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6 i s 3 5 2 3 2 BIT-ll! Nl! .ll - ....l:.l:i:l::l::l::l:mg,N I l lllllluuuuuq-1-T W I HH HIEIHHRIRIRIH ll?-llI!'l'1 l -- ' Q THE ADA VIKING F I957 Ed1tor Mauane Murphy Asst Ed Barb Klug Busmus Mamgu Donna Iwmcn Art Lnhtor M vum Lokgn Photogjraphus Rodupy Smlth IIIU McCrank 4 ---- Y Asst. Bus. Mgr. ---- Sharon Rasmussen 1 ,A ---- l . ---- . Dedicated to Mr. Otto Kolb We, the 1957 Annual Staff, are dedicating this annual to you, Mr. Kolb. Aside from being a top citizen and good friend in our community, we are proud to have had you on our school board for the past eleven years. Through those years you have served in the varying offices of clerk, treasurer, and president. Howproud we were when a citizen of 32 years in Ada, rc- ceived the keys for our new school and made the acceptance speech at the dedication in the fall of 1954. Our only hope is that in the future each of us might put ourtalents to use for the community in which we live, that we shall never forget what has been done for us by you. Yes, we, and all the students at Ada High School say thank you for being our example of an outstanding citizen. X 1099 cm , SQ - 1 Y.-351 3993964 Yxe C 85 ,P-55 Ojfsoliglj ina, sgitwa, new JO ANNE BRAUNSCHWEIG A Senior with eyes of brown, a ready smile and seldom a frown. X n q3Ce'Yigi . 1 Sec QS-V K nel' gi! well, here we are Seniors and no matter how distant it once seemed graduation has arrived. Yes, forty-four of us have struggled our way to what you might call the crest of the mountain. Now we will be on our own to find our way down the other side and up and over hundreds of others in our life time. Through these years at Ada High we can all recall a flood of our happiest and most thrilling moments that we have had together. We spent our first three years of high school in old Ada High. With the sadness of leaving it came the excitement of starting as Sophomores in the new high school. Our Sophomore year was one that probably was filled with more exciting and thrilling moments than any we had ever had. Then came a big year for us as Juniors. It was a year filled with firsts for us: our first Sadie Hawkins Day at school and our first class play. Probably our biggest achievement as Juniors was the Prom and Banquet we gave. The gym was gaily decorated to the theme of Southem Gardens . All the long hard hours of work we put into it were quickly cast aside the night of the Prom when the flowers, cotton trees, and pools made the evening almost enchanting. We were the first to crown a Prom Queen at our prom. Now at last we have become Seniors and the things we have enjoyed together are almost too numerous to mention. We leamed a lot about Social this year but I think we leamed even more about ourselves and the successes ofthe failures we had become through these twelve years of school. These are years we will somedaylook back upon and in recalling them, they will make us young and carefree once again. But when you look back, may you smile and not shed a tear. Not pictured are Charles Braunschweig C'camera shy j and the former Harriet Slininger who left us to become Mrs. Allen Christopherson. Ada's I957 Graduating Class DELMAR BRUESHOF F He thinks there are only two kinds of people-those who are Democrats and those who wish they were . 'V' at BURTON ELLINGWORTH There are more things that go around in the dark than Santa Claus. CAROLYN IBGEN I'rn leaming a lot, but school seems to interfere. 5!'5v- 85 WAYNE HASZ DONNA FINCH VAN HERRINGER I-hs arm is Stiff. W2-S it baseba er sparkhng eyes and 11ve1y essed IS he who never says any 'She would stop St Peter's roll call or - aw, what's the diff. CAROL CORZE I'm little and I'm wize terror for my size. Tw gg' YA -fX Ka 1' , 1,5 J C' Q il RICHARD LARSON JERRI KAY HOPWOOD ROBERT MILLER LYNDA HOPWOOD I believe in Conserving eUef8Y, One of the reasons why gentle- A1l I want to get out of school Her smile would warm a p01 especially my own. men prefer blonds. is me. bear. The Seniors of I957 JANICE JOHNSON DAVID NORDBY MAXINE LOKEN JERRY OLSON She's true to one-one at a Schoo1 - I suppose it's a nec- If witty remarks were grains A star? Well, he's always out time. essary evil. sand, she'd be a desert. nights. . ,. is 151 4 x , '-'lx is li f va f- f F'-:fx KEITH RECTOR ELLEN LUNDON President of the 'bored' of edu- If silence were golden, I'd be cation. mi11ionaire. L-115' 'yo Q-l i ROLLAND ROESCH 'I didn't sleep a wink last night, but l'l1 make up for it in class. Class Colors: Pink and Gray MIKE RUCH KAYE NELSON MARIANNE MURPHY He's full of fun and mischief She looks like an angel and acts They say great talkers are little too, doing things he shou1dn't like one too, but you never can doers but she's an exception. do. tell what an angel will do. 4545! 'rn is I F X -f M I I 5. 1, A-5 '19 1-Q, JUDY MENGE Laughing eyes and flashing smile, charming ways and lots of style. RODNEY SMITH I-Ie's a leader of men and a fol- lower of women . X Qs if 7 K I ,,, tm Q A 1 . gift if v ,Q fan. im' 1 RUSSELL STEEN The most fun I have in school is when I'm not there. GLORIA PRUSSIA If love is madness I must be in- sane . as S x ff 'S' Qi --Q fm 'hm , 595 A 'ox N Sign' W ,sf , 5 I BETTY PIERCE The innocent look will never die, but I tell you boys it's a ll KENNETH STRAND My title is the Presidentg my smile comes from Pepsodent. lie. The Seniors of I 957 GERALD VISSER It's not what I do wrong, but SHARON RASMUSSEN what Um caught at, One of life 's little temptations. ., I2 ns N-I' X' f ELIZABETH PLATT I can live without poetry, music or walking, but who in the world can live without talking? DAVID VOLKERDING Whenever he feels like exer- cising he sits down until the feeling goes away. fn.. 4,5 f I AA Av- X fl' GERALD WILLIAMS He 's where the girls aren't. JAN ET STAUNING She smiles with the intent t mischief. , ' 'S s in . ' Q -E n ag? f if ff' E X-f Y We Q' . :NJ AUDRW RILL She's neat as a pin. Maybe there's mischief within! Y aiu. fx MARY ANN ROQUET JANE SPRUNG I don'tcare how you spell my giggles were unlawful, I'd name I'll change xt soon just spend the rest of my hfe in the same ai Class Flower: Pink Carnation MARY JO STORSLEE GLENDA WICK o do There are no men in heaven, so The best way to kill time is to leave me out, work it to death. V . 'jr' 'ti 5, R-ffl Theluniorclass this year lived up tothe theme of the l95'7 annual, for this year we learned to work hand in hand . We started off the year by winning first prize on our Homecoming float, a green and brown beauty with ROAST THE FALCONS as our theme. This was the second time our class was to have this honor. As the year progressed we began to think of ways to raise money for our Prom and Banquet. First of all, we held a school dance after the winter band concert. Our next party for the school was held after the sub-district championship game and many schools were invited. Our bake sale was a big success, for which we were all very happy. Like all Juniors in the past we had our traditional class play. Our play was entitled MOTHER WAS A FRESHMANN and proved quite good. The laughter and excitement of our class play is something none of us shall ever forget. Our Banquet and Prom were held the night of May 18. The whirl of new net formals and dashing new suits made it a night of magic for all of us. When the evening was over, we were all glad that our work throughout the yearhad not been in vain. Asluniors we would like to extend our thanks to Mrs. Vigness and Mr. Sitta, our advisors, who were always willing to lend a helping hand. Of course, we are looking forward to our year as Seniors, but we shall never forget our Class Officers: Jim MCCIS-nk, TISHS-, Barbara Klllg, Junior year, when hand in hand we climbed the ladder to the end of a successful year. Junior Class ROW 1: Qleft to rightj D. Vedder, B. Sargeant, M. Ellingworth, A. Kitchell, P. Riepe, H. Blau, L. Lambert, L. Hibbs, W. Skare, J. deVries, H. Gilbertson, S. Gulleckson. ROW 2: J. Benesh, L. Bell, B. Berg, J. Marsten, P. Kurpius, J. McCrank, V. Moe, P. Cranburg, E. Sorenson, D. Lee, L. Nelson, W. Fischer,D. Berg, L. Nelson. ROW 3: R. Thorson, D. Westcott, B. Nelson, B. Klug, G. Hennen, S. Hansen, M. Blasey, R. Wilkins, D. Anderson, P. Gunderson, M. Stene, R.Ness, K. Weber, M. Skalsky. ROW 4: Mrs. Vigness, advisor, J. Ellingson, M. Scott, C. Landsverk, L. I-Iellerud, B. Rinerson, L. Lee, L. Lelm, D. Anderson, B. Hanson, J. Landsverk, J. Pitmon, C. Neumann, J. Blasey, M1'. Sitta, advisor. Sec'y., Jack Landsverk, Pres., Jim Ellingson, Vice- Pres. - 5 -. 1 . mean. l . nl. . 4... .1 na A The Sophomore class began the 1956-l95'7 school year with forty-one students. A new member was added after Christmas, so the total rose to a new high of forty-two members! We were a very industrious class and we provided a huge bonfire for the Viking's Home- coming. It was a lot of work, but on the eve of Homecoming, we were all very proud of our big and bright bonfire. Fishing for Victory was our floattheme for the Homecoming parade. In the spring, we decorated the gymnasium for Baccalaureate Services. Our class also took an active part in many of thc various school activities. We had two members on the Debate squad, four in Thespians, four participating in one-act plays, a large number taking declamation and many members in the high school band. Besides this, many of the boys in the Sophomore class took a very active part in the school athletic program. We had no class parties throughout the year, but we did have one big class celebration on the last day of school. Patterning our trip after those of many Sophomore classes before us, we spent our last day of school at Detroit Lakes where we went boating, swimming fit was coldlj, shopping, playing tennis and just plain loafing. Everyone enjoyed the trip immensely. We feel we owe a great deal of gratitude and thanks to our two advisors, Mr. Ruoff and Mr. McMullen, who supervised our activities throughout the year. 5 1 I -V TC ,. Class Officers: Merle Hasz, Sec.-Treas., Barbara Nelson, Pres., Betty Rae Sanders, Vice-Pres. Sophomore ass ROW 1- Qleft to rightj G. deVries, E. Bitker, E. Arel, M. Cade, R. Solrnonson, A. Docken, K. Self, K. Vilmo, J. Sethre, C. Kitchell, M. Arel, S. Strand, M. d R St Mr McMullen Bitker. .ROW 2: B. Lee, M. Loken, B. Nelson, B. Sanders, D. Storslee, B. Eid, S. Rector, K. Finch, H. Sip, S. Haaland, S. Hopwoo , .I ene, .D , advisor. ROW 3: Mr. Ruoff, advisor, D. Hausten, S. Hopwood, M. Vilrno, D. Hoff, J. Nordby, L. Skuza, L. Gunderson, T. Mills, R. Visser, J. Olin, M. Hasz, W. Roquet 40, 51 'Q illness! L Class Officers: Jack Vigen, Pres., Jerald Nelson, Vice-Pres., Keith Goltz, Sec'y., Carolyn Yost, Treas. The class of 1960 started their Freshman year with an unusual number of thirty-eight boys and twenty-two girls. For the first time in our whole school career, we were given the privilege of choosing a few of our subjects. The choice was between home economics, general business, in- dustrial arts, or agriculture. Our other subjects are English, science, algebra and physical edu- cation. Nearly half of the members of our class are members of band. Most of the basketball B team members are Freshmen. They won eleven games and lost only eight. We think they did a pretty good job! We are also proud to say that three of the B team cheerleaders are from our class. During our Freshman year we held two class parties, both in the spring of the year. One of the parties was held in the old school gymnasium and the other was in the form of a trip to Fargo at the end of the year. In Fargo, we all enjoyed ourselves while shopping, attending a show and having a real good time not doing much of anything but laughing and seeing the town. We were invited to most of the high school parties and certainly enjoyed them very much. Freshman C ass ROW 1: J. Perry, H. Stene, W. Cade, L. Jamison, A. Ellingson, C. Thorson,A.Wilkens,C. Yost, J. Mickelson, J. Tiede, C.Br:-iunschweig, C. Boyer, A. Maltrud. ROW 2: G. Sittko, C. Moe, A. Nelson, B. Goddeke, C. Sprung, J. Vigen, J. Geddes, K. Carter, C. Olin, B. Strand, G. Brantl, N. Steen, C. Hennen, G. Sorenson. ROW 3: D. Lohmier, T. Rees, M. Linderman, C. Natvig, K. Clayton, J. Volkerding, K. Goltz, L. Wamback, D. Lambert, D. Larson, M. Burk- hard, A. Jerdee, R. Hanson, L. Stevens, D. Anderson, M. Riste, advisor. ROW 4: M. Johnson, J. Hanson, R. Mickelson, O. Viker, Wl11l3H1S,.R. Braun- schweig, C. Cirks, J. Nelson, W. Blake, L. Woltjer, D. Stadum, C. Bowyer, J. Blasey, C. Grandberg, J. Nelson, Mr. Torgerson, advisor. Qnot pictured, G Uumany 1 S 2 At the beginning of our second year in junior high school, the eighth grade had an en- ' rollment of fifty-two members. We chose our class colors, which were pink and navy. i Many people spent a lot of time and effort on our float this year. Our slogan was: BROIL THE FALCONS. We were quite proud of it when we received third place. It was a pleasure to attend the crowning of Queen Deanna Habeck and to join in the snake dance. To end the evening we had a pep fest and a bonfire which was very enjoyable. Q In the magazine drive the class's hard work was rewarded by coming out ahead of all the other classes. Dwight Strand as president and Dale Simonson, secretary did a very good job of keeping track of our money. Many of the class members received prizes, among them Jan Simpson, an elephant, Roger Klask received 35. Wayne Brant a blanket, and Brenda Bodding a toy, stuffed dog. Dale Oanes was the highest magazine seller of the school and received quite a handful of prizes. On Sadie Hawkins day the whole school dressed up in costumes. We all appreciated and enjoyed the Sadie Hawkins party. A prize was given for the funniest looking girl's and boy's costume. Dean Simonson won the boy's prize. The class enjoyed the football games and basketball games and are looking forward to becoming Freshmen in Senior High. in O E N G d e Dwight Strand, Pres., Eileen Williams, Treas., Gray- don Bell, Vice-Pres., Dale Simonson, Sec'y. ROW 1: R. Johnston, P. McGregor, G. Riepe, M. Arel, R. Geddes, K. Sargeant, V. Nelson, M. Jtmco, S. Kirchmeir, L. Hamre, F. Braunschweig, B. Balzum. ROW 2: S. Wick, C. Monson, G. Krogstad, D. Gilbertson, D. Larson, F. Goff, R. Offerdahl, D. Strand, D. Simonson, D. Kolb, D. Simonson, M. Berg, S. Tarvestad. ROW 3: Miss Voldal, D. Stenberg, C. Blau, E. Williams, G. Olin, C. Parson, R. Klask, C. Brommenschenkel, K. Grivno, S. Weber, C. Eggen, L. Sip,L. Stene, S. Sittko, Mr. Perkins. ROW 4: J. Simpson, J. Kitchell, L. Sip, L. Visser, W. Jacobson. K. Blake, B. Hanson, B. Bodding, S. Hoff, S. Gunderson, W. Brandt, A. Cirks, D. Oanes, Graydon Bell. 5 1 2 I 3 5 L Class Officers: James Hennen, Sec'y-Treas., Presi- dent Carol Johnson, Dean Bowyer, Vice-Pres. The school year of 1956-1957 found sixty-five seventh graders entering the new school forthe first time. Miss Efteland and Mr. Christianson, our class advisors, told us t.he general routine of the school day. The first few days there was a state of confusion and bewilder- ment among the seventh graders. Miss Efteland was kept busy finding lost seventh graders, opening stuck lockers and remembering forgotten locker combinations. The first social ev ent of the year was Homecoming. We enjoyed the snake dance and bonfire very much. The overwhelming project facing the seventh graders was the con- stnrction ofafloat for the Homecoming parade. But with the combined efforts of the wil- ling workers together with the assistance of Mr. Christianson, a float depicting the defeat of Fertile was built. To the great satisfaction of the seventh graders the float won the second prize of 36.00. After the parade the seventh graders went to the game and last of all the Homecoming party, which we enjoyed very much. On Sadie I-lawkin's day, the class came to school dressed in Dog Patch Style! Daisy Mae's and L'il Abners roamed the halls. Dog Patch schooling was in style that day, too- little or no learning-but lots of fun! In the evening the Sadie Hawkin's party was held. Seventh grade girls took advantage of the Sadie I-lawkin's tradition and escorted their favorite seventh grade boys to the party. On Halloween the Ada P.T.A, sponsored a party for all the students. The purpose of the partywas to eliminate the door to door tricks and treating . The seventh grade attended the party somewhat reluctantly, but as the evening progressed the spirit of fun took over and the party was a huge success. The seventh grade is divided into two sections. One section included band members andthe other non-band members. Allband members belong to the Junior band and several belonged to the A band also. A large number of the seventh graders also belonged to the junior choir, which is under the direction of Mr. Christiansen. Seventh Grade ROW 1: Qleft to rightj M. Stadum, F. Brommenschenkel, M. Topham, D. Braunschweig, B. Stene, C. Johnson, J. Cerze, R. Geddes, R. Niebeling, D. Jolmson, D.Nelson, C.Blake,L.Lee, C. Sargent. ROW 2: D. Benesh, J. Hennen, E. Skalsky, D. Gilbertson, C. Braunschweig, P. Ellingson, S. Ness, B. Hansen, R. Arel, S. Anderson, J. Freichel, C. Jacobson, D. Bowyer, D. Bowyer, S. Nelson. ROW 3: K. Olson, J. Lundon, A. Klusmann, J. Eggen, M. Sorenson, M. Nielson, K. Ruoff, M. Strand,L. Sorkness,F.Yost, M. Stene, R. Wick, T. Habeck, R. Bergman, L. Kroshus, E. Visser. ROW 4: Miss Efteland, advisor, R. Prussia, R. John- son, C. Larson, C. Bedding, E. Kitchell, C. Anderson, M. Woltjer, M. Stene, R. Halveson, R. Drevlow, D. Fjeld, J. Knudson, W. I-lovland, J. Visser, H. Berg, D. Ingrebretson, Mr. Christianson, advisor JH Cf lm x k Basketball Team: fleft to righty ROW 1: Billy Bitker, Jimmy Cirks. ROW 2: Ronnie Nelson, Gene Gunderson, DeWayne Gnadt. ROW 3: Marvin Merkins, Lynn Clayton, Mr. Ralston, Eugene Roquet, Earl Roquet ML Rakton, Principal Cheerleaders: Qleft to rightj Diane Hanson, Clifton Bitker, Judy Bartz W Johnson, Janitor Lockhart School Mrs Gnadt, Cook ROW l fleft to right, Billy Bitker, Ronnie Nielson, DeWayne Gnadt, Gene Gunderson, Earl Roquet Virginia Felske Judy Ku: ius, Sharonlfelske, DeloresB1tker ROW2 Florence Skuza, Judy Bartz, Diane Hansen, Eugene Roquet Lynn Clayton Lawrence Bitker, Marvin Merkxns, Clifton Bitker, James Cirks .,,LL-.. , Q-4 ! s i N 'fri 'QWX , xx J s - , f I f D.-16 I In 1, l'l'b , l'l Y --. 4 ff' K 6-:ffgs lv, 'U Allr! llllvllll Ta sz J'-5 S nl' 1 1.1 f t. lSfbg',, The staff of the 1956 57 Vlking annual started their work as soon as school opened rn the fall The fust few months were spent uymg to teach our photographers the trrcks of the trade be cause we unexpectedly lost our last year s photo grapher When thrs task was finally mastered we really started the ball rollmg There was prcture takrng wrmng up copy sales of subscnptrons typmg laymg out prctures and all of the othertasks connected wrth our Jobs We ran mto many comphcatxons especlally when xt came to gathermg a group for a prcture but we frnally f1n1shed our assrgnments Mr Stol pestad our advrsor was kept busy answermg our quesuons and show mg us how to do what we were domg Itwasa year of hard work but we srncerely hope this annual wrll g1VG to both you the owner and us the makers satisfacuonl vu., Busxness Manager Sharon Rasmussen, wrth assist ants Jo Ann Braunschwelg and Donna Frnch check over the books as Art Ed1IOI Maxme Loken tnes to thmk up a clever new rdea J1m McCrank and Rodney Smrth, our hotographers look pretty sly lThey on't llke to have then prcture taken Edrtors Mananne Murphy and Barbara Klug hard at worl-nfl, on the annual J :sf J l,,J-4' inf uni lf if Ewa' Two S e nior staff members, Kaye and Glenda. The Viking Log staffconsists of members of the shorthand and book- keeping classes. The Juniors issue their first edition around Christmas time. At this time the Seniors get a rest until May when they edit their last paper in the form of class history, prophecy and etc. The experience of writing and stenciling articles is of great value to those who enter the business field in later life. Thus the school pa- per has a twofold purpose. It keeps the student body informed on all activities and prepares the staff for journalism. It is a great responsibility for the editors and principal staff mem- bers, but they are rewarded for their work with a feeling of accom- plishment. The Senior editor was Betty Pierce, assisted by Glenda Wickgthe Art editor was Kay Nelson. Typists and Reporters were Car- olyn Eggen, Donna Finch, Gloria Prussia, Carol Gorze and Ellen Lun- don with Robert Miller doing the mimeographing. M arilyn Elling- worth, assisted by Gayle Hennen, was the Junior editor for the 1956- '57 school year. Janice Marsten very ably served as Art editor and Veldonna Moe, Beverly Berg, Janice Benesh, Bonnie Sargeant, Pauline Riepe, Harriet Gilbertson and Darlene Westcott did the reporting and typing. Ronnie Ness supplied the sports news as well as doing the mimeographing. Mr. Sitta is to be commended on his efficient staffs who, we all feel, have done a really good job and have givenus a school paper we can be proud of! iking Log , , , 4 it Our mimeographer, Bo ROW I, Qleft to rigntl: Carol Gone, Gloria Prussia, Kaye Nelson, Marilyn Ellialgworth, Pauline Rieppge, Janice Benesh, Janice Marsten, Har riet Gilbertson, Gail Hennen, Bonnie Sargent, Ronnie Ness. ROW 2: Darlene estcott, Veldonna e, Beverly Berg, Jerrie Hopwood, Betty Pierce, Glenda Wick, Ellen Lundon, Donna Finch, Carolyn Eggen, Robert Miller, Mr. Sitta, advisor. fqfti The twelve members of the Student Council, elected by their class- mates in each grade, held their first meeting on September 14, 1956. Jack Kitchell was elected president through anall-school election and Wayne Hasz and Marianne Murphy were chosen vice-president and sec- retary-treasurer, respectively, by their fellow Student Council mem- bers. We began Homecoming preparations immediately and we sold the football badges to the student body. A new black velveteen robe was made and paid for by the student council for the Homecoming Queen and the old crown was recovered. Every coxmcil member worked hard to make the occasion the success it was. On Wednesday, October 31, ten of us attended the Student Council Convention for the Western Division at the Moorhead State Coll e ge campus. After that, we found ourselves in the midst of book-cover selling, a Sadie Hawkins party on November 16, the sending of 510.00 to CARE for Hungarianrefugees and a Christmas assembly program and decorations. During the holiday season, we co-sponsored a Snowball with the Drum and Bugle Corps, and later sponsored a party after a basketball game with Gary. We met twice with the Crookston Student Council to plan the Stu- dent Council Convention for next year. All in all, we spent a busy, educational, and we feel, very successful year. Student Council OFFICERSs Marianne Murphy, Sec'y-Treas and John Kitchell, President. ROW 1, Qleft to rightj: Mr. Ruoff, advisor, Carol Johnson, Margaret Loken, Barbara Nelson, Marianne Murphy, Jack Vigen, Dwight Strand, S nd k Landsverk. Miss Riste, advisor. ROW 2: Allen Jerdee, Sharon Hansen, Jack Kitchell, Wayne Hasz, Kenneth tra , Jac 4 17 vs . - Cu ,4B '1.,, k u. ' ?hVZTQAi:Q', -' i .n Q 651100 0 Q 0. Y' 1 1 S -'QEKFTA' ' -e 5 ' im. Eire ' C 0-as. 4- 9 7 Og' Ubfo b I W 6 V The Future Farmers of America is an organization of boys interested in the future of farming in the United States. During the past year, the Ada Chapter of the PFA has shown its interests in the county fair, the winter shows at Crookston. grain sanitation program, crops judging, dairy judging, and general livestock judging. Dining the winter shows at Crookston in February, the Crops Team was entered in the District 1 FFA contest and placed first. Kenneth Strand was the third highest individual in the contest. The team mem- bers included Kenneth Strand, Russell Steen, and Gerald Williams. Then the Crops Team judged at the Little International put on by the students of the North Dakota Agriculture College in Fargo. Because of their win in Crookston, the Crops Team judged at the state contest representing the District 1 FFA. On April 24, the Dairy and General Livestock Judging Teams of the Ada FFA judged in the District 1 FFA contest at the A.C. in Crookston. The Dairy Team composed of Gerald Visser, Larry Lelm and Rich- ardVisser, won the top honors at the contest, enabling them to judge at the state contest in St. Paul. While the Dairy Team was judging, the General Livestock Tearn was also winning the right to com- pete in the state contest. This team, consisting of David Volkerding, Larry l-lellerud and Gordon deVries, came in second intheir contest. In the Dairy contest, Richard Visser was the third highest judge in the con- test and Gordon deVries was second in the General Livestock contest. The Parent-Son Banquet of 1957 was a big success. Members of the tea ms, exhibitors at the shows and the membersofmanyof the committees gave reports. The speaker of the night was O. C. Soine of the Northwest School of Agriculture at Crookston. Mr. Soine gave a most interesting talk about the progress found in agriculture. 1957 has been a most successful year for the Ada Chapter as the wins have been big, the projects en- larged and profitable, and the leaming at the top of it alll Future Farmers of America ROW 1, Qleft to rightj: Gordon deVries, Gerald Sorenson, John Volkerding, Edwin Sorenson, Warren Skare, Jerry Hanson, Lawrence Nelson, Charles Braunschweig, John Kitchell, Ronald Mikkelson, Robert Williams, Richard Visser, David Volkerding, ROW 2: Mr. McMahon, ad- visor, Larry Hellerud, Delmar Brueshoff, Gerald Williams, Wayne Hasz, Kenneth Strand, Larry Lelm, John Blasey, Russell Steen, Gerald Vis- ser, Joe Blasey, Gerald Kirchmeier. I . Y'NNAkfRs 1,4 477 7' JE 'WA -We Qlljx NEW YN O gow W Sw 1 az SQ K t M fav 'Eff Q ! Q4 -'L C 44,0 ,Ax The Future Homemakers ofAmerica is one of the most worth-while organizations for girls in high school. It teaches them many important ideas which will be used by them and to their advantage in their. later life. They realize that to be a good wife and mother takes just as much training as any other profession and they are preparing for this life in an excellent way. The high-lightofthe year for the local chap- ter wasthe serving of a dinner for the boys of the local Future Farmers of America organization. This was a huge success, the boys said! Later in the year, two representatives were sent from the chapter attended the State FHA Convention at the Lemington Hotel in Minneapolis. Here the girls leamed many useful things and the chapter has tried to apply them in their work ever since. The girls had a busy, and we are sure, a very educational year. Cf if , f - +. 4 FHA OFFICERS, ROW 1, fleft to rightl: Marilyn El- lingworth, Historian, Karen Vilmo, Song Leader, Kay Self, Vice-Presidentg Carol Kitchell, Secretary. ROW 2: Ruth Solmonson, Parliamentariang Margie Vilmo, Treasurer, Sharol Hopwood, President, Mary Arm Ro- quet, Reporter, Mrs. Vigness, Advisor. Future Homemakers of America ROW 1 fleft to rightl: Bernadine Eid, Marilyn Ellingworth, Jorgine Sethre, Margaret Loken, Barbara Nelson, Carol Kitchell, Marilyn Sta- dum. iiow 2: Mrs.Vignex, Mary Ann Roquet, Sharol Hopwood, Myrtle Ann Blasey, Patricia Kurpius, Patricia Granburg, Karen Vilmo, Kay Self. K ,G V .ta if Future Teachers of America Q 0 49 i 69 -xo fr? OK-Q ef' 9 Grief. SQQWOQBQO 'o2'oex2se'? 3' 'ako-gba' of 50 Q6 0 YV' Qs9o5s7'b' .xg J' as The Future Teachers of America organization is set up in our school for Seniors interested in the profession of teaching. Any Senior who has such an interest may join the local group. The purpose of the group is two-fold. 1. To interest young people in the teaching profession as a career and 2., to help those who have decided to go into the field to learn more a- bout the work of a teacher. FTA members are given the chance to student teach in the grade school or help the high school, but because of the tight schedule ofmost of the members, it has been difficulttowork in any student tea ching. Only two or three meetings were held this year as the organization is new, but the group was fortunate enough to attend a work-shop at Moorhead State College. ROW 1, Qleft to rightj: Mike Ruch, Jerrie Hopwood, Betty Pierce, Miss Riste, Audrey Rill, Janice Johnson, Deanna Habeck. ROW 2: Mary Jo Storslee, Judy Menge, Robert Miller, Rodney Smith, Jane Sprung, Maxine Voken, Donna Finch. T23 A ll I -'E X X . Im W ,.s-? 1, , ,Q l s l.. 'Q -, -5 -'gr 'kt' ts' if i n fl?-3'-5'- h :'g:5i 1.N'L., X mga ' 'Ii 4' Q X 4 X ' x - 1' Chorus i fi ,x ROW 1, Qleft to rightj: Lois Fossurn, Bonnie Sargent, Marilyn Ellingworth, Kay Nelson, Marlyn Johnmn, Lornie Wambach, Luvern Woltjer, Sharon Rector, Bernadine Eid, Karen Vilmo, Jorgine Sethre, Margaret Loken. ROW 2: Kaye Finch, Diane Storslee, Carol Kitchell, Glenda Wick, Jo Ann Braunschweig, David Volkerding, Rolland Roesch, Richard Larson, Janice Johnson, Jerrie Kae Hopwood, Pauline Riepe, Eve Vanna Bitker. ROW 3: Gloria Prussia, Janet Stauning, Betty Pierce, Patricia Kurpius, Patricia Granburg, Ronnie Ness, Robert Miller, Wayne Hasz, Barbara Klug, Janice Marsten, Gail Hennen, Veldonna Moe, Betty Platt. ROW 4: Carol Gone, Deanna Habeck, Jane Sprung, Allan Jerdee, David Nordby, Jerald Nelson, Kenneth Strand, Russell Steen, Larry Lelm, Jimmie Ellingson, Carol Landsverk, Maxine Loken, Audrey Rill, Carolyn Eggen, Donna Finch. J - ,, , I, Pictured on the right are Maxine Loken, Deanna ' ' 1 f '7 k Habeck and Carol Landsverk, the three girls who E A ' ,J-'25 acted as accornpanists for the choruses this year. 1, 4 5 . Thes irls are extended the heart thanks of all i I,-Ax I 41. L I ' -V - - , ,qv i 4 - J I 7- I' ca A W . A x Xl: XS 1 ,I ' of W l C S . . Y of the chorus members and xts dlrectori 4? 'fr f,f T. Ya if J t l Boys Chorus u-.4 x, MA' :za ff? -'L v-,.f', 1 t -ff-',.Qf :..x.r:-3 -,,:,..f', ...r , .2 ROW 1, left to nghtj David Lambert Conley Natvlg, John Volkerdrng Loren Wambach, Kenneth Weber Duane Stadum Craig Bowyer Luvem oltjer, Marlyn Johnson Allan Jerdee Theodore Reese ROW 2 Richard Larson Rolland Roesch Jerald Nelson David Volker ding Kenneth Strand, Russell Steen Larry Lelm, Wayne Hasz Jim Ellrngson Larry Hellerud Davld Nordby Wayne F xscher 1 At the left is pictured Mr. Gerry Christianson, the . - 4 ,X gentleman who has so ably directed the four choirs this '. B 4, year. His labor yielded its fruits when the Girls' Glee , - 1 'N'Q. Club captured an A in the District Music Contest and -7, 'jf went on to make a fine showing at the State Area Con- 5 to ' x test. The two concerts at Christmas and in the spring, '11, ' I fi were among the finest ever presented in this school. Con- ' , A J gratulations, Mr. Christianson, for doing such a fine job and in such a fine manner! A ' 11 ,QN r ff , Junior Hi h School Chorus ROW 1, Qleft to rightj: Richard Wick, Sharon Ness, Janice Gorze, Barbara Hanson, Rachel Hovelson, Margaret Strand, Paulette Ellingson, Carol Sargent, Rita Geddes, Marilyn Stadum. ROW 2: Donald Nelson, David Kolb, Dwight Strand, Bobby Grivno, Carol Blau, Sandra Wick 7 Frances Braunschweig, Margaret Sorenson, Florine Yost, Diane Stenberg, Corinne Monson. ROW 3: Dwight Benesh, Rolland Bergman, Tom- my Habeck, Karen Grivno, Jan Simpson, Eileen Williams, Gail Olin, Lavonne Stene, Brenda Bodding, Janis Kitchell, Carol Anderson, Bev- erly Balzurn, Gladys Krogstad. qi ROW 1, Qleft to rightj: Kay Self, Carol Blau, Maren Nielson, Mabel Junco, Eileen Williams. ROW 2: Harriet Blau, Conley Natvig, Kath- leen Ruoff, Merlyn Stene, Carol Boyer, Steve Sittko, Sandra Weber, Sharon Tarvestad. ROW 3: Carol Johnson, Karen Vilmo, John Nelson, ' ' J hn Kit h ll Jud Men e, Keith Goltz, Jerry Geddes,Betty Goddeke, Connie Bodding, Barbara Hanson, John Volkerding, Curtis Neumann, o c e , y g David Kolb. ROW 4: Janis Kitchell, Sharon Hopwood, Rachel!-iovelson, Paulette Ellingson, Karen Grivno, Gladys Brantl, Loren Gunderson, Carol Anderson, Dale Larson, Eva Arel, Janice Johnson, Marianne Murphy, Donna Finch, Jerry Pitrnon, Lavern Woltjer. NOT PICTURED: Curtis Parsons, Richard Offerdahl, Grant Ullman, Janet Stauning. lv. S- N 'Y A mg... N Qgwfu . 4 a- T- N60 X . I.:- 3, 4 I .. f TWKYIIV' ROW 1, Qleft to rightj: Barbara Nelson, Linda Ingberg, Kaye Finch, Jan Simpson, Margaret Loken, Maxine Loken. ROW 2: Betty Platt, Gretchen Sittko, Betsy Nelson, Linda Bell, Sharol Hopwood, Bernadine Eid, Jorgine Sethre, Audrey Kitchell. ROW 3: Alice Maltrud, Jerry Perry, David Larson, Buddy Hanson, Alyce Ellingson, Gail Hennen, Pauline Riepe, Jerry Hanson, Jim McCrank, Audrey Rill, Brenda Bodding, Gerald Williams. ROW 4: Gerald Nelson, Richard Larson, Lawrence Nelson, Paul Gunderson, George Riepe, Craig Bowyer, David Nordby, Dean Simonson, Dale Simonson, Rodger Johnston, Lyle Visser, Sharon Hansen, Grayd . : ' . Stolpestad, director. NOT PICTURED: Richard Boles, Donald Nelson. on Bell, Allen Jerdee BACK RIGHT Jack Vlgen, Mr 5 Li l ff 'wr-ff '-'-q- ,,.., John Volkerdmg Cornet Solo Mr Stolpeiad, our band drrector, of our bandl to whom we all owe the successes Music Festival Winners The Ada l-hgh School Band had an actrve year m 1956 57 The band ap peared 1n marchmg events at the Norman County Band Day, Homecomxng at Ada, at the Umverslty of North Dakota Homecom1ng and at the Darry Day Fes t1v1t1es at Thref Rrver Falls m addxtron to thexr annual appearances in parade for the 4 H Achrevement Day and Memorlal Day The Concert Bandbegan the school year by playrng a short concert at Lock hart for future Ada students The band had rts fall concert rn November and made atnp to Hallock for an exchange concert ln the Dlstnct 4430 Musrc Con test wh1ch was held at Ada, the Concert Band won a top ratmg and the rxght to part1c1pate rn the State Area Contest at Thzef R1ver At Thref Rrver Falls the band came very close to gett 1 ng the coveted 'A rating playmg Berceuse from Strav1nsky's F IREBIRD SUITE, and Headl1nes These numbers were al so played at the mrd wmter concert gxven in January were under way the band was rn very good form The Pep Band enjoyed re cewmg many fme complrments durmg the tournaments Th1s was the year when the Drstnct 330 Musrc Contest was held at Ada for the frrst t1me Seventeen schools partrcrpated and the total number of students who took part was 1,638 The school represented by the largest number of stu dents was Ada with 148 The judges at the contest were Dr H D Harmon of M S T C , who judged bands, and CarlThompson of Bem1dj1 State College who judged the vocal groups The evenrng program whrch clxmaxed the iestlval was very excellent and the c ro wd set a new record for attendance at D1SUlCt 330 Muslc Contests The solos and small groups were hrt by a plague of the flu the week before the contest and so we d1dn't show up too well rn that department Of 27 rn strurnental solos and groups who were entered m the contest only 15 were able to perform Fmch '30 M 4 iss aft? Jim McCrank Saxophone Solo Flute Quartet Erleen Wlllrams, Jan Srmpson, Barbara Nelson, Kaye my if fl gt si O O O . .. - - - . ' . . . . . - V 7 a . ' ' - - V . . . . X, ? V ty , . I . . . - , ,ly Ag V . V , , . . iv' ' N .452 K ' ' ' The Pep Band had a busy basketball season and by the time the tournaments 1. . . . . . . I X I X L . Music Festival Winners The 1956-57 year found the choirs busy as usual. The work was well rewarded when Music Festival time rolled around. Superiors were received by Lavem Woltjer for his tenor solo, the Girl's Sextette for Lift Thine Eyes from the Elijah and by the Girl's Glee Club for Hear My Prayer . Carol Landsverk re- ceived an A for her piano solo, so these four groups went on to the Region-State, held at Thief River Falls, Mi . nnesota During the year the choir made quite a few performances, the first being the Fall Band and Choir Concert . Singing over KXJB television at Christmas time was a highlight the choir members won't soon for et. gThe Christmas and Spring concerts this year were full of variety. The Christmas Concert featured colored slides with each number telling the sacred Christmas story. The theme for the Spring Concert was Spring is the Time . This was the first formal concert held by the choir. The stage was arrayed with grass, flowers, and picket fences, and the colored lighting affects made the theme complete. Singing at Baccalaureate brings to a close the choir year, but the songs and the memories of this year will always be with us. Mr. Christianson, whose skill di- rected usthrough a successful year. V , , ,, i '- L A I X fi Z +g .,.. it :Q ff' ' V 3 5 ' i 'v V 3 N' ...r'1, 1 if , g, in 'i l 5 Y. f V The Choir's three accompanists. Carol Landsverk, Deanna The Girl's Sextette. Barb Klug, Jane Sprung,Deanna Habeck, Habeck, and Maxine Loken. Mr. Christiansen, Jan Stauning, Audrey Rill and Maxine Lo- ken. l X 31 Q '. 7 , ,J 2 1 R, V. V a fi. ff N as V - w:45',:j'M' if V L -H14 W 4 ,Q ap 1- .. Q g , f ' 3.3 5 3.9 H ' , W -' -' I 'M in X V. 'a,f+W 591 f?-'f, , A W' ,w mf -: fn 5 fi ' ? Q X ' A iff Hg v . 1 5 ' ' b 3 S- 4-, u h a f 1 2 Q ' Av.-,M 1 ., ,, I K.. I 'ing The Ada High School ., v A Band spent a busy A X2 , X , season this year, '-7' 3. marching at many , different occasions. N, , The picture on the H ti l, ,' ' I left was taken during X ' , ff Y the Homecoming - iff' QQ'-' I ga Tm, , A ' Parade october 5th. f 'A ..., T R C l if The band, proud of W '4 6' I- ,, Q fn, q I H t U fn., their new uniforms, 'Y -ep . A fy Tx , , ,fu - marched in Fargo and l-.'- il ' , . -I , .V vs ' ' l, 4 in Ada several times, Q 1, 1' 'Q-A-.Q M v K.. ,VI 4 we and practiced their , ' V r ' V I V 4 12. 1 'Q . ' J'W'i 'N' drills during the spring Q il A V ' if' L Vlkkv 'S . X and fall seasons. fl ' 5 ls C C ' , , ' ' U-'f , , , Q ' 1 1 wi H' A 'v l 5 N. 2 'il ss , 1 wx I . Above is pictured Betsy Nelson, majorette for the Ada High School ' 0 0 v Band,who has been one of the very M a rch I n U n Its of Ada H I h mem a Junior, is leaving us next year, 1 Sl ik., x a - X1 2 M , N ' 1 h., all .W ff T2 5' lx ' E' L, 'lwlll A Carol Gorze, the Little Gal of the Dnlm and Bugle Corps, has been majorette for the Corps for three years, since its beginning. Little Carol has led them in many different maneuvers and the Corps hates to see her go, as she grad- uates this year. much to our regret. X Below is pictured the Ada High School cms Dmm and Bugle l, Corps. This group has performed for many out of town events as lx wellas appearing many times during the half of basketball games. Ada should be proud of their D. QB. Corps, for this fairly new organization has been one of the very best in this area. , .,k Q I f 5 I li .I X l . . H! 5, I ,ly 4, . f I rw? f glib' . I ' f , , A I -. . I H . ' rgln I., X Y Ea 3 .--1 I? 'fav' dj-is ,E Q: jlll i 1 e Q I v ia 5 E E r 2 I . .Aa , ffvgiwl , Juv 'J. gmmvi . ' M, vi I 1 V. I ya. 1 OO 25 N P2 FS-Q USA: 'D OU 493 9.3: HS- :r n on 177' ow 5: gc- 0:- Q2 v-1-FH :sc OCC ,-HVW mm V1.- FTF? 5.2 :ng- rn M5 98-. ,-Z 393 05' I-: :s gm -5 :- -4 E' E' E Z F-5- x ,., : O I c Z' 5 ca : D- O W P1 o .- Y I sa. ,N sl QA jg , ' X 1 We'11 Make Fertilizer Out of Fertile, 7th Grade, 3rd Prize. DLL' T H E'?'2'-mmf? I I .5 if-.-sf , Vrr, ,,,,,,, 1 . . A Q -14 I sl L.. l X Boil The Falcons, 8th Grade, 2nd Prize When Falcons Meet Vikings, 9th Grade O f ' H 9 6 - , , omecommg, . 'Q' . ' vc ' , W sw , ' as - ,. Maxine, Judy, Queen Deanna, Marianne, Carol and their chauffeur, Mr. Ruoff. 2 Z: ,QQ ,M 1 Fishing For Victory, Sophoxnores We'11 Roast Em . . . Juniors, lst Prize It's a Puss Over, Seniors Y M ,, M M in -A - - - - 1 Mr- X,,E in 7 ILA .,n?':- Three loyal faculty members, Mr Torger son, Mr Johnson and Mr Schlagel, attend one of the away from home games at Twm Valley They pickedabad day, for the vnn blew the dust freely over the open fxeld QWe won that one, 19 to 13j his assmstant look pretty happy here They had long faces durmg fwe of the seasons games, but they managed to cheer up when the team won the other three! Pigskin Snaps 36 lvlr. Perhins,head coach and Mr. Mclyiullen, O in Q Mahnomen Bagley Ferule Twrn Valley 3 Ada Ada A a A a Football Fosston Sacred Heart East Grand Forks 13 Warren Ada Ada Ada Ada Prctured at the left rs Mr Perkms, the coach who has worked so hard wrth the football team thrs year ROW 1 Qleft to rrghtj Kenny Weber Drckre Hennen, Wayne Frscher Jack Kxtchell, Dick Larson, Mrke Ruch, Mrke Skalsky,Burton Elhngworth, J1mEll1ngson, Davrd Lambert ROW 2 Terry Mrlls, Allan Jerdee, Lavem Woltjer Gerald Nelson, Davrd Nordby, Wayne Blake, Merle Hasz Ronme Ness, Jrm Olrn, Jerry Olson Duarne Stadum ROW 3 Mr Perkrns, coach Russ Steen Kenny Strand, Joe Blasey Jerry Pltmon, Kerth Rector, Robert Mrller, Wayne Hasz, Jack Landsverk, Johnny Blasey, Mr McMullen assrstant coach -. 2-fl-9,9 9 fb are so egwa ,FJ ..,.,,..f 31 1 '40 QQ' Basketball Snaps The prctures on thls page were all snapped durlng Sub D1str1ct or Drstrtct basketball games 1n Ada ThlS years tournament attendance set a record for our D1str1ct 95930 and the tournament weeks were busy ones wlth everyone hurryxng to attend the games The photo rn the rlght hand corner IS one of Wayne Hasz basketball team captarn recewmg the thrrd place trophy for Ada rn the South Sub D1str1cr play The others are of varrous games played durrng the D1.str1ct tournaments mcludlng Ada teams Mahnomen and Halstad It was a very excrtlng tournament year and everyone IS looklng forward to next years season ,pr :QF- N f x It if 11, fi H will 'mf Ijffwwm Basketball I9 6-'57 HOME GAMES WE THEY Bagley 58 E. Grand Forks 33 41 GAMES AWAY Jamboree 79 78 Twin Valley 36 Fertile 37 39 Malmomen 49 Halstad 48 60 Warren 49 T. River Falls 43 53 Waubun 61 Crookston 53 59 Fertile 59 Climax 44 49 Bonrp '18 Twin Valley 52 54 H21SI8d 55 Gary 47 52 Hendfum 41 Mahnomen 39 57 FOSSIOH 52 The Ada Vikings Basketball Team lived up to past records and, after a rather unsuccessful year, rocketed their way to eligibility for the District 330 Tournaments. With only three wins and seventeen losses during the season, prospects for tournament play were dim. The boys were determined, though, and even after we lost our first South Sub-District game to Halstad by 15 points, they promised us more playing spirit. They certainly succeeded, for they beat Gary and Hendrum by nearly 20 point margins in the other two games to give Ada the 3rd place in our Sub-District. Although we lost our very first game to Fosston in the District Tournament, we were all pretty proud of our team and the glory they brought to our school through determination and falr play! ROW 1, left to right: Mike Ruch, Ronnie Ness, Jim Ellingson, Wayne Fischer, Kenny Weber, Larry Hellerud. ROW 2: Rm- sell Steen,Wayne Hasz, Robert Miller, Merle Hasz, Joe Blasey, Jack Landsverk, Mr. McMullen, coach. It ' J Q dial s 1 'AX f Q' L f 'fn Cheerleaders B TEAM CHEERLEADERS: Gretchen Sittko, Sharon T stad, Jack Vigen, Jan Simpson, Carole Olin. A TEAM CHEERLEADERS: Mary Jo Storslee, Deanna eck, Barbara Klug, Sharon Hansen, Judy Menge. .x , ,, Team Basketball The B Squad had a very successful year in the 1956-'57 season and prospects for future A teams look even better! Although this team is given little recognition, it deserves a hand for their hard work throughout the year. 'X 41 K.. arve Hab ROW 1 left to right- Marlyn Johnson, Loren Wambach, David Lambert, Gerald Sorenson Jerr Petr Keith Goltz John Volkerdin Wa n ' ,' Y Y, H . ROW Wayne Roquet, Duarne Stadum, Lavem Woltjer, Gerald Nelson, Jim Olin, Craig Bowyer, Jdhnny Blasey, Mr. Perkins: coach gl Y e asz 2 74' ,Tim ,,.... 3 , V I r ,Q I M I mx Q li-fix 'Mn Kenny Strand and Merle Hasz are shown warming up for their batting positions, as Robert Miller an Jim Ellrngson idly sit by and watch 4544 og .. N,- QXB.-4' A Jimlillingsonseems to be telling Harvey what to do else the coach has Jrm so fired up he can't wait to get in there and fight! 'SV'- 'nad -11 9 Q-'Q Merle I-lasz, first baseman, hot a home nm which helped Ach win the District Championship over Fertile fScore, 4 to 5, The District Champs, our team ROW I, left to right Gerald Nelson David Nordby, David Lambert, Dickie Hennen, Ronnie Ness, Wayne Flsch er, Kenny Weber, Jim Ellmgson ROW Il John Blasey Craig Bowyer, Kenny Strand, Joe Blasey, Merle Hasz Wayne Hasz, Mr McMullen, coach .QQ 07' 5 u h , , ,t A . I M . , , S I.. 7 Q ' Hi . '. W w . ,Y A - ' :fi ef x x T' 7 1 I ,. A - I. E I r In A W ' . , C ' ' - ff 1 . Q, 'A , M 4: 1 ' X ,H -'V,1':-- in 5 wax .EC V qt' ' W , f f ' . , ' 533. V S E V' 5 'S V- Lziilfgfg +R J 4 ' ,f -, ,' sir A. , ,, -. . .2 2 ' . ,i Lf l, li ., , .Q g , W 4 ' A Q 3 ' V . J 5 V f' g--,5 . I 1: -p .4 fl 4 A - , W. Q ,,...Q ,ff : M t, gg., , x rl.. ' ' 1, ,W - , 1' 'V f 'K H-' r- ' A W , K' . I , A qc .J V, ,N nga, 2 W ,J , V1.4 I ,, V . I r - -, kj ,A-an ,I : V ., . '- ' 5? V , , ,f L l ,J A f ',y, ,bn tgtgv I 'Y- - 4 54 .A A VV .-fm.. I A .. ... 'iz ... f 4: f 1- ' ' d . . . . . , -- or ' . : , , . . 5, ., 4 A 5 yr I ' ff . p A . - A . A f' . s - - f ' E - . f Qi 3 .I If A, s ,Q ,,,.l -e -f-- - -N il ' A ,, .s, Y lf...MM- - A ,Q ,-...V ' R ' 'H of we- f rr A Mfr f W f wsuaqngn , Y , ,Z r l 4, f ' W! A - H' A . la! in .. , ,fy ' A 97 - -4 W L ' , . w S 9, xr. 5 ,M 1 ,, r f p . ,W rr - ' K - .N . or , ff 1 -s la 1, Vs Q r -ff' 'nik if X H r 'S - :X I . Q , , . ', Q 'npxx A . 5 5 gy X 1 ,W - x Y S '- so of : 2' 'ti 6 5. j, M ,X b 'f' Q T.-9' D' as fiia 7 'A' M .5-5 A 1 i V , f I M 'X ' 'Wig ' qw, 5 i is y K r so y-1 -as 1 g y The track relay team: Jim Ellingson, Wayne Fischer, Wayne Hasz, Rodney Mike Ruch participating in the one half mile race. Smith. Ad W' D' t ' t Rodney finishing in first place at the end of the relays. Kenny Weber tries his luck in the broad jump. Wayne Hasz sets a day's record in the broad jump. .F ,W-s 1 , or -13 . . A fu- gg- 1 Ll ' agar' l Q, , Q 4' if ,Y if V ' Gr V ' if my is W f '1 if . L i . A 3- A 'L ' ' : ' V . qw 'Rf' Q :E Q T' I if -Sf W Z , 1. is Q fi A N. 4? A f.-og I ' . - A , ,A 4 A ' - f ur Q an A X s I ff' fi N' 0 ' , ILQ W K N 40 - I I' 1..b,QY ,G Mk. ix I y Y I, Runners ln the 220 The start of the 880 w1th Mlke Ruch runmng second from nght In Track, I957 at Mahnomen mlm ll wgjs Rodney and J1m runnmg the low hurdles A few of the more energetlc members of the track team l QV 43 e ff! A ' f ing, aw W ,L mkriw .2 A, X K W-Mm, xxx VW, U H-Q if n - .ff ef' Q r f E wk 4' 1 fm .,:f:.fi1Il!4, X , , ' at ftgff' 'E' V R'4 2, . V iid I , 'vivo' l.QQ e O 7 ' wil if ' A ' WAYS A , ' '- . ,.., , M , , 9 1 f A, W e e ,,-ff f , -.5 , f Na Q Q The Girls Athletic Association has one of the largest memberships of all school activities. The members have the - opportunity throughout the year to play team basketball, softball and work out on the trampoline. Miss Voldal, girls phys- ical education teacher, is their helper and organizer. One of their appearances was the girls tumbling team which ap- eared as half time entertainment during the district tournaments, Girls Athletic Association ROW 1, left to right: Eva Arel, Yvonne Sorkness, Maren Nielson, Kathleen Ruoff, Barbara Hanson, Mabel Jimco, Carol Johnson, Janice Gorze, Rita Geddes, Ca.rolGorze. ROW 2: Diane Vedder, Janice Mikkelson, Janet Tiede, Charlotte Braunschweig, Carolyn Yost, Carol Kitchell, Jorgine Sethre, Mary Arel, Alyce Ellingson, Kaye Self. ROW 3: Sandra Haaland, Sharon Hopwood, Margaret Loken, Bemadine Eid, Barbara Nelson, Sharon Rector, Betty Pierce, Jerri Hop- wood, Jeanette deVries, Carolyn Moe, Karen Vilmo, Gloria Prussia. ROW 4: Margie Burkhard, Norma Steen, Janice Marsten, Gail Hennen, Carol Lamkverk, Kaye Finch, Carolyn Eggen, Donna Finch, Mary Jo Storslee, Lynda Hopwood, Janice Johnson, Miss Voldal. fl' 'KJ 'Q if s The Senior Class presentsz Beaut and the Beef LZ, ! 5 MN , ' D 1- 1 xii V, ' x i Y, 'wif K ,JM Harriet Slininger fMrs. Allen Christopherson aft- er Decemberll had the female lead in our play. The Senior class play, Beauty and the Beef was presented November 2, 1956. The story is about a young girl, Ginny, played by Harriet Slin- inger, who wants to keep it unlmomm in their new home town that she was once one of the leading participants in a brain Quiz Kid program. To- gether with Franny, played by Marianne Murphy, she tries to show Beef QKenny Strandj and the others that she isn't really so smart. They succeed in their plan and eventually help their home team to win the biggest foot- ball game of the season! Her understanding parents, Mary Jo Storslee and David Volkerding, and her kid brother, Mike Ruch, try to help her, but somehow jlst make matters worse. It has a happy ending, though, with Ginny and Beef together and Franny and Foggy QRobert Miller, together, too! Mrs. Faragher was the capable director of this hilarious play. Z we rw.. '59 I , is-we um.-v I m 5 4 X x ' Ginny, why didn't you tell me? ff:-.4 Gee, I don't feel so good! The Cast: ROW I, left to right: CarolGorze, Marianne Murphy, Gloria Prussia, Lynda I-Iopwood, Mary Jo Storslee, Jane Sprung, Mrs. Faragher, coach, Carolyn h d M'ke Ruch Robert Miller Rodney Smith Rus- Eggen, Betty Pierce, Maxine Loken, Donna Finch, student director. ROW II: Van Herringer, Ric ar Larson, 1 , , , sell Steen, Kenny Strand, Wayne Hasz, Delmar Brueshoff, David Vollcerding, David Nordby, Jerry Olson, Burton Ellingworth. 14' Y 4 46 2 1 Av' 'We'd ALL hke to be mce to YOU ' suppose rt was the deans rdea that we sit ln the moonllght and study zoology And here IS yo urIOU The Junlor Class presents Mother Is A Freshman A Sophomore at Pornter College fmds her hfe very comphcated when her mother decrdes to attend college with her Thmgs become even worse whenthe mother takes over her daughter's love affanrs wrth acertam Zoology professor Thxs was the basrs for the Jumor class play whrch was glven May 10 The play 'Mother Is A Freshman was given under the drrectlon of Mr Johnson and was a hxlanous three act comedy Credrt also goes to Curt Neumann, Merlm Stene and Paul Gunderson for then' work be hmd the scenes ROW 3 Jrm McCrank, Jxm Elhngson, Jack Landsverk, Ken Weber, Ed Sorenson, Mr Johnson ROW 2 Paulme Rlepe, Audrey Kltchell, Carol Landsverk, Myrt Blasey, Manlyn Scott, Betty Hanson, Harnet Blau ROW 1 Barb Klug and Sharon Hanson You d1dn't have to say my front of hrm C ara, That Freshman IS my mother face was dlrty ln 47 Mary Jo Storslee, Mananne Murphy Not shown are Judy Menge, Donna Frnch, Manlyn Scott and Student dlrector Myrt Blasey sf'-5 Barb K1ug,Ken Weber, Carol Landsverk and Jack Landsverk Not shown IS Student dlrector Iorgme Sethre Betty Hanson Sharon Rasmusson, Jerry Petry Drck Larson, Dave Mlke Ruch, Jane Sprung, and Sharon Hanson Not Nordby Not shown are Janet Staumng, Lynda Bell and Student dl shown are Jun Elhngson Mlke Skalsky, Kay Self, rector Lynda Hopwood Barb Nelson Bob Mrller and drrector John Jerdee Idols Wins Coveted Regional Tltle The play IDOLS by Phoebe M Rees rs a dramatrc play whose scene IS lard rn Par1s at the trme of the French Revolutron and presents character studres of s1.x drfferent women of that per1od Charlotte Moreau a wrdow of fifty was played by Betsy Nelson Sophre her srster by Betty Sanders Lourse her wrdowed srster by Maxrne Loken Yvonne her daughter 1n law by Margaret Loken Crtoyenne Jourdan a frrend aged '70 by Betty Prerce and Catherrne Jourdan her daughter by Deanna Habeck The asslstants who handled the sound effects stage and other propertres were Jamce Johnson Carolyn Eggen Jon Jerdee and Robert Mlller Ion generously provided the truck wrth whxch to move the fumrture and other props to the varrouscontests Mrs Joel W Johnson was the drrector of the play The play won frrst place at the local contest held at Ada March 2 Q Gul From Nowhere was second Confessronal secondy, then took frrst place at the sub dlS1I1CI contest at Fertrle on March 18 after wrnnmg the t1tle and trophy there and ftnally secured the coveted re gronaltrtle and trophy at Walker on March 29 Thrs was the second regronal t1tle won by Ada Hlgh School the frrst betng rn 1951 when the play Whrch ls the Way to Boston? was successful The entlre troupe then went to the state contest at Mlnneapolrs on Aprll 5th where they placed thrrd It was a real thrill for all concerned to w1n the rrght to partxcrpate 111 the state contest after so many years of tryrng Each of the members of the cast recerved prarse for the way tn whrch she portrayed her part and all concerned deserve cred1t for thelr f1ne a chrevement The Cast and Crew of IDOLS ROW I fleft to rlghtj Betty PIBKCC Betsy Nelson Margaret Loken ROW II Jamce Johnson property manager Betty Rae Sanders, Deanna Habeck, Maxme Loken Carolyn Eggen, prompter ROW III Mrs Joel Johnson drrector, Jon Jerdee and Robert Mlller, stage managers Sophle But whylteep Yvonne here 'I She w11l only get us mto trouble too And besrdes you never know when she and your son may leave you ' new 49 Q Q , f ' ' ' ,, ,, . . . . . . . . l U ' D . . . . . D . ' : . , . l : ' . ' ' . ' : . -' - . : ' . l I ' : . I Y ' I I . , . , , . . . . ' . . If '. VI I' . ' I' I l . - . . . , . . . ' . - ,, . ,, . . . . . . , ., . . . I . . . - o : : ' ' , , . : I , A-in , , . ' , fr e ' ' ' ' ' s s - L A f ' I 4 Q , z . . y ' l Gil' xl f z R ' laws sg A 'vY,,,,, Y! 1 I ,Q ' 3 , 5 : P 'dau Cuv- QY y Lgwq' 'xl DEBATE OFFICERS: Marianne Murphy and Judy Menge, Co-Captains of this years team, Betty Hanson, Secretary, Myrtle Anne Blasey, Librarian, Mary Jo Storslee, Treasurer, Marilyn Scott, Asst. Librarian, Mrs. Joel Johnson, coach. Debate Team Has Successful Year The Debate squad of 1956-1957 had a very busy and successful year. After preliminary inter- squad debates, the teams were chosen. The first team was Marianne Murphy and Judy Menge, Negative, and Mary Jo Storslee and Myrtle Ann Blasey, Affirmative. Betsy Nelson and Marilyn Scott fNeg.j and Paul Gunderson and Merlyn Stene QA ff.j made up the second team. The third team was Barbara Nelson and Betty Sanders QNeg.j and Betty Hanson and David Anderson QA ff.j . We were all learninga lotabout 900f0 of parity and the farm problem when we were invited to various tournaments. Wetraveled to Moorhead and Thief River Falls for two toumatnents and attended a debate session at MSC. Besides these, we also debated the teams of nearby towns many times. In the Regional contest, we came in third, following Halstad and Thief River Falls. It wasn't a great disappointment, though, for the teams debated were all tough and we still were entitled to participate in the state tourney. At the state, our four main debaters made a fine showing, giving us tenth place out of seventeen participating schools. We were proud that we beat the regional winners, Halstad, in our state competition, winning two out of six debates, while they won none! It was a tough year, but a profitable one. ROW I: Qleft to right, Betty Rae Sanders, Barbara Nelson, Paul Gunderson, Mrs. Joel W. Johnson, coach, Merlyn Stene, Betsy Nelson, Mari- anne Murphy. ROW II: Mary Jo Storslee, Judy Menge, Betty Hanson, David Anderson, Marilyn Scott, Myrtle Ann Blasey. -1HESPlAN5 Q1 ' Thespian Troupe I228 The Thespians beganthe school year with a Variety Show, which was a great success, on October 9th, Following this, on November 5th, the troupe held their fall Initiation and Tea. Only eight prospective Thespians were initiated, and they were dressed in funny costumes the day ofthe initia- tion. On May 1, 1957, a lovely Banquet and formal Initiation were held in conjunction with the Speech class. Over 100 parents, Thespians and initiates attended the banquet and fol- lowing the initiation and installation of new officers, a short program, in which the new Thespians had a chance to prove to the audience they were worthy of the name Thespian , was given. Mrs. Johnson has done a marvelous job with her troupe, producing many fine talents. THESPIAN OFFICERS: Judy Menge, President, Betty Pierce, Vice-President, Maxine Loken, Secretary, Mrs. Joel Johnson, Troupe Director, Carol Landsverk, Treasurer, Sharon Ras- mussen, Scribe. ROW I: fleft to right, Betty Platt, Audrey Rill, Harriet Blau, Lynda Bell, Janet Stauning, Sharon Rasmisson, Mrs. Joel Johnson, Gloria Prus- sia,Janice Johnson, Barbara Nelson, Margaret Loken, Carol Kitchell, Jorgine Sethre, Marianne Murphy, Carol Gorze. ROW II: Judy Menge, Maxine Loken, Ellen Lundon, Jane Sprung, Deanna l-labeck, Mary Jo Storslee, Donna Finch, Carolyn Eggen, Carol Landsverk, Lynda Hop- wood, Betty Pierce, Jerri Kae Hopwood, Barbara Klug, Betsy Nelson, Sharon Hansen, Eddie Sorenson. ROW Ill: Jim McCrank, David Nord- by, Richard Larson, David Volkerding, Burton Ellingworth, Myrtle Anne Blasey, Mike Ruch, Marilyn Scott, Kenny Weber, Jim Ellingson, David Anderson, Betty Hanson, Wayne Hasz, Kenneth Strand, Jack Lanckverk, Robert Miller. 1 Speech Department The Speech Department too, had a very successful year w1th one student Myrtle AnnB1asey going all the way tothe State to win an Excellent rating rn her Extemporaneous Speak mg div 1s1on There were four other A da students Betty Sanders, Kennyweber and Rlchard Larson who won the rrght to attend the State Contest as alternates rn therr drvrsrons a fmd rec ord for any schooll Sharon Hansen was a close f1rst alternate 1n her d1v1s1on and xt should be mentloned that Sharon also went to the state contest 1n another speech contest gn the Constltutron to make her Speech work outstandrng thrs year To allofthese go our Congratulatlons and especrally to Myrtle Ann who worked hard to brrng glory to Ada! 50 'x 16 L Extemporaneom Speakrng and Drscusslon D1 vrsrons, coached by Mrs Joel W Johnson, not prctured FRONT ROW Donna Fmch, Bar bara Klug, Myrtle Arm Blasey, Manlyn Scott BACK ROW Mary Jo Storslee, Paul Cunder son, Merlyn Stene, Carol Landsverk Dlstrlct Winners Ptctured at the left are ten students who were erther drvlsron wmners or alternates to the Regxonal contest, wlnmng the Dlstnct FRONT ROW Jane Sprung, Ongrnal Oratory, Sharon Hansen Memonzed Oratory, Betsy Nelson, Manuscnpt Readmg Alternate Betty Rae Sanders, Manuscnpt Re admg, Myrtle Ann Blas ey, Extemporaneous Speakxng ROW II Mrs Hetland, coach of Manuscnpt O Oratory Humorous, Merlyn Stene, Dlscxsslon, Alter nate, Kenny Weber, Humorous, Altamate, Mary Jo Storslee, Extemporaneous Speakmg, Alternate, John L3DdSVEIk,OIlglD11c'I3.IOfY Altemate, Rxchard Larson, Pantornrne M1 Johnson, coach of Extemp Pantom1ne,D1s cmslon, M Oratory 'ul PANTOMINE DIVISION Dlane Storslee,G1or1aPruss1a, Betty Prerce Janlce Johnson BACK ROW Rrchard Larson, Lynda Hopwood Carolyn Eggen Mrs Johnson coach DRAMATIC INTERPRETIVE READING ROW I Carol Kmtchell Audrey Kxtchell Pauline Rrepe, Eva Arel ROW II Carol Gone, Karen V11mo Sharon Hopwood Sandra Gullekson, Ruth Stene ROW III Mrs Hetland coach Audrey R11l, Betty Hanson, Deanna Habeck Maxme Loken Sharol Hopwood, Mr Paul Johnson, coach Inq' if A F35 i ' HUMOROUS DIVISION FRONT ROW Betty Platt, Davrd Volkerdmg Kay Self Ruth Solmonson ROW II Mrs Hetland, coach Sandra I-Iaaland, Hattxe Srp, Jerry Prtmon, Kenny Weber Mr Johnson, coach ORIGINAL and MEMORIZED ORATORY and MANUSCRIPT READING DI VISION FRONT ROW Harnet Blau, Barbara Nelson Jorgme Sethre, Margaret Loken, Betty Rae Sanders BACK ROW Judy Menge Jane Sprung,JackLandsverk Sharon Hansen Betsy Nelson Mrs Hetland, coach x ...I 7 f Q . x , , . ' ' ' Q , A .- l 'v V 'X , If 'I - ' ' ' if - i ' ' Y 1 - - ' 1 'fl , -. ' , , 1 ,s I , ' if I ' I , . ' ''1 f:f!fZffffffffffff:ff' ' , I I - f -1513:-:-:-1-:-:1:' M U Ii Z-'.'I'Z'Z'2-H, 1' V V ,I :H ' I S , . 1' , 9, 2225 , . 111' fl .. , ' . ' FY. Q'-52151: '.-11' 53224 . 'V' 'X I ,if:ff-5.15-Fifi'-I'L-5.l2151E3?-1' r I I ' .:.J.-f.jQ,f.:.:.f.:.j.:.:aQgQ3' - Q . ......... ,,f, t . -I-,f fe , X A ' Z I-If'f'f'f'f'f'f'f-f .'f f K JH -. . : t . . , . z : . . Y . : , , , . : . , - , - , . . : : ' , 1 ' 5 9 ' , . : . , : : , y x 1 ' 5 1 . . , , , . . I .5 : Q ' ' M xy l' A 'Af' I , , , A 'T fi - A ,f , ' , ,N 1 H A H' . ' . :- , a, :A , Q , 'Z A , - 1. ' A 7 J ,,, - as 4. , I 1 - ... , V ' - 1 1' -7' . ' 575 1 3 Who's Who in Ada Hi h Pictured at the left is Betty Pierce, who represented the Class of 1957 at Girl's State during June, 1956. Kent Marsten, pictured above, was the Boys State representative of the Senior Class. Kent left our class for their Senior year and attended MSC High School. BUSY Nelson tleffi wasfhe winner Of the eSf3Y, An1efi.C3'S Cru- Pictured below are the nine Thespians who were initiated sade for Free Men's Rights which all Juniors and Seniors wrote in the fall, They are: Barb Klug, Harriet Blau, Barbara as an English project. Jane Sprrmg was the second place winner. Nekon, Jen-iK3e 1-10Pw00d,Ca1-01 Kitchen, Margaret Loken, David Anderson and Betty Platt. tg!! 4 21 vi .L-,. is E Ng 1 X s -,. S'- 5 rl u 1 ,H f a, qv, , J ' ' 1 A 0-C 3 A 1 A ! l . A F.F.A. OFFICERS: Larry Hellenid, Treasuxerg David Volkerding, Presidentg Russell Steen, Reporterg Gerald Kirchmeier, Secretaryg Joe Blasey, Vice-President. .tmp-if -I Larry Hel.lerud,Gordon deVries and David Volkerding com- posed the GENERAL LIVESTOCK JUDC-ING TEAM which won second place in the District and placed in the Silver division in the State. . . . and still more celebrities! The DAIRY JUDGING TEAM, consisting of RichardVisser, Larry Lelm and Gerald Visser won first place in the District Contest and placed in the silver division at the State contest. P1 . 1 u . Gerald Williams, Russell Steen and Kenny Strand won first place in the District and third in the State in their GRAIN JUDGING CONTESTS. I, , Lx .:' .. , . .Xi fir if 'xi I .' Ax 5 I ? U A w' WV f ' 5 K- VArA,, ,yu-. I V . Myrtle Ann Blasey was the STATE CHERRY PIE BAKINC CHAM- PION and participated in the national contest in Chicago. Judy Menge won first in the I SPEAK FOR DEMOCRACY CON- TEST in Ada. fBetsy Nelson was second, Marianne Murphy third., P z N: , .4,- -., ,'i.-ff Sadie Hawkins and a Snowball 1 A i -'A K I 1 ' .V a, wwf, wi- 1 Vila! 353 1 56 'tm --5--.ur I 'Nr 1... Mr and Mrs Brent Stolpestad andMr and Mrs Paul Johnson enjoy the decorations and the punch Musrc for the Prom was prov1ded by four young muslclans, the Four mensxons ..F -G NNE, -i!ln-- .lr Sr Prom and Banquet May I8 I957 Underwater Fantasy Follow mg a dehcrous banquet ofham and all the trunmmgs the Ir Sr Prom of 1957 got under way The gym was beauufully decorated rn an underwater theme Wllh murals and fish The Semors apprecrated the hard work the Jumor class had put rnto theu Prom and Banquet and all who at tended had a dreamy trme who doesn't at a Prom? A hrgh school orchestra played for the Semors at the begmnmg of the Prom They are Betsy Nelson, Buddy Hanson Jorgme Sethre JrmMcCrank Grant Ullman, Jerry Petry Davrd Larson, John Volkerdxng, Rxchard Boles, Graydon Bell and Jerry Prtmon v W o - o V. L . M 9 ' xl X K 4. i Vx E u if I ' n , ' ' - ff X ' - . 4 as . . . . Di- z . , . 7 . ., , 2, ' A H H -H ' :ia K ', f , . 6 L f , X W.:-' 1- Q f 1 '. Q .4 7 7V, 51'-eg b I 1 57 T pnu l J Moses and the Ten Command ments ln the Parhament bu11d Just relaxlng a.n' eatmg pretzels' ln Leavmg the Parhament bulldmg supposed to be the most beautlful ID North Amenca Sensor Skip Day May I The Semors and then cars, on the second story roof of the Hudson Bay Company ln then' 9XC1U.SlV6 ork mg lot Watchmg the performmg bear 1n the zoo d 79. 'f 37 e t if I 5 ' ft. .f 'd' ' , V V 2 7 l f zn' A l d Q 5 1 To , so nl. n - lr- f' ' . 58 On May 15 1957 br1ghtf'PQand early mormng 39 semors met at the schoolhouse and set out to tnvade Canada As we neared Lockhart a green Oldsmobrle whrzzed by us and stopped Gerald Vrsser had decrded to Jom us We started out agaln down the hrghway but when welooked back there sat Gerald agam blmktng hrs llghts Apparently he had roared hrs car too fast and tt refused to roar agatn After a lrttle persuaston from a Ford QNII Chrlstlanson sj we were once agam on our way to Wtnnlpeg Our caravan was led by Mr Erd and followed by Wayne Hasz Jerry Olson Gerald Wtlllams Kenneth Strand GeraldV1sser Mr Chrlstranson and Mr Ruoff We drove for what seemed an eternlty and then out of the blue arose a gas statton rn answer fo Gerald s cry for 011 When checkrng tn at the custom burldtng lt was drscovered that Gerald has forgotten h1s regtstratron card but they decrded to let htm go through anyway So far we managed to stay rn one long l1ne but 111 Canada you do as Canadrans do and whtle trymg to do It we got lost even Mr Etd We ftnally met at the Hudson Bay Company and we were on our own un t1l 11 O0 Then Mr Ruoff took us to the zoo where we saw everythtng from peacocks to mountam goats After vlewtng all the stghts at the zoo we went to the greenhouse where we saw many beauttful flowers ferns and trees We now had our f1ll of nature so we decrded to take a look at somethrng man had made At the Parlxa ment burld mga gulde took us through and expla med whatcertam rooms were used for and po1nted out thtngs of mterest Af ter f1n1sh1ng our tour we left for the St Bonlface Cathedral We returned to the Hudson Bay Company and were on T 45 59 ff Y' Relaxmg on the steps of the Parlra ment bulldrng A bunch of strange looktng forergners wandering around the zoo' Y , 5 ' . - , , , ' - Q ,rt QQ 'r I 1 I . U . 1 - 5 6' . ff' o 1 our own until 6:00. We then met at the cars and finally started for good old Ada! ' C xf QE- ' - ' , a s p 2. . V 5 1 1' .5 ' . r - um? E I' wa I 4 , ' . ,A V W I . i I l . S I I Y M , A ' 4 - 4 K 4 5 f 1 Senlor Class Prophecy Th1s IS what rs 1n store for the class of 1957 m the year l967' We swamns, Russ andKenny do peer 1nto the crystal ball and thrs lS what we see Jack K1tchell and Charles Braunschwerg are the leadmg daxry producers 1n the whole Red Rzver Valley w1th therr herd of goats Janet Staun1ng has been awarded the medal for her excellent proofreadmg of the Warren paper We see the mental mstxtutron 15 bemg run and occupred by former Ada g1rls The mtellxgence staff mcludes Jamce Johnson, JoAnn Braunschwelg and Betty Platt Audrey R111 15 an 1nfluenc1al Cltllen of Halstad servrng her thrrd term as presldent of the Lu theran Lad1es Ald Betty Plerce IS now servmg as pr1vate secretary at the F1n lay A1r Base 1n Frnley, N D Davld Nordby has taken over h1s father's pos1t1on as Clerk of Court 1n Ada Dav1d Volkerdmg IS workrng at the Federal Intemal Revenue Bureau checkmg on delrnquent tax payers Kenny Strand and Russell Steen w1ll be g1v1ng Abbott and Costello a run for the1r money at the Holly wood Palad1um 1nthe1r famom Hyena Laugh Next we see a smoky pool room and what IS this lIlSldE? Why lt IS Delmar Brueshoff rece1v1ng h1s sh1pment of baby chlcks where he w1ll keep them unt1l weather permlts h1m to take them to hrs chlcken range We see that Carolyn Eggen has frnally settled down She has just purchased a flfty thousand acre chrcken ranch 1n Texas Tlus keeps her home occasronally Now we see Burton Ellmgworth and Sharon Rasmussen runnmg Norman County Burton 1S checkrng gravel and Sharon rs sharpen1ng pencrls Now as we peer deep 1nto the crystal ball we see Donna Frnch who has always wanted to teach, teachmg rhmos to do trxcks for the clrcus Lo1s Fossum has just been promoted to head popcorn popper at the Roxy Theater rn New York C1ty Carol Gorze has become a success as a dog tramer at Halstad but she says she owes lt all to Duke Deanna Habeck IS managrng the money at present playmg forward for the New York Knlckerbockers and IS cont1nual1y gettrng offers from other teams, who are equally anx1oLs to h1re hlm Now we see that Jern Kae Hopwood has made a brg name for herself She has become the frrst woman barber to g1ve Elv1s Presley halrcuts Buslness so far has been very good The f1rst rocket sh1p taklng off to the moon has Van Herrmger as ILS ch1efmechan1c Just look at what we have here' Lynda Hopwood w1ll now start her own telev1s1on show She broke ln on the Gobel show and IS now a top flrght comedlenne Kelth Rector and Rolland Roesch are keepmg up the reputatron of the Navy wrth a g1r1 m every port Mxke Ruch rs head bartender m M1ke's Mrlk Bar ln Fa1th, Mmn Here we have a real hard worker, Rodney Smith Hrs Job as the cxty woman chaser really keeps h1m on the run Jane Sprung has Just recerved word that her frrst novel ent1tled The Tale of Two Cxtres and a Town w1ll be publlshed Mary Jo Storslee has ded1cated her lnfe worktoher frrst love cats and IS one of the top cat vetermanans rn the U S Gerald Vxsser now has the largest herd of Holstern cattle rn the county He needs them so he has somethmg to buy o1l for h1s car Gerald K1rchme1er has broken the record for the most cats on one farm, own1ng 6,487,537 of them He says productron IS better than ever Drck Larson IS now openmg at the Met ropolrtan Opera rn New York C1ty Maxme Loken rs openmg her lrttle school house at Mud Bend, Tennessee and rs trymg hard to teach these h1llb1llys to speak Engllsh Ellen Lundon has replaced Mr S1tta on the Ada faculty Judy Menge lS nowa psychnatrrst 1n a pottery factory f1x1ng crackpots Robert M11 ler has Jlst successfully coached the Lockhart Basketball team to vrctory over the Ada sxxth grade Mar1anne Murphy rs now a multxmnllronarre from Murph's Haberdashery, one of the nat1on's largest department stores Jerry Olson, Ada's Volkswagen dealer, IS st1ll tryrng to convmce Mr Erd he should buy one Kay Nelson and Mary Ann Roquet are happlly marr1ed and keeprng then1selves busy w1th therr household tasks Glenda wlCk IS busy w1th her Job as Dave Beck's secretary, handlxng hrs f1nanc1al matters Glona Prussla IS trymg to Jom the Forergn Leglon with a cornmlssron Gerald W1ll1ams has become so attached to Texas he IS stxll there, trappmg armadlllos We know that all the members of the class w1ll be successful and we m clos1ng predict that the class of 1957 w1ll be the most successful ever to graduate from Ada Hxgh School Senior Class History lt was a br1ght and beautrful morn1ng 1n 1945 when up the steps of the Ada Publ1c school marched 47 brave lrttle 5 and 6 years olds Yes, here began our class of '57 and though we have gamed and lost many through the years, 44 of us st1ll rema1n to graduate from Ada Hxgh Among these 47 youngsters that br1ght morn1ng were Kaye Bjerk, Charlene Brengman Warren Carlson, Irene Claypool, Carolyn Eggen, Donna Frnch, Wayne FlSCheI, Sandra Cullekson Deanna Habeck, Van Herrrnger, Jerr1 Hopwood, Jamce Johnson, Jack Kltchell Maxme Loken, Ellen Lundon, Paul Matteson, Robert Mrller, Mananne Murphy, Davrd Ness, Davrd Nordby Jerry Olson, Betty Prerce, Rosal1e Pmske, Glona Pruss1a, Sharon Rasmussen, Rolland Roesch, Mrke Ruch, Jane Sprung, Mary Jo Storslee, Gerald Vlsser, Joann Visser, Davrd Volkerd1ng, Patncra Wermager, Glenda W1ck, Gerald Wrllrams, Larry Lelm, Davxd Ottmg, Tw11la Ann Peter son, Kenneth Strand, Lowell Tehven, Joe Vakoch Wayne Hasz, Lan1ta Ut1zman, LyndaHopwood Rlchard Larson, Kent Marsten, and Carol Gorze Krndergarten wm a new experrence for all of us but we must have lnked xt because we all came back to start fxrst grade the next fall plus a few 3ddltl0IlS In 1946 Curtxs Docken, Cynthia Elsten, Dale Moon, Rodney Smlth, Lours Boe, Allen Adkrns, Swenson Jomed us Our teachers that year were Mrss Stennes and Mlss Mala kowsky Second grade must have been 1nv1t1ng, too, for back we were ln 1947 along wlth Donald Engelke, Annette Bellrnger, ROSRIIE Johnson, Roger Plnske, Donald Wermager, Denms Kolness, Audrey Rlll, Delmar Brueshoff, and Kay Nelson That year MISS Stennes and Mrs Bang had the enormous task of teach 1ngustowr1te lnstead of pnnt We felt pretty good by the txme we had reached fourth grade Ar1thmet1c came easy now and geography was somethmg new to us Donna Hollrs, Judy Stadford, Carol Hellerud and Alden Stenberg Jomed us Our patnent teachers were Donna Brun and Helen Kassenburg In grade 5 we were startmg to put on operettas and under the careful supervrsron of Mlss Strand and Mrss Krekula we were learmng more and more That year JoAnn Braun schwerg Charles Braunschwe1g, Myron Hoyme, Morns Lee, Betty Platt, Harnet Slmmger, Gerald K1rchme1er, Russell Steen and Burton Ell1ngworth jomed us At last came 6th grade rn 1951 and w1th rt our graduatron from grade school Jerry Grxewe was the only addrtron to our class and our teachers were Mrss Llndstrom and Mrs McGowan As 7th graders we were a bewrldered group but soon became used to study penock school PZITICS and the penalty room Lester Bennefneld who had left us retumed that year along w1th Don Krsnak and Mrke Lundon In 8th grade we were mcreased by only Jamce Rosettr Our Fresh man year four students left the metropolrs of Lockhart to come to Ada Hrgh They were Judy Menge, Janet Staumng, Mary Ann Roquet and Mary Jo W1ls husen Lo1s Fossum also jomed us Then w1th the sadness of leavmg the old Ada l-hgh came the excrtement of Starting our Sophomore year 1n the new bu1ld1ng Thrs was the year we bu1lt one of the biggest bonf1res, served at our flfsf prom, and went to Detroxt Lakes for our class tr1p at the end of the year Karen SIVBHSOD was the only add1t1on to our class Next came our Jumor year 7 . . . . : . . I . . I I ' l . . . Q . - 1 ' , , I Q . 1 1 , s u - . , , end of the Larson chicken enterprise in the tundra of Canada. Wayne Hasz is Lester Bennefield, Joe Blasey, Geraldine Pinske, Donna Roesch and Orland . . . . I . , . .' . .- . . . , . . when we successfully and proudly put on our class play, '-Brother Goose , under the direction of Miss Efteland. Probably our biggest achievement as Juniors was the Prom and Banquet, under the theme of Southem Gardens The gym was gaily decoratedwith cotton trees, flowers and pools Lois Welch Joined our class that year Now at last we have reached the climax of our 12 years at Ada High We presented Beauty and the Beef as our Senior Class Play under the direction of Mrs Faragher I'm sure none of us will ever forget our Skip Day in Winnipeg Jerry Olson must have decided Ada was a pretty good school to graduate from, for he joined us once again Thus brings to a close our 12 years at AdaH1gh In them are the memories that will last us a life time mem ones of the class, OUR class of 1957! Class Will The Senior class, being out of their mind and with lack of will, do hereby declare their few last wishes to be carried out as follows To the Jumors, we leave our ability to work together to gain a goal To the Sophomores we leave our settled ways We wrll just plain luck to survive the coming school days to the Freshmen We will to the faculty the ability to withstand the loss of the class of 57 To the Janitors we will Mr Eid's social tests to be used as a method of conserving fuel And we shall hereby individually will the following rtems to those to whom it may concem Sharon Rasmusson wills Burt to the county for the summer months Rolland Roesch wills his ability to ea a complete meal in bookkeeping to the next year students Mary Ann Roquet wills her abrhty to get more than a ring on the phone to Bev Berg Kay Nelson wills her small features to Tinker Mills Wayne Hasz wills hrs curly black harr to the Yul Brynner Fan Club Van Hernnger wrlls his hot rods to Paul Gunder son Marianne Murphy wills her unlimrted energy to Wayne Fischer Glenda Wick wills her studious ways to Ronnie Ness Betty Platt wills her abllity to get confused to Kenny Weber Rodney Smith wills Scotty to anyone who will take her Jerry Olson wills his driving habits to Mr Ruoff Gerald Visser wills his witty remarks to Jack Landsverk Maxine Loken wills her near 100171 average shorthand to Mr Sitta David Nordby vnlls his deep voice to Kay Self Mike Ruch will keep right on having a ball Audrey R111 wills the Halstad boys to Barb Klug Janet Staunmg wills her cherry pres to Myrt Blasey Gerald Wrl hams wills hrs times in the drugstore to Mike Skalsky Delmar Brueshoff wills his white bucks to Graydon Bell Judy Menge wills her ability to attract gen tlemen to Betty Hanson Russell Steen wills his innocent look to Lynda Bell Gerald Krrchmerer wills his haircut to Mr Johnson Carolyn Eggen wills her gay Saturday nights to l-larr1etBlau Jane Sprung wills her personalxty to Shirley Hanson Janice Johnson wills Mike Ruch to Janice Marsten Deanna Habeck wills her high soprano voice to Sandra Weber Burton Ellingworth will take Sharon with him Charles Braunschweig wills his quiet ways to Darrel Berg Keith Rector wills his fun at the state basketball tournaments to Dave Ander son Carol Gorze wills her long locks to Sharon Hansen JoAnn Braunschweig willsMr Sitta's kind remarks to Larry Hxbbs Lynda Hopwood wills her friendly greetings nn the halls to Mr Perkins Richard Larson wills his ability to rob the cradle to the Junior boys Jack Kitchell wills his persuasiveness to Mrs Johnson Kenny Strand wills Margie Burkhard to Donnie Hausten Mary Jo Storslee wills nothing She takes it all with her for future reference Robert Miller wills hrs good times rn Fertile to John Nordby Ellen Lundon wills her ability to be sure the school paper is proofread to the Junior class Donna Finch wills R1chard'sbrrefcase to the Speech class Lois Fossum wills her purse to Jim Ellingson. Gloria Prussia wills her dancing ability to John Nelson. Jer- ri Kae Hopwood wills her bltshes to Diane Storslee. Hair Eyes Mouth Legs F rrendliness Personality Appearance Sense of humor Burld Chest Hands Abllrty Teeth Feet Quietness Complexion Smile Voice Arms Eyelashes Harr Complexion Eyes Ears Sincenty Eyebrows Figure Legs Feet Hands Appearance Blush Friendlmess Smile Personality Voice Sense of humor Ability Laugh Teeth Nose Eyelashes Composite Boy Composite Girl Rolland Roesch Robert Miller Wayne Hasz Burton Ellmgworth Kenny Strand Russell Steen Jerry Olson Mike Ruch Keith Rector Delmar Brueshoff Charles Braunschweig Jack Kitchell Rodney Smith Richard Larson Van Herrmger Gerald Krrchmerer Gerald Williams David Nordby Gerald Visser David Volkerdmg Sharon Rasmusson Marianne Murphy Judy Menge Lois F ossum Ellen Lundon Glenda Wick Mary Jo Storslee Deanna Habeck Janice Johnson Carol Gorze Audrey R111 Jerri Kae Hopwood Lynda Hopwood Betty Platt Jane Spnmg Janet Staumng Betty Pierce Maxine Loken Gloria Prussia JoAnn Brarmschweig Kay Nelson Mary Ann Roquet Carefree Attitude Carolyn 1588211 H' . . s s . . . . . . ...... . . . . . . - . . . . - . . . . ' I ' ' t - Q U I Q c Q a I 0 0 . . to Harriet Cilbertson. Betty Pierce wills her sense of humor in bookkeeping and Lips .... ......... . - . ---- - ---- -------- D0 11113 Finch 2 v Master ofCeremonies, Kenneth Strand, Presi- Tiny Tessie Brewer fCarol Gorzej and her beau fJerry Olsonj are Elvis Ruch gave the audience a thrill dent of the Senior Class, is shown introducing shown on the Variety Show while Carol actually sang Ricochet with his guitar rendition of I-loun' Dog the program, based on a day at a TV studio. Romance . - he even had the girls screaming! lass Night Exercises DavidVolkerding, master of ceremonies on the Queen for an Hour' show, interviews contestant Russell Steen, who won a box of Somrnex to help her sleeping sickness Gerald W11 Jane Sprung gave the Class History of the liarns and GeraldV1.sser are giving their defeater the evil eye Seniors to the audience Judge Keith Rector in No Order in the Court re veals the Jury's verdict of Not Guilty to the ac cused Delmar 'mn ilk 'I ,, 'lf' -3 55' F? fggf , 5 , Q' w ,. . Wm f , 53 www .Wt . Z -r, w . it ,, a 'T X! Li Baccalaureate May 26 1957 The Baccalaureate exerclses took place m the new school gym nasrum wrth the stage decorated by lovely sprmg flowers John Landsverk and Darlene Westcott were the hrghest rankrng Junror boy and grrl and were grven the honor of leadrng the graduates rn both at Baccalaureate and Commencement The servtce was lovely wrth selectrons from both of the hrgh school choruses Reverend Andrews gave a very flne address and a Benedrctron well worth rememberlng A lovely evenrng always to stay m our memorres X A COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Processronal Ada Hrgh School Band Brent Stolpestad, Drrector Invocatron Rev E G Larson S lutatory Words To Llve By Marranne Murphy A ress, On the Way to Greatness Dean M Schwerckhard State Commrssroner of Educatron S ng God Shall Wrpe Away All Tears Protheroe Mrxed Octette, Carol Gorze, Glorra Prussra, Carol Landsverk, Margaret Loken, Rlchard Larson Rolland Roesch Wayne I-Iasz, Russell Steen Valedrctory 'Not Funshed Maxlne Loken ng We Thank Thee, Lord arr Chrrstlanson Grrls Sextette, Janet Staumng, Deanna Habeck Barbara Klug, Jane Sprung, Maxrne Loken Audrey R111 Presentatron of Class Amold Erd Hlgh School Prmcrpal Presrdent Board of Educatron Song The Lord s Prayer Malotte LaVernXWo1tJer Bantone Solo Presentatron of Awards and Scholarshrps H G Jacobson Supermtendent of Dlstrrct Schools ng To the Semors' The Junror Class Benedrctron Rev E G Larson The Recessronal Ada I-hgh School Band Brent Stolpestad, Drrector 1 HONORARY CIRCLE Judy Menge Mary Jo Storslee, Jane Sprung, Betty Prerce, Mar1a.nneMurphy,MaxmeLoken Carol Landsverk Carl!-Iennen, Jack Landsverk Kenneth Weber, Myrtle Ann Blasey, Jerry Prtmon Mr Jacobson rs drstrrbutrng the certrfrcates Dean Schwelckhard, STATE COMMISSIONER of Marranne Murphy SALUTATORIAN EDUCATION and SPEAKER Maxrne Loken, VALEDICTORIAN fx U3 Q ,.............. . . . M a , ' ..... ' dd ll l A O , H ' . l .u . . . Y I' 7' . . . pf' ' 1 'I vu . ' , 2 Iv X, 1 So ' -- 9 A Ep l . , , .I W! . ....... ....... I . gy- X K Presentation of Diplomas ......... Dr. Byron Kinkade 9 K 1 4 . if 4 X l n I I ? ' O , ............... -. ........... J 7 U ' . , l . I f 1'-'S ' . Q I H 'V' :ii .5 'Q chool Snaps Must have won that one! Ada H1gh's own httle f1re alarm bug Well, at least Delmar tlunlcs the jokes are funny Daydreamlng Drs Nelson and Skuza performmg a deh cate operatron Bet you'll never guess who thls lxttle fel low ms! Rod and Jlm 1n one of theu more serlous moods Don't laugh Kenny, you're next! Mr. Eid, when he was known as 3945571 Queen Dee on her royal throne. 4, ff uf X 1 1 H, G, IACOBSON Superintendent OTTO KOLB Dr. HENRY RUIBKE CLARENCE NEUMAN d tt' fI96'57 ARNOLD EID Principal Social Studies DR. BYRON KINKADE ROLLAND FELSKE EARL VOLKERDING I 3 5 , W f ' ' x f H ig 1' DAN RUOFF Ath, Director Guidance 9-4 ff Oscar Anderson and Herman Maltrud, CUSTODIANS CHAUFFEURS Mr Ellmgson Mr Kloety Mr Ness,Mr Krogstad, Mrs Ness, Mr Fettmg, Mr Rasmussen, Mr Gnadt, and Mr Ruoff fi rx Y Our Helpers To the people on this page we wish to pay tribute for a job very well done. Without them and their services the A da High School would not be the modern, up-to-date in- stitution that it now is. The administration, students, and faculty sincerely appreciate their patience and fine work. Mrs Storslee, the lady who keeps our rooms Mrs Stene, Mrs Rasmmsen and Mrs Mrkkelson, and halls clean 69 THE COOKS 3 X Q The glrls oi the class of 1957 m thexr 7th grade Phy Ed class Thmk they look drfferent? One of the more successful photos taken by the staff photographers Can you place thrs? One of our fmer feathered fnenck he has a nght to be proud as a peacock! iigsf pg I 1 W Whoops' The bottoms of your feet are dlrty Two of the lazmer members of the Semor class 35 -i 51' :nina 11D I 1 i f I' f , '10 MW The next few pages feature our advertisers who by their support have made this year book possible We encourage you to patronize them Our thanks fo FETTING BEAUTY SALON Ada Minnesota SLAT S CAFE Ada M nnesota Dr TORGERSON Chlropracfor Ada Minnesota CASPER S BARBER SHOP Ada Mnnnesota KIDDIE NOOK Cleone McCrank Mgr. Ada Minnesota RED OWN FOOD STORE For Qualify Buys and Service Ada Minnesota BURRILL IMPLEMENT CO Ada M nnesota 1 if X f AUQY A l i JOHNSON JEWELRY BowYER s Fooo sToRE ADA BOOTERY -IGWOIYY and Glh SIIOP Fan-way Fme Foods Shoes for the whole tamllyl Watch Repalr Dm' 2141 Dml 2731 A a Mmnesota A 0 Mmm A 0 Mmm SHACKLE S VARIETY STORE PANTRY CAFE Most up to date vorlety store JERDEE FURNITURE STORE Meals lce Cream Lunches In fhe Norfhwesf Dependable Merchandise Dewey Carlstrom Proprietor A H Sl-mckle Prop See us before you buy' A a Mmnesota A U Mmnesota A a Mmnesota RAMBERG s PHARMACY NORMAN couNTY INDEX Bu, Gm, Pioneer Newspaper of Norman County photo Supplies Toileines SALVERSON S STORE since 1880 buymg ls savmg! To the Class 0 57' A Q Mmnesota A 0 Mmnesota A a Mmnesota I... C .I LOFGREN COMPANY For Insurance service MEL E HAWKINS ADA FASHION SHOPPE farm loans real estate Watches, Diamonds Silverware The style center for W C Rupley Otto Kolb a Mmnesota teen age and ladies wear A a Mmnesota A a Mmnesota EKLUND MARKET FRANK S CITIES SERVICE Fresh Meats Dale Johnson Bulk Dellverer CQA51' T0 CQA51' STORE B'-'ICl 9 ln9: l-Uckefs DWI 3621 Merchandise for the Famuly Ada DIOI 337l Mmn A G Mlm' A a Mmnesota d ' d ' . d ' . d 0 l d . . , . . d ' . ln Continuous Pvbliwfion Fill your prescrlption where Best Wishes . . . ff , d . d . d . e o I ' 1 I I 0 I ,. d ' d ' ' , d I ' d ' ADA CLEANERS For Cleanung Pressung Repaurs Dual 2151 A a Munn GREAT PLAINS SUPPLY COMPANY Lumber Coal Paunt R R Betcher Manager Dual 3661 A a Munn SIMPSON MOTOR COMPANY Ford cars and trucks the bestl A a Minnesota W G JOHNSON DENTIST Dual 6672 A O Munn LAND O LAKES PRODUCE Milton Vedder Prop Dual 2231 A a Munn DEEP ROCK SERVICE A a Minnesota ROCHAT S JEWELRY Watches Jewelry Diamonds Sulverware A a Munnesota J C PENNEY COMPANY The store that thrutt buult It pays to shop Penney sl A Q Munnesota AALGAARD STUDIO Qualuty Photographs Fulm Funushung A Q Minnesota LARSON MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet Buick Oldsmobule Dual 4751 A Q Munn ADA CLINIC Dr B R Kunlcade M D Dr L A Sanders D D S Dr C T Anderson O D A a Munnesota ADA BAKERY Ask your grocer for our bread A a Munnesota DE MARS PHARMACY The Prescruptuon Store A q Minnesota PEOPLE S HARDWARE AND SUPPLY COMPANY General Hardware Dual 3501 A a Munn l l fu ' . d ' . D a ' Dr. . . , , 1 d 1 ' d ' . H . . n at TennyVigen ' - ' 1 d , d ' d - cl ' d ' - . . . - , .. d ' d , . d I .P H . . n d . 0. E. AUSTINSON, Attorney Ada, Minnesota FARMER'S GARAGE Ada, Minnesota CONSUMER'S GAS COMPANY Ada, Minnesota ADA CO-OP CREAMERY Ada, Minnesota TEXACO OIL CO. Ada, Minnesota GAMBLE S The Friendly Store Ada Minnesota ADA DAIRY BAR 'IIIIIQ Cream Ice Cream Ada Minnesota L B HARTZ owest Fvery day PFICCS Ada Mlnnesota HAUSTEN HARDWARE Maytag Skelgas Crosley Ada Minnesota ADA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Internatlonal Products Ada Minnesota ADA CLINIC Dr I A Sa ders I Dr C T Anderson O D Ada Mlnnesota Seeds Fertilizers Chemicals Feeds Hatchery Ada Minnesota I, ' I f f ' I jj I II . McCormick FarmNIacI1inery, Dr' B' H' Kinkade, M' D' ADA FEED , n ,I.D.S. - - ' - The Latrn class has a very realzstrc Roman style banquet m the Home Ec room to celebrate the end of therr year of hard work under Mrs Fredrxckson Roman Banquet Band Lessons The clarmet quartette seems to be restmg Conley and Sharon practxce hrs contest prece, Jan watches Crarg do hrs homework and Kerth well, he DID show up for lessons' Therr meal was served by slaves and all food was decorated to look lrke actual Roman food We aren't sure, though, if that ' WIFE' Mxke 15 smelhng IS real or not' Ah ha' Junior HI h Snaps Thrs hard workmg Fnglxsh class rs one example ot how rndustnous our seventh graders were thrs year Just LOOK how they're studymg tomor row s lesson! Af rf ' ' r' ' I 'k K ,, W r . l nhl 2 , 1 'rr 'i I i P 41. I 4 . ' , , . . . , . , . . . . . r O 0 : . . , . - . . . . . . I . - I M 'V W is .vu ' - U' ' . A lr I 1 , ll g . X Senior Actlvltles BRAUNSCHEG G'lARI.l-ZS FEA 9,10,11 12 BRAUNSCHWEIG, JO ANN Mixed Chorus ll 12, Girls' Glee Club 11 125 CAA 12 BRUESHOFF, DELMAR Class Officer 12, Football 11, Class Play 12 FFA 9,10 11 12 EGGEN, CAROLYN Nlixed Chorus 10,11,12, Grrls' Glee Club 10,11 12, Class Play 12, Thesprans 11,12, Declamation 10 11 12 Viking Log 11 12, GAA 9,10 11 12, FHA 10, One Act Plays 10,12 ELLINGWORTH, BURTON Football 11,12, Basketball 9, Track 11 12, Class Play 12 Thesprans 11,12 FINCH, DONNA Band 10,11,12, Mixed Chorus 10,11,12, Girls' Glee Club 10,12, Class Play 11 ,Student Duector for Class Play 12, Thespians 12, Declamation 10 11 12, Viking Log 11 12, GAA 9,10,11,12, FHA 10,11, FTA 12, One Act Plays 12 Science Club 10, Pep Band 11,12, Massed Band 12, Annual Staff 11 12 FOSSUM, LOIS Mixed Chorus 10 11,12, Gxrls' Glee Club 10,11, 12 GORZE, CAROL Mixed Chorus 10,11,12, Guls' Glee Club 10,11,12, Class Play 11 12, Thes pians 11 12, Declamation 10,11, 12, Vikmg Log 11 12, GAA 9, 10 11 12, Homecoming Queen Attendant 12, Drum and Bugle Corps Majorette 10,11 12, Octette 12 Cheerleader 11,12, Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Girls' Glee Club 10, 11 12, Class Play 11, Thespians 11,12, Declamation 10,11 12, GAA 9,10 11, FHA 9,10,11, One Act Plays 12, Science Club 10, Drum and Bugle Corps 10 11 12, Homecoming Queen 12, FTA 125 Sextette 9,11 12, Octette 11 HASZ, WAYNE Football 10 11,12, Basketball 9,10,11,12, Baseball 9,10,11 12, Track 11 12, Mixed Chorus 10 11,12, Boys Chorus 11 12, Class Play 12, Thesprans 11,12, FFA 9,10,11,12, Student Council 12 HERRINGER, VAN Class Play 12 HOPWOOD, JERRIE KAE Mixed Chorus 10,12, Thespians 12, Viking Log 11,12, GAA 9 10 11 12, FHA 9 10 11, Drum and Bugle Corps 10,11,12, FTA 12 I-IOPWOOD, LYNDA Mixed Chorus 10 Guls' Glee Club 9, Class Play 12 Thespians 11 12 Dec lamation 11,12, GAA 9,10 11 12, FHA 9,10, One Act Plays 12, Drum and Bugle Corps 10 11 12 JOHNSON, JANICE Band 9,10 11 12, Mixed Chorus 10,11,12, Guls' Glee Club 10 11 12, Class Play 11, Thespians 11,12, Declamatzon 11 12, GAA 10,11 12, FHA 10, Pep Rand 10,11 12, FTA 12 KIRCX-IMEIER, GERALD Football 11, Basketball 11, Track 11 12, Mrxed Chonrs 10 11 12, Boys Cho rus 11,12, FFA 9 10,11 12, One Act Plays 11 KITCHELL, JOHN Football 10 I1 12, Track 11, 12, Band 9,10 ll 12, Declamation 11, FFA 9, 10,11,12, Student Councxl 12, Pep Band 10 11 12 LARSON, RICHARD Football 9,10 11 12 Track 11 12, Band 9 10 11 12, Mrxed Chorus 9,10 11 12, Boys Chorus 11 12, Class Play 11,12, Thesprans 11 12, Declamatlon 12, One Act Plays 10 11 12, Pep Band 9 10,11,12 LOKEN, MAXINE Class Officer 9 10 11, Band 9 10 11 12 Mrxed Chorus 11 12, Girls' Glee Club 12 Class Play 12, Thesplans 11,12, Debate 10, Declamatlon 10,11 12, GAA 9,10 11,0ne Act Plays 10 12,Student Counc1l 10, Hornecommg Queen Attendant 12, Honorary Crrcle 10 11 12, Pep Band 9 10, 11 12, FTA 12, Massed Band Il 12 , Annual Art Edrtor 12 LUNDON, ELLEN Thespxans 11 12 Vrldng Log 11 12 MILLER, ROBERT Football 12, Basketball 10, 12, Baseball 11, 12, Mixed Chorus 11,12, Boys Chorus 11, Class Play 12, Thesplans 10 11 12, Declamat1on 11, One Act Plays 12, Scxence Club 10 MENGE, JUDY Class Offrcer 11,Cheerleader 9,12,Band 9 10 11,12,M1xed Chorus 10, Girls' matron 10 11 12, FHA 11, One Act Plays 10 11 12, Student Council 11, Homecomrng Queen Attendant 12 , Pep Band 11 MURPHY, MARIANNE Class Officer 10, Band 9 10,11 12, Grrls' Glee Club 9, Class Play 12, Thes pians 10 11 12,Debate 10,11,12, Declamatron 10, GAA 9, FHA 10, One Act Plays 10 11 12, Science Club 10, Student Councrl 12, Pep Band 9 10 11 12, Massed Band 11 12, Annual Staff Edltor 11 12, Homecoming Queen Atten dant 12, Honorary Cxrcle 10 11 12 NELSON, KAYE Band 9,10 11, Mrxed Chorus 11,12 Girls' Glee Club 11 12, Vrkmg Log 11 NORDBY, DAVID Football 12, Baseball 11 12, Band 9,10 11 12, Mixed Chorus 12, Class Play 12, Boys Chorus 12, Thesplans 11 12 One Act Plays 12, Pep Band 10 11 12 OLSON, JERRY Football 12, Basketball 10, Baseball 10, Track 9,12, Class Play 12 Scxence Club 9, Intramurals 9 10 11,12 PIERCE, BETTY Class Officer 12, Band 9, Mixed Chorus 10 11 12, Guls' Glee Club 10, Class Play 11 12, Thesprans 11,12, Declamatlon I1 12 Vikmg Log Edrtor 11 12, GAA 9 10,11 12 One Act Plays 12, Drum and Bugle Corps 10 11 12 Grrls 0 0 0 0 r ' ' ' 1 ' Q 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 ' - 1 1 ' ' 1 1 ' ' . . 5 , , . . ' . , , . 0 ' ' ' . i 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' 1 ' . ' - 1 1 ' 1 - ' ' 1 ' 1 I ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . 1 ' 3 9 I I u . , u . .I l I , I , s I n I I I I , , 1 n . , I l , , I I , O I 0 I 3 , l . ' , 1 1 . 1 - 1 ' I - . ' . ' - - . . ' , y . ' . , l I . , u , J I I . I U . ' I I , , u . I HABECK, DEANNA Glee Club 105 Class Play 11, Thespians 10,11,12, Debate 10,11,12, Decla- l 1 1 1 1 J C , I , l ' I . ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 , 1 . . , , . ' . . - , , I l D I I I 1 ' , ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 ' ' . ' 1 1 1 ' , . , . . ' . , 1 ' , . - 1 . . ' , , . ' 1 ' . 1 1 ' - u 1 12. . . . , , , . , , . . . . 1 . , , . . ' ' . 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 2 ' ' 1 , a - l , , 0 I I IQII 5 . 1 1 ' ' 1 1 - , , 0 I - ' , , 0 1 . , , . ' . . . , . , . . , , ' , ' , 5 - ' , , I . ' , , P I I F 3 . State, Pep Band 95 I-'I'A 12 PLATT, ELIZABETH Band 9 10,11,12, Mixed Chorus 12, Girls' Glee Club 10, 12, Thesprans 12, Declamation 10,11,12, FHA 10, Pep Band 11 12 PRUSSIA, GLORIA Mixed Chorus l0,l1,12,Girls' Glee Club ll l2,Class Play 12, Thesprans 11, 12,Declamation 11,12, Viking Log 11,12, GAA 9 10,11 12, Drum and Bugle Corps 10 11 12 RASMUSSEN, SHARON Thespians 10 11,12,Declamation 10,11, GAA 9,10, One Act Plays 10 11 12 Annual Staff 11,12 RECTOR, KEITH Football 12, Band 9, Mixed Chorus 11, Boys Chorus ll RILL, AUDREY Band 10 11,12, Mixed Chorus 10,11,12, Girls' Glee Club 10,11 12, Thespr ROESCH, ROI.l.AND Mlxed Chorus 9,10,11 12, Boys Choms ll 12 ROQUET, MARY ANN FHA 9,10,11 12 RUCH, MIKE Class Officer 9, Football 9, 11 12 Basketball 9 10,11 12, Baseball 11 12, Track 10,11,12, Mixed Chorus 11, Boys Chorus ll, Class Play 12, Thespia 11 12, One Act Plays 12 SMITH, RODNEY Class Officer l0,Football ll,Track 10,11 12, Mrxed Chorus ll, Boys Chorus 11, Class Play 12, Student Council 11, Annual Staff Photographer 12 SPRUNG, JANE Class Officer 11,12, Mixed Chorus 10,11,12, Girls' Glee Club ll 12 Class Play 11 12 Thespians 11 12, Declamatzon 11 12 GAA 9 10 11, FHA 9 10 FTA 12, One Act Plays 12, Drum and Bugle Corps 10 ll 12, School Colum mst for Norman County Index 12, Honorary Crrcle ll 12 STAUNING, JANET Band 9,10,11 12,M1xed Chorus 10 11 12,G1rls' Glee Club 10 11,12, Thespi ans 11,12, Declamation 10,11, Fl-IA 10, One Act Plays 11 12, Pep Band 10 11 12 STEEN RUSSELL Class Officer 9 11, Football 11 12, Basketball 9,10 11 12, Track 10,11,12, Mrxed Chorus 10,11 12, Boys Chorus 11,12, Class Play 12, FFA 9 10 ll 12 Student Councrl 9, Honorary Crrcle ll 12 STORSLEE, MARY JO Cheerleader 9,12, Mxxed Chorus 10 11, Girls' Glee Club ll, Class Play 12 Thesplans 10 11 12, Debate 12, Declamatron 10 11 12, GAA 9,10 11 12 FHA l0,11,0ne Act Plays 10 11,l2,Sc1ence Club 10, Drum and Bugle Corps 10,11,12, Honorary Crrcle 10,11,12, FTA 12 Class Offxcer 12, Football ll 12, Baseball 10 ll 12, Mixed Chorus 10,12, Boys Chorus 12, Class Play 11,12, Thesprans 11 12, Declarnatron 11, FF 9 10,11 12, Student Council 12 VISSER, GERALD Football 9, Declamation 10,11, FFA 9 10,11 12 VOLKERDING, DAVID Mixed Chorus 10,11 12, Boys Choms ll 12, Clas Play 11 12, Thespians 12, Declamation 10 ll 12, FFA 9,10 11,12 WICK GLENDA Mixed Chorus 10 11 12, Girls' Glee Club 10,11 12, Vrking Log Assrstant Ed xtor 11,12 WILLIAMS, GERALD Band 9,10,11 12 FFA 9,10 11,12, Pep Band 9,10 11 12, Massed Band 12 The Staff ofthe 1957 VIKING yearbook sincerely hopes this book will serve as a vivid collection of memories for your high school days we have worked hard to make this annual a book worth keeping and re reading, and we hope we have been successful As the yearsgoby you will find that the value of this book will mcrease many times over Although we are sure you will never forget the old friends and good tlmes we hope recalling these events through prctures and words will help you to always retain these happy tunes Some of the very best days of your life are recorded here thrs book will forever help you relive those wonderful days! Annual Staff , 9 I I . Q - , . . ' , . ' ' ' 1 1 ' . . . l , , . . 1 1 . , , , 5 D ' ' ' 1 1 1 . ' ' ' . 1 ' ' 1 ' ' ' . ' 1 1 ' ' . 1 1 ' 1 1 5 , , , , s -- . ' - . ani 11,12, Declamation 10,11, 125 Pep Band 11,125 Massed Band 12. STRAND, KENNETH 1 ' , - ' , ' . 1, 'I I ' A 1 1 ' ' . 1 1 1 . 1 ' I 1 - , . , l , D 11, 1 ' - ' 1 1 ' 1 ' , A I ' ' ' , 5 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' ' Autographs X 4 W 'KW W H1 V S4 V ' ff ffm lk ik' SA, r LW - ' ii- fill IW' BI!!!

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