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Q I ! I j 4? -- ' I ff" J I ' X NJC f 1 X N ,hx - - " . 'H J. .Nwilx ,b X eXxr? XY X 'NN 5 ' f.:,!:"" ' K ' 0, A W, M xy il ff '- Y' K xx 57 ff! Nu him 8-,,.riEg:3' g,,J Q i' f L -x 'gl NH - up XXX? q , YW 1 -Q X f .ILEL2-L Lfi W Y x- Ll V .Hail w. ' g W,N. If -as - I E ff f' "xiii gy L 1 Y 1 V5 , 4: ik 4 . Q 5 x ,s x at 11' fx fx V , 115A ,gf w M -HK Nw' k""r :Tl 2 z-- :M - if x ' ' . ,.,,, r, .A W -. JA L V 1 ,JT . .. if , . It W xs --f-..,.f45g5 1 . gtgjsg : N ,. .- f- -.1 V ' ' 3"i443f A 2 'X :Q . . K A .a .rm X Y f' '21 " f W A 'sv x lain! ' , . X V, 9 5... M 5225, Q W X K t:--W W . - 1 f "W gm V -wx xo- ,,,., 1 an 'Ev' 4 xii w i , S- T1?w,,.:s', A V M , 1'-u'fA'5,,:f'i'-,1- ' , :A ' ,tl .4 Q W-,.,,A. Q ! awzizoflja-'ZZ Uv 6.6. ff30'5efv,-fam ' Afqikzlwnww 1 J V. . . , l , X 'NK E., Q. In the great things that make life worth while, the understand- ing of a friend is our common need. As the poet says, you should Wgrapple to thy soul with hoops of steelv the friend who guides you during your high school days in forming high ideals and interests. This friend is truly a tower of strength to us. Such a friend is our superintendent. It is with sincere pleasure that we dedicate the 1942 edition of WWEW to our inspiring friend, Mr. G. G. Roberson. The Staff 1 I f F' Maw? FACULTY DIRECTORY Mr. C. C. Roberson, Superintendent Oakland City College, Indiana, B. S. Ohio State University, M. A. Mr. Callaway Taulbee, Principal Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College, B. S. Ohio State University . Mr. Alvin Augsburger - Agriculture Ohio State University, B. S., Graduate Work Miss Mabel Crawford - Latin and English Denison University, Ph. B. Columbia University, M. A. Miss Betty Ellenwood - French, English and Journalism Ohio State University, B. S. Mrs. Alberta Hawk - English Miami University, Graduate in Ped. . Ohio Northern University, B. S. Northwestern University, M. A. Mr. Raymond Hoops - Manual Arts and Printing Bowling Green University, B. S. O Ohio State University, Graduate Work ' Miss Dorothy Jacobson - Physical Education and English Oberlin University, A. B. Miss Mary Ellen Kraner - History and Speech Otterbein, A. B. Ohio State University, Graduate Work Mr. Wilson Le Van - Music Miami University, B. S. Miss Mary Louise Mills - Home Economics Miami University, B. S. Mr. Millard Murphy - Physical Education Ohio Northern University, B. S. Mr. Robert Pifer - Science Denison University, A. B. Miss Evelyn Smith - Business Education Ohio Northern University, A. B. Office Training School Ohio State University, Graduate Work Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Miss Dorothy Titus H Vocal Music University of Cincinnati, B. S. of P. S. M. Ohio State University, Graduate Work Mr. Carl Zimmer - Science Denison University, A. B. !'n . .-..,-fee is-X, 'ETTZQT-':"Qm:T E'-L ' '-5 " 'Tw lm I uf OUR S C HGOL Do You Know That ---- In 1929 the present school building containing fourteen class- rooms, a library, gymnasium, auditorium, study hall, and three office rooms, was erected. School busses transport pupils from thirty-six square miles of Liberty Township and eight square miles of Orange Township. Two of these are owned by the school board: the other four are privately owned The The The The Tho The The The The The The The total floor area is 62,000 square feet. total groundlarea is ll acres. total enrollment of March 2, 1942 was 321 pupils, grades 7 to 12 inclusive. capacity of the building is 450 pupils. capacity of each room is from Z5 to 45 pupils. capacity of study hall is 150. capacity of library is 50. faculty number is 16. number of lockers is 386. seating capacity of auditorium is 746. seating capacity of gymnasium is 850. periods por day are 8. "1 F QNQ .H XX I i-i fQf'rw"'f1x X 1 .U 1 ik' V - - f I I-1-.TT fig If 5 X fwX I I W f im 'M ff? ff fwibf h I 1 X X T I L.: xl Ulf mf Flrfs'fPf?1l' ' -- .--- - --L-L--4--fr ,L Last ff1 y tulip? ' J. lil! livlmnr OMS! 011101381 hnihatl Gerald Shaun' Presidents DM Sterling 8301158173 Spar 1 ' 'ima Schaefer, ' .- CLASS TLOIIRS ' Yellow RQ!! 'fir ' 4 Q MUPTO: 'i 1 I Wk. N N- .cuss ooumsf Blue and Gold. Mr. ALVIN AUGSBURGER GERALD SHUSTER President Miss MARY ELLEN KRANER DONALD STERLING BEULAH SPAR EDMUND SCHAEFER WILLIAM TROWBRIDGE MARIE MAZZULLA IEAN KROFFT LA DONNA SLEESMAN CHARLES SPAR MARIE BINKLEY ROBERT IRWIN MARILYN WATTS ROLAND RODENBERGER THAD GARDNER ALYCE HIGH IAMES BLACK ANDREW FENDER MARTHA HULL IOHN DERRINGER BETTY GREENAWALT CLAIR MOTTER PATRICIA OLSON WALTER SHEETS BETTY KLINGLER CARL CANDLER THOMAS RUTLEDGE MARY WEBB DOROTHEA WOOD ililillv L ANDREW MCBRIDE AVANELL KINDLE IOE DAVIS EMMA WILLEKE EMERSON MOSER BETTY GUYTON LEO WRIGHT ELDON BOSSE MARGARET KINNEAR NORMAN O'BRIEN MARY ATHA FRANKLIN BRACE IRENE BURNS ROSE ELLA PUGH sig 'G ., IRMA IEAN CROWE RUSSELL BOUTWELL IUNE NEWLAND ROBERT UNDERWOOD KATHERINE ABBOTT IOHN FERGUSON MARY HELEN PHILPOTT DAVID DIETZEL LEOTA McBRIDE IOE REAM DOROTHY THOMPSON LEONARD BINKLEY WAYNE SHADLEY THEO WALLS IOHN CASTLE MIRIAM HOVER RUTH RYAN MARGIE PETERSON HONOR SOCIETY Miriam Hover, Alyce High, Margie Peterson, Marilyn Watts, Ierry Shuster, Marie Mazzulla. lean Krofft, Beulah Spar, William Trowbridge F"?"'5'W' 0 . Sf' 1-:insisiu1 Q BACCLLAUREATE SRVICE Meifhodist Church Sunday, May 24 8200 Pa Mo . Rev. H. M. Carpenter Pastor in Charge Misa Dorothy' Titus 'Choristeri Prof. William Lamale Organiet Processional' Invocation . . Rev. H. H4 03-P57011-ffl' Hymn- l or 0 0 Q 4 Q 4 A-lmiailca Scripture Reading . . . . Bev. Lee H. .mesa the Lord., O sO'l11n 0 0 0 0 A 0 Ijligh School Chorus ' ' Cffertory 'On Lifefs Highway' . . Myron Nelson 'Tho TWO Paths' a 0 o 0 o o s s a u Gretchaninoff . High School Chorus Sermon . . . . . . . . . . . .Dr. Robert lilliams 'The Lord Bless You and Keep You" . . . . Lutkin High School Chorus Benediemm . . . . . . . asv. uniy Recessional xfafwil . Z41fJrZ.4' ---' V 'S-.J ,QKA 'EV Address of Welcome Mezzo Soprano Solo Salutatory . . Soprano Solo Class Prophecy . Clarinet Solo . Class Poem . Baritone Solo . Class History . Brass Qpartet . Class Will . Class Song . CLASS PROGRAM High School Auditorium Tuesday, May 26 8215 P. M. Gerald Shuster, Class President Katherine Abbott . William Trowbridge . . - . Patricia Olson . Marilyn Watts, Donald Sterling . . . . .BMHMISNW .Roland Rodenberger, Jean Krofft . . . - Gerald Shuster . Miriam Hover, Marie Binkley . Alyce High, Charles Spar Marie Mazzulla,Marilyn Watts . Clair Motter,Marie Mazzulla . Betty Greenawalt, Gerald Shuster - ,AZZAZ aff? --'- "lu AV Processional, Invocation WLuetiel Overturen . . . . . Valedictory WTreesn . 'ff- SIXTIETH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT High School Auditorium Thursday, May 28, 1942 WFestival Marchn . . High School Orchestra . . Alfred Bregen . Rev. Lee M. Moore . Kelar Bela High School Orchestra . Alyce High - - ------- Oscar Rasbach Betty Greenawalt, Jean Krofft, Dorothea Wood, Patricia Olson, Martha Hull, Marilyn Watts Presentation of Speaker . . . . . G. C. Roberson, Superintendent Address . . . Rev. S. M. Davidian WThe Merry W1dowW ...... . Lehar High School Orchestra Presentation of Class Calloway Taulbee, . Principal Presentation of Diplomas . . Benediction Receseional Dr. F. M. Elliott, President of the BOARD OF EDUCATION . . Rev. H. M. Carpenter . . . Mozart "Mm fifzuzu . in-Qu ADIEU It is with pride and joy tonight, We look upon your faces, This class of ours as seniors now, In rememorating graces. Many times you've gathered here To listen to our tableau, We hope we've pleased you very much, Before we have to go. Our teachers dear with all their toil, To make us all the brighter, we give our thanks, and hope Their burdens will be lighter. And now dear friends, I'll hurry along, For I have an urgent task, With your permission, I'11 read to you, Some poetry about our class. In the Speech Glass Play, as an Irish girl, Katie Abbott had Noel's heart in a whirl. Mary Atha's romance is really the thing, For now she is wearing a beautiful ring. Mr. Augsburger has been loyal and true, To the Senior Glass of '42. No eyes for another boy, it's understood, For Marie Binkley is satisfied with Underwood. Leonard Binkley is lanky and tall, On the farm he'1l be working next fall. Therefs a lad in our class named Jimmy Black. With all the girls, he sure has a knack. Now Eldon Bosse, they'd like him to stay, For he earned his letter in F. F. A. He's the originator of the Hold pool room stuff, That's Russ Boutwell, but haven't we said enough. In bookkeeping and typing he sets the pace, The one we're speaking about is Franklin Brace. Dark-haired and dashing is Irene Burns, Towards stardom and glamor, her heart really yearns As a ticket taker at the Odeon show, I Carl 'and1er's a lad that all of you know. It slowed dawn the heart of Irma Jean Crowe, When poor Willard to the army did go. As the captain of our football team, Johnny Castle elayed hard and clean. A giri's heart fldtters and her eye flashes, 'hen she looks nt Joe Davis's long lashes. As a plaver on the senior softonll team, Third oaseman Dave Bietzel was right on the beam. Andy-Fender relies on his muscles and Drawn, But what will poor Andy to the day they are gone. He'S president of library, and a good one EOD, It's Johnny Ferguson we spelt of to fad. Betty Greenavalt is the Wirl with red hair, Waere there's e citemeut yod'll find Jetty there. How tnere's J. Thadeds Gardner, our lll shorts fan He earned his letter as 4 football man. Betty Uuyton in shorthand, dh Coen e cel. with this type 0f'w0rk we know she'll do well. Next comes Alisa High, a beLoved lass, As valedictorian, she leads our class. Wim HOVSI didn't wnyer, she soon found'her place, Eight in the Orchestre, slanoin' that bwss. As our athlete we nicxed Martha Hull, For she field hnnsle a basketball. An outstanding ftudent of versatility, Is Bob Irwin, an Anerican farmer to be. Avanell Kindle with red hair of hue, As manger of robes, we are grateful to you. In future years, we all will see, Margaret Kinnear in a Beauty Shopo'e. An all around girl is Betty Klingler, Her heart's in Columbus, for a ring's on her finger. Although through trials and tribulations, we an do Miss Many Ellen Kraner, still in her right mind. As a ooeeditor, Jean Krofft, proved fine, For she had the annual, right out on time. Leota McBride is a girl full of cheer, Another senior, whom theyfll miss next year. For one whofs an actress, and willing to do, Count on Marie Mazzulla, she'll always come through. Dependable and willing, is Andrew McBride, Welre glad t o have him on our own side. Into our class in our seventh year, Came Emerson Moser, a boy sitting here. Clair Motter is so young and so stout, 'Cause he's a true member of the Boy Scout. June Newland is our NJitterbug Queen,N When she's on the dance floor, she's really keen. Norman O'Brien, hails from the farm His curly black hair adds to his charm. Now from Pat Olson, wo've all heard Her acting's superior, her voice is superb. She On Marjorie Peterson, you can always depend. lives on Simon Street, is a good friend, Helen Philpott has records, ever so many. When you're with her, you have fun a plenty. Jolly Joe Ream is our colorful clown, He cheers you up when trouble gets you down. The big ambition of blond Ruthie Ryan, Is to help the U. S. Ukeep 'em flyin'.W Roland Rodenberger, a basketball star of renown, Soon will be moving to another town. Tom Rutledge, on the flute he does play, We bet that the band kids would like him to stay. find Here are two boys, Walter Sheets and Charles Spar, Both are the owners of a Ford car. Next is Jerry Shuster, our WJitterbug King,W His ambition is to be maestro of swing. Bud Schaeffer is our villain of plays, He's proven his talent in many ways. Wayne Shadley is a boy with no time to waste For after the girls, Wayne does chase. La Sleesman will never be left behind, She Kuste be bashful, but Fred changed her mind. Before Don Sterling leaves the school, He'1l make sure he breaks every rule. A singer, a beauty, the gal with the car, Yes, you've guessed it, she's Beulah Mae Spar. Dorothy Thompson took care of Miss Kraner's gloom, By taking attendance in the Senior home room. Billy Trowbridge is the boy with the answer, And incidentally, he's a very gpod dancer. A girl, a car, and away from the throng, Bob Underwood says, you can't go wrong. Theo walls is cute, calm and sweet, She belongs to the army, from her head to her feet She has a voice, and that slow southern drawl, Marylin Watts is one for whom you could fall. Another member of our class is Mary Webb, Her heart belongs to Harry, 'tis said. Quiet and studious, a gentle lass, This is Emma Willeke, one of our class. Short and cute, a peppy tike, Leo Wright is one we all like. She beats the drum in the band at school, For Dot Wood, pep is the rule. So, fare thee well--from this class of ours, In nineteen forty-two, As you meditate on what I've said, We bid you all -- NAdieu.W Q Qs ,0 X, Q U .- 'N I XX of I Q ff", f" f'lX' , tix Xu ff! X TW 'I fix' ff X' fx X ,sl M JM ,f"ff"'7 "XA XX mzffj f X Cf"+XfUj'7'W 'Q f ffrkffff X f- X-ffyjffff ' O fn ,ff IF-X VA'- , I ,fx XX J . f ' X' ,4 Xb lg XD ifmx 'xx N4 A A f X f jf , fff QNX Q X N NW X '.-X N X .. 6, fff KW, K P X I QNWK ff' XX 5 f j fx 05" QT' ff -. Xi J 1' 0 X 325 37 wk 49 M" ,- X 'l O X N U fg -- 'H ' ' Lf X, ,ji f7J7 ,f XQQQAEQ I N'i3!'l'!4lf9,-ff" Af' fkgfc ' 331.2237--'fr' f '-- JZ I ULAX nffygx , WQ5 Diff? wi, M W Row Row Row Row Row Row Row JUNIORS Home Room Teachers - Miss Jacobson Miss Ellenwood President w Lee Tressel Vice President - William Sanderson Secretary - Dorothy Deringer Treasurer - Arden Roberson N Arthur Agin, Madelon Anspach, James Bauman, Albert Berger, Ruth Berger, Goldie Bosserman, Robert Brace, Goldie Branan, Louis Brentlinger. Delores Bryan, Mary Canaan, Richard Carmean, Charles Cheney, Fred Cheney, Dora Ann Clark, Marcine Clum, Margaret Crepe, William Durst. Howard Elliott, Harry Fackler, Francis Fender, Betty Jo Gibson, Jeanette Helber, Janice John, Merrill Keller, Alberta Kenton, Leo Kimble. Doris Jean Kindlo, Margery Kistnor, Eva Kindle, Joyce Lamale, Lloyd Lay, Everett Lenhart, Carol Lowman, Lowell McQuown, ' Mary Jo Main, Donna Magzulla, Ralph Obcnour, Evelyn Petty, Gerald Rodenberger, Betty Reessler, Eloise Schaefer, Genevieve Shadley, Pauline Shadley, Sylvan Simon. Walter Smith, Eugene Snare, Mary Edith Spar, Mary Stagof, Roberta Stambaugh, Betty Jean Stauffer, Ruth Stober, Bernard ' Tarr, Mabel Thompson. Joan Tyson, Charles Umphress, Mildred Williams, Merle Wirt, Barbara Wblfrom, Betty Jo Wright, Rollin Yale. No Pictures Taken William Boutwell Lois Grubaugh Helen Klinglor Stanley Main Merle Romick x x ,' - O Q . I :kim an 4 It fa i:: A ' ""' I W' 'vb Q A Q E Q wi ,J A , 1 ri js Q.. wi-, , fx A c Q , if - Y xg, 3 I Q - :nu-x -I . ' Q at 7 4 .. M? 'F , ' f f 3 W H f. - I ' ' Yr ,Q " ' , I m i 'inns K "'- E K . f S , F iul . A , ZDIWP E,f1 , will 4 V A ' P .,,. P ' Siz Q M' ' 1 r -gif -A R L XL fi g f V t l AV A f, :HZR 4 I .. . . b I .i - V' 4 1 Q hx S ,:-- .. , 4? F ,W K S , M v,x 5 Aw P , i N 1 W ' kk ' . '- I V' vn- f i fm ff! . l 1 'Tw Q A :X I 7 f?1 ., fM J 'I-- , X ' fag,-eg, , Y Q A ,5. , ,.:.,. , Q1 5 , ., In w qw i A ' ,, q'X: M Q , X 1 A,,,. .n Q 'A Y . , "1L"" ' ' mf " -ff in ,V ' ,.,.1 Z b Q. Abl- gs Q . H W , ,4 ,M f L f 4 Cv y J.-a .,,! 13 31 K 5 ' 1 w W , A-- , - M 1- X g ,"' an lv' ka . V, A A .L wif ik hx E . . ...L ,, -2' H ' 's . . Y ' A I -4 lac. :ug A mmf m raaash fA ' .. gqal 1, is 5 IQ ' .. hw- .li 3' L H 1 5. M. - in f 3 Q Q sig. ,I , Wagga , ra, ' 9 , QPU, agzm Q shut: w FW' x if s, SM- ' f . , .,g. gl 3 K1 K+ gag Y, vb at 5, , L -Q M GW -w Q. . .. 5, ' 5 itil ' ff f Q1 E , T4 ,. ,Ste-, ' ,- its , ,LM my -1 fi an 'E f Q f. J K- -sf fs- 55' A '5 an ' .- 3' Y 14. is Q-Q,p 6 ' ' M er I A 2 " I rv e A f" Fil-'f 1 -LV K' f . A5 K y ll ' nm 'if ' 3 3 . . , 'V' YV ' M . f u- M, Qv IVQ. V K in A K yf I. .4 1 lil . M. ,x L si I . K I l:,,- I I, 2 W5 Q PA N za 5 ' 9 1 1- - bf' 2, in ik 1 fl, x QSL 1 . I n M3 1 - ' - Q NL.. 42 I M A ' W Q ua. A S an Ezl ' , .' 4 Q 's Q.. , 4A" ' .f , , , " s ti J '-..,,. zuin lvinu P G . . . . . - lynx Q ,R K ,-l, I xy ' lb lst Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row! No Pictures: lst Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: No Pictures: s TENTH GRADE Home Room Teachers Mr. Zimmer Miss Smith President - Robert Stair Vice President - Harry Banks Secretary - Dorothy Mankey Treasurer - Ernestine Walls Helen Agin, Herbert Anspach, Dotty Baum, Arthur Baughman, Ellsworth Campbell, Dallas Cheney, Opal Dunlap, Robert Elliott, Eunice Farrar, Virginia Ferguson. Edward Gossard, Patty Focht, Mona Myrl Hathaway, Marie Hover, Ralph Keller, Joan Klingler, Max Klingler, Shirlee Kuehne, Howard McBride, Faye Moore. Robert McCloud, Gerald Motter, Joe Motter, Verda Nelson, Morris Patton, William Pifer, Ralph Price, William Rambo, Genevieve Ream, Lorene Shadley. Violet Slusser, Charles Smith, Ethel Sneary, John Staley, Jean Ann Tremain, Maurice Umphress, Marjorie Welty, Elmer Willeke, Ernest Wingate, Charles Yearsley, Nick High, Charles Hoyt, Elsie Neu, Marjorie Taylor, Pauline Binkley, Dorothy Mankey. !nXx NINTH GRADE f' Q X - .f' ij Xxx Home Room Teacher Mr. Pifer I x President - Lloyd VanAtta, no picture h !!t7AfXf Vice President - James Green ' U Council Representative - Jane Turner Secretary--Treasurer - James Smith Robert Baum, Donald Beach, Ester Campbell, Jack Carey, Virginia Cheney, Herbert Clum, Eloise Crawford, Lowell Crowe, Richard Deringer, Este: Dobbins. Raymond Greenawalt, Inez Dodge, Irene Dotson, Joe Erne- berger, Albert Garver, Taylor Groves, Ruth Grubaugh, Wilda Gunn, George Hesser, Betty Lu Hunsicker. Barbara Kerr, Jean Ann Klingler, Gerald Lamale, Marie Long, Reber McElroy, Myron Nelson, Dorothy Petty, Gregg Pugh, Randall Roberson, Pattie Ryan. Helen Snare, Carlyle Kimble, Mary Alice Spar, Carolyn Snyder, Doris Sneary, Harry Seusley, John Stager, Ella Whitaker, Charles Wood, Helen Wright. lewis Good, Vera Krofft, Charles Shadley, Lyman Kindle, Arlis Hoover, Clyde Conley, Raymond Stuber. . lst Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: No Picture: lst Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: 5th Row: EI GHTH, cams H Mr. Hoops President - Robert Gobin Vice-President - James Carmean Secretary-Treasurer - Philip Bosse Home Room Teachers Mrs. Hawk James Banks, Patty Bice, Margery Canaan, Alice Clark, Ruby Jo Craps, Willa Crepe, Richard Cunningham, Jack Bally, Kathleen Dearth, Miriam Dearth. George Deringer, Charles Dotson, John Elliott, Warren Fishp er, Getty Garver, Pearl Gossard, Calvin Groves, Ways Gunn, Beatrice Hall, Richard Irwin. Justin Johnson, Agnes LaRue, Jean Ann Main, Goldie Miller, Jean Ream, Dorothy Rodgers, Betty Romick, Robert Sanderson Virginia Shrauth, Richard Smith. Richard Snell, Ralph Sousley, Betty Stair, Roger Tarr, Joyce Underwood, Lola Mae VanAtta, Paul Volkening, Frank Whitaker, Ray Wilcox, Leslie Wright. Charles Conley, Dorothy Dunahay, Helen Huber, Wilma Langen- berg, Eileen Nelson, Margaret O'Brien, June Parr, Jean Rue- bush, Leo Stuber, Bernard Sneary, Jessie Whitaker. SEVENTH GRADE Home Room Teachers Miss Mills Mr. Le Van President - Joyce Moore Vice President - Clyde High Secretary-Treasurer - Peggy Main Doreen Wies, Robert Allen, Alice Anspach, Ruby Baughman, Hilda Binkley, Alice Brown, Joe Cheney, Loretta Darnell, Neil Davis, Esther Dearth. Jean Derringer, Robert Dilts, Rolland Dodge, Charles Elliott, Alice Farrar, Ina Mae Fender, Virginia Gibson, Ray Grubaugh, Raymond Guyton, Glenn Halsey. Irene Hall, Robert Hubbell, Bonnie Huffman, Wilson Keller, Charles Kerr, Marvin Lamb, Joseph Laube, Urban Long, Dwight Mason, Robert McMillan. Vera Morris, Roy Motter, Robert Newland, Wilma Shadley, Thomas Shuster, Dorothy Staley, Robert Stauffer, Marjorie Vermillion, Phyllis Watts, Doris Abbot. Gloria Jean Welsh, Lela Wolfe, Ray Wright. No Picture: Bertha Kindle, Lester Kindle, Eula Lansing. 'Sf ,L !i M! 5 N 0- fn 1 ' :WN .. , ,W .asv V ' , ' 2" 592 - y,,. Q., 1' ag. A 3 MZ? f ,A lg- um. '11 3 L2 -:1 ,. 25. x . an 1 "':' Q . -. M. -. , . - . A ' il-Nr-' 4ygw'- YN .G 6' ' 3 k' 6 L ,A , Y j 1-N wr.-- 4? skim X ,ing X n Q S- W if - - U' Q? 1 A q 6 I EFF- ai 'BH c- ,X . lf- ,A M, A, 'J 7 A A q" A ,, fi? 1' Q IH' ff !-- gg...'?l if G 'M .1 if 1 i if Q ffl- V ".., . - vw by du, ., f .a..ff.. 1. k,,,,fs 1- 1 w-' A "' ' 12 X-Lx as-. f q u J , a',, Q a. mu, 5 h ' -Q A Q N ib- I' Q ' . ' . g g , 3 I . ' ' ' 1.1 1. . 1 . i M, A ' R W- , J X if ,,.- if E 'MF S? F W X K X, ' A W. V , . g 4 .wJ , ..S Q W if' 41" L-'Html , plgfllx A J Q , 'K Q H c f r' A alib- w..k:.., fx ff 4 .fig H if 4' ' UAW Ula F' Jfbfwffa , Q CQ XV? X ...KJ Q -"i"-""' QQ wg? Qi XVMXF mf g Q 6771 pf We y W I jizz-ED l 1 fj -e CZ' Lf cu X f f-ffffzf they 1942 Dear Staff: beet iaii t-no uncertain ehditimid editors confronted you -with mountains of -worm and toid you to dig, 9. tunnel throng it. Neii, the gpihg wee tougb, ohetaciee greet, add trouhiee were piehtiiui. 'lou puiied throng? victorious and produbed a good yearbook. We carvt ea? Nthahif-S," or you were efseiiff in fact vlorde eeem a 'oit euperciiioue. 'Nhat we reaiiy -aaht to egzy' ie-fhigyl echooi days are the tope and thanks a hiiiiou for helping, ue incur- porate theh in ohe memorgfiiiied voiume. 'io wise Grmiord we texte off our hat-at if it t1ereh't for the metal shortage me vlouid decorate her ior her uhtiriug patience and eh- thueiaetic spirit. To hi-ee Smith, we extend our deep apprecia- S tion for her vfxiiihg, heip and to her advanced ' tg-ping ciaeeee ior eil their time and effort. N5 had te you, the etudehte, here it ish- gcgr Scraphooh edition oi 1942 NE! Sincerely, 1 4' elffzifzlf X s Y W- ff. ,, ,Jr fp! My ggi 2 wah ,W M313 Cfaxwx ,gfffafff fffffir., 0' Q W Qyfqqfw' dig 162, Cho .urplc J 'olb blaxngw ,I.xmVnrvC X'.,IImn.- X' I ILIIIAN. IIILIII ,XIQN III, iw ' X ..w.:+- 1- XI NATIONAL GIRL RESERVE WEEK T0 IIE IIRERIJEII A.da.'Blufii0n Off' Abba' COF"fft Numefgug Acfiyffigg Q ,"'anned Here I IRQI' as MI. 'I'Ir1x: IIII' zulsu grim-x RVIIII IIN- 4-:ml Li!"lIlIl4, Ll, Yu IX II 4 I-XI16clv4I. C P p 2' -1111 ww -If E: -I '11 Elf 'I'Im- min:-15' pq-!'IIc'Ip:Isw '.wiII1mtIm4a'-"' xg, :gum .,,L : In -x. I p:I:IywI nn-Irv than :nn In-In' Iug'vIIwvr I W IIIIIII Iiyzxr., H wlmvn ilu- I-urlzxin rxss-ra MII the vox.c'M'I I nw I , II Nlry Sundzxy :aI'Lvrx1ofm. IMI ff -I ffm, 'I'hv pruggmun is wmmpfm-QI III' Il x-:I -,IZ UIIVIII .Ewan ez I I rwtjf uf .-s-Ivcifmns, Mvmnii tIwm un' 4 M .V,,r i K I"fzaI:4I:Iy. I'-fi1I,z,Izj. .If I, I I "Thr' Vauvzllivr CIx'e1'IL1rv." Marlo J. H ' 1 , .wr-a.s MII nw-It 'Mah :In II. 'x ' Lummmwi im wmv 8 III-I :Lumiani I.xIvrvI:z-I lI!IIIIIIIr- Q K V H M Iizxmluvt Imxw IH "1 +f'I1f-mm-:I II' la' E 'I' III- ' A'II"" M"""Y In On me Down sem Artlmr Mur'x':Iy :UNI his II:un'Iny5 lrnuyw :Jlgnf 1II1'I:u HIIIIII-2115 XXII-I :Irv Ermuw-:II-II I' - "F, IIIII 'I'1'mxIxli1Ig-,1-, II.,Igm.i IUVIIHQ' CWI' IWHIL' p'IX"' If 'I'-M I In,-x'ga-V. I.mImm:x Slmflrmzu, XII-f II-I FIlllSI1'r. .IIIIIII I':a.-II". XIQIVQI' I III s,!'1'I'1fw IVA. XIV. NX I --wx I I 'X I I IIvI1-ll I'IIIIgmU,.I:I1,L.-.I.If1Im. '-IHUV 'If' imfixwirx-rx LI! xy, ' I'I'I'l'l4, IIIIIIH1-5 IIYf'5II- IIII'I wth-II JI I-Irmfrw fri IMI:-'MI H- lun :xml I-:Iyv Mu-Irv. Ivuv 1-HIL.. I' Izmfid. :I .. II rw- '.iS'I IIIH Ifjdzm ---.Ir-I Ify-I 143 A ,Ii-' IILII- .R 1- .I IH' HI :Ind ta-:u'II IIN- fIm.f'IIf tw -1:1r" II"'I3 NUR 'I" - fI"fI'I I: ' Rfw II"'- 1-NIRI'ul'uisI11-.II'3'N:uwa1-1-.t1:.II ""-I'I'- IIf If" II U 'I I" In-II' plzxyml un IIN- srlm.-I's It'I'1'III I II' "'I 'IK- 'I'I1in "I:-:lrn 'H 4I1:':4'--" rvmw-l:IwI:I -III"I"I'- IIIIII IIIIIII' IEINIII- E'II'II"II'I'I"I' NIIVHI-an IIHH r Im- II-If .r. Ir. I'-" I'I 'I'I'r'1'4I I11 IIN- -1-lalwr' -15.-'clxssrmn Ummm MIMMIHEI' 'imnlflh' :Emi ILIIIPI IIQII-I I-':,f'I..!IIx' -It' Ilxxmi :IMI .If-In I I"1'I-'II X-'II'--I XM' .- ng"-I. 'I'In- lwmir SII'II"I'I'I' "'I'II"'III'I"- VIII I"'I'I'I'f"'II '-W1 'MII :I-RIN! XII! I,f'X..rI 'I..IIl if -Imfq .Ir pw m.,N,,, VW I, ,I ,,N,,.,. II-"IV VI-V505 WIIII INSIDE- fvvwI:1-im. Ia.-,kdm g1'IX'II!L' x.1fIIg1IIIv Iwltwr' 'Inn' Emu' frwi I I.-- xv IEZIEI :IL Jun- UIIIIIIIIIIS XXIII III' I""'Q"'II"II III II"I' xwwu-1Iww :H tI:v RIIIIIILI f'H:I:.1IIifIux, II IIVSPMM, IHUIH will WNHH high In-I! .xIIwIlIlK'II, sc'1zIn'-1Imz'n-. :Iwi XIII' ,5S,,,,U ,,,.,,,mS MV! lmym, IU SIMM, . ..., .I -- ' N Conlmmu-:Imam I . Im-rv mlm- 'VIII In-I.x,4i..:1I Ulm. 25. .1 I l.x.I.c., . PURPLE AND GOLD . 11....-1....1...-.........-,- . - - 1--. a ,- ,,,..., , T- l THE PURPLE AND GOLD STAFF Editor-in-Chief Ilyce Highl Assistant Editor Eloise Schaefer Business Manager Janice John Feature Editors Miriam Hover Shirley Kuehne LaDonna Sleesman Exchange Editor Marie Mazzulla Sports Editor Thad Gardner Lee Tressel Girls' Sports Betty Jo Gibson Clubs and Activities Katherine Abbott Joyce Lamale General News A Jeannette Helber A Barbara Wolfrom Business Adviser Clair Motter Faculty Adviser Miss Ellenwood STAFF ADDS NEW FEATURES Besides printing more issues than have been published in previ- ous years, the staff of the"Pur- ple and Gold' has initiated sever- al new features throughout the year. The column NWho's Who,N which appeared on the editorial page, was used to give outstanding students a little of the honor which belongs to them. A secret committee of students and teachers appointed the members of"Who's Iho.N The honor roll, re-esteb- lished by the staff, honored pupils who have hign scholastic standings Appropriate colors of paper and cuts were used to bring out special effects for holidays and special occasions. An extra April fool issue was printed. The regu- lar April edition had two front pages, which is an exclusive fea- ture of the Denver Post. Ears on the front page and brief slogans between stories added to the ap- pearance of the paper. This year's Purple and Gold is one of the most outstanding ever pub- lished at Ada High. ........... ....--.-............,..-... ...., ,. . ... .-. JOURNALISTS ATTEND CONVENTION ' In November, ten Ada High School students interested in Journalism work, and their instruc- tor, attended the eighteenth annual convention of the Journalism Asso- ciation of Ohio Schools at the Deshler-Wallick Hotel in Columbus. The delegates went on an inspection tour of the Columbus Dispatch and entered three discussions at which suggestions were obtained for bet- tering our publications. The students sponsored a cookie sale to raise funds for the trip. LAUD PRINTING GLASS The printing class of Ada High school is a very select group. The thirteen members of the class under the direction of Mr. Raymond Hoops, are responsible for the printing of the WPurp1e and Gold? and for the advertising pages of the yearbook. Aside from these duties, the boys put out all pub- licity posters, tickets, and office forms. The department has done some very fine work with the Silk Screen Process, a new addition to their methods. The class includes John Castle, Russell Boutwell, James Black, Joe Davis, John Der- inger, Carl Candler, Gerald Roden- berger, Dave Dietzel, Arthur Agin, Everett Lenhart, Andrew McBride, Wayne Shadley and Eugene Snare. The entire paper staff, Miss Ellenwood, the adviser, and Mr. Hoops and his printing department are to be congratulated in produc- ing one of the best school papers that I have ever read. The editor- ials have been of a high order, the make-up, lineotype work and print- ing has been exceptionally good. '-Mr. Roberson -......................-.....-,. .... . ...,,......... ..............1.. ..... .-..-..- ALM 4fvK?' ' :Qi-J -1 Jlllnir-7 ' ' 'Q-5 i '1 ff:-7 sw j i Q1 Q Q Q' J Vw 1 f ,,, , 1 5 ff' 2, ---L 45,2 Sy 3 '- "AJ -' " X P I J' "ik Q Q Nw 1 LQLTTQJ XXX X 6 X if . ..., N? , X xA .A 5 A . J i aa E - K-U x ki ffm V Q, Q5 ADA O ADA O ADA 6 ADA O ADA 13 ADA 6 ADA 24 ADA 12 FOOTBALL SEASON'S RECORD Wapakoneta 14 Bluffton 26 Upper Sandusky 26 Carey O Delphos 6 Kenton 9 North Baltimore 12 Forest 13 The 1941 football season got off to a slow start, but after the middle of the season the Coach Murphy's WBulldogsW had one of the best elevens of the past decade despite an in-and-out record. The Bulldogs made up for their lack of weight in speed and deter- mination, since their heaviest regular was 165. The result of the season could have easily been six victories and two defeats with any share of breaks. They were inside of every oppo- nent's ten-yard stripe. Rain and mud handicapped them in three games as they depended upon deception and passes. FOOTBALL PERSONALITIES Position Player LE Jerry Shuster LT Thad Gardner LG Duane Fender C Charles Spar RG Fred Cheney RT Clair Motter RE Bill Sanderson QB Lee Tressel LH Roland Rodenberger RH Merrill Keller FB John Castle C Don Sterling QB Bob Irwin RT Eddie Gossard Weight Grade Experience Biggest Accomplishment 155 Sr. 3 Running laps 165 Sr. 3 Losing his pants 140 Jr. 2 Keeping in shape 154 Sr. 3 Centering the ball 150 Jr. 3 Intercsptlng the kickoff 163 Sr. 1 Making a tackle 150 Jr. 2 Not being fooled 150 Jr. 2 Starring at North Baltimore 135 Sr. 2 Making a gain 153 Jr. 2 Remembering signals 160 Sr. 4 Pass defense 142 Sr. 2 Seeing the game 141 Sr. 3 Plugging the holes 150 Soph. 2 Shining Pants Other players were: Joe Ream, Andy Fender, Seniors: Arden Rober- son, B111 Durst, Howard Elliott, Dick Carmean, Merle Romick, Leo Xim- bls, Bill Boutwell, Junior Tarr and Sylvan Simon, Juniors: Herbert Anspach, Ralph Keller, Robert Elliott and Junior Banks, Sophomoresg Lloyd Van Atta, Dick Derringer, Bill Rambo and Dick Baum, Freshmen: and Managers--Rollin Yale, Elmer Willeke and John Elliott. 0 NA e 3 ' 4 '- S 1 s N X 1 .f1"v1.'vf1'fjfC'e1vgga1f13rmls.'1Pl3F'E!P,9f"?FYg".., ,, , . e'5"' T sv " . -Ypfxrxxvj twig? C3 'Q rr K- ' JOHN! JOHHJ HE'S OUR KAN!! In every game he'sfon his guard, And always in there fighting hard. 17 , Ro1nmozncmim11m's one mm S ' f. G WBig Rody is captain of our teem, Amd with girls he's really Won the beam.n C5'x5 IU f, BILLY! BILLY! HE'S OUR MAN!! ., Bill's the lad who wears the glasses, Plays center, and over all surpasses. ARDHT1 ARDEIH E'S OUR MAN H Q '7 if In getting rebounds Arden tops them all, Z H He gyisys hard and is really "on the bali." 4 LEEILEIEYS OIIRNANH Q With spectacular olay and as high scoring man, Lee Tressel's the boy who thrills every fan. DUANEI DURNEJ HE'S OUR KAN!! In every game his fast and vigorous play, Combine to make him the man of the day. GRXLDVI Gantt: ms one iam 1 nLittle Rodyn fights for all his worth, On any squad he'd get an upper berth. BASK TBALL After a slow start, Ada High Schoo1's Basketball team became one of the most feared and highest scoring outfits in this part of the state. Many of the teams that they played said that they were the toughest bunch that they had faced. At the tournaments, where Ada's Bulldogs reached the semi-finals the authorities were quoted as saying WAda is the team to beat.u During the entire season Ada won 12 and lost 7 for an excellent record. Special note should be given to Coach Murphy who is here for his first year and to the two seniors, Roland Rodenberger and John Castle who were mainstays on Ada's team. Members of the reserve squad are: John Stager, James Green, Robert Baum, Randall Roberson, Lewis Good, Richard Deringer, Morris Patton, Gerald Hotter, Eddie Gossard and Robert Elliott. G. A. A. The purpose of the Girls' Athletic Association is to promote interest in sports and gymnastic activities. This improves the physical fitness and the sportsmanship of the participants. One of the school's most important social events, the Penny Jamboree, was a big success this year. The proceeds are to be used for new and better equipment. The board is made up of six officers under the leadership of Miss Dorothy Jacobson. Duties of the board are: awarding honors and conducting the general business of the Girls' Athletic Associav tion. The board consists of: at President ------------- ---Betty Greenawalt Vice President ------------ Donna Mazzulla Secretary --------- ------Jean Ann Tremain Treasurern ---------------- Betty Jo Gibson Intramural Manager -------- Dorothea Woods Social Chairman --------- -Eloise Schaefer Q12 Reporter -------- - ----- --Shirley Kuehne Qdgiffz 'fr' if J ef is Xiu M. ,f 5, INTRAMURALS 3 The winning of the intramural cup by the Juniors brought to a successful climax the Girls' Intramurals. Dorothea Woods, manager, has conducted the intramurals very efficiently. The winners are as follows: Kickball- ------ ---Juniors Basketball ------ --Juniors Volley Ball------Seniors Birdie Mintonf----Juniors Decktennis-------Juniors The introduction of a new Birdie Minton set-up caused much competition. Four girls on each side battle with their small paddles until the game is won. The playnights and intramurals furnish the means of obtaining points in the Girls' Athletic Association. r 15. 'if-' s. A r - .4"""'-aa...-fa-. ,X X-bm A A gifil, XX X ff! 3 XXV, fr, K C2 2' X X' LWR X Q3 X Lfw , XX , YA I X R IXVXI wx! Q3 In . X 1 X xg xx .,f'!f Xxx" N X, X, X vfww 19 f"J Lf N ,fa OX gillffe X X f QOUX?fSf X XXNW !,f"!,,,....39N ,fff ff, xf X,f W' STUDENT COUNCIL PURPOSE: To promote wholesome and efficient relationship between students and faculty, to foster law and order, to arouse a loyalty to Ada High School and her activities, and to develop a high appreciation of fine character. OFFICERS: William Trowbridge, President Marie Mazzulla, Vice President Donna Mazzulla, Secretary Ralph Obenour, Treasurer Herbert Anspach, Sergeant-at-Arms The other class representatives of the council are Jean Krofft and Charles Spar, seniors: Howard Elliott, junior: Shirley Kuehne, sophomoreg Jane Turner, freshman, James Banks, eighth grade: Loretta Darnell, seventh grade These twelve members, elected annually by the student body meet every week with their Functioning regularly the chairman of which other representatives body. adviser, Miss Crawford, for a half hour period. also as part of this council are four committees, and at least two others are council members. The are selected from various classes of the student The hall monitors, chosen from senior and junior classes,together with their chairman, Charles Spar, supervise hall traffic in the morn- ing, at noon, and between classes. Under the direction of Marie Mazzulla, the social committee plans and supervises all high school parties. They also have charge of all arrangements for the interclass contest and banquet. The assembly committee, together with their chairman, Jean Krofft, plan assembly programs for the entire year. Because the council feel a need for more class discussion periods where general problems of interest to all may be discussed a new committee is at work this year. The two council members, Marie Mazzulla and Ralph Obenour head this committee and the six class presidents with Mr. Taulbee as faculty member decide on topics to be discussed at the biweexly class meetings. Qf.m44'Z M4 ,W i Qg,c,,w,',,,,,0v ,f,,,,,,,,,,, . n I JcwQm,r gzwmgz hwy-Qlwfymm-.dmmulfm ft Qt ZZWW To find and give the best and to face life squarely President - Marie Binkley Vice-President - Mary Stager .4-ig. Secretary - Jean Krofft W Treasurer - Donna Mazzulla Adviser - Miss Crawford P y Meetings Wwen Just Can't Forget --------------------------- ------ - getting together at the Wround-upn lnvitation to dance with Miss Gleason 'gevering our Lord with Mr. Roberson Qaughing at the alumni program Qeviewing our likes with Patty Frase Eating at the Hi-Y G. R. Picnic Qunshine Committee Easter Services Qpller skating with the Hi-Y Iisit of our Council Every Sophomore girl invited faying Wgood-byeu to the Seniors To extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. President - Charles Spar Vice-President - John Castle Secretary Treasurer - Clair Motter Adviser - Mr. Taulbee Platform: Clean Speech W spqrts W scholarship W filiving In its sincere desire to uphold the foregoing ideals the Hi-Y club met weekly to listen to speakers from the University, men from the recruiting station and prominent men in this community. Discussions of the problems of youth were led by the different members of the club. Meetings were held with the Girl Reserves in the form of picnics, skating parties, and weiner roasts. IO' Wilflfiifiilfiiiiiiiklfiillfiiilif , By the joint effort of the Girl Reserves and Hi-Y a class room was transformed into a club room to be used for regular weekly meet- ings of the two groups and for special meetings of other groups, as desired. The attractiveness of the room reflects a spirit of willing service. Q 1 I 1 The Future Homemakers Association is a local group affiliated with the state and national organization. Delegates are sent to state con- ventions each year. n This organization develops a girl'e ability to use her home eco- nomics instruction to meet her home, school, and community problems: encourages recreational and educational activities for students in vocational activities for students in vocational education: strengthens the home economics girl's confidence in herself and in her Work and interests members in a well-rounded and continuous personal develop- ment. Bi-monthly meetings are held. The programs for the year included discussions on,careers and manners for high school girls, outside speak ers, and social hours. The FI H. A. girls have worked together on several projects to earn money for expenses. There are twenty-four members including the officers, who are: Mary Atha, president: Ruth Ryan, vice president: Dorothy Mankey, Historian. secretary: Marcine Clum, treasurer: Martha Hull, gf' .........q..........- The primary aim of the organization is the development of agri- cultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. Their motto is: ULearning to do Membership four degrees of WState Farmer,W with respect to scholarship are doing to learn, learning to live, living to serve.N for the organization is entirely voluntary. There are active membership: NGreen Hand,H NFuture Farmer,N and nAmerican Farmer.H Specific levels of attainment farming, earnings, investments, leadership, and set up for each degree. The activities of the club this year included the buying of a de- fense bond in the place of the usual UFather and Sonn banquet. They also had a grain show during the Farmers' Institute which netted a pro- fit to some of the members. The entire year was a busy one with each member devoting considerable attention to his project. Some of the projects were: sow and litter, chickens, corn, soybeans, oats. wheat, egg record, soil testing and others. The officers for the year were: Charles Spar, president: Fred Cheney, vice president: Leo Wright, secretary: Eldon Bosse, treasurer: Walter Sheets, news reporter: and Leonard Binkley, watchdog. Mr. Alvin Augsburger is the faculty adviser. J E HK '-3 ,- f7!: ifimhlf' five' if? , ,, 3 S, gd SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Class presented a mirth-provoking and mystery thriller combined in UOne Mad Night.N The story begins in the old Cutter mans sion, where UDon Cuttern and his Chinese valet Nwingn have just arrived at the mansion. Before the night is over, Don and Wing have met some of the queerest people imaginable. His home is being used for an in- sane asylum, he jilts his fiancee and becomes engaged to one of the inmates who is really not crazy but held there against her will and the story goes on to a gripping and hilarious climax. The parts were capably played by Gerald Shuster - Don Cutter Miriam Hover - Lucille Marcy Andrew Fender - Wing Patricia Olsen - Mrs. Kluck Betty Greenawalt - Priscilla La Donna Sleesman - Gertrude Finch Marie Mazzulla - Lady Macbeth Margie Peterson - Mrs. T.Ashington Finch Joe Davis - John Alden Marilyn Watts - Depression Bud Schaefer - Mr. Hyde Roland Rodenberger - Artemus Burke Charles Spar - Dr. Bunn Dave Dietzel - Danny Siletto JUNIOR GLASS PLAY A comedy, NStudent Queenw was presented by the Junior Class. The play deals with the election of a girl for the role of queen at a student celebration. Delores Bryan had the leading role and Ralph Obenour played Opposite her as Chuck. Outstanding performances were made by Mildred Williams as the cosmetics sales woman and William Sanderson as the farm philosopher. Betty Gibson played the role of a haughty girl who expected to be queen. Her father, the head of the school board, was played by Harry Fackler. Eloise Schaefer played the part of the mother of two irrepressible children, Janice John and Lee Tressel. The parts of the fun-loving crowd were played by Margaret Creps, Mary Jo Main, Betty Stauffer, Bob Brace, Louis Brentlinger. Don Patterson, the king for a week, was portrayed by Arden Roberson. Miss Haley, a woman about town was played by Donna Mazzulla. The members of the cast were coached by Miss Jacobson and Miss Ellenwood, junior home room teachers. SPEECH CLASS PLAY NOn Vengeance Heights,Ha stirring drama of life in the Tennessee mountains, was presented by the speech class as their entry in the Ohio State Speech League contest at Fostoria on Saturday, April 18. Under the direction of Miss Mary Ellen Kraner, the play received the highest rating given and qualified to enter the state contest at Columbus. A First place on the all-regionalpcast went to Marie Mazzulla, as Gheridiah Germerlyg third piace t5'Mi1ared'Jo Williams, as Hbpe. Gerald Shuster, who played the part of Clay and Bud Schaefer in the role of Lem Carmalt were highly commended by the judge. as Y, r Y I INTERGLASS conrnsm - March 27, 1942 Organized in 1907 7:30 P. M. Debate Resolved: That all interscholastic athletics should be abolished. 'Affirmative, Juniors. . Betty Stauffer, Harry Fackler Negative, Seniors. .Edmund Schaefer, Wm. Trowbridge Clarinet Quartet .--- Morris Patton, Arthur Baughman Charles Yearsley, Maurice Umphress I Short Stories 'Marsh Rat. . . . . Patty Focht, Sophomore Cinderella Girl . .... Delores Bryan, Junior Orations Spectators or Players ..... Miriam Hover, Senior 'Music for Morale . . Faye Moore, Sophomore Tenor Solo. . . . . Gerald Rodenberger Essays Human Parasites. .... Ethel Sneary, Sophomore 'Damrosch, Debussey, Debunk . . . Donna Mazzulla, Junior Flute and Clarinet Duet Beulah Mae Spar, Tom Rutledge Readings ' 'Boots. . . . . . . . .Marilyn Watts. Senior Danny's Little Tin Soldier . Shirley Kuehne, Sophomore 'Winners Results: Sophomores 379 points Seniors 372 W Juniors 371 2f3 U DEBATE Debate teams in Ada High were organized in 1935 for the purpose of giving those pupils who are interested, a chance to learn to think clearly and talk correctly and persuasively while standing before an audience. The question for debate this year in the Ohio High School Speech League was: WReso1ved: That every able bodied male citizen in the United States should be required to have one year of full-time mili- tary training before attaining the present draft age.W Betty Stauf- fer and Dora Ann Clark debated the question for the affirmative team, while William Trowbridge and Gerald Lamale u held the negative side. The teams under the supervision of our superintendent, C. C. Roberson, debated in the Columbus North Touznament. They qualified to enter the state contest by winning the district contest held at Bluffton on Tuesday, March 31. 4' ,f vw Q3 T?-Je 'em ,M C9119 HAP F Y a was V L L..,- Srfrke che! Q 2 Pwlfy -- -- U25 ? :tak wwf df Ju5C Kds IJHQP yi.. frvlfvu 4 S XX XM R ai A VKX XX XX tx? . ff X kg Z f Z FX I' fl! Q f X y,,f --fffi .-.....- 1 ... .1 .. - .... .........- -.....-Q I C" 0 ! W" C ..... ---.......-... .. ...- ---.4,,..,2 ,- - V--iw.,--, - - ,L-, QD'19fTM 'CJ I -1 1 kl , ,, IW W- , W, , --.k .. ORCHESTRA The Ada High School Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Wilson Le Van, completed a very full and unusual schedule by playing for the commencement exercises on May 28. The fortywfive members of the or- ganization met twice a week and added a nunmer of very difficult pieces to their repertoire, The highlights of the year were the concerts presented jointly with the Bluffton High School orchestra, directed by Sidney Hauenstein. The concerts of the ninety-piece group at Bluffton on February 23 and at Ada on March l were both enjoyed by fine audiences The officers who arranged the activities of the orchestra for 1941042 were: President, Beulah Sparg Vice President, Miriam Hover: Secretary, Tom Rutledgeg and Treasurer, Carol Lowman. Managers and librarians who worked diligently to keep the musicians supplied with chairs, stands, and music were Eloise Schaefer and Carol Lowman. Four ambitious orchestra members who formed a string ensemble for extra practice and experience were Ester Dobbins, Roger McElroy, Albert Berger, and Ruth Berger, BAND The Ada High School Band climaxed an outstanding year by receiv- ing top honors at the state band contest on Saturday, April 25, at Ohio State University, The victory of the preceding week at Bowling Green entitled this group, directed by Mr. Le Van, to enter state coup petition, In the fall the band appeared at several home and outvof-town football games, presenting a number of unique marching formation. The musicians played at the Hardin County Fair and other annual festivals. During the Christmas vacation, outstanding high school musicians were chosen to play in the All-Ohio High School Clinic Band, which met at Columbus. Ada High School was represented by four delegates in- cluding Tom Rutledge, first flute: Joan Tyson, first oboeg Miriam Hover, first string bassg and Alyce High, cornet, Miriam Hover alss took part in a similar program at Bowling Green. Officers elected by the band to lead in the year's work were: President, Marilyn Watts, Vice President, Eloise Schaeferg Secretary, Charles Woodg Treasurer, Randall Roberson. Much credit is due the managers and librarians who were Ellsworth Campbell, Barbara Wolfrom, Ruth Berger, and Paul Volckening, . Two instrumental ensembles were formed this year. A clarinet quartet was made up of Beulah Spar, Carol Lowmen, Arthur Baughman, and Mary Edith Spar. A drum quartet consisted of Dorothea Wood, Barbara Wolfram, Eloise Schaefer, and Joe Motter. New instruments added to the band recently are a bass horn, double French horn, and cymbals. 5749 so HIGH 4? I ww' MEFF? xv' Qu V. IWW HVQH SQTH W 'www ' ,Q M :Qms'2x'L . w CHORUSES The vocal talent of Ada High School is developed through the activities of three choral groups. The Girls' and Mixed Choruses are under the supervision of Miss Dorothy Titus and the Boys' Chorus is directed by Mr. Wilson Le Van. These choruses have contributed special numbers fcr the various activities of the school year. Their combined efforts gave us a very impressive Christmas Vesper Service. All three groups participated in the district contest at Bluffton and brought home high honors. They also joined in a spring concert. From these groups several soloists performed in the district con- test at Ada and by the winning of first place were entitled to par- ticipate in the state contest at Columbus in May. These were: Jeans' nette Helber, sopranog Gerald Shuster, baritoneg Myron Nelson, bass: Katherine Abbott, mezzo-soprano: Marilyn Watts, alto. The ensembles were: Senior sextette, Patricia Olsen, Betty Greenawalt, Jean Krofft, Martha Hull, Marilyn Watts, and Dorothea Wood: Junior ensemble, Eugene Snare, John Stager, Jeannette Helber, Mary Stager, Barbara Wol- from,Mary Edith Spar, Ralph Obenour and Howard Elliott. Officers Girls' Chorus Boys' Chorus President - Jean Krofft President - Gerald Shuster Vice President - Patricia Olsen Vice President - Edmund Schaefer Secretary - Donna Mazzulla Secretary - Gerald Rodenberger Treasurer - Martha Hull Treasurer - Eugene Snare Librarians - Miriam Hover Librarians - Thomas Rutledge Betty Greenawalt Ralph Obenour Managers - Janice John Managers - Louis Good Mary Edith Spar Harry Sousley Accompanist - Alice High Accompanist - Ruth Berger Mixed Chorus President - Beulah Spar Vice President - Clair Motter Secretary - Katherine Abbott Treasurer - Ralph Obenour Librarians - Theo Walls June Newland Managers - Ralph Obenour Eugene Snare Accompanist - Jean Krofft Ike!!! BLUFTTON AND ADA HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRAS Directors Q T Sidney Hauenstein Wilson Leven Ada High Auditorium March first Three O'Clock 11-QE The Cavalier Overture Merle J. Isaac The pomp and splendor of a royal castle is interrupted only by the middle section that is a mood of sad tenderness as the gay party comtemplates the fact that the Cavalier is going away on a long journey. Intermezzo Georges Bizet Prelude Georges Bizet The above two numbers are taken from the 'L'Arlesienne.' Suites Nos. 2 and 1 respectively. The nPreludeu of the first suite is based on the NProvencal Marchn which is sometimes erroneously ascribed to Jean-Baptiste Lully. Sunrise at Sea Clifford Demarest WA gentle swell, pale stars and mystery: gray dawn, rosy hue, the glorious zunjn Procession of the Sardar M. IppolitewHIwanow b This is the fourth and last number of the nCaucasian Sketches? and is remarkable for its alteration between loud and soft, suggestive of the music's being carried one way and then another by wind. Intermission The Swan Camille Saint-Saens UThe Carnival of Animalsn in recent years has gained a high reputation for its humor and charm. nThe Swann is one of the most popular of the group and is a favorite of string players. Mozart Suite Arrt by Tom Clark Suite in four parts includes: I. Serrnade from 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusikn II. Theme from WPiano Sonata in AV. p III. Minuet from the Opera NDon Juann IV. Allegro from the 'Symphony No. 120 Hungarian Dance No. 5 Johannes Brahms One of the most popular of the dances said to be trans- criptions of performances of Gypsy bands. First written as ? piano duets the dances gained such wide popularity that they P -A -as ,-e r S irl-m.m.--er, e..-h e, ,u-I in -4- were arranged for orchestra. 4 'X' ,f K El 1 r 1 w w I ,,,,.Il4t1s, 3 V- ------:-:- W ...A ,., -.V 1 5 . W "'-1-2-1-:.-.fwzfzyi H5 5' ?f ,. fr Fifi' A FQ I 1 2 ! 3 Q ,X -N t 5 f z ff 1' ' N. -X 5 ,f ' N E M ..M'w I KVA, ' 5 ' Q2 i x x L L.w.,.....W.11f i if Y ,4 ,fx U33 1-'I' ,fx 9r 3' 5. X i CJ! My ,, get 3 ,U J X25-. .nf K a VNR AX-,XV Rx I isa if , 0 'x"' 71 A "M Lsl-NWN -7 ' V ff 'fx V il 4 f fs it f 5 X "1 M Ltlifr-xi., .... QQ X. J fx 'Q-X X Xxx 'Q' X I Xbx ,1 I X If X-LX L '- .ff,ifL?ffj"' K' YN Q jj X A4956 I , Q xl ,ff - 3 244 ,'.f 11 f ' ' if I ill' 'J fl?.1'.'T'..':..-"ff: ,f K. ,f , x vL -., !:, ,,,-,g? , X ZX Q fd V'NMTfi fn X f' I 2 'V XX X ff' 'X f x 1 of X f ix ' X U' 35,3 'W W4 X0 1 """3"1 P' 1:-L-i "1 Yau. , 1 , , .2 W 'L '-avr:-u-ian. 3- --, V ...CW 55--,,i:Vw-,,..- lpm'mrrrvf-f ' I Z Af CfO'U'-7.,,4'71q Lf pf, . I ,Z-v,.w'v-tiff at 4 in-Q - i-...,' q1,q,9Aa9JN ..- , ,xi , -have L .ZWQ2 :Aunt . 6 tu .NX uAaAr,:Lu vQA42bvJJwg CQQL imma fY.!"Q- owea, CQ ...M ,,,,.,. Q wma. ,Ui-, .mga K. Abbott Own Kenturf-cy lfoonlight Cocktail Kay Well u Derby Winner N IM. Atha Home Ec- Teacher Moonlight Cocktail Tizzie Could be L. Binkley F-rm You Are My Sunshine Len Oh, could be M. Binkley Commercial Artist String of Pearls Bink Well J. Black Serve Uncle Sam Dear Mom Jim Now listen here, Leroy R. Boutwell Be a good dancer Dear Mom Lucky You ain't ' abirdin! E. Bosse Farm Remember Pearl Butch Darnit Harbor ' F. Brace Bookkeeper Trumpets Frankie Gee I. Burns Tap dancer Miss You Snibs Say, Bud C. Candler Be a millionaire String of Pearls Dusty Keep Em Dying J. Castle Achieve something Who Wouldn't Love Johnnie Just between 'You you and me I. Crowe Own ranch in Calif. Marie Elena Jeanie Gee Whiz J. Davis Machinist Somebody Else Is Stonie Watch that f Taking My Place ' stuff J. Deringer Chemist Bells of San Raquel Bone- Watch that crusher stuff D. Dietzel Government job Somebody Else Is Dave Oh, Boy Taking My Place A. Fender Army Air Corps All the Things I Andy Oh Love J. Ferguson Millionaire Farmer Whispering Bud Son of a gun T. Gardner Being happy I Donft Want To ' Stretch Awhl Walk Without You B. Greenamalt Air hostess Moonlight Cocktail Bett Oh, my cow B. Guyton Stenographer Somebody Else is Peggy Oh, sugar , Taking My Place A. High Play in AllHGirl Piano Concerto Cap Tough Orchestra M. Hover Aviatrix String of Pearls Mim You're not just quoting M. Hull Home Ec. Teacher Dear Mom Marty For Heaven's Sake R. Irwin American Farmer Shrine of St. Butch Am heck Cecelia A. Kindle Bookkeeper I Don't Want to Avie Oh, Sis ' Walk Without You M. Kinnear Beautician Marine Hymn Peggy John Brown B. Klingler Nurse Moonlight Cocktail Blondie 0, Man J. Krofft Designer Shrine of St. Cecelia Cupcake Good Grief Ye Gods , . 5 kr,a,.H,:liL- be QL.,ZJ?gw'f.- I Ccr.QQ, XYX1xJW7LQ- C1g5gQ5LjL, TFCY' 'flb 'YTLl- 'M..Ma.azulla ,Secretary ' 'Rhapsody in Blue. Beezie L. McBride Teacher of Sports Papa Nicholene Doty A. McBride Farming Deep in the Heart Andy of Texas E. Moser Farm or F. B. I. The Lost Chord Em C. Mbtter Business Executive Jersey Bounce Greek J. Newland Beauty Operator Jersey Bounce Daisy June N. O'Brien Accountant Moonlight Cocktail Irish man P. Olson Nurse I Don't Want To Walk Pat Without You M. Peterson Learn golf Intermezzo Pete H. Philpott Nurse The Very Thought Phil of You R. Pugh Secretary Stardust Rosie J. Ream Mechanic Blues in the Night Joe R. Rodenf Big League Base- All the Things I Rody berger ball Love T. Rutledge Navy Air Corps. Taps Charlie R. Ryan Interior Decorator Who Wouldn't Love Ruthie You E. Schaefer Get to Annapolis Who Wouldnft Love Bud You W. Shadley Aviator Band Played On Shad W. Sheets Indianapolis Races Beer Barrel Polka Walt G. Shuster Business Executive Redskin Rhumba Jerry L. Sleesman Phys: Ed. teacher Who Wouldn't Love La You B. Spar To have a good time Somebody Else is Sparkie Taking My Place C. Spar Farmer Skylark Chuck D. Sterling Have a good time Music Makers Bruiser D. Thompson Housewife Somebody Else is Phoebe Talcing My Place I W. Trowbridge Doctor Rhumba Jumps Willie R. Underwood Pharmacy Buckle Down Burry T. Walls Secretary Miss You Poedic M. Watts Civil Service Rhapsody in Blue Wattsy Worker M. Webb Interior Decorator Marine Hymn Betsy Willeke Teacher Moonlight Cocktail Em y Wood Teacher Beautiful Dreamer Dot Wright Farming Blue Champagne Peo You ain't just quoting Gee Zooie Fuzo No kidding It's for the birds Come again Shucks Oh, Shoot For Crying Out Loud Tough I Don't Care I Don't know Lay a brick I guess so You ain't a birdin' Gee Zooie Oh, Gee Oh, Nuts You ain't a birdin' Tough Gee Whiz Darn How dry I am Think so? Gosh Gee Oh,Fiddle No! Oh, Shucks Good Night Don't ask me CE,-if D, L fc!-C, ,f' ,,,,,, F y , A ,- -'rd rl -- -. In "" X , 'vm LX Q9 XI yltgjyfo kink 1 X xx ' A Sept. 9 - The ringing of the school bell awakened me this morning, and I was reminded that another school year was beginning. Sept. 29 - I get off to a good start at the G. A. A. playnight by adding ten points to my last year's score. Oct. 20 - The F. E. A. had a swell party tonight. Oct. 28 - Just getting a good start on my diet, I went to the G. R.- Nov Nov Nov Dec Feb. 14 - Feb Feb Feb Feb Hi-Y weiner roast and simply stgffed myself! u V- X 0 5.73 01 f fi .ffl Ax Sis said that she had gobs of fun at her first Jr. High pargy tonight. 1 - .ow sed! No school for two days. Thanksgiving vacation N - ost ent ee U we the bi est hit of the day. It was one the beg? oleys I'vo eveggseen. f1.f,?8n2nZh3.2'S33i2?.d?x?2tnSg?i'SYt?Si?55fme8 at Work' FN 52 2 "ra-.sf t,3..D "t"""" 11,6 X Another Sr. High party rolled around. The theme centered around the gay nineties, and tho decorations were darling. The food! Oh! It was sumptuous! Bill attended his weekly F. F. A. meeting so I spent an evening at h me Kfor oncej From what I've heard, that must have been some party the Jr high had tonight. The G. R. hnd a banquet for their mothers this evening. The program was enjoyed by all. I em so glad that our G. A. Ae Jamboree was e success. The booths were really good, and the floor show couldn't have been beaten. QX - M3355 Donnafs always in a social whirl, ,.,Q,,, Because, you see, she's the most popular girl. CT! fy ' .f ,Lf ,,ff,.!1L':f rig , K ,..- "V 'I 1 ! gk 'RAI QR. X s Z N if were K Q" 3 , , "'C..f9 M Np"w., l i , Q Arden is the most popular one. '--QX' 'XX I ' W 4 fi W, xi When you're with him, you are sure to have funk "'s,NN"j X 'A su! ,I gf K 2 yv 1 U ft. A ' t z L-eQ'24"a .1 n , , ., . is 1 ,f U, 'X V ff g' , 'Ns f f '... f ,I A f Q ,.,-:ogg-fks ff-...X --.... If ff 5 x ,rf -' K- Q - ' ., 'L' -we-'-ff---N, N f . wmv Ame: Y " of N-N ' ' ff :A T ff 'N !,:i'X,! -if ii.. b, I f ' JJ! Z' hx' f X ' ,SIX Q K j J I x if f X Jeanette Helber, ne most te.ll:e.tive girl, 'Q Always has everyone in e. whirl. N . ,feet ., fel-re? L f if Gael We ' I Ax. tx-q'f. , iw 5 5, , 4 We cn6s'e Milly 12" 'Because Shefs so ,joll5q,...,k,liQj tif.. ---J X, s XXI, Never a sad moment F-'lf t een much in the With her, by golly! ! .ffl F I halls together, . "4 X Barb and Duane are I fb'-- X i X birds of a feather. The 'Q ',5pg i - - ,ml,, most NX My f Ay, I 'N brilliant one is he Q f 'Nr' is i'1nfh noise. Mil LJT11 J itterbugging, RX ,1'..,1. Wherever she goes, in. Slow clencing, 'N ,J . She'-s bound to Qs' 1 Even la. conga., R Al,-,Q , Please. , 2:.'?s.,.f,', Whenever it's dancing I -'K K ' X" ,,.I5,f ' 1-.linlfzerfi along-a. X i X-.X 'f--A--eQ,gq,ff1"'jTf, Lf-:xb Delores isn't one f , I !f"" CJ-,Nf"' ' "'j--Qs To primp or fuss, I I l N, ,-"4 xl,-7 My But she's the most Q qc I yqwch xx ,X J Attract? of us. , 4 ,KX I A 1 C 6, 6 in in fy G .gl fa! ' hifi? KS-. J.,4f,1 When it's sports, Lee is tops, Gus Roclenberger is X Xrff When he's in the game, it co.n't One swell guy. OX 5' n be a. flop- Ho's handsome too, ,J A Q You can 't deny. XX Wi 4547! ff" '24-Sgr. p U - - f! 1 'f X 1 sis.. March l'S'The orchestra from Bluffton High school joined our orchestra for a joint concert this afternoon. March 15' MP' Frye, a magician, had us all 'puzzled to pieces when he presented his magic tricks tonight. . March 21 - How disheartening! A11 the choruses lost in the District 5 Chorus contest at Bluffton. Anyvey, we camo out with good M ratings. March 27- The most exciting event of the year was Interclsss Contest. V Tho Sophomores won the cup! March 28- Yes, that delicious Interclass Banquet was held this evening. Q E jfxjr--Ai,,fg-QlX,,-.,!'F...f X4 LJ L IV - l ff XXX! I I I X 1 I 1 ,A X Apr. 10 - Tho speech class presented their one-act plays under the direction of Miss Kroner. Apr. 11 - My knees were shaking like sixty while I was on the stage singing in our sextet in the Solo and Ensemble Contest. Apr. 18 - I was in there blowing with all my might at the District Band Contest, at Bowling Green. f?L, .Q gf slfmv B173 if .fi-Q May 2 - All of the intelligent students went to the district scholar- ship contest nt Bovling Green. May 9 - Our sextet with soloists and clarinet quartet went to the ltate contest. Again Ada walked off with honors! , . May 13 - The seniors presented their class play tonight. It was super. May 16 - No banquet this year at the Jr.- Sr. Prom, but we all had a good time dancing. ' May 24 - Baccalaureate was held tonight. May 26 -Class Night was expecially good this year. gg usual the laughs were side-splitting. May 88 - In cap and gowns the seniors received their diplomas. It's hard to believe that I shall never seo those familiar faces on the high school stage again. x 5 f X ff' X SQDHQMQRES mm' WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER: A m gi 5 S hirlee Kuehne's Interclass reading 0 dd positions of Bob Stair in Biology P atty Focht's short story H erb Anspach's fights O ration that Faye Moore gave at Interclass M orris Patton' s butch haircut 0 n-the-beam Sophomore Sextet IQ obert E11iot's adoration for a certain girl E thel Sneary's Latin ability harles Years1ey's practical ,jokes L etterman Eddie Gossard A dvanced tap dancing by Genevieve Ream S weet guitar melodies 'by Violet Slusser S rnartest kids in school W vb EW" NAU 'I'C?RfX PH 5 7 - M' g .Na +Q's5j,M0fWi . A ec? ' Q'pwv'C4?S Y U',Q... .QM- Katherine Abbott Newspaper Staff l, 2,3,4 G. R. 5,4 Sec. 3 Librarian 4 Girls' Ensemble l,2,3 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Sec. 4 Freshman Chorus Girls' Chorus 1.2,3,4 Girls' Intramurals 1,2 Class Play 3 Scholarship Team l,2,3 Mary Elizabeth Atha Freshman Chorus G. A. A. 1,2,5,4 F. H. A. 2,3,4 Sec. 3.Pres.4 G. R. 3,4 Spelling Contest 3 Intramurals Leonard Binkley F. F. AL l,2,3,4 Intramurals l,2,3,4 Basketball 2 Marie Binkley Freshman Chorus Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 G. R. 3,4 Pres. 4 G. A. A- 2.3,4 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3 Ensemble 2,3,4 James D. Black Basketball l,2,3 Football Manager 1,2 Hi-Y 3,4 Baseball 2,3 Intramurals 4 Russell Boutwell Cheerleader l Football Manager 3 Intramurals l,2,3,4 Aviation Club 2 Eldon Bosse Band l,2.3,4 F. F. A. l,2,3,4 Hall Monitor 4 Intramurals l,2,3,4 SENIOR DIRECTORY Franklin Brace 4 Mixed Chorus l,3,4 Boys' Chorus 1,3,4 Boys' Ensemble 3 Senior Mixed Ensemble 4 Tenor Solo 4 Intramurals 4 Irene Burns Chorus 2 4-H 2 G, R. 2,4 Ridgeway H: S. 1,2 Carl Candler Boys' Chorus l,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1 John Castle Football l,2,3,4 Captain 4 Basketball 2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 Intramurals l,2,3,4 Hi-Y 3,4 Vice Pres. 4 Boys' Chorus 1,2 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Irma Jean Crowe Freshman Chorus Girls' Chorus 2,3 Librarian 4 F. H. A. 2 Junior Ensemble 3 Joe Davis Boys' Chorus l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Boys' Ensemble 2,3 Solo 3,4 Intramurals 2. 3,4 F. F. A. l Football 2 John Deringer Boys' Chorus l Hall Monitor 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Hi-Y 4 Intramurals 1,2 Basketball Manager 4 Dave Dietzel Boys' Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Intramurals 1,4 lv-111 r ' ' ' . Andrew Fender Annual Staff 3,4 Alyce High Scholarship Team l,2,3,4 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Program Chairman 4 Band 1,233.4 Hall Monitor 3 Football 2,3,4 Baseball 2,3 Student Council 3 Class Play 3, Stage Manager Intramurals l,2,3,4 Paper Staff 3 Track 3 John Ferguson F. F. A. l,2,3,4 Library Intramurals l,2,3,4 Class Play 3, Stage Thad Gardner , Intramurals l,2,3,4 Football 2,3,4 Baseball 2,s,4 Boys' Chorus l,2,3 Mixed Chorus 4 Student Council 1 Orchestra l,2,3,4 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 U Mixed Chorus l,2,3 Paper Staff l,2,3,4. Editor 4 Social Committee 1, G. R. 3,4 . Go A- Ao 1,2,3,4 ve PTUS' 3 Class Play 3 Chemistry Lab. Assistant 4 Citizenship Test 4 Interclass 2,3 Brass Quartet 3,4 Mana5er Miriam Hover G. R. 3,4 G. A. A. l,2,3 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 Libr. 3,4 Mixed Chorus 4 V Girls' Ensemble 1,4 Band l,2,3,4 Sec. 3 - All State Band Clinic 4 Orchestra l,2,3,4 Paper Staff l,2,3,4 Sports Ed. N. W, District Clinic 4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 1,2,s,4 Scholarship Team 3 Interclass 4 Social Committee Class Play 3 Hi-Y 3,4 Class President 3 V. Pres.2 Martha Hull Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 Treas. 4 Betty Greenawalt Mixed Chorus 2,5.4 G' H- 3-4 Girls' Ensemble 1,2,z,4 G. Ae Ao l,2,3,4. Pres.4 State Contest 2'5 Orchestra 1,3 F. H. A. 1,2,3'4 Class Play 3 G. R. 3 4 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4 Librarian 3 Library 4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Ensembles l,2,3,4 Betty Guyton Intramurals 1,2 G. R. 3,4 G. A. A. 1,2 Mixed-Chorus 2,3,4 Robert Irwin Hall Monitor 4 ..Library 4 Class Treasurer 2 Football 2,3,4 Intramurals l,2,3,4 F. F. A. l,2,3,4 Track 3 Ensemble 2 Class Play 3 Orchestra l,2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 2.3.4 Avanell Kindle F. H. A. 2 G. A. A. 1 , Girls' Chorus 2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 3,4 G. R. 3,4 Girls' Ensemble 1.2 Robe Manager 2.3.4 Library 4 Margaret Kinnear Library 2.3.4 Betty Klingler G- A- A. G. R. 3.4 Band 1.2.3 Girls' Ensemble 3 Girls' Chorus Library 4 Mixed Chorus 2.3.4 Jean Krofft Student Council 2,4 Assembly Committee 2.4 Chairman Annual Staff 3,4 Scholarship Team 3 Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus 3.4 Ensemble 3,4 ' Class Play 3 Interclass Contest 3 G. A. A. 1,2,s,4 G. R. 3,4 V.Pres.3: Sec.4 Librarian 3 Marie Mazzulla G. A. A. G. R. 3,4 Scholarship Team 1.2.3 Girls' Chorus 2.3.4 Paper StaffL1,2,3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 Orchestra Andrew McBride Intramurals A. A. A. Safety Patrol John Miller Track 4-H 1,2 F. F. A. 1 Basketball 3 Sockball 1.2. Piketon High Emerson Moser F. F. A. 1 Boys' Chorus 3 School 1.2.3 4 Intramurals Clair Motter Paper SBaff 3,4 Band 1.2.3 Hi-Y 2.3.4 Sec. 4 Class Vice Pres. 2 Boys' Chorus Mixed Chorus Hall Monitor Drum Major 3 Football 4 2l5l4 2,4 Sec. 4 5 Cheerleader . Scholarship Team 1.2.3 Track 3,4 Vocal Solo 3,4 June Newland G. A. A. 1 Paper Staff 4 Mixed Chorus 4,Ass't.Librarian Girls' Chorus 1.2.4 Office Assistant 4 Band Norman O'Brien Ensemble 1 Social Eommittee 2,4 Chairman Interclass 2.3 Student Council 4, V.Pres. Class Secretary 3 One Act Play Contest 4 Leota McBride G. R. 4 G. A. A. 1,4 F. H. A. 1 Librarian 4 . Typist for Paper 4 F. F. A. l Mixed Chorus Boys' Chorus Hall Monitor Intramurals l Patricia Olsen Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus Soptano Solo Ensemble 3,4 G. R. 3.4 G. A. A. 1.4 Library 3,4 4 4 4 .2.3 V.Pres 4 3.4 3.4 Class Treas. 1 Class Sec. 2 Brooksville H.S. 1,2 Margie Peterson G. A. A. 1.2.3 G. R. 3,4.Soc, Chairman 4 Orchestra Band Office Assistant 3.4 Helen Philpott G. A. A. G. R. 3,4 Girls' Chorus 2.3.4 Mixed Choius 4 Librarian 3 Ensemble 1,2.4 Rose Ella Pugh Intramurals 2,3 F. H. A. 1,2 Freshman Chorus Librarian 1 Roland Rodenberger Chorus 1.2 Basketball Football 3,4 Baseball 1.2.3 Track 2.3.4 Hi-Y 2.3.4 Football Manager 1,2 Projection Club 3 Paper Staff 4 Intramurals 1 Tom Rutledge Band 1.2,3,4 Orchestra Boys' Chorus Mixed Chorus Hall Monitor 3 Edmund Schaefer Hi-Y 3.4 Boys' Chorus Mixed Chorus Rootball 2 Baseball 2,3 Intramurals l Debate 4 Class Play 3 3,4 3,4 l2!3f4 National Play Conte Class Treasurer 4 Hall Monitor Annual Staff 4 3.4 Scholarship Team 2 Boys? Quartet 4 Assembly Committee One Act Play Wayne Shadley Mixed Chorus Boys? Chorus Walter Sheets F. F. A. 1.2, HimY 4 Boys' Chorus Mixed Chorus Class Play 3 Intramurals 1 Hall Monitor Contes 4 4 3,4 4 4 QZI:-5:4 4 Judging Teams F. F. F. F. A. Reporter 4 Gerald Shuster Band Orchestra 2.3.4 Class Play 3 Interclass 3 S 4 t t 3 3,4 A. Ensembles 2.3.4 Football 2.3.4 Intramurals Hi-Y 3,4 Student Council 3 P Rifle Team 5 Class Sec. 2 Class Ensemble 3.4 Paper Staff 3.4 National Contest 5 Boys' Chorus 2.5.4 Mixed Chorus Ruth Ryan Hall Monitor 4 Blue Triangle 1 Bluffton One Ach Play Contest G. R. 3,4 G. A. A. 2,3,4 La Bonna Sleesman Fo H. Ao 1,2.PT6S. 3,V.P. 4 G' A' -A-' 1l2l5l4 Debate 1 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4 G. R. 3.4 2'6S 4 Girls' Ensemble 1.2 Newxqoaper Staff 1.4 Robert Underwood ' Girls' Intramurals Theo Walls Beulah Mae Spar Girls' Chorus 2.3.4 Mixed Chorus 2.3.4 G. R. 3.4 Band Class Officer 1.2.4 Sec. 4 Clarinet Quartet Ensemble 1.3 G. A. A. Freshman Chorus Charles Spar Band Orchestra Hi-Y 2.3.4 Pres. 4 F. F. A. Pres Boys' Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Intramurals Football 2.3.4 Class Play 3 Student Council 2.4 Hall Monitor 4 Class Pres. l Donald Sterling F. F. A. 2.3.4 Class Officer 3.4 Football 3.4 Basketball 2 Hall Monitor 4 Class Play 3 Intramurals 2.3.4 Hi-Y 3.4 Student Council 2 Boys' Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Varsity Tennis 3.4 Dorothy Thompson F. H. A. 2 G. R. 3 Girls' Chorus 2.3 Ensemble 2 Freshman Chorus William Trowbridge G. R. 3.4 G. A. A. 1.2 Mix8d Chorus 4 Libr. 4 Girls' Chorus 1.2.4 Office Assistant 4 Scholarship Team 3 Paper Staff 4 Marilyn Watts G. R. 3.4 G. A. A. 1.2.3 Girls' Chorus 2.3.4 Sec. Mixed Chorus 4 Band Pres. 4 Orchestra Student Council 3 Ensemble Brass Quartet 3 Mixed Ensemble 3 National Contest 3 Mary Webb Library 2.3.4 G. R. 3.4 G. A. A. 1.2 Triple Trio 1 Emma Willeke Girls' Chorus 2.3.4 Mixed Chorus 3.4 Girls' Ensemble 2.4 G. A. A. Dorothea Wood G. R. 3.4 G. A. A. Band Orchestra Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus 3.4 Vocal Ensemble Alto Solo 1 Freshman Chorus Librarian 2.4 String Ensemble 3 Drum Quartet 4 Intramural Mgr. 4 Debate 2.3.4 Leo wright Interclass Contest 3.4 F. F. A. Sec. 4 Student Council 4. Pres. Intramurals Cap Lab. Assistant 3.4 Scholarship Team 1.2.3 Hall Monitor 4 3 4 QT L-'L .L...L..L. -- i-'55 'I"T' E TV 1. ,...1.. ..l 1--4 1 E Qmgglfl -.......... UI - 0 ...l..1-..-,--1-. ....1:- .LI.'ff""' ' 'JEL -u. 1 ,1- - assi n ini li' .411-1 ing?" , piggy at " K Eat V ' X Z xrgb V 0 W , f x , i .1 vig K , vii: L L j I J ,v . l I ,,w-wfw , s N 1 ,f HX ' 'I O f xl x Nr! ,vvvgtiwi i ng' n f V 'ctwy-sf L - . 'NIA .' - 1 .... 1 i"i ' - A NWN' . ii .fr"5f- Q xfqlh .1 . I. fx' I .Xfyf I . A Wir,-2-..N new it it i O l 1 Lf I li .?iMiMji?g-1411! K I , A ' T f::W"5g,'L4l I W Y. WWI, , ,4 , QU It if A, A , ,. " V. if I I, V Qi "aff J,.egnN:1f.:l ,txl V wh W V' M, - Ollj I: l f 3-PLT, A .S Na.,u-1,-.,., uuvmpum--' O X, 3 41151 ff-' F :xiii A-1 il il' Mrifiwf-a ,". fiwklgr' .' ' f"' , lmiilra ,-4', an -.- f -it 0 Distributed by The LIMA - KENTON GROCERY CO. Lima, Ohio Kenton, Ohio Yr ' -? ' 1 ii --.--..-,-' -- -' . -'r---- , , in- 1:n ll mmnmn szmncz l THE ADA HERALD Wash Gas - Oil Complete Lubrication I Accessories - Battery Charging Extends Across from thaw Ada Theater ! U O. H. Mmmy , Congrafalarfons """"""""""" "A -"l and I Compliments 1 Best W13'!1e5 of GR to the Ada High School Clothing - Shoes , , CLASS of '42 Furnishings CHIRCPRACTOR J. THOBURN JQHN ' ' .11 c. , Ph. c-- froglzan Name Cards Three - Year Palmer Graduate I Spineographic and Neurocalometer A Complete Line Service Superior in Quality and Craftsmanship Downstairs Location Clark Block Croghan THE , , , Engravmg 13'-'Pr1nt1ng Co- ' ' Fremont, Ohio - l- r , I Compliments HERFF-JONES CUMPANY of DESIGNERS and MANUFACTURERS of I THE HABIT School and College jewelry, RECREATION Graduation Announcements Medals, Cups and Trophies. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA DE S O TO and PLM O U TH SA LES and SER VICE f e Welers to Ada High School General Auto Repairing R. J. Dicken Painting Roy C. Brace ADA SERVICE GARAGE' Represenative POVENMIRE'S F000 STURE Home of Premier Fine Foods and Choice Fresh and Smoked Meats THE KOFFEE KUP "I take this means of xpressing n 3 appreciation of your cooperation in the --" "' - ,--f , ...v Allenvs Barber Shop and past and hope to serve you in the future. Beauty Parlor 6501365 0MPlfRf5'5' Automobile Repairing 116 South Main Phone 256 Compliments C031 of SUUSLEY -- FUCHT N Phone 63 "More heat per dollari' C om pliments UNDER WOOD 'S of Grocery and Meat Market I Home of Good Foods and "We are sole agents for Birds Eye FURNITURE Frosted Foods in Ada, Ohio." We Deliver Phone 61 0ur Best wfkfzes To you All The Ada Theatre and Personnel E A RL H. DOME SCHOOL SUPPLIES Insurance Work Books Note Books North Main Ada, Ohio Fountain Pens Dry Cleanin g "Everything Needed For School" Cleaning DAN!! ff WHS!! ' Pressing Repairing DRUGS BOOKS J A Good Place To Buy - MESSICK 5 to S1 STORE School Supplies Candy Cosmetics Stationery Compliments A of ADA BDWLING ALLEY Compliments of REAM'S HARDWARE Plumbing Electric Wiring Heating Devoe's Paints LIIFT All GARDNER General Machine Work and Automobile Repairing Good lack! From an Old "Grad " To the New " Grads 'l Milo Turner THE SQIIIRE SIIDP Qualify at lowest prices- ADA DRUG STORE S. D. PEPER , Owner PHONE 68 Compliments of FIRST NATIDRAI. DARK Ada, Ohio T :K l .Ln T0fQ SF 1 Z L Q ie. 5 - 57 W- gf' 29,5 - I cgi dia' 5,2 fu . QE A 'in N 43' 'Egg Jaw Q, A 5 1-A Q E 2 16: 5. . 15 -fo-' ' x ig OU' OH! '10 Q md- Eau- ,o, Q is 52 UU Od' 'il'-' I-50 LE.- we N Jw W Q5 ef- if A W ff? Es - k GC Bt T! C. 'x I D1'.' Dr. John A- Kfamer L G. if Ce 'vusm 5351: Sggargy 'GB . I-581' .Aim,x .1 1 Q KEH' Nl EYE 0,4 CQMMEHIIA1 lt's a big jump from a third floor room to a huge modern printing plant in just eleven years. From a single blueprinting machine to a plant capable of producing a million four-color mailing pieces and folders. The growth and expansion oi this organization is based on the solid foundation of quality and service. A loundation built by men who understand the requirements and wishes of industry and advertisers, Not until you have seen the completeness of Commercial's equipment, only when you have watched the careful competent craftsmen who are a vital part of this company, will you fully realize why this rapid gain in size and reputation is so well and truly merited. From a simple business card to a de luxe mailing piece, from weekly house organs to annual catalogs and yearbooks, The Commercial Lithograph Company is prepared to meet your most exacting requirements. But before you take our word for it, drop in and look us over. We are proud to show and explain our plant and our methods. So come in at your convenience. We're glad to see you and glad to serve you. COMMERCIAL LITHOGRAPH AND BLUEPRINT COMPANY .... LIMA, OHIO

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