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X RF-T'?fmfi2z fsE1?,fNfi5gQ XE Qifiziimif M . myJ,02fJ'iQg?m zwQf 221:52 ifizikd am +P 5 . Qiffww . Qi 'XX Nyyvfw 3553 w 3yQfw gig? W ymyywgiw . , QF -W l gif RW-V59 Q 6 ,zfpv QQ-J gwf' ilffi' X, A f- A f A f -1 .MQ .Q 10" 40 -1- ffl' 5' L"' ,, fl' M V 1,41 4' ' ."'i-jf: 7,L"L!a,.' ' U 'EZ If 1 I 'lid-Jkw-Mvfv-"fr Y " SQ 'iw aibfihgfvvij 39.64 T' Q3 . +, , ' I M My if wfwfwffw w Qiyvmfsi if W 7254 W bi 'MMWHQHWMWM C Q W 3 1 -at .Nu-X - E K It , ' ez y- - gr 134, 52 '- ' xg: ' w ff: f A WWI? ,W ' J gfZ?g5Q2g4'f . 1 Wil? Wf:f4fff f Q ij 5 YQW wk x '53 F I H STAFF ALLEN OOARD lidifm'-z'n-Chivf AUDREY HETLAND BETTY NAUGLE Axsisfmzf Editors ARLENE OLSON lfzrsinwss Jlumlgm' DUANE N. OLSON RICHARD MALTRUD 1,ll0f0gl'lIf7114'V.S' M RS. LENORA JOHNSON Faculty A di'1's0r WE, THE SENIORS OF 1949, PRESENT TO YOU THE IKI I iii ADA HIGH SCHOOL Ada, Minnesota Dedication We, the class of '49, dedicate this annual to you, Mr. Pederson, who with your winning personality, sense of humor, and understanding has been the guiding hand of our school for the past years. Known as "A. C." to the students, you have managed the school capably and effi- ciently for many years, and have won the respect and admiration of all for your impartial and considerate treat- ment of everyone. We will always remember you, and all you have done for us as we venture forward on the journey of life. We hope that by giving you this small honor, we may somehow show you our appreciation. lllxift q I T o ,lu U J 2 Forewor Hi, kids! Let me introduce myself. I'm Ole, the Viking, the mascot of the Ada High's many organizations and activities, but enough of this, so follow me as we go through the events of the past year. In the spring of '48 there was the Junior-Senior Merry-go-Round and the great day of graduation. This fall you watched the football team go through its many battles which was climaxed in the big celebration of Homecoming. Next appeared the snow and the holidays. Vacation went only too fast and after Christmas we settled down for quiet study interrupted only by the exciting basketball games. Time seemed to drag but soon what should appear but spring, when a young manls fancy .turns away from the thoughts of study to the morepeidciting ones of track. Time went verfirapidly now, and the day of graduation. drew nigh. Another year of school was done. The 1949 Viking - l' Exp Lv I'-'faux fx , , Y. A ' D js I , i , ' - . '.j.p0'l kv-will 44:15, if, A --Zyl V Y . .gf TF", . yy., 1 " ' sl J 4524 ff, -A 'und J Y '. jd , lfhf,--.,v1Nf 7f!,, I L, Ili " I x r,,yl'-P' 'V 1 Axfvll. pl-bf, ' .' J- f . '11 ff"' ' . -. 9 I A 479 1.6 "uw .Jn-P V U 11- 4,4Vf L' fff' "7 x 10,1 lvl U1 Facult 5.3 Thr 1949 Viking 3 Marie Riste is the junior High Principal. She holds a HE. degree from Moor- head State Teachers' Col- lege and teaches Mathe- matics, Arnold Eid is the princi- pal for the Senior High. He has a BA. degree and an MA. degree from Mayville State Teachers' College and University of North Dakota. He teaches VVorld History and Social Science. S- 3 QMJ JJ Administration scHooL BOARD A. C. Pederson is th: Superintendent of our school. He has a BA. degree from l,nther College and teaches latin. Mrs. Alpha Hetland, VVilliani Jamison, Otto Kolb, Charles Larson, Dr. Herman Sitko, Chester Ingberg 4 The 1949 Viking Teac CIS Jerry Sitta, B.A., Valley City State Teachers' College, Commercial subjects, Advisor ,of Viking Log. Ethel Symons, B.A., University of North Dakota, Senior High English. Elizabeth Hctland, B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College, English, Declamation, and Dramatics. Robert Armstrong, B.A., University of North Dakota, Music and General Business. Siem.. C Myrtice Olson, B.A., University of North Dakota, History and Social Science. Daniel Ruoff, B.S., University of Minnesota, Athletic Coach, Physical Education, Health and Driving. Lenora Johnson, B.S., University of North Dakota, Mathematics, American History, Dramatics, and An- nual Advisor. Gwen Akason, B.S., North Dakota Agricultural College, Home Economics. Donald Schlattman, BS., Moorhead State Teachers' College, Assistant Coach, Biology, and Economic Geography. Audrey Weigel, B.S., University of Minnesota, Girls' Physical Education, German. Orville Eng, B.S., University of Minnesota, Agriculture and Farm Shop. Mina Anderson, Moorhead State Teachers' College. Office Clerk, and substitute teacher. The 1949 Viking My 5 CHC CIS Agnes Faragher, B.A., University of lowa, Physics, General Science, and Chemistry. Carl Knutson, BS., North Dakota Agricultural College, Veterans' Agriculture. Esther Efteland, B.A., Moorhead State Teachers College, English and Mathematics for Junior High. Blanche Olsen, University of Minnesota, Librarian and Secretary. Mrs. Bowyer and Mrs. Peterson Miss Symons Mrs. Faragher Mrs. HJ" 6 Mr. Armstrong The 1949 Viking f"L3 Wig 161 N X Q Q3 Classes Viking ,md 7 Ronald Baker Betty Tamke Ronald Rasmussen Jerome Pinske Dorothy Gilsoul Benjamin Fischer eniors Audrey Hetland William Larson Vcrndetta Larsen Delores Wilkins Oral Bjorem Delores Bartz Verneil Anderson Duane K. Olson Ardell Woltjer The 1949 Viking fi . elllors Evelyn Krosllus Lowell Austinson Betty Naugie Donna Nash Myron Sanders Grace Jacobson Q Angeline Fetting Dean Kiltie Beverly Roesch The 1949 Viking Delmar Beneslm Harriet Rockstad ,lack Helsing I Marland Kloety Doris Brakob Richard Maltrud , o Jean Hubbell Graydon Storms Joyce Sjordal 6111015 Km Ole, the Viking Leslie Olson Arlene Olson Virgil Anderson Jean Quirk I Richard Wagner J x Clayton Drake Levia Johnson Oliver Sorenson The 1949 Viking fyhf. Allen Ogard, Isabelle Ecklund, Duane Olson These three have the highest scholastic averages for the Senior class. CLASS HISTORY In the spring of 1937, a group of boys and girls decided it would be fun to go to Kinder- garten. With Mrs. Bang to help them, they learned the art of getting along fairly well with one another. Remember how the boys teased Betty N., and how she would always go home crying? And the rugs they brought so they could rest when studying became too tedious? In the September of 1937, these fourteen boys and girls entered the first grade. Their first year went surprisingly fast and so did their second grade. The third year they found that school wasn't all pleasure as they had anticipated. Ronald Rasmussen joined the class that year. The fourth grade went smoothly. No addi- tions as to members of the class, but Geography and History were added to the list of studies. Fifth grade came along with Jack Helsing and Evelyn Kroslius joining our group. The sixth grade appeared and also Jean Hubbell, Beverly Roesch, and Bette Tamke. This was the last year in the grade school building and, oh, how ugrown up" we felt! In the seventh grade Ben Fischer and Myron Sanders joined the class. That was the year The 1949 Viking we were forever getting lost. Things were so different that we'd go wandering into one room only to find that we were supposed to go to another. In the eighth grade Graydon Storms joined us. Sixteen new students came into the Fresh- man class. Remember all the fun we had that year? In our Sophomore year Verndetta Larson, Levia Johnson, and Richard Wagner came to study with us. We built a huge bonfire and went to Twin Lakes on a picnic at the end of the school year. In our junior year we presented the comedy, "Sing for Your Supper." On May 22, we enter- tained the Seniors with an informal banquet. The Senior year came at last. Dean Kilte joined us that year. It was full of excitement for us "44" Seniors. The ordering of an- nouncements, crowning of Queen Audrey Het- land at Homecoming, and many other memor- able events occurred. As we leave this school this year, we face a different kind of life and a different kind of world. We pray our school experience will be a great help to us in meeting the coming problems. 11 Q :-M ,Q QU' 12 Tha 1949 Viking ,IUNIORS Rim' I- Joann VVilkens, Lucille Drake, Kenneth lverson, Robert Bur- ley, Phyllis Lunflon, VVilnia Johnson, Ardis Ellingsworth. Row 2--Miss VVeigcl, advisor, Yerona Ilasz, Petra Jacobson, Arne Strom, John Bremer, Delores Rinerson, Donna Mae Larsen, Maxine Miller. Nun' 3ffAlvin Vakoch. Sanford Sorenson, Betty llalmedank, loua Hendricks, Jeannette llovland, Burton Rockstad, Clinton Sorenson, Larry Skalsky, Mr, Sitta, advisor. .g!'f1fl'ti'JZ1llll'S lllurphy, presislentg Elmer Stenberg, treasurer Slam!- iuy fl.arry Petersmi. secretary, Morris Sprung. vice president. Iron' 1, left fn rigzlii fl.aMoyne Johnson, Alice Bravtl, Joyce Olson, llazel Teters. Patty Teliveii, Ruth Anderson. Row 2 Lorraine Loiran. Joann Running, Rnherta Anderson, llzn-riet Ellingson, Charles Amliuclil, Riehard lnglxerg. Elmer Stenherg. Rom' 3 -james Murphy, Larry Peter' son, Alfred Kirelmieier. VValtc-r Hooks, Miss Akason. Aclvisorg Morris Spriing. Loren Rushton, llvsight Rector, Erling Gerjets. The 1949 Viking 'Jef if i F SOPHOMORES Ram' 1, left to right-Lorraine Heekman, Alice Larson, Helen Hagen, lfleone Ecklunrl, Dale Bjorem, James Bartz. Row 2' -Arlie Askelson, Leona Jacobson, Vivian Kroshus, Lilly Ann Iverson, Marlene Habedank, Bill Faragher, Myron Adkins. Rom' 3fJanis Anderson, Richard Lands- verk, Duane Fournier, Jne Hooks, Robert Bang, June Berglzlnd, Miss Synions, Advisor. CLASS OI-'FICERsfLe0na Jacobson, treasnrerg Vivian Kroslnis, secre- tary, Curtiss Lee, vice president, Donald VYagner. president, Row 1, Irft to rig1I1tffMary Reine, Delores Olson. Paul Mnltrnil, Don- ald Wagner, Joe Roesch, Ronald Niglltengzile. Row 2-Fay Lolnnier, Jerome Rage, Curtiss Lee, Marwoocl Moe, Mr. Eng, Fleone Luchau, Jovinae Rzismussun. Run' 3-fAlice Pinske. Lorena Warnholz, Philip Nirschl, Donald Lee, Robert Voje. Verona Yilnm, 14 Tha' 1949 Viking FRESHMEN limi' 1, lfft I0 l'i1IIIffGl'!'Ellllll1Q Ness, La Vonne XNYEUUIJIICI1, Helen Sorenson, Agnes Riepe, JoAnn Krasnck, Donna Sargeant, Marlys Fet- ting. Rim' Zfllonald VValln1an, Lester Tarleson, Elmer Sorenson, Adry Drake. Orin Self, Howard Neuman, Robert Visser. Rau' 3fDelmar lfuril, Yvrinni Rage, lleverly Yilmo, Beverly Stene, Patty Gnllickson, Ainlrey VVritcr. Virgil Stenlierg, Miss Riste, advisor. Rau' 4--Earle lfincli, ldella Schroeder. Robert l-leckinan, Donald Rinerson, Darryl Bremer, lk-rnarcl Urossnian, Charles Johnson, Richard Grivno. Stizzzdingz -Beverly Ste-ne, treasurer, James Landsverk, vice presi- dentg Shirley Rill, secretaryg Howard Neuman, president. Rim' 1, iff! to 7'if!11f'fX7lCl0Tlll Gerjets, Lois VVilkc-ns, Melvin Benne- fielcl, Bob lletclier, Harlmara Amhnehl, VValfrcd Anderson, Marlene Tvedt, Rim' 2--flllavis llrneslioff, Lyla Lucliau. Gloria Ann Alms, Marlys Eckofl, Patty Norlen. Shirley Rill, Nancy Pallum, Helen Hulilicll. Ram' 3ffMr Schlattman. Gloria Franz, Ronald Balzuin, Ardis Jacobson, Jocy Johnson Ruse-lla Jacobson, Lois llraunschweig, Ronald Kolb. Row 4fEldon Eck- lnnd, Duane liastvuld, Karol llerglznid, La Donna Roesch, Sidney Jack- son, james l.andsvcrk. Dick Nielson, Not rvirturvd-Doris Hellerud. Tin' 1949 Viking K EIGHTH GRADE Ii'fm' 1, lrft to 7'ifll1ffDCl1!1l5 Gigler, Howard Rockstad, Verna Bjorem, Addie Writer, Joan Holm, Elda Faye Fetting. Ron' 2--Marlene Brues- liotlf, Joyce Bergman, Ronald Roesch, Mary Marston, Vlark Tufte, Gayle lierlmerieh. Row 3- Gerald Karsten, Glayde Palmer, farol Hrevik, Sonja Olson, Farrel Nirschl, Dennis Niebeling. Raw 4- -Miss VVeigal, Janis lke, Howard Storms, Gary l'llman, Dewey Tommerdahl, Vernon Natwick. Scatvd4Carol Brevik, treasurer, Marlene Jensen, secretary. Stand- ing--Gary Ullman, vice presirlentg David Rector, president. Ron' Z, Irft to right--Allen Olson, Dclplly Sprung, Donald Visser, Marlene Jensen. Roberta Vivick, Geraldine Olson. Rim' Zi-Marlys Sam- uelson, VVilma Tcters, Keith Hovland, Richard VVeber, Joan Newbergh. Dan Hibbs. Row 3-ffShirley Grivno, Marion Haustcn, Mary Nirschl, Jean Roesch, Gerald Jacobson. Vern Ford. Rom' 4 -Rodney Bowyer, David Rector, Patricia Hellerud, Glenn Anderson, Ronald Gerjets, Erling Logan. The 1949 Viking SEVENTH GRADE Raw 1, left to right -Wayne Amlrnchl. James Chuesberg, Janis Cirks, Patty Anthony, Vernon Habeck, Audrey Karsten, Jerry Habe- dank, Joann l,ee. Ron' 2'-fllennis Askelson, Marlene Braunschweig, Eugene Rasmussen. l'hilon1ine llnrley, fliarles Hellernd, Patty Olson, James Arel, Garret Plate. Row 3 Orvis VVerrnager, Marlene Tol' lerud, Patty Larsen. Stanley lllasey, Keith wYZl1lllDllCll, lnez Aanen- son, Doris Gerjets, Mrs. Faragher. Svntrd,-Patty Anthony, vice presidentg Charles Hellerud, treas- urer. Standing -Keith VVa1nl1acl1, secretary, Dennis Askelson, president. Ron' 1, lvft to rigl1t-Y Ronald Hanson, Marlys Rasnxusson, Burton Sorenson, Thelma Jacobson, Leonard Sorenson, joy Sargeant. Ron' 2 ---Miss Eftcland. Sharon Nightengale, Gail Schwartz, Gerry John- son, Audrey Loken. Dale Dullum. Ron' 3h -Clinton Jacobson, Joann Stenlrerfz, Darrel lllontieth. Delores Ogaarrl. Lawrence Claypool, La- Vonne Bergman. Row 4ffShirley Tommerdal, Eugene Schultz. Darryl VVarnholtz, Julia Edwards, VVallace Luchau, Orlaine Merkins, Du- W'ayne Montieth. No! in f'iL'fllV!"'Sl1CYI'j'l Dekko, Howard Olson, Jane Silmerg. The 1949 Viking 1' Jr- High S-T-C' 6. Sr. Class officers 2. Srl' High S.'l'.C. , . 7. SCIHOTS of '48 at lntcrclass tourncys 3. Miss Olson and licr boy friend, Riste 4. Isabelle and Allen leading the '48 graduates 8' bt' Olaf vlkmg Chow 5. Betty C. giving her salutatory address 9. Cnnmlcncemcnt, 1948 18 Thi' 1949 Viking 452 ' 2 0 QN ,X N O A L L .. A i L Viking 19 20 THE '49 VIKING Left to right-Betty Naugle, Audrey Hetland. Leslie Olson, Allen Ogard. Left lo ?"Tfjl1f+.AflCl1C Olson, Donna Larsen, Mrs. Johnson. VVork on the '49 annual started last March with the drawing up of the dummy copy. Pictures of spring events were taken and tiled away for the beginning of work the following September. The annual staff consisted of nine Seniors. Allen Ogard was editor-in-chief, Audrey Hetland and Betty Naugle were assistant edi- tors, Arlene Olson, business manager, Leslie Olson was sports editor. Stooge Olson and Richard Maltrud were the photographers. The faculty adviser was Mrs. johnson. .Xrlie Askelson, Bobby Bang, and Bobby Betcher were underclassmen assistants to the photographers. Money was raised by selling "hot dogs" and pop at the basketball games. solic- iting advertisements from the businessmen, and selling candy bars to the students. The janitor began to think that all the Ukidsl, did the last hour in the morning was to eat these candy bars. Ole, the Viking, was the theme chosen for the l949 annual. Duane Olson, Audrey Hetland, Betty Naugle, Arlene Olson, Allen Ogard, joyce Sjordal, and Mrs. johnson attended a three-day journalistic convention at Brain- ard, Minnesota, where they had their previous annuals criticized, and got new ideas for the next one. Maxine Miller has been chosen for the editor-in-chief for the 1950 annual, Xvlllllil johnson, assistant editor, and Donna Larsen, business manager. They started work on their annual in February. Icft to right-Bob Bang Bob Betcher, Arlie Askelson, Richard Maltrud, Duane N. Olson. livft to riyilzf-Jean Hubbell. lsabelle Ecklund, Maxine Miller, NVilma johnson, Larry Skalsky The 1949 Vzkmg H El V U Gif U N1 L Larsen --Delmfu Benesn Jr. rilfjiz So1:j,rq. I these 5331-dal T'-W1 stud 'mt bfbfl-Y was U. il-HES,-ggi lion, 330 M fg,f:nlgP:1et fm-es uve Pmsmsnt-James Buggy., L X15 i0 girls to three boys gre us il, '33N'erk,st and killfdq iSgf3pgyQa1+y.I-,axrry Peter-553 6153463 for RIYJQZCACLW 331001. lar. Hells said he likzai TfQaSwm-.Elmer gwnberg A tcsmly of oxeru one hund- to speak to grimary """'1' ,fin-1 - P13555-A-k 151-ii., ..-nd 2 Kixiftzs students vfeu-Q ab- so that the yum- ' ' A L 4 L A , fifxfrozn Usa- school as a A knowledge of! Jaws Sjordsl was 141139: at :hp Viking Lui 5 pcbam, picking. vention will f 'iii' SEQ f1.!'8Q IBMOQSCS' lid JO!!! Qlsun ik! wwf 25. Rbbpqf, them' f-ievond funnier, usinod bq,Rig:hn.1-d Lamlsvark, xr. ' ,SS to jam Here are a ,,f,8iitgiwns thx adviser. , ' X if, Cllfigfd gn can do to Qiaarg rsujg about Yu:-ty ushers on the std! from m, MISL' 1-, fire: bothwthe Jain! and Senior High Schaols. Their sm-I: con- tied through 1, Make S sitipelad writing Yeatmrn ea-lawns. 1-sparking, thing, stencil- V The MOL, is clean anging. 83.pQegrs', dung nrt work and finally distributing fglwwing 2. Remove-tam' uptfn' there wer . X Qian 'garner was nblishmi ionthly and wah issue var- .I Q 3. 9 'Sh f S , 1' M - uw SY 1. . - woiftgggigmlgvgggglgd in the number of pages from tear to eight. The had ab Uv 3 3, Cm 3 Windy nat! trisd ta nk: the pan: as intorusting if mgklzzgt this the drafts on a SEAM an possible by difteruut tuturas. K, ,KU Y ,e spring: we will it '.von't 'cuficongev overkefgrfigafa. , l' L f hmm school :lu 5,-ffmdgy, . h. ge careful with fnlggg- ' X, .. ug-539: 5 Tuffsday, .and Wf3j?TG?' 'se- arettces. Hillif? sum 'that APrasid5'n"f:D.1vid Rector f fem Christzngls. Vin' will the cigzxvslte and Ulilf-C12 me 111133351 3 only Env fx.Q :ww f"2 rm days Of out beibre you throvzm v4,f-may-lgm g Christmas vsacxid. fri Eut ti-'mx away. "Chaperone -Y-Carol 't haw- to go ,qlgy QTQZLQQ FS 1 hlgh and one for J-13? 0 90' 4' H 'ffxj iggshxigzlaf Y' son af M vie? + xgyou,-spwfixarwn, Jognaigz frm CO- 353555 V1-meal AJ.,,.m 4--B -.fx 'N ., 6 , x -,,l,.t',,.eXN. ed bv' fn Plllw' l'0""in5' iliilef Um' 3et Q olsfmf Y' sen Hubbex - X M R185 L9-sons K beggakv lv by . if Ribs Qrndetga L -'lu uf: L. SY BG'Wa9'nx'!rosh'0" lies wvbm , V ' A I 5 mf, . - gn9nf s"i1'f-W ' 1695-'M 4 L,w.tY11' hir. Wells told us, WA1- g frw tifm-Ls.. fiw him-11f'M 'gg' 7 g"" '-f'-'WWE' f ways remember the firemen I 1'olJ.:fwQd by ea. drama, is haw? 12150 ficfld are your'friends." Q given fax' tim delegate: K H fe H - rn we 2. new .F 'ca if wmv .5HfS'1. Gall central mpgs fa ?'i 3 1i3w.?:f,e...?1 M. ,A -W Thr 1949 Viking 21 22' THE VIKING CONCERT BAND Row 1, left to right-Joyce Sjordal, Arne Strom, Deloris Olson, Alice Larson, Jocelyn Johnson Audrey Hetland Carol Brevik, Ronald Nightengale, Dick Ingberg, Larry Peterson, Jack Helsing. Row 2-Geraldine Ness, Helen Hubbell, Jim Landsverk. Patty Noden, Jovinae Rasmussen, Leslie Olson Orin Self, Howard Neuman, Dick Landsverk, Paul Maltrud. Row 3-Barbara Ambuehl, Clark Tufte, Elda Fay Fetting, Agnes Reipe, Shirley Rill, Farrell Nirschl Arlie Askelson, Allen Ogard, Vernon Natwick, Dick Neilson, Ronald Kolb. Row 4, standing-Gail Berberich, Lilly Anne Iverson, Janis Anderson, Bob Bang, Duane Eastvold Nancy Pallum Dewey Tommerdal, Mr. Armstrong, director, Gary Ullman, Kenneth Iverson, Richard Maltrud Gray don Storms, Bob Betcher, Betty Habedank. This spring marks the completion of another successful year for the Viking Concert and Marching Band. During the year just finished the organization per- formed at a number of school plays and programs, the traditional Homecoming parade and games, two complete concerts in Ada and a number of exchange con- certs with other bands throughout the district, and all the home basketball games. The band also made trips to the North Dakota State Fair at Grand Forks, North Dakota, the V.F.W. District Convention at Crookston, and the Paul Bunyan Water Carnival at Bemidji, Minnesota. At present the band is preparing for a number of trips to be taken this summer. Notable among achievements of the band this year were successful competi- tion in the District and Region Music Festivals, and the second Annual Booster Concert. Funds derived from the Booster Concert were used to purchase the new trousers for the entire band as well as a number of complete new uniforms. Credit- ahle performances were also turned in throughout the year by the various brass and woodwind soloists and ensembles. A corps of six baton twirlers was added to the marching band this year which took part in all the marching engagements. Band officers elected by the members for the past year were: Audrey Hetland, president, Joyce Sjordal, secretary, Allen Ogard, treasurerg Betty Habedank, Richard Maltrud, librariansg Graydon Storms, property manager. The 1949 Viking CHOIR Row 1, Ivff to I'lf11lf7JC3Il Hubbell, Deloris Olson, Alice Larson, Alice Brantl, Hazel Teters, Patty Noden. Mr. Armstrong, director. Now 2--l..illy A1111 lverson, Marlene Tvetlt, Marlene Haheclank, Delores VVilkens. Ruth Anderson, Donna Nash, Shirley Kill. NUW3-Detta Larsen, Lorraine Logan, Verona Hasz, Beverly Stene. Cleone lfcklund, Yivian Kroshus, jovinae Rasinussen, Helen Hagen. Now 4-Nancy Phllllllll, Alice Pinske, Grace jacohson, lo11a Hendricks, ,lanis Anderson, Faye Lohmeier. Cleone Luchan, lsahelle Ecklnncl. The Girls' Glee Cluh ofthe Arla High School is composed of twenty-six nlenihers from the .Innior and Senior lligh Schools. They took part i11 the Booster Hand Concert ancl also the C0111- inenceinent lixercise. They also participated i11 tl1e District Contest i11 tl1e spring. There are six seniors in tl1e choir who will he leaving this year. Those receiving their letters i11 the Senior year are Yerncletta Larsen, Donna Nash, Grace hlacohson, Delores VVilkens, lsahelle iQClilllllfl, and 'lean lluhhell, accompanist. There are also six 'Illlll0l'S, twelve Sophomores and live l:l'CSll1llC'll wl1o, we hope, will he witl1 us next year. The Illl1lll.JCTS sung at tl1e co11cert were Hrlqllff .-Xmerican l'rayer," Hahn's "The Green Cathedral," Yictor l'lerhert's "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life," llayclnwoocl's "Brown liircl Singing" and "The Big Brown Bear." We have had a very enjoyable time tl1is past year, and the knowledge of music that we have 2lCqllll'CCl from Mr. .Xl'lllSlI'lJllg should he of great value to us in the future years. The 1949 Vilcirzg 23 Boosting thc moralc of our team at Fertilc. Strutting our stuli' on Homecoming day. BAND CHOIR The drum majorettcs: Left to right4Shirlcy Grivuo, Lois Brauuschweig, Mary Hausten, Marlene Tvedt, La- Voime VVambach, Betty Habedauk. Entertaining the public at the grade Christmas program. Looks like the trombone section. 24. The 1949 Viking Lrff to right-Alice Larson, Geraldine Ness, Beverly Stene, Joyce Sjordal, Ch-one lieklnnd, Xvlllllil john son, Isabelle Eeklnnd, Alvin Vakoeh, Jean Quirk. DECLAMATION The work in deelaination this year was again directed by Mrs. lletland. who has done such excellent work the past years in that held. A large number of students in the Senior and junior high schools took part in the fields of dranlatic, huinor- ous, and oratorieal deelamation. Rails rofze, Ivfl fo rigjht-Grace Jacobson, Duane Fournier, jack Helsing, Orin Self, Ronald Kolb. Frou! row-Betty Habedank, Verndetta Larsen, Earl Finch. The 1949 Viking 25 Rim' 3' -Rohert Herkman, Earl Fineh, Donald Rinerson, Charles Johnson, Darrell Bremer, Bernard Gross- man, Richard ilrivno, ltldon lzeklund. Row 2-Vernon Rage, Ronald Halzum, Virgil Stenberg, Curtis Lee, Karol Bergland, Lester Taralson, Elmer Sorenson, Delmar Ford. Row I--Robert Visser, Dale lijorem, Melvin Benneiield, Howard Neuman, Donald Wagner, Donald VVall- man, Orin Self. F. F. A. i l i Row 3-Virgil Anderson, Delmar Benesh, Burton Rockstad, Oliver Sorenson, Lowell Austinson, Donald Lee, Marwood Moe, Richard Wagner. president. Row 2-Ural Bjorem, Robert Burley, john Bremer, Sanford Sorenson, Clinton Sorenson. Clayton Drake, Robert Voje, Larry Skalsky. f Row lAJames Bartz, Arlie Askelson. Alvin Vakoeh, Ronald Baker, Richard Landsverk, Jerome Rage, Joe Roeseh. 26 The 1949 Viking FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The 1948 Viking Chapter of Future Farmers of .Xmerica consists of forty-eight members, twen- ty-one freshmen, eleven sophomores, nine juniors, and seven seniors. The chapter had a very successful year in 1947. They had four judging teams that won out in district competition and went to the convention to judge, The teams were as follows: upper left hand corner, the poultry judging team. Left to right are Arlie Askelson, Donald VVagner, and Richard Landsverk. They placed thirteenth out of twenty-one teams at the state. In the upper right hand corner is the crop judging team. l.eft to right are Richard Wagner, Alvin Yakoch and Larry Skalsky. They placed first out of eight competing in the district and eighth out of twenty- five at the state. In the lower left hand corner is the general livestock judging team. Memhers are, left to right: Delmar Benesh, Lowell Austinson, and Clayton Drake. They placed second out of fifteen teams at the district and twelfth out of twenty-six teams at the state. Clayton Drake was lifth highest individual out of seventy-eight at the state. In the lower right hand is the dairy judg- ing team. Meinbers are, left to right: Alfred Kirchmeier, Ronald Baker, and Oliver Sorenson. They placed second out of fifteen teams competing at the district and they placed twelfth out of twenty-six at the state. Ada had five representatives at the l948 national F.F.A. convention at Kansas City, Missouri. They were Richard VVagner, Alvin Vakoch, Arlie Askelson, Richard Iands-verk, and Melvin Benneiield. They also had representatives at all district meets. The 1949 V1'ki11g 27 Row 1, seated-D. Stark, J. Alexander, R. Riner- Row 1, seated--V. Larson, H. Broens, S. Otterson, son, A. Strand. Row 2, standing-H. Lovass, J. Merkins, H. Olson. Row 2, standing-H. Gulleckson, A. Hasz, C. Hopwood. L. Merkens, J. Gilbertson, A. Wilkens, A. Lerud, L. Sipe, W. Hanson, M. Satterlee, K. Buckle, A. Iverson, H. Severson. A. Olson. Not in picture-L. Skalsky. VETERANS The Veterans' Agricultural on the Farm Training Program is starting its third year of operation at the Ada Public Schools. The program has been under con- tinuous supervision of Carl Knutson. This is a national program under the Veterans' Administration and the State Department of Education. The scope of the program has been very broad so as to give the veteran a chance to pick up the new ideas and programs that will bebeneficial to them in successful operation of a good farm. Of the group now in training, thirteen of the men are farm owners, with about tive more that are looking for a suitable unit to purchase for their business. The main point of the entire program is to help rehabilitate the men in a satis- factory unit, that will meet the needs of the type of farming in which they are most interested. These men have used several of the new methods of operation in the past year, helping point out to neighbors that they are essential for good opera- tion. Among these projects are crop spraying, artificial breeding, testing associa- tions, new crop varieties, and purebred animals. This group will be one that will further changes in the farming program because they are alive to a better and more scientif1c way of farming. They have put the farm foremost in their minds as an independent way of life, and to them we can look for new horizons in American agriculture. Carl Knutson 23 The 1949 Viking Pax, 1. Verndctta Larsen singing. Z. Sophomore waiters and waitresses: Lawrence Peterson, Betty Habedank, Ruth Anderson, Iona Mae Hendricks, Jim Murphy, Jeannette Hovland. 3. Faculty and Juniors enjoying themselves. JUN IOR-SEN IOR MERRY-GO-ROUND Un May 22, 1948, the junior class entertained the Seniors at a banquet in the gymnasium. It was decided to have it informal with no prom after the banquet. The merry-go-round theme was carried out very effectively with little merry-go-rounds on the table and animal place cards. Flowers decorated the tables attractively. Toastmaster Bill Larson, president of the Junior class, welcomed the guests. Bob Merck, pres- ident of the Senior class, responded for the Seniors. A short program followed in which Mr. Eid and Mr. Pederson gave short talks. Detta Larson sang "Come to the Fair," and Beverly Kraulik sang "Memories.', A delicious dinner was served by sixteen Sophomores, who were dressed according to the theme in colorful costumes. The dinner menu was: a fruit mint cocktail, baked ham, creamed potatoes, corn, raisin sauce, rolls and a merry-go-round dessert-chocolate cupcakes and ice cream cones with flags on them. The junior mothers prepared and served the banquet which was very much enjoyed by everyone. Mrs. jorgenson assisted the Juniors in the decorations and planning of the banquet. Q. Mrs. Pederson, Mr. Pederson, Bette Malakowsky. The 1949 Viking 29 HOME The Homecoming of 1948 started out on October 21, with the snake dance and bon- fire. Starting at the school house the snake dance wound its way through the streets. A pep fest was held in front of the city hall, and music was played by the German band. The cheerleaders led the students to the huge boniire which had been built by the Sophomore class. After a pep rally, talks were given by Mr. Ruoff, Mr. Schlattman, Mr. liid and Ronald Rasmusson. On Friday, October 22, activities began with the parade, led by the band and fol- lowed by the queen's Hoat and the class Hoats. The Seniors were awarded first prize, the eighth grade placed second, and seventh grade third. The 1949 Viking COMING The parade ended at the football field where the Yilcings defeated the Borup Bron- choes, 39-18, in an exciting game. Un Friday evening a party was held in the gymnasium, which was attended by the students and alumni. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the queen, Audrey lletland hy Ronald Rasmusson, B foothall captain, ller attendants were Ange- line Fetting, Joyce Sjordal, Arlene Olson, and Yerndetta Larsen. After a short pro- gram, games were played, followed by danc- ing which continued until 12:00 midnight. This was one of the most successful ho1ne- comings in several years. Everyone had a grand time and will long remember the event. The 1949 Viking 31 The 1949 Viking --1 Sing for Your Supper The junior class play given April 30 and May 1, 1948, was a hilarious comedy. The picture below is the play cast and directors. From left to right they are: Mrs. Agnes Faragher, Mrs. Lenora johnson, directors: Ramauna-Yerndetta Larseng Ranny-Marland Kloetyg Mr. Piper- Graydon Storms: Mrs. Viper-wlirace ,Iacobsong Tessie Topper-lDorothy liilsoulg Marileeflsa- belle lfcklund: Bifffhlerome l'inslie3 Stacy!-Hill Larsong Laurette-Betty Naugleg Stephen Brown M-Duane K. Olsong Susan l'iper-Audrey Het- landg 'loanie-Arlene Ulsong Pinkygtloyce Sjor- dal 3 Peggy - Ardell VVoltzer 3 Kay - Angeline Fettingg Lillie - Levia .Iohnsong Barbie - jean Quirk. Several musical numbers were presented be- tween acts by the High School band, Betty Habe- dank, Beverly Kraulik, Yerndetta Larsen, .lack Helsing, and four third grade girls. The play was well directed and all members did an excellent job in the presentation. Thr 1949 Viking War, Correspondent was given the night of November 19 to a very large and enthusiastic audience. jim Murphy took the part of the War Correspondent coming home to Mom Ketchum's tPatty Tehvenb hoarding house to see his girl Judy QVVilma Johnsonj. The maid of all work tDonna Larsenj furnished the comedy element, as did Birdie Love CMaxine Millerj with her music and singing. Gavin and Larita Hines and Frank Stone were the German spies trying to get information from jim. They were played by VValter Books, Betty Habedank, and Alfred Kirchmeier. Eddie Fields QRichard Ingbergj, who was also in love with Judy, and Asa Plunkett fLarry Petersonj, who was trying to get Mrs. Ketchum to marry him, were seen frequently around the boarding house. Mrs. Hetland did a fine job in directing the play, and all in the play did very well. The 1949 Viking Nobody Sleeps was presented under the direction of Mrs. john- son with Joyce Sjordal, Beverly Kraulik, and Carol Olson playing the parts of the three sisters, Flo Haaland the part of their mother, and Duane K. Olson the part of the burglar, Spike. All four were much interested in Spike, whom they dis- covered in their house one night. Spike is much disconcerted hy the unusual attitude of the fam- ily, and iinally breaks down and confesses to the mother he is a flop as a burglar and makes his living selling papers. The play won first in the sub-district held at Ada on February 25, first place at the district con- test at Fertile on March 2, and second place at the regional contest at Thief River Falls on March 9. The 1949 lf"iking The 1949 Viking 'J-tffdff A 535 S V Athletics 37 VValt and Joe Books Noel Haaland TRACK 1948 Ada entered a large experienced team in the Beaver Relays at Bemidji. They won the class B title with 63 points. Ada established two new records. Delmar Benesh threw the discus 125 feet, 10 inches, which was nine inches better than the class A. jack Spink ran the high hurdles in 17.8 seconds. Benesh was high point man with 19.25 points. The team had six first places, and were either first or second in all events, except in the tVVO-111116 relay in which they took third. The Otter Invitational held at Fergus Falls was dominated by the Ada team in class B with a total of 21 points. The team traveled to Bemidji to compete in the district 30 track meet, winning with a total of 7396 points. Three new records were set. Benesh threw the shot 44 feet, 5 inches, and the dis- cus 133 feet, 3 inches. Spink ran the low hurdles in 25 seconds for the other record. The team had nine iirst places, one second place, and three third places. I laying won top honors at the Regional track meet in the shot put and 220 low hurdles, Delmar Benesh and black Spink, accompanied by Mr. Ruoff, participated in the State track meet in lNlinneapolis. 9 ww Ben Fischer Standing-Coacll Ruoff, Oliver Sorenson, Ronald Baker, Graydon Storms Jack Spink, Joe Books, Virgil Anderson, Noel Haaland, Rob- ert Burley, Bill Larson, Graydon Storms, Morris Sprung, Jack Helsing, Coach Schlattman. Kneeling-Larry Skalsky, Ben Fischer. Delmar Benesh, Ronald Rasmussen, Clayton Drake, Jerome Rage. 33 The 1949 Viking BASEBALL Ada had a very successful hasehall season last summer. They lost only a few games. Five sen- iors from last year were on the team. They were Kenny Larsen, Yirg Fetting, Don Tehven, l'at Murphy, and Roh NViehern. All but two others were juniors. This season they played on the new hall diamond. Ada lost to Melntosh in the district tournament, 14-7, in one of the first play- off games. ' 1948 Schedule Ada Hendrum ,..., .... .....,...,,. t i e Halstad ..,...,,, , . ......... won Halstad ...,.,.,,.,..,, .,,,,,,,,,.. t ie Fertile ..... ..... ,,...,... w 0 n Crookston ..,,, ...... .,,,...,.,.. t i e Crookston ..... ..... ...,,,,,, x x 'on Mclntosh .,.,,,.,.. .. .... won Bagley '......,, 5 ,,,.,. ,..,,.. lost Bagley '.........,,.,,,,,,.. .,,..........,..,,.. ..., ,,..,...,, , , ,,,.,, , ,,,,,, .... ...... , x x ' on I Sftllldllljl, Inf! to riglzf-lvlarland Kloety, Clayton Drake, Alfred Kirch- meier, Kenny Larsen, Virgil Fetting, Donald Tehven, Dan Ruoff: Krnvcling- 6- Kenny Ben Fischer, Pat Murphy, Bob VViehern, Richard Maltrud. Virgil Antler- . son, James Murphy. 7. Donnie Tlw 1949 Viking -as FOOTBALL Lowell Austinson VValter Books Duane K. Olsen joe Books Graydon Storms Ronald Baker Ben Fischer Delmar Benesh Oliver Sorenson Larry Skalsky Ronald Rasmussen Marland Kloety The 1949 Viking Ada and Hawley Ada and Borup Ada and Twin Valley Ada and Hawley FOOTBALL The football team had a successful season, placing second in the Wild Rice Conference. This year our team played under lights for the first time when we played Waubun at Mahnomen. The Homecoming celebration was one of the best the school has ever seen, being highlighted by a de- cisive victory by our team over Borup, 39-18. The boys fought hard and won all but two games during the season. The team consisted of ten Seniors, all of whom were lettermen, and of several Juniors. This season ended the high school football careers of ten senior letter111en. They are: Ronald Rasmussen, captain, Marland Kloety, Oliver Sorenson, Delmar Benesh, Ronald Baker, Graydon Storms, Duane K. Olson, Lowell Austinson, Ben Fischer, jack Helsing. Ronald Ras- mussen and Delmar Benesh were given honorable mention on the all state six-man football team. 194-8 Schedule We They Hendrum ,,...,..... ........,.......,....,........,................... ,,,,,,,,,,,. 1 9 0 Waubun ...,....,,.... .... .,,,.,,,,,,. 1 2 24 Twin Valley... ......., ......,,,.. . 34 9 Gary ,.....,.............. ....... ............ 3 2 13 Hawley .....,.,...,..... .,... P ,..,,,,,.,,, 3 9 14 Borup ......., .... J .....,... 6 . ,,.....39 18 Fertile ...... .... ....... Q ...,.,. ...... . 8 24 Ronald Rasmussen Jack Helsing The 1949 Viking 4.1 'I' 1 'Q in S 'Q . i l ,, .J :' ' i f' gf Q, i 2,Q I ":, 9 1- -,,f ' ,.--: W v - -b .A 'T...,. A , zlz -' "" f ,gf 325' -5 M " 'T' Q ,gn W l. Rassy. Gunder, Delmar, Korman, Kloety, and Baker. A A 2. What's cooking? 3. H1t 'em hard! 4. Oof! 5. Keep going, Delmar! 6. Stop 'em, boys! Qmoiwbfklwa' 7. Allan, Bob, Dennis, Ronnie, Walfred, and Jerry. 8. Off on a jaunt. 42 The 1949 Viking K TBA 1""'ili-I' by A-TEAM Mgrs. Bob, DeFeet, Chuckie 1 T1wQ549 Viking Rassy Bake Bill Leo Benny Joe G erp Morrie Coaches Dau, and Don 9. Les 10. VValt 11. AI 12. Gunder 513 BASKETBALL 9' lr l. Rassy and Bake. 2. Lvft to rzght-Donna Lar- son, Elmer Stenberg, Wilma Johnson. 3. Joe 4. Bill 5. Baker, Joe, Morris, Rassy. The 1949 Viking BASKETBALL Dicky Dicky Neilson, Erling Logan HB" TEAM Left 10 rigflltffarol Brcvik, Gayle Ber- bcrich, Sonja Olson tjunior High cheer leadersl. This year tive lettermen returned to the basketball team. They were: Bill Larson, Ronnie Baker, Marland Kloety, Ronnie Rasmnsson, and Benny Fischer, all of whom are on the first tive. This season they placed third in the Invitational Tournament at Halstad, and Bill l.arson placed second in the free throw contest. They tied with three other teams for first place in the VYild Rice Yallev Conference. In the Sub-District tournament at Fertile March 3 4 5 +Xd'1 l f 'lt l B H , , '. .--,i ,orup 57-36, XYanbun 48-33, and Fertile 35-34 in an overtime game, thus winning the Sub-District title. They won the District title by defeating Fosston 40-39 and Halstad 52-37, at Fosston March ll- l2. ln the Regional Tournament they met Bemidji, defending State Champions, in the opening game' Schedule for 1943-49 Ada Jan. Halstad ..,,,.... .,....,,, 5 2 41 Dec. 3 liast Grand Forks ...t,.....,,, ..... 2 9 33 jan. llawleyt... ...36 44 Dec. 7 Twin Valley ....a......,, V....,,ttt ,,........ 2 7 36 jan. Climax .,,,..,..aa ..a,, 41 23 Dec. 10 Mahnomen .,.... ,, ..,, ,i,... 3 5 48 Feb Borup i,,., si,,,,, ,,,,..,,. 1 S I 46 Dec. 17 llendrum ,.,.,....... . .,....,.. 36 52 Feb. Fosston ....., ,,,, . , M30 38 Alan, 7 Mahnomen .t.........t, ........... 2 S 58 Feb Fertile ..i.t ,..., . i ..,, H33 35 jan. 8 Fosston .,.,..... .. V.......... 38 43 Feb Bagley. ..,,, .. M38 46 jan, 14 XVanbun,, ...., ......... 3 8 53 Feb Gary ...,,,.,,......,t,, , ,,,...,,,,,.. ., 3.39 53 jan, 15 Crookston, ...,,,.. ..,rr .......Y f ..... -,...,..... 3 7 4 3 Feb Twin Valley t...... ...i,,,,t,, i , .. ,332 49 "B" Basketball Squad Row I, lefl I0 right-Howard Neuman, Vernon Rage, Dick Neilson, Paul Maltrnd, XYalfred Anderson, Ronnie Nightengale. Row 2-Erling Logan, Marwood Moe, joe Books, james Lands- verk, Ronnie Gerjets. The 1949 Viking 45 - -.Q--.-nnunnu The 1949 Viking 9 Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada Cleaners Elevator and Bodding Lumber Co. Body Shop Bootery Co-op Creamery Co-op Oil Feed and Seed House Hotel Implement Co. National Bank A. Elleraas, Auditor Anderson-Reichert Oil Co. Bang 81 Habeck Locker Plant Ben Franklin Store Blackhawk Cafe Books Produce Bowyers' Food Store Burrill Implement Co. Cargill Incorporated C. J. Lofgren Co. Coast to Coast Consumers' Gas Co. Cora Bolstad C. R. Andrews 81 Co. Deep Rock Service Demars Pharmacy Dr. B. Boynton Dr. T. Loken Dr. H. Sittko East Side Barber Shop Ernie Olson's Barber Shop Farmers' Garage Fetting Beauty Shop First State Bank Gambles, Gunnerson Potato Co. Great Plains' Supply Co. Hausten Hardware Hartz Agency Howard's Garage J. C. Penney Co. Land O' Lakes Produce Thr 1949 Viking PATRONS Larson Motor Co. London Repair Shop Massey-Harris Implement Co Maurice Odegard Mel Hawkin's Jewelry Store Modern Beauty Shop Nielson's Blacksmith Shop Norman County Abstract Office Norman County Index Norman Larson 0. E. Austinson, Lawyer O. H. Bakke O. H. Nordby ' 400 Oil 81 Supply Onstad Electric Co. Olson Furniture Co. Olson s Men's Wear Orlin Lee Pantry Cafe Paul Nornes People's Hardware Quickie Lunch Ramberg's Pharmacy Ray's Red Owl Store Red Star Cafe Rochat's Jewelry Store Salverson's Store Shoemaker 81 Zins Simpsonis Motor Co. S jordal Hardware Store Skarud's Gift Shop Standard Oil Co. Swift Sr Co. The Happy Hour The Texaco The Vogue Wampack's Food Store West Side Blacksmith Shop Wick Shoe Repair Wilcox Lumber Co. SCHOOL 'CALENDAR September 7 School starts . . . everybody is happy? 17 Football at Hendrum . . . We won! 23 Football with Waubun . . . played under lights at Mahnomen October Football game at Ada with Gary. We beat them . . . 32-13 Football game with T. V .... We did it again! County M.E.A. Football game at Hawley . . . We won, 39-14 Snake dance and bonfire Homecoming! Ada over Borup! Football at Fertile . . . Vikings went down in defeat November Athletic Department Donkey Baseball Band Concert Assembly program . . . The Shrimplins magic Junior Class play . . . "War Corres- pondent" Vets vs. High School in basketball . . Vikings came out on top! December East Grand Forks came here for basket- ball game . . . We won We traveled to play the T. V. Tigers Grade Christmas party Christmas program Christmas Faculty party Safety meeting at Ada. Basketball at Hendrum . . . Ada again! Globe Trotters vs. Ada vets. Fun and laughs! Eighth grade party . . . Whoopee! Christmas vacation begins. Senior high Christmas party Halstad Invitational Tournament. Ada falls to Hendrum Second night of tournament. Ada over Borup . . . Halstad takes first place January 3 School reopens from Christmas vacation 7 Mahnomen game . . . We won again! 8. Fosston at Ada . . . Surprise win! 10. M.E.A. dinner meeting for Norman County 13. Bob .Brown assembly program on elec- triclty 14. Waubun at Ada . . . Ada on top 15. Crookston at Ada . . . postponed on account of storm 21. Ada at Halstad . . . Defeat for the Vikings 22. Hawley comes to Ada 28. Ada at Climax . . . Who'll win? 29. Mahnomen comes to Ada February 2. Band Concert 4. Borup travels to Ada 5. We travel to Fosston 11. Ada at Fertile 12. Ninth grade party 15. Bagley comes to Ada 18. Ada travels to Gary 19. Postponed game is played at Crookston 25. T. V. plays Ada March 3. Kirk Singers assembly program 3-4-5. Sub-district B. B. tournament at Fertile 7. Local one-act play contest 8. Sub-district one-act play contest 11-12. District B. B. tournament at Fosston 15. District one-act play contest 18-19. Regional B. B. tournament at Bemidji 22. Regional one-act play contest 24-25. State B. B. tournament at Minne- apolis April 6. White Hassor assembly program 17. Easter Vacation 29. Senior class play . . . "Cash and Carrie" May 14. Junior-Senior Banquet , ?. Senior skip day? 29. Baccalaureate services June 3. Graduation . . . We made it! A Twinco Yearbook, Twin City Printing Co., Champaign, Illinois ,ww Jrgww' 5113. fVJ,gf1y-gif! iff, "Cf Y " ' -1 1 1 . ' 'Z 315 FB. "Z 'ff V, ,w,x,1iitik1g1 , :ki ff, , . f . Mo M L Wigzwfy 35? my My NSW ?i 'V Qfwafjfgjgvjf fr- if S99 ffffgygf ksyjpg Wm QQifQf,g 32' 5,0 N X is fi 51 522522 X?-A Us k 'E iw XQQR -QJLNXQA-ggi x X by KX .C Q, Qi! lf!! X XXKQVX, 35" ' IMQWQ5 0 E 'xliifff' Lifp 'H-1, Q-E53 Q-4 fn W QLMITW W ' i6a'AwWU6f j ,MJ W , ,1V.gfi21f'f ' jbwdf , X E Ui ffm! wfymv Un. LM Wk 1 'fflfffk Aww AQHA! ' , ff Nj it ! J gQ,fg, L+f!, ffQ0,,4 gfafw ff,5 ff3i,40-,N aff . x I X4 N , ff ,I ,L iff--ff'5'a'! L, ,Uk wffx :i5Qj,gfmw

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