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ff Jxf , r,.f D X XX 1 IJ ,J J ,..J the students of this United Staff, in order to keep a more perfect record, establish School spirit, insure a sense of tr2nquillity,pro- vide for the common concern, promote good sports- manship, and secure the benefits of education for ourselves and our fellow students, do edit and dedicate this annual to the Unusual School of Ada. THE STAFF To We We In ADA HIGH SGNG Ada High, our own school raise our song today, praise thee now, we serve all our work and olay. Our colors always flying, We'll keep them ever up on h To Ada High, our own school, We'll praise thee to the sky FOr high school walls and hi We love thee best of all. For Ada High, our own school We'll always fight to wing We do our best to heat them Where'9r we enter ing thee igh gh school halls, 7 Our players always fighting, For victories they do their best. For Ada High our own school We'll always stand the testg For high school ways and high school days, We love thee best of all. if F 0' 5 E :Mn fm-. .u V 4 . 'H' . www we-.wh--,. M' ,x M AW, WM' " fa V- V il-if-f 3 '-'-' M Qu mm. 3 1 W v . A w TO THE STUDENTS OF ADA HIGH SCHOOL: As we approach the close of this school year,let us pause a moment for serious reflection. You are a member of the vast army of high school students upon whose shoulders will rest the great responsibili- ties of our nation. Youthful ambitions may not yet be realized, however these hopes may be considered relatively unimportant provided your ideals and your motives are well directed and remain constant. May you resolve to take advantage of every opportunity which pre- sents itself so that you will be ready whenever that hour arrives. I sincerely hope that NWeW will afford many happy hours of reading pleasure for you. af Some one has said, Wwe are the sum total of all of our experi- ences.N NWeH is a recording of your school experiences. May these record- ings serve as a reminder of your pleasant associations during a most interesting and important period of your life. FACULTY Third Row: Donovan Lanning, Philip Shipe, Raymond Hoops Second Row: Dorothy Titus, Evelyn Smith, Alberta Hawk, Evalyn Felty, Eleanor Baum, Ada Hunt First Row: Alvin Augsburger, Jean MacDonald, Galloway Taulbee, Mabel Crawford, Dorothy Beoher, Wilson Le Van FACULTY DIRECTORY Mr. W. M. Floyd, Superintendent Ohio Northern University, B. Sc. In Ed. Ohio State University, M. A. Mr. C. C. Roberson, Principal Oakland City College Ohio State University, M. A . Mr. Ohio State University, B. S. Miss Eleanor Baum - Physical Alvin Augsburger - Agriculture Education and Speech S Ohio Northern University, B. A. B. Miss Dorothy Becher - History Ohio State University, B. S. Al Bo Miss Mabel Crawford Q Latin and English Denison University, Ph. B. Columbia University, M. A. Miss Evalyn Felty - French and English Western College for Women, A. Ohio State University, Graduate work University of Paris, 1 Graduate work B. Miss Ada Hunt - English and Journalism .Ohio Wesleyan, A. B. Ohio State University, M. A. Mr. Donovan Lanning - Mathematics Findlay College, A. B. Ohio State University, Graduate work Mr. Wilson LeVan - Music Miami University, B. S. in Ed. Miss Jean MacDonald - Home Economics Ohio State University, B. S. Forest Mertz - Science Ohio Northern University, A. B. Ohio State University, Graduate work Mr. Mr. Philip Shipe - Physical Education Ohio Northern University, A. B. University of Pennsylvania, M. S. Miss Evelyn Smith - Commercial Ohio Northern University, A. B. Office Training School Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Ohio State University, Mrs. Alberta Hawk - English Graduate work Miami University, Graduate in . Ped. Mr. Calloway Taulbee - Science Ohio Northern University, B. S. Eastern Kentucky State Teachers Northwestern University, M. A. College, B. S. Mr. Raymond Hoops - Manual Arts Ohio State University, M. A. Bowling Green State University, Miss Dorothy Titus - Music B. S. in Ed. University of Cincinnati, B. S. Ohio State University, of P. S. M. Graduate work Ohio State University, Graduate work THE STAFF Go-editors . . . . . . . . . Dorothy Long, Robert Needy Business Manager, ......... .......... . Clair Elwood Assistant Business Manager ............... Andrew Schaefer Activities ...... Eloise Schaefer, Ladonna Neubert, Marian Crawford Art .... ....................... Jean Krofft Feature ......... Marie Mazzulla, Janice John, Virginia Mertz Alumni and Advertising ................. Martha Garwick Class Editors. . . . . . . . Robert Berger, Virginia Ferzuson Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . Waldo Hover Adviser . . . . . . . . . Miss Mabel Crawford ADVANCED TYPIHG CLASS Yolanda Willeke A Lucille Klingler Geraldine Moore Madeline Clum Dorothy Jenkins Marian Crawford Dorothy Chaney Hazeldean McCool APPRECIATION We of the staff wish to express our most sincere gratitude to all groups and individuals who aided in making this publication possible. We were guided by Miss Mabel Crawford, whose patience and tireless ef- forts are truly appreciated. To Miss Evelyn Smith and the advanced tyoing class we are indebt- ed for the mimeographing of the entire yearbook. Their earnestness and cooperation could never be excelled. It has been our desire to make this yearbook a success. We were ably assisted by the following: Mr. Philip Shipe and the art classg Mr. Raymond Hoops and the printing departmentg Mr. Herbert Jamison, photographer of informal oicturesg and Mr.P. F. Frederick of the Paez- lsr Studio, class and group pictures. THE STAFF 1 Q S I 1' 9 x N I yu 'Q x Miss Dorothy Becher Robert Needy Walden Yale Virginia Mertz Clair Elwood Mr. Calloway Taulbee Betty Focht Lucylle Creps Dorothy Long Donald Spar Hazeldean McCoo1 Mary Shadley Victor Carpenter Marion Black La Vonne Hammer ken Madeline Clum Melvin Cheney Ralph Neiswander Dorothy Rew Robert Berger Harry Krofft Riley McElroy Geraldine Moore Kenneth Bauman George Dally Yolanda Willeke Glen Neiswander Walter Sousley Ladonna Neubert Dorothy Jenkins Roger Dodge Evan Simon Donald McCloud Paul Sousley Dorothy Fulks Irene Hover Doris Steiger Marion Crawford Lyman Turner Erythe Groves VYYV Y Katherine Long Marie Van Atta Franklin Berger Robert Burns Charles Mathenson Mary Jane Firestone Russell Stauf fer Lucille Klinger Joe Ellison Eugene Walls Mary Stambaugh Waldo Hover Jane Castle I Isabelle Hubbell - Na pzctwle National Honor Society Betty Focht Isabelle Hubbell Lucylle Creps Dorothy Long Geraldine Moore Robert Needy Mary Stambaugh Glenn Neiswander Yolanda Willeke Ralph Neiswander Lloyd Earley Martha Anne Garwick Keith Cocner Dorothy Chaney Rosemary Hofer George Deringer Harold Bosse Allen Scoles Doris Klingler Clyde Cheney Mary Dearth Leo Nixon William Martin NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIP TEAM A PSALM OF LAUGHS By a Longerfellow' I'll tell you now in mournful numbers, This Senior Class is but a scream And their souls are dead in slumbers But they are not what they seem. They are reall They are earnest! And to flunk was not their goalg To bluff each teacher, even the sternest Was not spoken of their soul. Lives of these seniors all remind us We can too make grades sublime And departing, leave a memory Of a class that startled time. Leaving footprints that some freshman Stumbling through school with a rusty brain Some bewildered, indolent student Seeing, will study once again. This Senior Class, is up and doing With a heart that made work fun, They're still achieving, still pursuing I'll tell you now about each one. Kenny Bauman's motto is nNever say dien It looks like he'1l soon have a plane to fly! I'll bet Frankie Berger will sure go far, He'll hit the headlines as a tennis star. Bob Berger has the keenest mind, We know that he's the HMarianN kind. Our teacher, Dottie Becker, is leaving Ada so OD. She can say, Hgood-bysn to teaching history aft We always thought that Marion Black was a littl But lately with the girls he's been rating HHig Harold Bosse's the cut He sure does travel in -up of this group, who Ulf? Bob Burns is a boy He'll be missed by just moved here, orinting class next ye handsome led, leave the girls all sad. Vic Carpenter is a His departure will the little Dodge coupe. JI' er June e shy, h." When Jayne Castles around there is no gloom, Her smile would brighten any room. A handsome lad is our own Clyde Cheney, He's good in football and also brainy. Melvin Cheney's the finest to be had, He'1l succeed in farming, like his dad. As for Dorothy Cheney, they don't come better, In G. A. A. she earned a letter. Madeline Clum is a friend so true, She'll do anything for you. Keith Cosner may be sorta shy, But he's proved to be a regular guy. Marian Crawford is a senior lass, Who has one big interest in the class. Lucylle Creps is an awfully smart girl, At least she's got Dave's heart in a whirl. George Dally's a monitor in the hall, When he's around you just don't stall. Mary Dearth sure gets around, She has a boy friend out of town. One look at George Derringer and you'll guess the truth, For he's a very bashful youth. Roger Dodge and Buckie Walls, Both can handle basketballs. Joe Ellison and Lloyd Early are two, Who always are willing when there's work to do. Clair Elwood is just everyone's pal, He spends his time with a Jr. gal. Mary Jane Firestone is an athlete, And you'll find her hard to beat. Our valedictorian Bettie Focht, For popularity. gets the vote. Of Dottie Fulks, you've heard before, For she's a whiz on the basketball floor. Martha Garwick of our Sweech Class Play, Will get some place in dramatics some day. Erythe Groves to Ada Hi is new, But she's quiet, deeendable and true. La Vonne Hammer has a lovely voice, In singing she's the seniors choice. Doris Klingler, Rosemary Eofer and Hazel McCool, Are always seen together round school. The boy with the smile is Waldo Hofer, When it comes to photography the rest must move over Irene Hover, a nurse to be, will be successful, wait and see. Isabelle Hubble is tops with us, She's a girl with personality plus. As for Dot Jenkins, we're proud of her, She'll make a good stenographer. I know one thing that takes a prize, It's Lucille Klingler's big brown eyes. Harry Krofft is really smart, At least he's stolen Mary's heart. Dotty Long may be sorta flighty, She's awfully small but she sure is mighty. Catherine Long is the pretty scholar, She'll make good, I'll bet a dollarl You'll know Bill Martin any where, Just because of his red hair. Charles Mathewson is a quiet lad, Very good-humored and never sad. Our newest student is Donald McCloud, Of his presence, we sure are proud. Riley McElroy's plenty O. K. With all the girls, he has a way! The next name here is Jerry Moore, With Riley, she sure tops the score. Bob Needy edits our yearbook But at the girls he doesn't look. Glenn Neiswanderi so blond and tall, Will be missed when football comes next fall. Teed Neiswander's the athletic type, He'll be missed by all, especially Shipe. Ladonna Neubert plays piano grand, In the music world, she'll take her stand. Allen Scoles and Leo Nixon, Think the farm situation needs fixin'. Dorothy Rew is cute and small, As for French, she surpassed us all. Mary Shadley, with her keen mind, No better girl you'll ever find. Evan Simon a duty won't sbirk, He has an interest in Dunkirk. Paul Sousley took a course in farming, His knowledge of it is quite alarming. Walter Sousley is everyone's pal, We all ride to school in his big La Salle. Next in line is Denali Spar, He nroved to be a football star. Mary Stambaugh leading cheers, Has pepped-up the team years and years. Russell Stauffer is next on the list, And as for boxing he sure can use his fist. Now, Doris Steiger's name we see, She knows piano from A to Z1 TO have Mr. Taulbee as a teacher, we feel lucky, Cause his heart's still back in the Mountains of Kentucky Lyman Turner is known by all, . For keeping order in the hall. Marie Van Atta wrote the class nistory, But who her boy-friend is, remains a mystery. Yolanda Willeke doesn't need any learning from books, She'll always get by on her good looks. Last is our pesident Walden Yale, His duty he did never fail, In debate, he took all the honors away, He's the verv best, what more can I say. . J Our High School days have come and passed, Their memories will always last, We'll close our books, ani with a sigh Say so-long to Ada High. --Virginia Mertz h GLASS WILL OF 1941 We, the Senior Class of 1941, knowing that our shining faces will no longer grace the halls and classrooms of dear old Ada High School, and feeling that the future classes would like something by which to remember us, do proclaim this, our last will and testament, hereby ree voking all wills by us heretofore made. 4 LggngLh,Ba3man, leaves his interest in aeronautics to Clair Motter,who 4 is noted for his high flying. lgapklig.Begger wills his tennis ability to the Sophomore Class. ILQ 2:5 E l1Le.e31...1 fi Egbert Yictor 39:52 lzlmls Bosse Burns wills his friendly disposition to Bud Schaefer. leaves Eloise Schaefer to Andy Fender. and Leg Nixon leave their barnyard noises to Leonard Binkley. leaves his ability to pay attention in Mr. Roberson's classes to Joe Ream. Carpenter Wills his way with the younger women to Roland Rodenf berger. Jayne Castle Wills her jolliness to Joan Tyson. Qgggthv Chaney leaves her typing ability to Emerson Moser. Qlyde Qheney wills his ability to block sugar beets to Harry Fackler. Melvin Cheney leaves his aggressive defense in football to his broth? er, Fred. M5Qeling.Qlgm wills her quiet ways to Eva Kindle. Keith Qpgngg leaves his speed in track to Bill Durst. Qaglag.Qrawfo5Q leaves her childish ways to Ruth Ryan. Margaret, lggylle Qreps leaves her college love affairs to her sister, who is doing all right now. QgQrgg,Qally wills his endless conversation to James Bauman. yagy,QQagth wills her hardeworking ability to Mary Jo Main. George lpringer leaves his good conduct to Lee Tressel. Bogey QQQQQ wills his arguments with teachers to Billy Dodge. Lloyd Early leaves his agricultural instincts to Bob Underwood who knows the country already. Qggqgllisgn leaves his habit of talking to Willis Derringer. S1525 Elyggd wills his griping ability to Charles Spar. Eagy,Qane.Eiggsygng wills her ability in athletics to Emma Willeke. Bgjygg Focht leaves her position as paper editor to anyone who wants to risk it. Dorothy Fulks leaves her extra weight to Ladonna Sleesman. Nagtha Garwiqk leaves her wardrobe to Janice Ann John. Egythe Qggygg wills her quietness to Jeanette Helber. La Yonne Hammer wills Mike to station W.L.O.K. Rosemary Hofer wills her soft voice to Burk Gardner. Irene Qgyey leaves her smiles to the teachers of Ada Hi. Halgg Hover leaves his way with younger girls to Leo Wright. Isabelle Hubbell leaves her love for music to the seventh grade boys. Qgrothy Jenkins wills her Sugar Bowl gadding to Marjory Kistner. Qggis Klingler wills her specs to all basketball officials. Lucille Klingler wills her nickname ULuluN to any person who fits that description. William Krofft leaves Mary to Christmas. Dorothy Long wills her originality to Marie Mazzulla. Katherine Long leaves her 'out-of-town boy friends to the old maids of Ada Hi. Hazeldean McCool wills her pink slacks to all under classmen who wear anklets. Riley McElrov wills his baby talk to Jerry Shuster. William Martin leaves his love for school to all pupils. Qharles Mathewson wills his ability to play cards to John Ferguson. Virginia Mertz leaves her short skirts to Shirley Kuehne. Geraldine Moore wills her extra heighth to Donna Mazzulla. Robert Needy leaves his big feet to anyone who needs a better foundation. Glenn Neiswander wills his way with the teachers to most of the boys in high school. Ralph Neiswander leaves his athletic ability to Norman O'Brien. Ladonna Neubert leaves her former romances to the wind if they'll take them. Dorothv Beg leaves loads of clay to the school so we will have more NPotters.H Allan Eccles leaves his freckles to Ralph Obenour. Mary Qhadley leaves her light complexion to Barbara Wolfrom. Evan Simon leaves his bowelegs to Delores Bryan. Qaul Sousley wills his English ability to his brother, Ralph. Walter Souslev wills his heavy weight to Tom Rutledge. Donald Spar leaves his romantic tactics to Eldon Bossei Marv Qtambaugh leaves her erect posture to Goldie Brannan. Doris Steiger leaves her piano playing for basketball practice to Mildred Williams. Russel Stauffer wills his excuses to Dickie Baum. Lyman Turner leaves his noon-day candy contributions to Rolland Yale. Mggig Yan Atta wills her neat handwriting to Betty Klingler. Eugene Walls bequeaths his voice to the Ada bullfrogs. Yolanda Nilleke wills her dancing ability to Margie Peterson. Walden Yale leaves his crown of King of Bachelors to Albert Berger. Donald McCloud wills his red hair to Betty Greenawalt. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereto subscribed our names and affixed our seal this twenty-seventh day of May in the year of Our Lord One- Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-one. W a asm By--Glenn Neiswander George Dally THE VITALIZED COM ENCEMENT In former years, when that particular time of the year rolled around for another class to go out from Ada High School, we have, from force of habit, pulled out the traditional commencement program, conf sisting of an address by an outside speaker, the valedictory, musical numbers, and the presentation of diplomas. In the entire history of our high school, this year is the first in which the old program has been left on the shelf and a new one has taken its place. This new program dispenses with an outside speaker, the result of course being a program complete with student participation. In this way we hope to vitalize our commencement exercises--to make them mean more to the studentg to make them more interesting to our parents and friends. We feel justified in making such a radical deviation, if these ends can thereby be gained. A student committee has developed a theme about which they have built the program. With the idea that our seniors will henceforth sail upon the sea of life,our stage has become the home portg our diplomas, the passportsg our guiding principles, the compass, our experiences, the cargog our trials and tribulations, the clouds and tempests. So we have thrown tradition overboard, and drafted new plans. UOUTWAHD BOUNDW Processional .... . . .... . High School Orchestra Port of Graduation . . ..... Walden Yale Music ....... . . . . .Triple Trio Before Sailing .... .. Lucylle Creps Aloha ......... . . ..... Doris Steiger Presentation of the class . . ...... C. C. Roberson Embarkation ........ . . Presentation of Diplomas Compass and Stars . . ..... Isabelle Hubbell Prelude in G4 Minor . . . . .Ladonna Neubert Cargo ........ . .. Donald Spar Trade Winds - Solo . .... Eugene Walls Ports of Call . . . ..... Bettie Focht Choral Recitation . . .The Long Day Closes Taps Reveille Recessional . . .High School Orchestra LE 5.7 C If ...l 1 Qikciigg Of ,f'....1.f .J -.-, L, L, ...I N. H3 811114 QMS 4 ' , JUNIORS Third Row: Robert Irwin, John Deringer, Joe Davis, Russell Boutwell, Andrew McBride, John Ferguson, Carl Candler. Second Row: Betty Cuyton, lrma Jean Crowe, Leota McBride, Irene Burns, Avanell Kindle, Emerson Moser, Eldon Dosse, Andrew Fender,Martha Hull, Marie Binkley, Jean Krofft, Franklin Brace, Marie Mazzulla. First Row: Katherine Abbott, Margaret Kinnear, Betty Klingler, Thad Gardner, Miss Felty, Betty Greenawalt, Mary Atha, John Castle, Miriam Hover, James Black, Alyce High. JUNIORS Third Row: Walter Sheets, Charles Spar, Donald Sterling, Clair Motter Roland Rodenberger, Edmund Schaefer, Robert Underwood. Second Row: Emma Willeke, La Donna Sleesman, Mary Philpott, Dorothea Woods, Joe Ream, Mary Webb, William Trowbridge, Norman O'Brien, Eugene Wenglowski, Thomas Rutledge. First Row: Margie Peterson, Marilyn Watts, Patricia Olson, Dorothy Thompson, Ruth Ryan, Miss Hunt, Beulah Spar, Gerald Shuster, Leo Wright, June Newland, Theo Walls. SOPHCMORES 0 Third Row: William Durst, James Bauman, Arthur Agin,Richard Carmean, Robert Brace,Merrill Keller, Howard Elliott,William Boutwell, William Dodge, Francis Fender, Louis Brentlinger Second Row: Albert Berger, Goldie Branan, Betty Gunn, Eva Kindle, Betty Jo Gibson, Ruth Berger, Dorothy Deringer, Margery Kistner, Mar- cine Clum, Charles Cheney, Leo Kimble, Freddie Cheney First Row: Goldie Bosserman, Madelon Anspach, Dora Ann Clark, Doris Kindle, Delores Bryan, Margaret Creps, Jeanette Helber, Janice John, Alberta Kenton, Mary Canaan, Lois Grubaugh, Helen Klingler SOPHOMORES Third Row: Gerald Rodenberger, Sylvan Simon,Bernard Tarr, Lloyd Lay, Arden Roberson, William Sanderson, Everett Lenhart, Charles Umphress, Jack Poole, Walter Smith Second Row: Glenna Whetsler, Ruth Stober, Pauline Shadley, Lowell McQuown, Lee Tressel, Merle Wirt, Merle Romick, Harry Fackler, Ralph Obenour, Roland Yale, Carol Lowman, Eloise Schaefer First Row: Mabel Thompson, Mary Spar,Betty Stauffer, Betty Jo Wright, Mary Jo Main, Donna Mazzulla, Mr. Lanning, Joyce Lamale, Mary Stager, Roberta Stambaugh, Mildred Jo Williams, Marilyn Packard W Y Y Y 1 F 1 Y Y 1 Y 1 NINTH GRADE Third Row: Max Klingler, Herbert Anspach, William Rambo, Ralph Price, Nick High, Robert Elliott, Eddie Gossard,William Pifer, Elmer Willeke, Garold Motter,John Staley,Ernest Wingate,Robert McCloud,Dallas Cheney. Second Row: Arthur Baughman, Ralph Keller, Harry Banks, Charles Years- ley, Dorothy Mankey, Faye Moore, Dorothy Baum, JeanAnn Tremain, Ernes- tine Walls, Elsie Neu, Loraine Shadley, Virginia Ferguson, Genevieve Ream, Maurice Umphress, Joe Motter, Patty Focht, Shirley Kuehne. First Row: Violet Slusser, Mona Myrl Hathaway, Eunice Farrar, Marie Hover, Robert Stair, Mr. Raymond Hoops, Miss Evelyn Smith, Howard Mc- Bride, Charles Hoyt, Ethel Sneary,Joan Klingler, Marjorie Welty, Helen Agin. E IGHTH GRADE Third Row: Richard Baum, Mary Alice Spar, Jane Turner, Audrey Barry, Ruth Grubaugh, Raymond Greenawalt, Donald Beach, Herbert Clum, Harry Sousley, Randall Roberson, Roger McElroy, Richard Deringer, Taylor Groves, Myron Nelson, Lewis Good, Lester Pratt. Second Row: Joe Ernsberger, George Hesser, Gerald Lamale,A Charles Wood, Lowell Crowe, Charles Shadley, Clyde Conley, Lloyd Van Atta, Doris Sneary, Adelva Morton, Jean Ann Klingler, Dorthea Kindle, Inez Dodge, Betty Lou Hunsicker, Vera Kroft, Jack Carey, John Stager. First Row: Albert Garver, Gregg Pugh, Helen Snare, Eloise Crawford, Marie Long,Patty Ryan, Mrs. Alberta Hawk,Carolyn Snyder, Helen Wright, Ester Ellen Dobbins, Barbara Kerr, Thelma Zimmer, Virginia Cheney, Carlysle Kimble SEVENTH GRADE Fourth Row: Earl Cheney, Jessie Whitaker, Ralph Sousley, Frank Whit aker, Harry Bowerman, Jack Dallay Third Row: Lorraine Wenglowski, Wylla Creps, George Deringer, Ben Bar- ry, Robert Locker, Warren Fisher,Roy Wilcox, Lola Mae VanAtta, Richard Snell, Calvin Groves, Bernard Sneary, Charles Conley, Richard Irwin, Leslie Wright, Alice Clark, Carl Dabler Second Row: Margery Canaan, James Banks, Merle Cheney, Richard Smith, Richard Cunningham, Robert Sanderson,Betty Garver, Ruby Jo Creps, John Elliott, Ruby Thompson,Joyce Underwood, Agnes LaRue, Wilma Langenberg, Pearl Gossard, Wava Gunn, Betty Romick First Row: Betty Stair, Virginia Schrauth, Jean Ann Main, Laurajean Ream, Miriam Dearth, Robert Gobin, Dorothy Rogers, Miss Jean Mac Don- ald, Miss Eleanor Baum, Philip Bosse, James Carmean, Paul Volckening, Roger Tarr, Katherine Dearth i I N, Him .L - .41 E X , l , 1 W W 1 1 i r F FOOTBALL Phil Shipe's football team had a wonderful had a tough schedule which was as follows: ADA 7 . ADA 19 . ADA 12 . ADA 26 .. ADA 7 . ADA 15 . ADA 45 . ADA O . ADA 7 . a Q - a 1 u o s a n . Forest . Bluffton . Kenton . Carey season this year. They Wapakoneta 6 12 26 6 6 . Delphos Jefferson O . North Baltimore O . Upper Sandusky 14 . . . Bryan 33 It should be noted that the 7-6 win over Carey was Carey's only defeat all season. The Bryan tilt was a post-seasen affair. Of the nine games played, five were played at night. They were with Wapakon- eta, Bluffton, Delphos Jefferson, Upper Sandusky and Bryan. This was one of the best teams that has played for Ada. Their brilliant offense combined with a tough defense made them a great team Special note should be given to the managers for their fine work dur- ing the season. This year 18 men received letters. Of these, 14 are seniors, among which were the Neiswander cousins, who have been the backbone of sports at Ada for several years. 135 145 155 165 Senior High Evan Simon Lee Tressel 2 Seniors, no winner Roger Dodger WRESTLING WINNERS 85 95 100 115 . 125 155 Heavywt. - Eugene Walls 145 Junior High Richard Erwin Ray Wilcox Robert Robin Randall Roberson Ralph Keller William Rambo Harry Bowerman L Lee Tressel was our snappy Sophomore 'back With him on the field there's nothin? we'd lack. e NTeedn Nieswander He plowed through was one of our greatest stars, the line, the man from Mars. Glenn Neiswnnder was our man of speed When he get the bell, you had to take heed. nBlackien is the man who snowed 'em down As-s guard he really went to town. nBucku'Walls was another man on the line, In tackle position he surely did fine. One of our faworites was Donald Spar, With him as center the team went fer. nBig DutchnSimon was the man in the guard spot When he's on the team they got good and hot. Melwin Cheney was a tackle supreme, He was an excellent man for any team. Another fine boy was uPopeyeN Yale Put him in the game and he'd never fail. Clair Elwood was a very fine Senior boy, To see him catch passes was truly a joy. Riley McElroy really had tho stuff When he was on the field he was awfully tough, Russell Stauffer, so lithe and quick When playing end, really did tho trick. Freddy Cheney was another Sophomore To get by him was really a chore Andrew Fenderfs the junior who tackled Well For fitting this position he really was swell, Jerry Shuster had every girl as a fan He showed them he's a good football man. Johnny Castle helped the team on its way R As a half-back, John, we think you'ro O,K, Clyde Cheney was rather quiet and shy But he never let on Allan And s But He' Cn nTeedN Neiswander Besides on the grid, Glenn Ueiswender w If he can't do it, opponent get by. the line with ell his might we think he's all right Shipe was the favorite of all s liked by boys both big end small. Scoles hit o as center Coach Phil 's name there was never a mar he's a basketball star. as our high point man now nobody can. Lee Tressel could certainly handle a bell He's better than others who are awfully tall. Evan Simon was our scrappy guard To keep up with him, you had to play herd. Clair Elwood was another Senior star And he could shoot the bell awfully far. Vic Carpenter wus a good mqn and tall He could reach right over them ull. L In basketball, Riley is good and snappy And U Macnwe think you make a very good Nkappyn nBig Rodyu didnft play enough for a letter But really there sren't very many better. 'tea Ei! E23 R!! IX 1 vm. W XA, anne? ' MM ,ri lf -hw A ,A 22351 W wwe A za 1+ FW mm TW' WARN m5f ,w K l ga, , Y Q- an-4 HSS' V- A 4- 4911" ,amy Q 5 , ....:. j H x sgy-M h ywl gw k MW, ,Q , ,mv f ' ' 'W s 1 . - -- ,k 'Q ,.,.- 1 , g-:gy ..g,. . - --f-,...,m-.5 4 -5,.:.,- f ,N A , 3v,,s::,? ' , J, V, BASKETBALL Ada Hi's basketball teem ended a fine season by participating in the class LBH ,tournament at Shawnee Gym. They were edged by a rangy Goldwater quintet. Phil 5hipe's team won 8 and lost 9 games during the current season. The team lacked height and so were at a disadvantage against the taller teams but they made up for it in fight, The highlight of the season was when the Bulldogs upset a powerful Lima South Quintet by a score of 46-37. They also showed great versatility in defensive work by holding the taller teams to a minimum of points. Glenn Neiswandee. a forward, was in top form, sinking shots from every angle. He-received honorable mention on the AllnOhio Teams. He was helped at fhe forward post by cousin Ralph who was shifted from guard, The center position was very ably taken care of by Clair Elwood who played very fine ball, especially against Upper Sandusky. Evan Simon and lee Tressel took care of the guard spots. Evan was a terrific fighter and Lee. who was the only sophomore on the team, all others being seniors, showed greet stamina and was a promising player, Other boys who received letters were Victor Carpenter and Riley McElroy. Of this yearis teams of the past,it ed great ball during The Reserve Ba of the Varsity teamf Juniors. These boys they lost some games team, although it was not as outstanding as some can be said that they fought their best and play- every second of the games. RESERVE BASKETBALL sketball tteam is a group of less experienced men It consists usually of Freshmen, Sophomore, and played great ball during the year and even though they gained the much needed experience for next year, The team included Roland Rodenberger,Bill Sanderson,Arden Rober son, Jim Black, Gerald Rodenberger, Sylvan Simon, Duane Fender,Herbert Anspach, Merle Wirt, and Edward Gossard. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls' Athletic Association has been active the past year and has made great strides toward creating greater interest in girlsl ath- letics within the school. Any girl in the upper four grades is eligi- ble to membership and may be awarded a letter after attaining the necessary number of points. These letters were purchased from the pro- ceeds of the Penny Jamboree. The G.A.A. was directed by a cabinet of six girls elected by popu- lar vote. The girls who guided this yearfs activities were president Mary Stambaughg vicempresident, Alyce Highg secretary, Janice Johng treasurer, Betty Greenawaltg intramural manager, Dorothy Chaneyg and social chairman, Dorothy Jenkins. A's were awarded this year to the following seniors: Dorothy Chaney, Mary Jane Firestone, Bettie Focht, Dorothy Fulks,Irene Hover, Isabelle Hubbell, Lucille Klingler, Geraldine Moore, Yolanda Willeke,Mary Shad- ley, Marie Van Atta, Mary Stambaugh, and Lucylle Greps. Junior girls who received letters were Beulah Spar,Alyce High,and Betty Greenawalt. GIRLS! INTRAMURALS Under the leadership of Dorothy Chaney, the G. A. A. intramural manager, the girlsf intramurals.were successfully concluded with wine ning of the intramural cup by the girls of the Junior class. Much stiff competition was provided this year in the major tourna- ment of kickball, volleyball, deck tennis, birdieminton, badminton, basketball, and kitten ball. The sophomores took the lead by winning both the kickball and volleyball tournaments. In the next two tourneys the juniors captured honors in deck tennis and birdieminton. The Sen- iors came through as winners in basketball with excellent playing and team work. The climax of the season was when Betty Klingler and Mar- tha Hull, both Juniors, won the finals, and thus brought the cup to their class. BUYS' INTRAMURALS Intramurals, held at the noon hour are carried on to arouse an interest in sports for those not out for Varsity sports and to create interclass competition. The sports include touchefootball, volleyball, basketball, foulshooting, wrestling, track and baseball. The classes that came out on top were as follows: touch-football, sophomoresg volleyball, seniors: basketball, seniorsgand foulshooting, sophomores. Although the seventh grade won many games they were not in the high school league. Track, wrestling and baseball were also parti- cipated in during the latter part of the year. I 1 1 1 i 4 N 4 l 1 1 4 ! Y P STUDENT COUNCIL it WTO promote a wholesome relationship between the student organi- zations and the faculty, and to arouse a loyalty to Ada High School' and her activitiesn is the purpose of the Student Council. Four sen- iors, three juniors, two sophomores, one freshman and two members from the Junior High represent their respective classes in this grou . - This year the organization sponsored the yearbook. Interclass Conn test, and the artivity ticket, which will be sold next year. The offi- cers who aided in making these enterprises possible were Clair Elwood, president, Robert Berger, vicewpresident, Dorothy Long, seoretarye treasurer, and Andrew Fender, sergeantuatmarms. Miss Mabel Crawford was adviser for the groups f The entire group was divided into three main divisions? the assemw bly committee, whose task it was to plan assembly programs for the enw tire school year, the social committee. which planned the paxties and Interclass Banquet, and the monitorial committee, whose job it was to keep order in the corridors. , PURPLE AND GOLD NNames make newsn was the motto adopted by the staff of the high school paper? the NPurple and Gold.V Under the supervision of Miss Ada Hunt, adviser, and Bettie Focht, editor-in-chief, the eightepage pub- lication attempted to follow this policy. Several new policies were advocated this year such as the use of the editorial page with its column UAda HiwDeasW to serve as a medium of expression for the student body and faculty. This and other ideas were innovated by other staff heads including: Clair Motter, business manager, Alyce High, oditorialsg Dorothy Long, feature: Thad Gardner, sportsg Miriam Hover and Catherine Abbott, Herald editors. Special editions were issued at the Christmas and Commencement seasons. Lineotyping nas done by the University Printing Company dur- ing the first semester, and by the Ada Herald Printers during the sec- ond. Mr:Raymond Hoops, printing and industrial arts instructor, super- vised the printing class which printed all the issues of the NPurple and Gold.V fo, ,,,-. , MN-Q 4' GIRL RESERVES Forty-three girls from the Junior and Senior classes, eager to grow in leadership and to elevate themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually, received during the past year invaluable benefit from their activity in the Girl Reserve Club. The weekly meetings offered to every member a chance for participation, for self-expression, and for gaining knowledge. In its sincere desire Uto find and give the best,N the club car- ried on some interesting projects--one, a Thanksgiving entertainment at the county infirmaryg another,a Christmas party for underprivileged children. Executing the plans with the close cooperation of the girls were: Lucylle Creps, presidentg Jeanne Krofft, vice-presidentg Katherine Abbott, secretaryg Geraldine Moore, treasurer. These younger girls of the Y.W.G.A. were guided and assisted by Miss Crawford and Miss Felty. HI-Y The Ada Hi-Y club, affiliated with the national organization and the Y.M.C.A., upheld its high purpose WTO create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian char- acter.n This year the group consisted of thirty-seven members. This club has a worthy platform, UClean speech, Clean sports, Clean scholarship, and Clean living.u The weekly meetings consisted of discussions of banking, democracy, and other varied subjects, wor- shipg interesting speakers such as State Patrolman, U.S. Army and Navy officers, and prominent Ada citizens: and social meetings in the form of playnights or pot-luck suppers. The officers of the Hi-Y club this year were: Donald Spar,presi- dent: George Dally, vice-presidentg and Walden Yale, secretary-treas- urer. Messrs. Calloway Taulbee and Forest Mertz sponsored the group. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA One of the most prominent organizations of Ada High is the WF. H. A.H The purpose of this club is to prepare girls to be UFuture Home- makers of America.U Each member chose a certain project on which she worked during the year and thus furthered her knowledge of that sub- ject. There were many different projects chosen includingzsewing, cook- ing and preparing menus: study of use of beauty aidsg and the study of personal hygiene. The officers of the F. H. A. this year were: Katherine Long,presi- dent: Lucille Klingler, vice-presidentg Mary Atha, secretaryg Rosella Pugh, treasurerg and Mary Jane Firestone, news reporter. At the meet- ings of the club, supervised by Miss Jean MacDonald,programs were given by committees on which every girl served at one time during the year. In the summer the girls will be rewarded for their work by a camp- ing trip, the expenses of which will be paid by money earned in activi- ties carried on by the girls. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The UFuture Farmers of American is a national organization of boys studying agriculture. It is the purpose of the group to provide a fel- lowship for farm boys where they can discuss problems relative to life on a farm and at the same time have recreation. At the bi-weekly meet- ings the discussions, led by various members, concern: the choice of farming occupationsg promotion of scholarship: and the advancement of the cause of vocational education. The F. F. A. has four major degrees: Greenlandg Future Farmersg State Farmerg and American Farmer. The degree of American Farmer is ex- tremely difficult to attain and is a real goal for any boy to look for- ward to. Among the activities of the F. F. A. were the Father and Son ban- quet, and the sponsoring of a movie at the Ada Theater. All during the year the boys are busy with their projects such as chickens, experi- mental work with crops, pigs, and other useful things on a farm. Those in charge of the group for the year were: Donald Spar,presi- dent, Robert Berger, vice-presidentg Eldon Bosse, secretary, Leonard Binkley, treasurerg Donald Sterling, news reporter and Mr. Alvin Augs- burger, faculty adviser. I u SENIOR PLAY NDon't Take My Pennyn, a three act comedy, was presented by the Senior Class this year. The story concerns a stagenstruck girl, Penny, and her family. Penny and her admirer, Joanna, refuse to play tennis with their boy friends, Kerry and Gregg, because the great producer, Harrison Day, is going to call. To discourage Penny and try to make her forget her ambition, the two boys impersonate Harrison Day and do everything in their power to show her it wouldnft be so grand to be in the movies as she had thought it would be. Cast gi Characters Sally - Bettie Focht Kerry - Ralph Neiswander Norman Porter - Franklin Berger Gregg W Victor Carpenter Penny - Virginia Mertz Gram - Lucylle Crepe Caleb - Walter Sousley M. Henri - Clair Elwood Mark - Robert Needy Red - Evan Simon Lydia - Mary Stambaugh Harrison Day - Glenn Neiswander Mavis - Martha Garwick CMarian Crawford Joanna - Dorothy Long 'ModelsCGeraldine Moore ' CYolanda Willeke SPEECH CLASS PLAY WHe's always been crazy! Don't pay him no mind,H is a statement descriptive of the insane fisherman, John Mugford, one of the leading characters of the play UMooncalf Mugford,N presented this year by the Speech Class. This production, directed by Miss Eleanor Baum, was entered in the District One-Act Play Contest at Bluffton, in competi- tion with the schools of Cygnet, Bluffton, and Arlington. Ada's cast won the decision with a large margin and went to the State Contest, where their opponents included several large schools of Columbus, Portsmouth, and Youngstown. The cast included Bettie Focht, Bud Schaefer, Dotty Long, Mare tha Garwick, and Walter Sousley. ' JUNIOR CLASS PLAY The Junior Class Play, directed by Miss Ada Hunt, was a fast-mov- ing comedy entitled WDotty and Daffy.U A few cases of mistaken identi- ty combined to make an entangled plot about a supposedly rich society mother, Phyllis Travers, whose intentions were to marry a wealthy man. Due to complications caused by her two daughters, she marries for love instead of money. The parts were well taken by Marie Binkley, Mariam Hover, Jean Krofft,Charles Spar,Gerald Shuster, Katherine Abbott, Edmund Schaefer, Robert Irwin, Walter Sheets, Don Sterling, Alyce High and Betty Green- awalt. The efforts of Andrew Fender and John Ferguson as stage mana- gers, Patricia Olsen and Margie Peterson as property managers, Marie Mazzulla and Thad Gardner as business managers, aided in making the production a success. DEBATE nResolved, That the power of the Federal Government should be in- creasedu was the question debated in the Ohio High School Speech League this year. The debate teams of Ada, under the supervision of Miss Eleanor Baum, speech instructor, consisted of Mary Stambaugh and Walden Yale, affirmativeg Dora Ann Clark and William Trowbridge, nega- tive. In the district debate contest the group won top rating over Arlington, Bluffton, and Pemberten. Out of nhleteen debates in which the Ada groups participated, the final tabulation showed that there were nine wins, five losses and five non-decisions. To climax the year the teams entered state tour- nament. Here they reached the quarter finals. Throughout the year, the teams worked very hard for their fine record. The affirmative team also represented the seniors in debate in the Interclass Contest. This team defeated the chosen negative team, composed of one original and one elected member. INTERCLASS nYea, Sophomoresln was the cry heard over the entire school after the representatives elected by the sophomore class won the Interclass trophy for 1940-41. Against exceptionally strong competition from jun- iors and seniors, the following students won the honors for the sopho mores by a small margin: Donna Mazzulla, essayg Joyce Lamale, orationg and Delores Pryan, short story. This contest, which has been a special feature of the school year for a long time, is sponsored by the Student Council. The purpose of the event is to'stimulate by competition academic work among the sen- ior, junior, and sophomore classes. The competitive events of the contest were: essay, short story, orationg debateg and reading. As an extra feature, each class present- ed a stunt, for which a money prize was given. The most clever stunt this year was given by the senior class. This performance was a humor ous imitation of Walt Disney's nSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs.U On the night following the contest, the Interclass Banquet, hav- ing as its motif a Dutch theme, took place amid merriment and cheering. 1 i Y N v W 1 1 ' i w 1 W P BAND During this year, much progress has been made by the band, showing that there is a demand for band music. This group, which met twice a week under the direction of Mr.Wil- son LeVan, gave remarkable performances at football games in the fall, at which extensive marching formations were used successfully for the first time. Other engagements were at the Hardin County Fair, festivals, and out-of-town sports events. The year was brought to an end with an an- nual concert in which the band had the major part. Through these activities the organization was led by a capable group of officers in- cluding Donald Spar, president, Dorothea Wood, vice-president: and Miriam Hover,secretary. Managers were Joe Motter and Maurice Umphress, while librarians were Marilyn Watts and Margie Peterson. Band members especially interested in group playing organized a brass quartet, made up of Alyce High and Donald Spar, trumpets: Marie Mazzulla, French horny and Gharles Spar, trombone. A wood-wind quintet was formed by Tom Rutledge, fluteg, Joan Tyson, oboe: Kenneth Bauman, clarinetg Marie Mazzulla, French horn: and Randall Roberson, bassoon. Beulah Spar, Kenneth Bauman, Carol Lowman, and Dorothy Chaney are the members of a clarinet quartet. ORCHESTRA The high school orchestra, directed by Mr. Wilson LeVan, was made up of forty-six musicians, a number that greatly exceeded that of pre- vious years. This enthusiastic group improved along all lines. The organiza- tion was enlarged by the advancement of several members from Junior Orchestra and the addition of new instruments. A fine set of tympani was added to the percussion department and second and third chairs were used in other sections. The orchestra had a very full schedule for it was asked to play at various programs. Also, since this was contest year, the orchestra prepared for the district competition where it won first place with a very high rating and went on to the state contest. The year was then brought to an outstanding close with an annual concert of orchestral, band, and ensemble numbers. Officers of the orchestra included Gerald Shuster, president: Dorothea Wood, vice-presidentg and Beulah Spar, secretary. These were assisted by Donna Mazzulla and Marilyn Watts, librariansg Joe Motter and George Dally, managers. - N,,,.av,. MUSIC The vocal music department of Ada High School was composed of the Girls', Mixed and Boys' Choruses. The two former groups were under the direction of Miss Dorothy Titusgthe other was directed by Mr. Wil- son LeVan. In addition to preparation for the contests, at which the Girls' Chorus won a 'Suneriorh rating and so became eligible for competition in the State Contest at Columbus and the choruses received UExcellentN ratings, the three groups presented the second annual Christmas Vesper Service, which was very impressive. At Easter, the Girls' Chorus again performed when they assisted the University Choral Society in present ing the contuta 'The Holy City,H with antiphonal singing from the bal- cony. The Mixed Chorus fave two public performancesg one for the Good Friday services and the other for the Baccalaureate service for the graduating class. The Boys' Chorus sang at the Methodist Church one Sunday as a special number. Eleven ensembles were formed by the specially interested students, and several of these groups entered the District Solo and Ensemble Contest. OFFICEYS GIRLS' CHORUS MIXED CHORUS President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Librarians Managers Accompanist Yolanda Willek Beulah Spar Marilyn Watts Martha Garwick Virginia Mertz Miriam Hover Dorothea Wood Betty Klingler Alyce High e President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Librarians Managers Accompanist BOYS' CHORUS President Vice-president Sec.-Treas. Managers and Librarians Accompanist Vidnr Carpenter Eugene Walls Gerald Shuster Ralph Obenour Tom Rutledge Ruth Berger Isabelle Hubbell Jean Krofft Gerald Shuster Beulah Spar Doris Klingler Rosemary Hofer Bud Schaefer Tom Rutledge Joan Tyson E 1 , in , Y, Sept Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. 20 4 11 25 1 8 16 20 26 29 BO 6 7 13 14 20 10 11 18 22 23 24 25 31 4 7 11 ACALENDAR FOR 1940-41 Forest Football game, here Kenton Football game, here Carey Football game, there High School Party N. Baltimore Football game, A here Upper Sandusky Football game, here Bryan Football game, there Girl Reserve Conference Fulton Basketball game,here Football Banquet Kenton Basketball game,here District Home Economics Conference Junior Play Paulding Basketball game, there Bowling Green Basketball game, there High School Party Christmas Vespers Bluffton Basketball game, there Kenton Basketball game, there g Forest Basketball Harrod Basketball game,here game,here Semester Examinations Semester Examinations Farmers' Institute Carey Basketball game,here Farmers' Institute N. Baltimore Basketball game, there Columbus Grove Basketball game, here Bluffton Basketball game,here Forest Basketball game, here Feb. Mar. Apr. May 14 19 21 28 3 6 11 15 21 22 26 28 4 7 8 11 18 19 30 2 3 9 17 22 23 25 26 27 29 Upper Sandusky Basketball game, here Lima South Basketball game, there St. Marys Basketball game, - here Wapakoneta Basketball game, here F, H. A. Father and Son ' Banquet Basketball Tournament One-Act Play Contest, Bluffton Jr. High Party District Chorus,Bowling Green G. A. A. Jamboree Local Solo and Ensemble Contest Orchestra Contest,Bluffton Solo Ensemble Contest,Ada Debate and OnewAct Play, Columbus Interclass Contest Interclass Banquet Good Friday, Afternoon dismissal Chorus, Columbus Orchestra, Columbus Grade Operetta Solo and Ensemble,Columbus Junior-Senior Banquet Senior Play High School Party Senior Examinations Senior Examinations Baccalaureate Examinations Examinations Class Night Commencement 'Of wm vi, Mx Lev wa 'Y v W y my ts , no 'A -wp 7 ' A-:szfv 0' E 5 I' "Mate 1 ...M -:A .1 1 X X 1 ' Q M, M, NAME Bauman Berger Berger Black Bosse Burns Castle Carpenter Chaney Cheney Cheney Clum Cosner Crawford Creps Dally Dearth Deringer Dodge Early Ellison Elwood J.Eirestone Focht Fulks A.Garwick Groves Hammer Hofer Hover Hover Hubbell Jenkins Klingler Klingler Krofft HOBBY Aeronautics Sports Hunting Sightseeing Farming Hunting Cooking Golf Talking Aviation Hunting Needle work Airplanes Reading Reading Sports Reading Guns Hunting Collecting pennies Arrow heads Photography Art Journalism Designing Scrap Book Moths Horse-back Riding Art Whittling Photography Music Dancing Music Handicraft Aeronautics FAVORITE SONG You Walk By Lost Chord Rambling Wreck Darling Eloise Blueberry Hill Roll Out the Barrel Amapolo Night is Ending Keep an Eye on Your Heart Over the Waves Turkey in the Straw You Walk By Frenesi South of the Border Star Dust Limehouse Blues God Bless America Hand Me Down My Walking Cane Moonlight Serenade God Bless America Stars Over the Campus There'll be Some Changes Made Donkey Serenade It All Comes Back To Me Now Perfidia Blue Danube Riding Down Canyon Sunrise Serenade Waltz You Saved Casey Jones Perfect Day I Give You My Word the High on a Windy Hill Frenesi Beautiful Dreamer FAVORITE EXPRESSION Heck! Now, now Gee whiz! Darling Eloise Youire lucky Oh boy! My heavens What's the matter,baby? Oh yeah! By gosh Gee whiz! Gee,oh golly Doggoneit! Gee whiz! Gad! Doggone Shucks By golly You said so Dad Blame it Foo! Shucks Gee gods Working,how? Gee zee Gracious Ya Cow Girl Oh happy day Gee-zoo You betcha Such is life Good grief 6 conscience Heaven's sake Heavens Aw! heck! AMBITION U.S.N.Reserves Nickel Magnate Farmer Success in life The best farmer iNews cameraman Beautician Bus. Executive Teacher Airplane Mech. Farmer Commercial work Mechanic Teacher Research worker To be happy Stenographer Farmer A job with a good salary Successful life U. S. Navy Get the most in life Beautician Journalist Designer Biology, major Decorating Undertaker College A good life Social worker Secretary Teacher Beautician Airline Messenger NAME D.Long K.Long W.Martin G.Mathewson D.McGloud H.McGool R.McElroy V.Mertz G.Moore R.Needy G.Neiswander R.Neiswander L.Neubert L.Nixon D.ReW A.Scoles M.Shadley E.Simon D.Spar P.Sous1ey W,Sousley M.Stambaugh R.Stauffer D,Steiger L-Turner M.VanAtta E.Walls Ysiilleke W.Yale HOBBY Music Handicraft Sports Reading Movies Drawing Hunting Records China Dogs Sports Sports Sports Music Sports Designing Hunting Drawing Skating Accordian Hunting Dramatics Hunting Music Stamps Recipes Skating Antiques Coins FAYORITE SONG Frenesi Frenesi ' Brown Jug Ten Little Indians You Are My Sunshine Blue Danube Georgia Leibestraum Summit Ridge Drive Hungarian March Whatcha Know, Joe? Now I Lay Me Down to Dream Stardust Little Brown Jug Indian Love Gall Lone Prairie High on a Windy Hill You Are My Sunshine Frenesi I Hear a Rhapsody It All Comes Back to Me Now Only Forever Indian Summer Indian Love Call South of the Border Sunrise Serenade Only Forever You Charming Little Faker FAVORITE EXPRESSION My word, Oy Oh happy day Gee whiz! Yeh! Why I'd be-- No Geezie,Peezie My word,Effie Take it easy I'll betcha Gee gods Naturally! See! Gee! Shucks My sainted uncle Aw, nuts! Phooeyl Oh! Neat It make me no difference Oh gollyl What! Good night Oh! Geezil,peezil Ye gods! AMBITION Journalist Nurse Pilot Farmer Machinist Beautician Common man Travel Stenographer Copper magnate Be happy Make good Nurse Farmer Good future Operate farm Make better, best Funeral Director Funeral Director Broadway Director Meet the future Nurse Make good Help someone Machinist Private Secretary Senator K Q J X WON'T ,W 5- I 1 i 5,3 U. T, .Qi .44 3.. ..... 5 ci ,wg 1...- 5 1,3 X n FORGET -- erry Shuster's Rhythmaires nlimited supply of piscatorial pulchritude ewland's dancing ability nfernal chatter of Thad Gardner rder kept by Miss Hunt and Miss Felty avishing Romeo Rodenberger lair Motter's jaw capacity adonna Sleesman's Sunday Night Dates ndrew Fender's French terling's gold-plated ideas wellest class ever Most Most Most Most Best Best I W Xx JP' Popular Boy. . Popular Girl . Handsome Boy . Attractive Girl. Dressed Boy . Dressed Girl . Most Intelligent Boy. Most Intelligent Girl Jolliest . . Biggest Eater .. Biggest Flirt . . Biggest Bluffer . . Best Dancer . . . Most Athletic Boy . Most Athletic Girl . Wittiest .... Biggest Man Hater . Biggest Woman Hater . Most Btudious . . Teachers Pet . . . Teachers Pet Peeve . Most Talkative . . Do Anything for A. H. Best Looking Couple . x THE SOPHOMORES s n 'S. . . Arden Roberson . Janice John . Billy Dodge Mildred Williams . Harry Fackler . Janice John . Lee Tressel .Eloise Schaefer . Donna Mazzulla . Arthur Agin . Delores Bryan . Arden Roberson . Margaret Greps . Lee Tressel .Betty Jo Wright . Sylvan Simon Margery Kistner Louis Brentlinger Margery Kistner Howard Elliott Glenna Whetzler . .Roberta Stambaugh Eloise Schaefer . Donna Mazzulla and Lee Tressel Kenneth Bauman Orchestra 1,2,5,4 Band 1,2,3 Mixed Chorus 4 Librarian 4 Hi-Y 4 Football 3 Clarinet Quartet 2,5,4 Class Treasurer 3 Franklin Berger Hi-Y 5,4 Boys' Chorus 1,2 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Band 1.2 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Scholarship Team 1 Senior Scholarship Test Robert Berger Hi-Y 4 Class President 3 Student Council 2,4 F.F.A. 1,2,5,4 Scholarship Team 1 Annual Staff 3,4 Orchestra 1,2 Hall Monitor 4 Agriculture Scholarshi Marion Black Football 2,3,4 Hi-Y 2,3,4 I Class Vice-oresident 5,4 Basketball Manager 5 Harold I F.F F.F Int Robert Rid P' 'm Eosse A. 1,2,3,4 .A. Judging Team 1, ramurals 3 Burns eway High School 2 D Test 4 'D rv ,344 SENIOR DIFECTORY Victor Carpenter Cincinnati Hughes l,2,5 Basketball 4 Football 4 Baseball 4 Hi-Y 4 Mixed Chorus Boys' Chorus One-act Play 4 Quartet 4 Class Play 4 4 4 Jane Castle G.A.A. 2,5,4 Intramural Manager 2 Girls' Chorus 2,5,4 Dorothy Chaney Forest High School 1,2 Girls' Chorus 1,2 Girls' Basketball 1 , 2 Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,E,4 Clarinet Quartet 2,4 G.A.A. 3,4 Intramural Manager 4 Clyde Cheney Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Football 4 Senior Scholarship Test Melvin Cheney Football 2,3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 F.F.A. l,2,5,4 Madeline Clum Librarian 2,Z,4 Keith Cosner Band 1,2,5,4 Football 4 Intramurals l,2,3,4 Student Council 1 Cla s President 1 Marian Crawford Boys' Chorus 1 G.R. 2,3,4 Band 1 Librarian Track 2 Scholarship Team 2 Hi-Y 3 Annual Staff 4 Annual Staff 3,4 Senior Scholarship Test Office Girl 2,4 Class Play 4 Lucylle Creps Clair Elwood G.R. 2,3,4 CPresident 45 Class Play 3,4 Paper Staff 3 Debate 2 Orchestra 2,3,4 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Scholarship Team l,2,3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Senior Scholarship Test 4 Salutatorian National Honor Society George Bally F.F.A. l,2,3,4 CPresident 35 Hi-Y 3,4 CVice-president 45 Football 4 Basketball 4 Orchestra l,2,3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Hall Monitor 3,4 Mary Dearth F.H.A. 3,4 Intramurals 1 George Deringer Hall Monitor 4 Intramurals 1 Roger Dodge Football 1, 4 Basketball 1,2 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Boys' Chorus 1 Track 3 Baseball 3,4 Lloyd Early F.F.A. l,2,3,4 Intramurals 2 Hall Monitor 4 Joe Ellison F.F.A. 1 Athletics 1 Class officer 1 Class Play 1 Mary Jane Firestone G.R. 3,4 G.A.A. l,2,3,4 F.H.A. 3,4 B D M Football l,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2 Track 3 Student Council CPresident 45 Hi-Y 2,5,4 Class Play 3,4 Annual 4 CBusiness Mgr.5 Boys' Chorus 1,2 Hall Monitor 3,4 Intramurals l,2,3 Assembly Committee 4 Social Committee 4 ettie Focht G.A.A..2,3,4 G.R. 2,3,4 Scholarship Team l,2,3,4 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 Paper Staff l,2,3,4 CEditor 45 Orchestra l,3,3,4 Ensemble l,2,4 Social Committee l,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 One-act Play 4 Interclass 2,3,4 Valeoictorian National Honor Society orothy Fulks Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4 F.H.A. 3 G.A.A. 2,5,4 Ensemble 4 artha Garwick Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1 Operetta 2 Band 1,2,3,4 Orchestra l,2,3,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 G.R. 2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 One-act Play 4 Inwmmnnslj Biology Lab. Assistant 4 Ensemble 4 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Erythe Grove Girls' Chorus 2,4 Mixed Chorus 4 F. H. A. 2 hs G. R. - La Vonne Hammer Class Secretary 2 Mixed Chorus 4 ,Q Doris Klingler G.R. 3,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Solo 2.5 Ensemble 2,3,4 Lucille Klingler Girls' Chirus l,2,5,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Eand 5,4 Orchestra 2 Operetta 1,2 Class Play 2 Paper Staff 2 F. H. A. 2 Rosemary Hofer G. R. 5.4 G. A. A. 5,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Chorus l,2,3 Orchestra l Irene Hover G. A. A. 2,3,4 F. H. A. 3 Intramurals l,2,3,4 Taldo Hover Lima South High School l,2 Basketball 1 Annual Staff 4 Football 4 Hi-Y 4 Isagelle Hubbell G. R. 3,4 G. A. A. l,2,5.4 Junior Play 5 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Solo 2,3,4 Ensemble Scholarship 2 National Honor Society Dorothy Jenkins G. A. A. 2,5,4 CTreas. ZH G. R. 2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 2,5,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Librarian 5,4 Intramurals l,2 One-Act Play 4 Annual Staff 3 Ensemble 4 F.H.A. 3,4 Crrees. 35 CV. Pres. 41 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3 Librarian 4 Harry Krofft HiHY 2.3,4 Aeronautics Club 2 Dorothy Long Student Council 3,4 G.Rf 2 3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 CO0 -edi Oneuact Play 4 Scholarship 2,3 Girls' C horus 2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Assembly Committee 3,4 Interclass 2,3,4 . 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Cnorus l,2,3,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4 Intramurals l,2,3,4 Librarian 3,4 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4 Ensemble l Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Intramurals l,2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 Librarian 2,3,4 Ensemble 2,3,4 Solo 2,4 Intramurals l,2,3,4 Football 4 Basketball 2,3,4 Football 3,4 Baseball 2 Boys? Chorus 2 Track 2 Class Play 4 Paul Sousley Hi-Y 2,3,4 F.F.A. l,2,3,4 Football 2 Walter Sousley Hi4Y 2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Orchestra 1,2 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Allen Scoles Russell Stauffer Football l,2,3,4 F.FvA, l,2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3 Track 2,3,4 Baseball 4 Evan Simgn Orchestra l,2,3 Boys Chorus 2,3 Doris Steiger G.R. 3,4 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,4 G.A.A. 2 Lyman Turner HiwY 2,3,4 Baseball 3 Marie Van Atta qw uri. 3,4 G.AnA. 2,3,4 F.H.A. 3 Ensemble 4 Boys' Chorus 1,2 ' Girls? Chorus 2,3,4 Football l,2,3,4 Intramurals l,2,3,4 Basketball Manager 2 Librarian 4 Baseball 2 One-act Play 4 Eugene Walls Librarian 1,2 Donald Spar Hi-Y 2,3,4 CPres. 42 F.F.A. l,2,3,4 CPres. 45 Band l,2,3,4 Orchestra l,2,3,4 Football l,2,3,4 Class vice-president 2 Intramurals 3,4 Mary Stambaugh G.A.A. 2,3,4 fPres. 45 Cheerleader l,2,3,4 C.R. 3,4 Debate 4 Scholarship 3 Senior Scholarship 4 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4 Band l Orchestra l Paper Staff 2,4 Annual Staff 3 One-act Play 4 Social Committee 3 lnterclass 2,3,4 Class Play 4 National Honor Society Boysi Chorus Mixed Chorus Solo 2,3,4 Football 2,3, Basketball 2, One-act Play 1 4 ,2,5,4 ,5,4 Yolanda Wil Intramur G.R. 2,3 G.A.A. l Orchestr Band 2,3 Girlsf C Student Clarinet Scholars Class Pl National Walden Yale HiHY 2,3 Football Debate 3 Paper St Annual S Class Pr leke als l,2,3,4 ,4 !2!594" a 1,2,3 horus 4 Council l Quartet 3 hip 4 ay 4 Honor Society ,4 CSecretary 4 2,3,4 ,4 aff 3 taff 3 esident 4 Basketball Manager 4 ' -1 P One act lay 4 Interclass 4 1941 ALUMNI Regret-- I regret leaving High School very much. I especially regret to think that our class cf 1941 will never be altogether again, after our commencement. I have enjoyed my four years in Ada High immensely,and I leave all the success and enjoyment that I had,to those who are still to come Marie Van Atta That's the Stuff-- Richman, poorman, thief--what shall it be? I'm only seeking an beggarman, one among many who are answer.Will high school be a step- ping stone, to work or to further academic education? My mile-post is finally coming visible with its arrow pointing toward Ohio Northern Universityg it reads, W3 months.H But I just canft seem to get away from High School, so I hope after a short leave to be back in one, teaching. Lucylle Crepe 3 Cheers for Ada Hi- At last the great day has come. The day all seniors have looked to ward with open eyes. But in their hearts, the feeling of sadness to- ward leaving the one and only Ada Hi. If the rest of the seniors feel as I do, they don't want to go without a word of good cheer and praise for Ada Hi. I have enjoyed every minute of it,and when gradu- ation day comes we will be a lit- tle sad, because that will be our last day. Marion Black Philosophy: As Shakespeare says, UParting is such sweet sorrow,Nbut all good things must come to an end,now its my turn. This is the last chapter in my book entitled HSix swell years in Ada High School.N Dorothy Jeanne Fulks Thanks Ada High, I thank you for all of the fellowship, scholarship and leadership that you have given me. I'll do my best to make you proud of me in the years to come. Parting from you by way of graduation, is not sad because I will always remember only what you have done for me,not what you have done to me. Donald Spar Over and done. WGraduation and commencement.U Long have these words held glori- ous sounds to us seniors. But now as we are about to see these words become reality, we begin to think of some of the pleasant hours of fun in High School. Graduation may mean to some of the seniors, separation of dear friends, while to others it may mean happier associations with them. But whatever the situation may be I believe that every senior will feel a little sorrow after graduation. Robert Berger Athlete's Regret We participants of athletics, I think this goes for all the boys --do look back over the years in High School and think of the fun we have had and wish we had more time so we could still take part. Anyhow, I sure wish I could. Well, so long seniors. I do hope we meet again. Evan Simon Ahoy Shipmates-- It is with much vhesitation that I lift the anchor that has kept me harbored happily in Ada High. May we hoist our sails, across the sea of life, toward the vast harbor of SUCCESS. Each wave roll- ing in new experiences which guide us toward the horizon. Bon Voyage! Q LaVonne Hammer Memories-. CDandelions - R.J.P.U When I first thought of writ- ing this letter, I pictured an old gray-haired man reading it forty years hence. Perhaps his hair was still parted in the middle and he was reading it to his grandchil- dren. Time will disclose this last statement. ' Here's to the friends that I have gained during the past four years. They are the persons I have laughed, worked and fought with. May they live,prosper and still be the friends of Wthat old gray- haired man.U Now that I've wiped the tears from my eyes,I would like to close with this thought, my fondest wish --may the success of the class of 1941 grow and be as numerous as the dandelions. Walden Yale Her Experience As I leave High School may I say that I hope every student will gain as much from it as I have in the past three years. Among the many things I learned are these: You must be able to give and take equally. You get out of a thing just what you put into it. Book knowledge and practical knowledge go hand in hand and that jealousy breeds hatred. May each student be given the power to ap- preciate the fact that the present makes the past and the future. Isabell Hubbell Farewell to Ada Like all other boys,I am glad to be out of school, yet, somehow I wish I could come back next fall Considering everything, I have on- joyed it and I am grateful to the faculty and to everyone connected with Ada High. Lloyd Early And so farewell-- Yipeeef I'm glad the grind is over. That of course, is just put- ting up a good front,for deep down in I'm sick at heart and frighten- ed. One reason is obvious. I, like thousands of others, have reached the first jumping off place of my life and I'm hesitant to leap. The other whether I like to admit it or not,I've really had a good time getting an education, and the thought of giving this easy care- free life up is hard to swallow. Nevertheless, it must be done, so farewell and thanks. Mary Stambaugh Glad You Like It Coming from another school in my junior year, I was impressed with the similarities rather than with the differences with the two schools. May I go on learning as much and having the same good time that I had at Ada Hi. Dorothy Chaney Forever And Ever-- Within your walls I have spent some of the happiest days.Here you have given me knowledge,friendship and companionship. I shall never forget you and your kindness and friendship will live in my heart for ever and ever. Geraldine Moore Twelve Long Years-- Oh, Joy! Oh, Gladnessi Oh, Happy Day! It's twelve long, but close this diary scribe UPast but I feel that Ada Hi, shared classmates have May of '4l. After memorable years,I and mentally in- not forgotten.H my experiences in with those of my been most fruit- ful and for my education, a basis toward better things: I shall al- ways be extremely grateful. Rosemary Hofer I X X XX ff S PERIOR All Steel Safety Bus Bodies Safety, Health, Comff Jrt, Appearance, lfeonoiny HERCULES Power Takeoffs Dump lgiotlies Saddle Tanks Hoists Winches DISTRIBUTED BY HERCULES BDDY SALES CDMPMIY Columbus, Ohio Compliments of KEN TON GRCCERY COMPANY Known Wherever there are Schools and Colleges A l. G. BALFUIIR GUMPMW K Attleboro Massachusetts l Contracted to Furnish Commencement Invitatior I to Classes of Ada High School. il. RAYMOND RALEIGH, Represc I" k L ', Klarion, Uhio ., 5 's I I Compliments of J- WMTE CDMPANY ST. JOHNS, MICHIGAN - PVP? -vn- wx FW 'NO it , . QQWS3 3. zzgf .P , iam Q if YA ,f .em ,,.-.W-.... ...:,.... 'fifm-v' 4 .shi-QI., , LA .--i.L.f' id X3 4.1 A 757533468 9 4 ,4N.,.,? 'xnxx P7 Qs 56' 5 Ebe 3 it Ilvcm x , 4315552 SHUI? iii Ewamvgifdi., ,.,A M . a www. gdigivaa gafrnfigwxp 53,Q,f :Qing ,Th guiffgmggfg mzsfxmgss '-Af' AA',.,, ,m, .aw iw... .-.fa M,,gkgig'g,"u1nmwu HT Ummm ? iiikfm, TLEBEQ ' Y 6' 5 7' A W xlmnwixwxrwwggf V Y. .. 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W-J Dj C Xfxffl,ia'gA' LAAKUVQ k .1 W J' , ' , UNDERWOOD'S GROCERY MESSICK'S TEN CENT STORE GREER'S CLOTHING STORE LANDON'S BOOK STORE AMSTUTZ SANITARY HATCHERY . A - - n,-,,-- "' I ,, -.,,,' .- 'Ufxfxf VI' F' ,--- VJ 1 pf ,WJ ADA BAKERY THE TERRACE KOFFEE KUP THE HABIT THE ODEON POVENMIRE'S GROCERY F. L. GARWICK OLA MILLER HARRIS MARKET DR. T, J. JOHN DR. C. CONNER ANDERSON'S DRY GOODS WILSON DRUG STORE PATTERSON NEWS STAND PURE OIL STATION HOOVER'S CREAMERY WALGREN'S AGENCY GARDNER'S DRUG STORE BALISH CONFECTIONERY VARSITY BARBER SHOP AMY BERINGER-WALL PAPER DR. F. M. ELLIOTT DR. D. R. PRINTZ DR. A. L. TIPPLE J 5 ' . . f as 1 , . w , .1 I 'Q- if 1 , EHIIAL oor room to a huge modern printing plant in just eleven years. From a single blueprinting machine to a plant capable of producing a million tour-color mailing pieces and folders. The growth and expansion ot this organization is based on the solid foundation of quality and service. A foundation built by men who understand the requirements and wishes of industry and advertisers. It's a big jump from a third fl Not , on y w en you have watched the careful competent craftsmen who are a vital part of this company, will you fully realize why this rapid gain in size and reputation is so well and truly merited. until you have seen the completeness of Commercial's equipment l h From a simple business card to a de luxe mailing piece, from weekly house organs to annual catalogs and yearbooks, The Commercial Lithograph Company is prepared to meet your most exacting requirements. But before you take our word tor it, drop in and look us over. We are proud to show and explain our plant and our methods. So com to see you and glad to serve you. COMMERCIAL LITHOGRAPH e in at your convenience. We're glad X ,M ,,,L . LU I J '55 M 'Y XFN LD 'W 4 C u I v Ji ...,m'fffF mm W. , ,v-aff-'fn fp-gm www f www wwf af, JQQ 1. uf ,pvm J - ' ,Q A337 y. , w:.ff..f, i qtuqm. QQ. 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Suggestions in the Ada High School - We Yearbook (Ada, OH) collection:

Ada High School - We Yearbook (Ada, OH) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


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Ada High School - We Yearbook (Ada, OH) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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Ada High School - We Yearbook (Ada, OH) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - We Yearbook (Ada, OH) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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