arlington 12 2 Arlington 3 2 U.S.V. 0 1 6 Perry 4 9 Bluffton 8 3 New Knoxville 12 2 Columbus Grove 1 j 12 Allen East 5 6 Waynesfield 5 9 Lincolnview 3 j 1 New Knoxville 6 5 Spencerville 6 o Cory Rawson 1 5 Crestview 4 ! 4 Paulding 7 4 Delphos Jefferson 7 Sectional 6 New Knoxville 0 4 Ridgemont 0 District 4 St. Henry 10 83 Columbus Grove 21 130 Arlington 25 79 Delphos Jefferson 34 40 Delphos St. John’s 56 105 Lima Perry 24 59 Kenton 32 92 U.S.V. 3 54 Defiance Tinora 41 66 Paulding 48 62 Convoy Crestview 37 81 Lafayette Allen East 15 ill1 Lima Senior 25 71 Bluffton 36 80 t Spencerville 22 77 Van Wert Lincolnview 30 51 Lima Bath 52 (OT) Sectional 83 Allen East 15 86 Ridgemont 28 District 61 Rockford Parkway 36 62 Minster 44 Regional 64 bid Fort 39 43 Ottoville 41 State 43 Arcanum 37 51 Buckeye Trail 39 Boys Varsity Basketbal 18-3 Ida 69 Kenton 58 L 70 Columbus Grove 92 Hardin Norther 73 Delphos Jefferson'1 67 101 Ridgemont 56 88 Arlington 72 61 Lima Perry 51 64 r — Calida 52 Cory -Rawaon 6 Lincolnview 67 PaulJtog 5 Allen East 55 Crestview 71 nesfleld 58 Bluffton 49 74 SpencemH 57 97 Liberty BenW»i 84 Sectional 86 Waynesfield 45 76 Spencerville 49 District 54 New Bremen 56 Jhe Sound OJ JWvsit Produced by....... Assistant Producer Lynn Stansloski ... Diane Conley“The Sound of Music” is an American movie classic which was chosen to represent the Music section. Perhaps more than we realize, music plays an important part in our lives. It becomes an expression of ourselves through the type of music we choose to explore. It can sooth, enlighten, reveal, and even create our moods. The music here at A.H.S. is limited, but is still a way for students to express their feelings, and their talents.ADA HIGH At District Band Contest the Band showed its exceptional talents by receiving four "ones,” a perfect Superior rating. They then went to State contest and also received a Superior rating. What a fantastic way for Mr. Analey to finish out his directing career! The band members are: Row 1: Sharon Theodore, Diane Hinder 11 ter, Denise Hawbecker, Lynn Stansloskl, Joyce Baier, Pam Norberg, Amy Loeschner, Barb Conley, Kris Spar, Betsy Gordon and Laura Deringer. Row 2: Paul Weimer, Lee Ellen Miller, Lynne Coe, Sandy Wagner, Jacque Gahman, Carol Conley, Nancy Quattrocchi, Chris Cole, April Arlington, Kathy Boutwell, Lori Simmons, Valerie Rex, Stephanie Pitta, Teresa Brumett. Lonnie Wyss, Lee Stansloski. Jeff Oestreich and Tina Brumett.SCHOOL BAND Row 3: LuAnn Wyss, Richard Williamson, Beth Cole, Gina Hopson, Suzanne Napier, Sam Awad, Diane Cotsamire, Kevin Young. Joyce Deringer, Tonya Musser, Patti Zimmerly, Traci Brumett, Linda Willeke, Kelley King, Diane Conley, Jodi Kindle, Joel Hinderliter, Mimi Awad, Gary Cribley, Joe Crider, Paula Hines, Kory Krofft, Stuart Graham, Carol Pitts, Jerry Ream. Kelly Doudna, and Bill Ansley. Row 4: Juli Lawrence, Chuck Busch, Kim Casper. Laura Brace, Eddie Long. Lynne Ansley. David Carmean. Neal Dombusch, David Berton, Peter Berton, Mike Coe and Director Wm. Ansley.With his trumpet, Gary Cribley (1) shows his ability and love of music. The officers for the band were (2) President-Lynne Coe, Student Director-Joe Crider, Secretary-Joyce Deringer, Librarians Kathy Boutwell, Sandy Wagner and Sharon Theodore The majorettes of the Marching Band were (3) Joyce Deringer and Chris Cole. 11« (1) During a half-time show, Kevin Young blows extra hard to make it extra good. (2) Dave checks his drums. Neal and Kory watch the game with interest. (3) Kevin Young, Mimi Awad and Joe Crider were the District Band members. The Solo and Ensemble Contestants were (4): Lynn Stansloski, Flute II; Joyce Deringer, Voice and Piano I; Denise Hawbecker, Flute II; Lee Ellen Miller, Clarinet I, Diane Hinderliter, Piano I; Joe Crider, Trombone II; Laura Brace, Snare Drum II; Tracy Forsythe, Voice I; Pam Norberg, Flute II; Rachele Hall, Piano I. 119PEP BAND As always, the Ada High School Pep Band was one of the highlights at pep rallies and basketball games. Their music added pizazz and excitement. Who could ever forget the footstomping rendition of “Woodchopper’s Ball”? In picture (1) the members are as follows: Row 1, Tina Brummet, Paula Hines, Valerie Rex. Joe Crider, Jerry Ream and Bill Ansley. Row 2, Lee Stansloski, Kris Spar, Jeff Oestreich, Teresa Brummet, Lee Ellen Miller, Pam Norberg and Kelly Doudna. Row 3, Lynn Stansloski, Lori Simmons, Diane Hin-derliter, Denise Hawbecker, Sam Awad, and Patti Zimmerly. Row 4, Mimi Awad, Diane Cotsamire, Kevin Young, Linda Willeke, Tracy Brummet, Tonya Musser, and Laura Deringer. Row 5, Gary Cribley, Neal Dombusch, David Carmean, Greg Brummet. David Berton and Peter Berton. (2) Gary Cribley and Diane Cotsamire exhibit their great musical talents by performing with the Pep Band. 120During Marching Band, (1) Bruce Drake worked with the Band and Mr. Ansley. He wrote shows and drilled the band to put out some fantastic shows. At the Spring Band Concert, entitled “Spring Fever,” (2) Mr. Ansley, Gary Cribley and Joe Crider performed a trio in “Big Band Dixie.” 121ADA HIGH Again in 1978, the Ada High School Choir showed its outstanding musical ability by carrying home an ‘'Excellent' ’ rating at contest The members are: Row 1, Carma Long, Denise Hawbecker, Carolyn Theodore, Betsy Gordon, Jerry Ream, Sammy Awad, Gary Cribley, Layne Moore, Pam Zachariah, Dee Wyss, Chuck Busch, Richard Williamson, Patti Zim-merly, Sally Elwood, Lori Simon, Sandy Fletcher, Melody McKinney, Juli Lawrence and Director, Mr Anderson. Row 2, Amy Allen Eileen Allen, Chris Cole, Jana Stewart, Deb Klingenberger, Tom Evans, Paul Weimer, Eric Farrington, Cathy 122 Bout well Tina Brummet. Lynn Stansloski. Pam Norberg, Paula Hines, Valerie Rex, Joyce Baier, Joyce Hall, SylviaSCHOOL CHOIR { V rf Vk Smith and April Arlington. Row 3, Kris Spar, Lee Ann Stansloski, Kim Casper. Karen Car mean, Lee Ellen Miller, Jeff Oestreich, Jeff Lawrence, Jon Busch, David Allen, Jolene Ream, Kim Lantz, LuAnn Wyss, Laura Brace, Diane Conley, Teresa Brummet, Linda Bischoff, Anita Hopson, Mimi A wad. Row 4, Patty Bowden, Joyce Deringer, Tracy Forsythe, Sheri Shull, Laura Plummer, Diane Hinderliter, Bill Ansley, David Woodruff. Joe Crider, Mark Oliver, Dave Evans, Lauren Knoop, Jodi Kindle, Carol Conley, Diane Cotsamire, Jane Johnson, Cindy Evans, Tonya Musser. Tracy Brummet and Linda Willeke. 123The im Choir officers: (1) Paul Weimer, Vice President; Joyce Deringer, President; Kris Spar, Secretary; Diane Cotsamire, Class Representative Juli Lawrence, Treasurer; Kathy Boutwell and Linda Bischoff, Librarians. Lee Ellen Miller, Class Representative. (2) Miss Emily Valasquez was the student teacher last fall. She also directed in the Christmas Concert. (3) The Choir accompanists are. top to bottom, Joyce Hall, Diane Hinderliter. Lee Ellen Miller and Mimi Awad. 124MADRIGALS The Madrigals of 1977-78 are: Row l: Juli Lawrence, Gary Cribley,' Kevin Young, Denise Hawbecker, David Allen, and Carma Long Row 2: Joyce Deringer, Eric Farrington. Diane Cotsamire, Mimi Awad, Valerie Rex, and Paula Hines Row 3: Kris Spar, Jane Johnson, Diane Hinderliter, Mark Oliver, Layne Moore, and Jeff Oestreich Row 4: Sheri Shull, Tracy Forsythe. David Woodruff, Paul Weimer, Jon Busch, and Lynn Stansloski. Standing: Director William Anderson. 125Several choir members tried out for the 1977-78 District III Choir. The people accepted were (1) Mark Oliver, Jane Johnson, Layne Moore, Joyce Deringer, Sheri Shull, Patty Bowden and Diane Hinderliter. Members of the Honors Choir were: Joyce Deringer, Mark Oliver and Paula Hines, 1268th Grade Choir The 8th Grade choir practiced on Friday afternoons under the direction of Mr. Anderson. The members are: Row l, Reba Oates, Jan Gossell, Kelly Drake, Kami Toland, Edie Rosen, Lisa Castle, Lynn McCurdy, Cindy Crozier. Row 2, Cindy Campbell, Mary Hall, Dawn Tope, Jeanette Sanderson, Kathy Griesmer, Blythe Fields, Camille Runser, Ted Zachariah. Row 3, Teri Stocker, Jenise Johnson, Brenda Umphress, Monna Plaugher, Paula Arlington, Becky Walls, Greg Lavan, Brad Palte. Row 4, Teresa Hassell, James Telles, Alan Risner, Richard Boutwell, Steve Browne, Bill Dodge, Tom Hopson, Bruce McCormick and Mr. Anderson, director.JR. HIGH CONTEST (1) Keep the beat going boys. (2) Those who participated in Jr. High contest include, from left to right: row 1 Teresa Hassel, Trudy Forsythe, Kelly Drake row 2 Jenise Johnson, Paula Arlington, Blythe Fields, Edie Rosen, row 3 Greg Lavan, Peggy'Deringer, Mary Catherine Hall.Deciding to do something different this year, the Madrigals produced an operetta, entitled "Rip Van Winkle." The cast included all of the Madrigals and several 6th grade children. (1) Wolf, (Jeff Oestreich) looks for something in the audience. (2) Captain Hendrick Hudson (David Woodruff) bowls his first losing game. (3) Dutcher, Van Bummel and Vedder discuss the important topics of the day. (4) Rip Van Winkle (Paul Weimer) wakes from his long nap.CADET BAND (1) Cadet band members include from left to right: majorette-Beth Wauben, Row I: LeAnn Moore, Suzanne Copus, Jan Gossel, Marlene Woodruff, Laurie Archer, Laura Lile, Reba Oates, Nancy Smith, Lauren Theodore. Row 2: Linn Lile, Beth Vermillion, Cindy Campbell, Lori Young, Lisa Castle, Blythe Fields, Camille Runser, Edie Rosen, Beth Delp, Wendy Klingler, Carla Wagner. Row 3: Becky Umphress, Trudy Forsythe, Diane Johnson, Kelly Drake, Paula Arlington, Jenise Johnson, Joey Simmons, Todd Pitts, Greg Lavan, Brad Palte. Row 4: Melissa Allison, Joan Elliott, Brenda Umphress, Carrie Ream, Director-Mr. Ansley, Jeff Gossel 1, Mark Brown, Robert Carmean, Peggy Deringer. (2) Officers for the 1977-1978 school year were, left to right: Laura Lile and Camille Runser, librarians, Paula Arlington, secretary, and Blythe Fields, student-director.THE GODFATHER Produced by...... Assistant Producer ... Kathy Boutwell .Deb KlingenbergerThe Mob, Cosa Nostra, Family, Mafia. No matter how you say it, they all stand for the Organization. . . a group of people working together for a common cause. For this reason, we chose “The Godfather” to symbolize the Organization section. Organizations give students the chance to acquire leadership skills and responsibility not only while in the group but also for their lives outside of school.ANNUAL STAFF (1) “Which contact print was that picture on?” (2) Get those pictures straight, Laura. (3) Advisor Kathy Lindabury and Editor, Paula Hines are overwhelmed by the many pictures that were taken over the year. (4) BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Tracy Forsythe, Brett Vottero, Diane Conley, Kathy Lindabury, Kory Krofft, and David Woodruff. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Laura Plummer, Paula Hines, Deb Klingenberger, Carol Conley, MiMi Awad, Stephanie Pitts, and Linda Bischoff. TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Badert scher, Lynn Stansloski, Lori Simmons, Lori Klingler, April Arlington, Kathy Boutwell, and Teri Stahl.PHOTOGRAPHERS SENIORS (1) LEFT TO RIGHT: Stephanie Pitts, David Woodruff, Linda Bischoff, Kory Krofft, Brett Vottero. (2) LEFT TO RIGHT: Tracy Forsythe, Paula Hines, Kathy Boutwell, April Arlington, Teri Stahl. (3) The winner of this year’s “Choke Artist” award in photography is “Stella” Pitts. (4) Linda “Bird” Bischoff focuses on the Homecoming events. 135APOLLO STUDENTS (1) Brenda Patton gets the beauty treatment from Deb Boutwell and Stacy Harris. (2) BUI VanHorn toying with electronics. (3) Keith, keep your mind on construction, not Cheri! (4) STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean England, Jaime Zsembik, Stacy Harris, Robin Lamb, Lane Chaney, Bill VanHorn, Bob Read, Dan Schumacher, and Barry Musselman. SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom McBride, Cheri Rodgers, Deb Bout-well, Keith Delp, Brenda Patton, and Susan Badertscher.The Apollo Joint Vocational School serves area students who wish additional vocational training which our school does not provide. Students can learn such things as: Agri-Diesel Mechanics, Auto Mechanics, Carpentry, Communication Electronics, Construction Electricity, Cosmetology, Diversified Cooperative Training, Health Occupations, Farm Management, Food Service, and Welding. There are many other areas of training under these categories. •(1) Lane Chaney works hard with his machines. (2) Jaime Zsembik ringing up today’s lunch. (3) Barry and Tom “chip” away. (4) Jean England working on her figures. 137GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT (1) Mark Oliver helps Richard Boutwell schedule for the 1978-79 school year. (2) Sylvia caught pulling files. (3) Mrs. Burton helps Mark in choosing the right classes. (4) Mr. Wise, a new addition to the guidance department, looks over student's records. 138OFFICE GIRLS (1) Annette Conley running to answer the phone. (2) “Oh no, I forgot to ring the bells!!“ (3) “Tina, it’s your turn to get the pink slips." (4) LEFT TO RIGHT: Anita Hopson, Nancy Henry, Mindy Berger, Lori Simon, Jackie Kent, April Arlington, Nancy Quattrocchi, Tina Brumett, Sue Dodge, Mona Binkley, and Annette Conley. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandy Fletcher, and Kathy BoutwellLIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS (1) LEFT TO RIGHT: Secretary Eileen Allen, Treasurer Patty Bowden, President Lynn Stansloski, and Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Weimer. (2) David Woodruff, alias “Bookworm,” reads to a class. (3) BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Coe, Cathy Griesmer. Jeff Lawrence, Tonya Musser, Tracy Brumett, Kathy Lindabury, Richard Williamson, Linda Willeke, and Cathy Miller. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Lee Ellen Miller, Patty Zimmerly, Paul Weimer, Teresa Battles. Lynn Stansloski, David Woodruff. Dave Berton, Patty Bowden, and Sam Awad. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Baier, Eileen Allen, Lee Ann Stansloski. and Chris Cole. (4) David takes advantage of the concession stand provided by the Library Club. 140LIBRARY AIDES (1) Eileen Allen works hard putting the cards in order. (2) “I know that card is in here somewhere! ” (3) “This sure is a tiring job!” (4) BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Jay Hood and Vicki Oates. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay English, Anna Wright, Deb Klingenberger, Vimal Shah, Betsy Gordon, Cathy Miller, Linda Downing, Carolyn Theodore, and Kathy Lindabury. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Lori Klingler, Chris Cole, Kris Spar, Patty Bowden, Lynne Coe, Kathy Decker, Sharon Theodore, Paula Hines, Richard Williamson, and Kelly Doudna. FOURTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Teri Stahl, Bruce Elliott, Eileen Allen, Bill Chase, Bruce McCormick, Steve Browne, Carl Marlett, Donna Smith, Kory Krofft, Tim Laing, David Vottero, and Peter Berton. FIFTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Weimer, Teresa Battles, David Woodruff, Jeff Lawrence, Joyce Baier, Lee Ellen Miller, Cindy Rodeback, Roger McKinley, Jolene Johnson, Marge Stahl, Laura Plummer, Mike Cook, and Patty Zimmerly. SIXTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Lee Ann Stansloski, Leisa Miller, Tracy Forsythe, Lynn Stansloski, Judy Long, Nancy Quattrocchi, Cindy Smith, Alan Hubbell, Gary Cribley, and Richard BoutwellFRENCH CLUB OFFICERS (1) While initiating our French I students we also had to initiate our new teacher Mrs. Weidner. (2) Mimi, Lynn, Laura, and others enjoying themselves at French Club initiation. (3) No doubt about it, that’s Amy Loeschner. (4) ROW ONE (LEFT-RIGHT): Marty Clum, Tom Hoffman. Carol Conley, Diane Hinderliter, Diane Cotsamire, and Cindy Rodeback. ROW TWO L.-R.): Mrs. Weidner. David Johansen. Amy Loeschner, Lynn Ansley, Carolyn Theodore. Vimal Shah, and Sam Awad ROW THREE L.-R.): Diane Long, Jeff Oestreich, Kim Casper, Melody Madden, Tracy Forsythe. Patti Bowden, Mark Oliver. 142(1) Que-pasa (What’s happening) Senora Minto? (2) Walt Bettinger in a heated game of fusbol. (3) SECRETARY— Kelly Doudna, PRESIDENT—Eric Farrington, TREASURER—Betsy Gorden, ADVISOR—Mrs Minto, V. PRESIDENT—Jolene Johnson. (4) "It’s all foreign to me.” 143O.W.E. O.W.A OFFICERS (1) O.W.E. OFFICERS include: SECRETARY TREASURER—Chris Schwickert, V. PRESIDENT— David Dearth. PRESIDENT—Teresa Jenkins, and ADVISOR—Mr. Henegger. (2) O.W.A. worker helps Mrs. Hathaway. (3) W'hat a way to earn a living! (4) O.W.A. OFFICERS include TOP ROW . ADVISOR—Mr Wagner, PRESIDENT—Joe Pope BOTTOM ROW : SECRETARY TREASURER—Florence Ritchie, and V. PRESIDENT—Ken Meyers. 144(1) Ouch! I think I lost my thumb. (2) SECRETARY, Dan Tabor, V. PRESIDENT, Mark Blevins, REPORTER, Gary Cribley, TREASURER. Ken Fleming, PRESIDENT, Eric Wolber, STUDENT ADVISOR, Dusty Klingler, ADVISOR, Mr Dyer. ABSENT-SENTINAL, Dave Gossman. (3) It looks like Jeff and Greg have their work cut out for them. (4) ROW ONE (LEFT-RIGHT): Rob Agin. Ken Wolke, Jeff Laman, David Evans, Jim Montgomery, and Randy Jump ROW TWO (L.-R.) Bill Bass, Stuart Brown, Ken Fleming, Mike Hall, Eric Wdber, Brad VanAtta, and Mr. Dyer. ROW THREE (L.-R.): Lauren Knoop, Eddie Wyss, Vickie Brown, Jeff Long, Dan Tabor, Mark Blevins, John Mankey, Jim Dilts. and Greg Campbell. ROW FOUR (L.-R.): Mark McKinley, Merle Cheney, Rodney Rayl, Gary Hall, Dusty Klingler, Gary Cribley, Russ Gibson, Tom Evans, Greg Nichols, Dennis Tabor, and Randy Dyer. 145(1) Hey Brett! Film the game not the girls. (2) Just one of the many cakes that the Video Tape Crew won at away basketball game raffles. (3) (Left-Right) Brett Vottero “Waldo’’ Bruce Elliott, and Kory Krofft. (4) Waldo and Kory hamming it up. 146(1) This picture just proves that there is more to Home Ec. than cooking. (2) FIRST ROW (L-R)-Donna Smith, Diana Binkley, Tracy Welch, Melody McKinney. SECOND ROW’ (I R)—Karen Carmean, Kae Elwood, Susan Rayl, Kim Lantz, Lori Williams. THIRD ROW (L-R)—Beth Reiter, Deb Rogers, Lori Simon, Sandy Fletcher, Pam Zachariah, Deb Rayl, Pam Boutwell. Karen Spallinger. Karen Preston. (3) Vicki VanAtta shows that pinning a pattern can be lots of laughs (4) FIRST ROW—SONG LEADER Donna Smith, PRESIDENT-Deb Rogers. SECOND ROW— PARLIAMENTARIAN-Sandy Fletcher, REPORTER-Melody McKinney, HISTORIAN-Lori Simon. THIRD ROW—TREASURER-Pam Zachariah, SECRETARY-Deb Rayl. ABSENT—V PRESIDENT-Sue Dodge 147PEP CLUB OFFICERS (1) “Just because I’m Pep Club advisor doesn’t mean I have to wear this beannie." (2) Watch out, Mr. Minto, here comes some competition. (3) TOP: TREASURER, Blythe Fields, SECRETARY, Camille Runser, STANDING: ADVISOR, Mrs Shuirr. BOTTOM: PRESIDENT, Steff Pitts, V. PRESIDENT, Tammy Musselman. (4) KNEELING (LEFT-RIGHT): Denise Hawbecker, Carolyn Theodore, Margie Stahl, Teri Stocker, Beth Vermillion, Mona Plaugher, Cindy Smith, and Cindy Rodeback. STANDING (L.-R.): Carma Long, Teresa Battels, Rachel Hall, Chris Saganowsky, Lauran Theodore, Kris Smith, Brenda Fitzpatrick, Kasey Hazelton, Angie Fensler, Stephanie McKinney, Amy Jenkins, and Kelly Drake. IN BUS (L.-R.): Lisa Battels, Lori Williams, Melissa Dye, Diana Binkley, Lisa Carver, Vickie Wyss, Becky Walls, Jamie Smith, Melody McKinney, Donna Smith, Lisa Castle, Kathy Griesmer, Lynn McCurdy, Edie Rosen, Lee Ellen Miller, Diane Cotsamire, and Jolene Johnson.SR. HIGH SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS (1) “Up in the air Junior Birdman—is it Mr. Neff?” (2) PRESIDENT—Larry Lile, V. PRESIDENT—Bruce Elliott, SECRETARY TREASURER—Vimal Shah, ADVISOR—Mr. Neff. (3) The Mad Scientists of Science Club performing another crazy experiment. (4) FIRST ROW (LEFT-RIGHT): Bob Bass, David Woodruff, Joel Hinderliter, Paula Hines, Vimal Shah, Juli Lawrence, Lori Simmons, Valerie Rex, Cindy Evans, Sam Awad, and Mr. Neff. SECOND ROW (L.-R.): Brett Vottero, Patti Bowden, Mark McKinley, Eddie Long, Chuck Busch, Tim Woodruff, David Vottero, David Johansen, Mike Coe, Jeff Lawrence, Lynn Telles, Tim Laing, Lynn Stansloski, and Bruce Elliott. 149STUDENT COUNCIL (1) and this is the one I helped win!!!” (2) Advisor Joyce Buscn and President Eric Wolber sort out the candy the Student Council sells at the games. (3) LEFT TO RIGHT: Recording Secretary Lori Simmons, Vice President Cathi Naylor, President Eric Wolber, Corresponding Secretary Valerie Rex, and Treasurer David Woodruff. BACK ROW: Advisor Joyce Busch. (4) BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Lori Simmons, Doug Elliott, Joe Crider, David Allen, Camille Runser, Joe Simmons, Lee Ann Moore, Carol Pitts, and Blythe Fields SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Neal Dorn-busch, David Woodruff, Gregg Ballard, Kris Spar, Eric Wolber, Gary Cribley, Sam Awad, Chuck Busch, Valerie Rex, and Joyce Busch.NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY (1) LEFT TO RIGHT: Vice President Paula Hines, President Lynne Coe, and Secretary-Treasurer Eric Wolber. (2) Mr. Coe congratulates Vimal Shah for his outstanding ability. (3) Mark Oliver lights a candle to give to a new member (4) FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Kevin Young, Dave Berton, Kris Spar, Jgcque Gahman, Paul Weimer, and Neal Dornbusch. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Quattrocchi, Mindy Berger, Joel Hinderliter, Lori Simmons, Eric Farrington, David Woodruff, Vimal Shah, and Juli Lawrence. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT. Bruce Elliott, Paula Hines, Tracy Forsythe, Sharon Theodore, Jeff Bischoff, Barb Conley, Eric Wolber, Joyce Derringer, Mark Oliver, Teri Stahl, Lynne Coe, and Cathi Naylor. 151VARSITY “A” (1) LEFT TO RIGHT: Sergeant at Arms Craig Roberson, Treasurer Dave Berton, Secretary Jeff Bischoff; TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: V. President Jeff Criblez, President, Lon Chaney, Advisor Jeff Wise. (2) BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Berton, Jeff Bischoff, Craig Roberson, Jeff Criblez, Bruce Price, and Gregg Ballard. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Stan Parshall, Gregg Davis, Mark Reichert, Mike Simon, Eric Wolber, Tom McBride, and Gary Smith. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Greg Brumett, Don Stobbe, Scott Walls, Chris Binkley, Don Anspach, Bob Mathewson, Barry Musselman, and Neal Dombusch. FOURTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeff McBride, Susan Badertscher, Steve Castle, Jeff Hood, Chuck Castle, Mark McBride, Dave Haight, and Jeff Wise. FIFTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeff Acheson, Vicki Oates, Teri Stahl. Greg Williams, Lane Chaney, Keith Delp, Brian Willeke, and Ken Fleming.G.A.A. OFFICERS (1) Tracy and Linda hope Tonya doesn’t fall. (2) FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Secretary, Jacque Gahman, Vice President, Valerie Rex. Treasurer. Mindy Berger BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT,: President Cathi Naylor, Advisor, Norla Strasbaugh. (3) Linda demonstrating her skills on the tramp. (4) FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Sylvia Smith, Barb Conley, Kris Spar, Jacque Gahman. Cindy Evans, Anita Hopson, Kathy Decker, Lynne Coe, Sharon Theodore, Teri Stahl, and Cathi Naylor. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Preston, Judy Long, Linda Bischoff, Lori Simmons, Valerie Rex, Mindy Berger, Melody Madden. Teri Adams, Melody McKinney, Donna Smith, Sherry Read, Lori Crowe, Jenny Deringer. Gail Peper, and Dee Wyss. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Amy Loeschner, Laura Plummer, Sandy Fletcher, Tina Brumett, Nancy Henry, Lu Wyss, Tammy Musselman, Denise Hawbecker, Jolene Johnson, Lee Ellen Miller, Jana Stewert, Teresa Kipker, Diane Long, and Rhonda Hopson. FOURTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Cindy Rodeback, Pam Zachariah, Lori Simon, Diane Cotsamire, Carolyn Theodore. Jodi Kindle, Stephanie Pitts, Carol Conley, Linda Downing, Tonya Musser, Carol Pitts, and Beth Cole. FIFTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Julie Strayer, Lynn Ansley. Margie Stahl, Kelly King, Mimi Awad. Diane Conley, Kris Cole, Carla VanAtta, Linda Willeke, Tracie Brumett. Karen Spallinger, and Traci Welch. 4 153Y-TEENS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Treasurer Lori Simmons, Secretary Tina Brumett, Vice President Kris Spar, President Barb Conley, and Advisor Mrs. Bozarth. (2) Mrs. Conley and Mrs. Simmons dip into the punch bowl. (3) BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Kris Spar, Donna Smith, Nancy Quattrocchi, Kim Casper, Lori Simmons, Mimi Awad, Tina Brumett, and Mrs. Bozarth. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Sylvia Smith, Melody McKinney, Teresa Brumett, Valerie Rex, Barb Conley, and Paula Hines. (4) Diane Conley and her father enjoy the “Daddy Daughter Dinner.” 154VOICE STAFF (1) BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Deringer and Ellen Cummings. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Kelly Doudna, Denise Hawbecker, and Sam Awad. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Hinderliter, Barb Conley, Joyce Hall, Ray Baughman, and Mary Hall. FOURTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Sheri Shull, Lynne Coe, Cathi Naylor, Lee Ellen Miller, and Carol Pitts. TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Cindy Evans, Paul Weimer, and Walt Bettinger. (2) CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: Lynne Coe, Diane Hinderliter, Cathi Naylor, Ray Baughman, Paul Weimer, Joyce Hall, Joyce Deringer, Sheri Shull, and Walt Bettinger. (3) Ray works hard as he helps create a new “Voice” issue. (4) Editor, Paul Weimer. works hard as Advisor, Ellen Cummings, looks on(1) LEFT TO RIGHT: Advisor Ann Sale, Treasurer Deb Klingenberger, President Kris Spar, Vice President Tracy Forsythe, and Secretary Patty Bowden. (2) Tracy helps a student multiply. (3) BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Tracy Forsythe, Patty Bowden, Ann Sale, Cathy Miller, and Melody McKinney. FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Deb Klingenberger. Diane Hinderliter, Lee Ellen Miller, Kris Spar, and Tracy Welch. (4) Cathy helps out by recording grades. 156INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB OFFICERS (1) LEFT TO RIGHT: President Gary Cribley, Secretary Ed Long, Treasurer Chris Binkley, Advisor Tom Dearth Absent, Vice President Dave Gossman. (2) BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Dearth, Gary Cribley, Tim Campbell. Brian Willeke, Dave Gossman, Ray Baughman. Scott Walls, and Chris Binkley. SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT: Butch Campbell. Tom Simmons, Roger McKinley, and Chris Dicus. (3) Scott cleaning up after a hard days work. (4) I really don’t think I know what I’m doing! 157The Good the Produced by............... AssistanU 'oducer Guys Bod Guys ..Lori KJingler . Carol ConleyUnderclassmen are essential to the life of the school since they make up the majority of the student body. As in any majority, there are the good guys and the bad guys. Although the good guys may not always be saints, and the bad guys may not always be sinners, without both, school life would definitely be dull and uninteresting.Class of 79 Do You Remember.... ...When Patty Bowden got her bra frozen at Robin Lamb’s party. ... When Joyce Baier always tried to unhook all the girls’ bras in Gym class. .. When the boys always called Elmer Inman “Elmer’s Glue.” ....When Debbie Rayl was holding Susan Dodge’s mittens, in the bathroom. Debbie told Susan to catch. When she threw one over the door, Susan missed and it landed in the toilet. ... When Kathi Zimmerly threw Brett Vottero’s ring in a mud puddle because she did not like him anymore. ...When Keith, Kyle, Randy, and Lane all got their heads shaved. ...When we played “Smash-em“ and David Woodruff was the unanimous choice for piling on. Pres—Barry Musselman V. Pres—Valerie Rex Sec—Joel 160Eileen Allen Don Anspach Susan Badertscher Joyce Baier Teresa Battels Mindy Berger Walt Bettinger Chris Binkley Linda Bischoff Pam Boutwell Patty Bowden Stuart Brown Tina Brumett Tim Campbell Lane Chaney Keith Delp NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Sue Dodge Neal Dombusch Randy Dunbar Mickey Dye Eric Farrington Ken Fleming Sandy Fletcher Doug Fries 161Tim Griffin Rachel Hall Randy Hanna Stacy Harris Nancy Henry Joel Hinderliter Gina Hopson Tim Hubbell Tbo Busy PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE ■ Pat Jenkins Jane Johnson Dusty Klingler Lori Klingler v •“ ABSENT .. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Lauren Knoop Robin Lamb Carma Long Judy Long Summer Magee Tom McBride Cathy Miller Leisa Miller Barry Musselman Pam Norberg Vicki Oates Brenda Patton 162Nancy Quattrocchi Deb Rayl Rod Rayl Bob Read Valerie Rex Ron Ring Craig Roberson Deb Rodgers Nick Sagonowski Diana Sanderson Vimal Shah Lori Simmons Lori Simon Wilma Simon Gary Smith John Stahl Lynn Stansloski Clay Stewart Don Stobbe Tracy Sumney 163Brett Vottero Scott Walls Kyle Wilhelm Brian Willeke Greg Williams Becky Wilson David Woodruff Anna Wright LuAnn Wyss Pam Zachariah Kathy Zimmerly Jamie ZsembikWhen you’ve seen a Sophomore, then you’ve had a treat For we’re the class that just can’t be beat; Alan Hubbell is the guy who always has the car Someday, we’re sure, it’s bound to take him far; Doug Battels is the tallest of the lot He’s been growing since he was a tot; Steve Castle. Stephanie Pitts, and Kenny Dysert too Are the students on our sports crew; Carolyn and Hod are the ones with the brains Someday, we’re sure, they’ll rise to fame; Joe Crider, Kim Casper, and Mimi Awad are the "Big 3M When it comes to musical ability; Tammy Musselman was our choice for Homecoming As she walked down the field, she looked so becoming; The rest are great, a winning team For we’re the class that’s on the beam; A class that’s a little wierd and full of fun For we’re the class that’s “Number One!” 166Jeff Acheson Teri Adams Rob Agin David Allen Bill Ansley Mimi Awad Doug Battels Rod Beck Jon Busch Butch Campbell John Carmean Kim Casper 4 " SORRY, NO PHOTO 'W Chuck Castle Steve Castle Tony Castle Beth Cole Carol Conley Diane Conley Diane Cotsamire Jerry Crates 167Greg Criblez Joe Crider Bernice Darlington Pennie Dearth John Denton Jenny Deringer Chris Dicus Jim Dilts Jan Downing Randy Dyer Kenny Dysert Rod Dysert Doug Elliott Kae Elwood Sally Elwood Tom Evans Tom Farrington Russ Gibson Kent Green Bob Gonzalez Dave Haight Gary Hall Steve Hattery Denise Hawbecker 168 Abfnt nrlin pxtvr i mod Barbara Herrington Diane Hinderliter Tom Hoffman Jeff Hood Alan Hubbell Jolene Johnson Randy Jump Jodi Kindle Kelly King Deb Klingenberger Kory Krofft Tim Laing NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Mark Lantz Eddie Long Jeff Long Jon Mankey Bob Mathewson Mark McBride Steve McCurdy Mark McKinley Melody McKinney Ramona Miller Bryan Moore Tammy Musselman 169Ken Myers Suzanne Napier Greg Nichols Dan Norberg Greg Peper Stephanie Pitts Laura Plummer Joe Pope Bob Rayl Ginny Read Beth Reiter Florence Ritchie absent when PICTURES WERE MADE Pam Ritchie Cindy Rode back James Sanderson Brian Sheumaker Tom Simmons Cindy Smith Donna Smith Margie Stahl Steve Staley Dennis Tabor Carolyn Theodore Steve Thornton 170 NO PHOTO AVAILABLE171Class When you’ve seen a Freshman, then you’ve had a treat For we re the class that just can’t be beat ; Julie Strayer is the party doll For her slumber parties are really a ball; Todd Schmidt is the artist of the lot Has been drawing since he was a tot; Mike Coe. Patty Zimmerly. and Jerry Ream are the “Big 3” When it comes to instrumental ability; Jana Stewart is the girl with the brains Someday, we’re sure, she’ll rise to fame; Carol Pitts. Lynne Ansley. and Diane Long too Are the girls on our basketball crew; Carol Pitts was our choice for Homecoming As she walked down the field she looked so becoming; The rest are great, a winning team. For we’re the class that’s on the beam; A class to count on, a class to trust, For we’ve got “Personality Plus: ’ Pres.—Carol Pitts V. Pres.—Arden Roberson Sec.—Lynn Ansley Treas.—Chuck Busch 172TOO BUSY NOT SHOWN Lynn Ansley Sam Awad Scott Baker Bill Bass Lisa Battels Diana Binkley Vickie Brown Tracie Brumett Chuck Busch Greg Campbell Karen Carmean Norm Clark Marty Clum Mike Coe Chris Cole Lory Crowe James Dearth Laura Deringer Kelly Doudna Linda Downing Robert Downing William Downing Scott Dunn John Elliott 173Phil Epley Dave Evans Lisa Evans Jon Fields PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE •JF ABSENT . .. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Marty Fisher Greg Garver Betsy Gordon Steve Harris 'Rhonda Hopson Jeff Howard Robert Howard David Johansen Rowan Laing Jeff Laman Kim Lantz Jeff Lawrence Amy Loeschner Diane Long Dwight McBride Lee Ellen Miller Tom Palte Gail Peper Joel Pifer Carol Pitts 174 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Karen Preston Susan Rayl Sherry Read Jerry Ream Barbara Ring Arden Roberson Eva Rodgers Chris Sagonowski Tod Schmidt Karen Spallinger Mike Stahl Lee Ann Stansloski Jana Stewart Julie Strayer Tim Telles Kelli Toland Ronda Vallance Carla VanAtta Brad VanAtta Becky VanAttaRichard Williamson Fred Wolber Ken Wolke Tim Woodruff NOT SHOWN J A 1 Scott Woods Eddie Wyss Patti Zimmerly Robert Zimmerman 16o Busy PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 176177Paula Arlington Lisa Babcock Terry Baker Susan Beyer Kathy Binkley Ricky Blevins Richard Boutwell Steve Browne Judy Burkett Cindy Campbell Mike Campbell Lisa Castle Mike Cook Doug Copus Cindy Crozier Maria Davis Bill Dodge Vicki Downing Kelly Drake Mellissa Dye Stacey Dyer Kim Epstien Angela Fensler Jerry Fensler 178Blythe Fields Eric Finney Lisa Garver Robert Gibson Jan Gossel Cathy Griesemer Mary Hall Teresa Hassell Lori Hoffman Jay Hood Tom Hopson Amy Jenkins Jenise Johnson Paul Khoury Greg Lavan Laura Lile Don Long Barb Lyons Carl Marlett Robert Marling Bruce McCormick Lynn McCurdy Gavin McKinley Stephanie McKinney 179Jamey Miller Reba Oates Debra Ousley Brad Palte Cindy Rayl Kim A. Rayl Kim S. Rayl Carrie Ream Alan Risner Edith Rosen Camille Runser Tom Sanders Jeanette Sanderson Jamie Smith Terri Stocker James Telles NO PHOTO Kami Toland Brenda Umphress Teresa Vallance Beth Vermillion PHOTO Not Awitmkto 180Rebecca Walls Patty Whetsler Billie Jean Wilcox Marlene Woodruff Mike Woofter Vickie Wyss Ted Zachariah Ken ZimmerlyClass of 83 182Melissa Allison Laurie Archer Peggy Badertscher David Boutwell Tim Boutwell Mark Browne Robert Carmean Laura Caudill Steven Clark Rick Cole Jennifer Conley Suzanne Copus Abby Epley Brian Fields Brenda Fitzpatrick Trudy Forsythe Peggy Deringer Eddy Downing Joan Elliott Pam England Dana Crates Matt Criblez Jeff Dearth Beth Delp T908USY (V NOT SHOWNJeff Gossell Stanley Guy Greg Hall Kasey Hazelton PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Kaylene Helms Jim Henry Barbie Hubbell Diane Johnson Marlene Jump Lelia Judy Billy Kent Kim Klingler Wendy Klingler Jamie Lewis Linn Lile Jon McCurdy Andy Moore Larry Moore LeAnn Moore Melanie Murphy Katrina Nelson Janice Oestreich Todd Pitts Aaron Preston 184Renee Rayl Amy Reitz Kimberly Rinaldi Dale Ritchie Marian Sherman Joe Simmons Kristine Smith Nancy Smith David Stahl Angela Stobbe Steven Stumbaugh Lisa Tarr Lauren Theodore Kris Toland Rebecca Umphress Debbie VanAtta PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE NOT SHOWN Karla Wagner Beth Wauben Chris Weihrauch Thad Welch NOT SHOWN David West Donna Whitaker Terry Williams Lori YoungJon Zimmerman Joe Zsembik William Archer Can You Imagine? A c -i'I PEPSI What better movie could have been chosen to represent the Ads section than “The Moneychangers.” The support of these businesses is the life of our community, as well as the life of our yearbook.B M AUTO PARTS. INC. Three Locations to Servq You Kenton Forest Ada HARDIN NATIONAL BANK Two Offices to Sefve You Kenton Ada LINCOLN STREET CAR WASH The Car Wash That Star In Clean Cars 118 East Lincoln Ada. Ohio VANDEMARK INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Norman Smith Clarice Henry Dorothy Zimmerly Phone 634-4851 208 North Main Street Ada, Ohio ALGER FEED AND GRAIN Alger Feed and Grain Company, located in Alger, has a large supply of grain, feed, and fertilizer to meet farmers’ needs. MARIE’S FLOWERAMA Flower arranging is a specialty of Marie Gossman at Marie’s Flowerama.KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN COIONKL SANDERS RKIPf Kentucky Fried tfkicken Mike Gosgman is ready to take your order at the Colonel’s—for the best fried chicken in town. CAMPUS SUB BASE A quaint place to stop for a sandwich or a sub. SOUSLEY INSURANCE You can depend on the best insurance at low r$des when you see Walter Sousley at Sousley’s Insurance Agency.B H GARAGE “The best darn garage in town!” Complete Auto Repair Phone 634-5961 115 East North Street Ada. Ohio JERI’S BEAUTY SALON For the Newest Hair Styles Phone 634-2826 108 East Buckeye Ada, Ohio HERITAGE SHOES Shoes and Styles for the Times Phone 634-4438 LAWSON’S Party Foods Phone 634-8826 117 North Main Street Ada. Ohio 534 South Main Street BAKER’S HARDWARE ‘Service with a Smile” MAIN DIME STORE For all your Miscellaneous Needs Manager—Dale Gardner 106 South Main Street Ada, Ohio 220 North Main Street Ada, Ohio LANDMARK For all your Farm Needs Phone 634-2956 NORADA LANES Open and League Bowling Special Student Prices Snack Bar Ada, Ohio Ada, OhioDON R. SMITH REAL ESTATE ONU BOOKSTORE The place to go for school supplies whether it be high school or college. F.H. BAILEY SONS CO. I)on R. Smith Real Estate wjll be happy to help you sell your home — whether it’s big or small. The F. H. Bailey and Sons Co. is the best Rlace for builder supplies, ready-mixed concrete, and general excavating.ADA FARMERS EXCHANGE Here to meet area farmer’s needs in both storage and farm supplies is the Ada Farmer’s Exchange, phone 634-3030. BISCHOFF’S HIGHWAY OIL Ada’s auto-parts dealer at a new location—stop out for your automotive needs. IGA FOODLINER Jim Wolgamot shows his expertise in sacking groceries at the IGA Foodliner. located at 945 South Main Street in Ada.REICHERT’S CLOTHING STORE Don Traxler stocks up on warm, winter woolens at Reicherts. JOHN TONI’S TAVERN COLE INSURANCE AGENCY See Cole’s Insurance, Ada’s, Independent Insurance Agency, for savings on Fire, Auto, Life and Hospitalization Insurance. John Toni’s is more than a tavern—it’s the recreation capital of Ada.HINDS DAIRY ADA VILLAGE HARDWARE An oasis of cool, creamy treats to beat the summer heat. Chris catches a good deal at the Village Hardware. OAK AND BARN GIFT SHOP Kathy Lindabury iparvels at a few of the many unique and authentic handcrafted gifts which are available at the Oak and Barn Gift Shop, at Bethlehem Farm, located on S.R. 309 between Ada and Lima.LIBERAL ARTS Accounting Art Biology Business Administration Chemistry Economics Elementary Education English French Health History Industrial Arts Mathematics Music Philosophy Philosophy and Religion Physical Education Physics Political Science Public Administration Psychology Religion Social Work Sociology Spanish Speech and Theatre Looking for a quality education? Look no further than your own backyard. Ohio Northern has something for you. OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY PHARMACY Pharmacy and Health Care Administration Pharmacology and Biomedical Sciences ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering LAW DEGREES Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Juris Doctor in Law ADA HERALD RED FOX INN Dick Chambers, publisher of the Ada Herald, in tune with the breaking news of Ada and surrounding communities. . . . where in a leasurely atmosphere you can enjoy Good Food in a setting which recalls Rural England.MELLO-CREME Mr. Norberg, a regular at Mello Creme, settles down to enjoy a bodacious creme-filled stick. THE VICTORIAN LADY The place to go for elegant and unique women’s apparel. ----------■=---------a BARBARA STEVE COLE z 218 N. MAIN. ADA. OH. 45810 (419) 634-5306 PEPER DRUGS Greg’? a, Gail’s a Peper . . . Why don’t you come to Peper’s too? Peper’s Drug Store—a vital part of Ada for years. ADA CARDINAL Kalua knows that her hprd work at the cash register will pay off in low prices for the customers at the Ada Cardinal.ROGERS NATIONWIDE INSURANCE NEWLAND’S GROCERY Th.e Insurance Company that’s on your side—Rogers Nationwide Insurance. Former AHS student, Judy Keller, finds there’s rarely a moment to sit down at New land’s busy grocery. V.F.W. POST 9381 The V.F.W. Post 9381 offers a wide variety of activities . . . gala dances, monthly chicken fries, and a spacious bar.Henson’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping See us for all of your landscape and gardening needs. Henson’s is located 2Vfe miles north of Ada on S.R. 235. Telephone: 634-0351 Let Bluffton Be Your Beginning Design your own major or choose from 24 available Climb the Colorado Rockies in our Mountaineering Course Make Real Management Decisions on our Business Laboratory Study Marine Biology in Florida Use our Career Center to help plan your future Sieve Marsee sophomore Klida OH in our Mountaineering cSd bluffton college HI I KKTOY OHIO ISRI7 SIMON’S SOHIO Evan Simon shows why Simon’s Sohio is one of Ada’s full service gas stations.2 Miles North, H Mile East of Ada — MURPHY MOTOR SALES Late Model Used Cars Phone 634-8546 Ada, Ohio a' B J PHOTO, INC. “Your Photographic and Audio Visual Supplier” 525 North Main Street Findlav. Ohio VAN’S CORNER —V Mb Beverages Groceries Snacks Ada, Ohio LONG’S MARATHON Drive in please Drive out pleased 220 South Main Street Ada, Ohio HANSON FUNERAL HOME The Hanson Funeral Home has two locations to serve you, 311 E. Lima Street in Ada, and 701N. Front Street in Alger.Liberty NATIONAL BANK of Ada YOUR HOME-OW NEI) BANK SEE US FOR ALL YOUR BANKING NEEDSPARSHALL’S CLOTHING STORE Parshall’s, the store to meet yopr needs whether it be clothing or yard goods. GARDNER’S DRUG STORE Larry Kuk nd Dion DeLeone will gladly fill your prescription needs. JERRY’S PIZZA Whether at the bar or at a t ble, Jerry’s is the place to enjoy your pizza. RAGER’S COUNTRY BUTCHER SHOP Hagers Country Putcher Shop — known for quality meats and custom butchering.PATRONS AND PROFESSIONALS DENTISTS Mark B. Shull-D.D.S. William J. Shambarger-D.D.S. VETERINARIANS David E. Houx-D.V.M. E. R. Rodabaugh-D.V.M. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN Whether it’s just small change or big biljs, First Federal is glad to serve you. RHONDA J. HENRY OPTOMETRIST Thomas B. Martin-O.D. PHYSICIANS Robert B. Love-M.D. John A. Kramer-M.D. Robert B. Elliott-M.D. ADA ROAD GARAGE JAMES H. BASSETT, INC. SOUND ADVICE UMPHRESS JEWELERS EARL’S PLUMBING HEATING FERGUSON INSURANCE BAUGHMAN’S FLOWER GIFT SHOP MR. LEVI LILE HAL JEANS RESTAURANT HIGHWAY ANIMAL FARM STAR FURNITURE CARPET CO.To Brad [Baker], We're proud of all you've accomplished and wish you further success in the future. • — Love, Mom and Dad To Chris [Bischoff], "What you do speaks far louder than what you say..." To Jeff (Bischoff1, "Always do right...gratify some and astonish the rest" — All our love, — Mom and Dad To Kathy [Boutwell1, May you bring as much happiness into the lives of others as you have to us. Keep that "ever present” smile on your face. — Mom and Dad To Tammy [ Campbell1, We wish you the best of luck all through life. You have always made us proud of you. — Love, Mom and Dad To David [Carmean], This is the beginning of a new day God has given you this day to use as you will. You can waste it or grow in its light and be of service to others. We love you — Mom and Dad Notes From Home To April [Arlington], You are the sunshine of our lives—our happy child—with the unique ability to see beyond mere physical features. Your first 18 years have been such a joy for us. — Mom and DadTo Bruce [Elliott], Congratulations on a job well done. For the future, may success and happiness be always yours. — Mom and Dad To Crystal [Dearth], Yesterday is something everyone has seen but will never see again. We hope you had happiness yesterday and all the luck for your tomorrows. We love you — Mom and Dad To Cathy [Cole], As you walk into the future, Remember to keep your head high And face all problems with Determination and a smile. — Mom and Dad To Barb [Conley], We hope you will always be courteous, considerate, helpful and honest, especially to yourself. Set your goals and work to achieve them. Stand up for what you believe in and most of all love yourself as you love others. — Mom and Dad To Jeff [ Criblez], • You have always kept things in the right perspective and never seemed to be afraid to be yourself. We are very proud to be your parents. Good luck to you in whatever the future brings. Remember, "With God, all things are possible." Mark 10:27 — Love Mom and Dad To Cindy [Evans], Thank you, Cindy, for being the wonderful daughter you are. The years from kindergarten to graduation have gone all too fast. If it were possible we would turn back the hands of time and go through it all with you again. Always keep smiling and stay as wonderful as you are and as you've been told often—you are truly a Special Angel. Happy trails to you — Mom and Dad To Jacque [ Gahman], To Gregg [Davis], Congratulations and best wishes, Gregg. As you pursue your future goals, don't forget that you will always have a home and parents who really do care. Thanks for being you. Mom and Dad — Love "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding." As always, we love you — Mom and DadTo Tracy [Forsythe], Graduation from high school marks a significant point in your life. You have accomplished much and have made us very proud. As your future plans are realized, we are confident that you will continue to live the type of life that God intended for you. Our congratulations and love go with you always. — Mom and Dad To David [Gossman]. Thank you for all of the happy moments you have given us. We wish your life to be filled with love, happiness, success and good health; but mostly, with trust in the Lord in your heart. — Mom and Dad To Jennifer [Hanson], To Lee [Hood], Our lives have been greatly blessed because of you and it is impossible to express our pride in your high school accomplishments. Our wish for you is best expressed in these words of Theodore Roosevelt— "Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." - [ Mnthftr anri Dad — Mom and Dad Your senior year is an unforgettable milestone in your life and ours. We look forward with you to many other significant milestones. We thank you for so many reasons. To Paula [Hines], You have brought us a great deal of joy. You are very special to us and there is a place in our hearts and home that only you can fill. We are very proud of you and your accomplishments. May God bless you and hold you in the hollow of His hand. — Love, Mom and Dad To Juli [Lawrence], We have confidence that you will succeed in whatever you pursue in life. Maintain the high ideals important to you and continue to be your own individual self. We will stand beside you to share your sorrows and joys. Remember: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. — Much love, Mom and Dad Am To Jeff [McBride), Good luck, Jeff. We hope you will reach your ambitions in life. — Mom and Dad To Ty [Michael1, May you Use things and Love people in becoming the very special person that only you can be. — Love, Mom To Roger [McKinley], Here's to a son who doesn't lie. He's good to his brothers other small fry. He works for his Mother He works for his Dad His leaving home will make us all sad. He's been our boy for 18 years Now he's become a man. Our hope for him is that To Layne [Moore], First-born sons get lots of pressure. They set the standard for sibling measure. "Be an example, do each job well." (On every error your parents dwell.) "You should know better. Control your fun! Finish each job once it's begun." What makes life worth it, my darling son? You are always, forever, OUR NO. 1. — Love, Mom and Dad To Mark [Oliver], Whatever colors the rest of your life, Always keep your imagination green. — Mom and Dad To Mark Reichert), Best wishes alwaysl Along life's way, never give up, just keep trying. — Love, Mom and Dad he'll find The place for him in God's plan. — Love, Dad and Mom To Cathi [Naylor], Good luck and much success to the "Artist" in the family. Keep smiling and stay happy. — Love, Mom To Bruce [Price], "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths."—Proverbs 3:5-6 Also remember son, —"Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men." —Colossians 3:23. — Love, MomTo Richard [Shroyer], It seems just like yesterday that you were starting school and here you are graduating from high school and about to start college. Time does fly. We wish you all the best and good luck. — Mom and Dad To Mike [Simon], May you always walk in the right direction and whatever you do be the right thing. We are proud to call you our son. — Love, Mom and Dad To Laura [Umphress], "People need people and friends need friends And we all need love for a full life depends— Not on vast riches or great acclaim Not on success or on worldly fame But just in knowing that someone cares And holds us close in their thoughts and prayers For only the knowledge that we're understood Makes everyday living feel WONDERFULLY GOOD." — Helen Steiner Rice — Love, Mom and Dad To Teri [Stahf], Congratulations! May you grow in the knowledge and love of God. —Mom and Dad To Sharon Anne I Theodore], As you go your way May your step be light Knowing that love stands Watching with pride Waiting with welcome Always for you. , — Mom and Dad To Vicki [VanAtta], Good luck Vicki, and may you always be filled with Peace, Courage and Happiness. — Mom and Dad To Sandy [Wagner], God gave us a lovely, happy, energetic child. Keep your dreams, put God first and He will direct you with success. Fear the Lord, this is the beginning of wisdom. Keep on smiling; it gives much and costs nothing. — Mom and Dad Zd 1 To Paul Weimer], “And now may the courage Of the early morning's dawning, The strength of the eternal hills, And the wide open fields, And the silent streams. The beauty of the flowered gardens. The Love that makes the family And that alone can build The peace of the world, The life that is Christ, And the peace of the evening's ending, And of the midnight, Be with you now and forevermore." — Roy A. Burkhart — Mom and Dad r Hi iu laughters of Life's longing fori—'— r -ithoH. YOTTmly house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth." — Kahlil Gibran Senior Directory AMY ALLEN—Choruil,2, 3.4; Track I. 4. Cheerleader 1.2, 3.4; G.A.A. 1,2. Pep Club 1,2,3; S.A.E. 1,2. NEIL ALLEN—Track 1. Manager of Croaa Country and Track 4. SANDY ANSPACH APRIL ARLINGTON—Annual Staff 2, 3. 4. Chorua 3. 4. Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Office Assistant2.3,4. Track 1; G.A.A 1,2, Induatrtal Artal. DAVE BADERTSCHER BRAD BAKER—Basketball 1; Cross Country 1, 3; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; French 2. 3; Varsity 'A’’ 2. GREGG BALLARD—Student Council 4; Sr Class Play. Football 1, 2, 4; Basketball 1. 3, 4; Cross Country 3. Tennis 1, 2, 4. Spanish 1, 2; Varsity "A" 1. 2, 3. 4; Science Club 3 BOB BASS RAY BAUGHMAN-Voice 1. 2, 3. 4; Librarian 1. 2. 3; Class Plays. Industrial Arts 4. Science Glib 2, 3. LORA BEGLEY-Chorus 3; Librarian 1. Office Assistant 2.3.4; Track 1; G.A.A.; F.H.A. 1. Pep Club 1.2.3 DAVID BERTON-Band 1, 2. 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Cross Country Track 1.2.3,4. French 1.2; Varsity "A 2.3, 4; Library Club 3. 4 MONA BINKLEY-F H A 2. 3. Librarian 1. 2; Office Assistant 2. 3. 4; Cheerleader 1; Pep Qub 1. MARK BLEVINS—F F A Football 4. Baseball 3.4 CHRIS BISCHOFF—Industrial Arts 3. JEFF BISCHOFF—Band 2, 3; Librarian 2, 3. National Honor Society 3, 4; Interclass 2.4; Football 4. Baseball 2. 3. 4; French 2; Varsity "A" 2. 3. 4. DEB BOUTWELL—Librarian 2; Office Assistant 2; G.A.A. 1, 2; French 1, 2; S.A.E. 1, 2. Pep Club 1. GREG BRUMETT-Band 1. 2. 3; Track 1. 3. 4; F F A. 3; Spanish 1; French 2; Varsity "A" 4 MARK BURTON—National Honor Society 3. 4; Cross Country 3; Tennis 2.3.4. French 2.3.4. Science 1,2.3.4. TAMMY CAMPBELL—Y-Teens 2. Cheerleader 1.3; Pep Club 1. DAVID CARMEAN-Band 1. 2, 3. 4. CATHY CASTLE LON CHANEY—Football 1, 2, 3.4; Basketball 1.2. Track 1. Baseball 3; Drama 3; Varsity “A" 1. 2. 3. MERLE CHENEY-F F A. 1. 2. 3. 4. LYNNE COE-French Gub 1. 2. 3; Voice Staff 1. 2, 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3,4. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,3,4; G.A.A. 1.2. 3. 4 CATHY COLE RHONDA COMBS—Office Assistant 1. G.A.A. 1.2.3; F.H.A. 1; Pep Gub 1. ANNETTE CONLEY—Office Assistant 4. Gass Plays 3, 4. Spanish 1. 2. 3. 4 BARBARA CONLEY-Voice 4; Band 1. 2.3.4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Class Plays 3, 4. Track 1. 2, 3, 4; G.A A 1. 2. 3. 4; Y-Teens 3. 4; Industrial Arts 1,2; Pep Gub 1. LORI COOK—Marching Band 1; Stage Band 1; Competition 1; Track 1; F.H A. 1,2; Cheerleader 1; Pep Club 1.2. GARY CRIBLEY —Student Council 2. 3. 4; Chorus 4. Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Librarian 2.3.4. Interclass 2,3.4. Class Play 2,3; FF A 3,4; Industrial Arts 3. 4 JEFFCRIBLEZ-Varsity "A" 2,3.4. V Pres 4; Interclass 4. Class Play 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Industrial Arts 3. GREG DAVIS—Football 1.2,3,4; Manager of Basketball 1. Baseball 1.2. 3; Varsity ‘A” 3, 4. CRYSTAL DEARTH-Pep Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Choir 3. 4; Interclass 3. G A A 1; F.H.A. 1. DAVID DEARTH-Industrial Arts 1; O W A 1; O W E 3.4. KATHY DECKER—French Club 1, 2. Treasurer 1; Librarian 2, 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4. Track 4; G.A.A 1,2,3.4., JOYCE DERINGER-French Gub 1. 2. V President 1; Voice Staff 2. 3; Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4. President 4; Band 1. 2, 3, 4, Sec -Tress 4. Interclass Contestant 2.3, 4; Class Play 3. Majorette 2. 3. 4. National Honor Society 3. 4 DEAN DEVIER—Industrial Arts 1. 2. BRUCE ELLIOTT—French Gub 1. 2, 3. Secretary 1; Band 1, 2. 3; Librarian 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Chemistry Bowl 3. Video Tape Crew 2.3,4. KEVIN ELLISON—F F A. 1, OWE 3. 4. CINTHIA EVANS—Voice Staff 4; Chorus 4. Interclass Contestant 3, 4; Class Play 3. Basketball 2. 3. Track 1.4; G.A.A. 2. 3. 4; Industrial Arts 2. 3; Science Club 4 DARYL FENSLER-F F A 1, 3; OWE 4 JANET FISHER KEVIN FITZPATRICK—Librarian 1, 2; Manager of Basketball and Croaa Country 1, 2. 3. 4 TRACY FORSYTHE—Annual Staff 2.3. 4. Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4. Librarian 2, 3,4. Office Assistant 3.4. National Honor Society 3,4; Interclass Skit 2, 4; Gass Play 4, French Gub 1,2,3.4; S.A.E 1,2,3,4. JACQUE GAHMAN—Band 1, 2, 3. 4. National Honor Society 3, 4; Interclass Skit 2. 3. Class Play 3; Track 1; G.A.A 1,2. 3. 4. French Gub 1. 2; Industrial Arts 2 BILL GARVER—French Club 1,2; Industrial Arts 2,3. SHELLY GIBSON—Librarian 2. 3. Class Play 4. Track 1,2; G.A.A. 1, 2; French Gub 1. MARGE GONZALES-Librarian 2; Office Assistant 1; G.A.A. 3; 0 W E 3. 4; Pep Club 1. DAVID GOSSMAN-F F A. 1,2,3, 4 Industrial Arts 4. DONNA HALL-Librarian 1. 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. JOYCE HALL—Voice Staff 1. 2, 3. 4. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Interclass Contestant 3; Spanish 2. 3. MIKE HALL—Football 1. Basketball 1,2,3,4. Croaa Country 2. 3; F.F A. 3. 4. JENNY HANSON—Librarian 3. Interclass Skit 4, Class Play 4; Track 2; G.A.A. 3. GRETCHEN HERRINGTON—Chorus 1. 2. 3; Librarian 3; Office Assistant 2. Track 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2.3; F.H.A. 1; French Gub 2.3. PAULA HINES-Annual 2. 3. 4. Editor 4. Chorus 2, 3. 4. Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Librarian 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Interclass Skit 2. 4; Class Play 3.4; Track 1. Stat Baseball 3.4; Y Teens 4. French Gub 1,2 LEE HOOD—Basketball 1,2, 3. 4; Cross Country 1. 2, 3; Tennis 1, 2, 3. 4. 212ANITA HOPSON—Cnorus 1, 2. 4. Librarian 1, 2; Office AaaiaUnt 1, 2, Cheerleader 1,2,4; G.A. A. 1,2,4. PepClubl.2,4 TERESA JENKINS-Librarlan 1; Track 1;G A A 1.2. PepClubl.2. JULI LAWRENCE—Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Librarian 3; National Honor Society 4. Interclaaa Skit 4; Clasa Play 4, Track 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3.4; G.A.A. 1.2. FrenchGub 1,2; PepClubl.2.3 LARRY LILE—Voice 1, 2, 3; Librarian 2. 3; Student Council 1. Trainer Football and Basketball 1,2.3.4; Tennis 1. French Club 2, 3; Varsity “A" 1, 2. 3; S A E 3. SYLVIA SMITH-Chorus 4. Band 1.2; Office and Guidance Assistant 2. 3. 4; Sr Class Play 4. Track Stat 1, 2, 3. 4; G A A 2, 3. 4; Y Teens 2, 3, 4; French Club 1.2,3 . S A E 2. Pep Club 1.2,3.4 KRIS SPAR-Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Librarian 3. 4; Student Council Member National Honor Society 3. 4; Interclaaa 2. Gass Plays 3. 4; Track 1,2. 3.4; G A A 2. 3.4; Y Teens 2. 3. 4; Varsity •A’’ 2; S A E 1. 2, 3. 4 Pep Club 1. TERI STAHL—Annual Staff 2, 3. 4; Chorus 1. Librarian 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4; G A A 1. 2. 3; French 1. 2. Industrial Arts 1; Varsity "A” 1.2.3, 4 PAM LISSNER—Librarian 2.3; Office Assistant 3. Class Play 3.4; Track 1. 2; G A A 2; Spanish 1. 2. JEFF McBRIDE Basketball 1,2. 3; Cross Country 1.2. 3.4; Tennis 2,3, 4; French Club 3. Varsity “A” 4. CONNIE McKEE ROGER McKINLEY—Librarian 4. Interclass Contestant 2; Skit 4; Class Play 4. Track 2.3. French Gub 1.2. Industrial Arts 4. ANTHONY SUMNEY-0 W E 3 SHARON THEODORE-Band 1. 2, 3,4; Librarian 2. 3.4. National Honor Society 3.4; Sr Gass Play; G.A A 1,2,3.4; French Gub 1,2; Freshman '' eerleader 1; Homecoming Queen 4. LAURA UMPHRESS-Librarian 1; Track 1; F H A 1. VICKI VANATTA-Track 1; G A.A 1.2; French Gub I. 2; Homecoming Attendant 1. TY MICHAEL—Basketball 1,2, 4; Cross Country 1,2, 3; Spanish Gub 2; Varsity "A” 3. 4 LAYNE MOORE—Voice 4, Chorus 3, 4. Librarian 1,2; Gass Play 3, 4; Football 1.3, 4; Girls Track Manager 3. Tennis 1; Baseball 2. 4. French Club 1.2.3; Varsity “A" 4; Science Gub 1 CATHI NAYLOR-Band 1.2; Student Council 2.3.4. Track 1,2.4; G.A.A. 1.2. 3.4. President 4. French 1. 2. V. President 1. Industrial Arts Gub 2; Varsity "A" 2. 3. MARK OLIVER—French Gub 1,2,3,4; Secretary 3. President 4. Chorus 3.4. Librarian 4. National Honor Society 3.4; Tennis 1,2.3; Varsity "A" 1. 2 STAN PARSHALL—Football 1. 2. 3. 4 Basketball 1, 3. 4; Track 1, 2. 3. 4; French I; Varsity “A" 1, 2. 3, 4. SANDY WAGNER-Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Sr Class Play Cheerleader 2. 3. 4; G.A A. 1; F.H.A. 1; Homecoming Attendant 2. Freshman Cheerleader 1; Pep Club 1, 2. 3. PAUL WEIMER—Voice 2. 3, 4; Chorus 1,2, 3. 4. Madrigals 2. 3. 4; Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Librarian 2, 3. 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; French 1. 2; Science Club 1. 2; Chemistry Bowl 3. BOB WHITAKER—Football 1; Golf 1,3; Varsity “A” 1.3. ERIC WOLBER—Student Council Member 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Jr Class Play. Football 3. 4; Basketball 1. Cross Country 1, 2; Baseball Spanish; Varsity "A" 1.2,3.4. KEVIN YOUNG-Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; Madrigals 2. 3, 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Librarian 1.2.3,4; National Honor Society 4. French 2. Science Gub 1,2. PENNY PATTON-Librarian 2; 0 W A 1.2; OWE 3,4. MIKE PETERSON MARK PRESTON—Class Play 3; Football 3; Spanish Gub 1, 2; Industrial Arts Gub 2. BRUCE PRICE—Football 1, 2, 3. 4. KEVIN RAYL-F F A 1; OWE 2. 3, 4 ROCK RAYL JOLENE REAM—Chorus 4; Librarian 3. Interclass 4; Gass Play 4; Track 1, 4; F.H.A. 1, 2. MARK REICHERT—Spanish Club 1, Sec Treas 1; Football 1. 2. 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; Cross Country 3; Track 1. 3, 4. Industrial Arts 3; Varsity "A” 1.2,3.4; Detention HaU 1.2,3.4. CHERI ROGERS GREG SAWMILLER—F F A. 1. 2. 3; OWE 4. DAN SCHUMACHER-Librarian 1,2,3; Gass Plays 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3,4; F F A 1,2,3. CrosaCountry 1,2,3.4; Varsity “A" 1,2,3, 4. Library Gub 2. 3. CHRISTINE SCHWICKERT-Librarian 2. 3; Track 1; O W E 4 RICHARD SHROYER—Industrial Arts 2, 3. SHERI SHULL—Voice 2, 3. 4. Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4. Madrigals 4. Class Plays 3,4; Y Teens 3,4. French 1,2,3; Science Gub 1.2.3 MIKE SIMON—Football 2,3. 4; Manager of the Girls Basketball Team 2, 3.4; Baseball 1. Industrial Arts 3,4 ; Varsity “A” 3,4; Pep Gub 2,3. RANDY SIMON—Football 1.2; Basketball 2. 3; Track 1, 2. 3; Industrial Arts 3. 4; Varsity "A" 1, 2. 3. GEORGE SLEESM AN-Cross Country 1“Freeze ... we re the Heat!”r

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