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ig.:.., , A ,. LA. wr., . . L . Y .wr . , , . ,M 'H 1, J. . x ix. - 1 EIN, .Lk 1 fx 5 , , W,- uf' ff.. iz: , w 4 Us , TTL, A94 . ., Mi--f'3fF '. ii. nl . ang, .yy I , . , :3 . W g up X . nmwsumars-x tsplrm-112 :z F 4 . Nf- .1 mrwi' ' mn ,. 1 . Q 'r , , , 'A , .. x , g ' . 1. . I, ' -r . . ,v , Q 'A i Fe Q' g 1 fs., 5' ' -1 v ' q - " .4 l A ' . 4 'Q . - ' . v ' D W. . . , 0 W, 6 - I ' N . 1 x . v . ,, .4 , . , x , I ? ,fu x V dh ' "'lfQf12,,.x . N . ,asm ei ' - , -. Xu. , v' 11 a 4 1 ' ,--1 ,, . fr I 1 X ' . ,Q f '! ' . s - ,.. , K . is 1 42-" Q " -,. , Muna' ff. - ,fs-W " , , Xu 1 . 2- 'C 1 K f Q ,sqm , ,fl 'Y , ,ln X I 9 , . I 4 HQ. -L. 41" A 4 .nf-s. 1 x X Sw X f-Q1 '1"" 0 , 473 Q gb 7 5 fo I, 0 gli 7, 'u ' cy I' N 1 gf, X 0 i I -7' 0 "' K' I ff-I -' " QM saiisaim sun Sfzzqy Ebb' Lunch Zine Qgriczz Zture 5220127 Cizemistzlq Lab ?Z1g.s'ics Lab Zllaflz flczfs Library Indus trial Orff Shop History Slcits Candy Selling MGR: 'WQNS Q be-Q mass NN-3 Nqwq Ci irls Basketball Team 5 4 l l I. T. WARTHMAN Superintendent This book contains many memories of your high school days. As you turn the pages and memories of the past come to you, this one thought will occur again and again, "I have left undone many things that I ought to have done." The past is gone but Abraham Lincoln once said he would study and prepare himself and then some day his chance would come. To all of you who in any way helped to make this Hne annual a success, go my best wishes for work well done. Jfmynhm R. M. HARBECK Principal The continuation of the American form of government and way of life depends primarily upon two things-the desire to be free and an educated body of citizens. It is easy to sit back and let someone else make our decisions for us, but, in so doing we lose individual freedom. We must constantly strive to meet our personal responsibilities and we must learn the reasons and means for doing this. The American public schools have these things as part of their objectives. WW. 7 33. : J, MR. LOWE!-L REESE Miss MABEL CRAWFORD MR- RICHARD D- KAW n 1 ,v MRS. BETSY REMSBURG MR. STANLEY I.. SALTER MRS, HOPE LONG MR. ALFRED R. KAHLER Q www AJ' n A'-' , ' ,Q 5 'Si - C ,E 5 535:51 U 'M,,,,1 ' , I' ' , a- I ,,,V A , L 1' K ' " A :Q s 2 QL. UfZa2f2w L ff Q MR. WILLIAM M. ANSLEY MRS. HAZEL TALLMAN MR. CLARENCE C. THOMPSON MRS- PEARL UNDERWOOD M155 ELIZABETH LEMRD MR. I. I. KREGLOW Mlss MAXINE DERRINGER MR. RAI-PH E- OBENOUR Mr. I. T. Warthman Mr. Richard Harbeck Mr, William Ansley Miss Mabel Crawford Mr. Alfred Kahler Mr. Richard Kain Mr. J. J. Kreglow Miss Elizabeth Leaird- Mrs. Hope Long Mr. Ralph Obenour Mr. Lowell Reese Mrs. Betsy Remsburg Mr. Stanley J. Salter- Mrs. Hazel 'Iallman Mr. Clarence Thompson- Mrs. Pearl Underwood Miss Maxine Deringer FACULTY DIRECTORY Superintendent, Science, Ohio University- B. S. in Educationg Ohio State University - M. A Principal, Chemistrv, Physics, Heidelberg College - B. S. Bowling Green State University M. S. in Education Instrumental Music, Ohio State University- B. S. in Education. English, Latin, Denison University - Ph. B. Columhia University - M. A. History, Social Problems, Taylor University- A. B. in History. Industrial Arts, Drawing, Ohio Northern Uni- versity - B. S. in Education. Agriculture, Ohio State Universitv - B. S. in Education. Commercial, Ball State Teachers College, - B. S. in Business Education. Home Economics, Bowling Green State University- B. S. in Education. Mathematics, Ohio Northern University - V B. S. in Education. Mathematics, Geography, Ohio Northern Uni- versity - A. B. in Education. Biology, Physical Education, Taylor Univer- sity, B. A. in Science. Vocal Music, Taylor University, - B. S. in Education. English, Mathematics, Literature, and Reading, Ohio Northern University- B. S. in Education, Health, History, Physical Education, Rio Grande College, Miami University, Ohio North- ern University - B. S. in Education. English, History, Speech, Wooster Summer School, Ohio Northern University - B.S. in Education. Secretary. DO YOU KNOW That there are 153 boys enrolled in Ada High School? That there are 192 girls enrolled in Ada High School? That the total enrollment is 3hS2 That there are 19? panes of glass in Study Hall? That the seating capacity of Study Hall is lOO? That the dimensions of the stage in the auditorium are So feet 7 inches by 20 feet h inches? That there are approximately 177 steps throughout the school? That the high school subscribes to about 30 different magazines and newspapers? That there are approximately 70 light bulbs put in use in the aud- itorium? That there are 3l different courses offered at Ada High School? That there are 22 clocks throughout the school? That the seating capacity in the lih ary is 30? That the Band Uniforms purchased in 1939 were replaced with new ones in 1953? That the score board in the gym was purchased in 19h7 at a cost of approximately 3300? That the number of lockers is 36l? That there are 12 different exits from the high school? That there are l6 members on the high school faculty? That there are 63 trophies in our trophy case? Xxx f ix int? .4 we 5- E I i'fEf1QfX2ff'5 7 ' lx L . JFL-L.. IMI' Tl JT!-Jr: -LL +. ,H ITEM' kk I ffw ,X '! x ,X 'nl Xvrf-X-.JIIM Y P fi!! -:5 ,K ,..,f' ' . I, . . ..- x. ',."" . .-:.'::. - - ml.. - ': 1.11.3 , , ,,gzZ,.,.,.,""-- - -5-Q V ,- f" ..,..N. 1 .f- 5 j -' n ,, . 'E ,f 6 SENIOIUS WHO"S WHO FLOWER: COLORS: Blue and White Carnations Royal Blue and White MDTTO: Today Wh Followg Tomorrow Wo Lead CLASS OFFICERS: John Anspach President Wayne Fleming Vice-President Frod Hunger Secretary Jack Suhr Treasurer CLASS ADVISERS Miss Mabel Crawford Mr. Ralph ORGANIZATICN HEADS Gloria Nichols Annual Fred Runscr F. F. A. Botty Dockor F. H- A. Mildred Brown G. A. A. Dan Snyder Hi-Y Patsy Spellman Eugple ggg Qgld Shirley Sheldon Studont Council Gloria Nichols Y-Toons Jack Suhr Tom Tallman Gloria Nichols Shirley Sheldon Anabel Mottor ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVES Studont Council Student Council Student Council Student Council Rod Cross Council E. Obonour MABEL CRAWFORD RALPH OBENOUR Adviser Advi Sei' H. FREDERICK RUNSER Secretary IOHN ANSPACH WAYNE E. FLEMING President Vice-President IOHN ALLEN SUHR Treasurer GLORIA A, NICHOLS SHIRLEY A. SHELDON MILDRED B. BROWN BETTY R- DECKER PATSY M. SPELLMAN THOMAS R. TALLMAN DANIEL M' SNYDER H. ARDEN SEARSON, IR. SHIRLEY M. TINSLER BEVERLY I. HATTERY ROGER W. FLEMING RICHARD A. DOWNER IEAN L. WARTHMAN CLARENCE M. RUSH DONNA L. CRIBLEY RICHARD N. SMITH DOTTIE I. BAKER DOROTHY E. HOUSER HELEN E. SMITH gs 5 . if . PATRICIA A. WRIGHT GUNARS A351-E CONSTANCE E. CONLEY PATRICIA A. LcxRUE ,M. ANTOINETTE ANASTASI WILLIAM I. GILBERT D. EDWARD BAKER ANABEL R. MOTTER A A A I J II... ,... . A -'.. -1-'- :I" :': GEORGE C. WISSINGER PEGGY L. HALBEDEL ROBERT B- HOOPER ELLEN I. SMITH ROBERT E. HITCHCOCK ZONA M. SMITH MARY BEA GRIFFITH L, 1EAN MARSHALL rf ' " . 3 .,,. .Q N A . :,.. X 1' 1 PATRICIA A. AMSTUTZ RALPH E. SPAR IAMES A. CRATES HONOR SOCIETY , ,:: A X Q f l 1 i 5 X ff W f f X x ff X M ' X ,f ' SN ' , , 1 I is"-N, i ' . ' " --- . .. , .--U... .1-NNN., n..N.51g,..E'n-nn... - -n...w.......4n., W.,-v.'......6,F..,,v ::':.- " :.......,. ,, ' '---z-:-x-:-:ag.-tf.3:.:-5S55.'5c-:e,w'-f- ' '. '.'.. ..........k.e,-.-f 'Jn g..-. CLARENCE THOMPSON, Adviser IO TRESSEL, President CAROLYN LESLIE, Vice President IERRY DEARTH IUDY MCCLURE, Treasurer IOYCE MAY, Secretary BOB LAMB CAROLINE MESSICK VAUGHN CARMEAN MARLENE CRAWFORD DONALD SANDERSON BONNIE WADE MILLIE BAUGHMAN CHARLES DERINGER SALLY LINK IEAN AMSTUTZ IOE HARROD DANA SLOAN RUSS PEPER IANICE WOLFLEY ELIZABETH BOWER CAROL WOOD CAROL IAMES JUNIURS MARY MARKLE IEAN CROSS ALICE ROMICK CAROL STOBER LARRY KLINGLER MARY KLINGLER VIIA ABELE LINDA MAIN RONNIE BURTON PATTY BINKLEY WALDO RAYL NORMA LQRUE RALPH MOORMAN MARTHA RAYL .GERALD MARLING GERALDINE BAILEY IOYCE HELLER WALTER ANSPACH SUE YOUNG EILEEN MAY EUGENE ZIMMERLY LOLA SHADLEY SHIRLEY MARQUART IOIE BENHAM 1 BETTY PRUITT ALVERNA STAIR BETTY CUNNINGI-IAM DORIS BINKLEY E 3 . MRS. LONG I. ANSPACH ' P. EARL R. IUMP , . . Qu 5 Ia D. BAKER S. SMITH A .:E1, . D. cmBLsY E, BOSCH H Q 9 .5 J I In , Him. - ff f1hnRmw:. L. comm: D- FOX N. MANSFIELD H. MUSSEH .Sf I- HAWES B. ORDERS , f 'M ,L H ' M.. ,J-,:I:,'fg.,4 .f ,jf X - 1 M. DUDGEON G. DERRINGER CLASS C. KREGLOW N. BURMAN , f' W, ,.... if W' P. DECKER M. CASPER if ' 2i.5.....,.. ' I ., .,., 1. wmnss M, GARVER . L. HIPSHER L. BAKER M. BURKHOLDER 4. . J. , ig. K. LEGG S. TRAUGHT I. MARSHALL F. HARSH 1955 is WL' I. SCOTT L. HETRICK S. HOUSER 1 5..- rea' ff ' Qs an f I' I 13 H. SPALLENGER P. GUADAKUNST H. HENRY f, 9 Q . ...,..,.. Q' .... , , 5? C. ROUTSON MISS LAIRD E, BOUTWELL C- IUMP 2 -.W 1 ' C. KLINGLER I, RAMEY XI V P. KLINGLER V, IMES W. KNELL B, LAWSON wr gig? 'iw I ,,., . If HUBBELL M- AGIN B. KIPKER P. SANDER C. s1MoN I. MOORMAN I. SMITH 1, HATTERY M' TINSLER L. BETZ L. WEBB I- IRWIN K. STALEY - R. ENGLAND Not pictured Ierry Marshall, lim Curtis, Henry Schmiiz. Wim CLASS MRS. TALLMAN ' er Advxx M, SHEPHERD Q .. .1 . .' 5. M. WARTHMAN is A. DOBNICKER U A . I.. HELLER I. MATHEWSON " II, . g, . A 'J . B. GUNN 1 l,....gns , ,Q R. TRUMAN ' .73 1 f E. LCIRUE I. sMm-1 , ."Qfff'.2 : ' D. THOMPSON B. AMs1-un K. STALEY C. WRIGHT N' 2 Mi . V, 'I wil, 4 W ..i- :Fx If B. CHENEY I. BURTON M. BARANSY 1956 MRS. UNDERWOOD Adviser 'HQ J? ,ful F. GIBBONS I. NONAMAKER R. MOTTER G. RAYL D, LADD I- Hgopgg A, GILBERT Vice-President President S9C'9mrY'T'9'-'nufel' M.. .V 'eff-I,,-:..-.2 D. HELDMAN D. SIFERD M. MOORMAN L. IUMP ., 7? . I' ..,.,fiSQS.v I. MARLING G. BROWN S. SIMON ...,.. . :fd VQA: ' ., . ... Qm R. Lqnur: M. DABLER K. MARTIN M- STMH I. Musssn I. AMSTUTZ s. MILLER I. :coop " . I " ---'- 2 . ' 2' 2 ' 'V ' I. DEARTH R. MAY I, VAN ATTA H. FOX lj... .,,, ff .EV .V . " -ffl' . A I . .--, , VX.. , . 1 D. MOSS C. COOK V. HARMON D. FISHER ., ' " 1 ' . "" " '. . f n ,.' . "f ' 93 ' .Mi- R, ACKERMAN M. MYERS - C. GARDNER 4 D. SPARKS " .vv ' ..-. i .... Z . 1 -'-' H r ..-5 .,..: ' .I f C. IETT I. FENSLER I4 GOODWIN S. COLE R. KLINGLER gl D. GORDON C. NEWLAND fl. GREENWALT V. C. BOUTWELL 1 wr iss, .:.-E - Lg ss, M wi -:. " fi: ' 7 . I -"" . J ga- fy, gif 1 H It W mp, ',... .5 tj wg!! .Q FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: SIXTH ROW: FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW! THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW! FIFTH ROWS SIXTH ROW: SEVENTH ROW EIGHTH GRADE NAMES Mary James, Secretary - Treasurer, Max Rambo, Vice President, Howard Umphress, President, Allan Hetrick, Reporter, Sheila Simon. Mr. Ansley, Adviser, Edison Long, Steven Smith, Mr, Salter, Adviser. Blanche MeCafferty, Gary Hattery, Janet Dearth, Joe Wright, Emily Cribley, Willis Brown, Deanne Staley, Gerald Binkley, Nancy Brown, John Kramer, Janet Zick- afoose. Conrad Siferd, Virginia Brown, Gerald Dearth, Alice Warthman, Dick Elliott, Ruth Fox, David Chandler, Marilyn Bosse, Fred Hubbell. Jean Hawes, Paul Downing, Brenda Collett, Billy Stohl, Dorothy Boutwell, Byron Baughman, Sue Schindler, Erd- man Hackworth, Patricia Wyss, Jack Gunn, Darlene Yinger Charles Starling, Sharon Simon, Larry Reang Sandra Welsh, Ernest Dudgeon, Judy Anspach, Perry'Long, Dorothy Ackerman, Patricia Myer, Cloyd Elwood, Helen Fleming. y SEVENTH GRADE NAMES Mr. Kahler, Adviser, Marsha Staley, Vice President, Doris Simon, President, Sara Crates, Treasurer, Mr. Reese, Adviser. f Pauline Bilby, Ruth Roider, Mary Stonehill, Wayne Smith, Secretary, Viola Brown, Student Council, Phyl- lis Greer, Ruth Ann Eckenrode, Helen Main. A Donald Gardner, Judy Siferd, Jayne Long, Dennie Baugh- man, Cathy Shanks, Carolyn Edens, Shirley LaRue, Rose Grant, Karen Staley, Barbara Goodwin, Rex Klingler. Anne Lowery, Eddie Marling, Linda Morehart, Betty Hughes, Lowell Musser, Betty Linderman, Larry Carey, Rosalie Dotson, Louis Kipker, Arlene Moore. Gary Rush, Patty Marquart, Ronnie Dearth, Ethel Crib- ley, Robert Daniels, Mariam,Hattery, Ronnie Smith, Laurel Dixon, King Smith, Ellen Hitchcock, Mark Collins Beverly Simmons, Rolland Anspach, Maureen Gose, Thomas Bosch, Dorothy Stober, Donald Gunn, Sandra Pratt, Ro- bert Zimmerly, Joyce Vandermark, Norman Noe, Shirley Conley. - ' Robert Wyse, Gloria Sanders, Larry Tabor, James,Harsh, Glenn Fields, Barbara Shields, Ralph Amstutz, Marilyn Murray, Kenneth Failor, Evalyn Stober, Jim Wirries,, il l f V! i f ,ik 1 Y Q N 1 M A 13 "' 5 M4232 J 'fflfw W 41 Q. ,f 9 Y M5 fi, A Q X fm X SQ? 2 xg I X 3 x X HEQEEWEE E55 Tl X ." -3.-:f'!:f,:u5,,...:,, .. .-1 ., ,A:f1.f55,:s4f--515455: ' ,-.ff:rf5?:::i1f:'55..rr" 55::::55::r15.!!:r:r" :fkffffffffifffiiin u'!' kj ., .,A. k.,., 9 .-.R ,:,:g . lq., .,.,, vii I X ,..,.-,, - .:',: .,,.,. . "Y-k3'2Qww,., "Q-1 W ANNUAL STAFF In order to give vou a yearbook of which von can be proud, the members of the annual staff have worked hard and put a lot of effort on your annual. The entire staff hope that we have suc- ceeded in doing this and that this book will preserve cherished memories of this year for you. i is year's staff was made up of the following people: Editor .............. .. . . ..... ..... Gloria Nichols Business Manager .... ........... Carolyn Leslie Assistants .... ..... Joyce Nav, Jovce Anspach Picture Editor... .......... Shirlev Sheldon Assistant ..... .... ...Ed Baker Write Up Editor... ...Joan Tressel Assistant ..... .... Carol Kreglmu Feature Editor .... Assistant ..... Sports Editor .... Assistant ..... Artist .... . Letterer .................... Head Typist and Proofreader.... Adviser... Tvpists 0 IOC!! ....Carol James ...Phvllis Earl .. ...... Ibm Tellman ...Mildred Baughman ....Jean Warthman .........Joe Harrod Antoinette Anastasi ....Miss Crawford Peggv Halbedel, Donna Crihlev, Connie Conlev, Mildred Prawn, Betty Decker, and Anabel Fotter. Typing and Mhneogravhing Advi-Seri0iUCOOlI0llilllllil ....Fiss Leaird PDSSQQQ Buying!! cldzfifez' Svlfditm' "'T"3Q'iVa Pictures 'fe 8 E? Q "fri Nu'-WE MN- ff R'- Q 8: Lett M er Spar!! writ w-wsemmuws-5 1912175 Editor-In-Chief.... Business Manager... Assistant.... News Editor....... Assistant.... Feature Editor.... Assistant.... Social Editor..... Assistant.... Sports Editors ..... Circulation Manager Exchange Editor .... Inquiring Reporter. Music Department... Adviser..... Evelyn Stober Ruth Roider Marilyn Warthman Ruth May Brenda Collett Linda Baker Leah Hetrick Barbara Lawson Linda Cob rn 'THE PURPLE AND GOLD ....Patsy Spellman .....Shirley Tinsler .......Mary Markle .....Shirley Sheldon ......Joyce Heller ....Sa1ly Smith ...Carol Kreglow ...Tbni Anastasi Qo0l00ol00ohQlUllllJean ....Joyce Anspach and Tun Tallman ..............Millie Baughman ......Sally Link .....Nancy Mansfield ......Jo Tressel . . . ....... . .................. .R. E. Obenour Others helping on the paper: Jerry Hooper Morgan Garver Alan Hetrick Della Moss Carolyn Klingler Laura Heller Martha Rayl Wilma Knell Norman Noe During the year 1952-53, Volume XXII of the Purple Q Gold, the official news voice of Ada Hi, was printed. Again this year there were twelve issues. Each paper published bi-weekly had six big pages. Since there wasn't a printing class this year the Ada Herald printed the paper on Monday during the week the paper comes outg Um editorsand their assistants went to the Herald office and an the paper up, Papers were distributed in home rooms on Thursday STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is a group of representatives elected from each class in the school. The purpose of this organization is to promote a better relationship between the faculty and the students and to further cooperation in all problems concerning the welfare of the school. The members for the year 1952-1953 are as follows: Shirley Sheldon, President.... ....Senior Jack Suhr, Vice-President..... ....Senior Gloria Nichols, Secretary..... ..... Senior Sally Smith, Treasurer ........ .... Sophomore Bob Lamb, Sergeant-at-arms.... ......Junior Tom Tallman. n 0 o osoosoooonos Q 0 o a oseni-or Norma LaB'U.e ouoce c c 0 a 0 o 9 1 e n oass Junior Carlos Conley..... ....... Junior Jerry Marshall .... ....Sophomore Joy Smith ........ ..... Freshman Sheila Simons.... Viola Brown.... ,Eighth Grade Seventh Grade The meetings of the Student Council are held every first and third Mondays, alternating fifth, seventh, and eighth periods. Then' adviser is Miss Mabel Crawford. Among the projects of the Student Council are the activiqytic- kets, Interclass Contest and Banquet, the decorating of the Christ- mas tree, hall monitors, school parties, and the planning of assemblies. They also handle the business end of the concessions at the games. The Student Council has three main committees. The Assembly Committee plans all the school assemblies for the year. It is come posed of the vice presidents of each class, with Jack Suhr aschair- man and Jerry harshall and Bob Lamb as Council representatives. The Social Com ittee is in charge of all the junior and senior high'parties and the Tnterclass banquet. Gloria Nichols and Sally Smith are co-chairmen with Norma LaRue as assistant. Other members of the committee are Antoinette Anastasi, Joe Harrod, Gerald Deardn Howard Umphress, and Doris Simon. The Hall Monitors are responsible for keeping order in the halls between periods. T This year the monitors are headed by Tom Tallman. The monitors are Wayne Fleming, Bill Gilbert, Fred Runser, Ed Baker, George Wissinger, Arden Searson, Bob Hitchcock, John Anspach, Bob Hooper, and Carlos Conley. Fr-3NO'Bfw-Q15 NMMQ 'NSS'-MSO U3 C 0 11 Il 1-unsqfj Nh N Ill vssbm V-"iQ'-v-Nw,'3Q 1 . 4 X jj Mlfeezzf I C ll 5 Z I 11 9 Zllotbez' f' Daughter Ziznqyet al If Q 5 ,.. S V W..- J E E 11 fi S5 CL I 5 Lafin Clubs Zfezzi. Ifidi. lfici 602116. 2 ,va Ili. Zcozzqgzerd Labor Omzzzlz Zfizzcit 221 ark Cozzqgze rs Everything SENIOR CLASS PLAY On the evenings of April 9 and l0, the senior class of Ada High School resented THE ADORABLE SPENDIHRIFT, a comedy in three acts. The cast of characters was as follows: Mc Wattersooco oooops esonnoaan nsou coco noon s0euol.:R-al-ph Effie.... ..... ....Antoinette Anastasi J. C. Mason.... . ...... .Bill Gilbert Mrs. Mason .... . ...... Anabel Motter Irene Mason ......... ..... Shirley Sheldon Leroy Morton .......... ..... Arden Searson - Senator Dan Pollard.... ..... Wayne Fleming Hardy Mason.... ....... ........ Ed Baker Mrs. Reeves-Alton ..... ...Jean Warthman Helen Reeves-Alton .... ..... Mary Griffith Sari....... ....... .... Gloria Nichols Bob Brackett... ...... Dan Snyder Mr. Stoneham. .... ....... Tom Tallman Miss Keyes .... .... .Shirley Tinsler Perkins..... ...... Gunars Abele Director.......... ....... ........ ..... .......... Mr. Alfred Kahler Hardy Mason has inherited 3lS0,000 and the money goes to his head, not only his but also to the heads of his mother, Mrs. Mason, and bfahis sis- ter, Irene. Hardy is engaged to a girl from Belgium whose name is Sari. When she arrives in Galesburg, Connecticut, to meet Hardv's parents, Mrs. Mason, Irene, Helen Reeves-Alton, an Wold friend' of Hardv's who tries to break up Sari and Hardy Cfor only his moneyjg and a few other socialites of Galesburg, make it very miserable for Sari right from the start. They treat her as a nobody, trying to make themselves so much better. Sari decides that the money is a curse to Hardy and his family and that Helen and other Wso called' friends are using him because of his money, so she gives it all away to butlers, friends, and the ice man. Later on, people start complaining about bad checks. The family fhmk out Hard 's account is 31,000 overdrawn. They can't understand why. Now that they have no money, the elite of the city snub them, and they have hardly an friends. Everyone finds out Sari is responsible for this and they all hate her more than ever. Sari, seeing how important this money really is to Hardy, repays every cent. This is when everyone discovers she is a Countess. Hard refuses the money but--not long after, Mowatters, the first butler,,to whom Sari has given 530,000 to dig for oil, turns up and ex- plains how he has sold his share to The Standard Oil Company Hr?S2,000,000. Since it is Hardy's money that had been given to him he gives 21,000,000 to Hardy. Sari is determined to leave Hardy after this episode because she thinks he loves his money more than her. After a little explaining and persuasion, she stays--and everyone is happy again. zzioz' P! '- . ,EY 1 . A XX ,aw 2- Q X - I Direciar E Jz: Play Cast Illczlfefwzp JUNIOR PLAY On Thursday and Friday evenings, November 20 and 21, 1953, the play UNo Boys Allowedn was presented by the juniors of Ada High School. Rita Baxter, a teen-ager, is having a slumber party in the Baxter living room. Unknown to the girls, Mr. Midnight,a prowler, sneaks into the house. Rita is mad at her boy friend, Fred Dana because he is seen kissing a blonde. Fred and his sidekick, Leroy, come over and try to explain to Rita that the blonde is just Fred's cousin. O'Brien, an officer of the law, comes to the house and warns the girls to look for the prowler because he has been seen in this neighborhood. They decide to call up Chuck Garland Cwho likes Ritaf and his pal, Harvey Smith, to come over and protect them. . Plots of all sorts complicate the play. Sandwiches disappear into thin airg also several of the girls and Officer O'Brien are kidnapped. Fred and Harvey dress like girls so they can get into the house to see Rita. They explain again that the blonde is Fred's cousin. Mr. Midnight, who has been hiding in the closet, tries to escape but Fred grabs him and ties him up. Officer O'Brien tells Fred he will get the reward offered for the capture of the prowler. Rita realizes Fred is a hero so they make-up and every- thing ends happily. Mr. Midnight.. Rita Baxter... Jane Baxter... Victrola ..... Fred Dana .... LeRoy Doyle... Edwina Cook... Belinda Elliot Nada Owens .... Patsy Farrel.. O'Brien ....... Keith Garland. Harvey Smith.. Mrs. Dana ..... Director.... Play Cast nnnapeaaou 0 n 0 a ..Gene Zimmerly .....Jo Tressel ....Joie Benham ...Betty Pruitt ...donald Wade ...Robert Lamb ......Joyce May ....Carol James .Millie Baughman our All 0 Ol Mr ....Mary Markle .Chuck Deringer .....Joe Harrod ....Russ Peper ...Lola Shadley . Alfred Kahler INTERGLASS corfizsir March 6, 1953 Essay nFeaI.nUlClllllllOllliilii HGod's Gift to Humanityn... UThe Big TestW....... .... ....... Reading WAunt Dilsev on the Linksu nLife on the Ocean Waven... Hlhe HandbagU............ Oration Hlhrough Young Understanding nlouth at the Crossroadsu... Nhoral PvgmiesH.......... ............ Short Story NSecret MissionH......... ... Huntitlibllllilliilitl O01 WLO, I Am with You AlwayU.................... ... Special Numbers Vocal Solo - The Blind Ploughman.... ....... Accordion Solo - Whispering Hope... ........ Piano Trio - Humoreske Alvern neurons :ilu to Lasting PeaceH..... IIIUIOOOIOIIOOIDIIII tl! 8 Carol Kreglow, Sophomore .rGloria Nichols, Senior .....Robert Lamb, Junior ...,... ......Anabel Motter, Senior ...fwfildred Baughman, Junior Sellv Smith, Sophomore .Linda Coburn, Sophomore ..VJovce Heller, Junior ...Dan Snyder, Senior .+Carolyn Leslie, Junior .Linda Baker, Sophomore .Patsy Spellman, Senior .....Rn1ph Spar, Senior Phyllis Earl, Sophomore Stair, Carolyn Fessick, Vija Abele, Juniors Lf Office Practice Projection Club Librarians Red Cross SEQ QTQ . .. 5-'WGS9' ' .-:fir fr .. . 1 0 ' .95 5. ..1w- ' ' -. . ,' ' 1 u L' ' . 1..-- -. , 3.21" Sufi? ..1'-224, x Xl L. 9 ,,. o 0 0 -- 5 I Ai I i Z. . V .' ' .. .. .'7'.' "':,"'f:f:':1'.'3':f'f 'v:3'!xI2ial,i'I'v-9. '--'Fi " 1.2xq3.:lg:g..3-y:5:':3g2:Z3Z,, le-:Q5:5?Ei'52:ff5"4-f7.:f27'ff':?f-.1fif.35i''' . ' ' " 531'fra-.-Z' -' 2-I'??J'Q'f"'l"-'91 if V -- ...x . . .. . .f1x.r...'n ..... a.. -- -- .,.-:.-,f1W.',,1,-, ,'-'Eg -,:a4.f. 4 '.':.,".-f: -fn ,Jr Ji.-.-----'-"' .. .Ml Jag., , ,A 49 .U W I. f.g.w.,.'.'.'.1 f . .',',-lg ..'.-Q,-, gh. . ' ' fj"T1.j.g.lI-fr' .-.vbl-.Q-1.4.g.gIg.jfjIjfff'-' ,...fff:Q::f,-jvj-' v.'f'I:fjf',g.' , .1-,a:?5:g:5gc1S'-:I:1:22i: ' ' ' 'G..?..5-...aging .1 6 ,.zv.-I-'-'-"'-'-'4 ' -' "4 - . .,,.'.'.'.:-.:19'.. .- ':.:'Z-EZJ,-,4f , . .g3,g1ya.Lw. I F-El Sli?" . ggi,-'l'k7'1"E Eff ff 5-'FT f'i-iiyfffi-'EI Ii-I5-:fa Qi?-:--N ' . zgyn,g.4?y.:.-,.-,-.-.5-f.j.. 55.- .f-:' -s'fg7f.,ffS: 2 -f ,,j., J. .-,-ig,-, .133 ,- ,gi T.--11-1 2722: fs TQQZQL? '4fl'.'.'f4f1f:?'?-If Q-4.'3..4....j.3, .- V--55, .5 -,-p-gm,-f . 34771'-GZ-SWS:1'2fG:f-'ffizviii!--'YY ' I ...-H .'.'.' " -. .1T".'u F' A" ,,,m14"?.y.7.-.' 1-1-' 'jjfzfz ' .pv,',zc+H?a':f:'fb21!11fiyj3:'fL- . r r: whwrf-.-'1'4': v--Q . sl ...M f H.. ,-.'-'4:'f'1Z., 2 "---wr: '--ff:-.f::"F:r4::f- '- .f5:y,iQzqai14Q2,-.',q,,,g -r7.,.4 - 4 . ' -.. ij! L ,'.u1.,z'nN' '.: my-q:g,:,-1:4 ' N N. -L . - -'TJ 2' -1fg7"f 1-' :7'.'f?'i'- 3 "'-iw ' " - .' 'fi-' - V ...'.'.'.'.'.'f''f'I'f'f':' . v ,'.j.j.g.j , - '. ' ,I h " " . ,I , "- . 4 ' . .U---...' - ' ' ' . ' '.'.'.'.z". ' . Q , ' 5' ,....I....q. ' 4 4 Qf Q' 464 A20 ' 4' y 0' I' qc? 441' 4 4' 'G 'fv 'J 9 O4 '52 Football Season 4 7' R L it mm OPPONENTS e'f'X J 12 Arlington 6 Q5 4 .. ew 4 4 33 vfnpakonotrz o Q. R 38 Bluffton 6 R C 0 0 M 38 Spcmcorvillo 7 ,SJ I ,Q 7 Carey 28 LS, Q66 27 Lima St. Rose 12 ,Pye IV 25 Kenton 6 Ufomccomingb P Q, 27 La fayotte 7 Pm if me ds' Dwi J 26 Forest 6 A ZA 'N A J 233 Total 78 XX! A 0 41 8 wins 1 loss 'P ff, v UQ, A ff Q59 D6 kgs B55 K6 " 0 -7053 Jim llrden .. .,,. M , 4. 011 2 . ll Coach Y'Zz0211p.rozz Seniors: Juniors: Sophomores: Freshmen: Coach H6421 1952 FUOTBALL TEAM Jack Suhr, Arden Searson, Ralph Spar, Bill Gilbert, Marvin Rush, John Auspach, Fred Runser, Danny Snyder, Jim Crates, Ed Baker,. Wayne Fleming, Dick Downer - Manager. Va ghn Carmean, Don Sanderson, Robert Lamb, Gerald Dearth, Ronnie BurtonQ James Curtis, Jerry Marshall, Ernie Boutwell, Jack Irwin, Perry Klingler. ' Stephen Cole, Gene McClure, Don Fisher, Johnvvanitta, Charles Boutwell, Kent Staleyy Jack Fensler, Bob Klingler, Russ Truman, John Amstutz, Gary Brown, Justin Dearth. Conn ie Jean 1 Jean 1 Connie Shelly Fred Zlfayzze w s I i v 522 eIQ Ja elf Clctiozz 332115. ly52-S3 Basketball Season imia Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada ida Ada A da Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada R63 Ada -'Shawnee E6 Upper Sandusky L3 Lima St. Rose 62 Wapakoneta 6h Van Wert 57 Forest 69 Bluffton 60 Alumni So Kenton 73 St. Marys 71 Garey 58 Lafayette S3 Delphos St. Johns L7 Delphos Jeffersmn 65 Spencerville Tournament 55 M BlUffiOn 65 Faulding S6 Coldwater 53 Delphos Jefferson ." QU 68 50 Q5 73 55 62 65 ah 59 63 85 69 59 Sh M? 71 65 ' U deaf ,L Odlff 211211212 V 86 em:-z-1: Hdfgfgf ba ZZ ,gg-340 694:11 .Back row - Coach Thompson, G. Zimmerly, J . Ha:-rod, W. Anspach, G. Abele, - R. Moorman, B. Hoover, R, Wade, B. Lamb. Front row QW. Fleming, D. 5anderson, C. Deringer, J. Suhr, E. Baker, T. Tallman, Manager Dearth. A Back ron - Coach Reese, S. Bosch, J. Mlarshall, R. England, J. Harney, H. Jump, L. Hipsher. , . Front, ram - J. Curtis, B. Routson, D. Baker, E. Boutwell, M. Garver, B. Harshall, Manager Irwin. , V FRESHMEN Sack Row - D. Fisher, J. Fensler, G. McClure, D. Sparks Front Row - C. Boutwell, J. VanAtta, D. Parshall, J. Dearth, J. Hooper, L. Jump JUNIQR HIGH P. Downing, A. Hetrick, F. Hubbell, J. Kramer, S. Smith, H. Umphress, S. Craig Baseb all Track X , X 5 ui, -1-Q ff XX f ,Q X ff Q . I fl! 'N l.,.fl.L4..'3 -our ,s J. . 'z.,. N- Q... 'x X ' lx! x xx Q N Q1 WA X eip 4 Q - N I 7 X ,qi .4 ii ,-'xx . .a3.g,Et':'54l5fjf1'45?.v'QAHQL jx. .V ...,. 1 ' "" ' V X .., . ,- -"' -. Qzg., -wr -1:+n-r -'fl '7v'1f'- "'-v:f.'I':.:'- ,- , ' . .- 'Si' ETF - '-'-'-uf...F?-' .. V1-:pif,. s-'fu -wafT11i"57?F if """" " Sz' 5gfj..L-,"' , ,gary -gf' ,2:'?'?:l .. 4 Lit'-:1'?'-"' Rl .:gf:f5i:-:'14'nf:" "2 - .QW . "f", ,.,:jf,. - ' J.,--' .g::"- ,.vgff- I Z, xx .4,i"' Y' .:"" ,ff . 'ic-"" ff f" V VIE.. A,,.f - A 1 '5 W I 71 'T ' ':"'-L'l"' 9 ,f52Z:f,jv" ,,,Z-""""""- 4-4 ' :r 513.12 ' ff I V'-'gr gk-X .l'l'Fj1:" ' . HJ- . ji . f :ki .1 ,YL ' f A,.',,.---- 15 ' fl, I Qs- -A 'E7 VOCAL Music nsppmmsmr 1 The vocal music department of Ada High School is under the direction of Mr. Stanley Salter. The deparunent consists of a mixed chorus of one hundred voices, a freshmen mixed chorus of twenty seven voices, a girls' glee club of seventy-five voices and a boys' glee club of twenty-two voices. The freshmen chorus worked on the same music as the high school mixed chorus, but made their only appearance in the Spring Concert. The other groups participated in several activitiesa They Were a minstrel presented by the chorus on February 8 and 2 the Annual Spring Concert and the district Solo and Ensemblecontam im Lima, and the District Choir Contest at Ohio Northern, Officers for these clubs are: Girls' Glee Club President..,..,.... .,,.,Gloria Nichols Vice President....... ...............Betty Decker Secretarv-Treasurer... ................Jovce Anspach Librarians,,..,...,. ....Peggy Halbedal, Sue Houser Reporter..... ..................Valera Iams Boys' Glee Club Presidentnsnonaoapooo osoo uoonwayne Secretary-Treasurer.... . .....Tbm Tallman Librarian............ . . . ......Ralph Spar Sergeant-at-arms............... ....Roger Fleming Mixed Choir Presidentillliiil-OOIOO ll!lOlCOQllOCOCOlVj-ja SUCI'etaI'y"'h'easureroooooocolaooooannlooaoooconnie Conley Librarians......................Sue Houser, Gunars Abele Sergeant-at-arms........Antoinette Anastasi, Dick Downer Freshman Chorus President............. .......Gene McClure Secretary-Treasurer... ,....Kenneth Martin Librarian,........... .....Jerry Hooper Rep0rter........... ......De11a MOSS Boys Cilee Girl: Cilee Zllizred Chorus Freshman Ch orzzs The District Solo and Ensemble Contest we SOLO AND ENSEMELE CONTEST March 28. Students who entered are listed. ME SOPRANO Carolyn Leslie Helen Smith ?:.1:.T9 Millie Baughman Ruth May EQQQQ SOPRANO Linda Main Nancy Mansfield .9-E225 Tom Tallman Henry Schmitz BARITONE Chuck Abele Joe Harrod E425 Ralph Spar GIRLS ENSEMBLE MIXED ENSEMBLE BOYS ENSEMBLE GIRLS TRIO TITLE A Heart That's Free I Hear a Thrush at Eve O Give Me a Peaceful Valley He Shall Feed His Flock Into the Night A Brown Bird Singing Friend O' Mine I Love Life Asleep in the Deep The Open Road The Big Bass Viol My Lover Is a Fisherman Paw Paw Patch Lassie O' Mine Hi Ho, Sing Gaily s held at Lima, Ohio on RATING Superior Good Superior Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Superior Superior Superior Excellent Excellent Excellent Superior 'la If o S 5 a i Z 5 t 5 777355 Ezzfemblep' Girl-4' Girls 'Prio Uqzys Quartet W Concert Band ? Zllqjorettef Concert Band Clarinetss Margaret Dudgeon, Alice Warthman, Mary Markle, Joie Benham, Vija Abele, Della Moss, Marian Stair, Shirley Tinsler Flutes: Linda Main, Marlene Crawford Oboe: Mildred Baughman Saxaphones: Nancy Mansfield, Joyce Heller, Carolyn Leslie, Mary James French Horns: Carol James, Alverna Stair Trumpets: Joan Tressel, Sue Young, Sally Link, Carol Wood, Jerry Koop, Earnest Dudgeon, Helen Fleming, Kenneth Martin, Patsy Decker Baritoness Joyce Anspaoh, Susan Houser, Gunars Abele Trombones: Sally Smith, Billy Stohl, Gary Brown, Joe Harrod, Arden Searson Tuba: Russell Peper Bellss Joyce Hawes Drums: Jean Hawes, Darlene Yinger, Morris Shepherd Tympani: Jean Cross Majorettes With snappy steps Shirley Tinsler led the band as drum majorette during all the football games. Majorettes were Shirley LaRue, Sharon and Sheila Simons. Sherry and Joyce Hauenstein gave a 'delightful performance at each ggme as.mascot majorettes. Marching Band The peppy marching band, composed of forty members, grades seven through twelve, attended every football game during the seasons They delighted audiences with formations and music through the halfi time, under the direction of Mr. William Ansley. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE CHORUSES The above junior high groups met every two weeks during the school year and participated in the Farmers' Institute and the Spring Concert, The regu- lar practices held will enable these groups to make a better contribution to the senior high groups next year. f iw mfg I QQX X -1 J .3 Q9 6 Z 9 'QZZ1-fi?" . ,'12s5g3'Mf5.2-a-Q, " 1a,.z.. 'fpf.gj':E?. .M -5-,:a.:., CIN 4..'h 5 ,,,, ,L u ,415 .l f b X A.., 0 0 4 X I x f X , X , -1, X -5 fwmfxfw fl NAME Warthman Fleming Downer Hitchcock Suhr Searson Spellman Sheldon Baker Spar Hooper Wright Fleming Motter Anastasi Gilbert Crates Abele Amstutz LaRue Tinsler Cribley Smith Smith Nichols Snyder ' Anspach Griffith Rush Houser Halbedel Marshall Decker Runser Brown Tallman Hattery Smith Wissinger Smith Conley Baker SENIOR PERSONALITIES FAVORITE EXPRESSION For Goodness Sake Jiminy Krout Kiddo Darn it Nice Move Doggonnit Good Grief Oh Golly Dummy That's Tough Heck Yes Gee Whiz Heaven's Sake Oh, For Pete's Sake Forevermoreg Oh Dear Better Believe It Oh, My Gosh Tu-Tuh Oh Golly Oh Gee Oh Ralph Yeah Oh Shoot Oh My Daggone You Know It Save Your Money Oh Buddy Gee Whiz For Crying Out Loud You've Had It Heavens You know It Aw Nuts Ch, Heavens Printiguard No Kidding Oh Crumb Gee Mhiz Ya Don't Know, Do Ya? Oh, My Gosh My Achin' Back PERSCNALITY Dignified Independent Happy-go-Lucky Easy Going Friendly Conservative Emphatic Pleasant Independent Carefree Nonohalant Bashful Quiet Melancholy Lovable Changeable Lazy Joking Fiokle Shy Modest Quiet Quiet Shy Collegiate Stndious Carefree Changeable Talkative Sleepy Business-Like Nonchalant Bashful Original Friendly Carefree Quiet Pleasant Carefree Happy-go-Lucky Changeable Silly NOTED FOR Eyelashes Walk Talkative Shortness Height Money Brains Casualness Neetness Singing Hot-Rod Red Hair Bashfulness Readings Clothes Good Looks Late Assignments Singing Optimistic view- points Helpfulness Majorette Smile Square Dancing Pin Collection Leadership Carrot Top Pres. of Sr. Class Posture Admiral fNaval Reserve? Griping Letter Writing Sports Ability Pres. of F.H.A. Pres. of F.F.A. Long Hair Jokes Popcorn Stand Helpfulness Tall Tales Motor Bike Football Queen Arkansas N"+v"tQ'w-N'ifmUa C2 mbition: "mM'1ti85b RQ NN fm-wuwuf 'J5"QNhQNs'Q 'Q'1M1'w:n-xfusernmfq Vwmu-1'-.QQ JUNIOR NICKNAMES rj. af Vaughn Carmean .................... ...Punk Carol James ..... .... Jesse ' Jean Cross ...... .... .Dexter Walter Anspach.. ......Red Jo Tressel .... .. ....Proxy Carolyn Leslie..... ......Les Donald Sanderson ..... ......Sandy Shirley Marquart. .... ...Milktoast Mildred Baughman ..... ..... .Butch Eugene Zimmerly .... ....Tiger Mary Klingler ...... . .....Pete Alverna Stair... .....Vernie Joyce Heller .... .... Chicken Jo An Benham.... ..... Joie Russell Peper ...... ..... Peeper Marlene Crawford ..... .... Marty Carol Wood ......... ....Woody Sue Young ....... .. .... Susie Elizabeth Bowers ..... .... Lizzy Eileen May .... .. ....Teddy Joyce May ....... . ..... Mazie Ronnie Burton... ..... Squirt Sally Jo Link... ......Sal Gerald Deerth... .... Jerry Ronnie Wade ..... .......Beef Waldo Rayl.... ..... Smokey x. " " ,O S W :JW 5A4A, CN 5,035 5' XN 'WJ LP-5 ZX 4 'PRO H J c aes JUNl0R 'FWo'e61' xg? N QQ r I J 4,5 5,93 'sm-53" ' X9 C' -iff... .1.s.'-ff-ge. .'-..g'1-.J '-.p'-- X pl'L2"L- .'gL:-'u-'Ziff -2421-4 2 -.,.,,. r:':3,ff,'.,1A.5,.5.5. . "-."'.-...Av ' ' FRESHMEN SPARKLE Jerry Hooper is his name, as class president he gained fame. Marian Stair is really hepg she leads cheers with lots of pep. In sports Charles Boutwell is a starg we are sure he will go far. Flecia Gibbons is a lot of fung she's a pal to everyone. John VanAtta in his Sunday suit, looks very masculine and quite cute. Laura Heller with her wit, in her class has made a hit. James Nonamaker for his choice lass has chosen a girl from the eighth grade class. Vivian Harmon, although quite shy, is really attractive to the eye. I'm sure you all know Gary Brown, he is really quite a clown. Butch LaRue is not so tall, but still he's liked by one and all. Carol Gardner short and sweet, always looks so very neat. Jerry Koop you'll always find, handing his lessons in on time. Donnie Fisher hates to study, but nevertheless he's everyone's buddy. Marilyn Warthman's grade cards show that her grades are never low. Gene McClure is a nice guy even though a little shy. , Butch Klingler as a clown is very seldom given a frown. In and out of all their classes they're really quite a group of lads and lassesa Sfnfkwmvnsi SuIJ1sRLA+avE.5 -Bas-N' Loolfln-3 gm wi ad R , ""', NeaTesT X ' Nw '.-s. n UL X 'C kg I fmosf Y Y Rv, 61 16- JN HQNpj5cMMi+z N1:5NCj,NxAua3fl2tClI Wi W f -Diana Fl-oiicii., K "iff flxg.-Zjngv GAIZVER 9-Z ,BfSj8S4 EHQQ5 N? Jena: QF-askin!! -Budaj l l 'HA ,Pl'1jno5 R R 'Rouhoug QQ 35 3, ' W1 ICS? CURUL ' - i 3 lSLn.sL9jfQ,,- C ' 5-4 " XX x Q-I w-i C! , 6' 9, f i'L',e5-Y K in fgicw N: 0 N 0 'Stat 55 ,-,. Q .37 Man 4 ui- We NQJ6 MoS+ FWZ Le-Pic Q61 ,A J A" . 4 2 ,xl UM Musk. II fn O f- ideas :ga Sue HU'-Sei X I N Q- B o ,. f 'f SDN N2'Bof-,DX-, Yzfrvx X ft TXXIX' ff 'EeoenjOaAee.s NJML SMH- . James-Rmej ERNQI Qouiwlfu CAROL ,QRQSLDN Sharon Simon. o 1 o o Sheila Simon. o o u Mary James...... Alice Reams.,..... Janet Zickafoose., Patricia Wyss...., Brown. o o 0 Brenda Collett.... Bill Stoll........ Blanche McCafferty::.: Stephen Smith..... Alan Hetrick...... Darlene Yinger.... Judy Anspach..... Gary Rush...... Wayne Collins.... Helen Fleming..... Sth GRADE FEATURE REMEM ERI Ol 010000401006 sooo to Q I Dorothy Ackerman.... . . Ruth Ann Fox...... Jean Hawes....,.. Q O 7th GRADE FEATURE I CO FUNNY BOOK CHARACTERS Maggiecoouonoc coosoooooooooonooooo Ji-ggsloaoocooooco 0 Bre da Breeze.... Abbj-ellOlOllOOl O Daisy Mae.... Li'l Abner..... Pugllliifll Q Blondieoaooonoouoo Dagwoodoooooouosoo Lucille Sweeney..... . . Roy Rogers.......... Herman............ 00 O Bootsolluouoeqo Little Beaver.... Red Ryderloaoaq Little Iodine.... Oliveltaopvoooo Henxytiooctoo Jughead...... wrtleooooo O 9 0 I . ......Dancing ........Dancing .....Cheerleading .......Basketball ,...Way with boys ........Quietness ...Way with girls . ..... ......Smile ...Bright remarks .... .... Shortness .....Always jolly .........Sports ....Lovely Hair .......Neatness .. ..... ..Mischief .....Fast talking ....Personality .....Pigtails ......Tomboy 0 0 o o a csiflgi-ng .,,..Esther Fleming .......Bobby Wyse ......Viola Brown ...Linda Morehart .....Karen Staley .....Glenn Fields ....Gloria Sanders ......Doris Simon ....Ralph Amstutz ..Betty Linderman o o y 0 qowayne ....Larry Carey .....Rose Grant o o a QTOIIIUU BOSCYI ....Laddie Kipker ....Jane Long o n u Q o :Ann Lowry ....I.James Harsh . ...i.Mark Collins Q Q to oo0oooH919T1 M3-in ? Zllore Humorous Yllozzzezzb' '? 3 SCHOOL CALENDAR 1952 - 1953 smrmnaaa - - Opening of school S - - Football Preview at Findlay 10 - - Hi-Y and Y-Teen Picnic and Vespers 12 - - Football game at Wapak 15 - - G. A. A. Meeting 17 19 26 - " Fo Ho A-Q - - Football game with Bluffton - - School dismissed for Fair, game with Spencerville OCTOBER - - Football game at Carey 6 - - F. F. A. Meeting 10 - - Football game at St. Rose 12 - - Hi-Y Induction Service lh - - Joint Kenton-Ada Y4Teen meeting at Kenton 17, 18 - - Homecoming game with Kenton, Queen's Ball 21 - - F. H. A. Halloween Party 22 - - Senior Pictures Taken 23 - - Dad's Day Football game with Lafayette 2h - - School Dismissed for N. J. O. T. A. 27 - - Hi-Y and Y-Teen Halloween Party 31 - - Football game at Forest NOVEMBER 3 - - F. F. A. Meeting 7 - - lb 4 17 - - zo, 22 Sophomores' Havride - Junior High Party . G. A. A. Meeting 21 - - Junior Class Play ' - - F. H. A. Bazaar 2h - - Hi-Y and Y-Teen Foodless Banquet 27, 28 - - Thanksgiving Vacation 28 - - Basketball game with Shawnee DECEMBER 2 - - Basketball game with Upper Sandusky 3 - - F. F. A. Meeting 5 - - Basketball game at St. Rose 9 - - Basketball game with Wapak 12 - - Basketball game at Van Wert 16 - - Basketball game at Forest 17 - - F. H. A. Meeting 18 - - Faculty Tea given by Home Economics 19 - - Basketball game with Bluffton 21 - - Hi4Y and Y-Teen Caroling 22 - - Christmas Cantata 31 - - New Year's Eve Dance JANUARY - - Basketball game at Kenton - - Basketball game with St. Marys 9 - - Basketball game with Carey 13 - - Basketball game at Lafayette 16 - - Basketball game at Delphos St. Johns 19 - - G. A. A. Mother-Daughter Potluck ' 23 - - Junior High Party 28-30 - - Farmers' Institute 30 - - Basketball game at Delphos Jefferson 31 - - Hi-Y and Y-Teen Annual Dance FEBRUARY - - F, H. A. Buffet Supper - - Basketball game with Spencerville h - - Donkey Basketball game 6-7 - - Minstrel Show l0-- - Dr. Bingham with Seniors 1,4 " " Go Ao Ao Dance 17 - - Group Pictures taken 18 - - F, H, A, Meeting 26 - - Y-Teen Mother-Daughter Banquet MARCH 6-7 - - Interclass Contest and Banquet 11 - - Y-Teen Recognition Service 13 - - P. T, A, Movie lb - - F. H. A. Formal Dance 16 - - G. A. A. Chili Supper 20 - - School Carnival 21 - - Music Contest at 0. N, U, 28 - - Music Contest at Lima 30-31 - - Easter Services APRIL 1-2 - - Easter Services 2 - - F. F. A. District Meeting 3-6 - - Easter Vacation 9-10 - - Senior Play 11,18 - - Music Contests 23-28 - - Senior Trip 28 - - P, T, A, Meeting MAY - - May Day Program 2 - - Spring Concert h - - G, A, A, Banquet 9 - - Junior-Senior Prom 17 - - Baccalaureate 19 - - Class Night 20 - - F. H. A. Meeting 21 - - Commencement 22 - - School Closed . The Janitors Bus Drivers Zawzdafg Seated left to right: E. H. PARKHILL REV. LEE MOORE, Vice President DR. F. M. ELLIOT, President LESTER FLEMINC CHARLES HUBBELL Standing: I. T. WARTHMAN, Superintendent R. B. CRETORS, Clerk CLASS HISTORY I At long last we have achieved our goal at Ada High Sched. Seniors! But now we will take you into the deep, dark past, many years ago, when we, as first graders, started toward the top. . On September 7, 19hl, the forty-three seniors sitting before you started on their long road of adventure through school. Six- teen of this group began their school life in Ada. Miss deese and Miss Wehe were the kind teachers who guided us through our first yea-I' l Proud but still unexperienced, we advanced to the second game. we felt grown up now as Miss Whitworth and Miss Povenmire tried to teach us the simple fundamentals of spelling, but we still had WJack, Jump Over the Candle Sticku in our minds. In the third grade, under the able supervision of Mrs. Lknhorn and Miss hhitworth, we tangled with the multiplication tables. In l9hh we entered the fourth grade with kiss wagner CNow mrs Hitesl and Miss Daily struggling to teach us the things a fourth grader should know. Miss Wagner and Miss McWilliams led us through our fifth year during which we put on the operetta, nThe Honey Piratesu, directed by Miss Fravel. At last we reached what we thought then to be our goal. We became sixth graders, the upper-classmen of the grade school, but soon we were to find out that we had just started. Mr. Zimmerman and Miss Barrett were our teachers at the beginning of the yean During the year Miss Barrett left us to become Mrs. Tupps and Mrs. Shoemaker became our teacher. we presented another operetta this year entitled UThe Old Crosspatch.u The end of the sixth grade was celebrated by a visit to the seventh grade in the high school and finally by our Sixth Grade Graduation. When we first entered A. H. S. the building actually shone with the brilliance of our happy faces, for we had been looki,ng forward to our first year in high school for a long time. During the first few days a part of the glamour wore off, armd we settled down to the serious tasks of learning how not to get lost trying to find the next class, getting acquainted with our teachers and each other, learning the mysteries of new lockers ad, incidentally, getting some studying done. Finally we got down to business and elected some class officers: Shirley Thompson, presi- dent, wayne Fleming, vice-president, Richard Smith, secretary- treasurerg and Gloria Nichols, student council. Our homeroom ad- visers were Miss williams and Mrs. Tallman. Slowly May approached and suddenly we were free again! We were not sorry to say uso longn to Ada High for a while but we were ready to return the next fall to start our eighth grademmrk. This year we elected Nancy Long to be our president. John Hays was vice-president. The other officers were Wayne Fleming, secretary, Antoinette Anastisi, treasurer, and Gloria 'Nichols, student council. Mr. Polite and hiss-Buehler were our sponsors. we faced the eighth grade state tests and discovered that theywmre. not as difficult as we had thought. As we entered the freshman year of high school we were able to feel that at last we were accomplishing something, even though the seniors still looked down on us, we were able to join F. H. A., F. F. A., and G. A. A. Some of the boys went out for basketball and football. Our officers this year were: Jerry Hipsher, presi- dent, wayne Fleming, vice-president, Jack Suhr, secretary, Ed baker, treasurerg and Dan Snyder, student council. Our home room advisers were Mr. mcPhearson and Mrs. Underwood. As September, 1950, drew around, we became sophomores. We were taking various courses and making our places in sports and organizations. We were able to join Y-Teens and Hi-Y that year. beveral of our class mates were in the choir. Valerie Evers was our president. Our other officers wereg wayne Fleming, vice- presidcntg bhirley Sheldon, secretary, Antoinette Anastasi, trees urerg and Ed Baker and Gloria Nichols, student council. Miss Hankish and Mr. dwallow were our advisers. when we entered our junior year we discovered that we had a lot of work out out for us. we presented our class play n0ur' Hearts Were Young and Gayu. To raise money for our prom we sold candy and sponsored a bake sale. The theme of our prom was Udlohan. we felt quite successful as we finished our junior year. Much of this success was due to our class officers! Wayne flaming, presi- dent, Ed Baker, vice-president, Jack Suhr, secretary, and Fred Hunser, treasurer. Ed Baker, wayne Fleming and Gloria Nichols were student council representatives. Mr. Obenour was our class sponsor. Senior! Senior! The word was music to our ears. But we soon became accustomed to it, and started to work again. Our dream was a trip to New York and Washington and we meant to do all we could to realize it. Again we sold candy, held a magazine sale and spon- sored a donkey ball game. Our play, held April 9 and 10, was UThe Adorable Spendthrift.n 'we climaxed our year with our trip to New York and Washington on April 23. The officers who led us through our last year of high school were: John Anspach, presidentg Wayne Fleming, vice-president, Fred Runser, secretaryg Jack Suhr, treasurerg and Shirley Dhcldon, Jack Suhr, Gloria Nichols and Tom Tallman, student council. Of course nothing could he quite as important to us as that one last glorious day when we will receive our diplomas. we will never forget the times we had here and the friends we made. but now, with high hopes, we take another step into the future and say farewell to our high school days. 7612, L ,Q U ,.'1.,, W, i l pf ...W-Q-... W A ' CLASS PROPHECY In the year 1963 the most popular book on the newstand, al- ready selling in the millions, is a multi- biographical edition of the members of the 1953 graduating class of Ada High School written by Ralph E. Obenour, now recognized in literature as one of the greatest authors of the twentieth century. This beauti- fully bound best seller is being published by Mabel Crawford and Company. It is not only fantastic and humorous, but also thril- ling, breath-taking, and stupendous. It shows the miraculous lives of h2 of the world's greatest leaders. As we skim through the book we will give you a glimpse into the life of each of these famous individuals. After attending both Ohio Northern and Ohio State Universi- ties Gunars Abele, the great architect, designed and was in charge of the construction of the new atomic subway under the Alantic Ocean. Pat Amstutz, who just recently directed the sduare dancing in the big arena at the World's Fair in Paris is now directing all square dancing at Mavsville. We find Pat LaRue as the head secretary to Roger Fleming, who is now in charge of the world's bigeest syndicate of movie theaters. John Anspach, one of the most famous names in the world, not only finished last season with the Indians as a 20 game win- ner but has become president of the Janitorial Unior for 'Chiro- practors in the United States. Dick Downer was just fired as chief clown of Ringling Bros. Circus for tearing down all the tents and letting the animals run wild. While this book was going to press, we received a flash from the Indianapolis Speedway that Bob Hooper had just double lapped George Wissinger with an amazing average speed of 220 miles an hour in his atomic racer. Wissinger has just ,recently taken over Bischoff's Highway Oil Company. Hooper recently opened a car manufacturing company whose slogan is Wlf you can't rod it-don't buy itn. Dorothy Houser has just finished a lecture tour of Hardin County, speaking and giving quotations from Milton's WParadise Lostn. Having memorized most of his works she has become famous as a renowned scholar. ' Jim Crates is now convalesing from over-work at the Ada Herald having broken the world's record for baling paper. Following the retirement of Waite Hoyt, the famous baseball commentator, Bob Hitchcock rose to such fame that he is now on a nationewide hook up. After owning and running Lennox Nanufacturing Company for a few years, U9igW Bill Gilbert has just bought out Westinghouse. Being very actice in amateur dramatics he just received the lead role in the nGreat Loveru, the play currently being put on by the Ada Cummunity Theater. Mrs. Dottie Baker, Wife of General Elvin Baker, has just completed a tour around the world in her own atomic jet. Wayne Fleming, Ralph Spar and Arden bearson last year were called before the Supreme Court for owning a monopoly. Amcnnr them they owned all of Hardin County. Mrs. CConnie Conley? Fleming wife of the head agricultural agent in western Hardin County, has been named UFarm Wife of l963n. Mr. Q Mrs. CJean Marshall I Fred Runser are teachers atAda High School taking over the positions of retiring Mr, Q Mrs. J. J. Kreglow. As we continue through the book we find Antoinette Anastasi as the wife of a prominent business man. She is the social luuhr of New York society. Rising rapidly in the coaching profession are Jack Suhr and Ed Baker, now head coaches at Massilon and Mansfield respective- ly. In their latest annual football skirmish the game ended in 3. "' tviee Mildred Brown, president of G.A.A. during her senior year, has just won the woman's decathalon in the 1963 Olympics held in the Belgian Congo. Pat wright, Zona Smith, and Uonna Cribley invented an atom- ic ditto machine to make their work as speed experts easier. Pat Spellman, mother of 13 children, has just invented a new way to sterilize nipples for baby bottles. Appearing on the cover of the January "63" Look Magazine was Peggy Halbedel with the latest hair style created by Mary Bea Griffith. It was entitled UFruit Style No. ln and consisted of fruit entwined with hair. Jean Cwarthmanl Sleesman and Betty Weczkerl Fisher recently competed in the Best Farm Nife in Hardin County Contest.Neither of them won. The new president of the Electrical Engineers' Union is Dick Smith who designed the complete wiring for the new ixmdes- tructible atomic city. Anabel Motter was on the program for the 1961 presidential inauguration. She gave the reading UWe Still C?D Like Ike.n The new leading lady of the Metropolitan Opera is Helen Smith. She rose to fame with her version of the nhot Canaryn. he find Ellen Smith and Beverly Hattery as the world famous door-to-door saleswomen of horse hair toothpicks. Gloria Nichols, wife of the owner of the Cub Syndicated Restaurants, is teaching school at Van's Corner Public School No. 1 . Tom Tallman has moved into foreman position of Railroad Crew No. S. What's so funny about that---there are only h crews. After a gay college career Shirley Sheldon owned her own construction company. She was the designer and chief contractor for the new Empire State Building. Dan Snyder graduated from Rooster College with honorsg af- ter teaching law at Ohio Northern for five years, he became a judge on the Supreme Court. He is also owner and managing edi- tor for the New York Times. Shirley Tinsler, D.R.E. of First Methodist Church in Ghicqp is touring Hardin County lecturing on-HYour Future Smashed by the Bottles.H This is the end of this edition, but the Crawford Publishing Company has already signed a contract with mr. R. E. Obenour for another book to be written in l973. CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of Ada High School, on this twenty-first day of May in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and fifty three, being of sound and healthy mind, do ordain and establish this as our last will and testament. SECTION I. ARTICLE I. To our friendly enemy, the Junior Class, we do grudgingly be- queath the following things: Our exceedingly empty treasury The senior homeroom The privilege of taking a senior trip SECTION II. ARTICLE I. This senior class leaves their thanks to all of the teachers who have helped us along the way. We also leave the Npleasant memoriesn of our class. SECTION III. ARTICLE I. Edward maker leaves his acting ability to the class of USSN for their junior play. fn To our adviser, Mr. Ralph Obenour, Dorothy Houser leaves all of her gripes. 1 'wayne Fleming left his clarinet playing long ago. Peggy Halbedel wills her seat on the school bus to Waldo Rayi. Arden Searson, Jr. leaves all of his girls to John Marshall. bhirley Tinsler wills her famous baton to Shirley LaRue. ' Thomas Tallman leaves his trips to the sophomore lockers to anyone with the ambition to climb the stairs. The singing ability of Helen Smith is willed to Joyce Anspadt Marvin Rush leaves his weight for next year's football team. Betty Decker leaves the presidency of F. H. A. to go into homemaking herself. To James Curtis, Robert Hitchcock wills his great height. Mary Bea Griffith wills her posture to Linda Main. V Richard Downer leaves his ability to skip school to James Harsh. Antoinette Anastasi leaves Ada, glad to be gone. Fred Runser wills his imitations of various animals to no one. He wants to keep them for himself. Patsy Spellman leaves all of her comments for the use of next year's speech class. George Wissinger leaves Ada High school with little or no re- gret. Ellen Smith wills her unassuming manner to Joyce May. Gunars Abele leaves his low bass voice to Joe Harrod. Patricia LaRue wills her secretarial ability to anyone who can sit on the boss's lap. Jean Marshall leaves her sports ability to Barbara Goodwin. John Anspach leaves the benior class presidency to anyone with nerve enough to take it. To Sue Young, Constance Conley leaves her boisterous actions. Patricia Wright wills her bright red hair to Juanita Anspach. James Crates leaves the privilege of popping pop corn for the football games to anyone who can skip sevehth period. Patricia Amstutz wills her jolly ways to Norma LaRue. S Shirley Sheldon leaves her dark hair and blue eyes to Doris imon. Daniel Snyder wills his laugh to Joe Goodwin. Make good use of it, Joe. ' Mildred Brown leaves her long blonde hair to Shirley Marquart. Beverly Hattery leaves her English book reports to no one. Ralph bpar wills his ability to run hot rods to Walter Anspach. To Ruth Roider, Jean Warthman leaves her many hours of piano practicing. Anabel hotter leaves all of her readings to her brother, Ronahd Robert Hooper wills his address book and instructions to Jack Fensler. Gloria Nichols wills her dimple to anyone with another to match. william Gilbert wills his way to get along with the girls to Richard Ackerman. Dottie baker leaves Ada High to join Elvin. ' Roger Fleming leaves school to work full time at the movie. Donna'Cribley wills her square dancing to Larry Reams. Richard Dmith leaves his nfiddling aroundu to Butch Klinglen Lona Smith wills her co-operativeness to the class of U5hW Next year they will need it! Jack Suhr leaves all of his love quarrels to Herb Spallinger. We now affix our seal to this, onr last will and testament. , 1 1. V. . , ie- 31.1-A-ff rg... -Lafrteega .E mx '..a-3"'9'vM'0 Kg Y-10 CLASS POEM There are many treasures tucked away Within our memory's chest. Yet of all the memories hidden there, Those of Ada High are best. That Freshman year when we were new, And our teachers' patience tried, How hard they worked to help us learn, How oft they failed and sighed. That Sophomore year in fifty-one When we were not quite so green,' when teachers smiled and thought, At last an improvement may be seen. That Junior year when we were sure We knew all there was to know, When the teachers shook their heads and said, They'l1 soon receive a blow. Now we come to our senior year. he finally realize, How very much there is to learn, Before we can be wise. -pm. JM... ,J , Nr 1 i ,W -,1 ADA HIGH SCHOOL COM ENGEMENT WEEK PROGRAM ' u M 4 w ' BACCALAUREATE SERVICE Methodist Church Sunday, May 17, 1953 ' 8:00 P.M. 4 + 4 4 4 Rev. Harry Bright - Pastor-in-Charge Mr. Stanley J. Salter - Chorister Mrs. David Markle - Organist Processional, UMarch of the Priestsu . . . . .Mendelssohn InVOCa'ti0f1o o o o o o o o 0 0 0 1 0 0 oReVo Fa-ra Laman Hymn, UGod of Our Fathersn . . . . . . . . . . . . .No. M96 Audience Scripture Reading Q o o 0 o s A o o a Q o n o Rev. Music, ULo, A Voice to Heayen Soundingn . . . . . . . Bortnianaky High School Choir Baccalaureate Sermon, nThis I Believen . . . . . Rev. Lee M. Moore Music, UBe Thou Our Guiden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sibelius High School Choir Bencdiction o o Q o 0 0 o 0 o o o o o 4 Rev. FBTB Laman Recessional, WMarche Pontificalen . . . . . . .Gounod CLASS NIGHT Tuesday, May 19, 1953 High School Auditorium 8:00 P,M. 4 4 4 4 Address of Welcome . . vOCa1S01-Oiotooooonsooaaouoo . . John Anspach . .Helen Smith nwithout A Songu, Rose-Eliscu-Youmans. . Class Poem, nMy Memory Chestu . . . . . . . . Boys' Quartet, WHalls of Ivyu . . . . . . . . Daniel Snyder, Uunars Abcle, Thomas Tallman, Ralph Spar Classwilloo oooooooogol Pianosoloo oboooooooooo USeranatan, Anderson Class Prophesy . . . . . . . . . . . Girls' Trio, nhighty Lak' A Rosen . . . . . . Donna Cribley, Shirley Tinsler, Dottie O C O O O O l C I I l I I I O O Poem . . . Skit . . . . Class Song . . . . .Dorothy Houser John Suhr . . . .Williams Gloria Nichols Thomas Tallman . .Joan Warthman . . .Shirley Sheldon Daniel Snyder . . . Nevin-Stanton Baker . . .Patsy Spollman Wayne Fleming .Antoinette Anastasi . . . . Senior Class , ,Jean warthman Ralph Spar SEVENTYLFIRST ANNUAL COLTMENCPMENT Thursday, May 21, 1953 High School Auditorium 8:00 P.M. 4 4 e 4 4 Processional, NPompt and CircumstanceW.,, ,'.E1gar-Luckhardt High School Band Invocation . .I ....... . .Rev. Marion E. Tinsler Music, WSaga of the Hillsn .... ........ Johnson High School'Band Salutatory, WTbday we Follow, Tbmorrow we Leadn. . Shirley Sheldon Mnsic, "Life Has Loveliness fe sen" ..,. -. .... Teasdale Mixed Ensemble Daniel Snyder, Thomas Tellman, Patsy Spellman, Marv Bea Griffith,'Zona Smith, Gloria Nichols, Arden Searson, Ralph Spar Valedictorv, Wlhe End and the Beginningu. . . . Patsy Spellman Music, UDorian Overturen. , . . , . . . . .Maurice Whitney High School Band " Presentation of Speaker, I . . . . .I. T. Werthman, Superintendent C1353 Address n Q 0 0 o o q up WiJ.1iam Hn Leach, PhoBv Cleveland, Ohio Presentation of Class . . . . Richard Harbeck, Principal Presentation of Diplomas , , . , . . . . . Dr. F. M. Elliott ' President, Board of Education Benediction Rev. Robert Butz Recessional, WMarch from Tannhauseru . . , Wagner High School'Band William M. Ansley, Director SENIOR DIRECTORY ABELE , GUNARS Manchester Central High School Hi-Y 2, 3 Class President 2 Basketball 1, 2 School Paper 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Band and Orchestra 2, 3 Chorus 2, 3 Boys' Glee and Sextette 2, 3 Ada High School Hi-Y h Basketball and Track h Band h Chorus and Boys' Glee h Class Play h Senior Scholarship Team h AIBTUTZ , PATRICIA Ada High School G. A. A. 1, 2, h F. H. A. 1, 2, h Camera Club 1 Freshman Chorus 1 Purple and Gold l Girls' Glee h Y-Teens h Waits High School F. H. A - 3 Bowling Club 3 ANSPACH, JOHN Football 3, h Baseball 3, h Camera Club 1 H1-Y 2, 3, A Class President h Freshman Chorus 1 ANASTASI, ANTOINETTE Y-Teens 2, 3, h G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, D F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, hg pianist 2 Choruses 1, 2, h Varsity Cheerleader 3, h Latin Club, Sec'y-Treas. 2 Purple and 2, 3, ll Annual Staff h Head Typist and Proofreader Civil Service Test h Librarian h BAKER, DOTTIE Fe Ho Ao 1, 2, 3, bv C. A. A. 1, 2, 3, h Freshman Chorus 1 Chorus and Girls' Glee 2, 3, h Y-Teens 2, 3, h Contest Trio h BAKER, ED Football l, 2, 3, h Basketball 1, 2, 3, h Track 1, 2 Baseball 3, h Hi-Y 2, 3, h Student Council 2, 3 Class Play 3, D Annual Staff 3, h Chorus and Boys' Glee 2, 3 Class Sec'y 2, V. Pres. 3 Camera Club 1 Hall Monitor 3, h Electronics Club 1 saowm, MILDRED Go Ao Ae 1, 2, 3, ll- President h Girls' Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, h Office Practice h Y-Teens 2, 3, by Sec'y h F, H, A. 1, 2, 3, h Freshman Chorus 1 Girls' Glee 3, h Mixed Chorus and Choir 3, h Annual Typist h Typing Contest A Civil Service Test h General Scholarship Test 1, 2 CONLEY, CONSTANCE Y-Teens 2, 3, U G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, U Fe H-oAe1, 2, 3,1-If Exchange and Social Editor 3, A Girls' Basketball Team 3 Class Treasurer 2 Social Committee M Senior Scholarship Team h Honor Society bg bec'y-Treas. Class Play 3, h Office Practice L Girls' Ensemble and Contest L Mixed Chorus 3, hg Sec'y h Girls' Chorus 3, h Freshman Chorus 1 Office Practice h Annual Typist A General Scholarship 2 Homecoming Queen h CRATES, JDE FLEIVING, ROGER Football 1, 3, M Hi-Y 2, 3, M Football Manager 2 Chorus 1, 3, M Basketball 1, 3 ' Sergeant of Arms M Track Manager 1 Bovs' Ulee 1, 2, 3, h Hi-Y 2, 3, M Freshman Chorus l Electronics Club 1 Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, h Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, M General Schloarship 1 FLENING, WAYNE Purple and Gold l, 2, 3 Class Pres. 33 V. Pres. 1, 2, Football l, 2, 3, hi Capt. M CRIBLEY, DONNA h up aooooo,11 3, M Mecca Hish School 1, 2,'3' ' " N ""1'raclf"I" Cheerleader 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, hi Capt,1 Mixed Choruses 1, 2, 3 Student Council 3 Class Play 3 Agriculture Scholarship h School Paper, Reporter 3 ' Glass Elay 3, h Baseball and Volleyball 1, 2, 3 uhall Monitor 3, M Ada High School Chorus 1, 3, M G. A. A. M Hove' Ulee 3, U Y-Teens M F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, M Mixed Chorus and Choir h Sec'y M5 Reporter 3 Trio M ni-Y 2, 3, u, 5ec'V 3 Annual Typist M Camera and Projection Club 1 D CKER, BETTY HNITEPU, 'BEVERLY Y-Teens 2, 3, by Service Ch. M F. P. A. 1, 2, 3, M G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, M G, A. A. 1, 2, 3, M Intramural Manager h Girls' Basketball Team l, 2, 3, b F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 1, Y-Teens 2, 3, M Chorus 1, 3, M Girls' Glee 1, 3, M President M Latin Club 2 Latin Club 2 I Annual Tvvist M NALBEDEL, PEGGY CLARK Girls' Glee 3, 113 V. Pres, LL Fixed Chorus 3, h Freshman Chorus l Band 1, 2, 3 Orchestra 2 General Scholarship 2 Librarian h DCWNER, DICK "Saint Marvs' School Class President 1 Camera Club, President 1. Y-Teens 2, 3, M C. A. A. 1, 2, 3, M F. P. A. 1, 2, 3, M Choir 3 Fixed Chorus 2, 3, M Freshman Chorus 1 neirlsv Glas 3, M Office Practice M Annual TvpiSb M General Scholarship 3 Class Play 3 Purple and Gold 1, 2 Indiana Fought in Golden Gloves 2 HITCHCOCK, BOB 'FO Fw A-0 2 His-Y 2, 3, hi V. Pres 'Westerville Hall Monitor M Class Plav 3 Football Manager 2, 3 F5 F- A- 3 Basketball 1, 2 Ada iifh School Projection Club 1, 2, F- F- A' ll Camera Club5'Y'-Ureas. 1 Hi'Y U Purple and Gold, Prin Football Vanager 14 Elec tronics Club 2 . M 3 ter l,2, IITCHCOCK BOB cont' Freshman Chorus 1 Baseball 3 IOOPER, BOB, Freshman Chorus 1 Hi-Y 2, 3, h Football 3 Basketball 2, h baseball 3, h Chorus and Choir 2 Boys' Glee 2 Class Play 3 Annual Staff 3 Hall Monitor h Projection Club 2, 3 Latin Club 2 HOUSER, DOROTHY G. A, A. 1, 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, h Librarian h Senior Scholarship h Girls' Cleo 2, 3, h Freshman Chorus l Choir 3, h Class Play 3 Latin Club 2 GILBERT, BILL Hi-Y 2, 3, b Chorus 1, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3, h Track 1, 2, 3, h Basketball 2 Boys' Glee 1, 2, 3 Class Play 3, h GRIFTITH, MARY BEA LA Y"TsenS 3, ,4 Fo Ho Ao 1, 2, 33 I-1 Songleader 3 Go Ao Aa 1, 2, 3, b Girls' Glee 2, 3, L Chorus 2, 3, h Freshman Chorus 1 Class Play 3, M RUE, PATRICIA G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, h F. H. A. 1, M Y-Teens 2, 3, h Freshman Chorus 1 Girls' Clee 2, 3, h Mixed Chorus 3, h Office Practice D MARSHALL, JEAN C. A. A. 1, 2, 3, h Y-Teens 2, 3, h CO-Social Ch. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, h V. President 3 Parliamentarian h Mixed Chorus 2 Latin Club 2 Librarian M Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, MOTTER, ANABEL Mt. Blanchard High School 1 Ada High School Go Ao As 2, 3, M Y-Teens 2, 3, h Co-Social Ch. h h Girls' Cleo, Mixed Chorus 2 General bcholarship 2, 3, h Senior Scholarship h Annual Typist h Jr. Red Cross h Girls' Basketball 2, 3, L Interclass Contest 3, h Class Play 3, h NICHOLS, GLORIA Y-Teens 2, 3, Ll V. President 3 President h Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, h Girls' Ensemble 3 sand 1, 2 C. A. A. 1, 2, 3, h, Treas. 3 Class Play 3, h F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, L, v. Pre Student Council l, 2, 3, M Secretary 3, h A Social Committee 3, h Latin Club 2 Interclass Contest 2, 3, h Annual Staff 3, h Editor h Honor Society h benior Scholarship M Ruwsaa, 1-'aan Football 1, 2, 3, h Capt. M s. 3 Class Treas. 35 Class 5ec'y h FQFOAO1, 2, 31,4 Sec'y 3, Pres. h ' Hi-Y 2, 3, bg Treas. 3 Class Play 3 General Scholarship 2 Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, h Hall Monitor 3, h Agriculture Scholarship h St. Livestock Judging Team RUSH, IIERVIN F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, h Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, B Hi-Y h Football l, 2, 3, h 2, 3, PUSH, VERVIN cont' mee Club 1, 2, 3 Baseball and Track 1, 2 F.H.A.1, 2,3 Freshman Chorus 1 C1355 Officer 3 SEARSONQ ARDEN JR. Ada High School F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, M Reporter 3, h Boys' Glee 3, h Hi-Y 2, 3, L, Jr. Red Cross 3 Football h Chorus 3 h Q Hall Monitor M Class Play M Camera Club 2, 3 Projection Ulub l, 2, 3 Electronics Club 2 Agricultural Scholarship M SPELDON, SHIRIEY Student Council h President h Go Aa Ao 1, 2, 3,14 Secretary 2 'Vice President 3 Y-feens 2, 3, h F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 1, Girls' Glee 2, 3, h Choir 3, h Honor Society M Senior Scholarship hr Annual 3, h Homecoming Attendant h Purple and Gold 2, 3, h Exchange Editor 2 Business Manager 3 News Editor h Salutatorian SMITH , HELEN E. H. A. 1, 2 . A. A. 1 2 Ykleens 2,,3,,h3, h Girls' Glee 3, h lixed Chorus 3, h Band h Orchestra l, 2 String Lnsemble 3 Mixed Ensemble 1 Freshman Chorus l SMITH Operatta l, 2, 3 Mixed chorus h Glee Club U F. H. A. h Y-Teens M Q, A, A. h , ELLEN G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, h F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, M Y-Teens 2, 3, h Camera Club 1 Choir and Girls' Freshman Chorus 1 Junior Band 2 Glee 3 suns, RICHARD Hi-Y 2 Latin Club 3, hs Treas. Projection Club 1, 2, 3 blectronics Club 1 h , h Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, h Ind, Arts Club l Chorus l Intramurals l smnsn, our Hi-Y 2, 3, hg President Student Council l Football 1, 2, 3, H Band, Urchestra l, 2, 3 Interclass Contest 2, 3 Projection Club l, 2, 3 Boys' Glee 1, 2, 3, h Chorus 1, 2, 3, h Purple and Gold l, 2 Fonor Society U Latin Club 2, 3 , Senior Scholarship h h , h General Scholarship 1, 2, 3, h Class Play U Mixed Ensemble 1, 2, 3, h Solo Contest 1, 2, 3 Hall Vonitor 3, h . SPAR RALPH Wolff Club 12,2 ,Football 1, 2, 3, h boloist in Contest "3i 1, 2, 3, h F, P, A, 1, 2, 3, hg V, Pre . sa-Y 2 3 h Sm. 2313 , C18SSi31E9':'1l Dolinsgiglgcgoog General Scholarship U Vixed Cho 'S 1 2 3 Agricultural Scholarship L ru ' ' ' Hall Tonitor h SPAR RALPH cont' 3 Boys' Clee 2, 3, h Chorus 1, 2, 3, U Projection Club l, 2, 3, h suns, JACK Class Sec'y 35 Treas. ll Boys' Glee 1, 2 Choir 1, 2 Hi-Y 2, 3, hs Publicity Ch. h Projection Club 1, 2, 3 Camera Club 1 Hall Monitor 3, h Student Council hp V. Pres. h Assembly Com ittee Ch. h Football l, 3, hg Manager 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, h Baseball M Purple and Cold 2, 3 Electronics Club 2 SPELLMAN, PATSY Y-Teens 2, 3, bg Publicity Ch. 3 G0 Al Au 1, 2, 39 Ll F. H. A. 1, 2, 3 Purple and Cold l, 2, 3, h Feature Editor 3 Editor-in-chief h Annual Staff 2, 3 Picture Editor 3 Class Play 3 Honor Society h Senior Scholarship h D. A. R, Citizenship Test h General Scholarship l, 2, 3 Latin Club 2 Interclass Contest 2, 3, h Valedictorian TINSLER SHIRLEY TALLMAN, TOM Student Council h Hall Monitor Chairman h Annual hg Sports Editor Purple and Gold h, Sports Editor Latin Club 3 Projection and Camera l, 2, 3,'h Hi-Y 2, 3, bg Devotional Ch. H Boys' Quartet 2, 3, h Chorus 2, 3, h Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, ll Football 1, 2, 3 Track and Baseball 3, h Class Play 3, h WARTHMAN, JEAN WIS Y-Teens 2, 3, hg Sec'y 3 C. A. A. l, 2, 3, h F. h. A. 1, 2, 3, h Pianist 1, 2, h Class Play 3, h Honor bociety h, President Choruses l, 2, 3, h Pianist 1, 2, 3, h Senior Scholarship h General Scholarship l, 2, 3, U Latin Club 2 Annual 2, 3, h Artist M- Feature 3 Purple and Gold l, 2, 3 bocial Editor 2, 3 Band and Orchestra 1, 2 SINGER, caoacs Hi-"Y 2, 33 ll Class Play 3 Chorus l, 2, 3, h Hall Monitor h Latin Club l, 2 3 Girls' Glee 2, 3, h Mixed Chorus 2, 3, U hnIGHT, PATRICIA Y-TeenS 2, 3, D F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, U Devotional Cho 3 Go An Ao 1, 2, 3, I-L Program Ch. h Y-Teens 2, 3, D G. A. A. 1, 2, 3 Girls' Clee 1, 2, 3, h Purple and Gold 3, h Mixed Chorus 3, h Business Manager h Band 1, 2, 3, h Majorette 3 Drum Majorette h General Scholarship 1, 2 Senior Scholarship h Honor Society h Girls' Contest Trio 2, h Latin Club 2 Class Play 3, h SME . is . Fil., 2 f6??f"1..g.,3f5: .igfi '-59" .-ffiff? Aff. ,4-' 6:4557 oo Leif' .-iffgit STUDENT DIRECTORY Abele, Gunars-'53 Abele, Vija-'Sh Ackerman, Dorothy-'57 Ackerman, Richard-'56 Agin, Mary-'SS Amstutz, Bonnie-'56 Amstutz, Jean-'Sh Amstutz, John-'56 Amstntz, Patricia-'53 Amstutz, Ralph-'58 Anastasi, Antoinette-'53 Anspach, John-'53 Anspach, Joyce-'55 Anspach, Judith-'57 Anspach, Rolland-'58 Anspach, Walter-'Sh MBailey, Geraldine-'Sh Baker, Dean-'55 Baker, Dottie CMrs.D-'53 Baker, Ldward-'53 Baker, Linda-'55 Casper, Max-'55 Carey, Larry-'58 Carmean, Vaughn-'Sh Chandler, David-'57 Cheney, Brice-'56 Coburn, Linda-'55 Cole, Steve-'56 Collett, Brenda-'57 Collins, Mark-'58 Collins, Wayne-'57 Conley, Carlos-'Sh Conley, Constance-'53 Conley, Shirley-'58 Cook, Chester-'56 Craig, Stephen-'57 Crates, James-'53 Crates, Sarah-'58 Crawford, Marlene-'Sh Cribley, Diana-'55 Cribley, Donna-'53 Cribley, Emily-'57 Baransy, Marvin-'56 Bates, Maxine-'55 Baughman, Byron-'57 Baughman, Denavar-'58 Baughman, Mildred-'Sh Bonham, Jo An-'Sh Betz, Loren-'55 Bilby, Pauline-'58 Binkley, Doris-'Sh Binkley, Gerald-'57 Binkley, Patricia-'Sh Bosch, Edward-'55 Bosch, Thomas-'58 Bosse, Marilyn-'57 Cribley, Ethel-'58 Cross, Jean-'Sh Cunningham, Betty-'Sh Curtis, James-'55 Dabler, Mary-'56 Daniels, Robert-'58 Dearth, Gerald-'Sh Dearth, Gerald-'57 Dearth, Janet-'57 Dearth, Justin-'56 Dearth, Ronald-'58 Decker, Betty-'Sh Decker, Patsy- ' SS Deringer, Charles-fSh Boutwell, Charles-'56 ' Boutwell, Dorothy-'57 Boutwell, Ernest-'55 Bower, Elizabeth-'Sh Brown, Gary- ' 56 Brown, Mildred-'53 Brown, Nancy-'57 Brown, Viola-'58 +Brown, Virginia-'57 Brown, Willis-'57 Burkholder, Mary-'55 Burman, Norma-'55 Burton, Judith-'56 Burton, Ronald-'Sh Nwithdrawn Deringer, Glenn-'SS Dixon, laurel-'58 Dobnicker, Alan-'56 Dotson, Rosalie-'58 Downer, Richard-'53 Downing, Paul-'57 Dudgeon, Ernest-'57 Dudgeon, Margaret-'SS Duffy, Harold-'57 Earl, Phyllis-'SS Eckenrode, Ruth-'58 Edens, Carolyn-'58 Elliott, Dick-'57 Elwood, Cloyd-'57 England, Roger-'SS Failor, Kenneth-'58 Fensler, Jack-'56 Fields, Glenn-'58 Hooper, Jerry-'56 Hooper, Robert-'S3 Houser, Dorothy-'53 Houser, Susan-'55 Fisher, Donald-'56 Fleming, Helen-'57 Fleming, Roberta-'56 Fleming, Roger-'53 Fleming, Wayne-'53 Florida, Dianne-'55 iFox, Dorotha-'55 Fox, Helen-'56 Fox, Sharon-'57 Gardner, Carol-'56 Gardner, Donald-'SB Garver, Morgan-'SS Hubbell, Fredrick-'57 Hubbell, Larry-'55 Hughes Betty-'58 Iams, Galera-'55 Irwin, Jack-'SS James, Carol-'Sh James, Mary-'57 Jett, Carol-'56 Jump, Clarice-'55 Jump, Lowell-'56 Jump,,Rona1d-'55 Gibbons, Gilbert, Gilbert, Goodwin, Goodwin, Gose, Ma Flecia-'56 Arlene-'56 William-'53 Barbara-'58 Joe-'56 ureen-'58 Gordon, David-'56 Grahm, G Grant, R Greenawa arol-'98 ose-'58 lt, Larry-'56 Greer, Phyllis-'58 Griffith 5 Gudakunst, Phyllis-'55 Gunn, Ba Gunn, Do rbara-'56 nald-'58 Kipker, Barbara-'55 ' o - S8 Kipker, L nie ' Klingler, Carolyn-'55 Klingler, Rex-'58 Klingler, Justin-'Sh Klingler, Mary-'Sh Klingler, Perry-'55 Klingler, Robert-'56 Knell, Wilma-'55 Koop, Gerald-'56 Kramer, John-357 Kreglow, Carol-'SS Ladd, Richard-'56 Lamb, Robert-'Sh Long, Jayne-'58 La Rue, Elsie-'56 I Gunn, Jack-'57 Hackworth, Erdman-'57 Halbedel, Peggy CMrs.l-'53 Harman, Vivian-'56 harrod, Joe-'Sh La Rue, Norma- Sh La Rue, Patricia-'53 La Rue, Robert-'56 La Hue, Shirley-'58 Lawson, Barbara-'SS Harsh, Frances-'55 Harsh, James-'58 Hattery, Beverly-'S3 Hattery, Gary-'57 Hattery, John-'SS Hattery, Miriam-'58 Hawes, Jean-'57 Hawes, Joyce-'SS Heldman, Dennis-'S6 Heller, Joyce-'SS Heller, Laura-'56 Henry, Harold-'SS Hetrick, Alan-'57 Hetrick, Leah-'55 Hipsher, Larry-'55 Hitchcock, Ellen-'58 Hitchcock, Robert-'53 iwithdrawn Legge, Katherine-'55 Legge, William-'58 Leslie, Carolyn-'Sh Linderman, Betty-'58 Link, Sally-'Sh Long, Edison-'57 Long, Perry-'57 Lowry, Anne-'58 Main, Helen-'58 Main, Linda-'Sh Mansfield, Nancy-'55 Markle, Mary-'Sh Marling, Gerald-'Sh Marling, Eddy-'58 Marling, Irene-'56 Marshall, Jean-'53 Marshall, Jerry-'SS Martin, Kenneth-'56 Marquart, Patricia-'58 Marquart, Shirley-'Sh Mathewson, Jack-'55 May, Eileen-'Sn May, Joyce-'Sh May, Larry-'57 May, Ruth-'56 M6Cafferty, Blanche-'57 McClure, Judith-'Sh McClure, Raymonde'56 Messick, Caroline-'Sh Miller, Sally-'56 Moore, Arlene-'58 Moorman, Jeannette-'56 Moorman, Mordant-'56 Moorman, Ralph-'Sh Morehart, Linda-'58 Moss, Della-'56 Matter, Anabel-'53 Motter, Ronald-'56 4MUrray, John-'53 Murray, Marilyn-'58 Musser, Harold-'SS Musser, Lowell-'58 Musser, Marilyn-'56 M ers, Marlene-'56 M ars, Patricia-'57 Newland, Charles-'56 Nichols, Gloria-'53 Nichols, James-'57 Noe, Norman-'58 Nona aker, James-'56 Orders, Beverly-'55 Parshall, David-'56 Peper, Russell-'Sh Pratt, Sandra-'58 Pruitt., Betty-'Sh Rambo, Max-'57 Ramey, James-'55 Rayl, Gerald-'56 Rayl, Martha-'Sb Rayl, Waldo-'Su Ream, Alice-'57 Ream, Larry-'57 Risner, Barbara-'57 Roider, Ruth-'58 Romick, Alice-'5h Routson, Charles-'55 Runser, Fredrick-'53 Rush, Gary-'58 Rush, Marvin-'53 Sanders, Gloria-'58 Sanders, Patricia-'55 wwithdrawn Sanderson, Donald-'Sh Schindler, Sue-'57 Schmitz, Henry-'55 Scott, Joan-'55 Searson, Arden-'53 Shadley, Lola-'Sh Shanks, Catherine-'58 Sheldon, Shirley-'53 Shepherd, Morris-'56 Shields, Barbara-'58 Siferd , Conrad-'57 Siferd, Dianne-'56 Siferd Simon, Simon, Simon, Shnon, Simon, Sloan, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Snyder , Judith-'58 Carol-'SS Doris-'58 Sandra-'56 Sharon-'57 Sheila-'57 Dana-'Sh Ellen-'53 King-'58 Helen-'53 Jay-'56 Judith-'SS Richard-'53 Ronald-'58 Sally-'SS Steve-'57 Wayne-'58 Zona-'53 , Daniel-'53 Spallinger, Herbert-'55 Spar, Ralph-'53 Sparks , Donald-'56 Spelhnan, Patsy-'53 Stair, Stair, Staley Staley nStaley Alverna-'Sh Marian-'56 , Dianna-'57 , Karen-'58 , Kaye-'56 Staley, Kent- ' 56 Staley, Marsha-'58 Starling, Charles-'57 Stober , Carol-'5h Stober, Dortha-'58 Stober, Evalyn-'58 stan, William-'57 Stonehill, Mary-'58 Suhr, Jack-'53 Tabor, Larry-'SB Tallman, Thomas-'53 Thompson, Donald-'56 Tinsler, Marianne-'55 Tinsler, Shirley-'53 Traucht, Sara-'55 Tressel, JoAnn-'Sh Truman, Russell-'56 Umphress, Howard-'57 vanAuta, John-'56 Vandermark, Joyce-'58 Wade, Ronald-'Sh Warthman, Alice-'57 Warthman, Jean-'53 War-thman, Marilyn-'56 Webb, LaVerne-'56 Welsh, Sandra-'57 White, Charlottef-'56 Wirries, James-'58 Wirries, Juanita-'55 Wissinger, George-'53 Wblfley, Janice-'Sh Wbod, Carol-'Sh Wright, Cecil-'56 Wright, Joe-'57 Wright, Patricia-'53 Wyse, Patricia-'57 Wyss, Robert-'58 Yinger, Darlene-'57 Young, Sue-'Sh Zickafoose, Janet-'57 Zimmerly, Eugene-'57-L Zimrnerly, Robert-'58 wifi? 0 5, aw ' Qgw my iw M Shoe AL V Refs UCQJ L70 4 COMCON8? Professional Directory DENTISTS - Dr. A. L. Tipple Dr. R. E. Tipple Dr. R. B. Moyer PHYSICIANS - . Dr. John Kramer, M. D I Dr. F. M. Elliott, M. D. VETERI NARIANS - Dr. E. M. Neiswonder Dr. E. R. Rodobough CH I ROPRACTORS - Dr. F. M. Morehort Dr. Maurine Stuart CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR- Robert C. Sheldon GOOD LUCK and PROSPERITY to the CLASS OF '53 Compliments of THE CUB SANDWICH SHOP Mr. and Mrs. "Bud" Wade ADA, on-no For the Best In I WA Tcl-Iss Q CAREY I HAMILTON BULOVA I N GRUEN BOULEVARD I I AGENCY I 501 North Main Street I W. If. UMPHRESS . PHONE 88 ADA' CHIC 'EWELER A INSURANCE 204 North Main street B O N D S ADA, OHIO . I UI1 'I ' GARDNER'S DRUG STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES SODAS DRUGS ADA, OHIO BRECK'S CLOTHING SHOES DRY GOODS YARD GOODS NOTIONS Chi1dren's Clothing Ladies' Apparel TIRES AUTO - TRUCK - TRACTOR FARM TIRE SERVICE RECAPPING PARK FIRESTONE DEALER 117 South Main Street PHONE 277 ADA, OHIO Rosen c. PARK EARl'S HARDWARE PLUMBING ond ELECTRIC SUPPLIES FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES LENNOX I Worm Air Heating I PHONE 291 ADA, OHIO ' A M S T U T Z SANITARY HATCHERY Ohio - U. S. Approved Pullorum Passed Chicks Kasco Feeds Poultry Supplies Phone 118 Ada, Ohio FIELDS BAKERY Q U A L I T Y BAKED GOODS MAIN STREET ADA, OHIO Compliments of GARDNER'S SOHIO SERVICE DALE GARDNER, Mgr. Good Luck and Best Wishes To the Class of '53 From THE COLLEGE INN and INNEX Across From the Campus The Kiinglers ond Brodleys THE AHLENIUS CO. Ado's Leading Department Store "' Ready-To-Wear "' Dry Goods "' Notions "' Chi1dren's Wear "' Sports Wear "' Accessories "' Cosmetics "' Curtains FUR STORAGE FACILITIES Mercy Holderman, Mgr. --------u Pl-lone sso I I-1---I 225 North Main street MARATHON on on COMPLETE LUBRICATION BATTERY CHARGING CAR WASHING ACCESSORIES RAY LONG PHONES 325 OFFICIAL AAA SERVICE ADAUS S U PE RM A R K E T mme 1 LCCKER SERVICE P EP E R D RU GS WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE QUALITY FOOD ' ALWAYS PHONE ea ADA, OHIO PHONE 29 North Main su- t KENTON-DUNKIRK CLUM'S M A R K E T CREAMERY ICE CREAM MILK SHAKES A SPECIALTY M I L K Posteurized and Homogenized PHONE 343 WE DELIVER GROCERIES and ":' ' MEATS 223 NORTH MAIN STREET Ph 246 One Delivery Daily - OUR BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL The Ada Theatre SUPREME DRY CLEANING T CO'-E MOTOR SALES For QUALITY CLEANING Satlsfactlon Guaranteed exif" CALL 26 518 S th Main Street-Ada, Ohio 1 Opposite Ohio Northern Campus k ADA'S FORD DEMER , EUEI and GARDNER GARAGE DeSO T O - PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE 851135 'fx' I,I'ISEEQ1HSERvIrl' HARRY J. SOUSIEY INSURANCE SERVICE ond Automobile PCIrI'S Welding REPAIR SERVICE TRQZEIEIREIFE MACHINE SHOP HOSPITALIZATION PHONE 283 ADA, OHIO PHONE zoo ADA, OHIO The ADA FARMERS EXCHANGE COMPANY Dealer In GRAIN SEEDS F E E D FARM SUPPLIES PHONE 98 Compliments of , STAUEEER PLUMBING I cmd ELECTRIC . The Ado Dairy M I l K ICE CREAM I BUTTER Pasteurized Dairy Products PHONE 164 ... . ... ....T...........................- I Compliments of C . ' SCOTT'S MARKET ompllments of I GROCERIES M cC U R D Y E FRESH and FROZEN f In E V A T 0 VEGETABLES PHONE 18 I ! l I 1 1-. l The A D A H E RA LD CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES to the ADA HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1953 REESE'S SNACK BAR MAIN STREET ADA, OHIO Compliments of T H E CHARLES CO. DEPARTMENT STORE Mary Burnett C m li n f 0 P12115 0 EARL H. DOME A D A W A A ER INSURANCE AGENCY "On the Squc1re"' ADA, OHIO PHONE 110 ADA, OHIO ' GEORGE UMPHRESS I We Ccn't Repair Them All But We Con Do the Best of Them PHONE 240 ADA, OHIO Compliments of A ERNSBERGER MILLING COMPANY PHONE 205 ADA, OHIO Graduation Class of This Year Can Be In Top Spot By Being ln First Place With Chevrolet LIBERTY CHEVR0lET SALES Oldsmobile FLOWERS For All Occasions SCHOOL FLOWERS Given Special Attention P R 'E S T O N FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE ADA, OHIO PHONE 35 B A U G H M A N Compliments of GREENHOUSES BUD and ANN RESTAURANT TWO LOCATIONS Phone 7297 Ph 172 115 North Main Street K nton Ada H Ph 268 Compliments Of Hindoll and Sons INDUSTRIAL RQCFERS 125 EAST COLLEGE AVE. -ADA, OHIO PHONE 144 , I I Compliments of , CHICKEN AND SHRIMP E D D Y S ARE GOING PLACES M A R K E T MEATS GROCERIES L Harold Eddy, Mgr. PHONE asa ADA, OHIO I GARVER S' NEFIECEE iii? ' C E I WRECKING YARD L A N T Z I 303 UNION STREET FUNERAL HCMIE i PHONE 348 ADA, OHIO PHONE 223 ADA, OHIO ' I SONNETT cum-Bull! ARBCGAST H 0 T E L Basketballs Footballs Volleyballs Baseball Gloves AND Punching Bags Boxing Gloves omo-KENTUCKY REAL ESTATE M Co. MR. and MRS. W. C. ARBOGAST ADA, OHIO Compliments of VAN'S GUlE SERVICE VAN'S CORNER Routes 69 and 30N -- 4 Miles North PEEREESS ADEOEIO CLEANERS vAN's REAL Esmf HOMES BUSINESS CLEANING and DYEING F A R M 5 Satisfaction Guaranteed and Long Term Farm Loans 105 SfffTaZ2Si i EEE of PHONE ADA, OHIO V - A - N IRVIN VANDEMARK PHONE 7 117 West Lincoln I - i PURE OIL SERVICE Main and Buckeye ADA, OHIO PHONE 12 BOB MAIN PURE LUBE OIL PURE PEP PURE TIRES Accessories Lubrication PURE BATTERIES ADA HARDWARE Hanna Paint Easy Washers BENDIX APPLIANCES DUO-THERM HEATERS Phone 136 Motor Tuneup Service ADA, OHIO Compliments of GEORGE FRANKLIN STORE THE SC' 'OC' S133 gi BEDS GAMBLE sronr FOR YOUR EVER YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECLATED PHONE 58 ADA' OHIO DUNKIRK, OHIO ALLEN BARBER SHOP THE LIBERTY BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System James Orders Dealer In CRAN E EQUIPMENT MYERS cmd DURO PUMP SYSTEMS PHONE 386 128-130 South Main Street ADA, OHIO BEST WISHES HIGHWAY 0Il COMPANY GULF OIL DISTRIBUTOR CORNER OF 69 and 30S 1 ' I I 1 I REICHERT'S MUSIC STORE MER-"3.i.OZS' I INSTRUMENTS OF ALL KINDS A O COMMUNITY I SHEET MUSIC ou- and GAS and o I I. S KEROSENE ' BATONS GREASE v. c. TROWBRIDGE Phone Blue 278 BALISH Compliments of coIIIEcIIoIIEIIII I CANDIES I FOUNTAIN SERVICE I ................... Furniture and Appliance DOROTI-IY'S : THE PLACE WHERE BEAUTY SHG? I PRICE and QUALITY MEET DOROTHY POLING Owner and Operator I PHONE 1 ' I MAIN EIECTRIC COMPANY I A GOOD PLACE To BUY 112 West Buckeye Home Appliances SCHOOL SUPPLIES TELEVISION , COSM ET I CS General Electric I 51-A-I-IQNERY M ESS I C K KING LUMBER CO. Sc To 51.00 STORE ROOFING LUMBER P A I N T S PHONE 77 ADA, OHIO The Ohio Fuel Gus Co. I 216 North Main Street ADA, ol-no . l 1 Compliments of THE llMA TELEPHONE and TELEORAPH COMPANY ADA, OHIO S l O A N ' S WALLPAPER and PAINT 402 North Main Street Phone 79 J. W. MERTZ ADA, emo HARDWARE Dealer ln ' Wallpaper, Paint and Potterv BPS Points G. E L A Garden Tools S d Compliments of THE VARSITY BOOK STORE Across From O. N. U. Campus ' J h W o nson's ax P Carpenter Tool PHONE 134 ADA, OHIO .ne-Ai .fm . 9' if 1-.Q I 1'-132. 1, -.3 -Qrif 2-rf L.:-rg , W.. A., 4 C- v 1Af"' u' N,-. . .-. -I ng., -1 , , - . .ww-V -U Q 'Magik , Q ,.. A , ,Y - ' FH A V4 , 4 1 1-if 4 v- 'L 4-. . f- , ,. .,'. -. Q , "iff, 7152? .f?I?-ma: -Q -- 1 f 1..,.af Qt , ,-up - vi 1--:a:,.-41:41 -if -' ff -- f - - ' 1 ',f"A1 rw ' .ww '- ., --1 - ..: 1,.rf-t,g:, f'v?5f .m r-.: K ' ...fA'f' 2, .g f 1-. if -R f i ?- " . '- , 'aw k mx-

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