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v ,mv- 1 mn L Nw M. P gi T S E Q 5, E B U WG M J Q, ff :F aff? 35Q?5i2l'+" 1 ml? . W5 L . '3- HK 'Yi Qgx .EER M 1 U ,.-,:ff'T?f-1? . f- F' ...W .. S., ,- NN, wg 4 if V .4 'gf J 1 A an , R V 4, ,- ,m . " 'Tal-ikx , ,im Y P, l 6 kwa , ,-.gqryi , . : fl I -1 f..n':,M, Vw ' 'H " Y : -gf' ,-37' 1 -' ' .L , J' :.-sw 5' - -iff 'W' ... Cm M 5 +1623 LUQM 11954-' ZMZWZWZZMWM- AJUMWW MWWWMWWWWW MHZMIJW Zawwlafg ' Seated, left to fight: Charles Hubbell, Edwin Parkhill, Vice Pres., Dr. F. M. Elliot, Pres., Lester Fleming, Everett Ludwig. Standing: O. E. Zimmennan, Elementary School Principal, R. M. Harbeck, High School Principal, L T. Warthman, Superintendent, R. B. Cretors, Clerk. I I. T. WARTHMAN Superintendent To look through the pages of this book will bring memories of many hours of hard work but this will soon be forgotten because of joy of recalling the four years of high school, with sad memories in some cases and joyful memories in others. No book will probably contribute more to recall the most joyous period of life than "We". May success and happiness follow all whose names and faces appear in this book. R. M. HARBECK Principal We live in a world of change - a world of restless potentials. Today's new idea or invention quickly sinks in the whirlpool of those of tomorrow. The past remains only in the pages of our history books -the future already develops in the minds of our young people. Our dedication, here, is to those values, those truths which have long been a part of human heritage and shall long remain. There can be no detracting from nor mediation with the ideal of the worth of the individual. This ideal forms a basis for the objectives of the American school system and is the reason of its existence. So long as we maintain our schools, so long shall we be free. ' WW MB- B' MR. WILLIAM AN SLEY MISS NELLIE NEFF KEEQNG MRS. LORETTA WRIGHT MR- ALFRED L. MRS. PEARL UNDERWOOD MR. LOWELL REESE MR. RALPH OBENOUR MR. J. J. KREGLOW MISS MABEL CRAWFORD MR. STANLEY SALTER MR. CHARLES STRASBAUCH MRS- HAZEL TALLMAN MR' HAROLD PEARCE MISS MAXINE DERINGER Twelfth Grade--MS SCHOOL PERSONN L AND STUDENTS Ilevnnth Grade--60 Tenth Grade--60 Ninth Grade--S8 Eighth Grade--70 Sevunth Grade--73 Total Students--366 High School Teachers--16 Cooks--5 Bundrivers--7 dbg? Dj 4 4 If , 0 , fr WW fo - wwf 2 4 M3425 f 1. X N 1 J if ee. f' 1, t 'hx l , 4.L,L"' ' Us. , if l -1 . .,1 -. -ei - eh - .1 Www 'Y-u ' ffrsafw i 'J' 35: ' 1 43'-gy: , M"'.w+ " 1 ' "'- ."..fig1'5L7'-' inf' I CLASS MABEL CRAWFORD Adviser Motto: With the ropes of the past we ring the bells of the future. JO TRESSEL Y ALVERNA STAIR President Treasurer C. ROBERT LAMB IUDITH MCCLURE Vice President Secretary DON R. SANDERSON NORMA J, LQRUE Student Council Student Council CAROLYN S. LESLIE ,TOE L. HARROD President Student Council Student C0uncil Editor of Annual of 1954 Class Colors - Green if White Class Flower - Green if White Carnation NE LLIE NE FF Adviser WALTER D. ANSPACH President F.F.A. IANICE WOLFLEY MARLENE L. CRAWFORD President F .H.A. President Y-Teen RONALD I. WADE President Hi-Y MILDRED A. BAUGHMAN VAUGHN CARMEAN GERALD D. MARLINC MARY G. MARKLE President G.A.Ai Editor of P.eSzC. I LOLA J. SHADLEY RUSSELL R. PEPER CHARLES E. DERINCER GERALD A. DEARTH DORIS F. BINKLEY ALICE R. ROMICK CARLOS E. CONLEY CAROL SUE STOBER JOYCE L. HELLER LJ LINDA L, MAIN SHIRLEY E. MARQUART JO BENHAM N JAMES GODDERZ SUSAN YOUNG CAROL S. JAMES BETTY A. PRUITT ELIZABETH A. BOWER S CAROL ANN WOOD EUGENE ZIMMERLY DANA L. SLOAN PATRICIA A. BIN KLEY J. LARRY KLINGLER RALPH B. MOORMAN EILEEN MAY VIIA ABELE CAROLINE MESSICK MARTHA A- RAYL WALDO G. RAYL MARY M. KLINCLER BETTY L. CUNNINGHAM fZeZ227zd0 21972041 JOCQW i BjQfQ' jf AQZJMJ , MZ 12 Z., l Pltafafzyejzoiv 7225541 Mm? Xofww QW Www, JW 51, ,f K! J' sf-1' mg' Nggtgvb QSC CITY CT 7 sq, lxfnrh N1-g, U2 FREN XR xfxx-S N-N, M.-MN-my 4 N90 3 fvu I 'H1 5, 3 , Q I A 1, f L A - R' 5 , A, Q . 113232: IUNIURS RONNIE JUMP IOAN sCoTT SALLY SMITH JERRY MARSHALL SARA TRAUCHT HENRY SCHMITZ CLARICE IUMP DIANA CRIBLEY BARBARA LAWSON MR. REESE, Adviser BEVERLY ORDERS MARY AGIN GLENN DERINGER IUANITA w1ERR1Es JOHN MARSHALL NANCY MANSFIELD JAMES RAMEY JOYCE ANSPACH PAUL ALLEN CAROL SIMON SUE HOUSER DEAN BAKER CAROLYN KLINGLER SONNY BOSCH BARBARA KIPKER HAROLD MUSSER IEANETTE MOORMAN KATHRYN LECG IOE ALLEN MARGARET DUDGEON MRS. WRIGHT, Adviser ROGER ENGLAND LaVERNE WEBB HERBERT SPALLINGER WILMA KNELL IUNIURS LARRY HUBBELL LEAH HETRICK MORGAN GARVER JUDY SMITH ERNIE BOUTWELL JACK IRWIN MARIANNE TINSLER HAROLD HENRY VALERA IAMS CHARLES ROUTSON PHYLLIS EARL JOYCE HAWES JOHN HATTERY DIANE FLORIDA PATSY DECKER CAROL KREGLOW NORMA BURMAN TOM FAIRBURN MARY BURKHOLDER PHYLLIS GUDAKUNST PAT SANDERS MAX CASPER FRANCES HARSH PERRY KLINGER LINDA BAKER ,711 Mcmoriam LARRY HIPSHER Larry, there isn't a word that we can say To show how much we miss you day after day. Larry, you will never be forgot Because to us you really meant a lot. We'll always remember you as a friend The bonds between us will never bend. You are one of the finest guys the world ever The thought of losing you makes us sad. And we'll remember you at your desk Trying very hard at every task. We remember your shining eyes and your complexion that was fair And we'll remember your bright curly hair. The things you did for our class Will never be put in the past. Although life must go on without you We'll remember you whatever we do. had I' ffw U MZMQW 0wM3 215441 929 3224! fdmv Qfwgyf ,Jaw .Timm 712 0' llama 10159 UMW Mwhw 77Zm!2zw,ffZZW My awfw SZZQM 859 hM7WW Cbdyxffiwziaf MRAQVEIQEY C. MCCLURE I- HOOPEF s. s1MoN B. LQRU1-3 B, AMSTU'I'Z L. JUMP I. SMITH 4 S. COLE A. GILBERT D. GODDERZ S. MILLER M. MOORMAN D. SIFERD 1 E. HOPSON H. FOX M- SHEPHERD N E. LaRUE G. BROWN I- MARLING D, HELDMAN L. CREENWALT C. IETT I, GOODMAN M. 1-1oPsoN c. cooxc M. STAIR M. MYERS R. ACKERMAN M. WARTHMAN C. BOUTWELL R. FLEMINC G. RAYL I. AMSTUTZ A. DOBNICKER M56 B. ALEXANDER L. HELLER I. FENSLER B. GUNN N I. COOP V. I-IARMON R. MAY D. THOMPSON DA LADD MR. SALTER Adviser C. GARDNER B. KLINCLER J. DEARTH M. DABLER I. MUSSER K. STALEY I. VAN A'I'I'A D. MOSS F. CIBBONS K- MARTIN M. BARANSY C. WRIGHT D. FISHER R. TRUMAN C. NEWLAND R, MOTIER 795 7 L. UMPHRESS MRS. UNDERWOOD MR. KAH1-,ER C. STARLING M. HOPSON S. FOX E. LONG H. FLEMING L. YOUNG S. SCHINDLER W. BROWN P, WYS3 D. ELLIOTT M. BOSSE L. MAY S. SIMONS B. BAUGHMAN P. MYERS A. HETRICK M. IAMES D. GORDON 1. ANSPACH s. smrm s. s1MoNs P. Dowmc I. HAWES P- LONG D- ACKERMAN B. STOLL A. REAMS C. ELWOOD B. RISNER L- RE-AMS D. STALEY I. WRIGHT A. WARTHMAN . GUN , J N B COLLETT R- OPP S- WELSH I- KRAMER D. YINGER D. CHANDLER N. BROWN E- DUDGEON S- NEAL c. SIFERD E. CRIBLEY w. coL1.1Ns D. BOUTWELL F, HUBBELL N, ALLEN M. RAMBO B. CHENEY s. cmuc E. 1-mcxwonm G. HA1'rEnY c. DEARTH G, BINKLEY H. DUFFY xx Eighth Grsde First lol: Mrs. Tallmsn, Mary Stonehill, Patty Marquart, Larry Tabor, Carolyn Bdens, Jane Long, Sara Crates, Gloria Sanders, Jim wi:-ries, Blanche McCafferty, Robert Wyse, Mr. Strasbaugh. Second Row: Tomw Bosch, Doris Simon, Ronnie Dearth, Beverly Simons, 5'uII'5nne Schafer, Rose Grant, James Harsh, Viola Brown. Third gs Ellen Hitchcock, wayne Snith, Ruth Ann Fox, Glenn Fields, Marilyn Murray, Robert Runser, Barbara Goodwin, Donald Gunn. Fourth -R-91: Barbara Shields ,Shirley LaRue, Shirley Conley ,Lowell Musser, Denny Baughman, Billy Legge, Ruth Ann Eckenzfode, Larry Carey, Marsha Staley, Ethel Cribley. 'J Fifth B-Q!! Maureen Gose, Miriam Battery, Carol Graham, Betty Linderman, Betty Hughes , Arlene Moore, Robert Zimmerly, Lynda Morehart. Sixth R3-11: Pauline Bilby, Eddie Marling, Cathy Shanks, Charles Anspach, Ann Lowry, Dortha Stobar, Norman Noe, Sandra Pratt. Seventh E: Louis Kipker, Joyce Vandemark, ' Ralph Amatutz, Esther Flem- ing, Rex Klingler, 1gLngeSmith, Evelyn Stober, Mark Collins. Eigth 593: Karan Staley, Ronnie Snith, Robert Daniela, Ruth Roider, rry Rush, Judy Siterd, Helen Main, Rosalie Dot on. Seventh Grade First gal: Mr. Cbenour, Patricia Smith, John Cheney, Jane Legg, Marjorie Zinmerly, Bob Chrismer, Sue Wright, Bill Loescher, Scotty Moore, Ray Schick, Pat Hughes, Harry Bowers, Mr. Keeling. Second Row: Jimmy Bucher, Georgia Allen, Melvin Moser, Irene Plummer, """""ce3'i-Ee ninaall, Joyce Long, Donald Staley, Rena Remy. Third R9-vi: 'Patty Williams, Dick Woofter,Sue Ping, J. Ladd, Leonard Earl, Aron Hackworth, Margaret Moorman, Gordon Mathewson. Fourth .R-Q: Jon Uric, Virginia Hackworth, Joe Stobbee, phyuig wg-133, Dianne Parkhill, Jerry Smith , Sherry Hauenstine, Raymond Brewer. Fifth R-gg: Edna Poling, Edman llackworth, Maxine Bossa, Ronnie Rayl, Nancy Shadley, Dick Parshall, Ardyth Lavinesa. Sixth ggi: Marvin Curtis, Joyce Oldaker, Gary Simon, Lou Ann Park, Gary Scott, Kitty Jo Everhart, Tm Truman. Seventh R-ol: Geraldine Crouse, Clarence Campbell, Patricia Gose, Allen Krry, Roger Harsh , Gloria Simon, Joe Qaroy. g: Gary Clark, Carol Harmoiiflwvirgil' Camptgell, Betty Snglth, rianne Gardner , Pau1..Smith, Barbara Ulry. ' ' Ninth Row: Judy May, Teresa Tallman, Jerry Downing, Marie Edens, Burl ST1Isu, Patty Gilbert, Johnny Boxart, JoAnn Sizemore , Don Gudakunst. X -Z N, Jia M, -' V ' 1 it W ,. I i 'S v m :Pei W z 7 kv ,I . I 4 . , f v . i . ff f Q. f Q54-ww U Sd 1 M N if fs Sv, f 'Ke . Wbff' ,W M kiuiw- 4 k s ni , ',,' W . 1,502 b y '- i W 1 a as , ffl 1' -, y i ' - ' y 4 Q X lww f fffk w ' Q W- riff? Y7Wi,?f.i 59? 'Zi SV V-If 4 1 wx. U 4 gvgwly f ff?'1yUx x HV: L55 35-fy V, 1 mv, w 9 f X f skim X, .kL5y.K1,A5 -,,, Mi, Y Li5d"1f , ' A Mm, 2Q,L'H- -55 W L A wg gfgz'f.:1?4gy155s X Q39 A H gm Q XVA- Vw :W gSs3,mf'f fl, 'Al M 4 if Q X YY Missy Q 1 4 U Lg Y M , E , W ,G Lg B 2 2 , Q Y , .V 'E , QL, A ..1,: Q? LI ' I'+'zfTEi-in amp nk uf wwf? ' fs-Q7 Sfxk 131 D ,JJ 1Q'3'QQ,ffU"0L 0 SU Ngkpibgf Q01 yfffzglgj A++. if 2,13 1 ff, il- """"n..' 'J ' In if fi' 34 ff! J' 1 FQ ,. 'xl 1 "1-'j'V"fT ' ' ' P' " J' Q M mf I x 1-sl Aj! ,fQ!',f,,. 'r' 4.1 .1541 ,J -11:5 f' ' HW..- gm.. F 4 Q FOOTBALL Ada wapakoneta 26 Here Ada Bluffton 13 There Ada Spencerville 12 There Ada Carey 3h Here Ada St. Rose H8 Here Ada Kenton 26 There Ada Lafayette 20 There Ada Forest 13 Here The Ada Bulldogs suffered a bad season for 1953. This was mostly due to e young inexperienced team. Coaches Lowell Reese and Charles Stree- baugh were the able instructors. The Bulldogs dropped the opening game to a large Wapak team, lb-6. A sparkled Ada eleven downed the Bluffton Pirates, f27 - 13 at the neighboring town. In the next encounter Ada trounced Spencerville, M6-12, in a runaway The Bulldogs played host to the Carey Blue Devils next and the Blue Devils downed the Bulldogs, 3h-13. In the next game St. Rose dropped the Ada team, M8-6, handing the Bulldogs the Worst defeat. The Bulldogs suffered their third straight defeat as they fell to the Kenton Wildcats, 26-7. The Lafayette Wolves handed the Ada team their fifth loss ofxthe season, 20-13. ' The Bulldogs ended their season in 8 13-13 deadlock with Forest. Back Row: Ralph Moormen, Bob Lamb, Kent Staley, T m Fairborn, Jack Fans- ler, Jim Curtis, Paul Allen, Roger England, Steve Cole. Middle Row: Coach Lowell Reese, John Amstutz, Gary Brown, Don Sanderson, Vaughn Carmean, Morgan Carver, John VanAtta, Ernie Boutvell, Gerald Dearth, Dean Baker, Gene McClure, Mgr., Coach Charles Strashaugh. Front Row: Jerry Hooper, Larry Hipsher, Justin Dearth, Jerry Marshall, Bobby Klingler, Charles Boutwell, Ronnie Jump, Dick Ladd, Harold Henry, Jack Irwin, Don Fisher, Charles Newland. Kneeling: Buddy Routson, Mgr., Conrad Siferd, Alan hetrick, Max Rambo, Willis Brown, Dave Godderz, Russell Truman, Joe Goodwin, Joe Allen, Loren Betz, Mgr. L Gliyfv iw gmsfm .ww Qw, W., ff-yew-42 "W wi 51. ,aw f m' 'f ww .V w,wv,,Hg Q.: 1 .ww .f - W . 94, an 551 we "" . -3. . ff--'Z-. 2 Mm xwxjw - 1' : ev A'i24"'QqlkE,i'5Q Mama m:wff5fW Q, g:.5 '2- w ,m ,- i V , x - 3,5 I ' , L Q - ' f V' , -f, ' 11' yf L, U f V W A A., 1 'Q ffl 11 QQ 'A V, ' ,, fi nz 1 .g4w,,,W1n V 2 114 2' . p " n 1 v 11 - Q' 3. -f 'gi ' L 1 F 'Z il' 5Q" z1,3ZQ7lfZfl'::f'-' V A 'ff Q .ffl-. H ' 1 'i N535 , mf, . W K, -9LjE'g,Qp:Lw ,Wailgkw ,1 Q, ,gf ' ' '2 V - , Wfifff , i 51i?vfu . K V ' 3 V, I .457 g ,, is ,i ,.Qh , .,,v ,, ,r .Q I ,.,.,,.PJ ., g5ff,L .,fg,.M yqgw, gyzv, ,- ., .,.,g-.,, A.. -, ? V fn x if A W Q 4 fad? Q .JFK 'x X el?-Q51 MH - f T' V' 5 Ik., 052 Q' 5 V 5 a 3 .:..' jk. if .:.: - Y MW 69 JM 6 ZFW .x Q2 Z3 me Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada There There Here There Here Here There There There There Here Here Here Here There 4Ce1ina Tournament M Jang! Quad M0 Ref Mala 2 J mis ' W ,zhiw QW "Hu 1,17 5 fb I, "5'Z7x5' - w5tjf?SYQf:i ' 4 ,, fify' 'ff Isvlhf 5, mf' V, K ' V ' M ?22Wfi ' mf. 'f3frl55' 'f WN 4' WlEf5?iiig22i5T+35Vf5ZiNii2'g 21 , LM 5. . V -' .:. ,- ' 1' -, 1 W 1 '-.-:vf,ww,ffe' wwf Q ,zz mu: ' f K ,- w ,-N ,, " muy, , f -' ,, ff 'nf A Xwf '? ':f2, A ,PM 2 ,, A . Q12 ,ass '- 'fm '- TMTM1, "V32k.'i7f'flki1'77 195' M31 4 UWB? .WV M X v-Ag-,Qf1??ff 1,-11, ,fu - '. q5Ti,,y1' ,, K, . wg, , My ,, L fa., ,,,,,,,4W,, .W ,,f4sf,,,,, - 12, ',' 1, W fu Q-wimgv W 1:0 V my V., ' " V 3 L' y",', gif ' ' rd by , QWMA : M I ' gp, -fm, - f. 71, 4, wx .K 94, yy A 1'- .M M ffl gk-gf 515' uv , ,Q ,W , ,V , Y 1, .A-vw, " + J '- fa. X .. ',+S2,i f2wz1I5w fmiffqmzwm f- rliyw Q, be 4 W I W2 -, - 4,1-9 . -- ' ': A -f ' - ,I F 'iv ,swf if 'EW' M"f,iaLf V-ff Vx Z A ff ff I L W if "W ,Q fZ?5SgQLff13f3,Sfij5.f, m,.:QQsf. W' ' ' 'JA 177' fl Hfwii, by 421 5, A 52 4 ' ifiiw . X "XM - 'vifzf Dfms A it If ffedmwxd Jw Wm, A QQ xy, if +4 ?59.z"1"5 ff .QI lx 1'513Z?ifQZ9243MZW5'f 9 55 - if Ps K M s :Q J" M -:pw - :' 2,1551 ,.2':fz1:.s,f .4 x 4 ,fi Sis ,gf-1 , fa Q . ,W 3 R 1 an , X jim, 'V M '2 N41 ,,. ., a .-5:1 f-,zgg-1521:-.1 :i:,::1:f: " ,.z,g::2:4'f-'P ::5:a-If -Ig: I- qiziiiglfg: ,eff .iid A Hifi , "'1"t'x'.T-If A-WW:-r-I . J wn9.' Dog, f N u J, W V 5,-ff -- x ,,.!' :QQ 1 X 1 ' - "'EE N if , '7 .. ' ' tk .I r Y- '52 N' RPN' 5l.f' '- ily 1 I ' .N .54 4,-. ,:A,9.,,QL,'f-. : U , 1 ' fm. rc ,B iff! ., "I gf 'S- .,., ANNUAL STAFF During the past school year the annual staff has put much time and effort into this publication. We have not found it easy to put out an annual. There have been many corrections to make and mistakesto rectify but after a year's labor we are ready to present the finished product to the student body. we hope you will enjq it and that in the years to come, it will be a reminder of the people and the activities which made up this school year. The following people made up this year's staff: mitoroooooooouo o oooccarolyn Leslie Business Manageroolo 0oooaooooooouooococoo0J0 Tressel Assistants........ .....Sue Young and Marlene M ere 'Write-up Editoraoool oooooooooooCar01. Ann Assistaantuoocpoooo Q 9oaouaoasuoI-linda Main Feature Editoraooo ...........Carol James Assistant....... .Marlene Crawford Picture EditOToooc Q o 0 1 one aoJOyCe Answeri- Assistant....... . Spcrtrs Editor. o o o o Assistant....... n o s Q Letterer..... . PhQtQ'I'3Phyooeooooooouuno.woooo 0 0 Head Typist and Proof Reader..... wpistslilliiltlll0OClOl5ll9llillfllllllflllbl Carolyn Leslie, Joie Benham, Jo Tre TypingAdviseralovoonnuooonnon cool Annual Adviser.... .lNancy Mansfield J o o v ophyllls ...Jerzy Hooper ....L1nda Baker ...Joe Harrod ....Harold Musser .....Joyce Heller .Marlene Crawford seel ....Mr. Keeling ....Miss Crawford Qmaab M2511 J gwhzww Www Zmia -W fgmau hbZ2aw, 01,2240 4 55 QW JJMMCUW QWMW STUDENT CCXJNCIL The Student Council is a group of representatives elected by each class whose purpose is to foster better relations between the administra- tion and the student. Their meetings are held every first and third Mondays. Carolyn Leslie ..... ..... Pr esident ........ . . . .Senior Norma LaRue ...... . . .Vice President ..... .... Se nior Joyce Anspach. . .... ..... Se cretary. . .... . . . .Junior Phyllis Gudakunst . . . ....... Treasurer ...... .... J unior Joe Harrod ......... ..... A ssembly Chairman .... .... Se nlor Don Sanderson .... ...... H ead Monitor .... . . . .Senior Ronnie Jump ...... .......... . . . ..... ..... J unior Russell Truman ..... ............. .... Sop h omore Marlene Myers .... .... So phomore Helen Fleming ...... ........ F reshman Shirley Conley. . . . . . . . . .Eighth Grade Marianne Gardner. . . . . . , . . .Seventh Grade Miss Mabel Crawford. . . . . .... . . . .Advisor Some of the projects of the Student Council are the sale of activity tickets, the purchases and decoration of the Christmas tree, the choice of hall monitors, and the directing of the School parties. They are also responsible for the Interclass Contest and Banquet ,the planningofaseem- bly programs, and the business part of the concessions at the.-games. There are three mein committees of the Student Counc1l.Thehal.lmcn1- tors are responsible for keeping order in the halls between periods.This year the hall monitors are headed by Don Sanderson. The monitors for 1953-51+ are: Don Sanderson, Bob Lamb, Ronnie Jump, Ronnie Wade, Russell Peper, Waldo Rayl, Gerald Dearth, Carlos Conley, Chuck Derringer, Gerald Marling, Larry Hubbell, Jack Irwin, Jerry Marshall, Henry Schmitz, Harold Musser, Joe Harrod, Jim Godderz, Morgan Garver, and Ernie Boutwell. The Assembly Committee is in charge of all the assembly programs for the year. This committee is headed by Joe Harrod with all the Vice Presidents as his committee. The Social Committee is in charge of all Junior and Senior High Parties and Interclass Banquet. This committee is headed by Norma LaRue with Joyce Anspach, Russell Truman, Shirley Conley, and Marianne Gardner as her assistants. PURPLE AND GOLD The Purple and Gold is the official news voice of Ada High School. Twelve issues were printed for 1953-Sk, consisting of six, four colu n pages. This years series of papers was Volume XXIII. The masthead of the paper consists of the editors and assistant editors of each special phase of Journalism. The masthead for 'l953-5k was: Editor inCh1ef............ gsssqssMBI'y Markle Business Manageroooooooooooo Q gsqqM11l1e Baughman Assistant Business Manager.... .....Phyllis Earl News Editeroocooaoeooooaosoo Q aooooJOyCe Heller Assistant News Ed1tor....... .. . ....Linda Baker Social Editorucnooannouncesoosessionoooooiooooooouosally Smith Assistant SUcia1 Editorosooooaoooolooocssoosooooocarol Kreglow Junior High Social Editors....Evelyn Stoher and Brenda Collett Feature EditerooaooouoooasooooiossosossuoooonosnoJ0yce Anspach Assistant Feature EditorscanvassomooeoocsooooosoosooLiBdB Main Junior High Feature Ed1tors.........Ruth Roider and Norman Noe Sports Editorsocooonocoesoooooooanovioa Abele and Jerry Hooper Music Editernoasasoooooeoscu OlOQ0lOl0OlltOlNancy Mansfield Exchange Editefoosqop ooooooocovoocoooopnelle M035 Inquiring Reporter.... . ....Ronnie Motter Circulation Manager.... ........Joy Smith Adviser............... canons Ea Gbenour Besides the editors and assistants there are other students who helped on the newspaper. These people were often called upon to do some writing for the paper: Sue Houser, Ruth May, Laura Heller, Marilyn wart man, Mary James, Sharon Fox, and Joyce Hawes. There is a lot of work connected with publishing a paper of school news. when time draws near for the paper to come out the editors and their assistants must work out what is to be on their page and than assign articles for each person to write. After these have been written, they must be typed and given to the editor in chief and the adviser for approval. Then all copy is taken to the Ada Herald office to he set in type for use in making the du y copy. This is the first copy made of the paper by the staff,by fitting their articles on their page, choosing proper titles and pasting them down. when this is done the Ada Herald then prints the papers which are given to the Circulation Manager. fwpwple GM VOICE OF ADA HIGH SCHOOL Volume XXIII. 1953 i Numbi Today scriptions to We,Wish bought all you kids OFFICERS EhH School stu: and a driving film titled "A 'minute and an the d, or to you , 1 H ' your papers drivers, th Ner we hope 9 5 Gold this Your This is for the benefit of the jr. high students and a reminder for those who already know. The li- brary and the librarians are for your use. Use both of them to your benefit, You must remember though, that when i library it is not games are ugab you borrow zines, and when you go please, help keep quiet. School nto the where :food ,old because all of the parents did not vote. This year there is to be another bond issue so come on kids urge your parents to vote on that im- portant day, November Bru. Re- member it is for your benefit. 1.1 vnu I 'II . Sally Neal, Secretary Sharon Simons, Treasurer Class of '58 Shirley Conley, ' Vice President Kathy Shanks, Secretary Ruth Eckenrode, Treasurer Class of '59 Ronnie Rayl. Vice President Larry Moore, Secretary Lou Ann Park, Treasurer WM 'L ' several oi hi working in the speaker moved out to high school. Avenue WE to our de members of members of senior class prove to everyon cluding themselves just how i takes to come to a dead stop g at the rate of 20 and 30 mile: hour. faculty After such an interesting ass ly I'm sure that everyone will am. awww-wikfw the slogan HJ e Life You Save .-.H-M t'OME 'H E R S I Y teachers have staff in For year. We 2 staff extex 6 Ada to these tea g success in 10 12 13 ..,,.,..,... the names o what they l Wright, who ii 16 b'A'.v- instri 17 home econ! ' lliam Ke subjects 21 ,......, teacher of lt 22 ........ and Larry tual arts and Mr. Charles 29 ......l. Football Liafayette really well in Ada High. and Dave Godderz' baugh, assistant coach, JIM SQ :mam 2242.45 " Hbmffwf and Ma Bbw 2?-D C Zffavcb f75zea4f C Jbaubnmf M55 'M "27'W,Qa,2 ,J ' MJ' ' fzmgw y-Aww lhea X721 'Q MZWMAQAJ fnyalw! Dua ,I Zffdab tt MMPAM4 3 ,JMLMMW Jie? :Q ai,df1?L!' ,500 W " www ,vgzzwaamo M ,J P , 7724444011 .M Www Hwwfzwd ZEQLUWZQMZJ WW M ESSAY Mui O O James Godderz. . Carol Kreglow. . ACCOI'd1OD. Solo - SHORT STCBY Morris Shepherd 1 I I Carolyn Leslie. P3180 Duo. f . . n NATION Joyce Heler. . . . James Ramey. . . . Alan Dobnicker. Vocal Solo. . . . READING -Jlmpo 1 9 9 Millie Baughman- . . . Ronnie Matter. . PROGRAM ooolosollloonloonlbollmle Ham" ...."Classica1 Music vs. Popular Music" noosnoouoooosooooooo Our ' l.lOlll o a owmrk weswooo . . . . "Icelandic Invasion" .. .. "Please Help Me God" UIOOIIlIlIiOIlOlQOOlOlOlO OOOllIlOllllvThe ..."Hunge.rien Rhepsoqylh.. ....J. 'I'reaae1,ahd A. .Stair . . . . 'For Those who Give "4 . . . . . . . . . :Mental Health " ICIIIICIOOOII lODClOlllL!1:',or1d one :IThe wen Roaduouo llluusrahn mstutz ..........L'Harvey et the Skating Rinkni OIIDIIIICCIOOUCIllliO.CCOlOOlOLThe ....L'H1chs-eye View of a Basketball Gumeu M30 2 W if W Q22 GM 0624! Jimmy XZMQZZZW ff x99ffwgf W D aj 7' LLNLS sf D8 5: 7-J? 2 XX Yo XX QB qw !'!0war,J xee QXSEQXOTQ Pa SQ! 0 X .. QU., PL ' . ' f 4 H r4 Eff' k u O ' ox wx XXX ox 3 M L W B5 B PN DRUMS G DEATH celestesqoooasoo o ,,,,,,Lind3 Harleysooo ,.,,.,,Jim Jules........... .....Russell Peper MTS- Oakley--.H ...Janice Wolfley Mrs. Gillette..... ....Millie Baughman Eugenia Bowles..... .....Alverna Stair Amelia Gillette.... ....Joyce Heller Newton Cooper..... ,,,,,R0nn1e Wade nsnu ooooonooolouoonoosoooooouo loooaeosBob BaileylooooolooeelllallIooonoolaooooooolloicarolyn Directed by Mr. B. L. Keeling The Senior Class presented the mystery-drama nDrums of Deathn in the high school auditorium on April 22 and 23. Four of Mr. Bailey's relatives were mysteriously brought to his man- sion on a deserted stretch of land in the Florida Everglades. Three of them, Mrs. Gillette, Eugenia Bowles,and Amelia Gillette, arrived together to find that Mr. Bailey had disappeared and that one of the servants was having a weird trance in which she saw someone dead and another woman on her way to the house in a cart. Mr. Harley, the manager of the property, ordered the women to return to town but Mrs. Gillette, the eldest and most bcssy, refused to leave until she knew of her brother's whereabouts. Later the other relative, Paula Bailey, arrived as Celeste had said she would, riding in a cart. The town's sheriff had been called to find Mr. Bailey but he got in the way more than he helped and nearly ended up dead. He claimed that the reason for his helplessness in the case was due to the loss of'his badge, and he hunted for it throughout the play. Mrs. Oakley, the housekeeper, was very frightened because she knew that the relatives had been brought there by Th mpson, a bitter enemy of Mr. Bailey's, to get the magic stone for him. No one but a blood rela- tive could t uch the stone and not be cursed. Jules, the faithful servant of 'Massa Hah'ly, was set on getting revenge on Thompson, the man who had killed his wife and babies in Haiti. He and Celeste plotted with Mrs. Oakley's help to get the stone off Mr. Bailey's body which Celeste had seen floating in the lagoon. Celeste hypnotized Paula and following Mrs. Oakley to the lagoon, took the stone from Ba1ley's body and placed it in the case. Dr. Cameron, a doctor from New York, said he had been called to ex- amine Mr. Bailey, but he was really Thompson disguised so that he could get into the house. He was recognized by Mr. Harley after he had taken the key from his pocket to get into the case to get the stone. Thompson was killed immediately by the poison put into the case to kill anyone trying to take the stone. It turned out that Mr. Harley was really a government agent sent there to protect the stone until it could be sent to the country from which it came, and Paula was engaged to marry him, unknown to the other relatives. Ufuwfwf 'V DMM! Meymzww Jleafv N 2Zawf, 'dmmf f.w:m.:f-w f , . ,, ' 'Mfr Q , V Af in ,. -V , J a ' 4 W S 3332 ,. ' -1, N , 1 . fi N xggkw -g ww .,.. , E . G ' ' W Q ---- - ---- 2 ' a ww: '- H : ':e - Uigfgyqgl kivjijmgezwszfigggyz'-Magi"' f n xr if 1' ,iz , , Jig I 1533: 1 f f N 5, :L j 1:3 my x 4 4 - W l ,1 :sm x f if 1 . ggi gi hfj, wg f k , 54577 7k tif, hi f fi l 5 lf if wif 'Af5i'A7i'f K 'L I Paw Belsnickle .... Maw Belsnickle ....... Ceelie Belsnickle . . . . Bonnie Mae Belsnickle Juney Lou Belsniokle. Four Belsnickle...... Five Belsnickle . . . . Six Belsnickle .... Ronald Maxwell .... Lucy Maxwell .... The Reverend .... Obey Upchager ....... Chiz Upchager........ cousinsnonaenanupanos Valera Iams, Herbert HILLBILLY WEDDIN' CAST ..Buddy Routson .. ....Juanita wirries ....Linda Baker llllm ...Sara Traucht .Barbara Lawson ..Diane Florida ...Clarice Jump . .... Paul Allen ....Sally Smith .Ernie Boutwell ....Sonny Bosch ....Ronnie Jump .......................Haney Mansfield, Spallinger, Joe Allen, Carolyn Klingler see Ol ees ses no as esac ss I so lose Cell e ll l.lllllU..ll9QCUlf.Ol0!i Henry Schmitz, Leah Hetrick, Tcm Fairborn, Jack Irwin, Dean Baker, and Joan Scott This play was a hilarious hillbilly comedy which held the attention of the audience throughout the performanceL Poor Pav Belsnickle had a problem, rather six problems, in the torn of six un arried daughters. Juney Lou is a pretty girl who wants to marry Homer, and he wants to marry her. Maw has decided Juney Lou can- not be married until Ceelie, a ripe old 19, and Bonnie Mae, the bookworm are safely married off. S e elects Paw to get husbands for them. Paw takes his gun off the wall and decides on a simple method of procuring the necessary husbands. Twenty-year feuds are revived and two wealthy dudes arrive in the middle of it to set everything off. Finally, after much trouble and a lot of fun, Paw gets his two daughters married oft. Chairmen of the production staff are: gerlllOllOllillO0lClllllllOilllllilllimorgan Programs ........ ..... Nancy Mansfield Publicity ..... ..... Joyce Anspach Make'ups n e o u suss e Properties.... ... .... . ........... . .... ...ibeverlyidrders Prom tere .... ........ . ................. . ..... Judy Smith, Jeanette Moorman, and Marianne Tinllsr. Jnfjjamogf Cfwaffkyf QMCQMJ W 0 Q x wb C JN I JJ b,Y'V'l 1 s J Q U, 'nd I .sd Lojfiglgif .Q:fJg,,.ff1f . JJ -f P Msg, '91 gan I N, Q . L, A xi ki I gf! Lf! lsillu ' v iii-., "Wi 2 . 9 -7 T". .,'.Z' '-1 r- r Wim' 'Film xiii? , ., U-. N H . un... 4. L 'l"..,!l .:'11'-:- 134' Alf, " .,- 'Q-' 'I 'E ""-1? ..,:5'. fr' -'---rg. -15--.s N ,:'.g.'f ' f' iff! J-,', .2-1 -j.. 'gf- flggq -5 ,-4'-iff: 4 .-31.33 , wr- ' - xiii.. x. -'n?..'l:, p '-'Jr ,. vazzjr -an-L , " " ffkdig , .L wL?'lLff:-.'.:v:.'i.'5f'? f!:w'3,i. ' ?f"5i . -1,1872 f ,f:,-,:f'.S,4"F-- f"'1r 1',,.5s-f , f 'ii' 'f'?EQf'fii.'2f" "gQ3.2'f'51' "' if f. 5'-1T"'i1f1 "TTT +5'f'Ti"" ,n'r4:.1r,5-x ?f,.i .5,.z5,g.f ma. ' .7 135 ,MA -. D t . L A VOCAL MUSIC DEPARTMENT The Sen1or'gigh Mixed Chorus conbists of eighty voices. There are twenty-one sophomores , thirty-two Juniors, and twenty-seven seniors. They meet every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday fourth periods in the auditori n. Officers of the chorus this year are: President: Joe Harrod N Secretary: Morgan Garver Treasurer: Millie Baughman Librarians: Ruth May John Amstutz The highlight of the Senior Chorus this year was a 'Cay Nineties Re- viewn given March 19 and 20. This program took us back to th turn of the century with song and costmns of this ear. As tha. curtain opened we sau Currier and Ives in reality. Everyone enjoyed the group singing of the old melodies and the hu orous actions of the 'Flora Dora Girlsu. The pro- gram was closed by singing and dancing the old favorites such ssnhoe in Love With Am n and HStrolling Thru the Psrkn. Other events of the year in which the Senior High Chorus participated were the Easter Sunrise Service and Baccalaureate. In addition to the Senior High Chorus we have other musical groups such as Freshman Girls Glee and Jr. High Boys and Girls Glee. e5 They all Joined together to present the Annual Spring Concert on May lh under the direction of Stanley Salter. JZ! 65024141 .wavy CM 7720124 05024141 WWW 65650 MWJGQM Cmzcwi aww ci www cwcmr BAND 1953-1951+ Clarinets--Vija Abele, Della Moss, Georgia Allen, Marian Stair, Lou Ann Park, Margaret Dudgeon, Alice Warthman, Esther Fleming,Arlene Moore Ruth Eckenrode, Geraldine Crouse Trombones--Joe Harrod, Sally mith, Bill Stoll,Kenneth Failor,Gary Brown King Smith Percussion--Jim Godderz, Morris Shepher, Darlene Yinger, Joyce Hawes, Jean Hawes, Dorothy Boutwell Oboe--Millie Baughman Bass Clarinet--Jbyce Heller Trwmpets--Joan Tressel, Sue Young, Jerry Koop, Norman Noe, Patsy Decker, Kenneth Martin, Carol Wood, Helen Fleming, Ernest Dudgeon Flutes--Linda Main, Marlene Crawford, Nancy Brown Saxophone--Nancy Mansfield, Carolyn Leslie, Mary James, Gary Scott, Cathy Shanks Baritones--Joyce Anspach, Sue Houser Tuba--Russel Peper Alto Clarinet--Mary Markle Bassoon--Tommy Shanks French Horns--Carol James, Alverna Stair, Teresa Tallman MAJ RETTES Joyce Heller, with pep and vigor, led the band as drum magorette during all the football games. MaJorettes were Sharon and Sheila Simon. Shirley LaRue, and Darlene Yinger. As mascot majorettes, Janice Irwin, I Sherry an Joyce Hauenstein gave a delightful perfor ance at each game. SOLO AND ENS M LE CGNTEST The District Solo and Ensemble Contest was held at Lima, Ghio on March 20. Students who entered are listed. Sbgrano Joyce Hawes.................. .... Carolyn Leslie..... ... Alto Millie Baughman.... Ruth May......... Tenor .'p Henry Schmitz.... Baritone John Amstutz..... Tom Fairburnsssoe Joe HBI'I'Od...4o OIICIIOIOOOQIIODC Pggg Paul A1len.... .....When the Bell vi-JaAbelBOlOlllI OIICOIIOODOOIIOO Nancy Mansfield.... Mary Mark1e...... DANCE BAND ....I! I Could Tell You .Yours Is My Heart Alone lilllllillmshmiri .....Green Cathedral .......Water Boy lOlilCl OlilOlOUllOOOlThe ..Song of the Qpen Road in the Lighthouse Rings lllDOlllllOOlllNocturne ....Fantasy Impro ptu lCOlOUl00llO0lCGigue This year a school dance band was formed for the purpose of playing the home basketball games on Friday nights. They had a lot of fun work- ing together and their efforts were greatly appreciated by all the stu- dents. The following played in this band and made it a success: Saxophonss-Carolyn Leslie, Mary Markle, Joyce Heller, and Vija Abele. Trumpets-Carol Wood, Norman Noe, Jo Tressel, and Sue Young 4 Trombones-Joe Harrod, Bill Stoll, Kean Failor, and Gary Brown. Drums-Jin Godderz and Morris Shepherd. Bass Fiddle-Russ Paper Soloist-Linda Main Pianilf.-Alvbrhh. Stair Leader-Mr. Ansley X955 Q1 Q .1 1 om 5 wp X95' -ul .f" ' of' 5039.1 O .ff -fr: NME .ffif W mf? . Q sf! ra ,gl 5 'X -f"' Il? +54 'ff '53 '11PS"'I K I xv . .Yf in 'I " ' v '79'Q6:. " ' sm, .. -- ' ' E Ar.-JW' ' 9 -T1-'Sh -f .1 ' 'T-Fila. , 'Q' " ' L. f -' "5 ' T45- A K ffvfe' ,s ffl. ' ' NAME V. Abele W. Anspach M. Baughman J. Benham D. Binkley P. Binkley E. Bower V. Carmean C. Conley M. Crawford B. Cunningham G. Dearth C. Deringer J. Godderz J. Harrod J. Heller C. James L. Klingler M. Klingler B. Lamb N. LaRue C. Leslie J. McClure L. Main M. Markle G. Marling S. Marquart E. May C. Messick R. Moorman R. Paper B. Pruitt M. Rayl W. Rayl A. Romick D. Sanderson L. Shadley D. Sloan V. Stair C. Stober J. Tressel R. Wade J. Wolfley C. Wood S. Young G. Zimmerly THE FUTURES GF THE SENIGRS AM ITICN Chemistry career Farmer Hair Stylist Secretary Homemaker Housewife Housewife Coach Millionaire Homemaker Gym teacher Better car An auto shop A drummer like Gene Krupa Psychiatrist Teacher Teacher Farmer Housewife Engineer Good Job Teacher Teacher Teacher Nurse Pilot Secretary Preacher Clerk typist Getting rich Drug store Beautician Teacher Graduating Nurse Singing with Liberace Nurse Beautician Taking Ethel Smith's place Ho enaker World tour Lawyer A success H memaker World tour Get rich FAVCRITE EXPRESSION M gosh! Oh yeah! And then there's me Yeh, I did It must be nice Gosh darn Shoot A thousand curses Oh, no Ch, golly Well, for Pete-- Sure, brother How about that? How about that? That's different Mercy For gosh sakes I'1l be doggone For crying out loud I've got a system Ch, shoot All rightie row Golly neds All rightie row Get with it Gee Gee Wilikers crumb whiz Is that so? You can't do that Gee whiz Gosh ' . "I hate ya" Gosh darn it What are you going to do about it? For goodness sakes Jeepers Isn't that odd? Oh: Gee M aching hack Holy cow Ain't that the willees My cow Gee, oh me! Here now How about that? FAVGRITE RASTIME Reading Driving? Dancing Morgie Reading magazines Being with Vic Writing to Dick Griping Hunting Sewing A cooking Watching TV Bluffton Leah Arguing Sleeping Writing letters Playing piano Radio and TV Dancing Sleeping Messing around writing letters Sewing writing letters Writing to Dan Reading Findlay Baseball games Talking Playing pool Hurrying A '50 Chevrolet Messing around Sleeping Gossiping Eating out at Mansfields' Gabting Skating Dating Working Loafing Driving Sue and Jo Leslie Talking with Red Dating SUFEIQXHTTKXMC Wi? 1: 1' .7??or?"'J9?'Ue'f ic 2' as Des'?"'Looka'n,3 Be ffiesfvydi r' 722,,g-..,f,f,uga,. 7Zo5f"':I-326. iwa Qwest-fbmmv N sums? rzzwff-I,,fe2zf,,,.,rf We 5 2"-Q DA Shfujz Desi'-'Dr-g-55942 , 4 gl -12 8. 3. x Y W E. ! F' " 5, Wi' :nj 's R x K 03 X! fx iff 4' , 4 'w. 'fin S X ' W .... 0 1' J! "f ' E! QSWJQ TL LO Y Feafufej ,hz 9 1- A 5. Sadat ,., a E ,cboqns enact, .,.,f Q, You A aa as Qfxalfrbk 02 -- ..5f .,,..g Q65 G V f -if ? Q? 4 R 1 9 nl, 5, S'-11"l1HYl '35 2'-T1 ' 0 012. . :VA A5 5 as szeafi as w f, Qs ':f': ,- mm eva 35 3? Cop TISS' ' 'ZITP 'ii' N H B .L ,V A 'V .: ,, 7, 2 3 y Q ' 155 6X'U"Y"f i P62-WK 35.335 YL M 51 0 Nw'-CIW" : at rn . .37 ogvvmbm, X 'ey PL Cf 8 sz. 3' MGTSWWH B-Yi - A 9" "" M' Cfarv ef 3 'avchawl L E 5 Hauser -1050? K 105,-.Eff 65 3' -tri ' ff vm all rw .., H Marian Stair ,,,, John Vhn Atta.., Carol Gardner... Gene McClure ,,,, Della Moss,..,, Don Fisher., ,,,, Ronnie Matter... Butch LaRue .... . Jerry Hooper.... Bobby Klingler.. Larry Greenawalt. Dave Godderz..,. Lowell Jump..... Jack Feneler..., Kenny Martin.... Joy hiCllllC Charlie Boutwe1l...' Laddoooeooo Dennis Heldman,. Jean Musser...., David Gale ...... Paul Downing .... Charles Starling Mary James ...... Sandra Welsh .... Helen Fleming... Sharon Fox...... Wayne Collins... Richard Elliot.. Melvin Hopson,.. Freddie Hubbell. Sue Schindler... Sharon Simons... Max Rambo....... Edison Long.... Willis Brown.... Gerald Binkley.. John Kramer..... Howard Umphress, S8118 NeBl...... SGHHGMORE M MCRIES MFROEHN NICKNAMES O O ,...Reserve Cheerleader ,.,...,Way with girls .. ......... Qvietness .,.,.Class President !IO1Oll9lCute ..........Red Hair .....Giving Readings .......Shortness ....Personal1ty n n o ouua Mischief Olltlilillmile ....Br1ght Remarks ....Neat Dresser .....Basketball ooqcsnoollingo ,...Pretty Hair OOlllC!ltllUFootbal1 llllllllIllOOOlBra'ins ....F. F. A. Projects .........Personality ....Sqnatty ....Moose ....Chick ....Jesse OllllMou8ey ....Pinkv ....Pr0xy .......3U88 . ....W1ld Bill ......H0ppy . .... Hubclp .. ..... 3D lO0ll0Fat ....Rainbow ......Eddie .....Willie llCl0B1nk OIOIDOIIQIODCIDOC lil Ollll It llti Ulm OOO IUOOIMDJE r Maggie ..... Jigga .... Olive ...... Grandma ..... Dick Tracy... Blondie ..... Dagwood ...... Flash Gordon. Brenda Breeze Myrtle....... Henry .... ... Elmer ........ Steve Roper.. Little Beaver.... Alley Oqp .... Li'l Abner... Daisy Mae .... Little Iodine Bootsiclelutl SEVENTH GRADE CCMIC STRIP CHARACTERS Onion Diane Parkhill -----.Marvin Curtis Teresa Tallman ----.Marjorie Zimmerly .......Bill Loescher ------Georgia Allen I v ' 'DOD.B1d Glldakllnlt . . - - Scotty Moore -----Gloria Simon --'-Edna Poling ------Ronnie Rayl George Hindall ' ' ' ' -Leonard Earl -----Gary Scott nsosouosJ, ----Dick Parshall -----Lou Ann Park ----Barbara Ulrey EIGHTH GRADE FEATURE ---Carol Harmon The State test was an important event or the class this year. Honor was given to us when Cathy Shanks won the spelling bee. Everyone remembers Betty Linderman's luck in the Community Institute. Evelyn Stdber will be remembered for her horse back riding. Insistent chatter of Larry Carey. Gay and carefree ways of Don Gardner. How can we forget King Smith and Kenny Failor in Marching Band. The witty answers of Wayne Smith. Helen Main's cute ways. Gee what a class! Robert Wyse will re remembered for his mischievous ways. Ann Lowry will be remembered for her height Dancing slaves at the Roman Banqnet. Extra points made in basketball by Bob Wyse and Tom Bosch. Romance, 1 ,MM 1?aAf ffab! Hunlar 7 I3 BJQIOY' Hmmm- in me eekdb o-I life afobfg Racyuef 62 wad 714 lljifi 03? September October November December Januag February 8 11 18 21 22 25 25 2 9 16 17 22 27 30 30 2 6 12 19 20 27 1 2 is 8 9 11 15 18 23 29 1+ 6 8 12 15 22 27 28 29 2 5 10 13 SCHOG..CALENDAR School qaens Football preview at Findlay Football game here with Wapakoneta G. A. A. Hi-Y, Y-Teen potluck Hi-Y's conference at St. Marys Football game at Bluffton at Spencerville here with Carey here with Lima St. Rose Y-Teen District Conference Football game at Kenton No school Football game at LaFayette Senior pictures taken Football game Football game Football game Senior skating party Football game at Forest Career day at Bluffton Junior Play Junior Play Shawnee Basketball game Basketball game with Upper Sandusky Val Lauder assembly Basketball game with Lima St. Rose Basketball game with Wapakoneta Midwestern Hayrlde Basketball game with Van Wert Basketball game with Forest Basketball game with Bluffton School closes-Christmas vacation Basketball game with wapakoneta Basketball game with St. Marys G. A. A. Swimming Party Basketball game with Carey Basketball game with LaFayette Basketball game with Delphos St. Johns Basketball game with Kenton Community Institute Community Institute Basketball game with Delphos Jefferson Basketball game with Spencerville Junior Hi Party Assembly-Macbeth G. A. A. Valentine Dance Merch April 1:1 Group pictures No school Y-Teen Mother-Daughter Banquet No school-Bad weather No school-Bad weather Intex-class Contest Interclass Banquet Gay Nineties Review A Gay Nineties Review Solo Ensemble Contest Physics field trip to Akron Grace Keene Assembly Band boosters fdence review Fyll. A. Formal Dance Fa F. IA. Assembly Baseball game with Hardin Northern Friday V V Speech class play Track meet at Kenton Senior Class play Senior Class play Baseball tournament Latin Club Banquet Trackmeet Soils Judging p A Baseball game with' LaFayette Instrumental spring concert G. A. A. Banquet! 5 Baseball game with LaFayette District Judging Contest Seniors leave on trip Lima olympics Seniors return from trip Vocal spring concert Junior-Senior Prom Awards assembly Baccalaureate Class Night Cmmencement 6005.42 TEACHERS' DIRECT RY I. T. Warthman - Superintendent, General Science Chio University - B. S. in Education Ohio State University - M. A. Richard Harbeck - Principal, Chemistry, Physics Heidelberg College - B. S. in Education Bowling Green State University - M. S. in Education William Ansley - Instrumental Music Ohio State University - B. S. in Education Mabel Crawford - English, Latin Denison University - Ph.B. Columbia University - M. A.. Alfred Kahler - History, Social Problems Taylor University - A. B. B. L. Keeling - Commercial Ohio Northern University - Indiana University - M. B. B A . S. in Education J. J. Kreglow - Agriculture Ohio State University - B. S. in Education Nellie Neff - Home Economics Bowling Green University - B R. E. Obenour --Algebra, Mathematics, Plane Geomet Trigon metry Ohio Northern University - B. S. in Education Bowling Green University 4 S in Vocational Education ry, Solid Geometry, Harold W. Pearce - Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing Chin Northern University - B. S. in Education Lowell Reese - Mathematics, Science, Geography Ohio Northern University - A. B. Stanley Salter - Vbcal Music Taylor University - B. S. in Education Charles Strasbaugh - Health, Mathematics, Rhysical Ohio Northern University - B. S. in Education Hazel Tallman - English Ohio Northern University - B. S. in Education Pearl Underwood - English, History, Speech Ohio Northern University - B. S. in Education Loretta Wright - Physical Education, Biology, Gene Ohio Northern University - B. S. in Education Maxine Deringer - Secretary Education ral Science CLASS HISTC Y Twelve years ago, our parents sent us into a new adventure. After much hard work and a lot of fun we have reached our goal as seniors. we will now take you back 12 years. September 12h2 Twenty-one of the forty-four seniors sitting before you started in theiirst grade at the old north building under the able super- vision of Miss Reese and Miss Wehe. Here we learned reading, writing, and arithmetic. we were also honored by being in the rhythm band. September l2k3 Miss Whitworth and Mrs. Spear helped us to broaden our views of schooling in the second grade. This year we had another new ex- perienceg that of having the second and third grades combined. September lghh The third grade marked the halfway mark in our grade schoo1ing.Our teachers this year were Miss Marian Crawford and Miss KEUU who soon changed her name to Mrs. Mayhorn. We undertook the task of writ- ing with ink and learning many poems. September lgki Miss Dailey and Mrs. Runser were our teachers this year. This year we learned our multiplication tables and long division. Also, we studied science and broadened our musical talents. We helped present the operetta, 'The Honey Piratesu. September l9k6 Under the capable supervision of Miss McWilliams and Miss Wagner lnow Mrs. Kites, we entered the fifth grade. Here we learned more about our state of O io.Also a few members of our class were members of the high school marching band. Many of us were in the qperetta, 'The Old Crosspatchn. September 19h7 At last we had reached the goal of our grade school days, the sixth grade. Our teachers this year were Mess Dailey and Mr. Zi mer- man. This year was the first that we were allowed to change classes. Also, we looked forward to ourgvisit to the high school. we helped stage the qperetta, 'The Forest Courtn, with some o our classmates taking the lead. September 1258-Seventh Grade When we were in the sixth grade we thought we were pretty blg,but to find out different, because when we came to the high school, we again were the youngest. Our advisors this year were Miss Williams and Mrs. Tallman. We chose as our officers: President- Carolyn Leslie,Vice PresidentaJoe Harrod,Secretary-Joie Benham, Treasurer Carlos Conley, Norma LaRue and Jo Tressel were our Student Council repre- sentatives. we took part in more activities such as Junior high parties, chorus, basketball, and also an assembly. September lgjq-Eighth Grade This year our advisors were Mr. Brooks and Mrs. Tallman. Cur class officers were: Vaughn Carmean-President, Russell Paper-Vice President,Bob Lamb-Secretary,and Ronnie Wade-Treasurer. By this time ve were better adjusted to the high school. we had the 8th grade test. This was the year the boys of the 7th and 8th grades won the County Championship in basketball. we had a new subject this year which was called guidance. September lQ5l-Ninth Grade At last we were considered membersof'the high school for we were allowed to Join the different organizations and choose our own subjects. Our officers this year were: Ivadean Hicks-President, Norma LaRue-Vice President, Marlene Crawford-Cecretary, Don Sanderson- Treasurer, and our Student Council representative was Carlos Conley. This is the first year we could participate in senior high activities. September 1952-Tenth Grade This year was more or less a renewal of the freshman year except we could enter Interclass, H1-Y, Y-Teens, and senior high sports. And we really gave the seniorsa.race for the Interclass Cu . Class officers were: President-Ernie Risner,Vice President-Marjorie Flem- ing, Secretary Treasurer-Marlene Crawford. Gerald Dearth and Joe Harrod were our Student Council representatives.Miss Hankish and Mr. Bowden were our advisors. September lgji-Eleventh Grade As Juniors, our biggest project was putting on the prom for the seniors which took a lot of hard work and money. The theme was 'Under the Sean. As money raising projects we sold candy, spon- sored skating parties, sold pens, and memory books, and also, we had our class play which was 'No Boys Allowedn. We had very hard working officers who were very patient. They were: Jo Tressel-President, Carolyn Leslie- Vice President, Joyce May-Secretary, and Judy McClure-Treasurer. Our Red Cross representative was Jean Cross. Mr. Thompson was our advisor. This year we Egg Interclass by a close margin. September lgjh-Twelvth Grade S NICRSI I 3 l0ur goal was at last reached. our chief problem this year was raising money for our senior trip. Our biggest project was securing magazine subscriptions ofwhich our class sold the most hmthe history of this school. For this we received a plaque from the Curtis Publishing Company. we also sold candy, fire extinguishers, Christmas wrappings, and many other things. Our class play was nDrums of Deathu. Our class officers this year were: President-Jo Tressel, Vice President-Bob 1Lamb, Secretary-Judy McClure, .Treasurer-Alverna Stair, Student Council Representatives-Carolyn Leslie, Jbe Harrod,Don Sanderson, and Norma LaRue. Our advisors were Miss Crawford and Miss Neff. For the second time, we won the Interclass Cup and were very prowdofbur- selves for winningiistwo consecutive years. A large group-l9'in all-took the Senior Scholarship Tests in Kenton in February and one of our -class members, Bob Lamb, placed first in the county. Seven membersfofHour.c1ass became members of National Honor Society. They were: Joe Harrod, Carolyn Leslie, Mary Markle, Jo Tressel, Vija Abele, Bob lamb, and Joyce Heller. Our senior trip took us to washington D. C., Niagara Falls, and New York City. And now as we leave dear old Ada High with all the memories of the past, we face the future with high hopes. Written by Carol Wood, Waldo Rayl, Judy McClure PROPECY ADA HIGH SCH00 CLASS OF 195k The day is May 27th. in the year 1979, exactly 25 rlars since the graduation of the class of 1951+ from Ada High School.The following state- ments came from the diary of Jo Tressel, the president of the Class of l95h. They were taken when Miss Tressel toured the United States in her capacity of first woman president of our country. They tell the places and occupations of her former classmates. VIJA ABELE has returned to Latvia and has become the mother of the revolution against the Com unists there. WALTER ANSPACH is president of the American -Banker's Association. MILLIE BA GHMAN has just opened the New York branch of the Baughman Greenhouse. JOIE BENHAM is the head secretary of the American Air Ways and work- ing in New York City. DORIS BINKLEY is still having trouble making the debits equal the credits. LIZ BOWERS and BETTY PRUITT are the founders of the North American Academ of Dancing. VAUGHN CARMEAN, after eight years as the star of the Cleveland Browns, is going to take the place of Paul Brown as head coach. CARLOS CONLEY is quietly celebrating his 45th birthday in Detroit. MARLENE CRAWFGQD is the wife of General Robert Gossman, the head of staff of the Army in Washington D. C. BETTY CUNNINGHAM is taking a much needed vacation fr m teaching Trigonometry to the little monsters of Ada High School. JIM GO DERZ is developing an atomic motor and is also teaching at Yale University. JOE HARROD is now holding a position as forest ranger in the Jungles of Alabam . JOYCE HELLER'S great powers as an orator have earned her the position of President of the U. N. General Assembly. CAROL JAMES has just succeeded Marilyn Monroe as Miss Universe. BGB LAM has just gone to the jungles of South Africa to become a lion tamer and to raise ants. NG MA LA RUE is s stewardess on a Trans-American Airway Flight. LARRY KLINGLER is the head of the Klingler Electronics Works. MARY KLINGLER has method of dying hair at the Klingler Beauty Salon. CAROLYN MESSICK'S 5 an 10 cent store chain has Just bought out F. W. Woolworth Co. CHARLES DERINGER is now teaching senior English at Ada High School. CAROLYN LESLIE is the author of a new book by the name of 'How to Edit an Annualn. LINDA MAIN is a model for the Ajax Diving Suits Co. JUDY McCLURE is the head of a school of instruction for senior class secretaries. 1 LINDA MAIN is a model for the Ajax Diving Suits Co. MARY MARKLE is the Marriage Counselor at City College of Nas York. GERAID DMRLING is a general in the National Guards. SHIRLEY NARQUART is touring the country as the famous Hypnotist. EILEEN MAY is the secretary to the general manager of the Cincinstti Reds. RALPH MOCBMAN is the chairman of the hoard of the Palmolive Soap Co. RUSS PEI-'ER is the owner of the Peper Drug Chain which has stores from Alaska to Florida. MARTHA BAYL is an elementary teacher in Alaska. The voting for the most elegible bachelor in the country is a toss up between WALDO RAIL and BONNIE WADE. ALICE RCMICK is the cherry pie baking champion of Ohio. DONALD SANDERSON is the chief of the State Highway Patrol in Ohio. LOLA SIADLEY is the private nurse to the President of the United States. DANA SLOAN has just celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Sloan Beauty Salon. ALVZRNA STAIR is now giving piano concerts at Carnegie Hall. CAROL STCBER is running a restaurant in Kansas City, Kansas. CAROL WOW and PAT BINKLEY have Just celebrated their 25th anniver- saries of happily wedded life. SIE YWNG is still pondering Trigonometry at Ada. JANICB w0LFLEY,after her .great performance on the A. H. S. stage is now on Broadway. GENE ZIMMERLY is now farming a 500 acre farm in Jumbo. Norm LaRue, Bob Lamb, Rus! Pepe! CLASS SONG IF 1951+ Ch we love the Halls of Ada, that surrounded us each year, And we will not forget them tho we be far or near. To the hallowed Halls of Ada, all our voices bid farewell, And memories will linger like the chimes of a hell. One day a hush will fall, the footsteps of us all will echo down the hall and disappear. But as we sadly start, our Journeys far apart, a part of every heart will linger here------ In the sacred Hells of Ada, where we've lived and learned to know------ That memories will linger from thexlong long ago. Alverna Stair, Carol James, Jim Goddern CLASS WILL we, the senior class of 19514, being of sound mind and body do de- clare this as our last will and testament. Article I Section I To the class of l955 we bequeath the following things: 1. An empty treasury 2. Privilege of taking a senior trip 3. Privilege of sitting in the front section or the auditorium ls. Our homeroom Section II To thexbest class next year, we leave the Interclass Cup ftake good care of it. Article II 4 Section I - VIJA ABELE wills her "Club , G1ub" from the Cue Club Play to Alice Ream. WAIJIER ANSPACI-I leaves his beautiful red hair to Norman Noe. To Butch LaRue, MILLIE BAULBMAN wills her height. May he make the .bas- ket ball team next year. JOIE BENHAM will her hair to Marianne Tinsler. To Alice Warthman, DCRIS BINKLEY wills her weight. QA-'Q BINKLEY leaves the job of selling candy to next years' energetic per- son. To Barbara Kipker, ELIZABETH BUJER leaves her pants with the bright red patch. VAUGRN CARNDEAN wills to Perry Klingler his ability to make smart cracks in Social Problems class. CARLOS CONLEY bequeaths his numerous birthdays to Miss Crawford. To Bob Klingler, MARIENE CBAWFQRD leaves her flute. BETTY CUNNINGHAM leaves her conical ways to Barbara Lawson. CHARLES DERINGER leaves Leah Hetrick to nobody. To Buddy Routson, ll! GODDERZ leaves his study habits. Use them Buddy! Q-O-'Q HARRCD leaves his trombone to Kenny Failor. JOYC wills her address book to Joyce Heller. To Anne Lowry , CAROL JAMES leaves her figure. LARRY KLINGLER wills his knowledge of radio to Norman Noe. To Carol Sion, MARY KLINGLER leaves her bottle of peroxide. Q-O-Q LAMB leaves his ability to get along with the teachers to Joe Goodwin To J. Edd, NORMA LARUE leaves her quietness. To Glenn Deringer, CAROLYN LESLIE wills her fast talking. JUDY MCCLURE wills her co-operativeness to Wayne Collins. LINDA MAIN leaves Ads High for another summer at the swimming pool. 5iD"MIl!"I.lN0 wills his trips to Indiana to anybody with enough money to buy gas. . To Cloyd Elwood, MARY MARKLE wills her big, atrocious words. SHIRLEY'MARgUART iihves har'eb1lity to have 'beat" wrecks to Willie frown. EILEEN MA! wills her Cincinnati Reds to her sister, Ruth. EKFULYN MESSICK leaves her naturally curly hair to Linda Baker. RALFE MOGRMAN leaves . . . . To Mr. Harbsck, RUSSELL PEPER leaves his exciting P. A. announc msnts. BETTY PRUITT leaves her acting ability to Blanche McCafferty. To Betty finderman, MARTHA RAYL wills her way with men. To Gerald Binkley, WALDO FATE leaves his big blue eyes. ALICE RGJICK leaves her art ability to Sally Smith. "sKR'5ii'ism wills the honor of adjourning all Student Council meet . I ings to Ronnie Ju p. LGLA SHADLEY wills herself to a certain gu in Leipsie. To the seventh graders, DANA SLOAN wills her quietness. VERNIE will leaves the Senio'x7'C'53'ss treasury--empty. CARO ST leaves bookkeeping class with a sigh of relief. QQ TRESSEL leaves her many troubles, trials, and tribulations of the Senior Class presidency to whoever is strong enough in next years class to handle it. BONNIE E523 wills his muscles to wayne Fletcher. JANICE WOLFLEY wills her complexion to--anybody that needs it. CAROL WO D leaves to Join Leslie. To MF. benour, Susan lgung leaves her gum. QQQE ZIMMERLY leaves Ads High to wait for Diana. Written by Betty Cunningham Jo Tressel Larry Klingler SCHOOL DAY M MGRIES Looking back across the years, As seniors often do, We see the happy and the sed' And friends that helped us through. Each day at nine for twelve long years We all walked through the door, Where we received a higher knowledge, To show our desire and more. Arriving at last at our goal We feel a pang of regret, But memories of the happy times, We know we never will forget. Those many hours of laughter We've spent together in fun, will echo throughout o r lives As we take our place in the sun. Now we must live in the future And use our teachers' sound advice, Then live and use it wisely, To build us a better world. We realize now that our high school toil Will never be in vain, If we will use it wisely, To broaden culture's gain. And so we say farewell To this part of our life which is gone, Though each in a different corner may dwell, Our lives must still go on. Sue Young Janice Wolfley ADA HIGH SCHOOL CCMMENCEMENT WEEK PBM!-QM MBV 23, 25. 27, 1954 BACCAIAUREATE SERVICE Methodist Church Sunday. May 23, 1955 8:00 P. M. Rev. Roy I-Ioch. . . .... . . .Pastor in Charge Mr. Stanley J. Salter. . .. . . . . .Chorister Mrs! Markleillilliillllilorganist Processional .... .... Y War.March of the Priests" ...... .... Me ndelssohn Invocation .... .............................. .... R e v. Roy Koch Hymn ...... .... ' 'God of Our Fathers" .... ....... N o. ll-96 Audience Scripture Reading ................................... ..... R ev. lee Moore Music ............... "Cast Thy Burden Upon the Lord" .......... Mendelssohn Baccalaureate Sermon .............................. Rev. Harry Bright , Jr. Music ............... .... ' 'Send Out Thy Light " .................... Gounod. High School Choir Benediction .... .................... .... R e v. Fara Loman Recessional. . . . . . . "Coronation March ". . . . . . . . .Meyerbeer CLASS NIGHT Tuesday, May 25, 195k nigh school Auditor-im 8:00 P. M. OlCllOOOllllIllCOIIl, otm"0OlOClllIl scotch.. Alverna Stair, Carol James, James Godderz Address of Welcome. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Joan Tressel, President of Clan lOOOlIl4 OllillllIClU'Me1odiesnlllO!lllllll lllllmi8 Alverna Stair, Carol James Clan Hietoryu.. ...........Carol Wood, Judith McClure, Waldo Rayl Duetilill 0lIlllllOl'HBke Belniennlililkllttllilli Cllll Carolyn Leslie, Joe Har:-od Clase Prophecyn.. ..........Norma LaRue, Robert Lamb, Russell Paper mtilllll llllilDOIIOOOIIIOOOIIIIOIOIOUOUOCOIIIOOOOIOOIOICRGB Marlene Crawford, Ronald Wade Clan Will. . . . . . . . . .Joan Trensel, Betty Cunningham , Larry Klingler Vocal'1'r1o................'Mexican Clap Hands Dance".................Swift Carol James, Linda Main, Mildred Baughman o0ie eeeoeoeeeoolltlllloeotIoloeoleleeleoeeloleeoetyoAnBenham COllllClCIO!ICO!OOOIOCCIDUO-llillliililill Susan Young, Janice Woltley, Vaughn Carmean Qmtetilill0Oll0Ol0llO'B1ue TangoulllIOC!0llllllClOOll0Ander.on Vija Abele, Mary Markle, Joyce Heller, Carolyn Leslie ' Am merlllililllIOCOilIDCOO!ll!!OIOOQIOIIOOIIICIOIVID Seventy-second Annual CQMENCBENT Thursday, May 27, 195k nigh School Auditorium 8:00 P.M. llhnuulnu Processional. . . . . . . . "Pump and Circmstance Invocation. . Salutetory. . Salutetory. . Music ...... Vsledictory. Music. . . . . . nigh School Bona ...."0ur Modern Dragonf'. 'The Road of the Future . .."B1r90 Gates of Gold" nigh School Bend . . . 'mookxog Forward". . . "Enchanted Mountain". :ugh School Band kerlllllOUUOIIUOIIIOUUII To Cless Address. . . . . . . . . . . . . 'Three Heritagesn. Q o s o s u s . . . .Dr. David Markle nee ll 0000 Wirth!!! o o . o o -R0'b83't Lamb o o o HIRE!! Godderz s o 1 srralskinr I O C . . . .Tarver n, Superintendent ssselllssllerrank DI Dayton , Quo Music . . . . . . . "Appalachian Suite" Kinyon l . Barbara Allen High School Band 2. Lollytoodum 3 . Green Sleeves Presentation of Class . . . . . . . . . . . .Richard Hex-beck, Principal Presentation of Diplomas. . . . . . . .Dr. F. M. Elliott, President Board of Education dictimOlOl IOUIOIOIOIOICIIUIIII l0lCORevC Reeessional. . . . "God of Our Fathers" Traditional High School Band William M. Ansley , Director SENIOR DIRECTORY VIJA ABEIE Ce'n't"ra"'l-, g. 5. North Manchester, -In-Q. Class fresident 2 General Scholarship 2 N c. A. A. 1,2 Solo Contest 2 Band 1,2 Orchestra 2 Girls' Glee 1,2 sunshine Society 1,2 Ago, High School Senior Scholarship h General Scholarship 3 G. A. A. 3,k5 Reporter h Y-Teen 3,h3 Program Chairma M Mixed Chorus 3,h5 President 3 Purple and Gold N5 Sports Ed. Solo Contest 3,h Band 3,h3 Dance Band M Cue Club h Latin Club 3 Honor Society h Valedictorian M WALTER ANSPACH FT F". A'.""'2"'1, ,3,u Treasurer 35 President k Basketball l,2,3 H1-Y 2,3,h MILLIE BA GHMAN Class Play 3,5 Senior Scholarship k G. A. A. 1,2,3,u Reporter 23 President h Mixed Chorus 2,3,h5 Treasurer 3,k Girls' Glee 2,3 Pro3ection Club l,2,3,k Purple and Gold Sports Ed. 35 Bus. Meng. 1+ Annual Steffi Sports Ed. 3 Solo Contest l,2,3,h Girls' Ensemble 1,2 Band l,2,3,h Orchestra 1 Interclass 2,3,h Latin Club 1 Girls' Basketball 1,2 Cheerleader 2,3,h Office Practise B JOIE BENMAM Class Play 3 Q. A. A. 1,2,3,u Y-Teen 2,3,h Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h Girls' Glee 2,3 F. H. A. 1,2 Annual Staff U5 Typist Girls' Ensemble 2 Band l,2,3 Cue Club M Latin Club 1,2 Girls' Basketball l ffice Practice h General Scholarship 1 D RIS BINKLEY G. A. A. l,2,3,h Y-Teen 2,3,h Mixed Chorus 2,h Girls' Glee 2 PATRICIA BINKLEY G. A. A. l,2,3,E Y-Teen 2,3,h Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Girls' Glee 2,3 F. H. A. 3,k ELIZABETH.BOWER G. A. A. l,2,3,h Y-Teen 3,h Mixed Chorus 3,h Girls' Glee 2 F. H. A. 3 Cue Club M VAUGHN CARMEAN Class President l Hall Monitor 3,k Football l,2,3,h Track l,2,3,h Hi-Y 2,3,k, Secretary 3 CARLOS CONLEY Student Council 2 General Scholarship l Senior Scholarship h Class Treasurer l Interclass Contest 2 Hi-Y 2,3,h MABLENE CRAWFORD Class Secretary 1 S BIG DIRECTORY, Con't. Senior Scholarship M General Scholarship 1,2 G. A. A. 1,2,3,h3 Intramural mgr. h Y-Teen 2,3,hg President N Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Girls' Glee 2,3 F. H. A. l,2,33 Vice Pres. 3 Annual Staff M: Ass't Feature Ed. Band l,2,3,k Orchestra l Homecoming Attendant is Girls' Basketball 1,2 Cheerleader 3, Reserve Office Practice M BETTY CUNNINSHAM G. A. A. l,2,3,5 Y-Teen 2,3,h Mixed Chorus h Girls' Glee 2 F. T. A. M Latin Club 1,2 Girls' Basketball 1,2 CHARLES DERINGER Class Play 3 Hall Monitor M Basketball l,2,3,h Projection Club 2,3 Football 1,2,3 Track 2 Baseball 3,h Hi-Y 2,3 fl! GODDERZ Cent-ral-'I-EI.-Q., gn.. Paul, mm. Band l,2,35 Pep Band 2,3 Latin Club 2,3 Hall Monitor 3 Red Cross Council 3 Delta Hi-Y 3 Chess Club l Rifle Club 2,3 Ada High School Class Play E Senior Scholarship N Band kg Dance Band M Cue Club M Interclass h Hall Monitor h Salutatorian h gong mason Class Play 3 Senior Scholarship h General Scholarship 1 Mixed Chorus 2,3,h5 President h ProJection Club 3 Annual Staff 2,3,h3 Letterer 3,h Solo Contest 3,h Boys'+quartet 3 Band 1,2,3,h5 Dance Band h Orchestra 1 Cue Club H Hall Monitor M Student Council h Red Cross Counail 1 Basketball 2,3 Track 3 Honor Society A JOYCE HELLER Class Play 5 Senior Scholarship M General Scholarship 3 G. A. A. l,2,3,1+3 sgc. at Am 1. Y-Teen 2,3,h Mixed Chorus 2,3,h5 Pianist 3,h Girls' Glee 2,33 Pianist 2 F. H. A. l,2,33 Parlimentarian 2 Purple and Gold 3,4 News Editor N, Assistant 3 Annual Staff kg Head Typist Girls' Ensemble 3 Band l,2,3,uj Drum Majorette U Orchestra l F. T. A. M Dance Band M Interclass 2,3,h Latin Club 1,2 Librarian M Honor Society M CAROL JAMES Senior Scholarship M Class Play 3 G. A. A. 1,2,3,h Y-Teen 2,3,h Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Girls' Glee 2,3 Annual Staff Feature Ed. 3,hg Ass't 2 ssuzoa nmscrosr, cont 'a. Band l,2,3,h Orchestra 1 F. T. A. h Latin Club 1,25 President 2 Office Practice M MARY KLINGLER G. A. A. l,2,3,k Y-Teen 2,3 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Girls' Glee 2,3 Girls' Basketball 1,2 LARRY KLINGLER Mixed Chorus 5 ROBERT LAMB Class Vice-president M Class Play 3,k Senior Scholarship M General Scholarship l,2,3 ProJection Club l,2,3,h Annual Staff 23 ASl't Sports Ed. Cue Club h Interclass 2,3 Latin Club 1,2 Hall Monitor 3 Student Couneil 3, Bllkethdll l,2,3 Football l,2,3,h Track 1,2 Baseball 2,3 Hi-Y 2,3,hj Sec'y. M Honor Society M Salutatorian M RCBMR IARQE T-Teen 3, 5 Serv. Ch. B Student Council 3,hg Vice-pres General Scholarship 1 G. A. A. 1,2,3,k Mixed Chorus 3,k Girls' Glee 1,2 P. H. A. l,2,3,k3 Vice-pres. 3 CAROLYN LESLIE Elias Vice-president 3 Class Play M Senior Scholarship l,2,3 General Scholarship l,2,3 c. A. A. l,2,3,h Secretary 25 Vice-pmas..3 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,b 3 Girls' Glee 2,3 Annual Staff 2,3,k Business Mgr. 33 Editor M Solo Contest 1,2,3,h Mixed Ensemble 3 Girls' Ense ble 2,3 Band 1,2,3,M3 Dance Band M Interclass 3,h Latin Club 1,2 Student Council bg Pres. M Homecoming Queen M Girls' Basketball 1,2,3 Cheerleader, Reserve 15 Var Honor Society M LINDA MAIN Class Play h Senior Scholarship M G. A. A. l,2,3,h Y-Teen 2,3,h3 Music Ch. M Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Girls' Glee 2,3 Purple and Gold, Ass't Fee. Solo CODECBL 1,2,3 Mixed Ensemble 3 Girls' Ensemble l,2,3 sand 1,2,3,b String Ensemble 2 Orchestra l F. T. A. G Dance Band kg Vocalist Latin Club 1,2 Librarian M Girls' Basketball 1,2 MARY MARKLE Claes Play 3 Senior Scholarship h General Scholarship l,2,3 0. A. A. l,2,3,h Y-Teen 2,3,h Mixed Chorus 2,3,h5 Pianist Girls' Glee, Pianist 3 Boys' Glee Pianist 3 Purple and Gold l,2,3,l+ Business 35 Editor k Solo Contest l,2,3,h Mixed Contest l,2,3,h Girls' Ensemble 2 sans 1,2,3,hg nance sans u sity 3,h Ed. h M ssnros nrnscmomr, String Ensemble 2 Cue Club A Latin Club 1,2 Girls' Basketball 2 Honor Society M GERALD MARLING Hall Monitor 5 Track l,2,3 H1-I 2,3,h SHIRLEY MARQUART G. A. A. l,2,3, Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Girls' Glee 2,3 Girls' Basketball 3 EILEEQ MAX Senior Scholarship M General Scholarship l G. A. A. l,2,3,h Y-Teen 2,3,h Girls' Glee 2 Latin Club 1,2 JUDY McClURE Class Treasurer 33 Secretary M G. A. A. l,2,3,h Cook 35 Intramural gr. M Y-Teen 2,3,hg Social Chairman A Mixed Chorus h Girls' Glee 2,3 F. H. A. l,2,3,h Treasurer 23 Secretary 3 Girls' Basketball 2,3 Office Practice A CAROLINE M SSICK Senior Scholarship h General Scholarship 3 G. A. A. l,2,3,h Y-Teen 2,3,h F. H. A. 1,2,3 Latin Club 1,2 RALPH MOORMAN Hi-Y 2,3,E Basketball Manager 25 Team 3 Football Manager 23 Team b Track 2 RUSSELL PEPER Class Play 3,h Senior Scholarship M Mixed Chorus 3,h Cont'd. Boys' Glee 3 Projection Club l2,3,h Band 2,3,hg Dance Band A Cue Club M Latin clue 1,2 Hall Monitor M Football Manager 1,2 Hi-Y 2,3,h Class Play 3 G. A. A. 1,2,3,k Y-Teen 3,h Mixed Chorus 3,h Girls' Glee 3 F. H. A. l,2,3 Cue Club M Latin Club 1,2 Girls' Basketball Office Practice h MAEEHA BA!! G. A. A. l,2,3,h Y-Teen 3,h Mixed Chorus 2,3 G1rls' Glee 2,3 librarian H Office Practice WALDO RAYL F. F. A. 3,h Hall Monitor M Hi-Y 2,3,h ALICE RCMICK G. K. A. l,2,3,h Y-Teen 2,3,h Mixed Chorus 3,h Girls' Glee 2,3 F. H. A. l QQ ALQ SANDERSON Class Treasurer l l ,2 Hi-Y 2,3,h3 Vice-president h Band l Orchestra l Hall Monitor 3,k Student Council M Basketball 1,2,3,h Football l,2,3,1+ Track 1,2 LOLA SHADLEY Class Play 3 ssnro nrnacm nr, conz'a. General Scholarship 1 G. A. A. l,2,3,k Y-Teen 2,3,h Mixed Chorus 2,k Girls' Glee 2 Lat-in Club 1,2 Y-Teen 2,3,h F. H. A. l,2,33 Historian 3 .4LT0??i.N'2 PEE Class Treasurer M Class Play M G. A. A. 1,2,3,U Y-Teen 2,3,ls, worship Chairman P4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,k Girls' Glee 2 F. 11. A. 1,2 Band l,2,3,h3 Dance Band 1. F. T. A. M Latin Club 1,2 CAROL STOBER a."A". A'. 1,2,3,u Y-Teen 3,h Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Girls' Glee 2,3 J0 THESSEL Hass Secretary 23 President 3,14 Class Play 3 Senior Scholarship M General Scholarship l,2,3 G. A. A. l,2,3,hg Treasurer 3 Y-Teen 2,3,l+3 Treasurer 3 Mixed Chorus Pianist lo Purple and Gold 1,25 Music Ed. 2 Annual Staff 2,3,k5 Write-up Ed. 3 Business Man ger k Solo Contest l Band l,2,3,h5 Dance Band h Orchestra 1 Librarian M Homecoming Attendant h Girls' Basketball l,2,3 Honor Society h BONNIE WADE Class Play 3,h Mixed Chorus 2 Boys' Glen 1,2 Cue Club h Bgl1,Monitor h Basketball l,2,3 Librarian h Hi-Y 2,3,h3 Treasurer 3 President M EHEQPE Class Pl..yT' G. A. A. 3,h Y-Teen 3 Mixed Chorus 2,3,k Girls' Glee 2,3 F. H. A. 3,h5 President M Red Crass Council 3 QEElWEYEi-.2512 Clxlue 93520106 1 Girls' else l Special Chorus l 529. ELG-B 5211001 G. A. A. 2,3,E Y-Teen 2,3,h Mixed Chorus h F. H. A. 3,15 Secretary ls Band 2,3,k, Dance Band k Red Cross Council B QQE YOUNG Senior Scholarship h General Scholarship 1,2 G. A. A. l,2,3,h Y-Teen 2,3,h Annual, Ass't. Bus. Mgr. M Band l,2,3,k5 Dance Band N String Ensemble 2 Orchestra l Red Cross Council 2 Girls' Basketball 1,2 GENE ZIMM RLY Class Play 3 F. F. A. l,2,3,k5 Student Adviser N Basketball.2,3 Football l,2,3 Hi-Y 2,3,h YL Quia TG' Mg fbf b w,Aifw My in J' fvffi, HNHHQQ 'If' fw- N-sf 2,-,ya MP M252 ,swf x xg o 1 W JA3J, .x , . , 5Q"i4x, ' f-' F fa-15 'S' ' isa- - h a' A Ea Mif- xix Nm-5' ii' 4- ', F 1.11 W, I. 4 'SQA' V . QF .hiv 4.7 I, Abele, Vija-'Sh Ackerman, Dorothy-'57 Ackerman, Richard-'58 P-sin, M611-'55 Alexander, William- '56 Allen, Georgia-'59 Allen, Joseph-'55 Allen, Nancy-'57 Allen, Paul-'55 Amstutz, John-'56 Amstutz, Ralph-'58 Anspsch, Joyce-'55 Anspach, Judith-'57 Anspach, Rolland- '58 Anspach, Walter- '51s Baker, Dean-'55 Baker, Linda- '55 Barensy, Marvin-'56 Barry, Allen-'59 Baughman, Byron-'57 Baughman, Denavar-'58 Baughman, Mildred- '51+ Benham, Joie-'5l+ Bilby, Pauline- '58 Binkley, Gerald-'57 Binkley, Doris-'Sk Binkley, Patricia-Sk Bosch, Edward-'55 Bosch, Thomas-'58 Bosse, Marilyn-'57 Bosse, Maxine-'59 Boutwell, Charles- '56 Boutwell, Dorothy- '57 Boutwell, Ernest-'55 Bower, Elizabeth-'5h Bower, Harry-'59 Bozarth, John-'59 Brewer, Raymond-'59 Brown, Gary-'56 Brown, Nancy-'57 Brown, Viola-'58 Brown, w1111s-'57 Bucher, James- '59 Burkholder, Mary-'55 Burman, Norma-'55 Campbell, Clarence-'59 Cam bell, Virgil-'59 Carey, Joseph-'59 Carey, Larry-'58 STUDENT DIRECTORY Carmean, vaugnn-'su Chandler, David-'57 Chrismer, Robert-'58 Cheney, Brice-'56 Cheney, John-'59 Clark, Gary-'59 Cole, Steven-'56 Collet, Brenda-'57 Collins, Mark-'58 Collins, Wayne-'57 Conley, Carlos-'5h Conley, Shirley-'58 Conrad, Joyce fMrs.l- Cook, Chester-'56 Craig, Stephen-'57 Crates, Sarah-'58 Crawford, Marlene-'Sk Cribley, Diana-'55 Cribley, Emily-'57 Cribley, Ethel-'58 Crouse, Jeraldine-'59 Cunningham, Betty-'5P+ Cunningham, Pearl-'55 Curtis, James-'55 Curtis, Marvin-'59 Dabler, Mary-'56 Daniels, Robert-'58 Dearth, Gerald-'5h Dearth, Gera1dr'57 hearth, Justin-'56 Dearth, Janet-'57 Dearth, Ronald-'58 Decker, Patsy-'55 Deringer, Charles-'Sh Deringer, Glenn-'55 Dixon, Laurel-'58 Dobnicker, Allen-'56 Dotson, Rosalie-'58 Downing, Jerry-'59 Downing, Paul-'57 Dudgeon, Ernest-'57 Dudgeon, Margaret-'55 Duffy, Harold- '57 Earl, Leonard-'59 Earl, Phyllis-'55 Eekenroae, Ruth- '58 Edens, Carolyn-'58 Edens, Sharon-'59 Elliot, Disk- ' 57 ash Elvood, Cloyd- '57 England, Roger-'55 Evernsrt, Kitty- '59 Feilor, Kenneth-'58 Feirburn, Themes-'55 Fensler, Jack-'56 Fields, Glenn-'58 Fisher, Donald-'56 Fl ming, Esther-'58 Fleming , Helen-'57 Fleming, Roberts-'56 Florida, Dianne-'55 Fox, Helen-'56 Fox, Ruth Ann-'58 Fox, Sharon-'57 GB18, David-'57 Gerdner, Carol-'56 Gardner, Mary Ann-'59 Garver, Morgan- '55 Gibbons, Flecie-'56 Gilbert, Arlene-'56 Gilbert, Patricia-'59 Godderz, David-'56 Godderz, James-'5k Goodwin, Barbara-'58 Gbbllwin, JOB-'56 Goss, M ureen-'58 Goss, Patricia-'59 Gordon, David-'56 Grehm, Carol-'58 Grant, Rose-'58 Greenawelt, Larry-'56 Gudlkunst, Donald- '59 Gudlkuhlt, Phyllis-'55 Heller, Joyce-'Sk Heller, Lsure-'56 Henry, Harold-'55 Hetrick, Alen- '57 Hsu-mx, Leah-'55 Hindell, Eugene-'59 Hitchcock, Ellen-'58 Hooper, Jerry-'56 Hopson, Ernest-'56 Hopson, Larry-'56 Hopson, Melvin-'57 Houser, Susan- '55 Hubbell, Fredrick- '57 Hubbell, Larry-'55 Hughes, Betty-'58 Hughes, Patricia-'59 Iams, Valera-'55 Irvin, Jack-'55 Jbmes, Carol-'SM Jemeir M3rY"57 Jett, Carol-'56 Jump, Clarice-'55 Jump, Lowell-'56 Jump, Ronnie-'55 Kipker, Barbara-'55 Kipker, Louie- '58 Klingler, Carolyn-'55 Klingler, Rex-'58 Klingler, Justin-'5l+ Klingler, Mary-'Sk Klingler, Perry-'55 Klingler, Robert-'56 Knoll, Wilma- '55 Koop , Gerald- '56 Gunn, Barbara- '56 Gunn, Donald- '58 Gunn, Jack- '57 Haokworth, Edman- '59 Hackworth, Erdman- '57 Kramer, John -'57 Kreglcw, Carol- '55 Ladd, J .-'59 Ladd, Richard- '56 Lamb, Robert-'5h Hackworth , Virginia- ' 59 Harmon, Carol-'59 Harmon, Vivian-'56 Harrod, Joe-'Sh Hersh, Frances-'55 Harsh, James-'58 Hersh, Roger-'59 Battery, Gary-'57 Battery, John- '55 Battery, Miriam-'58 Heuenltoin, Sherry- '59 Hawes , Jean-'57 Hawes, Joyce-'55 LaRue , LaRue , LaRue, LaRue , Elsie-'56 Norma- '5l+ Robert-'56 Shirley- ' 58 Laviness , Ardythe- '59 Lawson , Legge , Lease 1 Legge , Leslie , Barbara- '55 Jane- '59 Katherine- '55 William- '58 Carolyn- 'Sk Lindermen, Betty-'58 Long, Edison- '57 Long, Jayne- '58 Long, Perry-'57 Lowry, Ann-'58 Main, Helen-'58 Main, Linda--'5i+ Mansfield, Nancy-'55 Markle, Mary-'Sk Marling, Gerald-'5l+ Marling, Eddie-'58 Marling, Irene-'56 Marshall, Jerry-'55 Marshall, John-'SS Martin, Kenneth-'56 Marqpart, Patricia-'58 Marquart, Shirley-'5l+ May, Eileen-'5h May: Judy-'59 May, Ruth-'56 MBV: I-B1'1'Y"57 McCafferty, Blanche- '57 McClure, Gene-'56 McClure, Judy- 'Sh Messick, Carolyn-'Sh M111er, Sally-'56 Moore, Arlene-'58 Moore , Larry- '59 Moorman, Jeannette-'55 Moorman, Margaret- '59 Moorman, Mordant-'56 Moorman, Ralph-'Sh Morehart, Linde- '58 Moser, Melvin-'59 Moss, Della-'56 Motter, Ronald-'56 Murray, Marilyn-'58 Musser, Harold-'55 Musser, Lowell-'58 Musser, Marilyn-'56 Myers, Marlene-'56 Myers, Patricia-'57 Neal, Sally-'57 Newland, Charles-'56 Nichols, James-'59 Noe, Norman-'58 Oldaker, Joyce- '59 Orders, Beverly-'55 Park, Lou Ann-'59 Parkhill, Diane-'59 Psrshall, David-'56 Parshall, Richard-' 59 Peper, Russell-'5l+ Pins, S'-1e"59 Pllmmer, Irene-'59 Paling Pratt , , Edna-'59 Sandra- '53 Pruitt, Betty- '5 Ramb o , Ramsey , Ramejr Rayl., Rayl , Rayl , Rayl , Ream, I Max- '57 James-'55 Bella-'59 Gerald-'56 Martha-'Sh Ronald-'59 Whld0-'Su Alice-'57 Ream, Larry-'57 Risner, Barbara-'57 Roiaer, Ruth-'58 R mick, Alice-'5k Routson, Charles- '55 Sanders, Gloria-'58 Sanders, Patricia-'55 Sanderson, Donald-'Sk Schiak, Raymond- '59 Schindler, Sue-'57 Schmitz, Henry-'55 Scott, Joan-'55 Scott, Gary-'59 Shadley, Lola-'54 Shadley, Nancy- '59 Schaeffer, Julianne-'58 Shanks, Catherine-'58 Shepard, Morris-'56 Shields, Barbara-'58 Siferd, Conrad-'57 Siferd, Diane-'56 Siferd, Judith-'56 Simon, Carol- '55 Simon, Doris-'58 Simon, Gloria- '59 Simon, Sandra-'56 Simon, Sharon-'57 Simon, Sheila.-'57 Sizemore, Joan- '59 Sloan, Dana-' 51+ Smith, King-'58 Snith, Joy-'56 Smith, Judith-'55 Snith, Paul-'59 ' Smith, Ronald- '58 Smith, Sally-'55 Smith, Steve-'57 Smith, Wayne- '58 Spalli er, Herbert-'55 '38 Stair, Alverna- '5l+ stair, Marian- '56 Staley , Deanna- '57 Staley, Donald-'59 Staley, Karen-'58 Staley, Kent- '56 Staley, Marsha-'58 Starling, Charles- '57 Stobbe, Joseph-'59 Stober, Carol-'5P+ Stober, Dorotha-'58 Stober, Evelyn-'58 Stoll, William- '57 Stonehill, Mary-'58 Tabor, Larry-'58 Tallmsn, Teresa-'59 Thompson, Donald-'56 Tinsler, Marianne- '55 '55 Traucht, Sara- Tresael, Joann-'51s Truman, Russel-'56 Tnman, Thomas-'59 Ulrey, Barbara- '59 Umphress, Howard- '57 Urich, Jon-'59 VanAtta, John-'56 Vandemark, Joyce-'58 wade, Ronald-'Sh Warthman, Alice-'57 Warthman, Marilyn-'56 Webb, Laverne- '55 Welsh, Sandra-'57 Williams, Apache-'59 Wir:-ies, James-'58 Wirries, Juanita-'55 Wolfley, Janice-'Sh Wm, C!I'01"Su Woofter, Richard-'59 Wright, Cecil-'56 Wright, Joe-'57 Wright, Phyllis-'59 wright, Sue-'59 Wyss, Patricia-'57 Wyss, Richard-'58 Yinger, Darlene-'57 Young, I-Nun-'57 Young, Sue-'51s Zimerly, Eugene-'Sh Zimmerly, Margorie-'5 Zimerly, Robert- '58 9 XC WJGJX W if L UQ V wH5J3fgQLMWi5y ge Iffjgmb GV' .dv 0 -0' . 'Li' s!" fl -LT -1- YQ:-fi J' .- 'ff,z,Z,a:I I' 'eff ' f I: ,TH st 4 f , . :G ,.,. -fr! VJ l'1i'x L 0 'N 913 X W Vain! ' . Qzyik J" ..'f:7.a,.'-2121-?'.'1g..i5 :fri .---. .1-f3Q?efi 7'ffffif'E1,5w12-'ff' ' -.1 ' Q, -iff, .9 fi ' ' figs: ','?f,1g.f,-L 1 ,. 1,2 KENTON -DUNKIRK Cl-UM'5 CREAMERY MARKET GROCERIES ICE CREAM d Milk Shakes a Specialty M23 TS MILK Pasteurized and Homogenized 223 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 343 WE DELIVER PHONE 246 One Delivery Daily The AHLENIUS co. tea, ADN5 . Leading Department Store READY-TO-WEAR nav eoons HARRY J. SOUSLEY WEAR INSURANCE sERv1cE SPORTS WEAR AND ACCESSORIES COSMETICS WALTER ESQUSLEY CURTAINS Fur Storage Facilities TRAVELERS' I-'FE msncv i-ioLosmAu, Mgr. ACCIDENT T PHONE 350 1 HOSPITALIZATION 225 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 200 ADA' OHIO Piiiico , iiiinioiiiidiiiivision Riilfjffofsis APPUANCES CLOTWNG R RANGES ------- E ERIZIEZ-lg? R S BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '54 Miiuiov SALES and siiivici The ADA MUNDRY zeniih Radio and Television L A U N D RY PHONE 388 ADA, OHIO DRY CLEANING Best Wishes To The Class Of '54 FROM KLINGLER'S PURE OIL SERVICE 1 u 1 lf COMPLIMENTS OF ERNSBERGER MIIIING COMPANY PHONE 205 ADA, OHIO COMMUNITY OIL and GAS OILS KEROSENE GREASE v. c. 'rnowsmoes PHONE BLUE 278 1 U: i The ADA FARMERS EXCHANGE COMPANY Dealer In GRAIN SEEDS FEED FARM SUPPLIES PHONE 98 EARl'S HARDWARE PLUMBING and ELECTRIC SUPPLIES Frigidaire Appliances LENNOX Warm Air Heating I PHONE 291 ADA,oH1o ARBOGAST HOTEL AND REAI ESTATE CHRISMER'S I. G. A. MARKET Quality Food Fruits Vegetables and Meats 945 South Main Street PHONE 139 ADA, OHIO H 'i i I Ai GARVER WRECKING YARD CAREY 303 UNION STREET ,Mme INSURANCE ""ii""""'i"""""" 501 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE88 ADA,0HIO SHOE REPAIR ,NSURANCE 112 WEST HIGHLAND ' ADA,oH1o I THE ADA DAIRY MILK ICE CREAM BUTTER Pasteurized Dairy Products Pu-:owe 164 I1 I w Il 1 I PRESTON """"' FUNERAL HOME G A R D N E R 'S AMBULANCE SERVICE A D A , O H I 0 S0 H I 0 PHONE 35 SERV I CE The LIBERTY BANK DALE GARDNER, Mlnlgor Federal D lr C p ADA, OHIO ,,, Federal Reserv Sy t VAN'S GUlE SERVICE VAN'S CORNER RTS. 69 AND 30N - 4 MILES NORTH I I VAN'S REAL ESTATE HoMEs FARMS BUSINESSES SEE OR PHONE PHONE 7 IRVIN VANDEMARK 'I17 WEST LINCOLN l i The The DEPARTMENT STORE CONGRATULATIONS me 'MARLAN' ond BEST WISHES I'-'the BARBER SHOP ADA HIGH SCHOOL AS Aiwa S- CLASS OF 1954 At Your Syervice LUF T and GARDNER GARAGE Compliments of McCURDY EIEVAIORS DeSOTO - PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE Automobile Parts Welding REPAIR SERVICE MACHINE SHOP PHONE 283 ADA, OHIO l :Jul ' l MARATHON ons on Complete Lubrication Battery Charging Car Washing Accessories RAY LONG PHONE 325 OFFICIAL AAA SERVICE MAIN ELECTRIC CO. 112 WEST BUCKEYE AVE. HOME APPLIANCES T E L E V I S I O N GENERAL ELECTRIC GEORGE UMPHRESS We Can't Repair Them All But We Can Do the Best of Them PHONE 240 ADA, OHIO B A L I S H CONE' ECTIONERY CANDIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE BRECK'S CLOTHING SHOES DRY GOODS YARD GOODS NOTIONS CHILDREN'S CLOTHING LADIES' APPAREL COIE MOTOR SALES ADA'S FORD DEALER JAMES ORDERS CRANE EQUIPMENT MYERS and DURO PUMP SYSTEMS PHONE 386 128-130 SOUTH MAIN STREET ADA, OHIO ' , FIELDS BAKERY I S QUALITY A SUPERMARKET BAKED GOODS and MAIN STREET ADA, OHIO LOCKER SERVICE Sigfefe QUALITY FOOD A ALWAYS FUNIEIQETI-EQME . PHONE 29 NORTH MAIN ST. PHONE 233 ADA, OHIO Q .. .. , , ,, ,,-1 Compliments of McBRIDE BROS. KITCHEN CABINETS COUNTERS BACK BARS SHOW CASES PLYWOOD SALES 525 UNION STREET ADA, OHIO PHONE 229 A Good Place To Buy SCHOOL SUPPLIES COSMETICS S T A T I O N E R Y MESSICK Sc I0 51.00 STORE ADA, OHIO - PEPER DRUG WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE 'A' PHONE 68 ADA, OHIO J. W. MERTZ HARDWARE BPS PAINTS GE LAMPS GARDEN TOOLS SEEDS JOHNSON'S WAX POLISH CARPENTER TOOLS ADA,OHIO PHONE 134 i Our Best Wishes To You All THE ADA THEATRE Compliments of I A M S I U TZ SANITARY HATCHERY Ohio - U. S. Approved PuIIorum Passed C ic s ST A U F F E R Kosco Feeds PouItryhSuI:JpIi PHONE 118 ADA, OHIO P l U M B I N G and Cbmpllmtnh of G R E E R ' S CLOTHING SHOES FURNISHINGS GARDNERfS DRUG STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES SODAS DRUGS KING LUMBER CO. SUPREME DRY CLEANING For QUALITY CLEANING Satisfaction Guaranteed CALL 26 ROUF I NG LUMBER 518 South Main Street Ada, Oh P A I N T S Opp ite Ohio Northern Campus PHONE 77 SQNNETT EARL l'l. DOME CRAFT-BUILT INSURANCE AGENCY "ON THE SQUARE" Basketballs Footballs ADA, OHIO Volleyballs Baseball Glov Punching Bags Boxing Gloves Compliments of OHIO-KENTUCKY a a . ,ht , I Miuuficiumne co. ADA, OHIO I Y PHONE 58 ADA, OHIO Good Luck and Prosperity to th Class of '54 Compliments of THE CUB SANDWICH SHOP MR. and MRS. "BUD" WADE ADA, on-no REESE'S NEWSSTAND MAIN STREET F L O W E R S For All Occasions SCHOOL FLOWERS ADA OHIO Given Special Attention "" ' BAUGHMAN THE onmiuousfs I CC' Phone EZSIWO L0CATIONi'hTme 172 ADA, OHIO PHONE 110 KENT ON ADA I ...unz- S l 0 A N ' S WALLPAPER and PAINT STORE 402 North Main Street PHONE 79 ADA, OHIO Dollar In Wallpaper- P i t -- Pottery EDDY'S MARKET TIRES AUTO TRUCK TRACTOR FARM TIRE SERVICE RECAPPING PARK EIRESTONE DEALER M E A T S 117 South Main Street GRGCERIES PHONE277 ADA,OHIO compurmmn of P ff R'-E 55 vmzslw Book stone C L E A N E R S ACROSS FROM O. N. U. CAMPUS CLEAN I NG and DYEING ' Satisfaction Guaranteed ' C MUSIC STORE PHONE 23 . II'IST'fUI'T'Ief'lT'S of ADA OHIO SHEET Music PIANOS ORGANS HERFF - JONES Co., IHC. pRlNrgRAfr MANUFACTURWG CARD COMPANY, Inc. JEWELERS GRADUATION and PERSONAL CARDS STATION ERS 1401-1409 N rth C ita1A Indianazzolis 7TEndian:en B E S T W I S H E S To -A' Robert J. Dicken THE CLASS OF 54 221 south Union street From the FOSTORIA, OHI Ptotetttt O ANNUAL STAFF 'Phofogrophy A1 Hs Besi" Schools Weddings Babies H. A. POWEll STUDIOS ' Largest In the Midwest ' TOLEDO - DAYTON - DETROIT PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DENTISTS -- Dr. A. L. Tipple Dr. R. E. Tipple PHYSICIANS - Dr. John Kromer, M. D. Dr. F. M. Elliott, M. D. Dr. Robert B. Love, M. D VETERINARIANS -- Dr. E. M. Neiswonder Dr. E. R. Rodobough CH l ROPRACTORS - Dr. F. W. Morehort Dr. Mclurine Stuart CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR- Robert C. Sheldon in W' l 3 , .1 .. 1 , . .I , if 'I .L W, a 4- ' 17: Yi M5132 '.Ej2,.aE'- as--4. gy-1 1- I 1: iT!-' Fa'- 1:F:.'1 ,L ,. x, r -35. 'J 1 .E-l . ,"' -"di4i'.. M.. "5 . .A 5135 mu 1 4 xyw , W, A . R Q 1' f' Wg. Y ? 2' .1 Qi vii NAI-W . , if Lwmwf, ,Qg3wJ"h t k mwfwyffw A ffiiwgwg , ww4vf'M'MAV M 3 4'7" ' - ' . NW , QQQEWWL , Q I ., , Zwzwfw' x xl :mf ' -'- Q W x f. M A P M ' :Www 4 rf 5 3

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