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Compliments of the BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S CLUBWe, the Senior Class of 1957, being deeply grateful for the privilege of growing up in this community, for the recreational and educational opportunities made possible here, and for the sacred right of enjoying traditional American freedom in this typical American town, do sincerely dedicate our 1957 issue of WE to OUR TOWN, Ada, Ohio.Seated: ion Mr. Van Atta Lester Fleming, Vice Pres. Everett Ludwig Dr. E. R. Rodabaugh Standing: Mr. Lundy Charles Hubbell, President R. N. Cretors, Clerk-Treas. Richard Fulks The members of the Board of Education are the architects who provide the general plans for the operation of our school system. Their plans are interpreted by the Administration, carried out by the Faculty and used by the students. We should like to express our appreciation for the excellence of our architects, the BOARD OF EDUCATION of Ada, Ohio. PTA. Officers • President - Mrs. Elzay Vice Pres.- Mrs. Shepherd Secretary - Mrs. Spellman Treasurer-Mrs. Weihrauch For a panel discussion, we need a subject, panelists, a moderator and a sponsor. Two very important influences in the life of a student are parents and the school, so we have the makings of an excellent panel as follows: Subject: The Students Panelists: Parents Teachers Moderator: Program Chairman Sponsor: PTA We should like to express our thanks to a very important organization, the PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION. Standing: Mrs. Edward Shepherd, Mrs. Von Spellman. Seated: Mrs. Howard Elzay, Mrs. Clarence Weihrauch Board of L ducat 4 Compliments of HUBBELL IMPLEMENT COMPANYE. A. VAN ATTA, B.S., M.A. Superintendent In 1955, Ada High School welcomed a new Superintendent, Mr. Van Atta. This was actually a homecoming for Mr. Van Atta as he was born near Ada and received his B.S. at Ohio Northern University. Later he continued his education at Ohio State University where he earned an M.A. in Education. His experiences range from teaching in a one-room country school to teaching School Administration at O.N.U. In between he taught in an elementary school while coaching baseball, track and basketball in high school and then on to Superintendent of Schools at Wren, Vanlue, Green Springs, North Baltimore and West Liberty before coming to Ada. His family are all education minded. Mrs. Van Atta is a second grade teacher in Ada; one son, Robert, is a professor of chemistry at Souther Illinois University, and the other son, Richard, is Principal of Blume H.S. in W apakoneta. Mr. Van Atta has been a delegate to meetings of the National Education Association in St. Louis, Boston and San Francisco, and he is very active in the Ohio Education Association and was appointed by that group a member of the "Commission for Improvement of Instruction". He is a member of the Ada Kiwanis Club, the Library Board and is active in church work. His hobbies include woodworking and farm management. The door of Mr. Van Atta's office is always open to students who seek his advice or assistance. The Class of 1957 would like to express its appreciation for all he has done for our school. 6 Compliments of BAUGHMAN GREENHOUSECHARLES E. LUNDY, B.S., M.A. Principal We have all heard of the "indispensable man, but WE have the "indispensable woman, Miss MAXINE DERINGER, our secretary. Mr. Lundy is responsible for the daily routine of the school, which includes such items as scheduling classes, counseling students, preparing reports, etc. In addition to these duties, he is Director of Athletics and teaches classes in chemistry and physics. Mr. Lundy holds both a B.S. and an M.A. from Ohio State University. He previously taught at Chillicothe and Bryan. Among his outside activities are F. A.M., Kiwanis and Grange. He also is interested in woodworking. Compliments of EARL'S HARDWARE 7Mrs. ETHEL RITCHEY Home Economics Mr. J. J. KREGLOW Voc. Agriculture Mrs. HELEN LUDWIG Biology Girls' Phys. Ed. Mrs. JANE BORN English Art P G Advisor Mrs. SHIRLEY HIXSON Vocal Music Mrs. CATHERINE ROIDER Mathematics Miss VELMA LONG Librarian Latin History Mr. ROGER LILLIE Science Geography Jr. High Coach 8 Compliments of HIGHWAY OIL COMPANYMr. CHARLES STRASBAUGH Driver Education Physical Education Coach (Basketball Baseball) Mr. NORMAN REX Industrial Arts Mr. I. T. WARTHMAN History Mrs. VIRGINIA MILNAR English Speech Yearbook Advisor Mr. WAYNE KAUFMAN Health History Coach (Football Track) Mr. LOWELL REESE Mathematics Mrs. MARGUARET BOZARTH Mrs. ERNESTINE WIEDEMANN Commercial Dean of Girls English French Mr. WILLIAM ANSLEY Instrumental Music Compliments of COSMOPOLITAN CLUB 9Evelyn Epley Violet Fox Virgil McElroy Mary Koop WE, THE COOKS, spend our time, just so everyone may dine, Arriving early to cook the stew, ready at noon - just for you. Kathleen Baker (absent) 4.? V6’- To bring the students to the school Where they study for awhile, BUS DRIVERS make a lot of trips We're the ones who are seen Behind the mops and brooms; JANITORS are on the job 10 O'er many a country mile. Morning, night and noon. Compliments of FLEMING'S HATCHERYMARY JAMES "Never ready, always late, but she smiles and so you wait" Annual Staff 2,3,4 Assistant Editor 3 Editor 4 Y- Teens 2,3,4 Vice President 3 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Queen 2 Intramural Mgr. 4 Latin Club 1,2 Chorus 1,2 Band 1,2,3,4 Cheerleader 1,3,4 Girls' State 3 Interclass Contest 3.4 Class Play 4 Gen. Scholarship 1,2,3 Senior Scholarship Valedictorian JUDY ANSPACH "She knows what she wants and goes after it" Student Council 3.4 Secretary 3 President 4 Annual Staff 3,4 Assistant Editor 4 P G Staff 1 Y-Teens 2,3,4 Music Leader 3 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Cook 3,4 Latin Club 1,2 Chorus 1,2 Band 3 Librarian 3 ,4 Girls' State 3 Class Play 3,4 Gen. Scholarship 3 Senior Scholarship SHARON SIMONS SHEILA SIMONS "Quiet dynamite - one hall of the talented pair" Class President 2 Annual Staff 2,3,4 Feature Editor 3,4 P G Staff 1,2,3,4 Co-Editor 4 Y-Teens 2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3,4 Secretary 3 Treasurer 4 Latin Club 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3 Band 1,2,3 ,4 Majorette 1,2,3 Drum Majorette 4 Cheerleader 3 Interclass Contest 3,4 Gen. Scholarship 1,2,3 Senior Scholarship "Lighthearted - the other terrific twin" Class Treasurer 1 Vice President 2 P G Staff 1,2,3,4 Co-Editor 4 Y- Teens 2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Queen 3 Intramural Mgr. 4 Latin Club 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3 Librarian 2 Band 1,2,3 ,4 Majorette 1,2,3 Dist. Music Contest 2,3 Cheerleader 2,3,4 Homecoming Attendant 4 Interclass Contest 2 Class Play 3,4 Senior Scholarship Compliments of the MOTHERS' STUDY CLUBBYRON BAUGHMAN n "Worry never made a man great; why should I worry" Class President 4 Student Council 3 Treasurer 3 Chorus 1,2 Hall Monitor 4 Class Play 4 JOE D. WRIGHT "I believe in work, but I'm not in favor of it" Class Vice President 4 Annual Staff 4 Hi-Y 2,3 Chorus 1 Class Play 3,4 Hall Monitor 3 ,4 Boys' State Alternate World Affairs 4 DARLENE YINGER "If my desires I must disclose, give me the moonlight a rose" Class Secretary 2 Class Treasurer 3,4 . Y- Teens 2,4 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 FHA 1,2 Band 1,2,3 ,4 Majorette 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2 Cheerleader 1,2,3 Homecoming Attendant 3 Class Play 3,4 Librarian 3 NANCY ALLEN "A self winding spirit that never runs down" Class Secretary 4 Student Council 3 Annual Staff 4 P G Staff 3 ,4 Y- Teens 2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Sgt.-at-Arms 2 Cook 4 Chorus 1,2,3 Glee Club 4 President 4 Band 4 Cheerleader 1,3 Homecoming Queen 4 Class Play 3,4 Librarian 4 Senior Scholarship Compliments of ROTARY CLUB of ADA 13SALLY NEAL "Saddle your dreams before you ride them" Class Secretary 1 Annual Staff 4 FHA 1,2,3 ,4 Reporter 2 Treasurer 3 Queen's Attendant 3 President 4 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Chorus 1,2 Cheerleader 1 Librarian 3,4 Senior Scholarship Flower- Roses EDISON LONG "Four wheeled personality with lots of drive" Class President 1 Hi-Y 2,3 FFA 1,2,3,4 Secretary 2 President 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1 Ag. Judging Team 2,3,4 HELEN FLEMING "Friendly and sweet with two great loves - Howard and sports" Class Vice President 3 Student Council 1 Annual Staff 2,3,4 P G Staff 3 Y - Teens 3,4 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Vice President 3 President 4 Queen 4 Latin Club 1,2 President 2 Band 1,2,3 ,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Cheerleader 1,3,4 Interclass Contest 2 Class Play 3 BRENDA COLLETT "Chic, dainty and always neat" P G Staff 1 Y-Teens 2,3,4 President 4 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Sgt.-at-Arms 4 Latin Club 1,2 Chorus 1,2 Class Play 3,4 Librarian 4 Senior Scholarship 14 Compliments of H.A. POWELL STUDIOS - ToledoHOWARD UMPHRESS NdHo: ever your maq some Wbal lofin life be, bui IcJ filing on if. "First on the 'wit' parade -a crazy mixed up kid" Student Council 4 Vice President 4 Hi-Y 2,3 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Football 2 Basketball 1 Track 2 Class Play 3 JOHN KRAMER "The blush is cute but sometimes inconvenient" Class President 3 P G Staff 4 Hi-Y 2,3 Latin Club 1,2 President 1 Chorus 1,2 Football 2,3,4 Basketball 1 Track 1,2 Interclass 2 Hall Monitor 3,4 Boys' State 3 Gen. Scholarship 1,2,3 Senior Scholarship Salutatorian ALICE WARTHMAN "She smiles for the sake of smiling; laughs for no reason but fun" Class Secretary 3 Student Council 4 Treasurer 4 Annual Staff 4 Y-Teens 2 FHA 1,2 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2 Class Play 3 Gen. Scholarship 1 Senior Scholarship ALAN L. HETRICK "Anything for a laugh -a sports minded guy" Student Council 2 Hi-Y 2,3 Chorus 1 F ootball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3 ,4 Baseball 3 ,4 Track 1,2,3 ,4 Hall Monitor 3 ,4 Boys State 3 Compliments of UMPHRESS GARAGE 15NANCY BROWN "Her smile is as picturesque as her drawings" Annual Staff 3,4 Business Manager 4 Y-Teens 2,3,4 Treasurer 3 FHA 1 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Latin Club 1,2 Band 1,2,3 ,4 Chorus 1,2 Dist. Music Contest 2 Interclass Contest 2,4 Class Play 3 QBC Winner 3 Prince of Peace 3 Gen. Scholarship 2,3 Senior Scholarship MAX RAMBO "The more you know him, the better you like him" Hi-Y 2,3 Chorus 1,2 Football 1,2,3,4 Co-Captain 4 Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 JEAN HAWES "Here today, gone tomorrow" Class Treasurer 2 Y-Teens 2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 FHA 1,2,3 ,4 Que Club 1,2 Band 1,2,3,4 President 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Vice President 4 Dist. Music Contest 1, 2,3,4 State Music Contest 3 Librarian 4 DAVID CHANDLER "Politeness goes far, yet costs nothing" Student Council 4 Hi-Y 2,3 Latin Club 1 Chorus 1,2 Hall Monitor 4 Librarian 3 WILLIAM STOLL "A leader of men, a follower of women" FFA 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3 Chorus 1 Football 4 Hall Monitor 4 Class Play 3,4 Ag. Scholarship 4 16 Compliments of COLE MOTOR SALESSHARON FOX RONALD RANDALL "Ambitious Ron - listen to what he has to say" Annual Staff 4 Chorus 4 Football 4 Hall Monitor 4 World Affairs 4 Wilmington Music Festival Transfer from Northwestern Latin Club 2 Chorus 1,2,3 Band 1,2 F ootball 1,2,3 Baseball 3 Track 1 Class Play 3 "All is fair in love and war" Annual Staff 4 P G Staff 2,3 Y-Teens 2,3,4 Program Chairman 4 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Latin Club 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3 Librarian 3 ,4 Gen. Scholarship 2 Senior Scholarship SANDRA WELSH "If there's mischief brewing; she's doing the stirring" Annual Staff 4 P G Staff 4 Y-Teens 2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Librarian 4 Class Play 4 ALICE JO REAMS "I chatter as I go, and I go on forever" Annual Staff 4 Y-Teens 2,3,4 Treasurer 4 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Class Play 4 Librarian 3 Senior Scholarship MARILYN BOSSE "Likeable Marilyn has a talent for singing" GAA 1,2,3,4 FHA 1,2,3,4 Song Leader 4 Latin Club 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Dist. Music Contest 2,3 Interclass Contest 3 Jr. Red Cross 2,3 Senior Scholarship Compliments of MEMBERS of the ADA LIONS CLUB 17FRED HUBBELL "A mighty football machine with a bulldozing personality" Chorus 1,2 Football 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Track 1,2 Hall Monitor 3 ,4 CHARLES STARLING "As far as I can see - it's a woman's world" Hi-Y 2,3 FFA 1,2,3 Chorus 1 Class Play 3 Student Director 4 Hall Monitor Librarian 4 Gen. Scholarship 1,2 Senior Scholarship BARBARA RISNER "Of all the joys I'm able to recall, being loved is best of all" Y -Teens 1,2 FHA 1,2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Librarian 3 KAREN LaFOLLETTE "Living proof that good things come in small packages" Transfer from Vermillion GAA 1 Chorus 1,2 Cheerleader 2 Dramatic Club 3 May Queen Attendant 3 Health Room Attendant 3 CONRAD JAY SIFERD "Live today and let tomorrow take care of itself Latin Club 1,2 Football 1 Class Play 3,4 Gen. Scholarship 2 STEPHEN CRAIG "I never think of the future, it comes soon enough" Student Council 3 Hi-Y 2 Chorus 1,2 Basketball 1 Baseball 2,3,4 Gen. Scholarship 2 Compliments of UMPHRESS JEWELERSr PERRY LONG "It's plugging away that brings you success" FFA 1,2,3,4 Reporter 3 Treasurer 4 Chorus 1 Hall Monitor 3 ,4 Q.B.C. Winner 3 Gen. Scholarship 2,3 Ag. Judging Team 2,3,4 WILLIS BROWN "Give me money and women life will be a pleasure" P G Staff 1 Hi-Y 2,3 FFA 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Football 1 Basketball 1 Track 1,2,3,4 Class Play 4 Librarian 4 Ag. Judging Team 2 DOROTHY BOUTWELL "What sweet delight a quiet life affords" Y-Teens 2,3 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Latin Club 1,2 Band 1,2,3 ,4 Chorus 1 Librarian 3 Gen. Scholarship 1,2 Senior Scholarship CAROL SUE SCHLINDLER and "Help thyself and God will help thee" Annual Staff 4 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 GAA 2,3,4 Latin Club 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3 Dist. Music Contest 3 LARRY REAM "What I don't know won't hurt me" Hi-Y 2,3 FFA 1,2,3,4 Vice President 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Basketball Mgr. 3 Librarian 3,4 Ag. Scholarship 4 Ag. Judging Team 2,3,4 JAMES NAPIER "He charms us all with his wit and southern drawl" Basketball 4 Interclass 4 Transfer from Auxier, Ky. Class Vice President 3 Band 1,2 Basketball 1,3 Baseball 2,3 Class Play 1,2,3 Junior Conservation 2,3 President 3 19 Compliments of THE LIBERTY BANKDON BADERTSCHER "Chase me girls, I'm full of fun" FFA 3,4 Ag. Judging Team 3 r . PAUL DOWNING "All that I've learned I've forgotten; all that I know I've guessed" FFA 3,4 Band 1 Chorus 1 Basketball 1 DOROTHY ACKERMAN "Good on the keyboard, easy to get along with" FHA 1,2 GAA 1,2 Latin Club 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3 EMILY CRIBLEY "A good disposition is worth more than gold" Y-Teens 3,4 GAA 3,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Librarian 4 ERNEST DUDGEON "A good voice surrounded by a friendly grin" FFA 1,2,3 Band 1,2,3,4 Hall Monitor 3,4 Gen. Scholarship 2 GERALD BINKLEY "Eats to live and lives to eat" Chorus 1 Class Play 3 Librarian 4 20 Compliments of BINKLEY'S POULTRY MARKETPATRICIA WYSS JACK GUINN DEANNA STALEY "I only speak when spoken "Worry little, study less, "Hocus, pocus, diamond to" is my idea of happiness" mocus " FHA 1,2,3 ,4 Hi-Y 2,3 Y-Teens 2,3 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Chorus 1,2 FHA 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Baseball 2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3,4 Latin Club 1,2 Class Play 3 Librarian 4 Senior Scholarship "What he wants to get most out of school is himself" "Content to follow when others lead the way" "Did nothing in particular but did it well" Hi-Y 1,2 Chorus 1,2 Basketball 1 Interclass 3 Class Play 4 Y-Teens 2,3 FHA 1,2,3,4 Historian 2 Reporter 3 GAA 1,2,3 ,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Reporter 1 Chorus 1 Gen. Scholarship 2 Compliments of CAREY INSURANCE AGENCY PATRICIA MYERS HAROLD DUFFY STEPHEN SMITHThe Summil is Reached Looking back over the years to September 1945 and to that shiny-faced, starry-eyed group of youngsters seems like a dream. Little did our parents imagine the long years of PTA that lay ahead of them, nor did these aforementioned novitiates of the first grade think of the growing pains they would experience through grueling hours on the football field and endless cramming for examinations. We were all a little awed at the thought of school; John Kramer was so bashful and Fred Hubbel was quite a hit with the girls, but are they any different today? Nancy Brown and I both like to talk, and I am sure that we used up much of Miss Whitworth's time trying to promote our own private speaking careers. She did try to muffle us and others, but the cure didn't take. Just ask any of our teachers and you will find that the "talkathon" is still going on full force. Dorothy Ackerman, Patti Myers and Joe Wright joined us in the third grade, and it may have been this influx of new blood that made our operetta, "Forest Court", so outstanding that year. A great deal of credit must also go to our mothers who slaved over the costumes. This was also the year when we liked to play in the old wet field, and Mrs. Mayhorn threatened us with a "fate worse than death" - a big club which she mistakenly called a paddle. I don't believe that she ever used it, and I shall never forget that sweet smile on her face when we finally mastered the multiplication tables. In the fourth year of our stay in those hallowed halls, Jean Hawes, Steve Smith, Willis Brown and Byron Baughman swelled our ranks. Our operetta was "Hansel Gretel", with a special dance number by Nancy Allen and Dave Chandler. Also an excellent imitation of trees was given by Howard Umphress, Jack Gunn, Max Rambo and Gerald Binkley. Do you think because we were such angelic children we perhaps influenced Miss St. Louis to forsake us for marriage? By the time we reached the fifth grade we were embryonic musical comedy stars. We didn't need Miss McWilliams, Mrs. Hites or Marge Hollinger to help with our preparation of "Snow White" - or so WE thought! Mary James was a lovely Snow White, and no one could have been queenlier than Alice Warthman nor witchier than Jean Hawes. It may seem that we did nothing but have operettas; however, each was the high point of the year for us, and they will be in our memories for many years to come. 1951 saw 34 stalwart sons and 26 beautiful young ladies move into a brand new building. Mr. Zimmerman had much assistance in the move, especially from Larry Ream who insisted on riding the truck on each trip. We became known as the CLASS OF DISTINCTION, because we were the last class to have a formal sixth grade graduation. It was very formal - white gloves, roses, the works. . . It was in Junior High School that Sharon Fox, Helen Fleming, Sue Schindler, Darlene Yinger, and Sandra Welsh suddenly came down with a serious attack of the "giggles". It was of epidemic proportion and the after effects are still in evidence whenever the "Tee-Hee" girls get together. During these two years between grade school and high school the "dwarfs", Edison Long, Conrad Siferd and Alan Hetrick, shot up to normal size. Remember this poem which is quoted so much? You can tell a Freshman by his fresh and eager look, You can tell a Sophomore 'cause he carries one less book, You can tell a Junior by his fine and airy way, You can tell a Senior, but brother ! you can't tell him much. As Freshmen we were no exception to the rule as we were eager to become a part of that special group which participated in many activities, attended all sports events, went to formal dances and probably found a "steady". Mrs. Underwood and Mr. Swinney, our class advisors, tried to instruct our officers, Ed Long, John Kramer, Sally Neal and Sharon Simons, in the rules of parliamentary procedure, but our interests turned in other directions. GAA and FHA were invaded by Freshmen girls, and the FFA became a magnet for the farm boys. We were still "green" enough to believe that high school was mostly fun; however, first impressions do not tell the whole story. We had forgotten that school is primarily a place for study, and it didn't take long for the rude awakening -Report Card Day. Our grades weren't too low, but we learned that dances, games, etc. were classified as EXTRA-curricular activities. We began to grow up a little and to realize that the foundations and attitudes which we built during these high school years would serve us for the rest of our lives. Compliments of BRECK'S CLOTHING STORE"You can tell a Sophomore 'cause he carries one less book". We may have carried fewer books but we were not loafing. Sheila and Sharon Simons, Darlene Yinger and Jean Hawes were in charge of our class for the year, and they started us on the road to Washington, D. C. with paper drives and other money-making schemes. A few of the braver souls who took Latin (or did Latin take them?) under Miss Crawford elected Mary James and John Kramer to reign over the great Roman Banquet. Y-Teens and Hi-Y attracted our interests during this year and added to our club activities. As Sophomores we were allowed representation at the Interclass Contest. Our contestants, John Kramer, Nancy Brown, Helen Fleming and Sharon Simons, were defeated by only three points. This was a disappointment, but we were only Sophomores so we turned our sights to the next two years. The "fine and airy ways" of Juniors could certainly describe our class. Early in the fall we ordered and received our class rings, many of which changed fingers in a hurry! Mr. Warthman, Mr. McAnaney, John Kramer, Helen Fleming, Alice Warthman and Darlene Yinger tried to lead our "enthusiastic bunch", but we sometimes got carried away in money making projects. After making some paper and rag drives, some of us decided that we needed the school course in Driver Training. During this year we were very well represented at Girls' State by Judy Anspach and Mary James, and by John Kramer and Alan Hetrick at Boys' State. Marilyn Bosse, Sheila Simons, Mary James and Steve Smith led us to second place in the Interclass Contest. One of the top items on the agenda for Juniors is the Class Play, and our productions of "Life of the Party" under the direction of Mr. McAnaney was a tremendous success. Outstanding performances were given by Judy Anspach, Sue Schindler, Conrad Siferd, Max Rambo and Darlene Yinger. We now had a chance to show our ingenuity and originality as we began our plans for the Junior Prom. After many hours of labor by many hands, the gym was transformed into the magical world of CANDY LAND. The Prom was a huge success, but the following day we began to realize that we were three-fourths of the way through high school. SENIORS! "You can't tell him much". This was to be our year to be big shots - club presidents and leaders, although there were times when the administration and our advisors, Mrs. Milnar and Mr. Kaufman, might have argued the latter point. However, the first part was true as we claimed the following Presidents: Sally Neal, FHA; Edison Long, FFA; Brenda Collett, Y-Teens; Helen Fleming, GAA; and Judy Anspach, Student Council. We also rated several Queens with Nancy Allen reigning as Homecoming Queen, Sharon Fox ruling at the Y-Teen Tinsel Ball, and Helen Fleming holding court at the GAA dance. Our pictures were taken amid much laughter and a few groans, and the groans became more pronounced when our proofs arrived. Surely we were better looking than our proofs indicated. Karen LaFollette, Ron Randall, and that "boy of the South", Jim Napier, joined our class and we filled every one of the 52 seats in the Senior home room; however, Cloyd Elwood and Gary Hattery left us before the year was over so we had an even 50 to be led through the final year by our officers, Byron Baughamn, Joe Wright, Nancy Allen and Darlene Yinger. Many hectic days were spent selling magazines, collecting paper, serving banquets and giving innumerable bake sales to raise the $2000 needed for our Washington trip. During the Presidential campaign our Social Problems Class held a mock election with Eisenhower winning over Stevenson; this was not only fun but informative as well. Along with fun we found time to study; several took the Senior Scholarship exams with John Kramer, Dorothy Boutwell and Nancy Brown leading the field. "Papa was a Preacher", our class play, was directed by Mr. Camp, an O.N.U. drama student, and as usual we had a wonderful time in the preparation and presentation. Senior honors were upheld at Inter-class by Nancy Brown, Helen Fleming, Mary James and Jim Napier. On May 5th at the unearthly hour of 5 a.m. we started on our trip to Washington D.C, The bus trip provided us with a few hours of sleep before we arrived at Gettysburg where for a few moments we became a part of American History. Washington was wonderful and our two day stay was entirely too short, but we sampled the views and perhaps can return at a later time for a more complete viewing. On May 11th we were entertained by the Juniors at the Prom and enjoyed the last social event of our high school days. Our final week with Baccalaureate, Class Night, Commencement and final farewels was a "glad but sad" time for most of us. We have finally reached the summit of twelve years of endeavor, and time alone will tell how many more summits we may conquer. Htslorian: Compliments of ROUSH MOTOR SALES 23are Sharon A Brenda i Be5 Bui H" t)'fi8esyt Pe rry - Most Stud ious - Nancy Compliments of THE ADA DAIRYMos4 Likely 4o Succeed Judy - rios4 Dependable - Ed Most Aikround Compliments of THE ADA DAIRY 25The Eslale is Divided We, the Senior Class of "57", being of sound mind and extraordinary intelligence, do establish this as our last will and testament before we depart from the halls of Ada High School. SECTION I ARTICLE A To the Junior Class we leave the following: (1) the privilege of having the front row seats for all assemblies, (2) the empty seats in the Senior homeroom, and (3) fifty empty lockers ARTICLE B To the faculty we leave our sincere gratitude for all they have tried to do for us. SECTION II BILL STOLL wills his curly eye-lashes to Georgia Allen. CHARLES STARLING wills his quiet and unassuming manner to Larry Carey; may he make good use of it. KAREN LaFOLLETTE leaves her diamond right where it is. STEVE SMITH wills his ability to sleep in study halls to Eddie Marling. To Tom Bosch and next year's football team, GERALD BINKLEY wills his weight. BYRON BAUGHMAN leaves the job of President of the Senior Class to anyone with enough nerve to take it. JOE WRIGHT leaves all his little arguments with Mr. Lundy to next year's class in Physics. EMILY CRIBLEY leaves her many bottles of peroxide to Evalyn Stober. MARY JAMES leaves her cheerleading ability to next year's cheerleaders. JUDY ANSPACH wills her Senior "sales-tax" box to Mr. Kaufman for future use. DAVE CHANDLER leaves 6th period English class with no regrets. MAX RAMBO leaves his personality to Lowell Musser. PATTY WYSS wills her quietness to the 7th and 8th graders. BARBARA RISNER leaves all her trips to Forest to anyone who might find them interesting. To Denny lams, HAROLD DUFFY leaves his over-abundance of energy. DOROTHY ACKERMAN leaves her "hot motor scooter" to Don Nichols. STEVE CRAIG wills all his pest-hunting trips to Lynn Boutwell. PERRY LONG wills all his old history notes to Jim Wirries. JIM NAPIER wills his "southern accent" to Mrs. Milnar. DON BADERTSCHER wills his former "beat-up Chevy" to Rex Klinger. BRENDA COLLETT leaves her 5th library period to Miss Long. Compliments of ARBOGAST HOTEL REAL ESTATECONRAD SIFERD wills his bashfulness to Bob Daniels. WILLIS BROWN wills his combat boots, and the energy to keep them shined to Richard Gunn. DEANNA STALEY leaves Ada High to join Don. SUE SCHINDLER leaves her unfinished shorthand assignments to Mrs. Bozarth. JACK GUNN leaves ! ! ! DOROTHY BOUTWELL leaves a wrecked chemistry lab. RON RANDALL leaves his boasting ability to Eddie Simmons. LARRY REAM wills his inherited title of "Little Dutchman" to Calvin Conley. ERNEST DUDGEON wills his strength at carrying the tuba to Tom Cheney. HOWARD UMPHRESS wills the big wooden bumper on his "hot 37" to Glenn Fields MARILYN BOSSE leaves the honor of driving to all of the football games to anyone who can afford to buy the gas. NANCY ALLEN wills her high soprano to Roger Cooley. SHARON SIMONS leaves whatever is behind the "Green Door" to Bob Wyss. PATTI MYERS wills her walk to Marilyn Murray. JEAN HAWES wills her job at the College Inn to anyone brave enough to try it. EDISON LONG leaves all his FFA medals to Scotty Moore (keep them shining!) NANCY BROWN wills her many different hair styles to Ellen Hitchcock. SALLY NEAL leaves her "apple polishing" to Dick Parshall. SANDRA WELSH wills her giggles to Dickie Woofter. SHEILA SIMONS wills her dancing ability to Jay Ladd. SHARON FOX leaves her many boy friends to no one; she's keeping them all for herself. PAUL DOWNING wills his curly hair to Norman Noe. ALICE WARTHMAN wills her boy troubles and gripes to Linda Smith. JOHN KRAMER wills the privilege of driving a Cadillac to someone with a healthy bankroll. ALAN HETRICK leaves Mrs. Roider a very happy and relieved study hall teacher. HELEN FLEMING wills her ability to get along with people to Louis Kipker. DARLENE YINGER leaves all her slumber party invitations to Bob Runser (are you keeping a file?) ALICE REAMS leaves her chewing gum all over the place. FRED HUBBELL leaves nothing; he's taking it all with him. Signed Sealed: ™Yy Compliments of the ADA THEATERTodau Ends —"1c omorrou eg ins How .short, how short these four years seem Now that we've reached the goal. Hou long they seemed four years ago To oar impatient souls! A sadness strangely mured with joy Invades the heart to tow In vectors contrary to what V e understand and know. Ve v«? shared a lot these past four years — Fun, hoi , disappointment Laughte»---to earn with destiny Promising appointment. The friendships now intensely held Vi || wav and wane and yo to memory's gray storehouse. New friends we soon shall know. The best does not at this event Forever, finally die. Great challenges await our hands, A thousand tests to try. Let future open wide her doors Ve sail onouryuest. For fame, for work, or ove, for God, Resolving here our best. Compliments of SOUSLEY INSURANCEFAREWELL Words Music Nahtg Alien g Sharon Simons 53 7 w 4 w 4 ) 1 J 0 c c J c v 1 1 r - J I c « • 0 Itaif ' 6 II W- U » $™S- Like 4be cbiwihg of a bell, we |;ff our »or s in farewell, C As u»e feare, our ihtttfkh ska 11 be, Ada High ScIimI, We Hore -fbeej Compliments of the AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY 29Date: I omorrou 5 28 May 1980 HcdJI ines To: PAUL DOWNING, Editor of the Ada Herald There was quite a crowd at the Lima station to see me off on my round-the-world tour, but the happiest surprise was to find that the head of the delegation was FRED HUBBELL, President of the B O Railroad. He was accompanied by his stunning secretary, DARLENE YINGER. WOW ! From Lima I went to Indianapolis to see the Speedway Races where that demon of speed, JACK GUNN, is expected to set a new record of 400 miles per hour. Much of his success is due to the genius of his chief mechanic, LARRY REAM. As soon as the race (won by Jack) was over, I boarded the "Spirit of Ada", the private jet belonging to RON RANDALL, and with Ron at the controls we reached San Francisco in l 2 hour. Our arrival at the hotel was a little confusing as we got mixed up in a mob of high school seniors who had just arrived on the West Coast. Imagine my surprise to find that they were from Lima and were chaperoned by THE STARLINGS (Chick and Brenda). The former BRENDA COLLETT is the speech and drama teacher, and CHARLES teaches mathematics. We left San Francisco to head out over the Pacific; I say "We" because I had gained a companion for part of the trip. NANCY BROWN was making her ninth trip around the world. After making oil paintings of the natives of the various countries, she will finally give up her career to become Mrs. Smith of Ada. During the trip across the Pacific we found several of our classmates aboard. EDISON LONG was on his way to India to make a personal examination of the farm situation for the President of the United States, ALAN HETRICK. Our pilot was CONRAD SIFERD and our charming hostess was SHEILA SIMONS. Also we met ALICE WARTH-MAN who was taking her elderly father to Hawaii for his health. (Mr. Warthman was quite spry for a man of 80). The most exciting event of the trip was seeing what looked like a "flying saucer" passing back and forth across our view. The hostess told us that it was JIM NAPIER who had invented a new type of parachute. Upon landing in Hawaii, I tried to get an interview with Jim but found that something had gone wrong and the last report from him had stated that his 'chute wouldn't come down and that he was heading for outer space. (He is probably teaching that southern drawl to the Martians!) In Hawaii we found Nancy Allen who was on her way back to the United States after a lengthy tour of the Orient. She is a member of the very famous "Billy Graham Singing Evangelists". We also ran into DOROTHY BOUTWELL who works for the U.S. Army Intelligence Service. After a few days of relaxation, we went on to China where we found that JUDY ANSPACH has become almost a legend. After her phenomenal rise in the nursing profession, she became the Chief Health Officer of China. Her work has been instrumental in wooing China away from the Communists. We went on to Singapore and there we found the famous "Ching-Chong Boys" giving out with be-bop and the "rockingest" of all was their leader, BILL STOLL. Nancy decided to leave me here as she wanted to go to Java, so I persuaded the American Embassy to allow their Military Attache, Colonel WILLIS BROWN to accompany me for the rest of the trip. At our next stop, Bombay, India, we heard the world famous pianist, DOROTHY ACKERMAN. Also on the program as featured soloist was MARILYN BOSSE. We tried to see them after the concert, but the crowd of well-wishers was so great that we couldn't get near the stage door. 30 Compliments of LIMA COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKSThe next country on the itinerary was Australia. We arrived in Melbourne just in time to see MAX RAMBO win seven Olympic gold medals. Physical Culture has reached such a high degree in the United States that it was not considered unusual for a man of 40 to win that many events. He probably would have won more, but one of the spectators, EMILY CRIBLEY, had dropped her 30 carat diamond ring beside the swimming pool and Max hurt his foot on it. We decided to venture into the "bush" country where SUE SCHINDLER and her husband, BYRON BAUGHMAN, are missionaries. Sue had just had a very narrow escape from a tribe of head-hunters so Byron offered to guide us back to civilization as he thought the safari might be attacked at any time. Our next stop was at a fascinating place, Mecca, Arabia. On our arrival we were greeted by ALICE REAMS who had come to this area after the death of her husband. She is an advisor of the King and has been responsible for bringing modern educational methods into the area. In the first school which we visited, we found SHARON SIMONS patiently slaving to get the Arabian girls to do some other dance than the native rituals. 1 think that she will soon be leaving because DON BADERTSCHER had just flown in to check his extensive oil holdings and to try to convince Sharon that she would be the ideal wife for a Texas multi-billionaire. Also teaching school in this area was DAVID CHANDLER, who was teaching a most unusual subject, "How to Get the Most Out of Your Motor Scooter." We landed in Cairo, Egypt, and were astounded to hear of the latest PERRY LONG project. He was opening every tomb in Egypt and making each into a hot-dog stand. Also being talked about was STEVE CRAIG, who was trying to change the course of the Nile so that it would run through his million acre oasis, thus lowering the cost of his water bill. After seeing quite a lot of Egypt, we went on to the Belgian Congo. Along with our guide, PATTI MYERS, we went deep into the jungle. When we got to the innermost part of the swamp, we found a chicken market being run by GERALD BINKLEY. When I asked him why he didn't live in the civilized area he answered, "I just can't stop that rockin' and rollin'." Our next stop was Paris. We arrived just in time for the annual fashion show of that famous designer, MADAME SALLY NEAL. The gowns were shown by her two top models, PATTY WYSS and SHARON FOX, who have discovered the secrets of the fountain of youth. Time was getting short so we hurried on to Spain to see the greatest of all bull-fighters, HAROLD DUFFY. We also met his famous physician, Dr. JOHN KRAMER. John and his wife, MARY JAMES, have made their home on the continent for the last fifteen years, and Mary has just been selected as the "Best Dressed Woman in the World." Of course, her gowns are created by "Neal of Paris." We left the warmth of Spain and landed in Thule, Greenland. Here we found JOE WRIGHT preparing to open another giant super-market--the specialty--"frozen foods." SANDRA WELSH also makes her home here. It seemed odd to find her in such a place, but her fame as the person with the largest collection of Elvis Presley records in the world has caused her to try to escape from the crush of bobby-soxers who want to hear how their mother's idol sounded. At the North Pole we found BARBARA RISNER giving food demonstrations to the Eskimos, and DEANNA STALEY (with Don of course) managing a rest-home for over worked sled dogs. In the Yukon Territory we found HOWARD UMPHRESS, who had just discovered a method of melting mountains of ice, laying out large gold-mining claims. Maybe now he will have some time for his wife, HELEN FLEMING, who has become a literary figure while waiting for him. Her latest book, "The Ice Melteth", has sold over five million copeis. We drove down the Alcan Highway to Dawson Creek, Canada, where we met ERNEST DUDGEON, who has just formed his own hockey team. He thought that he had a complete team but at the last minute STEVE SMITH decided that he would rather draw cartoons for my latest book than to cut figures on the ice. I arrived back in the United States just in time to interview KAREN LaFOLLETTE. Karen was being honored as "Mother of the Year" and this seemed the ideal way to end my trip around the world. rom 4k pen f: oreign Corresponden denf Compliments of PEPER DRUGS 31Compliments of DALE'S BARBER SHOPu N Address of Welcome Byron Bai.'chman, Senior Clast President Senior Class Band, To Love Again and Basin Street Blues Mary James, Helen Fleming. Sharon Simons. Sheila Simons. Alice Warthman. Ernest Dudgeon. N°A0nCnHawes Wiluam Stoll Class Will. The Estate Is Divided Written by Darlene Yincer and Max Rambo Read by Max Rambo Class Song, Farewell Written by Nancy Allen and Sharon Simons Salutatory. Alpha John Kramer CLASS PROPHECY. Tomorrow’s Headlines Today Written by Jean Hawes Read by Judy Anspach Dance Sheila and Sharon Simons Class Poem. Today Ends. Tomorrow Begins Written by John Kramer Read by Conrad Siferd Vocal Trio, Graduation Day Nancy Allen, Darlene Yincer. Jean Hawes Valedictory. Omega Mary James | Piano Solo, Valse Danseuse ... Dorothy Ackerman | Class History, A Summit Is Reached Written and Read by Brenda Collett Alma Mater Class and Audience 34 Compliments of NULTY PHOTO SERVICE, LimaBACCALAUREATE SERVICE First Methodist Church Seventy-Fifth Annual COMMENCEMENT Thursday. May 21. iq«;7 Sunday, May 19, 1957 High School Auditorium 8:00 P. M. 8:00 P. M. Mrs. Shirley Hixson - Chorister Processional. Pomp and Circumstance - Elgar Mrs. Virginia Milnar - Organist Esther Fleminc. Organist Processional, War March of the Priests - Mendelssohn Invocation Rev. Edwin F. Eshelman First Methodist Church Hymn. God of Our Fathers .... No. 496 Audience Scripture Reading Rev. Loren H. Wyandt St. Mark's Lutheran Church Invocation Rev. Fara Laman First Baptist Church Vocal Solo. You'll Never Walk Alone Nancy Allen Presentation of Awards Presentation of Speaker E. A. VanAtta, Superintendent Class Adoross. On Bang Successful Rev. Donald W. Cryer First Methodist Church, Findlay Music—Bless the ford. O My Soul - Ippolitof-Ivanof High School Choir Baccalaureate Sermon—Educate Tby Heart Rev. Fara Laman First Baptist Church Music—O ford Most Holy - - Franck High School Choir Benediction Pastor Carl Clum Grace Gospel Church Recessional, Pilgrims Chorus fronr Tannbauser - Wagner Richards 1 Gounod Vocal Solo, He Ernest Dudgeon Presentation of Class C. E. Lundy. High School Principal Presentation of Diplomas Charles Hubbeil. President Ada Board of Education Benediction Rev. Edwin F. Eshelman First Methodist Church •Recessional, Marche Pontificate Compliments of HERFF-JONES COMPANY 3536 Compliments of THE AHLENIUS COMPANYTom BOSCH Shirley CONLEY Ruth ROIDER Marsha STALEY Lynn BOUTWELL Ronald SMITH Beverly SIMMONS Pauline BILBY Rose GRANT Robert WYSS Helen MAIN Gloria SANDERS Marilyn MURRAY Robert DANIELS Evalyn STOBER Sandra Maureen PRATT GOSE Jim WIRRIES Wayne SMITH Robert RUNSER J,sP Rosalie DOTSON Shirley LARUE Viola BROWN Roger COOLEY 38 Compliments of VANDEMARK REAL ESTATERonald DEARTH Rolland ANSPACH Larry CAREY Ethel CRIBLEY Sara Sue CRATES Joyce VANDEMARK Mary STONEHILL Karen STALEY 0b Esther FLEMING Miriam HATTERY Lynda MOREHART No Pictures Carolyn Edens Ellen Hitchcock Gretchen DIEFFANBACH Cathy SHANKS Dortha STOBER Louise CUNNINGHAM Arlene MOORE Compliments of FIELDS BAKERY John WICKENDEN Larry TABOR ' jf Edward MARLING Louis KIPKER Rex KLINGLER 39 • neup $U f TSg SUots When you see a JUNIOR then you’ve For we're the class that just can't COOKIE MAIN is the artist of the 1 She's been drawing since she was a Ccmtoir Ots% Fre k Ckatnf livV«r sVn T K«r e rfusk c’feer pliments of MERTZ MAREHindall, Pres . • Gardner, V .P. • Parkhill, Tr. • GOSE, Sec. Clark Downing Shulaw Poling Schick Earl URICH A lien Pothier Hauenstein Carey Legg Bradley OLDAKER Rayl C. Harmon Gunn W right Moore L. Smith E. HACKWORTH Crouse Chrismer B. Smith Ladd Bosse W oofter SIMON Garry Simon Moorman Wireman Shadley Brewer LaViness A. HACKWORTH Long Gudakunst Plummer Harsh Tallman Bucher EDENS Loescher P. Smith P. Harmoi. Sizemore Parshall Everhart CURTIS Darlington V. Campbell V. Hackworth Bozarth Park C. Campbell ULREY J. Smith Cheney Bower Musser Staley Truman FLETCHER Foster, abs. Moser, abs. n t -» i X a Class of 1959 n 's ✓ V a i ■ C a n V? » a 1 i : Mi 4k K c c in a o (5 e Compliments of CHRISMER'S IGA MARKET 41OK, $ov V ) 3 vu.rr mer P SOPHOMORE NICKNAMES Patty Gose........Fats Tom Truman. . . . Elvis Richard Woofter. . Prof. I . Sherry Hauenstein. Sardine m l Jay Ladd.........J. Bird “ Gloria Simon. . . . Squeeky Barbara Ulrey. . . Babs Dick Parshall. . . . Polyachi Edna Poling......Snig i Virginia Hackworth Flacky Sacky Duane Fletcher. . .Red Jerry Downing. . . Moose Nancy Shadley. . . Shattle-Brain Paul Harmon. . . . Smoky Donald Staley. . . . Oats Mary A. Gardener. .Maggie Bill Loescher. . . .Wild Bill John Pothier. . . . Apple Polisher FRESHMAN EXPRESSIONS David McCool »v Jarilyn Stoll ■j Paula Stove M Maxine Fleming H Joyce Hauenstein 91 Tom Shanks 9 Jean Stober |V Donna Weihrauch ■ Sue Wyss H Pamela Shadley I Donald Nichols P( Lonnie Boutwell • Judy Yinger v Joy Wickenden f Pamela Heifner Carol Cole Sylvia Houser A Steve Hindall Karl Simon Frank Pumphrey . Dennis Anspach I Jerry English I Sandra Fulks I Shirley Elwood 9 Marlene Clapper Real gone! Oh dear f Wei-1-1-1? ? ? W onderful That's sharp Howdy Just a minute Son Shucks Pickles I don't care Oh cripe ! Darn it! Holy cow Swell Hector's pup Oh crumb Long came a s Golly gee Jeez ! Blast it! Dayo Heavens ! Tough fl Oh shoot! Sj cuRcnr CompRm'n r | . ' f O i 0 c V a i y n V a ■ -sy fa, . IMkiAi o L'k. a • ✓ V a w A !a T. Dearth Gudakunst Plummer W ade Hindall Klingler Graham Stove Moloney Rayl R. Dearth Austin Bennett Cheney Heifner English Weihrauch B. Hodges Cla„ of I960 Ci a A Kipker E. Brown Rodgers Simmons Marling S. Wyss D. Gunn D. Fleming Shadley Fields Nichols Hackworth Clapper Pifer Cook L. Gunn Boutwell Hauenstein (no picture - D. Obenour) »y rk Wickenden Houser Anspach Lowry Piatt M. Hodges Conley Yinger Wagner Nichols Johnson Downing Shanks G. McCool Fulks Webb Hattery Gilbert Smelser D. McCool Pumphrey Moser Elwood Darlington M. Fleming Nelson Duffy Epley Simon R. Wyss Stoll Stober Cole Sizemore E. Brown Rausch Compliments of STEIN MAN BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY 43n ft 8 GRADE t . a ia a 0 a V 4 a u l v V 3» «■ ML a a l-3 W a o J k pi a a i .V a a a a A • a a r»j SSL. a a t 1 p ,v .e. a a a ■ ♦ m • n .a rs v4 ) Mathewson Randall F ry CROWE Burkholder Daniels Shanks M. Smith Moore A mburgey R. FLEMING Weller Vandemark W iremark Sanders La Viness FLETCHER Dotson Hubbell Anspach Dudgeon Dilts Bozarth A LEXANDER S. Reiter Badertscher Runser Hatcher Moe Klingler J. REITER Montgomery Starling Obenour Cribley W irries J. Hall SCHMIDT Keith W eihrauch Kramer W. Smith M. Williams F reeman GUDAKUNST Roider Brown Noe Shields lams Ludwig NICHOLS Price Amstutz Simon J. Williams K. Hall Bosch SPRUNGER Conley Burris C. Fleming Umphress J ohnson Edens McCurdy Hackwor th, absent Compliments of BOB'S GRILLKeith Miller Goorley Shepherd Irwin Wickenden McAlpin Chandler E. Wagner Failor Bozarth Sonncti Dave Rayl McElroy Knell Warthman Parkhill Bout well Reams S. Simon Long Hindall Van Horn Casper Fleming Eckenrode Motter Pratt Brewer Moore Everhart Wirries Badertscher Pifer M. Myers Robinson Jones D. Simon Dyer Cheney Burkholder Roof Moser Nelson Stavenger Graham Patton Anspach Dudgeon Bosch Staley Hughes Harsh Bosse Martin Kindle Vandemark Dobnicker C. Harmon Price K. Myers Duffy Curtis M. Harmon Rainey J. Simon Dearth Kipker McCool Schick Plummer G. Wagner Schafer Klingler Amstutz Spradlin Brown Risner Smelser Cook Page Dan Rayl Shulaw 46 Compliments of ANDY'S DRIVE-INNanccj 4 her cre Rosalie., Awn, GeoSalltj raised +Se woneq. 48 Compliments of PEERLESS CLEANERSRorij Alice, Nanttj, | Soue did 4ke diVlij orfc. Compliments of SUPREME CLEANERS M4Senior SHARON'S everyone smile filled HOMECOMING QUEEN? And VIOLA W e think the Junior cutest that everything BARBARA Her beautiful and SYLVIA support Gave the occasion that HOMECOMING AIR ! Congratulations to Compliments of GAMBLES the QUEEN and her COURTW This year book u ■fBren- by mphress, ta - Evalyn PuSiple Gold w HIGH SCHOOL Number 1 ra, Extra! ad About It iy your subscription for the le and Gold and read the latest •ws. The cost is 10 cents per pa-r or $1.00 a year. An activity tick-will entitle you to a copy. This year the staff will try to give you io latest news and print a very interesting paper. Be sure you get 'every copy of the Purple and Gold. Volume XXVI Class Officers Elected Classes seven through twelve have completed class elections and the new officers are: Seniors—Byron Baughman, president; Joe Wright, vice president; Darlene Nancy Yingei secretary; on »ef or copy's dun sdacj I LIBRAS alth. Foot Basketball ar Bruce MEET YOUR are: first —Sharon Fox. Helen Dari nd Mary' James, substitute vmd — Gerald Binkley ■ Staley. II 0 £KS y lr $ rtaui this ADA HI de. Denn. Dearth, Eighth grade — president; Joe Ra ident; Nadene Fry, urer. Seventh grade — Alice president; Gwen Keith, vice dent; Kandace Miller, secretary Judy Shepherd, treasurer; Janice Irwin, student council representative. THE PURPLE AND GOLD Official News Voice of Ada High School, Ada, Ohio Price — 10c An Issue $1.00 for Year’s Subscription c have noticed that there are and Joy y new students with , totaling twenty- y'-'lfjl enden. tickets are on sale This sale goes on r to save you money and jou show your school , e sponsored by Editors-in-Cliief, Sharon and Sheila Simons Business Manager — Shirley LaKuc Ass’t Bus. Mgr.............. Mary Ann Gardner News Editor .... Esther Fleming Ass’t News Ed .... Marsha Staley Social Editor ..... Ann Lowry Ass’t Social Ed. .... Helen Main Feature Editor.....Lou Ann Parks Ass’t Feature Ed. Georgia Allen Sports Editor .... Johnny Kramer Ass’t Sports Ed. ... Karen Staley Music Editor..........Ruth Roider Exchange Editor — Sandra Welsh Inquiring Reporter .... Cathy Shanks Circulation Mgr. Sandra Fulks Ass’t Circ. Mgr., Pamela Hcifnor Advisor........ Mrs. Born scription t also includ BUY NOW ---- — Richard Gunn. L Henry Wireman. in via .N w students dances a on both ne Obcnour. Cory Rawson, Rousch, Mt. Cory Paroch. GAA Meeting Bluffton Game GAA Bakesale Student Council 26—FFA ■pt. 28 Spencerville Game Compliments of VARSITY BOOK STORE 51of union Class. Norman Noe............WILLOUGHBY ADAMS, A well-behaved boy Helen Main...........AUNT HESTER, Willoughby's maiden Esther Fleming.......AUNT LOUISE, aunts, who have given Ann Lowry.............AUNT OLGA, him a "beautiful sheltered life" John Wickenden.........INNER WILLY, Willoughby's "inner self," visible only to Willoughby Larry Carey..........STANLEY CLARK, inclined to be "tough Ken Failor.............MIKE, bashful, but a "regular guy" Ruth Roider...........MARYBELLE TURNER, the girl next door, plain and completely unexciting Gretchen Dieffenbach. . TRUDY MARSHALL lively, 16-year old twins THE INNER VJILLY” Marilyn Murray. Lynda Morehart. JANET MARSHALL CAROL MARTIN, the girl whom Willoughby secretly admires 52 Compliments of GARVER'S AUTO WRECKINGI'M Papa Porter BYRON BAUGHMAN Mama Porter JUDY ANSPACH Janette Porter MARY JAMES Hugh Porter BILL STOLL Cecil Porter STEVE SMITH Ed Porter WILLIS BROWN Raybon Porter MAX RAMBO Aylene Porter DARLENE YINGER Miss Jonas NANCY ALLEN Helen Ludlow SANDRA WELSH Jenny Smith ALICE REAMS Lucy Smith SHARON SIMONS Jeffrey Cole JOE WRIGHT Bride BRENDA COLLETT Groom CONRAD SIFERD Compliments of FORD-PUGH FOTATO CHIP COMPANY 53INTERCLASS is an academic contest between the Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors in which contestants, selected by their classmates, present orations, short stories, essays and readings which are then judged. The winning class receives the loving cup which they retain until the next year. Each class also presents an entertaining skit. The late Dr. C. H. Freeman, a former school board member and O.N.U. English professor, originated the plan many years ago. As a living tribute to Dr. Freeman, the Student Council presents this contest each year. 1956-1957 INTERCLASS (individual winners are marked by ) SENIORS ♦Short Story - "God and Me, We're Buddies" Sheila Simons Oration - "It is in Our Hands" Nancy Brown Reading - "I Ain't So Dumb" Jim Napier Essay - "Jazz - A Phase of America's Music" Mary James JUNIORS Short Story - "Grandmother Malone, the 'Mongrel' and Mayhem" Shirley Conley ♦Oration - "Our Future is Now" John Wickenden Reading - "Ernie's Garden" Ann Lowry Essay - "Sensitivity to World's Situation" Ruth Roider SOPHOMORES Short Story - "Give Us Back Our Faith" Joyce Oldaker Oration - "The Best Years of Our Lives" John Pothier ♦Reading - "We're Redecorating Again" Duane Fletcher ♦Essay - "A Symphony in Science" Raymond Schick George Hindall, An Sopk. pre. President of St Caoncil lhUrclass Cup 54 Compliments of PRESTON FUNERAL HOMESOP MOTOR E5 DID U IN! Compliments of HANSON FUNERAL HOME 5556 Compliments of TASTEE FREEZETOP ROW: Main, Hawes, Bosse, Neal, Eckenrode, Sanders, Conley, Simmons, Cunningham, Warthman, Reams, Deiffenbach. 4th ROW: Edens, Myers, Dotson, Morehart, Fox, Lowry, Shanks , Stonehill, Brown, Stober, Yinger. 3rd ROW: Stanley, Boutwell, LaRue, Wyss, Welsh, Brown, Hitchcock, Schindler, Shea, Grant. 2nd ROW: Cribley, Pratt, Cribley, Collett, Staley, Crates, Vandemark, Allen, Gose, Stober. FRONT ROW: Mary James, Sharon Simons, Intramural Mgrs.; Judy Siferd, Sec.; Mrs. Ludwig, Advisor; Helen Fleming, Pres.; Esther Fleming, V. Pres. Sheila Simons, Treas.; Judy Anspach, Cook. The Girls' Athletic Association is a club whose purpose is to give girls in grades nine through twelve a chance to take part in athletic activities and teach them good sportsmanship. Tournaments are held for basketball, kickball, volleyball, deck tennis, and softball; the trophy was won by the Seniors this year. A basketball team of junior and senior girls was selected by Mrs. Ludwig to play other schools. Our team was victorious in all games. An amusing incident happened when due to a misunderstanding our reserve team played Kenton's varsity and our varsity played Kenton's reserves. BOTH of our teams won. The GAA sponsors an annual dance, helps with concession stand at football games, holds a swimming party and has many other activities. The membership this year is 103 with Mrs. Ludwig as our advisor. 58 Compliments of LONG'S MARATHON SERVICETOP ROW: Smith, Stove, Nelson, Gose, Houser, Smith, Sizemore, Ulrey, Poling, Allen, Clapper, Gudakunst. 4th ROW: Wagner, Fulks, Hackworth, Tallman, Wade, Stoll, Gardner, Fleming, Heifner, Parkhill. 3rd ROW: Pifer, Shadley, Wright, Wyss, Weihrauch, Austin, Stober, Shadley, Plummer, Crouse, Kipker. 2nd ROW: Conley, Oldaker, Hauenstein, Harmon, Dearth, Cole, Fields, Klingler, Gilbert, Bosse, Park. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Ludwig, Long, Hauenstein, Yinger, Brown, Bennett, Johnson, Elwood, Boutwell, Simon, Marling. 59 Compliments of GARDNER'S SOHIO SERVICESTANDING: Wright, Brown, Fletcher, Starling, Hubbell, Binkley, Stonehill, Sanders, Grant, D. Stober SEATED: Anspach, Neal, Collett, Fox, Allen, Cribley, Hawes, Staley, Darlington, E. Stober. FRONT ROW: Conley, Boutwell, Stove, Nichols, Hauenstein. 2nd ROW: Mrs. Wiedemann, Shadley, Simon, Fleming, Stober, Brown. 3rd ROW: Clapper, Hodges, Cole, Heifner, Crouse, Campbell, Klingler. 4th ROW: Smelser, Pothier , Anspach, Lowry, Pumphrey, Stoll, Hindall. FRENCH D FRONT ROW: Hauenstein, Dieffenbach, Gose, Roider, Parks, Shadley. TOP ROW: Mrs. Wiedemann, Bucher, Bozarth, Schick, Woofter, Hindall. Tallman, Allen. CERCLE DE FRANCAIS Le Cercle de Francais s'est compose de trente-sept membres, premiere et deuxieme annee eleves de francais. Dans notre programme de le Cercle de Francais nous parlons de garcons et filles les cou-tumes, le histoire, les ecoles, et les parties en F ranee. Nous avons claque annee une service projet pour l'ecole. Cette annee nous avons achete deux arbres de sapin. 60 Compliments of COMMUNITY OIL GAS.STUDENT COUNCIL BACK ROW Mrs. Weidemann Glenn Fields Ron Smith Dick Parshall Dave Chandler Howard Umphress Mr. Lundy FRONT ROW President - Judy Anspach Vice Pres. -Howard Umphress Secretary - Marsha Staley Treasurer -Alice Warthman The Student Council, sparked by the enthusiasm of President Judy Anspach and the other officers, has contributed much to the school. The main purpose of the Council is to discuss school problems and then try to reach decisions which will be agreeable to everyone. It has many activities such as running the concession stand at ball games, buying new stage curtains, providing special assemblies, sponsoring the Homecoming Dance and presenting Interclass Contest. Representatives to the Student Council are selected by each class. Membership is divided as follows: Seniors - 4; Juniors - 3; Sophomores - 2; 7th and 8th - 1 each. The advisors for this year are Mrs. Wiedemann and Mr. Lundy. Janice Irwin Lou Ann Parks Judy Anspach Paula Stove Marsha Staley David Crowe Alice Warthman Clean Up The hall monitors are responsible for control of hall traffic between classes and at dismissal time. They are chosen for their dependability and courtesy. The Captain of this year's group is Fred Hubbell. TOP ROW: Ernie Dudgeon, Norman Noe, Bill Stoll 5th ROW: Bob Runser, Fred Hubbell, Byron Baughman 4th ROW: John Kramer, A1 Hetrick, Ron Randall 3rd ROW: Dave Chandler, Perry Long, Joe Wright 2nd ROW: Glenn Fields, Larry Tabor, Bob Wyss FRONT ROW: Mr. Lundy, Kenny Failor, Tom Bosch. 61 Compliments of WRIGHT'S GULF SERVICEanna BACK ROW: Everhart, Cheney, Wickenden, Shanks, Loescher, McCool, Gardner, Houser. MIDDLE ROW: Bennett, Pifer , Fields , Parkhill, Wickenden, Oldaker. FRONT ROW: Marling, Dawn Darlington, Vice President; John Pothier, President; Archie Rodger s , Sec.-Treas.; Webb. SocieTas Hoc anno, sicut semper, pueri puellaeque Societatis Latinae iterum feliciter (?) Latinos libros, manu Magis-trae Longae ducente, triump-haverunt. Autumno noviores socii initiabantur in mystico ordine "Hie, haec, hoc". Serius anno, Societas dapem annuam dedit, eventus qui nota et lux alta anni factus est. Certum est socios se-cundi anni Societatem Latin-am cum multis gratis mem-oriis relicturos esse , et socios primi anni alium annum ejus-dem anticipare. 62 Compliments of ORDERS PLUMBINGTOP ROW; Crouse, LaRue, Allen, Yinger, Sanders, Darlington, Simmons, Cunningham, Hawes, Diefenbach. 4th ROW: Gose, Ulrey, Stober, Hackworth, Simons, Lowry, Shanks, Fleming, Parkhill, Simons, Poling. 3rd ROW: Staley, Crates, Oldaker, Siferd, Fleming, Welsh, Eckenrode, Hauenstein, Schindler, Staley. 2nd ROW: Mrs. Bozarth, Cribley, Cribley, Gose, James, Anspach, Allen, LaViness, Murray, Mrs. Roider. —FRONT ROW: Nancy Brown, Worship Chairman; Alice Reams, Treasurer; Viola Brown, Vice President; Brenda Collett, President; Ruth Roider, Secretary; Helen lain, Publicity Chairman; Sharon Fox, Program Chm. Compliments of ADA LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING 63FRONT ROW: Sizemore, Wright, Ulrey, Bosse. 2nd ROW: Gilbert, Elwood, Boutwell, Long. Harmon, Bosse, Shadley, Wyss, tSSk s AMERICA Poling, Smith, Risner, Moorman, Wade, Fulks, Wagner, Myers, Nelson. TOP ROW: Staley, Dearth, Weihrauch, Kipker, Hawes, Smith, Austin, Gudakunst, Klingler. Simons, Roider, Neal, Staley, Mrs. Ritchey, Simons, Yinger, 3rd ROW: Brown, Bilby, Wyss, Johnson. 4th ROW: Cunningham, The Future Homemakers of America is an organization of girls who study homemaking. This group offers further development in pupil initiative in planning and carrying out activities related to homemaking. It sponsors group projects, creates opportunity for development in leadership and social life. F H.A. Officers Coun4y F. H.A. President 64 Compliments of ADA NURSING HOMEFRONT ROW: Bill Stoll, Student Advisor; Perry Long, Treasurer; Larry Ream, Vice President; Edison Long, President, Larry Tabor, Secretary; Bob Wyss, Reporter; Don Badertscher, Sentinel. 2nd ROW: Jerry Rayl, Jerry Downing, Virgil Campbell, Ed Hackworth, Estel Brown, Henry Wireman, Tom Cheney, Mr. Kreglow. 3rd ROW: Lynn Boutwell, Larry Gunn, Tom Starrett, Dick Wyss, Rex Klingler, Scottie Moore, Clarence Campbell, Amos Hackworth. BACK ROW: Jerry Smith, Don Moser, Duane Fletcher, Aaron Hackworth, Paul Downing, Donald Gudakunst, Melvin Moser. FUTURE FARHER5 -= 5fZ ‘ 1TJL AMERICA arhamenTartj Vo-Ag. Scholarship "lesl M. k Public Spealc ng - Gold Awatj FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA is a national organization of boys who are studying agriculture. The purpose of this group is to provide a fellowship for farm boys where they can discuss the problems relative to farm living. The Future Farmers' achievement scale consists of four degrees: Green-hand, Future Farmer, State Farmer, and the most difficult to achieve, A-merican Farmer. The advisor of the Ada group is Mr. J. J. Kreglow, teacher of agriculture . Compliments of ADA FARMERS EXCHANGE 65o c r I tmorj Compliments of STRONG, STRONG, STRONG, ARCHITECTS, LimaWOODWIND SECTION PERCUSSION Georgia Allen John Bozarth Nancy Brown John Cheney Marlene Clapper Geraldine Crouse Ruth Eckenrode Rosalie Dotson Esther Fleming Maxine Fleming Sherry Hauenstein Mary James Marilyn Keith Ann Lowry Judy Ludwig Arlene Moore Lou Ann Parks Lloyd Schick Raymond Schick Cathy Shanks Tom Shanks Ruby Simon Sheila Simons Mildred Smith Bonnie Sprunger Jean Stober Paula Stove Alice Warthman Donna Weihrauch Jerry Williams Dorothy Boutwell Shirley Elwood Jean Hawes Nancy Shadley Judy Shepard Beverly Simmons Compliments of MESSICKS Carolyn Boutwell Chester Cheney Tom Cheney Joan Conley Danny Dotson Ernest Dudgeon Kenneth Failor David Fleming BRASS SECTION Helen Fleming Steve Hindall Bruce Hodges Larry Kindle Bill Loescher Gary McCurdy Kandy Miller Eric Noe Norman Noe John Pothier Karl Simon Sharon Simons Jarolyn Stoll Teresa Tallman Ronnie Wirries Judy YingerAda High School is very fortunate in having both a Marching and a Concert Band. The man who is responsible for the outstanding work done by the bands is Mr. Ansley, the director. The MARCHING BAND, led by Drum Majorette Sheila Simons, performed during half time at our football games. During the numbers the band and majorettes performed many intricate maneuvers and formations which added an extra touch to each show. These original routines together with the snappy music showed the results of the hard work necessary for each performance. At the end of the football season, the CONCERT BAND began its preparations for the District Contest. This year the contest was held at Ohio Northern University on March 30th, at which time the band received a II rating. The Band also gave its annual Spring Concert on May 10th. Compliments of MAIN DIME STOREre h Saundrd y 3' NAJO e moonlight ERj HATS OFF! to Sheila Simons drum majorette, who with the six high stepping twirlers performed throughout the season. It meant many an evening of hard work and practice, but the finished results make Ada High School very proud of its "High Steppers". s y iu la s 'nohs Behind the title "Moonlighters" is our own high school dance band. It is under the direction of Mr. Ansley and is made up of a few students from the regular band. The band held dances after several home basketball games and also played for the GAA dance. We hope to have other affairs "musicaded" by these specialists. 70 Compliments of JOSTEN'S e e' ' £ ' 5 TOM SHANKS Alto-Sax "Fantasy in F minor" - Gurewich Piano "Scherzo in E minor" - Mendelssohn Cq , O, V - 0«v 6 v V a s j “J e o Sft ander-- °Pran0 2ies Conleslanl; r ■ CLARINET QUARTET I Esther Fleming, Lou Ann Parks, Arlene Moore, Georgia Allen "Canzonetta1 Mendelssohn Clarinet Quartet Roger Cooley Virginia Hackworth1 Ardythe LaViness Helen Main Marilyn Murray Diane Parkhill Tom Shanks alto-sax piano Woodwind Quintet District III I II II II I II I I I State II 4 vocalists, 2 pianists, 1 instrumentalist and 2 ensembles from Ada High participated in the O.M.E.A. District Contest, March 23rd, at the Lima Senior High School. Five entries received superior ratings and were elegible to enter the State Contest at Bowling Green University on April 13th. None received superior ratings but we are proud of all participants. II III III II Compliments of JOS TEN'S 71Senior orus BACK ROW: Goorley, Wade, Ladd, Randall, Gunn, Cooley, Lowry, Rodgers, Ans- . pach, Nichols, Morehart, Heifner. 3rd ROW: Diefenbach, Pifer, Truman, English, I Fulks, Parkhill, Houser, Hackworth, Smith, Sizemore, Gose, Siferd. 2nd ROW: Shadley, Cole, Poling, Pratt, Plummer, Smith, Klingler, Fields, Bennett, Wyss. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Hixon, Marling, Simons, Boutwell, Brown, Hitchcock, Harmon, | Bilby, Gose, Oldaker, Darlington. Glee Clul The SENIOR CHORUS includes those students especially interested in vocal work. The GLEE CLUB is a group selected for specialized work. The Glee Club gave a Christmas Cantata at a school assembly and also at various churches in the community. Both groups, under the capable direction of Mrs. Hixson, participated in the annual Spring Concert SOPRANOS Marilyn Bosse, Teresa Tallman, Nancy Allen, Virginia Hackworth, Barbara Ulrey, Doris Simon, Nancy Shadley, Helen Main, Marilyn Murray ALTOS Ardythe LaViness, Lou Ann Parks, Georgia Allen, Arlene Moore, Mary Ann Gardner, Jean Hawes, Helen Darlington TENORS Ron Randall, Bill Stoll, Tom Truman, Steve Hindall, Karl Simon, Tom Cheney BASS Lynn Boutwell, Dennis Anspach, Marvin Curtis, Edison Long, Howard Umphress, John Goorley, Roger Cooley, George Hindall, Ernest Dudgeon Mrs. HIXON - Director Accompanists - Ruth Roider and Cathy Shanks 72 Compliments of HUBER FURNITUREJUNIOR HIGH CHORUS BACK ROW: Shanks, Fletcher, Ludwig, Brown, Hubbell, Dotson, Kramer, Dudgeon, Guda-kunst, Roider, Burris. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Hixon, Smith, Crowe, McCurdy, Fleming, Hall, Fry, Vandemark, Keith, Sprunger. FRONT ROW: Simon, Williams, Umphress, LaViness, Runser, Weller, Bozarth, Mathew-son, Price, Starling. Severdh Grade Members BACK ROW: Wickenden, Knell, Schafer, McCool, Miller, Patton, Rainey, Staley, Boutwell, Rayl, Rayl, Jones, Harsh, Amstutz, Goorley, Long, Eckenrode. 4th ROW: Harmon, Graham, Anspach, Shepherd, Stavenger, Smelser, Reams, Sonnet, Kindle, Van Horn, Chandler, Fleming, Myers, Motter, Moore, Schick, Nelson. 3rd ROW: Mrs. Hixon, Kipker, Badertscher, Hindall, Warthman, McElroy, Curtis, Myers, Parkhill, Spradlin, Shulaw, Casper, Dudgeon, Hughes, Dearth, Harmon, Robinson. 2nd ROW: Duffey, Page, Roof, Simon, Keith, Martin, Pratt, Simon, Klingler, Bosse, Bosch, Price, Cook, Cheney, Failor, Wirries. FRONT ROW: Moser, Bozarth, Pifer, McAlpin, Dobnicker, Wagner, Irwin, Simon, Brown, Vandemark, Burkholder, Plummer, Wagner. Compliments of K D CREAMERY 73Compliments of REESE NEWS STANDBACK ROW: Mr. Strasbaugh, Ass't Coach; Boutwell, Tabor, Harmon, Stoll, Runser, Chrismer, Hubbell, Kramer, Hetrick, Randall, D. Anspach, Rambo; Mr. Kaufman, Coach. MIDDLE ROW: R. Anspach, Epley, Failor, Smith, Kipker, Daniels, Nichols, Rogers, Bob Wyss, Moore, Fields, Starrett. FRONT ROW: Hindall, Bosch, Dick Wyss, Earl, Plummer, Dearth, English, Treen, Curtis, Hackworth. 76 Compliments of REICHERT'S CLOTHING STORE This year's football team may not have had a very impressive won-lost record, but on many occasions they showed the spirit and ruggedness characteristic of more successful teams, Coach Wayne Kaufman said, "This year was a building year. We have the material and ability that will point the way to a well-rounded team next year." 0, is T Bob Compliments of ADA HARDWARE 77 pan? Compliments of PARK FIRESTONE STORECompliments of C. B. UMPHRESS, Standard Oil Distributor 79JR HIGH 'S FRE5HHEN CHEERLEADERS 80 Compliments of BROWN'S BARBER SHOFCome On! Lei5 Cheer!! Compliments of VARSITY BARBER SHOP 61Fred Hubbell Cen-frer v V1 Tim Napier forward Max Ram bo G'u.ard. Co- captain. BASKETBALL VARSITY SCHEDULE Ada 45 Lima Shawnee Ada 58 Lafayette Ada 75 Upper Sandusky Ada 60 Gomer Ada 33 Kenton Ada 61 Delphos Jefferson Ada 58 Forest Ada 65 Bluffton Ada 50 Forest Ada 67 Mt. Blanchard Ada 38 Beaverdam Ada 69 Wapakoneta Ada 71 Harrod Ada 54 Lafayette Ada 80 Elida Ada 65 Spencerville Ada 60 Bath Ada 46 Cory-Rawson TOURNAMENT Ada 45 Lima St. Gerard league games Christmas Carnival 82 Compliments of KLINGLER PURE OILLEFT to RIGHT: Roger Cooley, Jim Napier, Edman Hackworth, Max Rambo, Scottie Moore, Ronnie Rayl, Tom Bosch, Alan Hetrick, Fred Hubbell, Bob Runser, Larry Carey, abs. Kenny Failor, manager; Mr. Strausbaugh, coach; Larry Tabor, manager 83 Compliments of COLE DOME INSURANCELEFT TO RIGHT Tom Lowry Archie Rodgers Dannie Dotson Don Nichols Larry Gunn Wayne Plummer Willis Hackworth Dick Wyss Steve Hindall Eddie Simmons Jerry Rayl Gary Bosch Mr. Little, coach Carl Duffy, mgr. BACK ROW Tom Lowry Bob Chrismer Archie Rodgers Edman Hackworth Marvin Curtis Scottie Moore Dick Wyss FRONT ROW Mr. Kaufman, coach Jim Bucher George Hindall Glenn Fields Tom Bosch Ronnie Rayl Leonard Earl Larry Carey, absent LEFT to RIGHT Bruce Brown John Amburgey Frank Badertscher Jerry Williams Brad Klirfgler Bo Hindall Roger Wickenden Larry Curtis Dave Crowe Tom Parkhill Pat Alesander Gary Reams Willis Hackwortn Mr. Lillie, coach 84 Compliments of HINDALL SON 1 2. 5 4 5 (a 7 3 9 1 o H 12 H R Ada O O 2 0 4 0 O 0 o 7 ME Blanchard O O 1 «np«n -wm wmm v-rrrr: SSSfZ 5 m m 1 mmmm w f ft' . ,: a. - -1 -4 - ••-. -■ :' Jmirci i! FRONT: Fields, Runser, Gunn, Craig. 2nd: Hetrick Simmons, Cooley, Rayl, B. Wyss. 3rd: D. Wyss, Goorley. Bosch. Curtis, Coach Strasbaugh. TOP: Plummer, mgr. Rodgers, Hindall, Napier, Carey, mgr. TRACK TEAM X %• € I : FRONT: Coach Kaufman, Carey, Bucher, Earl, Klingler, B. Wyss, Nichols. 2nd: Simon, R. Gunn, Rodgers, Hackworth, Anspach, Hindall, Runser, Roider, . recorder. 3rd: Daniels, Schick, Musser, •• Napier, Randall, D. Gunn, Chrismer. • ' " Compliments of ERNSBERGER MILLING COMPANYTHANKS !! From: The STAFF of ‘We’ To: The PATRONS UHO SUPPORTED OUR YEARBOOK WHEN YOU BUY - 5AY THANKS" BY BUYING FROM OUR ADVERTISERS (Those patrons whose names appear on The pages throughout-the. yearbook, tontri boted 7 50 per pagej "those list-ed on This page donated 5-0O each.) PATRON5 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY PHYSICIANS Ada Her aid Floyd M. Ell i ot, M. D. Balish Confectionary Robert B. Elliot, M.D. John A. Kramer, M. D, Bud Ann’s Robert 8. Love, M.D. Dorothy’s Beauty Shop DENTISTS Dr. A.L. Tipple First National Bank Dr. R.B. Tipple Gardner’s Drug Store CHIROPRACTORS Dr. J. T. Johns Ohio Fuel Gas Co. Dr F. W. Morehart Ola Miller Clothing Dr. Maurine Stuart optometrist Prin+craft Co. ( 2 conf.) Dr. Thomas B- Martin VETERINARIAN Dr. E. R. Rodabaugh THANKS !! From: ADA HIGH SCHOOL To: ALL 4-he SUPPORTERS of OUR SCHOOL VJe, the entire school, wish to 4-hank all the individuals and organi nations Wiho support our school activities. Without your attendance at school affairs and your financial support -for many u orthwhile projects, the school would be handicapped. Your support is greatty appreciated. 86Facfs abouf I he 57 WE BUSINESS MANAGER Nancy Brown ADVERTISING SALES Sally Neal Ann Lowry Rosalie Dotson George Hindall TYPISTS Nancy Allen Alice Warthman GENERAL ASSISTANTS Sue Schindler Ron Randall ADVISOR - Mrs. Milnar EDITOR - MARY JAMES SENIOR ASSISTANT Judy Anspach ARTIST Helen Main SENIORS Sandra Welsh Joe Wright SPORTS Kenneth Failor Alice Reams UNDERCLASSMEN Ruth Eckenrode John Bozarth JUNIOR ASSISTANT Cathy Shanks STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHER Norman Noe FEATURES Sheila Simons Teresa Tallman MUSIC Helen Fleming Diane Parkhill ORGANIZATIONS Sharon Fox Viola Brown Compliments of STATE CANDY COMPANY Tl. ere were 4in e5 we 4houghl we wouldn 4 Bu4 uje finally go4 i4 done. 14 4ook a lo4 of effoir-4, Bu4 uc had a lo4 of fun. Here i4 is —“We hope you. like i4- !!! The 54affCompliments of OHIO-KENTUCKY MANUFACTURING CO. c ny %f o -%? o-r % (W %. j I %- 'QSo yrt CL y rV ? 0 i =

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