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 SCHOOL CAL’WO AH (19 6-1947) September 9...,School Opens 13.. . .Wapakoneta—First Football Game 10.. ..G. A. A. Fayride and Initiation 18. .. .Y-Teen Hi-Y Potluck 20.. Bluffton. Football Game 23 WHO'S WHO Assembly, Introduction of class and club presidents 26.. ..5.nior Day 27.. ..No School: County Fair, Homecoming Game with Hicksville October 1.. ..Movie Assembly: "Killers of the Sea" 2.. ..Football Queen's Ball; Senior High Party 4.. ..Carey, Football Game 8.. ..Raj Bahadar, speaker on India 10.. ..Faculty Picnic 11.. ..Delphos-Jefferson Football Game 15.. ..Assembly; "Sounds of the Air" 17.. ..Joint G. R, Hi-Y Meeting; Rev. Bigelow, Speaker 18.. ..Kenton, Football Game 22.. ..Junior Class Assembly; Minstrel Show 24.. ..5.nior Pictures maken 28.. .. Individual Pictures Taken; Seniors Take OSU Tests; F. E, A. F. F. A. Halloween Party 29.. ..Freshman Assembly: Variety Radio Program 30.. .. Community Halloween Party November 1.. ..Forest, Football Game 4.. ..G. A. A. Potluck and Bowling Party November 5.. ..Amateur Assembly 8.. ..311.a. Football Game 9.. ..Junior High Party 12.. ..Assembly; Sloane Liquid Air Program 14-15.Junior Class Play 16.. .. Seniors Visit Columbus 19.. .. senior Assembly; Panel discussion Variety 22.. ..Dola, First Basketball Game 26.. ..Thanksgiving Assembly, Rev. Lee Moore, speaker 29.. ..Lima St. Rose, Basketball December 3.. ..Assembly; 0. N. U. Choral Program 6.. ..Bowling Green, Basketball 10.. ..Assembly; 3 short movies Lima St. Gerard, Basketball 11.. ..G. A. A. Christmas Dance 13.. ..Bluffton. Basketball 17.. ..Van Wert, Basketball 18.. ..5.nior Hi»h Christmas Party and Dance 19.. ..Grade School Operetta 20.. .. Christmas Vespers; Vacation BeginsSCHOOL CALENDAR (1946-1947) January February 2.. ..5.hool Reopens 3.. ..No School! Bad leather Kenton Basketball Game 6.. ..Junior Class Skating Party 10.. ..Lima St. John, Basketball 17.. ..Carey, 3asketball 21.. ..Delphos St. John, Basketball 23 ...Cornhaskers liusical Show 24.. ..Hi-Y Annual Candle Light Ball 28.. ..Movie: "Swiss Family Robinson" 31.. ..Bluffton, Basketball March 1.. ..Junior High Party 3-4,,Community Institute 7.. ..Upper Sandusky Basketball Game 11.. ..Jerry McSafety: St. Marys, Basketball 14-22.District Basketball Tournament 18.. .,Eighth Grade Assembly: Historical Pageant 25.. ..Annual Staff Assembly 26.. .,Y-Teen Mother-Daughter 3anquct: Miss Una Elliot, Speaker 3-4..School Closes: Bad Weather 6.. ..G. A. A. Plavnight Dola-Girls, Guests 8.. ..5enior Scholarship Tests 11.. .. Sophomore Assembly: Junior High Chorus 14.. ..Ben Franklin, Magician 18-21.School Closes! Flu Epidemic 22.. ..District Y-Teen Conference 26-27.School Closes: Bad Weather 28.. ..Joint Local Music Recital 31-April 3..Y-Teen and Hi-Y Holy Week Services Aoril 4.. ..Good Friday: No School 7.. ..G. A. A. Playnight 10.. ..National Honor Society Assembly and Tea 11.. ..Eighth Grade Tests Spring Concert 18.. .. Interclass Contest 19.. ..5010.and Ehsemblo Contest at Bowling Green Interclass Banquet 22.. .. Seventh Grade Assembly 26.. ..Band Contest, Bluffton 29.. ..Music Department, State - School for the Blind Mav 3.. ..District Scholarship Tests 5.. ..G. A. A. Senior Farewell Banquet 8-9...Senior Play 13.. ..F. H. A. Mother-Daughter Reception 17.. ..Junior-Senior Prom 20.. ..Awards Assembly 22-23.Senior Exams 25.. ..Baccalaureate Service 26.. ..Grade School Commencement 27.. ..Class Night 28.. ..Commencement 29.. ..5.hool Closes , i ' ' i" li onBOARD OF EDUCATION S. D. Peper Sari Huber, Vice President Mason Tabor Dr. C. H. Freeman, President Rev. Lee M. Moore Earl H. Dome, Clerk C. C. Roberson, Superintendent of SchoolsTo Ernest M. Routson the staff of 1947 "WE" dedicate this edition of our yearbook. With sincere appreciation for his many years of service as custodian, and for the gracious manner in which he has given help wherever and whenever needed we take this means of expressing the gratitude of the entire student body. The faculty and students wish "Ernie" the best of everything in his well deserved vacation.The publication of this year-book is an accomplishment made possible by the cooperation and teamwork of a large number of individuals, groups, and organizations. The sponsor, members of the staff, and the commercial department will never forget their experiences in the preparation and editing of the 1947 "We." The students and faculty of Ada High School have reasons to be proud of this history of our school year, 1946-47. May we, as we reflect on its contents, develop a keen sense of appreciation for the opportunity of having been a part of it.Education is moving toward new and higher levels of service to the boys and girls of today. More and more persons are seeking the advantages of education for better adjustment to all phases of living. May the names of those students which appear on the pages of "We" seek and use advantageously those educational advantages which are offered to them. Congratulations are extended to each and every one who in any way has contributed to the successful publication of this yearbook "We." 77 OsMSl xxcultif. JOSEPH BANKS MARIAN ARCHIBALD MABEL CRAWFORD EDNA BUEHLER J. J. KREGLOW MARJORIE OMLER ELSIE REICHENBACH ORLO SPRUNGER HAZEL TALLMAN ARTHUR PFEIL KENNETH SHOEMAKER PEARL UNDERWOOD BARBARA WILLIAMS MIRIAM WILLEKE SecretaryFACULTY DIRECTORY Mr. C. C. Roberson Ohio State University, M. A. Oakland City College, Indiana, B. S. Mr. I. T. Warthman—History, Chemistry Ohio University, 3. S. Ohio State University, M. A. Miss Mabel Crawford—English, Latin, Ass't Principal Denison University, Ph. 3., Columbia University, M. A. Miss Marian Archibald—Social Problems, History, Civics Bowling Green University, B. S. in Education Ohio State University Miss Edna Buehler—English, Mathematics Ohio Northern University, A. B., Ohio State University Bowling Green State University Mr. J. J. Kreglow—Agriculture Ohio State University, 3. S. in Education Mrs. Marjorie Omler—Girls Physical Education Ohio Northern University, 3. S. in Education Mr. Arthur Pfeil—Physics, Mathematics Ohio State University, 3. S. University of Cincinnati—Civil Engineering Mrs. Hazel Tallman—Science, English Ohio Northern University, 3. S. Mrs. Pearl Underwood—History, Geography, English, Speech Wooster Summer School, Ohio Northern University Mr3. Elsie Reichcnbach—Typing, Shorthand Indiana State Teachers' College, B. S. Miss Barbara Williams—Horae Economics Ohio State University, 3. S. in Home Economics Mr. Kenneth Shoemaker—Biology, Health, Physical Education Ohio Northern University, B. S. in Physical Education Mr. Joseph 3anks—Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing Ohio Northern University B. S., A. B. in Education Mr. Orlo Sprunger—Vocal and Instrumental Music Bluffton College, Kent State, B, S. in Education, Ohio State UniversityADA HIGH SCHOOL SONG To Ada Hi our own school V e raise our song today. We praise thee now we serve thee In all our work and play. Our colors always flying, We'11 keep them ever up on high. To Ada Hi, our own school, V e'11 praise thee to the sky. For high school halls and high school walls We love thee best of all. If we work upon marble, it will perish; if on brass, time will efface it;if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal minds, and imbue them with principles, with the just fear of God and love of our fellow-men, we engrave on those tablets something that will brighten to all eternity. —Daniel WebsterREMEMBER "HE 5 S H I 0 R— % SPONSORS Mabel Crawford. Kenneth Shoemaker CLASS OFFICES President—Robert Hubbell Vice President—Arthur Amey Secretary—Neil Davis Treasurer—Wilma Shadley COUNCIL MEMBERS Peg;y Main—President James Kreglow—Vice President Charles Elliott Urban Long CLUE PRESIDENTS V-'T’een President—Joyce Moore "'L H. A. President—Esther Dearth Pi-Y President—James Kreglow C. A. A. President— Gloria Welsh V. E. A. President--Urban Long COLORS: FLO' rER: Rose and Silver Pink rose MOTTO: "he elevator to success is not running, take the stairs.ROBERT D. HUBBELL President ARTHUR LATHROP AMEY. JR. B. NEIL DAVIS Vice President Secretary 111 PEGGY JOAN MAIN URBAN LaVERNE LONG MABEL CRAWFORD KENNETH SHOEMAKER WILMA PATRICIA SHADLEY Treasurer GLORIA JEAN WELSH CHARLES SIDNEY ELLIOTT INA MAY FENDERRUBY JEWELL BAUGHMAN LESTER VYNAL KINDLE LORETTA BLANCHE DARNELL CHARLES WARREN KERR JOYCE MOORE JAMES JOSEPH HOOPER JAMES W. MARSHALL ROBERT DEAN McMILLEN ELIZABETH JANE TINSLER WILSON G. KELLER, JR. WILMA MAE MANSFIELD ROBERT L. DILTS ' DORIS E. ABBOTT AARON HICKS CLYDE C. HIGH BONNIE JEAN HUFFMAN MARJORIE LENORE LINDAHL ROGER IRWIN TARR CATHERINE ANN MILLER HILDA M. BINKLEY RAY LAWRENCE WRIGHT ROBERT J. STAUFFER MARJORIE LOUISE SCOTT JEAN MARIE KELLERSENIOR PLAY On Kay 8 and 9 the class of ’47 presented a hilarious comedy, "The Daffy Dills." The Dills are an average American family. The father, Richard Dill, is a widower with four children: Carol and Rod, of high school age, and Doris and Dud, thirteen-year old twins. The grandmother, who lives with the family, spoils the children and refuses to make them lift a finger to help Arnica, the negro housekeeper. Consequently, the house is always in a shocking state of neglect. When the story "begins, we learn that Mr. Dill has secretly married Elaine Escott, a secretary from St. Louis. Mr. Dill appeals to his neighbor, Mrs. Woggles, to help Elaine get acquainted with the family. Mrs. Woggles, a widow with her own cap set for Mr. Dill, is rather hostile at first but finally decides that any woman who has to be a stepmother to the four Dill children is more deserving of pity than envy. When the Dills learn of Elaine, they are resentful and plot to make her life with them very unpleasant. Elaine, however, turns out to be a very competent young woman who decides to fight fire with fire and so succeeds in foiling all her step-children's plans. The act put on by the family to discourage Elaine finally comes to a climax. Carol is in the last stages of tuberculosis, Rod throws temper-tantrums, Doris has hallucinations. Dud has St. Vitus' dance, and Gran continually threatens to commit suicide. Pete and Aimee, friends of Dud and Carol, are acting as their keeper and nurse. These and other attempts to drive Elaine away, however, prove futile. Cousin Maude Maddox from Peoria, a sweet and lovable woman, arrives for a visit in the midst of all the commotion. The children and Gran, who have never met Cousin Maude before, take an instant liking to her. Cousin Maude prepares to leave the Dili house when Elaine tells her that the family is bankrupt and cannot afford to keep a guest. But the children and Gran beg Maude to stay, for they have come to love her dearly. At this moment Mr. Dill arrives home. He enters and embraces Cousin Maude, who, it turns out, is not Cousin Maude at all, but their stepmother, Elaine. The real Cousin Maude had been masquerading as Elaine in order to put an end to the pranks of the children. As the play ends she decides to go out West to straighten out the affairs of some of her relatives in California. CAST Richard Dill — Robert Dilts Carol Dill ---- Ruby Baughman Rodney Dill --- Urban Long Doris Dill ---- Bonnie Huffman Dudley Dill --- Clyde High Gran ---------- Doris Abbott Mrs. Woggles ---- Margie Zehner Elaine ------------- Peggy Main Cousin Maude — Loretta Darnell Pete----------------Arthur Amey Aimee----------------Jean Keller Arnica ----------- Esther Dearth Miss Edna Buehler-------DirectorA Vld 0 N3S 3 7 930 9 SS W J.SK)A AT ON 1L ZVO VO ? SSA70 P SCNOZ. } ?S y iO■ANNUAL STAFF Editor-in-chief ......... Assistant Editor......... Business Manager......... Assistant Business Manager Senior Sports Editor. . . Junior Snorts Editor. . . Art Editor............... Rewrite Editor........... Printing................. Gloria Welsh Shirley Hindall Ina May Fender Jackie Lamb James Kreglow James Gobin Wilma Shadley Florence Weishampel James Hooper EDITORIALS AND FEATURES Neil Davis Jo Ann Hays Betty Blank Janet Harrod Evonda McMillen ADVISER Miss Mabel Crawford TYPISTS ADVISER Mrs. Elsie Reichenoach We, the staff of the 1947 "WE", have endeavored to make your annual a true record of the events and activities of the school year. We sincerely hone that with the help of your annual you will in the years to come be able to recall your happy care-free school days. We are greatly indented to our adviser, Miss Crawford, for her unceasing patience and guidance; it is deeply aooreciated. Mrs. Reich-enbach and her advanced typing class performed the tedious task of mimeographing the annual. Their tireless efforts to make the 1947 "WE" a success deserve a vote of thanks from us all. Lastly, we wish to express our aooreciation to the Ada Herald for printing the advertisements, to our advertisers for helping to finance the year book, and to our many contributors for making the production possible- Thanks for supporting the 1947 "’ 7E" 1 Doris Abbott Ruby Baughman Hilda Binkley Loretta Dax'nell Esther Dearth Ina May Fender Jean Deringer Helen Grieser Jean Keller Joyce Moore Marjory Scott Betty Tinsler Margie Zehner Dorothy StaleyANNUAL STAFFSTUDSA rSTUD3NT COUNCIL The Student Council is composed of twelve representatives elected by the student body. Its purpose is to bring about a closer relationship between the students and the faculty and to serve as an effective governing body in the school. The officers of the Student Council are: President: Peggy Main, senior Vice President: James Kreglow, senior Secretary: Sara Kreglow, sophomore Treasurer: Charles Elliott, senior Sergeant-at-Arms: Jack Schindler, junior The other reoresentatives are: Senior: Urban tong Juniors: Sara Lou Dobbins, Robert Daft Sophomore: Donald Paugh Freshman: Maxine Deringer Eighth Grade: Wallace Rayl Seventh Grade: Bonnie Mansfield The organization is sub-divided into four main committees. These are as follows: co-chairmen Assembly Committee: Robert D ft Arthur Amey Social Committee: Urban Long . Sara Lou Dobbins co-chairmen Hall Monitor Committee: James Kreglow, chairman Arthur Amey Charles Ballinger Robert Daft Robert Dilts James Gobin Paul Goble Period Monitor Lloyd Agin 3etty Blank Robert Bridenbaugh Ina May Fender Janet Harrod Audrey Hover Clyde High Lester Kindle Urban Long James Marshall Scott Murray Committee: Bonnie Huffman Lloyd Keller Dee Klingler Marilyn Leslie Urban Long Robert McMillen John Neubert Jack Schindler Karl Spar Paul Van Atta Charles Van Dyne Peggy Main Scott Murray Betty Smith Dorothy Staley Patricia Thompson James Kreglow Among the worth while projects out the year by the Student Council which have been sponsored through-arej Activity Tickets Basketball Schedule Pencils School Parties Ben Franklin IV, Magician Assemblies Guy Bingham, PsychologistPURPLE AND GOLD Editor-in-chief . . Assistant Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Feature Editor . . Sports Editors . . . . . Peggy Main . . Jean Snyder Sara Lou Dobbins . . Joyce Moore . Ina May Fender . Wilma Shadley Ruth Ann McMillen Exchange Editor . News Editor , . . Society Editor . , Inquiring Reporter Faculty Adviser . . . . . James Hooper . . . Patricia Motter ........... Neil Davis . . . . Margie Zehner . . . . Willard Bailey .Miss Barbara Williams Printing Adviser......................................Mr. Joseph Banks Other members of the newspaper staff are Bonnie Huffman,Florence Weishampel, Loretta Darnell, Betty Blank, Jo Ann Hays, Patricia Moore, Jean Hurlburt, Doris Cluo, Marilyn Baker, Janet Harrod, Joyce Smith, and Beryl Lindahl. The Purple Gold, official news voice of Ada High School,is published each month throughout the school year by the staff and the printing class. This class consists of Harmon Binkley,Lowell Umphress, George Parshall, and Paul Castle. The newspaper staff aims to present a complete coverage of school news in an interesting manner. Polls of public ooinion on timely topics and photographs of students prominent in school activities are f eatured. Ten issues of the 1946-1947 Purple old were printed.The December issue was gaily arrayed in the traditional Christmas colors of red and green. The final number was a ten-page issue devoted to seniors.- - wLk.. Cbc |ptuple «£ Go lb Volume XVI ADA. OHIO, FEBRUARY 20, 1047 Number ADA PLAYS IN DISTRICT CAGE TOURNEY TONIGHT AHS r' Y-Tet .ation i nation Reserve cirst Game ' St. Joe ldogs openni th and Paroohia Friday night, played Wapak rthom gym- rvt-h will honor their .c banquet, Wednesday X} .’ina Elliott, a teacher in X v Institute, a Negro college inia, will be the guest speaker. ,e program will consist of group »ging and other musical numbers. The hall monitors duties- will be taken over by the girls on Thursday. World Fellowship Day w'1 •»erved Fridav. Ten Seniors To T c lorshin Tests Mr. Roberson has annoui • imea of seniors who will p m the General Scholar • x m Saturday, Ma “ollowing e'° S , 0 ert McMillen, Glo lorence Weiahampel. e he vocational agricultural ci'l be given at Kenton on March »ho. Those who will take the teat ire Urban Long, Lester Kindle. Jim Kreglow, Wilson Keller, and P Wright. Gloria Welsh i«nH ' a" r»e| represented in the DAR test on | r-orqe Washir » ii •7 hopt I ahi'H anH t' Q “H ■ •OMING UP! Feb. 14-22- Basketball Tournament Feb. 21-28 Feb. 2f National Girl serve Week Mothe R in th sen ic ur A may. ott, Jim Hoo lm Kreglow, R American statesman, author, and ventor, has bec’» enthu»: ceived by au States to I 1 wl jl uno . Hinglei 20 and ( respect ively. "game was bet wee • Tlerard and Hicksville. the winner, played Lima St. John Tuesday night. The winner , of this game will play Ada tonight. The Bluffton Pirates clipped Del phos Jeffe ' ?ond session or; Monday A a St. Ros downed I ™O O second g A Coach Players for 0$ C The following fellc. O Cyr e Wapak St. Joe game. Junior Smith. Dee and ’er, Jim Gobin. Dave Sousley, ’an Atta. Art Amey, Harmon Bink-I and Floyd Wright. e presidents, Gloria Welsh, GAA: Moore, G. R.; Jim Kreglow. ; Peggy Main, Student Coun-Miss Crp ' and Mrs. Omlet in charr a v concessions for touma ganization I e sixtei XL YA.:n(? earl ht for the fhe District To £ follows: Feb. 14, The Hardin County . O dotes are Fob. 11. 13, 15, 10. 2 Participating schools in the trict Tournnment are Wapak S . i St. Rose, Lima St. John, nnpted Village. Pelphos hos Jefferson Exempt -, Ada Exempted Village. . •tcksville Exempted Village, and L'ma St. Gerard. Y-TEENS President—Joyce Moore Vice President—Jackie Lamb Sponsors— Secretary—Patty Moore Miss Mabel Crawford Treasurer—Peggy Main Miss Marian Archibald The Y-Teens are an active branch of the national Y. W. C. A. and therefore try to carry out its purpose: "To build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians." In order that there may be a closer relationship between the national Y. W. C. A. and the younger girls the name has been recently changed to- Y-Teens. There are 48 junior and senior members and the sophomore girls are taken into the club in April of each year. Each girl is a member of one of the following committees: Program, Devotional, Social, Service, Music, and Publicity. During the year with the Hi-Y we have sponsored a Halloween festival for the entire community. We have donated funds to the various benefits and organizations. During national Y-Teen Week we held our annual Mother-Daughter Banquet and were in charge, this year, of the opening devotional services for the district convention at Kenton. HI-Y Purpose: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Platform: Clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. President—James Kreglow Program Chairman—Arthur Amey Vice President—Clyde High Devotional Leader—Charles Elliot Secretary-Treasurer—Urban Long Social Chairman—Robert Dilts Sponsor Mr. Arthur Pfeil The Fi-Y organization, a division of the Young Mens' Christian Association, is composed of boys who have indicated vheir willingness to live up to the high standards of the Hi-Y purpose and platform. It is active in its support of school and community functions and projects. During the weekly meetings throughout the year a succession of speakers, movies, discussions, music appreciation programs and local entertainment are enjoyed. Other activities include the Annual Candlelight Ball, playnights, potlucks and swimming parties. Each day during Easter Week we join with the Y-Teens to hold devotional services.F.H.A. Officers President-------Esther Dearth Vice President—Jeanette Murray Secretary-------Wilma Mansfield Treasurer-------Hilda Binkley Reporter--------Catherine Killer Historian-------Vsrnetta Reed Adviser---------Miss Barbara Williams The "Future Homemakers of America" is a national organization of girls who have been enrolled in the home economics course at least one year. They have four major degrees! Chapter, Homemaker, State, and National. This year's club is composed of thirty-five members, who have served oar.qi.ets, improved the department, and worked on self-im-nrovement programs. Highlights of this year have been the Christmas party, joint F.F.A.-F.H.A. Hallowe'en Party, Mother—Daughter Banquet, and district and county meetings. Recognition should be 'given to two of our members--------- ean Hurlburt, who is pianist of the county and Marcia Marshall, secretary-treasurer of the district. F.F.A. Officers President-------Urban Long Vice President—Lester Kindle Secretary-------Paul Van Atta Treasurer-------James Kreglow Reporter--------Charles Ballinger Sentinel--------Raymond Guyton Adviser---------Mr. J.J. Kreglow The "Future Farmers of America" consists of boys who are majoring in Vocational Agriculture in High School and who are planning on farming or entering agricultural college. The primary aim of the "Future Farmers of America" is the development of agricultural leadership, co-operation, and citizenship. Some of the specific purposes are: To develop competent, aggressive, rural, and agricultural leadership. To strengthen the confidence of farm boys and young men in themselves and their work. To create more interest in the intelligent choice of farming occupations. To encourage members in the development of individual farming programs and establishment in farming. ATTf PCMSS COA'rfSTX Vrs- VT PCl JSS 4 VQ( £TINTERCLASS CONTEST The traditional battle for literary honors between the sophomore, junior, and senior classes took place in the high school auditorium on April 18, 1947, The representatives of each class put forth their best efforts in an attempt to win the coveted cup for their classmates. The competition was so keen that the judges were forced to render a decision of a tie on two counts, since both the juniors and the seniors won two first places and two second places. The final decision, which was reached by adding the individual scores of each contestant wasi seniors—1102 l 35 juniors--1103 l 3 The following students participated in the Interclass Contest: Essay—Fatricia Motter, sophomore Jackie Smith, junior Florence Weishampel, senior Oration—Willard Bailey, sophomore Sara Lou Dobbins, junior Loretta Darnell, senior Reading—Lowell Umphress, sophomore Shirley Hindall, junior Ruby Baughman, senior Short Story—Lois Harris, sophomore Jean Snyder, junior Gloria Welsh, senior The juniors took top honors in the oration and short story divisions, and the seniors won the essay and reading events. The seniors were also awarded the first prize in the stunt contest which followed the program. INTERCLASS BANQUET The Interclass Banquet, honoring the winners • :of the Interclass Contest was held in the high school cafeteria on April 19. The theme of the banquet was the circus. Multi-colored crepe paper decorations transformed the cafeteria into the Big Top, and bright merry-go-rounds placed on the tables carried out the motif of the circus tent. Place cards were in the form of circus wagons. The delicious dinner was prepared and served by the women of the Sugar Grove Methodist Church, Following the banquet, members of the different classes presented a variety show. Those participating in the program were: Urban Long, Shirley Hindall, Mrs. Pearl Underwood, Billy Jean Dodge, Bonnie Mansfield, James Kreglow, Shirley Main, Joyce Smith, Norma Wright, Maxine Deringer, Patricia Motter, Jackie Lamb, Scott Murray, Wilma Shadley, and Janet Harrod.LIBRARIANS Our library consists of about three thousand volumes. There are also more than twenty magazines and newspapers which come regularly to us. Each period one student librarian is in charge and performs routine tasks there. The librarians this year are Jo Ann Hays, Marjory Scott, Helen Grieser, Betty Smith, Wilma Shadley, Esther Dearth, Neil Davis, and Gloria Welsh. Miss Mabel Crawford is the supervisor. EIGHTH GRADE DEBATE CLUB The Debate Club, which is under the direction of Miss Marian Archibald, is composed of eighth grade students who are interested in the fundamentals of debating. Wallace Rayl is the president of the debate club. Willard Bailey and Claribel Fisher serve as student advisers. The topic selected for this year's debating tournament was last year's national high school question: "Resolved that every able-bodied male citizen of the United States should receive one year of full time military training before attaining the age of 24." LATIN CLUB President- -------------- Janet Harrod Vice President ---------- Evonda McMillen Secretary-Treasurer- --------- -Lois Harris Reporter ------------ -Sara Jane Kreglow The Romana Civitas, or Latin Club, is composed of the ten members of the Latin II class. The girls have selected the names of the nine Muses for their Latin titles, and the lone male member of the club is called Mercury. The sponsor of the Latin Club, Miss Mabel Crawford, is known as Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom. The Latin Club has interesting and informative programs during its monthly meetings. Activities this year have included participation in an assembly program, observance of Ohio Latin Week, and several play-nights. This year the Romana Civitas was enrolled in the Junior Classical League, a national organization of high school Latin students. PROJECTION CLUB The Projection Club, under the supervision of Mr. Arthur Pfeil, is composed of high school boys who are interested in learning to operate the projector. A new motion-picture projector was purchased last year, and films used for educational purposes in various classes are loaned by the Department of Education of the State of Ohio. Each period one boy is given the responsibility of showing the films. Thus the Projection Club plays an important role in bringing visual education to Ada High School.L SSAP ANS A AT A' CL DSSATS CL US v-. •% % AN' 4 • •• •:• • V • vn Ks-:. :• :« « -• i ••••. w .V v X::-? V‘;:''--'' ; -V07 :• •:•:: ■•.•! . ’• ..v.- . • • • • • '.‘.V ••• . 7 :W L ••• . V : . ... • .:¥ ' • ; •7: V.. 3 :•• • N ■ mw 7:..x - V.V vlN ' : - • ••• ............. .;: : r ✓ ••• •••••• • ✓ O' . ' V W:'% '■ ': 7 0r :r::- :: 72 V • . • ■ • • i • • • • •., • . :• •• •••••• f v X. .'. . . « . •% «••• •• « •V.N • r t -i ( ✓ • ✓ . u v- • A . -S .'ll:.- f, -v: v • - . . .rJ' v • - V l N • -a i. ANV %•• •V .vf-vi v?; 7 . . jTf.f : - •. • .s . . .NV.' N .« V- V. v I - ■yj • • • • MM FOOTBALL SEASON'S RECORD Ada O ’Jfe.pak 13 Ada 0 Bluffton 19 Ada 13 Hicksville C Ada 0 Carey 6 Ada 0 Delphos 26 Ada 6 Kenton 6 Ada 0 Forest 38 Ada 13 Elida 21 The Ada Bulldogs lost the first game of the season to an aggressive Tapak team by the score of 13-0. The next game was played at Bluff ton with the ’Ve stern Buckeye League Champions. The Bulldogs came out on the tail end of a 19-0 s co re. Rebounding from their defeat by Bluffton the Bulldogs whipped a heavier Hicksville squad by the score of 13-0. In a hard fought game Ada was beaten by Carey 6-0. Playing very bad ball the 3ulldogs were defeated by Delphss In the next game with Kenton, Ada outfought and outsmarted the fighting Tildcats. Each team was able to score only six points. That left the score 6-6. Ada was next beaten by a spirited Forest eleven by 38-0. In the last game of the season Ada nearly defeated the Little Nine Champions of two years. The score was 21-13, POSITION PLAYER GRADE EXPERIENCE 1 LM.USLREP FOR LE Art Amey Sr. LT Jack Shindler Jr. LG Les Kindle Sr. C Harmon Binkley Soph. RG Bob Hubbell Sr. HP Jim Kreglow Sr. HE Bob Allen Sr. W Jim Gobin J r. LH Paul Van Atta Jr. LH Dave Sousley Jr. FB Irvin Hover Soph. RH Tilson Keller Sr. HH John Eddy Sor h. T Karl Spar Jr. E Bob McMillen Sr. 0 Making a Tackle 2 Forgetting Plays 3 Getting mad in games 1 No bad centers 3 Making noise 1 Silence in games 3 Spirit in games 2 Quarterbacking 2 Pass against Hicksville 2 Pass defense 1 Su.iff Arm 3 Touchdown at Elida 1 Big Feet 1 Shining pants 2 Plugging holesTOP HOW; Coach Shoemaker, D. Sousley, H. Binkley, L. Kindle, R. Allen, J. Schindler , R. McMillen, J. Baughman, K. Spar, L. Agin, Asst. Coach Banks MIDDLE ROW Manager J. Crates, L. Keller, J, Kreglow, A. Amey, P. Van Atta,J. Gobin, W. Keller, R. Hubbell, I. Hover, C. Bellinger, Asst. Manager R. Fisher BOTTOM ROW J. Neubert, J. Weishampel, D. Peper, G. Parshall, R. Moore, D. Gobin, C. McCurdy, R. Luginbuhl, B. Klingler, L. Umphress SHO£Y NO SO£ L£S - CPP7P1 A d c s- DM r ?£S M£AS A MO V G YQUEEN'S SNLL SE V O ?BASKETBALL Ada 38— 31 Dola Ada 36— 27 Kenton Ada 30— 42 St. Rose Ada 44— 50 St. John Ada 14— 59 Bowling Green Ada 45— 42 Carey Ada 41— 25 St. Gerard Ada 29— 38 Delphos St. John Ada 31— 65 Bluffton Ada 35— 61 Bluff ton Ada 60— 47 Van Wert Ada 31— 35 Wapak Ada 45— 35 Lafayette Ada 36— 49 Upper Sandusky Ada 38— 42 Alumni Ada 49— 47 St. Marys TOURNAMENT Ada— 51 26 Wapak Ada St. Joe Ada 22— 39 Hicksville 36— 76 Bluff ton The Ada Bulldogs had a fair season this year despite the fact that there was only one returning letterman, Jim Kreglow. During the regular season the Bulldogs racked up 7 victories to 9 defeats. Entering the tournament the team won their first game hut were beaten in the semi-finals. Jim Kreglow was a fast and hustling guard despite his weight. Dean and Dee Klingler both proved their ability under the basket. Carl Smith was high point man this year, being able to sink balls from any angle. Paul Van Atta, Dave Sousley, Jim Gobin, and John Eddy were all fast and aggressive defensive men. The reserve sauad didn't enjoy a very successful season as they won only 2 games to 11 defeats. The reserve squad was composed of Don Gobin, Harmon Binkley, Irvin Hover, Lowell Umphress, Floyd Wright, Joe Baughman, Jerry Crates,George Parshall.Russell Moore,Richard Luginbuhl. NO. NAME POSITION GRADE 20 Art Amey Center Senior 21 Carl Smith Forward Junior 22 Charles Elliott Forward Senior 23 Jim Gobin Forward Junior 24 Dave Sousley Guard Junior 25 Dean Klingler Center Junior 26 Jim Kreglow Guard Senior 27 John Eddy Guard Sophomore 28 Dee Klingler Forward Sophomore 29 Paul Van Atta Guard JuniorVARSITY RESERVES-» A DEE DEEM J M r ? n a 4RT MRS TY fs, V u 9 yz. SM TTY ?ED DO - A 7 CVT SQC 4D ?SA y r w wsTRACK The Ada High Thinclads opened their 1947 season with little experience but a desire to make good at this sport new to Ada High School. The first meet of the season was a triangular meet with Shawnee, and Spencerville. Though they placed second the Bulldogs showed the public that they had a fighting spirit and a will to win. Six first places were taken by the locals. The winner and event are as follows: 220 yd. dash, Dee Klingler; 440 yd. dash, Jack Schindler; half mile, Irvin Hover; mile run, Junior Smith; Shot put,Bob Allen;and mile relay, composed of Sousley, Agin, Hover, Schindler. The score was Shawnee 71 Ada 43, and Spencerville 31 . The next meet was a dual meet with the Lima Central Reserves. The Bulldogs, improving all the time, gave the Lima team a good fight, losing by only 5 1 3 points. In this meet the thinclads won 8 first places. The winner and event are as follows; 100 yd. dash, Jim Gobin; 220 yd. dash, Dee Klingler; 440 yd. dash. Jack Schindler; half mile run, Junior Smith; mile run, Junior Smith; half mile relay, (Schindler, Hover, Agin, Gobin); mile relay, (Sousley, Hover,Klingler,Schindler);and broad jump, Jim Gobin. ♦April 26th-Ohio Wesleyan Relays May 2nd -Delphos St. Johns May 6th -Kenton May 10th -Jr. Olympics NAME EVENTS Jim Gobin 100 yd. dash, half mile relay, broad jump 220 low hurdles, 120 high hurdles, mile relay 440 yd. dash, half and mile relay half mile and mile relay, shot put 220 low hurdles, 120 high hurdles 120 high hurdles, shot put, discus 100 yd. dash, 220 yd. dash, mile relay 200 yd. dash, broad jump half mile run mile and half mile run, mile relay high jump mile, high jump shotput, discus half mile relay, high jump pole vault, 220 yd. dash 100 yd. dash, 220 yd. dash high jump, 100 yd. dash 100 yd. dash, 220 yd. dash high jump high jump Dave Sousley Jack Shindler Irvin Hover Scott Murray Bob Allen Dee Klingler Dean Klingler Charles Ballinger Junior Smith Paul Van Atta Robert McMillen Art Amey Lloyd Agin Wilson Keller Don Gobin Clair McCurdy Leo Motter G. Parshall D. Luginbuhl Season incomplete at time of writingGIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President—Gloria Welsh Vice President—Jackie Lamb Secretary—Esther Dearth Treasurer—Sara Kreglow Adviser—Mrs. Omler The Girls Athletic Association, better known as the G. A. A., is open to all girls of upper four grades who are interested in athletics and the many activities of the club. This year opened with a hay-ride and weiner roast with the main event the initiation of the freshmen. The girls met for their next meeting at the high school for a "Backward Christmas Hop," each girl bringing a boy. A "play-nite" was the third event where basketball, folk dancing, and games took place with the Dole girls as guests One evening a potluck supper followed by a bowling party was enjoyed by the girls. The year closed with a farewell banquet fcr the seniors. New officers were presented at this time. The following giiIs were awarded gold pins; Marjorie Scott, Loretta Darnell, Gloria Welsh, Esther Dearth, Ruby Baughman,Poggy Main, Joyce Moore, Ina May Fender, and Jackie Lamb. Ruth Ann McMiilen, Anne Michael, Janice Hcwbert, and Margie Zehner received letters. The G. A. A. sponsored during the school year an Intramural Program with tournaments between classes in softball,kickball,basketball, volleyball, and deck tennis. The seniors won in basketball, kickball, and softball, and the sophomores won in volleyball and deck tennis. There are two awards which the girls may earn—a letter for 600 points and a gold pin for 1000 points. Points are earned by competing in the tournaments, selling at football and basketball games and tournaments. and attending the functions of the club. This year four medals were aided to our list of awards to the girls who excel in basketball, softball, volleyball5and bowling. Esther Dearth was awarded the basketball medal, Marjorie Scott—softball, Loretta Darnell—volleyball, and Kathryn Leslie—bowling. CHEERLEADERS At an election held at the beginning of the year four active G. A. A. members wore chosen to be the cheerleaders throughout the year. There are two seniors: Margie Zehner and Joyce Moore, and two Juniors; Doris Clum and Anne Michael.G£A ££? 4L' SCMOL4ffSM P s4G ? C( £TC ?£m SC 0 Cs4 ?S V = THE CHORAL DEPARTMENT President—Gloria V elsh Vice President—Ruby Baughman Secretary-Treasurer—Arthur Amey Librarians—Neil Davis Jackie Lamb Accompanist—Neil Davis The choral department of Ada High School is under the direction of Mr. Orlo Sprunger. The department consists of a mixed chorus of sixty members, a girls' chorus of forty-five voices, a boys' chorus of eighteen voices, and a freshmen chorus consisting of girls from the eighth and ninth grades. A cantata entitled "Dawn of Spring" was given at an assembly in March by the freshmen chorus. Soloists were Esther Stager and Shirley Main. The accompanist was Joan Wright. In the vocal contest at Bowling Green on March 19, solo and ensemble numbers were given as follows: ALTOS: Loretta Darnell—"Mountains" by Oscar Rashbach Doris Abbott-----"Nocturne" by Pearl Curran BARITONE: Karl Spar—"The Blind Plowman" by Robert Clarke MIXED QUARTET: Loretta Darnell, Joan Hays, Karl Spar, Neil Davis—"Annie Laurie" Various groups participated in the annual music contest at Bluffton o.n April 7» The following numbers were given. MIXED CHORUS: "We Thank Thee, Lord" GIF.LS' CHORUS: "Avake I Tis Spring" BOYS' CHORUS: "Stout-Hearted Men" Other musical highlights of the year in which the choral department appeared were the Christmas Vesper Service, the Community Institute and the all school music festival in the spring. These groups make a decidedly worth while contribution to the school and community. Most of the members are found in various church choirs of Ada and near-by churches and various individuals or ensembles are called upon frequently to contribute to programs of local service and social dubs. Many from this group joined the university and local singers in the production of the "Messiah" in December.BAND Officers President ..................... . Doris Abbott Vice President...................Ruby Baughman Secretary-Treasurer ............. Neil Davis Librarians.......................Janice Howbert Donald Gobin The Ada High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Orlo Sprunger, was very active during the school year of 1946-1947. It performed at six football games in the fall and v as the snappiest marching band Ada had shown in several years. It will be remembered for its many clever formations . After the football season, a concert band was organized. The group took part in the annual Community Institute and gave a good account of themselves. The band also participated in the Bluffton College Music Contest, presenting "Sir Galahad" as their number. The highlight of the year was the Spring Concert,given on April 11. ORCHESTRA Officers President ....................... Ruby Baughman Vice President...................Shirley Hindall Secretary-Treasurer ............. Janice Howbert Librarian ....................... Joan Wright The Ada High School Orchestra, under the supervision of Mr. Orlo Sprunger, has made great strides this year. It is not a large organization, but it has done well for its 3ize. Most of its activity has been centered around the annual spring concert. A stripg ensemble, composed of eleven orchestra members, appeared before the Parent-Teachers Association in the spring. They played a "Prelude" by Chopin and another number entitled "March of the War Priests." The entire orchestra participated in the commencement exercises in May. This completed the public appearances for the year.MUSIC FESTIVAL PROGRAM April 11, 1947 HIGH SCHOOL BAND: The Star Spangled Banner ---------------- Smith March, Men Of Ohio - ---------------- Fillmore E. M. Rout son, Guest Conductor Novelty ------ Three Blind Mice ------ - Frangkiser A Japanese Sunset ------------------ Deppen Overture, Sir Galahad --------------- Hilderth PIANO SOLO - - - Hondo Capriccio - - - Mendelssohn - - - Neil Davis HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA: Barcarolle from Tales of Hoffman ---------- Offenbach Sobre-Las-Olas (Over the Waves Waltz) --------- Rosas Themes from Piano Concerto No. 1-------- Tschaikowsky BOYS' CHORUS: 0 My Lawd, What Shall I Do?-------------------------------Guion Hiking Song---------------------------------- Arranged by Krone Stouthearted Men from The New Moon ---------- Romberg GIBLS1 CHORUS The Chestnut Tree -------- The Cloud ------------ Awake 'Tis Spring -------- MIXED CHORUS: A Violin is Singing in the Street Set Down Servant -------- Incline Thine Ear, 0 Lord - - - -We Thank Thee, Lord ------- One World - -- -- -- -- -- ------- Schumann --------- Best ----------- Elliott -------- Uk'rani an Folk Song ■ - - - Negro Spiritual A rkh ange 1 sky-Ki bal ch i ch - - - Bortniansky-Trach - - - - O'Hara-Bratton Alto Solos sung by Loretta DarnellLITTLE WOMEN The juniors presented for their class play Pauline Phelps' dramatization of "Little Women," based on the novel written by Louisa M. Alcott. The play was given on the evenings of November 14 and 15. The story centers about four sisters—Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March—and portrays their adolescence during the l860's. The play begins in the year I863. Reverend Mr. March is a chaplain in the army and his family is struggling to make ends meet at home. When the curtain opens, Hannah, the maid, is calling the girls to their Christmas breakfast. Mrs. March, better known as "Marmee," finds it difficult to bear the fact that her husband is not home for Christmas. However she and her daughters console themselves by taking their own meal to a needy family. Hannah declares she has never seen "such goin’s on" in all her life ! After several years have elapsed, love affairs begin to develop. Jo discovers Meg and John Brooke together and calls her parents so that they may "expel all this nonsense" from the March household. When Laurie Lawrence tries to make love to her, she discourages him and says that old maids really lead a pleasant life—after they get used to it ! Amy had been treated to a trip abroad by .Aunt March, and Laurie leaves for Europe soon afterwards. They return from Paris bearing the same name. When Jo asks Laurie if he has really been married, he replies, "Yes, please, but I’ll never do it again." Beth dies that summer from scarlet fever and Jo is almost inconsolable. Now that she sees how happy Meg and Amy are with their husbands, she begins to regret her own decision. The one man who holds any interest for her is a German professor whom she has met in New York. But Professor Bhaer returns to Germany, and Jo has no hope of ever seeing him again. However, the day arrives when Professor Bhaer returns to America to start a boys' preparatory school. Then Aunt March steps in and proves that her heart is in the right place after all. She atones for sending Amy abroad instead of Jo by giving the latter her inheritance ahead of time so that she and her German professor may establish the school. Happiness reigns in the March household. Aunt March had never approved of the way her nephew and his wife were bringing up their children, but the girls turned out to be pretty fine "little women" after all. CHARACTERS IN THE PLAY Meg—Shirley Hindall Jo—Jackie Lamb Beth—Janice Howbert Amy--Jean Hurlbert Mrs. March--Jackie Smith Reverend Mr. March—Karl Spar Hannah--Jo Ann Hays Laurie Lawrence—Paul Goble John Brooke—Robert Daft Aunt March—Betty Blank Professor Bhaer—Robert Bridenbaugh Miss Edna Buehler—Director Mrs. Clair Motter—Student Director, 0. N. U. JUNIORS Adviser—Mr. Arthur Pfeil President—Shirley Hindall Vice President—Betty Blank Secretary—Paul Van Atta Treasurer—Patricia Thompson FIRST RO'’7: James Gobin, Bean Klingler. SECOND ROT: Jackie Lamb, Janice Herbert. THIRD ROT: John Neubert, Doris Clum, Karl Spar, Ann Michael, Jack Schindler, Jo Ann Hays, Carl Smith, Mildred Morton. BIRTH ROT; Ruth Ann McMillen, Lloyd Agin, Marilyn Leslie, David Sousley, Patty Moore, Charles Van Dyne, Jean Snyder, Scott Murray. FIFTH .R07: Robert Daft, Ruth Campbell, Jerry Crates, Velma Dotson, Charles Ballinger, Evelyn Deringer, Robert agner, Avonelle Barman. SIXTH ROT: Buddy Botkins. Jackie Smith, Clyde Halsey, Jean Hurlburt, Violet Bales, Raymond Guyton, Vera Tingate, Ray Grubaugh. SEVERTH ROT: Robert Bridenbaugh, Sara Lou Dobbins, Marilyn Baker, Margaret Smith, Evelyn Gossard, Twila Henry, Miriam Snare, Paul Goble. NO PICTURES: Ruth Tince, Marilyn Klingler, Russell Zimmer. SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: Elizabeth 3icknell, Mary Stuber, Hiss Buehler, Mrs, Reichenbach, Patty Hotter, De Lois Bower, Stella La Rue. SECOND ROW: Robert ieosick, Florence Filler, Irvin Hover, Janet Karrod-Vice President,John Weishampel-President, Lois Earris-Secretar", Ravmond Spallinger, Marcia Marshall, Earl Cook, Jeanette Hurra". THIRD ROW: Joanne Routson, Harraon Binkley, Sarali Belle Will eke, Sara Jane Kreglow,Doroth" Dearth, 3illie Xlingler, Lois Neu, Robert Jump. FOURTH ROW: Roy Grubeugh, Doris Fo"t, Flo"d Wright, John Eddy, Jane Gilbert, Louis Krofft, Loren Battles, Betty Smith, Willard Bailey, Ilva Jean Hover. FIFTH ROW: Lucille SI wood, Arthur Stuber, Maxine Hicks, Donald Paugh, Forma P.omick, Robert Fisher, Clvde Drnsberger, Edith i.'ae Henry. SIXTH ROW: Llovd Keller,Wanda Gossman.Dick Atha, Audrey Hover, Dee Xlingler, Evonda KcMillen, Robert Harris, Agnes Garver, Charles Binkley, FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: Gordon Hoe,Charles Wingate,Miss Williams,Mr. Banks, Harold Keller, Lee Tinsler, Bennv Hoyt. SECOND ROW: Barbara Agin, And" Parr,Caroline Blank,Don Gobin- Vice President,Joe Baughman-President,Dean Dearth-Secretar", Paul Castle, Joanne 'Tright, David Hunsicker, Claribel Fisher. THIRD RC.iC Robert Cole, Kathryn Leslie, Ned Bonham, Maxine Deringer, Vernetta Reed, Robert Binder, Darlene Brown, Roy Craig. FOURTH ROW: Mar" Alice High, Ralph High, Jerry 0'3rien, Russel Moore, Betty Lou Michael, Richard Luginbuhl, Bettv Jane Klingler, Richard Kimble, Sett" Collins. FIFTH ROW: Claire McCurdy,Betty Hitchcock, David Peper.Blodwyn Reams, Helen La Rue,Barclay llarling, Ilene Dearth,Jack Wood. SIXTH ROW: Esther Stager,Leo Hotter,Joan Long,George Parshall, Norman Reams, Alice Miller, Herbert Ballinger. NO PICTURES: Pattv Anspach, Lucille Rambo.-J» b J k.EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS and SPONSORS: Miss Archibald, Maurice Murray-President; Beryl Lindahl-Vice President; Norma Wright-Secretary-Treasurer; Wallace Ray1-Council Representative; Mrs. Underwood. FIRST ROW: Eddie Collins, Orville Brown, Walter Ferrall, Robert Gossman, Paul McQuown, Jack Boutwell, Ronnie Moore, Robert Cross. SECOND ROW : Pauline Adams, Tommy Hubbell, Juanita Keller, Margaret Fisher, Joan Bicknell, Charles Moore, Delores Mathewson, Naomi Spallingor, Virginia Dot-son, Jimmy Pifer, Clara Weishampel. THIRD ROW: Howard Dodge, Jill Bryant, Clair Romick, Keith Stober, Betty Mar- ling, Marvin Hicks, Betty Dodge, Everett Swinney. FOURTH ROW: Kay Church, Roy Klinglor, Betty La Rue, Louise England, John Mar- shall, Rose Ella Fox, Billy Cheney, Donna Trowbridge. FIFTH ROW: Charles Ferrall, Joyce Smith, Charles Zink, Joan Diefenderfer, Dale Grant, Raymond Touvell, Carolyn Rayl, Elmer Rayl, Shirley Young, Junior HalL SEVENTH GRADE Joe Klingler, Mrs. Tallman, Sponsor, Ronnie Farshall-President, Clair Kindle-Vice President, Howard Klingler-Secretary-Treasurer, Bonnie Mansfield-Coun-cil Representative, Robert Reed. FIRST R0vr: Glenn Ernsberger, Shirley Hawley, Carol Neu, Gloria Miller, Joyce Wolfley, Twila Candler, Joan Thompson, Donovan Zimmerly. SECOND ROW: Joyce Harrod, Buddy Roscover, Fhyllis Adams, Joan Ream, Russell Dearth, Jean Dodge. THIRD ROW: Clarence Garver, Delores Hattery, Shirley Stuber, Ruth Keller, Judy Moe, Donald Van Atta. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Orders, Phil Gilmore, Janet Welsh, Thelma Van Naular, Ray-mey Whitaker, Catherine Bower. FIFTH ROW: Richard Marshall, Sally Allen, Sonja Clay, Dorothy Sanderson, Doro- thy Jump, Neal Paugh.SENIOR FEATURE NAME AMEITION SONG L. Lindahl Housewife You Belong To My Heart C. Kerr To Run Around The Things We Did Last Summer P. Main School Teacher For Sentimental Reasons L. Kindle Farmer Ole Buttermilk Sky J. Kreglow Specialize in I'm Always Chasing Agriculture Rainbows R. Kimble Farmer All By Myself D. Abbott To Be Successful Anniversary Song H. Binkley Secretary Stardust A. Amey Engineer I'm Always Chasing Rainbows C. Elliott Trying to Find Out What to Be They Didn't Believe Me L. Darnell Physical Education Teacher How Deep Is The Ocean R. Allen Coach Painted Rhythm W. Mansfield Beautician Anniversary Song J. Marshall Mechanical Engineer To Each His Own C. Miller Beautician Sentimental Journey U. Long Farmer Till The End Of Time R. McMillen Civil Engineer Rainy Night In Rio V. Morris Librarian Five Minutes More J. Deringer Secretary Rhapsody In Blue N. Davis Music Teacher Anniversary Song E. Dearth Be Happy in Old Age Don't Fence Me In R. Dilts Industrial Arts Teacher Candy I. Fender Dress Designer Penthouse Serenade R. Baughman Nurse Stardust A. Hicks Traveling Salesman That's How Much I Love You C. High Telephone Installer Linda H. Grieser Housewife To Each His Own J. Hooper Undertaker I'll Be Seping You J. Moore Stenographer You Won't Be Satsified M. Scott Secretary Always R. Stauffer Factory Worker Sugar Blues R. Terr Millionaire Margie D. Staley Secretary The Old Lamplighter W. Shadley Commercial Artist Clair de Lune B. Huffman Elementary Teacher Midnight Masquerade R. Hubbell Lazy You Belong To My Heart J. Keller Work God Understands F. Weishampel Happiness Smoke Gets In Your Eyes W. Keller Specialized Farming If I'm Lucky B. Tinsler Elementary Teacher Bumble Boogie P.. Wright Farmer Home On The Range G. Welsh Nurse Always M. Zehner Stenographer Always NOTED FOR Chasing Bob Hubbell Laziness Tardiness to School Pleasing Personality Versatility His Mustache Acting Ability Her Dark Eyes His Calm Air Nicknames Being a Bother in Study Hall Baby Blue Eyes Friendliness Being a Social Problem Shyness His Smooth Line Scientific Ingenuity Quietness Being Dependable Tickling the Ivories Sportsmanship Getting Around Her Walk Winning Interclass Readings His Accent His Wit in Class Her Ring Getting Away With Things Winning Ways With Men Her Pep and Energy Not Studying Crazy Driving Being Short and Sweet Being Late to Class Sense of Humor Arguing in Class Lovely Hair Many Talents Muscles Most Anything Sleeping in Class Her Laugh Cute Figger au po mot ms saaqp SHOP HHPA1 SHOPeoue vey r MS G.A.A. OAA CE 8 ASSEAYEZ Y EASTE ? EEA’Y CSJUNIOR PERSONALITIES Most Popular Boy...................................Jack Schindler Most Popular Girl. ...............................Shirloy Hindall Best Girl Dancer.........................................Jo Hays Best Boy Dancer........................................Karl Spar Most Intelligent Boy....................................Bob Daft Most Intelligent Girl ................ Sara Lou Dobbins Most Attractive Girl.................................Patty Moore Friendliest Girl ................................ Marilyn Leslie Most Handsome Boy .....................................Loyd Agin Biggest Eater ................................... Jack Schindler Peppiest Girl........................................Anne Michael Most Athletic Boy...................................Paul Van Atta Most Athletic Girl ................... Janice Howbert Laziest Boy.........................................Bob V agner Biggest Feet.................................................Paul Goble Best At Getting Away 77ith Things......................Karl Spar Best Dressed Boy ......................................... Gobin Best Dressed Girl.................................. Jackie Lamb Most Talkative ......................................Doris Clum Biggest Flirt ...................................... Mitzi Morton Tallost Boy....................................... Doan Klingler Biggest Joker ................................... Bob Bridenbaugh Biggest Griper...................................... Betty BlankWE WON'T FORGET S-hoey's quizzes in biology class 0-ur assembly, "Keeping Kitty’s Dates" P-atty's countless brain cells H-over's sprees in their breezy Ford O-ur football stars, Harmon and Irvin M-ary Stuber’s athletic ability 0-ration Willard gave at Interclass R-eichenbach and Buehler, our faithful advisers E-xtra points Dee and Johnny made in basketball C-lyde and Bob M., air minded geniuses L-owell’s witty answers A-gnes's willingness to help S-tella’s shyness S-umite chartam et stilum SOMETHING TO REMEMBER THEM BY NAME NICKNAME FAVORITE CLASS PET PEEVE Barbara Agin Barb Gym Most Boys Ned Benham Shorty Gym English Robert Cole Bob Gen. Science Bragging Dean Dearth Dearth Gen. Math. Girls Maxine Deringer Feenie English Gripers Ralph High Ralphie Ind. Arts Bangs Betty Hitchcock Curly Gym Science Kathryn Leslie Katie Algebra Boys Barclay Marling Bark English Class jokers Betty Michael Mike English Bluffers Leo Motter Squirt English None Geraldine O'Brien Jerry English Conceitedness Andrew Parr Andy Gon. Science Bragging David Poper Dave Ind. Arts Work Blodwyn Reams Reams Algebra Teacher's pets Esther Stager Hetter Cncr tid Short Boys Joen Wright Jo Gen.. Math. English Jack Y oods Woodie Algebra Red-headed Girls Donald Gobin Donny Biology Girls Claritel Fisher Red English Gripers George Parshall Lefty Gym Math.3 d 6 k -i I, a Lu u h' 'c, ■'V y s h 11 Let y y ix. s l ' r ' , i v CLASS HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF ''47" Only 12 short years ago, 52 young and inexperienced children entered tfee first year of their exciting school life. Of those who now sit before you, 17 started with us in the first grade. Our very patient first grade teachers, were Miss Wehe and Miss Gallant, who taught us the fundamentals of the 3 R s. We were then a divided group. The total enrollment at the south building was 21; while at the north building there were 31. We finally advanced to the second grade. Still ununited we were placed under the able supervision of Miss Whitworth and Miss Povenmire. Here we were introduced to the intricacies of subtraction. This year marked the close of country schools in our community. Miss McBride and Miss Kelly led us through our third grade with flying colors. During this year we had a spelling bee between pupils of the south and north buildings. The student who ranked highest received a prize. We were all eager to win so as to bring glory to our own building. In 1938 Mrs. Tallman and Miss Overly taught us long division and assisted us in presenting our first operetta, which was directed by Miss Edwards. As we entered the fifth grade we were at last united into one class with a total of 49 members. Miss Wagner and Miss McWilliams helped to further our education. The sixth grade brought about our first graduation, also our first supervised playground activities which were led by Mr. Joe Banks. Mrs. Tail-man and Mrs. Underwood guided us through our final year of grade school. This year was climaxed by a grand and glorious party at the home of Mrs. Tallman, which no member of the 1947 graduating class will ever forget. Junior High brought about many new experiences such as school parties, gym classes, clubs, and other activities. We were under the guidance of Miss Edwards, Miss Mills, and ’Mr. LeVan. Our freshman year we had the right to choose our own subjects, also we were permitted to join G.A.A., F.H.A., and F.F.A. This year we were eligible to attend the Senior High parties. The dlass was led by Ruby Eaughman, as president. Marjorie Scott led us through our sophomore year with Miss Smith and Miss Huber as our sponsors. This was our first year of Interclass, which was not too successful. However, we tried again with renewed hope the following year. Our boys joined Hi-Y and the girls G.R. ’We all took an active part in club work and in the various sports of the school. The opening of our junior year brought with it many successful events. Among these were the Junior play "By Jupiter", in which every member of the class participated and which was directed by Kelly Danford. In May the clas6 put on one of the biggest and greatest proms in the history of Ada High. The theme was an "Old Dutch Garden", which was successfully directed by Miss Huber, our adviser. We entered the interclass contest with as much vigor as the year before but again we were disappointed by defeat. James Kreglow piloted us through this prosperous year.Last fall we started adding the finishing touches to our highly successful school career. We elected Robert Hubbell as President, Arthur Amey as Vice President, Neil Davis as Secretary and Wilma Shadley, Treasurer. Miss Crawford and Mr. Shoemaker were our advisers. We felt much honored to have Eddie Gossard, an ex G.I. in our midst. We were the first class to have a returned veteran enrolled. Senior Day was our first great event of the year,and Joyce Moore reigned as queen with Gloria Welsh and Lenore Lindahl as her attendants.Lester Kindle was named honorary captain of the football team and James Kreglow of basketball. All of our boys took an active part in the school sports. In the interclass contest we entered four eager contestants to represent our class. The judges decision was in favor of the juniors, BUT, our cleverly arranged stunt received first place.The next great highlight of the year was the Senior Play The Daffy Dills", in which 12 members of our class participated, under the direction of Miss Buehler. We were later the honorary guests of the juniors, who put an the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Junior Class and their sponsor Mr. Pfeil. We the class of '47 are here this evening to bid a regretful but fond farewell to the halls of Ada High. We hope that our being here has been as much pleasure to you as it has been to us. As all good things must come to an end we say "Adieu." Doris Abbott Robert DiltsPROPHECY There I was (I being BONNIE HUF5MAN) walking down the street minding my own business when all of a sudden a car ran right up on the suvb and - gee i that1 s all I remember I Waitl Here's someone coming now maybe he can help me. Oh, its only a poor old man selling newspapers. I'll buy one anyway just to help him out. That old man's face surely looks familiar, wonder who he is. I know I No, it can't be - but still - yes, that's who it is. Poor MR. SHOEMAKER, I wonder what can have happened to him for only yesterday I'm sure I saw him at school. Oh well, let's see what the paper has to say.—May 27, 1957. 19E7711 —That must be a misprint I Or is it? The headlines read - "URBAN LONG, popular senator from Ohio, runs for fourth term i " Good old URBAN, I always knew he'd get to the topi Here's HELEN GRIESER'S picture on the front page. It says underneath it that in a recent poll she was unanimously voted the "American Mother of 19-57". Flash I Washington D.C., ROBERT HUBBELL, Republican congressman, continues filibustering against Democrats running for office I Here on the financial page is a report which states that while attempting to pay back his debtors from high school days, BOB ALLEN has put the City Loan out of business permanently. Turning to the sports section, I am not surprised to sec that RCvr-IK TARR has just sped across the finish line to win first place at the Indianapolis Speedway. But this is news I The biggest event in the history of Madison Square Garden took place last night when MARJORIE SCOTT won the world s middleweight wrestling championship I Under "Believe It or Not" by Ripley I find several familiar names. JEAN DERINGER has made the all time record of typing 200 words a minute. Two eminent scientists, RUSSELL KIMBLE and ROBERT McMILLEN, have just perfected their amazing discovery of Atom Bubble Gun; it gives the chewor more of a bang. ESTHER DEARTH has saved 1,000,003 pennies and one slug toward her old age. FLORENCE WEISHAMPEL is the only woman to hold the position as professor of languages at West Point. In the gossip column we come across the name of John Powers, owner of the famous modeling agency. It seems he has just swung across to the public his latest discovery, INA MAY FENDER. Also it is rumored that MARGIE ZEHNER and JOYCE MOORE, those two efficient secretaries of that up and coming young business nan, BOB DILTS, are now on their last lap. Wo arc told that AARON HICKS, industrious traveling salesman for the Fuller Brush Company, has been given the brush-off by that busy housewife, JEAN KELLER. But the most touching item in the column was the fact that JIM MARSHALL is digging ditches to meet the payments on the ring. Skinning through the business ads the name NEIL DAVIS meets the eye. Ho is head piano tuner for the Off-Key Piano Tuning Company. PEGGY MAIN is now starting hor eighth year as cub reporter for the Ada Herald.CHARLES KERR Is a leading shoe salesman for the Never Lift Shoe Company whose motto is: "Why Lift When You Can Drag?" Petite DOROTHY STALEY has returned to the halls of Ada High to assume the duties of secretary to the superintendent. BOB STAUFFER and RAY WRIGHT are operating the rustic Eight Ball Pool Room just off Fifth Avenue. HILDA BINKLEY is the official taster of the Lump Lump Baby Food Company where she is under the eye of her handsome employer, LESTER KINDLE. CLYDE HIGH, chief installer for the No Number Telephone Company, is installing a telephone for Prince Bagen Pants who resides on the Sahara Desert. Among his telephone operators is LENORE LINDAHL. VERA MORRIS is librarian at New York's Carnegie Library where she is seen dusting off DORIS A3B0mT'S latest best seller "Forever Abbott". Skipping over to the theatrical department, news has just reached us that LORETTA DARNELL, incomparable songbird, is now replacing Hildegarde on the radio. The new swoon sensation of the bobby soxers is now ART AMEY. The president of the A - mor Amey Fan Club is the daughter of the local society woman, the former GLORIA WELSH. By popular demand, RUBY BAUGHMAN gave a special reading, "Vodka and Coca Cola", for the Russian government. Present at the occasion was JAMES J. HOOPER, right hand man of Stalin. WILMA 1JDSFIELD and CATHERINE MILLER, two successful beauticians, are competing for the opportunity of beautifying the hair of the hefty soprano Metropolitan Opera star, ELIZABETH TINSLER. The farm news today includes such rural royalty as WILSON KELLER, the wealthy dairy farmer. He is now employing the noted Doctor CHARLES ELLIOTT, veterinarian, to make his cows contented. JIM KREC-LOW is a resident of Scragsville, Kentucky, where he is engaged in hog farming. Glancing over the society column the name of MISS MABEL CRAWFORD was found. It announced that she had been decorated with royal honors when she became "Qpeen for a Day". Having been awarded a trip around the world, she is reported to be the toast of Paris. That seems to be all of the news about my old friends that I can find. Anyway, I'm getting rather dizzy and my head feels very strange! I wonder where I am? Gee, a hospital I Well, I'll have an item for tomorrow's paper - "BONNIE HUFIMAN is suing WILMA SKADLEY for injuries sustained while walking on a public tho roughf are 1 " Wilma Shadley Bonnie HuffmanSENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1947, being of sound body and healthy in mind, do hereby proclaim this to be our last will and testament. May the classes which follow in our footsteps never feel that "47" is dead, merely because our last will and testament is published, but may they profit by these, our long-loved possessions, which we now bestow upon them. ITEM I To the faculty, who have so willingly and so carefully guided us along the paths of knowledge to the safe harbor of wisdom, we leave with great gratitude remembrances of the past, good wishes for the present and bright hopes for the future. ITEM II To our friendly enemy, the junior class, we grudgingly bequeath the senior homeroom along with its various benefits and privileges. We also leave the cherished rights of producing a senior play, paying for various commencement and graduation activities, and winning the inter-class contest and stunt. A ITEM III Our jewels which have adorned us upon many occasions we now dispense as follows: To Paul Goble, Neil Davis wills his pompous figure. To Clair McCurdy, Wilson Keller leaves his ability to play outstanding football. Russell Kimble leaves his mustache to Jerry Colona. To the junior class, Bob Dilts wills his quietness and timid personality. Joyce Moore leaves Ada High School for "Good". Peggy Main bequeaths the Purple and Gold to memories of Ada High School. Roger Tarr leaves his driving ability to "Rusty" Zimmer. Robert Stauffer leaves his dog at home. To Marcia Marshall, Marge Zehner leaves her flirtatious ways. Vera Morris leaves her speaking ability to next year's speech class. To the future biology classes, Jim Marshall leaves his brain. To all the eighth grade girls,Jean Deringer wills her quietness. Arthur Amey leaves his calm, quiet air to Joan Ream. Bob Allen leaves Ada High School—if he arrives at commencement on time. Jim Kreglow leaves his hogs and basketball playing for Ohio State. Bob McMillen leaves his scientific ingenuity to next year's physics class. To the Freshmen boys, Clyde High leaves his address books along with directions. Aaron Hicks bequeaths his "accent" to Miss Crawford's Latin Classes. Ina May Fender leaves her swing to the garden gate.Bonnie Huffman wills her jokes and crazy actions to the Marx Brothers. Meanwhile Helen Grieser leaves Ada in a Model A Coupe. Charles Elliott will leave the financial problems of Ada High School to any one capable of handling them. Wilma Mansfield leaves her pleasing personality to Betty Lou Michael. Catherine Miller leaves her quietness to echo in the halls of Ada High. Bob Hubbell wishes to leave his big mouth to any one who loves to argue. Charles Kerr leaves his speedy life to any turtle. To next year's Social Problems’ class, Lenore Lindahl leaves her answers to the race problem. Marjorie Scott leaves her sports ability to Joan P.outson. Wilma Shadley leaves her wit and artistic ability to no one. No one can compare. Dorothy Staley leaves her extreme height to Evelyn "Shorty" Deringer. Ray Wright leaves high school for farming. Elizabeth Jane Tinsler leaves her clarinet playing ability to Anne Michael. Florence Weishampel leaves her foreign languages to Willard Bailey. Gloria J. Welsh bequeaths her ability to write short stories to Jean Snyder. Urban L. Long wills his effeminate acting ability to "Jackie" Schindler. Ruby Baughman bequeaths her "Ipana" smile to Pepsodent's "Miriam." Doris Abbott wishes to bequeath her French Horn to some windy personality. Loretta Darnell wills her pen and a year's supply of ink to Pat Moore. Hilda Binkley wills her dark hair to Ruth Ann McMillen. Esther Dearth bequeaths her good sportsmanship to Betty Klingler. James Hooper leaves----to the relief of the teachers. Jean Keller leaves her lisping to Shirley Hindall. Lester Kindle leaves his football captaincy to anyone who has the qualifications. As executor of this will, we, the class of 1947, do hereby appoint M. Crawford, Professor of Department of Languages and Senior Class adviser at Ada High School. In witness where of we have hereunto affixed our seal and subscribed our names on this twenty seventh day of May, nineteen hundred and forty seven. Signed and Sealed ■Ruby Baughman. ---Rohoct.Huhhe11 THIS LIFL OF OURS We live in a world not of words but of deeds, Life built high on faith and the hope of our God. For on Him we rely for our every need; He brings us back when astray we have trod. Our day is in turmoil and rage we now find. We pray for the future and His loving care, That our names be written in gold on that page And our record be found in handwriting clear. Our youth is no longer so short nor so young The days free from care have so gently slid past. The first verse of life has for us now been sung, Our childish bright ways far away wo have cast. Our days all are numbered as we know quite woll. The future is uncertain as you can see. We listen intent to tho things that you toll And gladly accept them with our fancy free. Our past has been marred by a second World War It clouds our tomorrow with memories cold, The class of forty-seven intent on its fame Will meet the future with hearts strong and bold. We of this generation have a battle to fight A fight to make this world free, loving, and strong, Not strong in armies, fleets, and flashing insignia But in brotherhood that will bind an ever lasting throng. And now as we pass from these halls and these walls Our lives and ideals right down to tho lino, Lot us not forget that our motto should be--"To err is human, to forgive is divine." Margie Zehner Urban LongBACCALAUREATE SERVICE Methodist Church Sunday, May 25, 1947 8s00 P. M. Rev. Raymond Touvell Pastor in Charge Mr. 0. 0. Sprunger Chorister Mrs. Alberta Sprunger Organist Prelude Processional Invocation Rev. Raymond Touvell Hymn, Our Help in Ages Past" Audience "How Lovely Are Thy Dwelling" Liddle 0. 0. Sprunger Scripture Reading Rev. Coy L. Stager "Jesu, Priceless Treasure" Bach "We Thank Thee Lord" High School Choir Baccalaureate Sermon Rev. Lee M. Moore "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" Lutkin High School Choir Benediction Rev. Carl Clum RecessionalCLASS NIGHT PROGRAM High School Auditorium May 37, 1947 8:00 P. K. Address of Welcome Robert Kubbell Vocal Solo, "Until" Doris Abbott Salutatory Florence Weishampel Class History Doris Abbott Robert Lilts Clarinet Solo, "Andante And Finale From Rhapsody In Blue" Lenore Lindahl Class Prophecy Bonnie Huffman Wilma Shadley Vocal Duet, "Where My Caravan Has Rested" Loretta Darnell Neil Davis Class Poem Margie Zehner Urban Long Piano Solo, "Clair de Lune" eggy Main Class Will Ruby Baughman Robert Hubbell "The Gay Ranchero" "Beauteous Korn" Stuart Hoppin Edward German Girls' Ensemble Doris Abbott, Ruby Baughman, Helen Grieser, Ina May Fender, Peggy Main, Margie Zehner Valedictory James Kreglow Class Song Loretta Darnell Neil Davis "Auld Lang Syne" ClassSixty-Fifth Annual COMMENCEMENT High School Auditorium Wednesday, May 28, 1947 8»00 P. M. Processional—Festival March, Bergen Invocation Music—Intermezzo, Bizet Presentation of Speaker Address, "Saw Dust and Stained Glass" "If I Could Tell You" "May Day Carol" High School Orchestra Rev. Raymond Touvell High School Orchestra C. C. Roberson, Superintendent Dr. Charles B. Ketcham Arr. by Kenneth Downing Arr. by Deems Taylor Senior Mixed Ensemble Peggy Main, Betty Tinsler, Gloria Welsh, Loretta Darnell, Robert Stauffer, Arthur Amey, Robert Hubbell, Robert Allen. Presentation of Class I. T. Warthman, Principal Presentation of Diplomas Dr. c H. Freeman President, Board of Education Benediction Rev. Coy L stager Recessional—Pomp and Circumstance, Elgar High School Brass EnsembleSENIOR DIRECTORY ABBOTT, DORIS G. A. A. 4 G. R. 3.4 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 3,4 Girls' Chorus 3,4 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Pres. 4 Class Play 3,4 Paper Staff 1,2 Latin Club 2 Solo and Ensemble Work 2,4 ALLEN, ROBERT Football 1,2,3,4 Baseball 3 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Class Play 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Boys' Chorus 4 Brack 4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Basketball 2,3 Freshman Chorus 1 F. F. A. 1,2 AMEY, ARTHUR L. Ynsilanti High School 2 Ada High School 1,3,4 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 4, Sec.-Treas. 4 Basketball 2,3,4 Football 4 Class Play 3,4 Fall Monitor 3,4 Senior Scholarship Test 4 Assembly Committee 1,4 Class Vice President 1,4 Intramurals 1 3AUGHMAF, RUBY Latin Club 2 Band 1,2,3,4 Vice Pres. 4 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Pres. 4 G, R. 3,4 Class President 1 Class Treasurer 3 G. A. A. 1,2,3,4 Girls' Chorus Class Play 3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 3,A Vice Pres. 4 Freshman Chorus 1 Interclass 2,3,4 Social Committee 4 BrTCLEY, HILDA G. A. A. 2,3,4 Intramural Manager 4 G. R. 3,4 F. H. A. 2,3,A Treas. 4 Freshman Chorus 1 Class Play 3 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 DARNELL, LORETTA G. A. A. 1,2,3,4 Sec. 3 G. R. 3,4 Song Leader 3 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Interclass 4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Sec. 3 Girls' Chorus 3,4 Social Committee 3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Solo and Ensemble Work 3,4 Latin Club 2 DAVIS, NEIL Band 1,2,3,4 Sec.— reas. 4 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Hi-Y 4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3, Librarian 4 Boys' Chorus 4 Latin Club 2 Freshmen Chorus 1, Pres, Social Committee 4 Senior Scholarship Team 4 General Scholarship 1,2,3,4 General Scholarship 1,2,3,4 Class Secretary 4 Annual Staff 3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 Interclass 3 Librarian 3,4 Honor Society 4 DEARTH, ESTHER G. A. A. 1,2,3, Sec. 4 F. H. A. Treas. 2,3 Pres. 4 G. R. 3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Librarian 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Mixed Chorus 2 Girls' Chorus 2 Freshman Chorus 1DERINGER, JEAN G. A. A. 1 F. H. A. 2,4 G. R. 3,4 Freshman Chorus 1 Girls' and Mixed Chorus 2,3 Class Play 3 DILTS, ROBERT Hi-Y 2,3,4 Social Committee 4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 Projection Club 1,2,3,4 Class Vice Fres, 2 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Student Council Football Mgr. 2,3 Hall Monitor 4 FENDER, INA MAY Freshman Chorus 1 Girls' and Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 G. A. A. 1,2,3,4 G. R. 3,4 F. H. A. 2,3 Historian 4 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 2,3,4 Annual Staff Business Mgr. 4 Class Treas. 1 Class Play 3 Period Hall Monitor 4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Social Committee 3 Honor Society 4 HICKS, AARON Hindman, Ky. Gymnastics Club 1,2,3 Ada High School Hi-Y 4 Intramurals 4 GRIESER, HELEN MARIE Rawson High School 1,2 Ada High School 3,4 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 G. R. 3,4 Class Flay 3,4 Librarian 4 HIGH, CLYDE Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 4 Social Committee 4 Assembly Committee 3 Hall Monitor 3»4 Freshman Chorus 1 Class Flay 3,4 Basketball 3 Class Vice President 3 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 HOOFER, JAMES Projection Club 1,2,3 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 4 General Scholarship 1 Student Council 2 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Senior Scholarship 4 Basketball 1,2, Mgr. 3 Paper Staff 3,4 Baseball 3 Boys' Chorus 4 HUBBELL, ROBERT DEAN Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,3 Football 2,3,4 Senior Scholarship 4 Baseball 3 Hi-Y 2,3,4 General Scholarship 1,4 Interclass 3 Class Play 3 Hall Monitor 3 Boys' Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Freshman Chorus 1 ELLIOTT, CHARLES Hi-Y 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball 3 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Student Council, Treasurer 3,4 Senior Scholarship Test 4 Class Flay 3 Hall Monitor (Period) 3 Social Committee 3 Freshman Chorus Mixed Chorus 2HUFFMAN, BONNIE Class Play 3 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Girls' Chorus 3 Freshman Chorus 1 G. A. A. 1,2,3,4 G. R. 3.4 F. H. A. 4 Period Hall Monitor 4 Paper Staff 4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 KELLER, JEAN Elida High School Class Sec.-Treas. 1 Class Vice Pres. 2 Esteddoffod 1,2 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Girls' Chorus 1,2 Paper Staff 2,3 Office Practice 2 Ada High School F. H. A. 3,4 G. A. A. 3,4 G. R. 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Girls' Chorus 3 Office Fractice 4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 KELLER, 'VILSON Freshman Chorus 1 F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Hi-Y 4 Track 4 Projection Club 2,3,4 Class Flay 3 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Agr. Scholarship 4 KERR, CHARLES Hi-Y 3,4 Class Play 3 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Projection Club 2,3 Stamp Club 2, Treas. Basketball Mgr. 2 KIMBLE, CLYDE RUSSELL McComb High School Football 1 F. F. A. 1 Ada High School Football 3 F. F. A. 2 Class Play 3 Hi-Y 3,4 General Scholarship 2,4 KINDLE, LESTER Football 2,3 Football Captain 4 Class Play 3 Hi-Y 3,4 F. F. A. 1,2,3 V. Pres. 4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Agr. Scholarship 4 Hall Monitor 3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Freshman Chorus 1 Track 4 KRZGLOF, JAMES ALLEN Bethel Township 1,2 Basketball 1,2 Baseball 2 Class Treasurer 2 F. F. A. 1,2 Mixed Chorus 1 Period Monitor 2 Ada High School Basketball 3, Capt. 4 Baseball 3 Football 3,4 Ki-Y 3, Pres. 4 Student Council V. Pres. 4 F. F. A. Reporter 3, Treas. 4 Annual Staff 4 Valedictorian 4 Period Monitor 4 Hall Monitor 3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Class Flay 3 General Scholarship 3,4 Senior Scholarship 4 Agr. Scholarship 4 Class President 3 Honor Society 4LINDAHL, LEITORE Eyrd High La. Band 1 Orchestra 1 Inst. Ensemble 1 G. R. 1 Spanish Club 1 Ada High School P. H. A. 2 Band 2,",4 Orchestra 2r3,4 G. A. A. 3,4 G. R. 3,4 Class Play 3 Queen's Attendant 4 LONG, URBAN Hi-Y 3, Sec.-Treas. 4 Fighth District Hi-Y Sec. 4 F. P. A. 1,2 V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4 Student Council 1,3,4 Social Committee CO-Chairman 4 Class Play 3,4 Hall Monitor 4 Period Hall Monitor 4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Preshman Chorus 1 Projection Club 2,A Band 4 Agr. Scholarship 4 Honor Society 4 MAIN, PEGGY Band 1,2,3,4 Orchestra 2,'7,4 Freshman Chorus, Sec. 1 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 2,4 Paper Staff, 2, Ass't Ed. 3, Ed. Student Council Sec. 3, Pras. 4 G. A. 1,2,",4 G. R. Vice Pres. 3, Treas. 4 Intra urals 1, ,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Latin Club 2 Period Monitor 4 Gen. Scholarship 4 KAN"FIELD, WILMA Ayersville High School 1,2,3 Mixed Chorus 3 Class Play 3 Class Sec. 3 Paner Stef" 3 Ada High School 4 G. R. 4 G. A. A. 4 F. H. A. Sec. 4 MARSHALL, JIM Freshman Chorus 1 Hi-Y 3,4 Projection Club 1,2,3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3 Baseball 3 Hall Monitor 4 Track 4 MILLER, CATHERINE Lima Central 1,2 Home Ec. Club 1,2 G. R. 1,2 Vice Pres. 1 G. R. Representative of Interclub 2,3 Red Cross Ada High School G. R. 3,4 F. H. A. News Reporter 4 G. A. A. 4 Girls' Glee Club 4 Class Play 3 MOORE, JOYCE G. A. A. 1,2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3 G. R. Sec. 3, Pres. 4 General Scholarship Tests 1,2 Freshman Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4 Cheerleader 4 Football Queen 4 Class Play 3 Interclass 2 Office Practice 4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff 4 Honor Society 4 4 Latin Club 2 MORRIS.VERA G. R. 3,4 Class Play 3 Freshman Chorus McMILLEN, ROBERT Football 2,3,4 Baseball 3 Track 4 Basketball 1,2 Projection Club 1,2,3,4 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Senior Scholarship 4 Gen. Scholarship 4 Freshman Chorus 1 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3 Hall Monitor 4 Stamp Club 1SCOTT, MARJORIE 0- A. A. 1,2,3,4 0. H. 3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 F. H. A. 2,3 Vice Pres. 4 Social Committee 4 Band. 3 Class Play 3 Class President 2 Freshman Chorus 1 Librarian 3,4 SHADLEY, WILMA Freshman Chorus 1 Girls' and Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 General Scholarship 1,2,3 G. R. 3,4 Class Sec. 3 Class Treasurer 4 Annual Staff 3,4 Paper Staff 4 Librarian 3,4 Social Committee 3 G. A. A. 1,2,3,4 Interclass Contest 2 Class Play 3 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Latin Club 2 STALEY, DOROTHY G. R. 3,4 Freshman Chorus 1 Period Hall Monitor 4 Office Practice 4 Latin Club 2 STAUFFER, ROBERT Mixed Chorus 2,3 Boys' Chorus 4 Class Play 3 TARR, ROGER Boys' Chorus 4 Football Mgr. 1,2 Projection Club 1,2,3,4 Stamp Club 2,3 Class Play 3 TINSLER, ELIZABETH JANE Band 1,2,3,4 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Girls' and Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 F. H. A. 1 G. A. A. 1,4 G. R. 3,4 Class Play 3 Freshman Chorus 1 WSISHAMPEL, FLORENCE Tuscaloosa High School Latin Club 2 Spanish Club 2 Sec. Treas. 3 Annual Staff 2,3 Girls Hi-Y 2,3 Homeroom V. Pres. 3 Victory Parade Delegate 3 Ada High School Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 G. R. 4 G. A. A. 4 D. A. R. 4 Sr. Scholarship 4 Interclass Contest 4 Salutatorian 4 WELSH, GLORIA G. A. A. 1,2,3, Pres. 4 G. R. 3,4 Gen. Scholarship 4 Sr. Scholarship 4 Annual 2,3 Editor 4 Queen's Attendant 4 Librarian 4 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Pres. 4 Paper Staff 3 Band 2 Orchestra 2 Intramurals 2,3,4 Interclass 2,3,4 Class Play 3 Freshman Chorus 1 D. A. R. Test 4 Social Committee 3 Honor Society 4 WRIGHT, RAY F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 Hi-Y 3,4 Agr. Scholarship Test 4 Class Play 3 Intraraurals 1,2,3,4 ZEKNSR, MARGIE MARIE G. A. A. 2,3,4 Intra. Mgr. 4 G. R. 3,4 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff 4 Drum Majorette 1,2,3,4 Cheerleader 4 Class Play 3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 F. H. A. 1,2 Office Practice 4-MINISTERS— DENTISTS— Rev. Lee M. Moore Church of Christ Dr. C. W. Breck Dr. A. L. Tipple Dr. R. E. Tipple Rev. Coy L. Stager St. Mark’s Lutheran Church MEDICAL DOCTOR— Dr. John Kramer Rev. Raymond M. Touvell First Presbyterian Church CHIROPRACTORS— Rev. Frank L. Brown First Methodist Church Dr. J. T. John Dr. Wayne Morehart Rev. T. J. Haire LAWYER— First Baptist Church Okey VanDyne ADA FARM SERVICE GLENN MARSHALL FLOYD M. ELLIOTT, M. D. HOURS: 2:00 to 5:00 and 8:00 to 9:00 P. M. TELEPHONES: Residence 70 Office 76 LIMA TELEPHONE TELEGRAPH 112 East Highland Avenue ADA, OHIO WHEN POSSIBLE LEAVE CALLS IN MORNING REAL ESTATE BRITTON MANSFIELD Balish ConfectioneryDANA E. WELSH MOORE'S NEWS STAND MAGAZINES NEWSPAPERS DRUGS BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Confectionery Tobaccos SPORT RESULTS COMPLIMENTS OF GREER'S Clothing Shoes Furnishings COMPLIMENTS OF MODERN SHOE REPAIR 105 South Main Street ADA, OHIO POVENMIRE'S MARKET AMSTUTZ FROZEN and FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES SANITARY HATCHERY » SUPPLIES FEED CHOICE MEATS BABY CHICKS BEST WISHES Gardner's Drug Store GAMBLE STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES HAROLD SMITH, Authorized Dealer DRUGS SODAS ADA, OHIO ADA, OHIO The Ada Farmers Exchange KING LUMBER COMPANY Company ROOFING LUMBER PAINTS PHONE 77 DEALERS IN GRAINS SEEDS FEEDS GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER FARM SUPPLIES J. S. MAIN 112 West Buckeye Avenue PHONE 98 ADA, OHIO — 1 GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES COMPLIMENTS OF r JAMESON COAL McELROY HIGH GRADE SOFT POCAHONTAS STOKER COALS COAL COMPANY Winkler Automatic Stokers Crise Furnace Regulators VACUUM FURNACE CLEANING SERVICE PHONE 96 PHONE 339 ADA, OHIO KAY'S JEWELRY STORE COMPLIMENTS OF HIRES NEWS AGENCY 129 North Main Street WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF NEWSPAPERS MAGAZINES LIMA, OHIO 416 South Elizabeth Street LIMA, OHIOCOMPLIMENTS OF LEADER STORE LIMA, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Garver's Wrecking Yard 203 Union Street PHONE 348 ADA, OHIO COLE MOTOR SALES Ada's Ford Dealer McELROY MARKET Fresh Vegetables Meats GROCERIES 411 South Main Street PHONE 18 ADA, OHIO GEORGE UMPHRESS THE ADA DAIRY We Can't Repair Them All Pasteurized Dairy Products But We Do the Best of Them MILK ICE CREAM BUTTER PHONE 240 ADA, OHIO PHONE 164 MRS. OLA MILLER Lull Gardner Garage Hat and Dress Shop CARL LUFT, Proprietor General Repair, Machine Work “IT PAYS TO DRESS WELL” Welding Battery Charging ADA, OHIO 118 East Lincoln AvenueADA HOOVER CREAMERY PASTEURIZED MILK DRUGSTORE BUTTER ICE CREAM WALGREEN AGENCY Kelvinator Sales and Service DeLaval Milkers Separators S. D. PEPER, Owner — PHONE 68 ADA, OHIO PHONE 343 VAN'S J. W. MERTZ GENERAL STORE HARDWARE ROUTE 69 and 30 N B. P. S. PAINTS 233 NORTH MAIN STREET CHILDREN’S GAMES G. E. MAZDA LAMPS GARDEN TOOLS SEEDS BEST WISHES to the ♦ CLASS OF 1947 JOHNSON WAX POLISH CARPENTER TOOLS EVERYTHING FOR PHONE 134 FARM and HOME ADA, OHIOA GOOD PLACE TO BUY COLE DOME School Supplies Cosmetics Stationery INSURANCE Messick's 5c to $1 Store ADA, OHIO "ON THE SQUARE" COMPLIMENTS OF HALL'S BEAUTY SALON SOUTH MAIN MEAT MARKET 315 SOUTH MAIN STREET PHONE 143 HOME KILLED MEATS CALL 252 FOR ALL BEAUTY WORK . . . We Aim to Please . . . CLARK BRIDENBAUGH COMPLIMENTS OF BUD and LUKE'S WOODIES THE PLACE TO MEET JEWELRY STORE FOR A BITE TO EAT Sandwiches WATCHES Soups CLOCKS Salads SILVERWARE COMPLETE ADA, OHIO FOUNTAI N SERVICE Open 7 a. ra. to 11 p. m.COMPLIMENTS OF REAM'S MOORE'S HARDWARE Everything For the AUTO HOME CAR PLUMBING HEATING PAINTS TOOLS AUTO SUPPLIES ELECTRIC WIRING 117 South Main Street ADA, OHIO DEVOE'S PAINTS ROBERT C. PARK, Owner COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF CLUM'S MARKET THE AHLENIUS GROCERIES MEATS COMPANY Home of BIRDSEYE FROZEN FOODS PHONE 61 ADA, OHIORAYL'S SHOE SHOP ... We Doctor Shoes ... HEEL THEM ... Attend Their Dyeing ... AND SAVE THEIR SOLES BRECK'SCLOTHING BOYS and GIRLS NOTIONS SHOES COMPLIMENTS OF Foxie's Radio Shop 126 SOUTH MAIN STREET RECORDS COLUMBIA DECCA RCA PHONE 5 ADA, OHIO KOFFEE KUP IRVIN DERRINGER LUNCHES DINNER SHORT ORDERS 130 South Main Street PHONE 88 ADA, OHIO PRESTON FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 35 COMPLIMENTS OF ADA WATER COMPANY ADA LOCKER SERVICE . .. Home of ... CLOVER FARM FOODS ALLEN BARBER SHOP As Always -AT YOUR SERVICE HARLEY DOUGLASS ManagerOUR BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL THE ADA THEATER AND ODEON THEATER THE B. C. BAKERY THE LIBERTY BANK SINCE 1902 COOKIES OUR SPECIALTY Resources $2,000,000 c+J We Wish Success to the Graduating Class of 1947 COMPLIMENTS OF The OHIO POWER COMPANY ROBERT LaRUE CHESTER PUGH PHONE 208 — ADA, OHIOMADELINE'S BEAUTY SALON — SPECIALIZING IN — Cold Wave and Machineless PERMANENTS SHAMPOOING FINGER WAVING MANICURING ARCH ING PHONE 206 ABOVE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ADA, OHIO MADELINE NELSON, Prop. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE For COURTESY CONN'S 5c to $1 AND UP Your Patronage Is Greatly Appreciated BURNETTS BARBER SHOP CONGRATULATIONS to the HIGH SCHOOL MARATHON GAS OIL COMPLETE LUBRICATION BATTERY CHARGING ACCESSORIES CAR WASHING O. H. McELROY SON PHONE 325 ACROSS FROM ADA THEATER SUPREME DRY CLEANING FOR QUALITY CLEANING Satisfaction Guaranteed CALL 26 512 SOUTH MAIN STREET ADA, OHIO OPPOSITE OHIO NORTHERN’S CAMPUSYOUR HOME SHOULD COME FIRST HUBER'S HARDWARE and FURNITURE COMPLIMENTS OF VARSITY BOOK STORE All Kinds of BOOKS STUDENT SUPPLIES 510 South Main Street Phone 24 COMPLIMENTS OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ADA, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF THE COMPLIMENTS RED WHITE OF STORE IDLE HOUR RECREATION SOHIO SERVICENTER ROOM LUBRICATION TIRE REPAIR GAS OIL RUSSELL MAIN Proprietor GEORGE ANSPACH OTT PRICE HARVEY RUSHER, ManagerJAMES ORDERS Dealer In Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Supplies Phone Black 347 ADA, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF THE CUB Sandwich ShopSUCCESS IN YOUR EVERY UNDERTAKING HARRY J. S0U5LEY INSURANCE SERVICES PHONE 200 ADA, OHIO CONGRATU LAT IONS and BEST WISHES to the 1947 GRADUATING CLASS 1 IF IT'S CLEANABLE WE CAN DO IT WELL MAIN SON PURE OIL SERVICE ON THE SQUARE PHONE 12 ADA, OHIO PEERLESS CLEANERS 119 South Main Street PHONE 22 ADA, OHIOCONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 194 • eMaWuet M. Q'v Studio- 407 South Main Street ADA, OHIOBasketballs Volleyballs Footballs Ohio-Kentucky Manufacturing Co. ADA, OHIO VARIETY ATHLETIC GOODS Baseball Gloves Punching Bags Boxing Gloves Congratulations, Class of 1947 ADA AIR SERVICE, Inc. WELCOMES YOU TO ADA AIRPORT LEARN TO FLY It’s Fun It’s Safe COMPLETE COURSES PREPARE YOU FOR A Pilot's License PAY AS YOU FLY DEALERS FOR AERONCA and ERCOUPE SOHIO - Service - ESSO FIRESTONE ACCESSORIES L. G. BALFOUR CO. ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia Memorial Plaques HERF.JONES COMPANY MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS 1407-1419 North Capitol Avenue INDIANAPOLIS, IND. SINCERE SERVICE SINCE 1905 LANTZ CRETORS FUNERAL HOME PHONE 233 ADA, OHIOOWN YOUR OWN HOME Compliments of GEORGE P. FELTZ REAL ESTATE BROKER PHONE 1 95 204 West North Avenue ADA, OHIO THE ADA HERALD D. L. HAYS GENERAL CONTRACTING Extends CONGRATULATIONS Phone White 105 530 North Simon St. Ada, Ohio and BEST WISHES COMPLIMENTS OF ELEY BROTHERS to the GROCERIES MEATS ADA HIGH SCHOOL GAS OIL CLASS OF 1947 ADA, OHIO » I . 1 .1 I

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