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-4 , -V ' - ' - wr 'if' Vrji . 5-I 1 w. , , WM N NUAL EDITOR Juha Edwards ASST EDITOR Carole Larson ART EDITOR Orv1d Jorgenson Jr PHOTOGRAPHERS Howard Olson Ke1th Warnbach ASST PHOTOGRAPHER Paul Larsen BUSINESS MANAGER Sherry1Dekko ASST BUSINESS MANAGERS Beverly Nelson Mary Dee Hanson ADVISOR Mr Brent Stolpestad C OO Mimmeso W . D In Memory of the Old H1gh School Farewell dear old schoolhouse You have served us Well The Sen1ors w1ll be leavmg Where to we cannot tell And 1n your rooms the next school year Because a large new bu1ld1ng Has r1sen to take your place Ch1ldhood days' School hood days' The days 1n your dear halls are soon past The days at our old Ada H1gh But rest assured our memones w1ll last 2 You'll see many a different face, 0x2 .. Superintendent H. G. Jacobson f , Senior High Principal Junior High Principal Mr. Arnold S. Eid Txlr. Dan Ruoff Social Science Athletic Director, Drivers' Training School Board: Ed Hekman, Otto Kolb, Clarence Neumann, Anthony Sipe, Alfred Bartz, and Earl Volkerdingx. f ' I ll MRS LENORX JOHN SON M158 CHRIbFINIE ROTTO Amerrcau Hrsrory Speech Geometry Semor Hrgh l:ngl1sl1 Jr Cl ass Play l f MR HARVEY MCMULLEIN MR JIM THOMPSON Hrsrory Phy Ed Basketball lr1dustr1alArrs General berence Busmess Law MRS MINA ANDERSON MRS DOINNA HOFF Offrce Assrsmnr Home lzeonomres 5 Y 77 W YYY l l , V Vx, . -, , . .lr , .- u V , . C ' v ' ' , . , -. f 1 1 1 v c ,, , V V ,, ,l ...l . , l MRS ALPHA HETL AIND MRS ELIZABETH HETLANID School Nursg Englxsh Declamatton MR JERRY SITTA MR BRENT STOLPESTAD Typing Shorthand Bookkeeping Band, Rudiments of Music MISS ROSALIE STORVICK MISS ESTHER EFTELAND Vocal Music English, Mathematics, Sr. Class Play 6 QV' 1 - 141 ' . X.3'QfI:'. ,, 51A 525.5 55, T? HRS 3G1NEb FARRGHER Physlcs Chemlstry Blology MISS SHELDA XNNI JACOBSON Cnrls Phy kj H Lhcr Algebra MR EARL PERKINS Soc1a1 Stud1es Phy Ed Footba MR A L MQMAHON Agrlculture Farm Shop MISS BL SNCHE OLSON NIISS MARIE R15-H3 School Seuetary Lxbrarlau lr H EH Wdlhtmmll 7 -L.. Our falthful bus duvers arp Mr Ruoff Mr Rasmussen Mrs Krogstad Mr Rlste Mr Elnmg son Mrs Ness Mr Fettmg Nor pxcrured Mr Ness Mr Kleory gs ,A ,S v J , M 4 le, V x A 4' , 1 S . I U I I 4 ' V ' I I ' - ' . , . . The edrtors Julra Edwards and Carole Larson pause to smlle as they buslly plan and prepare the pages of Ih1S yearbook Mr Brent Stolpestad IS our advrsor 74a Wckmq Left to rrght Orvld Jorgen son art edltor Beverly Nielson Sherryl Dekko Mary Dee Hanson bus1 ness staff They d1d a good job of takrnq care of the fmances X Q-X' 4 M YTAL These four smlllng gemal pho tographers are Kerth Wambach Paul Larson Howard Olson and Lennard Sorenson 9 Y -glances JULIA EDWARDS Her quiet nature seems to be at- tuned to each season s harmony CAROL WESTCOTT Her qu1etd1gn1ty 15 only one of her HSSC IS LENNARD SORENSON Sometlmes be Sharp but always be Natural JANE SIBERG It s the qutet type that often gets the farthest 10 I DENNIS ASKELSON Worry never makes men great, so why worry? LUVERNE PETRY L1vrng and learmng wh1le we re rn school worklng and wlnmng that 15 our rule Wg My PATRICIA ANTHONY Sowell the yell she leads rnsprred by Denny s athleuc deeds CAROL WILLIAMSON The truth IS always the strongest argument ll BURTON SORENSON 'A quiet friend whose virtues are all too little known -1l 'f -Qi AUDREY LOKEN Always w1111ng to do her part all her words come from her heart ORVID IORGENSON He s our class artist a very good one too SHERRYL DEKKO Her blonde haxr and frlendly smile wlll long be remembered 12 CHARLES HELLERUD I could be better Lf I would but ll s awfully lonesome belng good L. GAIL SCHWARTZ Stnke up the band' VERNON HNABECK Women women let me be Im no ladles man can t you see? CAROL ANDERSON The ABC of populauty - abthty f beauty cooperation Out of the harbor, into deep channe1s 13 Y. RONALD HANSON As a helper we ve always found he s a good guy to have around LaVONNE PETERSON Her fluorescent sm11e ltghtens every one s heart STANLEY BLASEY He talks much but those words are often wexghted wxth thought MARILYN BARTZ A sweet gal and a bosom pal 14 MARTIN OANES 5 St1l1 water runs deep x ' PATRICIA WILSHUSEN Though modest and gentle s e rules her own m1nd CLINTON IACOBSON A good fellow who 1sn t as quiet as strangers seem to thmk wi? JOANNE FISHER If silence IS golden Joanne 15 surely r1ch 760400: 044444 new MARLYS RASMUSSON The rmg on her left hand sparkles toward her future LaVONNE BERGMAN It lsn t any trouble to sm11e PA TRIC IA OLSON Thoughts are mightrer than strength of ha nd DONNA GILSOUL A ring on the finger is worth two on the phone 16 Once caught studying but has man- aged to live down the reputation if 'QV'-arf DA LE DULLUM 'Five BARBARA WICHERN L1fe1s short and very sweet so now is the time to live it For men must work and women must weep and the sooner xts over the sooner to sleep WAYNE AMBUEHL VIOLET AURE The world was made to enjoy an she s making the best of lt zcdwimedQzaq SHARON NIGHTENGALE A wmmng way a pleasant smxle dressed so neatly qulte ID style PHILOMENE BURLEY Never ready always late but then she sm11es and so we walt JANIS CIRKS Peppy happy full of v1m a spurt hke hers IS sure to wm JOANN STENBERG Not that I love study less, but I love fun more 18 AY 4-0 Wu!-rf 'This carefree fellow with his witt KEITH WAMBACH Y remarks and jokes is always wel- come' Secretary 1 Presldent MARLENE BRA UNSCHWEIG To know her IS to hke her HOWARD OLSON What Ive been taught gotten what I know Ive guessed -Q. JOANN BENESH Treasurer True to her fnends kmd to her foes people like her wherever she goes Offccaa Vxce President IS YOLll'S an , DELORES OGAARD Blushxng 18 the color of v1rtue DARREL WESTCOTT Wh3I1S yours IS mme and all m1ne -if' JOANNE LEE x Prrze packages are often done up AQ 1n small bundles JANICE GEVING A perfect gem whose carats show the color of her harr 1 if wwf, XXX! f 20 M ' I Q . Q ll ' k X Rv' Riga SHIRLEY TOMERDA HL '7n 2 Jolly to walk with. witty to talk with MARLENE TOLLERUD W1th a song 1n her heart ORLAINE MERKINS The mlldest manner wxth the brav est mlnd AUDREY KARSTEN Q 1 f The smxles that wm the tmts that glow but tell of days ln goodness spent A mmd at peace wlth all below A heart whose love IS m nocent 21 Plcture notavallable JAMES AREL Camera shy II ' ' ll .. - - - ' ll , I 'lf 0 I, ffw' 'gif Y as Q, . , 3 . , O, I 0 :ql1'u 'I ll Q I , 1 4 Q X. ,, . . . I I X A s . . x - - .. .. .. .ll Joanne Jensen Ellen Merklns ,fi Gloria Grothe Presldent Carole Larson Wayne Slmpson Ela 1ne 1 G. 001 Dorothy Lundon V1ce Pres Secretary Treasurer Ronald Vllmo Gayle e Barbara Luchau Danny Beverly Clayton Nelson Carl Dewey Cec111a Myers Anderson Rlepe -df Jerry Vernon Betty Habeck Brengman Nepstad Not plctured ohn Krogstad 171 Paul Larson Ethel Germolus Mary Hanson Terry Peterson Ronald Ta mke J Harold Moe avi. C5 Lauram Ford 'Q Q Shlrley Ford 'Z' i A rlan Ntebe llng Carol Jerry at Roesch Murphy Blasey Arlan Eckoff Duane Jorgenson Eldora Peterson Ellen Maltrud 'UQ Glen Jams Slrninger Bergman ai Fern Ska re Donald W1l11a ms Merle Gullekson alle Platt 351 Monte Margaret LeRoy Ruch X Wiedau Boyer QM nf ,M N .QQ- C K. Thomas Joann Robert Nordby Steen Platt 23 Sherman Moe Rose Zlns QC. -uv ,pau get it 1? W5-f Tom Skalsky Betty Kitchell al' L Roxanne Roesch Top Row - David Kroshus. David Viste. Walter Bauer, Richard Kelly, Winfred Bauer, Gene Haaland. Second Row - Ronald Stenberg, Bonnie Hopwood, San- dra Bel1,.Marlene Eid, Alison Anderson, Peter Sethre. Bottom Row - Dorothy Jacobson, Lila Geving, Joann I-lellerud, Patsy Jensen. li W Top Row - Allen Sorenson, John Lee. Lee Clayton. DeWayne Larson, Ronald Johnston, Marlin Ness. Second Row - David Merkins, Bonnie Montieth. Jac- uelynEl1ingson, Cheryl Fetting, Barbara Gates, Marvin Kolb. Bottom Row - Aud- rey Peterson, Joann Vigen, Agnes Blau. Frances Riepe. Top Row - Vernon Thomforde. Clifford Adkins. DeWayne Schroeder. Arvid Stene, Clayton Bitker, Jon Jerdee. Sec- ond Row - Shirley Berg, Ann Arel, Janet Horn, Delores Scheen. Loretta Geving. Bottom Row - Nancy Habeck, Janet Bjerk. Elva Jean Miller. First Row: Glenda Wick, Betty Platt, Linda l-lopwood,E1len Lundon, Carolyn Eggen, Sharon Rasmusson, Janet Staun- ing, Carol Gorze. Second Row: Lois Fossum, Harriet Slininger, Maxine Loken, Twilla Peterson, Joann Braun- schweig, Marianne Murphy, Betty Pierce , Gloria Prussia. Third Row: Kent Marsten, Rolland Roesch, Keith Rector, Dale Moon, Burton Ellingworth, Robert Fisher. First Row: Charles Braunschweig, Myron Hoyme, Jerry Grieve, Kenneth Strand, David Volkerding, Gerald Visser. Second Row: John Kitchell, Delmar Brueshoff, Gerald Kirchmier, Russell Steen, Wayne Hasz. First Row: Judy Menge, Mary jo Stors- lee, Deanna Habeck, Jane Sprung, Donna Finch, Janice Johnson. Second Row: Mary Ann Roquet,Mary Jo Wils- husen, Jerri Hopwood, Kaye Nelson, Sandra Gullekson, Charlene Brengrnan, Audrey Rill. Third Row: Mike Ruch, Robert Miller, Richard Larson, Rodney Smith, Van l-lerringer, David Nordby. First Row Edward Sorenson Janet M o n t e 1 t h Marilyn Ellingsworth Harriet Blau Karen Dekko Kaye Bjerk Bonme Sargent Larry Hibbs Second Row Larry Lambert Warren Skare James McCrank James El lmgson Ronald Ness Bernie Askel son Kenneth Weber Third Row Joe Vakoch Darrel Berg Allen Adkins William Rinerson Larry Hellerud Dale Thorson li First Row Valerie Bjerk Rochelle Gigler Irene Claypool Audrey Kit chell Darlene Westcott Myrtle Blasey Corrine Burkhard Second Row Linda Bell Betsy Nelson Marilyn Roesch Carol Landsverk Betty Hanson Marilyn Scott Third Row Glenn Adkins Lance Lee John Landsverk Joe Blasey David Anderson Rudolph Gerjets hm nfl' -4 26 First Row: Janice Grieve Betty Cross Marilyn Melby Janice Marsten Shirley Hanson. Second Row. Barbara Gayken Patricia Granberg Harriet Gilbertson Vel- donna Moe Beverly Berg Pauline Riepe. Third Row Kenneth Pagel Larry Lelm Curtis Neumann Jerry Pitman Wayne Fisher Michael Skalsky. F1rsrRow KaySelf Carol Kttchell Bernadtne Erd Sherryl Hopwood Judy Hoffman Karen Vtlmo Second Row Sharon Rector Jorglne Sethre Kaye Frnch Nl8l'jOl'10 Vllmo Ruth Stene Barbara Nelson T h 1r d R ow Larry Dallenbach Merle Hasz Bllly Gates Darwrn Fettrng Rxchard Vlsser Lowell Stevens l -rr Flrst Row Sharon Strand Sandra Haaland Eva Arel Sharon Hop wood Margaret Loken Mary Arel Second Row Bryant Lee Dav1d S 1 b e r g Donald Hausten Dxane Luverne Skuza John Nordby Terry Mtlls Ronald Gayken Marvln Peterson Mtke Runmng Not prc tured Dav1d Ambeuhl James O11n Mr Lyle Arneson Prmcrpal Frrst Row Gordon Devrres Loren Gunderson Marlys Gade Evanna Brtker Earl Stem Second Row Myrna Bttker Ruth Solmonson Audrey Docken Larry Peterson Lawrence Nelson Jamce Benesh Raymond Wtlkens Lawrence Nelson Thrrd Row Duane Lee Davtd Anderson Merlyn Stene Paul Gunderson Wayne Roquet Sharon Hanson Patrxcra Kurpxus Jeanette DeVr1es 27 l f 1 t - . 1 . . . . ' ' 1 4 4 ' ' ' f z.' L ' N - . yn R? A A A Q. .' I i I Q Z 1 Storslee,' Hattie Sip. Third Row: Y, -A ix 'Z . ' 1 ' . ' I . I 1 Q X: fi If N ' TL- ,X Y A W ll f, . X no wq ' Seated Carol Anderson Carole Larson Standrng Peter Sethre Joann Vrgen Russell Steen Twrlla Peterson Ke1thWambach Kaye Frnch Vernon Brengman Mrss Rrste adv1sor Not prctured Sharon Nrghtengale Ronald Ness 3-0, The Student Counc11 has been very actrve thrs year Student Servrce was rnstrt uted and rnonrtor s were stat1onedat starrways Ex cellent co operatron was recerved from the students The Councrl w111 be com p1l1ng a student handbook for next year whrch w111 be a great help to the student body and teacher personnel ide f i NIlYiBlRTH OF FREEDO S! Seated- Elaine bee Pat Blasey Eldora Peterson Laurain Ford. Stand- ing. Jane Siberg, Joann Steen, Julia Edwards, Carole Larson, Roxanne Roesch, Ellen Merkins, Ethel Germolus. 28 7041.0 7044 V '? riff 9 'Q' B 3395 aw- Lf f Marrlyn Bartz Darrel Westcott representatrves to Grrls Stare and Boys State C 3l'O1 A Def! nderSOn SCF ZF 'Hung fO'eCe1ve C a eadlng I Manu 3 3 1 H017 Conf:-zststate r 3 W 81:2 fggt nd Bit Faifn t 075 Oksgo CXO Julra Edwards JoAnne Lee won fust and n second prrzes on B urld Through C1I1ZCIlSh1p themes in Offaew soPHoM ORES Presldent V1ce Presrdent Secretary treasurer FRESHMEN Presldent V1ce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer EIGHTH GRADE Presrdent Vrce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer SEVENTH GRADE Presrdent V1ce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Joann Vrgen Davrd V1ste Walter Bauer Russell Steen Mlke Ruch Maxlne Loken Ellen Lundon Ronald Ness Wayne Flsher Barbara Gayken Marrlyn Scott Kaye Flnch James Olrn Merle Hasz Donald Hausten 7-ff Jan1sC1rks State Alternate for Declamatxon 29 -I Dorothy Jacobson For Democracy essay wmner I Speak contest xvqn I A 'I Q Eggs 0 D .IJ .' , 1 f 4 '-:B S A WZ' ' 3 1, 'A .mf 3 , 4' f B sli' if, V , , A Su . l De1f',,, , ' If if 1 A A w X ' I s S91 C 9 n ' . : ' 1 . ,, . , is L!! - X, , 1,31 IV A 1 Z rf? : A fy A 1 T . D Q 4 . . I j, ' , 4 . YV , ' ' ........ ' ' N4 K i if A Q' ,Q Q f : .... P A, f V W 1 M V, It X ,, , ' .......... 9 I X ' ' ' ........ ' Q . y 5 y N ' 5 if . f ' QIfffQI' ' L A , Z tg, , ,xx A Mr Dan Ruoff Athletic Dlrector Af' if Xxx '-'I First Row: Punky Krogstad, Sherman Moe, Harold Moe, Captain Dennis Askelson, Chuck Hellerud, Tom Skalsky, Vernon Brengman, Monte Ruch. Second Row: LeRoy Boyer,Rona1d Vi1mo,Ierry Habeck, Vernon Habeck, Darrel Westcott, Mike Simpson, Martin Oanes. Third Row: Arlan Eckoff, David Viste, David Kroshus, Peter Sethre, Corman Larson, Orvid Jorgenson, Robert Platt. 30 YIILN5 ,f-'rx ll in UWB 1.52 Captain ia I i I FOOTBALL PLAYERS - Clockwise - Vernon Brengman, LeRoy Boyer, Jerry Habeck, Martin Oanes, Sherman Moe, Chuck Hellerud, Tommy Skalsky, Harold Moe, Dennis Askelson, Darrell Westcott, Mike Simpson, Vernon Habeck,Orvid Jorgenson, Monte Ruch, Punky Krogstad, Robert Platt, Corman Larson. may ' Z . CONFERENCE GAMES t cf Ada Z0 Fertile 0 Ada Z6 Fosston 6 Ada O Bagley 7 Ada 32 Waubun 6 The football season ended with three wins and five losses as a season record. Six seniors will graduate and be hard to replace next fall. Next fall there will be fourteen returning lettermen with definite plans upon improving this year's record. Of those returning lettermen, thirteen QL are juniors and one is a sophomore. Mr. Per- Xlggiqi my kins did a very good job of coaching. He was ,T fnni assisted by Mr. Thompson and Mr. McMullen. I I at f 1 'i.3 L 'S 'ffl 'K it Fu nk ? Mr. .lim Thompson, Mr. quam . Perkins - Head Coach. lflllll fllll f 9 . Y .-ff f ,tina-04-M ' 7 ,. awww Q gt, , L, wrs '?af. ..,..-2... - pau' C l 2 6 ff If ADA 11 ADL QIIUICS 9 9 '22 First Row: Coach Perkins, Kent Marsten, Ronald Johnston, Monte Ruch, Peter Sethre, Marlin Ness, Arvid Stene, DeWayne Larson, Kenneth Strand. Second Row: Allan Sorenson, David Viste,Wayne Hasz, Tom Skalsky, Russell Steen, Ronald Vilmo, David Kroshus, Burton Ellingworth. 1 5 I thx B TEAM CHEERLEADERS I UITID, Stl-ing Karen Dekko, Judy Menge, Mary Jo Storslee, Betty Hanson, Myrtle Blasey. lsi t heavy' boy s'? A TEAM CHEERLEADERS Eldora Peterson, Betty Kitchell, Dorothy Jacobson, Carol Anderson Pat Anthony. 32 Q i 3' 'M l ' E J ,Lx m X ke, ,Q if! X ,r fb ff?- hs . f we had gl FF!! 7 BASKETBALL PLAYERS - Clockwise - Tom Skalsky, Jerry Habeck, Punky Krogstad, Mike Simpson, Chuck Hellerud, Dennis Askelson, Sherman Moe, Harold Moe, Orvid Jorgen- son, Keith Wambach, Ronnie Vilmo. CONF ERENC E GAMES Ada 51 Fertile 43 Ada 41 Halstad 42 Ada 68 Mahnornen 58 Ada 73 Waubun 54 Ada 70 Hendrum 47 Ada 50 Gary 44 Ada 38 Borup Z9 Ada 68 Twin Valley 51 Ada 61 Hendrum 49 Ada 60 Gary 56 The Vikings played good basketball this year. Only four seniors will gradu- ate so the prospects for next year are good. Ada had nine wins and one defeat at the end of conference play. In the Sub- District Tourney they placed third. 3 2 Q i 2 3 1 i 1 Q H Coach McMullen Student Managers Paul Larson I Stanley Blasey Q Robert Miller f v L is 4A 6 3. 4 S! l Frrst Row Monte Ruch LeRoy Boyer Second Row Vernon Brengman Darrellwestcotr Tommy Skalsky Krogstad Ronn1eV11mo Duane Jorgenson Or vrd Jorgenson Second Row Mlke Srmpson Tommy Skalsky Charles Hellerud Ronald Tamke Arlan Nrebelrng Kerth Wambach f X 144.6 EM i. 'o ff' . 5 F T SYN 'fx x ,,',.X Us f n Y X V ' :Q First Row: Marlin Ness, Pater Sethre, Punky M 1 u' ,,.. .. gs 34 FIISI Row Karen Vrlmo Barbara Nelson Mary Arel Dtane Storslee Sharon Rector Margaret Loken Mrss Jacobson Second Row Sandra Haaland Sharon Hopwood Judy Hoffman Kaye Ftnch Jorglne Sethre Bernadrne End Eva Arel Thrrd Row l-larr1et Slxnrnger Jerrl Hopwood Ltnda Hopwood Betty Pxerce Terry Peterson Carolyn Eggen Myrtle Blasey Karen Dekko Q, A 14. Carol Gorze VI Sn. Q: PS The G11-ls' Athletlc Assoclatton was organ1z.ed last year The mem bers have been actwe ln vartous projects and act1v1t1es throughout the school year Capta1ns were 1n charge of basketball, tumbllng, p1ng pong,andbowl1ng Severalg1rls also enterta1ned on the trampolme be tween halves of several basketball games M1ss Jacobson rs the ad v1sor I JL 3a Fust Row Audrey Peterson Jamce Johnson Glorrs Prussra Cheryl Fettrng Jane Sprung Veldonna Moe Lrnda Bell Sharon Rasmusson Se c o n d Row Agnes Blau Joann Vrgen Dorothy Jacobson Patsy Jensen Deanna Habeck Joanne Jensen Pat Blasey Bonnre Hopwood Marlene Erd Thrrd Row Nancy Habeck Twrlla Peter son Sandra Bell Maxxne Loken Mary Jo Storslee Betty Hanson Donna Frnch Carol Landsverk F1rstRow Joann Steen Jan1ceGev mg Mar1lyn Bartz PatB1asey Second Row Mrs Johnson Eldora Peterson Stanley Blasey LeRoy Boyer Paul Larson The debate squad was very successful th1s year They -fHE5p'AN3 won second place 1n the reglonal contest at Mahnomen Ada and Waubun t1ed for f1rst placeaccord1ng to team po1nts but the Ada team fell a few pornts short 1n 1nd1v1dual scor1ng Competmg 1n the State T ou r nam ent 1n Mmneapohs on February 18 they each debated three rounds The contest was held at Macalester College Mrs Johnson deserves rnuch cred1t for her fme Job as coach Fust Row G Schwartz M Tollerud S Tomerdahl P Anthony D Ogaard B Wrchern P Burley P Olson Second Row Mrs Johnson S Dekko C Fash1onable'7 Anderson J Crrks A Loken J Gevmg M Bartz J Benesh Thrrd Row Speech Students B Sorenson V Brengman K Wambach S Blasey C Hellerud L Sorenson V Habeck 36 J J , - ' ' sn 2 ' ' g aff Xf,f'UL' 9 ' ' ' . . . . a . g l .' 5 figs' J J fr J gy 5 V V X x 'x . as 1 J 1 T E xfye gb X ss J 4 5 J, 1 P SOPHOMORES Flrst Row Loretta Gevmg Audrey Peterson Joann Vrgen Elva Jean Mrller Ann Arel Davld Merkrns Marvrn Kolb Second Row Lrla Gevmg Sandra Bell Jacquelyn Ellmgson Joan Hellerud Janet Horn Delores Scheen Th1rd Row Francls Rlepe Dorothy Jacobson A g ne s Bla u Bonme Hopwood Allson Anderson Barbara Gates Patsy Jensen JUNIORS Fxrst Row Joann Steen Eldora Peterson Jams Bergman Ellen Merklns Rose Mane Ztns Second Row Ela1ne Lee Margaret W1edau Lauraln Ford Pat Blasey Carole Larson Paul Larson Thxrd Row Joanne Jensen Mary Hanson Terry Peterson Betty Krtchell LeRoy Boyer Thomas Norby SENIORS Frrst Row Joann Sten berg Marlene Braunschwelg Carol Anderson Shuley Tomerdahl Marrlyn Bartz Stanley Blasey Second Row Jane Sxberg LaVonne Peterson Jantce Gevrng Marlene Tollerud Pat Anthony Thrrd Row Marlys Rasmusson Phrlomene Burley Jams C1rks Gall Schwartz Patty Olson Sm Staff Frrst Row Phrlomene Burley Sharon Nrghtengale Donna Grlsoul JoAnn Benesh Joann Stenberg Carol Ander son Delores Ogaard Second Row Jams Crrks Sherryl Dekko Marlene Braun schwerg Stanley Blasey Vernon Habeck Lennard Sorenson fx 74e Www? .Zag We can be very proud of our school paper, The V1k1ng Log It 1S always of 1nterest and the students look forward to rece1v1ng each lssue The Sernor staff was Edrtor Carol Anderson Assrstant Edrtor Donna Grlsoul Sports Edrtors Vernon Habeck Lennard Sorenson Stencrl Typxsts Carol Anderson Sherryl Dekko Donna Grlsoul Marlene Braunschwergn Who s Who Sharon Nrghtengale Delores Ogaard Phrlomene Burley Paper Exchange JoAnn Benesh Joann Stenberg Mrmeographrsts Vernon I-labeck Lennard Sorenson Faculty Advrsor Mr Sltta fm Sfdff F1rstRow Ellen Merk1ns Ethel Germolus Laurarn Ford Rose Mane Zlns Fern Skate Gayle Lee Ellen Maltrud Barbara Luchau Second Row Jams Bergman Dorothy Lundon Margaret Wredau Shrrley Ford Ronme Tamke Dewey Ander son Mr Srtta 38 I I 9 , V X is ,, .I : . . ' O I K I I I- , A , . : I' I - I I , . ,D 'TN' ' ................ ...... ........ XX5 ' byxiy, ' . . . ff' 1 . ...--..-.....--.....-..-.. ' f' X yr' Art Edrtor .................. . ..... Marlene Braunschwerg A' 5,5 ' . ...... ........ , D ' I ' .D . .......... . . . . , . : I . ' . 1 l ' . . l I 2 I I a o ' - , . . ff il ll'1 32 -1 113 11: 1 ii ggi iii i .-.eq li gust!! l'l 'l QQ-Q gs-gqlil: Q-QQUU -3 '-'iQ Q,-1 A2 g,d17g L 'Me Welch? game! First Row: Joann Vigen, Audrey Peterson, Lila Geving, Cheryl Fetting, Maxine Loken, Ronaldlohnston, Sandra Bell, Loretta Geving, Audrey Loken, Agnes Blau, Gerald Williams, Corman Larson. Second Row: Ronald Stenberg, Robert P1att,E1dora Peterson, Carole Larson, Marlene Eid, Janet Stauning, Ion Jerdee, David Viste, Walter Bauer, Betty Platt, Betty Pierce, Kaye Nelson, Marlene Tollerud, Shirley Tommerdahl, Gail Schwartz, Paty Anthony Barbara Gates, Marvin Kolb, David Kroshus. Third Row: Peter Sethre, Mike Simpson, John Krogsrad, Ronald Vilmo, Lee Clayton,Charlene Brengman,Monte Ruch, Judy Menge, Mary Hanson, Roxanne Roesch, Julia Edwards, David Nordby, Terry Peterson, Patsy Jensen, Nancy I-labeck, Twilla Peterson, Paul Larson, Howard Olson. Fourth Row: David Merkins, Janis Johnson, Marianne Murphy, Beverly Nelson, Betty Kitchell, Gene Haaland, Marlin Ness, Vernon Brengman, Dennis Askelson, Richard Larson, Director, Brent Stolpestad, Dorothy Jacobson. 39 -.-5-q-4 11:-1.1! iii First Row: Sandra Bell, Audrey Loken, Marlene Eid, Cheryl Fetting, Joann Vigen,Rona1d Stenberg, Gail Schwartz. Second Row: Loretta Geving, Maxine Loken, Robert Platt, Lee Clayton, Corman Larson, Gerald Williams, Shirley Berg, Agnes Blau, Marvin Kolb, Barbara Gates. Third Row: Julia Edwards, Roxanne Roesch, Mary Hanson, Wally Bauer, Shirley Tomerdahl, Betty Pierce, Marlene Tollerud, Terry Peterson, Twilla Peterson, Howard Olson. Fourth pep Zami Row: Marianne Murphy, David Merkins, Beverly Nelson, Richard Larson. Not pictured - Carole Larson, Vernon Brengman, Gene Haaland. Both music departments have been excellent again this year. They gave a Spring Concert and also participated in the music festivals in April and May. The band, directed by Mr. Stol- pestad, made s e v e r al out-of-town trips during the school year to Grand Forks, Fertile, and Mahnomen. Some Choir, they presenteda lovely Christ- mas Concert in December. The Girls Chorus sang a cantata at this concert. Hallelujah Chorus , Laud His Name , and The Cherubic Hymn were some of our favorites. of the numbers we enjoyed playing were Youman's Fantasy , Nut- cracker Suite , and the Stars and Stripes Forever march. The Pep Band entertained at all the home games and also played two nights at the tournament. Both the Mixed Choir and Girls' Chorus were tops, directed by Miss Storvick. Together with the Junior Cornet Trio Julia Edwards, Wally Bauer, and Mary Hanson. Flute Trio Loretta Geving, Sandra Bell, and Audrey Loken. Mixed Clarinet Quartet Mike Simpson Punlcy Krogsrad Pat Anthony Gail Schwartz YQ Woodwind Quarter Lorena Geving Audrey Loken Ronald Vilmo Gail Schwartz Qlarinoi Quartu Pete Sathrc lika Simpson Punky Ixrogwad Ronald Vilmo W' SENIOR HIGH, First Row: Pat Anthony, Joann Benesh, Janis Bergman, Betty Nepstad, Marlene Tollerud, Joann Steen,Carol Anderson, Julia Edwards, Shirley Tommerdahl, Delores Ogaard, Miss Storvick. Sec- ond Row: Shirley Berg, Loretta Geving, Marlene Eid, Eldora Peterson, Alison Anderson, Joann Stenberg, Carol Williamson, Barbara Luchau, Dorothy Jacobson, Sandra Bell, Fern Skare, Joann Vigen. Third Row: Jane Platt, Ellen Merkins, Marlys Rasmusson, Philomene Burley, Sharon Nightengale, Mary Hanson, Carol Roesch, Gloria Grothe, Ellen Maltrud, Gail Schwartz. Fourth Row: Frances Riepe, LaVonne Peterson, Patsy Jensen, Janet Horn, Margaret Wiedau, Barbara Gates, Audrey Loken, Terry Peterson, Beverly Nelson, Laurain Ford, Jane Siberg, Pat Wilshusen. Not pictured- Elaine Lee. JUNIOR HIGH, First Row: Kay Self, Hattie Sip, Margaret Loken, Bernadine Eid, Kaye Finch, Janet Stauning, Gloria Prussia, Karen Dekko, Patricia Granberg, Harriet Slininger, Sharon Hopwood, Carol Kitchell, Diane Storslee, Karen Vilmo, Barbara Nelson. Second Row: Carol Gorze, Barbara Gayken, Marilyn Ellingworth, Betsy Nelson, Marilyn Melby, Pauline Riepe, Charlene Brengrnan, Maxine Loken, Jane Sprung,Carolyn Eggen, Deanna Habeck, Kay Nelson, Beverly Berg. Janice Marster1,J0rgine Sethre, Sherryl Rector, Miss Storvick. Third Row: Kaye Bjerk, Joann Braunschweig, Sharon Rasmusson, Glenda Wick, Harriet Gilbertson, Carol Landsverk, Corrine Burkhard, Jerri Hopwood, Donna Finch, Sandra Gulleckson, Audrey Kitchell, Bonnie Sargent, Joann Volkerding, Janet Monteith, Ruth Stene. Fourth Row: Valerie Bjerk, Mary Jo Wilshusen, Ellen Lundon, Twilla Peterson, Linda Hopwood, Marilyn Scott, Judy Menge, Mary Storslee, Betty Hanson, Myrtle Blasey, Linda Bell, Marilyn Rocsch, Veldonna Moe, Audrey Rill, Betty Platt, and Shirley Hanson. Fxrst Row left to rrght Eldora Peterson Joann Stenberg Betty Nepstad Marlene Tollerud Joann Steen Julra Edwards Sh1rleyTommerdahl Carol Nrllramson Ellen Maltrud Delores Ogaard Sec ond Row Loretta Gevrng Marlene Erd JoannBenesh Sharon Nltqhtengale Barbara Gates Sandra Bell Joann Vrgen Barbara Luchau JaneS1berg Gall Schwartz Thrrd Row LaVonnePeterson Lauratn Ford Frances Rrepe Marlys Rasmusson Mary Hanson Terry Peterson Audrey Loken Dorothy Jacob son Fern Skare Dav1dMerk1ns Fourth Row Marl1nNess Monte Ruch Ronald Vrlmo Wayne S1mpson Schroeder Rolland Roesch Rlchard Larson Boys Quartet Luverne Petry Paul Larson Ronald Vrlmo Stanley Blasey Grrls Trto Ga1lSchwartz Shrrley Tommerdahl Marlene Tollerud 43 'zeal clinton Jacobson, Arlan Nlebeling, Stanley lilasey, Sherman Moe , Paul'Larson, Luverne Petry, DeWayne V, ! Vx , 14 , I Janis Geving Dennis Askelson a + Howard Olson V Patty Olson +5 gi! Sharon Nightengale Carol Westcott Darrel Westcott Dale Dullum 1 7 . . ' it 'N uro- '-fs A ,Vw I Vernon I-labeck 1 ' 7' 1' J f FT if 'f'53,g35vf.vma ,, .Q Q jf t -. X X , ov ' ,K '-, V l ,,fvi?g,5 r 1 - - - 1 Delores Ogaard JV' T j ' - U , Julia Edwards f Y Shirley Barbara Tommerdahl Wichern Joann Benesh M wi Joann Stenberg Marilyn Bartz Patricia Wilshusen Jane Siberg J . . 1 e. A Q . 'M' ,pi QQ' Lefrrorrghr Vernonllabeck Pat Anthony Mamn Oanes Jan1sC1rks Tom Skalsky Orvrd Jorgenson Queen Sharon Nlghtengale Denms Askelson Jerry Habeck Carol Anderson Charles Hellerud Phllomene Burley Darrel Westcott Homecom1ng fest1v1t1es commenced wrth a snake dance on October 22 They stopped for a pep rally at the crty hall and then wound the1r way to the bonf1re on the south edge of town There was plenty enthus1asm 1n Splte of the downpour of ram The members of the football team and coaches gave short pep talks Anew feature thrs year was the n1ght parade on Fr1day be fore the game The band led the parade followed by the queen s float wh1ch was decorated 1n l1ght colors The boys made everythmg complete by de featmg Wauban 33 to 6 At the gym after the game Sharon N1ghtengale was crowned queen by the football captam Denn1s Askelson The coronatxon was followed by the Grand March and dancmg to records The bonfrre Queen Sharon 45 . : D 1 1 I 1 1 0 1 r u n ' , a ' . 7 . C I 2 77,4 E Q MIR: fl, -as Q CA iw.. 553 05141051 0 X e 1 Q e ASFXF Af Q f Q 5 4' c Q1 uigv IJYEJ Frrst Row left to rrg t Gerald Habeck Tommy Skalsky Donald Wrllrams Dewey Anderson Glen Slrn lnger Second Row Arlan Eckoff Monte Ruch Carl Myers CormanLarson Clrn tonlacobson Ronald Hanson Thrrd Row Robert Platt Harold Moe Stanley Blasey Sherman Moe Ronald Tamke Thomas Nordby Frrst Row left to rrght Arvrd Stene Gerald Wrllrams Jerry Grreve Marlm Ness Davrd Merklns Second Row Russel Steen Delmar Brueshoff Kenneth Strand DeWayne Larson Myron Hoyme Charles Braunschwerg Thrrd Row Wrnfred Bauer Clayton Brtker Allen Sorenson Wayne Hasz Gene Haaland Gerald Vrsser Gerald Krrchmrer The Future Farmers of Amer1ca IS a natronal organzzatron of farm boys havmg 1tso1'1g1n m a defm1te part of school cur r1culum vocat1onal agrrculture Mem bers learn how to conduct and take part ln pubhc meet1ngs to speak 1n pl.1b11C and to assume c1v1c respons1b1l1ty It 1S founded upon leadersh1p, character devel opment, servrce, sportsmanslnp, coopera tron, scholarsh1p 1mproved agmculture, organrzed recreatwn, patr1ot1sm, and C1 t1zensh1p 46 .- 'op 6 . . fav E2 l M - - 1151.-W Q! ' ' - ' ' , - gjk ll ,X is O A my F . . . , . . , -590' QQ 9 W - : :Di 7' I ' . iv 42, V ' ' - XJ, I D . . . . 'L' . '. . . . ' : ' hi . . ' - F F A Offrcers a e Frrst Row bctretary Carl Myers Presldent Thomas Nordby V1C6 Presrdent Ronald Tamke Second Row Re porter Monte Ruch Sentrnel Harold Moe Treasurer Marlln Ness Advrsor M A L McMahon 7 if ,4 El The-arf Q , NEW rl Os- The Future Homemakers of Amer1ca IS an organ1zat1on to make grrls good leaders and al F H A flower rs the red rose and therr colors are red for courage and whlte for purtty Thelr motto 15 'Toward New Hor1zons The brggest event of the year 1S send1ng delegates to attend the state cor1vent1on at the Rad1sson Hotel 1n M1nneapol1s Everyone who has been there 1n recent years has enjoyed herself and brought home much useful 1nformat1on Var1ous projects are carr1ed out throughout the year to help others Each member has prof1ted by them . . r . ' - r : ' ', lf' - - ' ' , '- - r. . l S 1 1 1 O9 Um Q f 1 . . 5 2 r C r v- I . 7.2 I ' V fjf Q so shows them how to get along wrth people. The H- . -v . . fl vs ' ' ' . . . O Q - 0 Frrst Row left to rrght Ellen Lundon Deanna Habeck Sandra Gulleckson Carole Larson Second Row Mrs Donna Hoff Advrsor Beverly lxelson DonnaF1nch Laurarn Ford Thlrd Row Jane Sprung Charlene Brengman Barbara Gates and janet Horn 47 Seacafzefdecpldq 7iteet77!e'7nSz.4'oaw Thms three act comedy was coached by M1ss Efteland Mr Sm1th Charles Hellerud Mrs Sm1th Marlys Rasmussen Rose Carol Anderson Esther Jams C1rks Agnes C1311 Schwartz Toot1e Patr1c1a Anthony Lon the son Ke1th Nambach Gramps Lennard Sorenson Kat1e Marlene Tollerud Nemghbor Sh1rley Tomerdahl Ida Boothby LaVon Peterson Rose's beau Burton Sorenson Esther's beau Howard Olson Mxss Pentard Joann Stenberg Mr Dodge Denn1s Askelson Mr Duffy Vernon Habeck Conductor Darrel Westcott 'ME D F. 1 . I The cast was: , - . . 40860-'L x :Y HUCKLEBERRY FINN Thls play was very well presented under the d1 rectlon of Mrs Johnson The cast mcluded Huckleberry Fmn Vernon Habeck Tom Sawyer Lennard Sorenson Aunt Sally Phllps Mar1lyn Bartz Mat11da Pat Anthony Mary Jane W11ks Jams C1rks Susan Wllks Thelma Jacobson Joanna W11ks Ph1lomene Burley Dr Ben Rob1nson Burton Sorenson The K1ng Charles Hellerud The Duke Kelth Wambach Mrs Hotchk1ss Sh1rley Tommerdahl Glory Belle Joann Benesh Jlm Stanley Blasey Llze Carol Anderson 49 Owe 66775474 Confessronal Front row left to rrght Gary Ullman Caro' Brevrk Back row Rodney Boyer Sonja Olson Mrs Johnson dlrector Clark Tufte Gayle Berberrch Thrs play wona superror plus ratrng at the subdrstrrct contest held rn Halstad It won sec ond place 1n the drstrrct contest at Mahnomen Mrs Johnson was the drrector Orchxds for Mane Front row left to rr ht Mar J I I 2 3 5 , i , 1 s , , J , ' i Monkey s Paw Left to rxght Carol Bartz stage manager Carol Anderson Melbourne Johnson Vernon Brengman Dan Hrbbs Denn1s Grgler Mrs Johnson drrector Mrss Mobray s Brg Moment Front row left to rrght Sherryl Dekko Lavon Peterson Shxrley Tommerdahl Nola Nordby Back row Lennard Sorenson Ronald Gerjets Mrs Fredrrckson drrector Kerth Wambach Audrey Loken stage manager S lene Jensen Pat Anthony Gall Schwartz Marlene Tollerud Back row Howard Storms Janrs Gevrng Charles Hellerud Erlrng Logan 1454 71 mfkllf Can a Frsh Smell? Ill Frx I Shrrley Tommerdahl Ronald Vrlmo Marlene Tollerud Vernon Brengman and Gall Schwartz LeRoy Boyer an Marlrn Ness Mammy' The Endmen Charles Hellerud Kexth Wambach Marvrn Kolb Paul Larson Len nard Sorenson Burton Sorenson and Punky Krogstad Ronme Hanson and h 1 accordron Sl YXXS 6 lnte rclass cheerleaders Saws 3 A What s wrong Gall? Junror I-hgh one act play Delores and Jersey Senior Assembly I . ' 4 2 e e K 3 'Ya . 5. 2 s 'l5'W? ' , ' Smiles galore ll, el'Cu1es Kelly ll Chuck and Gall Deep secret Along the waterfront Denms and Pat Old fanhfuls R UU tat4eSz!ww The .Tumor Semor Prom and Ban quet was held May 15 at the h1gh school gymnasmm The Junxors had made beaut1ful decoratlons 1n blue and s1lver to carry out the theme The del1c1ous banquet prepared by the .Tumor mothers was served by s1xWa1tresses and s1xwa1ters from the Sophomore class who were were Joann Steen Elame Lee El dora Peterson Betty K1tche1l Carol Roesch Ethel Germolus Punky Korgstad M1ke S1mpson Ronald V1lmo Tommy Skalsky Jerry Ha beck and LeRoy Boyer After the program the evemng was spent 1n dancmg to Red Sather's orchestra 'I' n . . , Y dressed in blue and white. They 1 D 1 ' ' 2 s 1 7 7 - - 9 1 1 ' , . Red Sather s orchestra 66436 Hard at work Lelsurely semors Doggme ln the w1ndow'? T' 51 xl 14436531 14,21 sl- . ,i I, ggi, 1 .JN - ,185 Future typlsts if wtf Belles of the Ball ill! vu 1 Z 7,4 We wlsh to say ahearty thank you to all of the generous busx ness men who have supported th1s annual by purchasumg adver tlsernents Thank you teachers for belng so pat1ent and understandlng 1n gu1d1ng us through hlgh school Many thanks to you classmates and fellow students for the b n b splend1d cooperat1on you have gwen to us It ha ee oth fun and hard work to produce th1s yearbook and lt 1S our smcere des1re that It w1l1 br1ng back many pleasant rnernorles 1n the years to come MIK The ent1re VIKING Staff 111, 7711 X Qe owe MUTUAL SERVICE LIFE 8. GREEN LANTERN CAFE CASUALTY can S. Knutson - Special Agent Where Friends Meet fo E01 and Treat Ada, Mmm. Phone 5101 Fm' C Y M 9 Ada Mun 56 Nxr . . . , .,, . , , . . , B g . y U . , AA I WE: Ulf I w ' ' 73. b N' 'pf' ' wn NORMAN COUNTY INDEX Pnoneer Newspaper of Norman County In Continuous Publncatnon Smce 880 AALGAARD STUDIO Quality Photographs Kodak and Film Flnlshlng Ada M nesota Complzments A L Anderson SHARUD S GIFT SHOP Gift for Every Occasion A a 'Illnn J C PENNEY CO The Store That Thnft Bull! It Pays to Shop at Penney s ADA FILED AND SEED HOUSE Buyers md Sellers Seeds Fertlllzer Chemicals Feeds Hatchery .I I Case Machinery 4I2I Mn s a ORPHLUM 'I HEATRE A M Amusement Center for Young ar1d Old Joe R Ullman Sn Sons Owners Deep 2066 Snacce Petry and Vlgen A M n For the Stop That Keeps You Going SPRAGUE RADIO TV SALES 8. SERVICE Ada 'Iflxnn Phone 4381 THE VOGUE Ladies Childrens Ready to Wear Ada Nllnnesota I in v Of , . d , . az - - 1' of I Adu Minnes t Phone Ada, ine 1 I da, inn. ' da, in. , fl . u Q 8 1 , , . . , . FIRST STATE BANK OF ADA Pioneer Bank of Norman County Established in 1881 Capitol . 525,000 Surplu s . . 575,000 Reserves . . . . 550,000 Member FF D I C A a Minnesota A 8. E STANDARD SERVICE Washing and greasing Atlas tires, Batteries, Accessories Sfandard Oil Producfs CARGILL INC Gram Coal Feed D1aI34-71 SIMPSON MOTOR CO Ford Cars and Trucks q Minnesota Complzments Stanley Olson GREAT PLAINS SUPPLY COMPANY Lumber Coal Pain? D I 61 ADA GRAIN COMPANY Grain Feed Seed Grinding Hullmg Mixing A a 'Vllnnesota TETERS IMPLEMENT Mileage Gas Farm Machinery Repairs Washing Greasing A a 'VI1nn Compliments Of ADA BOWLING CENTER O L NORDBY INSURANCE AGENCY For Your General Insurance Needs D1aI 6101 Ada 'VI1nn O . n . . d I Ada Minnesota , Ad of - '- ia 36 R. R. Betcher, Manage . I I 1 - I . . I . I . . , - . d 1' . d L . NORMAN COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY ORLIN LEE PPOPRIETOR a Nllnnesota ONSTAD ELECTRIC COMPANY G E Appliances Electrical Contractors We Sell We Install We Service A M ECKLUND MARKET Quality Groceries 8. Meats We Gave S cf! H Green Stamps Gus Ecklund Proprietor Ada Nllnn HERMAN S SUPER VALU STORE Ada s Newest Most Modern Food Store Complete Super Market Phone 2421 A a mn OLSON S MEN WEAR New Modern Store Featurzng Fme Clothmg and Shoes or or Over 50 Years BURRILL IMPLEMENT COMPANY John Deere Implements and Tractors Ada NIIHII GAMBLES The Frzendly Store Dla 2041 Hans Sethre Owner DR C T TORGERSON Chnropractor Dxal 5 A a Ilnn Complzments AI vm John son ADA CLINIC Bryon R Klnkade D Lloyd A Sanders D D S Ada 'Vlmnesota ADA PRODUCE COMPANY Growers and Shippers Red Ruver Valley Potatoes Los Gunderson Manager 1 Ad A ' da, innesota , Y p . F d ' M ' Men and Boys F , A ' . I I. I 1 I . Of ' 161 d ,x' . ' . ' - M. . of ADA NATIONAL BANK Renders A Complete Banking Servuce Capital Structure S150 000 Ther s 'Vo Sub tzt t For Sa ty A a IVI n s LARSON MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet Oldsmobile Bulck Munneapolls Moline Machlnery Co plzments NASH 8- NELSON PLUMBING 'VI ne BODDING LUMBER COMPANY Build ng Maternals A a Mmnesota Complune ts BOWYER S SUPER MARKET Fanrway Fme Foods al 2141 A M1 n MODERN BEAUTY SHOP All Lunes of Beauty Work SIMONSON S MEAT 81 GROCERIES Fresh Meats Ada, STRAND S MOBILGAS Pho e 2661 SOIH DR H J RUEBKE Veteru na :an 'I n ot ADA BODY SHOP Body and Fende Wo A M zndeenxdwge Meals Ice Cream I-UHCIIBS A M COMPLIMENTS OF DR THEODORE LOKEN Physician and Surgeon C0 gratulat s Cla f 54 NORMAN COUNTY TELEPHONE COMPANY Ada Minnes t . I m n CC ei 1 S n u e 7, d i ne ot Ada . in sota ' n Of . i . , d . Di da, 'n . I Phone 6551 Aan, Nlinn. Gfofefies and Fwifs Minn. I n . r. Ada lVIinne Ada 'ji nes r rlc wenson 8. Hamre - Props. do, inn. do innes ' n ion ss 0 ' Y T Y CROSS PLUMBING AND HEATING Busmess f r your Comfort HOTEL ADA Cafe In Connectuon D I 91 SCHACKLE S VARIETY STORE Most Up to Date Vortety Store rn the Northwest A H Schackle Pf0P 'e'0 ADA CO OP CREAMERY There s no Subshfute for Buffer A M ADA CO OP OIL ASSOCIATION asol e Greases F rtI G0 FAR SHOE REPAIR SHOP E pert Shoe Repanrs Zawice .4'anc4 24 Hou Service W t ond Ann Books o eto s COAST TO COAST Merchandise For The Whole Family John Brady Manager ADA OIL COMPANY Texaco W C. Petry Proprietor 3644-:46 Qfawiyfe Mel Ness Proprietor ches Soft Drmks Home Made Past nes FREDERICKSON FUNERAL HOME M t ADA IMPLEM ENT COMPANY McCormack Farm Machinery Internaflonal Trucks Internotnonal Freezers 8- Refrugerators Easy Washers Sales Servnce . O . . ia 22 Ada uinnesot Ada Mlnnesot I ' I . - ' da, innesota G in - Oil- - e i izers x ' Ad , M' G mnesot Selmer Wick Owner r . a 0 aI Pr pri r ' I . I . Lun , ' , r' Ada Minnesota I Compliments of Ada inneso . .IERDEE FURNITURE COMPANY Dependable Merchanduse See Us Be ore You Buy RAMBERG S PHARMACY Where Buymg Is Saving A M HAWKIN S JEWELRY Hamalton and Elgun Watches A a 'Vlmnesota DE MARS PHARMACY The Prescrzptzon Store Kodaks School Supplies Cosmetics G .I De Mars Proprietor C R ANDREWS COMPANY Servlng the Public or Over 69 Years Dlal 2631 RED OWL STORES Quality for less L B HARTZ AGENCY Lowest Everyday Food Prices Dla 2 IVIarv1n Uelss Owner ROCHAT S JEWELRY Watches and Jewelry Diamonds Sheetlng and Silver Plated Flatware In Chests ADA FARM SUPPLY Massey Harris Sales 81 Servlce A 3 Mxunesota Don Johnson JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP Watch Repalr Jewelry and Gifts Ada Wlmnesota O K SERVICE Kenny Rlste and Chet Berg Proprietors Cuties Service Products and Accessorues We Call For and Dellver Dual 362I Laughter brings sunshine through the clouds 1 f Ada Minnes t da, inn. I CC u 1 I, d I ' , Ada's Oldest Home General Store Aff Gnd OPUI OISOH Props- f I U ' I 271 ' ' , 9 d . ' I I A ' n . . ll SLAT S ICE CREAM STORE Whe e All The Gang G Fountain Service Slat Hubbs Proprietor A M Co plum t DR U G JOHNSON Denta st 6672 Ada Nl NIRSCHL BLACKSMITH General Blacksmithing 6aa44avwz4Qa4Q Use gas for your five big labs Cooking Refrigeration Water Heating Ho el leat g Tracto Fuel H 8- H LOCKER PLANT Complete Ser ce F E Hall Proprietor HAUSTON HARDWARE a alt Appll ce C mpl e ts DR H G SITTKO Dentist ADA CLEANERS Ql1lCk Se v1c o Y ur Clea mg e g d Re an Dual 2151 We Clean Rugs and Draperies NELSON S GARAGE FORD Tractors and Implements Phone 2321 Ada Wlxnn SWIFT S PRODUCE COMPANY Eggs Cream Poultry Jerome Fettl ng Manager C mplz n 5 SJORDAL HARDWARE COMPANY OLAV VAULE ATTORNEY Ou 0 'H 'd ' 6 D I3581 A M , m en s of r oesn ' ' ' Phone , . inn da, innesot ' ' u . r . I . n Ada Minnesot m in - I' vi Glss-P'n- 'an s . . , , Ada's Im lement Hardware Store Ada, Mlnn. P 0 im n of r e n 0 n , Pr ssin an p 'rs , r , . . 0 'me t of r r Ada Minnesota A t ca da, unnesot SALVERSON'S STORE Congratulations Class of '54 . a Illinnesota JOHNSTON ELECTRIC Westinghouse Appliances Electrical Contractor Phone 6701 Ada, Minn PEOPLE S HARDWARE AND SUPPLY C0 General Ilardware Du al 350 1 a Minnesota ARNOLD S AUTO SERVICE General Repairs on Autos and Tractors Ada 'lllnn Compliments Dr C A Anderson ODEGAARD SERVICE Socony Vacuum Produc ts Ada 'lllnnesota ADA DAIRY Pasteurlzed Products Sold Exclusively Milk Cream Cottage Cheese GOLTZ GREENHOUSE Potted Plants Cut Flowers Corsage and Weddlng Arrangements Dml 5181 Ada Mmm VIKING BOOSTERS Nlllton Llen Ada Bootery R C Nielson C .l Lofgren Co Paul 'Nornes 0 E Austlnson Ad ' I Ad ' i 1 ' - Of Dial 364'I Ada, Minn. . T . . 7 F I A WWW M W f!y W f ff wfpyjxwuyw WK by J Pi fwwy Xygyw 5 W ,eb J ff M Qyff HW bv A vw JN iQ-V93 V My M37 VV uhm Vfk 52 Wi cbwf Dip Ugg 5 ff W vc EXT K XV fb W BWV K My JW WPAXQMWMM Wfmix ,MJ wg' ww fs 3 xi S WMM 6595 iw WU My MMT WWW wiymfwiw My 5? wnnffl if ggiw w WWW? jg! fwQM mfy xg GMM Xsgffggfy jjj-frr! VWVBA QM-5 JMWLJ ff' 21 J a W NAME wMNm Q vf fKffN'f'5o. C ' if F fx LQ xv K Ny fx X, A X, I lj X5 ,IV BAJV K F B G X NJ Lf' I Q- X L13 P PM 1--Q V Vf Lu +10 5 A K M X .AQ ax x WU , Q Qi C V F , X X M 'NUT ' Q 'A . QQ Lx-fy Q Q .L E J NN A U b J ..., X ' I 2 'D . ,R N N 'LJ H 'X ' . J 13 X' r, f ' xv :VJ 1 UQJ ' x V 'F , I f I KN A YN WV 'film ,i I ,fu ' H fx fu Q N .SQ x ' N X Q V ' 'QE X A ' XJ I , w . '- ' . ' L' WN X ! Lkvllf J 2 Q pl P ALJ5 . fx A X . xy A x Ely I N- I A N 'xp V Q-J Q41 P9 X , W IN9-WJ . W 'JK Mid JM LW ' . , L A I . CSA OW KW' ' ' JP' QC , 0- . ' 3 . QW X V513-2 Sq . - g dy, Jfp I QV? f O G W A- , , ' , 1 - Y k -5 , . Miz! faljg LHJQ PXAW y,w Pf LM f- qymw N wif? ff Zigfidhm ww QSY27447 fl ikvv Qww 'JCL 'If 5512 if Ngyfliwmq' J N MQ mamfwggfgfgfmwg 55 wp www? si Ji? XAx3KV afa W f E 4 A' gfgggwg fp 2:15 5 Rf 2 iii M21 4 1 ' . J K , If A j ' J , 1' I , f- xl . FIU 1 V ' ' V LIL ' A ' 5 EA 'k y A . ff 11 Off Q . M 7 , 4 I X Q' ' 0 W 'Q' 'AU -, ' :MQW W 'J X 'w fy ' 'J 2,10 -M , X f , x 5' 'Q' U w.f 'J V, f ' ' A f - 3-J ' DJ f 'fr' J, I n f 4 T-Q3 4- np!! A V21 , xr ix-bfi 1 'J - .4 ' A n ,, I Y J ' f 'f ' Sv JL jj Aw W ,ifb , - JA, , ,AA VI: VN V, 4 .A ' ' yum ff 4 - 1 ,A iikef, .Q JL,-Qfgw, J 'I ,. Li' gg I AAL, ft: CVR lipgaowf, . M LW A A ,MM .jf I 1 L W A ,. K' - K I A ,X ff X ' 431549 ,UQ V fl . , , 1 M ' 1' f i - :I . C. , A i f Y 6, I lf ,NM . , ,' v' , A if ,. I X ,H Q f A Nw ff ff Fm .fjgfb A TA- V E bb m ANA ' xl Y, R 'J wah: I f N 01 , Liz Q L1 Ab , L 0 R , ,JQ ' ' 1 WNMAV I' . ' JN fb 052-A, ' , APG QQ .fag - fb. Q 'Q--at U 9E'vQ ---M. iw N 'A . X, Jef U f' .,' ff A , 'C A '7 ,X G J F 'A 1 JTEQQQQ Fc, Li, 512, A V WC' Sir CN ' Q -'Ari b 5245 53 , f 'Q V Q23 i 4' cv 228-A ' xf fha v -X E QQ '72 gb L A5 Cl

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