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R ee, I if Ai '54 'NS' '17 'Sk Mba uwl f I X-.x 'frm 4 l- I-ei' 4' Pcltor IH f ne e inf tte 'llcl ow xn Kant In llor lleverlv Steno llus N1 in xgcr fer ilcllne 'Ness Xrt l' dltor Xdvlsor Neem lwlxtor lieverlv Ak mon llus 'Nldndger Helen Hubbell Sports Pdltor l ols Hraunschwelg Robert I1 Nrmstron Howard Xleumann otogr lpher l hotographer Ronald lxolb Robert Belcher Publlslmed By ADA HIGH SCHOOL 1 f c . ll' ll' -' -lllf . ll , , I .V , , 1 2 . l z I 2. lull z J FORILX ORD on 1 11 11 1 t 1 1' 111 1 011 sv on Pxvnts 1 INHPN IL IXI ms s swf s in ll 11r1 H V011 'Mm 1' nl 6- DEDICATIO t 1 mor ss 1 1111111 tll'a n111l to 1 Nlr 11 mann, vvfxr th 1n ll vour Llllll 11111 f 1 1v1l11s ml sms rlng ll 1r 11 11151 s1l1111ml 2 4-xx .1 W Ninn' if i ' Vast, 111111' snf-ty lfllsi H01 ii' for tim ik -Hff - 11s - pilot you lilflillgil zlliuiilftl' re- 1' Inf ,th l 1 5, 'l1:'.' 1 'L' 'I' Q, sucr- e 11 ffl 1111 lmpc 11111 will f'YliUf' this trip as 11111141 11s KNO 1li1l in IYl"E?IiilI'iIlg it for - . '-xXC'7I',i I1 dir! We, hr Se ' filaixp 1f 1052, 1111 f ' 'atc if un 1 yt 11, s. I 1' , a H1 for v 1 ' z " a1n1l 1111111 in sn runny 11 mr uct' ' ' 2: il 1-1119: :A 1l11 ' 111 ' four yu S f 'vi ff . N1 , 1 1 -1 'Q f '-'W' 5 FACULTY V 'K 'ix N u Q D Supt A C lederson If X I uther College and I nxverslty of XIIYIH fav' A I F A X' Y x X U je fl St I NWO X Cf ey P ggtlax cxensvz Q oHeF,e an nl lerchzit tudllis fiierson H ents gate 'XQAC versuyot, H Varzne qck t x a Vggfm Oi N' mn df e"'V and UW' 3 J, 3 N ' ' K x . f ' x . - X 5' Tx '.,W"h b' S Dgi' an 2 X :I . Q Z.. giusl lr L I I lg s F, sm. ', ,Mhb 1 -' ' ,?fh41s.s. ,yy . ,D - , ' Owen L. McGowan Sub'ects, Remedial ll orlfl llistoryg B.S., Uni versity of ND. Blanchel Olsen School Secretar and Y Llbfaflah N1 S T C llanlel ll lluoff u ects lhv IJFIVCI' 'lralnlng I3 S UnlVCFSlty of 'Nlmn l enora l lohnson Subjects llath Xmer l lst Speech li A n1 versity of 'N D 'Nlln 1 'Xmlerson Office Xsslst mt 'lloor hed St ite l e lchers College QQ RS- Kxau P50 3 4 Agne s lfaragh er Subject, Physics, Chem- istry, Biology, en 'cience li A 'ni versity of lowa Pthel P Symons qubjects Fngllsh X X S. Yll B A Far o College Umverslty of 'N ll 8. Nl S T C 'llarle A lllste Subjects Ir lllghlllath N C lnlverslty of Col orado le rv J Sltta Subjects llookkeepxng Shorthanrll 8 II Typing li A Xfilley City State 'l e ichers College Lnl verslty of Nl D lloln-rt ll Nrmstrong Su 1 ccts I3 me en lluslness Comm l aw I mv 0 o 1 sther Pfteldnd Subjects In llSh Nlfnh K Sr f ISS' .1 5 0 VI le I Pn ects 'Kg I I S IV larm Shop I3 S I nlverslty of Xlmnesotfx Donald Schlattman Subjects Phv Pd KC n Scxence H S Unxversltx o 'Nmn N131 f 'al R" 'N Arlene N1 freuel Sub ecte Home I' c B ' e looks ue Rig t: Nlrs. leterson Hrs. liowyer Hrs. Ike. - - A Shelrla Xnn Iicobson Subjects flrle Hcfalth S. vtd NS Pllentloln Subjects X oc 11 HUGIC H 'K foncordm f lrl lxnumen Sublectq Ycterin Q rx 5 No a Xg follege H17 lheth lletl incl ecto l n I Sh G11-.tnl1Q. Xdoll hus L,,..w1nmn-use-rw wamunfsn-.W E'.....,..f ui- 5 -W' 'ai15naw..... , ,Mg ., . fm. 'ai ,""- -...-, 8 ,., 1518- mm? 1? I! 'if I it F gnu .,,,,,,. EMM V A 3' .M-f 3 -wnummuo-u I Q M 1 A' ,inn V4 H ,Q n... , Mk F MMM 3 ,4 fa ns 1 g 1 , gc . , , 2 if " M qaf SE IURS .4 T031 AN SAL UTA T v ALEDIC , URIAA 31511 BeVCYlY Siena Cla N0den CLASS HISTURY l'ilteen Seniors completed their twelve years in Ada High School lhey are W ilfred Anderson liobert lletcher Vlctorla Cerjets Patricia fullekson Ronald lxolb lames landsverk fcraldine Ness Hichard Nielson Patricia Noden Nancy l allum Vemon Rage 'Nlarlene lvedt llobert Visser l aVonne Wambach and Audrey Writer Doris Hellerud and Orin Sell joined us in the First frade to help us make beautiful music with our little tuneless band Miss Bell welcomed us in the Second Grade with kisses when we behaved and hair pulling when we were nau ht e ilvere joined by twelve more industrious students in the 'lhxrd frade and wracked our brain learmng arithmetic problems Duane Fastvold Marjorie Caustad l aVonne Fleslhart Beverly Loftman and Wesly I uchau joined us ln the Fourth to help us enjoy our rides down the firescape after getting Hundreds in Spelling l aVonne W and a few others cracked Lhell' heads swinging on the Giants durlng recess ln the Fifth Grade and would turn to Nlrs Fay Gullxckson for consulatlon P our students joined us for our last year in Crade School We were very unhappy to learn that we could n t have any more Valentme and Halloween parties ,Ir High at last Three more adventurers joined us for our journey through the halls looklng for the class- room we were supposed to be in We had great fun making our first float for the Homecoming Parade Nineteen students came to help us make our llearse Float for the Eighth Grade entry in the Homecoming Parade that year Dorothy Sanders joined our ranks for one year and then declded she liked lt better in Cincinnati. Marjorie Caustad also left Ada to continue her schooling in Bagley. Ten more joined us for our Green Years as Freshmen. We were invited to our first Senior High party and did we have fun! Duane Fastvold decided he would like to continue his schooling in Thief River Falls. Five more joined us for our introduction into Senior High. Wir. Eid greeted us with World History and outlines. May we always remember those days! We also burned quite a bit of gasoline gathering wood for bonfire for Homecoming. Little Sweetheart was our entry for the year in Dramatics put on with the help of Miss Efteland. Mar- jorie Thorson joined our Junior class only to be put to work decorating for the Prom. We will always re- member the mad dash for the deadline of Friday evening May 18. We finally made it. Seniors at last. Eleanor Nygard came back to finish with us and Maryln Bartz de- cided it would be nice to finish at Ada High but later went to Minneapolis. We furnished the Homecoming Queen Helen Sorenson and all her attendents. On November I6 we presented Strange Boarders which was a great success. We will our past experiences to the Juniors fwe hope they benefit by theml andtake with us many memories as we leave 'Dear Old Ada High . 8 'C' 92. N , sl 1 LUIS NELSON Annual, Girls' Glee- Club, One-Af't-Play, The Viking Log, jr. Class See., Jr. Class Play Comm., I".ll.A. President. NANCY PALLUNI Annual, Band, Jr. Class Treas., Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Sextet, Junior Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Pep Band, The Viking Log, Queen Atd. Jr. Vice Pres- iclent. BARBARA ANIBUICIIL Annual, Band Pres., Mixed Chorus Pres., One-Act- Play, Pep Band, The Vik- ing Log, jr. Class Play Prompter, Sen. Class Play Prompter, Queen At- tendant, Jr. Class Treas., Girls' Glee Club, Intra- mural Cheerleader. GRIN SELF Annual, Band, Ho s' Clee Club, F.F.A., FIRIA judg- ing Team, Nlixed Chorus, Sr. Class Play, The Vik- ing Log. 9 CLASS MOTTO CLIMB THOUGH THE Rocxs BE Ruccsn GLORIA FRANZ Annual, Band, Girls' Glee Club, Jr. Class Play, Comm., Vlixed Chorus, Ilonorary Circle. MARILYN IIARTZ Girls' Glee Club, Sr. Class Treas., Queen Attendant. K AROL UIQRGLIND F.I".A., FFA Judging Team, Student Council. HELEN HUBDELL Annual Bus. Mg., Band, Clarinet Quartet, Debate, Declam., Jr. Class Play, One-Act-Play, Pep Band, Speech, The Viking Log, Queen Atd., Sr. Class Play, Intramural Cheer- leader, F.H.A. Sec. MARJORIE THORESON Girls' Clee Club, The Viking Log. SHIRLEY RILL Annual, Band, Declam., Girls' Glee Club, Jr. Class PlayComm., Mixed Chorus, Pep Band, Hon. Circle, Fresh. Sec. ROBERT HEKMAN Basketball, F'.F.A., Intra- mural Sports, Sr. Class Play, Track. SENIOR RONALD KOLB Annual, Band, Baseball, Boys' Clee Club, Declam., Football,lntramural Sports, Mixed Chorus, One Act- Play, Pep Band, Band Prop. Mgr., Sr. Class Play, Student Council. RAYMOND BETCHER Annual, Band, Boys' Glee Club, Boys' Quartet, Foot- ball, Jr. Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Pep Band. 'QA ew- Nt- ala LASS GLORIANNE ALMS Declam., Girls' Clee Club, Sr. Class Play, Viking, Soph. Sec. 1? r , N1AHl,l1flNF. TVEDT Annual, Band, Declam., BEVERLY STENE Annual Ass. Ed., Declam., Girls' Glee Club, Debate, Mixed Chorus, Hon. Circle, Fresh. Treas. LADONNA ROESCH Pep Club, Viking Log. LOIS WILKENS Girls' Glee Club. ELDON EKLUND Boys' Quartet, F.F.A., 2 ,gn Girls' Glee Club, Sextette, jr. Class Play, Mixed Chorus, One Act-Play, Sr. Class Play, Viking, lion. Circle. FFA Judging Team, Foot- ball, Mixed Chorus, Sr. Class Play, Track. Clfll-kl,DlNl'i NESS ilnnuzil llus. Mgr., liantl Chef-rlearler, Debate, Jr. Cla:-as Play, Unfhfkct-Play Sr. Class Play, Speech The Viking Log Ffditor, 1 1 llonorary Circle, Queeri 1 Intramural Cheerleader fl U F At. JUAN KHSN,-KK Girls' Glee Club, Vik- ingLog. PXXTHICIA NUDEN Annual, Band, Deelam., Girls'Glee Club, jr. Class Play, Mixed Chorus, One- ACK-Play, Pep Band, The Viking Log, llonorary Circle, Girls' State, Sr. Class Play Prompter. VlfllNON RAGE F.F.A., Football, Basket- ball. JAMES l,ANlJSVlQllK Band Vice Pres., Basket- ball, Sr. Class Pres., De- clam., F.F.A., Football, Intramural Sports, Sr. Class Play, Student Coun- oil, 'I'rac:k, Fresh. Class Vice Pres. lllCllfXllD NIEISEIN Hand, llasehall, Basket- ball, Football, lntramural Sports, Sr. Class Play, Student Couric-il Pres., Sophomore' Class Treas 12 .lfCANlQ'l'TE WCGOWAN Annual Editor, Jr. Class Pres., Declamation, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, One-Act-Play, Senior Class Play, Speech, Hon. Circle, Drum Majorette. HELEN SUHENSON Declamation, Girls' Glee Club, Sr. Class Play, Student Council, The Vik- ing Log, Senior Vice Pres. Homecoming Queen. LAVONNE WANll3ACH Girls' Glee Club, Student Council, The Viking Log, Soph. Vice President. LYLA LUCHAU lleclamation, The Viking Log. LUIS BHAUNSCHWEIG Annual Art Editor, Debate, Declamation, Sr. Class Play, Speech, The Viking Log, Senior Secretary. WALFREIJ ANDERSON Basketball, Football, ln- tramural Sports, Sr. Class Play. AGNES HIIQPE Band, Pep Band, Viking. PILOTS ZFX ,, 7 K I . if y FLLANOR NYBI-,RG ,! f K K X ' 3 MAHLYS ECKHOFF Declam., Girls' Clee Club, Mixed Chorus, The Viking Log. HOWARD NEUMANN Annual S orts Ed., Band, Basketball, Boys' Quar- tet, Fresh. Class Pres., F.F.A., FFA Judging Team, Football, Intramural Sports, Jr. Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Student Council, Sr. Class Play. ELNIER SORENSON EARLE FINCH Boys' Quartet, F.F.A., FFA judging Team, Foot- ball, Intramural Sports, Jr. Class Play, Mixed Chorus, One-Act-Play. PILOTS XIAHLYS FETTINC Girls' Clee Club, The Viking Log. f ix BEVERLY VILNIO V ' xl BEVERLY AKASON Annual Ass. Ed., Soph. Class Pres., Declam., Girls' Clee Club, jr. Class Play, The Viking Log, Honorary Circle. AHDIS JACOBSON Jr. Class Play Usher, Stu- dent Council, The Viking Log. E 'x "TA PATRICIA GULLEKSON Declam., Girls' Clee Club, jr. Class Play, The Vik- ing Log, Queen Atd., In- tramural Cheerleader. ROBERT VISSEH F'.F.A. Tx COLOR Xl XX In lilll lihllilll l' F. Class Play fimrim.. lin- Nilimg lug. Blue and Silver FLOWER Gardinias -J E Z5 .lULl'JLYN JOHNSON IDl,l,l,-X bLllliOl,lJhli Band. Girls' G11-e Club, jr. Class Play Comm., The Viking Log. DORIS lllf,l,l,,FlRUll VIC'l'UlilAX GEli.ll'l'l'5 The Viking Log. The Viking Log. NIKLVIN Bl'lNNlCFll'Il,D .UlDlil'lY Wlll'l'l'lli F.F. A. The Viking Log. CLASSES Kg d 63, he X x 9 .. D , r .1 is if 4 Q- ,D le .annie 1 L -K YW 5- ? x 5. 'Q 'Q v Z' 1 '5 Q 6 v FTE ,,,, UN IDRS Glenn Anderson Carol jean Hartz Gayle Berberi ch Joyce Bergman Verna Bjorem llo dn ey Boy er Carol Brevik Marlene Brueshoff Joan llolm Keith llovland ,Ianice lke Gerald Jacobson Marlene Jensen Melbourne johnson Erling Logan Mary Marsten 'ef lg ogg' I X ij, 5 Elda Faye Fellirlg Vernon Nalwick gr" :jg Alva Gade Carol Ann Nelson 1 M H! 493: ' Q 'N - I time , 5 '. I . 1 7 I Ronald Gerjets ,Ioan Newburgh 1 I ,ii .I in Dennis Gigler Dennis Neibling 1 5,4 2, ,G T gs." Q . , -V Shirley Grivno janet Nordby i l , 4' Marion llausten Nola Nordby I ' 1,1 Il .39 5 Patricia Hellerud Allen Olson .yfg V Dan Hibbs Geraldine Olson -Q ' R ks Q 1, 'gf Q 'I I8 tx Wy W .VS ' .A' 32, 'f I-.i,,J " 1 F vii" ,am-l, 0 -AKA.. N Aw' c Q nl , , HX!! X . 4 I I 1 - JTTLP fx-V ,, 4. ,-., if 'i 1' if .ok . 5- ,, X s S 4' 1- df ., as I N, x, ,U 1,1 K f M .axe 5. ' v Q 5262 gi , 1,4- 5 , X I .N i.'?i.f2? A .f ' ' ' X .'-l"::.1f" lf . f '?'A"'1' .,.: 4' ' l N I 'N ,-.. .o..'.! X 4 . W l S7 1 J If . J s ... xv 6 J Q' H7 i Q , x , 5 Q G- vc, ' 2'-J f V ' 'W' AL 1 '26 'S ,N xx fl lain 8 C0-PILOTS Sonja Olson Claycle Palmer David Rector I loward Ro ck stad ,lean lloesch Ronald lloesch lloward Stomls Wilma Teters Dew ey To mm erdahl Clark Tu fte Gary Ullman Donald Visser My G l ,CJ S Myrna Huch Roberta Wick 5 l i Marlys Samuelson William Wilkens 1? 7 I Shirley Slcalsky Addie Writer X X X X X Q J "jWnVJYYgg"lT' I .-'fl -I X -L I Z -ef' X f s D11-L A fix! Ci rss -5.5 n if F-s ,ai kj 'I ,I 7 5' fri? ff I iv V K. H. fi 3: ,F 6 x Sonja Olson, Presidentg Nlarlys Samuelson, Treasurerg Gary Ullman, Vice Presidentg Gail Berberich, Secretary. Advisors, Nliss Cruel, Nlr. Sitta. i SOPHOi ORES Q :'. M 44 gr Row I, Left to Right. Jo Ann Lee, Patricia Olson, Joy Sar gent, Patricia Wilshusen Lavon Peterson, Jane Siberg Row ll. Joan Benesh LaVonne Bergman, Carol Williamson Julia Edwards, Marilyn Bartz Janice Geving. Row Ill. Jerry llabedank, Martin Oanes, Darrel Westcott, Donald Stumi, James Chuesburg, Ronald Hanson. Row l, Left to Right. Janis Cirks, Deloris Ogaard, Patricia Anthony, Gail Schwartz, Nlarlene Tollerud, Thelma Jacobson. Row Il. Sheryl Dekko, Audrey Loken, Patricia Larson, Shirley Tommerflahl, Carol Anderson, Nlarlys Ras- musson. Row Ill. Vernon lla- beclc, Dale Dullum, Stanley Blassey, Burton Sorenson, Clinton Jacobson, Luveme Petry Row l, Left to Right. Orvid Jorgensen, Keith Wamback, Dennis Aslcelso n, Harold Olson, Wayne Ambuehl, James Arel. Row ll. Joann Stenberg, Sharon Nightengale, Barbara Wichem, Charles llellerud, Doris Cerjets, Carol Westcott. Row Ilf. Audrey Karsten, Mar- lene Braunschweig, Orlaine Merkins, Donna Gilsoul, Joanne Fisher. Row I, Left to Right. Donald Williams, Thomas Nordby, Vernon Brengman, Kenneth Engelke, john Krogstad, Ronald Vilmo, Paul Larson. Row II. Gloria Grothe, Niary Dee Ilanson, ,IoAnn Jensen, Roxanne Roesch, Rose Marie Zinns, Barbara Luchau, Gayle Lee. Row III. Eugene Rass- mussen, Wayne Simpson, Arlen Niebeling, Harold Nloe, Thomas Skalsky, Du Wayne Montieth, Laurence Glaypool Row I. Jane Platt, Ellen Nlerkins, Dewey Anderson, Glenn Slinger, David Bjorge, Fern Skare, Melva Chuesberg. Row II. Ethel Germolus, Ellen Nlaltrud, Margaret Wi edau, Ronald Tamlce, ,Ioann Steen, Cecelia Riepe, Elaine Lee. Row III. Laurine Ford, Carol Larson, Terry Ann Peterson, Carol Roesch, Beverly Nelson, Dorothy Lundon. Freshman ll i -m Row I, Left to Right. Carl Rlyers, Eugene Anderson, Daniel Clayton, Robert Platt, Duane Dauner, Gerald Murphy, Duane Jorgenson. Row II. Shirley Ford, ,Ianice Bergman, Patricia Blasey, Gorman Larson, Betty Kitchell, Eldora Peterson, Donna Myers. Row III. LeRoy Boyer, Nlerl e Gullek- son, Gerald Habeck, Sherman Moe, Norman Gunderman, Robert Sturm, Monte Ruch. Eighth Grade Row I, Left to Right. Shirley Berg, Allen Sorenson, Donald Flyberg, Herman Sprung, John Lee, Patsy Jensen. How Il. Marlin Ness, Janet Hom, Bonnie Montieth, Agnes Blasey, Jacquelyn Ellingson, Bonnie l ood, Duwayne c roeder Row l, Left to Right. Arvid Stene, Winfred Bauer, Larry Miller, Walter Bauer, Gene llaaland, Ronald Jacobson. Row Il. Joan Hellerud, Frances Riepe, Janet Bjerlc, Cheryl Petting, Sandra Bell, Marlene Eid, Loretta Geving. Row I, Left to Right. Ronald Johnston, Ronald Stenberg, Peter Sethre, Richard Kelly, DuWayne Larson, David Kroshus, John Jerdee. Row ll. David Merkins, Audrey Peter- son, JoAnn Vigen Kathleen Petry, Margaret Nirschl, Nancy Habeck, Marvin Kolb Row I Left to Rlght David Nordby ,Iohn Kitchell Gerald Williams Wayneliasz Holland Roesch Van Ilemnger Row ll Gloria Prussia 'Vlarl anne Nlurphy 'Nlary ,Io Storslee Sandra Gullekson Glenda Wick How III Delmar Brueshoff Dale 'Nloon Gerald Klrchmeler Russel Steen Keith Rector Row I Left to Right Richard Larson Donald Krsnak David Otting Kenneth Strand Charles Braunschweig Row II Janice johnson Carol Gorze Audrey Rill Kaye Nelson ,Io Anne Braunschweig Row Ill Ellen Lundon, Betty Pierce, Linda Hopwood. Not pictured: Morris Lee, Carolyn Eggen. Row I Left to Rlght Myron Hoyme David Volkerdlng Burton Elllngworth Gerald Visser Nh chael Lundon Gerald Gnewe Row II Betty Platt, Sharon Rasmussen Harriet Slxmnger ,Ieme Kay llopwoo jane Sprung Row IH Deanna llabeck Twilla Ann Peterson Charlene Brengman Nlaxme Loken Donna Finch. Seventh Grade Y . , .,.i .. . -4 'fi -, A ' L , e t 1. - , ifg-1e.g.:,4.-'Q i fisiifiiili " h Q 4 :V I h .. y . ' . s ' . ' . Q, Row I, Left to Rigmt, Alva Jean Miller, Mike Ruch. Row ll. Mary jo Vernon Thomforde, Mary Ann Roquet, Clayton Bitker, Alisin Anderson LOCKH RT TH AND 8TH Wilsh usen, Row Ill. Janet Stauning Lila Geving, Judy Menge kins, Delores Atkins Mr. Arneson. Class Officers SOPHOMORES Pres. Dennis A. V-Pres. Darrel W. Sec'y. Patty O. Treas. Delores O. FRESHMEN Pres. Tommy S. V-Pres. Gloria C. Sec'y. Betty K. Treas. Ronald V. 2 a SENIORS 5 H5333 ,, 55? .M fm Q 7th GRADE Pres. Mary ,Io S. V-Pres. Ken S. Sec'y. Maxine L. Treas. Keith R. 8th GRADE Pres. ,Ion ,I V-Pres. Audrey P. Sec'y. Nancy H Treas. Ronald J Pres. James L. V-Pres. Helen S. Sec 'y. Lois B. Treas. Marilyn B. Lee Clayton, Clifford At- ACTIVITIES vga 5 Q52 VM X N N UA STAFF Ass. Editor - Beverly S Editor - Jeanette Nl Advisor - Mr. Armstrong Ass Editor Beverly A Sports Editor - Howard N. Bus. Managers - Gerry N. Helen H. Art Editor - Lois B. ,Xu Photographers Honnle K Bob B Ass Photographers Dewey T Clark T GENERAL STAFF Peggy F., Shirley R., Pat N., NOT PICTURED Marlene T., Lois N., Sonja O., Nancy P. Carol B., Gail B. Barbara A- 26 C7 SR. PAPER STAFF Row I, Top to Bottom. LaDonna R., Lyla L., Nlarlys E., Ardis J., Eleanor N., Jocelyn J. Row II. Beverly V., ldella S., Beverly A., Lois N., Marlys F., Agnes R., Victoria G. Row lll. Lois W., Helen ll., Helen S., Joan K., Lavonne W., Marjorie T. P PER STAFF Gerry N. - Editor. Marlene T. - Sports lfd. Glenn A. - Ass. Sports Ed. 81 mimeographist. Lois ll. - Art Editor. Dennis C. - Ass. Sports Ed. 84 mimeographist. Advisor - Nlr. Sitta. JR. PAPER STAFF Row I, Top to Bottom, Alva C., Marlene B., Shirley G., Marlene J. Row ll. Addie W., Janice I., Nola N. Row III. Janet N., Glayde P., Marlys S. BAND Row I, Left to Right. Loretta G., Jocelyn J., Sandra Il., Audrey L., Geraldine N., Carol B. Row II, Left to Right. Marlys R., Patricia N., Marvin K., David K., Patricia L., Gayle D. Row III, Left to Right. Roxanne R., Shirley T., Monte R., Gene II., Howard N., Robert R., Terry P., Twilla P., llarold O., Paul I... Melbourne J., Gary U. Row IV, Left to Right. Richard N., Walter B., John J., David V., Dennis A., Robert S. the Spring Concert and music festivals in March and April. Officers of the band this year are: President, Barbara A.g Vice President, James L., Secretary, Carol B., Treasurer, Sonja O., Property Manager, Dick N., and Student Director, Gary U. The proceeds from this year's booster Concert are to be applied toward the expense of the second Iii-Annual Ada High School Hand Camp. The first camp held in 1950 was a tremendous success, and the band members are looking forward to still another fine camping session. 29 Clarinet uarlel Left to Right. Helen Hubbell, Barbara Ambuehl, Pat Anthony, Gail Schwartz MIXED CHORUS ' 1 ROW I Left to Rlgll Gaxl Schwartz Marlene Tvedt Shrrley Grxvno Jean Roesch Gall Berbench Pamela Anthon Marlene Tollerud Carol Brevlk Nancy Pallum Beverly Stene Glorla Franz Carole Anderson ROW I Julla Edwards Barbara Ambuehl Patncxa Larson Thelma Jacobson Patrxcla Noden Audrey Loken Shxrley Tommerdahl Shlrley Rlll Sonja Olson Elda Fay Fettmg Marlys Rusmusson ROW Ill Dewey Anderson Paul Larson Arlen Nxeblmg Luverne Petry Burton Sorenson Thomas Norby Vernon Brengman John Krogstad Ronald Johnson Mrke Slmpson Denms Clgler ROW IV Lawrence Claypool Stanley Blasey DenmsN1ehl1ng Glenn Anderson Ronald Geryets Harold Moe Erlmg Logan Eldon Eklund Melbourne Johnson David Rector Fifty boys and glrls make up the personnel of the Hxgh School Mlxed Chorus this year Thelr special project was the purchaslng of handsome new cholr robes whlch add much to the appearance of the group Sturdy new cholr rlsers were also purchased th1s year Numerous appearances were made by the group the mam one belng the annual Christmas Concert 30 GIRL ' GLEE CLUB ROW I, Left to Right: Jane P., Lavon P., Carol N., Janet N., Joann S., Shirley G., Jean H., Gayle B., Marlene T., Gail S., Jane S., Joan K., Helen S., Marlys F. HOW II, Left to Right: Shirle S., Joan N., Pat A., Pat L., Marlene T., Patty O., Barbara A., Son'a O., Lois N., Nano P., Shirley R., Elaine L., Mar- lene J., Barbara L., Ellen M. ROW III: Joann B., Bat W., Carol W., Mari s E., Geraldine O., Marlys H., Carol B., Carol B., Thelma J., Pat N., Audrey L., Beverly V., Myrna R., Wilma, Lois W., Fern S. ROW IV: Marjorie T., Joyce B., Glorianne A., Addie W., Roberta W., Alva G., Janice I., Gloria F., Carol A., Shirley T., Julia E., Idella S., Nola N., Janis C., Elda Faye F., Lauraine F. Over one hundred girls tried out this year for choir from which seventy girls were chosen to compose the Girls Choir. The girls rehearse twice a week with special soprano and alto part practices. Last year this group was awarded the trophy for receiving an' "A" rating in both the district and regional music festivals. Miss Flotin, Director. M SIC GROUPS lloys' quartet, left to right, lflclon lf., llobert B., lloward N., Glenn A. Girls' sextette, left to right, Gayle ll., fllarlene T., Carol ll., Carol A., Sonja O., Nancyll. Trio, left to right, Sonja O., Carol ll., Gayle B. Girls, Sextette, left to right, Pat L., Marlene T., Pat A., Gail S., Audrey L., Shirley T. Pianist, Gerry N., A rating in regional music contest. UNIOR CHORALEER Rowl Left to R1ght Shrrley Berg janet Horn Audre Peterson JoAnn Vxgen Kathleen Petry D3Vld0I tmg John Kitchell Mxss Flotm Davld Merkms Roland Roesch Rxchard larson DaVld Nordby Davld Volkerdlng Wayne Hasz Row Il Carolyn P ggen Twllla Peterson Harrret Slmlnger Carol Corze Deanna Habeck lane Sprung ,Ierne Hopwood Fharlene Bren man lynda Hopwood Mary Storslee John ,Ierdee Ronald Johnston Russel Steen Kenneth Strand Gera d wllll3mS Row Ill Glenda WICK Agnes Blau ,Io Ann llellerud Bonme llopwood Marlene I' 1d loretta Gevmg Sandra Bell Patsy Jensen Nancy Habeck Francxs Rnepe Cheryl Pettmg Nlarxanne Murphy Donna Fmch Row IV ,Iacquel n Fllmgson Janet B erk Margaret Nxrschl Audrey R111 Maxme loken Betty Platt Van Herrmger Rona d Jacobson 'Vlarvxn olb Marlm Ness Not Plctured Rxchard Kelly Delmar Brueshoff The ,Iumor Choraleers made thelr first appearance at the Christmas Concert thls year The organlzatlon IS composed of a group of 7th and 8th grade bo s and glrls who meet IWICC a week for rehearsal 'llaxlne Lo en was awarded the prlze for the orlglnal verses wrltten for the Choraleers theme song last a .lr Hlgh Sextet lerry Peterson JoAnn V1 gen Loretta fevmg Marlene Fld P llen Nlerklns 'Margaret Wledau 33 2 3 1 y I' , t y ' Y 1 " Y 7 ! " Y A Y , - 3 J 1 y 1 1 1 1 1 1 I rv v ' 1 1 1 Q 1 . ,. . . ,. . , , . . , V , . . , , 7 Y J I 4 I 1 1 I , , . , , . , . : F' , , lg , ' Y 7 1 i Y Y 7 I 1 . , . A . . . . , . l Z . 3 2 . A b P 2 A . P . .1 f 1 - X , ,, ,r N I . : - , - . . 1 . 1 7 s A I 1 A - , , , . . F.F'.A. Officers, Left to Right, Vernon Rage, Er- ling Logan, Mr. Eng, Advisor, Howard Neumann, Dennis Askelson, Howard Rockstad. General Livestock Team, Left to Right, James Bartz, Melvin Bennefeld, Robert Visser The Ada F.F.A. now has been in operation for six years and have had well over 100 members since the original charter was received in ,Iune 1947. There are four ades of membership in the F.F.A. N ' f " ' Association as foliidwsg Green lland, Chapter Farmer, 1 State Farmer and American Farmer. The Chapter last year had two State Farmers, Arlie Aslcelson and Karol Berglind. The DeKalb Award given each year to the outstanding student in the Agriculture Classes went to Arlie Askelson. The fundamental objective of the F.F.A. is to est- ablish the Farm Boy in Farming. Other activitiesinclude Co-operative Activities, Supervised Farming, Community Service, Leadership Activities, Earnings and Savings, Scholarship, and recreation. Row I Left to Right, Charles Hellerud, Burton Sorenson, Dennis Askelson, Darrel Westcott, Gerald Jacobson, Martin Oanes, James Arel. Row Il, Eldon Eklund, Howard Neumann, Elmer Sorenson, Vernon Rage, Ronald Roesch, Dick Weber, Gerald Karsten. Row III, Orin Self, Er- ling Logan, Ronald Gerjets, Glenn Anderson, Karol Berglind, Stanley Blasey, Robert Hekman. F.F. . Dairy ,Iud ing Team, l,eft to Right, lflldon Elc- lund, Kam? Berglind, Howard Neumann. Crops judging Team, Left to Right, Arlie Askel- son, Earle Finch, Joe Roesch. Row l, Left to Right, Carl Myers, Dewey Ander- son, jerry Habeck, Thomas Skalsky, Donald Williams, Monte Ruch, Arlen Eckhoff, Eugene Anderson, Row Il, Dennis Gigler, William Wil- kens, Allen Olson, Duwayne Monteith, Howard Rockstad, Clinton Jacobson, Ronald Hanson, Lenard Sorenson, Row Ill, Glenn Slininger, Hon- ald Tamke, Corman Larson, Harold Moe, Sherman Moe, Robert Platt, Keith Hovland, Duane Dauner. The Dairy ,lud ing Team composed of lloward Neu- man, ldldon Eklunc? and Karol Ber lind entered 3 Judg- ing Contests in 1951. The team pgaced in atie for sec- ond in the District l Contest held at Crookston in May. At the State judging Contest at U. Farm in May, the team placed 3rd and at the State ,ludgin Contest at the State Fair, the team placed second with Karol llerglind being the lligh individual with Howard Neu- man Znd place in the entire Contest. The Crops Team was composed of Earle Finch, ,loe Roesch and Arlie Askelson. The team entered two judging Contests, the District at Crookston where they placed second and the State Judging Contest in which they placed 10th. The General Livestock Team composed of Melvin Bennifield, Robert Visser and James Bartz judged in the contest at Crookston and at the Winter Shows. The team did not place. Who's the Dummy? Wllo Lowered the Boom? On November 16, 1951, the Senior Class presented "Strange Boardersu under the direction of Nliss Efteland. The cast con- sisted of fifteen eo le and are as follows: P ll Candy Fenway - Glorianne Alms Professor Harriman - ,Iames Landsverlc Glory Fenway - Gerry Ness Smiley - Eldon Eklund joey - Orin Self Captain Winlcle - Robert Hekman Cordelia - liois llraunschweig ,Iolm Todd - Diclc Nielson Amity llaines - llelen llubbell Priscilla llaines - Marlene Tvedt Lon Dagget - Ronald Kolb Myrtle llod e - Jeanette McGowan Susie - llelen Sorenson Boston Benny - Howard Neumann The Deacon - Walfred Anderson 5.9 Row 1, Left to Right, Jeanette McGowan, Lois Braunscbweig, Glorianne Alms, llelen Sorenson, Geraldine Ness. Row 11, Orin Self, Marlene Tvedt, Helen Hubbell, Walfred Anderson, Robert Hekman, Howard Neumann, Eldon Eklund. Row III, Dick Nielson, Ronald Kolb, james Landsverk. 14? Trouble Auntie? Seated, left to right, Helen ll., Jim L., Pal N., Nancy P. Beverly A., Back Row, Pat G., Earle F., Miss. Efteland Marlene T., Geny N., Hob B., Howard N. LITTLE SWEETHEART On the night of May 4, the Junior class play "Little Sweet- heart" was presented under the direction of Nliss Efteland. The cast contained 11 people and are as follows: Emily Stevens - a dream walking - Geraldine Ness Clyde Nelson -in love with Emily - Earle Finch Zenobia Jones -- an understanding colored cook - Patricia Gullelcson Karen Taylor - who needs a babysitter - llelen Hubbell ,lane Carson - a model - Marlene Tvedt Grant Booth - in love with Jane - ,lames Landsverlc Pat Murphy - a policeman - Howard Neumann Yvonne Bordeau - singing in a ni htclub - Beverly Alcason Octavia Nelson - Clyde's aunt -Tatricia Noden Harry Taylor - Karen's jealous husband - Bob Betcher Rosa Hosella - A vegetable dealer - Nancy Pallum William Tell? Vlia Bambino! O E CT PLAYS Which Is the Way To Boston, Arlie A., Gerry N., Ronald K., Helen H. Two Crooks and a Lady, left to right, Earle F., gurtis L., ,Iohn A., Lois N., ,Ieanette M., Marlene Which Is the Way To Boston, left to right, Arlie A., Gerry N., Ronald K., Helen H. By Special Request, left to ri ht, Dennis N., Carol B., Pat N., Clark T., and Barbara A. Last Spring in a local one-act play con- test three plays were presented. They were Which Is the Way To Boston and Two Crooks and a Lady both dramas and directed by Mrs. Johnson, and one comedy By Special Request directed by Miss Jacobson. The winning play in the local was Which Is the Way to Boston. It also went on to win in the sub-district,district, regional and also competed in the state. The story of the winning play is based on an old legend which leads to tragedy. The cast was as follows: Arlie Aslcelson as ,Iohn Harvey, a retired farmer, Helen Hubbell as his wife Martha, Ronald Kolb as his nephew Chris, and Geraldine Ness as Chris's wife Mary. Melbourne ,Iohnson and Billy Faragher were stage managers. HO ORARY CIRCLE Row I Left to Right Marlys Samuelson Gayle Berberrch Sonja Olson Mar lene Tvedt Pat Noden Carol Brevlk Row II Howard Storms Jeanette Mc Cowan Beverly Akason Gloria Franz Shirley R111 Clark Tufte STUDE T COUNCIL Row Il leonard Sorenson Denms Askelson Clark Tuite Karol Berghnd Howard Storms Howard Neu mann Thomas Skalsky ,Iohn Krogstad Not Pictured Sonja Olson 39 Row I, Left to Right, ,Iohn Jerdee, Richard Nielsen, Mr. Eid, Advisory. ,lim Landsverk, Mary Jo Storslee DEBATE Front Row, Left to Right: Lois Braunschweig, Janet Nordby, Mrs. Johnson, Coach, Geraldine Ness. Back Row: Helen Sorenson, Barbara Ambuehl, Helen Hub- bell, Jeanette McGowan, Beverly Stene. DECLAMATIO llow l: Left to llighl: Lois Braunschweig, Beverly Steno, Nlary Dee llanson, JoAnn Jensen, Plldora Peterson, Patricia Blasey, Pat Wilshusen, Lavon Peterson, Barbara Wichern, Marlene Braunschweig, Row ll: Terry Peterson, Marlys Echoff, Lyla Luch- au, Janis Cirks, Carole Anderson, Sonja Olson, Car- ol Brevik, Gail Berberich, Thelma Jacobson. Bow I: Left to Right: Margaret Wiedau, Fern Skare, Ellen Merkins, Janis Ike, Rose Zins, How ll: Mar- lene Tollerud, Pat Anthony, Pat Larson, Shirley Tommerdahl, Marlys Rasmussen. Row Ill: Thomas Skalsky, Gary Ullman, Clark Tuite, Norman Gunder- man. How l: Left to Bight: Janis Bergman, Melva Chue- sberg, lfllaine Lee, Janis Geving, Jane Silberg, Mrs. Hetland, coach. Row II: Laurine Ford, Maril n Bartz, Gail Schwartz, Pat Noden, Marlene Tvedlt. Row III: Jerry Habedank, Paul Larson, Dewey And- erson, David Bjorge, Merle Gullekson. SPORTS Howard Neumann Vernon Rage Earle Finch Darrel Westcott Erllng Logan 20 Dann Hxbbs 10 -lxm Landsverk Caplam 8 Melbourne johns on 7 Davld Rector K ww FUOTBALL 3 Managers Howard Olson and Kexth Wamback 42 FOOTB LL 43 21 Dennis Neibling 19 Eldon Eklund 18 Glenn Anderson 15 Harold Moe 12 Bob Belcher 31 Thomas Skalsky 25 Ronald Gerjets 23 Dennis Askelson 22 Dick Nielsen Row I Left to Right Vernon Brengman Dennis Nlebhng Eldon Fklund Howard Neumann Melbourne John son David Rector James Arel Row II Dan Hibbs Denms Askelson Vernon Rage Earle Finch HaroldMoe Bob Betcher Martln Oanes Row Ill Don Schlattman Coach Thomas Skalsky Darrel Westcott Glenn Ander son Dick Nielsen Honald Gerjets Erllng Logan ,lim Landsverk The 1951 Viking griders has a successful season 'Xlthou h they lacked much needed pract- ice Don put out a rou h and tough team Pl hey had a record 0 three wins three losses and one tie. 'Ihis year was t e beginning of 30 and 5 conference. Fertile ended up champions with a perfect record Fosston, Waubun and Ada weresecond with a 2-2 record. Bagley was last with 0-5 record. Captain of the Niking squad was Howard Neumann. .lim Landsverk, Howard Neu- mann, and Dick Nielsen were selected to the conference all star squad. Ada 12 Mahnomen 12 Ada 9 Bagley 7 Ada 38 Grand Forks B 6 Ada 12 Waubun 0 Ada 7 Fosston 14 Ada 0 Fertile 7 Ada l3 Sacred lleart 36 44 KETBALL ff 'v TEAM Row I Left to Right: Orvid jorgenson, Howard Neumann, Jim Landsverk, Dick Nielsen, Erling Logan, Walfred Anderson, Dennis Niebling. Row ll: Coach Dan Ruoff, Dennis Askelson, Vernon Rage, Gary Ull- man, Ronald Gerjets, Howard Stomis, Shemian Moe, Vemon Natwick, Manager Keith Hovland. "B" TEAM Row I Left to Right Asst., Manager Marvin Kolb, Duane jorgenson, Ronald johnson, Mike Simpson, Thomas Skalsky, Jerry Halleck, Charles Hellerud, Ronald Vilmo. Row II: Vemon Habeck, Lawrence Claypool, Rodney Boyer, Glenn Anderson, Harold Moe, Stanley Blasey, Keith Wamback, Dale Dullum, Asst. Manager Leroy Boyer. BASKETBALI 1 F AM lctures clockwlee Howard Neumann fuard ,llm Landsverk fcnter Dick INICISCD I orward Ifrlmg Logan I' orw xrd VI xlfred Andereon Cuard foach Dan Iluoff I ernon Rage I orw ard Ronald Gerjets Center Sherman 'Nloe I orvvard Dennls Askelson f uard Vernon Natwick Guard Managers Ixelth Vmmback Nlarvin Ixolb I eroy Boyer si 5? 46 I TRAMURAL SPORT Wmmng decorations Freshman cheerleaders M451 FRESH GU M N The l95l lntercl iss tournaments were held list spring The Senior class was the champion wmnlng a vers close game from the juniors The Freshman took top honors IH decoratlng Sophomore cheerleaders junior cheerleaders The 1952 Squad entered the season wlth hngh hopes They had four lettermenreturning.Wal- fred Anderson was the other man to be a regular this year. Ada had a fine season, having only four loses in conference, playg two each to llalstad and Wauban. The season ended with the Vikings in 3rd place. 48 'lhe Vllclng Cagers were runners up ln the D1str1ctTourn ament. Picture at left: Joe receiving the runner-up trophy. TRACK 81 BASEBALL .4 S Row I: Left to Right: Managers Dewey Anderson, Ronald Vilmo. Row II: Ronald Nightengale, Eugene Rasmusson, Arlen Neibling, Darrel Montieth,Charles Hellerud, John Krogstad, Dan Hibbs, Keith Wamback, Jerry Habedank, Dennis Neibling, Richard Books, mascot. Row III: Bill Faragher, Duane Fournier, Joe Books, Harold Moe, Dick Nielsen, Erling Logan, Paul Maltrud, Ronald Kolb, Coach Don Schlattman. Viking baseball took a pro- nounced upswing in the 1951 sea- son. The Vikings had twin vic- tories over llendrum, Borup, and Mahnomen, while losing one each to llalstad and Fertile. Improved pitching by Logan and Maltrud as well as stronger hitting and tight- er defense made tht Vikings a better club. Ada defeated Mahn- omen 5-2 in the first round of the sub-district toumament, but was eliminated 7-3 by Fertile in the second game to end the season. Row I: David Rector, Ver- non Natwick, Dennis Nieb- ling, Keith Hovland, Coach Dan Ruoff. Row ll: Howard . Joe broad-jumping. . Joe and the discus. . Davy with a look of determination. . Gunder runs again. . Joe throwing the shot. The district track meet was held at Nlahnomen on May 17, 19- 51. The Vikings made a fine showing. Joe Books competed in two events at the State, iving a good representation of Sie Ada 'ikings. 9 In ul' Storms, Captain Joe Books, Erling Logan. 11' LETTER ANS BANQUET 'r ,J-L94 The annual lettermans banquet was held on May 22,1951. It was served by the Sophomore Home Ec. girls and supervised by Miss. Harring- ton. Forty-four letters were earned this year in athletics. They were presented by Director of Athletics, Dan Ruoff. Remarks were made by A. C. Pederson, Arnold Eid, Don Schlattman and President of the School Board, Otto Kolb. The Captain of all Sports this year, Joe Books, gave the underclassmen a challenge for the coming year. J lb., Upper left, Crowning the Queen. Upper right, Ronald C., Marilyn B., Earle F., Pat C., Glenn A., llelen H., Howard N., Co-captaing Queen Helen S., Walfred A., Co-captaing Gerry N. Melbourne J., Barbara A., Dick N., Nancy P., ,Iim L. HOMECOMING Homecoming Festivities commenced with a snake dance on October 9. At the City Hall they stopped for a short pep rally. Then they wound themselves down to a cornfield for the bonfire. Pep talks were given by Don Schlattman, Dan Ruoff, the boys on the football team, and Queen Helen. The big parade, held on the afternoon of October 10, was com- posed of the queen and floats and was led by the school band. It ended at the football field. An exciting game followed in which Ada defeated Wauhan 12 - 0. That night Helen Soren- son was crowned Homecoming Queen and her attendants were PatCullelcson, Nancyllallum, Harbara Ambuehl, 'llarilyn Hartz, Geraldine Ness, and Helen Hubbell. Games preceded the Coronation. There was dancing until 11:30 with Music fur- nished by Ray l,arson's orchestra. The float prizes went to the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades respectively for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes. - 5-z.. ...- I 'N .1 JR.-SR. PRO sf BA QUET Ray l,arson's orchestra The ,lunior-Senior Prom and Banquet was held May I8 at the High school gymnasium. The decorations provided a Spanish setting, very gay and colorful. The banquet supper was served at seven by seven waitresses and seven waiters from the Sophomore class who were dressed as Spanish Senoritas and Senors. They were Carol llrevik, Gayle lierberich, Sonja Olson, Carol ,lean liartz, Carol Ann Nelson, fllaryls Samuelson, llarlene Jensen, lloward Roclcstad, lloward Storms, Keith llovland, Clark Tufte, Ronald lloesch, Gerald Jacobson, and llodney lloyer. The program was: Toastmaster - llobert lletcher Serenade - Girls' Sextette Address of Vlelcome - Jeanette fllcflowan, Jr. Class Pres. Response - Robert Bang, Sr. Class Pres. There's No Tomorrow - Eldon lfklund Address - Supt. A. C. Pederson Dancing began at 8:30 with Hay Larson's Orchestra. Scrubbing the floor. W F. H. A. The Ada I".II.A. Chapter was 'ust organ- ized this year. It has approximately 70 mem- bers. They have had several projects this year. At the beginning ofthe school term they sent boxes of used clothing to Ifurope. Together with the I4'.F.A. they sponsored a Christmas party. Recently they put on a very profit- able foocl sale. Valentine nut cups were filled with candy for the patients at the :Ida Ilospital. After the meeting recreation and lunch was enjoyed with the F.I"..'X. They also sponsored a leap year dance and sold gift and Christmas cards. The llresident, Advisor, and two other delegates attended the state I9.II.A. Convention at llinneapolis. F'.Il.A. Officers, llow l, I.eft to Iiight, Lois Il., Ilelen II., Lois N., Ilelen S., Elaine I.. Ilow Il, Pat A., Marlene 'I'., Thelma J. lf' If Row I, Left to Right, Roxanne R., Joanne L., Sharon N., Row II, Audrey K., Donna NI., Marilyn B. Ilow lll, Pat H., Barbara ll.,NIa.rlene H. Ilow IV, Carol L., Pat H., Dorothy L. K1 7 How I, Left to right, Carol B., Gerry N., Ellen NI., Nlelva C., Row II, Sheryl D., Beverly A., Jeanette XI., Hose Nlarie Z., How III, Pat l.., Carol A., Janice C., Nlargaret W. Row IV, Victoria C., Jo Ann J., Clayrle P., Gayle L., Row V, Lallonna ll., Doris II., Ardis J., Joc- elyn .l. Row VI, Nlarlys F., Idella S., Beverly Y., Lois ll. Ilow I, left to right, Janice I., Nlarlene J., I.avonne IX., Jeanie Il. How II, Nlaryls Ii., Elda Faye F., Shirley 'I'., Ilow Ill, Julia L., Gail S., Deloris O. llow IV, Nlaryls S. Nlyrna ll., Nola N., Jane S. How Y, Pat ll., Jane P.. Joann S., Fern S. Row YI, Ilarbara I.., Carol Il., Gloria C. Ilow VII, Laurine IV., Nlary Dee II., Ileverley N. 53 ADVERTISEMENT + f f ffm, mf. -Af' E :Qs rl? ,W .37 f ,, ' lv! I V! -L E . 1 5 ln The Heart Of The Red River Valley NORMAN COLNTY INDEX Proneer Newspaper Norman County ln Continuous Publication Since 1880 FIRST STATE BANK OF ADA Proneer Bank of Norman County Establlshed ln 1881 Capitol S25 000 Surplus S25 000 Reserves S85 000 F D Ado M nn s to D JOHN E TOFT Optometrist o Mn e Pho e 97 THE ADA NATION AL BANK Renders a Complete Bankmg Service ml Sr ture S175 000 There s No Substitute For Safety Ada M n esot of . . I . O I I l I C I ..... ........ , . O O O I I O O l I I I I I I Member . .l.C. Ado, Minnesota i e o R T V U O 4. A. 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Suggestions in the Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) collection:

Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Ada High School - Viking Yearbook (Ada, MN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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