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 e toftMn W« .v»v WnSvC:. . ••:'Dedication DR. C. H. FREEMAN To Dr. C. H. Freeman the staff of 1949 respectfully dedicate this edition of “We . Before becoming superintendent of Ada schools. Dr. Freeman taught in the elementary schools and served three years as high school principal. During his superintendency he instigated the annual interclass contest. Since leaving the public schools to take up duties with Ohio Northern University, he has served twenty-five years on the Ada Board of Education. We are indeed grateful for the deep interest shown by Dr. Freeman in bettering the educational standards in the community and we extend to him our very best wishes. BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Frank Dc trick - Clerk Mr, S, D. Pepcr - Vice-President Rev, Lee Moore Mr. C, C, Roberson - Superintendent Dr. Floyd Elliot Dr. C, H. Freeman Mr. Earl Huber - PresidentThis is to express my appreciation to the 1949 “We” Staff and Adviser for their splendid work in editing this yearbook. I commend vou for your thoughtfulness in dedicating this'book to Dr. C. If. Freeman, who has given many years of sustained interest to the Ada Schools. Sincerely yours, C. C. Roberson Superintendent of Schools C. C. ROBERSON Superintendent To the Students: This task of education is a grave responsibility and a very considerable undertaking. It cannot be done overnight. It requires the skills of teachers and educators who have studied and planned them to fit the needs of the boys and girls of today. The problems that are daily met in the field of natural science, social science, English, and indeed in the whole range and scope of teaching, present a real challenge to the students it they are to live in this scientific age. I. T. WARTHMAN High School Principalfaculty ARTHUR PFEIL BARBARA WILLIAMS MARJORIE STEDCKE EDNA BUEHLER MABEL CRAWFORD FRANCES DETRICK PEARL UNDERWOOD ORLO SPRUNCER JULIA OBENOUR Secretary HAZEL TALLMAN J. J. KREGLOWFACULTY DIRECTORY Mr. C. C. Roberson - Superintendent Oakland Citv College, Indiana, B. S. Ohio State University, K. A. Mr. I. T. Warthman - Principal, History, Chemistry Ohio University, B. S. in Education Ohio State University, M. A. Kiss Marian Archibald - Social Science, English Bowling Green State University, B. S. in Education Ohio State University, M. A. Kiss Edna Buehler - English, Mathematics Ohio Northern University, A. B. Ohio State University - Bowling Green State University Kiss Label Crawford - Ass't Principal, English, Latin Denison University, Ph. B. - Columbia University, M, A. Kiss Frances Detrick - Commercial Course Elon College, North Carolina, Commercial Course Ohio State University, B. S. in Education Mr. J. J. Kreglow - Agriculture Ohio State University, B. S. in Education Kiss Eetsv McMillan - Physical Education, Science The College of Wooster, B. A. Biology, Physical Education Mr. Arthur Pfeil - Phvsics, Mathematics Ohio State University, B. S. Universitv of Cincinnati, Civil Engineering Mr. Thomas Polite - Industrial Arts, General Drawing Ohio Northern University, B. S. in Education Mr. Orlo Sprunger - Vocal, Instrumental Music Bluffton College - Ohio State University Kent State University, B. S. in Education Kiss Marjorie Stedcke - Vocal Music Ohio Northern Universitv, B. S. in Education Mrs. Hazel Tallman - Science, English Ohio Northern University, B. S. in Education Mr. Lee Tressel - Science, Physical Education, Mathematics Ohio State University - Baldwin-Wallace College, B, A. Mrs. Pearl Underwood - Social Science, English, Speech Ohio Northern Universitv, B. S. in Education Wooster Summer School Kiss Barbara Williams - Home Economics Ohio State Universitv, B. S. in Home EconomicsADA HIGH SCHOOL SONG To Ada High, our own school We raise our song today, We praise thee now, we serve thee In all our work and play. Our colors always flying, We’ll keep them ever up on high To Ada High, our own school We’ll praise thee to the sky, For high school walls and high school halls, We love thee best of all. For Ada High, our own school, We’ll alwavs fight to win; We do our best to beat them Where'er we enter in; Our players alwavs fighting, For victories they do their best. For Ada High, our own school We'll always stand the test; For high school ways and high school days, We love thee best of all.SENIOR WHO’S WHO CLASS OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Jeanette Murray Evonda McMillen Edith Mae Henry William Klingler STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES President Vice President Treasurer Hall Monitor Chairman Lovell Umphress Sara Jane Kreglov: Jeanette Murray Robert Messick ORGANIZATION HEADS Student Council Y-Teens Hi-Y G.A.A. F.H.A. F.F.A. Purple and Gold Annual Lovell Umphress Janet Harrod Harmon Binkley Marcia Marshall Florence Miller Robert Jump Patty Motter Janet Harrod COLORS: Green and :7hite MOTTO: FLOWER: IThite Rose What vre do, let us do well. Seniors ANNA JEANETTE MURRAY President EVONDA McMILLEN Vice President MABEL CRAWFORD Advisor WILLIAM CARL KUNGLER Treasurer EDITH MAE HENRY Secretary LOWELL EVERETT UMPHRESS ROBERT WAYNE MESSICK JANET LOUISE HARROD HARMON FRANKLIN BINKLEY SARA JANE KRECLOW ROBERT EDWARD JUMP MARCIA LOUISE MARSHALL PATRICIA ANN MOTTER FLORENCE M. MILLERSeniors 1949 BETTY JANE SMITH LOREN EUGENE BATTELS MAXINE HICKS AGNES MAXINE CARVER CLYDE FRANKLIN ERNSBERGER NORMA JOANNE ROMICK LLOYD LEONARD KELLER AUDREY HOVER IRVIN E. HOVER DEE KLINGLER ELIZABETH JANE GILBERT JOHN HAROLD EDDY CLARABELLE SMITH CLARENCE C. SMITH WANDA JEAN GOSSMAN %Seniors 1949 MARY ARL1S STUBER WILLARD B. BAILEY. JR. DORIS HOYT SARAH-BELLE WILLEKE JOHN WEISHAMPEL STELLA ALICE LARUE LOUIS ALLEN KROFFT DE LOIS RUTH BOWER JOE WORTHINGTON ELIZABETH CATHERINE BICKNELL ROBERT RALPH FISHER JOANNE ELIZABETH ROUTSO! DONALD GLENN PAUGH DOROTHY MAE DEARTH CHARLES WILLIAM BINKLEYNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP TEAMi '■■ h w; .:: xv v tei%%% - • ..: ■ ■ •. v ■ s m ■ - ■ IPisfeN : • ■•• • X ;• •• w v v V v ’ •• ■■' x • S ■ 1C • ••• r jftjs . .. . mm? . i mzx-JUNIOR CLASS President -------------- Vice President --------- Secretary -------------- Treasurer--------------- Student Council Members Advisers --------------- --------Joe Baughman -----Maxine Deringer -------Vernetta Reed ---------Miriam Over -------Russell Moore Lee Tinsler Bet,tv Klingler •Miss Frances Detrick Mrs. Pearl Undemood First Rorr - Joe Baughman, Maxine Derin er, Vernetta Reed, Miriam Over, Miss Frances Detrick, Mrs Pearl Underrood. Second Row - Russell Moore, Betty Klingler, Lee Tinsler, Robert Karris, Carolyn Blank, Jack Hood. Third Row - Dean Dearth, Patty Anspach, Barclay Marling, Claribel Fisher, Norman Reams, Kathryn Leslie. Fourth Row - Robert Cole, Gordon !.'oe, Blodwyn Reams, Bennv Hoyt, Darlene Brown, George Parshall. Fifth Row - David Peper, Bett - Collins, And” Parr, Uarv Alice High, David Hunsicker, Alice Miller, Raloh High, Jerm O'Brien. Sixth Row - Joan Long, Norman Smith, Helen LaRue, Don Gobin, Betty Hitchcock, Herbert Ballinger. Barbara £gin, Leo Hotter. Seventh Row - Ned Benhem, Joan right, Rv ’ Craig, Robert Binder, Clair McCurd' ’, liens Dearth, Joe BishoD, Ruth Miller. No Picture Richard Luginbuhl SOF CMORSS First Rovr - Maurice Murray (President), Rov Klingler (Treasurer), Kr. Arthur Pfeil (Adviser), Everette Swinnev, Clara Weishampel (Student Council), Donna Trov'bridge (Student Council), Miss Betsv McMillan (Adviser), Thomas Hubbell (Secretary), Sara Fricks (Vice President). Second Row - Paul McQuo’vn, Bettv Lou Marling, Keith Stober, Carolyn Ray 2, Shirlev Main, Robert Gossman, Ellen Collins. Third Row - Jean Saop, John Marshall, Bett”- Dodge, Robert Cross, Jo ce Smith, Juanita Keller, Edward Collins, Jo Ann Bicknell, William Pruitt. Fourth Row - Marvin Hicks, Betty LaRue, Ronnie Moore, Rose Ella Fox, Naomi Snallinper, Charles Moore, Shirlev Younp. Fifth Row - Louise England, Clair Romick, Delores Mathewson, Russell Deringer, Joan Diefenderfer, Norma Wright, Sarah Collins, Margaret Fisher, Jack Boutwell. No Pictures ■ - Darrell Wescott, Wallace Ravi. FRESHMEN First Row - Howard Klingler, Ronald Parshall, I'iss Archibald (Adviser), Joe Klingler (President), Jeanne Dod e (Vice President), Phil Gilmore (Secretary), Janet Welsh (Treasurer), Glenn Ernsberger (Student Council), Bonnie Mansfield. Second Row - Gene Preston, Dorothy Jump, Russell Dearth, Jovce Harrod Robert Read, Sallv Allen, Clair Kindle. Third Row - Gloria Miller, Donald Van Atta, Delores Hatterv, Neal Paugh, Clarence Garver, Martha Klingler, Donavin Zimmerlv, Joan Ream. Fourth Row - Carol Neu, Catherine Bower, Richard Marshall, Twila Candle Shirlev Harwlev, Dorothy Sanderson, Joan Thompson. Fifth Row - Phyllis Ream, Son ja Clav, Barbara Orders, Shirley Stuber.EIGHTH GRADE First Row: Miss Buehler (Adviser), Nancv Long (President), John Havs (Vice President), Antoinette Anastasi (Treasurer), Wayne Fleming (Secretary), Gloria Nichols (Student Council), Mr. Polite (Adviser). Second Row: Ralph Spar, Marv Griffith, James Crates, Dottie Zehner, Carl 'Vagner, Betty Decker, Bethel Brown, John Anspach. Third Row: Patty Wright, Charles Campbell, Shirley Tinsler, Tommy Tallman, Jeanne Warthman, Mervin Rush, Mary Fleming, Richard Smith, Patsy Spellman, Donald Mallow, Jean Marshall. Fourth Row: Bill Gilbert, Janice Grubaugh, Ralph Heise, Eunice England, Sam V.’eishampel, Peggv Clark, Daniel Snvder, Hattie Hoyt, Jerry Hipsher, Mary Traucht, Jack Suhr. Fifth Row: Helen Smith, Fred Runser, Patty LaRue, James Pope, Mildred Brown, Robert Hooper, Connie Conley, Roger Fleming, Beverly Hatterv, Richard Dicus, Beulah Branan. Sixth Row: Harry Heise, Dorothv Houser, Athel Cooper, Shirlev Thompson, Arden Searson, Shirlev Marling, George Wissinger, Shirley Battels, Clarence Garver, Ellen Smith, Charles Deringer, First Row: SEVENTH GRADE Mrs. Tallman (Adviser), Carolvn Leslie (President), Joe Harrod (Vice President), Joie Benham (Secretary), Carlos Conlev (Treasurer), Jo Ann Tressel (Student Council), Norma LaRue, Miss Williams (Adviser). Second Row: Mar.iorie Fleming, Jean Cross, Pattv Binkley, Vaughn Car-mean, Ivadean Hicks, Coralie Hiller, Peggy Bishop, Betty Pruitt, Joel Bicknell, Martha Rayl, Doris Binkley, Patty Dodge. Third Row: Betty Gardner, Stephen Bales, Eileen Ha'', Collen Craig, Walter Anspach, Alice Romick, Russell Peper, Donna Sloan, Leonard Rocssler, Mary Klingler, Martha Jordan, Ralph Moorman. Fourth Row: Justin Klingler, Judy McClure, Carolyn Messick, Robert Webb, Bettv Cunningham, Donald Sanderson, Patty HitchSock, Elizabeth Bower, Paul Allen, Carol James, Larrv Miller, Joyce May, Fifth Row: Lola Shadier, Robert Lamb, Pattv Weisner, Carol Stober, Linda Main, Eugene Zimmerly, Alverna Stair, Eddie Martin, Carol Wood, Mildred Baughman, Sue Young, Gerald Marling.OUR BUS DRIVERS OUR COOKS OUR JANITORS : V. ■5 ;- • .V T I cik J) I (I yTHE ANNUAL STAFF The staff of the 19U9 We has record of the school year 19UP and 19b9 you look at your 19ljO We in years to Pleasant memories of vour high school da endeavored to bring a complete bv pictures and write-ups. As come, we hope it will bring back ,rs. We would like to express our anpreciation to t ose who have made it passible to edit this yearbook. Our sincere thanks go to George Binkle,r who was always on hand with his camera to record our various activities with Pictures; to Miss Detrick and her verv efficient typing class for the painstaking iob of mimeographing the cages; to our advertisers for helping finance the • ■earbook. We also wish to conmend the Lima Commercial Lithograph and Blueprint Company for the fine iob on the picture pages and the Ada Herald for printing the advertisements. We especially appreciate our understanding and patient adviser, Hiss Crawford, for her helpfulness. Editor Janet Harrod Business Manager Marcia Marshall Assistants Jane Gilbert Pattv Ansnach Title pages and Letter Robert Messick Photography Editor Evonda McKillen Assistants Everette Sweeney Elizabeth. Bicknell Write-up Editor Maxine Deringer Assistants Lee Tinsler Shirley Main Snorts Editor John Eddy Assistant Irvin Hover Feature Editor Jeanette Kurrav Assistant Carolyn Ra.yl Adviser Miss Mabel Crawford Tvpists Edith Henry Dorothy Dearth Maxine Hicks Betty Hitchcock Jeanette Murray Norma Roffiick Mimeographing Adviser Miss Frances DetrickTHE PURPLE AND GOLD Editor-in-chief.,.. Business Manager... News Editor......... Feature Editor„.... Circulation Manager Social Editor...... Sports Editors...... Exchange Editor.... Inquiring Reporter. Faculty Adviser.... Printing Adviser... ................Patty Motter ..........Sara Jane Kreglow .............Maxine Deringer .............Marcia Marshall ...............Shirley Main ................Joyce Smith ...............Joe Baughman Wallace Rayl, Patty Anspach ..........Joan Diefenderfer ............Everettc Swinney .......Miss Barbara Williams ..........nMr. Thomas Polite Other members of the Purple and Gold staff are as follows: Bonnie Mansfield, Sonja Clay, Donna Trowbridge, Louise England, Danny Snyder, Evonda McMillen, Carolyn Rayl, Norma Wright, Maurice Murray, Betty Klingler, Lee Tinsler, Patsy Spellman, Jeanette Murray, Audrey Hover, Shirley Yeung, Clara Weishampel, Sally Allen, Janet Welsh, Peggy Clark, Linda Main, Mildred Baughman, Jeanne Dodge. Ten issues of the eighteenth volume of The Purple and Gold were published in 19U8-19U9 through the combined effort of the staff, faculty, administration, and community. Special features in each edition of the paper were the opinions of teachers and students voiced in editorials; In the Spotlight ; and complete summaries of all athletic events. Finances for the student newspaper are obtained through advertising by local businessmen, sale of the activity ticket, and subscriptions to the paper. Printing is done by the printing classes of Ada High School in cooperation with the Ada Herald. Members of the printing class are Lowell Umphress, Hannon Binkley, George Parshall, Neal Paugh, Joe Klingler, and Charles Moore. Outstanding issues of the 19h8-19h9 volume were a six-page Christmas issue and a special senior edition. For comparison, information, and improvement. The Purple and Gold was exchanged with eighteen high school papers in Ohio and one from Chillicothe, Illinois. Policies of the paper were upheld in all writing. Accurate and interesting accounts of all social, musical, scholastic, and athletic events were the aim of the staff writers in an attempt to produce a written and pictorial history of Ada High School.STUDENT COUNCIL President------- Vice President-Secretary— Treasurer-------- Sergeant-At-ArmS' Adviser--------- ■—Lowell Umphress ■Sara Jane Kregloir ---Betty Klingler •—Jeanette Murray ----Russell Moore ----Miss Crawford The other class representatives of the council are; Robert Messick (Senior), Lee Tinsler (Junior), Clara Weishampel, Donna Trowbridge (Sophomores), Glen Ernsberger (Freshman), Gloria Nichols (Eighth), Joan Tressel (Seventh). PURPOSE: To promote wholesome and efficient relationship between students and faculty, to foster law and order, to arouse a loyalty to Ada High Sehool and her activities, and to develop a high appreciation of fine character. The Student Council is composed of representatives elected annually from the different classes. There are four from the twelfth grade, three from the eleventh grade, two from the tenth grade, and one each from the ninth, eighth, and seventh grades, making a total of twelve members in the council. These twelve members, with their adviser, meet the first and third Monday of each month for a forty-five minute period. The council attempts to follow correct parliamentary procedure in its meetings and has its own written constitution and bylaws. The Student Council works through three general groups. The social committee, composed of three standing members and class representatives, supervises three senior high parties and two junior high parties a year. The assembly committee arranges all assemblies and schedules speakers, movies, and plays. This group is made up of the class vice presidents, and three council members. The monitors, junior and senior boys- help to control hall traffic. Among the worth-while projects which have been sponsored throughout the year by the Student Council arc: Activity Tickets Assemblies Bulldog Plates Christmas Tree and Decorations School Parties Interclass Contest and Banquet Fade-Out Titler Guy Bingham, Psvchologist New Sweeper with Hi-Y and Y-Teens.INTERCLASS CONTEST The traditional annual Interclass Contest was held in the high school auditorium March 25, 19h9. This literary contest is for the upper three grades only. The seniors won in this comnetition by taking first place in the essav and the short storv. In the oration the .juniors took first place, while in the reading the sophomores received the honors. Accordion Solo Edith Henry, Senior Oration Do We Need Better Education Wallace Rayl, Sophomore Growing Larger as the World Grows Smaller Lee Tinsler, Junior Accent on Youth In the Candy Store Dad Says So Anyhow Saturday Orders Reading Betty Smith, Senior Joe Baughman, Junior Florence Filler, Senior Joyce Smith, Sophomore Vocal Duet Shirley Main, Norma right, Sophomores Essay All Aboard Tomorrow's Leaders Education Pattv Motter. Senior Donna Trowbridge, Sophomore Maxine Deringer, Junior Short Storv Thev Are Here to Stav Uncertainty Road of Destinv David Peper, Junior Sara Kreglow, Senior Joan Diefenderfer, Sophomore Clarinet Solo Ruth Miller, Junior INTERCLASS BANQUET The annual banquet was held on Saturday evening I.arch 26, with Harmon Binkley as toastmaster. The theme of The Blue Room was approoriately carried out in the decorations. All six classes participated in the program which followed.SENIOR PLAY The High School Mystery This is the story of a play within a play. The setting is the local high school where the Senior Class of Ada High is giving the last dress rehearsal of The House of Terror before its real performance the next night. The drama coach, her assistant, and the stage manager are all present. Many complications set in during the rehearsal and The House of Terror is never finished that evening because the heroine is actuall’' abducted through a secret panel. Naturally this stops the rehearsal and the characters assume their own names and actions while solving this mystery. Ihe cast in The House of Terror Lita Mason Jerry Goodhue Jenny Russell Herbert Mason Aunt Emma Mason Paul Reed the heroine the hero the comedy maid the character man the character lady the villain was: Marcia Marshall Lowell Umphress Jane Gilbert Willard Bailey Janet Harrod Don Paugh Miss Hover Miss Willeke Red Fisher Mrs. Smith Joe Worthington Clarence Smith The other characters were: the drama coach the assistant director the stage manager Don's mother the author the sheriff Audrey Hover Sarah Y illeke Robert Fisher Betty Smith Joe Worthington Clarence Smith The curtain opens revealing the mysterious and spooky atmosphere of an old house. The last rehearsal of The House of Terror has started. Ihe characters in the play are kept on edge by the raging storm, stranpe and weird noises, and a very brooding tvpe of atmosphere. They all sense that an evil presence is hovering over than. Suddenlv the heroine faints after beinr warned b a strange voice that she must leave the cast at once or suffer the consequences. The director, believing this to be a prank played bv some member of the cast, orders the rehearsal to continue. In the next act the author of the play, whom the cast was expecting, makes his appearance. Soon after he leaves, the heroine is suddenly spirited through the secret panel by a masked man. To conclude this act the wounded and unconscious author falls from the panel on to the stage. The cast is frantic and the comedy sheriff is called. He enters with the heroine, who explains that she had screamed when her kidnapper was carrying her, and he had dropped her and fled fearing she would be heard. Suddenly a burst of maniacal laughter is heard from the auditorium doors. The boys all dash off the stage to find him except the sheriff who is too scared to move. The maniac, who had kidnapped the heroine, is finally captured but is never brought on stage. So the mvsterv is over. The play ends happily for everyone and the hero and heroine announce their engagement.SENIOR PLAYThe Junior Class presented Very Untruly Yours by Toro Taggart, December 2-3, 19ii8. Production Staff Director-------------------------------------------Miss Edna Buehler Stage Setting----------------------------------------------Mr. George Binkley Stage Set Assistants-Norman Reams, Norman Smith, Herbert Ballinger, Barclay Marling, and Ralph High. Tickets-------------------------------------------------Blodwyn Reams Program-------------------------------Barbara Agin and Carolyn Blank Promoter---------------------------------------------Kathryn Leslie Characters Bill Pollard------------------------------------------------Jack Wood Rae--------------------------------------------------Maxine Deringer Dean Drustor--------------------------------------------Lee Tinsler Lew Kelly-----------------------------------------------Joe Baughman George Crananzoup---------------------------------------Robert Cole Astra------------------------------------------------------Betty Jane Klingler Mrs. Morroonby------------------------------------------Alice Miller Helen---------------------------------------------------Patty Anspach O'Hara--------------------------------------------------Russell Moore Anna Mae Gordon--------------------------------------Betty Hitchcock Story of the Play Very Untruly Yours takes place in a county jail in a raid-western town. Bill Icllard is leading a double life—being a sedate young college professor by day and a vrriter of lurid true stories by night. He is rushing to finish the last episode of a love story for True Secrets before a five o'clock deadline when who should arrive from boston but his fiancee, Helen, and her mother, Mrs. Morroonby who is a wonderful talker. Finally, in desperation to escape he hits a policeman named O'Hara and goes to jail dreaming of the solitude he'll find there. But his dreams arc rudely chattered, for he arrives on the only visiting day of the v eek and a passing parade of pests begin. The interruption of Astra, his old maid, Anna Mae Gordon, a student, and others introduced to Bill by George Crananzoup, the jailer, provides many light moments. Things really be .an to be complicated when Mrs. Mormonby arrived to decorate the cell; Desn Drustor, his college dean, who believes he is writing a thesis and offers advice; Lew Kelly, and old college dean arrived to chew the fat , Helen to break their engagement; O'Hara; and finally a girl, mysteriously disguised. Everything turns cut all right when Lew Kelly brings drugged coffee for the Dean and Mrs. Mormonby. The girl, mysteriously disguised, turns out to be Rae, Lew's sister. She types for Bill and together they finish the script and fall in love at the same time. Bill barely meets the deadline when the Dean awakes and reveals that he is tic editor of the lovelorn magazine and receives the script as the clock strikes five.ASSEMBLIES Assemblies play a verv important part in our school activities. Each year it is the responsibility of each class to put on a forty-five minute program. In addition to class assemblies we have had chapel periods, outside speakers, and other forms of talent program. Senior Assembly Ihe senior assembly was planned by the senior social problems class. Since this year was election year the class staged a mock political convention in which speeches were given by leading candidates of both parties with William Klingler and Lowell Umphress speaking for the Democrats and John Eddy and Lloyd Keller for the Republicans. After the convention a school election was held in the library. Junior Assembly The junior assembly consisted of three parts; the first, a western scene; the second, a quiz led bv Lee Unsler; the third, a very nter-taining talk on poetry by Mrs. Maude Moore, Sophomore Assembly The sophomores put on a very entertaining plav entitled, What a Night. The scene was laid in a haunted house where a group of teenagers were having a party, and the leading parts were played by Joyce Smith and Wallace Rayl. Freshman Assembly On December 8, the freshmen presented a play called, Pampered Darling. It was a story of a mixed-up holidav with two pampered darlings, Bonnie Mansfield and Ronnie Parshall, competing against each other. Eighth Grade Assembly The eighth grade assembly had taro scenes. One showed the living room of a home where the family was listening to the radio; the other represented the broadcasting station to which they were listening. The audience enjoyed the very mysterious laughing boy contest, Seventh Grade Assembly had not vet been given at the time of publication.Y-TEENS President------------Janet Harrod Treasurer------------Evonda McMillen Vice President--Maxine Deringer Program Chairman------------Patty Hotter Secretary----------Vernctta Reed Sponsors-------Miss Marian Archibald Miss Mabel Crawford The Y-Teens is a junior branch of the national Y.17.C.A. The club is composed of junior and senior girls until the sophomore girls 31,0 invited to join in April. The club meets every Friday 5th period. Since it is a religious organization, at each meeting a devotional period is held followed by a program. Many different types of programs are presented including outside speakers, movies, talents with the club, and discussions on different types of problems confronting teen-age girls. The club is also a service organization. This year's services include giving the opening luncheon for the Federation of Clubs, sponsoring a drive for Care packages, helping buy speeper for club room, contributing to March of Dimes, each member bringing a toy to send to the Allen County Children's Home for Christmas, observing Y-Teen week by serving three days as hall monitors, giving annual Mother-Daughter Banquet, and going to the Baptist Church for morning services. The club also had candlelight services in recognition of the new members. HI-Y President----------Harmon Binkley Treasurer-------------------------Joe Baughman Vice President—------Dee Klingler Program Chairman------Lowell Umphress Secretary--------William Klingler Aponsor---------------Mr. Arthur Pfeil The Ki-Y is a division of the Young Men's Christian Association. Membership is open to all boys from the tenth through the twelfth grade. Meetings are held every Thursday 5th period in the club room. The purpose of this organization is To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Its platform is clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. In the past year, the boys not only have been striving to live up to the purpose and platform of Hi—Y but have also been a service organization. They have cleaned and painted windows in the gymnasium, helped buy new sweeper for the club room and finished payments on the basketball score board. They have also enjoyed several playnites and potlucks. Some of the programs of the year have included movie3, special speakers, discussions on modern problems and devotional periods. JOINT ACTIVITIES Since the Y-Teens and Hi—Y are very much alike in aim, purpose and platform several activities have been shared. A joint potluck and bon- fire service was held in the fall. The two orgainzations have seen religious movies together. They also combined to sponsor Easter services each morning of Holy Week.FUTURE HOME MAKERS OF AMERICA President..... Vice President Secretary..... Florence Miller Treasurer..... . .Vemetta Reed Historian..... ...Norma Wright Pariamentarian Adviser......Miss Barbara Williams Evonda McMillen ......Joan Long ...Jane Gilbert The club is composed of fifty members who have completed one year of Home Economics in high school. Meetings have consisted of movies, a Christmas party, a religious service at Easter, work on Red Cross projects, and speakers including Dr. Rodabaugh and Miss Eloise Winter. Social events consisted of a game supper with F. F. A., skating party, swimming party, dance and annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. As projects the F. K. A. made stuffed toy animals for the Red Cross and gave a Christmas program for the people of the Hardin County Home and Hospital. The Future Home Makers of America is a national organization of pupils who work together for a better and happier home life for everyone. They believe that helping to make happy homes, now and in the future, is one of the most important things that youth can do for democracy. THE FUfURE FARMERS OF AMERICA President................Robert Jump Vice President...........Lloyd Keller Secretary...........Herbert Ballinger Adviser......Mr. Treasurer.....William Klingler Reporter..................Dean Dearth Sentinel...................Leo Motter J. J. Kreglow The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of boys studying vocational agriculture. Formal meetings are held monthly. The meetings include opening and closing ceremonies and chapter business. The motto is Learning to do, doing to learn, learning to live, living to serve. The purpose of the group is to provide a fellowship for farm boys where they can discuss problems relative to life on a farm and at the same time have recreation. The club works jointly with the activities and projects the boys do as a part of their agricultural course. The F. F. A. has four major degrees. The Freshmen enter the organization as Green Hands. In the Sophomore year they become Future Farmers. They hold this degree until a member meets the required qualifications and passes the state examination for the State Farmer degree. The highest degree, American Farmer, is very seldom achieved.oOFFICE PRACTICE GIRLS The office practice group of Ada High School consists of those senior girls who are interested in learning to take care of books, operate office machines, and do the many other tasks which cause an office to run smoothly and efficiently. The girls who worked in the high school office this year are: Norm Romick, Maxine Kicks, Jeanette Murray, Dorothy Dearth, and Edith Henry. Mrs. Julia Obenour supervises this group. PROJECTION CLUB The Projection Club plays a very important part in the visual education program of our high school. The members are those boys who are interested in learning to operate the projector. Films are obtained from the Ohio State Department of Education or from various film exchanges. Each period if called upon a member is responsible for running the projector and showing the film. Mr. Arthur Pfcil is the faculty adviser and Robert Fisher is the president. LIBRARIANS John Eddy Audrey Hover Marcia Marshall Betty Klingler Claribel Fisher Faculty Elizabeth Bicknell Ilcnc Dearth Stella LaRuc Sara Jane Kreglow Louise England Adviser—Hiss Crav ford In our library arc found approximately 3000 books, 30 different weekly and monthly periodicals and 3 daily ner spapers. The librarians' v ork includes checking out and receiving books and keeping order in the library. LATIN CLUB The purpose of the Latin Club is to promote an interest in Latin both inside and outside of the club. Their motto is Ad astea per aspera (To the stars through difficulties) and their name is Romani Kodierai (Romans of today). Their colors are Roman purple and white. The officers for this group of first year Latin students are: David Hunsicker---------------------President Janet Welsh-------------------Vice President Claribe 1 Pishe r--------Sccretary-Tre usurer Miss Mabel Crawford-------------------Adviser JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL The Junior jled Cross Council assists the senior chapter in various programs. They have aided in overseas relief and have made washcloths and stuffed animals. They have also presented a program at the County Home. There is one representative from each home room. The representatives are: Vaughn Carmean Joe Ilarrod Bill Gilbert John Kays Jeanne Dodge Sarah Fricks Patty Anspach liaxine Deringcr Evonda Licilillen Miss Betsy LcKillen, AdviserGENERAL SCHOLARSHIP TEAM D.A.R. AGRICULTURE■mm :wx .• .-.v.v •••. • - V: •• I FOOTBALL Ada 19 Wapak 0 September 13 Ada 7 Bluffton Hi September 2h Ada 21 Spencerville 7 October 1 Ada 7 Carey 26 October 8 Ada 21 St. Rose 32 October 15 Ada Hi Kenton hi October 22 Ada 0 Lafayette 6 October 28 Ada 13 Forest lli November 6 Ada 13 Elida 26 November 12 With Lee Tressel as the new football coach, the Ada Bulldogs opened their annual football season with Wapak, Ada being victorious by a 19-0 count. In the next game, the Bulldogs engaged the Ada jinx , Bluff ton. The jinx still held as Ada lost 1U-7. Returning to victory's light, Ada rolled over a fast, hot, aggressive Spencerville team 21-7. Running into one of the best teams Carey has had in years, the Bulldogs Trent down 26-lli. A second half let down spelled defeat before a scrappy St. Rose team 32-21. Although playing inspired and scrappy ball at their homecoming game, the Bulldogs bowed to Kenton Ijl-lli. Lafayette proved to be a stiff opponent for the Bulldogs as Ada was defeated 6-0 in their encounter with the neighboring team. A bitterly fought game in mud and rain found Ada losing to Forest by one point, 1U-13. In the Bulldogs last game, the overpowering Elida team, downed Ada 26-13.First Row: N. Paugh, D. Hunsicker, R. Dearth, K. Stober, J. Marshall, E, Preston, L. Hotter, J. Mathewson, E. Swinney, J. Crates. Second Row: R» Klingler, T. Hubbell, J. Boutwell, T. Keller, D. Gobin, R. Moore, L. Umphress, C. McCurdy, A. Cooper, B. Klingler. Third Row: J. Baughman, A. Parr, D. Klingler, I. Hover, J. Eddy, H. Binkley, G. Parshall, J. Klingler, J. Weishampel, D. Peper, L. Battels. Fourth Row: J. Bishop, R. Marshall, P. Gilmore, D. Van Atta, R. Parshall, C. Garver, D. Zimmerly, R. Cross, C. Moore, R. Gossman.BASKETBALL Lettermen Position Remembered for Harmon Binkley Forward Rebounding ability Joe Baughman Forward Clumsiness John Eddy Guard Captain Dee Klingler Center Eye for basket Lowell Urophress Guard Bluffton tourney game Loren Battels Guard Excitableness Irvin Hover Forward Foul shots in games George Parshall Center Fouling ability Record of the Season Ada U3 Bluffton 35 Ada 29 Delphos St. John 57 Ada 26 Lima St. Rose U6 Ada 50 Carey U5 Ada 1 2 Van Wert 11 Ada 36 Lima St. Rose 55 Ada 51 Spencerville 5o Ada h9 Wapakoneta 39 Ada 39 Alumni 31 Ada 33 Upper Sandusky U1 Ada 36 St. Marys ue Ada 33 L'cGuffey 27 Ada ti2 Kenton 30 Tournament Ada 56 Dola 26 Ada L9 Lima St, Gerard 22 Ada 52 Lima St. Gerard 35 Ada iil Bluffton 38 Ada 53 Bluffton as Ada 29 Delphos St, John U3 I. Hove r, J. Baughman, j. Eddy, D. Klingler, K, Binkley, G. Parshall, L. Umphress, B. Marling, Lee Tressel (Coach), R. Moore, . L, 3attels.JOHN BINK UMP LOREN GEORGE DEE JOERESERVES JUNIOR HIGHTRACK Hurdles me Dashes 880 hUO High Jump Broad Jump Shot-out Discus Pole Vault COO Relay Team - Mile Relay Team-Coach Events and Particioants Robert Harris, Don Gobin, George Parshall, Llovd Keller, Ronnie Parshall. Loren Battels, Keith Stober, Everette Swinney. Dee Klingler, Joe Klingler, Clair I!cCurdy, Darrell Westcott, Robert Hessick, Joe Bauphman. Loren Battels, Jack Boutrrell, Keith Stober. Dee Klingler, Joe Klingler, Robert Messick. Joe Baughman, John Eddy, George Parshall, Robert Harris. Joe Baughman, Clair McCurd’', Joe Klingler, Darrell Westcott. Irvin Hover, Jack Boutrell, Andy Parr. Irvin Hover, John Edd’-', Andv Parr, Ibm Keller. Darrell Westcott, Llovd Keller Joe Klingler, Clair McCurdy, Dee Klingler, Robert Messick, Darrell Westcott, Joe Baughman. Robert L'essick, Dee Klingler, Joe Baughman, Joe Klingler Lee Trcssel Assistant coach - Ton Polite 'Ii’ack Schedule for 19li9 Ada 9ii 1 2 Lafayette 22 l 2 Ada 50 South 60 Ada 65 1 2 Upper Sandusky hi l 2 Tiffin 35 Clvde Relays Won over 21 schools 32 3A Ada Sh Shatvnee 57 Delphos 35 ■ ABC Relays Junior Olympics One of the feature attractions of this wear’s track season rras the exhibition of Olympic Champion Harrison Dillard at the A. B. C. Relays. Outstanding times to date GCO Relay - 1:37 Mile Relay - 3 A? Mot completed at time of publicationGIRL'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President.......................................Marcia Marshall Vice President................................... .Blodwyn Reams Secretary,..........................................Sara Kreglow Treasurer......................................... Joyce Smith Intramural Managers................................ Norma Romick Edith Henry Adviser.....................................Miss Betsy McMillan The purpose of the G.A.A, is to promote leadership and interest in sports among girls who are interested in athletics. Meetings are held monthly. The following is a brief resume of the meetings throughout this school year. The September meeting was the freshman iniation. A potluck preceded by a softball game was held in October, A play-nite with refreshments was the November meeting. The February meeting was the annual valentine dance, this year entitled Cupids' Beax Ball, over which a faculty chosen king and queen of hearts and attendants reigned for the evening. The organization entertained the Bluffton G.A.A. with a basketball play-nite for the March meeting. In April a farewell banquet was given in honor of the senior members. At this meeting gold pins were awarded to Jane Gilbert, Audrey Hover, Evonda McMillen, Marcia Marshall, Patty Motter, Sarah Willeke, and Norma Romick. Letters were awarded to Ilene Dearth, Mary Alice High, Betty Hitchcock, Betty Klingler, Helen LaRue, Kathryn Leslie, Blodwyn Reams, Dorothy Dearth, Wanda Gossman, Edith Henry, and Doris Hoyt, All sports medals were awarded to Sara Kreglow, Jane Gilbert, Patty Motter, Evonda McMillen, Marcia Marshall, and Norma Romick, Also the class of 'U9 was presented the all sports cup for the second consecutive year. The seniors won tournaments in kickball, basketball, and deck tennis. Points for G.A.A. awards are earned by competing in tournaments, selling at games, and attending the functions of the club. At the noon recreational period the G.A.A. sponsors tournaments in basketball, kickball, softball, volleyball, and deck tennis. The year's activities closed with a May Day celebration held May 13. The May Day queen chosen by the entire school was Edith Mae Henry with Jerry O'Brien, her maid of honor. The attendants were Joyce Smith, Sarah Fricks, Betty Collins, and Janet Ilarrod. The theme for the pageant, presented in honor of the queen, was Alice in Wonderland with Shirley Main portraying Alice and Joie Benham, the White Rabbit. Cheerleaders At an election held at the beginning of the year four energetic members of the G.A.A. were chosen as cheerleaders for the year. They are Florence Miller, Agnes Garver, Audrey Hover, and Sara Kreglow. These girls were given special letters for their splendid work as cheerleaders during the year.GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CHEERLEADERS •• ••••• ••:. A'S .V. V 0% w A BAND Officers President---------------Donald Gobin Vice President----------Pattv Hotter Secretarv-Treasurer-----Maxine Derinner Director-------------Mr. Orlo Sprunger Car nets: Oboe: Saxoohones: French Horns: Cornets: Trombones: Baritones: Tuba: String Bass: Drums: Bells: Timpani: Jo Ann Bicknell, Ruth filler, Pats' - SneHman, Jean V arthman Raloh Soar, Wavne florins, Shirlev Tinsler, Joie Benham, Bettv Decker. !'ildred Baughman Betty Dodge, Carolyn Leslie. Donald Gobin, Juanita teller, Clair McCurdy, Norman Reams. Patt-1'- ‘ otter, Joan right, far”- Alice High, Margaret Fisher Maxine Deringer, Gloria Nichols, Howard Klingler, Janet Welsh, Robert Lamb, Sam V eishampel, Carol Wood, Elizabeth Bicknell Elwood. Joe Baughman, Jack Vt'ood, Daniel Snvder, Arden Searson. Marcia Marshall, Barela-”- Marling, Benny Hoyt. Joyce Harrod Bonnie Mansfield Shirlev Young, Carolyn Ravi, Shirlev Main. Jean Dodge Lee Tinsler ORCHESTRA. Violins: Cellos: Oboe: Viola: Clarinets: String Bass: Tuba: Saxonhone: French Horns: Cornets: Trombones: Baritone: Bells: Drums: Timpani: Piano: Joyce Harrod, Helen Smith, Sue Young, Shirlev Marling, Joan Tressel, Jean Cross, Paul Allen. Claribel Fisher, Clair Weishamnel. Mildred Baughman Shirlev Main Jo Ann Bicknell, Ruth Miller, Bett,r Decker, Patsv Spellman. Bonnie Mansfield Gloria Nichols Bettv Dodge Donald Gobin, Clair McCurdy Patt - hotter, Joan Wright, Harv Alice High, Margaret Fisher Joe Baughman, Jack Wood Marcia Marshall, Barclav Marling, Benny Hoyt. Jean Dodge Carolyn Ravi, Shirlev Young, Shirley M!ain. Lee Tinsler Jean V.arthmanThe Vocal Department Mr. Orlo Sprunger is the director of the mixed chorus, boys' chorus, mixed ensemble, freshman trio, and the high school choir. Miss Marjorie Stedcke is the director of the girls chorus, freshman chorus, and girls' ensemble. The choir and girls' chorus entered the district chorus contest at Ohio Northern University. The choir received a superior rating and also entered the state contest at Springfield. The officers of the mixed chorus for the vear of 19li8-b9 were President.............Evonda McMillen Vice President....................Leo letter Secretary-Treasurer..Maxine Deringer Stage Manager...................Irvin Hover Spring Concert The music department climaxed the school year with their annual Spring Concert held on April 19, 19U9. The program was as follows: Mixed Chorus Send Out Thy Light..................................Gounod T altzing Matilda....................................Cowan Grandma Grunts.................................Bartholomew Girls Ensemble Into the Night.....................................Edwards Boys Chorus Stars of the Summer Night........................V'oodburg The Bulldog and the 3ullfrog...................College Song My Little Banjo...................................Oichmont Girls Trio In Assisi......................................Bornscheim Girls Chorus The Night Has A Thousand Eves........................Cain Lullaby.............................................Magney Mixed Ensemble Riddle Song....................................Bartholomew High School Choir Nov; the Dav is Over................................Barnby Cherubim Song..................................Bortniansky 0 Lord Redeemer.....................Sullivan - Strickling Ifca’s Castle.......................Harley - Aschenbrenner Orchestra Intermezzo Russe....................................Pranks Andante Theme.................................Tschaikowsky Lustspiel Overture.............................Ksler Bela Band Chorale - Jesus Christ My Sure Defense Overture - Shaliraar...............................Buchtel Auditorium Session.............................Deice ..otfit Overture - Mountain Majesty..........................YoderNORTHWESTERN DISTRICT CONTEST On March 26, ten vocal solois.t$ and three ensembles particoated in the Northwestern District Solo and Ensemble Contest at Bowling Green State University. The particnants were under the direction of Mr. Orlo Snrunger and Miss Marjorie Stcdcke. Those who particnated were: Soprano Bonnie Mansfield I hear a Thrush At Eve Excellent II. Shirley Main A Brown Bird Singing Altos Superior I. Norma Wright I Wonder As I Wonder Excellent II. Joyce Harrod Beloved, It is Mom. Mezzo Sopranos Superior I. Marcia Marshall Enchantment E Excellent II. Miriam Over Boat Song Tenors Very Good III. Benny Hoyt Shoes Excellent II. Leo Motter The Nomad Baritones Excellent II. Lowell Unohress Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes Excellent II. Russell Moore On The Road To Mandalay Ensembles Very Good III. Girls's Ensemble Into The Night Excellent II. Freshman Trio In Assissi Superior I. Mixed Ensemble Riddle Song Piano Soloists Excellent II. Joanne Wright Romanze Excellent II. Jeanne Dodge Minute Waltz Excellent II. The three entries who received Superior ratings at Bowling Green en tered the State Solo and Ensemble Contest at Otterbein University, Aoril di, where they each received superior ratings again.CONTEST CHOIR MIXED ENSEMBLE VOCAL SOLOISTS FRESHMAN TRIO PIANO SOLOS GIRL'S ENSEMBLE BOY'S ENSEMBLEDRUM MAJORETTES PRINCE OF PEACE CONTESTANTS SENIORS WIN INTERCLASS CUP Senior Personalities Name Ambition Song Remembered For W. Bailey Travel Around World Far Awav Places Laugh L. Battles Coach Cruising Down..The River Track Ability C, Binkle'r Farmer My Happiness Guitar H. Binkle Coach Because Ann D. Bower Art Moonlight Sonata Acting D. Dearth Receptionist Now Is The Hour Flirting J. Eddv Pharmacy Stardust Physique E. Elwood Housewife Stars And Strips Forever Rings C. Ernsberper Trade Far Away Places Grin R. Fisher Truck Driver Cruis-5 ng Dorm The River Co-operation A. Garver Teacher Haunted Heart Men Troubles J. Gilbert Nurse Far Away Places Athletic Abilitv W. Gossman Housewife Mv Happiness Muscles J. Harrod Teacher The Man I Love Many Talents E. Henrv Secretary 12th Street Rag Dimoles K. Hicks Secretary Far Away Places Hair A. Hover Nursing Night And Dav Sweetness I. Hover State Patrolman Cool YYaters Football Co-cantain D. Hovt Secretary Blue Room Dark E,res R. Jump Farmer Cool Waters Muscles L. Keller Coach A Little Bird Told Me Football Co-captain D. Klingler Basketball Coach Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bluffing ’7. Klinrrler Farmer Lavender Blue Ford S, Kreglow Be Happy Stardust Football Queen L. Krofft Mechanic Blue Danube Motor Scooter S, La Rue Teacher Far Away Places Shyness F. Miller Col]ege In The Garden Evening Visitors E. KcMillen Teacher Deep Purole Blondie M. Marshall College-And Then! Far Away Places Voice R. Messick Pharmacy The Lone Ranger Handsomeness P. 1'otter Success Deep Purple Brains J. Murray Teacher Indian Love Call Class President D. Paugh Grocery Clerk Far Array Places 31orring His Nose N. Romick Secretary On A Slow Boat To China Blushing J. Routson Housewife You Y ere Only Fooling Laziness B. Smith Nursing Blue Room Soft Voice C. Smith Farmer Far Array Places TVrin C. Smith Beautician Blue Room Twin L. Umohress Printing Prisoner Of Love Mustache J. Weishampel Undecided As Time Goes By Wise Cracks S. T iHeke Nursing Old Kan River Prcttv E-,res J. Worthington Businessman Stardust WalkG.A.A. KING AND QUEEN G.A.A. VALENTINE DANCE F.H.A. 5UPPER Y-TEEN MOTHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET FEA. 5UPPER F.HA. MOTHER-DAUGHTER BANQUETJeepers Those Juniors Barbara's bashful and sweet, and alwavs looks neat. If you want to find Pat, ask Lauren-rthey often chat. Herbie'S wise cracks in class, make him tops with his lass. In sports he steals the show and of course we mean Joe. Ned is small and liked by all. We think Joe Bishop's quite a guy, and of course you all know the reason why. On skates she is fast, therefore Carolyn's never last. Darlene's favorite car is blue, because of you know who. Bob Cole is fond of a certain blond. Betty Collins is shy but easy on the eve. English and history bother Roy, but mathematics to him is a joy. This girl is a scream; her name is Ilene. Dean has a little black car in which he and Edith travel far. Maxine is one of the full-hearted fold; heart and hair of pure gold. Claribel is quite a gal, she's always been a real pal. Donnv is a star in track, pep and speed he doesn't lack. Bob Harris doesn't like to studv; nevertheless he's ouite a buddy. Marv Alice likes to sing, which we think is a swell thing. Ralph High, as you all know, is always known to steal the show. Hitchie is known for her superb wit, and vrith us she has made quite a hit. Bennv has a swell tenor voice,with us he always rates first choice. Dave Hunsicker, alwavs wonders whv we couldn't let him pass English bv. Bettv Klingler has her career all planned, a nursing profession is hfer demand. This gal's name is Helen LaRue, she likes basketball and volleyball, too. In one certain thing she reallv rates, of course we mean Kate Leslie on skates. One swell person is Joan Long, her whole liffe seems .to be a song. Could it be Joan Ream that alwavs makes Dick Luginbuhl beam? He'll make a composer we declare, of course we mean none other than Clare. Our next guy is Barclay Marling, he thinks a certain junior is a darling. Next is Alice, our class clown, for her pep'and jokes She deserves, a crown. Ruth Miller's vigor on the basketball floor, makes us like her even more. A swell person to know is Gordon Moe. The junior class Romeo is Ruse, over him the girls make quite a fuss. Leo reallv gets around, it seems he is known all over town. Ibis gal has received top dancing fame and as you all know, Jerrv is her name. Miriam's grades are never low, this her grade card will always show. A very tall person is named Andv, on the ball team he should be handy. George Parshall is known for his excellent diving, a goal for v'hich we are all striving. Blond, thin, and tall is Dave; when he walks past the girls all rave. When we see Blodwyn walking bv, she's usually with Gene, that certain guv. Norman Reams is rather tall and he is really on the ball. Vernetta alwavs does her part and it seems Bob has stolen her heart, Norman Snith is quite a guy, although he is a little shy. Lee is known for his numerous travels, and the largest words he unravels. Jack Wood as an actor would receive good oav, he had the lead in our class plav. At the piano she is a star, we know Joan will go verv far. To our advisors, orchids we oive, and wish them success as long as thev live. Here's to the junior class the best in the land. And to the friends we've made, we think thev're grand. This turned out to be ouite fun, but now tfe think w£'d better run.SOPHOMORE DATA What's In A First Name? Tom Kubbell----------A twin Ronnie Moore---------Strong Roy Klingler---------A king Joyce Smith--------Sportive Bill Pruitt---------Defender Carolyn Rayl--------Valiant Darrell Wescott-------Noble Shirley Main------Agreeable Sara Fricks------Noble lady Betty LaRue-------Vivacious Shirley Young-------Standard Donna Trowbridge-----A lady Wallace Rayl------From ’. ales Margaret Fisher-----A pearl Sarah Collins----A princess Jo Ann Bicknell----Precious Naomi Spallinger----Pleasant Keith Stober—A windy place Faul McQuown—Small, gentle Betty Marling-----------------Oath of God Russell Dcringer-----------------Red-haired Clair ftomick--------------Famous, bright Norma Wright---------------A rule, modern Bob Cross----------------Bright in counsel Everette Swinney--------------Ever honored Jack Bout-well------------The Lord's Grace John Marshall-------------The Lord's Grace Charles Moore------------Of great strength Juanita Keller------------The Lord's Grace Robert Gossman-----------Bright in counsel Maurice Murray-----------Of dark complexion Joan Diefenderfer---------The Lord's Grace Eddie Ccliins--------Guardian of happiness Jerry Mathewson-------Exalted of the Lord Clara Weishanpel---------Brilliant, Shining Marvin Kicks----A ridge of very high hills Rose Ella Fox—The rose, a symbol of love Louise England—Protectress of the people FRESHMAN POPULARITY POLL Most Fopular Girl-------- Most Popular Boy--------- Best-looking Girl-------- Best-looking Boy--------- Neatest Appearing Girl— Neatest Appearing Boy---- Girl With Prettiest Hair-Boy With Prettiest Hair-Girl With Prettiest Eyes-Boy With Prettiest Eyes— Most Co-operative Girl- Most Co-operative Boy---- Peppiest Girl------------ Peppiest Boy------------- Most Athletic Girl------- Most Athletic Boy-------- Most Bashful Girl-------- Most Bashful Boy--------- Most Intelligent Girl---- liost Intelligent Boy---- ----Dorothy Jump -Ronnie Parshall -----Sally Allen -Donald Zimmerly -------Joan Ream ------Neal Paugh —Shirley Hawley ----Clair Kindle ---Twila Candler -Howard Klingler ---Gloria Miller -Clarence Garver ——————Sonja Clay ----Phil Gilmore -----Janet Welsh ----Joe Klingler —Delores Hattery ----Gene Preston •Bonnie Mansfield ■Glenn Emsbergerw EIGHTH GRADE FEATURE Noted For Height Blend Hair Sports Ability Dates With Darrell Mischievousness Boyfriends Flirtations Bright Colors Laugh Piano Playing Love Letters 3rains Clothes Class President V ise Cracks Tonboy Arties High Voice Chuffing Y.ith Upperclassman Tall Stories Views on Women Suffrage Sleepness Blue Eyes Pug Nose Margaret Whiting Butch Haircuts Name Ralph Spar Eunice England Vayne Fleming Gloria Nichols Jerry Hipsher Antoinette Anastasi Bill Gilbert Jack Suhr Danny Snyder Jeanne Y'arthman Beulah Branan Pat Spellman Shirley Thompson Nancy Long Dick Smith Dottie Zehner John Anspach Charlie Campbell George Kissinger Tommy Tallman Robert Hooper Connie Conley Hattie Hoyt Helen Smith Sam Keishampel U . Adam T Lewis 21 Justin 13 Rose IT Kay 19 Louise 11 Boyd Fern Gordon 10 Regina IF Eugene IT June IF Ray F Marie 12 Arlene jT Sharee ?0 Kay 17 Lucille T} Lee 1 Clyde Joan 22 Carl y F.llen MIDDLE NAMES GUESS WBOSES? 1. 2. 3. h. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Hi. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. Robert Lamb Eileen May Norma LaRue Steve Bales Carol James Joel Bicknell Doris Binkley Jean Cross ”;aldo Ravi Colleen Craig Ralph Moorman Judy McClure Alice Romick Donald Sanderson Lola Shadley Larry Miller Donna Sloan Glenn Zimmerly Marjorie Fleming Susan Young Larry Klingler Eddie Martin Joe HarrodSCHOOL CALENDAR (19U8-19U9) SEPTEMBER 7------First Day of School ]0------Preliminary Football Oane at Bluffton Election of Class Officers 17------Wapakoneta Football Game 22------Who's Who Assembly Y-Teen Hi-Y Potiuck and Campfire 21;-----Bluffton Football Game 29 ----Chapel Program: Rev. Moorehead G.A.A. Initiation 30 ----Mo School: County Fair OCTOBER NOVEMBER(cont) 1----Spencerville Football Game 6----Movie: Tom Brown's School Days 8----Carey Football Game 13----Junior Class Assembly Ohio History Test lU----Lima St. Rose Football Game IB----Assembly: Y.M.C.A. Song Leader 20----Chapel Program: Rev. Walker 22 ---Kenton Football Game: Senior Day 23 ---Queen's Ball 26 ---F.H.A. F.F.A. Halloween Party 27 ---Senior Assembly: Mock Election 28 ---LaFayette Football Game 17 ---Chapel Program: Rev. Moore Teacher's dinner 18 ---F.H.A. F.F.A. Game Supper 21----Junior High Party ----Assembly: Talent Program 25----Thanksgiving Vacation 29----Football Banquet No school: Teachers meeting at Toledo DECEI.BER NOVEMBER U---Assembly: Scotch Highlanders 6---Forest Football Game 9——Senior Pictures Taken 10---Assembly: Amercian Legion Boy's Chorus 12 -Elida Football Game 13 -Sadie Hawkin's Day Party lit--Local Prince of Peace Contest 16--- Individual Pictures Taken Hi-Y Playnight 1----Chapel Program: Rev. Thompson 2,3---Junior Class Play 7----Bluff ton Basketball Game C----Ninth Grade Assembly 10----Lima St. Rose Basketball Game ill---F.H.A. Christmas Program at Hardin County Home 15----Speech Class Assembly 17 ---Van Wert Basketball Game 18 ---G.A.A. Volleyball Game 21——Spencerville Basketball Game 22 ---G.A.A. Christmas Party 23 ---Christmas Vacation BeginsSCHOOL CALENDAR (19UC-1919) January 3---School Reopens h---St. Marys Basketball Game 7 -Assembly: Jerry McSafety 11 -Dola Basketball Game 12 -Chapel program: Rev. Getter 18 -Bluffton Basketball Game 19 -Movie: Silver Skates 20 -First Semester Exams 21 -First Semester Exams Delphos St. John Basketball Game 25---Carey Basketball Game 27,28-Organization Faculty Pictures Taken 29---G.A.A. Basketball Game at Kenton FEBRUARY 1---Y apakoneta Basketball Game 2-3—Farmer's Institute 1 --Upper Sanuushy Basketball Game 5---Senior Scholarship O.S.U. Agriculture Tests 9-10—Ada Fire Department Play 11---McGuffey Basketball Game Jj,l5,19District Tournament 16---Sophomore Assembly 19---Senior Class Bake Sale 20-27-Y-Tccn Week 22 -No School: Washington's Birthday 23 -Assembly: Northern Choir Y-Teen Mother-Daughter Banquet 25----Hi-Y Dance MARCH 1 -F.H.A. Skating Party -Dr. Bingham: Psychologist 2 -Chapel program: Rev. Tinslcr 8 -Local Solo Elimination Contest Assembly: Mr. Covey 12—-Senior High Party Junior Clas3 Bake Sale lli-Eighth Grade Assembly G.A.A. Playnight With Bluffton 23--Honor Society Assembly and Tea 25--Interclass Contest MARCH (cont) 26-—District Solo Ensemble Contest at Bowling Green Interclass Banquet 30----Latin Class assembly APRIL 2 --District Band Chorus Contest at O.N.U. 5 --Track-meet: Lafayette 6 -Special Speaker: Mr. Gist 12 -Track-meet: Lina South 11-lU-Holy Week Services Hi---Easter Vacation Begins 19 -School Reopens Spring Concert 20 -Talent Assembly G.A.A. Softball Game at Kenton 21 -Track-meet at Tiffin G.A.A'. Senior Farewell Banquet 22 -Eighth Grade Test F.H.A. Dance 23 -State Solo 1 Ensemble Contest at Otterbein University 25----Hi-Y Potluck 27---Assembly: Home Economics Department 29 --Clyde Relays 30 -Junior High Party MAY 3 --Track—meet: Lima Shawnee 5,6--Senior Class Play 7 --General Scholarship Tests 10 -ABC Relays 11 -Seventh Grade Assembly 13 -May Day: Sponsored by G.A.A. Hi---State Chorus Contest at SpringfieM 16---Recognition Assembly 19,20-Senior Exams 21 -Junior-Senior Banquet Prom 22 -Baccalaureate Service 2h---Class Night 21 , 25-Final Exams 2 6--Corcraeucement Exercises 27---Last Day of School Alumni BanquetHISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 19h9 Twelve years ago in September, 1937, the members of the class of 19U9 began their long climb to the top of the ladder of learning; eighteen of our class began here in Ada, with eight attending the old south building and ten at the north building. Several have joined us along the way and now we U3 members sit before you to review the years of our school life. Our first experiences with teachers began with Hiss Reese and Hiss Wehe, who made many attempts to teach us the fundamentals of reading and counting; Miss Povonmirc and Hiss Whitworth decided that spelling would be our fate in the second grade, while Miss Kelly and Miss McBride in the third grade taught us everything a third grader should know. Miss Kearns and Miss Wagner made multiplication and division ever so easy for us in the fourth grade. This year several of our classmates had parts in the grade school operetta, The Forest Court. During the fourth year in school the north and south buildings were joined and our class came together for the first time in the present grade building. Miss McWilliams and Miss Wagner eagerly assisted us in furthering our education in the fifth grade. As we entered the sixth grade Mrs. Underwood and Mrs. Tallman explained our position as the oldest students and we were really made to feel grown-up. We were invited by the seventh graders to visit the high school for one day, but were very confused by the number of students, teachers, and bells. Our sixth grade promotion was the greatest day for us to remember. As we came into junior high school, Mrs. Hawk and Mr. Danford met us, willing to help us to begin our six-year stay in Ada High School. The electing of class officers and a Student Council representative, becoming members of orchestra and band, and attending junior high parties were new to us and our class began to anticipate many exciting things. Mrs. Tallman and Hr. Danford, as advisers, led us in the eighth grade. We all remember making up time for talking in home room, and because we liked to talk so well, most of us joined the newly organized eighth grade debate club. V hen at the close of our first eight years of education we competed in the state eighth grade examination, Patty Hotter ranked first in the class. The first year in high school found us entering many of the high school activities, such as freshman chorus, GAA, GIIA, FFA, and boys' sports. Dee Klingler served as president and Mrs, Anspach and Miss Buehler as sponsors of our class that year. We now attended the senior high parties and donees and were able to make our own choices of subjects. Several members of the class participated in the general scholarship examinations for the first time. John Weishampel was chosen to lead the class during the sophomore year and Mrs. Reichcnbach and Miss Buehler were our sponsors. We tookpart in the Interclass Contest for the first time, and, although we didn't win, we gave the other classes good competition. Sophomore boys joined Ki-Y that year, and in the spring the girls became Y-Teens. Our class assembly was a one-act play, Keeping Kitty's Dates, which gave us good experience for our junior and senior class plays. During the junior year, Patty Hotter served as president; Evonda McMillen, vice-president; and Janet Harrod, secretary-treasurer. Plans were started early for the production of the junior class play, Brides to Burn, which was a hilarious comedy directed by Hiss Edna Duehler. Our class entered the Interclass Contest again, and tied for second place. Several members of the class participated in the mixed choir, which received a superior rating in the state contest. In athletics both boys and girls made outstanding records. The climax of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom in honor of the class of 19U8. We all remember the fun and work we had in carrying out our Rainbow theme, with Mrs. Pearl Underwood directing the plans. Enthusiasm marked the entire efforts of the class of 19U9 as we entered the last year in Ada High School, Officers elected for this year were Jeanette Murray, president; Evonda McMillen, vice-president; Edith Henry, secretary; and William Klingler, treasurer. Miss Crawford was our sponsor. Senior Day was observed with Sara Jane Kreglow reigning as queen, and Janet Harrod and Audrey Hover, attendants. Seniors entered many activities, among which were scholarship tests, athletic contests, music programs, and literary events. A mock political rally depicting major party candidates of the 19U8 national election -was given by the senior social problems class, followed by a school-wide election. Success came to the seniors with victory in the Intcrclass Contest, and the U9'ers were guests in the 31ue Room at the Interclass banquet. Edith Henry was chosen Hay queen and Janet Harrod one of the attendants for the May Day program sponsored by the GAA, As the senior play, The High School Mystery was produced, coached by Miss Buehler, Patty Hotter was chosen valedictorian and for the first time in the history of Ada High School co-salutatorians, William Klingler and Stella LaRue, were named. Like the U9'ers of a century ago, we have reached our goal and now with our riches are leaving to use them to the best advantage. Our search for knowledge has given us many cherished experiences and we all regret that now they are only memories. With such success in the past, we leave Ada High School with high hopes for the future. By - Patty Hotter Robert MessickCUSS PROPHECY After a ten vear lapse of time we are eager to find to what extent the U9 'ers have reached their various goals and how successful they have been in their chosen fields of work. It is with much difficulty that v e finally gained the following information about our classmates: Loren Battles, United States representative in the National Olympics, is the world's champion mile runner. Red Fisher is a permanent truck driver for the Hit and Hiss Trucking Corporation. DeLois Bower has replaced Lulu McConnell on the It Pays to be Ignorant radio program. Stella LaRue has taken over Norman Rockwell's .job as artist for the Saturday Evening Post. Sgt. Irvin Hover, state patrolman, is busily engaged in promoting law and order in the crowded streets of Columbus, Ohio. Dee Klingler has taken over Coach Fesler's duties as coach and physical education instructor at Ohio State University. Marcia Marshall is co-starring with Mvron Nelson in the screen hit, Sing and Be Happy. Florence Miller has replaced Irene as Hollywood's leading fashion designer. Clarence Smith is serving as deputv sheriff of Hardin Countv. Don Paugh has added Jack Benny's car to his collection of Model T's and Model A's. Patty Hotter is a possible candidate to be the first woman to hold the position as President of the United States. Sara Jane Kreglow is a nationally known v riter of short stories. Harmon Binkley is Shawnee troop leader and specializes in firebuilding. Bob Jump is president of the Ohio Farmer's Association. Mary Stuber has achieved world-wide fame as one of the greatest poets since Shakespeare. Doris Hovt is cashier at Alber's Super Market in Akron, Ohio. Joe Worthington is a famous author and is busy writing scenarios for his mystery plays. Charles Binklev is head of the Ohio Conservation Program. Joan Routson is president of the Ohio Bab-1'- Sitter Association. Evonda McKillen is dividing her time between elementarv teaching and her duties as a housewife.Willard Dailey is professor of dramatics at Ohio Northern University. Clyde Ernsberger is chief executive of the Why, ’.There, and When detective agency and is assisted by his secretary wife, the former Maxine Hicks. Clarabelle Smith, a prominent beautician, is the founder of the Curly Wave Hone Permanent. Agnes Garver is test driver for Ford Manufacturing Company, fulfilling her last speed record of 150 Miles an hour. Louis Krofft, head mechanic for the Ford Co., is standing close by. Norma Romick finds it impossible to take dictation and sit on her boss's lap at the same time. Billy Klingler, former salutatorian, is recognized as the best M. D. (Medical Doctor) in the world. Jane Gilbert is working as a maid for Isabella Hotchscotch of Long Strait Heights, N. Y. Dorothy Dearth is fulfilling her duties as a farmer's wife. Elizabeth Bicknell is enjoying her duties as a housewife in a house trailer. Janet Harrod, who was voted as the Best Teacher of 1959, has retired with the 325,000 she won. Edith Mae Henry had a big thrill recently when she was crowned as Queen for a Day in New York, Lloyd Keller, after winning several championships in the Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament, has finally settled down to farming. Audrey Hover, former graduate nurse, is enrolled as one of the famous Powers Models. John Eddy is taking private lessons at La Guardia Airport in New York under the supervision of his instructor, Robert Messick. Jeanette Murray, former class president, has signed a contract with R. K. 0. replacing Rite Haworth. John Weishampel is a world-wide known pitcher of the Catch it or Miss it baseball team, winner of the 1959 World Series. Sarah V illeke was voted as the Average American Mother of 1959 with a total of eleven children. Wanda Gossman is finding it difficult to manage her duties as a housewife with the little Browns getting in mischief. Roy Grubnugh is seen walking his beat at night in Ada, Ohio. And so GOOD LUCK to the class of 19U9. By — Betty Smith Lowell UmphressSENIOR CUSS WILL We, the Senior Class of Ada High School, on this twenty-fourth day of May in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-nine, being of sound and healthy mind do ordain and establish this as our last will and testament. I. To Ada High School we pledge our loyalty and support in all its undertakings . II. To the faculty we bequeath our gratitude and appreciation for their guidance and understanding during our twelve year journey. III. To all future classes of Ada High School we will the following special privileges: 1. Eating lollypops at noon U. Suggestion box in the office 2. A party every 'week 5. Flying airplanes during assemblies 3. Social conversations in the library 6. Playing on the front lawn IV. To the senior class of 1950 we bequeath the senior homeroom and its many benefits. We also leave the special rights of attending the Junior-Senior Prom, giving a senior play, taking a senior class trip, partici- pating in the Interclass Contest, paying for the upkeep of Miss Crawford's gavel, and sitting in senior section of the auditorium. May the above give you much happiness and cherished memories. V. Our treasure of gold nuggets we leave to the following friends: Willard Bailey wills his booming voice to David Hunsicker. Loren Battles bequeaths his track ability to Keith Stober. Charles Binkley leaves his ability to play the harmonica to Dick Smith. Harmon Binkley wills his butch haircut to Jack Wood. DeLois Bowers wills her bright remarks to anyone who can think of them. Dorothy Dearth leaves her optimistic outlook to Sad Sack of the comics. John Eddy bequeaths his tallness, darkness, and handsomeness to Chuck Deringer. To Bob Cross, Clyde Emsbergcr leaves his quiet, unassuming ways. Bob Fisher leaves his co-operativeness to no one as no one can live up to it. Agnes Garver wills her flirtiness to anyone that can get away with it. To Betty Jane Klingler, Jane Gilbert leaves her pencils and paper for notewriting. Wanda Gossman bequeaths her strength to Joie Benham.(May it protect her, too.) Janet Harrod leaves her heart in Ada while attending Bowling Green University. Edith Henry wills her dimples to Jeanne Dodge—and may she have the same luck. To Roy Klingler, Maxine Hicks bequeaths her curly hair. Audrey Hover wills her good memory to Clair Lie Curdy.Irvin Hover wills his technique to get around on the football field and elsewhere to Leo Hotter. Doris Hoyt wills her slimness to Shirley Stuber. Bob Jump wills his jumps to the kangaroo in the Toledo Zoo. Lloyd Keller leaves his laugh to Trigger, Roy Roger’s horse. Marcia Marshall and Dee Klingler leave their love spats to Joyce Smith and Joe Baughman. To Bill Gilbert, Bill Klingler bequeaths his ability to square dance. Stella LaRue wills her quiet disposition to Mary Klingler. Bob Messick bequeaths his scientific ingenuity to Andy Parr. Flo Miller leaves her vim and vigor to the nearest turtle. Patty Hotter bequeaths her knowledge of good English to Herb Ballinger. Jeanette Murray leaves the Interclass Cup in the care of Maurice Murray. (Y e want to keep it in the family.) The knack of taking a long time to say little, Don Paugh wills to Claribel Fisher. Betty Smith wills her blushing cheeks to Shirley Tinsler. Claribclle Smith and Louis Krofft leave Ada High holding hands. While in the Hay; , Clarence Smith wills his mustache to Bob Harris. Mary Stuber wills her ability to get acquainted with the college students to Ilenc Dearth. Lowell Umphress bequeaths his printing ability to George Parshall. To Jerry Hipsher, John Weishampcl leaves his ability to got assignments. Sarah Belle Willeke leaves her Belle to the new grade school. Joe Worthington wills his slow driving to Dean Dearth. Joanne Routson bequeaths her singing ability to Lee Trcssel. To Carolyn Rayl, Norma Romick v ills her cheery personality. Roy Grubaugh wills his interest in school to Paul McQuown. We, the undersigned, close this treasure chest of nuggets and affix our seal to same with high hopes and courage for the future. By - Sara Jane Kreglow Evonda McMillenTEL1PUS FUGIT As the earth goes revolving through space And time parades in an unending race, We, the Senior Class, must prepare To accept life's mirth and despair. In these twelve full and precious years of school, Together we've studied, lived, and thought In close communion with those who helped us To apply to life what we've been taught. Those hours of golden laughter We've spent together in fun, Will echo throughout life's trials As we take our place in the sun. And so we say farewell To the part of our life which is gone. Though in far corners we may dwell Our lives must still go on. As we tread the path of our future With our heads held high in the air, We'll ne'er forget the memories Our thoughts will always bear. By - DeLois Bower Stella LaRueBACCALAUREATE SERVICE Methodist Church Sunday, May 22, 19U9 8:00 P. H. Rev. DeVere Walker ------------ Pastor In Charge Mr. 0. 0. Sprunger ------------ Miss Marjorie Stedcke ----------- Organ Prelude Processional • Invocation - -- -- -- -- -- -- - Dr. Herman Getter Hymn, Come Thou All Mighty King - - - - Audience CM 2? 1 » 1 1 Vocal Solo - -- -- -- -- -- -- - - 0. 0. Sprunger Scriptrue Reading - -- -- -- -- -- - - Rev. Carl Clura Music - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - Baccalaureate Sermon, The Best Years of Your Lives Rev. Lee C. Moorehead High School Choir Music - -- -- -- -- -- -- - - - High School Choir Benediction - -- -- -- -- -- - -Rev. LeRov A. Ihompson RecessionalCLASS NIGHT High School Auditorium May 2li, lQii9 8 PM Address of Welcome. Vocal Solo Oration Salutatorian Accordion Solo Class History Robert Messick Oration Salutatorian Girls1 Ensemble.... . The River Sinn Music When Soft Voices Die Kramer Joan Routson, Audrey Hover, Wanda Gossman, Dorothv Dearth, Norma Romick, Sara Vfilleke Class Prophecy Lowell Umphress Class Poem Stella LaRue Piano Solo Class Will Evonda I.'ci'illen Vocal Solo Oration Valedictorian Class Song ,...Janet Harrod I'arcia f'arshallSixty Seventh Annual coii'sncaiSNT High School Auditorium Thursday, May 26, 19U9 8:00 P. M. Processional - -- -- -- -- - Invocation ----------- Music, Rosmand Overture ------ High School Orchestra Presentation of Speaker - - - - - Address ----------- Music - -- -- -- -- -- Presentation of Class ------- Presentation of Diplomas ------ Benediction - -- -- -- -- Recessional - -- -- -- -- - - High School Orchestra - - - - Rev. Lee M, Moore ------- Schubert C. C. Roberson, Superintendent - - - - Dr. C. H. Freeman • - - Senior Mixed Ensemble - I. T. V arthman, Principal Earl C. Huber President, Board of Education • - Rev. LeRov Thompson - - High School OrchestraSENIOR DIRECTORY Bailey, Willard General Scholarship Test 1,2,3 Hall Monitor 3,it Hi-Y 2,3,it Junior Class Play Latin Club 2 Projection Club it Purple Gold Staff 3 Interclass Contest 2,3 Senior Scholarship Team Track it Senior Play Battels, Loren Basketball 3,it Football Manager it Hall Monitor it Hi-Y 3,it Intramurals 2,3,it Projection Club 2,3,it Track 3, it Bicknell, Elizabeth Annual Staff it Band 3,it F. H.A. 1,2,3,it Contest Chorus 3,it Freshman Chorus 1 G. A.A. 2,3,it General Scholarship Test 1 Girls' Chorus 2,3,it Librarian it Mixed Chorus 2,3,it Orchestra 1,2 Y-Teen 3,it Binkley, Charles Boys' Chorus it Hi-Y 2,3,it Mixed Chorus it F.F.A. 1 Binkley, Hamon Basketball 2,3,it Contest Chorus 3,it Football 1,2,3, it Hall Monitor it Hi-Y 2,3 President it Mixed Chorus 3,it Bower, DeLois Freshman Chorus 1 G.A.A, 3,it Girls' Chorus 2,3 Intramurals 1,2,3,it Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Y-Teen 3,it Dearth, Dorothy Annual Staff 3,it Contest Chorus 3,it F. H.A. 1,3,it Freshman Chorus 1 G. A.A. 1,2,3, it Girls' Chorus 2,3,it Intramurals 1 2,3 Mixed Chorus 2,3,it Office Practice it Solo fie Ensemble Contest 3 Y-Teen 3,it Eddy, John Annual Staff it Basketball 2,3, Hon. Captain it Football 1,2,3, it General Scholarship Test 3 Hall Monitor it Hi-Y 2,3,it Intramurals 1,2,3,it Junior Class Play Librarian it Period Monitor 2 Projection Club 1,2 Freshman Chorus 1 Ernsberger, Clyde Boys' Chorus it Freshman Chorus 1 Hall Monitor it Hi-Y 2,3,it Mixed Chorus it Track it Fisher, Robert Basketball Manager 3 Football Manager 2,3 Freshman Chorus 1 Hall Monitor 3,it Hi-Y 2,3, Social Chairman itFisher, Robert con't Intramurals 1,2,3 U Projection Club 1,2,3,It Track h Senior Play Garver, Agnes Cheerleader U F. H.A. 1,2,3,U Freshman Chorus 1 G. A.A. 1,2,3,U Intramurals 1,2,3,U Mixed Chorus 2 Librarian 3,U Purple Gold Staff 3 Y-Teen 3,U Girls' Chorus 2,h Contest Chorus 2 Gilbert, Jane Annual Staff 3,U F. H.A. 1,2,3,U Freshman Chorus 1 G. A.A. 1,2,3,U Girls' Chorus 2 Intramurals 1,2,3,1; Junior Class Play Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Y-Teen 3,1; Senior Play Gossman, Wanda F. H.A. 1,2,3,U Freshman Chorus 1 G. A.A. 2,3,1; Girls' Chorus 2,1; Intramurals 1,2,3,1; Mixed Chorus 2,3,1; Y-Teen 3,1; Harrod, Janet Annual Staff 2 Ass't Editor 3 Editor U Assembly Committee 2 Class Vice President 2 Secretary - Treasurer 3 Contest Chorus 3,U D.A.R. Scholarship Test U Football Queen Attendant U Freshman Chorus 1 G.A.A. 1,2,3,U General Scholarship Team 2, It Girls' Chorus, Accompanist h Interclass Contest 3 Harrod, Janet con't Intramurals 1,2,3 Junior Class Play Latin Club President 2 Librarian 3 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3, Accompanist U Orchestra 1,2,3 Period Monitor 2 Purple Gold Staff, Social Editor 3 Senior Scholarship Team 1; Student Council 1 Y-Teen, Secretary 3, President U National Honor Society It Senior Play Henry, Edith Band 1,2,3 Class Secretary U Contest Chorus 2,3 F. H.A. 1 Freshman Chorus 1 G. A.A. 2,3, Intramural Manager U Girls' Chorus 3 Intramurals 1,2,3,U Mixed Chorus 2,3 Office Practice U Orchestra 2,3 Y-Teen 3,U Hicks, Maxine Annual Staff h F. H.A. 1,2,3,U Freshman Chorus 1 G. A.A. l,2,3,b Girls' Chorus 3 Intramurals 1,2,3,U Mixed Chorus 3 Office Practice U Y-Teen 3,U Hover, Audrey Contest Chorus 3,U Cheerleader 3,U F. H.A. 1,2,3 Football Queen Attendant U Freshman Chorus 1 G. A.A. 1,2,3,U Girls' Chorus 2,3 Intramurals 1,2,3,U Junior Class Play Latin Club 1,2 Librarian It Mixed Chorus 2,3,UHover, Audrey con't Klingler, Dee Period Monitor 2 Basketball 2,3,U Social Committee Chairman 3 Class President 1 Student Council Treasurer 3 Football 3,U Y-Teen 3,U Freshman Chorus 1 Purple Gold Staff U Hall Monitor Lt Senior Play Intramurals 1,2,3,U Hi-Y 2,3, Vice President U Hover, Irvin Period Monitor 2,3 Annual Staff U Assembly Committee 1 Track 2,3 U Basketball 2,3,U Klingler, William Boys' Chorus 2,U Class Secretary 1, Treasurer U Class Vice President 1 F.F.A. 1,2, Secretary 3 Treas. U F.F.A. 1,2, Reporter 3 Football 1,2,3,U Football 1,2,3, Hon. Co. Captain U Freshman Chorus 1 Freshman Chorus 1 General Scholarship Test 2 Hall Monitor 3,U Hall Monitor 3,h Hi-Y 2,3,U Hi-Y 2,3, Secretary U Intramurals 1 Junior Class Play Mixed Chorus 2,3,U Senior Scholarship Team Track 2,3,U Student Council 3 National Honor Society U Hoyt, Doris F.H.A, 1,2,3,U Co-Salutatorian U Freshman Chorus 1 Kreglow, Sara Jane G.A.A. 1,2,3,h Assembly Committee, Chairman U Girls' Chorus 2,3, Librarian U Cheerleader U Intramurals 1,2,3,U Contest Chorus U Mixed Chorus 2,3,U F.H.A. 1,2,3,U Contest Chorus 2,3 Frestanan Ci-orus 1 Y-Teen 3,U Football Queen U G.A.A. 1 Treasurer 2, Jump, Robert Vice President 3, Sec. U F.F.A. 1,2, Treasurer 3 Girls' Chorus 2 President U Interclass Contest h Hall Monitor 3,h Latin Club 2 Ki-Y 2,3,U Librarian U Intramurals 1,2,3,U Mixed Chorus 2,3,U Agriculture Scholarshin Test U Period Monitor 2 Pruple Gold 3, Business Mgr. U Keller, Lloyd Social Committee 2 Agriculture Scholarship Test U Student Council 2, Vice Pres. 1 Boys' Chorus 2,3 Y-Teen, Publicity Chairman 3 F.F.A. 1,2,3 Vice President U Social Chairman U Football 1,2,3 Hon. Co. Captain h National Honor Society U Hi-Y 2,3,1 Krofft, Louis Intramurals l,2,3,Ii Iberia High School Mixed Chorus 3,h Ki-Y 3 Period Monitor 2 Junior Class Play Projection Club 1,2,3 Ada High School Track 2,3,U Hi-Y U Projection Club 2LaRue, Stella Marshall, Marcia con't Freshman Chorus 1 Social Committee 2 General Scholarship Test 1,2,3,14 Solo Ensemble Contest 1,2,3,U Girls' Chorus 2,1; Y-Teen, Social Chairman 3 Junior Class Play Music Chairman 1; Latin Club 2 Librarian U Senior Play Mixed Chorus 2,3,1; Messick, Robert Ohio History Test k Annual Staff U Purple Gold Staff 3 General Scholarship Test 1,3,1; Senior Scholarship Team U Hall Monitor 1; Y-Teen 3,U Hi-Y 2,3,1; Co-Solutatorian Senior Scholarship Team U Student Council 1 McHillen, Evonda Track U Annual Staff 2,3, Photography Editor h National Honor Society U Assembly Committee 3,14 Hotter, Patty Contest Chorus 2,3 Band 1,2,3, Vice President U Class Vice President 3,U Class President 3 F.H.A. 1,2,3,U D.A.R. Scholarship Test h Freshman Chorus 1 Freshman Chorus 1 G.A.A. 1,2,3, li General Scholarship Test 2 General Scholarship Test 1,2,3,1; Intramurals 1,2,3,U Girls' Chorus 2,1; Junior Class Play Interclass Contest 2,3,1; Latin Club, Vice President 2 Latin Club 2 Mixed Chorus 2,3,1; Mixed Chorus 2,3,1; Period Monitor 3 Contest Chorus 2,3,U Purple Gold Staff 3,U Orchestra 2,3,U Red Cross Council U Purple Gold Staff 1, Exchange Ed. 2 Senior Scholarship Team 1» Ass. Editor 3, Editor U Y-Teen 3, Treasurer U Senior Scholarship Team 1; National Honor Society U Y-Teen, Music Chairman 3, Program Chairman U Marshall, Marcia Intramurals 1,2,3,!; Annual Staff 3, Business Mgr. I4 Valedictorian Band l,2,3,li Contest Chorus 2,3,U National Honor Society 1; F.H.A. 1, Treasurer 2 Miller, Florence District Sec. »Treas. 2 Cheerleader h Song Leader 2,3 Contest Chorus U Freshman Chorus 1 F.H.A. 1,2, Vice President 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3, President U President U Girls 1 Chorus 3 Freshman Chorus 1 Intramurals 1,2,3,U G.A.A. 1,2,3,U Junior Class Play Girls' Chorus 2,3,U Librarian I4 Interclass Contest U Mixed Chorus 2,3,1; Intramurals 1,2,3,1; Orchestra 2,3,1; Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Purple Gold Staff 2, Bus. Mgr. 3 Feature Editor I; Y-Tcen 3,UMurray, Jeanette Smith, Betty Annual Staff, Feature Editor b Contest Chorus b Class. President b Freshman Chorus 1 F.II.A. 1, Vice President 2, Pres. 3 G.A.A. b Freshman Chorus 1 Girls' Chorus 3,b G A A Interclass Contest b General Scholarship Test 2 Latin Club 2 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Librarian 3 Office Practice b Mixed Chorus 3,b Purple Gold Staff b Period Monitor 3 Student Council Treasurer b Purple Gold Staff 3 Y-Teen 3, Devotional Chairman b Solo Ensemble Contest b Intramurals 1,2,3,b Y-Teen 3,b National Honor Society b Senior Play Paugh, Donald Smith, Clarabelle Band b G.A.A, 3,b Boys' Chorus 2,b Girls' Chorus l,2,3,b Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,b Kali Monitor 3,b Purple Gold Staff 3 Hi-Y 2,3,b Intramurals l,2,3,b Y-Teen 3,b Junior Class Play Smith, Clarence Mixed Chorus 2,b Boys' Chorus b Projection Club l,3,b Contest Chorus b Student Council 2 Hi-Y 2,3,b Senior Play Intramurals 2,3 Mixed Chorus b Romick, Norma Projection Club b Annual Staff b Band 1,2,3 Senior Play Contest Chorus 2,3 Stuber, Mary F.II.A. 1,2 Contest Chorus 2,b Freshman Chains 1 F.H.A. l,2,3,b G.A.A. 1,2,3 Intramural Manager b Freshman Chorus 1 Girls' Chorus 2,3 G.A.A. 1,2,3,b Intramurals l,2,3,b Girls' Chorus 2,b Mixed Chorus 2,3 Intramurals l,2,3,b Office Practice b Latin Club 2 Orchestra 2,3 Mixed Chorus 2,3,b Social Committee 3 Orchestra 1,2 Y-Teen 2,3 b Y-Teen 3,b Routson, Joanne Umphress, Lowell Contest Chorus 3,b Assembly Committee 3,b F.H.A. l,2,3,b Band 1 Freshman Chorus 1 Basketball 2,3,b G.A.A. l,2,3,b Boys' Chorus 2,b Girls' Chorus 2,3,b Contest Chorus 2,3,b Mixed Chorus 2,3,b Football 2,3,b Solo Ensemble Contest b Hall Monitor b Y-Teen 3,U Hi-Y 2,3, Program Chairman bUrnphress, Lowell con't Intcrclass Contest 2,3 Intramurals 1 Junior Class Play Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Period Monitor 3 Projection Club 1 Social Committee 1 Solo Ensemble Contest 1 Student Council 3, President 1 Senior Play Weishampel, John Band 3,1 Class President 2 Football 2,3,1 Hi-Y 2,3,h Intramurals 2,3,lx Orchestra 2 Willeke, Sarah Contest Chorus 2,U F. H.A. 1,2,U Treasurer 3 Freshman Chorus 1 G. A.A. 1,2,3,1 Girls' Chorus 2,h Intramurals 1,2,3,U Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Y-Teen 3,h Senior Play Worthington, Joseph Hi-Y 3,1 Intramurals 3,1 Projection Club 1 Boys' Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 1 Senior Playiisr •••• agn A; V 0 % j2S 1 I pmSTUDENTS OF ADA HIGH SCHOOL 19U8 - 19U9 Agin, Barbara '50 hooper, Audry '50 Allen, Paul •5U Craig, Colleen 5U Allen, Sally •52 Craig, Roy '5o Amstutz, Patricia '53 Crates, James '53 Anspach, John '53 Cross, Jean 5U Anspach, Patricia '50 Cross, Robert '51 Anspach, Walter '5U Cunningham, Betty Lou '5U Bailey, Willard 'U9 tfDabler, Lee Allen •52 Bales, Stephen •5U Dearth, Dean '5o Ballinger, Herbert '50 Dearth, Dorothy 'U9 Battels, Loren •U9 Dearth, Gerald •5U Battels, Shirley •53 Dearth, Ilene '5o Baughman, Joe '50 Dearth, Russell '52 Baughman, Mildred '5U Decker, Betty '53 Benham, Joie '5U Diefenderfer, Joan '51 Denham, Ned •5o Deringer, Charles '53 Bicknell, Elizabeth 'U9 Deringer, Maxine •5o Bicknell, JoAnn '5l Deringer, Russell '51 Bicknell, Joel '5U Dicus, Richard •53 ■ Binder, Robert '50 Dodge, Betty •51 Binkley, Charles 'U9 Dodge, Jeanne '52 Binkley, Doris '5U Dodge, Patricia '5U Binkley, Harmon U9 Eddy, John '1 9 Binkley, Patricia 5U England, Eunice '53 Bishop, Joseph 5o England, Louise '51 Blank, Carolyn '5o Ernsberger, Clyde 'U9 Boutwell, Jackson '51 Fisher, Claribel '5o Bower, Catherine '52 Fisher, Margaret '51 Bower, DeLois 'U9 Fisher, Robert '1 9 Bower, Elizabeth 5U Fleming, Marjorie 5U Branan, Beulah '53 Fleming, Mary Ann '53 Brown, Darlene '50 Fleming, Roger •51 Brown, Mildred '53 Fleming, Wayne •53 ■K-Brown, Orville '51 Fox, Rose Ella '51 Campbell, Charles '53 Fricks, Sara •51 Candler, Twila '52 Gardner, Betty Jo '5U Carmean, Vaughn •5U Garver, Agnes •1 9 Clark, Peggy '53 Garver, Clarence '52 Clay, Sonja '52 Gilbert, Jane 'U9 Cole, Robert '50 Gilbert, William '53 Collins, Betty •50 Gilmore, Phil •52 Collins, Edward '51 Gobin, Donald '50 Collins, Ellen '5l Gossman, Robert •51 Collins, Sarah Ann '51 Gossman, Wanda •U9 Conley, Constance '53 Griffith, Mary Bea '53 Conley, Carlos •5U Grubaugh, Janice '53 Cooper, Athel '53 Grubaugh, Roy 'U9 WithdrawnSTUDENTS OF ADA HIGH SCHOOL Hall, Vernon 5U Harris, Robert •5o Harrod, Janet •U9 Harrod, Joe 5U Harrod, Joyce •52 h'attery, Beverly 53 Hattery, Delores •52 Hawley, Shirley ‘52 Hays, John •53 Keise, Harry •53 •K-Heise, Ralph •53 Henry, Edith •1 9 Hicks, Ivadean 'Six Hicks, Marvin •51 Hicks, Maxine '1 9 High, Mary Alice •50 High, Ralph '50 Hipsher, Jerry 53 Hitchcock, Betty Mae •50 - Hitchcock, Patsy '53 Hitchcock, Robert •53 Hooper, Robert •53 Houser, Dorothy '53 Hover, Audrey •U9 Hover, Irvin •1 9 Hoyt, Benny •5o Hoyt, Doris '1 9 Hoyt, Hattie '53 Hubbell, Thomas '51 Hunsicker, David '5o James, Carol '51 Jordon, Martha •5U Jump, Dorothy •52 Jump, Robert '1 9 Keller, Juanita •51 Keller, Lloyd '19 Kindle, Clair '52 Klingler, Betty Jane '5o Klingler, Dee '1 9 Klingler, Howard '52 Klingler, Joseph •52 Klingler, Larry '5U Klingler, Martha •52 Klingler, Mary '51 Klingler, Roy »5l Klingler, William '1 9 Kreglow, Sara Jane 1 9 Krofft, Louis U9 Lamb, Robert •5U LaRue, Betty '51 LaRue, Helen '50 LaRue, Norma 5U LaRue, Patty •53 LaRue, Stella •1 9 Leslie, Carolyn 5U Leslie, Kathryn •50 Loescher, Charlotte •5o Long, Joan •5o Long, Nancy '53 Luginbuhl, Richard •5o McClure, Judith '51 McCurdy, Clair •50 McMillen, Evonda '1 9 Mcjuown, Paul '51 Main, Linda 'Six Main, Shirley •51 Mallow, Donald '53 Mansfield, Bonnie '52 Marling, Barclay 'SO Marling, Betty •51 Marling, Gerald 'Six Marling, Shirley '53 Marshall, Jean '53 Marshall, John '51 Marshall, Marcia •1 9 Marshall, Richard '53 Martin, Edward '51 Mathewson, Delores '5l Mathewson, Jerry '51 May, Eileen 'SI May, Joyce 'Six Messick, Caroline 'Six Messick, Robert '1x9 Miller, Alice •50 Miller, Coralie 'Sh Miller, Gloria '52 Miller, Florence '1 9 Miller, Larry Kay •51 Miller, Ruth '5o Moe, Gordon '5o Moore, Charles •51 Moore, Ronnie •51 Moore, Russell •5o Moorman, Ralph '51 Hotter, Leo '5o Hotter, Patricia '1 9 Murray, Jeanette '1 9 Murray, Maurice •51 Neu, Carol '52 Nichols, Gloria '53 WithdrawnSTUDENTS OF ADA HIGH SCHOOL O'Brien, Jerry- •50 Stober, Carol Sue •55 Orders, Barbara »52 Stober, Keith '51 Over, Miriam •50 Stuber, Mary '59 Parr, Andy 'So Stuber, Shirley '52 Parshall, George •50 Suhr, Jack '53 Parshall, Ronald '52 •»Swearingin, Virginia '53 Paugh, Donald •59 Sweeney, Everette '51 Paugh, Neal •52 Tallman, Tommy Bob '53 Peper, David •5o Thompson, Joan •52 Peper, Russell •55 Thompson, Shirley '53 Pope, James •53 Tinsler, Lee '50 Preston, Gene •52 Tinsler, Shirley •53 Pruitt, Betty '55 Traucht, Mary Lee •53 Pruitt, William •51 Tressel, Joan '55 Rayl, Carolyn •51 Trowbridge, Donna •51 Rayl, Martha •55 Umphress, Lowell •59 Rayl, Waldo •55 Van Atta, Donald •52 Rayl, Wallace •51 ’Wagner, Carl Dean •53 Read, Rohert •52 Warthman, Jeanne 53 Ream,,Join •52 Webb, Robert •55 Reams, Blodwyn '5o Weishampel, Clara •5l Reams, Norman. •50 V eishampel, John '59 Reams, Phyllis '52 Weishampel, Sam •53 Reed, Veynfetta »5Q Weisner, Patty •55 Roessl r,,Leonard •55 Welsh, Janet '52 Romick, Alibe •55 Viescott, Darrel '51 Romick, Clair. •51 Willeke, Sarah Belle '59 Romick,., Norma •59 Wingate, Charles '51 Routsop, JoAnn •59 Wissinger, George '53 Run'ser, Fred •53 ■Wolf ley, Janice '55 Rush, Lieryin •53 ■sWolfley, Joyce '52 Sanderson, Donald • 55 Wood, Carol '55 Sanderson, Dorothy •52 Wood, Jack •50 •KSapp, Jean '51 ’Worthington, Joseph •59 Searson, Herbert '53 Wright, Joan •50 Shadley, Lola '55 Wright, Norma '51 Sloan, Donna '55 Wright, Patricia '53 Smith, Betty '59 Young, Shirley '51 Smith, Clarabelle '59 Young, Sue Ann •55 Smith, Clarence '59 Zehner, Dottie •53 Smith, Ellen '53 Zimmerly, Donavin •52 Smith, Helen 53 Zimmerly, Eugene '55 Smith, Norman •50 Smith, Richard •53 Snyder, Daniel '53 Spallinger, Naomi •51 Spar, Ralph '53 Spellman, Patricia '53 Stair, Alverna '55 Withdraw - K f B •v ' OUR BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL THE ADA THEATRE AND ODEON THEATRE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1949 THE ADA and KENTON FARM SERVICE ADA —Phone 4 KENTON - Phone 4538 GLENN MARSHALL, Prop.THE CHRISTY EQUIPMENT CO. JAMESWAY PRODUCTS John Deere FARM MACHINERY c+J John Bean HIGH PRESSURE SPRAYERS Sherwin-Williams PAINTS PHONE 131 — ADA, OHIO Compliments of Helen's Airport Inn COLE MOTOR SALES ADA'S FORD DEALERSINCERE SERVICE SINCE 1905 LANTZ CRETORS FUNERAL HOME PHONE 233 ADA, OHIO HOOVER CREAMERY ♦ PASTEURIZED MILK BUTTER CREAM ADA, OHIO PHONE 343 MOORE'S NEWS STAND MAGAZINES NEWSPAPERS Confectionery Tobaccos SPORTS RESULTS BALISH CONFECTIONERY LIMA TELEPHONE TELEGRAPH CO. JAMES ORDERS DEALER IN CRANE EQUIPMENT PHONE 386 213 SOUTH GILBERT STREET ADA, OHIOJ. W. MERTZ HARDWARE BPS PAINTS GE LAMPS Children's Games GARDEN TOOLS —SEEDS Johnson's Wax Polish CARPENTER TOOLS PHONE 134 ADA, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF REAM'S HARDWARE PLUMBING HEATING ELECTRIC WIRING DEVOE'S PAINTS BRECK'S CLOTHING Boys and Girls' NOTIONS SHOES COMPLIMENTS OF The RED and WHITE STORE E. F. BOSCH, SR., Manager MADELINE'S BEAUTY SALON SPECIALIZING IN Cold Wave and Machineless PERMANENTS Shampooing Finger Waving MANICURING Arching Hot Oil Treatments ABOVE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ADA, OHIO MADELINE NELSON, Proprietor .. . Beauty Is Your Duty. ..THE ADA FARMERS EXCHANGE PEPER DRUGS COMPANY WALGREEN C AGENCY DEALERS IN GRAINS SEEDS FEEDS LOWEST PRICES FARM SUPPLIES ▼ PHONE 98 ADA, OHIO PHONE 68 THE Compliments of ADA HERALD Extends CONGRATULATIONS HUBER'S HARDWARE and FURNITURE and BEST WISHES ♦ to the ADA HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1949 ADA, OHIOCompliments of GREENAWALTS MENS and BOYS' SHOP Compliments of WOODY'S JEWELRY STORE ♦ SHOES FOR THE FAMILY FITTED BY X-RAY 204 North Main Street ADA, OHIO WATCHES CLOCKS SILVERWARE ♦ ADA, OHIO HARRY J. SOUSLEY INSURANCE SERVICE WALTER SOUSLEY TRAVELER'S LIFE, ACCIDENT and HOSPITALIZATION PHONE 200 —ADA, OHIOPEERLESS CLEANERS CLEANING and DYEING COMPLIMENTS OF PURE OIL SERVICE Main and Buckeye ADA, OHIO Phone 12 Bob Main Satisfaction Guaranteed ♦ Cf3 CALL 22 105 South Main Street ADA, OHIO TIOLENE OIL PURE PEP YALE TIRES ACCESSORIES LUBRICATION PURE BATTERIES MARATHON VAN'S GAS OIL MARKET-VAN'S CORNER 223 North Main Routes 69 and 30N PHONE 246 4 Mi. North of Ada COMPLETE LUBRICATION BATTERY CHARGING ACCESSORIES e » FOR REAL ESTATE RAY LONG PHONE 325 OFFICIAL AAA SERVICE HOMES BUSINESS FARMS See or Phone VANLUFI GARDNER GARAGE DeSOTO — PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE Automotive Parts Repair Service Welding Machine Shop PHONE 383 ADA, OHIO L. G. BALFOUR CO. ATTLEBORO, MASS. CLASS RINGS and PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS PERSONAL CARDS MR. H. RAYMOND RALEIGH, Rep. P. O.'Box 111, Marion, Ohio PHONE 399 ADA, OHIO JAMESON HIGH GRADE SOFT POCAHONTAS — STOKER COAL WINKLER AUTOMATIC STOKERS CRISE FURNACE REGULATORS VACUUM FURNACE CLEANING Herff-Jones Co. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS 1407-1419 North Capital Avenue INDIANAPOLIS 7, INDIANACROUSE IMPLEMENT STORE OLIVER---NEW IDEA and RODERICK-LEAN FARM MACHINERY WOMEN'S FRIEND WASHING MACHINE SALES and SERVICE 2V-j Miles East of Ada on Route 81 MOORES EVERYTHING FOR THE AUTO HOME CAR PAINTS TOOLS AUTO SUPPLIES 117 South Main Street ADA, OHIO ROBERT C. PARK, Ownir FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS A SCHOOL FLOWERS Given Special Attention A BAUGHMAN GREENHOUSES TWO LOCATIONS KENTON ADA Phone 7297 Phone 170 W. E. UMPHRESS JEWELER ♦ FINE WATCH, CLOCK and JEWELRY REPAIR ♦ 103 West Buckeye Avenue ADA, OHIOSUPREME SOHIO SERVICENTER DRY CLEANING LUBRICATION TIRE REPAIR GAS OIL -For- HARVEY RUSHER, Manager QUALITY CLEANING OTT PRICE GEORGE ANSPACH SATISFACTION GUARANTEED CALL 26 518 South Main Street Ada, Ohio OPPOSITE OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS COMPLIMENTS OF GREER'S CLOTHING SHOES FURNISHINGS MILLER-WILLIAMS BASKETBALLS VOLLEYBALLS FOOTBALLS TRACTOR SALES OHIO-KENTUCKY FORD TRACTOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY ADA, OHIO PARTS SERVICE DEARBORN IMPLEMENTS VARIETY ATHLETIC GOODS PAUL MILLER and HARVEY WILLIAMS, Owners Baseball Gloves Punching Bags PHONE 177 ADA, OHIO Boxing GlovesPROFESSIONAL BURNETT'S DIRECTORY BARBER SHOP CONGRATULATIONS to the HIGH SCHOOL DENTISTS- Dr. A. L. Tipple COMPLIMENTS OF ADA Dr. R. E. Tipple Dr. C. W. Breck WATER PHYSICIANS- COMPANY Dr. F. M. Elliott Dr. R. A. Thomas BEST WISHES CHIROPRACTOR- to the Dr. Wayne Morehart CLASS OF 1949 COMPLIMENTS OF VARSITY BOOK STORE BOOKS PANDA STUDENT SUPPLIES 516 South Main Street SANDWICH SHOP PHONE 24 MALLOW FARM SERVICE FARM SERVICE REPAIRING ALL MAKES COMPLIMENTS OF The FIRST NATIONAL BANK ADA, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OP BUCKEYE SUPERETTE ERNSBER6ER FRESH VEGETABLES MILLING COMPANY GROCERIES MEATS PHONE 205 ADA, OHIO 411 South Main Street PHONE 18 ADA, OHIO COMPLIMENTS SOUTH MAIN MEAT MARKET 315 South Main Street Phone 43 OF HOME KILLED MEATS IDLE HOUR .. . We Aim To Please . .. CLARK BRIDENBAUGH RECREATION ROOM COMPLIMENTS OF McELROY RUSS MAIN, Proprietor COAL COMPANY PHONE 96 COMPLIMENTS OF BUD and GARDNER'S DRUG STORE RESTAURANT SCHOOL SUPPLIES DRUGS SODAS 115 North Main Street Home Phone 268 ADA, OHIO POVENMIRE'S MARKET FRY'S MARKET FRESH and FROZEN FRUITS and VEGETABLES CHOICE MEATS Fresh Vegetables BIRDSEYE FROZEN FOODS Staple Groceries PHONE 61 We Deliver Daily ALLEN BARBER SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF MODERN SHOE REPAIR AS ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE 103 South Main Street ADA, OHIO The COMPLIMENTS OF LIBERTY BANK GARVER'S SINCE 1902 WRECKING YARD RESOURCES $2,000,000 MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. 303 Union Street PHONE 348 ADA, OHIOCOMPLIMENTS OF The AHLENIUS COMPANY GEORGE UMPHRESS We Can't Repair Them All But We Can Do the Best of Them PHONE 240 ADA, OHIO COLE DOME INSURANCE ON THE SQUARE Congratulations, Class of 1949 ADA AIR SERVICE, Inc. There Is No Substitute For Courtesy WELCOMES YOU TO CONN'S ADA AIRPORT LEARN TO FLY It's Fun It's Safe YOUR PATRONAGE IS APPRECIATED ADA and DUNKIRK COMPLETE COURSES PREPARE YOU FOR A COMPLIMENTS OF PILOTS LICENSE PAY AS YOU FLY The DEALERS FOR AERONCA and ERCOUPE GAMBLE STORE SOHIO — Service — ESSO PHONE 58 ADA, OHIO FIRESTONE ACCESSORIES AMSTUTZ SANITARY HATCHERY SUPPLIES FEED BABY CHICKS DANA E. WELSH DRUGS BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES ADA LOCKER SERVICE HOME OF CLOVER FARM FOODS JESS STAIR, Manager KING LUMBER COMPANY ROOFING LUMBER PAINTS PHONE 77 A Good Place To Buy School Supplies Cosmetics Stationery MESSICK'S 5c TO $1 STORE ADA, OHIO PRESTON FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 35 THE ADA DAIRY Pasteurized Dairy Products MILK ICE CREAM BUTTER PHONE 164 GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER J. S. MAIN 112 West Buckeye Avenue GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES  .4 y ' . A . .ir w - - •• -jw r’v ■-■ v:- v. O -v 4. « -x . . . ► ■ . ■ v , A , V » .t. - , } {K f A V - ; It'S s . -t: ' •• % ' :? ; - V -j „■ !§' 1 'v; -is -ME ' v ..' Vv-' • .£- vr £ a - v j? ; :, c i■■■ ’, ■ :• iv • ■ 5— . h jg . - T- - - .. , ■ . • j jy. f • ' « «{. -v » - •'• — v • » . «• , tfv . • •r. , %' ■w $.-y JI a Cl V, .4 V SZr: ®r: £8? v, 'A. ♦r- ;? r4': T f - • — - • • •'• .... ' • • r. » - ,':V ’ ■ ; V ' . r: . • ■ -. }r ■■ . • 4C t', ,'' • •» I ' ■ •. • t f - . - • .'.-,-SJ V 4, £» rr ’ ... '«. i • - . .. ■ - ' • • ■ . .. i ’ . :■■ ':' ■' • •••' ■ — .-'‘' n- V A?' , '• 5§ ■•-. ' .V ‘ •-••' • . ■ ' v „ •x '- • ' • • • ' 4, ‘ : ' ' .- ' -•

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