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xi A 1 my X fi i X 5413 55, X Mfjkf? xyjyjj J pf WN has 33V ww my WMWWM X533 3930 TJ J V ii? S ' 4 W M lwxgfgbf? M5 f J fi X S 3 is ff Q J wygg Q Q 3 X 4 f W Q3 M w?wg'iY32 Qgwggwwxwggfi TFQSMX 'NWJNW Vciww' ms Q35 GW wg- . Nw, ff W M51 L M515 6532 VW Q WMQM , ,M v "f W ,ff f'pg1qfj,9JjX!.g, . Mcfggi 4 gjrw 0 - . v 4e.+-vf.2'4...,.g. ..A,JQgM JMMWJJWVMMWWMWIQ 'B , XM 'mmwgbt pf 469419 Ei 'Ziff 0-3A-fw..,4..a A- ' ff f ff! wfww.?3"5l I gdb W-f ,WMV wjiakfyjyjyf' ifgWfQff!W W WWWM F' 3 B Qflv. 'V : at I, l I Q - ' Q K- 1 'y : Q , ,, ' , , w , ' ' . ' 'fr Q ' a A A L 5 5. 1 K ALL M., . ,ll , , V ,SF H -' . N . ' ' ' - , f ,Ah ' ifk" 1,'?3-:A -Aw - ' WU 29: - KJ , ,Q :ff 1 W www-11 fg3QaQVmVy0Q X , if Q ' uf' igofiffyfbgcfgvff Wgiigfsf W! 5 'x ?55s355ffyjf W fm if 5355352 W Q w 1 if " Cf "Y . 'G 'f ' if '?5 .1T U , ,5 P M 44,0 30 N 12 ,, ,Q + U3 Q ag , W 0 33-J ,, I ,, X, o Tx W 0" 5 , N :TS ."'4,i '15 'nv '3,,1,UvAg S ' , 9 - vx - f' , Ui ad j2MTi?QG Q 3 Q-W gkg. 5255 i ,, . 'H 59 f- hi Fi' E ?7?0iSS+i':" 32 lgk il ,Q ziZ'5"' ffm W MX ,fwgjbidg N O Y 1 ,xi Q-.... .,,'g"li.f.. 1 A 'ii ' ww - ' 1 : A W IH S 'F' - .-,- 1- .-. 1295 IIQUIUIEIE ,jfvff ff of-1 f X,fs,Tf'lfkc4.4 11,5 fldzf, L'f'4f7J ,ml ,iff ywf fam fini! 1-'J .. ,Alf jffidff f Q7 x44xf'7'i'A fgfffff 1' 7fK' e:4f iff-ff ' gif!-flffg' ffl. yffffffff xg, X4 4 .1 ff'-7:54, PRESENTING: "HIGH SCHOOL LIFE" At Ada, Minnesota Head Director . . . Director ..... A Assistant Directors Producer ..... Sports Director . . . Photographers . . . Art Director . . . l?l1QY"S Mrs. Lenora johnson . . Maxine Miller . . . . . . Wilma johnson and Jeannette Hovland . . . . Donna Mae Larsen . . . . Larry Skalsky ........Robert Bang and Arlie Askelson . . . Kenneth Iverson Il NERD Gather round, children, we Seniors want to tell you of the trials of the students of Ada I-hgh during the year 1949 50 We want to tell you of the .Tumor Hxgh students who struggle so hard to get mto Semor Hlgh, of the labors of the Sophomores zn buxld mg the b1ggest bonf1re ever, the work of the Jumors 1n puttmg on a good banquet and prom and the efforts of the Semors to brmg about the1r graduatmon Mxxed w1th all these efforts are memorles of the hor rxble n1ghts 1n the penalty room studymg for those long assxgnments and to top it all off those mce b1g soclal tests But regardless of some of the thmgs we have sald we have had fun and just to show you we present our comedy drama Hxgh School Llfe m several acts 7 J To you, Charlie, we wish to do this small honor of dedicating our 1950 an- nual. We appreciate your never failing loyalty in attending all our band concerts and most of all your farniliar face at each and every basketball game. You very seldom missed any of the boys' after school basketball practices. You even made the long trips to the tournament and encouraged the boys before the games. At our interclass tournaments you often acted as coach to one of the class teams. Now that events have made it im- possible for you to be with us in our activities, may we say that we all miss you and are glad to dedicate this year's annual to you--a most loyal and faithful fan of Ada High! if J! ffffza ,ffyfff .ggi M i 7 fififf fjfif' f4W ' l, ZW! Zjfk 3 f ef wgew' W' awww- PWM f'31i'jfV"fWW f W W' WW ZWW j Q H L' J W, J f X Pl f W ,L A. C. Pederson--Superintendent. He especially dislikes "Vandalism. Destroying or marring property. seemingly just for fun. This shows lack of brains and lack of good citizenship. ' ' olcfminialra fion A new School Board was elected this year following the re-organization of the District The new members are as follows: Left to right: Mrs. J. D. Hubbel. Clerkg William Jamison, Ed Hekrnan, Clarence Neumann, Otto Kolb. Treasurer. H. G. Sittko, President. 5 acuity Jilembem Slate y I Arnold Eid-Senior High Principal, World History, and Social Science. "People with 'A' ability and 'D' marks." Miss Audrey Weigel-Girls' Physical Education and Health. "People who can't follow directions." ii? A., Mrs. Lenox-a johnson-Senior High Mathematics and American History. "Assembly duty. " I gh if Don Schlattman-junior High Principal. Boys' Physical Education and Biology. "People who waste time fretting over pet pcevesf' Dan Ruoff-Boys' Physical Education and Driving. "Persons who are always complaining or finding fault." flyv' v N g-fv Mrs. Elizabeth Hetland'-junior Hi English and Draniatics. "F'ailur to get book reports in on time." lzeir fel feeuea jerry Sitta-Shorthand. Bookkeeping. and Typing. they abide by the standards. " think Miss pencils. ' ' Y Robert Armstrong'General Business, Commercial Law and Band Mrs. Majory Peterson-School Nurse. "Having pictures taken of "Gum chewersf' myself." nw? ln.: Orville Eng-Agriculture. "Wearing white shirts." Miss Esther Efteland-junior High Mathematics and English. "When I can't reach my goal." 7 acuftg Juembem Stale Miss Charlotte Miller-Choir and Music. "Lazy people. Miss Marie Riste-junior High Mnthelnatics. "People who are late for appointments. " . Mrs. Mina Anderson-Assistant office secretary. "People making excuses to get out of things." Miss Blanche Olsen-Office secretary and Librarian. "Papers on Miss Gwen Akason-Home Ecouolnics. "People who talk without raising their hands and asking permission." the Iloor Mrs. Agnes Faragher-Senior High Science. "Lazy students." heir Pet feeues Stan Petersolrjunior High Geography and History. "People with Carl Knutson-Veterans Agricultural Class. "Women drivers ability who don't apply themselves. " llja Wcjeeehowskyj-Assistant janitor. "Cold weather. " Mrs. Ida Peterson-Assistant lunchroom supervisor. "Leaving Albert Fetting-janitor. "Snowstorms, when I think l'll have a dirty dishes on the tables." holiday and when all the kids run wild. " Mrs. Bertha Bowyer-Lunch supervisor. "Noisy when coming in lunch room. " 1 l I Bu: .brwera X Left to Right: Bill Kloety, Arnold Rasmussen. Elmer Ellingson, Mrs. Gurdon Ness, Gurdon Ness Charles Nornes. john Gnadt. 9 an Oflinga and Stuff iw The great thinker! Shakespeare's helperf Ohf Ohf Another test. Mr. Schlattman and Marlene, Which way is the wind from? At least Si is interested in something. Q ,' -'55 ae an - ff .ag Q You tell 'em. Don. There must be a man in th Three Musketeers. Flirting again, Ben? We did it! Having a good time: Boys? e horizon, eroined of Clan of SALUTATORIAN Donna Mae Larsen-Sugar-A winning way. a pleasant smile. dressed I0 neatly, quite in style. Viking Log Staff Queen Attendant "War Correspondent" "The Unseen Way" One Act Play Business Manager of Cheerleader the Viking Girls State '49 Commencement Honorary Circle Usher VALEDICTORIAN Betty Habedank-Bidi-Nature endowed' her not with one talent. but with many. Band - "The Unseen Way" Cheerleader Viking Log Sta!! Declamatlon One Act Play Queen Attendant Honorary Circle vmng sun "War Correspondent" Glee Club Aeeompaniet Drum Majorette 11 , ,L M ff k f X 2+ f 7 WW f ff f X N, , W 5 fd IMXLXN of nf QR Y I I MI S ,YH E N 1 K Seniors CLASS MOTTO: YOU WILL NEVER ARRIVE Maxine Miller-Mickey-A dance-A date-A moon-Up late-A test Oh! Fate. President of Senior Class "War Correspondent' Editor of Viking "The Unseen Way' S ent Council One Act Play lklng Log Staff Declamation Queen Attendant ,V If-71 Q Usher For '49 Commencement r te' W Vi , 4 I , J LU . 5 1 , fy, lljf 1 N . , fl! nj 4 1' t ,ff M1 n V J f f I , , XX 0,4 james Murphy-jimmy-The l le guy big voice. or did -f we say the big sneeze H "War Correspondent" P President O! junior Class Usher for "T e e7n ay Baseball t o on-Pete-Friendship is great wealth. "Th nseen Way" Usher' Burton Rockstad-Happy am 1 with heart carefree. why aren't they all carefree like me? Essay Winner Chorus "The Unseen Way" F-F-A- Student Council Jeannette Hovland-Nette-Why worry about education? Having fun is my vocation. Assistant Editor of Viking "War Correspondent" Prompter One Act Play Prompter . "The Unseen Way" '49 Commencement Usher Sanford Sorenson-Sandy-The greatest of men are silent. F. F .A. Football 13 Dwight Rector-Reck-He fooled us all, we thought he was shy. 'Feotball Harriet Ellingson-Many are they who pause and sigh. with eyes that become pursuit planes as she passes by. "War Correspondent" Make'Up Artist "The Unseen Way" Make-Up Artist Clinton Sorenson-Clinty-Worry never makes men great so why worry. "The Unseen Way" Usher Football. La Moyne johnson-Tootie-She's no bigger than a kiss, but don't all good things come in small packages. Queen Attendant "The Unseen Way" Usher Erlin Gerjets-I know a lot but ljust ca.n't think of it. Basketball "The Unseen Way" Ticket Manager Baseball joan Wllkens-Quiet and undisturbed but always on the job. Student Council "War Correspondent" Ticket Manager Viking Staff "The Unseen Way" Ticket Manager Editor of Viking Log IF YOU HAVE NO DESTINATION "The Unseen wlY"'U5hQl Track ' 'War Correspondent" Ushef "The Unseen Way" Usher 14 CLASS COLORS: Kenneth Iverson-Kenny-Great men are dying fast. I feel rather poorly myself. Band "War Correspondent" Ticket Manager "The Unseen Way" Viking Staff One Act Play Ardis Ellingworth-Ardy-You may always know Ardy by her giggle. Viking Log Staff Usher for '49 Commencement Larry Peterson-Have you ever heard of Einstein? ----- Well Band "War Correspondent" Choir Baseball Honorary Circle Roberta Anderson-Bertawherever you see Phyllis. you see Berta. Viking Log Staff "The Unseen Way" Usher "War Correspondent" Usher Chairman johnny Bramer-johnny-Men of few words are the best of men. F'.F,A. "The Unseen Way" Usher Phyliss Lundon-Phyl-From the crown of her lovely hair. to the soles of her feet, all is mirth. Homecoming Queen Treasurer of Senior Class Assistant Editor of Viking Log "The Unseen Way"Usher 15 GREEN AND WHITE Iona Henricks-lona-AlwaysAworking and hustling along and so her lessons are seldom wrong. Usher for '49 Commencement Girls' Glee Club Viking Staff Choir Loren Rushton-Loren'l'm the Sheik of Araby. Basketball Viking Log Sta!! "The Unseen Way" Lorraine Logan-Lorrie-It's nice to be natural when one is so naturally nice. "War Correspondent" Make-Up Artist Viking Log Staff Viking Staff One Act Play "The Unseen Way" Charles Ambuehl so-I wonder why? Basketball Viking Log Staff Geraldine Schultz-Gerry-She ' comer to our Senior Class. "The Unseen Way" Prompter Greshem High. Oregon Robert Burley-Bob-It says in F.F.A. Chorus "The Unseen Way" Usher Student Council Q ue en Attendant G lee C lub Chorus Es say W inner -Znd -Charlie-ln school. quiet and shy: outside. not s a sweet and friendly lass. new- the book. but my opinion is, ,Ml 16 CLASS FLOWER: Wilma johnson-Funky-Small and peppy, full of fun. Punky's a friend to everyone. Cheerleader Assistant Editor of Viking Queen Attendant Viking Log Staff "War Correspondent" f Glee Club "The Unseen Way" Usher For '49 Commencement One Act Play Honorary Circle Declamation Larry Skalsky-Dark and athletic. the answer to any girls prayer. , Viking Sports Editor Track Football Captain "The Unseen Way" Stage Manager Student Council President F'.F'.A. joyce Olson-juycle-Greater WOUIEB than I have lived. but they're all dead now. ' "War Correspondent" Usher A Essay Winner One Act Play Alvin Vakoch-Matrimony is not my line. F. F .A. Declamation "The Unseen Way' ' Stage Manager Hazel Teters-A dainty bundle of pep and rhythm. Choir Girls' Glee Club Viking Log Sta!! Arne Strom-Ah. fo dance sorne more Football Band r me the easy life. To dance and dance and 17 YELLOW ROSE Richard lngber.-Talk to him of Shakespeare. and he 'll ask if he has a sister. Band "The Unseen Way" "W ar Correspondent" Alice Brand-A giggle is the same in any language. Girls' Glee Club Band "The Unseen Way" Make-Up Ariist Choir Morris Sprung-Merrie-l don't believe in going steady: why not give than all a ehnaa? Baahotball "The Unseen Way" Ticket Manager joan Running-There is no wisdorn like frankness. Viking Lo' Sta!! "The Unseen Way" Usher Silas Slmonson-Si-Maybe they'll appreciate me after l'm dead. Football. Thie! River falls High School Verona I-lass-I-lar blonde lair and friendly smile will long be remembered. Choir "The Unseen Way" Uaher 18 CLASS ADVISOR: ARNOLD EID Benjamin Fischer-Ben-Not that I love study less. but I love fun more. Football Viking Log Sports Editor Tl-gck Blltblll Basketball Ruth Anderson-Ruthie-Sincere and generous toward all she knows. a jolly girl who has no foes. Usher For '49 Commencement Glee Club Secretary of the Senior Class Girls' State Alternate Honorary Circle viking Log surf y sunt viking sm: Philip Nlrscbl-Phil-Call lne at sunrise. but ll!'t lot tba ana rise too early. ' "The UIUC! wif' Ulhfl' Football Lucille Drake-Always a friend to thoae who know her. "The Unseen Way" Usher Chairman "War Correspondent" Usher Walter Books-Walt-l like work so well I could lie down and ' sleep by it. Basketball "The Unseen Way" Football "War Correspondent" Track Essay Winner-lat fan . ' N f ' , f f f 4 5 19 X ff X X X XX K0 P un for: P " ff Q :1 -N B ' O CLEONE LUCHAU CURTIS LEE VIVIAN KROSIIUS jOE. BOOKS LORRAiNE HEKMAN X ARLIE ASKELSON HELEN HAGEN JEROME. RAGE 's LEONA JACOBSON DALE B-IOREM , J." fx J .X f ,X v ,. " ,X X.: xv. 50 E1 ?9 wg? K, . u FAYE LOHMIER ROBERT BANG DELORES OLSON JAMES BARTZ 7 JOE: ROESCH LORENA WARNHOLZ ROBERT vojz MARLENE HABEDANK Z1 union! LILY ANN IVERSCII MYR? ADKINS ALE! LARS1 RONALD NIGHTIZHGALI .IUNE BERGLIND DONALD WAGNER ,IANICE ANDERSON DUAE FOURNIER VERONA VILMO PAUL MALTRUD CLEONE EKLUND WILLIAII FARAGHER ,IOVINAE RA1USSl JOHNNY ANTHONY D044 RICHARD LANDSVERK DELORES RINERSON MARW OOD MOE 2 2 ix iii XE X- ,5ijlji3f3T.aQi'32 if fg X 3, ' Q :SRQX R-5'5E522j5Z:ZL R! X QS 3 EX 925 W V33 K1 ' ff YQ Y ' f -1'5'jgL7fff Q 2 25 5 -,fl 5 ff 1' ' " 2 nclertlaumen ' Zen th grade BACK ROW: Left to Right: LaDonna Roesch. Karol Berglind, Bernard Grossman. Earle Finch. Richard Grivno. ldella Schroeder. A V SECOND ROW: Marlys Eckl1oB. Beverly Vilmo. Ronald Balzum. Eldon Ekluld. Audrey Writer. Marlene Tvedt. FRONT ROW: Marlys Fetting. Glorianne Alms. Beverly Akason, Eleanor Nyberg, Miss Symons. Advisor BACK ROW: Left to Right: Howard Neumann, Elmer Sorenson, Robert Hekman, Vernon Rage, Orin ben. Donald Wallman. SECOND ROW: jeanette McGowan, Patricia Gullekson, Beverly Stene. jocelyn johnson. joan Krsnak. Helen Sorenson. FRONT ROW: Lois Wilkens. LaVonne Wambach, Robert Visser, Lois Nelson. Agnes Riepe, Geraldine Ness. BACK ROW: Lelt to Right: Nancy Pallum. Walfred Anderson, Richard Nielson. jirn Landsverk. Ronald Kolb. Lois Braunschweig. SECOND ROW: Rosella Jacobson. Robert Betcher. Gloria Franz, Patricia Noden. Shirley Rill. Barblra Ambuehl. ' FRONT ROW: Victoria Gerjets. Mavis Brueshoff, Lyla Luchau, Doris Hellerud. Ardis jacobson. Helen Hubbell. 24 in ll: grade I BACK ROW: Left to Right: Donald Vialer. Myrna Ruch. Carol Ann Nelson. Nola Nordby. janet Nordby Gladys Palmer. SECOND ROW: Alva Gade. Carol jean Bartz, Wilma Teters, Marl 3 Saxnuelso . Ma l ' y n rene -naen. FRONT ROW: Dennis Gigler. Joanne Holm. Roberta Wick. William Wilkins. Geraldine Olson. 1 V I .- BACK ROW: Left to Right: Howard Storms. Dewey Tommerdahl. David Rector. Gary llman. Dennis Nieheling. Farrel Nirachl. Mr. Schlattrnan. SECOND ROW: Gladys Griewe. Runll Roesch. jean Roesch. Kenneth Andersen. Ella Faye Fetthj. Clark Tufte. Helen Wojcechoiikyj. Allen Olson. FRONT ROW: Shirley Grivno. janice Ike. Shirley Skalslfy, Carol Brevik, Sonja Olson. Gayle Berberich. 1 W i BACK ROW: Left to Right: Dickie Weber. Rodney Boyer. Erling Logan. Glenn Anderson. Ronald Gerjets. Jerold Karsten. Keith Hovland. SECOND ROW: Patricia Hellerud. Mary Marsten. Clifford Benesh. Addie Writer. Vernon Ford. RMYVBUI Voje. Dan Hibbs. FRONT ROW: Miss Bjorem. Riste. Marlene Brueshoff. Marion Hausten. Joyce Bergman. joan Newburgh. Verna 71 Eighth grade BACK ROW: Left to Right: Len!! rd Sorenson, Howard Olson. Burton Sorenson. Keith Wambach, Way-ne Thoxnlorla. Darlene jacobson. Patricia Olson. joy Sargent. SECOND ROW: joann Stenherg. Andrey Loken. Marlya llaamusson. lhrlene Taller-nl. Delores Ogard, Gail Schwartz. Sharon Nightengsle. jar Siberg. Stanley Peterson. Adviaor. S kn , Wallace Luchau. Martin Oanes. FRONT RUN: Shirley Tommerdahl, Orlaine Merkhl. Stanley or ess Darrel Montieth. Orvis Wermager. N sm 1 mas . juua Eawuai. sherryl Dem, BACK ROW: Left to Right: Vernon Habeck. Dale Dullum. n ey ey LaVonne Bergman. Dennis Askelson. Philomene Burle . Doris Gerjela. Inez Schweig. SECOND ROW: Thelrna Jacobson. Patricia Larsen. A y janis Cirks, Patricia Anthony. Andrey Karsten. hl FRONT ROW: james Chuesberg. Charles Hellerud. Clinton Jacobson. Ronald Hanson. Wayne Amlme . Jerry Habedank. JoAnn Lee. 'DA BACK ROW: Left to Right: Kenneth Engelke. Patricia Blasey. Janis Bergman. Donna Erickson, Mary Hanson. Ethel Germolus, Shirley Ford. SECOND ROW: Lauraine Ford. Gloria Grothe. Melva Chuesberg. Dewey Anderson. Norman Gonderman. Duane Dauner. Vernon Brengman. FRONT ROW: Miss Efteland. Advisor. LeRoy Boyer. Jerold Habeck, Daniel Clayton. Lawrence Claypool. Merle Gullekson. Arlen Eckhoff, David Bjorge. 17 even lf: grade BACK ROW: Left to Right: Barbara Luchau Dorothy Lundon. jerry johnson. Harold Moe. Sherman Moe. Ellen Maltrud, Joanne jensen. iCOND ROW: Gayle Lee. jane Platt. Terry Ann Peterson. Beverly Nelson. Carole Larson. Elizabeth Kitchell. Elaine Lee. FRONT ROW: Ellen Merkins. Paul Larson. Arlen Niebeling. john Krogatad je rry Murphy. BACK ROW: Left to Right: Eugene Rallmusson. Eugene Wojcechowskyj. Daryl Warnholz. Eugene Schultz. Boyd Underdahl. Robert Platt, Ronald Tamke. SECOND ROW: Rose Marie Zins. Roxanne Roesch. Cecelia Riepe. Margaret Steen. Carol Roesch. Yvonne Stavig. FRONT ROW: Mr. Schlattman. Advisor. Donald Williams. Wayne Simpson. Glenn Slininger. Fern Skare, Ronald Vilmo. Robert Sargent. ,fl X Y S f Pi xx '49 W Q-V 9 BACK ROW: Left to Right: Sanford Sorenson. Silas Simonson. Clinton Sorenson, Philip Nirlchl. Marwood Moe. joe Books, Don Schlattnxan. Coach, Duane Fournier. jiln Landlverk. Erling Logan, Ronald Gerjets. Ronald Kolb. Glen Anderson. Robert Bang. FRONT ROW: Dennis Niebling. Arne Strom. Farrel Nirschl, Wallred Anderson, john Anthony. Larry Skalsky. Captain. William Farragher, David Rector, Dan Hlbbl. Jerome Rage. Howard Storms. Eldon Eklund. Bob Betcher. ' ooiball 1949 The Viking Football Coach. Donald Schlattrnan. started the season by building a team from a squad of boys with very little experience in football. He had only five returning lettermen from last year. They were Clinton and Sanford Sorenson, Jerome Rage. joe Books, and Larry Skalsky. As Ada switcvhed from six to eleven man football, all the boys were inexperienced and had to learn new tactics. Due to this the season wasn't very successful in the line ,of winning games. but a lot of good experience was picked up by the boys. which means better teams in the future, as most of the gridders were underclassmen. The Viking Team started the season bygoing to Mahnomen to battle to a twenty- seven to nothing score in favor of Mafhnomen. The next week they held Waubun to a seven to nothing. When they met their traditional rivals, Fertile. one of the best teams in the district. they lost by fifty-seven to nothing, although they did put up a good fight. The last game of the season was the homecoming game with Waubun. The Vikings lost nineteen to six. Dan Ruoff had charge of the second string and Stanley Pederson had charge of the B team. LOOKOUT WAUBANI HERE COME THE YIKINGS. Z9 FIRST TOUCHDOWN OF THE SEASON! Jon-: Booxs 1 ' L LARRY SKAISKY 'CAPTAIN runner Qunrterbck-Hnliback DON SCHLAT TMAN Coach ROBERT BAK WILLIAM FARAGHER WALFRED ANDERSON ARNE STROM End Guard Center Tackle 30 SANFORD SORENSON DUANE FOURNIER RONALD 1.2175 CLINTT SORENSON End Tackle Tackle End DAVID RECTOR PHILIP NIRSCHL RONALD BALZUM JAMES LANDSVERK Guard Center Gggg Guard-Backfield SILAS SIMONSON .IERGII RAGE ERLING LOGAN JOHN ANTHONY Halfbaclz Hutch Hnlfbnek Quarterback Hlllhlck 31 Kadkellrall and Season Schedule LOREN RUSHTON JAMES LANDSVERK MORRIS SPRUNG Forward Center Forward We They We They jan. Z5--Fertile-there ZZ 42 Feb. 10--Waubun-here 48 41 jan. Z7--Mahnomen-here 38 30 Feb. 14--Hendrum-here -- -- Feb. 3---Fosston-there 37 51 Feb. 17--Halstad-there -- -- Feb. 4---Fertile-here 35 34 Feb. Z5--Twin Valley-here -- -- Feb. 7---Gary-there 41 35 ,- ERLIN GERJETS CHARLES AMBUEHL HOWARD NEUMAN Guard Guard Guard '42 faskelball 1949-50 ' V V Z "A-' TEAM CHEERLEADERS Wilma johnson. Betty Habedank, Donna Mae Larsen. Geraldine Ness. Coach Dan Ruoff built this year's team from nearly all new and last year's D team boys. The only returning lettermen from last year's District Champion Team were joe Books, Walter Books, and Morris Sprung. They started the season by playing a grand game against Halstad, losing by three points. The next close game we had was with Hendrum with two overtimes, with Hendrum beating us 58 to 56. There were three games between the Hendrum game and the one Ada fans had waited for since the start of the season, the Fertile game. The Ada players weren't doing so well that night, and as a re- sult were defeated 42 to ZZ.. However, they defeated Climax soon after by a score of 45 to 28. Then the players came up against an extremely tough team. Fosston. They play- ed good ball, but came out on the loose end, the score being 51 to 37. The next game drew a crowd which packed every available seat and all standing room too. Fertile was out to beat Ada again, but Ada didn't agree, so after a very exciting game plus an overtime, Ada won by one point, 34 to 35. They also played two very good games against Mahnomen and Wauban and defeated them both. The B Team show very promising signs for a very strong team for next year's A Team. The Cheerleaders are not to be forgotten. Both A and B Team Cheerleaders did a very fine job. Both groups worked out many new yells and changed the style of cheer- leadin . The A Team Cheerleaders also worked out several Fight Songs. The cheering 8 section proved to be a very fine one consisting of a good response from the kids and peppy Chee rleade r s . W "B" TEAM CHEERLEADERS: Gail Berberich. Patricia Anthony, Carol Brevik, Sonia Olson. Doris Gerjets, Patricia Larsen. "B" TEAM: Back Row: Howard Storms. Gary Ullman, Rodney Boyer. Ronald Gerjets, Dennis Niebling. David Rector. FRONT ROW: Ronald Nightengale, Donald Wagner, Dick Landsverk. Max-wood Moe. Vernon Rage, Walfred Anderson. Q A '49 ettermen la Kanquet V Underclass Lettermen: j. Rage. L. Skalsky. M. Sprung. J. Murphy. Mr. Schlattman. Mr. Ruofi, j. Books. B. Fischer. S. Sorenson, C. Sorenson A. Strom. ,M "hi S Mr. Ruofl' gives a talk to the Lettermen and guests at the 1949 Letter-men Banquet. Is the food pretty good ----- boys? Albert looks pretty contented. .pnlerclau Zournamenl Snapa Yes. last years Senior Cheerleaders furnished the laughs as sailors for interclass. Looks like Walt's going to make the basket that will help us to win over last years Sophomores. jovinae. Alice. and Leona yelling for the Sophomore Team at interclass. Sugar. Betty, Mickey. and Funky lending their all in all support for the junior jokers at the interclass tourneys. 'll BASEBALL STANDING: Left to Right: james Murphy. Richard Maltrud. Larry Peterson, Marwood Moe. joe Books. Clayton Drake, Duane Fournier, Paul Maltrud. Arne Strom. Erlin Gerjets, john Anthony. KNEELING: Dick Nielson, Ronald Nightengale. Keith Wambach. Charles Hellerud. Dennis Niebling, William Farragher. TRACK TENNIS Left To Right: Richard Maltrud. Richard lngberg, Dunne Olsen. Leslie Olson. William Larson. Allen Ogard and Larry Peterson. Wag . Delrnar enesh. joe Books, Larry S l . Ro urlepril M V S J X 2 n COACH - X A fnaniel Ruoff 9 1 rack 1949 h rn consist id of Delmar Benesh, Ronald Rassmusson, Graydon Storms. all graduates 1949 nd the under raduates, Clinton Sorenson, Robert Burley. Larry Skalsky, Erling Nl an. Jerome Rage and Joe Books. The Vikings opened the season by entering the Sioux Re 7ys at Grand Forks. They placed fifth with thirteen points. the next competition was at t Beaver Relays where they placed second with twenty-one points. The Vikings took over at the Mahnomen 1nvitationa1'Meet, winning by a large margin- ' he District Meet was held at Mahnomen this year. Ada was represented by eight boys who 0' made a total of 54-lf2 points. Delmar Benesh was high point man with 26-lf2 points. He holds the record of 44 feet 6-1f2 inches for the shot-put. 134 feet l-1f4 inches for the discus. His record in the 100 yard dash is 10.4 seconds and 22.9 seconds in the 220 yard dash. Ada was represented by 5 boys at the Regional Meet at Bemidji. Delmar took first in the discus and second in shot-put. third in the 100 yard dash and second in the 220 yard dash. Larry took fifth in the 440 yard dash and the relay teams took third. s t Delmar was the only representative from Ada that qualified for competition in the State Track Meet. 3 The Regional Tennis Meet in which Bill Larson took first place in singles competition to enter into the State Meet was held at Bemidji. 'XA 0 J.: and Emb S z i -fr Q---.sf Walt bows to Betty! ll No fair cheating Bobby? IZ Scared Larry? 13 Assembly program. 14 Must be Monday mornings gossip! 15 Burglars, A1-lie? 16 Homecoming party. 17 Joyce Olson. 18 You should go out for track Sandyf 19 Pa1'sf 37 Helen and Barb. Heavy drinker. Sisterly love. Taking it easy. A giant among us. The Paint-mobile. Curtis and Dick-don't work so hard. 1950 Class Rings. Hard on his dinner Duane. . . It i ' V xi-f . .Q t ig., . aught in he 0461 38 Football managers. Paul and Dennis. Cheerleaders. Punky. Betty. Donna Mae and Gerry at Waubun game. We must have made a touchdown. Basketball managers. Hacky. Bobby. and Donnie. Walt goes up. shoois-will he make it? Climax game. Ruoff. marking off the stage of battle. What's the matter. Eldon. want to get out and fight? It's a bird! It's a plane? Nope it's joe Booksfi Gerry. cheering the Viking gridders on. bla-.lAnA170l 5 M fp...-4 4' 9 s , ,bp '5 ,x WW V1KINq5 IZ x1 fo W' G-'wp 0l.QX' 5 A alctiuitied V il'- STUDENT COUNCIL jUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEFT T0 RIGHT: Ax-dis jacobsx. Lorraine Logan. Robert Arlie Askelson. Vice-President. john Anthony, Treasurer. Bang. Maxine Miller. james Landsverk. Mr. Eid. Curtis Lee. Leona jacobson. Secretary. Richard landsverk. President Larry Skalsky. joan Wilkens. Burton Rockstad. SOFHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS A , FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Glorianne Alma. Secretary. Beverly' Akasa. Prelidelt. Dick Shirley Skalsky. Secretary. Carol jean Bartz. President. Nielson. Treasurer. Lavonne Wambach.Vice-President. Gary Ullrnan. Vice-President. EIGHT!-I GRADE CLASS OFFICERS SEVENTH GRADE' CLASS OFFICERS Vernon Habeck. Vice-President. Patricia Anthony. President. john Krogstad. Treasurer. Fern Skaare. Vice-President, Orvis Wermager. Treasurer. Marlene Tullerud. Secretary. Wayne Simpson. Secretary- Barbara Luchau. President. HONORARY CIRCLE Left To Right: Donna Mae Larsen. Janice Anderson. Iona Mae Henricks, Larry Peterson. Donald Wagner, Alvin Vakoch. Betty Habedank. Vivian Kroshus. Wilma johnson. 40 Zine 'Uiking MAXINE. MILLER WXLMA -IOHNSON. jFANNFTTF HOVLAND DONNA MAE LARSEN Editor In Chief Assistant Editors Business Manager ARLIF ASKELSON. ROBERT BANG Flash!! There goes Sugar. Gotta get the annual paid for, you know. There go Jeannette and Punky getting material of some kind. Hard to tell what they're after. Down on'the stage the big lights are shining on some poor person having his picture taken for the annual. It's Bob with his head bent down trying to focus his camera, and Arlie is trying to get the person not to look so dreary. Down the hall three or four of the annual staff are bombarding Mrs. "-I. " with a few questions. "How long should this write-up be? ", "-ls this one okay? ". "Should this picture be enlarged? ", "I can't find the class historyg where is it? ". Poor Mrs. "j. " If just what wouldqwe do without her? Up in the annual room, we find none other than Larry working hard on his sports' section of the 1950 annual, also Kenny, our artist. drawing like mad the division pages to suit the fussy editors. Farther back in the annual room we hear a typewriter clicking away and find Mickey trying to get her last minute typing done before the deadline. and having a tough time. Now we hear her give a sigh of relief: she has finished another write upff I M. STAFF: Standing: Ronald Kolb. Curtis Lee. LARRY SKALSKY STAFF: Standing: Alvin Vakoch. Kenneth Donald Wagner, Richard Landgverk. Bob Sports Editor Iverson, Lorraine Logan. Betty Habedank. Bucher. SFATED: joan Wilkens. Iona Mae Henrichs. SEATED: Patricia Gullekson, Delores Olson Ruth AHUOYSOH- Helen Hubbel. Geraldine Ness. ,ff X .FY E A Zhe viking gog 3 5 2 5 PHYLIS LUNDON BENJAMIN FISCHFR AND jOHN ANTHONY JOAN WILKENS Assistant Editor Sports Fditors Editor Has anyone seen Mr. Sitta standing in the hall with a wondering look in his eye or Loren Rushton and Charles Ambuehl leaving the typing room completely spattered with ink? If so you can be sure that it is nearly time for the Viking Log to come out. Mr. Sitta was prob- ably waiting for one of his staff members to turn in an article, and Loren and Charles probably got into a friendly argument while mimeographing. Now for some data about the li Viking LOg- lt is the school paper which is published every six weeks by the Senior short- hand class 'with joan Wilkens as editor, Phylis Lundon as assistant editor. and Mr. Sitta as faculty adviser. Ben Fischer and john Anthony were in charge of the sports section, and Charles Ambuehl and Loren Rushton did the mimeographing. Students wait anxiously for the issues to come out every six weeks. STANDING: Cleone Eklund. Helen Hagen. Marlene LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberta Anderson. jeannette Habedank. Carol Brevik. jovinae Rasmussen. Vivian Hovland, Wilma johnson. Betty Habedank. Loren Kroshus. Faye Lohmier. Alice Larson. Gayle Rushton. Charles An-nbuehl.. Donna Mae Larsen. Befbefith- Maxine Miller. . SEATED: Lorraine Hekman. janis Anderson. Leona Jacobson. Delores Olson. 42 X y TYPING A most industrious typing class. Some class has to give Mr, Sitta a break. STUDY HALL Dickie and Mr. Armstrong musl have had a iight. een l'0ull HOME ECONOMICS Future homemakers trying to learn how to cook. fTrying that isl. P HYSICAL EDUCATION Enjoying a game of volleyball. Did I say enjoying ? "Z" 94.1.1 Jvligh DRIVING Some of our Sophomores with Mr. Ruoff in charge trying to pull through their Driving Tests, SHORTHAND Il Future stenographers taking dictation from Mr. Sitta. I wonder if they'll ever make the grade "2 44 CHEMISTRY joe, Bobby and Funnel showing their talent in the Chem lab. Did you spill something boys? FNGLISH Seniors seem to have quite a time on Monday mornings, Miss Symons gave up long ago. lvrcbffvfavbf afffcf mv f . Music-Juakera .Delight alucliencw The Ada.School Band is under the direction of Robert Armstrong, Band instructor, and now numbers sixty-five members, composed of students from the grades and junio-r and senior high school. The Band gave its Annual Booster Concert in january. The proceeds from this were applied on 'new uniforms. The Band alsoassisted with the Carnival in January I and with the Curtis Magazine Drive to earn additional funds for its uniforms. The Pep Band played at every basketball game. doing its share to enliven the evenings. Smaller instrumental groups assisted with programs during the year. The Band has been steadily improving and is a very fine organization of which any school may well be proud. A FRONT ROW: Arne Strom, Delores Olson, Geraldine Ness, Helen I-lubbel. jim Landsverk. Alice Larson. Carol Brevik, Sandra Bell. Audrey Loken, Jocelyn johnson. SECOND ROW: Barbara Ambuehl, Pat Anthony. Mike Simpson. Clark Tuite, john Krogstad. Charles l-Iellerud. jerry Habedank, Marlys Rasmussen. Pat Noden. jovinae Rasmussen. Alice Brantl, Janice Anderson, Lily Ann Iverson, Korman Larson, Gail Berberich. THIRD ROW: Pat Larsen, Agnes Riepe, Shirley Rill, Ronnie Vilmo, Flda Faye Fetting, Gail Schwartz. Larry Yeterson. Dick Landsverk. Richard Ingberg. Ronnie Nightengale. Paul Maltrud, julia Edwards, Shirley Tommerdahl, Delores Olson, Ronnie Kolb. Orin Self. Roxanne Roesch. Howard Neumann, Bob Betcher. Kenneth Iverson, Gary Ullman. Paul Larson, Howard Olson. BACK ROW: Dewey Tommerdahl. Nancy Fallum. Gloria Franz, Sonja Olson, Dennis Askelson. Dick Nielson, Arlie Askelson. Betty Habedank, Robert Armstrong- Director. 45 Mixed Cfzgllgtrifid - BACK ROW: Iona Mae Hinrichs, Orin Self, Larry Peterson, Burton Rockstad, Walter Books, Ben Fischer, jerome Rage, Eldon Fcklund, Janice Anderson. SECOND ROW: Cleone Ecklund, Verona Hasz, Patricia Noden. Shirley Pill. Shirley Grivno. Miss Miller-Director, Lorraine Logan, Cleone Luchau, Delores Olson. Nancy Pallum. FRONT ROW: Alice Brantl, Jeannette McGowan, Marlys Samuelson. Marlene Jensen. Marlene Tvedt. Hazel Teters. Alice Larson, Glorianne Alms, Marlys Eckhoff. Ruth Anderson. BETTY HABETDANK: DRUM MAJORETTE Come n, uergbocfy ing. Another teacher was added to the faculty this year to take charge of all the vocal music in the school. Miss Miller of Crookston was secured to take this position, and has been very busy during the year teaching music in all the grades. In Senior -High she has a Boys' Chorus, a Mixed Chorus, and a Girl's Glee Club, as well as smaller groups. The junior High also has its musical groups. Miss Miller has started a new feature, song-fests on Friday mornings, in which all students can sing to their hearts desire. The various groups have assisted in programs during the year. Ala THE JUNIOR FLOAT THE. FRESHMAN FLOAT THE QUFFfN'S FLOAT fSenior Float, omecoming fara e Our Homecoming began with the snake dance and pep fest on Thursday night followed by a large bonfire, built by the Sophomore Class. On Friday afternoon the parade began at 1:3 oL led .by the Ada High School Band axial followed by the Queen's Float and other floats from various classes. The Ada- Waubun game started at 2 o'c1ock. The game ended in a score of 19-6 in favor of Waubun. The first prize for floats went to the juniors, second to the Freshmen. and third to the Eighth Grade. Left: Eighth Grade Float R ight: Sopho Float if Tania 5353 Salsas omecoming Coronation At 8 o'c1ock Friday evening the Coronation began. The Queen, Phyllis Lundon. and her attendents, Lorraine Logan, Donna Mae Larsen, Maxine Miller, Wilma johnson, Betty Habedank. and LaMoyne johnson came in to the march. "Pomp and Circumstancef' played by Geraldine Ness. Larry Skalsky, football captain and S. T. C. President, crowned the Queen and presented her with a gift. Then six football boys presented corsages to the attendants. Gretchen Sittko was gift bearer and Keith Goltz crown bearer. A program. games, and dancing followed. TOF: Queen Phyllis CENTER: Coro- it nation of our Queenf K BOTTOM: All is donef 48 One afcl flag: - "OLD WHAT'S HIS NAME" jerome Pinnke, Kenneth Iverson. Oliver Sorenson On March lst. the one act play program was given consisting of the contest play. "The Opening of the Door," and the two comedy one act plays. "Frank and Etna" and "Old What's His Name." The members of the "Frank and Erna" play cast were Frank Glynn- jack Helsing. Erna. his wife-Wilma johnson.-Mrs. Gw1ynn.,his mother-Iona 1312:-ichs,gStel1a'GIynn, his 'sister-Donna Mae Larsen-.vAiice..his cousin- Betty Gabedank, Norag, the maid-Maxine Miller. Ed Ashbury. his friend- Richard Wagner. Frank had troubleewith his wife and she went home to mama. Frank ended up with five wives. The "Old What's His Name" play cast consisted of Sam jackson- Jerome Pinske. Mrs. Belle jackson-Verneil Anderson. Celia. Mrs. jackson's daughter-joyce Olson. Les. the hired man-Oliver Sorenson, Eddie. a neighbor boy- Kennethflverson. It took place on a midwestern-ranch and showed how the seTfish ways of Mrs. jackson and her daughter were un- covered by 9'Old What's His Name. " The plays were under the direction of Mrs. johnson and Miss Olson. "FRANK AND FRNA" Maxine Miller. Richard Wagner. Wilma johnson. jack Helsing. Donna Mae Larsen. Iona Mae Henrickn. Betty Habedank. ' 49 Lumen Une 046: Play "THE ORENING OF A DOOR" Duane K. Olson, Isabelle Eklund. Audrey Hetland. The contest one act play chosen for 1949 was the drama. "The Opening of a DoorL" It took part in the Sub-District Contest at Twin Valley, and was well presented by the students taking part. The play was under the direction of Mrs. johnson, assisted by the students, Donna Mae Larsen. Betty Naugle, and Jerome Pinske. The cast consisted of Esther Fraser, sister of Dayid.Parrish fAudrey Hetlandl, Martin Fraser. her husband fDuane K. Olsenj, Mrs. Parrish, her mother llsabelle Eklundl, Ruth Parrish, her sister Uoyce Sjordahlj, Owen Bennet, a neighbor fDuane N. Olsonf, Lottie, the hired girl flsorraine Loganl. The play centered around David Parrish who had been found dead. The action took place in an isolated region far from city. Martin Fraser's odd actions arouse the suspicions of the family. These are confirmed when the ghost of David entrance to his old home. Martin. in desperation upstairs window to escape the ghost and kills himself. joyce Sjordal. Duane N. Oleg. Duane K. Olson. Lorraine Duane N. Olson and Joyce Sjordal Logan. lsabelle Eklund. Audrey Hethnd. R fi Senior Lian flag of '49 On Friday night, April Z9, 1949, the Senior Class presented the three-act play "Cash and Carrie. " The entire play takes place in the din' ing room of the Ferguson home, where they have lived for the past sixteen years. The cast included Carrie Ferguson, the mother. Grace Jacobson: the oldest daughter, Anne Ferguson, Bette Naugle: Marilyn, the middle daughter, Arlene Olson: Alberta, the the only son, Allen Ogardg judy Bowen, Marilyn's best friend. Verndetta Larsong jenny Wharton, brisk and alefrt friend of Carries', Beverly Roesch: Uncle Omar Tully. an old gentleman, Myron Sanders: Bradley ' Kirkwood, young and' in love 'with Anne, Marland K1oety:,,Dorthula, the colored maid, Dorothy Gilsoulg Earl Cornick,-factory worker, Graydon Stormsg Gerty. blonde' factory worker, Evelyn Kroshus: Hon jackson, factory worker, Donna Nashg and Sweety jackson, factory worker. Oliver Sorenson. Carrie's Uncle Omar had promised her that is she could keep her budget balanced for six months she would get a new house. Shextook in boarders, the factory workers and young Bradley Kirkwood. to get money to pay for a mattress for Uncle Omar. She tried her best to keep it a secret fromv him but, of course, when Uncle Omar found out he became very indignant. They had a hectic time Sm? of looking for Trig, who had gone away with Uncle Omar: then Carrie lost the option for the house. which they .thought was going to be taken away from them. But it turned out all right because they found the option in a basket of clean clothes which Dorthula had returned, and Trig and Uncle Omar came back. Audrey Hetland and.Angellxte- Fetting were student assistants, and Miss M. .Olson and Mr. johnson coached the play. PLAY CAST: Left to Right: Myron Sanders. Grace jacobson, Marland Kloety. Levia johnson. Betty Naugle. Beverly Roesch, Arlene Olson. Verndetta Larsen. and Allen Ogard. 51 lively youngest daughter, Levia johnsong Trig, Senior Clan Pfay of The Senior Class presented "The Un- seen Way" on Friday, November llth to a large and appreciative audience. George Holt fRichard Ingbergl, President of a large bank. knew that his twin brother falso played by Richard lngbergj was trying to murder him. Mattson, the butler. fKenneth Iversonl, is plotting with Kitty Claire fMaxine Miller, and Mr. Ho1t's twin brother to kill Mr. Holt. Mr..Holt's step-daughter, Alice fBetty Habedankl. his wife Ueanette Hovlandil. and Dr. Sonia Merski fLorraine Logan, are wor- ried about him because of his strange actions. Betty Brewster fDonna Mae Larsen, and Billy Fernald fBurton Rockstadj are suspicious of the maid, Marie qw ilma johnsonl, but Bobby Blake fLoren Rushton, is sure she had nothing to do with Mr. Ho1t's actions. But when Amir Din, the Hindu. fWalter Booksf arrives on the scene every- one is suspicious of him but Alice,'who is attracted to him by his attentiveness. It turns out that Mattson has killed George Ho1t's twin by mistake and is caught by Amir Din and Kitty. Amir Din turns out to be Richard Ainsley. a confid- ential agent, Kitty is his assistant, and Marie. his sister who is helping him. So all's well that ends well. Mrs. Hetland did a wonderful job of directing. LOWER LEFT: Play Cast: Maxine Miller. Burton Rockstad. Loren Rushton. Walter Books. Richard lngberg, Kenneth Iverson, Jeannette Hovland, Lorraine Logan. Donna Mag Larsen, Wilma johnson, and Betty Habedank. LOWER RIGHT: Stage Managers: Larry Skalsky. Morris Sprung. E1-nn Gerjets. and Alvin vumcn. 52 who 3 who JEAN' I'lUBBELL'w0ll firli il the WALTER BOOKS-Won third in the BURTON ROCKSTAD-Won third in the district l948-49 VFW Auxiliary State Essay Contest in 1949-50. District l94B-49 Alnericln Legion Essiy Contest. Auxiliary Essay Contest. ALVIN VAKOCH-FFA Essay winner. Wll.lv1A -IOHNSON-District Decla- Boys' State delegate. District De- mation participant. clunation pa rticipant. BETTY HABEDANK-Received Superior in Huxnorous Division in State De- clamation Context in 1948-49. BILL LARSON-Won singles in ALICE LARSON-"A" Rating DONNA MAE LARSEN-Girls DELMAK BELNESH-District Tennis in Regionals. Went to on clarinet solo at Regional. State Delegate. record in discus and shot-put the State. Went to State. 53 scbeclamalion X BACK ROW: Wilma Teters. Gail Berberich. Dewey Tommerdahl. Dickie Weber, Dan Hibbs, Farrel Nirschl. Allen Olson, Thelma jacobson. Marlene jenson. FRONT ROW: Philomene Burley, Pat Anthony, Pat Larson, Gail Schwartz, Marlys Rasmussen. Shirley Grivno, Carol jean Bartz. Forty students were enrolled in Declamation this year. They were divided into two groups, the Senior High Group directed by Mrs. Hetland, and the junior High Group directed by Mrs. james Fredrickson. -There were so many enrolled in Declamation an Elimination Contest was held February Z7. The Local Conte st too'k place March 6. and the Sub-District March 14 at Halstad. Ada was the scene of the District Contest March 21 and Argyle of the Regional Contest on March 28. Last year Ada did very well in Declamation. Betty Habedank, a Senior this year, won Superior at the State Contest with her humorous reading, "Gertrude the Governess." Wilma johnson and Alvin Vakock won Superior at the Sub-District and represented Ada at the District. ,, 'I rftkfi. xii ' 9 N A K BACK ROW: Lois Wilkens, Lois Braunschwieg, Lyla Luchau, Burton Rockstad, Ronald Kolb, jim Landsverk, Marwood Moe, Marlene Tvedt, Lorraine Luchau. Nancy Pallum. FRONT ROW: Geraldine Ness, Helen Sorenson, Glorianne Alms, Helen Hubbell. lone Henrichs, Beverly Akason, Marlys Eckhoff. Ruth Anderson and Patricia Noden. RA Liam! of ,50 freaenld from On Friday. May 13. 1949. the junior-Senior Banquet and Prom was held. The Prom was held in the high school gym. The juniors did a beauti- ful job of decorating it with paper streamers of various colors above, along the walls, and at each end of the gym. Different colors and kinds of flowers were attached to the crepe paper along the walls. Entrance to the gym was made through a white gate. Make-believe palm trees and flowers decorated the lounge and a white picket fence divided the lounge from the dance floor. Each person received a lei when he entered the door. In one corner was the punch bowl, with the Sophomore Girls in charge. Ray I..arson's Orchestra furnished the music 'and dancing continued until 1 1 :45. A great many visitors came to view the beautiful decorations. 55 1 A-,K Y K 4, j sei f J 'W M Hx. ' r? ., L 34 X :Q-,,. f,2i"Qf5 ' . K . ' , 2.1 wwliiiffiii , fly' vp 1. bw fri A swim ,- . '- Xiffe ga, A K i 'is K 2 15529-Q,' K " SQ, 1 K' 3 E 1' " i i , 'V a F' M - x ' f we ' i ya 3552 W Mil ,, 55. .fu 'M ,NL A QQ Qs, ' -' K- ' Mi.: 1,1-1' giggfi-Q-sp X5 ,I if ' - a ., fi Q. ANI ' V .4 Q , My ., v.A.,,.f...,.,-.AM...M.M,.,..u,.....w,, ,. V ,QM ,,,........,.,w m.,,,,,,, W - s , , f X 5 S: 7 35 s 5 K K, , j za? 1 X FRONT ROW: Left to Right: Dennis Gigler FRONT ROW: Left to Right: 'Robert Vlller. Allen Olson. Donald Visser. Dickie Weber. Donald Wallman. Richard Grivno. Elmer Howard Rockstad, William Wilkens. SECOND Sorenson. Eldon Eklund. Orin Self. JIIIKI ROW: joe Roesch, Erling Logan. Ronald Bartz. SECOND ROW: Clinton Sorenlon. Gerjets. Glenn Anderson, Jerome Rage. Keith Bernard Grossman. Earle Finch. Robert Hovland. BACK ROW: Gerald Jacobson, Voje. Robert Heckrnan, Howard Neumann. Ronald Roesch. Vern Ford. Clifford Benesh. BACK ROW: Sanford Sorenson. Burton Gerald Karsten. Kenneth Anderson. Dun Hibbl. Rockltad. James Landaverk. Harwood Moe. Vernon Rage. Ronald Blllll. guture armers in pplaude or heir ine ferformancei The FFA juding Teams had the most successful year since the Agricultural Department was organized. In the three competitive events. General Livestock, judging, Crops judging and Dairy judging. the FFA Boys brought home one second place and two championships. All three teams earned the right to enter the State FFA judging Contest in St. Paul at the University Farm in May, 1949. Mr. Eng is the adviser of the FFA and the officers are: Alvin Vakoch. Secretary, Arlie Askelson, Vice-President. Larry Skalsky. President. Robert Burley, Treasurer, Dale Bjorem. Sentinel. and Karol Berglind, Reporter. Alvin Vakoch was the winner of the District l FFA Public Speaking Conte st and one of the eight contestants at the University Farm last May. ALVIN VAKOCH WORKSHOP OFFICERS OF THE FFA 57 RONALD BAKER .IAMES BARTZ CLAYTON DRAKE STARS OF THE ADA FUTURE. FARMERS OF AMERICA Ronald Baker was the first State Farmer of Ada FFA and first to hold office of State Vice-President of Minnesota Association of FFA. He won the Dekalb Award for outstand- ing farm and FFA work. james Bartz was the District I winner of the Portland Concrete Cement Award. Clayton Drake was second state farmer from Ada Chapter, and was selected as one of the outstanding eight boys in the state for his agricultural work. Clayton was STATE FFA BAND MEMBERS named District Star Farmer from District I last year. Arlie Askelson and Richard Landsverk are members of the State FFA Band. Alvin Vakoch. Richard Wagner, and Larry Skalsky, members of the Crops judging Team, placed first at Crookston in the District I judging Contest. At the State judging Contest, the team placed 8th competing with Z8 teams. Eldon.Ek1u,nd, Ronald Baker, and Oliver Sorenson, members of the Dairy judging Team, were Champions at the District Ijudging Contest in Crookston. The General Livestock judging Team, Clayton Drake. Lowell Austinson. and Delmar Benesh, placed second at Crookston. At the State Judging Contest, the team ranked 8th competing with 28 teams. CROPS JUDGING TEAM GENERAL LIVESTOCK juncmc TEAM DAIRY JUDGING TEAM 58 N.. FRONT ROW: Right to Left: V. Larson. L.. Sipe. H. Gullecksen. H. Lovas. R. Rinerson. A. Strand. My Satterlee. SECOND ROW: H. Olson. G. Heembuch. I.. Skalsky, C. Busse. A. Hasz. H. Broers. A. Wilkens. BACK ROW: H. Sorenson, j. Merkens. K. Buckle, C. Hopwood. A. Iverson. A. Lerud. NOT SHOWN: H. Hietman. L.. Bartz. j. Alexander. j. Gilbertson. 'Ueleranf Jgricuftural Zraining fragrant The Veterans' Training Program has become a part of the Adult Education Program conducted by the Ada Public Schools. The work is primarily a refresher course for the young men that have been farming. and who intend to make Agriculture their career. It is a laboratory training program with the students using their farms as laboratories to carry on the work that is taught in the classroom. through extension meetings. and clinics of various kinds. Shop work is a major course to help the students receive a better knowledge of repair of farm machinery, and its care and operation, and also to make the farm a healthier and better place on which to live. The Veterans enrolled are also encouraged to participate in all activities relating to Agriculture and making the community a better place in which to live. Many of these men are now or have been members of their local school boards. township officials. or officers of local farm organizations, Veterans Organizations and many others in which they have been receiving training as leaders, and in making them better citizens of the community. During the past year these men have exhibited grain and livestock at the Crookston Winter Shows and the Norman County Fairs. winning many honors for themselves. '59 ere and llefe Burton Rockstad. Donald Wagner and Erlin Gerjets. Smile pretty, Betty. Working hard, Glorianne? Ronnie and Alice. What's the occasion, Iona? Graduation 1949. N" 415 X , . "I VVJIY ,J B. Alvin and Betty lead 1949 graduates . if 9. junior High costume party. 1949. V ' ' f ,L 10. Studicus Mary. X Jw 11. Queen of '49. Ajwy jf' ' 1 12. Watch out behind you, 5 13. Schoo1's no place for relaxing. ,. 14. The butler and the doctor. eo x Clan .History 5 4 . 'fn ,M nf f JNWL RUTH ANDERSON MAXINE MILLER Secretary Pre lident PHYLIS LUNDON CHARLES AMBUEHL Treasurer Vice-P resident ,YL- Act I--Ada Grade School Ada, Minnesota Time: 1937--12 Years Ago The Curtain comes up with Miss Youmans, the director, trying to manage her cast of sixteen of us first graders, made up of Roberta Anderson, Harriet Ellingson, Erlin Gerjets, Betty Habedank, jeanette Hovland, Richard lngberg, Lorraine Logan, Phyllis London, james Murphy, La Moyne johnson, Larry Peterson, Philip Nirschl, Dwight Rector, Loren Rushton. Geraldine Schultz., and Hazel Teters. We were all talking over our kindergarten days. and remembered bringing our little rugs to school for our afternoon nap but thought that was rather childish now. We were all waiting for Friday afternoon when we could play in the rhythm band. Such beautiful music! Kenneth Iverson joined us in second grade. We will all remember Miss Bell hugging jim all the time. Third Grade brought Alice Brantl and Maxine Miller into our midst. Remember laughing at Maxine's declamation about the big yellow squash? Fourth grade saw no additions to our class except in the form of a globe we bought--the better to understand our geography. Remember Betty's birthday party when we all had ice cream and cake right in the room? Alvin Vakoch, Donna Mae Larsen, Morris Sprung, and Walter Books joined us in the fifth grade. If we weren't spending our time listening to the radio we bought. we were sliding down the fire escape. Remember when we all got stuck in it fthe fire escape, not the radiol. and everybody wanted their "mommy"? joyce Olson, Charles Ambuehl. joan Running, Lucille Drake, and Verona Hasz were added in the sixth grade. Everybody was always looking at the clock we bought for our room to see if it was time for afternoon lunch. Only trouble was they didn't give us enough. Act II--junior High School Geraldine left us in the seventh grade but Clinton Sorenson, Sanford Sorenson, Arne Strom, Wilma johnson, and Burton Rockstad joined the rest of us scared little things and prepared to venture out into the big unknown world of high school. Remember when Miss Magee gave us tap dancing lessons? fAfter school, not during calssl. Remember the program put on before the Carnival when we were in the eighth grade? jim and Erlin were the front and hind parts of a ferocious gook in the "Adam Hindpaw Barndoor Bailhy Ringless Circus and Carnival. " Ruth Anderson, johnny Brarner, Robert Burley, Iona Mae Hinrichs, Petra jacobson, Larry Skalsky, and joAnn Wilkens were added to our class in our Freshman year. We all thought we were pretty big 'cuz now we could go to the school parties. Act lll--Senior High School We worked hard on the bonfire in our Sophomore year. We took about half of Gerald Cirk's woods to make it. Remember Philip's Christmas present to jim at our class Christmas party? The color was pink. So was jimmy's face. We were really proud of ourselves in our junior year. Everybody feven the Indexl said we gave the best prom Ada has ever had. We really worked hard enough on it! We also took second in the Inter-Class Tournaments. Silas Simonson and Ben Fischer were added to our class when we finally became big Seniors. Geraldine Schultz came back too. Everyone will agree that Phyllis made a very pretty homecoming queen. One thing we will never forget is Mr. Eid's Social Class and his lovely tests! I The curtain comes down on the third act with forty-two fwe hope, happy boys and girls receiving their diplomas. Good-bye Ada Hi. and we will miss you. liiilllsmdh 61 Cfii5fyTW33 5 6 3 5 ZUZWIWZ5 0 ZWQWWG fy 'il f' x 2 I Q--Z Q C. R. ANDREWS 8: CO. mrs C U M ADA FARM SUPPLY QI Ada'5 Oldest Home Owned Massey-Harris Sales and Service T ractor s -Combine s General Store Farm Implements Serving The Public Over,f0xYearF Kenneth Visser-Proprietor y 7 ip .r' v f- "E X," X lux ML oil, ,.X ' KW J! Ada Minne s ota SLMPSON MOTOR COMPANY Bring Your Ford Back Home For The Best In Service Parts. Whole sale. And Retail Telephone 145 Ada Minne sota ROCHAT 'SJEWELRY STORE We Carry A Nice Line Of Woods Art Carved Diamonds 81 Wedding Rings, Watches And Jewelry. Gorham And Towle Sterling Flatware EKLUNDS MARKET SJORDAL HARDWARE CO Stop In And Try Our: Groceries "Our Own Hardware" Fresh Meats Frozen Foods Pyrofax Gas, Lermox Furnaces Fresh Fruits 8: Vegetables Gust Eklund-P roprietor And Philco Refrigerators Phone l 3 7 Phone Ada Minne sota Gifts For A11 Occasions "Beloved Diamonds, America's Most Beautiful Diamond Rings" SKAURUD'S GIFT SHOP Phone Number 199 t Ada Minnesota AALGAARD STUDIO Quality Photographs Kodak-Film Finishing "Give A Gift That Only You Can Give" A It Pays To Shop At Quick Service On Your . PENNEY'S Cleanifig "The Store That Thrift Built" Pressing da Minnesota Repairs SlMONSON'S MEAT AND Q5 7? We Clean Rugs And Draperies ADA CLEANERS , Phone 15 Ada BURRILL-lMPLEMENT.CO. GROCERY john Deere Implements And Tractors Home Brand Fancy Groceries "The Best Place" Quality Meats, Fruits. "To Buy The Best ln Farm Vegetable s . Equipment ' ' And Coffee Bar. Phone ZZ Soft Drinks Ada Minnesota Ice Cream ADA ELEVATOR COMPANY ACE STORES Grain Rugs Paints Feed Heating Hardware Coal Plnrnbing Ada, Minnesota Inlaid Linoleum OLSON FURNITURE COMPANY ADA IMPLEMENT CO. McCormick Farm Machinery Dependable Merchandise International Trucks ' International Freezers And Ada. Minnesota Refrigerators Sale s-Service 00 OJXZVX j CL..f0l.fLf'0-ff -"nv 1112- J fl --fdcfl ,Q iff-Af QL ffl!" ' ' ffl f Mirza i i Ng if W ffl!!! K ..,. :fins HOTEL ADA FARMERS' GARAGE Chrysler 8: Plymouth Cars Cage In Connection G. M. C. Trucks Ads Minne sota Mopar Factory Engineered Psrts 8: Accessories See Si Before You Buy!!! -e5 s,,imf K,- Akin! ONSTAD ELECTRIC COMPANY Use Gas For The 4 Big Jobs G. E. Appliances Electrical Contractors Cooking We Sell-We Install-We Service Refrigeration Water Heating Phone 68 Home Heating Ada . Minnesota CONSUMER 'S GAS COMPANY ADA BOOTERY OLSON'S MEN'S WEAR shoes For All The Famny ' Ada Quality Clothing For Weatherbird's For The Children Men 8: Boys For Over' Half A Century S. ,A X 7 I I-Ullzcmq,, MEL.. E. HAWKINS DEEP ROCK SERVICE Ada 4 Minnesota Petry And Vigen Hamilton 8: Elgin Watches Phone 500 Registered 8: Insured Diamonds Ada. Minnesota Rogers 8: Corhmunity Plate Silverware if ..---N-W sr is ig in 1 F34 , l 5 2. SCI-IACKI..E'S VARIETY STORE PARKERS JEWELRY Jewelry Silverware A H. Schackle, Proprietor Watch Repairing Spiedel Watch Bands Parker Pen 8: Pencils Ada Minnesota Marvella 8: Deltah Pearls Elgin 81 Hyde Park Watches LAR SON MOT OR C OMPANY Ada Minne sota Buick Chevrolet Oldsmobile Allis -Chalme r s Minneapolis-Moline New Idea Machine ry Frigidaire Appliance s THE PANTRY CAFE "The Biggest Little Restaurant In Town" ' Home Baked Pastries LeRoy Redland, Proprietor Ada, Minnesota rms Q' HAUSTEN HARDWARE Hardware. Paint. Linoleum. Glass, And Appliances Maytag-Skelgas-Duotherm And Crosley Appliances RAY'S Ice Cream And Luncheonette Complete Ice Cream And Fountain Service Lunches Featuring Home- Baked Pastries Ada's Independent Hardware Store Candy Cigarettes Phone 4 5 Minne sota GAMBLE 'S Gifts Fountain "Coronado Commands RAMBERG'S PHARMACY Confidence ' ' "Where Buying-Is Saving" For The Finest In Refrigerators And Home Appliances, School Supplies Drug Sundries Buy Coronado ADA CO-OP' OIL ASS'N BOWYER'S Petroleum Products Quality Groceries Fresh Fruits, Vegetables. Gr Meats And Farm Supplies. Butchering-Processing Curing 8: Smoking Service 8: Bulk Station "The Way You Like It" I Phone WA'MPACK'S GROCERY ADA FEED 81 SEED HOUSE Meat! Flour-Feed-Seeds ' Machinery Groceries Hatchery In Connection Phone 50 Ada Minne sota Oliver GO FAR SHOE REPAIR SHOP Sales-Service Farm Maehingry Skate Sharpening And Repairs Expert Shoe Repairing jacket Zippers Installed TETERS IMPLEMENT Rubbers 81 Overshoes Vulcanized Phone 496 Ada, Minnesota "There Is No Substitute ADA PRODUCE CO. For Butter" Growers--Shippers ADA CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY Red River Valley Potatoes ASS'N Les Gunnerson, Manager Ada, Minnesota Butter, Cheese. Eggs, Poultry Gasoline. Oils, Greases Member Of Land O' Lakes Creameries. Inc. Ada Minnesota F In The Heart Of The Red River Valley Compliments Of NORMAN COUNTY INDEX Pioneer Newspaper Of Norman County In Continuous Publication Since 1880 ' Ada Minnesota THE ADA NATIONAL BANK Ada , Minne sota Renders A Complete Banking Service. Capital Structure 55145, OOO. OO "There's No Substitute For SAFETY" DEMARS PHARMAC Y "The Prescription Store " G. j. DeMars-Proprietor School Supplies Kodaks ' Cosmetics Phone 2.2.4 Ada Minne sota THE C ompliments Of ADA 1 l l 1 1 1 1 1 1 A C LINIC I HPWRWNW M www w ry, we 'mg' Ada Body shop Wg I . ' Ada Dairy ,M ' ' Ada on cg. J A. E. Ausfmsonemunny A. Elleraas A. TEE. Stanliiafcl. Bang 8: Habeck Blackhawk Cate Cargill, Inc. I Q My C. J. Lofgren Co. Q7 Jw C5astfTo:Cbqst - ' ' r. H. Sittko-Denist 'P MM Dr. A. Quir-k xl Ox 9"'W7'7' PM Dr. N. G. Johnsqn vfffsjpfl ryfyy!East Side Berber Shop G n gb J First State'Bank Of Ada fp ' ' 'james Fredrikson M Agency ' Milton Lienl mf Mgazem Beauwtjy snpp M! Nielsen Blacksmith Norman Larson Ou!-I. Bakke I O. H. Nordby 400 Oil 8: Supply CD. .Paul Noirnes Quickie Lunch Red, Owl Store Q Silver Iruff6afe Swift 8: Co. The Vogue Wilcox Lumber Glo. RS AND WE WISH TO THANK THE VIKING ADVERTISE ATRONS FOR THEIR WILLING COvOPERATION AND O MAKE POSSIBLE P . SINCERE INTEREST IN HELPING T r A OUR YEARBOOK. ' WE' TAKE THIS MEANS OF EX' SSING OUR APPRECIATION FOR YOUR PATRONAGE. PRE . A , A In I THE l95D'ANNIJALi.STAFF xl I Q UMM EWG' ' '1B'1 ww EfQ4'J'A,yVL,L7LL4jfgtc:,, nAA A aff WM 0- wb Qmft.-4 fw :W Wm'J7Za'Uf4,4W,Wf,Ly.?,,,4,.7.7,7 W-by PM fm! my 4 4 -W - W Oy' W ,064 in ,', .vfyffll M ff-5w"f,'f'iv'3,ff'fL . igffilff z2'f'W'7f'0' W 'fig TX' S if WM, ilk x MWA EMM X fmjgf ,ly gpg! gEfNx2,uL M?,,f?Xx ii Six KEY QQ vgJ'f?" by4j9'5!V3'Y"4MIj55.. W F 38292 Vfffmww' gm .Q wyiigf V .4 'XG " N - W X wi 55 3 WM , ,aww'5"W gig 3 N dw L S Q: J ig g L9'U X Q E W xx ,S .W , i, " L A 5. L W5 W TE 1 W , 55 GQ Q 6'A:xw 0QkY Rig ix if 01, 1 it xxx Qfxsljgiwff RQ' Q62 K- -2 i 'ZW " ' ns ,jfQg..Q" ,Mf,f"'y ' W M ' ff as ' 'fy u v,fJf'x - IM' JA," . , Q-if, K W M ,ff f X. J- x 1 YO ,ff , 4 10 , 'Nfl ,ff ,. Vw, L X ZR, V517 :ir 'iffy I id fig' 'ICQ pf M if M ff V N - ' WW 77 ,' rw. Ml HR .. Wfbd ,M Y ,L ,, ' , K WI , ' . l M , X X ' M V, . 'R Sand' s P ff' W af fffffge XX mfiialfff W fp ffffzgzmzfj I dw MJWWWXWWQMW H? 'F A awww? jmfiggwzv mwffw MQ WWWW 5, O? gf, QHW W Eb 54 . G " ' 133853 fx U 5 f 'ii " t X If 33225 M ff Q 'Y' ff A 7 f I .P

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