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ADA HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS 1956 “WEE. A. VAN ATTA SUPERINTENDENT THE CHALLENGE The late Henry Ford I answered one of his critics, who was chiding the motor magnate for his failure to provide a car in color, by saying -- “the customer can have any color in the rainbow--as long as it is black. Thus he had disposed of an eternal criticism of the product which bore his name. The problem of color may not confront us as students--however, we do have the responsibility of making decisions. Our troubles all too frequently result--not from making the wrong decision--but rather from not having made ANY. Perhaps the very worst “residence for any of us is in the “valley of indecision. To postpone deciding to do what we know is right and correct only bears out the truism which says that “Procrastination is the thief of time. c. E. LUNDY PRINCIPAL To each and every student at Ada High: I appreciate this opportunity to wish you all many happy and successful experiences in the years to come. It is indeed my hope that the preparation you have received and the memories of school life which you hold dear will enrich your lives financially, culturally and morally. MAXINE DERINQER SECRETARY To Miss Maxine Deringer, our efficient high school secretary, we give many thanks. Not only is Maxine indispensable to Mr. VanAtta and Mr. Lundy, but she is also very helpful to both the teachers and the students.BOARD of EDUCATION STANDING, Left to Right: C. E. Lundy, Principal; Charles Hubbell, President; R.B. Cretors, Clerk Treasurer; Richard Fulks. SEATED: E.A. VanAtta, Superintendent; Lester Fleming, Vice-President; Everett Ludwig, Dr. E.R. Rodabaugh. P. T. A. OFFICERS SEATED, Left to Right: Mrs. Robert Bowden, Treasurer; Mrs. Calvin Crouse, Vice-President; Mr, Larry Archer, President; Mrs. Pearl Underwood, Secretary.D ear Parents dTeackers, You have been a never-failing guide along ike paikway of life. wkenour problems seemed io overwhelm us, and we were ready {ogive up;we found oar side, ready io help. V hen have you fai led us PNever • li kas been we wko have failed. Desiring io kave our own way, we failed {o keed ike warning you gave us...and we fell. Again you were {here unlk genileRoving hands, siriving {o show us Ike wag, In rememberance of all ihese {kings,u humbly dedicaie {he l i'b e {oijou.. our parenis and {eackers. rate+uuy yours, TKe W56 V “ SiaffWILLIAM M. ANSLEY, Instrumen- MARGARET BOZARTH, Book-tal Music, Senior Band. keeping. Shorthand, Typing. RONALD HULL, Industrial Arts, General Drawing. SHIRLEY HINDALL, Vocal Music. J. J. KREGLOW, Vo. Agriculture. VELMA LONG, Latin, English, Library Supervisor. HELEN LUDWIG, Biology, Girls' Physical Education. HUGH MC ANANEY, 8th History, Speech, English 7.LOWELL REESE, Math 7 7; Geography 7; Head Coach. ETHEL RITCHEY, Vo. Home Economics, Cafeteria Supervisor. CATHERINE ROIDER, Algebra, General Math, Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry. CHARLES J. STRASBAUGH, Health, Drivers Training, Boys' Physical Education. Assistant Coach. HAZEL TALLMAN, English, French, World Geography, Ohio History. PEARL UNDERWOOD, English, History. I. T. WARTHMAN, U.S. History, Social Problems, 7 th Literature and Reading. EARL H. YOUNKMAN, General Science, 8th Science, 8th History.SERVICE BUS DRIVERS CUSTODIANS CAFETERIA COOKSSENIOR CLASS ..f MRS. ROIDER Co-Adviser i MARILYN L. WARTHMAN President ALLAN D. DOBNICKER Vice-President President of Hi-Y BONNIE J. AMSTUTZ Secretary President of G. A. A. JUSTIN L. DEARTH Treasurer KENNETH F. MARTIN, JR. President Student Council LARRY D. GREENAWALT Student Council MOTTO: Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.COLORS: of 1956 Green and White FLOWER: Carnation RUSSELL E. TRUMAN Student Council RICHARD A. ACKERMAN President of F. F. A. JEiy Y L. HOOPER Editor of "We" MR. REESE Co-Adviser L. ARLENE GILBERT President of Y-Teens MARY R. DABLER President of F. H. A. JOY D. SMITH Editor of "P G"SALLY S. MILLERM. IRENE MARLINGLAURA I. HELLERMORRIS E. SHEPHERD STEVEN R. COLE CAROLE J. JETTMARLENE M. MYERS. ICHESTER R. COOKCongratulations Sleepytime Seniors Go Team Go Clean Up The Line-UpJUNIORS D. Yinger J. Kramer H. Fleming A. Warthman Treasurer President Vice-President Secretary F. Hubbell D. Ackerman H. Umphress P. Wyss a. Hetrick D. Staley E. Dudgeon S. Simons M. Rambo S. Simons D. Badertscher B. Risner S. Smith A. Reams Conrad Siferd P. Myers J. Gunn J. Hawes B. Baughman S. FoxD. Chandler J. Anspach W. Brown S. Neal B. Stoll N. Allen G. Binkley E. Cribley H. Duffy B. Collett S. Craig N. Brown C. El wood D. Boutwell G. Hattery P. Downing J. WrightSOPHOMORES S. Crates D. Baughman D. Stober J. Vandermark M. Stonehill K. Staley R. Anspach S. LaRue L. Carey P. Marquart R. Amstutz E. Fleming C. Edens R. Wyss R. Dotson L. Tabor R. Eckenrode D. Gardner B. Runser S. Conley N. Noe D. Simon R. Klingler P. Simmons B. Sheilds D. Gunn J. Shafer K. Failor G. Sanders G. Fields L. Kipker R. Roider B. Daniels C. Main L. Musser M. Hattery B. Hughes E. Marling E. Hitchcock R. Smith M. Gose L. Boutwell T. Bosch B. Goodwin B. Zimmerly L. Cunningham J. Wirries R. Grant P. Bilby W. Smith E. Cribley V. Brown E. Stober C. Shanks M. Staley A. Lowery A. Moore J. Siferd M. Murrey L. Morehart S. PrattFRESHMEN B. Shulaw B. Ulrey G. Scon P. Wright J. Pothier B. Smith R. Parshall E. Poling R. Woofter S. Ping B. Loescher M. Moorman J. Urich B. McCafferty H. Bower J. Long D. Gudakunst A. LaViness D. Fletcher A. Lange J. Downing P. Hughes R. Chrismer M. Bosse J. Cheney M. Gardner V. Campbell P. Gose J. Ladd V. Hackworth J. Bozarth K. Everhart R. Brewer T. Tallman C. Campbell S. Wright J. Carey G. Crouse M. Curtis M. Edens L. Earl M. Griffith G. Clark C. Harmon P. Harmon J. Oldaker J. Bucher I. Plummer M. Moser R. Ramey J. Harsh G. Simon G. Simon J. Sizemore R. Shick P. Smith G. Hindall N. Shadley J. Smith D. Parkhill T. Truman G. Dieffenbach S. Moore G. Allen D. Staley L. Park R. Rayl S. HauensteinSEVENTH ROW ONE, Left to Right: J. Nichols, C. Dodgeon, P. Alexander, J. Reiter, B. Fleming, M. Smith. ROW TWO: W. Hackworth, B. Sprunger, S. Bozarth, R. Klingler, B. Burris, L. Sanders. ROW THREE: B. Goodwin, M. Keith, P. Hopson, K. La Viness, G. McCurdy, J. Mathewson. ROW FOUR: R. Simon, R. Daniels, M. Starling, D. McClure, J. Weller, C. Conley. ROW FIVE: D. Crowe, F. Gudakunst, R. Wirries, S. Brown, J. Williams, K. Moe ROW SIX: K. Roider, E. Noe, T. Dilts. ROW ONE, Left to Right: D. Moser, K. Marling, D. Nickols, L. Bout well, F. Pumphrey, E. Brown. ROW TWO: S. Elwood, P. Shafer, M. Fleming, T.Smelt-zer, S. Fulks, S. Starrett. ROW THREE: D. Gunn, D. Niclols, D. lams, P. Stove, B. Hodges, J. Stoll. ROW FOUR: V. Bennett, C. Duffy, C. Cole,T. Dearth, D. Darlington, D. Anspach. ROW FIVE: T. Shanks, C. Gudakunst, E. Simmons, S. Hat -tery, C. Simons, P. Heifner. ROW SIX: S. Wyss, J. Vandermark, P. Sizemore, B. Downing, K. Traucht, C. Eply. ROW SEVEN: J. Stober, S. Reiter.GRADE ROW ONE, Left to Right: D. Hatcher, J. Umphress, J. Am-stutz, M. Williams, B. Montgomery, J. Hall. ROW TWO: M. Eliott, D. Shanks, N. Fry, J. Treen, K. Hall, C. Fleming. ROW THREE: T. Moore, B. Price, B. Music, J. Runser, D. Dotson, J. Shields. ROW FOUR: B. Cribley, G. Bosch, P. Edens, F. Badertscher, J. Fletcher, D. Johnson. ROW FIVE: B. Weihrauch, J. Ludwig, W. Smith, C. Kramer, B. Schmidt, C. Hubbell. ROW SIX: F. Burkholder, E. Anspach, J. Amburgey. GRADE ROW ONE, Left to Right: W. Plummer, M. Clapper, R. Rayl, J. Conley, A. Rodgers, S. Cowan. ROW TWO: J. Hauenstein, E. Treen, P. Nelson, T. Lowery, P. Kipker, M. Hodges. ROW THREE: T. Cheney, D. Weirauch, S. Hindall, J. Yin-ger, J. English, C. Austin. ROW FOUR: R. Dearth, D. McCool, E. Fields, R. Moloney, B. Gilbert, W. Pratt. ROW FIVE: J. Benjamin, S. Houser, E. Brown, M. Johnson, R. Cook, N. Klingler. ROW SIX: S. Wade, L. Gunn, J. Wagner, G. McCool, B. Webb, R. Wyss. ROW SEVEN: P. Shadley, J. Graham.QUESS U HO ?66 IA E” STAFF EDITOR TYPIST BUSINESS MANAGERS ASSISTANT ASSISTANT WRITE-UP LETTERER ARTIST FEATURE SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHERS PICTURESTUDENT COUNCIL SEATED, Left to Right: Byron Baughman, Treasurer; Larry Greenawalt, Vice-President; Kenneth Martin, President; Judy Anspach, Secretary. STANDING: Patricia Marquart, Kenneth Failor, Maxine Fleming, Mr. Lundy, Adviser; Allan Dobnicker, Steve Craig, Scot Moore, David Crowe. SOCIAL COMMITTEE ASSEMBLY COMMITTEEPURPLE and GOLD PURPLE AND GOLD STAFF Editor-in-Chief............................................................. Joy Smith Business Manager........................................................Sharon Simons Assistant Business Manager..........................................Shirley LaRue News Co-Editors....................................................Marilyn Warthman Carol Gardner Assistant News Editor...............................................Ronnie Motter Social Editor...........................................................Sheila Simons Assistant Social Editor ................................................Helen Main Feature Editor ... ................................................. Esther Fleming Assistant Feature Editor......................................... Lou Ann Parks Sports Editor........................................................... Kenny Martin Assistant Sports Editor.............................................Helen Fleming Music Editor...............................................................Marian Stair Exchange Editor............................................................Sharon Fox Inquiring Reporter................................................................Nancy Allen Circulation Manager.....................................................Pat Marquart Assistant Circulation Manager...................................................Ann Lowry Adviser...............................................................Mrs. Underwood Congratulations to the Purple and Gold Staff I In addition to publishing an outstanding paper, the hard work of the staff earned an excellent rating at a journalism clinic at Bowling Green. The Purple and Gold was published promptly every two weeks. It contained many interesting articles written by our staff members. To Mrs. Underwood, the Purple and Gold adviser, we wish to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for her assistance and guidance in publishing our paper.LIBRARIANS and HALL MONITORS Our library is staffed with sixteen student librarians (two for each period). The librarians are responsible for aiding interested students in obtaining desirable reference material and for maintaining a record of outgoing and incoming library materials. The Student Council selects eighteen boys from the Junior and Senior classes each September to serve as monitors for the nine hall positions. The monitors are divided into a morning and afternoon team. They are responsible for the direction and flow of traffic as well as entrance to and«exit from the various classrooms.Hl-Y CLUB Mr. Younkman Advisers Mr. ButzY-TEEN CLUB Presidem ArIene Gilbert seCteiaviaV ru aV Mrs. Roider Vice-Ptesv 1 MaiV 5arneS treasurer Nancy Brown Advisers Mrs. BozarthF.F.A. OFFICERS President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Sentinel . . . Reporter . . . Dick Ackerman . Lowell Jump . Edison Long . . Gary Brown . . Bob La Rue . . Perry Long SOIL JUDGING TEAM FUN IN CLASSF.H.A. OFFICERS President ....................Mary Dabler Vice-President...............Della Moss Secretary....................Irene Marling Treasurer.....................Sally Neal Song Leader...........................Jean Hawes Historian..................Roberta Fleming Parliamentarian...............Helen Fox Reporter . . . Shirley LaRue COOKS? SEVA INQ?OFFICERS President........... Vice-President . . . Secretary .......... Treasurer........... Intramural Managers Bonnie Amstutz Helen Fleming Sheila Simons . . Della Moss . Marion Stair Helen Fox Arlene Gilbert Joy Smith Marlene Myers Judy Anspach Shirley LaRue Sergeants-at-arms Cooks ACTIVITIES Spaghetti Supper G. A. A. Dance Chili Supper Bowling Green Playday Mother-Daughter BanquetG. A. A. King and Queen Juniors Win TrophgSENIOR PLAY Directed by Miss Velma LongJUNIOR PLAV Directed by Hugh McAnaney Life of the Partly Break it up! Snazzy, Darling! Okay! Okay! Okay! Behind the scenesINTERCLASS CONTESTINTERCLASS STUNTS Senior Junior SophomoreLANGUAGE CLUBS Latin IISPORTSBAND CLARINET QUARTETTHE BAND This year, our band, under the capable direction of Mr. William Ansley, has done very commendable work. Our band performed at football games and presented Christmas and Spring Concerts. Several ensembles participated in the district contest. These ensembles included the Woodwind Quintet, Flute Quartet, and Clarinet Quartet. The Woodwind Quintet and Flute Quartet both received excellent ratings. The Clarinet Quartet received superior ratings both at the district and state contests. For the first time in many years, the band received a superior rating at the district contest. After this was accomplished, the familiar cry of the band members was "On to State. At the state contest the band received an excellent rating. The high-stepping majorettes are Darlene Yinger, Drum Majorette; Shirley Larue, Sherry and Joyce Hauenstein, Sharon and Sheila Simons, and Saundra Pratt. The officers for the year 1955-56 are Marian Stair, President; and Morris Shepherd, Treasurer.FRESHMAN CHORUSJUNIOR HIGH CHORUS JUNIOR HIGH CHORUSMUSIC CONTESTANTS SOLOISTS and PIANISTS ENSEMBLESSPRING CONCERTS Chorus Jr. High Band Sr. High BandAPPRECIATIONWapak Bluffton Spencerville Carey St. Rose Kenton Lafayette ForestFOOTBALL SQUAD of ’55 FIRST ROW: J. Stobbe, G. Scott, M. Curtis, D. Staley, T. Truman, L. Earl, R. Chrismer, E. Hackworth, R. Rayl, G. Hindall, S. Moore, G. Simon. SECOND ROW: Mgr. E. Marling, G. Fields, L. Kipker, L. Musser, L. Boutwell, K. Failor, R. Smith, R. Daniels, W. Smith, D. Gunn, R. Runser, T. Bosch, L. Tabor, R. Wyss, R. Anspach, Mgr. R. Elliot. THIRD ROW: Coach Lowell Reese, L. Carey, J. Wirries, J. Goodwin, K. Staley, J. Amstutz, D. Fisher, B. Klingler, J. Van Atta, C. Boutwell, D. Ladd, L. Jump, L. Greenawalt, M. Rambo, Coach Charles Strasbaugh. FOURTH ROW: G. Brown, D. Parshall, J. Dearth, J. Fensler, G. Rayl, S. Cole, A. Hetrick, J. Kramer, G. McClure, F. Hubbell. SENIOR SQUAD of ’55 FIRST ROW: D. Fisher, J. Amstutz, L. Jump, K. Staley, J. Van Atta, B. Klingler, C. Boutwell, J. Goodwin. SECOND ROW: L. Greenawalt, G. McClure, G. Rayl, D. Ladd, J. Fensler, D. Parshall, G. Brown, S. Cole, J. Dearth.DICK STEVE MAC LOWELL BOBBY JUD c 0 1 c A P T A I N S KENT CHARLIE FRED JACK BOBBY GARY RED BOB GERALD JOHN JOE LARRY MAXVARSITY CHEERLEADERS MARIAN RESERVE SHEILA VARSITY SQUAD of ’55-’56 LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Reese, Bob Wyss, Lowell Jump, Dick Ladd, Charlie Boutwell, Alan Hetrick, Justin Dearth, Jerry Hooper, Larry Greenawalt, Bobby Runser, Dave Parshall, Gene McClure, Bill Alexander, Mgr. Larry Reams. Bulldogs SEASON RECORD Ada-59 Shawnee 62 Ada-66 Kenton 64 Ada-64 St. Rose 59 Ada-60 Wapak 55 Ada-71 Up.San. 59 Ada-76 Van Wert 78 Ada-74 Forest 62 Ada-66 Bluffton 69 Ada-69 Alumni 58 Ada-54 Carey 70 Ada-80 Lafayette 70 Ada-59 Hardin No. , 57 Ada-73 Elida 72 Ada-67 Kenton 65 Ada-64 Del. Jeff. 69 in ActionLETTERMEN BILL CHARLIE JUD DICK LARRYRESERVE SQUAD FRESHMAN SQUAD JR. HIGH SQUAD - - '■ —BASEBALL SQUAD STANDING: M. Rambo, J. Gunn, R. Wyss, A. Hetrick, R. Runser, S. Craig, L. Carey, Coach Stras-baugh. KNEELING: D. Parshall, D. Ladd, L. Jump, D. Boutwell, G. McClure, M. Shepherd, K. Martin. TRACK SQUAD STANDING: C. Boutwell, D. Ladd, G. Brown, J. Amstutz, Coach Reese. KNEELING: B. Runser, B. Wyss, R. Klingler, A. Hetrick, L. Carey. -■■■■ • ' JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM SENIOR TRIP SIGHTS Statue of Liberty West Point The Bowerq ChinatownCLASS NIGHT Monday, May 21, 1956 High School Auditorium 8:00 P. M. Address of Welcome Marilyn Warthman, Senior Class President Class History Arlene Gilbert, Ruth May Reading, Old Sam and the Dollar Mule Ronald Motter Salutatory, Life Is What You Make It Carol Gardner Class Will Kenneth Martin, Jean Musser Class Skit Justin Dearth, Chairman Instrumental Quintet, Istanbul - Simon Gerald Koop, Kenneth Martin, Della Moss, Morris Shepherd, Marian Stair Class Prophecy Alan Dobnicker, Marilyn Warthman Valedictory, These Changing Times Morris Shepherd Alma Mater Class and AudienceADA HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT WEEK PROGRAM MAY 20, 21, 23, 1956 BACCALAUREATE SERVICE First Methodist Church Sunday, May 20, 1956 8:00 P. M. Miss Shirley Hindall - Chorister Mrs. David Markle - Organist Processional, War March of the Priests Invocation Rev. Robert Butz Presbyterian Church Hymn, God of Our Fathers Audience Scripture Reading Rev. Fara Laman First Baptist Church Music, Heavenly Light - Mendelssohn No. 496 Kopylou High School Choir Baccalaureate Sermon, Equations Balance Rev. Loren H. Wyandt St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Music, Be Thou Our Guide Benediction Rev. Edwin F. Eshelman First Methodist Church Recessional, Marche from Tannhauser Sibelius WagnerSeventy-Fourth Annual COMMENCEMENT Wednesday, May 23, 1936 High School Auditorium 8:00 P. M. -Qy PROCESSIONAL, Pomp and Circumstance - - Elgar Invocation Rev. Lee M. Moore Church of Christ Vocal Solo, Belts of the Lighthouse - - Lamb John Amstutz Presentation of Awards E. A. VanAtta, Superintendent Class Address, Your Next Fifty-Two Years Mr. Wheeler McMili.en Vice President, Farm Journal, Inc. Vocal Solo, My Best To You - - Willadsen-Joncs Ruth May Presentation of Class C. E. Lundy, High School Principal Presentation of Diplomas Charles Hubbell President, Board of Education Benediction Pastor Carl Clum Grace Gospel Tabernacle ‘Recessional, Marche Pontificate - - Gounod Nancy Allen, OrganistCLASS HISTORY On September 5, 1944, we got up a little earlier than usual This was it! Our first day in school. Our teachers were Miss Reese, and Mrs. Speer. Those two women surely had their hands full with all the timid, michievous little angels. With the help of the two teachers, we soon learned to read and print, add and subtract. Then we began to take part in many of the school’s activities, one of which was the May Day Program at the high school (We were big shots!) One of the special attractions was the playground and the many things to play on. There were swings, a teeter-totter, and a merry-go-round. When the last day of school arrived, we were very glad to see that we had made it to the second grade. Lookout, Miss Povenmire and Miss Whitworth. Here we come! Well, here we are. September-1945. The first morning, we were greeted at the door by our two smiling teachers. Miss Povenmire and Miss Whitworth. In art class, we tried our hand at making presents for our parents for Mother’s and Father’s Day. This year, we welcomed Sally Miller into our class. Our operetta was “Honey Pirates,“directed by Miss Betty Fravell It seemed as though the year flew by and soon we were third graders. After a fine summer vacation, we were ready for our third year of school work. We soon got acquainted with our teachers Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Mayhorn. We found our work a little harder, but more interesting. This year, Ruth May was welcomed as a new student to our ever growing class. Our class participated in the Christmas Program, conducted by Mr. Orlo Sprunger. Much to our surprise, summer vacation arrived and we found that we were ready to go on to the fourth grade. September-1947. As fourth graders, we were under the capable leadership of Mrs. Young and Mrs. Runser. It was this year that we began to really learn something about music. We were given flute lessons by Mr. Jack Carey. This year, Mrs. Runser’s class gave the play “Hansel and Gretal” to Mrs. Young's class. To test and to further our reading ability, we were given reading circle books. The new students this year were Mary Ruth Dabler and Marlene Myers. So ended our year as fourth graders, soon to be fifth graders. After a summer vacation, we came back to school, to be under the supervision of Miss McWilliams and Mrs. Hites. With their help we struggled through our studies, which proved to be much more difficult than ever before. Five new faces appeared in our class this year. They were: Bonnie Amstutz, Richard Ackerman, Richard Ladd, Donna Treen, and John Miller. This year we had a better opportunity to play in the gym, which made us feel very grown up. The boys enjoyed basketball games and the girls enjoyed kickball.After a lot of hard work, but equally good times, we were promoted to the sixth and final year in grade schooL Mr. Zimmerman, our first man teacher and Mrs. Sanderson were our teachers for the sixth grade. We participated in the operetta “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Dick Ladd played the part of the prince. This was the first year we changed rooms for different classes. This was in preparation for high school. Virginia Kennick, Robert Hilker, and Laura Heller were new students this year. Toward the last part of the school year, the seventh grade played host to the sixth graders for a day’s tour of the high school. At last came the night of graduation from grade school. The next year, we would be officially, seventh graders. We had now become seventh graders. We were the youngest and most conspicious class in the high school. During the first few days we settled down to the serious task of learning how not to get lost trying to find the next class, getting to know our teachers and also each other, remembering the fact that our books were kept in lockers, and at last getting some studying done. Mrs. Remsberg and Mr. Sweeney were our homeroom advisors. Our cabinet for that year was: President, Della Moss; Vice-President, Jean Musser; Secretary-Treasurer, Patty Morrison. We had the privilege of taking part in Junior High parties, chorus, basketball and also an assembly. September-1951. As we went into our final year of Junior High, Mr. Ansley and Mr. Salter led us as our advisers. The following were our class officers: President, Jerry Hooper; Vice-President, Jack Fensler; Secretary, Della Moss; and Treasurer, Marvin Bransay; Reporters, Helen Fox and Dick Ladd. We took the eighth grade tests this year and attended our last Junior High parties and the boys played their last of Junior High sports. Two new faces appeared in our class this year. They were: Carol Gardner and Rusty Truman. A class of fifty-nine started their last four years of education. Mrs. Tallman and Mrs. Underwood were our capable advisers. Our class officers were: President, Jerry Hooper; Vice-President, Dick Ladd; Secretary and Treasurer, Arlene Gilbert. This year we were included in the senior high parties, dances, clubs and sports. The following members were added to our class this year. They were: Bonnie Amstutz, John Amstutz, and Kenny Martin. September-1953 We had advanced up one more step of the ladder, our sophomore year. It was this year that we had become more noticeable. We were able to join two more clubs, mainly Hi-Y and Y-Teens. This was our first year to participate in the annual Interclass Contest Contest. Our contestants were: Allan Dobnicker, Oration; Barbara Gunn, Essay; Morris Shepherd, Short Story; and Ronnie Motter, Reading. Marian Stair was our Stunt Chairman. Although we didn’t win the cup, we did, however, place first in the stunt. Eleventh grade. We entered this year with more fun and new problems to face and more hard work cut out for us. For it was this year that we had to present the prom for the seniors. After much time, hard work and patience on the part of our director, Mrs. Pearl Underwood, we presented our class play entitled “Father Knows Best. To raise money, we sold taffy, Christmas cards, held bakesales, saved tax stamps, and sponsored a meat loaf supper. Another big moment of this year was when we received our class rings. Again we tried hard to win the Interclass cup, but again we failed. Our contestants were: Oration, Allan Dobnicker; Essay, Barbara Gunn; Short Story, Morris Shepherd; and Reading, Ronnie Motter.On May twenty-first, we presented the prom with the theme “Evening in Paris." Our class officers this year were: President, Allan Dobnicker, Vice-President, Russell Truman; Treasurer, Marlene Myers; Secretary, Della Moss. The new students this year were: Larry and Ernest Hopson. So ended a successful junior year. This is a year in which we shall never forget, for we have so much to be grateful for. To lead us through the year we chose Marilyn Warthman as President; Allan Dobnicker as Vice-President; Bonnie Amstutz as Secretary, and Justin Dearth as Treasurer. Our Homecoming Queen was Carol Gardner and Bonnie Amstutz was her attendant. They reigned at the homecoming game and the dance that followed. Our class play “Sight Unseen" was directed by Miss Velma Long. Ronnie Motter and Allan Dobnicker had the leading roles. Everyone worked very hard selling magazine subscriptions, Christmas cards, and all the other projects that the Senior class sponsored. On April 10th, eight seniors were taken into the National Honor society. They were: Jerry Hooper, Carol Gardner, Morris Shepherd, Joy Smith, Allan Dobnicker, Larry Greenawalt, Marilyn Warthman and Dick Ladd. Carol Gardner and Morris Shepherd were chosen as our class salutatorian and valedictorian, respectively. Again this year we tried for the interclass cup, but came out with the stunt instead. But our pride was not defeated, because we felt we had put up a great fight. Our contestants participating were: Lowell Jump, Oration; Jerry Hooper, Essay; Joy Smith, Short Story; and Russell Truman, Reading. On Wednesday, May ninth, we left for New York with a group of thirty-nine. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ludwig were our advisers. This was an excursion never to be forgotten. And now as we leave Ada High, we shall never forget the good times we had here and the friends we made. So we bid farewell and pass into history as the class of 56.CLASS U ILL We, the Senior Class of Ada High School, in this year of our Lord, 1956, being sound of mind, superior in intelligence, and outstanding in characters; take pen in hand and do hereby ordain and establish this, our Last Will and Testament, before departing from the Halls of Ada High School, never to darken the minds of the administration and faculty again. SECTION I ARTICLE I To Ada High School, we leave the following: 1. A much quieter place in which to learn. 2. 16 parking places in front of the school to be used by next year's hot rodders. 3. A clean slate for next year. 4. Our excellent records in scholastic standings, sports, and other media. SECTION I ARTICLE II To the Junior Class, we leave the following: 1. Our reputation 2. Our empty and we mean empty and hard-earned treasury. 3. The privilege of sitting in the front rows in the auditorium. (Don't rush now) 4. The privilege to sell any and everything to earn money for the Senior Trip, and the right to pinch pennies. 5. The right to be “big wheels’ and be called sophisticated, but remember blessed are they who go around in circles for they shall be known as big wheels. 6. The privilege to chew pencils and finger nails while studying Social Problems and Senior English. 7. To the Junior girls, the Senior girls leave the right to walk around with the third finger of their left hand extended. 8. To the Junior boys, the Senior boys leave their ability in sports and their knowledge of “souping up' their hot rods. SECTION I ARTICLE III To the Sophomore Class, the Senior boys leave their sport jackets, flashy ties and their blue suede shoes. SECTION I ARTICLE IV To the Freshman girls, the Senior girls leave a comb with no teeth missing, and a tube of lipstick so they may become the glamour girls of Ada High. SECTION II ARTICLE III To the Administration and Faculty, we leave our sincere thanks and appreciation for all they have done or tried to do for us. To Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig, we leave a supply of aspirin and our sincerest thanks for putting up with our crazy antics for five days. To Mr. Reese and Mrs. Roider and anyone else that might have had to supervise our homeroom period, and who patiently put up with our noise and our comedians, we leave our best wishes for a grand summer and a bottle of hair dye to camouflage the gray hairs that may have appeared throughout the year. To Mr. Lundy we leave our collection of master keys and to Mr. Van Atta we leave a complete list of entrance and escape routes. Let the Juniors find their own. We did. To every and anyone else with whom we might have come in contact we say “thanks. Sorry if we were so obstreperous at times.Richard Ackerman--leaves all his trips to LaFayette to Edison Long. Bonnie Amstutz--wills Jack Fensler’s leather jacket to Marilyn Murray. John Amstutz--wills his voice to next year’s chorus to be divided among the bass section. Marvin Baransy--leaves his mechanical inclination to Ronnie Smith. Charles Boutwell--to next years athletic department, wills his many different sports abilities. Gary Brown--leaves his walk to Norman Noe. Steve Cole--leaves his boy scout days to Kenny Failor. Chester Cook--leaves his black wavy hair to Wayne Smith. Mary Dabler--wills her job as president of F.H.A. to anyone capable of financing money. Justin Dearth—wills his faithful Monday nights at National Guards to Alan Hetrick. Glen Derringer--Leaves! Alan Dobnicker--leaves the school to go on to far better things. Jack Fensler--leaves a path from all rooms to the office to Max Rambo. Donald Fisher--wills his many birthdays to Blanche McCafferty. Roberta Fleming--leaves Ada High School to live in Wapak. Helen Fox--leaves all her bookkeeping classes to anyone who can figure out the difference between the debits and credits. Carol Gardner--leaves her homecoming crown to next year’s queen. Arlene Gilbert--leaves Ronnie Jump to no one. Larry Greena wait--leaves his money to no one to prove that you can take it with you. Barbara Gunn--wills her way with the College students to Helen Main. Vivian Harmon--leaves her blonde hair to next year’s chemistry class for analysis. Jerry Hooper--leaves A.H.S. in a cloud of dust and a hearty “Ha, Ha ’ in his hot 41. Ernie Hopson—leaves his southern accent to Nancy Brown. Larry Hopson--wills all his dough to the bakery. Carole Jett--wills her long hair to anyone who can stand the nightly pin-ups. Lowell Jump--leaves his head of hair to a certain member of the faculty. Robert Klingler--wills his pretty blue eyes to Tom Smeltzer. Jerry Koop--leaves his first chair in the trumpet section of the band to Karl Simon. Richard Ladd--leaves his masculine physique to John Chaney. Robert LaRue--wills nothing in particular but everything in general. Irene Marling--leaves all her trips to the C.I. to Jean Hawes. Kenny Martin--leaves vast accumulation of knowledge and anything to Charles Starling. Ruth May--leaves her singing ability to no one, she is taking it with her. Gene McClure--wills all the ability he had to find bottle caps and his bashfulness to Bob Runser. Sally Miller--leaves her trips to the snack bar to anyone who can afford to go. Mordy Moor man--leaves Ada for another trip to Columbus Grove. Della Moss--leaves her smile to be evenly distributed among the faculty. Ronnie Motter--leaves his ability to go to sleep in physics class to anyone who feels so inclined to do so. Jean Musser--wills her taste to drive a pretty car to Nancy Allan. Marlene Myers--wills her week-end trips to Rising Sun to anyone who finds it interesting. Dave Parshall--leaves his basketball ability to anyone capable of keeping training rules. Gerald Rayl--leaves his unassuming manner to Jay Ladd. Morris Shepherd--leaves his English book to the uneducated mouse in his locker. Diane Siferd--leaves her dog tags to Julia Shaffer. Joy Smith--leaves the school with stacks and stacks of Purple and Golds copies piled in front of every door. Marian Stair--leaves her cheerleading ability to anyone capable of making the cheers heard. Kent Staley--leaves his weapons to next years Senior Class. Donald Thompson--leaves his dual exhausts to Eddie Marling for future use. Russell Truman--leaves Ada High School to go out in the world and make it a cleaner place to live in. John Van Atta--wills his way with girls to John Urich. Marilyn Warthman--leaves all the town gossip to the Ada Telephone Office.CLASS PROPHECY We predict the following things for the graduation class of 1956 ten years from now: Richard Ackerman has just accepted a job as Hardin County SCS agent and is planning a FFA soil judging contest. John Amstutz has joined a barbershop quartet which is appearing all over the country. He has the honor of being the only captain in the Army Transportation Corps to sing before the President. Top Baransey has just opened his modern auto repair garage in Ada. He is now selling used 1947 Ford convertibles, guaranteed as good as new. Charles Boutwell has been recently promoted to manager of the meat departments in the chain of Christmer’s Super Markets all over Ohio. He and his wife are now residing at 409 North Main Street in Ada. Gary Brown and Kent Staley are busy building their new race car for the Indianapolis classic this year. It is rumored that a new type of drive, including nine rubber bands, is being used. Steve Cole is making plans to expand his auto sales garage in Ada. He has been presented with a medal for selling more Studebakers than any other dealer in Ohio. Chester Cook, after studying archaeology for eight years, has announced that Java man did not originate in Java. Jud Dearth, president of DWG Cigar Corporation, has announced that all cigars will be lengthened two inches for “more bounce to the ounce. Glen Derringer, manager of the Globetrotters, has recommended that basketball rules be changed to permit men s and women’s teams to compete. Jack Fensler, local playboy, is believed to be secretly engaged to the president of the Lima WCTU, who has been named “woman of the hour. Don Fisher, having defeated all comers in the recent skating contest, has been named national roller skating champion and is making plans to compete in the world Olympics this fall! Larry Greenawalt has just completed his latest engineering project, a sixteen lane highway linking Ada and Columbus. It is rumored that he tested the curves by driving his new purple and gold Chevrolet 140 miles per hour, non-stop from Ada to Columbus. Arlene Gilbert, a great Y-Teen president while in school, is now leading a fight to have a swimming pool put into the Lima YWCA. Marilyn Warthman, past president of the AFL-CIO telephone operators union, has written a book which will be published next month. It is entitled “Long distance calls and how to make them.’ Allan Dobnicker, national bowling champion, has finally succeeded in scoring 301 in a single game. Bonnie Amstutz is exhibiting her prowess as an athlete at the Annual Olympics. Carol Gardner, a leader in the world of nursing, has been chosen to head the Lima Memorial Hospital nursing staff for the coming years. Joy Smith, a pharmacist,invented a pill you don’t have to swallow; you just inhale it. Marilyn Warthman, who has great interest in mathematics has just patented a new formula on getting around homework. Don’t sign up for the course!Mary Dabler has been signed by the Cappi Psi fraternity to assist her mother, who is head chef. Helen Fox, who is infamous for her chewing gum, has bought out the Wrigleys Company. She is-now manufacturing a gum that doesn’t lose its taste after hours of chewing. Marian Stair will go down in history as the only WAC ever stationed at the South Pole. She has made great friends with the penguins to keep up our friendly relations there. Ruth May has made millions in the world of music and is now retiring from the business to live in Florida. Jean Musser is now working at Tiffiany’s as head inspector of incoming jewels. Irene Marling now heads the Ada Theater as chief usherette. Sally Miller is traveling around the world on her tractor just to prove it can be done. Diane Siferd is pushing production at Peerless Cleaners by splashing mud on people. Della Moss is writing slogans for the Snappy Turtle Soup Co. She is advertising Snappy Turtle Soup, naturally. Carole Jett is now working under the directions of Betty Crocker so she can become a sampler of foods. The only thing she has to learn is always speak in favor of the foods. Laura Heller has her own radio disc jockey program playing nothing but Elvis Prestley records. Barbara Gunn--well we haven’t figured out her future yet. Marlene Myers, widely known for her infamous parties, has been appointed ambassador to Arabia. Gene McClure, has been appointed Dean of girls at Shawnee High SchooL Charlie Campbell, having accepted a position with the firm of Snorkham, Snodgrass, and Teabury, is learning the delicate art of maseothearpy. Jerry Hooper, chief car washer for Klingler’s Pure Oil station, has announced the grand opening of Hooper’s Hot Car Shop. When interviewed by newsmen. Hooper modestly admitted that his object was to make the "hot one, hotter.’ The Hopson brothers, a top acrobatic team, have accepted a job with Ringling Bros, circus. It is generally agreed that throwing pies at each other while doing flips eighty feet above the ground steals the show. Lowell Jump, ag teacher at Ada High School and operator of a 640 acre farm, was quoted as saying that Doane housing units should be used to provide temporary shelter for students in overcrowded classrooms. Jerry Koop, owner of a chain of drive-ifls around Ada, has installed mechanical men to serve the customers. Koop, when arraigned in municipal court, pleaded innocent to the charges of creating unemployment and not paying a living wage. Dick Ladd, playing tackle for the thirteenth successive year for Ohio State, has announced that he should get his bachelor’s degree within two years. Butch La Rue has invented a formula to add inches to your height. It will soon go on the market under the trade name "blow your top. Kenny Martin, U.S. delegate to the United Nations, said today that an investigation was being made into the charge that the Russian farmers were raising 1440 bushels of corn per acre and thus creating surpluses.Ronnie Motter, manager of the Kroger chain, has announced a new credit plan--a gallon of blood down and the rest in twenty year installments. Mordy Moorman and wife are touring the country--lecturing on the subject “how to say no and mean it.” Dave Parshall, star pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, was recently investigated by Congress as to whether he was a communist. Gerald Rayl, local farmer, has discovered uranium on his farm. When asked what he would do with his fortune, Rayl said he would buy a 1949 Farmall H. Morris Shepherd, new head at the engineering department at Ohio State University, has ruled that all freshmen with cars must paint them red and black. Russ Truman and wife are running a dry cleaning plant in Ada, covering 65 acres. The Trumans have installed Cushman motor scooters to travel from place to place. John Van Atta has finally realized his lifelong ambition--a 1956 Lincoln equipped with wife and kids. Don Thompson, having put an airplane engine in his 1949 Ford, has been acclaimed drag-race king of America. Bob Klingler has been appointed town constable and ordered to clean up the town within 48 hours or else. The street department is looking for six able bodied men to help it through this crisis.STUDENT CALENDAR Sept. 6 School opens Jan. 17 Basketball - Elida - there 9 Findlay Preview 20 Basketball - Kenton - there 16 Football - Wapok - here 23 Assembly - Dennison Players 23 Football - Bluffton - there 27 Basketball - Delphos 24 G. A. A. Bakesale Jefferson - there 29 County Fair Feb. 1 2 Geology Lectures 30 Football - Spencerville - 3 Basketball - Lima St. there Johns - here Oct. 7 Football - Carey - here 7 F.F.A. Public Speaking 14 Football - Lima St. Rose - 11 Basketball - Cory Rawson - here - Homecoming here 21 Football - Kenton - there 15 Celina Tournament 27 Football - Lafayette - there 25 G. A. A. Dance 28 School Dismissed - Teachers 29 Group Pictures Meeting Mar. 3 F.H.A. Bake Sale Nov. 4 Football - Forest - here 6 Assembly - Captain Dry 5 Jr. High Party 13 Latin Banquet 10 Sr. Play 24 Carnival 11 Sr. Play Apr. 2 3 Dismissal - Spring 14 Magazine Campaign begins Planning Meeting 15 Boosters Banquet 5 Preliminary Scholarship 19 F.H.A. Formal Dance Tests 23 Basketball - Shawnee - there 6 Junior Play 24-25 Thanksgiving Vacation 7 Senior Spaghetti Supper 29 Basketball - Kenton - there 9 Baseball - McGuffy Dec. 2 Basketball - Lima St. Rose - 12 8th Grade Tests here 14 Jr. High Party 3 Basketball - Wapak - There 20 Dance Revue Sophomore Bakesale 27 Interclass Contest 6 Basketball - Upper 29 Vocal Spring Concert Sandusky - there May 2 Dist. Judging Contest Individual Pictures G. A. A. Awards Banquet 9 Basketball - Van Wert - here 4 Assembly - The Williams 13 Basketball - Forest - here Instrumental Music Concert 14 Assembly Mr. Mrs. Arnold 5 Final Scholarship Tests 16 Basketball - Bluffton - there 9-14 Senior Trip 23 - Jan. 3 Christmas Vacation 15 French Club Party Jan. 6 Basketball - Carey - there 18 Jr. - Sr. Prom 7 G. A. A. Swimming Party - 20 Baccalaureate Lima 21 Class Night 10 Basketball - Lafayette - here 23 Commencement 14 Basketball - Hardin End of School Northern - thereSENIOR DIRECTORY RICHARD ACKERMAN F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4 President 4 Track 1 Librarian 4 Agricultural Judging Team 1,2,3,4 Parliamentary Procedure 1 WILLIAM ALEXANDER Hi-Y 2,3 Track 1,3 Hall Monitor 3 F. T.A. 2,3 Basketball 1, 2,3,4 BONNIE AMSTUTZ Y-Teens 2,3,4 Chorus 4 Class Play 3 Librarian 4 Attendant to Homecoming Queen 4 Class Secretary 4 G. A.A. 1,2,3, 4 President 4 F.H.A. 1,2,3 Parliamentarian 2 Treasurer 3 Cheerleader 1, 3,4 JOHN AMSTUTZ Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 President 4 Track 3 Basketball Manager 3 Football 1, 2,3, 4 District Music Contest 2,3, 4 State Music Contest 4 MARVIN BARANSY Hi-Y 4 Hall Monitor 3 Basketball 1 CHARLES BOUTWELL Baseball 2,3,4 Track 3, 4 Football 1,2,3, 4 Librarian 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 GARY BROWN F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Chorus 4 Band 1,2,3 Track 2,3,4 Librarian 4 Ag. Scholarship 4 Dance Band 2,3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Agricultural Judging Team 3, 4 Parliamentary Procedure 3, 4 STEVE COLE Hi-Y 2,3,4 Librarian 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' State 3 CHESTER COOK MARY DABLER Y-Teens 2,3,4 Chorus 1,2, 3,4 Latin Club 1 G.A.A. 2,3,4 F.H.A. 1,2,4 President 4 JUSTIN DEARTH Hi-Y 3,4 Baseball 3,4 General Scholarship Test 1 Hall Monitor 3,4 Latin Club 1,2 Vice-President 2 Buckeye Boys' State 3 Class Treasurer 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 Football 1,2, 3,4 GLEN DERINGER JACK FENSLER Hi-Y 2,3,4 Track 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2,3 Football 1,2, 3, 4 DONALD FISHER Hi-Y 2,3 Chorus 1,2 Hall Monitor 4 Football 1,2, 3, 4 Projection Club 1, 2ROBERTA FLEMING Honor Society General Scholarship 4 G.A.A. 1.2,3,4 F.H.A. 1.2,3.4 Historian 4 BARBARA GUNN Chorus 1,2 HELEN FOX Y-Teens 2,3,4 Chorus 4 Cue Club 2 G.A.A. Sport Mgr. 4 G.A.A. 1, 2,3, 4 F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4 Parliamentarian Y-Teens 2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Class Play 3,4 Cue Club 2 General Scholarship 1,2 Librarian 2,3 Junior Red Cross 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3, 4 F.H.A. 1.2,3,4 Interclass Contest 2,3 Senior Scholarship CAROL GARDNER LAURA HELLER Y-Teens 2,3,4 Salutatorian P G - Co-News Editor 4 Chorus 1,2 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Treasurer 2 Vice-President 3 Homecoming Queen Senior Scholarship Honor Society ARLENE GILBERT Y-Teens 2,3,4 Y-Teens 2,3,4 P G Staff 3 Chorus 1,2,3 Class Play 3,4 Cue Club 2 Vice-President 2 General Scholarship 1 Librarian 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. 1,2,3 F.T.A. 3 Girls' Basketball Team 2, 4 Senior Scholarship President 4 JERRY HOOPER Chorus 1, 4 Librarian 4 G.A.A. 1.2,3, 4 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Secretary 3 Annual Staff 3, 4 Picture Editor 3 Business Editor 4 Class Sec-Treas. 1 JOE GOODWIN Hi-Y 4 Chorus 3 Baseball 2 Basketball 1 Football 3 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Secretary 3 P G Staff 1.2 Class Play 3 Baseball 2,3, 4 General Scholarship 1,2, 3, 4 Hall Monitor 3, 4 Annual Staff 2, 3, 4 Editor 4 Basketball 1, 2,3, 4 Football 2,3 Senior Scholarship Class President 1 Interclass Contest 4 Honor Society Projection Club 1 ERNEST HOPSON LARRY GREENAWALT Hall Monitor 3, 4 Hi-Y 2,3.4 Vice-President 4 LARRY HOPSON Student Council 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Hall Monitor 3,4 CAROLE JETT Basketball 2,3,4 Football 4 Senior Scholarship 4 Y-Teens 3,4 Chorus 1, 2,3,4 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4LOWELL JUMP Hi-Y 2,3,4 Baseball 4 F.F.A. 1,2, 3. 4 Vice-President 4 Class Play 3 Track 3 Hall Monitor 3 Agriculture Scholarship 4 Basketball 1,2,3, 4 Football 4 Agriculture Judging Team 1,2,3,4 ROBERT KLINGLER F.F.A. 1,2 Track 1 Junior Red Cross 1 Basketball 1,2,3 Football 1, 2,3,4 JERRY KOOP Chorus 2 Band 1,2,3, 4 General Scholarship Test 2, 4 Latin Club 1,2 Annual Staff 3,4 Ass't Senior Editor 4 Dance Band 2,3 Senior Scholarship RICHARD LADD Hi-Y 2,3,4 Treasurer 4 Student Council 3 Baseball 2,3,4 Track 2, 3,4 General Scholarship Test 1,2,3 Junior Red Cross 1 Latin Club 1,2 Basketball 2,3, 4 Football 2,3, 4 Projection Club 1,2 Senior Scholarship Honor Society Class Vice-President 1 Class Secretary-Treasurer 2 ROBERT LA RUE F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4 Sentinel 4 Librarian 4 F. F. A. Judging Team 3, 4 F. F. A. Parliamentary Procedure Contest Team 3, 4 IRENE MARLING Y-Teens 2,3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Class Play 3 Librarian 4 F. H.A. 1,2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 G. A.A. 1,2,3, 4 KENNETH MARTIN Hi-Y 2,3,4 Chaplain 4 P G Staff 1,2,3,4 Ass’t Sports Editor 3 Sports Editor 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2,3, 4 Class Play 3,4 Cue Club 2 Student Council 4 President 4 Baseball 2,3,4 General Scholarship Test 1,3,4 F.T.A. 3 Annual Staff 4 Dance Band 2,3 Projection Club 1,2 Senior Scholarship RUTH MAY Y-Teens 2,3,4 Secretary 4 P G Staff 3 Music Editor 3 Librarian 3,4 Latin Club 1 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Picture Editor 4 Girls' Basketball Team 1 District Music Contest 1,2,4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 State Music Contest 4 GENE MC CLURE Hi-Y 2,3,4 Chorus 2 Baseball 2,3,4 Track 3,4 Hall Monitor 3,4 Class President 2 Basketball 1, 2,3, 4 Projection Club 1, 2 Kings 3 F.H.A. Senior ScholarshipMORDAUNT MOORMAN Librarian 3,4 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Latin Club 1,2 President 1 DELLA MOSS G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4 F.T.A. 2,3 Y-Teens 2,3,4 F.H.A. 1,2,3, 4 Historian 2 Purple and Gold Staff 1 Vice-President 3 Chorus 1 Annual Staff 2, 3, 4 Reporter Write-up Ed. 3, 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Girls' Basketball 1,2 Treasurer 2 Senior Scholarship Class Play 3 Class Treasurer 3 Latin Club 1,2 Secretary 1 President 2 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Treasurer 4 DAVE PARSHALL F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Historian 3 Baseball 2,3,4 Vice-President 4 Hall Monitor 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Basketball 1,3, 4 Typist Football 4 Class Secretary 3 RONNIE MOTTER Hi-Y 2,3,4 Secretary 4 GERALD RAYL F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 P G Staff 2,3,4 Track 3 Chorus 1, 2,3, 4 Football 4 Class Play 3,4 Cue Club 2 Baseball 2 Agriculture Judging Team 3 Parliamentary Procedure 3 Gen. Scholarship Test 2 Hall Monitor 3, 4 Annual Staff 3,4 Sports Ed. 3 Interclass Contest 2,3 MORRIS SHEPHERD Projection Club 1,2 Senior Scholarship Band 1,2,3, 4 JEAN MUSSER Treasurer 4 Class Play 3,4 Y-Teens 2,3,4 Cue Club 2 General Scholarship Test 1,2,3,4 Hall Monitor 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Librarian 3 Letterer 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3, 4 Secretary 2 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Dance Band 2,3 Interclass Contest 2,3 Senior Scholarship 4 Girls' Basketball 1 Cheerleader 1 Baseball 4 Valedictorian MARLENE MYERS Y-Teens 2,3,4 Vice-President 3 Purple and Gold Staff 2,3 Honor Society DIANE SIFERD Class Play 3,4 Cue Club 2 Chorus 1,2, 4 General Scholarship Test 2,3 Latin Club 1 Student Council 2 F.H.A. 1,2,4JOY SMITH G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. 1,2,3, 4 Y-Teens 2,3,4 Prg. Chr. 4 RUSS TRUMAN Purple and Gold Staff 2,3,4 Circulation Mgr. 2 Hi-Y 3,4 Business Mgr. 3 Chorus 1 Editor 4 Student Council 2,4 Chorus 1,2, 4 Hall Monitor 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Annual Staff 3 Student Council 1 Football 1,2 General Scholarship Test 2,3 Projection Club 1 Librarian 2 Jnnior Red Cross 2,3 MARILYN WARTHMAN Latin Club 1,2 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Y-Teens 2,3,4 Sergeant-at-Arms 4 P G Staff 1,2,4 Girls' Basketball Team 1 Chorus 1,2,4 Senior Scholarship 4 Class Play 3 Girls' State 3 General Scholarship Test 1, 2,3,4 Class President 4 MARIAN STAIR F.H.A. 1,2,4 Senior Scholarship Y-Teens 2,3,4 Student Council 3 Purple and Gold Staff 3, 4 Honor Society Music Editor 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 VIVIAN HARMON WELSH Band 1,2,3, 4 President 4 Latin 1, 2 Cue Club 2 Chorus 1,2 Class Play 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3, 4 Student Council 2 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Junior Red Cross 2,3 Latin Club 1, 2 JOHN VAN ATTA G.A.A. 1,2,3, 4 F. H. A. 1 Hi-Y 4 F.T.A. 2,3 F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4 Girls' Basketball Team 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 Track 2, 3, 4 Reserve 2, 3 Basketball 1,2,3 Varsity 4 Football 1,2,3,4 Class Vice-President 2 Agriculture Judging Team 3 F.F.A. Parliamentary Procedure 3, 4 KENT STALEY Hi-Y 4 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Track 2, 3,4 General Scholarship Test 1 Agriculture Scholarship 4 Basketball 1,3 Football 1, 2,3, 4 Agriculture Judging Team 2,3,4 Parliamentary Procedure 3, 4 DON THOMPSON SALLY MILLER Y-Teens 3,4 Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Cue Club 2 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS We wish to express our thanks and sincere appreciation to the following merchants for their co-operation. We want them to know that this Yearbook has been made possible through their collective support. ANNUAL STAFF PEPER DRUG Ada, Ohio ADA THEATER Ada, Ohio ADA HARDWARE Ada, Ohio MESSICK’S 5 10 Ada, Ohio THE ADA DAIRY Phone 164 Ada, Ohio SOHIO STATION Phone 130 Ada, Ohio FIELDS BAKERY Phone 51 Ada, Ohio MERTZ HARDWARE Ada, Ohio THE ADA HERALD Phone 50 Ada, Ohio ADA AUTO PARTS Phone 146 Ada, Ohio MAIN DIME STORE Paul Stove, ProprietorEARL’S HARDWARE Ada, Ohio TAYLOR’S MARKET Phone 304, 100 W. Ballard PURE OIL STATION Ada, Ohio MARATHON STATION Phone 325 Ada, Ohio SUPREME CLEANERS Phone 26 Ada, Ohio ANDY’S DRIVE-INN Ada, Ohio UMPHRESS JEWELRY Ada, Ohio BRECKS CLOTHING 108 N. Main Ada, Ohio MC CURDY ELEVATORS Ada, Ohio VARSITY BOOK STORE Ada, Ohio ROUSH MOTOR SALES Phone 283 Ada, Ohio CONNER MUSIC STORE Ada, Ohio DALE’S BARBER SHOP Ada, Ohio EARL H. DOME AGENCY Phone 214 Ada, Ohio HANSON FUNERAL HOME Phone 233 Ada, Ohio PARK FIRESTONE STORE Phone 277 Ada, Ohio PRESTON FUNERAL HOME Phone 35 Ada, Ohio BAUGHMAN’S GREENHOUSE Phone 172 Ada, Ohio ADA FARMERS EXCHANGE Ada, Ohio OHIO FUEL GAS COMPANY Ada, Ohio BUD ANN RESTAURANT Ada, Ohio DOROTHY’S BEAUTY SHOP 611 S. Johnson Street KENTON -DUNKIRK CREAMERY Ada, Ohio ERNSBERGER MILLING COMPANY Ada, Ohio STAUFFER PLUMBING ELECTRIC Phone 391 Ada, Ohio REICHERTS MEN’S AND BOYS’ STORE Ada, OhioBALISH CONFECTIONARY 106 N. Main Ada, Ohio Soda fountain, ice cream candy BINKLEY’S POULTRY 267 W. North Ada, Ohio Eggs Custom Dressing ADA SUPER MARKET LOCKER SERVICE Phone 29 Ada, Ohio Headquarters for Food, Meat Processing Locker service FLEMING’S HATCHERY POULTRY SERVICE Phone 118 Ada, Ohio HISCO SHEET METAL design fabrication erection Phone 4 Ada, Ohio “Only if Quality Counts’’ PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY PHYSICIANS----- Floyd M. Elliott, M. D. Robert B. Elliott, M. D. VETERINARIANS----- Dr. E. R. Rodabaugh CHIROPRACTORS----- Dr. F. W. Morehart designates $ 10 contribution designates $ 15 contributionINTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers (over Monufodurers Book Binders FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City a »» f MW AV lU 11' !ff W M!Iiv l f7'

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