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 WE Presented by the Annual Staff of Ada High SchoolSeniors.......................5 Faculty and Administration 29 Classes 47 Sports.......................67 Activities 87 Organizations...............105 Music.......................127 Advertising 141The theme of the 1973 Ada High School Annual is "Keep on Truckin'..." Our front cover and this special theme page are adorned with four cartoon-like characters who are commonly known as the "Keep on Truckin' Men." What does this theme really mean? We, the members of the annual staff, feel that this slogan is quite meaningful. It can signify the desire to move on to new and exciting ambitions and horizons that will best suit what you want. Keep looking for what you really desire and when you find it, you will know that you have been "Truckin'" to discover your goal. If detours confront you as you "Keep on Truckin’", just remember that these obstacles will eventually right themselves and you can continue where you left off. "We" wish that you will keep this thought in your mind for many years to come. "We" hope it will help you find the way to what you truly desire.4Seniors “Keep on Truckin’’ Kelley Martin, Cathy Jenkins, » Tom English Dale Vandemark Vice President Secretary President Treasurer Class Colors: Red and Blue Class Flower: White Rose Class Moto: "Yesterday Is But Today's Memory; And Tomorrow Is Today’s Dream. " 6TIM AGIN French Club 1,2 FTA 2.3.4 Band 1,2, 3,4 Stage Band 3,4 Drama Club 4 Pep Club 4 NHS 3.4 Varsity "A" 4 Football 3,4 Basketball 1 Track 1 Jr. Class play MARK ALLEN French Club 1,2 Chorus 2 FTA 4 Football 2,4 Hi-Y 2,3 Basketball 1, 2,3 Varsity ”A" 2,3,4 JENNIFER LEE ANDERSON Latin Club 1,2 Treas. 2 Y-Teens 2,3,4 Sec. 3; Treas. 4 Pep Club 1,2, 3 Treas. 3 NHS 3,4 Sec. -Treas. 4 Office Girl 4 VI KAREN LEE ANSPACH FTA 1,2,3,4 Treas. 3 Pres. 4 Band 1,2,3,4 ANTHONY BAKER FFA 1,2 OWE 3,4 Football manager 1,2,3 Basketball manager 1,2,3 RONALD KEITH BARNES Football 1 Baseball 2 DCT 4 Sgt. at Arms 4 7VICKI MARIE BANHAM Voice Staff 3 Latin Club 1 Spanish Club 3,4, Pres. 3 Y-Teens 2,3,4 FTA 1,2 GAA 2,3,4 Sgt. at Arms 4 Drama Club 1 Pep Club 1,2,3 Band 1,2,3,4 Jr. Class Play J. V. Cheerleader 3 Interclass Contestant 3 JOHN ANDREW BERTON Voice Staff 3,4 Art Ed. 3.4 Librarian 3,4 French Club 1,2 FT A 1 Drama Club 3,4 NHS 3, 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Pep Band 3,4 Jr. and Sr. Class Plays Video Tape 3.4 Science Club 4 Reporter 4 NANCY JOYCE BINKLEY Librarian 4 French Club 1,2,3 Y-Teens 2,3,4 FTA 1 NHS 3,4 Industrial Arts Club 4 Office Girl 4 JAMES BLEVINS FFA 1,2,3,4 Sec. 3 Pres. 4 Football 1 Track 1 Basketball manager 3 RICHARD ELDON BOSSE FFA 1,2,3,4 Treas. 2 Reporter 3 Vice Pres. 4 Band 1,2 Drama Club 4 Parliamentarian 4 Varsity’’A" 2,3,4 Football 2,3,4 manager 2,3 trainer 4 Basketball Trainer 4 8STEVEN R. BRACE French Club 1 FFA 2,3 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 2 Track 1 O BONNIE LOU BURNS DCT 4 EMMA CLARK Pep Club 1 DCT 4 Treas. 4 MARLENE M. BROWN Y-Teens 2,3 Pep Club 1 Band 1,2 DCT 4 RONNIE CHENEY FFA 1 OWE 2,4 Track 1 Football 1 HAMILTON C. COMBS III Latin Club 1,2 Hi-Y 2, 3 Chorus 1 Varsity "A" 2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,4 Basketball 1 9JANE L. CONLEY Latin Club 1 Y-Teens 2, 3.4 FTA 1,2,3 GAA 2, 3.4 Pep Club 1,2,3 Band 1,2,3, 4 Chorus 1, 2,3 Pres. 3 Industrial Arts Club 4 Student Council 3,4 Interclass Contestant 3 Jr. Class Play Girl's State Sec. -Treas. of Class 2 1 JANET CONLEY French Club 1,2 FTA 1 GAA 2 OWE 3,4 Sec. 3; Sec.-Treas. 4 Band 1 LARRY CONLEY Latin Club 1,2 Varsity "A" NHS 3,4 Vice Pres. 4 Football 1,2,3, 4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Sec.-Treas. of Class 1 RAYETTA CONLEY FHA 1,2,3,4 Sec. 3 Pres. 4 Drama Club 4 Pep Club 1,2 Senior Class Play JOHN CRIDER French Club 1,2 Baseball 1 Student Council 4 Varsity "A" 2,3,4 Vice Pres. 2,4 Football 1,2, 3,4 Basketball 1,2,3 EUNICE G. DARLINGTON Latin Club 1 GAA 2,3 Sec. 3 French Club 3,4 Vice Pres. 3 Y-Teens 2, 3 Vice Pres. 3 Pep Club 1 Chorus 1,2 Student Council 2,3 Treas. 3 Interclass Contestant 2 Jr. Class Play 10CONNIE LYNN DEARTH Annual Staff 2,3, 4 Assist. 2 Organization Ed. 3 Sr. Class Ed. 4 French Club 1,2 Librarian 2 FHA4 FTA 1 GAA 2,3 Pep Club I Drama Club 3,4 Vice Pres. 4 Chorus 2 Senior Class Play Betty Crocker Homemaker 4 FFA Queen 4 ANITA LOUISE DELP Trotwood Madison Jr. High 1 French Club 2,3 Treas. 2 Vice Pres. 3 Y-Teens 2,3,4 GAA 2, 3,4 Sgt. of Arms 4 Pep Club 2,3 J.V. cheerleader 3 Band 2,3,4 Librarian 4 Pep Band 2 Treas. of class 3 JAMES OWEN DELP Trotwood Madison Jr. High 1 Varsity ,,A" 2, 3.4 FFA 4 Industrial Arts Club 3,4 Football 2.3.4 Track 2 Basketball 2,3,4 JON DILTS Patrol Boy 1 Stage Crew 1,2,3 DCT 4 Drama Club 4 Industrial Arts Club 3 Jr. and Senior Class Plays SUZANNE DILTS Y-Teens 2,3,4 FTA 1 GAA 2,3 Pep Club 3 NHS 3,4 Pres, of class 2,3 CONNIE LYNN DODGE FHA 1,2 GAA 2,3,4 11KAY LYNNE DYSERT FHA 1,2,3,4 Parliamentarian 4 Librarian 2 Pep Club 2 Chorus 2, 3 Jr. Class Play MARGARET ANN ELWOOD Voice Staff 3,4 assist, social ed. Librarian 2 French Club 1,2,3 FTA 1,2,3,4 Historian 3 Vice Pres. 4 Industrial Arts Club 4 Band 1,2,3, 4 Pep Band 3,4 DENNIS HOWARD EDWARDS French Club 2,3 Vice Pres. 2 Pep Club 2 Varsity "A” 3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 1 Track 1,2 Cross Country 4 Science Club 4 12THOMAS KYLE ENGLISH French Club 1,2 Treas. 2 Hi-Y 3 Treas. 3 FTA 4 Industrial Arts Club 3,4 Treas. 3,4 Patrol Boy 2 Varsity "A" 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 FFA 4 JACQUELINE R. FISHER Latin Club 1 Y-Teens 2, 3,4 GAA 2,3 Band 1,2,3 Chorus 1 Industrial Arts Club 4 PAUL DAVID FLETCHER French Club 1,2 Football 1 Varsity "A” 2,3, 4 Baseball 1,2,3 RICHARD E. FEE JR. OWE 3,4 CAROLYN ANN GAHMAN Latin Club 1 French Club 2 FTA 3 Chorus 1, 2,3,4 Librarian 4 SHARON ANN FISHER FHA 1,2 OWE 3,4 13CHRISTINA GAIL GIBSON FHA 1,2,3, 4 GAA 2,3, 4 Chorus 1 Band 1,2,3, 4 Majorette 3 SHARON MARIE GRANT Allen East H.S. 1,2 Spanish Club 3 FTA 3 DCT 4 CAROL ANN GRIFFIN French Club 1,2 Librarian 3 Y-Teens 2,3 Office Girl 4 Band 1,2, 3 PHYLLIS MAY HALL Latin Club 1,2 FT A 1, 2,3 Drama Club 1,2 NHS 3,4 Chorus 1,2,3, 4 H.S. District Contest 1,2,3,4 H.S. Girls Ensemble 3 MARK DAVID HARRIS French Club 1,2 Pep Club 2 Patrol Boys 2 Track 1,2 Basketball 1,2 Jr. Class play Cross Country 4 Varsity "A" 4 SUSAN HARRIS Y-Teens 2 FHA 1,2 OWE 3,4 14BRAD HAYS French Club 1,2 Hi-Y 2.3 FFA 4 FT A 4 Patrol Boy 1 Football 1,2, 3.4 Track 1,2,3 Varsity "A" Pres, of class 1 SANDRA LEE HERRINGTON French Club 2,3,4 Treas. 4 Spanish Ciub 4 FTA 4 GAA 2,3,4 Sec. 4 Pep Club 2 Drama Club 4 Chorus 2 Jr. and Sr. Class plays REBECCA SUE HINDS Annual Staff 2,3, 4 Asst. 2 Activities Ed. 3 Business mgr 4 F HA 1,2 GAA 2,3 Office Girl 4 GREGORY D. HINES French Club 1,2 NHS 3.4 Band I, 2,3,4 Track Football 1,2, 3.4 Varsity "A" 2,3,4 SUSAN R. HOFFERBERT Elida H.S. 1,2 GAA 4 Treas. 4 FHA 3,4 Vice Pres. 4 Spanish Ciub 4 Jr. Class play Student Director 4 BARBARA J. HOFFMAN French Club 1,2 Pres. 2 Y-Teens 2,3 DCT 4 Sec. 4 Band 1 Jr. Class play Student Director 4 15fe. PATRICIA A. HUBBELL Voice Staff 2, 3 Production manager 2 Sports editor 3 Latin Club 1,2 Pep Club 1,2 Y-Teens 2.3.4 President 4 Industrial Arts Club 4 Student Council 1,2,3 4 Sec. 3 Vice Pres. 4 Office Girl 2 Band 1,2, 3.4 Librarian 2,3 Interclass Contestent 2 Class Vice Pres. 3 CATHY JENKINS French CIud 1,2,3 Treas. 3Y-Teens 2,3,4 GAA 2,3 Treas. 3 Pep Club 1,2,3 JV cheerleader 2,3 Class Vice Pres. 4 STEVE HUBBELL Industrial Arts Club 3,4 President 4 PETER KAIN Stage Crew 1,2,3 Patrol Boys 1 Drama Club 4 DON KLINGLER FFA 1,2,3,4 Sentinel 4 Football 1,2,3,4 Varsity "A” 4 KIM KLINGLER Voice Staff 3,4 French Club 1,2,3 Y-Teens 2, 3,4 GAA 2,3 Pep Club 1 Industrial Arts Club 4 Band 1,2, 3,4 16SAMUEL K. KNIFFEN French Club 1 Drama Club 4 Senior Class Play MIKE KROFFT Stage Crew 1,2 Patrol Boys 1 Industrial Arts Club 3,4 MIKE LENHART DCT 4 Reporter 4 In dustrial Arts Club 3 French Club 1,2 FHA 3 CAA 3 Y-Teens 2 FTA 1 Pep Club 1 Jr. Class Play PAUL LAWRENCE OWE 4 French Club 1,2 Sec. 1,2 GAA 2,3,4 Sgt. of Arms 3 Pep Club 2, 3,4 Sec. 2 Y-Teens 2 NHS 3,4 Student Council 1,2 Jr. Class Play, Office Girl 2,3 Chorus 3 Vice Pres. 3 Band 1,2, 3,4 Pres. 4 Librarian 2,3 Pep Band 1,2 Cheerleader 3,4 Class Sec. 4 Homecoming 1,4 Attendant 1, Queen 4 17CINDY JANE MILLER Librarian 4 Latin Club 1, 2 French Club 3,4 Spanish Club 4 Drama Club 2, 3,4 Sec. 4 NHS 3,4 FTA 1,2, 3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Jr. Class Play LAURIE KAY MILLER French Club 1,2,3 Y-Teens 2,3 FTA 1 GAA 2 Sgt. at Arms 2 Pep Club 1,2 Band 1,2 STEVEN MONTGOMERY Varsity "A" 2,3,4 Track 4 Football 1,4 Basketball 1,3 Baseball 1.3,4 LAURA NEISWANDER Voice Staff 2,4 Y-Teens 2 French Club 1,2 Pres. 1 Vice Pres. 2 FTA 4 Drama Club 4 Student Council 1 Interclass Contestent 2 RANDALL SCOTT NEU FFA 2,3 Sentinel 3 DCT 4 Varsity ”A" 2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Football Basketball 1,2, 3.4 18PAUL DAVID NICHOLS FFA 1 Student Advisor 1 OWE 4 CORDT OTTEN WILLIAM D. PEPPLER dustrial Arts Club 4 French Club 1, 2 DCT 4 Track 1 Industrial Arts Club 3 Football 1 Jr. Class Play GARY REED DCT 4 FRED REICHERT Voice Staff 1,2,3 Latin Club 1,2 Hi-Y 2.3 FFA 4 FTA 4 Patrol Boy 2 Industrial Arts Club 4 Baseball 1,2 Varsity "A 4 Football 1.2,3,4 Basketball 1 19ANTHONY JON RIEMAN Basketball 1 French Club 2.3 SINGLETON E.REMSBURG Annual Staff Photographer 2.3.4 Librarian 1,2,3,4 Latin Club 1,2 Hi-Y 2,3 NHS 3, 4 Chorus 1,2 Varsity "A" 2,3,4 Track 1, 2.3.4 Football Manager 2 Basketball Manager 2 Video Tape 3,4 Cross Country 4 Interclass Contestent 2,3 LORIE JEAN ROBERSON Homecoming Attendant 2 MICHAEL ROBERSON French Club 1,2 Sec, 2 Hi-Y 2, 3 Student Council 4 Pres. 4 Varsity "A" 2,3,4 Football 1,2 Track 1,2,3,-4 Cross Country 4 Honorary Captain 4 Sec. of Class 3 KARL ROMICK French Club 1 Band 1, 2,3,4 P. RUSSELL SCHUMACHER Voice Staff 3 Hi-Y 2,3 French Club 1,2 FT A 1, 2,3,4 Drama Club 2, 3,4 Football 1 Basketball Manager 1 Track Manager 1 Jr. and Sr. Class Plays 20HERBERT SF.ARSON FFA 1,2 Varsity "A" 3, 4 Track 3 Industrial Arts Club 3 Football 1, 2,3.4 KEITH SHELLENBARCER Latin Club 1,2 Vice Pres. 2 Chorus 1,2,3 Varsity "A" 3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Cross Country 4 NHS 3,4 DEBRA E. SHEUMAKER Drama Club 4 Sr. Class Play ANTHONY CHARLES SIMON French Club 1,2 Football 1, 2 Jr. Class Play CARLA A. SLEESMAN Voice Staff 1,2, 3,4 Asst. 1 Correspondance Ed. 2,3 Business Manager 4 French Club 1,2 3 Sec. 2 GAA 1,2,3 DCT Pres. 4 Pep Club 1,2 Drama Club 3,4 Treas. 4 Chorus 2 Office Girl 2,3,4 Band 1,2,3 Jr. Class Play Student Director Sr. Class Play PAMELA J. SMITH Annual Staff 2,3,4 asst. 2 Class Ed. 3 Editor-in-Chief 4 French Club 1,2,3 Sec. 1 Vice Pres. 2 Pres. 3 GAA 2,3 Drama Club 3,4 NHS 3,4 Industrial Arts Club 4 Band 1.2,3,4 Vice Pres, of Class 2 21WADE A. SMITH French Club 1,2 Treas. 2 Basketball 1, Manager 4 Cross Country 4 JEANINE ANN SOUSLEY Librarian 3 Y-Teens 2, 3,4 FHA 1,2,3 Pep Club 2,3 Chorus 3 Office Girl 4 THOMAS ALAN STOODT DCT 4 Varsity "A" 3,4 Basketball 2 Baseball 2, 3,4 MARK SUMNEY DCT 4 im ROBERTA ANN TELLES FHA 2 Drama Club 2, 3 Spanish Club 3 DCT 4 CHERYL ANN UMPHRESS Y-Teens 2 FTA 2 Chorus 1 Pep Club 1 FHA 2,3,4 Sec. 4 CHRISTINE ANN VAN ATTA Annual Staff 2,3,4 Asst. 2 Music Ed. 3 Administration 4 Latin Club 1,2 Y-Teens 2,3 FTA 1,2,3, 4 Treas. 2 GAA 2,3 Drama Club 2,3 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 NHS 3.4 Band 1,2,3,4 Treas. 4 Office Girl 4 Chorus Accomp. 2 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 Jr. Class Play Interclass Contestent 2, 3 FFA Queen 3 Jr. Fair Queen 4 Stage Band 3 Homecoming Attendant 4 22LINDA JO VAN ATTA Annual Staff 2,3,4 Asst. 2 Sports Ed. 3 Class Ed. 4 French Club 1,2 Pres. 1,2 Y-Teens 2,3 FHA 3.4 Songleader 3 Treas. 4 GAA 2,3 Drama Club Pep Club 1,2,3 Pres. 1 V. Pres. 3 Student Council 3,4 Chorus 2 Jr. and Sr. Class Play Vice Pres, of Class 1 DALE VANDEMARK French Club 1,2 Patrol Boy 2 Industrial Arts Club 4 Varsity "A” 3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Jr. and Sr. Class Play Treas. of Class 4 KEVIN LEE WILLEKE Hi-Y 2,3 Stage Crew 2 DCT 4 Parliamentarian 4 Industrial Arts Club 3 Varsity "A" 2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Jr. and Sr. Class Plays VAUGHN WILLIAMS Industrial Arts Club 3 V. Pres. 3 NHS 3,4 Pres. 4 Varsity "A" 2,3, 4 Pres. 4 Football 1,2, 3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 VICKI LEE WILLIAMS Librarian 2,3 French Club 1,2,3 Y-Teens 3,4 Pep Club 2,3 Office Girl 4 Chorus 2 Jr. Class Play TERESA EMILY WILHELM Voice Staff 2,3,4 reporter 2 Page editor 3, editor 4 Latin Club 1,2 Pres. 2 Y-Teens 2,3 Drama Club 1,2,3 Band 1,2,3,4 Reporter 4 THERESA D. WOLKE French Club 1,2 DCT 4 FHA 1,2,3 Recorder 2 Parliamentarian 3 Jr. Class Play Prompter 23Mike Roberson, Nancy Binkley Top Scores in American Government Test. Rick Combs Achievement Award Ohio Weslayn Sing Rembsburg Academic Scholarship Electrical Engineering O. N. U. Keith Shellenbarger Merit Fianancial A-ward Mechincal Engineering O.N.U. Roberta Telles, Carla Sleesman, Vaughn Williams Outstanding Vocational Student Award Cindy Miller Getty Scholar Kiwanis Scholarship Connie Dearth Betty Crocker Homemaker Award Roberta Telles Jr. Civic League Scholarship John Berton Grant from Denison University Sandie Herrington, Cheryl Umphress, Sue Hofferbert Ohio State School of Cosmetology Scholarship 24Kung Fu 25Truck On2832Counselors School Board COUNSELORS: MR. MADISON MRS. MILLER SCHOOL BOARD: STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Robert Elliott, Mr. Jack Corle, and Mr. Charles Conley SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Nancy Dapore and Mrs. Janet Hubbell 33English LEFT: Mrs. Cummings teaches English. She received her B. S. from Glenville State College in W. Virginia. RIGHT: O.N.U. is where Mrs. Busch earned her B.S. She teaches English and advises the twelfth grade. LEFT: Mr. Honegger teaches English, he s the seventh grade advisor, and he coaches football and the jr. high track team. Miami University is where he received his B.S. RIGHT: Mrs. Baerkircher advises the voice staff and teaches English. She earned her B.S. at Ohio State University. 34Languages Reading TOP LEFT: Mrs. Neiswander is in charge of the French dept. She is the advisor of the French club and ninth grade. The University of Akron is where she earned her B.S. BOTTOM LEFT: ”1 didn’t do it!” It will take some time for Mrs. Pitts to convince George Sleesman that it wasn’t her fault. Reading and being seventh grade advisor keeps her busy. Ohio Northern University is where she earned her B.S. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Cayton and the Spanish pinata are true friends! At least they better be. Especially since she teaches Spanish and advises the Spanish club! She also teaches English and advises the tenth grade. Ohio Northern University is where she earned her B.S. 35Math RIGHT: How could anyone resist smiling at a joke like that! Mr. Block’s classes are relaxed and very easy to learn in. He teaches algebra, analysis, physics, advises the ninth grade, and is coach of the jr. high track team. Mr. Block holds a B.S. from Capital U. BELOW: Mr. Wagner is being sure that his study hall is quiet. This policy is also carried into his classrooms where he teaches jr. high math. He also is a seventh grade advisor and he coaches jr. high football and basketball. Ohio Northern is where Mr. Wagner received his B.S. in ed. BELOW RIGHT: Mr. Ricketts teaches algebra, geometry, and eighth grade math. He is also an eleventh grade advisor and coach of the freshman basketball team. Here he is smiling after his students have realized the proper method to use. Mr. Ricketts has a B.S. in math which he received from Findlay College. 36Science LEFT: "Who left the gas on!" and "Watch out that’s hot!" are a few phrases you might hear in Mr. Markley’s chemistry class. Besides chemistry he also teaches general math and seventh grade science. He is a tenth grade advisor and has control over the pep club. Mr. Markley presently holds a B.S. in ed. He attended Bowling Green State University, Iowa State University, and Eastern Kentucky University. BELOW LEFT: Mr.Neff, who received a B.S. from Ohio State, is trying his talent at making a successful experiment for his earth science class. He also teaches general science. Mr. Neff is an advisor of the eighth grade. BELOW: The amazing wonders of biology keep Mr. Norberg on his toes at all times. This is why he thinks the subject is so interesting. General science is also one of his subjects during the day. Mr. Norberg received his B.S. from Ohio Northern University and his M.S. from Ohio State University. 37ABOVE: This is a common position that you might find Mr. Fox in! However he does keep himseif busy at other times during the day. He is advisor of the annual staff, seventh grade, and he teaches geography, general business, and current events. Ohio Northern is where he received his B.S. ABOVE RIGHT: Papers, papers, papers! Where do they all come from? Mrs. Sleesman teaches history and civics. She is also the advisor of eighth grade, drama club, and she directs the sr. class play. Mrs. Sleesman holds a B.S. in ed. which she got at Ohio Northern University. BOTTOM LEFT: Miss Saie was very busy this year since she taught 4 govt, classes, behavioral science, and A.P. history. She also supervised the sr. class and the F.T. A. Miss sale holds a B.S. in ed. which she received from Ohio Northern University. BOTTOM RIGHT: A new addition to the staff this year was Mr. Fries. He started out his teaching career at Ada as the head basketball coach 38 cross country coach, eighth grade advisor and teaching American history. He has a M.S. which he received from Miami University.Business LEFT: Mrs. Bozarth heads the business department. She teaches shorthand, typing, personal typing, bookkeeping, and general business. She is also the advisor of the tenth grade and y-teens. One of her favorite past-times is reading. Mrs. Bozarth received her B. S. from Ohio Northern University. LEFT: Mrs. Milnar, who received her B.S. at De Pauw University and her M.S. at Catholic University, is aiding Mona Binkley in operating a filmstrip viewer. This is just one of our many aids we have in our new library. Library 39Industrial Arts Home Ec. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Lee just loves to have his picture taken! But when hefs not posing, somehow he finds time to teach industrial arts and mechanical drawing. He even has enough resistance to coach baseball, and advise the jr. class. Bowling Green is where he received his B.S. ABOVE CENTER: Being the neat and orderly person that Mr. Badertscher is, he is putting his tools in their proper place. Teaching production agriculture and agriculture mechanics, and advising the jr. class are just a few of his prime interests. Mr. Badertscher attended O.S. U. for both his B.S. and M.S. ABOVE RIGHT: Ind. arts, and ind. arts club advisor, jr. high basketball, jr. high football, and senior advisor are Mr. Dearth's activities. O.N.U. is where he received his B.S. RIGHT: Mrs. Spitzer enjoys vocational home economics. Besides teaching, she also is the FHA and ninth grade advisor. She holds a B.S. which she received from Ohio University. 40D.C.T. O.VK.E. O.W.A. V LEFT: Mr. Lawrence keeps busy keeping in contact with his students' employers since he's the DCT coordinator. He is also the VICA advisor. Ohio Northern University is where he received his B.S. and he also attended the University of Toledo where he received his M.S. BELOW LEFT: Mr. Ricker is our OWE coordinator. He occupies the positions of head football coach. Mr. Ricker got his B.S. at the University of Toledo and his M.S. at Bowling Green. BELOW RIGHT: "Now cut that out! You know you aren't suppose to say things like that in class!" Mr. Bruin went to Ohio Northern University where he received his B.S. and later he attended Indiana University for his M.S. Mr. Bruin is our OWA coordinator and our assistant football coach. 41Music Art ABOVE: MRS. WINCHELL is our vocal instructor. She’s in charge of the high school choir and the vocal ensembles. Ohio State is where she earned her B. A. ABOVE RIGHT: MR. ANSLEY heads our band. Pep Band, stage band, and instrumental music also keep him busy. He attended Ohio State University. RIGHT: MR. MINTO conducts the art classes. He attended Findlay College. 42Phys. Ed. LEFT: MR. BARTLEY attended O.N. U. where he earned a B.A. in Phys. Ed. He teaches health, physical education, and drivers education. Coaching track and football, and advising the senior class also keep him busy. BOTTOM LEFT: MRS. BURRIS is in charge of the girls' department. She advises the G. A. A., cheerleaders, and the eleventh grade. She also attended O. N. U. 43Administrative Staff Aid RIGHT: MRS. STAVENGER BOTTOM LEFT: MRS. McBRIDE (S.H. Monitor) BOTTOM RIGHT: MR. PHILLIPS -Psychologist 44TOP LEFT: Mrs. Weihrauch, Mrs. Casper, Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Koop, Mrs. Epley, and Mrs. Hathaway TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Stoodt BOTTOM LEFT: BACK ROW- Dennis Singer, Doug Thompson, Sandy Curtis, Ronnie Tar, Jean Curtis, Jeff Kniffen, and Jerry Pifer FRONT ROW - Duane Helms, Cathy Jenkins, Jeanine Sousiey, and Steve Brown BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Scott Cafeteria Staff Maintenance ss 45Maintenance Transportation TOP LEFT: Mr. Badertscher TOP RIGHT: Mr. Shadley BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Hauenstein, Mr. Tong, Mr. Weihrauch, Mr. Moore, Mr. Burman, and Mr. Epley BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Weihrauch and Mr. Baughman 46(°fD oOoJUNIORS President Debbie Cotsamire busy as a bee. Vice President Anna Crider looking very sophisticated. FRONT: Karen Bailey, Nancy Bettinger, Debbie Cotsamire, Janet Baier, Carol Baker, Lee Ann Arlington, Wanda Baughman MIDDLE: Jeff Barnes, Cindy Banks, Barb Cribley, Anna Crider, Anita Agin, Chip Cole BACK: Eric Archer, Dave Blevins, Sterling Brown, Ed Corle, Roger Criblez, Bob Combs, Dan Brown 48TRUCK ON The Juniors were really busy this year with magazine sales, the play "Boarding House Reach", Spirit Week, Interclass, and the Prom but busyness really paid off for them- why they walked away with the Spirit Week Trophy for the third year in a row. Of coarse they had fun too- (what other chemistry class even got to make homemade ice cream in chem. lab?) Warren Fisher FRONT: Cheryl Deringer, Marianne Heinfeld, Chris Dock, Terri Gossman, Lynette Gossard, Jill Klingler, Sue Crowe MIDDLE: Denny Klingler, Bruce Drake, Steve Decker, Jim Klingler, Bob Johnson, John Hofferbert BACK: Anita Curtis, Mark Carver, Kevin Hull, Dave Earl, Rick Hughes, Bill Gahman, Bob Hunsicker, Peg Fries 49Teena Moore Secretary Terri Massillo busy with an extra-curricular activity. FRONT: Nolan Long, Mike Mankey, Tom LaRue, Judy Marshall, Mike Parks, Rick Miller MIDDLE: Vera Pitts, Kathy Music, Carla Lambert, Alane Nelson, Cathy Moser, Kathy Klingler BACK: Steve Moloney, Mike Newland, Keith Montgomery, Jeff Pifer, Pam Rettig, Becky Montgomery 50on Jim Romick Tipsuda Poonhundhit FRONT: Karen Theodore, Della Thompson, Cheryl Worthington, Brenda Spradlin, Sheryl Willeke, Pat Zimmer MIDDLE: Dennis Williams, Sheila Smith, Leslie Schmidt, Mike Sousley, Vicki Daugherty, Peggy Woolcut BACK: Mike Vandeborne, Tom Wyss, Laura Wilhelm, Mike Wright 51Sophomores President Allen Clum Treasurer Jim Bowden Steve Conley Bob Conley Dave Agin FRONT: Caroline Burton, Michelle Casper, Elaine Bosse, Becky Boutwell, Cathy Criblez, Jeff Bosch MIDDLE: Carol Brown, Becky Burns, Dee Dee Cole, Linda Bailey, Rhonda Cheney, Genny Ansley, Mary Baughman BACK: Bill Bischoff, Steve Acheson, Jeff Boutwell, Dennis Boutwell, Jim Bowden, Allen Clum, Dave Collins 52Keep FRONT: Sharon Fleming, Paula DaPore, Toni Carver, Vicki Gibson, Kris Decker, Kalua Gibson, Karla Dearth, Kerrie Dearth MIDDLE: Denny Dearth, Randy Dysert, Ron Dicus, Randy Garver, Jeff Hall, Rick Elwood BACK: Geoffrey Hall, Bob Devier, Terry Hanna, Howard Elliot, Bob Dodge, Dan Deringer, James Hall 53Vice President Dave Long's better angle. FRONT ROW: Debbie Kent, Cheryl Hopson, Cherie Hepner, Cindy Price, Karen Hodges, Beth Miller, Joyce Klingler SECOND ROW: Ronnie Lee, Mike Miller, Randy Lee, Sandy Hover, Rex Hays, Jim Norton THIRD ROW: Jeff Plummer, Jenny Maxwell, Lark Herrington, Robin Patton, Pam Moore, Clinton Judy FOURTH ROW: Dan Hassel, Bill James, Tim Harris, Dave Reese, Doug Klingler, Dave Long 54Trucking Laura Romick IrJlf 1 John Romick Sophomores trucked on this year through assorted activities. They gave their all tieing for third in Spirit Week and doing their best as rookies in Interclass. Talk about uniqueness what other class had snail races in biology. Don Grant FRONT ROW: Kathy Schumacher, Sherri Zimmerly, Denise Williams, Rose Simon, Nancy Van-deborne, Jack Paugh, Teresa Sawmiller SECOND ROW: Rhonda Umphress, Cindy Wagner, Terry Weller, Kathy Schwickert, Louis Vot-tero. Rise Ward, Anita Weirauch, Bill Spar THIRD ROW: Jeff Risner, Dennis Telles, Rob Simon, Bruce Smith, Doug Van Atta, Grover Bout-well, Tim Stambaugh 55Keep President Mike Gossman thinking? Vice President Andy Fisher looking bewildered about something. Lloyd Conley FRONT ROW: Charlene Dearth, Jan Boutwell, Carla Conley, Cindy Brown, Jenny Badertscher, Kim Acheson SECOND ROW: Jean Curtis, Karen Boutwell, Kathleen Berton, Paula Dornbusch, Terri Benham, Emily Darlington THIRD ROW: Sandy Curtis, Barb Agin, Tammy Brummet, Nancy Baughman, Jeanine Blevins FOURTH ROW: Dean Dearth, Jerry Badertscher, Brenda Daugherty, Mike England, Greg Dysert, Carolyn Dearth, Keith Beltz 56On Marc Farrington James Klingler Mark Haight Greg Green FRONT ROW: Gary Long, Ken Gibson, Gene Griffin, Andy Fisher, Vicki Gordon, Rhonda Henry SECOND ROW: Jim Jenkins, Cheryl Hall, Michelle Hubbell, Judy Linger, Teresa Hines, Duane Helms THIRD ROW: Paul Heinfeld, Mike Fensler, Debbie Klingler, Vicki Hubbell, Sheila Gahman, Jeff Hopson FOURTH ROW: Mike Gossman, Fritz Kain, Dallas Guilford, Eugene Gossard, Wayne Jump 57Truckin' Secretary-Treasurer Ernie Whitaker putting his study hall to good use. FRONT ROW: Denny Simon, Mike Mathewson, Jim McKee, Julie Miller, Lorie Shull, Marian Ritchie SECOND ROW: Eddie Ruhe, Eric Martin, Ken Ring, Kevin Risner, Robert Prater, Denise Shaw THIRD ROW: Jim McBride, Marie Searson, Rhonda Musser, Kathy Ousley, Terry Roberson, Diane Moore FOURTH ROW: Nolan Reese, David Norberg, Beth Remsburg, Chris Quattrocchi, Rhonda Ro-mick, Marla Singer, Robin Simon 58Frosh Jane Sleesman Daniel Telles FRONT ROW: Mark Van Atta, Betty Sousley, Cheryl Whetsler, Julie Ward, Jean Smith, Ernie Whitaker SECOND ROW: Cindy Spar, Crystal Zachariah, Don Bryan, Penny Worthington, Richard Theodore, Debbie Weihrauch, Doug Thompson THIRD ROW: Cathy Van Atta, Raymond Shroyer, Jim Sousley, John Sousley, Jeff Underwood, David Williams, John Vottero, Jill Spar 59Keep Sue Fensler Randy Harris, Secretary-treasurer FRONT ROW: Jerry Downing, Linda Elwood, Dan Garver, Randy Harris, Jeff Campbell, Kathy Fancher SECOND ROW: John Arlington, Joe Awad, Debbie Herold, Teresa Dearth, Janice Henry, Donna Daft, Gloria Hoffman THIRD ROW: Debbie Anspach, LeeAnn Grant, Linda Agin, Mike Cramer, Steve Brown, Rick Gibson, Beth Cheney, Robin Garver FOURTH ROW: Mike Elliot, Doug Cotsamire, Greg Dearth, Ed Delp, Dave Deringer, Sandy Cook, Ann Allen 60Truckin’ FRONT ROW: Charlene Oates, Tony Musser, Rory Massillo, Mike Preston, Tina Lantz, John Pflieger SECOND ROW: Jill Lawrence, Nancy Kniffen, Bonnie Klingler, Jerry Pifer, Bo Michael, Mark Nichols THIRD ROW: Brenda Naylor, Annette McBride, Debbie Lamb, Hebert Judy, Lonnie Kent, Darla Hunsicker FOURTH ROW: Tony Hover, Mike Price, Ray Lambert, Bev Krofft, Judy Keller, Diane Klingen-berger, Larry Hopson 61Eighth Graders Clarence Allen Cherie Rayl FRONT ROW: Keith Shaw, Donald Spar, Kamal Shaw, Wes Stobbe, Jay Zsembik, Tom Wagner SECOND ROW: Hoyt Wilhelm, Lisa Underwood, Dennis Singer, Kelley Spallinger, Sharlene Wagner, Teresa Ring THIRD ROW: Cheri Rayl, Mitchell Van Atta, Russ Schwickert, Dave Risner, George Wolber, Bill Singer FOURTH ROW: Debbie Romick, Philip Wright, Ken Reed, Ronnie Tar, Barb Telles, Sylvia Rex, Jeanie Wiley 62Seventh Graders Neil Allen FRONT ROW: Jeff Bischoff, Dave Badertscher, Chris Bischoff, Brad Baker, Mark Burton, David Drake SECOND ROW: Amy Allen, Cathy Cole, Cathy Castle, Annete Conley, Dave Berton, Mona Binkley, Tammy Campbell THIRD ROW: Ray Baughman, Dave Carmean, Lon Cheney, Sandy Anspach, Greg Brummet, Rhonda Combs, Lora Begley FOURTH ROW: Mike Agin, Mark Blevins, Debbie Boutwell, Mary Jean Boutwell, Lynn Coe, April-Arlington, Bob Bass 63Keep Julie Lawrence, Ty Michael, Vice President President Stan Parshall, Secretary-treasurer FRONT ROW: Debbie Gordon, Crystal Dearth, Mary Gonzalez, Lori Edens, Janet Fisher, Bill Garver, Greg Davis SECOND ROW: Dave Dearth, Daryl Fensler, Gary Cribley, Tim Dicus, Jean England, Jill Fee, Margery Gonzalez THIRD ROW: Lora Cook, Shelley Gibson, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Bruce Elliot, Kevin Ellison, Jeff Criblez, Dean Devier FOURTH ROW: Tracey Forsythe, Joyce Deringer, Cindy Evans, Cathy Decker, Jacque Gahman, Barb Conley 64Truckin’ FRONT ROW: Greg Hofferbert, Mark Oliver, Dave Kniffen, Mark Preston, Layne Moore, Roger McKinley, Julie Lawrence SECOND ROW: Teresa Jenkins, Valerie Lenhart, Kevin Rayl, Jeff McBride, Dave Gossman, Jack Harris, Ty Michael THIRD ROW: Connie McKee, Penny Patton, Joyce Hall, Larry Lile, Donna Hall, Cindy Hover, Gretchen Herrington FOURTH ROW: Mike Hall, Charles Malick, Stan Parshall, Bruce Price, Paula Hines, Cathi Naylor, Jennifer Hanson 65on and on FRONT ROW: Kevin Young, Sharon Theodore, Sandra Wagner, Randy Simon, Eric Wolber, Rowdy Sumney SECOND ROW: Theresa Stahl, Kathy Spallinger, Sandy Tackett, Mike Simon, Scott Stahl, Greg Sawmiller, Kirk Reed THIRD ROW: Richard Ritchie, Chris Schwickert, Bob Whitaker, Vickie Van Atta, Laura Um-phress, Sylvia Smith, Kris Spar FOURTH ROW: Jeff Kniffen, Richard Shroyer, George Sleesman, Sheri Shull, Mark Reichert, Dan Schumacher, Craig Reynolds®mBulldog’s Keep FRONT: Steve Montgomery, Rick Combs, Larry Conley, Fred Reichert, Mark Allen, Kevin Willeke, Don Klingler, Tim Agin. ROW 2: Mike Gossman, Steve Acheson, Denny Dearth, Dave Reese, Doug VanAtta, Terry Brite, Steve Decker, Eric Archer. ROW 3: Dan Telles, Dave Agin, Doug Klingler, Bob Conley, Allen Clum, Dave Long, Bill James, Dave Collins. ROW 4: Mike Fensler, Greg Dysert, Ernie Whitaker, Jeff Hopson, Jim McBride, Don Bryan, Dennis Simon, Ken Gibson. HEAD COACH: Coach Rickeron Truckin’ FRONT: Greg Hines, John Crider, Vaughn Williams, Jim Delp, Brad Hays, Tom English, Herb Searson, Randy Neu. ROW 2: Mike Park, Jim Klingler, Sterling Brown, Ed Corle, Chip Cole, Mike Mankey, Dan Brown. ROW 3: Steve Conley, Sandy Hover, Jeff Risner, Mike Miller, Rob Simon, Denny Boutwell, Tim Harris, Rick Miller. ROW 4: Mike England, Eric Martin, Keith Beltz, Jim Jenkins, Gene Griffin, Bob Dodge, Rick Elwood, Gary Long. Ada 30 Delphos Jefferson Ada 36 Columbus Grove Ada 33 Bluffton Ada 44 Wayne Trace Ada 61 Crestview Ada 40 Perry Ada 18 Allen East Ada 47 Paulding Ada 22 Spencerville L-R.: Mike Cook, Richard Bosse-student trainer, Jeff Coutwell, Jamie Miller70Sterling Brown t Doug VanAtta r Dave Collins ar Jim Klinglcr Steve Decker Dennis Boutwell Roger Criblcz Dennis Dearth k » I'Jv «r w.. Terry Britc L E T T E R M E N 71Cross Country STANDING L-R: Coach Fries, Mike Sousley, Sing Remsburg, Tom LaRue, John Hofferbert, Mark Haight, Jeff Fries, Keith Shellenbarger, Mark Harris, Jim Bowden, Wade Smith KNEELING: Bob Prater, Randy Dysert, Mike Roberson, Jim Klingler 8 team meet at New Bremen Ada placed 3rd Ada 15 Lincolnview 44 Ada 15 Allen East 50 Ada 26 Bluffton 31 Ada 23 Columbus Grove 45 Upper Scioto Valley 66 Ada 30 West Liberty Salem 39 Indiana Lake 58 Ada 22 Wapakoneta 35 Northwest Conference Meet Ada placed 2nd Sectional Meet 16 Teams Ada placed 4thC. C. Letterman Mike Roberson Mark Harris Sing Remsburg Keith Shellenbarger Tom LaRue JohnHofferbert Randy Dysert Jeff Fries 73 SEASON'S RECORD 30-6Varsity Cheerleaders tToraliD LEFT TO RIGHT: Cheryl Hopson, LeeAnn Arlington, Teri Massillo, Captain: Chris MASCOT: Peg FRIES VanAtta, Kelley Martin 74 Varsity Bulldog’s LEFT TO RIGHT: Randy Dysert, Jim Delp, Mike Sousley, Roger Criblez, Denny Boutwell, Dave Agin, Dennis Edwards, Randy Neu, Vaughn Williams, Mike Park, Jeff Fries Head Coach: Gene Fries MANAGERS: FRONT TO BACK: Student Trainer: Richard Bosse, Keith Shellenbar-ger, Wade Smith, Doug Fries 75Vaughn Williams Jim Delp Roger Criblez Mike Park L e t t e r m e n Randy Neu Dennis Edwards Dennis Bout well Jeff Fries Randy Dysert Ada 77 Ridgemont 86 Ada 73 Lincolnview 79 Ada 78 Perry 46 Ada 61 Indian Lake 59 Ada 66 Kenton 62 (0. T.) Ada 79 Crestview 70 Ada 57 Riverdale 70 Ada 68 Arlington 42 Ada 58 Delphos Jefferson 44 Ada 56 Spencerville 66 Ada 61 Allen East 59 Ada 70 Carey 55 Ada 76 Columbus Grove 44 Ada 67 Waynesfield Goshen 65 Ada 66 Upper Scioto Valley 67 Ada 86 Hardin Northern 53 Ada 89 Cory Rawson 55 Tournament Games Ada 89 Hardin Northern 57 Ada 55 Upper Scioto Valley 67 Bulldog's KEPT ON TRUCKIN' to end their winning season with a record of 13-6. 76J. V. Team FRONT TO BACK: Randy Dysert, Jack Paugh, Denny Dearth, Dave Long, Bill James, Rob Simon, Mike Sousley, Jim Bowden, Greg Dysert, Dave Agin RIGHT TO LEFT: Genny Ansley, Joyce Klingler, Kathy Klingler, Captain: Judy Marshall, Cheri Hepner Coach Ted Lee 77Fighting FRONT ROW: Eric Martin, Jerry Badertscher, Mark Wolke, Mark Haight, Keith Beltz, Mike England, Dennis Telles, BACK ROW: Gene Griffin, Gary Long, Jim Klingler, Jim McBride, Ernie Whitaker, Don Bryan, Jeff Hopson, Ken Gibson, Dennis Simon, Coach: Marvin Ricketts LEFT TO RIGHT: Teresa Hines, Cindy Brown, Captain: Cathy VanAtta, Jennifer Badertscher, Robin Simon 78B FRONT: Vaughn Williams, Steve Montgomery, Tom Stoodt, Larry Conley, Dale Vandemark, Jim Delp, Rick Combs ROW 2: Jeff Fries, Bob Conley, Mike Miller, Randy Dysert, Jeff Barnes, Jim Klingler, Keith Montgomery ROW 3: Eric Martin, Jim Sousley, John Sousley, Greg Dysert, Steve Conley, Mark Wolke, Coach: Ted Lee ROW 4: Rod Dysert, Bruce Smith, Bob Combs 79Baseball Lettermen Jeff Barnes Jeff Fries Mike Miller 80 Jim Klingler The Baseball Team Kept On Truckin' to end their winning season with a record of 7-6-1. The team still had three more games to play which were postponed to later dates because of bad weather conditions.FRONT: Randy Neu, Steve Montgomery, Keith Shellenbarger, Herb Searson, Greg Hines, Mike Roberson, Sing Remsburg, Tom English. ROW 2: Jeff Martin, Bruce Drake, Ed Corle, Steve Decker, Mike Park, Mike Wright, Eric Archer, Mike Mankey. ROW 3: Sandy Hover, Jim Bowden, Dennis Boutwell, Doug Klingler, Allen Clum, Doug VanAtta, Jeff Hall, Randy Carver. ROW 4: Jeff Hopson, Jeff Risner, Mike England, Mark Haight, Keith Beltz, Dave Collins, Jack Paugh, Dan Hassell. ROW 5: Dave Norberg, Fritz Kain, Ern Whitaker, Ken Gibson, Dennis Simon, Jim Jenkins, Jim McBride, Bob Dodge. ROW 6: Rick Gibson, Coach: Gary Ricker, Head Coach: Rodger Bartly, Wade Smith T r a c k T e a m State, Mile Relay Team, L-R: S. Decker, S. State, 880 Relay Team, L-R: M. Park, S. Hover, T. English, D. Boutwell Remsburg, D. Klingler, M. Mankey The Track Team had an outstanding season. They won every meet and placed first in both District and Sectional Meets. In the State Track Meet, Roberson placed fourth in the Mile Run, Montgomery placed fifth in the Shot Put, and the Mile Relay Team placed fifth. State, Shot Put: State, Mile Run: S. Montgomery M. Roberson State, Pole Vault: M. Wright 81Track Steve Montgomery Sing Remsburg Herb Searson Keith Shellenbarger 82Lettermen S ndy Hover Jim Bowden 83Jr. High T r SEATED: Dave Risner, John Arlington, Joe Awad, David Derringer, Ron d Tar, Lon Kent, Jeff Campbell, Mike Preston, Kama! Shaw ROW 2: Hoyte Wilhelm, Bo Michael, Philip Wright, Tony Musser, Doug C Elliot, Ed Delp, Ray Lambert, Mitchell VanAtta, Doug Cotsamire, Mike Cramer kROW 3: Lane Moore, Lon Cheney, David Gossman, Mark Preston, David Carmean, Mike Hall, Randy Simon, Ty Michael, Bill Carver ROW 4: Coach: Arthur Block, Larry Lile, Chris Bischoff, Daryl Fensler, Kevin Young, Dan Schumacher, Mike Agin, David Berton, Coach: Hal Honeggar SEATED: Jeff Criblez, Keith Shaw, David Dearth, Bill Carver, Brad Baker, Dan Gar-ver, Tony Musser, Jeff Campbell, Tom Wagner, Randy Harris, Gary Cribley, Rory Massillo, Joe Awad ROW 2: John Arlington, Stan Parshall, Dennis Singer, Greg Brumett, Bruce Price, Bill Singer, Hoyte Wilhelm, Bob Whitaker, Mike Cramer, Lon Cheney, Mitchell VanAtta, George Wolber, Larry Hopson, Jerry Pifer ROW 3: Coach: Tom Dearth, Mark Reichert, Dave Risner, Ray Lambert, Greg Dearth, Tony Hover, Mike Price, Ken Reed, Ed Delp, Mike Hall, Herbert Judy, Lon Kent, Sandy Anspach, Coach: Gary Wagner 848th Grade KNEELING: L-R: Ron Tarr, Ray Lambert, Ed Delp, Mike Elliott, Ken Reed, Mike Price, Rick Gibson STANDING: Randy Harris, George Wolber, Dave Risner, Mike Cramer, John Arlington, Bo Michael, Coach: Gary Wagner FRONT: Captain: Kathy Fancher, STANDING: Charlene Oates, Amy Allen, April Arlington, TOP: Julie Lawrence 7th Grade KNEELING: Gary Cribley, Brad Baker, Ty Michael, Eric Wolber, SITTING: Dan Schumacher, Mike Agin, Mark Reichert, Mike Hall, Craig Reynolds, STANDING: Bill Garver, Stan Parshall, George Sleesman, Bruce Price, Bob Bass, Sott Stahl, Coach: Tom Dearth 85Honored Bulldogs NORTHWEST CONFERENCE FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT: Randy Neu, Rick Combs, ROW 2: Kevin Willeke, Steve Decker, also Northwest Ohio District Team, ROW 3: Brad Hays, Mike Park, ROW 4: Vaughn Williams, Ed Corle, ROW 5: Tom English, Sterling Brown FIRST TEAM ALL OHIO IN FOOTBALL: LEFT: Rick Combs, RIGHT: Randy Neu, also Northwest Ohio Defensive Lineman of the Year There are also five other athletes who received honors. The Basketball Honorary Captain was Jim Delp. Dennis Edwards was Selected for the First Team Northwest Conference Basketball Team. The Honorary Captains for the Baseball Team were Steve Montgomery, Larry Conley, and Vaughn Williams. HONORARY FOOTBALL CAPTAINS: LEFT: Brad Hays, also Northwest Ohio District Team RIGHT: Vaughn Williams, also Northwest Ohio District Team HONORARY CROSS COUNTRY and TRACK CAPTAIN: Mike Roberson 86Homecoming in Bulldog Country Cheryl Hopson, Sophomore Attendant; Terri Massillo, Junior Attendant; Kelley Martin, Queen; Chris Van Atta, Senior Attendant; Cathy Van Atta, Freshman Attendant. Escorts: Bill James, Dan Brown, Tom English, Rick Combs, Dennis Simon. el mm 88 The Queen and her Court Queen KelleyX UX The 1973 Bulldog Country Bonfire was held October 5. The Queen and her Court thanked their class for the honor they had received, and wished the team "good luck" In the game with Crestview. The BonfireSadie Hawkins Dance — 1973 The 1973 Sadie Hawkins Dance was held Feb. 3. This year’s theme was "Close to You". The Royalty was: FRONT: Sandy Herrinton, Queen BACK: Judy Marshall, junior attendant; Anita Deip, senior attendant; and Anita Weir-auch, sophomore attendant. The Sadie Hawkins Dance is sponsored by the G.A. A. It is held every year near Valentine's Day. Refreshments often have to do with Valentine's Day. This year for example. Sugar plum punch and honeybunch tarts were served. There is always good entertainment, too. This year the couples danced to the music of the Doug Shorter Quartet. You can easily see why the G.A.A. Sadie Hawkins Dance is always looked forward to by everyone. 91Seniors Present “If a Body Meet a Body’’ Priscilla.................... Sue Ann...................... Cam.......................... Mrs. Riley................... Henry Riley.................. Owen Barnes.................. Police Officer............... Lt. De Ville................. Mr. Hatcher.................. Sonia........................ Delivery Girl................ Director: Mrs. Jean Sleesman Kim Klingler Linda Van Atta Connie Dearth Sandy Herrington San Kniffen Dale Vandemark Kevin Willeke Russ Schumacher John Berton Carla Sleesman Deb Sheumaker Oi® rid (Hogs The Senior class play this year was enjoyed by all. The Seniors did a fine job as they "Keep on truckin'" towards that magic day of graduation. 92Juniors Present “The Boaring House Reach” BACK: Cheryl Deringer, Ed Corle, Cindy Banks, Peg Fries, Bob Combs, Sheryl Willeke, Rick Miller, BarbCribley, Anna Crider, Mr. Dearth; director MIDDLE: Wanda Baughman, Mike Park, Deb Cotsamire, Jim Klingler, Nancy Bettinger FRONT: Laura Wilhelm, Chip Cole, Tom La Rue, Karen Theodore Ah, yes the sweet taste of success; that is what was experienced by the Juniors with their presentation of "The Boarding House Reach". Their play was enjoyed by all who attended. Those Juniors just "keep on truckin'"! Mr. Maxwell . Jim Klingler Mrs. Maxwell . Deb Cotsamire Connie . Sheryl Willeke Betty Lou . Nancy Bettinger Wilbur . Mike Park Bernadine Smith . Karen Theodore Hercules Nelson . Tom La Rue Mr. Potter . Bob Combs Mrs. Mott . Cheryl Deringer Aunt Marv . Barb Cribley Limpy McGuire . Rick Miller Nora McGuire . Peg Fries Herman Jones . Chip Cole Ruby Jones . Laura Wilhelm Lucy Bums . Cindy Banks Detective Connally . Ed Corle Director Mr. Tom Dearth 93Juniors Keep on Truckin-Sweep Spirit Week CompetitionSpirit Week Decorations: Juniors Eighth Grade Sophomores □ DD Freshmen Seniors mRT IUUK an Seniors Freshmen This year, as always, there were many different themes for the Spirit Week competition. Themes varied from the Juniors' winning theme, "Father Fries and his Nursery Rhymes" to the Sophomores Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."Spirit Week in Bulldog Country The "Spirit” found in "Spirit Week" is easily seen in this picture of the "Spirit Week" pep rally. The Freshmen not to be "out-done" by anyone, are seen busy waving their signs. What is Spirit Week? Spirit Week is an annual competition between grades seven through twelve. It involves each class making decorations, giving a five minute skit at the Spirit Week pep rally, and giving their very most in spirit at the pep rally. A panel of judges, made up of teachers, decide which of the classes was best in each of the three categories, and then picks an overall winner, according to which class has gained the most points. The purpose of Spirit Week is to raise the morale of the basketball team and school alike. 96A Bulldog Country Mardi Gras French Queen Tipsuda Spanish Queen Vicki Interested Spectators 97The Mardi Gras Hlfl i Come on, Bill, you can do it! The "Store-Keepers" Eunice waits her turn.Interclass in Bulldog Country Interclass is a traditional Bulldog Country competition between Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. The competition consists of the making of decorations, presenting of skits, and the making of speeches by four members of each class. The speeches are under the category of essay, short story, oration, and reading. This year the Juniors swept the competition by walking away with the cup, the skit plaque, and the decorations plaque. 99The Contestants Sophomores: Jim Bowdeft, oration; Bill Bischoff, reading; Caroline Burton, short story; Sharon Fleming, essay Juniors: Dave Blevins, reading; Laura Wilhelm, oration; Jill Klingler, short story; Deb Cotsamire, essay Winners: Bill Bischoff, Laura Wilhelm, Teresa Wilhelm, Vicki Benham Seniors: Deb Sheumaker, oration; Teresa Wilhelm, essay; Jane Conley, reading; Vicki Benham, short story 100Juniors Sweep Interclass t C What a night! What a night for the Juniors at least. The Junior class of "74" swept the 1973 Interclass competition by taking the Cup, the skit plaque, and the decorations plaque. Those Juniors just "keep on truckin' through Bulldog Country' 101Juniors Honor Seniors May 26,1973 102 Junior Attendant Teri Massillo"Springtime in Holland” 103 Happiness is being at the prom!We Keep on Truckin Through ADA High 104Student Council Student Council members have been very active this year planning homecoming, Interclass, and Jr. High parties. They were responsible for setting up the patio as a lounge and our new homeroom schedule. TOP TO BOTTOM: Linda VanAtta, Jane Conley, John Crider, Jim Kling-ler, Mike Park, Ed Corle, Cheri Hepner, Dave Reese, Jane Sleesman, Deb Klinger, Denny Simon, Bo Michael, Joe Awad, April Arlington and Scott Stahl ROW 1: Sec,: Anna Crider, V. Pres.: Pat Hubbell ROW 2: Pres.: Mike Roberson, Treas.: Jim Bowden ROW 3: Advisor: Mr. Madison Student Council President Mike Roberson 106ROW 1: Jeff Boutwell, Bill James, Steve Decker, Mike Park ROW 2: Dave Collins, Denny Dearth, Roger Criblez, Chip Cole ROW 3: Herb Searson, Tim Harris, Bruce Drake, Mike Wright ROW 4: Jeff Fries, Mark Haight, Sec.: Brad Hays, Pres.: Vaughn Williams, V. Pres.: John Crider, Treas.: Jim Klingler, Jeff Barnes, Denny Boutwell ROW 5: Jim Klingler, Tom LaRue, Advisor: Mr. Ricker, Tim Agin, Mike Roberson, Denny Edwards, Mark Allen, Jim Bowden ROW 6: Larry Conley, Sing Remsburg, Ron Dicus, Denny Simon ROW 7: Don Klingler, Keith Shellenbarger, Dave Long, Doug Klingler ROW 8: Mark Harris, Jim Delp, Denny Telles, Doug VanAtta ROW 9: Keith Montgomery, Dale Vandemark, Kevin Willeke, Tom English, Rick Combs, Fred Reichert, Sterling Brown, Allen Clum ROW 10: Paul Fletcher, Steve Montgomery, Randy Neu, Tom Stoodt, Greg Hines, Richard Bosse, Ed Corle Varsity ‘A’ The Varsity "A" is a fellowship of athletes. The members are high school guys who have earned a letter in sports. Their main purpose Is to buy equipment for the teams. 107ROW 1: Advisor: Mr. Dearth, Sec.-Treas.: Tom English, Pres.: Steve Hubbell, V. Pres.: Brad Hays ROW 2: Mike Krofft, Jim Klingler, Roger Criblez, Mike Park, Rick Miller, Fred Reichert, Dale Vandemark, Jim Delp ROW 3: Kathy Klingler, Dave Collins, Steve Acheson, Jeff Bout well, Pam Smith, Nancy Binkley, Linda Reese, Kim Klingler, Peg Elwood ROW 4: Chris Dock, Pat Hubbell, Jane Conley, Dave Reese, Allen Clum, Doug Van-Atta, Jackie Fisher, Bob Johnson, Pat Zimmer, Jeff Hall, Jim Norton, Jeff Plummer, Mark Garver, Anna Crider, Rick Elwood, Jeff Bosch Industrial Arts Club The purpose of the Industrial Arts Club is to promote interest in the field of industrial arts. In the spring they have an Open House to display the projects they have made. 108The F.T.A. is made up of students interested in the teaching profession. They serve as haii monitors, and they assist both the high schooi and elementary teachers. ROW 1: Advisor: Miss Sale, V. Pres.: Peggy Elwood, Pres.: Karen Anspach, Treas.: Lynette Gossard, Sec.: Cheryl Deringer ROW 2: Sandy Herrington, Kris Decker, Deb Klingler, Cathy VanAtta, Chris Quat-trocchi ROW 3: Cindy Miller, Lori Shull, Vicki Daughtery, Cindy Spar, Robin Simon ROW 4: Tammy Brumett, Wanda Baughman, Nancy Bettinger, Barb Cribley, Laura Neiswander ROW 5: Becky Montgomery, Janet Baier, Cathy Moser, Marianne Heinfeld, Chris VanAtta ROW 6: Beth Remsburg, Kathy Schumacher, Terri Gossman, Cindy Banks, Karen Boutwell ROW 7: Fred Reichert, Tom English, Mark Allen, Ed Corle, Tim Agin, Nancy Baughman, Mary Baughman, Brad Hays F.T.A. 109Future Farmers of America The F.H.A. has been very active this year participating in contests, doing radio programs, and exhibiting at the fairs. Richard Bosse and John Baughman received the State F.F.A. Degree. ROW 1: Advisor: Mr. Badertscher, Reporter: Dennis Telles, Student Advisor: Denny Dearth, Treas.: Mike Newiand, Sentinnel: Don Klingler, V. Pres.: Richard Bosse, Pres.: James Blevins, Sec.: Warren Fisher ROW 2: Wayne Jump, Jeff Hall, Dan Brown, Dennis Klingler, Keith Montgomery, Tom Wyss, Mike Gossman, Bruce Smith, Bob Dodge, Mark Wolke, Jim Sousley, Brad Hays ROW 3: John Sousley, James Hall, Mark VanAtta, Bob Devier, Bill James, Steve Acheson, Fred Reichert, Tim Harris, Doug Klingler, Jerry Badertscher, Jim Klingler, Tom English ROW 4: Duane Helms, Ron Dicus, Gene Griffin, Marie Searson, Ken Ring, Jim Jenkins, Eddie Ruhe, Mike Fensler, Raymond Shroyer, Don Byran, David Earl, Kevin Hull, Mike Mankey 110ROW 1: Recreation Leader: Linda Bailey, Reporter: DeeDee Cole, Sec.: Cheryl Umphress, Pres.: Rayetta Conley, Treas.: Linda VanAtta, V. Pres.: Sue Hofferbert, Parliamentarian: Kay Dysert, Advisor: Mrs. Spitzer ROW 2: Jennifer Badertscher, Connie Dearth, Joyce Klingler, Nancy Vanderborne, Betty Sousley, Marian Ritchie, Debbie Weihrauch, Teri Benham, Andrea Fisher, Deb Kent, Kathy Schumacher ROW 3: Diane Moore, Michelle Hubbell, Jenny Maxwell, Barb Criblez, Cheryl Hall, Karen Boutwell, Cindy Spar, Barb Dudgeon, Anita Curtis ROW 4: Carla Conley, Brenda Daugherty, Carolyn Dearth, Deb Klingler, Carla Dearth, Chris Gibson, Carla Lambert Future Homemakers of America F.H.A. started the year with initiation of new members. Highlights of their year have been the program for the children at Allen Acres Children Home and the F. H. A. -F.F.A. Banquet. IllThe librarians spend leir study halls working i the library for Mrs. Ulnar. They check out ooks, file cards, and ut books back on the helves. Librarians ROW 1: Sing Remsburg, Rhonda Cheney, Bill Bischoff ROW 2: Paula Dornbusch, Tim Stambaugh, Cathy Criblez, Mark Willeke, Beth Remsburg ROW 3: Rex Hays, Beth Cheney, John Berton, Jim Bowden, Dennis Telles, Betty Sousley ROW 1: Karen BoutweU, Nancy Binkley, Cindy Miller, Wanda Baughman, Karen Bailey, Vicki Hubbell, Anita Agin ROW 2: Cathy VanAtta, Jill Lawrence, Teresa Dearth, Rhonda Henry, Lori Shull 112Girl’s Athletic Association ROW 1: Sec.: Sandy Herrington, Sgt. of Arms: Anita Delp and Vicki Benham, Pres.: Judy Marshall, Advisor: Mrs. Burris, Cathy Jenkins, Intramural Managers: Pat Zimmer and Kelly Martin, Treas.: Sue Hofferbert ROW 2: Linda Bailey, Karla Dearth, Nancy Vandebourne, Anita Weihrauch, Sharon Fleming, Cheri Hepner, Cindy Price, Michelle Casper, Rhonda Umphress ROW 3: Beth Miller, Joyce Klinger, Kris Decker, Jenny Maxwell, Vicki Gibson, Cathy Criblez, Connie Dodge, Becky Burns, Lark Herrington ROW 4: Jill Klinger, Cheryl Hopson, Pam Moore, Paula DaPore, Genny Ansley, Carol Brown, Becky Boutwell, Cindy Wagner The G.A.A. Jias had a very active year. They went skiing and rollar skating. Their March meeting was the all-sports night. They also sponsored the Sadie-Hawkins Dance in February. 114Pep Club The Pep Club can be seen cheering for the teams at all the games. They sold candy bars to help raise money to buy the fiberglass mascot. ROW 1: Sec.: Jenny Maxwell, Treas.: Vicki Gordon, Advisor: Mr. Markley, Pres.: Andrea Fisher, V. Pres.: Deb Klingler ROW 2: Julie Lawrence, Genny Ansley, Cheri Hepner, Kathy Klingler, Judy Marshall, Joyce Klingler, Karen Boutwell, Linda Bailey, Jenny Baderts cher ROW 3: Kathleen Fancher, DeeDee Cole, Beth Miller, Kris Decker, Mary Baughman, Debbie Boutwell, Debbie Gordon, Tammy Campbell, Robin Simon ROW 4: Amy Allen, Vicki Gibson, Kathy Decker, Teresa Jenkins, Valerie Lenhart, Lynn Coe, Kris Spar, Paula Dornbusch, Julie Ward, Jane Sleesman, Cindy Brown ROW 5: Charlene Oates, Jean England, Barbara Telles, Lori Edens, Sandy Tackett, Barb Conley, Tammy Brummet, Terri Benham, Chris Quattrocchi, Tessa Hines ROW 6: April Arlington, Lori Cook, Debbie Herold, Annete McBride, Lori Shull, Kathy Berton, Beth Remsburg, Nancy Kniffen, Sandy Cook, Sylvia Smith ROW 7: Judy Keller, Ann Allen, Jil Lawrence, Sylvia Rex, Debbie Anspach, Brenda Naylor, Debbie Lamb, Diane Klingenberger, Teresa Dearth, Connie McKee ROW 8: Kelley Martin, Cheryl Hopson, Teri Massillo, LeeAnn Arlington, Chris VanAtta, ROW 9: Diane Moore, Tim Agin, Emily Darlington 115 Voice Staff at work for as everyone knows Friday is VOICE day. This year the newspaper French Club ROW 1: Pres.: Louis Vottero; Pres.: Clinton Judy, V. Pres.: Kris Decker, V. Pres.: Allen Clum ROW 2: Sec.: Doug VanAtta, Sec.: Cheri Hepner, Treas.: Bill Bischoff, Treas.: Cheryl Hopson ROW 1: Sec.: Carol Baker ROW 2: Treas.: Sandy Herrington, V. Pres.: Leslie Schmidt ROW 3: Pres.: Judy Marshall The French Club has had a very busy year. Among their activities have been the International Dinner and selling stationary to earn money for their trip to Quebec during Easter vacation. ROW 1: V. Pres.: Lori Shull, Pres.: Beth Remsberg, Pres.: Tessa Hines, V.Pres.: Keith Beltz ROW 2: Treas.: Vicki Gordon, Sec.: Eric Martin, Treas.: Vicki Hubbell, Sec.: Paula Dombusch 118ROW 1: Treas: Sharon Fleming, Pres.: Kathy Klingler, V. Pres.: Tom LaRue, Sec.: Cathy VanAtta ROW 2: Advisor: Mrs. Cayton, Representative: Cindy Miller, Representative: Vicki Daugherty, Representative: Lynettc Gossard Spanish Club Spanish Club started the year with initiation of new members. Highlights of their year were the Christmas party for E.M. R. and the International Dinner in April. This year there are 46 Spanish students in the club. 119ROW 1: Deb Scheumaker, Kathy Berton, Deb Kent, V. Pres.: Connie Dearth, Pres.: Bill Bischoff, Sec.: Cindy Miller ROW 2: Linda Van Atta, Karen Theodore, Lori Shull, Sherri Zimmerly, Genny Ansley, Anita Weihrauch, Cheri Hepner, Elaine Bosse, Cathy VanAtta ROW 3: Cheryl Worthington, Pam Smith, Tessa Hines, Cindy Banks, Advisor: Mrs. Sleesman, Mary Baughman, Kathy Schumacher, Kris Decker, Deb Klingler ROW 4: Sam Kniffen, Greg Green, Mark Willeke, Richard Bosse, Sandy Herrington ROW 5: Nancy Bettinger, Carol Baker, Tim Agin, Rex Hays, John Berton Drama Club On May 17, the Drama Club presented "He Done Her Wrong" at an assembly. Among their other activities were attending several of Northern’s productions, a slide presentation, and a picnic. 120Y-Teens Y-Teens is affiliated with the Y. W. C. A. Some of their activities have included the Daddy-Daughter Dinner, a Christmas Party, and the Mother-Daughter Tea. ROW 1: Sec.: Terri Gossman, V. Pres.: Deb Cotsamire, Advisor: Mrs. Bozarth, Pres.: Pat Hubbell, Treas.: Jenny Anderson ROW 2: Vera Pitts, Cheryl Hopson, Terri Massillo, Elaine Bosse, Anita Weih-rauch, Cindy Banks, Pat Zimmer, Sheryl Willeke, Judy Marshall, Anita Delp ROW 3: Sharon Fleming, Cindy Price, Genny Ansley, Cheri Hepner, Lynette Gos-sard, Cathy Moser, Karen Bailey, Wanda Baughman, Nancy Bettinger, Peg Fries ROW 4: Rhonda Umphress, Nancy Binkley, Kris Decker, Chris Dock, Vicki Ben-ham, Kim Klingler, Anna Crider, Jeanine Sousley, Vicki Daugherty, Cathy Jenkins ROW 5: Lee Ann Arlington, Michelle Casper, Mary Baughman, Anita Agin, Marianne Heinfeld, Kathy Klingler, Jane Conley, Suzi Dilts, Sheila Smith, Becky Montgomery, Laura Wilhelm, Barb Cribley, Jackie Fisher 121Diversified Cooperative Training Advisor: Mr. Lawrence, Reporter: Mike Lenhart, Treas.: Emma Clark, Sgt. at arms: Kevin Willeke, Sec.: Bobbi Hoffman, V. Pres.: Gary Reed, Pres.: Carla Sleesman, Parliamentarian: Keith Barnes Occupational Work Experience LEFT: Advisor: Mr. Ricker, Rep.: Terry Brite, V. Pres.: Sterling Brown RIGHT: Sgt. -at-arms: Jeff Pifer, Sec. -Treas.: Janet Conley, Pres.: Mark Sumney 122Occupational Work Adjustment Jean Curtis, Marla Singer, Ronda Musser, Mr. Bruin O.W.A. has been added to the curriculum this school year. The program is vocationally orientated to serve youth 14 and 15 years of age. For these students the school day is divided into three equal parts: two classes in the regular curriculum, and an equal amount of time at an assigned work area. 123 ROW 1: Duane Helms, Tony Musser ROW 2: Doug Thompson, Steve Brown ROW 3: Nolan Reese, Eddie RuheSr. High Science Club ROW 1: Dallas Guilford, Pres.: Howard Elliott, V. Pres.: Mary Baughman, Sec.: Tim Stambaugh, Richard Theodore ROW 2: Kevin Dysert, Terry Roberson, Beth Remsburg, Paula Dornbusch, Nancy Baughman, Tammy Brumett, Wanda Baughman, Brenda Daugherty, Advisor: Mr. Neff ROW 3: Advisor: Mr. Markley, Tim Agin, Rex Hays, David Norberg, Sing Remsburg, Denny Edwards, John Vottero, Keith Beltz, John Berton, Deb Scheumaker, Jane Sleesman This year the Senior High Science Club sponsored both a science fair and a paper airplane contest. During Christmas vacation they took a field trip to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. They also went to the Neil Armstrong Museum. 124ROW 1: Pres.: Joe Awad, V. Pres.: Larry Lile, Sec. -Treas.: Greg Hofferbert, Advisor: Mr. Neff ROW 2: Rhonda Combs, Sylvia Smith, Ray Baughman, Jack Harris, Kevin Young, Mark Bert on ROW 3: Kamal Shaw, Hoyte Wilhelm, Ed Delp, George Sleesman, Bo Micheal, Rick Gibson Jr. High Science Club The Junior High Science Club was a new organization this year at Ada High School. They visited the Neil Armstrong Museum and worked in the patio area. 125Old Members National Honor Society This year 26 new members were in ducted into the National Honor Society. Membership is based on character, scholarship, service, and leadership. ROW 1: Jenny Anderson, Chris VanAtta, Phyllis Hall, Cindy Miller, Kelley Martim ROW 2: Pam Smith, Tim Agin, Nancy Bettinger ROW 3: Sing Remsberg, Keith Shellenbarger, Vaughn Williams, John Bcrton Absent: Larry Conley, Suzi Dilts, Brad Hays, Greg Hines New Members ROW 1: Karen Theodore, Teri Massillo, Sheryl Willeke, Deb Scheumaker, Nancy Bettinger, Wanda Baughman, Cheryl Deringer ROW 2: Peg Fries, Karen Bailey, Lynette Gossard, Carol Baker, Terri Gossman, Marianne Heinfeld, Becky Montgomery, Deb Cotsamire ROW 3: Teresa Wilhelm, Anna Crider, Laura Wilhelm, Nolan Long, Jim Klingler, John Crider, Sheila Smith, Laura Keiswander Absent: Steve Brace, Anita Delp, Denny Edwards 1261271972-73 A.H.S. Choir ROW 1: Rhonda Henry, Paula Dornbusch, Andy Fisher, Julie Miller, Cindy Miller, Phyllis Hall ROW 2: Kathy Ousley, Karen Hodges, Karen Theodore, Jennifer Badertscher, Emily Darlington, Vicky Gordon, Denise Shaw ROW 3: Deb Kent, Cathy VanAtta, Beth Remsburg, Sherri Zimmerly, Rhonda Um-phress, Cindy Wagner, Cheryl Derringer, Terri Gossman, Tammy Brummett ROW 4: Cathy Moser, Carolyn Gahman, Barb Dudgeon, Anita Agin, Mike Miller, Jim Bowden, Nolan Long, Sheila Smith, Marianne Helnfield, Lynette Gossard, Kathy Klingler, Sharon Fleming. The 1972-73 A.H.S. Choir presented their concert on December 12, 1972 titled "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year". The high school and eighth grade ensembles also performed. Connie Hepner was featured as guest soloist. Some of the songs performed were: ’’Nutcracker Suite", "Christmas Spirit", and selections from the "Messiah". 129Accompanists for the A.H.S. Choir 8th Grade Ensemble: Received a I Rating at Contest FRONT-BACK: Karen Theodore, Cheryl Deringer, Nolan Long. LEFT-RIGHT: Jill Lawrence, Debbie Anspach, Judy Keller, Sylvia Rex, Bev Krofft, Jeannine Wiley, Brenda Naylor, Debbie Lamb, Gloria Hoffman. 130A.H.S. Ensemble Performed at Christmas Concert These ten students were selected to perform in the Ohio Weslyan Choir with selected students from other high schools. They performed at Ohio Weslyan University on January 27, 1973. ROW 1: Jane Sleesman, Karen Theodore, Cheryl Deringer ROW 2: Terri Gossman, Bill Bischoff, Kathy Klingler ROW 3: Anita Agin, Jim Bowden, Dan Hassell, Nolan Long. Ohio Weslyan Choir ROW 1: Deb Kent, Cindy Miller ROW 2: Andy Fisher, Phyllis Hall ROW 3: Beth Remsburg, Jenny Badertscher ROW 4: Carolyn Gahman, Tammy Brummett, Kathy VanAtta, Barb Dudgeon. 131District Choir and Sr. and Jr. High Contest District Choir contestants Karen Theodore and Nolan Long Sr. High Contest Jr. High Contest Piano Contestants ROW 1: Karen Theodore, Cheryl Deringcr. ROW 2: Cathy Criblez, Nolan Long, Phyllis Hall. Vocal Contestants ROW 1: Phyllis Hall, Cindy Miller ROW 2: Carolyn Gahman, Nolan Long Piano Contestants ROW 1: Jill Lawrence, Lori Shull, Jenny Hanson ROW 2: Beth Remsburg, Joyce Hall ROW 3: Julie Lawrence, Joyce Deringer, Doug Cotsmire, Cindy Spar, Sharon Theodore 132Band CLOCKWISE: Anita Dclp, Librarian; Chris VanAtta, Trcas. Anna Crider, Librarian; Kelly Martin, President; Teresa Wilhem, Reporter. MIDDLE: Karl Romick, Student Director. 133Drum Major and Majorettes Drum Major Warren Fisher Head Majorette - Peg Fries Majorettes - Chris Chris Quattrocchl, Nancy Bettinger, Jan Boutwell 134Cadet Band Cadet Majorette Debi Lamb ROW 1: Juli Lawrence, Tom Wagner, Kathy Fancher, Tina Brumett, Linda Bischoff, Valeria Rex. ROW 2: Kris Spar, Kathy Boutwell, Lorrie Simmons, Sharon Theodore, Sandy Wagner, Jeff Bischoff, Gary Cribley, Kevin Young, Kyle Wilhelm. ROW 3: Joyce Deringer, Charlene Oates, Hoyte Wilhelm, Joe Awad, Sylvia Smith, Donna Daft, Charlene Wagner, David Carmean, Larry Lyle, David Berton. ROW 4: Debbie Herold, Charles Malick, Cathi Naylor, Barbara Conley, Jill Lawrence, Lynne Coe, Jacque Gahman, Paula Hines, April Arlington, Greg Brumett, Don Spar, Bonnie Klingler, Bruce Elliott. ROW 5: Brenda Naylor, Lori Cook, Sylvia Rex, Jeannine Wiley, Ed Delp, Mike Elliott, DougCotsa-mire, Mike Agin, Tracy Forsythe, Judy Keller, Linda Agin, Debbie Anspach. Cadet Band Officers ROW 1: Debbie Anspach, Reporter; Hoyte Wilhelm, President; Judy Keller, Librarian. ROW 2: Joe Awad, Student Director; Charlene Wagner, Librarian. 1351973 A.H.S. FRONT: Teresa Wilhelm, Chris VanAtta, Mary Baughman, Jean Smith ROW 2: Jane Conley, Anita Delp, Pat Hubbell, Laura Wilhelm, Deb Cotsamire, Janet Baier, Kim Klingler, Judy Marshall, John Berton ROW 3: Cindy Price, Anita Weihrauch, Tessa Hines, Cindy Spar, Mark Haight, Richard Theodore, Chris Quattrocchi, Barb Agin, Kim Acheson, Denise Shaw ROW 4: Kelley Martin, Karl Romick, Bill Bischoff, Carol Baker, Leslie Schmidt, Cheryl Hopson, Elaine Bosse, Michelle Casper, Cindy Brown ROW 5: Mark Willeke, Rhonda Cheney, Nancy Baughman, Peg Fries, Greg Green, Bruce Drake, Karen Theodore 136Concert Band FRONT: Judi Linger, Kathleen Berton, Sheila Gahman, Genny Ansley, Vicki Benham ROW 2: Marie Searson, Diane Moore, Rhonda Romick, Pam Smith, Sheila Smith, Kathy VanAtta, Nancy Bettinger, Karen Anspach ROW 3: Keith Beltz, Debbie Weihrauch, Tammy Brumett, Peg Elwood, Tim Agin, Robin Simon, Teri Benham, Cathy Criblez, Cheri Hepner, Cheryl Deringer ROW 4: Jim Klingler, Carolyn Dearth, Wanda Baughman, Carla Conley, Rex Hays, Nolan Long, Anna Crider, Greg Hines ROW 5: Steve Brace, Dan Hassell, Tim Stambaugh, Director William Ansley 137Keep on Truckin' Through Music With the Pep Band and Stage Band ROW 1: Bill Bischoff, Janet Baier, John Berton, Karl Romick, Doug Cotsamire, Ed Delp, Judy Keller ROW 2: Wanda Baughman, Sylvia Rex, Jeannine Wiley, Jill Lawrence ROW 3: Rex Hays, Hoyte Wilhelm, Mary Baughman, Joe Awad, Tom Wagner, Tim Stambaugh, Bruce Drake ROW 1: Vicki Benham, Cheryl Deringer, Laura Wilhelm, Chris VanAtta, Teresa Wilhelm, Tim Agin ROW 2: Karen Theodore, Jane Conley, Kelley Martin, Karl Romick, Bill Bischoff, Carol Baker, John Berton ROW 3: Nolan Long, Rex Hays, Joe Awad, Wanda Baughman, Tim Stambaugh, Bruce Drake 138District All-Ohio Bands District Band members: Bruce Drake and Mary Baughman All-Ohio Band member: Tim Stambaugh Sr. High Contest: Solo Contestants Mary Baughman Flute Solo Bruce Drake Cheryl Deringer Drum and Percussion Alto Saxaphone Solo Solos Sr. High All-Area Band Members ROW 1: Bruce Drake, Tim Stambaugh ROW 2: Cheryl Deringer, Karen Anspach, Nancy Bettinger 139Jr. High All-Area Band Members Jr. High Contest: Solo and Group Contestants ROW 1: Nancy Baughman, Donna Daft, Don Spar, Hoyte Wilhelm ROW 2: Doug Cotsamire, Judy Keller, Marie Sear-son, Cindy Spar ROW 1: Doug Cotsamire, trumpet-cornet; Hoyte Wilhelm, trombone ROW 2: Judy Keller, flute; Bonnie Klingler, oboe; Joyce Deringer, French horn Brass Trio LEFT-RIGHT: Hoyte Wilhelm, Tom Wagner, Joe Awad Cornet-Trumpet Quartet FRONT: Charlene Wagner BACK: Doug Cotsamire, Ed Delp, Mike Elliott Clarinet Trio LEFT-RIGHT: Debi Lamb, Donna Daft, Debbie Anspach 140COMPLIMENTS OF BRYAN’S BUTCHER SHOP South Main St. Ada, Ohio Propria tor PAUL J. BRYAN 142 Phone 634-8053Cole Motor Sales Since 1910 Furnishing the people of our area with the wheels of transportation. 120 East Buckeye Ada, Ohio Plan to attend Contact the Dean of Admissions Ohio Northern University Telephone 634-3015, extension 312 Commencement - Put yourself in the picture. Earn a degree from O. N. U.Wyss Car Wash Hinds Short Stop Open Dally: 9 to Midnight Ada Farmers Exchange Co. Ada Motor Sales Used Cars and Collision Work Rusty Zimmer, Owner Comers of Rts. 235 and 81 144The Village Hardware, Inc. formerly J.W. Mertz Hardware Ada, Ohio Phone 634-2821 Hanson Funeral Home 1 Two Homes Oxygen and Ambulance Service 311 East Lima Road Ada, Ohio Binley Body ShopCompliments of Kenton-Dunkirk Creamery Dairy Green Sandwiches-Shakes-Sundaes On Main Street Rte. 235 South Max Green, Owner Ada I.G.A. Foodliner "At I.G.A. we really care. 945 South Main Ada, Ohio 146Ohio-Kentucky Manufacturing Company ..... OHIO-KENTUCKY MFt CO SPORTIMG GOODS it I Hi Liberty Street Ada, OhioFor all you pizza fans, try Jerry’s Pizza 102 N. Main St, 634-6356 Ordell Laundries 304 S, Main St. 121 S. Johnson St. Jim - Annabelle Orders Pauline’s Dress Shop 206 N. Main St. Ada, Ohio 634-3856 Jeri’s Beauty Salon 6 AM to 5 PM Daily Evenings and Saturday Afternoons by Appointment Closed Monday 108 E. Buckeye St. Ada, Ohio Messicks 5c-$1.00 Store Headquarters for school supplies Cosmetics Stationary 210 N. Main St. Ada, Ohio For the best, may we suggest the Northern Freeze Serving a variety of sandwiches and forzen dairy desserts. 634-2796 430 S. Main St. Ada, Ohio Find today's young fashions at La Villa Boutique 229 N. Main St. Ada Lumber Co. Paint - Tools - Lights All Kinds of Lumber 116 W. Buckeye St. 634-4824 Free DeliveryC. S. Umphress Umphress Refuse Service Residential - Commerlcal 202 S. Johnson St. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Gardner Reichert’s Main Dime Store 220 N. Main St. Ada. Ohio Norada Lanes Open and League Bowling Special Student Prices Ada, Ohio B. and H. Garage Harold Henry Don Badertscher Ada's largest clothing store 11-113 S. Main St. Ada, Ohio Hal and Jean’s Restaurant Ada's finest char-broiled steaks and chops. Salad Bar on Weekends W.C. Umphress, Jeweler "For the gift you give with pride, let your jeweler be your guide." Rte. 81 Ada, Ohio 204 N. Main St. Ada, Ohio 149Men of all ages patronize the Yankee Peddler 107 South Main Street Ada, Ohio F.H. BAILEY AND SONS CO. Builder Supplies General Excavating Ready Mixed Concrete 150 iberig National Bank Automobile Commerc ial Personal Loans Loans Loans Farm Loans Bank By Mail Walk -up Window Drive In Window Savings Traveler’s Checking Accounts Checks Accounts Safety Deposit Boxes Real Estate Christmas Loans Club Early Bird Open 8:30 A. M. Daily 151 118 South Main Street Ada, OhioPeper’s "Walgreen Agency" Store 221 North Main Street ADA, OHIO Klingler’s Union 76 634-4876 ADA, OHIO Always On The Square Look Well Dressed With Careful Cleaning Supreme Cleaners 501 South Main Street ADA, OHIO Sam’s Shop 402 North Main Street ADA, OHIO Paint - Wallpaper Paint Supplies 152Flowers For Every Gardner’s Drug Store Occasion Rorist o id Gordon Center 824 S Simon St • Ada. Ohio «5810 • 419 634 7010 We Wire Flowers Anywhere GARDNERS' Rpxall Dfl li 6 S Prompt Prescription service 125 South Main Street ADA. OHIO Tri-County Sales Landmark Farm Service Route 1 Box 48 ADA. OHIO 45810 iw ‘ P t ‘Jr For All Your Farm Needs Box 36 ADA, OHIO 153Alger Feed Grain Company Bischoff’s Highway Oil Company Fertilizer - Seed Grain - Feed Auto Parts Petroleum Products 757-2281 ALGER, OHIO Route 1 ADA, OHIO Particular People Simon’s Sohio Prefer Carl Evan Simon Pennington Bread CORNER OF MAIN LINCOLN STREETS ADA, OHIO 154Earl's Plumbing and Heating V.F.W. Post 9381 Route 1 Box 306A Ada, Ohio 117 N. Main St. Cole Insurance Ada, Ohio 155Baker’s Hardware, Inc. "Service with a Smile" 105 S. Main St. Ada, Ohio Ada Services, Inc. PLUMBING 321 Heistand St. Ada, Ohio Irvin Vandemark Insurance Real Estate 208 N. Main St. Ada, Ohio Phone 634-4851 Norseman Cable TV Inc. 225 N. Main St. 634-6015 Congratulations, Class of 731 Long’s Marathon Service Drive in please Drive out pleased Green Tree Stables Riding Academy Wellington Hanson, Owner Jean Rieman, Instructor R. R. 1 Ada, Ohio 220 S. Main St. Ada, Ohio 634-4245 The Cubbyhole Gift Shop Starr Furniture and Carpet Co. ; T Gifts with Classic Charm For her royal service 1 1 jl .[i- fine furniture, gifts, and carpeting. 202 N. Main St. 232 N. Main St. Ada, Ohio ! m f T Ada, Ohio i -- —--I: 156Professionals Patrons Floyd Elliott M.D. Robert Elliott M.D. John A. Kramer M.D. Robert Love M.D. Thomas B. Martin O. D. E. R. Rodabaugh D. V. M. William J. Shambarger D.D.S. Mark B. Shull D.D.S. Charles Hubbell Cheryl’s Style Salon Dale's Barber Shop Ferguson Insurance Agency Mom's Pizza Parlor Nickerson Farms Sousley Insurance Uhlmans Kaiser TV Hindall and Sons, Inc. Authorized Zenith Sales and Service 102 E. Ballard St. Ada, Ohio Phone 634-6526 Industrial roofing and sheet metal contractor 513 North Johnson Hunsicker TV RADIO ELECTRONICS SERVICE 245 TURNER AVE. ADA, O. PH. 634-5951 The 1972-73 annual staff at Ada High School has completed another volume of the WE. At this time we would like to thank all of our advertisers and patrons. Without their donations and patronage we would not be able to publish the WE. With their donations they are supporting the student body's way of remembering their years at A. H.S. The staff would again express our gratitude to our local merchants and businessmen. 157158159 -

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