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The Opening..................................4 The Climax..................................16 The Nucleus.................................42 The Events..................................56 The Competition........................... 78 The Performer..............................104 The Group..................................120 The Gang...................................146 The Business...............................174Ada High School is: seeing.. winning... friends ... HOME ; VISITORhonors... sports.... •. touching ... changes ... being cool... learning...going wild ... teachers .... laughing ... closed....legs... tears... moving up!The Climax17 Joseph AwadJeff Campbell Sandy Cook Donna Daft Nancy Carmean Beth Cheney Joy Cornwell Doug Cotsamire Another typical day in the lunchroom.Teresa Dearth Ed Help David, keeping up on news from home. Dave Deringer Jerry Downing Pam Dunbar Mike Elliott 19Linda Klwood Kathy Fancher Sue Fensler Kobin Garver Dan Garver Kick Gibson Deb Gordon Lee Ann Grant 20Now let’s go to McDonalds for a real lunch. Guy Grey 21 GiGi Hoffman Tony Hover Judy KellerLonny Kent Diane Klingenberger Bonnie Klingler Raymond Lambert Tina Lantz Mark LaRueJill Lawrence Kory Massillo Mark Lissner Annette McBride Kris Littler Chris Means Now where did that pencil go? Bo MichaelTony Musser Mike tries his best to look smart. Dan Otten Gwen Peper Jerry Pifer 24Mike Preston Mike Price Cheri Rayl Teresa Ring Raymi conferring with Mrs. Spitzer on what pan to use. David Risner Debbie RomickKelly Spallinger 26 Wes Stobbe Nancy Sanderson Russ Schwickert Darla Shinn Another devious idea is forming in the mind of a gross brother.Doug Stuart Paivi Suomalainen Ron Tarr Barbara Telles Mitchell VanAtta Tom Wagner There’s nothing like home cooking. David Welch 27Jeannie Wiley Hoyte Wilhelm Bev W'olber Now, let me see if I can remember that cheer. Okay! I promise I’ll never cut in front of you again. 28Senior F avorites 29Seniors Class Flower: Blue Tipped Carnation Class Colors: Light Blue and Dark Blue Class Motto: “Today is but the beginning of a beginning. . Class Officers: Joe Awad, Vice President; Ann Allen, Secretary; Ed Delp, President; Doug Cotsamire, Treasurer. 33Senior Awards and Scholarships JoeAwad: Valedictorian and Mabel Crawford Scholarship. Ed Delp: Art Scholarship and Jr. Civic League Scholarship. Guy Grey: Art Scholarship Chris Means: Co- Salutatorian Annette McBride: Kiwanis Scholarship Kamal Shah: Co- Salutatorian V ' ‘ Linda Elwood: Betty Crocker Award 34 Class Day (1) The class history was prepared by Deb Anspach, Jill Lawrence, Judy Keller. Diane Klingenberger and Sylvia Hex (2» Leap-frog gourmet. Hoyte Wilhelm s side-kicks. Char Oates and Ed Delp. prepare a scrumptious school lunch during the class day skit. (3) The class prophecy was presented by Hoyte Wilhelm. Doug Stuart. Joe Awad and Mike Elliott. 4) Jeannie Wiley. Deb Lamb, and Linda Elwood read the class will 35GRADUATION 1977 (1) Do you really think this rose clashes with my hair? (2) Hurry and snap the picture so we can get these hats off. Opposite page. (3) Don't Rory and Kelly make a cute couple? 4) The Seniors sing their last song together (5) Now you pose for me! 36Graduation was held on June 5, 1977 at two p.m. in the Ada High School Gym. The Baccalaureate address was given by Reverend Minnich of St. Mark Lutheran Church. Valedictorian Joe Awad and Co-Salutatorians Chris Means and Kamal Shah also addressed the graduating class. The ceremony was climaxed by the Seniors receiving their diplomas from Dr. Robert Elliott, President of the Board of Education. 37GRADUATION 1977 ► (1) Does the tassel go on the right or the left? (2) Dan flashes a big smile after making sure his diploma is signed. (3) Now for the fun part. 38The NucleusAdministration (1) Dr. Robert Elliott has served on the Board of Education for the past sixteen years. He is currently President of the Board of Education. (2) Serving as Superintendent is Ernest Littler. (3) Board members include: Charles Conley-William Robinson. Joe Saltzman. and Oscar Darlington. rAdministration Staff (1) Tom Coe in his first full year as high school principal, doing his favorite job. (2) Looking busy at the typewriter is Assistant Principal, Dale Madison. (3) Betty Quattrocchi. Jackie Kent, and Maxine McBride take a break in their busy day.Cafeteria (1) Violetta Fox Cafeteria manager had to be extra creative this year with the fuel shortage. (2) Always glad to take your money are cashiers, Marie YYolgamot and Carleen Criblez. (3) Displaying their work are cooks: Evelyn Epley. Dorothy Fleming, Doris YVeihrauch, Elwanda Casper, and Mabel Hathaway. 44Auxiliary Staff (1) Checking upon a student is Guidance Counselor. Beth Burton. (2) Checking out books is the specialty of Konda Burchiel and Kathy Lindabury. (3) Jim Phillips, school psychologist, prepares for a student conference. (4) Filling in for Viola Stavenger during her illness is school nurse Peggy Lawrence. Helping her also are Joyce Barga and Judy Reese.Transportation (1) Here we find Earl Baughman, head of transportation, holding up traffic. (2) Bus drivers Sam Tong and Cloyce Hauenstein show that they can find humor in any situation. (3) Finding their job quite interesting are bus drivers Bernard Epley and Dean Moore (4) Rounding out the year for bus driver, Judy Williams, were Hal Honegger. Ted Prueter, and pictured here Vivian Prichard.Maintenance (1) Clarence YYeihrauch head custodian in his “office.” (2) A hard worker. Judd Shadley. manages to find time to relax. (3) Harold Badertscher takes pride in keeping the halls clean. (4) Doug Thompson is the new addition to the maintenance crewMATH AND SCIENCE (1) Coming to AHS from ONU, is the Math Departments newest member, Richard Carpenter. (2) Garv Wagner and Rebecca Luce practice up on their math skills (3) Arthur Norberg. Cindy Stanley, and Keven Neff, take a break after a hard day in the lab 48ART. MUSIC, FOREIGN LANGUAGES. AND HOME EC. (1) Bob Minto, at the potters wheel, demonstrates his craft. (2) Can you believe that BUI Anderson and Max Ansley acutally teach music? (3) Soni Neiswander and Karen Minto display their country's symbols as well as language. (4) Myrna Neff cooks up a storm in the Home Ec kitchen Betty Spitier, omitted by request, plays a vital role in the teaching of Home Economics. 49ENGLISH DEPARTMENT (1) Head of the English Dept., Joyce Busch, prepares for another class (2) Keith Zunk is the newest member of the department and teaches junior high English. (3) True English teachers Ellen Cummings, Jean Sleesman and Sharon FitU, snuggle up to Shakespeare.SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT (1) Tony Anastasio and Tery Finegan have a few laughes in Social Studies. (2) Ohio History is taught by Margaret Bozarth. (3) Despite all the adversity, Ann Sale, still is able to get the lesson across. Miss Sale is also head of the department.SHOP CLASSES, PHYSICAL ED.-HEALTH, AND BUSINESS (1) At home with all types of machinery are Doug Dyer, Tom Dearth, and Ted Lee. (2) Jeff Bixler. new Phys. Ed. instructor, emphasizes a point in gym class. (3) Girl’s Phys. Ed teacher Nor aStrasbaugh. relaxes after a vigorous work-out. (4) Gene Fries and Hal Honegger look on as Ruth Mowery shows them what typing is all about.TEACHER SNAPS (1) "Suzuki Sharon” Fitts) shows she can ride a bike as well as dribble a basketball. (2) Mrs. Mowery looks like she enjoys grading papers. (3) . All I do is add and divide” “keep smiling when the grades come out.” 4 Mr. Coe and Mr. Madison in a ‘wrap” session 53MORE TEACHER SNAPSThe Events HOMECOMING Homecoming 76 was held on October 14 through the 16 this year. Gigi Hoffman was chosen by the Ada Football Team to reign as their queen. Her escorts were Jeff Campbell and Mark Nichols. Ann Allen, accompanied by Mike Price, was chosen by the Senior class to be their attendant. The Juniors elected Cathy Castle escorted by Eric Wolber. Lori Simmons, the Sophomore attendant, was ushered across the field by Craig Roberson. The Freshman attendant, Stephanie Pitts, was escorted by Jeff Acheson. The bonfire was held on Thursday night. While a large crowd looked on, the Paulding dummy was thrown into the fire. Friday, at the game, the Ada Bulldogs topped off the week’s activities by winning the game by a score of 7-6.(1) Stephanie Pitts, the Freshman attendant. (2) Jeff Campbell crowning Queen, Gigi Hoffman, while Mark Nichols, Nicky Preuter and Monica Chambers look on. (3) Gigi is escorted by Mark and Jeff while Monica and Nicky lead the procession. (4) Gigi (5) Gigi hands the game ball to Mark. (6) Cathy Castle, the Junior attendant. (7) Lori Simmons, the Sophomore attendant. (8) Senior attendant, Ann Allen, escorted by Mike Price. 59HOMECOMING DANCE For the Homecoming Dance, the Multi-purpose room was transformed by the Disco sounds of F. J. Boerog From the couples that packed the dance floor, it was obvious that this was, indeed, a fine ending to a fantastic Homecoming weekend.At the dance were: (1) Stephanie Pitts and David Allen. (2) Gigi Hoffman. (3) Teresa Jenkins and Denny Paugh. (4) Marilee Cassell and Mike Agin. (5) Jenny Hanson and Kyle Wilhelm. (6) Ann Allen (7) The band, F. J. Boerog. (8) Mr. and Mrs. Coe, getting down. (9) Jon Busch having fun while Paula Hines looks on. (10) Lu Ann Wyss and Gary Smith. (11) Emily Darlington and Ed Delp.(1) Mrs. Cummings chaperoned the dance. (2) Anna Wright, Mike England, Anita Hopson and Mike Elliott show how a promenade should be done. (3) Queen Donna Daft is sitting with her attendants. Directly in front of her is senior attendant, Kathy Fancher. To her right and left are junior attendants Kris Spar and Lynne Coe. Beside Kris is sophomore attendant, Linda Bischoff, and next to Lynne is freshman attendant. Kelly King. (4) John Arlington is having a good time at the dance as Pam Zachariah sits on his lap. (5) Marrying Sam, alias Mr. Minto looks on as Bob Whitaker and Sandy Wagner tie the knot. (6) Did Lonnie Kent and Mark Nichols go to the dance stag? (7) Donna Daft and Roger Bowers (8) Norla Strasbaugh gives the evil eye. (9) Kathy Boutwell looks very happy with her date Randy Ackerman.SPIRIT WEEK ’77 Spirit Week was held January 19th-21st. This year was highlighted by the 8th grade's enthusiasm to give the basketball team the most they could, but the other classes put up a good fight for the cup. Winners by Category Spirit Decorations 1st 8th Grade 1st Seniors 2nd Juniors 2nd Soph. Frosh. 3rd Seniors Skit 1st 8th Grade 2nd Juniors 3rd Frosh. IE HRVE THl TKHUlfl FOR ICTOR'iOverall Winners—8th Grade This page picture (I) Eighth grade's award-winning skit Opposite page picture (2) Sophomores show enthusiasm but not enough to win,(3) Eighth grade class president, Carol Pitts, surrounded by classmates after winning the '77 Spirit Week cup.SENIOR CLASS PLAY “Off the Track” The cast includes: Nancy Sanderson, Joy Cornwell, Sylvia Rex, Jill Lawrence, Lon Kent, Ray Lambert, Mark Nichols, Brenda Naylor, Charlene Oates, Ann Allen, Kathy Fancher, Mark Lissner, Judy Keller, Don Spar, Janice Henry, Linda Elwood, Guy Grey, Hoyte Wilhelm Jill Lawrence, Annette McBride, Rick Gibson and Doug Cotsamire. (1) Hoyte Wilhelm voices his opinion loud and clear. (2) Nancy Sanderson and Joy Cornwell take a bow. (3) Sylvia Rex (4) All of the Senior Class Play members seem to be enjoying themselves. Among them are Lon Kent, Mark Nichols, Charlene Oates, Brenda Naylor, and Ann Allen. 66The cast includes: Jacque Gah-man, Mark Preston, Cathi Naylor, Gary Cribley, Kris Spar. Layne Moore, Dan Schumacher, Crystal Dearth, Paul Weimer, Sheri Shull, Eric Wolber. Annette Conley, Joyce Deringer, Pam Lissner, Dave Berton, Larry Lile, Bruce Price, and Cindy Evans 67Interclass 1977 The class of ' 7fr' won the seventy-first Interclass cup Friday, April 1st. The final results in the four categories were: Oration 1st Joyce Deringer — Junior 2nd Joe Awad — Senior 3rd Kachele Hall — Sophomore Short Story 1st Joyce Hall — Junior 2nd David Woodruff — Sophomore 3rd Nancy Sanderson — Senior Essay 1st Larry Lile — Junior 2nd Brett Vottero — Sophomore 3rd Doug Stuart — Senior Reading 1st Joy Cornwell — Senior 2nd Cindy Evans — Junior 3rd Walt Bettinger — Sophomore The Seniors also won the skit and decorations.1.) Gary Cribley as W. C. Fields. 2.) Joy Cornwell caught in the middle of her 1st place winning Reading. 3.) The Seniors enjoy their Interclass skit. 4.) Brett Vottero in one of his rare serious moments. 5.) Junior class vice-president, Gary Cribley, accepts the Interclass trophy from Student Council President Bo Michael. 6.) Cindy Evans really gets involved in her Reading 7.) Larry Lile speaking out for freedom of the press in his Oration, “The First Amendment: Does It Work?”Avril a Paris In place of Mardi Gras this year the French Club held Avril a Paris at which they featured French food, songs, and customs. 70 1.) The French students show their dancing ability. 2.) Mark Oliver. Tracy Forsythe. and Sheri Shull singing French folksongs. 3.) A fine crowd enjoys fine food. 4.) This kiss could be painful. 5.) Stan. Juli, and Jeff enjoy the meal 6.) Patty Bowden hoofing it up at the French banquet. 7.) “Goutons voir, oui, oui, oui. 8.) Stephanie and Denise ham it up at Avril a Paris. 9.) Dining by candlelight delights Dick Dornbusch.PROM ’77 The theme of 1977 Junior-Senior Prom was “If. . The prom was held in the ballroom at McIntosh Center on April 30. from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m Floating candles in a clear glass saying “A.H.S. Prom 1977.” decorated the tables.AFTERPROM ’77 Afterprom was held from 1:00 to 5:00 a.m. in McIntosh Center. The movie thriller “Psycho’ was shown There was also bowling, pool and ping pong for further entertainment. 74(1) Mark and Lori enjoy a soft drink during afterprom (2) Sharon Theodore loves to play ping pong. (3) Larry Lile at afterprom. (4) The Junior class pool shark— Bruce Elliott. (5) LuAnn and Jeff. (6) Mike and Lee Ann add up the scores. (7) Stan Parshall (8) Lon and Rhonda enjoying afterprom 75The Competitioncheerleaders The Cheerleaders did a fantastic job of keeping the student body spirited throughout the football and basketball seasons. Later in the year, Mindy Berger was promoted to Varsity, and Nancy Quattrocchi was added to the J.V. squad. (1) Amy was captain of the Varsity. (2) Senior, Kathy. (3) THIS is Anita! (4) VARSITY: Juli Lawrence, Sandy Wagner. Tina Lantz, Amy Allen, Anita Hopson, Kathy Fancher. (5) J.V.: Mindy Berger. Lu Ann Wyss, Carolyn Theodore, Gina Hopson, Tammy Campbell.(1) Mindy loves to cheer! (2) FRESHMEN: Debbie Hover, Bernice Darlington, Cindy Rodeback, Denise Hawbecker. Absent—Dee Wyss. (3) Tammy was captain of the J.V. squad. (4) Camille and Teresa are boy-watching again. (S) JUNIOR HIGH: Rhonda Hopson, Paula Arlington, Camille Runser, Kim Lantz, Teresa Kipker. (6) "Sink it, Tony, sink it!”football senior lettermen The Seniors play an important part in any athletic team. Their leadership sometimes determines the difference between success and failure. (1) Guard. Mark Nichols, No. 65. (2) Fullback, Mike Price, No. 45, was voted into the first team on defense and second team on offense in the Northwest Conference. (3) Tight End, Tony Hover, No. 85, voted second team on defense, Split End, Tom Wagner, No. 22, and Center, Rick Gibson, No. 50. (4) Tackle, Ed Delp, No. 74, voted second team on defense. (5) Running Back, George Wolber, No. 33, voted first team on offense. (6) Flanker, Dave Risner, No. 25, voted first team on offense. Here, Quarterback Stan Parshall connects with Dave Risner for the first touchdown of the season. 80(1) Running Back, John Arlington, No. 40-Received an Honorable Mention in the N.W.C. (2) Split End, Jeff Campbell, No. 84. (3) Guard, Ray Lambert, No. 63. (4) The Bulldog Defense. (5) Tight End, Wes Stobbe, No. 80 3The 1976 ADA BULLDOG FOOTBALL team reversed their record from last year to a 6-2-2 winning season. They finished with a tie for second place in the Northwest Conference. Way to go Bulldogs! We’re proud of you! (1) Head Coach Tony Anastasio was voted “Coach of the Year” in the Northwest Conference, and no other Coach deserved it more! (2) VARSITY: Row 1—Tom Wagner, Rick Gibson, Mark Nichols, Wes Stobbe, Tony Hover. Row 2—Manager Rod Archer, John Arlington, Jeff Campbell, Ed Delp, Dave Risner, Mike Price, George Wolber, Ray Lambert. Row 3—Coach Finegan, Trainer Dave Welch, Layne Moore, Dave Badertscher, Lon Chaney, Bruce Price, Eric Wolber, Mike Simon, Greg Davis, Head Coach Anastasio. Row 4—Coach Honeggar, Dan Tabor, Stan Parshall, Craig Roberson, Stuart Brown, Jeff Criblez, Gary Smith, Tim Campbell, Trainer Larry Lile, Coach Bixler. Row 5—Manager Billy Kent, Lane Chaney, Tim Campbell, Don Stobbe, Ken Fleming, Pat Jenkins, Mark Preston, Chris Binkley, Jon Busch, Manager Jerry Hopson. (3) Trainers Larry Lile and Dave Welch help Don off the field. (4) Watch out George! (5) Quarterback Stan Parshall talks to Coach Anastasio about the next play. Stan received an Honorable Mention in the N.W.C.(1) Assistant-Coach Bixler, the heart-throb of Ada High. (2) J.V.: Row 1—Jon Busch, David Allen, Bob Gonzales, Gary Hall, Jeff Acheson, Tom Simmons.. Row 2—Steve Castle. Jeff Long, Chuck Castle, Mark McBride. Dennis Tabor Row 3— Coach Tery Finegan, Brian Moore, Tony Castle, Doug Elliott, Jeff Hood, Coach Jeff Bixler. (3) Assistant Coaches Hal Honegger and Tery Finegan pose for pictures. (4) Ada Offense ready for action. (5) Bulldog linebacker Lon Chaney, a holder of a first team position in the N.W.C., confers with Coach Anastasio and Coach Finegan.cross country The CROSS COUNTRY team continued its winning tradition at A.H.S. again this year and won second place in the Northwest Conference. The Senior Lettermen were: (1) Hoyte Wilhelm, (2) Bo Michael, (3) Randy Harris and (4) Don Spar. (5) Coach Fries and scorers. The team: (6) Row 1—Danny Norberg. Steve Staley, Dave Haight, Allen Hubbell, Bob Mathewson, Butch Campbell, Rod Dysert, Rod Beck. Rob Agin, Barry Musselman, Marc Littler. Row 2—Bill Ansley, Tom Evans, Kenny Dysert, John Denton, Brad Baker, Neil Dorn-busch, Mark Burton, Brian Willeke, Lee Hood, John Stahl, Doug Fries. Row 3—Don Spar, Dave Berton, Jeff McBride, Dan Schumacher, Randy Hanna, Gregg Ballard, Mike Elliott, Mark Reichert, Mike Hall, Hoyte Wilhelm, Keith Delp, Kyle Wilhelm, Randy Harris, Bo Michael, Coach Fries. Absent—Kris Littler 84(1) Coach Gene Fries had another outstanding season as the Cross Country mentor. (2) The C.C. lettermen were Mark, Neil, Keith, Kyle, Bo, Lee, Dan, Hoyte, and Dave. Neil holds the school record of nine minutes 48 seconds. (3) Bo takes a break after a meet. (4) On your mark. . The GOLF team did exceptionally well this year considering they lost four lettermen. They ranked third in the conference. (1) The team: Ron Rodeback, Don Anspach, Bob Whitaker, Guy Grey, Brett Vottero, Dan Umphress, Joe Crider, Walt Bettinger, Coach Anderson. (2) Coach Bill Anderson did a fine job in his first year as golf coach. (3) The Senior Letter man was Guy The TENNIS team had another good season this year They played double and triple A schools, and created a name for Ada in Tennis. l) Dick Dornbusch practices his Chris Evert backhand. (2) The team: How 1 Vimal Shah. Neil Dornbusch. Mike Peterson. Jeff McBride. Brad Baker Row 2— Mark Oliver. Mark Burton, Kamal Shah, Rob Agin, Joe Crider. Alan Hubbell. Marc Littler. Coach Zunk Row 3—Deb Herold. Stacy Harris, Julie Means. Nancy Quattrocchi. Bo Michael. Lee Hood. Debbie Hover, Cindy Rodeback (3) Coach Keith Zunk (4) Senior Kamal Shah. (5) Senior Bo Michael. (6) Lee Hood is a corecipient along with Brad Baker of the most valuable player award Here. Lee illustrates his technique . .“With index finger and pinky The BASKETBALL team had another outstanding season. Their overall record was 15-4, and were Co-Champions in the Northwest Conference. Congratulations Bulldogs! Senior Lettermen: (1) Bo Michael knows that practice makes perfect! (2) Kris Littler contributed to the team’s spirit. (3) Mike Elliott added to the team's rebounding average. (4) When Head Coach Gene Fries talks, everybody listens! 5) Bo and Lee watch 113 points add up as their team breaks the school record for the most points scored in one game.(1) Senior letterman, Randy Harris, goes up for a shot. (2) The team: Front-Managers Larry Lile, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Hoyte Wilhelm. Standing—Kyle Wilhelm, Randy Harris, Stan Parshall, Randy Hanna, Kris Littler, Mark Reichert, Coach Fries, Mike Elliott, Gregg Ballard, Mike Hall, Bo Michael, Doug Fries, Lee Hood. (3) Lee sinks a lay up as Doug looks on. Lee and Doug both hold a first team position in the N.W.C. Lee also received a second team position on the All Northwest District squad and honorable mention, All State in the AP poll.The J.V. team did a decent job this year as they posted a season’s record of 9-9. (1) The team: Kneeling—Coach Ted Lee. Standing—Jeff Hood, John Stahl, Kenny Dysert, Stan Parshall, Randy Hanna, Gregg Ballard, Mark Littler. Gary Smith, Kyle Wilhelm, Neal Dornbusch. (2) Kyle prepares for another two points! (3) The managers Dave Welch, Larry Lile, Kevin Fitzpatrick and Hoyte Wilhelm demonstrate their athletic ability. (4) Caught you in the act, Gregg! (5) Kenny readies for the rebound.freshman basketball The Freshman Basketball team played with enthusiasm this year and showed vitality and spirit. Mentor Hal Honegger provided coaching and moral support for his team. (1) Coach Hal Honegger. (2) The Team: Kneeling-Mgr. Bill Kent. David Allen, Rod Dysert, Gary Hall, Dave Haight, Mgr. Tom Farrington: Standing—Mgr. Russ Gibson, Jon Busch, Jeff Acheson, Jeff Long, Tony Castle, Doug Elliott, Greg Criblez, Steve Castle, Alan Hubbell, Chuck Castle, Coach Hal Honeggergirl’s track (1) The GIRL S TRACK team had a fine season this year, and many old school records were broken and re-broken. (1) Coach Karen Minto after a hard work-out. (2) Sue hands off to Lynne in the mile relay. Sue holds the school record in the 880 run with a time of 2:37.4. Lynne claimed the school record in both the 220 dash with a time of 28.0, and the long jump with a distance of 16’V She was also the Most Valuable Player. (3) The team. Row 1—Kathy Fancher, Beth Reiter. Valerie Rex, Lori Klingler, Kris Spar, Denise Hawbecker. Row 2—Coach Bob Minto, Sue Badertscher. Stephanie Pitts, Tammy Mussleman, Lori Simon. Leisa Miller. Diane Cotsamire, Barb Conley, Coach Minto. Row 3—Ann Allen. Lynne Coe, Paivi Soumalainen, Nancey Sanderson, Patty Bowden (4) Diane ran the 440 dash and broke the school record with a time of 64.9. (5) The Seniors were Ann, Kathy, Nancey, and Paivi. 92girls basketball The GIRL’S BASKETBALL team had a fantastic season this year as they seized the N.W.C.. Sectional, and District titles. They ended their season with a remarkable 18-1 record when they lost by a slight margin to the State Champs, Delphos St. John's. Junior, Lynne Coe, was selected to the first annual United Press International Class A All-Ohio girl’s basketball second team. 1) Coach Sharon Pitts displaying the well-deserved District trophy won at Bath after defeating Ridgemont 67-42. 2) The team: Sitting: Tammy Musselman, Jolene Johnson, Anna Wright Kneeling: Mgr Randy Simon, Leisa Miller, Jodi Kindle, Stephanie Pitts, Carol Conley, Margie Stahl, Lori Klingler, Linda Bischoff, Statistician Greg Williams Standing: Mgr. Mike Simon, Vicki Oates, Judy Long, Ann Allen, Lynne Coe, Donna Hall, Kathy Decker, Teri Stahl, Scorekeeper Doug Stuart 3) The District champions after the game. 4) Senior Ann Allen.track The Varsity TRACK team improved their season from last year. They were third in the N.W.C., and fourth in the Sectionals and District. (1) Dave gives it all he’s got! (2) The team: Row 1—John Arlington, Lon Kent, Ray Lambert, Mark Nichols. Row 2—Manager Terry Williams, Doug Elliott, Peter Berton, Mark McBride, Dan Norberg, Rod Beck. Row 3—Coach Bixler, Guy Grey, Greg Brumett, Jeff Campbell, Dave Berton, Brian Willeke, Randy Simon, Mark Reichert, Roger McKinley, Dan Schumacher, Chris Binkley. (3) Coach Jeff Bixler. (4) Dan Norberg clears the high jump easily. 94 (1) Senior trackster, John Arlington, ran the 440 dash and devastated his opponents in the pole vault. He holds the school record of 14’ and was second in the state. (2) Ray Lambert was co-honorary captain with (3) Mark Nichols. (4) Stan Parshall ran the 100 dash and the 220 dash He was fifth in the state in the 220 and holds the school record of 9.9 in the 100 dash. (5) Senior, Lon Kent. (6) Senior, Guy Grey. (7) Senior, Jeff The BASEBALL team didn’t have a winning season but their record was the best that Ada has seen for many years. (1) Ken was the catcher. (2) Don played third baseman. (3) The team: Row 1— Statistician Summer Magee, Randy Harris, Ed Delp, Dave Risner. Row 2— Statistician Diane Littler, Eric Wolber, Mark Blevins, Jeff Bischoff, Greg Davis, Coach Finegan. Row 3—Statistician Paula Hines, Ken Fleming, Tom Evans, Brian Moore, Scott Walls, Don Stobbe, Doug Fries, Jon Busch, Dan Umphress, Tom Hoffman. (4) Jeff was first baseman, and he received the title of the most dedicated player on the team. (5) The Bulldogs before a game ... “Let’s GO!"(1) Coach Tery Finegan led the team with both leadership and spirit. His confidence produced a very real unity among his players. (2) Senior Randy Harris, No. 20 was second baseman. (3) Here, senior Ed Delp, No. 14. is showing his form which gave him the second highest batting average on the team He was chosen the most valuable player, a title he shared with Eric Wolber He also was voted as the team's honorary captain, and he played center field (4) Senior, Dave Risner. No. 7, pitched for the Bulldogs. (5) Doug gets ready to steal second base. 97jr. high football and track The Junior High football team had a fine season this year with a record of 3-2. Despite having only 19 players, the two losses were by a close margin and were hard fought. The Junior High track team also had a good season this year with a record of 3-2. They placed well in the Northwest Conference meet and were third in the Hardin County track meet. (1) Bullpups in action. (2) The Junior High Football team: How one-Coach Minto, Jeff Laman. Mike Stahl, Ed Wyss, Greg Campbell, Bob Zimmerman, Kurt Massillo, Joel Pifer How two: Coach McGuire, Mgr Jerry Ream. Jay Hood. Terry Baker, Tom Hopson. Richard Boutwell, Jim Montgomery, Jon Fields, Fred Wolber Row three: Bill Chase. Bruce McCormick, Stacy Dyer, Alan Risner. John Elliott, Mike Cook. Scott Baker. Mike Campbell, Mgr. Doug Copus. (3) TOUCHDOWN!!!!! (4) The Junior High Track team: Row one: Chuck Busch. Marty Fisher. Greg Campbell. Kurt Massillo, Jeff Lawrence. Bruce McCormick. Coach McGuire. Row two. Rob Gibson, Teresa Kipker. Kim Lantz, Tom Hopson, Linda Downing. Karen Spallinger. Lynne Ansley, Gavin McKinley. Row three. Jeff Oestreich, Blythe Fields, Paula Arlington, Stacy Dyer, Alan Risner. Jay Hood, Greg Lavan. Row four: Fred Wolber, Jon Fields. Dave Evans. Richard Boutwell, Steve Brown. Mike Cook, Mike Campbell. n- n ami "9 l n m ijr. high basketball Each of the Jr High basketball teams did exceptionally well this year The seventh grade, under the direction of Coach Jeff Bixler, went through the season with a perfect 11-0 record. The eighth graders, coached by Ted Prueter, won the Eastern Division of the Northwest Conference and were the co-champions of the Northwest Conference tournaments. (1) The Seventh grade team: Sitting—Jaime Miller, Kenny Zimmerly, Rob Gibson, Jim Pinks, Carl Marlett, Jay Hood, Gavin McKinley Kneeling—Mgr. Jerry Ream, Ted Zachariah, Mike Cook, Bruce McCormick, Paul Hopson, Greg Cavan, Tom Hopson, Mgr Marshall Stuart Standing-Mgr James Telles, Bill Chase, Richard Boutwell, Steve Brown, Bill Dodge, Alan Risner, Stacy Dyer, Coach Bixler (2) Eighth grade coach Ted Preuter contemplating his game strategy. (3) Eighth grade NWC Co-Champs: Kneeling—Chuck Busch, Ed Wyss, Sam Awad, Mike Stahl, Martin Fisher, Scott Baker, Joel Pifer Standing—Mgr Jerry Ream, Fred Wolber, Jon Fields, Dave Evans, John Elliott, Greg Garver, Jeff Laman, Dwight tape crew Doug Stuart. Brett Vottero, Bruce Elliott. 37 girl's basketball Jackson Center Ada 47 20 Columbus Grove 85 43 Delphos Jefferson 69 23 U.S.V. 77 22 Spencerville 91 28 Paulding 47 30 Bluitton 96 34 Lima Senior 86 14 Lincolnview 97 40 Waynesfield 91 13 Allen East 92 36 Crestview 51 41 Kenton 43 8 Perry 89 28 Sectional Hardin Northern 51 24 Bluffton 48 44 District Waynesfield 71 42 Ridgemont 67 46 Regional Delphos St. John 37 basketball A 43 Allen East 84 53 Columbus Grove 94 63 Kenton 72 65 Delphos Jefferson 86 52 Ridgemont 57 32 Perry 63 72 Hardin Northern 87 40 Arlington 77 43 Upper Scioto Valley 69 81 Paulding 90 66 Spencerville 93 73 Cory Rawson 68 70 Lincolnview 79 64 Liberty Benton 79 57 Crest view 56 73 Kalida 71 57 Bluffton 60 57 Waynesfield 113 Tournament 52 Perry 49 baseball 7 Waynesfield Ada 15 14 Perry 6 5 Perry 8 6 Liberty Benton 0 3 Bluffton 7 11 Arlington 1 5 Allen East 3 11 Hardin Northern 9 2 Crestview 3 4 Arlington 2 8 Spencerville 7 4 Hardin Northern 2 11 U.S.V. 7 5 Cory Rawson 6 4 Paulding 1 7 Columbus Grove 8 5 Lincolnview 10 2 Delphos Jefferson 3 cross country (low score wins) Ridgedale Ada 19 Bluffton 20 Allen East 18 Liberty Benton 21 Lincolnview 17 Kenton 26 Wapakoneta 15 U.S.V. -1 i7 Columbus Grove 15 Spencerville 27 Paulding 21 Ottoville 32 football A 20 Bluffton 0 7 Minster 7 7 Crestview 13 6 Perry 29 6 Allen East 7 6 Paulding 7 0 Spencerville 0 8 Delphos Jefferson 27 6 Columbus Grove 29 16 St. Henry 6 40 40 43 50 44 30 49 46 43 30 36 24SPOR TSThe PerformerThe year. 1977, was a very good year for Ada’s music department. (1) The Ada High School inarching band, 80 strong, performing at a football half-time. (2) The madrigals in full voice at their annual choir Christmas concert. (3) Valerie Rex prepares for a performance.( i) The 1976-77 Ada High School Band How one: Don Spar. Joyce Deringer. Kevin Young, and Diane Cotsamire. Kow two: Joe Awad, Hoyte Wilhelm, Tom Wagner. Paula Hines. Joe Crider, and Kory Krofft. How three: Sylvia Rex. Bill Ansley, David Berton, Greg Brumett, and Peter Berton (2) Percussionists are: Row one: Charlene Oates, Marc Littler, Laura Brace, Eddie Long and Kim Casper Standing -Debbie Herold, David Carmean and Neil Dornbusch. On the opposite page are the (3) Woodwinds and Brass. Row one: Sharon Theodore, Joyce Baier, Pam Norberg. Linda Agin. Denise Hawbecker, and Brenda Naylor. Row two: Diana Hinderliter, Kris Spar. Lynn Stansloski, Brenda Patton, Bonnie Klingler, and Judy Keller Row three: Donna Daft, Paul Weimer, Jacque Gahman, Lynne Coe, Debi Lamb. Sandy W'agner, Carol Conley and Debbie Anspach Row four: Robin Lamb, LuAnn Wyss. Bruce Elliott, Gina Hopson, Suzanne Napier. Nancy Quattrocchi. and April Arlington. (4) Row one: Juli Lawrence, Tina Brumett, Stephanie Pitts, Vicki Wyss, Teresa Brumett. and Jeannie Wiley. Row two: Doug Cotsamire, Gary Cribley, Jeff Bischoff, Mimi Awad. Joel Hinderliter. and Mark McBride Row three: Jodi Kindle, Kelly King, Barbara Conley. Tim Simmons, Jill Lawrence. Valerie Rex. Lori Simmons, and Kathy Bout well. Band’77 108CHOIR ’77 U) Hoyte Wilhelm appears as guest conductor during the Ada High School Christmas Concert in its presentation to the High School. (2) Sylvia Rex and Judy Keller were the two participants in the All Ohio Youth Choir. (3) Madrigals this year are: Row l: Julie Lawrence. Debbie Anspach, Judy Keller. Jill Lawrence, Marilee Agin. Row 2: Joyce Deringer. Carma Long, Brenda Naylor. Debi Lamb, Sylvia Rex, Tracy Forsythe Row 3: David Allen, Kevin Young. Paul Weimer, Eric Farrington. Doug Cotsamire, Don Spar, Mark Oliver. Jon Busch, Valerie Rex, Anita Hopson.The 1976-77 Ada High School Choir presented their concert on December 21. 1976, entitled “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Some of the songs they performed were: “Give Praise All Earthly Men,” “Merry Christmas Darling. ” and the “Hallelujah Chorus.Jt The Madrigals also performed in the concert. Some of their songs included: “Fruitcake.” “Sleigh Ride,” and “A Caroling We Go.” (1) ACCOMPANISTS: Doug Cotsamire and Joyce Deringer. (2) The 1976-77 Choir Officers are: seated Director Mr Anderson, President Diane Klingenberger. Vice President Doug Cotsamire, Secretary Kris Spar, Treasurer Jill Lawrence, Librarians Judy Keller and Valerie Rex and Freshman Representative Mimi A wad. (3) Ada High School Choir directed by William AndersonSenior Band “In Concert” was presented by the band on March 6. 1977 at the Ada High School auditorium at 3:00 p.m. Mr. William Ansley was guest soloist for this concert He played ‘ Harlem Nocturn," on his sax accompanied by the band. Mr. Joseph Awad. the Band’s Student Director, conducted a number of songs the band played. The Band’s Spring Concert was given May 19. 1977 in the auditorium. The Junior. Cadet, and Senior Band “starred” in this performance. ”Wrell Done Band.” (1) Band Director. Mr William Ansley. (2) The 1976-77 Band Officers are: President. Hoyte Wilhelm. Student Director, Joe Awad. Secretary-Treasurer. Jill Lawrence. Librarians. Donna Daft. Sylvia Rex. and Reporter. Doug Cotsamire. 112Cadet Band (1) Cadet Band Officers for the 1976-77 Cadet Band are: Seated: Director, Mr. William Ansley. Kneeling: Lee Ellen Miller, Secretary, Lynne Ansley, Librarian. Standing: Paula Arlington. Librarian: and Carol Pitts. (2) The Cadet Band consists of: Chris Cole. Majorette. Row one: Kelly Doudna. Betsy Gordon. Laura Deringer. Laura Hartman, Blythe Fields. Kim Epstein. Lisa Castle, and Marlene Woodruff. Row two: Richard Williamson. Laura Lile, Kelly Drake. Reba Oates. Brenda Umphress, Cindy Campbell, Sam A wad, John Elliott, Jenise Johnson. Edie Rosen and Lee Ann Stansloski Row three: Lee Ellen Miller. Trade Brumett. Linda Willeke, Patty Zim-merly, Tonya Musser. Brad Palte. Doug Copus. Beth Vermillion, Jeff Oestrick. Jeff Lawrence, and Jerry Ream Row four: Director, Mr. Ansley. Chuck Busch. Lynne Ansley, Teresa Hassell, Camille Runser, Paula Arlington, Mike Coe, Carol Pitts, Greg Lavan, Carrie Ream, and Jan Gossel 113(1) The 1976-77 Soprano Section for the Choir is: Row 1: Amy Allen, Denise Hawbecker, Diane Hinderliter, Carma Long, and Debbie Klingenberger Rev 2: Joyce Deringer, Kim Casper, Charlene Oates. Debi Lamb, Ann Allen. Brenda Naylor, and Sylvia Rex Row 3: Sheri Shull. Patty Bowden, Kris Spar. Tracy Forsythe, Gretchen Herrington, Summer Magee, Linda Elwdbd, Rachel Hall, Jolene Johnson, and Barb Herrington. (2) The Tenor Section consists of: Row 1: Kathy Boutwell, Robin Lamb, Anita Hopson, and Valerie Rex. Row 2: Paul Weimer, Eric Farrington, and David Allen. On the opposite page are: (1) The Alto Section consists of Row l: Sally Elwood. Joyce Baier, Pam Norberg. Diane Littler. and Marilee Agin. Row 2: Tina Brumett. Pam Zachariah, Sandy Fletcher, Lori Simon, Carol Conley, Linda Bischoff, and Paula Hines. Row 3: Jill Lawrence, Judy Keller. Diane Klingenberger, Debbie Anspach, Laura Brace, Mimi Awad, Jodi Kindle, Diane Cotsamire. Lynn Stansloski. and Crystal Dearth. Row I: Laura Begley, Julie Lawrence, Donna Daft. April Arlington. Gwen Peper, Stacy Harris, Linda Agin, Deb Herold, and Joyce Hall. (2) Making up the Bass Section are: Row l: Joe Crider, Kevin Young, Tom Evans, and Layne Moore. Row 2: David Woodruff. Jon Busch, Mark Oliver, and Don Spar. Row 3: Doug Cotsamire, Marc Littler and Mike Elliott. 114115(1) The pep band entertained us at pep rallies, during half time, and between games during basketball season. The members of this group are: Linda Agin. Bill Ansley, Mimi Awad. Jeff Bischoff, David Berton. Peter Berton, Laura Brace. Teresa Brumett, Tina Brumett, David Carmean. Lynne Coe. Barb Conley. Diane Cotsamire, Gary Cribley, Joe Crider, Donna Daft, Joyce Deringer, Deb Herold, Denise Hawbecker, Kelly King, Robin Lamb. Mark McBride, Pam Norberg, Char Oates. Jeff Oestreich, Steph Pitts, Brenda Patton. Valerie Rex. Lori Simmons. Don Spar, Kris Spar. Lynn Stansloski. Kevin Young. Diane Hinderliter, Paul Weimer. (2) The 1976-77 majorettes provided many special routines at halftime during football season. They are: Seated: Head majorette. Debi Lamb; From top to bottom: Robin Lamb. Joyce Deringer, and Diane Littler. 116 117MUSIC ’77The Ada High School Band and Choir both went to State Contest. The Band received a Superior rating while the Choir received a Good rating. (3 and 4) Both the Band and Choir performed in Spring Concerts. The Junior High Contest contestants were (2) Jenise Johnson piano solo II, Edie Rosen piano solo II, Blythe Fields flute solo I and piano II, trumpet trio Linda Willeke, Tracy Brumett, and Tonya Musser I, Reba Oats piano I. Row 2: Flute trio Kelly Doudna, Laura Hartman and Betsy Gordon I, Betsy Gordon piano II, Sam Awad French horn I, Chuck Busch drum I, Lee Ellen Miller piano and clarinet both I, Chrissy Cole piano II. Row 3: Mimi Awad trumpet and piano I. Laura Brace drum II. Joe Crider trombone I, Diane Hinderliter flute II.The Groups Annual Staff (1) Advisor: Mrs. Kathy Lindabury, Editor: Judy Keller. (2) ROW ONE: Beth Cheney, Doug Cotsainire, Judy Keller, Diane Klingenberger, Deb Anspach, Tracy Forsythe, April Arlington, Teri Stahl, Paula Hines. ROW TWO: Brett Vottero, Linda Bischoff, Lori Klingler, Lynne Stansloski. Lori Simmons. Kathy Boutwell, Susan Badertscher, David Woodruff. Mark Reichert. (Standing)VARSITY “A” CLUB (1) Sec. Cathi Naylor. Pres. Bo Michael, Sgt. at Arms John Arlington. Pari. Mark Nichols. Vice Pres. Tony Hover, Treas. Hoyte Wilhelm, Advisor Mr. Anastasio. (2) ROW ONE, Neal Dornbusch, Cathi Naylor, Bo Michael, John Arlington, Tony Hover, Hoyte Wilhelm, Mark Nichols. ROW TWO, Ed Delp, Mark Reichert, Tom Wagner. ROW' THREE, Stan Parshall, Craig Roberson, Ty Michael, Gregg Ballard ROW FOUR, Eric Wolber, Brian Willeke. Randy Simon, Don Stobbe, Kyle Wilhelm, Mike Simon, Greg Davis, Danny Schumacher. ROW' FIVE, Lon Chaney. Bruce Price, Larry Lile, Vima) Shah. Jon Busch, Lane Chaney, Gary Smith. ROW SIX, Susan Badertscher, David Berton, Tom McBride ROW' SEVEN, Guy Grey, Nancy Henry, Teri Stahl, Mike Elliott. ROW EIGHT, Randy Harris, Don Spar, Dan Umphress, Jeff Bischoff, Ken Fleming, Raymond Lambert. Doug Fries, David Risner.VOICE STAFF (1) Row one: Paul Weimer. Deb Lamb, Walt Bettinger, Robin Lamb. Row two: Joyce Deringer, Julie Means, Joyce Hall, Sylvia Rex. Row three: Rachel Hall, Carrie Ream, Carol Pitts, Jill Lawrence. Row four: Marilee Agin, Sheri Shull, Cathi Naylor, Lynne Coe. Row five: Diane Hinderliter, Bonnie Klingler, Charlene Oates, Melody Madden. Row six: Mark Burton, Ray Baughman, Larry Lile. (2) Advisor: Mrs. Cummings, Senior Editor: Jeannie W'iley.G.A.A. (1) Treas. Lynne Coe, Sec. Barb Conley, Pres. Donna Daft, Vice Pres. Valerie Rex, Advisor Miss Strasbaugh. (2) ROW ONE-.Donna Daft, Barb Conley, Lynne Coe, Valerie Rex, Miss Strasbaugh ROW TWO: Kathy Fancher, Wilma Fancher, Susan Dodge, Deb Rodgers, Pam Zachariah, Sandy Fletcher, Sylvia Rex, Ann Allen, Annette McBride ROW THREE: Stacy Harris, Julie Means, Tina Brumett, Mindy Berger, Lori Simon Susan Badertscher, Gretchen Herrington, Diane Littler, Kris Spar. ROW FOUR: Bernice Darlington, Barb Herrington, Tammy Musselman, Denise Hawbecker, Cindj Rodeback, Mimi Awad, Jolene Johnson, Jodi Kindle, Kelly King, Diane Cotsamire ROW FIVE: Jenny Deringer, Beth Cole, Margie Stahl, Stephanie Pitts, Diane Conley Carolyn Theodore, Laura Plummer, Deb Hover, Carol Conley, Donna Smith, Melod; McKinley. ROW SIX: Lora Begley, Anita Hopson, Lori Simmons, Sharon Theodore Cathi Naylor, Jenny Hanson, Cindy Evans, Summer Magee, Linda Bischoff, Cath Miller. ROW SEVEN: Lu Ann Wyss, Teri Stahl, Gina Hopson, Suzanne Napier, Rhond Combs, Cindy Hover, Kathy Decker. 126PEP CLUB OFFICERS U) BOTTOM ROW PRESIDENT Sandy Fletcher. V. PRESIDENT Lori Simon TOP ROW TREASURER Lora Begley. SECRETARY Carol Pitts. (2) Carol Pitts. Sandy Fletcher. Miss Stanley. Lori Simon, Lora Begley. SECOND ROW Amy Jenkins. Vicki Wyss, Deb Rayl, Deb Rogers. Pam Zachariah. Melody McKinney. Donna Smith, Cathy Griesemer, Lee Ellen Miller. Lisa Castle. THIRD ROW Jenny Deringer, Beth Cole, Susan Badertscher, Mindy Berger, Nancy Quattrocchi, Cindy Smith, Stephanie McKinney, Kathy Patton. Brenda Wilson, Chris Cole. FOURTH ROW Judy Burkett, Patty Whetsler, Carla VanAtta. Teresa Kipker, Tonya Musser, Linda Willeke. Camille Runser. Blythe Fields. Edith Rosen, Paula Arlington. Kelly DrakeF.H.A. F.H.A. OFFICERS (1) BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Pari. Nancy Henry, Song Leader, Susan Dodge, Historian. Deb Rayl, Reporter. Lori Klingler. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Sec. Becky Wilson, V. Pres. Linda Elwood, Pres. Mona Binkley, Treas. Susan Badertscher. (2) FIRST ROW, Pam Zachariah, Deb Rogers, Tracy Sumney, Cindy Smith. SECOND ROW, Sandy Fletcher, Lori Klingler, Donna Smith, Susan Badertscher, Becky Wilson, Deb Rayl. THIRD ROW, Susan Dodge, Connie Judy, Mona Binkley, Melody McKinney, Linda Elwood, Beth Reiter, Nancy Henry, Lori Simon.F.F.A. F.F.A. OFFICERS (1) Student Advisor, Dusty Klingler, Reporter, Dave Gossman, Secretary, Mark Blevins, President, Tom Wagner, V. President, Mark Nichols, Treasurer, Bob Bass, Sentinel, Eric Wolber. Sitting, Advisor Mr. Dyer. (2) BOTTOM ROW, Randy Dunbar, Ken Fleming, Lane Chaney, Bob Bass, Dennis Tabor, Greg Nichols, Randy Jump, Jim Dilts, Mark McKinley, Randy Dyer, Troy Duer. SECOND ROW, Mr. Dyer, Ron Ring, Dan Tabor, Rodney Rayl, Tom Wagner, Mark Nichols, Mark Blevins, Stuart Brown, Dan Schumacher, Russ Schwickert, Jeff Long, Don Spar, Tom Evans, Rob Agin, Lauren Knoop, Eric Wolber. THIRD ROW, Dusty Klingler, Gary Smith, Russ Gibson, Dave Gossman, Merle Chaney, Daryl Fensler, Tim Griffin, Gary Cribley. 129S.A.E. (1) Pres. Judy Keller, Treas. Annette McBride, Advisor Miss Sale, Vice Pres. Diane Klingenberger, Sec. Kris Spar. (2) ROW ONE: Annette McBride, Kris Spar, Miss Sale, Judy Keller, Diane Klingenberger. ROW TWO: Don Spar, Charlene Oates, Sally Elwood, Deb Klingenberger, Nancy Quattrocchi, Larry Lile. ROW THREE: Lynne Stansloski, Robin Lamb, Tracy Forsythe, Patty Bowden, Ann Allen, Joyce DeringerSTUDENT COUNCIL (1) TOP TO BOTTOM, Mike Campbell, Blythe Fields, Kim Lantz, Carol Pitts, David Allen, Joe Crider, Doug Elliott, David Woodruff, Neal Dombusch, Lori Simmons, Gary Cribley, Cathi Naylor, Eric Wolber, Kris Spar, Jill Lawrence, Joe Awad, Bo Michael, Sylvia Rex, Mrs. Busch (Advisor) (2) FRONT TO BACK, Pres. Bo Michael, Vice Pres. Sylvia Rex, Sec. Joe Awad, Treas. Cathi Naylor, Correspondence Sec. Jill Lawrence, Advisor Mrs. Busch. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB OFFICERS (1) LEFT TO RIGHT, Advisor, Mr. Dearth, Sec. Randy Harris, V. Pres. Richard Shroyer, Pres. Dave Badertscher, Treas. Absent (2) BOTTOM ROW, Bill VanHorn, Tim Campbell, Bill Garver, Gary Cribley, Randy Harris. SECOND ROW, Scott Walls, Randy Simon, Pat Jenkins, Dave Badertscher, Tom McBride, Chris Binkley. THIRD ROW, Mike Simon. Chris Bischoff, Richard Shroyer, Mark Reichert, Bob Whitaker, Lori Chaney, Ed Delp, George Sleesman, Mr. Dearth. 132Y-Teens (1) Pres Diane Klingenberger. Vice Pres. Jeannie Wiley, Treas. Kris Spar. Advisor Mrs. Bozarth, (Sec. Pam Denton) (2) ROW ONE: Julie Means, Robin Lamb, Kris Spar, Barb Conley, Sheri Shull ROW TWO: Linda Agin, Chris Means, Annette McBride, Judy Keller, Sylvia Rex, Jeannie Wiley, Diane Klingenberger, Debbie Anspach. Joy Corn-well, Nancy Sanderson. ROW THREE: Stacy Harris, Nancy Quattrocchi, Lori Simmons, Sue Badertscher, Tina Brumett, Valerie Rex. Kathy Zimmerly, Brenda Patton, Mrs. Bozarth 133LIBRARY CLUB (1) Pres: Brett Vottero. Sgt. at Arms: David Berton. Sec: Patty Bowden, Vice Pres: Larry Lile, Treas: Lynne Stansloski. (2) Row one: Advisor: Mrs. Lindabury, Lynne Stansloski, Mike Coe, Sam Awad, Patty Zimmerly, Lee Ann Stansloski, Linda Agin, Marilee Agin. Row two: Brett Vottero, Richard Williamson. Carol Pitts. Tonya Musser. Linda Willeke. Vimal Shah, Dan Schumacher, Larry Lile. Row three: Robin Lamb, Patty Bowden, Lynne Coe. Don Spar, Peter Berton, Dave Berton, Bruce Price, David Woodruff. 134Library Aides (1) ROW ONE: Ray Baughman. Dan Schumacher, Peter Berton. Bruce Price, Tracy Forsythe, Patty Bowden, Larry Lile ROW TWO: Jeff Bischoff, David Berton, Bruce Elliott, Lynne Coe, Paul Wiemer, John Arlington, Ty Michael. ROW THREE: Robin Lamb, Jeff Long, Diane Klingenberger, Brett Vottero, Judy Keller, Bo Michael, Gary Cribley, Mrs. Lindabury. ROW FOUR: Cathy Miller, Linda Bischoff, Stephanie Pitts, Margie Stahl, Donna Smith, Linda Elwood, Carol Pitts, Tim Hubbell. ROW FIVE: Chris Cole, Tim Laing, Annette McBride, Teri Stahl, Jenny Hanson, Vimal Shah, Lee Ellen Miller. (2) ROW ONE: Lynne Stansloski. Deb Klingenberger, Nancy Sanderson, GiGi Hoffman, Sandy Wagner, Lauren Knoop, Denise Hawbecker ROW TWO: Sherri Shull, David Woodruff, Richard Williamson, Diane Littler, Teresa Battles, Pam Lissner, Beth Reiter, Cindy Rodeback ROW THREE: Barb Telles, Linda Agin, Paula Hines, Sharon Theodore, Keith Delp, David Vottero, Mimi Awad. April Arlington, Ronda Burchiel, Debbie Hover. 135JR. HIGH SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS (1) Pres David Vottero. Advisor Mr. Carpenter. Sec Kelly Doudna. Treas Mike Coe. (2) FRONT ROW David Johansen. Terry Stocker. Cathy Griesmer. Mr. Carpenter. Scott Woods. Betsy Gordon. BACK ROW Mike Coe. Jeff Lawrence, David Vottero. Richard Williamson. Kelly DoudnaSR. HIGH SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS (1) Sec. Treas. Patty Bowden. Advisor Mr. Neff. Pres. Bruce Elliott. V. Pres. Larry Lile. (2) Advisor Mr. Neff. Paul Weimer, Troy Toland, Brett Vottero. Diane Littler. Gretchen Herrington. Kevin Young. Joel Hinderliter. David Woodruff, Vimal Shah. Sherri Shull, Larry Lile. Bruce Elliott, Patty Bowden. Ray Baughman. Don Spar. Bill Ansley.SPANISH I II HI IV OFFICERS (1) KNEELING, Pres. Cathy Miller, Sec. Treas. Rachel Hall, V. Pres. Troy Toland. (2) LEFT TO RIGHT, Sec. Treas. Sally Elwood, Pres. Tammy Musselman, V. Pres. Jolene Johnson. (3) BACK ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT, V Pres. Mark Lissner, Sec. Deb Herold, Treas Annette Conley, Pres. Kelly Spallinger. SITTING, Advisor Mrs. Minto. 138FRENCH I II m IV OFFICERS (1) FIRST ROW. Presidents, Margie Stahl, Summer Magee, Joe Crider. V. Presidents, Mimi Awad, Carol Conley, Jenny Deringer. Secretaries, Denise Hawbecker, Cindy Rodeback, Brian Sheumaker, Treasurers, Carolyn Theodore, Stuart Brown, Diane Hinderliter. (2) BACK ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT. Treas Mark Oliver, Pres. Gwen Peper, V Pres. Darla Shinn, Sec. Mark Burton. SITTING, Advisor Mrs. Neiswander (3) BACK ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT, V. Pres. Neal Dornbusch, Pres. Kyle Wilhelm, Treas. Jaime Zsembik. SITTING, Sec. Kathy Boutwell. 139Apollo J.V.S. ' 1) ROW ONE: Jay Zsembik. Dan Garver. Lon Kent. Mike Preston ROW TWO: Pam Dunbar. Kirk Reed. Mike Price. Laura Umphress. Kevin Fitzpatrick ROW THREE: Mike Agin. Pam Denton. Teresa Dearth. Tammy Zimmerman, Deb Bout well. Cheri Rogers. Teresa Ring. Jean England. Beth Cheney. Kris Littler 140Guidance People Office Girls • 1) HOW ONE: Diane Klingenberger. Judy Keller HOW TWO: Barb Telles, Doug Siuart, Sylvia Smith, Linda Elwood. Standing: Wilma Fancher. HOW ONE: Mona Binkley, Linda El wood, Kathy Fancher, GiGi Hoffman. Anita Hopson. Lora Begley. Nancy Henry. HOW TWO D nna Daft. Pam Lissner. Robin Lamb, Janice Henry, Diane Klingenberger. Judy Keller. Ann Allen. Sylvia Smith. HOW THREE: Brenda Patton. Tracy Forsythe. 141National Honor Society 1) Secretary, Donna Daft; Vice President. Bo Michael; President, Ed Delp. (2) HOW ONE: Mrs. Burton, Lynne Coe, Tracy Forsythe, Joyce Deringer, Barb Conley, Jacque Gahman, Paul Wiemer, Sharon Theodore. Kathy Fancher. Donna Daft. Kamal Shah. HOW TWO: Deb Harold. Charlene Oates, Jill Lawrence, Bonnie Klingler. Annette McBride, Diane Klingenberger. Jeannie Wiley, Judy Keller, Bo Michael. Joe Awad. Paula Hines. HOW THHEE: Don Spar. Mike Elliott, Doug Cotsamire, Bruce Elliott, Mark Oliver. Jeff Bischoff. Larry Lile. Eric Wolber, Teri Stahl. Doug Stuart, Mark Burton. 142O.W.E. O.W.A. (1) TOP: Pres. Bob Gonzalez BOTTOM: V. Pres. Joe Pope. Advisor Mr Honegger, Sec. Treas. Bob Palte. (2) TOP: V Pres Ron Tarr, Pres. Jerry Downing. Sgt.-at-Arms Dan Otten. BOTTOM: Treas. Robin Carver. Advisor Mr Fries, Sec. Penny Patton. The O W E. participated in a District track meet at Bath High School May 6. Ada had 12 students qualify for the Regional meet at Bowling Green May 13. The students that qualified were: Tony Musser. Jerry Pifer, Mitch VanAtta, Jack Harris, Lee Ann Grant, Robin Garver. Penny Patton, Janet Fisher. Sandy Cook, Jerry Downing. Kevin Rayl. and Richard Ritchie.What is a Junior? Juniors are waiting to be Seniors, so they can boss the rest around.—Fred Wolber '81 One year at last!—Richard Shroyer 78 A junior is an impatient senior —Cathi Naylor 78 A junior is bored with school but is looking foreward to his last and best year.—Joyce Hall 78 Juniors are people just waiting to be king of the High School — Layne Moore 78 An 11th grader is a very nice person, with good personalities.— Camille Runser '82 Class Officers pres.—Dave Badertscher v. pres.—Gary Criblez sec.—Sharon Theodore treas.—Larry Lile 146JUNIORS Amy Allen April Arlington Dave Badertscher Brad Baker Greg Ballard Bob Bass Hay Baughman Lora Begley Mona Binkley Chris Bischoff Jeff Bischoff Mark Blevins Debbie Boutwell Greg Brumett Tammy Campbell David Carmean Cathy Castle Lon Chaney Lynne Coe Cathy Cole Rhonda Combs Annette Conley Barbara Conley Lori Cook 147Gary Cribley Jeff Criblez Greg Davis Crystal Dearth David Dearth Kathy Decker Joyce Deringer Tim Dicus Bruce Elliott Kevin Ellison Cynthia Evans Daryl Fensler Janet Fisher Kevin Fitzpatrick Tracy Forsythe Jacque Gahman Bill Garver Shelly Gibson Margie Gonzalez Dave Gossman Donna Hall Joyce Hall Mike Hall Jenny Hanson Jack Harris Gretchen Herrington Paula Hines Lee Hood 148Cindy Hover Teresa Jenkins Juli Lawrence Larry Lile Diane Littler Pam Lissner Jeff McBride Connie McKee Rodger McKinley Ty Michael Layne Moore Cathi Naylor Stan Parshall Penny Patton Mark Preston Bruce Price Kevin Rayl Jolene Ream Kirk Reed Mark Reichert Richard Ritchie Greg Sawmiller Dan Schumacher Chris Schwickert Robin Shepherd Richard Shroyer Sheri Shull Mike Simon 149Randy Simon George Sleesman Sylvia Smith Kris Spar Theresa Stahl Anthony Sumney Sharon Theodore Laura L'mphress Vickie VanAtta Sandy Wagner Paul Weimer Bob Whitaker Eric Wolber Kevin Young Steve Bates Sidiiy Heffelfinger Mike Peterson Dean Devier Jean England Mark Oliver Cheri Rogers 150What is a Sophomore? Very sophisticated adults?—Robin Lainb '79 Sophomores are squeezably “sopht."— Beth Reiter '80 A sophomore is a person who is too young, yet is too old.— Jacque Gahinan '78 A sophomore is an under-grown junior.—Mike Layaou '79 When cruisin' wasn't on foot.—Bob Elliott '78 A sophomore is an overgrown freshman.—Sylvia Rex '77 I Class Officers pres.—Neal Dornbusch v. pres—Pam Zachariah sec.—Lori Simmons treas.—Valerie Rex 151SOPHOMORES Susan Badertscher Joyce Baier Teresa Battels Mindy Berger Walt Bettinger Chris Binkley Linda Bischoff Kathy Boutwell Pam Boutwell Patti Bowden Tina Brumett Tim Campbell Lane Chaney Merle Cheney Eulia Curtis Keith Delp Susan Dodge Neal Dornbusch Randy Dunbar Wilma Fancher Eric Farrington Ken Fleming Sandra Fletcher Doug Fries 152Tim Griffin Rachel Hall Randy Hanna Stacy Harris Nancy Henry Joel Hinderliter Gina Hopson Tim Hubbell Pat Jenkins Connie Judy Dusty Klingler Lori Klingler Robin Lamb Mike Layaou Carma Long Judy Long Tom McBride Summer Magee Julie Means Kathy Miller Leisa Miller Barry Musselman Cathy Newland Pam Nor berg Vicki Oates Brenda Patton Nancy Quattrocchi Deb Rayl 153Hock Rayl Rod Rayl Bob Read Valerie Rex Ron Ring Craig Roberson Ron Rodeback Deb Rodgers Diana Sanderson Lori Simmons Lori Simon Gary Smith John Stahl Lynn Stansloski Don Stobbe Tracy Sumney Dan Tabor Troy Toland Dan L’mphress Brett Vottero Scott Walls Kyle Wilhelm Brian W'iileke Greg Williams Becky Wilson David Woodruff Anna Wright Lu Ann Wyss 154Pam Zachariah Kathy Zimmerly Jamie Zsembik Lauren Knoop Absent: Stuart Brown Troy Duer Jan Fleming Anita Hopson Bob Parks Vimal Shah Lynn Telles Bill VanHorn 155What is a Freshman? Freshmen are fresh and if they aren’t they are out of business.—Cindy Smith '80 All Freshmen are too fresh!—Sandy Wagner '78 A freshman is a graduate from Junior High —Karen Spallinger '81 Freshmen are like the middle of the bunch, not too tall, and sometimes, late from lunch. Freshmen are crazy, wild and funny, always playing jokes on some little dummy. Freshmen are cheerful, kindly and keen, not like the others so nasty and mean —Stephanie Pitts '80 Class Officers pres—Alan Hubbell v. pres.—Mark McBride sec.—Deb Hover treas —Jeff Hood 156 ■ mFRESHMEN Jeff Acheson Hob Agin David Allen Bill Ansley Mimi A wad Doug Battles Rod Beck Pete Berton Laura Brace Tami Brown Treasa Brumett Jon Busch Butch Campbell John Carmean Kim Casper Charles Castle Steve Castle Tony Castle Beth Cole Carol Conley Diana Conley Diane Cotsamire Joe Crider Bernice Darlington 157Penny Dearth John Denton Jenny Deringer Chris Dicus Jim Dilts Jan Downing Randy Dyer Ken Dysert Rod Dysert Doug Elliott Sally Elwood Tom Evans Tom Farrington Russ Gibson Bob Gonzalez Kent Green Dave Haight Gary Hall Tom Hoffman Eleanor Homan Jeff Hood Deb Hover Steve Hattery Denise Hawbecker Barbara Herrington Diane Hinderliter Alan Hubbell Jolene Johnson 158Randy Jump Deb Klingenberger Jodi Kindle Kory Krofft Tim Laing Mark Lantz Eddie Long Jeff Long Melody Madden John Mankey Bob Mathewson Mark McBride Mark McKinley Melody McKinney Ken Myers Tammy Musselman Ramona Miller Bryan Moore Suzanne Napier Steve Nomina Dan Norberg Bob Palte Stephanie Pitts Laura Plummer Joe Pope Bob Rayl Ginny Read Elizabeth Reiter 159Florence Ritchie Pam Ritchie Cindy Rodeback Tony Roy James Sanderson Brian Sheumaker Tom Simmons Cindy Smith Donna Smith Margie Stahl Steve Staley Dennis Tabor Carolyn Theodore Jim YY'olgamot Kelley King Absent: Greg Criblez Greg Peper Ken Meyers Suresh Pillai Greg Nichols Lonnie Wyss 160What is an 8th grader? An eighth grader is too old to be in seventh grade but is too scared to face ninth grade —Cindy Rodeback '80 Eighth graders are the upper classmen of the Junior High.— LeeEllen Miller '81 An eighth grader is one step higher than nothing.—Jeff Oestreick '81 An eighth grader is a step higher from a seventh grader —Patty Zimmerly '81 A very low person on a very high pedestal —Marshall Stuart '82 They think they know everything because they've been in High School 1 year. But they don't!—Crystal Dearth '78 1618th GRADE Lynne Ansley Sammy Awad Scott Baker Bill Bass Diana Binkley Vickie Broun Tracie Brumett Cathy Burton Charles Busch Greg Campbell Karen Carmean Marty Clum Mike Coe Chris Cole James Dearth Laura Deringer Kelly Doudna Linda Downing Bill Downing Bob Downing John Elliott Phil Epley Dave Evans Lisa Evans 162Jon Fields Martin Fisher Greg Garver Betsy Gordon Shelly Homan Rhonda Hopson Jeff Howard Robert Howard Cindy Hoyt David Johansen Teresa Kipker Rowan Laing Jeff Laman Kim Lantz Diane Long Kurt Massillo Lee Ellen Miller Jim Montgomery Tonya Musser Jeff Oestreich Gail Peper Joel Pifer Carol Pitts Karen Preston Susan Rayl Sherry Read Jerry Ream Barbara Ring 163Arden Roberson Eva Rogers Tod Schmidt Mike Stahl Lee Ann Stansloski Juli Strayer Tim Telles Kelli Toland Becky VanAtta Brad VanAtta Carla VanAtta Tracy Welch Linda Willeke Lori Williams Richard Williamson Brenda Wilson Fred Wolber Ken Wolke Scott Woods Eddie Wyss Patti Zimmerly Robert Zimmerman Absent: Lisa Battels Lory Crowe Dennis Downing Steve Harris Jeff Lawrence Dwight McBride Sheila Miller Sateesh Pillai Shawn Smith Karen Spallinger Elizabeth Travers Rhonda Y'allance David Vottero 164What is a 7th grader? A seventh grader is a clown caught in the middle of a tight wire. On one end is the past, grade school, where everyone looks up to you; on the other end is the future where everyone looks down on you as though you are nothing.—Joyce Deringer 78 Seventh graders are a noisy bunch of brats.—Bob Whitaker 78 A seventh grader is like a baby mouse in a field of rats.—Judy Umg 79 Seventh graders are a hazard to everyone in the halls, especially to me.—David Vottero '81 A seventh grader is too big to be an elementary student and too small to be a high school student.—Terri Stocker '82 Seventh graders are little kids in grown-up clothes.—Traci Welch 82 Class Officers pres. Blythe Fields v. pres. Paula Arlington sec. Kami Toland treas. Kim Epstien .7th GRADE Paula Arlington Terry Baker Susan Beyer Cathy Binkley Hick Blevins Richard Boutwell Steve Browne Judy Burkett Cindy Campbell Mike Campbell Lisa Castle Bill Chase Mike Cook Doug Copus Cindy Crozier Bill Dodge Vickie Downing Kelly Drake Stacy Dyer Kim Epstein Angie Fensler Jerry Fensler Blythe Fields Lisa Garver Robert Gibson Jan Gossell Kathy Griesmer Mary Hall Laura Hartman Teresa Hassell Lori Hoffman Jay Hood Paul Hopson Tom Hopson Amy Jenkins Jenise Johnson Greg Lavan Laura Lile Don Long Carl Marlett Robert Marling Bruce McCormick Gavan McKinley Stephanie McKinney 167Jaimy Miller Reba Oats Debbie Ousley Brad Palte Kathy Patton Jim Pinks Monna Plaugher Lisa Powell Cindy Rayl KlmA. Rayl Kim S. Rayl Carrie Ream Alan Risner Edie Rosen Camille Runser Jeanette Sanderson Jamie Smith Teri Stocker Marshall Stuart James Telles Brenda L'mphress BKh Vermillion Kami Toland Dawn Tope 168Becky Walls Fatty Whetsler Billie Wilcox Marlene Woodruff Mike W'oofter Vickie Wyss Ted Zachariah Ken Zimmerly 169This year in the 1977 Annual we decided to have a friendliest boy and girl from each class. In doing so we took a vote in each classes’ Home Room, and these 8 students were chosen friendliest of their classes. 8th grade Friendliest Boy Girl (1) Carol Pitts Fred VVolber. 8th grade friendliest Boy Girl, are found, as usual, talking on the telephone, wonder what they’re talking about? 9th grade Friendliest Boy and Girl (2) ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the friendliest of them all ' seems most appropriate for 9th Grade friendliest Boy and Girl, Mark McBride and Diane Cotsamire. 17U11th Grade Friendliest Boy and Girl (3) Junior friendliest boy, Paul Weimer, finds himself in an unusual position when friendliest girl, Kathy Decker, sets up for another shot. “How-does it feel, Paul?” 10th Grade Friendliest Boy and Girl (4) It appears that we have caught sophomore friendliest girl, Lori Simmons, day dreaming about sophomore friendliest boy, Barry Musselman. "Hope it wasn’t during class!!” 171The Business Ty Michael found a great bargain at the I.G.A., 945 South Main Street in Ada. ▼the OAK AND BARN GIFT SHOP, at Bethlehem Farm is located on Route 309 between Ada and Lima. It serves as an outlet for local craftsmen, and provides an opportunity to buy quality art and craft items. ADA I.G.A. FOODLINERTHE VILLAGE HARDWARE Lee Ellen Miller is busy using hardware equipment much like that which can be purchased at THE VILLAGE HARDWARE, located at 111 North Main Street in Ada. RED FOX INN Apatty Bowden and Lynn Stansloski smiled at the tempting foods available on the menu at the RED FOX INN. The HANSON FUNERAL HOME has two locations to serve you, 311 E. Lima Street in Ada, and 701 N. Front Street in Alger. HANSON FUNERAL HOME 175SPORTS EQUIPMENT FROM■ Have you ever been in a dangerous position? See COLE INSURANCE for savings on Fire, Auto, Life, and Hospitalization Insurance, located at 117 North Main in Ada. HERITAGE SHOES Smart bankers bring their business to FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN OF LIMA, located at 202 South Main Street in Ada. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ) inbv - A Mrs. Bosse sells Jenise Johnson some shoes at HERITAGE SHOES, 117 North Main Street in Ada. COLE’S INSURANCE David Woodruff pickedacard froma wide selection at GARDNER’S DRUG STORE, located at 125 S. Main in Ada. FTHE HARDIN NATIONAL BANK is tne bank designed with you in mind. It has two offices to serve you, 528 S. Main in Ada, and 111 E. Columbus in Kenton. A HARDIN NATIONAL BANK See us for the best Pizza, Subs, Salads, and Sandwiches around. We deliver from 5:00 to 12:30. Compliments of JERRY’S PIZZA, 102 North Main in Ada, phone 634-6356, and 129 South Main Street in Kenton, phone 473-4280. JERRY’S PIZZA 178BAKER’S HARDWARE NORADA LANES “Service with a Smile’’ 105 South Main Street Ada, Ohio Open and League Bowling Special Student Prices Snack Bar Ada, Ohio GREENTREE STABLES HAL AND JEAN’S Indoor Riding Area 'Boarding and Training Available Lessons Year Around Char Broiled Steaks and Chops Seafood, Short Orders Salad Bar on Weekends NICKERSON FARMS GIERT.V. AND APPLIANCES, INC. Good Food Gift Shop Nice Atmosphere R.R. 1 Bluff ton, Ohio ----------------------- WYSS CAR WASH Wash Bulldo Behind the I.G.A. Congratulations! Good Luck Zenith-Litton Westinghouse 205 E. Lima Street — H GARAGE ‘The best darn garage in town!” Complete Auto Repair Ilubertu C- national bank of Ada YOUR HOME-OWNED BANK SEE US FOR ALL YOUR BANKING NEEDS FDICTHE VICTORIAN LADY Bar baraCole sells Jenny Hansona blouse at THE VICTORIAN LADY, located at 218 North Main Street in Ada. SHORT STOP Choose your afterschool snack from a large selection at NEWLAND’S SHORT STOP, open daily from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Showing the beauty of a new car are Lynn Coe and Stephanie Pitts at COLE MOTOR SALES. Mr. Cole invites you to try a new car from his wide selection. COLE MOTOR SALES 181PHYSICIANS Robert B. Elliott-M.D. John A. Kramer-M.D. Robert B. Love-M.D. OPTOMETRIST Thomas B. Martin-O.D. DENTISTS William J. Shambarger-D.D.S. Mark B. Shull-D.D.S. Earl’s Plumbing and Heating Pioneer American Insurance Ferguson Insurance Educators Mutual Life Cheryl’s Style Salon PROFESSIONALS AND PATRONS SUPPORT SCHOOL ACTIVITIES VETERINARIANS David E. Houx-D.V.M. E. R. Rodabaugh-D.V.M. 182 THE ALGER FEED AND GRAIN COMPANY, Located in Alger, has a large supply of grain, feed, and fertilizer to meet farmers’ needs. ▼ TheF.H. BAILEY the best place for builder supplies, ready-mixed concrete, and general excavating. She ‘ : HEN'S CLOTHING Uanhee £e66Ier ALGER FEED AND GRAIN F . H. BAILEY AND SONS MARIE’S FLOWERAMA A Ada alumnusMarieSearson shows Rhonda Hopson a plant at MARIE’S FLOWERAMA, 103 North Main Street in Ada. Like smart shoppers,Mark Oliver and Doug Cotsamire bought their clothes at THE YANKEE PEDDLER, 107 South Main Street. 183MAIN DIME STORE VAN’S CORNER For all your Miscellaneous Needs 220 North Main Street Manager Dale Gardner Beverages, Snacks, Groceries U.S. Rt. 30 Ada, Ohio SUPREME CLEANERS MURPHY MOTOR SALES Free Pickup and Delivery Rates Given to Social Groups opposite O.N.U. Campus 512 S. Main Ada, Ohio Late Model Used Cars 2 Miles North, Vz Mile East of Ada 634-8546 JERI’S BEAUTY SALON NORTHERN FREEZE For the Newest Hair Styles 108 East Buckeye Ada, Ohio Phone 634-2826 Serving a Variety of Sandwiches and Frozen Dairy Desserts B. M. AUTO PARTS, INC. HIGHWAY ANIMAL FARM Three Locations to Serve You Kenton, Forest Ada Pet Supplies, Tropical Fish Craft Items Lawn and Garden Supplies Recreational Vehicles Corner of 235 and 309 Ada, OhioLIBERAL ARTS Accounting Art Biology Business Administration Chemistry Economics Elementary Education English French Health History Industrial Arts Mathematics Music Philosophy Philosophy and Religion Physical Education Physics Political Science Public Administration Psychology Religion Social Work Sociology Spanish Speech and Theatre LAW Looking for a quality education? Look no further than your own backyard. Ohio Northern has something for you. OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering PHARMACY Pharmacy and Health Care Administration Pharmacology and Biomedical Sciences DEGREES Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Juris Doctor in Law► Charlene Oates smiles with anticipation as she eyes a delicious ice cream cone at HIND’S DAIRY, located south of Ada on St. Rt. 235. ▲ THE OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE is located in McIntosh Center on the O.N.U. Campus, phone 634-2971. ► While passing by, run in and score with a purchase at PAR-SHALL’S CLOTHING, 108 North Main Street in Ada. 186 PARSHALL’S CLOTHING◄ RAGER’S COUNTRY BUTCHER SHOP, located at 219 South Main Street in Ada, has been selling “quality meats” since 1927. ▼Amy Allen, Sandy Wagner, and April Arlington reflect photography at its best-POWELL STUDIOS! RAGER’S BUTCHER SHOP H. A. POWELL STUDIOS WILL’S ELECTRIC A If you need any type of electrical service, come to WILL’S ELECTRIC, located at 210 Willeke Avenue. Remember, “Where Will is, there’s a way.” ◄ Linda Bischoff shows that at BISCHOFF’S HIGHWAY OIL, you will always receive well-rounded service.► THE ADA FARMER’S EXCHANGE Phone 634-3030, serves area farmers. ▼ PEPER’S DRUG STORE, located at 210 North Main Street in Ada, says ‘ ‘Congratulations Seniors! ” PEPER’S DRUG STORE ADA FARMER’S EXCHANGE SIMON’S SOHIO A Ada graduate, Bruce Smith, waits on a customer at SIMON’S SOHIO, located on the corner of Main and Lincoln in Ada. ► THE ADA HERALD, located at 309 South Main Street has been Ada’s Hometown Newspaper since 1885. 188 Ada Bulldog fans meet after the game at JOHN AND TONI’S TAVERN, Located at 209 North Main Street in Ada. LANDMARK FARM SERVICE A See us for all your farm needs at LANDMARK FARM SERVICE, P.O. Box 36, Ada, Ohio. JOHN TONI’S TAVERN REICHERT’S Mark Reichert, looking very large, shows that REICHERT’S, located at 111-113 South Main Street is “Ada’s Largest Clothing Store.”► Keith Delp got all prepared for his night fun at CUNNINGHAM’S MARKET, located V2 mile south of Ada on State Route 235. CUNNINGHAM’S MARKET SOUSLEY INSURANCE A You can depend on the best insurance at low rates when you see SOUSLEY’S INSURANCE AGENCY, located at 530 S. Main Street in Ada. ► Lynne Coe and Ann Allen pick out some delicious food at the V.F.W. POST 9381. V.F.W. POST 9381At SHARROCK SUPERIOR COACH SALES AND SERVICE in Beaverdam, WE DO THINGSLONG’S MARATHON ADA C.B. SALES Drive in please Across from Hinds Dairy Drive out pleased on St. Rt. 235 220 S. Main Street R.R. 1 - Box 38A Ada. Ohio BINKLEY BODY SHOP GENTLEMAN’S CHOICE Free Estimates Darrel Binkley, Proprietor Manager, Kenny Rowe 4211 i North Gilbert Street Ada. Ohio Main Street ▲ See us for all of your landscape and gardening needs. HENSON’S is located 2V2 miles north of Ada on S.R. 235. Telephone: 634-0351 Lawn Maintenance and LandscapingStudent Action For Education Every 4th Monday of the month at 8:00 p.m. in the Home Ec. Room. Future Farmers of America Every 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 in the Vo Ag Room. Letter in a sport and join Varsity “A”! French Club Monthly during class period in the French Room. French Club motto “Help Stamp Out Foreign Languages!” “Learn One.” Girls Athletic Association 3rd Monday of each month at 3:40 in the Study Hall. Future Homemakers of America 1st Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Home Ec. room Y-Teens Every 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 in the Cafeteria. Bring your ideas to the Student Council. Remember, “It works for you!” Library Club 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:00 in the library.NOTES FROM HOME Communication so often seems to be a lost art, an interaction we know we should put into practice but for which we don't seem to find the words or the time. It was with this thought in mind that we decided to provide the means for parents of seniors to communicate a parting message to their sons or daughters. Whether it was in their own words or a quote from another person, the messages were the same . . . expressions of love, pride and best wishes. To Debra [Anspach], To become a happier person — learn to count your blessings instead of your heartbreaks. — Mom For our Beth ICheneyI, From her birth to this day she has given us love, happiness and pride. On her day and every day we wish her happiness and success. — Love, Dad, Mom, Chris, Kathy and Moe To Jeff [Campbell], We wish you the best of luck and hope you look into the future with the right idea of what you want out of life. And you know, you will always have a place reserved in our hearts. — Mom and Dad To Joy Cornwell1, The coming of your graduation reminds us how quickly time passes and makes us realize the value of each precious day. May each day of your life be fruitful and provide you with many happy memories. — Mom and Dad To Joseph "Habibi" [Awad], We trust that in all your ways you will acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths and take care of you. Always remember that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom — Thank you for the many hours of joy and the few moments of anxiety that you bring to us. To John [Arlington], Where have the years gone? Yesterday we were looking forward to your first day in school and today we're remembering your last. In between there has been a little anxiety, a little sorrow, but a lot of pride and happiness and most of all, John, love. — Mom and Dad — Love, Mom and Dad i 4You have made us proud of you. For the future we wish for you only the very best things in life. — Love, Mom and Dad To Sue [Fensler), To Donna Daft1, We appreciate the good attitude you have always had toward your school work and your willingness to accept our guidance. May God bless you in your future plans. — Mom and Dad To Ed Delp I, Congratulations! May you continue your education with the same enthusiasm and dedication and sensitivity to others as you have shown. We are proud to be your parents. —Morn and Dad "To know what you prefer, instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer is to have kept your soul alive." — Robert Louis Stevenson — Mom and Dad To Mike [Elliott], To Darla [Hunsicker Shinn), May this year and the following years be happy ones. — Mom and Dad To Judy [Keller], Congratulations on this yearbook of 1977 We hope all your tasks in life will be as enjoyable and successful as editing this yearbook has been. — Mom and Dad To Lon [Kent], "You are young, my son, and, as the years go by, time will change and even reverse many of your present opinions. Refrain therefore awhile from setting yourself up as a judge of the highest matters." —Plato — Mom and Dad To Diane [K ingenberger], Good luck and best wishes in all you do. May the world be good to you. — Mom and Dad Today is the first day of the rest of your life. — Mom and Dad To Debi |Lamb),To Charlene [Oates], "If you want favor with both God and man, and a reputation for good judgement and common sense, then trust the Lord completely; don't ever trust yourself. In everything you do, put God first and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success." —Proverbs 3:4, 5, 6 — Mom and Dad To Tina [Lantz , May all your hopes and dreams come true and always stay as sweet and considerate as you are now. —Love. Mom Twelve years ago you started on a new venture in life. Today you go on to greater things. May you always have the best of luck and thank you dear for just being you. — Love, Mom and Dad To Jill I Lawrence], What you are is God's gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God. — Love, Mom and Dad To Annette [McBride], "Success is fruit which grows from seeds of patient work and thoughts and deeds" — Martin Buxbaum — Dad and Mom To Bo [Michael], May you design and discover the very special person that only you can be. —Love, Mom To Tony [Musser], Some days your moods are up, Some days they are down. But most important of all you've always been around. Soon you'll leave in search of your dreams and find you've grown out of your teens . . . a young man now out on your own, but never forget, you can always come home. — Mom and Dad To Brenda [Naylor],To Sylvia Rex , To know you as a person has been a special joy and privilege to us as your parents. As we think about your future we become aware of how much we will miss your constant presence. We hope and pray you will always remember your talents are given of God and that you will develop those talents in ways that will enrichen the lives of your fellow man. In so doing we believe you will realize the greater dreams of life We love you now and always — Mom and Dad To Wes |Stobbe], Good luck in your future. We're behind you all the way. — Mom and Dad To Mitchell [VanAtta], Mitchell, may you live each day fully with peace and confidence in yourself. Good Luck. — Mom and Dad To Gwen Peper , To Jerry Pifer , "Try to do to others as you would have them do to you, and do not be discouraged if they fail sometimes. It is much better that they should fail than you should." — Charles Dickens — Mom and Dad To Cheri Rayl , "I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world; that it alone can overcome hate; that right can and will triumph over might." — John D. Rockefeller Jr. — Mom and Dad We wish you a life filled with love, success, happiness, health, purpose and God. — Love, Mom and Dad To Doug Stuart Parents hope and dream of their offspring excelling and achieving far beyond what they themselves could accomplish. Thank you, Doug, for fulfilling this dream we had for you. Amo te' — Dad and Mom To Kama K. |S ?a ?] Very well done. We are sure that you will do fine in college. Good Luck. — Mom and DadTo Tom I Wagner], "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths." —Proverbs 3:5-6 — Love, Mom and Dad To Jeannie I V Hey , "What lies behind and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." — Ralph Waldo Emerson — Mom and Dad To Hoyte {Wilhelm], Thanks for all the happiness you have brought to us. Best wishes as you begin another exciting time in your life. When things get rough, call collect. — Love, Mom and Dad Mike and Marilee [Agin], We've searched the books for words so rare. We've racked our brains to find words there. None were good enough or seemed quite right. So the usual will have to do. Congratulations and best wishes from us to you. — Love, Mom and DadSenior Directory LINDA AGIN—Chorus 2, 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep band 2, 3, 4. Secretary 4; Librarian 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 3, 4. MARILEE AGIN— French Club 1, 2, 3; Treasurer 3. Choir 3. Ensemble 3; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Librarian 3; Office assistant 3. MIKE AGIN-Basketball 1,2,3; Cross Country 1; F F A 1 ANN ALLEN—Class Treasurer 3; Secretary 4; French Gub Treasurer 2 ; Chorus 2. 3, 4; Ensemble 1; Office assistant 1, 2. 3, 4; Class Play 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 1.2,3,4; G.A.A. 2,3.4; French 1.2; Varsity A‘ 3, 4 .S.A E 1,2,3.4; Pep Club 1,2. DEBBIE ANSPACH—Annual staff 3. 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Ensemble 1,4; Band; Librarian; G.A A 1; Y Teens4; Spanish 1.2. JOHN ARLINGTON—Football 1. 2. 3. 4 Basketball 1. 2; Track 1. 2. 3. 4; French Gub 1; Varsity A' 1.2,3.4 JOE AWAD— Gass Treasurer 2; Student Council 1, 3, 4; Voice staff 2, 3. 4; Chorus 2, 3. Pep Band 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Director 4; Treasurer 3; Basketball 1; Cross Country 1.2. French 1,2; Varsity A’ 1, 2; Science Gub 1.2; District Band 3,4; Basketball Statistician 3, 4 JEFF CAMPBELL—Football Basketball 1; Varsity A’ 3.4 BETH CHENEY—Annual Staff 2. 3. 4; Girls Ensemble 1; Librarian 3; Office Assistance 1. 2. 3; Jr Class Play. Cheerleader 1; Y-Teens 2, 3. 4; French Gub 1,2. Pep Gub 1. Guidance Worker 3; Apollo J V S. 4; C O T Gub 4. President 4; 0.0.T A. 4; Student Advisory 4. SANDY COOK-Librarian 1; F H A 1; Pep Gub 1. JOY CORNWELLr-Interclass Contestant 4; Jr. Class Play; Sr. Class Play; Y-Teens 4 DOUG COTSAMIRE—Annual 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Vice President 4; Madrigal Singers 3. 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 4. Pep Band 1; Competition 1.2,3,4. Librarian 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Interclass skit 2, 3, 4; Sr Gass Play; Spanish Club 1,2; Basketball Statistician 2. 3, 4; District Band 2,3; Class President 2; Class Treasurer 4 DONNA DAFT—Chorus 4. Band 1.2.3,4; Librarian 4; Pep Band 1.2.3, 4; Director 4; Competition 1; Office Assistance 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. G.A A 2, 3. 4. Treasurer 3; President 4; Y'-Teens 3; F H A 2. Spanish Gub 1; District Band 3. TERESA DEARTH-G A A 2; F H A 2; Apollo 4. ED DELP—National Honor Society 3, 4; President 4; Jr Gass Play. Football 1,2,3,4. Basketball 1.2. Baseball 2,3.4. Spanish Gub 1.2; Vice President 2; Industrial Arts Gub 4; Varsity 'A' 2, 3. 4; Vice President 3; Art Competition; Gass Vice President 2; Gass President 4 PAM DENTON—Y-Teens 3. 4; Secretary 4; Pep Gub 1. Apollo 4; C O E A 4; 0.0 E A 4. DAVE DERINGER-F F A 1. 2; O W E. 3. 4. JERRY DOWNING-F F A 2; 0 W E. 3. 4 PAM DUNBAR—Voice Staff 2; Chorus 1; G.A.A. 2; Spanish Club 1. 2. 3; Pep Gub 1; S A E 2.3; Apollo 4; C O E 4; O O E A 4 MIKE ELLIOTT—Chorus 3. 4. Band 1. 2. 3. National Honor Society 3, 4; Interclass skit 2. 3. Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4; Crosscountry 1. 2, 3. 4. Spanish Gub 1.2; Varsity ‘A’3.4; Statistician 1. LINDA ELWOOD—Chorus 1. 2. 4; Librarian 1,2. 3, 4; Office Assistant 3, 4. Jr Gass Play; Sr. Gass Play. F H A. 1.2.3. 4. Secretary 3. President 4; Voice Staff 1.2; Annual Staff 3.4. Business Manager 3.4; Library Gub 3; Campus Life 1. 2, 3, 4. KATHY FANCHER-Chorus 2, 3; Band 1; Librarian 2, 3; Office Assistant 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Interclass skit 2. 4; Cheerleader 1,2,3.4; Mascot 2. Varsity 3. 4. G.A.A 2, 3.4; Pep Gub 1.2, 3. 200 ROBIN GARVER-O W E 3, 4 DEBBIE GORDON-G A A 1. French Club 1. RICK GIBSON—Sr Class Play; Football 3,4; FFA 3,4; Industrial Arts Gub 2; Varsity A‘ 3. 4 LEE ANN GRANT-0 W E 4 GUY GREY—Golf 2,3,4; Track 4; Tennis 2. 3; Spanish Club 2. 3; Varsity A’2.3,4; Art Competition RANDY HARRIS—Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2, 3, 4. Baseball 4. Industrial Arts Gub 2,3.4; Varsity 'A' 2,3,4. JANICE HENRY'—Chorus 1. Office Assistance 4. Interclass skit 3; Sr. Gass Play. Track 2; G.A.A. 2.3; Y Teens 2,3; F H A 2. 3; Christian Gub 1. DEB HEROLD-Chorus 2. 3, 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Band 2 4. National Honor Society 4; G.A.A. 2; Y Teens 3; Spanish Gub 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4. GIGI HOFFMAN—Chorus 3; F H A. 1, 2. 3; President 3; Gass Vice President 1; Office Assistance 4 TONY HOVER—Football; Track 1.2; French Club 1; Varsity A' 2. 3, 4; Vice President JUDY KELLER—Annual Staff 2, 3, 4. Editor 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4; Madrigal Singers 3. 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Pep Band 1. 2; Competition 2; Librarian 1. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Interclass Contestant 3; Interclass skit 3. 4; Jr Gass Play; Sr Gass Play; Y-Teens 2. 3. 4; French Gub 1. 2. President 2; Drama Gub 1; S A E 1, 2. 3. 4; Treasurer 3; President 4; Pep Club 1. LON KENT—Football 2,3. Track 3. 4; Industrial Arts Club 2, 3. 4. Apollo 4. DIANE KLINGENBERGER—Chorus 3, 4. President 4; Annual 3. 4; Librarian 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Assistance 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; G.A.A. 2; Y’-Teens 2. 3, 4; Vice President 3. President 4; S A E 1, 2. 3. 4; Secretary 3; Vice President 4; French Club 1. 2. Pep Gub 2. 3; Vice President 2. BONNIE KLINGLER-Voice 4. Band I, 2, 3, 4. Pep Band 1. 2. 3; Competition 2. National Honor Society 3. 4. Basketball 1. 2, 3; Track 2, 3; Y-Teens3. French Gub 1,2; Varsity‘A’3; Pep Gub 1. DEBI LAMB—Voice Staff 2.3.4. Business Manager 3.4; Chorus 1,2, 3. 4. Madrigal Singers 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3, 4. Majorette 1, 2. 3. 4; Featured Twirler 3. 4; Head Majorette 4; Office Assistance 4, Jr Gass Play; Track 2; G.A A 2; French Gub 1.2; Secretary 2. Pep Gub 1,2. RAY' LAMBERT—Interclass skit 2, 3, 4; Jr Gass Play; Sr Gass Play; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1. 2; Track 4. Manager 2. French Gub 1; Secretary 1; Industrial Arts Gub 2,3; Varsity A‘Gub 2.3.4 TINA LANTZ-Cheerleader 1. 2. 3. 4; Varsity 3. 4; G.A.A 2; F H A 1. 3; Pep Gub 1, 2. 3. 4. MARK LARUE-F F A 3. 4 JILL LAWRENCE—Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Madrigal Singers 3. 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Pep Band 2; Student Council 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Interclass skit 3.4; Jr Gass Play; Track 1,2; G.A.A 2.3; Vice President 3; French Gub 1,2; Secretary 2; S.A E 1.2; Voice2,3.4 MARK LISSNER—Librarian 3; Jr Class Play; Sr Gass Play; Spanish Gub 1.2.3,4; Vice President 4. Annual 2,3. KRIS LITTLER-Track 2; Basketball 2.3.4; Varsity 3. 4; Industrial Arts Uub 3. Apollo 4 RORY MASSILLO—Interclass skit 3; Football 1,2; Spanish Gub 1,2. ANNETTE MCBRIDE-Track 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 2, 3. 4. French Club 1, 2; Industrial Arts Gub 3; Varsity ‘A‘ 3. 4. Pep Gub 1; S A E 2. 3. 4; Treasurer 4; Librarian 4.CHRIS MEANS—Librarian 3; National Honor Society 3.4. Interciass skit 4; Y-Teens 4. BO MICHAEL—Librarian 3. Student Council 2, 3. 4. President 4; Interciass skit 2, Basketball 1,2,3,4. Crosscountry 1, 2, 3.4; Tennis2. 3.4; French Hub 1,2; Varsity A’ 1.2.3,4. BRENDA NAYLOR—Voice Staff 2. 3; Chorus 1.2. 3. 4. Madrigal Singers 3, 4. Band 1.2, 3. 4; Pep Band 2; Librarian 2; Interclass skit 4; Jr Class Play. Sr Class Play; G A A 2; Y Teens 2. 3. 4; French Gub 1.2; Video Tape Crew 2; S.A E. 2 MARK NICHOLS-Interclass skit 3. 4; Jr Class Play Sr Class Play; Football 3. 4. Track 3.4. Baseball 1.2; F F A. 1.2. 3.4. Vice President 4; Varsity 'A 3. 4. CHARLENE OATES—Chorus 2.3.4; Secretary 3; Voice 4. Band 1.2. 3. 4; Pep Band 3. 4; Interclass skit 3; Jr Class Play. Sr Class Play Basketball 2.3; Track 2.3; Cheerleader 1. G A A. 2.3. French Gub 1. 2; Pep Gub 1. 2. 3; S.A E 4. GWEN PEPER-Chorus Track 2. French Gub 1.2,3. JERRY PIFER Industrial Arts Gub 1; O W E. 2.3.4 MIKE PRESTON-F F A 1. 2. 3. Apollo 4 MIKE PRICE—Football 2.3.4. Baseball 2.3; Varsity ‘A’ 3; Apollo 4 CHERI RAYL—Chorus 1; Y Teens 2.3; F H A 1.3. SYLVIA REX—Gass President 3; Student Council 1, 2. 3. 4. Secretary 3; Voice 2. 3. 4. Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4. Madrigal Singers 3, 4. Competition 2, 3; Band 1. 2, 3, 4. Pep Band 2; Librarian 2. Interclass Contestant 2. 3; Basketball 1; Track 1.2; G A.A 2,3; Y-Teens 2. 3. 4; Pep Gub 1; District Choir 2; Art Competition 1. 2. TERESA RING—Chorus 1. 2,3; Librarian 3. Apollo 4 DAVID RISNER Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2; Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4; French Gub 1; Varsity ‘A’ 1.2,3.4. DEB ROMICK—G A A I; F H A 3 NANCEY SANDERSON-Librarian 4; Jr Gass Play; Sr Gass Play; Y-Teens 4 RUSS SCHWICKERT-Student Council Member 1. 2 Baseball 1. 2. 4; F F A 3. 4 KELLY SPALLINGER Interclass Contestant 2. 3; Spanish Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Secretary 1. President 3.4; Art Competition 1,2. KAMAL SHAH—Chorus 3. Librarian 3; National Honor Society 3. 4; Interclass skit 3; Statistician 1; Tennis 2. 3. 4; French Gub 1, 2. 4; President 2; Library Gub 2, 3. DARLA SHINN—Office Assistance 2; Cheerleader 1. 2, 3; G A A 2; French Gub 1, 2. 3. 4. Vice President 2. Secretary 3; Pep Gub 1. 2, 3; Statistician 2; Art Competition 1. 2. 3. DONALD SPAR—Chorus 2. 3. 4. Madrigal Singers 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Pep Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Librarian 2; National Honor Society 3. 4; Basketball 1; Crosscountry 1. 2.3. 4; F F A 1. 4. French Gub 2; Science Gub 2. 3. 4; S A E 4 WES STOBBE—Interclass skit 3; Football 2. 3. 4. Industrial Arts Gub 2. 3. 4 DOUG STUART-Voice 2; Chorus 2. 3. 4; Librarian 2. 3; Interclass Contestant 2.4. Tenms2; French Club2; Science Club 2; Statistician 3.4; Video Tape Crew 2, 3. 4. PAIVI SUOMALAINEN—Track 4 RONNIETARR-Baseball 1.2; Basketball Manager 1; O W E 4 BARB TELLES—Librarian 4; Office Assistant 3. Basketball 1; Pep Gub 1. 2. TOM WAGNER-Concert Band; Football 1.2,3.4. Interclass skit 3; F F A 1.2,3.4; Vice President 3; President 4 HOYTE WILHELM-Chorus 3. Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Pep Band 1.3; Interclass skit 4; Sr Gass Play Basketball 2. Manager 4. Cross Country 1, 2. 3. 4; Spanish Gub 1.2; Varsity‘A; Treasurer 4. JEANNIE WILEY—Voice 2. 3. 4; Editor 4; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4. Madrigal Singers 3. 4; Competition 3. Band 1, 2. 3. 4. Pep Band 1. 2; Librarian 3; National Honor Society 4; Basketball 1; Y-Teens 2,3. 4. Secretary 3; Vice President 4. French Gub 1. 2. BEV WOLBER—Annual 2. Ensemble 1. F H A 1.2.3. Pep Gub 1.2. GEORGE WOLBER—Football 2.4; Baske.Sall 1. Cross Country 1; Baseball 1,2,3; French Gub 1; Industrial Arts Gub 2. 3; Varsity A’ 1.2. 3. TAMMY ZIMMERMAN-G A A 2; F H A 1.2; O W E 3; Pep Gub 1.2; S A E 2. JAY ZSEMBIK—Jr. Class Play. Interclass contestant 2; Football 3; F F A. 1. 2. 3; Apollo 4 201Moving Up! Moving up: everyone, students and teachers, seniors and seventh graders, coaches and team members, ail reaching for goals to move themselves up. This year the WE has tried to show how Ada High School is moving up. Ada’s 85 seniors have finished twelve years of school and moved up and out into the world. For many the search for knowledge has not ended. For the juniors, it’s moving up to be a senior, the climax of their high school years. The eighth graders are moving up into high school as freshmen. While the sixth graders take that big step into junior high. And all other underclassmen move up into their respective classes, each to learn more to help them reach their goals. All the members on the WE staff certainly feel that the yearbook is moving up. Everyone has done their best to be sure that this will be the best yearbook yet. At times we wondered if we would be able to do it, with deadlines and all the other hassles we encountered, but somehow we did it. WE ’77 would like to express its deepest appreciation to Joyce Dunn for the use of her glass picture of Ada long ago. Thanks go to Powell Studios for taking many of our pictures. A very special thank you goes to senior, Ed Delp, for designing our cover and the arrows on the divider pages. His hard work and creative ideas helped this yearbook to move up. Special recognition should go to Mrs. Arlington and the Ada Herald for doing our copy for us. Thanks go to Steve White, our Taylor Publishing representative for all his help. But most of all, thanks to Mrs. Lindabury, the advisor. She helped us a great deal and inspired many good ideas. Also, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the annual staff for working hard but still taking time to have fun. The Editor Editor-in-Chief......-Judy Keller Seniors......Diane Klingenberger Classes..............Deb Anspach Faculty..............JJeth Cheney Ads................Doug Cotsamire Organizations.......April Arlington Activities...............Teri Stahl Music.........................Tracy Forsythe Sports...............Paula Hines Soph. Assistant........Lori Simmons Soph. Assistant.....JKathy Boutwell Soph. Assistant.......Lori Klingler Soph. Assistant .Susan Badertscher Soph. Assistant.....Lynn Stansloski Head Photographer...Brett Vottero Photographer.........Pinda Bischoff Photographer.........David Woodruff 202

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